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The Islander Jul 4, 1914

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- •-•o.'trTWA*****
Largest Circulation in the Comox District.
VOL. V., No. 16
Subscription price, $2.00 per year
The regular meeting,  of thei      [Tothe Editor of the Islander,' Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bennett
City Council was held on Monday    Sib,-Would you kinbly permit retl,rned from Nanaimo on Sat-
.   ,,   „      ., „,.    s.      me space in your paper for a few ,
evening in the Council Chambers; linesdealinB with the final foot- urday'
Present: His Worship, the Mayor ball match between Bevan and The JaPs at No- 5 have aImost
Aldermen Parnham, Macdonald, j Cumberland in the tournament, completed their ball park   near
Maxwell   and Millar   and   the at Union Bay on July 1st.   With Comox crossing,
city clerk.                                  idue respect to the Union'Bay , There is now a new ice cream;
Minutes of previous   regular! sP°rt8 committee, we think that and afternoon tea parlors on the
owing to the unsatisfactory term-1 ma*n ^ f rom Cumberland J
The following appeared in a
recent issue of the "Financial meeting and two special meeting
Times":— were passed as read,
In reference to the  multitude:   Request of the Ladies of the I public by the respective teams, of a Japanese tea garden,
of stocks that are being offered  Maccabees for use of park was | Bevan and Cumberland winning     The sports building on the re
lation of the tournament some ,.   ,,        ,   ,
explanation should be given the the Comox.Lake after the style
to the public through high sound- granted,
ing prospectus and haraldad by :    The Superintendent of Educa-
glaring   newspaper    advertise- tion wrote acknowledging receipt
ments setting forth the wonder- of letter from C;ty Clerk regard-
their respective games were to creation grounds is nearing corn-
play for the fimal at 5p.m. Dur- pietion_   Inthe near future we
ing the match between   Union . ,     ,
D . r,        ... •      tnay expect  evening band con-
Bay and Bevan in the morning,
one of the Bevan players, namely
Ottawa, June 29—The complete
returns of today's provincial
elections throughout Ontario
resulted as follows:
Conservatives.. 83
Liberals „ 26
Independent..  2
Only one cabinet minister was
defeated, viz, Hon. J. 0. Reaune
in Windor,. who was defeated by
Rev. J. Tolmie, the only minister
elected out of the font who ran.
Throughout   the   province   the
ful possibilities of wealth and , ing school finances and said he James Forrester, was injured. The Cumberland Boy's Scouts | total gains were as follows: Con-
dividends to be had through in- would be in Cumberland during' After doing all that was possible spent Dominion Day on the water js^n'atlves 9* Independent 2 and
vestments in those concerns, there September when he hoped   to !for the injured player we decided front at Royston. | Liberal 13.   Premier  Whitney's
are circumstances that if looked 8pend several days in the city Ithat he was Physically unfit to Custom returns at Cumberland majority was reduced by 500 and
-.     -.,....., , ,   „■  „,„..*_ tu„ «_.i N-    R     Rowel],  leader of tho
Opposition, was barely  elected
„ i for the month of June amounted
into might welL tend to give the fT" T," ".."''~ ',V  .""" "V*' play in the final,
investorpause and suggest to his a"d would go thoroughly into the,   Now    Sir>    seeing that, our.
better judgement that it were school finance question.               ! opponents in the   final   was a to.WW7.58,
fetterto bear those ills they-have    Aid. Maxwell said it was too' totally different team to that of    Ernest Horwood  arrived   by Iwlth on|y J9 votes to spare.
notnof                           y    °W long to wait till September and; the morning, we decided (which Tuesday's train on a visit to his
That there are some legitimate' he was strongley  in   favor of was within our "^^ to substi- parents and returned on Friday
offerings little doubt is entertain-!  • •     ,.*. L    \ ■      . a,         ,.,.!tute for James Forrester  (the
ed, but the   best of them is a; giving the teaching staft a month :.„..,.,,,, , _ «„, _1„   morning.
gamble for none of their promot-
ers can tell what is from
1,000 to 3,000 feet below the surface of the ground.
giving the teaching staff a month injured man) QUr first ^^
notice and leaving the govern-1 Harry Tappin) to whom objection     Frank Sawford, chief electrical
ment to carry on the schools.   If! was raised by the management engineer of the Canadian Collier-
he was  mayyr of the city he' of the Cumberland team. | ies returned  from Victoria on
Mrs. Charles Whyte returned
on Tuesday from a month's visit
to Victoria, Vancouver and
! the Sound Cities.
Qf others, and their name is, i would refuse to sign any more
or soon will be, legion, even the ' „*,„„„„„ .»„„ „„*,„„] „„ „„
above slight word of commen- jcheques for scho01 Ptoses,
dation cannot be offered, theyi   Aid. Millar said it was too long
iU'e.°,n^J.ea?.?^l1l!l,?.!5.he?.esi,in;to   wait  till   September for a
He  endorsed Aid.
which the simple investor is the]
pawn in the hands of the manip- settlement.
Maxwell's remarks.
The  following accounts were
ulators of the game, and in any
ease cannot hope! to win.
,  It must bejremembered that an
oil drilling company differs ma-j submitted, and if found correct
terially from a mining one.   In I    ,     , .   ,       .,
the latter   the   promoter must;ordered to be Pald:~
search and find or purchase a|B. C. Telephone. $ 1.00
prospect with some showing be-: r „   K*0_.f.„.- 7 m
fore he can get a claim.   The|UK-  K-erstead    7.50
former is not even a prospect, | The Islander.__-.  31.25
when a well is started it is only
The majority  of the   sports Tuesday,
committee on being appealed to    A f ^ train of geven
candidly   admitted their know-1
ledgie of the ' rules'of football to
a gamble. The method pursued
is something like this. A promoter or promoters procure from
the Government—all too  indul-
The Clerk said there had been
left Cumberland on   Dominion
to too limited to allow "of'Their I Day for Union Bay sports, leav-
making   a   decision,    so they | in  this eity a]m0st deserted.
appealed to the   referee   and
management of the two teams.   I   After the game a dance was
Mr. Dalby [manager for the!held in the Bevan hall in honour
Cumberland   team]   asked Mr.' ,,,
Thornley [manager for the Bevan iof the visiting team,
team] if he w6uld agree to the!   George Green, George Devlin
Cumberland   team changing a,    . „      . „     .   . . -.    -
man.   Mr, Thornly replied that jand Ernest Horwo°d left   for
Bevan was willing to play   as i Nanaimo on Friday morning.
they were already lined up or!   Mr. James Macmillan, brother
Cumberland to substitute or play
the game 10 men aside, towhich j of J. H.   Macmillan,   left   for
the reply was, that Bevan must \ Victoria on Friday morning,
either put on their injured man     „      T   _   .   ,    ;   . .,  ,
or play a man short, which ouri   Ml's- J-  R- Lockard   left by
The members of St. Peter's
[Church of England] Guild wil!
hold a garden party and sale of
work on Tuesday, July 7th oh
Mr. Beadnell's lawn commencing
at 2.30—Useful articles, homemade candy ice.cream plants and
flowers, afternoon tea and tennis.
