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The Islander Nov 24, 1917

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£«giilation Library
THE lSLANDER^established 1910.
With which is Consolidated The Cumberland News.
THE CUMBERLAND NEWS established 1894
VOL. VIII., No. 36
Subscription price, $2.00 per year
A sentry with fixed bayonet guarding Gen. and Mrs. Sukhomlinoff during
the trial of the two.    They were charged with high treason, fraud, and
breach of trust.   The former Minister of War was sentenced to hard labor
for life.
London, Nov. 21.—In one of
his longest communiques, Field
Marshal Sir Douglas Haig,
Commander of the British troops
in France, thrilled the British
nation today with news of perhaps the most striking victory
yet achieved on the western
front, and certainly, owing to
the novel phases of the British
attack, a victory reviving hope
at a very gloomy period.
"The Hindenburg line smashed, "was the giant caption in the
e-ening papers and aptly focuses
the point engaging public interest nnd attention, and although
there was no bell-ringing or other marked sign of public jubilation, wherever men gathered together there was acclamation of
the brilliant accomplishment of
Field Marshal Haig and Gen.
Byng and discussion of the surprising features of the attack-
first, its secrecy and surprise to
the enemy; second, astonishment
at the number and novel employment of tanks; third, the absence
of artillery preparation and the
customary barrage fire to assist
the infantry advance; and fourth
there were many guesses why
the tremendous German defensive organizations in the attacked
area, in the word? of one commentator, "melted away" before
the British onslaught.
Everywhere the victory was
heralded as the forerunner of
still bigger things, and the question "what next?" is on everybody's lips, General Byng is the
hero of the hour—the honor of
planning and carrying out the
unique stroke belongs to him—
and his picture and a sketch of
his career appears in all the papers.
The Hindenberg or Siegfried
line was believed by the Germans
to be strong enough to hold back
the world armies. Its triple cordon of three separate trench systems had a central line with openings at frequent intervals,
making it unnecessary for the
troops to move above ground,
thus keeping the garrison safe
under the heaviest gunfire. It
is believed that much of this tunnel now is in the possession of
the British.
Mrs. Simms, teacher of pianoforte, prepares pupils far examinations, elementary and advanced. Phone 37. P. 0. Box
353, Cumberland.
FOR SALE—Five room house
with hot and cold water.
Apply to William Potter.
0. B. Shoebotham, of Vancouver, and Richard Wallace, of
Nanoose Bay, were visitors here
by auto on Monday.
CD. Hobbs, of Victoria, purchasing agent of the Canadian
Collieries washere on an official
visit on Wednesday.
C. H, Macintosh of the pay
roll department of the Canadian
Collieries, left for Nanaimo on
Frank Saw-ford, electrical engineer of the Canadian Collieries
al Union Bay, was here on an
official visit on Wednesday,
Cumberland Victory Loan Cam'
paign is nearing the $25,000
Cumberland Military Tribunal
to date has dealt with 91 cases.
Of this total 67 were allowed, 10
referred to the Medical Board
and 14 disallowed.
Mrs. James* Hood returned
home from a visit to Peachland
on Thursday evening, accompanied by her son and father and
mother, who expect to make
Cumberland their home.
Dance as usual in Ilo Ilo Hall
tonight."" 'pl2.
The Win-the-War Union Committee Rooms are situated on
Third St., opposite the Royal
Bank of Canada, and are open
every evening. Everyone interested in the Win-the-War Union
Government is welcome to attend
the Rooms, whether Liberal or
Conservative. Party lines are
discontinued until the end of the
The ladies of St. George's Presbyterian Church will hold an
Apron Sale and Afternoon Tea
on Wednesday afternoon, November 28, from 3 to 6. Tickets
for the Afternoon Tea 15 cents.
Don't forget the Cumberland
Follies- will give one of their
famous concerts in the Ilo Ilo
Theatre on Friday, November
27th, at 8 p.m., with new songs,
new costumes, new music, and
new scenery and all the latest
Broadway hits. .Those who are
able to judge say that this concert will be better than ever.
