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House of John Thompson, Fire-
boss at No. 6 Mine, Entered
by Four Men.
Thomas E. Bate and Wesley
Willard acted as presiding magistrates in the absence of James
Abrams, S.M., on Monday morn
ing. There appeared before their
worships four prisoners, James
Conners, Jonathan Taylor, John
Hall and Richard Goodwin, all
charged that they did on the 23rd
day of November wrongfully and
without lawful authority with a
view to compel John Thompson
to abstain from working as afire-
man for the Canadian Collieries
(Dunsmuir) Ltd., did use violence
towards the said John Thompson,
and harm the said John Thompson, and thereby intimidate contrary to the provisions of Sub-
Section A of Section 501 of the
Criminal Code of Canada.
John Thompson, fireboss at No.
6, gave evidence for the prosecution, he said on the afternoon of
the 22nd inst., at between half-
past five and six o'clock, the four
prisoners came to his house accompanied by a man of the name
Tosland. They opened the door
and walked in, being careful to
close the door after they came in
and lock it. When inside they
addressed the witness, who was
in the house with his wife and
three children, by saying: "Now
we have got four men to quit
work, Tapella is in jail, and we
will give you five minutes to
decide what you are going to do.''
At the same time using very foul
and filthy language. So much so
that the ladies present in court
worn asked to leave by the prosecuting counsel while the witness
repeated the obscene language.
The accused then took witness's
safety lamp, which was hanging
behind the door, and told him to
take it and throw it in the scab's
eye. Witness then took the lamp
and laid it to one side. By this
time the prisoners thought the
five minutes were up, and dealt
the witness a blow and sent him
senseless to the floor. One of
them rushed forward to get at
the witness when Mrs. Thompson
was knocked down with the baby
The output of the Canadian
Collieries (Dunsmuir) Ltd. at the
local mines shows a marked increase again this week.
The following are the returns
for the week up to last night :—
Saturday. Nov, 23rd,..1,066 tons
Monday,     '.'    25th,
Tuesday,     "    26th,.
Wednesday,"    27th,.
Thursday,   "    28th,
Friday,       "    29th..
1,223 "
1.163 "
1,18(1 "
1,145 "
1,234 "
Total for six days 7,011 tons
An increase of 1,025 tons over
the previous week.
The processions have ceased.
Red flags, fiddles and tin whistles
are conspicuous by their absence.
Instead of the foul and filthy
language that was heard on the
street a week ago the working
miners is greeted with frowns
only by the unamployed. The
presence of the police has prevented sarcastic remarks, and the
hounding and terrifying mobs
that surrounded a workman returning from work was stopped
by Chief Constable Stephenson
last Saturday, he having received
an additional force of constables
to be able to master the situation.
When he was ready he said
"stop," and "stop" was the
order for the day and has been
ever since so far as processions
are concerned. The mounted
police and special constables have
had the desired effect. The
citizens have enjoyed a little
peace this week, but the week
previous was similar to hell let
loose on earth.
Mrs. Hannah White and Mrs.
Ethel Douglas appeared before
His Worship Judge Abrams on
Thursday morning charged with
assaulting Ernest Haywood on
the afternoon of the 18th inst.
Ernest Haywood in his evidence said: When nearing his
home on thc date mentioned he
came into contact with a mob of
men and women carrying Umbrellas. The crowd numbered
about two hundred. When nearing the steps of his home he was
assaulted and continually prod
ded with umbrellas. He bolted
upstairs to get away from the
effects of the assault. Mrs. E.
Douglas held her umbrella over
him, saying in a sarcastic manner
"I like to shield a scab." Witness had some trouble getting
upstairs to his home, the crowd
being extraordinarily noisy and
excited, and calling him "scab."
The accused stood before him for
three or four minutes, hemming
him in. Did not know if Mrs.
White struck him or not, the
women crowding around him on
all sides and poking him with
A. R, Kerstead, sworn, said:
He was a blacksmith doing business in Cumberland and on the
afternoon of the 13th inst. there
was a mob of 150 or 200 people
around his place after Ernest
Haywood, who resided above his
shop. His attention while, at
work was drawn outside by the
howling of a mob which surrounded his place of business.
He saw the women punching
Haywood with umbrellas, and the
two accused women were in the
middle of the mob. He knew
that an assault had been committed on Haywood. The accused called him "scab," also
threatening him and following
him up the stairs to his home.
Ernest Horwood and Joseph
Willard, who were presenton the
street when the crowd tried to
mob Haywood, gave evidence for
the prosecution.
Chief Constable Stephenson,
who is in charge of the police
while this strike is on said that
the people here had given him a
great deal of trouble. He had
seen the accused in the processions and would consider them
leaders of the crowd.
Mr. T. B. Shoebotham, prosecuting on behalf of the Attorney-
General's Department, illustrated
the case very vividly before His
Worship, and asked that they be
remanded on suspended sentence.
Mr. T. P. Elder, of the firm of
Bird, Darling and Leighton, of
Nanaimo, appeared on behalf of
The magistrate in rendering
his decision said he deeply re-
gretted^ the unpleasant feeling
that existed here, and would take
the advice of the prosecuting attorney and let them out on suspended sentence.
Committed to Stand Trial at the
Next  Court of  Competent
Jurisdiction at Nanaimo.
in her -arms. Then a general
mix-up ensued, and Mrs. Thompson recovered sufficiently to try
and get out to call the police, but
was stopped by one of the accused. Finally she got out after
being crushed at the door and
witness freely using a club. She
called the police, Who appeared
on the scene and arrested the
four mentioned.
Isabella Thompson, wife of the
previous witness, gave evidence
of a similar nature.
Constables Jewitt and Reid
gave evidence of Thompson and
his wife being in an excited condition at the time they were called.
The magistrate, after hearing
the evidence, decided to send the
four accused up for trial at the
next court of competent jurisdiction. Warrants of commitment
have been made out and they
will be taken to Nanaimo to
await their trial.
On Thursday afternoon the
Thomas Tapella case came up
before Judge Abrams in the Provincial Police Court. The accused
was charged: That Thomas Tap-
pella, of Cumberland, in the
County of Nanaimo, on the 18th
day of November instant, together with three or more persons did
assemble together for a common
purpose, and whilst so assembled
did conduct themselves in such a
manner as to cause persons in
the neighbourhood of such assembly to fear, on reasonable
grounds, that the persons so
assembled would disturb the
peace tumultously, contrary to
the provision of Section 87 of the
Criminal Code of Canada.
Arthur R. Kerstead was the
first witness for the prosecution.
He said on the afternoon of the
18th day of November a mob or
crowd numbering about two hun>
dred gathered around his place
of business, shouting "Scab'
and using foul language, when
the crowd made a rush for the
stair after Haywood. He came
out and saw Tapella the accused
who seemed to be the worst
amongst them. He spoke to the
crowd and asked them to please
go away as he was not connected
with the strike in any way. The
accused then opend up on witness
and called him filthy names,
threatening tp blow his brains out
and ordered him into the shop,
and that he would shoe no more
horses in Cumberland. After
the crowd went away the accused
came back and repeated the
statement in a sharp tone that he
would blow my brains out, and
pitched into me in general. The
crowd evidently wanted me to
fire Haywood out of his rooms
because he was working for the
coal company.
Matilda Kerstead, wife of the
first witness, told the court about
the disorderly conduct of the
Thomas D. McLean, jeweller,
gave evidence as to the screaming and shouting. He said he
dropped his work and ran to see
what was the matter. He saw
the crowd of women chasing a
workman and hitting him with
umbrella, while the mob was
shouting: "Hit-him, strike him,"
in loud and angry voices. Mc
Lean said he saw Kerstead standing on his own property while
Tapella was on the street. Kerstead asked the accused to go
away and be quiet as his wife
was very nervous. Tapella replied he would blow Kerstead,
his buildings, and all the other
scabs to hell. They got frightened and thought something serious
would happen, when McLean
telephoned Mayor McLeod to
come down right away or there
may be murder in town.
Ernest Haywood gave evidence.
The Magistrate asked the
accused if he had anything to say,
to which he replied through counsel, Mr. T. P. Elder, of Bird,
Leighton and Darling, that he
had nothing to say.
Tappella was committed to
stand his trial at the next court
of competent jurisdiction. He was
taken to Nanaimo by the police
this morning.
The appended statement appeared in a recent issue of the
Ladysmith Chronicle:
"As there has been a rumor
persistently circulated that the
U.M.W. of A. had no money to
support the striking miners here
and elsewhere, and being in close
touch with Mr. Irvine, the financial agent of the union, I am taking the trouble to deny the rumor
and give the facts as I know them
and have proof in my possession.
On Friday, the Hth inst., Mr.
Irvine received a cheque for $5,-
000 for relief purposes. On Sunday, the 16th, a telegram received
by him from Edwin Perry, the
National Secretary-Treasurer of
the organization informed him
that $5,000 additional had been
wired him, and another $5,000 in
the mails. Before depositing this
money, Mr. Irvine had to his
credit in the union's bank on the
island $5,439.75. This should lay
the fearful phantom of bankruptcy that has been let loose on the
people. We can continue this
fight indefinitely, if necessary,
having the support of 500,000 men
at our back.
"Everything is quiet at Cunv
berland in spite of the import*
tion of 100 provincial police. The
men are .doing everything in their
power to preserve order. The
coal output is very limited and is
nothing like what the company's
agent's state.
Sec. U.M.W. of A.
David Irvine may have received
the various amounts mentioned
I above. But supposing he has,
what does that amount to distributed between the men out of
work at Cumberland and Ladysmith and the women and children depending on them after
being on a holiday for almost
three months. We would ask him
what it would amount to per day.
The pay roll in this place alone,
while these members of the U.M.
W. of A. have been having a good
their good time as they call it,
would amount to almost half a
million of money. Yet Mr. Mc
Kenzie takes the trouble to deny
the rumor that the U.M.W. of A.
has a depleted treasury. The request for funds appeared in their
own official organ. He says they
can continue the fight indefinitely
with 500,000 men at their back.
Does he think for a moment that
those men are going to support
the U.M.W. of A. on Vancouver
Island knowing that they have
already met their Waterloo by
the method they adopted at the
commencement of this trouble.
The local president, long before
the trouble arose, said, with outstretched arms on the playground
of this city, that the U.'M. VV. of
A. would not stand for discrimination. That was the only point
at issue at that time. Before the
holiday lasted a week it was
proved conclusively through the
columns of this paper that no discrimination existed. Frank Far-
ingdon, a member of the national
executive board, when asked by
a representative of this paper
what is the issue that the U.M.
W. of A. has to lay before the
management in the event of their
being able to obtain an interview
he said he knew of no particular
issue. He either tried to evade
the issue or refused to divulge it.
He also said the Canadian Collieries may wipe the U. M. W. of A.
off the island, but they wont do
it without a fight. What reasonable man would continue a fight
knowing he has hopelessly lost.
Mr. Hickling, of Fletcher Bros,
was in town this week.
Hugh Miller's residence at
Happy Valley was totally destroyed by lire last Sunday morning.
About Twenty-five Sticks of Dy-
damite Placed Under Bridge
by Unknown Persons.
An attempt was made by some
unknown person to blow up the
Trent River bridge on Wednesday evening. The had evidently
secured about twenty-five sticks^
of dynamite and placed it under
the bridge, attached a long piece
of fuse, which may have extended into the woods, which they
lighted. It being a clear and
frosty night the dynamite must
have frozen, and by the time the
lighted fuse had reached the cap
the dynamite just burnt up in
place of exploding, as it would
have done under ordinary conditions, and destroyed the bridge.
As it is one of the uprights is
burnt from the effects of the fire
caused by the burning of the
dynamite. The bridge is situated
about four mile from Union Bay,
and crosses the Trent River with
about 120 feet of a span and is
35 feet high. The Canadian
Collieries coal track runs over the
bridge from Cumberland to Union
Bay. It was undoubtedly the
intention of the perpetrators to
blow up the bridge to prevent the
Coal Company's locomotives from
hauling coal to Union Bay, the
shipping point for the Canadian
Collieries (Dunsmuir) Ltd.
Ladysmith Men Sign Agreement
The Ladysmith Chronicle prints
the following statement:—A representative of the Chronicle in
conversation with Mr. Cunningham, was informed that the
Cumberland situation is improving every day. The output is
being increased as fast as the
demands of the market warrant
it and at present it is upwards of
1,000 tons. Mr. Cunningham
stated that as soon as the Cumberland mines were unable to
meet the demand the Extension
mines-will be opened again. Already a number of men desiring
to resume work at Extension as
soon as operations have commenced have put in their applications and signed the company's
agreement. No. 1 mine will be
opened first, and then a section
of No. 2 mine; but No. 3 mine
cannot resume work for some
time until the ventilation conditions are improved there.
Mr. Cunningham stated further
that the output at Cumberland
Monday amounted to 1256 tons.
Youth's Companion
The youth's Companion appeals
to every interest of family life,
from housekeeping to athletics.
It begins with stories of youthful
vim and vigor, with articles which
disclose the secrets of successful
play in the great games, with
charming tales of life at the girls'
colleges, But The Companion
does not surrender these readers
when they have entered the more
serious paths of life. Mothers
will welcome the page for little
children and the weekly doctor's
article. Fathers will find the
important news of the day as il
is, and not as it is rumored to be.
The entire household will appreciate the sketches which touch
gently on common foibles or caricature eccentricity. In short, for
less than live cents a week The
Companion brings into the home
clean entertainment, pure inspiration, fine ideals, increase of
Names rarely seen in tables of
contents will he found in The
Companion's announcement for
1913, which will be sent upon
request with samples of the
paper, to those not familiar with
Every new subscriber for 1913
who sends $2.25 will receive free
til the issues for the remaining
weeks of 1912; also, free, The
Companion window transparency
and Calendar for 1013, in rich,
translucent colors - the most
beautiful of all Companion souvenirs.
Tlio Youth's Companion, 141
Berkeley St., Boston, Mas3.
Mr. and Mrs. James Abrams
returned by Wednesday's boat.
Thomas Bickle and his daughter
Miss Louisa Bickle arrived by
Tvesday evening's train.
Wilson R. Dunn, manager of
this paper, returned from a visit
to Nanaimo and Vancouver by
Wednesday evening's train.
John Thompson has been appointed assistant overman for the
Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir)
Ltd. at No. 6 mine.
For Sale—Team of general purpose mares, also colt, rising 2
years. Apply J. O. LUCAS,
Hornby Island.
Twenty - five mounted police
arrived in Cumberland on Tuesday, and paraded the streets in
the afternoon with a good effect.
Mr. and Mrs. James Abrams
left by the SS Cowichan on Sunday for Vancouver, to attend the
funeral of their son-in-law, J. W.
Little, who died while undergoing an operation.
Frank Faringdon, of Springfield, Illinois, and a member of
the National Executive Board of
the U. M. W. of A., went South
by Sunday's Cowichan, accompanied by David Irvine, international organizer.
James Conners, Jonathan Taylor, John Hall, and Richard Goodwin were arrested on Saturday,
the 23rd inst., by the Provincial
Police for creating a disturbance
at the house.of John Thompson,
a fire boss, working at No. 6
Mine. .  .
Peter Shearer was arrested on
Monday afternoon for assaulting
John Murdock, The prisoner
appeared before Wesley Willard
and Joseph Shaw, J. I's., in the
Provincial Police Court on Tuesday morning. The accused pleaded guilty to the charge. The presiding magistrate gave him a
severe dressing down, informing
him that the next offence would
be followed by imprisonment.
Fined ten dollars and costs. He
paid the fine.
Saturday morning the 23rd inst.
Thomas Tapalla, who had been
arrested the evening before, appeared before James Abram, sti-
pendary magistrate, in the Provincial Police Court, and was
remanded until Thursday. Bail
was allowed, himself in $500 and
two securities in $500 each.—
Hannah White and Ethel Douglas
were charged with assaulting
Ernest Haywood while returning
from work. They were also remanded until the same date.
Several of the citizens of Cumberland were in sympathy with
the suffragette movement even
after having read their tactics in
London towards Churchill antl
Asquith, but after seeing for
themselves in reality the actions
perpetrated by women in this
community carrying red flags,
lifting up their skirts, and dancing the Highland Fling, in a procession of women to the tune of
a fiddle, they are nn longer in
avor of suffragettes but scorn
the idea.
In thc presence of a large and
distinguished gathering including
the Lord Provost of Glasgow and
many other prominent men and
representatives of the British
Admiralty the new Canadian
line, "Empress of Asia," was
christened on Saturday by Mrs.
Bosworth at Fairfield shipyards.
The vessel glided gracefully into
thc water alongside the "Empress
of Russia." The ships are considered hy experts to be tho finest
piece of marine architecture
hitherto built, and it is believed
they will create a sensation when
placed in thc Pacific service. THE   ISLANDER,   CUMBERLAND.   B. C.
large Body—Long Slenves.     Just
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lWinslow's Bootiiinq Syrup hm been
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^'uL'oty-liveccatua bottle.
