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The Cumberland Islander Oct 14, 1927

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Array Keep October 19 and 20
Open—and visit the
Ilo Ilo Theatre
Cuii*.!berland Islander
Clearest Fight Pictures
of all time coming
to Ilo Ilo Theatre
With which Ib consolidated the Cumberland News.
St. John's Ambulance
Whist Drive And Dance
Outstanding Success
Capacity    Crowd    Congregates
for Whist Drive
Prizes   and   Certificates   Given
to Successful Candidates
Upwards of thirty-two tables were
necessary to accommodate all the
whist players at the Annual Whist
Drive and Dance of the Cumberland
Centre of the St. John's Ambulance
Association, held in the Ilo-llo Hall,
on Friday evening last. The local
association is doing a great deal of
good work In Cumberland and district
many classes being tauglit (luring tilt-
winter months.
During a lull ill the dance part of
the evening's programme, Mr. Thomas
Graham, the General Stiperlntendnnl
or the local Collieries, was called
upon to present the prizes to the successful whist players and also the
certificates and diplomas to successful candidates in lirst aid work.
The first prize for Indies In the
whist, went to Mrs. Bobba, with Mrs.
Shortt obtaining the second. The
tlrst prize for gentlemen went to Mr.
R. Goodall. with Mr. It. T. Brown
gaining the second.
Before presenting the certificates
to the successful candidates, Mr.
Oraham briefly touched on the work
of the association during the past few
years, and congratulated the present
officers of the association ror their
excellent showing and for the facl
that more Interest had been taken
this last year in Juvenile Classes as
he was given to understand a class nf
40 girls and a class of 36 boys had
been inaugurated. The speaker said
that he would not lake up too much of
their time In speech making as he
knew they wanted to dance, and being
the case, he would close his remarks
by wishing the Cumberland Centre
a very prosperous session during the
coming year. Air. Graham then presented prizes and certificates ns .foll-
qws: lirst prize, junior girls. Muriel
Harrison; first prize. Junior boys Magnus Brown and certificates to: Thomas Robertson, Thomas Mossey, and
Jack Watson, in the senior section.
for flrst year students, lhe following
for second year class went to: A.
were successful: .Matliew Brown. J.
Dallos and Alex Watson. Cerlflcates
Dick. J. Robertson, T. Williams, J.
G. Richardson, G. W. Brown, A. S.
Waiker. W. W. Brown. William High
and Andrew  High.
Third year class: Thomas Browi;
(Medallion) and for the. fourth year
label, Mr. J. Brqwn was successful.
A number of oilier certificates should
hnve been presented hut had not been
received from headquarters and will
be presented nt some future function.
On behalf of tlic local centre. Mr
Graham presented to Dr. McNaughton.
a small volume, by a noted medical
authority, as a small token of appreciation for his services during the
past term. Dr. E. H. Hicks and Dr.
A. J. Taylor were also the recipients
of handsome volumes by a noted authority. The president or the association, Mr .11. Waterfleld, the Vice-
President. Mr. J. T. Brown and tlle
sccretm-v. Mr. T. Brown were also
presented with small tokens of appreciation.
Mr. H, Waterfleld acted as master
of ceremonies for tlic whist and Mr.
Sid. Hunt for the dance. Music for
the dnnce was supplied by the Byng
Boys Orchestra iu their usual efficient manner. Tlic ladles auxiliary ol
the association sorved delectable refreshments during the evening.
Home Cooking Sale
To Be Held Saturday
Harmony Rebekah Lodge will hold
a Sale of Home Cooking nn Saturday,
October the 15th from 10 a.m. to 0
p.m. In Rickson's Old Store. Dunsmuir
•'500" Drive Monday
The Cumberland Welsh Society
wlll hold a "BOO' drive in the Memorial Hall on Monday, October 18th, at
7:30 p.m. Admission 35c. Refreshments served.
All persons wishing to attend Night
Classes are requested to register with
Principal Shenstone of the High
Scliool, or Principal Apps of the Public School, staling what lilies of subjects Ihey wish lo follow, on or befoiT
the I5Ui of October, and II the numbers registering are sufficient to warrant the forming of classes, same will
be organized to begin study on or
about November 1st, 1927.
Hoard of School Trustees,
40-41 A. McKinnon, secretary
Firemen's Dance
Brilliant Success
Seven years ago, tlie Courtenay
Waterworks project was completed,
and to commemorate tho event, the
Courtenay   Volunteer   Firemen   cele- j
Jewel Presented
To Local Lady
The Ladies* Auxiliary of tho Fraternal Order ol* Eagles held their lirst
meeting on Tuesday evening last. The
Cribbage Club
Met Wednesday
A meeting of the Cumberland Crib-
brated  by holding a  monster dance, jnew  *"'"""'*   *vo,'e  ",atallei1  b-»  f""'
which  has now become  an  annual vlsltinsHofflcers of the Nanaimo Ladi-
nffair, being held each yenr ubout the   es' Auxiliary,  and  were as  follows
lllh of October, the day the city of
Courtenay received its water supply.
The Courtenay Firemen celebrated
again  on  Wednesday    of this  week,
when a large throng gathered at the
Gaiety Theatre and enjoyed one of the
hest dances ever held In the farming
centre.   The hall had been beautifully
decorated by the Firemen themselves
bage Club was held in* the Athletic  aml reflecte" Breat credit °» ••"• de"
coratlon  committee.    The  predominant   colors  were    red    and    white,
Hull on Wednesday evening last.
Officers appointed wore: President,
W. Henderson; vice-president, John
Robertson; secretary-treasurer, T.
Robertson; captain, S. Cough; vice-
captain. W. Whyte.
Membership duos will be the same
ns last year, $1.00 per member, New
members have been secured and they
have the reputation of hing flrst class
cribbage players. Great enthusiasm
is apparent among members of the
club and they are out to win the
league this year. A meeting of the
delegates for the purpose of forming
the Crlbbage League will be held In
the Athletic Hall tonight.
City Council In
Regular Session
streamers from the centre of lhe celling reaching every corner of the
hall,  and  fastened  with  a  red  bell.
The music for the dance was supplied by the Canary Club Orchestra In
their usual peppy style and added
much to the success of the evening.
The proceeds from tho dance wlll
be devoted to the Chemical Truck
The United Ladies' Aid of the Cumberland I'nlted Church were entertained at tea on Monday afternoon itt
the home of .Mrs. Richardson, given
In honor of Mrs. Donald, who Is leaving for Vancouver In the coming
week. Airs. Donald was a member of
the Aid and lins made many friends.
Everyone present wished her luck In
| hor now abode. A few of the ladles
J made the afternoon very successful
i by putting on n musical programme.
j which was enjoyed by all. There were
| some  twenty-two  guests  presenl.
Mrs. O. A. Slaughter, P.P.; Mrs. N
Hickman, V.P.; Mrs. Agnes McMillan,
Conductress, and Mrs. IC. Mofclssy,
Chaplain. Mr. Laurie, deputy organizer of the grand lodge, accompanied ! \| • . ■*
by his wife, was nt the meeting. The , 1 ifmailTlO LtSLuy
ladies of I lie Comcx Aerie thanked the
Visiting officers  and  presented   Mrs.  Addr6SS6S WaM S
Laurie with  a  bouquet    of    autumn i *
flowers.   Brothers of the Aerie were j
then invited into tho lodge room for I
Mrs. (Rev.) W. R. Welch, of Hall-
mrton Street United Church, Nanai-
a social evening and a musical pro-1 mo, a vice-president of Victoria Pres-
grnmme arranged by Bro. Carney,
president of the Aerie, was much enjoyed. After a buffet supper was
served. Mr. Laurie    made   a   short
bytcrinl of the United Church, addressed the Women's Missionary Society of the Cumberland United
Church on Wednesday evening. Mrs.
speech on tlie work of the auxiliary ; Welch gave an interesting talk on
and presented  Mrs. Geo. Richardson ! the work of the W..M.S. of the United
Birthday Party
folly Surprise
Last evening the home of Mr. and
J Mrs. Jl. M. Brown was the scene of
j a jolly surprise   party    when some
| twenty friends gathered to convey to
! Mrs. Brown their best wishes on the
I occasion of her birthday.   During the
" " I evening cards and songs were enjoyed
The City Council met at its regular j am* aft6,. listening to a programme
session on Monday evening last, wlill j 0n  the radio,   dainty    refreshments
Mayor .Maxwell presiding.   Aldermen ''. were served.   The winners at cards
Parnham, Mumford, Ledlngham, Hen- j were: 1st, Mrs. T. McMillan and Geo.
derson and Williams   were   present,: Drown;  2nd, Miss B.  Williams  and
also City Clerk Cope. ; Mr.   s   Gaw     Those  prc8ent  w0r9.
A communication was received from j (*apt. and Mrs. S. C. Gaw, Rlvertqn,
lhe Cumberland Hospital thanking thejwiish.- Mr. J. Coates, Mrs. G. Brown,
City Council ror their donation ot tlie ; Mr. g, Williams, Mr. and Mrs. W. M.
peonies sent to Cumberland ns a souv-j Brown, Mr. and Mrs.  H. C. Brown,
"nil* gift of the Prince of Wales. ; Mr, am,  lMrSi j   c   Brown   Mr   „„..