Prices: main floor, 30 cents; gallery, 40 cents; box seats, 50 cents.
After the concert a dance will
be held in tne Ilo Ilo Dance
Hall with prices as usual. It is
expected that a four piece orchestra will supply the music for
this dance.
W. N. Carty, of Vanfiouver,
returning officer for the electoral
district of Comox-Alberni, arrived on Monday and remained
at the Court House, Cumberland,
from noon to 2 p.m., of the same
day, and received the following
nominations for the coming federal elections: Herbeit Sylvester
Clements, Win-the-War, Union
Candidate, and William Wallace
Burns Mclnnes, Liberal Candidate. There were only a few
present to hear the result of the
nominations. The election will
take place on Monday, December
17th, between the hours of 9 a.
m., and 5 p.m., at the Provincial
Court House, Cumberland, being
the polling station for Cumberland, Bevan, Minto and Royston
to Trent River.
There are rumors in the air
that one of our prominent citizens may be persuaded to run
for the office of Mayor in the
cqming Municipal Elections.
Win-the-War Unionist Candidate for the
Electoral District of Comox-Alberni, and
who will address a Public Meeting in
the Ilo Ilo Theatre on Wednesday evening, Nov. 28th. George H. Cowan, of
Vancouver, will also address the electors at the same meeting.
The Imperial Oil Company's
Warehouse at Royston is nearing completion. The tanks are
expected to be in position by the
end of the year when gasoline
and oil will be ready for distribution.
Miss C. E. Florence Loring,
of Minto, and Mr. Joseph Shaw
of the same place, and formerly
of Cumberland, were united in
marriage at Nanaimo on Wednesday evening.
The ladies of St. George's
Presbyterian Church will hold
an Apron Sale and afternoon
tea in the church on Wednesday.
Tea will be served between the
hours of 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Price
15 cents.
Service and Holy Communion
will be held in Holy Trinity
Church on Sunday morning at
11 a. m. Rev. Archdeacon Colli-
son, preacher.
Today's program at Ilo Ilo
Theatre, "The Field of Honor,"
with Louise Lovely, an Eddie
Lyons comedy, and a screen magazine.
Miss Ruth Clinton, daughter
of Mr. Geo. W. Clinton, of this
City, has been asked to accept
the position of night superintendent at the Jubilee Hospital of
Victoria, and has temporarily accepted. Miss Clinton left on
Monday to assume her new duties, There is great credit due
this popular young lady in meriting such a promotion. It will
be remembered that Miss Clinton went to the Jubilee Hospital
to receive her training. '
London, Nov. 22.—The six-mile
wedge driven into the German
defences in the British offensive
on the Arras-St. Quentin front is
penetrating still deeper and
spreading out, Reuter's - correspondent at British Headquarters
in France telegraphs to-day.
Demonstrating at the Eastern States Exposition, Springfield, Mass., that girls
as well as men can handle modern farm machinery,     Miss Miller worked
all last summer at the Vassar College Farm of 700 acres, near Poughkeepsie.
The Mwuitt or Fina-ncr offers for r-ubl)c Subscription
Canada's Victory Loan
$150,000,000 5»% Gold Bonds
luring intereit from December lit, 1917, and offered In three maturities, the choice of which is optional with the subscriber, as (ollowit
II year Bonda due December 1st, 1022
10 year Bonda due December 1st, 1027
20 year Bonda due December lit, 1037
Tall Loan la authorised under Act of the Parliament of Canada, and both principal and interest arc a charge upon the Consolidated Revenue Fund.
The amount of thli laiue la $150,000,000, exclusive of the amount (if any) paid by the surrender of bonds of previous Issues, The Minister of Finance
— the right to allot the whole or any part of the amount subscribed in excess of $150,000,000.
The Proceed! of thla Loan will be used for War purpoaee only, and will be spent wholly In Canada.
Principal and Intercut payable In Gold
Denominational   $50, $104, $500 and $1,000
Subscription! must be In sums of $■"') or multiples thereof.
