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The Islander Apr 12, 1913

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Just arrived Linoleums,
Floor Oil Cloth, China
Matting in the newest
designs and colourings
■ ■*■■   . ,„.-,ri
rdfluind ftutiHgl] tt&nowest,
ll Art Designs in Carpet., A
.  Squares and Ruga, & **■*
VOL. IV., No. 2   <«^c>
Subscription price, $1.50 per year
For   the   last   three months
January, February and
f The output at the local mines
for the first three months of the
year 1918 amounted lo !>G,81.8
tons. The output for the month
of February did not increase very
much over the month of January,
February being a short month
and containing 24 working days
only. The output reads as follows:
January..,. _..__0,.5<U tons
February 80,036   "
March.... ....37,241   "
The figures for the week commencing Saturday, April 5th, up
to Friday, April 11th, inclusive
are 9191, making an average of
over 1500 per day.
During the week there were at
Union Bay ahe SS. Tricoller, SS.
Morama, and SS. Lxtion loading
coal, cargo and bunker, which
would amount to 10,000 tons. The
Canadian Collieries are making a
steady advance ahead in spite of
all the difficulties they have had
to contend with. Several families
arrived hy the various bonis during the week, awl additional men
have arrived arwl gone to ~worl
The annual bazaar and suppei
given by the ladies of Grace
Methodist Church has come to be
a feature of the social life of
Cumberland. This ytiar the ladies
are determined not to fall below
their usual high standard, and
are straining every nerve to
make the event next Tuesday
equal to the past. Tea will be
provided during tke sale in the
afternoon. The usual supper is
to be served from 5-30 to 7-30.
At eight o'clock, stereopticon
views of our boautfful B. C.
mountain and coa at scenery, and
characteristic inc'irlents of Indian
life will be thrown upon the
screen. These views are beautifully colored, r.nd most of them
really unique in the protrayal of
scenes of Indian lift' which have
seldom been photographed. Remember t',ic dav, Tuosday, April
Cofi tractors are working at the
Provincial Government buildings
for th«-^urpose of constructing
sceptic tanks, and instal flush
closets at the Government agent's
office and tho Provincial Police
Thc Ladies auxiliary of the
Union and Comox District Hospital, with the. assistance of the
Basket Ball team and employees
of the Canadian Collieries, anticipate giving a swell dance on
Friday the _5th for the benefit of
the hospital.   Particulars later.
Notice is hereby given that
Thomas E. Bate and Wilson R.
Dunn have this day sold out their
interest in the Islander Printing
and Publishing Company to Edward W. Bickle, of the City of
Cumberland. All debts owing to
the Islander are to be paid to E.
W. Bickle and all claims against
the Islander are to be presented
to the said E. W. Bickle, by
whom the same will be settled.
Dated at Cumberland this 1st
day of April, A.D. 1913.
Witness: Thos. Hart.
Continual Irom Inst wn-k.
To obtain the greastcst efficiency together with safety from
an electric plant there are several
points to be considered. Commencing with the steam engine
which drives the generating
dynamo, this is generally a steam
engine with a (lywheel attached,
to maintain a constant speed.
Such an engine requires a governor to control it to maintain
practically the same speed under
full and light load. Attention
must be paid to the cranks and
all moving parts with a plentiful
but not wasteful supply of lubrication. Au important point is to
have the engine (irmly secured
to its bed, so that no vibration
occurs, because such vibration
may be transmitted by means of
the belt to the dynamo, and
sparking at the brushes may ensue and flickering of lamps. The
belt between the engine and
dynamo should be a soft, pliable,
and not too heavy, either endless
or butt jointed in preference to
a lopped joint, which should run
perfectly straight.
From an electrical pom* of view
thc necessary parts of a dynamo
arc the armature, the field-magnet
thc commutator and the brushes,
each part performing a particular
function and demands attention
in the peculiarities of design.
Scarcely of less importance are
the mechanical details which may
be briefly summed up as follows:
ipeed-ind rigidity, correct design
of bearings, lubrication and efficiency for adjustment. Both these
departments should receive due
attent;on for safety and efficiency.
Special precautions should be
taken in having proper positive
and negative connections of the
cables and sufficient insulation
alt along the circuit to prevent
loss of current and danger from
live wires.
Switches for making or breaking contact should be thoroughly
protected and insulated and fusible cut-outs inserted near to the
dynamo in case of excessive
All motors should be prevented
from sparking as far as possible
and should be designed electrically to give the least possible
sparking, then to be completely
enclosed so as to be practically
gas tight for underground use-
especially coal cutting machines
at the working face, Thc motor
covers must be made so they can
be opened in the mine for inspection, the greatest precaution
should be taken to prevent sparking. In any belt connection the
same remarks as above are applicable and as regards pumps,
hauling engines, or whatever the
machine in connection with the
electrical installation may be it is
essential to have a sound and
firm foundation made and the
engine made secure.
In a large installation it is
better and cheaper to transmit
the electricity by a small current
at a high voltage as a thinner
and less expensive wire can be
used. The transformer can here
be used to advantage.
In electric-lighting, to obtain
an efficient light from the incandescent lamp, a vacuum must be
maintained and the cables should
have a low resistance, while the
filament in the lamp itself should
possess a high resistance. In the
are lamp the carbons must always
be kept the proper distance apart
and be made to approach each
other as they are consumed.
The electro-motive-force (E.M,
F.)   of  an  electric current
measured by a volt.
Victoria basket ball team de
feated the Courtenay boys at
Courtenay on Tuesday evening
by a score of 34 toll.
The Victoria basket ball, team
and champions of Vancouver Island arrived by auto'on Thursday
afternoon. The local team went
up against them in the Cumberland Hall on the same evening,
the building being packed with
excited spectators. The game
started at 8 o'clock, and it was
seen from the commencement
that the Victoria team were
superior at the game, although
the local team played well and
kept thc ball moving swiftly
through thc hall they fell short
at the net, and resulted in a
score of 25 to 6 in favor of the
visiting team, who are certainly
star players. Immediately after
the game the visitors were entertained to a sumptuous repast in
the Cumberland Hotel by the
local basket ball team. After the
banquet a dance was held, the
music being supplied by Messrs.
Parnham and Roy.
Courtenay is on the boom,
active business has commenced
and the main street is now lined
with building material. The
Builders' Supply Company have
commenced to erect a large addition to their warehouse. O.
II. Fechner, proprietor of the
the Riverside Hotel, is also
doubling the size of his hotel, and
when completed it will be the
most modern house on the north
end of tho Island. The foundation
for C. II. Tarbell's hardware
store is Hearing completion, with
several other buildings in courso
of erection. The C. P. R. have
their road graded into Courtenay.
R. A. Stoney, of New Westminster, representative in British
Columbia for the Typographical
Union, spent Tuesday and Wednesday in the city on an official
visit to the union printers in the
Islander Office. He left for
Alberni on Thursday morning.
Before returning to New Westminister he will visit all the
printing offices on Vancouver
Island. Mr. Stoney is a member
of the B. C. Labour Commissior
and reports that the commission
will resume its sittings on April
21st., starting at Mission and
working up through the interior
and coming down through the
Boundary country. It will be
September before the commission
gets in shape to submit theii
if the measure for the quantity
of electricity passing. The ohm
is the measure for the amount of
friction to be overcome, the unit
of resistance. The watt is the
unit measure of power antl is
equal to a current of one ampere
with an E.M.F. of one volt.
Thc amperes multiplied by the
volts equal the number of Watts
a dynamo gives, and 740 watts
Equal one electrical horse-power.
In last week's article, where it
was stated that in the event of a
cable becoming damaged by a
fall, and sparking ensue, damage
might be done, but in the event
of an incandescent lamp being
broken the risk of danger is
almost infinitesimal, the filament
being practically instantaneously
oxidised. Of coarse sparking
from a damaged cable would be
liable to set lire to the material
in the vicinity and do damage,
but in this respect the danger
from a broken incandescent lamp
the risk would be almost infinitesimal as the filament is practically instanteneously destroyed.
It must be understood that
these lamps are unsafe in places
where the mine atmosphere is
liable to become contaminated
with firedamp, as if a lamp became broken there would be time
enough for the gas to become
ignited between the time of the
lamp being broken and the oxy-
dising of the filament of the
lamp. In the article it was stated
that these lamps were only used
Nanaimo Men Ignore Strike.
During the last two or three
weeks we have heard repeated
rumors concerning Nanaimo and
mass meetings being held there;
of course given out by the agitators for the purpose of keeping
up Interest at this point. They
have been 'telling the people
for the last six months that
it would not be long before
Nanaimo came out on strike. On
making inquiries we find Nanaini
a prosperous city with no signs
of any trouble. The agitator
fails to make it go there, Nanaimo miners are too wise to be led
astray by such men.
The Nanaimo miners held a
general meeting of all members
of the medical fund in the Oddfellows Hall, Nanaimo, on Sunday last, to consider a new agreement between the -doctors and
the men.
For all their trouble and sleepless nights the agitators did get
one undesirable from No. 8 and
three from No. 7, on Sunday, but
the leaders kept their notes in
their pockets, the speeches were
not delivered.
The many friends of Mrs. T. E.
Banks will be pleesed to know
that she is recovering as well as
may be expected.
Mrs. a Milligan was taken to
the hospital during the week to
undergo special treatment.
Mr. Holland, representing the
Oliver Typewriter, of which E,
C Emde is the local agent, visited
Cumberland during thc week,
and secured orders for five typewriters,
Richard Stratton was arrested
yesterday and appeared before
Wesley Willard, J.P., and T. E.
Bate, J.P., this morning charged
with vagrancy. The accused was
found guilty and sentenced to six
months with hard labour.
Another new Ford touring car
arrived by yesterday's Charmer
for Lcroy S. Cokely, Dominion
and Provincial land surveyor at
Courtenay. Mr. Cokely purchased the car through E. C. Emde,
the Ford local agent.
Seven provincial police officers
arrived on Wednesday evening to
take the places vacated by the
seven officers who left on Thursday morning to fill positions in
other parts of the province.
Registration for the new voters
list closed at five o'clock on Monday. The total enrollment in
Comox district is 2251. a decrease
of 507 names below tlie old list.
At the last court of revision held
in November last there were
2758 names on tho voters list.
Owing to many undoubtedly
being out of the district the new
Furnished Rooms to Rent, stove
heated.—For particulars apply at
this office.
Job work! You can get what
you want, when you want, and
how you want it at the Islander,
Chief Constable Stephenson
returned frnm a trip south on
Tuesday afternoon.
II. J. Theobald left for Vancouver on Sunday and returned
The Gas Committee, appointed
under the Coal Mines Regulation
Act, has examined No. 7 Mine
and found it all clear of gas.
D. A. Thomas, representing the
George A. Fletcher Music Co. of
Nanaimo, spent Thursday and
Friday in Cumberband.
The Conservative Association
will hold a special meeting at the
the Conservative Hall on Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock.  '
Miss Ruth Clinton was a pass
enger by Sunday train for Van
couver, having spent the Easter
holidays in Cumberland.
E. J. Palmer, general managei
for the Victoria and Chemainui
Lumber Co., left by auto on Sun
day for Victoria.
Miss Lillian Grant, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grant of
Victoria, is spending a few day;
with friends in Cumberland.
Mr. Wilson R, Dunn, who has
sold his interest in the Islandei
to E. W. Bickle, will leave fo
Victoria by automobile tomorrow-
accompanied by his daughter Miss-
Irene Dunn.
Mr. W. L. Coulson, genera'.
manager of the Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) Limited, accompanied by Mrs.- Coulson, left b\
automobile on Sunday morning
frr Victoria.
Coroner Abrams received i
message on Thursday moa'ninc
from Campbell River tha-t thi
bodies of two men had beei
found on the beach a few miles
north of Campbell River.. Tht
Coroner left for that point the
same afternoon.
Miss Dency Smith, the popi liar
milliner at Courtenay, receivt is a
weekly consignment of flowt irs,
feather, trimmings and shapes. of
all descriptions. Miss Smith
makes it a point to satisfy li-er
Negotiations, which have bee?.-
pending for several months between the City of Nanaimo anil
Capt. Monlagu Yates in reference
to tho installation of a tramway
for that city, have been broken
off. Capt. Yates refuses to accept
the terms of the city council.
The Reverend and Mrs. Franklin-Watson will be "at home" to
members of thc congregation and
friends on Wednesday, April the
16th, from 3 to 6 and also from 7
to 9. Afterwards Mrs. Franklin-
VValson will receive every second
Wednesday.-Holy Trinity Vicarage.
The Officers and Board of Directors for the Union and Comox
District Hospital will hold their
annual meeting in the Council
Chamber this e veiling at 8 o'clock.
The business or the meeting will
to receive the annual repoit
and the election of officers.
Thomas Graham, chief inspector, and John Newton, inspector
of mines, arrived by Sunday's
Cowichan.   The latter is on  his
Constable Albert T. Stephenson
Captures, Chinese
Some time ago tlie Superintendent of Provtncial Police sent out
a circular offing arc-ward of $500
and containg a picture of a
Chinaman known as Jay Kam,
alias Jay Kum Chum, alias Jay
Gum Lai, who on the 20th day of
February, at Mission, murdered
one of his countrymen by the
name of Jay Sum. The provincial
police were requested to capture
the murderer as there was a
warrant issued for his arrest
For the last two or three week-
Constable A. I. Stephenson has
been on the lookout for the
Chinaman wanted at Mission and
paid special attention to all new
arrivals. His efforts were rewarded by successfully locating
ihe Chinese murderer en Wed-
ne day evening in Isako's, a Japanese tailor shop at the corner of
Third St. and Dunsmuir Avenue,
the murderer being employed
there as a tailor. The officer,
satisfying himself that he had the
light man, arrested him and took
the prisoner to Vancouver on
Thursday morning.
Great credit is due to Constable
Stephenson    for    his   untiring
(forts.   It is seldom a Chinaman
;■ caught after he makes good
,is escape.
in   the  vicinity   of   the   shaft
bottom and on  " some " of the I list exceeds the old list in actual! regular visit while the former is
principl -  haulage   roads where j voters.    While the new list con-1 making his annual tour of inspec-
only safe conditions as far as tains a great many old names it tion.   They report No. 7 mine in
is'firedamp or any other thing pre-: is also conspicuous by the great good condition, and are now busy
The ampere vail,—L.S. number of new ones. examining Nos. 4, 5 and 6
I i "I
Messrs. Cameron & Allan have
received instructions from H. S.
Porteous, Esq., to sell by public
auction at his ranch, Courtenay,
B.C., on Wednesday, April 16th,
1913, the whole of his stock and
implements. The live slock includes one young heavy team in
splendid condition, weight 1500
pounds; several other horses and
two cows, i Aleo a quantity of
farm implements, including a
manure spreader, wagon, buggies, carts, mowers etc.
The sale should be well attended as the stock is of the best and
the implements, etc., are a}l
practically new.
Messrs. Cameron & Allan have
shown that they arc capable of
handling auction sale lo every-
body's satisfaction. <- 4,:ng the
hes t prices. Sale to commence
at 2 p.m. prompt. 	
WANTED—Lots or acreage for
which will trade some stock in
one of Vancouver's leading finan
'cial companies that is earning 12
per '.cut. Property must be un-
eiicu. ■nbcred.   Address "B-46."
Tltej slander.	
that thi Hy days after date application v. i'll •1|0 made to the Superintendent of provincial Police for
a Hotel I.i cence' lo sell liquors by
retail in tb e hote.1 to be known as
the Hotel B> ivan, situate* at Sevan
commonly known as 'No. 1< •*■*■ Ibe.
district of Gomox.
Dated April 1th, 1913.
In thc matter-of an application
for a fresh certificate af cale to
Lol 210. Comox i -;*"   e ;
'NOT-CE is hereby gi\ ,. of my
intention at the expiration of one
calendar  month  from the first
publication hereof to issue a fresh
certificate of title in lieu of the
certificate of title issued to   Andrew Lewis Galarno on the 9th
day ol'June, 1897, and numbered
3693C, which has been lost.
