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The Cumberland Islander Mar 8, 1929

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Smart Set"
berland Islander
at the Ilo-Ilo
this week-end
H'Hh which ia consolidated the Cuniberlaed .Nem.
FRIDAY, MARCH 8, 1929.
Well Contested Settlers Ask
., 0 |      For Coal Rights
Hoop  Games
Lost by Locals
Press Claims For Consideration  :
in E. and N. Belt
Play of McFarlane and McKar
land Featuie of Mens
Saturday evening lost two well contested games of basketball were play-
Continuing their forty-year light!
i to secure what they consider to be
; their rights to the coal veins beneath
j their lauds, settlers ot Cedar District,
I headed by George Cassidy and David
1 humus appeared before tbe Govera-
iu the Imperial Pavilion, Royston. An nit.ni recently to urge consideration
exhibition game between the Nanaimo 0t their claims. They were introduced |
School girls a.-.u ail Intermediate "A" i by C. F. Davie, member tor Cowichan-
play-off    bowleen    Ladysmlth    Robo Newcastle.
liuus and Cumberland Ex-High. The Under tho provisions of the grant'
latter game was on a par wlih any-, 0( tlie E. & N. belt to the railway tue
thing ever seen in tills district in thu | minerals  were  Included In the sub-
We regret to announce that
owing to the colossal business
which has attended ihe presenta-
of ''Uncle Tom's Cabin" at the
Pantages Theatre. Vancouver,
it lias been held over for another week's showing, making it
Impossible for this great picture
to appear here next week. Tlle
dates have been changed and
"Uncle Tom's Cabin' will come
to the Ilo-Ilo on March lS'.h,
19th ami 2i)th and tn tho Gaiety
March 21st, 22ml and 23rd.
Management Ilo-Ilo.
Work Projected For
North Of Island
i Extensive Work Authorized in Addition to Increased Grant Se-
|     cured by Dr. MacNaughton—Proposed School Rate Reduced
Trap Shooting       (Badminton
GoejOverBig;   Tournament
Cumberland Rod and Gun Club |
Revive Popular Pastime MctFCll 20    21
basketball line ami lt is lu be regret-
Led that the attendance was so small,
ihe Comox district through its lack
of Interest, is cortainly killing sport
of every description and if It were not
for the keen Inlorest of tbe players
and a few fans basketball would have
long since followed Uie path of soccer
The opening game of the night wad
bet wee.) Naualrao Felixes and Cumberland High School girls which the
former won 13-8. In the first quarter
Of this game It certainly looked like
curtains for the local girls as the
Felixes were their masters in every
.department but largely due to poor
Welsh Society
Honor Their
Patron Saint
Huge  Attendance   at   Concert,
Super and Dance.   Success
of Annual Affair Due
to Lady Members
j    According to the president of the
J. D.J
Ing of tho claims, bat this bill was not  Davis, tlie success of the annual cele-1
assented to, and now the settlers are  bratlon held on Friday last was duo
down and the game tightened up hut [ ontli more pressing their claims for almost entirely to the lady members
One and all rendered yeoman service:
I aald the president and in a conjlden-
! tial clint intimated that  he believed
I the lady members of tlie Cumberland
~ t   _    , , ,._ i Welsh Society wer the best workers (
Ul   OChOOl   1 rUSteeS; he lud ever met.
_ I    At 7 o'clock, the time for the corn-
sidy.   A large number of settlers ou
Vancouver Island who owned proper-
ties that had been located before the j
railway belt was established, claimed
ownership of the minerals aud coal.
While some registered their claims in
time, others neglected to do so, when I
in about a quarter of century ago, le-,
gislatlon was passed giving them the j
right to do so.   Subsequently the le-'
gislatlon  was  disallowed, and those,
.vho had not registered wltliiu tlie ..ear;
that it was effective, had to start their
iglit ail over again. ;
A dozen years ago the Provincial |
Qovernment passed legislation approv
(Special to the Cumberland Islander)
VICTORIA, liar. 7—In addition to obtaining an increase of the
road maintenance appropriation for Comox District from
$62,000 to $67,000, Dr. G. K. MacNaughton's activities on behalf
of his constituency arc evidenced in provisions made through the
road loan authorized by legislation brought down last night for
modernization of the northern sections of the Island Highway,
extension of the Campbell River road through to Upper C.'.mp-
bell Lake, at lust making Strathcona Park accessible, and preliminary expenditure on tlie Courienay-Menzies Bay Highway to
form part of the Sayward road.
By amendments allowed in the School Act the proposed special levy to maintain assisted rural schools is reduced from three
mills to one mill and by enlargement of the judicial powers of the
Provincial Water Board, that body will hereafter adjust all ques-
tions of electric rates imposed by private companies of provincial
'lhe British Columbia members of the Farm Loans Board
have now been named by the government and its composition
will be announced when approved by Ottawa, to which place the
; chairman, Dr. J. U. MacLtan, returns to-day.   Necessary tunds
! are available and loans will be secured by May First.
E. & N. Railway      Large Attendance
After Lapse of Twenty
According to Dick Coe, popularly
known as "Scutter-gun." Sunday last
was the ilrsl time iu twenty years that
trap shoollng has been enjoyed hy lo-
Entrics to lie in by March 16—
Shenstone Again Heads
t)n Tuesday evening last, tlie annual
meeting of tlie   Imperial   Badminton
cal enthusiasts.    And  when  we say  L.,ub „,,s  hM „,  „„.  lm|lt.rl„i  Pl
enjoyed we mean it. Upwards of thirty members were present at the traps
ou Sunday morning lust and some real
good shooting was witnessed. I.. Frelone. Dick Coe and one or two others
still have the "goud eye." and wen
accounting for eighteen and nineteen
vllioll.    Tiie meeting was held directly
after  rotresbments  bad  been  served
and the election of officers ami oilier
business speedily administered.
Tlie president, .Mr. P. it. Shenstone,
Bloccupied   tlie  chair and  opened  llle
not ho  bad  aftor an  absence | 0f luu rwmi visit t
hooting the Huh city team did not  |„g „r attending the time for the fil-  Cumberland Welsh Society, Mr..
tally many baskets.   As tlie game progressed, however, Cumberland settled
Belt Comes Before
House At Ottawa
At Funeral Of
Mrs. C. Gillespie
at no stage was tiie play brilliant.
Due to ibe experience aud being accustomed to a regulation Hum, the j ,\
Felixes played a steady game aa.
fleemed to have confidence in the outcome Ihruugliout. The local high were
minus the services of one of their
regulars, Beatrice Cavellero, ivhlch
makes a big difference to a team.
The nexl game nnd the main eve.it
was lhe play-oft game In the intermediate "A* class between Ladyamfih
Rose Buds and Cumberland Ex-High,
the former winning 25-18, The game
waa faHt and the score close for the
.entire forty minutes and at no stage
.could either learn afford to relax. Bx-
Hlgh were llrst to score, and Ladysmith counted right after on a free
throw, jumping Into the lead on a
field basket a few minutes later which
they maintained for the rest of the
game. The play was exceptional!.,
iost and the combination a treat to
watch; Ladysmlth using the low onc-
.bounce pass while Cumberland used
a short shoulder-high puss. At times
tbe Ladysmlth guards would dribble
the full length of the floor before passing or shooting and tbe hall would
■come back again at the .same rapid
pace as one of tho local forwards
gained posessiou. One of tho outstanding features of the game was the
splendid guarding by .McKarland aud
McFarlane for the Kx-lllgh, who were
always a source of worry to the opposing TorwanlH. Tha writer considered It a bad move when G. Brown
took the place of McFarland ln tbe
last five or six minutes of tho game
as It was Impossible Tor Brown to get
the run of play hefore the dual whistle
and gave Ladysmlth the close-in shots
which they had been working for all
evening, resulting ln the scoring of
(our baskets.
Taking the game as a whole, Ladysmlth fully deserved the win as they
were more finished players but if thu
Ex-High play together again next)
year ft will take a better team than
Ladysmlth Hose Buds to stop them.
Mr. Kelly, the official referee, attracted nearly as much attention as
the teams by his splendid refereotng
and capacity of not overlooking any
fouls. The cleaness of the game was
prlnclpaly due to .Mr. Kelly.
The players for Kx-lllgh were H.
Watson and J. Hill forwards, M. Con-
rod centre. McFnrland and McFarlane
guards ond G. Brown substitute guard.
