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The Islander Nov 9, 1912

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Array Flannelette Nightgowns
These are niArle of heavy Flannel
'lettes, collar lieing trimmed with
self-frilling And fancy braid,, and
front wit hiiisertimi nnd embroidery
All sizes. Pricea 51.00 to SI.50.
VOL. ill., No. 33
Deputation from U.M.W. of A
Wait upon Council to Secure
Ute of City Park.
The City Council held its regu-
Jar meeting in the Council Chamber last Monday evening. His
Worship Mayor McLeod presiding
with the following aldermen present: Campbell, Cessford, Banks,
Maxwell and Beveridge. The
city clerk read the minutes of the
previous meeting which were
adopted as read,
A communication was received
from E. Elworthy,  secretary of
the Victoria Board of Trade, enclosing copy of a letter sent to
the Cumberland Board of Trade
concerning the  railway  to  bej
built through Cumberland.   On
motion it was received and filed.
Letter from Martin and Griffin,
Barristers, of Vancouver, B. C,
with copies of by-laws enclosed.
On motion this communication
was laid on the table to come up
for discussion.
The city clerk read the follow-
. ing'accounts which were referred
to the finance committee and
ordered paid if found correct
Cumberl'd Electric Light $42.70
David Hunden, for services
rendered 58.50
The chief of police handed in
his report for the month of Oct.
as follows:—
To His Worship the Mayor and
Aldermen of the City of Cumberland: Gentlemen, I beg to submit
the following report of collections
for the month of October, 1912:
Scavenger $108.00
Night Police     42.50
Hall Rent  '..   40.00
Road Tax      12.00
Police Court Fines      8.00
Yours respectfully, John R. Gray
The Mayor stated they had
two gentlemen present, Messrs.
James L. Brown and McAllister,
and if they had anything to say
the Council would be pleased to
hear them.
Mr. Brown addressed the
Council stating that they had
been appointed to interview the
Council to try and obtain the use
of the City Park, as in the neat-
future a number of the members
of the United Mine Workers
were to be evicted from the Company houses, and they would like
the use of the City Park for the
purpose of erecting tents for the
evicted miners to live in.
District Secretary McAllister
also addressed the Council.
It was moved and seconded
that the miners be granted the
use of the City Park. No time
being specified.
The deputation said they did
not know how many would be
evicted. After thanking the
Council on behalf of the U.M.W.
of A. the deputation withdrew.
The Chairman of the Board of
Works brought up the question of
street crossings and made special
mention of those crossings at
Dunsmuir Avenue and Second
Street and at Dunsmuir Avenue
and Third Street., He suggested
that the water holes be filled up
with ashes for the time being.
The Mayor said those places
were a disgrace to any city and
ought to be attended to at once.
Aid Beveridge thought that
pipes should be put under the
crossings to carry away the
Aid. Banks drew thc Council's |
attention to the little lake just
outside the post office.
Considerable discussion ensued
with reference to grading Dunsmuir Avenue with gravel, especially on the left hand side between
Second and Third Street.
Aid. Banks favoured putting
in ditches first and then laying1
the crossing. Tlte whole matter
was left in the hands of the
Board of Works to look after.
The school question, the salaries and large expenditures, came
up for consideration. The City
Clerk said arrangements would
have to be made foran overdraft
to pay them.
The Mayor said with reference
to the new school that the Provincial Government would equip
and furnish the new building
complete. Some of the aldermen
thought it was almost time to
interview the government'on the
school question.
Aid. Beveridge said he had
been over the alley ways and
found them in good shape with
the exception of one of the aldermen's premises, and it was the
worst. He invited the Mayor to
go and look over it himself. He
thought the aldermen ought to
show the citizens an example.
The Mayor asked if anything
had been done to the Matheson
property. The City Clerk stated
that he had received no reply to
his communication but it was
understood that Matheson would
put-in a septic tank.
The  Board   of   Works   were
ordered to repair the broken sidewalk on Derwent Avenue, and
see if the light at the corner of
that avenue and Second Street
could not be placed to a better
advantage.   This brought up the
question of better lights for the
streets up for consideration. The
committee having charge of the
matter reported progress.   The
Council thought that the Electric
Light Company were a little slow
in turning the lights on in the
evening and a little early in turning them off in the mornitig.
Seeing the city had a very limited
amount of electric light during
the  summer they thought the
company should be a little more
generous now there was lots of
water.     Some   of  the  Council
thought it was not the Electric
Light Company's fault but the
employees who were anxious to
quit as early as possible.   The
Electric Light Committee were
instructed to see into the matter
and report.   The City Clerk was
also requested to  write to the
Under the heading of deferred
business the Martin Griffin letter
was discussed.
The Mayor said it took the most
of his time while in Vancouver
attending to the by-laws and interviewing Mason, Griffin and
Crosby. It was pointed out that
the bank would not loan the
money on the by-law until the
Municipal Act was amended at
the next sitting of the Legislature. The money to pity the
contracts could be secured by an
additional overdraft with the
The Mayor stated that the city
would not have to pay Martin
and Griffin for the drafting of
the two previous by-laws. He
also said that the city had accepted the concrete pavement and
must settle up all matters in connection with it at once, Martin
Griffin's communication was received and their advice acted on.
Aid. Maxwell gave notice that
the two by-laws formerly passed
by the Council and known as No.
1 and 2 be rescinded.
The new by-law No. 1 known as.
Sidewalk Assessment and Benefit
By-law, No. 2 cited as the Dunsmuir Avenue Sidewalk By-law.
Cumberland's  Trade Meant a
Great Deal to thn Business
Peoplo of the Capital.
The request of tho residents of,
Cumberland that the line of the
Canadian Northern Pacific should
be located so as to pass through
that city seems wholly reasonable.
The line as surveyed is some two
miles out of town, and the diversion necessary to carry it through
Cumberland would involve the
building of a little more than five
miles of railway in addition to
what would be necessary if
the present location is adopted
finally. This would mean an
addition to the total length of the
main line to the north end of the
Cumberland and the immediate vicinity have a population Of
about 4000 people. It is therefore a very important centre of
population, as may be judged
from the fact that the average
amount of freight entering the
city is 2000 tons per month, and
the average arrival of passengers
is 1186 per month. With such a
volume of business, without any
railway connection except the
short line down to Union Bay,
where the steamers land, this is
a very remarkable showing. The
whole country in that neighbourhood is very rapidly developing
and the future is full of the
greatest promise.
It is not only important to the
people of Cumberland that they
[should have direct railway connection, but also to Victoria as j
as well. At the present time all
freight from this city to Cumberland is sent via Vancouver, which
city has three steamers a week
available as against one from
Victoria. Unless direct rail connection is given Cumberland,
Victoria will continue to beiyider
this handicap. We are all interested in the request of the Cumberland people in a degree second
only to theirs.
We have not yet heard the railway's side of the case, and therefore do not know what answer,
if any, can be made to this re
quest; but we hope it will be
found possible to meet tho wishes
of Cumberland and we urge the
favorable consideration of the
case upon the railway authorities.
Tenants To Show Cause.
His Honor Judge Barker held
County Court in Cumberland last
Wednesday morning. Mr. P. P.
Harrison, on behalf of the Canadian Collieries (Dunsnitiir) Ltd.,
made application foran order foi
some sixty tenants who areoccu-
pying the company's houses, to
show cause why they should not
be ejected by the sheriff. The
order was granted, and will be
heard on December 4th, at 11
o'clock in the forenoon. The boat
houses at Comox Lake will be
dealt with at the same time.
The city clerk read the newly
framed by-laws while the aldermen got busy with their pencils.
The by-law will be filled in and
returned to Vancouver for final
consideration before being spread
upon the minutes of the Council.
The Chief of Poliec will be instructed to look after trade
licences. Evidently some are
doing business without first obtaining a licence.
The purchasing of a horse for
city use was left with the Board
of Works.
The Mayor and City Clerk were
instructed to make an overdraft
on the Royal Bank for school
On motion Council adjourned.
The various branches of the
Conservative Association assembled together at the Union
Hotel last Wednesday evening,
to enjoy a social and smoker given honor of H. S. Clements, M.P.
for the Comox-Atlin District,
who had arrived in Cumberland
by automobile from the Bay.
Mr. Clements visited this city
in the interests of his constituents
to ascertain their wants and requirements, before leaving for
Ottawa to attend the opening of
parliament. j
The different branches of the
Association represented at the
gathering were Union Bay, Cour
tenay and Cumberland. The
Board of Trade was also present
in full force to lay their troubles
before the Dominion representative.
Mr. D. R. MacDonald,  president of the Cumberland Conservative Association, in his opening
remarks stated that the various
executives   would   be   allowed
thirty minutes each to lay their
claims before the representative
for his consideration. There were
about fifty of the most prominent
Conservatives   present   at   the
gathering, and wh'le the executives were voicing their sentiments for the welfare of the district the remaining portion of the
meeting were entertained with
songs, recitations and piano solos
by members of the association.
Among those who took part in
the programme for the evening
were Mr. Frank Ramsay, who as
an elocutionist is seldom excelled;
[Mr.  Cameron, of Cameron and
Allan, Courtenay, whose singing
was very much appreciated; also
James Walker, O.H.Fechner, and
Samuel Calhoun, each of them
receiving repeated encores.   Refreshments were served in the
shape of a dainty lunch with the
good  cigars made up all   that
could be desired.    After satisfying the inner man Mr. D. R. Mc
Donald called upon Mr. H. S.
Clement, M.P., the speaker of
the eveniug, for an address.
Mr.  Clements spoke at some
length on the last general election
and the size of the Comox-Atlin
District,   with 3000 miles of a
coast line makingit impossible to
visit Cumberland as often as he
intended to do.    He showed the
contrast between the amount of
wharfs, public buildings and so
forth erected during the life oi
Liberal  government and   what
had been done in theComcx-Atlin
district during his term of office,
the difference was something extraordinary.    He devoted some
time to the civil service of the
country,  he believed in paying
good salaries and having ellicient
officials.   He also said he  had
requests made by the executives
from the  various Conservative
associations   which  he  heartily
endorsed and would endeavor to
secure.    He   dealt   extensively
upon the fishing industry, public
wharfs and the method of building and repairing, also the Indian
reserves and the Indians.   Mr.
clement also spoke for some time
on naval affairs, and said he did
not know what the Right Hon.
R. L. Borden's naval policy would
be but he assured them it would
meet with British sentiment.   If
the Prime   Minister   asks   for
twenty or thirty millions he was
going to vote for it.   The time
had arrived to establish a navy
on the Pacific coast, and we must,
British   subjects   help   tho
Mother country, and he said ho
was going to assist Mr.  Borden
in carrying out his policy.   He
had the pleasure of being under
Mr. Borden's leadership while in
I opposition during thc years 1901
Subscription price, $1.50 per year
Simon Leiser Instrumental in Securing an Interview with the
Premier and Engineers.
The delegation from the Board
of Trade which went to Victoria
last week to interview Sir Richard McBride, and consisting of
Mayor McLeod and Messrs. Thos.
E. Bate, W. E. Lawrence and T.
E. Banks, were accompanied in
their interview  by Mr. Simon
Leiser,   ex-president of the Victoria Board of Trade, who realized
the importance of their mission
from a Victoria standpoint. Great
credit is due Mr.' Leiser in securing the interview and rendering
the deputation very valuable assistance while waiting upon the
Premier and who laid the facts
clear in a very concise  manner.
The question for consideration
between the Premier and the deputation is of vital importance to
Cumberland.    They asked that
the line of Canadian Northern'
—  ,-,—
Pacific Railway be surveyed andLday.
built through this city, instead of
two and a half miles distant, as
the present survey shows. Mr.
T. G. Holt, of the railway company, was present when the delegation waited upon Sir Richard.
The case was very clearly and
forcibly put before the Premier
by the members of the deputation
and Sir Riehard expressed himself as vary mueh impressed with
the merits of the request..
Mr. Lewis, the railway company's engineer, who' was also
present, stated that it would be
quite feasible to build through
the city of Cumberland, although
by so doing the line to the north
end of the Island would be made
some five "miles longer than by
the surveyed route.
Mr. Holt said he fully appreciated the remarks made by the
members of the deputation and
promised that, if it is possible,
the wishes of the citizens of
Cumberland would be complied
The delegates invited Sir Richard McBride and Mr. Holt to visit
Cumberland after the return of
the former from Ottawa, and
both these gentlemen expressed
themselves _s being willing to
accept the invitation if business
engagements would permit.
We feel assured that Mr. Simon
Leiser will do his best to secure
for us a visit from Ihe Premier
and Mr. Holt. We may expect
the distinguished party in the
near future.
Mrs. John Jack left for Vancouver last Saturday on a business
trip and returned by Wednesday's
In the police court before Judge
Abrams a drunk and disordiiy
was fined $5.00 and costs.
FOR SALE A number of registered Yorkshire small pigs,
white. Price $3.00 each. For
particulars, write Arthur Du-
maresq, Denman 1st.
The Courtenay real estate men
report business good. They are
continually receiving enquiries
from the Prairie provinces for
farm lands and expect a great
influx during the fall and coming
FOR SALE—Cheap, One Monarch Range, one year's use. Also
one heater. Apply Mrs Heather-
ton. Happy Valley.
The city council has instructed
the Board of Works to purchase
a horse; and in about two months'
time the citizens will be thinking
about electing a mayor.
Major A. W. Hilton, assistant,
manager for the Comox Logging
& Railway company at Head
quarters, visited this city yester-
until 1008 aiul he realized hit-,
ability to conducl the affairs of
country. The Prime Minister
vvas the right man in the right
place and they may rest assured
that the actions of their chief
would go down to history as the
work of a statesman. It gave
him great pleasure to he with
them that eve ningand he sincerely trusted it would not be his last
visit and that he would visit them
as often us he could. He would
endeavour to get their' demands
granted, and it would not be his
fault if he failed, it would be
because those fellows in the east
won't cough up.
Mr. H. S. elements will leave
for Otlawa in about a week's
time and be present at the opening of parliament, which takes
place on November 21st, The
siriging of the National Anthem
brought a pleasant evening to a
roomed furnished house for three
months or more, and within city
limits. Apply by letter to "M,"
Box 430, Cumberland, B.C.
Albert Pickard, charged that
he did, on the 7th inst, loiter on
a public highway footpath and
obstruct peaceable passengers,
was remanded until Wednesday
next to allow him to obtain
Tiie Canadian Pacific Railway
Company are busy clearing ten
acres of land at Courtenay be-
ween the Cumberland Road and
the Lake Trail Road for the purpose of erecting a round house
and machine shops. The site is
adjacent to the land laid out for
the Courtenay railway station.
ForSALE-60 pure bred Rhode
Island red hens, $1,25each; 24 K.
I. Cockerels, $1.25 each; 10 pure
bred Yorkshire Pigs 6 weeks old,
in splendid condition, $5 each; I
heavy horse (16001 bn) sound and
in good condition, $180. 4PP'y
J. Lawrence, Kye Bay, Comox,
The funeral of Charles I). McKenzie, aged 12 years, son of Mr
and Mrs. John McKenzie, who
was accidentally shot at Courtenay, took place last Wednesday.
The remains wore interred in the
Presbyterian cemetery, at Sandwick, Rev. Thos. Menzies olTiei'
Messrs. Hardy & Biscoe will
sell by auction on Tuesday, tlic
19lh day of November, at the
Harvey ranch, Sandwick, for J.
Maruya, twenty head of cattle,
horses, farm implements, cream
separator, oats, turnips, carrots,
etc. Full particulars from Hardy
& Biscoe, auctioneers, etc., phone
10, Courtenay, B.C.
