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The Islander Aug 29, 1914

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*"-   t      e%
Largest Circulation in the Comox District.
VOL. V., No. 24
Subscription price, $2.00 per year
Italian Government Send Ultimatum to  Austria.-Native
Indian Troop* for Front.
London, Aug. 26.—A war cor-j   London, 11.55 p.m., Aug. 26. Paris, Aug. 27.—The following I flf II  U/1D [jllll)
respondent of the Times  sends St. Peterburg despatch to Reuters official bulletin was issued by the LUu/lL if nil rllllsU
the following from Paris: "Near says that the Russian troops in War Office tonight: In the Vosges I       riUIHIPII DCCIIH
Charlerot I heard some stories of eastern  Prussia have occupied district our troops today resumed         UnMlnlUll OLuUll
the French soldiers.     When the the towns of Nordenburg, Sens- the offensive and drove back the
Germans were bombarding thei burg and Bichofsburg, and the Germans,   who yesterday   had
city the French troops made a | railway station at Rothfleish, and forced them to retire on the St. CommitteeAppointed to Arrange
For Patriotic Concert in the
Ilo-Ilo Theatre.
sortie, but finding the enemy in adds that the Russian advance Dieu side. The Germans yester-
much greater force than was ex-' continues. In eastern Galicia the j day bombarded St. Dieu, which I
pected, were compelled to with-' Russians have driven back the j is an unfortified town. In the
draw. The bombardment contin (Austrian rearguard beyond the'region between the Vosges and!
CheeFoo, China, Aug. 28.—The ued relentlessly. whereupon j river Zelotalipa which runs north ! Nancy our offensive movement
British torpedo destroyer Welland' French Turcos,  picked   troops and south about 30 miles west of has continued uninterruptedly for,Sldel the -natter of raising a war
. - • ... A~m I "I'srirtt-si.-'.sUj'S.l i*     ._ .     _1 111' st --* .SS
An adjourned meeting to con-
attacked and sunk the German from Algeria, debouched from
destroyer S90 off the China coast' the town, and with a gallantry
this morning. ! that must live in history, charged
London, Aug. 28.—The Germ-} the German battery and bayon-
ans are still retreatingas rapidly ,'etted all the gunners. Their
as possible before the Russian ■ losses, it is said, exceeded those
army. The Russians are now 0f the Light Brigade at Balack-
only 40 miles from Koenigsburg.! lava.    Of a battalion only 100
London, Aug 28—In the official j men returned unscathed. Their
account of naval engagements off .bravery was powerless against
Heligoland it is announced that! the German advance which crept
three German cruisers and two j foot by foot through the outskirts
London, midnight, Aug.
five days.     The German losses fund  was  held in the Council
have been considerable,   2,500 cha*nber last evening, there was
The following announcement has ibodies  hax-ng been found Qn   I a good attendance.
been issued at Antwerp: The fronf0f three kilometers s6uth- D- K- MacDonald occupied
Belgisvi operations have succeed- east of Nancy and 4,500 bodies'the cha*>- and said the object of
ed in the double object of dimin- on a front of fom. kijometers -m j the meeting was to form an organ-'
ization to collect and raise funds
for the assistance of families of
those who have gone to the front
ishingtheGerman entrenchments t|]ereg]*onof Vitrfmont
and drawing the German troops
on the line between Malines and
Brussels, and thus reducing the
pressure on the French positions.
They have compelled the fourth
torpedo boat destroyers were \ 0f Charleroi to the very heart of | German division which was ad-
sunk. The former report stated j the town. There in the narrow j vancin2 southward to retrace its
that two cruisers were sunk. In J streets the carnage was indescri-' step3' The fourth Belgian divi-
addition to those sunk a number, bab)e>    The roads became Jsion at Natnur has fulfilled its
of   destroyers    were   greatly jammed with dead that the killed task of arrestinf? the German coN
damaged in the engagement.      j remained standing upright where unin and allowl,,p tlle Belgia"s (o
CheeFoo, China, 29th.—Three'they had been shot.    The last
retire on the French lines.    The
a very old fortress the garrison of
which consisted of one battery,
which had been bombarded on
August 3rd, capitulated today
after holding out for over 24 days.
More than half the garrison was
killed or wounded. On the Meuse
our troops have repulsed with
vigor several German attacks. A
German flag was taken. The
Belgian field artillery attached to
Natnur and a French regiment
which supported it have joined
our lines.    In the north the Bri-
or who may go to the front from
now on.
A committee consisting of A.
McKinnon, T. E. Macfarlane and
: R. Henderson was appointed to
i interview the Bevan people in
i regard to joining Cumberland in
the matter.
After some discussion it was
i decided to hold a patriotic con-
German merchant ships, the stand of the French was made Namur forts are still holding out. [whjch aupported it have °joined cert ln the «o-«o Theatre, if suit-
Steamers Friesa, Hanametal and ' before the railway station in front J A wireless from Berlin today our lines. In the north the Bri- ■aWe arran*ements could b* mado-
Paklat, have been captured by j of which passes the canal. Here |claims another *reat vict°ry f°'' tish have attacked forces greatly 2 W"'eft '"/» ^ °f t *!'
the British fleet and taken to Wei; the Germans fought for two hours j the Germans over the British. ior .„  number flnd MacMillan, C. Parnham and J.