Sappho Up to Data
Knconraged by succosb in tho small
Uftin*. ;. budding manager decided tn
tftfct   nal   a  Snppho  company   for a
tat.r -.-' un' second class cities.
Tr- play ii  right we will  have to
«ttrrv oui own stairway, his sLig« man-
•fer told him.
Stairway nothing, replied t.ho man-
Mer, this i.s going tu bo a city show.
«iier. an elevator.
! By the Rev.  Forbes Phillips. Author
of "Cassock and Comedy," etc.
! To discover suddenly that you are
.distributing a pack of ordinary play-
1 lug cards among your congregation
j i.s dlsconcorting enough, It happened to a clergyman once.
The old'man was fond of a quiet
game of patience, und had slipped a
pack into his cassock-pocket, for a
lonely game In tho vestry, where he
hnd some time to wait after the ser-
j vice, before; taking a wedding. Juat
before giving out tiis text, he had occasion to use iiis handkerchief. lie
pulled ft out With a jerk. The next
momenit his cards were fluttering
tlown from the pulpit to the p'ews.
On ono occasion, just before t.ho
sermon, a curate noticed that the
electric llghl was fading. lie entered the pulpit quickly, then calmly gave
out tiie text: "And there was darkness." Three seconds afterwards
thore was, for the electric light was
extinguished altogether, but the peoplo thought tt had heen done purposely. The humor of the situation was
forthcoming In nn angry latter from
the bishop to the curate,, demanding
to know what new ritualistic idea was
A cathedral dignitary in the North
had left him by his great uncle, an
Irish dean, among other things a
number of sermons In manuscript.
One Sunday morning he preached
one of these, and the congregation,
wene startled and amused by hearing
him say: I remember being fn Klor-
elico In the year 17!>2. There was
a slight titter. "Says the Dean of St
Patrick's," added the preacher with
a smile. Another Sunday he spoke
of thn "beneficent rulo of our sovereign, George IV," but with a slight
cough he corrected this saying: "Victoria,  by  tho grace of God!"
A young minister, on his way to
a oamp meeting, stopped and bought
a couple nf meat-pios, which he put
In his frock coat, A hungry dog, attracted by the scent, followed, making snaps at Ills tails. Arriving at
tbe'gathering, lie ascended the wagon,
and began his discourse. A worthy
eider tugged his coat-tail at the end
of halt" an hour; Mien lie tugged again,
Just to remind him that he wa.s exceeding his time.
A few more seconds, and tho official pulled the preacher's coat-tall
onco more. This time he received n
had: kick from the young minister.
Without looking round, the minister
began an explanation. The fnct is,
ho snid, I have two pork pies in my
pocket, and that beast, has been trying
to get them for the last hour.
A dear old country parson was taking a holiday with, a rich old rector.
Ono Sunday morning his hosl said:
Mow fortunate you are here! There's
a message frum the next palish. The
vicar is ill. Will you take his place?
I don't mind taking the service, but
[ have no aermon with me, he said
That's all right! was the reply. Help
yourself to one of mine—which he
did Later he found himself preaching a sermon on the "Value of Time."
He was a nervous man. Presently
to his consternation, he discovered
that he wai offering to givo a clock
to thiB particular church.
The preacher perspired, lost his
head, and went on committing himself
wholly to a somewhat generous re-
sponslbility, He comforted himself
with the Idea of explaining matters
afterwards, but when he entered the:
vestry, the churchwarden seized his:
hand. Fortunate thing nur vicar Is
taken ill. We have wanted a clock
iu this village for years.
Meanwhile the news had spread far
and wide, and a grateful people cheered him as he drove away. He gave,
tlio clock. There was no other solu-!
Uon to the problem.
,    Too Much Competition
I have deolded to quit smoking said
Mr. Biggins, seriously.
Doctor's orders?
No. I'm tirori of hearing thn var-
Sou., members of my family wrangling
qmr vm- Kind of pictures nnd certifl-
xatrs 1 ahull be competed to collee'..
How It Feels   to Fly
Dr. von Schrotter, a doctor practicing in Vienna, describes the curious sensation? encountered by aviators when in the air.
He says tiat apart from the strain
on the nervous and physlcnl organs,
the sudden change of the pressure of
Llie atmosphere, and consequently of
lis oxygen component, affects the circulation as tho gradunl ascent lu
mountain climbing does.
The powerful draught causes a keen
sensation of cold, which is tho flrst
symptom complained of, and deafness
is very soon experienced. The reduced
BUpply of oxygen caused hy the rapid
movement and the fall of the atmospheric pressure gives rise to vomiting nnd visual hallucination...
A dangerous and frequent symptom
is the desire for sleep, occurring some
time during flying, In spite of the
aviator's strenuous efforts to keep
A very unpleasant sensation is that
of dizziness caused by the altitude of
the aeroplane, tlin result being that
objects on thft ground appear to be
distorted, displaced, or In rapid unwonted movement, and that the aviator Ir often at a loss a? to h's actual
position. Perhaps this condition is
responsible for Inexplicable falls of
aeroplanes from a moderate height,
Sometimes tho aviator does not know
whether ho Is In tho horizontal position or not. especially when he is surrounded by clouds.
The late Mr. Latham told Dr. von
Schrotter that on one occasion he was
completely bewildered after a few
minutes' experience of this kind, and
camo to the ground without his knowledge. It Is belloved that flying may
easily cause a nervous breakdown.
Rates and the Cost of Living
A citizen of Woe tern Canada Is
breakfasting at an Ottawa hotel on
bread and butter, bacon, eggs and
coffee. Tho waiter hands him the
bill,,which Is more than it used to he
when be was thete a few years ago,
and. of course, he lays the blame on
rail rates,
Let us consider the facts. The
rate on flout from Winnipeg to Ottawa in car-load lots, all-rail, is SO ceuts
per 100 pounds, say 60 cents for a
barrel of 1-86 pounds. Manitoba flour
being stroiu; and well-matured, the
Ottawa baker ls able to make I'M]
oaves, each weighing il,-i pounds, from
a barrel, the addition of water and
yeast accounting for tho seemingly
miraculous increase fn the flour. Assuming that our friend eats heartily
of bread, wc get down to this sum
in Hule of Three:—If the rail rate on
Lhe principal raw material of 11*6
loaves ls tio cents, what portion of lt
Is paid by tha consumer of half a loaf.
The hotel pays flvo cents or so per
loaf, but may charge him twice or
three times chat much for half a one.
In any event it Is evident that tlte
nil rate constitutes the merest fraction of the lirst cost of the bread.
That a barrel of flour sbouid be carried 1300 miles for tiO cents is, if one
comes to think of It, nothing short of
wonderful. In Kastern Canada it
costs 26 cens or thereabouts to move
a barrel by horse nnd wagon from the
railway statiou to the nearest house
in town.
The bacon is brought to Ottawa from
Toronto and the Canadian Pacific rate
for ear-load lots is 20 cents per 100
pounds. The butter and eggs come
from Smith's Falls aud the rate for
less than car-loud lots is 15 and 19
ceuts per 100 pounds respectively. We
need uot trouble ourselves about the
Bacon retails In Ottawa just now
for 25 and butter for 30 cents per
pound, and eggs for 30 cents per dozen. Onco more, therefore, the rail
rale is u wholly insignificant factor
in Ute composition of thc price, and
consequently ir. the Westerner's hotel
Here, however, we see the beneficent working of the principle of
charging what the traffic will hear,
which he savs is an outrageous principle because it means that the railways mulct the settler for all he can
pay and live. In reality It moans
quite the opposite. The bacon, butter and eggs pay a higher rate by a
good deal in proportion to length of
haul than the flour, In order thnt the
flour may bo shipped from Manitoba
to distant markets and leave the miller and the farmer a tolerably good
prolit. But for this system the Canadian West would still be to a great
extent a desert place.
Dragged Down by Asthma.—The
mnn or woman who is continually subject to asthma la unfitted for his or
her life's work. Strength departs
and energy Is taken away until life
becomes a dreary existence. And
yet, this is needless. Dr. J, D.
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy has brought
a great, change to an army of suiter-
era, It relieves the restricted air
tubes and guards against future trouble.     Try It.
Visitor—That's the village doctor,
isn't it?
Visitor—Is he a good doctor?
Native—Oh, he's all right If you've
got a strong constitution.
Minard's   Liniment  Cures  Garget   In
The Other Half
The parish tea was over, and the
curat* stood up to say a few words
to the recipients before they dispersed. He spoke in eloquent terms
of the impecunloslty of curates in general and then went on to say, ln apparently touching tones: Why, even
as I stand hefore you now I have ouly
half a shirt on my back.
A few dayB later the reverend gentleman received a parcel containing
half-a-dozen new shirts, accompanied
by a card bearing tho name of one of
his fair (though, alas! no longer
young) parishioners. At the earliest
opportunity he called upon the lady,
and thanked her for the gift, and then
proceed ed to ask what had prompted
the kind action.
Why? she replied, you told us the
other night that you had only half a
Bhirt to your back.
True, he answered, but the othor
half was In front.
Minard's  Liniment Cures Colds, Ac.
any., a. fcttx or six boxes ror $2.50,
it. all dealers, or The Dodda Medl-
t»lrw  Company,   Limited,    Toronto,
j  \:x.'.v:.tT
The statistics of French insurance
companies piove beyond question that
women live longer than men; nor is
the feminine advantage in longevity a
mattor of a few months, or even years
The difference is ono of almost a
third. Thus tho average age of
death for women annuitants on tho
hooks of ono company is seventy, and
Cor men a hare fifty. Another company has several centenarians, all women, on Its books, This company
lis now thinking of revising the tariffs
and making one law for tho man and
another for tho woman.
W. N. U. 922
Trying a case over the telephone Is
tho novel method adopted by a New
York coroner iu order to save time
Mr. Hellenstein, a coroner, took the
evidence of witnesses, listened to arguments and gave his decision without
! leaving his study chair.
An extraordinary scene was witnessed at Calcutta recently wheu a small
trolly, studded with rows of iron
spikes, on wnich a Hindu was lying at
full length, was being pulled through
tho streets. A large crowd was following, inquiries elicited tho Information thai the man was doing penance, aud was on his way to the temple of thc goddess Kail at Kalighat.
Tho Hindu had been several days on
the journey, and was in a terrible condition, Thu spikes, which numbered
aliout 150, were quite sharp, and thn
man woro only a loin cloth. He must
havo heen suffering acute pain from
the fact that his body was bruised nnd
lacerated all over as a result of lying
on the sharp nulls. Neither tho police nor auy passer by made any attempt to stop tho self-imposed torture.
Fully Explained
Look hero, stormed tho customer,
pointing to tho tureen, what is the
moaning uf that dead lly in tho soup?
I regret, sir, said the waiter, politely, I cannot supply you with the desired information. I am only supposed to serve tho soup, not explain
Uie Ingredients,
But a dead fly, man, persisted the
customer, a dead fly! How did it
I am sorry to say, Sir, replied the
waiter, I ha'-e no Idea Tiow the poor
creature met Its fate. Possibly it
hnd not taku. any food for a long
time, and fluttering near the soup,
found the flavour particularly pleasing
and, eating too heartily, contracted
appendicitis or some kindred ailment,
which, in the absence of an opportunity for the application of the X-rays
and the resultant operation, caused
Its untimely end".
Pertaining to Parks j
In England the first targe park open
to the public was Woodstock, formed i
by Henry 1, in 1125. Of modern
times the mott famous parks known
to dwellers of the metropolis are Uo-
geivfs and Hyde.
The former was originally' the
grounds of a palace belonging to good
Queen Bess, while Hyde Bark belonged to the Abbey of Westminster, and
became Crown property iu 1535. when
the Abbey was dissolved.
The United Kingdom, however, cannot rival America for the size and
splendor of its public parks. The
famous Yellowstone Bark, Wyoming,
consists of no fewer than 3..100 square
miles, and includes mountains, forests
and volcanic geysers.
Another wonderful product of America is a park built by a Mr. Duke, a
wealthy lohacco manufacturer, of
Somervllle. Now Jersey, lt cost
$15,000,000 to form. In It* grounds
are 40,000,000 planta and trees, and
the fountains are the most magnificent In Uio world.
Aid Trouble Disappeared   When   the
Liver and Bowels Were Set
, Right by
Yon cannot make a greator mistake
than to think that Indigestion Is confined to the stomach. It Is a disease
of the liver nnd bowels, and It Is only
by getting these organs healthy and
active that you can ever hope to cure
chronic Indigestion,
Here are two cases roported by Mr.
Skinner which will tell of continued
failure to cure indigestion by dosing
tho stoinac.il. Both were cured thoroughly hy using Dr. Chase's Kidney-
Liver Pills.
Mr. A. C. Skinner, Atlantic St.,
Hardwoodhill, Sydney. C.B., writes:
—"My wifo was troubled with indigestion and tried all sorts of medicines in vain. Hearing about Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, 1 got he."
to try them, and to our great delight
she was cur,?d. We would not think
of being without them In tiio house
for use when the liver and bowels became sluggish.
"I told n friend about them nnd
gavo him a box. He had suffered
from Indigestion foy years and tried
most everything he could get. Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills were alao
successful ln liis case, and he says
thoy beat any medicine ho ever came
Dr, Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, one
pill a d03o, 23c. a box, ait all dealers
or Kdniansou, Bates & Co., Limited,
Ostrich Plums In Jars
There is no place like a pawnshop
for picking up useful hints, said the
improvident man. Every time my
circumstances compel me to patronize one I glean some item of genera!
information that almost reconciles me
to the necessity of being there. On
my last visit I saw a man redeeming
ostrich feathers. Our uncle brought
them out tightly sealed iu a glass
What did you can them foi? the
man asked.
So tliey wouldn't spoil, said the
pawnbroker. A glass Jar is the
safest thing on earth to keep feathers
in. Moths and dust cannot get at
them. Besides, you can keep an
eye on them easily, and any trouble
that might have been breeding when
the feathers were brought in can be
discovered and nipped In the bud.
That hint 1 consider worth going
to a pawnshop for. The way things
look now nooody belonging to me will
ever have any ostrich plumes to take
care of, but If we ever havo any I
shall know what to do with them.
Vory many persons die annually
from cholera and kindred summer
complaints, who might have been
saved lf proper remedies had been
used. If attacked do not delay in
getting a bottle of Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
Dysentery Cordial, the medicino that
never fails to effect a cure. Those
who have used it say it acts promptly
and thoroughly subdues the pain and
Australian Government's Gift of 1,000
Speaking at a mooting of the Child
Emigration society nt Belgravo square,
London, under ttie presidency of Lord
(.revile, J. K, Jefferson, of tho executive committee, said that tho Australian Government wus so pleased with
tho society's scheme that they hnd
given them 1,000 acres of land outright, and 160 ncres had already been
taken up ln Perth. Buildings were
hf'lns erected, and they hoped to send
out. the flrBt party of children in September. They Intended that each
child should become a sharer In the
profits ot tho farm. He would not
ho paid much per week, but the balance of the amount he earned would
lie banked, so that when tho child left
them he would havo something to com-
menco life on. They intended, too,
to bring up tho children as a family,
and any taint of Instltutionallsm would
be eliminated.
The society wanted to draw upon
the 115,000 children whom lt had been
stated were under the care of the
poor law. They wanted to emigrate
them—both girls and hoys—to Australia, where thoy would be brought up
on the innd, which would ln future be
their home, nnd ho thoroughly trained
In all departments of farming. They
wanted to get hold of the children
while they were between tho ages of
eight and ten years, and keop them
until thoy wore 16, so that there
should ho no dangor of their bejng
exploited as child laborers. Alongside
tlio technical instruction would go
elementary education, which the Australian Government had promised to
give, and indeed, to erect achools lf
He   Understood
A Scottish duchess, and In ordor nt
a supper party n certain young dandy
wns sitting next to gain her good
graces affected a knowledge of tho
Scolllsh tongue, declaring there was
not n Scottish phrase he did not understand.
Rax me n sprnw o' that bubbly-
jock, replied the duchess, scarcely
moving ii muscle of lier face.
The exquisite looked appalled, and
then slunk away In confusion, while
tho commission was executed hy a
cavalier hailing from north of the
Tweed, The duchess wanted a turkey wing.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Dear Sirs,—I can recommend your
tlBm and Sprains, as I have used lt
for both with excellent results.
Yours truly,
St   John.
The migration of the goose trout la*
Noith to the South, aud agaiu back
Irom the South to lhe Norui, Is one
of the mysteries of nature which has
not yet been explained, but the big
annual excursion migration of Western Canadians to Great Britain. Eastern Canada and the United States Is
more easily explained.
The migration is looked forward to
hy all the big railroads interested In
the trnlllc. It was started ;!(> years
ugo and has been growing in volume
yearly since.
Hosts of passenger traffic solicitors from the railroads ln the United
States and Canada invade Western
Canada at this timo of year to point
out the undoubted advantages of their
lines with sure and certain conviction
that their revenues will be boosted.
This year the Canadian Northern
Railway is helping the migration by
strong arguments put up ln dainty
booklets, distributed by their agenta.
