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The Islander Oct 6, 1917

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Array "T—^t—
legislation Librtwy
THE'ISLANDER established 1910.
With which is Consolidated The Cumberland News.
VOL. VIII., No. 29
THE CUMBERLAND V^EWS established 1894
Subscription price, $2.00 per year
A Yankee infantry sergeant is seen greeting eleven-year old Charles Meux,
who has seen two years' service on the French front, and has been twice .
wounded.   The lad is at present a patient in the Hospital at St. Cloud.
Ottawa, Oct. 3.—The first class
of recruits under the Military
Service Act will be called up on
Saturday, Oct. 13.' A proclamation will be issued on that date
notifying men in class one thit
within a specified time they are
either to report for military duty
or to file a claim for exemption.
Class one comprises those who
have attained the age of 20 years,
and were born not earlier than
the year 1883, and are unmarried,
or are widowers but have no
With the proclamation calling
up the men will also be published
regulations by which the tribunals appointed to hear applications
for exemptions will be governed.
There will be between thiee
and four weeks' delay after the
issue of the proclamation, in
which applications for exemption
may be filed. This will bring the
tribunals into full operation, it is
expected, early in November.and
probably by the middle of the
same month the first batch of
men—there are many who will
not claim exemption—will be
with the colors. An appeal from
the decision pf a local tribunal
will have to be filed within two
or three days after the applicant
is notified that his claim for exemption has been disallowed.
The committee for Whist Drive
and Dance of Benevolence Temple No. 9, Pythian Sisters, submit the following report:
Receipts for whist drive ..$ 4.70
"     for dance 45.15
Total $49.85
Expenditures 24.15
Balance. $25.70
The Sisters of the above Temple wish to' thank all those who
took part to make the whist drive
and dance a success.
Cumberland, Oct. 3rd., 1917.
London. Oct. 3.-Eleven British merchantmen of more than
1600 tons each and two vessels
under '1600 tons were sunk by
mines or submarines last week,
according to the British Admiralty statement made public this
evening. The shipping summary
Arrivals 2680; sailings, 2742.
British mercnant vessels sunk by
mine or submarine over 1600 tons,
including two previously, 11; under 1600 tons, two.
Fishing vessels sunk, none.
British merehant vessels unsuccessfully attacked, including seven previously, 16.
The foregoing statement of
the British Admiralty again lowers the aggregate of merchantmen sunk by mines or submarines during any week since
Germany began her intensified
submarine warfare. As against
15 vessels sunk in the previous
week, which was the low record
since February, only 13 merchant
men are shown to have been sent
to the bottom last week.
The total losses to the world's
shipping since Germany's ruth'
less U-boat war went into effect
aggregate about two-thirds of
those claimed by the Germans
in a statement issued on September 1. At that time the Germans alleged that an average of
900,000 tons had .been sunk
monthly for seven months.
The actual totals of tonnagi
sunk compiled here show that
not even,during the most successful month for the U-boats,
April, have the figures reached
any such proportions, while the
August losses dropped to almost
half the April figure.
Tonight, at Ilo Ilo Theatre,
Jack Mulhall in "The Hero of
the Hour."
Copenhagen, Oct. 2.—A monster demonstration in favor of a
peace without annexations was
held on Sunday fn Frankfort-on-
the-Main, Germany. Leaders in
the radical, clerical and Socialist
parties sponsored the demonstration. The crowd numbered 50,-
000 and addresses were made
from six different platforms simultaneously.
Monday next being a Public
Holiday, October 8th., the wickets will be open from 8 a. m., to
9.30 a. m., only.
J. W. COOKE, Postmaster.
London. Oct. 2. Nearly 4,000
prisoners were taken by the British army in Mesoptamia which
captured Ramadie, it is announced officially.
Amsterdam, Oct. 3.—The German military authorities have issued orders that all lights in the
governmental district of Dussel-
dorf and a great portion of Westphalia must he darkened at night,
according to the General Anzie-
ger, of Essen. Similar precautions1 against air raids are being
taken at other pieces in Western Germany.
The Sacrament of the Lord's
Supper will be administered in
St. George's Presbyterian Church
on Sunday morning at 11 o'clock.
In the evening there will be a
special sermon and suitable music will be sung by the choir.
Mrs. Loring, mother of Miss
Loring. died on Sunday morning.
The remains were interred in the
Cumberland Cemetery on Tuesday.
Mrs, Ewing has purchased the
residence on Maryport Avenue,
the property of Mrs. Robb, of
Mrs. Thomas Graham and family arrived on Tuesday and will
move into the residence vacated
by Mr. A. J. Bumside, Manager
of the Canadian bank of Commerce.
It will be necessary for every
person attending Saturday night
dances hereafter, ladies as well
as gents, to pay the 5c. Government Tax. Spectators will be
charged 25c, including Tax.