Application irom Comox Argus     j Mrs, T. McMillun, Mr. nnd Mrs  ka.
with u Jewel in. appreciation ol her
worlt and being tlie first woman organizer In B.C. of Ladies' Auxiliary
or F.O.B.
Mrs. Donald Receives
Farewell Gift
Mrs. Henry Gibson entertained on
Monday evening last in honor of .Mrs.
Donald, who left Cumberland ou Wednesday last. During the evening, Mrs.
Donald was presented with a pretty
piece of China, a gift from her ninny !
friends. Among those present were: -
Mrs. Logan, Mrs. Hanna. Mrs. Graham .Mrs. Bates, Mrs. Woods, Miss
H. Hanna. Mrs. Gibson, Mrs. Donald
and Mrs. G. Shearer.
Church and kindergarten work among
the Chinese and Japanese In Nanaimo. Tlie speaker also gave nn Interesting account of their work among
the natives or the Belgian Congo in
Africa, where Rev. and Mrs. Welch
spent some years in missionary work.
Tlie local W.M.S. were very much
pleased to have this opportunity of
bearing Airs. Welch.
B.C. First Province
To Have Old Age
Pension Agreement
Two People Found To Bc Over
100 Years of Age
Few   of   the   Applicants  Have
Birth Certificates
Showers For
elected:   President, Aliss Annie Mann.
An  application   was  received  (rom j Williams, Mr. S. Williams, Jnr., MUs  Vlce-Presl(lel". JUSS klly Grant;  seethe Comox Argus soliciting a share | G   Williams, Miss  B.  Williams', and
The senior C.G.I.T.. or St. George's
United Church reorganized for their
winter's activities on Friday evening
last.    The    following    oflicers    were
retary, Aliss Annie Beveridge;  trens-
To honor .Miss Alary Francioll,
whose marriage to Air. Robertson will
take place shortly, a pretty miscellaneous shower was held at the home of
Airs. It. K, Walker on Wednesday
evening last. During the lirst pari
ni tbe evening whist was played. Mrs.
It. ll. Brown winning first prize. Airs.
T. Robertson, second, in a guessing
contest. A Vi.. J. Gear was the prizewinner.    Dancing entertainment was
of the printing business of the Olty of Mr, Hftrry Tarr,  Mrs Brown was the i """' x"s* M,ll'J°r'e Brown;  leader,i provided by Miss Verna Murray.  Airs
Cumborland.    After  some discussion
it was decided tliat tlie Comox Argus I ]le,. fr(ends
be  notified  that  the  application  had
been received and filed, to be further
considered al  a  lime  when tlle flrm
should  he an  equipped  job printing
business In the City of Cumberland.
Accounts were rendered by the Finance Committee, and wcre ordered
paid if correct. Aid, Parnham reported tbe general bank account as $4075.-
29; scliool account. .?!l,361.33; and
savings account, $318,74,
Aid. Henderson of the Board of
Works, reported that tiie police residence foundation ".'tis being repaired.
recipient of many beautiful gifts from
Britisli Columbia is the first province in the Dominion of Canada to
bring about an Old Age Pension
Agreement , and we should he proud
of the racl. The first payments under tlie new federal law are expected
to he issued sometime during the latter part ol this month.
The necessary Information gathered
by tlie Workman's Compensation
Board in this connection has revealed
some surprising ami interesting statistics. For instance, it has been discovered tliat there are more than
thirteen thousand people in the province of rtritisli Columbia loday who
are more than seventy years of age
Comparing this figure with the total
population ol* our province, this is an
astonishing proportion, li speaks
favorably for British Columbia's mild
climate as the Ideal one for the aged
to spend their remaining years. Of
the applicants two exceed the hundred mark, one mini being one hundred and two years of age. the other
one hundred and seven. Thirty per
cent of Ihe number of male applicants
arc bachelors, and .-in almost equal
percentage of the female ap-plicants
are  spinsters.
One ot the greatest problems the
Pensions Department must face is the
fact tliat scarcely any of the applicants have their birth eertilieate in
their possession. These certificates
as the law stands now, arc absolutely essenlial in making application,
but the mailer must doubtless be ad-
Britisli Columbia ranks first in the
Dominion of Canada in bringing about
this desirable slate of affairs resulting from the Old Age Pension Agreement.
Miss Allison Mann. J.  Westfield. .Mrs.   W. T. Brown ami
 -  j -Mrs. li. T. Brown assisted the hostess
Children's  Duy Slllldll)' ; In serving ten.    A  beautifully decor-
Anuuiil Itnziinr, November llllh     j    Special services wlll be, held at Holy ate<*  "agon was drawn In by little
The  Ladles'    Aid    of  Cumberland (Trinity Anglican Church on Sunday,  D°t Drown, which contained many ap-1
United Church wlll hold their annual i October 16th.    This day Is set  aside- | l»'"l» hue and    useful    gilts  tor tho j
bnzuur in the Church Hall on Wed-  as "Chlldrens Day." nnd parents are
nesday. .November 16th.    Particulars J asked to attend the evening service;
later. I with ihelr children, at 7 o'clock.
Praises Rev. W. Leversedge
The  Rev. \V. Leversedge,    at one
time vicar of Holy Trinity Anglican
A new Are hydrant is to be installed j Church, Cumberland, received a great
on Third Street in tlie vicinity or the | deal of praise recently In the columns
of the Canadian Churchman, of Sept.
Court House, in connection witb new
water main to No. 5 Japtown. The
city will not" pay i'or any shut-off
Jackson Bros. To
Instruct Gym Club
A most enthiisiaslic meeting of a
number of young boys wns held In
tllc Anglican Hall on Wednesday
evening for the purpose of forming a
club, having for Its object gymnasium
classes, .Messrs, W. and 11. Jackson
wen- in attendance and the boys
should count themselves fortunate In-
deed to have two such well known
gymnasium Instructors take an Inter-
wlll be held on Friday (tonight) at
six o'clock when officers for the olub
est in their club. The next meeting
will he chosen from the boys them-
publishod In the city of Toronto. The
Rev. gentleman, who was a keen
scout-master when In Cumberland,
has been continuing his activities
amongst the boys in Edmonton, Alta.,
where he |s now stationed. Speaking
or tlie Edmonton scouts' camp, the
Canadian Churchman says:
A camp tor Ihe Boy Scout troops
attached to the Churches In the city
of Edmonton wns held ut Lake Wnba-
miiii from July 23rd to August Oth.
The location chosen was on the Stony
Indian Reserve about a half mile from
Kupnslwln station. Rev. W. Leversedge was lu charge, assisted by Scout-
musters Beiinet, McClosky, Sherwell,
Neville, Wlsden, Wright, Rover Scout
Freeman, mid ltev. Canon E. Pierce
Gouldlng, who acted as Chaplain to
the camp.
The site chosen has splendid natural    advantages;    a    good    bathing
A special course of physical train-1 beach, plenty of shelter, good draining, lasting about four weeks, wlll be j age, and within easy access of Ideal
undertaken flrst, to put the hoys in [country for scouting games. Ampin
first-class shapi for the more serious I supplies or milk, eggs, vegetables and
gym work.   Boxing, wrestling and Ju-1 IIs1'  are  available on  the spot,  and
group of boys, and thai tunny of tlie |
boys showed In  practical  ways that |
they were trying to carry out tlie Instruction  they  received.    Four Cela- i
Orations of the Holy Communion were]
held, and well attended.   On lite tw,:
Sunduys  in camp there were parade
services.    The   whole   spirit  of   the
camp was excellent,  only two eases'.
being reported lo tho Skipper fur discipline.
instruction was given in woodcraft,
lirst aid, tracking, second clnss tests
and signalling, during tlie first week.'
During  lhe second   week  more  field
Among those present were:    Mes-
dnmes R. K. Walker, R. T. Brown, W.
T. Brown. 11. I). Brown. T. Brown. L.
Frelone.   ,1.   Westfield.   Boffey,   S.   I..
Robertson, T. Robertson, C. .Miller. 0.
Altken, A. Altken, J. Irvine. Glbb, W. |
Weir. It. .McAllister. J. Drummond, D. j
RawIlllBOIl, G. Lindsay, J. Murray, W, j
Beveridge, W. Marshal], J. Gear. J. i
Quinn, H. Devlin, J. Mann, J. Cameron j
.1. AuchterlonI, .1. Somerville, and the,
.Misses Alary Francioll, .Nettie Robertson,   Verna  .Murray. Chrissie Robert- i
son,   Lena  Bogo,   Barbara   Westfield.
Peggy Drummond, Dot Brown, iyrctta j
Tiie wedding takes place on Oct.!
A   in
of Mlsi
Bcelloneoua shower in honor
Mary Francioll, a bride to lie.
work wos given, carrying oul in ac- i wlls h<!*'* '" 'be borne "r s'rs, Andrew j
lual practice the Instruction of tin.
previous week. Swimming Instruction wus given dally. One troop each
day was responsible for tin- camp
cooking under the direction of Airs,
l.alghl, the wire of the Indian agent.
