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Array HOLIDAY and
flft^m __*■**■*■
iegUUUon Library    f
V m 10 j9i2 i)
VOL. III., No. 37
Subscription price, $1.50 per year
U.M.W. of A. Indignant Became
of Pretence of So Many Provincial Police.
There was an unusual number
present at the meeting of the
City Council held in the Council
Chambers Monday evening. His
Worship the Mayor presided and
the following aldermen were present: Banks, Willard, Maxwell,
Campbell, Cessford, and Beveridge. The City Clerk read the
minutes of the previous meeting,
which were adopted as read.
The following communication
was read:
To the Mayor and Aldermen,
Sirs,—The members of the
Women's Christian Temperance
Union desire to call your attention
to the non-enforcement of the
Curfew Bell, also to the sale of
cigarettes to children under age,
and trust you will have the law
more rigidly enforced.
(Signed) E. F. Banks,
Corresponding Sec, W.C.T.U.
This letter was referred to the
Police Commissioners for their
consideration and the offending
parties brought to justice.
A communication was read
from A. H. Peacy, druggist, requesting the city authorities to
have the cement sidewalk in
front of his store inspected before
closing with the contractor. Mr.
Peacy states he is very much dissatisfied because it has already
worn down to the gravel and
broken away.
R. H. Travers being in town
the Council thought it best to lay
the complaint before him, because
he had guaranteed the pavement
and would improve any faulty
places that may arise in the sidewalk. The matter was referred
to the regular Sidewalk Committee to investigate and report
to the Council at their next meeting.
A communication was read
from the Union of British Columbia Municipalities stating they
had by an unanimous vote at the
convention of B.C. Municipalities
at Revelstoke passed the following resolution:
That the municipalities co-operate in the appointment of a select
committee with power to appoint
a solicitor to watch all legislation
with a view to guarding every
portion of the province from adverse enactment and further
all measures tending to the advancement of the whole or any
part thereof. The cost incident
thereto to be apportioned in an
equitable manner by the executive.
The intent of this resolution is
that as so many municipalities in
the past have suffered from legislation both public and private,
and have had in many cases to
bear the cost of counsel to attend
a session of the legislature seeking relief. It was deemed most
essential that some reponsible
solicitor be engaged to view all
intending legislation, and in all
cases where it is found that any
contemplated Bill would prejudice
any municipality to immediately
notify that municipality and the
executive of the facts, giving
ample time when possible for
defence. This will entail an expenditure of approximately $750,
which the municipalities, are ask-
to provide in amounts of from
$10 to $25. The executive have
carefully classified the different
municipalities and found that an
equitable amount for the City of
Cumberland to contribute would
be $10. ,  ,      ,.
Aid. Beveridge moved that this
communication be laid over for
the next Council. No one seconded the motion.
Aid. Maxwell moved that it be
received and filed, which was
Martin, Griffin and Co., barristers, of Vancouver, wrote the
Council advising them to let
matters stand and not pass the
by-laws until the Act is changed,
as the Royal Bank might take
the position that the by-laws
ought to be passed when the Act
is in good shape and not before.
On motion this was received
and filed.
The following letter addressed
to the Mayor and Council was
read by the city clerk:
Gentlemen:—Whereas we the
undersigned have been appointed
to present for your consideration
a resolution passed at a meeting
of the U.M.W. of A., held in the
City Hall on December 1st, 1912,
Resolved that we protest against
the action taken in flooding the
city with special police, as we believe they are a danger and a
menace to the peace of this community, Resolved since the U.
M.W. of A. officials have acted
and are acting in accordance with
the resolution passed by the police
commissioners in discouraging
any disorderliness we do not see
the advisability of the presence
of these special police in this city.
(Signed) Len Cawthorne,
Jos. W. Horbury,
John McAllister.
Several of tne members of the
U.M.W. of A. were present to
support their resolution, and a
heated discussion ensued with
considerable cross-firing. Very
little more would have caused an
uproar in the proceedings of the
council. Aid. Beveridge asked
the mayor if he had anything to
do with the police coming to this
city. The mayor replied: "Yes;
I had something to do with it."
Aid. Beveridge then asked that
the Attorney-General be petitioned to remove the special police.
Aid. Willard moved an amendment that the U.M.W. of A. com
munication be handed over to the
police commissioners, they being
the men to deal with it.
Aid. Maxwell said he did not
see the use of the men and
thought it was time they were
out of here.
Aid Campbell asked the mayor
who besides himself had asked
for the police.
The Mayor replied that the
citizens of Cumberland demanded
police protection at the last meet
ing of the police commissioners
and the officials of the U.M.W.
of A. had promised on Aid. Camp
bell's motion to maintain law and
order if they were asked and
given warning. Expecting these
officials to discourage disorderliness what did we find the very
next day—the prooessions, hooting and jeering were even worse,
Aid. Beveridge asked the mayor
if he was going to dirty his cloak
for those who are shouting "Law
The mayor said: "I am open to
express myself in all cases. I
received complaints from all sides
for police protection. The U.M.
W. of A. repeated their processions and mobbed the working-
men after promising they would
Aid. Campbell seconded Aid.
Beveridge's motion to petition
the Attorney General to remove
the police.
Other Aldermen thought it was
a matter to lay before Provincial
Chief Constable David Stephenson, and with that object in view
Aid. Willard's amendment was
carried. As a result a committee
was appointed consisting of Aid.
Banks, Beveridge and tde Mayor
to interview the Chief Constable
on the question of removing the
special police.
Some of those present seemed
to be satisfied with the regular
Sum of $500 Waiting for Naylor
to Cover in Regard to Shipment of Coal in One Day.
Joseph Naylor, presiding officer
of the executive of the U. M. W.
of A.,accosted Edward W. Bickle,
editor of this paper, and offered
to bet him $500 that the Canadian
Collieries (Dunsmuir) Ltd. never
shipped 500 tons of coal from
Umop Bay in any one day since
the holiday commenced. We beg
to inform Mr. Naylor that the
money is waiting for him any
time he likes to come along with
his $500, and moreover and beyond that we have $1000, when
Mr. Naylor feels like putting up
an equal amount, to say that the
Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir)
provincial police force but had an
objection to the specials, for what
reason was best known to themselves.
Police Commissioners Campbell
and Watson expressed themselves
as dissatisfied the way they had
been treated as police commissioners. Watson thought he
should have been sent for when
the last meeting was held, he
might as well resign.
The Mayor said: Do you think
we are going to send all over the
district for a police commissioner?
When we serve a notice on his
place of residence that is enough.
The Mayor continued: So far as
that is concerned I am going to
do my duty towards the people of
this city, and I don't care if the
police commissioners resign and
council as well.
Aid. Beveridge asked the Mayor
if he was not serving Lockard
and the Company.
The Mayor stated: I serve the
people of this city and intend to
do so just so long as I remain in
this office to the best of my
Aid. Beveridge said: I would
not bull dose the workman.
The Mayor: Can you tell me
where I bull dosed a workingman
at any time.
Aid. Beveridge: There is a lot
of shouting Law! Law! Let them
take a pick and dig coal instead
of shouting law.
In the mix-up, firing at various
subjects at one time, Aid. Maxwell stated if Chief Constable
Stevenson is going to run the
town let him come and take a
seat at that table. He also wanted to know why the hotels should
be closed. Aid. Willard referred
him to theLicenceCommissioners.
The excitement having somewhat subsided the City Clerk informed the Council that a court
of revision for the voters list
will be held on December 10th.
The Mrvor, Aldermen Banks
and CampL?ll will act at the
court of revision in revising the
voters list
The City Clerk was instructed
to estimate the actual cost of the
pavement to each individual pro.
perty owner.
The following accounts were
referred to the Finance Committee and if found correct paid:
A. R. Kierstead $ 9.25
A. B. Crawford 25.20
A. F. Crawford 76.10
T. E. Bate     2.
Electric Light Co 38.35
C. & U. Waterwork    4.00
F. Dallos...  11.50
Cumberland News 14.00
During the evening the Mayor
was compelled to call the meeting
to order on several occasions, the
arguments having nothing to do
with the business of a city council.
After some discussion about reports going to outside newspapers
the Council adjourned, having
held one of the most sensational
meetings during their term of
The crowds waiting in the court
room on Wednesday ev ening were
disappointed. There was an air
of dissatisfaction prevalent
amongst the strike sympathisers
when it was found that the plain
tiff and his counsel were not going to appear. Thc case that was
to have been laid before the court
was one of assault preferred by
Albert Pickard against Chief
Constable Stephenson on the
7th ult. when Pickard was arrested for loitering on the sidewalk and obstructing foot passengers by Chief Constable He
evidently thought he was assault
ed instead of arrested. The case
was set for 7.30 p.m., the crowd
anxiously waiting for Judge
Abrams to arrive. The chief
constable, Mr. T. B. Shoebotham,
counsel, and the witnesses for the
defence, were there all ready and
waiting to go on. As time wore
on towards eight o'clock it was
whispered around among the restless crowd that Albert Pickard
had taken cold feet. At last an
officer was dispatched to see what
was the matter. Upon the arrival of the Judge the court was
opened in the King's name when
he informed the waiting crowd
that the plaintiff or his counsel,
he did not say which, had withdrawn the charge an hour since,
and assured the waiting counsel
and witnesses that had he known
they were in the court room ready
to proceed he certainly would
have been present at the appoint
ed time.
This did not meet with the approval of Mr. Shoebotham, representing Constable Stephenson,
who said that if the complainant
did not want to appear they could
not make him, but as they had
now waited thirty minutes he
would ask that the charge be dismissed. He did not know if Constable Stephenson would ask witness fees, but pointed out that
same could be recovered.
Witness fees not being demanded Judge Abrams dismissed the
case, and the Albert Pickard
charge against Constable Stephenson was written down upon the
memories of the thinking public
of Cumberland as a farce.
Ltd. have shipped from Union
Bay more than a thousand tons
of coal in any one day since the
U.M.W. of A. thought fit to take
their holiday.
The Nanaimo Herald prints,
and the Cumberland News reprints, the following:
"Cumberland, December 2. —
There is only one shift working
at Cumberland and the output
has been cut in half since the
commencement of the strike.
The returns for last week averaged 1168 tons per day as against
2200 tons per day under normal
conditions. There is no change
in the situation here and both
sides appear to be sitting tight."
It is true the Coal Company is
working one shift, but they are
producing more for the 8 hours
per day than they have for some
years previous, and the time, we
understand, is not far distant
when the two shifts as usual will
be working, producing more coal
than any time before. As for
both sides sitting tight there is
no strike or tightness to it, when
the company want men they just
simply employ them, and that is
all there is to it. The output for
the week ending yesterday is as
follows :—
Saturday, Nov. 30th, .-1230 tons
Monday, Dec. 2nd, 1001   ''
Tuesday,   "  3rd, 1072   "
Wednesday"   4th, 1200   "
Thursday, "   5th, 1156   "
Friday,      "  6th, 1220 ."
Total for week..-.6879 tons
E C. Emde to Sell "Ford" Can.
E. C. Emde returned from Victoria by auto on Tuesday. While
there he secured the agency for
the "Ford" and "Chalmers*" cars
for this end of the Island. His
allowance lor the year 1913 being
twenty "Ford" cars all parties
wishing cars had better place
their orders early with Mr. Emde
as it will be remembered a 'Ford'
could not be purchased after July
of last year.
Constable Murray Makes Arrest
of Lumberman for Relieving
hit Partner of $75.00.
There appeared at the Provin
cial Police Court on Monday
morning, before his worship
Judge Abrams, Joe Yonkovich,
employed at thr Canada-West
Lumber Co. at Camp Five, was
charged with stealing from Mike
Obradovich, also employed at
Camp Five, a sum of money
amounting to seventy-five dollars.
Constable Murray made the
Mike Obradovich, who laid the
information against the accused,
said he grabbed him and took the
money from his shirt pocket by
force. Immediately after the
prisoner had taken the money he
drew a large pocket knife opened
it and standing back in a threat
ening attitude attempted to stab
him. The knife was produced in
court as evidence. ,
It appears the accused had lost
forty dollars in a black jack game,
got mad and pulled his knife, at
the sama time relieving Obradovich of his money.
Frank Stridas said that he saw
the men on the 29th November
engaged in a game of black jack.
He saw the accused steal the
money, with a drawn knife in a
threatening position and using
language in, an angry tone that
he did not understand.
W. Nommelo said the accused
grabbed Obradovich by the throat
with one hand and relieved him
of his money with the other.
W. J. Murray, provincial constable, who made the arrest,
found the accused in bed with
the money and knife in his
The presiding magistrate committed Joe Yonkovich to stand
his trial at the next Court of
Competent Jurisdiction.
Victoria, Dec. 3.—An appeal
on behalf of the children of the
men on strike at the mines of the
Canadian Collieries Ltd., at Cumberland, has been made by the
local branch of the United Mine
Workers of America to the city.
In a communication read at last
night's meeting of the City
Council the mine workers pointed
out the loss sustained by the
workers through the strike and
the fact that unless aid is given
by outsiders the children will
suffer. A gift from Victoria, it
is suggested, prove a very fitting
Christmas box for the children.
Mayor Bcckwith stated he had
been waited upon by a deputation
of the mine workers from Ladysmith. He had explained that
the city had no fund from which
any such grant could be made,
but he had informed the deputation that thc; council would have
no objection to the workers endeavoring to raise in Victoria
what funds they could hy solicitation of subscriptions from citizens.
The Council approved of the
action of the mayor, and permis-
eion will be given to the workers
to raise any subscription they
can from Victorians.
It is also reported that a committee from the local U.M.W. of
A. are collecting funds from the
farmers at Courtenay and the
Comox Valley. We don't see how
this can be necessary if the reports be true and 350,000 men
arc at the back of the local ready
to contribute whatever they may
require, why should thc U.M.W.
of A. go a-begging.
Mrs, William Jones and family
arrived by SS Cowichan and will
take up their abode in Cumberland.
John C. Brown and Miss Mac
Donald have returned from a trip
to the interior of British Columbia.
Harry F. Brine, the outside
rustler for the Courtenay Review,
gave The Islander a friendly
visit during the week.
"Has Armageddon Come?"
will be the subject of the discourse at Grace Methodist Church
tomorrow evening. Strangers
The local mines here will soon
be full steam ahead. The coal
produced in a very short time
will equal seventy-five per cent,
of the regular out-put.
Joseph Fox, proprietor of the
Windsor Hotel, Nanaimo, will
this week commence operations
on building an addition to his
hotel it cost $60,000.
The Review, a neat, newsy,
weekly paper, has commenced
publication in Courtenay, B. C,
the first issue appearing on Nov.
28th.   N. Boden is the publisher.
Messrs. T. E. Bate and W. R,
Dunn were passengers by the SS
Cowichan last Sunday for Vancouver and returned Tuesday
Mrs. Thomas Bickle, accompanied by her daughter Rhoda,
arrived in Cumberland and will
make their home in this city for
the winters •
Thomas Graham, chief mining
inspector, visited Cumberland
during the week. An examination was held in the Provincial
Court House before the Board of
Examiners for coal miners certificates on Monday evening.