Isle of Heligoland, near the mouth of the Kiel Canal, formerly a possession
of England, now used as a base for submarine operations.   This island of
almost solid rock is heavily fortified.
Applications for the position of
scavenger and general city teamster will be received up to Mon-
dav, Oct. 15th, 1917, at 6 p.m.
Salary $90.00. per month. Duties
to commence Nov. 1st, 1917.
A. MACKINNON, City Clerk.
City Hall, Oct. 6th, 1917.
The Cumberland City Council
held their regular session on
Monday evening. Present, His
Worship, Mayor Bate, Aldermen'
Macdonald,, Bannerman, Carey,
Brown and Milligan.
The minutes were adopted as
A communication from- the
Good Roads lepgue of British Columbia notifying the Council of
the Programme of the Convention to be held at Duncan on October 9th., and asking support in
connection with the linking up
of the. All Canadian Highway
was received and filed.
The Vancouver General Hospital informed the Council under
the Hospital Amendment Act,
1913, Section 7, Clause 3, that
Mrs. Richard Coe was a patient
of that Hospital for treatment.
C. Wheeler, the local barber,
was granted permission to dig a
ditch across Dunsmuir Avenue
for the purpose of laying a water-
Simon Leiser & Co., requested
the privilege of removing a portion of the sidewalk along side
of the store for the purpose of
p'utting in new Bills. This was
Thomas Conn, special constable and night man, tendered his
resignation to take effect on
October 31st. This was accepted
and the City Clerk instructed to
call for applications at $90 per
The Military Hospital Commis-
mission Command of Canada addressed a communication to His
Worship the Mayor, requesting
him to be good enough to give
the names of the president of
each Womens' Patriotic organization in this community for the
purpose of selecting an appointee
to act upon the advisory board of
"J" Unit M. H. C. Command.
The object is to have a systema-
tised department throughout
British Columbia through which
the wants of the Returned Soldiers in the Convalescent Hospitals can be supplied. The various
hospitals have at the present
time about 1500 patients. The
Council instructed the City Clerk
to forward the. desired information.
The Military Service Branch of
Ottawa under date of Sept. 25th.,
addressed a commucation to the
Mayor as follows:
As you are doubtless aware an
Exemption Committee under the
provisions of the Military Service
Act is to be established in your
municipality and will probably
be in session for from three to
five weeks.
The Government will appreciate it very much if your municipality will, so far as is practicable and as the exigencies of your
service permit, provide free accommodation for the Tribunal in
your Municipal Buildings. I have
the honour to be, air, your obedient servant,
Deputy Minister Of Justice.
This request was granted without a dissenting voice.
Mrs. Georgia Owens Bage, 2207
Illinois Street, Indianapolis, requested the Council to interview
the local paper for the publication
qf the following:
"Mrs. Georgia Bage, 2207
North Illinois street, has started
anew search for her brother,
Richard T. Owens, who disappeared twenty-seven years ago.
Their mother, Mrs.v Myron Ransom, of Conneautville, Pa., has
urged that the search be renewed.
Owens was a boy when he disappeared.   He was living with a
Ottawa, Oct. 3.—The first step
in the move towards the formation  of a national  government
was taken here today when C. C.
Ballantyne, a prominent Montreal
Liberal and business man, was
sworn  in as Minister of Public
Works, succeeding Hon. Robert
Rogers.   It is expected that Mr.
Hugh Guthrie will be sworn in
tomorrow, probably as member
of the Cabinet and Solicitor-General.     A Labor man will also be
appointed to succeed Hon. T. W.
Crothers  in a few days.    This
will about complete the Eastern
reorganization.   The Western reorganization will be delayed for
a few days.   The Western Liberals are to meet here on Friday to
reopen negotiations.    The Western representation will not  be
decided until after that meeting,
and it is useless to guess beforehand.   To add to the political excitement bf today came the announcement tjhat Sir Wilfrid Laurier had placed his resignation in
the hands of his chief followers,
and had strongly urged its acceptance.   His followers are uncertain as to whether it should be
accepted, and have asked him to
take a few days to consider.  Sir
Wilfrid left this afternoon for
Montreal and from there will go
to Toronto to consult with his
followers.   He will return to Ottawa next Tuesday, when he will
make his final decision.
Owing to the change in pay
days the local branches of the
Royal Bank of .Canada and The
Canadian Bank of Commerce
will, commencing 6th inst. and
until further notice, close on
Saturdays at 12 noon instead of
Wednesdays. Their office hours
will now be as follows:
From 10 a. m. to 3 p. m. ordinary week days except Satur-
From 10 a. m. to 12 noon Saturdays.