HaiWei. (to take the bridges.   After they; " « now known the Germans obliged( after brhhant resistance, | ^Tu^ fU" r61"t0 ^
London. 29th.-The Daily Ex- had captured the station   the have about two million men in to withdraw a little ,„ the rear   ,™Vn d'",? fcer*   were
press Paris correspondent on Fri-J Germans moved rapidly ahead,,; their ai™y "PPoaing the Allies.     on their pos]*tion *n Bel;?ium       .elected: D- R' Macdonald, presi-
day, says: I am informed Italy'taking various suburban villages.     London, Aug, 28.-A despatch dent; M. E. R. Macfarlane, sec;
Later on Sunday the French ar- from LilIe says the Germans have    London-  Aug'   27' ~ Br't,sh, D. M. Morrison, treasurer; W. J.
tillery in its turn opened fire on !reached Pont-a-Marque, 30 miles marmes have_oecup.ed Ostend to; Weir, W. Willard. R. Henderson
the stricken town of Charleroi. |from the Belgian frontier-
The Germans in the early stages   ,   ,„ , ..„.,.,„„„.,„.J....   *,„,„,„„„„„   .     ,,     _,
of the engagement had poured! the Germans burst throu*h the| been received from Germany for city John Thompson and J. J,
Alliaa'      llttsaa     t/\rlnir    -if   A imiia     OA ; i .. ..       .1        t.__j.  ii       •       I >i       .     Wolf*   ft\f  rWa     minna     D     UnnJm<
will present an ultimatum to
Austria requesting an explanation of Austrian mobilization on
the Italian frontier. This ultimatum will give only a brief period
prevent the Germans getting a and Dr. McNaughton, trustees.
A despatch from Boulogne says! fo°th°ld °n th0e0.?n£fll?h Chan!!!eL !   Collecting committee for the
' '   Rotterdam, 28th.— No news has!
for answer and within a short I shells on the upper part of the Allies   lines today at Arras. 30,'two days, but it is known that
time Italian troops are expected! town    The French now emptied mileS frora Lille* but that the} Germany is launching almost her
1 French have the situation well in'entire army against the allies in
in Trieste.
Ostend, 29th.—The situation in
Belgium is changing gradually,
the Belgian army is gradually
forcing the Germans back on
Brussels and have recaptured
Malines. The train service there
has been resumed.
London 29th.
their hail on the lower section,
and under a supporting fire from
their artillery the French infantry advanced in the face of a
stubborn resistance on the town
they had just evacuated, retaking
several villages and becoming
once  more masters of the line
hand again.
I a supreme effort to reach Paris.
London, 28th. - England will I
Weir; for the mines R. Henderson, D. R. Macdonald, J. H. MacMillan and T. Spruston,
London, 28th.-An Ostend des-[ London, 28th. - England wfll.|exJfntg^,n» ,etter is seIf"
patch says that German soldiers "so. troops from India agains^ H. Wdson, Local Manager B.C.
who reached Courtrai claim ten      many' /    I      Telephone Co., Ltd., Cumber
thousand British were killed in j   London, 28th, Official.- It is
Belgium. i announced that the British fleet
A wounded zouave officer in has, fu,,k, two Ger™n, ""j"™
..., ...„„„^.„ „.. _..,,„..„,„  ,,.,,,     ,        .       , and two destroyers off Heligoland
Native troopsf between Thuen, 8 miles south-iPa™ Stated ,today h° "ttafted No British vessels lost and thc
the German loss at Charleroi at loss of life not henv
from India are now on their way west of Charleroi and Metz.   At,sixty thougand ,„  threo   days "    °M"   """"'•
to increase the British forces in six in the evening the fighting! (jtrj-tintr
France.    This was made known ceased,   both sides being worn I British
mostly   against   the
to day through announcements in 0ut.     On the next morning be-1   st. Petersburg, Aug. 27 -After
thc House of Lords by the Mar- fore dawn the French again bom-, breaking down the first defence
land, B.C.
Dear Sir, -The Company has
been pleased to approve a 50 per
cent reduction on residential
rates, to families whose Heads
are enlisted on foreign military
service during the present war.
This reduction will be effective
&am Pk-yc'l a from the date of our being notified, until wc receive information
Bevan Baseball
a game against thcWcst Cumber
land United on Thursday evening,..      ,
on   the   Recreation   Grounds. tnat tliey ,iave either returned or
Judging from the score, 11 to 4, will not return, and applies only
tiuis of Crewe and Lord Kitchen- barded Charleroi, and once more on the Majurian Lakes the litis- though some runs were tripped, to present subscribers.    It will
er.      , the troops of France swarmed Jsian army is steadily advancing.
