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The Islander Jun 14, 1913

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A splendid assortment of
evening waists now on show
Newest designs, at all prices
See our latest shipment in
clothing. Prides, $15 tu $30
VOL. IV., No. 11
Subscription price, $1.50 per year
The Herald Takes a Stand which
ii a Sure Winner- Some Pertinent Remarks.
The Nanaimo Herald of yesterday says as follows:
Do the miners of Nanaimo
have to he told how lo run their
Apparently Pettigrew, Foster,
Pattison, Jordan, et al, think so.
These gentlemen are professional
agitators—for a consideration.
They do not work in the local
mines, they do not take the risks
of the Nanaimo miner, and are
working in the interests of au
American organization that, as
far as we know, has never won
a strike in Canada.
A few months ago they came
to Nanaimo and commenced a
careful campaign of agitation.
They succeeded in throwing the
miners of Ladysmith out of work.
They succeeded in throwing the
miners of Cumberland out of
work, and now they have succeeded in throwing the miners of
Nanaimo out of work.
They did not give the Nanaimo
miners a chance to say whether
they wished to quit work or not.
On the advice of one Frank Farrington, whose interest in the
Nanaimo miners exist for a reason many can guess, they told
the miners of this city they had
to quit work. The Nanaimo
miners did not have a say in the
matter. They were simply told
by these gentlemen that they had
to quit work and according to
Frank Farrington's signed statement, they will not be able to
resume work until the operators
of Ladysmith, Cumberland and
Nanaimo recognise the U, M. W.
of A.
A few level headed courageous
miners of Nanaimo decided they
would have a say in the matter
and called for a vote. Some four
hundred miners had the courage
to face the reception near the
polls arranged by these gentlemen.
The result was ten to one in
favour of continuing work. The
result would have been much the
same had the remainder of those
who wanted to vote had the courage to face the subtle opposition
that these gantlemen, well versed
in the gentle method of subjugation, worked on the day of the
The same gentlemen had a bill
posted about the city branding all
who went to work as scabs. It
is the ugliest word that can be
used to a miner. The Nanaimo
miners were to be scabs because
they wished to fulfill an agreement they had made themselves
with the company; scabs if they
dared to work, although five of
these professional agitators said
they could not work; Bcabs because they were satisfied with
their lot and might wish to continue their work, scabs because,
even if they were not satisfied,
they knew the time was soon
coming when they could make
their own agreement with the
company without the assistance
of a number of individuals who
wished to collect a monthly fee
from them. * \
What the men of Nanaimo
should have done whet, that ugly
word scab was used—a'r word for
which there was never less excuse for using—was to have
thrown it back at the professional t-p-itatprs who, t'sed \\. The
agitators still draw salaries; the
miners are out of work.
There are a thousand miners
right in the city of Nanaimo to
day who are wondering why they
quit work. There are a good
many more than a thousand
miners in the city of Nanaimo
who arc soon going to take a
little hand in the game of which
they have been the victims.
When they do, the memory of
Pettigrew, Foster, Pattison, Jordan, et al, will be but an ugly
dream. They will have left
Nanaimo for pastures new, and
things will be in Nanaimo as
they were before this so called
strike in the best coal mining city
in America.
The Herald is not against unionism. It runs a union shop and
pays the highest union wages in
Nanaimo, running a night shift.
In every particular it obeys the
rules of the Typographical Union.
But the Herald is dead against
the kind of tactics practiced by
the gentlemen who represent the
U.M.W. of A. in Nanaimo. For
the past several months some of
the bunch of agitators, who have
thrived in Nanaimo. have run
riot in damning the Herald. This
paper has not retaliated because
it was a matter that affected only
the Herald. This ridiculous thing
however, which by a far-stretched effort .of the imagination is
cailed a strike, is a different
matter. It effects every man,
woman and child in the best city
in British Columbia, and although
the bunch of paid agitators who
have let their tongues run riot in
Nanaimo for the past several
months think they have everything and evey one "buffaloed,"
the Herald is going to tell the
straight facts of the situation.
This is by way of elucidation
the gentlemen who openly boasted at Ladysmith on May 1 that
they were going to put Nanaimo
"on the hog."
(by l. saville)
In the application of coal-cutting machinery in mines, its use
demands the adoption of the
most perfect system of workong
coal, that is the straight faced
longwall, a method which admits
of the roof being dealt with systematically and ensures uniform
subsidence across the whole face
instead of local subsidence as is
the case with irregularly worked
The first important step is to
get the principle of systematic
timbertng applied along the face
The prop where you like system
without any regular system at all
should never be allowed in any
mine, but stringent rules should
be laid down stipulating the distance apart at which posts must
be set along the face, and also
the maximum distance apart of points.
G. Wilt Clinton has purchased
a new Ford automobile through
the local agent for the Ford.""
Mrs. Harry Bryan is spending
i a couple of weeks with friends at
Getting near fly time. Buy
your window screen and doors at
Tarbell's Hardware.
E. C. Emde left for Vancouver
on Sunday on a business trip arid
brought back another Ford on
The Western Fuel Co. has
chartered the British steamer
Rothley to carry coal from Newcastle, Australia, to SanFrancisco.
The Nanaimo coal miner walks
the street on four dollars a week
while the Western Fuel Company
supply  their trade from other
Meeting of Fire Brigade,
At the regular meeting of the
Fire Brigade the following officers
were elected: chief, Thomas E.
Banks; assistant chief, Charles
Parnham; Capt. No. 1, Robert
Grant jr.; Capt. No. 2, J. S. Bannerman, The following were
placed on the roll as members of
the Cumberland Volunteer Fire
Brigade: Charles Grant, Alex
Walker, H. D. Winningham, Geo.
Tarbell, Wm. Hayman, John
Cameron, Alex McKinnon, Jas.
Walker, Harry Leithead, Arthur,
Denton, W. Hudson, Alex Mc-
Niven, A. R, Keirstead, E. C.
Emde, W. Clinton, A. G. Slaugh-
ter, E. King, -Frank Slaughter,
Cam. Deceaur, Thos. Conn, Dan
Bannerman, G. N. Bertram, and
Frank Hurford.
The Matron of the Isolation
Hospital wishes to thank the
members of the Ladies Auxiliary
for the following donations; half
dozen sheets, half dozen pairs
pillow slips, half a dozen bath
towels, half a dozen cups and
saucers, half a dozen plates, one
cream pitcher, one sugar bowl
and one tea kettle. Mrs. John
Frame also presented the hospital
with two beautiful rocking chairs
which the nurses appreciate.
Mr. Young, the Courtenay
photographer, has purchased a
New York Studio Standard of the
World Outfit for Cumberland,
and. has decided to open up a
studio, He finds some dfficulty in
securing a suitable place for such
a business, but if necessary he
will purchase a lot and erect a
building. Mr. Young has been
in the photographic business at
Courtenay for some years where
Ifie is prepared tp dp practical
out door and studio work. He
employs none but experienced
the rows of timber posts, and
each district to which the rules
apply should be kept furnished
with a plentiful supply of loose
timber posts; and an important
point in systematic timbering is;
that as soon as the face of any
working place has advanced far
enough at any point for a post to
be set, it must be put up at once
without any waiting until the
roof is bad. The rule should state
this and also at what stage the
back timber should be drawn.
But there'should not be one
hard and fast rule for all seams.
The details should be fixed by
the manager to suit each diff erer-
ent district of workings, and as
much more timber must be set as
is required because we may have
a place where the roof is exceptionally bad for which the ordinary
rule would not suffice,
A more pleasing feature in
connection with coal cutting in
longwall is that accidents from
falls of roof or sides have been
considerably reduced, the reason
for this being that the coal being worked in regular parallel
slices, when the roof breaks the
weight is evenly distributed over
a large area, and consequently
"here are none of the sudden
bursts and bumps which cause so
many accidents from fall? of roof
and sides and the line of the face
usually cross the cleat of coal at
right angles and the timber is set
and drawn systematically.
The use of explosives for break
ing down coal at the face is great
ly reduced and in some cases dispensed with altogether, as the
face of coal, say 1500 ft. to 2000
ft. long being cut to a depth of
6 feet usually falls when the
sprags are drawn while the regularity and speed with which the
face moves brings the workmen
continually under a green roof
which is less liable to falls than
the slow moving faces with no
machines employed. The ventilation is simpler, the currents
being guided in such manner
that they give the best possible
results, while less face room and
larger outputs reduce the liability
to the accidents aforementioned
of which a proportion of the
yearly roll of accidents are due
to this cause.
Note. The special rule stipulating the distance apart at which
posts or stringers are to be set
at the face should be printed in
short form and posted on each
pit-bank, in the shaft bottom, in
the firebosses' and overman's
office. It may be in the following manner:
In accordance with special rule
(state no. here) in force at this
mine I have decided that the
maximum distance apart of posts
stringers and other means of sup
port to the roof on the workin
faces shall be in parallel rows of
not more tha.n (state distance)
between pasta, and the distance
apart of the rows of posts not
more than (state distance) apart,
or such less distance as the condition of the roof may require.
Young Pigs for sale, the kind
that grows. Price $5.00 each.—
T. A. L. Smith, Hornby Island.
L. R. Stevens arrived by Thursday's train, and is now at T. D.
McLean's jeweler store. Mr.
Stevens will look after the repair
The Board of Works decided to
clean up Dunimuir Avenue after
the sports were passed and carried that intention into effect on
Monday morning.
Hon. Thomas Taylor, Minister
of Public Works, has instructed
Road Superintendent Wilmshurst
to spend $1,000 on repairing and
grading the Cumberland roads,
from the Provincial Court House
to the Royal Bank and the main
Union Bay road through Cumberland.
A prominent business man,
who visited the Islander office
this morning, was making anxious enquiries concerning the
Board of Trade. He said we
never hear from them now, at,
the same time mentioning severa,1.
matters that need attention. We
ourselves are inclined to think
that the Board of Trade should
wake up and shake themselves.
The City Council held their
usual meeting onMonday evening
After reading the minutes, which
were adopted, T. D. McLean
gave legal notice that he would
test the legality of the city new
tax by-law. Eight per cent
interest will be charged on delin
quent taxes. Soap box orators
requested permission to hold
meetings at the street corners.
There application was referred to
the Police Commissioners.
Holy Trinity Church.—Garden
Party and Fair of useful and
fancy articles will be held on
Tuesday, June 24th on the lawn
at the residence of Mrs. ('. y.
Tarbell. Afternoon tea and ice
cream will be served. Contributions of articles for sale, cakes,
sweets, etc. will be thankfully
received by any member of the
T. D. McLean, our leading
jeweller, has completed arrangements with Dr. F, D. Martin,
eye specialist of Nanaimo, to
make regular monthly visits here
Dr. Martin comes highly recommended as being a first class
optometrist. Any one whose eye
sight is in need of glasses should
not fail to see him. It is a rare
opportunity for the citizens of
Cumberland instead of taking an
expensive trip to Vancouver.
His next visit at Mr. McLean's
store will be on Monday and
Tuesday, June 16th and 17th.
It's time to go a-fishing, A lull
line of tackle at Tarbell's Hardware sIoib,
Mrs. E, C. Emde has left for a
trip east on a visit to friends.
John C. Brown left for Nanaimo on Sunday.
Better take a look at the Standard Bicycles carried at Tarbell's.
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Weir
were passengers by Friday morning's train on a two weeks' vacation to Victoria and Sound cities.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Whyte
left by Sunday's train for Nanaimo to attend the l.O.O.F. Grand
Brighten up around your home
with a little S. W. P. A full stock
at Tarbell's Hardware.
The man on the street met an
old miner on Tuesday. While
giving him the glad hand and
asking him how he came back he
said: Just simply can't stay away
from Cumberland. Why, I made
$100 last month and only worked
seventeen days. No more of the
United Mine Workers of America for me, boy, I'm going
to dig coal.
WEEK 10,386 IONS
Normal Conditions Prevailing at
Cumberland- Tho Tide Ima
The conditions at Cumberland
are considered almost normal
with few exceptions. The idlers
who are still holding on to the
drifting planks of the U.M.W. of
A., asleep so far as their own
interests aro concerned, are wearing a disatisfied countenance.
They realize the U. M. W. of A.
have spent a large sum of money
in Cumberland in an attempt to
force recognition and their effoi lu
have proved a total failure at tho
place of commencement, and so
it will be on south clown through
the Island when the agitators
will find themselves back into the
State of Washington after having
The Vancouvei-Nananno Ccal attempted to assume control of
Co. are of the opinion that there that which was not
are a number of "ien in Nenaimo
who are ready to go lo work, and
will continue to blow the whistle
every Monday morning. If
enough men turn out to work the
mine will be open for them.
There is no doubt whatever but
that McClary's Kootenay is the
best Range on the market. Tarbell's Hardware.
Labour Leaders Indicted.
Charleston, W. Va., June 9—
President John P. White and
eighteen other officials of the
United Mine Workers of America were indicted in the federal
court today on a charge of violating the Sherman anti-trust
It is alleged the defendants
conspired with the coal operators
of Western Pennsylvania. Ohio,
Indiana and Illinois to raise
wages in the West Virginia coal
fields, so as to prevent its compe
tition with the other four states
in the western market.
Those named in the indictment
are John P. White, presfdent;
Thomas Haggarty, Joseph Vas.~~y
James Cant rell, Charles Hartley
Marco Roman, George H. Edmonds and Benjamin F. Morris,
organ'.zers of tho United Mine
Workers of America; Thomas
Cairns, president; Clarence C.
Griffith, vice-president; James M
Cargo, secretary of District No.
17, United Mine Workers of
America, and James Dana, John
Nutter, Rome Mitchell, W. S,
Rcece, F. D. Stanley, U. S. Cant-
ley, and A, D. Lavender, subor-
dinite officers of district No. 17.
The indictraents charged that
the nineteen -men affiliated with
the United Mine Workers of
America did, in Kanawhe County
West Vergini'ii, engage in a combination and conspiracy in restraint of trade and commerce
in the several slates. The offence-
is said to have started September
first,1012 and continued since.
It is charged that the indicted
men have been agent members
of "an un-incorpo fated, voluntary organization ef individuals
as a labor union "known as the
United Mine Workers of America
having many thousands of members, who cons'.j-ired, by regulating wages, to control tho price at
which coal miiied in the state of
West Virginia could compete
with coal mines in Pennsylvania,
Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois." The
indictments, returned today arc
said to be the first ever made
against the officials of the United
Mine Workers of America char-
gin^ them with violation of
Sherman ami.trust law.
ien' own.
Tho coal miners of Cumberland
to day treats  these idlers with
disdain and silent contempt, positively refusing to associate with
them in any respect not even lo
the extent of showing them tho
folly of their ways.  So the energetic  persevering    coal . miner
allows these idlers to drift to
wherever the tide of the U.M.W.
of A. may carry them, knowing
that the sea of time will take
them into the ocean of forgetful-
ness.     The curtain has dropped
on the last act of their farce in
this city.   We havo already com- '
menced to repair the ruins, merchants speaks of increased business, banks have increased then-
staffs, tailors and dressmakers
are working far into the night to
keep pace with the times, moving
picture  show  is crowded,   bar
rooms are full, the waves of prosperity are rolling in as the United Mine Workers of America are
rolling out.   It is the   regular
monthly pay today and we under
stand   it is   not   far   off   the
$100,000.00 mark, with the workers all satisfied, even the latest
arrival of Durham miners,   of
whom we will make special men-
tj0i~-. in out next issue.  They say
that t'bey have given the conditions   i.'i    Cumberland  careful
consideration, and they come to
the condu wn that there is no
strtkc in th.-s oty aud the statements made by Patterson on tl e
C. P. R. train and at Vancouver
arc absolutely Mae. The-a? sane
Durham men  are  experience^
satisfied miners of Cumberland
today  working  to  the  mine*.