W. P. Thompson, late'of the
Royal Bank at this point, but
now an employee of the institution at Victoria, is spending a
few days with friends in Cumberland and is a guest at the home
of Mrs. Sidney Horwood.
On November 7th Albert Pickard was arrested for loitering and
obstructing foot passengers on
the sidewalk. 'We understand
there is an information standing
against him charging him with
resisting Chief Constable Stephenson in the execution of his
duty, and if Pickard ever misbehaves himself the information
goes into force.
Bannerman's Fruit, Candy and
Tobacco Store will give you a
ticket with every 25c purchase
that will entitle you to a chance
of winning the big $15.00 stocking that is on exhibition in the
window of their store. Other
valuable prizes will be given.
Robert Grant sr. and Samuel
Shore have purchased the Vernon
Hotel and Grotto Saloon, Victoria,
and will assume possession on
January 1st, 1913. Messrs. Grant
and Shore were old time residents
of Cumberland and Wellington
and have built up a reputation in
this province beyond dispute.
Their success is a foregone conclusion.
On Thursday, 28th Nov., the
local lodge of Ancient. Free and
Accepted Masons elected its
officers for the ensuing year.
The balloting resulted as foliows:
Dr. G. K. MacNaughton, W.M.;
J.W. Cooke, S.W.; J. D.Winning-
ham, J.W.; John Baird, Treas.;
W. T. White, Secy.: G. W. Clinton and W. F. Ramsay, Auditors;
John G. Biggs, Tyler.
William Jones, an employee for
the Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) Ltd., has been appointed
coal miner member of the Board
of Miners Examiners for the
Cumberland Collieries, under tho
Coal Mines Regulation Act, in
place of Samuel Williams, who is
not eligible having severed his
connection with the company
and is no longer an employee.
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.yoars of grpnt suffering from Nervous
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i from weak, watery blood and a starv-
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Mrs, George Bradshaw, Cosy Nook,
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Three Months in  Hospital  and Came
Out Uncured
Zam-Buk Cured Him In Few Weeks
Zam-Buk  Cu-ed   Him  In  Few  Weeks
Mr. Pre! Mason, the well-known
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"I had eczema on my knee, which
caused mo terrible pain and inconvenience, Tlu- sore parts would itch and
burn and tingle, and then whon rubbed or scratched would become very
painful. When tho knee got warm,
It burned worse, and the Itching and
burning and smarting were almost un*
bearable. 1 tried various remedies,
but got no better, so I decided to go
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The lato Sir James Allport, then
Mr. Allpor*, when manager of the
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being assiduously waited upon by tho
porter on duty on alighting from ihe
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The man promptly pocketed the
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Uo you know who I nm, my man?
Certainly, sir, was the ready reply.
Mr Allport, sir, fellow servant of the
company, sir. Course I don't take
tips from the general  public, sir.
In Europe at present there nre over
7.000 Hying centenarians, of whom ibe
great majority hall from tho Balkan
region. Bulgaria can lay claim lo
nearly 4.000. Servla more than 1,700;
but in England according to recent
Statistics, there are fewer than a hundred and in Denmark only two.
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Thia greasy Imitation Ir the poorest
one we have yet seen of the many
tha. every Tom, Dick and Harry has
tried  10 Introduce.
Ask for MINARD'S and you will get
Fuddle—Y mi know Stocks, don't
Doctor—Yes, Indeed. Ho Is now
a patient of mine.
Puddle—Prelty wideawake man.
Isn't lie?
Doctor—I should say so. I'm treating him for 'iisi'innla.
Jlitw     p4 mu dUcaAc
/\a§fff\      ['-*>      0 *
feJIsm. \\Ji St^$>4ii!i>raS
f/ /HOB \fy I   <r\ ^Z- f
Y. l^mvJ ttJVtii'Cani-.eaucc
0NEDW"»AU KldDS**""!
DYE, ono can buy—Why you don*, even hsvs ,o
bnowwhst l^INDof Cluth yourOoods .ro msds
of.**So Mtltsk.s sre Impn„ible.
Send fi.r Er.e Color Csrd, Story Book).,, snd
BonUt, giving results ol Dyeing ov.r other colors.
Th. JOHNSON-HICtlARDSON CO., l.imlird.
Montreal. Canada.
Counteracting tho American Flag
To the Editor,
I notice, according to your correspondence ciiumus that the Overseas
Club, of London, and the British. Em*
pire is taking more than ordinary interest in the moving picture world,
and lhat l.herre has heen gi.*»ig the
round of almost every newspaper
throughout Canada nud England, a
letter complaining of t'ae absence of
the Uritish flag in the lllms of the
thousands nf moving picture shows,
not ouly throughout Canada Inn
throughout the whole or the Uritish Empire, while in tho United Stales
the*"|ien| le lppeai' to be so bigotted In
their Ideas .f patriotism nnd loyally
and obedience to tbelr own flag that
they dlEcry and abominate any other,
and this Is tt which prompts this letter, it is deplorable that so strong
a feeling prevails every time the
British llag Is exhibited, although it
Is so seldom that the number of
times enn be counted on one hand,
while most pictures contain tha American. Bul Ihe time la OOUltni when all
will be changed. Picture holla will
hnve the opportunity of nol only exhibiting the British and Canadian
flags, but of other Empire pictures on
a large scale. Montreal Is to he the
I city where the transformation will
! emanate from, nnd already consider-
I able Interest Is being evinced In Ihe
I uritish American Film Company
which hns recently been nstnhllshed
with Canadian capital and head olll
In Montreal, nnd already a very large
sum lias been spent In productions,
Recently n valuable property has boen
acquired' In a suitable seetion of the
o.ltv to he transformed Into a town
studio, nnd lilted up wltb all the latest
appliances for producing moving picture films. Historic scenes which
are dear to llie heart of nil real Canadians, and even the most modern
Englishman nave already been depleted, including the great and famous
battle nf the Long Snult, which will
shortly he tendy. while others which
will lie taken during the winter
months, with the snow lying deep on
the ground, will be mnny nr the world
famous romances of the Hudson's Day
Company at the various posts throughout the Northwesl. Attention will
he turned to the landing of Champ-
lain, the bnt.tle of the Plains of Abraham, and Iho Interesting and evening
enlsodes which were the stirring
events In the early days ot the founding of this great Dominion, which has
become en*1 of the greatest the world
has over known. This company is
the only one nf its kind operating In
Canada anil one of the very few producing scenic pictures entirely of a
British Emp're character. The Canadian public has undoubtedly been
surfeited In the pas! by the goods of
the Atnr.rlean producer, nnd In view
of the considerable correspondence
that Is constantly appearing In the
newspapers from time to time on this
particular subject It is only fair that
the public should know what efforts of
a national character are being made to
counteract the present movement of
circulating '.he films which make such
a vivid display of the American flag.
I nm sure -hat the Overseas Club of
London. England, who hnve been responsible for drawing attention to the
absence nf Ttie.h oompanles as the British American Film Company, will be
pleased to know thttt an effort, and a
strong one too. is being made by Canadians themselves to light this battle* . Apologizing for taking so much
of your space,
I remain, your faithfully,
100 Roclland Ave., Montreal, Canada.
[ANY brands of Baking Powder contain alum.
which is an injurious acid. The-ingredients of
alum baking powder are never printed on the label.
Magic Baking Powder
contains no alum and is the
only baking powder made
in Can_da that has all the
ingredients plainly printed
on the label.
Behind His Back
Father—Tommy how many    times
have you beeu whacked at school today?
Tommy—On, I never take any notice
of what Is gclng on behind" my back.
Will—The sight of an old schoolmate Is—er—well, It might be called
both meat a.td drink.
Bertha—Yob, that's what you men
usually do In the circumstances.
Meet and drink.
wir Walter Raleigh, who in 1648,
no-1 Introduced the potato into Ire*
'■ ' v.as b headed on October 20th,
Drives Asthma Before It. The
smoke or vapor from Dr. J, D. Kell-
ogg/s Asthma Remedy gives asthma
no chance to linger. It eradicates
the cause. Our experience with the
rellef'glvlng remedy Bhows how actual
and positive Is the succor li gives. It
Is the resul' of long study and experiment and was not Biibmilted to the
I public until Its mukcrs knew It would
do Ils work well.
Ic s tax er six boxes ror (2.50,
t all eealers, or The Dodd* Medl-
ttm Company, Limited,    Toronto,
A reporter was o,nco Interviewing n
famous English International footballer, and asked hltn how he lilted beluga
professional /
Immensely, he replied.
Aye, but well enough to bring your
Children up to it? said the reporter.
No, he replied, not well enough for
Hut why? naked the reporter.
Because 'hey're lasses, said he,
with loud laughter.
To have the children sound and
healthy Is the first oare of a mother.
They cannot be healthy If troubled
with worms. Uso Mother Graves!
Worm Exterminator,
\V. N. U. 924
What's tho gloaming, Uncle Tom?
Well, before a mnn 'Is married It Is
the time to take n walk with the girl
he loves; bnt after he Is married It Is
the time he falls over rocking-horses
and building blocks on the parlor floor.
Landlady—You believe In mustard
plasters, doctor?
M.D.—Rather! I always ordor them
for patients who call mo out In the
middle of the night when there's nothing the matter with 'cm.
Bits of
Toasted to
A delicate
Light Brown
To be eaten with cream
and sugar, or served with
canned fruit poured over
--either way insures a most
'' The Memory Lingers''
Canadian  Poatum  Cereal  Co.,
Ltd.. Windsor, Ontario.
T-^o Fraser Valley
Mr. G. L McDonnell, a prospector
of western r^pi.tution hus just relumed to Edmonton from British Columbia wherp l*e was sent by an English
syndicate tj report upon the milling
noF-ibilitles it the new country opened up hy tho progress of be Grand
Trunk Pacific Railway. He walked
from Mile HO to Mile 53 over the
prude of th" main lino and reported
that silver und load are plentiful, ulso
that copper showed strong out-orop-
plngs and that pold bud been h**ard of.
He further slated UyU between 4,000
nnd 5,000 men were working in the
Fraaer Vnl'.-y on the new line.
"The Fra-^r Valley," Mr. McDonnell observci, "is the most beautiful
and Interesting of the two routes
through the Canadian Rockies, It
is wider and more expansive Hum tho
panorama In the Kicking Horse Pans.
On tho-sout'.eni side of the river the
mountains are some distance off, tlieir
snow-clad peaks sljhuettlng the skyline and Shut*ing out. the Cariboo country beyond On tt\8 other stile of Iho
stream here and there threatened by
the tumbling rivor of many rapids
which sudd,"ily divert its bonding way
for 20 or SO miles to the northward,
are e\punses of timber nil billowing
und surging up from the 50 by 50 mile
plains until they reach the railway
grade, jump ■_, and ..limb the mountains in th;lr course until thoy recede Into Ihe barrenness beyond the
timber llne_."
A JulciV. Bargain
First Duk<—Well, do you think Miss
Van Bullion intends to buy you?
Second D tao—My dear boy, I don't
knew; some'lines 1 think sbe does, at
other times I fear -ihe is merely shopping. 	
A camel, when burdened, ran travel
26 miles u ')'i>; when unburdened, so
many us fi0. ir even M miles.
Harold, w'.en we are married, you
must stay at homo, whilst 1 sing and
play to you, Instead ot going tu your
Ves, darling, You know I never
eared much tor pleasure, nnyway.
Ireland was flrst described ns the
Emerald [so, in the poem railed Krin,
by Dr. Orenmn. wbo .Med In IK^O.
^^__T___^_fT7_^,       |
;.;jii,'! Jl !!;_>•"/ _'?._!' "'ii ■>;: 11!!1' >.4*_ffi^___^'_IK:ll
1* ■...,,:*•   IffAetf'IMrHW,
Your Price Will Buy a
Some business men have a mistaken idea
that all Burroughs Bookkeeping Machines
are costly. Far from it. We make Burroughs machines at from $200 to $1000.
Burroughs machlnco range from a plain 6-column
machine, adapted to thc busincu (hat employs but
one clerk, to our big 17-column Electric Duplex
machine, the largest, most complete, adding machine ever built.
d, i_i .-in, mfSk
Id,  nun-print.   I
N-UwTkwi, vti
total*, nfilli-nrl!'!
•klit nml la ___y
Tlie lame skilled labor ruts
thru. tiu.fi.nT.
And thu name limrnntee of
coniinuotmi-rvice El-nit* buck
of litem—n tiinirantce thnt m at
_<h>- bs ii linn,), b-C-tme it ia
bucked by twenty yuan of
promise, ktpt.
The value of a Rurrotijfii la
your butinc&a lie* in what It
saves for you. The price ant]
the term, on which you buy.
•re (ur you to decide.
Tell ui in what lar|e wan
you use l.-jisrri in yni.rt-i.-ii.rfs
nnd nnnic the price you would
be wiilin. to pay to handle
them In half the time at half
the coat—neatly—no errors.
Then wo will send to your
of.ti.-c the machine that meets
that price and demonatrate Its
pottibilitieaon your individual
woilt, all without coat or obli-
fiaiion. Uut remember thia,
Price needn't keep you front
owl-inn the beat built and the
tfreDteitlahor-aavinl device
In office work—the Burrouihs
Ad-iai Machine.
81  Burroughs Block, Detroit, Mich.	
The man who buy* the $300
Elurroi]„lifl docs bo became
that machine will meet nil the
requirement! of It is busincEi.
It produces for him exactly
ihe same results at the $550
m-chinc producea for thu
in.in -.vhoau business turds
are that much greater.
Thc price of every Bur-
rfii'i: ■> in kniicd entirely iiwon
what it will do—the only fair
way, because value alwayt
has nm. _lways will deter*
Bine price.
A Burrotifiht at $200 U not
■ "cheap" machine, nnr ia the
$I0G0 model nn expensive machine. The price of the former U low only because of the
scope of its -liaptiibility—and
the cost of manufacture—are
less than tho more complete
The Quality of material that
foes into the low nnd thc high-
priced Burroughs is exactly the
*   The same en_lneerinl skill
designs them both.
$450 !
I p,-,:._v;k"j_.
III.'..I,!.,. ..M-l.-rit, tolt-l.lt
li--.'- o.tJ, t.,n ,*!.., b.dl
Iri-jwnt k-"vn«iiil l~'l-:*l l. I
A; the Lecture
Tho lecture arose and Bald Impressively: Every time I sea a*youg man
coming out nf a saloon, I want to go
right up to that young mnn, nnd say,
Turn tight a-omul, young man; you're
going tbe wrung way.
Pedagogue and Pupil
Do you understand me uow? thundered  an  angry  schoolinnster to  an
urchin at whi,se head he had thrown
an inkstand.
i w   got  an  inkling ot what you
mean, repllcu the boy.
His Wife Saw to That
Fawner Turmut bad hnd a good day
al market. Hia cattle bad fetched
good prices, nnd, ..-'fling flush, he
bought a nice piece of cloth to have
made into a suit uf clothes.
But, alas on his homeward way he
lost it. a happening which annoyed
Mrs. Turmut very much.
Pull of the grievance, she told the
vicar about it next day, blaming her
husband's carelessness for the loss.
A week later the vicar met Turmut'.
Good morning Mr. Turmut, said the
good man. Have you beard anything
about your cloth?
Turmut. smiled sadly.
