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The Islander Feb 7, 1914

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Largest Circulation in the Comox District.
VOL. IV., No. 47 **&*»
Subscription price, $1.50 per year
Will Introduce Legislation  Re-
[girding Drift Log* and Bylawa
for Cumberland.
Victoria Press Gallery Feb. 5
The question of the settlement
of the strike situation in the
mining districts of Vancouver
Island was conspicuous in the deliberations of the Legislative
Assembly this ofternoon.
Mr. Parker Williams, member
for Newcastle introduced a resolution urging the Government
to immediately take steps to
bring about the termination of
the strike. The resolution was
ruled out of order by .the speaker
on the ground that it necessarily
involved the expenditure of
public monies.
Mr. Parker Williams thereupon
appealed against the ruling of
the chair and insisted upon a
division, which upon being taken
showed Mr. Williams and his
colleague, the member for Nan-
aimo.alone, the remainder of the
House sustaining the ruling of
the Speaker.
Since closing of debate in reply
to the speech from the throne
the House has |,been occupied
with a number of private bills
hoteable among them being a
bill to amend the Dentistry
Act. This act has called for a
great deal of discussion outside
of theHouse and has been severe,
ly criticised in the press. The
discussion on the second reading
has been stood over, the Premier
himself moving the adjournment.
It is likely that when the bill is
again brought up it will be subject
to considerable amendment.
Considerable interest attaches
to the act to amend the Provincial Elections Act, which was
introduced by the Attorney General on Wednesday. This bill
contains certain checks upon the
application for registration on
the voters list and while it does
not interfere with the working
of the old act it renders its application much more stringent,
particularly in regard to the registration of naturalized British
Mr. Michael Manson, member
for Comox has interested himself
during the past week in securing
legislation at the present session
with reference to drift logs.
This will require an amendment
to the Navigable Waters Act.
He is taking the matter up with
Mr. Ross, Minister of Lands.
Another matter engaging Mr.
Manson'a attention is the ratifying of certain municipal bylaws
for Cumberland. He is endeavoring to secure the services of
the Attorney General in this
regard, in order to obviate the
necessity of bringing in a private
bill, which- tft*Hhis time would
involve a considerably increased
expenditure on the part of the
In both of these matters Mr.
Notice appears in the Provincial Gazette today that Alderman,
C. J. Parnham and Mr. J. W.
Cooke have been appointed members of the Board of Police Commissioners and that Alderman
D.R. McDonald and Mr. Thos.
1). McLean have lieen appointed
members of the Board of Licencing Commissioners,
The following is a list of thi
bills which have lieen occupying
the attention of the House during the past wook: an Act rep
resenting tho British Columbid
Association of Architects, ai
Act to amend tho Master am
Servant Act; an Act to amend
the Dentistry Act. An Act to
amend the Workmen's Compensation Act; an Act to extend the
franchise tp women; an Act to
amend the Coal Mines Regulation
Act; an Act to amend the Milk
Act; an Act to amend the Indus-
rial and Provident Societies Act;
an Act to amend the Industrial
Communities Act; an Act to
amend the Mutual Fire Insurance
Companies Act; an Act to amend
the Investment Loan and Societies Act; an Act to amend the
Co-operative Associations Act;
an Act to validate an agreement
between the Corporation of the
District of Burnaby and the Corporation of tho City of New
Westminster for the buildng of
a main or trunk sewer; an Act
to amend the Creditors Trusts
Deeds Act; an Act to amend the
Provincial Elections Act; and
an Act to ratify an agreement
between the City of Victoria and
township of Esquimalt respecting
the construction and maintain-
ance of a Joint Sewer.
Hon.    Sir    Richard     McBride
Will Visit Chief Points in
British Columbia
Victoria, Jan. 30.—Premier
McBride announced today thai
about midsummer or possibly in
th't early autumn of this yeai
he intended to make a tour oi
the province, The premier will
visit practically all the chief
points in British Columbia and
it is understood that not only
will his itinery embrace the older
sections of the interior of thr
south but he will also take in
points along the line of the Grand
'f rank Pacific. He will probably
be accompanied by one or two ot
the ministers.
Sir Richard manages to visit a
good deal of the province every
year. Last year his trip to
London prevented him from getting to very many of the British
Columbia towns and he intends
to make up for this omission during the coming season. The
Premier went to Fort George
in 1910 to Prince Rupert in the
following year and mado a general tour prior to the election of
March, 1012.
It was definitely stated by the
Premier to day that his prospective trip this year did not mean
an early election. The present
administration had until 1916
in office and from the trend of
the Premier's remarks it is evident that there is no possibility
of an election this year and but
slight chance of one in the early
part of 1915 either.
Eighteen Months [Strike Which
Cost $70,000, Ended
The United Mine Workers of
America yesterday called otf the
strike in the Stone &JWebster
coal mines in Ren'on, says a
recent issue of the Seattle Post-
Intelligencer. This action followed a mass meeting of the miners
Friday night, at which the action
of the executive board in urging
the men to give up was ratified.
The strike has been on for past
eighteen months. According to
Martin J. Flyzik, of the miners
the company has agreed not to
discriminate against the miners
who went out on strike, and will
reinstate them as opportunity
"The district executive board
met last week and decided that
it was a useless waste of money
to continue the strike further,"
President Flysik said yesterday.
"The Stone & Webster people
have so many other interests, all
of which are run on the open
shop plan, that it is no moment
to them whether they operate
one mine in Renton or not, We
could not extend the strike fur'
ther, and as there was no hope
of wining in Renton, we decided
to call it off. They have sufficient non-union men to opeiate
the mines, and it has been a
loosing fight. We have spent
$70,000 already, and felt that we
were not justified in spending
any more under the circumstances. The company has agreed
not to discriminate against the
union men who struck, but refuses to recognize the union in
any way.
The men at the meeting last
night were against the proposition at first, I asked them to
admit their defeat like men and
go back to work, which they finally agreed to do. Between thirty and forty will go to work on
Monday, and others as soon as
places are found for them.
The mine of the Denny Renton
Clay and Coal Company, which
has been inoperative on account
of the strike, will probably be
opened up again on Monday, according to a statement issued
yesterday by G. B. Harrington,
assistant general manager of the
Puget Sound Traction Light &
Power Company. He says that
small mine will accommodate
at least twenty of the men.
That Samuel .Gompers, president of the American Federatioi
of Labor, was "gloriously drunk"
at the Seattle convention of Federation, was the charge made b\
Duncan McDonald of Illinois al
the convention of the Unitet'
Mine Workers of America. Dining the prolonged cheers, "Liai
and Slanderer" were hurled' a'
McDonald by Gompers who sal
on the platform.
"I am ! glad Mr.J Gompers 'is
here so I can say what I wani
to," said McDonald in beginnini
his reply to the speech made yes
terday by Gompers. "I saic
there are booze-fighters ii
charge of the American Federation of Labor, ami I'll prove it.
At the Seattle cynvention I hae
a room with my wife next tc
the room reserved by the resolution committee. The first Saturday night we could not sleep
for the noise made by a bunch
of drunks in the next room,
"I appealed to the clerk of tht
hotel and the noise grew louder.
Then 1 went down to the hotel
office and the night manage!
called up Jim Duncan on tht
phone and told him that they
would have fo get out of the
room that they were disturbing
all on the floor.
"The noise grew fierce and I
finally knocked on the door of
the room and was asked to come
in and have a drink. When the
door was opened there sat Gompers at the head of the table
gloriously drunk, with a bottle
of booze in his hand."
The statement threw the convention into an uproar and it
was some time before order was
restored. While the confusion
was at its height Gompers called
McDonald a liar and slanderer.
ro' Amend] Navigable Waters
Protection Act   Will Benefit*
Coast Shipping-
Mr. H. S. Clements, member
for Cc-mox-Atlln District, intrc-
luced a bill into the House of
Commons at Ottawa, on Monday
to amend the Navigable Waters
Protection Act. The measure
will be of interest to local loggeis
tnd lumbermen. He said that
m the coast of British Columbia
in particular, booms' of logs frequently*! broke ]oose|"and therf
was no'provision for having them
nicked up, they were a menace
to navigation and the bill was
designed to meet this.
 o-    -..-'-
•The Crown Theatre will show
Comparison of Rates with those
of Express Companies indicate
Great Benefits.
Manson is optomistic as to the ask
eutcome. pair
For a special line in corsets,
new style, good reliable quality,
to see our leader at 75c. a
Simon Leiser & Ltd.
Mr. Geo. Bowen, who for some
two years has been operator at
the Nanaimo Crown Theatre, arrived in the city Thursday, and
will take charge of the operating
at Cumberland Crown. Hereafter five reels of films will be
shown daily, changing every second day. The best films obtainable will be shown, including two
and three reel   features.
Corset Waists for Misses and
Ladies at 95c. and $1.50 a pair at
Simon Leiser & Co., Ltd.
Ottawa, Feb. 2 It is believed
by the officials of the Post Office
Department that the parcels post
when it comes into effect on
February 10, will be a great
boon to persons desirous of sending small parcels by mail to any
points within a radius of twenty
miles of the post office at which
they mail them and for people
living in country places.
A careful comparison of the
parcels post rates with those of
express companies shows that
on all parcels weighing eleven
pounds and under the rates within the 20-mile radius of any post
office or within the same Provincial zone a re invariably less than
those of the express companies
within the same territories. The
advantage of sending parcels by
post by the new department of
the service to the different Provinces of Western Canada rather
than by express is very apparent
since the parcels po^tare governed solely by the 20-mile and
Province zones, whereas the
express rates are determined
more by distances from one point
to another and by the question
whether there is competition
between the transmitting and
receiving stations of the express
j.OOO feet of film to night.
S. M. Grant, of the Provincial
Police force, left for Nanaimo on
Sunday and returned Wednesday.
Henry Devlin, inspector of
mines, is here on his regular
tour of inspection. }■£**-*
The regular meeting of the
Conservative""Association will be
held in the Oddfellows Hall on
Tuesday evening next.
Forty miners sat for examination at the Provincial Court House
on Monday evening. Thirty-six
passed and obtained certificates,
all white men.
Halliday's New Home Bakery
will be open for business on Monday next. The new place of
business is just below the post
The male residents of West
Cumberland should make it a
point to attend the meeting in the
Club Hall on Sunday evening,
The members of Holy Trinity
Guild will hold a Bazaar and
Cinderella Dance in the
Cumberland Hall on Shrove
Tuesday Feb. 24 th,
Wanted a good, reliable, experienced girl for general house
work. A good home to right
parson.     Apply at the residence
of Dr. Geo. K. MacNaughton.
"Sentimentalism orDiscipline"
will be the subject of the discourse
in Grace Methodist Church tomorrow evening. Public services
11 a.m. and 7 a.m. Strangers
cordially welcomed.
A treat is promised to all who
attend the entertainment in the
Presbyterian Church, on Feb.
19th, given by the girls of the
Naramata Bible ('lass, assistea
by thc Ladies Aid. The piece is
entitled "A Business Meeting of
the Ladies Aid at Mohawk Cross
Roads." The scene is laid fifty
years ago and costumes appropriate to that date are being prepared. Watch for caste of characters next week.
Owing to the alarm of fire at
Bevan mine last Thursday, the
Picture Show was obliged to close
for the evening. However, a
full program of five first run
films will be shown free of
charge next Thursday at thc first
show.   Ladies and children  are
Thomas Bickle left for Victoria
iy Thursday morning's train.
Leave your order for counter
heck books at the Islander.
The winning number of the
,'raphenola for last night was 58.
M. E. R. [Macfarlane of the
Corner Store, left for Vancouver
in Sunday on a business visit.
The Canadian Collieries and
loyal Bank will play a game of
nockey at Maple Lake, to-morrow
afternoon at 2 p.m.
TMiss Hazel Frame is now
teaching] schoolJin^Vancouver
iaving"Ieft the city school staff
in Saturday last. She will secure
i higher salary. ~ Taj £
W.J. Pearce resigned his "pos-
tion"with*Macfarlane"Bros. Ltd.
it the Corner Store on Wednes-
lay and will leave for Vancouver
in Sunday. ȣ-,
At the annual convention of
fairs, the dates selected for
Courtenay fair are Thursday and
Friday, Sept. 17th'and 18th. The
Dominion Fair'atiVictoria'isJfrom
Monday Sept 21st to . Saturday
the 26th. *•*«•&.
IThe electrical'workers'of ^this
cityjand vicinity heldjtheir first
annual Electrical Dance in the
Cumberland Hall on Friday evening with about 75 couples on the
floor. Roy's orchestra supplied
the music.
Mayor Campbell, Aid. T .E.
Banks and City Clerk McKinnon
the deputation appointed to interview the Provincial Government on municipal affairs returned on Friday of last week, and
will hand in their report at the
council meeting to be held on
Monday next.
A social evening took place last
Saturday evening at the Bevan
Hotel when Mr. and Mrs. Thorn-
ly were the recipients of a handsome silver tea set presented by
some of the presidents of Bevan.
as a token of appreciation for
many of the social evenings they
have enjoyed there. Mr. T. A.
Spruston after a few well chosen
remarks called upon constable
Murray to make the presentation.
Mr. T.A. Harvey's phonagraph
was drawn for last Friday evening, Mr. Chetwyn of Bevan with
ticket no. 57 holding the wining
Mr. H. Murphy wishes to announce that he has discontinued
running the dances at Bevan.
We hear that we are about to
lose another of the few eligible
young ladies of Bevan. The
engagement we believe is to be
announced next week. Say boys
hurry up there are not many
more left,
Miss Nellie Devlin and Mr. Ed
Hughes, both of Bevan, were
married last Saturday evening in
Cumberland. Wc wish thc
young couple every success.
The Bevan Athletic Association
announce a dance for Monday lfi
to in the new hall. The proceeds
are to be devoted to cleaning the
proposed recreation ground. The
floor music supper etc. "Par
Excellence" as this is for a good
cause a large attendance is expected. Admission, gentlemen
■-■•2, ladies provide.
Three people to go skating
Went trudging through the snow
...        .,       ,    „    .    To Pigeon Lake on Sunday last,
specially    invited.     J lie   hall    IS [ when something happened.don't you know
warm and comfortable, and now
that the lighting system is in
good working order the management expect to give their patrons
a first class picture show every
Thursday, and will spare no trouble to do so.
D, & A. Brassieres absolutely
correct in style, fit and finish.
Prices: 75c. and $1.25 at Simon
Leiser ami Co., Ltd.
They reached thc lake in safety
Anil were doing the Bevan glide.
When a lady gave a piercing shriek
And through the ice did slide.     -'":
Our hero dashed up to the spot
And in his arms he caught her.
What was lhat I heard him say?       !|.'
Oh yes—"Twas nine and a quarter."    |
And then he look her quickly heme,
For she was cold as ice.
Now I riii'ss we must save our dimes.
Why? Well, we may need confetti and
rice.        -Bobby Burns. THE ISLANDER. CUMBERLAND, R.C.
Ward, Lock * Co., Lksttad, London, Iteibounie tnd Toronto
What was tlio man like?
Thero you have rue again, sir, date
s.ty It I saw film I should remember
him, but though thero seemed something foreign about hint, lie was Hns-
Uh all right
(.'lean .shaven?
Tho porter shook his head* It
BeeniB silly not to know that* but I
wouldn't Hko to be certain. No! he
wasn't clean shaven, ho hadn't got
ono ot thoso thiol; burhy boards; it
lie had some hair on his face, it was
i'S If bo was '.tarting to nrow a beard
perhaps; a young wan, well set up.
And that's all you ean tell nic'.'
The ninn nodded lt WU bis Inn-
gage I noticed most, tbat being my
business perhaps- aad setting two
bob for looking after it. His Initials
aero on somo of the tilings—I forget
nhat Ihey wero but 1 think there was
m 'If in lt.
Saluzo's train was on tho point of
Starting. He jumped into a first-class
compartment and save the porter halt
a crown. Refresh your memory—
give mo your uame, i may seo y on
Thirty minutes later he was being
hurtled through tho quiet country
Bide towards llio wilds ot Devon and
.Somerset. He took a small leather
bound noto book from bis pocket and
mado a couple of entries; ho trusted
moro to memory than lo pen antl Ink.
Ho far he was satisfied, but if it had
not been tor his experience tbo previous evening he would also havo boon
disappointed—tlu Job was beginning
to seem too easy. lie had struck
Hetherlngton number one, right away
—any child could have done as much,
and ihe annoying part of It was, that
wheu lie readied Bordlelgh, ho would
come to a full slop. If he wore able
to discover that Hetherlngton number one and bis Uiggag.* had alighted
thero at. half past live, it seemed
waste of tlmo tc go down tliere. Obviously, ho ought to havo tried and
traced Hetherlngton back from the
station to b!s lodgings or his hotel in
London—or, perhaps, to Albeit Hall
Mansions and Mrs. Soral! Unless he
had arrived by tbo early boat train
at Charing Cross tho same morning!
But 'Has Saluzo seldom did obvious
things, and before taking up tbo clue
from PaddlngtOal, ho wanted to bo
quite sure that this elusive Hetherlngton had really arrived at Bordlelgh
Sir George had assured him that un
to half-past fivo on the afternoon of
September 5. there was only one man
of that name. Nevertheless number
one n'ig'i.t havo alighted at a wayside
station, or another Junction; ho might
have fallen or thrown himself from his
compartment in tho train; he might
have been killed en route; be might
Tho first stop was at Exeter. Saluzo
Blrolled about the platform and made
friends with '*o e 'ard. Ho had purposely left this Individual until the
last. Ho discovered that l.e always
tool: the 9 a.m. train from Paddington
to Mlnehead; at Fernleigh a carriage
was slipped for Bordlelr'i Junction.
At tho next stop, Saluzo had another
llttlo talk wit.i him, lio remembered a gentleman travelling on September G, his destination belug Bordlelgh
Junction; ho had no very clear recollection ot hltn. Rather short and
sharp in speech, and ho was in the
carriage when tbey slipped it at Fernleigh.
