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The Cumberland Islander Jul 12, 1929

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Array u1
"The Docks of
New York"
fetnberland Islander
IVIIh which Is consolidated the Cumberland News.
I   At the Ilo-Ilo
This Week End
Jolly Crowd At
Welsh Society's
Annual Outing
Intense Interest Shown in thc
Quoiting Competition
R. F, Brown, University of Pittsburg; William Storie. Olympic Club.
San Francisco; E. B. Blake of the
Boston Athletic Club and Tran Far-
! qua of Denver who won the 440-yard
! relay at the United Slates national
meet at Denver on Saturday last, will
1 be seen in action at Hastings Park,
j Vancouver t ouight (Friday). They
i will run against Percy Williams, Vancouver's Olympic champion; Eddie
Tol an, University »>r Michigan colored flash; Claude Bracey of Texns and
Johnny Fltzpatrlek of Hamilton. The
latter team established a world's record of 4S.4 seconds in the 440 yarn
! relay.
Real picnic weather favored the
Cumberland Welsh Society for their
annual outing on Sunday last at Millard's beach, a Jolly crowd of members ami friends spending tbe day
amid the Ideal surroundings uf this
beauty spot. Games and sports weiv*
entered Into with zest hy young and
old, each child present receiving a
prize, Ice .ream in abundance was
dispensed to all. Intense interest was
displayed in tin- quoiting competition,
winners being: men's lirst. D. Morgan anil J. Williams; 2nd II. Jackson
and J. D. Davis; ladles' flrst, Mrs.
John Bond and .Mrs. Longland; Snd
Mrs. H. Jackson and Mrs. S. Davis.
The most exciting events of the day, i
without doubt,  were the  ladies'  andi ^^^^^^^^^^
gent's   relay   races   and   Percy   WII- 	
Hams (who was unable to be present H. Taylor Again Stars for Cum-
with other natives of the principality) ' berland
missed seeing some real speed. These i 	
sjieed artistes were declared winners i The Cumberland cricketers defeat-
Mrs.. J. D. Duvis and Mrs. Bond, lst; isd a team from H.M.S. Colombo on
Mrs. Jas. Monks and Mrs. Jos. Moults Sunday last on the "Y" ground after
2nd for the ladies. While W, J. Lew- a mosl Interesting game, played mils and J. Williams, lst and D. Ban-1 der Ideal weather conditions. The
nertnan and D. Morgan 2nd carried j Colombo captain won the toss and de-
off honors tor the gents. elded to put Cumberland In flrst. Id-
Other   winners   were:    Tiny   tots,] lens and Hall opened for tbe locals,
girls, Gwen Williams M. Buchanan,      the bowling being entrusted to New-
Local Cricketers
Defeat H.M.S.
Colombo Team
Employees' Picnic  [Lake Cumberland  IDeath Claims
ArrangementsAre j   To Be Scene Of   ! Mr. T. Grieve At
Almost Completed!       Aquatic Sports j      Tranquille B.C.
Grounds at  Union  Bay  Being I Events  SfcrtTbout   11   a.m. \Fot$Z,^SrM.^^
Greatly Improved With Contingent of Tars     ;     SutCU%tee V a
 - Arriving About lnree Years
On another page we publish once I Noon
more the plun of llle picnic ground nl
Union Bay.   Readers who Intend go-, - -  -'l tarlura on Monday after being a pa
ins down lo Mie iiiuiuiil nlnnfn nf ,hn the   water  spot's  committee  lor  the I   , .... „
mi, tiown io im annum picnit ot tne * , H,,m „, t|„. i,,),,,,, i,„im. fur the pasl
employees of tlie Canadian Collieries  M« celelirntlon to be held on Satur-
iDunsmnii'i   Limiied   nre  iirffmi  10 any at Lake Cumberland, at a meeting     ,..,',''      , . ..
luunsinuii i   .uiiuuuu,  .in   urgeu  ra     i »     Tiie deceased waa a native ot New-
s-uilv llie nlmi nf the irrniitiil   so that   held   on   Mondav.     'he   spurls   liro- ...
bcuu} un lu.in oi in, grouuu, so mat j ...    ; c:isile.   Knitlninl.  coming  to  Canada
thev win he unite finilliir with nii  gramme w'ua drawn up and Includes
inej   »ui o,   quite i.uiiin.ir \wm nn » = 'over tweniv  years  ago,  nmklnu  liis
tl,e new conveniences erected.    Par- Wenty-slx oventa, swimming and boat K,„„„„tm, a short time af-
tloular attention is drawn to the fact , ™cen   I'elng   provided   tor.   In   both . u,nvanls com      (() ^ ^ ^ m
that  *i  snncliil  oarkhiL' olnci- trtr ens   classes, male and female.    Children 8   .„      ,,,.,,, , ,    ,
inai a speoiai paining pi.iu.  nn  cais ■ „,,,,,,      tling in Cuiliberland. where he worked
Is being provided for and It Is postlve-   swimming races  will  be held  in  the '
1/ announced by the commicee that' etirI.v P11" °'' the dllv aml nl,mit n00»
ars will be allowed to park on!1* is expected the senior events will
Mr.    Thomas    Trevor    Grieve,    of
,,.    , , i    ,     Courtenay.  died  »t   Tronnullle  San!-
Final arrangements were made by|tBiili * „1\.....,_.. _...... .....
,v ,        uiuin   11 um   n..ii.o.   i.uioiiiuo   Will   DO I
h„  the guests of the water sports  com- j flnd Qeneral Ho9plta1' He iK SU,'viv""
ed; mittee.   The sailors will be a. liberty  ?y h.Ia _Wlffl ami tour cWWre"' n*lU
Tiny tots, boys. A. Monks. Bob Wil
Girls,  fi and  under,   Dorothy
Evelyn Oavies.
Boys, I
ton and Williams . Newton proved
fairly difficult to play nt first, getting
Hall before trie latter had scored with
a beautiful length ball. Williams
nnd under. J. Buchanan. B. i proved much easier for the Gumber-
| landers.    Harry Taylor stepping out
i for the Canadian Collieries before go-
I ing to reside In Courtenay some years
. , „|agn.    Before going to Tranquille. Mr,
the field    The nlan shows th it a 110  °8 commenced when a contingent of  _ , .       ,     ,     ,.
uie iriu.    i ne pian sno»s mu a iiu, ,,,,„„,     ,       ,,, ,   I Grieve was a patient in tb,. Cumber
yard  track   will  he  made  with   two  !5alIorB from H*M*8- Colombo will be
special    100   yards   courses    In    th
centre wilh convenient  seats erected
for spectators.   As announced aud as jto t,,Uer manv oS tl)e events aI1(1 »
will he seen from a study of tlie plan, i al'et"*u* 5,) J'«nls swim haa 1,ee11 Pro*
shade trees are plentiful.   Stats will vi(M f°'' them, only members of the
also be erected  at  lhe  water's  edge.; *'n:it   Mug  allowed   to   compete.     A
giving all an opportunity to view the sI,l?£'iaI  ll,liieH  rnct'*  confined  to  the
water sports. Comox district and for the champlon-
The committee desire  to  draw  lo  »Mp  of Lake  Cumberland  has  also
the attention of nil the announcement   ,H'e11 included in this year's program.
published elsewhere dealing.with the Wht" ls certain to draw a large eu-
issulng of kiddies' refreshment tick- lly •« <lie °I,e-» m >'a^ swim, tor
which two valuable prizes will be
given. The prize money for the
greasy pole event has also been increased. This event has always proved very popular and a good entry Is
A special donation was received to
week. July 9th,
noticed making
ended his way
certainly    was
on the morning
On Tuesday ol' Hull Cumberlander was
a snow ball as he
home, to lunch. [I
some weather we had
of Lhe 9th. Hall, approximately four
inches deep fell in :t very short space
of time. Courtenay had sunshine
whilst We were having hall and Roy-
ston felt the effects of the thunder
and lightning storm. Lightning
struck a ire near the Royston Saw
Mill, setting it nn li
The fire ranger appen
and bad the tree cm down, Ileuvj
rain tell again on Wednesday, but on
Thursday and this morning ihe sky
is as blue and (dear, as it ever was. I
and It looks as though wc might he in j
for a -spell ol real sunshitii
H.M.S. Colombo
To Leave On
July The 24th
Slay of Warship Has Heen Ite-
(I iked
Ing ill Courlenay. three sisters and
I father .residing in England.   The fun-j
eral took place in Kamloops.
Proceeding for
Sale of Local
Power Plant
Mayor Alex. Maxwell, accompanied
by tbe  secretary  of  tbe  Cuiliberland
Cricket  Club and   Mr. .1.   II.  Cameron
near the tup,   jniiriicycjl  tu Comox  on   Friday evening last and went aboard H.M.S. Colombo a few minutes after the warship anchored in tbe famous harbor.
