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The Islander Oct 20, 1917

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Array .legislation Library
THE ISLANDER established 1910.
With which is Consolidated The Cumberland News.
;THE CUMBERLAND U^EWS established 1894
VOL. VIII., No. 31
Subscription price, $2.00 per year
V  *<■ V|   JPfc 4 v/ «*
Left to right:—M. Thomas of the French cabinet, Gen. Sir Douglas Haig the
noted British Commander, Marshal Joffre the beloved French leader and
the British Premier Lloyd George in a spirited conference on the Western
The registration at the local
post office under the Military Service Act during the last 4 days
is, for service 1, for exemption 30.
All those who are sending parcels
to soldiers in France should send
them immediately if they wish
them to arrive by Christmas.
Parcels for soldiers in England
can be posted up till about the
10th of November for delivery
by Christmas.
The Red Cross Society, to comply with local conditions, have
changed "Our Day" from the
18th., October to Tuesday, October the 23rd., that day being
payday for the employees of the
Canadian Collieries, Dunsmuir
McClary Range with copper
tank and household goods are
for sale. Nordgren, opposite
Union Hotel.
Tonight's program. at Ilo Ilo
Theatre .includes a five-act dra--
ma, "Etehial Love." Music for
both show and dance will be furnished by MissLowdon and Corp.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gray Jr.,
have returned and will reside in
Ford car, 5 passenger and license. Used only one month,
for sale, $525. Apply Islander
John G. Quinn, manager of
No. 5 and 6 mine and John V.
Nordgren spent the week end at
Nanaimo, returning on Sunday
Ottawa, Oct. 17.—It is expected that the election date will be
announced this week. It is be
lieved it will be Monday, Decern'
ber 17, or Wednesday, December
19. The cabinet has felt that
there should be no delay, and if
possible that the contest should
be over before Christmas. It
has been decided that it is possible to prepare the lists in. time,
and the date is certain now-to
be fixed before Christmas.
Montreal, Oct. 17.— L'Even-
ment. of Quebec, says from a
general point of view with re
gard to the general election, it
makes very little difference whether or not Sir Wilfrid Laurier
remains at the head of the Liberal party, The newspapers, in
fact, most devoted to the old
leader admit that a victory is not
only probable but certain for the
The Cumberland & Union
Water Works are taking out the
old water pipe on Dunsmuir Avenue between Third and Fifth St.
and replacing it with a new and
larger one.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Colwell of
Victoria, on a motor tour of the
Island, arrived on Thursday on a
visit to Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Baker.
Photo shows scene in billiard room of American headquarters in London.
Many soldiers and sailors on the way to France are entertained here, producing a splendid fellowship with their British and Canadian brothers in arms,
Recent spectular feats of Major Bishop, the Canadian aviator
who has won all the medals for
valor available in the British army
has called attention strikingly to
the manner in which young Can.
adians have taken to the new
manner of fighting, in the air,
Canada has sent to the war some
of the finest air fighters develop,
ed in recent years.
The air servine takes only men
under twenty-five years of age to
train as pilots. These young men
must be of the,finest physical and
mental type, active, alert, and un-
usally intelligent. From Canada
over one thousand of such young
men have joined the Royal Flying
■Corps as aviation cadets in training and over five hundred and
fifty are officers in the Royal Na
val Air Service, the naval branch
of the flying service. Besides this,
three thousand Canadians have
joined the Royal Flying Corps as
mechanics, helpers, etc., the rank
and file of the corps.
It is said to be an encouranipg
evidence of the spirit of the Canadian people that so many young
Canadians have joined the most
difficult and arduous service; also
to be further proof of Canada's
deep and sincere interest in the
Ottawa, Oct. 17.-His Excell
ency the Governor-General desires to communicate the follow,
ing message from His Majesty
the King:
"Buckingham Palace.
"During the last twelve
months I have had constant opportunity of witnessing afresh,
both at home and in Flanders,
the great work of mercy carried
on by the united efforts of the
British Red Cross Society and the
Order of St. John of Jersualem
in England. In every theatre of
the war, regardless of distance,
discomfort or danger, the task of
alleviating pain and suffering
and of ministering to those in
need is performed with unparalleled devotion by the men and
women who have taken service
under the Red Cross.
"The prompt and unstinted
provision of medical and general
stores and comforts is an all-important work, and one of the
main responsiblities undertaken
by the joint committee. In hospitals and convalescent homes,
hospital trains, ambulances and
launches, oui sick and wounded,
as well as those of our Allies are,
I know, indeed grateful for the
aid and co-operation which the
joint societies bring to the medical services of the armies. Nor
have the needs of our prisoners
of war been forgotten in the allocation of your funds. I trust,
therefore, that there will be no
falling off of the generous financial support on the part of everyone at home and overseas, without which this work could not be
"During the war I have had
great satisfaction in sending the
joint committee on October 20 a
donaiion of £5,000. This year,
for tne 'Our Day' collection on
October 18, it is a pleasure to me
to contribute £10,000 to mark my
appreciation of what has been
achieved by the British Red
Cross and the Order of St. John
of Jerusalem in England in the
past, and my deepest sense of
the importance of continuing
these achievements in the future.