Dated at 1 ar " P. gistry Office,
Victor'?  >'      ■"-•a )2th day of
Man'-   )' '".'OTPN
Registrar General of Titles,
The Secret
By Alfred Wilson Barrett
Wire), Lock _ Co., Limited
London, Melbourne — Toronto*
Cash For Farm Lands
Wc have ca**h tor J nr 3 s«-ction.. of steam ploimh land, also for a number o'
B-Hui improved farms.    Price* must be right.
Foil lines ure Wing mad- in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, the fastest grow-
ins town In the Canadian West. Shrewd investors believe It will exceed th_
gTOWth  of Saskatoon.  Iteglna and  Moose Jaw.
Choicely located lots at |l__,    Terms p. cash and $10 per month.
Write for t'K>kiet on Swift Current.
To rent a number of choice improved farms in all s.zcb close to school and
market. Write for new list of attractive Investment* in Lands. Acreage, Winnipeg  investments,  etc.
22 Canada  Life Building,  Winnipeg, Man.
Perry—Solomon   himself    admitted I COUNSEL '
that he was puzzled by the way of al
man with a maid.
Mrs. Perry—Well, he'd have heen!
more excited over the way of a maid !
witli a new set of dishes.
Ves, you told uie. snid Easton, keeping cool with an effori. 1 didn't believe you, though, in spile of that.
Rivington hurst into a laugh. Well,
a man ahould know who h's wife is.
1   suppose,   lie  said.       Hut   really   I
e left the house,
down   the  drive
in his head, before
and   made  his  way
There was still a Ugh! in the lodge,
he noileed. as lie passed, and knocking
at the door of the little cottage. Its
he,asked the woman who opened to him
'If she could tell him anything of her
| master's movement-.
The woman threw up her hands.
I.or. sir. what a pity, and you've just
missed him, she su'd; he was off nol
an hour ago in 'he big car. No. sir,
1 tlon'l know where he 'ave gone to.
lie's here one day und gone the next,
nut he don't be coming back here just
yet.  for all  the servants  have  gone
don't know why 1 should dispute I
matter with you. 1 have told you; 1
have even gone to th.1 trouble of show
ing you a copy of my marriage certificate, if that doesn't satisfy you.
you can go lo the devil for all I
care. ,
I don't believe you, and I don't believe your lying certificate, said ICnst-
on, fast losing his temper, and 1 insist on s-eing Miss Brooke.      1 grant
you this much, thnt if site confirms j to London, and the bouse Is „hut up.
your statement, 1 will leave this place jus I daresay you see for yourself. Thc
at onee and go away.
Devilish condescending of you, returned Rivington, but as it happens,
you can't see her, because siie has
gone away.
Gone away! gasped Gaston, his face
Rivington grinned. Yes. She
had a bad smash up, as you know, and
her head injured. She wasn't getting uny better, and she's gene to
a nursing home. Anything else
you'd like to know? I'm In a hurry,
and he made as If to go.
Easton, with a sinking heart looked at the black outlines of the house
looming up behind Rivington. Not a
sound nor a sign came from It, and
he felt instinctively that the man had
been leaving it empty when he arrived and. that now at least he was
speaking the trutih.
What have you done with her?
Where has she gone? he said sternly.
I Insist, on knowing.
Insist, said Rivington, turning his
backt  I'm going.
As he spoke, the throbbing of a
motor was heard in Ihe road outside
and in another minute a big car swung
Into the drive and pulled up by their
side with a jerk.
Rivington was a very strong man,
Easton a very active and athletic one.
Both had been losing their tempers for
some minutes and for a time they
fought blindly and without result.
But Easton was in the better training
for his life had been a harder one than
Rivington., and in a prolonged struggle training must tell. lie was already wearing the otlier down when,
witih an exclamation, tbo astonished
chauffeur recovered from his amazement at seeing his niasler and u
strajiger struggling ln the darkness.
He jumped down from the car, groped
under the seat, nnd seizing a large
wrench, joined in the fight.
Shall I hit him, sir? he cried dancing wildly round.
Curse him! Ves. gasped Rivington,
half choked and gasping.
And before Easton could take any
measures to guard himself, the
WTench descended on his head, once,
and then again, and he rolled over ou
hi* back, his feet drumming on the
Faintly be seemed to hear the car
back, turn and whirl off, and then he
lost consciousness.
When he came lo himself again,
darkness was still around him, and he
could feel that his head had bletl
freely, but staggering to his feet he
realised that h
young lady who was hurt, sir?
yes, she went with the nurse this
moraine, I'm told, but I didn't see bet-
go. Poor thing! I hear she was had.
and she's gone where there's more
conveniences than here. No. I didn't
hear where it was, no. Thank you
kindly, sir,
There was nothing more to be got
from the old woman, who it was evident knew no more, and Easton turned wearily towards home. He could
do nothing further lhat night, he felt,
and he could only hope that Neil would
come quickly nnd that after a rest
the morning would bring fresh light
to him where now all looked so dark
and hopeless.
Easton woke in the morning to find
Nell leaning over him.     The Major's
head   was  aching   badly,   und   for   a j
moment,  he  hardly   knew   where he j
was or what had happened to him.
Where is she? Wliere is Violet? ask- j
ed Ne.il eagerly, as the consciousness
awoke in Easton's eyes.
The Major sighed.     Cone, lie sent ]
her away yesterday morning.
Gone! Out what is the matter
witn your brad'; asked Nell.
He listened, frowning, while Easton told of his visit to Rivington's house
and his adventures there.
Hy heavens! What a scoundrel the
maii is, he snid. But we will win
yet.     Are you fit to get up?
Yob, rather. I will get on with my
dressing straight away. What have
vou heard? asked the Major, anxiously.
Not very much.     1 am not sure, at
least, 1 fear there Is only one person
who  can
Violet? nsked Easton.
Yes, nnd. Fate has helped Rivington
there, but we will get her out of his t
power. He won't murder her: he !
will know he could net escape us. Hei
will keep her if he can, however, and j
try to frighten her into saying anything he wants.
Easton ground his teeth. Come,
he said. I am ready. Let us start.
Surely togeher we can find her. :
We enn, and we will, said Neil, his |
rtulck. blnck eyes flushing.      I want
In  see her safe  home  again,  and   1 j
want—I want Mr.   Rivington's finger
It soon became evident that Rh'-1
ington had laken his precautions, and
Give  Bleriot Monoplane, Fitted Complete, for the Use of Army
London,  England.—Tbe   war ollice!
acquired anotner aeroplane recently—I
a gift from the international Correspondence Schools, ihe   curriculum   of
which includes the science of aviation, j
This particular machine, a  Bleriot!
monoplane fitted    with    a    5u-horse-1
j power -ttome engine, has been driven |
more than  n.tiuu miles    by    Robert
Slack, a student of the International
. Correspondence Schools, who   under*
took a Hying tour of Ihe country, with
tne object of stirring up enthusiasm
lor aviation among other students.
'    A deputation from the schools wait-
: ed ou Colonel Seely at the war ollice
and asked  hltn  to accept the monoplane, ottered in a spirit of loyalty as
a gift lo the nation.
1 have been puzzled, said Colonel I
Seely. in accepting the monoplane, to
I understand the connection between
1 the International Correspondence
; Schools and iho art of flying; but one
, thing is clear, and that is that the students of the schools are exceptionally
alert, alive, farseeing and patriotic.
1 have received many deputations in
: this room, he added, but Ihis one is
exceptional, because, while other deputations   asked   for   something   this
one wants lo give me something.
Later, speaking at a luncheon given
at the Westminster Palace Hotel to
celebrate the presentation, Colonel
Seely said:
After all, we want two things In the
science of aviation. We want not
ouly the machines; we want Ihe men
with the nerve and the courage and
the skill and the judgment to fly them.
1 can assure you that we are not losing sight of the national importance of
the science of aviation.
I am not going to anticipate now
Montreal Man Conquered HI* OM
Enemy by using GIN PILLS
Mr. A. Beandry of 597 I-net Street,-
Montreal, thus expiesses his gics*.
satisfaetion with GIN FILLS.
'' It affords me great pleasui e to in lorn*-
tou thut I have used GIN PILLS for'
 ^,,„„,., „..   ,,,.        ...   ,,„,,..   ..„.„  ,,„   ,,„..   „,„.    about six mouths, and that they have'
You ought to" make some re-1 eiety should" protectThe public.- well    do,?e ™Q a KT*1 d™*1 °' l10?1- .' •**•**'
bad Rheumatism for a couple of years, •
and last winter I saved iiiyseli from it
by using GIN PILLS."
50c. a box, 6 for $2.50, Sample free.!
you write National Ding and Chemical
Co. of Canada, Limited, Toronto,     >3*
Reduce cost of Living
Mrs. Youngbride (at the baker's)—
The holes In the doughnuts are very
Public In England Mulcted by Customs Thai Amount to Scandal
Loudon, England.—The practice of
paying junior counsel a fee equal to
two-thirds of the amount paid 10 senior counsel wa» attacked at the general meeting of the Law Society.
Brinoby  Harper said  llie Law  So-
Baker—Can't do that, mum: bnt I'll
give you a cent each for the holes 11
you'll return 'em.
Now Feels Strong
and Vigorous
And Fit for Any Amount of Work
ao tho Result of doing
Dr. Chase's Home Food.
I the statement 1 shall have to make to
I parliament of whal has been done, but
I can say that a very remarkable advance has been made not only In the
war ollice. but outside in the science
of aviation.
Strangled With Asthma is thc only
expression thut seems to convey what
is endured from an attack of this
trouble. The relief from Dr. J. D.
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy is beyond
measure. Where all was suffering
there comes comfort and rest. Breath-
I ing becomes normal and the bronchial
lighten us fully, replied | tubes completely cleured. This unequalled remedy is worth many times
its price to all who use it.
Scientist Says Man of Future Will be
Inferior Product
Paris, France.—The man of the future, according to M. A. F. le Double
professor of medicine at Tours, will
have a large head, tewer teeth and
shorter arms than the mnn of today,
aud will comparo with bim unfavorably m stature.
Among the primitive races in Australia, the professor states, it is not. uncommon to find natives with thirty-six
or even more teeth, but the white man
of tomorrow wil] be lucky if he has
that it would not be an easy thing to i
   .,,  ....-ret upon his track.     The lodge-keen-  twenty-eight.      There is a tendency
could walk all right ' er, to whom thev first of all returned,  *01'  no firs-. eleventh and twelfth ribs
•*_>*"**■ ' ...... ., ...   I  (ci  ,11 _■] liriiTi i'    tli 110   livii'iiiii   niti.-i   iii.-'n.wl
and thnt. he was not so vory badly had no more to tell them than she liR-tl
dotnaged. told Easton the nisn't hefnre. and thei
Well, considering that man didn't Mllacers knew nothln-g more than that
know the rights and wrongs of the i Rivington's two cars, cn^ closed find
case and only saw his master getting shuttered, Uie nihor containing hlm-
fhe worst of it. I think he let me off self nnri his chniiff-Mir. had pns?od
pretty lightly, ho said. Mr. r.v_ through the village and taken the Lon-
.ngton's a pretty fair scoundrel, though don rond at different time*) on thn [
and he's got uway. Violet, what has I previous day. But the London Uo^d
he done with her?
He glanced in the direction
to disappear, thus leaving nine instead
f twelve on either side of the body.
Legs and arms    are
It is so easy to overlook the warning given by headaches, indigestion,
failing memory, lack of power to
concentrate the mind, Irritability and
worry over little things, that many a
mun does not realize his danger until on the verge of breakdown.
Like the writer nf the letter quoted
below, you can call a halt to the
wasting process and restore vim and
energy to the nervous system by using Dr. Chase's Nerve Food. This
great food cure has a wonderful record of cures.
Mr. J. Hurlbert, 28 James street.
Bran tf ord, Ont., writes :—"I wat
very much run down in health and
as,a consequence my nervous system
waa very much exhausted. Close confinement at my work, I think, brought
on the trouble. 1 started using Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food and by the time
I had used up one box I felt a great
improvement. The continued use of
this preparation has thoroughly restored my system so that I feel strong
and vigorous and fit for any amount
of work. I have also used Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills and Ointment with splendid satisfaction, and
recommend them at every opportunity." Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, GO cents
a box, all dealers or Kdmanson Bates
& Co., Limited, Toronto.
Has an insect got into your eye'.'
Then I shall quiet.y (all th_ old professor.
Is he specially expert?
Not so much that, hut he is making a collection of insects.
as look after the Interests of the profession, and it was lime to do away
with someihing which was nothing
less than a scandal.
A friend of his had often briefed Sir
Henry Hawkins, who never wantej
more than 211 guineas and two ou tht-
i brief, but nowadays leading society
I K.C.'s were asking extiavagant fees.
I There was no objection to a K.C. get-
; ling those foes if the client wanted to
, brief that K.C, but it was hard that
junior counsel should also get two-
thirds of the amount which his leader
,He knew or a case where a junloi
counsel was not present in court for
some days during a trial, but still he
had to be paid his 65 guineas per dny.
In another case, $500 was to be
paid to a leading counsel and thf-
usual proportion to the junior. Both
were perfectly satisfied, but subsequently it was decided to brief a well-
known K.C. The K.C. wub engaged in a political campaign and he asked a fee which was thought to be absolutely prohibitive, but the client
hought It advisable to secure his services. To the client's surprise., the
first counsel engaged explained that
now he was by the etiquette of the
bar junior, and was entitled 'o a fee
equal to two-thirds of the fen wh'c.i
the K.C, who had been briefed at the
big figure, was to receive. The original junior also explained that he was
entitled to a fee equal to two-thirds
of the fee paid to the counsel who
was to have been hi-s leader, but who
■iad become junior as the result of the
introduction of the eminent K.C As
counsel were satisfied In the flrst instance with the fees they were to
have received, it was ha-dly necessary
to say how absurd a scandal such a
rule was.
So serious had this question of big
fees hecome, that City people declined
I n make such exorbitant payments to
'hese fancy society counsel and were
I inclined to go to aVbitration upon
points which should be legitimately
settled in the high courts.
The chairman, C. L. Samson, said
*he society had already appointed a
j committee to deal with the subject.
1 It was thought however, that the resolution would strengthen the comm.t-
■ee's hand, and after discussion it was
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,—My daughter, 13 years
old, was thrown from a sleigh and injured her elbow so badly It remained
stiff and very painful for three years.
Four bottles of MINARD'S LINIMENT
completely cured her and she has not
.. of the
house, only a few str-ps away from him
and pulling himself together, went towards it.
I'll have a look round to make sure,
he thought.
It was evident tho house was empty,
end the doors and windows were locked and barred; but Kaston was inclined to use little ceremony after
the treatment he had undergone and
he soon succeeded in forcing open one
wide order; it was used Vy
many cars and led to many places
it soon became apparent.
And here N'^il showed to advantage.
He wns indefatigable nnd undaunted
by difficulties and failures; wheedling
information out of stupid villagers er
I unwilling police-traps, brtbimr Union
scouts and followng here and th\ro
traces and signs which would have escaped even Easton's quick and eager
] eyes. He had bro ugh I u taximeter
icab with him. fortunately from town,
of the long casements, regardless" of Und they were thus able to make up a
the noise he made, and gaining an on-1 considerable amount of timo wasted
trance to the house. 'over false clues;  but their progress
The place was empty, :is he had was. nevertheless, only Blow nnd
conjectured, nnd it was' evident that doubtful . and about five miles from
it was intended to remain so, for cov- (London tliey found themselves at Inst
ere had been placed on the furniture, hopelessly at Bea.
and generally, the room wore a dis- Easton. wild with impatience and
mantled and deserted appearance. anxiety, was In despair; but Neil al
Not a sign did he anywhere find of this point, to his companion's sui prise.
Violet and her presence, though on suddenly appeared to relax his efforts
a card table, in the hall he came upon - and resign himself,
a card, which he picked up and put j We have lost them, lie said. If,
carefully in his pocket. It bore the Indeed, we were ever really on their
name of l»r. Bartlett, Harley Street, track. We shall do no good in this
and Easton suspected ii had heen j way, and are only wasting time. Lon-
left by the doctor Neil he hud seen j don. driver, ho said, turning to the
on their former visit. cabman, and don't go too fast,
Nell! he thought, if I can only find !     r...t we can't give up like this, ex-
Nell quickly. I postulated Easton quickly.     We must
But he could hardly go out Into the  try back again.      We must do some-
world In his dishevelled    and    blood-  thing.
i-tained condition, and he spent some!    Let me have my way first, said Ne.l.
minutes in  washing himself, and at-   ■ have an idea.      If I am wrong, -
tending as best he could to the wound
shrink in length, but the hand, which!
today shows an immense progress
compared with that of our remote ancestors, will continue to progress in
the direction of the Independence of
the fingers. Tlie little toe will become smaller and smaller.