Pay Days:
From 10 a. m. to 12 noon and
from 2 p. m. to 5 p. m.
In addition to the above The
Canadian Bank of Commerce
closes from 12 noon to 1 p, m.
every day.        	
family named Cole, at Grand Haven, Mich. Owens returned to
Grand Haven in 1913, for a visit,
but Mrs. Bage says she did not
hear of his return until a year later, and was unable to trace him.
She said she heard that he had
been in the mining industry in
Alaska and elsewhere, antl that
he was a civil engineer. Mrs.
Bage has sent appeals to a number of cities asking the authorities and newspapers to assist her
in finding her brother." Other
papers please copy.
In a communication from the
Corporation of the City of Duncan, a hearty welcome was extended to all delegates attending
the fourteenth annual convention
of the Union of B. C. Municipalities to be held in Duncans October 10th., and 12th. This was
received and filed. The following accounts were referred to
finance committee for payment,
Brackmanfe Kerr $12,50
Royal Standard Grain Co.   26.95
Wesley Willard 9.85
Aid. Bannerman, Chairman of
the Board of Works, was instructed to proceed with the retaining
wall in front of the City Building
and make an ash sidewalk.
P. S. Fagan, Chief Accountant
of the Canadian Collieries Dunsmuir Ltd., left for Victoria on
A. S. Kendall of the Canadian
Collieries pay roll department
left for Victoria on Friday.
Monday, at Ilo Ilo Theatre, a
five-reel Bluebird, featuring
Franklyn Farnum, , "Bringing
Home Father," comedy drama.
Also "Gray Chost" No. 8.
George A. Fletcher, of the
Nanaimo Music Store, was here
on a business trip »>n Thursday.
G. C. Baker, cashier of the
Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir),
Ltd., returned from an official
visit to Victoria. During his absence he relieved Mr. Browning
of the Victoria office. Mrs. Baker accompanied her husband to
and from Victoria.
Mrs. E. W. Hinder has resigned the position of stenographer of the Canadian Collieries
and left for New York on Monday, where she will join her father and proceed on to London,
James M. Savage, general superintendent of the Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir), Ltd., arrived
on Sunday and left,again for the
South on Tuesday.
Miss Reynolds, proprietor of
the Ilo Ilo Theatre, left for Nanaimo on Wednesday and returned on Thursday evening.
Alwyn Christena, aged 3 years
and five months, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. William Davis, of
Happy Valley, died on Friday of
last week. The funeral took
place last Sunday with the Rev.
Henry Wilson officiating.
May Walker, the popular young
lady of the local telephone exchange has been transferred to
Victoria and left on Wednesday.
Mrs. Harry Wilson who has
been visiting her parent* Mr.
and Mrs. Alexander Walker, left
for Nanaimo on Wednesday.
On Tuesday night, October 9th,
between 6.30 and 7.30, the Cumberland Night School will be
open for the enrollment of night
school pupils. Arithmatic, second and third-class mining entrance fee $2.00, which is returnable with an average attendance
of 75%, and a monthly fee of
one dollar covers all subjects.
No classes unless sufficient students present themselves. By
order, Board of School Trustees.
The drawing for the picture,
painted by Miss Collis, of Victoria, ond presented to the local
branch of the Canadian Red
Cross Society for raffle, took
place on Saturday evening last.
Mr. H. Foster held the lucky
number, 258. The sum of $12.50
was realized on this painting and
our thanks are due to Miss Collis
for her kindness in presenting
Miss Baskin, who has resigned Imposition on the Cumberland General Hospital staff, left for Van-
couve on Monday. Miss Mitchell
has been appointed to fill the
vacancy. There are rumors of
j wedding bells shortly. Listen
for the mournful sound of No. 20,
John Gillespie who recently resigned his position as overman of
No. 5 mine of the Canadian Collieries, left on Thursday for
Drum Lummon Copper Mines,
Hartley Bay, having secured a
position as foreman. On Wednesday evening a large number
of the employees and members
of the West Cumberland Conservative Band tendered Mr. Gillespie a banquet in the Vendome
Hotel. The band .presented him
v ith a travelling suit case and
Mrs. Gillespie with a silver cake
plate. The employees presented
Mr. Gillespie with a clock, and
Mrs. Gillespie with a silver sugar
and cream set. Mrs. Gillespie
will reside in Victoria. TWO
|t«<> r T*
m Qi  v-     I
Irritating Teeth Scientifically Removed
by bur Safe Methods.
No Gas.    No Danger.     No sichj}) after-effects.
Examinations Free.    Strictly High-class Dentistry
with specialization of Plate, Crown
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It becomes a nalional duty to preserve the health, and to save money.
