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Largest Circulation in the Comox District.
VOL. IV., No. 49
Subscription price, $1.50 per yew
Say* Real Came of the Trouble
wat Attempt to Force U.M.W
of A. on Itland Minen.
Victoria, Feb. 16--Today was
the field day in tbA Legislative
Assembly on the ir ,uslr al struggle on Vancouver Island. It was
not the first occasion on which
the unsettled labor conditions in
the coal mining districts have
formed the topic of dicussion in
the legislature, but the labor difficulties in that section have never
before occupied the attention of
the members throughout an entire
session. The end of the present
debate is not yet in sight, for
Parker Williams who followed the
Premier in continuance of the
discussion on the motion of no
confidence in the government
still held the floor at 6 o'clock,
when acting on the suggestion of
the Premier the member for
Newcastle moved the adjournment of the debate.
Nothing could have been more
striking i han the contrast in the
attitude assumed by the two
speakers towards the whole problem. Sir Richard • McBride, in a
closely reasoned speech took up
seratim the points raised by the
member for Nanain • last Fr d ty.
The Premier dealt with the subject with a full appreciation of
the issues involved. In direct
opposition to this view was the
speech of the member for Newcastle who approached the subject flippantly, interleaving his
recriminations of those in authority with cynical touches which
were obviously uttered with the
intention|of raising a smile among
his hearers.
The Premietv who spoke for
more than an hour and a half,
devoted a considerable part of his
speech to showing that the real
cause of the industrial disturbances was not the report of the
gas committee as has been alleged by the apponents of the
government, but a'determination
of the United Mine Workers of
America to control the labor
situation in the coal mining
districts of the Island. The
Premier was careful to point out
that he had no quarrel with any
labor organization, but he taunt
ed the member for Newcastle
and his followers for refusing to
come out manfully with the
statement as to the real cause of
the disturbance, preferring to
draw a herring across the .trail
. in the shape of the alleged short
comings of the government.
Continuing his speech the Premier said: "Who is there in B.C.
who proposes to follow the honorable member for Nanaimo in
his charges against the government who will not conclude with
me that there is no man in the
province who knows better than
he does that there is little or
nothing in them, either against
the Department of Mines or myself as Prime Minister. The whole
case of my honorable friend is
destroyed at once by references
to his very strong remarks favoring the recognition of the United
Mine Workers of America, assuming control of the mine
workers on Vancouver Island. Of
course his reason for the strike
as given to the House was because
the Department of Mines would
not investigate a certain charge
of discrimination which was submitted some months ago by
members of certain organizations,
The honorable member for Na-
na'mo proceeded to argue that
workers of Vancouver Island
would be foolish indeed if they
attempted to set up a local organization in place of the all powerful United Mine Workers. We
know perfectly well that this is
at the bottom of the trouble, but
ifso happens that those who were
in-charge of the propaganda on
the island right frorn the start
felt that perhaps they might get
a better footing if they could
throw the blame on some individuals and preferably on the government. They have worked up
their case studiously and it is one
which unless investigated, would
appeal to many, but upon being
carefully looked  into one can
quickly absolve this government
from any blame in the matter
and as quickly place it where it
rightly belongs and expose to the
country and Canada as a whole
that they themselve are responsible for the situation that exists
Proceeding to discuss the relation of the United Mine Workers
to the strike situation the Premier
pointed out that tbe organization
had taken the stand it had because it was felt to be a strong
one. well knowing that to come
out definitely and acknowledge its
true attitude which amounted to
that of a dictorship would be
rather an extreme step to take
all at once. Reverting to the
strike situation the Premier reiterated his statement that the
whole difficulty had arisen because it was proposed that the
United Mine Workers should be in
control of the coal mines of Vancouver Island and followed up
by quoting extracts from astate-
ment made by Mr, Farrington,
one of the principsl officials of the
United Mine Workers organization. He showed from the statements of Mr. Farrington that it
was the object of the organization
to obtain control of the coal mines
on Vancouver Island because
whenthat|was accomplished the
organization would be in a position of entire control in the coal
fields of the Pacific Coast. I have
sat silently for months and listened tb the reports of riot and disorder in the strike zone andhear
myself accused on many handsof
being rtsponsible for this condition, but I can stand in my place
today and look into the countenances of my friends from Nanaimo and Newcastle and claim that
I have done more by a thousand
times than either of them for the
workers of the country. I do not
claim any recognition, for that I
have never sought it. I can leave
that with the people. In answering the charge of Mr. Place regarding the, gas committee the
Premier said'that a request was
made that steps should be taken
to hold an enquiry regarding the
discharge of Mottishaw and Por-
trey but that no specific charge
was made in the matter, and to
this day no specified charge has
been made. He proceeded to
quote from a report by Mr. Motti'
shaw to the effect that No. 2
mine at Extension was not in a
dangerous condition at the time
the agitation about the gas committee orginated. He regarded
it as rather a peculiar thing that
the report which was supposed to
be fundamental in the support of
the trouble did not state that the
mine was in unsafe condition.
My friend from Newcastle has
not been behind hand in this
matter and I have read his
speeches on the subject. He tries
his best by all the the ingenuity
he can command to show that
this government and this government alone, is at the bottom of
the whole trouble, when he knows
perfectly well, because he can be
fair minded if he wants to, that
what was behind the difficulty
was the proposal to establish the
United Mine Workers of America
on the Island.
Before Jas. Abrams S.M.
Matilda Hudleson, laid an in.
formation against Harvey Smith
charging him with striking her
in the face. Smith pleaded guilty and paid a fine of $10 and
costs for the offence.
Albert Thomas of Fanny Bay
appeared before his worship,
charged with stealing a watch
chain and a one dollar bill from
Robin Kerr, The accused pleaded guilty and was sentenced to
two months imprisonment at
Nanaimo, with hard labor.
The residents of West Cumberland held an enjoyable basket
social at the club hall on Wednesday evening. Fifteen baskets were put up for auction with
prices varying from #1.25 to
The members of Holy Trinity
Guild will hold a Bazaar and
Cinderella Dance in the
Cumberland Hall on Shrove
Tuesday Feb. 24 th,
Wanted a good, reliable, experienced girl for general house
work. A good home to right
person. Apply at the residence
Dr. Geo. K. MacNaughton.
For Sale Cheap—A five room
cottage, on Penrith Avenue.—
apply P. Acton, Ideal Store.
Those wishing to go up for
the next exam for mining officials in May will do well to start
in on Monday night, with the
new mining course which will
commence then at the night
school, held in the Cumberland
public school at 7 p.m.
The many friends of Mr. Thos.
Mordy will be pleased to learn
that he has sufficiently recovered
to resume his duties at the night
Get your suits ready for the
15th anniversery of the Cumberland Volunteer Firemen's masquerade ball, which will be held
in the Cumberland Hall on St.
Patrick's Day, 17th March. This
is going to be no ordinary masquerade, so the chief informed us.
Every member of the fire department is working to make it th*;
one big success of the year. The
firemen have had no failures as
entertainments and certainly do
not intend to fall short on the
17th of March.
The Cumberland Conservative
Association will hold their regular bi-monthly meeting in the
Oddfellows' hall on Tuesday
evening the 24th of February.
A Conservative Association
was organized at West Cumberland during the present week
with John Gillespie as president
The efforts put forward by the
Naramata Bible Class of St'
George Presbytnrian Church
secured a large audience on Thursday evening, when they gave an
entertainment entitled "An Old
Time Ladies Aid Meeting at
Mohawk Crossroads." The
ladies who took part in the program were dressed in the style
and fashion of the mid Victorian
period, giving a good appearance
and playing their part with good
results. The crowded church
appreciated the entertainment
by continuous applause.
The citizens of this city received the sad news of the death of
Andrew McKnight who died at
San Diego California, on the 14th
inst. The deceased gentleman
was at one time master mechanic for the Wellington Colliery
Company. Later he became
manager of the Cumberland and
Union Water Works Company.
Upon leaving this city he accepted a position as master mechanic
at Briftania mines and remained
there until he went to California
for the benefit of his health. The
late. Andrew McKnight was an
esteemed resident of this city
for many years. He stood out
aB a man among men and played
a|prominent part in the public
affairs of this district.
The remains have been shipped
to Victoria where the funeral
will take place on Monday at 2
o'clock in the afternoon.
Mr. R. A. Bainbridge provincial engineer of the E. & N.
Railway reports that steel has
been laid as far as Rosewell Creek
twenty five miles north of
McBride Junction and only
twenty miles from Courtenay
which has been selected as a
divisional point and a temporary
northern terminal.
The Crown Theatre will give
two shows at Bevan every Thun -
day evening. The first show
commences at 6-30 p.m. sharp.
Second show at 8 p.m.
The Western Fuel Company at
Nanaimo are now loading steamers with a carrying capacity of
5,000 ton- without the U. M, W.
of A', securing recognition.
Mr. J. R. Lockard, general
manager for the Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) Ltd accompanied by Mrs. Lockard left by
auto on Friday morning for
Harvey's famous orchestra of
Nanaimo consisting of 14 pieces
wil give a concert in the Court'n-
ay Opera House on Tuesday
evening February 24th, after the
concert a dance. On Wednesday
evening Professor Harvey will
give a concert in the Cumberland
Hall, general admisson 50 cents
Dance Gentlemen $1.00 Ladies
free. Harvey's orchestra will undoubtedly draw a large audi 3 nee
It is only on rare ocassions that
the citizens of this city have the
privilege of hearing such music.
Miss Jean Patterson will sing at
the above concert.
A class in "First Aid" work
under the auspices of St. John's
Ambulance Association will be
organized in the public school
building on Wednesday evening
the 25th inst. at 8 o'clock. All desirous of attending such class are
requested to be present at this
A very pretty wedding was
celebrated at Holy Trinity Church
Cumberland, on Tuesday noon
where Mr. Hugh Brennan, of tlu1
electrical staff of the Canadian
Collieries was united in marriage
to Miss Florence Williams of
Brandon. Tho Rev. Franklin-
Watson officiated. The bride
looked charming in a dress of
old rose silk with bridal vale,
attended by Miss Eva Baldwin
as brides maid who was dressed
in a blue silk. The besttnan
was Mr. Alfred Jones. The
wedding breakfast wes served a',
the home of Mr. Edward Baldwin
West Cumberland. A reception
was held later in the day which
was largely attended. The
presen's were" numerous and
Hancock, Mich., Feb. 12-"We
cannot recognize the Western
Federation of Miners because it
is socialistic in its aims and tendencies and because it is made up
in this district largely of Socialists" said A. F. Rees, counsel for
the mining companies at the Congressional strike enquiry today.
The statement in explanation of
a question asked by a witness to
which A. W. Kerr, of council for
the copper mine owners, objected
on the ground that it was part of
an effort to show that the strike
was "fostered and  fathered by I program by mere men.   "Thora'
red socialism." The same question
asked of another witness yest^
day aroused similiar objections.
The Gleemen Gave Firtt Gait
Mutical Entertainment
on Monday
The concert given by the Gleemen in thc Cumberland -Hall last
Monday evening was something
out of the ordinary line. Cumberland audiences are not accustomed to being entertained for a
wholeevening by gentlemen alone
but those present seemed to thoroughly enjoy the novel experience. Every number on the program was excellent. Indeed we
thought some of the chorus work
hardly received the appreciation
it merited, The excellent blending and shading of tone gave
evidence of long careful and
very capable training.
The opening number of tho
program, Mr. Edwards' piano
selection, "Zampa", deserved a
better placed instrument and a
hall with better acoustic properties. In fact, all the numbers
suffered from the very bad acoustic qualities of the hall. When
will Cumberland citizens have
the enterprise to erect a hal
which will be worthy of an incor-
porated city, ar.d give some encouragement to musical development? "Soldiers Chorous" by
the Gleemen was good, and later
on in the evening would certainly have received an encore, but
the audience seemed hardly ready
yet to set their approval to a
You are cordially  invited to
attend service in Grace Methodist Chcrch to-morrow at 11 a.m.
and 7 p.m..
Morning subject, ' The Great
Residue." Evening subject,
"A Seer's Vision of Sin"
Below were men and horses pierced with
And slowly quickening into lower lortns;
By shards and scurr ol salt, and scum of
Old plash of rains and refuse patched
with moss.
Sunday School and Bible Class
at 2 p. m. Strangers warmly
B.C. Freeman, pastor.
The dance under the auspices
of The Bevan Athletic Association held last Monday evening was
successful from every point of
view. The committee wish to
thank all those who helped to
make the dance a success. Mr Mc
Millan and Miss M. Mc Kenzie
kindly assisted the local musicians during the evening.
Dr. Montgomery returned from
Vancouver on Tuesday last ac-
oempanied by Mrs. Montgomery.
The Star of Poland, the four-
masted bark which for the past
week or so has been loading coal
at the wharves of the Western
Fuel Company, was towed out of
the habor yesterday afternoon en
route for San Francisco. She left
with a full cargo. When she was
berthed the orders were for 4000
tons. When she sailed yesterday
affterndon she carried a cargo of
over 5100 tons.
While her port of destination is
San Francisco, the coal is not for
distribution there. She is chartered by a big fish and packing company, and the various tugs employed in the operations of the
company coal from her at tho
Golden Gate, thc coal being discharged direct from the bark to
the tugs. After coaling these
tugs the Star of Poland, with the
residue of her cargo and a consignment of stores, will sail for
the company's packing plants on
the Alaskan coast.
There are other three Ijarks
similarly employed and the Western Fuel Co. has also secured
orders to load these.
Day old chicks, White Leghorn
hatchers from March to May.
Hatching eggs for sale.
Skinner & Blackborn,
Nanaimo B.C,
New Westminster, Feb 19
Arthur Jordan of Nanaimo secretary of the Nanaimo branch of
the United Mine Workers Df
America was found guilty on
charges of riot and unlawful
assembly, by a jury in the special
assize court here to-day.
Sentence was reserved  by his
lordship Mr. Justice Morrison.
by Mr. A. Odgers, is an old favorite. The quartette, "Annie
Laurie", completely diss:pated
the lingering remains of uncre-
tainty, bringing a well deserved
encore, and from that time on
recall followed recall in enthusiastic appreciation.
Mr. J. H. MacMillan's violin
solos, needless to say, were
warmly encored, as they well
deserved. But what had happened to the vaunted masculine
superiorority? Miss Frame was
at the piano to occompany him.
With all our vaunted talent, Miss
Frame's place as a [sympathtic
accompaniest is hard to fill.
The part song, "In Absence", ,
by the Gleemen, well deserved
the encore it received. Mr. Hugh
Brennan, seemed to be in one of
tbe happiest of his happy
moods and with his humorous
song and step dancing carried
away the house. The very next
day "all the bells were ringing",
and there seemed to be a premonitory happiness in his manner that evening, that quite
captivated tho audience. We
wish them much happiness for
aye. and may life always prove
to be a step-dance if the right
kind.   It is a two-step now.
Mr. Jones' solo, "Come Into
The Garden," was an old favorite well rendered. The part song
'.Alice Where Art Thou," with
the huming accompaniment was
a pleasing variety and Mr. Ram-
sell made one of thc hits of the
evenilv? in his humerous song,
"Tho Skippers of St. Ives."
The enooi',5 was well merited, for
he gave expression to the sentiment of his song with much
feeling. We dare* say no more.
The quartette "The CatastrapW
was well done and convulsed tbe
house. "The Soldier's Farewejfe*'
by tho Gleemen closed the programed left every one wishing
lonjr life and success to the Cumberland Gleemen.
The attendance and temperature of the room were not all that
might have been desired. THE ISLANDER, CUMBERLAND. R.C
Ward, Lock ft Co., Limited, London, Melbourne and Toronto
Soral ts Lady
had  Intro-,
Au hour later, Saluzo was waiting
at Bordleigh Junction for the eleven
o'clock train to London.   And while lot September
I her? Yet
! duced Mrs.
'.ton: .
I Perhaps the man was only playing
| a (-ante with him? If so, it should'
i prove an expensive one for the pseudo |
: haronet. Yet Saluzo refused to bo-1
I lieve in the Impostor thsory, although'
j so far everything pointed to It, espee- j
I ially the faet that Hetherlngton want-
j od Hetherlngtcn's past unravelled; for]
-. what reason but to enable hlm the bot-1
! tor to play his part?
| Saluzo rattled the dominoes on the!
table and puffed huge clouds of smoke ]
from his pipe.
His client might be impersonating
Soral and Soral   the   baronet?     Fori
without  doubt  Oscar  Soral  had  left|'
Albert Hall Mansions on the morning
with luggage nppar-
¥Over shoes
Robbers and
Over-Stockings in One.
F.i«j tg pat on tuft ukn off. i:t w«U
-l«j'iw«tt-Wair**lL AU slits to
women tud child » n.
Uut thim ind frctact :vault ud
l^faml:j bom winter Uln.