London. — At Birmingham quarter
sessions the recorder passed a sentence of twelve mouths' hard labor
and eighteen lashes with the cat on a
carter named Frederick Sankey, in
connection witli a White Slave case.
destined "'(J been troubled for two par
St.   Joseph,
Yours truly,
.1.  B.   UVESQUE.
P.O.,  18th Aug.,  1900.
Good Humor Returns With Change to
Proper Food
"For mnny years I was a constant
sufferer from indigestion and nervousness, amounting almost to prostration, '' writes a Western man.
"My blood was impoverished, the
vision was blurred and weak, with
moving spots before my eyes. Tills
was ll steady daily condition. 1
Rrew ill-tempered, and eventually gut
bo nervous 1 could not keep my books
posted, nor handle accounts satisfactorily. I can't describe my suffer-]
Paris, France.—A daring and carefully planned robbery took place in
Paris, when a messenger employed by
the Credit Lyonnais was robbed of
The messenger was instructed while
on liis rounds to call on a lady living
in tiie line Paupliine. Her name was
stated to have been offered as guarantee by an individual wbo said he
desired to effect a loan from the bank.
The messenger was informed by the! commit the assault
One refuses to be Tried by Magistrate
Because He is a Jew
Paris, France.—Exciting incidents
marked the trial of two C'amelots du
Roi, M. Charles Maurras, the well-
known writer and member of the staff
of the principal royalist paper, and
M. de Cotipigny. They were accused
of assaulting several persons who re-
fused to shout 'Vive le Rol.' The incident took place at Versailles ou December 1.
Aftor a banquet about 400 Royalists, or Camclots du Rol, went-to the
courtyard of the palace and made a
demonstration in front of the statue
of Louis XIV. According to the
prosecution, a railway employe, who
with his wife and friend, was about to
inspect the palace, was surrounded by
the demonstrators, and because he refused to shout 'Vive le Roil' he was
knocked down, and so badly hurt that
he could not work for a fortnight.
Two policemen who came to the rescue also received kicks and blows aad
five soldiers and a sergeant had to
fight with the rioters to prevent the
disturbance from spreading.
According to the evidence ot the
sergeant, who had several teeth broken, one of the prisoners threatened
him with a revolver.
The court was packed with Royalists, who frequently interrupted the
proceeding with shouts of 'Vive le
Roi.' The presiding magistrate was
M. Worms, and when he put a question M, Maurras said: You are a Jew,
and I will not defend myself before a
Jewish judge. 1 refuse to answer
questions put by a judge who i.i not
l1' Frencli nationality, Maurras per
sisted in ills refusal to answer questions.
Contradictory     statements     were
made by thn witnesses, some
ly identifying llie    prisoners,   others
declaring that, the accused   did   no:
But tlie acetis-
Retired Head of French Republic Discusses His Plans   -r Future
Paris, France.—M. Fallieres, the
i-etirecl president ot ihe republic, had
been telling an Interviewer hie plan.
for the future. I am going to resume
the life I led formerly in Paris wbeir
1 was president of the senate, and or.'
my estate In the country. Por _
inonth ut Raster and during the four
months of the long vacation I shall ber
a simple wine grower. 1 am eager"
'o be among my vines again with tho*
pruning knife in my hand, not thnt I
own a renowned vintage, but 1 like my
vineyard to be among the most care-"
fully cultured in the whole countrv-
side. I know quite well that an ex-
president may recommence a political career; there Is nothing to debar
him; but all tho legislative offices for
my department ure filled. Moreover,
1 am 71 and there are younger men
waiting for legislative positions. I-
have no other r-lans. Perhaps 1 shall'
travel a little. Our country is «i
beautiful that I have been seized with'
an ardent desire to know more of It
1 have only been through It by rail-
way, and It was not possible during
my presidential journeys to see it in'
the manner I desire.
Asked to give some impressions of'
his presidency, M. Fallieres said' I
am glad of this, that I have always'
preserved my good humor.
On Sale Everywhere.—There may
be country merchants who do not keep'
Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil. though they
are few and far between, and these
may suggest that some other oil is'
inst as good. There Is nothing so-
good as a liniment or as an internal'
medicine in certain cases. Take ne"
other. The demand for It shows that
it Is the only popular oil.
How  did  you come  to have that*
automobile accident?
I  got  absent-minded  trying to remember all the traffic regulations.
lady that site knew nothing of the led were found guilty, de Cduplgny be-
person In question. i ing sent to prison for four months
He was going downstairs, when two: and Maurras to eight months. Tbey
men jumped out from n dark corner! were also ordered to pay $200 to the
of the unllghted staircase and throw- railway employe as compensation.
Ing a handful of pt'ppn- into his face. The decision was received with up-
temporarily blinded him. They then, roar and cries of 'Vive le Roll- Down
knocked him down and snatching liisl with the Republic, were raised,
wallet, dashed    downstairs    and    es-i ■	
An Impossibility
Dr. Crabbe had almost succeeded In
lismissing Mrs. Causeway, when she
Mopped In the doorway, exclaiming:
-Nothing 1 ale agreed with me. 1.111 Why doctor, you didn't look to see if
nm- day I happened to notice Grape-, mi- tongue was coated.
Nnls in a grocery store, and bought; I know it isn't said the doctor wear-
a package out of curiosity to know Ily, You never Hud grass on a race
what It was. , , I track.
I liked the food from tho very first.
i will go hack again ami search every
: inch or the roail.    If 1 am right, we
- | may do better by going straight  to
-^— i town.     We shall see.     Do you mind
. ..   .. ,.   ,,,     [if we pull up ut your rooms'.'
an enemy within the camP. .It will B acquiesced,    and,    entering
nation      !.„...„    ......  .,,...,„.,   ,,,.,   .,.	
eating it witli cream, and now I buy!
it by the case and use it daily. i!
soon found lhat arape-Nuta food was
supplying brain and nerve force as nothing In tiie drug line ever had done!
or could do.
"It wasn't long before I was restored to health, comfort and happiness.
undermine the strongest const
and ruin the most vigorous health.
It leads to indigestion, biliousness,
Impure blood, bad complexion, sick
headaches, and is one of thc most
frequent causes o[ appendicitis. To
neglectitis slow suicide. Dr. Morse's
Indian Root Pills positively cure
Constipation. They are entirely
vegetable in composition and do not
sicken, weaken or gripe. Preserve
your health by taking
Dr. Morse's    "
F-M**5»n Root P.lis;
W. N. U. J-iSl
London,  they directed  Ihe  drlv
[Victoria Street, where they descended and got rid of tlvlr call.
Don't look round, said Nell, as thev
crossed th" pavement to the doorway
j of Faston's house. And quickly he
i led the way to the lift.
j If any one asks for Major Fa--l^n.
'say he hns just come In. It* said tn
I 'he porter, and getting out of the lifl
I they entered  Faston's rooms.
Tbey   we*-o  no  sooner  inside  t.h-'n
j yn'i Wcnt quickly to the window
Women's Leap to Death
Paris.—A widow about 60 years of
age committed suicide by throwing
herself from the first platform of the
Eiffel Tower. When she had fallen
seventy feet her foot caught In the
!>i.'i\vork of the structure, and the
, ,; bodv hung there for over an hour be-
1 .rough the use of Grape-Nuts food, for(; firenlpn ,vero able t0 release it.
my  digestion has been  restored,  my j  -     -
nerves are steady once more, my eye-   Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
sigh: Is good again, my^mental facul- 	
ties nre clear and acute, and I have' professor Metchnlkoff (sueezy name
heroine so good-natured that my i t(l pronounce, but we are never sure
friends are truly astonished at tne! ;lbm,i iaK spelling), In his latest book
change. I feel younger and better' hsserts that with sour milk and Its by*
than I have for 20 years. No amount.1 products as the chief articles of diet
of money would induce me to surren-f one may defv time and the undertaker
ile:- what I have gained through the and easily live tu 200 years of age
use of Crape-Nuts food." Name' or thereabouts,
given by Canadian Postum Co.. Wind- \ friend of ours who hns given the
aor, Out. "There's a reason." Read; Metchnlkoff bid of fare a month's trial
the little book, "The Road to Well* says that while 200 years of life on
I ville," In pkgs. j earth   may  sound  Mke an  attractive
We effer One Hundred Uollnrs Kewan*
for sny ,:sFn o.' e-.'.arrli mat c-nnnoi bs
Mi.?* n.  hull's utmrrh Curt.
i*". J. CHUNKV _ CO., Toledo. O.
We,   ttie  unde*.filed,  have  known K.
j.  Clieaey lcr 'he inst IK years, -nu believe u.in pei-tec;!    tionest in nil business
I.(.nabc'.lois an . financially nble tn carry
out any onligatlon- made bv hia firm.
V, -LU1M,   klNNAW _ MAKVIN,
Wiiolesa,   DruuKisls, 'loleuu, O.
Hall's Catarrll Cure is vakau Ituei-nally,
ftc-tlna directly upon Ihe blood anil mucous sUrlacen of UK system.  Testimonials
sent nee.      Prlt-e To cents    per    bottle,
Hold   uy   all   Druggists.
Taka Ila.'s i-si.iiiy  rills for conatipa-
*ig n corner of one ef the blinds      Ever read the above letter?     A new;   i-oposltlon, If he has got to stick to
■ rnultnusly U-ok-d out In'o Victor-! one appears from time to time. They   the   sour  milk  dietary  as  a   steedv
•net for a minute. j are genuine, true, and full of human! thing he  would  be perfectly  willing
(To be Continued) interest. | ■„ jj0 .lt the end of the flrst 100.
Advices from Vancouver state that
after being laid up since November,
during the winter schedule of the
Grand Trunk Pacific winter service,
the ss. Pt-lncp George is to be taken
over to Esquimau for her annual
overhauling and palming, after which
she will take the place of the Prince
Rupert on March 1st, while the latter
vessel Is likewise hauled out at Esquimau to prepare for the semi weekly
service early next Bprlng.
Captain McKenzie the new Commodore of the O.T.P. fleet who Is in
command of the Prince Rupert, will
command the Prince George, while
her sister ship Is being overhauled, but
just previous to the commencement of
the semi-weekly service It Is understood that there will be a general promotion of officers and lt Is probable
that the chief officer of one of the two
boats will receive the permanent command of the Prince George.
Caused by Lumbago, a Form ol
Muscular Rheumatism.
Lumbago Is sudden In   Its   attacks
and is so Intensely painful that the
sufferer is often unable to move, eve_-
to turn In bed or rise from a chair.
The trouble    chiefly   occurs    among
working men, among whom it numbers
thousands of victims.     As the attacks'
come on quite frequently and are so'
torturing, this disease   means   much-
loss of time and money as well as tte
endurance of much   suffering.       No'
victim    needs    to be told that llnl-
mentB, plasters and outward treatment
will not cure the disease.     This kind-'
of treatment is merely a waste of time
and money.    The trouble Is realiy a
species of muscular rheumatism, and
is due to poor blood, and can ouly be
cured   through  the blood.    It  is for'
this reason that Or.  Williams' Pink
Pills are so successful in cut-ins this'
trouble,  and  those who are afflicted
by it should lose no time in giving
ihe Pills a trial.    If the treatment to*
persisted in the disease will be driven from the system and the cure be
made permanent.     In substantiation'
Mrs. Alfred Derby,   Ettyvllle,   Ont,,,
says: "A few years ago I was attack*
ed by excruciating pains in the back
which the doctor called lumbago.     1
was  not. able  (o do a  bit  of  work
about the house, and suffered dreadfully every time I moved about.      I
took the doctor's medicine all winter,
and   used   liniments,  without  getting"
any relief.     In a thoroughly discouraged condition 1 began using Dr. Williams'   Pink Pills.      After using, sis.
boxes  1   was  better and  able to do
nil my own work, and have not been.
afflicted  with the trouble since.      I'
now always recommend Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills to those ailing.
These pills are sold by all medicine
dealers or may be had by mail at f,G'
cents a box or six boxes for $2.,no from"
The Dr. Williams' Medlcii.e Co.,-
Brockville, Ont.
His Only Satisfaction
Smith—Have you taken In the ante
Jones—Sure! I never miss 'em.
Smith—You don't own a car. Why
are you so interested?
.Tones—Well once a year I like to-
look at a bunch of 'em I don't have-
to dodge.
Chapped Buds
Won't Balder
if instead of
soap you use
SNAP, the
original hand
SNAP contains no lye or
acids, but glycerine and neutral
oils which keep the skin smootli
and in splendid condition.
Try SNAP for a week and notice
the difference. 47
On.**' frnm -mur i.m1-t tti-.li**,   |_t. AFTER EFFECTS OF
Loren G.  Ladd only found complete
relief after using the Great Canadian Kidney Remedy.
Ladd s  M.ils, Stattstead Co., Que.
{Special).—'1 tut the seeds of d'.sejAe
Wti in tiie body after au illue.s are
;sure to cause trouble is the experience
[af Loren G. Ladd. a well known young
man  in  ihis community.    Mr.   Ladu
has also learned that those seeds cau
l*** cleared out of the body and perfect health restored by Dodd's Kidney
"At the age of six I had Scarlet
Fever," Mr. Utdd states. "At twelve
;l had Typhoid Fever, and al four een
*| hnd Measles. About a ye:r later
*i began to be troubled by swellings of
the face, feet and han-'a. The doe-
-tor told in* I had Kidney trouble. He
pave me med'cl-ne but the swellings
.'•outinued to come at intervals of a
-week to a month.
"Two years a_.i one box of Dodd's
■Kidney I'ills stopped the swell'ngs.
{Last wln'er tho swellings returned
.and again 1 was cured bv using Dodd'B
iKIdney Pills."
Healthy KI ineys stra'n the s:ols of
.dlseane out of tit" blood, limit's Kidney Pills make tieuitn*   Kidtmys.
Ah, Giles, said a curate to an old
,rustic whom he met on his way to
.church Sunday morning, how beautiful it is to hear those silver tones
.pealing out from the belfry!
Eh? replied Giles, who was deaf.
I sny how beautiful it is, shouted the
curate, to hear those silver tones
pealing  out  from  the  beUry!
I can't hear a word you say. said
.Giles, tbem blessed bells be making
such a terrible din.
.It's perfectly disgraceful! she ox-
Vihais the matter? enquired her
Here's o description of a woman
-who gets up lu public and declares
•herself an anarchist.
Well, was the reioinder. maybe It's
<)nst as well. I would like to
'tee women crowd the males out of
the anarchist business. When they
•.throw bombs they wouldn't be bo
■likely to hit ntr-hodv.
London —, tie local government
board auditor ha" siir"h-—*n i •'*- '"'
Jesden council $45, spent on wh'n'ry
and cigars. ill]„___B_n
Ask your Clothier to show you
no others as good
fJOST'T waste your timo figuring
out why a blnck hen lays a
white egg. Get busy nnd jump
_)VElt-HAULS and get tlio egg.
■■ THE ..
Leather Label
■High Grade American Over-Hauls,
Tear thia out and mall It to ua with
mur name and oaarooo and wa will sand
Vou on. of our calebratad CORN CO.
K __".....-	
four dealer's name...
fo'- Gall'St'oiu'S, K.iijr,i"v-T_oub!c.,.
■ KiiSftev _'iul Bi-n.'ier • Fto.ies,
Gravel .I.umba^'Vi I'n'c,'- Acid.'-
Price.V81,50. Most- 'pe-idin^
■l)ru^pi.-t*- .'LiierH'.'.ire,' Pt>_- .
■*,' ..,    /Winnipeg. Man. ,*   0 '■■>
, oo. asa b«r»Wh7 yoa don't avsa *-*• la
-h_ KIND o* Clad, yos, Cam- ara m...
s -Issahas ssa fatfaaslbls.