The body must not be over-fed nor over-clothed, but comfort and efficiency is desirable. Luxuries are taboo. But a fine wholesome mouth,
with sound, useful teeth—this is one of the prime NECESSITIES, not a
luxury.   Good teeth mean good health.
Dunsmuir Avenue
st or anon cheer
destiny of the French race in
Quebec; and Ontario than upon the
relation of Canada as a whole to
the outside world, The desire to
preserve the French language, to
increase the numerical proportion
of the French-speaking population, to safeguard Ihe special privileges very early .guaranteed to
the French population of Quebec
by the British government has
seemed to possess tbe French-
Canadian mind like a mania, even
I in the face of storms which are
! shaking the world to it^ found
®1|? Matttor
Published every Saturday by the Islander
Publishing Company at Cumberland,
B.C., Canada.   Telephone 3-5.
Subscription: One year in advance, $2.00;
Slnglecopies, 5c. Foreign subscriptions
to countries in Postal Union, $2.00
American Press on French-
Canadian Situation
(Prom the Springfield Republican.)
The downfall of Great Britain,
as the result of the revolutionary
effect of the German submarine
upon the struggle for sea power,
would so profoundly influence the
destiny of all the Americans that
no special insight is required by
any one to measure the consequences. The possibilities therein
suggested must have heen presented to every inquiring mind
both iii Canada and the United
In watching the development
0. Canadian opinion, many Americans have been puzzled, to
speak frankly, at the attitude
and the course! of the French-
speaking population of the province of Quebec, amazed at their
indifferent reaction to the desperate struggle of France, their
comparatively feeble response to
the call for volunteers for the
overseas contingents, and finally
their bitter opposition to selective
conscription. This again is Canada's business, not ours. There
has been much printed in the
American press in explanation of
the French-Canadian feeling and
in it tlicie has been no little illumination of the situation. Yet,
after till lias been said, one cannot escape the impression of a
degree of mystery in the attitude
of the French-speaking inhabitants of the Dominion.
It is not enough to say that
• French Quebec hat its foots not
in modern France, but in the extinct France that existed before
the French revolution, that it is
still under a church domination
whose ecclesiastical spirit was
outraged by the anti-clerical radicalism of the several ministries
of a dozen years ago. These
facts explain partially the coldness of the Canadian French to
the agonies of their mother since
the German invasion of 1914, but
they do not tell the whole story.
More elemental, probably, is the
narrow nationalistic aspiration
which French Canada has persistently nurtured, and which
places more emphasis upon a kind
ol separatist conception of the
Sir Robert Borden Gives
Franchise to Women.
That the women of Canada
appreciate the extension of the
franchise to relatives of soldiers,
and also appreciate the difficulties in the way of a general fran-
chisement at the present time, is
shown by the manner in which
the Franchise Bill has been accepted by the women of the
country and advocates of woman
franchise. Sir Robert Borden
has given a pledge without
equivocation that he will, "if returned to power, give the franchise to all the women of Canada.
Speaking in tne House on
Monday, September 10th, he declared:
"We are emerging to the point
at which the women of this
country must be entitled to the
same voice in directing theaffairs
of the country as men. and so
far as I am concerned I commit
myself absolutely to that proposal."
Again, speaking the following
day he declared:
"1 adhere entirely to the opinion that 1 have already expressed
more than once in this House,
namely, that the women of Canada generally are entitled to the
franchise, and if the people of
this country should give to me a
mandate at the next general
election I undertake to carry out
the purpose that I have already
The Ottawa Citizen, which is
an earnest advocate of female
franchise, and a paper none too
friendly to the Government,
praises Sir Robert's action in the
following terms:
"It is to the credit of Sir
Robert Burden that he has done
more for the cause of equal sulf-
ragein Canada than any other
federal statesman. He has taken the first definite step ly enfranchising women relatives of
the soldiers on active service.
He has also extended the suffrage to the women on active
service on the same terms as the
franchise to men soldiers.
The cause of au emancipated
womanhood is part of the great
cause of democracy for which the
Allies, including the citizen soldiers of Canada, sre giving their
lives. Clear-seeing women can
afford to allow Sir Robert Borden a reasonable time to carry
out the equal suffrage pledge he
has given and not try to force
the government to enfranchise
every Canadian woman in one,
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step by the War Time Elections
It is apparent that the leaders
of the woman's franchise movement in Canada quite approve of
the stand taken by Sir Robert
Borden. The following despatch
which appeared in the daily press
a day or so ago indicates this:
Toronto, Sept. 19.-A letter
signed by Mrs. F. H. Torrington,
Mrs. Albert Gooderam, .Mrs. E.