"(Signed) GEORGE, R. I."
The 102nd Battalion, "Warden's Warriors," one of the finest fighting units furnished hy
British Columbia for service on
the battlefields of France, which
gained imperishable glory at Regina Trench and other sectors of
the Western line, is no more. Its
identity as a separate unit disappeared a few days ago when it
was posted to the 2nd Central
Ontario Regiment.
In a letter to friends at home
Lieut. Col. John W. Warden D.
S. O., the commanding officer of
the famous Battalion, says:
"We are being shot around
like orphans without a home and
feel keenly not having been left
as a B. C. Battalion, knowing
that the Province has sent so
many men."
With the passing of the 102nd,
there are now only four active
battalions that can claim to be
strictly British Columbian in
composition: The 7th., 16th.,
29th.. and 47th.
Continuing, Col. Warden writes
that the statement that British
Columbia has recruited 43,000
men is correct as far as it goes,
but in addition, he says, there
have been some 20,000 to 25,000
men who, at the outbreak of war
and for some months after, left
B. C. and went back to their own
home country and joined thereto say nothing of the thousands
who went te England.
"All these men are from B. C.
and have their homes and property there, the Colonel adds.
"They will return when the war
is over, so that I claim B. C. has
sent about 75,000 men, truly a
great record."
London, Oct. 17.—All the important infantry fighting last
night in the western war theatre was confined to-the French
front, where attacks by German
troops in the Aisne and Champagne sectors, as well as in the
Verdun region, were repulsed by
General Petain's troops.
There is a promise of a speedy
renewal of the activity in Flanders, however. Field-Marshal
Haig, for instance, sent from his
headquarters today one of those
laconic reports that so frequently have preceded a periodic attack on the British front, merely
saying: "There is nothing of
special interest to report." Brief
reports such as this have meant
in several cases in the past that
the British guns had opened
their terrific drumfire preparatory to an attack.
Ottawa, Oct 15.—An order-in-
council has Been passed providing that men of the active militia
engaged in home guard duly
in Canada, the greater part of
whom are unfit for overseas service, who receive the same rate
of pay as members of the overseas forces. In the past, however, they have been granted a
subsistance allowance of only
$13,50 a month, while the overseas men have been given $20 a
The city council held their regular session in the Council Chambers on Monday evening. Present His Worship Mayor Bate;
Aldermen McDonald, Carey,
Bannerman, Brown and Milligan.
A communication was received
from William McLellan, contractor and builder, of this city, agreeing to remove the sidewalk in
front of the city buildings and
to put in an eight inch retaining
wall for the sum of sixty dollars.
The city to supply the gravel.
The council decided to allow the
McLellan tender to stand over
and to come up for consideration
at the next meeting.
The Vancouver General Hospital notified the council that Nick
Corpa and Frank Krall had been
admitted to the public ward for
treatment. The city clerk was
instructed to inform the hospital
that Corpa and Krall were residents of Bevan.
The London Mutual Fire Insurance Co. through their agent,
Rupert Shaw, requested a renewal of the $2,000.00 fire insurance on the city buildings at a
premium of $90.00 for three
years was granted.
Wesley Willard submitted correspondence in connection with
the tax sale and the Langman
property which was received and
Alex. McKinnon collector of
taxes in and for the City of Cumberland, handed in his report on
the sale of land for arrears of
taxes as follows:
To His Worship The Mayor, and
Aldermen, City of Cumber-
lapd, B. C;
Gentlemen:—I beg to report
on the sale of lands for arrears
in the City of Cumberland as
There were in all twelve pieces
of property advertised for sale
of which number three were
withdrawn for the following
reasons, viz; The property on
Derwent Ave. known as the K.
Aida property, belongs to Or-
mond Towers Smythe, win is
now serving with His Majesty's
Forces and is protected under
the "War Relief Act." The
Magnone and Martin properties
were advertised as Estates and
could not be legally sold when
advertised in that way, as all
properties must be held in the
name of some person. In connection with the Martin property
I would suggest that steps be
taken to collect the taxes due
from the Estate of which this
property forms part. The New
England Hotel property was purchased by Mrs. lsabell Roy, and
Lot 7, Block 14, was taken by
the Canadian Collieries (11) Ltd.,
and the remaining Beven properties were knocked dowa to the
city there being no bidders tetany of this property. Yours
truly, A. McKlNNON. City
Clei k and Collector.
James Baird made application
for the position of scavenger and
city teamster and was appointed
to the position recently vacated
by Thomas Conn.
A circular lettw from tho Inspector of Municipalities as to
the system under which Municipal Assessment Rolls are brought
and kept up to date on the records
of the Land Registry office was
received and filed.
The following accounts wore
referred to the finance committee for payment:
B. C. Telephone Co., $2.1(1;
Govt. Department of Stationery,
$20.75; A. R.   Kierstead, $15.25;
Huntingdon, Que., Oct, 15—
Hon. C. J. Doherty, Minister of
Justice, addressed a gathering of
1,000 people here tonight. At
the outset he stated that he was
not firing the first irun of the
election campaign, but had come
to bring the message "Win-the
-War." Early in his address he
expressed pleasure at the formation of a Union Government.