The mayor went with an Invitation
from the city of Cumberland for the
j personnel of the boat  to visit Cum-
weather   berland on Saturday and participate
| in some of the events to be held on
| the occasion ol' the an una I water
sports at Lake Cumberland. Whilst
a number of men will be granted
leave lo come to Cumberland on Saturday, It was explained that owing to
the visit of tlie boat being shortened
lo the
Girls, S and under. H. Gordon. Cor- j ami   hitting   fearlessly  at   the   Navy
nl Lewis. man's slow balls.   Newton eventually ■ cpppiAI   MI NIC1
Boys.  Sand   under.   J.   Jackson,   L. \ got Taylor after he bad made 17 runs, i
Davies. j Idiens,  Gough   and   Dando  .reached I       COURSE AT VICTORIA
Girls. 10 and under. Dot Thompson,   double figures and the innings closed
Irene Morgan. | with the home team's score at 94.
Boys, 10 and  under. Gilbert  Davis, J     Vernon-Jones and H- Taylor opened;
ibe bowling for Cumberland the form-
er being relieved after bowling four |      Has Appreciative Teacher
overs at a cost of eleven runs.   Tay- j                  Audience
lor was very successful with tbe ball, j 	
ets and ask the co-operation  of all
employees In  this matter.
Arrangements for the sports and
oilier matters are well advanced and
given line weather a successful plcnli
Is anticipated.
Tbe executive will meet at 'he Po?t;
Office at 7 p.m. ou Wednesday and slll«° a *IuoitinK competition and this
journey to Union Bay to inspect the wil1 be beld on the new road ai the
ground. ! 'fl'te-
i It is not generally known in the district that the Commander of H.M.S.
! Colombo wears the coveted Victoria
■ Cross, gained during the late war, for
i bravery Iu action. This is no doubt
the llrst time Cumberland and district
have had such an opportunity of entertaining a holder of the Empire's
greatest award for bravery in action.
A.   Williams,
L. Hutton.
Girls,   12  and   under
Edith Morgan.
Boys   12   and   under.   I).   Davis,   L. |
Girls, 14 and under. B. Buchanan.!
Alma Ellis.
Boys.  14  and  under.  C.   Davis,  J. i
Girls relay. Margaret Monks and A. i
Boys' relay, C. Davies and J. Bannerman.
Girls' wheebarrow race, Alice Jack- j
son and Dora Davies.
Boys'   wheebarrow   race,   U.   Davis
and C. Davis.
Boys,  7  and   under,  Jackie   BennI
Douglas Etberington,
Miss  Mabel   Rich  of  Montreal
Local Racket
Weilders Beat
West Coasters
Following the water sports, a so.:-
cer game will be held at ii.4"> between j
a Cumberland City team and the
Btrong Colombo team. Tbe sailors.
will be entertained at dinner, pro-
vlded for one half of the number coming from the boat, at the Union Hotel |lntwcIub Matches With West Coasters
the other half being looked after at j Bevlvcd After Being Dormant
the Waverley Hotel. I For ScveraI Ycars
The day's proceedings will he con- ,    .     ,     ~,    *    «     «
,,,.,. . .      ,    .i        Cumberand. July 9.—On Sunday a
eluded with a monster smoker In the , , , ,
very pleasant lnterclub tennis match
taking eight wickets for 34 runs. Wil-1    Cumberland Bchool teachers attend-j Cumberland Hall, at which sailors in
Hams  starred  for the Colombo team | Ing  tbe  Summer   School   at   Victoria   uniform will  be admitted  free.    Ci'i-|was played on the Cumberland courts
between a team from the Alberni tennis club and the local players. It is
several years since a match has been
played with the West Coasters and
many new players were present. The
local team managed to win by the
score of 7 matches against 2 for their
B.C. Electric
Official Meets
City Head
with the bat. making top score for
the day. Ingpen and Boyle also
reached double figures, but tbe home
team ran out winners by la runs, the
Colombo, total  helng 79.
On Sunday at 2.00 in the afternoon,
Cumherland plays a team from the
lower deck of the Colombo, when another Interesting game is anticipated. Scores ln last Sunday's game
Cumberland's Innings
Idiens. Ibw. b. Boyle  24
Hall. b. Newton  0
H. Taylor, b. Newton  17
Dando. b. Williams  10
Gough. c. Ingpen, b. Williams  24
Brown, b. Boyle   tl
Guy, c. Lawrence, b. Boyle  0
Carney, b. Boyle  1
A. J. Taylor, not out  1
Jones, stpd. Lawrence b. Williams .... 1
Whyte, b. Williams  0
Extras   10
Bowling: Newton 2 for 13; Williams
4 for 53; Boyle 4 for 18.
The B.C. Electric Railway is anxious to provide improvements to lho
areas iu which tbe National Utilities
Corporation has franchises, and which
have recently been taken over by the
B.C. Electric.   Mr, A. T. Goward. vice- Colombo's Innings
president, and Mr. J. S. Halls, man- i Lawrence, b. H. Taylor  9
Hger of the light aud power depart- JArbuthnot.  b. H. Taylor   0
meat, have  returned  from  a  visit  to j
will have the opportunity of hearing zetis desirous of attending the smoker
Miss Rich, director of thc educational will be charged 7iic.
department of the Victor Talking Ma- The sailors will be transported from
chine, Montreal, in a series of lee-j the wharf at Royston In c;trs, kindly
tuxes, .the first of which took place j loaned by prominent citizens. Some
on Monday morning. On the ocoasion i of the sailors will remain in town and
of the first lecture, tbe class room was ■ participate in the cricket game to he
packed to the doors, ihe big attend-1 played on Sunday. Given fine .weather
aiice being a tribute to the popularity j this week end, the water sports should
of Miss Rich's classes last year, prove to be tlie  best   ever held  in
The object of tbe whole course Is j Cumberland,
to   suggest   to  the   teachers   at   the j —————
Summer school an idea of the hest StOCCtPr CiiHTll*
method of presenting a music lesson!
so that, it will appeal to the child, and
the lesson was arranged accordingly.
The instructor aimed a number of
lessons at her class, these Intlmat- • /0,-/--v,I-1 -, f^ll,, T^..*,*-*-.
ing the kind of question which they, UM0/?U>0 V. U/j/ / Cam
as teachers, should ask of their young | The soccer game on the Recreation
pupils in order to stimulate interest! ground on Saturday evening at 5.45
and make the child nn attentive listen-1 Is expected to be a. real thriller. The
er. The teachers were advised to en- j sailors (rolu H.M.S. Colombo will op-
courage the children to discuss tlie | Pose the Cumberlaud city team and
Saturday at 5.45
Canadian   Utilities,   Associates
of International  Utilities
Want Puntledge Power
Reports in
couver papers
week stated t
Canadian Col
power plant I
Limited, nssot
ternational l"i
probably be
struggle betw.
B.C. Power Ci
the hydro-elei
ern half of \'
We are ina
Itely thai  thi
proceeding an
going to press.
This will sel
going    round
power plant hi
tho  Victoria  and  Van-1
of the early part of the !
iat the purchase of the
llerles   Puntledge   Itiver!
)  the Canadian  Utilities !
late enmpany of the In-
Mties Corporation would j
the next Btep iu tho '
en this concern and the
rporation for control of
trie field on the uorth-
nicouver Island.
position to state defin-
nogotlatlona are still
il thnt at tho time of
. the .sale had not been
usketry to be undertaken
impossible to gram  leav
number of men asked for.
Although the sailor boys
busy with their training and leavo
has been limited, many forms of entertainment have been arranged for
them In the form of dances and en-
tertalnments but, 'he cream of the enjoyment will undoubtedly be the
water sports at Lake Cumberland,
terminating with dinner at well known
local hotels and smoker In the Cumberland ball at S in the evening.
Anyone desirous of visiting the
warship can only go aboard on Saturday. Sunday and Wednesday of
each wck from the hours of two to
six o'clock. Boats leave tho wharf
for the ship at 1.46, 2.45, 3.45 and
4,45 and returning leav.. al 2.30, 3.30,
4.30, 5.30  and  ii  o'clock.
at rest man:
s actually be
that   tha
•n sold.
I Minn :
L'p-lsland points, iu which officials In I
the various localities were met. and |
the   plans   for   the   future   explained
with special  reference to  the desire I
of the company to help existing in-
dustrles and to bring others into the
At Cumberland, where the companj
has bought the Cumberland and Ull- i
Inn   Waterworks   Company,   the   off!-!
(rials had a chat with the mayor, and ;
when In the same neighborhood, looked over the equipment of the Koyston
Light & Power Company, another in-
terest acquired.
They found the water supply a com- i
paut service In Cumberland with poa- :
nihilities of some development.
AI Port Alberni and Alberni where'
In each case the company has acquired the franchises recently voted by
the citizens to the National Utilities
Corporation, Mr. Coward had the op-
porunity of meting the two councils
successively, and was able to promise
Borne Improvements. He pointed out ;
that the policy would be "Co-operation" with the local authorities.