Saluzo found Fernleigh r desolate
wayside station with a loop line which
carried passengers to one or two moorland places—no .ne hardly ever alighted at Fernleigh. The solitary official
thero remembered that tbero was a
1 first -lass passengei aboard the train
on September 5. Ho believed him to
be Sir Georgo Ilelherington of Cran-
1 by Hall. . In answer to Saluzo's
questions, he said ..hat ho didn't Know-
Sir Georgo by sight—b> wasn't well
I known about ther., as I o bad lived
I most o! his life abroad. And the
American canio to the conclusion that
Sir Geur0e was not popular in his own
The train was Iftccn minutes late in
reaching Bordlcigh June ou. He bad
little doubt now tbat lletherington
number one had got aa far as, and
alighted at tho Junction. What happened to him tben and how ho turned himself into a dual personality was
not Saluzo's business. Nevertheless he
wanted to know -it might help him In
bis research. What at first seemed
a complicated business, was beginning to look remarkably easy and quite
dull. But when the train had puffed
out of Bordleigli station and left Silas
Saluzo standing on tho platform alone
with a half-witted country porter and
a not. over intelligent, station-master,
ho realized that ho had in a sense
eouio to a full stop. There was a
mystery, but unfortunately lt commenced whero bo was supposed to
leave off!
The station-master knew Sir George
Hetherlngton, Without a doubt he
'arrived on September G; bo was a
t man of middle age, clean shaven, and
I ut great length ho accurately describ-
! eil tho American's client with whom
I ho had dined tbe previoua evening.
j But after some hesitation ho told the
, asloiilslicd Saluzo that Sir George had
1 arrived by llio 2.80 train. Wheu the
detootlvo pressed bin., ho became
quite positive an tho point. After a
while he almitted that a gentleman
did alight from tbo rj.S0 express tho
same day and bo bad a bit of luggage.
As far a I know it was Sir George's
luggage, because I remember a motorcar from the Hall was waiting outside, but I didu't taka particular notice, because there bad been a breakdown up tho lino and I was busy. The
chauffeur probably attended to thi
luggago himself, as George there—indicating the porter—was helping tbo
breakdown gang.
And tlKii Saluzo learned of the accident to the tnoUr-ear, in which the
chauffeur was killed '.nd Sir George
b* dly injured.
Tben be must bavo arrived by the
half-past live train! tbo American insisted.
The station-master shook his head
obstinately. I 'ell you ho came at
half-past two—that's all I Uw about
Saluzo looked at ehe local time-table
—thero wasn't another train back to
London that day, if thero bad been
bo wouldn't have taken it.
He enquired tb way to Cranby Hall
and lighting a pipe, started to wnlk
along the road in the dlrectic" of the
Twilight -'.-as fading and it was
growing dark.
libbers ni
•ver-SlotklOfjs li
QrtsinlnuAtakitS, lUm!)
-La-Amu-irnr'rtl. laii-aifbr
■ay Urn mfl protut nantif nl
Utile! ■libit
All Dealers
The Earth's Journey
Our world's Journey In spaco la c
long one, if wc aro to accept the eon
elusions of Dr. Turner ot tho University observatory of Oxford nnd Professor EC C. Plummer, royal astronomer
of Ireland- Recent astronomical
work suggests tbnt Jio sun and its
planets form a singlo unit In a vast
system, tho stars .n which, though
separated by enormous distances,
have a common centre of gravity, and
In responso to gravitation all move
iu nnlson like a stupendous machine,
Tlio paths of theso stars, instead of
being nearly circular, like those ot
tbo planets around ac sun, aro much
like Uie oscillations ot a pendulum.
Tho calculations show that on this
elongated eourso our sun must travel
100.1)00,000 years before completing
revolution and that It passed near tho
center loss ,han a million, perhaps not
moro than 300,000 years ago and is
now on tho outward stretch.
m   mm
Nt. ,mv
arnoiRA soap
Assi^ed by occasional use
of Cuticura Ointment.
■nitlrara Soap ami Olntmoat «" sold tim>i.inwn.
ftoworl'l. A llneri.1 »an*I>i" »' w.li.«IUi M-pa«J
BklnBo•.™tp*»t-trea. A-HIrM Fetter Bran 4
lira.Cotp..l)«Pt..'K,n(Bto», U.S. A.
Having conscientiously reminded
himself that ho was disobeying instructions, Mr. Saluzo continued briskly on his way, yot not walking so fast
but that ho could admi * the surrounding landscape and notice how with
the rising ground, pasture land gave
way to trees and little woods which
eventually wero swallowed up by tho
purple stretches of vast moorland.
On leaving the station, bo had been
told to keep to the left straight up
tho hill until bo came lo tho cross
roads, then turn sharp to lho right
and bear along the road which w*as
bordered on one side by Deepshot
Woods and the other by tho river.
It was here lletherington had driven
Dr. Murray t: see bis patient. Saluzo
was feeling a littlo tired and very
hungry and thirsty. The thought
of a cup of tea, clotted cream and
home mado jam was very tempting.
But daylight was fading so rapidly
and an inebriated milestone reminded
him that he had some miles lo tramp
if ho hoped to reach Cranby before
its Inhabitants had all Bone to bed.
Tuffiiig cheerfully at his pipe, his
hands clasped behind bis back but
with shoulders erect and eyes alert,
he strolled along. Saluzo possessed
almost as keen an eyo tor beauty as
he did a nose for mystery; ever and
again he gazed appreciatively at the
scenery unfolded beforo bis eyes—
'and wished lie were an Englishman.
Probably be was already in the midst
of Sir George Hetherington's property.
Ho corrected himself. Sir George
Hetherlngton and Company, for at present there were two ot them. But he
would havo liked to have changed
places with them; ho would not have
wasted his time fooling about cities,
A man never knew when ho possessed
a good tiling.
The ascent, to the moorlands wtrs
sleep Saluzo was unused to violent
exercise, and when at. last be* readied
a level stretch of road, he stopped, to
gain breath and sitting on a wooden.
fenco, knocked out his pipe and refilled
It, lieiiealh him on tbo other side
of Uie fence the stream ran over a I
mass of granite boulders into a deep]
peat-colored pool; tho waters swirl,dj
and founied and fang with the wind |
in the (lr trees on the other side of]
the road.
Tin* man whoso profession was mystery wus conscious of the air of mystery here. He, enjovod it fo' it waa
of nature's own malting. It was along
this road that Holherlngto- hud traveled on tlie night of .eplembor •**. when
he hud lost his Individuality and became a dual personage.
Somowhoro along this road between
tlie station and Crarhy Hall* Mother-
install number two hud apneared. Saluzo gazed reflectively Into the deep
pool. In the dark denths of Uie wood
an owl booted: the sun had quite dls-
apneared and the sky was grey. Thc
moorland was desert.d; uot a soul
was io he seen; uot a Bound—wn
the sf'iintl of thc waler and r** **ul
and tut cry of tho night b1"1
Saluzo's nerves were of I' ' ""
was supremely conscious '•
iii"i uncanny was the spot.
lint iie enjoyed mini,*..., 7*."*""'
hnw long he could  slay  at  Oranlu*
without  wasting his employer's tlmo
and money,
(To be Continued)
She  Thought  Money  Just  Grew
When I married, said a mother, I
didn't know a thing about tho value of
money, nor even how to buy niy own
clothes. Mother hat1 always dono
thoso things for me. I realize now
what a trial I must have havo been to
my husband. UnllKO many other men
however, he took tbo trouble to teach
me, and now I havo a pretty good business head, if I do say it.
I am bringing my own daughter up
differently from lho way I was
brangbt up. Sbe knows the valuo of
a dollar, I assure you, nud she's as
shrewd a buyer ns I am, considering
her years.   She's only II.
Today sbo opened a checking account at tho bank for herself. Her
father gives her an allowance of $15 a
month. Out of that she must buy
anything special sbo wants In the
way of clothes, and all her books,
randy, amusements, etc. Sho knows
how to write out n check, t. balaneo
ber account, and tbat If sho doesn't
calculate carefully In hor spending sbo
will find herself short of cash at the
end of Hie month.
When my daur' 'or marries hor husband won't have tc fcivo her a buci-
ness college course before she is a
proper matrimonial partner, as mine
did and ho won't have the worry of
a wife who thinks .oncy just naturally grows in an ollice downtown, as I
did, and that there will always bo
more forthcoming no matter how
mucli is spent.
An Irishman was fishing in a river
when it begun to rain heavily. Pat,
not desiring to get soaked through
sought shelter under a railway bridge
spanning iho river, and hero ho plied
bis rod with true Waltonio zeal, Utterly regardless of tbe trains that Incessantly thundered to and fro overhead. Presently another individual
appeared on the scene nnd politely
asked Pat what ho was doing.
Fishing, was thc laconic retort,
The stranger laughed. .Pray what
is tho uso of fishing under tlie bridge
while such au inf. .-mil noise continues.
Oil. shut up, man. replied Pat, Indignantly. Sure, yo don't know thoso
fish. They'll come under bero to get
out av the rain.
Ministe- of Hygiene
There is a demand in Franco for a
minister of hygiene. Tbe principal
advocate, of tho establishment of a new
department says that tbe proper work
of a hvgieno minister is now scattered
over five departments, and what bo
asks, would become of tho national defense if military and naval affairs were
administered piecemeal.
If you seek sincerity you can find it
iu the wag ot a dug s tall
And Increased Salary as a Result of
Eating Right Food
W. t>. U* 980
Multiplying the* height of a wireless
u-ial by four will givo Us wave length
' ac
1 appr
There Is not only comfort in earing
food that nourishes brain and body
but sometimes It helps a lot lu Increasing one's salary.
A Western school teacher tells an interesting experience.     She says;
"About two years ngi 1 wa3 extremely miserable from a nor-ousnoss lhat
had beon coming on ,'or some time.
Any sud Ien i oiso was actually painful to mo and my nights were made
mlseroblo by bnrril.de nightmare.
"I was losing lies'* all tho tlmo and
at last waa obliged to glvo up tlio
Bohool I was teaching and go home.
"Mother put ine to bed an I sent for
lho doctor. 1 was so jorvous the cotton shoots gavo me a chill and they
put mo in woolens. The medicine I
took did mo no apparent good. Finally, a neighbor suggested that Grape-
Nuts might bn good 'er ire to eat.
I had never heard of this food, but
tlto name sounded Sojd so I decided
to try it.
"I jegan to eat Grape-Kitts and
soon round my reserve energy growing
so that in a short lime I was filling a
better position anu drawing a larger
salary than 1 had eve. dono before.
"As 1 see   littlo   children   playing
aro*"''  ''0 and cntct into their games
1 • if I arc tho same teacher of
i* wo  year    ago,  the  children
s 'ugly old thing.
po-Nuts food wilh cream has ho*
a regular    ji of my diet, and I
not ''.ecu slcl; • dny in the past
.o'y'ear*;." Name given by Canadian Postum Co., Windsor, Ont. Head
••iho lload to Wellville," In pits.*..
"There's a Ueasc i."
Ever read thc above letter? A new
one appears trom time to time. They
are genuine, true and full of human li>
How Pins are Manufactured
Solid headed pins wero first made in
England in 1797, by Thomas Harris.
Pins wero first mado in tho United
States at the timo of tbo Revolution,
by Jeremiah Wilkinson, a nativo of
Rhode Island. A machine for making
solid headed pins was invented in
1S21 by a New Hampshire man. But
it was not until 1831 that the lirst machine for making pins, such as aro in
use today, was brought out. From
that time on, improvements in pin
making machinery bavo been made, so
lhat at the present ti-ne pins are matlo
almost entirely without tho aid of
human hands.
In making pirr, a pair of pincers
seizes the end of a brass wire, which
is wound on n spool, and draws out a
length of it. Tho wire runs between
steel posts, which straightens it. The
end of this wiro is now caught by two
clamps nnd a cutter cuts off enough
to mako ono pi A small piece of
tho wire from which to form tho head
is left projecting from tho clamps.
Tho head ot the Pin is not formed by
ono blow, as in the caso of nails, but
by throe rapid blow of n forming tlio
or hammer, which moves forward
about one-twentieth of an inch altor
each blow. If it waB struck but once
tho wire would bo bent and would uot
form a perfect head.
Tho pins drop from the clamps of
an incline stool plane beneath in
whicli are grooves lnrg enough to admit the shank, but will not permit tlie
head of the pin to pass through. ,\s
the pins movo slowly down tho incline
piano, the points come In contact with
a revolving cylinder beneath. This cylinder, tho surface of which Is corrugated 111 a file, revolves parallel to the
grooves down which the pins aro mov
ing. The cylinder eoauos in contact
wltb tbo pins on only one side as they
movo down lho grooves this causes
them to turn around and aiound, 60
that tbo revolving Plo sharpens them
evenly on nil sides. When tho pins
reach the cud of tho rooves they aro
perfectly sharpened.
Parson (advisedly)—Two rights
novor mako a wrong, Pat, you must
Pat—Indeed, ;our reverence, you
are wrong.
Parson—Now, now, Tat, I'm rlgbt.
Pat—Dut I say you aro wrong, your
Parson—And .tow, Pat?
Pat (triumphantly)—Your reverence
two rights make a wrong when their
The archbishop bad preached a lino
sermon on 'Married Life and Its Duties.' Two old Irish women were heard
coning out of church commenting ou
the address.
It's a fine sermon his reverence
would bo after L'ving us, said ono to
the other.
It Is indeed, was tbe quic.lt reply,
and I wish I knew as llttlo about thc
matter as he does.
Coroner—You say you told the servant to get out of tbo house the minute you found it wa? ou lire, and she
refused lo go?
Mrs. Hums—Yes, she said sho must
bavo a month's uoUco beforo she
would think of leaving.
Mnny people get their only rise in
li£e through the assistance of an elevator.
Somo neople dream nf fame, others
keep awake and achieve It.
State of Ohio, clt   of Toledo.   I   aa
T.uc.tfl County. \
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that ha
Is penlnr partner nf lhe Arm of F. J.
Clienev e> Co., doing btlslnenfl tn tbo CUT
of Toledo. Omintv nm. State aforesaid
anil that paid 'rm will pay tbo sum of
and every case of Catarrh that cannot
lie cured by Ihe usa of HALL'S
tworn to before me nnd sulisorlbeo
In my presence, tails "Ih day of December,   A.D.   1S38.
(Beal) A.  W.  GT..EASOV.
Notary   Public
Hall's Catarrh Cure ls Inken Internally and acts directly upon tho Wood
nnd mucous surfaces of tho system
Send for testimonials, free.
V. J.  CHENET «: CO.. Toledo. O.
Sold by all DruBRlsts. 7Gc.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
The Bridal Veil
The bridal veil Is evidently of eastern origin, being a relic of the
bridal canopy held *er the heads of
the bride and bridegroom. Among the
Anglo-Saxon3 a similar custom existed, b.it If the bride was a- widow it
was dis-jensed with. According to
Sarum usage, a lino linen cloth was
laid upon the- licaih of the bride and
brldeg-oom an; was not removed until the benediction had been said.
Pile old British custom was to uso na.
lure's veil unadorned—tha" Is, the
long hair of tho bride', which was so
worn by all brides, roval. noble and
slmnlo Only then did every one behold the tresses of maidenhood In
U'elr entirety and for ehe last limo, as
after marriage llpy were neatly dross-
ed on the head Among somo the
tresses vteve cut and carefi y stowod
away on a W'oman becoming a wife.
It was customary in Hussia for village
brides to shear o!r . clia ou returning from church.
Prosumnb.y Hie Angle-French tunnel ie to be u sort ot 'bauds under tho
sea' affair.
It is unnecessary to so' .1 out a
monthly statement to tbo fellow who
owes you a grudge.
The happy man who always sings
And who is free from debt.
Is ho Who docs not want tho things
He known he cannot get.
You say all surnames were originally bestowed according to some personal   characteristics  or  attribute?
So genealogists teach us.
Then how docs it come that more
people aren't named Lovejoy?
She's all the word to mo! he cried,
And at his heart did cluteb.
It's qulto ariparont, I replied,
You haven't traveled much.
Tlie Zeppelin company's engineers
say rjat t'uo new marlno dirigible
Zeppelin XII ■oultl cross tho Atlantic
without undue risk. Undue risk in
this sense i3 obviously & term ol con*
Bidora.blo elasticity.
i* wearing and dangerous because the inflamed,
macas-filled tub** inter fare with breathing and the
fresh air pa**** through that unhealthy tissue.
Probably no other remedy affords such prompt
and permanent relief as Scott's Emulsion; it
checks the cough, heals the linings of the throat
and bronchial tubes and strengthens the lungs to
avert tuberculosis. This point cannot be emphasized too strongly—that Scott'* Emulsion has
been suppressing bronchitis for forty years and
tavill help J/OU*
Be careful to »vold lubitilutai and iaaiat on SCOTT'S.
Emily Brontes' Looks
A discussion as to tho personal ap-
fcarance of Emily Pronto reveals the
remarkable fact that no ono knows
anything about It since there is no authentic portrait lu existence. When
Charlotte Droute first saw George
lleury I.owes sho said that he was
wonderfully like her sister Emily, but
■tills Is unfortunato for Emily since
latwes was very much llko a baboon.
Possibly tho comparison was duo to a
sisterly candor Hint so seldom errs on
tho sido of mercy. Thanks to photography, the historian of the future
will not bo in doubt ns to the appearance of celebrities ot tho present generation, bnt ho ls likely to havo bis
own opinion as to those worth knowing about.
Corns cripple tho feet   and   make
alking a torture, yet euro relief in
tho shape of Holloway's Corn Cure Is
within reach of all.
Origin of the Dead Letter Office
What was tho reason for our ollice
getting Its name of tho dead letter of-
ilco, as It is often called? said an official In tbo returned letter ollice. Well,
it was originally started in order to
return to '.be senders all letters, etc.,
addressed to peoplo who turned out to
bo dead. The nerd for such an arrangement becaino evident from the
number of valuable iuelosures contained In such missives, aud that tho old
tradition still lingers in the department is evident from tho fact that the
bags contnlnlug returned letters are
black in color.
Yes, thero arc people who Imagine
us te bo mysteriously connected with
death itself, and some time baelt we
received a peculiar letter from ouo
of them. Within a week of having a
letter returned to her a certain person
living In the same house had died, and
consequently tho writer, evidently associating her fricniVi death directly
witli us, begged us in future never to
send back letters again, but to burn
them instead.