Yes, he said, solemnly and mournfully, yet nhllosophicnlly, I have—
morning, noon and night!
My dear, said the young husband,
did you 8p--.ak to the milkman about
there being no cream on the milk.
Yes. I told him about It this
morning, and be bas explained it satisfactorily; I think It is quite a credit
to him, too.
What did he sayT
He said that he always filled the Jugs
so full that there Is no room on the
top for the cream. ■W
***VTpV***> *■*■*****»****¥**-¥*»]
* *
I The Mystery of g
|  Mark Island f
A   TRUE   STORY   $
By F. A. MITCHEL      f
* *
There I** no more attractive region
oil llit> Athinlic coast for summer out-
lugs tliuu Cnsco boy, Mains*, mul Ilio
ninny Islands It contains. There iho hot
waves of .Inly and August are dlaal*
paled. II Ih seldom that there la hod
B lil'Peze (here.
Ill whiter Ihe IiiIiiiMiiiiiIh of Ihe Is-
lands tlsli, mostly with huge lieta. In
auuiiiier those owning limits turn in,
lionest penuy hy inking visitors out!
U|.otl llie glorious waters At almost'
auy time one may see the sail uf a
pleasure boat bending to tlie brerae,
and the engines of motorlioatu tire al*
■una Ibroblillllt like a rapid driiinlieai.
Not fur,from Oil's Island, where llar-
rlei Beecber stowe (aid the scout ot
one of her stories, and to the eastward
la Mara Island. It contain* posnlhly
half a doKon hitch and Is densely wooded. It stands alone, there being no
other hind within scleral miles of It.
Its ibores are rocky, and tbo waves
curling up on them eveu In fulr weather' warn skippers to keep off, while during storms they scud watery plumes
blgb Intu the air.
Durlug the last decade of the nineteenth century Murk Island was purchased by a man living In Portland,
some dozen miles distant, who made
* summer residence of It. In the early
summer be would go tbere In tils yacht,
remain during July and August, and
wben Ibe heglm of summer bourdors to
tbe city came around, Ihe 1st ot Sep-
temlser. he would look, bar and bolt
bis house and sail away by tbe same
Who wns the owner of Mark Island
the people living ou tho neighboring
land did not know. Orr's aud Bailey's
Islands, well stocked with summer cottagers and hoarders, Ile to tbe westward, while Sebasco Is uot for to the
eastward. No one at any ot these
places ever made the acquaintance of
thc owner of Mark Island. He neither
visited any other locality nor Invited
his neighbors to visit him. Indeed, no
boat was allowed to muke a landlug
upon his shores.    Several persons at
• rah * a « ,  a.
t_n nxaix a ssaiicii of thb rRKMisus.
different times approached with ins
view of going ashore, but tliey were
always warned off.
The denizens of Mark Island, so far
M those who were used to sailing by
It noticed, were two white men aud a
colored man wbo acted aa a servant.
Besides, there wus a white woman who
waa occasionally seen silting ln a leafy
bower above a rock agalust which t'.e
waters awlshed. Sometimes sbe would
bo rending- aud as boats sailed l.y
would look up at those aboard. But
usually she sat Idly gazing updo the
beautiful bay ' and tbe Islands lying
tranquilly upon Ita bosom. Yet, whether reading or dreaming, thero waa always a sad look ou ber face.
No one could be better eltnated to
keep a secret than on Mark island for
tbo reason tbat there waa no liability
to suspicion uf having 1 secret to keep.
Tho only neighbors aro those pasaiug
in boats. Each Island In Caaco bay Is
« locality of Itself. Within algbt of
Orr'a and Bailey's Islands are a number
•f these email oasea of tho waters, en
■one of which are ono or more bouses,
whilo others bare no Inhabitants whatever. Some are wooded, aome barren
rocks. Few persons know to wboin
tbey belong, and no ono cares, gome
■ro occupied by the aame persona year
■Ror year, aome change hands often,
while tbe barren rocks aro alwaya
The only excitant of curiosity at Mark
bland was the desolate lady. Uud
■he been constantly In alght of tbe
Mme persons some of tbem would
doubtless bare been sufficiently curl-
ma to make an attempt to discover tbe
cause or ber sorrow. But tbe yachts
■nd the other different kinds of boats
that sailed by never contained the
■ante persons, and the vision they saw
luted bnt a few momenta.
for several years Mark Island was
occupied by the same persona. Tbe
desolate lady eat In hor bower, and
landing there waa prohibited. Possibly the secret attached to It might have
been kept forever had It not bean for
■ mistake of Judgment nude by one ot
Tbe northeast Atlantic const Is subject to fogs.    Une summer a low, almost  Invisible  line appeared  on   the | ,
horlxon from Mark Island.   It broaden- , «•'«•' *«■«. _?' h 1 F»" E",r"' "
ed until It became a haul: of fog*whleu '                 '"• w,l*r TurkeV.
spread Itself over the whole huy. We
all know what a fog Is to those who
traverse the waters, both ships out at
sea Hint small lioats near the land    It
happened tlmt a bout I I or pleasure
seekers from Bailey's Island were
caught oul lu this fog. For hours they ,
drifted not kuowlng whether Ihey
were going out to sea or toward the
land. 'J'lie huy Is full of reel's, and no
one Is lined for a skipper on Its wain's except one who knows every reef,
Tbe oci'iipanis of ilio liefofruod boat
did not kuow what moment it might
sirlke one of these reefs, a bole be
niaile In Its hnlhuii and tliey would all
Suddenly ihey discovered within a
dozen ynnlH of tlieiu a shore In one
part of which was a narrow Indentation In the rucks by which they might,
make a landing. They were so relieved
that all raised tbelr voices In happy
cscliiinallons As they wore milking
their way to ihe landing place Ihe dim
figure of a mini appeared ou the shore
und shouted:
"Keep off!   Von can't land here!"
"Wa will Innd here," replied the skipper, "and we'll slay here till the fog
"Vou won't land here," said tbe other
As the nose of the boat scraped tho
shore of Murk island tho mau who prohibited tbe landing pushed her away.
A man on the boul seized au oar and
was aboul to bring It down on the other's head when he stepped buck and,
drawing a revolver, threatened to shoot
the lirst mau who attempted to come
ashore. .
There wnn a violent protest ou the
part of the occupants of tbe bout
agulrist being turned back in the fog.
possibly to tbelr death. There wero
women aboard, and Ihey begged llie I
men lo leave the Inhospitable place and
finally prevailed upon tbem to do so.
So they drifted away, muttering curses I
upon Ihe mau wbo bad refused tbem a
A deatlikncll bad been sounded for
tbe secret of Mark Island.    Had tbe
man permitted tbe landing tbe party :
would uot have remained long on the
In the Indiun river reglou of Florida
are to be seen islands green wltb mini*
grove   luislios   tlofvn   to   tlio   waters
edge.    The scene Is uiilutnlcd tiy llie
presence of many  water  fowls—|iell*
cans,  gulllnulcs,   water  turkeys,  cormorants nud   nsh  orows—feeding  on I
the islands, together with smaller num* I
hers of gulls, terns, vultures, ospreys
snd    man-ol'-wur    hawks,    swooping, '
skimming and sailing III tne air above. j
lu ull this array of bird life there Is no ;
more curious and liitorcatttig creature
than the water turkey, wlllcU Is some- .
tllnos called the snake bird.
As  ths  stranger  gazes  upon   this
scone bo Is sometimes apt to think he
sees a queer snake wriggling out of (he
water several reel Into the air.    If Ile
grabs bis gun and tires It Is prohahlo ,
Unit a part of the supposed snake will .
drop upon the water, while the other j
part takes wing and files a way.
The stranger wonders whether the j
snake dropped the bird or the bird tliu j
snake.   Tlie explanation Is quite aim* !
pie.    A snake bird, or water turkey
(Plotiiittililtigiii,   swimming   with   Us
long neck only out of the water had
tbe snake In Its hill, uml Iho snake was
dropped when the gun was tired.
The water turkey baa been culled tlie
most   preposterous   bird   wllhlii   tne
range of ornithology,    "lie Is not a ;
bird,"  snys one  aulliorlly;  "lu*  Is a
neck,   wilh  aiieh  subordinate  rights,
members, iippiirtehiii s ami hcredlttt- .
ments thereunto appertaining as seem
necessary l» that end. lie has Just
enough stomach to arrange nourish* '.
ment for his neck. Just enough wings
to fly painfully along with Ids ueijk
nnd Just big enough legs p, keep ills
neck irom drugging on thc ground, and j
his neck Is light colored/while the rest
of him Is bhick."-Nevv York Sim.
Alice-Why are yon taking op botany.
Kitty—Because my fiance ia interest*
ed lu a plant of some kind, uud I want
to be able lo converse lutelllgeutly
wltb him nlsiut his buslness.-Boslou
Transcript i
"She Is a woman of splendid poise."
•i dinuaw about her isilse, but ber
cake is folne."- Houston Pout, i
uniiuiiniiin .li   nir,* ui   .lie   Mlinniat,
ntry   of   the   north,   center   audi
of  the empire  Is  limited  to al
Binks—Which Is the more dangerous,
be automobile or tbe aeroplane?
.links-Well, tile aeroplane runs over
ginre people Iium the nuUiuioblle.— Clu-
lunal! Inquirer.
•'A colleire lias otTered
for a donation of $1,01111,00(1."
What's the use'/ Buy yourself SI"',
worth of funny clothes and save tha
rest of tlie coin."—Louisville Courier*
Journal. -
Jl doesn't liflp us sny
As we sit lo have him lerk
To ih.nk tneosreful dentist
Btmreth ro pains In Ills work.
-81. Louis Globs-Dainoarat
Detective—Hey, you. why dou't you
speak as you yo by?
Crook-Well.   irg." on  the level,
I'm honest now, an' I'm lieglnuln' to
clt some self respect!—Ufa.
"Oldlioy doesn't appear to have a
cure In the world."
"Why should lie hnve? Ile Is not
gn'titr away to apond his vacation,"—
Buffalo Express.
Funny Peasant Notions.
The astronomical lore ot the Itnsslsn
knowledge of the existence of til
and the nu  uud stars, of three con*
stellatlolis. or the Milky way. of one
planet, of comets, shooting stars and'
metis,rs. The sun Is to all a mysterious mid beneficent being.
The moon, covered with Ice nnd
mow, Is ever In llight limn Its broth*
er, tlie sun, I'pon its disk In portrayed the murder ol' Abel by Cain, the
latter being done to death wltb ui
pitchfork. The lunar rays are inallc-
nant. and evil comes to those Win*
sleep unprotected rroin them The
horns or tlie moon afford Information]
Us to the woollier.
The stars are lamps or candles light*
ed and extinguished by the Kleriuil A
shooting star is llie soul of ni*v .Inst'
passed away. Comets are heralds of
war and famine, No Hussion even
forgets ilmt the Napoleonic war followed the great comet or 181L—-**
"Ho yon ineiin to say that you flirted
wllb your wire all the evening nl ths
masked ball uud didn't know her?"
•'That's right. But she was so deuced
agreeable—how was 1 to know ber?"—
Loudon Tit-Bits.
"llnw did yon like the nctor who
played the king?"
•'Ever since I saw him I've been in
favor of a republic."— Fllegende Blub
8pectsrs That Haunt Some Old Werld
Ancestral Homes.
That   historic   lleriuuu   ghost,   the
White   Lady   of   the   lloheiizollerus.
would seem to have more than a legendary basis,   tin fur as I am aware, this
Island and might not have gone 100 I ghost has never been Investigated hy
yards  from tlieir  boat,  for the  fog [properly qualified psychical  research* |
soon lifted, and they got safely back ; ers. hut lis credentials are too well nu* j
to their destination with the story of j thenllculed lo be Ignored   The mission
tbelr Inhuman treatment of the White Lady, apparently, Is to
But why had they been thus treat- announce tlie death of some member |
ed? The reply was lhat something of the lloheiizolleru family, and her
wns going ou at Mark Island unit the ' most frequent haunting place is the
perpetrators were unwilling to have : royul palace at Berlin. She was seen
known. The story und this supposed as early as Id'AS, and since the time of
reason for the party liuviug beeu re- i Frederick  the (Ireut  her appearance
The herrlns is s funny fish.
Of that tie welt assured,
ln every ease It must be killed
Before It cun b. cured.
What Malm s Nation.
I believe there Is no permanent
greatness to a uallon except It lie
based upon morality. I do not cun.
Tor military greatness or military renown. I cure tor tbe condition Of the
people among whom I live. -Towns,
coronets, nillcrs. military display, the
pomp of war, wide colonies und a
huge empire are, lu my view, nil trl-
tloH, light as nir and not worth considering unless with tliein you can have,
ii fulr share or entntnt-t nteiitinont
iiiui happiness among the great body
ut tbe people. Palaces, baronial cas-
iIch, great IiiiIIh. stately mansions, do
not make a nation. The tuition In every country dwells In the cottage, and
' unless the light or your constitution
run shine there, unless the beauty of
your legislation and the excellence of
your statesmanship are impressed
there on tbe feelings and condition of
, Ibe people, rely upon It you have yet
lo learn the duties of government.—
John Bright
"How quickly Mrs. D. lias worked
her way Inlo your circle. Is she Interesting to talk to?"
"No. but to talk about"—Boston
fused a landing at the polut of n pistol passed from in, ulh to mouth. It
was suggested that the desolate lady
was kept there u prisoner. Bnt If this
were so why bad rhe not asked to lie
taken away by those ou some of tbo
passing luiiilH?    Others thought that
has been regularly chronicled on Ihe
eve or llie ilealb or Ihe king or Prussia.
For llie matter or that, there are not
a tew families whose nucestrul homes,
according to tradltluu. are haunted by
death announcing .hosts. This Is par
ticularly llie case wilh certain distill-
"Are you in favor of the recall of tbo
I Judges?"
j "No," answered ihe man who Is tn
| politics for himself. "There'd he no
i chance of my gettlmr a Judge's Job.
' even If It were declared vacant."—
| Washington Star.
some othor person was held there nnd gulshed British families, The Vork-
the desolate indy was a parly to the 'shire .Mldilleloiis. a Catholic family.aro
outrage; but, Humph tliey differed aa said to be warned of upproacuiugdeatb
to llie crime, they all agreed that by the apparition of a Benedictine nun.
Marl; Island wns used for a criminal Cortachy otistte, which belongs to the
pnrpose. euris or Alrlle. Is haunted by a ghostly
Meanwhile Mark Island remained an ; drummer, who beats his drum wheu-
unknown place.    All were curious to j ever death Is near an Alrlle.   Two white
Knlcker —Our fathers didn't know
Bockcr-They didn't hnve to: Uley
hnd beef.—New Vork Sun.
know what was going on there, but
It was no one's business to tlnd out.
owls penning on Hie roof of the family
mansion are taken as u sure omen or
especially since this could not be done I death In the Arm.del or Wnrdoiir ftini-
except at the risk of getting shot. ||y, Finally, tradition has it that Hie
More boats sailed about It than before, i death or un Argyll Is foretold In a most
and ou every bout persona stared at It impressive manner by n phantom
wunderlngly. All had beard of the ', hearse driving up tu tbe door,—_lelro-
desohito lady and expected to see her ■ polltuu .Magazine,
silting  on   a   rock,   like  a   mermaid,
"The course of civilization Is westward." mused the philosopher.