Messrs. Hardy and Briscoe,
auctioneers, Courtenay, will offer
for sale by auction on Wednesday,
the 20th November, 1012, at 2
o'clock in the afternoon, a number of choice building lots, also a
residence &c, all overlooking
Comox Bay. Full particulars
from the auctioneers, Courtenay,
phone 10.
At the closing ■ session of tho
Anglican Synod held at Victoria
last week it was decided, on
motion of Venerable Archdeacon
Scriven, that subscriptions should
bc asked for the purpose of building a residence for Rev. J. K.
Willemar, of Comox. who is about
to retire after forty-four years'
service, THE   ISLANDER.   CUMBERLAND,   R. C.
The Secret
By Alfred Wilson Barrett
Ward.  Lock A Co.,  Llmltsd
London,  Melbourns & Toronto-
Por sumo reason which she was un-
Able to explain, For she wan a sound
Bleeper, slio had awoke with a Btaft
some time afterwards, at what hour
■hu could not uiy, for slu* liad hot
thought uf looking at her watch,
tmpressod by the feeling that noma
misfortune had happened or was happening, she had risen with tht* [den of
going to lur sister's room io Bee If
all was well with her,
On leaving her room, however, and
feeling strangely giddy, sli" had found
the hall full of escaping ;;as. Realising thai sho was carrying a lamp In
her hand, and expecting at ovory in-
stant to feel a terrible explosion, Bho
(■ad managed to stagger into the din-
lug-room and oul on tc
There the excltemont, i
liod Bwaliowed, Imd oyerodtue ber,
and she fainted, dropping tho lamp
hh sho fell She remembered nothing more until she found herself lying across hor sister's body with tlio
maid trying to rovlve her.
How it was that Uio lamp sho had
been carrying liad not caused an explosion in the hall it was impossible
to say, but In entering the dining-
room she had instinctively ole * tI lhe
door behind her, and tho kus, escaping rapidly, had of course become
much thicker beforo Eastern's entry.
How ihe gas lap had como to ho
turned on In her sister's room sho
bad no idea. Tho tap was, however
loose, the samo accident bavins occurred onco before in a modified form.
Her sister sometimes used the pas lu
preference to the electric light, as she
declared she found it loss trying to
the eyes. Hor sister and she had
had no quarrel of any kind, and indeed they wore always on tho best of
terms. On that night thoy had kissed each other as usual beforo saying
goodnight. In her opinion it was incredible that lier sister should have
turned the tap on purposely. This)
in reply to a question suggested evidently only as a mattor of form by
Inspector Wreut.
The mnid, wlio was at the service'
of the tenants of the house, and only
We will advise weekly in this space, ajid will offer
bargains in Farm Lands, City and Suburban property.
We mnke a specialty of exchanges of ail kinds, including Farm Lands, Winnipeg property, Automobiles,
It will be to your benefit to watch this space closely.
Correspondence solicited Good live Agents Wanted
at everv point in the west.
22 Cannda Life Building, Winnipeg, Man.
boon shook, of course, and groat care
must ho necessary, but 1 do not think
wo need anticipate any possible complication Vou nny be quite sure
thai tiio young lady will not sutler
from any waul ot intention on my
pari. She is a greal favorite of
mine, and 1 nm very fond of hor.
Quiet, serious, a tittle reserved, hut
a thoroughly charming girl, and a
thorough good one, too,
I will leave you my address, said
Kaston, to the inspector, preparing to
take Ids leave, And If I nm needed
you have only to lei Uie kiiow at any
Repartee in  Politics
If the name of the victim of this
story wore published; tt would create
i sensation from the Atlantic to the'
Paoilic,   not   to  say   from   the  Great'
Lakes to the Rlo Grande.      In short.
If the name were known, the gentleman in question    would    have   seven;
dnrk tits, and the remainder of the;
population of the l'uited States would;
leap  madly  into  laughing  hysterica.
However, the victim is a man high in
national politics and prominent In the!
staring public eye.      He had befriend-{
oil th° hero of thlR narrative, and had
hound hhn to him with hoops of stbil,
An exigency of politics required signal service from the lesser liglit, and
tV great mfln sont for the other and
saitl. to him:
lho Inspector bowed and look the
the balcony, j Majors card. We may lmvo to ask
: ie lyoti, sir, Just to say what you have
told us. at the Inquest, he said, but
we won't, troublo you more than we
can help-. Tho affair seems plain
enough and just tho result of careless-.
ness, like. You did think of going! after each meal
hack to the south pole, sir, I saw in
the papers.
Kaston smiled. Well, perhaps not
quite so far, he said. But yos, I
did Intend going South again.
My journey is not so near us It was,
I fancy, he soliqulsed, as descending
the stairs he passed out Inlo the
1 hardly know why, but the Southern Cross scarcely seems so attractive to me now as it did this morning.
i must he getting old, I certainly seem
lo be getting sentimental. How
i;ueer that just catching sight of a
girl's face should make all that, difference to me. Vet that is the real
cause, nevertheless. And sbe has
hardly seen mo, hardly even noticed
me, I sunpose, though once our eyes
did meet. And of course there nre
other fellows after her more up to
pleasing women than 1—' Why. good
heavens, ho continued, stopping suddenly, and putting his hand la his
pocket. Thfcre is that note! I bad
forgotten It absolutely and Completely!
He pulled out  the scrap of, paper
A bite of this and a taste of that, all day
long, dulls thc appetite and weal.rna the
Restore your stomach to healthy vigor
by taking a Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet
andcutout the "piecing1.
Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets
•re the best friends for sufferers from
Indigestion and dyspepsia. 50o. a Box
at your Druggist's. Made by tho
National Drug and Chemical Co. of
Canada, Limited.
I lmvo made you
my inke go out
and do thus ami
gave part of her time to the sisters, with pencilled characters and lookod
could give no information whatever, at it for an Instant blankly. At tli.'
except to corroborate Violet Brooke's
Engineers and Boilermakers
Bolters   of   all     kinds—Engines,
Pumps, and Heavy Plala Work
Write nft fer Prices
14 Strachan Ave., Toronto, Canada
T am your friend .
what  vou are.      Ko
into the countryside
The lesser  light,  having  consulted [
ills own Interests nml the opposite faction in the party, journeyed forth all i
right enough, but what he pullet off
'n the aforementioned countryside was I
In direct contradiction to his Instructions,     When he   returned    to   tiie|
plane from which he had started, h°
enlletl at  the offices or his powerful
friend, but wis received by a subordinate, who said: j
Mv boss thinks that you have treated Ii 1 th ,-erv badly in view of nil his
past friendship for yon, and he will not!
receive yon. Furthermore, he wishes]
yon to send hack to htm the auto-:
graphed photograph which he gave]
The man. thus rebuked, hurled htm-
relf Into a taxicab. dashed Into his
humble dwelllne seized a large stub
pen wrote au inscription across the
picture, ami sent the photograph hack
to its giver. The inscription read
Received without solicitation—returnod without regret.
More About
The Loading Platform
-J™ Present M.tcmton or Western fn-nierc wlll never know tk,
difficulties wid rxat.ims experienced hy 'heir predecessors In ths
earlier years Watt no one conld get i carload of grain shipped In
bulk except ly :oui!ng It through un elevator. The system foYcsd
We majority of farmers to sell thslr ara'n to the elevator owners
at. arbitrary irlca, .Mid oft times to submit to heavy dockage and
other annoyances, causing continual dissatisfaction. Now however
the distribution o' irs as fixed by the Grain Act, and the use of ths
loading platform, provido facilities whlai enable the farmer to secure
satisfactory <reut.te.nt !n the disposal or als grain and the hi chest,
market prices at tl.ne r.f sale Every *ii»mrr therefore, should mors
and more e'.-deavnr to use thn loading ill."inn Ir. shipping his grain
to Ihe terminal elevators. It Is the safeguard ot the farmers' free
dnm In dlsira-jlng cf his grain to the best advantage for himself If
farmers refnln fro.n i:slng the loading platform freely. It might result In Its !-elng d-Mie nway wl'h. heoau" railwny companies and
elevator owners nra strongly opposed In |'„, It Is ensv to under
stand whv "levator iieor.le desire the loMlne pisiform' abolished,
The rnllway 'eoplc on their part say 1 Mm ihe loading nf cars
"nd helps to cni.'e car shortage. Th's we know to he nonsenss
because frnnnen.lv after cars nre lond"d whether with grain, coal
lum.ier or other mo-vhnnrtlsn, :hey ave «ld«t-acki»' for d"vs nnd even
"•""ks Instead of 'mln . nromntty moved fo-wnrd to destination. It
is engine shortage ,-ul shorfn ec of competent trnlt mr-n thnt mnstlv
.•■>.„,„, Knm llockndw on railways and :;ot lack of enrs. Let evert
farmer therefore, .', all he cnn in use * e 'hading nlatforwi am, h.-
e«nio  sn   <«d*nn ide-t   sMnner.      fn   suhrenuent  advertisement* ws
"•111   ..t,,a  In  iMn't  'he  'invlngs   -.nl    .I'-er   .hl>l.t™ ef direct load'
In* Into enrs coiT,nsred with wain* thi me ti  ninretnrs.
We handle ilia farmers grain ilrlcllv on commission. ma V" liberal
advances nn iar bills of 1ndlng.vBiip<-rv;s- the grading at time enrs
are Inspne'ed. se-.nre lhe highest nrlce, at Ume of sale snd mnke
nrotnnt returns when sold. Write .is for shipping Instructions and
m»"t'et Information.
Thompson Sons & Company
701703 Y.   G3AIN   EXCHANGE.
Do It Quickly
We (Australians) look to Canada
with the greatest admiration; we
know tbnt intense us our loyalty is.
that your loyalty is just, as Intense,
just as undoubted; we think you may
adopt some other method than ours
In your wisdom, and it is not for us
to speak a word to you in matters
that yo closely concern you, but I
think we have a right to say lu Australia after what we have done that
whatever the empire has got to do,
or is willing to do, to strengthen the
hands of our motherland, ought to be
done quickly,"Sir George Reld at
R«ihttwraberiheniUInwrmnpetrm.   C^nfd,i^v:JuiJ.iitnirtr«ra ww rfiiwn«it hy up^w-
men will mean much lo YOU.   Swtd at a Inal ■Inpiwnl,    Write. wnr ot (Aww tot net track bid* _t XjpaJni
Telephone  Main  46. Winnipeg,  Mah.
The  Royal   Hunk n.   Cunnrln.
r;t ruction..
CU   Grnln
I. kenned
statement about the defective gas
On a previous occasion, during the
daytime, iu the sister's absence, she
had noticed a strong escape ol gas,
and on investigation; had discovered
that particular tap turned on. The
matter had been Ihe subject of conversation at the timo, but the question of getting it repaired had been
put aside aud  forgotten.
It Is  perfectly evident to  me  that
momont of Violet, Brook's sudden ap-\
pearance in her sister's bedroom, tak-!
en hyjsurprlso and unwilling to let her j
catch sight of tho cruel words it contained at such a moment, Kaston had;        ,.     . ,
crammed the paper into his pocket.  A? the be.  ever made and are gw
rnd then forgotten its existence. And    ^iJ^JKj;    *
nnw that ho had remembered it. what j »" d"Ie"v Jp.,"n LnfJi
was he to do?     Ills duty of courso ! !n* Btv a ■»" B,ze quired,
was  to  hand  the  paper  over to the
police, and let them decide what was
to be doin, or at least to give
the old doctor and ask his advico.
the poor young lady died from gas- the Major had done neither of these
poisoning, said Dr. Arnold, after lhe' things, and now he did not believe a
Inspector's investigations had been I word of the accusation the note con-
completed; but, of course, (here will tained. He did not believe that It
have to be an inquest, and before that j had been Violet's Brook's fault that
I shall be able lo make a more detail
ed examination, We need not trouble you any moro, at least, for the
present, the old gentleman continued,
turning to Easton. In a most terrible affair we must at all events congratulate ourselves upon making the
acquaintance of so celebrated a gentleman us Major Easton.
Kaston bowed. Thank you, he
said. It. is indeed a terrible affair
the more to mo as I had the pleasure
of seeing and admiring both these
young ladies u few hours ago at an
'at homo' in Grosvenor Square, , 1
trust that there is no danger to be
anticipated with regard to Miss Violet
It rooke.
Tbe old doctor shook his head
soothingly. I think not, he said. I
think sho will do  well.      Thero has
her sister Eva had died. Ho eould
not believe It. If ever a sister loved
anothor, she had. Ho had seen lt In
her eyes as she watched lier sing,
heard It tn her cry when she had seen
hor lying dead.
(To bo Continued)
The Arlington Co., of Canada, Ltd.,
68 Fraser Ave., Toronto, Ont.
He Got It
Ob, said the manager, in the Interview with Timklns. what I want is a
reliable clerk for the weighing room.
One who knows what's what. Do you
Timklns nodded.
Vou know your weights and measures table of course, went on ihe manager. Vou might juat run through
them now.
|     Fifteen ounces make one pound—,
i began Timklns.
! Oo ,lu and start at once, cried the
manager, with a grin of satisfaction.
You're the nn.i for me!
Grain  Commission  Merchants Winnipeg,
Make Hills [.....ling read
Co,. Winnipeg,
Liberal Advircet
Port Arthur or Pert William.  Notify
Prompt Returns
•r Junseri
Best Grades
Caller (viewing tho new boy)—Do
you think he Is going to resemble his
Mother—I shouldn't be surprised.
Ile keeps me up at night even now.
Pa, why do you always insist on me
singing when Mr. Spoozleton come
hero? Well, I don't like him, and yet
I halo to come right oul and toll lilm
to go.
A lady was seen .promenading tho
..treats of Bournemouth the other week
carrying a monkey under her arm.
Leas disturbing to one's equanimity Is
the practice or another lady In Ilourne-
mouth, who never goes abroad on her
cycle without, bolng accompanied by
her household cat, whleh reposes on.
her left shoulder uDisturbed by the
clatter of passing: trams and motorcars.
Why don't
I did once, and she
I could borrow it back
you  give your wlfo nn
spent it before
This school Is located In Toronto
and does much each year to supply
the active demand for Telegraph operators wanted hy our Canadian railways. A successful record of fifteen
years and hundreds of officials and
operators In active railway service today is the best guarantee'of the reliability of this well known school.
The hook "Guided by the Key'' explains the work fully. Write for it.
Address \V. II. Shaw. President, Toronto.
Tommy (at a concert, watching soprano Blnglng aria and conductor waving baton)-—Ma. what's thnt long-hair'
ed man hitting at her wilh that stick
Ills Mother—He isn't hitting at her.
Tommy—Then what is sho screaming about?
This section Is almost mountainous,;
remarked the pedestrian to his com-;
panion as thoy trudged along a coun-1
try road one summer's day, carrying1
heavy grips.
Ves,-it's a hit hilly, said the farmer a few minutes' later as ho drove his j
guest from the station ln the big bock-
The Customer—Is that a renl ostrich feather? Milliner—-What, for
tenpencet Oh, no, madame; ostrich
Is merely Us nom de plume.
A minister having walked through
village churchyard  and observed  thei board
indiscriminate praises bestowed upon      Nice rolling country this, observed'!
the dead, wrote upon the gate posl the; the au'omobilist to his chauffeur as
following!      Hero lie the dead,  andj Ihey whizzed by iu a big touring car.
here tho living lie. Gee, what n Hal. uninteresting reg-
 .—, { jon, thought the aviator, looking down
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia , as  ho sailed  over It iu  his  majestic ]
  : biplane.
Absent minded husband (In ParisI-*- '  ■	
My wife asked  me  to got her some. Do Animals Swank?
| Minard's Liniment Co.. Limited.