Dealing Willi a Lunatic
In front of tl.e Chelsea bouse, Sir
Thomas Moro bad a garden and gatehouse, and as there was a pleasant
view from tho summit of tho gale
house, he used frequently to sit tliere,
accompanied only by his dog. Hero
It was that bo was found one afternoon by a wandering maniac, who
crept upstairs and saw tbo feeble old
m*in dozirg.
Leap, Tom, leap, he crlci", and nt
the Eanio time tried to throw him
over tho battlements. More had not
physical strength enough to resist, but
he had the wit to say-
Let us first throw this little dog
The man Immediately throw down
the dog.
Pretty sport, said tho lord chancellor. Now, gq, down and bring bim
up; then try again.
While tho niadmn.. wont down for
the dog, T'ore mado fast tha door behind him and so managed to hold the
tort until deliverance caiuo.
Good Substitute
Why havo you not como to my
Midge party as you promised? telephoned thr lrato hostess. You are
breaking up one tablo.
t am sick, was tho reply.
That's an old excuse.
Tloally, I'm sick. I havo a trained
Well, you should havo sent a substitute.' ' Ask tbo nurse if she plays.
Easily Divided
Tho hour was divided into sixty
minutes because tbe number sixty can
be evenly divided by two, throe, four,
five, six, ten, twelve, lifteou, twenty
and thirty.
A Columbus high school has banned
the monocle. When we went to
school the tough boys in tbo class
would have attended to that.
A Panama workman won $15,000 in
a lottery nnd spent it in two months
In New York. What delayed I ho New
Yorkers so much?
It ls going to bo a groat hardship
for somo men of wealth to bo compelled to have their fori tines guaranteed under a pure money act.
Gelling up early In the morning to
wrest lo with the furnace Is good to
-cngthen a man's eharacto • perhaps.
Shrewd Sexton
Among tbo tourists who travel
through Franco a considerable number
visit tlio cathedral at Itbeims, a magnificent example of gothio architecture
and in the tower there ls an enormous
clock which Is wound up by tho sexton every day, a very tiring job, as tlio
weights aro naturally extremely
The sexton, nowever, ls a very
shrewd fellow. Whenever bs shows
lho tilppers H1I3 wonderful pleco of
mechanism ho remarks: Ladies and
gentlemen, if you do not bellovo mo
regarding (ho heaviness of the clock
weight? t-y for yourselves.
Each of tbo trippers immediately
givo a (urn or two to tho wheel, and
as there aro somo 1J00 visitors a day
tho trippers unconsciously and eagerly wind tho clock for him and In addition givo bim au oxtra tip for boln/
allowed to do his work.
Minard'- Liniment Cures Colds, Ac
Size of Queensland
To givo wmo idea of tho size ot Australia, Qucenslau alono i: half a3 big
again as Germany, Austria and Hungary put together. Its area is 66a>
■197 square miles.
Do not get out of palicnco or scold
or shake your baby for crying, no
docs not do that to bo ugly—that ls
not. a baby's nature—hi wants to
laugh and be happy but when ho erica
that la tlio way bo takes of telling
you ho is iu pain; tr.at his llttlo stomach In out of order or that bis new
teeth hurt him. Instead of being
cross givo him a doso of Baby's Own
Tablets and yo will soon seo him
laughing and happy igali Tho Tablets sweeten the stomach; make teething painless; breaks up colds; cure
constipation and expel worms. Sold
by medicine dealeri or by mail at 25
cents a box from Tbe Dr. Williams'
Mediciuo Co., Uroekvllle, Ont.
The -Wild Boar
Tha wild boar Is a most courageous
un'miil. Tho clement of luck counts
for a grea: deal in pig sticking, as in
most other forms of sport, and It often happens that the foremost sportsman who by dint of bard tiding or
thanks lo the fastest hoise has como
up with tho quarry Is deprived of the
coveted honor of first spear, by a sudden jink or tnrn of tho pig. Tho.boar
In spito of bis clumsy appearance, is
not only po6scssei". of a grea' turn o*
speed, but is extraordinarily active*
He will turn and twist like a hair,
putting every obstacle ln the shape of
bii8hes, rocks witor, etc., between
himself and bis pursuers, but till the
time making for tlio nearest patch ot
jungle nnd safety. The pae« after a
pig Is faster than the best of runs
with bounds, but Is sooner over.
Mothers can easily know when tholr
children are troubled with worms, and
they lose no time in applying tha best
of remedies—Mother 'raves' Worm
Extt nninalor.
When did the word suburb first
(Ind Its way into the language? It ls
used in a recently discovered1 fourteenth ordinance of tlio city guild of
carpenters providing tbat tho members should attend lho funeral of ony
ouo of tho fraternity resident within
the city or iu tho suburbs The natural Inference is that even then It
was part uf lho everyday talk 0' tho
Tbo simplified spelling board If
going right on simplifyine, words thai
refuse **, he simplified.
Said a careless young   lady   named
When sho stepped en an empty banana,
Now, what do you soo
That you staro so, in mo?
And tbo byslander cried, Hosauna!
nobble—Will you send mother a leg 1
of mutton, please, Mr. Jones?
.Tones—Yes, my boy.
Hobble—And mother snys If U'3 as I
skinny as tbo last tho man needn't I
knock. Ho ean push lt through thej
letter box.
Ko oculist can do anything for ths*
blindness of self lovo.
ITLliA*n'# T.fa.aTft.ftar "TXTOMAN'S delicate system requires
SLWViM 9. *aC.i"JVfiti VT   more than ordinary care snd at.
A1J W**-s*iT*r\*r**\% tention—more care and attention than
Vltl .tfc'CatVfl. C it ia given by the average woman.
WmII* VitTliA       Neglect it and ills soon creep in, snd
* WM*   JL AA*\A*^    j),, |00i( 0f 0\d, see, sometimes quickly,
*gSS*jt*3mW******S*V***M*tt*    sometimes gradually follows.
Tbat backache, ao common among women, brings with It the annken chest, tht
headache, tired muscles, crow'a-feet, and Boon tho youthful body ia ao more youthful in appeerancc—and all because of lack of attention.
There la no reason why you ahould be so unfortunate, when yon have at your
disposal a remedy sucb as Dr. Pierce's I'avorlta Prescription—recommended
for over 40 years as a remedy for ailments peculiar to women. We hava thousands anon tnonsanda of tesUmoniala on file—the ^^^^^^^^^^m^^^mmmmmammm
accumulation of 40 years—testifying to ita effset*. ■
iveness. Neither narcotics not alcohol are to be
found In this fanocs prescription. Regulates
br-Cffularilles. Corrects displacements. Overcomes
painful periods. Tones up nerves, minus at/tat
perfect health. Bold by dealers In medicines,
in >l«r*W     	
Dr. Fierce t e,'e*i*sl Adviser, necslo re.
filer! ut-to-itutc edition, answers hosts
*faelle*ts uiiestl.ni aoout which txerr
m*man,sln*ts or married ouekt t* kn*te.
Dr. Pierce's
ImwwuiiiiiiUHHiiuiiii'wuii.^^ Is
The Army of
ness, Indigestion, Sick Headache, Sallow Shin.
Small Pill, Small Dote, Small Price.
Genuine must bear Signature
Bash Fret*.     A 9ieBpIi
■tin* treafneit rem»vti
km from t \*i* Is.dy's bre lit
Old sorei", ulcers aad
 frowlba cured.    Deicribt
r Irnble ■* w* wftl ***i bosk Mil teitinMUts.
IHK CANADA cancer institute, Umtis
LUMSOIN  ■LlM.{*?."S{.',.-|)TOSONTO.
wmre nt ntm. M.sta.
Was. Winslow's SoornlNO Syri-p lias lieen
(jbJ ior over SIXTY VK.IRSbv «!I,UONSot
aloiiiKRS foi   nieir cmr.tJKKS  \viui,«
•atswuiNO. with psKiKcr Buceass. It
*!.!..*.•.»all PAIN CCKltS WIN!) COI.IC and
u tlie test remedy lor DlARKIUKaV, It is ab.
aolutelv lianuless. Be sure anil ask ror * airs.
WlaslaVa Boothinc Svrup.' mid taka SO oti*H
klaU.  'iVeuty-liveceiiiaa bottle.
Something better than linen and bis
laundry bills.   Wash lt wltb   soap   and
water.   All stores or direct.   State style
and size.   For 26a. we will mall you.
ti Fraser Avenue, Toronto, Ontertt
Battered Battleship Turns Turtle and
Disappears in Channel
The old battleship. Empress of India, which was the target ot the finest
gunnery In the British navy was sunk
In the channel oft Portland, after being practically knocked to pieces by
the tremendous assault. The Intention was to make a torpedo assault on
tho vessel, but after the attacks of
the finest firing ships in the first three
battle squadrons, whicli were witnessed by Mr. Churchill and other admiralty lords, the Empress of India turned turtle and disappeared.
The lirst onslaughts were made by
individual ships, w' ich severely peppered the target with their smaller
weapons. Then tho 12-lneh guns
were used, and finally tho 13.5 inch
suns wero fired at rango of over S
miles. When the squadron firing by
the second battle squadron tool; place
tlio Empress ot India showed signs ot
doom. Flames burst out, nnd a pause
was mado ln the bombardment, while
tugs pumped water on to tho burning
ship. Holes llko lock gates were
made in the side ot the ship, nnd ns
curb shell el ruck her she heeled over
to a considerable angle. It wns after
thc return of the ileet to Portland that
she stink.
•wrfia IratmKiuHir, iladdu. MBfout ouium.
vftM Im mt rftCI *<*>*   th uoit itifii-ctifg
— " i.M«3.M«|k>
*adMna»drlorTouaowKalaMat DMIMalasaaa.
x«*al.r«tS. N. Mb... urc.iu. ut UCUM
a. co. Uavaaaioca aa. UAurti-uo, uaooe.saa.
congenial needlework at homo; make
.rem three to Ave dollars per dny decorating cushion tops. Armour Art Co.,
Dept.  1!.,  Urcilollr.-ie Slock,  Winnipeg.
Living up to It.
Wo don't always do as we should.
For one thing, we nre told to love our
A great mnny of us live up to tbnt.
Didn't you ever notice a couple of society lenders kissing each other. .-
la It Worth It?
Does it cost more in lector's fees
to keep 100,000 persons In health today than it did CO years ago'? I put the
question to two very eminent Philadelphia physicians—or mhor any physician and ono surgeon.
They both answered yes, hut Ihey
holh Qualified their answers In Insisting that the 100,000 persons are kept
in much better health than half a century ago, antl also that they live, on
tho average, considerably longer.
Said Ihe physician: Tlie average age
of adults Is now greater than it used
to be. Medical science does rrolon*;
life. In proportion to population we
have more old people, although it often happens that science keeps Incurable invalids nllve, where formerly it
could nol. That process, ot course,
is sometimes expensive.
Tlie surgeon was quite emnhatlc;
Surgery saves some lives in Philadelphia every day which tho surgery of
tile sixties eould not bavo saved. Then
thero was not even an attempt in
many casea.
This saving costs money, and lhat
Is why 100,000 people now pay much
more to tlio doctors every year than
100,000 people raid when Lincoln was
president.     But Isn't It worth it?
Britain's Full Squadron
England now possesses a full squadron of eight battleships of the super*
dreadnought type, tho most compact
and powerful fighting forco In the
.These eight ships, which mount in
tho aggregate SO 18.6 inch guns nnd
128 four inch guns, cost the British nation something over 570,000.000, but
after all thoy form only a part of tho
British fleet. Tlio Ajax, tho commissioning pf whicli completed tills squadron, was tho IStli battleship of the
dreadnought era to take place in the
fieri that guards tho const of Britain
and it Is less than eight yenrs siuce
the first dreadnought was laid down.
England lias therefore pen* in battleships nnd battle cruisers alone in
those right yenrs upward of $150,000,-
000, and each year her ships, each being an improvement over tho last,
are coating her more.
Canned Music In Scotia
Early in tho last century an old
Forfarshire lady installed i the bedroom corridor of her castle an auto-
matin organ. It was her delight of a
morning to wi'.c her guests with Its
strains. But It wus not the delight
of one of ihem, Mids Sophia Johnstone
of 1 Ulton, to be so awakened, and she
said so.
Ye dlnna like the mush 1 Ye should-
na say that, Sophy, said the hostess.
Yo'll no' win to heaven an' ye dlnna
take pleasure in musie. It'o to be all
music tliere, yo know.
Deed, said the incorrigible one. an'
if heaven's a placo wi' auld wives
plnyln' on hand orgiM at 6 o'clock
In the mqrnin' it's no tht place I take
it for, nor yet tho placo I want to he
Ouch I
We don't have r.ny gras3 growing
in our streets,' sneered the New
No, I dnre say not, replied the
Philndelphian. I suppose your street
car horses nibble it oft as they browse
The Indicting Instinct
Do you think women ought to hold
public oltlco?
Well, ln some cases. Rut. Judging
from the way Ihey tallied nbout every-
body lu the community, li liutc to
have thoso who met at my house yesterday on n grand jury.
SOc. a box or six b*xes for $2.50,
at all dealers, or The Dodds Medicine Company. Limited, Toronto,
Handel In Dublin
There was a period of his life in
which Handel, the famous composer,
retired from London in n lit ot disgust. He went to Dublin, and it was
there—In the Dublin Music hull that
his great masterpiece: 'The Messiah,'
was produced, 'The . performance.'
writes D. A. Ciliart, was for the benefit of Mercer's hospital. In order to
provide room for a largo audience ladles were requested to lay aside their
hoops and gentlemen their swords. By
this means nn audience of 700 was
crowded Into the space, and the concert realized $2,000.
My pet embarrassment wns when I
learned lhat tho girl I went nround
wilh a little, but old not love, wns engaged. To give her thc Impression
that I was wasting her time I went
over and proposed. My embarrassment can bo easily imagined wben she
accepted mo.
Fashion reports say that skin tight
suils will be worn by men thc coming
season, nnd that Is right where mere
man is going to get evou with the
bobble skirt.
An Experienced  Horicman Solemnly
Declares No'hlng Is so Satisfactory as Nerviline
Says Nerviline Is Fine   Liniment
"After fifty .oars' expei ienee In
raising horses I ean safely testify that
no remedy givcB such good results for
an nil-round stablo liniment ns Nerviline." Thus opei. tlio very earnest
letter of J. J. Evanston, who lives
near Wellington. "I bad a very.valuable horse that took distemper a
montl. ngo. and was afraid I was going to lose him. His throat swelled
and hard lumps developed. Ills nostrils ran nnd ho had a terrible cough.
I tried different remedies, but was unable to relieve my horse ot his pain
and Buffering till l rtnrted to use'Nerv-
lline, I mixod a bottle of Nerviline
and Sweet oil antl rubbed the mixture
on the throat and chest three times
a day, and you would scarcely believe
the way that horso picked up. Nerv-
llino cured him. I also have used
Nerviline for colic In horses and cows,
and earnestly recommend It to every
man that is raising stock."
For strains,' sprains, swellings, colic, distemper, coughs, nnd colds, no
liniment will prove to efficacious in the
stable as "Nerviline"—It's good for
man r beast, for Internal or external
use. Wherever there is pain, Nerviline will cura It. "refuse substitutes.
Large size bottles. r,0e.; trial size, 2.1e.,
at all dealers', or the Calarrhozone Co.,
Buffalo, N.Y., aud Kingston, Out.
Money's Worth or Money Back
The clerk was nt a loss and a floorwalker minced up i.nd took a part in
tho conversation.
Now, bow about my money back?
demanded the red-faced lady.
We return money when cases so
juttlfy.     What U it--rlbbons. shoes?
No, it's    book.
Has the book been read?
Of course.
L'm. Wo can't return money on
books, you know.
The red-faced lady grew purple.
Your aim is to have only satisfied
customers. That is the way you advertise,     Ain't it now?
Yes,, madam*
Then wl.y can't you 'take this novel
back and return my money?
Is the book damaged ln any way?
sparred tlio ilo. .--walker. Print imperfect, or anything like that?
Can't say it is.
Then why are you not satisfied
with the novel?
Why, I don't like tho way it ends.
A Real Genius
What kinder a feller is Pete Dooltt-
Bright as a dollar, patient an' a
hard worker.
Why, Bo can't hold a job for more
than a week, and I hear his family
hasn't get enough to live on.
Sure, that may be, but what's that
got to do with lt? You see that meerschaum pipe of his? Colored It himself. You seo that there hosshalr
Watch chain he wears? Braided it
himself. Notice the peach stone
charm hanging to it? Carved it himself, and it took two months to finish.
Seo that boun' dog he's got? Pete
trained that dog to do everything a
circus dog ean do. Ever hear Pete
play on the mouth harp and accompany
himself on the guitar? Taught himself. Ever seo his handwriting?
Jest like copperplate, all shaded and
flourished, and ho .an make a swan
without taking :-'s pen from llie paper. Pole may not keep a job or feed
his family, but he's a genius, that's
what he Is!
Presence of Mind
Colonel Cody (Duffalo   Hill)    once
told lho following story of one of his
comrades of the plains known as Wild
A man who nursed a grudge against
Wild Bill sworo to kill him. He
stood concealed in a doorway, stepped
out nnd eonfront.d Hill as tho latter
passed and leveled a pistol nt his head. |
I've got you now, Wild Bill, he said,
and I'm going to kill you. hut I will
give you one minute to pray!
Well, said Hill witli nn easy smile,
it does look like tlio jig's up!
Suddenly Bill peered over the man's
shoulder and waved a deprecatory
Don't hit bim, Andy! be said.
Tlie man wheeled to protect himself from* the supposed enemy in his
rear. Ho gazed Into empty space.
There wns no Andy nor any ono else
behind bim. and before ho could turn
General Daumesnll's Leg
General Daneicsull wooden nnd iron
leg is in tho r'nris military museum.
Tbe warrior In question lost one of
his legs at tho battle of Wngraru, aud.
wben he returned to Paris it was io-| neglected cough ?