"Yes, there appears to he little lert
In New Vork," assented the cynic-
Buffalo Express.
Children. If you meet a rrleket
Please remember not to kirk it.
Ne'er youth whose nature sweet'lt
Kick a lacy bus or beetle.
—London ill,ibe,
combing ber hair. But the lady did
not appear. Indeed, no one was to be
seen on the Island. Vet Hie bouse was
located In its center and so surrounded
by I roes ns to be Invisible.
Meanwhile the story of Mark Island
reached n person who pricked up bis
cars the moment he heard It Later,
when tlie Portland boat touched Ihe
landing at Cut's Island, he stepped
ashore und put up ut one of the hotels. He listened attentively to any
one who would talk to him ubout the
mystery, but suid nothing himself.
The next dny several otlier men arrived
at Orr's Island, each mun bearing a
ride. When asked why Ihey were armed they replied that tliey were going
un a hunt for moose ln the Maine
woods. Since It was ubout the 1st of
September, uot fur from tbe shooting
season, the slory was believed.
One morning tiie man who hnd first j
arrived, accompanied by tho hunting
party, hired a bout and sailed out
through the cut separating Orr's nnd
Bailey's Islands; then they turned their
course to Ibe east ward,
A few miles' suil brought tbem to
Mark Island, and iusiead of gaping at ,
It they roude straight for the shore.
Welsh Doctors' Odd Fees.
Welsh inonnrcbs used lo pay their
doelors ou u singular scale. At the
court or the (Iwyuedd kings the physician or surgeon ranked twelfth In order of precedence among the household oilielnls. snd Ills tecs were carefully deiiued. For curing a flesh wouuil
that wus not dangerous the doctor was
allowed uo other perquisite tliuu such
of the garments of tho wounded person ns were stain ed with blood. But
for curing any of what wore called
"the throe dangerous wounds" be wns
granted a fee of ISO pem-o and his
maintenance during the cure, besides
the bland stained garments.—Loudon
Howell-Whnt sort nf a fellow ia
he? Powell—He can make two lemons
grow where (oiir one grow before and
then hand them both to you wben you
are not looking.—Judge.
"Nomads seem so enthusiastic about
their way of living." "Of course.
Aren't tlieir lives In tents?"—BnltimoM
"Our eat appears tn lie quite fond of
you." snid the rich lady condescendingly fo the quiet Indy next door. "Yes, I
fed It all through July while you were
sway."—Louisville Courier-Journal.
A Formidable Feast.
"Vent worth Woodbouse hss long
been fnmed ror Its hospitality. On
Jan. 7. 1782. llichard Wardnian. the
steward of Wentworth Woodbouse,
writes that "My lord Is to have n great
diner for all his tenents nnd some olie
er of his loveing gentlemen, that Is
parsons and dokters and pothecorys.
nnd none Is to be admitted hut whnt
hns II. kilts. I am told Ihey have klll-
fd IS Does, Barons und Rpoudoiies.
llti lordship has got n man to innke
liim three Hundred duzon uf wooden
trenchers; be finds bim wood, and the
man makes tbem. nud when the dny
Ih over be Is to have them nil for bis
luboure. Ills lordship has taken u
great deul of pains to make a nice cnl-
dilution how tbey ur to sit and dine,
fur It Is thought there will be about 8
I Ilunderd men that day—and a great
: piece of folly 1 say."—London Chronicle. 	
j    iither   wns   known   to   ths  earliest
'chemists.   Nitric ether wns discovered
liy Kunkel In 1081 and muriatic ether,
I from the chloride of tlu. Ill 17.11), by
I Coiirtunvuiit.    Acetic ether was first
prepared oy fJay-Lussac.    The beneficent discovery ilmt elber Is capable of
' rendering one insensible to pain is due
' lo   lira.   Jackson   und   Morton,   wbo.
1 about the year 184(1, introduced It Into
the practice of surgery.    Some claim
that ns between tbe two men the lion-
I ors nre about easy.    Apart from the
i blessedness of the discovery of mines-
j thesis, It Is Impossible to estimate tbe
' value of the discovery to surf-cry ns s
science.    It enables the delicate operation that would otherwise be Impossible.—New Vork American.
The Poppy.
The poppy throughout the east Is nn
emblem of deatli. lu mauy parts of
India this flower Is planted upon
graves and In cemeteries, VVnether or
not the Idea was suggested by the
poisonous character nt the Juice Is un*
certain. It Is believed that tbe poppy
was known ss a funeral plsnt to the
ancient ligypllatis. for upon the tombs
••now did he get his title of colonel?"
"Well,  yon  sec.  sfler he  raised a
goatee It Just came naturally to Lim."
-Iielrnlt Free Press.
opened bv Belzonl there appeared rep*
On reaching It the men clteke."h.S , resentstlnn, of plan., which were ovl-
rlfies and Jumped on the rocks.   Their   d>ntly Intended for popples.
landing wns  not opposed,  and they
went up to tho bouse.   Tbey found it Unworthy,
shut up, burred and bolted.   Not even     A woman lately wrote an editor of
a dog barked or a cat mewed. ' 'be personal columns and snid:
Tbey broke ln the doors and began J    "' knee Inst three husbands snd now
a search of tho premises.   In the eel- i have an offer of a fourth.   Shall I ac*
lor they found a complete counterfeit*   **l" him?"
er's outfit I   'n" r*'n|.r came: "If ynu hnve lost
The leader of the party, a TJnlted ] ""»• bmhands I should sny you are
States'government detyctlve. hud long''00  l!"»l««»   '"   '"   "•"■""*   W|U   •
been looking for the makers of certain spurious bills thut bad been finding their way Into circulation. A few
of these bills had been put ouf In New
Kngland. but tbe bulk of tbem In other
locutions, A mun of education and refinement wns finally discovered to be
the perpetrator, and the mun wbo bad
refused the befogged party a leading
was hia assistant Tha desolate lady
was the former's wife, who. believing i
(hat ber husband would some day be I
exposed, was simply waiting for that
day. The assistant while the principal and bis wife were away from tha j
bland, had vary foolishly refused thos* j
whe sought refuge a laadl-C.
fourth."-Har*,er's Magazine.
A Professional Interest
Bell-That man over there Is staring
straight at my nose' Nell—Probably
he's a reporter. Bell—And why should
a reporter stsre at my nose? Nell—
They are supposed tn keep tbelr eye
on everything thst turns up. aren't
they?—Boston Transcript
Rigid Rule.
Taber, a cigar must have touched
] By deses.   it is smoking."
I   "Than you'll bavo to'be pot ant mad*:
am.    No smoking allowed laald*.'*-
i -ammora -Mfteaa.
If a rtsrl.tr loogleas passes
Do not play It, ns. alas, Is
Often tions by wicked arohlns
Who de-.rva tha aoiimlesl hlrchtn-
Sunday School Teacher—Yes, Johnny. Absalom was caught hy his hnir.
Tommy - Same way ma finds out
when I've been In swimming.—New
York Sua
Boo-Oh. papa. Pvo broken a window!
Father-Wall. I'm buay now. Remind me about It later and I'll givo
you a whipping.-Fllegeiide Blatter.
n**-Wb»t makes yon think she ta
not a girl tn make frleuda?
She—Because 1 never hear any scandal about ber.-Loudnn Opinion.
TO. Ire-nan la a happy elf
Who never seems lo have a ears,
With les enottsh to cool himself
And now and then a chunk to spara.
-Waahlngton Star.
"And Is this a purely vegetarian roe*
tanrant?" Inquired the dyspeptic.
"Yep." answered the waiter. "There
Is nn rheumatism la this Jolnt."-
"My nnoestors took part In the Beaton tea party." "Well, my wife has
been inuring keroseue on meat lately
with some other militants. That ought
to give our grandchildren a look in."—
Washington Herald.
A Point of Law.
"Do you see that inuii over there?"
The world famous detective spoke In
a low whisper, and his friend looked
quickly around, scenting a mystery.
"Yes," he replied. Just as cautiously,
"Well, he's a professional forger.''
"Then  why don't yon arrest him?"
asked the friend In surprise.
The world famous detective grinned
"Can't," he said   briefly.    "It's not
breaking the law to make horseshoes."
—Loudon Answers.
,,«,,<tjt?';''       ,,      'V
^?>'.■_>■  ,:M','. .-•■>
,'   s-f',- *?!''■*, ~,   ".:. ■■   '■■'    *t
-**..*:,   •"..'.'-*•. ., ' -
.-. ''-•»■' 'J____ii-'
;>9r*Mc        ' \
■ '•«'"'*,'
mas titi.Ks KX1...1.H.
Miss Helen Keller, horn deaf, dumb,
and blind, showed Hie assembled otolo-*
gists nl their congress in tlie Harvard
Medical seh,Mil recently that she hand.led still a nol ller io her plimomeiiosl
list of iiccompllshmeuts wbeu she eanejj
to tbem.
During the formal addresses, whirh'
were mostly Id foreign tongues. Mlsal
Keller sat on the platform listening
through the flnpers of her teacher. Pro-;
fessor White of the New Kngland Con™
serrutory of Music, and now and ihenl
applauding when a speaker made *<
particularly pleasing reference to tha*
new education of the blind.
When It came Professor White's turn,
he demonstrated the extent of control
that Miss Keller bud gained over he
visuil chords, tongue nnd lips.    Ills I
lustra lions were conveyed from bis Up
to   Miss   Keller's   linger   lips,   place
tightly over his mouth.   All ihe vowei
and consonant sounds uttered by Mis
Keller eiline out Clearly ond precisely,
and the audience spontaneously broko
inlo the heartiest applause.
Then came ihe crowning achievement the singing of an oelnve on sol
and fa and re. snum uf tbe tones belnaj
very sweet This performance not only
amazed hut delighted the savants.
Miss Keller, Professor White snya,
bus the rare faculty of absolute pitch.
Previous to giving this cxhiiiltioo,
Miss Keller made an address In Lug-
llsb. In wblcb she said:
"This Is a new day In *,he edncntlo»
nf the deaf, the dny when the physl-i
clan Is no longer content to Hght tha
hostile silences with medicine and surgical Instruments aloue, but helps th*
tencher to pour the blessed waters of
speech Into the desert of dulilliuess."
Bit bv Bit
"Pnshlngton seems to hare finally
made a conquest of the Srndiunre girl.
Wonder how It all came about?"
"The flrst time she saw him she gave
him ber eye, tbe next time tbey met
she gave bim her arm. It wasn't long
before he was holding both of her
bonds, soon nfter that he won ber
heart and sbe lost her bead, and gave
herself to bim completely."
Professor   Scherger   Says   Toil    Mado
Primitive Wife Man's Equal.
in primitive times when the mala
half of the household went out tn bla
wars, his bunting and his plensurea
nnd left the other half liehlnd to da
tho dirty work man and woman wera
more on an equality Hum at the present time.
This Is whnt Oeorge L. Beherger,
professor ot political economy und
history In Armour institute, said recently. '
It was the work the women d'
which put theni on n pur with me
When they enuimeliced to lake ir en-
they degenerated, lie said they stinu
receive at least equal recognition WI
uien because—
They were the lirst farmi-vs,
Thev were the lirst onrpenters or
builders nf homes.
Thev were tlie tlrst tn tackle art by
making pottery. !
They were (lie first writers.
They wrrr ihe tamers of all dnmen-i
tie animals, except the doc.
"It  led to Pe the holiness nf tha.
primitive man to co out and cet tha;
fond." snlil Prnfesanr Roherger. "Thai
women  were left nt home to rtevelopj
Qualified te Instruct
Mr. Oreen—What a lot I seem to
have learned tonight! How I bare ben ,
etlted by this conversation wilh you.
my dear Miss Roberts! Somehow your.
Intellect seems to appeal lo mine. Are
you a literary Indy? Miss Uoherts-
No; I am a teacher In an infant school!
art and Industry Women decelerated!
as soon as thev were deprtrori nf tha;
opportunity to work. As soon as they.
were, stmt up In the liousettnlrt theyi
became parasite*. Sn long ss they
were utile to work tbey mslntnlned sn
equnlltv with men."
I'mfossnr Schercor cited Mrs. Rllg,
Flscg sniinc sua Miss Jane Addsmn
as women who were sr least equal;
with sny men lu tbe same line ol
"Woman mnst be Independent," said
tbe suffragette or„;„,. "But the question Is, Haw can we get tbe same
wages that men dor
"Marry them and he on the Job Saturday night" suggested a mean man
In the audience.-Exchange,
"I anpposs he la made of tbe
atnff as other men."   "Oood gradoua,
ao!   He's a t**aor."-Baltimoea iwnjl
"Before yon were married ba aaid1
he wonld go through lira and water
for you, didn't bar'
"7 thought ho did, bat I think now
that I" misunderstood him. I think h*
mast aave aaid Ira watat."-Ho«i»toiij
Sewlnq Room Closet.
Vnny women In a sewing ennm eon*
j stantlv Jump up and down to pet soma
piece nf Ince nr nuiferlnl tn finish a ear.
ment If the hundred nnd one thtnga
a woman needs at hor work were all
In snme convenient place all this trouble wonld he avoided
It there Is s large closet In tbe sew*
Inu room or In the mom where most of
the family sewing Is done cet three Of
four shelves snd divide these st convenient heights InMrte of the closet.
I in each shelf arrange four or five
hoses and then place the mrlolls kinds
| ol Iiich, velvets, silks. Pultons, etc., In
one box, marking clearly Just  what
| aneh box contains.
i A closet arranged In this way will
j be found a great convenience and time
I aa?*- to Um home draaamakec ln_   1m.1APiMr.tv    uiilBl.ftl.An_i, Ja.u
Published   every   Saturday   at  Cumherland,  B.C.,  hy
Islander Printing ft Publishiiit; Company
W. R. Dunn, Manager.
Edward W. Bickle, Editor.
Advertising rates publish**- elsewhere iu the puper.
Subscription prise $1.00 par year, payable in advance
Tlie editor dues  not held   hiuueli  responsible for  views expressed by
What the Editor has to say.
To SAY the least, we are astonished by the actions of one
or two of*our local friendly societies, organized in this community for the benefit of its members. Some of the members
of these different societies have allowed their feelings to get
tie better of their judgment, in the temples where Friendship,
B;nevolence, Love, Truth and Charity, should reign supreme
Tuey have allowed themselves, we understand, to come down
f'om the high position they occupied in tbe social circles tif this
community and have stooped so low as to single out individual
members calling upon them to appear before an enquiry committee to answer to charges, of which the following, we believe,
is   a   fair   sample:—"You are hereby charged with conduct
unbecoming ."   And the grounds of this charge are more
particularly set forth in the following, to wit:—"That you, in
violation to the laws of this order, did, on or about the middle
of November, by your'actions cause the police to escort you to
and from your work, and did cause the whole population of
Cumberland to assemble to hoot and jeer you almost to the
point of riot, and did, by your conduct, cause ill feeling among
the members of this secret society, therefore a trial committee
will be formed who will pass sentence upon you and condemn
i/ou to be expelled." Cumberland is the only place on the con
tinent of North America where members of secret societies
would have allowed their prejudice and ill feeling get the better
of their obligation. The members who are complained against
are good respectable citizens, have broken no obligation and
are gilt-edged members of the society to which they belong, and
by their daily actions and sincerity toward their fellow man are
looked upon by the intelligent as being a part of the most respectable class of this city. Yet these individuals have only
continued to follow their daily avocations, going to and from
their employment in peace and quietness until molested, undoubtedly by some of those who were guilty of laying the complaint against the innocent and causing the police to protect
them against their riotous actions. If the peculiarities of our
feelings and faculties be the effect of variety of excitement
through a diversity of organization, it should tend to produce
in us mutual forbearance and toleration. We should perceive
how nearly impossible it is that persons should feel and think
exactly alike upon any subject, trouble or strike, such as we
have here in Cumberland to-day.