Theso booklets contain full information regarding the very low fares to
Eastern Canada and England, when
and where tickets may be purchased,
details of time tables and choice of
It all Depended
Fair Elizabeth irlpped blithely Into the country post olllce.
Now, I want to know, she demanded, with a tell talo blush, as she
handed tiie clerk a pink communication addressed to her lover, how long
it will be before I get nu answer to
this letter?
That depends, he nnswered. If he's
in Jail thoy will let him write once a
week, or maybe once a month only.
If he's dead broke he'll have to wait
till lie can earn the price of a stamp,
and 1 hate no data upon which to base
an opinion of his earning capacities.
If he's ill ln bed he may not. eare to
dictate his heart's sentiments to a cold
disinterest.m third party; and If it's
smallpox tlu-y won't let hlni write nt
nil; ditto if he's doad. Then again,
it he's got a new girl—
At which moment he realized that
the fair Elizabeth had flown.
Superstitious people ln France are
worried by the new method of counting the hours. Trains which start
at 1 p.m. (now thirteen o'clock) nro
much less crowded thnn others, especially ou Fridays. It is curious
how the superstition of thirteen
persists. Massenet never dated hts
letlers on tho falal day. Even his
manuscripts he numbered thus: 12, 12
bis, 14. By a strange coincidence
or fatality the great composer died on
the thirteenth of the mouth in a year
whose ilgur.s added up amount to
Sims—While in Paris I paid $3.75 in
tips alone.
Waiter assisting him on with his
coat)—You must have lived there a
good many years, sir.
The mother can guard her little
ones from colds during the damp, cold
fall dayB by the use of Baby's Own
Tablets. The Tablets act as a gentle laxative, keeping the bowels working freely and tli. stomach sweet—
that Is the secret of preventing colds.
The Tablets will not only prevent or
banish colds, but will cure constipation, indigestion, expel worms and
make teething easy, They are sold
under the guarantee of a government
analyst to contain no harmful drugs
and may safely he given to the newborn babe. Sold by medicine dealer*
or by mail at 25 cents a box from The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvllle, Ont.
An Oklahoma resident has petitioned the authorities to have all the
street lamps turned out by midnight,
alleging that his fowls feast nil night
on the grasshoppers attracted by the
electric lights. The hens are drowsy next da* snd do not lay.
A Helping Hand"
Mistress (hurrying frenetically)—
Mary, what time Is it now?
Maid—Half past two.
Mistress—Oh, I thought lt was later.
I mill have twenty minutes to catch
tho steamer.
Maid—Yes, mum, I knew ye'd be
rushed, so I set the clock back thirty
minutes to give ye more time.
At a repent birthday party a young
lady began a song:
The autumn days have come; ten
thousand leaves are falling.
Sho began too high. Ten thous—she
screamed, and then stopped.
Start her at five thousand, cried an
auctioneer who was present.
What the 03d Pilot Says:
"To steer a ship safely to
port is no easy job. On or off duty,
there is great comfort in Empire Navy
Plug Chewing Tobacco." THE   ISLANDER,   CUMBERLAND,   B. C.
hi nimtiMnin Mi-mi
A Gift of
That Were Thrown Out of
a Window
By   F.   A.   MITCHCL
Belli* Invited to spend lhe yveeli end
with m.v friend Mury .Morrison ut Inr
cottage by tliu sea, I wus uliuut start-
lug from the liouse when I received a
telegram, as follows:
Tiny will inset you at tin nation. Bring
ber uions.
I hml heard Mnry apeak of Tiny
Archibald, wlio rejoiced In the iiiiiiu
euphonious name of (iweiiilolln. hut
whose bnby nickname hml stuck to lier
through chlldliuud and youth. I Imd
never seeu ber, but bnd been told that
■be was • very attractive girl. Uut
how was I to recognize lier/ Mary
had nnl told me Hint sbe would carry
her handkerchief lu her left band or
that she would wear a sprig or geranium lu ber belt.    Doubtless she bail
and glasses kuows me.   Should he (et'
om at uur snitlun don't leave tbe ear
on auy account,   (io on lo the uext"     i
"This hunts mr." I remarked tu my. '
self. reudlUK Ibe note over a second
time to mnke sure I bud read It aright, i
I surveyed the geiiileiuiiii referred In
end detected him looking over the lop
of Ills newspaper nt Miss Archibald, as '•
It trying to make uut whether ur uut be I
knew bur. i
"Well."  I  snld to myself. "I'm not
having ihr companionship ot a young ,
Inuy.  but  I'm  having u  lot  to think |
nbout.    I  wonder whut be bas tu do
with It all."
Hut Miss Archibald kept llie veil orer I
bur fare, and there was no show for J
Hie mun iu claim an ui'i|t!iilntunce,
whleh I Inferred the play thot was
going on wouldn't admit. I bail « uo-
'ion to go und sit by hiin und ellguge
llllll lu conversation, wllb a view to
pumping lilm. but uu second thought
Presently, the train slowing up nt a
stntiou. | saw Tiny glance through
the window, give tier bund n quick lit- ]
tie shake nt some one outside, thuu
look meaningly nt me uud Rather her
belongings .is If lo leave the train, i
followed stilt She came past where I
was sitting nnd whispered: "It's all
right. Tliey ure on lhe platform. Coine."
Whether lo eume ur rsca|ie from I
knew um what by remaining on the
train I wns uncertain.   Curiosity pre-
spoken of Miss Archibald to me so often thst sbe supposed 1 had met Uer   T"lled' "'ll1 ' '""""'ll 0,lt J"at M'M
cousin ! Tiny.   On tbe platform were a young
I went to the elation eipecttng to Bud ""■" and ■ K,rl- Tln-' ■"', ,lle ™"»
a young ludy uu the lookout for sume •■'IW",,I euch oU"p wlth « lOTln« ,llou!fu
oue she didn't kuow aud lu order to »«>«newhnt excited look.
prepare for ■* little attention bought
■ome violets, which I carried In my
baud. I had uo sooner entered Ibe
waiting, room than 1 noticed au attractive looking woman walking back and
forth, slarlug at every man she passed.
Humor and
■r ovyecMA it. smrm    ]j
SMILK when ih* day ia Mutiny:
Smile in (lie lonesome night.
Ktiiiie when a fellow-* runny
And when he wants tn tight
Get busy with yuur grinning ■
When tlilUtfU ure httUflttd wrong.
Jt saves a hit nr Minim.:
I It pUHH (lie HlllJlw ulmitf.
The oh*b«*chearful fallow
I Ins round dim voire, uud noir
Wtth Ht'eenis sweet nnd mellow
Ma .s.ilily tells un how
Jle'H found lliu Keeiet clever
To put ii Kronen to ilu.lit.
A smile's tint mighty lever
Thut tips it uut of sikDL
At leu hi thin Is the Klst nf
The HOhg inme fellows, sins;,    v
If We COUld Ket the IWtBt nt
The wri.it with which they Ming
Their otnlltfiK dope Bbitui 'em
Ami -cutis tiel fur the tuiiue
We'd surely cense tn .Imitit   em
And Ret into the (Utile. '
The smtilnk's rtntibtlesa e««y
v\ hen ui no much per week
A grin ttiut'H strnutt unit breezy   f
Cuts KUNheH hi euch cheek,
But when a fellow h wnrKing
In trouble deep und whle
It'a html not tu be Hhiritinv
The grinning un Iha Hide.
"Where's l'*r«IV' he asked.
"Here."   She turned lowttrd mo.
"Thorn not Kred."
"Not Fred!"
There wag a.tnblenu not deserlbabls
"They sny It.vy I* lilllid"
"Mn.vim. hm h« in likely to hare good
teeth, ihrnitth."
"How In ihntr
"Love often leuds to mntrlmon.T. nnd
matrimony will vui uuy body'* «»>•#-
It Wae the Firgt Astronomical Time*
piece Made In England.
The dork at Htunptoii ruiirt pnlaee
derived Its iiu pleasant title h.v reusou
ot h MipH'Ntliliin Unit whenever any
one loim resident In the pniiue .lien tlm
('look liiiiiiiKlhtlely stops, It Is of recoil) thnt when Anne or |)eniimrk. tho
queen of .Iniiihm I., died the old timepiece wiih striking (uur and thut it
Mopped tiliiinst before (he insl stroke
fou ml eil, Sinee Hint time ll is snld to
hnve repented lln* irrist.v proceed(UK
vuch time n rtij'UI perkotitifftf within its
jurisdiction died,
Ai nny rule, the clock hu* nn Inter*
entity! history quite ilslde rrom ihln. It
wns the Ilrst llMtronoilllcHl ttiuepiecu
made In ttiifrlnntl. liehtK constructed in
)Mu for Henry VIII Thirty-!wo years
•tmi II was* hroimhl out ot a Hhed where*
In It had lulu neglected for nearly half
n century, and hy order nf the llieu
secretory of the utile* uf works it win*
re erected lu thc cotiityard oppiwtie the
entrance to the Mate apartments.
There is historical evidence to Ihe effect lhat It wn* luiili hy oue Nicholas
Crntxer, a (iertnun astronomer who
eume tn Kut.iatid et Ihe Invitation of
Cardinal Wolsey.
This old timepiece toll* the hour, tho
month. Ihe duy of the month, the position of the nun nnd the number of
dayn since the hejilmilnn of the yenr,
the pluses of the tU'Min and Itn ttjie,
the hour nt which It eriwses the mend-
Inn nnd the time of hich water at London bridge. The time required to wind
it 1* half nn hour erery week. The
welnhis have a desceut of over ollty
feet-Hat per'g.
The Lecturer Got a Reply and a E19
Surprise- at Well.
Mr. AIIhiii I*. Mun. the American
tfc lenllst who Invented iiicaiidcw-cnc
light (lift by Ihe use or 11 curbon tl In ment
lu u vucuutii. when he wuh tlboill sev*
euty years nf nue looked more like 11
hunker ihan a Nclendst und tu the subdued light of a lecture room appealed
ut a distance lilte u young KUMl
Some .veins njiu he iltlellUcd n lee-
ture In Brooklyn upon the Higher prole
leuis of electrical seleileu, delivered hy
it "professor" with ninny titles nml de-
(Trees, At tho clow tbe Npenker called
for commetiu und cHUcluiue from the
Mr. Mnn, who was nlttlhK well luck
In the hull nronp ami. quoilnu a loin:
Mtuteiiieut from the ici-ture concern I UU
11 difficult procokg. uKked it he had
heard It cortectty,
"Willi remarkable accuracy, nlr," iv*
piled the lecturer. "Tbey nre almost
uiy very words." _
Tbe Inventor then clearly hut cogently tore the lecturer** unjfiihient 10
plecen, [rrently lo (he latter's usinnish*
incut und to the amilsemeut of the audience. An tie nut down the lecturer
"I can hardly reply nt present. You
neetn to bnve some Information on tbe
"Yes," replied Mr. Man. "I discovered the process mynelf nearly thirty
yeure utjo."— I'eurooifa Weekly.
A Pair That Did Duty at the Battle ot Bunker Hill.
1 wai snre she ~»a the prniou I wat lu   In words.
nurat, ao I walked up tu ber, lifted m..
tilt politely and waa about tu aak ber
tt m* waa Dot Mlaa Arcblbald wben
ahe Kare me a meaning look aud aald
In a quick low rulee:
'Wot a word till wa are on the train."
1 1 TODfesn I waa anrprlaed. Wlmt
conld Iw tho nerc»nlt.r fur auch royaler/ alnce I wm almplj to eiii'ort ber
on a abort Journey ? However. It waa
ah* who waa maklnf tbe mystery, nut
I, and It behooved me tu du aa ulie
aold and Ond uut tbe cause when sho
chase to tell me. I relieved ber of u
antchel sbe carried and conducted her
to a parlor car. When we were seated
I politely Hun (led ber tbe violets. Tliu
day wna but, and a window wus open.
Whnt did she du but throw the flowers
out on to a side track.
Nevor In uiy life liavo I been more
astonished at tlm reception of a Rift.
The eipresalon on my fnre betrayed
bow deeply I felt tho Insult, mnl tliu
lotir hastened to explain. Rut the es-
plnniitiou only added to my auiaze-
"We arc observed." she said; "the
violets wlll eIv» ua away."
"Give us nway!"
"Ves; Mnry knows thnt yon were tu
carry vloleta, aud aha may have let tt
"Mary knows! Sha mentioned not titan by which"—
"Hushl The mnn opposite Is listen-
Of all the receptions I ever had from
woman this certainly was the most remarkable. Surely there was somolhliiic
missing tlmt would hnve made all this
clear. 1 hnve It Mury hna written
me a letter that I have not received.
In that letter she developed aoinethluit
in which I nm expected tn take part.
Tbe telegram waa supplementary.
"I suppose you know where ynu ara
to take me';" aald my companion In a \
low voice.
"I do." I replied, retiring within my-
■elf and determined to let the story
proceed without giving away the fact
thnt the ouly Instructions I hnd received were to take her to Mary Morrison's seaside residence.
"Wlll Arthur meet ui at the station i
er somewhere else?"
Thla waa a point blank question thnt
I proposed tn parry.   "I hnve not beeu
Instructed as to that.    Doubt leas wa ]
(ball be advised when we arrive."
1 "Pleasant."  I   remarked  to  myself. ;
"thla ease with which 1 satisfy the I
lady.   I wonder If I'll get nn aa well
with the rest of lb* queatlona ahe asks
' "I don't dare continue thla any long-
tr," ahe aald auddenly after Inoklng
through the car auspiciously. "I wlll
take another aeat."
She did aa aha aald aha wonld do.   I
"Why. he carried tht vloleta," stammered Tiny. .
It was tlmt for me to aay something,
and I did.
"There bas been a mistake here. I
expected to meet a youug lady ot Ilia
station whom I had never seeu. and I
carried some vloleta tbnt 1 propuaed to
bestow upon ber. This .vuung indy.
tbrougb a mistake, of course, uccusted
me. nnd we got on the train together,
when she threw my violets uut of the
"Oh. heavens!" eiclnlmed Tiny.
The yuung lady and the young man
"Never mind." snld tbe young man.
"All's well lhat ends well. Permit uie
to explain, sir. You have unintentionally got mixed in an elopement. A
frleud uf mine was to hnve met m.v
fiancee nt the station and escort ber In
nie here. She has missed him, and
since you hnve performed tjls part thus
far 1 would lie pleased to have you
lluisb It by serving as iny best man.
This Is Miss liorioii. whu is tu bl
1 buwed politely tu Miss Dsrton, who, '■
vainly endeavoring tu repress her mer- ,
ritneut at tbe ubsurd outcome of tht
iifl'nlr, relumed my salute.
"Come ou." said the groom.    "We
have no time to lose.   I bave a carriage '
Ho hurried us off to the carriage, be
hnd hia fiancee eugnged In ton serloua
« business to be nlfected by the ludi- |
cruus feature of the affair. Hut Miss <
Uarton was convulsed, nnd I boiled
over with suppressed emotion of a similar kind.
"I wander wbo got my girl," 1 re-
Miss Uarton exploded at tbia, and It
drew something like a smile to the lips ,
of the groom.   The bride refused to set :
auythlng to laugh at. ',
"Perhapa Kred got ber," remarked
"I trust sbe didn't throw his violets !
out of the window." I remarked.
At tbis the bride to be gave a nerr- !
oua little laugh and said: "1 trust you
wlll pardon me.   1 was very much rattled."
"Naturally. One doesn't elope every !
day in ihe year," 1 replied.
By this time we had driven to the
door of a pretty liltle church, where we ]
all alighted and entered.    We passed j
duwn tbe ceuler aisle to the chancel, )
where the couple were innrrled.   Tbe
hrlde and groom went ont together, I '
following with tbe bridesmaid.   Then '
we re-entered tbe carriage and  were
driven back to the station.    A  train
anon took away the bride and groom,
leaving Miss Uarton on the platform
with ine: she lutendlng lo go In tht
ume direction as I.
"Who la Mary?" I aaked.
I am Mary.   I arranged this elope-
Jusl Lik. Jaek.   '
J    "Did .lack wanl tu kiss ynu when til
! aaid iiumliiy last nightV"
l    "l-l don't know whether he did el
"Vim don't?"
"Didn't he say anythlng.about It?"
"No; be Just kissed me."
Must Be John.
"Ilow very ubsurd!"
"When did .lolm get home?"
"John?   Why do you ask that?"
"I   heard  you  sny,  'Uow   very  absurd;' "
"7 am writing to Mamie."
"Yes. and sueh a long letter. What
do you write about?"
'Aw. you do too."
"Honest 1 don't. 1 can aay tbe ew-
fulest lot you ever heard of about nothing."
"What Is your Ideal woman, Sarkaa-
"My Ideal woman Is one who alwaya
pleases me."
"Rut I notice that yon nre sometimes
pleased to he displeased anyway."
"Well, thnt's up to tha woman."
A Marlnt Curiosity That li Rapidly
Naaring Extinction.
