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The Islander May 24, 1913

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A splendid assortment ol'
evening waists now on show
Newest designs, at all prices
VOL. IV., No. 8   _f*^»
SATURDAY, MA. 24, 1918
Subscription price, $1.50 per year
John Newton, inspector of
mines, arrived by Sunday's boat.
M. Manson, M. P. P., visited
Cumberland on Saturday in the
interest of the district he represents,
SDavldJ Stephenson, chief constable for the district, returned
by Thursday's boat.
H. H. Hickling, representing
theG. A. Fletcher Music Co., Is
here on his usual monthly visit.
It's time to goa-fishing, A full
line of tackle at Tarbell's Hardware store.
W. L. Coulson, goncral manager of tho Canadian Collieries
(Dunsmuir) Ltd. accompanied by
Mrs. Coulson arrived by automobile on Monday.
Rev. .lames Hood will leave on
Monday for Toronto to attend the
Pic-Assembly Conference. He
will meet C. R. Mills at Vancouver and proceed cast.
C. R. Mills, of the Big Store,
left yesterday morning for Shel-
burne, Ont., on a two month's
vacation. He. will act as a delegate for thc St-iGcorgc's Church
at the Pro-Assembly Conference
to be held in Toronto.
Prelimlnery notice. Holy Trinity Church. A garden party
and sale of useful and fancy
articles will bi! held on Tuesday
June 24th. Re freshmer.ts will be
Thomas A. Spruston, manager
of No. 7 Mine., has just received
a new Mendelrsshon Player Piano
from the Fletcher Music Co.. of
Nanaimo, through Mr. 11. It,
Hickling their representative.
Getting nenr Ily time. Buy
your window screen and doors at
Tarbell's Har dwarc.
The Courtenay property owners held a meeting last week to
consider incorporation, while
several spoke in favour th1
majority were against it. th
vote being 38 against and 11 for
Mr, Harry Miens, manager for
the Uritish Columbia Investments
Ltd., has a gang of fourteen men
and a donkey engine building a
thirty foot road through a quart-
cr of Section 29, commencing at
a point opposite the new Royston
mill property and ending at the
Minto School. This property is
being divided into live and ten
acre blocks for fruit growing ami
poultry raising.
Preparations for
Celebration are Complete
* Special Train from Courtenay to Cumberland—Brilliant Fireworks
Valuable Frizes.
The Sports Committee held al Event 17, Japanese, Quarter Mile
meeting in the Conservative Hall j Prizes: 1st .7.60, 2nd 85. 2-15
on Tuesday evening. The chair-j Event 18, Chinese, Quarter Mile
man, John N. McLeod, in his] Prizes: 1st8*7.50,2nd$5. 2-30
opening remarks pointed out that! Event 19, 200 Yards Race.
there was a little dissatisfaction
among the football players, saying that the prizes offered were
too small to warrant any great
C. II. Tarbell's now hardware
store at Courtenay is Hearing
completion, the painters now
having it in hand. The store is
a large two storey building furnished with up-to-date shelving,
and makes a fine addition to
Courtenay business houses.
The cnlcrprizing citizens of
Courtenay have built a sidewalk
from one end of the main street
to the other. With new buildings
going up in all directions thc
town is booming.
Il is reported lhat an overhead
bridge will be built at the junction of the. Roy and Union Bay
road, thus avoiding the dangerous
crossing at that point.
Wesley Wil lard, Thomas Bannerman, and. Robert Robertson
left by auto on Wednesday afternoon fo. Nanaimo, to attend the
district meeting of the Orange
Lodge. Tho1 party returned by
auto on Thur sday.
A suit is h eing brought before
the United 5 itates Courts attacking the left ality of thc United
Mine Work* rs of America. The
bill declare) the organization to
be a restraint of trade, a trust
and combination, a conspiracy.
The person « mentioned as defendants are PPresident White of the
U. M. W. of A. and fifty others.
Thome is Carlylc was a prophte
—his cl aar vision must have looked down the years to the lord
car as h e wrote: "If I want an
article I ef if be genuine al, whatever the price; if the price be Loo
high for mc 1 will go without it,
unequipped for the present I
■shall not equip myself with
hypocrisy at any rate. . . and-if
tlio pivico. be. low I shall not deem
it eh'Kip - nor shame my purchase
with .shame if it be worthy and
FrfflG. Jarrctt. who recently
sold out. the Patricia Hotel at
Nanaimo, has purchased the
Somerset. Hotel situated about
half a mile north of Wellington
on the Canadian Highway. He
is at present visiting Cumberland
renewing old acquaintances, having been foreman of No. 7 Mine
for a feriod of two years. ' Mr.
Jairett is at present remodelling
aivl renovating the Somerset
throughout and making it a first
class stopping place for automobiles on the way to Nanaimo
and   Victoria.     The   Somerset
New Time Table.
Train Service.
Train leaves Cumberland
Tuesday 5 p.m.
Wednesday  .7 a.m.
Thursday 5 p.m
Friday 7 a. m,
Saturday 5 p,m,
Poat Service
L. Nanaimo    Ar. U, Ray
Tuesday .1-15 p.m 6-30 p.m.
Thursday. 1-15 p.m.....6-30 p.m.
Saturday.1-15 p.m. 6-30 p.m.
Police Court.
On Monday, in the Provincial
Police Court, John Muir and John
Atkins were charged before
Judge Abrams with fighting and
creating a disturbance outside
thc Isolation Hospital. It appears
the accused, who are strikers, had
come into town on Saturday night
from a fishing trip and proceeded
to one of the saloons. They imbibed a little loo freely and
decided to fight a duel, repairing
to the woods for that purpose.
he provincial police located them
while in the act of lighting the
duel and arrested the offenders,
placing them in tlie cooler until
the idea id' fighting a duel had
worn oil'.   The accused pleaded
uilty to the charge, and the presiding magistrate fined Muir $10,
as he was an old offender, and
Atkins $5 and costs, in default
thirty days. The lines were paid.
T. Yonda and I. Kushida, two
Japanese, were charged with
Fishing in the Courtenay River
and taking fish under 8 inches.
They pleaded guilty and were
lined $20 and cosh;.
The police arrested Tim OtterilV
at No. 8 Shaft and charged him
with stealing a pair blankets, the
property of Frank Dailey, Otter-
ilT appeared before Judge Abrams
on Wednesday and was proved
guilty and lined $20 and costs, in
default three months. The fine
was paid.
expense. Several members of the
committee thought the prizes
small, and it was moved and
carried that the five aside football prize be raised from 20 to 00
dollars, and the eleven aside football increased from 50 to 75
Tho various collecting committees handed in their reports of
collections, which make a total uf
almost 1,500 dollars for the day's
sports. Several men have been
employed by the sports committee during the week cleaning up
the grounds and erecting the new
band stand, Thc grand stand is j Event 20
also receiving some repairs. The
various committees reported all
details complete. The Ladies'
Aid have completed arrangements
with the Grounds Committee for
a lunch counter and will supply
the visitors with ice cream, fruit,
tea and coffee during the clay.
For the convenience of those
wishing to attend the sports from
the Comox Valley a special train
will leave Courtenay at 9 o'clock
this morning. This will be the
first through train from Courtenay to Cumberland. The committee who are in charge of the
fireworks for the evening report
their arrangenents complete and
expect to have the grandest display ever witnessed in Cumberland, The programme for the
day is as fellows: -
Event 1, Football Match (5 aside)
Open,     Prizes $50.   0-110 a.m.
Event 2,  Standing Broad Jump
Open.   Prizes: 1st $5, 2nd $3
At 9-15 a.m.
Event 3,  Running Broad Jump
Open.   Prizes : 1st $5, 2nd 88
Provincial Police. At 3-30 p.m.
Prizes: 1st -S7.50, 2nd %%,
Event  20.   Quarter  Mile  Raco
Employees of Canadian Collieries.    Prizes : 1st $10, 2nd .55.
At 3-15 p.m.
Event 21. Old Men's Race
50 year_ and under.   At 4p.m.
Prizes: 1st 5.0.. 2nd 2.50
Event 22. Married Women's Race
75 yards.   At 1-15 p.m.
Prizes : 1st 5.00, 2nd 2.50.
Event 23, 100 Yards Dash
Employees of 0, C. (D.) Ltd.
Prized: 1st 7.50, 2nd $5.    1-30
Event 24, One Mile Race.   Open
Prize -, :  1st 10.00,   2nd 7.50
Event 25,       Football (11 aside
Prize: 7.5 dollars.
Japanese Tut'
7 aside.    Prize: 21.00
Event 27, Chinese Tug of
7 aside.   Prize: 21.00
Event,  28,  Tug of War.   Open
Prize: 21,00
Event 20.    Chinese Boys' Race
10 and under. Prizes: 1st 3.00,
2nd 2.00, 3rd 1.00.
Event 30, Boys' Race,  1(1 years
and under.   Prizes : 1st Football. 2nd Fish.ng Tackle.
Event  31,   Japanese   Wrestling
Prize: 40.00
Event 32,     Log"Sawing Contest
Prizes: 1st 10,00, 2nd 5.00.
Event 33, Quarter Mile Foot Race
Prizes: 1st 10.00, 2nd 5.00.
and a
of War
American Interest! to be Served.
It has taken the representatives
of tho U. I_. W. of A. a long
time to give the real reason for
thoir activity during the past few
months an Vancouver Island, but
International Representative Farrington Juas at last let thc cat out
of the bag and mode a confession.
I.n a r ecent issue of the U. M.
At 10 a.m.! W. Journal Mr. Farrington comes
With a view to determining} We
possible economic methods of | there
producing profitably such products of the Douglas fir and
other indigenous woods of British Columbia as creosote, turpentine, pyroligucous, acid, etc.,
samples of such woods have recently been sent for treatment by
the Forest Branch to distillation
plants at both Wilmington, Del.,
and Lake Butler, Fla., reports
thereon not yet having, however,
come to hand. If a process can
be secured which permit of the
treatment of the woods with
needful economy; so that a fair
margin will remain to the manufacturers out of current market
prices for these by-products there
appears to be an inexhaustible
and enticing field for investment
in this phase of utilization of the
forest asset. Mr. Dockerill of
Vancouver has latterly been having private experiments made
with Douglas fir at the Wilmington -distillation plant and from
the results is very sanguine as to
the future of this prospective industry. It has already been
demonstrated that a single cord
of fir is capable of producing
thirty gallons of creosote or forty
bushels of charcoal, and the
demand for all these related products is an insatiable one.
lave heard it reported that
s some doubt in Nanaimo
r.mong the better class of miners
as to the real output for the
Cumberland Mines. We can easily
und wstand that the U, M. W. of
A. a; rltators, who have exhausted
all their efforts in Cumberland
re now located in Nanaimo,
Jvent •], Sack Race, boys under 16
Prizes: 1st $2, 2nd$l, 3rd 50c.
At 10-10 a.m.
Ivent 5. Boy's Potato Race
16 years and under.   10-30 a.m.
Prizes: 1st $3, 2nd $2, 3rd $1
Event 6, Foot Race, 220 yds. open
Event 7,
1st $7.50.
Girls' Ri
througjji with an array of slale-
ments so cold blooded as even to
cause, alarm to thi; warmest supporter's of the U.M.W. in British
In short he tells the miners in
tha United States that in a few
There is no doubt whatever but
8 years and undor,   Al I l|a.in.
Prizes: lst$l, 2nd 75c, 3rd 60e.
Event 8, Girls' Race. 75 yards
10 years and under.   11-15 a.m.
Frizes: 1st $3, 2nd $2, 3rd $1.
Event  il,   'three   Legged   Race
12yrsaudundor. At 11 -30a.m.
Frizes; 1st $3, 2nd $2, 3rd $1.
Event  10,   Chinese  Foot  Race
100 yards dash.   At 11-15 a.m.
Prizes: 1st $5, 2nd $2,50.
Event 11, Japanese Boys' Race
100 yds. 10 and under. At noon
Prizes : 1st $3, 2nd s'2, 3rd •?!.
Event 12, Boys' Race, 75 yards
12yrsand under. Al 12-15 p.m.
Prizes: 1st *3, 2nd $2, 3rd 81.
Event 13.  Baseball,   7   innings
Courtenay versus Cumberland
Prize *75.   At 12-30 p.m.
Event 14,  Single Ladies' Race
75 yds, Prizes: 1st-5, 2nd->2.50
At 1-30 p.m.
Eve"t 15, 100 Yards Dash, open
1 $5. 10-15 yep.rs the coal of British Columbia
April produced a contribution
to the Provincial revenue through
tlie Forest Branch aloud ef more
than a quarter of a million dollars.
Tho first third of the year thus
shows .eccipts very considerably
exceeding the average indicated
by the Finance Minister's estimates for the current twelvemonth. Details of the collections
for the past month, which makes
interesting reading for all concerned in the developing business
of the country, are as hereunder:
Timber license fees ..$207,582.67
Timber license tr'nsfer
fee3        615.00
Timber license penalties 1,775.00
Forest protection,
" leases
" Crown grants
Timber lease rentals..
" transfer fees
Timber mark fees	
Scaling fees	
Scaling expenses	
Timber royally	
Timber tax.	
Trespass and penalties
Exchange .. ...
Timber bonus
Interest and discount
Vote 205 Forest Protection Fund . ..
Interest on leases.
Timber sales advertis-
, .,   . ,, ,,,     ,   ,.   , .    ,,       Prizes: 1st*>7.50.2nd*5.     1-45
makes a good resting place there \ lhat McClary s Kootenay is the Event jr   gho(. Scramble Race
being good fishing at Long Lake best Range on the market.   Tar- ]   15 years and under.  At 2 p.ro.
near thc hotel.
bell's Hardware.
1   Prizes: 1st ■% 2nd .1, 3rd GOe.
will bo bidding for tho market:
nol. only of tin' Pacific but also
the markets of thc Atlantic coast,
And he point,; oul the necessity
of having the R. C. miners under
the thumb of the U.M.W. of A.
so that the output of thc Van*
couver Island mines can be curtailed when it comes into competition with tho Washington coal
mines. This mean:', that when
some of the Washington mines
are short of markets and thc
Washington miners are consequently working half time, the
B. C. miners will also be compelled to work half time, so
as to give the Washington
mines a better chance to do allcj
business. No matter how
great the demand for Vancouver
Island coal or how small the pay
of thc Vancouver Island miners,
Mr, Farrington will see that the
American interests are served
first, before the British Columbia
miners asd operators have a
chance to reap the benefits from
the superior quality of their coal.
ing and cruising
Timber sales rentals
Belter take a look al
lard Bicycler 1 arried al
w ould like to make the output for
the Canadian Collieries at this
point: as little as possible.
If the Nanaimo miners allow
themselves to be led astray by
the falsehoods of tho U. M. W.
of A. agitators then they make a
j serious mistake not only for
t hemscl'ves but for the place they
'work in and for tho town in
whie h they reside.
Tin '. output for the local mines
as pul Wished in the Isi.ANDER is
absolu toly correct.    We have on
several! c 'ccasions challenged the
members, tf the U. M. W. of A,
to refute 01 V report.    When the
agitators sa w the output piling
up in Cumbei 'land they evidently
came to th=> ct 'pclusion that their
case of strike it 1 Cumberland was
a hopeless one . md made a. mow
towards Nanaimo '• Thcconditionr,
in Cumberland ar ? almost normal
thc only differe.i * between to
day and   eight   in ont.hs ;»go  it*
that   we  see  a if. *"* ■*•* tip
lounging around aale ons attempting to create av-tnc se PSffital any.
wondering what will M the results of the v(Torts put' forJh by |
the organization  to wb'ich th.ey |
belong.   Some of the Hie meit
indulge in fishing, sume in drinking beer,   others  may be seen
smoking Wig cigars, while the majority of workers are   following
their avocations at [thc mines.
Outside the city limits of Cumberland all is activity, everybody
at work, a complete hum or industry,    We have had our day
with thc U. M.W.of A., put them
in the   balance and  they  are I
found wanting.   Then take the
coal miners who understands coal
mining from A '0 Z, who have |
5,944.41 recently arrived here from Eng-
1,039.14 lanci ami are now working in the I
598.59 loca' mines, to whom the true
1G,!)96.50 conditions of affairs have been ex-
79.00 plain-ed, and these same men!