S to. fern. Color Csfo, Story Booslot. ...
Sdaat tasahs rt tor**, or* othar colors.
s J-WUON-UC-Alt-SON CO., ____,
1 Moo-otl. C-saSa.
On Anniversary    o(  His    Birth    He
Grants Airnesiy to All Political
Madrid. Spain.—King Alfonso has
Slvmi lunlu-r proof ot his broad l'beral
tendenolei and desire to coneiilaie all
political |.uri.es by gran.In-; o:i the an-
nivertaiy of his birth amnesty to all
political offender.,
Ihe country lias not yot recovered
iruni the surp:ise caused by the action
ot Kins Alfonso in sending tor republican politicians In order to ascertain
'lie vlewfl of tbelr followers.
ln thus breaking down the reaction- j
ary  traditions of the Spanish  court, !
the king has Inaugurated a new polit-.
teal era which nny be fraught  with
sreat good for the nation.     Al.hough
ullrn-t'onscrvatlves. like Scnor Maui a, I
:!oplore the new departure, the Liberals and Republicans consider it as
a victory  [or themselves.
King Alfonso made It clear to several leaders with whom ho talked that
in future the leuilers of till political
parties ■*.nl(l have access to the
throne. He told Professor Asearte,
leader of the Republican-Socialist Union, on January 14 that In the event of
future crises, even the anti-Monarchists would he consulted, and that
aventually posts In the cabinet, woull
he given to Republicans uiul Socialists.
The effect  of  King  Alfonso's  new 1
policy on the astonished Conservatives
is shown by the statement of Count
Sanehes Toca.     He sail to met
The reconstruction of ihe Conservative party is Imperative. It ".'oeid
ho suicide for us lo persist In the
present conservative polices. To* |
old reactionary system, with its in- j
trlgues, s'ruegles, quarrels and men-
aces, had hail Its day.
Other countries have realised this.
Look ut Great Britain, Qermany.
Prance, Italy and Austria. These
countries tolerate thjngs todav wh'ct,
hlrty years ago were prohibited, :
Their Conservative politicians recognize altered conditions.
The present political situat'on In
Spain, signiiles the eomple e tle'"at ot
reaction, as represented hv Sen"r
Maura, the late premier. Spa'n Is
abandoning h"r emnty quarrels anr)
preparing to deal with moilern social
and political problems.
A member of the present cabinet
So far ns 1 am concerne-i, the form
of government Is of secondary consideration. Personnllv 1 a-*i n il-,--,—*v
1st, but I do not. believe In the necessity or the uselessness of the mon-
".rehic regime ns a pr'neiple. The
"ample of Croat Britain does not
Tove thst her poveret-Us are hei ter
'han those of otlier nntions. but thnt
her politicians are wiser and more
practical than ours.
The religious nuestion ln Spain Is
of secondary importance. The paramount questions are: Educational reforms and economic development of
the country. A republic has been installed In Portugal anil church and
state .have been senara'eil. but nevertheless, the economic situation has become worse.
If the monarchists in Sp^ln sneered
In settling tbe economic auestions nnd
achieving educational reforms.' the Rp-
nublican party will have no reason for
further existence.
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Man., nnd you will receive one 1.x.!..
AU charges prupald anywhere tn
Canada on condition that your money
Is to he refunded if tin- Wusher dors
nut do utt thut lu claimed,
March 1st
Regiments Home From Tripoli Get
Enthusiastic Reception in Rome
Rome.—Recently King Victor Emmanuel reviewed detachments of the
troops which participated iu the war
against Turkey, and afterward accompanied them on tbelr march through
the principal stteota of tbe capital.
The king, who was accompanied hy
Queen Elena and his children, the
Duke d'Aoeta and other princes of the
house of Savoy, first Inspected the
troops In the Piazza Independence.
His majesty then placeJ himself at
the head of the column and led his
soldiers who were accompanied by the
regimental colors, through the Via
Naziouale to the enormous new statue
of Victor Emmanuel II, called the altar of the fatherland.
King Victor took up his position beside the statue of his grandfather and
presented a medal for each regimental
s'andard. The ceremony was the
most imposing of the kind that bas
hern witnessed since Rome became
the capital of Ihe kingdom.
The streets were crowded with enthusiastic spectators, who cheered the
troops and little Prince Humbert.
Or iiKortion. In times of stunt* form of distemper anions jmmf
brood mares can be stopped and other mares prevented from
losing cults by ustmj "SPOHNS." lt cl.an.s the whole body
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opea not "physio,'' -Jive it to mar-en in foal or out, at any
Utile, for il is absolutely fafe ni ail timet, tor all horse-i, at
'ill aires and under all conditions. It in well to give the*
CURE several weeks h*-fore .oalmg time. 'Also safe for
the baby colt.    All druggists.
SPOHN  MEDICAL CO., Chemists nnd Bacteriologists,
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Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
Simi'ar Misfortune
Alas, kind sir, help nu1! I am spent.
Alas, poor man! so'_ my money.
Lad   Beseiged   in   Bedroom  by   Police
and  Killed
I     Paris,    France. — The    .Marseilles
; polite BU01   mill  i-ille-    a    desperatf
criminal recently.      He was Iti years
Five boys, the oldest of whom was
i 17, were en  their way home from a
j djM.ce at midnight when two of them
Hii;irTelled\        Jacques    Harale,     the
younger of the two, drew a revolver
uud  -hot  his companion dead.
The tragedy happened just outside!
j the house where Harale lived, aud be- j
.[ore the police arrived he rushed up-
| stairs and shut himself In his bedroom. |
Over   the   door   of   his ruom was a 1
fanlight.    One of he policemen climb- ]
ed a pair of steps to see what he could •
of the room and fell back dead with j
a bullet in his brain. !
Another policeman then climbed up, |
and through the fanlight shot Barale !
Vital, offers a splendid opportunity
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Sterling  Bank  Building. Winnipeg
Corns cannot exist when Holloway's
Com Cure is applied to tbem, becattBe
It goes to tho root nnil kills the growth.
Pekin.—The western Pnrt of the
Winter Palace at Pekin has been turned over to the Republican Chinese government, and will be used by President Yuan Shih Kai as reception
rooms for distinguished foreigners.
London.—A fox which    had    been
) hunted for two hours was run to earth
in the dark hy the Southdown Hunt.
Tho master cut off the brush by the I
iiirht of bicycle lamps.
Mechanic Jumps Fifty Feet and Escapes Grim Death
Berlin.—While the Schuette-Lnn'-e
airship was landing at Mohlsdorf, It
was swung by a gust ot wind against
the roof of a house, on which the rear
of the car remained suspended. Tho
wooden frame of the craft snapped
and tore the outer cover of tlie balloon,
lt is hoped that lt will be possible to
repair the damage ln three or four
The _c_uette-Lans! is a rigid type
of airship, which, lt is expected, wiil
be bought by the war office.      Two
I army captains were on board at the
time of the accident. '
j A mechanic, who jumped from the |
j airship while It was in the air. broke ;
! an arm and a leg, and sustained oilier j
' severe Injuries, is suid to have jump-
jed from a height of fifty (eat.
No child should be allowed lo suffer
j an hour from worms wh?n prompt relief can be got In a simple but strong
i remedy—Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator.
Two citizens were discussing who
should be the head of the house, Um
man or the woman.
I am the head of my establishment,
said John. I am the bread winner.
Why shouldn't I be?
Well replied the other, before my
wife and I were married we mad** an
agreement that 1 should be head In
all major matters, my wife in alt the
How has It worked?
So far no major mattors have com*
kON'T let your horses
f  nin down during the
winter ami gel sn soft that
they will Us,,- flesh badly when
yon start your spring plowing.
. If horses nrr not worked
rniil.irlv during the winter. tl,«* nacd the
stieau.J tcnlc effects of INTERNATIONAL
STOCK FOOD, to tone up tlie dl-estiee
organs, enable them to Ret nil tlie p-jod out
of their feed, prev, nt the M,*.,l from
79 becoming overheated, and thus ward off disease.
....      , . ...__ . _ LAsiiiiAsi, s.vs.., Jan, aoth. ten
I have fed INTgRSATIONAI, STOCK FOOD for many vears. I .!„.., have
o ZS pound p-ulsUndiDa In my bern, I boupht a pair of three vear old coils and they
were so worked down thr.t my neighbor* said f nnd been beat. When I bought the
colts, they weighed *'oo lbs. 1 ploughed 15 icres and thev weighed j6w-then I
harvested rtj acres and threshed and imuled one carload to l„wn. 0 miles, t weighed
them ngn.n and they weighed -B50. and I said "Thev shall weigh 1000 before spring".
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Terrier Kills Two Otten
London.—A small wire-haired terrier belonging to Mr. Lawrence, of
Streiith-y, Dorks, displayed rare pluck
In killing two full-grown otters. The
dog received uo injury.
*. N. U. 939
Success Crowns Scheme Now In Open
ation for Over One Year
London, England.—The practical
effort of the Ilev. C. H. Grundy, vicar of St. Peter's, Brockley, S.B., to
lesson the loneliness of life by helping j
suitable couples to meet with a view
to matrimony is meeting with a measure of success.
Mr. Grundy's scheme, Inaugurated
in the early part of last year, was to
keep a register containing the mimes
of young women willing to take husbands .who possess certain incomes.
My agency has done quite as well a.s
I hoped, Mr. Grundy said. Many of
the 140 letters 1 .have received came
from mere male adventurers: these I
promptly weeded out. Applications
for wives have come not only from
all parts ot Kngland, but also from
California, India, .Mexico and Australia.
One of the most pathetic experiences nas been the case of vicars'
daughters who are living in secluded
country vicarages attending to parents who are rapidly growing old and i
will shortly die leaving their daughters applicants for the many societies
whose function it is to keep together
the body and soul of those who are
grimly spoken of as decayed gentlewomen.
I was very sorry to he unable to
solemnize the marriage of my first
couple: but a previous engagement
prevented me. Hen- is an oxtract
from a letter I received from the bride
in answer to my card of congratulation:
We can never repay you for bringing so much happiness Into our lives.
We think ours the most romantic marriage on rscord and we both feel that
you were the Instrument, under providence, of bringing gas together.
A Becond wedding has been arranged and we hope in due time to be able
to announce It. But there are many
couples who nre In the Btage of an
early correspondence which will be
followed by Interviews. They are
maturing. If I may use the term. My
idea is not to bring about a large number of haphazard marriages, but by
careful selection and oppor:une advice to guide those who have the
needful qualities and suitable temperaments into a happy married life.
Oh, pnpa, she said, with a blush,
young Mr. Chestnut who owns so
many coal mines in the Midlands is
coming ugain this evening, and he
wants lo see you on some Important
All right, my dear, responded the old
man, chucking her playfully under the
chin. I know what the young man
That evening Mr. Chestnut came
to the point at once.
Mr. Hendricks, he said boldly. I
want to ask you If you have laid In
your winter stock of coal?
How old Is your baby brother? asked
small Fred of a playmate.
One year old, replied Johnny.
Huh! exclaimed Fred. I've got. a|
dog 11 year old and he can walk twice ;
as well as that kid can.
Well, he ought to, replied Johnny.
He's got twice as many legs.
Milled ^W^ Takes
rirom the best f more water,
of the       Intakes more loaves.]
LWest's best v/IieatJ&Ask yourdea.ee.
Paradise for -arbers
Brussels.—The chancellor of the ;
Belgian legation at Pekin lias written
to ihe mayor of Brussels requesting
him to Induce a number of Belgian
barbers to emigrate tn t'hina, where
owing to the suppression of the pigtail, a fortune awaits them in gratifying the Celestials' passion for the
western style of halr-dresslng.
puj«t» a. .r
Mbr*^ Bread
-and Better Bread
I PURIT. reou-1
Gigantic Wasps' Nest
London.—Mr. Austen, landlord of
the Wheatsheaf Inn, Nelson street,
Hyde, has found a gigantic wasps' nest
on his premises. li-s shape resembles the lantern of ah ordinary street
lamp, thc circumference being four
feet and ihe depth two feet. It was
found in the attic of a lean-to used as
a kitchen.
yr-ttr druirrlst will refund money If 1'AZO
OINTMENT falls to cure any case of Itching.  Bl.ud.  Bleeding or Protruding Piles
In It to 14 days.    60c.
Baby In a Suitcase
London.—An inquest was held at
Hackney on a baby which was found
in a suitcase on the doorstep of a
house in Colvestone-cre.scent, Dalston,
in October last. It died In the infirmary of bronchitis.
Oh, ma! exclaimed the daughter of
the candidate. 1 just saw papa kissing the cook-lady!
That's all right dear. He's acting
as my manager and 1 want her vote
for today's election.
Fate of X-Rays Martyr
Paris.—Burned In the right hand
In the course -of his practice with
X-rays. Dr. Paulin Mery, a former
deputy for Paris, died a few days ago
at the nge of 53. He kept up his
practice in spite of his burn, but eight
days ago had to undergo a severe operation in his own surgery. ,
Capetown—A company styled the
Native Farmers' Association of South
Africa Ltd., consisting entirely ot native shareholders, has been formed
In the Wakkerstroom district of the
Transvaal for the purpose of purchasing three farms of about 1.1,000 acres
In extent. The capital ot the company has been lived at i90,000.
**mp of hoboes waiting for their
coffee to' boil in a tomato can were
telling their hard luck experiences.
I've had worse luck than anybody,
said one of them, ohallenglngly, after
listening to fhe others tale of woe.
Once I had to sleep from WHkesbarre
to Perth Amboy on top of a flat car
loaded with hard coal.
And what do you think? ho went. on.
Every car on the next train that pulled in from the same direction was
loaded wilh soft coal.
The Housekeeper
Eddy's Wares
Eddy's Indurated Tubt allow the water to retain heat longer
and never rust. Being "-ade In one seamiest piece cannot splinter
and ao the danger of snagged fingers and torn clothes Is eliminated.
Used  in  conjunction with
Eddy's Washboards
Washday   Loses   Half  Its Terrors
Which kind of a culvert
your waggon cross
kOKS thc road you use pass over rickety,
dantrerous wooden culverts, that are constantly in need of repairs and often washed
away entirely? Or is itcarried safely across the low
places by modern, everlasting culverts?   Huild your
which  not  only cannot be  washed   away, but
actually crow stronger with age and use.
Kvrry farmer owrs it to himself to insist thnt the
tnnney he pay. for mad-taxes bf .pent to tbe best a-lvan-
taj;e. As a ratepayer, he ii entitled to t!ie best roads tliat
can be made with tiiat monev. When eulverti are washed
out, and the road rendered impassable, he not only sutfers
inconvenienre but tnay also be caused financial loss by
inability to get necessary supplies in time for spring planting. And at best, with wooden culverts, part of the money
that ahould be used io make better roads must be spent
every year for repairs.
Insist upon Concrete Culverts
It will pay.you and everybody else in your county.
Can ft da Cement Company Limited
SCI.     ..•raid Building, Montr**!
I rr 11
copr o' «uf tree
b.-ok. " V/fcjf (Ht
farmer    C«i   Do
With Concrete."
i i
wim |» know
udm Concm.
w iii c ouf
I if.n_ ■
i - ■   -fc-f.il-
culverts are
neat, safe, need no
repairs, and are
■ -^--^^--mrm
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'»*v..iU'r rriuting & L'ublisliiu^ Uouipany.
Citiwaitl \V. Bickk*, Kdilur.
-VdYOi'tisiMg I'atw i'tnni-luu un upiiticalum.
The otlitur ri   uul   holil   liitusvt. i't?>pousiljK'  fur  viowi  exprinwitl by |4
■  .^■■»-t——■■.■- - ■.■■.-■ -	
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The C'ily Cuiincil must be drifting out with thc lido ol
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now heen in office three months with nothing done, nnd wel
havo not heard of any .Burl bisi 11/7 nwde to pay ovcrduL. 1
salaries. tt_ Up to thc Council lo either act or i'esigu, lithe
Council will not act il is up to the ratepayers. A.** u city we
cannot nH'ord to stand still nny longer, (,
PlC-CRE a world in which every man will have an eipia'
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I 8
k Barrister,   Solicitor   and ^
5 Notary Public.
things you will possibly seu eye. to rye wilh Mr. Bernard
Shaw, who says ; "{Socialism, translated into concrete terms,
means eipial division of the national income anion*/ all the
inhabitants oi the country, and Ihe maintenance of thai equal |
division, ns the invariable social noslulnli : thu very rool of the!
constitution, Tin* problem Socialism oilers to llie politician
rend the economist is how I aku this postulate workable."