One of the privileges enjoyed by
the boys was a visit from Air. Frank
L. Farley, of Camrose, the authority
on Alberta birds, who held the boys
enthralled while he talked to them on i assisted    by    Aliss L. Bogo. Miss J.
[logo. Maryporl Avenue, on Monday.
Oct. lmli. Wlllsl was played, the •toners being: 1st, Aliss Emma Dueca; t
2nd, .Mrs, j. Marocchi; 3rd, Mrs. T
Brown. A guessing contest was won I
by Aliss Mary Picketti. .Miss Laureen
Freloni and Aliss Dorothy Hugo enr-
rled in tlie decorated basket loaded
witli lovely gifts. Dainty refreshments  were served  by Mrs. A. Bogo.
Aliss Mono McLellan, London's mystery swimmer, spurred on by iho success of Aliss Ulcitz. a London typist,
today beal the record of Gertrude
Ederle by one hour and twenty-one
minutes, in swimming Irom Cape
Oris Nez to Folkestone in thirteen
hours, ten minutes. Aliss .McLellan.
whose real name is Aliss Dorothy Cochrane, l.oran. a practising physician
witli offlces in Hurley street, Loudon,
will receive the $S,000 prize offered
by Lord Itidell. publisher of News of
the World, to tbe first llritish woman
lowering the time taken by Miss
Ederle to cross tlie English Channel.
Paris newspapers today cast ,10111)'
on lhe performance. However, dispatches to Le .Matin say that a I'opiel
man from Cape Gris Ncz setnipbore,
Who was oil' duly, was taking a stroll
on the cliffs and saw the British
swimmer Start, Tlic Light boat accompanying her was also seen by the
Egyptian Bwlmnier Isbak Helmy,
hotel keeper ami lighthouse keeper.
Le Matin's correspondent says the
only mistake Dr. Loran made was in
not announcing her departure- beforehand, so that it could   in- properly
birds, their habits, colouring, uses.
flights, etc. On a bird observation
hike afterwards IS varieties ol birds
wore noted by the boys.
Other visitors who dropped in arc
all loud In their praises of this, the
first  camp    attempted    along    Ihese
Bigger, hrigliier. better than ever
Canadian Legion .Masquerade Ball, on
November lllh.
Jitsu   will a'so  lie  undertaken  as u   other  food  staples can   be  obtained, lines In Edmonton, and look forward
side line.
Boys who are interested in gym
work should make a point of unending tho meeting tonight at li o'clock-
making themselves sure of a p-lac*
In lhe club. Judging by the enthusiasm displayed on Wednesday, 11 is
only a matter of a few days before the
club wlll bc filled.
daily from Edmonton,
The troops represented In camp
were: the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th
and 16th, Edmonton and Onowuy and
Edson, about eighty boys In all being
Each day Immediately after lhe flas
break, all the boys assembled tor a
lo  many   more   such   camps   in   tit"
II would not lie right to omit from
tills account or a successful camp the
fact that It was to a wry largo extent
due to the efforts of the camp Commandant, the Rev. W. Leversedge,
tliat  any  success  was  possible.    Not
Bogo, and Miss E. Dueca.   Those pre
sent   were:     .Mesdames   A.   Bogo.   I.
Frelone, T, Brown, K. Bobba, S. L. I
Robertson, A.  Marello,  K. Marocchi,
.1. .Marocchi. L.  Hutchinson, D. Alar-1
Inelll, W. Gordon. S. Conti. and .Misses
Al. Francioll. Jenny Bogo, Lona Bogo.
Dorothy Uogo. Laureen Frelone, Alury
Picketti,   Emma   Dueca,  Josie   Bono,
Katie Homo. Victoria Bono. Katie Bar-
toldl,  Nettle   Robertson. Nellie Cameron.   Chrissle  Robertson,  Josie   Pir-
ozzlni, Mary llardessonl. The wedding
is arranged to take p-Iace on October
Honoring Airs. Guy Curwen. Airs.
Watson. Snr.. of .Maryport Ave., entertained tlie Ladies' Sewing Club lust
j period of half nn hour for religious | only during the camp itself. Inn In all i    Cumberland branch oi the Canadian
  Instruction by the canp chaplain. Can-1 the detail of lhe arrangement before-j Legion  will hold  their annual Arm-
I'll say wc arc walling lor It—the  on Pierce Gouldlng stated that he nev-  hand, his Intlefatlguable efforts made  lstlce .Masquerade Bull at the Ilo Ilo
Canadian Legion .Masquerade, Nov. U.ler received better attention from any  the camp possible. Illall,  Friday, November lllh.
A mass meeting of the employees of tbe Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir), Limited, will
be held in the Athletic Hall ou
Sunday. October 16th, al 7 p.m.
Business:—To   consider  proposal  ol Company to men. regarding agreement.
(Signed I
Secretary. PAGE TWO
The Cumberland Islander
IT is a great relief to go into the woods and
relax far from the blatant noises of the
town. After months spent trodding the
paved streets, shrinking from the blare of traffic,
it is wonderful to quit the dust and din and to go
and rest in some far-off nook ot the woods. Here
you will be surprised to find that the brook is so
limpid, the forest so still, the solitude so enchanting. Thank God there are yet these uninvaded
corners, However formidable the uproar, however deafening the babel of mills, factories, railroads and city streets, it cannot carry beyond a
certain limit; it grows faint and dies away. The
realm of silence is vaster than the realm of noise.
Herein is our consolation.
A few weeks ago the writer with a boon companion spent a day on a small lake close to Cumberland. Seated in our boat we left the comfortable camp and paddled off into a little bay. As
the clear, blue waters narrowed into a little
stream bordered with pine and alder trees, we
came to a beaver clam, across which we portaged
our boat. The beaver dam was worth the trip
from home. It was a masterpiece of construction,
sixteen feet long, eight feet high and as watertight as a drum. A few feet beyond the dam we
came to the bea*» er house on a very small island.
Did you ever see a beaver dam and a beaver
house? Well, you should. The sight of these
wonderful structures built by.animals who must
work with their teeth would give you some respect for an accomplishment under difficulties.
In a few minutes we glided out into a small lake—
a jewel in a natural setting. In the centre of the
lake was a bed of lily pads. Beautiful ducks were
swimming on the bosom of the lake. Across the
water in a reedy marsh we sighted a deer. The
wind was offshore and with baited breath and
no sound to frighten the animal we paddled up
to within thirty feet before she saw us. She
raised her head and looked solemnly at us for a
moment, then with a clumsy lunge climbed out
01 the water and trotted away into the forest.
We went to fishing and caught six trout. But
we carried away with us a glorious memory of a
day that will never be forgotten.
Talking about our annual trips to the woods,
a gentleman who has never been away from the
paved streets of the city, said: "You fellows go
to all that trouble because you think it's fashionable."
Poor simp! He is the kind that gets lonesome
when the street cars stop running and it is time
to go to bed. He couldn't appreciate the charms
of a place like the lakes on Vancouver Island.
FREEMAN HOPGOOD, general secretary of
the American Association for the Advancement of Atheism, challenged Irving T. Bush,
president of the Bush Terminal Company, to a
written debate on "the existence of God" last
week. Mr. Bush's reply is worthy of a national
broadcast because he said all there is to be said
on the subject in a few words.   Read it.
"Should I accept your challenge," wrote Mr.
Bush, "I begin a controversy. For ages men have
argued about things beyond this world, and today they are just where they began. I accept
all that science has proved, lor it is all within
human knowledge of our world. Evolution accepted does not prove there is no power behind
"Neither you nor I, with finite minds, can prove
or disprove the infinite. If you are content to believe that all the wonders of nature are chance
and that the inner conciousness which tells you
right from wrong, is accident, it is your privilege.
"For myself, 1 believe there is a power beyond
our knowledge, and I am content to call it God.
If there can be no proof, why argue upon whom
the burden of proof rests? I might answer that
belief has existed during written history, and it
is you who assert that there is no basis for it—
therefore, the burden is upon you.
"I read the other day in an article about atheism a statement holding the believers in God up
to ridicule, because in thousands of years they
had not proved His existence. Have the atheists
proved His non-existence?"
And so the matter stands, for after all, it is
only a question of faith. You believe or you do
not believe and you will have to admit the happi-.
est people in the world are those who believe and
live simple lives according to the teaching of the
couver on Sunday.
We are glad to hear that Aliss Greta
Kay lias secured a position in the
ofiice of Mr. J. M. Mitchell at Courtenay.
Jlrs. J. Wilkinson is now in the
Comox Hospital. Her friends are
glad to hear that she is improving.
The Misses Winnie and Louise Bowden held a very enjoyable "Court
Whist" party on Monday evening in
honor of Mr. S. Nakamura, who .Is
leaving for Vancouver, where he has
accepted a position. The winners al
cards were: Ladies' first, Aliss Greta
Kay; consolation. Miss Lena Kirk-
wood. Gentlemen, firsl. .Alt'. Tom
Formby; consolation, Air. J. Campbell.