Cents,—A customer of ours cured, a
very bad ease nf distemper in a valuable horse by the use of MINARD'S
I Yours truly.'
eau-de cologne while I was here; now
what the deuce is eau-decologno in
Baby Dreadful Sufferer, Could Not
Keep Him from Scratching. Every
Joint Affected. Used Cuticura Soap
and Ointment and He Is Well,
•'Endow! find my lon'i plinto uid I feel
Wy writing thaio f«w linos to you l un only
dom;: my duly, m my ion WM a drottlflll
luneroi frum Besoms, At
ttio ant- of two weeks be
began toK'-t coVorod with
ran spots on his logs snd
groins, which mothei
iiioiijiht wu red gum or
thrush; but day by duy
'"*"S it grow worse until every
Joint ami crevice woro
effected umi baby startcil
Bcreoralng for boun day
arnl iiK-Li. sucli a thing
uh Bleep vusi out of tho
attention, 1 took him to
two of Sydney's lending doctors; om- said it
was unu of iho worst cases he had seen, tliR
other dtd not think it so serious; one onl*rr<l
clntmont Ior rubbing In, tbo other a dusting
powder, I followed their prescriptions for
orer four mornin ami still baby M" getting
worse. I rould not k>.*p bim from i(im< hi;i«
■o great wm his agony.
"Wliun he waa llvo months old I trM the
Cuticura Remedies and I am very thankful to
•ay mv baby la to-day freo from all Ms suffering, (Its groins wore bleeding when I started
and other parts affected were the lower part
<rf his body, under ttie knees, arms In arm
Joints, eyebrows and neck; but after twice
lining Cuticura Ointment I began to sec a
difference and by ttie time I hail used one
(tn, along with the to Hum; wilh Cuticura
Soap, babv waa nearly cured. 1 -till kept on
ming the Cuticura Boap ami Ointment, nnd
nftr, thank goodness, ho is nuitq well and,
a hough he h now ten v-n-ne. old. hn." not
1 any further return of the trouble."
CBtennd) Mm. 0, Martin. 2 Knlehl .-n..
EraVinevillc, Sydney. N.S.W.. Mar. Itl. 1011.
Cuticura Boap and Olntmenl are sold
throughout the world hut a liberal sample of
rach. with a H3-p*g« hook nn the care and
treatment of tbt: -kin and hair will bfl nent
(im i n application to Potter Prm. A- ('hum.
Qbc&w 60 Columbia Ave,, Kostua, UJ.A.
A local pointer worked threo months
I ou n painting,    He upon) » goad denl
I of money on models, hut the finished j
product hiBtlfled all hit expenditure
' and nil hu time,     RJverybody told
I him nn when Uu- picture svna exhibit-
i ed.     BJveryone bui one,     This ludy,
I whofio opinion he valued nmst, wuh .
the nne lie took to the pshlhltlon with
hltn.      I can hardly  wait, sho huh-,
bled,     Which Is yuur pioture? This,
ono. ho tnld hor—and waited.     Shei
! Studied it In detail.      What. Is It call-
j od'.'     sho wanted to know.      Wood
Nymphs.     Mow silly of tno to n^k!
They're so natural.      Why. anybody;
would think they were really made of
wood. ,
W. N. U. 919
Benzole, a by-product of coal-tar, Is1
the root-sourrp of our most brilliant
Dr. J. D, Kellogg's Dysentery Com
: dial Is compounded specially to com*
j bat dysentery, cholera morbus and all I
1 inflammatory disorders that change ofl
! food or water may set up In tho atom-
ach and Intestines. These- com-1
i plaints are more common in summer:
1 than in winter, but they are not con-!
i fined to the warm months, as undue
i laxness of the bowels may seir.e »
i man at any time. Suoh a sufferer1
j will find speedy relief In this Sordini.
j Nicola Cttppelll, of Pltigllano, Italy..
j left directions In his will that a litre j
I of wine should be poured over his coffin, and two hectolitres distributed to I
those who attended his funeral. Me'.
requested hla Mends to dance round
bis tomb. |
The Food
Tells Its
Own Story
It's one dish that a wood
many thousand people relish neatly for breakfast,
lunch or supper.
Crisped wafers of toasted
Indian Corn-a dainty and
most delightful dish.
Try   witli   cream    and
'' The Memory Lingers''
Canadian  Pontum  Ceroal  Co.
Ltd., Windsor, Ontario.
The il 'HghM'ul slory ol  Brer Rab-1
i bit and Brer Pox wlll help us to nns-|
'wer ilils question In the affirmative.
I As u mattei1 of fact, anlmalfl undonbtr
edlvAlo BWank, and the domestic ones,
when made pets of, will   kIvp   them*
srlves :is many airs lind graces us a I
Slrl In love.
li Is tills characteristic tint' romlcr*
so many of them amenablo to training.     The wrlnn- hus known a rnt In
a stable i'i II*' n" Uf1 s''le and pretend
i-i he doad.    when turned over with
the foot ll has   Instantaneously   heroine   very  nineh   alive   and   scooted,
for nit il wns worth,
An old horse   employed   In   fnrm
, work would protend to he very lame'.
■ when pul ou the niUk-rhurnlUK, which
, necessitated hi. a --.g round In n e.lr-l
1 ele, hut directly ne wns tnken ofr hei
would, metaphorically speaking, (risk!
like n kitten,
,    The Irish terrier and the collie are
terrible   swankers.      They   will   put
, ip with any amount of petting, but I
; directly the  victim  In rtff his gunrd 1
they will not hesitate to nip.
Everybody   Is   familiar   with    the;
I phrase,  playing possum,  meaning of j
i course, lying low, or protending.   This,
extraordinary little nnlmnl. If attack-'
; ed. stretches Itself    stiff   lipnn    the j
: ground.     Yon may heat It, throw wat- j
r upon It, and all but kill It, yet when
What the A. B. Seaman Says:
"A sailor's life is bold and free, and life
is one grand sweet song—as long as
there's lots of Empire Navy Plug
Chewing Tobacco."
Fitting Subjects
Casually, h;- chance unsought, they
I you hnve turned nway In the' firm be-l met in the railway carriage. He was
lief thnt II Is dead, the little Impnster
will Jump up and scurry to safety.
It is common knowledge umong
; r.portsmnn that a partridge will flutter
1 just ahead of dogs or men. pre! end-
: lug to have a broken wing, llll she has
I lured Ihem nway. from her hnbies.
; Then she rises and sails home like ]
j the wind
No Longer a Luxury
What's the trouble?
There's a tramp at the door with a
' rickety automobile.     Wauls to know
if we enn eke hiin an old set of tires.
It Is eighty-three years since the
first horse-drawn public omnibus run
In Kngland: Ihe flrst public motor-bus
ran eight years ago.
a young man, beardless; his companion a hoary oldster.
So you are a teacher? remarked the
talkative veteran. I'll wager yon
had to puss a pretty stiff exam.
Yes, Indeed!  replied the Instructor
of the young.
And what were the   subjects?   in-
I quired the Inquisitive passenger?
I     Well, we were examined In pBychol-
j ogy,   Integral   calculus,   mathematical
' astronomy, polemic divinity, meiaphy-
slcal   analysis,   and   Oreek,     Latin
French nnd German verslfieallon.
Indeed!      And   for   whal   position
were yo.i striving?
Teacher of llle Infants, sir.
During the past flnanclf' year Glasgow's tramways carried 270 million
passengers and took nearly |5,000,00»
in receipts.
Deaths exceeded births ln France
last year by 35.000,
of the bowels is an absolute necessity for good health. Unless the
waste matter from the food which
collects there is got rid of at least
once a day, it decays and poisons tha
whole body, causing biliousness, indigestion and sick headaches. Salts
and other harsh mineral purgatives
irritate the delicate lining of the
bowels. Dr. Morse's Indian Root
Pills—entirely vegetable — regulato .
the bowels effectively without weakening, sickening or griping,   Uw
Dr, Morse'*   *
Indian Root PUU m
Why doesn't she take
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
Tbey stop a heidsche promptly, yet do not contain any ol
(lie danjerous drugs common In headache tabids Ask vour
Druggist about them.   23e. a box. ».»»■
NSTIOMl Onoo  .KB CHUIOSI CO. O. C...D,,   .,.,-..    ._,_,
In Backache the
Kidneys Speak
It ii thrir way of cnllinft your nttpntion to tho fact
tlmt limy nre nm in portao. condition, Mnny p«..pla
whn pcnUlontly itiimml repeated wiiming* civtn
by tim klunuyq m-e now ohronla sufferon from kuinoy
nnd hlndii.T complaints which will Mny with them
until tliey ilie, and perhaps huslrn the end.
How tiinrh better in help thc kidneys lhe moment
they •how fiKiiH of i d.i.it n litt.P n*H»tnhri-f    Tnke
i*..* ,„.,,...   v       . ,P** ,V -AMK'S swi:i;t\iT»K I'll.I.s in time.
T.L.!? fr"', ow"   r^nwllM.    TilW   lift llm k»lr.ry, out »(   their  temporary
iH-lnrfiitinn   mi,   (.1,1,1 Ib6in  mtmn  In  nuin.ul  activity,   Soltf everywhere at liity cents
Summary Justice
On the arrival »t the judge who had
convened a court ln oue ot the towns
1 of Arkansas circuit, It was found thnt
j uo pens. Ink. or stationery had been
provldod. Having expressed himself
with due forciblllty. his Honour tool;
'soim money from his pocket, and wus
nbout to hnnd it to au attendant, when
he pauBed. There was a high-fee
lawyer In th» well of tha court, who
nt that moment wns heard to remark,
Well, I've seen some pretty bud courts,
but this—well, this Is the limit. The
brow of the judge darkened. You are
fined live dollars for contempt, sir! he
said. Hand the money to the-nt-'
ipndant. While to the latter he said
Now, David llryan, just you step out
quickly nnd get the i-rlleleB required
tud It there ij anything left over you
eau hand this gentleman his change.
Sf.ciim luul. lu London uid conHn.nl on 12.0(10
Ton FWlins ['.Let.
Next Sailing* from Montreal
Xmai Sailingi—From Halifax
"ROYAL EDWARD" Nov. 27th
Further Information from uny rati
or ■tcumshlp agent, or wrlto.
A.  H.  DAVIS, Gen. Agent.
272 Main Street Winnipeg
The Better Way
A lady, who wus sitting lu the middle of the sliills at a matluei- and was
wearing a regulnr floral avenue of a
hat. wns politely asked to remove It.
hut she sumewhut rudely refused. At
last the nuisance became Intolerable,
nnd various uncomplimentary remarks
were henrd all round her. A gentleman, icprlmundinu; a youth near lilm,
who hnd given vent to a particularly
sarcastic remark, said, so that he
could be beard hy all around:
If you only knew what yon wpre
talking about you would hold your
tongue; that lady Is a friend of mine,
and has not long recovered from a serious Illness, which lias left hor unite
With a vlclou.- jerk the offending
hnt was removed to disprove the
fiendish assertion, and the view of the
stage waa not impeded any longer.
Mlnard's Liniment fop sale everywhere
To Pit the Crime
For a acoMliig wife tha brnnks anil
dncklnp-stjol wore formerly regard d
«« Infallible correctives. Not more
ao, how.ever, tlinn the method employed by a Saltzburg burgomaster, who
sentenced a womun convicted of virulently abusing hei" huaband, to stand
in a public place, and for six hours
evory day for a week direct a torrent
of violent; objurgation against a straw
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ effigy   fashioned   to   repnv.ent     hor
[spouse.     Not  a minute's respite was
Bladder Stone, Gall Stones, :>cr tongue allowed, the briefest silence
being sharply punished by a stinging
Kidney Stones, Gravel and
all Ailments of Uric Acid
(Hundreds    or   cured    patients    can
prove our statement),
Sufferer-, wlll recelye pamphlet free
on reqtlost,
Sanol. PRICE $1.50 per bottle In
liquid from Druggists, or direct from
Winnipeg, Man.
RAW FUR '&■£__&&!_
marH youi rolled rom.
Toronto i* iha chief Fur manufacturing centre of Canada. Do buiinetacJired and id the full value foi your
Prompt rath for your roniignm*nti, larie or amall.
Write H* for our trade newi tctt-r ta be iaued toon.
Arid™ WAGNER, BRASIER * CO., Dipt. C.
M FrMt St., Bart, Ttrealt, Oetarie
mt -e0&Mm/i&
DVK, on* ran hiry—Why ynu don't even hava lu
known.1*1 KINDi'f Cloth jrourCiiwda ar* mad*
■ .f.--.Sn Mnr.br* ara Impossible.
fiend fur I'raa Cnlur f'anl, Hiory  Booklet, and
Booklet tllvlnf reiulla nl DjrrJng nver iHhar tnl ore,
cut from a whip wielded by an olllclal
wbo stood at hand to s«o that the sentence was duly carried out.
It one be troubled witli corns nnd
warts, he will Ilnd in HoHmvny's Torn
Cure an application that will entirely
relieve  differing.
Of the 3.000 languages nnd dia.ee.*.
f.i tho earth, ihe Bible bas been translated   Into 180.
They were seated In thc dim lieht
of a conservatory She was playing
with her fan. and he wan murmuring
soft speeches in ber ear. Suddenly
he loaned forward and impressed a
kiss on her aoft cheek.
Oh. Charlie, she cried, bow you
frightened rr.e!
Then after a few minutes she said
Frighten mo again, Charlie.
Sea-water contains silver In considerable quantities, and it is often found
deposited on tho copper sheathing of
Turning the Tablet (
I     In some cases counsel receive ans-
j wors to questions that they bad nol
j business to put,  which.  If not quite j
to their liking, are what they justly
| deserve.      The   following   story   oft
i Coorgo Clarke, a   celebrated   negro |
I minstrel, is a case in point.     On one
! occasion, when being examined as n
] witness, he was severely interrogated
by a lawyer.
Vou are in the minstrel business, I
believe? inquired the lawyer.
Ves. sir, was the reply.
lt not that rather a low cnlling?(
I don't know but what It is sir. replied the minstrel, but it Is so much
better  than   my  father's   that  I am
rather proud of lt.
The lawyer fell into the trap.
What was your father's calling? he
He wns a lawyer, replied Clarke, In
a tone that sent the whole Court into
a roar of laughter as the discomfited
lawyer sat down.
Whon artists nre permitted to make
copies of pictures In a public picture
gallery they are allowed to sell tho
copies for their own benefit.
nnw's This?
Wl offer One fiiindrrrt rwillnn. Reward Mt IM
4M ol Catarrh Uut cannot tw enrol by HH*
Warrb Cure.
I. CHENEY k TO., Toledo, m
Wa.  the untlrralmipit.  huve  Know..  F. J.  ('lienor
Or the laut l.'i yeara, (ind lielievr hint perfectly hot*
•rablu  iti  till  tuiNlness  traoanrttona nnd llnanclaUy
lble to carry out any ubllimiiuita mwlo liy hts Arm.
Wai.di.so, Kin.sas A Marvin.
Wliolrsnle DruKKlMA Toledo. Ol
Hull's Catarrh   Cum   to   taken   Internally. aoUM
llreclly mum tho liln.nl and niuroim nurlncM ot Iha
system.   Tcfltlinonlnlfl innt tree,   I'rlco lb eeatd
bottle,  told bv nil DrtKKlftt*.
Take Uall'a family I'llla lor i-owti'j-tma
A rustic, who did odd jobs for the
village blacksmith,'asked leave of absence for the following duy, which
was granted.