Hera Is A Remedy That Will Stop It
Do yon realize
Then why don't yon get rid of it?
Yes, you can shake it cl, even though
it has stuck to yon for a long time, if
you go about it right.
Keep out in thc fresh air a? r.utcli as
you can, build up your strength wilh
plenty of wholesome food, and tako
Na-Dru-Co Syrup of Unseed, Licorice
and Chlorodyne.
This reliable household remedv I1119
broken up thousands of backing, pcr-
,o*...   ,     *    ,   - ,, ,     ■   , ,*   ,  1 ■""'Stent coughs,   which  were   lust  as
1833, deprived of hio mechanical limb.j troublesome as vours, and what it has
t had been taken oft while he was ill doncforsoumiivotliersit«-i!ldoforvou.
.11 order to he repaired by a smith Ntt.Dra.c0s4upof Unseed, Licorice
named Brou. In .ng in \ ...ceniies. B 0,1 Mi, ch]nmhl{u ^^ a!lSolll cla/iS
Up the art vie and handed it down! •„„„,■„, ,,„- nm* M £ £ -.
to his family from whom it subse- ,.,fclv t0 chrUren M wel] „, a$nhSi
U'leutly passed into tne ownership ot Your' physician or druggist can confirm
the municipality ol Vincennes. Tjotul3stotement,forwearereadyto send
councilors of the artillery borough' -
handed it over to tlie war department
and It Is among the most honored relies of the trench armies ef tlie past.
placed by a mechanical contrivance
of timber and iron springs. Although
crippled, tiio old soldier remained !-'.
active service and was in command of
tho Vincennes fort in ISH when the
allies were in Paris. It was to tlie
troop3 of the anti-Xapolcon coalition
Hint General Daumesnil said when
called upon to givo np his fort Let
me have my leg and then yoa can take
Vincennes.   The old geueral died  In
Long Headol
What will you do witli the $20,000
It you get a verdict in your broach ot
pruin.se suit?
I guess, sail the dear girl, I'll marry the lawyqi. It's sveh an awful lot
ef money to let get out of one's
tin 111 on request a complete list of alt
the ingredients.
Put up in 25c. and 50c. bottles by the
N.ittonal Drug and Chemical Co. of
Canuda, Limited. 317
The Birthright of Every Girl With
Rich, Red Blood
The sad eye that goes Willi blood-
lessness ls a sure sign of misery and
weakness. Anaemic—that is bloodless
—girls and women have dull    heavy
round again Wild Bill had killed him. <""*""s with dark lines underneath. The
olid is pulled down, looks pale and
Time Has Tested it.—Dr. Thomas'
lilclectric Oil lias been on thc market
upwards of thirty ars and ln that
time it lias proved a blessing to thousands. It is in high favor throughout I
Canuda aud its excellence has carried
its fame beyond the seas. It has no
equal in the whole list of liniments. If
It were double tho price it would bo a
cheap liniment.
Didn't Wait for Thank You
John Bull, lho scene painter, tells a
slorr of an occasion when he delivered some scenery for an enterlaiiiment
in a lunalle asylum', lie was watching
bis men getting the, stuff ia when it
wus beginning to ruin. A big*
man wilh a pleasant smile appeared
anil offered to help. They got on
famously. Mr. Bull i^nd bis volunteer
were just setting down tho last load
when an attendant arrived, caught the
big man n tremendous blow on tho
side of the head and sent him sprawling on bis back'. Mr. Bull wns
speechless with indignation at tills attack, hut the victim got up, smiling
more than ever, and walked away.
You can thank your stars I've been
watching you, the attendant explained.! I suppose when you had tho last
lot in you'd have sail 'Thank you.'
Well, that's tills fellow's trouble, sir.
".he moment you say "Thank you' to
him he'll wring your aicek.
Obion 1 House-
Sqnare nnd oblong houses are cheaper to build than odd shaped structures. Tlie oblong house Is cheaper
than the enuare. Timbers come In |
certain lengths and the house that Is
long nnd narrow takes loss timber
than one that is square—lhat Is .to
say, tiie material cuts to better advantage in tlio oblong house than iu
the square house: also less labor is involved iu tlio making.
I was cured of terrible lumbago by
I was cured of a had caso ,f earache
I was cured of sensitive lungs by
Plating the Goat
An anecdote of President Hayes is
told hy an Englishman who formed
one of a party of his eompntrlots
while tho president and his family
wero nt Clark's ranch, near Yosemite.
The two parties were assembled in thc
rude kitchen awaiting the coming
meal. A certain stiffness prevailed
nt lirst. At list a master of ceremonies and introducer appeared in the
shape of a small and elegant quadruped, evidently a family pet, which
trotted into the kitchen to bo caress-
od. A lady of tlie English party gently stroked its stem, the president its
stern. Presently they met, about
tho center of the animal, and tlie Interchange of a few remarks became
inevitable. This is a very pretty goat,
from tlie English lady Sly end i" antelope, madam, from the president It
neetl scarcely be said that botb ouds
were antelope, but the reply was very
When the steed had nobly sped him
And the stableman had fed him,
To tiie drinking trough ho led bim,
But lie coaxed tn no avail.
For the horse replied with hauteur,
You may lead me to the water,
But to mako me drink you oiighler
Have an individual pull.
Say, mister, where do you live? inquired tlie small brother of the lady
upon whom Mr. Bia Ik hud called to
pay bis weekly attentions.
At 4,"0 Grand avenue, replied tho
young man.     Why do you ask?
Oil, well, said the young hopeful, big
sister Is wrong then, 'cause she had
pa look you up In Bradstreot.
She bought a handsome cookbook, and
she wept,
Because she heard    hot-   thoughtless
husband say
That In tiie library it should be kept
And from the kitchen banished fur
Is lt truo that botlt your husband
and the man who lives next door to
you havo failed in business?
Yes, but Ned's failure isn't nearly
so bad as Mr. Nnybor's. He failed for
CO cents on tho dollar, while my husband failed for only 10 cents on the
You seem very much impressed by
all theso explnna'ions I havo been giving you about banking and currency.
Yea, Charley, dear, replied Mrs.
ToTkins. It seems perfectly wonderful that anybody could know as much
as you do about monoy without having
W. N. J. 080
According to a Delaware judge, Idleness is a crime; also a disease.
A theatre manager ia New York is
importing police dogs to drive away
ticket scalpers. If the dogs are Intelligent enough to illstinguls.i between
a scalper and a patron of the house tiie
scheme may work-, but what If it is
otherwise? Thc idea seems to bo just
a sensation.
A Greek ft constructing In Paris .-.
bottle shaped vessel whoso design
was revealed to bin. in a dream and
in which he expects to cross the Atlantic to New York. All he needs lo
do Is to have another dream and find
himself on Broadway.
Trees rnd the Soil
Tho soil ls a resource of priceless
value. Its formation on rocks is exceedingly slow. According to Professor J. Bowman, many glacial scratches lhat were made on rock' during the
last glacial period, between 60,000 nnd
75,000 years ago, are still fresh as If
Ihey had been made only yesterday.
Yet sineo the glaciers thus recorded
themselves man has come up trom the
cave and tho stone hammer. Seventy
thOusaud years Is a very short time
for the development of u soil cover.
Fur man It means a period so great
that tlio mind can hardly grasp it.
Tile cutting off of the treej exposes
the soil so thnt tlu rain beats upon
it, nnd since It lias lost, the protection
that the roots and the Utter on the
ground afforded lho soil is soon
washed away. In fifty years n single
lumher merchant can deprlvo the
nice of soil t.nit required 10,000 years
to form
A  Consistent  Career
Times are not ns they used to be—
We hear the old refrain.
There is but little Hope to seo
The classic dnys again.
I When Greece o/vanced wi'   splendid
And dazzled all tlie throng,
A leader of tiie human race,
Of mind and body strong,
'l'n arts of war they still return
While seeking to advance
Our opportunities to learn
Of polished elegance,
And as wo view their modern work*
Wo honestly enthuse.
Abroad tho Greeks are lighting Turks,
a\ud hero they're shining shoes.
Minard's Liniment   Cursr   Garget   la
bloodshot Inside. This is not all. a\nac*
mia works havoc till through the system; girls grow painfully weak nud
Irritable; thoy are breathless and Incapable of much exertion, while older
women who are anaemic complain of
belpg "never really well."
There is only one way to brighter,
better health for pale, pining girls, and
women. That way is to invigorate
tlio body with new blood—tho rich,
healthy blood lhat imparts strength,
cleanses tho system of all impurities,
nnd restores tlio bright eyes nnd red
lips of perfect health. Thousands of
girls and women knew that Dr. Wil-
11011,19 Pink Pills for Pale People make
this new, rich, red blood, and so restore health and strength more surely
than any oilier medlclno known.
There would not ho an anaemia woman or girl In the land if those suffering from tills condition would give Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills n fair trial. That
Is why so many recommend these pills
to their suffering sisters. Sirs. R. B.
Keith, Stee.-cs Settlement, N.I!., says;
—"aVt tbe age of 13 my daughter Sadie began to complain of constant lieud-
nclies. and did not havo hor usual
good appetite.     I wont to a doctor
No Use for Sympathy
A Yorkshiroman suffering from
toothache weut to a dentist to havo
the aching tooth out. Tlio dentist
took out tho offending tooth and*
was then asked to pull out tho double
tooth next to it.
But that is a sound tooth, said the)
dentist. Tbe pain is only sympathetic.
Yank It out, doctor. liang such
Every caroful and obi rvant mother
knows when hor child suffers fron
worms. She also knows that if somo
remedy bo not speedily applied much
harm will result to tbo infant. Tho
best application that can be got is
.Miller's Worm Powders. They drive)
worms from the system and set up
stimulating and soothing effects, so
that the child's progress thereafter la
painless and satisfying.
This Is our thirteenth quarrel, ehs
said and shivered as she looked into
tlio cold, gray storm.
Perhaps  we shall  never bavo an-
I other, faltered her husband.
■ --.- -•- ,. . ■   , ,. ,, ... , ,„, I    Ob, I'm not in tho least superstt
ind got somo ..icdicine bu   it did not. „ rotestcJ Ul0 ,voln.ul.   ,v ,„   ,
help her, and finally she tad tojls-1 eU,^ affectation
of gay,
help    .
continue going to school. She seemed
to be growing weaker every day andi ,„„„,„      ...     ....       .. ,
wanted to lie down all lhe time, and -J0'1"?' f d ie- bale^ ' tl'1"-"
would continually complain of being! I °{« u'"? a»-*' & mt,,J0"' .
tired. Tlie doctor -avo her another °"' £??> B"e *"i'S»'ered, Im sure ot
bottle of medicine, but with no totter | You Ug such worI; ^ yfm tfy
results.   There was not a bit of color
in her faco or lips, and I was afrr' 1
she was going into a decline. a\ friend
who was in to seo her said "Ii sho was
my child I would try Dr. Williams'
Flu's. Pills," and  I decided I  would
take the advice.   I„ a com)ic of weeks 1 answorea th0 old mm
we could see a difurenco, as ber eyes of corned beef
looked brighter, anL'  she would try       ,n0  c     eu uccl'
lo oat a little.   When sho began the    *, kno    „ w, ,     f.
pll a she could not dress herself alone,  .,„*..      t „, *., ■  a*
but little by lithe her strength came!    w*10 lg Il0,
to kiss. ^^^^^^^^^^^
Here I am, dad, announced the prodigal. Arc you going to kill tho fatted calf?
Not with veal at *I0 cents a pound,
.Maria, open
back until she could go for a walk.
Sho continued thn use of tho Pills
several months with tlie result that
she was again strong and active. This
was over two years ago, and sho has
been a strong, healthy girl ever since.
Wo bave sineo used tlie pills fer other
purpo-39 and find tbe • a good family
Dr Williams' Pink Pills are sold by
all medicine dealers, or will be sent
by mail at SO cents a box or six boxes
for $2.r.0 by wriling Thc Dr. Williams'I grov0iiid
Medieino Co., Brockvillo, Out. wife   ho
My shoomaker.   Ho makes a business of giving sole mates.
The Brave Buttcrf.y
Hero is an unorthodox story of King
Solomon;    One Oay a butterfly sat on
tiie king's temple and honstcd to hla
wife:   It 1 cIk.so I could lift my wing
and shiver thin building to the ground,
hu swaggered.     Solomon,   overhearing, sent for the boaster.     How daro
you.'   bo    thundered.   Tlie    butterfly
I did it to  impress  my
pleaded.   Th,    great   mon-
Shoes and Nerves
Travelers say thnt the reason why
nervous people don't exist in China
ls because It. is there tio custom to
wear soft shoes. There Is no doubt
that hard soled, creaking footgear is
responsible,for much nervous wear
and tear as* well as much physical fa
tigllo in western lands. Tired feet
and tired nerves wlll find solaeo in a
warm foot bath with a n.mdful ell
sea salt In It. Move the feet about
or keep tliem sl'il ns best pleasea you
as long ns the water Is pleasantly
warm; then dry them with n rough
towel and put on a frrsh pair of stockings.
Wasted Sarcasm
Ipdlgnant wife—I wonder what you
would bavo dono it 301 had lived
when men wero first compelled to earn
their bread by the sweat of their
Indolssil Husband—I tbould hav
started a little notion store and so!d
handkerchief 1:,
Opposing New Y'ork lawyers exchanged opinions as to one being a
bullet head and tiie elher a mush head.
Tho court happily ended the conlro*
vers;.' by agreeing witb both.
British Dreadnoughts carry ten thlr-
teeocn and ene-hnlf inch guns. Equip.
ped llko a sen gangster
Stihc'ued tlie Peer
In her reminiscences Lady Dorothy
Nevil said that i.i her younger days
parents wero very particular about tlie
matrimonial alliances mndo in their
families, nud sho told an amusing sto*1
ry of one old peer who was greatly
surprised to he told by his sister that
sho bad developed a great affection
for 11 well known solontla' of humble
bill I*
Thc peer sent for him and said brusquely; Now, sir. I should lik ■ to know
Something about your family.
I tblnk lt will be SUftlClont, replied
tlio scientist, wlio was of Semltlo extraction, to say that I descended from
the illustrious blood of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
Tho peer wns taken alack-. Oh.
he said, of course, my family has nothing to compare with that. Therefore, if my siaier really likes you,
you'll, better ink..* Iter.
And tho scientist did.
Red Flannel
Red flannel as a cure for rheumatism lias many adherents. Nu doubt
the flannel keeps warm and protects
thc stiff joint and ire muscles, but
as jfar as the color goes any other in
tlio spectrum would be fully as effective. Like many of our bo;, and girl
superstitions, the notion has become
so deeply grounded as to havo an undoubtedly favorable mental effect. Perish the Iconoclast who would destroy
arch was instantly appease.', and let
bim go. Whnt did Solomon say to
you? gasped a quivering wife five tnin-
ut'.s later. Oh. bo begged me not to)
do it, said the butterfly airily. And
Solomon, again o\ orheariug. smiled.
The True Source
of Beauty
is, and must be, goocl lion'th.
Sallow skin and faco McmiaheB
aro usuully caused by tho
presenco of impurities in tha
blood -impurities which also
cause headache, baclkacheJan-
guor, nervousness and deitres*
sion of spirits. If, at times,
when there is need you will use
Tliere is no sweeter suffering than
hope. So runs an eld German proverb, melancholy text for hearts lhat
hitler disappointment bus cured and)
to whom all hope is but memory.       j
One might define ibr* millennium as
n place wbere stiictljj.frosli eggs may;
be biought on api'.'.vat |
you will find yourself better in
every way. With purified
blood, you will improve digestion, sleep more restfully and
your nerves will be quieter.
You will recover the charm of
sparkling eyes, a spotless complexion, rosy lips and vivacious
spirits. Good for all the family, Beecham's Pills especially
Help Women
To Good Health
SolJ ncry-nliere.   In l'*iev 25 ceotl
The Ur*t*-ii
wild on
uie ut inr tntdtolaW, Theilircctia^
box iv-iut (hs -.*.•■.' to f :-di1 hctltW ihe   tftatJ«M>Mt, i t jri rtu a*.M>, HA'
Published every Saturday at Cumberland, Vancouver Island, B.C, by
Edward W. Bickle, Editor
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To Correspondent,!: The Editor does not hold himself responsible for views
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except over the writer's signature.   The Editor reserves the right to
refuse publication ot any letter.
IF THE COUNCIL of 1914 desire to occupy a niche of fame
i 1 our civic annals, let them start in and compile a list of
our municipal by-laws. Everyone knows that since the town
was incorporated, innumerable by-laws have been passed
and rescinded, but the citizens as a whole are appallingly
ignorant as to what these by-laws are, Indeed we venture
to say that the Chief of Police himself-whose duty it is to
see that these by-laws are not infringed-is as much in the
dark as the rest of us regarding two-thirds of the by-laws
which are supposed to govern our town. The unearthing
of these by-laws, and the revising of them, is essentially a
lawyer's task, and we would suggest that money invested in
this particular direction would be money well spent and tend
to bring order out of chaos. After the list has been completed it should be confirmed by the Council and published
for the benefit of all citizens. Once this has been done, the
list could be revised and kept up-to-date each year at very
little cost. As it is, most of our by-laws can be successfully
attacked and are a farce, and the work and expense involved
in getting the tangle straightened out, increases the longer
this important duty is delayed.
WE have heard several complaints regarding the lack of
street crossings on Dunsmuir Avenue. At present there is
no crossing between the north and south sides of our main
business street, from First Street to Third Street. Formerly
a crossing existed at Second Street and it was probably the
most frequented of any in town. At the time the road was
being repaired last fall this crossing was taken up ajid for
some unknown reason the Council did not relay it. Through-
oat the winter, ladies and others visiting the various business
houses, and wishing, for example, to go from Tarbell's to
Leiser's, have been confronted with the alternative of making
a long detour, or wading through an ocean of mud. The
renewal of the old crossing at this point is a necessity and
we commend the suggestion to the activities of our Board of
always stood out for representation in any conference, and
made the recognition of the organization the first basis of
any possible agreement. If the men are now ready to waive
these demands there is no necessity to call upon the legislature. As a matter of fact we are inclined to believe that all
that is necessary to end the trouble is to take a vote of the
men. If, however, the officers and their few right-hand
supporters are still in control of the situation, then a settlement is out of the question. The demands which these
officers have always put forward as preliminary to an agree-
ment are less likely than ever to be conceded by the various
companies. We can only repeat that the local company is
making all the progress possible in the present condition of
the various mines. It is not a question of getting men, but
of finding places for the men who are asking for work. This
is the first fact the men still out of work want to realize, and
their own common sense will dictate their future action. So
far as the motion of Mr. Williams is concerned, if the official
attitude of the United Mine Workers is the same as it has
hitherto been then it could not possibly end in a settlement;
if this attitude has changed, then such action as Mr. Williams
proposes is unnecessary.