One ot tht inrgeHt Usti mat hat in-
bn ni ted Ihe water* of the gulf uf Mei-
ico and the unulli Atlantic coast of
thi* country und which In almost ex-
11 net la known ae the manatee. It waa
found In went numhera a century abo.
and even a few yeara back rbln creature waa quite plentiful lu certain localities.
It In very gentle for a large Hsh and
enslly captured In heavy net a. wblch
nre usually stretched ucros* tbe mouths
or rivers emplylux Into the south Atlantic or the gulf of Mexico. Tbe Hesli
la very delicious and brings a high
juice, hnvlng a strong resemblance to
the wry fluent veal. Tbe skeleton la
valued nt VIOU. nnd tbe skin If removed
properly nud cured for by those who
understand Ita properties wlll bring a
like amouut.
This Hsh Is often from ten to twelve
feet in length aud weighs about 2.<nk>
pounds. It la ao gentle It wlll not
strike the light craft tbat bitppeus to
he nenr It, and when captured it shows.
no resistnnee wbuteVer.
It Is snfe to suy tlmt In tbe next
<|tinrter of u century this creature wlll
become extinct unless specimens are
preserved simply in prevent the com.
piete loss of one of our most wonder*
fui ae» creature:*.
It lives wholly on salt water vegetation and growths found In the months
of lhe rivers emptying Intu tbe sea.—
Mew Vork World.
Well Paeked.
"Madge, where Is my Imthlng suItT*
"I put It In your sewing bag. dearie."
"I looked In ibere and dldu't And IV
"Oh, 1 packed It In your thimble."
The season han its limits,
As you per hups may Know,
lou may cut lew In suounsr,  ,
But cannot shovel snow.
didn't mind ber mysterious actions up   _    , „   .. ,      .    .       .   , 4,
to thla point, but now to b. deprived ! mmt    H" ««*»««J*»nit<l at th.
of tht company on wblch I had count- j ""• mention of the affair,
ed wa. positively annoying.   1 thought I    Wt **•"** »to nMl ,r",n' ,n* '
1 would give up tny part In the play,
follow her and aak her what tba dick
tna It all meant. I waa rising to do so
when aht saw mt and with knit brows
ni a commanding look ordered mt to
remain where 1 waa.
i Tht train stopped at a atatlnn at j
which a number of persona got on. I i
happened to look at Mln Archibald
ud noticed lhat the had pulled a thick
Ttll down over tar face. I didn't think |
very much of thla, for tht car waa full :
•f duat. Not having any ont lo talk i
lo, I lay back and closed my eyea, A |
boy telling candles went through the !
train crying his wares. He ceased to j
thout at tbt tnd of tbt car where Miss ]
Arcblbald waa sitting, and not long j
•fterward 1 felt a lap on my shoulder. |
Looking up, there waa tht candy boy |
holding ont a pasteboard box to me.
' "Pcn't want any," 1 aald testily. j
lady at other end of tht ca'. aent
ton to yon, iir,"
I took tht boi, removed tbe Ild. and
thtre on top of aome bonbons lay a
folded bit of wbltt paper. Opening It,
I mad:
Tk* gentletnar la tkt wkltt teal
parted wllb her at my station, but not
liefore  I  had  received  permission  to
continue  tht ac>|iinlntauct  begnn  la
auch an unutiinl manner. ,
I   Wben I reached tny proper destine
! tlon I drove up to Mary Morrison's rot-
! tage.   8ht looked at mt aailoualy and
j aaked:
"Where's Tlnyl"
"Married," I replied laconically.
"Come, don't talH that way.   Tell me
j wby yon haven't brought her."
I lold (be stnry and wben I had fin
ished <rss Informed that Tiny waa a
pondle ' She had been left lu the city.
nnd a maid was to havt mat mt with
her a/, tbe station.
1 r,iet Miss Darton later on—nf course
I didn't leave Iter without inking her
address—and we enjoyed very much
'diking over the episode thnt had nf.
casloned our acquaintance. More mar-
rlngea occur between grnumsnien anil
bridesmaids thnn those officiating at
any other function, Mlaa Uarton and
1 happened to make one of these caaes.
Bnt we didn't elope, and there waa no
poodle to mil up anyone tlat on ou   ^ ;'ut",iYnt'w bMnTtTrigi*
Ko one ta happy during a rainy spell
hut the man who sella rubbers and
Tbe man who doesn't nwn a motor*
j ear makes an awful fuaa about tht
amell of gasoline.
runny how long It takes a woman tt
pur the houte In order when thtrt art
stockings waiting to bt darned.
Wby doesn't Canny Andrew tnrn btt
■ attention to those fatbera wbn offer
prtiee to thtir small aoaa for licking
boya tf t alat larger?
It la eaaler to know where yon atart-
ed fur than It la tt know whart you art
Never go hack en a friend;    Too
might want him to Indorse a note for j
you eoma day.
Many a peraon who has started Is
life aa a poor boy haa madt Just that
kind of a man.
It yon think a man haa no vanity
Just plart bim uppoaltt a mirror and
watch mm.
When his wife goes on vacation a
man la happy aa long aa tha clean dishes hold out.
A woman can get aa much pleasure
>nt of a new crochet pattern aa a maa
The Spell ef London.
The greatest ut modern French
porta, Paul Verlalne. fell Instantly under tilt spell of Ijondun, even though
he came to tt ns an exile to earn a
wretched living ns a teacher of French.
"As n whole." he wrote. "It Is very
nneiprcted and a hundred times more
amusing than Italy or Paris or tht
hanks of tbe Rhine." And ngain:
"The docks nre wonderful—Carthage,
Tyre, all rolled Into one." He deplored Ihe lark nf clean cafes, hnt nevertheless, "N'o matter, thin Incredible
town la very well, black aa a crow
and nuisy aa a duck." in Verlalne'a
view London had nn monuments except the docks. He Ignored Westminster, tbe Tower und all tbe sights.
Fur him they dn nnt aeem to bave existed.-Loudon Chronicle.
{ A Difficult Buaineaa In Whleh Speaking Tubas Play a Part.
{    In Spain, us Is welt knowu. a rigorous
t etiquette governs the Uusiuess ot love-
I mnking.    A youug mnn cannot liner
view his sweetheart without ber pur-
j ents' consent, and Indeed all cunversa-
tlon  openly  carried  on   between   tht
| couple must be In the presence uf tht
fair one's mother.
Mauy subterfuges are udnpted by the
lovers to overcome this difficulty, and
tht "reja"—the orntiinriiiiii Irouwork un
I the wlndowa of Spanish  huuses— has
i become une of the fuvorile trystlng
j places.   Modern life, however, bus lm-
pused fresh harriers.   If a young mane
sweetheart lives on the third dour ot a
city building he caunut very well meet
| her at the "reja."
In thla as in other spheres of life
' necessity Is the mother of Invention,
nnd some ardent lovers have brought
speaking tubes to tbelr assistance. 'I'he
senurltn, at tbe ttppniiitet! tioui. lowers
this to tier lurer below, and they nre
thus utile to carry on their luve affairs
with the assurance thul they nre not
overheard by the people un tbe Intervening flats, as would tie the case If the
conversation were enrried uu witbuiu
sucb aid.—London Answers.
Thackeray's Favorite 8,'oks.
,    In hcr Introduction iu ine "Hound,
nbout Capers" In the centenary edition
of Thackeray. Lndy Itltcble speaks uf
. her father's fuvorile hooks.   Thackeray
i bnd  nn old  Muntalgiie.  which  he hi-
: wuya kept on the table hy bis bed.   He
' had a second copy, still older, bound tn
wblte vellum, un the book shelves lu
his  study.     Lady  Itltchle cannot  re-
j member  tbnt   he  bad  any  pnrtlrulnr
1 feeling for special editions.   "Ue used
a cheap, battered old lloswell with double   columns,   the    compuulnn    wiih
whum, as he said, he could bave been
quite content to dwell for a year upon
that problematical desert Island.    Ue
loved his 'Don Quixote.'   Ue alao liked
hla shabby, worm eaten copy ot Johnson's poets.    They hod heen to India
and  back, and hookworms are very
coin nmn out there."    Mlllon's aonnet
lo Shakespeare In Johnsnu'a puets was.
: Lndy   Itltchle  adds,  une  ut  tht  last
things Thackeray ever read.
Uncle Sam'a Publio Printer.
The United States public printer haa '
charge of all business relating to tht
public priming and binding. Be ap-
points tbt officers and employees of the
government printing office and pur- i
chases all necewary machinery and
material The foreman of printing hns
charge of all matter which la to bt
printed. Tht following ara the official
bends of tht eeverm departments: Public printer, tecretiry to tht public
printer, attorney, deputy public printer,
Congreasional Record clerk, superln-
lendent of work and euptrtnttndant ef
Learning Hia Father's Business.
"What?" exclaimed lhe wealthy
Cleveland papa wbo had put hla aon lo
work lu order tu teach him a few
thinga. "What? Fired after working
ont week?"
"Tea. dad: I was discharged."
"What waa the trouble?"
"'lliey aald 1 waa too green for
"What waa your mistake?"
"1 paid a bill the Ilrst tlmt Ibe collector railed!"
"Aha! And now you see bow foolish
you were?"
"Tea. dad.   I'll never dn It again."
"My son, ymi havt aerved your apprenticeship and learned your lesson.
Toil may now come Into the office witb
me."-Cltveland Plain Itesler.
Tupptnoo Saved.
McAadrrws (tht chemist at > a. m.V-
Two penn'orth of bicarbonate of soda
for the wife's indigestion at thla tlmt
o' night wheu a glass of hot water doea
Juat aa wall. Sandy (hasillyi-Weel,
weel, thanka for ibt advice! I'll ut
bother ye, after  all.    (iood  nichtl-
"Pa." said tht young hopeful, "what
does dining a la rarte ineaur
The fntlier did not know, hut he did
not wish tu ahow tils Ignorance. "It
means," lie explained, "that la—er-it
means ruling lo a lunch wagou."-Ki-
Wtddarf Bliaa.
(Vlfe- so ynu dou t likt ny new
dress. Well, I'm nnt surprised. Yon
haven't half tbe taste that I have.
HnaliHiid isnrraatlrallyi—Our marriage
proves thst.-l/indon Telegraph.
Hla Competition.
"Now. Johnny," suld tht teacher arter aht had explained the meaning uf
tht word, "I wlab you would write a
sentence containing tht word defeat."
After a atrngglt whlcb lasted for about
twenty mtniitta Johnny tnnonnced
tbat ht waa ready to bt heard "Please
read your composition," Ihe teacher directed. "Whtn you git aboet dal'a too
tilt," Johnny read, "It'a bard ea dt
feet."—Ohlcago lircord-llerald.
Vary Observing.
Muggins—On you believe women art
more observing thau men? Huvgius-
Well, my wife met a friend ou tht
street today for twu minutes, aud It
look her two hours to describe wbat
thr other woman had ou.—Philadelphia Itecord.
Nt Taatt Far Thtm.
"I nettct lhat you always havt a box
at fhe horse ehtw. Art you a lorei uf
"Oh, dear, nol I'm a strict vegetarian."—Chicago Itecord Uera Id.
Wt know hett what wt art leaat coa-
acluus ot knowing.- Samutl Butltr,
In tt far aa yon approach temptation te a mat yat dt Mm aa iniury,
tnd If hi la ovtrconit you ahart hla
No* Thor Art Claantd In Peace fn XI.
Massachusetts      Historical      Society
,      Buildinn—A   Legacy   From  th*  Hi%.
tonan Prescott and His Wifo.
The most Impressive ineiuorlnln at
the imiile of Hunker Hill nte the hum
Htm ft over In Clinrtestnwn nnd a palt
ot swurds wiiii-ii hung crossed like a
I'un ol i-lnsiH'il liiinils over the ilisir n|
llie building or the Miissuehiuwtta 111*
loriiiii society.
Hntll those swords were used In tha
heroic duel ot June 17, 177ft, Hie oue 1st
llle f'oliiuiniiiler of the ptilrlut furrea,
the nther liy the cnptnlti of one of tha
llrlflsti wnr vessels which tiomhnrdr<J
Chtirlesinwu ninl protected the cross.
Ine nf the Kinftlsh troops. And foe
mnny yenrs these swords, whlcb hat)
not heel! Is'tlten Intn pluwshnres llftef
the Scriptural prophecy, tint which had
iM'i-ouie the symbols ot pence never the*
less, hung upun the wall of a greal
American historian whose fnther waa
the son nf lhe American commandet
nnd whose wife wns the gruudduiigh.
{ ter uf the llrltlsh captain.
It wns to these weapons that Thaclc.
; ern.v referred In the very first paras
graph uf bla novel "The  Vlrglnlana.'*
whlcb rends thus:
"On the llbrnrv wall of nnt nf tba
must famous writers of America them
hang two crossed swords, whlcb hla
relatives wore In the grent Wnr of In.
dependence. The nne swnrd waa gal.
lantly drnwn In the service of Iha
king, and the other won the weapon n|
the brave and honored republican sol.
dler. The possessor of the bnrmleaa
trophy has earned fnr himself a nama
alike honored In hla ancestors' ciunfrt
and his nwn. where genius such aa bla
has alwava a peaceful welcome."
William Hlckllng Prescott. author ot
"The Conquest of Mexico." "Ferdinand
and  Isabella," and other fascinating
histories, the grandson In his patents'
line of Colonel William Prescolt. wh
held the hill agaiust the British gren.
diers nnd pave the world tbe flrat tns'
of Ihe vnlor of the Continentals ov
whose wife wns the grunddn tighter i
Captain John Unxee of the roynl nnv;
who commanded the sinup of war l-al-
enn during Hie battle, was iht writer
to whom Tbhckerny referred
The only snn of Colnnel Prescnft ot
Hunker 'nil. named for his father, wna
born thirteen veal's hefore the hnttla
wus fnitght In Cbarlestown. This snn,
wns educated at Harvard, graduatlua
with ihe class of 1788. Admitted tu tba
liar In 17K7, he became eminent In hla
profession and accumulated n fortuno.
Ills wife was Catherine (Ireen Hick,
ling, the daughter uf n Huston mer.
Chant wbo wns afterward consul In tht
Azores. Tbe future historian waa their
Captnln John Llnr.ee on that April
Hay In 1775 wns charged wltll the duty
of cannonading the rebels and cover,
lug the passage of tbe British soldiers.
The British ships of war were moored)
at various points ln frout or tha
Cbarlestown peninsula.
Three yenrs after the battle, on Aug,
8, 1778, tbt Falcon waa sunk oft
Newport K. I, to prevent Ita rnptura
by the' French fleet under Admiral
Thla Cnpialn Llnxee'a daughter. Bans
nab Unxee, became tbe wife uf ona
of tha leading merchanta of Boston,
Thomns 0. Aniory, and it was tha
daughter uf Thomas and Hannah
Araory, Susan Auiory, whom William
B. Prescott married. Thus the two
tworda came luto tht possession of one
The historian had a degree of pri-
In his ancestry nnd liked tn dlscnin
upon occasion shunt these swords,
this respect  he resembled Sir Wall
Built.   The wcapuna uaed lu hang t>\
the recess nf the great window In bi„
library used commonly ns a reception
room, where they were the more nou.
opinions iHsausv of (lie thousands ot
books, ilie busts snd the pictures h.v
which they were surrounded.    It wnt
from the room or the scholar that these
ancestral memorials were removed fa
tht quarters of tht historical eurlety,
That happened In thla wine:
Ppon Ihe death of the hlatnrtan It
was found that tbe thirteenth Hem In
hla wlll rend thua: "I'he sword o|
Colonel William Prescott. worn by
blm In the battle of Bunker Hill, I
give lo tha Massachusetts Historical
enclety aa a curiosity suitable to ba
preserved among their collections, and
tht sword which belnnued tn my
wlfe'a grandfather. Captnln l.ln/ee ot
tht British royal navv. who commanded one of the enemy «ships during tbt
tame battle, I give liiinj  wife."'
When William H. Uiirdlner nn April
14. I8M). aent a Ittttr tn Itobert C,
Wlnthrnn. president of Ihe Historical
toclety, formally convoying the lnfor>
mallon tbnt tht awords were to be-
come the property of the Institution
he said aa to thn Llnxee swnrd. "Mrs.
Prescott and the other heirs of Captain Llnxee unite In requesting ine to
present at the same time In their behalf tbe sword of tbelr ancestor alto,
that llie two. enriched by all the mem,
nrlea wblch nnw Imiong to ihem, may
•rill haue fngether on Its walls."
The   letter  read,  a   cover   waa  it. .
muted from a packet on the officers' I
table,   and   there   were   Hie   swords,
crossed presninablv as thev had been
nn the library wall and aa tbey art
today.- Boaton Herald.
Courage la resistance to fear, ma*
tary af fear-not a btt net tf ftar. ■■
inn,   um.au ur,n   ■»< .iir»r,ni.A^u, n.u.
Published   every   Saturday   at   Cumberland,   ll.C,*.,   by
Islander Printing A Publishing Company.