In these cases, as with the fiftn
company acquired, the RirksviUe
Light. Power & Heating Company,
the company's engineers  are  looking
Ingpen, c. Dando, b. H. Taylor
Newton, b. H. Taylor  0
Williams, b. H. Taylor  25
Warner, c. Millburn, b. H. Taylor .... 0
Rodman, c. Taylor, b. Hall  3
Boyle, b. H. Taylor  17
Boadry, c. Whyte, b. Guy  9
Gumm, b. H. Taylor 0
Goode, not out  0
Extras        4
Bowling: H. Taylor, 8 for 34; Vernon
Jones, 0 for 11; Hall 1 for 26; Dando
0 for 5; Guy l for 2.
Cumberland's team for Sunday will J
be chosen from J. L. Brown. J. Idiens
I*', v. Halt, .1. Vernon-Jones, H. Taylor, S, Gough, C. Hando Jr., T. Carney,
II. Hassell. O, I. Guy, W. Whyte, S.
jioothniau and J. Vaughan.
music and compare and contrast the! as the tars are reputed to have a real
different selections. The main prob-1 strong team, a good game is antlcl-
lem of the teacher was to stimulate | paled. It is many years ago since a
purposeful listening. There was a i good game of soccer was held in Gum-
great difference between Just hearing' berland and there is sure to be a
a thing ami really listening to it.      j good crowd oa hand.   The following
Local teachers attending tht. Sum-! will do duty for Cumberland:
mer   school   include   the   Misses   C.     Goal, J, Millburn, left back, J. Mur-
12 | Richardson .Janet Robertson ,C. Car-j ray; right back, J. Brown;  left half-
ey, P. Hunden ami S. Brown. j back Harry Jackson; centre half, S.
 | Gough; right half, J. Williams; out-
Mr. Morton Graham, of Cumberland side left, II. McFarlane; inside left H.
Was successful in winning first prize Gibson, centre forward. J. Campbell,
In the 38-hole stroke competition held inside right. W. Auchinvole, outside
at the Sandwick golf course, being right, .Malt. Stewart. Trainer will ho
presented with a golf bag. .Mr. Kakin ; II. Waterlield and tbe referee. A. S,
of Courtenay was a good second, Jones.
opponents. The score in games was
105 for Cumberland and 95 for Alberni.
The fact that the locals won by 5 j I
matches and only 10 games best illustrates the closeness of the play. In
one particular case Alberni lost the
match but had one more game than
their opponents.
Tea was served on the courts in the
afternoon by the lady members of the
local club, while iced drinks were always avollable for the players who
thoroughly enjoyed them owing to the
heat of the courts. The sun beat down
upon the unprotected courts and made
them unbearably hot for the players
who were already quite warm enough
from their exertions.
After the conclusion of the scheduled matches the party retired to the
Union Hotel where a very appetizing
dinner had been prepared. During the
course of the evening several speeches
were made in which all expressed their
pleasure at this revival of friendly
inter-club games between the two
clubs. Arrangements were made for n
return match to b played at Alberni on
Sunday. July 21st.
Trunk Mining Trails
Being Given Attention
l.aiiirs'   Double*
Mr.1;. Smith and Mrs. Wood beat Mrs.
Stacey and Mrs. Shenstone. 6-3.. 0-3;
Mrs. Blackmore and Miss McQonlgal
lost to Miss Partridge and Miss McKinnon. 5-6. 1-6.
.Melt's Doubles
; LaiRc Amount of Work Ordered
by Minister u( Mines
Immediate   construction   lioa   been
ordered   liy   tlie   Honourable   \V.   A.
McKenzle.  Minister  ot  Mines,  on  a
| trunk trail extending the present trail
A large eiininlier of adults and chll-   up Elk liiver l Kennedy River) Vttll-
tlreti  attended  the free  lecture  nnd couver Island, trom tbe bond of Kcn-
showlng or pictures held  under the! nedy  Lake  Ihrought  to  und   aoross | ties are nrovlded
auspices  of  the  Canadian   Forestry ] Taylor River and down Its north sld<
H. R. Carter nnd J. Jngo lost to T.
IGraham and M. Qraham, 1-6. 3-6: II
Wood and O. Spratt lost lo I' IJ Ora-
ibe numbor ot small gold  bearing h,ra ;,ml A '*■ Btaeey, 8-1, 3-0.5-6.
quartz   veins   found   from   Kennedy j Mixed Doubles
Luke up .it is his opinion  that this 1
section   Is   well   worth   looking   over.1    H  Carter and Mrs. Smith lost lo T.
one of the most important
ictrtc developments on the
\i presenl li develops is.006
er, which supplied tbe en-
listriet around Cumberland and
Courtenny, bul Its output could easily
be   Increased   to   30,    horsepower^
with ilie waterpowers already avail-
III   be
il   is
1 in itself, ,-iiici' Interest will no (touln centre round iis
probable effect on tbe future of the
great Campbell Itiver powers.
The plan of the Canadian Utilities
Ltd. lo buy tbe Puntledge River Plant
was interpreted as an  effort   to en-
Island Prospector
Dies at Mainland
Home for the Aged
Veteran of the Hills Who Had
Many Friends in und Around
Wellington Dead at SI Years.
Jnliu I). Edwards, one ot British
Columbia's Did time prospectors, who
died at (ho Marpole Hospital in his
84th year was burled in Vancouver
on Wednesday afternoon.
.Many years ago lie waa a well
known known figure rouud Old Wellington ami waa known to many iif
the old timers ol the Island.
Fur a quarter of a century, packing Iii* prospecting equipment, Edwards roamed through tlie mountains
of British Columbia. His absence
from the hills were only of sufficient
duration   to   enable   him   to   earn   a
I grub-stake   for  another  trip   in   tho
I wilds.
mch  Itself more firmly
the  U-1
For   the   h
land field ami thus
position in applying
Campbel IRlver.
Tlie oilier applicnllf
hell River Powers, t
Corporation,   recently
Royston   and    Minto
strengthen   its j iiv°d  In
st  twenty years 1
imall  cabin  eight
for the Damp-
o li c. Power
purchased the
mbBldlaries   in
the same dlslrlcl ami now seeks tn
supply the growing demands of Its
new customers through tho harness-
inn of Campbell River
To Uii-'-kiuaie Opponent
Judging from the amount of In teres!
being displayed il is assured that the
area affected will attract at least a
number of earnest prospectors as
better transportation  factll-
I Association In the Anglican Hall oh j to connect with the present trail from
'. Wednesday night.    Many pictures of j the head of Sproat  Lake.    Tlie oosl
the lumber Industry were .shown as j of iliin work  is estimated to run to
' well as many pictures oi other Brit-! about $3,500.00,   The survey and con-
. ish Columbia industries.    Pletures of  structlotl  will  bo carried  out simul-
the loggers sports held at New West-   tatieously, and the actual work, as far
over the situation.    Any action that | minster last year were also shown,   as possible, will be done by prospect-
may be taken will he subject to the j These had special Intrest to the aud-j ora who are directly Interested ln thc
result of the survey.
Powell River Baseball team will be
in a dt
lence hs two local men, Axel Erlckson ! District,   which   thus   will
and Boh Larson were shown In action,  more accessible.
The lecturer told of the aims and j Mr. G. A. Clothier. Resident Mining
objects of the association and the i Engineer for No, ti Mineral Survey
manner In which the association was j District in recommending the coin-
over on Sunday to try conclusions | financed. One of thc chief aims of the pletlon of this trail points out that
with the Cumberland nine. The game j Forestry men said the lecturer was ; the mineralization up the Elk and
Is scheduled for 1 p.m. and reports j to reduce Ions through fire and Im- Taylor Rivers Is Indicative of a very
from the Paper town Indicate that a presH upon the growing generation promising belt and. for thnt reason,
large crowd of fans will accompany especially ,ihe value of the timber In-J he Is anxious that It be thrown open
the team. dustry. j (Or prospecting.    He says that  from
As already inus heen stated Mr, McKenzle in giving tho matter of trunk
mining trails his active attention. Already a trail from Xcziudin Lake
north into the northwest of the Portland Canal district is helng located.
Competent surveyors have been engaged and the work of establishing
the best route for construction from
the Inko to Mile 23 on the old Yukon-
Telegraph Trail is well in hand.
The same may be said of the proposed trail from the Hope Princeton
Road over the Coqulholla Mountains,
following the serpentina bell on
which many mineral locations have
been made In the last two years, to
connect with the main Eraser High-
(Continued on page three)
Qraham and P. Partridge. (1-4, 5-6.
5-6; C. Spratt and Mrs. Wood lost to
M, Graham and Mrs. shenstone. fl-"2,
■4-6, 3-6; H. Wood and Mrs. Blackmore
won from Mr. nnd Mrs. Stacey, 6-3,
6-3; J. JagO and Miss McOonlgnl lost
to P. D. Graham and Miss McKinnon.
1-6, 6-2, 4-6.