Jons N. McLeod, Mayor of this city, is to be highly commended for the attitude he has assumed during this trouble.
He has shown by his actions that he is equal to the occasion.
When he saw the state of affairs was getting beyond tlie control of the city police, he appealed to the Provincial Government
for help, which at once responded by sending to our relief
a sufficient number of Provincial and Mounted Police to guard
the city. The police commissioners seem to be indifferent; for
why we do not know, and do not support the Mayor as they
should, although his actions throughout the trouble have
been very commendable.
Before accepting a/>ublic office a man should always consider how the duties of that office, if carried out, will affect his
private business. If he thinks his private affairs will suffer,
he should resign and allow some individual to assume the
duties of that office who is not dependent upon the public. It
is a mistake to accept an office and then consider hosv certain
details if carried into action will affect Mr. So and So.
If the irentleman who wrote the letter to the B. C* Feder-
ationist on the Cumberland strike, and signed "Miner," will
come forward with his name, we will prove the untruthfulness
of his statements.
To the People
of Cumberland
and Vicinity
We have small acre*
age, very good, abso*
lately clear, one mile
from the New Mine,
No. 8, 3-4 of a mile
from the New Power
Plant and one and one
half miles from 6<>urt=
Terms very easy, one-fifth cash, balance
over two years.
Drop us a card for prices or Phone 22
Mails for Dispatch:—Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo, etc.:
Tuesday, 7.15 p.m.; Thursday,
and Saturday, 6 a.m.
Comox and District:—Tuesday,
12.15 p.m.; Wednesday and Friday, 4.30 p.m.
Per SS. Cowichan, Sunday, at
2 p.m., and Sunday 6 a. m.
Mails arriving:—Vancouver,
Victoria, Nanaimo. etc.: Tuesday
afternoon; Wednesday and Friday nights.
Comox District;—Wednesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
Per SS. Cowichan, Tuesday
noon and Sunday morning.
Comox Assessment District
A Court of Revision andAppeal,
under the provisions ofjfthe
"Assessment Act" in respect of
the assessment roll for the vear
19-3, will be held at the Court
House, Cumberland, on Wednesday, 18th December, 1912, at 10
o'clock in the forenoon.
Dated at Cumberland, the 6th
day of December, 1912.
Deputy Assessor.
Change advertisements for
Saturday mornings issue must
be in this office not later than
10 a, m. on Thursday.
FOR SALE-Holstein Bull, very
quiet. Price moderate. Apply:
Mrs. David Pickles, Denman
FOR SALE-Cheap, One Monarch Range, one year's use. Also
one heater. Apply Mrs Heather-
ton. Happy Valley.
roomed furnished house for three
months or more, and within city
limits. Apply by letter to "M,"
Box 430, Cumberland, B.C.
FOR SALE-A number of registered Yorkshire small pigs,
white. Price $3.00 each. • For
particulars, write Arthur Du-
maresq, Denman 1st.
Barrister,   Solicitor   and'
Notary Public.
Fiscal Agents
Grocers & Bakers
Dealers in all kinds of Oood
Wet Goods
Best Bread and Beer in Town
Agents for Pilsener Beer
For absolute protection write a Policy in
Liverpool, England.
TOTAL ASSETS, S26.78fe.93
Local Agent
Cement Blocks, Concrete
Chimney Blocks a Specialty. Samples can been
atMcKean & Biscoe store,
For Estimates  and  particulars
J. Lawrence,
" The Magnet Cash Store"
Given away
For every 50 cts. cash paid for
everything or anything you buy
from us entitles you to one
ticket after December 1st.
1st Prize, Edison Phonograph, value $28
2nd   "   Oxford Double Heater "   $16
Cumberland, B.C.
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O.. LL.n., D.C.L., President
General Manager . Aaalatant General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
Accounts may be opened at every branch of The Canadian
Bank of Commerce to be operated by mail, and will receive tlie
same careful attention as is given to all other departments of the
Bank's business. Money may be deposited or withdrawn in this
way as satisfactorily as by a personal visit to the Bank.        R4
Ladies'  "Waists,   Sweater  Coats,    Eain
Coats, Wrappers, Nightgowns, etc.
Men's and Children's Boots and Shoes,
Sweater Coats, Hosiery and Underwear.
You should see our range in these two lines before
buying your winter supply, and compare our values.
We have the best line of Blankets on the market for
the price.
-e«fJ»*C*A^>^' -
Dunsmuir Ave.
Synopsis of Coil Mining Regulation!
COALimuingiitfliUof tlm Dominion
in Mt-imtobft, Sttk-ttchewttn mid Albert*,
tlm Yukon TVnrory. tht-N rthwMt Terri
t<irieriHtutin« portion of the Piov iioa of
British C< -linn-bill-, may be tested for a term
(tf twuiity-uiit* yvnra at »u Minimi mitttl ot
81 mii H-ru, Not more th'ui 8,500 aorer
will belested t<> one applicant.
Applicati.-n for kIuhhb must be made b,
tho applicant in person to tho Agent or sub
Aguntof the dmtnet in which the right*
Hpplied for are nituated.
Ill surveyed iarritory tbe land mint bv
dUiaoribed by leutiotm,or legal tubdiviiiuiiK
nf sections, aud in uusurveyed 'erritorj
the tract applied fur aball be linked out b>
ihi'upp'ic-.iit hiniHeU.
KichapplicHiion muit be aceompani«d
by k fee of g» which will be refund u if t hi
n.-ht supplied furare nut nv tiUblu, but not
oi htTwi-o. A royalty slmll be \mui on th*
uitroliatitabteoutput of the mine at tin-
mie of tiveoeuu per t il.
Tlm purmn operating the mine "ball
furniib the Agont with sworn le'urimac
liming for the full quantity of inerch*
>io'»blocojtl miiu'd Hiid p-ty tbe royalty
.hereon.     If  the d al miniag right*, art)
it boing opfiated, tuch return* shall be
furnished at least once a yoar.
The leave will include the coal tnininc
right-only, but the I laeeinay b_ permit,
led to purcbaie whatever available Bur
i-ice rights mny be conaidered neceRiary
t rthe working of the uaneai the rate of
For full information application sh'-uld
be made to tho Secretary of the Dup»rt-
metltof the Interior, Otiaws,  or to  any
Agent or Sub Ag--nt ofDominion Landa.
Deputy Minister of ihe Interior.
N.B- Uuauthor'K.'dpublication of this
udvertmnuent will not b.- paid fur.
Palace I Heaters I Heaters!
F. PIKE, .
Plastering Contractor,
Cement  Work,
COURTENAY      *.     -      •  B.C.
Successor ii A. McKinnell.
Ice Oream,
Cigars and
McKinnell's Old Stand,
Dunsmuir Ave., CUMBERLAND
Phone 07
Agent for ths
Alex H-iiiIe-Mi-n, Proprietor
Estiniat*.- ami PeHlpn" furuWIictl
ou Application
Better known u "Pe."
Wood and Coal Hauled
n ■*?. 18
Decorator, Paperharger
AU Work Promptly
... Attended to...
Residence, Penrith Avenue
Cumberland,    B. C.
ShvwbhI Jjit'd District
Diatrict nf Sayward
Tttke nntiott that Lul**i>d  1'nul Covert,
nf C .urtenuy, B.C ,  occupation  former,
intends tn apply fur permission tn pur
cIihbo the following di-scribed lands:—
Cnmrnenciiia* hi. h post planted at head
of Plumper Hay. thence south 12 chains,
thence west 60 chains more or Isaa, thenc,.
followintr shore line to point of toinmeiicu-
ment, 100 acres m. re or less.
D.itod October 3rd, 1012. 28 12
Third St & Penrith Avenue
All kinds of hauling done
First-class Rigs for Hire
Livery and team work promptly
attended to
Mrs. Simma will i*iva lessons ot, ih-
p'ano at lierh uae in Jerusalem, foimorly
owned hy Mr. JAriies Stewart, a', any
ime by appuinlment, except   Tuesdays
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Very BEST.
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• grown.
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Auction Sales of Real Property, Farm Stock, Furniture etc.
conducted on the shortest notice at reasonable terms.
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The Furniture Store'
McPhee Block A.   McKINNON      Cumberlan   B.O
Victoria, 1VC. THOMAS'CROSSING, Cuinbwlanil,B.6
Plione 084 Sidney, B C, Phono F 36. Phone 83
S.NAKANO& eo.,
Head Oefick: MS, Fisguard Street,
Ernest T. Hanson's
Stiincknl liivd S. C. WMte Leghorns. Thia flock has been llie
foumla'iun uf most of tht1 lagestegg rattohes ill the Ct'wiohan
district. My whole tiook "f pitlletH lias averagoil 107 ('ggH per
bird in twclvu months, My Pun of Pullet* No. 19 is Fourth in
tlm Vancouver Egg Laying Contett.
Breeding Hens for Sale
at $1 and $1.50 each
Until end of October.  Order now for Hatching Eggs aud Day-OH Cljicks
Ernest T. Hanson, Gowichan, Y. I.
Capital Paid Up $11,500,000
Reserve Fund, 112,500,000
©F eANMm
Dpafts Icnued In any currency, payable all over the world
highest current pates allowed on deposit- of $1 and upwards
CUMBERLAND, B.C., Branch-   -   —     OPEN DAK "
D. M. Morrison, Manager
Wm. H. Hoff,   Manager.
Itt'.il Estate and Insurance
Licenced Anctioncers and
ire have a large number of enquiries for Acreage in
Comox Valley. If you have anything to sell list with us.
We are. Auctioneers, sec us if you want a sale and ibe
will arrange one al the shortest possible notice and get
the best prices. THE   ISLANDER.   CUMBERLAND,   V.. C.
Tlie Secret
By Alfred Wilson Barrett
Ward, Lock 6 Co., Limited
London, Mslbot-rne — Toronto.
I went
Nona al all, replied Violet,
to els ip almosl at once.—I—
s ..■ stoppoil suddenly, and
started, Bcclug that she   had
deathly pale and, staggering a little,
had sunb in io a chair.
What is it' he naked anxiously,
Are you ill Hnve I worried yuu
aboul all this?
sin* put out hor hanfi with an attempt at a leasauring gesture, No
no, the murmured, it is nothing,
l—1 shall be quite well in n moment,
And heforo he could move or speak
again she had fainted, Easton start*
ed to her Hide, and, frightened, bent
over, trying to arouse her, But seeing that his efforts were vain, and
that she still lay back upon the couch
pale and rigid, ho ran lo the bell nnd
rang It violently.
Fortunately his calls were quickly
responded to and. the maid entering
the room, lie Informed her of the sit-
point, that thore were not two such
men about, and the fact held him nio-l
tlonlet-'s with surprise,
Then, swiftly deciding- he crossed |
the road.
The ball-porter, the man who hii
gone to see Ms sick daughter1 on that
eventful night, wns in his box on tn
occasion, anj Easton approached him
Was  that  not  Mr.   Rivington  who!
Just went in? he asked,
The man, a red-faced, Btoutlsh mani
of about forty, looked at bim a little t
rudely, as It seemed to Easton, Then
appearing to recognize him, he di&ng-
ed his manner,
I don't think anyone passed me, sir,
he said. EaBton looked ai him quickly, and it appeared to him thnt he was
telling a lie,
I certainly saw -Mr. Rivington go
Into this house a moment ago, he said
sternly. If you didn't see him. you
are either blind, or you are not up to
your duty.
Ycur Liver
™| is Clogged up
That's Why Yon're Tired-—Out ef
i.i a lew clay..
Th=y tl.
tlieir duty.
BiLoasaat, Imiigcitian, and A'tifc Htadacht.
Small PUI. Small Dote, Small Price.
Genuine must bear Signature
The man healtated,     Well, perhaps    f_TWTiyJrWWi?^^
gentleman did pass me, he stam-
Uut l didn't take particular
Vou don't know which flat he
gone to, then? asked East on.
The-innn ihook his head.      NY
he. replied,
Tho Major hesitated. Whal should I tbe town Ihed a brigand. He was
he do? Ho had Intended to attempt highly esteemed by his imghbora, and.
to find out it Violet Brooke was bet--1 laid Mr, Lahonehore, I passed many
ter, IT she had recovered from her a pleasant .'veiling with him and his
fainting fit, And now Instinctively family, Hs daughter was-a beauty,
against his better feelings, against his  and thia estimable parent was amass-
-.abb, and the Brigand
Hrlgandano in Mexico was a common
profession nrd had its rules.     The
late Mr. La bo uc here   was   once   for
Couldn't tell you, l am some weeks at a sugar plantation near
la small provincial town In Mexico. In
idea of her, the thought was In lib
mind that _he had deceived him when
she had said that the gambler
(To be Continued)
'•Exam." Papers
Please state exactly, It you can, why
all the girls you know,
Or most of them, nt least, are madly
gone on So-and-so;
nation, and, giving her half a sover-| unknown to her, and that the man had
eign   Implored  her to attend  to her
young mistress.
lie waited for a few moments while
the f»irl did her host, lo revive the unconscious Violet, nnd then, seeing that
her efforts were successful, and tbat
the at'aek had been merely a tern-
porary fainting fit, he took hia leave
telling tiie maid that ho would call
Rnd Inquire later how the young lady
was getting on.
I ought to have heen more careful,
T suppose, he thought, as he made his
wny out Into the street. T was loo
brusque, Yet I hardly see how I
could have done otherwise than show
her the note. And once I did that
of course she could not help foiling
ns I feel. And that is a terrible nl-,1
ternative for hor. Yes. I do bejleve
that note spoils murder; nnd who
wrote it? I will find out if I give a
Hfetlmo to the ta,;k. For after all
■was it not I who helped to give the
wretch a start.
1 am glad she does not know that
fellow Rivington, ho thought, as he
entered his tint. Intending to have a
quiet hour to think thlnus over. I
should have hated to think of her being Triendly with a man liko that.
' An hour's thinking things over,
however, brought the Major very small
satisfaction. Knowing ns little of the
circumstances and friends of the two
sisters as he did, how was It possible
for him, unaided, to form any idea rs
to who had killed Ecla Brooke, or if,
Indeed a murder had been committed.
And towards evening, weary of conjecturing and puzzling liis brains
about ihe matter, tie walked out Intending to stroll quietly down to his
club and free his mind for a time Trotn
the  subject.