Principal payable without charge at the Office of the Minister of Finance and Receiver General nt Ottawa, nr nt the Office nf the Assistant Receiver
General at Halifax, St. John, Charlottetown, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Retina, Calgary and Victoria.
Interest payable, without charge, half-yearly, June 1st and December 1st, at any branch in Canada of any Chartered Bank.
Bearer or Registered Bonds
Bonds may be registered as to principal or ns to principal and Interest.
Scrip certificates, non-negotiable, or payable to bearer, in accordance with the choice of the applicant for registered or bearer bonds, will he Issued after
allotment In exchange for provisional receipts. When these scrip certificates have been paid in full, ami payment endorsed thereon by the bank receiving the money
they may be exchanged for bonds, when prepared, with coupons attached, payable to bearer, or registered us tu principal, or for fully registered bonds when
prepared, without coupons, in accordance with the application.
Delivery of interim certificates and of definitive bonda will be made through the Chartered Banks.
Bearer bonda with coupons will be issued In denominations of $50., $100., $."><hi,, and $1,000, and may he registered as tt principal only. Fully regis.
tered bo-ds, the interest on which is paid direct to tbe owner by Government cheque, will be issued in denominations of $1,00>>.. f-VKK). or any authorized
multiple of $5,000.
Subject to the payment of 25 cents for each new bond Issued, holders of fully registered bonda without coifpons, will have the right to convert Into bonds
of the denomination of $1,000 with coupons, and holders of bonds with coupon* will have the right to convert into fully registered bonds of authorized denominations without coupons, at any time, on application to the Minister of Finance.
Surrender of Bonds
Holders of Dominion of Canada Debenture Stock, due October 1st, 1910, nnd bonds of the three preceding Domlntoi
have the privilege of surrendering their bonds in part payment for subscriptions to bonds of this issue, under tlie following coi
Debenture Stock, due October     1st. 1010, at Far and Accrued  Interest,
War Loan Bonds, due December 1st, 1025, nt 974 and Accrued Interest.
(The above will be accepted In part payment fur bonds of any of the three maturities of this Issue]
War Loan Bonds, due October 1st, 1031, nt 97'$ and Accrued Interest.
War Loan Bonds, due March 1st', W\7. nt 00 and Accrued Interest.
(These will be accepted In part payment for bonds of the  l!i:i7  maturity ONLY of this Issue.)
Bonds of the various maturities of this issue will. In the event of future Issues of Ilka maturity, or longer, made by tii« Government, other than Issues
made abroad, be accepted at par and accrued Interest, as the equivalent of cash for tho purpose of ttubmripiiuu to such issues.
if Canada War Loan  Issues,
Issue Price   Par
Proa from  taws—including any Income fat—Imposed In pursuance of Irtllsl ttlon enacted hy the Parliament of Canada,
Payment to be made as follows:
on December 1st, 1017
on January 2nd. 101H
on February 1st, 1018
'■(•% on  March   1st, 1018
«« on April     1st, 1018
n on May    1st,' ioietl	
A full half year's Interest will be paid on 1st June, 1018.
Tho Bonds therefore ftlve a net Interest yield to tho Investor of abouti
5.61% on the 20 year Bonds
5.68% on the 10 year Bonds
5.81% on the    5 year Bonds
All payments are to be made to a Chartered Bank for the credit of the Minister of Finance. Failure to pay any instalment when due will render previous
payments liable to forfeiture, and the allotment to cancellation. Subscriptions accompanied by a deposit of 10% of the amount subscribed, must be forwarded
through the medium of a Chartered Bank.    Any branch in Canada of any Chartered Bank will forward subscriptions and issue provisional receipts.
In case of partial allotments the surplus deposit will be applied toward payment of the amount due on the January instalment.
Subscriptions may be paid In full on January 2nd, 1018, or on any Instalment due date thereafter under discount at the rate of 6H% per annum. Under
this provision payment* of the balance of subscriptions may be made as follows:
If paid on January 2nd, 1018, at the rate of 80.10705 per $100.