Tiie evening was brought to a close
by singing "For He's u Jolly Good
Fellow." We all wisli "Scuta" good
luck on his new venture.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Glover left on
Saturday for Vicloria where they Intend to spend Ihe next three weeks.
Mr. W. Carter is spending a few
days in Vancouver.
Mr. C. Hooper is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. Hooper, of this
Last week we recorded the accident
to Tom .Miller, a Valley boy at Duncan. We are sorry to know that the
crushed limb had to be amputated
below the knee, as complications set
in. Tom and his-, parents have our
sympathy in his misfortune and in
Ihe handicap through life it means to
the young man.
Inspector Aliddleton, Inspector of
Public- Uullditigs for the Department
of Public Works, is in lhe district inspecting i lie Tsolum and Comox
scliool buildings and tlie annex to thc
Cumberland  General Hospital.
the guets of his sister,  Mrs." V. At-
1 chison.
|    After spending a  few days as  the
., -,-i-^'^-^^a«K5osaHE3HjU j guest  of Miss G.  Kay, Miss  Minnie
Aliss Rose Johnson left on Thursday I Mugford   returned   to   Vancouver   on
for California,  where she Intends to
spend the next month visiting friends.
Mr. J. Jack is visiting here, being
Mrs. J. Alder leit on Wednesday for
Vancouver.   She has been visiting her
daughter. Airs. D. N. Haggart for thc
past week.
Mr. and .Mrs. J. Pollock and son
Ian, have been visiting JtrieudH iu
Seattle and Vancouver.
After a two-weeks' vacation spent
at the home of .Mr. nnd Jlrs. T. Brown,
Miss Helen Jardine .returned to Vnn-
In the Chronicle ol Cheshire, England, ol two weeks ago, appears over
a column of a write-up of Air. Robert
Williamson, the doyen of farmers in
our valley. The excellent description
of Crowton Farm, published in Farm
and Home some time ago, had reached some ol Air. Williamson's old
friends in Cheshire, hence the reminiscences.
Mrs. William Hutton had the misfortune to poison her hand, and has
been unable to keep up her usual activities.
lt was Noble Harrigan's turn last
Saturday to pack home a nice big
Mr. and Jlrs. Tom Haddon were visitors at Jlr. and Jlrs. Carter's on Sunday. .Mr. Haddon returned home, but
Jlrs. Haddon is spending tlie week
Jlr. W. J. Pollock has gone to Vancouver to attend a Medical Board in
connection with his over-seas exper-
i ience.
! Tlie Harvest Festival was celebrat-
j ed at St. Peter's church on Sunday.
At the morning service the Rev. G.
j L. Bourdillon took charge while the
i Rev. A. W. Corker conducted ttae'ev-
I cnlng service. The church had been
| very suitably decorated for the occa-
I slon. The fruit, vegetables and flowers used in the decorating were later
donated to St. Josephs Hospital.
Mr, C. Harris has returned to Nob
Hill after spending the summer at
Deep Bay.
The management of the Hollo Theatre has arranged to
run a special matinee on Thursday, ut 10:30 a. m„ so that
those miners who work afternoon shift may have the opportunity of seeing the Tunney
Dempsey Fight Pictures, the
greatest prize  fight ever.
To Plyniouui-Cheibourg-Loiidon
Alaunia, Oct. 21        Ausonia. Oct. 28
To Helfiisl-Llverpnol-tllasgow
Letitia, Oct. 21 Athenla, Nov.  I
To Queenstown nnd Liverpool
Scythla, Oct. 22 Laconia. Oct. 29
To Cherbourg and Southampton
Aquitanla Oct. 26, Nov. 16, Dec. 7.
Berengaria, Nov. 2, 23, December  14
•Jlauretania, Nov. il, 28, Dec. 30.
To Londonderry and Glasgow
Cameronla, Oct. 22   Auranla, Oct. 211
To Plymoutli-Hnvrc-Lontlon
Lancnsria. Oct. 21       Caronla. Oct.28
To Queenstown nnd Liverpool
Laconia, Oct. 30        Snmarla, Nov. 13
* Calls at  Plymouth, eastbound.
-*        55c
per pound
Comox Creamery
Courtenay, B. C.
Eight palatial steamers leaving
Dec. 10 to 14th will reach Old
Country in time Ior Christmas.
Money orders, drafts and Travellers'
Cheques at lowest rates. Full information from local agents or Company's Offices, 622 Hastings St., W..
Vancouver, B.C.
Cnc tall can
( w ith an
equal quantity of water)
gives you 4,
cups of pure, I'ull-
cream milk. Al-
voys use It In
Write The Borden
Co. Limited, Van.
couver, for Free
Itedipe Book.  3027
In every sorts of building materials,
Royston Lumber Co.
PHONES i Nlgllt cnlls: I34X Coui'ten**y
| Office: 159 Cumberland.
If You Are Thinking of Spending Christinas With the Folks al Home
Thc following Sailings have been arranged from Halifax in connection with
Antonla   Dec 5 to   Plymouth, Havre, London
IVnnlnnd INx?. S to ... Plymouth, Cherbourg, Antwerp
Ascanla  Dec. 12 to  Plymouth, Havre, London
Athenla Dec 11 to Belfast, Liverpool, <.In-.gov.
Baltic Dec 18 Queenstown, Liverpool
(.wives Vancouver 8iM p.ni.
Baggage Checked Through From Victoria lo Ship
Reservations Arranged Passports Secured
For Full Particulars Inquire
Cumberland K. Vi. BICKLE, Agent Trlcpl e ll.">
Or write C. F. Earle, District Passenger Agent. Victoria,
The Largest Railway System in America FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1927
Anybody con criticize. The world
ls looking for the man who knows the
better way.
Wind ui) tlie cat, throw out the
clock and jump on the hay waggon
for the Hayseed Ball, Ilo Ilo, Nov. 4.
Cumberland Supply
-The CASH Store
Facing the Post Office
Dunsmuir Ave.
High Class Groceries
Men,« Wear & Boots and Shoes
20 Ib Fine Granulated Sugar  *l..*,,*i
Royal Standard Five Roses, Purity Flour. 49's   $2,80
Netted Gem Potatoes, finest crop, per sack   $1,76
Cooking Apples, 8 tb for i'lCj Choice, 4 ib ior   Slit-
Pears, for preserving, per case (HUM)
Carrots and Turnips, per lb    .'lc
Onions, local, choice, per tb   fie
Bananas, per It), Ilic; 2 lb for 25c
Tohoe Grapes, per It)  .':  20c
Grape Fruit, 3 for   25c
Blue Ribbon Tea, per tb   70c
Druid's Best Tea, Red Label, per tb   1Mb*
White Star Tea, finest quality, per lb   «5c
Nabob Tea. per lb   75c
First Class Bulk Tea. per Ib   (We
Blue Ribbon Coffee, per lb   70c
Fresh Ground Coffee, per It)  55c
Quick Quaker Rolled Oats. (China)
Quick Quaker Rolled Oats, plain ....
Van Camp's Pork and Beans, ind.. 3 for 25c
Van Camp's Pork and Beans, large, per tin   I7<*
Heinz's Baked Pork and Beans, fiats. 2 for   28c
Heinz's Baked Pork and Beans, med..   17c
Heine's Baked Pork and Bean-, large   SOc
B.C. Salmon ft's, 2 for   25c
Horse Shoe Salmon, "Aa. 2 ior   45c
King Oscar  Sardines    15c
Brunswick Sardines, 3 ror   25c
Good Serviceable Brooms, each   15c
Toilet Paper, 7 rolls Ior   25c
Mens Black Work Pains, per pair   $1.95
.Men's Blue Pants, with red hacks, per p-alr   #2.25
Men's Blue Bib Overalls, per lair   J1.98
Men's Blue Bib Overalls, extra heavy, per pair $2.50
Arthur H. Gotfdtt.n AutKW
of "Blake of Gotland Vartf"
Arthur H. Goodwin autlidr dl Blake*
or Scotland Yard, the second episode
or the film version of which comes to
the Ilo-llo, Mondav and Tuesday and
lo the Gaiety, Wednesday and Thursday, was tor a numbeT or years assistant to Inspector Walsh of the fam-
ous detective rorce. It was while ho
was with Walsh that he saw at first
hand many or the thrilling events
which he has Introduced In his story.
Hayden Stevenson stars in the picture
with Gloria Gray playing opposite
Others in the supporting cast are Wilbur Mack, Monte Montague, Herbert
Prior, Albert Hart and Grace Cunard.
Robert Hill directed the serial.
Learn to laugh.
This is a laugh-age and everything
Irom books to motion pictures is combining to make people rorget their
worries and give them a happier outlook on lite. "Poker Faces." the feature coming to the Ilo Ilo Theatre on
Monday and Tuesday, Oct. 17th and
18th, and to tbe Gaiety Theatre on
Wednesday and Thursday, Oct. 19th
and 20th, Is well calculated to do
more than Its share towards this end.
