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The Islander Dec 9, 1916

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THE ISLANDER established 1910.
With which is Consolidated The Cumberland News.
THE CUMBERLAND NEWS established 1894.
VOL. VII., No. 38
*•  !■ I'Je
Subscription price, $1.50 per year
AN OFFER OF EMPLOYMENT. Hun employer to destitue Bel-
gian: "Come and make munitions for Germany. We offer you constant work and—as you see -every inducement. "—Louis Raemaek-
drs' stinging rebuke to Germany on her notorious forced labor and
deportation schemes against his countrymen.—From the Amsterdam "Telegraaf,"
Farewell and Presentation.
Last Saturday evening employees of the Canadian Collieries
(Dunsmuir) Ltd., met in Gould's
Hall and aftei participating in an
entertainment, presented the late
superintendent, Mr. J. H. Cunningham, with a beautiful gold
watch, and Mrs. Cunningham
with a cut glass berrydish, set in
a case, and a salad bowl and
spoons. The occasion was the
departure of Mr. Cunningham
and his wife for the East, where
Mr, Cunningham has been appointed superintendent of five mines
belonging to the Nova Scotia Coal
nnd Coke Company. Mr. T. A.
Spruston, the nev/ superintendent
at Extension, occupied the chair,
and a programme in which the
following took part was given:
Messers. William Hepple, William Robertson, Daniel Lombard,
John Barclay, William Atkinson,
Hugh McLean Davidson, Owen
Dabb and John Ross. At the
completion of the programme,
the presentation took place, and
Mr. Cunningham made a feeling
reply. Then followed a dance,
after which Mr. William Jackson
gave the sword dance. The evening closed with good wishes for
Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham ami
the singing of Auld Lang Syne.
—Ladysmith Chronicle
A quiet wedding took place at
Holy Trinity Church in this city
on Tuesday evening, Dec. 5th.
when Mrs. Diana Piket and Mr.
John Bruce were united in marriage. Archdeacon Collinson was
the officiating clergman. Only
a few of the most intimate friends
were present.
H. S. Fleming, chairman of
the executive committee of the
Canadian Collieries, accompanied
by his private secretary, Miss
Bryant, arrived in this city on
Sunday evening and spent the
week visiting the various plants
of the company, and left for New
York today.
A telegram was received by
Mrs. Watson that her son Samuel,
who left here with the 102nd.
Battalion has been missing since
Nov. 11th. '
"The Secret of the Submarine"
is a fifteen part serial which will
commence on Saturday, Dec.
16th., at Ilo Ilo Theatre. It is
one of the latest and best serials
and is full of thrills and excitement. Thos. Chatterton and
Juanita Hanson play leading
parts. Wm. Tedmarsh, (who
played Quabba in the "Diamond
From the Sky") also has a prominent part in the serial.
At Ho Ilo Theatre.
The Girl and the Game"
atching Dreams
Two Reel Drama
An Innocent Crook
Comedy, with Riley Chamberlain
Next Saturday--The Secret of the
Submarine.    15 Part Serial.
The "Battle of the Somme"
film has been definitely booked
to appear at Ilo Ilo Theatre, Cumberland, on Thursday and Friday
nights, Dec. 14th., and 15th.
There will be two full shows each
night, commencing promptly at
7 o'clock first show and 8.30 second show, doors to be open at
6.30, Tickets to the number of
the seating capacity only will be
sold for each show, which means
that anyone buying tickets in
advance for either show will be
certain of seats. Gallery and
Box seats will be reserved at 75c.
and $1.00. Plans may be seen
at the ticket office Monday and
Tuesday, between 2 and 4 o'clock,
and seats reserved. Seats on the
lower floor at 50c. will not be re
served, but only the correct number will be sold. A Matinee will
be held Friday afternoon at
which children will be admitted
for 10c. Boy Scouts and Girl
Guides will be admitted to Mati-
inee free of charge.
This film is one of the greatest
interest throughout the world,
but especially in Canada, and it
has been shown to thousands and
thousands of people all over Canada, and everywhere at raised
admission prices. The demand
for the film has of course forced
the price to exhibitors everywhere, and in towns of small population the film is prohibitive
unless prices are raised.
The Canadian Colleries Company are arranging to run a special train on Friday from Union
for the benefit of people
from there and way points.
These pictures are guaranteed
authentic by Sir Douglas Haig,
They are endorsed by the King
and released by Mr. Lloyd George
on condition that they be shown
exactly as they were issued.
Nothing in the film has been cut.
The people of Cumberland see
the pictures exactly .as they were
presented to the King, the British government and the people
of Great Britain. They are the
first authentic pictures of a British battle ever shown. You have
relatives and friends at the front.
You owe it to them, and to yourselves, to see the actual conditions under which our gallant
troops are fighting the battle of
freedom and slowly but surely
driving the enemy back to his
own country.
Victoria, Dec. 3.—Under the
caption, the "By-elections," the
Colonist, the Conservative organ
at the seat of government ancl
the senior mouthpiece of the party in British Columbia, says that
it is improbable thjt the Conservative party as a party has any
desire to contest the seats of the
ministers at this time, expressing
the opinion that such a proposal
is very unwise and the hope that
it is not being entertained. The
Colonist says:
The Vancouver World prints
a report that all the cabinet ministers are to be opposed at the
by-elections. We think such a
proposal is very unwise and hope
it is not being entertained. It is
improbable that the'Conservative
partv, as a party, has any desire
to contest the seats of the ministers at this time. The people
have .given their verdict and it is
difficult to see any justification
for putting the country to the expense and inconvenience that
would attend further contests.
