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The Islander Mar 22, 1919

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Array i.gis.Utlon Library
With which is Consolidated The Cumberland News.
Subscription Price, $2.00 per year
WESTERN LABOR FEDERATION       wanted politics along labor lines he
ADOPT I.W.W. PRINCIPLES could join the Federated Labor party
  by simply paying a dollar.
Send Greetings to Spnrliu-iiiis und thu
Ilolslirvlkl in Germany and Russia
anil Advocate Soviet Control Here.
Principles of labor organization Introduced on this continent by the Industrial Workers of tho World were
adopted at Calgary on Friday, March
15th, by the big lnter-provlnclal convention of labor men ln session thore
for recommendation to all unions
throughout Canada which are affiliated with the big International unions
comprising the American Federation ^IL*^.*!?^™"" '"^I'l"'.!*
of Labor.
To this W. R. Trotter rejoined that
moro than that was needed, in the
shape of a definite pledge to support
a policy which had for Its objectvie a
goal much the same as that for which
the convention strove.
Prl'.cltnnl Pleased.
When the gathering came to nominate members for the central executive
committee thoso named were given
the oppor! unity of expressing their
views as to policy. Little was said,
but Delegate Prltchard remarked that
"as  the  manufacturer  of  the  bomb-
stages of the convention of the British
Columbia   Federation   of   Labor,   my
views  are  well  known."
This statement referred to (he fact
The fight against the International,
which has been the keynote of the
convention from Its opening moment,
was continued with ui.dimh.hed vigor,  ".at Delegate Prltchard introduced the
Definite plans for a breakaway were
resolution colling for a complete re
submitted to the convention  by  the verBal "f the "ollc-v ot.tl,e deration
policy committee, and were adopted.
Tbe first of these was that the new
from that of a legislative body to a
of an organization relying for success
organization should be called the "One cut'rely on the cxercl8° ot the lnl1'13
Big Union," and that five delegates be
trial  and  economic  strength  ot  its
elected from the floor of the gathering affll,iated »"*««ftlp.
irrespective of the districts they came
from, to be the general executive com
The   gathering   comprises   250   accredited delegates from the four west-
As u luuuuo uf-uuoiuaiting bpartacism, the Berlin Government has
soldiers stationed at points, who i-top all suspicious looking people
and subject them to a thorough examination for the purpose of
locating concealed weapons.
mittee to curry out the wishes of the ern Pr°vl»<*8 ot the   Dominion,   as
convention aa a       from tbc weste1'" bound-
Those elected to fill the offices are: ary of 0,,tario*   The.largest represei-
W. A. Prltchard and V ,R. Midgley, tati0"   ls   t,,ora   Albolta'  wl"c" baB
Vancouver;  J. Knight, of Edmonton, about ln0 ""legate...   British Columbia
and   active   as  an organizer ot the £ represented by eighty-seven.
Socialist   Party   of Canada, together lhr0*n 1,,'° T"rmo"-
Formerly a  prisoner in  Germany, entertaining  Lieutenant   Reppy,
of the Rainbow Division ut her home al Roluiulsee on the Rhine.
Mr. and Mrs. James Boyd, of Penrith Ave., have reason to be proud of
the military record of their son, Sergeant-Major J. W. Boyd, M.M. (with
bar), D.C.M., who won distinctions
during the closing weeks of the war.
"Me is an N.C.O., of extraordinary
character nnd his fearlessness ls an
estimable inspiration to all ranks of
the battalion." says the official report.
He is only twenty-three years of age
and went overseas with the 50th Bat-
talon from Alberta ,but Cumberland Is
his home and upon discharge he will
join his parents here. In the two
months of August and September he
won the Military Medal, the bar to
the Military Medal and the Distinguished Conduct Medal," and was promoted from corporal to sergeant-
In front of llallu on August 10 and
11, 1918, he won the Military Medal for
conspicuous gallantry and leadership.
During the attack his company was
held up by heavy machine gun fire.
With absolute, disregard- for his personal safety and having in view only
the success of the operation he crawled forward and bombed one enemy
machine gun crew from the Hank.
After silencing the gun he rushed the
position, bayonetting the three re-
maining members of the crew. This
enabled his men to come forward and
also set an exabplo that made it possible for his command to reach and
consolidate the final objective.
Throughout ttie operations his efforts
were heroic and he undoubtedly largely assisted in making the operation a
complete success.
After this exploit, he was promoted
to Sergeant and continued to win
glory, lu front of Dury during the
operations from September 2 to September ■!, mis, ho commanded his
platoon with conspicuous gallantry
and utter disregard for his personal
safety, setting a line example to his
On the morning of September 2nd,
when the left Hank of his command
was held up by all enemy niachlue-gun
post, he, ut the head of three men
rushed ihe gun and captured It. killing
three of the crew and capturing twelve
of the enemy who were in the trench.
For this lio was awarded a bar to
his Military Medal,
Sergeant Boyd kept up his splendid
work and wns again mentioned in despatches for his service! before Bour-
Ion and Cambrai. September 27 to 29.
The ollicial citation reads:
"For conspicuous gallantry, leadership and devotion to duty. When his
platoon ollicer was wounded on September 27. he took command, fearlessly led his platoon and by sheer person
al bravery and inspiring example did
deadly execution to Iho enemy. He
was always where he was most effective, and repeatedly rushed enemy
posts, killing freely, and capturing
many of the enemy.
"On September 28, when attacking
the Marcoing line he again fought in
the same tireless, gallant manner and
in spite of stubborn resistance his
platoon never faltered but accomplished a great success largely owing
to his gallant leadership and disregard
of danger.