Violet's flat lay upon the road,
though on the opposite side of the
way, to his own rooms, and ho was
about ro cross the street with th" intention of fl.iding out without disturbing her, if she had entirely recovered
from her fainting fi* of the afternoon,
when he stooped suddenly, and stood
gazing before him as if turned to
stone. \
For aa ho had turned and been In
the very net of stepping off the kerbstone, he had caught sight of a man
who was approaching the flat entrance from ihe opposite direction and
■who turned into it almost at the mo-1
ment Easton caught sight of him.
it was Odi Rivington.
"For a second Easton stood still, star-1
ins nt the now errpty doorway with j
wide-open eyes ftlvlngton going in-'
to that housi! What a strange coincidence, he thought. Yet there was no
doubt that the man ho had seen wns
the gambler himself. Easton knew
that he coui 1 not tie mistaken on that
ing n little fortune fur her.
Hfs habit was to ride at night to the
road between Mexico and Vera Cruz
with two or three associates, and to
come into that house to see her, was   levy contributions on    tho   diligence.
perhaps wlU her now. (When I left thi town I wanted to strike
For a moment he hesitated further] thit) road and I went, with him and his
then he turned back again to his flat. | friends. We reached ll. nt about six
This only makes tlio mystery still i in ihe morn ng. Having partaken of
deeper, he thought. If she does j chocolate, the brigands posted them*
know Rivington, If he has gone there selves behind some rocks, and I look-
to see her, still she is good and pure, I ed on. Soon the diligence was seen
1 will swea*' to that. In nny case approaching Tho brigands emerged
I could not spy upon her. Still one and tho coachman stopped; the pas-
tiling I can do. Eda Brooke was! Bengers were requested to descend,
murdered. Who murdered her I can and were politely eased of their
and will find nut.       Yes.   Violet,   I j money.
promise you that, It Is my fault The passengers then took their
things have gone so far; 1 should | places again in the coach and It drove
never have kept that note. But I off, while the brigands courteously
will make \.p for that; Violet, your | bowed to them. So honest were
sister shall lie avenged! | they In the!,   peculiar way that they
Formed Watery Pimples, Itchy and
Had Horrible Burning Sensation,
LostSomeofFingerNails. Could
Not Open Hands, Cured by Cuticura Soap and Ointment.
235 N. I.UKar St., Toronto, Ontario.—
"For seven years I havo been troubled wltl,
nlt-rheum, It camo out on my hands nnil
forme-l kln.l of watery pltnplns
all over them vrhlrli became
Itchy anil It halt a horrible
I,timing- sensation whirl,
cause- mo a Rood deal of
>palii. It ram. out on my
hands ln tho fall anil remained
there till after spring. I
might mention that I lost somo of my
flQKcr-nalls by tho disease. ' During; tills
length of timo I was utterly uselt-sn, aa I
could not open my hands. I tried several
other patent medicines without u, bit of
relief. Somo nf my friends advised mo to
try Cuticura Remedies so I sent for samples
■md by using them then, was n great Improvement. Then I went to tho druggist
nnd bought ono cako of OtttlCUl— Soap and
two boxes of Cuticura Ointment; after using
them 1 am glad to say I am completely
cured. 1 had given up all hopo uf being
cured. I can say to all thoso who havo
suuVrcd aa I have, not to lose courage but
to Rtvo Cuticura Romttdlf- a fair trial."
(Signed) Miss Lillian Irwin. Oct. 13, Kill.
Por moro than a generation Cuticura Hoap
and Cuticura ointment havo afforded tho
most economical treatment for aiTnotlons of
the Hi—il and scalp that torture, Itch, burn,
■cale, nnd destroy sleep.   Sold everywhere.
Just any whnt  nre the merits of Ills
figure, face antl speech,
With  roll   *emarks nn  every
having ono girl each;
And, If It would relieve you, briefly
state whnt you would do
If you caught this chap in Texas or
" the wilh. of Timbuctoo,
If sixteen men and fourteen boys, all
working twenty days
Of fourteen hours eaeit (great Scut!)
can block two publie ways,
And   send   a   thousand   motor-buses
down a quiet street,
Where   no   one   came  aforetime   but
the bobby on  liis beat,
Stale briefly what tho   author   says
who lives at Number Pour,
And what the music teacher (she's a
lady) thinks next door.
Now state, .is nearly as you can, why
Mr. Jones's rate
For gas (he has three daughters) has
gone up so much of late;
Say why   tho   common   sitting-room
where pa anil  mater dwell
For courting couples (cooing doves!)
should not servo very well;
Evolve a valid reason why these want
a room apiece,
Vet occupy one chair of which tbey
take a six-hour lease.
If woman is n foreign land, as Borne
great poet, says,
Enumerate her mountains, valleys,
rivers, capos and bays;
Say if she imports chocolates and
trlnklets, scents and  gloves,
And whether sho is temperate or frigid In her loves,
With whom she seeks alliance, and
please say if It Is true
Tbat every foreign land you meet you
think she's after you.
Write some account of how you felt
when Itosio jilted you,
And state vour color at tho time-
green, crimson, white or blue;
Then tell us what you thought of girls
In gen'ril after that,
And whether you o'er usp*1 opprobrious  expletives,  liko  "Cat!"
And when you'd mourned a day nr two
—you quick-forget ting churl!—
How soon you patched your broken
heart and got another girl.
wished nie lo tako my share ln tbe
spoil; but this, of course, my standard
ef morality I) Ing different from theirs,
I .declined. My estimable friends
then retired Into a neigrborlng church
to give thnnks for the success of their
enterprise and I wished them goodbye. Hiding on to Puecla, I dined
at a table d'hote that evening with
the despoiled travellers, and adds Mr.
Lal'oiiehero, was greatly amused to
hear litem recount, tbe valorous manner in which they had defended themselves, and how they at last bad to
succumb to numbers.
Holloway'd Corn Cure takes the
corn out by the roots. Try It and
prove it.     *
'n the Scup
Fairly reeking of thc suit sea waves
the two mariners strolled into a cheap
restaurant ar/. ordered a dinner.
They wore iiiptiiin and mate, ashore
after a long trip,
In a few minutes the somewhat
grimy wait.tr appeared, and with au
airy flourish, deposited before tho
sea-dogs tw- platos ot some thin, anaemic-looking liquid.
Ahoy, tbere! barked the skipper, ns
his eye fell upon tho concoction.
What in the name of Neptune is this?
The wniler bowed gracefully, arranged his napkin In the proper position,
and replied, in lordly tones:
Soup, sir.
Then it was that thn grizzled captain llew into such (its of laughter that
he nearly brought tears to hia eyes.
Bill, he cried, giving the mate a
mighty nudge, here's news, my lad!
Here's you and me these forty years
heen sailing on soup.
Minard's   Liniment   Cures  Garget   In
No Sugar and Cream
'    A Sunday school superintendent de-
j tormlned In the kindness of his heart
to give a big treat lo all the buys ami
girls In tbo Sunday-school. Ills garden was a very large ono, and Ibis
vear the strawberry crop was rich and Over three and a quur er millions,
abundant; so he told the children that j or more than .4 per cent of the on-
if thev came lo the schoolroom on ihe I lire popula'-n of rcland, profess the
following evening (Monday) each of | Roman Catholic faith
them would hnve given litem a plate
■ioth Satisfied
A hunter set out one dny to bunt,
and a nanther set out at tlie same time
to cat.
I must hn\o a fur coat, snid Ihe
I, said the panther, must hnve a
Some hours later In a lonely wood
the panther and tbe hunter mot.
Ab, said the hunter, gaily levelling
bis gun, here is my fur overcoat.
And he shot, hut the panther dodging behind a tree, escaped unhurt.
Then tlio panther rushed forth before the hunter could reload.
Aha! herd's my dinner, said thc
panther. Mid lie fell upon the hujit-
er und devoured him.
Thus each got what he wanted, the
hunter getting his fur overcoat and
tlie panther bis dinner.
Constantinople, the capital of Turkey, hns a population of more than
of ripo strawberries, with abundance
of sugar and cream.
Of course, every boy and girl was
there. Whrn they hnd finished the
superintendent said: —
Have you -11 had a good lime?
Yes sir, tb..nk  you!  came from
hundred grateful, happy lads and las
Couldn't vou cat nny more? asked j cleanse and purify and have a most
Mr   Grayson. [ healthful  eft-ct  upon   tbe  secretions
No thank you, sir, replied Ibe schol    of   Ihe  dig-stive   organs.    Tho   dys-
ar9 I peptic and ill who suffer rom liver
Now said the genial superintendent.j aud kidney ailments will And ln these
suppose you'd gone Into my garden | pill i the mott effective medicine ■■
'   concentrati
offered to
A Purely Vegetable PHI.—Tho chief
gradients  of  Parmelee's  Vegetable
a   I'ills are nit-'drake aud dandelion, se-
lative and purgative,    but    pcrfeclly
Harmless    la    their    action.     They
find taken those strawberries without
my leave, would you   have   enjoyed
them sn much?
Oh, no sir, shouted all llie bairns
at once.
Why not' asked Mr. Orayson.
I    Nn reply.     Po hn put the question
again, but still thore wns no reply. At
1 Inst one dear llllle chappie put up his
I hand, thinking he knew the right nns-
' wer
■i form that has yot been
tr.   suffering.
Sum., men were discussing the sudden death of u neighbor who hnd left
a rather helpless family.
And the worst of it Is, said one. thnt
there isn't ore of those boys that lias
the bead to (ill his father's Bhucs.
Minard's   Liniment  Cures  Diphtheria
Hamploufeai-h mailed freo, with:;_-p. Sklti  I     Well? sni.l Mr.    Grayson,   looking
Boole.    Address post, card Potter Drug _
Chew. Corp., Devi. MU. JJostun, U. tt, A.
VV. N.  U. 924
hard at Oeo'gle Marsden.
Then Cieorgle replied so   wlnsome-
!>': —
Please  teacher,   we   shouldn't   'avc
'ad any sugar and cream wi' 'me.
A h Irnculous Escape
. mishap lu f' II a Btqurabout tripper
rip Mn' West (Vast last summer.     In
common wita i thers lie found much on-
Joymcui  In  .vatohing the engines tit
Work.     Then    were   several   doors ,
around and abi ve C_e engine-room and |
he was   Interestedly   following   tiie
movements of the   engine.".-   thtough
one of tlies. when a crowd came snd-
denly along Ine passage, the pressure
hei:i'4 si great that tlie door gave way
an-1 he was burred, as it Beemed, into
t o midst of tiie moving machinery nnd
last consciousness,
Wben he came to on tlie upper deck
he was Informed that a moment be-
foic be fell ihe starboard engine had
been stopped as the boat was just
rounding In, and il was found thnt he
had simply received a fow bruise.,,
It wns a miraculous escape from what
might huve been a fearful death.
Deafne^t Cannot bu Cured
hy local applications, as ihey cnnnol
roach tne diseased portion of the ear.
There is only one way to cure deafness,
nml that is b constitutions) remedies.
Dcafnoss is caused bv uu inihuo.-d condition of tlie unions llnliiK of lb- BUD*
tochion Tube. WllOn this tube Is 111-
named you have a luinhllng sound or
liuiHirn-t beiiuig, ami when Ii is entirely clcned, Dcnlness Is the result, un.l uu-
less  111."   Inll.vmnutlnn  enn   1."  tnlon   out
mul ibis tube restored lo lis normal condition, bearing win i». destroyed for evor;
nln,. cases out of ten are caused by Catarrh, which is nothing but an Intlomed
cmi-'ltlon  of tro nuiiMUs surfaces.
\\v win ul ■.* On,. Hundred Dollars for
nnv ens-- i.r Deafness (caused be catarrh)
that can,nit ho cured by Hall's Catarrh
Cure.      Send  tor olrenhirp.   free.
'•". . . CIH.NRV - CO., Toledo. O.
Pi.'it by nrucdsis. 75o,
Take Hull's Family Pills for constipation.
~   **- /^-*"*s . i k_ *
°c   111 (2
w *,-_ru-C-,
When You Get  iM|
Run Down
—catch cold MiKily —and drrarf. Instead of
ei.joyinc.th-keen winlerwcuth-r-theiiy-i; need
Na-Dm-Co Tasteless
Preparation of
Cod Liver Oil
Thia Na-Dm-Co Compound emhodit-s the well-kr.ovn nutr!!!v_ and
■ ir_.ti.-fi elements of Cod Liver Oil- Hypuphosphitts to build up tho
ervea ■ Exiract of Wild Cheny to act on the lun^s and bronchial tubes -
nd Exlraol cf Malt, which, besides Containing valuable nutriment Itself,
i.lps ihe weakentd dl^eslive orrans to a-.Mmllate olher food.
The (Jiiocreenb.o taste- of raw Cod Liver Oil ii entirely absent.
md ihe Compotmd Is r!c_ld_dly p!ea_ant to take. In i.Oc. and $1.00
_vti.es, ai your Druggist's. .--ot,
A banker r ;>n American town, liaV-
Ing a bald head, Was In the habit of
wonrlnp hf-i hnt. during business
hours, Ev*!ry work a i.ppto workman or thp railway presented a chcq.m
f.-:' his wnff-'S and nno day as ho put
his money \n n greasy wallet the banker said to him:
Look hero. MoHf-g, why don't you lot
some of tlia1: money stay In thc bank
and earn in'r-rcHt for you?
Oh, no, bona rrnilorl the darky, With
a glance ;»t The banker's hat. Pse
Jes' afeared. You loo!: like ymi was
always ready to start off somewheroa.
The standard
of excellence
In kid gloves.
Mothers h.ivlng onco used   Baby's
Owe Tallied for their Utile ones will
always lie fov.nil iinlnc them ns Ions
as thore* Is a hatiy in the home.    Thei
Tablets  nre acknowledged hy thmis-|
nmli. of mo e.ers as being their best
friend In keeping Ihe liitle 01103 well. !
Whether It he constipation, colic, In-1
digestion or worms!  whether baby la!
suffering  fr*m  cold  or  has   slmnlel
fever, or whether his teething is illlii-l
cull, the Tablets nre   tlm   one   safe
remedy whleh will speedily cure him.
Thoy are gin.ranloeil   hy   a   government analyst to contain not one par- _
tie],, of harmful drug   and   may   be a
given   with   benefit   to   the  now-born
babe or growing child.    Sold by modi-1
cine dealers or by moil at 2I> cents al
box frnm Tho Dr. Williams' Medicine I
Co.. Brockv'lle, Ont. t
What Had She Been Doln|(?
A leaeher ;n a local Sunday school j
desired to mi.rovo a small liny. John-j
nie, she said,    quite   solemnly,    I'm!
afraid I shall never meet you ln the I [
better land.
Johnnie pet en n loop of astonishment. Whv, teacher, he asked, what- j
ever havo yo    boon a-doing of now?;
Grain Commission Merchants                                                  Winnipeg, Manitoba
Make Bills Lading read: Fort Arthur or Fcrt 'William.  Notify Peter Jane.n
Co.. Winnipeg.
Liberal Advances Prompt Peturns                            Beat Qradoa
A doctor and his friend were out
walking together one day and passed by snme houses which tlio doctor
had built a'ld owned, and Which he
could soldo'ii let. The doctor remarked to his friend:
I lost mo'.ty when I built those
Ves, said his friend, what you gained in the pestle you lost ln Ihe mortar
Among bachelors between Iho ages
of SO and 46 'ho mortality is very high
—27 per cent; anion'; married men of
those ages 't Is only 18 per cent.