Tho two competitors for tin- greatest of all Islnntl Powers will face one
another for the first lime in the same
Held, and both will be in a position
to ask Hie government tor ihe right
lo set me larger power supplies from
Campbell Itiver; to m  existing demands,
The prospective Puntledge River
deal was thus Interpreted as .i move
bv ih,. intei notion il I'tllltloH Corporation »i'li n- tnvoHtmotiis in many
parts i.i Cnnndn, nnd the United
Stnlos, to ' heckm tie tho northward
advance of the Vancouver island
Power Cm poi itlon, xubsidlarj of the
B C Powot Corporation, which had !
confined Itself lu the southern end j
oi tbi' Island until its recenl purchn
or ibe Royston. Minto nnd Alber
power plants
from Van Anda. There bis cheerfulness iu face of years of continuous
failure to gel bis Texada Island
claims   developed,   had   won   for   him
tbe admiration nf residents of tbe district.
His application for an old oge pension not long ago in.iiked tho end of
his Independent roam Ings. Old age,
ill health and poverty had combined
to break him down, and in the middle
of June, unable to care for himself any
longer,   he   was   taken   to   Vancouver.
Members of Local
Board of Trade
Attend Conference
Victoria Roiarj Club und Chant"
ber of Commerce To Entertain Delegates
BerMf.lt  i:\pi-cled  Sou
the   n turn   to   Vtcta
Willi ihe return to Victoria this
.*e.*k of Hon. K. P. Burden, minister
f lands, the governmenl is expected
.) grapple finally with the disposal
t   ilie   Campbell   Itiver   Powers   and
■  j with tlie future of Strathcona   Park,
The   Lieut.-Governor,   Hon.   Ran-  which would he affected by 'he pro-
lotph Bruce will bo avlsttor to Cum-  posed use of Buttle Lake for power
Men's singles
J. Jago lost to T. Graham, 3-6, 4-6.]
berland next week ami will address
the Comox District Canadian Club at
a dinner to be held in the Union
Tbe Hon. William Atkinson. Min
Istor of Agriculture will also bu i
visitor here next week and on
us the KHb. the Hon. W. It. Mother
well, Minister of AgHctulturo at Ot
lawn, will visit the district.
The Water Board, having heard ri--
al claims lor Campbell Itiver. has
made a report recommontllng that one
oi the two applicants be allowed to!
go ahead with development plaits.
The name of tbe applicant thus favor-
>\Ug-|ed hnH not been revealed The bo.irl'
report will go before the cablnc)
when it takes up this many-sides ls-
Moro Mian thlry fivi mem ben* of
the Associated Boards of Trade "'.'
Vancouver [stand met in Victoria o*i
Thursday   tor   the   iuo   day   annual
conferon [ the A    >< lated Boards.
■ Messrs E w Bh kle .md It C. Lam;,
I of die Cumberland Board "f Trade
are representing the local body and
; the session is being held under Lho
I supervision of Montagu Bruce, the
' presideni of tiie Associated Boards.
! The Victoria Rotary Club entor-
I talned the members attending tho
conference ar o luncheon on Thura-
I day noon and otlu r entertainments
; were arranged by the Chamber of
| Commerce.
A long list of resolutions were con-
Idorod by the conference today.
Mr. T. H. Mumford begs to announce for ilie benefit of his patrons
and friends, thai on account of the
Water Sports al Lnlw Cumberland.
Saturday, the storo will bo closed
i from 13 noon until 0.30 in tbe evening. PAGE TWO
FRIDAY, JULY 12th. 1929.
1~i        n I        ■        J||        J        would like to marry if they could only find some
I he lurnberlanu islander\*™**°™ ^ ^> m «»m ^ th* mind.
ORE und more we are convined that what
this country moat needs is a religion
and that is to stay at home while he is away hav-
vr Cumberland, B.C.. j ;ng a g00(i time, gassing on the street or at the
lodge or club room, and if these wives would follow their liege lords they would find where their
lodges met oftenest. So many men have to be
away on important business so wifey and children just see to the chores, etc., for business is
look to see how tired and worn out his better half
pressing and he must be oil'. He goes without a
| looks or take a thought of the days and days she
addressed   to   the!
9 for	
SEALED  tenders,  addressed  to  the
undersigned and endorsed "Tender
training that will make a man pay his debts, j s"t.iys at home longing for the loving words that for "dredging; courtenay River, B.C
' "   ' '"'   '■" ' — <-'■- ■-  ■— *— «.„■■ ,„„„„ will he received until 12 o'clock imx
Shouting does not settle accounts with God or|j,eused f0 „om. into h
man-   Often we want to bounce a fellow right out | married.   If he comes home late he is too sleepv
ot church because he went fishing on Sunday, bul  to lalk liml is cross oecaU8e sne would like to teji
never say a word lo a pious seam]) who never pays  him smm, o(- tni, tl,ja]s of ,ne day
his debts, and such people are doing the church
more harm than any lot of Sunday desecrators.      Not so very long ago, in a certain town a num-
for there are more of them in the church,   Right ! ber of married ladies getting tired of the life de-
now we know of one or two parsons who are seri-
usly considering re-organizing the old method
ears before they were, wm "j^ved«« » S^fLTS, tarrd District, B.O.
OEALED  tenders,   .._ __   ._
undersigned, and endorsed "Tender j i"^
for Pile Breakwater and Float, Camp-' ±j.;i
bell River, B.C.." will be received un-; J|
til 12 o'clock noon (daylight saving), v:'
Wednesday, July 31, 1929, for the con- i ||j
struction of a Pile Breakwater and! y*
Float, at Campbell River, Comox-Al-' ****•
have  begun   to
are a great hin-
running their churches. They
realize that these pious scamps
drance to the furtherance of the teachings oi
Jesus Christ and the man who is a real sport,
goes fishing nn Sunday or plays any other game
is the man who is going to be the salvation of th"
Reader, are we gelling close to you'.' Then lay
down this paper and go and pay up and you can
read on at ease. And don't you stop paying because the "statute of limitations" excuses the
open account which you made for bread and meal.
Vou must pay in cash or God will make you pay
it in lire and brimstone. God knows no such excuse for paying as "homestead exemption." When
you raise that excuse to keep from paying your
debts you can slop singing "When 1 can read
my title to mansions in lhe Skies."
You've got none up there.
cided to ru na colony of their own and called it
Eden. All went merrily along for a short time.
Eventually, however, first one and then another
began to long for thc husband who stayed out
late at nights, who always had important business
on, with the result that the project fell through
and the only reason given tn the press was "You
can't run an Eden without an Adam."
Old Adam still lives.
LD ADAM is still alive, and as ready to put
all the blame
as he was in
his failures on the woman
the garden  of  Eden.    Tin
IT CALLS tor im excessive use nf one's Intelligence to
understand that foreigners who work hard liy day like
in their oft-time to got together and talk, or make and
listen in speeches in their own language. Those who
speak besl are usually listened 'n most. Do they talk
communism? Do they demand more wages? Do they slug
the songs they know in a language we don't know?
| It st'i-nis probable to ns that the railway school cars on
lli" I'.X.K. ami the C.P.R. ilo more over the area they cover
to combat tihe "reds" than all the denunciations In which
newspapers can Indulge—because those school cars are
Indisputable prom' to foreign settlers that they live In a
country that is trying to help them and do the square
thing hy them
(daylight saving),  Tuesday.  July  23, .—•••■  -—	
J9£j PlilllS    "nti     tOTm    0t    COn'raCt    Ca"    be
Tenders will not be considered unless I *»*! an? specifications and forms of
made on the forms supplied by the ;'fnd« obtained at this Department, at: r^
Department and  in accordance  with <he  offices of  the  District  Engineer, j*
the conditions set forth therein. »»t Office  Building   Victoria   B.C.;
Combined specifications and form of V'ctoria Builders Exchange. 2509 P or
tender can be obtained on application: Street, Victoria, BC„ and the Bund- £
to the undersigned, also at tho officel"« nndB,?°"stl;ucpt10" m^tries Ex-   &
ot the District Engineer. Post Office!chm^, 815 West Hastings street, Van-, f
Building. Victoria, B.C. 5°u™r' ,?'gv als0 "' tne Post 0mce' %,
Tenders must include the towing ot Campbell finer, B.C. i|
the plant to and from the work. I, Tc"dc,;s """ "ot,bJe considered un-   «
The dredges and other plant which' oss ™<!c °", Printed torma supplied M
are intended to be used on the work i h1JiK Department and In accordance U
shall have been duly registered in Can- wl"> conditions con allied therein. JS
ada at the time of the filing of the . E»ch 'en"" ™» ** accompanied W
tender with the Department, or shall £» »" "«*** e eque on "chartered J|
have been built In Canada after the>nk' l*J,nb ° <° '"■' "'^ °< «»,„M1"-1 M
filing of the tender. ! ,ster otr p (bllc Wo*J "fi t0.'° J"*  M
Each tender must be accompanied g»* °'"» "i"01)" ot ,tbe 'cnder..#,
by an accepted cheque on a chartered ionds ° , hc Dominion of Canada or fe
bank, payable to the order of the Min-,bonds °' „h= Canadian National Rail- «
Ister of Public Works, for 5 per centiwa> Company will also be accepted as ^
of the contract price, but no cheque to'SL'™''.'>' 01 b°nds and a cheque if re-
be for less than S500.00. Bonds of the I llu'r5,d <° '»a,kc W™ odd """>«» •, .