"I am glad to feel tonight, as
I am sure the people of Canada
feel, that the day of the parties
is gone," he said.
He believed that it was the
dominating feeling of the people
of the Dominion that this was
not a time for the continuance of
those things men called party
principles, which had so long divided the people, and the Government, as it exists today, appreciated this, he said.
The Minister's address was
eminently patriotic; he would not
pritend that the Military Service Act would not mean sacrifice
on the part of the young men, he
said, and he believed all young
men would understand the situation and respond cheerfully and
It was no time now to ask why
Canada was in the war. Today
all realized that Canada was at
war for own heritage and that it
was a fight for the self-preservation of Canada.
"When we went to war in 1914,
we threw more than our hats in
the ring, we put Canada in the
ring; we made Canada the lawful prize of the conqueror, and if
that be true-and surely no one
can question its truth—then if
that line of defense which our
boys are holding their regular
share of were broken, and the
British fleet were smashed, this
Canada that we threw into the
war as the stake in the game
would not be ours for long."
u. s. Ii!
That the War Department of
Department of the United-Btates
although working with the utmost secrecy, has been operating
with the greatest dispatch is indicated by the fact that the National Guards, formerly state units but now part of the national
army of the tepublic; are in
France. This addition to the original force Gen. Pershing took
to France was made quietly, the
news that the Guard units wero
being moved across the Atlantic
being concealed while the movement was in progress.
J. L. Bland, of Buttar find
Chione, auditors of the Canadian
Collieries, left for Victoria on
G. K. Johnson, carpenter ami
cabinet maker, has resigned his
position with the Canadian Col
lleries and will leave shortly for
Bellingh.im, Washington.
The Islander, $36.20; W. McLellan, $88.00.
The Council decided to take
legal action in the collecting of
taxes from the Martin estate. .
The city clerk was instructed
to refund the amount due the
hotel keepers on their licence
from Oct. 1st, to Dec. 31st, n-
mounting to $450.00.
The council as a whole decided
to inspect the new lighting system and switches on Wednesday
evening, new switches having
heen installed to control the
lights on thc various streets. TWO
Irritating Teeth Scientifically Removed
by our Safe Methods.
No Gas.    No Danger.     No sickly after-effects.
Examinations Free.    Strictly High-class Dentistry
with specialization of Plate, Crown
and Bridge work.
It becomes a national duty to preserve the health, and to save money.
The body must not be over-fed nor over clothed, but comfort and effici-
ency is desirable. Luxuries are taboo. But a fine wholesome mouth,
wilh sound, useful teeth—this is one of the prime NECESSITIES, not a
luxury.   Good teeth mean good health.
K I N G       li I. 0 C K
Dunsmuir Avenue
Tuesday The New Fish Day.
Tuesday, October 31, has been
selected as national fish day in
' Canada. It is hoped to establish
Tuesday as a regular fish day,
thus seperating fish day fiom
Friday, to which it has been so
loni; attached.
®Jte Mmxitr
Published every Saturday by the Islander
Publishing Company at Cumberland,
H.C., Canada.   Telephone 3-5.
Subscription: One year in advance, $2.00;
Single copies. 5c. Foreign subscriptions
to countries in Postal Union, $2.00
The cost of the war has become so great in recent months
that the layman is at pains to
understand it. The Allied financial experts, however, are not
frightened by the prospect in
view of the measures that arc-
being taken to maintain financial
stability in Allied countries.
Assuredly one of the most im
portant of these measures is that
which provides for the safeguarding of the national prosperity by
sending into military service only
those who do not happen to be
working at essential tasks. The
great basic industries, such as
agriculture, transportation, etc.,
are being carefully protected
against disintegration in all the
larger belligerent cruntries. As
a result, a very quick recovery is
expected to follow the end of the
war. Canada is being congratu
lated upon her wisdom in recognizing the unexpected length of
the war by putting intooperation
a Military Service Act of moderate type yet bound tc prove an
efficient help to industry.
Before you ask a merchant to
Make a delivery
Send goods on approbation-
Or incur other expense.
Is it necessary?
Delivery service is expensive,
and ultimately YOU must pay
for it. If the service is not necessary you are not only wasting
your own money, but the resources of Canada as well.
Canada is in urgent need of
Carry your parcel home.
There is an old engraving
hanging in many homes depicting a young and ragged Urchin
stepping up to a lady and asking
if he may carry her parcel.
Times have changed. To-day
that same little chap may have
difficulty findinga parcel to carry;
and why? Because fashion has
decreed that we may carry anything but a parcel. The result
has been heavy delivery expense,
which must be paid by the consumer, together with the same
percentage of profit as is carried
by the goods themselves. Because it does not show seperately
in the bill, it is not recognized as
an additional cost. To a large
extent merchants are to blame
for this. If they were to adopt
the 'cash and carry' system,
giving a price advantage to those
who paid cash and carried their
parcels, requests for a delivery
would soon show a decrease.
Defective chimneys are the
greatest single source of fires.
The investigation being conducted by the Commission of Conservation discloses the fact that, for
the year 1916, of the places reporting, no less than 640 tires
were due to faulty chimneys,
This is exclusive of fires resulting from dangerous stovepipes
er chimney sparks.