CiaiClen CamoMiled Bibber Be.
llaHct Moiiire 1
All Dealers
ho waited he studied an open time-[ently belonging to Sir George Hoth
table.   Aftor the month ot August, thei Ington  and  lie had travelled  up  1o|
b.lin was tho Inst .rain which passed Bordleigh Junction, anl thee he had
thrWlgh the Junetlon. disappeared.   For tbo man who  had;
When lie reached London, he stop- arrived at Cranhy Hall hore the ex-:
ped the nigh: ut tbe station Hotel.) aot description ot the man Saluzo had I
Within tho next twolve hours be had|met at the Carlton Hotel, nut there
managed to trace the cab which bad was a third person to he considered;
brought sir George Hetherlngton and be whom tbe station-master had sworn
his baggage to Paddington at nine to he Sir George Hethe lngton ar.d
O'clock on Ihe morning of September who bad made his appearance at Bora*
C. The cabby had taken up his rare 1 lelgli ai half-past two the same day.
lit Albert Hall Mansions! Probably h« was the nun whom tho
When the dstectlve went back to Al- laborer bad mot on bis way to the
bert Hall  Mansions and  Interviewed farmhouse To. a di'lr.k—the man who
the porter again, ho learnt that it was bad disappeared!
Mr. Soral  who had ganc away that!    At eleven o'clock the restauranl bo-
fame morning, taking   with   him   n gan to fill up and Saluzo prepared
large quantity of luggagi
and not somo dreadful place in South
America and once agal., give up his
life in taking tlio lives of harmless
(To bo Continued)
j Pen Picture of .'ohn Pan. Jones
( John Paul Jones was somethin!
| more than a sea fighter. After his
I great battle be knew brilliant dnys in
Paris, where Queen Mario Antoinette
paid hint attention and invited hlm to
sit beside her at the opera. Al'. the
great ladies ran after him, and qnUe
a few lost their hearts to hlin An
American woman who met him in Paris wrote this account ot him. Ho
is small of stature, well proportioned, soft in his speech, easy in his address, polite in his manners, vastly civil, understands nil the etiquette of a
lady's lollet as |> cetly as he dees
llie mast, sail and rigging of his ship.)
Under nil the appearance or this softness he is held, enterprising, ambitious and active.
All Growing Children
are dependent on nourishment for growth.
Their health as men and women is largely
established in childhood.
If your child is languid, bloodless, tired when rising, with.
cut ambition or rosy checks, Scott's Emulsion ia a wonderful
help.    It possesses nature's grandest body-building fats so
delicately predigested that the blood absorbs its strength
and carries it to every organ and tissue and fibre.
First it increases their appetite, then it adds flesh-strengthens
thc bones  makes them sturdy, active and healthy.
No alcohol or narcotic in Scott's Emulsion, jnst purity and strength.
The porter's description   of   Soral   coincided
more or less with the Bordleigh Jnn
Hon station-master's
go, but as he rose from his seat, l.e
saw the man who had employed him
to discover; bis p'ast enter through the
description    of! swinging doors on Ihe left.     The de*
I teciive sat down, keeping well In the
Silas Saluzo was satisfied. background.      Hetherlngton   wander-
He had really come across a case led slowly up tho centre of the room,
which was going to tax his ingenuity j found a vacant seat at one of the long
to thc utmost. No wonder Sir j tables, and giving his order, rested his
fleorgo Hetherlngton  wanted him  to head between his hands   and   sized
Good Temper?., Turtles
Place a number, of different kinds
and sizes of turtles in a small space
and the forbearanco which is exhibited might well be n lesson to men. Big
and Uttle will craw', about, heedless of
each other's comfort or security from
harm. .'. small painted terrapin, for
Instance, will clamber solid)-/ over the
head of a vlcloua snapper and the
chances ar that the later will merely
duck its lead or move to ono side so
that the claws of IV o forme: will not
Injure lis eyes. There seems at such
times a look of patient resignation or
sullen submission, which would immediately change io savage resentment and fierce attack it a man made
a hundredth pa:' ol tlia commotion
'lliese creatures appear to be able to
distinguish between 'no offense meant'
and Intentional mauling. While Ihey
submit to tho cue! they will light over
tho oilier. If fight has not been pre*
Hnd out bis past!     For It looked as about him In a listless way.     Yet in vi0Univ thrashed out of them
If he had never existed until he had j his eyes there was the expression of
a man who searched fir something be
stepped out ot the 5.30 train on to the
platform of Bordleigh Junction. An
lmposter would scarcely dare place
such a weapon In a detective's hand
as Hetherlngton was placing in Salu-
to's, by asking hlm to unmask bis past
and pay him handsomely for doing so!
Mr. Silas Saluzo sat in a corner of
the Gambrinus In Regent. Street, smoking large quantities of his favorite
tobacco lu a huge Indifferently colored!
meerschaum. The great cosmopolitan restaurant, beloved by the foreigners nnd Bohemians of London was
now eomparatlvv,-1! empty. Bohemia had eaten and was amusing itself—for the hour was between nine
nnd ten o'clock.
In ono corner, a crowd nf men discussed lager beer and politics; nt another marble topped table a couple of
Russians sat playing a harmless game
of draughts. Ily their dress and general appearance they might have been
taken for dangerous Nihilists. One of!
them looked at Salu-zo and nodded. lle|
knew tbem both—members of thc secret police.
Here, an actress out of work smoked a cigarette and told the plot of a
play which was going to set all London on fire to a possible backer: there
A Journalist sipped his balloon of Munich while he .scribbled his copy hot
for tbe press.
Rome ot the wait rt. were rega"dlng
Snltizo with a m'xture of pity and suspicion, for the American wns bit.ily
employed playing dominoes with himself. " '
At seven o'clock he hat", eaten a very
light meal, nnd ever since then ho bad
been trying to decide on his next
move. For tho moment Instinct refused to help him nny further. He
refused to trust roison.
Like all great men, the detective
had his weakness. He hated the obvious, nr it would be equally correct
tn say l.e mistrusted it. To another it.
wonld have been  very  obvious  that
couldn't find. He looked a lonely
man and almost ns if he were weary
of life. It was this expression In his
face which had first attracted Saluzo
ut the Carlton. A man who searched
—for his past.
And Ihero flashed 'through the detective's brain an old French proverb
which like all proverbs he had found
to contain many grains of truth; Cher-
cbez la femme!—Seek for the woman!
There was a girl away on tho Devon
and Somerset moorlands but it was
not on tho door of her house that Saluzo would knock; it was only the future she held In ber clear white hands
and his business wa   the past
Awaiting lib opportunity, he slipped
out of the restaurant ane. took a taxi
cob to Alhert Hall Mansions.
Tho hour was unpardonably lute
but he could always find an excuse.
He rang at the hell of Mrs. Soral's fiat
and when the door was opened be
boldly asked for Sir George Hetherlngton. Tlie servant evinced no surprise.
Sir George was uot at home: lie would
probably bo found at Hie Carlton Hotel.
And madame? Ibe de'.activo asked
tactfully—Was mndaine at home? Before the servar.'. could reply, the drawing room door pened ant'. Carmen
appeared on the threshold.
Who wants mo at this hour?
Saluzo apologized profusely and recalled their meetings at tbe Carlton
Hotel. I wante,'. to see your husband
on business—it was rather important
tl should not have dared to comi
■such an hour-
Carmen smiled easily—a fascinating smile—and held out her hand,
heavy with rings. At present Sir
George i„ putting up at the lintel you
know, she explained in the most natural way. He is one of the most terrible men who changes bis mind and
his residenre with e\ery change of the
weather. But • ime in, Mr. Saluzo;
would you like lo telephone through
to the Carlton?
The  detective    was    flabbergasted
the man who called himself Sir George .„,„„,    ,,„   ,,ow„,i   r*r
Hetherlngton was really and truly Os-ibut not flustered,   lie   followed   Car
ear Soral; tbat he wns using Hether-I men into the room and was quick to
Ington's name, possibly his money. In I appreciate its beauty
Short, a very daring, and for Ihe moment a successful case of impersona
• Supposing Ihis In be the rase, was
Carmen Soral—his wife—In league
with him, or was he also deceiving
A Story of Labouchere •
Labouchere's popularity at Frankfort, according to liis own account as
given in 'The Uf.. of Labouchere,' rested on a very simple basis. Great Britain was represented at the diet hy Sir
Alexander Malet. one of Iho most popular chiefs to bo found in the service.
But I was even more appreciated
than my chief, he would folate, and
this is why: Somelimes there was a
ball at tbe court which we were expected to attend. At. my first ball
supper 1 found myself next to a grandee, gorgeous in star1 and ribbons. Tbe
servant enme lo pour out champagne,
I shook my lead, for 1 detest champagne. The grandee nudged me and
said, let hlm pour it out. This I did.
and be explained to mo that our host
never gave his guests more than one
glass. So you see. if I drink yours I
shall have two. After this I here used
In be nuile a struggle to sit near mc
ul court suppers.
Professor Munstorberg has Invented
a machine whie> indicates whether a
man Is telling the truth or lying. If
it conies into general use diplomacy
wil! havo to be re-established on a
new basis.
Ton can't make very great progress
with your own wort when you give so
much gratuitous oversight lo your
Sonic time ago a notorious character
In the north of lrelanJ was sent to
jail for two months. During the time
of his Incarceration .-, false report got
circulated about tlie village that he
had died in jail.
One dny, after oom'.ug out ot jail the
priest met him In tbe street.
Well, Pat, said the clergyman, I
heard you were dead.
Oh, sure, I heard It myself, replied
Pat, but 1 didn't believe it.
Stopped His Talking
In the memoirs of Li Hung Chan;;
the great Chinese viceroy, commenting oa his visit to Russia, refers to
tlie manner in which the czar and nil
(he high officials appear to be surrounded by wonld be assassins. 1 do
not think I would like Lo exchange positions with the ezar even lo bave the
line czarina as wife and my choice of
the rarest tea. says the statesman. He
adds the following anecdote, which
seems to show that ho wonld have
been quite at home in the atmosphere
of assassination whlcn. he believed to
exist in St. Petersburg! Once in Tientsin a low fellow came into my courtyard and told the banner captain in
charge that he intended taking my
life. He had a long piece of wire and
said he w:ag going to bang me lo my
own gateposts. I had to havo .his
head cut off beforo be would slop talking
Too M uch
Uncle Silas, bow would you lH;e to
be postmaster ot Now York?
Not much.
But it pays a good salary.
But where would I find time to read
all those postal cards?
Perhaps it would be an improvement
upon a self made man if he bad had a
little r.dvice wher he was selecting bis
The person who alwr.ys knows
enough to keep still ought to draw a
salary for it—and he often does.
It makes a lot of us mad when the
reflection is forced upon us that wo
deserve what we get.
Slate of Ohio   cl'.y of Toledo.   1     »
I.ucas County. i
Frank J. Cheney innkcs nalh Hint bo
Is senior partner cf tbe linn of P. J.
Cheney & Co., tlointr business in the City
of Toledo, County and Slate aforesaid,
and Hint said linn will pry Hie sum of
ON10 I HIND liD DOLLARS for each
anil every ease of Catarrh that cannot
he cured l.v ihe uso ot HALL'S
Sworn to boforo mc and silbBci'lbQd
In my presence, this Bill day pf December.   A.D.   1SSG.
(Seal) A.   \V.  OLEASOM.
Notary   Public
Hull's Catarrh euro Is laken Internally and nets directly upon tbo blood
nnd mucous surfaces of tho system.
Sond fnr testimonials   free.
K. J.  CHENEY.  & CO.. Toledo, O.
Sold by all Druggists, '.5c.
Talio Hall's 1'amlly Pills for constipation.
The man who thinks before he
speaks doesn't havo so muc'.- ruminating to do altera ar.'..
Every girl knows where there is
splendid material for s world famous
An optimist Is a person who believes
in himself when nobody la looking
The Modern MiS3
Percy proposed to me las' night. I
bet nobody ever proposed tc you.
Hul I Vou know what happened
:   Percy afterwards?
Naw.     What did?
Ills ma spanked hlm.
And ,i Gocd Hand
A cat may look at ;   king.
But It needn't expect tho king to
Not unless Ibe ( t Is a kilty and
he bed a good    ' .'V -.
The Re.-son
Th-r tay iliat contentment is better
limn great riches. I woade.' who
Knows about it?
Lola of people.
How is fiat?
There are more peoplo who ean
the contentment than   can   get
More Likely
Father is secretly taking boxing lesson i.
What ean l,s object ho?
Maybe bo Intends to be the white
man's hope.
Yes, or ] orhapc he has to Arc the
m Heavy Man
He makes me tired.
He :a always standing on his dig
ii ily.
1 should think he would wear it out
Coild Count It -11 Up
Well, how to you live rnyway?
I have lived on patrimony.
Then, as ver know, on matrimony.
And now I am thinking of trylnf
I havo a good suggestion.
Let me tell you what to do wltb
Go ahead.
Carry It out and shut the door after
Takes a Smart Dress
Vou can't flatter ter.
Why has sbe got too much sense?
No, you haven't go: sense enough.
We are a kng time learning the art
of living and sometimes miss it altogether, hut dying just seems to come
and feminine
luxury. l'vj been out of town, he
said "refusing her otter of cigarettes
and a whisky and soda. I dare suy
you know what 1 wanted to seo Sir
Georgo about?
''armen shook her head and raised
her eyes lo the detective^ lie «*, w™;; ■- ,„„„„;„„„ ,,„„,„„,,„ <,,,,,
Thc departn nt of agriculture is defending the erow as a much abused
and really useful bird—hut not to eat
unless one must.
Especially on Fo-ehead and Chin,
Ashamed to Go Out. Cuticura
Soap and Ointment Cured in
Month and a Half.
MoMllllan St., Oil city. Out.—"My face
ttuit nearly covered with pimples, especially
oti my forehead ami chin, Tho trouble ho*
■an witli pimples und blockheads am] Itioro
visa liiaes I fell aabablod'" i;o out. They
sserolllllo red lumps and 1 lien foslorod and
I squeezed tim matter oul.
"I rubbed on different remedies,	
Balvo and Cream but thoy did no
food. Then I saw tlio advertisement of
Cuticura Soap and Olal meat and rent for a
samplo. I got Itrsnd began usloft thorn and
In a week's timo I nol iced a Change, I usod
I ho samplo of Cuticura Snap and Ointment
snd ono box of Cuticura Ointment from tho
drug storo with tbo Cuticura Soap. In a
month and a half tho pimples and black*
beads were gono anil I am completely cured."
(Signed) MIssLydla Mcllivaln, May 23, '13.
A generation of motborshas found no soap
so well suited for cleansing and purifying tho
skin and hair of infants and children aa
Cuticura Soap. Its absoluto purity and refreshing fragrance alotio aro enough lo
recommend It abovo ordinary skin soaps,
butthcroaroadded tothcsequallllesdclicato
.ret effective pnyilliont. properties, derived
from Cuticura Olnimcot. which reader it
most valuablo In overcoming a tendency to
distressing eruptions and promoting a normal condition of skin and balr health, A
-single cake, of Cuticura Soap and box
of Cuticura Ointment aro often sufficient-
when all dso has railed. Sold by druggists
•nd dealers everywhere. Liberal samplo of
each mailed free, with 32-p. Skin Honk.
Address post-card l'ottnr Drug A. Chcta,
Corp., Dept. P. Boston, U.S.A. '
Achilles defying the lightning Is no-
ed with
his foot
■ jured a mental picture
sitting lonely in the nois.- restaurant,
It seemed Impossible to conceive a
man wbo had married Carmen ever
being lone:y or dull, Saluzo knew hn
would have lo he oi hia guard. Women bad never l.een anything to him.
Ile was cold, fastidious un 1 lie thought
be knew all Iheir Utile ways and
trick .
But this wi.man! She was more
than a woman—and less. She Was
like r. human fliine which if one approached too clcse, would devour and
My husband nnd I have no secrets After Long Practice
from mlo another, Carmen was saying.      fthe hi taking long ehunces.
We keep our own counsel and our own . |,|s tliir<l  wl.".
friends:  we each go our own way Jn      Others all divorced?
the unspeakable Turk puttln.
down on the oil octopus.
Willing to Begin Right
Yes, ma'am
Iluii down to the bakery and bring
me a loaf of brent;.
Gimme a dime?
Shame on yon! You should not ttsl
to be paid lor It
Sbe is
to treat
lie ought to know how
wife by this time.
There Is no poisonous Ingredients In
Hiilloway's Corn Cure, and It can he
used without danger of injury.
Moderately bard work* does not
cause fatigue, says an eastern physl:-
lun. Unfortunately, though, few of ni
get our hard work ln moderation.
'How to Preserve Grapes' Is a pppu-j
lar newspaper subject nowadays, but
camping under tbo vines with a shot-!
gun seems lo be nbout tbo best way.
W.  N.  U. 982
pleasure and hcslmss.
Saluzo nodded. Sir George Is interested In .-. new company I hope lo
float, Hint's nil. I've just beard some
news I am anxious to oiiiuniiinlcntc
to him, We Americans an very Impatient, ns you know
The lelepbrne's at your service.
Thanks —I think I will go straight
hack to Ihe holt 1. Saluzo replied, and
please forglvi mc for rushing lu at
such an hour.
Carmen took his band and held II
perhaps a moment longer than was necessary. How weie you to know the
peculiarities cl our menage? My bus-
bnni never explains; it used lo be so
embarrassing. You see we were married abroad at Madrid, lt was a se- Promising a billion kisses cost
eret marriage because my father, who New York millionaire $115,000. At that
holds n high position In the Spanish he got off cheap. The young woman
Courts, objected to r> y marrying a for- might bave insisted on delivery of tha
cigner.   He  threatened to kill me if'goods.
t -lionhcycfl   bim--I   was   afraid   he .	