London, Aug. 28.—Asquith to-, the slope toward the lower part I The German  defeat bears the | cricket" to'compTete   with
day stated in the House of Com- of the  town,  recapturing the j aspect of panic.   All non-combat- W'CU.~ Communicated,
mons that on Wednesday the Bri villages. I ants have been ordered to leave    Jas. Ward left on Sunday for
tish were attacked by five Get*-!   In the face of a wearing fire J Koenigsburg.   The population of but in force to give Wm a send
man corps and three divisions of I from the German mitrailleuses east Prussia is taking refuge in off.
cavalry.     The casualties  were | the French again entered the large  numbers in East Berlin.     Mrs. John MacKenzie left yes-
heavy but the total is unknown. | town  of Charleroi,  and   after(Several   German   detachments Vancouver! * month s v,s,t t0
Field Marshall French did not j furious fighting drove the Ger- j which have been occupying a few i   Messrs. Rutherford, Dennis and Please return to J. V. Nordgren
state the location of battle.    He lg  *n  confusion acrosg  the: frontier towns in Poland tire now '^ have left to take part in and get reward,
says their condition is satisfact-|Sambre rivfi,   The rrench ent.|rapidly vanishin&    In  eastern ^war. ^ ^ ^^^ uK S&SSI[&4ft
my' ered a city littered with dead, j Galicia the Russian forces are alarge number of subseribers and tal will hold their usual monthly
Antwerp Aug. 28,-It is stated ;batterede])and devastated; driving the  Austrians  swiftly oth^'s m ^mberland who wfsh meeting on taday next. Sept
offncially that Namur forts have, byfireand by eyery .^^ before them, forcing the enemy's Jjffi^ Sgln^iuK &£J?
positively not surrendered. They'q{ modern war    In e J rearguard beyond the river Glat- Ths Islander will run a daily issue, THIS IS TO CERTIFY that the
are holding out against the Ger-:      •     . .   a        ialita.   The Russian army is now containing the latest war news'rumors   which   passed   around
: ^ *e city houses were in flames, h ^ .„. each day    Subscription for the town about me having heard F.
Brindisi, Italy,28th.-A British: V smouldering, and every cellar; habited by Ruthenians who m Du y I ^"ger w.ll be payable Good    using   bad   expressions
destroyer sunk an Austrian des-1 was occupied by terror stricken | closely bound to Russia by ties of on sale at the store' $T. D  Mc absolute^untnfe.
troyer off Corfu. |inhabitants. , blood and language. Lean. ■ (Signed)   H, B. Conrod.
The Bevan boys do not think it not be necessary to wait for ad-
necessary to practice marbles or vice  from subscribers in cases
the that you personally know of; a
' letter to mc will be suflicient
You may make this publ'c in any
way that you see fit.
Yours very truly,
H. C. Lane,
District Superintendent.
o ...
LOST.-1914   Pocket   Diary. TWO
The Ideal Stare
Children's Rompers,
Wash B!ouses and Suits,
Dresses, Cashmere Coats
etc. ,
Ladies' Waists, Night Gowns
Underskirts, Combinations
Corset Covers, Aprons
Housedresses, etc.    /
Underwear in Lisle and Silk,
Fine Ribbed, Mesh, etc.
Men's Silk Shirts, Socks, Ties,
Fine Underwear, etc.
The Ideal Store
Dunsmuir Avenue.
Phone 72.
Plumbing, Heating, Sewerage
also Shingling, Roof Repairing
Dunsmuir Ave., Cumberland, B. C.
When visiting Cumberland slay at the
Cumberland   Hotel
Dunsmuir Avenue
?irst Class Hotel at Moderate Rates
Guests have every comfort,
Excellent Cuisine.
To Employees of The Canadian
Collieries (Dunsmuir)
QWING to the grave situation, which has arisen in
Europe and the possibility that Canada may call for
the loyal support of its Militia and Naval Reserves, we
desire to notify all of our Employees that those who are
members of the Militia or of the Naval Reserve and are
called for service or those who may choose to enlist for
service, have our full an A hearty approval in doing so.
Employees so called upon will please register to that
effect at the nearest office of this Company.
All who are so registered will be re-instated in their
former positions when they shall have finished their service
to their Country.
By J. R. LOCKARD, General Superintendent.
Approved, H. S. FLEMING, Chairman,
Executive Committee.
JHanofovtc tuition
Late Pianist of Criterion Theatre,
Dudley, and Coseley Picture House,
Wolverhampton, England, is prepared to take Pupils for the piano.
Apply: Residence, Dkrwknt Ave,
or P. 0. Box 112,
l3.ii.io siuiici-   *.
Makes-regular visits to Cumberland representing the George A.
Flectcher Music Co. of Nanaimo.
Orders left at the Islander Office
will receive prompt attention
}}. Phillip D-UTiaon
Barrister, Sulk-llm
st Notary I'ulillo
Eburarf. U. Ulirklr
sTumlirrlanii. 11. <£.
. (tt. Eitorar Ja
Srarlirr af ffluoit
Line Mii*ic:ii Director of Victoria Theatre,
Wlngate mul Durliatii; BiunifU Wiiii.iin-
Pldure * vnuslnTlllv Tin-Mrs-. Ki-rryhlll,
lllirlmm; lute OnMm-l mil Olloirllirustor
Durlllllii, Kll-iliiml.
Has Vacancies for Pupils on
Piano, American Organ &
Pipe Organ, Theory,
Harmony, etc,
Terms Moderate
P.O.Box398, Cumberland,B.C.
Fire Insurance
For absolute
protection write
a Policy in the
London & Lancashire Fire Insurance Co. of
L iverpool.