If paid on February 1st, 1018, at the rate of 70.4O05O per $100.
If paid on March 1st, 1018, at the rate of 50.72274 per $100.
If paid on April 1st, 101S, at the rate of 30.00050 per $100.
Form* Of application may be obtained from any branch in Canada ot any Chartered Bank, or from any Victory 1-o.in Committee, or member theieof,
The books of the Loan will be kept at the Department of Finance, Ottawa.
Applications will be made In due course for the listing of this issue on the Montrcat und Toronto Stock Exchanges.
Subscription Lists will close on or before Htcemher lit, 1911.
Ottawa, November 12tb, 1017. TWO
Irritating Teeth Scientifically Removed
by our Safe Methods.
No Gas.    No Danger.     No sickly after-effects.
Examinations Free.    Strictly High-class Dentistry
with specialization of Plate, Crown
and Bridge work.
It bi'comes a national duty to preserve the health, and to save money.
The body must not be over-fed nor over clothed, but comfort and effici-
ency is desirable. Luxuries are taboo. But a fine wholesome mouth,
with sound, useful teeth—this is one of the prime NECESSITIES, not a
luxury.   Good teeth mean good health.
Dunsmuir Avenue
Site Mautor
Published every Saturday by the Islander
Publishing Company at Cumberland,
B.C., Canada.   Telephone 3-5.
Subscription: One year in advance, $2.00;
Single copies. 5c. Foreign subscriptions
to countries in Postal Union, $2.00
Every citizen is probably ready
to accept the abstract principle
that the practice of thrift and
economy, with the object of ac-
cumu'ating the wherewithal for
purchasing war bonds, is good
for his compatriots: but not all
of tis have applied that principle
to our personal affairs to the extent that is desirable. It may
not then be out of place to briefly
outline practicable methods of
saving by which each one may
get together some additional dollars or hundreds of dollars for
the admirable purpose of lending
to the Government. When the
way is thus plainly charted, refusal to take it is more likely to
involve us in trouble with our re'
Bpective consciences.
The expenditures of individual
iicoiiie producers are mainly un
der the following heads: rents,
board or interest on mortgages;
si mi-capital outlay on such things
as house furniture, pianos, vic-
trolas, motor eais, etc., wages
paid to domestic or personal servants, provisions, amusements,
and the outlay on tobacco, beer
and spirits; holidays or vocation,
Probably if any"!' us sit down
and severely analyze the personal expenditures as above classified, we should find a field for
war ban savings under several
of the heads. In view of the urgency of the Allies' need of funds
it is essential that everyone overhaul the expense account with
the object of saving every possible dollar for supporting our
great cause. It has become bad
form during the psst three years
to give ostentatious or expensive
entertainments and social functions; and similarly, our amusements, recreations, holidayings,
have taken on a soberer aspect.
A certain amount of expenditure
in this line is necessary in order
to sustain health and maintain
productive capacity. It is for
each one of us to say to his conscience that his outlay for such
purposes cannot be further reduced without injury to health
or impairment to energy. If we
cannot say this, there is only one
thing to do-and that is to ap
ply the knife and divert the salvaged funds into the war loans,
As i egards the outlay on provisions and the expenditures on tobacco, beer, whiskey, wine, etc.,
we should have the courage to
apply the same rule. In the cases of the poor and of the people
of moderate means, the high prices have already forced them to
practice the severest economy in
connection with their expenditures for provisions—but the
well-to-do and the rich can, in
some instances, do good service
to their country and mankind
through further regulation of
the kind referred to.
To get good results and to
make healthy or satisfactory recoveries from the expense account, which will be available for
war loan subscriptions, it is necessary to have the hearty co-operation of the female members
of the family. In many households ft is the case that the women are more enthusiastic savers than the men, and far more
ready to cut out the expenditure
on non-essentials; and in the
households where they still spend
money freely for things they
could do without, it is probably
because they do not realize the
grave issues that are at stake,
and the great importance of having every family conserve its
monetary resources.