Dominion of Canada or bonds of the1 ,N°TE-Blue, pf nftshca" bc °btaincd „
Canadian National Railway Company!"1 th s D partn.ent by deposi ing an ,M
. . ! accepted cheque for the sum of 510.00.' C*
payable to the order of the Minister
of Public Works, which will be returned if the intending bidder submit
a regular bid.
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, July 3, 1929.
The Toronto Star.
Smith  -  Miller
University District Herald. Seattle:
The marriage ol Miss Vera Miller, I ty-four pounds.
Thc First Glads
The first gladioli of the season were
. brought in on July 6th by Mr. Frank
i Pigott.
Campbell River. July 8.—The fishing
fleet is busy in the vicinity of Cape
Mudge. one currier belonging to the
Quathiaski  Cove  Cannery  coming  in.
  last   Saturday   with   fifteen   hundred;    Mr. W. A. W. Hames. who has been
The following acocunt of the recent b.uebacfcs. Thirty cents is being ^\*JW**m «M£j*J ^ *J
wedding ol Mr Stewart Smith and""' <-"«* fish. A number of springs vcd noticc trom the Department
Mis i Vera Mi ler is taken from The have been caught here by sportsmen, this week that his appointment as such
Miss  veia ..     ,_,„__.„_.      | Th(, |t one l0 datB wc,Bnea twen-, h:.d been rescinded.   Mr. Hames still
Several  others over'«tains the position
,, ,    . Irate of the City,
daughter of Mrs. Gertrude Caraway ot, the   twenty   pound  mark   have■ been ,    .
Alberta (who was unable to be present j brought tin.   On Saturday morning, C.     Mr.   William   Shilcock   returned  to
at  the  wedding)   to Mr. T.  Stewart Yorker, who has been Courtenay on Sunday last accompan
Unit!,'  of C°ofu^eUa,nB.c:5wSrS spending a holiday in this district -J*. b>' his niece. Miss M. Gilbert, and
emnized Wednesday evening. June 28, successful in landing five nice springs
at thc home of Mrs- William F. AUl-,nenr the mouth of the river,
son.   The Rev. Craig CI. Whltsltt pel'-'   mi(h ^ ^ guld(,
formed the double ring ceremonj
of Police Magls-
. they are the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
R. Cooke.
will be accepted as security, or bonds
and a cheque if required to make up
an odd amount.
By order,
Department og Public Works,
Ottawa, June 24, 1929.
Dyers and Dry Cleaners
Special family laundry rate.
Orders left at the Ritz Cafe,
'phone 150, Cumberland will receive prompt attention. A trial
order will convince you.
Telephones: Courtenay, 226
Cumberland 150
Pure Strawerry Jam, 4a per tin   65c
Pure Raspberry, Peach, Apricot Jam. tin   65c
Canned Tomatoes, 2 tb. tins ,15c, 7 for $1.00
Jell-Jell Jelly Powders, assorted, 4 for 30c
Fancy Mixed Biscuits, 35c per tb., 3 tbs for . . $1.00
Crisp Lemon Snaps, 30c tb., 2 lbs. for 55c
Family size packet Sodas, each  25c
Clothes Baskets, 3 sizes, extra special at, small
Medium Size 	
Large Size 	
Full Stock of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
For Service For Quality
The house was charmingly decorated in pink and white rosea and peon- i
ies. Tall lighted tapers provided the!
Preceding the ceremony, Fraiilt
Kernohan sang "Ich Licbe Dich," accompanied by Gordon Dixon, who also
played tlie wedding marches. Miss
Evelyn Bachter played the violin obligate.
The bride was lovely in a shell pink
georgette fashioned with a tiered skirt
and a white bertha collar falling to a
cape effect In the back. She carried
a shower bouquet of roses. Her only
attendant, her sister, Miss Edwina
Miller, was gowned in peach-colored
crepe  and  satin.    She  carried  sweet
Courtenay Locals
Mr. R. E, Ronalds, formerly of this
district, now residing at Pysht, Wash-
is visiting here with his family after
an absence of sixteen years.
Mr.s. Byron MacDonald, of San
Francisco, who Is in the district on a
short holiday having motored from
the southern state, is spending a few
days with Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Cooper.
Cumberland Locals
Charlie Dalton
Meets Boat at Union Bay Every
Sunday Morning
Mrs. J. N. Brown, of Port Alberni.
is visiting in the district.
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Cooper and
daughter Taddy and Mrs. R. T. Cooper
motored to Nanaimo over thc weekend and Mr. Cooper and his mother
went over tu Vancouver for a few
days' holiday.
Mrs. K. Hrown left for Vancouver
Friday morning and will spend a
week or so ihere with her daughter,
Mrs, Lobley and grandson returned
to her home in Nanaimo on Friday.
peas in pastel shades.
Mr. Smith was attended by William
N. Allison.
Assisting at the reception which fol-|
lowed were Mrs. W. F. Allison, Mrs. J.     ...     ,     ,   „       , ,        „
B.   Oliver   and   the   Misses   Diadama     Ml-^ Annie Kom left on Tuesday for
woodin,   Emma   Grace   Bliss,   Helen a weeks vacation in Vancouver.
*    *    ♦
Mr.  A. T.  Searle and  family, who {
Thomson and Rose Thomson.
The    out-of-town    guests    included;, ---     -
Mrs. Herbert Smith of Courtenay, B.C., na«   been   no^aying   In   Vancouver
Mrs. Amy Ben  (aunt  of the groom) I a»d VK'!n ty tor the »X* tw» weekSl
of   Vancouver,   B.C..         ^_,,u; returned to town on Wednesday.
The ladies bridge club met this
week on Thursday evening at the
limn, of Mrs. J J. Potter. Three
tables of bridge were in play the prize
winner*   being:    ladles'    first,    Mrs.
Charles Knabb
and Miss Dorothy Curry of Snohomish.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith are graduates
of thc University where hc is a member of the Alpha Kappa Lambda and
of Phi Mu Alpha.
After July  Id, Mr. and Mrs.  Smith
will   bo   at   home   at   th    ""
adies' second, Mrs. J. Devlin
consolation, Mrs. J. Watson. Those
present were Mesdames Prior. Davidson, J. Devlin, Hudson, (iear, Quinn
J. Watson. C. Whyte. A. Clark.. Genge.
and IC. Hrown.
Another distinguished visitor to |
Courtenay over the week end was Mr.'
Georg Leichner a reporter for Germany and abroad of the "Leipziger
Abendpost," and of the "Frankfurter
Illustrierte Blatt," of Leipzig, Germany. Mr. Leichner is at present touring Canada and sending home accounts of his travels which run in
serial form in the two newspapers. In
his Canada tour he has taken in all
the out of the way places from
Churchill on the Hudson Bay right
across Canada. After visiting U.S.A.
and then home for a short rest he will
again set out for a two months tour
of Australia and the New Zealand
A water pipe
was driven
through the
When city workmen were
putting in a new water service line in Vancouver on
June 14, the water pipe was
driven through a telephone
cable, putting about 000 telephones out of order.
With 150 pounds of water'
pressure lo drive it on the
water pipe had punched its
way through thc wooden
duct enclosing the cable, the
lead sheath and thc service
wires, and soaked the lines
with water, a deadly enemy
of telephone circuits.
Telephone men went without sleep and worked steadily for two days, restoring
sen1 Ice.
Messrs. P. L. Anderton. J. N. McLeod and E. L. Macdonald went to
Victoria to-day to attend the annual
meeting of thc Associated Boards of
Trade of Vancouver Island. I    The drawing in aid of the Cumber-
*.   *,  *    .   „ hand Cricket  Club for 30 gallons of
Mr.  Ross  Galbraith,  of   Vancouver,;        , ,   ,     .,,,,,
■ ■■• i frnaollne will positively be held this
k end.
Grandestalis spending a few weeks' vacation withl w
I Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Cooper. j tt
Ma gives
the children
Comox Jersey Ice Cream
*   .
Friday and Saturday, July 12 and 13
Do you buy
the Cheapest
Don't be misled by an inferior article which
is a few cents cheaper.   There is only
one quality
Start the SUMMER right with a
sold by the
Cumberland Electric
Lighting Co., Ltd.
£i7iS^0iSiiQfiui jji H. £rffnS 1G1 fins rOnCr, li:, Tlj, ii,ti, ;u.i.\S:, iii, ;f:i A'r. ;L. frtiGaEiiJI
flEAMEN, stevedores, stokers!   All ashore.   Ship's tn.   Seamen
who haven't sot foot on land for months, stevedores seek their
docks of New York.   A rouser underway.   Georae Bancroft, star
of the "The Drag Net." rousing lt with the best of them.   Stlr-
Cumberland and Union
Waterworks Co., Ltd.
Phone 75
A. B. CLINTON, Manager.
scene, directed by Josef von Stern.
.a       ring melodrama ln a new scene, directed ny josci von ~
f| R       ♦♦■♦♦••♦♦**■♦       m
"Because it i*:
i rich in pure Cream." But the children
are more interested in the cold, smooth, tastiness ot
Jersey Ice Cream and so will you be once you sit down
to enjoy this wonderful treat.