"As far as the Colonist has
been able to sound public opinion
there is a widespread desire that
the new government should not
be hampered at the very outset
of its activities. It will be time
enough to criticise and throw obstacles in its way should legislation be devised that will detrimentally affect the well-being of
the province. As, when Mr. Bowser became premier we pleaded
that his government should be
given a fair trial, so we now
uige^that all rancour should
cease and Mr. Brewster and his
ministers be afforded the opportunity they have won of making
By-elections, following so close
upon a general election, if contested, would have the effect of
disrupting business and re-awakening political differences at a
time when party disagreements
should be lost sight of and a united effort made for the common
good. The general election is
over and we trust there is no ill-
feeling rankling in the minds of
any section of the community. If
there is, let them obliterate it
and all work together in the interests of the province, the Dominion and the Empire as a
whole during the time of crisis
through which the British peoples are passing."
The following is an extract of a
letter received from Col. Warden by Mrs. R. Swan, of Denman
Island, who thought it would
be interesting to the many
friends and relatives of men in the
102nd., Battalion.
France, Nov. bth., 1916.-"We
are in the Somme battlefields
now and have been in action several times, and I want to tell you
1 never saw soldiers go over the
parapet and charge the enemy
trenches, full of enemy and machine guns, like the 102nd., North
British Columbians did. They
went over just like a solid wall,
so the aeroplanes, artillery and
intelligence observers, reported
to me and sent into the General.
They made a magnificent charge.
They did it so quickly that the
Germans did not know they were
coming until they were jumping
into the trench over their parapets, and they all put up their
hands and cried "mercy kam-
rade." We had some losses, but
not so many as' I had expected.
We had sixteen out of twenty officers killed and wounded. My
casualties to date are over four
hundred. About a dozen of the
officers and men have been decorated by the commander-in-chief
and others have gone forward
for the King's decoration. One
of them is Sgt. Brown, of Cumberland. He is a very gallant,
brave and reliable boy. Every
one of them were magnificent
and I'm very proud of my battalion, I can assure you.
A Court of Revision to revise
the voters' lists for the year 1917
will be held in the Council Chambers on Monday, December 11th
1916 at 8.30 p.m.
The Court by a majority vote
may order the names of any
person or persons to be placed
upon or removed from the list,
when such names have been improperly placed upon or omitted
from the list.
A. McKinnon,
City Clerk.
City Hall, Cumberland, B. C,
December 1st. 1916.
Sees No Weakening of Allies.
Beginning January 1st,
1917, a War Bonus of 5 per
cent, will be granted to all
Miners and Day Wage Employees of this Company.
General Superintendent
To miss the "Battle of the
Somme" you not only miss an
I interesting picture but a national
No service will be held in
Holy Trinity Church tomorrow.
The Women's Hospital auxiliat y
acknowledge the receipt of $12.50
from the band being one half
the proceeds of a joint dance
between the band and the Red
Cross Society.
Mrs. D. MacNaughton,
Sec. Hosp. Aux.
R. W. Hunter, of Buttar and
Chienie, auditors of the Canadian
Collieries, arrived from Victoria
on Saturday evening ancl left for
Vancouver on Friday.
W. A. Lee, of the Dominion
Express Company was here on an
official visit on Friday inspecting
the local freight office.
D. R. Macdonald, trainmaster
of the Wellington Colliery Railway Co., returned from a visit to
Ladysmith on Thursday.
Henry Devlin, Inspector of
mines, left for Nanaimo on Friday's train.
Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Mark
Coe at the Cumberland General
Hospital on Monday, December
4th., a son.
London, Dec. 8., 4.23 a. m.—•
An Amsterdam despatch to Reuters quotes the Berlin Vorwaerts
as saying in reference to the salute and bell ringings in celebration of the fall of Bucharest:
"Let us hope that all German
newspaper writers will not regard themselves as either guns
or bells! Even if justified in
feeling proud we should remain
moderate. The victoiy in Rumania is a victory of defense,
and does not open the prospect
of dividing the world among us
and our allies. Our enemies may
suffer still greater defeats but
will remain strong and can still,
without appearing ridiculous, say
that although beaten they are
not conquered. They recognize
defeat but believe that they must
be eventually victorious. For
this reason Sturmer was replaced
by Trepoff and Asquith by Lloyd-
George. We yet dare to sav,
and if the governments dislike
to hear it, must shout it in the
ears of the nations that we desire peace."
All miners and day wage employees of the Canadian Collieries Dunsmuir Ltd., will be granted a War Bonus of five per cent
commencing from the first day
of January 1917.
Instructions to this effect were
issued from the General Superintendent's office in this City
yesterday, which will mean a five
per cent increase for the miners
and day wage employees of the
Wellington mines at Ladysmith
and the Comox mines of Cumberland.
The advance came as an unexpected surprise when announced
at the various Pit Heads this
morning, and the miners are
grateful to their employers for
the voluntary increase of the five
per cent War Bonus, especially
when the cost of living has been
soaring upward without any additional increase in the price of
coal and the management of the
Canadian Collieries Dunsmuir
Ltd., are to be commended for
their generous action towards
the men in making this voluntary
advance in the absence of any
demand from the miners.