Laura La Plante nnd Edward Everett
Horton have combined under the direction of Harry Pollard to give what
Is predicted to be one of the greatest
comedy hits of the season.
H. 0. Nltwer, Ring Lardner, George
Ade and Stephen Leacock nre tapping
humor Into their typewriters, song
writers are exhorting the public to
smile, and the great screen comedians
and their directors are making laughs
or everything for the photoplays,
"Poker Faces'" ls from the pen of
Edgar Franklin and Is one of the
most enjoyable of the works In his
lighter vein, Why worry wheu "Poker
Faces" is coming to town?
The story is of the amusing mlx-up
of a newly married couple, the husbands employer and his prospective!
customer whom he Is trying to entertain.
The supporting cast of this picture
Includes George Selgmann, Tom Itick-
etts. Tom O'Brien. Dorothy Revler
and Leon Holmes.
and worried because her elder daugh-, f-S^eSMsMMfcSafc^^
ter has no beau.   She tells then, that \ |f  wWC-i*-.*;-.--
she had two lighting lor her at her
age. "And one of the crazy rools
won,' says Dad.
Then there is the son, who is just
at* the age when he considers work
and disease twin evils to be avoided
it possible.
And Sis, who says what she thinks
and thinks a lot.
And then thc shy lover who coniei
at last to the girl who never had a
And Ma nearly spoils it all.
Come and see them. You'll rorget
you are looking at a moving picture.
Youll teel that you have suddenly acquired lllc magic gin or seeing
through stone walls and into the lives
and hearts or folks.
In addition to "The    Family    IIp-
stuirs."  the  official  pictures  ui  tho
Tunney-Dempeey fight will be shown.
As a result or belter lighting effects
these pictures are the clearest  ever
and will appear the same as if you
had a ringside seut at Soldier' Field,
Chicago.   The much disputed seventh
round will be shown in slow motion.
This Is a wonderful programme ami
you would do well to see  it at tlic! {*}
Gaiety Theatre, Monday and Tuesday, ff
October 17 ami 18, and at the llo Ilo I u
on   Wednesday  and   Thursday,  Oct. j 9
l'Jth and 20th. !(
A special matinee  will  be  run on  jl
At the IL© IL©
Friday and Saturday ..hi. weekend)
History Made Convoy
■-Convoy will make
Thursday morning at 111:30 sharp iu !
order that Ihe men who are on after-!!-
noon shift will have the opportunity A
to see this "Fight of the Century."
'Convoy,"  Epic of the  Navy,!
Features Actual Pictures
of the Battle of the
North Sea i
[] with
I Dorothy
\     Mackaill
| Lowell
Lawrence Gray
William Collier, Jr
Ian Keith
A love story as mighty
as the Men-o'-War!
Cumberland Supply
-The CASH Store
Phone 155 Cumberland, B.C. Phone 155
"Family Upstairs" to be Shown
With Fight Pictures
You will enjoy this very human
comedy drama of American home life.
You know them all very intimately,
the folks in "The Family Upstairs."
There ls Dad, who tries so hard to
make the pay envelope cover all the
needs of the home. A little cranky
at times, but n lovable, whimsical old
chap, just the same.
Then there Is Ma.   A bit of a nag.
Sards • *
Made In Vancouver
Printed In Cumberland
rHE remarkable collection of specimens of
hiph-srade Christmas Cards, made in
Vancouver, and printed at the offlce of
tlio Cumberland Islander, are now available and
can bc seen at our office. If it is not convenient
for you to call, our representative will be pleased
to wait on you at your own home.
Included in those specimens are examples of
the work of many loading typographers and artists, and prices are within thc reach of all.
Say It With a Private
Greeting Card
Battleships foaming into action In
tlle greatest sea battle of history;
2,000,11(10 soldiers being carried overseas lo France anil al home a girl
dying a thousand living dcailis that
the Convoys might sail in satoty.
Those are the highlights of '■Convoy," Robert Kane's great epic of thc
Navy which conies to lhe Ilo-llo Theatre this week-end and to the Gaiety,
Friday and Saturday, October 21 and
2" with ou all-star cast beaded by: fl
Dorothy Mackalll, Lowell Shorman,- JJ
Buster Collier, Laurence Gray, and IS
Ian  Keith. I q
The picture shows the convoying ol" j Q
American   and   British   troopi
the  protection  of the  Br
With the Hal I lo of Jutland coming as|
a   smashing   climax.     Many   of   tile
scenes   of   the   batlle   were   actually
taken during the Great .Naval Baltic.
Cost $1,000,000
The  picture  was  four  months  In!
production,  cost over $1,000,000  and
engaged the efforts of more than 3,000
actors nnd extras.   Actual pictures Di
the   Battle   of  the  North   Sea,   with !
ships sinking, thousands of guns bring  and  the  sea  becoming  a   literal j
volcano,   taken   during   the   war   bj
Britisli, American and German ollicial
photographers are featured,
roops  under ID
rltlsh Navy. H
Monday and Tuesday, Oct. 17 - 18
The Zippiest, Peppiest
Full House of Comedy!
The King of Jokers and the winsome Queen of High
Comedy—assisted by their accomplices—in an excru-
iiitingly farcical photoplay. There are enough up-
carious situations in (his comedy lo force a laugh
rom a wooden Indian.
"Tracked by the Police." Rln-Tln-
Tln's latest starring vehicle for War c.
ner Brothers, directed by Itay Ku-jn
right, records the courageous light'f|
of a dog hero to save nol only one fj
of the greatest reclamation projects!!!
lu the United Slates bin also his,'!!
friends engaged In building It. With
a splendid  cast  Including Jason Ito-
!! also no. 2 of Blake of Scotland Yard
Wednesday-Thursday, Oct. 19-20
bards, Virginia Brown Falre, Tom
Santlsohi, Nanette, Dave Morris, Theodore Lorch. Hon Walker and Wilfrid
.North, Hinty is .said to doplcl the
most sympathetic and thrilling rolo of
his career.
The story deals with the construe
tlon of ii great dam and desert Irrigation project. For the beautiful es
te riots the company Journeyed tn
Yuma, Arizona, using the Laguna t,-,
dam and reclamation projeel across ji
the Colorado Hiver as a setting.
Hinty is seen as the dog of a young
foreman  in  love with lhe daughter
of ihe superintendent,    Bhe li
the subject  of dishonorable Interest
of   another   foreman   who   has   I ilfi
bribed by a rival construction  coin    {]
pany to place all Ihe obstacles possible in the way of the work, so thai
the   company    would   lie   fore
abandon it.   Because Hinty has foiled
ii i ;i ii v    nT    tli nun    (i Until nl a     I tin    nlrvt trtvj
determine to get hlni. The superln-ljf
tendent is disabled in n oiystorlous \]
accident, and when the young foreman takes his place, a heinous scheme
to put him and Hinty out of the way
leaving the girl and the dam unprotected* ia hatched.   The way by which   :'j
Friday and Saturday, Oct. 21-22
the schemes of the bad i
coped with by the womler-di
thrilling melodrama and gin
nn opportunity to display Ills
brilliance as never before.
Uln-Tln-Tin   in   "Tracked   by   lhe
Police" comes to the llo ll» Theatre (j
on Friday und Saturday, Oct. 21
Jason Robards
Virginia Browne
Fa ire
-r-.-r-r '-.rr«3«!ffi'3!MtMBtaW"«>r.r!t-.r'- rr.t- **-*--. Bewatse PAGE FOUR
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14,  11127
Gaiety, Monday - Tuesday
October 17 and 18
Ilo-llo, Wednesday and Thursday
October 19 and 20
The World's Greatest Attraction
Acclaimed as
the Clearest
of all Fight
SEE! The knock-down in the
Seventh—-or should it have
been the KNOCKOUT
See for yourself!
The disputed
Seventh Round
in slow motion,
when Tunney
was down from
12 to 16 seconds
will be shown along with
Virginia Valli
"The Family Upstairs'
What happens behind the Closed Doors oj
Half the Homes of America
Also Comedy "Napoleon, Jr.," and Scenic
"The Snow Rambler."
I        fe
TtP^ .mil
flBfm$teUl :Ui ii  the man ,° 6-aWa*v
Suppose   von   ,„
Saornraento, Cal., Oct. 3.—Tom
Brock, n salesman, last night returned
$500 won from Jack Burton, a fellow
.salesman, in a wager on the recent
Dempsey-Tunney fight.
"I saw the fight pictures and I can't
take the money," Brock explained.
Adults 50c       Children 25c
m FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14,  1927
Denman Island
Mr. Bert Higgins truck broke down i
and held up his logging operations for ' Appointed   Inspector
a few days.    He had to make a trlr.
to Vancouver for lhe parts Ihat were
Mr.  Harrison  Piket  is   the  proud
possessor of a new Chevrolet car.
Mr. Arthur Henley visited  Vancouver alld returned with a new car.
Mr. Geo. Dalzlel is away on a visit
to Vancouver.
Mr. Wm. Deane. of Saanich. is vis- i and graduated
Itlng Mr. Harry Pickles on a hunting ! lately been on
impressed witli  the  progress in
district since he was here last.