Several days ago at about half
past ten an express wagon, carrying six or seven intoxicated
youths passed through the main
street of West Cumberland, when
the residents of that section were
about to retire for the night.
Shouting at the top of their voices
all manner of names and using
some of the most foul and obscene language, causing the residents to open their doors and
gent-a"lea'seTold~ of "property ,a W*  in  the citv wliciting Sf^J'ff not.^ejit to! auto taking the Princess Patricia
somewhere in this wide territory j business for oil stock company gj^jj} ft^placfan iKllatNanaimofoi,Se8ttleon Satur-1 ascertain what was approaching.
along the base of the Rockies, i promotjng etc and he (clerk) did
for which they pay the msignifi-
cant sum of 25 cents per acre, i not consider  that the  present
Tha next step is to get some;Trades License By-Lawn   were
it^D/r. 'W?C,°0.SS/° aft'erWhis; adequate or sufficiently stringent I Cumberland team lined up with on Tuesday morning.
S SJttfrtSrJI   Iftheci*wi^totax these g^tfVffie, Kngftd
SCuponei Ten°hireUCah fi "■* ** -*>■»« *» ^iffiiHheint^nofTorit ** f"
print artist to show the wonder- vide the   machinery to collect **»*"? ««a 2ffi IS Kra»llds'(
man on the field, nor would it day. The  Provincial   Police   were
have been fair to the public who mjss Helen and Fred Freeman i notified, who secured the names
had wagered on the game to play , ,, , .. , , . , ' j of the disturbers of the peace and
an off-side game.   Whereas the left f01' their home in Vancouver had  warrants issued for  their
arrest. The young men have been
ne as they re-
the police and
I   «•• a. vvvi     ss, nv  ju.iilf,
/„ tu-n Picked up one by one as they re
football {urned to town
•ful outlines of this wealth carry-
ing strata.
A company is then formed on
was considerable dis
riendly game
lace at   the   recreation ! locked up. Upon appearing before
,       ,        .       ,       .     „ ..., Jumberland,on Saturday the   magistrate   IIhey    pleaded
one goal and getting the prize " '      „ .   '    ,      guilty and were fined #10 each
1 money. between the Bevan and. (umber- and costs.   We refrain from men-
NowSir, we would like to cite land teams which resulted in a tioning the names for Ihe parent's
mS^SiF^ -si0« « the mato•»- other ««tChcSrAn°3  «**"» 2 ^ G' HW*1 tttWrSg
at trom $100 to $1,000 per acre, ..  .    .       ...     uimi...
the proceeds of the sale of shares cases were cited where the tax sports,
■   • round and had to play thc final     ^tension   football team
Union Bay won the first son scoring both goals,
nd had to play tho final
with Bevan the following Sunday
and mend their wavs,
Bevan   on
Owing to the fact that the
Allan Stock Co. who are now
playing an  engagement at the
to be applied to purchase of pro- could be collected.
Rff^J&^^tta    Aid.   Maxwell   moved,    Aid. I^SJWjg-gS f'f t""  ^    - " —
valuation usually from $50,000 up Parnham seconding, that the city ! the line up to which Bevan took ] uesday afternoon and played a Royal Victoria Theatre in Victor
immed^et'6 proceed6 SSSS C°n8table be aUth°riZed t0 C°"eCt'! **™M"* was done in tLe fina<i' f''iC'U"y ^   '" ^ i^™*' S^li^thlrt'dfi'li tt
IZ they'ca'nTfit ^n"1?^ trade license fee from, the paint- < baseballon  th.> 25th of May, Bevan securing two goals to nil. SerhiproS Jmucht'
market and little or nothing is ers working on the city schools.       CSlffJS Rev< Dr' S'  S' Osterhout and theatregoers and close on Sat-
'IS'EL itlooks^    ^eMayor said there was 4^1^^
at present affords a wide field for Crankshaw's Criminal Code on ; Bevan men having already play- will arrive this evening and take Cumberland will   be postponed
ffif«S*'Sffi^^Pei^   Magistrate Bickle had competition of that day" Now ^ in   tlle services at Grace until, the. company.again .get,
Te ready To'tike advantage of ordered  a copy of the book and ! Sir^  surely   Bevan should   be Methodist Church, tomorrow.
the situation. '
together for their fall tour. It is
understood however that tho new
** ,   ,, s    ., ■   -, /-,. uiiwt-i nisjutl iiuwitvt'l  ttiill till' nuw
, in the meantime an agent had, nKe itls) Ts wal extended    The o(Ti,-'ei's of the West Cum' theatre wil.! be 0,lenefl on the 15
called upon him.   Consequently f&'S "T   ^ berland United Football Club are ^^-gtSfgS
The Powell River excursionists Mr.  Bickle had  two jeopies and I . .w«| were accused ™ Ju'/. ^ F. J. Dalby. President; Thomas wiTrran^ntlUomJInies now off
The^^ffle^wordStaK ^ordy, vice-president; A.Brown for the^season again take to  the
ieam_oi inouKiwoi(i.,oi iu'iiij, .       ..... John N_ McLeof]   road. We may then expect some
'of the good  attractions in  fact
,,    ,    ..    equal to any that visit the Coast
wishes to thank   the cities.
Miss Murray begs to intimate
to the ladies of Cumberland and
of Wednesday  feel dissatisfied was going 'to return one,
at their being no special train to Mayor thought the city ought to I cold feet.  The fact that we lined secretary ant
have a copy. I up on  the  ground  is a direct treasurer.
meet the steamer on its return.
Aid. Maxwe'l said it was a contradiction to the above redic-    The CI]
They  should make   their com-! businessmatter.   Mr. Bickle had!u'°usaccusation, also considering West Cumberlar.d Band for thei
that Bevan had beaten Cumber-
plaints   to   the   party   having!got a copy of the Criminal  Code,land three games i
in succession
attendance   at    the   recreation
charge of the excursion, who for his own protection and it was: this season with a total score of grounds on Saturday evening. surrounding district that she has
should have made arrangements only proper that the city should 10 to nil. The laugh is not on *p]]e yfesi Cumberland Band °Pened a dressmaking parlor at
for a train.   The excursionists have a copy.   He moved that the Bevan. will give a dance in thc new hall »e residen<-e of Mrs,  Brown,
will remember   that they  left.book be kept,   Aid.   Parnham! **££« ^Z^tZZnS VC^Tti^^
Cumberland on the Union Bay seconded.    Carried. Secretary, Athletic Association, July 4th from 8 to 12. Gentlemen First class dress making at mod-
'free special. The Council then adjourned. Bevan, July 2nd 1914        SOc. Ladies free. crate charges. TWO
The Ideal Store
Children's Rompers,
Wash Blouses and Suits,
Dresses, Cashmere Coats
Ladies' Waists, Night Gowns
Underskirts, Combinations
Corset Covers, Aprons
Housedresses, etc.