375.00 detest the letters let alone the |
23(5.15 name and the men who represent I
59,85 the organization that calls itself I
45,101.81 tllc   United   Mine Workers of|
247.38 America.
2,055.09     *-*ro* Farrington, as he is term*
5.22 ed  by the U.M.  W, of A., is|
2,440.00 j Quoted  as  saying   that if   he
2,000.70 thought the majority of mineral
ou Vancouver Island were against I
the U. M. W. of A, he would call!
off his agitators at once. We canl
inform  Mr. Farrington that thol
great majority aro against himX
if tho miners on  Vancouver Jn-j
land '.vould only speak their mindj
but aro afraid of tho little word
scab, which has by the tactics
adopted by the U.M.W. of A. lost
ils meaning on Vancouver Island!
The output for the local mine!
for tho week ending Friday Mn.4,
23rd totals 9,893.
The Department of Agriculture
has issued the itinerary of tho
spring meetings of the Farmers    Sel.vicc8  :,,  -;,,„,, Mc,lll0(lia
Institutes  throughoul  the  pro-1Church tomorrow  morning and
voice, 1 he lectures include the
following subjects : Dairying,
crops and soils, poultry, soil cultivation, dairying and tillage,
crops and animal husbandry,
veterinary science, dairy cattle
swine, etc. Among the
places of meeting we noiice that
the Comox district is conspicuous
by i's absence.
The ''coast to coast"'highway,
in fact, every movement for better roads receives the staunchest
kind of support from the Ford
Motor Company. Upon good
roads depends prosperity,
evening will be conducted By thi
Pastor,   Strangers cordially
Dr. Kerr, dentist,  will be 1
Courtenay from June 1st to IJ
Appointment may be made at
Courtenay   Drug   Store.      Wi
remain in Cumberland till end
Brighten up around your hoi
wilh a little S. W. P. A fullstoi
at Tarbell's Hardware.
Furnished Rooms to Rent, sto'J
heated. For particulars apply \
this office.
Wanted a First Class Waitrei
Apply lo Rcstmore Grill, Courq
nay, B.C. . , rM________i
The Punster Now, my little man, sulci a famous
Nervous Lady Passenger   (in   the athlete,  pleasantly.   J  suppose  your
train,   after    passing   a   temporary P&pa has told ynu about Uie day he
bridge)—Thank goodue*ss, wo are now ami I played    In   a   grout   foo-Ull
on terra flrma! match?
Funny Man—Ye_. ma'am—loss tor- Ves, sir, mpHec. the bright child,
ror and mure firmer. Ah, that was a great day.    I know
  he  would  never forgot it.    I>oes  he
"Minard's Liniment for sale ev.rywhers. often speak of ft?
 .  Yes,  sir.    He  says  you  borrowed
Uow enn a  man   bt   hard  up, awl live dollars from bim that day, and
■down on his luck at the some time, never paid it back,
You cannot afford brain-befogging headaches.
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
stop them in quick Ume and clear your head. They
do not contain either phenacetln, aoetanilld* morphine,
opium or any other dangerous drug. 25c. & box at
your Druggist's. 121
National Dnun ano Ch_mioa_ Co. of Canada, Limitcd.
Ruined Financially o Convict) ;n He
L-.-ves Hie Jail a Pauper
Berlin. — The Berliner Mor-
genpost has obtained from tiie prosaic proceeding, of tho Relcttstai do-
tails of a ci-r-e resembling that of
Adolf Beck, of Kngland, who received
two king's pardons and a grant of
$_.5,000 for two wrongful convictions,
under one of which he served the usual proportion of a sen_e_.ee of seven
years' penal servitude.
A Thurlngian tannery owner named
August Brehm was convicted In 1S92
of burning down his factory for the
purpose of scouring the insurance
money nnd s sentenced to five years
penal sorv'tude. He was released after four years on account, of liis good
behaviour. A year cr two later ho
succeeded n establishing his innocence.
The petitions committee of the
Reichstag, before whose attention
Herr Brehm succeeded after fifteen
years' effort in bringing his case, has
now recommended the Government to
revise the laws providing indemnification for persons wrongfully convict. <_.
Herr Brehtr at the time of his conviction had an eetato of $100,000. as
soon as he was arrested his creditors
took possession nf his properties and
he loft prison a pauper. Attempts to
secure an indemnity from Ihe local authorities resulted iu a judgment in his
favor for $565.
Herr Brehm refused this ..mount.
In the meantime tho authorities seized
half of it as tlie cost of the proceedings against 1 !m, aMd the balance was
attached by his creditors. Herr
Brehm is now sixty-five years of age.
THIRD  ANNUAL  MEETING  FEB.   21st.,  1913
CONDITION ON JAN, 1st., 1913
ASSETS: ... ... ,,
Cnsh on liiin.l and In Bank      'SoJSI'S
lends imd Debentures        ',,'-,"JJ
Not Premiums in course or collection       -...i.j.sj
Sundry  Hess  Relnsurai  Nntrs nnil otlier non-admitted assets by
Ins.   Dept.   rules  f5T.482.S4J    ■■■    *■'-."l'-<"
Uncalled Capital        ^'"■■'"-■'■V
Total   Assets    $635,973.2-1
Fire Losses unpaid or unadjusted     $118,061.01
Sundry           t.b72.00
Reinsurance   Reserve       128,1,0.00   $157,815.01
Burplus Security in Policyholders      ',8?104.20
Government requirements for same as above only     123,170.00
TOTAL    SECURITY    TO    POLICYHOLDERS         $606,3-13 23
In  Excess of Security,  Jan.   1st,   1012       $252,608.44
Hon,  Thomas Crawford,  M IM'.. Toronto,  President.
(J.  C.  Van Norman. Toronto,  1st  Vi President.
B, B.   Knowlton, Vancouver. 2nd  Vice President.
.1. U. Qi n, St. John, XT'... 3rd Vice-President.
W. M. HalKhi. Vancouver, B.C.
C. K. Burnham. Vancouver, B.C.
li. Hlbher, Berlin, nm.
j. F. A. Thompson. Vancouver, P..C.
.1.   \v.   FoBter,   Vancouver.   B.C.
WM.  GREENV'OOD BROWN. General Manager.
Miller's Worm Powders can tlo no
Injury to the most delicate child. Any
child, Infant or :n tho stale of ailole-
sence. who is infested with worms ean
. take this preparation without a qualm
of the stomach, and will find in it a
sure relief and a full protection from
these destructive pests, which ure
responsible for much slcknes- and
areat suffering ,o legions of little
Why, Oh Why?
lie watched his wife tioini* u; her
hair, and his face was stern.
Why tlo you put the hair of another
woman on your head? he asked, severely.
Why do you. sIk replied, sweetly,
put the skin of _m.th.ei' calf on your
Deadly Combination
Loudon.—A Bath boy named Era'-
•est Wright was found dead in his
bath recently. It is believed that a
hot bath -fier a hnvy dinner caused
his death.
By The Year
51 you want the best and longest-
VM Ing floves or mitts ever turned
oul '.1 a factory be sura and ask (or
Ihe f .r.icus
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icf hard service and will save you
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I , : io hy the year. Send for our
descriptive pamphlet — Tho Pinto'.
..She 11.
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tedijestlon and dyspepsia. 50c. a Box
ml your Druggist's. Made by ths
National Drug and Chemical Co, ol
Canada, Limited.
Stage Society of London Produces .in
Amusingly Clever Whimsicality
London, England.—Arthur Schnltz-
lcr'a otic-act play, 'Tho Green Cockatoo.' produced by the Stage 'Jociely at
tbe Aldwyche Theatre, is an amazingly clever w. Imalcallty. A grotesque
is its program inscription, and tho
description is unusually happy: It is
dnniifi, ingenious, full of color, and
intensely dramatic anil interesting,
The time is July, ITStl. The scene Is
Paiis. The revolutionary crowds are
in the streets. The Bastille Is being
beseiged. And it orowd of decadent
aristocrats are seeking amusement in
th; Green Cockatoo.
Prosper, the proprietor of the Green
Cockatoo, was once a theatrical manager, anil is a man of Ideas ,u originality. Hi Inn is; 'i underground cellar, and hero ev..y niglit tlie actors
und actresses of bis company pretend
to be criminals, One is n murderer,
another a thief, a third a bully, and
they tell frightful stories of their
crimes to an audience of besatined exquisites.
i*. Is all enake-bciieve and yel nol
all, ami ine real and tlu imitation are
woven together with masterly skill. A
real murderer creeps In among tho
players and is, of course, at once rejected by the audience ns an amateur.
and the fantastic becomes the tragic
before the end.
Henri, tit star of Ihe romptny, lias
married tlie pretty actress, Leotailio.
The audience knows site is unfaithful
to him nnd ...at the Due tli Cidlgan
Is her lover. Henri rushes Inlo the
oollar dlstrnughl With tierce gasp-
Ing words he relate- how he has
caught the due lu his wife's dressing
room and has stabbed him.
The nrlstocratB applaud wildly.
Never have they seen such line acting,
Put Henri's followers nre disturbed.
They know Ihe facts. And Ihe audience feels that here Is reality and
not sham.
As he finish*s the : oh sweeps Into
the cellar. Th, Bastille has fallen.
Henri, the man who has killed a due,
is acclaimed a patriot and a hero. Ho
is bewildered, He has only been
play-acting all o lime. The due
himself rushes in tt find his friends.
Henri looks at Ilia*, and the freiuy
round him gets Into his blood. It is
true that he Is Leocadte'g lover. He
knows that. It la true that he Is
an aristocrat. And tc stabs him on
the stairs.
Invasion of Modern Ideas to Follow
That of the Balkan Powers
Constantinople, Turkey.- 'Hello!
Are you tlu Pera? I want to speak to
the sultan, please!'
The above will doubtless be one of
the first calls put through In Constantinople this autumn, when a new
revolution, every whit as far reaching
as the present political upheavals,
will take ace. The revolution will
be no less t'.an tbe instillation ot a
complete telephone service in the
Turkish capital for the lirst time in
Its veneraMe history.
The company responsible for the
instalation Is i .0 Soclete Anonyme Ottomans des Telephones de Constantinople The backbone of Ihe new
Turkish company is formed by high
officials and a large number of the
staff of tho National Telephone Company, of Loti-on, who with the taking
over of.the British telephone service
hy the government, sought and obtained new outlets for tlieir energies,
Stanley J. Goddard, th eformer general superintendent 0.' the National,
for instance, is prosit! nt of the Turkish company, while Douglas Watson,
former district superintendent at
Glasgow is director genera! and secretary.
Nearly twenty exchanges with considerably more than 6000 lines, will be
opened iu greater Constantinople, on
either bank of the Bosporus, including
lines between Stambohl antl Peru, beneath the Golden Horn, antl connecting four of the Princess islands in ihe
r.eu of Marmora with the mainland.
Two of th emany difficulties confronting the telephone pioneers in
Constantinople are ns follows:
Cosmopolitan speech of subscribers. French. Arabic or Turkish,
Greek, Armenian, English and German
art* all spoken in Constantinople.
This difficulty has been solved by
sending a bevy of girl linguists from
Constantinople to London, where they
have been taught fhe telephone business.
More Lunatics in Ireland
Dublin,—Ow, .g to tlie Increase of
insanity in liic counties of Galway and
Roscommon, the governors of tiie Bal-
llnasloe As.l'.m have .folded to "reel
a new wine;, '• a eost of $200,000.
W.  N. U. (45
If one be troubled with corns :rj
warls, he will find in llolloway's C01 '
Cure an application tha! will entirely
relieve suffering.
The Perfect Cleric
Ixjndon.—Lord Methuen, presiding
at the annual meeting of the South
.ifrlcan Church Railway Mhslot, recently, said tha r clergyman for
South Africa must he every Inch a
man, able to ride well, Inspan oxen,
and show the Dutch, English and nut-
ves he was as good as anybody else
. t there. Above all ho must be a
perfect genilema ..
Solves the
A bowl of crisp, sweet
make a most delicious meal.
These crinkly bits of toasted
white corn, ready to serve
direct from package, are a
tempting breakfast when served with cream or milk, or
The Toasties flavour is a
pleasant surprise at first: then
a happy, healthful habit.
"The Memory Lingers"
Made by  Pure Food Factories of
Canadian Postum Cereal Company,
Ltd., Windsor, Ont.
Facts Brought Out at Grain  Investigation  at   Minneapolis   Show   That
Elevator Companies are L.rge Gainers Through Being Allovv.d to Mix
Wheat.—ocindals   Attached  to   Investigation—.ample     Market    and
Mixing go Hand in  Hand.
ln the .ecent lnvesti___on by the
legislature 01 Minnesota 11:10 methods
of  gram   selling  utiu   handling   somo
very  interesting   facta  were  orouj,lu
I  '. lie committee appointed by the slate
senate had before it last Saturday '.ho
heads of the department of grain inspection and 100K sworn testimony of
th' chief clerk of tue chief inspector
1 of the state as well •>.-, tnat of the
] chief inspector.      The close relation
i that    exist    between    the      sample
market and the system of mixing by
elevator companies, which is permit-
j ted by the laws of Minnesota was eiu-
i phaslzed,
I Tables were rhown giving the number of bushelb of wheat various
■ grades received at ths Minneapolis
I elevators and tbe number of bushels of
I the  same grade  which   .vas  shipped
out of the st.me elevators.     The tab-
i les showed the figures lor 1. two-year
■period, beginning Septem...    1. lyiu,
and ending August 31, 11)12.
The fact that tlie Minneapolis eleva*
! tors received lu.57l.fil5 bushels of No.
|1 Northern wheat during th.ise two
! years and -.hipped nit iu tbe same
I period 19,1178,717 and had on hand
114,353 bushels, making u total of 20,-
0113,130 bushels, vas brought out. As a
result of the privilege of mixing the
elevators had ..aine 4,521,655 bushels
cf No. 1 Northern wheat from the lower grades of wheat purchased from the
The table of figures relating to the
receipt and shipment of tne  various
grades tell the whole story ot the results of the mixing privilege,     The
! same   co* dition   is   found   when   the
I figures on No. 2 Northern are piesont-
I ed, even ihc.gh the grain in ibis grade
is no*, so large.     During tiie two year
period  tbe  Minneapolis  elevators  received 20,414,684 bushels t.. No. 3. On
Angus' 31, 11112, they had shipped out
22,242,410   bushel.',   and   still   had   on
I hand 51,i>4S bushels, making a lotal of
I 22,204,094 bushels, or a gain of 1.880,-
51P bushels.
When the tables on No. 3.   No.    4.
"rejected" anil "uo .rade" wheat were
| explained it w-as easily shown where
j the grain in No.  1 aud No.  2 came
from.     In the   last   four   instances
i there was a loss in    the   elevators.
i There were 9,777 0,11  bushel- of Nn.
3 received during the two years. The
j shipments amounted to 7,604,232 und
I on August 31, 1912 tiie elevators hail
ton hand  140,624 bushels,    "he total
of No. 3 wheat, either shipped or on
hand,  was  7,804,866   bushels.     There
[was a loss in No.   3 grade ot 1,972,-
I 175 bushels,
In   No.   4   grade   the  elevators   received 2.812,053 bushi      and  shipped
on: (124.-133 busheb.     Tito loss in this
. grade was 2,188,220 bushels.
I    The "rejected ' wheat tables show-
! ed the same condition,     In this case
i there were 1,175,513 bushels received
and 021,773 buthels shipped out, making a loss of 552,7-10 bushels.
!     But i; was in Uie "no grade" class
I where llie largest loss appeared. Here
! 4,095,6115 bushels  were received.    At
the end of the Iwo year period 1,000,946
bushels had been riilpped and there
! was on ham. 249,393 bushels, making a
i total of sbippul and on hand of 1.250,-
! 33S bushels and leaving 3,415,227 bushels entirely unaccjtin!  .! for.
I    Cases of Individually owned   eleva*
; tors were also cited to the senate committee.      One of these hail received
I 215,142 bushels of No. 4 wheat and at
\ tlie end of the two year period bud not
shipped out one bu-'.icl of this grade
'and did no! havo a 1 bushel 0.1 hand.
