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The Islander Jan 31, 1914

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Array vi
/^giisUtfon *&*■*;
Largest Circulation in the Comox District.
VOL. IV., No. 46
Subscription price, $1.50 per year
Output on Thunday 861 Tons
With Prospects of Gre%t
The new 8 foot seem of coal ai
No. 5 Mine of the Cumberland
Mines has been opened up sufflei-
e-lVV to enable the management
to materially increase their output which went up to the unpre-
cedental total of 861 tons on
Thursday. Never before was
there such an amount of coal
taken from No. 5 Mine in any
one day. And this is only one
of the five mines operated by the
Cananian Collieries (Dunsmuir)
Ltd. at this point. The new seam
is what a coal miner would call a
good place, wi h a solid roof,
four feet of clean top coal, six
inches of mining dirt, then four
feet of the best bottom coal, with
good shovelling. The miner's
description of the place is "she's
a dandy." This means that the
output of No. 5 mine from now
on will increase by leaps and
bounds until the 1000 ton mark is
reached. The management of
this particular mine are to be
congratulated upon meeting with
such overwhelming success, Cumberland is destined to be the
Newcastle of the Pacific.
This is a scorcher to the retreating members of theU.M.W.of A.
who have dropped the question
of output, admits the coal • is
coming out and acknowledge
defeat, individually if not as a
whole. The four dollars a week
is a big drawing card for nothing
when you have five acres of land
to clear.
A provincial business man who
visited the Islander office this
•morning was making anxious
inquiries concerning the board
of trade. He said we never hear
from them now, at the time
.mentioning several matters that
need attention. We' ourselves
are inclined to think that the
board of trade, should up and
shake themselves-Islander June
14th. 1913.—The same business
man telephoned this office yesterday with the same state-
The members of Holy Trinity
Guild will hold a Bazaar and
Cinderella Dance in the
Cumberland Hall on Shrove
Tucfoflay Feb. 24 th,
It is amusing, yet it is to be
regretted that we have such
ignoran* men in our midst who
positively refuse to be convinced
of the truth, and decline to pay
any attention to facts and figures
when produced. But will persistently go on be'ieving that the
U.M.W.ofA. will ultimately have
the Vancouver Island Coal trade
under their control. Any man
with ordinary common sense who
has followed 'he trend of affairs
on this island for the last sixteen
months know? perfectly well
that the organizstion known as
the U. M. W. of A. is down and
out, if not for all time at least
until they adopt different methods
of conducting the affairs of that
organization. They made their
last grand stand when they commenced the riots in Nanaimo,
South Wellington. Extension and
Ladysmith, for which many pay
t'.ie penalty for actions done in
the heat of the moment.
During the year 1913, or up to
Christmas, the Comox Mines of
the Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) Ltd. worked every day
except for a few days when the
mines were idle through accident,
and produced an output of almost
550,000 tons of coal. During
lhat time if you met a member
of the U. M. W. of A. anywhere
on the island he would tell you
that there was a strike on at
Cumberland. -From Christmas
up to the present the mines have
been working four or five days a
week. The few agitators say
they are the cause of the idle
time, which we all know is really
the result of the so-called holiday.
It is the afterdamp of the strike.
The idle time is a sad blow to
the U, M. W. of A., it proves
that the Island collieries are getting back to their normal output
a great deal sooner that the buyers of coal expected, who must
live up to their contracts placed
elsewhere at a time when there
was a shortage of Vancouver
Island Coal.
We have reason to believe that
the idle time will be of very short
duration and two or three weeks
will'see the end of it. The Comox
Mines as a rule work regularly,
more so than any mines on the
Pacific Coast. The U. M. W. of
A. has nothing to do with the
idle time only by creating the
so-called holiday.
Now we are told that the whole
trouble will he settled inside of
two months. This statement is
something like the one made by
Farrington and Foster at Cumberland on Sunday, Sept. 14th last
when they.said South Wellington
would recognize the U. VM. W. of
A. inside of two weeks and settle
things down below in a few days,
then come back and bring the
officials of the Canadian Collieries
to their knees. Foster evidently
thought it was eloquent and good
stuff. We wonder if he knows
that -South Wellington has not
signed up yet, Why does he not
come back and make good to the
few who are still waiting for
The tricks of the U.M.W. of A.
are past finding out. It is said
on the strreet that a telephone
message came into Cumberland
from Nanaimo on Saturday evening saying that the Western Fuel
Co. had consented to recognize
the U. M. W. of A. The report
was absolutely false.
From authentic information
received from Nanamio we understand that on Tuesday there were
687 men working at No. I Mine
of the Western Fnel Co., and the
coal hoisted out of the shaft on
that day amounted to 835 tons.
Also there are a number of men
on the waiting list anxious to return to work. This sounds as if
the U. M. W. of A. are as badly
beaten in Nanaimo as they are
in Cumberland. If we understand it aright the Western Fuel
Co. will no more recognize the
rough necks than the Canadian
Collieries. The latter positively
refuse to deal with any member
of the U. M. W. of A., but are at
all times willing to deal with and
settle any differences with their
The U.M.W. of A. circulated a
report in Nanaimo that all the
men workifig in Cumberland are
out on strike, In reply to this
we are pleased to be able to
inform Nanaimo that the Comox
Mines are working as usual without even a cloud to disturb the
sky of peacefulness. Such
rumors are only circulated by the
rough necks to fool the men who
are anxious to return to work,
who by this time should have
become acquainted with the
trickery of the U.M.W. of A.
Coroner Abrams proceeded to
Courtenay on Monday to hold an
inquest on the body of E. W.
Carroll, who was supposed to
have been lost in the woods on
the 27th December. Search
parties were instituted but failed
to locate the deceased, until John
R. Johnston, of the Courtenay
Hotel, happen to find the body
lying in the mill stream near the
Cumberland Road, at Courtenay,
with a rifle along side.
W. H. Gallaher, a broker of
Vancouver, gave evidence at the
inquest and said he had known
the deceased for fourteen years.
The doctors of Vancouver had
advised Carroll to take a rest or
he would go insane. He came to
Courtenay to visit a brother and
strayed into the woods as above
The jury returned a verdict of
suicide while under a fit of temporary insanity.
Mike Campbell appeared before
the City Polica Magistrate on
Friday morning charged with
stealing two five Dollar bills the
property of R.W, Hammond. The
accused pleaded guilty. Constable
S. M. Grant of the Provincial Police force laid information against
prisoner. It appears that Campbell
went into the Cumberland Hotel
bar room on Thursday evening
approached the bar where several
customers were standing whose
attention was attracted in the
other direction he picked up the
two five dollar bills in question.
When arrested by Provincial
Constable Sellier the bills were
found in the under-wear of the
accused. •>
The presiding Magistrate sentenced the prisoner to three months hard labor in the  Nanaimo
See back page for Bevan Items
The Mother of Mr. J. V.
Nordgren of Portland, Oregan, is
here on a two week visit.
Eighteen inches of snow fell
here Sunday and Monday several
parties have taken advantage of
the fine sleighing during the
The output for Cumberland
mines on Thursday total 2447
tons hot so bad considering we
have been facing a U, M. W. A.
opposition for sixteen   months.
E.C. Emde the local Ford
agent has sold his residence and
moved to Courtenay where he
will open a Ford service station.
The Crown Theatre will reopen
the picture show in the Cumberland Hall this evening, It is
reported that the Crown has purchased theCourtenay opera house.
Judge Abrams held police court
at Denman Island Tuesday, when
two Japs were charged with obstructing and cutting up the
public highway; They were found
guilty and fined S25 each and
costs and ordered to put the road
in repair.
"The Pharisee and the Publican at Church" will be the
subject of the address at Grace
Methodist Church to-moi raw even
ing. Services 11 a.m. and 7p.m.
Sunday School and Bible Class at
2-30 p.m. Strangers cordially
The Ladies Auxiliary, of the
Union and Comox district Hos-
ipital will hold there regular
monthly meeting on Thursday
Feburary 5th at the home
of Mrs Dr. K. Mac   Naughton.
W. Wesley Willard, returned
from Victoria on Wednesday evening. He has been attending the
annual Conservative Convention
as a delegate from  Cumberland
His Honor C. H, Barker will
hold County Count at Cumberland on   Wednesday   February
4 th.
Mayor Campbell, Aid, T. F.
Banks and city clerk MacKinnon
left for Victoria on Tuesday as a
deputation from the City Council
to interview the government
with a view to having special
legislation put through this session to enable the city council
to secure a loan for cement sidewalk purposes.
The Gleemen's Concert to be
held in the Cumberland Hall on
Monday, February 16th will be a
musical treat that you cannot
afford to miss. Reserved seats
75c. on sale at Peacey's drug
store. General admission 50c.
Secure your seats early and assist
the Gleemen in establishing a
male voice choir that will ultimately be second to none. We
understand that the Gleemen
later on in the year will give a
concert for the benefit of the
Ladies Auxiliary of the Union
and Comox District Hospital.
Vancouver and Victoria and
British Columbia as a whole, are
well treated in the main estimates, which were tabled in the
House at Ottawa on Thursday,
Victoria, Jan. 24—British Columbia Conservatives will invade
Nanaimo for their 1915 convention. Proposing to give a show
of strength in the centre of a
the recent coal strike disturbances and the scene of many a hard
conflict between the government
party and the Socialists, it was
decided during the closing hours
of the convention this morning
to select Nanaimo instead of
Kamloops for next year.
Messrs. W. Leek, Vancouver,
and Simpson, Victoria, presented
strong claims for Kamloops, but
the view expressed by Mayor
A. E. Planta of Nanaimo and
Mayor R,J, Bird of Alberni that
the tacit promise given at Revelstoke last year that Nanaimo
should succeed Victoria was accepted and the Kamloops supporters withdrew their claims, making the choice unanimous.
The executive members chosen
by the electoral district delegates
this morning io act with the
newly elected officers were:
Yale-Cariboo, H. Cleasby, Merritt
Comox-Atlin. J. E, Merrifield.
Prince Rupert; Victoria, H. Cuth-
bert, Victoria; Vancouver, A. J.
Weeks, Vancouver, Nanaimo J.
H. Harvey, Nanaimo; New Westminster, D. E. McKenzie, New
Westminster; Kootenay, Thomas
McKeish, Sloean.
A stirring speech on the naval
question was made by Captain
Clive Philipps Woolley in supporting a resolution to strengthen the hands of Mr. Borden and
his cabinit, and to urge upon
the Ottawa government the
advisability of bringing its naval
policy forward once more. Captain Woolley declared that the
matter was not properly a party
"For God's sake," he said "let
us stop talking and get in as a
country and do something. Canada is an integral part of the
Empire and rests as a last resort
upon the navy.,,
It also passed a motion moved by W. Blakemore of Victoria,
asking the Dominion Government
to give official recognition to the
newly established corp3 of Royal
Navy Volunteers in this city.
In the course of a few remarks
on a resolution in favor of roads
and other public works in the
province, Mr. A, W, Lang of
Peachland, expressed appreciation of the policy of the Provincial Government in connection
with public works, and thanked
the government for its large appropriations for this object, and
suggested that the items year by
year provide for a continuance of
the public works scheme.
The convention passed votes of
thanks to President Shatford,
the retiring officers and the press.
A resolution of condolence in
connection with the death of
Lord Strathcona was passed,
A resolution for the inauger-
ation of a Hansard in Provincial
House was defeated. The proposers of it seriously believed that
if the newspapers would print
the entire debate the public will
then receive truthful reports of
legislative proceedings.
Mayor Dick Burde of Alberni,
put a quietus on the scheme,
however, he said that a Hansad
would keep thc house talking for
five months.
Deputation Appointed to Inter*
view Government with regard
To Finances
The regular meeting of the
City Council took place on Monday evening. Present Mayor
Campbell and a full Board of aldermen. The minutes of the
previous meeting were read and
The Canadian Municipal
Journal wrote the Council, about
the matters to be dealt with by
that Publication asking for
subscription from the Council. On
motion the communication was
received and filed.
The Vancouver Hospital informed the Council that Mrs Felix
had been admitted as a patient to
that institution, and under a section of the act governing hospitals
the City of Cumberland were
responsible for Mrs. Berarer's
The Council decided to investigate the matter and report at the
next meeting.
The following accounts were
read and referred to the Finance
Committe for payment.
C. Mullatto  2,50
for cleaning Drain
B. C. Gazet'e~ 2.50
John Thompson   20.00
Services as returning officer
Poling clerk at Election 5.00
Cumberland   News 66.00
Printing Voters list Ballots ets
A lengthy discussion took
place concerning City Police Magistrate and costs collected at tha
City Police Court Cases. It was
finally decided to appointed
Jame-1 Abrams as City Police
Magistrate at a monthtly salary
of 825.00. Costs in City cases be
paid to the Municipal Treasury.
The Mayor reported having
interviewed the Manager of the
Royal Bank about the over draft
and promised to hand in his report at the next regular meeting
Mr. Hicks was reappointed Medical Health Officer for the City of
Cumberland at the usually salary-
He was also requested to hand
in his health report for thc year
The School Estimates came up
for consideration and the quali-
ficaton of the newly elected
School Trustees.
The Mayor said Carey and Mc
Fadyen are School Trustees until
disqulified. It is right that wa
should consider the estimates.
The matter was referred to the
Superintendent of Education.
Aid. Parnham said it mattered
less about the trustees, the
money must te passed for school
The School Estimates calling
for an expenditure of ?10737.00
for the year 1914 where finally
passed as presented.
The Provincial Government will
be asked to assist the City to the
extent of $2500.00 to alloW'the
trustees to make some necessary
repairs to the public school building, which is not in the estimates
The Deputa'ion appointed to
interview the Government wero
instructed to intercede on behalf
of the School. R
Ward, Lock 4 Co., Limited. London, Melbourne ind Toronto
dispelled suspicion and encouragoj
confidence. I am looking for 'the
name of Hetherlngton.
I seem to know the name, sir, but 1
don't think the party lives here, ec-r-
Liinly not In this block.
Suppose I've made a mistake. 1
thought my friend had a flat on the
first floor; perhaps it's a furnished
flat one of the tenants has sub-let?
The only fiat occupied on the first
floor belongs to Mrs, Sorral, sir.
Saluzo read tho name on Uie board:
0. C. Soral. He rattled the loose silver in his pocket.
Oh, yes, you've just taken them up,
liaveut you?
That's right, sir. At least I took
Mrs. Soral up. .1 don't know who the
gent was.
Saluzo turned away and walked with
the porter towards tho doors He
invented a name for tho friend for
whom tic apparently    searched,
Villi Mr. Silas Saluzo thought and
notion    were    almost    simultaneous.
Americans have an altogether undeterred reputation   for   doing   things     _ _,._. .
tjuickly; it mav be tlieir love of con- taowledglng careleisly that he must
stant 'change which gives onlookers I have made a mistake in tha block. I
the Impression that they arc working heard he wauled to let his flat—I sup-
•t high speed. They no sooner create I pose you don't kuow of any likely to
■ tiling than they destroy it—make an | UB vacant here?
Invention or discovery, thc next day | Before he left Altert Hall Mansions,
scrap  it;   lieuec
the nation's always] SaYuzo" had discovered that tho flats
mot ing, always changing; it makes
a great noise, becomes breathless in
the process aud, panting, cries—Ain't
I fast?
Saluzo was an exception. He was
the quietest man imaginable. Like
the rest of his countrymen ho spoke
slowly, but his thoughts were as swift
as light mil as clear. He used imagination iu his work and was not ..fraid
of it, but he owed his success principally to the fact that whenever possible he used instinct in preference to
Directly Hetherlngton and his wife
left the lounge of the Carlton Hotel to
drive home, M r, Saluzo stepped briskly to the reading room and called for
Whitakcr's Peerage. He turned to
II' and ran his eye down the page until he came to Hetherlngton—a,i uncommon name—there was only oae.
"Hetherlngton,        Baronet. Sir
Oeorge Hetheringt-on, Fourth Bt. only
Son of third Bt. Horn 1875. 'lesl-
dence, Cranby Hall, Somerset."
Not much there that Saluzo huln't
known or guessed already! CfiBlng
the book, he mado liis way to the bureau where he informed the clerk
that he would he leaving early the
next morning. Then he found a railway-time table and looked out the
trains to Bordleigh Junction. There
Was ono which left Paddington at
7.30 arriving at Bordleigh at 2.30; another, which started about 9 o'clock
arrived at 6.30. That was his train,
the train by which a real or imaginary
BIr George Hetherlngton had travelled
on September 5
Saluzo stepped back into the lounge
Intending to have a whisky and soda
beforo turning In, when he caw Heth-
erlngton's remarkable wife leaving
the cloak room. Her husband gave
her his arm and together he saw
them making their way to the exit.