Before winter weather necessitates pressure upon the heating
apparatus, the householder should
carefully inspect all chimneys, as
well as stove and furnace pipes,
and have them put in good condition. Rarely, if ever, does the
occupant of a house make an examination of the chimney where
i! passes through the attic. Yet,
this portion of the building is
probably the source of the great
majority of fires which start from
defective chimneys. Changes in
weather conditions and vibration
imve a deleterious effect upon
the mortar in the brickwork.
causing it to disintegrate and
leaving openings through which
sparks may readily pass.—J. D.
Municipal   Voters'
List, 1918 Elections.
All persons, male or female,
who do not hold conveyances of
Land or agreements of sale, but
who at the time of registration
have paid road-tax for 1917, or
current trades licence, or are over sixty years of age, must register on or before.
OCTOBER 31st., 1917.
Persons who hold Agreements of
Sale and have paid 1914 taxes, must register on or
November 30th., 1917.
Assessed owners holding conveyances of land will be entered on
the list without registration.
NOTE—By recent changes in
the law, women who are not
property owners may qualify as
voters by payment of the annual
road-tax of $2.00; and holders of
agreements of sale may qualify
as voters even if their taxes are
two years in arrears.
For further information apply
at City Hall.
Oct. 3, 1917. City Clerk.
Newest Styles in Ladies' Fall Coats in Tweeds,
Chinchillas, Beaver and English Whitney Cloth.
Ladies' Stoles and Sets in American Sable fur at popular prices.
Ladies' Fur Sets of Mink, Marmot and White Russian Fox.
Children's Fur Sets in White Hare and White Thibet.
Newest weaves in Ladies' Dress Goods; also large range of Plaids,
Newest Novelties in Ladies' Neckwear. The large sailor collars
in White Voiles and Georgette Crepe, also colored Silk. The
new stock collar with Jabot and Fischus.
The New
Overcoat Models
follow in a conservative manner the prevailing styles.    They are not
extreme in any way, being designed for the man who wears his clothes
through more than one season.   The good quality of the materials used
III enables them to retain their original fine appearance as long as he cares
III to wear them.
Newest styles in Men's Stetson Hats in all shades; also other leading
makers of men's hats and caps. A complete range of W.G. & R. Shirts
and Caps.
Headquarters for Choice Nursery Stock—all home grown.
Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Small Fruits, Roses, etc.,
and in fact all hardy trees and plants for the Garden.
Largest and best assorted stock in the country. Price list
on application.
U.B.C. BEER and
Alexandra Stout
U.B.C. BEER is put up in half barrels and pint bottles
ALEXANDRA STOUT is put up in pint bottles
and nips.
We carry a full line of all kinds of Soft Drinks.
Send all Orders to the
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President.
SIR JOHN AIRD, General Manager     H.V.F. JONES, Ass't den. Manager
CAPITAL, 15,000,000.       RESERVE FUND, 13,500,000.
Interest at the current rate is allowed on all deposits of $1 and
upwards. Careful attention is (?iven to every account. Small accounts are welcomed. Accounts may be opened and operated by mail.
Accounts may be opened in the names of two or more persons,
withdrawals to be made by any one of them or by the survivor.
SAVINGS   BANK:—This Bank pays interest at 3% per
annum on all deposits of $1 and upwards in this department.
Small accounts are welcomed.
Will be open again in the Old
Stand with a full supply of
Fresh Bread, Cakes,
Pies, etc.
Wedding Cake* a Specialty
Dunsmuir Ave,,      Cumberland.
Private Greeting
Christmas Cards
Exclusive  but   not   Expensive.
Send your Order NOW to
: : The Islander : :
Printers and Publishers
Telephoning   is   Face-to-
Face Conversation
When a person speaks over the telephone the
tones and accents of the voice are very distinct;
each talker recognises instantly the voice of the
That's what makes Long Distance telephoning so satisfactory. You know whom you are
talking to, you know your message is being received, and you get your answer.
Every telephone is a Long Distance telephone.
British Columbia Telephone Co., Ltd. tf
Do you realize the Comfort, the Convenience, the Cleanliness, and the Real Economy of
Electricallv heated household appliances?
And do you know that you can have them
as willing servants to do your bidding, ironing,
cooking, and heating.
Look over the following list of Electrically
heated appliances.
Here are a few of the comfort makers:—
ELECTRIC BOILER, for handy or quick hot
drinks in the evening.
ELECTRIC PERCOLATOR, you  never tasted
such good coffee.
ELECTRIC TOASTER, which saves running back
and forth to the kitchen for breakfast toast.
ELECTRIC CHAFING DISH, which makes it so
easy to entertain evening parties.
But anyhow have the "MISSUS" enjoy one
which save so much DRUDGERY.
We will be pleased to give you easy payments
on any of the above appliances. See us about it
Cumberland Electric Lighting
Phone 75 Co., Ltd. p. Q. 314
A Faithful Screen Adaptation of the Sociological Story of
"Damaged Goods" is a Serious and-Sincere Presentation in Dramatic Form of a Subject that is ol Vital Interest to all Communities.
Prices, including Amusement Tax—25c., 35c. and SOc.
Monday, Oct. 22, at 1.00 p. m.