Total Assets
$2 6,7 88,930.00
Wesley Willard
Call and See,
Headquarters for
McKenzie's Ice Cream
Exclusive Agents
Buyers to Share in Profits. Lower Prices on Ford Cars
Effective from August 1,1914, to August 1,1915, and guaranteed against any'
reduction during that time.
Touring Car $590   Runabout $540   Town Car $840
In the Dominion of Canada Only F.O.B. Ford, Ont.
"FURTHER we will be able to obtain the maximum efficiency in our factory production,
and the minimum cost in our purchasing and sales departmens IF we can reach an output of 30,000 cars between the above dates.
AND should we reach this production we agree to pay, as the buyer's share, from $40
to $60 per car [on or about August 1, 1915] to every retail buyer who purchases a new
Ford car between August 1, 1914, and August 1, 1915. -
Fov further particulars regarding these low prices and profit sharing plan, see
Look! I have the Goods and I want
the Money. Now if you want to get
In Watches, Clocks &
Jewelery, also Books
and all the Latest
Magazines and Papers
all going Cheap for
Cash Only.
For the next 10 Days
Cumberland, B. C.
"You'll Not be Happy Till You Get There"
If you would like to buy a lot or acreage
on easy terms to suit your purse
these hun! times,
RING  UP 36.
British Columbia Investments Ltd. Cour!ecnay
HAEEY  IDIENS.   Manager.
Notice is hereby given that the j
; reserve of foreshore and the coal[
I under the sea fronting on Nelson :
and Newcastle Districts, notice
■ of which appeared in the B. C.
Gazette on the 6th day of January,
1910, is cancelled.
Deputy Minister of Lands
Lands Department,
Victoria, B.C.,
23rd June, 1914.
Notice is Hereby Given that
the Reserve, a notice of which
; appeared in the British Columbia
: Gazette on the 27th day of December, 1907, is cancelled in so
far as it relates to lands covered
by Expired Timber Licence No.
48986 and known as Lot No. 37-1,
Sayward District;.and that the
said  lands will be opened  for
i staking for pre-emption as unsurveyed lands in compliance with
the provisions of the "Land Act"
i at 9 o'clock in the forenoon on
Tuesday, August 11, 1914.   For
, further information apply to the j
i Government Agent, Vancouver,
I through whose office all applications must be made.
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Lands Department,
Victoria, B. C,
June, 10, 1914.
Sealed tenders will be received
by the Minister of Lands not
later than noon on the 28th day
of August, 1914, for the purchase
of Licence X 211, to cut 2,000,000
feet of timber on a area adjoining
Lot 174, Little Valdes Island,
Sayward District.
One year will be allowed for
the removal of the timber.
Further particulars of the Chief
Forrester, Victoria B.C.
Sealed tenders will be received
by the Minister of Lands not later
than noon on the 24th day of j
September, 1914, for the purchase
of Licence X 106, tocut 1,700,000!
feet of timber situated in the vi-
clnity of Lot 908, Cardero Chan-
I nel, Thurlow Island, Range one,
: Coast District.
:   One year will be allowed for the
j removal of the timber.
1   Further particulars of the Chief
Forester, Victoria, B.C. ,
Clothes Economy
It is a simple matter to be well
dressed at small cost if you know
how. Many garments cast aside
owing to being soiled and faded,
can by our dyeing and cleaning
be made serviceable again for
months. We not only clean and
dye wearing apparel of every dis-
cription, but also household needs
such as lace curtains, rugs, por-
tiers etc
Dunsmuir Avenue, Cumberland
Mail orders receive prompt
Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Repairing a Specialty
West Cumberland
At the
Furniture Store
Novelty Glassware3fineT»rK25c.eaeh
Tea PotsA new stylc in *cld line dePSS*$1.50
Toilet WareJ^&fL$3 to $8.50£!
feline an#4 daus-APS a very fine china cup and 4lO lx'r
V/UJJS <M1U UaUCCrSsjauccr In gold line dccorationN»*** doz
A full line of Furniture, Stoves, Ranges, etc.,
always in stock.
Phone 14
First CUsa in every respect. Perfect Cuisine
Headquarters for Tourists and Sportsmen
Wines Liquors and Ci jars
John N. McLeod, Proprietor
When in Cmnlwrlatn. main tin- Union your bwufciiurtent
Cumberland Electric Light Company
Electric Appliances
6 1-4 Ib Electric Irons $3.25
Electric Toasters  8,25
Electric Hair Dryers  3,00
5 Watt Tungsten Lamps      40
10 and 15 Watt Tungsten Lamps     45
25 and 40 Watt Tungsten Lamps ....    50
Tungsten Lamps 5 to 150 Watt, Also Hylo
and Ruby Lamps for Sale.
Up-to-Date Millinery
Mrs. John Gillespie
Union Street
Cumberland,!!}. C FOUR
The Week's
War Bulletins
Monday, August 24.
London, Aug. 28. The battle
of the Giants has begun in Belgium. The Germans aro trying
to work around the Allies' Hank,
while the French are trying the
same to the Germans in Alsace.