Mr. Shaw believes thai ihe  pr 'ss of redistributing ili-
uomu, already begun by legislation in Great Britain, together
with the pooling lendelices ol'capitid, will had I" the exumiu
"lion of the ovoi'tvhejluing objections to income inequality, But
we might ask what Jmssiblc resull could hu brought nboul by
such an esf'miutttiou? Supposing that the state were to lake
over all the means ol' production, il is ouly fair I" assume thai
it would have to compensate'hose whoiiuw control industries,
and to du sn if, would be necessary lu impose a lax which
would be far in e.rcoss of thai produced hy any known means
of assessment'. Even if this were donu il wouldmean lhal the
man1/ would bo-taxed for the benefit of the few, so that at the
very lirst attempt to introduce Sucialism the state would make
a gigantic blunder, Then again, if such 11 system of,Socialism
were to prevail, the state would also have lo gel control, nol
only of all tin: means ol production, hul til* full those of distribution, To bfjiig about Ibis condition of uB'airs would mean
that the vast bulk of thu inhabitants ol' the couiill'// would be
tlm S-i'vaiil'H "f the Government, nnv, rather the slaves of the
stale, wherein all were classed alike and im premium placed on
individual ell'ort,
Is is uot a very impressive slate of society which .Mr.
Ilernut'd Shaw proposes, nor, like ull Socialist.'*, has ho any
practical suggestions to mako as tu how il should he brought
about,     In a condition such a.' lhal suggested there   would be
no incentive to invention, for
veil I 'i could hope   I" reap
Unless it concerns you,
Comox Co-operative Society
Purveyors of Meat, Fish and Farm Produce.
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Very Best Desert Apples Obtainable      $1.65 per box
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Carrots  1.50
English White Turnips. ........        1.50
Halibut and Salmon, best fresh, lowest market prices.
Local Fresh Eggs, 35c, perdoz., 3 don. for $1.00.
Orders by phone promptly attended to.      Phone 25.
W. S. PRATT & Co. will sell
by public auction. 60 head o[
sound horses, age 5 to 7, direct
from the farmers in Alberta,
without reserve. All these horses
will be sold with a warranty and
veterinnry's examination, 'fhe
consignment consists of delivery,
drivers and extra good saddle
horses. Also a number of city
horses from different linns.
W. N, TOMPKINS, Auctineers.
Grocers & Bakers
Dealers in all kinds of Good
Wet Goods
Best Bread and Beer in Town ;
Agents for Pilsener Beer
Thc Store of
The Store of
The Big Store
l in reward I or liis work. True, ii may be argued lhat t'lii
i.ward of an •action should hi in the doin7 of if, bul befon
such n Utowiaii conception can become universal there is some
thing more than mere materialism thai »iust bo obliterated,
Society must become mechanical. Bravery, tradition, emulation could have imy.l.H'c in such n ii'dion's life, Lt is tpic.iliuii
'■Mi- if even a spirit of loyalt- Lo existence would prevail. I'm
0Iter all in men's inuer-consciousuehs there ii an ineradicable
striving lor betterment, I" acquire tlmsu material things u Inch
make life more beautiful. Sometimes this strife i.-* directed in
wrong channels ; sometimes ii is swuwpcd or deadened by uvil
proclivities ; but if we 1 liihinale 1 he sp'u it "I cuinpi tilion from
the social fabric we remove ihe dominulil imp,'Ins. tlie inutivi
power, which has buill up tin- world as we hcivu it todaj
through succeeding stages ul'civilization, We du not prcti nd
tn say that everything is for the besl in the bc.**t of all possible
worlds. There nie score.1: 1171011 scores nf grievances lu be
■•(meliorated,millions of hunmnily whose lol might bo benefited,
and il (should lie possible to readjust the scales <>\' justice so as
to mako .our courts equal!//acci sible lothu rich and poor, Bul
■we have yet to learn how Socialism v ill prove the panacea 01
whatever ills are borno-b/y society. Mi. Beruard Shaw has a
reputation of being one Ibe world's cleverest men, but even be
has yet tu prujiu.se a policy upun which be would build up what
be considers to be tb. ideal social fabric of the Juluie.—Colonist
The very latest
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Onklily iisrurtnlri cur ..|.|,:,.„, freo wlioilirr sn
llir„uli<>» If 1,1 ■ .liiililv 1 idiiiiM.*. c..i,ji„ii,ilr„.
lions sii'iu!yr.,tiil.]i'iiM;,l. n.'U.UBfiOK ',» I'ulniito
sistii froo. nl.lo.t ,is„niv r..v ■,'c»r«,i. luitonls.
rstiMits min'11 uirauKn iiiuim & Co. rau_TQ
S|>.r.lrllll'iliiY. wnlnniLcliari:.*, lutllO
Scientilic flitierica».i
A lifinrt-omoly itlimtratnil wecMy.   I_irB-(l >-ir-
itilnt.-m of nny i.rleinlfl.- j-tinji.l. TiTiin- (*_•
rnnnitH, $,!,'.:• n year, posUvgo piciMirt, Bold Ly
all imwrtili-liTi. ___________■
MUNN & Co.3t,,Bri""i"a)'' New York u"nod by Mr" ''mea stm™1'Bt ,ny
Brancbomco, r'a F St.. Wasiiuwuiii. l). c.      I time by appointment, except  Tuesdays
Local Agent
)i;'.i. Simms will give: lessons on the
iano nt Iht luuiii- in .loruBalom, formerly
There are more than 220,0(10 Fords on
the world's highways the bestposs
ble testimony to their unexcelled .wort'
Prices runabout $675- todring ca
$750 delivery car $775 -townl-cs
$1000 v'.itii nil eciulpment, t'.o.l
Walkerville, Ont. Oetpnrlicnlaru fron
K. C. Emde, Cumberland, B.C., Ex
elusive Agent lor Comox District.
7—-gyp.-imsn.JWjnTSfSfqsw-—an;*ni_ij-'<j— wi."*« jv-tansr.-vwn__
" :s—7.T!A"Zz —ii,.:;:.-. '^■i^■■.*^*.'e.',i'_-^-^**3l,;: ,:.r.Tj(—oc*—si__—_u-,v7—_s—5cs_nn
Phone 88.
Simon ter k Co, I
Hv* l^
[___!:'?»•__. r^y _S-i__a^i'&VEj^_&^^a_S__BB
GOLDEN OAK DINERS, leather padded, six-jiieee
sets, ranging from       -       -    i?22.00 to 835.00
C4o-den Oak and Mahogany Eockers,   85 to $10
Parlor Tables ....      £3.50 to $7
Curtains, 20 . Discount for cash during March
\    Lace, Tapestry, Muslin, etc.
We enn'y a full line ol  Furniture and House-furnishings,
Ranges, etc., etc.
"The Furniture Store
McPhee Block A.   McKINNON      Cumberlan   B.O T
inn iStu-lSUER, euMBERl.AM),    J5.C
25 H.P., fully eqipped, $1175.00
35 H.P., i^arn^SS $1680.00
45 H.P., six cylinder, $1950.00
Howard King, Manager
Fred Ray, Sales Representative
For further particulars Phone R9 Wilson Hotel, Union Bay
Capital Paid Up $11,560,000
Reserve Fund «13,000,.00
Drafts Issued tn any currency, payable all over the world
highest current rates allowed on deposits of $1 and upwards
CUMBERLAND, B.C., Branch-   -   -     OPEN DA'''
D. M. Morrison,  Manager
R. H. Hardwicke, Manag:_.
The Depot
Barber Shop
Opposite thc Hotel Union and
adjoining the Railway Station
The finest Cigars and the best oi
Tobaccos always on hand.
T. E. Johnson
Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations
COAL milling lights of thu Dominion
in Mmiitiibu, Sukatohewan him Alberta,
thu Yukon Territory. th«N* rtl.w.siTorri
t.iriea and in a portion o. tlio Province of
British Columbia*, may bo leased font let in
f twenty-one years nr ■mi unmml rental of
SI an acre. Not more thau 2,500 acres
will bo k'l.-t'il tn one applicant.
Application fori, lease must be mado by
the applicant in person to tho Agent or sub
Agent of thu district in which the light.
applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory tho land must be
described lyy seotioua.or lotfal-Ubdlvtaiona
f sections, and in  unsurveyed ■orruurv
the tract applied for ahull lie staked out by
tlif-appl.cau. himself.
Ewh application must be accompanied
by a fee of #5 which will be refunded if the
riiihta applied forare not availably, but not
otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on thr
tnerchantablooutput of the mine at, the
rate of live cents per bun.
The person op.rating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns accounting fnr the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay the royalty
thereon. If the coal miniag rights are
not being operated, auch returns shall be
furnished at least once a year.
The lease will include the ooal ininin.
rights only, but the 1-ssee may bo permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may bo considered necessary
.nrthfiWp-k.nffof the roineat the rate of
$10 OOmiHCie.
For full information application should
be mado to tho Secretary of the Deput-
meut of the'Iiitefior, Ottawa, or to  any
Agent or Sub Air- nt 'fD..minimi Lamia
D_\ itty Minister of tho Interior.
N B—V; iuthorized publication of this
advertisement will not be paid for.
"V^OTK'E is hereby given that meetings of the Provincial Aljiicultur-
al Commission   will  be  held   at the
following places:—
Nanaimo—April 11 tli, 10 a.m. and
2.8l> p.m., City Hall.
Parksvillo—April 12th, 10 a.m.,
Agricultural Hall.
Alberni—April loth, 10 a.m. and
. 30 p.m.; April 16th, 10 a.m., Court
Courtenay—April 17th ami 18th,
'0 n.m. and 2.80 p.m. oi both day*,
Agricultural Hall.
Duncan—April 21st nml 22nd, !0
a in and 2.80 p.m. uf botii day*,
Tho Commission will hear evidence
on nil mutters affecting agricultural
conditions in the Province. All persons
interested are invited to be present.
W, //. /MYWAliD, M.L.A.,
C. D. Ciiiiistensex,
i »i.*>.t.«»4»i«i'i».»»t< . -»•»•♦ m ♦**,
fiEALED TENDEKS addrcsed to tho
undersigned, and endorsed "Public
Build ing^U n ion Bay, BU.," will be received at this < Ittee until ■"> p m. Tues-
day, ihe 22nd April, 1913, for tho erection
and completion of a l\ibii. Building at
Union Biy", 11.0.
Plans nd speciGcntions can be seen at
the Poat Oilic, Union Bay, aud at thia
(dGce. Tenders will no. be considered
unless made upon, and in accordance with
tin* _i'Ui..ii"i.H coutained in f.-nns furnish-
i\\ by this office. Forms of tender can
be set'iired upon application to the under
Each tender must be accompatied by
an accepted cheque on a chartered bai<k,
payable to the order of tho Honourable
the Minister of Public Works of Canada
f r a sum enivalent to ten per cent of thu
amount of the tender.
H aident Architect.
Dept. Publie VVnrka of Canada,
Reside ot Arohitedt'i Office,
Viotorta   R   C
Mmrdj & Bi»coe
Auctioneers.      Fire anm LAe Insurance.
Farms, Bush Lands. Desirable Lots and
Bungalows in Courtenay, B.C., V.I.
Auction Sales of Real Property, Farm Stock, Furniture,
etc., conducted on the shortest notice at
reasonable terms.
Phono 10 Court-may, B.O.
Cumberland, B.C., March 8,1913
This is to certify that J. Newbury holds my power of attorney
to receive and sign all documents
and cheques.   Henry Halliday
J, Newbury, Attorney.
We have all kinds of Silks  imported direct
from Japan; Cream, Blue,   White, Pink and
Grey. Price 6£>c. to $ 1*25 per yard.
Pongee Silk, 55c. to $1.5 0 per yard.
K. ABE   &   e©AlPftNY
Dunsmuir Avenue
Cumberland, B. @.
Would you like to have
a  few acres close to
Acreage cleared or uninproved.
Write us or Phone22Courtenay.
Fire and Life
.___._ ______ „;__■■.■■■,..-__
Women's commonest ailment
—tli. root of so much of iheir
Ill-health—promptly yields to
th. gentle but certain action
o( Na-Dru-Co Laxatives.
25_. a box at your druggist*,.
Of CAN-Dd,  IIMITEO. , t
Special Guardians of the Night Form-
■ ed in Paris for Protection of Property
Paris, France,—A series of burg-
! laries In the center of Paris has led
*o the creation of a special force of
. private police, or night guards, who
, begin their duties this week. Their
1 special attentions arc directed to
| guarding the property of citizens who
I have subscribed toward the Night
; Guards' Association.
j Last nigh: a reporter for a morning
! newspaper accompanied an Inspector
Ion his rounds of the Avenue de l'Op-
I era and tho adjacent streets, which
j are patroled by a dozen stalwart
|guard? in a blue uniform with a
(quaint helmet. Each guard had a
police dog and a heavy automatic pistol, Tlie inspector had with him a
magnificent black German ?h*.cp dog.
which was muzzled an.l held or. leash.
All the dogs, the ofll v explained,
had been specially trained for their
work. .lust lay a hand on me and
see what the dog will do, said a guard.
The reporter gave him a hearty blow
in the chest, With a low growl the
great black dog at his side sprang at
the newspaperman's throat. His
master pulled bim off,
Tho srthe:ue is in its infancy, but lt
is hoped before long to establish patrols in the residential districts of Paris. Subscribers may get a guard at
night to summon a doctor or a cab.
WHAT FOLLOWED A CUT    | PICTU,"-S 8-**8"ED AT ******
A Magistrate's Wonderful Experience
With Zam-Buk
Wash Day
Makes ttie Clothes ss
White as Snow
Try It t
Msniif-.lured hy
The Johnson-Hli'harilunn Co
IJmited, Montreal, Can.
j When tlio baby Is 111; when his little
i stomach is out of order and he is
I cross and refuses to' saiile, don't dose
! him with castor oil. Then* is no
■ need to torture him—give Baby's Own
i Tablets—they do everything castor
j oil is supposed to do, only tliey do it.
better, and what is more llie baby
I will like them. The Tablets are ab-
| solutely safe, being guaranteed by
i a government analyst to contain no
: opiates or other harmful drugs. Sold
! by medicine dealers or by mail at 25
cents a box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co.. Brockville. Ont.
I Mr. .1. E. Arsenault. a Justice of
! tiie Prace, und station master at Well-
j Ington, on the Prince Edward Island
I Hy., has had a wonderfu1 proof of the
healing power of Zam-Buk. He says:
"Four years ago I had an accident.
I slipped in the station aud fell on a
, freight truck, sustaining a bad cut
| nn the front of my leg. 1 thought
| this would heal, but instead of doing
' so it developed into a bad ulcer and
'. later into a form of eczema which
i spread very rapidly and also started
i on the other leg. Botti legs became
; so swollen and sore that I could ouly
j go about my work by having them
i bandaged. My. doctor said I must
'. stop work nnd lay up.
After six months of this trouble 1
consulted another doctor, lint with no
better result.     1 tried all the salves.
liniments and lotions I heard of, lint
! Instead of getting better I got worse.
'    "This was my condition when 1 got
my first bo*; of Zam-Buk.    liroatly to
my  dellglii   lhat   first   box   gave   me
I relief.      I  continued  to apply  it to
| the sores, and day by day they got
j better.      1 could see that at last  I
had got hold    of    something    which
I would cure me. and in tbe end it did.
It is now over a year since Zam-Buk
I worked a cure iu my case, and.there
b.*s beet, no return of the eczema or
any trace of i.t."
Such is the nature of the great
cures which Zam-Ruk is dally effecting. Purely herbal in composition.