After the games refreshments wero
served to the players which wore
greatly  appreciated.
i Meeting Of Board
Railway   Asks  Time  to   Build; Impressive   Service   at   United
Island Lines Church Precedes Burial
Ottawa, .March 5.—Discussion de-
j veloped iu thu House or Commons tonight on the second reading of a hill
Thc regular monthly nieetlngTf j moncoment of lho concert, the llo-llo | respecting the Esquimau & Nanaimo
the Cumberland Board of School Trjs-! Theatre wns comfortably filled. Year Railway Company. C. II. Dickie, Con-
ees wns held on Friday evening, uy >w the local society celebrate In scrvatlve. Nunalmo, explained that the
.rustees MacNaughton. Henderson, t|R. USUal manner and for the concert bill wns to give an extension of tho
ind MacKinnon helng present. Tiie portion always try to Introduce some | time to the company in tlie conslruc-
mlnutes of tlie previous meeting were  new   concert  party.    This  year  tho  tion of branch lines.
ad and several communications, one services of the Vancouver concert While in favor of tbe building of
from Mr. Cope, lhe city clerk, statins pariy Umier professor Morgan had thu branch lines. A. W. Neill, Inde-
hnt the school estimates for $32,000, Deen engaged, the only one of the pendent. Comox-Alberni, pointed out
were passed hy thc city council. The' ,,.irty tc) ue tieard hero before was that tlie original act had been passed
city council also informed the school jus8 Margaret Mclntyre, the well-' iu 1010, and suggested that greater
board that Messrs. Dick and MacKin- known pianist and violinist, and she progress should have been made. An-
tosh have bcen appointed auditors tor h9 alwa..s a welcome visitor to Cum-> other complaint was that there was
:he board for 1020. | berland.   Mr. North West, a tenor of | no provision In the act In regard to
Mr. Apps stated that tile teachers uote Wil5, through sickness, prevented, bonding privileges. He would not
are planning a tes on March Sth In from making the journey, hut his place j want tho conipW lo come back In
aid of the concrete tennis courts. An j ,vaa admirably filled by Mr. Sidney \ five years and say there had beca a
operetla entitled "All Balm" Is being Nichol. Tbe other members ot tho delay on that account. Ilo suggested
prepared by Mr. Murray for thc lat-1 coiieorl parly included Mr. and Mrs. [ Ihat Mr. Dickie take up thc matter
ter end of this month. The matter of. w. Hudson, late of tlie Moody Man-1 with his "principals" and see It an ar-
enterlng the Public School pupils In  ncrs opera Company and Queen's Hall,  rangoment could  he  made  to  bring
the Nanaimo Musical Festival will he! i_0inl()ii. and Mrs. Howard Leggatt.
discussed later. The party rendered a very appro-
  I priate programme, commencing with
Mr. Gower. the new school Inspect-1 Mr.  Hudson, baritone  singing, ''Tho' tive leader, rose on n question of priv-
or for this  district  was Joined  last'Late Player," which was followed hy! liege.   He objected to the use of the
this bill Into conformity witli Section
101 of the Railway Act.
Mr. Hugh Guthrie, acting Conserve-
week end by Mrs. Gower and family ' sirs. Howard Leggatt who sang "The
and hnve taken up residence in the; Kerry Dance." Mr. Nichols, who Is
house, formerly occupied by Mr. D. the possessor of a very pleasing tenor
11. MacDonald, Maryport avenue. The ! voice sang "Parting," his efforts helng
new Inspector is delighted with tha well received by the audience. Mrs.
district, the country-sido surrounding! Hudson was next heard in Welsh air,
Cumberland being very picturesque | "Gwlad y Delyn," Miss Margaret Mc-
says Mr. Gower. Intyre received quite an ovation on
leaving thc piano and taking up her
violin rendered two selections "Minuet In G" and "Mazurka." Mrs. Hud-
I son was heard again In "Vianska's
\ Song," a humorous duet by Messrs.
! Nichols nnd Hudson, "Tenor and Baritone," wns very pleasingly rendered
First Aid Indoor
Meet On March 30
Minister of Mines to Present
Prizes  at  Close  of ,
The Vancouver Island and Coisl
District of tho Mine Safety Association of British Columbia will hold a
lirst. aid Indoor meet In the Ilo-Ilo
Dance Hall on Saturday, March the
L. UOtli, when llrst and second prizes
will be given for five men's senior
competitions and in thc junior section
prizes will he given for the winning
team of live boys, also girls.
A novice competition for the .McKenzie cup and 1st nnd 2nd prizes
lo be competed for by the men with
certificates, who have never won any
prizes In district competitions.
term "principal" 'as applied to a member whose name was attached to a
bill. Mr. Guthrie was supported by
Mr. Speaker.
DArcy Plunkett, Conservative, Victoria, supported the bill aud declared
that if the permit were nut granted
many lumbermen would he out of
work on Vancouver Island.
Mr.  Dickie  said   the   railway   ran
through  timber country, and as the
demand for timber became greater so
also was it necessary gradually to ox-
tend the railway.
The bill was then given second rea<l-
as also was the duet by Mr. and Mrs. j in^ (iml rererrec| t0 tue railway corn-
Hudson, "The Spider and the Fly."  miUee.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Hudson responding with j	
"Madame Will You Walk," Mrs. H> 1/ ill
Leggatt was recalled for her render-1 V ftUCOUVCl   iSl&nCl
Ing of "Angus McDonald", and a trio'
by Messrs. Hudson, Nichols nnd Ml*. Development
Hudson, introducing thc old favorite,! 	
"Loves Old Sweet Song," was grea'ly  Quegtion Rajsu(| |)y Mf, Neill ill
appreciated by the audience.   A con-, Federal House
eluding number in  which the whole
party Joined was also very well re- ■    Qn  Monday  ljlHt   Ml.   A   w   NH]1
colved, the artists singing with great mombor for comox-Alborni asked tho
effect, all voices blending splondldiy  followJns QUt,sUou  rD Vancouver Is-
In the "Madrigal," from "The Mikado".  .^ DeVolopmont 1|hl, wttH undwer(!li
The Welsh National Anthem followed |(J. Mr  Card|n,
by God Save Tho King brough a very      ^ Nelll-'in view of the extcnslvo
enjoyable concert to n close.
Entries  for all  these competitions
The Cumberland High School girls  mm bo ,„ the han(|(t nf (|lfi Bfloretaryi
will play against Nanaimo in the In- U|r< Wi u .Moore, Nanaimo, on or he-
termed late "B" shortly.   The winner' fnre thp -,.(,.,, of March,
will   meet   Victoria   for   the   Island      T(u, competitions  will be followed
championship. by a Tree dnnce ln the llo-llo Hall,
Rosebuds DcfMl  GalfthftdR commencing at 8:30 to which evory-
On Tuesday evening the Ladysmlth l>orty Is Invited.   During tho evening
Rosebuds defeated the Nanaimo Gala- Pr'^s for the above events will be
bads 30-19 and will moot » team Trom  presented by the Hon. W. A. McKen-          	
Victoria soon for the intermediate A ■*••  Minister  of  mines,  after  which m q|        WflUh Soc|e,y
championship of Vancouver  Island. . dancing will continue.
On the same card the Ladysmlth Fel-     Any  further   information   required
lies   defeated   the   Nanaimo   Felixes  can he had of the local secretary, Mr.
developments on  tho  wost coast  »f
and very appetizing supper was »e"'-:nienl in contemplation a "lore oxten-
cd at tho Cumberland Hall, and it was HlV(J pr0graninio or charting the coast, „
for the great  work accomplished by  a|l(| f^,.. |Hayman  si,-.
tho Indies' of the Cumberland Society Mr rnr(||n "it |B ,i,(. intention or Sprays
in preparing such a banquet that nil tno government to continue Uie hy
praise is due Faggots, the famous Orographic survey of tin-
Welsh delicacy, was served In great ()f yancouver Island and to prosecute
quantities. They are great caterers. lhe work wm, tne greatasl expedition
No more need be said. A great many (h(lt weather conditions and available
facilities  will  permit."
A very impressive church service
was held at tbe Cumberland United
Church ou Sunday last In the presence of an Immense congregation on
the occasion of tbe burial of Mrs.
Clarp Gillespie, wife of Mr. J. Gillespie, Tbe service ut. tbe church
was conducted by the Rev. J. H. Hewitt, pastor of Cumberland United
Church and tho choir rendered the
eauiiful hymns, "Wonderful Words
of Life," and "I Am Thine O Lord".
Miss Elizabeth Henderson rendered a
solo, "Beautiful Isle of Somewhere."
After the service interment took
place In the Cumberland Cemetery, a
largo throng of sympathizers aud
mourners being in attendance and tho
members of Review No. 17, W.B.A.,
and Benevolent Temple No. 9 Pythian
Sisters attended In a body.
The pall bearers were Messrs. It.
Burnett, E. A. Burnett, aud W. A. Burnett, brothers of the lole Mrs. Gillespie and Messrs, M. Williamson, J
Horbury and A. MacKinnon.
Many beautiful floral tributes were
received and the exceptionally large
attendance bore witness to tbe popularity of tbe deceased und deep sympathy which is felt for Mr. Gillespie
In his bereavement.
Tho following were the floral tributes:
Gates  Ajar—Husband.
Wreaths—Mother and father, Bros.