Fuel oil is the dread competitor
of coal and were the Dominion
Government to increase the import duty on foreign fuel oil and
place coal upon a competitive bap's the coal operators may then
see their way clear of granting a
further increase. The miners of
British Columbia should not rest
until fuel oil is placed upon the
Dominion Tariff where it should
be with two cents per gallon import duty. The remedy remains
in the hands of the Federal Authorities to grant the relief that
effects the miners of British
Columbia and remove the foreign
RevelstokeLiberals ExpressFaith
Revelstoke, Dec. 7, —At a meeting of the Liberal Association
held this evening the following
resolution was unanimously
adopted and ordered to be forwarded t Hon. H. C. Brewster,
Liberal leader and premier of the
"It is resolved that this association express its pleasure and
confidence in your selection of
your colleagues to carry on the
Government f British Columbia.
It was further resolved that the
association also desire to express
its pleasure in the appointment
by you of M. A. Macdonald as
attorney-general, in whose ability
and integrity this Liberal Association of Revelstoke has every
"Somewhere a voice is calling."   Melbourne (Australia) Punch. TWO
I ..ish you every possible luck in
your future lives and I hope you;
will,   one   and all,   do well andj
grow up to be a credit to Canada.'' |
An   interesting  figure in the|
snapshot photographs of the re"
cent meeting between  the British Sovereign and King Albert of |
Belgium on  Belgian soil is a pic-j
', ture of Prince Charles, the young
I est son of the Belgian Monarch,
in Boy Scout's uniform.
The Boy Scouts of Belgium figured repeatedly in the despatches which told of the German invaders devastating march thro-
| ugh that country two years ago.
Yet the German frightfulness
I has not even accomplished the
destruction of the Boys' organization and it may be safely conjectured that the conclusion of
the war will witness a wonderful
revival of the Boy Scouts movement in Belgium.
Woodrow Wilson, the re-elected
that when German aeroplanes] president of the United States,
dropped bombs on the city kill-; is a minister's son. So was his
ing about forly civilians, a num- opponent in the late contest,
ber of Boy Scouts engaged cou- Charles Evans Hughes. Grover
rageously in maintaining order ■ Cleveland and Chester Alan Ar-
among the entire populace. What thur, who rose to the White
th • Boy Scouts of Bucharest did j House, were also sons of clergy-
on this occasion was repetition o  men.   This is a large  strain of
Uht JiiUutfar
Pub1ished*every Saturday by the [slander
Publishing Company at Cumberland,
,G, Canada.   Telephone 3*5.
Subscription: One year in advance, $1.50;
Single copies, 5c. Foreign subscriptions
to countries in Postal Union, S2.U0
Boy Scouts Aid Zeppelin Victims
A Bud arest despatch  states
what Boy Scouts in different
pails of England have done under similar circumstances.
clerical blood when we remember
that ministers number but one
out of every two  hundred and
In the early part of 1913 Bris-i twenty adult males out among the
American people.
Not only in America but in Europe, elergymens' sons have won
many leading posts as statesmen
captains of industry, warriors,
explorers, artists and authors.
And for good reasons. Usually
a clergyman is a man of brains
and character, who gives his
children the best education and
training he can,—Manitoba Free
tol introduced practical schemes
for utilizing all her Boy Scouts
in the event of air-craft raids.
The scheme caught on there with
such enthusism that it was unanimously adopted in other parts
of the continent. This scheme
was introduced with the one idea
of giving large numbers of Boy
Scouts an opportunity to be prepared if the occasion should un
happily arise. Nor, as recent
history assures us, have the Boy
Scouts been found wanting when
the call to duty sounded.
In the event of an air-craft raid
a Scent's duty consists of assisting in rescue work, procuring
equipment from nearest Troop
headquarters, sending for police
and other assistance, calling attention to dangers from explosives and cables, giving first aid
assistance and performing numerous other duties.
His Royal Highness, the Duke
of Connaught, in his capacity as
Chief Scout for Canada, said
farewell to the Boy Scouts of
Montreal recently. In the course
of liis very excellent remarks the
Chief Scout said: "It has been a
labor of love for me to do what I
could to further the Scout Movement in Canada and show my
strong personal interest ineverj-
body and everything connected
with ihe great movement. But
i am happy to say that I by no
means cease my connection with
the Boy Scout Movement becau e
1 am President of the Boy Scouts
in England. lining the five
years 1 have been Chief Scout
here it has been a great pleasure
to me to see how tnis movement
has progressed in Canada, and
the excelh nt work accomplished.
This has hei n shown many times
in the rewards given to Scouts
for saving lifesat the risk oi
ti,( ir own. This is as ii should
be it is the duty and the pleasure of i very good Scout to at all
limes help others.
Remember, the Boy Scouts art
bound by   their oath  to  be respectful to  their seniors, to help
those in distress, to behave in an
honorable manner,  so as always
to be a pride to the Boy Scouts,
Vou boys   are growing fast and
will be the  next   generation  in
Canada.   I hope you will always
remember what you have learned
as Boy Scouts and that when you
grow up you will always be loyal
to your Sovereign and your country and do your utmost as Canadians to carry on  the future of
this   great   Dominion.     1  take
leave of you with great regret;!
V"OU will want several of
-*-■ these good-looking Rugs
the moment you see them.
They're different in texture from
ordinary grass, fibre or fabric
rugs; cost less and wear longer.
No placo for dirt to settle and
frequent washings won't harm
Every room in the house should
have a Congoleum Rug. Come
in today and let us ull you all
about them.
The Fumturc Store.
This is to urge you
that you get your Suits Cleaned, Repaired and Pressed for
ono month. Then form your
own conclusion. If it leads to
better spirits, better health,
continue it. If it does away
with dirt, improves your appearance, continue it. Remember a well-dressed man always
wants the best.