A. Steavens, and Mrs. L, A.
Hamilton, and referring to the
war time election bill, has been
issued. The ladies subscribing
to the letter represent the National Equal Franchise Union, the
Daughters of the Empire, the
National Council of Women, and
the Ontario W.C.T.U. The letter
says: "The result of numerous
enquiries convinced these women
that, considering the peculiar
conditions which prevail at the
present time in certain provinces
and the uncertainty of the results
in granting a full franchise, it
would be desirable that a limited
franchise should be given as a
war measure in order that Canada may do her full part in the
war and remain true to her sacred
trust to tdie Canadian men now
fighting the battle of freedom."
Miss Isabel Robertson, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Jno.
Robertson, of Cumberland, was
married to Mr. Geo. Rafter, son
of .Mr. Wm.Rafter.of Ladysmith,
at the bridegroom's home last
week by the Rev. T. Oswald, of
the Presbyterian Church. Miss
Cecilia Simpson was bridesmaid,
and Mr. Robert Rafter supported
tHje groom.
British airmen, who last Sunday night bombarded German
stations behind the lines, destroyed fifteen Gotha aeroplanes
at St. Denis and Westrom, and
wrecked a troop train.
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., I.L.D., D.C.L., President.
SIR JOHN AIRD, General Manager      H.V.P. JONES, Ass't den. Manager
CAPITAL, 15,000,000.       RESERVE FUND, 13,500,000.
"Interest at the current rate is allowed on all deposits of $1 and
upwards.    Careful attention is given to every account.    Small accounts are welcomed. Accountsmay be opened and operated by mail. •
Accounts may be opened in the names of two or more persons,
withdrawals to be made by any one of them or by the survivor.
SAVINGS   BANK:—Tnis Bank pays interest at 3% pet-
annum on all depositsof $1 and upwards in this department.
Small accounts are welcomed.
A. J. BURNSIDE, Manager.
PUSH BALL.-The War is still on.-San Francisco Call and Post.
Telephoning   is   Face-to-
Face Conversation
When a person speaks over the telephone the
tones and accents of the voice are very distinct ;*
each talker recognises instantly the voice of the
other. •
That's what makes Long Distance telephoning so satisfactory. You know whom you are
talking to, you know your message is being received, and you get your answer.
Every telephone is a Long Distance telephone.
British Columbia Telephone Co., Ltd. f
Corporation of the City of Cumberland
Notice of SaW of Lands for Delinquent Taxes in the Munici-
.   pality of the City of Cumberland.
1 HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that, pursuant to the " Municipal
Act, 1914," and amendments thereto, on Wednesday, the
10th day of October, 1917, at the hour of two o'clock in the
afternoon, in the Council Chambers, City Buildings, Cumberland,
B.C., I shall sell at Public Auction the lands and real (property as
hereinafter set forth for the delinquent taxes unpaid for the year
1914, and subsequent taxes in arrears, together with interest, and
the cost of advertising the said sale, if the total amount is not
sooner paid.
Robertson, R. H Lot 3..Blk. E
Union Brewing Co... "   6..   " E
Funk, Mrs. M  "   2..   " F
Magnone, M. Estate. "   6..   " 4
Ramsay, Frank  "   7.. " 14
Ramsay. Frank " J8.. " 14
Gleason, William.... "   3.. " 3
Gleason. William....WJ10.. " 3
Watkins, R, S  "   2.. " 15
Robins, F.W. Sl   3.. " 15
Aida, K  "   3.. " 11
Martin, H., Estate... " 10.. " 16
$ 13.15
$ 30.26
Dated at Cumberland, B.C., this 26th day of September, 1917.
Clerk and Collector for the Corporation of the City of Cumberland,
The Corporation of Cumberland is ready to" receive information
from any source that any person having an interest in any of the
lands advertised herein is entitled to protection under the "War
Relief Act," and amendments thereto. Any person having such
knowledge is requested to communicate in writing with the Clerk
orCollectot, Cumberland, B.C,
"Dog Cages," the Australian soldiers in Egypt call these queer looking contrivances.   As a matter of fact, they are merely samples of wire "sandshoes"
to aid the forces under General Maude and other Brttish commanders in
the negotiation of the deserts in that part of th* world.
The following films are booked
for showing in the near future,
the dates being subject to change.
Flower of Doom, Wedgewood
Nowell and Gypsey Hart, Saturday. September 29th.   >
The Hero of the Hour, Jack
Mullhall, October 6th.
Birth of Patriotism, a five-reel
modern war story,   i
Eternal Love for Saturday,
October 20th., a Butterfly special.
The Phantom's Secret, Mignon
Anderson, and Haywood Mack,
in Butterfly feature.
The Valentine Girl, Marguei ite
Sacrifice, Margaret Illington.
The Primrose Ring, Mae Murray.
The Marcellini Millions, Geo.
The Highway of Hope, House
Peters & Kathlyn Williams.
'  Unconquered, Fannie Ward.
Silent Partner, Blanche Sweet.
