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The Islander Oct 21, 1916

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THE ISLANDER established 1910.
With which is Consolidated The Cumberland News.
THE CUMBERLAND KEWS established 1894.
VOL. VII., No. 30
Subscription price, $1.50 per year
London, Oct. 18- An attack
this morning extended over the
front north of Guedecourt and
toward Butte de Warlencourt; so
far 150 prisoners have been reported, says the official bulletin
from British headquarters in
Trance issued tonight. Yesterday, besides many reconnaisances
our aircraft carried out three
bombing raids against enemy
communications, in which railways and station buildings were
damaged. A train was hit and
derailed. There were many fights
in the air, in the course of which
four enemy machines were driven
down damaged; one fell into a
lake. Four of our machines have
not returned. Notwithstanding
that rain fell heavily during the
night, we made progress at various points between the Albert-
Bapaume road and Lesboeufs.
HELD DOWN.-From the Baltimore American.
Em-sire Red Cross Receipts Total
A General Tag Day was set
apart throughout the whole of
the Empire for a special appeal
for the British Red Cross Society.
Thia Tag Day was held in Cumberland on Saturday, October 14,
and the following amounts were
Dunsmuir Avenue $ 31.35
Jerusalem     14.00
Camp     .   16.00
Wirdermere Avenue    11.70
Maryport Avenue _   14.05
Penrith Avenue    11.55
Chiiiaand Jap towns    48.55
Japtown (No. 5.)      4.20
Street collections    51.92
Bevan     35.00
Total _ $238.82
This is a splendid amount, and
much better than hoped for, as
we had no assistance from either
Union Bay or Denman Island.
The Women's Patriotic Society
wish to thank those who did the
collecting, particularly the Girl
Guides who took care of the
street collections,
M. R. Burnside, Secretary.
On and after Monday, 30th.,
October, the price of Bread will
be three loaves for 25 cents.
Thirteen tickets for $1.00. The
above prices are the same as Vancouver and Victoria.
Bevan   miners were paid on
Satuiday this month.
Railroad Men Wanted for Overseas Battalion.
The following communication
is self-explanatory:
From Officer Commanding 239th
Battalion (RailwayConstruction Corps), 175, Cordova St.,
Vancouver, B.C.
To the Editor The Islander, Cumberland, B.C.,
Dear Sir,—I shall be glad if you
could find room in your valuable
paper to publish the following:
We are on the look-out for good
practical railroad men of all classes between the ages of 18 and 45.
There is no delay in getting away
as we are sending men forward
every week to Halifax, N.S.,
where the battalion is now mobilizing, and our final draft will
leave here on the 25th inst.
If any of youi readers is anxious to go, and wants to getaway
quickly, further information will
be given, and transportation will
be arranged by applying to the
Thanking you for publishing
this, I have the honour to be, Sir,
Your most obedient servant,
M. M. Churchill, Lieut.,
For Officer Commanding 239th
Battalion, C.E.F.
Due to the large number of
applications received at Ottawa
Bucharest, Oct 18.-The war
office communication issued today
When in need of a car ring up
8GL.    Nanaimo and return the
same  day.   Terms   reasonable.
Fire wood for   sale.    Apply to
Phone 86 L, Happy Valley
At Ilo Ilo Theatre.
ii haimm-h !j
i is a late release, and will be shown here ahead of
Victoria.    First run Mutual Masterpieces will
be shown here every week.
One Reel Comedy,
"Foiling Father's Foes."
MONDAY NIGHT-"The Beloved Vagabond." 6 reels.
Change of program every day
See them  "By the Pale Moonlight" on November 7th.
Read the list of programs for
this week, commencing Monday
"The Beloved Vagabond," six
reel Gold Rooster feature. The
exquisite hand coloring, a meaty
story, wonderful acting and direction and excellent settings,
make this an attraction well
worth seeing. It is the story of
I Gaston de Nerac who returns
from France to England with the
highest honors that the French
Academy can bestow on an architect, and prepares for his
marriage to Joanna, his cousin.
But through the perfidy of another suitor of the girl he loses
her. After a period of recklessness, he meets Augustus Smith,
and they set off on a vagabond
journey. He returns and meets
Joanna, but they realize that
they are not for each other. He
then goes forth and finds something in a cottage that he failed
to find in a mansion.
The cast includes Edwin Arden
and Kathryn Browne-Decker. It
is a dramatic masterpiece, and
is the first American drama to be
colored by the French process.
This picture will be shown Monday only.
Tuesday night's program will
include a two reel drama featuring Crane Wilbur, last seen here
in the "Perils of Pauline." The
title is "Could a Man Do More."
An all English War Gazette, a
good comedy and the eleventh
episode of Mary Page will also
be shown, making an interesting
Wednesday will also be a feature night, "The Girl From Tim's
Place," three part drama, being
the feature, with three other
good films to complete the program.
Thursday night is "Diamond
From the Sky" 'and "Girl and
The Game" night, which is sufficient announcement. Everybody knows now that means
"standing room only.
For the present there will be
no show on Friday nights.
Every Saturday one of the latest five or six reel Mutual Masterpieces will be shown. These
are as good features as it is possible to obtain.
The third of the semi-monthly
Dances will be held on Tuesday,
October 24th., in Ilo llo Hall, and
will no doubt bring out the usual
crowd of young people. Dancing
from 8.30 to 1.   Gents 50c.