ANOTHER matter for the attention of the proper authorities
is the manner in which children are permitted to monopolise
the sidewalks with their sleighs. No one enjoys seeing the
youngsters having a gcod time more than we do, but the
sidewalks are not pieces for sleighing and tobogganing. It is
difficult enough to get around in the deep snow in any
event, without having the task rendered immeasureably
more difficult, and even dangerous, through having to
navigate slippery slides. Bicycles are not allowed on the
sidewalk in the summer and we fail to see why sleighs &c,
are permitted to become a much greater danger during the
winter months. After all it appears to us that the difficulty
would be largely solved if those responsible for the enforcing
of the by-law would see lhat property holders kept their
sidewalks clear of snow-if there is such a by-law. Who
DURING the past few months the Liberal press and Liberal
orators have been systematically misrepresenting the conditions of the finances of the country. Revenues were
reported decreasing, expenditures growing, the debt increasing, and the credit of the country was disappearing. It was
a black calamitous picture they painted.
Hon. W. T. White, the Finance Minister, gave the facts
of the situation in a speech in the House a few days ago.
Mr. White showed that any difficulties which were now met
were due to the financial blundering of the old government.
The revenues were never so buoyant as at the present day,
commerce has reached this year a new high water mark, and
in addition during the past two years the net debt of the
country had actually been decreased by $13,000,000, as
compared with an increase during the last four years of the
Liberal regime of no less than $76,000,000.
The first year the Conservatives came into power the
revenue was $136,000,000. This year it will be no less than
$170,000,000. Trade has been expanding. The year before
the Conservatives came into power the trade of Canada was
$750,000,000. The next year it was $850,000,000. Last year
it reached the magnificent total of a billion dollars, and this
year, notwithstanding the financial stringency, the trade will
far surpass the record-breaking figures of last year.
There have been many attacks that the net debt has
been recently increasing. They are not founded on fact.
On October 11th, 1911, the day the Borden government
came into power, the net debt was $321,000,000, and on
Docember 31st, 1913,. it was $303,000,000, the net debt
during the two years of the Borden administration has
actually decreased by no less than $13,000,000. On the
other hand, for the four years preceding 1911, the increase
in the national debt of Canada was no less a sum than
$76,000,000. In 1909 alone the net debt was increased by
Mr. White exposed the frenzied finance of Hon. W. S.
Fielding, and the facts are fairly appalling. From December
11th, 1907, to January 23rd, 1909, the period of the money
stringency, thirteen months, Mr. Fielding borrowed the
total of one hundred million dollars.
Macfarlane Bros.
f " The Square Dealing House " «»
<$* <§>
(From Nanaimo Daily Herald)
THE member for Ladysmith, Mr. Parker Williams, is going
to try to bring about the termination of the present strike
through the local legislature. He has given notice of motion
to this effect, in which he will ask the House to urge the
government to immediately take such action as will bring
the strike to an end. This action on the part of Mr. Williams
is rather surprising to say the least. Any effort that has
been made hitherto to effect a settlement has been frowned
upon'by the union leaders. Mr. Williams in his motion
refers to the failure of outside influences and hitherto at least
there has always been an insuperable obstacle to the opening
of negotiations. This lay in the fact that the officers and
organizers of the United Mine Workers of America have
WITH a view to giving telegraph communications to outlying and newly settled portions of Canada, the government
during the past year constructed 1,150 milesof new telegraph
lines. The telegraph lines owned by the government now
aggregate a length of 9,792 miles.
The most important extensions were made in British
Columbia, the Prairie Provinces and the Yukon. In the
former the following lines were constructed: Nakusp-Edge-
wood, 37 miles; Victoria-Jordan River, 40 miles.
In the Provinces of Nova Scotia and Quebec extensions
aggrigating 97 1-2 miles and 41 miles, respectively, were
built. !,,«
Keeping pace with the innovations introduced by the, |
commercial telegraph companies, the government telegraph j |
lines, beginning the 1st of April, 1912, introduced a night 1
lettergram,or deferred message service, which admits of the,I
acceptance during regular office hours of messages for H
delivery during the following day.    The charge for such | s|
messages of fifty words or less is the regular day rate for ten
words, with an additional charge of one fifth of this rate
for each additional ten words or less.   The connecting lines
have agreed to the interchange of such messages at the
same proportionate rates to and from all points in the
Dominion of Canada and the United States.
In Infants' and
Children's Goods
We hope you will do us the favor of
calling and looking over our range
1 of this line before making your purchases   either  for  immediate   or
spring use.   You will find our stock
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Infant's Undervests,   pi-ices from 40c to 60c
"      Long White Dresses prices from (35c to #1.50
"     Barrowcoats at 50c and 80c
"      White Unshrinkable Flanel Barrowcoats
Embroidered in Silk $1.25
"      White Flannelette Barrowcoat, Heavy 65c
Bibs .__. from,25cto40c
"      Bootees..  _. from'15c to 45c
White Shawls, al! siz"S from $1.00 to $3.50
Children's Silk Dresses *« -n     , tt!0
These are White only    Jp^.OU and $0
* St. Margaret"
Knitted Sweater
Colors Navy, Green, Brown and Cardinal, e>* .     *\\.  mfC
Sizes from 18 in. to 30 in.      Prices from «P i TO «p I. f O
Children's "St. Margaret" Suits from 20in at $1.75
Sizes up to 26in .....at«2.20
Grocery and Patent Medicine Dept.
Feeding Bottles 25c. Talcum Powder 25c.
Baby's Own Tablets 25c,    Castoria 35c.    Nestles Food 50c.
Choice Toilet Soaps. Soothing Syrups 25c.
Allenbury's Food Nos. 1, 2 and 3.
Robinson's Patent Barley 25c.   Robinson's Patent Groat 25c.
Simolira 25c. Arrowroot Pov der : I*:ts 20c.
Macfarlane Bros. Ltd.
'The Corner Store," Cumberland, B.C.
I'll "lie   10 ]   (      ],;    !((
♦ ♦ »
Crown Theatre, Cumberland
Opera House, Courtenay
New Hall, Bevan
Moving Pictures will be shown in the above as follows-
Every Evening Except Thursday, Cumberland
Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, Courtenay
Thursday, Bevan.
W. WITCHELL, Manager.
^■*»rsrr,?-''*rr?y^o - - ^****,-**u* IBE  IM/MIII,   HlIHlli.I,    IL C
The Popular Beer
of the day is
Silver Spring
and now on draught at the
New England Hotel
JOSEPH   WALKER   Proprietor.
Lunsmuir Avenue
Try it and be convinced, you will drink no other.
Awarded Four Gold Medals B. C, Agricultural Association 1910 & 1913
for Purity and Quality.
For Sale in Bottles at all Leading Hotels.
Silver Spring Brewery Ltd.
CEALED TENDERS, superscribed
U "Tender for Lock-up and Married
Constable's Quarters at Powell River,"
will be received by the Honourable the
Minister of Public Works up to noon of
Friday, the 20th day of February, 1914, for;
thc erection and completion of a lock-up
and married constable's quarters at Powell
River, in the Comox Electoral District.
Plans, specifications, contract, and forms
of tender may be seen on and after the
2nd day of February, 1914, at the office of
the Provincial Constable at Powell River;
Mr. J. Baird, Government Agent, Cumberland; Mr. J. Mahoney, Government Agent,
Vancouver; or at the Department of Works,
Intending tenderers can obtain one copy
of plans and specifications for the sum of
ten dollars ($10) by applying to the undersigned, which sum will be refunded on
their return in good order.
Each proposal must be accompanied by
an accepted bank cheque or certificate of
deposit on a chartered bank of Canada,
made payable to the Honourable the
Minister of Public Works, forasum equal
to ten per cent, of tender, which shall be
forfeited if the party tendering decline to
enter into contract when called upon to do
so, or i' fail to complete the work contracted for. The cheques or certificates
of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will
be returned to them upon the execution
of the contract.
Tenders will not be considered unless
made out on the forms supplied, signed
with the actual signature of the tenderer,
■ ml enclosed in the envelope furnished.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily
Deputy Minister of PublicWorks Engineer,
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B.C.
January 31st, 1914.
Happy Valley
Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Repairing a Specialty
West Cumberland
The Wise Real Estate Specialist looks
to the centre where transportation
facilities abound,
5 to 20 Acre Blocks, adjoining
the townsite
an Acre
Easy Terms.
No better proof that what we offer is nil right thnn is the fact
that all the buyer* so lur are men who have lived at Union
Bay for years, who intend making their home with a good
living in Fruit, Vegetables and Poultry.
Ring up
British Columbia Investments Ltd.
.Get one, too. Three hundred and
forty-five thousand and more Ford
owners are aettinu' maximum service
at minimum cost. No matter for
whnt purpose vou want a car, vou
won't* go wrong if vou buy a Ford.
Get one, too.
Six hundred dollars is tlie new price of thc Ford
runabout; the touring car is six liity; the town car
nine hundred—all f.u.b. Ford, Ontario (formerly
Walkerville post ofliijij.coirplete v. Ith equipment.
Get catalog and p?.rticv j s frorn K.C. Emde,
sole agent lor Comox District, < uriiberiand, B.C.
Buy yourself a Home near
No. 8 MINE
Blocks, from one acre to eight acres,
$200 per acre and upwards
Finest Homesites in Comox District
Mrs. John Gillespie
Union Street
Cumberland,. B.C.
Capital Paid Up 111,560,000
Reserve Pand *13,00O,OOO
Drafts issued in any currency, payable all over the world
SPECIAL ATTENTION paid to SAVINGS ACCOUNTS and Interest at highest current rates allowed on deposits of $1 and upwards.
CUMBERLAND, B. C, Branoh     - • -     OPEN DAILY
D. M. MORRISON, Manager.
R. H. HARDWICKE, Manager.
The Ideal Store
The first shipment of our spring stock
of shoes have arrived in
Men's Tan and Black Button
Ladies Tan, Gun Metal, and
Navy Blue Suede in
Lace & Button
Watch for our Sa'e of Odds and Ends
after Stock-Taking.
The Ideal Store
Next door to Tarbells.
1914 Patterns just opened out.
A full line of Furniture, House Furnishings, Beds
and Bedding, Stoves and Ranges always on hand
Phone ia|
Pendants, Necklaces
Cumberland, B. C.
First Class in every respect. Perfect Cuidne
Headquarters for Tourists and Sportsmen
Wines Liquors and Cigars
John N. McLeod, Proprietor
AVhoti In OnmborlAnd mukp Hi*- ttnioli your hMiiquartors
GR b'c"ers and ba k e r s
Agents for Pilsener Beer
HEAD OFFICE: (.27 Pandora Street, Victoria, B.C.
BRANCH OFFICE, P.O. Box, 434, Cumberland. B.C.
Contracting, etc.. Land Clearing, Sawmill Labor Supplied, Logging Camp,
Railway and General Contractor,
» $* IM ™ Days FRE
10 Days FREE-Send No Money
We dont aik yoi to pay u a ceat until you have used
Uiis wonde rf ul modern light in your own home for ten days, then
you may return it at our expense it not ncrfecily -satisfied. We
want you to prove for yourself that it Rives five to fifteen tirr.ei as
much light aa the ordinary oil lamp: beats electric, gasoline or
acetylene. Lights and is put outjustlikctbe cUoil lamp;
OiTrtavowerfti] white It •".'. li,.ira.-i('i:atmonc'*)*ll
oil'ker(.'scui>Mioc*iJi>r. mu'-iic or holm, •unpll,
clean, won c eiplode. tiuruitMO.
$1000.00 Reward
will bo EWcn to th« penoo ■n'.*-*> bIiowi as an
oil *an.-t tAXasA to tlu« Aladdin \i mn war Id*-
tatlanf fiffa>r*si*rFia laoui'ulri'Ulurl. Would ***
U»re lOAke mirh «<'h*l!rnge to the world It titer**
wnr t-iptiijhtcsldu jiit ■»;-tu tue mcr-tx of ths
AUidinT V-cw»u,one person tn cjcri lociality
lowliom we mio. refer (ttlltoniert. V.'rue Qiilu
lor our 10 Dwr Abiolute'.y- 1 ni, Ti.»l l'rop.
nsltloti. Aieob.' WhuteiAle 1 rr.«i. »uvi twra
how to let ONE  FREE.
MAHTLE LAMP CO., HUdtUmUi., Montreal 4 Winnepag
to deiao&itratt In t.r.
ritor*/ whtre c. :mmi*.
at-tlnti... K.ycTlenc.
unnfeasir... Man?
.lent. .T.r.c« St.
sa:.. . ti., .n't in...
eMo.iM vtr montb.
Oa. farmer O.rril
.,., J3J0.,a in a vaa'aa,
."., a ,j • .... um|
. *,>*<*. far t.a.i.i:
The Same
What nice, largo peaches! raid the
Yes, ma'am; they are beauties, ma'am, replied the dealer.
How dj you sell them?
Ono dollar a basket, ma'am.
And aro they Just the same at the
bottom of tho basket as at the topT
Oh, yes, ma'am; Jl a basket ma'am,
just the same.
Barney Barns'.o's Comedy
In the Journal South Alrlct tho late
Sutton Vane, tlio dramatist, ono told
this story of Barney Harnato:     He
(was tlit best amateur melodramatlo
An Endearing Act
Wito (pleadingly)—I'm afraid, Jack,
you do not love me any more—anyway
not. so well -ns you used to.
Wlte—Because you always let me
get up to light the firo now.
Husband—Nonsense, my love! Your
getting up to light the fire makes me
love you all tho more.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Now boys, I want each of you to
■uibscribo something toward the mis-
Assistance Necessary
The first Del4 glasses taken to tie
New Hebrides sorely puzzled the simple minded natives. A traveler tells
how ono of the mlsBion clergy was
walking along tho shore, when a native at his side pointed out a Hgure
in the far distance. There goes one
of my enemies, said he. The white
man, drawing out his field glassos
and focusing them, handed them to his
companion, who, ga-ing through them
ln amazement, beheld his foe apparently closo at hand. Dropping the
glasses, h. seized his arrows and
looked again. The enemy was as far
away as nt first. Once move he
snatched the magic glasses, once more
exchanged them for his arrows and
onco more was baffled. A bright
thought suddenly occurred to him.
Yon hold the glasses to my eyes, said
ho to the missionary, and I can shoot
Cultured Hindus
In Bengal there nro about   70,000,
sion to tho Cariboos.   1 shall hand 000 of people and tliey boast of per
RCtor 1 ever met A liitle roit-h so'tho box round, and ns each of you will|haps the best culture in India at the
Is n diamond, but the fire is there, contribute you will, I hope, say somo
He played Claude Frollo in Victor Hu- appropriate text. Now, Cnarlie, you
go's Esmeralda splendidly, 1 playing show a good example.
Quasimodo, the hunohbadt, with hlui. A ruddy faced urchm stepped for-
In the great scene on Uie parapets the; ward, dropped in his coin, and observ-
hunchback tries to throw the monkiCd: .. ' ,    ,
(Prollo* into the street,    Mr. Barnato     '•*■ Is bett« to give than Yo receive.
Then ancther contributed a copper,
We fai* Highest Values
Write for Price ListO
and ShippingTa«*<J
fXirtjl snd AJexaxder.W'XKPK;. Canada .
resisted vigorously. Ut seized me by
my tump, which came off in hie band.
It waa tt spouge bag Bluffed with various articles. Ho ol colt his list at
mo antl thon, with a quiet smile,
throw tlio hump from, tho cathedral
roof. Looking over, lio exclaimed:
Good heavens! I havo lrili :i policeman! Tremendous round of applause from tho audience.
Patent Your Ideas—No delay nrul we
will 8RII It for you If tbo idea has merit. Send sketch for frco report. Information or patents and - of inventions
wanted mailed free.- - J. A. MAC-
MURTRV u. CO., Paten: Attorneys, 154
Day   6treet,   Toronto,   Cnnada.
As'seti   $3,o00,0Q0.CO
Insurance* $18,500,000.00
ABSOLUTE      Security
Policy  rloltlera
Rxcelalor    rollcy   Forma    Approved    by
Dominion   Inourance   Department
Tor Anon-ies apply te Provincial ouice*.
at     Winnipeg,     Edmonton,     Saskatoon,
Vancouver, or Ileail OUlce, Toronto.
Armies of Animals
Somo Won of tbo vast numbers of
animals that Africa used to support
can bo sained from a passage iu W.
Scully's reminiscences. It was Kir.
Scully's good fortum in 1892 to witness tiio last great trek ot springboks
from cast lo vc-st of the r.uahman-
tand desert—a trek oti a scale such as
no man will ever see again. Fencing,
the increase of population and tho
distribution of anus have almost exterminated tlto onee innumerable: host.
He says: I have stood on an eminence
some twenty feet high, far out on
thc plains, and seen Hie absolutely
level surface as fat us tho eyo eould
reach covered with resting springboks while from over tiie eastern horizon tile rising colum.i ot dust told
of fresh hosts advancing.
Waste net. want not!
This wos Tilled somewhat out ot order, but it was fairly capped by a third
youngster, wh evident!; parted with
his penny Willi extreme reluctance, for
as he dropped it into the box, he murmured:
A fool and hia money are soon parted.
It rnav fjf> only a Borate*) or cut to
begin with, but tho deadly germs get
into it and soon you arc a victim of
blood-poisoning. You Eay you caught
cold In tho wound and it festered.
Now lt Is red and fiery, and threatens
t arious troub  .