 * * *	
Comox Creamery Association
Courtenay, B. C.
July 15th and 10th
JHERE the West begins.
There Is romance and
danger. Magnificent scenic
backgrounds, reproduced ln
natural colors. Desert, mountains, prehistoric dlir dwellings. Framing a story of rare
power and charm.
Also Comedy and News Reel
0 Wednesday-Thursday,July 17-18 |
1 Romance of the Underworld | |j
ALEX MAXWELL, Proprietor.
Autos for Hire.   Coal and Wood Hauling given very
prompt attention.   Furniture and Piano
Storage if desired.
Phones 4 and 61 Cumberland, B.C.
|    ►   ♦   ♦   m   ♦:-♦.   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦
Aulomobile Side  Curtains Repaired
Also Harness Repairs
Orders left at Henderson's Candy Store will receive
f®=     PROMPT ATTENTION     °m
The titlo describes Hip story—a romance and drama of the underworld with ninny thrilling situations woven into nn absorbing plot, relieved by line Hashes of comedy ami humor.
mem xi3t^'-z.:-zrz. x
David Hunden, Jr.
of all descriptions
FRIDAY, JULY 12th, 1929.
In every sorts of building materials.
Royston Lumber Co.
PHONFS ) N,B,lt ca"s: 1:14X c°url0"aJ'
1 Office:  159 Cumberland.
Plan of Picnic Ground at Union Bay
Is To Tires
Tune in
"The Voice oj Firestone"
livery Monday Nighl
7 pan. Eastern Standard Time
XBC Network
As thc film of oil prevents friction of metal
parts, so docs the film of
rubber surrounding every
fibre and strand of Firestone cord, protect it
against heat and friction
within the cord due to
continued flerdng.
Gum - Dipping assures
you most mileags for
least money—with greatest safety, crv.rtfort and
satisfaction—when you
equip your car with
Atwater Kent
Asl; Your
Uvawr FTiHE »>l*l bugbear oi Hummer
A reception in forever gone!
At water Kent Ratlin brings in
your stations dear und strong,
with lint* •selectivity and peri'eel
Dintributora lor Hritish Columbia:
> SlaJio Sales 5f rv£te SUmiitcc! ^zzr
Canadian Medical Association
See your local Firestone Dealer.
•Phone 8
Bullda thc Only
•MMi9M0 f(Mi sS
King forests or smoking chimneys'
Over one-half of all Canada's industries depend on wood
as a raw material. When the forests are destroyed mills
mustclosedown, raihvayearnings must suffer, trade must
stagnate and prosperity must vanish.
Iuued by authority n[
Honourable Charlti Stewart,
Minitter ol the Inttrior.
THE splendid appointments -*f   ■■    | jf)
of the CONFEDERATION ffJ'~<r
afford   luxurious  relaxation. __—-,«^/^*^f,
Serving all the principal cities
•rs    ■   , .
on the prairies, this last word in
modern rail express fulfills every
desire for speed and comfort
Through Ihe
Fraser Canyon
in daylight.
Good Service
Reasonable Chargei
A I.I. STF.BL equipment,
radlfi and th. world*
lamnui C. SR I'mimal
"Continental Limited*
Mutual Uailrait50n.m,
anadian National
P. P. Harrison
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public
M.tin Office
Courtenay      ■—■      Phone  25S
Local Office
Cumberland Motel In Evenings
Telephone 115H or 24
Questions conuratni HwRh, ad*
dressed to the Canadian Medical
Association, 184 College St., Toronto, will be answered personally
by correspondence.
Why Diptheria Should Be
Year after year, diptheria takes a
toll of human Uvea. In Canada, during the year 1927, 1,010 Uvea were lost
on account of this disease. In addition, the toll entails pain and expense,
as well as more or less damage to
those who suffer and recover.
There is no disease about which we
know more than we do about diptheria. The germ which causes 11 is
known. Tlie manner of spread of the
disease is understood. It is one of
the few diseases for which a specific
cure is available, providing the remedy is used very early in the disease.
In addition to all this, we know bow
the disease may be prevented.
This means that we know that all
cases of diptheria which now occur
can be prevented.    We can say tint'
the thousand  lives  lost  In   1927  because of this disease would have been
saved  if  our  knowledge  concerning
diptheria had  been  used.    The  pre
vention of diptheria Is based upon the
plan of making each individual resistant to the disease, This means
that he is rendered immune—that
his body is given the forces with
which to overcome diptheria germs
nnd the poisons which these germs
give off when they hive gained a
foot-hold in the human body.
It is not only .possible, inn it Is
practical to secure tliis power to resist, called Immunity, through the
process of diptheria Immunization.
When diptheria toxoid Is Injected Into ilie body to produce its lighting
forces against diptheria. These fighting forces are then ready to be called upon in case the diptheria enemy
appears. Diptheria immunization is
preparedness agnlnsl the disease.
Because diptheria takes such a
large toll amongst young children,
Immunization should noi be postponed after bhe firsl  birthday.    A  wide
experience enables us to say Ihat in
children under six years of age, the
injections ilo mu cause any upset,
and most satisfactory results are obtained.
Now is the time to have your young
children Immunized in order to protect them against tliis disease. Do it
Sunday was the Welsh People's picnic held at Millard's Beach, and needless to say the Welsh people of the
Valley, and' their many friends were
to the fore enjoying a good time In
splendid weather.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Salisbury from
Winnipeg are spending their annual
summer holiday with Mrs. Thomas
Mr. N. Harvey was one of a deputation to Nanaimo on Saturday on urgent problems connected with the Conservative party.
The people of the Valley are impatiently waiting for something to be
done on the corner of their rond as
lt turns on to the Island Highway.
Mr. Harvey got a petition signed by
all the valley people, hut it seems the
powers that be won't pay and attention to this petition, and some one will
have to be smashed or killed before
a move is made. So many are attending the beach now, a little move
on the part of the Public Works Dept.
would be appreciated.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Horwood frotn Sookc
were visitors on Sunday to Mr. and
Mrs. F. Horwood.
Courtenay Juniors
Defeat Local
Ball Tossers
The   -Junior    Baseball    League    got
away to a good start on Sunday afternoon  at   tlie   Lewis   Park   when  the
Cumberland  team came down to play
the  first  game  with   the  Courtonay
team, the latter winning with a score
of 15 to 4.    The garni* was scheduled
to start at 2.30 but the visitors did not I
show up  until after three and as a;
consequence many who had come at;
the earlier hour left before tne game
got   under   way     As   it   was,   a   good \
crowd   stayed   through   thc   sweltering,
heat to witness the game
Trunk Mining
Trails Given
(Continued from Page One)
Further Information I'riim K. IV. Blckle telephone :i'>. Cuniberland, IM'* or
write C. F, F-urlc, District 1'nHnenger Agent, Victoria, IM .
Dental Surgeon
Office. Cor. of Dunsmuir Avt.
Opposite  llo-llo Theatre
Union Hay
Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Brown have as
their guest their daughter Mrs. J. H.
Doney, of Spokane, Wash,
• • •
Mrs. I. Mulr returned Irom Victoria
on Saturday.
*   •   •
= I Miss Greta Kay spent the week end
■ ■ in Nanaimo.
• !    Mr. and Mrs.  E.  B. Hirst left on
• ] Thursday for Seattle where they will
• ! make their home in future.
I [ Mr. and Mrs. Doug. Brown of Van-
! . couver are receiving congratulations
. upon the birth of a boy born at Van-
,'.' couver on July 6th, 1929.
Quinn pitched the first six Innings
and his bends kept the visitors guess*
ing. Charlie Sutton finished on the
not together quite a snappy team
Courtenay mound. The juniors have
which will In time work up some good Assistant Provincial Mlnerologtst and
material for promotion to ihe seniors; Provincial Aasayer, had been appoint'
if "Dad" Dixon can buy, beg, or steal! 0tl temporarily to assist   Dr,  Mandy,
way at Boston Bar.
Consideration also is being given
to the construction of a similar trail
In the more southerly part of the
Province. Mr. P, ll, Freeland, Resident Mining Engineer, wtlb bead-
quarters al Drank Forks, has recommended that a tractor trail be constructed following a line as near as
possible ou the surveyed trans-provincial road, between the end of the
road now in use out of Princeton tn
Uie Forks of the Pa.sayton and Slmtl-
kameen Rivers, thence In a southerty
direction to effect a junction with the
present Asbnola trail, which connects with the Iledley-Keremos motor
road. The necessary surveys have
been ordered, and it Is expected that
much, if not all, of the work will be
accomplished this year.
In discussing the oilier activities of
the Department of Mines, Mr. McKenzle was asked for details regarding his proposals in connection with
the appointment of Mr. C. \v. Moore,
as assistant Resident Mining Engineer No. - Mineral Survey District.