Underwear in Lisle and Silk,
Fine Ribbed, Mesh, etc.
Men's Silk Shirts, Socks, Ties,
Fine Underwear, etc.
The Ideal Store
Dunsmuir Avenue.
Phone 72.
When visiting Cumberland stay at the
Cumberland   Hotel
Dunsmuir Avenue
First Class Hotel at Moderate Kates
Guests have every comfort.
Excellent Cuisine,
Victoria, June 29. The Hindu
case reached the BritishColumbia
court of appeal today. A decision
from the highest court in this
province is expected before the
end of the week,
This is the first time important
immigration cases have come before the British Columbia court
of appeal. Previously the regulations were held to be not good
law by Chief Justice Hunter of
the Supreme Court. The British
Columbia court of appeal is oi'
course not absolutely final, for
the ease may yet get to Ottawa,
and possibly even' to the Privy
Council in England. But Mr. .1.
E. Bird chief counsel for the
Hindus, fought hard today because an adverse   decision  from
H. H. M. Beadnell
Real Estate, Financial and Insurance
Agent " •
iOcal agent for the E. & N. Railway Lands, Comox District.
Courtenay, B. C.
A SNAP 2I) acres of Alcler Bottom- 6 l-2 Mrea cleared,
n. tJiyrxi Wq\<. through property (runs all the year),
Good Five-Roomed House, on good road near Comox. Price
■ $2,100 all cash, or $2,700 on terms.
Sealed tenders will be received
by the Minister of Lands not later
than noon on the 24 day of July,
this court means a long aud costly ii)yi for t|a, purchase of Licence
delay aboard the already insan- X55, to cut 794,000 feet pf timber
, ,  ,.. on an area  lying north ot  Lot
itary and overcrowded Komagata g62g   011 the shore of Homfrey
Channel, Range One, Coast District.
■ Two years will be allowed for
the removal of the timber.
Further particulars of the Chief
Forester, Victoria, B. C.
If the appeal court this week
upholds the regulations, a further
appeal to the Supreme Court
could not be got until September
and a lot of things may happen
to the Komagata Maru by that
time. So that while technically
there is no further appeal, the
fact is that a decision adverse to
; the Hindus by the present court
will pretty nearly decide their
immediate fate at any rate.
The court sitting today consisted of their lordships Chief Justice
MacDonald, Justices Irving,
McPhillips and Galligher. Forty
spectators occupied all the avail-
seats in the court and among
them were half a dozen Hindus,
all wearing their turbans. v They
stood, stalwart and solid, six-
footers all of them, when the
crier announced the coming of
their lordships.   The case today
was entitled In re Munshi Sirfgh     „   TIMBER SALE X204.
_,,   ,       ,, . ,     Sealed tenders will be received
That gentleman was not present by  the Ministol. qf Lands not
however. He is still enjoying later than noon on the 10th day
himself on board the Komagata °Jf A^ust, 1914, for the purchase
~'-''" L'^^y^
Sealed tenders will be received
by the Minister of Lands not later
than noon on the 24th day of July,
1914, for the purchase of licence
X192, to cut 1,115,000 feet of
timber situated on three islands
lying north of Lot 1174, Drury
Inlet, Range One, Coast District.
Two years will be allowed for
the removal of the timber.
Further particulars of the Chief
Forester, Victoria, B.C
pianoforte Tuition
I.ate Pianist ol Criterion Theatre,
Dudley, and Coseley Picture House,
Wolverhampton, England, is prepared to take Pupils tor the piano.
Apply: Residence, Derwent Ave,
or P. O. Box 112,
Jjiniio Cuntr
Makes regular visits to Cumberland representing the George A.
Fleetcher Music Co. of Nanaimo.
Orders left at the Islander Office
will receive prompt attentit.fi.
Call and See
Headquarters for
McKenzie's Ice Cream
Exclusive Agents
Accompaning Mr. Bird in his
appearance today was Mr. Robert
Cassidy, a very eminent K.C,
who has long been a resident of
Vancouver. He is a man of 60.
In Vancouver he has frequently
spoken in public on various ciues-
tions, notably that of False Greek
agreements, He is regarded as
a very resourceful counsel. Mr,
W. II. I), Ladnor appeared for
the immigration officials. With
him as special counsel was Mr.
W.x-B. A. Ritchie, lie is a very
tall thin man of about the same
age as Mr. Cassidy. He has had
very wide experience as a counsel
in both Vancouver and Eastern
of Licence X204, to cut 4,842,000
feet of timber, situate on Lots
1063 and 1064, Cardero Channel,
Range 1, Coast District,
Two years will be allowed for
the removal of the timber.
Further particulars of the
Chief Forester, Victoria, B. C.
^*SM  JLwL
Noiice is hereby given that the
reserve of foreshore and the coal
under the sea fronting on Nelson
and Newcastle Districts, notice
of which appeared in the B. C.
Gazette on the 6th clay of January,
1910. is cancelled.
Deputy Minister of Lands
Lands Department,
Victoria, B.C.,
23rd June, 1914.
|). Phillip Harrison
Bar-liter, HolMtnr
& Notary, Public
Bumrd BJ. lBirklr
(tuuibirlauli, 8. tt.
. (L Eftroarte
Orarl|rr nf Muulr
Vim Muil«sl nifwtiir of Tlctoria Theatre,
'ViiiaiUe ami Durham | K.uMell Williams
Plating * vaudeville Theatre. Ferryhlll,
Durham J lute Orgunlnt aial rlmlnaaMer
Durham, Biighuul.
Has Vacancies for Pupils on
Piano, American Organ &
Pipe Organ, Theory,
Harmony, etc,
Terms* Moderate
A|i|>l* -
P.O.Box398, Cumberland,B.C.
Tenders will be received by the
be in Cumberland July  15th' to undersigned not later than 4 p.m.
Dr. D.  E, Kerr,  dentist,  will
25th. Appointments may be
made before arrival at Peacey's
Drug Store.
LOST A gold broach at new
hall or recreation grounds, Bevan
on Saturday last. Please return
to H. Murphy at Bevan.
TO LET 8 room furnished
house in town of Cumberland,
garden and tennis court. Apply
Mrs. Montgomery, Leixlip House
on the 4th day of August, 1914,
for the purchase of South East
Quarter of the South West Quarter of Section Thirty-Five (35),
Township Six (6), Sayward District, Vancouver Island, containing forty- acres more or less.
Cabin situated on the property
and several acres cleared. The
property is on the banks of the
river unci known as the Kavan
Highest or  any   tender   not
necessarily accepted.
Official- Administrator,
Cumberland, B. C.
JFire Insurance
For absolute
protection write
a Policy in the
London & Lancashire Fire Insurance "Co. of
L iverpool.