! might k'tii Geu.ne, teO  fo directly we     Some nun arc so busy being popular
I were out of tho country, w  called  '.hat they haven't time lo ho honest.
ourselves  Mr. and Mrs. Soral.     We) 	
took this flat ii: that name, intending -
to give  my   father's  1. mpcr  time  to|
| cool down.     It should have cooled by
now, shouldn't i,? she laughed.     And
sn wo have dec d d that there shall
be no more mystery.     Only English
| people nre  so  funny aud  sllcplclouB.
II am afraid they wil! never believe
: that  I nm renlly Lady Hetherlngton,
I was ! oping he would  settle hero
It Is bad luck to
Is that so?
Sure it i:.
Sign there's goin
in tbe family.
to be killed ou F*rl-
to be a funeral
Did Mnme tur:  pale when she heard
the distressing new:;.
Ali . ut one check. ,
In Good Time
Some day (ho human race will fly-
That truth vc can vouchsafe—
If any on., lo left alive
When flying i~ mado sat-.
You ni - .'  ean tell, unless it
scandal, that you oughtn't to.
't wns
Girl baby born
it is longir-d tied.
uitc a tragedy.
in thai  family and'
Minard's Linlimnt' Cures Distemper.
The Tightwad
Mabel is trying lo be economical.
Must be going to marry a poor man.
That .sn't the Uea.
What Is ,t? |
Expects to make a hit with a millionaire.
shod the
had  tin-
W.il.ted to Know
Are Ihero any questions?
wild  eyed speukcr after
ished bis discourse.
I have one, said a man In the aud
What Is it?
Why don't you get i  hair cut?
Tl.e True Co-idltion
1 suppose that you like thoso that
have done r- lot for you.
Oh, yes, but I cr.u't say that I like
Ihem as well as some other lollts.
Why other folks, for Instance?
Thoso 1 think ' may ba able to induce to it a lot more for me.
Mrs. Brown lately awoke to the solemn fact that her young daughter Margaret was giftct'. wit on oversized
Imagination which threatened to run
Into exaggeration, and Ihis might very
easily oversoon develop Into decided
prevarication. And so this enthusiastic disciple ot the new psychology called Margaret to the stand for a hearing.
Margaret, said Ehe, do you remember what happened to those children
in the Bible who told otorlcs—how the
big bears came out of the woods and
ate them all up? She had gono a bit
astray ln her biblical history, but we
will let that rasa.
Oh, yes, mamma, said Margaret,
with goose flesh shi.'crs. I remember. Wasn't It dreadful? And I nm
not going to tell another story as long
as I live, because, mamma, would you
heiieve it, onlf yesterday when 1 was
In the back yard playing, a groat big
black bear came out from under the
currant bushes in the garden and bit
me right on tho knee.
Migrating Birds
During many of the nights In September the Inhabitants of the Island ol
Helgoland nro astir with big lanterns
and a kind of enormous butterfly net,
tho former to attract ai. dazzle the
migrating birds when they come lo
earth to rest, and ihe latter to secure
them. Mr. Seebohm, the great authority on bird migration, states that
ho has known ns many aa 15,000 skylarks to be caught on thc island in a
single night. , The migrating birds are
always interesting lo the ships that
ply across Ihe North sea and the Baltic. In September they settl ■ on yard
arms on deck rather tired, and Ihe
seamen catch llles and collect them
into receptacles for the boiled! of the
Easiest Thing you Know
You simply can't persuada some persons.
Oh,  pshaw!
It'i; a fact.   Some nf
contrariest things alive.
Did you ever try to persuade them
that they are smart and handsome?
Minard's  Liniment Cures  dphtherla.
Tha Practical Pert
He had a scheme to ,.-ake a million,
Then why did you break awa" so
1 wanted to escape before ho wonted
to borrow a dime.
Mlgl-t  Take  it  Literally
Jobn, you shouldn't have told
to drop in any tl.no.
Why not, my dear? He Is nn old
friend. That was no more than simple hospitality.
But he has just bought a new Hying machine.
A Pill for Brain Workers.—The
man who works with his brains Is
more HHbfe to derangement of tho dt-
gestho system than the man who
works wilh his hands, because tho ono
calls upon his nervous energy while ,
the other applies only his muscular
strength. Brain fag begets Irregularities of '-ho stomach and liver, and the
best remedy that, ean bo used Is Perme-
lee's Vegetable, Pillr. They are specially compounded fjr such cases and
al. those who use them can certify
tn their superior poTer.
On Trust
I Irnrt that I am a person of IntelU-
Ah, I =ce! .
See what?
What an elevating thing faith must
Not for Himself Alone
Had you any leap year p:*oposa's?
Can't say that I havo.
You'ro slow.
My auto lis.   receives a couple.
Ailments such 113 constipation, colic, colds, vomiting, etc., seize children ot all agei and the mother should
be on her gua'd against these troublei
-hy keeping a box of Baby's Own Tablets In the hous?. If any of these
tro.ihlcs come on suddenly the Tablet*
will eyre them, or If tho HUle one li
given an occaslcral dose of the Tablets he will escape theso troubles.
Tne Tablet! are sold by medicine dealers or by mall at 25c u box from The
nr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
His Butlnei.5 to Hide Them
The court appeart to be prejudiced
against my client, exclained the lawyer vlth some heat.
In whnt particular, may I ask? Inquired tbe Judge, looking over h'a
Oh: It is plali enough, replied tbo
agitated counsel. Didn't you sny just
n liniment ago that yon wanted to get
:.t the facts In tha case?
I hear you are going to get an auto.
That's the talk.
How ea:'. you afford It.'
Family has agreed to go  without
butter for i week.
Philadelphia repcrts a woman who
has worked for Hie same family sixty
three years. A 'model housekeeper'
perhaps, but whnt monotony.
The failure of Ihe oyster trust Is announced, thero having beon, it seems,
n littlo too much water in tho stock.
In Ihe concert, of nntlor In this hemisphere Uncle SiAi wants it understood
lhat he (irpoppoBe: lo ppluy Iho Iiubs
Tlie keynote, of character Is some
times unduly 'lnphaslzed b> the overtone of conceit. .
The Pnnama Canal was a nightmare
to the French, a plensant dream to the
Americans mul shortly a pleasing
reality for all ihe work!.
Motion pictures ure soon to .form an
liltr.ieliou on !',o liner., c: one transatlantic steamship company. Tho traveler lo Europe Is made more, nnd
more to feel thai ho Is still on Broadway.
Sometimes we can't even enjoy the
pleat-Ant lempo.T.tu.'o ot the honst. because we are thinking whal a lot of
luxury our coal dealer Is able to pup
It Isn't nice to be suspicions, but
how about the persons who excite the
When a gi.l learns how to make
fudge she thinks that the whole range
of culinary attainments aic.hers.
The devil is often blacker than he ;s
painted, especially when he palnta red.
Maybe thc  ocean  greyhounds will
eome day wear Iceberg fenders.
la the lookinfj-glass a woman often ices wrinkles, hollow circles under eyes,
. "crow's feet,"—all because she did not turn to the right remedy when worn
down with those troubles which are distinctly feminine. Backache, headache*
pains, latitude, nervousness and drains upon vitality—bring untold suffering
to womanhood and the face shows it. The nervous system and the entire
womanly make-up feels the tonic cltect of
It allays aad subdues nervool excitability. Irritability, nervous txhssution, and
other distressing symptom, commonly attendant upon functional'lid organic,
diseases ef ths feminine organs. It induce! refreshing sleep snd relieves
mental anxiety and despondency. Known everywhere snd tor over 40 years.
ss the standard remedy for the diseases of women. Your dealer in medicines
sells it in liquid or sugar-coated tablet form; or you can send 60 one-cent
stamps for a trial box of Dr. Pierce's Favorita Prescription tablets. Adores*
Dr. It. V. Plerc:, Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Isitltuta, Buffslo, N. Y.
W. CLARK, M'f>.
Full flavored  and
perfectly cooked
make   delicious
I Mm. Wlnslow's BooTnnvo Svace has beta
■ud ior over SIXTY YEARS by MILLIONS ol
iiiiniKus for ineir chu.diikn wiliut
fsWrillNO. wilh P8RFSCT SUCCESS. It
Sfnvi'llKS the CHILD. SOFTENS lhe OUMB,
Is] tlie best remedy (or DIAKKHU'.A. It Is nt*
ssltit-.1v nannies.. Be sure and ask for "Mrs.
Winslow's soothing Svrii**," and take so cltsf
kind.  '1'weuty-hv-cents st*uttl&,
Something better than  linen snd t>li
laundry bills.   Wash It with   soap   sn
water.    All stores or direct.   State style
snd size.   I-'or "5c. we will mall you.
•I Frsser Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
uMire no rirttg.   '"""" '    M.jjg.
HE?.-!1! out P* soair'auN Dows'or'uuT I ui SLuar
02S&JZ? aiomt, BUDDia, MtlVOUI DIISUIsS,
wine lor sar FRKI boob, tub wost instructivb
icrlrforvoutOWmJMMai. Dm taw
.'RIB. No-folia* aTSrtului. Di LtCuS
ivn riKMsii
Patent Your Idea*—N > delny and we
wiil sell tt for you if the idea 1ms merit. Send sketch for freo report. Information on outputs Hnd list of inventions
wanted mailed free.-J. A. MAC-
MURTRY & CO., Patent Attorneys, 1S4
Bay Street, Toronto, Canada.
We fey Highest Values
Write for Price Lista
■    Jnd Shipping Ta£>
Thins! and /■bferaffafetflNNIPEO, Canada
No Pretence
lie 60pms to be a very modest man.
You might bo with him for a moit
intl not Know he wna worth a million.
But If you taw his bank account
Then you would ltnow for sii.) he
She scents to bo able to look so
?ery young.
Well, I think sho ought to.
You llo?
Sho has heen working at It so long.
A noted Knglish surgeon has dis-
Covered that cancer Is sometimes
caused by con! used for fuel. He might
discover with some more observation
that apoplexy is sometime; duo to the
coal hill.
A Chicago boy run away from home
to escape being shampooed daily. He
probably thought It wout.t bo useless
to apply to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, seeing that
lt Is composed of grown people.
None but '■» Expert
Ilo you think a fellow could borrow
s ten spot from niche?
Well, Ihe man who can ought to be
•bio to get a hundred thousand out
ot Rockefeller,
Can't be Done
I havo met the champion pessimist.
As how'.'
He says that women will wear uglier
nats next Benson than they are wearing now.
^PI'LLS ,,
to       'rpHT'S ■DlSi-*c,...ll1
D|abetes e*
SOc. ■ box or six boxes tor s.2.50
a. all dealtra, or The Oodds Medicine Company, Limited Toronto.
Canada,   f
m oypinL
Ninety Sixth Year the Best in its
The 96th annual report of the Bank
of Montreal Is the best ever Issued by
Canada's oldest and best known bank,
The net profits for the year amount to
$2,048,000 as compared with $2,518,000
for the previous year, being at the rate
of 10.66 per cent, compared with 16.21
per cent for 191J. An examination of
tbe report shows tbe bank to be In a
particularly healthy condition. The
Capital stock of the bank Is now U0.
000,000, while the Rest Account Is also $10,000,000. During the year, dividend disbnratmenU; amounted to
$1,920,000, being made up of four quarterly dividends at the rate of 2H per
cent, and two bonuses each ot 1 pet-
cent. Altogether the bank has $3,-
451.000 available fo. distribution,
which is r.iade up of net profits for
the year of $2,618,000 and a balance
carried forward from ihe previous of
$802,000. Dividend disbursements
absorbed $1,920,000 and hank premises account $485,000, leaving a bal
nnce of profit and loss carried forward
of $1,040,000.
During the year eleven branches
were opened and threo closed, making
a net gain for thc yoar of eight
A further examination of the report
shows that steady and consistent progress was made throughout the year.
The Note Circulation of the hank Is
now slightly over $17,000,000, showing
a tain of almost J1,000,000 over the
returns of the previous year. The
Deposits show a gain during the yenr
of »2.50ft.nnn which must he consld-
ered satisfactory In view of the many
calls for canital made during the past
few months. The hank shows n
healthy Increase In gold nnd silver
coin, but on the other hind, Govern
ment notes nnd other onlnklv avail ihte
assets show a slight /ailing off. The
nronortlon of lloiild assets to the liabilities to the nubile is almost 50 per
cent, which Is sliehtlv less than It wa?
n. year ago, but Is still unusually high.
Current I^oans made throughout the
year nmottn'ted to almost S129.000.000
or $10,000,000 more thnn those mnd':■>
the previous venr. Considering th
many demands made nnon banks during the pent few months bv manufacturers, business men nnd brokers, the
conservative attitude of the Bank of
Montreal In holding current loans tr,
within Ji5.nnn.non of the nrevlo'is
veer's record must he regarded ns satisfactory. The total Assets of the
hnnk now stand at ntmect t14*; 000 flip
as oomnared wllb *l37.nnoono for tbe
nrevlous year. Altogether the showing- mnde'bv the Bank of Mnn-..*e.'il reflects the highest nrnlso on the nre.il-
dent, general manager, nml offlnlnl"
connected wllb It. The pest venr has
heen o somewhat trvlnff one to banks
nnd the fact thst the financial nfnrrn
hns beon wenthered so flu.iensKfolly
nnfl wltb bo HHle Inconvenience to the
nubile Indicates onvefii] nnd consirvn-
tli*** hanking prncllces.
The address nf the pres'dent was a
mnsterlv summary of financial nnd
economic conditions hoth at b ime nnd
abroad. Mr. Meredith reviewed ine
history of tbe hnnk, touch-*,! on 'he
trmlr. npd IndnsMil evnnn*>i-vi if tbe
T*nm|>,lon. referred lo Ibe monetary
slfttfltlnTi abroad ami thro-i-rlion! tr r.ll
maintained a note, of ontt.nlsm. Wblle
ni-vnenHnq- n  pollev of n,in*terv*itlo**l
end cniltion. be evnrepsed   Uie Opinion
thnt Ibe nnmrneroinl onmiirtn-* of Can*
n*1n was fiindnmentnltv sound.
Tn his discussion of Ibe rreneral sir-
notion. H'r. Mere'UMi described tbe
venr 1913 ns a memorable one. 'In
ftrent Britain tbe d<*ninnrts for monev
have been tinusiuillv hpavy with Ibe
result tbst the rates wero bltrher
limn In other years He pointed nut
thnt there were -nunv faniors effecting
tbo nionelnrv situation the most notable being Ibe Balkan War. the world
wide trad** netlvltv, the rise in prices
nf commodities and tbo serious noiifl-
cnl disturbances In France nnd G**r.
manv. Further, tbe derr.ni*. for geld
#u tbe part of several countries pneh
nn Egypt and India, nddoi'. lo the
neuteness of the monetary situation,
Coupled wltb this was a considerable
degree of eop.lnl unrest In Great Brit
aln. 'Another disturbing fe.ctor was
the Mexican situation.
How Much do you Know of Canada
Canadians, as a rule, know too little
of their own country. To know Canuda,
even In a general way, from coast to
coast and from the boundary to the
northern limits of settlement, Is a big
order, but It Is one to which every citizen of this country should apply himself. The study of the Dominion Is
not only Interesting; lt Is decidedly
profitable. It Increases the pride of
tho reader In his own land and lt reveals to him possibilities of which ho
has never dreamed, but which he may
himself realize—If he will.
These remarkt suggested by tho
receipt of a volume entitled 'The Western Provinces of Canada,' whlcb contains as much solid Information concerning the great territory ln which
are Included Manitoba, Saskatchewan,
Alberta and British Columbia, as can
be crowded Into 112 pages of closely
printed matte.. The book contains de-|
tailed Information concerning the pro
This Case Proves That the   Best   snd
Strongest Liniment Ever Mads
Is Nerviline
When lt comes to determining the
real merit or a medicine no weight of
evidence Is more convlncinft than the
straightforward statement ot some reliable and well-known person who has
bten cured. Fer this reason wo print
the verbatim statement of Juan E.
Powell, written from Ills boms In
Carleton. "I am a Urong, powerful
man, six feet tall, and weigh nearly
two hundred. I have been accustomed all my life to lift great weights,
but one day I overdid It, and wrenched my back badly. Every tendon and
muscle was 3oro. To stoop or bend
h "        ■   -    -     -
,              ... , , was agony.   I hid a whole bottle of
vlnces mentioned, covering sue i points \ervilino rubbed on In cue day, and
"" """  '    Proclp.tatlon,   Projlby night I was well again.     I know
as area, climate,
ducts, etc. There are tables showing
the grain production every yenr since
1901, and the average prices of wheat,
oats, barley, and flax for tho last six
years. The plan of Western laud survey Is explained; the homectcad regulations aro Included, and a vast
amount of Information concerning the
raising of live-stock, nnd other branches of diversified farming. A full explanation Is also given of the Canadian Pacific Railway's policy of selling
lands to actual farmers on twenty-
year terms, and assisting with a lonn
for Improvements to the extent of
Tlie book, which Is Illustrated with
twenty photographs and a 13x30 map
of the Western provinces, haB just
been Issued in a second annual edition
of 400,000, of which 200,000 have been
shipped to Great Britain, and another
100.000 will be distributed through tlie
C.P.R. Montreal ofllce. Some idea of
the magnitude of this edition can be
gleaned from the fact that If the pages
were placed end to end in one continuous strip, that strip would reach
2,209 miles—that Is to say, aa far as
from Montreal to Calgary. If the
wholo edition were placed in one pile,
copy upon copy, the total height would
be 6,510 feet—eight and three-quarter
times the height of the Woolworth
Building ln New York, the highest
building in tlie world. Twelve and a
half miles of wiro were required for
stitching the copies together, and two
cars to bring ln the paper, which
weighed some sixty tons.