Dick, Evan and Billy; sisters Mary,
Bert., Peggie and Katie and family;
Cumberland Lodge No. 26, A.F. &
A.M.; K. of P.; W.B.A. Review No. 17;
Benevolent Temple No. 9„ Pythian
Sisters; Manager and Surface Sh^n
no. 5 mine; long wall rolneis No.
mine; Hod and Gun Club; Mr. and
Mrs. F. J. Dalby; Mr. and Mrs. R.
Struthers; Mr. nnd Mrs. J. Lockner;
Mr. and Mrs. Morrleou; Mr. and Mrs
T. II. Caroy and family; Mr. and Mrs
W Merrlfleld; Mr. and Mrs. C, Dc
Couerj Mr. and Mrs. J. Marocchi;
Mr. and Mrs. I). Belli Mr. and Mrs.
H. Jackson; Whoe Miu; Mr. and Mrs.
J. U. Stevens, Victoria; Mrs. W. B.
Walker; Mr. and Mrs. A. i'eatt, Col-
wood; T. lllrose, No, •"» Japtown; Mr
and Mrs. E. L. Lawrence; Mr. und
Mm. T. Graham; Mr. nnd Mrs. F. Dallos and family; Mr nnd Mrs. B I.
Saunders; Flrobosses No. r> Mine.
Crosses .Mr, and Mrs. Williamson;
Mr. and Mrs. A Walker; Mllla. Clara.
Mary, nieces, Alf nnd Joe. nephews;
Mr. and Mrs   T. Bennett and  Willi";
Hearts    Mr.  and   Mrs.  It.   Dawson:
from the traps of twenty years. So
keen are one or two of the members
that a trip was made to the traps during the week when one of tho party
broke nineteen straight, mlseing tho
rest. It Ih the intention of tbe executive of the local club to stage a tournament shortly, using the magnificent
Stodart" cup as a trophy. This cup
has beea donated to the Cumberland
Hod nnd Gun Club by the Nanaimo I
Hod aud Gun club through the courtesy of Mr. James Gordon of Nanaimo.
ho cup was originally given to the
Cumberland Club by Mr. K. Stoddan.
w.ho was at one time a jeweller in
business here. The cup was presented in BIOS and was won by the latd
Mr. F. Parks, who shortly after twinning the trophy went to reside in Nanaimo, taking the cup with him, later
giving It to the Nanaimo club for competition. After an absence of twenty
years, the cup has returned home ami
will be used as a tournament trophy.
During the week Mr. R, Filberg.
who is looked upon as one of the best
all round sports In the district was
at the traps and invited to take a few
shots . Bob broke a few birds and i-i
now quite enthusiastic over trap
meeting with the financial statement
ii am pious,
f the
Anglican W.A. Meeting
The regular monthly meeting of tin
W. A. of Holy Trinity Anglican Churc!
was held at the home of Mrs. J. J.
Potior on Monday evening with twen
ty-ftve members in attendance.    Two
which, ho said, everyone was anxious
to know The statement was very
complete and showed a net profit of
approximately $44 which Is very creditable considering the expense lu-
The secretary-treasurer, Mrs. Fairbairn then gave her annual report
which showed the club financially improved over last years standing hut
still having a slight deficit. The report was passed as read. The president announced thai owing to the
dub showing a deficit year after year,
the retiring executive recommended
that the fees for the next season he
raised sufficiently to insure a clean
sheet at the end of tiie season. This
matter will he taken up by the new
All offices were then declared vacant ami lhe election of officers pui
before the meeting, the office of president being llrst on the list. Mr. Shenstone was nominated for re-election,
and ihere the nominations ceased for
the whole meeting appeared decided
that last j ear's president was the tnau
for the position. Mr. Shenstone said
that the presidency should make its
rounds but as the choice was unanimous he accepted the reelection. Other
officers elected were:
Vice Presideni, Mr, .1. Idiens.
Secretary -Treasurer, Mr. George
Executive Committee, Miss MacKinnon, Capt. Ash and  Mr. W. Brown.
Entertainment Committee, Misses
T. Gallivan, 11. Towler, C. Carey and
new members, Mesdames Moncrief and j Mesdames Ledingham, Fairbairn and
Ken muir were Introduced and heartily  Shenstone.
welcomed.   Plans for the annual Blast- Toiiriiiimciii   Bates   Aninuiiic.'d
er sale were discussed and many novel j It wan announced thai the date for
ideas advanced, due notice of which the district tournament bad been set
will be given later. During the eve-' and would be held on March 20, 21, 22,
nlng Mrs. Poller served refreshments and 2',', If necessary, The entries are
the members being greatly surprised | to be lu by March lUth and may ho
when n Luge birthday cake was placed given to the secretary of the club, of
on tbe centre of the table, it only be- which the entrant is a member or to
Ing learned then that It was Mrs. Pot-1 Mrs M. (i. Falrbalrn, Comox, B. C.
ter's birthday.    A very pleasant eve-   The entrance fee Ihls been set at fifty
ning   ensued   and   the   hostess
showered with good wishes.
Last Cribbage
The popularity of the cribbage tournament at the Athletic Club during
this winter was evidenced during the
last  few  days  when  several   of the
wns j cents for each event. The district
I which the tournament covers extends
' from Qualicum north,
I Mr. Idiens expressed tho feelings of
■ many of the members when be suggested that the serving of refreshments lie discontinued on club badminton nights, as it was considered a
waste of time and needless trouble.
Mr. T. It. S. Graham said that he knew
of several people who did not join the
club because of being obliged to servo
members   waited   on   the   board   of I refreshments.   The presideni thought
management of the Athletic Club and itlmt lht' serving ol refreshments lent
asked Ihem to put on another tournament, ll bad been Intended to close
down for the season on cribbage tournaments after the third one Just completed in which Tucker James and H.
Tolmon were returned winners with
| Chas. Walker and W. Moncrlcff being,lnu majority
j awarded the second prize. However, ■T'"'" !!1" '
tho hoard after due consideration decided to stage a fourth which will be
tiie last for ihls season. In this tournament, (lie members entering will
bo allowed to choose their own par;
a social air to the gatherings and as
each player was only called upon to
serve tea twice each season, he considered it well worth th" irouble.
Several other people spoke for and
against it, and on a vote being taken
favor  of  the
Itonl Itensonnblo
Mr  .i   Miens, uti enthusiastic badminton player and  proprietor of tho
Pavilion said thai   rumors  had been
circulated thai  the  ronl  churged  for
rs.   In othor contests tho draw' has lno P&vlHon was high, and wished to
15-8 In the ladles senior B play-off.
The games were played at Ladysmlth.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Peters of Union Bay, in the Cumberland General
W.  Whyte. Cumberland.
were sporting their well known em-
blem, "The Leek."
Speaking of the Leek In an exchange
Anno Franklin saysi
"Good  St.   David's   Day—lamb-ltke
Mr. nnd Mrs J Llsmore,
Victoria; Mr. and Mrs. J. Hulchlnson
. (Wl'Ht!und Gladys, Victoria; Mr. and Mrs. J.
K. Tray; Mr. nnd Mrs. T. H. Williams
Mrs. Whitehouse nnd Billy .Royston;
Mr. and Mrs. R, Freeburn and family; Mr. and Mrs, Wilkinson, Mr. and
Mrs.  It.  W. limine, Seattle;   Mr. and
been resorted to for partnora. it was
fell by Lhls means of ul liming playeis
| to chooso their own partners that
I there would lie n" come back with.
i "oh, I'd have won easily, only my
partner lol me down" Entries close
on the 16th of this month ami play
! will 'tie commenced as hooii after the
, lfiih hh convenient, probably on the
Pith, if arrangements can be com-
| pleted. Members are urged to gel
■ their entries In to the secretary without delay
The   Gedunkers   sentence   you
some good dancing from 9:30 to 2:00  or llon-liko ns the first of March mny
on the 16th ot March at the Ilo-Ilo bo—is remembered by all good Welsh
Dance Hall.
Spend "The Night In Jail", It's the  leek.    The  rose,
j Mrs.  S.   Lawrence;   Mr.   and   Mrs.  J
place   In   song   and   story,   radiating It. Gray.
grace; the leek seems only to radiate     Sprays—Mr,  and   Mrs.   J.   Whylc.
odor, and smacks of kitchen usuago. Powell River, B.C.;  Mr. and Mrs. T
Wherein lies lis fitness as a national Hoeps; Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Carthew,
emblem?     History   indeed   reveals   It Headquarters, B.C.;   Mr. and  Mrs. T.
.„,„  wllll  ln  ,„,«,,  thereof, wear the   •■  > vegetable of distinction^ nn- jarae8;   Mr.  aud   Mrs.   F.   Slaughter;
th     shamrock    the  cfent and honourable lineage.   It sup- Mr, and Mrs. D. Walker; Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. A Dunsmore; Mr. and
Mrs. Joe Walker, Mr. and Mra. Jack
Williams; Mr. and Mrs, Ed. Williams;
xplain iin- mailer to the gathering,
Going lu lo dotalU Mr, Idiens explained  thai  tho  ronl   was  m it
which $125.00 wag paid oui loi vi-
tor's salary and h large portion raori
for light, lu-'i In ui tin i and taxes,
so thai in reality ho, the propi letor,
rocolvod less than thg Janitor. Mr.