The Hilton Logging Co. has closed
down its camp on Black* Creek tor the
Of Immigrants   winter months.
|    Dr. C. P. W. Haines, of Toronto, a      Mr* ••••<• ■*•"-. Heber Cooke returned
brother of Mr. W. A. W. Hames, has Iol1   Tuesday  after   having  spent   the j
just  been  appointed  one  of  twenty j I'-lst few months In touring different
physicians who will act as inspectors ' European  countries  and visiting  re-1
of Immigrants about to enter Canada   ,atIvea a'*'1 l'riends in England,
from   European   cities.     Dr.   Hames,      Tlie many friends of Mr. and Mrs.'
who   was   overseas   witli   tlie   C.E.F.  C.  IS.  Sturrup  and  family,  who   left
and has completed his medical course   for New  York  recently  via  the  Pa-
since   the   war,   has   nama Canal, will be glad to hear that
.   Incidentally. Mr. Fletcher was I her In a few days  Ins duties •
surprised  and  very   favorably  ager of the Cooke Drug Store
Jlr.  Cook
The Practical White Tailor
j the city of Toronto.
I tinned at Liverpool
the   medical staff of j tbey have arrived safely after a very
j pleasant
He will be sta
in the new ser
|p. P. Harrison, M.L.A.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public
Main Olllce
Courtenay Phone
Local Office
Cumberland Hotel in Evenings.
Telephone   115R  or   24 j.
Music Store Re-Opening
Mr. G. A. Fletcher, of the G. A.
'lelchor Music Co.. Ltd., Nunalnio,
was a visitor In town on Friday for
tiie purpose of completing arrangements for the re-opening of a branch
music store here and will shortly
| open up iu the Pearse Block, lu con-
j junction with the Schwnrze Photograph Gallery, a complete line of
phonographs and records, latest sheet
music and folios and musical instruments of every description. This wih
lie welcome news to tlle music lovers
of tbe district who have felt tlle need
of a music store and It ls largely at
lhe request of his many friends here
thai Mr. Fletcher has decided to re-
it »
Johnson's Wax
Electric Floor
i Mrs. E. Felix Thomas, who has
I been holidaying tlle past week In Victoria, returned home on Saturday.
.Mrs. P. McLoughlln, of Uevan, left
on Saturday for an extended visit to
Los Angeles friends and relatives.
Miss .Marjorie Leedam, of the B.C.
Telephone staff, is spending a vacation iu Victoria.
.Mr. and Mrs. F. Williams returned
on Tuesday from a motor trip to Victoria.
Another Totem Pole
Jlr. H. E. Wallls, of the Sin Drug
Co., has Just purchased a small Totem Pole which he has on exhibition
in his store. He purposes having
this erected outside his store upon
. which his place will undoubtedly be
' known as "The Drug Store of the
Totem Pole,"
Mrs. S. A, Walmsley left for Vancouver and New Westminster on Sunday,  where  Mr.  Walmsley  wlll join
absence     having
'■ completed.
A donation  tea  wan  held
Ladies' Aid of tlie St. George'
Church on Friday afternoon.
| fifty ladies were present and
fjoyable  afternoon  spent  in  contest
• and listening to a musical programmi
I Selections  were contributed  by  Mr
P. Booth,   Miss J.'McPherson,   Mia
Mildred   Wilson,    Miss     Grieve   an
I   Powell River   j
"     ' ni"  Vancou-
B.C. Automobile
Club Notes
Beautifies all your Floors and Linoleum-*)
quickly, without ntooping, kneeling, or even
soiling your hand.!.
Price complete, v ith Johnson's Lamb Wool
Mop for spreading Wax:
Rent it or huy It from
Cumberland Electric Lighting
Co., Ltd.
Red Top Relief Valves, $7 each
This is a Va-in, valve for use on domestic hot water
supply systems for relief of damaging pressures caused
by ranges and tank heaters,
Both Red Top Relief Valves are approved by Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc., and by State and Municipal Bureaus of Water and Boiler Inspection.
G. W. CLINTON, Managing Director.     u
COAL     —     GENERAL HAULING     —     WOOD
of all descriptions
David Hunden, Junr.
Orders left at Henderson's Candy Store will receive
—     PROMPT ATTENTION     =13
City Meat
Our Meats   are   the best,
Govefrimeht inspected "Beef
Let a trial order prove this
to you
Wet Weather
s coming on—let us call
for and deliver your orders
Mr. J.i*.  13, .McConnell,
ver, is here io superintend ttie making oi' repairs und alterations at Uie'
Dominion Government wharf.
The Australian liner Waltemati
was in pon Friday and Saturday foi
u cargo ol' newsprint.
Mr. Jean Cocola went to Vancouvei
as a passenger on (lie C.N. Hteumei
Prince Charles on Tuesday night.
The   Community   Club   of Myrtle
Point will hold ihe first of their winter dunces next  Saturday  night
past seasons  Uie good people at ih
logging centre have always preparei
some  real  entertainment  and  Satur
day's social event, the opener, will Ik
no exception.      Many    Powell  Rlvei
people are preparing lo attend.
The Powell Lako Shingle Company
shipped a seowload oi' iwo and hall
million shingles tliis week.
Last Sunday on the local sporta
grounds the ('allies defeated the Nat-
An Immediate survey of the proposed Kevel-stoke Holden Highway is ur-
I  upon  ihe  Dominion  Governmen;
a  resolution passed hy fhe recent
(meeting of the provincial directorate
i.   o(   i lie   Automobile   Chili   uf   British
i  Columbia.
I Introduced hy It. E. Berry, chairman of the Highways committee, the
resolution asks only for tlie survey of
Ihe route to determine tlie feasibility
'if a mad through lhe area in question
The original resolution, prepared hj
Revelstoke, asked for immediate survey and construction of ihe road.
Exemption  of Jiu.uOu on  the duty
|'Hi high  pried ears entering Canada
,ts  Bottler's effects  is .sought   hy  lhe
Automobile Club of British Columbia.
.Major 11. Cuthbert Holmes, chairman
of tiie  Victoria branch having heen
successful  in  getting through  a  resolution for thai purpose at the recent
meeting of the Club directors.
The present regulations. Major Holla j mes pointed out. allow free entry on
hied up to $1,000, so that a car
al  {990.00 enters free as sett-
'ects, hut a car worth $l,uul.U-»
full tariff on automobiles.
toria Club chairman stated
viiew of several eases where
settlers, annoyed at this reg-
hanged their plans and wenl
;  to  live,  at a considerahl'
ler's el'I'ei
must pay
The   Vi
that in- i
wealthy >
ive Sone of Canada sociier eleven hy
a score of four goals to nil. Nexi
week-end the Collies and the K. of
P. lock horns and ihe Elks and the
Native Sons mix it. .Mr. James Hamilton was referee in last Sunday a
to the Country.   The present law
discriminatory, he stated, as he
Bved  the $1,000 exemption should
Mowed on all cars as well as those
ed under (hat amount.
The   championship'  games   on   the
course of the Courtenay Golf Club at
■ Sandwick   are   nearlng   completion.
; Last   week-end   in   the  championship
flight   J.   Dick  beat   J.  Stevenson,  J.
Aston  boat  it.  J.   Filberg and  Thos.
Graham   beat   A.   M.   Stewart.     This
leaves   Morris,   Dick.   Aston   and   T.
Graham in tht semi-finals which will
be   played   this   week-end.     in   the
first  flight  which carries the Paxton
Cup and Medal, Brock beat Denholm
and   J.   Aitken   beat   J.   N.   McLeod,
leaving Brock and Aitken to play off
the finals this week-end.   In the second flight Field boat Sutliff. thereby
reaching   lhe   finals.   Bates   beat   T.
Williams   and   McPherson   beat   Mr-
IntoSh.     Bates   and   McPherson   now
have to play off for the final game
with   Field.    There   have  heen   som^
close    games    (if    very    good    golf
during ihe competition, many of them
only  being decided  at the last hole.
The spice of the competition was furnished hy It. J. Filberg and J. E. Aston.    Approaching the eighteenth hole
tbey were all square.   Jimmy missed
'Ills putt and, sportsman as he Is, Bob
refused to put bis down, calling for
another  eighteen   holes.    They  played   the   second   eighteen   holes   this
week. Aston winning.
Recipes for Hallowe'en Part)
Cocoanut Macaroons
Melt   2   squares   .
mix  well  with  one
( Eagle   Brand   Milk.
\\ shredded   cocoanut.
■f chocolatf
can   of  Borden*
Add   %   point!
mix  thoroughly
and add 1 teaspoonful of vanilla. Drop
on greased pan 1 teaspoonful at a
time, about an inch apart. Bake iii
a moderate oven until nicely browned
This makes thirty macaroons. Omii
chocolate  for  plain   macaroons.
Russian Taffy
l cups brown sugar. Vi lb. bullet.
1 tin Borden's Eagle Brand Condensed Milk, I cup corn syrup. '*% cup
nuts   (broken).