This book will be sent absolutely
free, postage paid, to any reader of
this paper who will write for It to the
Publicity Branch. Department of Natural Resources, Canadian Pacific Railway, Calgary, Alberta. If you have
friends in other countries whom you
would liko,to Interest In Canada', copies will be sent to them freo upon request to ths above address.
of no liniment possessing one-halt the
penetration ar.il pain-subduing properties of Nervilino. I urge Its use
strongly ns an Invaluable liniment and
household euro for ull minor ailments,
such as strains, sprains, swellings,
neuralgia, sciatica, lumbago, rheumatism, and muscular pain."
No better medbiue for curing pain
was ever put in a holile than Nervilino—rub it on and rub it In -that rubs
out all aches, pains, nnd soreness.
I.nrge family size, EOc. (rial size 25c,
all dealers, or Tho Catarrhozone Co.,
Buffalo, N.Y., and Kingston. Ont.
In his review nf the trade of Canada,
Mr. Meredith wns most optimistie,
pointing out that the export trad*1 Is
now showing a marked advance while
thn Imports are practically stationary,
Indicating thereby that Canada Is paying her hills by tlie exportation of
The aggregate foreign trade nf Canada for the 7 months endlnc Oetnbor
wns »638,OOfl,C0O n« against $680,000 OOfl
for the uflme period a year niro, while
In the snme period tho excess of Imports ovor evnnrts hnvo been cut down
frnm «l90.nnn.ooo to $145000,000, Mr.
Meredith estimated the value of the
debt erons this yenr. at present prices,
at $."00,000,000. He tbep took lift each
nrov'neo bv Itself, showing tbe conditions prevailing In each nnd summarizing tbe trade outlook, closing with the,
following optimistic summary.
Business ns a whole continues
good. Our vast resources bave heen
scarcely scratch *d. Immigration Is
large, railway construction.! active.
new territory and new sourcec of
wealth are being steadily opened up
and the confidence of British and For-
p|»n capitalists in our country Is unabated. A> temporary halt can ouly
refresh Canada for yet greater achievements."
Ralph Perkins, nr artist making o
sketching tour through Rhode island,
chanced one day iiponsa picturesque
old barn, so alluring lo his eye that
he sat down-on a stone wall and Immediately set to'work.
He soon became aware that he had
two spectators In tbe persons of the
farmer nnd his wife, who had come
out to watch hint.
Presently the artist discovered that
he bad lost his rubber eraser, and
wishing to corrc-/ nn crro- in the
sketch, he went to the farmer's
wife and asked her If be might hnve
a pier? or dry bread. Thl.vns Is iinl-
versallv '..nown. makes n good eraser.
The farmer's wife looked at bim with
an eynresslon of pity not unmixed with
Dry bread! she reneated. Well. I
guess yon won't bave to put up wllb
drv bread from me. young man. I
have got sons o mv own out In fhe
world. You come rltrhl. into tbe kitchen with me. end Til rive vou a nice
slice of fresh bread with butter on It.
No. not n word, she continued.-raising
her band fo ward o-f his expostulations. I don' enro bow vou came to
this state, nor nnvthlng about it: all
T know Is vou'ro hungry, and I have
never yet n!1ow**d nnvhody to leave my
house craving food.
Oratory and Seasickness
According to A. C. Benson it was the
habit of tho late Professor gidgwlck,
when crossing the English channel, to
take ills stand in some secluded part
of the vessel and to pour out audibly
and rhetorically his repertory of English verse, accompanying it with a
good deal of emphatic gesticulation. I
believe that the .first experiment was
successful .-.nd that he secured immunity from nausea. But he said the
second time that he tried lt ho was
interrupted by one of tlie officers with
a message from the captain begging
bim to desist on thc ground that some
of tlie lady passengers were frightened by his behaviour, being under the
impression that he was mentally deranged. Ho compiled with the request, and, deprived of its intellectual
prophylactic, his brain succumbed to
physical sensations.
I'd like to journey round the world
And travel too and ft >;
But. thst denied, I'll go to see
The moving picture show.
You tire very young to be a registered pharmacist, said the lady with the
massive jaw. I wish the proprietor to
wait on me and not any young clerk.
Where is your prescription? Inquired the proprl.-tor, coming forward.
I have no prescription. What I
want Is fivv two-cent postage stamps.
Poor Henpeck often makes me laugh.
His no: ve he tries to sing
He calls his wife his belter hair.
Though she's tho v/tioly blame thing.
National Conference Will Discuss Eugenics and  Effects of Heredity
and  Environment
A working plan having as its ultimate purpose tbo buldiug ot a perfect
race of mortals is to be formulated al
tho National Conference on Itaco Betterment to he hold in Battle Creek,
January 8, 9, 10, lt and 12, 1914.
Intermediately the plan contemplates
gradual betterment of living conditions, tlie achiovc:,.er.t of increased
human efficiency; and higher standards of physical and mental development.
For several years increasing interest has been centered upon the problems which .lie Conference has elected to consider. Tito muclwliscussed
eugenics movement is one of tlie channels in which tnis interest litis been
manifested. The well denned femln-j
lnifct movement is another out-cropping of the general groping for new-
race Idealn. These and correlated
topics will be considered a', tlio coming Conference.
The organisation of a national body
lo continue the wcrk Inaugurated by
tlie Conference Itself, will be effected.
This national body, lt is anticipated,
will arrange for annual meetings and
iu a very short Lime will lay the foundation for a world movement for un
'improved race.
Dr, Stephen Sniilh, Vice-President
nf tlie New York Slate Board of Charities, is tho President of tlie National
Conference on Race Betterment. His
advising vice presidents are Prof. Irving Fisher, of Yale; Rev. Newell
Dwlght Hillis, of Brooklyn; Hon. Robert L. Owen, of the United States Senate, and Dr. J. N. llurty. President of
the Indiana State Board ot Health.
The Executive Committee ln addition
to the vice presidents, Includes Right
Hon. Sir Horace Plunkett, formerly
Minister of Agriculture for Ireland;
Dr. J. H. Kellogg, Superintendent of
the Battle Creek Sanitarium, and
member of tlie Michigan Stale Board
of Health; Jacob Biis, social worker
of New York, nnd Judge Ben B. Llnd-
Tlie list of thoie who will take part
in the Conferenc. includes many men
and women of nutional prominence.
During the progress of the Conference there will be a comprehensive
mental and physic: 1 classification of
several hundred school children, which
will tako Into consideration the effect
of heredity and environment upon the
Standards of mental and physical
perfection will be determined and a
general campaign to secure the world
wide adoption of those standards as
a true tost of mankind will be among
the other topics to be considered by
the Conference.
Your Liver
is Clogged up
That's Wliy You're Tired—Out of
Sort!—Haw so Appetite.
will put you rialit
ia s lew days.
Tntf do
tlieir duty.
Bil.oasness, Iniisestion, an] Snd Headache.
Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Pries.
Genuine mu-ibeu Signature
Good Wages
end healthful outdoor work,
spring, summer and fall. Top-
notch men earn $20 a day-
good men $5 and $10—
Running Gaa Tractor*
You can Isiarn at home by mail and
Set practical experience nt our nil
le-year residence school at LnPotte,
also at one of our traveling practice
•chools in your vicinity, write for
Indiana School of Tractioneerinj
415 Pise Lake Ave.     La Porte, ladiaea
Oil for Toothache.—There is no pain
so acute and distressing as toothache.
When you have so unwelcome a visitor apply Dr. Thomas' Ecleetric Oil ac-
cording to directions and you will find
Immediate .elief. It touchcj the nerve
Willi soothing effect "and th pain departs at once. That it will ease toothache is another flue quality of tills Oil,
showing the many t-.ses it has.
pien.lnn the Kiddies
I am so worried.
What's the matter?
I am afraid Ceorgie wil! go skating.
I promised him I'd take him to the
matinee if he would keep off tbe ice.
I did better than that with my boy.
What did you do?
Promised h.'m I wouldn't take hlm
to tho dentist If llo wouldn't go skating.
Interested Visitors
Don't you find It very lonesome In
the city? You 'idn't kn.iw a soul
when yon went there, nnil city folks
are not like villagers. They ar. not
much on dropping In, I havo heard.
No, Indeed, we havo jiany callers.
What, so soon?
Well, you Boe we bought our furnl-
turo and fixings from about a dozen
different Instalment houses.
Some Difference
Y'ou look as happy, as though you
had heen kissed.
Maybe I have.
But there is no man around.
I might havo beeu kissed by a woman.
Not with that effect.
W.  N. U. 082
When lovely woman stoops to jolly
And coaxes mankind for the vote
She doesn't get nenr so much, by trolly
As when she raves and tears his
I.cng Start
Y'ou won. to school with him?
Ho says  hu has  forgotten  nearly
everything ho learned there.
II. didn't havo a lot to forget.
Why so glum?
I have lost my good opinion of myself.
Well, cheer up. Haybo some one
will find li.
Not long ago a cub reporter on one
of the largo dailies was assigned by
the city editor to cover r. meeting of
the board of trustees of a public library.' Bring a itory of about 400
words, said the editor.
At a late hour that night, this story
not being forthcoming, tbe youngster
was sent for. How about flint story
of the board meeting? asked the editor.
It isn't finished yet. ' Yo t told me
to make 400 words of It. So far I
have managed to get only 300.
What did tbo '   -.rd do?
They met. called the roll, nnd adjourned until  Tuesday evening.
I was cured nf Rheumatic Cottt by
I was cured of Acuto Bronchitis by
'     I.T.-COl,.  C.  CREWE  READ.
I was cured of Acute Rheumatism
Marl.hnn,. Ont. C. S. BILLING,
Lalitiflold, Que, Oct. 9, 1907.
Trial by Jury
The establishment of tba trial hy
jury runs back ecu prior to tlie timo
of Alfred tilt (lieul He Is said to
have organised Juries of twelve men
as now iu practice, but even earlier
six Welsh and six Anglo-Saxon freemen acted as a Jury where thero wus
a dispute between Welsh and Saxons.
Official salaries In England may be
much greater than those paid In this
country, but there are not nearly 60
many opportunities over there to make
a littlo on the side.
The federal authorities now waul
to know what I.i 'chocolate.' In some
parts- of the country It Is 10 cents n
cup for a little condensed milk or bogus cream antl some gritty r.nd muddy
Tolerated Him
Who Is that beautiful woman?
That  is Mrs. Jenks,  the great' society leader.
And who is tlie mnn —to spoke to
so condescendingly
^ Oh, that is only the merchant she
owes for her fall outfit.
Life Insurance Go.
Assets      13,100,000.01
Insurance 11,900,000.011
Absolute Security For
Policy Holders
Excelsior Policy Forms Approved by Dominion
Insurance Department
B«sk Frw.    A iiopla
■•at   treatment removed
mm£t*Jom tkia lad v'« b"M
  °'f *ore*, ulcere  ■■£
i"«*i w. win .\?..oi.z*i<.,&:s&
Was It Intentional?
I .'ullove Brown is next door
How dare you'.
Don't you thlnltiuo?
Do I? I live next door to him.
'.bought It for the Occasion
I told the boss what 1 thought of
him this morning.
Did ho fire you?
Not much. You should have heard
the nice things I thought for the occasion.
A.iead rhat Much
I like to pay casli for what I buy!
And I like 'o run a bill.
What is the advantage In that?
Sometimes I can outrtui It.
Shi  Is a terrible flirt.
Who does sbe flirt dlth?
Any ono w-lin will flirt with her.
Who doesn't?
.Sty le—Fit—Durability
the reasons of the
popularity of "Perrin"
At leading dealers,
everywhere.       »>*•
The Easiest Way
You weren't tit tbe party yesterday.
No. It was easier to get sick than I   ,  ,,,,,,„ „,
lo get the price of a new dr.^ss out of 0mics than I could shako a Btlck at.
An Assimilative Affinity
Don't make so ma y enemies,
I don't make enemies.
Ceo whiz, man; you have more i
my husband.
What's Jimmy   iloliir;   round   your
placo so much?
Just writing my autobiography.
His Great Want
Mnn wants hut Utile here below,
A suit of clothes,, a place to eat.
Httt for his bond, shoes for hi:; feet,
Sometimes a ticket for r. show.
And then his life will he complete,
Oil, did I sny a place to cat?
Natural Enquir
He's  ono of our great men.
Which leugue doei lie pitch In?
Nothing to That
How do they like tbe now minister?
line. He ,,Iuys football with tlie
hoys, talks politics to the men and
makes a Good bund 1.   bridge.
But how ubout his sermons'.'
Ob, I don't knoiv Hardly uny of
them *ver heard hlm preach.
Hut I didn't make them, I have
so blamed many friends, and they nil
give mo theirs,
Persistent Asthmf. A meet distressing characteristic of this debllhv
Ung disease, Is the persistence with
which recurring macks como to sap
nwny strength und leave tho ruffcrer
lu u state .1 alirost contlntu.' exhaustion. No wis*!* precaullon enn be taken than that of keeping at hand •
supply of Dr. ,i. I). Kellogg's Asthma
Remedy, ruinous as tbe nnst potent
remedy for eradicating tbo discus*
from .bu tender nir passages,
Quite So
Which do you like better, a motorcar or a good driving horso?
Well, that depM.I" upon which ma*
takes mo out riding tlie oftcuoiL
If we all obeyed the laws probably
tho Counsellors ut law would get such
conduct pronounced criminal.
Women Who Take
this universally popular home
Servla lias Placed an -rdor for 90,000    remedy-*-!; times, when there
medals to be dl. .ributod to the heroes    'curcu'     - ' .
of the late war.    This should'refuto|  is need—arc spared manyhours
all rumors that Servla is financially       - ""   '
exhausted by the struggle.
Afler all It Is wiser to r.iict under
the rose than under suspicious circumstances.
The person who considers his desire suflicient reeson for doing a thing
generally gets to point wbero bis
desire Is entirely Impotent
of unnecessary suffering—
What makes John look bo scared?
He hns just found out Hint It is
leap year.
Tell him to be of goe: cheer, if
some damsel shouhi propose to hlm he
couldn't mako up his mind now until
next year, anyway.
Deep Grief
Why do foil cry
My great aunt has Just died.
Bear up. Maybe Bhe remetnborett
you In her will.
She did. She left me her cut anl
her canary.     Tluit'o why 1 cry.
He mny be called a successful man  to the acre?
who  mokes his  family half ns  well I
satisfied with bin ... lie is with hint
Main Crop
I would like to sell you an cstats
in Mexico.
What will grow on it?
Anything.    -
How many revolutions can you rata*
Bolsl trerrs-hcrc.   I.l boaei, 23 cents.
The Boston Institute of Technology'
has recently received anonymous gifts
of (3,150,000 and none was thrown in
the wastehuskel because it was unsigned.
Money may be tlir- root of all evil
but It Is also the blossoming of much
Happy Is  tiie man  Who can  mnko
capital out of his nwn awkwardness.
Of course it wns 'be otlier boy that
led little Johnnie Into temptation, but
what, mother can't explain 13 how ha
got halterbroke.
Try   Murine  Eye   Remedy
If you hnve Red, Weak, Watery Eyea
or Granulated Eyelids. Doesn't Smart
■—Soothes Eye 'Pain. Druggists Sel
Murine Eye Remedy, Liquid, 25c, 50a.
Murins Eye Salvo in Aseptic Tubes»
25c.   50c.    Eye Hooks  Freo by Ustrnt,
An I» Tame u... In All Irai Mai Net* Oaf*
•lurlsia  Ere  Remedy  Co.,  ChlcaM THE ISLANDER
Published every Saturday at Cumberland, Vancouver Island, B.C., by
Edward W. Bickle, Editor
Subscription: $1.50, payable in advance.   Advertising Rates furnished on application
To Correspondents : The Editor does not hold himseli responsible for views
expressed by correspondents. No letters will be published in the Islander
except over the writer's signature.   The Editor reserves the right to
refuse publication of any letter.
Health Officer's Report
The half-yearly report of Dr. E. R. Hicks, the Medical
HealthOfficer, provides food for much thought and scope for
action of a far-reaching nature, and we hope that it will
share a better fata that has befallen so many of its prede
cessors. The affairs of a community are after all fashioned
upon that of individuals. Individually we are not in the
habit of calling in a physician for the cure of our ailments
and then throwing his prescription into the waste-paper
basket. And why, as a community, should we pigeon-hole
the Health Officer's report, which is, after all, a prescription
to prevent disease-infinitely mdre valuable, as a matter of
fact, than a prescription to cure it, if there is any truth in
the old adage that " prevention is better than cure."