"Where Did Robinson Crusoe
Go?" To the Concert in Ilo Ilo
on November 7th., of course,
western fronts there bave been
artillery actions to the west of
Tulghea and Bucaz. The enemy
attacks were repulsed. We took
ninety prisoners. OntheBolovis
we also took two officers and 6.r:
men prisoners. In the Trolls val
ley fighting continues. Up to the
present we ha', e taken ono officer
and 100 men prisoners. In the
Uzul valley all enemy attacks
have been sanguinary repulsed
beyond the frontier.
In the Oituz valley both attacks
and counter-attacks continue with
the same violence. We have inflicted heavy losses on the enemy
capturing three officers and 100
men. In the region of Verancy
minor engagements took place to
the west of the frontier. The
enemy have been repulsed in the
Buscui valley. Our artillery dismantled an enemy gun and forced
the advanced enemy lines to be
withdrawn one kilometer.
London, Oct, 18.—Telegraphing from the headquarters of
Gen. von Falkenhyn, commander
of the Teuton forces in Transylvania, the correspondent of the
Budapest Hirlap says that Russian troops are helping to defend
the passes into Roumania, according to a wireless disbatch from
Berne. The Budapest Azest, according to the same authority,
says that the Aus'ro-Hungarian
intelligence service has detected
the presence of formidable Russian forces at various points on
the Roumanian and Hungarian
from colored men in all parts of I says: On the northern and north
Canada, the No. 2 Construction
Battalion  for  Overseas Service
has been authorized with Lt. Col.
D. H. Sutherland, of Truro, N. S.
Officer Commanding.
The Battalion is authorized to
recruit over the entire Dominion
and although the recruiting has
onlv just started large numbers
have already enlisted and it will
be only a short while before the
battalion is up to strength and
ready for Overseas.
Engineering and Construction
work is the most important work
and without large forces engaged
in construction the war would be
irretrievably lost by the Allies.
The call is urgent for more men
for this work.
The No. 1 Construction Battalion is already Overseas and No.
2 Battalion will leave directly it
is up to strength.
The men enlisting in the Colored Battalion will be in a position to add glory to their race
and add to the ever increasing
respect in which they are held
throughout the British Empire.
The British  with their love of
fair play have fought for the
freedom of the colored  people
for many years.   The law is the
same for all races and for this
reason in this greatest of all wars
in which the Great Empire has
flung down the gauntlet on behalf of Liberty and Justice we
find men of every race and creed
fighting shoulder to shoulder a-
gainst the Huns.   Men of the
Colored race, to arms.
You will be fighting for the
liberty of your women and chil
drenas well as for the liberty of
the whole human race. Remember that in Canada you have your
vote. You may take up Homestead, and in every way the law
of the couutry protects you exactly the same as the white race.
Remember that in the war for
your freedom it is estimated that
no less than 80,000 of the British
race fought that you might obtain your liberty. The time has
come when your freedom and
liberty is at stake, With this
war lost by the Allies might
would become right and liberty
and freedom become a memory.
Make up your minds to enlist
today; every man will have an
equal chance of promotion; the
pay and conditions are exactly
the same- as all the white regiments. Allowances made for married men and ample pensions
for all those who are disabled in
any way.
All British born between the
ages of 18 and 45 and American
born between 21 and 45, who are
in a good state of health, wishing
to enlist, will, on writing to
Lieut. W. L. Young, Cumberland, Sept. 20, 21, 22, be provided with free transportation to
that point. Recruits are shipped
once a week to Toronto. Uniforms, boots and clothing free of
charge. Rates of pay #1.10 per
day up, everything found.
Colored men, to arms, your
liberty is (hreatened.
Lieut. W. L. Young, of the
Canadian Engineering Recruiting
Office will be here tonight, looking for recruits.
TENDERS will be received by
the undersigned on or before
Monday noon October 23rd., 1916,
for the shingling of the Alexandra Ward of the Cumberland
General Hospital. The lowest or
any tender not necessarily accepted. All tenders to be in
writing and  addressed   to  the
Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir)
Ltd., Medical Fund.
No service will be held in
Hily Trinity Church tomorrow.
Order your Christmas Cards
from the Islander. Samples now
on hand.
WANTED: -Strong girl for
general housework and help with
children. Apply to Mrs. P. P.
Harrison, Cumberland, ti. C.
Miss Campbell, Matron of the
local hospital returned on Friday
evening from a two weeks vacation to Vancouver.
A Red Cross Dance will be held
in the West Cumberland Band
Hall on Halloween night, Tuesday October, 31st.
W. Harvey, from Puntledge
Power House, was a visitor in the
eity during the week.
R. W. Hunter, auditor for the
Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir),
Limited, arrived on Sunday from
Messrs. Roy Rideout and M.
3mith of E. G. Prior & Co., went
to Oyster River on Thursday on
:i duck hunting trip.
Electric power was off all day
last Sunday, while repairs were
being effected on the pipe line.
Mike Bolatovich returned this -
week after a month's vacation
spent in Sound cities.
Harry Creech, of Victoria, was
in town Tuesday and Wednesday
calling on old friends.
William Henderson has purchased the Thomson Confectionery, Cigar and Tobacco business
on Dunsmuir Avenue.