! lu other words, every bushel of this
grade, ihe grade for which thc farm-
I er was paid, was mixed and ctiine out
I in the No.    1 and   No.    2   Nc'thern
! grades, the grade lor which the sle*
■ valor owner sold it.
I The elev: tor . en who have testl-
I Tied before 11k senate committee and
the house corami'.tee huve argued that
the grain which ihey make by being
allowed to : llx is largely offset in the
cost of the mixing process. This
fact Is vigorously disputed by James
A. Manahai., counsel for tile house
committee, recently elected congress-
mah-ai-hi'.'ge for the stale of Mlnne-
so'.a. Mr. Manahan's contention is
thai Ihe fanner Is ihe loser by many
millions every year under tbe present
1    "When the elevator companies buy
Iho wheat, the; give Ihe fanners Ihe
, prices prevailing lhat day for No. 2,
13 "rejected"   ,r 'no Bruno' »a.u  .'■!,
Maiiuhan nt one of the sessions. "On
that same day,   these sn    '   elevator
: companies sell a future on No. 1 and
12 for practically thai  saint  umount.
■Their experience lias lauglu them that
they can mix the lower glades so as
1 to 1111 the future order wilh No. 1 antl
1 2.      On that very day they make a
i proOt ranging from the price they paid
I for the lower grades and Ihe price for
which they sell Ihe future on No.  1
and No. 2.     In my opinion this nets
■ them a prollt amounting to hundreds
I cf thousands of dollars.      True it .«
j that there is some expense in tlie mix-
ins process but even so 1 believe that
I the c-levttor man is making au enor-
i moils proii., u prollt wu) out of pro-
i portion."
F. W. Eva, chief of the grain Inspection departmeni, when aBked regarding
the relation of Ihe system of mixing
with the sample market, said: "A sample market would be of no value without the privilege of mixing. The two
go hand in hand. ! believe that Ihe
elevator men. having the privilege ot
mixing, ca pay a premium for the
upper level 01 the grade."
ln another statement made before
the committee Mr. Manahan said there
was no doubt that the elevator companies are getliii.. much of the profit
that Bhotild be going lo the farmer.
An Example
Wealth doesn't always bring happiness, remarked the youngster with the
large spectacles.
Naw, asserted Ihe otlier kid.    Look
at me cousin yonder.    He's got two
cents and he can't decide botweeu lol*
ilipops and chewing gum!
Horse Sale Distemper
has about one chance tn Jfty to escape SALE STABLE DISTEMPER.   -SPOHN'S" 1* vour true u.*.,
Rafeguard- fot as sure as you treat u"
you will enon be rid of the dlsoRse. It Bets as a sure preventive, no matte: how they are "-BXposed.'' At ail good
Chemists  and   Bacteriologists,  Goshen,   Ind..  U.S.A.
The Housekeeper
Eddy's Wares
Eddy's Indurated Tuba allow the water te retain heat longer
and never rust. Being -ade in one seamless piece cannot splinter
and so the danger of snagged fingers and torn clothes la eliminated.
Used  In  conjunction with
Eddy's Washboards
Washday   Loses  Half
Its Terrors
A Splendid 10 cent Household Specialty is being introduced
all over Canada. It is appreciated by the Thrifty Housewife
who wants things "Just a little better." Send post card to-day.
Simply say:-_
'Send package of household specially advertised in my newspaper'
That's all—You will be delighted! Pay if saiisfied-we take
the risk-Address P. O. Box 1240, Montreal, Can.
This offer expires June 1st, 1913. Send to-day.
Make the Horse Clad
and Eager for Work
City tiliti b-fui-u Tim Mlt bim *t the -print -*ork.
TaUt* ult bin winter oo*t tlmt Jioide tbo wet
.nMt mid dirt. He'll get inure cr-o-lfrmn Ma
fr.J. look better, rest tatter _-id rtr. you bet-
tertervl-e Inororjr «_j,   bunt buy _uy but
Thi Stewart Ball Bearing
Clipping Machlnt
1 tbe machine that turn* e__ler. cllpa f_jter_Dd
lelo-wr _iul »t_i-n!i_rp lunger tl__n »ny other.
F tluara tro all die b_rj__*d cut from eolld -tu.1
bar. (.ear. enelnaeri. urotM'ted and run In oil,
jV_T«_f _>-»■*•:_- little frl-tton. little wear. Haasl-feet ot newttyle, easy r_-
CAST AC 1 ION nlna flexible abaft And htu.mrt tUmMo u-minu .Unplni bead.
S. 11 __A__?___J___J_im i "it >iti ■»   ni '■ <.". *.,. ^'ig*i"-';*
Gas Engine Oil
Used and recommended by the leading
engine buiSdui. ail over the country.
Keeps its body t.t high temperatures.
Equally good for external bearings.
Harvester Oil
A heavy, durable oil for farm machinery. Insures the least possible friction
and wear. Withstands weather and is
unaffected by moisture.
£1 Dor. -o Castor Machine Oil
Capitol Cylinder Oil
Thresher Hard Oil
Mica Axle Grease
Silver Star Engine Kerosene
Imperial Motor Gasoline
Stock carried at 300 tank and warehouse
stations in Western Canada. For addresses,
price lists, etc., write any agency.
Moln Ofl-_
Rfftu, Hmm Jaw, SuLatou, C-fiqr,
__-*_t«, UtUrlcp, Vdtnw
j-'oosT  vour' town  by  organizing a
11 PEG    I-THE
$ sons'co.jioron ro
Limited      |on i akio
Yea, A.ter All
Charlie, why do you tell everyone
that we are engaged? 1 did not say
Bul you said no-no! and two negatives mak(  nn affirmative.
Margaret, dear, tell me what was
your principal reason for accepting
Well, Percy, you see, Borne glrln
have money and could marry brains,
while others have brains and could
marry money.     1 had neither.
Blackbeetle Stops a Concert
Melbourne.—The appearance of a
hlackbeetle on a concert platform at
Brisbane frightened a lady ocalist Inlo a fainting fit Her accompanist
rushed shrieking from the hall, and
the performance wag stop.ed.
He Knew
Tommy, said ..!, mother, what
would you like to give your cousin
Willie for his birthday?
I know what I'd like to give him,
answered Tommy, who had been bul*
lied by thc other boy, but I ain't bit
Air Files to a Council Meeting
Geneva.—The Swiss airman, Attillo
Mattel, recently elected to the grand
provincial council, Hew from Hellln-
zona over '.he Alps to Lugano to tak*
h'i seat.
LADIES WANTED—To do work al
home; decorating cushion tops; caa
make from |3 to (5 per day; pleasant
work. Armour Art Co., Dept. N, 11
Steele Blk., Winnipeg. THE   ISLANDER,   CUMBERLAND,   B. C.
This    Style     Gives     a
Sprightly Look to Face.
This new turban type gives a sprightly look to the fixe, and Its uprising
feather lends Inches to the tip-ure.
The hat pictured Is of satin straw
braid In graduated shades of blue, with
trimmings of blue nnd white fancy ribbon and a white wing ornament banded wltb black.
An Eaey Habit to Acquire, but Difficult to Break,
It la rery easy to get Inlo tbe habit
of finding fault Nothing can be as
easily acquired ns the complaining
spirit, and nothing Is so difficult lo rid
oneself of as this same spirit after lt
baa once gained control over us. Nothing seems right to some people, and If
It happens to be a father wbo Is afflicted with such a disposition his homecoming nt night Is dreaded rather than
Popular people are not chronic com-
(lo through the list of your friends
for proof of this.
The basis of popularity is a cheerful
heart and a sympathetic soul, and a
carping critic never bas either.
What If the chairs do need dusting
bow and then? There are far more
Important things ln the world than an
undiluted chair, and to shout about It
doesn't accomplish the dusting.
It only accomplishes ill feeling, and
111  feeling  leads to  harassed nerves.
Many Baa* Usee te Which "Infinite'* I*
Put Nowadays.
What Is happening lu tue word "Infinite?" It used to have si-eat and rare
associations and serve great needs.
Now I meet lt everywhere aud wltb
every possible application. Oue bonnet is Infinitely more beautiful tban
another, oue brand of wine infinitely
preferable to the nest. He bas au infinite desire to see her; she would Infinitely prefer a hobble skirt to one with
gores. One novel Is Infinitely superior
lo its predecessor; a character in it iu*
finitely prefers game to domestic fowl.
There is no nssociiitiou too trivial for
it, uo use too petty. Our books nud
our newspapers alike bristle with misused "Infinites." The word, like Laurence Sterne nnd Lord Byron, has become a social literary success, and no
worse fate enn befull a great author or
a great word, it Is taken up by the
fashion papers and by society journals,
and this season's styles are usually iu-
linltely prettier thau the last
Infinitely pretty!
Not only cureless Journalistic folk
who like lit produce nn emphatic effect
—ut any cost-are guilty. My learned
friends put It to common use. Sn do
I when 1 forget We ure Infinitely
obliged nowadays to one who gives us
a lift of a few blocks ond Infinitely
grateful for our Christinas preseuts.
Our greatest nnd best authors vie with
nne another In bringing this great word
down from Its high estate, and It is
only a few days since I heard a most
fastidious man of letters lecturing id
Boston sny that the Sunday supplements would be Infinitely more diverting If something—I forget wbut—were
different The robin's note In "Fiona
Macleod" Is "infinitely winsome."
Even as critical a writer as Mrs. Anne
Douglas Sedgwick speaks of a heroine
"Infinitely malleable" through love and
of a fat young Herman musician as
feeling "Infinite compassion." That, to
be sure, is better tban Arnold Bennett's
description of a woman as "infinitely
Almost Surgical Skill Used on the le*
to Make It Perfect
Scotch players regard the conditions
of Alpine curling as somewhat too luxurious. The Ice Is almost too perfect
and the tactics that proved successful
ou the rough Ice of a Scottish pond
have to be abandoned in favor of more
subtle methods.
The ordluury visitor to the Alps has
very little Idea of the science and work
whlcb are uecessury to Insure u good
rink, and the Scotch curler who hus
been accustomed to tbe rough Ice formed by a few nights' frost is somewhat
startled when he sees an army of icemen  working through  tbe  night    A
rink in the Alps Is a cosily business.
snd harassed nerves lead to the grave. The ground Is carefully leveled In the
just as surely as does cancer or tuber-    spring, and after the first fall of suow
culosls or yellow fever.
It Is selfish to make those around
us miserable by our petty faultfinding,
and soon our very presence becomes t
Constructive criticism helps; destructive criticism injures.
The Spring Motar Girl.
Buff eponge, or sponge clotb. Is tbe
material used for this motor costume.
It Is In Norfolk style and trimmed with
a squad of icemen tramp the snow
down as evenly as possible. The flooding is done in a series of elaborate
stages, which can be carried out only
when the sun Is shining.
j    The secret of good ice Is to go slowly.
| This was proved by a clever experiment Tbe discovery of this was due
to Rudolph Buuman, perhaps the best
Iceman in the Alps. He tilled two
wooden tubs wltb wnter. and the first
froze hard In a night Tbe second was
allowed to fill gradually, drop by drop,
throughout a fortnight The two blocks
of Ice were then put ln the sunshine,
and, whereas the Ice that hnd been
formed ln a single night disappeared
within a week, tbe other block survived ,for three weeks.
The ice Is carefully doctored every
night with the skill of a first class surgeon. Small holes are trimmed and
scooped out with a knife. Tbey are
then filled with finely powdered ice
and sprinkled with boiling water The
result is an absolutely eveu surface of
good ice.—London Times.
A Handy Measure.
If yon have a pint Jug and wish to
measure off half a pint with tolerable
accuracy It Is useless to try and do so
hy guessing when tbe jug is half full.
A better way is to tilt the jug until the
contents Just reach to Ihe upper end of
the bottom of the vessel und just touch
the lip ut the lower end of the mouth.
In this wny the space in the pint jug is
practically cut Inlo two equal portions,
ench half representing the space tuken
by half a pint
I etfll can sins and whistle
When I'm short ot dollar bills,
I don't have to have a nickel
To turgel my little Ills.
I can tread along life's highway
And a ray of sunshine reap.
But (excuse my fit of yawning)
I'm a dead one in tha morning
If I'm short of sleep.
I don't hnve to have a ten spot
In my pocket tucked uway
To bo iuugliing round the vlllagb.
Money doesn't make me gay.
Though I'm short of the mazuma.
Still a grin or two I'll keep.
Hut the skies are always cloudy,
I'm a dismal sort of dowdy,
When  I'm short of sleep.
I don't need a bulging wallet
To see all things at their best.
But I ilo get pessimistic ,
If 1 ml__ my eight hours' rest.
Then the skif-s are always HUllen.
To my wurk i sadly creep.
Life's a dreadful bore and dreary,
lt is toufili wurk being cheery,
When I'm short _f sleep.
Not for me the bright lights glaring;
Not for tue thu muzy dance;
Not for me those ull night sessions
At that famous game of chance.
It muy be that  1 am aging
And the pace I cannot keep.
But (eXLM.3.* me now for yawning)
I'm a oVuil nnn in the morning
If I'm short of sleep.
—Detroit Free Tress.
Why He Howled.
When Used In W^ter H Wi.. Outlast
Ircn anu Steel.
A wood which, according to the Department n[ Agriculture, outlast, iton
and steel when placed in v^terls British tiuiana L'rernheart.   It is used in
ship    und    dock    building,    trestle!',
bridges,  shipping  platforms,  tioorin.!
and  for  all   purposes involving  great
wear   and   tear.    The   woods  of   two
species  of   West   African   trees   have
heen in.mduced into Knglish markets
as   substitutes   for   iireenheart   under
the name of African irreenheart, but
, both are inferior to tbe aouth Amer*
, ican tree. *
AM  the gates, piers and jetties of
! the   Liverpool   docks  and  practically
j till tbo luck gates nf the Bridge water
! canal are of trreenheart.    It furnished
! the   material   also  for the  fifty  pairs
] ot lock gates in the Manchester (Eng.)
| ship canal.   When the greenheart dock
j gates in  the Mersey harbor at Liver-
i pool were removed in order tbat tbe
channel might be'deepeued und widened tho same wood was again employed
1 in   building  the  enlurired gates,  and
wnod placed in the gates nt tbe Canada dock mi  l_5li was used ngain in
I its  reconstruction   in   Jt.94.    The   use
of greenheart bas  been  specified   for
slll_ and lenders in tbe lock gates of
the   Panama   canal.     Nansen's   ship,
the Kram. and the Antarctic ship Discovery were built of greenheart.    In
addition to its use as timber, great
quantities of tbe wood are made into
Though it grows in parts of British,
French and Dutch Guiana, Venezuela,
Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Trinidad, Jamaica --i Santo Domingo, it is being
cut only in British Guiana, where it i*
found  along the  seacuast  and   water
courses, seldom extending more than
fifty miles inland. Greenheart used to
bring $1 per cubic loot at tbe point ot
! shipment,   but  the   present   price   is
considerably less.   Constant drain for
j more than  100 years upon the most
I accessible   stands    of   greenheart   in
I British Guiana has stripped the foreat
i of  its  best  material,  and the wood
! now   obtained  is of inferior quality.
[ Tracts   -re   now   heing  cut  over   in
some places for tho third time.   Only
the heartwood of thc tree possesses tbe
peculiar  durability  desired, and  the
best wood is found in old trees.
Wild Timet  In  Melbourne When ths
Gold Fever Raged.
Melbourne in the height of the gold
fever in the old days has been described by one wh knew it well us
"a fevered, drunken, delirious pandemonium."
Gold at that time threatened to become as common as silver in ibe dav*
of Solomon. In one year $_,1.000.(K)0.
in eight years $475,000,000. were won.
•Some men at Golden Point made as
muoh as $2.0C0 each a day. Another
exceptionally lucky party uncart bed
thirty-four pounds of gold' in one day.
No wr.nder that such "pockets" were
termed "jewelers' ship-!'' Occasionally a nugget worth $50,000 was uncart hid. Tbe result of i.iis sudden
influx of wealth, almost without labor
and with risks which are intinitesimal
as eump.ih-d with the .Klondike, was
the temporary demoralization of the
The lucky ones—and there wero
thousands of them—squandered their
riches in the must reckless fashion.