Almost all the engagements that
have gone before have been mere
reconnaissances. From the stand
point of the Allies the important
feature in Saturday's developments is a great battle which began in the morning on the N amur-
Charleroi line. This is being
fought on the position chosen by
the Allies. A German statement
says that in fighting between
Metz and Vosges the Germans
took 10,000 prisoners and 50 guns.
An official British statement explains that nothing resembling a
great battle had been fought previous to yesterday. From the
• Russian boundary conflicting reports come from both sides claim
ing success.
Paris. Aug. 22;—Official.—The
situation in Belgium is unchanged. The Germans are moving westward preceded by clouds
of cavalry. [There Lhave been
skirmishes near Ghent. On the
other side of the German army
the Belgian army is entrenched
at Antwerp. There has been
. lighting at Luneville, in Meurthe
et Moselle. The German attack
there has appeared weak. In the
past three days our losses have
been serious; that of the Germans equally so.
London, Aug. 23.-A great
battle beween the Germans on
one side and the French and British on the other began Saturday
■ morning, according to official announcement. The battle line extends from Namur to Charleroi.
a point 20 miles west of Namur.
Antwerp, Aug. 22. A British
and a German cavalry brigade
had a sharp fight today on the
battlefield of Waterloo. The
Germans retired.
Tokio, Aug. 28.- Japan has
declared war against  Germany.
Paris, Aug. 23.- A despatch
this afternoon from Rome says
the Emperor of Austria is dying,
and that Prince William of Wied
has fled from Albania.
London, Aug. 21, A Romedes
patch reports Emperor Franz
Joseph's death is expected at any
Paris, Aug. 23. Official. A
great battle is in progress along
a lino extending from Mons to the
1 frontier of Luxemburg. Our
troops in conjunction with the
British have assumed everywhere
the offensive. We are faced by
almost the whole German army,
both active and reserve. The
ground, especially on our right,
is wooded and difficult of passage.
The battle is likely to last several
days. The enormous strength of
the French and the great number
of forces involved make it impossible to follow step by step the
movements of our armies. We
must await the result of the lirst
phase of the combat. before we St. Petersburg, Aug. 23. - Offi-
can form any conclusion as to the cial.—Battles in East Prussia on
situation. the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th of
London. Aug. 23. A despatch AuSust were foll«iht with the ut"
from Basle, Switzerland, dated most desperation. Our battle line
August 22nd. says the Germans extends about 26 miles' The
for the past three days have been Russian troops occupied Goldaph
trying to force the French out of and A>"'es' Tha ret,'eat on the
Muelhausen,    A fierce attack of,20th of the German army corps
the Germans was several  times
near Lick resembled a rout.  The
repulsed. Processions of wounded Germans, having suffered enor-
Germans to the rear is proof of mous losses' are falling back pur-
the  bloodshed caused  by   the sued by the Russians.
„       ,     ,.,, London,   Aug.    23.— Router's
1'rench artillery. .  ,      „„   a tl
Iagency says today; Ine fights ot
St: Petersburg. Aug. 23. -Thei the last two days have resulted
great Russian army invading east I in a wholesale retreat of the
Prussia has hurled back the en- Germans, giving the Russians
emy and captured Insterburg. | control of all of east Prussia be-
Goldap, and Ayres. Insterburg I yond the Vistula river,
is the great strategic railroad Amsterdam, Aug. 23.—The cor
centre of east Prussia, with eight respondent of the Daily 'telegraph
railroads. Ayres, on the left at Antwerp telegraphs tujdei'to-
llank fifty miles from Inster- day's date that all of northern
burg, is another junction of rail- Belgium has been evacuated byway lines, as is also Goldaph, half the Germans,
way between. The capture of London, Aug. 24.-Orders have
this netwoik of railways places'been issued by the Austrian gov-
the German position up as far as eminent to tho cruiser Kaiserin
Gantvighom in jeopardy. The Elizabeth in Kiao Chau to disarm
Germans put forth their utmost and the crew to proceed to Tien-
strength to oppose the Russian: tain.
advance, and every step was won London, Aug. 23. An official
by fighting. The retreat of the - despatch from Belgium states
German corp from Licke is what that Liege and Namur are still
civilians   call  a  rout, but in his-; holding out.
report the Russian  commander-	
in-chief calls a retirement of a
very hurried nature. The loss on
both sides has been enormous in
the series of battles during the
past six days.   The Russian army
is now in a very strong position
and it will be a difficult matter
■or any army,""no matter how
large, to dislodge them as both
flanks are resting on' boggy and
marshy ground. They can only
be attacked from the front.
Tuesday, August 25.