Freckles, Louise Huff and Jack
Have your Suits, Silks, and
Household Furnishings Cleaned,
Dyed and Repaired at
1223-1231 Gladstone Avenue. Victoria, B. C.
This is to urge you
that you get your Suits Cleaned, Repaired and • Pressed for
one month. Then form your
own conclusion. If it leads to
better spirits, better health,
continue it. If it does away
with dirt, improves your appearance, continue it. Remember a well-dressed man always
wants the best.
Also you must get your shoes
cleaned; and don't throw vour
tan shoes away because they
are old—have them dyed.
A*k for the Monthly Rates.
Local agents for
The Victoria Hat Works,
Victoria, B.C.
Dear Sir:
I am transmitting to you herewith a copy of an appeal which
has been issued for contributions
for the great work of the British
Red Cross Society on "Our Day,"
Thursday, the 18th of October.
This appeal, which has the approval and support qf Their Majesties the King and Queen and
Her Majesty Queen Alexandra,
is being made simultaneously
throughout the British Empire.
The two former appeals for
the same cause resulted in total
collections in Canada of $1,828,-
008,66 and $1,705,000 in 1915 and
1916. The burden of our offensive on many fronts and the
number of our casualties is so
heavy that there is again urgent
need| of money.
This year the collection through
out Canada is in charge of the
Canadian Red Cross Society
through ils various Provincial
and local branches, but the mon<
ey will be kept apart from the
funds for its own great regular
work, and will te remitted spe&
ially to the Joint War Committee
in London.
I earnestly commend to all the
people of British Columbia the
Empire-wide appeal of the British Red Cross Society for help.
British Columbia has responded
magnificently to every demand
of patriotism since the war began, and I believe can be depended upon to "carry on" until
the victory is won. ,
This request is being mailed to
all Mayors and Reeves in the
Province, to Government Agents
or other officials in unorganized
districts, and to the heads of
public and patriotic associations.
Wherever there are branches
of the Canadian Red Cross So
ciety, they are being asked to
make the collection, and all
those whom this letter reaches
are requested to assist.
At the very many places where
such Red Cross branches do not
exist, those who have been circularized and any others who
can be interested are requested
to take steps immediately by
calling a public neeting or otherwise to assist the cause, and the
following procedure is suggested:
To appoint a strong committee
to take charge, with a Chairman
and an Hon. Secretary-Treasurer
to receive the money in the first
To take all measures possible
to enlist and maintain public
sympathy, and to publish this
circular and the appeal in the local newspapers:
To organize for the collection
of money on October 18th either
by tag days, entertainments, the
soliciting of subscriptions, or by
any combination of these or other methods:
The Canadian Red Cross Society having established   three
district centres covering the
Province, I am advised that the
committees in places north of
53rd parallel should report progress to or ask further information from the Hon. Secretary,
dian Red Cross Society,
Prince Rupert; south of that
parallel, if on the Mainland, from
the Hon. Sectetary of the Society at Vancouver; and if on Vancouver Island or other Islands,
from the Hon. Secretary at Victoria,       v
Similarly, as quickly as possible after October 18th, remittances should be made to the
same Red Cross officers.
Believe me,
Yours very truly,
Lieutenant-Governor British Columbia.
The following is the appeal:
It becomes necessary for the
Order of St. John and the British
Red Cross Society to appeal once
more to the generousty of their
friends and supporters at home
and overseas for funds to carry
otf their work ,of mercy for the
sick and wounded ol His
ty's Forces.
The Joint Committee has decided again to make such an appeal on October eighteenth, and
we earnestly beg your assistance
(in) making it known to the people of the Dominion.
Our Red Cross work is now
costing eight thousand pounds a
day and increases rather than
Our help is given in every
theatre of the war and to troops
from every part of the Empire,
and will have to be continued
for some time, even when victory has been achieved.*
We are deeply grateful for the
munificent help received from
sympathizers in all parts of the
world, and we trust with your
assistance the appeal made on
"Our Day" will meet with a response which will enable us to
continue to do all that is humanly
possible to lessen the sufferings
of those on whose behalf we
plead. MM_~
Their Majesties the King and
Queen and Her Majesty Queen
Alexandra have graciously given
us their patronage and support.
(Signed ARTHUR,
Grand Prior of the Order of St.
John of Jerusalem.
Chairman of the Council of the
British Red Cross Society.
And the Boys around the Monkey's Cage had better keep
out of the way.—New York Tribune.