Mrs, C. D. Hobbs will be at
home on Monday next, and on
the 4th Monday during the season.
Several miners arrived during
the week and started work in
the local mines.
The Ladies Aid of Grace
Methodist Church held a Sale of
Work and afternoon tea in the
school room on Tuesday. The
sum realized was S125,00.
Mr. Robert Henderson, mana-
ager of No. 4 Mine of the Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) Ltd,,
left for Seattle on Saturday last,
returning on Friday. During
Mr. Henderson's visit to the
State of Washington he inspected
the National Coal Company's
property of that state. Mrs.
Henderson accompanied him on
his official visit.
L. J. Aston, the shoemaker,
who has been in the Hospital for
the past month undergoing an
operation, has now recovered,
and has resumed his business as
usual. Mr. Aston thinks the
Hospital all right for a sick man,
and appreciates the eare and attention bestowed on him.
Coming, Monday, Oct. 30th.,
Agnes Glynn and Fred Paul in
"The Love Trail," taken from
Richard Dehan's celebrated novel, "The Dop Doctor." a five act
story with settings during thei
Boer War, Ilo Ilo Theatre.
The Ladies' Aid of the Presbyterian Church intend to have an
Apron Sale and Afternoon Tea in
the Basement of the church on
the Tuesday afternoon following
November pay-day. The Sale
will commence at 2 o'clock sharp
for the benefit of those who cannot get out later in the afternoon.
HER GREAT HOUR.   From St. Joseph (U.S.A.) News Press. IWO
tLlw Mautor
Published every Saturday by the Islander
Publishing Company at Cumberland,
,C, Canada.   Telephone 3-5.
Subscription I One year in advance, $1.50;
Single copies, 5c. Foreign subscriptions
to countries iu Postal Union. $2.00
Duty  on   Fuel  Oil Should   Be
The Boards of Trade of the
coal mining centres throughout
the Province are again taking np
thc question of an additional import duty on fuel oil, realizing
that the Provincial coal industry
needs further protection to eom-
p 'to with the foreign article,
fuel oil, The Dominion Government gave the industry partial
protection a year ago by imposing a half a cent a gallon import
duty. This amount should be
immediately increased to one
cent. We are thankful for the
small consideration given this industry by the Hon. The Minister
of Finance at Ottawa, but trust
he will be able to see the necessity of a further protection, and
thus increase the revenue of the
Dominion by giving the coal industry the protection it deserves.
Why import fuel oil when we
have coal in abundance.
Ladies' Ready-to-wear and trimmed Hats.     Wonderful variety
of plain and ornamental shapes.
Dress Goods
Novelty patterns in suit lengths suitable for evening wear.
In serges, checks, and covet cloths, etc.
Sweater Coats
Ladies' all-wool Sweater Coats and Sweater Suits and Caps, all
plain shades and combination colors in the newest styles.
Invictus Shoes
Invictus shoes for ladies in eight and ten inch tops, in button
and laced, with cloth tops and vici kid vamps, also patent with
dull kid tops.
Coatings  in Eiderdowns, Blanket Cloths in plain and sport
checks, also Astrachans and Tweeds.
Ladies' Coats in black and white stripes, tweeds, sport checks,
and plain covet cloths.
Invictus Shoes
The best guide in buying shoes is a reputable trade mark. The
trade mark of what has become generally known as " the best
good shoe " is Invictus.
Sweaters and sweater coats in grey, maroon, brown, khaki, also
combination colors in large plain ribbed and fancy stitches with
open neck and shawl collars. From $2.50 to $7.50.
W. G. & R. Shirts, the greatest styles and fabrics backed up by
the guarantee that goes with all shirts bearing the red label,
W.G. & R.   Full size, correct size, fast color, and a white neckband full shrunk.
Newest styles in flowing end ties in small and l»rge black and
white checks and stripes, sport ties, batwing bows, Derbys and
Windsor ties.
Hats, Caps, Suspenders, Belts, also fine dress kid gloves, and
working gloves.
Canada's Second War  Loan a
Really Notable Achievement.
Tho phenomenal success of Sir
Thomas White's second domestic
war loan has drawn the eyes of
the world upon Canada. Bonds
aggregating one hundred million
, dollars have been offered and applications aggregating two hundred million dollars have
been    received. The    first
domestic loan issue of fifty millions was over-subscribed by one
hundred per cent. The second
issue of one hundred millions has
been oversubscribed by one
hundred per cent. That means
that in one year the Canadian
people have offered the Government for war purposes three
hundred millions of dollars—double the amount asked for.
This was done in a country
which, prior to the outbreak of
the war, was a borrower. Today the people of Canada are
lending, not to the Canadian
Government alone, but to tho Imperial Government as. well by
means of the credits established
here. Out of these credits payments aMe made for the enormous
quantities of munitions antl other war supplies purchased by
Greal Britain in Canada. Thc
last credit of flftj millions announced a few days ago brings
t ie total up to *160,000,000,
All this constitutes a very notable financial achievement, one
that has aroused the admiration
and gratitude of Great Britain
and the wonder of the United
States. Sir Thomas White is
richly deserving of the many
congratulatory messages which
have been sent to him from
abroad, as well as of those given
to him so freely at home. The
conduct of Canada's finances
during the war period has been
as great a surprise to Canadians
as it has been a source of pride.
It has been as far-seeing and as
skilful as it has been courageous.