For Mr. I. Maruya. on his ranch, Royston Road, near
Cumberland. 14 head of cattle, including 6 milking cows,
2 just fresh, 7 heifers, 4 horses. Large quantity of Potatoes, Turnips, Carrots, Apples, Oat Hay, and Meadow Hay
which will be sold in suitable lots. Also farm Implements,
Tools and numerous other useful articles.
Tuesday, Oct. 23, at 1.30 p.m.
Important sale of 22 flrst class grade Jersey cattle for Mr.
" Thomas Pearce, at his ranch, Happy Valley, including 13
young dairy cows in full milk or in calf, three fresh, 9
head of grand young stock. No reserve. Terms: 12
months on approved joint note, at 8 per cent
Wednesday, Oct. 24, at 1.30 p. m.
Sale of superior Household furniture and effects in the Agricultural Hall, Courtenay. of Mr. Masters, who is leaving
the district. Also about 200 lots of general stock for Mr.
C. J. Moore, removed from store, Comox, for convenience
of sale. No reserve. For full particulars of above sales
see posters, or from
Telephone 10 COURTENAY
"Let Me Help Yon Carry the
Burden, Mother"
' // Canada fails us in October, we must curtail
many of our activities."
Chairman, Executive Committee,
British Red Cross.
It now costs $.300,000.00 a week to carry on the work of the
British Red Gross, or #16,000,000.00 a year.
Every minute of the day and night it costs $30 to minister to
the sick and wounded and dying.
Last, year Canada's magnificent contribution paid for the entire
work of the British Red Cross for nearly seven weeks.
This year, in view of the greater need, it is earnestly and
confidently hoped that Canada's contributions will be as
great proportionately as the magnificent offering of
last year. ,
Our trust is, that the Citizens of Canada will give generously
to this noble cause on—
A Few Facts about British Red
Cross Work.
The British Red Cfoss Society is the
only institution which carries voluntary
aid to the Sick and Wounded of the
British forces on land and sea in every
region of the War.
Its work is therefore the concern of all
classes of British subjects, whether living
in the British Isles, in the Dominions ana
Colonies beyond the seas, or in foreign
countries. «
57,000 Hospital Beds found in the
United Kingdom.
30,000   of   these   provided   with
Nursing Staff.
2,000 Trained Nurses working at
home and abroad.
7,500 V. A. D.'s helping in Army
$220,000 speni on equipment of King
George Hospital (1,850 beds) and
$130,000 a year contributed to cost of
its maintenance.
$225,000 spent on building and equipping Ni -.lev Red Cross Hospital
(1,000 beda); and
$625,000 spent on maintenance.
$175,000 for Orthopaedic Curative
Workshops   and   Training   Fund.
$185,000 for Facial  Injury  Hospitals.
"Our Day " at Cumberland will be held on TUESDAY, OCT. 23rd. POUft
Herbert Stewart, son of Mr.
I and Mrs. Jas. Stewart, of Fifth
Street, left on Wednesday to join
the Canadian Flying Corps for
overseas service.
Geo. A. Fletcher Music Co.. of
Nanaimo, have decided to open
a branch store in this city, granting the requests of the residents
of Cumberland and vicinity. It
will be good news for the musicians of the district who are always anxious to
Leave your orders for coal hauling with the Star Livery Stable,
Alex. Maxwell, Prop.
Miss Hazel Martin, of Nanaimo, entertained a large and appreciate audience in the Ilo llo
Theatre on Saturday evening by
singing ami dancing between the
showing of itis' films,
Corporal George Barrass, of
Nanaimo, a relumed soldier, was
here during the past week end,
and left for Vancouver on Monday. The audience appreciated
his efforts on the violin at the
llo llo on Saturday evening.
Good strong horse and ;.,;.' n
bile for sale. For further particulars apply to Charlie Sing
William Beveridge, of Prince
Rupert, spent two or three days
in this city during the week and
left on Friday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Mesher and
Miss Evans motored to Cumberland on Thursday and during
their stay in this city will be the
guests of Mrs.   Sidney Horwood.
Stanley Warn, at one time a
resident of Cumberland and a
returned soldier ol the 2Llth Bait.,
and who is reported io have laid
out in No Man's Land lor eight
days and nights was a visitor to
this city during the week
left ou Saturday morning
Mary Gibson, 17 years of age,
eldest daughter ot Mr. and Mrs.
John Gibson, of Second Street,
died on Sunday after an illness
of two weeks. The funeral took
place on Wednesday to the Cumberland Cemetery, with the Rev.
James Hood officiating.
The Annual meeting ol the
Crnadian Red Cross Suciely will
be held in the Basement of the
Presbyterian Church on Wednesday afternoon al lliree thirty
o'clock. As tins meeting is for
the purpose of electing ihe orii-
cers for the coming year it is
hoped thai ail Members and Associates will turn out.
John Thomson left for' Nanaimo on Wednesday to get acquainted with the drager station apparatus, li is said iliat ne is w
be appointed to lake charge ol
Cumberland drager slution when
the Minister of Mines takes over
the present drager station now
operated by the Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir), Limited.