Idiens further pointed oul thai at Roy-
sion they had live milli -, hheroaB in
oilier halls, aa a rule, there were only
two courts and lhe rent averaged
(60 per month Mr Pen Hughes of
Courtenny said thai he had noi hoard
any rumors but considered the rate
of rent very reasonable, The president
Mr. Shenstone, sold thai BUch rumor.,
were entirely unfounded. The Domtn-
Hospital, on March 7th, n daughter, only safe place.
thistle, the fleur-de-Hs, lake romantic
(Continued   on   Pagfl  2)
J. Derbyshire; Mrs. It. A. Robertson;
Mr. nnd Mrs. T. McMillan. Mr. and , lon and B.C. champions when visiting
Mrs. M. M. Brown; Mr and Mra. T. j the pavilion wore surprised to find
W. Robertson; Mr. and Mrs. T. Hohbs; i such .i splendid badminton hall and
Mr. Sam Williams; Mr. aud Mrs. R, that apart from their own. which was
McNeil; Mr. and Mra. J. H. Cameron; [especially built, it was second to none
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Parnham; Mr. and j In Canada that they had played In.
Mrs I). Marsh; Mr. R. Marsh; Dr.] Thor0 boing no further business the
and Mrs. Bruce Gordon. I meeting  adjourned,
Next Thursday, Friday, Saturday, "The Street Angel"
"Street Angel" a romance of wandering feet and faithful hearts.    At the Ilo-Ilo Theatre.   Evening prices, Children 25c, Adults, 50c. PAGE TWO
FRIDAY,  MARCH  8, lt!t.
The Cumberland Islander
WHETHER or not the medical profession of
Canada are capable of bringing to the people
of Canada a high standard of medical practice is something which is of vital interest to
every Canadian. To most of us, there comes a
time when our lives or those of our loved ones are
literally placed in the hands of one member of
the medical profession. Day by day, we are dependent upon the profession for protection from
Our Canadian universities provide for the education of those entering into the profession, and it
can be saiil with confidence that no country possesses better medical schools than does Canada.
Medical education is not completed with the
obtaining of a degree and a license to practise.
The physician must remain a student for his
Otherwise, he is not able to bring
will have experienced the desire to talk and discuss
an article with its writer, because of the feeling that even a few minutes' conversation would
make the whole matter more clear.
In order to further the desirable end of keeping
the practising profession abreast of the times,
and in order to aid the individual members of the
profession in their effort to do this, the Canadian
Medical Association has carried on post-graduate
educational work. The merit of their plan is that
instead of attempting to bring the busy practitioner into a large centre for this post graduate
work, it is taken to him by the Association.
This is done by sending out, all over the country
wherever a small or a large group of medical men
may come together, several speakers who generally travel as a team and who have been selected
by the local group as thu ones whom they desire
to hear, and with whom they wish to discuss some
phase of medicine.
This work has grown because the profession
have found it lo be most helpful. Every province
is covered and, last year, a total of 802 addresses
were given by 829 speakers, the attendance of
physicians at the-.ie meetings having been 25,428.
It is evident that this service is in demand. II
is evident that it is reaching the profession and
securing results. As stated, this is of public and
personal interest because whatever assists in
raising the standard of medical practice and in
promoting a greater knowledge of preventive mc
whole lifetime.   Otherwise, he is
to his patients the newer discoveries that are be-'dicine, thus ensuring modern, adequate, medical
ing made. The public are only aware of advances | care, is of public and peronsal interest,
in medicine when the advance is something spec- i The carrying-on of such work requires money
tacular or novel. Medicine is progressing rapidly The necessary funds in this case have been sup-
and there are, we might say, daily advances in plied to the Canadian Medical Association by the
methods of diagnosis and treatment with which Sun Life Assurance Company. During the past
the physician should be familiar. ' ' -
To a considerable extent, this
.. Hem® ■<
need is met
through the medical journals. There are no secrets in the medical profession; when any discovery is made, or a piece of work brought to a
successful issue, it is reported in the journals,
and so, new information is made available to the
whole profession.
There is, as everyone appreciates, a limit to the
value of the printed article.    Mostly  everyone
three years, this great Canadian institution has
set aside $00,000 for this purpose. We cannot
imagine a more effective means of bringing about
results which will abound to the benefit of Canadians than this service, which is contributing so
definitely towards securing modern medical care
for the population. In this, the Sun Life Assurance Company may have reason to feel that they
are doing something worthy of their own greatness.
Welsh Society
(Continued from Pa^e One)
ported life In the good St. David himself when he retired for prayer and
study to the Vale oi Ewlas, where
meadow leeks were abundant. There
is a legend thai the same great man,
before a buttle between Welsh and
Saxons, dlreeted his countrymen to
wear leeks as a badge. The leek wearers won a great victory.
"The leek, as well as tbe onion, belongs to the raee of the proud lily.
It is mentioned In annals of lhe dawn
of history. It wns a sacred plant in
Egypt in the time of the I'harobs. The
ancient peoples Invested it with symbolism, and no less a person than!
Osiris, judge of the underworld, Is depicted wearing a leek upon his awful {
Tho Israelites In the wilderness,
tired of manna diet, fretted for the
savory food they had enjoyed In servitude, "tbe onions, thy leeks, the melons, and the cucumbers" of tortile
"growing In Ideal soil in the rlnh
valley of  the Nile,  the onion   family J
un freely Lo his ail-conquering troops,
as being good for martial ardor.
"As for the Romans, they cooked
onions and leeks In ways that showed
(heir esteem, Nero, egotist and diet-
faddist, ale them frequently tt clear
his voice and earned the nickname oi
"Porropragus" or leek-eater.
"The ancients knew their onions and
their leeks probably better than we
On the conclusion or tbe supper
adjournment was made to the Ilo-Ilo
j dance hall where a monster dance was
j held lo music supplied by Jimmy
Walker and His Maple Leal Orchestra,
I the large crowd present thoroughly
I enjoying the line music until an early
hour  the  following  morning.
Kiddies Have Great Time
Mr. Mulrhead. of Vancouver has
been negagod hy Lhe City of Cumber
land to make a survey of the asset*
ot the Cumberland Electric Lighting
Company, arrived In the city during
the early part of the week and return
ed to tbe mainland on Thursday morn
• •   •
A few friends of Mra, Marlon McLean called on Thursday evening to
surprise her, the occasion being he.
• i    •
.Mrs. G. W. Clinton was a visitor tc
Vancouver at the week end.
.Surprise Party ut Houston
j    The  Welsh  kiddies of Cumberiaiii
had a wonderful time lu the Cumber-
j land Hull on lhe evening utter March
1st.   Delicious refreshments of every
description were arranged on tho ta
3  bios  and  the children  showed   their
1 appreciation by doing full justice to!none;
i! the food.   A programme consisting of
following  Items  caused  a   great
was   noted   by  Alexander  the   Great, | deal  of enjoyment:
then   occupied   iu   conquering   every l Song;
known country.   He was not too busy   -S. a duett.   Joyce Hassell.
with his  stupendous  exploits   to do Recitations—Jenny
some nature study, being a true dta- I Morgoii
ciple of Aristotle. He found his bulbs
thus abundant In the lnnd of bis lat-
On Thursday evening, the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Idiens, Royston,
wns  tbe scene  of a  very  enjoyable
.'surprise party in honor of Mr. Tom
! Formby  who  Is  leaving   shortly for
| Vancouver,   The lirst part of tho evening was spent In playing whlst, win-
j ners being, ladies' llrst, Mias Margar-
Dunu; consolation, Miss Ellen Mag-
gent's first, Mr. Norrle Carey;
lonsolation, Mr. George Walker. Dur-
I ing the evening Mrs. Idiens assisted
J hy Miss Kathleen Formby served re-
-Kitty Jackson and Coral Lew-
j (roshments,
Newest Spring Models in
D.&A. Corsettes
Special Values in Numode Corsettes at  $1.25
Fancy Pure Silk Brocade Corsettes with (j*s\ fie
Wodc abdominal belt at $1.75 and   tP&ttLlO
Special Values in Stout Figure Corsettes   (|»Q PA
sizes .'11 to 86 at   «l>O.OU
Just Received — Easter
shipment of Pure Silk
Holeproof Hosiery in all
the newest shades. Sne-
cial value at (t»-J AA
per pair  y)-I-»vU
 « | * j—♦	
"Fashion-Craft" made-to-measure Clothing.
Leave your order now for your Easter suit.
Newest Styles in Men's Hats, Cap3, Neckwear and
Makes Putt? Dellcionv-
In every sorts of building materials,
windows, noons
KII.N   DI11E1    PUOllUINUa
Royston Lumber Co.