COAL mining rights of the Dominion,
Manitoba, Saskatshewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and in a portion of the
Province of British Columbia, may be
leased for a term of twenty-one years renewable for a further term of 21 years at
an annual rental of $1 an acre. Not more
than 2,500 acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be made by
the applicant in person to the Agent or
Sub-Agent of the district in which the
rights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must be
described by sections, or legal sub-divisions of sections, and in unsurveyed territory the tract applied for shall be staked
out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied
by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if
the rights applied for are not available,
but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid
on the merchantable output of the mine
at the rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay the royalty
thereon. If the coal mining rights are not
being operated, such returns should be
furnished at least once a year.
The lease will include the coal mining
rights only.
For full information application should
be made to the Secretary of the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.
,       W. W. Cory,
Deputy Minister of the Interior,
N.B.—Unauthorized publication of this
advertisement will not be paid for.
Just received a shipment of
Ladies' Crepe de Chene and Silk
Blouses in exclusive designs.
Colors include dainty shades of
yellow, pink, blue, grey and
salmon pink, etc.
Mrs. Roy Rideout's
Millinery Parlors,
Dunsmuir Ave. Cumberland, B. C.
Mrs. F. Oliver
R.A.M., London, England, and
Conservatoire of Music,Dresden
Teacher of Pianoforte,
Theory, etc.
No. 43, Camp.
Usual Dance tonight in Ilo Ilo
Hall, from 9 to 12.
News has reached London that
fylajor Evelyn Beerbohm, nephew
of the late Sir Beerbohm Tree,
Was killed in action last Wednesday,
Notary Public and General
Royal Exchange Assurance,
London, England.
National Fire of Hartford.
Queen Insurance Company.
Fidelity-Phcenix Fire Insurance
Company of New York.
Providence, Washington. Insur-
. ance Company.
British Empire Underwriters'
Maryland Casualty Company
of Baltimore.
OFFIOE 35       RE8IDEN0E 78
"If there is one mode more
striking than another, for   the
coming winter," says Madame
Pcquin in an  exclusive article
cabled from Paris especially f,or
the October iBsue of  Harper's
Bazar, "it is the use of the dress
with   the   manteau—the   long,
seperate coat of many purposes,
which by its very simplicity carries with it a certain sober distinction significant of the pretty
French phrase, le Manteau Royal.    With rare exceptions this
manteau has replaced the tailored suit.   The great couturiers of
Paris in this have thought? alike,
and have made charming   not
only the manteau itself, but the
frocks to be worn under it,"
' In these days of high prices,
and when clothes especially are so
expensive, it is well to be sure
that the clothes you buy are in
the very latest fashion.      We
have noticed in our office copy
of Harper's Bazar that Miss E.
M. A. Steinmetz, the well-known
American   fashion   artist,   and
Soulie and Erte, the famous Parisian designers, are contributing
their exclusive creations to this
Headquarters for Choice Nursery Stock—all home grown.
Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Small Fruits, •> Roses, etc.,
and in fact all hardy trees- and plants for the Garden.
Largest and best assorted stock in the country. Price list
on application.
A German airman last Tuesday dropped bombs on two hospitals behind the British lines.
Three British nurses and st.me
wounded soldiers were killed.
NO HURRY.    (The British Food Controller hopes to have the priee
of meat reduced by sixpence per pound by Christmas.)    P. C.
Rhondda: "Take vour hand out of lhat old lady's pocket."
The Profiteer:   "What, now?"
P, C. Rhondda: ''Well,—by nextChriatmas.1'—London Opinion T
The North and South Comox
Central Associations held a joint
session at Campbell Itiver Thurs-
dap, Sept. 27th, and decided to
amalgamate. The following officers were elected: D. R. MacDonald, President; Dr. H. P.
Millard, Vice-president; Hugh
Sloan, Secretary, J. N. McLeod.
Treasurer. Delegates from Simoon Sound, 'Green Point Rapids,
Alert Bay, Lund, Heriot Bay,
Salmon River, Cracroft, Quathi-
aski Cove, Bull Point, Read hid.,
Minstrel Isld.j Cumberland, Comox, and Courtenay, weie present, A telegram was read from
H. S. Clements, M.P., who was
unable to intend, us follows:
"Please make it explicit to the
friends at the meeting lhat while
1 support Conservative party policy 1 am the Win-the-War candidate and will support any union
Government formed by Sir R. L.
At midnight the delegates adjourned io the large spacious;
dining room of the Willows Ho-i
tel, and enjoyed a sumptuous re-1
past prepared by the proprietor
of that hostelry. The North and
the South are amalgamated to
elect a Win-the War candidate.
The meeting was very enthusiastic
with H. S. Clements an easy
winner in the event of an election. The convention adjourned
to meel again nt Campbell River
al-J ]). in., on Wednesday, October 10th, when H. S. Clements,
M. P., is expected to be present.
The regular monthly collection
' for the Canadian Red Cross Society was held on Monday, Sept.