Thev further state the mine they
work in is well   ventilated and
as safe as any miiv'' can be, while
the wages thev can i'iake will be
from $5.01) to $7.00 pe." -Wi ai"1
they have never found (,'"■' seei*  »
better place to work in.     If the
balance of their companions who
were held up in Vancouver had
only the said in them lo visit
Cumberland antl see for themselves,   Patl*i8on's   or Foster's
alsehoods would never have induced them lo refrain from coming to Vancouver Island, the land
of plenty.
The. output al the local mines
for the week ending Friday,
June 13th, totals 10,386 Ion;;.
The members of the I.'. M. W.
of A. Sre cancelling their subscip
tions to the ISLANDER thick aril
fast—ctrn't stand the pressure
any longer— sure sign of defea !
Biit we can assure the agitators
that they enn all cancel their soil
S'-rriplions it1 they so wish and
then the ISLANDER will havo
nearly doubis the circulation ii;
had previous to the so called ho'
day. But don't cancel you •
Uie subscription and then i(o up st n e
back alley and read the ISLANDER
The Secret
By Alfred Wilson Barrett
Ward, Lock A Co., Limited
London, Melbourne A Toronto.
Tt was Indeed growing rapidly dusk,
whei. Nell and the Major left tlio little public-house am. made their way
cautiously back aloiu the EuBton Road
In the direction of Professor Wick's
School of Arms'.
So far r.s they eould see, keeping
on the other side of the road, and at
it respectful distance from the house
of their adventures, all appeared quiet
ln Us neighborhood! the door was
closed, and certainly no one was
watching from ti 3 front garden or the
doorstep, nor as they gradually drew
nearer, did lt appear that any one was
spying upon their approach from any
of the dust covered and postered windows.
I doubt If they followed me at all,
remarked Nell. It Is probably not the
first time i. trap has been laid for the
Professor, aud r I they can't want to
attract more attention than Is absolutely necessary from the authorities,
they are, I expect, letting the matter
drop. We had better no~. pass by j
the front cf tho house, though, or be
seen together If wc can help It. There
is the llttlo turning Dart meant, I
suppose. Let us see If we can get
round to it this way.
They turned down a lane which ran
parallel to the street where Dart
awaited them, and ln a few moments
came upon that worthy, with his nose
glued to the railings nt tie corner.
Any news, Dart? asked Nell touching the man gently on tlie shoulder.
No, sir, none, replied the man turning quickly. No one's been ln or out
of the house but the Professor's been
to the door once or twice to look up
and down the road.
He doesn't expect mo to come hack
again, surely, laughed Nell. So Rlvlngton's not turned up ycl- that's
good. Where ls this empty house of
yours? It's almost dark enough to
have a look at it now, Isn't lt?
That's the one, over there, exactly
opposite, the one with the bill ln the
window replied Dart, pointing.
They walked across and looked at
the house the man pointed out. It
was an ordinary little two-storey
building, probably letting et about
forty pounds a year. On one side of
It was a small printing and lithographic works, closed now for the day, on
tlie other side a pair of high gates,
leading to a private stable or yard of
some kind. The little street, a very
short one, and off Uie main line of
traffic, waB silent and deBerted.
The very place! said Nell, after a
moment's examination; we will have
a look Inside,
Tho Major had tried tie doors even
while Nell was speaking, and he looked round doubtfully at hla two companions.
It's rather a strong door, he said.
I don't suppose lt will give us much
trouble, said Nell, so long as no one
comes along. The street seems quiet
I've got a bundle of keys with me,
sir, said Dart, but it may be bolted.
Wc will see, returned Nell, seizing
the skeleton keyB his man handed to
him. Go down tho road and keep a
look-out in that direction. Major, do
you mind going to the corner and
tasting an eye ln tie direction of the
Tbe two men obeyed, but almost before they had taken up their re pectivo
' posts, a low whistle from Nell warned
i them that he had accomplished his
I tack, and they hurried lack. .
Neil was standing in the passage of
the house, with the door open.   It's
all right, he said quickly, there's not
a soul about.    This is just the place.
Now if we can only waylay Mr. Riv-
I lngton on his road to the Professor's,
j we  may  learn  enough  to  leave  the
matter in the hands of the police from
this time.
What Is your plan? asked Easton.
I    To catch hint when he comes antl
t drag him in here by force, if he won't j
\ come  willingly, and  take his  fingerprints.       If   they   correspond   with
I those we have, we will just shut him I
\ up here while we send for tho police, j
If they don't, and he is Innocent of I
Eda's murder, ho has still been guiliyj
I of abducting Violet, and we will keep!
i him here somehow or other till  wel
; can find out from her what the mean-
I ing of the whole affair may be.    But
In that case, we had better act with-
out the authorities for lhe present.
But you don't think she, Violet, ls
I In any way a consenting party, asked
the Major surprised, or that Bho can
I have anything to do wlih tho schemes
' this man may be handling.
No, 1 don't, replied Neil quickly.
I think he murdered Eda, and that is
the explanation of the whole affair, but
we cannot be sure; women are
strange creatures. Wo don't want to
bilng the police in until we are sure.
Easton frowned. But his brow-
cleared again ln a moment. He remembered Violet's frank, clear eyes,
and the look she had given him; and
he put aside all doubts, blaming himself for ever having bad them.
Come, he said quickly, let's get Into
our ambush. I am longing to lay my
hands on that scoundrel.
And they walked to the comer of
the 6treet.
The night had come on rapidly
now. and an if to aid ln the realisation
of their plans, a thick fog had commenced to descend, making lt difficult
to see more than a few yards round
tthom. Tho traffic had grown less
and tho footsteps of the occasional
passers-by could now be heard clearly
for some moments before they roach*
ed tho watchers. There was no object ln the three friends separating
or hiding, for lt would have been Impossible for them to be seen from
the windows of the School of Arms,
and silently they dr-w near to the
Profossor'B gate, determined that no
mischance should make them miss the
object of their watch.
Yet, after a time, Easton feared that
they must have m'ssed him, and began tj bite hla lips and look anxiously at the house where he now knew
Violet lay, for tie night drew on, and
no step halted at the gate they watched.
The attitude of hll companions,
however, gave him encouragement and
patience. Accustomed to prolonged
watching and inured to disappointment, both men waited patiently .leaning against the railings, apparently
oblivious of the passing hours, each
absorbed ln hl3 own thoughts, yet
ready, as Eauton felt, to spring Into
activity the r-.o-nent need should
And the need arose, as lt always
does, ln a second. Before cither of
the watchers could turn, almost before they could start forward from the
railings they leaned against, a tall
man, stepping silently ln soft evening
boots, loomed out of the fog, and was
upon them.
He gave a switt glance at tie three
watchers, Indistinct In the darkness
and mist, and put out his hand to the
gate In another Instant he would
have opened lt, when tho Major, the
nearest of the three, sprang straight
at his throat.
The new-comer had smelt danger.
His glirapso of tlie silent, watchers had
warned him; he was, therefore, to a
certain extent, prepared for au attack,
but behind the Major's rush lay the
stored-up resentment of a week's anx-
lctv and the memory of Violet's dark
eves. He had to go down, as a
stronger man still must have gone,
and down he went.
He fell, Indeed, with such a crash
that both Dart and Neil, cool hands
as they were, drow in a hasty breath.
But they did not hesitate, and the
next second they were upon him, and
had seized him.
It 1b Rlvlngton, Isn't lt? whispered
Nell, peering down at the still hotly.
Yes, by George, lt ls.    Come, lift him
r««  *>1
■^c^mmiN-G-x '
are under double strain—
strength to live and learn and
strength to grow—they must
have nourishment—not overloaded stomachs, but concentrated nutriment to aid |
nature during the growing |
The wonderful record of |
Scott's Emulsion as a bodybuilder has been proved for I
three generations. It strengthens
the bones, muscles and sinews;
builds the body, creates energy
and vigor; prevents and relieves
colds and fortil'es tlie kings.
Millions of delicate and undeveloped children have been
made strong, sturdy and hearty I
with Scott's Emulsion.
Insist on having SCOTT'S.
Scott & Eotnie, Toronto, Ontario  12-68 J
And occasional light dressings
of Cuticura Ointment will prevent it when all else fails.
Cuticura Roap and Ointment aro sold ihrougtioul
tlio world. A liberal tample ol curb. »jui :r;-i>»ra
i.nohletonthoraro anil treatment oi iho aMn.aotl
arVlp, fnt pet-tree. AddnW roller Una t cut*.
Corp., D»Pt, 83U, Holtou, U. 8. A.
gasped  the
He's not dead Is he
Major, startled now.
Dead, no. lie's only knocked out.
Como on. Into the house with him!
Quick! before any ono comes.; here,
Dart, lend a hand!
Rlvlngton's Inanimate body was a
Hush! said Nell quickly, you won't
get Into any more trouble if you don't
raise your voice too loud. If you
shout like that you'll get hurt again.
Rlvlngton glared round Film, then
his eyes met Easton's. Oh, I understand, he said with a neer. it's you.
is it! Well, turn about'u fair, I suppose. But what the devil do you
want? You're not going to murder
me, I suppose, or you'd hnve done it
Easton met his eyes fixedly.. No,
I don't go in for murder, he said
Rlvlngton's gaze fell slowly before
the Major's look, nnd he iePined to
ponder de'ply for a moment, then,
before any of the men could move,
he had sprung ln one unbroken movement from the floor and leaped for the
(To be Continued)
Prince May be Asked to Renounce
English Title
Berlin.—The Rhenish Westphallan
Gazette, Essen, one of the leading organs of the German ormor-plate press,
expresses the wish that Prince Em-
eBt, heir of the duke of Cumberland,
who is engaged to the kaiser's daughter, may be Induced to renounce his
British title of prince before his marriage.
Owing to the death of King George
ot Greece, brother ot the duchess of
Cumberland, the royal wedding, according to tho Tageblatt, will b: ns
simple as possible, and only the immediate relatives of the two families
wlll be present. The duke of Cumberland's vlsl to Fotsdam is postponed until after the king's funeral.
Airmen Taken for Spies
Berlin.—Two airmen, on alighting
at Neupfalz, Germany, though wearing
tho uniforms of officers of the German Uhlans, were taken for foreign
spies antl chased by a hostile crowd
to the police station where their identity was subsequently established.
Isn't his life insured?
Then what does his wife worry so
about it for?
She says Bhe thinks It will be a
perfect shame If his second wlfo gets
all that money.
When a girl doesn't find the front
porch or the hammock attractive her
mother begins to fear she meditates a
A man likes the statement that he
has risen to the top of the ladder. A
woman resents the Intimation that she
wasn't always there.
You can't always see through a man
who has a clear conscience.
St. Paul Park Incident
"A'ter drinking coffee for breakfast
I always felt languid and dull, having
no ambition to get to my morning
heavy weight, but all hia assailants duties.   Then in about an hour or so
were strong men, and lifting him with' a weak, nervous derangement of th.-
ease, Uiey bore him swiiily round the! heart and stomach would come over
comer.     Another moment'
anxiety,! me with such force ! would frequently
a pause for ii second to listen for steps  have to lie down "
ln the llltle sireet, a hurried stumbling
run, and thev had him ill the house.
A3 Neil closed and locked tho door,
and placing the body on tho passage
Tea ls just as harmful, because lt
contains caffeine, the snnio drug
found ln coffee.
At oilier limes I had severe head
floor'thev stood an Instant breathless aches; stomach finally became affect-
and attentive. Not n sound enmo to ed and digestion so impaired that I
them from the outside, however and had serious chronic dyspeps'a antl
rhev knew that thev were safe. constipation.     A   lady,   for   many
B,-lns him  along'here, round  this I years State President of the W.C.T
corner of the passage, said Nell quick'
ly, where we can't be seen through
the keyhole, and we'll have a light.
They bad Neil's electric torch and
plenty' of matches, and Dart, quickly
discovering half a candle stuck lu a
bottle in the scullery, they soon got
Ufltdent light to examine tho con
U., told me she liar, been greatly ben-
ellted by quitting coffee nnd using
Postum; she was troubled for years
with asthma. She said it was no
cross to quit coffee wben Bhe found
she could have as c.ellelous an article
as Postum.
"Another lady, who had been troir
bled with chronic dyspepsia for years,
dltlon of their captive, and to realise . a |mme(llale reIle. on ce„6,ng c0,.
that he was not In a very serious fM Rm, uglng Po3tum. gtlll another
state. friend told mc that Postum was a God-
Indeed, almost before they bad com-, Bon(]| ner-heart trouble having been
pleled their preparation, the man had | r(1„„VPll after leaving off coffee and
moved restlessly, antl opening m» ijk'lng on Postum. ■
eyes, had glared about him. ..go many sucli cas
Russian Peasants Who Believe   Thst
Christ Lived In Russia, Net
St. Petersburg, Russia.—An Archangel correspondent sends a moving
description of the sufferings of the
.Moldavian peasants who ln mid-winter folk ed tho f ...atical monk Innocentlus over 1000 miles from the
Podolia government to the Muromsky
monastery, on the Onega river, where
he was banished.
Ragged, starving and frost-bitten,
death-threatened them all on tho
snowy wastes whe; the Archangel authorities sent a rorce of rural guards
to stop their march and arrest their
leader and telegraphed to the Red
Cross Society, urgently asking for
medical aid. Some ot the pilgrims
had money In comparative plenty, for
before starting northwards they had
sold their belongings, but lt was of.
no avail to ihem in the frozen wilderness.
Their number was underestimated
In the lir.it account . I! was well over
1000, Including a great proportion of
women nnd children. They were sent
back to their homes by train In warned vans. The correspondent witnessed the departure of one party from the
station of Nlaudotna. Frost-bitten
cheeks, ears, fingers and toes were the
rule rather than the exception. Nearly all the pilgrims were begi-lmed-j
with dirt. Many women and children I
wera in hysterics. The occupants of I
one van were squatted on the floor
praying with open Bibles before them. I
The correspondent questioned the
pilgrims as lo the hold which Innocentlus had over them. Incredible as It
may sound in the twentieth century, I
lu a civilized country, the following
ls the gist of the replies he received:
The followers of Innocentlus knew
that Jesus Christ had appeared ln
the Onega region and not In Palestine. He was seized there, but was
taken elsewhere for cruclllxlon. Alpha and Omega in the Revelation of
St. John designated our Lord and Innocentlus (Reference has been made
in telegrams to the confusion of the
peasants between Omega and Onega).
Otherwise why waj there housing
room for 1000 persons In the Muromsky monastery when the monks only
numbered 100? This was the work
ot the Lord. They had been shown
a picture of Innocentlus portrayed as
Jesus Christ with a nimbus encircling
his head aud -a cress and chalice in
his hands.
The arrest of Innocentlus only served to confirm their belief in his divinity, and they recounted how, when the
rural guards came to arrest him, and
one of the guards tried to Are a blank
cartridge in order t.i Intimidate them,
his rifle had misfired three times.
A similar miracle had occurred previously at Balta, In Podolia, when an
ispravnlk (police officer) InsuUed Innocentlus and advanced towards htm
threateningly. Innocentlus looked
straight Into his eyes, and said quietly: Neither thy hand nor thy foot
shall stir, and the lspravnilt stopped
dead, as though paralysed.
On being confronted hy the rural
guards the pilgrims gathered round
Innocentlus, i.nd had to be dragged
away before the monk could be arrested. The vice governor of Archangel approache.' Innocentlus: Where
are you going? he asked him. I
am going to seek the new Zlon, was
the answer, and the crowd of pilgrims
repeated in song: W. are going to
seek the new Zlon.