NIkIiI rills: IMS Courtenay
Offli'e:  ir,9 Cumberland
Formby. R. Idiens, D. Idiens, N. Carey
O. Walker. O. Wilson, I. 'Lewis, J.
Campbell, N. Frelone. .1. Richardson
and R. Ash.
Happy Birthday Party
Williams, Irenoj
Albert Monks, Joyce Hassell. j
-Hazel   Cordon,   Amelia   WI1-;
est triumphs a great acquisition to;
diet. One wonders whether bis far- i
seeing eyes Buffered any Inconvenience
as he experimented, The Hat went
forth tbut the onion family should be
planted wholesale In Greece, and glv-'
Tbe remainder
spent in novelty dancing and at tht;
conclusion, the guests formed a circle with Mr .Formby in tho centre,
llama,  Dorothy Malpass. , and sung 'For He's a Jolly Good Pel-
No   children's   party   Is   complete  low," and "Auld Lang Syne."   Those
without a clown and Mr. Jackson kept! present  included the Misses
the  children  ami   grown-ups   In   fits i Inty.ro,
of laughter with his "Chinese Opera", burn,
and   "laying   egg"   stunts*,   wrestling' none
matclH^ and comic songs.
Tho home ot Mrs. Victor Frelone
was the scene of a happy birthday
party In honor of Ht tic Miss Valda's
fifth birthday. Games, music and dancing were enjoyed by all the little tota
present. The prize winners for the
of the evening WM|mloUa ganu;s m gue8aing contests
were Idly "Saunders, Davidina Derbyshire. Kathleen Watson. Later In th<»
evening tbe children were seated nt
a tastefully decornted table with nli
sorts of goodies. The table was centred with a large birthday cake aglow
with five candles. Those assisting
with the serving were Mrs. Frelone,
Mrs. J. Watson and Mrs. Francescini,
The Invited guests were Dorothy Has-
sel, Ruth Jackson, Mary Tobacco, Ivy
Gough, Norma Cavallero, Violet Tobacco, Marjorle Gough, Violet Scavarda, Davidina Derbyshire, Betty
Cope, Bessie Carney, Lily Saunders.
Thelma Frelone, Gloria Aspesy, Helen
Robertson,, Lily Tobacco, Dorothy
Hill, Gloria Somervllle, Rosle Maroc-1 [^"coTumhla
M.  Mc-
M. Dunn. G. Kaye, J. Free-
. L. Brown, B. Magnone, E. Mag
. C. McKay, K. Formby. D. Wa-
D.   Walker   and   Messrs.   T.
Telephone  Service
to Interior Points
[■'uur Kitt'ls of Service
Btalion-to-Stotlon.    You  cull
bor, Imi  noi  ii person, and yo
l'It system of long-distance tele-
oraon-to-Pereou. Vou call a
ami pay If you Ket him. Kllto
26?i   higher  than  atatloo-to-
itatlon day rate
'■'.. Appolntmont. Vou place a call
on which you wish to Inform tbe
called parly that you will BPOOlt to
liliu or her at a spociflod time. Haiti
about B0% hlghor than atatlon-to-Bta-
lloa day rata.
•1. MoBBongcr. Whan thp called
party ban no telephone o meBsonger
will be sent to brine, him to a telephone. Rata same as for appointment
calls, plan actual cost of messenger.
Reduced eveolng and nlttht rales
are available on Btatlon-to-statlon
cnllH only. Day rates apply from
4:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.; ovenlng rates from
7:00 p.m. to S:S0 p.m.; and niRht ralen
from 8:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.
extended during the past year owing
to purchases and new construction,
with the result that service to many
points in the interior of llritish
Columbia has been greatly improved.
A direct circuit has just been completed from Vancouver to Princeton
and Merritt, and also one from Vancouver lo Penticton.
The standard classified system of
liiiiR-distancc rates, which is now in
general use throughout most of
Canada and the United States, is
heing applied on all calls from the
Coast to points on our lines in the
interior of British Columbia east of
Long Distance" far rate* to any point
C. Telephone Company
chi .Muriel Maxwell, Linda Cavallero,
Jessie Robertson, Laureen Stevonson,
and Kathleen Watson.
(Use and Ntenure)
ISLAND POWER COMPANY LIMITED, whose address Is 1016 Langley
Street, Victoria, British Columbia,
will apply lor a license to take aud
use 2081) c. f. s.. and to store 251,000
acre feet of water out ot Campbell
Lake - Campbell River, also known
as Lower Campbell Lake, which Hows
In a northerly direction and drains
Into Discovery Passage, about one mile
north of Campbell River Post Office,
Sayward District . The storage dam
will ho located ut Lodore Falls, Campbell River, Comox District. The CU-
■ pnelty of the reservoir to lie created
lis about 251,000 acre feet, and It will
Hood about 8,500 acres of land. The
water will bo diverted from the stream
at a point about 4,000 feet north or
Forhes Landing Hotel nt Lodore Falls
and will be used for power purpose
upon tho land described as lots 51
and 89, Sayward District, Vancouver
Island, contingent upon the completion of final surveys, Thla notice was
posted on tbe ground on the fourteenth day of February, 11*29. A copy
of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the "Water Act"
will he filed In the office of tbe Water
Recorder at the City of Nanaimo, Ilrlt-
lab Columbia. The petit ion for the
approval of tho undertaking will bo
hoard In the office of the Board of
Investigation under the "Water Act"
f at a date to be fixed. Objections to
ithe application may be filed with the
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, U. C, within
thirty days after the first appearance
of this notice In a local newspaper.
Tho territory within which the applicant will exercise lis powers In
respect of tho undertaking will he
throughout Vancouver Island. The
date of tho flrst publication of this
notice Is Friday, March the 1st.
By Q. M. TRIPP, Director
Agent for Applicant.
ED. whose address Is lOlti Langley
| Street,   Victoria,   British    Columbia,
will apply for license for the storage
of 288,000 acre feet of water out of
Upper Campbell Lake, Campbell River   (Comox  District),  also  known  as
Upper Campbell Lake which  Hows in
a northerly direction and drains Into
Discovery   Passage,  about   one   mile
north of Campbell River Post Office,
Sayward District.    The Storage dam
will be located at the natural  outlet
of Upper Campbell Lake.   The capacity of tiie reservoir lo be created is
about   288 000   acre   feet   and   It   will
flood about 8700 acres of land.    The
water will be diverted from tbe stream
at a point  about 1000 feet south  ot
ihe south boundary nf block 12,1 and
north  boundary of block  120, Coinnx
District, and  will  he used  for  power
purpose upon  the land  described as
IoIh 51 and 80, Sayward District, Vancouver   Island,  contingent   upon   ih
[completion of final surveys.   The Li-
'cense applied for is to supplement a
j right to take and use water as per
| application of even date.   This notice
i was posted on the ground on the flf-
| teenth day of February. 1929.   A copy
of this notice and an application pursuant thereto nnd to the "Water Act"
I will be filed In the office of the Wa'er
Recorder at tlie City of Nanaimo, Brit-
The petition   for the
approval of (he undertaking will ho
heard In the office of the Board of Investigation under the "Water Act" at
a dale to be fixed. Objections to the
application may be filed with the said
Water Recorder or with tho Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament i
Buildings, Victoria, B. C, within thlr- |
ty days after the first appearance of
[Ills notice In a local newspaper. Tho
territory within which tbe applicant
Will exorcise its powers In respect of
tbe undertaking will be throughout,
Vancouver Island, The date of the
first publication of this notice Is Fri- j
day. March tho 1st.
(J. M. TRIPP, Director    I
Agent for Applicant.
(Diversion und Use)
ISLAND   i'OWER  COMPANY   LIMITED,  whoso  address   is   UUC   Langley
Street,   Victoria,   British    Columbia,
will apply for a  license to take and
use 2,680,0.   f.   s.   of   water   out   of
Campbell   River   (Sayward   District),
also known as Campbell River, which
Hows  in   a   northerly   direction   and
drains Into Discovery Passnge about
one mile north of Campbell River Post
Office, Sayward District.    The water
will he diverted from the stream at
a point known as Bulldog Canyon Immediately north of Irene Pool on said
river, and will be used for power purpose upon the land described as Lots
51 and S!t. Sayward District. Vancouver Island, contingent upon the completion of final surveys.    This notice
was posted on the ground on the fourteenth day of February, l.*2i>    A cony
of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the "Water Act"
will bo tiled In tho office of the Water
Recorder at the City of Nanaimo. British Columbia.  The petition for (he approval of the undertaking will ho heard
III the office of lhe Board of Investlga-
tion under lhe "Water Act' at a date
to bo fixed     Objection to the appll-
cntion may he filed with the said Wa-
ter Recorder of Comptroller of Water [
Hights.. Parliament Buildings, Victoria j
B.C. within thirty days after the first <
appearance of  this notice  In a  local j
newspaper.    The   territory   within!
which the applicant will exercise Its:
powers iu respect of the undertaking
will be throughout Vancouver Island.}
The  date  of  tho  flrst  publication  of
this notice Is Friday, March  the l3t. [
By G. M. TRIPP, Director
Agent for Applicant.