The Tenant—Thai cellar I've rontul
off ym ia full of rats.
landlord—-Great goodness, man!
What do yoj expect for five shillings
a week—white mice? . j
But Change     of   Food    Gavo    Final
Most diseases start In tho alimentary canal—stomach and bowels.
A great 1,-a.l of our stomnch and
howl tro'lbkc come from eating too
much stnrehv nnd greasy fond.
The stomach does not digest any of
tho starchy fond we ent—white broad.
pastry,    potatoes,   oats,    etc.—those
'hlngs are digested In tho small Intestines am' if we eat ton much, ns
most of us do, the organs lhat should
digest this kind of food are overcome!
by excess 0' work, so that fennonln-1
Hon, Indigestion, nnd a long train ofj
ails result.
Too much fat nisi Is hard to digest 1
and this Is changed Into nclds, sour
stomach, ha'.'.-tng gas, and a bloated,
heavy feeling,
In those conditions a change from
Indigestible foods to Ornpe-Nuts will'
work wonders In not only relieving the !
distress bu! ,.. building up a strong!
digestion, clear brain and steady ]
A woman writes:
"About live years ago I suffered
with bad stomach—dyspepsia, Indigestion, constipation—caused, I know
now, from overeating starchy and
greasy food
"I dnctor'd for two yenrs without
any benefit. Tho doctor told me
there wan ,10 cure for me. 1 oould
not ent anything without suffering severe pnln lu my back and tildes, and
I became discouraged.
"A Mend recommended Ornpc-Ntits
and I began to use It. tn less than
two weeks I beenn to fop] better and
Inside of two months I was a well
woman and have been ever since.
"I can ea! anything I wish with
pleasure., Wc eut Grape-Nuts and
cream for hreaktR9t and are very fond
nf It." Nr.me given hy Canadian
Postum fto , Windsor, Ont.
Rend the rlttle booh. "The Read to
Wollvllle." in pkgs. "There's a reason."
Ever rear) he above lettsr? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are oenulno true, and full of human
Advantages and Saving by Using
The Loading Platform
In thi; writing we doalre to put before ;».ir Western Kurmersi the
pftvin.* and advantage of loading craln dire..', on cars. Shipping grain
through an elevator, it matters no' whether a Government elevator or
one nu by an elevator company or Individual owner, docs not add
the leu. fraction of a cent to the value of he grain, nor doos it give
the farmer nny better chance of marketing It lo advantage than when
loaded direct on car.*. Hut loading direct ;n cars cuts out In the first
place tte elevator charge, which Is usually l%c, per bushel, say
$17,60 on a thousand bushel car. The ol.-vator dockage Is also
pavoj- this mn; bo worth more or less, depending partly on how dirty
the grain is, hut mostly on the farmer's nh'iity in holding his own
with 'he elevator man tailing It In. On the average the dockago
may bi consl.lorcd worth 3c per t ushei to the farmer, or say $30 per
car of 1,000 bushels. When grain Is loadi'l direct Into car over the
Loading Pla.rorm, the fanner knowi, for su-v that it Is his very own
grain that will be graded hy the* Inspector, M.d that he will without
doubt receive thc full and exact outturn of his car at whichever terminal (levator It Is unloaded; for all grain 's unloads) from the cars
under government i-mperintondaiico nnd wet«_hed hy properly qualified
government welghmen under the rules an.l riipervision of the Dominion Government Board af Grain CommlBBlorers,
Of "ourse, it makes no difference In our loading of the farmers'
grain whether It has been Bhlpped through an elevator or over tho
Loading Platform, but It enn easily be seen'from what we have stated
above where the farmer's advantage lies, wVn It saves him around
-§50 or more on every car lie ships.
We continue to act as Ihe farmers* airen" ia looking after and dis-
poslnr of carlot shipments of wheat, oats, barley nud flax strictly on
n commission of 1 cent per bushel. Wo _.re not connected with,
nor Interested In nny elevator companies or elevators, either local or
terminal neither arc we track buyers. In fact we never buy farm*
ers' grain on our own account, but only to l.i.ndle and dispose of the
grain rt.trusted to us as the agents of those who employ ns. Many
years experience, with a wide connection and ample facilities for en*
gaging fn thin special branch of the grain fade, have nlvon us a re-
p'utnt'nn of Ihe hlgheBt chancter In it. \\\ make liberal advances
on car bills cf lading. Write us for shipping instnictlons and market infcmaiion. Wc give as references to our reliability, efficiency
: od financial standing any city or country H.mk Manager in Western
Thompson Sons & Company
701-7DJ  Y   Grain   Exchange.
Winnipeg, Canada
The winter months are nature's own time for rest and roenperatlon.
Why noi mil-round yourself with Ideal conditions for rebuilding your
nervous system. Mako a determined effort to eradicate that old
stand.ng Nervous Disease, Rheumatism, Stomach, Liver and Kidney
trouble, Constipation, Sliln disease, obesity -right's Disease, Diabetes
You are under thc watchful care nf a physician who hns (as woll ns
the Usual methods of treatment) ut his command, powerful curative
agencies In the Electric Treatment*,, Mineral Springs liathB, Electric
Light ralhs. Needle and Spray Hatlis, Continuous Baths, Massage,
The Mineral wnter exercises a marked Influence In Increasing oxidation anil elimination, thus promoting  a  better nutrition.
Write to
Dr.  A.  D. CARSCALLEN, Superintendent.
Elmwood Winnipeg Manitoba
Not to be caught
Farmer (Jll "no sid eof the hedge to
boy en Ihe I'lior side): Now then, my
lad didn't I tell you not to let mo
eateh you h?re ortain.
Uoy (preparing to run): All rlsht,
don't make a fuss. You ain't caught
mo yet!
About a million tourists visit the
Alp* each y.'.r, of whom about twenty
four are killed In accidents.
Isn't your ron rather young to Join
the Army? said a recruiting sergeant
to an old Inly, who brought a boy of
fourteen lo nlm to enlist.
Why, im, she replied. You see, I
want hliu to loin the Infantry,
Same Old Story
Oood-morning, madam! I've called-
about the quarter's rntes.
So spoke tho rate-collector Ingratiatingly.
The lady of the hmiso eyed hint'
coolly.     She'd got the money ready.
Good-morning, she replied amiably,
hut I can't sny I'm exactly glad to-
see you.
Then that's where you differ from
most of 'em, retorted the visitor.
A lol of them like me so much that,
thev nearly always ask me to call'
The Royal National Lifeboat Inetl'
tutlnn was founded In 1824, and by
1888 had saved S'i.U'l lives. THE   ISLANDER,   CUMBERLAND,   B. C.
Af-sraajr Sickness
lTOIhiiiR so rapidly restores health
It is the essence of natural body*
nourishment, so medically perfect
that nature immediately appropriates and distributes it to every
organ, every tissue—feeding,
nourishing and restoring them to
normal activity.
patent medicine, but is nature's
body-nourishment with curative,
upbuilding properties and without
a drop of drug or alcohol. It contains superior cod liver oil, the
liypophosphitcs of lime and soda
with glycerine, and is so delicately
emulsified that it enters the system
without digestive effort— builds,
tones and sustains.
After croup, whooping cough,
measles and other child ailments it
Is nature's ally iu restoring health,
After grippe or pneumonia it
Imparts strength and health, and
(or colds, coughs, sore, tight chests
• nd throat troubles SCOTT'S
EMULSION gives the greatest relief
Scull fit Cownc, Toronto, Ontario        12-59
A Pi int of Honor
No power on earth shall mnke me
do It! The man spoko firmly, but
his knees trembled.
She approached close to his sldo.
Her eyes blazed  into his.
You shall lo it, sho snarled, however much >o\ dread It! D'yon hear
I refuse utterly. Such action is unworthy of n man of priilo and honor.
You refus..? Quickly she was ut
his sldo agun: and though he drew
hack from ' er as from n whip-lush,
she gripped him liko n vice,
Then she took out u small knife—
u lliln, Bhnrp-polnted piece of steel.
She thrust It Into his hand.
There! sue exclaimed. Ills obstinacy wns driving her to desperation.
Hei voice bioke with passion. William Tompk.ii!'. she cried, unless yon
obey, and p"--l those potatoes now—
nt (.nee—you shall go lo bed without
nuy dinnerl
N, P. Wi.'is, the American writer,
w.i., usually the life of tho company
lie linijpenel to be in. His repartee
at Mrs. Galea's dinner In Washington
Is famous. • Mrs. Gales wrote on a
eiird to her n'eee at Ihe other end of
ihe tnblc: Don't lllrt so with N'at
Willis. Sie herself was talking vivaciously to a Mr. Campbell,
Willis write the niece's reply:
Pour aunt, dou'l attempt my yuimg
feelings to Irammel, nor strain nt a
Nul while yju swallow a Campbell'.
clcasure First
Where do you get your papers, little boy? nslt'd tho benevolent old gontloman.
Frqjn Jimmy Wilson sir, answered
the small Iny.
And win, is Jimmy Wilson?
Oil. lie's a newsboy! He buys 'em
sit iho newspaper ollice.
How much do you pay bim for them?
A'ponny each
And yot mn roll them fur a halfpenny.     You can't make much.
TTlien why do you sell them?
Oli, just to get a fair chance of
An Englishman travolllng In California wns impressed by a spocluion
of local humour. He was going
down a dangerous mountain rond In n
conch when lie saw these ominous
wniiR lirniuH.' In black lotterB upon
a while hoird nalb d to a wayside
tree: How would yon like to havo
a broken neck nnd a dirty shirt on?
Try tlie Siuwlilte Laundry.
A small boy was sealed In the parlor
with his siller's young num. Itelng'
of :in Inquiring turn of mind lie asked
Mr Graysmlth: Dp you weigh vory
About 1.">n!'is, my Utile man, tho
hopeful lover resp, nded.
Do you th nk slsier would lift you?
Iho boy continued.
Oh, goodness, no. said the young
mnn biiishl.i? nt, ihe moro thought,
why do you ask'.'
I don't bi'.eve flic ean. either, but
I heard her 'til mn tills morning tlmt
she wns go'lif to throw you over ns
soon as she could.
Gall Stones Cored
After 12 Years
A Winnipeg Indy hns beon cured of
gfiU-Ptoiu-s uftrr BrnTrrliifi from thnt
painful complaint for twelve yours. She
lmd taken many trnitnionis nnd mnny
remedies hut each nnd all proved fnil-
urea, until stir- took SANOL, the already
well known .-.merty for Gnll-etones, Kidney-stones, Gravel, Kidney trouble Lumbago nnd o'hrr disease.*, caused by urio
auld tn the system. It wns n great
Victory for SANOL. So grateful was
this lady  tli.it she sent  a  great number
of her friends to us to be treated nnd
In  every  one of  these  eases  tho results
have heen most  satisfactory.
Wo nre willing nnd nnxlnus to supply
tne name of this well-known lady, wo
have also records of cures In every town
iitul locality in Canada and we would be
r.ble. to refer yon to tome of your nolgl -
liors   for   an   opinion   on   SAN'OI*.
This remedy Is manufactured only hy
Btrcot, Winnipeg. For sale by most
leading drugf-fUs or direct from tho
malum at il..'-*. per bottle.
Ship  Your
McMillan fur & wool Co.,
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Mlnard'i Liniment Cures Distemper
Overheard during the holiday  sea-'
son nt Blackpool:
A Utile hoy sold to his fnth"r:    Eh,
teyther, Isn't there a lot or fooak on |
Ih' sands this week?
Father—Aye, but  there'll  he a lot
more on th' rocks next nook.
You ought to wear
Reliable merchants have them
in stock
Cleans and disinfects everything
In your home from the collar to the
attic* Put It on your dualer and
dust Hardwood Floors, Woodwork,
Linoleums, Pianos, Furniture, olc.
Millies eery thing just like new.
Money refunded II not satisfactory.
Made hy the
Hamilton, Canada
Tills school Is located In Toronto
nnd does much each year to supply
i in* active demand for Telegraph op-
rrnlors wanted by our Canadian railways. A successful record if fifteen
yenrs and hundreds of olllclals anil
operators In active railway service today is the host guarantee of the re*
liability of this well known school.
Thu book "(lidded by the Key" explains the work fully. Writu for It.
.WilrusB W.<**II. Shaw. President, Toronto,
Ndetl New, Rich Blood to Restore'
Them to a Healthy Condition
Actually li. need of food lo nourish I
tho body nnd yet 'iifr.ild to out be-1
cause of Ihe racking pains that follow. Tha, Is Ihe condition of ttio '
sufferer front Indigestion—a choice be-,
tweeu starvation or merciless torture.
Tho urge'-'! need of all dyspeptics,
of everybody whose organs of dlges-1
tloc have become unlit to perform
thoir Important duly, Is for stronger
stomachs that can extract nourishment from foul. nr. Williams' Pink
I'ills give w.nk stomachs just the|
Btrength th.*y need by enriching the i
blood supiih thus giving tone nnd
strength to ibe 'stomach and its
nerves, and naabllng il to do tho work
nature Intended It to do. Thousands j
of onses of Indigestion have hem;
cured by Dr Williams' Pink Pills, of
which ihe following is but one in- j
stance. M,ss L. A. Ilro-n, Port Albert. 6nt., says: "For a number of
years I was a terrible sufferer from
Indigestion end ns a result I became,
completely 'im down, und suffered
from backaches nnd nervous troubles
as well. I had to force myself to eat,
but never enjoyed ii menl owing to
Ihe awful P'-lns that followed eating.
Life wns becoming a burden, nnd as
medlolne after medicine failed to help i
mo I felt I v,a3 doomed to go through
life a constant suffe'er. Finally n
muirled sis'or strongly urged me to
try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and I
luive reason to he thankful that I followed her -ijvlco, as they have fully !
restored mv health, nnd 1 can now en-
Joy all kinds of food Without the loust
discomfort nnd my friends say I am
looking better than 1 have done for
yours. At nil events I know 1 feel
like n new oerson, so shut! always
praise Dr. Williams' Pink Pills."
Sold by all medicine dealers or by
mull nt Cli outs u box or six boxes
for $2.60 fi'iiu T"io Dr. Williams'
Medicine Ce , Brookvlllo, Ont.
Biol*. Free.
-Tom-   Ir.itn.
A mmpli
'iti   sort--, ulcer--,   and
growth's curoil.    Describe
r_ur tr-uh.e - we will s.'nd hook an*, lestlmoniali.
for Automobiles.
In slock ft'.l sizes—Atlas, Weed and
. Leadev
John Millen & Son, Mfg., Ltd.
si Princess Street
Wholesi-le and Retail, Winnipeg
If your kidneys nm not riffht. your wholn
l.otly suitors. Noslcct thnt condition nnd
ymirsiili'uriiics will ba jncroaMtl tenfold. The
beat lioio to trout lodfl.-y trouble is in the
beijlnnlna. Tako lilt. OLAUK'S SWEET
Nlilil. PILLS at opee, wben yon have
lame l«,<k, heodi—hoe. snols before tho
eyes, [win- in the joints, eto.