Self-denial in the matter of
buying new furniture, pianos,
autos, etc., if generally or universally practised, would give
the Finance Minister many additional millions of dollars for
carrying on the war. With respect to automobiles used for
pleasure it is not only the capital expenditure that is lostfto
the national expenditure, but also the cost of operating tr running the cars. For instance, if
a well-to-do citizen enters into
an agreement with his conscience
that owing to the war he will
postpone for two years the pur-
chase of a $2,000 car, perhaps
the loyal observance by .him of
this agreement would set free
$3500 in the two years for war
for war loan purchases. To a
certain extent this applies to
purchases of furniture, etc. In
view of the sacrifices made every
day by the members of our expeditionary forces, it should not
seem hard for "stay-at-homes"
to defer for a year or two the
purchase of new furniture or other items not absolutely necessary. A careful analysis in each
individual case of the several
subdivisions of personal expenditures, if undertaken in the
right spirit by a million. Canadian families, might lead to the.
provision of an extra $100,000,000
in the course of a year for war
Will be Held in the
Ilo Ilo Theatre
Cgmmencing at 8 o'clock p.m.
Union Win-the-War Candidate,
will address the Electors.
All Wool White Blankets, large size, at
$8.50 per pair.
Grey Wool Blankets, large size, at $6.50 pair.
Eiderdown Comforters, full sized, fancy sateen
covered, at $11.00 each.
Newest styles in Ladies Fall Coats in Tweeds Chinchillas, Beaver and English Whitney
Ladies' Stoles and Sets in American Fur .S'able at popular prices.    Also Fur Sets of Mink,
Marmot and White Russian Fox.    Children's Fur Sets in White Hare and White Thibet.
Sole agents for Invictus Shoes-y-"The Best Good Shoe for Men and Women."
Also C/C a La Grace Corsets, a model to suit any figure always in stock.
A shipment of Men's Sweater Coats, and Cloth and Tweed Overcoats to hand.
Fancy sateen covered Comforters, cotton batting filled, at $4.00 and $5.00 each.■
Feather Pillows, at $1.25 each.
Special Value in Marcell's White Bedspreads,
from $3.00 to #8.50.
Linoleums, Oilcloths, Mattings and Rugs.
Canada's Victory
It is a National duty to subscribe for Canada's Victory
This Bank will accept Victory Bonds to the amount of
$1,000 from anyone person, for safe-keeping for one year
without charge.
Loans will be made to wage earners on favourable
terms for the purchase of Victory Bonds.
'The Field of Honor"
Coming Monday.
Bluebird Photoplay with Dorothy
Phillips in the Lead
The Rescue"
Feature Films That Have Been Booked to Come Soon—
The Telephone and itsHigh
Cost of Living!
Materials used daily in the telephone business have increased in
price between August 1st, 1914, and September 14th, 1917, as follows:
Glass insulators, 51%; Galvanized ground rods, 76%; Lead-covered
cable, 94%; Rubber-covered telephone wire, 41%; Dry batteries, 76%;
Telephone instruments, Pole ljne hardware, 123%; Tools, 55%.
These are merely a few items selected from a list of more than
600 articles of materials used in the telephone business. Nowhere on
the entire list of materials used by the telephone company is there an
article that has not increased in price since the war began. Some
otxer materials and commodities you use were going skyward in price
on account of the war. /
Telephone Rates Have Still Remained the Samel
Have you ever considered the fact that, compared with the prices
you are paying for everything else,
Telphone Service is Comparatively Cheaper Today Than
Anything Else You Use.
British Columbia Telephone Co., Ltd.
 *	 4f-
Do you realize the Comfort, the Convenience, the Cleanliness, and the Real Economy of
Electricallv heated household appliances?
And do you know that you can have them
as willing servants to do your bidding, ironing,
cooking, and heating.
Look over the following list of Electrically
heated appliances.
Here are a few of the comfort makers:--
ELECTRIC BOILER, for handy or quick hot
drinks in the evening.
ELECTRIC PERCOLATOR, you never tasted
such good coffee.