ISLAND POWER COMPANY LIMITED, whose addresB u 1016 Langley
Street, Victoria, British Columbia,
will appij for a license for the storage
of 400,1)00 aero feet of water out of
Bultle lake, tributary to Campbell
River, also known as Buttle Lake,
which flows in n northerly direction
and drains into Discovery Passage
al out one mile north of Campbell
Ri\er  Post Office, Sayward District.
storage dun will bo located at
natural outlet of Buttle Lake.
capacity of the reservoir to be
ed is aboul 400,000 acre feet,
it will Hood aiiout ism) acres
of land. The water will be diverted
from the stream at a point about
17.500 feet duo north from the 125
mile p03t E. <£ N. Land Grant Boundary and wilt ho used lor power purpose upon the land described aB lots
51 and SD, Sayward District, Vancouver Island, contingent upon the com-
pletlo.i of final surveys (and among
others, those lands in Comox District,
Esquimau and Nanaimo Land Grant
in Strathcona Park area, lying iu
Noo'.k.) and Clayoquot Districts.) Tbe
license applied for Is to supplement a
right to take and use water as per
application of even date. This notice
was posted on the ground on the sixteenth day of February, 1929. A cop/
of thin notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the "Water Act"
will be filed in tho office of the Water
Recorder at the City of Nanaimo, British Columbia. Tho petition for the
approval of the undertaking will be
heard in the office of the Board of
Investigation under the "Water Act'*
nt a date to be fixed. Objections to
tho application may he filed with the
said Water Recorder, or with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria. British Columbia, within thirty days after the
first appearance of this notice In a
local newspaper. The territory within which the applicant will exercise
its powers In respect of the undertaking will be throughout Vancouver
Island. The date Of the flrst publication of this notice is Friday, March 1st.
By O. M. TRIPP, Director
Agent for Applicant.
(inversion and I'm)
COLLIERIES (DUNSMUIR) LIMITED whose address Is Victoria, B. C,
will apply for a license to take and
use twenty second feet of water ou*.
of Tsahle River, also known as Baynes
River wbich flows easterly and drains
Into Baynes Sound about five miles
south of Union Bay. Tho water will
ho diverted from the river at a point
about one point alx miles approximate bearing S 72° 12' W from the north
west comer of Lot 20, Nelson District,
and will be used for domestic and industrial purposes upon the land described as Block 33 or 34 or Lot 2A
or E. & N. Ry. land adjacent to Block
33, Nelson District aud Lot 28, Nelson
District, Union Bay. This notice was
posted on the ground o» the 20th day
of February, 1929. A copy of this
notice and an application pursuant
thereto and to the "Water Act' will be
filed in the office of the Water Recorder at Nanaimo. Objections to the application may he filed with the Baid
Water Recorder or with the Comptroller of water rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. C. within thirty days
alter the appearance of this notice
in a local newspnper. Tbe date ol
tho first publication of this notice is
Friday. March the 1st, 1929.
by W. A. Owen, A«»at.
24      TELEPHONE 100
Charlie Dalton
Meets Bout at Union Day Every
Sunday Morning
l)for« mill Hry Olrnnera
Special family laundry rate.
Orders lert at tlie Ritz Cafe,
'phone ISO, Cumberland will receive prompt attention. A trial
order will convince you.
Telephones: Courtenny, 226
Cumberland 150
Orders left at Henderson's Candy Store will receive
David Hunden, Jr.
of all descriptions
la a country as young as Canada
the development of great estates must
necessarily he slow and perhaps not
alwa.a successful; but there Is one
Bplendid home in Victoria that has
called forth admiration from visitors
from all over the world. Id the March
Issue of Canadian Domes and Gardens
N. de Bertrand Lugrln writes the story
of Hattey Park, tbe finest private estate in Western Canada, and certainly one of tbe few notable properties
la the Dominion.
"Hatley Park was founded by late
Hon. James Dunsmuir.at one time
Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia, and also for several years
Premier of the Province . James
Dunsmuir was the son of Robert Dunsmuir, who came out to Canada lu
1850, In the service of the Hudson's
Bay Company, to prospect for coal on
Vancouver Island. It was Robert
Dunsmuir who discovered the first
coal  seams  at Nanaimo   where  tho
mines are now among the richest in
the world. James Dunsmuir Inherited
bis father's great wealth, and under
his capable management lt was very
A'iBelj handled. He was one of the
most distinguished and progressive
citizens of the province and remained
closely identified with its development.
At various times be built several attractive homes for his family, but Hat-
ley Park was the final goal.
''Although one of the really beautiful homes of Canada and one that
sponsors brilliant entertaining, to
many who have known it since its
beginning, it has rather a Bad association. It was conceived as the future home of the youngest son, 'Jimmy,' as he waa known to his friends;
'Boy', as he -was lovingly called by the
family. The large house was built,
tho grounds laid out, the handsome
stables erected with the idea that some
day 'Jimmy' would luherit the place.
But fate decreed otherwise. He went
away from Victoria to serve in the
war, aud lost his life tn the sinking
of the Lusltanla."
—Victoria Colonist.
Canned Fish
Horseshoe Salmon, Vi lb. tin, 2 for   456
King Oscar Sardines, 20c. per tin, 5 for 95?
Pink Salmon, '/2's, 5 tins for - - 556
Kippered Snacks, 3 tins for _..-  256
Kippered Herring in Tomato Sauce, large, 3 tins 50p
N. a Sardines, 3 tins for - 256
Canned Finnan Haddie, 2 tins for 556
AIRY-FAIRY CAKE FLOUR, 35c per      (Pi   A A
packet, 3 for  tPloVU
2-lb BOX OF DUTCH COCOA, 35c per box    7K„
5 lb. Box         I tit
Full Stock of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Always on Hand.
Service and Quality Reigns
Phone 38 We Deliver
Ward off the Flu and
other Winter Ills
with an
Electric Hot Pad or Headlight Heater
Few things oiler so much warmth and comfort, so
much protection from ills that come with cold Winter
nights and damp Spring days, as Electric Hotpads and
Electric Heaters.
priced at   «p»/«UU
Cumberland Electric
Lighting Co., Ltd.
Red Top Relief Valves, $7 each
To Keep "Closed" Plumbing "Open"
Thla la a 14-ln. valve (or use on domaatlc hot water supply
a;atema (or relief of damadnf preaaurea cauned hy range,
and tank heaters.
Both Red Top Relief Valvea art approved by Underwriters'
Laboratories. Inc.. and by state and Municipal Bureaus of
Water and Boiler Inspection.
0. W. CLINTON, Managing Director.
Vancouver-Courtenay Transportation
Telephone 144
Mill St., Courtenay
Agent ln Courtenay: Mr. A. B. Ball
Service and promptness still our motto.
Pawell River, Alert Bay and all Way Polnta every Tuesday.
Coartenay, Comox and Way Polnta every Wednesday.
Tugs and Scows for hire.   Boats for charter.
Warehausea and Docks at Vancouver, foot tf Bldwell Street, and
Courtenay. B.C.
of the
Canadian Medical Association
Questions .concern.tig health, addressed to the Canadian .Medical
Association, 184 College Street,
Toronto, will be answered hy letter. Questions as to diagnosis
and tro.iiment will not be answered.
What to Do in an Emergency
The person who deals best with an
emergency is the one who has. thought
out previously what to do, and who,
when the emergency occurs, keeps
calm, goes ahead and does tilings according to the plan.
When there Is sudden illness, or
when an accident occurs, souivonc
must take charge. Unless there Is
some person present who is more
capuble than yourself, this falls upon
First of all, tiend one person to call
a physician. Do not delay In doing
this because the life of tbe individual
who Is HI or Injured may depend upon
prompt treatment by a physician. No
matter how well trained you are to
handlo emergencies, it Is advisable to
plaae responsibility upon a physician,
who is tbe one recognized to deal with
sickness and accidents.
There is no doubt but that many
lives are saved each year by trained
emergency workers. Thanks to the
services they give aud tbe examplo
they set, many different situations are
met. It is the untrained person who,
In his desire to do something, does
harm.    The  traliisd   workofr   knows
.his own limitations aud docs not do
harm because lie knows what NOT to
do as well as what to do.
In these emergency cases, if you
are not assisting, Uo not, form one of
Uie curious crowd who bo often hinder those who are helping. If you are
assisting, the following suggestions
may be helpful.
Iu general. It is well to loosen any
tight  cloihing  the  patient  may  have
on.   Do not he in a hurry to move the |
patient;   an.,   movement   may   cause j
damage to an Injured part.   Keep the j
patient lying down, with the head low.'
If a part Is Injured and clothing must
be removed, cut off tho clothing lu
preference to moving the Injured par'..
After an injury, there la usuully a con-1
ditlnn of what is called shock.   Shock
should be treated by keeping the pa- j
tlent   warm.    Blankets  or  overcoats;
are  placed  under, over and  around
the  patient.    If possible,  hot  wator
bottles  should  be  placed  under  tho
arm-pits and around the body, euro
helng taken uot to burn the patient..