He said that Mr. Moore already had
taken up bin duties, that his headquarters would be at Prince George,
hut that In the meantime, as much of
his work would in the Cariboo District, ho would be working oul of the
town Of Quesnel. Mr. Moore had been
instructed to make a thorough survey,
from the point of view of the practical placer operator of this section of
the   province.     He   also   would   relieve
Mr. Douglas Lay of some of his responsibilities relative to applications
for trial construction to placer properties under the "Mines Development
Act." It was Mr, McKenzle's hope
that Mr. Moore would be able to make
suggestions a n d recommendations
which would be nf material use to
those interested in the stimulations
of placer mining.
Ii was also explained by Lhe Minister that, although applications were
Invited for the position of Assistant
Resident  EJngtneer In  No.  l   Mineral
Survey District, PO replies wero received. As Dr. J. T. Maud} newlj appointed Resident Engineer with bead-
quarters ar Prince Ruporl hadtaken
on his work as recently as the i-t ol
June last, iu the middle of 'be open
season, thus finding an accumulation
of important work to «ngage bis attention, ii waa found necessary to do
something to relieve him of al least
some of the pressure Consequently
Mr    Horbi rl   Carmichael,   formerly
Mr Carmichael bad Intended making a irip ror ibe purpose of Inspecting various mining properties in lhe
Atlln and other northern parts of tbe
Province,     Ha   Is    undertaking   this
their release from Dirk Damonte.
The Cumberland team tried the services of three different mound artists
during the game, Kenchi starting, Alt-
ken then trying to .stem the tide oil bepartraonlal work without .alary on
runa the local, were .ending In and; ^ m,imtutilng „„,.. ,„.,. „,„ re8.
sonablo ordinary travelling and living
expenses will be paid. In return for
ibis Mr Carmlchael'a reports on
properties will he made available
firsi io the Department, and In the
Atlln section particularly be will be
able io su limit ret ommendatlons in
connection wltha number of applications l"1"' 'rail construction which do
not permit of the delay which would
bQ necessary if they were lo await
Dr. Mandy'a conveniences.
finally Moyer, but they all looked alike.
Tlie score by innings was as follows:
Courtenay 5 43 21000 —15    !
Cumberland 001001200—4
The teams were:
Courtenay—McNeil ss, Sutton 2b and
p, E. Thompson rf, Fred Stevens cf,;
R. Laver c, Bump Plercy lb, C. Laver
If, Quinn p» E. Orr 3b.
Cumberland—Toyo c. Kenchi p and
lb„ Aitken lb and p, James 2b, Watson
| ss, M. Stewart 3b, Moyer If and p,
: Stewart cf, dark  rf. Summerville 2b, is spending u vacation at Forbes Land-
Mr  Hennlng Berg, of San Francisco,
owner of property at  Campbell River
McFarlane cl, Tom Robinson lb.
FRIDAY, JULY 12th, 1929.
Cumberland Personals
Outing Shirts
with collars attached or
with soft collars to match
are now featured for
summer and vacation
wear. They provide real
summer-time comfort for
work or play.
Attractive new stripes,
checks and popular plain
The Forsyth Insurance
Policy assures you of complete shirt satisfaction.
Hatchways no-Button Underwear the garment every man
should use for the warm days.
Sizes 34 to 44, per suit .... $1.50
Week end  visitors at  the Beaufort
House .guests of Lt.-Col. Charles W.
Vllllers Included Mr. and Mrs. H, B.
Robertson, son and (laughter of Vancouver. Mr. A. T. Goward, vice-president in charge of tlie Island branch
I of tho British Columbia Klectric Rail-
I way and party and General and Mrs.
I Money of Qualicum.
Mr. Waller Helming, nt' t'oninx. was
j a visitor in Cumberland on Tuesday
iu connection with the Forestry Association.
Mr. Guy Curwen a former manager
ni ihe Cumberland Branch of the
Royal .lank of Canada, was a visitor
io Cumberland durine, ttie week.
1 fnmll
day I
and  Mrs. W.  P. Synv
motored to Nanaltn
al   to meet Mrs. Symom
spending n vacation 1
ins and
on Sun-
i' slater
n Gum-
Mrs. I,. II. Finch returned this week
after ".pending a delightful holiday in
Mr. Lloyd Geidt of the Gumbcrl
Motor   Work
il   duri
   inonojilione.    The  pn
of Hie Works believes in kcepii
I lo (lute Willi tlie limes .as tin
I plumes aro now being largely
in all large centres.
ing up
Young Men's Silk Vests, no
sleeves, very comfy. Price per
garment     $1.00
Stripe trunks for the boy who
want something smart and up-
to-date.   Prices. $1.00 and $1.2,")
Mrs. Young and daughter and Mrs.
Stanaway of Seattle, who have been
spending a few days in town as the
guests of Mrs. Vale, returned to their
home on  Saturday.
Mrs. Thos. Bales and Mrs. Liddell
who have been visiting with friends in
the district returned to Vancouver on
Miss Marion Brown is spending a
vacation with her parents, Mr, and
Mrs. John Brown.
Mr. Samuel Henedrson of San Francisco who has been spending a weeks'
vacation with his parents Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Henderson Sr., returned south
Mr. and Mrs. McQuirter and family left on Monday for thier home in
Miss Margaret Richardson of Vancouver arrived in town on Sunday and
will spend two months here.
, Miss Kathleen O'Brien of Welling-
I ton arrived in town last week and is
| visiting with her sister, Mrs. A. Pilling.
• *    •
Miss N. Robertson and Miss Carrie
Richardson left on Friday for Victoria
where they will attend the Summer
i School.
j Mr. and Mrs. A, Ronald and daughters, Thelma and Mrs. Byron McDon-
l aid. motored from San Francisco and
are spending a weeks' vacation at Royston. Mr. and Mrs. Bevis accompanied
the party from Nanaimo and are also
camping at Royston.
• •    •
Miss Prisciila Cloutier arrived in
town the flrst of the week and is
visiting with her grand-parents, Mr.
Mr.s. J. Potter.
Mrs. Russell and Miss Barbara Phil-
ilips, who have been visiting Mrs. G.
' W. Clinton, left for Portland on Sunday. They were accompanied by Miss
Audrey Phillips who will spend a short
i vacation there.
! Mr. and Mrs. James Gibb, of Cum-
I berland announce tlie engagement of
j their daughter. Allison Watson to
i Alexander G. Mann, eldest son of Mr.
land Mrs. Mann, of Cumberland, the
i wedding to take place on Friday. July
'the 10th.
a     a     a
Mr. and Mrs. ('. O'Brien motored
to Victoria on Friday last, returning
on    Sumlay   accompanied    by   their
I daughter, Edith.
* *    *
1    Misses   I.   and   G.   McFadyen   left
Thursday last for Vancouver.
Mr. T. Conti left on Monday for
: Black Diamond. Mrs. Conti acconv
:panied him as far as Cassidy where
:she will spend a short holiday.
Miss Sadie Brown left on Saturday
for Victoria to attend Summer school.
a     a     a
Mr. and Mrs. E. Horwood and family
of Sooke arrived in town Sunday to
visit with Mrs. S. Horwood.
* *    *
Mr.  Fred  Dawson  left  on  Sunday
for Calgary.
Miss Pearl Hunden and Miss Charlotte Carey left on Sunday for Victoria
where they will attend Summer School.
* •    *
Mr. and Mrs, George E. Apps and
family are spending two months in
tiie  Eraser  Valley.
WANTED -Large quantity Douglas
Fir and Cellar Piling, all size-i.
Quote prices f.o.b, shipping points.
Advise quantities can supply, when
can ship. Spot cash. Niedermeyer-
Martiu Lumber Co.. Portland. Ore.
The Central
'Barber Shop
nil Room A
ror Ladies and Gents.
'        Next to Shorty's i'ool Room A. GATZ, Prop.
For Ladies and Gents.
Cumberland, B.C.
x-**#************** •
Again We Lead!
The only Hydraulic Hoist     north of Nanaimo is to
i>o found ai the
This enables us Lo give service second to none in the
district, with our washing machine and high pressure
oil gun.
Try our Greasing and Washing Contract
— wo roach all movable parts.
Agents  [or:
Seiberling and Dominion Tires
Cumberland Motor Works
Phone 77
Lake Cumberland
(formerly Comox Lake)
One and a half miles from the city
Boats for Hire
Row Boats. $1,00 per day
Outboard Motors $4.00 per day
;: .
Good Fishing
Mountain Climbing
A paradise tor the camera man
Store at the Lake
JOE REES, Proprietor
SlUIMIor Train Service
"Confodoration" leaves Vancouver
10.30 a.m. daily for Kamloops, Jasper,
Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Brandon Winnipeg, and Toronto making
close connections for all Ontario nnd
Southern polnta.
"Continental Limited" leaves Vancouver 11,50 p.m. Dally for Kamloops.
Jaaper, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Ottawa. Montreal, making close
connection tor Maritime and United
Suites polnis. Thla train carries
through standard sleeper to Chicago
via Dututh and also through standard
steeper to Kelowna via Armstrong and
Slimmer Slcamship Service from
Alaska sailings every Monday S.00
p.m. via Prince Rupert,
Prlnco Rupert, Anyox ami Stewart
sailings every Wednesday and Saturday at S.00 p.m.