Saluzo had already made his plans,
but here, with a quick command of Instinct, lie slightly altered them. He
passed through the folding doors,
watched Sir George enter the motor-
broughCai with his wife, then hurrying
out, he hailed a taxicab and told the
driver to follow, it was not difficult
to keep tho brougham in sight; tho
streets were fairly empty as the theatres had not yet disgorged themselves.
Saluzo stopped his cab as soo.1 as he
saw the Hetherlngton:. alight at Albert
Hall Mansions and followed thom on
foot. He entered the long spacious
ball just as the lift gates clicked and
be saw- it ascend out of sight; he listened, heard It stop and correctly
guessed the first floor.
When the lift descended and the attendant stepped into the hall, Saluzo
was standing at the far end of it, star
Ing at the mahogany board which gave
the names aud numbers of t'-e tenant's
He went carefully through from top
to bottom, but the name uf Hethcring-
tori was not on tho list.
The porter approached. Can I
help you. sir; arc you looking for any
Saluzo nodded and looked at the
man thoughtfully, It was part ot his
system to, whenever possible, invito
questions,  rather than ask them, lt
Eczema for Three Years. Broke Out
on Head in Scales. Itched and
Burned Badly, Cuticura Soap
and Ointment Cured.
Lynns Brook, N. 9. — "I BiilTorrd with
Scxoma fnr throe years, It r.tarlcil on my
bands first 111 sores bdtwQOn my lln!*ors nnd
nil over tlm palm.*- of my limid
I and fidgcra wore bit* cracks.
Thou It broke out on my head
In scales, lt Itched and
burned m badly I could not
Bleep. It was no Itching and
burning that J scratched and
made sores anil my hair camo
out awfully bad. 1 did not
know what It was.
" I was treated for a inns time and it did
not do any good, I Rave, no my v.ork for
0, month but as soon as I started duintt my
house-work auain my hands got just as had
ta ever.   I .vised two bottles of and
It did not do any coot!. Ono day I read
ahout Cuticura .Soap and ointment and
decided to try tnem. I sent for a samplo
and t u.icd I lienl thi I saw It slopped tho
Itcnlng ami burning, eo I rot threo cakes of
Cutieura Soup ami a box of Cuticura ointment and mat cured mo." (-Hgned) Mrs.
P. J. McKoarney, May 27, 1913.
Not only aro Cuticura Soap and Ointment
Bttost valuable in tne treatment of eczemas
and other distressing eruptions of skin and
scalp, but no olher emollients do so much
for pimples, blackheads, red, roiiR-li skins,
Itcblng, scaly scalps, dandruff, dry, thin and
faying balr, chapped hands and shapeless
Balls, nor do lt so economically, Until by
frugglsts and dealers everywhere. For a
liberal freo samplo of each, with 83-p, book,
«end post-card to Potter Drug tic Cticm.
Corp.. Dtat. 1). Iteton, U. S. A
W. N. U- S-'S
wero very expensive, only let for periods of thre*, five and seven years,
and that Mrs, Soral had occupied hers
twenty-four months. From the porter's point of view, she was an excellent tenant, which meant that she
gave big tips and little trouble
Like many men who overwork
their bnllns. Silas Saluzo under-worked his body; he hated physical exertion and disliked walking, yet when
tho porter off .-red to call hlm a cab
he shook his head and strolled slowly down Knightsbrldge his eyes fixer
on the pavement, his hands clasped
behind his back.
According to Whittaker's Peerage
of 1711, Sir George Hetherlngton was
not married, yet he had just been introduced to his wife—and—her diamonds were genuine! Yet she lived
apart from her husband and called
herself Mrs, Soral!
Saluzo felt Irritated. He had no
wish to disobey instructions and begin at the wrong end, but he couldn't
very well help himself. Ho was far
too busy a man evidently, to be curious abemt hii clients; for himself he
had a strict code of morals—for otlier
people—none at all; In that ho was a
gentleman and a Christian. Needless
to say he had during his life comj
across many curious people and had
been given extraordinary cases to handle. He had seen and heard things
which the man in tlie street would
never believe to exist—yet, never before had he been aeked by a client
to dissect his past! Hundreds of men
and women pay thousands of pounds
yearly to have their pasts decently,
or even indecently buried, hut this
man Hetherlngton, cvidentlv the last
of his family, wanted his disinterred!
An ordinary sort of man, too. Saluzo. who knew lhat half the pontile one
meetr. r.re mad. was Inclined to label
Hetherlngton was quite sane. Saluzo
reached Hyde Park Corner and passed up Piccadilly, unconscious of his
Eurvoundings. As a rulo ho didn't
waste much time in specula! ion. bnt
now he was interested in spite of
When he reached the hotel, he looked at the register of guests again.
Hetherlngton had rppended his address to his name: Cranhy Hall, Somerset.
Saluzo made a note of the time and
date of his arrival then went up to
his* room. But before unrtresstne *"*
ooeued his large American <runic.
Half the lower compartment hnd h°pn
turned into a bookshelf—his private
dossier—an ennyolouppdlfl. not o„Hro.
ly of crime and criminals, but of fools
and their folly There were half a
dozen volumes contahing cuttings
from newsnaners, photceraphs, Prints,
letters and notes in the finest nnd
neatest of handwritings Imeerlnahlft,
Saluzo snout an hour In research and
found—nothing. He nosspasipd L|n
own private Peerage or Blue Rook, but
it onlv contained tlie name; of social
celebrities who hau earned fame by
The nev'r morning Rnlnzo found himself nt Paddington Station an hour beforo his train   -:-. due to start.
He spent his time interviewing the
porters whose duty it is to attend to
passengers and iheir wants. He was
brief and to the point.
Were you on dutv on this platform
ou the morning of September ft between half-past eight and half-oast
nine? If Uie reply wr.s in the affirmative he next asked the man if he hid
any recollection, clear or hazy, of any
passengers whose luggage ho had attended to during that hour. Some
shook their heads, others scratched
their '.oatla; ono remembered a lady
with a talkative pairnt; another a
large family party with a ton of luggage—And all I got out ot them was
The hands of the station clock
pointed to ten minutes lo nine before
Saluzo found tlio right man. Tho
dale was vividly Impressed upon his
memory because lie had been laid up
and off duty for a week and only .e-
turned to work on the 5th.
And 1 remeuib, this parly I served, because you don't gels Iho tips
wo used to, sir, lie explained to Saluzo. And I got a couple of shillings
out ot hlm: he had a goodish bit of
luggage that '.a.' travelled and then
knocked about som of It; rods and
guns too, If I remembers right.
And ho loft by the nine o'clock
train? Saluzo asked. What was his
Tho porter was puzzled—he couldn't
remember. Seo what I do remember
was coming back to work-that, day and
striking it lucky right off. I should
know thc name ot the placo If I saw
Saluzo lod him to one of the framed
time-tables and the man ran his eyo
down ihe list of stations;   Bordleigh
Junction—-that was It, sir!
(To bp Continued)
An Incident In the Final Soudan Campaign
Lord Kitchener is by no means the
cold, unemotional man he is represented to be. In action he certainly!
is, as the late G. W. Stevens put it,
'A brain working in a box of ice.' But
he can shed tears.
Once in the final Soudan Campaign
when sudden and torrential rains
swept away the labor of months, he
broke down, wept, and like Job, asked why he should be thus afflicted.
Again, ln the final scene at Khartoum, when a thanksgiving service
was held, tho tears rolled down his
face, and ho made no effort to hide
At the Durbar thero appeared -00
old men, all that was left ot tho Sepoys who remained loyal In the Mu-
tinv, to bo reviewed by the Duke of
Connaught and tho Viceroy. Lord
Kitchener, of course, was there, and
he gazed in silence at the line of
quavering veterans.
Then he turned to a brother-officer
of high rank and said; I say. old chap,
let's give these men a cheer! All responded to the call, and a moment later it was seen that the tears were
standing in Lord Kitchener's eyes.
Consumption Takes
Hundreds of People
Every day and thc surprising
truth is that most cases are pre-
Trcmbllng Cities
The heaTy traffic near St. Paul's
London, has shaken and cracked the
columns of the cathedral so seriously
that the Government is considering
how the vibration can ho lessened.
All largo cities, however, are in a
constato state of vibration. In places
like London, Manchester, and Birmingham there is not a squaro inch of
soil that Is perfectly still. In some
largo towns it has been found necessary to insist on iron drainage pipes
being used instead cf earthenware
ones. Though embedded in concrete,
the average eartherware drainage
pipe lasts only a few weeks uncrack-
Some months ago Professor Ingle-
ton experimented in different parts of
London with a seismometer—the instrument us;' for measuring earth
quakes, llo found that though the
trembling of tho earth was naturally
less in tho suburbs than in the City,
and between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. than
at otlier parts of the day, the constant
vibration was sucli as. to make a seismometer in London useless for its
real purpose of registering far-distant
earthquake shocks.
Ot recent years there has been some
talk of finding a fresh site for Greenwich Observatory, owii'g to the vibrations set up by the London trafllc.
Exchange no Robbery
Young Robinson had "heen kept
somewhat late at the office on Satur
day, and so, wilhout wasting vi1 ''able
time getting a meal, he bouelit some
currant buns nt a bakery and set out
for tlie football match immediately
On liis way back from the matcn
therefore, he returned to the bakery
and made an indignant complaint, demanding another bun In place ot the
Inhabited one.
I'm sorry, sir. said the saleswoman,
with a bewitching smile, but that. I
am afraid, is impossible. However If
you care to return the tly. we shall lie
only too glad to exchange it fer "
Stone Blind
Proudly he walked up to his betrothed and drew from his pocket a ^
small morocco case.   Opening lt; bo night when
took out a ring—a single diamond—'
and placed it on her tapering linger.
She looked at it.
It's very small; she said, and not
very brilliant, cither.
Poor fellow! His smile vanished;
but quickly recovering himself, ho
laughed and said:
Ah, sweetheart, but love Is blind!
Raising her limpid eyes to bis, she
Yes, dear; but not stone blind.
At '.he l>.4Vl«i
Good Joke on my mother-in-law; I
haven't 'topped laughing yet! remarked tho man at the club chatting over
the cards.
What was lt? Spring it so that we
can laugh too, said his frieno, arranging his tr- mps.
Well, you "now, my wife's motherIveritable with timely, intelligent
lives out in the country, and never
visits the city. Also she is getting
somewhat deaf. We tool: her to a|
moving picture theatre tho other
night, and when we came out she was
very silent When we got home we
asked her how she liked the show.
Well, she said. I reckon them actors
did their parts right enough, but I
must be getting awfully deaf. I
couldn't hear a word they said.
Brlggs—You must have a lot of trouble keeping your wifo dressed up in
the height of style.
Griggs—Yes, but it's nothing to thc
trouble I'd have if 1 didu>
Baby's Own Tablets are   the   very
best medicine a mother car, give her
little ones.   They sweeten the stomach, regulate the bowels,   break   up
colds, promote healthful  sleep ■
fact they 're a cure for all minor i lis j
of little ones.   The mother may feel|
absolutely safe in giving Ihem to her J
children for they are guaranteed by a
government analyst to be strictly freo
from  al!  injurious  drugs.   The  Tablets are sold by medicine dealers or by
mail at 25 cents, a box from The Dr.
Williams' Medicine   Co.,    Brockville,
These appalling facts should warn
us that after sickness, colds, overwork or any other drains upon
strength, Scott's Emulsion should
be promptly and regularly used because tubercular germs thrive only
iu a weakened system.
The tested and proves value of
Scott's Emulsion is recognized by
the greatest specialists because its
medical nourishment assimilates
quickly to build healthy tissue;
aids in the development of active,
life-sustaining blood corpuscles;
strengthens the lungs and builds
physical force without reaction.
Scott's Emulsion is used in tuberculosis camps because of its rare
body-building, blood-making prop-
ing from the man to the hash layout, I ***** ,and b«c*ns« il ?w,ta«s a0
yon ordered spring chicken and '71 alcohol or habit-forming drug.
port, sir. ^^^^^
Exactly, responded the dlnor,
They were speaking of mixed conditions along various ilncs 'the other
a well-known baseball
magnate was reminded of an Incident
In a Gotham cafe.
Some time slnco, according to the
story told by the magnate, a prosperous looking party rambled Into the
cafe In Question aud ordered a substantial dinner.
When the layout finally arrived the
diner gave it a critical examination,
and then imperatively called the waiter.
Look here, waiter! he exclaimed ln
a large-sized voice, do you remember
what I ordered just now?
Yes. sir- answered the waller, glanc*
In a
cold, cruci voice, and ysu havo brought
mo spring port and '74 chicken.
Tither a»Vy Would Do
It would be nico if everything one
touched turned to gold, wouldn't it?
asked the dreamer.
Yes' or if everyone ono touched
turned over gold, suggested the dead-
An amusing scene was witnessed In
a Cincinnati machine shop recently on
thp occasion of the retirement after a
service of thirty years, of a valued
nnd faithful employee. Tn consideration ot his long and faithful service,
Iho eomnany had arranged to give
him n monetary recognition, ond It
fell to Hip lot of the superintendent, a
German, lo make the presentation
speech.   This is liow he did it:
Gustavo, you have vorked for dis
company over thirty years, yes?
A how from tlie expectant recipient
of tlm purse.
Tlnd you are going to cult, yes?
Another and lower bow.
Veil. GllStav, der company Is so glad
of It dot I had been nsked to hand you
dese hundred dollars.
A Tip for Him
The Preacher—Do you know where
little bovs go who fish on Sunday?
The Kid  —Yea. sir;   all    us kids
around here go down   ter   Sniylie'
crick below tlie bridge.
Be sure to insist on Scott's.
Scott & Bowse, Toromte. Quarts.
Minard's Liniment   Cures   Garget
The Way Lets do it
A famous clergvman tells of a lay
preachers' conference in which a veteran described his method of sermon
I take my text, he said, and divide
my sermon into three parts. In the
'first part I tell 'em what I'm going to
tell 'em. In the second part—well,
I tell 'em. In the third part I toll
'em what I've told 'cm.
Ticket Collector (after heated argument)—Well, you'll havo to pay for
him: he isn't under three.
Mother—No, hut if he hadn't got
a new suit on he'd be under the seat.
Do you helievo that money has
germs on 11?
It may have.
What In the world shall be do?
Don't worry: it would take a mighty
active germ to hop from the money
to you during the short time that you
keep what you get.
One Advantage
There's one consolation about tlie
present drama.
And what's th..t?
When I get old and am a grandmother I don't believe my grandchildren will bo able to take me to
a play that will shock me-
For Arthma and Catarrh.—Tt is one
of the etiief recommendations of Dr.
Thomas' Eolcolrli Oil that It can be
used internally with as much success
as It can outwardly. Sufferers from
asthma antl catarrh will find that the
Oil when used according to directions
will give immediate relief. Many
sufferers from these ailments have
found relief iu tho Oil and havo sent
Not so Classy
First old Friend—Hello, old chap,
how are you?
Second O.F —First class; how are
Those vvlioni many
men 'ore. dye
Husband Finally Convinced
Uncle Josh Windless and wife from
Posev count v. Indiana, took a trip to
Chicago. They were walking up
Slate street, holding hands. After
thev had butted their way through the
crowd for about six blocks, Joslah
said, Snmanthy Hlckins. quit your
nulpng back, and come on. She said:
I will not go another sten till the
crowd gets by. After waiting for
about two hours, Josiah said It was
the longest procession he ever saw.
Well, my son, said a good-natured
father to an eight-year-old Bon the other night, what have you dono today
that may be set down as a good deed?
Gave n poor boy a penny, replied
Ihe hopeful.
Ah. ah. that wns charily, and charily is always right. He was an orphan hoy, was he?
I didn't stop to ask, replied Ihe son.
I gave him the money because he was
going to lick me for upsetting his
school bag.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
To accuse a man uf lying is usually
moro than he will stand.
People wilh paats are unnecessarily
anxious about tiie future.
A man gets thc woman he deserves.
Thc chaste aro usually unchased.
A woman wants to get rid of her
Some peoplo aro wise enough to try
now foods and beverag-s and then generous enough to give others tho bonellt
of tlieir experience. A wife writes:
"No slave in chains, it seemed to me,
wns more helpless than I, a coffee captive. Yet there wero Innumerable
warnings — waking from a troubled
sleep wilh a feeling of suffocation, at
times dizzy antl out of breath, attacks
ot palpitation of the heart that frightened me.