The Minister of Finance has not
hesitated even in the face of pessimistic counsel,  to gj into r.ew
fields and tap new sources in
providing the money necessary
for carrying on the war. And in
every single instance he has succeeded. And not only has he
succeeded but he has accomplished results exceeding his own estimates. In the case of the war
loans he has been offered two
dollars for every one that he
Sir Thomas White has dis
played a profound confidence in
the patriotism of the Canadian
people, and he has not been disappointed. The Canadian people have displayed as great a
confidence in the ability of the
Finance Minister to make the
most of the country's war resources, and to spend wisely,
and they have not been disappointed.
In making allotments the
Minister has, in the case of this
loan as in the case of the former,
given first consideration to the
small subscriber. In other words
these are in the truest sense, the
people's loans. Fifty millions of
dollars were offered by the great
banking institutions of the country, but so great has been the
response of the smaller subscribers that none of the bonds will
go to the banks. Instead a new
Imperial credit has been established equal to the amount which
the Banks offered for the loan.
It is a proud chapter in the
history of the war, Great things
are being done by Canada's sons
on the battlefield; great things
are also being done by Canadians
at home.
White Wyandotte pullets (some
laying). ?, for $5.00,  Cockerels
$2.00 each,  yearling hens  from
$1,50 each.    Heavy laying strain.
J. G. Randall, Royston Station.
Vancouver Island.
Slab Wood for Sale at $3.00 per
Load.   Cash or. Delivery.   Phone
95 L.
RoystonSa wmill Co.
Our Business is 'Growing.'
Ornamental Trees and Shrubs,
Fruit Trees and Small Fruits.
Descriptive Nursery and Bulb Catalogue on request.
Dominion Nursery Company,
2184 4th Ave., W., Vancouver, B.C.
One Episode Each Week  of The
Great Railroad Serial
" The Girl and the Game "
Once every week.   Admission 10c.
SPEAK!-   Don't Write.
TALK!-   Don't Walk.
When one has a matter to discuss
with some other person, a personal
interview is highly desirable.
What is more personal than conversation? Converse by telephone. It
gives you instant, direct communication. No necessity to write or
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., IX.D. D.C.L., Pre.ld.nl
IOMN AIRD, General Manager. H. V. F. JONES, Au't General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000    RESERVE FUND, $13,500,000
Interest at the current rate is allowed on all deposits ot $1
upwards.    Careful attention is given to every account   Small accouiu.
are welcomed.    Accounts may be opened and operated by mail.
Accounts may be opened in the names of two or more persons, withdraw als to be made by any one of them or by the survivor. ES50
British Columbia Telephone Co., Ltd.
A Poor Appetite
If your appetite is poor
and you feel run down
witli your meals. There
is, perhaps, no other
beverage that tends to
build health and
strength like a glass of
Beer is Beneficial, hut it must be Good.
Ask for QUEEN Beer.
Pilsener Brewing Co., Ltd.
Cumberland, B.C.
Headquarters for Choice Nursery Stock—all home grown.
Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Small Fruits, Roses, etc.,
and in fact all hardy trees and plants for the Garden.
Largest and best assorted stock in the country. Price list
on application.
[established 24 years.] r
Opposite the Railway Station
This Hotel has been renovated throughout and is now a strictly first-class Hotel
in every respect.    The best and finest
supply of Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Silver Spring Beer
Contains backbone and
stamina, and gives you
back the appetite that
you have lost. Drink the
Beer that's pure at the
Cumberland,   B. C.
Charlie Sing Chong
General Merchant
Dealer in
Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, and
General Merchandise, at the
Lowest Prices.
Chinatown, West Cumberland,
Hong Chong & Co.,
Bevan, B.C.
This is to urge you
that you get your Suits Cleaned, Repaired and Pressed for
on'! month. Then form your
own conclusion. If it leads to
better spirits, better health,
continue it. If it does away
with dirt, improves your appearance, continue it. Remember a well-dressed man always
wants the best.
Also you must get your shoes
cleaned; and don't throw vour
tan shoes away because they
are old—have them dyed.
Ask for the Monthly Rates.
Local agents for
The Victoria Hat Worki,
Victoria, B C.
Synopsis ol Coal Mining Regulations
C(ML mining lights of the Dominior.
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,
hu Yukon Territory, theN'TthwestTerri
rie mid in a pert ion nf the Province nf
HriMtih Columbia, may be leaned for a term
it t M'tiiy-niie years at an annual rental of
SI an acre.      Not more 'hait 2,d00acreK
i I be leased tn une applicant.
Application for a lease muat bu made by
lie applicant, in person to the Agent or sub
\gent of the diatrict in which the rights
ipplied for are siiim'ed.
Li surveyed territory tho laud muat be
iluBuribed bv sections., or le^aUubdu felons
if auctions, and in  un^mveyed errit<<ry
detract applied fof shall ho staked out by
lirapp icon himself,
K   li ipplio tion must I"- hco nipantfd
j    ftO   t #6 ft Inch will be refunded if ttie
,r i. pp'ied fnraro not available, but nut
i herwise.    A royalty shall be paid on the
n-rctiantahle ou'put uf the mine at 'he
i . (.  . .' n«   mine   *imi
ih     i   Vi." i    • ' '■    ■   in return* 'C
i m. i r tu full quiiiiiity -f in rch
to nblo cuh! mine 1 «nd pay 'he royoty
hereon, If the c al iniiiiHif lights nre
n*t being operated, audi returns shall bo
furnished at least olioo a year.