Also you must get your shoes
cleaned; and don't throw vour
tan shoes away because they
are old- have them dyed.
Aik for the Monthly Rates.
Local agents for
The Victoria Hat Works,
Victtria, B.C.
When in need of a car ling up
8GL     Nanaimo and return the
same   day.    Terms   reasonable.
Fire wood  for sale.      Apply to
Phone 86 L, Happy Valley,
Dry Goods Dept.
Silk, Silk Crepe de Chene, Qrgandie ancl Voile
Waists in the newest of the season's designs.
The latest novelties in Ladies' Neckwear, verv
suitable for Holiday gifts.
Ladies' Handk'fs in silk, silk crepe de chene,
linens, muslins ond lawns, also a large and varied
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Special value in silk Motor Scarfs in all plain
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and   Bill   Books,
Watch   Fobs,   Cuff     f// , /?/$%
Links Tie and Collar     lfirt^M/¥/J
Pins, Cloth Brushes.
Ebony Hair Brushes.
Men Wanted for the Navy
The Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer
Reserve, wants men for immediate service Overseas, in
the Imperial Royal Navy
Cfrndidfit™ must he Bonn of
natural born British subjects
and be from 18 to 38 yeara
of age.
"DA "V $1.10 per day and upwards.   Free Kit.
* ■**■ ■**   Separation allowance, $20.00 monthly,
Apply to the nearest Naval Recruiting Station
or to the
Department of the Naval Service, OTTAWA.
These are tfoe days when the
Telephone is appreciated!
The Telephone is very convenient in the winter
months. No matter what the weather is like outside,
conversation is easily carried on over the wires.
The telephone trouble man is always on the job,
clay and night, bad weather and good, and the telephone
user always has the means of instant communication
right at hand.
Long distance is always short distance with the
telephone. No one appreciates the telephone more
than the person who has one.
British Columbia Telephone Co., Ltd.
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D. D.C.L., President
IOHN Allin, General Manager. H. V. F. JONES, Au't General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000    RESERVE FUND, $13,500,000
Interest at the current rate is allowed on all deposits ot $1
upwards     Careful attention is given to every account.   Small account*,
are welcomed.    Accounts may be opened and operated by mail.
Accounts may be opened in the names of two or more persons, withdraw ,ils to be made by any onc of them or by the survivor, SuO
SAVINGS   BANK:—This Bank pays interest at 3% per
annum on all deposits of $1 and upwards in this department.
Small accounts are welcomed.
A Poor Appetite
If your appetite is poor
and you feel run down
wltll your meals. There
is, perhaps, no other
beverage that tends to
build health and
strength like a glass of
h    i •
Beer U Beneficial, but limits! he Guod
Ask for QUEEN Be-r.
Pilsener Brewing Co., Ltd
Cumberland, B.C. ,">*
Opposite the Railway Station
This Hotel has been renovated throughout and is now a strictly first-class Hotel
in every respect.    The best and finest
supply of Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Silver Spring Beer
Contains backbone and
stamina, and gives you
back the appetite that
you have lost. Drink the
Beer that's pure at the
Cumberland,   B. C.
Charlie Sing Chong
General Merchant
Dealer in
Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, and
General Merchandise, at the
Lowest Prices.
Chinatown, West Cumberland,
Hong Chong & Co..
Bevan, B.C.
Our Business is i Growing/
Ornamental Trees and Shrubs,
Fruit Trees and Small Fruits.
Synapsis of Coal Mining Regulations
COAL mining rights of tho  Dominior.
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,
the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Terri
t..rio- and in a portion of the Province of
Brit it-h Columbia, may be leased fur a term
of twenty-one years at an annual rental of
$1 Mi acre. Nut more than 2,600 acres
will he leased tn one applicant.
Application for a lease must be made bv
the Hpplicant in person to the Agent or sub
Agent of the district in which the rights
applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must bt-
(h-Kcribed by sections.or legal subdivision^
of sections, and in unsurveyed erritory
ihe tract applied for shall he staked out by
theappiicaut himself.
K'teh application must be aceompmned
by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if the
rights applied for are not available, but nut
otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the
merchantable output uf tho mine at the
rate of live cents per ton.
Tho person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns hc
counting for the full quantity of tm rch
nn table ooal mined ami pay the royalty
thereon. If the coal mining tights are
not being operated, such returns shall be
furnished at least once a year.
Tlie lease will include the coal minim*
rights <*nly, but the !■ ssee may be permitted to purchase whatever available Bur
face rights may be considered necessary
for the working of the mineat the rate of
For full information application ahould
be ma i to the Secretary of the Department    the Interior, Ottawa,  or to   nny
Agent • r Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands
W   W. CORY,
Deputy Minister nf the Interior.
N. B- Unauthorized publication of this
advertisement will not be paid for.
AftUllt for lhe
.A lux Hendeisoii, Proprietor
RsHiiiatiM ami Design* furiitohBd
on Application
Descriptive Nursery and Bulb Catalogue on request.
Dominion Nursery Company,
2184 4th Ave., W., Vancouver, B.C.
New Home
A tine selection of cakes, pies and
small pastry made daily.
Fresh   Bread    Daily
J.H. Halliday
Dunsmuir Ave.
Meat Market
We have on hand
a good supply of
Fresh Beef,
Sausage and Hamburg
Steak made every day.
Bacons, Hams and Lard
at   reasonable  prices.