ELECTRIC TOASTER, which saves running back
and forth to the kitchen for breakfast toast.
ELECTRIC CHAFING DISH, which makes it so
easy to entertain evening parties.
But anyhow have the'"MISSUS" enjoy one
which save so much DRUDGERY.
We will be pleased to give you easy payments
on any of the above appliances. See us about it
Cumberland Electric Lighting
Phone 75 Co., Ltd. P.O. 314
•"SNUFF •'•)?■
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
It has a pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.'
New Songs, New Costumes, New Scenery, New Music,
In the Ilo Ilo Theatre, Tuesday, Nov. 27
PRICES:-Main Floor, 30c; Gallery, 40c; Box Seats, 50c,
When you buy a Piano there
is a wealth of satisfaction in
knowing that the instrument
you select is absolutely dependable; that you run no risk in making the investment.
You will feel this way if you decide on the
The Gerhard-Heintzman Piano is known from end to end of
Canada for its wonderful rich, lasting tone, the durability of
its workmanship, the artistic beauty of its case architecture.
Be sure you tee this Piano before you decide to buy.
Very Easy Terms can be Arranged.
G. A. Fletcher Music Co.
Nanaimo, B.C. Cumberland, B.C.
Headquarters for Choice Nursery Stock—all home grown.
Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Small Fruits, Roses, etc,
and in fact all hardy trees and plants for the Garden.
Largest and best assorted stock in the country. Price list
on application.
Will be open again in the Old
Stand with a full supply of
Fresh Bread, Cakes,
Pies, etc.
Wedding Cakes a Specialty
Dunsmuir Ave.,      Cumberland.
Marocchi Bros.
Grocers and
Cumberland and Courtenay, B.C.
Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes
Hardware, Croceryware and
General Merchandise
West Cumberland.
B.C. Bevan, B.C.
/~V)AL mining rights of the Dominion,
^ Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and in a portion of the
Province of British Columbia, may be
leased for a term of twenty-one years renewable for a further term of 21 years at
an annual rental of $1 an acre. Not more
than 2,500 acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be made by
the applicant in person to the Agent or
Sub-Agent of the district in which the
rights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must be
described by sections, or legal sub-divisions of sections, and in unsurveyed territory the tract applied for shall be staked
out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied
by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if
the rights applied for are not available,
but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid
on the merchantable output of the mine
at the rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay the royalty
thereon. If the coal mining rights are not
being operated, such returns should be
furnished at least once a year.
The lease will include the coal mining
rights only.'
For full information application should
be made to the Secretary of the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.
W. W. Cory.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorized publication of this
advertisement will not be paid for.
What Will Canada's
Answer Be?
OVER in the sodden trenches amid the bursting
shells and the roar of artillery where Canada's
boys are fighting and dying.
—they are waiting for Canada's answer when the
sale of Victory Bonds begins.
CANADA'S soldiers expect that
we athomewill putup the millions they need to keep on fighting,
—the millions they must have
to win Victory for freedom, home
and Canada.       ;
What answer will Canada make?
What answer will you make?
Shall it be said that Canada
spares not her sons from the sacrifice of battle, yet withholds her
dollars to give them victory?
Rather will it be said that Canada once more, for the fourth
time in three years, cheerfully
puts up her millions upon millions
for the cause of freedom, righteousness and justice.
Canada's answer must be,
—that the Canadian nand to
the plow of Victory holds steadfast and firm.
—that Canada is in deadly earnest
when she says the "last man and
the last dollar."'"
That is the answer Canada will
give to our boys in the trenches,
our kinsmen in Britian, and our
Allies everywhere.
That is the answer we will give
to the Huns who thought and said
that Canada would desert the
Empire before she would fight or
Every bond you buy is an
answer. Let the millions of answers from Canada's loyal men
and women make a chorus of
Victory to ring around the world.
Canada's Victory Loan Campaign
opens on Monday, November 12
"Canada's Victory Loah cteteffi.^KSf,t^
All About It" Vancouver.