Tlie lews will nclude ilie coal minim:
ighta nly, but the I sseeinay bu permit-
il   n imrohase ■* ImtHver    vai utile but
fee # 'h may he n.-ule ed neOHHSHry
l" r'hi fturkina f 'i ine ■' the -'c "f
$10.(1    nice
K    li.lljiifor     '  ipphea i n   h ■■ hi
h. 'i.e Si-i'iH aiy nf  lie l> part-
tin ni       tie Im    i  i. (J    ...  ,     p hi     i.)
Agent   r Sub Au ul   fD>miiti"ij Lmi'is
W   W.  CORY,
I). ■    ■  \i i,  I i,   i,
N li    P    u h i s i p .1. .wi ii    i -■
iIVi ni» um n .. II run h     ..ill. r
Agent fssr tlie
ii. i',t,|„i,',„i
, niniMiuil
Alia II le,
istsuoilll Donl
New Home
A fine selection of cakes, pies and
small pastry made daily.
Fresh   Bread   Daily
J.H. Halliday
Dunsmuir Ave.
First Class Hotel at Moderate Rates
Meat Market
You are assured of
considerate and
courteous service.
Phone orders are
given very prompt
attention. We are
improving our service. Let us know
your needs.
We thank our customers
for past business and solicil
your further patronage.
j     Bulgaria    haa
43,300 square miles
The Spirella
Made-to-order Corset, of
the finest quality. Every
pair guaranteed.
For further information apply to
West Cumberland.
Prices in Line with the Timer.
King George Hotel
First Class in Every
Respect    :    :   :   :
Terms moderate.
Dunsmuir Ave. Cumberland,B.C.
When you want
Someone to
Entertain you—
even if it means an undignified, but
care-free snicker, you are sure of a
thusand and one laughs on the exceptionally comedy monologue
Cohen at the Telephone — that's just
one and it's a long way frnm Grand
Opera — yes, but there's a laugh in
every word and every word is pure
unadulterated fun. This is just one of
hundreds of "laugh producers" to be
found in Columbia Records.
"Nanaimo's Music House"
2i Commercial St., NANAIMO, B.C.
Gro ers and B  ker-
Agents for Pilhknkr Beer
Cumberland    Courti nay
i   area  of  about '
less than a third
of the size of the United Kingdom— ,
and a population of Just over 4.760,000.
There are nearly 300,000 Turks in |
Thn peace strength of the Bulgarian '
army Is about 3,900 officers and 56.0 )0 '
all other  ranks,  but  th  efield  arm:'
amounts  to  about  880,000  men,  besides line of communications trooi s,
About five-sevenths of the p-Tru'i-
lion are engaged in agriculture, mo I
of them being small proprietors hoi 1-
ing from one to si\ acres
Bulgaria is divided Into nine military districts, each of which supplies
a complete division to the field army.
All the minerals in Bulgaria batons
to the State. The chief manufaetur s
are woollen goods, cotton i, cord, a d
A great deal ot trade Ih done In
timber, which Is rut In tho denies n- ■]
floated down the rivers to the Dnnul •.
Large herds of et ttie und horses are
also reared.
The legislation of the country rests
with the Nation*' Assembly, tlie me i
bers of which ur elected for fhe
years, the King being assisted In V.>>
government of the country hy a council of eight  Ministers.
Oldest  Italian  Volunteer
'Though 74 yuars of age, and a veteran
of the Wars of Independence, tli la
old fighter Is still ready to light for
Italy. He Is a mem'jer of the
Thirty-sirs'. Artillery.
Scientifically Barbarous Ib Her Treatment of Poles
The Prussian Poles have lived for
long  years   under  the   harshest  and
!nost cruel oppression one can imag-
ne. The work of denationalization
ms been most tenaciously carried on
by Prussia. The Polish language is
everywhere prescribed. The pOBtfaian
does not deliver letters whose address
Is written in Polish. The people are
hot allowed to use their own language
In public meetings. And, as if this
were not enough, the notorious law
regarding expropriation was promulgated, and a fund of a billion francs
established for the purpose of evicting
the Poles from their own lands and
of giving them to Germans. A really
systematic form of spoliation it Is, an
outrage on all sense of law and right.
in the carrying out of which all the
German chancellors from the least to
the greatest have vied with each
other, Von Buelow being Uie most phi-
less of them all. The law is the application of the principle defended by a
Prussian Minister, speaking in the
Landtag in 1912, who said: "We
should always firmly maintain (he
principle that all the subjects of a
German state should he Germans."
And It was then that the little girls
who Bay their prayers in Polish were
sharply whipped on their fingers, Just
as the Hungarians in Transylvania do
to the little Roumanian girls.
The theory of the expropriation of
tho lands of a conquered or subject
peoplo has been already defended by
the most authoritative German writers and particularly with reference to
Poland. K. P. Wolff, to mention but
one of these, wrote in 1918 In the
official organ of tlie Pan-German League! "Where Is lt written that the
dominant and conquering race 's under the obligation of granting political
rights to the conquered? is not the
exercise of political rights a preroga
tivo, which from tho biological point
of view, belongs exclusively to the
superior race? It is right that the
conquorer should have the iibsohitn
will to dominate and should work for
the political and ethnical annihilation
of the conquered. It Is absolutely
necossary to destroy the prejudice,
according to which tho conquered
have a right to preserve their nationality and  their language."