24th, 1917, with the following
Dunsmuir Ave...! $ 30.15
Do you realize the Comfort, the Convenience, the Cleanliness, and the Real Economy of
Electricallv heated household appliances?
And. do you know that you can have them
as willing servants to do your bidding, ironing,
cooking, and heating.
Look over the following list of Electrically
heated appliances.
,'       Here are a few of the comfort makers:—
ELECTRIC BOILER, for handy or quick  hot
drinks in the evening.
ELECTRIC PERCOLATOR, you  never  tasted
such good coffee.
ELECTRIC TOASTER, which saves running back
and forth to the kitchen for breakfast toast.
ELECTRIC CHAFING DISH, which makes it so
easy to entertain evening parties.
But anyhow have the "MISSUS" enjoy one
which save so much DRUDGERY.
We will be pleased to give you easy payments
on any of the above appliances. See us about it
Cumberland Electric Lighting
Phone 75 CO., Ltd. p. O. 314
Derwent and Allen
Penrith Ave .-	
Maryport Ave. ....
Windermere Ave.	
Japanese Town, No. 5...
Chinese and Japtown...
Bevan --	
Total $128.55
Hon. Secretary-Treasurer.
The Cumberland Branch of the
Canadian Red Cross Society has
received an urgent appeal from
the Victoria Branch asking them
to set aside a sum of money to
provide Christmas Stockings for
the soldiers. These stockings
are to be filled in London, and in
order to .reach the trenches by
Christmas the'money must leave
Victoria by October 1st. A meet-
ing of the Executive was called
to si e what could be done in tht
matter and it was decided to forward ihe sum of $50.0(1, being
our donation to this fund. This
amount has already been forwarded to Victoria fur this purpose, and in this way Cumber-
lanrl is doing a small part to help
make Christmas brighter for thi
A special mei ling of the Red
Cross Society «ill be held in the
basement of the Presbyteriai'
Church on Saturday afternoon,
Oct., li, tu 3.30 o'clock. TJiii
meeting is calli d to see what cat
be done in the matter of raisinr
money for the British Red Cm-;.
Society, or "Our Day." as it is
called. The day sel apart for
ihis special work is October 18th
and for Iho pasl two years ati
extra i ll'orl has been made to
raise a sum of money t'or thi.-
FOR SALE House and automo
bile. For furl her particulars
apply to Hugh Skan,  Cum
hlu-land, li. I.
On and alter the First day of
October, the price of milk will be
raised to our customers to $!17.rj
per month for one quart per day,
and $1.90 per month for one
pint per day.
TUESDAY, Oct. 23
A Faithful Screen Adaptation of the Sociological Story of
"Damaged Goods" is a Serious and Sincere Presentation in Dramatic Form of a Subject that is of Vital Interest to all Communities.
Prices, including Amusement Tax—25c, 35c. and 50c.
Several consignments of New Fall Millinery have
arrived and will be on view Saturday. Black high-
crown sailor shape in velour and velvet are good
style. Flop shapes, in two toned effect, look very
natty and are right up to the minute. Our showing
in new millinery is very comprehensive, and will
include choice models, at reasonable prices.
Ladies' Coats
A most complete showing of snappy up-to-date coats
have arrived, in smart styles comprizing all the new
belt styles, as well as showing the latest collars,
which are predominant in the up-to-date coats.
New Fall Hosiery
Many new lines have come to hand, included with
our very full stock of Hose, which are marked a
long .way below present day prices:
PENMANS'SILK LISLE HOSE for Ladies, all sizes, 50c. per pair; same
price as they were two years ago.
CIRCLE-BAR HOSE for Ladies and Children will give you good satisfaction.
We can save money for you by inducing you to purchase your Fall stock of hose now, especially considering the prices at which we have marked them.
Children, Girls' and Misses' Rainproof Coats for Fall
A* full line in all sizes of Waterproof Capes for the
girls for school wear.   Prices $2.95 up.
Fall Flanellette Sheets
Colors white, also in grey, full 12-4 size, suitable for
the largest bed.   Our price $2.50 per pair.
Men's New Suits for Fall
A large consignment of men's suits have just arrived from Coppley Noyes & Randall, makers of the
high class clothes. Every suit has that cut and
style to it that at once makes it an attractive and
desirable garment to wear.
La Diva and D. & A. Corsets are our leading line in
popular priced corsets. You will see them advertised in most of the papers, and compare our prices
when you will find them no more and in some cases
less than the catalogue prices. For front laced corsets the Gossard still leads the way and is the best.
Phone 3-8
3E3 K
Merchant Tailors
The Latest in Ladies' and Gents' Tailoring
Dyeing, Pressing and Repairing executed to your entire satisfaction.
Phone 5-5
Opposite Postoffice, Cumberland, B.C.
P. O. Box 350


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