"On the night of September 28-29,
the situation was not clear for a time,
and owing to much wire and difficult
ground, companies and units were not
in touch with each other. Sergeant
Boyd undertook to And out the situation, which he succeeded in doing. In
crossing a gap from one company to
another he ran into and wns flred upon
by a Boche patrol. He fought and
dispersed them, reported back to his
company, then went back to battalion
report centre, got. in touch with battalion headquarters ,and gave tho situation forward . Afterwards he carried out continuous patrols until
"He is an N.C.O. of extraordinary
character and his fearlessness is an
inestimable inspiration to all ranks
in the battalion."
The Distinguished Conduct Medal
and promotion to rank of sergeant-
major was the result of this display
oi bravery.
with R. J. Johns, of Winnipeg, and
The concluding stages were thrown
Joseph   Naylor,   of Cumberland.    In into grcat 'Mmoi' wlle" a "^^ de
addition five from each province will
later be selected to act as provincial
clared he had overheard certain remarks to the effect that somo of the
Anything in Rennie's Seeds at
prices quoted in Catalogue.
delegates    had    purposely    refrained
from voting, and were going back to
Two Cent Levy.
To finance the Work of transferring their unlona wlUl tlle avoweii lllte»-
the unions from the jurisdiction of the tio" of telU,lg thelr re»P<"M™ mctu-
Internatlonals  to   that   of   "one   big bers that the whole th™« waB a M>
union" aud to defray the propaganda dream'   The" mattcrs grew B0 .walm
expenses connected with this, an ap- tbat eventually W. Lawson, of Ferule,
peal will be made to all trades coun- dcmanded a r0» call.   This, however,
cils and district boards ns now con- waB not agrced to by the cUalr' auA
stituted, asking   them   to  contribute the   conf<!re"ce   eventually  accepted
two cents to the central committee tor tlle re80lu"°» »' «"> Br'««" Columbia
The Saturday Evening Post for less
than Ave cents a copy, $2.50 a year.
"The Country Gentlemun" for less
than Tour cents u copy, $1.75 a year,
including postage. Authorized agent,
A. R. DORA1S, 032 Broadway West.
Vancouver, B.C.
FOR FERTILIZER and all kinds of
Seed-Grain, see W.  Douglas, Courtenay, B.C.   Prompt Delivery.
every member affiliated.
men as s guide to the "central com-
The Cumberland Volunteer Firemen's masquerade ball held In the Ilo
llo Dance Hall on Monday, March 17,
as usual was crowded with masquers
and spectators. There was never
known to be so many in tho Donee
Hall at one time, all anxious to help
and assist the firemen in their work
of protecting the city and district.
The total recepits for the evening
were in the neighborhood -if $300,00.
Prizes were awarded as follows:
Best dressed lady: Mrs. V. Frolr.iii,
Best dressed gent: Chas. McDonald.
Best comic group: II. DeCour, D.
Stewart and R. Robertson.
Best group representing tha Allies:
W. Thomson, F. Dallos, James Whyte
nnd Mrs. Biggs.
Best National character: L. Fran-
Best clown: Nat Bevis.
Best comic'lady:  Mrs. J. I.ockner.
Best comic gent: W. Rlcltson.
Best prize waltz: Mr. Urquhart and
Mrs. Armstrong.
Best two-step: Mr. and Mrs. Hugh
Best lady representing the Fire Department: Mrs. S. L. Robertson.
Best Red Cross nurse: Mrs. W. Mer-
Special prize: Miss Mermoil.
A beautiful and headstrong young
girl, learning that the hank In which
her fiance is an official, is ubout to be
robbed, goes alone to thehaunts ot
the robbers and seeks to telephone the
police. She Is discovered, attacked,
but rescued by her fiance and becomes a heroine, the pranks which
had shocked her parents and caused
her to be ostracized by the parents of
her sweetheart being forgiven. The
caprices of this girl are tho theme of
"The Wild Strain," tho Vltagrapll
Blue Ribbon Feature, which will seen
at the Ilo Ho Theatre tonight. Nell
Shlpman and Alfred Whitman have
the leading parts, and are supported
by Otto Lcderer .Mrs. Busklrlt, Ed.
Alexander, Mrs. Ruth Handforlh und
R. Bradbury.
The whole subject, with Its detailed mlltee" of the new organisation.
Plans, will flrst be submitted to a re- 0ne ™ tbe opposition,' Delegate
ferendum ot all the unions, the draft- Some",»le' of Winnipeg, who frankly
lug and issuing of the referendum be- aamitted tllat lle was a delegate of the
lug left In the hands of the central lntefnatlonal, said there was nothing
executive committee for the present. t0 be galllcd by gol"g awav ,rom that
After the receipt of this vote it is pro- conterence unttl th" delegates knew
posed to call a conference ot repre- 8omett»"S deflnlte of what they were
sentatlves of trades councils and dis-' golng t0 do' There was a wl,lg ln the
jrict boards, those with five thousand labor moveme,lt' '>e 8ald, that was
members or less to have one delegate, d<,te™">e<» '° octroy all craft organ-
those over five thousand, two, and lzatlon' and that """Position was a
those with ten thousand, three. m0Bt serioUB one'   Tbo solution of
If the new form of organization Is the Brltlsh Columbia men, he contend-
finally adopted it will mean that all ed' Blated definitely that It "must"
workers, skilled and unskilled, will be be done' Tbat waB a MsWatlon that
long to one union. Political action be doubted very much ,f tbe craft
wlll.be barred from its policy and the organl?»tions would adopt,
present custom of delegatious going to 	
houses of legislature asking for reforms in the interests of the workers VETERANS CONDEMN 1AB0R
will be discontinued.                                      CONFERENCE RESOLUTIONS
Soviets Approved. 	