During the morning his employer
noticed him. dressed In his Sunday
best, coming down tba road from the
direction of the church, sheepishly
followed bv n woman who kept about
two paces to tbe rear, on tho opposite side ol the road.
Jerking hh thumb over his shoulder
In the direction of hln companion, anu
at the snme time Indicating her with
a movement of his head, the yoke;
solemnly ejaculated:
Got 'cr.
For threi" sr.llil hours tlio captain
hail limn lecturing his men on "thc I
duties of a soldier," and ho thought
It wns time to seo how much they had i
understood of his discourse. Casting
his eyio round the room, ho ftx"d o.i
Private Murphy as his  flrst victim.
Private Murphy, ho asked, why
should a soldier bo reudy to dlo for
his country?
Private Murphy scratched his head
for a moment, and then a smile of
cnllRhtment crossed his face.
Sure, captain, he snld. pleasantly,
you'ra quite right.     Why should he?
Bang! went the rifles at the manoeuvres. Oo-oo screamed tho pretty
girl—a nlc. decorous, surprised little
scream. Sho stepped backward Into
the surprised arms of a young man.
Oh, said she, blushing. I was so
frightened by the rifles. I beg your
pardon. Not at all, said tbe young
man. Let's go over and watch the
Over 75 per certt of the trade ot tho I In ono year over 500,000,000 tons ol
Lrltlsh Kmpirc is foreign; tho rest Is goods wert, carried ou the railways ol
Intcr-lniperlnl. | tlio United Kingdom.
You must have had a terrible experience, with no food and mosquitoes
swarming around you, said a friend to
the shipwrecked mariner who had been
vaBt away upon a tropical Island.
You Just bet I had a terrible experience, lie acknowledged. My experience was worse than that of the man
who wrote, "Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink."
With me lf was bites, bltos everywhere, but not a blto to oat.
Thirteen Hebrew or Yiddish papers
aro published In New York, three of
Ihem being dailies.
Repeating Shotguns
Trap shooting brings  out the   shooting
qualities of a gun.     Winchester Repeating
Shotguns last year won both the professional
and amateur Season's Averages,   This show*
they are reliable in action and close,  hud
■hooters.   Tbese qualities make them excellent
for bird shooting, especially for the quick, fast
flyers.   Winchester guns sre well built snd finished
snd will give good service for years.  They sre sold by
*     all dealers. Send postal for complete illustrated catalog
MCKSIEI KKITIM UK Cl.     .        lis Inn, Cm.
Light moves a: the rate of 200,000
miles a secoud.
Popular nwn know so many people
that spoaking to all of them must be
'a burden.
No Approval
A Sheffield merchant, whose daughter hud married a man, with whom It
proved sho could not get on very well
was much surprised some wooks later
to see Ihe young lady ret'irh home
again with all her belongings.
The old man listened very attentively to her story, and thon wont to his
desk and wrote a note to his son-in-law
which he gave to his daughter, assuring hor that her husband would receive her kindly after this.
Tho pair, on rending the letter,
found  In lt tho following notiee:
Dear Sir,—Goods that havo beon sc-
looted of one's own free will at my
establishment aro not takon back
The young couple laughed and wero
Counsel (to witness)—What Is your
Witness—He's a finisher.
Wlmt doos ho finish?
Well, he's Just finishing his time In
l'entonvlllu Prison.
The largest pyramid In Kgypt contains 90,000,000 cubic feet of stono.
V '; KirNt.V.jj  ,.
. k,'I'M um \fl\ a*1-v
-.:"'' y r>i5>('
10c, a box sr six boxes ror »2.50,
at all dialers, or The Dodds Medicine Company, Limited, Toronto,
W. N.U. til
The True Wav  to   Correct    Nervous
Nervous I roubles are more >fton
caused by Improper food and Indlgost-
lon than mos' people Imagine, Kven
doctoin sometimes overlook this fact.
A mar. snys:
"Until two years ngo waffles and
butter with meat and gravy were the
main features nf my breakfast. Finally dyspepsia came on and I found myself In a bad condition, worse In the
morning than any other timo. 1
would have a full, sick feeling in my
stomach, wlt'i pains lu my heart,
sides and head.
"At times I would have no appetite
for daya, thei I would feel ravenous.
never satisfied when I did eat and so
nervous I felt like shrieking at tho top
of my voice. I lost flesh badly and
hardly knew which way to turn until
ono day I bought a box of Grape-Nuts
food to sen If I could eat tbat. I
tried lt without telling the doctor, and
liked It fine; made me feel as if I
had sc mottling to eat that was satisfying and still I didn't have thnt
heaviness that I had felt after eating
any other food.
"I hadn't drank any coffee then in
Ave weeks. I kept on with tho
Grape-Nuts and In a month and a half
I had gained 15 pounds, could eat almost anything I wanted, didn't feel
badly after eating and my nervousness was all gone. It's a pleasure to
be well again "
Name given hy Canadian Postum
Co., Windsor, Ont. Read the book,
"The Road to Wellvllle," tn pkgs.
"There's a reason."
Ever read the above letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
ars genuine, true, and full of human
Interest.        ,
All Doctor's    Medicino    Failed—Cure
Effected   by Use of
Again this great medicino has triumphed over kidney disease's ot a se-[
vere type From a bed of suffering j
and helplessness Mrs. Walsh was restored to heallh and strength hy using Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.
Kidney pains in lhe back tortured
her. Dropsical swellings had set iu
and she liad no reason tu hope for
cure, since the doctor's medicine failed to oven relievo her. Head what
the husband says about this remarkable cure.
Mr. Thos. D. Walsh, Pictou, N.S.,
writes:—"Two years ago my wife took
to her bed after suffering for a long
time from kidney pains in tho back.
She was not able to stand on her feet
or evon turn herself ln bed. The
doctor's medicine was no benefit
whatever, that wo could see. Sometimes her legs would swell considerably. 'Reading about a woman In
similar condition being cured by Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, we purchased two boxes and when these
were used she wns able to sit up.
With three moro boxes she was restored to health and doing her own
As for myself I also found these
pills all that ls calmed for them. I
give this statoment In order that
others may obtain the same ease from
suffering as that experienced by my
wife and myself."
One pill a dose, 25c. a box, at all
dealers or Kdmnnson, Hates & Co.,
Limited. Toronto.
A Russian smuggler wns shot recently by Cossacks just as he was cross-
lug the Austrian boundary, not far
from Czernowitz. The body foil
acrojs the frontier, the head In Hussian territory, the trunk on the strip
of neutral ground which forms the
frontier, nnd llie legs In Austria. No
one is competent to deal with the removal of the body, as It fell in different countries. It was still lying, at
the time of writing, unburlod, lho
heird guarded liy Cossacks, lhe rest by
Austrian f:ondannes.
I think It's an excellent Idea, ro-
mnrker. tho now lodger, as llo lllllshed
llis soup.
Ahl said Mr. Starvom, not usod to
beginning your dinner wllh soup, eh?
Soup? I thought It was hot wuter
to prevuut dyspepsia,
Asthma Overcome. Tho triumph
over nsli:nui has assuredly come. Dr.
J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy has
proved thu most positive blessing tho
victim of nslhmallc attacks has ever
known. Letters received from thousands.Who have tried It form a testimonial which leaves no room for
doubt that here Is a real remedy. Get
it to-day from your dealer.
Authoress (of the budding variety)
I got level with that editor last night.
Ile nlwnys rejecti my MSS. But I
hare had my revenge.
r'rlend uud Consoer—How did you
do lt?
Authoress—I declined his son, with
The Rag Dealer's Scales
When a eon was born to the head
of a certain family ln an Ohio town,
the proud father went out of the house
to borrow a pair of scales. Just as
ho dashed out of thc gateway, he ran
Into a rug dealer, who was calling at
the top of his lungs:
Any rage, any bottles, any—
Look nore! exclaimed the excited
parent. Come Into the house. I want
you to weigh something for me.
The man did as requested. The
pink mlto wus tied np In a towel and
hooked an to the scales.
Six pounds! cried tho nurse.
Six pounds ropeated the disappointed father.
The rag dealer smiled. Don't let
that worry you, my friend, said he.
Then Is the scales I buys by, I
guess the kid weighs ten pounds, maybe a little over that.
When You Buy Matched,
Ask for
They bave a true  tafety  base
head,   with   silent    tip.    Will
never explode if Stepped  on.
Kddy's   Matches  bave  satisfied  Canadians since 1851—accept no others.
The E. B. Eddy Company, Hull, Canada
Grocers ars firm friends of Windsor
TabloSsIt. TheyliketoseUit,bcceiue
it is pure and clean and good. I
Ask uny grocer for his best salt, and
he will give you Windsor Salt every
time. Not because it costs more—
it does nol—but because the grocers
know tbat Windsor Table Salt pleases
their customers, 57
Washboards,   Wood Pails and   Tubs,
Fibre Pails and Tubs.
Where the Promise was Made
The other day a well-known counsel
examining the plaintiff in a breach of
promise case, inquired of her: —
Was defendant's air whon he promised to marry you perfectly serious or
one of levity rnd jocularity?
Tbe complainant replied: If you
please, sir, It wns all rcifflcd with him
running his hands through lt.
You misapprehend my meaning, said
the counsel. Was the promise made
in utter sincerity"
No, sir, lt was made In the wash-
houso. replied the plaintiff, amid roars
of laughter.
If your Clothier does not sell
gee the other fellow
Write for the "Concrete Book"
I^urh^lJIn'* £h?^n,e" Ve IonP uid co,d» hou,M muit be ,olia wui wtwantial, No "Rinterhr«d Wt"
mU\,V_ JS. , £rf<™» belowl, can be permitted. Canadian homei ihould bc built to defy wind and
cow, to keep warm inside when it's thirty below out-doori.
IrwliSfT £-"»?£?» °'*llB»,eri*I». bent withstands wind, water and cold, that it is fast becoming popular with
i.inT a ^"e i"'    Concrc,e ,l0Uses »«warm in winter, reouirinK less coal for keatlag ; they are cool in
summer, a Concrete houae never needs repairi j because, instead of decaying, it actually grows stronger with
time and exposure to the elements.
VE?Y at,rJctive architectural effects may be obtained with Concrete, especially for houses in the country, where
the rough concrete surface harmonizes with its surroundings.
SINCE il ne»«i requires
coit of a concrete reii<
c«tl; »nj it ie ch««pnr.
than My other kind of ho
^OT only ia Concrete tho bf* nrntan*!        |F you (won't inmlijratod tho uso of
•■^ tor houH-buildini.    It mor elew be       * CaacMtearound lho homo and on tlio
- .-r—te, tho finl
___ . a concrete reiidopca ia •(■ Uit
nnt; andit U chaaper. for thtt reason,
than any other kind of homo.
used in seeree of other waje around tho
hone and on tha farm. For each of
these purpoeee it is tha heat material
farm, write now for aor freo baek. whieh
telle all about the mining and niacins af
Concrete, and describe! hundreds of practical aeea far it. Juat say ' Send ma roar
baok " in a letter or on a poat card, and
tha hook will ba seal you abeolulely
Publicity Manager
H...H lalMIn
mm baying Cnunf, be mre t.
git "Canada Cement." See that evay
beg and barrel bear, thit label. The.
yen will be lure ./'totii/octien.
We have • free Inf.rm.tien
Department that will .newer edl
ymr et.nti.ni relating t* Cement,
wilh.nl net *r tUiftim. int,   lotiAitur.rt t,t. .viBr.tii.Ai*d, dm.
Published   every   Saturday   at  Cumberland,   B.C.,  by
Islander Printing & Publishing Company.
W. R. Dunn, Manager.
Edward W. Bickle, Editor.
Advertising rates published elsewhere in the paper.
Subscription prise |1.50 per yenr, payable in advance
The editor does sat bold  himself responsible for  views expressed liy
What the Editor has to say.
The summoning of Parliament for November 21st means
that before many weeks the country will know all thret there
is to know on the subject of the Borden Government's naval
policy. The announcement of the date sufficiently answers
Liberal predictions that the government would seek and find
some pretext for delaying the opening until the new year.
1'redictionsof that sort have been freely circulated in opposition
newspapers for some weeks, the wish being probnbly fnther to
the thought. They have been circulated despite the definite
declaration of the Rt. Hon. R. L. Borden in Montreal ol
September 21st, that parliament would meet in the autumn
The statement of the Prime Minister should have settled, and
with a majority of the people undoubtedly did settle, the
question as to the readiness of the government to meet the
House. As a matter of fact there is every indication that the
opening of the second session of the twelfth parliament wi
find the government's sessional agenda in an advanced stage of
preparation so that no time will be lost in getting important
legislation before parliament. This means that there is to be a
working session from the start, making possible a comparatively
early prorogation consistent with the importance of the measures
to be considered. The naval policy will of course be the
principal matter for the consideration of the house. Recent
developments substantiate the belief that that policy will be
one worthy of the people of Canada, involving as one of its
main features immediate and effective aid to the mothei'
country, such aid to be given in a manner calculated to amply
safe-guard the status of Canada as a self-governing dominion
within the Empire.
Anon! tor the
Alex Ueiute son. Proprietor
Estimates uiul ht'winii-* ftivnUhed
uu Aopliauioo
Dency Smith
Courtenay, B.C.
■   Opposite Opera House
Fall Hats
Auto Bonnet s
Children's Hats
Cement Blocks, Concrete
Chimney Blocks a Specialty. Samples can been
at McKean & Biscoe store,
For FstimateB  and  particulars
J. Lawrence,
CEAI.E1) TENDERS, Super .otfM
13 "Toiider fw Nu 7 Mine School/'
will I"' receive.) hy the Honour aide the
Minister uf l'ublic Wurka up lu noun
of Tuesday, the 19th day uf November
1912, for iho election and completion
of a frame two-i'iioiii school house, wi. li
concrete foundation*, etc., at No, 7
Mini', Cumberland, 1S.C, in the Comox
Electoral Diatrict,
Plans, specifications, contract, aud
forms of tender may be seen on und
after the 29lh day of Ootober, 1912,
at the olliee of John llaird, Esq., Gov-
ern.nent Agent, Cumlierlaiid, B.C.;
Frank Jaynes, Esq, Secretary nf
Schuul Board, ('umherlnnd, It. 0.J atul
at lhe Department uf Works Pallia-
mein Buildings, Victoria, B. C,
Kaeh proposal must Ihi accompanied
by an accepted bunk cheque or cortili-
cute of deposit on a chartered hank of
Canada, made payable tn the 7/unour-
ablc the Minister uf Public Works, fui
ii stun equal tn 10 per cent, uf the
tender, whieh ahull Le forfeited if the
party tendering decline tu enter into
cuntract when called upon to do so, or
if he fnil to complete tho work contracted for. The cheques or certificates
of ilepoaiia of unsuccessful tenderers
will be returned to them upun tht
execution of the contrnct.
Tenders will mil. he considered un
leaa made nut on the forms aupplied
s'gned with the actual signature ui
the tenderer, aud enclosed in the
envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not
necessarily itcoepted,
Publio Workt Kntjineer.
Dtpttrhnenl of fitblit, ll'orhe,
Victoria, JI. V., Onlubtir Ibth, 1912.
Savward Lied Diatrict
District of Sayward
Take nonce i Iim Lcland Paul Covert,
of C'lunenuy, B.C , occupation farmer,
intends to apply for permission to pur
chase the following described lauds:—
Commencing at a post planted at head
of Plumper Hay, thence Bouth 12 chains,
tlience west 50 chains mere or lsss, thence
following shure line to petut of commencement, ItiO acres mure or less.