(Tea Is Just as Injurious as coffee
because It contains caffeine, th? same
drug found In eoffcel
"At last my nervous system was so
disarranged that my physician ordered
'no moro coffee.'     I capitulated.
"Determined to give Postum a fail-
trial, I prepared it according to directions on the plcg,, obtaining a dnrk
brown llnuid with a rich snappy flavour similar to coffeo. When cream
and sugar woro added, lt wa; not only
good but delicious.
"Noting its ben-ficlal effects In mc
tho rest of the family adopted It—all
except my husband, who would not admit that coffee hurt him. Several
weeks elapsed during which I drank
Postum two , i' three times a day,
when, to my surprise, my husband
said: "I have decided . i drink Postum.
Your improvement ia so apparent—you
have such fine color—that I propose to
givo credit whero credit Is due." And
now wo are coffee-slaves no longer."
Name given by   Canadian   Postur-
Co„ Windsor. Ont.   Read "Tho Road
to Wellville," In pligs,
postum now comes In two forms:
Reiular Postum—must he boiled.
Instant Postum is a soluble powder.
A teaspoonful dissolves quickly In a
cup of hot water ar.d with cream and
sugar, makes a delicious, tereriise instantly.   Grocers sell both kinds.
"There's a Roast •" for Postum.
Well, well, said Dr. Bigtill, as ho
met a former patient on the street. I'm
glad to see you again, Mr. Brown.
How are you this morning?
First doctor, said Mr. Brown cautiously, does it cost anything to tell
In Paris, when a street car Is full
they put up a sign, 'Complct' (Full),
and afterward they won't let anybody
else get aboard. Jawhawkor had
just returned from the Ville Lumiere
and a friend asked: Did ycu see
good deal in Paris, my boy? Yes,
sir, sa'd ho. 1 saw every placo but one.
and that was C'omplet. Every time
I tiled to get out to Complct the durn-
ed cars wero full.
Somo people will accept a rido in a
buggy, and no matter how steep the
It'll , how heavy the load, or how tired
the liorse, never think of getting out
to walk a lilt. Right thero ,aey stick
lo the bitter end. This sours many a
good-hearted driver.
The Careful Walter
dent,—Is there any soup on the bill
ot fare?
Walter—There was, sir, but I wiped
It off.
Brethren, some things never can he
put down In a land contract. You may
fill a dozen sheets of paper and put In
all thc little points that can be known
or mentioned, but honesty of purpose
In you or in your proposed tenant can
not be written down. That is a tiling
of the heart, and If the heart is right
you can leave a good deal out ol the
A pedometer lo something we carry
on our person to register how far we
have walked, but most wives are more
Interested In obtaining a contrivance
to show whero wo bave been.
There Is self-raising buck-wheat, self-
raising window-shades, self-raising
dumb-waiters, ana whatnot; but one of
tho things that is most needed on the
farm is a contraption to raise thc
small boy early enough In the morning
to get 1.1s face washed In time for
Respectability is the mother of convention
They tell me you've lost your hired
Yep: best farm hand I ever had..
Sho! What was the matter?
Nothln' John's a German, you know,
and these here Germans hev what they
call tho wanderlust. It's some'1-'
thet keeps 'em n-.ovin' from one place
to t'other, an' dou't let 'em Etay long
That's queer, nlnlt it? ITow long
had John been with you?
Only eleven  years.
Tho attorney for the gas company
was making .   .optlar address.
Thiuk of the good the gas company
has done! ho cried. If I wero permitted a pun, I would say, ln the
words of the imnr.rtal poet, Honor
the Light Brigade.
Voice of a consumer from the audience. Oh, what a charge they made.
Domestlj Economy
Father was of an economical turn
of mind, and hated extravagances with
all his heart. He '. -d since the earlier
days tried to instil Ideas ot a similar
nature into the brain of his small sou
aged eight.
His grief was terrible to see when
one day he came upon the budding
economist stuffing himself with a
slice of bread generously covered with
a layer of butter which was surmounted hy a young mountain of Jam.
My boy, :ald he sadly, though severely, surely you do not realize
what you aro doing; yet you ought
hy now, to comprehend the wicked ex-;
travagance of eating butter and jam'
together.        ,
Why, I'm being most economical]
father! replied the young hopeful]
Don't you see tha' I'm making thst
same slice of bread do for both?
" fl
They soothe Excited Nerves.—:] it
vous affections aro usually attrlbut
able to defective digestion • as thi
stomach dominates the nerto ccntrei
A course of Parmelee's Vegetable PHI
will still all disturbances of this eha-
acter. and by restoring the stomao
to normal action relieve the nerve
from Irritation. There is no sedatlv
like them and In the correction of li
regularities of the digs live processes
no preparation has (lone so effect.lv
work, as can be testified to by thot
A well-known violinist Is the fathe
of two lovely and intelligent chlldrei
Tlie other day ho overheard a conve
satlon between the two In which the
were trying to recall the first name
of all the great opera singers. Whs
Is Criiso's first name? he heard th
younger ask. Don't you know? r
plied llie other in a disgusted ton
Why, it's Robinson, of course!
Slate of Ohio, clt-.- of Toledo,   I   s
Lucas County. \
Frank .1. Cheney makes oath that 1
senior partner of the Unn of F. ;
Cheney it Co., doing- business In tho Clt
of Toledo, County and State aforesal
and Unit said nm will pay the sum i
nnd every case of Catarrh that conn
be cured by ■ tho use of HALLS
"worn to before mo nnd subacrlbt
In my presence, tills '111 day of Decen
ber.   A.D,   18S6.
(Seal) A.  W.  GI.EASON,
Notary  Public
Ttall's Catarrh Curu Is taken Inter
ally nnd nets dli-ectly upon the bla
and mucous surfaces of the systei
Send for testimonials, free.
P, J. CHENEY A: CO.. Toledo, O.
Hnlil bv nil Druggists, 7I»c. '
Take Hall's Family Pills for cons'
pation. '
Tlie first kiss Is always forced and
unnatural. Kissing, like violin playing, requires much practice.
Women are not so coarse as men;
they never tell you to go to the devil,
they generally lead you there.
Harry—Why do you roll your own
cigarettes? ' ,
Wllllsm—I must tako some exorcize
you know.
If you would swat the fearsome fly,
Oh, pray do not
Attempt to swat
Him when he's on a custard pie!
and ate them all, answerod Pat |
w:tc—Wretch!   Ghow me that 'j
Husband—What letter?
Wife—Tlio ono in your hand.
from a woman.     I can seo by
v-iiitlng, and you  turned  pale  whj
yoji saw It.
Husband—Yes.      Here  lt
our dressmaker's bill.
Teacher—Johnny, name the statl
Johnny—Therc'3 tlio slate of Pcil
sylvania, the state of Now York, t]
state ot matrimony, tho state of tl
mind, and tho state of tho weather,?
A Louisiana expert figures that J
becoming a suffragetto a woman t
duces her, chances of marriage 50
cent.   Tills in the most subtle knJ
the cause has yet received,
All a woman wants Is to be w.l
ed. •
A  girl  fears  Mrs   Grundy.
she marries Mr.  Grundy.
The body contains pho^horn«suffident to make 483,000 Dutches. Phot-  I
Ehorus It one ot fourteen dementi composing the body—divided among   \
ones, flesh, nervous system and other organs.  Tha perfect health ol body   i
requires a perfect balance of the elements.  These elements come from the   '
food we est—the stomach extracts and distributes them. \
But If stomach It deranged—the balance of health b destroyed and tha
Hood does not carry the proper dements te the different organs, and thero
Is blood trouble—nerve trouble-heart trouble. Pain il the hungry cry ol
starved organs. Put the liver, stomach and organs ol digestion and nutti*
tion into a condition of health.  That is Just what Is doos by
which has been so favorably known far over 40 years. It is now put «p In
tablet form, as well as liquid, and can be obtained ot medicine dealers '
everywhere or by mail by sending SO cents ta lc stamps ior tiiw box— ,
address RV. Pierce, M. 6, Buffalo, N.Y. *
is • ksMk ot loot, pages ksadsmeb; bowl l« dota-treata
stae^nytlSia-luS DO, lc stuipsto ILVJtanU'ntaflsdo','?!
Suffered   for     Weeks,   but   Finally
Found a Quick, Sure Relief
No stronger proof ot the wonderful
merit of Nerviline could be produced
than tho letter of Miss Lucy Mosher,
wbo for years has been a well-known
resident of Windsor, N.S.
"I want to add my unsolicited testimony to the efficacy of your wonderful liniment, 'Nerviline.' I consider
it tho best remedy for a cold, sore
throat, wheezing tightness ln the
chest, etc.. and can stato that for
years our homo has never been without Nerviline. I had a dreadful attack of cold, that settled on my chest,
that fourteen different remedies couldn't break up I rubbed on Nerviline
threo times a day, used Nerviline as
a gargle, and was completely restored.
'I have induced dozens of my friends
to uso Nerviline, and they are all delighted with Its wonderful power over
pain nnd sickness.
"You ore at liberty lo publish this
signed letter, which I hope will show
Yiio way to health to many that need
to use Nerviliue.
i (Signed) "LUCY J10SI1ER."
I All sorts of aches, pains, and suffer-
ings—internal and external—yield to
Nerviline. Accept no substitute.
Large family size hollies, COc; trial
size, 25c, at all dealers, or the Catarrhozone Co., Buffalo, N.Y., and Kingston, Ont.
An Ingenuous Daughter
What Is it your husband wanta to
see mo about, Delia? asked Mr. Borough's father.
Why, father, said Delia. I think he
wanted to borrow a couple of hundred
dollars from you. He's so anxious
to get out of debt.
On the Jersy Central
Aunt Eliza—Yes, that's me.
It was on an old east Texas train.
The little coffee pot of an engine, having wheezed laboriously over serpentine rails, jolted to a restful spot at
no place In particular. Time passed
tediously. Somo of the passengers
stalked nervously up and down the
aisles, while others drew their felt
hats down over their eyes and tried
to forget it. When a half-hour had
elapsed the conductor came through,
Say friend, said a querulous-voiced
old man. as Dear as you can toll, what
Is it holding us?
We're taking on wator, was thc explanation. •
Well, why don't you git another
teaspoon? That un eec-ms to leak
somciliiu' dreadful!
Very Sl„w
Sly dear, said Mr. Bickers to his
wife, I saw in the papers today .1 decision of a Virginia court that the
wife may, in some cases, be the head
j of the family.
John Henry, replied Mrs. Bickers,
the courts aro sometimes very slow in
(ludlng out things.
Miyniely Bardlet—Have you ever
contributed anything to tho cause of
Farmer Oreenhaw—You bet I hev.
You'ro tho fourth poet thet's stayed
here all summer an' ain't been able to
pay no board.
Sec here, young man. said the stern
parent as he entered tho parlor, you
hnTO been calling on my daughter rather frequently ot late. Are your intentions eorlous?
Tliey certainly are, sir, answered
the young man. I'm trying to induce
her to exchange $150 and her old
plauo for a new oue.
Miller's Worm Powders will drive
worms from tho system without Injury
to the child. The powders are so easy
to tako that the most, delicate stomach can assimilate them and welcome
them as speedy easers of pain, because they promptly kill the worms
that cause the pain, and thus the suffering of the child is relieved. With
so sterling a remedy at hand no child
should suffer an hour from worms.
Clearly Unjust
Ever since they came to school that
morning two of the boya had been
persistently naughty. At last, therefore, the teacher, now thoroughly exasperated, turned to them angrily and
said that they must atay in during
playtime until each had written his
name one thousand times.
Playtime duly came, and as the
rest of the class rose and hastened
from the room to enjoy a spell of
freedom, the two miscreants settled
down to their irksome Imposition.
Five minutes later the teacher returned to see how they were getting
on, and found a heated argument In
Come, come! sho asked. What's
the matter now?
Whereupon oue of the boys burst
Into tears.
Tain't fair, mum! he gasped. His
name's Tim Bust and .niiie's Alexander O'Shaughnessy.
You tell mo, said the Judge, that
this Is tho person who knocked you
down with his motor car. Could you
swear to tho mau?
I i' . returned the complainant eai
erly, but he didn't slop to hear me.
I S  -M^SBSt
What makes you- stand on one foot
and move your shoulders ln that way?
asked the snipe.
Well, replied Ibe crane, there's no
chance of my learning to sing, so I'm
practicing to see It I can't become a
classic dancer.
Wo used to Joke on woman's rights
And Fashion's strange displays,
Wo Joked of dangerous airship flights
And statesmen's devious ways,
But now we're feellug rather blue,
Liko many other folks,
For all the Jokes are coming true
And serious things are jokes.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Ac.
Only tlie othor day I read a poem
that moved me to tears.
How did It move you so?
I wept because I couldn't get at the
A Fire Alarm
He declared he burned with love for
-What happened?
.ler father put him out.
She Knew
I shouldn't think golf is much exercise.
Isn't ft! Why it makes the boys
so strong in tbe arms you can hardly breatho
The Difference
Old Gentleman—I wouldn't make
such faces if I wero you, littlo man.
Small Boy (with difficulty) — You
would if you knew this woman was
going to kiss you.
Time after time have I seen Inherited lands or money bring the recipient
to poverty, debt and the poorhouse;
but money earned by honest labor, ami
wisely invested, stayed for a comfort
in old age.
A New Type
■ Lewis Cass Ledyard wns talking in
New York about a muckraker of a
new type.
I've never heard any good of him,
he said. Even when I -thought I
heard a word in his favor, it has always proved tlie opposite when traced to Its source.
It's like the case ot the oHlce boy
whoso master, said:
Willie Ib slow and sure.
Slow and sure, eh?
Yes, slow to learn and sure to forget.
Far better a barren farm with pure
air, than the dirty, noisy city, where no
ono cares if you starve to death. Buy
an acre of ground, and live in a store-
box flrst! Most farmers need bands, so
you aro sure of work.
When depressod, blue, bilious and
out of sorts you may attribute this
condition to poison In the blood, resulting from careless eating—eating
too much, eating too quickly or eating
what does not agree.
For three or four days there arc
looseness of tho bowels, fickle appetite, acute indigestion and all-gone
feelings. Efficiency is lowered, business deals are spoiled, pictures are
Interfered with, and the sick spell may
prove dreadfully expensive to you.
By using Dr. ChaBc's Kidney-Liver
Pills as soon as trouble is apparent
such an attack may be cut short, and
regular healthful action cf tbe digestive o,gans quickly restored. No treat-
{•ment so promptly cleanses tho filtering nnd excretory organs, and thereby
rids the body of poisonous waste matter. Tbo digestive system resumes
its natural functions, and vigor and
energy are restored to mind aud body.
Pen, Chisel and Brush
Senor Oarubou, Mexican minister of
foreign affairs, Is not only a diplomat,
but au author of distinction. He is a
novelist, publicist and writer of memoirs, and one of his best known works
Is bis extensive memoirs of his diplomatic career.
Charles Qrafly, selected to model
the statue to the pioneer mother as
tho central figure of the fine arts department of the Panama-Pacific International exposition, is a native of Philadelphia and has been awarded numerous exposition medals for his work.
A. C. Watt, the distinguished British- paiuter, Is a medalist of thc Koyal
Institute of Painters in Water Color.
His recent painting, now ln tho possession ot the Duke of Portland, last
year won the diploma of honor, open
to all Europe, for the best pictures of
flower gardens.
Cured ]li»a|l. die Rick, Red Blood
Dr. WilTiW Pink Pills
Actually  Mike
Thousands of women suffer from
headaches, backaches, dizziness, languor and nervousness. Few realize
that their misery all comes from tho,
bad state of their blood. They takef
ono thing for their head another for
their stomach and a third for their
nerves. And yet all tho while it Is
simply their blood that is the cause
of all tho trouble. Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills will euro because they actually mako new, rich red blood, which
reaches every organ and every nerve
in tho body, carrying with lt 0 new
health and new strength.    Mrs. Wm.