Somo of their fantastic tricks would
scarcely be credited were they not attested by  witnesses still  living.
The game of ninepins, we ar. told.
wa? played with bottles of champagne,
for which be who broke th) Ic-a.t had
to pay. Dozens of the same costly
wine were emptied int. tuts and
drunk from tin pannikins, spirits and
heer being added to give "body" to
the beverage. One man, in imitation
of Caligula, shod his hor?e with gold.
Sandwiches made of hank notes were
devoured. Silver wrapped up in bank
notes was thrown to popular actresses
instead of flowers.
In fact, money was so plentiful
that the reckless diggers could not
"knock it down" fast enough. They
thought they, had only to dig a few |
feet in the earth to get plenty more,
aud for a time it almost seemed as
if this were so. Such were some ot
the characteristics of Victoria's hot I
youth.—Pall   Mai!   Gazette.
And Latiat Effect
In  Spring  Tunica.
Mlcko—What's Ihe matter, Stonk?
Stonk—Tbat parson bloke gimme a
pat on the 'ead.
Mlcko—Well, what yer 'owlin' fer?
Stonk—We beon out bird nestln', an'
I was earryin' the eggs In me 'at!—
Sydney Bulletin.
Only Political Friends.
Mayor Shank's visitor asked for a
permit to peddle null! a certain date.
saying he would take out a license at
that time and It could be dnted back. ^ 	
The mayor was accommodating and I Bjon"of"it"so"kindly/
Recessional MSS. Sold For $120.
A sheet oi notepaper covered with
neatly-written ver.se. was sold for $120
at Sothebv's recently. The writer was
Rldyard Kipling, and the poem was
the famous "Keeesslonal"—
"Ood of our fathers known of old-
I.ord of our far-flung battle-line."
An interesting reference to the poem
is made in a letter in whic.i Mr. Kipling says:
"Glad you like the 'Recessional.'
These thinss come not for fasting or
prayer. They arrive by themselves
somehow. Evidently the idea must
have been in the air, or men would
not have taken to the rhymed expres-
accompanicd the man to the city comp
troller's office.
"Here is one of my very best
friends," said (he mayor to l-'red B.
Akin, city comptroller. "He wants a
permit to peddle."
"I guess we can arrange that," replied Aklns.   "What is his name?"
"Say." said tbe mayor, turning to his
"friend," "what is your name?"—Indianapolis News.
No Trouble.
"What was the trouble up at the
Forks?" asked the mountaineer.
"No trouble at all," replied the sheriff. "It seems that Shep Johnson bet
Hank Williams a dollar that he could
put a bullet through Hank's hat without killing him."
"And what happened?" asked the
"Hank won the bet," replied the
staerl-.-Ctndmiatt Enquirer.
The sum o: $400 was p-id for a letter wri.'.en by Lord Nelson to Lady
Hamilton from the George Inn, Portsmouth, on Sept. 14, 1805, just before
tlie admiral went on board the Victory. Six letters written by Lord
Byron leallzed $005.
A collection of autograph letters by
Charles Lamb, Coleridge and Southey
from the correspondence of John
ltic-kmon, the originator of. the Census, and for thirty-eight years an official of the House of Commons, was
sold for $4,750.
metal bnttona and a patent leather belt
Tbe little motor bonnet Is of deep
cream hemp yelled with buff colored
chiffon and adorned with a fancy
feather In bnff and white coloring-
Observations af tha Caddie.
The caddie's chastening Influence on
the conceit of players has numberless
anecdotal examples. One of the best
of these Is the following:
"What sort of game does Mr. Jones
"He cannn play nane."
"I'm gulng out with him tomorrow.
1 suppose I shall beat him."
"Na, ye will not"—Windsor Maga-
"Do yon notice thut your son bas
really learned anything In college?"
"Yes. He has learned that uiy Ideas
are those of an old fogy uud tbat be
would be false ta bis trust If he did not
do his best to bring me to a realization
of my pitiable condition."—Chicago
One Better.
i "Innuendo la very effective In ora-
I tory." sold William Jennings Bryan in
I one of bis ._aiit.-q.il addresses.
I "A gentleman once visited Tuckahoe.
j As he sat on the hotel porch and fought
I the Tuckahoe mosquitoes he said to an
old resident.
j    " 'Have you a newspaper here?' "
1    "'Oh. no,'answered lie.   'Wo have a
j ladies'   sewing   circle.' "-New    Vork
On the Farm.
I A broker spent the Christmas boll-
} days on a Georgia farm. The farmer
I said to him as he cume back one morn-
' ing from a before breakfast stroll:
I "Beeu out to hear tlie haycocks crow,
j I suppose?'!
I    "Yes." answered thc broker, "and lo
I tie a knot in a cord of wood and watch
| the hired man milk the milkweed."—
Washington Star.
Too Much.
"I understand your star has a great
deal of temperament"
"A great deal! ilreat Scott, man.
you can't put a thermometer nenr ber
without its dancing ragtime between
boiling point to zero." — Baltimore
An Ancient Rectory.
London, it is stated, is to lose an*
other interesting relic of old days—
the rectory-house situated at the back
of St. Michael's. Cornhill, a church
that itself stands upon a site worth
a large fortune. The old rectory-
house, it is believed, was erected soon
after tlie Greal, Fire, and until about
half a century ago it served its
original purpose. Then it was let out
in suites of offices. The great charm
of the building is its quietude. From
the hum of the traffic in Cornhill one
passes under an archway into a little
oasis where all is serenely silent.
Financiers and solicitors favor this
quiet retreat. From their windows
they overlook all that is left of St.
Michael's Churchyard, a pleasant
green spot, with but one tombstone
left in unspeakable loneliness. It is
understood that modern buildings
will supersede the old rectory-house,
and that the solitary tombstone will
remain to indicate to City men that
once people not ouly lived but died
under the shadow of handsome _t.
Chasing Crown Jewels.
The mystery of llie crown jewel,
which disappeared frnm Dublin Cuttle a lew years ugo, has never been
cleared up. Thers are many peopl"
who have decided views on the subject, an! prominent among them is
Mr. Laurence GinneJl, the Nationalist member for Westmeath.
Mr. Ginnell maintains that he possesses  sufficient  information   to dissolve the mystery once and for all.
On several occasions he made valiant
[attempts to induce the House of Commons to hear his views on the subject.    Solemnly he arises, and  members guess what is coming.    Mr. Ginnell informs the House that he is in
a position to make shocking revelations, and just as lie is getting into
his stride it is discovered that most
nf the   members   have   disappeared,
and thp House is counted out.    'Ti*
very    strange,    and    curinus-mind-d
i people outside the House \v*luld like
i tu see Mr. Ginnell given a tree hand
to probe the mystery.   Thc member
for    Westmeath    declares    that    the
I jewels could tie recovered nt any time.
nnd a great scandal is being hushed
I up to save  persons in  high  places.
' In  fact, Mr.  Ginnell recently called
I on the Irish Secretary "to lay Ihem
I nn the table o' the House."    A roar
\ went up at the possible prospect of
i English. Irish. Scotch, and Welsh, io
say  nothing ot   other   nationalities.
, scrambling for the precious jewels.
In private life there is no suggestion of the sleuth-hound about Mr
Ginnpll.    He  wears a beard,  and  a
well-fitting frock coat.   Though he is
self-educated, he is a member of l*oth
the Irish and Knglish Bar. and helped to found the Irish Literary Society
in London,
That a plaited skirt may tie kept
in extremely narrow hues is evidenced
by this French frock of dove gray
lansdowne—a silk and worsted weave
—wblcb has an entirely new tuuicover
a side plaited skirt
For tht Braakfsst Table.
A convenient adjunct of tbe break-
fast table for two la in electric toaster
whlcb will toast most daintily two
slices of bread ln a minute and a half.
Ths price Is about $S.
A Subtle Jab.
"This piece of luce ou my dress Is
over Htty years old "
"It's beautiful. Did yon mnke It
yourself?"—New Orleans Times Demo
He Remembered, s
She-Ton brute'    When I po^pented
to msrry yon I can't think where my
bead waa    He- On my shoulder, dear
-London Opinion
"There is nothing new under tho
snn," remarked the man who has a
penchant for trite quotiitionR.
"Huh!" snorted the collector. "I
guess you never started out to look for
antique furniture."—Paker.
Her Time.
"Tt takes my wife three days to po
to a picnic."
"How Is thatr
"She takes a day to fret ready, a day
to go and a day to get over lt"-Sncrcd
Heart Renew.
, Sad Mistake.
!   General—They're going: to conrt mar-
tlal Trumpeter Jones.
Colonel- Wliaffor?
Genera 1-TryIns; to play "Boo.* and
huddles" on a shoe bora.-Chansml.
Singing For a Peerage.
Lord Castlemaine recently underwent the unpleasant experience of see*
ing his residence, Moydru i Castle,
near Athlone, partly burnt to the
gro-ini. He is the lifth baron, and
one of Ireland's representative peers.
Thu story of how tlie . mily enter*
ed the peerage is not without humor.
William Handcock, who was the first
Lord Castleniaine, represented Athlone in the Irish Parliament. There is
this entry after his name to be found
in Harrington's historic list: "An extraordinary instance; he made and
sang songs against the Union in 1799
at a public dinner of the Opposition;
and made anJ sang songs lor it in
1800; he got a peerage." Evidently
this accommodating politician did uot
mind on which side of the fence be
fell so long as it was the comfortable
Beresford  vs.  Churchill.
The  long-threatened  and   much-ad-
vertised   suit   between   Lord   Charles
I Beresford   and  the   terrible   Winston j
Churchill   has  resulted   in  a   unani-;
; mous verdict foi tlie defendant.   The j
I two litigants are fond of the limelight. I
; and neither of them has had much of i
: it of late, so that they were feeling >
[ like   the   Irishman  who   complained J
: that he was "blue-mouldy for want ol
a beating."   The "oright and breexy" I
' Charlie never lookod so limp as when j
\ the First Lord had finished with him. '
I for    Winnie    had  —  metaphorically ;
■ speaking — taken Charlie across his ,
! knee and spanked him unmercifully, j
! "Lulu"  Harcourt once said  of  Lord
[ Charles that he was for ever talking |
politics on the quart.'1 deck and navigation in the House u- Commons, und \
i Churchill bubbled ever with epigrams i
i of a not less dead'y type.    Perhaps j
i his heaviest broadside was contained |
! in the sentence: "The noble lord nev-
! er knows what he ta going to say when
\ he is up, and he n -v.r knows what he
has said when he sits down."
Infanta Eufalia of Spain Writes a
Beauty Book.
Tbe Infanta Kulnlin. aunt of Kins
Alfonso of Spain, has published another volume, entitled "For Women."
A former book by the princess. "The
Thread of Life," was published in defiance of tbe king.
"Women ought to ne beautiful." saya
this royal authoress iu ber new book.
Their beauty, said Buskin, can never
become too greut for the good of humanity nor sprend too far Its light.
Ugliness in a woman is a painful thing
that exercises a most depressing influence on those about her. On the other
hand, a beautiful face creates cheerfulness and stimulates human effort.
The woman upon whom the tired
eyes of ber husband after bis day's
work do not rest with pleasure is falling in her proper role, which Is to be a
center of harmony, a mirror of beauty.
Tbe world pardons many faults to a
beautiful woman because Rhe adorns,
the world and on which she confers •.
"favor," as Kmerson said, by the mere*
fact of her preseuce.
Swallow's  Long Trip.
A    communication     from    Utrecht,
Natal, conveys the interesting fact
that a swallow ringed al Kusehill.
Cheadle, Staffordshire, by Mr. J. R.
B. Masefield on May 6, 1911, was
caught at the farm of Mr. J. Mayer,
Koodeyand, 18 miles from Utrecht,
on Dec. 23 last. There was a metal
label round a leg of the bird with
the words, "Witherby. High Hoi born.
London." and ou the other side
MB 830."
A Veteran Home Ruler.
1     Several veterans voted on the Home
I Rule Bill, and the appearance of Mr.
■ Robert Cameron in the British House
of Commons attracted much interest.
: Mr. Cameron, who sits for the Hough-
1 ton-le-Spring  Division  ot  Durham  us
a Liberal, is eighty-eight years of age,
and the second oldest member in the
House of Commons.   Though he has
been in very indifferent health of late
! he insisted in taking part in thc his*
; tone division, and thus he has main-
; tained a remarkable record.   He enter*
: ed Parliament in 1886 and voted for
Home  Rule   in   1886,  1892,  and   1913.
Pew remain who heard Mr. Gladstone
I introduce his first Home  Rule  Bill.
and Mr. Cameron has witnessed some
j remarkable changes in political life.
For Amateur Photographers.
People fond of taking uuiatetir photographs or who have photographs
which they wish to place In their
rooms will find the ready made easel
backs to attach to tbem u great convenience. These are 10, If. nr 'Jf. cents
a dozen, or they muy be had in a set
of three sizes lo make lip, (Hue is provided wlili these sets iiimI a tube of
library paste as well, llie whole for
50 cents Another handy item Is a little box of tags 111 three sizes, which ure
excellent for the brigjmge **r the person
who makes week end visits, Three
dozen tugs iu a box arc piked at '-'"_
Practical Glove.,
practical, economical and smart looking gloves which will appeal particularly to the welt dressed business woman are made on the heavily stitched
mannish order and fasten with a single
large button. They strongly resemble
glare kid. but may be as readily washed fn a hand basin with soap aud water an chamois gloves and, like ihem.
come tn tan and white.
Isles ot the Bleat.
Between the Island of   Madagascar
and the coast of India  there are 16,-
two islands, only 600 of which are in* j
habitated.    In most of these islands \
a mau cun live and support his fam-
ily  in  luxury  without working more i
than twenty-five days in the year, or
at all,  as   nature  provides  the  food
and no clothes are required.
Anti-suffragist Colors.
Black, white and American Beauty
roses are the colors the antbautYrnglsts
hare adopted as a contrast with tbe
vivid yellow standards of their "votes
for women" sisters. At a recent gathering one bluck haired woman showed
the possibilities of Ihe "antis'" colors
hy wearing a gown of American beauty chiffon over white, with u black vel*
ret picture bnt
Fight Co.t  £30,000.
It Is estimated thst the British Med'
leal Association has spent £30,000 ic
flohtirur the Insurance Act
Hslpl HtlpI
ltlaudysHiliofogogoeh ii the name of
_. viiUge in Anglesea; for the postal
purposes the first 30 letters are a sufficient address.
The "Divine Sarah" Says-
Sarah Bernhardt Is quoted us paying
her respects to Isabella of Bnvarla,
consort of Charles **l. of Prance. In
this wise: "It Is to her thnt we owe
the Invention of the corset, but It was
she, too, who sold the half of Prance
to England. There wss no crime of
which thst woman was not cipibla.w THK     ISUX-Klt    ClMHr.llUN'li  B.C.
Published  erery   Saturday   at   Cumherluud,   DC.  by
Islander Printing k Publishing L'miipauy
Edward W. B-iekle, Editor.
Advertising mlc* furnished un application.
Sn'n-.'liplluii price j'l.'.O pel yenr, pnynlile in iidvitiii.
Tlie aditof dooa nol  hold   himself responsible for flows expiessei
Successor t. A. McKinnell.
Ice Cream,
■■.  _B_a v^^^m^em i.i ii u i.l ijm ■ ■-. l <***)* g_Bg "■■■' ■      B__e-_--B--B
__________________   'i    I   __________ i. i'  "r  i'i I — •'   ■■»
" I HAVE received hundreds "I' letters from  Liberals in
various parts of the country, wlm say the// arc disgusted will)
lite conduct ol tin- Opposition ami will work nnd vote for the
(lonsei'vat-ive /-arty next time,
- Rt. lion. R. L. Borden in tlio House
of Commons, May 0. 1913.
Special Sale of Men's Suits
Is view of his nnst utterances llie presuil attitudes of Sir
Wilfrid Laurier ami his followers is quite inconprelieiisible i"
the. British press raid people.