Total Assets
12 6,7 8 8,930.00
Wesley Willard
AGENT ».1l-
.Look! I have the Goods and I want
the Money. Now if you want to get
In Watches, Clocks &
Jewelery, also Books
and all the Latest
Magazines and Papers
all going Cheap for
Cash Only.
For the next 10 Days
Cumberland, B. C.
"They Will Not be Happy Till Tbey Get Tbere"
If you wish to please your children and see
them grow strong and healthy, buy a waterfront lot at Roy Beach. On asking a seven year
old son of one family located there if he was having a good time, he quickly answered "Ubetcher
Vancouver,   June   29- Laden
with a full steel rail cargo for
Canadian Northern railway construction,   the British steamer
Epsom, Captain Hill, 2979 tons,
departed   from Sydney,   Cape|
Breton, on Wednesday last.   It j
is undersood that this shipment
of rails is to be used in the con-
struction of the Vancouver line |
of the Canadian Northern Pacific j
Railway, but owing to the absence j
of a deep water port at the end j
of the Saanich  Peninsula, thej
cargo will be discharged at Port |
Mann   and    trans-shipped   by
means of barges to Patricia Bay. \
The Epsom is coming to this
coast by way of the straits of j
Magellan,  and in the event of j
good weather being encountered j
she will arrive here the latter
part of August
The Epsom will be remembered
as one of the vessels which last
year brought out a shipload of
Portugese laborers from Lisbon
to Honolulu to work on thc
Hawaiin Island Plantations. Her
last voyage was from Cruz Grand
Chili, to Philadelphia, and after
coaling at Newport News, she
shifted to Sydney to take on her
Steele cargo.
The last steamer to carry a
cargo of steel from Sydney, C. B.
to Port Mann, was the Norwegian
steamer Herokles, which arrived
on this coast last fall. The Herokles touched bottom as she crossed
the Fraser River bar and was
subsequently placed in drydock
at Esquimalt for survey.
RING  UP 36.
British Columbia Investments Ltd. CourtB(-nay
HAEEY  IDIENS,   Manager.
During the inspection visit of
the grand jury to the provincial
jail, two of the prisoners, miners
sentenced to twelve months incarceration for rioting on Vancouver Island during last year's
strike, received permission from
the warden to make a presentation, says Saturday's New Westminster News.
The men complained that their
sentence of twelve months had
been imposed by Justice Morrison
to date from thc time of their
arrest whereas the committent
warrant was made out from thc
date of their conviction. Justice
Morrison's sentence, according
to the prisoners would cut off
four months of their time and.
effect six men. Representation
has already been made to Ottawa
but it appears that the authorities
consider the fact of the men!
having been out on bail pending
their trial, debars them from
benefitting by their construction
of Justice Morrison's sentence.
J. J. Johnson, foreman of the
grand jury, promised to bring
the subject up, personally, with
Justice Morrison and elicit his
opinion on the matter, for which
the men thanked him.'
The spokesmen of the miners
were Jordon and Whitely of
Nanaimo. The other men involved are Martin, Smith, Serrati
and Gowland.
At the
Furniture Store
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vU(*s «UIU kjaUVCrSsauccr in gold line decoration«PA am
A full line of Furniture, Stoves, Ranges, etc.,
always in stock.
First Class in every respect. Ferfeot Cuisine
Headquarters for Tourists and Sportsmen
Wines Liquors and Cigar*
John N. McLeod, Proprietor
H'licn In Gumlterlamt tnakMlin Tnlon your lipidqmrttn,
Cumberland Electric Light Company
Electric Appliances
0 1-1 lb Electric'Irons $3.25
Electric Toasters    _ 3.26
Electric Hair Dryers 3,00
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Tungsten Lamps 5 to 150 Watt, Also Hylo
ami Ruby Lamps for Sale.
Up-to-Date Millinery
Mrs. John Gillespie
Union Street
Cumberland,)!). C. FOUR
j few days, made a nice little haul and departed, I three cents that you are going to get a barrel of
without enriching the city coffers to the value of money out of it.   You won't even get your one
one cent, and not one of you over-taxed ratepayers hundred and eighty-three cents back. Ayer didn't
Published every Saturday it Cumberland, Vancouver Wand, b.c, by have been sufljcientiy interested to lay an inform-1 advertise that way, neither did Barnum, nor A. T.
^e gsfcm&er
ation.   There would be no overdraft at the Royal Stewart, nor any other successful business man.
Bank of Canada at the present time, neither would
Subscription: $2.00. payable in advance.   Advertising Rates furnished ^.^   ^   ^  ^^   ^   ^
on application. <
To Correspondents • The Editor does not hold himself responsible for; peddlaTS who have visited US during the past three
views ^pressed by correspondents. No letters wil be published in the h contributefJ his #50 for   the   privilege
... _ s.. ..is.r'a eisnsssiiise   The Editor reserves the i*•*"" """
|of taking money out of the town. Furthermore
we venture to state there would be thousands of
i dollars more capital in the district today, had this
Islander except over the writer's signature.   The Editor reserves the |
right to refuse publicationof any letter.
They first fi xed on their medium. They then
stuck it. Persistency won, it always does. Meet
your expected customers regularly week .after
week for years, and they become your friends.
When they buy, they buy from you. They'll
never think of going to a stranger, Why should
they?  Advertise persistently.   Advertise largely.
license been insisted upon, as many of the solicit- Choose your medium with wisdom.   Pay for your
ors would have decamped without doing business
when they found themselves confronted with the
necessity of paying the fee.   Look to this you
Pedlers and Hawkers.
We consider the "Cumberland News,, has
conferred a public benefit in directing attention to Tax-payers. Its money in your pockets in two
"wild cat" oil companies and warning its readers; waySi By increasing the revenue of the city it
against committing themselves to purchase stock: will tend to decrease taxation and at the same
from pedlars and hawkers who, from time to; time it will reduce the number of peddlars and
time, infest our town. The freedom of action ips0 facto reduce the number of snares and pit-
hitherto permitted to purveyors of real estate, | fa)is whereby "a fool and his money is soon
insurance, trust company stocks and other "gilt- J parted.,,   You have to pay a license to  conduct
edged" propositions is nothing short of a scandal j your 0^n business and are in addition under ^ ^        ^     	
and we take pleasure in joining hands with our, heavy expense in ^H UP an establishment~r~ •"' ~"d '^^ blik^ aTSe irfoTS
contemporary in the hope that our united warn-:wny allow these loquacious •T*!ntry who are under;year look them over and see which had been her
lot, more of joy or more of sorrow  She found
advertisements like a man, and you will get rich,
and if you live right and die happy thank us for
this revelation, timely advice and admonition.
Golden Threads.