The Russian Poles, who krow well
what is the lot or their brethren In
Germany, naturally can have no confidence in the promise of the proclamation of  Warsaw.
Many Made Incurably Deaf In Modern
War—Great Difficulties In Finding Preventative
A subject of timely interest and Importance, and one that Ib closely allied
to the subject of the Industrial diseases in general Ib that of the Injuries to the ear resulting from loud
concussions. What muy be regarded
aa one of llie minor accidents of wnr
Is nevertheless, because of the large
number of individuals concerned at
the present time, one that cannot be
Ignore;'., and here the Medical ltecord
Indicates to us hew men In time of
pcao* may suffer lite smie injuries
■o prevalent Is this thunderous war;
fur ine aural injuries to which Ihe
soldier is exposed are no different
from those of the boilermaker, of the
structural Ironworker, or the sportsman, and of those who arp exposed
to the shriek of the railway whistle
whou a train Is passing through s
tunnel or covered station.
Jobsoii Home pointed out in Tho
LnndiHi Lancet that the report of a
piece of artillery, the concussion of
an explosion, or the firing of a cannon closo to the enr mny exert its
Injurious effects upon the nerve terminals nf the ear, may cause rupture
of the drum membrane, and mny even
result lu Irremediable deafuess. During the Itusso-Japanese war, among
the 1,701 men who were wounded In
tho naval engagements there were 116
cases of concussion of the labyrinth
and rupture and congestion of the
tympanic membrane, which cases represented 1 per cent, of the wounded
who survived. The Injuries to the
drum and to the nerve endings are
due to the sudden condensation or
rarefaction of the air in the external
auditory meatus. As a ru'e one ear
la more affected than the other.
Naval Guns Are Worst
Politzer states that with the improvements in modern artillery ruptures of the drum mombrane are uow
scarcely ever met with. This Ib attributed to the Introduction o {breechloaders, and also to the fact that tlie
serving party withdraws to a distance
of about 12 paces, with the exception
of one man who attends to the firing,
but who also stands at a considerable
distance. In naval warfare, howover,
the gunners cannot be protected in
this manner. Experience has taught
the gunner that by keeping his mouth
open so as to equalize the air pressure on each side of the drm membrane the unpleasant consequences of
concussion may be diminished.
The toothpick that Is chewed by
naval officeri while serving the gunfl
partly fulfills this requirement, although a piece of rubber rolled between the teeth would be still better
as a means of keeping the mouth
partly open. The Japanese naval surgeons distributed pledgete of absorbent cotton to the entire crew with
the instruction that the ears be plugged up during the firing of the guns.
In individual cases, many Instances of
deafness resulted.
Many Devices Tried, But—
In 1911 the British Admiralt;- advised the use of an aural plug consisting of a mixture of plasticine and
cotton wool. Jobson Home believes
that an efficient aural plug should be
close fitting and impervious, and while
reducing the intensity of sound Bhould
not prevent hearing; it should be
easy to Insert and easy to remove intact; It should bo non-irrita'.ing; It
Should be inexpensive, so lhat tho
same plug may not he used repeatedly; and, abovo all, it must he as nearly antiseptic as possible. Cotton wool
when Inserted sufficiently tightly 1b
not easily removed Intact, and does
not long remain sterile when handled
by men engaged In gun firing.
The ear plugs made of vulcanite
rubber or celluloid cannot be BUpplled
to fit exactly the channel of the eur.
They must be made of a substance
thai retains its shape without hardening or softening, and remains ever
plastic. A substance having the consistency of Jeweller's wax may yet bo
produced, and may be m.ide to fi.Ifill
all the requirements of effectively
plugging the ears and at tlie same
time of preventing infection.
Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Repairing aSpcoialty
West Cumberland
Measuring by Rifle's Bore
One of tlie Important things that
every soldier has to learn, and particularly soldiers who Intend to be
scouts, Is the correct Judging of dis
tancos. An ingenious way liy which
distances can he told with a great
deal of accuracy Is this. If tho bolt
Is taken out of the ordinary fie the
barrel can be used as n kind of telescope, without magnifying, of course.
and the apparent size of objects in
the field of view enables the soldier
to say how far off they are. If. for
example, a soldier on foot can lust be
seen through Iho barrel, then he is
300 yards away. At a range of 000
yards a soldier only covers about one
half of the diameter of the barrel,
while at 800 yards he coven Just a
Where  Night    Alone    Checks  Fierce
Onslaughts  of   Italians
An account given by a wounded
Hungarian ollicer of tlie lighting
around tlie Kyn, quoted by the London ".Morning Post's" Budapest cor-
respondent says: Huy and nlghl saw
most desperate hand-to-hand encounters in this plteau. called the "cliff of
death," by tho men, Austrian!, and
Italians alike. The positions are
7,000 feel high on llie summits of tho
mountain, far above ihe clouds. Our
men do nol much mind the heights,
but the climate Is not to their laate.
By day the heal Is oppressive, hy
nlghl Hie cold unbearable, They are
supplli il witli heavy fur mats and
blanks-Is, yet they freeze all night.