IhiR great halm is a Bare cure for all
skin diseases, cold sores, chapped
hands, frost bite, ulcers, blood-poisoning, varicose sores, piles, scalp sores,
ringworm. Inflamed patches, cuts,
burns, and bruises. All druggists and
stores sell at 50c. box or post free
from Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, upon receipt of price. ,
The Heart of a Piano is the
Action.   Insist on the
"Otto Higel"
Piano Action
Mv-jI* i-i _ .... _. .,
T>U.>RR 1mm KtDftEV,   _.AI>t>_tC,   NKKVt
CUR*.MIC .Vi:W.i *.SI S.I'Ur.KS,!.KIN KKI'
write fur my FR.K book.   un.  MOST
f.HM--'*?s  :n   !  t.i|-   I'l MAJtK'Bl'i:  ( lll'K
Ml hi*"'* .-its at.-l ilia !flMA«KAtii.i: rule's n-ii-unl- liv
•*■- -.—---.--—      ftj-oucdiitlc-ido
*.i*-.-.nBi!Lyrn__, no i-.iowu*, cirtul.ir.. n« I.KCi.
IMkJ'.-i'.ji i■.■■...,i.C_Ku,iiami.-,it.■,u.i.i*si>u:,,i
tiirs. I)k ..k_i.I-.k_
THE JOHN 1NGL1S CO., Limited
Engineers and Boilermakers
Boilers of    sll    kl-Js— Engines,
Pumps and Heary Plate Work
Write us for Prices
14 Strachan Ave., Toronto, Canada
Mb_Winsi.ow's Soothinc Svrip Ims liee*"
■Md for over SIXTY YEARS hv MILLIONS of
■(OTHERS for tbelr CHII.-KKN Willi.H
.■-THING, with Fg-I'KCT StlCCF.SS. It
Is tke best remedy for DIAKKHtEA. It Is si*-
sn'trtrly harmless. Be sure and ask for " Mrs,
ViMsletr'. Sootldnt Svrtip," and take Bo other
M__   Twenty-live cent, a bottle.
Wanted—Agents for Hall aad Wind*
Moral Insurance.     Apply The Canada
Weather Insurance Company, (Domic-
(ua License), Winnipeg, Mau.
What's the Use?
Though he is himself,    in    private
'life, ;i clergyman, George Birmingham,
j the Irish novelist, loves a good story
i on  the clergy, and one of the most
amusing  sections in  hit,  new  book:
Tho Lighter Side of Irish Life, deals
, with the foibles and misadventures of
Irish pastors.     One ot his tales may
i he quoted:
;    A north of Ireland gentleman heard
] rrom the lips of a clergyman of the
i rteatli of an Inveterate enemy of his
who harassed hini for many years.
Well, he said, it's a comfort to think
that ihe devil's got that fellow at. last.
The clergyman, being a clergyman.
J felt bound in proiest against th's uncharitable view of Ibe dead man's condition,      lie insinuated a hope that,
in  spite of nil lhat bad passed, the
poor man might have escaped Ihe extreme penalty.
Well, said the other, if the devil
hasn't got that fellow, all I can say
Is that I don't see much use in our
keeping a devil at all.
A Kansas City character was clinging to a lamp-post one Sunday morning when a stranger came along and
addressed him.
Sir, enquired tlie stranger, can you
tell me when* the Second Presbyterian church is?
Mister, answered the weary one. I
don't even know where the First Presbyterian church is.
Artie had tried by various means
to interest his father in conversation.
Can't you see I'm trying to read?
said the exasperated parent. Now,
don't bother me.
-Artie was silent almost a minute.
Then, reflectively: Awful accident on
a IHoomfleld trolley today.
' Father looked up with interest.
What's that? he asked. An accident?
Yes, replied Artie, edging toward
the door, a woman had her eye on a
seat and a man sat on tt.
Train Blown Over
Berlin.—Heavy snowstorms occurred In many ' parts of Germany last
week and railway traffic Is seriously
■fleeted. A passenger train traveling front Reichenau to Zittau. Saxony,
wns blown over by the wind, one of
tie carriages being burned. There
was no Iosb of life. The railway station at Merzdorf, In Silesia, was practically wrecked by the storm und truffle there is suspended.
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere.
A Utile girl remarked to her niam-
_Ut, on going to bed: I am not afraid
of the dark.
No, of course not, replied her mani-
I w_s a little afraid onee, wheu 1
•ent Into the pantry to get a tart.
What were you afraid nf?
I was afraid 1 couldn't And Ihe
Visitor—Was the Christmas mall
j Rural Postmaster—Haven't got It all
out, yet. I tell you, this town owes
its lives to me. About the first of
December all the letitera that came
in here were covered with funny
looking stamps. I got kind of suspicious, and it certainly puzzled me
till a New York drummer put me
wise, telling me tliey were inbercu-
losls stamps. Of course. 1 knew that
stuff was darned hud, so I just ups
and confiscates the mail as fast as it
came in.      I've got It all out in the
, hack  loom   fumigating  now.    Pretty
j narrow squeeze, hut 1 nipped thi' epi-
j deinic right In the hud.
I           Only One "BROMO QUININE"
l.„i,k for the signature or is, W. CIROVI3.
     rum Day.   Cures drip
London.—Trailer tramears will, it
ta asserted, be place, on the London
county council tramway system within
the next fori niglit.
■.//. P'lLS "M
_•_ a _____ «r «Im faoxea tmr 92.50,
; all dealera, «r Tha Oodda Medial C-Mtiaany, Llmlud,    Teronto,
An Irish contractor had the mi.sfor-
titno to run his car over an old mnn
who had a hottlc of blueing inside his
coat.     .lumping from liis car and Bee-
: ing the fluid rapidly staining the old
| fellow's breast, he turned to his friend,
I FLt.i_.egan, It'll go    harrnd    wld    us!
i We've killed wan o' thim blue-blood-
| ed Yankees!
Varis.-— In a duel with swords, M.
j Llontel took his father's place on ac-
i count of tlie great age of the latter,
j and was wounded in the arm.      Hia
adversary was a member of the cham-
I ber named M. J.agrnsilliero. The son
■ though  wounded, refused  to give up
ihe light until It was stopped by the
i seconds. ,
A story of Scotch honesty comes
from Dundee. A small boy had taken
the prize for an exceptionally well
drawn map. After the examination
the teacher, a little doubtfully, asked
the lad:
Who helped you with this map,
Nobody, sir.
Come, now, tell me the truth. Did
not your brother help you?
No, sir. he did it all.
Outrage Committed When Few Visi
tort Were in That Section of
Gal lei y
London.—An txuuordinavy out-
rage was committed at the Aational
tiallery recently, when four vaiuauie
oil paintings were damaged, the glass
each being smashed and the
tj.«-_ure_. iiuvKed. 'iLie dan_a_*e is e&-
.lii.a.ed at ubout $-"-".
A m.ddit-ago.i man, giving the name
>. Knitsi \,elch, cf Salt? rue-road,
Parksione, Dorset, described as a
must* painter, was arrested in coil-
action with "the affair and taken to
Vine Btr. ' pollco station and cuarged
. uh wilfully damaging the lour pictures. They are aa follows: Mrs.
Constable, by Constable; The Gleaners, by Constable; A Castle hy a
Lake, by Richard Wilson; Hadrian's
Villa, hy Richard Wilson.
The pictures are each about two feet
square and are all situated In room
_3 of the National Gallery.
The act was committed about half-
past three in the afternoon, and vory
few people were in this section of the
gallery at the time. Suddenly the
sound of smashing glass was heard,
and some of the officials who hurried
J to the spot state that they saw the
i mnn in the act of jabbing the pictures
I with a two foot rule; The rule was
'afterwards found to be broken.
Welch, when arrested, had about $:tt
or $40 in his pos^es^iun. He said
nothing when charged with the act at
the police station and -domed somewhat strange in his manner.
The officials of the gallery do not
despair of repairing the pictures, although of course the damage is great
from an artistic point of view.
Welch, who was somewhat shabbily
dressed, entered the gallery with
other visitors, no particular^ attention
being paid to him by the gallery officials. The outrage was reported to
Sir Charles Holroyd the directnr of
the gallery, who immed'ately investigated the affair, and the damage done.
Lord Balcarres, M.P., who i? a
trustee of the National Portrait Gallery, expressed the utmost indignation
at "the news of the outrage at the National Gallery.
A Boon for the Bilious.—The liver
is a very sensative organ and easily
deranged. When this occurs there
is undue secretion of bile and the
acrid liquid flows into the stomach and
sours it. It is a most distressing
ailment, and many are prone to it.
In this condition a man finds the best
remedy in Parmelee's Vegetable Pills,
which are warranted to speedily cor-
rect the disorder. Therg is no better medicine in the entire list of pill
There is nothing repulsive in Miller's Worm Powders, and they are as
pleasant to take as sugiir, so that few
children will refuse them. Iu some
cases they cause vomiting through
their action in an unsound stomach,
hut. this is only a manifestation of
their cleansing power, no indication
that they are hurtful. They can be
thoroughly depended upon to clear
all worms from the system.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
You haven't got J. Jones JUikin?
writing advertisements for you any
more, I hear, remarked one business
man to another, bath good advertisers
along different lines.
No, replied the other In a tone of
strong disapproval, and I'm glad of
What's wrong with him? I understand he had taken a course from s
t'orrespondence school and was thoroughly competent.
Was he? And the other man spat
as though something tasted bad. Was
he? Well, let me tell you something.
I had a new brand of tooth brushes
irnA I wanted something extra to exploit them all over, and I told him to
go to it good. Next day in all the
papers it showed up large and luminous, and at the bottom there was a
line standing out dear which read:
If not satisfactory after a week's trial
return and get your money back.
Now what do you think of that?
Tooth brushes, mind you!
W. N. U. 939
Pat was standing near the car track
when lie noticed an automobile coming
up the street, and to be safe he stepped back a little from the car track.
Tho auto went past and just as It
was passing the driver had occasion
to turn off he track. When he did
the auto skiddnd on the car track causing the hack end of it to swing
around, striking Pat and knocking him
Pat was seen to get up and look
after the car and pay: Now pbat do ye
think o' that? Whin ye stand in front
o' thim, they run over ye: and whin
ye glit out o' ttie way to let thim pass
they turn round and kick ye!
are rapidly growing in popular favor.
served either with cream or
good milk, or preserved fruit
make a most appetizing dish
for breakfast, dinner, or
These delicious toasted
flaky bits of white corn have
a delicate taste that is very
pleasing at this time of year.
Post Toasties are economical, make less work for
the busy housewife and
please everyone at the table.
"The Memory Lingers"
S-'.d by Grocers everywhere
Canadian  postum  Cereal  Co.,
Windsor, Ont.
Husband Victim of Crime Which Doctors Attribute to Shattered Nerves
Paris, France.—Mme l.amberjack,
the divorced wife of Jl. Laniberjack,
managing director of a motorcar company, was in Pari, assize court recently found not guilty of a charge of
homicide iu connection with her former husbuud's death. She was released.
M. Lumberjack fell in love wilh aud
married Mile. Virginie Dosou when h
was a professional racing cyclist anil
she was an embroiderer ai an establishment in tlie Kaubourg St. Honor..
Por several years they lived together
happily. But M. Lumberjack was
ambitious and made his way iu the
world, till lie was earning from $100,-
000 to $200,000 a year. With material
success their happiness came to an
end. Mine, Lumberjack reproached
ller husband with Infidelity. Quarrels became frequent and finally the
couple were divorced. Yet tliey con-
Unued to live under the same roof.
In June last year M. Lumberjack
decided to remove his sliare of the
furniture. Mine. Lumberjack reproached him and then shot him fatally with a revolver.
in the Indictment road in court
Mme. Lumberjack was described as of
uncertain temper and excessively nervous. Mme. Lainberjuck pleaded
that she never intended to kill M.
Lamberjack, and only fired when she
thoughet he had snntelied up his coat
js If to get his revolver. When the
president of the court asked her tf she
regretted her act she hid her face in
her hands and burst Into tears.
Two eminent physicians, who examined her, said she was the victim of
Paris life, and its harassing effect on
the nerves.
Woman Aasert That Statue of Virgin
in Cemetery Came to Life
Paris, Prance.—The town of Bez-
iers is immensely excited by a remarkable story, which is said to have occurred iu the old ceme.ery in the town
recently. Nothing will convince the
superstitious people that it is not true.
According to the story, which is
printed with much detail, a woman
was leaving the cemetery, where she
had gone to pray at the grave of her
husband, when she noticed a statue of
the Virgin covered wl.h moss. The
condition of the statue inspired hor
witli pity and she tried to wash the
moss from it with her pocket handkerchief. She declares thut the statue cume to life; that oue uf i's hands
touched the handkerchief and that a
voice said: This cloth is sacred now.
Keep it, for 1 have blessed It to thuuk
you for your act of piety.
The woman ran home to her cottage
and told her sick daughter what hud
happened. She put the handkerchief
on the girl's bed, and the child, who
has been paralyzed for several years,
sat up, got out ot bed and walked.
The statue is surrounded ull day by
cripples, blind men aud women, and
even children who are suffering from
some disease, lt was reported
among the townspeople that a blind
man recovered his sight and that a
lame man had thrown away his crutches and walked.
A number of unbelievers visited the
cemetery and openly expressed tiieli
scepticism. They were roughly
handled by the worshipers aud ejected.
A number of Women have organized
perpetual guurd round the statue,
and one of them collected money from
visitors whose hundkerchlofs she rubbed on the hands of the statue. This
was forbidden by the police, whereupon several gendarmes were attacked by the angry women. The leader
of the women who tried to Induce her
companions to precipitate a riot is uow
forbidden to enter the cemetery.
The bishop aud clergy have thus far
refrained from expressing any opinion
regarding the alleged miracle.
Specialist In    Mental    Disorders    Explains  Its  Effect  Upon  Ordinary
, Patients
l^ondon, Kngland.—The possibility
of golfers floc.lng to Harley street to
be cured of a tendency to top their
drives ur foozle their lnashie shots is
opened by the news that after hypnotic treatment at Guys Hospital a golfer
w-ho was off his game returned to the
links in splendid form.
He was an amateur plus player who
had suddenly gone stale from over
concentration on the game, and tho
method adopted by a Harley street
nerve specialis'. \.as to Instill in the
man's mind by suggestion the conviction that he wus just as good a player
as ever.
Some interesting opinions on the
subject were given by Dr. ISdwiu Ash,
the famous specialist iu mental disorders.
A game Such as golf, ho explained,
requires a very delicate co-ordtnatlon
of mind and muscle, which becomes
subconscious in the case of a player
of any skill. He plays like an automaton, and is ut ills best when he
does not trouble about his game.
Any flow of energy iu his conscious
mind, such as over anxiety about the
result of the match, or the Idea that
he is going to play badly, has the result of Interfering with the working of
the subconscious part. lt clogs the
wheels of the automaton.f
Now, there is no doubt that suggestion can remove that interference by
removing the particular ideas which
have blocked the free running of tho
automatic impulses which will all go
to the proper swinging of a club.
The hypnotic sleep state is not necessary, and In most cases is undesirable. My own method in such cases
is to get the patient's mind poised,
and then remove by suggestion the
Idea which is obstructing the subscon-
selous action of the brain.
Students suddenly faced with an
examination paper often iind their memories almost wiped out by the rush
of energy in their conscious brain.
The automaton which should reel off
dates and figures seems to get _
spoke through Its driving wheel.
Most people think it more foolish
to give than to receive.
Time and Money
Tha'. time Is money, Wisdom bleats,
Yet you win know my dears.
A girl with thirty thousand beats
A girl with thirty years.
Expelled for Kissing
Munich.—Great indignation has
been caused by the action of the authorities in censoring dancing at the
carnival balls, which were belnji held
last week. Four policemen who
were stationed ln the dancing pavilions during the most Important ball
of the series frequently Interfered
with couples on the floor, and arrested several of them for .alleged lmpro-
ped dancing. Other guests were
ejected from the hall because they
kissed  each other in public.
Sometimes a married woman gets
so hungry for a loving word that she
talks to herself.
not only keeps cold out, but
conservesbody- warmth; body-
fat serves the same purpose,
it enables us to resist unsettled
elements and serves as the
great source of our body-heat
Greater body-warmth meant
richer blood, more fat, nol
obesity but fat which the body
consumes for warmth, vitality,
resistance-power—as a furnace
consumes coal for heat—
Scott'* Emulsion does this.