D.ted October 3rd, 1912. 28 12
The development of the country and the rapid extension
of the areas of settlement is calling for corresponding increases
in and extensions of the postal servi-e. An idea of the rapid
strides made, is given by the fa>ct that ahr.ost KOO new post
nllices have been opened in different parts cf the country since
January 1st, 1912. The number is increasing monthly fur the
month's average from July 1st to October 1st has been ut the
rate of sixty. An idea of the development of the \ve.4 may
be given in the number of new poet offices established in tbe
prairie provinces and tho far west in one month. Out of
seventy-six new offices opened on July int, fifty Were in points
in the prairie provinces and the far west. The same rat iti bas
been kept on August 1st, September 1st, and Oetober 1st, of
this year,
Tin: resignation of Hun. F, D. Monk as minister of public
works has cmne about under circumstances whioh are creditable
io the Government ami at the same time creditable to Mr.
Monk. These circumstances involved, on the purt of the
Oovernment, a determination to tlo its duty as a Government;
on the part of Mr. Monk a determination to observe a promise
made by him as an individual member prior to the formation
of the present government. Mr. Monk's retirement was effected
without bitterness on either side, but on the contrary witb the
most friendly feelings and with no diminution of tluit mutual
(;ood will existing prior to Mr. Monk's decision to resign. Mr*
Monk considered hiniselt personally pledged to a reference of
any naval policy to the people. When the government ns a
whole reached the conclusion, following the visit of the l'i ime
Minister and some of his colleagues to England, that the
situation in Great Britain called for immediate aid, Mr. Monk
found himself unable to agree to a measure of aid without the
question being first referred to the people, At the same time
he recognised the naval situation to be grave and critical, As
an honorable man Mr. Monk was bound to observe his pledge,
und liis course must bave been followed by any other minister
similarly situated.
Centre of Town I
Sub division "jj*
The Island Realty Co.
i Fire.Life, Live Stock
. . Accident.
Phone 22.
Courtenay, B. C.
Display Advertisements
7o cents per column inch per month.
Special rate for half page or mow,
Condensed Advertisements
1 cent 1 word, 1 issue ; minimum charge 20 cents.
No accounts run fur hii- class of udvurlifing
Victoria, ll.C.
Phone % I
Shlney, DC, Plume KM.
(JlllllilThm.l, B.O.
Phons PB
S. NHKRN® & So.,
i Head Ounce: 518, Fisguard Street,
The Finest Beep on the Pacific Coast.
Brewed from choice Malt and Hops only
________ t
Absolutely no chemicals used.
PURITY our motto.
Made in Cumberland.
Pilsener Brewing Co..    Cumberland, B.C.
Heaters! Heaters!
Out' First Shipment Ims just arrived, ami now (in sale.   Pricea
ranging from 8 tO $10
Blankets fnmi 82 75 a pair up
Comforters fron. 81.75 each up
A   full  stock of Furniture, Berls,  Springs, Mattresses, and
Linoleums always on hand,
"The Furniture Store'
MoPhee Block A.   McKINNON      Cumberland B.O
Beatoell Hk Callin
Real Estate Agents
Offices: Comox & Courtenay.
Agents for E. & N. Lands,
Comox District.
Beadnell & Callin
Camimiku, Hivkii School
OTCAMiD TENDERS', superscribed
"Tender forCacipbell RiverSohoolj"
will Ut received by the Honourable the
Minister of l'ublic Works tip to noon
of Ifedneaduy, tiie 13th day of November, I ll I'., fur the erection und completion of a t'nunt'il Niii'dl one-runm school
building on concrete foundation, at
Cmnplicll/i'iver, in thvOiuox fleeter*!
District', B.0.
Plans, »p>'i'ill.'ulioii*, contract, and
forms of tender may 1st seen on and
afler the 20th day of October, 1012, nt
(lie ollici) of John Baird, Esq, Govern
uiont Agent, Cumberland ; Mr Chart's
Timlin, Secretary of the Srho"! |l.mnl,
Campbell, jtiyw, H. C; int.) the Pit.
piM'ininit of Public Wprks, I'arliiimenl
Buildings, Vi.lin in, ll.C.
Ench proposal must he ucoonipaiilnil
liy an accepted bank cheque or oeijili-
ato of deposit on a charlcred bank of
Canada, upide piiyall|p to lhe Honour'
able llie Mjnislorof Public Works, for
a sum .'.pud lo HI per cent, of their
tender, which "bull hi forfeited if tlic
party tendering decline to ont*)' Into
oni nit I when called upon to .lo so, or
if lie fail to complete the work con
Iraoted for. The cheques or certificates
of depooit of itiisncfc.isful tenderers will
be relumed in them upon the execution
,,f tlio "Ol.tl'uct, '•
Tenders will not he considered unless niinle out on thu forms supplied,
.signed wilh the nctual signature of lhe
tenderer, and *w["Sf.(| jp the envelopes
The lowest or any tender not neon-
ssarily Accepted,
Public Works Engineer
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B.C., October 17th, 1912
5 liurri,sl(')\   Solicitor   and !
X Notary Public.
Grocers & Bakers
Dealers In all kinds of Good
Wet aoods
Bast Bread and Beer in Town
Agents for Pilsener Beer
Better known as "Peg"
Wood and Coal Hauled
For absolute protection write a Policy in
Liverpool, England.
TOTAL ASSETS, *23.78b,93
Local Agent
Successor '.3 A. McKinnell.
Ice Cream,
Cigars and
McKinnell's Old Stand
Ernest T. Hanson's
Standard Bred S. C. White Leghorns. This flock has heen lhe
foundn'ion of most of the la gest egg ranches in the Cowichan
district. My whole Hook of pullets has averaged 167 eggs per
bird in twelve months. My Pen of Pul eta No. 19 is Fourth iu
the Vancouver Egg Laying Contest.
Breeding Hens for Sale
at $1 and $1.50 each
Until end of October.  Order now for Hutching Eggs and Day Old Chicks
Ernest T. Hanson, Cowichan. V. I.
Builders' Supply Qo.
Courtenay, B. Q.
•m 1IKA1.KIIH IN -
Kiln Dried I.umlier, Mouldings, Sash and Doors, Laili, Plaste , Lillle
Cement, Paint und Oils, Neils, Builders' Hardware, Building Paper
Hoofing, Eic.
" Not better than the best hut hotter thnn ihe r.st."—«■
B. H. PdTBRSON, Maninir
P. 0 BOX 2K0
Ladies' Waists,   Sweater  Coats,    Rain
Coats, Wrappers, Nightgowns, etc.
Men's and Children's Boots and Shoes,
Sweater Coats, Hosiery and Under-
, , wear.
You should see our rauge in these two lines before
buying' your winter supply, and compare our values.
We have the best line of Blankets on the market for
the price.
-?«*.'«•■•<£«&*«■ -
Dunsmuir Ave.
Capital Paid Up $11,500,000
Reserve Fund, f 12,600,000
Draft* tamed tn any ourrenby, payable all over tha world
highest current rates allowed on deposit* of $1 and upwards
CUMBERLAND, B.C., Branch-   -   -     OPEN DAK"
D. M. Morrison,  Manager
Wm. H. Hoff,  Manager.
Real Estate and Insurance
Licenced Auctioneers and
IVe have a large number of enquiries for Acreage in
Comox Valley. If you have anything to sell list withus.
We are Auctioneers, see us if you want a sale and we
will arrange one at the shortest possible notice and get
the best prices.
Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations
CO&Lniltiiug tights of the Dominio..
iti MUnitoha, Nnsktichtiwan and Alberta,
the Yukon Territory. tht-N- nh»e»t Terri
t.-trienMndiua portion <>f ihe Piuvuwe ol
BntiHh G> Iiihi bin, may be leaned for ft term
of twetily-nne yeara at hu annual rental ol
SI an Here. Not more than 2,500acres
will beleastd to oue applicant.
Application for it leant* must be made b
theapiihcant in person to the Agent or sub
Ag-ii.t i.t tint diatiiut iu which the righto
applied for are Hit uut ed.
Iu surveyed ten it try the lard muat bit
described by neetiuiiv'r legal subdivisions
ff KtclioiiB, and iu uusuivt-yud enitin>
the tract, applied for shall be staked out by
tlu-app iuitu him»ulf.
K*i'h application must be aceompanied
by a fee ol $5 which will be rut undid if the
tivhtiihppiiud forareuotHV-tilabit., but not
oi livrwUe. A royalty shall be paid un the
iii(-rcliautab)e output of the miue at the
rate of live cents per t u.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish tbe Agont wiih sworn reiurnsac
lounting for the full quantity of merchantable co») mined and piy the royalty
thereon. lf the uoal mtniug rights are
not being opt Tared, sucii returns shall be
f urniahed at least once a year.
The leKouttill inu udo the coal mining
rights only, but the I snee may bu permitted to purchase whatever avti able sur
ficer'g1 tBmay be considered'necessary
f rthe wi.tkiiiguf ihe mint, at the rate of
For full information appHoatj *n should
be made to  the Secre'aty of the Dip ut-
inentof the Iiiteiior, Ottawa,   or tn   auy
Agent or Sub Ag> nt ef Dnm in ion Lauds.
Depn'y Minister of the Interior,
N.B- Uuauthorz d publication uf this
fidvuniheiuBiit will not b i paid for.
Plastering  Contractor,
Cement   Work:
C0URTMAT      -      -      -  B.C.
Mrs. .Siiiini» will give lessons en the
pianu at her h use in Jerusalem, formerly
owned by Mr. jamea Stewart, it any
time by appniutment, except  Tuesdays
nnv. 18
Decorator, Paper hanger
All Work Promptly
... Attended to...
Residence, Penrith Avenue
Cumberland,    B. C.
• » »■
We are pleased so many of our
i custumers have taken advantage
of our great discount sale during
the past week.
We still have
a number of
lines in all our
that we have decided to clear out,
and   at   the   exceptionally   low
prices we are asking they will
not last long.
We are just placing in stock a
line of
New Dress Goods
and Velveteens
Your inspection is invited
Macfarlane Bros.
"The Corner Store," Cumberland, B. C.
Willi iis snow -clad mountains in the background, sea and tjreenjields in the foreground,
■it males a picture worth painting.
We are offering small acreages and lots
50 to SO feet frontages with good depths,
nearly all cleared and a gradual slope to the
sea, $300 to $500 a lot, on easy terms, in
this choice sub-division beautifully situated
in Ciiuni.c Harbour; Marine Drive, Sandy
and Pebble Beach One Mile Long.
It's on the main island highway, ;>' miles
south of Courtenay, thc proposed C. P. li.
station being on this sub-division. Fishing,
Shouting. Yachting, and Climate Al, Have
just sold acreages to two Duncan residents
■who intend coming to reside here. Come and
see the sportsman's paradise and the finest
agricultural district on the Island.
Harry Iitk'iiH, Miiii.i_i:r
Vancouver Island Parma and Acreage Specialists
c, fffa turn
And a
Complete Household Furnishing
B.C. Qaraee
For Auto and
Gas Engine Supplies
District Agent for the
Rusael, Ford Chalmers
and McLaug-hlin-Buick automobiles
Fairbanks-Morse   Stationary  and   Marine   Engines,
Oliver Typewriters, Moore's Lights, and Cleveland,
Jirantj'tird, Massey-Harris and Perfect bicycles
NIGHT      i   DAY
iiwmi —ihiihi
'S   i
Ice Cream Sodas
Candies of all descriptions THE
VekyBEST. s i
Fruits of all kinds—Best quality
Tobaccos of all strengths.
Cigars—The best variety of the
choicest flavors.
Third St & Penrith Avenue
AU kinds of hauling done
First-class Rigs for Hire
Livery and team work promptly I
attended to 1 HE   ISLANDER,   CUMBERLAND,   B. C.
An eminent scientist, the otbor <l;iy.
gave bis opinion ilia't the most won-
d^rj'ul dlscoveVy of recent years was
tbe discovery ojf Zani-Bult, Jusl think.
A* soon ns a single thin layer or /.am-
Buk Ss applied to a wound or sore , „ b,  BC0W Qr flat.bottompd boai
such Injury Is insured aguinsi  blood i te(j Wjti,
On the Upper Orinoco [ Not Disturbed
Are you aware that nearly a thou- [ Two spiders who dwelt in different
sand miles of navigable inland water-] parts of a church one day chanced to
ways of the Upper Orinoco lliver in I  meet and got into deep conversation,
aud  asked  one another  where   they
poison! Not one species of microbe
has been found that Zam-Buk doea not
Then again, As boou as Zam-Bub
Is applied *o a sore, or a cut, or to
skin disease, ir stops the smarting.
Thai i* why children are such friends
)f Zam-Buk."* They care nothing for
the science of the thing. All they
know is that Zam-Huk slops their
pain. Mothers should never forget
Auain.     As soon as Zam-Buk is ap-
South America ave entirely undisturbed by commerce, exeept. such as may
be carried in an occasional canoe or
laneha? The laneha is simply a
__^____ Rt-
ingle mast, from which,
lived        ^^^^^^
I live under the pulpit, said Xo. 1,
and every week 1 alwaya think 1 shall
be  getting killed;   the  parson  bangs j
hand down, and 1 have to get iuto
an enormous
When the summer trade winds blow j
from the Atlantic good progress up-1
j stream is often made but for the re-
i turn trip the mast and sails are stow-
| ed away, and the force of the current!
| is  depeirlcil  upou,  aided  In the dry.
I season by  the  use of poles or oars, j
I If the westerly winds have set in, of j
j course, i'. ean sail back as well, and j
at  times a little craft may be seen
I with sail set, taoklug down stream in
plied t*o a wound or to a disease.1 part. | (he imll of au ea8ler|y wiud, but this
beneath the skins surface   |a sonv work
lmulated thai   new   healthy I     Mow picturesque and speedier thau.
he lanchn is the bongo,' or large dug- j
1   can   be,  the smallest corner I can Hnd ior fear
i of getting squashed.
Oh, said No. 2, you ought to come
| and live witb me. 1 never get disturbed irom oue year's end to an-
I other.
Why, where do you live? asked No.
I live In the poor box.
tissue is quickly formed. Thia form-1
ln£ of fresb healthy tissue from be-j
Vow ..- Zam-Buk'a secret of beating. I
The tissue thus formed is worked up
\ti ih" surface and literally casts off I
the diseased tissue ahove ii This La i
why Zam-Huk (Mires are permanent.    rmma D
Only the nther dav Mr Marsh, of
101 Delorlmler Ave., Montreal, called|
upon the Zam-Buk Compauy and told
tbem thai for over twenty-live years
"he had been a martyr to eczema llis
bands were at one time so covered
tvHli sores that he had to sleep in
•gloves. Four years ago Zam-Huk
was Introduced to him, and In a few
months It cured him. To-day—over
^hree years after his cure of a disease
joe had tor twenty-live years—ho is
still cured, and has- bud no trace of
fcDy return of the eczema!
All druggists sell Zam-Buk at 50c!
box. or we will send free trial box if
you Bend this advertisement and a Ic.
stamp (to ray return postage), Address Zam-Buk Co., orofito.
How Did She Know
Mrs. Blinkers—What! Going? Why?
Servant—PleaBe mum, whon I cum
yesterday  yen gave me  the  keys  to
your trunks and drawers, and chest*
and jewel-boxes to keep for you..