Dr- Hicks deals trenchantly with the question of our
milk supply. We have already dealt editorially with this
matter and we reiterate our previous statement that this
important question is one that demands immediate action;
we believe no stone should be left unturned to ensure a milk
supply that will stand the very highest tests. Our neigh
hours in the Valley-whence the bulk of our milk supply
emanates—have on more than one occasion hinted in the
press that Cumberland milk consumers were being suppliec
from very questionable sources. If there is any real foundation for these assertions we submit for the consideration o:
the city health department the propriety of taking such steps
as will secure a supply of pure milk to the citizens and that
if the milk supply is not what it ought to be purveyors of
unclean and insanitary milk should be prosecuted and
Dr. Hicks next deals with our inadequate garbage system,
His indictment-for it is an indictment-does not make
pleasant reading and should refer to a town of the Middle
Ages rather than to a community existing in these avowedly
hygenic times. The relief for the appalling conditions de&
cribed in the Health Officer's report, is inexpensive and, for
the credit of Cumberland as well as for the health of the
community, we sincerely hope the doctor's strictures will be
productive of a new and better order of things.
The suggestion made by Dr. Hicks are'under advisement
by the Health Committee and we trust they will, in the
public interest, take some decisive step towards giving effect
to the very excellent advice tendered by the doctor,
Canadian Northern Pacific Railway
We have received no report of the proceedings of the
Board of Trade meeting held during the week, but we
understand that yet another deputation is scheduled to wait
upon Sir Richard McBride relative to securing the main line
of the Canadian Northern Pacific Railway through our town
This is good news, for we admire pertinacity. Keep pound,
ing away, good people; it is a winning card. Convince the
government and the railroad authorities that you are in
earnest. It is the only way. We believe the Board of Trade
will achieve success ultimately, and they deserve it, for they
are not overlooking any points in the game. And incidentally this prompts us to ask why the Board of Trade are left
to bear the brunt of this fight ? It is conceded that if the
main line can be secured, it will be one of the greatest boons
which the town can get. Why then does the Council not
take it up, and as though they meant it ? We know that
last year the Council would have looked upon any scheme
having for its motive the " boosting " of the town as being
almost as heinous a'crime as a man dancing or being in love
with his own wife. But surely our new city fathers are not
going on record in this way. Let everybody give the Board
of Trade a helping hand in this matter and boost the scheme
along.   As "Shakespeare" says:-
Get out yourself and boost a bit and jolly folks along,
For knocking never makes a hit when things are breaking wrong.
If you should hear a kicker roar, just bump him off the roost,
And show the folks you're plugging, for your proper name is boost.
m»   JMtAMlKM, ItMtttti JIM), ».t
From Knee to Ankle
(From Vancouver Daily Province)
It has been known, so why disguise the fact, that ladies
have a habit of carrying their purses in their stockings.
According to our information this-is no longer possible and
fashion has decreed that the purse shall now be carried round
the ankle. The stocking was a place of concealment only as
long as it was concealed. Directly it became open to the
public gaze it became transparent and as a hiding place for
purse impossible. A pretty calf skin which contains nothing
is of no-value when payment for goods is being demanded
by a polite saleswoman or a man. If the latter it needed a
certain amount of leisure and grace to expose the purse,
withdraw it from its hiding place and return it whence it
came without being liable to arrest from one of the city
inspectors. In face of one of a similar sex with a natural
sympathy of for what lies beneath the surface, it may not
have been so difficult, but there was always the possibility
that a mere male might pass at the wrong moment and
allow his eyes to linger on the performance. In course of
time, however, the stocking receptable has become more or
less customary and no one evinces the slightest surprise
when a fashionably dressed female suddenly performs
acrobatic contortions on the rear platform of a street car
preparatory to handing the conductor her fare. Thus, and
thus only, has man become aware that woman hath a leg.
Now we understand the leg is to be abandoned and the
ankle is to take its place. As a matter of fact as soon as
the skirt was slit the leg was abandoned. It was exposed
in any case so why seek an excuse for exposure when there
was no necessity? The purse was temporarily relegated to
a handbag, but that, while it held the purse, hid nothing of
importance. The whole art and secret of dressmaking is to
create suspicion. Anything which actually hides is deplorable. Therefore to the real artist the purse of a woman is
something more than a mere receptable for dross. The
artist faces facts and proceeds accordingly. Ladies must
have purses, therefore he is anxious to design something for
which the purse is used as an accentuation. -Henceforth for
the season, at any rate, it is believed that the ankle is to be
the point of emphasis. As it appears from underneath the
skirt it will suddenly sparkle with a flash of a jewelled purse.
The eye will thus be caught at the foot and carried up the
costume. The principal part of the costume will be the
exposure of the stocking—there is no need to say more, in
fact, we dare not.
John Place and Responsibility
(From Nanaimo Daily Herald)
There was one statement in the recent speech of Mr.
John place in the Legislative Assembly dealing with the
strike situation on the Island, which deserves a little atten
tion. Speaking of the troubles in Nanaimo he said they
were insignificant. This is true in a sense. There was no
large distraction of property, and the number of citizens
molested and manhandled was not large. At the same time
it has to be confessed that the city was under mob rule and
that the troubles started in Nanaimo. There were some
disturbances here on the Monday, August 11th, and on the
following day a big mob assembled around No. 1 Shaft in
the afternoon. For something like two hours the officials
who had been at work that day were unable to leave the
shelter of the company's property. Anything might have
happened, and men with any sense of responsibility were
afraid of the consequences. Both Mr. John Place and Mr.
F. H. Shepherd were present at this scene. The latter
endeavored to arrange an armistice and suggested a twenty-
four hours' truce. The first effect of such a trace would
have been to disperse the mob and to afford time for passion
to cool. But the proposal, while acceptable to many of the
men, did not appeal fo Mr. Place. Arrange an armistice, he
advised the men, and you will have the militia here in
twenty-four hours. This killed the proposal. And here is
the point. From No. 1 Shaft marched the men who raided
South Wellington, the scene of the disturbances changing to
Extension the next day. Now it is a fair and reasonable
assumption that had the truce suggested by Mr. Shepherd
been agreed to there would have been no disturbances that
night, and none of the regretable occurrences at Extension
the following day. Mr. Place has been fairly free in placing
the responsibility for the strike and for the disturbances.
What is his own responsibility in the matter? More than
any man he prevented the acceptance of Mr. Shepherd's
suggestion for a truce, and the result was a further outbreak
of violence. ___»__,».___
If the Socialist orator who was pouring out his eloquence
to the trees the other evening will only stay in the tall
timbers he will confer a favor on the community.
Macfarlane Bros.
I " The Square Dealing House "
This is
Our short winter is almost over,
Spring is knocking at the door.
New Gowns are demanded for the
change of season.
We are fully prepared with the
Newest and Choicest Goods
on the Market.
Do you want
Something for
m Call and get a Free Dress Pattern and a Free
Embroidery Pattern.   You may have your
choice of four different patterns.
This is good
For one week only
February 20th to 28th.    All free patterns positively
withdrawn after that date.   We want you
to get yours in time.
Make your selection and do your
spring sewing now.
Macfarlane Bros. Ltd.
"The Comer Store," Cumberland, B.C.
Plimul   0
I ,0. ]<x 1(0
Grown Theatre, Cumberland
Opera House, Courtenay
New Hall, Bevan
Moving Pictures will be shown in the above as follows—'
Every Evening Except Thursday, Cumberland
Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, Courtenay
Thursday, Bevan.
W. WITCHELL, Manager. inr. icmrTR, rmi<rii>»n, r.c.
The Popular Beer
of the day is
Silver Spring
and now on draught at the
New England Hotel
JOSEPH  WALKER  Proprietor.
Lunsmuir Avenue
Try it and be convinced, you will drink no other.
Awarded Four Gold Medals B. C, Agricultural Association 1910 & 1913
for Purity and Quality.
For Sale in Bottles at all Leading Hotels.
Silver Spring Brewery Ltd.
CEALED TENDERS, superscribed
M "Tender Ior Luck-up and Married
Constable's Quarters at Powell River,"
will be received by the Honourable the
Minister ol Public Works up to noon ol
Friday, the 20th day of February, 1914, for
the erection and completion of a lock-up
and married constable's quarters at Powell
River, in the Comox Electoral District.
Plans, specifications, contract, and forms
of tender may be seen on and after the
2nd day of February, 1914, at the office oi
the Provincial Constable at Powell River;
Mr. J. Baird, Government Agent, Cumberland; Mr.Jr-Mahoncy, Government Agent,
Vancouver; or at the Department of Works,
Intending tenderers can obtain one copy
of plans and specifications for the sum of
ten dollars ($10) by applying to the under,
signed, which sum will be refunded on
their return in good order.
Each proposal must be accompanied by
an accepted bank cheque ur certificate of
deposit on a chartered bank of Canada,
made payable to the Honourable Ihe
Minister of Public Works, for a sum equal
to ten per cent, of tender, which shall be
forfeited if the party tendering decline to
enter into contract when called upon to do
so, or if fail to complete the work contracted for. The cheques or certificates
of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will
be returned to them upon the execution
of the contract.
Tenders will not be considered unless
made out on the forms supplied, signed
with the actual signature of the tenderer,
and enclosed in the envelope furnished.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily
Deputy Minister of PublicWorks Engineer,
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B. C.
January 31st, 1914.
Thamas Pearce
Happy Valley
PHONE 1.8*6
Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Repairing a Specialty
West Cumberland
The Wise Real Estate Specialist looks
to the centre where transportation
facilities abound,
5 to 20 Acre Blocks, adjoining
the townsite
$100 an Acre
Easy Terms.
No better proof that what we offer is all I'ijjht than is the fact
lh«t all the buyer* so far are men who Imve lived at Union
Bay for years, who intend waking their home with a good
living in Fruit, Vegetables and Poultry.
Ring up
British Columbia Investments Ltd.
Get one, too. Three hundrod and
forty-five thousand and more Ford
owners are getting maximum service
at minimum cost. No matter for
what purpose you want a car, you
won't go wrong if you huy a Ford.
Get one, too.
Sjx hundred dollars is the new price of the Ford
runabout; the touring car is six fifty; the town car
nine' hundred—all f.o.b. Ford, Ontario (formerly
Walkerville post office),complete with equipment.
Get catalog and particulars from E. C. Emde,
sole agent for Comox District, Cumberland, B.C.
Buy yourself a Home near
No. 8 MINE
Blocks, from one acre to eight acres,
$200 per acre and upwards
Finest Homesites in Comox District
■ Ui
Mrs. John Gillespie
Union Street
Cumberland,!!). C.
The Ideal Store
The first shipment of our spring stock
of shoes have arrived in
Men's Tan and Black Button
Ladies Tan, Gun Metal, and
Navy Blue Suede in
Lace & Button
Watch for our Sa'e of Odds and Ends
after Stock-Taking.
The Ideal Store
Next door to Tarbells.
Capital Paid Up 111,560,000
Roserve Fund $13,000,000
Drafts issued in any currency, payable all over the world
SPECIAL ATTENTION paid to SAVINGS ACCOUNTS and Interest at highest ourrent rates allowed on deposits of *1 and upwards.
D. M. MOERISON, Manager.
E. H. HARDWICKE, Manager.
1914 Patterns just opened out.
A full line of Furniture, House Furnishings, Beds
and Bedding, Stoves and Ranges always on hand
Phone 14
Pendants, Necklaces
Cumberland, B. C.
First Class in every respect. Perfect Cuinine
Headquarters for Tourists and Sportsmen
Wines Liquors and Cigars
John N. McLeod, Proprietor
IVIimi In CiimlieilaiHl main Ilk' I'nlon ymn lit-ailn	
Agents for Pilsener Beer
HEAD OFFICE: 027 Pandora Street, Victoria, B.C.
BRANCH OFFICE, P.O. Box, 434, Cumberland, B.C.
Contracting, etc., Land Clearing, Sawmill Labor Supplied, Logging
Railway and General Contractor. .THE ISEANDEK. CUMBERLAND, B.C.1
;^P  S*   W///M 10 Days FREE-Send No Money
We don't ask yoa to pay u ■ ml until you have used
this wonderful modern light in your own home for ten days, then
vou miy return it at our expense if not perfectly satisfied, We
want you to prove for yourself that it gives five to fifteen times aa
much light as the ordinary oil lamp: beats electric, gasoline or
.acetylene. Lights and is put out just like the old oil lamp;
OItus powerful wli!tell|ht.bUTOBcnmin<<nooa]
Oil (UNMM). ■>•> '"lor. inn-tecr nolM, llmplt,
Clean, won't ciiHtidB.  Ginrmotesd.
$1000.00 Reward
^ who eliom ni u
*• okn refer cuKtomrn. writs qi*
tor our 10 liftj Absolute! j .■"*•<■ Tr!»l rrnp-
oaltlou. Af«.iW Wh,)ie»)<i trluM, and Usra
bo* tu let ONE  FRBK.
to drmnnstreta la tar-
rltor. wharf oil ianpf
ara In uso. I'soorl.uco
unneee-s-rj. Uaar
(tf cuts avererje fl,.
sa'e. a il.j and make
OVUM por month,
sine Iaik.-t el.ered
o.er IS'lO.ua in 6 ->••...
You , -  ~ -    -
MANTLE LAMS'CO.. IIHIaHesWs,. Montreal > Winneaae,
Painters' rr.gedies
Tho painter Hoocklln's wile would
never allow l.er husband to bring u
model to his studio. That is the tragedy ot iny life, suid BoeckllQ, To
create withoir. u model is almost Impossible, while to employ ono would
at onee mean to break with my wife.
Tlio episode is recalled by Dr. Angelo
S. Rnppoport in 'Famous Artists and
Their Models.
Another story is or Lucretla del
Fedo, the cold, tins;, ..lpathetic, exact-
Ing woman who was adored, married
and immortalized by Andrea del Sarto.
She outlived her husband by many
yeats dying nt the age ot eighty-seven
In 1570. Long alter Del Sarto'a death
Jacopo dl Enipolt was one day engaged in copying 'Tho Birth of the Virgin' ln thc- Church ot tlio Annunciation, Florence, when nn old woman on
her way to church stopped to watch
hia work and, pointing to the central
figure ln the painting said: That is
my portrait. At eighty-six she was
proud to proclaim herself tho widow
of tho immortal artist to whom she
had given so little peace when lie was
A Dream Superstition
I heard what was to mo at least a
new piece ot suporstliion the other
day, and when 1 Ihinlt ot the risks
I have run ail these years because 1
did not know ot 't my blood rims cold.
1 met a woman from Virginia lu market, and tho talk falling on dreams I
recalled a most blood curdling nightmare I bad had the niglit before.
I must tell you what I dreamed
last night. 1 said.
Let me ask whether It's a pleasant
or an unpleasant dream'.' said tlie lady
from Virginia.
Decidedly unpleasant.
Then for mercy's sake don't tell It!
said sho. Never tell a had dream on
Saturday, for wc say In Virginia:
Friday night's dream on Saturday
Is sure to come true, no matter how
How Royalty Sleeps
Uneasy lies the head that wears a
crown, says the poet. But the precautions that aro taken to assure undisturbed rest to King George of England must at least bring quiet to his
pillow. The outside of t'lo royal palace is, ot courso guarded by soldiers
and detectives all night, and several
night watchmen pace up and down the
corridors through the hours of tho
night, says the London correspondent
of the New York Sun.
These men are shod ln thick felt
slippers so that their footsteps will
not wako the royal sleeper, and one of
them Is always near the king's room
until his majesty is called by bis valet In the morning.
Every door and window In the palace Is frequently examined, and lt
would be Impossible for any Intruder
In get ln without being discovered.
The king Is ns well protected as the
czar of Russia, wbo lias a guard ot
armed Cocsaks outside or his room,
or the king of Spain, who Is watched
by a squad of specially picked soldiers
Government Helps Prai'l; Farmers
Establish Woodlots
For several years over two and a
half million tree-seedlings and cuttings havo heen distributed annually
to the prairie farmers by tlie Dominion Government Forest Nursery Station at Indian Head. For the lirst
eight months of the present year, almost twelve thousand letters of Inquiry wero received by this Nursery
Station and the demand for seedlings
this year has so taxed the capacity of
th.* Nursery that lt has been found ne*
I cessary to establish a branch nursery
near Saskatoon.
The young trees arc supplied only
to bona tide farm-owners in Manitoba,
Saskatchewan an.'. Alberta, nnd then
only lit small lots, not exceeding live
hundred seedlings ln any one year:
| Applications must be made on suitable
' forms supplied by the Forest Nursery
Statlon. A charge of $1 per hundred
for conifers, such as pine, spruce, and
tamarack, Is made, nd order for less
Began Neal Drink Treatment
On Friday, Back Home on Monday
A man who has tried every way to give up drinking and failed, time
and time again until ho took the Neal Treatment, says: "Long and expensive trips to mineral springs, Turkish baths, medicine and advice
from physicians, all failed to overcome the physical demands of my system tor continued indulgence resulting from my use ot liquor. Acting on
the advice of a friend I began the Neal Treatment on- Friday morning
and was back home the next Monday morning in better mental and physical condition than I had been for over six years, and with a loathing
Instead of the old craving for liquor."
Tlio Neal Treatment consists of a purely vegetable remedy taken internally which leaves no bad after effects. No hypodermic Injections are
employed, and tho patient is restored to perfect health. You can be successfully treated at any of the Neal Institutes In Western Canada!