A teaspoonful after each |
meal makes body-warmth—
healthy,  active blood—
sharpens the appetite and
makes all good food do good.
It drives out and keep, out colds
by raising endurance-power
and creating strength.
Reject substitute, for SCOTTS.
Spot! Se Howni*. Toronto, Ontario  12—fit
British Detachment to be Invited ta
Forest Campaign
Copenhagen. — The British Boy
Scouts t,i u lo have .ui opportunity of
visiting Denmark this year. The governing committee of the Danish Boy
Scouts—for the movement Is a growing one here—is planning a ten days'
summer campaign in the forests ln
New Zealand.
ln connection with these maneuvers
which will be carried out under the
instructions of a captain In the Danish army, M. Lembeke, who is one of
the leaders of the Boy Scout movement in Denmark, the committee has
decided to invite bodies of English,
Dutch, Norwegian and Swedish Boy
Scouts to join their colleagues of
young Denmark as a holiday trip.
The two sons of the king of Denmark, Crown Prince Frederick and
Prince Knud, will join the scouts during their ten days' training. Among
the planned festivities is a visit by
King Christian and Queen Alexandrine
who will be at their summer residence
at Fredensborg, near Klsinore.
A well-known physiognomist advo*
rates choosing one's servants according to the formation of their faces:—
We tried the plan on Martha Rose-
she only stopped a week. Although
we chose her for her nose, we sacked
her for her cheek.
_ Suitable for _.ny size of game.
Made In all desirable calibers and
used and endorsed by hunters the world over for
hard usage, reliability and strong aud accurate shooting. No rifle will give better satisfaction than the
Winchester.   Winchester riflea are sold by all dealers.
Send ptiUl ftr tumpitt*. HlmttrsUti emtthg
The Best
Farm Lubricants
Harvester Oil
A heavy, short-cut oil for farm machinery
Clings to the bearings and insures the least
possible friction and wear. Moisture and
changes of temperature do not affect it,
The choice of the most successful farmers.
Gas, Engine Oil
Used and recommended by the leading engine builders all over the country.
Keeps its body at high temperatures.
Equally good for external bearings.
El Dorado Castor Machine Oil    Silver Star Engine Kerosene
Capitol Cylinder Oil Imperial Motor Gasoline
Thresher Hard Oil Mica Axle Grease
Stock carried at 300 tank and warehouse
stations in Western Canada. For addresses,
price lists, etc., write any agency.
Main Otfico,
Regina, Moose Jaw, Saskatoon,
Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge,
Vancouver. THE   ISLANDER.   CUMBERLAND,   B. C.
'   f/
A Yonng Girl Experiences |
Less of Memory       $
There Win* trouble ht the Miirslleld
home IWtha Marstield. fifteen yearn
Did, hud gone tu iiffi tiit* lib-til hetnre
with a nicking headache, nnil when Iter
Mother went Into Dtv room Hit* nest
morning (ter thn looked ii|* Ht Iter with
I ulugular expression un tier luce unit
"Who nre you?*
"WllHt'H nie mutter with yon, Her-
tha'r   Has your lleildMOlw pn*-sed':"
"I clout know who you tiivt" Bertha looked about Iter flx Ihoogli dazed.
Rbe Heeiiieii trying tit retiiember Iter
lurrotiudiugs, hut could nut "Where
ioi IV   Where whim i yesterrttiyV*'
"(.rent heavens'" exclaimed her
mollier, kneeling beside her nnd Ink*
lug the child In tier a run*, "Are you
III, deurleV" she ashed hi a frightened
"No. hut I dun't l_iiow*_i-.w | came
here, mat I dunt know who you are
I dun't know anything."
The agonized mother hurried out uf
the  room,  lelH|ihuiied   fur*  Ihe  family
physician and then tuinotiiiced to the
family Hint something strange was the
mutter with Bertha. The doctor was
asked lu enme al ouee He did no und
waa Immediately taken to the bedside
or the little girl. Though he hnd otteit
attended her. she had uo remembrance
of hun whatever.
It was plain thnt overnight Bertha
bad heen attached with amnesia, ur
Iohs ot memory, How ion-; it would
last, whether she would ever recover,
wan uncertain. Her parents were stunned hy the mow. 'Iheir daughter had
up tu thui day heen a bright, nttt'tie*
live gin Just budding Into womanhood,
Now suddenly she hud become, as ir
Were, another being—not mint tier per*
son. fur her iwdy remained the same
Hut all tlie past fifteen yenrs nf her
life hi whirh she lmd heen tenderly
cared for tiv her parents, all her love
lor them, all her associations, mul
lawn suddenly hunted but.
A parent Is more likely to love n
crippled . nilit linn H perfect tine, ami.
mtlioiu.li whatever affection was to he
derived thereafter from Herthn must
grow again, her hither and inuthei biv*
Ished upon her still greater love than
hefore. Kiir u time Ihey kept >\ close
watch over her, never permitting her
tu leave ihe house; hut, since she
seemed In other respect* than loss nf
memory perfectly well, they Una Ily
pave her more liberty, and In time she
waa returned to school, she was a
fairly good scholar, but did tnd take
Ihe high stand in her classes as hefnre
ber affliction
An attachment bad been In process
of formation hetweeu Bertha and Paul
->rury, a youth or eighteen, who at tho
ritm» of her atliictfou had recently entered college. That they were great
friends was known to their parents.
.hunch the latter were not aware of
any inure serious feeling between
them. Soon after Bertha's stroke t'liul
came home on a abort visit, and the
Harstleids were anxious tu know if
■he had forgotten him as well us the
other*. He came to aee her and re*
reived the flrst Htinrlj of bis life when
Bertha, passing through a room where
be was, failed to recngnlzp bim,.
Paul when he neit went home on
vacation welved another rilanppotnt-
otpnt. hearing that Bertha had re-
placed the intimacy that had existed
Itetweeh them. A young man of twen
ly, tleorge Atwood. waa known to he
with her a great deal. Wince Bertha
waa now sixteen year* old It was tit
tie Inferred thnt the** attention* came
from a man to n woman rather than
from a hoy to a jrlrt. Thia naturally
added tn Paul** dlaapfKHntment.
for a abort time after Bertha's low
af memory ahe waa tnid of ihe r*»h<
flnnnblp that had eiteted between her
and tartan* netwom, bnt K waa found
.tetter to eeaae rrfrlnr fc*e ewea, infor.
marlnn, thnurrh all taww- w«m» had pre*
vtanaly been hittmare with m* were
•war* af Iwr eaadltH-i    Ibe *•* ■»'
told of tbe boy and arlrl attachnient
tbat had existed bvtwaun ber and Haul
I miry, aud whenever tbey met aba
pusa-ed him without recognition Being
a yonug man uf deep feeling and withal
now conscious of hia love for tbe
Bertha lhal bad beeu. these meeting*
were Inexpressibly painful to him.
The affair Iwtween Atwood and
Bertha progressed and. wheu Bertha
reached her nineteenth year, came to
a head. Atwood ror u time had not
been told thut Bertha had had another
identity. When he was informed of
the fact he was much troubled and attempted to withdraw from his inn-
macy with her. Bnt he found it impossible. Youth Is reckless aud prune
to take upon itself prospective troubles
au older person would shun. Keeling
lhat life Without the girl he loved
would he uiihearable, he resigned himself tn accept with her whatever the
future might bring forth.
Bertha's parents were bitterly opposed to then daughter's marriage wnn
uny one They considered that she
was liable at any time to recover her
former identity, and if such a change
should occur It would he infinitely better tha! she should he at home uud under ihen rare. They dreaded lest this
change might come while she happened to he among strangers and might
he attended with unfortunate conse-
(piencev Bert ha felt they were right
about this, ami her own judgment told
her it would he far lie.ter for her to
remain under ilte care of her mother
than to run the risks unending Ihe
establishment of a home tit her own
She therefore told her inver that she
had decided to remain with her parent a
Atwood tor n time endeavored to rc-
q 11 teste In the decision, hut ibe wish
belug fathei to ita* thought after tllttik-
tug tbe matter over, he came to Hie
conclusion Unit It Bertha as his wife
should return lo her former self site
could get used to her hushuud and
children as she had doue in the case
of her father's family He returned to
pressing his suit and finally persuaded
Bertha to marry hltn But her consent
waa given only if hacked hy that of
tier parents, it required a great deal
or time to obtain thia consent, and
when finally Mr. and Mrs. Marstield
yielded It waa rather a permlsslmi than
a conversion, ami only on condition
that the engagement ahould lie a long
Mrs. Marstield succeeded In prolonging the betrothal despite the tact that
Atwood made several attempts to have
a wedding day set Bertha was twenty-one years uf age and had not yet
been married wheu she was attacked
hy a fever. She gew worse every
day tilt the disease culminated, and the
doctor said one evening that she would
uot live till morning. Hut during the
night there came a change for the better, and she fell Into a light slumber.
From this she awoke at dawn while
ber mother was bending over her
"Oh. mamma." she said In a faint
voice, "how much better I feel!"
Her mother caressed and encouraged
1 tier and sent a nurse to tell the others
lluu    Bertha   allowed   signs   of   great
improvement, then turned again to tbe
"Mamma," said Bertha, "haa Paul
beeu here lo ask for me since I have
been HIV
In a moment ll flashed through the
mother's mind lhat the first Bertha had
returned, the second-well, she did not
know what would become ot the second
"Puiil?" she said to gain time.
"Ves, I know ne was away tit college when I was taken III But surely
lie has sent to learn as to my condition "
I'aal Unify had been graduated nut
only from college, hill from a law
school and had just been admitted to
the bar
Mrs Marslloid saw at ntwe that this
return to a previous existence must not
he broken to the Invalid in her present
condition. She said Unit nnil Unify
had sent freipient llitplll'les ils tn Her
tha's condition, and, giving ihe nurse
Instructions nut b> tmk with the pa
ticnt till her return, supped away to
apprise the household ot 'he transitu*
The matter of Informing Bertha as
to her loss ur and return to her mem
ory of the pant was put nil as iont: a-*
tawslble, bl'd when the saw one ol net'
sisters, who liad been a child, grown
to be a woman, an explanation briist
lie given When tleorge Atwood heard
Hun Kerthn had returned to her tor
tier Identity and that her Hrsl act waa
fo ask for i'anl lirury lie determined
after a struggle that it  would he heat
for  hiinsell   am)  all  other-* c eriied
that he should not sec her again
Later he sailed for South America.
where a business opening presented
Itself, aud he never returned.
The meeting between Paul I miry
and Hertha was a singular one. Paul
had often seen her and she had seen
! him. hut not to remember him as tier
youthful lover. She found It difficult
j to connect fhe man of twenty three
with the hoy of eighteen But the
germs of a former love were not dead.
As Mrs. Marsfleid had not fold her
daughter after her loss of ineinnr. ot
her first lover, so after her recover*
she refrained from telling tier of thf
f.eorge Atwood was not n'«lrrnihu tn*
.rlrl  he  lored.    That irirl   had   i h  a
twin, who wna dead, or, rather, a enn
tthllhnee fnr a few years ot a m-w e*
Istence In the same hotly as the former. It was like lor|up nne Who had
been l>oni Into the world at IHWn
find pm-M'-d away without going
fhmncrb the death pmoesn aftt-r nn en
tutettnp of half it down yenra,
Paul Prury and Bertha were married. Paul wn* M«ured hy ih*. doe
ton that hit* wife wns not eapeetatly
Ibthle tn an eipertenee -dmllftr tn the
fleet, bnt be «#»■*■ Mt aurv tbat aba
V0«ld WUL
For the Children
Juliana. Holland Princeta.
Who  W»nt»  a   Playmate. jl
"A Child Can Run P*-
Thry said taut a child vou id -»•"* It,
And-l was a little child!
It looked like a idmple fraction.
So meekly and maidenly mild!
1 t...ii|*iu it with gotNl tin Id dulla. _,
I named It llie Honeybee.
And I wlnh thut I had ihe gay ><*__<
Thai snid lhal boal to nie!
The motor was nerfectly ilmple—
You loved wilh a tlgger here
And twisted a simple thtnguntabcl*
And Urkied il. i.ft hind ear,
Yoa told il a funny et*iry.
You save 11 the mystic _ii*ti,
And off ll  would kii with a yn heave
Said the fellow who sold me mine.
It run-on. yes. When he ran It,
Aud that vi»f in early May! —
And I  waa u care fine butterfly,
hul nun I uai old and gray.
They said thut a child could run It—
oil, ultimate COsntlU smurt!
They knew I Mould look like Methuselah's spunk
Ere I ever fcet it to Mnrt.
-New York Sun.
Overlooked Her.
Two black faced III ill 1st re Is were ■jrlf-
tn& an eutertaiuiiient on the sands of
A certain seasitle holiday resort receui*
.y. While oue of Ihem was telling
funny stories about I lie humors of
nodi'dlnn house landladies tlie other
went union-: the crowd uiaklim a col-
'eelInn. lie at leuuth went up lo u
stern lonltill'j woman, wlm promptly
.-uialcht'd llie lauihourine from his
hand aud poured Hit* contents Into her
nip. As stie returned ihe empty tambourine to the astonished minstrel she
'Tell your friend wbo knows sti much
about landladies Hint Pin the tine he
forgot to pay tbe last lime be wuh
bete!"-Weekly Telejirapl).
Princess .lulltllttl, heiress apparent tt>
the tint-he of the Netherlands ior kingdom of Hull,nidi, Is net I ln» to he a lilt
girl now. She will he four years md
next April. Lately she surprised tier
umther. (jtieen Wllhelmliia. hy asking
for a lathy hrother to play with,
• The little Princess .lultana Is tho
pride of the Hutch people*, for she i.
the only child nf the tpieeh and therefore is 'now the nearest heir to the
throne of the Netherlands. * She likes,
tit play like otlier little girls, and to
help her lie happy her mother bdilttbl ;i
puny for her. That may seem lo ha
not hi in; especially strange, since there
are plenty of other little girls who havo
ponies. Hut (Ills Is a s|a-clu| kind of
(amy. It is the smallesi pull*; that waa
exhibited at a recent great horse show
iu ..uglillid, It stands just thirty Indies uiul). anr! It Is brown and as woolly
as a t'ollie dog, A carriage lias heen
made to til the pony's size, and the little princess is mav able to go driving
iu the park.
Disappearing Pile of Coins.
A lit I tuber of coins are shown lying
on a plate, piled up, taken in the lei.
i hand   where  Ihey   are seen,  and   (lit.
j baud Is closed over thetn.    A haodker-
i chief  is  thrown   over  the   hand,   ami
j wuen  removed  thc cuius  have dlsiip-
! peared.
Show u quantity of loose coins nn .a
■ plate. Pile tbem up ami while so doing   puliu   a   dummy   "stack"   In   the
| left hand.    Pretend lo pass loose cohm
[ to the left baud, palming and droppim;
them in a  box of brail, so (hat  they
• will sink slowly and without noise.
Morrow a handkerchief, show the
dummy, grasp the handkerchief hy flu.
confer of one side anil then spread it
. uut over the left hand ami while *<.
doing throw the dummy Inlo (he right,
: the handkerchief hiding Its Might.
Pick up the wand, in the net of which
drop the dummy on the in hie, touch
j the hanilk.'ivhief with P. plilf-i* ll under your arm and draw off the hniul-
kurcltlef and .-.how li nnd the huncH
Life Len^hs of Lowly Thinr,s,
It has just been computed Hint Iho
day Ily lives _| hoars. Ihe May tn d
weeks, the inuierMv  two months,  thu
; tint, the cricket and the bee il year
each, the hare aud sheep tl to III years,
the wolf Pi to lft years, the canary
bird t"i to 'Jn years and the nightingale
I   I'J years
The dog  lives  |o  lo •::. yenrs.  enttltl
j '-_,"» years, the liorse _!o to ;{n yen in, iho
eagle ."t" years, the --to:: !t.*i lo in years,
heron, lion and la-itr nil years oa< h, Ui_
nivcu sn years, elephant, turtle parrot,
pike and carp lint venrs each.