Tlio principle of the Industrial Sovit CALGARY, March 18.— -.
control of Industry was also endorsed. Resolutions at the recent Inter-pro-
In addition it was decided to send vinclal labor conference In Calgary
fraternal greetings to the Russian did not escape unnoticed by the vet-
Soviet Government and the Spartacan- eraus. On the contrary, the provincial
movement in Germany. ' command of tho G.W.V.A. takeB  de-
The recommendations of the policy elded exception to the stand adopted
committee met with practically no by many ot thc delegates, and their
criticism! the prevailing opinion be- revolutionary doctrines.
Ing crystallized by W. A. Prltchard, In this connection at a meeting .of
who advised that every step be taken the provincial command Just held at
to put the decisions of the conference Calgary, the following resolution was
into effect as soon as possible. If lt unanimously adopted:
was found later that more finances "Whereas, It is learned from the
were needed, he believed If the refer- reports in the press of the Western
eiuluni carried, another levy could bo Labor conference at their convention
made and wouud meet a ready and held In Calgary on March 15th, that a
favorable response. resolution  was  passed  placing  Itself
Delegate Broach, of Calgary, asked on record as being In full accord and
whether It would be desirable lo aban- sympathy with ' the Russian Bolshe-
don all Idea of political action. They vlkl and German Spartacan revolti-
had to remember that tlle machinery tions; and whereas, It has sent Ils
of law-making would still be there, felicitations to Its comrades lu Gcr-
oven though tbe big union Idea did many and Bolsheviks elsewhere, and
prove a success. He thought they that resolutions were passed at the
would be well advised to go more cau- same convention favoring joint ctini-
tlously with respect to this aspect ot mlttecs being formed between labor
the'mutter. and soldiers' associations;  be It re-
"Gus House's"   knvnnngll. solved  that although  this  provincial
His views did not meet with tho ap- command Is In thorough sympathy
proval of Chairman Kavanagh, of the with organized labor, nevertheless,
resolutions committee. we  believe  that the   action   of   the
"Ally time the workers think they Western Labor Conference at their
can emancipate themselves through convention at Calgary, ln preaching
tlio medium of gas houses they have revolution aud riot should be sovere-
another guess coming," said Kavan- ly condemned and that steps should
agh- be taken by the central Government
Delegate Grogan, Vancouver holler- to either arrest or deport the leud-
maker, whose contributions to the de- ing apostles of anarchy, sedition and
bates of the convention huve many disloyalty. And be it further resolved
times convulsed the assembly with that we resent the association of tli;
laughter, derided the Idea of politics name of the returned soldiers with
being any U3e to the workers. "A man any organization that sends Ils foll-
who thinks that putting a ballot paper citations to Its comrades In Germany
In a box will make ham and eggs come and Bolshevists elsewhere."
out of It, Is foolish," said he. The resolution passed by the pro-
Delegate Prltchard remarked, dur- vinclal command Is being sent to the
lug the brief discussion, that if anyone Dominion command fnr further action.
When purchasing an auto see Thos.
Hudson, of Union Bay, B.C., representing the Auto Transfer of Nannlmo,
and agent for the Comox District for
the Chrevolet, Overland. Dodge, Hudson Six. Cadillac. Chuliners nnd He-
public Truck.
FOR SALE—Loose Hay. Clover, and
Clover and Timothy. Apply to A.
KERTON, Luke Trail, Courtenay.
FOR SALE—A one and one-half story
dwelling on full lot, Lot 5, Block 9,
Penrith Ave., Cumberland, B.C. For
particulars apply to The Islander.
A Concert and Dance will be held
In the Ilo Ilo Theatre on Tuesday,
March 25th. commencing at S p.m.
This will be a musical treat and beyond a doubt will draw a large audience. Amoug those who will take
part in the concert are: Miss Jean
Patterson, of Nanaimo, who has been
termed "Nanalmo's Nightingale"; Peter MeAlpine, of Nanaimo. an Impersonator of Harry Lauder; Theo. Jensen, of Nanaimo, the noted violinist,
and Mrs. E, 11. Patterson, of Nanaimo,
who halls from the "Land o' Heather,"
and excels ln the portrayal of Scottish life given lu the dialects ot different parts of Auld Scotia.
The cltlzenB ot tbls city can look
forward to a concert ot unusual excellence. Doors opon at 7.30; concert
commences ot 8. Admission: 50c. reserved seats, 75c; box scats. $1.00.
The dance will commence Immediately after the concert, the music for
which will be supplied by Jensen's
four-piece orchestra, of Nanaimo, Admission: Gents, $1.00; Lndles, Amusement Tax.
G. H. Dawson, supervisor, and H. J..
Milsom. representative, of the International Correspondence Schools, of
Scranton, nre here lu the Interests of
the organization which they represent.
All those Interested In a higher education should see their display window
In the King Block.
Arthur Owen, piano tuner for "Ye
Oldc Flrme," Heliitzninii st Co., of
Nunalmo, tfill be In Cumberland and
district next week. Leave or phone
your order to The Islander Office.
Rev. and Mrs. A. E. Nunns returned
to Vancouver on   Friday.
Miss Winnie Wllcock, of St. Joseph's Hospital, Victoria. Is home on a
month's vacation,
Thomas Graham .General Superintendent of tlle Canadian Collieries
lliiinsmulr). Ltd.. returned from a
visit to Vancouver on Tuesday.