COAL mining rights of the Dominion,
Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and in a portion of the
Province of British Columbia, may be
leased for a term of twenty-one years renewable for a further term of 21 years at
an annual rental of $1 an acre. Not more
than 2,500 acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be made by
the applicant in person to the Agent or
get   the   latest | Sub-Agent of the district  in which the
rtgl ts applied for are situated.
lu surveyed territory the land must be
described by sections, or legal sub-divisions of sections, and in unsurveyed territory the tract applied for shall be staked
out by the applicant himself,
Each application must be accompanied
by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if
the rights applied for are not available,
but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid
on the merchantable output of thc mine
at the rale of live cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
ful rush uie Agent with sworn returns accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay the royalty
thereon. If the coal mining rights are not
being operated, such returns should be
furnished at least once a year.
The lease will include the coal mining
rights only.
For full information application should
be made to the Secretary of the Department ot the Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.
VV. W. Cory,
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.Ft.---Unauthorized publication of this
dvs  lis      nt will not ue paid for.
John H! Cameron, of the Cumberland Motor Works, visited Victoria recently aud joined ihe Canadian 1'lying Corps lor overseas service. His* numerous
friends tendered him a farewell
dance in the llo lio Dunce Hall
on Wednesday evening, when
thc Cumberland Volunteer Fire
Department presented Mr. Cam- partially occupied by
eron will! a  gold wrisliei   watch I H is our intention  tr
Mrs. F. Oliver
R.A.M,, London, England, and
Conservatoire of Music.Dresden
Teacher of Pianoforte,
Theory, etc.
No. 43, Camp.
Owing to the change in pay
days the local branches of the
Royal Bank of Canada and The
Canadian Bank of Commerce
will, commencing 6th inst. and
until further notice, close on
Saturdays at 12 noon instead of
Wednesdays. Their office hours
will now be as follows:
From 10 a. m. to 3 p. m. ordi
nary week days except Saturdays.
From 10 a. m. to 12 noon Saturdays.
Pay Days:
From 10 a. m. to 12 noon and
from 2 p. m. to 5 p. m.
In addition to the above The
Canadian Bank of Commerce
closes from 12 noon to 1 p, m.
every day.
FOR SALE—House and automobile. For further particulars
apply to Hugh Slian, Cumberland, B. 3.
as i n ai k of appreciation and esteem of bis services while connected with the Volunteer Departments
Catherine Nord, died on Wednesday morning at the home ol
her, Mrs. Thomas Wilson. The
deceased lady had been a resi-
'ent of Cumberland sor a number of years and was Tt! years of
age. She leaves in Ihis city to
mourn her loss, a daughter, Mrs.
Thomas Wilson, and a son, John
Nord. The funeral took place
on Friday from the residence of
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wilson,
West Cumberland, to the Cumberland Cemetery, Re\, James
Hood officiating.
To all the friends whose sym-
pfthy and services were so kindly tendered in  our time of bereavement, we desire to extend
our sincere thanks.
Mk. and Mrs. Thomas Wilson
.   and Family.
In response to the numerous requests which we have received
for some time back, we beg to
announce that we have decided
looped a branch store in 'Cumberland, and takegret pleasure
in announcing that we are now
ready to cater to your musical
requirements   In   the   premises
P. li. Hate.
equip this
storu as
"im as possible
full line of
Gerhard Heintzma^ am
Mendelssohn  Pianos
and Player Pianos
Edison   Diamond   Disc   Phonographs and Records
Edison Diamond Amb.i olas ar.d
Columbia Crafcnolas & Records
Sheet Music, Musical Instruments
and Musical Supplies.
We cordially invite you to visit
us in our new premises and inspect our stock, assuring you at
all times of courteous and fair
G. A. Fletcher Music
Nanaimo Cumberland
GEORGE the FIFTH, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom
of Great Britain and Ireland and of the British Dominions beyond the Seas, King, Defender of the Faith, Emperor of India.
To all to whom these presents shall come, or whom the same may in anywise
A Proclamation calling out the men comprised in Class 1 as described by the
Military Service Act, 1917.