We were reading not long since of a
who wondered whether life had more
sorrow, more care and trouble, than of happiness,
So she resolved to line the good  days with gold
joy or
ings may save a few hard-earned dollars. j no expense to come in and take away tn * money
It is needless to dwell upon the insidious and that should pay monthly bills?   Help the city.
specious arguments that form  the stock-in-trade your neighbor and yourselves by giving prompt IL "c ^uu" "' ,, fin(j ty same thing true ofour
,.(  fliat*a  pfrs^b-   *'a."sls/*.st."sre"   QC  tVlAV  mil   rtsPITsGPlvPQ*    rsr\fs/*0. iVs  fs-SQ r*st-sr /*/ss*,ofokl^ r\( oil ^^ol anlvtl-n  nn.A*.4.n 1 1       Ir  /**•*»     ttlP     ftarV     ClftP
the goou
1 ^d far outweighed the evil.    We think
of these stock "solicitors" as they call themselves;; notice to the city constable of all real estate agents
we have all experienced to our sorrow, the and sellers of shares in oil and trust companies.
exaggerations and the hollowness of their claims, j That officer will attend to the rest of it. Already
Their guise of smooth politeness, and friendly j since the publication of the article in the "News"
interest in our welfare, is as familiar as the j Constable Ward has pulled in one license fee for
assurance with which they proclaim that by j ^ City and we confidently look for this to be
enabling you to get in on the ground floor they the forerunner of many others,
are offering you the chance of a life-time
While Cumberland is visited by a great many of
these harpies, we are not peculiarly situated in
this respect, although we are distinctly behind
some other towns in British Columbia in the
toleration which we accord to this pest. All towns
having a regular pay-roll are regarded as desirable
fields for spoilation, but all towns are not so
lenient as we hitherto have been. Last fall these
peddlers became such a nuisance and menace to
Strange Talk and Seasonable
We are not going to apologize for our birth
and existence. We are here and intend to make
the most of it. Do you ask how? By giving our
readers their money's worth in the shape of good
the business men of Fernie that their Board of land useful information regarding the country and
Trade took the matter up and circularized al'jthe interest we represent and in keeping them
other Boards of Trade in the Province with a posted on all the news in this section. Are you
view to united action being taken against them with us? If so send us $2. Don't hesitate or you I
not only by localities but by provincial legislation! may regret it. We give all the news and $2 will
which would curtail the privileges they now: bring it a whole year and much seasonable advice
abuse. Most up-to-date towns have a Trades: Drop in and see us when in town. It will cost j
Licence By-law and we believe that in Cumberland you nothing and it may be we can do you some
these stock distributors are supposed to pay a good; that is our mission.
of our own life and on the bright side of other
people's. We envy the rich their ease, the
educated their opportunity, the musician his
popularity. We think the well-dr&sed, the well-
fed people must be happy, especially if they have
line homes well furnished, We forget that there
may be skeletons in their closets which we would
dread to see in ours. If we could adopt the prayer of Argus as our own, "Give us neither poverty
nor riches," perhaps if we were just in that situation in life it would satisfy some of us but not all.
We are not looking for the golden threads running
through our lives. Sickness comes; we see no
no golden threads. Death claims our loved one,
still all is dark to us. Adversity lays its hand
upon us and the gold is still hidden. But there
is a silver lining to every cloud, and when once
we note the silver lining the golden thread is
again running familiarly through our life. We
may not see in this world why our lives have been
so full of sorrow; why we have lost our loved ones
or why we have not prospered, but if we reach
the shining shore we shall see as we do not now,
and we shall know why God dealt thus with us.
license fee of $50 each.   The Board of Trade of
Fernie sought to increase the license to !?1000.
To Save An Editor.
We do not expect to become a Vanderbilt by
means of the proceeds resolting from the publica-
This figure appears high but we presume it was I tion of this paper, but if every subscription was
intended to be prohibitive. And why nof? Ask; paid up to date we could pay our debts and have j
yourselves, you who have yielded to these "special enough surplus to get us a new hat. Here is a minister who appreciated the editor,
pleaders" against your own good judgement, has; And now to change the subject, we are fast At a recent editorial convention he offered the
your investment proved to be the "melon" it was finding our way into every home in  this district, following toast:
represented. Alas in almost every instance it has | Have you anything you want to sell to our " To save an editor from starvation, take his
proved a "lemon"-fyes, worse still, in many cases j country brethren? If so our prices for space are' paper and pay for it promptly. To save him from
a total loss. And you merchants of Cumberland, fow. Get terms and be happy. If you want to; bankruptcy, advertise in his paper liberally. To
complain of tight money, yet allow these gentry j talk to us.   We go right out among the people, save him from dispair, send him every item of
unrestricted freedom to come into your town and
take away thousands of dollars annually. We
think the two bankers of this town could perhaps
astonish the public if they were in a position to
divulge the amount of hard-earned money sent
out of the town each month in connection with
these worthless real estate and gambling stockjobbing propositions.
Unfortunately although the merchants have
placed the Trades License By-law on the statute
books very little has ever been done to set the
in their houses, their shops, their places of resort, news of which you can get hold. To save him
and tell them where you live, what you have for from profanity, write your correspondence plainly
sale and how to sell it. We dont stop there; we on one side of the sheet and send it in as early as
press them to call on you. We hunt up customers; possible. To save him from mistakes, bury him.
for you and then try to bring them face to face Dead people are the only ones who never make
with you. If we fail in getting you customers at mistakes,
first, try again • and again, and again, fifty-two
He is a queer man who thinks a woman
times a year. Is trade dull? Advertise. If you
dont, buyers will think you are weak in the knees
and will patronize some one else, therefore advertise. That is if you have a good class of goods ought to give up a $1,000 salary and work in his
machinery of the law in motion. Smooth-spoken and cheap. Don't suppose because you insert kitchen for her board and a few clothes, and be
plausible agents have arrived in town, spent a an ad ance at the cost of one hundred and eighty- glad of the chance. <\
<$> , _ _ _. _„<|>
'"i'< '■•     dim rioill ui   -
■ i   ■
All the Leading Brands.   Our aim is to stock the one you prefer,
not always the one that pays the biggest margin.
PORK & BEANS-Heinz, 3 kinds and 2 sizes, 15c. and 25c.
Canada First, small size, 3 tins for 25c, large size 15c. each.
Van Camp's, 2 tins for 25c. Clark's, large tins, 15c. each.
SARDINES—Norwegian, "Bright as Gold," 2 tins for 25c.
New Brunswick, large tins, 5c. each. French, 20c. each,
LOBSTER—3 sizes, quarters 20c, halves 35c, three-quarters 50c
COD-Fresh Cod Steak, lib tins, 25c.
MEATS -Tinned Meats of evory description.
COFFEE   Regal Brand, with milk and sugar, tins 30c'
Symington's Cofl'ee Essence, bottles 25c.
MAPLE SYRUP, Quart tins, SOc. Dates & Figs, 2 packets, for 25c.
MARMALADE AND JAMS, in glass jars, 20c. and 25c.
Fresh Fruit Arriving Twice Weekly.
Just Received Another Consignment of Men's Straw Hats
To replace other lines sold out.   Special low prices for quick s^les, 90c. and $1.50.