Innocentlus' followers to the far
north Included his mother and five
sisters. When he w.-.s at Balta, he
attracted thousands of pilgrims to the
local monastery by the power with
which he was credited of casting out
devils. There Is an appalling amount
of lunacy In that part of Russia, generally ascribed to the peasantry eating
a paste of unripe maize instead of
leavened bread.
The Balta district became an absolute' Inferno of the mad, numbers of
whom were brought there in bonds.
This seems to have been the principal
reason of Innocentius' banishment.
Several Impartial Investigators maintain that there was nothing Immoral
In his teaching or his life.
Evenirj on the Farm
(Thirty Years Ago)
John, have you wound the clock?
Yes. dear?
And put i --.t the cat?
Yes, dear.
And locked the . -ior?
Yes, dear.
Then you Ska come to bed.
Rudolph, have you locked the safe?
And put the auto ln the garage?
And shut oif the   dynamo   ln   the
Sure, Mlko.
All right, you can roll Into the hay
Needs Assistance
Black has a terrible temper.
So I have heard.
It seems as though he can't control
I have noticed that It always takes
a bigger man than ho ls to control lt
for blm.
Ulnard't Liniment Cures Dandruff.;
Found Hli Place
You know thut old tightwad Jenks?
Well, he goes to the theatre now
rogularly once a week.
Yes, a moving plcturo show.
Seen Mrs. Gayboy lately?
No.     Why?
She has a new Paris gown and a
new diamond bracelet.
Now what indiscretion has Gayboy
been committing?
Fresh picked luscious Niagara fruit and granulated
sugar make
The   kind    like   mother
Hard on Her
Poor Mabel! I think her father ls
so mean to her!
What's the trouble?
You know how nicely she and
Charlie arc getting on?
Well, now her father tells her that
he can't ufford to pay for a new gown
as long as she runB the parlor lights
five nights in the week.
Nearly all children are subject to
worms, and many are born with them.
Spare them suffering by using Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator, the
best remedy of the kind that can ho
He Had Discovered
Why do they call this the century
run?   asked  the   fluffy   young   thing
leaning far out to Bee what was going
Because, replied tho man who was
fooling with the bolts and valves of
the bucking auto, lt takes a century
to make lt.
Can be had from your
In Doubt
His fathi   ."rove an ox team,.
And he drives an auto.
Some advancement.
Yes, but the ox team was paid for.
Thai's all right, said Nell, standing
over him. You'll be belter In a minute. Keep Etill, and don't worry
Rlvlngton's eyc3 met thoso of Violet's father with an angry, puzzled
look, then with a gradually dawning
came to my
notice that I concluded coffee wns tho
cause ot ny trouble and I quit and
took up Postum. I am more than
pleased to say that my days of trouble
havo disappeared, I am well and
Look In p'kgs. for the famous little
W. N.  U.
comprehension, and he made *% ,«ortI book~";'The" rioad to Wellville."
to lift himself Into ? ;lrtffi-g ,,osition. Ev'eP read lhc above letter? A new
Hullo, whal - tn,Si j,c BaW hoarsely', one appears from time to time. They
Damn --„,,| j remember your face— I are genuine, true, and full ef human
r.ii'lo, vou rnscals, w* ;t am I doing) interest,
Father Takinq His Daughter to School
One Exception to Rule
ParlB, Prance..—The old-fashioned
habit of a man and a woman
walking arm-in-arm in public has long
gone out of faihlon, says the Paris Excelsior.
In its columns a discussion on the
subject is taking place, especially on
the point: Should tbe woman place her
arm within that of lhe man, or should
he take hers?
Tho Bpectacle of people walking
nrm-ln-arm is, says the Excelsior, beginning to become quite sensational—
unless they are a father taking his
daughter to school. Whereas ln
former days the lady timidly placed
her hand within the arm of her cavalier, lightly resting on his Bleeve,
the up-to-date couple walk coldly aloof,
the man with both hands behind his
back, the woman with both hers ln
her muff.
There is a time when self-respecting
people may permit themselves to walk
arm-in-arm. It is when they aro on
holiday, ln the country, in hours of
peaceful reverie, whei. all things, in
nature seem to* hold hands. It 13 an
attitude which demands a certain Intimacy, a gentleness of gait and con-
templativeness of mien.
No, decidedly, says the Parisian, let
us not bring back this arm-in-arm
fashion to Paris. The picture is
drawn of a young man of a type which
ls seen frequently ln the streets, who
takes a girl's arm with a sort of Ju-
Jutsu grip, grasping her hand and
wrist, holding her elbow as in a vice
and by tbe leverage of his arm forcing
her to walk with one shoulder hunched
up and the other lowered. The object oppears to be that the man may-
propel his companion, much as a policeman might propel a recalcitrant
offender to the police station.
Tills ls clearly not to be compared
for gracefulness with the fashion of a
generation ago, when the lady hung
lightly on the arm of a strong and
dashing e- tort,
The unsuccessful person ls usually
the one who ls just a second too late.
The Foe of Indigestion.—Indigestion is a common ailment and few are
free from lt It is a most distressing
complaint and often the suffering attending lt ls most severe. The very
best remedy ls Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills, taken according to directions.
They rectify tho irregular action of
tho stomach and re-.toro healthy action. For many years they have been
n standard remedy for dyspepsia and
indigestion and are highly esteemed
for their qualities.
More Fitting
He fell In love with the teacher.
Is he so young as that?
You mean to say, le she so young?
Probably I meant to ask are both
so young?
Some people are so perfectly honest
that they won't take a single thing
from your house.
Y'es, some won't even take their departure.
The Nerve of Him
You know Brewer?
What does he do for a living?
Nothing.   He   Just   lives   without
any excuse.
Mlnard's Liniment Curea Burnt, Ete.
How He Would Get Them
Willie, If your brother gave you two
apples and your sister gave you two
more, how many would you have?
I would have four.
Correct, Willie.
But 1 would have two fights first.
Mothers, whether your baby ls suffering from indigestion, colio or
worms, or from some other form of
childhood ailment, you will find Baby's
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their little one3. The Tablots always
do good—they cannot posBlbly do
barm and are equally good for the
newborn babe or growing child. They
are sold by medicine dealers or by
mail at 26 cents a box from The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvllle,
Say, you are a sifioe manufacturer?
This name ls for new footwear. I
would call lt the president's shoe, and
everybody would be anxious to 3tep
into it.     ^^^^^^^
Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine Tablets. Druggists refund money If It falls
to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signature la
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Willing to Please    .
I have a fortune ln a name that I
will sell for about $1,000,000, and it is
cheap at that.
Better keep it rather than sacrifice
Leniency for a Dead Man
Rome.—A man who appealed
against a sentence of fifty days' Imprisonment passed on him at Turin,
and who died during tho interval, had
his sentence reduced by the magistrate
who tried the case to one of fifteen
days' Imprisonment.
Artist's Revenge
Vienna.—Herr Anton Berkes, a
..Hungarian artist, out three of his pictures to pieces In view of a numerous
public at the Budapest Art Exhibition
to aplte the hanging committee for
assigning his /ork:. an unfavorable
place on the walls.
This Way
DoYouFeel I rfe-v '*& 1
I Dragging Dowa Seatatiou |
I Nerroui—Drains— - 1
|_Tendemess Low Down-   J
It is because of some derangement 6r disease,
distinctly feminine.   Write Dr. K. V. PierceV
Faculty at Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo, N.Y.*e*te«,*a3
Consultation (s_ fj^and advice. U^trlctly in
confidence.,^*" u
Dr. Pierce's ^foritelprescrlptioii
restores the health and spirits and removes those
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hy ctiajl out reottliit of GOo In etampsi fit
The Modern View
Ho man led his affinity.
He did?
Mercy! I never heard of suon a
Why shouldn't he?
But they aren't ndlnltles ntler they
tre married.
Worms aro encouraged by morbid
conditions ot the stomach and bowels,
and so subsist. Miller's Worm Powders wlll alter theso conditions almost
immediately and will sweep the worms
away. No destructive parasite can
live In contact with this medicine,
which Is not only a worm destroyer,
but a health-giving medicine most ben-
eflela! lo the young constitution and
as such lt has no superior.
No Such Thing
She said I was ralbor young.
She did?
Yes, and that friend of hers said:
Oh, well, she'll get over It.
Mean thing.
Mlnard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
International Congress of Physical
Education Open In Paris
Paris.—Tho International congress
and exnlbltlon of physical education
was Inaugurated at the Sorbonne recently, by President Poincare. The
delegate from Turkey declared that
part of the defeat inflicted by the allies on the TurkB was due to Uie
physical Inferiority ot the Turks.
Anion,-, tho displays given was one
by fifty glrlB from the Royal Institute
of Gymnastics at Turin, whose ages
ranged from If. to 25. They were all
well built and vigorous, and wc- 3 loose
white blouses with navy blue divided
skirts and black stockings. It seemed
Impossible to tire them and their closing exorcise, a Btaccato Italian variation of tho goose-step, caused- much
Aesthetlo Girl
Maude has broke 1 her engagement
with Harry.
For what reason?
She says with her dark blue disposition and his pink hair she Is afraid
that they would not be able to hart-ionize the house furnishings.
Nothing Uncertain About Him
Do you know anything about Blnks?
Yea. He has applied to me for a
Job, and I want to know If he la reliable.
You bet.
Is he?
Ho ls. You can rely on him to
carry away anything that Isn't being
sat upon by the owner and to lie when
he's cornered.
Saved by Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound.
Swarthmore, Penn. — " For fifteen
years I suffered untold agony, and for
one period of nearly
two years I had hemorrhages and the
doctors told me I
would have to undergo an operation,
but I began taking
Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound and am in
good health now. I
lam all over the
I Change of Life and
cannot praise your Vegetable Compound
too highly. Every woman should takeltat
that time. I recommend it to both old
and young for female troubles."—Mrs.
Emily Suumersqill, Swarthmore, Pa,
Canadian Woirmn's Experience:
Fort William , Ont-*'I feel as If I
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good Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound has done for mo. I was weak
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friend recommended your Compound and
I soon gained health and strength and
eould not wish to sleep better. I know
other women who have taken lt for the
same purpose and they join me In praising it "—Mrs. Wm. A. Butfy, 031 South
Vlckar Street, Fort Williams, Ontario.
Binco we guarantee that all testimonials which we publish are genuine, is It
not fair to suppose that if Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has the virtue to help these women it will help any
ether woman who Is Buffering In a like
It you want special advice write to
lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co. (confl.
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be opened, read aid answered by a
woman and held in strict confidence.
W. N. U. M
Remarkable Patrlotlo Outburst at Annual Review of the Garrison of
Pari*, Franca. — Three hundred
thousand Parisians turned out to cheer
at the Vlncennei review the 30,000
men who form the garrison of Paris.
Although the review ls an annual
affair lt was made a national holiday
The president of the republlo drove
out Vincennes ln a landau drawn
by four horses with artillerymen riding postilion, The minister of war
sat by him ln tie carriage, and General
Joffre, the general-ln-chlef, of this
French army, sat opposite.
Mme. Poincare had driven out ln
another carriage. It waa her first
publio appearanoe without her husband since he became president of tne
The crowd In the streets was enormous and enthusiastic. At Vincennes at 12 o'clock the crowd formed a
circle five miles ln circumference. At
2 o'clock, when the cannon thundered
thetr welcome, the circle stretched
back ln a black mass, which burst into
a yell of wild cheering when tne president arrived.
Thirty thousand men—zouaves, light
Infantry, the line, artillery, marines
and cavalry—were passed ln reylew
by the president, marched by the tribune and then charged with wonderful
effect ln a thunder of cannonading.
The troops, who were ln campaign
kit, marched back to barracks through
the streets with their bands playing
and amid scenes of great enthusiasm
The Socialists had organized a great
open-air meeting ln Paris as a counter-demonstration against the three
years army bill. They had Joined
forces with the anarchists, and black
and rod flags were carried, though the
police refused to let their bearers unfurl them. The speeches against the
bill were extremely violent.
Ono speaker said: As they want war,
we will give them civil war—war of
class against class, war between you
who are listening to me aud those who
are out at Vincennes.
It ls reported from Andruela that a
recruit named Pone ello was disqualified by the examining council as he
had lost the use of the forefinger of
his right hand. When he was informed that if he had lost the finger altogether he would have been accepted
he declared that he would undergo the
necessary operation. The finger was
amputated and he was placed on the
active list.
Vour druggist will refund money lt PAZO
OINTMENT falls to cure any case of Itching. Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles
In 6 to 14 days.   10c.
Victim of Three Clever Swindlers She
Accidentally Meets In Cafs
Berlin, Germany.—A Russian woman
Countess Skosslreffs, has fallen a
victim to three accomplished Berlin
swindlers, losing ln their company
jewelry valued at {36.000.
The countess, who appears to be of
a very unsophisticated nature, had
been spending some time on the Riviera. Returning home via Berlin, she
had some hours to wait for a train to
St. Petersburg, and she employed the
Interval by visiting a well-known Berlin cafe. She sat down at a table
occupied by a pretty girl, who told the
countess that she was an actress
waiting for her husband.
This gentleman soon arrived, introducing himself with a high-sounding
aristocratic name. Another man presently joined the party and he was
also Introduced as of noble and ancient
lineage. All were very agreeable together, and one of the men proposed
visits to other cafes and finally to a
cinematograph theatre.
At this last place of entertainment
ths woman lt was suggested, should
put ln the cloak-room not only her
wraps but a hand-bag to which ehe appeared very much attached. She parted with the bag, Bin said, with great
unwillingness, as it contained her Jewelry, but the Berlin nobles told her
that lt would be all right and that
they would guarantee Its safety.
During tho performance the woman
noticed that the your.g actress and her
husband had retired. She asked for
an explanation from her other companion, and was told that they wero
telephoning, but as they were so long
about it he would just step out and
see. He did not return cither. The
countess, growing alarmed, as one of
the noblemen had her cloakroom ticket, left the theatre, and was informed
by the cloak-room woman that the bag
had been given up on the presentation
of the ticket by ono ot the men. The
woman ruBhed off to tho police, but
so far tliere has been no trace ot the
Breaking It to Hltn Gently
Maude, wlll you marry me?
Well, Charlie, I'll think about It,
What will you think about it?
Some very uncomplimentary things
I am afraid.
Because a millionaire subscribes
beamingly to a fresh air fund, don't
assume that lt ls sate to leave a railroad or a little unprotected trust lying
round In his vicinity overnight.
Bow do yon ilk* th* little- ftrt who
has just moved ln next door, Mabel?
My mamma doesn't let me play with
Donl you like her?
Then why doesn't your mother let
you play with her?
'Cause she never wants me te Play
with people's little girls wha calls
tbelr maids "hired girls.'
Lire is Just one grand sweet song.
That may be, but too blamed many
of us can't find th* tuns for th* variations, and th* rest ar* mostly off th*
Bur* Enough
There's no curs* ilk* 111 health.
Oh, I don't know.   It has It* u*
Name one,
It has got several notable persons
out of ths penitentiary.
No Remedy Half ao Efficient
"I didn't have to suffer long with a
sore, wheezy chest, I had a mighty
bad cold—it held me like a vis*, but
I knew what to do. I took half a teaspoonful of Nerviline In hot water
and rubbed my neck and chest every
halt hour during the evening. You
would hardly eredlt the way Nerviline,
loosed up tbat tight chest, enabled mo
to breathe like a tree man, gave me
comfort in a few hours."
This Is the experience ot J. P. Du-
rand, a well known resident of Burton's Corners, In thousands ot
homes Nerviline ls used every day.