The .Deputy Minister of Justice,
T.HEREAS It is provided by our Militia
Act of Canada, Re-
[ visedStatutesofCanada,19Q6,
I chapter 41, Section 69, that
[ our Governor-General of Canada in Council may place our
Militia of Canada, or any part
thereof, on active service any-
I where in Canada, and also beyond Canada foe the defence thereof, at any time when it appears
advisable so to do by reason of emergency;
A nH AA7V»^r^Q a that Part °f our militia of Canada known
.TXI1U    VV 11C1CCI&   fls the Canadian Expeditionary Force is
now engaged in active service overseas for the defence and security of
Canada, the preservation of our Empire and of human liberty ; nnd
it is necessary owing to the emergencies of the war to provide re*
enforcements for our said Expeditionary Force in addition to those
whose inclination or circumstances have permitted them to [volunteer;
An A \KT h t*rf*a c by reason of the large number of men who
£XUU VV IlClCrta have already left agricultural and industrial pursuits in our Dominion of Canada in order to join our Expeditionary Force as volunteers, and by reason of the necessity of maintaining under these conditions the productiveness or output of agriculture and industry in our said Dominion, we have determined by
and with the advice and consent of our Senate and House of Commons of Canada that it is expedient to secure the men so required,
not by ballot as provided by our said Militia Act, but by selective
draft; such re-enforcement, under the provisions of the Military
Service Act, 1917, hereinafter referred to, not to exceed one hundred
thousand men ;
A nH *\A7V»^rPQC k k accordingly enacted in and by the
A11U VV llOl GrtO provisions 0f an Act of our Parliament of
Canada, holden in the 7th and Sth years of our reign, and known
as the Military Service Act, 1917, that every one of our male subjects
who ix*r>"s within one of the classes described and intended by the
said Act shall be liable to be called out on active service in our
Canadian Expeditionary Force for the defence of Canada, either
within or beyond Canada; and that his service shall be for the
duration of the present war and demobilization after tlie conclusion
of the war;
A nA Wh^r^QC the men who are, under the provisions of
XXI1U    VV llGIOdO   the said last mentioned Act| liabie t0 be
called out, are comprised in six classes of which Class 1 is, by the
provisions of the said Act, defined to consist of all our male subjects,
ordinarily, or at any time since the 4th day of August, 1914, resident
in Canada, who have attained the age of twenty years, who were born
not earlier than the year 1883, and were on the 6th day of July, 1917,
unmarried, or'arc widowers but have no child, and who are not within
any of the following enumerated
1. Members of our regular, or reserve, or auxiliary forces, as defined
by our Army Act.
2. Members of our military forces raised by the Governments of
any Of our other dominions or by our Government of India.
3. Mr;n serving in our Royal Navy, or in our Royal Marines, or in
our Naval Service of Canada, and members of our Canadian
Expeditionary Force.
4. Men who have since August 4th, 1914, served in our Military
or Naval Forces, or in those of our allies, in any theatre of actual
war, and have been honourably discharged therefrom.
5. Clergy, including members of any recognized order of an exclusively religious character, and ministers of all religious denominations existing in Canada at the date of the passing of our said
Military Service Act.
& Those persons exempted from military service by Order in
Council of August 13th, 1873, and by Order in Council of December 6th, 1898;
A nA XKTn t+rt**c* c 'lt" moreover provided by our said Military
AI1U VV UCrC«t& ^^ Act that our Governor-General of
Canada in Council may from time to time by proclamation call out
on active service as aforesaid any class of men in the said Act described,
end that all men within the class so called out shall, from the date
of such proclamation, be deemed to be soldiers enlisted in the military
service of Canada and subject to military law, save as in the said
Act otherwise provided ; and that the men so called out shall report
and shall be placed on active service in the Canadian Expeditionary
Force as may be set out in such proclamation or in regulations; but
that they shall, until so placed on active service, be deemed to be
on leave of absence without pay ;
A r\A   Whprpac   it *s als0 provided by the said Act that at
Anu   vviicicda flny time before a date t0 be fixed by
proclamation an application may be made, by or in respect of any
man in the class to be called out, to one of our local tribunals,
established in the manner provided by the said Act in thc province in
which such man ordinarily resides, for a certificate of exemption
from service upon any of thc following
(a) That It U expedient in the national interest that the man should,
instead of being employed in military service, be engaged in other
work in'which he is habitually engaged ;
(6) That it is expedient in the national interest that the man should,
Instead of being employed in military service, be engaged in other
work in which he wishes to be engaged and for which he Im;
special qualifications ;
(c) That it Is expedient in the national interest that, Instead o
being employed in military - service, he should continue to '
educated or trained for any work for which he is then belt,
educated or trained;
(cf) That serious hardship would ensue, if the man were placed on
active service, owing to his exceptional financial or business.
obligations or domestic petition ;
(a) 111 health or infirmity ,
(J) That he conscientiously objects to the undertaking of combatant
service, and is prohibited from so doing by the tenets and articles
of faith in effect on the sixth day of July, 1917, of any organised
religious denomination existing and well recognized in Canada at
such date, and to which he in good faith belongs ;
.And that if any of the grounds of such application be established,
a certificate of exemption shall be granted to such man.
The following films are booked
for showing in the near future,
the dates being subject to change.
Eternal Love   for   Saturday,
October 20th., a Butterfly special.
The Phantom's Secret, Mignon
Anderson, and Haywood Mack,
in Butterfly feature.        >
The Marcellini Millions,   Geo.
The Highway of Hope, House
Peters & Kathlyn Williams,
A nrl \AThfirpQc moreover It Is enacted in and by the pro-
JIHU VV UGXCdb visions of an Act of our Parliament of
Canada holden in the 7th and 8th years of our reign and known as
the War Time Elections Act that certain persons thereby disqualified
from voting with such of their sons as on polling day are not of legal
age, shall be exempt from combatant military and naval service ;
A nH AA^h^rMQ ** " father provided by our said Military
•turn vviiw-wdo Service Act that applications for exemption
from service shall be determined by our said local tribunals, subject
to appeal as in the said Act provided, and that any man, by or in
respect of whom an application for exemption from service is made,
shall, so long as such application or any appeal in connection therewith is pending, and during the currency of any exemption granted
him, be deemed to be on leave of absence without pay ;
A nH \A7'tn»rrf»aci our Governor-General of Canada in Council
XXIJU VVUOiOcia has determined to gall out upon active
service as aforesaid the men included,in Class l,as in the said Act
end hereinbefore defined or described ;
Now Therefore Know Ye ^ftdo?..0*!