Everything in Shoes
We would direct special attention to a very nice line of Dancing Pumps for Men
at $4.00 a pair.
Phone 10 P.O. Box 100
Cumberland, B.C.
How's Business?
Advertising, backed bv the right spirit, tbe
right goods and the right service, can rescue
a sinking business and will make a prosperous business more masterf'fil in its own
When John Wanamaker, the Prince of Merchants, began business, he resolved to force
matters. He was not content to wait to be
found out. In Bhort, he advertised. He threw
on his business, small as it was, the light of
publicity, and the public of Philadelphia entered
the shop on which the light shone.
In this community the public is entering those
shops on which the light of of advertising is
Be sure of this: those who are using our columns
week alter week do not give you poorer goods or
service, or have higher prices.
Shops whieh are illuminated by advertising eourt
with full confldenoe your favor.
Shop Where You are Invited to Shop
Boom your town. If you don't
who will? Make all the newcomers
and prospective residents think
it is going to be a metropolis of
this part of the country, and it
soon will be. Get in live and
energetic men and the town cannot help but prosper, go forward
and grow. You never saw a town
amount to anything where business men and citizens were
always engaged in telling how
dead it was—lifeless and that all
the powers that be could not
start it moving, building up and
endowing it with new life.
We are pleased to note an
increasing desire on the part of
our readers to secure at the first
possible moment a copy of this
paper and some call at the office
to get e copy as it falls from thc
press. The reason is wc publish
all thc news all the time. We
want you to help us make it still
better by notifying us of the
death, marriage or important
transactions in which anyone is
concerned from this district.
It is mighty mean to patronize
a merchant who will trust you
until you get so farindebt to
him that you are ashamed to see
him, and then go and spend your
cash somewhere else where you
could not get credit; but there
arc pcogle who do it.
Every attention given maternity cases by Mrs. Edward Baldwin
West Cumberland.
The   ,
Magnet Cash Store
Paints, Oils,
Tin and
Edison & Columbia
Novelties, Toys, Etc.
P. 0. Box 279
Phone 31 SIX
nr inmMir ———a——Ifc
Ten million miles of advertising. A half-million Fords,
averaging twenty miles a day,
circle the world four hundred
times every tv/enty-four
hours. If the car wasn't right
this tremendous publicity
would put theCompany out of
business. The Ford is its own
best salesman. A demonstration is a revelation-take yours
toA<r^■tT    Runabout $600.    Touring Car $650.    Town
-UCiy .  car $900***f.o,b, Ford, Ontario. Complete
Logged-off  Timber Land near
Grenville Channel Subdivided.
Get particulars Irom E. C. Emde, local agent,
Courtenay, B. C.
Buy yourself a Home near
No. 8 MINE
A tract of logged-off timber
land on Kumeolon Inlet, fronting
on the tidal lake at its head,
about three miies from Grenville
Channel, has been subdivided
into lots of 40 acres, and will be
open to entry by pre-emption at
the office of the Government
Agent, Prince Rupert, B. C, at
9 o'clock in the forenoon on
August 11th 1914.
The subdivisions, with one or
two exceptions, are along the
lake shore. They'.are well situated, being for the most part on or
near the big flat around the
mouth of the larger of two creeks
which drain to the lake, a tidal
sheet of water sheltered from
every wind by the mountains
j on nearly every side, Climatic
conditions are similar to those at
; Prince Rupert and Port Essington
from which place the land lies
about twenty-five miles to the
southward. The land is thirteen
miles from the Standard Cannery
. -^!~™S! -.xsmsss^mm^m^^^^^ and sixteen miles from Claxton.
BEST     ON     VANCOUVER     ISLAND The temperature,   even in the
winter months.
As most of the land had been
well timbered, it will take some
t,'nie to remove the stumps left
! after logging operations; but in
,the opinion of the- surveyors, the
land is well worth the trouble of
clearing, as the soil is alluvial,
j and very rich. When the land
was being logged a small tract
of about an acre was cleared and
planted. It was cultivated with
excellent results, the produce
being disposed of at Port Esslng-
. ton. The surveyors used some
of the vegetables, and say they
could hardly be surpassed for
quality and size on the Coast.
The Hand is three miles up
Kumeolon Inlet from Grenville
Channel, tho course of steamers'
between Victoria, Vancouver,
Prince Rupert and northern
ports, It is possible to get into
the lake during the flow of the
j tide with a handy launch at
nearly any time, as the overfull
caused by rise of the tide in the
narrow entrance seldom exceeds
4 feet.   During theebb, however
I it is not safe to attempt the
passage aftor the tide has turned
for more than twenty minutes.
The channel is  very  rocky and
;the overfall soon reaches a height
: of between 8 and 10 feet.
Charles G. Callin
Accountant & Auditor
estates Managed
rents collected
Land Registry Office Work a
J. E. Boffey
(Next to Magnet Cash Store)
Orders Promptly Attended To
Blocks, from one acre to eight acres,
$200 per acre and upwards
Finest Homesites in Comox District
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O.. L L. D„ D.CJ-. Pl*e»ld«*t
.U-BUNDEK LAIRD. General Manager JOHN AIRD, Aaa't General
CAPITAL, $15,000,000    RESERVE FOND, $13,500,000
Interest at the current rate is allowed on all deposits of $1 and
opwards. Careful attention is given to every account. Small accounts
ore welcomed.   Accounts may be opened and operated by mail.
Accounts may be opened in the names of two or more persons, withdrawals to be made by any one of them or by ttie survivor. 811
Capital Paid Up 811,560,000
Reserve Fund 313,500,00 O
OF eftNftDA
" The one incomparable musical instrument."
" The most versatile and indispensable entertainer."
Drafts issued in any currency, payable all over the world
terest at highest current.rates allowed on deposits of »1 and upwards.
|3jL of sc
recent advance in the science of the reproduction
sound waves has been so revolutionary that you
cannot possibly realize the true musical quality of
these late models of the Columbia until you have heard one
of them.
There is a Columbia that conforms to every requirement of
cost or surrounding. Between $25 and $650, the price you
wish to pay, is matched by an instrument that gives you the
money's worth, even if measured by its intrinsic value.
Measured by its musical quality, and its capacity for bringing
you "all the music of all the world" the money value is
multiplied beyond any computation.
22, Commercial Street        -      -      Nanaimo, B.C.
Cumberland, B.C. Branch	
Courtenay, B.C.      "     	
Union Bay, B.C.       "     	
 D. M. Morrison, Manager
 R. H. Hardwicke,   "
 F. Bosworth,
A cable message of thanks has
been received by Sir Richard
McBride from the officers attending the international congress of
the Salvation Army in London
for his message of sympathy in
the bereavement sustained by
the army in the loss of so many
of its members, delegates to the
congress, in the foundering of
the Empress of Ireland.