If a little child haa a sick stomach,
Just a few drops wlll suffice. If there
ls any bowel disorder or diarrhoea,
only a small dose ls required Inwardly or outwardly, wherever tnere
Is pain or Inflammation, Nerviline wlll
always relieve quickest and cure sure-
est of any remedy known. Family
size, fiOc; small bottle 25c, at all
storekeepers and druggists, or The
Catarrhozone Co., Buffalo, N.Y.
Wonderful what a difference good
fortune makes to a man. It often enables people who haven't I.nown him
for years to recognize him on the
Poor Substitutes
He had no aunt to go fo
Nor aunt that had a cent.
And so the careless sluggard
Off to his 'uncle' went.
What ls more pathetic than a middle aged person trying to make himself and others believe he ls young?
The man who Is anxious to oblige
never gets rusty for lack of opportunity to practice his theory.
Mlnard's Liniment for sale everywhere.
You can never tell what a man ls
until you have seen him tested by
prosperity as well as adversity, and
then you can only hazard a guess.
It ls easy enough to he good when
the devil has nothing really Interesting ln sight.
No Rest With Asthma. Asthma usually attacks at sight, the one time
when rest Is needed most. Hence the
loss of strength, the nervous debility,
the loss ot flesh and other evils which
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Remedy has proved its merit through
yearn of service. A trial will surely
convince you.
The trouble ls the politicians don't
Just understand what would happen to
the graft industry If women were
permitted to .muse themselves with
the little white ballot.
Occasionally we meet a man whose
Idea of getting even with a fellow he
doesn't like consist? ln kicking his
pet dog on the sly.
No Loss
How do you feel about woman suffrage?
Well, 1 am willing that a woman
should vote If she wants to, but she
can't vote and have my scat ln the
Btreet car too.
Well, as she seldom gets your seat
I suppose that she won't lose anything
by voting.
The Only Way
Brinks looks downhearted this
morning. Ho has Just found out that
he must marry.
Marry! Brinks?
Why, how is that?
His father gave him notice this
morning that he would no longer support him.
Smart Landlady
She always tries to have her boarders meet a lot of pretty girls.
Sho says a young man never eats
much when he is In love.
"Samplo Ir'ett a juu Wl'fte National
Drug and Chemical Co.. ot Canada
Limited, Toronto.'
Impressive Ceremonies Held Outside
th* City Attended by Chine** and
PeBn, Onlna.—A large continuous
stream of foreigners and Chines* hav*
attended the memorial servloe for th*
1st* dowager empress. On th* center span ot the marble bridge oittslde
the Tleaan gate Is a temporary pavilion of Imperial yellow silk, decorated
with flowers. Th* pavilion contains
th* dowager's portrait and saorlfical
utensils. Here the general publio performs sacrifices to th* empress' memory, while on the road vast crowds
stand gazing.
Passing the Tlenan and Tuan gates,
both beautifully decorated with flowers snd shells enumerating th* virtues of the dead, visitors enter a soo-
ond Inclosure by passing over th* central marble bridge. They then face
the Wu gate, under the center of
which hangs th* dowager's portrait,
th* work ot a celebrated Chines* artist.
In front of and beneath the portrai
la the dragon throne, typifying th* departed grandeur both of th* dowager
and the dynasty. The throne stands
at the rear of a dais, the ceilings and
sides of whloh ar* gorgeously bellow-
ered and beflagged. Above the dais
are four characters signifying that the
dowager was one among the women
fitting to rank with the two first great
Chinese emperors. To the right ar.l
some yards distant from the dais ls a
yellow-draped platform, on which "are
monks and priests, whose solemn and
Impressive dirges alternate with the
louder and less penetrating strains of
a Chinese band similarly situated to
the left of the dais.
Ascending th* steps to the right ot
the Wu gate ls a constant stream of
Chinese JIanchus, Mongols, Mahomma-
dens and Tibetans. Removing their
head coverings thi." halt bef..e the
portrait, bow thrice, and pass on.
Foreigners ar* averted to the left
outside the line of mourners.
The central figure on the dais are
Prince Pulun, robed ln white sheepskin, and also a Mongolian buddha,
who with members of the funeral committee, addressed tho throng, eulogizing the dowager.
Looking backward from tha Wu gate
one sees an Interesting concourse,
principally of Chinese and Manchus,
men, women and children, ln resplendent attire, while groups of white-
robed eunuchs stand silent and sullen
as though resenting the publio participation in the funeral ceremonies of
the last reigning adult of the Manchu
dynasty on which .hey br.'..ened.
He's Back at Work Again, After Suffering from the Paine, Nervousness
snd Depression that   Only   Kldnsy
Disease Can B.-lng.
Point Alexander, Ont., (Special).—
Mr.  D.  A.  Froncare, a well-known
and popular young farmer, living near
here, who has been a sufferer from
kidney disease for some time past, ls
back at work again,   and   he   says,
without hesitation, that hU cur* ls
due to Dodd's Kidney PllBT.
"I was always tired and nervous,"
Mr. Froncare saj-B, in speaking of his
Illness. "1 suffered from backache
and neuralgia, and my sleep was
broken and unrefreshlng. My eyes
were puffed and there wero dark red
circles around them.
"My muscles would cramp. I felt
heavy and sleepy afterwards, and I
was depressed and low-spirited, while
shortness of breath and dizzy spells
served to make life yet more miserable for me.
"I was always thirsty; my limbs
were heavy; and I had a dragging
sensation across the loins.
"My symptoms led me to believe I
had kidney disease, and I started to
use Dodd's Kidney Pills. I have taken
eight boxes ln all, and I am very
grateful for the benefit I hav* received from them."
If the disease ls of the kidneys or
from the kidneys, Dodd's Kidney Pills
will cure lt.
Trial Proves Conclusively that It csn
be Done With
■ Effect
Berlin, Germany.—Shots were fired
from machine guns on the upper deck
(the top of the gas envelope) of the
new German army Zeppelin airship
Z 4 during a war office trial trip near
Frledrlchshafen, recently.
Although the wind was blowing at
forty-one 1 -lies an hour tho gun practice was carried out to the satisfaction
pf a military commission. An official communique, which describes
the event as of 'epoch-making Importance,' etates that the trial proves conclusively that lt ls possible to work
comfortably and with accuracy with
machine guns, from the decks of Zeppelin airships. Captain von Puteau
tbe naval expert ot the Tacgllche
Rundschau, states that there Is room
for six machine guns on the top of a
Zeppelin airship.
The VosBlsche Zeltung states that
the greater part of the $6,000,000
Bbortly to be provided for the German
air fleet wlll be devoted to building,
with all possible speed, ten airships
of the Zeppelin type. It is expected
that five of the vessels will be Incorporated in the air fleet by the middle
of this ; -ar. The German admiralty
ls extending Its system ot waterplane
stations. It is proposed to establish
ten—six on the North sea coast and
tour on tho Baltic-	
Bad Eggs by the Ton
London.— According to the report
ot the Bermondtiy publio health committee one of the council's Inspectors has destroyed more than four
and a halt tone of bad eggs during
the last fortnight.
Work for the night ls coming, sing*
the song, but most of us work for the
check that's coming
tars save sa* roelUve treveaUve, no matter how horees
at say *g* sre Infected er "espoMd." Liquid, given on the
tonne, acts sa the Bleed sad elands, expels the polionouj
germs mains body. Cares Distemper In Doge ens
iheei, and ObeKra In Poultry. Largest eelllns live itock remedy, Cure* la Grippe smoag human being, and is * nne
BfiHjSh Out tKs 9«t. Keeplt, Ihow It to rout
drusirlit. wM wnT get It for yw. Free Booklet, "Dutem-
t*t, Causes snd Cures.8 _.„„
DOUK HlblCAL CO., Cli.V. nltadn-altiU-a, Coin. hi. B, i.e.  _
QUALITY is the secret of the McLaughlin reputation
for carnage building. Quality is the reason for
Canada's Largest and Best Equipped Carriage Fact-
ory-a factory which can turn out a carefully constructed,
and thoroughly inspected, vehicle every ten minutes of
each working day in the year.
It would be easy to make a gigantic fortune ln a few
years by substituting lower grade materials, but such a
policy would be nothing more nor less than business suicide,
"and we prefer to continue along the lines laid down by
this company more than 44 years ago.
Carriages are not the lowest priced carriages on the mar
ket, but they are by far the cheapest in the end. Nothing
but tlie best of material, skill and workmanship is good
enough for us, and we are satisfied to abide by YOUR
Large stocks carried at our branch houses and agencies
throughout Western Canada.
McLaughlin Carriage Co., Limited,
Western Branch Houses-Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon,
Calgary, Vancouver.
MAN I 10BA      *■■ s
O   I THE    \1/I[   I   I A lAyf C     A SONSCO.JTOKONrO
A   I R. S.-    TV lL.L.i.rAlVIO    LIMITED ONI ARK)
A Splendid 10 cent Household Specialty is being introduced
all over Canada. It is appreciated by the Thrifty Housewife
who wants things "Just a little better." Send post card to-day.
Simply say:-.
'Send package of household specially advertised in my newspaper'
That's all-You will be delighted! Pay if satisfied-we take
the risk-Address P. O. Box 1240, Montreal, Can.
This offer expires June 1st, 1913. Send to-day.
Th* Test
Hsa ehe a good husband!
Vou bet.
How good ls he?
For any reasonable amount at Ol*
Hard on   Brown
Brown has sold that auto of his.
Yes, and also sold ths man wbo
bought It, I should say.
Do you suppose h* can collect on
both sales?
Not If the buyer discovers th* second sale before he settles for 111*
Makes us Honest
Before the penny slot machine
Put matches ln our way
An honest man ln other thins*
For matches wouldn't pay.
Ths man who keeps his friend*
guessing should be considerate enough
to offer a prise for the correct solution.
Clever Bell
Bell Is learning dressmaking.
Is she!
In ord*r to make her own clothes, I
Not at all. In order to earn money
enough to hire a modiste to make
them for her.
Nothing for It
This hot weather ls Intolerable,
But think how much wo need ltl
Need ltl Huhl '
Sure, man I    For the corn crop.
What do I care about the corn cropl
I am a coal dealer.
She 1* the very last word ln pretty
Oh, I don't know.
But stu> Is hand painted.
If then were a credit man to pass
upon th* conversational soundness of
people how many would go Into bank.
ruptcy at once?
A Constant Change
In Body's Tissues
"Our bodies," says Huxley, "may
be likened to an eddy ln th* river,
which retains Its shape for a while,
though every Instant each particle of
water ls changing."
Tbe tissues of the body, composed
ot millions of tiny cells, are being
constantly broken down and wasted
away by the process of life, and especially by overwork, worry and disease.
In order to reconstruct these wasted tissues there are necessary such
elements aa Iron, sulphur, magnesia,
potash, etc., and when these are not
supplied ln eufllclent quantities la the
food we eat lt Is necessary to aid nature by the use of some rostoratlve
Most people And Dr. Chase's Nerve
Food particularly effective under such
circumstances, because It ls composed
of the very elements of nsturo which
go to form new, rich blood, create new
nerv* cells and rebuild wasted tissues.
This treat food cure ls radically
different from medicines which aro
usually employed ln the treatment of
nervous diseases. For, while they
stimulate tired nerves to overexertion
or by narcoUo Influence sooth and
deaden them, Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
revitalises wasted nerve cells and so
accomplishes lastingly beneficial results.
Such symptoms as sleeplessness, Irritability, headache, Indigestion, brain
Ure and feelings of fntisuc and discouragement soon disappear when th*
system Is built up by the uso of
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
60 cents a box, all dealers, or Edmanson, Bate"; & Co., Limited, Toronto. TIIH    ISUxt)F.U   OCMDERtAKD 11.0.
Published   every  Saturday  at  Cumberland,   B.C.,
Islander Printing & Publishing Company.
Edward W. Bickle, Editor.
Advertising rates Curnlslied on application.
Subscription price fl.DQ per year, psj'llble ill mlvmice
Tlie editor iloei not hold   himself responsible for  views expre
ind 1.
»• » »*>*»♦»»♦»» ****>■*> ■» *»"»-» ***>«■*
Now tlie session at Ottawa is closed, a glance over its
record shows it has been the most dramatic since confederation. The Borden government has been in power eighteen
months and during that time it lifts carried out more pledges
than the Laurier Governmant did in fifteen years of office,
Wheu, by the will of the people, Robert Laird Borden
assumed the responsible position of Prime Minister of Canada,
he was known lo be an honest, careful, conscientious man.
His years of training as leader of the qpposi ion— a thankless
task at the best—stood him in good stead nt the very outset
of bis career as the First Citizen of Canada. He assumed
office with his [lowers of statesmanship untried and unknown.
But the people trusted Robert Laird Borden. They knew he
was a safe man. They knew that under hisdisectipu the administration of public affairs would be clean and holiest-- two
qualities which had been sadly lacking dnrin;/ the Laurier
Mr, Borden during his so-far brief tenure of power has
exhibited qualities of statesmanship and leadership which
stamp him as one of the greatest Canadians, lie immediately
set about redeeming his pre-election promises. Dining his
tour of the prairie provinces iu 1911 lie had promised when
returned to power to build the Hudson's Bay Railway and
build it without allowing the spectie of graft to creep in.
His pledge in this regard lias been faithfully kept; the West
will find a Hew nutlet to the markets of Great Britain. 11
promised Civil Service reform and recently Sir George Murray
an eminent British expert on matters pertaining to tbe public
service, visited Ottawa and made aa invaluable report on the
prWem of reorganization of the Canadian service. He promised
to consult the British Admiralty on the question of naval defence. Within a few months alter the election he went to
England and consulted the Sen Lords, and today he is known
throughout the British Empire as the first Canadian statesman who ever lifted a finger to aid the motherland in the
burdens of empire along the lines suggested by the Admiralty.
Mr. Borden promised more assistance to agriculture, and
there has been passed this session, despite the thinly veiled
hostility of ihe Liberals, a bill providing for the expenditure
of 5i'10,000,000 on education of the fanner in matters pertaining to agriculture. The Liberals, who have long boasted they
were the friends of the farmer, tried hard to throw cold water
on this legislation.
But above everything else Ml'. Rordeii has shown himself
the aspiration of the Canadian
inula should no longer sponge
on her mother. He earned for himself tho thanks of every
man who believes that the Union -lack stands lor freedom and
a fair share in the burdens of Empire, In a word, Mr. Borden
despite extraordinary difficulties of the Laurier brand, has
shown himself to be a British Canadian whose conception ol
empire responsibilities is as far removed from the puny vacciln-
tioii of Laurier as day is from night,
t»i be true Britisher,    lie voicei
people, when he declared fcbatC
Senate Reform should be a winner at the next electio
No wonder Si?' Wilfred is angry at the Nationalists.
Their loader, M, flourassa, is now revealing in his newspaper
Le Devoir, the frautic efforts Sir Wilfred made to enlist tin-
support and sympathy of the Nationalists. He failed, Hence
his anger and the anger of his followers in the house.
Good roads ar.-essential to the prosperity of the farmer,
and the dwel'er in the rural portions of Canada. The /forden
government sought to provide tbe'ic by systematic financial
aid, The Senate, a body appointed and not elected, has so
rnutila/ed the legislation that it is useless. The next time a
Libera' comes along and bjasls of his love for the lonely figure
in the furrow" that lonely figure is liable to do some damage
\\. ha shovel handle.
Raspberry Vinegar Grape Juice
Lime Fruit Juice   Several Brands
Persian Sherbet Vichy Water
Lemonade, Orangeade ami fine Apple Juice
Ladies' "
Childen's "
Children's Sneakers, sizes 6-12
Men's Harvest Hats
Regular 25c. for 15c.    Regular 20c. for 10c.