405 Broadway
3124 Victoria Ave., W.
820 13th Ave., W.,
who keep the keys of all the doors of     ™™ \ '.,™""' »° ?"»' ,0'   f»
Its*, mslnn-s rllt*.|n*r Ilia nlnhr. tM?n 10U  ct *»'•     01'B    sl"-'*ics     •»"•**
Worms feed upon the vitality of children and endanger their lives. A
simple and effective euro Is Mother
Gra1. es' Worm Exterminator.
Curious Fish Spearing
In spite of the march of civilization
there remains much that Is still primitive in Sicily, and a curious sight at
Palermo is to see the fishermen spear
the fish lu the harbor by the aid ot
glaBS bottomed buckets, says the Wide
World Magazine. There are many
corners ot tlie world where llsh are
speared, but perhaps tho use of tlie
glass bottomed bucket ln this connection Is to be seen only at Palermo.
The fi'shermen lean far over the side
of their boats and hold tbo bucket on
the water with one hand, poking their
heads- into lt as if engaged In thc
Halloween game of ducking for apples.
They hold a spear poised In' the free
hand and thus await the arrival of
their victims, who are sighted through
the gluss bottom of the bucket, which
acts :,s a kind of telescope.
Minard's Liniment Curej
Garget   In
His Efforts are Vain
He ts trying hard to marry off that
ngly daughter of his.
Why doesn't he try offering a reward?
Just before he left London for a
well deserved holiday at Dunoon, Harry Lauder was Ulllng us some good
stories In his theatre dressing room.
One of them related to a christening
ceremony that was taking plaoo ln a
church In a mining district. The Infant that was to bo christened was
gloriously arrayed. Among other
things It wore a splendid bonnet,
which, when tho critical moment arrived, tlie mother had some difficulty
in removing.
With the eyes ot the congregation
upon her, the poor mother was greatly
flustered, and her attempt- to hold
the baby and take Its bonnet oft at
tho samo time seemed likely to end In
her dropping the Infant on the floor.
The clergyman turne . rather Impatiently to the father, a tremendously
powerful looking collier wiio was Blol-
ldly watching his wife's struggles.
Can you hold the child? he asked
The big collier turned a disdainful
glance on the minister, rather a diminutive man. Man, I could fling him
over the kirk—an' you tae.
the palace during the night.
The elite were considerably mystified when their washerwoman whirled
by ill a splendid limousine, and not a
little nettled besides.
Since wo do not, as a matter of social usage, pay our laundry bills, how
they demanded with asperity, do you
command such luxuries?
Why, by saving tho soap wrappers,
to be sure! tho washerwoman explained, in tho best of temper.
Clear Inference
Jim told mo a rlproarlng Joke that
was played on some member of your
club last evening.     Were you there?
Yes, I was there! It was an abominable, farfetched-—
O-oh! Jinx did not tell me that you
were tlie man it was on.
Strangeness of the Sex
A voman can become highly excited
over the fact that a bride is starting
out ln married life with machine hemmed napkins.
Weight of Snow.
A cubic foot of newly fallen snow
weighs five and one-halt pounds and
has twelve times the bulk of au equal
weight of water.
The man who lias a bee in Ills bonnet would better get a beehive and
wear a more comfortable head gear.
The world Is always looking for
something to laugh at. That's why lt
notices a lot nf us.
Sudden and extreme changes of
temperature u'e the exciting causes of
many diseases, but more particularly
such ailments as arise trom derangements ot the kidneys.
When the body Is chilled the .pores
of the skin are closed and on the kid*
neys Is suddenly thrown additional
work in an effort to rid the poisons
from the system. It the kidneys are
in healthful, vigorous action the critical timo is passed in safety, but
otherwise tli- blood is poisoned, there
are pains and aches, rheumatism and
lumbago, and sarious disease is a frequent result.
For this reason It Is i.iost Important
that tlu kidneys te kept In perfect
health during seasons of sudden changing temperature by use of such treatment as Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver
PI'ls. Co us do not las,, long when
the kidneys and bowels are kept active In removing tho accumulating
poisons, and serous and painful diseases are avoided by keeping these
eliminating organs in health and vigor.
Winnipeg, Man.    Dee.    10th.—This' |n |ts decoration and refinement the
mngnlflcent hotel was opened for the
reception of guests to-day.
Adjacent to tho ruins or that historic monument 'Old Fort tlar.y' memorable ln tho early history or Canada's
now Western metropolis, has been
erected the Grand Trunk Pacific Hotel,
The Fort Garry, n magnificent edifice,
one of the world's finest hotels, embodying In Its construction the most
advanced scientilic and architectural
Ideals.     Located ln the ver* heart of
Immediately In front ot the foyer of
cheer and comfort provided within Its j tup, ;m\\ room and .nnquet hall Is a
walls—and from which one may enter beautiful loggia formln.; a promenade
the spacious dining and tea rooms, ul- tU(, entire width ot tho building and
bo thc cafe nnj bar. commanding a view of !hc city of Win-
Thc contral feature of the main floor] nlpog.
Is the circular tea room of Impressive:    Tho building as a whole forms a
and I.naiillful Adam design, unbroken'
fine example ot what modern science
can do in the e '.initial.on of fire risk;
every girder, beam and rafter is ol
non-expansive steel, every partition of
tcrra-cotta, every floo, of marble, tile
or cement, and the stairways of Iron.
It Is absolutely fireproof, and while
s, ■„ ..,,..,111 v ..cT^lbv to'iheTailroads'l'1''- °mc0 •,00r and tlie parlors.   It Is: every precaution has been taken to
It is readily aceesslb.e to uie ranroaiis ^^ ^ ^ ^^ ^^ ^.^i ,n8Ure aba0*ut(, prote.tlon t0 „te anu
from the main entrance lobby and Is property, an equal measure of atten-
by column, lofty In height, nnd finely
lighted by broad windows and circular
domed ceillnc-
The Mezzanine gallery Is also a nov
Panada's "greatest  ot   western  cities, pi feature, and Is obtained by tlio Into which all lines of traffic converge,   roduot on of..store:^Wetween
and electric car
Ing theatres, tho great stores and a
'stcne'B throw' fiom the new terminal
BlatiJii of the Grand Trunk Pacific.
Tlm Fort Carry is built of the finest
ot Canadian granite and bluff limestone, In the stylo of the old French
chateau of Normandy and Tpi'ralue.
and rears Its stately heights to fourteen stories.
The kevnoto of The Fort Garry, as
Judged from the design and Interior ar;
rangenients. Is to b. 'honiellko comfort.' From basement to roof every
detail of construction and furnishing
has been worked out in perfect accord
with this one idea and would seem to
assure the 'argest reasuM of personal
enjoyment and restfulncss tn its
guests—a place where com'ort-loving
neople might enjoy lite to the utmost
nnd feel thoroughly at home.
The main ontr: '.ce or tl.'J hotel faces
on Winnipeg's most beautiful thoroughfare',. 'Broadway' and opens upon
an Imposing rotunda whisk suggests'
finished ..nd decorated in white and j tion has been devoted to Its sanita*
delicate shades of col- . It overlooks! tion and the safeguarding ot health,
the entrance lobl y, dining room, cafe'Seventy per c t. of the •:" -ooms arc
and tea room and will be used as gen-| outside rooms, all are lighted and von-
tlonien's writing room. - st commandsI tllated with adequate window areas
a splendid view of those portions of; and each room has Its own private
the house where the most life tccurs, bath. No treatment of the Interior
and yet at tlie same lime affords a1 which effects garishness has been
quiet" sense of retirement. On this [used. The color tones are In perfect
floor is also located tlio ladies' parlor harmony and the furniture has beon
and drawing room and tho executive made to ordo.- from special designs
ollice   of the management. ouch as one would ordinarily find ln
Tlie ball room, banquet hall and foy- private homes of refinement,
er have been located on the seventh! On 3 first floor are the state
lloor. These rooms are of the richest j apartments, consisting of parlor, bed-
of tho public rooms, end have been so; room*: and dining room, beautifully de-
arranged with separat • kitchen ser- ■ corated nnd furnished In the Adam per-
vice, reception and dressing rooms, so led. There aie als four private din-
as to In no wa Interfere With the priv- j |ng rooms on the floor each one ot
leges of ttie guests of the hotel.   The different olze and character, and turn-
The success of western tree-plantiv I
lions depends not so much on the ell-i
malic conditions, a.: is erroneously;
supposed, but rather on the care taken
with tho delicate young seedlings be*
fore and after planting. To show thei
farmers how best lo obtain successful I
rosulls with their plantations nine Inspectors of tree planting are maintain-1
ed by the Dominion Government in
theso proilnces, and several bulletins
bearing on this work havo been Issued I
by the Forestry Branch nl Ottawa, and |
ean be had on application.
The principal trees planted In the
West are ash, maple, coltonwood, willow and Russian poplar, Tiie first
two do well together, und ash especially Is much ln favor with the farmers, h. ring probably the lowest death-
rate of any. Willow and poplar arc
usually supplied as cuttings nnd do
well together. The Russian willow Is
growing In popularity with the farmers on account of its ease of propagation, Its quick-growing qualities, hardiness and freedom from disease. That,
spruce, arch tamarack, aud Scotch
pine will alsr. do well on the prairies
is nt, longer questionable.
The best, results arc In all cases attained by planting tho trees ln the
soring in belts at least, twenty yards
wide on well-prepared soil, such ns
summer-fallow, or garden "innd. the
trees being spaced about four feet
apart and nluited in rows to permit
machine cultivation in order to protect
the soil from weeds and evaporation
until the trees g:'ow large enough for
tlieir branch?;; to meet.
Not Impossible
Herbert Is goin;; to marry that Miss
Is that so?
She's a university girl. Isn't slio?
Yes, but perhaps he can forgive her.
Buy this oven-tested flour
Your oven will certainly pro-.*
duce more bread and better bread
as a result of our oven test.
From each shipment of wheat
delivered at our mills we take a
ten-pound sample. It is ground
into flour.   We bake bread from
PIJD|TVthil! flour- If this bread is high in
• »H 1I >w quality and large in quantity we
X        use the shipment of wheat from
\    which it came.  Otherwise, we sell
\ The baking quality of four
Si)ld under this name is therefore
ai\ exact certainty, Bujr/ and
benSflt! /
\ /
"More Bread and Better/Bread" and
"BetterVastr^Too"       sn
A laborer bad recently taken to soe
ialism. A friend met the man and the
following conversation took place:
Now, Mike, if you hnd two brick
houses, would you he willing to give
me one ot them? asked ills friend.
1 would, said Mike.
And If you had two cows, would you
give mo one?
Hegorra, I would that.
And 11 you had '.wo goats, would
you give nie one ot them? asked
Mike's friend. But '.'.a bad no sooner
put the question than Mike came back
at him witli:
I would not. .You know I have two
He caihe home proudly nnd announced that be had insured his life In her
favor for $20,000.
You nre so kins?,  and thoughtful,
dearest, sho said sweetly, I'll never
say another word about your getting a
Our statesmen, generals and kings,
Like actors, dny and night
Aro striving to make good the things
That their pfesu agents write.
How Is your son coming on at college?
Not at all.
Why, what's the matter?
He won't do anyth'.ng but study.
Tlie agricultural department now
says the crow Is the farmer's friend.
Uml grunted Farmer Whlffletree,
Won't that alter your attitude toward him?
Not at all. I've got lots ot friends
that I'm suspicious ot.
Johnny, you naughty boy, you have
been fighting again nnd lost two of
your tctth.
No, 1 ain't mother. They are In my
I hnto to seem officious, Fred,
that Bill Is no friend , t yours.
You don't mem lt.   Whnt has
been dolug?
He is going roiin:' tolling lies about
Oh, Just* lion!
A •"lam
Is she dramatic?
Woll, sho goes through a hair raising performance every night.
She does? Where?
Iu her bedroom when she disrobes
her head.
A Chicago woman has been awarded
$50,000 and a costly residence by way
of alimony, and a Brooklyn schoolteacher has secured $35,000 for breach
of promise. Will the men never learn
that It pays to be good?
The Limit      x
Why don't you tako Miss Long out
riding any more. Jack?'
Her new automobile coat Is so loud
that they can't hear my horn round tho
banquet room with Its stage and dancing floor, and on account of lis location, will be particularly attraetlv. for
•nncerts and meetings
iahed Jo suit thc needs of the most
fastidious. On each floor there are
parlor suites consisting of two or mora
There Is always a fly In the ointment. For instance, tlie new suffrage
army of women in England is to be
drilled by a man.
Self respect Is a fine thing to have
handy, but nuvtr to give away.
"2 in 1" and "3 in 1"
No other   Waihboarde   have   the
ilnc crimped by 'ne method pecu*
liar to EDDY'S Waihbotrda.
This patented process   eliminate*
the danger   of   torn    llnena—the
abuae et hands—the unpleasantness
of wash-day.
It assures i omfort end economy te
the  greataat    degree.   Inalat    on
ae good aa
Can alwaya make litre cf getting the highest    prtcoe    	
BARLEY and FLAX, by shipping, their car   lot! to   FORT   WILLIAM   ANI
HORT ARTHUR and having them add on commleelon b-
for   WHEAT,   OAT%
Pleases Him
A man may think he runs tlie place,
Its eating and its drinking,
But if a woman Is the boss
She lets him keep on thinking.
The manuscri. ot the original deed
to Manhattan Island has Just been
sold for $1,700, a price which would
astonish the original Indian sellers of
tho island were they alive to remember whut Ihe Dutchmen paid for the
deed originally.
Wonderful Stimulus
How can I ncreare my vocabulary?
How have you been trying?
Reading the dictionary.
Humph! Buy a second hand autoiuo*
Minard's Liniment Cures Colas, Ac.
A few Eskimos subslste?. for ten
years on a desert Island ln tho arctic
and have been discovered safe and
comfortable. Of courso they did not
have the mortgage problem t Increase
their troubles, and this takes away
much ot the remarkablo ln their
The Remedy
I've hnd a lot ot trouble
And worry In my day,
But very 111 tie, I confess,
I couldn't laugh away.
If you will meet It boldly
And do not turn your back.
But laugh at lt, tho chances are
That lt will then laugh back.
This Is, you'll find on trial,
Aa true as true can be
Except with bill collectors,
Tho point they do not see.
Kesolutcly turning their backs on
the disobedient Turk, the powers of
Europe peevishly Inquire of Uncle
Sam why he does not settle this Mexican question it once.
Miller's Worm Powders not only exterminate Intestinal and other worrr.i,
hut they are a remedy for many other
ailments of children. They strengthen the young stomnch against biliousness and ara tonlcal In tlieir effects
whole tho child suffers from Iobs ot
appetite. In feverish conditions they
will bo found useful and thoy will
servo to allay pain and griping In the
stomach, from which children so oltea
I hear the village Is enjoying a boom.
Enjoying lt? lt Is Just reveling la
What are the manifestations?
SI Perkeus is tuttltig a new stoop oa
his house.
She gave me a lock ot her hair lull
Ethel did?
The poor dear girl!
What do you mean by that?
I jaw her yesterday when she wti
shampooing her hair, and alio had
Just ono lock ot It.
Havana tl In a state of Indlgnatloa
over the streeta torn up by contractors
and delayed In repaying. Decidedly
Cuba la becoming more and mor»
Failure,   Cure   In    Every
Treated by Catarrhoaone
W. N.   J. 982
Catarrhozone can't fall to cure
Bronchitis, lt Is so heallnt', soothing
and bnlBamlo that every trace of the
disease flees before lt. When, you Inhale '.'ao pure plneyvapor of Catarrhozone, you send healing medication to
tho spots that are diseased and sore.
Isn't lt rational to apply medicine
where the disease exists? Certainly!
And that's why Catarrhozone Is so
successful; It goes where the trouble
really Ib, gets wher<- a spray ointment
can't penetrate. For the relief and
complete cure ol bronchitis, asthma,
catarrh, throat trouble, we guarantee
Catarrhozone In every case. You don't
take medicine. ~\n don't take drowsy drugs—Just breathe the V.lsumlo
essences of Catarrhozone; lt does the
rcBt Bafely and suHy.
"For thrt years I was seriously
bothered by < bro: ehlal cough. At
night I won't awaken with a dry, irritable teelin- in my throat. 1 couldn't cough up . uythiLg, but very soon
coughed my throat into quite an Inflamed condition. Once I got n Catarrhozone Inhaler I was all right. I
took It to bed, and lt an attack awakened me a few minutes uso of the inhaler gave me relief. Catarrhozone has
cured me and I strongly urge every ms
with a weak throat to use It regula.ly,-
"(Signed)        J. B. REAMER.
Catarrhozone will not disappoint
you. Get the complete $1 outfit It's
guaranteed. Small size 6;n'J trial of
sample size 25c, nt dealers everywhere, or by mall from the Catarrhoz*
one Co., Buffalo, NY., and Kingston
Ont. iV
A Story of the
■^i-r>:-:-*>H-H-H**K-H-:-M**M**i-i-: >
It was very quiet In that Jungle
■long tbe upper reaches of the Orinoco
Charles Goodell, orchid hunter for a
Bib Philadelphia collector, stood on
Ste high back of tho river and looked
longingly up at tho cluster ot mauve
■(bids clinging to thc top of a rotted
fcec trunk that overhung tho river. It
was a lofty tree, and, bowed with disease and age, It bent Its head, decked
. Sjltb tbe dcllcato butterfly blossoms,
•ver thc slothful river that It would
Irldge when lt crashed down in the
hurricane season.