James M. Savage, General Managor
of the Canadian Collieries (DunBUtuIr)
Ltd., arrived on Tuesday and returned
lo Victoria on Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. tleorge Richardson returned from a vsilt to Nanaimo on
It. Ban-is, of Nanaimo, arrived on
Tuesday and returned on Wednesday.
Charles Graham, District Superintendent of the Canadian Collieries,
left for Vancouver on Thursday to
attend a meeting or the Provincial Executive ot British Columbia Hospitals
and will return on Sunday.
Fred Dallos relumed to Scsitl" o.i
Tuesday, after spending a few days
Willi his parent;;. Mr. and Sirs, Frank
The.llonrd of Directors ot llie Cumberland General Hospital gratefully
acknowledge the handsome donation
of Brown Bros. & Co.. Ltd., of Vancouver, the particulars of which are
as tollows:
Vancouver. B.C., March  lSlh. 1919:
Thus.  Mordy, Esq., Cumberland, B.C.
Ileal- Sri,—Replying in yours of
March 11th will say we have shipped
the following addressed to you for
your Hospital surroundings: BO-Bver-
lasting Strawberries, 12 rhubarb. 50
roses. 5ii privet, -I Norway Spruce.
We remain, yours truly.
Brown Bros. ,t Co., '.id.
The Directors of Ibe Hospital aro
anxious to beautify Ihe groin.ds of the
Hospital nnil will be please I to receive
local donations of (lowers, shrubs, etc.
For further Informatloi apply lo Mr.
Norman Palmor died nt bis residence, 1060 Third Ave.. Went. Vlllnoiler.
on .March Hub. lu bis Villi year, lie
leave, tomourn Ills loss a widow, iwo
daughters nnd clghl sons, all of the
city of Vancouver, except Mrs. David
Aitken. of tills t Ity, and W. L, Palmer,
of Seattle, 11- also leaves two brothers, tleorge. ol cattle, and F. Palmer
nl" Vancouver. Iho funeral'took place
on March 13th ir nn the T. Edwards
CJiapol In Mon.i.iin View Cemetery,
Vancouver, Rev.l   Dunham officiating,
Floral tribute
and Mrs.  w.
Ethel;     the
Swire;..   Miss
Unbelt Whyti
Guile and Mrs. i
'I he Inl;- Nortnt
number ol years
cily  and   in   tin-
Li very Stable.
- received froin Mr.
;';ell   and   daughter
r family; Miss
er. Mr. and Mrs.
family, Mrs. .1. Mc-'
c   Hall.
Palmer was for a
i resldoul ni ibis
nploy of the star
Miss Nellie Robertson has BUffiolenl
ly recovered to leave tho hosplta', ai.i
left for a short vacation on Sunday.
W W. Wolkem, of Ladysmith, wai
here no a visit during thc week.
Marcb 23rd: Morning Prayer and Holy
C'liiiinuniini. 11 o'cloi Monday: The
W.A. will meet al ihe Vicarage at 7.30
p.m. Wednesday, March 26th: Service
at 7.:;o p  i. TWO
®l|p Jalanter
Published every Saturday at Cumberland, B.C.
SATURDAY, MARCH 22nd, 1919
mous sums spent by the Bolshevik
Government on subsidies for the payment of wages to workmen who toyed
with their work, the factories closed
down, one after another, and the
workmen drifted into the streets. The
store of manufactured goods swiftly
declined, paper money became value-
OF PRODUCTION  less ,and there was practically nothing
  to give the peasants In exchange for
Mr. Samuel Gompers, President of the|r produce. Add to this the fact
the American Federation of Labor, mat communications were cut by civil
made lire statement, on the eve of war 0r German occupation, that transits departure to Paris to attend the port, which had been overstrained by
International Labor Conference, that u,e war, had now Bunk Into a deplor-
Araorican American organized labor able condition, and that the sugges-
vwil fight tliespread of Bolshevism tiun of anything like a normal circu-
with every energy at its command, latlon lation of goods sounded like
"Bolshevism," lie declared, "ls as bitter Irony, and It becomes intelligent an attempt to disrupt the trade gihle that the masses In n few months
unions ns it ls to overturn the Gov- began to realize that the Bolshevik
eminent of the United States." pence   was   considerably   worse   than
Again, at the annual meeting of the War. The food shortage became appal-
Amerlcnn Federation of Labor at St. ling, and punitive expeditions were
Paul, Mr. Gompers said: sent into the country to extort corn
"1 am not going to give up votun- from the peasants.
tarlly the labor movement with its "That Is the material side. The sys-
nchtevements of toduy, to look for the torn of rule Is, In theory, a dlctator-
chimerical tomorrow. 1 think the ship of the proletariat exercised
greatest, tlie most radical, the most through central and local Soviets of
Idealistic, and the most fantastical workmen, soldiers and peasants. The
declaration which nny body of men propertied classes are disfranchised,
lias made has beon by the Bolshevik! also the educated classes in so far as
of Kussia. And they have lost, not its members do not accept the Bol-
only the meat from the bone, but the shevik creed. But workmen, too, and
hone itself, and have not even tlie peasants who elect non-Bolseviks
shadow. We here prefer to go on In find themselves forcibly disfranchised.