You ean never estimate what It Is
worth to havo Dr. Cliaso's Ointment
at hand all tho time to apply in just
stie.li cases of emergency. The most
important thing this ointment does ls
lo prevent blood-poisoning. It depresses tlie nerves, contract*:; thc small
arteries and veins, and stops bleeding.
By its antlavptlo Influence It keeps
out lhe poisonous germs and heals up
present time. Tho language as
writcu language ls only fifty years
old. Though for over a thousand
years It has been a dialect, there Is in
Indian history unfortunately no trace
of Bengali having been an iniportnnt
literary tongue. Th language originates from Sanskrit, th mother tongtio
from which every ither Indian language has borrowed Us alphabet, gram*
mar and vocabulary; but unlike the
others, Bengali never shrinks from
gathering new materials. There are
numerous PerBlan, French, Arabic and
English words incorporated In it. and
tho wonder of It is that, Instead of
having been deft: :ikJ inlo somo vulgar form like pidgin Bnellsh, llnniMll
lias become llie most literary, scientific
and perhaps the most philosophic of
modern Indian languages.
The conversation turned to Pal in a
Washington club, and a congressman! t - wound,
from "Wisconsin war. reminded of how;    nr. Chase's lintment quickly snnthct   (^   ^^      (i (	
an esteemed citizen of that state got' itching aud burning, and  ferns to heal gouare°to"i?6r"'was™BtUdleii from tlie
*-.. it i-l a-1,1    Ufa    in    n    tunanl    lantlnnn/l   n-iinol:   !_„,_.._    .... .a-al-1*..    (linn     nnfflifniv   41i*nt    lmcl'   _   ' .... . ..       i
Very Sad
First dalesman—A woman was arrested downstairs this morning.
Second Saleswoman—What for?
First Saleswoman—She was caught
In tho act of concealing a hand mirror.
Second Saleswoman—"Poor woman!
That's what ionic;; of taking -, glass
too much.
Seville's Tower of Giralda
From Us great antiquity alone if
from nothing else it is plain tbat tlio
Olralda at Scv.llc cnuld not havo been
studied from thc tower of tlto Madison Square Garden ln New Vork which i
tlie American will recall when he sees
it. If the case must bo reversed and
wo must   allow   that   the   Madison
t—: \
No Gill Is More Universally
Acceptable Than
See tliat lhe celebrated trademark,
aa shown in illustration, isou every
pah* ol" gloves you buy.
This trade! mark assarts ptrfect
Style, Fit and Finish.
tangled up In a recent railroad wreck, more quickly than anything that has
When the smoke had cleared away j been discovered. As a cure for cczc-
and the wreck, whicli wasn't a serious, ma it haa never been rivalled, and
affair, was pulled apart. Pat's friends what more severe test could you ap-
foiind him sitiieg beside the track i pi j**; To try Dr. Chase's Ointment is
holding liis head in one band and his] to prove ils unusual merit and to keep
leg  in  tho other,  said  members  of it always at hand tor instant use.
course, not being detached, ' ' *
IIuw are you feeling, Pate asked I A youngster ras much depressed
oue of 'he party, stopping to ass st 1)y ionDim08B. His own brother had
tho wounded man. Aro J'ou badly, gono an.a.,. {or n weeitf ami til0 lad
liurt? I across the street, with whom lio play-
bhure. an the! Oi nm, answered Dc, occasionally, was ill in bed. More-
Pat, wliose worst iniury was u bunch jovon thcrc wcrc „0 toys tlvat nc
of bumps.     Oi talc as if a road roller; **011mi nmusing.
an' a bloomln' mule had stepped on
mo during a foiglit.
Never mind, old fellow, svmualheti-
cally returned tlio oilier. It's not so
bad as it might bavo been, and you
wlll uct damages.
Damages! exclaimed Pat. Begorra,
an' Oivc enough av thim. It's repairs thot Oi'm after now.
Minard'a Liniment C reo Diphtheria.
In tliis sad state his mother found
him. Perhaps, she suggested, I can
play Willi you. What is it you wish-
to play, Indians"
No, mam. sighed the boy. I wish 11
was two little dogs, so I eould play
An American motoring through a
small Scotch town was pulled up for
excessive     ted.
Dldu't you .see that notice. Dead
Slow'.' inquired tlie policeman.
Course I did. replied tlie Yankee, but
I thought it referred to your ilurned
llttlo town.
I suppose that when you women in
tlie east nro gb-"i 'ho right to vote
you'll lie like tiie woman 1 heard about
back in Colorado, said Mr. Ilcnpeclc,
rather sarcastically.
Why, what did she do? Inquired Mrs.
Oh, site Just stood in front or thc
polling place one* afternoon sobbing:
"What do you Ihiim of these men? The
polls don't close for two hours yet,
and tlicy won't let r.io change my*
vole,' said Mr. Ilctipeok with a smile.
Exhausted from Asthma. Man"
w'lio read these words know tho terrl-
riblc drain upon health ant- strenotb,
which comes in tbe train of asthmatic troubles. ''any do not realize,
however, that tliere is ie true romc*
dv which will surely stop this drain.
Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Romedy
is a wonderful check to this enervating ailment. lt lias a countless record of relief to Us credit. . It is sold
almost everywhere.
Oiralda. wo mtst still recognize -that
it is no servile copy, but in its frank
imitation lias n grace and beauty
which achieve originality. Still, the
Olralda is always the Olralda, and
though there bad been no Saint Claud-
ens to tip it summit wltb audi a Hying
tooted nymph as poises on our tower,
the figure of Faith whicli crowns it is
at least a wood weather vane aud from
Its office of taming gives tho mighty
hell tower its name. Long centuries
before the tower was a belfry it served the mosque, which tlie cathedral
now replaces, as a minaret for tlio muezzin to call the faithful to prayer, but
it was then only two-thirds ni; high.
A Snow Hurricane
The btirati, or snow hurricane of the
Pamirs, is a meteorological phenomenon of great interest. Uvea in midsummer tlio teiupevatur • during a
snow buran frequently falls to 14 degrees P., while in one winter it dropped to *ti- degrees' below zero at the
end of January. Tlie bmwi comes
witli startling suddenness, the atmosphere growing dark with whirling
snownnkes where scarcely a minute
before the sky was perfectly clear.
He had been around from church to
church trying to find a congeaial congregation, anil finally he stopped at a
llttlo church just ns tho congregation
read with the minister:
Wo have left undono thoso things
which we ought to hnve done, and wc
have dono tiioso tilings which wo
ought not to have done. „ spallation over the
The man dropped into a pew with a !       t      c,,lolnlji,,
sigh of relief. .'_,,, __ 1. „ ,. ....?.. . „„*. ,„., r„.
Thank goodness, he suid. I've
found my crowd at last.
The Magnet
Magnet is derived from the name ot
the city of Magnesia, in Asia Minor,
where the properties of the lodcstonc
nre said to have been discovered. It
has, however, been asserted that the!
name comes from Magnes, the name
of a shepherd who disi vered magnet* [
ic power by eiug held on Mount Ida, i
In Greece, by its attraction for tho
nails in his shoes. j
20   GAUGE
The Model 1912 Winchester is the lightest, strongest
and handsomest repeating shotgun on the market. It
weighs only about SU pounds, yet it has great strength,
because its metal parts throughout are made ot nickel steel.
It is a two-part Take down, without loose parts, is simple to
operate and the action works with an ease and smoothness
unknown in guns of other makes.   See one at your dealer's or
Send to Winchester Bepeatlng Arms Co., Here Haren, Conn., tor circular.
keep.-, liorses. rows, tficctvaml pi-****; in sticlj prime cotidU
t.ou, because It is.composed of Llit-same iier.s rootrf,
seeds mul tai-.cs Hint tiifss nninuils cat freely when
tunning wild. We pind these leu medicinal BUbstancefl
to a litis powder, mis them thoroughly aud ;*ivc than
t*1 you. at their bes^ in Int. rnatioiu'l Stock l'ncd.
Thid i3 why a table?poonfiU of Intcrnatiuiml Stocl; TontJ
Villi thc rctrnlar t-raiu iced toner, up the flystem of horse*;,gives
them new life, and a glossy coat «f linir. ItifltuebestUthiH
you can rIvc a liorm tor Indigestion, liver trouble, cotigha
influenza, hide bound pt blood trouble. International Stock
Food is equally ffootlftrt* horses, cattle, sheep and hogs, ltkccps
the system iu a healthy condition aud promotes rapid growth,
1-or pate by dealers everywhere. 111
"2 in 1" and "3 in 1"
No other   Washboards   hava   th*
zino crimped by 'no method peculiar to EDDY'S Washboards.
This patented process    eliminates
the danger    of    torn    linens—ths
abuse of hands—the unpleasantness
ot wash-day.
It assures * onifort and eoonomy to
the  greatest    degree.   Insist    on
as (icad as
For Baking Success
—-This Oven Test
Success on some baking days
can be expected no matter
what flour you use. But constant success is rarer. It can
be assured in only one way.
The miller must select his
wheat by oven test.
So from each shipment of
wheat we take ten pounds as
a sample. We grind this into
flour. Bread is baked from
the flour. ■fc«*«*«4«*»
If this bread is high in quality, PURITy
large in quantity, wc use the        /
shipment from whicli it came.      /
Otherwise we sell it. /
Constant baking success comes /
as a matter of course froni/
flom*, bearing this name      f
\ /
"More Bread and Better Bread" and
••BetteN^astrv/roo"       m
A Simple on.l Cluao Medicine.—A
simple, clump and oSecllvo medlclno
Is something lo lie <1( "c*d. There is
no motllclno so eitectivo a regulator
of the talgostlvo system ns Parmolee'a
Vegolablo PUIi. Thoy aro simple,
they aro cheap. tllPy can be Kut nnv-
wliero, and Uielr benoPclnl action will .       ,  ....   .    ,.„„,.„ ,„,
prove* choir rocommradtttlon. They are'    v'h>' !■•■• daa*' snla tho 5'oiin^ler.
tho medicine of tho poor man  and
thoso who wish   lo   escapo   doctors'
The boy had Jubc handed his father
i a sizable haberdasher's bill with the
request that he pay it.
I You nro an extravagant idiot! roar*
| cd the Irato parent. Hots it over oc-
i cur to . ou tu put by tor• u rainy
! clay?
wlll, so to spealt, put on a silk hat for
tho canal opening and discard its pan*
Will do well in giving tiiun a
: if you will read over tho hill you will
Hnd that one of the Items is for a 52*)
raincoat and $16 for umbrella,!.
Flattering EoltaphJ
Charles Lamb, when a   little   hoy,
walking In a churchyard with his sis-|
lor and rending the epitaphs, suid to
her: Mary, where are all tho naughty |
peoplo buried.
Prnm'uma Upon Babies
Augustus, f-mpcror of Home, mado
babies n 1 aiuncrl to ollice. Dy .he
I.e.x l'npia Poppaoa, li.sscd iu AD. 8,
definite pv forencc as rogards oflic;
waB given to tlie others of satisfactorily largo families, Buch lathers were
eligible tor offlco beforo twenty-five.
They tooh precedence of colleagues
with no children or fewer than throe
and woro preferred nil round. Tho
privilege wus called thc 'jus triuni lib*
ororum (three children privilege), but!
tho qualifying number, three In Uomo,
was four in Italy, five in tho provinces. Thn system, however, novor
worked well.
I foci
lously c
Severely . ractica1
thai 't is my duty to scatter I
, said tho man who is labor-
late In th,  season wllh that
BrlnQlnu it Home
s was weeding an—aw—account of
e woman being gored to death by a
beastly ov.* doucber know, remarked
young' l.iudlcigh. V.' Ily, I can't im-
(igine a more howwlblo affair, can
con. Miss Caustiqtte?
No, Mr. Cudlolgh, replied Miss Can*
As-quo, with n mighty yawn, unless it
is being bored lo death Ly a calf.
line of weather toods, replied Farmer
Corntossel. Aud, anyhow, what wc
needed this year was raiu.
On ono occasion a certain parliamentary character, known as u clever
speaker aad very effective in doaliug
With a hostile audience, was addressing ii meeting in bin sonstituency.
He hud no sooner risen and said 'Gentlemen' than some one thro ' an egg
at him. Quito unperturbed, be turned to tlio offender and said:
I was nol speaking to yuu, sir.
 ,  ! arouuu tnc wan .
The highest wireless tower in the! tho libs.   Tht hair ribbon is thus
world Ib at Nauen, Germany.   It is i very odd verbal paradox,
nearly a thousand foot high, aud it is
expected that the company ean scud
messages aa far lis  from  Berlin  to
Can alwaya make sure cf getting the liigheat prices for WHEAT. OAT*.
BARLEY and FLAX, by shipping their car lota to FORT WILLIAM AND
FORT ARTHUR and having them cold on commission b*
THE   WELL-KNOWN   FARMERS' AGENTS                      •
Bohemia's Coal Mines
The lowest human habitati-in is said
to bo that of tlio coal miners ln Bohemia, somo of whom mako their
dwellings at a point over ",000 feet
below tho lovel of tho sen.
The original spelling ot ribbon was
ribband, tor it was a baud that went
around tho waist
Do you belie-o tbat women ought to
Sure! And what' more, I think
men ought to too
A laOnilOT scientist has figured that
woman is talking bo much that event-
rallv she will losolicr voice and cackle like n hen. Ho hadn't beard 'I the
Amnritan chicken, either.
a". _.'
Yl. N* U   W0
The Difference
'Twist modist man and cgoti.-t
Tin* difference is wide.
One thinks lio never would be missed joct.     Perhaps it isn't as bad
If he tomorrow died. would have us believe It to be
Tho oilier thinks when .ie sheds tears] may  havo got her
That every socio 'c bleak
And fancies all the world will hear
When ho wears    *ocs that squeal
Love  novel   lasts  more than   five
vears.  says  i.  lady  who  appears  to
havo devoted somo itudy to the sub-
she, _,
She1 ended again in Santo Domingo. IIow
information from! ever, the papers arc justified.     Bach
Badly Disappointed
Llttlo Jlattio flew into tho house one
evening vevy lato for nursery tea and
InclOB a*' oi*"binding hurried to hor mother's chair. Oh,
mother, she cried, don't scold me, for
I've bad such a disappointment. A
horso foil down in tha street, and
tbey said they wero going io send for
a horse doctor, so of course, 1 had to
stay. And after 1 waited and waited
he came, aud oh, mother, what do you
think, it was only a man!
Papa, r.skod Willie, what 15 phenomenal'.' .
It is phenomenal, my son, cxplaine*
Mr. Wlaopate, when n lawyer is co»
tent with ! nominal too.
Many a .Tune bride who imagined
alio would do nothing but occupy a
throne is now down In the collar trying to get tho clinkers out of tho furnace so the blame t ing will work.
Every onco in awhile you ean pick
up the paper and see that tlie war is
An Alarming Tale
Nat Goodwin or Do YVolf Hopper.
time It's a different war.
•indieatcel.     .V    In the Calknn regions they are. pick-
via this route. Ing the cannon balls out of the land-
r, scientists are rosponsl- Also the sell' control of r ill agent*.; has] scapo preparatory to resuming agrlcul-
nt "..at if you want boon vindicated.   The pie reached itsjture.
Tbo parcel poet is i
pie has boon shipped
Two fiei
hlo for the* statcn
to live to )0 100 years oh] you must j destination.
eat chalk.   Uut the*rc is little prospect I ■ •
that th.* li'e insurance companies will     Illlonis women continue
put the chalk eater nrnong rhc prefer-1 juries despite tho attorney
red risks. opinion that they cannot
a story  lhat
Jlhs Muchbored—I wi
other nlgnt
vo me such
. know it.
Advices from tho national department ot agriculture to eat what yoa
like when you feel llko lt, Is not wort*
much to those wbo do not know wherj
to got money enough to follow suck
A French Comedy
■When John Itudyard was building
his famous wooden Eddystoue llght-
houso he was much harassed by the
depredations of French privateers.
Thus on oue memorable day all his
men wore surprised while at work
and borne off ln triumph to France
as prisoners of war, tlie captors thinking they had done something very
smart. But Louis XIV did not ap-
provo at all and promptly ordered the
men's release. Their work, ho said,
is for the benefit of all nations. I
am at war with England, not wltY
Try Murine  Eye Remed>
A gunsmith in Brussels has invei.l- jj ,.ou nftVe Rej; Weal:, Watery Eyei
""cs or Granulated Eyelids;   Doesn't Smart
od a revolver that shoots seven tlnn
in a second
When vou lose your umbrella, con-
witn tlie thought that
Reforrlng to the advice pf that eml-
to Bit on nent .Croatian,'Eat   garlic   with   all'solo yourself ,..     ,
''   •"'*       ' •     -a live n hundred years.'|someone is putting bysomeliumr tor
[a rainy day.
your meals i
Is it vyorth It"
or L-
—Soothes Eye Pain. Druggist* Sea
Murine Eye Remedy, Liquid, 25e, SOc.
Murina* Eye Salvo in Aseptic Tubes,
25c.   50c.    Eye Books Freo by Mail.
i    tn Cya Yonle Co.* far All ty» that Nm4 Car*
' Murine Eyo  Remedy  Co..  Chlcan T
The Agent   |
Of Owl Creek j
Junction    §
—        *»
He Made a Success of a |
Difficult Job |
>y   f.   A.   MITCHEL       I
"There's no use, Jim," eald Laura
■Inghamj "wo can't get married and
■to dcceully on $'10 a mouth, and
Hull's all you get from the railroad ami
,■11 you'ro likely lo get oven if you aro
promoted. Vou kuow yourself tbat
•onductors ou your road got only SOO.
■JTo'll bare lo glvo lt up."
Jim Perkins saw tho forco of his
■incco's argument. Ho resolved to
apply for a position lhat would take
blm away trom her.
Tlio terminal of tho road was on the)
.Missouri river, and at that time a
.•umber of railroads were pushing out
Into the great American desert, Jim
■rrolo au application for tbo position
M station agent on tho frontier. 1I»
'aid no expectation of any notlco bo-
kg taken of bis application and Intended to leave tho service of tho road,
.anyway and go west What was his
■nrprlse lo receive by return mall an
appointment sa station agent nt Owl
Creek Junction, a point out ou lhe
plains not far from lho Rocky mountains. Jim had another surprise. The
■alary as station n»-unt at Owl Creek
Junction was laid down as $D0 a month,
which was i good deal more than he
kid been getting.