.      Mrs.   B.—Yej, I did  that  to show
out, one half of which is sheltered by I t|lat j oouy trust you.      What Is the
a wicker or palm-thatched canopy, and , matter?
sight never to be forgotten in th
passing of a bishop or faithful 'padre*
with  bis  Indian   boatman,  making  a
parochial calls, requiring, perhaps several months* almost constant
) travel.    .The instant this craft is re
j cognized the steamer or laneha slack
I ens speed, and wheu the padre slides'
t alongside he solemnly blesses the voyagers, then thankfully accepting such!
contributions as are offered him. and j
xchanglng a courteous  farewell, re-
Servant—Thur don't one of 'em nt
, Mil
• Im
Mus. w.nsuav'n Soothi
■Md for over SIXTY VBARSbv miujoXS
MOTUHKS. fnr their CHII.IJKHN Willi,!-;
ta the best remedy (nr IHARKHCEA.. It is ab-
■Hlutely harmless. He sure and usk for "Mrs.
Wlnslow'fl Soothing Syrup," and take no other
kind.  Twenty-five cenls a bottle.
mines bis solitary way.
His Working Clothes
BUenborough was   once   strange^
}m I posed by a witness a labouring bricli
;.J layer, wiu  came to be sworn.
Really, wltnsBB, said the Lord Chle,
Justice, when you havo to appear before the court it Is your bounded -"
to be more clean and decent in your
If it comes to that, said the witness,
It Will Cure a Cole/.— Colds are fhe \
commonest ailments of mankind and
if neglected may lead to serious conditions. Or. Thomas* Klectrlc OH
will relieve the bronchial passages of
Inflammation speedily and thoroughly aud will strengthen them against
subsequent attack. And as it eases
file Inflammation it will stop the
cough because ft allays all Irritation
in the throat,     Try it .and prove it.
I I'm every bit as well dressed as your
! lordship.
What, do you mean? said bis lordship, angrily
Why, said the labourer, you come
here in your working clothes, and I'm
como in mine.
Formerly the duties of the Lord
Chancellor were those of a doorkeeper, who admitted suitors into tbe presence of the King.
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
sion for local  representatives; J rapfdly and  then followed hi
eidher sex, permanent; experience unnecessary; rapid advancement; spare
time accepted.  Nichols, Limited, pub*
lashers,  Toronto, Canada.
Maypole Soap
dy:s so
With Maypole
Soap thoe is do
bourne ."'jm rami .
in home dyeing.
Dye* CoKoOi wool,
ill: «i tnixturci. 24
:olors-wi!l (jive any
bade. Coloti 10c.
\j\zrk i 5c—at your
dealer'tor pottpaid
'  i bookie. "HoW
to Oytt   fiom
f. L Benedict a co. woniroci j
A Trap Which Failed
Mr.  J,  Johnson Abraham    In    his
book, "The Surgeon's Log.' describes
a peculiar adventure at Port Said.
Sounds of music were heard from
a bouse, and as if at a signal. sa.'%
Mr. Abraham, the decrepit chariot
stood still, my guide got down, and
nested I should go in. I thought
-^^__ It
j was queer, and  I wanted lo know.
He led the way upstairs.into a large
room, where several men were playing
roulette.      None took auy notice of
me. bnt apparently the bank was hav-1
j Ing a very  bad  time of it.      Every-]
body was winning.     The music from
I the automatic piano was deafening. I
I looked on silently for some time, and
| then made a move for the door,     An
oily-looking Greek Intercepted ine.
Won't you try your luck? ho said.
No, I'm  not  drunk  enough, I answered; Ww
He  shrugged  his  shoulders and  I I *t      ti    ul      tc % e*\
passed out. On the stairs i paused [New Health and strength Obtained
|and then stole silently back. Thei
; music had ceased and' all the confed-
1 orates -who had been, playing so fev*
| erishly and winning so much had
ceased also, and were preparing to
I resume the siesta my advent had so
iy interrupted.
All trainers, jockeys, and apprentices must take out racing .licenses
issued by the Jockey Club and when a
foreign  jockey  rides  in  England  he
| must obtain what is known as a tem-
| porary license.
Protect the child from the ravages
I of  worms   by   using  Mother Graves'
j Worm Exterminator.     It is a standard  remedy, and  years.of uso have
! enhanced its reputation.
China possesses a coal-field with an
j art'n of 21.Q00 square miles.
by the Use of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pill
A gentleman had beon dining with
&.s wife in a restaurant, and when
bis bill was brought to him, remarked
\o the waiter:
Waiter, one item is wrong here. We,
didn't have three plates of soup
only had two.
How a Crocs Was Won
French  reporter encountered
a Mjile village of the South of France
a gardener, who wore pinned on bis
clean Sunday blouse, the ribbon of
the Legion or Honor. Naturally, the
newspaper man desired to know how
Wel he got it. The gardener, who like
| many of bis  trade, seemed  to be a
Pardon ine   sir, replied the knight! silent, man, was i
#f the napkin.   . You forget the plate old and wearisome demand, but tin
what. I spilled over the lady's dress,   j ally he  began:
During the past financial year Gtas*] was at BazeilleB with the rest of the
tramways carried  270  million] battery.     All the oflicers were killed
Tt is useless to tell a hard-working
i woman to tako life easily and not to
! worry. Kvery woman at tjie head of
| a home; every girl in oflices, shops
i and factories, is subject to more or
I less worry. These cannot be avoid-
t ed. But it is the duty of every wo-
j man and every girl to save her;
! strength as much as possible and toi
; build up her system to meet any un-.
! usual demands. Her future health 1
[depends upon It. To guard against,
| a breakdown    fn health    the    blond!
cow's     . ~   .      ... 	
ipasftengers and took nearly $5,000,0001 then down  went all the non-commis-
5i3 receipts,
FROM 45 to 59
latere >ting Experience of Two
Women—Their Statements
Worth Reading.
sioned ollicers.      Bang! bang) bang
By and by all tho soldiers were down
but me.      I had fired the last shot,
and naturally was doing   what I could
to keep off, tbe Bavarians,
Well, a general came and says he,
'Where's your ofllcers?'
All down, says; I.
Where's your gunners? says he.
All down but me, says I.
And you've been fighting here all
alone" says he.
I couldn't let 'em come and pet thc
guns, cnuld 1? I says, and then he up
and put this ribbon on me. probably
because there was nobody else there
lo put ii on.
The Judge's Explanation
The average juryman Is uot very
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^—    well versed in the fine distinctions of
 — | the hnv.     On those he needs Instruc-
WhltoOak,Ont-"AtChanff«of Life | Uon from the Judge.     It must have
vbn doctors could do no more and I was i been n very obtuse juryman, however.
^^^  '—  "•-    "- '  perfectly
&*-•>■     /yi""!frn'tids.    I.ybi    I'i.
*WWj;'* Pinklmm's   Vegeta.
I ble Compound came
i to ths front and did
] wondei s for rne. I
1 had boen bavlng fo-
male troubles for
years, my head troubled mc leverely nt
times, I had bearing
downpainsand back*
1 ache and I wy very
miemk frnmcxcessivu flowing. I ree-
cnrae.nd your Compound highly ^nd do
ml I can to advertise it as a genuine wo-
mama medicine." ~ Mra. SYLVE3TK.it
U.K.W1NG, White Oak, Ontario.
wai nol
to whom
clear nfter
Went: —
Gentlemen, he stated, with admirable lucidity, murder Is where a man
Is murderously killed,     'ihe killer In
to meeting an j must be kept rich, red and pure. Xo-|
"" thing eau keep tho blood in this
condition so well as Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. Tbey strengthen the
nerves restore the appetite, bring
•he glow of health to pallid cheeks,
and renewed energy to listless people.
Women cannot always rest when they
should, but they ean keep their
strength and keep disease away by
the occasional use of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. Or if a breakdown has
come unexpectedly they can obtain
new health through this same medicine. Mrs. M. Thomas, Ivor Stroet,
Toronto, says: "For several years I
was almost a constant Invalid, unable
to do ray housework and spending
much of my time in bed. My nerves
seemed worn out and I was so run
down that all my friends thought I
was iu a hopeless .decline, I was as
pale as a corpse; 1 was so bloodless
that If 1 but my linger It would not
bleed; mv limbs were swollen far beyond their usual size. At the least
exertion my heart would palpitate
violently, ami I frequently had fainting spells. I was under treatment
by good doctors, but it did me uo
good, Then one day my husband
brought   home some    Or.     William,
Deserved to be Sacked
Thete Is r large lumber operator iu
Maine who on occasion personally superintends tbe crews breaking np log
jams in the river. Once, it appears,
the spruce log on which he was standi
ing slipped aud threw lilm in the wator under the logs,
„ ..__ .... ,      _ o        _ i       One of the crow, a French-Canadian
listening ro the following rink^iMils and I began taking them" i who liai* Ht';)" tile aooldent, lmmed-
by a Judge in tlio Par Tbey seemed to go to tlte root, of the! h|t(i|.v wopt to the rescue and succeed-
trouble, and in the course or a few 0l1 I:1 Hating the operator on land,
weeks the Improvement tliey were) The latter merely grunted his (hanks.
making wai unite plain. Gradually aml uotliing was salt) about the mis*
as  1  continued  taking the  Pills the] haP
ne    nJiiiusttratnon   snows   one   of
mainy  styles of foody that we fouiildl for
oer Light Delivery   Car.
22 1-2 H. P.
4 Cylinder
4 Cycle
Price of Car with above body   fettered as you  requite $1300.00
t. o. b. Clinton.    Get Catalogue and inlormation from
such a case Is a murderer. Now.
murder by poiion is just as much murder as murder with a muu. pistol, or
knife It. Is the simple art of inur-
1 dering that constitutes murder in the
| eye nf the law. Don't let the Idea
of murder nntl manslaughter confound
you. Murder Is ono thltjg; man*
Blaughter is nulte another. Onnse*
fluently, if there barf been a murder,
and  it Is  not   manslaughter, then  It
BWOllfhg of my limbs disappeared; the
weak spells cams less and less frequently; my appetite greatly improved, and finally ( was completely
cured ami able to do my housework
with ease, Later, my daughter Alma seemed to be troubled with anaemia, and we gave ber tho Pills with
lhe same good rcsnlls."
Why suffer In any way when you
The Ca86 of Mrs. Kirlin.
Grelrrille, Ohio.—"I can truthfully
my that I never had anything do me so
■audi gixwl during Change of Life as Lydia E. PinTtham's Vegetable Compound.
"Beforo 1 had taken one half a bottle
wi tt. I began to feel better, and I have
Mffltinat'd taking it. My health is better
than it .has bcen for several years, If
«J1 worn?n would take it they would cs-
itxvt untold pain ind misery at this time I tinmen, anil make un vour minds nr-
wS ids."—Mrs. Auch Kjrlw, a&8 W. i cording to th« law and the evidence
JBBSt»'CirclevHle, Ohio. | not forgetting Uie explanation ! havo
ran le-eln curl
must be murder.      Don't let. this point' Dr.   Williams'
escape you. j nil medicine I     ,_^^^^^_
Self murder has nothing to dn •hh1 cents a box or six boxes for $2,60
lhis ease.     According to Blaeketonel from The Dr, Williams' Medicine Co.,
and other legal writers, one man 6an-j Brockville, Out.
ror commit felo de se upon another
After a day or so the Frenchman
grew anxious, for he had thought of
a groat reward. Approaching the
lumberman he said. I—1 see you fall
in, m'sleur, and 1 run qucek, to pull
you from ze wutalre before you drown
\ ,.p anniped the lumberman, you
did; but if you'd been attending to
DusineSl as you ought to have been
Ask Your Dealer to Show You
"For Workinffmen Everywnerc"
Broad Shoulders,  Big   Sleeves,  Long Bodies
Mfrs. Celebrated Storey Line of Fine Gloves and Mitts.  Every
pair guaranteed.
Orders tor the Day
Mr. Henpeck—Is my wife going out,
.Mr. Henpeck—Do you know if I am
going with her?
yourself to-day wllh   you wouldn't have teen me lull ln!
Ink Pilla.      Sold hy
lers or hy mull ut 50     ;
un<1 this Is my opinion
Gentlemen, murder Is murder. The
murder of n hrolher Is called fratricide; thf murder of a father is oall-
e:i parrlolde, but that don't enter Into
tills cas^ As T hnve snid heforo.
murder Ia emphatically muni
The largest pyramid in Egypt contains 90, .01)0 oublo feet of stone.
yWChtOKf of TJfo is one of the most
trsiUral -periods of a woman's existence,
.'-tftGocntimMwomen may rely upon I.ydia
■'£ mmkhaj-'v Vegetable Comjxsund.
W   N   II   3»
Pilla Thnt Have    Benefited    Thou-
landa.—Known fur   and   near ns   a
suro remedy In the treatment of Indigestion und nl! derangements of the
Vou will considor your verdict, gen-1 stomach,   liver and kidneys, Parme-
; lee's Vcgelable I'ills hnve brought re-
; lief to thousand" when othor specifics
have railed,     Innumerable testlmon-i
Mals can be produced to establish the
truth of nils assertion,     Once tried,
they will be found superior lo all other |
I pills iii the treatment of the ailments1
| for wliich they are prescribed.
Riven you. 	
N'enrlv ten ner cent of the poor re
lioved In Pentland nre natives of Kngland and Ireland.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
Blind Obedience
You must not see him any more,
Sho heard  her mother say.
And  though  she might her fate <\e-
She promised to obey.
I must not. seo you, sir, ahe cried,
When ho appeared that night.
Why, then, tne thoughtful youth replied,
We must turn out Ike light.
Thus did the maid so true and sweet
To parents mandate bow.
Although as heretofore they meet
She does not see bim now.
i Two-thirds of the Inhabitants of
;New South Wales belong to the Church
j of Kngland.
Public s'oeks stood In the Strand,
London, so late us 1826.
produces upwards of 500.000 j
worth ot oysters every year. I
19o • Tin.
•M'tlMttoB fool Tnn with • ohMslaltallna
■ NIP I. Ik« OI:l'JtN*l. t,.l IU8T MINI)
OLEAKIR.   WUI temsn SIMM »■•! .Miu
A cupstaln Is built Into a block and
tackle wllh which ono man can handle
loads of l.oon pounds and two men,
loads of 4,000 pounds.
Situation* Vacant
The rlc.'i bachelor sighed nnd looked
fixedly ut the beautiful girl.
Things with me, ho suld, ure at sixes
and sevens. I feel the great need
of a woman in my home—one who
would straighten out my tangled affairs and make life worth living onea
Her soft glance spoke her excite,
ment nnd expectation.
Yes? she queried gently.
Do you know, ho continued, ot any
good, able-bodied woman whom I
could get to clean the house?
A ttw doors south of C.P.R. Depot
Ratts 11.50 to 12.00 per day
Cuisine unexcelled
Hot and eold water In every root*
Hotel   practically   Fireproof
All Outside Rooms lfi
\ Competitor \
A Contest ot Ingenious
«    By Philip Bosworth
The fixing of prices today Ih far different frmn wlmt It was when 1 wa1* a
yoiiiiK man At (hat time we \v«*re
cutting each other's profits duwn to a
minimum anil unmet I men to a loan.
But there were virgin tields In those
ilaya that luul not been workod. Ona
might go Into a western town with a
lien* kind of goods to self, and tf tliey
were salable tie would make a good
profit on tlirin. 1 nerved an apprenticeship with a largo soup ninuuruetiir-
Ing concert! and after Uavinu thoroughly learned the business concluded to go
to some western state and build up a
trade In the goods with whleh I wns
familiar. I settled iu a towu called
FarWuworth. the center of a country
that was rapidly growing In population.
1 had been furnished with aome
means for advertising and concluded
to attract attention by unique notices.