tills normal way of trying to make the And, In fact, Bolshevik rule Is a
conditions of life better today than clumsy autocracy exercised by Lenin
ihey were yesterday." and Trotsky through the Red Guard
In pursuance of such normal meth- or Red Army they formed during the
oils lies the salvation of democracy, period of dissolution of the Regular
There Is no virtue in Bolshevism save Army. The Red Army, which Is ln-
the virtue that good may bring out of capable of resistance to an organized
evil. It Is not the purpose here to and disciplined force, terrorizes the
review the progress and causes of the population, and serves as the instru-
Russlan Revolution, but to reveal the ment of a tyranny more immediately
truth, so far as it may lie gathered, of cruel, more openly unscrupulous, than
Bolshevist rule. The old regime In any that the Ministers of the old re-
Russia fell owing to its incapacity to gime could have conceived or exer-
deal with the complex political pro- clsed. That the Press Is completely
lems raised by modern war. The fur- gagged, that liberty of action is a
ther course of the revolution was de- matter of purchase or evasion, that
termined by thc rapid disintegration corruption runs riot, that Justice is a
of the Russian army and by the early legend, that human life has become
assumption of power by extreme social almost as valueless as the rouble in
elements. From the first there was an epidemic of murder and massacre
intense rivalry between the Duma —these are the cold facts of the Bol-
Committee and the Council or Soviet, shevik rule, and their sinister signi-
of Workmen's and Soldiers' Deputies, ficance ls uot mitigated by the fact
Tlie first provisional Government was that by skill, contrivance or sheer lull compromise between the Liberal and ertia it is possible under such con-
Constitutional Duma Committee and ditions to exist, if not to live. And It
the Revolutionary Socialist Soviet speaks well for the fundamental
Kerensky, who was Vice-President of humaneness and decency of the Rus-
tbe Soviet .became the representative sian people that, with all these power-
of the socialistic groups in the flrst ful incitements to evil, the actual
Provisional Government, From then quantity of brutal excess has not at-
until now the history of thc revolution mined fur more astounding dinien-
Inis been a struggle between factions, sions.
in which extreme has given place to "Yet, in the idea and Intention of "'
extreme, until today Lenin and the leaders, at any rate of Lenin, the
Trotsky, under Bolshevism, control the Bolshevik regime is a genuine experl-
country and menace the world with ment in Socialism. And the fact that
extravagant doctrines. It was on this extraordinary man and some of
November 7 that the Bolshevlkl cap- his followers believe ln it is the only
tared tho Soviet Congress, attacked power thatgives such a bizarre and
tlie Provisional Government in the revolting system a show of credibility.
Winter Palace, and seized the supreme It matters not to Lenin that, having
power. yielded in the essentials of national
A close student of Russian affairs, existence to German dictatorship, he
in the September Rouud Table, says: finds himself subjected to continual
"The Bolsheviks, led by the cold German pressure, thst he ls actually
and stubborn fanatic, Lenin, and the a pawn in the Germans' hands. He has
clever adventurer, Trotsky, solved the known all along that his reign will be
problem of power iu a reckless, and brief, but he Is intent on making a
simplified manner of tlieir own. They Socialist experiment on such a scale
■ cared little enough for Russia; their and of such contagious power as to
aim was to bring about a world revol- provoke a social revolution in the
ution. They attracted the soldiers by most advanced capitalist countries.
the promise of immediate peace, the Decrees arepoured out, plans of ln-
peasarits by the promise of the imme-* dustrial and political organization on
diate socialization of the land, and the communist lines are published in hun-
.lorkmen by tlie promise of the imme- dreds in the now bulky code of Soviet
diate establishment of labor control 'aw. It matters nothing that In Rus-
in the factories. Tliey forthwith ere- sia tliey are so much waste paper, or
ated an armed force aud ruthlessly that the attempts to apply them only
applied coercion to tlieir opponents, increase the terrible anarchy and re-
The Bolshevik idea of thc triumph of duce the triumphant proletariat to
llie masses over their exploiters, over prostration. The Ideas, thinks Lenin,
the bourgeoisie, spread like an epid- will gradually leaven the masses of
eniic over the land and for a time Russia and perhaps bear fruit at some
rendered futile evory attempt at re- later date. But more Important still,
slstance. The Bolsheviks seized tlle 'bey will, ill that strange excitement
opportunity, before the army had dis- Unit emanates from the martyrdom of
pot-sod, to create a Praetorian guard Russia, stimulate the awakening es-
of t!i«ir own, and then, masters of the plratlons of the Western proletariat,
situation, proceeded lo carry out their and help to determine the outlines of
social experiments, 'hut order which the triumph of the
"The Bolsheviks carried out their world-revolution will bring to birth,
promises; Tbey did make a peace that "Lenin,—the Inhuman, immoral,
placed the richest parts of Russia Petty, Intriguing Lenin,—coldly and
under tin- control of German Imper- bitterly and Inexorably possessed by
lalists and created In ihe rest of Rus- bis single abnormal Idea, regards the
s!;i a stale of perpetual civil war. But, world-war and the destruction of Hus-
;>! nny rale, the army broke up Dually sia us mere Incidents In the practical
a.id the soldiers drifted back to their realization of his theory. He Is a re-
I raos. The Bolsheviks did proclaim markable product of tho Russian aut-
the confiscation of private estates and ocracy. He Is strong In this exira-
of monastic and crown lands, but no ordinary power of abstraction, In his
system was devised for the partition capacity ot Ignoring at least,one half
of land among the peasantry. The of human nature. But this, too, ex-
result wns an orgy of plunder anil plains the disastrous consequences of
destruction in which tlie worst in- hi srule In Russia and Its certain fall-
stinots of the peasantry found vent, ure. From the point of view of the
but which brought them not the slight Russian people Bolshevism is not 80
est economic relief. - Indiscriminate much a doctrine or a political system
bind grabbing simply led to a strlk- as a strange mood, a mental phase
ingly unequal distribution of the land through which the people had Inevl-
oi' private estates among the peasant- tably to pass In emerging from such
ry, and thence to further conflict be- an autocracy to attain the full stature
tween vllliges and individual peasants, of conscious nationhood in a modern
The workmen were given control over world. The terrible experience of
the  factories, or the  factories  were Bolshevism  and  German  domination
nationalized. But the workmen proved are driving into the popular mind the Gallstones removed, Appendi-
Incapable of managing the factories elementary lessons of organized na- "citis corrected in 24 hours with-
they controlled or of inducing them- tional life with a force wholly beyond out pain.—Mrs. G. ALMAS, 524
selves or their comrades to work with the range of any mere formal or Iml- Fourth St., Saskatoon, sole man-
any energy    And In spite of thc enor- tntlvc teaching." ufacturer. Not Sold by druggists
VValthausen Hats in black, navy, green, pearl, fawn and
brown at popular prices.