Dissolve syrup, butler and milk
over slow fire, add sugar. Boll for
twenty minutes, stirring constantly,
Add nuts and pour in buttered pan
to cool, cut in squares and serve on
waxed   paper.
Federal   aid   in   road   construction
and   the   matter   of   a   non-partisan
Highway Board will be taken up dir-
f Works ,it  was decided at the recent
j provincial meeting of .he Automobil.
Club of British Columbia.
■    Both Ihese issues, which are consul
.,„,!; ered of major importance by the Club,
have   been   under   consideration   for
[some time, and it was thought at the
meeting that a more thorough understanding of these problems would re
suit from a conference with the bead
of the department most virtually concerned.
Geo, I). Housser. president of the
Automobile Club of British Columbia
lefl for ihe East, Sunday on a business trip. During the visit the club
preside! t, who has heen appointed B
C. repre ■ -illative on the national com-
mittee for uniformity of motor vehicle
legislation, expects to call ou thc
chairman McGregor Voting. K. C,
nnd "Wi;! of the members of thc
committee to discuss plans for uniform  motor  laws.
At the Board of Trade meeting on
Tuesday night, Air.   Wm. Douglas reported   that   he  had   discovered   what
might   prove  to   be  a   profitable  Industry in this district.    While out iu
the  hush   back  of  Bevan   some  time
ago   he   found    some     cones   which
aroused his curiosity and brought several samples of them home.     Showing   them   to   different   persons   who
are   familiar   with   local   woods,   he
received    different    opinions   as    to
what they were, so he sent a sample
llo Professor Davidson, of the University of B.C., an authority on coniferous trees and  he  classified  them as
being a  species    of    fir cone, Abies
Amahilis.  the  seed   from   which  was
in   much  demand    for    reforestation
purposes  in  European  countries.    Oil
the basis of this information he wrote
to dealers in  the  East and  received
quotations  which  would  enable  him
pay $6.00 per sack for such cones.
Mr. Douglas said that as the season
late he did nol anticipate obtaining many of the cones this year, but
next year would go fully into tha
biisfness  of securing  Ihese cones.
Pumpkin! Hayseed! Squash! Herb
Koy aud bis Canary Club-Hayseed
Ball, llo Ho, Friday, Nov. -1th. My
heck! Won't us show them thai*
lame duck folks how to step!
From One Grannie To Anoth
Cur  leaves   Cumberland   Hotel
at 9:U0 a.m. every Sunday ami
meets boat at  i'nion Bay.
; JrtOOBKSK*-*..*,-.--.— __.,._-.-_
j aKIfflBfEI'S
Tilt'  HUNT  I
Ilooins .Strum llciilril
'. llEHIHKIKI.I), Prop.        |
-**j8=$W3jaESHJ***-H*^^ -
ALEX. MAXWELL, Proprietor |
Autos for Hire.    Coal and Wood Hauling given very     I
prompt attention.    Furniture and Piano j
Storage if desired. i
Phones 4 and 61 Cumberland, li. ('.     '
.3»«MCMH»»»J--~*«a»)S^ . .
It pays to have your shoes repaired as they wear
longer alter repairing than when new.
I aim to give the best in Material, Workmanship and
Service at—
Note address— Opposite the Drug Store.
"*he Atl
Coast - Okanagan
Telephone Service
It is now possible to talk to such points a.-*
Armstrong, Enderby, Kelowna, Penticton, Summerland and Vernon from mainland coast and
Vancouver Island telephones.
Tne Atlantic holds no terrors for Iii lie Kathleen antl Yvonne Stevens, aged
Iimr.ind ilirceresi.eetiv-plv whoooii...,      	
week on tli
going tosoi „..,.,      __  .v.auuiiiuuriana, * tneygald. Their mother
and grannie number one saw them sately aboard the Canadian National train
at Cobalt after having Halleybury, Ont., and the children will be the especial
enin'a captain aad officers until they reach their destination
charge of the Athenla
on tlie oilier side
Coal Wood, Ashes and Hauling of Every Description
At Reasonable Prices.
S       Orders left with Mr. Potter at the Jay-Jay Cafe will
receive prompt attention. n
•S«!*-.Wl**-««MW'r5H«ttMWM»H^ PAGE SIX
Personal Mention
—an exclusive
Forsyth Fabric
Shirts and Pajamas of
FoRayon ailk are now
shown in soft, delicate
shades of btoe, mauve aod
tan—also white.
You'll be delighted witli
the many latmderings this
new, exclusive Forsyth
fabric will stand—how
well it wears, and how
The Portyth Insurance
Policy ia yoat protection.
Mr. Alt McNiven has returned to
Bloedel alter spending a vacation
With friends.
Jlr. and Mrs. Walter Laurie, of Van
couver. were the guests of Mrs. Geo.
Richardson for a few days during lbc
Dast   week.
* *   +
Mr. Harry Johnson, agent for the
Delco Lights and Frigidalrs was a
visitor in the district over the week
Mr.  W.  A. Owen  spent  last  weelt-
J end In Vancouver.
* *   *
j Mr. and Mrs. Allan Nunns and Mrs.
113. II. Nunns motored to Nanaimo on
' Sunday last, Mrs. K. II. went over to
■ Vancouver, where she will spend a
j vacation.
* *   *
Say   Silas!      Yes,   Mlrandy?     Hi.
j lharl    My  heck!     I  see  them  that'
whatyermacallums   Is   having    their
annual Hayseed Ball ln Ilo Ilo. Friday. Nov.  Itli.
.        ■:       *
Captain and Mrs. S. Gaw, of River-
town. Wash., are the guests of Mrs.
S. Brown Ihis week. They will return
to their home on Monday.
* *   *
Mr. J. Patajama, who had an accident at No. 4 mine on Wednesday.
Octoher 5th. died Saturday last from
injuries received.
The friends of little Grant Dalles
will he sorry to learn that he underwent a serious appendicitis operation
on Tuesday last. He Is progressing
as well as can be expected.
* •   *
Mrs. G. J. Richardson returned to
town Wednesday last nfter spending
a short vacation in Victoria.
a.     *     *
Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Pickard returned home from Victoria Wednesday
last, where they have heen residing
for the past few months. The many
friends of Mr. Pickard will be pleased
to learn that his health is greatly improved.
* *   *
Mr. and Mrs. James Turnbull, ot
Hazelton. are visiting Mr. J. Horbury
and Miss Harriet Horbury for a few-
«    *   *
Miss Edna Gear, of Cumberland,
who has recently tlnlshed her term at
Vancouver Normal School, secured a
position on the Bevan school teaching
staff.    »'
* »   *
•Miss Mary Picketti returned ou
Saturday from a ten day vacation In
Seattle and Portland.
Manufacturers' Agency
We are now open for business with an up-to-date stock
of Merchandise bought direct from the Manufacturers
at prices that will satisfy you. We invite you to call
and sec us. We herewith quote you a few prices. See
our windows for other lines.
Men's Ready Made Suits, from   $12.95
Men's All Wool Navy Serge Pants .... $2.95 and $3.45
Men's All Wool Work Sox, per pair, from 25c to 60c
Men's Union Wool Winter Shirts at.... $1.00 and $1.49
Boys' Nicker Pants in Navy Serge at  95c.
Boys' Long Pants in Navy All Wool and Tweeds, $2.95
Bovs' School Shoes with Rubber Heels at
'  $2.45, $2.95 and $3.45
A full line of Women's and Children's Hose
Agents for "Tip Top" Made-to-Measure Suits and
Overcoats at
Nothing else as good at the price.
McKenzie & Partridge
the  Address—Opposite  the  Post  Office
Miss Owen Noel, dancing instructress, or Courtenay. Is desirous of com
mcnclng a dancing class in Cumberland, if BUtflclenl pupils can in- obtained here. Anyone Interested In
•lancing loaaonn kindly communicate
wilh Mrs. Mulpass, I'nlon Hotel, or
Miss Noel; pbone Courtenay 31.
Corporal ion nl' Hie Illy of Cumberland
Householders and License Holders
who wish lo vote in the next Municl
pal Elections must register ai the
City Hall on or before October 31st
All persons ovcr the age ol 21 yeurs
who are British BUDjectB, and who
have resided within Ihe City from the
lirst day of January, 1H2", who have
paid to lhe collector the sum of Two
Dollars exclusive of water, Electric
register  as   Householders.
License Holders Who are Britisli
subjects ot lhe age of 21 years, who
have paid the amount of Five Dollars
its a Trade License during 1027 are
entitled  to  be  registered   as   License
Vi.  II.  COPE.
41-42 City Clerk.
.Get your costumes ready for Nov.
11th—and visit the llo llo on that
Also Specializing In
Corner Derwent Avenue and 4th
Street.    Phone 179.
iaMiss Annie Haywood
iirhim* parti
Dr. and Mrs. E. I!. Hicks entertained ai seven tables of bridge on Wednesday evening lasl. iu honor of Mr.
and Mrs. (1. Curwen. who will shortly
be leaving the city. All spent a most
pleasant     evening.     Prize-winners
were:   Ladies' llrsl. Mrs. K. Christie;
second, Mrs. T, ll. Mumford. Gents'
llrsl. Mr. L. II. Finch; second. Mr. H,
Bryan. Among those present were:
Mr. and Mrs. (I. Curwen. Dr. and Mrs
It. I'. Christie. Dr. and .Mrs. (I. K.