., i Kindly send me a copy of pamphlet entitled:-
1s the title of a pamphlet „         a,s y.        Loan A„ About u ..
that should be in the
hands of every man and Name.*	
woman in the country. ^et or R R	
Mail this coupon at p.o
once and get your copy   Prov	
Issued by Canada's Victory Loan Committee
in co-operation with the Minister of Finance
of the Dominion of Canada.
The following announcement
has been made from Ottawa:—
The Finance Minister of Canada
has issued a new instruction in
connection with the Victory
Bonds, which will be of much
benefit and importance to many
small investors. He has decided
to grant the privilege of the registration of all bonds, that is to
say, that bonds of all denominations, including the $50 bond,
may be registered as to principal
and as to principal and interest.
In previous loans the privilege
of registration was necessarily
confined to bonds of the larger
denomination, such as $1,000
bonds or more. Bonds of lower
denomination were issued as
bearer bonds, with coupons attached, and while carrying equal benefits as to principal and
interest were liable to being lost
by the owners. Under the privilege now given by the Finance
Minister, the buyer of any bond,
(whatever denomination) may
have it registered, in which case
the interest will be paid by cheque
and the bond, if tost, may be replaced alter proper evidence has
been shown.
It is believed that this privilege will be greatly appreciated
by many thousands of small investors, who will thus be assured
of the absolute safety of their
investment even against fire or
carelessness or any other accidental cause of loss, This improvement in the issue will involve extra work upon the Department of Financs, but Sir
Thomas White considers that its
benefits will more than offset the
labor involved.
To all who voted for or supported Prohibition in the Campaign of 1916, and to all who
have benefitted from the coming
into force of the Prohibition Act.
Through our combined efforts
we won a signal victory. In the
securing of the Prohibition Act
we aided materially in the winning of the war, by thus conserving foodstuffs, men and money.
Let it be understood our activities have never ceased, rather
they have just begun. Patriotically we stand behind every effort
to "Win the War." Many of our
number are overseas and many
more have given their nearest
and dearest to do battle for the
liberties of the world.
Another opportunity presents
itself, whereby we may further
do our bit for the Dominion, and
for the Empire of which we form
a part, namely, by purchasing,
and assisting in the sale of "Victory Bonds." |We therefore urge
upon you the necessity of doing
your utmost at this present juncture, by purchasing bonds to the
limit of your powers, and that
you use your personal influence
to have others do the same. Many have benefitted by the coming into force of the Prohibition
Act, and should be urged to invest their savings in Victory
Prohibitionists have the welfare of the Nation at heart. Let
us do our best that there be no
lack of funds to carry on the
war to a successful issue.
In behalf of tho Peoples' Prohibition Association,
W. G. W. FORTUNE, Gen. Sec.
Vancouver, Nov. 16th., 1917.
SEALED TENDERS, addressed lo the Post-
mtultr General, will In- received nt Ottawa
until Noon, mi Friday, the38th December, MM7,
for the convcyQnx of Hfs Majesty's Mails, on a
proposed Contract for lour years, six time* per
week, over the
ni.m i he Po*tmastet|Cenerars pleasure,
i'i uii!-<t noticei containing further information
us to condition!of mvpOKdConlracI maybe-seen
and blank forma ol Tender may Ik- obtained at
ibcPoal Offices <•( Cmnheii.mil and Courtenay
and at the office ol Lneundcriijtned.
p t* Inspector-,
Post Office Inspector'* Office,
Victoria. B.d loth Nov., IU17. POUR
'., J
V   K.
i    "
'«'?•»«,'.:•     ^jk^'%
.•■/..   •'■ <■• " "■■■ ^^.■"^■'JlP
~~TMii              ^B
vJ1Bi T*#.*^BaaaW-'"
.;. 1
■ prov ■' I itile
..! Pill Boxes,  the latest method of defence used by
of trench defences in  iheir attempt  to save  men,
L     Tl
"TOY LAND is now open and we are fully
* prepared for a record Christmas Season.