If the patient Is conscious, give him
a hot drink.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Cumberland Hospital Auxiliary was
held OH Thursday (afternoon. A
lengthy discusslou concerning the
Hospital Ball, which will be held In
the middle part of April, the exact
date not being set, occupied the meeting, the full details of which will he
published at u later date.
Thrilling; New Serial Stars Wm.
After months of difficult filming
during which lives were risked many
times, "The Mystery Rider," a Universal chapter play, starring William
Desmond, Is completed and the llrst
chapter will be shown at the llo-llo
Theatre on Monday and Tuesday,
March IS and 19,
One of the most thrilling and excit-j
Ing serials made by Universal, 'T1ib|
Mystery Rider" contains ten chapters,1
each of which Is replete with thrills
and tense situations that cause the
audience to grip their chairs.
The chapterplay will also mark the
TOturn of William Desmond, known an
the ace of serial players, to the screen
after an absence of more than a year,
during which he whs appearing in
vaudeville. Desmond, as marvelous
stuntman and horseman as well as an
actor of recognized merit Ib seen In
one of the best roles of his career lu
"The M,stery Rider." Called upon j
to hazard his life many times In each
chapter, Desmond literally tears
through  the entire ten chapters.
In tbe featured lead is Miss Dero-
lys Perdue, a former dancer and
beauty contest winner who has won
quite a name In pictures. Miss Perdue, like Desmond, also performs
many feats of daring that bring gasps
from the audience. Included In the
featured cast are Tom London, "Bu1"
Osborne, Walter Shumway, Red Basset and others, "The Mystery Rider"
was directed by Jack NelBon under the
supervision of William Lord Right,
The story is gripping and dramatic
dealing with the struggle, in a fair
western locality, over the rights to
a startling methods of making synthetic rubber from the sap of the
mesquite  plant
Party at Courtenay
On Tuesday evening, March 5th, Mr.
and Mrs. Harold Bersey entertained
With three tables of "500", the occasion being tbe fifth anniversary of
their wedding. Tlie ladies' llrst prize
was won by Miss Mary Bardessono,
consolation, Miss Sarah McMurray,
Gentlemen's first, Mr. George Hunden;
consolation, Mr. Jack Kingston. The
guessing contest was won by Miss
Sarah McMurray. The invited guests
were Mr. and .Mrs, Dick Damonte, Mr.
and Mrs. Geo. Hunden, Mr. and .Mrs.
Andy Flause, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kingston, Miss Sarah McMurray and Miss
Mary Bardessono.
Dental Surgeon
Offlce Cor. of Dunsmuir Ava.
Opposite Ilo-Ilo Theatre
'I'll I'lyliiniilh-IIlivn'.l.iilliliin
Ascania! April 1
To Queenstown Si jLirorpool
Antonla March 18. April is
To Plj nioiitli-lliivro-Lonilon
Ausonla March 16, Caronla March
To Queenstown & Liverpool
Antonla March 1G, Lancastrla, Mar.
To l.oiulooiliTn &' Glasgow
Caledonia .Mar. 23. California, Mar.
To Cherbourg & Sonhttiinpton
Aqultonla March 22, April 17. May 8.
Berengarla March 29. April 24, May 15
Mnuretanla Ap'l 10. May 1. 22, June 12
To QnPFiiston'ii & Liverpool
Lancastrla March 21. Athenia April 7 1
Money Orders, Drafts and Travellers'
Cheques at lowest rates. Full information from Local Agents or Company's
Offices, 622 Hastings St. W., Vancouver, B.C.
30 i
P. P. Harrison
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public
Main Offlce
Courtenay             Pheue  2SI
Local Office
Cumberland Hotel In Evenings.
Telephone   115ft or  2'.
Opposite  Ilo-Ilo Theatre
Cumberland, B. C.
Practical Barber & Hairdresser
Children's lialr cut any stylo 35<j
Ladies' hair cut any style 60c
.S ight^lecing in
BELGIUM . . . , .
Germany"._. ...
switzerland. ,
ITALY . . . 7'".' . .
1."* been the Keij-
tw/fl of Canadian
National Method*-.]
This policy hah
been carried /or-
ward to tie highest,
fullest expression
in Utis year's Uwa '
the old world, thc
cradle nf civilim-
non tedcitieennd
beauty spots, historic sites and
sail prom
JULY 5th
ON THE ss.
Outdoor l)jyi ol
(S'DOOR-A DO?.] ■
I King George Hotel j
, ! good  service,  reaHonalilu  cliarg**.;
I j :
I j Centrally Located;
Call at
Cumberland, D. C.
Telephone 20
Or write C. F. Earln
D. P. A., Victoria,
B. C.
Program for the week
At the Ilo-Ilo Theatre
Monday and Tuesday
March 11th and 12th
The trail of hiimim misery and human drama left
by tho lure of diamonds is the theme of this novel
Also News Keel and the Last Chapter of
a a	
>Kk' i}  A Lavish O
Cosmopolitan Production.-
Big Double Feature for Wednesday, March 13th
^-^ "Blood Will Tell"
'Husbands for Rent'
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
March 14th, 15th and 16th
With   * \  -=HS;
v      I"^r.     W9?nr"7/7f     ¥ M   W ''  nvn's — one' "    street
/"\s   «K   i    S\li''ik,'lf)$t:..      ytiW Angel", dancing into his heart
V? •         $i&r&i!*y-''-     i«W Hke a Hood of sunshine—the oth-
Tail/            i.S cr " heartless, hardned sinner,
iiii i!           ,'j fighting for her "man."    Kale
W' I      ,il I   .1  il i	
tossed them together and lore
them apart in the greatest
dram of human hearts ever unfolded on the screen.
Adults 50c   Evening shows at 7 and 9 p.m. children 25c
Adults 35c   Matinee Saturday at 2.45   Children 15c
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
March 18th, 19th and 20th PAGE FOUR
Ii'ridat. March «, UM.
Announcing (lie arrival nf a shipment
of Ladies' New Dresses direct from
the Factories at Montreal.
A line of Smart Dresses, delightful
in style, and excellent  workmanship.
We invite your inspection, to see
tho new models, the colors comprise.
Brown, Navy, Black, Green, Red and
every one n different style, you will
bo surprised ;it the moderate price,
when you sue the. quality of the goorti
and the Individual style.
We have received u shipment of smart house or street dresses
for the Ladies who desire a larger bIzo and who has hud difficulty
in getting same, tho sizes are from 44 to 52.
Two new lines have arrived one from New York and the other
from Seattle, and they Include a quaint assortment of Iho new
prints and voiles, they are a really smart collection, and wo feel
it will pay you to see them ere buying your spring outfits, the
prices for these smart dresses are $2.50, $2.1)5 and $3,50,
HOUSE  DRESSES—a  large assortment  of house dresses  in  a
good assortment of colors, and a quality that will give satisfaction.    Price, $1.25 each.
New Coats and lints will arriving, and will be on view shortly.
/ Sufherlands
Cumberland Personals
For that Garden of your Dreams
;        Plant Seeds purchased from Mumford's Grocery and       ;
•       within a few weeks you will have developed a garden      j
:        that should be the envy of the neighborhood.                       !
1                          Look   over   our   full      i
j\   ..                  clean stock of Grocer-      j
AyA                 ies.   Largest range in
25&         Town
■                  "If You Get It at Mumford's It's Good"                •
!        'Phone 71                                                   We Deliver      :
I Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Graham and
j sun, Morton, left for Vancouver on
• *   *
i Col. Vllllers arrived In town during
] the week.
a   •   a
Miss Betty Uround of Victoria is
visiting her father Mr. Bround of the
government office staff.
* •   •
Mr. Gillespie loft for Victoria on
Tuesday morning.
Miss Chrissie Sutherland spent the
week end in town with her parents.
Miss Sadie Hrown came to spend the
week end with her parents and had as
her guest Mis;i M. Macintosh, who Is
also teaching on Denman.
Mrs. .1. L. Brown entertained at dinner lu honor of her daughter. Covers wore laid for six.
Mrs. Hruce of Union Bay spent a
few days in town during the week,
; Miss E. IlaRgarl of the Cumberland
: General Hospital nursing staff spent
' the week end in Union Bay with nor
Tlu- Men's Bridge Club met at tho
' home of Mr. R. Shaw on Tuesday last,
i three tables being in play. Next
: Tuesday the club will meet at the
| home of Mr. Fred. IMckard.
Miss NelHo Morton of Ladysmith,
has arrived in Cumberland to res.do
with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.
W. Simpson.
Mrs. Conway entertained at bridge
on Tuesday evening.
Mrs. Harrington, of White Rock,
H.C., who has been visiting her friend.
Mrs. Kit Brown for the past six weeks,
left for her home on Saturday last.