Just arrived another shipment of
Men' Clothing
Prices to suit all.
Also just to hand another large range of samples for our
made to measure clothing department.
Perfect lit guaranteed.
Large assortment of
Men's Shirts, Collars, Ties,
Underwear, Hosiery and Footwear always in stock,
JusJ; received a nice assortment of
Ladies' Waists, Dress Goods and
Fancy Neckwear, also Bathing Suits
as^fc-aasscij J3_;:, -. ;^-.
Catsups, Pickles, Sauces and Relishes
All of the best brands
Pure Mapie Syrup
In gallon tins, imported direct from tlie cast.
Fruits and Vegetables
In season.
Flour and Feed
Always on hand a1, lowest prices in town.
See our windows for special showing of
Canvas Shoes—At! greatly reduced
Men's Canvas Shoes,  values to $3,00,  for $1.75
D      1! 1
First Annual
of Hie
Cumberland ami Courtenay
i !       Automobile Association
A Grand Ball to celebrate t<
formation oi'thoC.C.A.A. will be]
'(given on tlie 26th day nf June,
, A,D.  1013,  at  Fechne-r-s   Hall, bj
Courtenay.   Formal dress 1 y i
quest   Only 100 tickets will I
Tickets $7.00
Admit gentleman anil lady. Extra
lady $2.00.   The ticket entitlt    al
the holder to partake of thee?
ecllent supper without additional    ; ,
i charge, Arrangements have I nl..',j
made to have ticket holders conveyed by automobile; gratis, to 50<
•tnd from the ball.    Automobiles15
W J- ■'    ' '*'"J
*■;:*   '""
We have just received aver o assortment
of Waists io all the latesl styles end varieti s,
including Silk Waists, Net Waists, and a Ja.L-.ly
assortment of White Muslin Waists.
Neat White Jap Silk Waists, strictly tailored, made witli
double seams, new style soft rolling collar, turn back cull's,
and pleat down tbe centre,. . ..Price $3,95
A loader, in Natural Pongee Silk Waists, good heavy quality
silk, smartly tailored, and rare value a) $2,75
Ecru Laco Waists in the new larg neah, Iii ' ill throughout, well made, and a perfect fit, Price $3.96
Our assorment of White Mi  lin'Wo c, and
our prices are in  keeping with Ihi   qualit;   and price.
Simon Leiser i Ltd.
The Big Store
Phone 38
-<A'   ffi-jta
AS m
•f*j  g-fer
■:"V . VLE X62
II be received
i Lands not later
■ ■     the  LCth day of
r   he purchase of
:■•■■■:  being605,000
ol   Limb  ■ ■     Lot  No. 239,
Inlet, Val lez Island, Say-
Uistf        ■ 'ir ■ ear will ho
i    tl      'the  removal of the
ber.    Parti   ilars  of  II.   K.
Milli n, Chief Forester, Vic-
i llor
will leave from Cumberland Ho- 2    i
tel.   Those living in Comox dis- 6    >
trict apply to Messrs.   Fechner, §
Frank Cameron, or Leo P. And- £ //,
erton for particulars as to free ?
automobile transportation Lo the 18
hall. Ijj
Application for tickets may be;'"l0''',co*"':-00'~°<*cc°oooooo<->.>o
made to the following members of       E      O A ITS "F4 I C"?
the association : P, P. Harrison,
H. Creech, 0. II. Pechner, Frank
Cameron, or Leo P. Anderton.
Application must be accompanied
with the admission fee t?7. The
above members of the association
reserve the right to reject any
Full Orchestra in attendance
Phone lo Box loo
"The Corner Store," Cumberland, B. C. I.
■ *^*m^t*s^*m**p* <-$»*$ I   *\j* ***** O   ♦■ *&***%\****\\*m**\\* *S*w   *& *4i I
We have Smoky City lo clean the trails,
Wallpapers "Renew;  Linoleums for Ihe
Floors, Polish for the Furniture, Blinds
and Curtains for the Windows.
A fdl line, of Furniture, Beds, Mattress,
and Ranges always on hand.
The Furniture Store
McPLea Block A. McKINNON     Oiunberlan-. E.O
For absolute protection write a Policy in
Liverpool, Englnnd.
TOTAL ASSETS, S28.78&.93
9J» a
Local Agent
fill In- i
. tun,
kuk'ui'l from ufli'ulklli
mil iimi aarlly inepliil
t'wi fmlht-'r pttrtlciiliira
3 A. lvIcKinnell.
ice Cream,
Gigars and
McKimiell's Old Stand,
Dunsmuir Ave, CUMBERLAND
foiippiiilrfrc ii
! llObbhlMBu. w
IGrocers & Bakers
i-.i all kluds of Good
Wet Goods
c ad arid 3eer in Town i,
for Pilnener Beer    [l /
Is not the best car in the world but is positively
the BEST VALUE lor the money. All competitors admit it by saying it is too much for tho
money. Wo have not found many people who
object to full value for their money in automobiles
and you get it iu the Studebaker.
25 H.P., fully eqipped,
With Presto Self-Starter, $1 1 7C AA
delivered to you for       «P 1 1 • O.MKf
OC U p    Electric Self-Starter, beautiful &1 CCA AA
3D n.r.,     easy ricling> powe«rful car      «?l OW,W
At the Cumberland Hotel for a tew
more days.  Inquire tor Mr. King or Mr.
Hae for demonstration, or
Capital Paid Up $11,560,000
Reserve Fund 513,000,000
©F 6HNMm
Draits Issued ln uny currency, payable all ovop the world
highest ourrent rates allowed on deposits of Sl and upwards
CUMBERLAND, B.C., Branch      OPEN DA,!* *
D. M. Moi'rison,  Manager
R. H. Hardwicke, Manager.
Sealed tenders will be received
by the Minister of Lands not later
than noon on the 30th day of July,
1913, for the purchase of Licence
X22, being 4,045,000 feet of timber on land northerly of and adjoining Lot 141, Sayward District,
Cahnish Bay, Discovery Passage,
Valdes Island.
Two years will be allowed for
the removal of the timber.
Particulars of H. R. MacMillan,
Chief Forester, Victoria, B.C.
Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations
COAL mining right* of tho Dominion
in Mnuituba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,
the Yukon Tetritory. theNorthtveat Teni
toriea antl in a portion of the l'mv inoe til
British Columbia, inky be leased for a term
of twetily-uno rears at an annual rental uf
Sliunioro. Not more than 2,000acrtl
* iii be leased to one applicant.
Application foraleaae must be made hy
the applicant in person to the Agent or sub
Agent of the district in which the rights
applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must bo
described by sections, urlegal subdivisions
of sections, and in unsutveyed territory
the tract applied for shall be staked out by
theapplicaut himself.
E«'li application must be acooropanied
by a fee uf $6 which will be refunded if the
lights »ppliod for are uut available, but nut
otherwise A royalty shall be paid on ihe
merchantable output of the mine at tile
rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mino shall
furnish the Agont with sworn returns ac
counting fur the full quantity uf merchantable coal mined and pay the royalty
thereon. If the iwal miuiag rights are
nut being operated, such returns ehall he
furnished at least onoo a year.
The lease will include the coal miniiu
rights only, but the lessee may be permit-
ted to purohaso whatever available sur
face lights may bo considered necessary
for the workinz of the mine at tho rate uf
For full information application should
be made to the Secretary of the Deportment uf the Intciicir, Ottawa,  or to  any
Agent ur Sub Ai/int uf Dominion Lands
Deputy Minister uftheli.terior.
N B- ifnauthurized publication uf this
advertisement will not be paid fur.
jjSEALEl) TENDERS, superscribed
''Tender for Extent-ion to Minto
So'iool-house," will in- received hy tHe
Honourable tho Minister of Public
Works tip lo nnon of Wedn.eM*»y, tlio
25lh day uf June, 1013, for the erection
and completion of nn extension ef one
room to the school-house at Minto, iu
the Comox Eleptoral District,
This wui-k io bo completed on or
before the -.'7ih day of August, 1912.
Flans, specifications, contract, and
forms of tender rimy he seen on and
after tho Otli dny of Juno, 1013, at
ilic olfico of Mr. .1- Baird,Government
Agent, CnmborlauH, B.C.- Mr. W. (.'.
Wlillo, Secretaiy uf School Board,
Minto: and at tlio Department of
Works, Parliament Buikliug-, Victoria
Intending tenderers by applying to
I ho undersigned can obtain a copy of
i lw plans and specifications fur the sum
uf ten dollars ($10), Vfwloh will be
refunded on their return in guod order.
Each proposal must bo accompanied
by uu acaeptcd bank cheque or certificate of deposit on a chartered batik of
Canndii, made payable to ilio //bnour-
ublu the Minister uf Public Works, for
a sum eijiuil to 10 per cent, of tlio
tender, which shall Lo forfeited if the
party tendering declino lo enter into
contract when culled upon to do so, or
if lie 'nil to complete the work cun-
tracled fur. 'the cheques or certificates
of deposits of unsuccessful tenderers
will he returned to llieui upon the
execution of the contract.
Tenders will not ho considered un
less made nut. on the furms supplied,
signed with the actual signature of
tlie tenderer, and enclosed in the
envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not
necessarily accepted.
Public Works Engineer,
Department of Publio Works,
Victoria, IS. C, June 1th, 1913.
Mrs. J. M. QUICK
Scenes and Family Groups a
Specialty,   also developing  and
Finishing Kodak Work.
Lravo ynui' onlcrs nl pencey's l>n%f» Slore.
Fur ftirttieriitfcmimHfin uiitily residence
opposite Union lliitel.
!-*£><.<   £—r>.
i* — *>•
***** ***,***,*********> *)»n*>^**»+-*»*****m -
Hardly & Biscoe
Auctioneers.      Fire anu Life Insurance.
forms, Bush Lands, Desirable Lots and
Bungalows in Courtenay, B.C., V.l.
Auction Sales of Real Property, Farm Stock, Furniture,
etc., conducted on the shortest notice at
reasonable terms.
Phone 10 Cout'tinmy, B.C.
We have all kinds of Silks imported direct
from Japan; Cream, Blue, White, Pink and
Grey. Price 65c. to $1.25 per yard.
Pongee Silk, 55c. to $1.50 per yard.
K. ABE  &  eeMPftNY
Dunsmolr Jlveuuo
Cumberland, 8.6.
Would you like to have
a few acres close to
Acreage cleared or uninproved.
Write us or Phone22Courtenay.
Fire and Life   v
«... I
trwmrrmnill <~s^n*m*o*fm*M**m*m*****mui\\nM.m    iii i-n-rm<<T,i?\--m*m\<Zte.T.:'..	
You will tint] relief in Zam-Buk I
It eases the burning, stinging
pain, stops bleeding and brings
ease. Perseverance, with Zam-
Buk, means cure. Why not prove
this '/   ■*■ '1 DragsUts and Etarcse-
*' SOtOOH. '
C  P R
One of  those  will soon  pay  tor
Itself on  tha farm In killing gophers  nlono.
Savngo   M   1911   Repeater,   10
shot, 22 calibre    7.50
-Winchester model   1902,   22,
single shot  6.00
Slovens Little Scout. 22  2.85
Writs tor Summer Catalogue No.
Co.,  Ltd.
488 Main Street Winnipeg
Empress on Initial
Around the World
)ne of th-. latest additions to ths
magnificent licet of steamships ot the
O.P.R, has commenced us first trip,
starting out froi Liverpool for an
around tho world lour. The new vessel is the much talked of Empress ot
Russia which will be a valuable addition to tho already fine fleet of steamers now plying between Vanrouver and
the Orient. It was a unique Idea to
Inaugurate this around the world trip
on the Initial voyago oE the floating
palace, Instead of Bending the vessel
by way of Cape Horn, and needless to
say the res'llts justified the enterprise
as when the Empress left the docks at
Liverpool lt was with a full complement of Passengers, and thousands
crowded the docks to bid them, bon
voyage. Included ln the passenger
list aro many Canadians who left these
shores a few weeks tigo to bo at Liverpool ln tlmo for the sailing ol the
Empress ot Russia. The Empress of
Asia follows a little later. Beyond
all question tlie most notable merchant
steamers tullt in ths United Kingdom
during the past year were ths two
which tho Fairfield* Shipbuilding and
Engineering Company constructed for
the C.P.R. company's trans-pacific
service, which have received ihs titles
ot the Empress of Russia and ths
Empress ot Asia. Though outwardly
the vessels are Identical ln appearance there ls a difference In the Interior work, the Empress of Russia being   	
decorated In the French style, mainly I 5w
Louis Quinze and Louis Seize, while   "-
trouble), w* will stud book antl ItitiMkiBla,
Maypole Soap
Civei rich glowing
colon. Indeleu io sua
j oi nidi. Dycicottoa,
■ilk, wool oi mixture*.
U« il VQutielf it
home. No houble—
ao nsuii. 24 colon-
will give any ihide.
Colon lOcbfocIc 15c.
tt your dettei'i et
portpaid with booklet
"How to Dye" hon
Book FrM. A *,**].
Be** 1rt.lm.Bt r.arov.al
Iwp tromthi.I.dy'.br.l.l   ..      ,.
OM sere., nicer, ami the Empress ot Asia will be represents-
lmr.tka.urM-. pe.crih,; tlvc o"t lhe English style of the Georgian period, which ls particularly effective on board ship. The leading de-
niensions are: length 690 feet, breadth
68 feet, the depth 46 feet, the gross
tonnage being In the neighborhood of
16,000. A feature which catches the
eye of the man who haa but' a .casual
acquaintance with ships, ls the cruiser stern, which gives a distinctly naval touch, besides conveying the Idea
that a fast turn of speed can be attained. In point of fact the speed will be
18 knots per hour. Accommodation
has been provided for 1100 passengers
In all—200 first, 100 second and 800
third class, and as the officers and
crew will number 470, the total complement will be 1670. Elaborate precautions have been taken to secure the
safety ot all, and should any accident
occur there would be little chance of
the ship sinking, the vessel being provided with double the number ot water tight compartments called for by
the Board of Trade.
Coming to the goneral design, the
vessels have orlop, lower, main, upper
and shelter decks while above the latter ls a long combined forecastle and
bridge, the bridge feck being extended from stern to aide stanchions.
Above again there ls a promenade
deck 359 feet long, Here are situated the many first class rooms, including the lounge, a particularly fine
room 48 feet long and 86 feet wide
with a height In the centre of 14 feet.
There are also writing rooms, smoking
room, and veranda'' cafe. Tbe vessels are fitted up ln the most luxurious
style and the dining room 1« a new
departure^-the tables being arranged
for two end four persons while in
quiet alcoves there are tables for a
party of six. Tliere ls also a well
equipped gymnasium and up-to-date
laundry, while the kitchen and eerv.
ing rooms are all that can be desired.
The vessel ls fitted with powerful engines and a long range Marconi system of telegraphing In addition to semaphore signalling from the bridge.
The Empress ot Russia ls scheduled
to arrive ln Vancouver on June 7.
taffies s
M>s. Wirrsiow's Bootuino 8Vbvcp lias heen
Vd tor over SIXTY YKAKS br MILLIONS of
* the beat remedy for DIARRIICF.A. It ll to-
wlutely harmless. He .ure .nil talc for "Mrs.
'WlaaUm's Soothing Syrup," and take ao other
MmiL  Twenty-live ceati a bottle.
It'a cheaper to raise rolls than ts
buy horses. But It's costly if you lot*
tho coin. Keep a bottlo of Kendall't
Spavin Cure haudY. For thirty-five.
years has proved It the safo, reliable
remedy for spavin, splint, curb, ringbone, bony growths and lameness
from other causes.
Fort William**
ate. IIU. IIU.