Acorn, Chnrloftetown,   P.E.I.,   says: 1 Tk„ «,,„..,. 0-..„
"Before I began the uso of Dr. Wil-     „ Th< Wal,e's ™"
Hams' Pink Pills I was one of the most rt was at » banquet, where a notable
miserable womon living For more gathering of politicians hnd assembled,
than three years I lived - llfo of con- A cortaiu aspiring young barrister was
stant dread. I was taking weak spells among the number, and as ho spied
so that I could not be left alone. If I an Influential judge ut the far end, he
walked from one room to another my cnllc*l ,lle head waiter, slipped half-
heart would palpitate so violently that a-crowi, into liis hand, and whispered;
I feared I would db. I was contin-1 ?ut. mc ••"* t0 •'"''so Spink at the
ually sending for the doctor, who told
me I had no blood -nd that my nerves
wero shattered Notwithstanding his
treatment I did not get any bolter. I
could not keep anything on my stomach, and the least thing would make
me sick. Tlici my trouble was complicated with rheumatism, which became so bad that I had to be lifted
like a child, and the pain was almost
unbearable. I was ln this deplorable
condition when my husband read of
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and got me
a supply. When I had taken half a
dozen. boxes I felt much better, and
could go about the house. I kept on
taking tho Pills until I had used
twelve boxes, and I can trul; say they
made mo a well woman. Indeed I
do not think : would bo living now
but for Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. I
wish I could persuade every woman
who is sick to follow my example, for
I have proved they will cure the most
desperate eases, and I consider myself
a living witness of this fact"
You can cet these Pills through any
medicine dealer or by mail post paid,
at 50 cents a box or fix boxes for
12.50 from The Dr. Williams'. Mediciue
Co., Brockville. One.
Partially Amwered
In that part of Kansas where they
need rain, certain church congregations have united to petition for tt.
Didn't I seo your husband going to
church today? ono Kansas woman inquired ot another.
Yes. he wont to ask for rain.
His faith must be pretty strong.
Yes, ho woro his raincoat and took
his overshoes and liis oldest umbrella.
It didn't rain!.
No; but he brought back a much
better umbrella :han the ono he took
Poor Pa!
Father—You must know, sir, that!
my daughter will get nothing from me
until my deatli. 1
Suitor—Ih, that's ail right! I have!
enough to live 00 for two or three
More Noise
a   sho going lo start au antbnolse as-
■soeiation. said tlie 11111:1 who is always
promoting soinetlii.it.
How will you go about it?
Well, the Hist thing is to get the
public  Interested,   . I  havo  alroady
engaged half a do;;en speakers and a
brass band.
Somo mon are smart; some men arc
Some men lack common sense.
While some will borrow trouble, some
Won't ovon tako offeuco,
tabic        ___________
When the tim? came for the guests
to be seated, lie found to liis astonishment that lie was nt tbe opposite end
to the judge.
Ho called the head wailer to explain.
Well, sir. repliel'' ; official, the fact
is tiiat tho judge gave me live bob to
put you as far from him as possible.
Help for Asthma. Neglect gives
asthma a great advantage. The trouble, once it has secured a foothold,
fastens its grip on tlie bronchial passages tenaciously. Dr. J D. Kcll-
ogg's Asthma Remedy Is daily curing
cases of asthma cf long standing.
Yoars of suffering, however, might
have been prevented had the remedy
been used when the trouble was in its
first stages. Do not neglect asthma,
but uso tliis preparation a- ouce.
An amatetii can start a love affair
with a woman, but it takes a connoisseur to break on> off.
This is a great oge.
What has struck yen now.
The fao. that so many doctors are
successful without whiskers. It
wasn't so thirty yoars ago.
In life things aro not what they seem,
There's many a crooked deal,
And mauy a man wears an auto cap
Who .iiisu't an automobile.
tlo woro a neckl'o flaming red,
The bull was in the lot.
Oh, he came down all right, all right!
The cross cenotcs the spot.
Witc—I really boU'ive no*.: that you
only married mo because I have
Hubby—I didn't. I married you because I thought you'd let mo have
some of If.
You nro my ull, tho lover vowed,
And then —it Is to laugh—
The girl who was his all. ho bogged
To be his better half.
You seem to be very intimate with
the Digbys. I didn't know you had
met tbem.
I haven't met them. I patronize
thoir dressmaker.
Aye, money talks, as you can seo
I heard it. on the fly.
The ouly thing It said to me
Was simply, 'Sir. goodbye'.'
The prick of conscience Is as nothing compared with tho prickly heat
of compulsory meanness.
A friend of Sir Walter Landsecr.
who accompanied hlm to Kensington
museum on the first occasion of its exhibition by gaslight, relates that Land-
seer stopped short beforo his large
picture, 'A Visit to Waterloo.' I
must have been mad when I painted
that, ho snid, and walking up to the
picture ho placed his hand over the
part which had attracted criticism.
An attendant policeman shouted his
polite caution: Now, then, tako your
hands off. there! My good man, said
Sir Edwin, I was merely remarking
how bad that was. Then why don't
you go and do better? said tho policeman, who had no Idea to whom he
was speaking.
Amos Plnchot (and probably others)
tells this story:
In the war I fought nnd bled for my
country, Bald the old general, and lost
all I bad, save honor. And when tho
war was over I went into politics and
lost all I hud saved In tho war.
Ho who is satisfied with.a little never gets much more, be It religion,
crops, or money.
Americans do not think for themselves—still less for others. Tliey pay
Europeaus to dj their thinking for
• Queer Tricks of Memory
In later life Emerson's memory play
ed him somo strange tricks. James
Cabot, his biographer, sn>s that he
met him one day iu the streets of Boston apparently at a loss for something
and asked him where he was going.
To dine, said Emerson, with au old
friend. I know where sho lives but
I hope you wont ask me her name.
Then ho went on to describe her as
tin mother of the wife cf the young
man—the tali mar—who speaks so
well, and so on until Cabot guessed
to whom he was referring. This falling
led to a pathetic scene at Longfellow's
funeral. After gazing long at tho
face of his lifelong friend as he lay in
liis coffin Emerson said to a bystander,
that gentleman was a sweet, beautiful
soul, but I havo entirely forgotten his
What fortune has Miss Polly?
She says her face is her fortune.
Well, it lias too many bad features
to make a good Investment.
You'ro a mean old Indian giver,
Said Genevieve to Jack,
For every kiss you give mo
You insist on taking back.
Len—Sweetheart. I canuot express
my emotions for you.
Marion—Why don't you try the parcel post?
Ada was asked If Bhe believed In tho
divining rod.
Certainly she replied. Look at the
hot water we found with the twig of
an applo tree!
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Oontlemen,—La3t winter I recolveo
great benefit from the use of MINARD'S LINIMENT In a sevcro attack
of LaGiippo, and I have frequently
proved It to bo vory effective In cases
ot Inflammation,
How the Stars  Ran
An old German was In the witness
box the otlier day and fi lawyer was
cross-examining him as to the position of tho door, window, and so forth
in a house, where a crime had been
And now, sir. went on tho lawyer,
kindly describe to tlio court just how
thp stairs  run  in that house.
Tho old man looked dazed and
scratched his head for a fow minutes.
How tho stairs run? he* repeated.
Yes. if you please, how tho stairs
run? said the lawyer,
Yell, ventured the witness slowly, vin I am oop-stairs they run down,
and ion I am down-stairs they run up.
An Old Caw
Maude—She's such a quiot little
person that I'm surprised to hear she
is wearing a sllhoute skirt.
Edna—Perhaps sho believes in the
old saying that littlo girls should hi
seen, but not heard.
An Englishman en holidays, was
driving around the county Tippcrary
ono warm day, when ho came across
a farmer setting potatoes. Thinking
of having a joke with him, he began:
Well, Pat, what ara you planting?
Praties, sir, said Pa-
Do you think potatoes will come up?
asked the Englishman.
Of course,  sab. Pat.
Why, I set onions last year ln our
garden and carrots came up, said tho
Oh! said Pat, I set an acre of turnips last yoar in that Held over there
and do you know what came up?
No, replied tho Englishman.
Miko  Murphy's old  black  donkoy,
Teacher—Henry, cau yov. define a
Henry—Yessum. It Is a kid wot
comes to school wid a smile on his
Remembered Hlm
Did your uncle remember you when
ho enme to make lis will?
Yes. Ho remembered me so woll
that ho left my nam- out altogether.
Then end Now
Beforo I married my wife I could
listen to her voice for hours and
And :ioW?
Now I have to.
An Exception
Does like always produco like?
Of course.
Then why Is poor health produced
by rich food?
Back H   ided
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I should say be waa.     You can always trust him for everything ho gets
if you want to.
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At a recent oloction a ready answer
secured one woman canvasser a vote
tor hor party. She had fluently advanced several reasons ln favor of her
candidate to a grumpy elector, who
told her she could tall; the hind logs
oil a donkey.
Well-, sho replied. It would give me
much more pleasure to drive you to
the polling place than to the hospital.
The retort so tickled tho voter that
he promised to support her side.
If earthquakes had nny spirit of accommodation they would leave the
Isthmus of Pau-'ma nlonc, alter neglecting to (!!(,' a canal themselves
Are you one of the:: to whom
every meal Is another source of
•uttering ?
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
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Limited. iso
W. N. I. i79
At the fenot ot the virtues, it was
necessary to Introduce Gratitude to
Generosity, for they had never met
Silence is gold, isn't It!
Of conr ;.
Then I wish they would Invent some
new kind ot dentistry that could 1111
a woman's mouth with It.
Talked a Lot
I. never say all that I think, she remarked.
Then, ho replied, being unwilling
to miss the chance, you must think an
awful lot.
Some people speak
to hurt others.
thc truth only
The Paris scientist who promises a
great improvement in domestic refrigeration hud better put. that off until
nexc summer and look after the hcat-
The TJnivorsity of Pennsylvania has
imported a twei.-e ton sphinx from
Kgypt instead of patronizing, home industries and buying a statue of Connie Mack.
of the bowels is an absolute necessity for good health. Unless the
waste matter from the food which
collects there is got rid of at leart
once a day, it decays and poisons the
whole body, causing biliousness, indigestion and sicl: headaches. Salts
and other harsh mineral purgatives
irritate lite delicate lining of the
bowels. Dr. Morse's Indian Root
Pills—entirely vegetable — regulate
the bowels effectively^ without weakening, sickening or griping.   Use
Or. Morse's   M
To ask for secrecy Is to suggest! _      «. _ *   «•«■
that. Hmr» Is something to reveal.        I Indian   CvOOl   PllSS
A gentleman who had been spending
a holiday nt a Scottish seaside village
noted for ils golf links, asked oue of
tho cuddles If lie got much carrying
In the winter time.
Na, sir, na. replied the caddie.
There's nao carrying In tho winter
timo. Ye seo, lt Is this wny. If it's
no sna' it's frost; if it's na frost It's
sna'; if it's no sna' nor frost, it's rain;
if it's no rain, it's wind: an' if it's a
One day, it's thc Sawbath!
Love speaks in two languages—ouo
with the lips aud the other with the
Father's Dilemma
How's tho family? a fond parent
Well, my children arc at a difficult
age now.
Difllcult? Why they're all passed
tho measles and teething stage, have
they not?
Long ago. But you don't know a
father's troubles. My children aro
at tlio age whero It I used slang my
wifo says I'm sotting a bud example;
and if I speak correctly, the kids
think I'm a back number. Which
would you do?
Burning the midnight oil isn't bad
if it Is in the way of honest business;
but If It Is over the rani table or wine
supper, then It is »I! wrong
My son, said thc father, who was
somewhat addicted to moralizing, this
Is the ago of specialties and specialists. Is there anything you can do
better than any one else in the world?
Veth, thlr, lisped tho small boy; I
can read my own writing.
A Definition
Gcorgle—What's a faith curist, dad'
Dad—He's a fellow who won't tako
his medicine.
Dear mc, Uncle Ephraim! Bhe exclaimed, as she met tlr old gentleman
in tho hallway, you don't know how
surprised I am to see you. Did you
travel all tho way from Vermont
Naw, he replied, deeply offendod at
the question, as ho put his carpet hag
down. Thero wero forty or lift}' people on tho same train.
Natural Supposition
Johnny, tho teacher asked, can you
toll mo anything   about   Christopher
Ho discovered America,
Yes.     What else did ho do?
I supposo ho went homo and lectured about it.
Many a timo havo I listened to tho
plaint of men: Ah, If I could only work
as I did once, when well and strong!
But John Barleycorn stole away their
strength, health and wealth, and left
thom nothing worth owning.
The Chauffeur to the Rescue
When the young physician's motor
car reached tha scene of tho accident
there was nothing to do; all tho vtt>
tlms had been so slightly hurt that
Ihey were able to walk home. The
young doctor was keenly disappointed, but his chauffeur spoke up chcer-
lngly; Never mind, doctor. I'll run
down somo business on tho way home-
Her Yearning
She—Do you love mc as much who
you are absent from me?
He (fervently)—I lovo you moret
Sbe—Oh, why can't I be with yon
There was a young man, vain of bla
accomplishments as a preacher, who)
after officiating at a certain servlco for
a Scottish minister who occasionally
had to avail himself of the assistance
of probationers, was met by the old
gentleman with extended bunds as he
descended from tho pulpit. F.xpcctr
Ing high praise, he salil: No compliments, I pray.
Nay, nay, my young friend, said the
parson, nowadays I'm glad 0' anybody.
Julia, you have tho prettiest moutB
ln tho world, Blghed young Van Winkle.
Well, Bhe replied. If mine Is the
prettiest then yours comer, next.
And it came.
There is real plsaeuf? In owning fine
stock, well fed; but strub stock and
ugly fences give the farmer that tired
feeling which detracts from success.
A boy of sixteen has far stronger
feelings and a fiercer temper than
when ho gets to be sixty; and then—
in his youth—Is the timo to exercise
control of it himself. It Is wrong for
others to tease or ungor him for the
fun of it.
It Is supposed to be a mark of politeness to sny: Oh, come right in; never
mind tbe mud! I    This is
tho housewife, and adds to her labor.
Better say:  Here's the broom and
chip; clean those shoos well.
A friend writes this wiso sentence
whlcb all parents should note and act
upon: Instead of conning dead languages and the memories of sentimental
literature, the study of nature should
be substituted.
At Last
So Miss Lorena Llngerlong Is to
be married at last?
Yes, she has finally lived down aB
Great peoplo should ne,! be worried
hy small debts.
Try Murine Eye Remedy
If you havo Red, Weak, Watery Eyee
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Hurioa Eye Ramadj Co., Chi case inn i8i,AADKif, t tmirrti Afni). ki'
Published evity Saturday at Cumberland, Vancouver Island, B.C., by
Edward W. Bickle, Editor
Subscription: $1.§0, payable in advance.   Advertising Rates furnished on application
To Correspondents : The Editor does not hold himself responsible for views
expressed by correspondents. No letters will be published in the Islander
except over the writer's signature. The Editor reserves the right to
refuse publication of any letter.
It once more became necessary for the Premier to put his
foot down and to assert that no responsible government
could yield to clamour and threats. He deserves much
credit for the firm dignified protest that he made against the
forces of lawlessness. Himself a man of keen sympathy and
only too ready to respond on all occasions to1 the claims of
humanity, no more difficult task could have been imposed
upon him than he should have felt obliged to refuse the
request of the miners. It should be a matter for sorrowful
reflection, if such a thing is possible to the men of the type
that threatened the Premier, to know they may have defeated
their own object by the ill-advised manner in which they put
forward' their case.
(From Regina Evening Province and Standard)
HENRY FORD, millionaire automobile manufacturer, of
Detroit, introduced a profit-sharing plan into his plant
recently. Hereafter the wages of his men will be at least $5
each day of eight hours. It means millions to him annually,
for the plant is a large one.
Others manufacturers protested, saying that Mr. Ford
One New York paper
THE Municipal Elections for 1914 are now over and the
Mayor and Aldermen have taken the oath of office and
assumed the administration of affairs. The personnel of was ruining the business generally
the new administration is not entirely as we would have it, I says he will disorganize business, make men in other employ-
but it is the verdict of the municipality as a whole and, ^nt dissatisfied; that, briefly, he will do as much harm as
recognising the.truth-to some extent-of the classic saying J Sood'
"Vox Populi, Vox Dei," we accept defeat gracefully and wishj       Despatches have been telling of almost daily riots at the
the new Council a year, of uninterrupted prosperity and Ford plant since the announcement.    The other day 10,000
men assailed the plant demanding work.    It was necessary
Macfarlane Bros.