Paris, Aug. 24.—Official.—The
plan of attack on the part of the
; Allied troops has failed, and the
Allies have retired on their entrenched positions west of the
Meuse. The British on our left
was attacked by the Germans,
but held its ground with steadfastness. The French assumed
the offensive with two army corps
of 8800 men. An African bri-
Vancouver, B.C., Aug. 22 The gade in the front line carried
government is considering the,away by eagerness were met by
confiscation of valuable timber a murderous fire. They did not
limits and other interests in the give an inch but counter attacked
province owned by Lieutenant Dy the Prussian guard they were
Alvo Von Alvensleben, and other(obliged to retire, only, however,
wealthy Germans. Von Alvens-| after inflicting enormous losses,
leben, who was in Germany at I East of the Meuse our troops ad-l
the time war was declared, ac-; vanced across an extremely diffi- J
cording to a New York despatch, j cl,it country and made a coura-
is on his way back to British Co- j ge0us attack when they emerged
lumbia at the request of his' froni the woods, but were obliged
clients to*safeguard their inter-j to fall back after a stiff fight. On |
ests. Earl y this year before re-' order of General Joffre our troops:
turning to Germany, the Von Al- and the British troops withdrew
vensleben interests made efforts to the covering positions. Our'
to sell to the British Columbia troops are intact. Our cavalry
government] fourteen timber-has in a way suffered and our
limits at Buttles Lake, near artillery has affirmed its superi-
S'rathcona Park, but the prico ority. As a result of tho orders
asked was so exorbitant that the which have been issued the aspect
proposition was refused. Since of the struggle will change, For
the outbreak of the war and the j a few days the French army will
confiscation of British interests; remain on the defensive but at
by the German government, the j the right time it will again assume
government of British Columbia the offensive. Our losses are:
is considering the confiscation of i heavy, lt will be ptemature to
all German interests held under enumerate them. The Germans
the Crown. In addition to the suffered equally heavily, in fact
timber limits on Vancouver Isl- they were obliged by losses to
and the Alvensleben interests abandon their counter attack. Wo'
also own 15 valuable limits on the delivered four attacks yesterday
coast and numerous mining and morning from positions north of
real estate interests running into Nancy inflicting heavy losses on,
millions of dollars. The Jingle the enemy. In regard to the
Pot mine near Nanaimo is one of general situation we have the full
these, and it is worthy of note use of our railroads and retain
that an attempt was made last command of the seas. Our oper-
Friday to cut the miners working ations have enabled the Russians
in this mine ten per cent in their to come into action and penetrate
pay. to the heart of Prussia.
London, Aug. 24.—The official
press bureau announced tonight
that Namur has fallen.
Milan, via Paris, Aug. 25.—A
despatch from Cattaro says all
the fortifications there have been
destroyed by the Allied fleet. The
Austrians did not have time before the attack to strew the Gulf
of Cattaro with mines.
London, Aug. 24. - An official
St. Petersburg despatch says;
Russia's two great armies are
now advancing over a front ex-
Jending seventy miles to a great
pitched battle which the Russian
commander-in-chief probably will
deign to call a victory, a word
hitherto scrupulously avoided.
The advance is spreading fanlike
into the heart of Prussia and
trampling all opposition. Many
engagements have been fought
and many cities taken, but the
Russian general considers them
mere skirmishes.
Pekin, Aug. 24.—Tsing Tail
and Kiau Chau are blockaded.
British, French and Russian war
vessels are taking part in the
movement. Up to the present
only British- regiments have
orders to cooperate with the Japs
but tlie French expect orders to
assist the British. No reliable
information has reached here yet
as to any Japanese landing on
Kiau Chau. The Japan-China
cable is cut.
London, Aug. 25.-Emperor
Franz Joseph is much worse; his
death is a question of a few
Undine, Italy, via Paris, Aug.
24.—It is reported that Austria
has abandoned the campaign
against Servia and will confine
her efforts to trying to hold back
the Russians who are beginning
to sweep across her northern
London, 25th.—The total casualties to the British force in the
great battle were two thousand
men  kiiled  and   injured.
A Zeppelin was brought down
today over Antwerp and the entire crew killed or captured. She
she was struck by artillery fire
and sank through losing gas instead of bursting into flames.
It is said that 25,000 Germans
are surrounded at Courtray,
Belgium, and will have to surrender.
Brussels is now clear of Germans, who have gone further
west and north.
Paris, 25th. -A hot fight has
lasted all today near Charleroi
between the French end German
armies, and still continues,
Geneva, 25th. It is reported
that a part of the German garrison at Strasburg suffered an
appalling loss at Schirneck in an
encounter with the French troops
Out of 5,500 men the Germans
lost 4,700.
Seattle, Aug. 25.—The Japanese cruiser Idzuma was seen off
Cape Flattery today headed for
Rome, Aug. 25.— The participation of Italy in the war on the
side of the Allies is looked for at
any time, The massing of troops
by the Austrians on the Italian
frontier which has been discreetly carried on for the past two
weeks has in the past forty-eight
hours been rushed without any
pretence of covering up the operations. The Italians are clamoring for war and the greatest dip-
; lomatic pressure is being brought
lon Italy to cast in her lot with
the Allies.
Rome, Aug. 25. -The bombard
ment and destruction of the fortifications at Cattaro by the combined British and French fleets is
confirmed. At last reports the
commander of the city was parleying as to terms of surrender.
Ottawa, Aug. 25. — Thirty
thousand men are now at or on
their way to Valcartier. By the
middle of September this force
will be on transports bound for
Europe and their place at Valcartier will be"taken by another
force equally large to undergo
training for the front. This was
decided on today.
I London, Aug. 25.- While practically no news is coming from
the front the British people have
now settled down to the belief
that they are face to face with
an exhausting war and the determination to see it through to
ultimate victory has been made
stronger by the developments of
the past few days.