Must poii|iit know llie vnlue ol sweet
nilrn in it.- action on the kidneys. Five
"ilior proved specifics nro used in DR,
Hi-iii-"., tonoend stimulate Impaired kidneys.
Put you risht ami -aop you rleht. Sold
everywhere m fifty cents i, box or mnilod
dirool by 40
Winnipeg, Canada
Bride Training
To those t'ho take their wifely duties Just us a matter of course It may
come ns a g-eat surprise to know tnat
there exist ncademlea solely devoted
to the training of brides-to-be.
This Is tho case, however; and such
an Institution Is St. Martha's College
of Housecraft, which Is situated la
Chichester Street, St. Georgo'8 Square
S.W. Under Its accommodating
roof future brides nre taught what to,
and what not to do. For the assumption is long since dead that a
girl must necessarily be burn a per-
lect wife and mother. Evory experienced hous.nvlfc, although never, perhaps having been through a course of
hygiene or domestic science knows
full well how mnny and hard wore tho
lessons she had to learn before alio
beenme the perfect home product.
It should of course bo wlihln the
mcuns of every woman to go through
a proper domestic training, and possibly In the near future bolter facilities
may be ufforded for poor women, as
well as rich, to train as wives.
Meanwhile, at tlio lirldo's school In
Chichester Street the girls nro taught
the entire art of managing a house,
from making beds to cooking evening
dinners. Por It Is one of tbo principal's theories that even should a girl
la after llfo be fortunate enough to
keep her two or three servants and
footman, her early knowledge must
always prove UBefiil.
Por servnrts need managing, ns well
as training. • nd ths young wife ofton
llnds the foi mer the moro difficult of
tlio two. Klther she Is too lenient
and Indulg > 1' or she Is hauglit*' and
overhearing. She Is laught the happy medium ut St. Martha's College.
Life ther? I- none too ensy. The
laundry students, for example, rise
at 7.30 tho house student at 6 and tho
cook on Fridays (tho day for Hues), at
5.80, The remaining girls not noting ln tho tbeve capacities rise nt 6
in the summer nnd strip their beds
and open windows.
A cup of tea is then taken, after
which the ri«I work of the day begins.
The girls lay nnd light fires filling coal
scuttles, sweeping .-.nd,dusting rooms,
brushing dawn the steps, and polishing the door trasses.
Then folio ,vi, 8 o'clock breakfast
which Is prepared by thc cook on
duly. Sucli tasks ns washing up,
cleaning silver, turning out rooms,
and cookJng, por everyone lasts till 1
o'clock, the luncheon hour.
Tlie course 1. a six months' one and
each girl studies a work in each
branch of th work. Becoming uniforms of brown linen, white aprons,
mob caps and uleeves are worn In this
particular establishment.
Shopping expeditions are also the
rule of the ..ouse and lectures and
practical cL.sses nre given on such
subjects as sewing, darning, patching,
mending, upholstery, cooking and the
laws of liygino in the afternoons,
Th" great idea of the whole system
of the Institution Is thnt housewifery
is a science to be tackled In a scientilic wny. As Miss Feddon, the
principal, he-self puts It, tlie perfect
housewife inoii'd attack her work
scientifically, nnd in got It done biter
und quicker than ono lacking melliod
nnd training. She would then have
timo to Intcesl herself in oilier matters.
Which Is ei'.ilnon'ly truo. hh evory
housewife,, whether controlling n largo
or small house, will readily admit
Wigwag—1 never know such a follow lis Jonen, Ho Is always looking
for trouble.
Henpecke -Then why doesn't ho get
Fer Sprains and Bruises.—There is
nothing betti r for Bprnlns uml contusions thnn ni. Thomas' Electric Oil;
It will reduon the swelling tbat follows
a sprnln, will cool tho Inflamed llesh ]
ond draw ihe pain as If by magic.
It will tako the ache out of a bruise;
und prevent the flesii from discoloring It seems ns If ilu're wns magic
III It, bo Hpedlly does the Injury ills*
appear undo: treatment.
of farmers
and horsemen ■*,
hnvosave/1 money ['i*Mti
by li s I u s Ken- (jf*"
fer Spavins, Curb, Rlnjhone, Splint, Bony
(Irowtlu and Lameness from mnny othor
.causes. These men know that Kendall's
ss a money silver and ahorsosaver. We
-an prove it by thousands of
Grateful Letter* From (liar*
Lanorah, 8...SK., Dec. 13th, ion.
"I have ..large stock r.f horses slid am a
user af Kendall's Spavin Cure.   I must sny
that I alwifys had the best satisfaction from
lu use, and can recommended it to any
horse owuer." JOSBIMI TPUND.
1'iobow Lake, Man. Dee. 34th, 1911.
"1 have used Kendall's spavin Cure for
Aveyears. Iiuditnsure cure for Spavins.'*
Price |t per bottle-• bottles 15.   Ask
dnigslst 'or free book -Treatise ot, tbe
Hurse" or write to ns. 7 J
Dr. B. J. Kendall Company
_ma*-j** Falls, Van-sort. U, S. A.
Who wns thnt seedy Individual I
saw you givo half a crown lo?
An old literary friend of mine; nil-
tlmr of "Ton Thousand Ways ot Making Money.'
Not a Complaint
Look hero Iv said 10 tho groom, ure
you the man who put the saddle on
Miss Jennie's liorse'.'
Ves. sir.     Anything wrong, sir?
11 wo-- iiio.e—very loose. She had
no soon r iioniiiod than tho saddle
slipped, und If I bndii'l caught her
sho would hove boon thrown 10 the
I'm very Berry, sir.
But 1 did Latch her. went on llie
young imm, moditutlvely. I caught
her III my .inns, and—[lore's halt a
crown for vou, John. Do you suppose you could leave Ihe girih loose
whoa we go tiding again to-morrow.
Doi't Get Injured
I've been thinking of it ever since
I started on mv present, journey, suid
the comtnerc! ' traveller thoughtfully,
and I'm bothered If 1 cun mako up my
mind just whal she wus aiming at.
You see, some lime ago I realised lhat
travelling about ihe country hs I am
I ltfas taking a good muny chances.
I decided, therefore, to Insure myself.
j    So I snid to my wife, after I had
j acted upon lb" thought, I havo done
I something today that I should have
J done wlien I lirst slni't°d on the road.1
I have taken out an   accident   |nsur*
1 mice policy on my life.     If I nm kill-
! ed, the   computiy   tiny   a   thousand
I pounds.     If I nm injured, then I got
i pound a week.
!    For how long? she asked.
j    As long as I am laid up.
nut It mlgl t be only a week.
!     Yes.
And  you  would only get a sovereign .
That Is all.
And   If  you  eet  killed  you   get a
thousand pounds?
Yon would. I answered, patiently,
Woll, the   nest morning,    when    I
started on mv journey sh<* throw her
J nrms round me nnd cried—
Now. John, for heaven's Bake What*
! evor you do, don't get Injured.
It Is estimated that 16,000,000 a year
Is spent In wages to professional footballers.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, _c.
N!nety-elg: t out of every thousand j
women married annually In England
are widows, nnd yet moro than 60 per
cent, of the women between the ages
of 16 and BO remain unmarried.
In the causes of infant mortality
cholera morbus figures frequently, and
It may he aaid thai cninpluliits of the
bowels are g-eat. destroyers of child
lite If ail mothers would avail
themselves of so effective a remedy
as Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery
Cordial mans a little one could he
saved. Tills Cordial can be given
with snfety '.o Ihe smallest child, as
there Is no tnjurlous substance In It.
VV. N. U. 024
Henry Peel:—Do you think yon can
make a good portrait of my wife?
Mr. Brushaway—My friend, I can
make It so lifelike you'll jump every
time you se, her.
S!se Dad Such
Beautiful Bands
that It v&tt perfectly evident
t.iiit flic used Snap, the
original liniul
cleaner, to re-
of liouB-work.
Hand cU-aner*.
by uny other
name   do   not
smell nn tweet. -
Avoid rani:
Imitation*, mid
remember the
name 36
Ords, from fosr .l-.l-r l.-as,.
s„s <„U<„il„.
Levelling It up
I The proprietor of tho ble shop on
Ihe corner wns a chemist, flourishing
withal nnd keenly buslness-llkei He
was at Ihe post nf duty inldwav be*
tween the tea and greon viols when
ihe liorce-looking lady entered his premises, but bo rubbed bis hands nnd
greeted her cordially.
Good-"ven.ng. inadom, lie whinnied,
| In bis high p.lcliod voice      And what
muy I hnve the great pleasure of do-
ing for you?
Tbe fours .tno Indy placed her arms
nklmho. and fi' oil him angrily.
The other niglit, she said. In sepulchral tones, you sold nty husband a
botlle of tonic, and he eume home nnd
went for me like anything. Whal yer
goin' to do about II?
For a lu'lel' moment the man of medicine was nonplussed, but only for a
moment. l'hen be turned on his
niight-be customer his sweetest Smile,
and suavely icniarkeil:
Well, mah.m, buy two bottloe for
yourself, and then go home and get
even Willi him!
Tommy had been promoted by the
chemist. .In was now allowed to
servo hehlnI Ihe counter.
One morning a middle-aged lady,
looking hor mil age, came In.
Have you got any cream for restoring the complexion? sbe asked
bashfully j
Tommy was a wise lad. He eyed
her too-vlvll cheeks wit hopen admiration.
Pardon me, madam, hi* said politely.
Don't you nioiin cream for preserving
the complexion''
And the blighted lady bought slit
boxes right .may.
to Old
All winter long—on the Zero days and the
windy, blustering days—the Perfection Smokeless Oil Heater gives them real solid comfort.
It saves them many a cold and sickness for it easily
warms the rooms not reached by the ordinary heat.
The Perfection Heater is made with nickel trimmings (plain steel or enameled turquoise-blue drums).
Ornamental. Inexpensive. Lasts for years. Easily
moved from place to place.
At Domtor. Evmryuihoro
No Christmas Catalogue This Year
It la now hlsh timo tn think of Christmas and your Christmas
needs. A little later on tho mails will b-» so heavy that delays are
liable to occur; and a little later on our Mall Order Department will
be so rushed with business that we will have difficulty in giving the
attention   to  orders   that   we desire to do, and that we usually do.
We are not issuing a Christmas Catalog:.© this year, but our regular Catalogue contaius a very full list of articles suitable for Yule-
tide remembrances,
ThA grent advantage of including these In out regular Catalogue
la tbat our customers can order their Christmas requirements at
tbe same time as they are ordering other goods, and ln thia way
save considerable in  transportation.
M>»ke your selection early, and order early, so as to have all the
advantage of an unbroken assortment.
Of course we have made provision for big business but It always
happens that there is a big run on certain jines which sometimes
quickly exhausts our supply. Vou can avoid' disappointment by
ordering -early.
If you have not bad a copy of our Fall and Winter Catalogue
write for it and we will send it to you at once It la well worth having as it Is the biggest and beat we have eveT issued, while our
values too are the best we .have ever offered.
If you already have a copy' of the Catalogue teBt our values and
oub service with-an order.   'You are sure to be pleased with both.
*T. EATON C°um™
Every Woman's Complexion
is bound to sll"1*' whether »r not ;he is In pnoil physical condition.
If the Yoniplexl6n is niiidily, the skin sallow; If pimples or skin
blemishes appear it is then attention must be given In improve
(lie bodily condition. There is one safe and simple way.
Clear  the   system  anil   uurify the   blood   with a   lew doses of
This well known vegetable family remedy is famous for Its power
to improve the action of thc organs of digestion and elimination.
They will regulate the howels, stimulate the liver, tone the
Btomach and you will know wlint it is to lie free from troubles,
from headaches, backaches, lassitude, and extreme nervousness.
Tbe*( will make you feci healthier and stronger in every way.
By clearing your system of poisonous waste Beechuiu's Pills
will have good effect upon your looks—these they
Will Beautify and Improve
Tk* dlractioas with ovorr bo*s ore of special valus ami importance la womaa.
Sold everywhere,   tn boxes, 25c.
De^-p In Thought
Inicreated L-djr—* Oh, door, look!
That's Mr. ttliymer, tho celebrated
poet, So*? Low his linger touches
tils Up and I'OW his lofty brow Is Unit
lit Miouiiht Oh, 1 wonder what
sweet tnorsrl ot verse he Is lncdlla-
Mr. Itliynior (to himself)—] have
to order siuiar from the grocer's, beef
nt the butcher's, pay for Inst week's
bread, and b^ng some soothing syrup
for tho bnby. 1 wish to goodness
Marv would attend to all these things
The Wise Man and the Fool
Once, In travelling, Dr. lllcdsn wns
exceedingly annoyed by a pedantio
here who fireed himself upon him and
I made a great parnde of Ids learning.
Thr doctor bote It as long as llo could
and at length, looking at him gravely,
.My friend, you and 1 know all that
Is to be known.
How Is that? said the man, plonsed
with whnt he '.bought a complimentary
| association.
Why, stilt tho doctor,   yon   Know
everything except that you ure a fool,
[and I know that. IHE ISLANDER, CU.-BKRLAND
' - -    ii- niiw--___riiiMMii
The Builders
Co., Ltd.
Phone 66
P. 0. Box 230
Kiln Dried Flooring, V Joint, Finish and Mouldings
Window and Door Frames Made to Order
Windows and Doors
Paints, Oils and Varnishes
Lime, Bricks, Cement, Lath and Plaster
Builders' Hardware Plumbing Supplies
As good as the best and better than the rest
Notary Publie and Conveyancer
The Big Store
This Store
Is Prepared for the Fall
and Winter Weather
Men's and Boys's Sweaters
In pull-over and open neck, finest of wool,
in different weights at every price
Sweater Coats
Are a necessity. We have them in almost
every size, shade, weight, and price f0r
for men, women and children
Men's Rubber Boots
In first quality rubber, good fitters, in
knee, thigh and hip lengths
Men'- Working Gloves
In all grades, good fitters, finest workmanship.   Sole agents for H.B.K. Brand
Wool Hoisery
In every weight, size and price; well shaped
and good fitters
Dry, Warm Feet mean good health, try
a pair of oar Anti-Rheumatic Socks
Extra Weight and Specially
Prepared Wool
will hold 'out car.     Ford parts nt factory list juices
(Late,if the B.O. Garage)
Agent for Ford
and Chalmer Cars
Oliver Typewriters &c.
New Goods Just Received for
Velveteens in Plain and Corded Makes
and Best Shades
Silk Blouses—Exclusive Designs
Ladies Neckwear
Sp.endid Assortment of
Now iu transit, comprising Ladies and Gents Fancy Htindkeroliiofs,
Children's Toys, etc.
P.S.—l'nv your Christmas Groceries now.
Centre of Town I
Macfarlane Bros.
"The Corner Store," Cumberland, B, C.
Subdivision -*«g»
The Island Realty Co.
1 Fire. Life, Live Stock _„     P. L. ANDEBTON.
I .. Aocident Phone 22.     Courte_ay, B. C.
Send full legal description of
your acreage
I have
Old Country Clients
Sn   DEin615HastingSt.W.
• ___/. t\Llu VANCOUVER
Beadnell & €allin
Offices: Comox & Courtenay.
Agents for E. & N, Lands,
Comox District.
Beadnell & Callin


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