We would offer! he new Council the word "efficiency'
as a suitable slogan for 914.    If we have guaged the situation aright', efficiency is the thing most needed in the apparently injured other factories and done the industry
administering of our affairs. We know that our civic fathers generally much harm
are handicapped by lack of funds in their efforts on behalf ofe is Proved b->'the fact that W<m were seekinS work in
of the town, and since ready money forms a very necessary,his Plant in one day'
portion of the sinews of war, efficiency in the collection disSuise his scheme under the name of charity.
department is absolutely indispensable.    For example, take|one wil1 WW attention to !t and every°ne wil1 be well
two items in the city's financial statement just published.
The receipts under the head  of Dog Taxes  are $25, and
Road Taxes $376.    Cumberland is not yet so dog-ridden as
to turn the fire hose on them before they would disperse.
It is a problem. By benefiting his own employes he has
That Jabor men are pleased with the
act that 10,000 were seeking work in
The only solution we can see is to
Then no
'satisfied again.
(From Saturday Sunset)
\\THAT has British Columbia to say to the report, published
the city of Constantinople, but surely a live collector could L    ^ feca, year en(Jing March 31. m3< ^ ^ of
round up more than25curs within the city precints even onU-^ -...^ eggg -mported -^ Canada duringthat time>
a dark night, while it is equally obvious that many of °ur|appraaniately five and a half millonscame into this province,
citizens would have finished up the year with $2 less to their
credit had they paid their Road Tax for 1913.    We venture
or, to be more explicit, nearly half of the total importation?
Such a statement is, to say the least, startling, and reveals a
to say that these two sources alone could have been made condition of affairs that certainly should not exist and should
♦■y-s.    ss sr si s\ I .rj     (-* * * H-ss rt a *-s. ss-\ +-   ^j-\   j-.j-mr\.*   sr-V-l/-*   sA *-*, t~1 r-oi 4-   j-"--*.*rt    rMQ   TTfllV'n   nr\fl1*lfmMP
to yield sufficient to cover the deficit on the year's operations,
Let efficiency in all departments be the aim during the
current year and Cumberland will soon outlive the effects of
the vicissitudes through which she has been passing.
(From Victoria Week)
PREMIER  McBRIDE  discharged a delicate  duty with
extreme discretion when he was interviewed by the Nanaimo
strikers who sought to^obtain the release of their fellow workmen.   The Premier is justly noted for tact but he never more
clearly demonstrated how well he deserved this reputation.
As head of the Mines Department he has been subjected to
much abuse in connection with the unfortunate happenings
throughout the coal mining district last  year.      Labor
leaders have endeavored to place the whole responsibility for
the strike on the shoulders of the Government.   Tliey have
declared time and time again, both in the press and on the
platform, that the Minister of Mines had failed in his duty
in refusing to initiate an enquiry. Later on, when he was in
England and it became necessary to take strong measures
against riotous strikers, he was df nounced because he was
absent.   Unfortunately, the strike leaders appear to have
learned nothing by their bitter experience.   The Premier
and the Attorney General have asserted and maintained the
majesty of the law, as was their bounden duty.    The result
is that a number of miners, who under ordinary circumstances are honest, peaceable workmen, have unfortunately
been imprisoned.   Still the leaders continue to adopt a
truculent attitude.   They want to see the sentences of their
fellow workmen curtailed, yet they go the worst way possible
about securing this.   A plea for leniency would always be
favourably considered by responsible ministers, and although
the last word in this matter rests, not with Premier McBride,
but with the Minister of Justice, it is possible that if the
former had been properly approached he would have added
his plea to that of the miners in favour of an act of clemency.
But when the visiting delegation shouted anarchy in the
streets of Victoria and one of their chief spokemen threatened
the Premier in the Parliament Buildings that if he did not
secure the release of the imprisoned miners a general strike
be looked into at once.
British Columbia's share of the egg exportation sounds
all the more amasing and impossible when compared to that
of some of the eastern provinces. Nova Scotia, for instance,
did not import so many as twenty-four thousand eggs.
Ontario did not import half the quantity which came in
through the British Columbia ports alone. The disparity
between the latter figures and the aforementioned ones is
altogether too great to pass over lightly. One feels that
there is a nigger in the woodpile somewhere.
This feeling amounts to a certainty in comparing the
climatic condition which obtain in the various provinces for
and against extensive egg production. Severe wintry
weather causes a cessation in -the egg market, so far as large
quantities are concerned, and makes a certain amount of
importation absolutely necessary. And Manitoba, Alberta,
Saskatchewan, Ontario, and, in a lesser degree, Nova Scotia
a, e all handidapped periodically by severe weather conditions,
and there is some excuse for their demand for import assistance. But there is no excuse for British Columbia. As
everyone knows, the climate here is ideally adapted to an
extensive practice of chicken ranching all the year round,
and theie is no reason whatever why this province could not
furnish a supply of eggs fully equal to its home demands
perhaps have some over for exportation purposes. Then
how comes it, is the question, that Nova Scotia only imports
in thousands to British Columbia's millions, and that Ontario
requires less than half the number demanded by this province?
HON. L. P. PELLITIER'S latest achievement is the completion of a new parcels' post agreement with Australia. By
the new arrangement present rates will be cut in two. The
prevailing rate of twenty-four cents a pound up to eleven
pounds either way is reduced after the first pound to twelve
cents a pound. The reduced rate comes into effect this
month. With the present extensive trade between the two
countries this reduction in rates will be a big boon to business interests and the general public.
This is only a foretaste of what is coming as a parcels'
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■>   »   s> .»■&-■>   0-»-C~»-».    >>»<»»»
Moving Pictures
would be called he was guilty not only of a gross act of Pos* will be inaugurated for Canada shortly through the
impertinence, but of conduct which effectually destroyed any energy of Mr. Peiletier, who has been working steadily on
hopes the delegates might have had of securing tlieir object. J the scheme for several months.
Crown Theatre, Cumberland
Opera House, Courtenay
New Hall, Bevan
Moving Pictures will be shown in the above as follows-^-
Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, Cumberland'
Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, Courtenay
Thursday, Bevan.
W. WITCHELL, Manager.
| ug ■ BMPMCWMHOI tut isusri'ii, cijiu£i;nM,, n c.
The Popular Beer
of the day is
Silver Spring
and now on draught at the
New England Hotel
TOSEPH   WALKER   Proprietor
^unsmuir Avenue
Try it and be convinced, you will drink no other.
Awarded Four Gold Medals B. C, Agricultural Association 1910 & 1913
for Purity and Quality.
For Sale in Bottles at all Leading Hotels.
Silver Spring Brewery Ltd.
p. Phillips garrison
Banbter, Solicitor
A Notary I'ulilit.
QEALED TENDERS ftddreMod to the
^ undersigned, and enduried "Tender
fi»r Hdditii'ii Hi*d itltet ation to the Publ
Buildint{tViQtnrU(8 C ," will he receive
nt rh'p- ■ fflofl until 4 p m. Monday, Feb
rutry H>.,1.*14, for tiie entutrnotinn of
tli>* -iti-tfUHhl Hiidin.-ri niM nlternMon.
PKiih, sptciticHtii'iit Hnd form of con
tract oan be wen and fi-nui of tender
obratneil at the offices of Mr. Win. Hend
enon, Resident Architect, Victoria.BC.;
ii applioAti n to the Postmaster at Van-
ouuver, If C . and at this Department.
Person tvtideriiig are notified that tenders wiil uot be considered unless male
on lie printed forwi supplied, and signed with their actual signatures, statin
their occupations and places of residence.
In the case nf firms, theHctiml signature,
(lie nature of the - cciipati--n and place o
tesidiueof each member of the firm
inuat he given.
Each tender impt be accnnipaned by
an accepted cln que on a chartered b «■ k,
payable to the ■ ider of the Honourable
(he Minister of Public Works of Canada
»(jnai to ten per cen((10p.c. )<>f the amount
ot die tender, which will bet' ifeited if the
person tendering declines to enter into
a contract when called upon tn d<> so, or
■ 'tit to complete tlie wink contracted for.
If the tender be uut accepted the cheque
will be returned.
The Department does not bind itself to
accept ihe lowest or auy tender.
B\ order,
Department of Pub'ic Works,
Ottawa, January 16, 1914.
Newspapers * ill not be paid for thi
ailveitiaemeut if they insert it withuo
authority frum the department. —62933.
E&iuarJt ffl. Btrklr
<Cumbrrian&. V. 01.
The Wise Real Estate Specialist looks
to the ceijitre where transportation
facilities abound,
5 to 20 Acre Blocks, adjoining
the townsite
an Acre
Easy Terms.
No better proof tbat what we offer is all right than is the fact
thctt all the buyer* so. (ar are men who have lived at Union
Bay for years, who intend making their home wi_th a good
living ill Fruit, Vegetables and Poultry.
Ring up
British Columbia Investments Ltd.
Buy yourself a Home near
No. 8 MINE
Blocks, from one acre to eight acres,
$200 per acre and upwards
Finest Homesites in'Comox District
Mrs. John Gillespie
Union Street
Cumberland, B. C.
Capital Paid Up »U,660,000
Koserve Fund 313,000,000
Drafts issued in any currency, payable all over the world
SPECIAL ATTENTION paid to SAVINGS ACCOUNTS and Interest at highest current rates allowed on deposits of *1 and upwards.
D. M. MORRISON. Manager.
xi. Ii. xiAfiJD
•i ih, 0P3N DAILY.
 /..    II    tk ..
The Ideal Store
The first shipment of our spring stock
of shoes have arrived in
Men's Tan and Black Button
Ladies Tan, Gun Metal, and
Navy Blue Suede in
Lace & Button
Watch for our Sa e of Odds and Ends
after Stock-Taking.
The Ideal Store
Next door to Tarbells.
—   ;t i| —
1914 Patterns just opened out.
A full line of Furniture, House Furnishings, Beds
and Bedding, Stoves and Ranges always on hand
cgunui* b. c.      THE FURNITIJRE syQlRl
I am receiving consignments daily of Xmas
and New Year stock in all lines which
cannot be beaten either in price or quality
Cumberland, B. C.
First Class in every respect. Perfect Cuisine
Headquarters for Tourists and Sportsmen
Wines Liquors and Cigars
John N. McLeod, Proprietor
 WW" In Oitiniwrlnml muke dj„ Union **t>ur heailiinsrten
G R 0 0 E R S   AN.p   $ A K \=M S
Agents for Pilsener Beer
HEAD OFF1CE./627 Pandora Street, Victoria, B.G,
BRANCH OFFICE, P.O. Box, 43*1, Cumberland. B.C,
Contracting, etc., Land Clearing, Sawmill Labor Supplied, Logging Camp,
Railway and General Contractor. THE ISLANDER. CUMBERLAND, B.C
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Rtlitf"-Pm**tnl Curt
lail.   Purely veget.
able—act surely
"but gently on
the liver.
Stop altc
cuteindi-*' , -
gestion —improve the complexion— brighten
the eyes. Small fill, Snail Dose, Snail Frirt.
Genuine num leu Signature
rmmmmmjmjm) |
No. 100.
h»-'i ■
•I Collira,
Our t ■:«! w«rs tv* irtUi
lilt  Fntltal af  Bi	
f.ihlblttaa, Cry.
iirOU Gold MMtllt   TIN. Front*.
mfir* SM ImVtriSt   feet*. Y.Wi.
Mil TalKt, mi. lioai,
from.    ~
Plvt o'clock
te.. mJ
lhat can t>«
 laLte*. Yard Lie*
••oslst .ntlll.4   A.
lsWr.Kln| H.a. I.*.,
IffV," lilustr.tiDS o-.-.f
IK sl.sJSni or Pillow
Lsu*s, post (r«. Is s.-i,
KM or world,     th.
-s-Bu'n.i^.r. s-err
taj*.ML <***•*
Mrs. Una
Olney, Bucks
Seed Grain antl Potatoes
By instructions of the Hon. Miniater
of Agriculture a distribution of superior sorts of grain and potatoes will be
mado during the coming wither and
sprins to Canadian farmers. The samples lor general distribution will consist of spring wheat  (5 lbs), white
oals (I lbs.), barley (5 lbs.), and Hold
peas (3 lbs.)     These will bo sent out
! Irom Ottawa.    A distribution of pota*
i tees  (in 3 lb. samples)  will be car*
; ried on from several ot the experimt nt.
! al farms, the Central Farm at Ottawa
| supplying only the provinces of Ontar
! and Quebec.   All samples will be sent
I free, by mail.
Applicants mast give particulars, in
regard to t'ar soil on their farms, and
I some account of their e.vpetitnco with
'■ such hinds of grain (or potalccs) as
, they have growi., so lhat a promising
! sort for their conditions may be selected.
Each application must he separate
and must be signe,'. by thc applicant
! Onlv one sample of grain and one of
I potatoes  can  be sent to each  farm.
Applications on any hind of printed
form cannot he accepted,     If two or
mote samples are   ashed for   In   the,
same letter only one will be scut.       1
As '.he supply of seed is limited, farmers are advised lo apply early, but!
the applications will not  necessarily
be filled In the exact order in which
they aro icceived.     Preference will
always be given to the must thought-
;ful and explicit   requests.      Applies,-
| lions received aftor the end of January |
i will probably be too late.
;    All applications fur grain  (and ap-
I plications from tho provinces of Ontario and Quebec for potatoes) should
be addressed to the Dominion Cereal-
ist, Central Experimental Farm, Ottawa.     Such   applications   require   no
postage.     If otherwise addressed delay and disappointment may occur.
j    Applications for potatoes, from farm*
! ers in any other province should be
addressed (postage prepaid) to tlio Superintendent of  the nearest  branch
| ot the Experimental Farm in that pro-
I vince. i
Sires and Sons
j"»hn Clar',;, aged eighty-two. lias
been placed in charge of the national]
botanic gardens, Washington, a job]
he declined fourteen years ago.
Don Carlos Moria Lynch, minister
ot foreign affairs of Chill, has beeuj
presented with the cross of the Sacred Treasure on behalf of the emperor |
of Japan. The honor was conferred,
owing to his services in the approach-,
ment between the two nations.
John MacVichar, tho specialist in
municipal government, is a native of,
Canada. He served two terms as.
mayor of Des Moines, whero the 'Des!
Moines idea' originated, and is now;
member ot tho city council and sup-!
erintendent of the department ofi
streets and public improvements.
General Carlo Caneva, on whom the
Australian emperor recently conferred
a high decoration, commanded the;
firsc expedition of Ilallnn troops in
Tripoli In 1911 and was ths, first governor of the new Italian colony on:
the northern coast of. Africa. He
holds ihe highest rani: in the army,
after tho king himself, that of 'ge'l-
erale dVserelto.*
ParK i
Thousands of mothers can testify to
the virtue of Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator, because tbey ltnow from
experience how u:eful it is.
The Mistake of His Life
Bluffer bounced into the club, jammed his hut down on the table with a
fierce, resounding hang, aud flung himself into an easy chair.
What's wrong today, Bluffier? You
look bad.
I'll never forget myself. I kicked
a man out of my house last night:
Humph! I've kicked out many a
one.     Young fellow, I suppose?
No;  pas't middle age.
Well, these old codgers have no business coming around courting young
girls. I would have kicked him out
Yes; but I havo found out since that
this man wasn't courting my daughter.
He was after my mother-in-law.
l8!?'   eS&c
Quality, flavour, aad
perfect cookinf,
The maximum
of nourishment
•ad palitability.
Just heat — theo serve
minimum trouble
and coat. 4
VOUoiaA cs.1l, riskuan st. nbw yoki wlvmm una
B»S""   w"i"rs por PftU aooR to Dr. Le Clii3
Bn.am.iuw am wo toiuonvui run»
wttrre rot rang.   *""" '    M.37U.
Political Economy
Teacher—Now, who cap   tell   me
what political economy is?
Mike (embryo Tammany statesman)
—Gettln the most votes for the least
What has become ut the old fashioned mau, who wasln d his face at thc
pump every morning and made so
much noise that he could bo heard in
the next county 1
Popcorn may be all right and cheap
aud dlgestlblo euounh for breakfast,
as tho agricultural department authorities insist. Uut sup:>08c a fellow happens to he hungry?
Some fine morning you will read in
the papers a short item to tho effect
that the Tanama canal was opened
yesterday and Is doing n flue business.
That is the Coethais style.
Up to Date
What are you giving your cows now
in tho way of galactagogues? askod tho
Irvington professor of the milkman.
Oh, Eald the milkman, who has just
been graduated from Purdue and is not
to bo stumped by aiy Butler College
pedagogue, their sustenance is wholly
of vegetable origin; rich in chlorophyl,
and opulent, in butyraceous qualities.
A pint,, if you please, said the professor.