W. II. Dunn, Manager.
Edward W. Bickle, Editor,
Adrtrti«iii|[ ratea Jiallished elaewliete in the papar,
Subscription prita $1.50 per year, payable iu advance
The eiiitcir duet  nut hold   himidf responsible fur  views expressed by
What the Editor has to say.
The policy of the Borden Government in regard to the
problem of naval defence will bis absolutely, consistent with the
■stand repeatedly taken by the Prime Minister when us leader
of the Opposition he opposed the Laurier naval policy, Mr.
Borden always insisted on two things, an emergency contribu
tion in the event of an emergency being found to exist, and a
reference to the electors of any measure of permanent naval
Speaking in the House on January 12, 1010, Mr. Borden,
on the day the Liberal navy bill was brought down by Sir
Wilfrid Laurier, took strong ground ia favor of, first, an
emergency contribution, and, secondly, consulting the people
on permanent naval defence. He characterized as humiliating,
degrading and pauperising, the position that Canada should
receive future safety at the hands and costs of the British
taxpayer. To Sir Wilfrid Laurier he said, " Go on with your
naval service. Proceed slowly, cautiously and surely. Lay
your proposals before the people and give them if necessary
opportunity to be heard, but do not forget that we are confronted with an emergency which may rend this empire
asunder before the proposed service is worthy of the name. In
the face of such a situation immediate, vigorous, earnest action
is necssary. We have no dreadnoughts ready ; we hnve no
lleet unit at hand. But we have the resources, and I trust the
patriotism to provide a fleet unit or at least a Dreudnaught
without one moment's unnecessary del.ii/. Or, in my opinion
this would be the better course, we can place the equivalent in
cash at the disposal of the Admiralty to be used for naval
defence under such conditions as we may prescribe. In taking
this course we sball fulfil not only in tliu letter but in the
spirit as well the resolution of March last, and what is infinitely
more important we shall discharge a great patriotic duty to
our country and to the whole empire."
The position taken by Mr. Borden and his followers on
January 12 was emphasized on February 3, again on April 20,
and yet again on November 21 in the same year. On February 3 Mr. Borden said that "to attempt to force a permanent
policy of this kind upon the people of this country without
giving them an opportunity of saying yea or nay with regard
to it, would be one of the worst mistakes that cmiiil be made
by any man who really favored that policy." Further on,
"What the people of this country want, as far rs any man can
judge who has observed the currents of public opinion, what
the people of this, country desire, is immediate uiid effective aid
to tho era/'ire, and to have any proposals of a permanent character very carefully considered and matured, as ihey ought to
lie considered and matured, before any sueh policy i.s embarked
upon, because there are a great many considerations that must
be taken into account." Mr. Burden expressed confidence in
the willingness of Canadians of French descent to join with the
English speaking citizens. "Thus," he said, "let our aid be
prompt and generous, so that it may bring to the motherland
lhe assurance not only of material support but of a courage, n
faith and a determination which shall proclaim alike to friend
and foe that whether in peace or war the empire is one and
undivided," It will be recalled that when Mr, Borden concluded with an amendment calling for a contribution suflicient for
the purchase of two battleships of the latest dreadnaught type,
the Conservative members to a man rose and sang "God Save
the King."..     .
On April 20 Mr. Borden ngain declared that "I regard
the subject of permanent co-operation by Cauada in the naval
defence of the Empire as one that should properly be submitted
to the people of this country before any plan of permanent
co-operation is entered upon by Canada."
To the People
of Cumberland
and Vicinity
We have small acre*
age, very good, abso*
lutely clear, one mile
from the New Mine,
No. 8, 3'4 of a mile
from the New Power
Plant and one and one
half miles from Courtenay.
Terms very easy, one-fifth cash, balance
over two years.
Drop us a card for prices or Phone 22
Mails for Dispatch:—Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo, etc.:
Tuesday, 7.15 p.m.; Thursday,
and Saturday, 6 a.m.
Comox and District:—Tuesday,
12.15 p.m.; Wednesday and Friday, 4.30 p.m.
Per SS. Cowichan, Sunday, at
2 p.m., and Sunday 6 a. m.
Mails arriving:—Vancouver,
Victoria, Nanaimo, etc.: Tuesday
afternoon; Wednesday and Friday nights.
Comox District:—Wednesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
Per SS. Cowichan, Tuesday
noon and Sunday morning.
LaNIi, Six aoi'PH olwired, 'JVm
iioros  in   Market  tinnl™  containing
Ua.pl'erries Nirawlicrrie?, etc.
Chicken House, Barn eto,
A (iood Running A'tt-cam  of Spring
Water right nt the iloor.
Also 200,000 leet of standing  Fir
A good rond will be built through
tlte property.
A SNAP—03 000,    ,?l,000 cash
Balance on verv cutty terms,
Edward W. Bickle
notahy public',
Island Realty
Fiscal Agents
Change advertisements for
Saturday mornings issue must
be in this office not later than
10 a. m. on Thursday.
FOR SALE-Holstein Bull, very
quiet. Price moderate. Apply:
Mrs. David Pickles, Denman
FOR SALE-Cheap, One Monarch Range, one year's use. Also
one heater. Apply Mrs Heather-
ton. Happy Valley.
roomed furnished house for three
months or more, and within city
limits. Apply by letter to "M,"
Box 430, Cumberland, B.C.
FOR SALE—A number of registered Yorkshire small pigs,
white. Price $3.00 each. For
particulars, write Arthur Du-
maresq, Denman Isl.
Barrister,   Solicitor   and '■
Notary Public.
Grocers & Bakers
Dealers in all kinds of Oood
Wet Goods
Best Bread and Beer in Town
Agents for Pilsener Beer
^*^K For absolute proteo-
^B tlon write a Policy in
Liverpool, England.
Local Agent
Cement Blocks, Concrete
Chimney Blocks a Specialty. Samples can been
at McKean & Biscoe store,
For Estimates and  particulars
write r
J. Lawrence,
" The Magnet Cash Store "
Given away
For every 50 cts. cash paid for
everything or anything you buy
from   us  entitles you  to  one
ticket after December 1st.
1st Prize, Edison Phonograph, value $28
2nd   '"   Oxford Double Heater *•».< $16
Phone 31
Cumberland, B.C.
Display Advertisements
75 cents per column inch per month.   .
Special rate for half page or more.
Condensed Advertisements
1 cent 1 word, 1 issue ; minimum charge 25 cents.
No account!) run for 'Sis class of advertising
Ladies' Waists,   Sweater  Coats,    Rain
Coats, Wrappers, Nightgowns, etc.
Men's and Children's Boots and Shoes,
Sweater Coats, Hosiery and Underwear.
You should see our range in these two lines before
' buying your winter supply, and compare our values.
We have the best line of Blankets on the market   for
the price.
Dunsmuir Ave.
Synopsii of Coil Mining Regulatloni
CUALi milling lighu of the Dominion
in Manitoba, Hiukntchnvan Mi'l Alberta,
tlio Yukon Territory. thnN rtlmmt Torri
toriee nud iu * portion of the 1'iuvijioe nl
British 0 lumbis, may he leased for a term
of tweuty-tine yeara at mu annual rental ol
91 an sore. Not more than 2,600 aorea
will be leased to one applicaut.
Application for a lease must be made 1>.\
the applicant in person tn the Agent or suh
Agent uf the district in which the right*
applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the laud must be
described by sectious, or legal subdivisions
>>f sections, sud iu unsu'vcyed >enitory
the I racr applied for shall be staked out by
lilMnp ictiit hiiu-elf.
Kuhapplication must he accompanied
hy a fee of ijio a hich will be rei und. d if Ihe
livhta spplied for are not avtilable, but nut
otherwise. A royalty ahall he paid un I he
merchantable output of the mine at the
rale if live cents per t li.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns ac
'Hunting for the full ipi'intily of merchantable cual mined anil pay the royalty
i hereon. If ihe ooal miiiiag rights are
not being operated, such returns shall be
furnished at least once a year.
The lease will include the ooal mining
rightsonly, but the I sseemay he permit,
led to purohase whatever avai able sur
face rights may be considered necessary
I rihe working of lhe miue at thereto of
For full information application should
he made to the Secretary of the Depot-
mentof the Ititetiur, Ottawa,  or to  any
Agent or Hub Agent. ofDomiuion Lands,
Depioy Minister of ihe Interior.
N.B- Uuaulhorisi d publication uf this
advertienmeiit will not b ■ paid for.
Plastering Contractor,
Cement  Work.
COURTENAY     .      -      -  B.C.
Successor i> A. McKinnell.
Ice Cream,
Cigars and
McKinnell's Old Stand,
Dunsmuir Ave., CUMBERLAND
Agent for the
Alex Henile'finn, Proprietor
Ent turn ten and Denton* furnished
on Application
nif. 18
Decorator, Paperhanger
AU Work Promptly
... Attended to...
Residence, Penrith Avenue
Cumberland,   B.C.
Sayward Lii>d District
Distriot of Sayward
Take notice that Leland Paul Covert,
uf Courtenay, B.C , occupation  farmer,
intends to apply fur pei mission tn purchase the following described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted at head
of Plumper Bay, thence south 12 chaina,
thonce west 60 chains more or Ishs, thence
following shore lino to point of coin mencement,' 1(10 aores nv<re or less.
Dated Ootober 3rd, 1912. 28 12
Third St & Penrith Avenue
All kinds of hauling done
First-class Rigs for Hire
Livery and team work promptly
attended to
Mis. Siinms will give lessons on th-.
p'auoat herb use in .luruBHluiii.foiinurly
owned by Mr. James Stewart, at any
lime by appointment, except  Tuesdays
Better known as "Peg"
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Auction Sales of Real Property, Farm Stock, Furniture etc.
conducted on the shortest notice at reasonable terms.
garbs «"rt §i*tot, $ltal (Sstatt Jlgcnts Coiivtcnaij, €. $.
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A   full  stock of Furniture, Beds,  Springs, Mattresses, and
Linoleums always on hand.
The Furniture Store"
McPhee Block
A.   McKINNON      Cumberlan    B.O
Viotoris, ri.C. THOMAS'CHOSSIN0, Cumberland, B.O
Phono 964 Sidney, B.C., Phone V 3fi. Phone 83
S.NAKAN0& eo.,
Head Okfice: 018, Fisguard Street,
Ernest T. Hanson's
Standard Bird S. C. White Leghorns. This flock hns been the
foundaiion of most, of the la'gest egg ranches iu tlm Cowichan
disirict. My wholo flock nf pullets has averaged 107 eggs per
bird in twelve months. My Pen of Pullets Uio. 19 is Fourth in
tin Vancouver Egg Laying Contest.
Breeding Hens for Sale
at $1 and $1.50 each
Until end of October.  Order now for Hatching Eggs and Day-Old Chicks
Ernest T. Hanson, Gowichah, Y. I.
Capital Paid Up $11,500,000
Reserve Fund, $12,500,000
of eaNAoa
Drafts Issued In any currency, payable all over the world
highest current rates allowed on deposit* of $1 and upwards
CUMBERLAND, B.C., Branch-   -   -     OPEN DA!''
D. M. Morrison,  Manager
Wm. H.Hoff,  Manager.
I ten I Estate and Insurance
Licenced Auctioneers and
We have a large number of enquiries for Acreage in
Comox Valley. If yon have anything to sell list with us.
We arc Auctioneers, see us if you want a sale and wc
will arrange one at. the shortest, possible notice and. gel.
the best prices. THK   ISLANDER,   CUMBERLAND.   B. C.
The Secret
By Alfred Wilson Barrett
Ward. Lock & Co., Limited
London, Melbourne & Toronto.
Dill !• h car- for lilm? Were his
fee lugs i'i any wny reciprocated? It
wa* Impossible for him to say. U
wns muoh loo soon after the terrible
tragedy o; hei sister's death for him
A Great Industrial City In the Making.
Directly across the streot the C.P.R are spending millions ln establishing Immense Railway Yards. Terminal Elevators, Round Houses Car
Simps, etc., otc. Besides this many other immense manufacturing industries have secured locations, aud assure employment for thou«auds of
Choice locations from J1T5 per Lot up.      Terms $25 cash, balance $10
per month.     Clear Title.     No Taxes for 1812.
Write for Booklet. Aaents   Wanted  at  all   Point.
To  Exchange—Automobiles,   Houses and Clear Title Lots   for   Farm
lands.      Whut have you to offer?
22 Cinjd.l  Life  Building, Winnipeg,   Man
j Kaston. nl   bri.   after   a    moment's,
I thought;   lull  shell 1 go In as :i ce e-
hrlty, or .i iri''iiil.
Violet Bmllotl nt hit doubtful tone,
Famous   Statesmen   who   have   Dono
Hecause ho has been u  successful i
  train robber, Mr, A, L   JennlngB of
to openly approaoli lhe subject of hlsj ' «'lll see -he quotation before I ana- Oklahoma, U.S.A., has been chosen i
dearest  iviolies, and she herself gavo j «' '**'» '■"< Importanl iiuesiiou:  bul   by his fellow-citizens to stand for tho I Now ho owns the State,
him no sign that oould really tell him  "0,h. ' °il»ect.   she   said.   Kus ton s  Important post of Public Prosecutor. They can't put you In Jail tor tlmt,
\ face lightened, mil tailing up a pen he   He was serving a ten years' sentence ! ^claimed the lawyer, sleek und fat
■ • ■ ' ''"' man In prison groaned a groan,
Advice Not Taken
Dou't eat thtt stuff, the doctor said,    I
Or you will soon be with tiie dead.   I
Bui when the doctor hud his suy,
The patient ate it anyway—
And he's living yet.
Don't buy    ihut    run-down   business. !
Or yuur career will shortly end.        |
Thus spoko the man who'd have his I
The buyer went his headstrong way— j
And now he's rich. '
You can't raise hay on such poor land. I
You'll starve before you get a stand.'
Observed the neighbor on the right, .
The fanner plained day and niglu—    |i
He's rich as Croesus now.
There's not. one chain,.' In ninety-nine
Por you to strike a copper mine,
Said the bent old man io   tho   fresh
young guy.
Hut  the youngster said  he'd  have a
9 0
Prepare Yourself
For Winter's Worst
Don't wait till you hove
caught one of those nasty colds -fortifyyourself
against them by taking a course of
Na-Dru-Co Tasteless
Preparation of
Cod Liver Oil
what hor beari aaid. Cn. m, sad,
llttlo reserved, hei manner wns nl-1
ways friendly it him; she seemed 'o1
no pirui cl his companionship und in
brighten Miei h' uamo but her sia-l
.er'fl death had evidently affected her
very deepiy, and ut times he almost I
feared thu it liad given hor u Bhockj
from whi h she would never recover,
ihut tlmr'-. won d remain u barrier be* shadows wp pnrsU'
tween her end tho every-day world of ed simply Kdn.
life and love,       And   then,    rarely,!    whal a flu
there wou'ifj come n doubt, u f/ild hope thoughtfully.
U'.at would mah   lili heartbeat faster,      Violel nodded
when it soemed uoi too mnd to fancy
that sho would soften and yield tho
return  thn: he longed  for, give hiin
the chant11-   to  speak  Ills  loVe.
But Eaa ton had nover seized ono
of thoso Ounces. Not that he wanted courage, bu.. that he felt that the
HFk would he too great. To fall
would mom .-. rreak In their pleasant
relations, ae knew, and at. present he
wa« cont -ri to drift, to let sooiety and
his atnbl"6ns go, and to spend these
hours wi'.. her, and sometimes tho
Ilnd old D . Arno'd aa a third, learn
1ng to know hor better, admiring her
tale face with it:, dark expressive
eyes, an'! dreaming of a future wheu
ta about :n wnto when In Bearchlng  when Mr. Roosevelt pardoned him
.ur an em.Hy place he suddenly stop-      , havp Bt0,    |B    ..., ,
cd  turmig ih    leaves, nnd looked declares the ex-bandlt, in his eleotion
rather cicely al some lines whioh bad  address, and l have ridden away with
•'",u;,u nw syp* ' <l Hed behind my sud die iu a seat*
Tlmy wor,. a quotation   from    ISd-jlefls Back.     Now my ambition Is to
m i  Burke- \ provo that I can be as good an ulli-
"Wbat  shadows  we are, and  what  otal as I wis a train robber
-and  wen- si>*.n-
saying, be
quotation vory much
Is very sad. 'though,
of 11 because It was (
It e.i.
Her?  ask Ml   Kaston,  looking  up  a
linlr surprised.
Violot  sighod.       Poor' little  Edu'fi.
sbo said.      My sister's.
It' Mr. Jennings is elected, as Beeme
I probable, for his graphic stories of
said at lasl; brigandage aro arousing extraordinary
enthusiasm amongst the electors, be
will not be the first ex-orimintU to bo
chosen to hold nigh ofllco in America
Tbere was onee a certain Johu Mor-
rlsey, a noted prizefighter and gambler, who camo straight from jail and
put. up for election as Mayor of New
Vork. At Ilrst t.ho better .class of
citizens treated his candidature as a
huge Joke, but they soon found that
■s. 1 liko the
(the said. ll
But I am fond
io "f her favor*
Kor a second tho Major looked nt K was no Joking matter.
hor, and then baok at Uie written;
words. TVn his bronzed faee suddenly turning pale, ho put tho hook!