Goodell's Carib Indians had refused
Is climb tbe tree and were now squat-
stag sullenly mound a little Ore on
which a bird wns cooking,
Tbo mauve orchids tempted Goodell
ieyond discretion, lie decided to
■omit Iho tree and secure them him-
■slf, although he knew the risk be ran
to doing se.
If tho tree should fall under bis
Weight he would be flung Into tbe
Hvcr, n prey to the vicious alligators
■ the venomous snakes that abounded.
But tho securing of tbls particular
Specimen would not only be a triumph,
kut It meant a liberal sum of money
■dded to the store be was sating up
for a home nnd tho girl be expected to
■tike his wife on his return.
He bud examined the orchid through
lis flcldglnsses, and he was convinced
that it wns the long lost specimen that
jllr. Clay, bis employer, bad offered
110,000 for. 'i'beru were the delicate
■auv« outer leaves with the hearts of
taming crimson and orange, with marvelous strlplngs of black.
: There were two ways of reaching tbe
native orchids. One was to climb tbe
tree trunk with the risk of weighting
It dewn to destruction wben he reach-
ed the tipper part. Tbls way was hindered by a tangle of great vines that
I must be cut through with a machete
| before Ile could reach tb coveted prize.
Tbe otber way was to climb up th*
I great twisted vine that hung down-
I .ward from tbo very point wbere the
orchids clung to the tree. The viue
I swung almost within hi* reach now,
| and ita lower end touched the surface
[ of the water.
"The twisted Tine," he decided at
llast, nnd, tossing aside bis hat, he
I pulled on heavy gauntlets, saw that bis
| leather puttees covered every exposed
1 portion of his lower limbs and took
| hold of tbe twisted vine.
His Indians gathered around the tree
|wit|| Ibe eager curiosity of children ln
[the performance of bis difficult font
■As bo pulled himself up by the strength
■of Ids massive arms and shoulders bis
■legs and feet wero twined nbout tbe
■thick vine.
Suddenly the Indians uttered shrill
Idles of alarm nnd disappeared in tbe
Goodell, glancing down, snw nothing
i frighten tbem, and, noting that hit
bpeclmens wero safe, went stolidly np
|>n his perilous climb; the vine swayed
now und then under bis weight, but
llts upper tendrils appeared to be firmly
fastened to tbo treo trunk, while Its
loots were strongly intrenched in tbs
■river bottom.
Goodell did not know when he felt
la change in the character of the vine
lap wblcb be was climbing with tbe
prehlds ever growing nearer to bla
Ager touch.
First the twisted vine had been
Isligbtly rough, but Its bark appeared
■to be smooth now, sometimes almost
•slippery to the touch, and once Goodell
[would have sworn that It moved. But
f tt was cold snd clammy. Once his face
[touched It, and be drew back with s
■ feeling of sickening revulsion. Be
I felt faint and dizzy, and he closed bis
When he opened them again lt was
\ to confront ths real horror of the
| situation.
Ho wonder bis Carlbs had Bed ln
Cater (bey wonld eeme bad!,
peering fearfully to gain possession ot
tbo specimen esses because their employer wonld never need them again.
Tbe heavy tine twisted upward to
the orchids now only fifteen feet above
bis head. He looked st them with
starting eyes because swaying above
them was the monstrous, threatening
bead of a boa constrictor whose great
body was twisted around the vine to
which ho clnng.
How his keen eyes had failed to detect tbe body of the great snake as lt
twisted up and around the large trunk
of the giant Tine he never knew.
Death stared him ln the face. If
ho dropped Into the river tbo monster's
tall could catch him ere be fell, and,
falling ln thnt, the deadly water serpents would put him out of existence.
Already the body moved sluggishly,
but his fascinated eyes did not leave
the hideous head among the orchids.
The flat eyes regarded him with cold
hatred; tho ugly mouth grinned.
He heard the distant shouts of his
Indians. Even If they had came to
bim thoy could not help him.
His flrst downward movement would
be the signal for the beginning of the
Ho closed his eyes and prayed. He
thought of his mother snd of Alice
Blnko, the girl he was to marry.
His grip loosened on the twisted
(tine, so dreadfully imbued with life;
his feet slipped.
The vino moved.
no looked up snd saw that the ngly
head was lowered. (
Again bo slipped down and again
the vine moved. i
Cold sweat broke out on his body and
his face dripped. i
Now he bent his body ond looked
down at the tall ot the serpent   III
had loosened from the Tine and was !
moving to and fro like the pendulum j
of n clock. |
Death above and death below! Well,
he would die fighting. i
His hand found his revolver, and
ho wriggled around until he could see
tbe bead again. j
It bad flattened Itself among the ot> |
chlds and was regarding bim coldly
ns before. Ho would wait until lt lifted again, and when Its throat was
presented to view be wonld try to
Mow tbe head off. It would be difficult at that distance with a single
shot, nnd tho death agonies of the reptile might Involve his own death.       !
Goodell closed bis eyes again and
muttered a prayer as tho strongest
men do ln moments of danger. The
hend was lifting again and resumed Its
swaying movement. Higher, higher lt
went, until tho mottled throat was revealed.
The bullet went over Its head. His
arm was unsteady; be must try again.
Again 'e raised tbo automatic revolver,
and again lt sounded on tbe heavy jungle uir. i
Spal! I
Tbe bead of the reptile wagged violently und all outlines were lost as the
bullet found Its mark. The great body
trembled violently, the tall lashed to
and fro, and the vine slipped down*'
word. I
Charles Goodell slipped down, his
eyes ever on tbo borrld specter of the
descending head. I
Once be glanced below a"d saw that
the tall was lashing tho water. Ha
took courage and slipped farther down.
The great body ot tlie dying reptile
came down with bim. i
Three feet n-ovo the river bank he
could stand the horror no longer, nnd
he dropped, clutching nt a young green
Tine that swung harmlessly near.
Tbo green Tine held and broke bis
fall. Ho swung violently to and fro,
nnd when a favorable opportunity presented Itself he loosened bis bold nnd
fell upon the ground close beside bis
heap of specimen cases. Then ho fainted away for tho first time in his adventurous life.
He recovered consciousness slraost
Immediately, for the shots bad brought
back bis frightened Indiuns, and thoy
gathered about bim with scared looks
and pointing fingers.
He took out bis emergency flask and
restored In a measure bis shuttered
nerves, no sent tbem to the river l»
look at tho dead carcass of the boa
constrictor, but always they came back
nnd gazed at him as though upou a
spirit from another world.
Looking at his watch, he found that
three hours hud passed siuco be had
climbed the twisted vine. It had seemed like fifteen minutes. No wonder he
felt like an old man under the consuming fear of those three horrible boars. |
Tho contiuuod wonder of his guides
excited bis Impatience, nnd bo drew
out a pocket mirror and looked at bim*
self. |
His face peered at him pale and haggard. Bis abundant balr was white
as snow. |
Tbe wondering Indians now climbed
the tree without protest, and the mauve
orchids which had blanched Goodell's
hair to obtain were packed away ln
the specimen cases, and tbe Uttle expedition turned down the river.
Many weeks later Charles Goodell
appeared ln Philadelphia and delivered
his consignment of valuable orchids to
bis employer. But the case of mauve
orchids came last j
"How about tbeser demanded Mr.
Clay eagerly. j
"Those," sold Goodell slowly, "art
the price of my nerve and a portion of
my youth. I shall never hunt another
orchid, Mr. Clay. Tbe price of ths
mauve orchids Is 125,000." |
"I will pay It" said the rich man
quickly, "and afterward you may tell
me the reason why yon value them so
Bo Chsrles Goodell told bim the sto-|
ry of the twisted Tins ss 1 hare told It
to vou.
Points at Which It Is the Greatest snd <*e crescent moon hanxs o'er the eleep-
the Leait. tae ,own*
sb—   . ,   .. .   . .,       .       - .u A shred ot cloud cauxM on her lower
What Is the greatest diameter of ths I      cusp.
earth? The form of the earth Is tbat Through filmy mist her tenuous rays come
of a flattened spheroid, greater in dl*
And—   (No rime tor "cusp.:'
start again.)
Have to
Hckly   the   moonUght   shines   upon   the
Dim, like a half wornout electric bulb.
Heaven's eyes are tull ot unshed tears ot
And—  (This Is a fool language anyhow.)
amcter at tho eqnator than at tbo
poles, but this Is modified by tbe accidents of Its surface, so that tbe
diameter varies according to the point
at which lt Is measured. <
It might be expected thst the diameter wonld be greatest If measured
from tbe top of the highest mountain, ^3*1*4 changing moon would fain avoid the
which is Mount Everest ln the HIma- j        task
layas, but unfortunately the point at   .S'^f^'lt'fi^TT T"th' •.
f, ,   .,      .,       , ,a one hides ber face oenind a cloudy mask.
Which tbe dlamoMr would emerge on 1    And- (This Is one of thc delights of bathe otber side of the world is In the j'       ing a poet)
Pacific ocean, where this is more than   _.   _._.. „_.„_,„, .v.,,-.., .,,.„„.,,
_ ..„ . 1 The mnon s aweary or tne ileeus she doth—
7,000 feet deep. j    Weakly ahe shines on heaps of dust and
Professor L. Benkel of Schulpferda I
snys tbe greatest diameter of tbe earth
Is  that  taken from  the summit ot j
Mount Chlmborazo, In Ecuador, 20,130
feet above the sea level. This, bo says, '
And -   (Good night!)
—Ted Robinson In Judge.
emerges at the antipodes on a high
point on tho north coast ot Sumatra.
This diameter Is 7,020.3 miles.
As Chlmborazo Is almost on the eqnator, Its summit Is that point on tbs
earth's surface which Is most distant
from tbe center. There weight Is
feeblest and centrifugal force greatest;
Tbe earth's smallest radius Is that
from thc center to the north pole, but
It is not certain that tbe line through
The Confession.
Ida Black had retired from the most
select colored circles for 11 brief space
on account of a slight difficulty connected wltb a gentleman's poultry
yard. Her mother was being consoled
by a while friend.
"Why, Aunt Esther, I was mighty
sorry to bear about Ida"—
"Marse John, Ida alu't nuvvcr tuk
dem chickens. Ida wouldn't do such a
thing!   Ida wouldn't demeange berse'f
A Small Fortune That Was Restored te
Its Rightful Owners.
1    One winter morning a little boy of
eight or ten years ran into the office of
! the United Charities In New York city
crying bitterly.   Between bis' sobs be
gasped out, "Uncle has stolen mother's
front tooth: please get It back for us."
I    Ills mother, then lying dead at home,
1 was an actress.  In ber youth she bad
: bad a large diamond Inserted In ber
; front tooth, nnd tho advertisement hnd
' proved profitable.
As the years passed misfortune over-'
1 took her; she wns deserted by her bus.
■ band;   the   family   larder   was   often
i empty and the children hungry.  Resolutely she refused to part with the din-
', mond, always telling the children that
i after her death the money it brought
1 would support them for some time.
1    When tho little mother became 111
, wilh tuberculosis the children hushed
her fears about their future with rens
surnncos of the value of tbe Jewel. But
I beforo the funeral a wicked uncle camo
lu the night and [lulled out the tooth.
An oflicer was sent at onco to ttie
nnclo with threats of arrest if rostltu*
' tion was not made at once. The inis-j
; slon was successful, tlie toolb restored,
the diamond taken out, sold und tho
proceeds used for tho children.—Condensed From Survey.
Woman's World
No   Extremt   Gowm   In
Mitt Wilson'i Trousseau.
the poles is tbe smallest diameter, bo-   to rob„ n*b??''?1 hc.3> 'oost-nnd, nny*
' tftl V      tha    l-t!(l     nlllitL-ntiB     lltinsis'l*     n/slls   ss»
cause the south pole Is on a high plateau. It might be found that a line a
little distant from tbe poles, which
would emerge at sea level at each end.
would be even shorter than tbe polar
diameter. Such a line would be found
from a point In tbe Arctic ocean between Spitsbergen and Greenland to a
point just otC the const of the Antarctic
continent ln tbo big bay overlooked by
Mount Erebus, in about 175 to ISO degrees east and 75 to 80 degrees south.
—New York World.
way, the old chickens warn't notbing
't all but feathers when we picked
When Young Walter Scott Was Praised
by Robert Burns,
From the time he was six Walter
Scott read ravenously, and it wns
through bis wide rending that when
only fifteen bo became for a few moments tbo center of a group of learned
men. It was when tbe poet Burns visited Edinburgh and had shown great
Interest In a picture of a soldier lying
dead ln tho snow with a dog keeping
patient watch beside him.
Beneath tbe pleturo were seine beautiful lines, but neither Burns nor any
ot those learned men knew their author until young Walter Scott, who
happened to bo present, whispered
that they were hy Lnngkorne.
Then Burns turned to bim, with
glowing eyes, nnd said, "It is no common course of reading that bas taught
you this," adding to his friends, "Tbls
lad will be heard of yet."
Bow proud the lad felt! Bow wistfully joyful ln tbo warmth of thc great
poet's praise and then how suddenly
forjottcn wben only a few days later
Itobert Burns passed bim in the street
without a glance! Scott's moment of
fame had vanislictL-Ariadne Gilbert
lu St. Nicholas.
hear you fell out with
tho bank.
Jackson—Yes; I lost my balance.—
Philadelphia Press. .;. v
An Old Saw.
The attorney entered tho condemned
man's cell.
"Prepare yourself for somo good
news," he said. "That Is, It you consider lt good news—somo would not.
,Your sentence bas been commuted
from hanging to life imprisonment."
1  The prisoner took it philosophically.
"Well," bo said, "tho old proverb
soys that 'no noose Is good news.'"
This is what caused tbe governor to
reconsider his clemency. — Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
Beys snd Bonfires.
Tbe most fun a boy cau have Is at a
barn fire.
Tho freckled boy says you call tbem
barn Ures because you build tbem near
barns. Boys usually build tbem after
elections in tbe fail, but any time
wben you feel bully Is a good time.
• • • Sticks of wood do not seem so
heavy when you are carrying them to
a bonfire as when you are bringing
tbem In for the hired girl. Splinters
don't hurt so much cither. The freckled boy snys tbe reason is because
you are having fun. Why, he ran a
long sliver under his nail one night at
a bonfire nnd he never noticed It until
school time the next morning. Then It
hurt hlm terribly. He hnd to stay out
of school all day, nnd bo could not do
bis chores. Part of the day be curried
his arm ln a sling.—"Auburn and freckles."
Well Posted.
The various dishes In the Hungarian
restaurant were numbered for tho convenience of tbo waitresses nnd tbo benefit of the patrons. A young couple entered. Tbe orchestra struck up the
"William Tell" overture. Turning to
her escort, the young woman said:
"That's fnmlllnr. Whnt Is It?" The
man glanced up at tho orchestra and
saw (lie number 3 displayed. Then,
witli tlie air ot one who Is accustomed
to cafe life, he looked up number 3 on
tbe bill of fare. "That," bo replied
when he hnd located It, "Is 'Filet MI-
guon,' by Champignons."—Argonaut
"How do yon like your new cook?"
"Very much." replied Mr. Crosslots,
"She is very kind nnd obliging, nnd 1
think that if I get some new talking
machine records and teach ber bow to
run tho automobile she'll stay quite
awhile."—Washington Star.
Best He Could Do.
Student (enduring n face massage)—
Gad, that towel wus bot!
Bnrbor-1'm socy, but I couldn't
hold It any lunger.—Pennsylvania
Punch Bowl.
Can Be Chanced Then.
Mason—Do you think It's unlucky to
have thirteen nt n table?
Brown-Not If the thirteenth Is paying for tbo dinner.—Stray Stories.
The Easiest Way.
An eminent German professor bad
tbe misfortune to die while be was
away on bis holidays. When tho time
came to put up a tablet to his memory
ln tbe little university town where his
life's work had lain this wns tho lino
which tbe mortuary nrtlst carved upon
lt; "Be died during his absence."—New
York Post
Flowers are tbe terrestrial stars that
bring down heaven to earth and carry
up our thoughts from earth to heaven,
the poetry of tbo Creator written ln
beauty and fragrance.
Got Him.
Briggs—Some mighty cheap men ride
In high priced cars.   Griggs-Yes, mine
is a low priced one too.-Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
These hands of mine srs empty, bul
clean-Louis Kossuth.
Stiff Joints.
People who have stiff Joints
resulting from rheumatism, arthritis, etc., should be encouraged lo practice passive use until Ihey can he brought Inlo active service. Mnssugo greatly
helps to restore functions and
hasten absorption nnd elimination of diseased products which
havo been left lu the wake of
rheumatism, etc. It not only
does this, but it gives tone tp the
muscles. Where it Is desired to
employ exercise for the restoration of the function of nn arm,
a huud or a limb n well defined
plan of exercise procedure should
he followed. The exercise treatment of one extremity or Joint
dues not materially differ from
that to be employed ill treating
another. When doing exercise
one should do his best to accomplish something. Where a band
or wrist, for instance, is crippled as the result of arthritis
effort should bo made each day
to make It a little moro useful.