"I lev. easel *M
Iravla vrllh nu
ll»vtn run. aatf an
an* trying It oa sn-
a'.litr will |uod remits. I ant M*-ti>
alNavd wit*, vour
r. wrvrsia.
Dr. B. J. Kendall Company     M
akor, F.lla. V-rrr—i V. 8. A'
LADIES WANTED—To do work at
ioine; decorating cushion tops; eon
-,nake from 13 to »5 per day; pleasant
Work. Armour Art Co., Dept. N, II
Steele Blk., Winnipeg.
Considerate Bishop
London.—After the Bishop o' Grantham had concluded a confirmation
service at Deeping St. James', near
Peterborough, a candidate arrived who
had cycled several miles and been delayed by the boisterous weather. The
bishop donned his robes again and
sonflrmed the lad, whom he afterward
aongratulated on his determination
ind pluck.
War Planes tor Italy
florae.—The Italian Tr.-.ns-Aerlal
Society, which Is building part of the
aeroplanes for the army, which are
being paid for out of the sum of $600,-
000 subscribed for t'.ie purpose during
the Tripoli war, has already delivered
aeven aproplanes. The society Is
pledged to deliver aeven monoplanes
and Blxtcon biplanes by April.
Berlin.—The Deutsche Tageszelt-
ang understands that the naval authorities have decided to build ten aviation stations, four of them on the Baltic and six on the North sea.
The pies tho mothers used to make
To eat might not to fit,
But if they killed the fathers off
A pleasant death was lt.
pi D NET
if;, PILLS
COo. a box or alx boxes for $2.50,
at all dealers, or The Dodda Medicine Company, Limited, Toronto,
£_        —-.
W    N.  U. 946
Man Makes Mistake and Woman
Paye the Penalty
Paris.—A pretty woman named
Marie Anthony left her husband soon
after her marriage and went to live
with a lover named Parvllllers.
After a time her love for her husband returned and she started to pay
him olandoBtlne'vlslts. One day her
lover met the couple arm-in-arm. The
lover demanded an explanation. Mme.
Anthony got Into a cab and drove to
her mother. She was followed by the
two men who had agreed to be avenged on her for her Infidelity. M.
Anthony fired at his wife, wounding
her ln the back.
The husband and the lover were
tried at Seine Assizes. The wife
made a tearful appeal to the Jury on
behalf ot the prisoners, saying that lt
was nil hor fault. Tho charge against
the husband was dismissed, but the
lover was sentenced to six months'
Meeting of Three Monarch! at the
Danish Court Arranged
Berlin.— It ls confirmed here that
during the coming summer three of tho
i-igliilcst rulers ln Europe — King
George V, the Kaiser and the Czar—
wlll meet at the Danish court.
The royal gathering will bo of extraordinary Interest and Importance,
an it Is not merely duo to a wish to
renew family ties. It will have considerable political Importance.
It is understood that each ruler wlll
be accompanied by a leading "responsible statesman.
Although lhe meeting will not affect
the existing European system of alliances and ententes, lt ls expected that
the conversations that will take place
will have an important bearing on the
new near eastern military situation
nnd on the development of commercial
Poisoned Dates by Mall
Pails.—Mile, Marthe Berge, a youn :
artist, has been arrested ln Paris on
a charge of attempting to poison a woman named Llopet. Mme. Llopet recently received through thp post a box
of dates, which she thought was a
present from a friend. She tasted
one of the dates and was seized with
agonizing pains, but recovered after
an antidote. A poisonous compound
of copper had been Introduced Into
tho dates.
Men are not supposed to have much
curiosity, hut did you ever Beu one
who didn't wonder what he was going
to have for dlanif
London Hospitals Appeal to Nation far
Money to 8ec.:rs Suppl"
London, England.—A week a ,o lt
was announced that 600 mllllgrammei
of radium were lying ln a s.-.fe at the
British Radium Corporation offices,
while five London hospitals were making pitiful appeals for more adequate
supplies. To quote Doctor Lazarus-
Barlow, of the Middlesex Hospital,
cancer laboratories, the huge majority
of our unfortunate patients have to die
simply because we have not the radium which would at least relieve their
pain, and might lu all probability'effect a cure ln a good proportion of Uie
The 600 milligrammes wlll soon be
800 milligrammes, the corporation expecting an additional 300, and there
is a grave danger that the whole quantity may be sold to Japan and ecores
of men and women suffering from the
horrors of cancer will be left to die ln
There b only a very limited quantity of radium ln the whole world, but
happily lt can be used again and again.
As Doctor Lazarus-Barlov/ stated.
more than a thousand years pass before its powers fall 50 per cent.
It 1» therefore evident that If these
800 milligrammes are purchased for
the London hospitals, the beneficlent
work will go on for many years and
even many generations to come, and
the philanthropist who secured the
radium would be earning for himself
the grateful blessings ot thousands ot
his lose fortunate brethn r.
It ls estimated that $64,000 ts required to tuy the whole supply. When
lt Is remembered how much anguish
can be relieved and how much despair
can be changed tp hope, this lo surely
a small enough sum.
At the Middlesex Hospital, the London Hospital, the Cancer Hospital, the
Metropolitan Hospital and St. John's
Hospital for Diseases of the Skin physicians are forced to stand ldl-J by and
watch the ravages of disease which at
least they could stay if this radium
were taken from the office sate and
divided among them.
The hospitals cannot buy lt themselves. They have not the money.
Who will help? The necessity is urgent. There must be many rich men
and women whose sympathies wlll be
touched and whose check books will
be opened.
. t*%JUk*m***t 6*14
One of the finest stretches of rook
ballasting on the entire C.l'.rt. system Is the slxty-flvo mllei which has
just been completed eatt from Vancouver. The work hat been pronounced by rallwi.y expert* to be second
to none on the North American continent. The accompanying views give
splendid Ideas of what the completed
road-bed ls. The ballast which la
crushed rock from the C.P.R. rock
crushing plant at Nlco'men Ls placed ln
the centre of the track and ou the
ties by centre-dumping, hopper-bottom
cars. The track Is then lifted and
the rock ballast tamped Into place between the ties. Tho crushed rock under the ties averages from eight to
ten inches ln thickness. This type
of ballast Is ideal for a wet climate as
It It readily drained and easily maintained ln good line and surface. Experts declare that thla kind of ballasting Increases th* comfort ot the
traveller greatly Miles ot crushed
rock ballast are being laid on C.P.R
western lines. For twenty-four mile*
out of Vancouver tho main line of the
C.P.R. ls double tracked and ln operation. Sixty miles of double track
construction work ls ln pno'gress now
and of tilt twenty-five miles from
New Westminster Junction to Mission
wlll be completed by May 1. The remainder ot the distance from Mission
Junction to Ruby Creek wlll be finished by early fall. When double track
work Is completed and the line ballasted with crushed rock, there wlll he no
finer piece of rail line in the country.
Muscular Rheumatism Subdued.
When one ls a suffer from muscular
rheumatism he cannot do better than
to have the region rubbed with Dr.
Thomas' Eclcctrlo Oil. There le no
oil that so speedily shows its effect
ln subduing pain. Let the rubbing be
brisk and continue untl ease It «e-
cured. There 1b more virtu? ln a Dottle of lt than can he fully estimated.
Some People Would
I havo nothing to worry about.
Think not, do you?
You are not enterprising.
No, or you'd worry nnout that-
All men may be free and equal by a
mere matter of birth but woman has
to schemo for her freedom, and she
doesn't care to be Just equal to that
woman down tho block.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
that Contain Mercury,
u m«rcurr will surely destroy th. kdh et sasell
anil completely dentin th. whole ayatem when
entering It tliruuilt tli. mucous surfac-e. Such
irumw should never be Ulcd eircpt on preacrlp.
llor.s from reputable phyalclans, aa the datnsgo they-
wlll do la t.n toll to thn good you can powluly do-
rlvo from thorn. Hull's Catarrh Cure, manufactured
by F. J. Cheney A Co., Toledo. 0,. contain, no mec-
wry, and Is taken Internally, acttnn directly upon
thi blood and mucous lurtaceo of the Kyatflm. In
buyln.  Hall', catarrh euro be Hire you get   tin
Smiilna.   lt U taken Internally and ni&do ln Toledo
hlo. by T. J. Cheney A Co. Testimonials two,
Sold by nnt«::ts.   1'rler, 7.'c. per bottln.
Take lull's Family rim tor coDstlnstloa. j
Centenarians Walk to the Poll
Geneva.—Glacomo Masclorlnt, 106
years old, and Lulgl Pongelll, aged
100, walked three and four miles respectively to record their votes at the
Swiss parliamentary elections at Tec-
Royal Residence for Sale
London.—Messrs Trollope have
been Instructed to pell by auction Osborne Cottage, East Cowes, tin residence) of Princess Henry of Batten-
berg. Tho house has beautiful gardens and extensive stabling.
There's always a dark sldo to the
silver lining. Even the fellow who
keeps Binlling ls liable to have to be
operated on tor srallitls.
Tho   successful   politician   seldom
boasts of the things he ls going to do.
He prefers to let his enemien howl
; over the things he haa done.
Just now you aro feeling "out of
sorts"—not your usual self. Quite exhausted at times and cannot devote
real energy to your work. Sleep
does not reEt you and you wake up
feeling "all tired out." Perhaps rheu- .   -     „       . ,.     ,-
matlsm ls flying through your muscles monstration, affirmed the ""ypnotltt.
and Joints, or may be your skin It
disfigured by rashes, boils or pimples.
Headache*, twinges of neuralgia, fits
of nervousness, irritability of temper
and a disordered stomach often increase your discomfort ln the Bprlng.
The cause—winter has left Its mark
on you. These troubles are signs
that your blood ls poor and watery,
that your nerves are exhausted. You
must renew and enrich your blood at
once and restore tone to your tired
nerves, or there may be a complete
breakdown. The most powerful remedy for these spring ailments In men,
women and children Is Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for Palo People, because
these Pills cleanse bad blood
strengthen weak nerves.
New, rich, red blood—your greatest
need ln spring—Is plentifully created
by Dr. WillianiB' Pink Pills, and with
this new, pure blood in your veins
you quickly regain health and Increase
your strength. Then your skin becomes clear, your eyes bright, your
nerves strong, and you feel better, eat
better, sleep better, and are able to
do your work.
Begin your spring tonic treatment
to-day for the blood and nerves with
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills—the Pills
that strengthen
These Pills are sold by most dealers, hut do not be persuaded to take
"something Just the same." If you
can't get the genuine Pills from your
dealer they will be sent you hy mall,
post paid, nt 50 cents a box or six
boxes for $2.50 by writing The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvlllt,
*. ■
If lt were not for the telephone many
a woman would have to go to the missionary meeting to find out how Mrt.
Blank's sick baby ls.
A woman may not be afraid of a
mouse and still not be able to bear all
the burdens the opposite sex Insist
upon relieving her weakmlnded sister
from.  ^^
Men are not vain. Still, H you
want to make a hit don't Intimate that
any particular man lt developing a
bald spot.
There's Nothing Better Than
For thoroiiffhly clcanrlnjr baths nnd eIdItj,
And ft does not hurt tha
hands like most cicanaini
powders nnd Eoap.i. It
leaves them smooth and coft
Git i bi Tn-i'v
Smi Ihi t
fill Cisiiisy LimiSit, Moalnal
Suspended Animation
I was walking down a street once,
said the hypnotist, when I saw a man
Just In frent wltth whom I wished to
speak. So I Just straightened out
my arm, concentrated my will, made
a pass—thus—and the man stopped instantly, and waited UU I overtook
Well, you don't call that much of
a trick, do you? said one of his listeners.
Personally I call lt a very fair de-
But perhaps you are not familiar with
the sclenc?
No, I can't say I am, replied tho
oUier, who happened to be an American, though one day while I was walking ln New York I saw a man slip,
and fall from the top of a sixteen
storey building. When he had got
about half way down, I made a past
Just as you did, and he stopped falling
Instantly. However, being busy at
the time I went on without thinking
any more about lt; whloh remln.' > me
—next tlmo you're ln New York, you
might look out for blm nnd rescuo
him! '
*'. t«. a.IANUT.SlNIN.aST, ladBUTIIOWl
DT/B, ... «aa .ay..W.y yoa don't «vm hav. w
>« what KIND et Cloth year Goods ar. ***»
•I..-S. MlataLs .r» Impoaalbl.,
Saad foe FrM Color Card. Story Oo.MM, aat
BowUm giving raMlts ol Dyalng ov.r othar colaas.
"»• K>Hr»ON-niOH\RDSON CO.,
Montreal. Canada.
Long Wearing
If you are looking for a pair of
gloves that ore as tough as a Mexican
Snake whip and lhat wlll (!ve you
full satisfaction or a new pair free
ask your dealer for
These art At best wearing glovei
ever turned out from a factory. Send
for Interesting story "The Plnto't
Cauta't bMrl Glove and Hill Haktri,
It Pays
to Clip
l-Mtn, MuIm •nd' Cow*. Tbej *m
MithUr ud render batter etrrSL
Sh** th* hewf com tlmt taoldi Im
wit 1-rVMt.r.t.d tlirt li romoTod, tttf
tntnoneHllw kept clw-.ii, look UttN
—I»t mora good from tbelr (mm! ui
" tter tn cTery *>*7.  Insiit em
The Stewart
Ball Bearing
Clipping Machine
_ J tarns euler. clips futer and cloMf
•nd •ti-.TB ehtrp  longer than est
Young Man Anxlout to Display Courage Haa Close Call
Hamburg.—A large crowd of vis.
ltors to Carl Hagenbeck's zoological
park where the animals are kept ln
large enclosures under conditions as
natural as possible, witnessed a terrifying scene.
The cashier of the iitrance to the
lions' section, named Elfert, went Into
the enclosure to display his courago.
A Hon sprang at tim, and he fell senseless. The other lions became wild,
but were kept back by tha keepers
firing into the air. Efforts were
made to frighten the attacking Hon,
but lt had to be shot dead. Elfert
'was then carried to the hospital.
.1 BEST Mnlment ln use.
I got my foot badly Jammed lately,
I bathed lt well with MINAItD'S LINIMENT, aid it was at well tt ever
i •-.'. day.
Swimming In Be.r
Cork.—A great vat of porter burst
at the Ladyswell Prewery Cork, on
Thursday and the contents swept ln a
Hood through the brewery yard, A
workman had to swim through lhe escaping liquid to save himself from
Why suffer from corns when they
can be painlessly rooted out by using
Holloway's Corn Cure.
Leopard Shooting n a Garden
Paris.—M. Louis Coquoril, who
lives at Corboil, was taking a Btroll In
Lis garden last evening, when he saw
•wo yellow shining eyes glaring at
him from a bush. He fetched an old
gun from his dining room and fired
two shots at tho eyes. To his amazement a leopard, which had escaped
from a menagerie, fell dea>.
cut from solid ateol bar. panel
Ttaoy are oocloacrt, pra- -
.tscterl and run In oil:
lllttlo rrlotlon.llttle wear.
'Haa ala [eat or new atyloauy months
tleall.lv abaft and tha nlebrata]
Stewart alnile tendon ollpnlni baaC
blfbaet grade. Bat eaa Iran rear leehal
•vary machine guaranteed to plassah
613 La Sails Avenue      CHICAOO, ILL.
When buying your Piano insist on having an
Pjano Action	
SaveYour Health
Most slcknessea that impair health
have their start in quite ordinary
ailments of the organs of digestion or elimination. Stomach,
liver, kidneys, and bowels art
quickly benefited by the action of
Sold avervwaera.   In bosee. ZS cants.