The men are relieved more often from
these trenches than on other fronts
owing lo llie Intense cold. They
simply tremble when the evening approaches.
This is Ihe only sector where the
enemy attacks mostly by day, nnd
where every attuclc ends witli bayonet
fighting. Tiie nigl ts are pot dapted
for fighting, the men's hands being
stiff from cold.
The Italian troops all consist here
of Alpinl regiments, the best troops
to face tlie "cliff of doath." Although
we are so near to each otlier, there
is no fraternizing, as was the case
of the Russian front. Our men sincerely hale their enemy. When they
storm our positions, shouting, "Avail-
til" our men call out to them, "Avan-
tl, brlgantl!"
Lying Hun Missionaries
The Administrator of the es Gorman
possessions in the Pacific mado sever
al searches for amis ln New Guinea.
A number of Germans, Including several missionaries, wero found to have
broken their parole by keeping firearms secretly hid in their possession,
They were arrested. POUR
--'" Too PersonsI
Music hath charms, right enough)
but tlie inhabitants uf a certain shab
by street were fed up with "The Losl
Chord," as tangled up by a wandering
cornet player.
He paused, waiting for the pennlei
which came not. Then, with a sigh,
lie licked liis lips and began again,
this time oa "White Wlr " Two
seconds later a window was banged
up, and, instea,. of llie e.cpected copper, a chair leg was Hum at his head,
missing him by half an inch.
As he gazed in stupefied wonder
round him, another wind-w opened,
anci a voice said, warnlcgly:
"1 wouldn't give 'em any more
'White Wings' 'ere, if I was you, mate.
The bloko wot lives in h-t 'euse 'as
juol come oit o' Jail for pigeon i'.eallD*
au' 'e ain't fond o' that tune!"
Inspector:   "Vou are a coal man'.'"
Prisoner:   "Yes yer honor."
Inspector:   "And  you  drive  a  coal
Prisoner: "No, yer honor."
Inspector:    "Then   what   do   you
Prisoner:  "A boss, yer honor."
No  More
"Flying is dangerous business.
Never again for me!"
"Why, I didn't kuow you had ever
been up in an aerop'ane."
"Who said I had? I was referring
to tlie flyer I took ln the stock market
last week."
Real  Generosity
"I suppose you expect a tip."
"I'm not too proud to accept one,
"Woll, you can have the rest of this
pie,   I cau't oat lt."
"Never mind, old man," said she
sympathetic friend. "You've got the
law on your side."
"I know it," replied the man who
Was trying to recover damages from
a soulless corporation, "but the lawyers are on the other side."
"Do you think a girl can be happy
ll tlie marries for money?"
"Not always. Sometimes she
doesn't get the money."
Popular Priced Corsets.
Medium figure, high bust; a model of ease and
style; controls the figure and produces the most
stylish effects. It is rare that such results can be
obtained at a medium price. Made of English
Coutil, with six hose supporters.   Price $1.95.
A splendid 75c. Corset, made of Coutil, medium
low bust and long close-fitting skirt; has four hose pi
supporters.    Just the thing for those who like a «!
light-weight corset. i]}
A beautiful model that will give great wear and service; has medium high   N
bust, neatly trimmed and strengthened in front, which keeps the corset from   ' :
stretching out of shape.   Price $1.50.
The Incomparable Reducer, with double straps, by the aid of scientifically :"
laid pieces, will give the ideal front effect, and reduce abdomen, hips and '
back.     Hook at bottom of front.     Satisfaction guaranteed in this special    |
Corset.   Price $2.50.
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will meet the price of all.   Special Price $1.25.
Come in and make your choice of a winter overcoat or suit.
Phone 3-8
NOTICE is herein given that at the
next meeting ol the Hoard of License Commissioners of the City of Cumberland, I
Intend to apply for a renewal of the hotel
license held by me for the Wayerly Hotel,
situated on lot 2, block 3, Cumberland
Dated this 9th day of Oct., 1916
Cusiomer: "Didn't you nip off a
piece of my ear, then?"
Barber: "Yes, sir, a small piece;
but hot enough to affect the hearin',
"Link here, conductor," said the
agitated commuter, "I left my commutation ticket in my other coat. Can't
you punch it twice to-morrow?"
"Ves," replied the conductor. "I
ean do that if you wish."
"Thanks, old man. That's awfully
kind of you," said the commuter,
much  relieved.
"But you'll have to pay the regular
fare to-day Just the jame," continued
the conductor.
NOTICE is hereby given that at the
next meeting of thc Hoard of License Commissioners of the City of Cumberland, I
intend to apply for a renewal of the hotel
license held by me for the "King George"
Hotel, situated on lot 9, block 7, Cumber-
Jand Townsite.
Dated this 9th day of Oct., 1916
NOTICE is hereby given lhat at the
next meeting of Ihe Hoard of License Commissioners of the City of Cumberland. I
intend to apply for a renewal of ihe wholesale licpior license held by me, situated on
lot 12, block 6, Cumberland Townsite.
Dated this 9th daj of Oct., linn
NOTICE Is hereby given lhal al the next
meeting of the Board of License Commissioners of the City ot Cumberland, I intend
to apply for a renewal of the hotel license
held l.y ine lor the Cumberland Hotel,
situated on loi 1, block fl, Cumberland
Dated this fill day of Oct., 191(5.