Wltb a «ad heart he started for
'Ul new field of Inbor. Ou the way
I* Diked about Owl Creek Junction
■nd learned that lt was looked upon
ti one of tbe most promising points on
the road. True, at the tiuie tho population In ibe vicinity were a lawless
let. sneb as usually precedes Ibe bettor
class who begin the real development
•t new eounlrlei But tbe branching
tt * great thoroughfare wns sure ln
lime to make Owl Creek Junction a
-This welcome encouragement caused
tope to arise In the breast of James
terklns. U» had $50 that ho bad
lived whan be expected to marry
Laura Bingham, and be rosolvod to
Invest It oi soon ai be arrived In a
town lot Bo did not eipect to get a
lot for io small an amount In lho cen-
I ter of the place, but would be satls-
| led with one on the outskirts.
Hopeful youth-that leads one on
[through dreams to realities, ending cl-
I ther ln success or fallurol After all,
lire not sucb visions belter than pes-
[ilinlsm. wblch undertakes nothing, ao-
[lompllshes nothing?
The nearer Jim got to Owl Creek
Ifunctlon the more he learned about lt.
Ibne bucket of cold water after inoth-
1 >r was dashed over him till bo received
|iho bucko* itself, which struck blm
K-lUl lucb force ii to stun him. The
Iwnductor In charge of lhe last section
l*f the road gave hla l trne plcturo ot
fori Creek Junction and made lt plain
Po blm why he had been appointed
The nearest house to the Junction
Ivai l mile.  Tbe country round about
Jvai Infested wltb Jaybawkeri and
1'iorse tblovei,   No agent at tbe rail.
.ray itatlon bad Ibus far been able to
[•ollect money for tickoti from UO per
rent of tbe person! who trarolcd on
Ibe road,   The; either demanded tick.
Its without pay at tbo point of the
revolver or used the samo Implement
Jo past tbe conductor without paying
It fare.   But the usual method was to
[.all for a ticket at tho station, got
j.helr hands on It and walk away, for.
((citing to leave tho cash for lt  There
[..ad   been   five  agents   within   sis
lionths.   Now lhe last one appointed
[»rai eagerly waiting for his successor,
Jim received this terrible  backset
IihC'ly before the train drow up a'
JJwl Creek Junction, and bli  heart
liT.nlt down Into bli boots.   Whan tht
[•rain stopped' It  bis new home hi
I looked upon as desolate a sight as hi
(lid eror seen In bis Ufa Tbcre were t
lltaHon, l water tank, a fuel house and
[ aothlng else except an open stretch ol
•KSta inhabited ■ BrtnclBtlU Hi UM
prune aog, tno sole vegetabio product
being tho cactus.
As Jim stepped off tbe train a man
came out of ibe station expectantly.
A bandage covered bis forehead and
bis loft eye.   Ills arm was in a sling.
"The now agent':" ho asked of Jhu.
,"rSs," replied Jim faintly.
"Well, como in hero and I'll turn
over lho property.    This train goes
back iu half au hour, aud I propose; lo
go ou hor."
"Been hurt i' Inquired tbo new agent.
"Slightly.   I was fool enough to try
to collect tho prico of a ticket from a
rustler.   I udvlso you not to try it, but
tf you're beut on doiug so you'll Uud n
coupjo of 4.1 caliber revolvers In tbe
drawer under tho ticket window.   The
company sent them out for tbo uso of
egcuts who wero bent on uiakiug collections."
Jim received tbo contents of the
ticket ollico aud receipted for them lu
tlmo to seo bis predecessor step ou
lho train happily und pulled away to
civilization. Tho puffing of tho locomotive gradually died nwny lu tho
distance, to bo replaced by au absolute
silence. Jim would bavo liked to hear
tbo boot of even an owl, but tbero were
no trees for uu owl to roost iu, and be
wondered bow lho creek got Its name.
lie looked for a placo tu it deep enough
to drown himself ln, but lt did not
afford oven that.
lt was 5 o'clock In the afternoon ot
tbo day after Jim Perkins arrived at
Owl Creek Junction. Jim was sitting
ut a desk wilh his bat pulled dowu
over bis eyes. Ho was at tbo lowest,
or, rather, tbe highest point of desperation. A train was duo ln ten minutes
from ono of the brunches of tbo railroad, going eastward. A man wltb a
red face, a stubblo beard and ono eye
stepped up to the ticket window and
'Toung feller, glmmo a ticket to Antelope, and bo qulck-about lt."
Jim aroso from his chair and stepped
to tbe window. Be bad laid a cocked
revolver beside it wbere lt could not
bo seen. lie took dowu a ticket from
a r.ick.-stampcd lt and, holding lt ln bis
hand, said:
"Three dollars ond forly cents,
A glare came ln tha ticket purchaser's eyo, and be put his hand to bis hip.
There was a report, but uot from his
revolver. Jim had snatched his own
weapon, brought It to boar ou tho purchaser and fired.
Wbou tlio train reached the station
tbo conductor slopped dowu on to tbe
plnlforin aud weut into tho stutlou. A
man's body was lying ou its faco below
tbo ticket window.
"What's upi" ho nsked.
"I've been sent out here," replied
Jim, "lo sell tickets for monoy. That
u.au wanted lo go to dutclopo without
paying his fare. Uo can go free as
baggage, I reckon. You'd better bolp
him uu to tbo train."
Tlio conductor looked wondcrlngly
at Jim for a fow moments, then said:
"By cracky! You'ro a cool ouo. Do
you tbluk you can keep this upi"
"I'll keep it up Ull I get killed, and
I'd rather get killed than remain a
railroad employee, especially ut Owl
Creek Junction."
Tho conductor succeeded ln getting
a brief account of tbo affair from the
only living participant, tben. not wish-
lug to get beblud tlmo, called the man
lu cbargo of tho bnggago ear and with
his assistance carried llio body on
board the train. Thcu there was a
whlstlo und the big snake crawled
away over lho plain.
Jim Perkins did not bave to kill any
moro meu at Owl Creek Junction station. Tho news tbat the railroad com-
pany had sent out an agent who meant
business circulated, aud after that
would bo passcngera paid their fare.
Jim since bo bad beguu tbe work
would not give It up till he had proved
that ho was master of the situation,
then wroto to tho president of the
road that tho population under tbo influence of lho railroad was beginning
to chango and ho thought that any
ageut could collect for ticket! tbcre.
Be would like a station In a more settled locality.
A reply came notifying Jim tbnt another man would relieve him and bo
was to report at tbo general offices of
lho company. Wbcu ho reached the
terminal and showed his order to a
man at a desk bo was sent up to tht
ofllco of tho president. I
"n'ml" said tbat officer. "I believe
you aro the mun who collected fares at
Owl Crook Junction." j
"I am, sir," replied Jlin. j
"I'm sorry I haven't another place !
especially filled for your peculiar ablll-
lies.   Wbat kind of a posltlou would
you llkoT'
".Yiiy you happen to bare vacant.
I'vo been railroading all my life. I
don't know anything olso"
Tbo president tapped a bell. An office
boy entered nud was directed to call
the superintendent. When that gentleman entered the president said to blm:
"Mr. Dowers, this Is James Perkins,
recently station agent at Owl Creek
Junction, Make him a train dispatcher
and as soon as be learns tbo duties of
that position give him tbo noxt Job In
tho scale. A mau who. could make
Owl Crook Junction a pnylug station j
must bo good for almost anything, At '
any rate, try him." j
Beforo entering upon the dutlei ot '
bis now ollice Jim went to see hll
sweetheart and told her of the chango I
tbat had como over his fortunes. Jlm'l |
salary was qulto sufficient to warrant :
llieir marriage, and their engagement
was renewed.   Jim passed through I
number of grades and finally became
president of Die road, besldoi making
a fortune.   Throughout all of bis administration be wai known n one devoted to the wclfaro of tbe tbousnndi
of employees ot tbl real under Ul
How -Siberia's Xei» CUiiens Celebrat-
ed "Oobra" Day.
The Graphic, tho popular London
weekly, has an interesting article by
Miriam Elston on "The Kuthenlan Invaders of Alberta," in a recent Issue.
'Dawn, dim aud weird, was creeping In over the Albertan prairie,"
Miss Elston writes. "Only a faint,
narrow rim of light, eloso to the eastern horizon, Bbowcd as yet on tho
sky. At somo ot the ltuthenian open
air inns camp tires began to send up
their tale of smoke. People who had
como from very long distances and
had to accept the pace of tho oxen,
and some who bad to tramp on foot
fo*- many a weary mile beforo the
destination was reached, bad covered
part of the journey on tho previous
evening. Now they were astir and
were replenishing their flres and eating their breakfast preparatoryto
continuing the last stage of tbelr
journey to tho wblto church, with Its
one large and two small tin domes
glittering ln tbe occasional ray of
sunshine tbat broke through the still
threatenlug clouds.
"The people who made their way
towards lt felt ln lt the Joy of possession. Many dayi ef labor, when
condition! for labor were hard, bad
some ot them contributed toward! tb*
erection ot their now church. To-day
they were proud of their church, aa
lt stood In lis pesition of eminence
on top of a bill, visible for many
miles across tho prattle, a mute Invitation to worship. To-day tt was
to bo dedicated to ita holy uses. To
participate in It! ceremonies the people from tar and near wero gathering."
Miss Elston gives an Interesting
account of tho subsequent ceremonies:
"I stood outside and watched th*
slow dispersing of the crowd.    Tho
precessions, with tbelr banners, again
formed and took their separate ways
home.    Tho priest and people who
had gone to tbe dividing of tbe trails
with tbem came back singing.   One
by one the wagons received their human freight and rattled off across the
prairie.   Some still lingered lo gossip.  I lurned to go home.
|     "Close beside   tho   trail   stood   a
1 sweet-faced ltuthenian maiden.    Sho
gave me smile for smile, and answered my salutation In a mixture of English and ltuthenian.
*     " 'it has been a big day.'
'     "By tbe aid of many gestures en
i my part, sbo grasped my meaning.
" 'It plenty mucb like old land.
Many daya and we no forget. It ls
dobra day.'
"I repeated the worda to myself,
for I bad almost forgotten lhat I was
only lifty miles from the capital city
of Alberta,"
Tho Wearing of Orders.
In amplification of the regulation
regarding tbo wearing of orders and
decorations, Issued by the Lord
Chamberlain's Office, tho Governor-
General bas been pleased to authorize the following special regulation!
for the Dominion of Canada:—
1 Orders, minlaturo decorations
and medals will be worn with evening dress on tho following occasions:
(a) on all state occasions when the
Governor-General or Administrator
Is present; (b) at dinners and evening parties given by the Governor-
General, or, In his absence, by the
Administrator: (c) at ell official
military dinners not covered by existing regulations.
2. Orders, miniature decorations
and medals may be worn with evening dress on the following occasions;
(a) at tho opening and prorogation ot
provincial legislatures; (b) on official
occasions at tho residence of tbe Lieutenant-Governor of a province within tbat province.
3. The foregoing are the only occasions when orders, miniature decorations and medals will be worn wltb
evening dress.
High  Cost of Living  Hani  on  tlio
Poor Collego Man.
The high cost of living is being Mt
by students tn Canadian universities
this winter, and iB giving considerable concern to young men who ara
getting an education on short allowance. In Toronto tbo cry is going up
trout tbe collego men that everything
Is r.earer.
Itoonis that in old days went for
$1.50 now fetch $2.30 or $2.75 per
week. The :amo pea soup and lamb
mint sauce that brought $2.60 per
week a year or two ago is now $3.23
or even M.00. The economic professors explain and explain, but tbe
new prices stick.
These prices of $3.25 to 5*1.00 per
week for board are in many cases prohibitive for students working their
way through college. Tako Iho thco-
logs ln Wycllfto. They work in tlio
summer preaching for $25 a month
snd expenses. If they bad to pay $5
or $0 a week for board and room
Ihey would be heavily Involved beforo
lho end of their college days. Tho
authorities of Wycliffe have como to'
the rescue by providing board and
room for only $4 a week and tree
Otber students bare not sucb kind,
authorities to look after them. They
manage to get along by going luto
the restaurant business themselves in
a small way. About 25 members
have been found a convenient number
for tbe scheme.
A woman ls hired to cook for them
and furnish a room ln ber horn*
whero they can eat. Ono of their
own number is appointed buyer and
he spends a part o. every day down
town picking up job lota ot victuals
at bargain rates. Tbo board for th*
whole bench need not amount to
more than $2.30 per week apiece and
it bas often been dono for less. There
are a great many of these clubs ln
operation between Avenue road and
Yongo, above and below Dloor.
One thing tbat seems insurmountable ts tbe rising prlco of rooms. On*
used to get a half decent single room
for as low as $1.50 a week. Now it
Is a very plain room that can be bnd
for two dollars and If lt faces the
north, tho sun dres not cuter from
one year's end to tho other. A double room wltb any kind of comfort
runs as high   a $4 or $5 a week.
Students complain that private
houses are hardly ever well heated
and where -there Is a houseful of mixed boarders and only ono bath complications are bound to arise. In th*
University residences tbat ll impossible. There aro showers and tuba
ln plenty and heat is supplied ad Infinitum. Tbo price at <ho University
for a room ranges from $2.50 to
$3.50. At Knox Collego lt is about
$5 per week for board and room and
the samo at McMastor.
Slatter'o Last Bet.
Lieut. John Slitter, conductor ot
the 48th Highlanders' Band, Toronto,
remarked at the last meeting of th*
Woodbine races, wbere his band waa
playing, that he mado his last bet on
horse races thirty-five years ago. At
that lime he was in band of tbe Lit*
Guards, of which King Edward, tben
Prince of Wales, was honorary colonel. Tbe races at Ascot were soma
thirteen miles across the lioyal Forest
from Windsor, and on this day the
band was to play for tho prince at
tbo castle for dinner at eight o'clock.
The bandsmen started off jauntily to
walk tbe thirteen miles to Ascot, and
witb their winnings were to ride back
ln state In a tally ho. When they assembled fer the return trip there
wasn't enough money left among the
crowd to permit of any stagecoachlng,
aud the thirteen miles bad to be negotiated on toot and against time.
Tho princo wasn't kept wailing, but lt
was a tired and much wiser lot of
men who played for him at dinner
that night.
Not the Same.
flon. Ilarry F. McLeod, who accompanied Col. Sam Hughes on hll
trip to England, ls colonel of the
71st Iteglmcnt of New Brunswick,
and tells an amusing story of one ot
his rural recruits at tho Sussex Camp
who was arrested one night for being
"You must g* to the guard lent,"
said the officer who ordered hll arrest.
"What right have yon to arrest
me?" demanded the citizen soldier.
"I'm the 'officer ot the day'."
"Officer of the day! H--1—this ls
Cigarette Smoking.
An average of four package! ot
cigarettes tor every man, woman and
child ln Canada were coniumod during July, August and September, according to the Inland revenue statistics.
The total wil 310,446,180, intn-
crease of fifty millions over the lam*
months of last year.
This establishes a record 1ft cigar.
•tU consumption.
Houses Built Without Nails*.
In Alberta there Is a village of
houses which have been constructed
without nails. As a matter of fact,
littlo or no hardware of any character has entered Into tbelr construction. Theso houses have been built
by ltuthenian immigrants and their
architecture is quite novel. Their
first attcmp'i at bouse building ar*
usually of tbe kind they bad been
accustomed to over In Europe, and
tb Ir buildings are of the typical ltuthenian atvl* — log, pitch-roofed,
thatched and wide ln the eaves.
In many cases these buildings ar*
pu up without a dollar'! worth ot
hardware. Even tbe door, an affair
of slender twigs woven and laced together, swings on home-made blngei
and li latched with a wooden hasp.
The floor li of hewn logs, unnalled.
The roof, as th* favorlt* Russian
roof alwayi ls, ls a wonderful fabric
of poles and crois-woven wheat
straw, 10 Inches thick, packed tlgbt
and solid, and laid wltb such car*
tbat lt will stand th* weather for 20
Throngh German Glasses.
hTe following extract from an article In a German semi-official paper
ln Berlin, to check emigration to Can-
1 ad will Interest Canadians.  The writ-
| er resolved to obtain a general view
I of the country by traveling across
i tbe continent.   The men who shared
{'the "compartment" with  him were
I all   powerful, athletic   figures   wltb
bronze complexions.   Their chins had
' not seen the rai r for daya, the boot!
ln which they put their "■Ilk eocki
tnd hairy legi" bad not been brush-
ed for weeks and diamonds glittered
on their sinewy, peasant fists.   Ther*
was a notice on the wall, he states,
warning passengers not to put tbelr
feet on the seats,  en the window
ledget or ll tbe washing basins.
j     Th* Canadian, hs wrltei further,
' dresses ln a slovenly manner, though
his clothea are mad* of th* finest material.
Alwayi the Irishman,
In the New Brunswick local elections of 1003, the present Judge McKeown was a candidate In St. John
City. During his nomination speech,
be was repeatedly Interrupted by a
crowd of young opponents who wca*
members of a political organization
known aa the "Development Club,"
and trouble seemed Imminent, when
the situation was relieved by an unconscious flash of wit from on* of
Mr. McKcown'a Irish supporters, who
shouted out:
"Nlver moind thim, sir, It's only
the remnants if th* 'Dlvllment'
The  Itariisler Slight  Have Sold  the
Bible Anyway.
When tho Dominion Coal Co. was
formed back in tho early nineties a
number of coal operators in Cape Breton wero brought out. Among them
was ono man who was noted for his
strong religious convictions. During
tho course of the negotiations bo secured the good offices of the present
Premier of Nova Scotia, Hon. G. II.
Murray, who, besides representing
Capo Ilrctun in tbe Legislative Council, was also a member of tho Government, to conduct tho case for bim.
Though the purchase of Ihls man's
property was not necessary to thc success of tbo deal, but Mr. Murray waa
able to have it Included, and for it ho
obtained wbat was undoubtedly an
cxcellor** price.