All the thugs and thieves In the elty
were hia friends, and they rallied
round hint.     So, too, did the keepers
Ibere wo'iid bo no need for him to
watch th- ,iou- and rise to go when
he would Wi in gladly stayed.
But one day rate itself intervened
r.nd turned the course of tholr lives
Info n nov. path, the end of whleh was
destined to rem-Jn for long shrouded
In darkness and mystery.
It was an af'.^rroon when they had
hpfln sittii g together for aome time.
Violet Bro.ke had been playing to
Raston upon hor violin. Strangely
' notigh,   a most   unconsciously,    she
down and took- a turn up and down j of gambling dens and other even more
tho room. ■ questionable resorts.        The    police,
It happened that at one period in I sjrenge as tt sounds to our oars, also
his life In the Army the Major had | *"Ie,l WH'» hi'"- f°r they know that
boen compelled by circumstances to once he was elected they would be
pay a good deal of attention to the '. «lvf'n a tr™ hand ln their favorite
study of handwriting, one of the men ; occupation of levying blackmail. And
in bis regiment having boen accused j so ll eame to PaHB that ln the eud he
of forging another's signature.    The   *aa elected and an era of eorruptlon
set in that has probably never been
equalled In any city In the world.
Then  thee  is  Sir Jameson,  Bart.
C.B., better known, perhaps, as "Dr.
Jim," who, as all the world knows.
led the famous raid Into the Trans-
subject had Interested him, and he had
prided himself ever since on bis mastery of It.
On seeing this quotation signed
Bda, he had not connected ll at once
with Violet's sister, hut on her telling,
him that the signature was that of  vaal *n 1806, after the failure of Which
the dead girl, bis thoughts had flown | ** waa tried in London and sentenced
had chosen "for lie- uieoe'fhe" accord   at onco to the noto which lay at home  to ten months imprisonment       Less
! " ll !m his desk.     And tbe strange, wild   than ten years afterwards.   In   1904,
idea had come to him that the two j thiU is to Bay, ho was chosen Premier
handwritings were not the same.       j of (flIle Colony.
Taken by surprise and startled at      Hla was- of °Purse' a Political ot
pan!ment to the song which Eda had
Fung on tU'< fir-it evening in Orosven-
or Square, Aft"T she had finished,
both hi.d sat sib n' for a few minutes.
Violet evidently affected by memories
of hor sister nnd the past. Raston
eonfusod and pained at noticing that
tears had smarted to her eyes.
She rose rt last quickly, and putting
down her violin and bow, turned to
hltn with a lit'io attempt at a smile.
1 have been very lenient to you.
You ha\e. snid Raston. You have
boon a pei leet angel.     You—
Violet, Binlling and b'ushlmg a Httle,'
stopped thf. iMthusiastlc commencement of hi-- spiecl^
I moan, she hastened to say, that I
havo ki own yoM, one of the greatest
iHrms of the day foi- quite a long time
now, and 1 have uovor yet asked you
*o Join raj otber celebrities in my
quotation book. And going to a
table she t^ok u: . mauve morrocco-
covered voumi Now be good, and
T.-rlte me ,i ni"e long quotation, she
eontlnued,  handing him the book.
The Major looker' up doubtfuly. Do
you knots he sr.i.1 1 don't believe I
know one. And really I am not a
celebrity, not a genuine one. But
are there only celebrities here?
No. There ".re my friends as well,
said Vio tl. Ev ry ono that I am
•ond—every one- 'hat I really like.
But perhaps I'm difficult, for you
will notice Lhat they are mostly celebrities, afur al!
Do yotl like so fow people, then?
asked Ra-tcn, "lining ove- the pages,
lint wiih bis eyes on her face.
Violet nodded, Vory fow, she said,
1 hove wry f*w friends.
I will give you   a   quotation,   said
the thought, he had risen to cover
his confusion, but after a momont he
felt inclined to pooh-pooh tbe idea. It
iB absurd, lie thought. This is writ-
ton with a pen, that with a pencil.
This was written at leisure, that under
the stress of strong emotion. Naturally they would appear different. Beside
my memory has probably deceived
me, and tbey are more alike thau I
Still, nevertheless, the suspicion
troubled him and, still dissatisfied he
turned to Violet Brooke, who watched
him, a liltle surprised.
fence. So was that, which caused
Sir Charles Oavan Duffy, some time
Premier of Victoria, to be branded as
a felon. He was Implicated In tlio
Irish rebellion of 1848. a fact which
was afterwards to gain him the enthusiastic support—and the votes—of all
his compatriots in Australia when he
elected to go in for politics,
Another Australian Premier who
did time was Sir Charles Dlbbs. II"
served a sentence in Darllnghurst
Jail, Sydney, for contempt of Cour:.
Afterwards, when a turn af pV-r'un/s
wneel   made  him  Prime  Min'sttv of
Pimples So Bad
He Was Ashamed
Tried Everything but Did It No Good.
One Box of Cuticura Ointment
Took Pimples Away.
'About seven jnn aro pimples broke
•nt all over my face nnd neck. When lliey
wuuld flrst come out tliey would he big and
fed. then after a while tliey would turn white,
aad mailer would come out. Homellracs
they would Itch eo 1 could hardly ilttp. I
wee a.hamed to go down BttMt. my face
looked ao had. I went to severs! din-lore
and |ot medicine, whh'h di.i tne no good, and
bought ointment, ealvea and patent medlrlnee,
bttt none of Uiem would cure my feee and
neck. A friend advlied me to try Cuilcura
Ointment. I eot one boi, and it took the
pimple, away Before 1 bad It all i»ed up. I
ran «ay it I. a wonderful remedy. Any
■offerer who ba» plmplea ahould use Cuticura
(Hutment If lliey want a eure cure, f never
had any aoap canal to Cutlnira rioap."
Iiilgne.li A vlraer Matters, ftrklilll. Out..
Bus. 14.	
,   , , j New South Wales, he had lo nppoini
I have forgotten ray wonderful quo- „ r,ew Gnvern01 o( Darllnghurst. He
tation, after all, lie suld, Binlllng. Uut se|ccte,i for ,-„,., post the warder who
I can put my hand upon It at my flat    ,,,„, ohal.ge or him „„ a Iir|aoiU,r.
KL'lw. fow m'.nX,      W0"'      Edward Gibbon Wakelleld, aiiotlier
be more than a few minutes. j {moag   Austrillian   8tateaI(1'an,   v,-,ls
Of course, said Violet. It Is real- actually at one time a convict. Ills
ly most self-sacrificing of yuu to give 0ffence being the abduction of an
yourself so much trouble. \ heiress, a fairly common crime ln Kng-
The two Hats were not far distant! land seventy or eighty years u..i. iuil
from one another, and Easton soon j ono which the law always regardad
reached his dispatch box and taking'seriously ant punished severely. The
out the littl" pencilled note, examined: Australians of his day, however, wero
lt carefully. j many of them ex-convlcts or the des-
And as ho did so, bis brow furrow- cendants of such, and these did not
ed nnd he sat for some moments bur- regard his offence as reflecting on his
led In thought. , honour In any way, while the roman
He rose at last, his face pale and
stern, and putting the paper carefully
Into his pocket-book 'made his way
hack again to Violet's flat.
Unless I am mud, he thought, those
two things were never written by the
spme hnnd. They resembled one another, it Is true. The one hand Im-
ituted thn .ilher, and iu an ordinary
case the copy might pass for the original hut not with me! If Eda
Brooke wrote thai quotation, she did
not. write these lines. And if that ib
the ease what In Heaven's name may
not 1 have done hy keeping my find
ng of this note secret
ed lilm many sympathizers nmong
the ordinary colonists. On his release tbese rallied round hliu, and before long he became the most powerful political personage In the subcontinent.
Yet another old convict, wlio rose
llirougli politics to high honor in Australia, after having served out there
the sentence of imprisonment passed
on him, was Dr. O'Doherty. He
was convicted   and   transported   for
i lid not   wril.
I and with tho
ll   some  one
Intention   to
An umbrella made thief-proof by Se- j
Ing locked In such a manner Ibat It j
cannol be opened has been Invented ;
hy a  London   cloak-room  attendant.
Thei locking device consists of a metal !
treason, and on his release he became I collar one end of whieh may be slipped
a popular huro.       He   sat   in   both  down  over the rib lips,  and  Is se-
For 'if she  Houses ln tiie Queensland Parliament,   „urelv locked lo them   bv   revolving
And llie lawyer man left blm ulono—
Uui he stayed li Jail,
More Boy Wanted
The lillle mother was distracted.
Really, Tommy, she cried. Unit's the
rery Inst piece of cake you must bine
Nov, dtui't disobey ine.
Mui Toi y's objections lo this severe sentence were pithy and to the
Why? bellowed lhe greedy little boy.
His mother looked over at him wenr-1
Por Just this reason, she replied; '
There once lived a little hoy exactly I
like you, who went on eating cake, ;
till one day he burst. And his death j
was caused by eating loo much cake,
The youthful scion of the house pon-1
ile'ed this while bolting the remain-I
Ing crumbs on his plate; then—
I don't believe a little boy could eat
loo much cake, he remarked serenely.
But, darling, said the tired little
mother, he must have done, because
be burst.
Ugh! cried her promising youngster
scornfully. It wasn't that there was
too much cake—there wasn't enough
boy! And he stretched over for another piece.
This "bullder-up" Is rich In the medicinal
and   nutritive  properties  of   Ihe   best
Norwegian Cod Liver Oil—without tha
dieagreeable Uale.     It also contains
Extract of Malt, Extract of Wild Cherry
mid valuable Hypophospbites, which
lone up the whole system and particularly strengthen Ihe Lungs, Throat
and Bronchial Tubes.
in 50c.  and $1 CO bottles,   it
your drujxlsl's. j05
CANADA,     .
are worn.
Noted for
their Fit
and Finish
Deafness cannot ve Cured
br lu»l tppllrn.ttot.it. m ihty nnnot reach lho .lh
surd portltn o( lus car. Titer* la on;y one war to
turn deatneta, and Uiat la by conBt.tutu.nal remnllM
DeufntMB la earned by an Inflamed rondltlnn at tbe
muroua lining of Ihe Kiiatacblan Tube. When thla
tube la ludamel yuu have a rumbling aound or lm-
perh'Ri hearluc and wheu It la i>atlrely imsed, beat*
:«m ■) the rwu.t. and unlern the inflammation can be
taken out and .his tube i-mmrrd to Ita normal condition, titwrtufi i ill bt- deetroyrd forew; nine ?aa.ii
out of ten are caused by i atarrli, whieh la nuthlug
but an InRittuwI coxlltliin ol the mucous aurlaces.
We wlll clve One Hundred Dollar* for any case ol
Dearnem (railed by catarrh) that rnunot be cured
by Hall'i Catairh Cure.   Bend for cireiilora. frw,
F, J. CHt.NEV & CO., lolr<»i>, Q.
Pd.fi ny DniRiflits, :ie.
'lake Hall's Family 1'iili for eonatlpatluii.
drain commission Merchants Winnipeg. Menltete
Make Bllla La.ilng raid: Fort Arthur or Pert  William. Notify Peter Jon»>
Co.. Wlnntpex.
Liberal Advincea                              Prompt Petuene Beat Grade.
Yes. mtisol (lie thoughtful thinker,
It's a sure siRn.
What's a sure sign? wus askcil.
That when a yoiiiii; man begins to i
know that tie doesn't know as much j
uh he thinks he knows, then he begins |
to know something.
Worms sun tho Btrength anil undermine the vitality of children. Strengthen them by using Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator io drive out the
Lazy, or Not Lazy
A lawsuit was recently In full swing
and during Ita progress a witness was |
cross-examined as t'o the habits and !
character of the defendant.
Mas Mr. M a reputation for be-
Ing abnormally lazy? asked counsel
Well, sir, It's this way-
Will you kindly answer lhe question
asked? struck in the Irascible lawyer.
Well. sir. 1  was going to say it's
this way.      I  don'l  want to do the
gentleman in question any Injustice.
And I won't go as. far aB to say, sir,
that bo's lazy cxaclly;   but  If It required any voluntary work on his part
to digest his food—why. he'd die from
lack of nourishment, sir.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper
More About
The Loading Platform
The present generation ot Western farmer- wlll never know its.
difficulties anl vexation* experienced by tae!" predccoRBors In the
tarller years when no one coul.1 get a carload of grain shipped In
bulk except by loading it through nn elevator The system forced
the majority of farmers to sell ijclr grain to tbe elevator owners
at arbitrary prices, and oft tim-s to submit to heavy dockage and
other iinnoynnceB, camlng continual dissatisfaction. Now, however,
the distribution of cars as fixed by tho Grain Act and the use of the
loading platfjrm, provide faclllt! s which enable tho farmer to secure
satisfactory treatment In the disposal of his grain, and the highest
market price., at time of sale. -Ivery farmer therefore, should more
and more nnoeavor to use the leading platform If shipping his grain
tn the terminal elc\alors. It Is the Bateguard 0' the farmers' freedom In di.si)'i-irg of his grain to the beBt advantage for himself. If
farmers refr-.ln from using Ihe loading plnlform freely, lt might result In Its helng done away wifh, because railway companies and
elevator owners are strongly opposed to it. It i« easy In understand
why elevatir peopla desire the loading platform abolished. The railway people o-t their part say it delays the loading of cars and helps to
ensure car snrefage. ' Thle we know ts be nonsense because fre-
o'le.tiv after enrs are loaded, whether w'th grain, roal, lumber, or
other merchandise, they are «!d' tracked for days and even weeks
Instead of being promptly moved forward to destination. It Is engino
shortage and shortage nf rompetenr train men that mostly rnnsjs
grain Mockales on railways and nnl lactt of ears. T,et every farmer
therefore, ttn nil he can to use thi fading platform and become an In'
dependent shipper. In subset lent advertisements we wlll state ln
detail the savings and other advantages of direct loading Into cars
compared with loading through elevators.
We handle the farmers grain strictly on commission, make liberal
advances on car hills of lading, supervise ths grading at time cars
sre Inspected, secure tie highest prices at tim" of sale and make
prompt retu.'-tl when Bold. Wrlto us for shipping Instructions and
rocket' Information.
Thompson Sons & Company
Therefore Oh. I don't like to think i
whal naturally follows!
He wns soon again In Violet's pre-]
Did you lind it? she tsked smiling.,
and then noticing his disturbed air and :
set face, she stopped. ;
Why, what lias happened? slie ask'
ed. surprised.
The .Major looked at her for a ino !
ment. without replying.
(To be Continued)
else did. I ond afterwards filled several high of-lthc |'),rPP metal rings.      These rings
deceive, i flclal P08ta '" ,hat ™lony. | hear the letUirB nnd numerals of lhe
What is your favorite flower. Duke,
asked tho heiress. But I ought to
know lhat without asking.
Well, whal should II be?
The marigold.
Scorcher (to country artist engaged
1 in pnlntlng a landscape)—Rather rum
copy,  nln'l   II?      I  expected   lo  find
1 sonic artists here.     I started to come
j yesterday, hul I broke my chain.
i    The Artist (nol In a very pleasant I
; mood)—Oh, Indeed, and have you bit-]
j ten anyone yet?
Confounding a Braggart I bate llut'ery, she said,
seeiet combination. At ihe t|me w___ l.ouls Napoleon|    Of course you du, he replied. Every
  ; WM pros|d,,m of t|le French Republic! Pfetty girl does.
A Ready Weapon A-ainst Pain.— ; the commander at Ltfons was General j Then Bho drew a long, deep sigh,.
There Is nothing equal lo Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil wben well rubbed In,
It. penetrates tiie tissues and pain ills-
appears boforo It. There is no
known preparation that w|ll reach lhe
spot quicker Ihan this magic Oil. ln
consequence It ranks flrBt among liniments now offered lo the public and
ls accorded flrat place among all Its
i competitors,
t'astellane an old soldier whoso stern   "nd permitted him lo press hcr cheek:
rule kopt in check the riotous spirits| agulns* his own.
of thin disorderly city. 	
One of the most boisterous of lhe j    Blobbs—My wife thinks It's wicked:
latter was a barlier, who openly boast-1 f„r ni0 to p|„y bridge.
, ilio.