Git up^ said the milkman.
Brazil's White Coal
Brazil is thc richest country today in
white coal (water power). The fall
of the Iguassu o.. the frontier ot Argentina is superior in extent, in height
and in volume to Niagara. Tho fall of
the Iguassu. or tho Santa Maria, is fifty
meters; that is seven meters more
than that of Niagara. Its power has
been measured at 14 million horse. It
Is known that the fall of Scto Quedas,
on the frontier of Paraguay, has about
5 million horsepower, and tho cataract
of Paulo Alfonso, on tho Sao Francisco
River, composed ot several falls, has a
total level difference of eighty-one meters and a million horse power.
Small Trchin (to the owner of the
horso which ought to have been cat's
meat)—Doos yer want me to 'old 'int,
Tho Owner—No, thanks. He won't
run away.
Small Urchin—I didn't mean to hold
'im fast so's he won't run away. I
meant to hold him up so's he won't
Was He Sacked
Though a benevolent old gentleman
and a kind employer, Mr. Jones decided thut. so far as his «flicc-boy.
Alexander Kaldwin. was concerned,
tho limit ot his patience had been
The boy must bo Backed,
He had arrived a quarter of an hour
late yesterday, ten minutes late Ihe
day before, nnd this morning—Mr-
Jones glanced at the office clock—the
lad was already twenty minutes overdue.
Precisely nine minutes later ho entered tho ollice in the quiet, unobtrusive manner of one prepared for trou-j
bio.    A horrid silenco ensued.   Then:
And what excuse have you got this
morning? demanded Mr. Jones in tho
fiercest voice that ke could muster.
Tho—er—Ico on the pavements, sir!
stammered Master Alexander, It—or
—evory step I—cr—took—I er—slipped back two.
Mr. Jones glared at the lad.
Indeed; ho remarked with calm deliberation. Then pray, how did you
get here at all?
Nevor thought I should sir, replied
the incorrigible one, suddenly and happily inspired—that is, till I decided to
turn back home,
The  Beasts Entangled by Thousands
of Sreets Were Lassoed
Not loug ago four nian-cttting lions
were caught by flypaper at the village I
of Gwallor, India.
It happened that tbe head man of!
the village was able to shut the four'
lions up in a Lut into which they had
ventured ln search (if prey.     He kept
tbem thus barricaded for nearly two [
weeks, no one being willing to attempt
to capture them.    Finally he thought
of a scheme that proved as successful |
ns it was original.
He had thousands of sheets of Ily-
paper spread on the ground before the
entrance to the hut. Then suddenly
the barricades were lifted and the!
i.ons came bounding out—Into the flypaper. Of course it stuck to their I
paws, and when they tried to lick it off
it stuck to tlieir facts and heads. The
llous promptly forgot all about human
beings, and In their wild endeavors to
get rid of the flypapers, rolled over
and over on tho ground, roaring nnd
lighting for brcatti. Then tho head
man and his followers rushed forward
with long ropes, lassoed tho plunging lions and lied thent up-—flypaper
and all-
Loaded wjth Black or Smokeless Powder
Winchester Cartridges and Winchester Rifles are
made in the same factory and tested together.   Hence
the best results are always obtained when they are used
with each other.   Moreover, the knowledge obtained in
the manufacture of firearms, gives the Winchester Company,- an advantage in making cartridges for all kinds of
rifles, as they know their requirements.   Winchester .22s,
both black and smokeless, are made in all sizes of this
caliber and will surely give the best results in your
rifle.   The smokeless cartridges are loaded with Grease-
less Bullets, which do not soil the hands or clothing.
Minard's Liniment -tires Diphtheria.
Willie  ./as the Patient
Small of statue, pale, and troubled-
looking. Willie was inclined to be the
butt of his fellow-schoolmates, who
were teasing and worrying him. Who
is yer doctor? was a favorite question
from the bullies. Willie stood it as
long as he could, and then one day he
let go hard as the usual offensive
query was flung at his diminished
head. -
I haven't any doctor at all! remark
ed tlie boy, with calm dignity.
Then do you ever tako nny medicine? was tho next question.
Oh, don't I Willie replied. Father'.;
a dentist, mother's t. homeopat''., my
eldest sister's joined the ambulance
class, grandma goes mad over every
new medicine, and uncle's a vet. Ves,
he added, with a far-: vay look in his
eyes, aud they all practise on me.
To Mexico once a guy went
With a note to the great president
Ile arrived a week lace.
Aud he found that the state
Wns run by a different gent.
The person   who scolds  you loves
you best.
DODOS ">t/
Oi   PI LIS -J..)
BOe. a box or six boxes for $2.50,
at all dealers, or The Dodds Medicine Comp.'.ny, Limited, Toronto,
She was stout antl must havo
weighed nearly 300 pounds. She was
learning roller skating, when sho had
tho misfortune to fall. Several attendants rushed to her side, but were
unable to raise her at once. One
said soothingly;
We'll got you up all right, maihuu.
Do not bo alarmed.
Oil, I'm not alarmed at all, but your
floor is so terribly lumpy.
And then from underneath came a
small voice which said: I ant not a
lump, I am an attendant.
An Artist
That woman can do anything with
What is she? a bookkeeper?
No.   She's a dressmaker.
Some men are born good; others
have goodness thrust upon them by
their wives.
Skill j Labor
He walked Into the employment
agency wearing a smile ar 1 born-tired
look, as well as a tew other things.
Any vacancies for a man like me?
he asked, as he arranged himself comfortably along the counter.
What is your trade or profession?
My trade or profession, he repeated, yawning. I'ft a coronation programme seller.
I see! said the clerk drily. No, wo
have nothing in that line open Just
I'd take something else if It suited
me and I thot.ght I could do it properly, you know! ho wont on. making himself more comfor'-'.le on tho counter.
As for instance?
Well, replied thc born-tired, I would
nol miud calling out tho names of the
stations on board an Atlantic liner, or
something of that sort!
Sir Ernest Shaeklcton, thc Antarctic explorer, tells somo amusing stories of his experience as a lecturer.
Ou one occasion he was given a lecture at I.eith In Scotland and ho had
paid $25 for the hall and $20 for advertising. Other expenses amounted)
to another pound. He drovo from Edinburgh to the hall and instructed hlB
cabmen to wait for him. In the
building he found an audience consisting of an old, decripid   looking   man,
Why,  Indeed?
A certain captain had been lecturing his new recruits at some length
on 'Tho Duties of a Soldier. At last,
he thought the time had come to find
out just what he had accomplished.
Casting his eye over the room, he
fixed It on Private Murphy as his first
victim. Private Murphy, he asked,
why should a soldier bo ready to die
for his country?
The private scratched his head for
a while; then nn ingratiating smile
flitted across his face. Sure, captain,
he said, pleasantly, you're quite right.
Why should he?
Makes Better Tea
and More of It
James started his third helping of
pudding with delight. Onco upon a
time, James, admonished his mother,
thero was a little boy who ato too
much pudding and he burst!!
James considered. There ain't no
such thing as too much pudding, he
Thero must be, contended his mother, else why did the little boy burst?
James passed his plate for the
fourth time, saying: Not enough boy!
doing to the blackboard tho teacher
wrote this sentence: Tho horse and
tho cow was in the stable.
Now children, she said, there Is
something wrong with that sentence.
Who can correct it and tell why it is
One small boy waved his hand excitedly and tho teacher called upon
It's wrong, he said with Importance.
It ought to be the cow and the horse
was in the stable, because ladies always ought to go flrst.
Warts aro disfigurements that disappear when treated with Holloway's
Corn Cure.
No, said thc stag" manager, you are
the heroine. Tou are supposed to
suffer more than anybody else ln tho
play. You must put yourself into a
frame of mind which represents grief
and remorse.
I know, replied the leading woman.
I'll try to mako myself believe I am
one of tho people who paid $2 to see
this play.
C.n always make sure cf getting ths highest prices tor WHEAT, OATS,
BARLEY sod FLAX, by shipping th.lr car lots to PORT WILLIAM AND
HORT ARTHUR and having them sold on commission b
Carrying One Class Cabin (II) and Third Clasa
Tn the cnbln (II) passengers have the best accommodations at Second Clasa
rates.   Comfort and economy combined,
New 1313—13.400 Tons Each.   Newest Vessels In the Canadian Service.
Lounge, Gymnasium, Drawing Room,   Smoking   Room,   Open   and   Covered
Promenades, Spacious Staterooms,
10,000 TONS (New 1911) 8,000 TONS (New 1909)
The Cunard I.lne has long been famous for the comfort and luxury of Its passenger accommodation, and in this, ns In other respects, the steamers
In tbo Canadian senico maintain the highest reputation of the Company
From Portland to London (via Plymouth), AU80NIA, Deo. 13.
THE CUNARD STEAMSHIP CO., LIMITED, 304 Main Street, Winnipeg
Send for booklet, Mediterranean, Egyptian. Adriatic Cruises	
"2 in 1" and "3 in 1"
There's less in the garment tban in
the way it is worn. There was never
a time when the modest wolnan. no
matter what the fashions, did not look
Hoop skirts are said to bo coming
back and man may as well prepan
to give up his right to the one hook in
tho clothes closet that has been granted to him.
There was a school ln Babylon,:-.
6,200 years B.C., 'ut some people
think tbat all the wisdom ln the
schools was developed during the last
two or three decades.
as good as
Keeping a Secret
Agnes—Can you keep a secret?
Emma—Well, to be frank, dear—no,
I can't. <
Agnes—Then I'd better tell you that
George and I are to bo married next
Somo men try to console themselves
with the thought that they could be
better If they tried.
Tho Zulu prince who Is paying his
way at Harvard working aa a waiter
has tho right kind of stuff in him and
may be a Pullman porter Borne day.
No other Washboards have the
zinc crimped by 'ne method peculiar to EDDY'S Washboards.
This patented process eliminates
the danger OT torn linens—the
abuse of hands—the unpleasantness
of - ash-day.
It assures (omfort and economy to
tho greatest degree. Insist on
Asker—What did you give for that
Tellitt—Took It for debt—chap owe*
me a thousand dollars.
Asker—AB! Do you stand any
chance ot getting the other nine hundred
Conceit acts as a pneumatic tire t»
carry a man smoothly over many •
rough jolt.
Tbere Is nlwayB a woman ln tin
world about wbom some unworldly
man thinks all the world.
You bellevo in mustard plasters,
M.D.—-Rather! I always order them
for patients who call me out in the
middle of the niglit when Micro's nothing the matter with 'em.
VI. N. U 979
Small Daughter — It's most school
timo and I've mislaid my geography.
Cultured Mother—Well, toll nie
what the lesson Is about and I'll write
out tlie answer for you to learn.
Small Daughter— Tho lakes of
Cultured Mother—Um—cr—it you've
mislaid your geography, you careless
child, >ou can just hu..t till you find
I    A philosopher Is mc who asks other
I people questions In order that he may
answer  them  himself.   He  is  most
philosophical when others are unhap-
I py.
two men and a couplo of womon. Anxious to Increase tho number of his audience, be went down to the cabman
and said: I will pay somebody to bold
the horso, and you can como up and
hear the lecture. Tho man at onco
repllod, Oh, no, thank you, sir. I am
all right where: am. The lecture
was, however, given to tho hitter end.
Next day he *.as sorrowfully recounting his experiences to his wifo and
calculating his losses. Vive people
at a quarter a head, ho was saying,
mako the total receipts Jl.'Ju. Oh,
said his better half, you must doduct
SOc. from that. I sent the cook and
one of tho maids,
Not Guilty
A Massaschusetls minkter was
malting his first visit to Kentucky several years ago. He had to spend the
night iu a small mountain town whero
fei "s and moonshine stills abounded.
Engaging iu conversation with ono ot
tlio natives, be said: My friend, this
is a very bibulous state, I hear.
Lord! replied the man; there hain't
twenty-five Bibles in all Kentucky.
His Record
Fay—Thc Widow Dashaway's lius-
hr.nd didn't leave her much when he
died, did he?
Ray—No, but he left her very often
\ hen ho was alive
MAKE certain of complete success in your concrete work
by always using
CANADAPortiand cement
We are nipplying Canaxaan funm wkh the tsihett qmaXroi Portland Cement it » pomU*
for human skill to make.
We have reduced »he price of Canada Pottbnd Central i«iiak»witoirwi»»whfaiprMlieJ|f
every purpose.   It it the only binldni material thai it not JDacaskif k cost
Be sure to ask (or Canada
Cement, in bags.
Canada Cement Company Limited, Montreal
Defarlstent tnJget est.   Wl a cetmltatrttatcal mttriU tssydsfea'io.
FDR    T0UN6   FOLKS   fteDodfMof"7^ and DUmool
-'  - ' Thieves In London.
I    There is bo more daring robber
ftnallest Ballet Dancers In thi »«*■,",mui who makes jewels his
.„  , speciality, is the recent theft ot a
World Are In London. I Pearl neckltce. ot which the selling
. price was fixed tt £160,000, while
' ln transit between Paris ud  Lon-
' Ismt    i-A-sfolwlr..,   It,.,
■bass Maggie D'Ornally tnd Marjorit
Ceulen In Artistic Poses—Story of a
Claver Mouse—Things Children Like
•i Know.
■The sprightly little dancers In tho
More ara the Misses Maggie D'Or-
■By ond Marjorle Coulen, and tbey
m In ths big city ot London. Re*
SjBtly, at s bazaar bcld to raise funds
pr the horses snd drivers' aid compute, tbt small maidens danced
ptrmlrfgly. Thers wero four girls la
pi billet, but there Is only room to
post, containing ths pearls, arrived
in London on July 16th last wHh
only neatly-arranged pieces ot
French sugar tnd tome sawdust tn
It. Tbs thief must have extracted i
the pearls after ths parcel containing
them bad been posted In Paris tnd
before tt wat delivered to Ur. Max
lityer, ths owner, tt Httton Harden,
Probably Httton Garden has been
tbt scene of mors Jewel robberies
than any other thoroughfare ln London.   On ims occasion t traveler In
How Environment In Time Benders I Laundry   Hints  That  Are   »t»«raat
Humanity Immune. I        Practical Value In the Heme.
Civilization brings t hoot of dis-!   The marking of house linen and
eases In Its train.   The extremists ot   dothes ta a duty which should never
the back-to-nature cry bare gone so   •„, BWiKtea bj tlle mntal horj!0.
n.ufrb.Bc{.ari? %&&% *£*-» f &■"*■* j£f
civIIliaUon Is its cwn disease, thtt jr°»cr mann« '» *•'• P™** ••*•<*«•
lt preys upon Itself, tnd thtt ths " Ue 8ame 1*-**a from being used out
tlm ot man lt not to be civilized, but °* or(1pr and thus receiving more than
to avoid being civilised, though using to the full the opportunities thtt
civilization affords.
Perhaps an illustration may make
this quite clear. Measles Is t detinue germ disesse. It Is widely spread
over the earth, but not by any metns
universally spread; tor example. It
teems to have been unknown among
the North Amerlctn Indians prior to
tho comlm ot the Spaniards.   At t
s&rfttt^tfftij si i ^^w^inls'iJ^! 	
iiV.a I? i!.S    wh.T.l  i tne "-ortallty it tremendous tnd In  wlU not permit of the use of ink, tape
their due share of wear and tear.
The usual and most satisfactory
method Is to do It with marking ink,
either on the material itself or on a
small piece of tapo sewed on it The
former Is preferable, as the mark
cannot be obliterated, whereas It is a
simple matter for the tape to bo removed and replaced by another piece
with somo one else's Initials. With certain articles, such ss stockings and
other garments tbe texture of which
vehicle  two largo  black   handbags
swept away, every man, woman tnd
I™.TiIi»r'5.i'SS  "S~..-7i2"i,TH ! «*>lla Perishing from mettles.   Yet,
containing jewelry.   Presently t ltd | .„„„/ ,*,. w"u« „„.  „,.  *,....!
ln the uniform ot t messenger walked up to the cab, tnd, remarking to
the driver thtt hit firs would bo
out In t few minutes, entered the
house. Thtt wti ths lut seen of
him, and the bags were never recovered.   The lad had got safely twty
among the white race, the disease
has been so prevalent that lt hat become one of the common maladies of
childhood tnd Is hardly dreaded
with regard to Its fatal effect
The white race, therefore, by having bad   thest  diseases   for   many
»»' .J™ '»» "*u SJta"*SS. "S i thousand years bas   built   up   tn
with 400 gold bracelets,  600  gold i „„„,,„, „,„, ,. .,„„., ,„.„„„  ..
a by American Tress Association
aow two of tbem in tbe picture. Af
a* photo shows, they aro very grace*
fcl and pretty, and tbey won applause
fer their performance. Tbe patrons
tt tbo aid committee devote tho funds
fe securing bind treatment for horses
■d In helping drivers wbo are In need
tt assistance. Thc dancing girls aided
■aterlally ln making the bazaar a sua-
•tss and, besides the fun of dancing,
ltd tbe pleasure of knowing that they; j
fere helping a worthy charity.
fichu brooches, and t few sundry
articles of other jewelry, the whole
having t market value exceeding
In September, 1894, over £20,000
worth of diamondi were stolen from
Mr. Spyzer, of Antwerp. He was
standing tlone ln tn •Oct tt 70
Hatton Garden, when he was suddenly attacked from "behind tnd
overpowered by t handkerchief,
soaked in chloroform, being pressed
over his nostrils. When be recover,
ed consciousness he discovered thai
tho bags containing bis jewels were
gone. The tblef or thieves left ns
clue whatever behind them.