I After tbo deal was put through
Mr. Murray was silting in his room
at tbe Halifax Hotel with a couple of
friends, when the mine-owner was announced. The latter intimated that
he bad come to say good-bye to tbe
lawyer, as lie purposed leaving tbo
country. He was profuse in his I
thanks for tho service that Murray !
had rendered bim, and, as be was
taking his leave, produced a somewhat bulky parcel and handed it to
Tho future Premier's friends were
naturally curious to know wbat wan
ln the parcel, which looked very
mucb like a thick wad of bank bills.
To gratify their curiosity be opened
lt as soon as Ihe man was gono, and
to bis astonishment unwrapped a
Bible. Oue of his friends promptly
picked lt up, and taking It by the
back, shook lt vigorously to see If
by any chance paper notes might bo
hidden among the leaves. But not
a single bill dropped out. The mine-
owner had confined his recognition ot
Mr. Murray's kindly offices on bis behalf to the copy of the Scriptures,
with Maltbew vi., 19 and 20 marked.
j The verses read: "Lay not up for
yourselves treasure upon earth,
wbere moth and rust doth corrupt,
and where thieves break through and
stool; but lay up for yourselves
treasure lu   heaven,   wbere neither
i moth nor rust doth corrupt, and
where thieves do not break through
and steal."
Match Your Dresav
Hit With  a Scarf.
Oy Wannan's New Story.
Cy Wurman, Canadian by adoption, who railroads and writes novels,
has a brand new story. He applies it
to tbe troubles of a railroad system
with which Mr. Warman ia emphatically not connected.
"The main lingers on this otber
system," said he, "makes me think
of tbe two Dutchmen."
Tho Iwo Dutchmen, lt appears, sat
by the roadside one day. A lean,
nervously active, excitable man leaped off the half hourly car before lt
came to a full stop.
| "Where—where—Is the spaghetti
factory?" be gasped.
They looked at each other, and
puffed and reflected. By-and-bye each
shook hll head.
"We don't know where lsi a spaghetti factory," laid they.
The nervous man fled, bawling after the disappearing car. Ho failed
to catch it, and returned to crack hla
finger Joint! ind prance ln front ot
tbe stolid Dutchmen. The next car
cam* ln Hi dilatory course, ind the
nervoui man sprang on board. The
car started. Then th* two Dutchmen
Th* nervoui man Jumped off tha
car, and ran back to them. The conductor gave tha matorman two bells.
Ona of tha Dutchmen fixed a calm
eys upon tha nervoui man.
"Did  you  mean—puff—puff—the
noodle factory?" ba asked.
I     "Yes—yes!" shouted the nervous
man.    "The noodle factoryl   Quick!
Where Is It?"
"We don't know that, cither," said
th* Dutchmen,
Now that women aro wearing frookc
cut so low at tbo neck for'every occasion both indoors and out the scarf
for protection against tho wintry winds
Is almost a necessity wllh street costume*. Of course, milady envelops ber
pretty throat In handsome furs, but
at church, the matinee and the like,
there ar* apt to bo drafts, so one ingenious couturier hss scut along witli
bis chle little bat a scarf of chiffon
edged witb ostrich. These scarfs, ln
addition to protection, are very smart
and stylish.
Hoeiitkreping Tips.
iT ifter scrubbing out tbe cupDonr.l
lt 1» then sprinkled with water tn
which tobacco has been steeped and
then with a littlo spirits of campboi
moths will never appear.
To cleanse a frying pan which smells
ef onions or flsh fill tho pan witb water and when lt bolls drop ln a red bot
cinder. Afterward rinse and wash In
tbo usual way.
When mailing pies ln a bot kitchen
fill a bottle witb Ico water nnd nso It
for a rolling pin. Tho pastry wlll bo
dclicato aud fluty. A long, smooth,
round bottle should, of coursa b*
Threo tablespoonfuls of baking sodl
in a quart of water applied with ■
rough cloth wlll remove tbe old varnish very easily when you wish to re-
varnlsb furniture.
Th* All Important Tango Frook.
When onco speaks of deuce frocks
this season tbe model designed to
tango Immediately suggests Itself.
Sucb a hold hare the Argentine dances
upon the terpslehorean public that to
dance Is to turkey trot, fish walk, etc.
Naturally these strenuous efforts r*-
quire a frock which gives perfect free-
A Costly Councillor.
In a certain New Brunswick county, where tha members of the County
Council served without any sessional
Indemnity, Councillor B. was defeated
In a contest In the parish of C, and
at tha next session tbe councillors
voted themselves $3 per day.
In the next election Councillor B.
wai returned for tha parish of C.
by acclamation; and at the following i
session lt was propoied to Increase
tho allowance te $5.
Councillor B. supported the resolution. He bellerod, he sitd, tbat his
services were worth $6 per day to the
electors of the parish of C, and that
If he had not thought so he would
not have offered bli services.
"Mr. Warden," said a member who
was opposing the Increase, "there Is
nothing tn that. Three years ago
Councillor B. offered bis services to
the electors of bli parish for nothing,
and tbey rejected him."
Vision of ■ Cross.
A remarkable occurrence Is report*
ed ta connection wltb tbe death of
Mrs. Kate Lafrance, aged seventy,
who passed away at the Kingston
General Hospital recently. Attendant! say that early tn the morning
tbe Image of a crou could b* distinctly seen at ber bedside. Mrs.
Lafrance died tb* Dam* evening. Th*
crosi wu about eighteen by twelve
lnchei and wu visible f o>- only a brief
period. Ther* wu nothing tn the
tick room at tb* tlm* t* fir* luch an
New Indian Agent. *
W. J. Dllworth, tha man appointed to control tbe largest Indian reserve In Canada, bu ontered upon
his dutlei at the Agency at Slide Cut,
Alta. Mr. DUwortb wlll have some
1,200 Indians under bli care, besidci
a doten or more reserve officials wbo
do the actual work of superintending tho several activities of the band.
The Bloods ars a sub-band of tha
Blackfoot tribe, the last to be subdued and Induced to take treaty and
settle upon a reservation.
Tha new agent was born at Ethel,
Ont., tn 1877. Ha lr a graduate eJ
LUtowel, Ont., high school.
Too Comprehensive.
A Nora Scotian Justice of the peace
wu one* called on to draw a marriage settlement after the English
fashion. Accordingly, he conveyed
the property to trustees In trust t*
pay the Income to Alice—the wife,
for ber life, and then to divide th*
property between such children ii she
might have by John—the husband,
ill af whlcb wu usual and correct,
•ayi Chief Justice Townshend, who
tells tho story, 11 bo bad not added
the words: "His heirs, executors, ad-
Klalsuauri ar uiluu."
I* Sl1»n.« OF VltLLOW CHtTFOK.
flom to tho body. Therefore corsoti
are abandoned for thc gtrdlo by dancing votaries, low heeled or no heeled
footwear replaces tbe French dancing
slipper, and the frock must be slit at
the sides to nuLe the "dip" passible.
The dancing gown pictured Is ■
Charming utTa'r In which to tnng*
gracefully. Several shades of yellow,
toning from a pale lemon to almost
film* color, are artistically ccmbtMt
k ltl eonitntctloi. int. ItSlaAI*. DEK, t*l).VH>f.hLAl<ll>
.La DIVA Corsets
Are tbe lending corsets in construction, lit, materials and
workmanship.    Every pair is exactly made, handsomely
trimmed und daintily finished.
Siinou Leisers&( lo.,Lttl., hnv« heen appointed sole agents
tor the iiIiiim* lines ot corsets, und we have just received
a very compreln.'iiKire assortment and we think we can
show you a style to meet yuu- approval. Whether the
figure is Full, slender, short or tall there is in our stock n
model Fur you, which "ill mould the Form in comFprtttble
harmony with the prevailing modes in dress.
'I'he combination  French  nnd  American  design  in tliis
corsel gives il nn nir of refined  comfort,  low  bust  nnd
extremely long over lhe hips.     In every way a pleasing
St vie
Model 640
Length "f Bust I 1-2 inches
Length "t Front below Waist 1*1 3*1 inches
Height Under Arm il 1-2 inches
Length of Hip 15 1-2 inches.    Height of Hack ."> inches
Length of Back Below VVaisi 11 inches
Length of Clasps 11 inches.     Six Hose Supporters
While* English Coutil.
Our new I HI-I lleducillg Model will make the ahdoine ,
hack, hips, and upper limbs smaller without crowding the
internal organs downward nnd out oF place. The abdomen
is held firmly by menus of patented straps. Note that
the hand can be tightened or loosened instantly
Model 609
Six Hose Supporters
White Imported Couti!
Model 101, Maternity Corset
Lace in front and sides, readily adjustable, perfect fitting.       *H *a    wjsm*
Recommended by all physicians. *K I     / j
We Specialize in Corsets
Simon Leiser & Co.
"The Big Store"
Phone 38
Silk & Fancy Goods
Suitable for Presents
G. Sing Chong
CHINATOWN,   West   Cumberland
Branch Store at Bevan
Members  of Local Legislature
Review Provincial
[From Our Own Correspondent]
Victoria Press Gallery. Feb. 2.
The debate on the reply to the
address from the throne which
occupied the attention of the
legislature throughout last week
was closed on  Friday  afternoon
Synopsis ol Coal Mining UeiluUtiuns
COAL tumult; rights of tlie  UoiiltuU.ii
in Manitoba. Saskatchewan anil Alberts;
tho Yukon Territory, tlio N.iriIiu, st Terri
tories and in a portion of tho Province "f
British Columbia, may be leased for a term
of twenty-one years at un annual rental of
$1 an acre. Not more than 2,600 Hores
will be leased tn one applicant.
Application fur a lease must be made by
the applicant iu person to the Agent or sub
Agent of the district ill which tlie righto
applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must bo
described by sections.or l.*«al subdivisions
.if sections, and iu unsuivoyod territory
lhe tract applied for shall be staked out by
, theappHoatlt himself.
1 Hatch Application must be aconninanicil
by aire of $fl which will be refunded If tho
I rights applied forare not available, lull not
I otherwise.    A royalty shall lie paid oil llie
[with a brilliant speech bv Dr. II. merohaptableouiput of tho mine at lhe
E. Young. Provincial Secretary -^S^ffi,^,, in0 ,ta»
I and Minister of  Education,   who; furnish lhe Agent witli sworn returnsao. |
in   a  closely  reasoned  address, Uouullng for tho full quantity nf niircli-
,    .....   j ,     .        v.   .        iinla ile coal nm ul ami   piy   Uie royally
which lasted nearly  two hours,  •*„,,,.,.„,;    || the ooal iniuiaa rights an*
dealt with   the  activities of  his lint being operated, suoli returns shall be
I departments.   A? Dr. Young ex-! %^ ^STo e.,i ,„i„i„, I
i plained, the   Several  divisions (>l   rights only, bul tlm I usee may I" permit
! the two departments of which he | '«' "' purchase whatever
! is   the   controlling   head    are
The Next and Nearest Property to the Mines,
Sawmills,   antl    Absolutely   Inside   Property.
1=4 to 1=2 acre Lots, 00x80 by 120
feet deep, $150 to $225 per Lot
Easy terms.    You'll be on Easy Street in buying these,
It's the White Man's City.    We do not sell to Asiatics,
I .nls arc selling fust, apply to A, Pallthrope, "The Store," Berwick, or
Harry Idiens
;  British Columbia Investments Ltd. Courtawy
***** i *******tm ******* aaMa*M*aa»aaM>aMMaMMaiMMB> am
essentially spending and noil |'.e.-
venue producing, but with a long
array of figures and a carefully
prepared speech full of deductive
reasoning he showed that the
money had been carefully spent
and that the results fully justified
the large apportions,
Dr. Young gave a detailed
account of the workings of the
Colony Farm and the mental!
hospital at Sasondale, showing
that the entire cost of maintenance of . the patients there
amounted to less than fifty cents
each per diem.    Later on Dr.
face rights may be considered imoossary
for the working of tlie mine at the rate of
"i-'ur fu|| jiifurmalion application should
he made fu the Neoietaiy of tho Depnt*
ment of the Intel ior, Ottawa,  or tu  snj
Agent or Suh AlMii i fDonitulati latthds.
Deputy Miuittorof the lutbtior.
N P- |iii«|p|ibri([ed puLlic'alion of thii*
idvoili rim*||l   ». ill Hnt ti*'r.Mti.r
CEALED TENDERS addressed to the
*-3 undersigned, and endorsed "Tender
for Wharf al Noolka Sound, B. C„" will
be received at this office untij 4.00 p,m,
on Thursday, February 26th, 1914, for
, ,     i   *   a * *.   i ■ tiie construction of a Wharf at Nootka
Young launched into a spirited | island, Comox-AUin District, B.C,
defence of  Dr.   Wesbrook, the i   nans, specifications and form of con*
,       ,.,.,,      ,t   •        *.        ,. i tract can he Been mul  forms of tender
new.head ot the University ot obtained at the offices of the District
British   Columbia,   Contradicting Engineers at  New  Westminster, B. C.:
, , ,,      .,  ..   a.   a  Victoria, B.C., and on application to the
the statement recently attributed Postmaster at Nuotka, B. C.
to     the     new     president    that:    Persons   tendering   are   notified   that
. -alia 1       a        a.1 leildtTS     Will     Hot     lj(*    COllSldClCci    UlUCSS
he     intended    to     neglect     the  made „„ the printed  forms supplied, anil
"humanities"  in  order to give signed with' their actual''signatures, stat-
,      ..,.,    .      ing their occupations and places of reBid
prominence to a purely utilitarian i e]KC.  In th(. casc of ,in„s, th(, actUil|
curriculum. j signature, the nature  of  tlie occupation
,_.,, *   , ,     .    , .   and the place of residence of each member
Other menibers who took part 0f the firm must be given.
in the debate earlier in the week
were Mr. H. E. Forster, member
for Columbia, who pleaded for a
reduction of taxes in the lumber
industry ; Mr. McKenzie, of
Delta, who spoke of the wonderful prosperity of theFraserValley,
and Mr. Cowley, of Chilliwack,
who took issue to the member
from Nanaimo on the statement
that he represented only one
section of his constituency.
Mr. C. E. Tisdell, member for
Vancouver, who spoke on Thursday, condemned the statements
recently made on the amount of
the unemployment in Vancouver,
and said that although there has
been some depression in the
building trade, the returns of the
mercantile houses, banks, and
financial institution's showed that
there had been very little diminution of business during the
past year. He was followed by
Mr. Shaw, member for Kamloops,
who referred at some length to
the dry farming operations in his
constituency and strongly criticised the Liberal leaders and their
press for their allegations in
regard to the government land
Thursday was devoted to hearing optimistic reports from Mr.
Manson, of Skeena, and Mr.
Lome Campbell, of Rossland,
and Mr. Hanter, of Slocan, on
the progress of their districts,
especially in regard to the mining
industry. Mr. Campbell particularly gave a long array of ligures
to show the prosperous state of
the mines in the Kootenay and
Boundary districts.
Although little progress has
been made with actual new legislation it is confidently expected
that the session will come to an
end at the end of the first week
in March. The report of the
Royal Commission on Agriculture
will be brought down, it is expected, on Friday February 13th,
and on the following Monday the
Honourable Price Ellison, Minister of Finance, will introduce
his budget. The loan bill providing for a temporary bond issue
by the Governmeet will be introduced shortly, and although no
definite amount has been stated
it is probablv that the issue will
not--be more than $7,500,000,
One of the first acts to be brought
up is the Municipal Bill which
will be brought down early in the j
present week, and after a second
reading will be referred to the;
special committee on municipal
affairs. ILOCAL
Each tender must be accompanied liy
an accepted cheque on a chartered bank,
payable to the order of lhe Honourable
the Minister of Public Works, equal to
ten per cent. (10p.c.) of tlie amount ol
the tender, which, will be forfeited if tlie
person tendering decline lo enter into a
contract when called upon to do so, or fail
to complete the work contracted for. If
the tender be not accepted the cheque
will be returned.
The Department does not bind itself to
accept the lowest or any tender.
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, January 23, 1914.
Newspapers will not be paid for this
advertisement if they insert it without
authority from the Department.—54447.
Tenders will be received by the
undersigned not later than 4 p.m.
on the 16th day of February.
1914, for the purchase of 68
4-5th acres, Salmon RiverValley,
more especially described as follows: Fractional south half of the
N. E. quarter of Sec. 33, Township 6, Sayward District. Several
acres cleared, also dwelling house
and barn on the land. Part cash
balance on time to suit purchaser.
Highest   or   any   tender  not
necesssarilv accepted.
Official Administrator,
 Cumberland. B.C.
The Magnet Cash Store "
Phone *H
me*w*Mm*m*mii .<i**m
Cumberland, B.C
We have just receiver, another car Innd iil'lhecclelit.itcil
Gorliat'tl lloiiilznmti Pianos. We enn sell you n Piano
on easy monthly payments, lie have several e.rtrn
gon-1 second hand pianos, that were taken in exchange
I'm- new ones, nt prices ranging from $.100 mul upwards
G.A.Fletcher MusicCo
B. C.
V. I.. Tway C. H. McMillan
Tway & McMillan
Contractors & Builders
Framing (if all kinds, Mill Wrighttng,
Installation of Mill Machinery.
c. a McMillan        v. l.twav
Cumberland, B.C.     Courtenay, B.C.
For Candy, Cigars
Hot Tomales
Fire Insurance
For ab s olu te
• protection write
a Policy in the
London & .Lancashire Fire Insurance Co. of
L iverpool.
Total    Assets
* 2 6,7 8 8,930 00
Wesley Willard
D0NG FUN & 6o.
belies <0 (Ii'IiIIi'Iui'h'k Eiishiniml)]n Tililors
Suits Miulo to Alt'tisiiic front s-js In s Ul
Gleaning,     Pressing      nijil     Ropniring
BEVAN.   -     ■     - .
Household Requisites
Washing Machine, Water Motor; Baths, .?50 reduced to $32.50
Hocking' Chairs, Dining Room Chairs, Withstands
at Reduced Prices.
Dtinamuir Avenue* Cumberland, it. e.


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