W.G. & R. Shirts in the newest stripes and fast colors,
from $1.50 to $5.00, with the new reversible cuffs.
Special Values in Novelty Silk Shirts, with detachable
reversible collars, of self-color and fancy white
Men's Negligee Shirts, with collar attached, in plain
self-colors and silk striped.
A large range of men's and boys' Sport Shirts.  These
are in plain white mercerized cotton, with fancy
colored silk collars.
A complete range of the newest shapes and colorings
in men's Soft Collars.
Spring and Easter Styles in men's and boys' Tailored
- Caps in plain and fancy Tweeds, Sport Checks
and Silks.
INVICTUS SHOES—"The Best Good Shoe for Men."
In Black Velour Calf with white Neolin soles.
Special line of Boys' Mahogany Calf, with Neolin soles.
at popular prices.
Spring Samples of Men's  Made-to-measure  Clothing
now to hand.
License NO. 8-19224
What Phonograph Shafl I Buy?'
How many times, when the subject of purchasing
a phonograph or talking machine has come up, have
you asked yourself this question !
The Edison tone test answers it for you,
completely, convincingly.
Over two million music lovers have been present
when this test was being made; and they have
realized, as you will realize, that the New Edison
alone can actually re-create the human voice and
the music of human-played instruments.
It is all-important that you hear
"The Phonograph with a Soul"
because it ll the only instrument that re-creates the singer's voice so
faithfully that the human ear cannot distinguish the rendition of the
artist from that of the New Edison.
The wise way to choose your phonograph is to have the several
makes ol phonographs and talking machines sent to your home on
trial, where you can make direct comparisons among them, and then
decide which one you would like to keep—which one you think you
would enjoy hearing as much live years from now as you do to-day.
Be your own salesmen. Sell a phonograph to yourself. We will
gladly send a New Edison to yonr home for the purpose, without
obligation on your part. i
We had a complaint the other day that "Telephone
B Information" could not answer a yucstion regarding
a person's phone number, she having replied that there
was no listing under the name mentioned. It was
finally ascertained from the enquirer that the person
wanted lived in a furnished house and the telephone
'■a Iii ted under the owner's name,' not under the name.
of the tenant. Consequently, Information could not
oblige as she had no record showing wlw occupied the
If a person has a telephone, you will find that
Information can always give you the number. Her
aim is to help you.
British Columbia Telephone Co., Ltd.
G. A. Fletcher Music Co.,    Cumberland, B,
Phone 116
Office:   KINO BLOCK,
Cumberland, B.C,
of the DRINKS
Buy the products of the
Ask for the Brands that are the Best
Alexandra Stout is sure to satisfy.
U.B.C. Beer  The Beer of Quality.
Silver Top Soda Water Kfcf Pure
Cascade Beer   The Beer Without a Peer.
Tungstens, 15 to 40 watt, 40c, were 45c.
60 watt, 45c, were 50c.
Further reductions iLnot less than one dozen are
purchased at a time.
Cumberland Electric Lighting
Phone 75 Co., Ltd. P. O. 314
ALEX. MAXWELL, Proprietor
Autos for Hire.     Coal and Wood Hauling given very
prompt attention.    Furniture and Piano
Storage if desired.
Phones 4 and 61
Cumberland, B.C.
Marocchi Bros. Fire Life and
Accident Insurance
Grocers and
Cumberland and Courtenay, B.C,
License No. 8-26489
Cumberland, B.C.
«» New Home Bakery
Royston Lumber Co.
Slab Wood (double load)...$4.00
First Class Accommodation.     Heated
throughout by Electricity.
Cumberland, B. C.
License No. 10-1606
Fresh Bread, Cakes,
Pies, etc.
Wedding Cakes a Specialty
Dunsmuir Ave.,      Cumberland.
License No. 5-1172
Cumberland & Union Waterworks Co.
D. Campbell's
Meat Market
Young Steer Beef,
tender and juicy.
Veal, Pork and Mutton.
Cambridge Pork Sausage .
Home-made Sausage
Polish Sausage
Veal Loaf
Boiled Ham
Ham Bologna
Have you tried our Pickled Pork
and Corned Beef ?    It is delicious.
Each Thursday morning from now
on a full line of Fresh Fish will be
on hand.
License No. 9-3902
NOTICE.—Whereas certain misehicvi-
ously inclined persons have tampered with the valves on the mains
of this Company, thereby allowing
a considerable amount of water to
run waste, we therefore wish to
point out that it Is a serious offence
to tamper ,with such valves, and-
should the offending parties be
apprehended ' they will be prosecuted to the very fullest extent of
the law.