Comox Co-Operative Meat
I K*>iitti«t<*)^»iifWK)*fi»»i»*»wtt»ta
The Yuletide Dawn
Bu Victor Radcliife
[Copyright by Western Newspaper Union.)
Joy bells were rinsing out upon the
clear, frosty air, but their sweet tin*
tinabulations had little of cheer or
comfort for Gabriel .Monroe.
He had made his own life's history,
and this was what made him somber
this ideal winter's day—the day before Christmas. Pride had heen humbled by regret; he was old, wearied,
heartsick. This was his second day
home—if he could call it that—after
a live years' sojourn iu a foreign land.
It all came back to him now, tbe
salient appeals to his belter soul
pierced the frail armor of the heart ho
tried tn mako iron. He recalled the
hour when his daughter, Blolse,. had
come to him with the news that his
son, Gerald, had married against his
wishes. On the moment, Gabriel Mon-
roo had disowned him, banished hini
from heart nnd h ne. In vain had
Eloise pleaded for her brother,
He closed tho old mansion at onco,
announcing that ho Intended to live
abroad. Eloiso declined to go with
him. Gerald was young. Inexperienced, without resources. Plainly sho
recited her duty to her father as she
The Spirella
Made-lo-order Corset, of
the finest quality. Every
pair guaranteed.
For further information apply to
West Cumberland.
Prices in Line with the Times
King George Hotel
First Class in Every
Respect    :    :   :   :
Terms moderate.
Dunsmuir Ave. Cumberland.B.C.
** A  **-***** -»■»•»■»»»■»>»■»■>»
First Class Hotel at Moderate Rates
WILLIAM   MKRR1K1ELD, Proprietor.
E'o Motors.
Principal repayable 1st October, 1919.
Interest payable half-yearly, 1st April arid 1st October by cheque (free
of exchange at any chartered Bank in Canada) at the rate of five per cent
per annum from the date of purchase.
Holders of this stock will have the privilege of surrendering at par and
accrued interest, as the equivalent of cash, in payment of any allotment
made under any future war loan issue in Canada other than an issue of
Treasu-y Ei'.ls or oth;:r like short date security.
Proceeds of this stock are for war purposes only.
A commission of one-quarter of one per cent v/ill be allowed to recognized bond and stock brokers on allotments made in respect of applications
for this stork which bear their stamp.
For application forms apply to the Deputy Minister of Finance, Ottawa.
OCTOBER 7ih,  1916.
Own a
And know the world's greatest
Representing the highest development
of the Orst successful instrument of
sound reproduction, the Columbia Gra
fonola is universally acclaimed as "the
one incomparable Instrument instrument of music."
double - disc
are the exact counterpart in quality of
the Columbia Grafonola; they bring
you face to face with the living personality of the artist. Whatever your
musical taste may be, whether Grand
Opera, Instrumental, Orchestral, Dance
Music or Comedy, all are included in
tlie huge Columbia Catalogue of over
2,500 recordings.
Columbia Grafonolas  range in price
from $20.00.   Very easy terms
can be arranged.
"Nanaimo's Music House"
ii Commercial St., nanaimo, B.C
,i i I Oi !< Hf   BEOS
Grocers and Bakers
Ajfants for Pilsbnjjb Beer
'I'MiiKiii.ANii    Courtenay
felt It.   She would
aid become a man.
Since Ills return,
tay nnd help (ier-
Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Repairing a Specialty
,Vj-£ Cjmiijrian.1
after a lapse during which he had
not so much as
written to his rejected children,
he had learned
that a little golden-haired child
had come to Gerald and his wife.
His son had not
made a great success in a business
way. He had been
111 and at present had a hard time
making ends meet.
But he had turned out to be a dill-
gent, earnest man. Tho gentle influence of a loving wife, the sisterly care
ot Eloise, had been his at all times.
Eloise, her father heard, was beloved
of a worthy young engineer, at present at a distance.
Old Gabriel moved about uneasily in
his luxurious armchair. He paced tho
apartment for an hour, he tried to
read. His eyo caught a notice in tho
local paper. There was to he a Christmas sale at the village hall, he noted,
under the auspices of a ladies' club,
for the benefit of the poor. Why not
go? Sooner or later he must meet old
The maddest, merriest of Christmas
groups thronged the big hall. Thero
were booths and counters and, near a
bewildering Christmas tree, an im*
mense papier niache creation in the
form of a stocking. Its province simulated a fishing well, for near by wero
poles and line, and upon payment of
a fee a cast over into the top of the
stocking brought up a gift, fastened
on by someone concealed Inside,
Old Gabriel made happy a score of
little ones by paying for their fishing
plunge. He bought several trinkets
and toys and dts-
t r 1 bu t e d them
freely. His heart
was beginning to
warm up. Ho met
a few old friends.
He lingered late.
Somehow his
thoughts were
turned into a new
channel. The
flood gates of sentiment wero wide
open in his heart for tho first timo in
years. .
The auctioneer of the occasion began to sell off what had not been disposed of, lie came at last to the big
stocking. Someone started a bid of
ten dollars. Almost unconsciously old
Gabriel doiiblbd it. Thirty-forty-
there was zest in helping a good purpose. The auctioneer nursed thc excitement of tlio bidders.
"What a Christmas the money wlll
make for the poor!" he shouted. "Maybe the stocking isn't half empty—
stocking and all tliere is in it goes to
the highest bidder!"