comprising the men in our said Military Service Act, 1917, and
hereinbefore defined or described as to the said class belonging, on
active service in our Canadian Expeditionary Force for the defence
of Canada, either within or beyond Canada, as we may, in the
command or direction of our Military Forces, hereafter order or
And we do hereby strictly command, require and enjoin that each
man who is a member of the said class shall, on or before the 10th day
of November, 1917, in the preicribed form and manner, report himself
for military service, unless application for his exemption shall then
have been made by him or by another person entitled to apply on his
behalf ; wherein our loving subjects, members of the said class, are
especially charged not to fail since not only do their loyalty and
allegiance require and impose the obligation of careful and implicit
obedience to these our strict commands and injunctions, but moreover, lest our loving subjects should be ignorant of the consequences
which will ensue if they fail to report within the time limited as aforesaid, we do hereby forewarn and admonish them that any one who is
hereby called out, and who without reasonable excuse fails to report
as aforesaid, shall thereby comm t an offence, for which he shall be
liable on summary conviction to imprisonment for any term not
exceeding five years with hard labour, and he shall nevertheless, if we
so require, be compelled to serve immediately in our said Expeditionary
And we do hereby proclaim and announce that for the greater
convenience of our subjects, wc have directed that prescribed forms,
for reporting for service, and for application for exemption from service, may, at any time on or before the said 10th day of November,
1917, be obtained at any post office in our Dominion of Canada; and
that reports for service and applications for exemption from service,
if obtained at any of our said post offices and properly executed, shall
be forwarded by our postmaster at the post office from which the same
are obtained to their proper destinations as by our regulations prescribed, free of postage or any other charge*
And we do further inform and notify our loving subjects that local
tribunals have been established in convenient localities throughout
our Dominion of Canada for the hearing of applications for exemption
from service upon any of the statutory grounds, as hereinbefore set
out; that these our local tribunals so established will begin to sit in
the discharge of their duties on the 8th day of November, 1917, and
that they will continue to sit from day to day thereafter, as may be
necessary or convenient, at such times and places as shall be duly
notified, until all applications for exemption from service shall have
been heard and disposed of; also that men belonging to the class
hereby called out who have not previously to the said 8th day of
November, 1917, reported for service, or forwarded applications for
exemption through any of our post offices as aforesaid, may make
applications in person foi exemption from service to any of our sud
tribunals on thc 8th, 9th or 10th day of November, 1917.
And we do hereby moreover notify and inform our loving subjects
who are within the class hereby called out, that if, on or before the
10th day of November, 1917, they report* themselves for military
service, or if, on or before that day, application for exemption from
service be made by them or on their behalf, they will not be required
to report for duty, or be placed upon active service as aforesaid, until
a day, not earlier than the 10th day of December, 1917, which will,
by our registrar for the province in which they reported or applied,
be notified to them in writing by registered post at their respective
addresses as given in their reports for service, or applications for exemption from service, or at such substituted addresses as they may
have respectively signified to our said registrar; and we do hereby
inform, forewarn and admonish the men belonging to the class hereby
called out that if any of them shall, without just and sufficient cause,
fail to report for duty at the time and place required by notice in
writing so posted, or shall fail to report for duty as otherwise
by law required, he shall be aubject to the procedure, pains and
penalties by law prescribed as against military deserters.
Of nil of which our loving subjects, and all others whom these
presents may concern, are hereby required to take notice, rendering
strict obedience to and compliance with all these our commands,
directions and requirements, and governing themselves accordingly.
In Testimony Whereof teW£a?*K
ent, and the Great Seal of Canada to be hereunto affixed. WITNESS: Our Right Trusty nnd Right Entirely Beloved Cousin
and Counsellor, Victor Christian William, Duke of Devonshire,
Marquess of Hnrtington, Earl of Devonshire, Earl of Burlington,
Baron Cavendish of Hardwicke, Baron Cavendish of Kcighley,
Knight of Our Most Noble Order of thc Garter; Oae of Our Most
Honourable Privy Council; Knight Grand Cross of Our Most
Distinguished Order of S; int Michael and Saint George; Knight
Grand Cress of Our Royal Victorian Order; Governor-General
and Commander-in-Chief of Our Dominion of Canada.
Cir Government House, in Our City of OTTAWA, this
"^LFTII day of OCTOBER, in the year of Our Lord ono
tousand nine hundred and seventeen, and in thc eighth year
..I' Our Reign.
By Command,
Ur.der-SccrctGry cf Stat
L,'*uB»n'jg,savi:'",j''irTy /
Uneonquered, Fannie Ward.
Silent Partner, Blanche Sweet,
Freckles, Louise Huff and Jack i    Have your  Suits.   Silks,  and
Pickford. Household Furnishings cleaned,
Usual Dance tonight in Ilo Il0 Dyed and Repaired at
Hall, from 9 to 12. PAUL'S DYE WORKS,
__ 1223-1231 Gladstone Avenue. Vic-
For   Sale,   Remington Type- jorja g_ Q(
writer, $25. Apply Islander Office. '


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