Gommentiug <>n the possible blocking of the Ntiv.tl Bill hy
theSenatoat Laurier. dictation, thc Loudon Daily Telegrnph
had the following In soy Uie other da//:
" 'fhe whole Empire will suffer in prestige if the Imperial
aid offered by the Canadian Government is after nil withheld
by a vote of the Senate, as Laurier. speech suggests. The
mere possibility o.f such an affront lo :i res|ionsiblo cabinet ami
to the ideal it cherishes ought to be avoided .it all costs.
Thesb prayers for a general election on the part ol the
liiberal leaders are merely vain and idle bonslings, ll is hard
to understand the condition of miud which gives birth to ihe
assertion that the loyul people of Canada would turn out of
office a government which stands for British connection ami
our fair share in the burdens of Empire defence. -1ml mi one
knows better than Laurier tbat an elect ion on ihe issue now
before the peoplo would result in iho destruction of .the mere
remnant of Liberalism which sustained Ihe reciprocity/ hurricane.
LAOftiKE is quoted as saying al. tlie Toronto meeting
"Defence like charity should begin at home," Thai is a
splendid yjious affirmation of the true Laurier school, When
Laurier had the opportunity of showing what his ideas were
regarding naval' defence, he bought the Niobe and Rainbow
and called upon tbe people to witness what he was doing lor
the. Empire, iu open-mouthed admiration. It is a uniginlieonl'
thing lo boast of the ability of the motherland I" defend the
Empire against ail comers, ll is a more magnificent thing to
•a.s-sist in that defence in tlie very way suggested hy the
Liberals in the House of Coin?/ s aie as opposed i" the
closure to-day as they were in favour of il in I ill I, Which
shows that ihe swallowing capacity of ihe Opposition has nol
been in.p_ir.cl, whatever els.- may have happened. The men
wbo advocated closure in loll vote iir/ninsl il in L91*.. The
men who obstruct in 1913 were loud in iheir condemnation "i
obstruction in 1911,
Regular $86.00 values for $31,00
85.00 " " 80.00
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with Collars, ¥1.50 up
Men's Combination
Collar Shirts, $1,26 up
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"    17,5() $1,110 per suit up.
Hard and Soft Felt Hats $1,25 up.    Boy's Shirts OOc. up
Footwear of Every Description
Macfarlane Bros.
"The Corner Store," Cumberland, B. C.
Unless it concerns you.
Comox Co-operative Society
Purveyors of Meat, Fish and Farm Produce.
ox nv.v.v BEST QUALITY ONLV dairy vr.D roiiK
Home Cured Bacon (unsmokecl)    20c. per lb,
Best Smoked Bacon     ....  -    25c.
Genuine Wiltshire Bacon     28c.
Very Best Desert Apples Obtainable  .   $1.05 per box
Hams, best (Fresh every week)  ___ .       23c, per lb,
Home Made Mincemeat .     _.       25c.
Fresh Cabbage   .       ■_... ..      ._         5c.
Best Onion „. per 0 lbs.    25c.
Potatoes Al Quality    $1.00 per sack-
Carrots .... .,    ..           ....     1.50
English White Turnips   1.50
Halibut ami Salmon, best fresh, lowest market prices.
Local Fresh Eggs, 35c. per do.., 3 doz. t'or $1.00.
Orders by phone promptly attended lo,       Phone 25.
Sealed tenders will'be received
by the Ministorof Lands not later
than   noon  on the  16th  day of
Piio'arc anH    I.bine, 1013, lor the purchase of
v-Mgcuo ani-i    Ljconco No. x(>_, being 605,000
Tnko/*f,n(, feet of timber on Lot No. 230.
I OOaCCOSlHoskin Inlet, Valdesi Island. Sayward District.   One year will be.
allowed  for tlie removal nf the
timber.   Particulars ot H.  R.
MacMillan, Chief Forester, Victoria, B.C.
McKinnell's Old Stand.
Ouiisiimir Ave., CUMBERLAND
CEALED TENDERS will bo re-
43 ceived by the Minister of
Lands not later than noon on the
26th day of May, 191:!, Tor the
purchase of Licence X33, to cut
2,560,000 i'eot of timber on a parcel of laud al Ibe suuth end of
Haslam Lake, adjoining Lot 01!!,
Group 1, New Weslinininstei
District. Two yoars will be
allowed   for the  removal of this
| timber.
i    Particulars of the Chief For
ester, Victoria, B.C.
WANTED -Lots or acreage for
which will trade some stock in
Iono of Vancouver's leading linan
jcial companies that is earning 12
| per cent. Property must be nn-
I encumbered,   Address  "13-46,"
fhe Islander.
For Sale 1 Chestnut Mare,
four years, about 1,100 lbs; 1 bay
mare, four years, about 1,000 lbs;
1 bay mare, three years, about
1,000 lbs; 1 bay mare, aged, aboul
11,000 His; I bay gelding, aged,
about 1.000 lbs. Details on application. No reasonable offer
refused. Apply Box 130, at this
The Store of
The Store of
The Big Store
The very latest
in Men's
Mr. .1. Jordan, "1 Naii'iimo, writ in;/ io Ihe United Mine
Workers Journal of the 1.0th inst. ami signing himself as flee.
See. of Local Union iM.'r.i. District 28,snys: "For eight .Months
tbo men of Cutn/'crland have been on strike.' II u Would like
lo point out for the information of lie- coal miners of Nanaimo
that there is no strike in' Cumberland, and the mines are working every day producing <l   i thly output thai   runs all the
wny.from.'Hi,000 lo Iii,000 tons. Any person taking a walk
in the morning ean see miners proceeding in all directions to
tbo various mines for ibe purpose of jtnittin;/ in their day's
work. If one diverts his attention to the railway he will .ci!
locomotivesgoiti(/ mil with 20 or 30 loaded cars of coal. Tie'
stranger arriving in Cumberlcnd bas often been beard lo pass
Ihe remark there is no strike here -Tusl watch the men going
to work, look at ttie lo mIi d ears of ctml ojl their wav hi I ni"ii •
Bay. TheU.'M. W, ot A. is defeated on Vancouver Island,
lhat urg-Uization is a total failure,
We have just put in stock
this week our Hi_l spring
shipmenl of llie mosl tip-*
to-date CLOTH I NO in
BLACK, These mv all
exceptionally well tailored,
and in nothing lad the
\ Newest in Spring and
Summer Styles.
Our motto is Quality and
Finish   First  then  Price.
Prices range
$16 to $28
Wc invite inspection
Grocers & Bakers
Doalors in all kinds of Oood
Wet Goods
Bost Broad and Boor in Town
Agonts for Pilsener Boor
IN THE MATTER of an application for a fresh Certificate of
Title to the South 1-2 of Lot Ki
(except 20 acres thereof) and the
North part of fractional North
West 1-1 of Section l!0, Township
11. Map 551 (except. 8-10 acres
and 5 acres thereof), Nelson
of my intention at the expiration
of one calendar month from the
lirst publication hereof lo issue a
fresh GertifiCato of Title in lieu
of (lie Certificate of Title issued
lo William lliillon and .lohn Ramsay on the 11th day of March,
BIOS, and numbered 17380 C,
which has been lost.
Dated al. Land Registry Office,
Victoria, B.C., this 28th day
or April. 1013.
Registrar General of Titles.
Barrister,   Solicitor   and.!
Notary Public
F6r absolute protection write a Policy in
Liverpool, England.
TOTAL ASSETS, *_6.78_,93
Local Agent
Spring Cleaning
Wc Inire Smoky City to clean the walls,
Wallpapers "Jienew," Linoleums for Ihe,
Floors, Polish fur the Furniture, Winds
and Curtains for the Windows.
A fill line of Furniture, lied*, Dfatlress,
rind Uunijes always nn hand,
The Furiiture Store'*
A.   M-KIN.NON      Cumberland B.O
m_w iUK l-_A-t_*KK, ixmbrcrtl-AM.',    B.<
Is not the best car in the world but is positively
the BEST VALUE for the money. Al\, competitor; admit it by saying it is too much for the
money. We have not found many people who
object to (nil value for their money in automobiles
and you gel it in the Studehalier.
25 H.P., fully eqipped,
With Presto Self-Starter, d>1 *1 <JC A A
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35 H.P., Electric Self-Starter beautiful $1650.00
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At the Cumberland  Hotel for a tew
more days. Inquire lor Mr. King or Mr.
Uae for demonstration, or
Capital Paid Up $11,560,000
Reserve Fund $13,000,000
0F eHNAOft
Dp&fts lssuotl ln any currency, payable all ovor the world
highest current rates allowed on duposlts of SI and upwards
CUMBERLAND, B.C., Ui-ucli*-   -    -     OPEN DA!-"
D. M. Morrison, Manager
R. H. Hardwicke, Manager.
The Depot
Barber Shop
Hair Cut or Trimmed
Beard Trimmed
Plain Shampoo
Lemon and Egg Shampoo
AU Tonics
The finest Cigars and the best ol
Tobaccos always on hand.
T. B. Johnson
Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations
COAL raining rights of tho Dominion
ManittibA, ISa_k»tchi.Wiin and Alberta,
tho Yukon Territory, the Northwest Terri
toriea and in a portion of tho Proviuoo <>f
British Columbia, may ho leased for a term
f twenty-one years at an annual rental of
$1 an aero. Not more than 2,500acres
will be leased to oue applicant,
Application fur a lease muat bo made by
tho applicant in parson to tho Agent or sub
Agent of tho district in which the rights
applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must bo
described by sections, or Icqal subdivisions
f section., Hnd iu utisurveyed territory
the tract applied for ahull bo stuked out by
-heappl.caitt himaolf.
K.chapplication must be accompanied
by a ftie of So which will be refunded if the
rights applied foraro not available, but not
otherwise. A royalty shall bo paid on ihe
merchantable output of tho mine at the
rate uf live cents per ton.
The person operating the mino shall
furnish tbo Agent with worn return* accounting fur the full quantity of merchantable coal mined ami pay tho royalty
thereon. If the coal mining rights are
not being operated, auch roturns shall bo
furnished at least onco a yoar.
Tho lease will include the coal mining;
rights only, but the ffissoe may bo permitted to purehaso whatever available sur
face rights may bo considered ndcessary
for the working 6t the mine at the rate of
010 OOanacre.
For full information app.ici.t_un ahould j
be made to the Secretary of tho Department of the Interior, Ottawa,  or to  any
Agent or Sub- Agent of Dominion Lauds ,
Deputy Ministorof thelntottor.
N.B- Unauthorized publication of thin
adv6rtit.en.eiit will not be paid for.
Paricsi ILU-Sl hool
G_-.AI.KD TENDERS, aupcracribed
'•Tender for fartavillo School,"
will be received by fchft Honourable tlio
Minister of I'.ublio Works up to noon
ut Friday, the 10th day of Mny,
1913, for tho erection and completion
of a one-room sohool-house ar Parks-
\illo, in tho 4 .barn. Electoral District,
Plans, speoificfltions, contract, and
forms of tonder may be soon on and
after tlm 21st day of April, 1013, at
the offico of Mr, G. W. Ponsford, Sec
rotary of School Board, Parks villa, B.C,
George Thomson, Oovorninont Agent,
Nanaimo; Mr. -I. Kirk up, Government
Agent, .illcm., li. C\; and at tlio Department oi Work*., Ptirliuiueut Uuild*
ing-, Victoria, !>. t',
Intruding tondorors by applying to
tho undersigned can obtain n copy of
Ihe plans aud specifications fnr tin1 sum
of ten dollars ($10), wwich will bo
refunded on their return in good order.
Each proposal must lie accompanied
by an accepted bauk cheque or certificate uf deposit on a chartered bank of
Canada, mado payable to tho flbnour-
itblo tbo Ministoi of Public Works, for
a sum equal to 10 per cent, of tbe
tender, which shall I o forfeited if the
party tondoriug decline to enter intu
contract when callod upon to do bo, or
if ho fail to complete tho work contracted for. Tbo cheques or certificates
ot" deposits of unsuccessful tenderers
will bo returned lo them upon the
execution of the contract.
Tenders will not bo considered un
less made out on tbe forms supplied,
signed with tbo actual signature of
the tenderer, and enclosed iu tbe
onvelopos furnished.
Tbe lowest or any tender not
necessarily accepted.
Public Works Engineer,
Department of Public Works,
Victoria,!}. V., April IS/A, 1913.
-*-_. -*■--_._<>. _»♦.»>__■•-- _ *■'•)-»*«. '
Mra. Simnifl will give lossouti on the
piaiiu nt ht'i-h use in .ti*ni!'i»l<jin, formei'ly
i,wncd by Air. <i*m.- Stuwart, at any
time hy appiitnilnent, pxcepl  TuoB'lHys
Cumberland, B.C., March 8,1913
This ia tu certify that J. Newbury holds my power of attorney
(o receive and sign all documents
and cheques.   Henry Hallway
J, Newbury, Attorney.
Auctioneers.      Eire ana Liie Insurance.
Farms, Bush Lands. Desirable Lots and
Bungalows in Courtenay, B.C., V.l.
Auction Sales of Real Property, Farm Stock, Furniture,
etc., conducted on the shortest notice at
reasonable terms.
Phone 10 Court. >»ay, B.C.
We have all kinds o!" Silks imported direct
from Japan; Cream, Blue, White, Pink and
Grey. Price 65c. to $1.25 per yard.
Pongee Silk, 55c. to $1.50 per yard.
i Duilttiaulr 7-Veutl.-
6-.niber.-_r._l, B. ©.
Would you like to have
a few acres close to
Acreage cleared or un in proved.
Write us or Phone22Courtenay.
Fire and Life
"~ :.r._r rs •g^?r^'?^.n^'^rTyg.i'j'.-i»-'W-MRtg
PRKNOWS come, and tH.ti.nutl gf».
And stars their ountra.tl r-.v.r,
Uut "P-anuu, pup-urn, ciii.iiy. Qb«ff<  j
Ing sum, lee COtd drinks, mn t i**lt
the player without u program. uuitL*
wicli-a. who wan .a u cigar."
_k*tn tu ii- on (ur.ver.
—Cincifinuii Enquirer.
Compdl.ins and da news go,
Vanialied tha yreat and elaw,
But "Books and lyrics by Harry B. Prntth.
costlimes  dt-siK'ifd   by   Mm.   -■IttiiK.
wigs  from  So-atid-su't una  Kanvry
painted  by  Bjones"
fcet-ui tu go on torever,
— Denver Kepubllci.n.
Puce talks come nnd peace talk- go
In beautiful endeavor,
But "Bulgara Smash the Turk? Again,"
"War Breaks uut In Salvador."
"Diaz Runa Madero Out." "Ureal.
Warships Attack UalUpoH" and "Ulo
Indians Go on the Warpath"
teem to gu on forever,
—Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Exact  Location.
It doesn't always pay » lawyer to
b« item with the opposing wttuessei*
wbeu Grose examluitig thent. Tliey
are often as clever as the attorney,
and the fulluwing anecdote UlUfltrateH
how one witness "put oue over" ou u
bright young lawyer:
"Sir." said the lawyer sternly, "yoa
need not state your impressions. Wu
want facts. Now. henceforward answer me categorically. Vou say you
live neit door to the defendant'/"
**To the north of him'."
•To the south?"
"To the west, then?**
"A-i." aaid the lawyer sarcastically,
"it last we are likely to get down to
one real fact Vou live to tbe east of
hltn, do you?"
"How is that, Rir?" said the aston-
lahed attorney. "Yon say yon itve
next door to him, yet you live neither
to tbe east, west, south nor north.
What do you mean by that sir?"
"I thought perhaps you were incompetent to form tbe impression tbat we
Ure In a flat," said tbe witness, "but
1 aee I must inform you that be Uvea
next door above me."—Fun.
every day. Post-mortem
examinations often show
that tuberculosis had been
arrested by strengthening
the lungs before the germs
gained mastery.
You can strengthen your
resistance-power by taking
Scott's Emulsion. It contains available energy in concentrated form, which quickly
nourishes all the organs ol" the
body. It repair* waste— makes
rich, active blood and supplies
energy to thm starving cells. It'*
timely uae enable* the body to
resist tuberculosis.