It seems certain now that Italy
will be on'the side of the Allies
within a few days and, while the
Allies have no doubt of the result without Italy, it will make
the campaign both shorter and
i easier were she to participate.
Wednesday, August 26.
Paris, Aug. 26. The War Office
has issued the following: The
commander-in-chief, requiring all
. available forces on the Meuse,
has ordered the abandonment of
' occupied territory. Muelhausen
' has again been evacuated.
London, Aug. 25. The british
official news bureau issued the following tonight; There has been
no further general engagement.
The condition of the British
troops isfin every way satisfactory.
Pekin, Aug. 25.—The main
j Japanese army is now landing
! near Tsing Tau, while the Japan-
I ese and British fleets are co-operating outside the port. British
torpedo boats and gunboats mobilized yesterday before TsingTau,
the German port of Kiau Chau,
for the purpose of unmasking the
German batteries.
Rome, via Paris, Aug. 20.—A
despatch from Vienna announces
that Austria has declared war on
London, Aug. 26.- Reuters declares Austrian government on
Tuesday, Aug. 25th, handed th-3
Japanese ambassador his passports.
London. Aug. 25. —One of the
generally admitted results of the
great battle of Charleroi is that
the chances of the war being
brought to a speedy close are
considerably reduced. Two, or
even three, years of war are now
believed to be the probable period.
Paris, Aug. 26.—Italian mobilization has been ordered for August 27.
Rome, 26.—The American consul has advised all Americans to
leave Italy immediately.
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Washington, Aug. 26. -Official
despatches indicate tjiat Turkey
is about to take a~Tiand in the
general* conflict. It is confirmed
that the German crews are still
aboard the Goeben and Breslau.
It is regarded here as certain that
if Turkey declares war Italy will
immediately side with the Allies.
Paris, Aug. 25.—The French
army operating at Muelhausen
has been recalled and will act in
conjunction with the Allies on the
river Meuse. It is reported that
Cattaro has surrendered to the
Allied fleets. French success in
northern Belgian frontier reported today not confirmed.
The British army withstood the
German shock for three days and
never retreated one step. They
retired on order of Commander
JotTre. When general retirement
was made Lord Kitchener wired
"Thanks" to the British forces.
No news from Japan.
London, 26.— It is officially announced that Togoland has unconditionally surrendered to the
French and British in Africa.
London, 26..-Official reports
from St. Petersburg state that
the Russian invading army continues its victorious march
through Prussia and that they
have cornered a German army in
East Prussia.
Nish, Servia, 26.—Official figures state that at the battle of
the Drina 300,000 Austrians were
engaged, of which 15,000 were
killed, 30,000 wounded and 15,000
made prisoners.
St. George's Presbyterian
Services, 11 a.m, and 7 p.m.
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91 nn acre. Not more than 2,500 acres
will be lL'.und to one applicant.
Application for a leatie must be made hy
the applicant in person to the Agent or sub
Agent of the district in which the rights
applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory ihe land must be
described by sections, or legal subdivisions
of sections, and in unsurveyed territory
the tract applied for shall be staked out by
theapplicatit himself.
Ktcn application must be accompanied
by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if tho
likhts applied foraro not available, but not
otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on thu
merchantable output of the mino at the
rale ut Ave cents per ton.
Tlie pei -n operating thn mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns ar
counting fer the full quantity of imrrh-
antabloCoal mined and pay the royalty
thereon, If the coil minjag rights aie
not being operated, such returns shall be
furnished at least once a year.
The lease will include the coal mintiit:
righta only, butthel'sseeinay be permitted to purchase whatever available sur
face rights may bn considered necessary
for the working of the mino at therato of
For full information application should
be made to  the Secretary of the Department of the Inteiior, Ottawa,   or tn   any
Agent ur Sub A cent nfDominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.B— Unauthorized publication of this
advertisement will not bu paid for.
Owing to the present serious international complications in
Europe, it is purposed that one
or two malitia companies he
raised in Cumberland. There has
alreadybeen one company formed in Duncans and two companies
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Thursday, August 27th.
London, Aug. 25.   The French
embassy in London tonight issutffl
the  following statement:    The
movement which was begun yesterday by order of the commander-in-chief was continued today,
It was confirmed that the Prussian
corps  of  guards   was   roughly
handled in the recent lighting.
They were attacked by Algerian
riflemen and in the hand-to-hand
1 lighting which ensued the Germans suffered heavy losses.   The
attacks   against   Nancy   have
failed.     The Russians arc resol-
, utely pushing forward their  ad-
j vance in Galicia and have routed
; two divisions of Austrian cavalry.
We can add some details to the
official news: We are assured that
an officer of Genera! Joll'rc's staff
brought a report at the close of
the day to the ministerial council.