The Foresters' Lodge held a whlsl
drive and dance In the G.W.V.A. Hall
on Saturday evening. The prize winners were .Mrs. C. Grant, ladies' first;
Mrs. B. Brown, ladies' second. Gent'b
flrst, Mr. Moncrietf; second, Mr. T.
Brown. Refreshments were served
at 10 o'clock, and one ot tbe best al-
iended dances lu the hall held sway
until midnight. Mrs. Hudson's orchestra supplied excellent music.
Tbe Women's Benefit Association
are planning for a big rally to be held
in Victoria and Vancouver.
The Central
TBarber Shop
District Badminton Tonritanwnt
Entries for the annual district badminton championships, to be played
nt Royston on March 20, 21, 22 and
23rd If necessary, should be given to
the secretary of your club or Mrs,
Falrbalrn. Comox, not later than
March 10th. Entree fee Is 50c for each
event and is pnyable in advance. Open
to players from Qualicum north. Laddies' and men's singles and doubles,
and mixed doubles. 2t
Next to Shorty's Pool Room
A. GATE, Prop.
For Ladies and Gents.
Moderate Prices Cumberland, B.C.
are coming
to town
Walch for
A ver.. line .-et of slides illustrating
"The Pilgrim's Progress" formed the
subject at the children s lantern service held In Holy Trinity last Wednesday evening. About ninety children
were present. The slides were again
shown ut the service for adults later
iu the evening. Next Wednesday evening a set of slides on "The kite "I
Joshua" will be shown,
The weekly Lenten home service
was held at the home of Mrs. H. Waterlield und there was the usual good
flitendai.ee. 'lhe meditation centred
round the words "One thing needful." Next week the service will be
held lu the home of Mrs. J. Shortt on
Thursday evening at 7:30 p.m.
This week end the Bishop of Niagara. Canon Gould and Chancellor Gls-
borne will be iu the district. They
will meet the clergy at Holy Trlult>
Vicarage on Salurday afternoon, and
will also address a Mass meeting at
St. John's, Courtenay at 8 p.m.. Canon Gould will address the Sunday
HCbool ou Sunday afternoon.
e        t        *
Next Sunday evening the preacher
ut Holy Trinity Church will be Rev.
H. M. Ellis of Comox. The following
Sunday Archdeacon E. P. Laycock will
occupy the pulpit.
.Mr. Jack Siewart who has been iu
charge of tiie Woif Cubs as club-
master, has left for Vancouver. This
does not mean that lhe Wolf cubs
will have no "Akela" to look after
them. Tbe meetings in future will be
held on Friday afternoons at 3:4a
p.m.. when all Cubs are asked to lie
•     *     •
The regular meeting of the Churcli
Committee will be held in the Vicarage next Wednesday evening at S:-15
p.m. when all members are asked to
lie  present.
Mrs. Singleman and her nttce Miss
Monnie Marpole left on Friday morning for Powell River where they will
visit Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Mortimer.
♦ • »
Mrs. Wilson of Nanaimo was visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.
■   *   •
Mrs. H. Bryan entertained at the
tea hour on Friday and at bridge in
the evening; the prize winners being
Mrs. Shortt and Mrs. Hicks.
* * *
Ur. MacNaughton returned to Victoria on  Monday.
•   *   •
Mrs. Horbury returned from Vancouver on Tuesday and we are pleased
to hear that her son is much better.
The Thimble Club met at the home
of Mrs. G. Kerr MacNaughton on Wednesday evening.
• • •
Mr. C, Graham spent a few days
In  town  and  left again  on  Tuesday
For the Year 1928
Balance In Bank, Jan. 1928 ....$120.60
Cheque from Mrs, Jeffreys   222.01
Proceeds from dance   203.85
Proceeds from Tag Day   313.60
Interest       9.St>
Dues         26.25
1 Tube of Klenzo Tooth Paste
1 Water Ball, all for	
1 Kiddie's Candy Pail, 10 oza. of Pure
Candy for 	
Pure Castile Soap, Large Bar
Lang's  Cream of  Lillies  j
Still Supreme j
for keeping the skin, white and soft. •
Unexcelled for Chapped Hands. ;
TOTAL    $896.67
Tmal Expenses   392.2ti
Balance in Bank
If you've never been ono of His
Majesty's guests, how's your chance
to spend "A Night In Jail". Snappy
music whilst you await your trial—
llo-llo Hall. March 16.
The Wednesday Night bridge club
met at the home of Mrs. W. Hutchinson thla week when tbe first prize wa-j
won by Mrs. W. Bruce Gordon, the
consolation going to Mrs. Matt. Stewart.
*   •   *
Mr. nnd Mrs. March (nee Agnes Hof-
feinz, of Cumberland) are receiving
congratulations on the birth of a son.
The many friends iu Cumberland of
"Billy" Milllgan will he sorry to hear
lie Is ill at his home in Regina. Mrs.
Milllgan who was called to Cumber-
laud on account of tbe illness of her
father, Mr. Frank Dallos, of the Wav-
erly Hotel, left Immediately for Regina on receipt of the condition of her
husband. Tbe many friends of "Billy" .Milllgan lu Cumberland will wish
him a speedy recovery.
Don't forget the big Hospital dance
at Campbell River on Saturday. March
!)th. All the latest music supplied by
Jimmy Walker and IBs Maple Leaf
Orchestra. It
$07,000 FOR
The W. B. A. intend holding a "500"
drive ou Thursday, March 14th In the
Fraternal Hall It
Royston, electric light, good water,
garage. $15 per month.   Apply Gordon
Thomas Ro/sion, 'phono 134Q.
apply J. Henderson, Maryport avenue, New Townsfte.
, l    V     b-?»
Buy   U^'^r y
a       .. J 7 7
Hear its life-like tone, test the remarkable selectivity,
the line workmanship of various cabinets, then compare prices and you will appreciate lhe greater value.
Prices from $170 to $115
G. A.
Co., Ltd.
"Phone It   A   Robertson   47.M Cumberland, tor Demonstration
Overland,   Whippet
The NEW Superior Whippet
Prices F. 0. B, Cumberland
$ 838.00
Fully Equipped at Above Prices.
New Finger-Tip Control.
Timken Bearings throughout.
The Whippet Six has a seven-bearing crank-shaft.
Cumberland Motor Works
Aeroplane Oil — Ethyl Gas
Highway   Appropriation   Given
Out by Hon. N. S.
Details of the $1,809,000 highway
appropriation for this year, announced ou Monday by Hon. N. S. Lougheed.
shows that $59,000 will be expended
in llie districts adjacent to Vancouver;
ot this total Rlchmond.Polnt Grey
district will get $2,500; Burnaby,
$19,000; North Vancouver. $10,000, aud
South   Vancouver,  $5,000.
Expenditure elsewhere In the province will be as follows: Alberni. $50.-
000; Atlln, $32,000; Cariboo, $81,000;
Chilliwack. $50,000; Columbia, $50,000
Comox. $07,000; Cowichan. $50,000;
Crnnbrnok, $50,000; Croston, $64,000;
Delta. $33,000; Dewdney, $82,000; Esquimau, $77,000; Fernie, $40,000; Fort
George,  $81,000;  Grand  Forks, $58,-
It is a Little Early
But we want to remind you to plaoe your orders for
HOT X BUNS NOW. Friday, March 29th will be
Good Friday and tlie time soon slips by. Better 'phone
18 right now and place your order.
Saturday Specials
»::• x-**-x-**tf#*********#********»iHr*»
"The home of High-Class Cakes and Pastriee*'
000; Islands, $54,000; Kamloops, $50,-
000; Kaslo, $90,000; Llllooet, $77,000;
.Mackenzie, $39,000; Nanaimo, $10,000;
North Oknnagan, $50,000; South okanagan. $40,000; Nelson, $4,000; New
Westminster, $2,000; Omlneca, $75,-
000; Prince Rupert, $27,000; Revei-
stoke, $50,000; Rutland, $25,000; Si-
mllqamcen. $50,000; Saanich, $20,000;
Salmon  Arm,  $00,000;   Skeena,  $55,-
ooi,;   Yale.   $55,000;   Cariboo   Road,
ln the same vote is included the following: Bridges, $400,000; ferries,
$190,000; wharves, $25,000; launch,
$3,ooii; surveys, $3,000. Traffic operation (highway signs and snow service,
$00,000; contingencies, $70,000; making a total appropriation for highways
ot $2,500,000.
Automobile Side   Curtains  Repaired
Ah-o  flatness Repaiis
AI.F.X. MAXWELL, Proprietor j
Autos for Hire.    Coal and Wood llaulinf f^ven Tery |
prompt attention.    Furniture and Piano •
Storage if desired. •
"hones 4 nnd (tl
Cumberland, B. C.
Vim, Vigor and
—forget the rest
Ask your grocer for Comox Whole Wheat Flour.
Manufactured at our plant from the best grade, hard
wheat imported by us for this purpose.
Ask for and see that you get
Comox Creamery Butter 55t? per lb.
Comox Creamery Association


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