One night In December, 1574,
Lord and Lady Dudley drove up te
Paddington Station followed by •
cab conveying two servants who had
charge of her ladyship's jewel-case.
Tbe servants alighted from the cab
and placed the box on the pavement
while tbey paid the driver. When
they turned to pick up the box they
organism that is almost immune, or
ln other words lt hat 'perfected Its
resistance to t hostile environment.
Especially Is this true ln tbs
world of work and thought. Too
hard work is one of the diseases ot
civilization. But the very fact of
the compulsion of enduring life, although working too hard, has enabled a man or a woman to endure
heavy toll and has developed ths
human race to that extent. Eight or
ten hours of continuous toll to s
race not accustomed to it would kill
it off speedily. The same is true
about thinking. The Bushman tnd
Negritoes, tor example, can by no
means follow t conversation with
each other for more than two minutes, and when a white man learns
their tongue and tries to talk to
them, at the end of three or four
minutes of Questioning or attention
ln listening tbey tall to the ground
in sheer dizziness and weariness or
go    temporarily    mad   under   ths
found it had vanlshed._ Although t \ „„,, fnm%,„'in„. „, ,,„.„ ,,,. /,".,..
Hew the Mouse Escaped.
One night a wiso old mouse crept
town the garden path. Perhaps be was
stoking for the moon. But the moon
■rts hidden behind tbe barn.
Buzz, the cat was sitting beneath a
mrrnnt bush. Wben tho mouse came
try be pounced npon hlm.
"Ah, my fine fellow!" ho purred. "I
Vtll cat you ln n grny "oat this time!"
Then he cllrx'ied to tbe roof of the
Bed and took the wise old mouse with
Tbe mouse began a little, peeping
"Why do you sing?" mewed tbo ent,
sotting lilm dnwn on tho roof, with one
few upon his back.
"I always sing nt this time of night,"
Squeaked Ihe mouse. "I should be very
ssppy to have you sing with me."
This pleased Buzz, wbo was rain.
Se stretched up his neck, ns If to look
Iter thc bar. at the moon, and began
■ sing.
The wise mouse peeped softly, but
he cat was fond of his own voice aud
Sing with nil his might.
Then he took his paw from the mouse
It beat time.
When the tuno was done Buzz looked
lown and saw only a hole ln thc roof, i j
A Balancing Trick.
Get a piece of wood six Inches In
tnglli nnd about half nn Inch In thick.
less and near one end of it thrust In
to blades of two knives In such a'
tanner that one of them Inclines ta
me side and tlie second to the other.
reward of £1,000 was offered for any
information that would lead to ths
recovery of the jewels or part thereof, no trace of them has since been
Ij An Adventurous Life.
|     Tbat   remarkable   novelist,   Mr.
I Joseph Conrad, who now receives t
well-deserved pension from the English Civil List, Is a Pole by birth.
He was born ln 1857, his father being a well-known poet and critic,
and the proprietor of a review ln
Warsaw. As the elder Conrad was
an ardent patriot, he came under ths
notice of the Russian Government,
and was arrested Just before the
Polish rising of 1861. Various
members of tbe Conrad family were
concerned ln tbls rising, and ths
novelist's mother was banished to
Siberia. -s,
Mr. Joseph Conrad Was educated
ln Cracow, and in bis youth followed the sea. His flrst voyage wat
made on an English trading vessel,
and In this manner he acquired a
knowledge of the English language,
lie stuck to the sea for many years,
and qualified as a master in 1884,
becoming at the same time a naturalized British subject. About ten
years later he wrote his first novel,
"Almayer's Folly," and though it did
not secure many readers, the literary critics were kind, and Mr. Con-
rad resolved to adopt writings as s
Mr. Conrad writes English with t
rare sense of style and beauty, so
that it is a surprise to many of hia
admiring readers to learn that he ll
employing a language which he did
not acquire until after boyhood
erty, faithfulness of duty, the desire
for fame or some such motive, men
have worked all their lives 12 and
14 hours t dty without suffering for
A Game That Lasts.
For the man who bas once bad
the responsibility of coaching an
eight-oared crew the task has an attraction which can't be resisted,
Some one asked me once why it ll
that moat college crew coaches make
good chess players. I knew that the
person who put the question didn't
know much about the rowing game,
for producing a successful eight-
oared crew requires an amount of
thinking which makes chess seem
like pure recreation ln comparison,
Of course it's different from a chess
problem in the fact that opponents
don't always start with the same
strength of forces, but this only adds
to the fascination of trying to boat
a winning combination.
The place where tho mark should
appear Is a matter of Individual taste,
but It Is most useful in that part which
can be most easily seen when the
article is folded and put nway. For
Instance, stockings should be marked
at the Inside of the top of tbe leg,
tablecloths on the nnder side at the
corner, nightdresses at tbe bottom of
the front opening or at the Inside ot
the back of tbs collar band.     •
Articles of a similar kind In use st
the same time should, ln addition to
the Initials, be marked with numbers
as well. For Instance, in the case of
handkerchiefs they should be marked
with the initials of the owner, nnder
which should.be put numbers 1, 2, 9,
snd so on; the same with stockings,
nightdresses, serviettes, tablecloths,
sheets and, In fact, everything that
can be marked at all. They should
then bo placed ln the drawer or linen
cupboard, as ths case may be, with
the numbers ln consecutive order. If
they are then taken out for uso In their
right order and replaced ln the earns
manner after washing, one article will
not receive more than Its fair share of
use. Thus, if handkerchiefs numbered
1 to 0 had been used and washed, they
ahould be replaced nnder those numbered 7 to 12, so that tbey will not
be used again before tbe latter. Again,
If tablecloth No. 2 la to go to tbs
laundry, you will know tbat lt is now
the turn of No. 3, snd No. 1 will not
be brought Into use out of its proper
By Mary Gordon Fraser.
There's the cool white drift of dew
beneath, and overhead, the stars
And the new moon sifting through
the pines ln shimmering silver
There's the lissome sway of slender
birch beyond the dusk of fir,
And the stately cedar, acattering wide
Its wealth of pungent myrrh.
There's the silken sheen of poplar
leaves against tbe darkening
And a rippling splash where a foam-
flecked stream goes madly hurrying by,—
There's a waiting silence, drowsy-
sweet—and then, from the underbrush,
Tbe last dear note of his even-song
from the pulsing throat of a
Mayor of Alberta's Capital Was
Chief Executive of Town In 1903
and Retired Later, Bnt Single
Tax Issue Has Drawn Him Back
Into tho Melee—Was Bora If
|       Elora, Ont.
|     William Short, K.C, Mayor of Ed-
; monton. will be remembered a very
long while as Ihe man wbo, ln 1902,
became  for  three   successive  yoara
mayor of what was then a fur town,
and ln 1912, because he bad taken a
very live bull by the horns and sue-
{cessfuily got him   ornered, was re-
, elected chief magistrate ot t city.   In
tho eight years  that  Wlllitm Short
I waa   a   private   citizen   Edmonton
  {changed   from t clattering   furpost
Col. MacGrogor Will Look l*p L«ng   !•*» to an energizing young city of
Aid to tht Beet Injured.
Illustrated la a novel shoe brusb, or,
to be mors explicit, shoe brushes,
which do not polish the shoe, but remove all the dust and dirt that collect
ln the leather.
Tbe shoes are placed In a partition
between the brushes, and by touching
Painful Experience.
"After I had written "The Wake of
the Sun' I sold It for $250," writes
Mr. Morley Roberts In "The Private
.          Life of Henry Maitland." "When thia
If the other end of the wood Is then    bargain was finally struck Mr. Jones
Brown said to me, 'Now, Mr. It., as
llseed on the Up of tho forefinger It
till keep Itself perfectly upright wllb- !
Nt falling, nnd even If It Is Inclined to I
ine sldo it will instnnlly recover Ha I
•erpendlenlor position, being In reality |
Sept tn equipoise by thu knives.
Historical Questions.
Who was (ho author of 'TTnll Co-
■tnbln?"   Joseph Ilnpltlnson.
Of whom was It wrongly said, "ne
Hold not ho kicked into a fighlV"
President Madison,
Who was thc "nero of New Or<
•ens?"   Andrew Jackson.
Who said, "I'll try, sir!" Colonel
Siller nt Lundy's Lnne.
Who said "A little more grape, Cap-
kin Bragg?"   General Taylor.
Game of Guess.
One player gives the first letter of
Itmetlilng In thc room; the others In
sirn guess what tho next letter Is, and
• on. 	
Chcosin' 8ides.
Aoostn' sides for baseball is a bully way
l» And out what fellows think about your
far if yau're a mutter, when for tnea
they call,
feo'rs the lost one token, If you're took
at all
■sell aide has a captain, an' they choose
you know,
tea «ay». "I'll tak. Reddy;" other,  "I'll
tatce Joe:"
% frant Tommy Jackson," "Gimme Sammy Kllne"-
•» titer keep a-chooaln' till each get t
Istst time wa was pterin' Billy Brown was
1st tha fellows ehooein'-be'a our champion:
tha' while 1 was wandarls' woe Ms coates
would ba
4 Itsard Mm a-amjm' tbat na wanted rat,
-miaealpMa Latum
the business Is all done, would you
mind telling me quite frankly to what
extent tbls book of yours is true?' I
replied, 'It is as true in every detail
as It can possibly be.' 'Then you
meant to say,' he aaked, 'that you actually did starve as you relate?' I
said, 'Certainly I did, and might have
made it a deal blacker If I bad chosen!' He fell into a momentary reverie and, shaking hla head, murmured, 'Ah, hunger i" a dreadful thing—
I ones went without dinner myself!"'
Historic Home For Sole.
Plas Newydd, the home of that ee-
osntrlc couple, "Ths Ladles of Llangollen," has been offered for sale. Its
flrst sale occurred In 1832, and from
the style of the announcement It
would appear that the auctioneer—
one Mr. George Bobbins—waa an aspirant to literary fame. "Upon the
freehold," wrote the excellent Rob-
bins, "is a considerable quantity of
valuable timber- which overhangs a
deep and hoflow glen. In its entangled bottom, a frothing brook leaps
and clamors o'er the rough stones
in its channel towarda tbe vale of
An Erratic Echo.
The late Sir John Leng had traveled ln most quarters of the tvlobe. On
one occasl<* when visiting Spain tro
waa asked at a certain spot by a traveling companion to test thc powers of
what waa declared to be a wonderful
echo. Sir John, slowly and deliberately, ln rounded tones uttered the
words  "Dun-dee  Ad-ver-tls-er,"
How Much Sleep Do We Need?
How much sleep Is necessary for
a man? The question was raised
centuries ago by Montaigne. "Phtsi-
tians," he wrote, "may consider
whether sleep be so necessario tbat
our life must needs depend on it, for
we finde tbat Perseus, King ol
Macedon, prisoner at Rome, being
kept from sleep, was made to die;
but Plinie alegeth that some bavs
lived a long time without any sleep
at all. And Herodotus reportetb
there are natious where men sleep
and wake by balte years. And those
that write the life of Eplmenidas the
wise affirm that he slept the continual space ot seven and fifty years."
A Costly Bean.
The vanilla bean is said to be the
costliest bean on eartb. It's home is
in Mexico, chiefly In Papantla and
Mlsantla. It grows wild and is gathered solely by natives. Just as they
come from the wilderness of forests
the beans sell at $10 per 1,000. After
they are dried and cured they are
worth from $10 to $11 per pound,
according to their quality. They are
used extensively by druggists and
confectioners and form quite an important Mexican product.
Woman's Iteason.
Womea have moro of what Is termed good sense than men.  They can- j
not reason wrong, for they do not
reason at all.  They have fewer pre- .
tensions, are less Implicated ln thco-
rles snd judge of objects more from
their Immediate and Involuntary Impression on the mind, and therefore
more truly and naturally.—Hazlitt     i
Neglected Field.
About thirty five years ago a parly
of prospectors, while exploring the
north-western slope of tho liocky
Mountains In British Columbia, came
upon promising indications ln a secluded valley, hidden in the deptha
of what was then the great wilderness beyond tbe divide. They bad
panned out gold along the Cariboo,
and from there bad pushed on ln the
hope of finding new fields. They
were interested for a time ln a
gravel bank on a tributary ot the
Omineca River, where one hundred
dollars a day were secured for every
man working on the bank,
Pushing on, tbe party came to the
valley ln which they found most
promising indications; but tbe season was far advanced, tbe supplies
were running short, and the party
was obliged to leave Ibe valley before thoroughly testing Its worth.
Returning to camp, the men separated; and of that party, only one member Is alive to-day—Colonel Donald
MacGregor, of Wllliamstown, Glengarry, Ont. He knows the location
of the valley where gold was found,
but which was left unexplored, and
be bas now under consideration an
expedition to the distant place
among the still unexplored wilds ot
the western slope of the Rockies.
Col. MacGregor was In British
Columbia In the early days when
gold mining outranked all other occupations, and later, wben the wealth
of the forests began to be turned to
account. Much later, and when the
Klondike waa the latest El Dorado,
he spent ten years in the Yukon,
principally at Dawson City, where he
was chairman of the celebrated Citizens' Committee that brought about
reform ln the government of
famous   mining   camp.      Ho
modern ldeaa and progressive business. But tt didn't succeed in outgrowing W. B. Short. He was born
In Elora, studied law In Ontario, and
In 1894 was admitted to the Alberta
Bar—which waa then about as serious as the bottom bar In a fence-gap.
Mere legality never made W. B.
Short tbe character he is to-day. It
was the country and tbe town. Short
wiLmn b. short.
was always a public citizen. He took
t keen Interest In the civic and religious and educational affairs. He was
chairman ot the Edmonton School
Board In ths last few years of ths
19th century. He was Clerk of Sessions or soms such dignitary ln tbe
Presbyterian Church. He was senior
the partner of the firm, Sh-rt and Cross,
now long before Charlie Cross dreamed of
thinks of making one more trip to being Attorney-General of Alberta,
the West, revisiting the valley found He drove a good boras and wu a
many years ago, and robbing it of splendid driver. In a day when after-
the secret of its hidden wealth. I dinner speakers   were   supposed to
  take their cue from Frank Oliver, he
Double-Faced George. stuck to hi- own facile and effective
Ctpt. Bellalrs, formerly of Tho I'M? or iell™T »nd «<" »»»-' wit*
London Times, who Is now traveling'"• .,,.„. . ..
in Western Canada, told a good story I « „ Va^^o^.n^h^SS
at the Rldeau Club the other day S^^nifewl^StaJ/S
about Sir Georgo Reid, the High Z ^. nnd . i»h.» r^rJ ,^ ^
Commissioner for Australia ln Lon- JJ» **! ™,L i^hi .i^fE... ™!S3"
j -     n-,j   «.*,«-  ,_ ..„»,.,. «„,nt...   nect hdraonton to the civilized world,
don.    Reid, when ln active politics   t,0„i„„,nir «, ci*.i\.—-    -,,..._» -
ln Australia, had  earned  the sobri-
t lever Ibe wheels aro set in motion
and the brushes revolve quickly, removing tho soil of a day's wear iu tba
Where there nre many men In thi
household this contrivance, which Is
not expensive, would bo a great convenience.
quet, whether justifiable or not, of
"Two-faced George" or "Double-fac-
beginning at Strathcona. Short wat
far-sighted onough to recognize a
very large bull on tbe edge of tha
a n1"«v^f. T.Z-l . MiJ^rK -lel<l whloh he expected to tackle tome
ed George." It was a reference to his   ,,„   „„ „„„,„,,„,,„ „,„„ _„,.,..    n-v.
alleged agl'.lty to always be on Iho
side of the winners.    Addressing a
crowded  meeting   in  Sydney  Town
Hall, during the heat of a political
campaign, Sir George was frequently
Interrupted, one man ln the front row
day, or somebody else would. The
bull was taxation. The thing thai
W. B. Short more than any other ono
man was responsible for inaugurating in that part of tho world was t
form of tingle tax which remains to
this day as a partial lovelier In Ed-
of the flrst gallery being persistent ln monton and ha, been an eiample tr
his calls of "Two-faced George." Reid olner c|lte, ■„ the Wcs,
stood It for a little while, and then | .