1 remember the first one 1 Issued I
considered very clever. It was. "liver?
patriot uses tinnter's soap, especially
on Blrthlngton's wash day." J was
disappointed to tind thnt tbe plain, uneducated people of that region did uot
•ee the humor of tuy ad., for those who
mentioned It to me asked who Birth-
ington was. After explaining to most
of the citizens of the town that Birth-
"flood morning! Tell Mr. Ketchara
i to come over aud ae* me."
i But Ur. Uetcham did uot come to
Uee me. Ou the contrary, lm continued
the contest, wltb nu quarter. Hla uext
jHiiuouiiceuieut was that at a trial between Guuter's and Southwlek> soaps
u cake of each was thrown Intu a tiili
uf water and South wick's washed Gun*
Iter's clean out of tpe tub. Mauy people understood enough of tbis to sea
that the laugh was to med against me.
Not only did my sales fall off. but 1
[found (hat a good many cukes of the
| South wick article were .hiding their
way luto Kuril* worth. It seemed to
,uie ihut I must du something to get the
upper hand lu tbe struggle or go out
or business;- So, afler rucking my
brain for awhile. 1 got a nutice inserted In the newspapers of my (own that
there was no use for our citizens to
seek the seashore during the summer-
Ail tliey need do was to throw a cake
of Guuter's soap Into Green's pond iitid-
tiie latter, breaking on (he shore, wuuld
be quite equal to any sea foam.
i Wbat was iny surprise, after my
caution, to see a few days after this in-
neriion a notice In a Millvtlle paper
[that the agent of Gunior's snap at
Kiirnswortb had by mint like got hold of
it cake of SuuihwickV soap uud wasn-
ed himself out of business.
I This was loo much It wns a false,
[malicious announcement. At any rate,
many matter of fact people wonld
so construe IL I drove over to Mill*
1 ville resolved to pul a stop to this libelous way uf competing fur trade und
straight to Keteliuiu'i* nlhVe. 1 found
I the same girt there as before.
1 "Where's KetcbatnV" 1 Inquired lm-
j patiently.
"What can 1 do for you? I'm In
"You cun say to him thnl one more
notice tu a newspaper reflecting on me
or the article I aell uud I shall ut ouce
begin suit fur damages/'
"How much will tbey be?"
"How much?   Why. 1 shall sue for—
.*.......****..**..*.* .*..*..*.* » *
i rrrri"i"i"i i". ri >mimimtmimi**imi ™ i i r
Hogs should buve clean pastures, beds snd wuter, uud » variety of food.
If sows ure expected to pro
duce u fall litter, the sprint; Utter should he weaned wheu about
ten weeks old.
•j* Pips that show signs of thumps
T  should  be furi-ed to tuke exer
T  c'Ne*
X      Voting plgs*nre peculiarly sub-
T  .leeted to various kinds of lutes
X   tinnl worms.
T      Keep the feed  troughs elenn.
.1.   It Is u wasteful practice to nils
;   manure with grain.
'You cannot fa I ten a brood sow
T  and fatten a Iiok alike, aud muke
3.   the hest success of holh.
{As long as the breeding of a
sow Is profitable she sbonld be
i   bred.    II Is nol advisable to sell
•j.  off a pood brood iiniuiul.
Novel     Note    on
New Nightgowns.
Ington's wash day was a transposition
of Washington's birthday I concluded Ifor Perhaps aa much as s*jo.flOO."
to try something else. "Thut would be uwful.    I doubt tf
One morning 1 noticed thnt I had a   Mr. Ketcham could pny all that."
rival In the soup business iu the neigh- j    "• didn't auy I would he allowed thnt
boring town of MUI Ville. Not ouly bud '•"w b? *he court*   * 81lld * would sue
1 a rival in the business, but In clever ' f°r that amount."
advertising,   in a Millvtlle newspaper |   "Oh!   Well, I'll tell him."
1 aaw that K. B. Ketchum wuh selling !    1 stood  looking at the girl.    An I
tiouthwlck'a   soap,   advertising   lt   to < have snld before, she was stupid look*
•'wash out freckles,  leaving tbe skin j Ing, but pretty,    I should nave a girl
a heuutlful pink and white."    1 con- i tike tluit lu my place of buaineaa; It
aldered thla ridiculous till  a number   would enable me to get out more to
of the freckled boya and girls of tbe ■ drum up business.
town came luto my store and asked If !    "Do you  know,"  I naked,  "of any
I hnd any of that soap that would "get
away wltb freckles,"
I made my next effort more practical. I advertised Guuter's soup ns
the "whitest wash" a housewife could
uso. This produced an Immediate effect for severul women eume Into the
atore and bought my soup to use In
whitewashing tbelr cellars.
Tbe next advertisement of Ketch-
em's that 1 noticed waa after a storm
and a consequent carrying away of a
portion of the turnpike between Farns-
wnrth and Mill ville by tbe giving way
of a culvert Ketchum announced
that the washout had been effected by
a cake of Southwick'a soap having fallen out of the wagon of a farmer who
hnd Just bought tt and was currying
It to Farnswortb to wash away tbe
young woman wbo would like a posl*
\ tlou  witb  me ut  Farnswortb such ua
(you have here witb Mr. KetchnutV"
"Whut would be tbe anlnry?"
'    "I could muke II $12 a week."
She sat thinking awhile, then asked:
; "ilow would you like to take over Mr.
I Ketcha iii'h stock aud run your und bis
| business together'/    1 think he'd like
'. to sell."
"For how much?"
'<    "He might turn over the stock that
be holds as ageut  and sell the good
will of tbe business for, say, I'J.OOO."
Two thousand dollnrs  was a  good
; deal, but he had worked up quite a
trade, and If I should buy blm out 1
■ uould have tbe tleld tu myself. I said
I would think it over. 1 went bnck to
Faruaworth and counldered the mutter
•pots left by au application of tbe Gun- ' exhaustively.   Somehow 1 und tnken a
ter article.
The public didn't exactly understand
how a culvert could be washed out
with a cake of soap weighing only a
few ounces, but the reference to s|K>ts
left by my goods was a stroke of
genius on the part of Ketchnm. It wan
not at tbat time even tbe proper thing
to attack In an advertisement or other*
wise any Individual goods Indeed. I
hud cause for legal action against
Ketchum for damages. So 1 concluded
to drive over to Millvtlle and Inform
bim that If be did it aguln 1 would
bale him Info court I found his office In charge of a young woman, of
whom I Inquired when Mr. Ketchnm
would be In. She asked mo what I
wished to see him for. and I told her
that I wns the agent for Cunter'a soap
at Farnswortb and would like (o have
a conference with blm with a view to
Settling upon a method by wliich he
and I could do business without injuring ench otber.
The young woman aald that Mr.
Ketchnm waa out most or tbe time soliciting orders for his soap and If Instead of waiting for hliu. which I
might have to do for some time, I
would ssy to her anything I had to
communicate the would transmit lt to
Ur. Ketcham.
**Very welt." ! snld; "please cstl his
attention to tbe fact that when he advertise* that tinnter's aoap leaves
apots, thus Infilling Its aale, be lays
himself liable to a ault for damages.
fancy to Ketcbam's clerk uud believed
(hat she would be a great advantage
to me. Whenever I bad gone to Mill-
ville I bad found Ketcham out working up trade, while 1 spent must ot my
time In my shop. Finally I wrote
Ketcham that I would give him S2.000
for tbe good wtll of his business and
take bis clerk at a salary ot $12 a
week. Hy return mall I got. papers
assigning me bla business aud a telegram from his principals appointing
me their ageut lu bis pluce. I sent a
check to his order for tbe purchase
money and nsked blm to ship bis atock
and send bla clerk to me.
The stuck arrived lu due time, then
tbe girl.
"Well, Miss"— I began aud waited
for ber lo ltd In ber name.
"Are yuu a slater of Mr Ketcham'sT*
"Any relation?"
"What are your InHlals?"
"F. ii."
"The dickens!"
j    (Ier Hitherto sober face broke Into a
J "I suppose t mny aa welt confess
now aa at uny time. I've been running
I tbe business over there nnd at a loss.
j There's room for ouly one, and (hat one
| can't slay Indoors and keep shop. He
■ or she must be out ennvusslug all the
, while.    Since your tlrst  visit I  bnve
Satisfactory Method of Finishing Swins
For Market.
One of the most satisfactory methods of finishing hugs is thai of "hog.
giug off." lu faet. as a method of lit*
ting for markei after the pigs have secured the necessary size and frame It
la cheaper thun the best methods of
dry lot feeding. The hog Is his own
bar vester and feeder, lie saves labor,
time and fertility. Aud certainly in
Ihese dnys when labor Is source, hind
high and feeds expensive we may well
welcome a method with which tu reduce the cost of production.
At one lime tt waa Ihe common opinion lhat much of the corn was wasted.
Uut actual tests disprove thla. Indeed,
hugs will waste less corn thnn the
farmer, were he to shuck It himself.
Of course allowance must be mude for
extremely wel seasons, but lu this case
hurdles may be used und ouly about
ns much corn ullowed as can be cleau-
ed up well in about teu daya.
Some Ideu of tbe economy of "hog-
gtug off" muy be gained by noting the
results of un experiment nt the lown
station. Tbe pigs were turned Into lite
standing corn at a weight of eighty-
two pounds during the middle of September, or about the time the corn was
beginning to dent. One acre supported
teu pigs aboul two months. At the eud
of that time the lot In soy bonus and
corn mude a gain of one and n half
j pounds per duy, producing over iHKI
pounds of pork per acre at a cost of
$2.38 per hundred. Tbe second lot in
com and cow pens gained one and u
quarter pounds per day ut a cost of
$2,411 per hundred. Corn nnd vetch
stood third In dally gain and cost of
producion ntid corn atone fourth.
At the Missouri station bogs weighing 140 pounds were turued Into a Held
of corn In which rye bud been sowed
nt the last cultivation. The pigs weighed 200 pounds when removed, or, at 6
cents per pound, returned $3d per acre,
ln a second lot corn and cowpeus
were fed. The Whippoorwill variety
wns used, and they were sown broadcast nt tbe time of tbe lust cultivation
of July 17. The feed lusted thirty
days, aud In tbat time the pigs had
gained tlfty-seven pounds ench. Tbe
Important result ts that f>(>8 pounds of
pork were produced per acre, wblch
at tt cents returned $:s4.os. Com and
rape were also fed with success. Hape
may he sown lu the same manner us
the peas, at the rate of about, four
pounds per acre. On either soy beans
or vetch may be sown at the rate of
about one-half bushel per acre: When
forage cropa cannot be sown In tbe
corn they may be provided ns a separate pasture, or alfnlfn or clover
pasture may be used us a supplement
when It is accessible.
Under ordinary conditions the pigs
will take care of the corn without
much attention. However. If small
plga are used it mny be uecesaary to
assist them for awhile by "turning tn'p
a few older hogs. For this reason KK)
pound pigs generally give the best results. IMgs of this size have secured
sufficient growth, so thut they will
not become too chunky and atop
growth. Very large plga, on the other
hand, nre Inclined lo break more corn
than Is absolutely necessary from duy
to dry: hence their gnln is uot bo economical.
rttbboiiH run through heading at the
base of the yokes are fn miliar euotigU
trimmings on nightgowns, but thia
oblique adornment on (be roue de unit
Illustrated is decidedly Interesting.
The ribbon heading slopes upward
at the front aud buck nud meets just
in front oi tbe left arm. ■.
Thsy Started Newspapers Over a Century Ago.
One of the men of broad minds—Joseph Pulitzer—employed a large number bf women us writers pu bis very
successful newspapers, and yet when
lie mude the gift of S.VHUHHi to found
a school of journalism appended the
provision tlmt women should not be
permitted to attend (he school. The
provision haa caused much wonderment.
During the past fifty yenrs women
have developed the qualities that go
to make a Journalist remarkable. They
are, more and more adapting themselves to meeting the requirements of
tbe alert reporter. It bas been less
thuu fitly yeurs since women entered seriously upon newspaper *Vork,
though, nccordlug fo Kobert McWades,
the first daily paper published was
started hy a woman; the first newspaper In Ubode Island hnd u woman us
Its publisher, ns had also the second
newspaper started lu New York city.
The Maryland Gazette, the tlrst paper
established ln Lord Baltimore's colony,
was started by a woman, uud the same
Is true of the Virginia Gazette, the first
uewspaper to print the Declaration of
Independence. Looking tbe tleld over,
women have done very well In newspaper work, and they will continue to do
so not withstanding the Pulitzer school
of Journalism.
An Intruder Into Their Jungle Retreat
Got a Good Scare-
In  various parts of  India  monkeys
are  regarded   as  objects  of   worship.
Oue uf tbe principal  uinukt^  temples
■ Is   at   Nuddea      Sucb   veneration   ts
' sbowu tliere to Huuluuln. ttie monkey
god.  that   visitors  may   not enter  tbe ,
court of the temple without removing
their shoes.
On one occasion nn  Knglish o HI cer, j
In passing up tiie country  near Nud- !
den', chanced to stroll luto a haniboo \
Jungle when his bout had •'put to" for
tbe uight.    lie hud uoi advanced rar
liefore he  beard n  terHllc  uproar iill !
ubout   hliu.  and   be   was   not   a   little \
alarmed to behold u whole army of the
liirgost   nmn keys   be   bud   ever   heen j
making, toward him from ail quarters. ;
Some Jumped on the ground beforo ,
blm, others  swung   by   the4 hu inborn,
over Ids head, nnd runny closed up Ibe j
path In his rear.   Several females hud
youug ones clinging to ihem. but this
fact did not seem lo render them leas \
agile than the others.
The Englishman knew not wlmt to ;
do.    He yelled ut the top of bis voice '
for assistance,    To bis Intense relief.
each time that he yelled llie monkeys ■
retreated u bit    This encouraged hhn
to persevere ln  his shouting, but be
observed thnt when be himself begun
to  retreat  the  monkeys  would  again
begin to close in upou blm.
Then  be stood  still  and gave oue
tremendous shout,  whereat the monkeys went bnck again.   This time the
mnn  hud gained  fully  twenty yards
snd wna about to repeat the call when
there appeared a new ligure upon tbo
I scene In the person of an aged, de-
I creplt   woman   hobbling   through   the
; midst of the animals.
]    This aged persou shook two or three
j of the monkeys by the paws us sbe
i passed.  No sooner lind ahe come with-
i ln  bearing of the  Britisher than ahe
opened   upon   bim   (be   vials  of   ber
j wrath for disturbing the. sacred anl-
1 mala in tbeir retirement. Sbe bade tbe
■ Intruder depart, und that quickly, an
order which be lost no time lu exeetit-
■ tug.   The monkeys all seemed lmpliclt-
■ ly to obey the old  woman's bidding,
- making way for the man's retreat.
I    The old  woman.  It appeared,  wns
' employed by the Brnhmaus to supply
the monkeys with their food eacb day.
; They were worshiped by all the peo-
j pie In the country round, wbo brought
, offerings of rice aud sweetmeats to
j tbem continually.—Harper's Weekly.
Equal   Chance   With    Men
For Wireless Operator Jobs.
Miss Mabel Kelso of Seattle. Wash*
Is tho tirst womnn in (his country ta
obtain n lier-ise as a wireless operator,
Sbe was formerly a stenographer, bnl
studied the continental wireless code In
idle momenta.
Having passed ber examination, Mlaa
Kelso has been assigned to duty on tha
Kieauisliip Mariposa, which piles b%*
tween Alaska uud Seattle.
Difference   Between   Grace   and   Gra*
Many women now are striving foi
grace. They are determined to tn
graceful, Once used to be consider?'
eisintnncoiis. hut now we kuow hov
to capture it by strenuous effort.
Physical culture claims thousands oi
Totaries. and the clumsiest muscle*
nre truined to supply harmony. Auy
woman who chooses cnn he graceful.