Weekly sailings' to Queen Charlotte
The Comox District Central Conservative Association will hold a
monster pienic at Lewis Park, Courtenay on Saturday, August 3rd, when
Hon. R. B. Bennett, leader of the Conservative party in the Federal House
will adress the gathering. Sports and
cricket matches will feature the day's
Work at the new Cumberland bowling green la proceeding very satisfactory. The ground has been prepared
and Is now ready for the top soil,
which will be put in next week. The
fencing will alao be started next week.
It Is felt that the green will be -ready
for playing on next summer.
• •    •
The Royston Lumber Company has
recently installed a No. 4 American
mill on their limit close to Perseverance Trail. Power will be obtained from a forty horsepower Diesel
Engine and the mill will have a capacity of approximately twelve thousand feet per day.
• *    *
Cumber landers moving down to
Gartley's Beach for tho summer include Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Mumford.
Mrs. E. R. Hicks and son. Mrs. G. K.
MacNaughton and family aud Mr and
Mrs. E. Robinson and family.
• *    •
Mr. J. Horhury is visiting in Vancouver.
• •    •
Mrs. Boffey and daughter are spending a holiday in Seattle. On their return ,Mlss Boffey who is employed
in the Cumberland office of the B.C.
Telephone Company will be transferred to Campbell River.
• •   •
Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Murray are
spending the summer vacation in
• •    •
Quite a lot of activity is noticed among the garage proprietors In Cumberland and Royston these days. The
builder Is busy on the new garage for
Hariing & Ledingham at the corner
of Dunsmuir avenue and Fourth st,
which will considerably brighten up
the lower end of t.he main street.
• •    •
Mr. Lloyd Geidt of the Cumherland
Motor Works, next to the Post Office
has installed in his new building this
week a hyraulic revolving lift, which
it is claimed is the only hydraulic lift
north of Nanaimo.
• •    *
Henderson  Motors, on Third street
have also made many improvements
to their building during the last week
or two, installing two new gas pumps,
greasing and washing racks, and giving the building a thorough overhauling and painting.
At Royston, Mr. A. J. Edwards, intends to buiid a new machine shop al
the corner of the Island highway and
the Cumberland Road. It will have a
frontage of forty feet and will extend
back thirty feet. The building will
be built on concrete foundations and
will be above the level of the highway.
Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir)
Limited Employees, Annual
Picnic Committee
In view of the fact that iu previous
years certain persons secured benefits from the annual picnic in the
form of refreshments for the kiddies
when they most certainly were not
entitled to them, the committee has
decided to issue kiddies refreshments
tickets at various departments where
pay-statements are issued.
This Issue will be made on Wednesday. July l"th, and married men
are requested to make application
for tickets for their wives and children on that date.
For the purpose of this notice, single men who are supposing their widowed mother^ will be considered as
married men and the Issue of tickets
will be made accordingly.
Your whole hearted assistance in
this matter is earnestly solicited us
we are desirous of giving you a full
100 per cent satisfaction.
Absolutely no kiddies refreshments
tickets will he Issued on the picnic
grounds.and no persons will be serv-
d with any refreshments unless said
refreshments tickets are presented at
ihe refreshments stands.
When applying for tickets at the
above named points please b« prepared to answer the following questions:
(1) How many children have you
'ittending school?
(2) How many children have you
who are not yet of school age?
We  again   ask  you   to   help   us   to
help you.
Signed on  behalf of the executive.
W.  HENDERSON..IR..  President.
CHARLES O'BRIEN,  Bec'y-Treai,
Mrs. W. Stevens Brown, and young
son, of Toronto are spending a vacation with Mrs. Brown's parents. Mr.
and Mrs. L. R. Stevens.
• *     •
Mr. and Mrs. J. Murdoch have as
their guests, Mrs. A. Steel of South
• »    *
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Robertson, had
as their guests during the week, Mr,
and Mrs. Finch and daughter, of Vancouver, who are on a motor tour of
tlie island
Mra. Earl Fletcher and children of
N'anaimo are the guests of Mrs. Fletcher's sister,  Mrs. R.  H.  Robertson,
• *     a
Miss Jessie Grant of Victoria was
a visitor io the district during lhe
• *    *
Mr. Alec. McNlven, of Seattle, who
achieved fame last year by catching
a fil-Ib. salmon at Little River is back
again in the district and intends to
try his luck once more.
f   •   •
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Colltng.e of
Ladysmlth, were visitors in the district during the paBt week, Mr. Coinage is the well known publisher of
the   Ladysmith   Chronicle.
Fifty Coming to British Columbia Under Empire Settlement Scheme
Fifty boys from England between
the ages of fourteen and nineteen
years, will be brought to British Columbia and placed on farms in the
Province and assisted later to own
their own farms under arrangements
made by Hon. William Atkinson, minister of agrictulture, with the Empire
Settlement Scheme and the Dominion
The lads become farmers ou their
own lands when they reach the age of
twenty-one years, provided they have
saved $500 Which they are prepare!
to invest in purchasing land. At that
time $1,250 is put up by the Imperial
Government and a like sum by the
Dominion Government. The Provincial Government may contribute $250
of the amount advanced by the Dominion Government and be free froi.i
further responsibility, or may co-op-
orate with the Dominion in selng that
tiie farm is properly developed. Ontario will take about 1,200 boy
under the scheme. Manitoba 101 and
Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia 63
zamz ::?*Kr;; m&:-zmkH?.3mx:zmrz^mm: :i«<kc::;:s»k;
♦ i
I    when you know that - even if  |
you do get sunburned
there is always
Lang's Cream of Lilies
> Lang's Drug Store \
. "It Pays to Deal at Lang's" «
* 1
-a-   **■   -a-   ♦    ♦    •*•    ♦    ♦   ♦    ♦-♦.:«
Mann's Bread
To Mr. and Mis. Hoist Thrall, of
Sandwlck. on July 4th at St. Joseph's
Hospital, a son.
To Mr. and Mrs. Wallace V. Fenton,
of Courtenay. on July 8th at St. Joseph's Hospital, a daughter.
•    ♦     ♦♦■♦•.♦•..
for this
Saturday j
7 tbs. New Potatoes  25c
2'/2 lbs. Green Peas   25c
4 Bunches Carrots   25c
I Bunches Beets   25c
7 lbs New Cabbage   25c
sa^.xmry.xatez.sm   ♦ ,:.-«••
Telephone 98
••.:.•*■..: mmcsaaczsm   ->
1 lb. Tomatoes   25c
Watermellon, 3 lbs.   25c
Big Red Plums, per Ibj... 20c
Bing Cherries, 2 lbs,   15c
Peaches, per dozen 40c
The Dairy
XO  OTHER  BREAD  quite  satisfies  when  one  has
made :i practice of eating Mann's Bread.
A       There's a flavor, a wholesomeneaa and a sense of
"       satisfaction   In  our  bread  that leaves a  lingering
desire for more of the same kind.
Try Sandwiches with Our Bread
Mann's Bakery
. Custard  Pies linked to Order,
f       Lemon   Pies I.oraon  Tarts
Apple   Pies Raisin   Pies
*♦•   •♦•   ♦   mez. -»■••»■   tats taaxemat
A Trip to Lake
Surely there's no better way to spend this Saturday
than at the Water Sports at the Lake—your day will
be complete if you purchase your food necessities at
Mumford's Grocery
"Everything for the Picnic Basket*
Phone 71
Deliveries Daily
(Don't  forget the Garden Party at Beaufort House
Grounds on Wednesday, July 17th).
I'liriiiinitliiii nf thp Uf) uf ('llluucrltnid
Take notiee that 1 Jersey Heifer
Impounded July 3rd, will, unless
elalnied be sold at puhllo aucllon io
defray expenses, on Wednesday. July
17th, 11129. at 2 p.m.
W. II. COPE, City Clerk
Wc Deliver
HEALED TENDERS will bo received by the undersigned "P till ti p.m.
on Saturday. August 3rd, for the repairing or the foundation or ihe Cumberland United Churol. Hall, Sills I
and posts to be renewed where necessary. Cement blorks to hp placed
under each post.
Lowest or nny tender not neees-
sarlly accepted.
Further particulars may be obtained from lho secretary of the Cumberland United Church.
Box 276,
38-31 Cumberland,   B.C.
!        Opposite Ilo-Ilo Theatre        ;
jj Cumberland, B. C. i
■ Practical Barber & Hairdresser,   j
;   Children's hair cut any style 35c   •
■ Ladies' hair cut any style 50c
Nowadays is bitterly hostile to
any form of foolishness which
endangers life and property.
The Reckless Driver, the Man
Who Rocks the Boat, the Man
Who Didn't Know it was Loaded
are gradually disappearing under
pressure of public opinion. The
Man Who is Careless with Fire
is the greatest menace of them
all. Let public opinion
focus upon him.
Rates      ;
asonahle ;
; Commercial   ,ilnf-r>|
; Headquarter!  JjV/HL.I    n,.,
j Itoums Sieam Heated
; W. MF.I1II1KIELD, Prop.


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