Watchmaker and Jeweller
Agent for the  HARMONOLA
All the latest Books,  Magazines
and Periodicals.
Dutistnuir Ave. Cumberland, B.C.
WM.    iM El. HI FIELD,   Proprietor.
Dunsmuir Ave..      Cumberland, B.C.
Canada Fosjd Board License No, 10-4986
Charlie Sing Chong
Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots and
Shoes, Crockeryware and
General Merchandise.
HONG CHONG & CO., Bevan.
Notice to Creditors uf Mr. Fung Kill
Cluing, Culirrlniiil, B.C.:
Mr. Fuug Kal Chung having sold
his restaurant and grocery business,
trading under the name of Yat Wall
Low, to the Joy Yin Low Company,
hereby notifies his creditors to present their nccouns to him for payment
on or before the twenty-second day of
March, 1919. After the twenty- second
dny of March, 1919, the Joy Yin Low
Company will carry on the abovo
business and will not be responsible
for any of the debts of Mr. Fung Kal
Manager of thc Joy Yin Low Company
Cumberland, B.C.,  March 10th,  1919.
To Whom It mil)' Concern:
Take notice that tlio partnership
firm of Chow Lee, Sons & Company
has been dissolved and that Chow
Neen is no longer a member of said
And further tuke notice   thnt   the
said Chow Neen has no business connections with me whatsoever.
Dated this 21st day of February, 1919.
WANTED—House cleaning, washing
clothes, windows, and all kinds Of
paint work, and house work ln gen-
cal. Per hour, 40c; one day of 8
hours, for ?3.00. Apply to Lou Get,
phone 74, Cumberland, B.C.
of Nanaimo, who has kindly consented to again appear before the
people of Cumberland, and will be supported by the best talent
on the Pacific coast.   Amongst the brilliant galaxy are:
Mf PFTPR Mo AI PINF without doubt the cleverest impersonator of HARRY LAUDER
IVli.   i IL 1 EjIV   iVlC/\Lir llil-ij on this coast, will make his first appearance in this city.
ly/I,*. THFO IFIM^FN *s a mast?r °f ^e v'°l'n- At an early age he studied in Chicago, after
1V1I. 1 OtsiVA JE*1iiJEj1i which he spent five years under the leading masters in Europe. In
addition to several carefully selected solos, Mr. Jensen will be heard to good advantage in Violin Obligates with
Miss Jean Patterson.
Mv>c T* H P ATTFR^OIM ^a''s ^rom t'ie " ^anc* °f t'ie Heather," and comes to Brkish
lVllS. JL* !*• In 1 1 EilVOVyll Columbia with a splendid reputation, having been with Cyril
Maude's "Bunty pulls the Strings" Company for over two years. She is well known throughout the Old Country
and always well received with any audiences before which she appeared.
With artistes such as these Cumberland can look forward to an
evening of thorough enjoyment.
ADMISSION: Box Seats, $1.00;   Reserved, 75c;    General, 50c.
Doors open at 7.30 p.m.  Concert commences at 8.
I'l A NfT a (-fot* QRrtiAr Music f°r ^ W'N be supplied by Mr. Jensen's Four-piece Orchestra,
L'AIlV^d ctllCl OIIOW which in itself is assurance of the high quality of music that may be expected.   Admission: Gents, $1.00.   Ladies, Amusement Tax.
Fine Repairing and Retoning
Bows Re-haired and Repaired
Headquarters:   THOS. E. BATE,   Cumberland, B.C.
Make Old Clothes Look Like New
LADIES' SUITS Cleaned and Pressed  *1.7>">
SKIRTS Cleaned and Pressed  11.00
WAISTS Cleaned and Pressed  K1.IIO
GENTS' SUITS Cleaned and Pressed $1.50 and *2.IK»
OVERCOATS Cleaned and Pressed  *1J>0 and »1.75
SUITS Sponged and Pressed  "tic
DRESSES vDyed and Pressed  12.50 and up
SKIRTS Dyed and Pressed tlM
W-AISTS Dyed and Pressed SIM
GENTS' SUITS Dyed nnd Pressed  U8.IKI
OVERCOATS Dyed and Pressed  WM to ViM
Phone 104 " P.O. Box 191
Your Money
is Safe in
War-Savings Stamps
Buy now for $4.02
Sell 1st tiny of 1924
for $5.00
Government Security
Vour W-S.S. tun be registered to secure you ugalnst
loss by thill, lire or otherwise.
Thrift Stamps cost 25 cents each.
Sixteen on a Thrift Card represent
$4.00 in the purchase of a War-
Savings Stamp. FOUR
Cumberland Motor Works
Auto Repairs,
General Blacksmithing,
Acetylene Welding
Accessories,   Gasoline and  Oils
Sole Agents for
The Powerlight Manifold Heater
Gas Saver for Ford Cars
Thomson & Cameron
First-Class Mechanics
Phone 77 P.O. Box 595
What do you think?
Over 2,000,000 students enrolled
with the I.C.S. have decided that
it does.
You know some of these and you
know that it has paid them.
Will it pay you?   If you think it will
come and see us about it.
Scranton, Pa.
Dominion Government's Exhibit
War Trophies and
Direct from the Battlefields of Flanders
Five Full Carloads on Exhibition
March 19 to 29th.
This magnificent collection of War Trophies includes practically every gun used aganst the Allies,
from the small German Machine Gun to the largest
Howitzers—German Aeroplanes captured on the
Western front—German Anti-tank Guns—French 75
mm. Gun—and thousands of other War Trophies captured by "Our Boys."