Average Length of Life.
Four hundred years ago the average length of human life was between
eighteen and twenty yearn. Ono hundred years ago the average human
life was less thr.n thirty years. The
average human llfo to-day reaches
nearly forty years. This shows what
medical science haa done for human
Self Composed.
She—He Is a person of perfect
ease and possession and is thoroughly at home anywhere. *
He—Yes: he even has the faculty
of making you feel a total stranger
in your own houso.—London TUBUS.
I name of the paper he owned. "Dundee Courier and Argus," the name of
1 the opposition paper, came back as
- tbe echo! Sir John's friends htd
| Blared Ua a trick. j
Keep Busy.
The busy man  is  troubled
but ono   devil,   the   Idle  man
the I thousand.—Spanish  Proverb.
by a
The  danger of   pride   is   tbat  lt
shuts the door to real greatness com-
ine in.—Frederick Lynch. |
Umbrella Cases.
Because In mnny hoarding schools
tbo girls sharing n room nlso have to
share a closet It Is tlio wise thing te
have a plainly marked umbrella case
which can he hung on n book behind
one or moro garments. Tills case, large
enough to hold several umbrellas, Is
made of henry dark denim, hound at
the lung edges, nt Ihe abort t-loHetl ond
tnd nt the wide mouth with thick
worsted hraltl and on hnth Hat sides
plainly marked In ivlilto lupo with tbe
Initials of the owner. Much of tho
trouble which arisen among girls room*
ing together nt hoarding schools grows
out of mlsundi'i'statullnirs with regard
to appropriating each other's small belongings, hut the stiiih-nt who arrives
•armed wilh one of these eases clearly
Indicates to ber companion thut she
regards her umbrellas us her own prop
trty.      ■ ■'
in'- '.     '     '■
Pract.cal Dyeing.
Where there nre many children lo
the family It Is economy to do eonsld-
crntile dyeing. Many a faded,muslin
can he made lo appear. In a fresh color
Light evening frocl;s-cau. be dyud s
darker shade end serv-p fer school ot
afternoon wear. iU'iiiemher to dye ol
the same time any extra pieces of material to sorte for altering, or patch
Ing. as It is almost Impossible lo
match n dyed material.
White or cream colored ribbon or
(lowers may he given a beautiful
shrimp plnlc shade by dipping In water
Into whirh red Ink hns been dropped
Ordinarily liquid wash bluing used Is
tbe same wny will tint feethers, wiuga
etc., s pretty pale blua
turned upon his tormentor. "I notice," ht, said, pointing to the gallery,
"that a gentleman has frequently Interrupted me and called me 'two-faced George.' Will he permit mc to ask
hlm a question?" "Certainly I will,"
replied the man. Reid thereupon remarked: "May I ask if the gentleman
ln the gal'ery has two faces?" "Not
on your tin type," samo the quick
reply. "I might have known that,"
Reid shot back, "otherwise you would
havo left that faco at homo." The
cheers and laughter waloh followed
lasted fully fire minutes, during
which the Interrupter made a quiet
departure from the building.
They Called Him Tanut.
It Is curious how inconsistent art.
the prejudices of people ln regard te
the use of heathen names, Mr. Payn,
ln his "Gleams of Memory," tells an'
amusing story of Dean ilurgon, wb«
objected to the name of the goddess
of beauty, but found no fault with;
that of the god of the woods.
An Infant was brought to the
church for christening, and tbe nam*
proposed for lt was Vanus, "Vanus?"
repeated the dean. "1 suppose yoa
mean Venus, Do you Imagine I am
going to call a Christian child by that
name, and least of all a male child?"
The father of the I a rant urged thai
be only wished to uan
n*i j  or.AtA,     ..     i _ ne only wisnea to name It after hit'
I. .i^,. 1% ,\fi?£L%?"?&.    ■   grandfather.    "YOUI   grandfathcr!"
tho new arrivals from Great Britain   wk,„ ,„ „„,,,..!■      ■■ --        '
and  Europe fully  GO per cent, are
Whoro Is your grandfather?" Ho was]
-" -••■'.,*,"""   "" ,-*"". "."}■ ",ro  produced—a poor old soul of eighty!
wives and children coming to Join tho £r beDt (loub,e ,,.,* c,rla|Dly „„»
husband and father, who came ahead - -■
and "made good." The number of
newcomers Is also swelled by tbe arrival of brothers, ulsters, and relatives
ot those who came before. Then,
again, Ihe young Immigrant, finding
conditions hotter than those ln the (
old land, docs not forget friends al j >va-*us'.
home, and a series of encouraging let-'
ters are often   followed   by friends
coming out to join them here.
Tho two classes which tho (lovern-
ment is striving to obtain are the
agricultural norkera and domestics.
The artisan class, which all too fro-
looking In tho least like Ibe goddess
In question. "Do you mean to t«U
mn, sir, tbat any clergyman tvssf
christened you 'Vanus,' as yon call,
"Well, no, air,    I was christens*)
Sylvanus, but tliey always calls mej
Ideal Length For Serrann.
What Is tho Ideal length for a
Don? Tho question Is raised
Dean Hole la bis "Memories."
tho vty of Illustration, he tells si
qu'eni'ly'but scn'es toTwell'the'ranki ,lorJr of a sheriff's chaplain who bad,
of the unemployed In tbe cities, is not 0I,C0 ",od,» J"d«e what WM thd
encouraged by tho authorities, and. f™»" '•"''i??. * ™*Z .ijj"'!
although it Is charged that somj of   !.w",n.,J minute8'     was   the   answer,!
jmj of
the transportation companies reek to
Induce such to migrate to Ontario,
the nercentage is kept as low as possible
"with a leaning to the side ol
mercy." That Is good advice— and}
by tbe way, It Is advice which Queoau
Victoria would bave heartily im
proved. In 186? the Queen presenw
ed a pntplt glass to tbe Cbapalr
Royal, Savoy, tnd It was timed forj
exactly eighteen minutes. There wss)
no mistaking thc hint.   If you wantj
Generous Artists.
One sometimes hears tbat an art* I
1st has actually sold a picture,   but
seldom of an artist buying a picture, . , _, ,, « _ _ " .(.-..a
and more seldom still of eighteen «dJ"f'"ft i'l?"! ".mite, "^
artists subscribing to buy a picture|■»»■«•>»»»» eifhteeo minutes.
by another artist, yet this haa actually happened in Toronto.
The other day eighteen Toronto
artists decided that the work of
A. Y. Jackson was so good that   tl
Long Distance Power.
Tbe greatest long-distance powat|
transmission ln Southern Asia is It,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ the native State of Mysore, newt
was iniperitivj that Mr. Jackson be er being transmitted from tho Can-:
represented ln the National Art Gal-Wery Falls to the Kolar gold flelday
lery at Ottawa, and to ensure Mr. ninety-two tulles sway, and to tha
Jackson this honor they co-operated titles of Mysore tnd Bangalore, tbttl
tnd bought one of his sketches Itr forty and eighty-six miles away, rathe purpose of presenting It t* the apeetlrely, for electric lighting and
National Gallsrt I sower eursstet. \    -•
i hn'iSLAWDEB, Liiair>r.t\J..At<ii>
•JWhether you are well dressed or not is determined
more by where you buy your clothes than what you
pay for them. IfNo matter what you pay us for a suit
you may be sure that its the best to be had for the
money; best in material, workmanship, style, everything, and that you'll be well-dressed when you get it
on. KThe more a man knows about good clothes'and
correct dressing the more pleased we are to show him
our stock. IHe reoognizes at once the perfection of
style and material in every garment he sees here.
Perfect Fit
Simon Leiser & Co.
"The Big Store"
Phone 38
Ici on parl't Francais. Parlez-
vous Francais? If not come to
the boys' batch; Third Avenue,
Mondays aud Thursdays. Say
A social dance was held in the
Bevan Hotel last Saturday evening in honor of Burns anniversary. Mr. Hugh Thornley donned a new style of kilts and
danced the Highland Shottische.
The executive committee of
Bevan Athletic Association met
laat Monday. It was decided to
interview Mr. Lockard re a site
for recreation purposes, We
are plfttsed to announce that Mr.
Lockard promised every assistance once we get busy.
es YEAM*
Tnaot Mams
CocvniaHTt Ao.
Moos strlc'lf confident!
■ut rrsM. outsat u«ns., ..
I'uMiiu taken tSrouah
u •one, wu noun
.,..,„.. «alntaUstaliaiidMs<trlptiori»*aT
t)*i oklf aseanalBT one 0|,lnlon Sea whether an
!.iU i«p'v5^'^w'i!'.'isL'Q';„"p';'l'i,ii
inn Stifa. rsealva
Scientific Hnicricati.
A, bMteonwlr nitutnUd w»Wy. -UncMt circulation of Stay ■cltinttl.c ]onni;.1. Twui* Ior
S Mill1 yeMT, (KMUgfl piopalcL Kuld I*
all MWtdwltm, '
Mm\ Tint
Thanks tlie many customers of
Cumberland mid district for
tlieir patronitge of dry goods
during his stay nt the Union
Hotel, Cumberland,
We now solicit your trying our
Mail Order Department
whenever in need ot
Synopsis ol Coal Mining Regulations
GOAL mining lights of tho  DoniiuiuM
in Manitoba, Ssskatoh.owaw hi>" Albert,,,
the Yukon Territory. thsH;.rih»8tl Terri
turiu* mul in a portion (,f the Prov net* ol
British Columbia, may be leased fur»ti" 111
>f twehty-utie yeHi'a a' on auiiusl n-nhsl - I
$1 an acre. Not more than 2,500 aores
will be leased to ime applicant.
Application for a lease must be nmdi* bs
'he applicant in person to the Agent nrsub
Agent of the district in which the right.
a|inlied for are situa'ud.
Itliurveyedtonitnry thu land mum be
ilesoribed bv sWotiiiii».iir lentil aubdi.istiuis
(if seolintis, and in utisutveyed errh •-)
he'raor applied fur sltnl) lie ai»k d . u hi,
li, app ioatlt himself.
Ko-h applioaliun must he nee mpm i"'
by ifre i.i (6t hlch will b,- refund, rt If the
ifuhta applied forarenol available, bul not
nthorwiis. A roy.iltj shall ht' paid on the
nierohautable untput of the mine at ills-
rati* 1 I live cents per t-11.
Tlie poraun operating tin* mine shall
furnish the Agent vviflt iwnm leturusHO-
minting. 1W ihe full quantity ofnureh-
antablecoalmiiud anil piy tlu* royalty
thereon, If the cal mining itghta aie
not-being operated sic- return*, shall he
furnished at least unoe a year.
The lease taill Inolude tho mini miliiii
lights only, but thei Bseetuay b- pernit'
ted to purchase whatever avai:able am
face rights may be considered nVceasari
f rtln- w> rkina-olthe minoa1 tlierate I
g 10 OO.iiacie.
For full iuforuiation appltcath n «,h oh:
be made to the Secretary if tlm Deji  t.
ment of the Interior. Otiawi,   or to   any
Agent or Suh Ast'tit' fD"iiiini"n Lands
W   W. CORY,
Deputy Minister .1 'he li te.ior.
N U- iliiauihoiiztd publicati, o , f thi*
idverti-rtneiit ss,ill not 1 *ul for
or other goods and you will
receive best values and
good service.
Prom Jan 1st yon will
have the January Sale
Prices which  are   an
additional    advantage
to you
Note our only addrrss
Seabrook Young,
623, Johnson St.,
V i c to r i a, B. C.
Notice is Hereby Given, in
accordance with the Statutes,
that all ajsessed taxes and income
tax assessed and levied under the
"Taxation Act", and all school
taxes assessed and levied under
the "Public Schools Act, are due
and payable on the 2nd day of Jan
uary, 1914. AU taxes collectable
for the Comox Assessment District are due and payable at my
office situated at the Government Office, Cumberland, B, C.
This, notice, in terms of law, is
equivalent to a personal demand
by me upon all persons liable for
Dated at Cumberland B. C.  this
24th day of January. 1914.
'Deputy Assessor and Collector,
Comox Assessment District.
Silk & Fancy Goods
Suitable for Presents
*        *f     -    . mmM^i^mmmmmmMmm^mm
C. Sing Chong
CHINATOWN,   West  Cumberland
Branch Store at Bevan i
SEALED TENDERS addressed to the
undersigned, and endorsed "Tender
for Wharf at Nootka Sound, B. C," will
be received at this office until 4.00 p.m.
on Thursday, February 26th, 19'4, for
the construction of a Wharf at Nootka
Island, Comox-Atlin District, B.C.
Plans, specifications and form of contract can be seen and forms of tender
obtained at the offices of the District
Engineers at New Westminster, B. C.j
Victoria, B.C., and on application to the
Postmaster at Nootka, B. C.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied, and
signed with their actual signatures, stating their occupations and places of resid
ence. In the case of firms, the actual
signature, the nature of the occupation
and the place of residence of each member
of the firm must be given.
Each tender must be accompanied by
an accepted cheque on a chartered bank,
payable to the order of the Honourable
the Minister of Public Works, equal to
ten per cent. (10 p.c.) of the amount of
the tender, which will be forfeited if the
person tendering decline to enter into a
contract when called upon, to do so, or fail
to complete the' Wdrk" contracted for. If
the tender be not accepted the cheque
will be returned.
The Department does not bind itself to
accept the lowest or any tender.
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, January 23, 1914.
Newspapers will not be paid for this
advertisement if they insert it without
authority from the Department.—54447.
Tenders will be received by the
undersigned not later than 4 p.m.
on the 16th day of February.
1914, for the purchase of 68
4-5th acres, Salmon RiverValley,
more especially described as' follows: Fractional south half of the
N. E. quarter of Sec. 33, Township 6, Sayward District. Several
acres cleared, also dwelling house
and barn on the land. Part cash
balance on time to suit purchaser.
Highest  or  any   tender  not
necesssarilv accepted.
Official Administrator,
Cumberland, B,C
V. L.Tway^ C. H. McMillan
Tway & McMillan
Contractors & Builders
Framing of all kinds, Mill Wrightlng,
Installation of Mill Machinery.
c h. McMillan        v. l.tway
Cumberland, B.C.      Courtenay, B.C.
The Next and Nearest Property to the Mines,
Sawmills,   and   Absolutely   Inside   Property.
1-4 to 1-2 acre Lots, 60x80by 120
feet deep, $150 to $225 per Lot
Easy tfrinis.    You'll be on Easy Street in buying these.
It's the White Man's City.     We do not sell to Asiatics.
Lots are selling fast, apply to A. Pailthrope, "The Store," Berwick, or
Harry Idiens
British Columbia Investments Ltd. ^^
DONT   DELAY   HINGING   UP   30.   *
" The Magnet Cash Store "
Phone 31
Cumberland, B.C.
We Imve just received another car load of the celebrated
Gerhard Heintzman Pianos. We can sell you a Piano
on easy monthli/ payments He have several extra
pit)'' second hand pianos, that were taken i'i exchange
lor new ones, nt prices ranging from $100 and upwards
G.A.Fletcher MusicCo
B. C.
For Candy, Cigars
Hot Tomales
For absolute
protection write
a Policy in the
London & Lancashire Fire-insurance Co. of
L i v e r p o o 1 .
Total Ause f, a
§26,7 8 8,930 00
Wesley Willard
D©N6 FUN & go.
Ladies & Gentlemen's Fashionable Tailors
Suits Made to Measure frnm §28 to 640
Gleaning,      Pressing       and     Repairing
SEVAN.   --.
Household Requisites
Washing Machine, Water Moto-; Baths, $50 reduced to $32.50
Rocking Chairs, Dining Room Chairs, Washstands
at Reduced Prices.
tuinsniulr avenue, Cumberland, B, e.


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