Sores All Over Baby's Body
"When my baby boy was its months
old. his body was completely covered
»lt!> large eorei that seemed to Itch and
burn, and eause terrible suffering- The
eruption   be{an   In   pimples  which  wonld
• lien aad run, making large sores. HU hair
fame out and flnter naill fell off, snd the
lores were over the entire body, caiislits
lillle or no sleep for babr or myself, fjreit
irahe wnutd como off whea I removed hie
Stilrt. We tried a sreat many remedied but
notlilnff would lielphliu, till a fri. r.fl Induced
me to try Cuticura ho;.p a d Ointment. I
tiled the Cutlnira t—>u;   ana Ointment bill
• flhorl lime before I C0W-J iee that lie was
Improving, and in ilx weeks' time he wm
entlrele cured. He hid suffered about SIX
week!'belore we tried tho I'nuntra tioap Slid
Ointment, although we had tried leveral
other thine* and doctors loo. I think the
liitkura Remedies will du all iimt b claimed
lm Uiem, aud a sreat deal more." (Signed)
Mrs. Soldo Tubman, Dodson, .Mont., Jan
21, Itl I.
CiMdrumRoap and Cuticura Ointment wfA
bTdruiicMts and deal.T.1 ewTywhere, Hind
to Patter Drue A cnem. corn., ts Columbus
Ave., Unilon, U. a A., lor a lilierui line
sample ol each, with 03-P, booklet.
W   H. U. tl.
' Reminded Him
I    Peck—You will nover get the do*
I to mind you, my dear.
Mrs.   Peck—I   will   with   patience.
I Von  were Just, as  troublesome yourself at first.
Statement Made That Old Thorough
bred* are Winning Races
In less Ihan live years there will
not be twn liundrod thoroughbred horses In the United States Ht fnr racing purpose,;, saya .lohn P, llyan of
Montreal, head of the Canadian National Bureau of Breeding,
The antl-raeliig laws have driven
out of the country a very great nuiii-
r  '  ' "»s and while there
are some few places left for the own-
iiiuu.a, me thoroughbred industry has been so largely Injured
that there is not a single breeder left
In the country who has any heart in
lily work.
The decadence of the thoroughbred
In America is shown by the racing
winning of stake races by horsoe seven and elgli* years of age Which live
years ago would not hmve been able
fit .,;n cheap selling races. I am
proud  lo say that Cnnada Is giving
. mt; encouragemonl lo the thorough- Including the High Court of Justice |
bred. The breeding burenu Is hand-: the Court of Appeal, nnd the Court of!
I somly supported nnd Ib providing ] Criminal Appeal, the toOtl' cost of thel
I lo-sniia for supplying Graft! Urltain l,nw Courts for the year ebdlng March
| lh* mother country with sufficient 1 ;>l _■. wns nearly ,$3,500,000. while the |
| ..orscs to equip Its army In time ot receipts wore aoim- $1,000,004 short ofl
j-ictil. I IM« sum, I
A free grant of 100 to SOO acres of
foiost land Is made by the Canadian
(Internment, on tho simple conditions
of residence and cultivation, to anj;
settler over eighteen years of age, in
the provinces of New Brunswick and
Ontario, and 180 ncres of land In Manitoba. Saskatchewan, Alberta, Yukon,
and some parts of Hritisb Columbia.
De Rich—The thing my uncle Iel
me In ills   will   Is   thc   reason   l'i
: wealthy now.
i    Friend  Jones—Whal   did  he loav
, you ?
i    De Rich—\n alarm clock.
In  Lisbon  the straw coat  lias be-,
' come very fashionable.     It la a rathe- |
[.cumbrous garment, but    the    Portie i
I guesc lind ibat lt serves excellently
lt.be purpose of a mackintosh.      Jt is
| made entirely of straw, and the wel
runs -lown Ihe Individual straws, and |
so ilrntts to the ground. I
Sophia (Benilmentnlly)—I dearly
love lo listen to Ihe licking of a clock.
It seems to me that, a clock has a language—you  mighl say n dlal-ect.
ml lhal. he only waited for Iho oppul
Utility of ridding the city of Its siern
The general heard of tbe threat, and
nne afternoon ordered his coachman
j to drive to the barber's shop. Leaving
his carriage, the general entered lhe
shop unattended, took a scat In a
vucant chair, and desired the barber
tn shave him.
Tbe asionlshcd braggart performed
the operation as well as his nervousness would permit.. Wben he had
finished the general, while paying
him. quietly said:—
"Monsieur, since you have not availed yourself of the opportunity to cut |
my throat which I have given to you
would It not bo wise for you to refrain from uttering threats that you
have uot the courage to carry out?
Maypole Soap
home: ave
Givei ttch, even
colon, tree (rom
itreakr and absolutely tait. Doei not
24 colon, will give
aay ihade. Colon
10c, black 15c, al
vour deeler'i ot
poll - paid wilh
booklet "I lew lo
Dye " bom
F. L BENEDICT I GO. Mnilrtll
Slobba—lt Is—(lie way you play Itl
India has 147 vernacular languages.,
tlu chief of which are Hindi, B«n-
gall, Blliarl, Maralhl. Patijahl, Turn
II, and Telugu.
Sn long ago as 1349, Edward III,
passed a Statute ordering lite sheriffs to suppress football In Ungland,
and thirty-live years previously t»
that Kdwurd II. Issued a proclamation
forbidding the populace to hustle or*r
large balls In ioe streets of the City
of ..ndon.
A sage and reverend gentleman was
examining a small school.
In thc course of the examination
tbe particulars of the five senses presented themselves. Now, children,
whal Is the car the organ of? the examiner asked.
Hearing, wus answered by many.
What Is Hie eye for?
And the nose?
And the tongue?
Mo answer,
Come now. said the examiner, In a
kindly voice, what do you say th*
tongue Is fur?
For puttln' eot!
My son, do you think lhls kind of
life will pay your
No, father: but I'm hoping you wlllf
Take in Time
the proper help to rid your syslcis
of thc poisonous bile which causer
headaches, flatulence and discoid-
fort. Hy common consent the
proper—and   (he  best —he!?   i»
In the Treatment
CO>LD$    ^ 'P'
Scott's Emulsion isii
-.    V   -"     -.';      '  AO   ■    .\.fceV'$
'' • ' i.\_ •"'■  ■■ r'  '    ,'*. '        : '
svif'e iind pWiniin^ni..
:■'■*, .'? '-.VA   ':^,'--'
k&iyApn$Ci)rj'S and
insist on soorrs.
The Sid Side of a Life on the Ocean
lie -tosses levelisbly In his narrow
biinii in tue dim-lit, evil-smelling
fo'c's'le, Above and below and
around blm are Blml'ur bunas. Same
are occupied; Of o'.heis, the owac-s
ure apiav.ilng on the Iloor, gosslpir.;,
aid swearing In foreign tongues or
playing cards.
'tills Is how tile sailor on honid an
merest to many Western j ocean-going cargo steamer finds nlm-
rM situated when he lulls sick of auy
Industrial Bureau's Big Display of In
duatrles and   Natural    Resources
Attracts Tiious.nds
Community advertising has been
adopted so 'generally throughout V\ cs,-
Ca.na.ila, that the subject is oue of
geueral importance, and methods successfully can-led lu oompletlon a. o of
No other olty on the-American Con-1 thing but tin infectious d,
tliieii-t bus a finer or holier equipped i symptoms Of whicli are easily rccoi;-
permanent exposition, featuring Indus- j nlsed by a layman, for a carpo steamer
tries and the Natural Hcsourcos ofi Is not compelled to tarry a doctor.
the country, titan has tho city ol Win-1 As tt result the only parson to decide
nipeg. This big permanent and tree i whether u sailor is malingering or
exposition, conducted under the sua- really ill is the captain, wno, though
pices of tho Winnipeg industrial itii-j legally responsible lor iiic proper cine
rcau, wus started Ium Spring and dur-1 of all on board, may or mny not know
Ing the post six mouths, Commission- anything of the subject. The latter
er Chas.  V.  Roland   estimates,   h:ts! Is generally the case
been visited by 71)0,001) people. in
addition to the llfly tour exhibitors of
local Industries, there mm now .'l districts of tho West, which hive secured
As a rule, a m-ilor will delay* reporting sick unlll tho last moment, One
reason Is thai his mnles are Inclined
lo believe thin he ds anxious lo shirk
space and aro advertising their com-   his work, and so leave the mine M
Quaint Old Wedding Ideas
Superstition never clustered round
liny eplsodo of life more than that of
the wedding-day, especially In olden
<imeB. ■ .,   . u
Then lt was customary for tho brldo
■to present Uer future husband with a
bunch of rosemary, -lied up wllh rib-
iipns, on his first, appearance ou lho
wedding inoralng. This was supposed to secure his lovo and loyalty,
jmd to mako her happy for ever.
In Yorkshire the old superstition
■Mill nboiin Is thai nothing Wore unlucky cmiiil happen than for u newly-
made bride lo leave the church by 11
different door frum that by which she
Another qunlit custom, for which
there is no known origin, Is that practised ln some of the Midland und
Northern comities. Tills is to ring
a merry peal cf the church bells at the
flrsi reading of the bonus of an lutend-
Ing matrimonial couple. II is called
the spur peal, whicli i:i old Anglo-
.fiaxc.ii menus sinivly "ask."
Of course, II Is well known that it
Is the height of luck for a bride-to-be
•to dream of f.-.lries thc night liefm
-the actual ceremony. So much was
tltlr, idea believe Iti thnt many girl;
•would pause fairy laics before guius
■to sleep.
The Hev. R. P. Tyson, known as
it he carpeuter-pnrson, is superintend-
■Ing the erection of the new Taylor
Metaorlnl Methodist Churoh at New
Vorlt. and will do muoh of the car-
■tienlerlng work li.lrasolf. Ild wus a
■builder before lle became n minister.
Mlnard's  Liniment Cures  Diphtheria
Little Willie's grandmother had
'heeji telling him Uible stories, his
favorite being that of Daniel in the
lion's den. At the ase of four he
eras takon to a circus for a time
When the lion-tamer put bis head into the lion's month little Willie's ex-
.ciloment knew no hounds. Jumping
•up and down, he gleefully screamed:
Oh, my! That knocks spots off
A ThorouDh Pill.—To clear the
fotraeh and bowels of impurity and
livMan'.B ls necessary when tlieir act-
Ion is irregular. The pills that will
ido thle work thoroughly are Parnie-
lea's Vegetable Pills which nre mild
in nrjlon hut mighty in results. They
•purge painlessly and effectively, and
work n permanent cure. They can
oe used without fear by the most delicately constituted, aa there are no
painful effects preceding their gentle
•opei ation.
munltles In tills exposition. The
plncus represented ut the present lime
in this handsomo nnd cunspicuoiis edl-
lice ou Main Street, ure:— Brandon,
Man.; Portige la I'ralrle, Man.; Reglna, Sask.; Saltcoats, Sask.; Dauphin. Man.; Melton, Soslt.i SourU,
Man.; Vorkton, Siuk.; Meliiu, Man.!
Prince Albert, Sask.; l-ltnereon,
Man.; Oak Lake, Man.; Camrose,
Alta.; Selkirk, Man.; Moose Jaw,
Sask..; Birtle, Maa.; Lemberg, Saslr.;
Vlrden, Man.; Ijtcombe, Alia,; Swan
River Valley, Man,) Vermillion, Alberta.; Swift Current, Sask.; Ksto-
vun, Sask., and Uiittlet'ord, Sask. ln
addition to theso thore arc handsome
and costly exhibits of the Nal ural Ko-
sourccs of the Weat, by the Dominion
and Manitoba Provincial Governments
anl the Canadian Pacific and the Canadian Northern railways.
With this splendid representation of
farm, forest and mine of bile Canadian
West, arranged In at.trac.Ive form *ji
easily accessible and central position
in the metropolis of the prairies, its
value aa a factor In Uie settlement of
the country cannot well be ovor estimated, and so popular has tho Exposition become as an adjunct to local methods of publicity, that lho Industrial Bureau aro uow completing
extensive additions to the flosr space.
This will noccimmodale a numbor of
exhibits of "Made in Winnipeg" goods
•Mid will provide another opportunity
for n I'united number or ambitious
commun'tles to secure space.
In Win-napes, the gateway city of
tha West, all the year round wlll bc
done by them. The other reason is
thai most sea captains have one stoak
remedy—a powoiful dore of salts—
which quite possibly muy make the
complaint considerably wors:' Instead
or belter. And you bale got to lake
those abominable suits, whuthor you
like lt or not.
It muat not be forgotten that the
captain's position Is very dillicult. If
he ls nice and sympathetic, and ever
ready to grant absence from work, bo
will have half the cfew laid up witli
Indefinable maladies.
And, on Uie other hand, If he fulls
to recognize that a man Is really bad,
and death or a serious illness results
ns often happens, he can hardly be
blamed for ignorance of n dillicult
subject In which he lias received no
insl ruction.
Any sailor of experience will tell
you stories of sickness at sea that
would considerably starlle fie average
landsman. Tl :ro was the case of
an Irishman, who, in the course of a
voyage from San Fianclsco to Liverpool asked for exemption from duly
because he had severe pains In his
legs. He was accused of malingering, compelled to continue his duties
and when h-ls legs literally gave way
under him. he was left unnoticed for
some hours.
On being carried to the hospital nt
nort, tl;-! doctor found that ho was suffering Irom gangrene arlBlng from neglected frostbite, and both his legs
had to lie amputated. This would
have been avoided if be had received
proper treatment when the pain ilrst
The worst part is thnt, cwn if the
captain does realise that -the man Is
really 111, thc most he can do Is to
grant exemption from duty. It Is
impossible for him to glvo the Invalid
anything like proper and efficient
medical attention.
The great majority of cargo steamers are undermanned. When one
man falls Blck his loss Is immediately
felt, and if two moee were taken from
duty to look after him. the ship might
well become unnavigable,
Handkerchief Esperanto
It may net he generally known that
a handkerchief In^gtms? extols which
Is extremely simple, as well as helng
the language of exceeding excellence
for tbe lover.     Here It Is:
Should a man or damsel press tbe
handkerchief afral..st the lips, It signl-
fie.j that tbey wish to become acituaint-
ed with one nnother. To let II fall
Is e Btnce further, nnd means, "Shall
we be friends?" If held to tho right
check the answer is Yes; to the lott
cheek. No. But should either hold
It 111 both hauls, ll simply shows indifference.
However, h.v holding it In the left
hnr.d, the lndy who does not WI3I1 to
'thT°n™Vvi to "nT further In the matter speaks,
I ohtoin lm    though dumbly. Ihe words, I wish to
jou,11 mi-   ge|   rM  nf you       04 on  tho oUm
hnnd. If she folds the dnlnty bit of
cambric, It signifies hcr wish to speak
Again, she may bold It at the opiio-
informaiimi may bc obtained on en-  rt,° corners, which means Jnst Walt!
qulry, and Uie railways represented ] By.1*!™'"* " over her rlBllt ^onmr
found visitors from all parts of ths
World, In search of opportunity iu the
many attractive forms this laud of
promise presents, lu ihe permanent exposition that city has exactly
what it needed to arrest the Immediate attention of t-he stranger. Indeed thU "temple of opportunities" as
it has been called, is usually one of
the ilrst places the sightseer visits
In Winnipeg. Mere the visitor may
catch, almost at a glance, a good Idea
of the sort of city Winnipeg Is, and
what sort of country lies between tho
capital of Manitoba ntid
Mountains. Here he will obtain int-
formation, mnps, photographs and actual products of llie soil of the district
in which he ls interested, perhaps
hhousands of miles away.     Specific
flobbie—My dance. I think
Madge—I'm  sorry;    lis
Hobble—Oh, that's   nil    right!      I
.bought you from him for two shillings.
will  siliow  how   the district  may be
reached or n tour or inspection con-
| ducted in, the beat possible wuy.     If
! j such a visitor is interested along In-
Duncan's I tluatriai lines lie has before him ocu-
f lar demonstrations or what is being
done locally and will he told of oppor-
innitfes offered in hh particular line.
This sort of Investigation, which previously might have lakes! days, can
be conducted witli the uid of the Rur-
::u's Exposition and staff in   a   few
nhe gives permission to bn followed.
.Rubbing it against tlio cheek Is a de
el-nation of love, while drawing It
through the hands is one nf intense
dislike. Wrapping It round the ilrst
finger helokens an engagement, round
the middle finger, marriage.
Her Father Scored
Miss Rosy Nohall bad .lusl returned
from 11 ilnls'iing school, and had evi-.
.di'illy fulfilled all thai was required  hours, and reliable Information secur-' thai yon haven't walked fast, and you
85,253 Miles an Hour
Been   out  tor  a   stroll—eh?   Well,
and bow far do you think ynu have
Unveiled?    Perhaps you    wlll    reply
■.f hcr iu the scholastic line
She nnd hcr father were silling lu
the dining-room.
That nil—. remarked Iter relative.
Father; denr. interrupted Rosy.
It'q iclgnr to say that air. You
should say that sniueiiilng here, or,
preferably, lust that.
Well, this ear—, commenced hor.
father; Inu he was ci: short agaiu. °*  MadB-ln-Wlnnlpog" goods, museum
\'o futiier, smirked Ute dutiful 'tnd art section nml numerous meet-
dauglitetl, Thill'!- just as vutanr Vou1 i"C places. Including 11 large Convcn-
mcBi avoid sueh expressions us this I U?."  Ilil!l  capable of nccominodatll.
raw material, transportation facilities,
freight rales, trade possibilities, and
in abort nil manner of Information pertinent to his enquiry, uudei- one roof
and obtain.-ble wlthe.11: effort on'his
Of  ruiirse  the  building  has other
Father became irtiie.