"Forty-live!" sang out the town
"Fifty," nodded old Gabriel, nnd
"Sold!" announced tho auctioneer,
highly pleased, and then, as everybody,
excited nud laughing, surrounded the
fortunate purchaser, there came a tap
from inside the stocking and a mullled
volco Hounded:
"Please let mo out—it's dreadfully
close in here!"
As a Hcctlon of the papier macho
I'ontrivnnce moved apart, revealing
tbo "fisher maiden" of the occasion,
Dut stepped—Eloise.
"Father!" she gasped.
Ho started and quivered. Ho bnd
bought "all there wns lu it." Upon tho
Impulse of a moment hung all the fit*
turo destiny of four souls. He opened
his arms, the tears rushed to his eyes
ind Elolso was in his embrace.
It was the gossip of all the town how
■till Gabriel Monroe met and expanded
the golden opportunity of liis life that
Christmas eve.
It was like a romance— tiie faithful
luitor of Eloise telegraphed for. the
discarded son, his wife, sweet llttlo
Dolly, sent for and installed In a homo
whence want nnd cnre were banished.
It was "grandpa" who enrried tlio
llttlo one In his arms into the room
tvlicro the Christmus tree wns all
iblazo and sparkling next morning,
md, sweotest music to liis storm-
'.ossed, but now havon-found sou'.
| n-ere tlie rapturous worda.
".Wt, the beautiful-the beauliluJ!
Old Bill's Gift
Bu Octavia Roberts
(Copyright by Western Newspaper Union.)
Bill, more familiarly "Old Bill"—he
had never been known to mention a
family name—looked around hia
"haven of holiday comfort," as he
termed it, with a chuckle of supreme
"It's great!" he gloated, "with only
one thing missing—a Christmas tree."
Bill was a character. The towns*
people designated him a tramp. Somehow, however, the appellation did not
seem to lit. He did not drink nor
swear. He did not beg. His willing
ways had made him popular, and when
Hill was "down on his luck" and
passed a doorway hungry-looking, his
wants were generally provided for unsolicited.
It was the dny before Christmas. He-
hind the patient gleam in "Old Bill's"
eyes lurked somo sentiment of memory
that Impelled him to celebrate. This especial year lie had been preparing for
the event with the eager ardor of a
school boy. Hill bad made no confidants. Quietly nnd
enjoynbly he had
laid his plans.
These were now
perfected. A week
back Bill had
"gono to housekeeping." He had
discovered an old
abandoned barn
just beyond the
town limits. The
lower part had
lost doors and windows and was bleuk
and cheerless indeed. A rickety
stairs, however, led to a room In ono
corner of the loft. It was cozy and
warm and at one time had been a harness room. Here Bill had "camped."
He had fished out an old oil Btove, a
cot, a table and chair from the town
dumping heap.
A particular housewife had presented him with a roasted chicken because
one side was slightly charred. On the
rude table beside It were half a dozen
homemade doughnuts and a real
mince pie.
Bill took a last look at the goodly
array of comfort then went out to seek
a branch of arbor vitae which would
Berve as a Christmas tree.
As he neared the barn on his return
he came to a speedy halt.
A light glowed over at one corner of
the place. It proceeded from a lantern
set ln the feed box of a manger. In
the manger itself across the stale hay
lt contained a blanket was spread,
and, swathed in coverings upon this,
as revealed by tho lantern rays, lay a
little sleeping babe.
Near by a serious-faced mau was
shaking the snow from his shoulders.
Beside him, seated on an old suitcase,
was a comely but care-worn woman.
The man began to speak. Bill, agape,
drew Into the shadow and listened. It
was to hear enough to loam that bad
luck was driving these homeless ones
from their former
borne, penniless,
on foot, to the father of the wife,
ten miles further
on. The storm had
driven them to
temporary shelter.
The husband
and father had
taken a well-
thumbed volume
from his pocket.
He began reading aloud. It was of
"an upper room," of a master and his
beloved disciples, of a supper never
to tie torgotten in the memory of man-
Bill stood like one transfixed. What
tender chord had been struck that ho
closed his eyes! He was back forty
years In memory, nt his mother's knee.
How vivid, how appealing—a picture
she had shown him of the Christ-child'
in a manger, of the devoted father and
mother, as here before bim, a prototype of that holy eve so real, so touching—the First Christmas!
A mighty thought moved bim as ho
quietly spoke:
"Friend, upstairs you will find comfort till tho storm is over. Call it a
Christmas greeting—see?" and wns
"I'll striko out for Farmer Dale's
haymow," shivered 1 till. after half an
hour's desultory wandering, and he
turned nbout—to start, to shout out,
and then to run.
For there In the distance the familiar farmhouse showed no illumination within, but beyond It a glare shot
up—a haystack on lire!
Hill reached the farmyard. The
wind had blown the flames against one
gublo of the house and It w,as burning. He ian to the stable for n pitchfork, Then began a lierce battle.
Bucket nfter bucket of water he carried. The last spark was dashed out.
und Hill sank exhausted to the ground
as the farmer and liis family, visiting
at a neighbor's and attracted by the
blaze, came rushing up'in the scene.
"Yes," declared Farmer Date, two
hours later, ns he showed Hill up the
stairs und into a comfortable chamber,
"this is your room, and you will sleep
here, and you're a free boarder long as
you like, understand? Why, there'd
be no house to sleep In if It wasn't for
Old Bill was a long time getting Into
bed. I.ike to a child he sank into a
peaceful slumber, his softened spirit
in rndianl dreams wandering through
that "upper room" filled with tlie souls
of those, however humble, who had
helped to make true "Peace on earth
iouil will ',< men." FOUR
Star Boarder Says:
"Ah!    1 am greatly Indebted to that
Hear lady!"