Dry Goods, Dress Goods, White Wear
Hosiery, Silk Goods, Boots and Shoes
C. Sing Chong
CHINATOWN,   West  Cumberland 7
Agents for Pilsener Beer
Mrs. B. G-Crawford
Warehouse, Courtenay
Phone Y91 and R99
IMPORTANT TO CUSTOMERS-No Orientals, Agents, or Solicitors
New England Hotel
JOSEPH WALKER  Proprietor.
Lunsmuir Avenue
HEAD OFFICE: 627 Pandora Street, Victoria, B.C.
BRANCH OFFICE, P.O. Box, 434, Cumberland, B.C.
Contracting, etc., Land Clearing, Sawmill Labor Supplied, Logging Camp,
Railway and General Contractor.
Nanaimo', June 30th.—Quite
the most important military
manoeuvres ever staged in
British Columbia are now taking
place in this district. The participants are the 88th Regiment of
Victoria and the members of the
Civil Aid Force, who had been
stationed at Nanaimo for thc
past several months. The field
of operations covers the district
between Nanaimo and Ladysmith
and the troops entered the field
on Sunday afternoon. They are
still in action, and the conclusion
is not expected until Wednesday
afternoon, when it is likely that
the manoeuvres will finish with a
pitched battle.
The plan of operation, briefly,
is as follows: Vancouver Island
is in charge of the Red Army.
The enemy, the Blue Army, from
the Mainland, have landed a
large raiding party at Ladysmith
The latter army is composed of
the 88th from Victoria. The Reds
are beleived to hold important
supplies at Nanaimo which the
raiders are determined to capture
6r destroy. v
War commenced at 2 o'clock on
Sunday afternoon with Major de
Salis in command of the raiders
and Major defending the Nanaimo stores. Col. Hall, of Victoria,
and staff of the Civil Aid Force
pf Nanaimo are acting as umpires
and have the entree through all
The troops left their respective
positions at Nanaimo and ladysmith promptly at 2 o'clock. Both
parties bivouacked last night
and had'scouts out. The opposing
scouts have seen each other and
some desultory firing has taken
place. So far there have been
casualties, and as far as known
neither of the main bodies have
sighted each other, Between
Ladysmith and Nanaimo there is
the Nanaimo River to be crossed
and this point forms one of the
strategic positions of the battlefield. Whether either party has
crossed the river is not known,
because the strictest censorship
is maintained on the movements
of their commands-by both lead,
ers. The troops are following
the identical routine of active
service, sleeping in their blankets
strongly entrenching themselves
against night attack and well-
flanked by scouts. Everything
is under service conditions.
With the defenders is a party
of Cadets from Nanaimo, and
they are having the time of their
lives. They are of valuable
assistance, too, and are being
given plenty of opportunity to
show their worth. The Civil Aid
Forces, by reason of their long
sojourn in the field, are standing
the campaign well. The Victoria
boys are also holding up their
end, althongh it must be admitted
they were pretty tired by noon
today, very few of them having
obtained any. sleep since entering
on the field..
The entire manoeuvres are
designed by Col. Hall with a
view to giving the men experience such as they could expect
to get in active service. From
an educative standpoint nothing
could be better.
CEAI.KD TENDERS addressed to tbe
■'-' undersigned, and endorsed "Tender
fnr Public lluildiiig.New lUzelton.B C,"
will be, received nt ibii i tlice until 4 pm.
Wednesday, .iuly ir*,liU4,fortheoonstruc*
ti'.u nl is Public Building at NewHuzelton,
Plana, specifications and form of con*
' ract ra,i be h.-cii and forms of tender
itbtaiood at. the oftioos nf Mr. Wm. Hend
•u'm.ii, Resident Arubitect, Victoria, B.C.;
at the Poat office, New Hazelton, B C;
ut llie office of tlii- Diatrict Engineer,.De*
pnrtiuenr ol Public vv irks,Canada, Prince
Rupert*, I! 0., anil at tints Department
Person tendering are notified that tenders will not he'considered unless made
un the printed forms supplied, and signed with their actual signatures, stating
their i.t'cupatiotifKaiid places of residence,
tu the case of farina, the actual signature,
the nature of the occupation and place of
residence of each member of the Hrm
must be giyen,
Each tei der must be accompanied by
an acceptud cheque un a chartered bank,
payable to the urder of the Honourable
tlie Minister of Publie Works of Canada
equal to ten per cctit(10p.c.)of the amount
oi the tender, whicb will be I rfeited if thtt
person tendering declines to enter into
a contract when called upon to do so, or
fail to complete thc work contracted for.
If the tender In' uot accepted the cheque
will be returned.
The Department does not hind itself to
accept the 1 weat or any tender,
llv ordi r,
Department of Public Works,
II tawa, June 16, 1911.
Newspapers a ill not be paid for this
advertisement if they insert it withuot
authority from the department. — 63124.
Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Repairing a Specialty
West Cumberland
Notice is Hereby Given that
the Reserve, a notice of which
appeared in the British Columbia
Gazette on the 27th day of December, 1907, is cancelled in so
far as-it relates to lands covered
by Expired Timber Licence No.
42936 and known as Lot No. 374,
■ Sayward District; and that the
'said  lands will be opened  for
staking for pre-emption as unsur-
veyed lands in compliance with
!the provisions of the "Land Act"
i at 9 o'clock in tho forenoon on
j Tuesday, August 11, 1914.   For
j further information apply to the
'Government Agent, Vancouver,
through whose office all applica-
I tions must be made.
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Lands Department,
Victoria, B. C,
June. 10, 1914.
Synopsis ol Coal Mining Regulation
COAL mining lights of the Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,
tho Yukon Territory, tha Northwest Terri
tnries and iu a portion of the Province of
British Columbia, may be leased for • term
of twenty-one years at sn annual rental of
81 an acre. Not more than 2,600 teres
will bo leased to ono applicant.
Application for a lease must be made by
the applicant in person to the Agent or sub
Agont of the district in which the rights
applied for are situated.
1 u surveyed territory the land must be
described hy soctious. or legal subdivisions
of sections, aud in unsurveyed territory
tho tract applied for shall be staked out by
theappllcutit himself.
Ivn-h application must be accompanied
by a fee of .*.", which will be refunded if the
rights applied forarc not available, but not
otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the
merchantable output of the mine at the
rate of live cents por ton.
Tlie person operating the mine shall
furnish tho Agent with sworn returns accounting for iho full quantity of merch-
antablo coal mined aud pay the royalty
thereon. If the coal miniag righta are
not being operated, such returns shall be
furnished at least onco a year.
The leaso will include the coal mining
rights only, but the lessee may be permit*
toil to purcbaso nhatover available sur
face righta may bo considered necessary
for tho workiugof tho mine at the rate of
Por full information application should
ho made to the Secretary of the Department of the Intctior, Ottawa,  or t„  any
Agent or Suh Agent; ofDominion Lands.
Deputy Minister oi ihelnteiinr.
N.B- I'uiiiiihorizeil publication i.f this
uilvyiii i moot will not be paid for.