Two Hundred (200) War Photographs (including
the largest photograph in the world, 11 x 20 feet) depicting every phase of the Canadian Soldier's life in
All Proceeds to be Devoted to War Charities
A report of the meeting of the Great
War Veterans Association, held in the
Council Chambers on Thursday even-
nlg will appear in our next issue. At
thia meeting the returned soldiers
passed a resolution slmiljr to that of
the returned men of Calgary, condemn
Ing and denouncing the action of the
labor convention held at Calgary, n
press report of which appears in another column.
D. C. Macfarlane, of Victoria, Purchasing Agent of the Canadian Collieries, arrived on Tuesday, returning
to Victoria on Friday.
Come early, so as to have a large
assortment from which to select. The
Ladles' Aid will welcome you, and
they solicit your patronage. At the
former New England Hotel on Tt'ou-
duy, March 25th.
Spring Is coming and with it ten
gnllons of lee cream for the Ladies'
Aid Sale on Tuesday, March 25th.
Boys, make yourselves popular and
try to be on hand for at least sine
dish with your best lady love! !
The Ladles' Aid of the Methodist
Church will hold their annual Sale of
Fancy Work on Tuesday, March 25th,
in the building formerly known as the
New England Hotel. Ice cream, cake
and tea will be served. Everybody
Piano Tuner
Ve Olde Flrme
Nnnnlnio, B.C.
Will be In Cumberland and District
next Week.
Please Leave Orders at The Islander
NOTICE is hereby given that
the first sitting of the Court
Revision to revise the Assessment Roll of the City of Cumberland as prepared by the Assessor for the year 1919 will be
held in the City Council Chambers on Wednesday, April 16th,
1919, at 1.30 p.m.
Any person having a complaint to make against the Assessment of himself or of any
other person, must give notice
in writing stating the ground of
his complaint not less than ten
days before the sitting of the
said Court.
Dated at Cumberland this 27th
day of February, 1919.
City Clerk.
In the County Court of Nanaimo holden at Cumberland, B.C.
Take  Notice that by an order of
His Honor Judge Barkker made the
12th day of March, 1919, 1 was appointed   administrator   of   the   estate
of  Tougan   Simon   Dani/.oif,   and   all
parties having claims against the said
estate are hereby required to furnish
same properly verified on  or before
the 1st day of May, A.D. liitf, and all
parties Indebted to the said estate are
required to pay the amount of their
indebtedness to me forthwith.
Official Administrator,
Cumberland, B.C.
After carefully considering the question of Dress from the customer's
viewpoint, we believe we have arrived at a decision which will be most
advantageous to them.
The great difficulty this year in securing goods at reasonable prices
is not lessened, although war is over; especially is this true with both
Woollen (ioods and Cotton Goods.
Pure Woolen Goods are nearly prohibitive in price and, therefore,
will not appeal to tlie majority of people. Cotton fabrics show no sigii
of decline, rather the reverse, but such fabrics, while within tho reach
of all, do not lend themselves to the folks who want something dressy
and smart.
For above reasons, we have bought the largest stock of Silk fioo;ls
ever introduced to our store and which we feel sure wiil appeal to the
good taste of the Ladies of Cumberland and district.
Silks are new, smart and give that chic appearance which most
ladies desire in a smart dress. Our new silks to hand, we feel sure, will
meet the approval of those desiring something dressy at a reasonable price.
Colored Crepe-de-chene in most of the shades wanted, and
heavy.quality which will give satisfaction.   PRICE per yd.
Georgette Crepes in black, white and all the desirable colors,
in a weight which will wear well.   PRICE, per yd	
Eolienne.   This is a material which will prove especially attractive and
which gives good results in making smart dresses, waists
or skirts. Very wide.   PRICE per yd	
Taffetas are very popular this season and appeal to most ladies carried
in three good qualities       d»A (TA    d»rt nr tf»rt AA
PRICE, per yd    tP£.tJl/j tP4.lt) and fPUtV\J
Messaline, in black only, a beautiful rich quality, will give you (j*C\ I7J*
good wear.   PRICE per yd   *P«» I O
Striped Habutai. Eleven different stripes of a rich heavy quality, which
we guarantee to give satisfaction. Some very smart &tj «JK
stripes.   PRICE, per yd   «P^ ™J
Rangoon Silk.   Six colorirngs to choose from, very wide (]> -J   ("A
width.   SPECIAL PRICE, per yd „      tDltOU
Ask to see our new showings in the Silk Department.   See the new
shades, colorings and quality, and then when you are ready to purchase
you will be in a position to know exactly what you desire, and where
,   to get it.
Phone 3-8
The top market price paid
and equitable grading made
—No Delays at any Point.—
We are registered with and recognised by the United Stntes
War Trade Board and all of the Collectors of Customs under
license P.B.F. 30, and you cun send your furs to us direct by
our tag or any tag, changed to suit, If marked "Furs of Canadian origin," and your furs will come right through.
The rules and ethics of the exchange do not permit of sending
out alluring price lists, yet we give you an exact and expert
grading and pay you at a rate of five to twenty-live cents more
on the dollar than the average -advertising fur company, as \\e
cut out all middlemen's profit In dealing direct with you.
"' 7th and Chesnut, St. Louis, Mo., U.S.A.
OLD DRURY 65c. per Ib
AVONDALE 60c. per Ib
These Teas are Specially Blended to Suit the Waters
of the District.
Local Agent for
Special: '/sib given away with every 31b purchase of
Red Label, 70c; Green Label, 75c.
Obtainable Only at
Licence No. 8-17268.
Phone 71


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