She can decide to walk, dance, sit nnd
j been aiming to aell to you. You can
Thar* la no law against hla advertls- { sow ba nut all the while, anil I will
Ing that Smithwlok's aoap baa pro- I run Ibe business Inside. I wuuld ruth-
duced a washout or that It la a white, i er hare 112 a week than be running
wash on th* beat aoap In the market   ""
■0 long aa ba doesn't cry down any
other article.   Do yon understand?"
"I'll tell Mr. Ketcham."
"And say to hltn that If be wlll eome
arer tn se* me I shall he happy to tli
with him a scale of pricea hy whlcb
w* ahall be governed, ao tbat w* won't
be cutting ench other'* throats."
"I mean tbat w* ahall net b* nnder-
•elllng each other: There's plenty of
room for both, hnt If wa light eacb
other we'll both fall."
"I'lltry to mnke him understand."
Tbe girl, though ah* appeared tn be
atupld, waa rather pretty. Aa I waa
■bant te lean 1 concluded to pay her
• compliment Iwing * littl* facetious
•■ well, ao I aald:
"I wouldn't ua* Houthwlck'a aoap on
ny face If I were you."
"Wby notT" ah* aaked.
"And you're been smart enough to
get 13,000 out of me for a losing business r
"Oh, you mustn't look at It In tbat
way.   I've aold vou tbe Held."
"And your ability aa an advertisement writer."
"I'll do wbat 1 ean for you la tbat
And ab* did. I decided to concentrate on dinner's aonp, aud so Ingenious were Miss Ketcham's ads. that hy
constant canvassing I did remarkably
well. My assistant kept on developing
In ber ability to write original advertisements, and they came to lie looked
for a* funny matter. This didn't do
I the sales of aoap any harm, indeed, it
I quadrupled the value of the ads. Fl-
I nally. discovering that to part with
! my ad. writer would be to give up the
greater part of my business, I married
Tha Pure Bred Sire.
A Montana correspondent of Hoard's
Dairyman writes: I would like to add
my testimony as to llle value of lhe
pure bred sire. I bought, among other
common cows, live that eust me $1M0
and mated them to tuy choice young
llolsteln-Frleslan bull Ibat cost me
Stato. These cow* bnd dve heifer
calves, wblch I sold as yearlings to a
Canadian buyer at $(10 per bead, or $12
per head above Ibe average cost of
tbelr mothers. A good price for com-
mon yearling heifers hereubouls Is $20
per head. These Ove brought enough
In eiceas of Ibat Ugure to pay for th*
Black Frocks ths Rage Just New.
The lirnld  trimming uu this black
chiffon  frock is arranged   with open
Dancing Stare. '
The spectroscope makes the starry
heavens to the astronomer's eye appear almost as mil of mazy motions stand gracefully. Uut when sbe ha*
as ls a cloud of gnats dancing In the achieved grace she too often forgeta
sunshine.    Kvery Increase In tbe pow- grnclotisuess.
er of tbe observing apparatus brings >'<•' '""> tlll»K. H'ere are no clnsse*
to uotice new spectroscopic binaries. I" grncloneness In the women's clubs,
wblcb  are simply  double  stars that 'Vet It is more Important surely to hav*
catiuot be seen separately either bc- « graceful mind than a graceful body,
cause of tbelr extreme closeness or Urncioiisuess Is the charming wuy ot
because onlv one of Uiem Is a shindig ,,"1""f things, the sure path to lovely
body.    It la tbe  erratic  motions of InHnorfce over others,
tbese   stars   that   reveal   tbelr   truo Uke'grace. It Is not newssarlly a
character.    One  or  them   discovered blrl" <-'m  '»* ""' filll',l's-    le m"  *»
within   recent years  Is   Kta  Orlonls. i captured and needs only will,
which hangs Inst below the belt of "» essential element is consideration
Orion.    Sometimes this star Is speed- '"r oth"m' » consideration wblcb musl
ing toward the earth more tban forty
miles a second and a few nightB later
Is hurrying awny wltb a similar velocity.—New York Suu.
lie practiced till It extends even to a>
fractious cook or a surly plumber.
The women for whom it Is a pleas,
mc to work—how tbey keep tbelr
cooks and conquer their plumbers!
The gracious women whom youug people admire, whom old people turn to~-
A  Parsdox,
A  maiden   well  advanced  In  years   '_„„ enviable tbey are!
need to Walt every  morning for tie      Wby not be one of tberat
postman, n bachelor of about ber age. '	
nnd ask him lf there was not a letter _    _.       ,.,,    „   , ,.,
For Thoie Who Must Work.
for tier.    Several weeks passed thus, i
but the anxiously expected letter did
not arrive.    Finally one morning the
postman said to her. "Well; tomorrow I
yon shall get your letter, if 1 have to
write It myself."
"That's right: do It." replied tbe old
maid. "I shall be delighted to accept It."
"Well." said the postman, smlllug,
"what do you want ine to write—a
business letter or a love letter?"
"If yon mean business please write
a love letter," was ber blushing reply.
—Loudon Answers.
Cstching Redhot Rivetl.
This would not seem io be a pleasing
occupation even If the rivet ts caught
In an old mall ling, yet the fent Is constantly performed by workmen. Or.
dlnnrlly they catch rivers In a rivet
keg or something of that sort. Imt
there are meu who cutcli rivals wiih u
pnlr'of tongs—Just reach out for tbem
and nip a redhot rivet out or the nIr
with the nipper pnrt of tbe tongs lu
much the same way tbat a bird nips a
I   When one pouts about his work ba
Just potters along.
Smiles drive troubles miles away.
A robin Is cheerful all llie day long,
nml lie begins it wilh a song.
The kind word is the ouly kind to
A swoot voice In perfume from tl
beitn's (lower garden.
A raliliit has loug cu.~, but It carrii
n short tall.
Von cntihot'tetl bow pretty the su
rise Is with a morning frown on you
The task always looks bigger to
"wait a niluuto" than it docs tu "do It
When one always dues his best bla
best keeps gelling better.
Dou't pul uu good manners for com*
puny: wenr Ihetll all llle time.
Willing liaiuls aru (bu prettiest.-*
I iniu and Kireside.
ar.ica ouirroK oowh with todoh or
medallions, under which Is laid orange
colored velvet, the deep orange shade
forming a striking contrast with tha
black chiffon costume.
, Th* Profitable Cew,
Tt la impossible to get away from th*
fact that the dairy cow ls the most
economical producer of human food ot
all of our live stock. Tbis Is the reason (he dairy cow finds ber permanent
habitat and exists In her highest degree of perfection on high priced land.
Tbe dairy cow—Jnst as sure as lh*
world moves—forces herself to the rescue of the man wbo owns expensive
land and who Is compelled to get nut
of It a living and something besides.
"Wall, yonr complexion balaf perfect   h*r.   At the time of the wedding som*
wag of a reporter gar* an account of
tt lan't necessary."
"That   won't  wuh."  ah*   replied,
dropping Into alang.   "Compliment* ar*
i eat la prdar In builneia,"
It under the caption, "Th* Bachelorhood Washed Oul ot t Man by Oun-
| Ufa Sotp."
A Dairy Painter.
The great trouble In the sverap*
dairy Is that animals are underfed,
especially during the summer, when
excessive reliance la placed In (rasa
paaturage aa a balanced ration.
Kitchenettes. ,
Onion salt In n Handy shaker, at 15
cents, saves the time and trouble required to prepare au onion for seasoning.
-Never put soda lu the wnter In which
you wash china Unit hns any gliding on
it. Soda Injures (he gilding, instead
use soap, which answers Just as well
and has uo ill effects.
Tu clean a decanter take n small raw
potato, cut It Into tiny pieces and put
Ihem Into the decanter with a liltle
warm waler. Shake up and dowu till
clean, then rinse In fresh water.
If you or your laundress runs your
due linen through the wringer It will
mnke wrinkles that are almost impossible to Iron out Do not allow this.
Hnve tbe line linen sorted and wrung
out by baud, lt la worth ill th* extra
New Table Pad.
Formerly tbe gund housekeeper waa
content to huve n padding of canton
flyTni 'SatSw'ogf V"tb."*!r'wlth"iti  !""""', ola!" '"V" "M!,K r,""n XM*
beak.   The feat ta commonlv seen bv   J"" »°r»dH" 8t'" m* •""« '»■«•»'<•»•
person, wbo watch workmen on high    "" ,>,''>'"},'', h"" '"" """•' "' k*"f"-
bulldlugs-Harper-a Weekly. ""\ ",u  "b,« '""»,i'm'u'"' "y "l""' ?,'
 ' moisture, a thing the (lunoel pad fallal
to do.   These new pad   can be made to
■ending Weed. or^er   fur   taMea   ot   odd   sizes   snd
Wood may be mude soft and flexible ,|,ap*s, and In these dnv*. when doille*
by steeping It In a concentrated solu- „„ ofteB ,||sp|„<.p damask cloths for
tlon *f common tnble sslt to which luncheon and tea service. It Is sn un.
some acetate of Iron has been added, doubted advantage lo keep one's tabid
A better method Is to Immerse tbe ,„ the best possible condition, fre*
wood in a  bath  made by dissolving   jr0U1 stains and spots.
tweuty-Bve parts of calcium chloride i '
In a hundred parts of wuter.   It should t *ran,;„i.t M.v,m,„t in Egypt
he left tbere for some time snd nfter I T|„, nrst Egyptian Woman's lengn*
hooding thrown ln cold water to |,.,s j„M lwt,n f()nned W|tB hcodqnar.
Il"r,1»u- ters In Alexundrlu.   The object of thla
Ilrst organlxa'.ion among modern Hgyp-
tlan women la to defend women's in-
He Would Divide.
"Tea." said Ibe eminent speolMlst to j ,,.,.„, ,„ „M j|,.,.,.tiotis and especially
the tramp wbo had called upon blm,
"I wlll examine you carefully for ten
"All right, doc," said tba tramp resignedly, "do dat an' If you Ilud It
I'll give you half."
to considor means nf providing scboola
for Kgyptlub girls. Tliere are uow
snld to be more than 23.000 young
Kgyptlnn women and girls In tbe government schools nnd almost twice aa
many for whom no provision has been
made. The demand for teachers rar
Say not alwaya what thon knowest j exceed* the supply, and tbe govern*
but alwaya know wbat thoa ftyaft—  ment school facilities, funds and build.
Claudlna. , j Ian at* entirely Inadequate XHK ISLANUKlt, CU.UliKKI.AJND
:a".;pnrr;.'iai ~?r — ^t-h.tt; ■• .•r-mtrzvryvam.-Atvaam-
; WdUMAiiiH
P. L. ANDERTON, Manager
E. W. Bickle, Real Estaie.Cumberland
The Big
For every Womnn
and (girl in this
vicinity in all the
leading shades &
at pleasing prices.
Aviation Caps
Cheap,   and  suitable for any weather and in very
dainty colors.
Pi 11PC '" stoles, Throws and
iTilF^ Ties for lhe neckwear.
| Mulls in Pillow and Shawl styles.
Very fine quality, ftncsl finish in
I workmanship, aad right prices.
«j These are exceptional value & are
I selling very fast at $7,17.50 MIO 50
I Knitted Neckscirfs in Pure Sill?
and different weights.    These are
very new and in correct shades at
$1.75, $2.25, U.
See our display of Up-to-date Fall Millinery
Simon IjBT k ft 1
A business transaction of unusual proportions was consummated at Vancouver last week
when the British Columbia Breweries Company, of which Messrs.
Doering and Williams have the
controlling interest, was turned
to an English syndicate for the
sum of $2,500,000.
The Harmsworth interests of
London are largely interested in
the purchase. Tiie price paid was
for the realty, stock and good
will of the British Columbia
Breweries Company, and includes j
in all four properties. The concerns which formed apart of the
company are the Vancouver
Breweries Company, the Canadian
Brewing and Malting Company,
the Union Brewing Company of
Nanaimo and the Pilsener Brewing Con.piny of Cumberland.
MessrB, Doering and Williams
have been engaged in the brewing business in British Columbia
for the past twenty-five years,
but with the completion of the
transaction will retire from the
brewery businsss.
The transaction was completed
for the English syndicate by Mr.;
Clarence M. Marpole, of the firm
of Macdonald and Marpole.
Senlfil tenilers, *ii|im'ucrihuil "Toiiil
or fur [.iiviiinry ii'-ruinmoilitt.iini," wiil
iir r.wiverl liy llie un'deiitigni'il ii|i to
noun pf Tni'*ili.y I he 19th iluy of Nov-
iMiilmr, Mill!, f-ir tlio i'1'i'ctiini mnl c"m-
plulioii nf biviitorius lit the CWlt H.iusu
mul   I I< up al ('uiiibeilniri,   in  thu
Comox Klt'einrul llistiict. Pluns mu]
Npucilii'iitions luity he seen lit tiiooffict)
nf iim Ouvcinment Agent, Cumber
The liwoat ui" any leniler mil
nccttitarily uoccnterli
Government Agent
Government Agent's Offiue,
Cumberland, J3.C, 8ih, Fov. 1912
The strike seems to be about
finished; Cumberland will soon
resume its normal condition. Everything is assuming a brighter
aspect. The output during the
past week has been reduced ow>
ing to No. 7 fan having broke
down; but repairs are expected
to be complete4 by to-morrow,
when No. 7 will again resume
Preparations are being made to
open No. 5 mine, and it is expected to start work in a few
days. That will make the fourth
mine at work.
The local union officials inform
us that we can expect no support
from them. We knew that long
ago. Also that they were trying
to divert all the business possible
from this office. But we would
beg to Inform the local union
officials that there is not a better
union office printing a weekly
newspaper in the Dominion of
Canada than the Islander. But
we believe in right and justice to
all parties concerned, and we are
not afraid to do so irrespective oi
j what the union officials may think
or do. To some who may not
understand the situation as we
do on the spot it may seem unfair
to be against the union officials,
but in this case we are justified
seeing the* outrageous action
perpetrated upon the colliery
company at the commencement
of the strike.
The total output at the local
mines during the last week was
4,320 tons. With No. 7 in shape
the output will undoubtedly increase to 1000 tons per day in the
next week.
All the fire bosses at Ladysmith have signed the two year
contract to return to work. A
large number of the coal miners
have done the same.
tourtcnti!), #. <t.
FOR SALE—Farms, Bush Lands, Lots and Bungalows.
Auction Sales of Real Property, Farm Stock, Furniture etc.
conducted on the shortest notice at reasonable terms.
Ditvbi; anb |3iscoc, $lcsil (Estate Agents Couftcnaij, (£. «3.
Phone 10.
The members of the Comox
Agricultural & Industrial Association postponed the annual meeting last Thursday evening until
Thursday euening, Hth inst., on
account of the severe rain storm.
Send full legal description of
yonr acreage
I have
Old Country Clients
C   r\   DC in 615 Hasting St. W.
Tenders will be received by the
undersigned up till Nov. 15 (1912,
for the purchase of Oakbank
Farm, consisting of 15 acres,
wite six-roomed house, barn and
stable. About one half of the
land is cleared, about an acre of
fruit bearing trees in the orchard.
The property is in a very desirable location, about a mile and a
half from the village of Courtenay. Highest or any tender not
necessarily accepted.-JoHN Mun-
Pre?. Foster arrived in town
Wednesday evening.
H. B. Dawley, provincial game
warden, charged J. McDaniels,
foreman of No. 4 camp, with
having a deer skin in an eating
house contrary to the provincial
Game Act. It was proved that
he had nothing to do with the
eating house and was foreman of
the camp only. The case was
dismissed. Mr. Dawley will lay
an information against the manager of the eating house.
General Manager Coulson has
not resigued as rumored.


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