Try to move each Anger Just a
trifle more each day. Uso gripping exercises and note the Increased strength and mobility.
In the beginning these efforts
will present many discouragements, but by persistent application nnd effort better use of
tho part affected will be your
ultimate reward.
Joe Jefferson's Story of tho Man Whs
Helped His Parents.
1    The late Joe Jefferson told this story
ef bis childhood days:   '
"When my parents were traveling In
the west we bad a hurd time to get
; ulong, meeting with bad luck in town
j after town. Finally wo came to a lit-
! tie village in Illinois and prepared to
; givo tho play. However, the people ot
I this town had recently turned against
j the theater, and the license was far
I beyond what we could pay. Wo were
I almost lu despair, for our situation
' was desperate, not enough money to
; give our play in tho towu wbero wo
[ wero and not enough to got to tho next
, town.
j "Finally my father found a young
, lawyer who listened to bis story with
j sympathy and promised to help us.
j Ilo succeeded In getting us a permit to
.play freo of cost. Wo made good
, money thnt night which carried us on
' to the next town in comfort
I "I recently played In tbls same town.
I which Is now tho good sized city of
j Springfield, and I visited the cemetery
j where that young lawyer now lies.
' On the stone whlcb marks bis grave Is
carved the name 'Abraham Lincoln.'"
—Ladles' Home Journal.
Iron That Does Not Rust.
It costs the owners of steel ships
millions of dollars annually io protect their vessels from excessive rusting. Do what they will, the process
of oxidation goes on, and every so
often the metal bulls hare to be treated with anti-corrosives. The same silent process of decay Is going on In
tbe metal work of bridges, of railway
and trolley lines. Tbe inventor wbo
can find a preventive against rust will
save the world almost Incalculable
wealth. And tbe curious tblng Is tbat
onco upon a time the world knew of
such .1 preventive. There is still to be
seen at Delhi, tho new Indian capital.
011 iron monument which, no mutter
what the weather may be, never shows
signs of rust Scientists look that piece
of iron over, but It beeps its secret
well. Yet It tho old Hindu metallurgists could do as much, why not
tho metallurgists ot today?—Itochcsler
Maesulay and Music
Macaulay was entirely Insensible to
the charms ot music. We Una hlm
writing from Windsor castle nu .Ian.
14, 1S31: "At table I w;,s between tho
Duchess of Norfolk nnd a foreign woman who could hardly speak English
Intelligibly. I got on as well as 1 could.
Tho band covered the talk wltb n succession of sonorous tunes. 'The Campbells Are Coming' was one." And Mn-
cuulay'a blugraphcr, Sir Georgo Otto
Trevelyau, supplies the following Instructive footnote: "This Is the only
authentic instance 011 record of Mil-
caiilny's having known one tune frum
another."—London Spectator.
', Ass JBSSttB wir.sox ami HER sisrnns.
Ton itissii" MAnuAiti-T ash  li.i-anoh
Mll:   1:1.1.mv   AT   l.IifcT, illSS  UAUGAnkt
ar niuirr.
Like that of the last While House
bride, Mrs. Nicholas Longworth. nee
Alice Roosevelt the trousseau of .Miss
Jessie Wilson has ull been made ln
this country. Iu democratic simplicity
the present bride ciect has gone the
colonel's daughter one better, for every gowu except the bridal robe has
been selected from ready to wear
stock in tho host shops 0' Washington,
Baltimore nnd New York.
I The lingerie, on the other hand, has
oil been prep°red under the personal
supcrvisiun of Hiss Wilson and her
mother. Furthermore, these dainty
belongings are of exquisitely fine fabrics and entirely handmade ln fact
for several months the bride and her
sisters ha e contributed articles made
by tbelr c.,n fair hands to the "hope"
I Numberless gifts for the trousseau
have been sent to Miss Wilson from
all over tho country. Among them
me several pieces of exquisitely flue
hand embroidered lingerie from Mrs.
Marshall, wife of the vice president,
[with otber articles equally charming
from ladles of the cabinet and from
many of the girls for whom nnd with
;whom Miss Jessie labored In thc settlement work which has always been
the deepest interest iu her life.
I From those who have had an opportunity of seeing some of thc trousseau
it is learned that In frocks and bata
tbe predominating color sebeme Is violet ln Its many pinkish shadings,
i Although the clothes arc nil up to
dote, they nre not extreme In point of
numbers or In style. The wedding
gown is of handsome white satin, soft
nnd lustrous nnd adorned wltb beautiful old family lace.
The bridesmaid gowns are ot pink
chariucusc veiled with chiffon, nnd the
bats are smart littlo affairs of gold
lace with "stlckups" in front of silk
I' lt Is to be a "pink" wedding, and
the decorations In thc east room, where
the ceremony will tako place on Nov.
?D nt 4 In the afternoon, will he ot
pink chrysanthemums of the new
"Jessie Wilson" variety.
Painful Isolation.
To avoid learning had habits Utile
Frank was being reared In tlio most
exclusive manner. The littlo fellow
often became lonely playing by himself. One day bo was enjoying a stolen
Interview over tho back yard fenco
with some oilier boys. "Why don't
you come uud play with us." nsked
" 'Cnuso mamma won't let me associate with other boys," was tlie reply.
"Why, she won't hardly let ine associate with myself."—Llppiueott's.
What Would You Ds If—
1' Bernard Shaw asks 11 male critic of
th" militant movement what he would
do if "a government of women coming
to the conclusion that lie. being a male,
was uot human, refused him tho vote,
excluded him from parliament and
from tbe Jurlo by whom persons of
his sex had to ue tried, turned him out
of court on occasions when questions
most intimately affecting his sex wero
at Issue, wroto up on the walls of tho
churches that a woman's property In-
eluded her ox aud her ass and her hus-
'build and everything lhat wns hers
nud absolutely refused to hu moved
from Ihis ; sltlon by any appeal to
reason or feeling, merely pointing out
superciliously f-oiu time to Cue that
his letters showed tin unbalanced
mind nnd that some of tlie best lucu
had never bad vo'e.i, had avoided serving on juries and had been proud and
glad to wheel perambulators Instead of
tiiiscxlng themselves by pushing lute
women's professions."
"Of course you owe a great deal to
your wife?"
"No doubt of it," replied Mr. Cumrox.
"She always gives soinp of the finest
parties of the season, and if 1 weren't
married to her 1 wouldn't bo Invited to
thuiu."—Washington Star.
Hie Speed Limit
First Fond Mother—My Reginald bas
to have a uew set of school books
every year.
Second Fond Mother-Be should take
Harold for a model. My Harold always stays In thc same books for three
years.- -Now York Post
The Suspender Girt.
j    Ttie shirt waist girl Is now going la
for suspenders, bnt they are n glorified
. version  of  thc  Idea   which  she  has
j slolen from her brother's wardrobe. In
I fact, sn gorgeous nro they that It seems
I s pity that they must be covered hy
the middy blouse which she wears wilh
ber tennis and golfing skirt The sirups
ere of dull gold or silver lace supple*
! menlcd by Jeweled chains that hang
i from each shoulder snd In front fasten
j under n golden horseshoe with a scarab
set center.
Let a mnn hare bnt nn aim, a purpose, nnd opportunities to attain bis
end shall start forth like buds nt tbe
kins ot sprlug.-Blshon .Snaldliia.
[ Too Many Widows.
I     The mothers' pension lew Is not at,
I ways a success, and In some placta
j •—In Seattle, for Instance—It la quite re*
mnrknlite Ihe number of bwhandlesi
women who spp y for aid.   Koine mei
I hnve divorced ns many ns four wives,
I'ii.d all of them tro asking for pen*
Sims,    Many of tlie hnsbiinds  ban
I lone lo Alaska.
■ 1 nft'lBJuAJNUKxt, t.'UaHiKiMxAlNls
New Spiring Goods
At The Big Store
The house cleaning season will be
here very soon, and you will find the
Big Store replete with all the household necessities for such occasions.
Tins weeli we hnve lmd delivered our first consignment <>•
New Madras Muslins
No, I Beautiful design And) Net, ;"i0 inches wide, one of
llie newest.  "Price foe. per yard.
No. 2 Heavy pattern Madras Muslin in vert/ rich design,
48 inches wide. Price oOc. per yard.
No. 3 Madras muslin  in  very dainty pattern, beautiful.
rich quality, 44 inches wide. Price SSejrar yard.
New Tapestry Curtains in shades of crimson
green and gold, rich, heavy designs   /'rice $4.95 ,Mn
Mercerized Tapestry i.y the yard, in green
and crimson, a ver// effectual draping.  Price g5c. -,a"^
Furniture Tapestry in New Colorings, guar-
teed to give splendid satisfaction.   Price JJ 25 Per
v   '        yard
NeW LinoleUmSJin'Widtlisof one yard, two yards
three yards, three and a half yards and four yards, so that
you cm avoid all waste.   We have a very extensive range |
of patterns
We have  received  this  week a very large shipment of
and will be able to supply all  your wants in  this wny.
Especially choice in this respect is oui'-
Leader in Dinner Sets in the New
P«*—:-.~  CU»»» done in white with dull gold and
urecian shape „;m„w 1)Hm]s of- w„rki with |m!f
solid gold handles. This is certainly a set any housewife
might he justly proud of, and one which will add to the
attractiveness.6( iuiy table. There are D" pieces in the
set, and otu'price, to introduce   &.t\n er\ s.
these, will i.e $17.5U per set
Specially Choice Tea Sets
Comprising 42 pieces, in same quality and design ns
above Dinner Hots. These will bn   a — en
offered at   Jfr/.DU  per Set
Wo etxtend  a (Sordini invitation to cull  and inspect our
various lines which, we are assured, will meet with your
The time to buy, Now!
The place to buy,
Simon Leiser & Co.
"The Big Store"
Phone i»
Notice is hereby given that the
reserve, the notice of which
appeared in the B.C. Gazette on
the 27th. of December, 1907 is
cancelled in so far as it relates to
ihe following parcels of land;-
the W. 1-2 of the S.E. 1-4, the S.
W. 1-4 and the S.l-2 of the N.W.
1-4 west of the river in Section 4;
theS.E. 1-4, the S.E. 1-4 of the
S.W. 1-4 and the N.E. 1-4 in Sect-
tion5;S.1.2of the S.E. 1-4 in
Section 8; the S.E. 1 4, the S.W.
1-4 and the E. 1-2 of the N.E. 1-4
in Section 16: and the E. 1-2 of
the S.E' 1-4 and N.l-2 in Section
21, all in Township 3 Sayward
District, and the N.E. 1-4 of the
N.E. 1-4 in Section 32; the N.E.
1-4 of the S.W. 1-4, and the N.
W. 1-4 and N. 1-2 of the N.E. 1-
4 Section 33; the N. 1-2 of the
N. W. 1-4 and the N. 1-2 of the
N. E. 1-4 in Section 34 ; and the
5. 1-2 and N.W. 1-4 of the N.W.
1-4 in Section 35, all in Township
6, Sayward District.
The said lands will be open for
entry by pre-emption on Monday,
the 18th day of May at the hour
of 9 o'clock in the forenoon; all
applications to be made at the
office of the Government Agent,
No Pre-emptior. Record shall include more than 40 acres of land
except in cases where it is desirable to include small fractional
portions of legal Subdivisions;
information in which connection
may be obtained from plans on
view at the above mentioned
R. A. Ren wick
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Lands Department,
Victoria, B, C.
11th February, 1914.
Synopsis ol Coal mining Regulations
COAL milling lights of tlio Dominion
in MisMtohn, SaakatcllssWHll and Alberta.
thn Yukon Tottiioty. the Nfttl Invest Terri
tnries and in a [iiirtion of the Province of
British Columbia, may be leased tor utenu
of twenty-one years at an annual rental nf
81 an acre. Not more than 2,500 acres
will be leased to one applicant.
Application fnr a lease must be made ity
•he applicant iu person to the Agont or sub
Agent of the district in which the rights,
applied for are situated.
in surveyed territory the land must he
described by sect ions. <»r legal sulHlivipiutis
• >f sections, and iu uusurveyed territory
thetrMtapplied for shall be staked out l.>
theapplicaiit himself.
Kiel) application must be aoeoropanied
bvafee of $6 which will be refunded if the
tithtsspplied forare not available, but not
otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the
merchantable output of thc initio at the
rate if live cents per ton.
The person operating the mine f-h:*,lI
furnish ihe Agent with aworn returusao-
counting for the full quantity of uurch-
Bntabte coal mined and p*y the royalty
thereon. if tbe coal mining rights ate
not being operated, such returns ahts.ll be
furnished at Itsast once a year.
The leafc will include the coal minim
rights only, but tbo l>ssee may lie permitted lo purchase whatever available sur
face rights may be considered necessary
forthe workingof iho mine at tho rale of
For full information Ffjljilicatlun should
bo Hindu to the Secretary of the Dep irt*
ment of the litteiiur, Ottawa,   or to  any
Agent or Sub Agint oil).•million LhiuIs.
Deputy Minister of I lie Inlet ior.
N.B- Unauthorised publication of thi.
'idvelti entoot will not 1,, i aid for.
Tenders will be received  by
the undesigned not later than 4
p.m. on the 5th day of March
1914 for the purchase of the half
lot and two story buildingknown
aa The K. Abe & Co. General
Store   situated i on   DuYsmWr
Avenue in the City of CumbelaWd
terms cash.     Highest   or  ahy
tender not necessarily accepted.
Edward W. Bickle
Assignee   •
K. Abe £ Co. Estate
\). f)liilli,j» ijitrvison
ItunistiT. Solicit nr
A Notiiry I'lll.llu
Silk & Fancy Goods
Suitable for Presents
C. Sing Chong
CHINATOWN,   West   Cumberland
Branch Store at Bevan
Thanks the many customers of
Cumberland and district fot
their patronage of dry goods
during his stay at the Union
Hotel, Cumberland.
We now solicit your trying oui
Mail Order Department
whenever in need of
CEALED TENDERS addressed to the
•*-' undersigned, and endorsed "Tender
for Wharf at Nootka Sound, B. C," will
be received at this office until 4.00 p.m.
on Thursday, February 26th, 1914, for
the construction of a Wharf at Nootka
Island, Comox-Atlin District, B.C.
Plans, specifications and form of contract can be seen and forms of tender
obtained at the offices of the District
Engineers at New Westminster, B. C;
Victoria, B.C., antl on application to the
Postmaster at Nootka, B. C.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied, and
signed with their actual signatures, stating their occupations and places of resid
ence. In the case of firms, the actual
signature, the nature of the occupation
and the place of residence of each member
of the firm must be given.
Each tender must be accompanied by
an accepted cheque on a chartered bank,
payable to the order of the Honourable
the Minister of Public Works, equal to
ten per cent. (10 p.c.) of the amount of
the tender, which will be forfeited if the
person tendering decline to enter into a
contract when called upon to do so, or fail
to complete the work contracted for, If
the tender be not accepted the cheque
will be returned.
The Department does not bind itself to
accept the lowest or any tender.
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, January 23, 1914.
Newspapers will not be paid for this
advertisement if they insert it without
authority from the Department.—54447.
The Next and Nearest Property to the Mines,
Sawmills,   and   Absolutely   Inside   Property.
1-4 to 1-2 acre Lots, 60x80by 120
feet deep, $150 to $225 per Lot
Easy terms.    You'll be on Easy Street in buying these.
It's the White Man's City.     We do not sell to Asiatics.
I.i its are selling fast, apply to A. Pailthrope, "The Store," Berwick, or
Harry Idiens
British Columbia Investments Ltd. Cmu[tS^
" The Magnet Cash Store "
Eilumrh W. Itrlih'
sXiiinbrrlanii.il. (C.
or other goods and you will
receive best values and
good service.
Prom Jan. 1st you will
have the January Sale
Prices which are an
additional    advantage
...  to you
Note our only address
Seabrook Young,
623, Johnson St.,
Victoria, B. C.
V. L. Tway
C. H. McMillan
Contractor & Builder
Framing of all kinds, Mill Wrighting,
Installation of Mill Machinery.
c, h. McMillan        v. l.tway
Cumberland, B.C.      Courtenay, B.C.
For Candy, Cigars
Hot Tomales
Fire Insurance
For absolute
protection write
a Policy in the
London & Lancashire Fire Insurance Co. of
L iverpool.
Total Assets
* 2 6,7 8 8,930 00
Wesley Willard
Cumberland, B.C.
and organs
just received another car load (if the celebrated
Gerhard Heintzman Pianos, We ean sell yuu a Piano
tin ensy nioiitlil// payments, Wu Imve several extra
good second hand pianos, that were taken in exchange
fin' new ones, ut prices ranging from $100 arid upwards
B. C.
D0N6 PUN & Qo.
Ladies tt Gentlemen's Fashionable Tailors
Suits Made t<j Measure from $28 to $40
Cleaning,      Pressing      and     Repairing
Household Requisites
Washing Machine, Water Moto-; Baths, $50 reduced to $32.50
Rocking Chairs, Dining Room Chairs, Washstands
at Reduced Prices.
Dunsmuir Avenue. Cumberland, B, e.
i r i ,omiesemmt.mt)imSml


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