For a short time our troops were
masters west of the Meuse.   the
' Germans giving way.  Then they
hurled the guards brigade against
our attack and despite  the  immense losses indicted  upon  the
, enemy our Algerians were forced
; to retire under orders from headquarters.     They   met   the   full
shock of the German army which
has thrown all  its forces  upon
i Belgium.   A battle is in progress
between   Marbuge,   Department
of the Nord, and Donon, Depart-
' ment of Doubs,   On it hangs the
; fate of France.     Operations in
! Alsace along the Rhine would
itake away troops  upon  which
(might depend victory.     It is necessary  to withdraw  all from
j Alsace temporarily to ensure its
i final delivery, West of the Meuse,
on  orders  issued  Sunday,   the
troops which are to remain on the
j covering line to take up the de-
'[ fensive are massed as follows:
| The French and British troops
occupy  a  front   position   near'
Givet, which they gained after
hard lighting.   They are holding
the Germans and sharply checking their attacks.    East of the
Meuse our troops have regained
their original position commanding the roads in the forest of
Ardennes.    To the right we assumed the offensive, driving hack
the enemy vigorously, but Joffer
stopped the pursuit so as to re-'
establish his front along the line
decided upon Sunday.     In  Lorraine the Austrians and Germans
have begun a combined attack,
one end  starting  from   Grand
Couronne de Nancy and theother
from south of  Lnneville.     The
engagement which began yesterday  continues at  the time of
i writing.    The sound of cannonading is not heard at Nancy as il
was yesterday.
Paris, Aug.  '£>.   The German
] Emperor's uncle, General Prince
Adelbert, was killed on  Sunday.
In the north detachments of Ger-
'man cavalry which appeared on
Sunday near Lille were observed
; yesterday near Doux.   This cav-
; airy cannot advance much further
j without the risk of falling  into j
, the Allies' lines.
London, 3.35 a.m., Aug. 27,—
The Daily Mail's Paris correspondent says: The Germans, it is
now believed, are attacking the
Allies from the southern Belgian
frontier. Cavalry raids arc fre-'
quent around Lille. Wounded
Germans say their officers' orders
are to advance at any cost, even
to forfeit, if necessary, 50 per
cent of the army to gain a victory.
The Germans made six successive:
attempts on the British troops in
an effort to cut their lines of
communication, but were unsuccessful.
Charles G. Callin
Accountant & Auditor
Land Registry Office Work a
PHONES 42 & 48
J. E. Boffey
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.R. H. Hardwicke,   "
F. Boswortii,
Dry Goods, Dress Goods, White Wear
Hosiery, Silk Goods, Boots and Shoes
C. Sing Chong
Agents for Pilsener Beer
Mrs. B. G. Crawford
Warehouse, Courtenay
Phone Y91 and R99
IMPORTANT TO CUSTOMERS-No Orientals, Agents, or Solicitors
New England Hotel
JOSEPH WALKER  Proprietor.
Lunsmuir Avenue
London, 26.—Messages from a
war correspondent at Ostend give
particulars of a battle now being
fought on which the fate of
Europe may hang. This battle,
called the "Great Battle" in the
despatch which states that the
British were at their posts at 3
a.m. Monday. Suddenly eight
German aeroplanes came into
sight and a moment later a (lock
of British aircraft rose from the
ground and offered battle in the
air. The Germans closed their
ranks and appeared as if they
would offer resistance, then suddenly turned and fled pursued by
the British birdmen, who outnumbered the Germans greatly.
Immediately after the artillery
opened and th« infantry moved
forward. Sunrise mingled with
the glow of burning forests and
the flashes of the big guns. The
battle continued all day Monday
and Tuesday, and still continues,
and may last for several days
It is in progress along the whole
Belgian, British and French front,
and is a series of battles linked
together and forming one great
battle. It appears certain that'
1 the Germans have brought every
available man to the front, and
are not leaving troops behind to
protect their lines of communication, and unless they can force
their way through the Allies'
formation they invite disaster to
their entire army. Up till the
time the despatch was written at
Ostend the Germans had failed
to make any advance against the
positions of the Allies.
Seattle, Aug. 26.-At 6.45 this
morning the C. P. R. steamer
Princess Victoria collided with
the American steamer Admiral
Sampson, a passenger boat which
runs between Seattle and Alaska.
The Admiral Sampson sank in
about five minutes after being
struck by the Princess Victoria.
It is reported that seventeen were
! drowned. She was carrying 56
passengers and a crew of 65. The
accident occurred about twenty
i miles from Seattle. The Princess
Victoria was not badly damaged
and proceeded to Seattle with
the Admiral Sampson's passengers and crew.
Of the passengers two were
lost and out of the crew of 65
fifteen were lost, including the
captain and chief engineer.
London, Aug. 26.—Although
the German army captured the
city of Namur it is now known
that six out of eight of the forts
are still held by the Belgians.
The Russian advance is continu-.
ing unabated by an opposition
which Germany has offered. The
"ight wing is invading, the left
wing entering Galicia, and in the
centre the main army is marching in terrible force on rosen.
Near Osterod, east Prussia, the
Germans made a stand, but they
were overwhelmed and in their
flight left 100 pieces of artillery.
On Monday it is reported the
Russians reached Marienbad, 25
miles from Dantzig.
London.. 27th. - The Kaiser
Wilhelm Der Grosse has been
sunk off the West Coast ofAfrica
by the British Cruiser Highflyer.
The Kaiser Wilhelm had been
fitted up as an armoured cruiser
and was being used to relay
wireless messages from Germany
to America.
London, 26th.—The Belgians
have retaken Maline and drove
the Germans back on Verveville.
The entire centre of the Allies
position advanced today driving:
the Germans back.
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