Look her:>. tuy girl, suld lie. I'm
going 10 say whal I mean. That Hit-
is bad for Ihln ear of mine, and I'm
.going lo slim the window!
Ami after lhat Rosy said no more.
15c • Tin.
Jf-ro'.laStiili fon' .'nil Willi sebMSiBllstlfte
r.iir i. tu or.ionai, m bsst bash
ai::.'*"t. win ismete sreeee •>< •«!■»
St ell Male.
W. N. U. 922
ini regarding sources of   supply   and i have only been three miles or
But wall ,1 minute. You know Hint
the eat-th turns once on its own axis
in lhe course ot twenty four hours.
Taking (he'Circumference of tlm earth
111 roughly 21,000 miles, during ynitr.
hour's strolling you have covered / ts.
twonty-fourt'a part of this distance—
coiiiliinlns   instructive displays] I c.. 1,000 miles.
Again, lhe earth travels round the
sun once a yenr. Il completes 11 circle of S78.ono.000 miles. Divide this
liy 31)5, and llie result by 24, and you]
wlll Ilnd thai In the llour you have
travelled ln round figures Dii.OOO miles
Stll) there Is more. The i>:m and I
the surrounding planets are passing
liiroiigh spaco nil llle lime at the rate
of 18,250 miles an hour.
Sn, altogether, during your little
stroll, vnu have travelled something
like 85,263 miles.
77/i? Bull Moose Party believes in Woman's Suffrage and other appeals to women.
Not a powder or
a bard cake —
but a soft paste,
ready to use.
Black Knight
No bard work
about "Black
Knight". A few
rubs bring tbe
BeeauM He Took Gl N PI LLS
Mr. K, A. Jukes of Winnipeg writes •
for some years p«st.   I met yuur Mr.
i1.., J"".1" *"vistl1 "ie to take OIN
PILLS. I have been t,ikim< them at
intervals during the early part of the
present winter, and up-to-date have bad
no raurn of my old trouble—in fact I
feel better tban I have for years, and
think that my old eucuiy lus vanished
Ior good and all."
joe. a box, 6 for £2.50. Sample free if
you write National Drug nml Chemical
Co. of C^nad*. Limited, Toronto.    100
Ladles to do plain and light sewing at home, whole or spare time,
good pay; work sent nny distance,
charges prepaid, send stamp for full
particulars. National Manufacturing
Company, Montreal.
Clever Business Men
The ability to seine nn opportunity
when It presents itself is a useful business asset.
The following Is an Instance of how
disaster was turned to good account
by a French cloth manufacturing concern. This concern actually doubled its proflts through a balloon disaster near Rouen. In this disaster tho
car of the balloon had broken away.
Tho aeronaut und his elder son were
thrown downwards; but the son had
been caught by a hook that ple:c-:d
hla coat.
He was carried in this way for some
miles and at last came sftfely to the
ground. His coat was re-purciiascd
by the makers and hung in the show-
windows with a full description of how
it saved the wearer's life.
A Welsh miller had lost a sovereign
piece In a bin of flour, nnd after spending many hours in unavailing search
for it, told a frl-nd of his misfortune.
Perhaps it will turn up ln nne nf the
sacks, suggested the friend. Whereupon the miller wos seized wllh a brilliant idea. He advertised his loss
in tho local pane-s, offering n rewtud
to the Under of the gold piece. His
sales trebled In a week or so. and lie
was paid many times ovor for the loss
of h,ls sovereign.
No Use
In thc telephone office there was one
girl who wus always late ln the morning.
Time and time again the local manager requested her to be more punctual; but her tardiness sll-il continued
until be was moved to use desperate
Now, Miss—, said he, ns he came
to her exchange board one morning
carrying a package In bis hands, I
have a little scheme thnt 1 hope will
induce yon lo arrive ot the office ln
time, I have bought this fine alarm
clock for you. Please promise me
that you will make proper use of it.
Tiie young woman promised, and
the first night set the alarm at the
required hour for rising the next
At the indicated hour the clock set
up a tremendous whirring, loud
enough to awaken the whole house
But the sleepy Utile lassie turned over
In bed, and said In her sweetest tone:
Line's engaged; please call again.
Muny a fanner hus beea
seriously   injured   by  vicious
cattle.    Don't     run    risks.
Dehorn yours with the
Quick —easy -humane —
makes clean, sbnrp cut from
4 hI'Iuh. Costa little. Write
for true booklet.
219   Robert  St.   Toronto,   Ont.   Mention
thin  paper.
Hard and soft corns both yield to
Holloway's Corn Cure, whicli ls entirely snfe to use, nnd certain and
satisfactory in Its action.
A talking clock has been placed on
the market at Berlin. Instead of
striking periodically lhe clock calls
out the exact time every quarter nf
an hour iu a clear human voice. The
mechanism can be so adjusted that
these announcements cease nt a certain time and continue again automatically after a stipulated interval.
00 people and oilier features of local Interest, and it Is Indeed, becoming
: the public, forum ond centre of civic
life i.-i Winnipeg,
Here, visitors from Western Can-
1 ,'idlan points are oi .0 made welcome,
I for It Is tho belief of lhe Winnipeg
! Industrial Bureau thai the development and progress of Winnipeg are
closely identified with that, of the great
agricultural West.
French Post Oillces will in future be
provided officially Willi stamp molsi-
Miing appliances, an Innovation which
Is bailed by the Press us a hygiene
In Fncland nnd Wales there are
thlny-lhe Parlinineiiiitry boroughs
which contain 11 population of lllll.-
000 and upwards.
maitcr of fare3 tli- Trans-
puis  all   other  railw
An net. none the less brave for being distinctly novel and Ingenious,
was performed by Policeman Lowe,
with ihe co-operation   of   Policeman
ln  Ihr
shame. For lli-st-class the charges j Mallon, of thc New York City Force
are about tfro-lhlrds of a penny per j A fire wns raging ln Broome Street,
mile; second (only a liltle inferior), j and two men on tbe sixth floor were
ler,'S than a halfpenny for llie distance f crouching on the fire-escape unable to
while if you care to risk a Hiirdcla3s pass the flames and smoke below,
journey you got  your four miles for 1 Mallon and Lowe, observing them, hur-
a penny. liven this is the height of
exloriion when compared with the emigrant rnte. This' works out at
[lon-ribinc, like a shilling for a hundred miles, ond if tlio emigrant does
not possess the shilling the Government will lend It him.
He—Boos a woman when she's married expect her husband *to tell her
his business affairs?
She—I don't know, but a woman ex-
led to the roof of nn adjoining building and across tbo roof of the burning ono.
Mallon then seined Lowe's nnldes.
nnd though almost choked hy the rising smoke, ho mnnagod to grasp the
rails of the fire-escape and instructed
tho men to climb up his body. The
feat was accomplished in,safety and
Mallon then pulled his companion
from his trying position and they fled
as quickly as possible to the safety of
pects a man to talk business when'the next roof, and   thence   to- tke
he's courting her. the street.
It's cheaper to raise csUs than to
Irtiy horses. But It'a cost!: li you l.ist
tllbcoits.   Keep nbotth of Kendall's
To Care (or the Growing Family
and Her Household Cares
When there ls a growing family to
care for and the mother falls 111. it
13 a serious matter.     Many mothers
who are on the go from morning to
night whose work apparently. Ib never
done, heroically try to disguise tbeir
sufferings, and keep an appearance of
cheerfulness heforo their family. Only
themselves ar.ow hew they are distressed by headaches and backaches,
dragging down    pains   and   nervous
weasness; li .w their nights are often
sleepless, and they arise to   a   new
day's work tired, depressed and unro-
freshed.     Such mothers should know
that theso sufferings are usually due
*o a lack of good nourishing blood.
They should know   that   the   thing
above ail others they need .to give
Ihem new health and strength Is rich,
red hlood, and thnt among all medicines there is none   can   equal   Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills for their blood-
making,   health   restoring   qualities.
Every suffering woman, every woman
with a home and family to care for
shculd give these pills a ralr trial, for
they will keep her   In    heallh    nnd
strength, and  make ber work  easy.
Here Is strong proof that these Pills I
do what ls claimed for them.     Mrs''
Henry Thomas. Dryden,   Ont.,   says: !
'When my second child was horn  I
was so weak and run down that I
could scarcely walk across the room.
My baby wns small and weak ulso.
and cried and worried night and day |
until I discovered that the child was.
starving, as my nurse had turned almosl to water.     My hunhand got mel
a supply of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills,
nnd 1 begun uikleg Ihem.    The flrst
beneficial effects were noticed in Hint,
my child begnn to thrive, as my nurse'
began lo improve, ami baby sleul bel-j
ter and naturally,     It ivns net long
until I bOgiin to fee! the ilnliioveulenl
myself,   anl    I   daily   gained    new
Strength, und baby was growing very |
rosy ond fat,     I continued using the
Pills   while  I   was  nursing  lilm  ami
found   myself  wllli  all  Ibe   vigor  ol'
good health, and able to easily do my
housework, which had been so greal
n drag on me beforo.       I   nm   now
never without Dr. Williams' Pink Pills-
In llie lions... nnd lake :m occasionalI
dose when 1 feel llred,     1 can strongly recommend these Pills 10 all nursing womon, especially if weak or run
down. "
Sold by all medicino dealers or hy
mall nl fiO cents a box or slv boxes
fnr Stl.ilO  from The    Dr.    Williams'-
Medic'tio Co., Brockvllle, Out.
Baek Tret.    A i.nipli
■erne  treatment removed
leap ffsalkUladr'sfcrusI
Old Hfti, ulcere end
.     ,:     .. irmwl*. cared.    Describe
reer heebie 1 we wlll eeed bead end testlMalele.
After tbe busy season ls over, pack
up and come east und spend three
months ln one of our schools. Business education will help you to win
out. It costs but little to get it.
Write us for our new curriculum and
plan to let us help you. Address W.
II. Shaw, President, "Shaw's Schools,"
Toronto. Canada.
If. Hi. rt.EANI-.sr. SIMPLEST, end REST HOMR
I > V 1„ one can buy-Why yuu diin'l even have w
knnwwlial KINO of Cloth yourCooda ara oaaa-e
9I.--S0 Mhtakve ara Impoaalble.
Sand fur Free Color Cai.l. Story Rookie, and
Rooklel living reaulta of Dyeing over other colore.
Montreal  Canada.
Lives losl  In  connection  wllh  tlie-1
g^ti§S 1 S-« ^nrwhtr^wod
J      -  - ' .• -     • - -"r-"° ! four were wiasenners.     TIht" were
rjearly !ir>0,00n   snanion   enRtiKod    In
British merchant rlilpp.
remcily f>r rpuvintrplint, curb, riiir:-
bone, bony tfrovths uud lamffiKi I
from oilier causes.
"1 bav« rui
infill wWi
Sptrtu Cure. I
nnw tryl * It <"» *»•
ottier -ni\ c""' «•
mil*.   I »!f i'.'"'r
Cnn*   wife   }»***
AUirtt,,-it f'T fr*
HH of "A T-'Mtl*
01   to*   Uvnf   et
Dr. B. J. K«ndtlt Compuy    73
MfcV«mt. U.S. A*
A dolaclnnont of soldiers was a'mut
cn attack tht* enemy, who awaHod
them drawn up In halUo order." A
spjisnncd old sorf-'eant noticed a young
fioldirr fresh from home v.slhlv af.
fprlfd by iho neaniosH of (ho oomlnc;
light. His faco was pale, his teelh
chattering nnd hi?. Unoos tried to
knock each other out. Tt was sheer
nervousness, but the sergeant thought
it wan downright funk.
TompMns, ho whispered. Is It. tromb-
11Tt»r yo aro for your own dirty skin?
No, no, sergeant, eald Tomplrina.
nuiklng a bravo attempt to ntHl bin
plifiklng llmlm. I'm trembllnt* for
the enemy. They don't know T»mp-
klus Is here.
There aro muny c&usoa nt Hit- buitom
or nn attack uf kidnoy trouble.*-over-eating,   uvi (-ill-inking,   Im.ivv     GoUU.—thpM
iiml other unuaei often oatwo ttlneasea
luoh ui, kidnoy trouBle, soil*(tones, kiri-
noy*ntoneBi svavel, lumbago. But no
matter whal i« at the bottom of th« din-
caio, thoro Im now n nuw nnd nafe cure,
unn tliiit notJ quiokly mul witliuiit (all.
Turn   nin.-tly   Ls  ri.-innl.   winch   Ih iitiviulv
woll known to tha medical profession *>t
''iiiuiiIii hh woll nn to tbouvnnUs of mf-
forors tt n.u t in- disease numod »t.o\».
mi. Winnipeg lady who Is well nn.] widely knt'wn. was cured "t Gall-stones t»v
RANOL after ruffeiitm fnr 18 years. Bo
Krateful wuh she. that she has seni to un ■
it largo number of people tn in1 rolloved
ft similar coinplulntlj Wf dn imt cara
whero the readoi nf this paragraph re-
sldas, we can give him nr her names nnd
addressee of people in bin "^n town nnd
locality who hnvo been cured by SANOL..
\Va will ilinn give tim name and address
of the lndy referred to, wbnse cnmpiniiit
hnd troubled her tnr buch u long period,
und who le now completely cured,
SANOL is tmui.ir..i*.iii.-.i only  by iho
OP* CANADA, I.TP., 077 Main Btroet,
Winnipeg, Ror sale by all druggists nr
fill-not from tho manufacturers ut fi.tt
per bottle.
Mrs. Filzlirown (lo her husband)—
Dti yuu remember dear, that be'fortj
we were married you ulivuya offered
in*1 ynu- left ,-irin?,
Pltzbrown—Yes,. I wanted to have
my right muni trie, iau sou i .m
a lui-er'n fear lliat someone woulu try
lo take you frmn me, and I always
kept it in rendlnpp-s fnr defence.
Mrs. Fltzhrowii—Ilow sweet! But
'-"iv Is It lhat nnw ynu generally offer me your right arm?
Kiuerowu—Well, 1 am not to afraid
of losing you as I wits.
Cyprus, under a eo^vontlon of 1878,
pays an annum tribute of SSOO.OOK ta
the Sultai of Turkey. THK J8L.ANDKK, CH MHKKl.AM)
The Builders Supply Co., Ltd,
Phone 66
P. 0. Box 230
Kiln Dried Flooring, V Joint, Finish and Mouldings
Window and Door Frames Made to Order
Windows and Doors
Paints, Oils and Varnishes
Lime, Bricks, Cement, Lath and Plaster
Builders' Hardware Plumbing Supplies
As good as the best and better than the rest
Notary Public and Conveyancer
The Big Store
This Store
Is Prepared for the Fall
and Winter Weather
Men's and Boys's Sweaters
In pull-over and open neck, fines! if wool,
in different weights at every [ince.
Sweater Coats
An a necessity. We hare them in almost
every si:e, shade, weight, and price for
for men, women and children
Men's Rubber Boots
In first  quality   rubber,   good  fillers,   111
knee, thigh and hip lengths
Men's Working Gloves
In all grades, good Jitters, fittest, workmanship.    Sole agents for II. U.K. Brand
Wool Hoisery
In every weight, site aud price; well shaped
and good fitters
Dry, Warm Feet mean good health, try
a pair of our Anti-Rheumatic Socks
Extra Weight and Specially
Prepared Wool
Beadnell & Callin
Real Estate Agents
Offices: Comox & Courtenay.
Agents for E. & N. Lands,
Comox District.
Beadnell & Callin
*J ___t__m__i3
vm aa:
il & ft UL
We Imve a few more suits left of the famous Fitrite
Brand Clothing in Nii'vy Blue Serge, which
we ure placing on sale this week at
Men's Negligee Shirts, Values to -?1 50
Slightly Soiled—while they last-for 75c.
Men's Sweater Coats in the newest
styles and shades from #1.50 up
Our stock of Underwear is complete
in all lines and prices ranging from
$1.75 per suit up
Men's Working Shirts in. Black and Khaki
Dril', Blk. Sateen and Grey Flannel, $1.25
Ten doz. only, Men's Ties, regular 35c. to
50c, while they last, 26c.
Centre of Town I
Subdivision >**»»
The Island Realty Co.
1 Pire .Life, Live Stoo k „„      P. L. ANDERTON.
I . . Accident. Phone 22.     Courtenay, B. 0.
Macfarlane Bros.
"The Corner Store," Cumberland, B. C.
«» » » » »♦
Semi full legal description of
your acreage
I have
Old Country Clients
Sn Dcin6i5Hastin«stw'
The Finest Beep on the Pacific Coast
Brewed from choice Malt and Hops only
Absolutely no chemicals used.
PURITY our motto. Made in Cumberland.
Pilsener Brewing Co..    Cumberland. B.C.
.  J3


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