1 The ivy outlives 'Jiiii years; tin* elm
Mi io to :;;,ii years, the linden film to 1 " '1
.veers, the locust tree nnd ihe onk hrU
years ami the lie 7ll(l to l/jnu yours,
Why We Can See Smoke.
Smoke Is not composed ol gases onlv,
but or solid or perhaps partly "'pud
particles which are mixed wit. lim
gases and carried along hy I belli It
is these purlleles of nml ter that art)
visl.de to the eye and hot the gnaoi.
theiuselves.- St. Nicholas.     _.
I don't consider i am hrotte—
Ai least uoi what'ft considered unch—
Until tne wife rciuses when
I go to her in make a touch
-Detroit Free Press.
And evrn then there Is a elm nee,
Although, of L'tiuise. ihe crime if nmlt.
That there may be in time of need
Sume co|.(n'i'_ in the huhy's burnt.
-Muslim (ilobe.
And tf the hatiy's bank Is nol
In funds und leaves you la thatreM
You mtgtit climb old hi night aad hunt
The ufn.k-.i in yuur helpmate's dreaa,
—Houston Post.
And, l)t>t->t nf all. there Is the chance
Thm you can make ihe needed tou.h
From some tlusii  snort   Whom once you
There i» a chance—but not much.
-Si a llie t'ust-ltiW'lliy.'tH'er.
Already provided For.
".My three schoolgirl cousins are coming tomorrow lo stay for tl few days,"
observed Mrs. Harlem at the breakfast
"My goodness. Marie," replied her
husband, "you'll have to order a lut
more meal and things "
"No. I won't, I've ordered a dozen
bottles of pickles and almost halt tt
ton uf candy."-Pun Magazine.
Th   Arti.t and the Girl.
Jtl'o Ilia BtUttle site float-
To see ni!- tna.terpleepH,
Am) ns Hhe viewa them one by one
Her itut-rt-st mt-reuaes.
Then middenly she comes across
A frame turned lu the wall.
She seeks wilh curiosity
The aieantna or h ull.
"The jaclare lhal you've hidden here—
A swi'.'iheart,  t silppovp.
Which, were U ren'l,  l have no doubt.
To lier yuu waiilfl propose "
"I would, ' tpiolb he.   "I'll turn it round.
Now. wnn t ymi please step nearer?
The ll*.ht is vei > (inttr totlay.
. ou see, Its bul a mirror."
-lioslou News'Letter.
Klrst Klntler—My alarm clock never
wakes me now.
Second I'latter-Well. ihe noise isn't
"vasted.    It wakes uie every morning.
First Mutter Is that koV Say. would
you in Mid running down and pounding
mi my door when you hear ft?-\Ynsl_-
litgtuu Herald
THK man or woman  who shows
taste  lu  preparing   vegetables.
fruit,  butter and  poultry   Tor
market   Is  ibe  one   who  gets
< fancy prices aud big profits.    It is part-
j ly  reputation ami  partly  tbe appear*
i uuce of commodities  tbat enable one
| to sell at high prices.
|     Here is an illustration:    It costs P>
cents to feed a broiler up lo the age
' ttf two mouths, and fl cents more rep-
\ resents the expense of care, and marketing.    Ihis is where tlie business is
tin a huge scale.    If tbe producer receives *J5 cents for tbe bird Ile 1" barely getting cost and wages, but at .1*. lo
•III cents there is a liberal protit.   The
extra   IU or 'JU cents  is ibe  thing to
work for. and it is gained by supplying goods hi nil e order.    These broilers  may  be  ful tf ued  ou  sweet   mfik,
shorts, corn men) ami bulled potatoes,
This ur similar fond will give a Whole-
Buuie, sweet. Juicy flesh, which epicures
1 will be willing to pay well for.
To appeal to the best trade produce
of all kinds must be clean and fresh,
'there should he taste antl care In arranging packages, lt Is possible to
Imve an individuality about these matters wblcb will hold customers alter
tliey have been found, An attractive
1 article of merchandise virtually sells
itself. This is particularly true of
nice country produce.
It must be borne In mind thai, while
I prevailing prices ou commodities bear
! heavily on the poor, there are thou- i
Kitnds in every large city who are willing and able to pay double Ibe regular
j retail rates If they can. obtain really I
I choice produce direct from the farm.
I The selling end ot tbe farmer's bitsl-
I ness Is of ever iucretising Importance.
It Is a feature of agricultural activity
' which urgently demands attention,
j There are thousands of skiHfol farm-
1 ers who are poor salesmen and permit
• "THERE   ALL   THE   HONOR    •
! I LIES." ;
• _— •
• There Is as much honor in lie-   *
J   iug able  lo  lay  tiff  tt   straight   J
• row,   use  thc   hoe   dexterously •
• and operate the mower or the •
• binder correctly as to la? a ine- •
• chanlc. a carpenter, a lawyer, a •
• doctor or a merchant.   It Is not •
J the kind of work one does, but J
• the muiiher In wblcb the work Ih • \
J done,   that   makes   character.- J
• Kansas I-'artner. •
• •
legitimate profits to slip away fru'a_
tbem. This, in some uws. repve.s*?nt*.
the difference between failure uiul »ue-
cess. With the development lu ctties
of a steady cash deiuauu at high price-*
for all kinds of produce and a general
improvement iu transportation facilities, there Is no good reason why tbs
farmer should not realise greater re*
turns on tbe commodities which ba
has to dispone of.
A New York business man wbo was
foned to a New .lersey suloirb on account nf broken health is making tt
good living hy repacking vegetable**
ami fruit which he buys from farmer*
and truckers, repacking them and selling direct lo the consumer. He bas •
large list of regular customers among:
ihe residents uf Ibe numerous small
towns of his vicinity, who huy ull tbelr
fruit and vegetables frnm him because
they can depend upon gettlug them
fresh, clean and sound
A recent visit to the great produce
market of South Water street, Chicago,
disclosed the fact that hundreds of
shippers send tbelr upple crop—much)
of It line fruit of good color and free
from rot—to the commission men
dumped into barrels regardless of size
or condition, mixed with dirt, leave.*
and twigs, all tending to lower tbe value of the fruit, a condition wblcb the
commission men are quick to take advantage of. Tbe tnerebnuts greatly In-
j crease their own profits by repacking
. Ibe apples.
) Any farmer or gardener wbo Is te-
, rated within reasonable distance of tt
I gooil market will make mote money
i by selling to retail dealers nr consuta-
. ers thnn hy shipping bis staff to the
; commission men In tbe large cities. Hy
l careful attention be can lu a short
\ time establish a reputation fnr bis produce which will bring mure customers
i Hian lie can serve.
S          GOOD. J
■      The man who on eighty acres »
• gives self to high purposes ami •
• large living will easily outrank e
2 in  Intellectual power and social •
• influence the mere money seeker •
2 on  a  farm  many  times  larger. J
• It isn't the size of the farm, but •
J the ipiultty of the farmer's metb- J
• ods, which determines his place •
■p in Ibe community.-Iowa Home* 2
• steiul. •
They Fool You Sometimo- by the Way
thc Animal  Is Trimmed.
Preparing sheep for the show ring
rs the work of au expert. The skillful
shepherd can hide the defects of his
sheep so that ihey are not apparent to
the eye. and only the experienced Judge
can discover them. Sheep cannot be
judged Without feeling of them. The
judge must use his hands far more
than his eyes. The novice is often deceived by the way the sheep Is trimmed Often the sheep a pf tears to he
fat when it Is thin.
After the sheep have been irltamed
they tisiin.lly are blanketed- Thn
blankets keep tbelli clean and prevent
them frnm nibbing their wool, which
Gate Tbat Lett Both High Water and
Low Pats Easily Beneath It
A swinging water gale may be mado
in the following manner: Take a log
about tour inches hi diameter. Drop
it Into the forks of two posts, one sel
tin  either  bank  of  tbe stream.    Tbe
A Riddle to Willie,
I asked my pa u simple thing—
"Where unlet- in ilousnriutf! bo."
I'ii read his paper, then tie .aid,
"ilh, you're im* yourm lo know!" i
I hsited my rna about the wind,
"Why can't you see il hluw?"
M.i ihuuglu u moment, then she .aid,
"(ih, yuu re too young to -now:''
Now, why "N earth do yuu mtppope
I'n. y weal antl licked me ho'.'
Ma UfKetl, "\\ Itei. m thui lani?"   I --aid,
"till, yuu ru lou yourm la Know'
-Ladles' Home -fournab
A Plum Tree,
She-Maud Ul'-blelgli's family tree Is
tint much lo I must of.
He 1 don't know about the trunk or
the l int he lies, hut the leaves are nil
liglil. Two of hei- ancestors left over
a million    Huston Transcript.
Winter Quarters,
Where's the crawling cHterpillarT
Sound ntt|i*ep in his eocuon,
Where's ihe be. so bright and bimyT
Dreaming in the hive of June.
Where's the snail, and Where's the turtle?
Safely buried in the ground
Where's   t hn   woodchuck"     Where's   t ha
rabbit Y
In their burrows they nre found.
'   Where's the thrush, and Where's Hie rub*
j Iti,
j     SlnghtR 'tieath the southern -«Ky.
;   Where's tim hear, and where _ the n*i*ilr»
lu Iheir hn'loW tree thev 'Ip
Where's the ant, thai etirVfttl worker?
la her underground abode
j   Where's the i-lnhiy.evd st'lntiltiB spider?
i     in a rrevir« snugly slowed-
j Where's ihe bul that ranged at mltluiifhl.
j      He Is lu ins winter's sleurV-
I in ids eave ne bunas head downward,
J      Anil ne never takes » peep
j These and mnny other ef-uiiires
j      Hide or drowse toe winter through
Kill When sprlnK has onee awakened
j     They tit*, up and stutuifl tun.
I -.'nml J'writ
Zeu_ Goes a-Ridinn..
Ho, Hermes 1   Catch my winged steed
And brum tiim on the green
Vulcan, mitesi tils Kieet'lug near.
I'luto, ge| impolitic.
'Please see his winiis. Minerva, dear.
Are iu u I fen men I straight,
For i tvmiin     ■* iny monoplane—
Pegasus up to nine
—Judge's Library.
No Doubt.
"What." -die ii«ked, with a haughty
sneer "wliul would Hie garden of
Kril'li be wil hoid nil  K\'e'*"
"Well."  lie en Duly  replied, "it   wottttl
probably   have   heen   iptiet,   for   ouo
thing."   Cause
A   Lecture*-'.!   Paradox,
Aealie*! (lie man of Weil lib ne ppolte,
alii tute tne mischief making elf,
Hroti(ibt eiiinpeneiiiloij for a loKe
i in tie was mf. nf itteiu nim*-elf
- \\ utthuigtou Star.
The Void.
IVwtry Waller   I have a palu in my
I  tn.i'tmick
i     Km ply Kaklns-I ain't got even lhat
uiucb in mine   .-'arm Mnuuziiut.
Photograph  by Oregon   Agricultural coi-
JDDOINO   snr.Kt' At   AQRIOUtiTORAL   0OI--
would initio all the work of (be shepherd. They also prevent the pulling
of the wool by thoughtless persons.
I'erst His who are ignorant nf the effect
upon thi> sheep anil also on the temper «f the shepherd delight to bury
their tl tigers in ttu' soft wool and then
pull it. Wherever they poke tbelr
lingers Into (he wool a hole is left
which I-. very haul to till up The
wool is pulled out and give-* the Iteece
a nigged appearance. The worst
thing, however, Is tbe large bruised
spot Which is made where the wool is
pulled.   Kansas  Industrialist*
Cowpeai and Hoga. ,
t.owpens sown In corn and the entire
prop pastured down hy hogs gives one
of the very hest rt turns that can be secured from the mud.
[Frum Iowa Home.tead |
posts should be set three ur four feet
into the ground, aud the log should be
, loug enough fur the ends lu extend a
foot or su 1 iny on 11 ihe forks ot ihe posts
Suspend to this pole a gale mule thn-:
Saw six Inch boards the desired leilgl *
nnd nail ilireu or tour ero***.plec_M ' '
them, clinching Ihe nails so tin- gill
will l.e strung. Hore holes in Hie top
ends of these Upright pieces lor insert-
\ ing Ihe suspension wires.
These wire- should mil over the pole
, and be Jnst right lu keep the gate frum
strililhg ihe bed of the stream. If litis
gate swings clear ll will let the ivnier
nass underneath it when the stream
i*. swollen i.v i he frenhel and drop bnek
to its natural position when the stieaui
runs down.   I own  Homestead.
Farming With Brains.
WTiOll one hears of a great yield of
com or small grain It Is a sale gifes*
(hat a good alfalfa or clover sod existed on the Held not many \eurs before.
The planting of good seed Is the foundation of suit ess in farming, ami many
there he who fail to lilt 11(1 lijioil that
foundation, for all such the outlook ia
The cum post heap is the ftirtm-r'a
saving hank, Tbere. little by little, he
saves wealth that otherwise would go
to waste, but, gathered together and
prupci-1- used, will make tlie soil richer
every year.
Diversified farming carries an bleu
of luleusllled fariniug-that is, getting
the most profits from an tu-re of Innd.
When crops are divorsflled the land is
occupied longer ami consequently > ields
more than when one crop is grown ami
(he laud lies fallow a large portion of
(he (Ime.
Constantly you wilt hear inert saying
in public addresses and agricultural
papers lhal it is Impossible for tbe ordinary fanner to produce beef profitably, while just as constantly the farmers in Hu rn belt are throwing away
the earn plant, which. If preserved in
the silo. Is the finest meat making food
lu the world - Hoard'- LlalrymiiU. -Ul ISLAND KIT, U-ltinWHliAlHU
______H_B__ I
O Do you know anything about Beaver Board *>
l.ej»ver.l»oanl. witli its pebbled mat finish, gives an excellent surface for Kalsomiiiing,
The ease wills which it is applied make it au ideal substitute for latli and plaster.
//When you wish to convert an attic into a sleeping apartment,
Beaver Board is just
'(ii'tc us a call antl we can show you some of Hie many uses il cast be put to.
Wc have on hand a large stock lor immediate delivery.
Remember-—Spring time is building time.
SUPPLY Co., Ltd.
Dealers in Kiln Dried Lumber, Mouldings, Sash and Doors, Lath, Plaster, Lime, Cement, Paint and Oils, Plumbing
Supplies, Builders' Hardware, Building Paper, Roofing etc.    Window and Door Frames always on hand.
Box 230 COURTENAY, B. C. Phone 66
" Not Better than the Best - but Better than the Rest."
tx-HBK ur.T.irtTK i -t ;■: •_- _•___. ■ r_rsra_,-_n_ura_v :rcs
KiU'tiis mid
¥. I. B e-
■i I
/■vUH listings togolli-. with lli|S I.OP vm wo lmvo
\J actually bonglil in tli. C.jiiiux Dislri.l cuiisi-liiig
of cleared and unol-imal lanns, sen and river frontage,
cables us lo give intending laiyers a &*j& choice.
Full Stock of Wheat. Corn, Harley. Oil Cake
Meal, Oats antl Crushed Oats, kepi, on band
all the t:r.ie at thc Lowest Market Prices,
Made from No, 1 Hard Wheat, First Quality Family
Flour $1.65 per sack
Leave your orders at
A. B. Crawford
Corner Dunsmuir and First Street
First Glass in evory respect. Perfect Ouiaino
Headquarters for Tourists and Sportcmcn
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
John N. McLeod, Proprietor
Wlicn in t'iinilwilan.1 inuk. tin -nlwi) • Irai'l'iwirlor*
SIR EDMUND WALKER. C.V.O., LL.t)., O.C.L., President
General Manager
AaHtfltant Oncr.il Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
This Rank pflTers unsurpassed facilities to those doing business
with foreign*countries, ll is specially equipped for the purchase and
sale of Sterling and other foreign exchange, drafts and Cable Transfers, and for the financing of imports and exports of merchandise.
Commercial credits, foreign drafts, Money Orders, Travellers'
Cheques and Letters of Credit issued and available in all parts of the
Collections effected promptly at reasonable rates. E3
lag-iet Cash Store"
j -fJ»aw'.T«i
Phone 31
Cumberland, B.C.


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