NOTICE is hereby given that at the
next meeting of the Board of License Commissioners of the Cily of Cumberland, 1
intend to apply for a renewal of llie hotel
license held by me fur the Vendome Hotel,
situated on lot 5, Llnik 3, Cumberland
'I ownsite.
Dated this 9th of Oct., 1916.
Not Now
"Jinn s always said ho intended to
be tiie master in his own house."
"Ves, and lie was until tlio baby
prrlyed,"         __	
NOTICE is hereby given lhal on the
first day of November 1916 application
will be made to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police, for a renewal of the
wh( lesale liquor license upon the premises known as Lot 24, Subsection 1, Nelson District.
Pilsonek Brewing Company
Dated October 1st, 191(1.
Assurance Company
has for nine successive years written
The Largest Canadian Business
of all companies operating in Canada.
Investigate for yourself before insuring elsewhere.
J. Burtt Morgan, Manager.
109 Union Bank Building, Victoria, B. C.
THOMAS MORDY, Agent, Cumberland, B.C.
St. George's Presbyterian
Services, 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Bible Class, 1.30 p.m.
Sunday School. 2.30 p.m.
Prayer    Meeting,     Wednesday
evening 7.30.
Choir Practice, Thursday evening 7.30.
Pastor, Rev. Jas. Hood.
Methodist Church.
Services: Morning at 11 o'clock.
Evening at 7 o'clock.
Bible  Study:  Adult Bible Class
at 1.30 p.m.
Sunday School, 2.30 p.m.
Choir Practice, Friday, 7.30 p.m.
Ladies' Aid Society, First Tuesday of each month at7.30 p.m.
Rev, Henry Wilson, Pastor
Holy Trinity Church.
Services for 17th Sunday after
7 p.m., Evensong and Sermon.
Bricks, $17. .per thousand Cumberland;   $18 per thousand F.O.
B. cars Courtenay.    Apply
Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir),
Ltd.   Cumberland, B. C.
Orme Piano, in good condition,
Can be seen any time. A Bargain. Also 10 shares of Cumberland and Union Water Works
shares. Apply P. O. Drawer
226.   Cumberland, B. C.
Mrs. Simms wishes to receive
pupils at her house in Jerusalem
for pianoforte instruction any
time by appointment. Apply for
terms at the house, or P. 0. Box
353, Cumberland.
Cook by Wire!
Electricity provides the Cleanest,
the most Sanitary, and the
most Hygienic method
of Cookinr..
The Electric Range ciosely parallels the wood or gas
range but excels either in flexibility of operation. With
the Electric Range you cook under ideal conditions
Each cooking unit can be switched to high,
medium or simmering heat and kept there as long
as needed.
It is the acme of cleanliness.
Practically no heat escapes into tho room.
The air is not vitiated.
There is no contamination of food.
You save food values through the retention
of the essential salts and meat juices; on a six
pound roast the saving is nearly a pound.
All the latest standards of range construction are used, including high oven, thermometer,
or glass door, porcelain splashers.
The fire risk is lessened because there are
no open flames.
We will gladly give you information on rates and
Electric Ranges.
Cumberland Electric Lighting
Co., Ltd.
Phone 75
P. O. 314
Stoves & Ranges
Furniture, Crockery, Enamelware
Paints, Oils, Edison & Columbia
Novelties, Toys, Etc.
Magnet Cash Store
P.O. Box 279 Phone 31
Queen Insurance Company, |
(Fire and Automobile,) and        |
National Fire of Hartford. 8
KIO<tOI«sOI *X!O»10tsO<H
NOTICE is hereby given that, on thc
flrst day of December next, application
will be made lo the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel
licence to sell liquor by retail in the hotel
known as the Malasplna Hotel situate at
Lund, B.C., in the Province of British Columbia. Dated this 11th. day of Sept.
1916. FRED THULIN, Applicant.
The Partnership heretofore existing
between Ceo. F. Rofe. James T, McLean,
and W. E. Finley doing business as the
Lund Logging Co., has been dissolved by
mutual consent. Accounts owing or due
to be presented to Geo. F. Rofe, Lund,
for settlement.
NOTICE is hereby given that, on the
first day of December next, application
will be made to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel
license to sell liquor by retail in the hotel
known as the Bevan Hotel, situate at
Bevan, in the province of BritishColumbia.
Dated this 11th day of September, 1916
«3>to *£»»■> taw.ru
NOTICE is hereby Hivcn thai, on tile
lirst day of December next, application
will be made m the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for renewal of Ine hotel
license to sell liquor by retail in ihe hotel
known as the Union Mold, situate al
Union, in the province of BritishColumbia.
Dated this 11th clay of September, 1916.
NOTICE is hereby given that, on the
first day of December next, application
will be made, to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for the renewal of the
hotel license to sell liquor hy retail in the
hotel known as the Wilson Hotel, situate
at Union Bay, in the Province of British
Dated this 28th day of September, 1916
ALFRED R. HORNE, Applicant.
NOTICE is hereby given ,hat, on the
first day of December next, application
will be made to the Superintendent of
Frovincial Police for renewal of the hotel
license to sell liquor by retail in the hotel
known as the Nelson Hotel, situate at
Union Bay, in the Province of British
Dated this 28th day of September, 1916
JOHN A. FKASER, Applicant.  '


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