For stubborn colds and
bronchitis nothing compares
with Scott's Emulsion,
Refuse substitutes — insist on
Scott & Bowne, Toronto. Ontario   12-H.7
A wealthy New Vork banker while to
London went Into a shop to purchase a
Mt ot deenntere.
Not having the necessary amount of
money on bis person at the time, be
gave-his address at Jbe hotel and In
■trncted tbe cleric to murk then) 0. 0.1>.
Tbe clerk made note of tbe request,
bnt the purchaser was urprlsed to tlnd
the goods left at tbe bote] without de*
mind fur payment. In a short while,
however, be unpacked tbe parcel, and
It developed thut each decanter bud
been beautifully en-raved In twining
letters "0. O. D."—Ltppincott's.
Anxious to Be Firm.
"Now, Itnfus, I hope I huve convinced you that tbere are no such
thlngs as ghosts."
"Yassuh.   You baa convinced me."
"You are absolutely sure?"
"Yassuh. An' all 1 bones is dat no
fhos' am g'lnter come along an' force
ma to change my mind."—Washington
Tha Tariff Talking Parent Had
Where He Wanted Him.
A CLERGYMAN" says tbat be bas
wituessed some amusing Incidents In connection wltb mar-
I riage ceremonies, but thut or these
| none was quite so upsetting to tbe dlg-
i nity ot all concerned as tbat whlcb occurred in a wedding of bis own making.
When tbe ceremony bad been completed and tbe usual congratulations
had been offered tbe pastor turned to
the assemblage and said:
"We have all known these young
people. We Imve seen tbem grow up
from children, und now tbat tbey have
entered tbe holy state of matrimony
perhups sume of tbelr old friends and
neighbors may have some special wurd
to say to them."
For a moment there was no response
to this suggestion. Then from his position emerged the father nf Uie bride,
wbo delivered himself as follows:
"I ain't certain tbat I can add anything Important to what has been snid"
Then, after a solemn and uncomfortable glance about him which betrayed
bis embarrassment, his eye fortunately fell upon a nelgbbor, a political opponent, who would never give heeo> to
tbe old mnu's views on certuln matters
relating to tariff reform. The father's
face brightened, aud ln an Inspired
way he exclaimed:
"But this seems a good chance f.nd
one which ought not be neglected, now
that Blank is here, and I should like to
say a few words ou the subject of
tariff reform!"—Harper's Bazar.
Shooting Paper Pellets for Sport Dis
closes Identity to Detective
Paris, France. — The Paris police
1ih\ a captured tiie nuioriuut* bandit
named l.aooui.e, who since December
lull, bus beet, actively sougnt lor in
every part uf France.
Hit. arrest wu~ due to the chance
presence la the Boulevard de la Villi tte uf two   young   inspectors   who
I were loitering iu tlie district fair. As
tliey passed a show outside which t~
. ten were buying, tbelr attentiou was
utir<u.teil by an onlooker who was
shooting little aper pellets at tbe
boxers. As Ins hand shot forward
one of tbe detect.v.3 noticed beiween
] tbe   thumb   uud   tbe   index   unger
' heurt tutioucd.
Suddenly be recollected tbat the description of Lacombe mentioned a
heirt tattooed on the right hand, and
drew ins eoninule's attention. Bo. i
had a good look; at the man, and after
a hurried conference oue of the inspectors fetched Police Commissary
DuponnolB. When they were certain
from a photograph that the man was
Lacombe, the three police - olllcers
elused round him, seized his arms and
pulled them lebind htm, Tiie pris-
ulier Made a quick luuveuieul to reach
his coat pocket, but he was too late.
tn his posses ton were two loaded revolvers, two bombs containing the explosive known *s chuddile. aud two
The crimes with which Lacombe is
charged include thc murdo: of a factory foreman at Decazuviih two years
ugo, the killing of a ticket collector
named .harry at Les Aubrais station
near Orleans last September, the
shooting of M, Cartier, postmaster at
Bezona, In November, and the murder
of Ducra: in his lodgings at the office
uf the Anarchist Journal I,'Idee Libre
In the Passage de Cllchy last December. When interrogated by the exam,
tning magistrate the bandit denied
participation ln the Decazevllle crime,
but confessed to committing the three
murders at Les Aubrais, Bezona and
the Passage de Cllchy.
Lacombe suspected Ducret, a fellow
anarchist, of having tried to betray
him. Entering Ducret's lodging at
midnight, Lacombe menaced tbe man
and his wife with twe revolvers and
kept tbem for six hours in a state of
terror. As daylight was breaking
he discharged both weapons fatally
wounding Ducret, but missing the woman. Then he too?: to llight and
eluded the police for three months.
Hia Rival.
"Why does Pidgin look so woebegone?'
"Hia best girl told him sbe adored
Maurice Maeterlinck, and Pidgin thiuka
ke baa a dangerous rival In town."-*
Birmingham Age-Herald.
Hia Gueee,
She— I wonder why this Venus of
Ullo was ever declared to be a model
woman. Be—I guess lt was because
Ihe couldn't go through her husband's
pockets.—Baltimore American.
Looked Like Raw Meat. Itched and
Burned So Badly Could Not Rest
Night or Day. Arms Sore from
Wrist to Elbow. Cuticura Soap
and Ointment Completely Cured.
Lower Tllsndforcl. Nova Scotia.—"Throo
years ago I became troubled with sore arms.
It came as a r_.li. My arm*, looked like
raw moat and itched and burned so badly
I could not rust nlBht or day. When I
scratched tbey hocaino awfully soro. As
Ions as the weathor was warm It didn't
bother me so much, but In winter It was
almost unbearable My arms were sore
from tho wrist to tho elhow.
"1 used Bovoral euros which worn recommended to mo but without any avail. I
sew how I could set a samplo of Cuticura
Beep and Ointment whlcb I did. I used
the samples and found an Improvement.
Whenever I applied the Cuticura ointment
the Itching and burning ceased. I sot a
full-sized bos of Cuticura ointment and a
cake of Cuticura Soap and only used about
b_f whon It disappeared and since then I
have not been troubled. That was six
months ago. Cuticura Hoap and Ointment
Completely cured nie." (Signed) Mils £1-0
I. Zlnck, Mar. 7,1012.
Cuticura Soap and Ointment do no much
fer pimples, blockheads, red, rough skins,
Itching, ecaly scalps, dandruff, dry, thin nnd
failing hair, chapped bonds and sbap«ii*s
___ with painful finger-ends, that it Is
almost criminal not to use them. A single
cake of Cuticuro Soap and box of Cuticura
Ointment are often suflicient when all else
baa failed. Bold everywhere. Liberal
samplo of each mailed freo, with 32-p. Skin
Bonk. Address post card Potter Drug A
C-em. Corp.. D«P** s»D.. Boston, V. S. A
It was'while on n)_(ie-vers and ,
soldier was ftfhg med for the shooting
of a chicken on prohibited ground.
"Look here, my man," said the com.
mainline ollicer to the farmer who
brought the accusation, "are you quite
certain this is the man wbo shot your
bird'/ Will you swear to him';"
"No, I won't do that." replied the
man, "but I will sav he's the man 1
suspect o' doing It"
"That's not enough to convict a
man!" retorted tbe C. 0., considerably
nettled. What raised your suspicions'*"
"Well, sir, replied tbe sturdy farmer,
as he slowly mopped his forehead wit!:
his baudanna, "It waa this way. I see
Im on my property with a gun; then I
heerd the gun go oil: then 1 see 'Im
/putting the chicken into his knnpsnek,
and It didn't seem sense, nohow, to
think the bird committed suicide."—
A Safe Bet.
A Durham farmer wus traveling to
London to consult a lawyer when the
fear struck him that he had left cer
tain important papers behind. Be made
a hurried search or his bag,
"If 1 did leave those papers," be re
marked. "I'm a fool!"
The search proceeded, and a moment
later he snid:
"1 believe it'll turn out I'm a fool!"
Just as he was examining tbe last
bundle of papers he exclaimed:
"Well, I'll bet I'm a fool!"
A man on the other side of the compartment lowered his newspaper for a
moment and said slowly and deliberately:
"Oblige me, sir, by laying a little
money the seme way for me."—Tit-
Attacked by Asthma. The first
fearful sensation is of suffocation,
which hour by hour becomes more desperate and hopeless. To such a case
the relief afforded hy Dr. J. D. Kell-
ogg's Asthma Remedy seems nothing
less than miraculous. Its help is
quickly apparent nnd soon ihe dreadful nttack is mastered. The asthmatic who has found out the dependability of this sterling remedy will never
be without It.     It Is sold everywhere.
Their Complexions Were Creamy
Munich.—Joseph Klelnert. a farmer
at Pfaffenhofen, Bavarin, after being
fined $250 for sending watered milk-
to Munich, discovered that the cam
had been tartly filled up with chalky
water by his three young daughters,
who were in the habit of skimmlne
the best of the milk and using it
un a wash to beautify their complexions.
Five Miles up
Paris.—M.  Perreyon. the    airman
ascended  to a  height of more than
five miles at Euc recently.    This constitutes a world's :-ecord.
Don's Remarkable Journey
London.—Some time ago the Rev.
W Y. Fullerton removed from Leicester to Iondon. He brought with
him a terrier, whlc! was sent back to
1 •'coster and then to Birmingham. A
few days aftei Its -rrtval thjrc It disappeared and lt was subsequently
found by the police in the metropolis.
The dog's condition was Biich that it
Is believed it found its way from Birmingham to London by road, a distance
uf 100 miles.
A Sad Day
What do you .onsider tho Baddest
day of your life?
The day I consented ito let m;,
wife dc her own cooking.
Tripoli's First Pla;
Cairo.—For the flrBt time during
its existence ot nearly 2000 years, the
tewn of Tripoli ha- witnessed a theatrical performance, the piece given
being Lehar's opere. 'Eva.' Tho Arab
element was strongly represented
among the audience.
W. N. U. Mt
A number of autograph letters by
George Meredith were sold lor $2,200
at a recent London auction sale, and
an autographed song by Burns, consisting ol three stanzas of four lines
each, realized $245.
The autograph score ol Wagner's
"Rule, Britannia" overture, written in
1840 for tho London Philharmonic Society, but never produced, was bought
lor $1,475. It was lost for many years,
and lound at Leicester eight years
Golf Links.
The orthodox number of eighteen
holes, it seems, was fixed hy pure
chance. Tiiere were originally twenty-two holes on St. Andrews links,
and so it continued till 1764, when
the first four holes were converted
int. two. Thenceforward every full
course has been laid out to correspond
with the alma mater.—London Sain**
da; Review.
Remarks About Nourishing Food
"A physician's wife gave me a pack-
r.gJ of Gr:.pe-Nu*.s one day, wilh tlie
remark that she was sure I would find
'*-e food very beneficl.', both for my
own use and for my patients. I was
particularly ;'.tr_cte- to the Ijod, as
at thut time the weather was very
hot and I appreciated the fr.ot that
Grape-Nuts requi eo no cooking.
"The food was deliciously crisp, and
most inviting to the appetite. Aftor
making use of It twice a day for
three or four weeks, I discovered thr'.
It was a most wonderful Invigorator.
l.used to sufler greatly from exhaustion, headaches and depression of Bplr-
Its. My work bad been very trying
ut times and Indigestion had set ln.
"Now I am always well and ready
for any amount of work, have an abundance of active energy, cheerfulness
and mental poise. I have proved to
my entire satisfaction that this change
has been brought about by Grape-Nuts
"The fact that it Is predlgested is a
very desirable fe ure. 1 have had
many remarkable results ln feeding
Grape-Nuts to nv patients, and I cannot speak too highly of the food. My
friends constantly coramet. on tho
change In my appearance. I have
gained 9 unds since beginning the
use of this food."
"There's a : tson." Read the little
book, "Tho r.oa.' to ellvir.e" ln
Ever read i J above letter? A new
on: appears from time to time. They
are genuine, true, and full of human
Interest. '
Cure Your Sore Throat
Nerviline Will Do It
Blessed  Relief    Co-.e..    Quick,    You
Get Comfort,  Every  Pain  Disappears
"Experience has taught me that the
quickest way to cure a sore threat is
with Nerviline," writes Mrs. Enoch
P. .Maclean. "My children always
seem to g*t wet feet and stay out in
the cold, and in consequence I have
to keep a good household remedy
hundy. I .ub In Nerviline almost
every hour, give tho children »ay
twenty drops In hot swee:ened water,
and make them garg' with it. 1
have yet to see the cold this won't
break up qt.tckly.
From the La Harve Islands, N.S.,
Mrs. John Walfielu writes: — "We
have been using Nerviline for about
nine years, and find it excellent.
When we lind aiy of us getting u cold
we take Norviline in hot water. It
is a sure relief for it, and is also .n
instant relief for Internal pains of any
The remarkable pain-subduing power of Norviline and its ability to check
colds, inlluenza rnd sore throat is Tin-
equalled. Evory home should have
Nerviline handy on the shelf for sud-
den illness at night* like cramps or
internal pains. Lnrge family size.
50c; trial size 25c, at all storekeepers
or druggists, or The Catarrhozone Co.,
Buffalo, N.Y.
Prison Wedding
Paris.—A widow named Bbndeau.
recently sentenced to two years hard
labor will be mart'ed shortly in Versailles prison to .-n old sweetheart,
Jean Jacq lev.
Arson by a Cat
London.—A fire was caused at Dover recently b" a cat knocking over an
oil-lamp at Mr. Dab's bakery, Tower
. iamlets-road. Tue building wus destroyed .
A Fine Free Chow
The little mau had taken his wife
and children to see the travelling
show. After viewing all the sights
that could be viewed for nothing, tho
entire family lined up in front of a
large booth, which tdvertlsed in huge
letters on the outside: The Grand
Elk—The Wonder of the World.
On a small ledge In front of this
booth paced the showman himself,
entreating all and sundry to come up
and view. Presently his attention
was attracted by tho little ran who
gnzed earnestly and wistfully at him,
'Eve. you, ho called. Ain't yer
comln' up?   It's only sixpence.
But the little man only ■_ iok his
Can't he '.llspered. It would cost
me tleven shillings If I did. Yer see
there's me an' my wife and twenty
What! exclalmeu the showman,
hoarse with incredulity, and pointing
to the long line of earnest faces. Are
all of them yours?
A nod was the little man's sole
Good heavens! cried the man of
the booth, as he hounded to Its entrance. Don't yer move, guv'nor.
Just stay where y'are, I'm going to
give t'he Great Elk a treat. I'm going to bring im out to 'ave a look.at
It Wouldn't Tell
Family Physician: "I am afr..ld you
have been eutlur too much cake and
sweetstuff.    Let me see your tongue?'
Little Girl—Oh, you can look at lt,
but lt won't tell
For babv'B salt- a reliable medicine
should alwavs b" kept ln the house—
one that will quickly reliev. any sudden Illness of baby: regulate the bowels, sweeten the stomach nnd drive
out colic, worms, colds, etc. Such a
medicine Is Baby'r, Own Tablets.
They are guaranteed by a Government
analyst to be absolutely Bafe and thousands of mothers always keep them
In the house—they a: the mother's
best friend when her little one is ailing' The Tablets aro sold by medicine dealers er by mail at 25 cents a
box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Industry sounds classy, but Industrious smacks of the dinner pall.
Lo: Ion.--Fred Emney appeared for
the thousandth time in 'A Sister to
Aislst 'Er' at tbo Palladium laat
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
that Contain Mercury,
BI mtrcury will surely armor Ida unit ot fast.
tnd ..i'r->!"iY (Wants um whole iritein whnti
.utrrtns It ii.. ■*!«*. tht iniiooui mrttn— Such
irll-st l-ould iicvr 1m> iwi.1 rti-cpt on prniTii*-
limit 'rem reput.til. , 'ir.t-i.i* tt Uie damtst Iter
will do It ten fold to ine c.—d yuu rtn poHlbly de*
rive from them. Htll't Csttrrh cure, mtuu'trtured
by F. J. Cheney A Co.. Toletn, ()., eonttlnt no mer*
-ury. and Is uken Interntlly. tctlng dlrootly upoa
the bl«Md tnd mucous surttret ot the syattm. ID
buying Hill's t-ttrrh cure be lure you let th.
i-i'Tiulne. lt 11 u*.*n toternilly tnd mtdt In Tolsd-
Jblo. by Y. J. Cheney a Co.  TMtlmonlals bea
Sold by Drumr!:*-.  Prior, TSe. per bottle.