"Why?    Is she your mother?
"No.    She's my landlady"'
AEROPLANES may be all right
In their place. Fur be It fer
one so lowly to condemn one
bo exalted—so I'm expressin' no personal opinion when I say that I'm
too fond o' feella' Moth Earth be-
heath my feet to go on an atr-treaditi'
expedition on one of the™ home-made
hornlts of flyln' machines.
No, slree; I'm not vlolatln' any of
the laws of gravitation ro long's my
mind's healthy and rational.    When 1
it up—if I ever do—it's goln' to be
accordin' to the law o' Natur', and
I'm goln' to side-step thet event jest
as long as I kin, too.
It's took me quite some time to
realize jest how good life ls and when
I consider how much better my old
body has been to me than I've been
to It I feel a ringed sight more like
takln1 care on it than I do like rlskin
It ln an aeroplane.
A feller has to go up afore he kin
fall, so your uncle Zeb stays down,
Plenty of Grass
A tramp noticed a lady looking
ncroBs her lawn from a window. He
entered the place, went down on hands
and knees and began to devour grass.
In a moment the lady was by his side,
full of kindness, which gave her voice
a tremulous tone as she said:
"My poor man, why are you eating
grass?   Are you hungry?"
"Ves, nia'm," Bald the man, not
stopping ln his ravenous assault on
tho grass.    "I'm very hungry."
"Haven't you had any breakfast?"
"No, nia'm."
"And you are eating this grass for
your breakfast?"
"Yes, ma'm."
"I'm so sorry to see you eating
here. Won't you come round to the
back?   There's more trass there."
The Only Enlightened One
A famous comedian onco gave his
hIiow at a society entertainment given
by a ducliess at her own residence.
Jle told a funny story about his wife
trying to cook a pancake on a grid-
The slory was received iu dead
silence, eventually relieved by a belated laugh from a young nobleman
in o back scat.
After tlie performance the young
nobleman came to tlie room set apart
for the artistes, and found the comedian removing his war paint.
"I say, Mr. Blank," lio said, "did
you hear somebody laugh ut your
gridiron   story?"
"Ves," replied the fun-maker, "1
think  I  did."
"Von heard me," said bis lordship.
"I understand about your wife try-
lug to cook a pancake on a gridiron;
I've ntku  a gridiron!"
Christmas Suggestimm
The Season of Remembrances is due once again, when the many anticipations of joy and gladness is made more real by the Xmas gifts received.
We have laid out for your inspection, on our counters and in our cases, many
suggestive and suitable gifts for the Season.
Appropriate Remembrances for the Ladies:
Ladies' crepe de chene waists in shades of pink, maize, white and cream.
Price $4.95 and $5.95.
Ladies' striped silk Waists, a rich beautiful quality, white and green, $6.75.
Ladies' white Japanese silk Waists, good quality, splendid washing silk,
Prices $2.75 and $3.50.
Ladies white silk Corset Covers.    Price $2.25
Ladies' white silk and lace Corset Covers.   Price $1.75.
Ladies' Silk Mufflers, most desirable as a Xmas gift, $2.25 up.
Ladies' Umbrellas, smart handles, most acceptable, prices from $2.50.
Ladies' Collars, a very wide range at prices to meet every purse.    Prices
from 25fi to $1.50.
Ladies' Boudoir Caps, a real smart assortment, from 75^.
Ladies' beautifully embroidered Aprons, $1.00 each-
Ladies' Felt Slippers, warm and comfy, prices $1.25 to $2.50.
Ladies' fancy Handkerchiefs, from 15-* to $1.00 each.
Ladies' silk fibre and silk sweater Coats, prices $7.95 to S20.00.
A select assortment of Cut Glass in the newest designs and at prices which
will meet your approval.
Suitable Gifts for Gentlemen:
Gentlemen's new and up-to-date Ties, price 65^f to $1.50 each.
Armlets, in sets, from 35(2 to 75^.
Sox in fancy designs, prices 50c. to 75c. a pair.
Sweater Coats, prices from $2.95 to S10.00.
Fancy -Shirts, prices from W.25 to #2.00.
Valises and Suitcases, prices from $2.50 to ^9.75.
Pullman -Slippers, price $1.50 to #2.50.
Silk Mufflers, price $2.95 to #4.00.
Fancy Caps, price 75c. to $1.50.
Fobs and Cuff Link Sets, a smart assortment.
have a large stock of Practical Gifts for Boys and Girls which will be
most acceptable.
Phone 3-8
NOTICE is hereby given that at the
next meeting of the Hoard of License Commissioners of the City of Cumberland, 1
intend to apply for a renewal of the hotel
license held by me for the Waverly Hotel,
situated on lot 2, block 3, Cumberland
j Townsite.
Dated this 9th dayof Oct., 1916
NOTICE is hereby given that at the
next meeting of the Board of License Commissioners of the City of Cumberland, 1
intend to apply for a renewal of the hotel
license held by me for the "King George"
Hotel, situated on lot 9, block 7, Cumber.
land Townsite.
Dated this 9th day of Oct., 1916
NOTICE is hereby given that at the
next meeting of the Board of License Commissioners of the City of Cumberland. I
intend to apply fur a renewal of the wholesale liquor license held by me, situated on
lot 12, block 6, Cumberland Townsite.