SEALED TENDERS addressed to tho
undersigned, and endorsed "Tender
fnr Third Class Detention Building.Prince
Rupert, B. C. " will be received at this
office until 4 p.m., on Wednesday, July 9,
1914, for the construction of a Third Class
Detention Building, Prince Rupert, B.C.
Plana, specifications and form of contract ean be teen tnd formt of tender
obtained at the office of Mr. Win. Henderson, resident architect, Victoria, B.C.,
tnd at thit Department.
Pertotis tendering are notified thtt
tenders will not be considered unless
mtde out on the printed formt tupplied,
and signed with their actual signatures,
stating their occupations and place of
residence. In the esse of firms, the ac*
tualsignatures, the nature of the occupation, and place of residence of each
member of the firm must be given.
Each tender must be accompaned by
au accepted chequo on a chartered bank,
payable tu the order of the Honourable
the Minister of Public Works, equal to
tenner (10 p.c.) of the amount of the
tender, which will be forfeited if the
person tendering decline tn enter into
a contract when called upon to do so, or
fail to complete the contract. If the
tender be not accepted the cheque will
be returned.
The  Department does not bind i'eelf
to accept the lowest or any tender.
By order,
Department of Public Works.
Ottawa, June 6, 1914.
Newspapers will not be paid for thit
advertisement if Ihey insert it without
authority from the Department. — B2676
As.nl foi Hi"
Alns lleiiileisen, Pioprletnr
Km iui.it.- antl Designs furnished
"ii Mi ation
Scaled lenders will be received
hy tho Minister of I^ands not
later than noon on the 23rd day
of July, 1914, for thc purchase of
License X199, to cut 885,000 feet
of timber situated on an area adjoining Lot561, Cardero Channel,
Range one, Coast District.
Three years will be allowed for
the removal of the timber.
Further particulars of the Chief
Forester, Victoria, B.C.
LOST at the school closing or
on thc street a crescent broach
se1, with pearls. Finder please
return to this office and be rewarded.
' Wanted   To   rent or buy   A
_ good second hand sewing machine
WOOD   for   SALE Apply at this office.
FOR SALE One Hack (Gladstone Carriage!. One Two-Ton
Dray.Two three-seatedCarriages,
One Wheel Scraper, Express
Wagons, etc., which will be sold
very cheap.   Apply to
I.X.L. Livery Stables,
Nanaimo, B.C.
Thomas Pearce
Happy Valley
h b
Summer Dresses for
Hot Weather
We are prepared to convince /you tlutt we
have au excellent assortment of Dresses
suitable for street wear in many new styles
anil qualities,
Three Leaders will be on view in our
Windows for Saturday.
M       *| All remaining models from #3,95 to   fbty Q(J
* 'Oi  i !?7.f>0 are to be on sale Saturday for ^tCoVU
M        n All hats up to $3.!).) will be offered *4  Q£
llOa  eii for a speedy clearance at <P i •*'0
Mft    O A line of Smart Ready-to-Wear Hats Qfi^,
These prices will effect a speedy sale.
Hosiery Department
We ure giving very special attention to this department, and we are incivasing cur stock of the celebrate.]
Penman's lines. Penman's Hose we guarantee will
give you satisfaction find you can depend on the
wearing qualities of this brand.
Ladies' Full Fashioned Hose
Acme of comfort; made of tine cotton thread,   Og
guaranteed to yive satisfaction. Per pair «ul«s
Ladies' Very Fine .Lisle Hose
H'il.li sills foot and ankles, more durable than /JC
' 'dl silk nml just half price. Special price "wvt
Ladies' Black Cashmere Hose
Made of very fine Botany yarn, Penman make,     lie
make a speciality of this line and art; prepared (JA
to guarantee satisfaction or your money Inxck «Jl/C
Infants' Outfits
This department has not received   the justice  in   the
past it was entitled to,     We intend to carry a line of
.-ill  kinds  of Infants'  Goods so  that it  will not  be
necessary to send away for these goods.
Infants' Dainty Long Dresses
All H'ool Ruben Vests
"        Very sS'.'i'vicable Long Dresses
"       Wool Booties
" .     Barrow Coats
"       Long Skirts
"        Wool Jackets
"       Waterprorf /'ants
La Diva Corsets
Our Leader in House
A splendid quality of Heavy Gingham, goods that will give ynu
satisfaction in style, appearance and
quality.  ' Special price $1.25
and D. & A. Corset
Are guaranteed to be absolutely non-rustable. They
lead the styles, and are essential to a well dressed lady.
Special leader, the latest style, long hip low     HZL,-
bust.   per pair   • *■»**•
Our Special Corset at 95c.
Is certainly something we are justly proud of. Why
send away for anything in the corset line? We can
prove to you that we can give you equal value right at
your door.
Our better lines in Corsets are up-to-date in style and
built on very fine lines.   We have them up to $6.50
Ladies' Waists
Ladies Beautifully Embroidered Muslin
Waists in a very large assortment of
desiyn.s, including Tailored Waists, Low-
Neck and High Neck, Regular prices were
up to *£;!.25, Sale price now      $1,25
Grocery and Hardware
The Camping Season is here and so are all tlie necessaries
to give you pleasure in the  way of dainty, appetizing
food.     Our selection is very choice, and you can depend
on the very best service and attention,
A Special Une in Berry Bowls
8 inches, a splendid imitation of cut glass, only 40c
Our Leader in Tea Sets *
A very fine sat, in four dainty patterns,   Something any
housewife might be proud of. 40 pieces.  /Vice $7 §Q
Aluminum Kettles
Just to hand,   A special assortment at reasonable prices
'  Screen Doors
Only 2 left.    Full size and well make.     Price $4.50
Veranda Blinds
In all the .needed sizes at 95c, 01.25, $1.50 and #1.95
Ironing Boards
Full size with stand complete.    Each S2.Z5
For Stout Ladies
Try the noted Marmola Belt Corset at
The Brands of Suits carried by us represent the best'
on the market.    We are agents for Coppley, Noyes
and Randall, whose name is a guarantee for the best.
We also carry the "Progress Line," which means
we are able to give you Tailor-Made Clothes at very
moderate prices.
Suits made to measure from  <fc 1 Q t. _   dj/| f\
We guarantee fit, style and   «p 10 IO  $41/
satisfaction. ■,
Ready to Wear Suits from $7.50
Penman Socks •„ 25c, 50c, and 65c per pair
Ballbriggan Underwear, fine even mesh, *1 per suit
G. & R. Shirts, in many new designs, from #1.25
Silk Pongee Shirts, a good heavy quality of silk,
detached collar,   Price $3.5q
Simon Leiser & Co.
"The Big Store"
Phone 38
Men's White Negligee
Shirts, all sizes, a very
smart, good wearing
line. Price only 75c each
A leader in Men's Pants
Blue & Black <t1 QC
Your size **••*«
Men's Silk pyjamas
Men's Braces.


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