Take —til's FimUy i'ills for r*in_iptt__.
There's a great difference between
peace of mind and piece of mind.
Say, your beastly dog bit ce, said
tho Indignant tramp.
Oh, that'll be all right, replied the
woman at the door.     I have another.
Mlnard'a Liniment Curea Dandruff.
Raised   Herself
Lady—How mucli arc theso chickens?
Market . an—One dollar.
Do you raise litem yourself?
Oh, yes. They were 0 cents yesterday.
Vour drujMlst will refund money If PAZO
OINTMENT falls to cure any case ot Itch-
.uu.   rll.ud.   I.i*-.-.1 l11*.  ur  Protruding Piles
!' ,, III 14 days.    oio.	
The young man sat and set and talk-
m'. and talked.
About 11.30 ' sa Love, I'm going AwBy.
The young lady i.uowed interest for
the first time since 8.30.
When do you start? ahe inquired.
A Dry Job
An Irishman sought emnloyment as
a divjr. The -rm chanced to need
a new man And so on the following
Monday morn.-*; Pat hid his s ile for
the first time in a diving helmet .
New thc job ipon which the crew
t*   which  Pat   had   at.achrrl   himself
. working in somparittvely shallow
water, and Pnt was provided with a
pick and told ti use it on a ledge
below in a mainer with which be was
alrecdy familiar.
Down he wont with his dck. an'
for about fifteen r.i-.utes nothing was
heard from him. Then came stronp
determined null on the signal rope. In-
t'.lcnting that P.it : .-.d ,1 vory decided j
wish to come to tbe too. fhe assistants pulled him hastily .j the ra' ,
and reimned his helmet.
Take off the rlst av It. said Pat.
Take off tho vist of it?
Yes. sah' Pat. Oil worrlk no long-
.'.' on a job w' ?re Oi caL't spit on me
A Safe Pill for Suffering Women —
The secluded Ur* of women which
permits nf little healthful exercise, is
a fruitfrl cause of derangements nf
the stomach and liver and I3 account.!
able for the pains nnd 1-issitt.d" tha'!
so many of them experience. Pnrme-1
lee's Vegetable Pills will correct Irregularities of .he digestive orgins
and rt3tore health and vigor. The
most delicate woman can use them
with safety, because their action,
while effective, Is mild nnd soothing.
They Wanted to Hear 1:
Now, children, snid the teacher <o
her kindergarten class. I want you all
to be very quiet, bo quiet, in fact that
you could Lear a -*'n .rop.
Everything had quieted down t celv
:.nd the teachVr was about to speak!
when a little voice In the rear of the
school room squealed forth: Go ahead, [
please, teacher, and let her drop.
The young daughter of MrB. T. S.
Dougall, 623 Flora Avenue, Winnipeg,
was arranging some of her doll's
washing on a clothes rack, beside the
stove, when she fell, and her hand
came in contact with the hot stove.
She sustained a serious burn, and her
screams brought hei mother quickly to
the spot.
"I sent to the druggist for the best
remedy he had for burns," she Bays,
"and he Bent back a box of Zam-Buk.
He Bald that there was nothing to
equal it. I applied this, and it soothed the pain so quickly that the child
laughed through her tears. I bound
up the hand in Zam-Buk and each day
applied Zam-Buk frequently and liberals, until the burn was quite cured.
"The little ont was soon able to go
1.1 „.:■., !,<>r n|..v. si ij ti we hud no trouble with her during the time the
burn was 1 elng healed."
Zam-Buk Soan should also be used
hy all mothers for bab; 's bath and for
akin troubles, raihes, pimples, etc.
Ai. druggists and stores sell Zam-
Buk at fifty cents box; a..d Soap at
25c. tablet. Post free from Zam-
Buk Co., Toronto, for price. Refuse
harmful imitations.
Rome Audience Reoents, in Theatre,
Gross Insults to Their City
Rome.—A riot took place recently
ln the Costanza Theatre, Rome, recently, during a performance by' the
Futurists. For the past fortnight the
'art' clique have made the theatre
their headquarters and tbe leader Mar*
Inetti and his staff of poets, painters,
sculptors and composers have distributed thousands of pamphlets highly
offensive tr Rome, which was compared with the lowest type of woman.
This has highly incensed the citizens, and an angry crowd assembled
ln the theatre, where a Futurist demonstration was to have been given.
When Maestro Pratella appeared to
conduct a Futurist overture, the orchestra was bombarded with rotten
apples, potatoes and oranges and several of the Instruments were smashed.
Undismayed by this hostile reception,
Marinetti himself appeared on the
stage to recite a Futurist poem, but
he was shouted down.
The excitement rose to such a pitch
„ it Boon hand-to-hand fighting broke
out between Futurists and demonstrators in all parts of the theatre. Several members of Rome's aristocracy
were Involved ln the melees. The
theatre was cleared and the fighting
was continued In the streets. Ultimately the leaders o.' the Futurists,
with their clothing torn and faces
bruised, sought refuge In a cafe.
Mr. Badgerton s hore, sir, said the
chief clerk.   Shall I show him In?
No, replied the great organizer, let
him wait in tue ante-room for about
three-quarters ot an hour. He has a-
blg proposition, bu: I am anxious to
keep him from getting the idea that
I consider it worth while.
Old folks who need somethlm
of the kind, find
most effective without any discomfort.
Increased doses not Deeded. 25e. a bea
al your druggist's.
■Until Bin ui eiMictl Ci, it dim. t-it.i.
We only handle property of iterllm
merit, on wnlch w_ are prepared te
guarantee profit-.
and "DEER LODGE" properties are
good Investments. We want a good
agent to represent us tn every town.
For terms apply,
Sterling  Bank Building.  Winnipeg
"Don't waste time writing lt you
do not mean business."
Dr. Morse's
Indian  Root   Pills
are just the right medicine for the
children. When they are constipated
—when their kidneys are out of order
—when over-indulgence in soma
favorite food gives them indigestion
—Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills will
uickly and surely put them right.
-rely vegetable, they neither sicken,
weakenor gripe, like harsh purgative-
Guard your children's health by
always keeping a box of Dr. Morse.
Indian Root Puis in tbe house, They,,
K--p  th*   Children   -Well
Wedding Guests' Long Trip
Warsaw.—A cardinal, two priests,
and fifty guests were brought '. 7 spec*
1..1 train from Poland to Biarritz, to
attend the weddln.* of Marie Spok-
orny, tlie daughter of a wealthy Warsaw merchant, and Stephen Mallnovs-
Mlnard'a Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
But are you sure? persisted tbe
grouchy customer, that this 'ere stuff
will cure my rheumatism?
Oh, yes, replied the drug clerk; all
the doctors refuse to recommend lt.
She Was fatls    I
Oxygen oxygen, madam. Tha ll
what you need, said the eminent specialist. Come every afternoon fof
your Inhalations. They will cost yott
%t each,
I knew our family physician didn't
understand my case, declared the fash*
lonable patient. He told mo all I
needed was plain, fresh air.
Two little children had spent thf
day together, and had sustained an
unusual number accidents. At
last, when little Mary, aged fc-.ir, had
added an extra scratch to her share of
suffering, she _>bbed:
Mamma, aren't me an' Evelyn 'jst
'bout tore- up?
London.—Ex-Sapper Heritage, Hoy
al Engineers, who took part ln the
siege of f'ebastopol, sang three old
camp songs t a concert at Ashford,
Kent, on Thursday night. He la 78
years of age.
"I am on old man—and many of my troubles
tuner happened. "-ELBERT HUBBARD
TIE white hair and wrinkled faces of our busy men and women tell
of doubt, fear and anxiety—more than disease or age. Worry plays
havoc with the nervous system—so that digestion is ruined and sleep
banished.   What oil ia to the friction of the delicate parts of an engine—
Golden Medical Discovery
ii to the delicate organs of tha body. It'a a ton- and body bulldar-beeatiie It
atiaralatea the liver to vigorous action, aaaista the stoma-- to assimilate food—thus
enriching the bloed, and the nerves and heart ia ton are fad en pure rich blood.
Neoralifa "ia tha cry of starved narvea far food." Far farty yeere "Golden
Me-lo-1 Dhw-very" ia liquid form haa given great aatiafaction aa a tonic aad
Mead maker.
Note it ean be obtained In tablet torm-trem dernier. In medicine
or tend B0 one-cent stamp, for trial box. Write R.V.Plerce,Buffalo.
DB. M_RC_'» PUEA-AJr. t*ELL_T»
Reliev. ceastlpatlo-, reaalaia tke liver,
»me\ -ewela.   Msutj to lake aa oemtw. THE   ISLANDER.   CUMBERLAND,   B. C.
Conquered by GIN PI LIS
>Jr. W.G. Reid, Hamilton,Ont., writes:
"I have li.cn for the last two years a
crippleuith Muscular ami Titflammatury
Hheuiuaii-D., I tried almost everything
known to medical science and sought
Change ci climate without relief. Your
manager in this city recommended (..in
•'ills and 1 have since taken eight boxes
jind am now cured. I consider Gin
fills the conqueror of Rh_ui_.ut.__u and
•Kidney Disease",
50c. a tux. 6 for $2.50. Sample free
If yuu write National Drugand Chemical
Co. of Canada, Limited. Toron***       I3_t
Maypole Soap
W_itifj _nti Jyea al
one op.1a-.0n, j* v-
jng te n:» r I'.il'ly
clean, bright, fait
color.. Dyei cotton,
Wool, tii_ 01 milium.     _4  col-ia,
will gin any ihadt*
Color. 10c. LUck
15c at vour dealer'*
ot]jnii;>'iJ w.iSb'k-
lei "How io Dye'
f l. BENEDICT & CO. Montreal,
What Ha Meant j
Young Reporter—Tbe storm king'
hurled his torn and tumbling torrents
u.-er the ruins of the broken am' dis-1
menibered edifice,
Old Editor—What's thut? What do!
you mean, young fellow.
Young Reporter—I—er—the flood
washed away Patrick MeDougal's old
soup factory.
The  Little  Rebel
Say, grandpop, 1 egan Utile George
Is It true that George Washington
couldn't teil a He?
Yes, quite true.
And was he an awful good man?
He sure    as.
Then what dU :_ii let them name
me George Washington 1 rown for?
Ain't I to have any fun?
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
The Heart of a Piano is the
Action.   Insist on the
Piano Action
Nine times is ten when the liver is right the
rtoma.l, and bowels aie right.
LIVER PILLS          jKeWS^
^nllyhlllfiim!*/i*nm.  ifPS                   ■      ^_.
pel a lazy liver to  jft'&Hjj
do its duty         JTrmfTftSi
Cures Con- ^rjfflaiSr
itipatian, j£Ng£ffif
tion,     vSr         \ v -
Sick   w       A5*
TJON'T wnste jotir time fijjur ing
out why it black lien lays a
tvliito egg.  Get busy nnd jump |
into  your   LEATHER   LABEL
OVER-HAULS aud get the eg*;.
Headache, end Diitress after Eating.
Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Prico.
Genuine mun bear Signature
.- THE --
Leather Label
Hl.h Grade American Over-Hauls,
Taar this out find mall It to us with
your nuns and addreta tndw.wl'l.end
mou one of our celebrated CORN -OB
Town..... Ti'ov	
■Your dealor'a name	
Town Pruv	
1620 Men After One Job
Loudon.  — West Hani Guardians
have  received   1620  applications  for
the post of gate porter at the workhouse.
Who Can Tell?
Well, I'm k .i'. 6f strry L's a girl.
Nonsense.     She may be Premier of
Canada some duy.
wu eU£fM
W JMt£</ttmieJfaie.
DYE, on. o.n buy-.Why you don't ..on hava to
know wh.t I'.tN'llnl Cloth your Good. tr. m.d.
•(.-•So Mlitak.a are ltnpo..lt.le.
s-nd for I'rr. Color Card, Story Sookl.t. and
Booklet giving re.ull. ol Hy *ln_ .> vor other color.
Montr..!. C.na.lt.
Mas. Winslow's 8oo.it t NO Svri'p Ims been
pieti for over SIXTY YKAKShy MILLIONS of
IIOTIIKKS for tlieir CHILDREN Will 1,8
TBHTHING. willi Pij_.F_.CT BUCCRS9. It
1_ the best remedy for DIAKKHI-.A. IL is t.b-
jnliitely harm less. De sure ana ask for "Mrs.
Win-tow's Soothing Syrup," and tuke no otlier
kind.   Twenty-live-tuts a bottle.
A Thrilling Episode
Stealthily she left the house. The
..light of determination shone in her
eyes, and on her Features high courage had sei its -tamp. In the bottle
which she guarded so jealously wus
a black, sticky liquid. At hist the
letter-box was Iu sight.
Ha! A policeman!
Wouhl she act a coward's part and
turn tail at t sigh I of! this myrmidon of the law, ,v would she dare all?
With .treasured footsteps he ap-
proftohed.     Pll-a-pat, bent her heart.
Would he guess, or would—?
'Ullo, cookie? he said.
'Encry, she faltered, 'ere's a drop o'
linseed and liquorice for that ther
DOUgh of yours. Call rouud In au
hour's time, und 111 have somethlnk
else ready "ot—on a plate.
|        1NJHE SPRING
; Nature Needs Aii in Making New
health-giving B.ood.
In the spring the system needs it
'. tonic.   To be lieallliy yon must Imve
new blood just as the trte* must have
j new sup to renew tlieir vitality. Nature demands it, aud without tnis new
blood you will feel weak and la .gulil.
; You may have twinges of rheu.uaiiain
| or the sharp, stabbing pains of i. 'ural-
gla.   Often there are dlsftgurl-ig pimples or eruptions on the skin       In
other cases there Is merely a feeling
of tiredness aud a variable appetite.
I Any ot these are signs that tlie.blood
is out of order—that the indoor life of
winter has   lessoned    your    vitality.
What you need in spring is a tonic
medicine to put you right, and In all
the world of medicine there is no tonic
.can equal Dr.   Williams' Pink Pills.
j Those p'.lls actually make new, rich.
I red   blood—your   greatest    need   in
spring.      This new likiod drives out
I the seeds of disease and make- easily
i tired men, women ami children bright,
I active and strong.
i     Mr.   John   Walfleld,   Ln   Have   Is-
: lands, N.S., writes:    "I take a groat
i pleasure in telling what Ur. Williams'
! Pink Pills have done for me.    1 am a
llsherniau      and       fifteen        years
ago     through     hard      work       my
system    became    run down    and    I
could scarcely work at all.    I lost In
weight; my Hood became poor, and I
was very weak.    I consulted several
j doctors but  their treatment   did  not
i help nie so 1 decided to try Dr. Wil-
! Hums' Pink Pills and in a short time
I was entirely well again.    My wife
and  daughter  also   used   Ihem   witli
'bcnonl*     We thin'.: so much of the
; I'ills as a family medicine that we ul*
1 wnvs keep them In the house."
i    These Pills are snid by all medicine
dealers or can le had by mall at 50
cents a box or six  boxes  for $2.To
from Tlie Dl'i Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
You   are   very   low,   observed   the
! weather man.
| Yes, replied die official thermoni-
i eter, regretfully. I feai 1 have taken
1 a drop loo much.
1-ouK fnr Hi.* signature ot ti. W. GHOVU.
I Cures u  Cold  In  Ona  Day.    Cures  Grip
. ...   . ho l'.i> s.     _Dc.
Progeny of Horses Turned Loom on
the Trail in Early Daya
More than free inousan wild
hoi ses, in herds of from 30 to 100, are
roaming over ine h.lls und valleys in
the interior of British Columbia, according to a report brought to tdmon-
ton by James brat ey, who with oils*
tav itielniaiid, a veteran prospector
and miner known throughout tue bonanza gold camps, lias just returned
from an extended exploration tour of
tne coast province.