Expedition of a Duki
Itome.—The Duke of Montpcnsittj.
brother ot the Duke of Orleans, left
Naples ln the yacht Mekong for Briny
dial. It ls alleged that i i duke Is
taking arms and ammunition to south
em Albania, where he Intends ti rout*
the people and have himself proclaim.
ed Prince ot AltVnla.
Model Child
Bristol.—Nellie Young of LuckwtJ
Council School, Bristol, received from
the Bristol c'icatlon committee S
tpeclal silver gilt modal for nine years'
attendance at school without belaf
abse t or late once.
The tactful person ls one who lt>
allzes that truth 1- too precious tt
bt thrown about carelessly.
There It one thing about the souSj
sea islander—lie doesn't have to wortf
about the price of coal.
Stockholm.—The directors of tht
North Swedish Bank at AlfU, Sweden,
have conclude'. a contract with a number of firms for printing advertisements ot their goods on the backs of
Your Liver
is Clogged up
That's Why You're TirW-Ot* (f
Sorts—Han m Afpense.
will put yon right i
ia a few days.
TlieT di
their duty.
IMtion, \
BBottsnat, IttSttstteti, smi Slolt Heeeadmt
Small Pill, Small Dots, Small Pries,
Genuine must beu Signature
w*f**m*w9***r***f*****tm*M THE ISLAXDER, CTBIBERLA^T), H.C.
on India
ll k Achieved a Result Beyond  What Wu
When we of the wild west were be-
0anlng to put on a scinlclvllized garb
• admllar change of necessity cams
••tr the outlaws we had to deal with.
Rae horse stealing Industry was not
*A profitable aa lt had been and wot
tartter taken care ot by those who bad
tones to lose. Wholesale robbery bad
■Rome less lucrative, since more busiest*! was done by means of checks oa
tonka and less with gold dost   Tht
Kb desperado was being transformed
i the butterfly confidence man.
But before be ceased to be a desperado he began to devote himself to con-
Hence games, In other words, he was
htth. We had one man ln our region
Who was tbo most dreaded ot the
■any who had terrorized as and was
at the same time the most artful twin-
•er. His real name wss not known,
•tough many ot the names be used
Wtre on record with the sheriff. There-
ton he acquired tbe sobriquet of Tbe
Bel. He bnd an especial fancy for es-
Pamlng different characters. He once
made a Une haul by personating a
•tpltallst out from the east looking
•ret tbe ground with a view to estab-
Bihlng a bank. On another occasion
bt represented himself as an agent of
toe postofflce department In this he
was not so successful, for he was
■taught before realizing any plunder.
But he did not hesitate to kill the man
who caught him, aud nothing was
gained In the affair by law and order.
One day a man rode Into town who
laid that Tbe Eel was masquerading
to the region through which he bad
passed ss a Methodist minister. Wben
atked how he knew the fellow was
Ibe Eel, he said he had met tbe minister and at once knew blm for Tbe Eel,
■room he had seen.
I had done some work at deputy
etveriff for wblch I had been commend-
•d tnd waa asked If I would under
take the Job of going out to try and
totng ln The Bel, dead or alive. I
•ink the preference wot for dead,
Knee alive meant a trial and a possl-
Hlity of the prisoner's escape elthei
*rj Isck ot evidence or an artful dodge,
f signified my assent determining that
I would light fire with fire. In other
Words, I would play a part, lost at
pie Eel was playing a part
I donned a black broadcloth suit and
whits cravat Intending to pass myself
•If for a missionary collecting funds
ter the board ot foreign missions. We
tod bad such a man among na recent-
|r, and I succeeded In getting tome
printed documents be hsd left behind
him. These I read carefully In order
te be able to talk Intelligently on tha
.■object ot foreign missions, Mounted
lea tbe meekest looking horse I could
■nd, ay saddlebags (Hied with the
printed matter, a Derringer pistol slung
to each coat sleeve by an elastic cord,'
I started out to And Tbe Eel,
1 wns obliged to travel fifty miles before 1 found blm, but waa not dls-
| pleased to get to far tram home that 1
would not very.likely tjt recognised.
Chough I usually wore a beard, 1 wot
aow clean shaved. 1 tracked The Eel
to a town that was quite civilized for
Oat region and found him at work
raising funds for the ostensible pur
pose of building a church. He had
teen Invited to stop with one of the
most respectable citizens tnd was evidently on the way to make an excellent
1 Inquired as to those citizens wbo
were most Interested ln Tbe Eel's
church bnUdlng scheme and, selecting
tne, Abner Smith, called upon him, In-
troduced myself as James KIdgewr-.y,
missionary lu India, and, telling him
that 1 bad come among tbe people ot
tbe town to raise f nnds for foreign missions, asked his assistance. Be replied that 1 had arrived at an Inoppor
tune time, since sn effort hsd been
started by the Iter, Mr. Swartout who
had also recently come to town to build
a cburcb. I suggested that Mr. Swart-
tut and I might possibly work together, since we were both tn the tame
service, and I would like Mr. Smith to
bring us together. He consented and
with tbe usual western hospitality Invited me to be bis guest during my
stay In the town.
Tbat same afternoon I was Introduced to the Rev. Mr. Swartout, whom
I it ones recognized aa Tbe Eel by t
description of htm I had aecured before leaving home. He was a rather
tall, sharp faced man, with black balr,
Whlcb bt wore quite long. His eyt
wss a Bteel gray, and on meeting ont
tf bit own pretended calling be looked
through It wltb axsuspicion which,
though not noticed by. others present,
wis not lost on me. But 1 st once set
about convincing the reverend gentleman that be had nothing to fear from
me, especially tn bis church building
enterprise, by offering tt work with
him in his own scheme.
"Let us first lay the foundation," I
paid earnestly, "by building a cburcb
for these good people. After tbe church
Is finished there will be ample time to
dosomethingin missionary work. For
my part I ahall not attempt to raise
any funds here, bnt will gladly remain for a few days and give yon all
the assistance ln my power."
I could see his thought la bis eyt.
At first he was disposed to get rid of
tne, fearing be might uot be able tt
MAt *i stepe Of BBt~- "men It r-ccorree
to him that he might throw upon my
rdsoulettrt certain work tor which ht
had not been educated. On tht whole,
waa tt not better for him to risk giving himself away to me and secure my
help than to risk giving himself away
to a number of persons!
"I ahsll be bappy for yonr assistance.
Brother Itidgeway," he said. "Too, having lived ln India, will be able to interest these people ln a way that would
be Impossible for me and thus Induce
them, to give freely to the building ot
a church, wbich, at you. oty, It tht
first step for them to take. A meeting has been called for this eveulug
In tbe town hall of such aa are favorably disposed to the work. I bad intended to address them at length, but
after I few preliminary remarks I
will step-aside for you."
"It will give mt great pleasure to
do what I can," I replied. "Meanwhile 1 will leave with you tome leaflets showing what we hsve done la
India and what we hope to do hereafter. Yon may be able to scatter them
to that they will bear fruit"
Grasping his hand cordially—lt was
cold is a stone—1 departed, breathing
freely again when 1 got away from
him, for I realized that should a knowledge of my game come to him be
would send a bullet crashing Into ray
brain—tbat ls, If one of the Derringers
In my sleeve could not be drawn
quicker than the weapons be doubtless
carried under his coat
I resolved to keep my own counsel
■nd continue to do my work unassisted.
During the day I found a swift horse
■nd hired ■ boy to have blm at the ball
ready fnr me before the meeting was
over. Thst Is the only preparation I
made. At 8 o'clock, attended by my
host I sallied forth to give a lecture
on missionary work ln India, for a part
ot which I would draw on the material
I bad brought with mc, and for the rest
I would draw on my imagination. My
colleague called tbe meeting to order,
laid that he bad come among them la
order to Induce them to build a church,
and I was surprised to hear him state
his case remarkably well.
When he had finished he Introduced
me as a missionary Just returned from
India, and I began my lectni . Fortunately I have always had a : culty for
mating persons believe I Ien w s subject on -vhlcb I am Ignorant and they
helped 1 w out, though seeing hundreds
tf fleet turned toward me ln sympathy for the poor healben I could not ban-
lab i guilty feeling at tbe Imposture.
After I had closed my lecture my
colleague spoke a few words ss to the
duty of giving liberally that those present might bave a place for worship
and called upon several prominent citl-
tens present to pass tbe bat Tbe collection was then poured on a table before the originator of the movement
wbo gathered It, tied it up ln bis band-
kerchief and put It ln bis pocket 1 was
watching blm as he did to and was
probably the only one present who detected the cunning, covetous look hi
eould not entirely conceal,
While the meeting was breaking up
I grasped The Bel's band and told blm
that I wonld tee him tbe next morning. He assured me that he would be
happy to meet me, thanked me for my
valuable assistance In the good work
tnd hoped he might have an opportunity to reciprocate. I went dowa
before he did by a back ttalrcase Into
In alley, took off my clericals and appeared In plain clotbes. My horse wus
waiting for me, and when The Eel appeared I followed him as ht walked to
tbe house of his host
Owl-ig to his unblushing effrontery,
I presumed that he would get out of
town with the plunder Immediately
after the meeting, and for this reason
I bad procured tht -horse. Wben he
went luto the bouse where be bad been
staying I knew be would either slip out
during the night or remain In town
longer for additional swag. Tying my
horse to a post near by, I resolved on i
night watch.
Tbe last light In the bouse went out
It 11 o'clock. Soon after 12 tbe front
door opened softly and t msn emerged.
Ht made no sound ln his steps, and I
Judged he wore rubbers. Growing from
the Bidewalk was a tree large enough
for concealment, and I stood behind lt
Whichever way the man went he must
turn his back to me. I suffered blm
to pass only a few feet when I gave
a quick sharp command:
"Hands upl"
I saw him start He dare not dls-
ebey. He pnt bis hands above hit
bead. I advanced, gripped his cost collar with one band, my fingers pressed
on bis neck, and wltb tbe other I held
the muzzle of my pistol sgalnst the
back of bis head.
Having blm completely ln my power,
I called out to bis host, who raised t
window, ind I tsked him to come
down. Wben he did so I told him what
had happened and tsked him to relieve
hll reverend guest of wbat be could
find on bis person. He drew forth the
collection wrapped ln s handkerchief,
two small pistols, a 44 caliber revolver
and a knife a foot long-strange bo-
longings for a clergyman.
Well, we took Tbe Eel to the mayor's
house, where I stood guard over blm
till morning. The citizens of the place
were so Indignant at tbe swindle that
had been attempted on them tbat
they turned him over to a vigilance
committee, who took tbe villain out
ind banged him to a tree ln the old
fashioned way.
It li needless to say that I found
myself very popular among the people
t bad served. They said I had earned
ihe amount "of' tho collection by my
"very Interesting and Instructive lecture on'India" and offered lt to ma.
I declined, saying that It bad been glv-
in for a church and must be so used.
I sm happy to say that the edifice it
now one of tht ortnclpal buildings of
Net th. Least of Tings Art the Ban-
quets en th* Boards.
Nothing ls so deceptive as tbe stage
meal, slthougb the art of tlie property
man makes such repasts appear delicious!)- appetizing.
A favorite stage substitute for meat
Is sponge cake, which cut Into the
shape of cutlets or steaks and Judiciously browned with sauce, presents
a most genuine ippenrance. The advantage ot such material ls that lt is
easy for the actors to consume and
does not present any difficulties to the
Cutlets composed of soft tonst ore
also popular In stage culinary circles,
and when decorated with dainty papci
frills and parsley look quite tlie real
Do not let yonr mouth water at-tbe
sight of those dainty slices of bain reposing on lettuce leaves on the baron's
festive board. Hsra Is Invariably represented on ihe stage by strips ot linoleum, the reddlBh under side ot which
makes s convincing substitute for the
real article. As to the surrounding lettuce, that ls generally represented by
white leaves from the humble cabbage.
Tbo larger and more Impressive the
stage ptlllile, the greater tbe fake. Huge
pies which when cut produce a cloud
of realistic stenm are absolutely uneatable. Tho crust ls merely colored papier moche, which Incloses n dish of
hot water nnd sometimes a few boiled
potatoes, which supply tbe necessary
stetm. Tbe big sirloin of beef; which
apparently weighs pounds, hss about
six ounces of eatable meat about lt
The Joint Is a wooden affair, over
which a few thin slices ot genuine beef
are placed, giving tbe Impression of a
really fine piece of meat
Were you to obtain a peep behind the
scenes just before n banquet scene was
to be staged you would find a number
of stage hands busily slicing np tomatoes nnd bananas. Ton would see those
slices being laid out on plates sur-1
rounded with parsley or white cabbage.
leaves. Under the glare of the limelight this dish assumes an astonishing
resemblance to lobster salad, and ln
similar fashion sliced banana ls a gen-
era! substitute for fish, entrees and
hors d'oeuvre.
Oue of tbe most astonishing Illusions
with regard to stage food, however, ls
where soup Is concerned.  This ls In-
variably sawdust, which when ladled ,
out of a tureen has all tbe appearance |
of a thick liquid. j
No banquet would be complete wltb-
out a turkey. A loaf of bread delicately
browned nnd decorated with pegs covered with browned dough, saves tbe
management the expense of running up
a poultry bill. Moreover, the come-1
dians can with comparative ssfety
sling this asset to the feast about the
stage without damage to life or property.—Philadelphia Ledger.
What to BTiufl.
' Tt» fludly finger bowl, ob, shnf
It li tbe haunt ot germs,
Arid ere ry time you drink from oa*
You're filled with bugs and worm*
Beware the common lugar bowl*
For microbes ln lt thrive.
They bave no mercy en your toui
They'll eat you up alive.
The common fork and table knife
Bacteria conceal.
Indeed a man may lose his life
By eating just one meal.
The deadly critterB swarm on plate*
And in the food we carve.
It really seems as If the fates
Decreed that we must starve.
The drinking cup, the towel, too.
Are highly charged with death.
And It Is hardly safe for you
To even draw your breath.
Beware the coaxing smiles and stnlrkf*
Of yonder pretty miss.
For dread disease always lurks
Behind the simple kiss.
And thus it is, the deadly germ
Attends you from your birth
And makes you duck and dodge u4
Until you quit the earth.
-Springueld (Mass.) Unlop
Not In tn It.
A white rose ln bis buttonhole and
rotton gloves on his dirty bands, old
BUI Loafer swaggered jauntily along
ibe street At the corner a friend stopped him, exclaiming Incredulously:
"Why, Bill, ol' mnn, what's happen-
(d-bln left some money!"
"No, no," eald Bill. "'ft me golden
weddin'. I'm celcbratlu' me golden
"But why ain't your wife celebratlu"
It too?" Inquired bis friend. "1 see 'er
tola' to work as usual this morula'.
Why ain't she got a white rose and noo
"Er!" muttered Bill as he granted
reflectively. "She ain't got nuffln' to do
wlv ltl She's me fourth!"—Answers.
My ghtrt gturl may gllp from my (Insert
Aid under the bureau may-roll.
But 1 don't fret and turns
Ag I grope with a broom.
For my temper Is under control.
And I aim to be patient whenever
My collar hangs on to my tie.
But my speech Is not neat
When a grapefruit 1 eat
And tbe Juice of It gqulrta ln ray eyt
—Detroit Fret Prut.
I may gllp on the skin of an nranis
And alight ln a puddle ot mud,
I«vt I do not complain
or the ache or the pain
That Is caused by the sickening thud.
I can cling to my patience while hearingl
A joke that'baa moss on lt sprung.
But 1 utter a whoop
That Is wild when the soup
X* go bot that It scorches my tongue.
—Chicago Record-Herald,
Odd Incident That Proved tht Popu.
. larity of Dumas.