MacNaughton, Mr. and Mrs. J. Dick.
nnd Mrs. ,1. Conway. Mr. snd
C, J. Parnham Mr. and Miss
T. 11. Mumford. Mr. and
Tarbell. Mr and Mrs. E. Rob
Mr. anil Mrs. L. II. Finch,
Jeffrey. Miss M. B
llrowne.  Mrs.  Stevens
Mrs.    A
.Mrs. Shorn. Dr. Ireland. Mr. F. Pick
aid. Mr. and Mrs II. Bryan, and Dr
The Hoard of Public Works. Victoria, have decided to build a mental
hospital at Essondale early next
spring which will cost approximately
Vacant, unreserved, surveyed
Crown lands may be pre-empted by
British subjects over 18 years of age
and by aliens on declaring intention
to become British subjects, conditional upon residence, occupation
aud improvement for agricultural
Full information concerning regulations regarding Pre-emptions is
given in Bulletin No. 1, Land Series,
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
which can be obtained free of charge
by addressing the Department of
Lands, Victoria, B.C., or to any Gov-
eminent Agent.
Hecurds will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes, and which is not timber-
land, I.e., carrying over 5,000 board
feet per acre west of thc Coast Range
and 8,000 feet per acre east of that
Applications for pre-emptions are
to he addressed to the Laud Commissioner of the Laud Recording Division. In which the land applied for
is situated, and are made on printed
forms, copies of which can be obtained from tbe Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied for
Ave years and improvements made
to value of $10 per acre, including
clearing and cultivating at least five
acres, before Crown Grant can be
For more detailed Information see
the Bulletin "How to Pre-empt Land.''
Applications are received for pur
chase of vacant and unreserved
Crown lands, not being tlmberland.
for agricultural purposes; minimum
price of first-class larahle) land la iii
per acre, and secontl-clnss (grazing)
land $2.50 per acre. Further Information regarding purchase or leasr
of Crown lands is given iu Bulletin
No. 10. Land Series, "Purchase and
Lease of Crown Lands."
Mill, factory, or Industrial sites on
timber land, not exceeding 4o acres,
may be purchased or leased, the conditions including payment of
Unsurveyed areus. nol exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites,
conditional upon a dwelling being
erected In thc lirst year, title being
obtained after residence and Improvement conditions are fulfilled and
land has been surveyed.
For grazing and Industrial purposes areas not exceeding 640 acres
may hc leased by one person or a
Under the Grazing Act tbc Province Is divided Into grazing districts
and the range administered under a
Grazing Commissioner, Annual
grazing permits are issued based ou
numbers ranged, priority being given
to established owners. Stock-owners
may form associations for range
management. Free, or partially free,
permits are available for settlers,
campers ond travellers, up to ten
The home of Mrs. Francescini was
the scene of a delightful gathering on
Thursday evening when eighteen boys
and girls paid a surprise visit to nelson, Alden. the occasion being thd
celebration of his thirteenth birthday.
The young folks spent a most delightful evening, and all wished Alden
many more sucli happy birthdays.
Mrs. Francescini served dainty refreshments. Among those present
were: Edna Watson, Mary Tomasi,
Lena Tomasi, Josie Berghiner. Edie
Cavallero, Gloria Aspeci. Valda A3-
peci, Willie MacNaughton. Bruno
Marletti, Cyril Davis, Tommy Conrad,
Leland Bannerman, John Earl Ban-
ncrnian. Tommy Weir. Willie Tobacco,
Norman Frelone and others.
On Monday evening last .Mr. John
L. Coates and Mrs. Geo. Brown. .Maryport Ave., entertained at dinner In
honor of their cousins, Capt. und Mrs.
S. C. Gaw. Rlverton. Wash. About
thirty-five guests were present, Including Mrs. Browns' sons, daughters
and families. During the evening,
games, songs, and dancing wero enjoyed to music supplied by Mr. R.
Goodall. A very jolly time was spent
by everyone present, this happy gathering being brought to a close hy all
joining hands and singing "Auld Lang
Pads, from  15*r> to 35<"
Pads, with envelopes 60*p, 65tp and 70-p
Boxed Stationery
From  DUC   Up
• |: Our stock of Stationery is the most complete—bought
■ji with great care and priced to meet your purse.   Prices
5" ■
;:: from 50*? up.
Lang's Drug Store
The Rexall Kodak Store
A meeting of delegates from tbe
various clubs was held in the Athletic
Club on Thursday evening, Octoher
13th, for the purpose of reorganizing
a cribbage league. Oflicers elected
were: President, E. T. Searle; vice-
president, W. Henderson. Jr.; secretary-treasurer, T. D. Robertson; cxe-
cuilvc committee. J. Miller, A. Kay,
J. Vaughan. In order to make thc
competition more interesting this
year it is planned to have a trophy.
League games commence October 26th
and arc as follows; Men's Club vs.
Athletic Club, al Athletic Hall. Cumberland. Union Bay vs. Bevan Club,
at Bevan,
I    BIRTH—To Mr. and Mrs. T. Hero,
'on   Tuesday.   October    lllh,    at   the
Cumborland General Hospital, a son.
BIRTH- To Mr. and Mrs. A. Pilling.
at the Cumberland General Hospital,
| on Friday, October 1-Uli, a sun.
The marriage of Miss Amy Dallos
second daughter of Mr. and Mi's
Frank 0allos. of the Waverly Hotel
to Mr. William Milligan. nf Regina.
Saskatchewan, has been announced
and will take place at Regina on November thc tenth . Miss Dallos Is re
reiving many good wishes for tier
future happiness from her many
friends iu Cumberland. Mr. Williams
Milligan is also well known In the
district, being at one time a member
of the famous Cumberland I'nlted
football team. Last summer he loured
New Zealand with the All-Star Canadian soccer team.
Mr. Milligan Is also an old employee
of the Islander, and al present Is employed in the mechanical Btaff of the
Regina Post, along with another former member of this paper's staff. M
"Casey" Bernstein.
Mrs. Hugh McKenzie relumed from
Vancouver Friday last.
* *   «
Mr. T. Carlisle left for Mud Buy
over the week-end. where he will reside for thc next-two months.
* *   *
Mr. Arthur Barber, of Port Moody,
is spending the week with Mr. R.
* *   *
Mrs. T. Haddon left Wednesday to
ipend  a  few  days  with  friends  at
Happy Valley.
*   *   .
Miss Edna Gear, of Cumberland, has
been appointed to the teaching staff
of the Bevan  school.
Fined For Damaging Signs
Wesley Smith, of Bowsor, appeared before Magistrate Hames this
morning charged with wilfully damaging aud defacing road signs on the
Island Highway. He plended guilty
and was fined $10.00 and costs.
On Monday evening last a number
of the young people of Holy Trinllv
Church assembled at the home ol Mrs.
E. O. Robathan with a view to forming
a Girls Club. It was arranged that
the organization bc called "The Talent
Club," and that it meet every flrst and
Thursday of the month at thc Vicarage at 7.0 p.m.
For thc present It was decided to
work on presents for the annual
Christmas Tree, the programme for
the following meetings to be arranged later. Mrs. Robathan was elected
president and Miss Burrows secretary
t reasurer.
Will pay Six Dollars per sack for a
certain variety of Fir Cones. Samples may be seen at the Vendome Hotel.    Wm.  Douglas. Courtenay.
FOR SALE CHEAP—Singer sewing
machine; also organ in piano case
iu lirst class condition. Apply 100
Allen Avenue. It
FOR SALE -.22 Winchester single-
shot rifle, (6,00; 12 gnage shotgun.
for ball or shot, $20.00. Apply al
Islander Offlce.
Phone 124M,
Ladles' Sewing (lull He-Organize
The flrst meeting of the Ladles'
Sewing Club was held on Monday
evening at the home of Mrs. G. Curwen. About twenty members were
present, which number Included one
new member. Oflicers elected were:
President, Mrs. D. MacLean. and secretary-treasurer, Mrs. Ledlngham.
Meetings are lo be held every alternate Wednesday.
Idren Like It—
So Will You
tht   first   ligO
  buy "Buckley's'
flrst dose does two thing!
relieves tht cough Instantly and
delights the taste. Different from
all other remedies for Coughs,
Colds, Bronchitis. Prevents "Flu",
Pneumonia and all Throat and
Lung troubles. Sold tvtrywhert
under muru-y-refunded guarantee.
W. K. Buckler, Limited.
142  Mutual  St., Toronto 1
Ht   Acii lite a fiaik-
• single tip proves ll
n at % Vtyt**
■". Th. Of
ihlnm— *      ]
Used Cars
Our Used Cars are completely Overhauled and Repainted.
We stand  behind  every
Used Car we sell
Don't overlook seeing our Used Cars before buying
Corfield Motors Ltd.
Phone 46


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