Indians und white prospectors and
pack train frtightets value these untamed animals more than high bred
horses, said .ur. Bradley. 'ihey are
the progeny tf horses turned loose on
the trial by discouraged or dying men
during the famous gold rusa in the
Cariboo country. Tnousands of the
veriest tenderfeet stampeded to the
new fields in the early 'bus. Most of
tneni were Incompetent, and, In fact,
utterly helpless in that wilt", country,
and tue horses, either broke away or
were abandoned when the fortune-
hunters gave up on tlie long trail.
Ihe horses made their feeding
grounds in the vicinity of barkerville
for several years afterward and their
offspring wandere^ northward as the
bauds increasjd. They make trails
on the mountains aud timbered country much after the fashion of buffalo ln the early daya and deer at present.
The Indians and freighters, working
in tlie timbered districts, catch them
witli snares, such a. are used for lynx.
In most cases the animals are easily
broken and they are better for the
rough country than high grade horses
on account of their stamina and sure*
ness of foot on the mountain trails.
We lost horses frtm our train from
time to time and l'ep.K.ed them with;
wild animals.
Ml*. Bradley rep. rted that he and
his partner covered more than 2,000
miles in the interior in search of gold.
Tliey prospected around Fort MoMur*
ray and slaked several oil and mineral claims. They found galena and
copper near the headwaters of the
Big Sm.k.. river. He says that important mines will be developed there
during the next few years. Their J
search for gold was not successful.
We had no particular hardshi-s on ■
our trip, said Mr. Bradley. There!
was nothli.g out of tlie usual which j
men travelling in wdld country are
forced to endure, but »ie never saw a
white man and very few Indians, after
we left Tete Juan Cache, west of
Edmonton, last June'. From there
we went along the Little Smoky river,
making temporary camps at intervals.
We returned with five pack horses.
A Mistake
Blinkers—Halloa, Winkers! I hear!
you married a woman with an inde-j
pendent fortune.
Winkers (sadlj I—N-no; I married
u fortune with au independent woman. ,
Know What This
Label Means ?  ,a
It means cement of the highett possible quality.
It means cement tested by experts whose authority ia final at al our nulla.
It meant cement acknowledged by engineers, architects and hundreds of thousand!
of farmers to fulfil every requirement of scientifically made Portland cement.
It means a cement that is absolutely reliable, whether used for a great bridge or
for a concrete watering trough.    You can use
Canada Cement
vri.h complete confidence that your concrete {work will be thoroughly __.t_a.ac.ory*
You ought to have thit confidence in the cement you uae, becauae you have not the
facilities for testing ita qualities, such as are at the disposal of the engineers in charge ol
big contracting jobi.
These engineers know that when cement has passed the tests made upon it at Canada
Cement mills, it will pass all their testa.
And this same cement is sold to you for yourailo, your foundations, your feeding-floor,
your milk-house or your watering..rough.
Diet, -ccon.iar to ths direction! ia our fr__ book "Whal the Fanner can do with Concrete," Canada
C-nirnt never f-iti to give »_tiiftctory results.   Write (or the book.   It not only tells you how to mis
and piece ooncreie. but will also Bug rest scores of uses for it on you* f um, every ous ol then v_lu__»l_
to you.   La asking tor ths book you do not incur tha slightest obligation.
There It a Canada Cement Daaler in Your Neighborhood
Address: Farmers' Information Bureau
Ca-nch Cement Company Limited, Montreal
Hard Work
So you have u city job, have you?'
Ves! |
Don't have to do any work, I sup-;
1 don't eh?     I have to get my pay
warrant pver'y month and sign it aud j
get it cashed.
Hsadaohes,   Dizzy   Spalls   and
W_aiines8 Overooma by Dr.
Chasa's Nerve Food.
Poor John
John, ycu never ilslenr,*ft> half the
things l nny to joiCfkc'l lomplaliiea.
Well, dear, he ity fot'S have to
work pan of the tlnij |j«,*^
A Prime D.-eselng for Wounds.—
In some factories and workshops car*
nolle add Is !:ept for ubo In cauttr-
Icing wounds and cuts sustained hy
the workmen. Far hetter to keep on
■Jianu a hottle of Dr Thomas' Eleclric
Oil. It Is just as quick In'antlon
and does not scar the skin or hum
the flesh. There Is no other Oil that
has Its curative quail'les.
Going! Qolngl Gone!
His Wife—The professor Is In Ihe
laboratory.    As a result of his present
.experiments my husband will ro down
to posterity.
(from  the  laboratory) — Brr-r-r!
Then they made It all np ngain.
Fur-Bearing Animals Still Plentiful
In Hinterland of Canada
Several titled soeiely women of U>n-
don and other pans of England, attracted by the high prices p:rld for fox
pelts, are coming to _dn.on.on this
spring to entage In fox-breeding ln
central and northern Alberta. They
are prepared tu make largo Investments. If the venture is successful
it is likely that women, who have
h'.therto devoted tlieir attention to
prize dogs ami horses, will engage In
the new industry.
Eisht black fox Fldm; each valued at
$1,500, were sold In aramonton last
week by trappers from ihe north conn-
try. Fifty-four thousand dollars'
worth of silver fox nelts were sold last
season. J. L. Cote, representing
the Athabasca district in Ihe provincial narliament, snid in the course of
an eddress lb*, other dny thai tlie fur
InduF'trv in Alberta w:ii a nintt-r of
tl.ono.000 In 1012. muskrats holding
the list with $400.00(1.    He ndde-i:
"Contrary to Ihe general belief t'*e
fur-hearing animals In Ihe renn'e districts of tlie province are net d°creas-
ing. They ar1* simply receding bef-if*
civilization, being driven furt'1or north.
Tbe catches during the last few vars
and so far this reason wnnM iml'ente
that furs n'-e st 1II plentiful In the hinterland, Th° government nf Alb>*na
Is keenlv Interested In Ihe development of the Industry and 's rloing
everything .possible to assist those engaged In It.
Factors of the Hudson's Biy. R»»>1-
Ion Frei-es nm! tbe Northwest Trading
companies, wh'cb mainta'n posts in
tbe north country, renort that fur-
hearing animals are *.lentlfn]. but
there Is no Indlcat.iofrthst pries for
black and silver fox pelts will he
Cleans and disinfects everything
in your home from the cellar to
the attic. Put it on your duster
and dust Hardwood .■Moora, Woodwork, Linoleums, Pianos, Furniture, etc. Makes ev< ythlng just
liko new. Money refunded if not
satisfactory. Mad. by the
Hamilton, Canada
dealer pays
. nipre for* this
flour than for
larty other, but
No Blame
Lecturing Professor (to Jones, who j
hns just rouse:! himself from a sound
sle^p)—Had a good sleep. Jones?
Jonos   (drowsily)   — Good!     Don't
bliime you.      So'd 1.
...i BUST I inlmont in use
I got my foot badly jiimmorl latelv,'
I bathed it well wl'h MINARD'S LIN-1
IMENT, a*.d it was as well as ever
i -*xt day.
No Encouragement
Parson (tn workman who keeps taking nips from his bottle)--Do you
jenow, my man, 1 never tast-.d rpirlta
tn my life?
Workman—No. and' you ain't a-going to begin here Leither.
W. N. U. .45
Minard's Llnlmeni Cum^Burlf-fc, Eto
 -,a-   V-\
The Ljisti HopeV
Tliey bad finniT-U'd, quarried Irrevocably it seemed; and thtpy lyeVe returning tbe pres?.it6—iU)l?ens 6f a
iove now dead, Which ''jLfcde a pitiful
display when heaped'tofte'her on the
polished surface of the table.
Then the man added to tbe pile a
necktie, knitted and blue c color. It
was the last, of tbe gifts. All was
over now. For.a few tense moments
silence reigned supreme.      Then:
Mr. Brown!
Yes, Miss Simmons?
I feel I am taking an advantage of
you. '
In what way?
You have given me almost countless boxes of chocolates, and dozens
nnd dozens of thea're evenings and
dinners, which I can't return. And
Mr. Brown, I do want to be honest
with you, and to settle my par of the
transac'lon fairly. But there Is ouly
one way that I enn see,
And what may that bp? Mr.
Brown's language still was strictly
Oeorge, G''onre, hy giving you mv-
self!, MUh S'mmnns gasped, as she
fell Into her lover"/ armB.
Then they mad. It all up again.
Miss Gallop.
At about the age that most girls arc
working   hardest  at  school   studyin:
for examinations there are Importat
physiological    changes   taking   pin-
which are an additional strain on D
nervous system.
Mrs. Gallop has had experience
the cases of her daughter and gran
daughter, and for this reason her I.
ter la particularly Interesting to pi
Mrs.   J.   A.   Gallop,   135   Vlcto
street, St. John, N.B., whosp huslm
Is   a   carpenter,   states :—"We   ha
used Dr. Chase's Nerve Food In o
family   for   nervousness-    headach
dizziness and nervous dynpepsla, a
have found them satisfactory In ev*'
particular.    My daughter Bessie w
going to school, and became quite ri
down in health.   By the time she b:
used three boxes of this remedv V
nerves    were     strady,     her   gener.
health was excellent and she was r-r
tirely free from headaches and diz'
■pells.     We  are   more   than   please
with the result! of this treatment.
"More recently we used the Nerv
Pood for my granddaughter, who w_
out of school for nearly a year fron
nervous trouble, and noticed improvement In her condition at once,"
Dr. Chase's Ncrvi* Food. 50c. a b^x
I for $2 60. all dealers, or Edmanson.
Bates k Co., Limited, Toronto.
Came to the Rescue
The rush of   holiday-makei i    was j
enormous, and the railway was work-!
Ing al  high pressure.      Hut although
they bail enough rolling-stock to copei
with tbe trallle, ;bey had not enough '
eonductors to man their trains. There
vas nothing for it lui to appoint port-!
rs to the position of conductors un-!
1 things slackened down a bit. I
One train in charge of such a guard :
as travelling at the rate of about ten
tiles an hour, when it came to a stitTi
r-llne.     Snorting and puffing, and at \
•ties almost coming to a siandstlll,
b engine managed to draw the train1
the   o-
Had a hard job there, Tom shouted
v driver to the conductor at tlie
vi station. 1 thought she wasn't*
'ng to do it.
.^o did I, replied Tom.    I do believe
I hadn't had the brake hard on all
way up, sbe wo ;Id have run back
KIDNEY   ».:.LS.
Suffered for Three Years Fi-om Rheu-1
matism, Headache, Palpitation, and J
Bright'- Disease—Dodd's Kidi.-y ■
Pills Cured Her Kidney's and Made |
Her Well.
Huberileau, Argenlouir Co.. ..ue.J
(Special).—"I am always glad to tell1
of my cure because 1 sympaihiz.. with {
others wli j may be suffering as I1
did." So ays Dame Joseph -Mayer, j
well known aud highly respected here.
"For three years I was a very sick
woman. Rheumatism, headache, palpitation of tlie heart and Bright's disease were my succession of troubles,
but Dodd's Kidney Pills cured Ihem j
all. I used t.. _r.Hy-.oLir boxes to i
complete my cure, "bul ihey ceflainly
made nie well,
"I will never ba without Dodd s Kid*
l       Pills in the bouse.
Dodd's Kidney Pills cured' Dame
Mayer's ills becaut.. they an- all cans-,
ed by diseased kidneys. Dodd's Kid-,
ney Pill's always cure diseased kidneys, and with cured kidneys strain-i
Ing the seeds of disease out of the:
blood, the rheumatism, Bright's di-s-l
ease, headache, and palpitation of.thej
heart are bound to disappear.
You never beard o. a case of kidney i
disease that Dodd'- Kidney Pills!
would not cure.
to do
so in order
• -rt^;seil.';**yQu
. .More. B^e-id
and Better
Fire Hose
A'certain large engineering firm
lately tecelved an order in Unssian,
and although the receiver of it bad a
fair knowledge of Ihe language, there
were- two words he was unable to
translate. .Somewhere in the works,
however, a real Russian was employ*
ed. They brought him along, and he
read the letter carefully, but was stili
puzzled Ity these two words.
Literally, he explained, their meaning was 'hot stockings,' whirh seemed
absurd, but was presently seen to be
tbo nearest-known Uii3s.n.if synonyom
for lire hose.
Mr. Toogood—I went under an op-
jllon yesterday.
Mr.  Mark well— You    surprise    me.
ns it very  serious?
Mr. Toogood—1 hud a growth removed from my head.
Mr MarkWfll—My gr?0ilne-s: And
Jure you are aboul and looking we];.
Mr. Toogooii— Ob don'l fret, old
sport; I ouly hud my hair cut.
The  unsuccessful   person   is  gener-'
ally Ihe one who is a second loo late. '
Mullins was quite bald, with the ex-
eeption of a single lock which he
combed carefully over ihe side of his I
bead. A short time ago some young j
ladies asked him for his photograph,
and having a peculiar sense of humor j
be bad a picture taken of llie top of!
his head. About a week afterwards
he went past the photographer's shop
and noticed an immense crowd studying a picture in th    window.
He looked and found that the dis-
cointeons artist bad printed a greatly
enlarged picture of bis bald head,
with the I lack leek running around
the edge; and labeled it:
Kcllpse of the Moon. The phenomenon as it uppeared at a quarierpast
Proteet the child from Ibe ravages
of worms by using Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator. It is a stand-
urd remedy, aud years of use have enhanced its reputation.
What He Wanted
Prisoner at the bar, suid tlie judge,
Is there anything you wish to say before sentence is passed  upon you?
No, my lord, there is noihlng I car«
to say; but If you'll clear away th«
tables and olmtB for .lie to thrash
my lawyer, you can give me a year
or two extm,
Whom a woman has a grudge
against a community she Ins igurates
a baby show.
Kt-rp a can nt ynur oTire   - orlcshop or
home,  Always useful tiiHt^ptic.  i*o__>
fur your IllfliU, Ail Jjea!cr«m*U buap.
SNAr COKPMY. MUTED. . Kwmal. 'inf.   IJM.A.N l.ilMt,  IjDIIiRfiiaAli
Is the verdict of everyone who has tried Beaver Board
and Alabastine.
Thc secret of their popularity lies in the fact that they
can be easily applied.
Wheu you Ihink of redecorating a i'oom : give us
a call and wc can quote you
prices and show you how il
looks when it is put on.
We  have  re-decorated  a
room so that we can show
our customers just how it
actually looks.
Door Frames and Window Frames, also Kiln Dried Lumber, Mouldings, Sash and Doors, Lath, Plaster, Lime,
Cement, Paint and Oils, Plumbing Supplies, Builders' Hardware, Building Paper, Roofing etc.
Box 230
"Not Better than the Best - but Better than the Rest."
Phone 66
Kami, uiul
v. i.t b e
Kiiruis ami
}    An,,,,,,,
j   »i*_-in.|isH-
tf you fire looking For five .>.' tun acres of good Innd
mtxr Cumberland suitnbl. Fov tmek gardening or [Knitliy
at the i'i,'/ii! price .;). long terms of payment see Mr.
HAIiilY ID-ENS AT COURTENAY,.Manager ol' Hi.
Brfti-b Columbia luv.-tui-uls Limited.
Q. A. Fletcher
Music Co.
iauos, Plnyei' Pianos,
Col ii in I, i ;i Grnphn-
phones and liecoi-dsj
l-Misnn llecords and
Maebiuu.*- -_-•__._.**_ *
Th*? McKitiiey Edition oFTuu Cenl Music
h Specialty,
Nanaimo,   B.C.
OP PC) SIT I.  It'A'l I.WA V   ST AT InX
0   IrfMTlQ)
First Glass in every respect. Perfect, Cuisine
Headquarters for Tourists and Sportsmen
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
John N. McLeod, Proprietor
Wlwn in i iiuibotlund milk. Hi" rnliin :■""' linul'iiwrlen
" The Magnet Cash Store"
I LlnlmV
/, *. 8*1 r*i».
Cent, .of Town I
Prices: $200
anil up.
The Island Realty Co.
Fire. Life, Live Slock nn      T. L. ANDERTON.
Accident . - Phone 22.      Courtenay, B. C.
Phone 31 Cumberland, B.C.


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