In "My Autobiography" Mme. Judith, the great French actress, writes
ot Alexander Dumas tbe elder:
"Tbis giant of a mulatto, with bis
big, black, mocking eyes, his wide nostrils, thick lips, heavy chin, bis crisply
curling hair and bis forehead with Its
strange bumps, like tbat of some unruly child wbo Is always fighting with
bis comrades, was truly a representative personage, a type retlecting all tht
passion of tht romanticists. Then
would have been something wanting to
bis time If tbis grandson of a negress
had not been seen striding along tbe
Parisian boulevards. If his laugh had
not been heard on the terraces of the
' cafes or if be bad not appeared playing
his part with naive self satisfaction in
official ceremonies and at tbe Tuilerles
ball, or walking about behind the
' scenes at the theater with his arm
around the waist of some actress, or
eating and drluklng enough for four In
tht merry suppers at wblch authors
and artists' Used to meet
"His popularity waa simply unequal-
ed. There was a story current In my
time of a singular wager made by
llery ot Marseilles. Walking one day
In some public garden with a friend,
he suddenly said tn him: 'Do you see
that big, ridiculous looking fellow? I
bet you 100 sous tbst lt I kick kirn, no
matter where, Instead of flying Into a
rage be will make me a polite bow.'
"The bet was taken, and Mery, creeping stealthily up behind M. Frud-
liomme, give blm a tremendous kick in
the small of his back. The man turned
red with Indignation, but Mery cried:
'Ob, I beg your pardon, sir; I took you
for Alexander Dumas, wltb whom I
have an account to settle.'
"Bis victim, only too proud to bt
taken for sucb a great man, at once relented tnd, taking off his hnt In the
most amiable manner, be said, with a
bow, There ls no harm done, monsieur.' The bundred sous were won."
Smart Spring Model
For    the    1913    Girl.
The Government Printer.
When lt comes to printing your "Uncle Samuel takes first rank among tbe
nations. . He hss a $15,000,000 printing
office that Is the best equipped In the
world. Although certain private publishing houses ln this country exceed
the 1,000,000 copies of printed matter
sent out weekly from the United
States government printing office, no
plant approaches the multitude ot different publications that It prints and
mails. Over a thousand publications
are issued from the presses ln the
course of a year, appearing dally,
weekly, monthly, annually or at Irregular intervals. n For" the'purpose of
mailing them more than a thousand
different mailing lists must be kept tn
the file room.—New York Sun.
The Reason.
"I've been wondering sbout y "•
•aid one lawyer to another, meeting
blm on the street
"What were yon wondering about
"Well, I've heard you sddress a Jury,
■nd I have thought that you were tht
most eloquent man ln Cleveland. Then
I've heard you make an after dinner
tpeech at a banqnet and you were—
pardon me—pretty rotten. Now, how
Is that?"
"I'll tell yon. When I'm talking to
I jury my dinner depends on my
speech. When I'm talking to a bunch
of diners I've already bad my dinner.'*
—Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Who Would 'a' Benn 'Erl
Some hundred years ago a smnll boy,
one of four brothers, heard a visitor
say to his mother, "What n pity one ot
your boys bad not been a girl." Dropping his game, so the story runs In
Womnn's Work In Anierlcn, he called
out: "Well, I'd llko to know who'd 'a'
benn 'erl I wouldn't 'a' benn 'er; Ed
wouldn't 'a' benn 'er; Joe wouldn't 'a'
benn 'er; Jim wouldn't 'a' benn 'er, nnd
I'd like to know wbo would 'a' benn
Campaign Material. I
Political Boss—Well, did you discover anything In Stump's pust life that
we enn use against liiin? Detective—
Not a thing. All be ever did before he
came here was to sell awnings. Political Boss—Why, that's Just what we
want! We'll say Unit he has been
mixed up In some decidedly sliuily
Hasty Conclusion.
Beautiful Maiden—You thiuk I'm nn
angel, Geoffrey, but some dny perhaps
you wlll find out thnt 1 urn an exceedingly trivial, 111 natural, commonplace
mortal. Disconsolate Lover (wltb
trembling eagerness)—Tbcu you do intend to marry me, do you, Lillian?—
Chicago Tribune.
When he was Just a little kid,
He'll frankly now confess.
He would reluctantly obey
His learned governess.
And when, a little later, he
Was gent away to school
Be went rejoicing to be free
Forever from ber rule.
But now he fears hla childish wool
Are coming back once more
And that a most unhappy fate
Is yet tor him in store.
go "Down with Buffrucrettes!" be cries.
"Let them no more progress!
Hanged if 1 will again be ruled
By any governesa!"
—New York Times.
Tough Luck,
"What's doing?" asked the tall
plumber.   "You're all dolled up."
"Had a date with my best girl," explained the short bricklayer.
"But aren't you going to keep It?"
"I showed up, all right, but she
wasn't there."
"That wns pretty tough."
"I wouldn't care," snld tlie short
bricklayer, "only 1 went and bad my
shoes shincd all for nothing."—Youngs-
town (O.) Telegram.
Tht Old Chicago Captain Made Two
Plays to Dahlen's One.
Tim Hurst, the veteran umpire, told
this one on Bill Dahlen when Bill was
a youth toiling under Cap Anson in
Chicago. Said be:
"Anson called Dahlen good and hard
In a game I was umpiring In Chicago.
Dahlen took It without saying a word,
but a few minutes later Bill remarked
to me, -Watch me bark that old fellow's shins.' 'Ans' was not as nulls
then as he was in his younger days,
and he stooped with much effort All
through tbat game Bill made great
stops, only to throw the ball a few
feet ln front of tbe bag, and It was. up
to Anson to stop lt witb his shins.   '
"However, that was not the end of It
A few days later the White Stockings
bad to make a trip to St. Louis, and
Anson told Dahlen he Would not bt
taken on the trip. Bill bad been told
tbat several times and be thought 'Ans'
was fooling.  The'train left Chicago
! about midnight and Dahlen was witb
1 the rest of tbe team.
i    "When the train was about twenty.
j fire miles out of Chicago the conductor
j told Anson there were sixteen men in
the party and be had received only
fifteen tickets.   Anson said there were
only fifteen men and named the berths
tbey occupied.
" 'The man In berth No. 17 tnyi he Is
a member of the Chicago team,' snld
the conductor, who was referring to
Dahlen.   'He's stringing you,' replied
Anson.  Poor BUI wns asked to cough
i up and couldn't Tbe train was stop-
'■ pod, and Dahlen was put off the train
I about thirty miles from Chicago. How
I be got back to Chicago only Bill himself knows, but ho would not talk to
anybody for a week."
Dame Fashion has set the seal of her
ipprovnl upon the small F.aster hat.
but there are types of beauty to whom
the diminutive shape ls anathema, so
the hat that makes a background will
be included iiuumg tbe season's models.
Such n cbnpeau Is pictured Unit outlines a clniriulng profile with cameo-
like precision against the drooping
brim. Tbe hat is of black chip, edged'
witb plaited tulle and caught up at
one side wltb deep yellow ox eyed
Little Things of Dregs.
A very pretty collar for spring
wear has the lurge looped bow carried
out In soft crepe ile chine. The hern
of tbe material was turned back on ths
right side and sewed down with a row
of French knots ln silk the same shade
as tbe crepe de chine.
In Paris plain while silk stockings
witb black clocks ire ousting open-
work hose for evening wear. The brocaded silk slipper takes first place,
: while a world of elaboration Is introduced into the ornamentation of evening shoes, and a gem set- buckle Is
threaded with silver and gold gauze
ribbon, or the center of the shoe ts
' marked with a large circular pearl
sewed decoration, mounted on a disk
of velvet ribbon.        *'
This ls a year of lace where blouses
are concerned.   Lace ef every kind it
! used nnd is considered far more dressy
tban net or satin.   French embroider.
[ ed fillet represents, however, tbe last
j word In elaboration.  This form of nee-
I dlework, being done by band, from tht.
, making of the net to the darning of i
; design, Is very costly.   Those who art
! clever with their needles are able, however, to evolve what In.time will become an heirloom, buying handmade
net for tbe purpose.
Uses ef Olive Oil.
Not every one realizes the medicinal
properties ot olive oil.   It la quite true
that the machinery of the body needs
oiling occasionally, like any mechanical
machine which ls constantly In  use,
and olive oil taken Internnllj  will be
exceedingly beneficial. A tablespoonful
| will aid the digestion and -ease liver
I rouble.   This oil ehonld be served fre-
I qucntly as a dressing and Is not only
-, pleasant on vegetables, but serves ss
! an appetizer as well. "Trlken-lnternally,
| either with salads or alone, it Is liencfl-
{ clal for csturrb either of the stomach
or throat
Pore ol' John 11. Croesus he
Certainly must envy me—
Me with health and strength and youth,
Wife and chillun, love and truth.
No, I ain't what you'd call rich.
And I'm sorry for all slch,
Iflhkeg a feller money lustful.
Cold and cruel and distrustful,
For ol' Croesus my heart mells.
He's got millions, notliln' else.
I'd like for to share with htm,
But the chance la mighty slim.
1 can't give my Joy and health.
And be won't divide his wealth.
-New York Globe.
"She says' she thinks she could learn
to love me."
"Yet you do not look happy."
"It is going to be expensive,   Hnd
her at the theater last night, wltb a little supper afterward. The first lesson
cost me $26."—Kansas City Journal
Turned Down.
Young Mnn (whispering to Jewelert-
That engagement ring I bought of yon
yesterday— Jeweler—What's tbe matter with It? Didn't It fit? Young Man
(eautlouslyi-Sh! It didn't have a
chance, Gimme etnds for It—London
There ls no better ballast for keeping
the mind steady on Ml keel than but*.
■au -Lowell'
Why He Wag Glad.
The mun with the long beard stood
pensively at the curbing guzing nt tbe
passing truffle tn the street
"I ball Willi delight the advent of
the automobile," be muttered nluiid,
"for no lunger need I fenr crossing the
street lest some hungry horse mlstnkt
me for a walking bale of buy."—Fun.
Nothing to Worry Over.
"I heard something the other day
tbat greatly surprised uie, and I have
been worried about It ever since."
"What was lt?"
"1 dou't know whether I ought to
mention it to you or not, but I was
told that your daughter's husband was
a free thinker. She's sucb a lovely
glrll   I hope it Isn't true."
"Of course It Isn't, or If It ls It won't
make any difference. Laura takes nf'-
cr me, and my husband was a free
thinker, too, when I married him. Now
ho never thinks." — Cblcngo Itecord-
Inspiration and Sitting Tight
George Eliot believed that her novels
were the product of Inspiration or genius. Anthony Trollopo thought his was
the result of "cobbler's win, iniidain."
or the faculty of sitting tight In his
chnlr nnd turning out BOO words every
fifteen minutes for two or threo hours
beforo breakfast Tho method buc-
ceedod so far as to bring hltn n return
of $:;r>0.(r00 and the rending public a set
of novels which ore being more appreciated every day.—Pall Mull Gazette.
A New Fad.
The newest fnd In Interior decorating
ls painting the wainscoting nnd the
baseboards In the various rooms a deep
glossy black.
Tbe floors are finished In dark brown,
,md tbe walls of rooms so finished look
best In buff, gray or dull blue, which
preserves the neutral tone of the room.
If Love Is Blind.
If Love Is blind,
Aa people say.
How does he And
The shortest way
And then so often turn shoot
When every cent
He had Is spent,
And find the same way going out!
-Detroit Free Press.
Not Needed Anyway.
"When I go on s trip I never know
What I ought to take with me."
"Oh, I do; It's qnlto simple. I take
111 my dresses and leave behind my
husband. VLa Vie Furlslennt.
Not So Vary Much.
"You've got nothing on me," snld the
The mistress looked her over carefully.
"Only one hnt. one skirt nud two
bunches of puffs," she retorted, "nnd
you'll take 'cm all off before you leave
too."—Pittsburgh Post
Sporting Notes.
E. A. Southee of Sydney, wbo has a
brilliant record us an all round Jumper,
will be one of tho Australian nhodei
scholars to enter. Oxford university.
The University of Illinois hns signified Its Intention of seudlng s team
to I'lilliidelpliln to take part ln the
University of Pennsylvania relay carnival on April 20, The tenni probably
will run lu tbe one mile relay championship race.
Tbe Eastern Intercollegiate liowlng
association will extend nn Invitation to
the winner of the triangular Varsity
eight oared shell race between crcwi
of Stanford university, tbe University
of Cnllfurnln and tbo University of
Washington (Seattle), to compete in
the regatta ou the Hudson on June 2'.
A Tale of Two Cities.
*T thought your minister wns to
hnve n mil to Minneapolis."
"He did expect It. but he went up
there to preach n trinl sermon nnd touk
his text from St. Paul, so It's all off."—
Chicago Itecord-Uerald.
Take care of your thoughts and yonr
words and deeds wlll tuUe cart of
the nisei vts.
Science Sittings.
Alloylug tin with lead, a German
scientist has produced a porous tin tbt
lightness of which is Its chief advantage.
A Swiss scientist has Invented an Instrument for accurately measuring tht
I Intensity of X ruys when used on deep
; rteatrd human orguns nt any depth (It-
! sired.
i The suggestion that there are ilr*
i qunken, due to explosions of meteor*
| lies and qtilto Independent of earth*
j quakes ami volcanoes, comes from nt)
loss nn outhorlty than W, F. bennlng,
tho British astronomer. Tlint such ex-
: plosions are sometimes audible It well
i known.
-'-    -r     -   ■-'     - - .   ■   • - '-.-,..;,-.-■ , ,- ..,,_
■ ■'■ ir>     • --. - ^,^«.-r.ft-;.*r..,,
^..■^.^^jww.^ ~"
lltR JM.A!M UKK,  H-'.-mr.MiAlM'
We have just received a scow load of Red Bricks, also a large shipment of Kiln-dried Finish.
We can supply you with everything you need from the basement to the attic.
We  have on  hand   at   all  times for immediate delivery
Kiln-Dried Flooring and V Joint, Moulding.
Sash and Doors.
Lime, Bricks, Cement, Firebrick,
Fireclay, Glass, Hardware
Box 230
" Not Better than the Best - but Better than the Rest."
Phone 66
Katiw. ami
Y. I.. B e
Farms ami
If ynu are .Coking for five or ten acieu nt' good laud
near Cumberland suitable for truck gacdening or poultry
fit the right price cu long terms of pttynieiit sec Mr.
HARRY blENS AT COUR.TEN AY, Manager of tho
British Columbia, !iivestmei"i.,'p limited.
TB'.BPHONB   .11)
--' ~ .5'-***"r"'**S
G. A. Fletcher
Music Co.
iiinos, Player Pianos,
Columbia Grapha-
pliones and Records,
Edison  Records and
>l!H'llil|l.'S'--Al5»*l*-»-«~-   •
The McKinli'v Edition of Ten Cent Music
a Specially.
Nanaimo,   B.C.
First OUbb in every respect. Perfect Cuisine
Headquarters for Tourists and Sportsmen
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
John N. McLeod, Proprietor
When iiMiin.i'i'iiaivi iimKu Hie L*ntun your lioftil'iUrUlfl.'s
"The Magnet Cash Store"
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
Gcncr.il Manager
Assistant General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
Tbis Bank offers unsurpassed facilities to those doing business
with foreign countries. It is specially equipped for the purchase and
sale of Sterling and other Foreign exchange, drafts and Cable Transfers, and for Ilic financing of imports and exports pf merchandise.
Commercial credits, foreign drafts. Money Ordej'6, Travellers.'
Chequed .ir.il Letters of Credit issued and available in all parts of the
Collections trtecUd prpinplly at reasonable rates. aa
Phone 31
Cumberland, B.C.


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