Dated this 9th day of Oct., 1916
NOTICE is hereby given that at the next
meeting of lhe Board of License Commissioners of the City of Cumberland, I intend
to apply for a renewal of the hotel license
hekl by me for the Cumberland Hotel,
situated on lot 1, block 6, Cumberland
Da.ed this 9th day of Oct., 1916.
NoTICE is hereby given that at the
next meeting of the Board of Licence
C mmissioners of the City of Cumberland,
I intend to apply for a renewal of the
Wholesale liquor license held by me, situated on lot 6, block 15, Cumberland
Dated this 20th day of November, 1916.
Slab Wood for Sale at $3.00 per
Load.   Cash or. Delivery.  Phone
95 L.
RoystonSawmill Co.
Assurance Company
has for nine successive years written
The Largest Canadian Business
of all companies operating in Canada.
Investigate for yourself before insuring elsewhere.
J. Burtt Morgan, Manager.
109 Union Bank Building, Victoria, B. C.
THOMAS MORDY, Agent, Cnmberland, B.C.
St. George's Presbyterian
Services, 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Bible Class, 1.30 p.m.
Sunday School. 2.30 p.m.
Prayer    Meeting,     Wednesday
evening 7.30.
Choir Practice, Thursday evening 7.30.
Pastor, Rev. Jas. Hood.
Methodist Church.
Services: Morning at 11 o'clock.
Evening at 7 o'clock.
Bible  Study:  Adult Bible Class
at 1.30 p.m.
Sunday School, 2.30 p.m.
Choir Practice, Friday, 7.30 p.m.
Ladies' Aid Society, First Tuesday of each month at7.30 p.m.
Rev, Henry Wilson, Pastor
Holy Trinity Church.
Services for Advent Sunday:
7 p.m., Evensong.
Bricks, $17. per thousand Cumberland;   $18 per thousand F.O.
B. cars Courtenay.   Apply
Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir),
Ltd.   Cumberland, B. C.
Oi'me Piano, in good condition.
Can be seen any time. A Bargain. Also 10 shares of Cumberland and Union Water Works
shares. Apply P. O. Drawer
226.   Cumberland. B. C.
Mrs. Simms wishes to receive
pupils at her house in Jerusalem
for pianoforte instruction any
time by appointment. Apply for
terms at the house, or P. 0. Box
353, Cumberland.
Cook by Wire!
Electricity provides the Cleanest,
the most Sanitary, and the
most Hygienic method
of Cooking.
The Electric Range closely parallels the wood or gas
range but excels either in flexibility of operation. With
the Electric Range you cook under ideal conditions
Each cooking unit can be switched lo high,
medium or simmering heat and kept tliere as long
as needed.
It is the acme of cleanliness.
Practically no heat escapes into the room.
The air is not vitiated.
There is no contamination of food.
You save food values through the ret mtion
of the essential salts and meat juices; on a six
pound roast the saving is nearly a pound.
All the latest standards of range construction are used, including high oven, thermometer,
or glass door, porcelain splashers.
The fire risk is lessened because there are
no open flames.
We will gladly give you information on rates and
Electric Ranges.
Cumberland Electric Lighting
Co., Ltd.
Phone 75
P.O. 314
Stoves & Ranges
Furniture, Crockery, Enamelware
Paints, Oils, Edison & Columbia
Novelties, Toys, Etc.
Magnet Cash Store
P.O. Box 279 Phone 31
M?O«)O<»3«)OHO«IO»<O>>CI«<O«>OI0>OI>Ol<O> OiiO»<Oi*0;<0:iOmCJ.K
Queen Insurance Company,
(Fire and Automobile,) and
National Fire of Hartford.
!' DUNSMUIR AVE.. Cumberland '•
)0«)oi>a<io<<0{«0(io>JO(>o«)o»iottoso-o>«3itoitct; tcRto tosrao
NOTICE Is hereby given that, on the
first day of December next, application
will be made to the Superintendent ol
Provincial Police for renewal of tlu* hotel
license to sell liquor by retail In the hotel
known as the Union Hotel, situate at
Union, in theprovinceofBritishColumbia,
Dated this 11th day of September, 1916.
NOTICE is hereby given that, on the
first day of December next, applicatiun
will be made to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel
licence to sell liquor by retail in the hotel
known as the Malaspina Hotel situate at
Lund, B.C., in the Province of British Columbia. Dated this 11th. day of Sept.
1916. FRED THUL1N, Applicant.
The Partnership heretofore existing
between Geo. F. Rofe. James T, McLean,
and W. E. Finley doing business as the
Lund Logging Co., has been dissolved by
mutual consent. Accounts owing or due
to be presented to Geo. F. Rofe, Lund,
for settlement.
NOTICE is hereby given that, on the
first day of December next, application
will be made to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel
license to sell liquor by retail in the hotel
known as the Bevan Hotel, situate at
Bevan, in the province of BritishColumbia.
Dated this 11th day of September, 1916
NOTICE is hereby given that, on the
first day of December next, application
will be made to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for the renewal of the
hotel license to sell liquor hy retail in the
hotel known as the Wilson Hotel, situate
at Union Bay, In the Province of British
Columbia. •
Dated this 28th dayof September, 1916.
ALFRED R. HORNE, Applicant.
NOTICE is hereby given ,hat, on the
first day of December next, application
will be made to the Superintendent of
Frovincial Police for renewal of the hotel
license to sell liquor by retail in the hotel
known as the Nelson Hotel, situate at
Union Bay, in the Province of British
Dated this 28th day of September, 1916
JOHN A. FRASER, Applicant.
. - '■.:■. ■	


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