You should pay us an early visit and see our
wonderful display of Christmas Toys. We
want you to look around, and, if you wish to
secure any particular article, we will hold the
same until a day or two before Christmas, on
payment of a small deposit. Perhaps last year
you were disappointed because a few days
before Christmas you couldn't get just what
you wanted.
Bring the children along, and should they
see something that they want very much and
which you don't wish to purchase right away,
make sure and let us hold it for you.
Cumberland Tailor
Repairing, Pressing and  Cleaning
Ladies' Tailoring a Specialty.
Phone 1
Gents Tailors Prices Moderate
Th' Italii n- are still In retreat to the Piave Kiver. Their present position
is a iproximi tely Indicated by the lu nvy line [4]. The line [1] represents
thol'fai In ti n ..e in their drive fur Trieste. Along the Tagliamento (JJ
i hey madi I eir first successful stand. Another ineffectual stand was made
on th; I.ivenza 13].
A Court of Revision to revise
the voters list for the yeor 1918
will be held in the Council Chambers on Monday, December 10th
1917, at 8.30 p.m.
The Court by a majority vote
may order the names of any person or persons to be placed upon
or removed from the list when
such names have been improperly
placed upon or omitted from the
A. McKinnon, City Clerk
City Hall Cumberland, B. C,
November 7th, 1917.
FOR SALE. -20 acres of land
near Cumberland, with 5 acres
cleared and two-storey dwelling houBH. For further particulars apply Edward W. Bickle,
Insurance, etc.
Leave your orders for coal hauling with the Star Livery Stable,
Alex. Maxwell, Prop.
notary Public and General
insurance agent
Royal Exchange Assurance,
London, England.
National Fire of Hartford.
Queen Insurance Company.
Fidelity-Phcenix Fire Insurance
Company of New York.
Providence, Washington, Insurance Company.
British Empire Underwriters'
Maryland Casualty Company
of Baltimore.
This is to urge you
that you get your Suits Cleaned, Repaired and Pressed for
ono month. Then form your
own conclusion. If it leads to
better spirits, better health,
continue it. If it does away
with dirt, improves your appearance, continue it. Remember a well-dressed man always
wants the best.
Also you must get your shoes
cleaned; and don't throw vour
tan shoes away because they
are old—have them dyed.
Ask for the Monthly Rates.
Local agents for
The Victoria Hat Works,
Victoria, EC.
Mrs. F. Oliver
R.A.M., London, England, and
Conservatoire of Music,Dresten
Teacher of Pianoforte,
Theory, etc.
No. 43, Camp.
Just Received.
Carload of
A 1 Tiirothy and
Clover Hay
For Delivery see,
New Waists
Crepe-de-Chene Waists
Georgette Crepe Waists
IN thinking of Waists, and all the newest models, from time to
time, we want you to link the idea with the Big Store. This
year has been our banner year for smart up-to-date Waists,
and the number sold exceeded our best expectations. We have
received many compliments about our new lines, and intend to
stock those lines only which will meet the approval of the ladies
of Cumberland and district.
Last week we received a consignment of very new and smart
lines, and for Xmas we will have on view the largest showing of
high class Waists ever shown in this city.
Silk Crepe de Chene Waists
Very stylish and attractive .Waist, made of a lovely quality Silk
Crepe-de-Chene, inlaid with panels of very pretty lace, smart
collar, and three large pearl buttons; colors rose pink.
Price $6.25
Silk Georgette Crepe Waists
Fashionable new model of Waist, made of a rich quality Georgette
Crepe, in colors blue, pink, maize and white, with long sleeves.
Price $6.95
Extra Heavy Japanese Silk Waists
This is indeed a very exclusive quality of Silk, rich, heavy and
lustrous, made in the new smart models, with a very pretty collar.
The long set-in sleeves have neat turned-back buttoned cuffs. In
white only.
Price $5.50
Smart Striped Japanese Silk Waists
Come in a number-of very pretty colors, smartly made, medium
collar, long sleeves, elastic waistband.   All sizes.
Price $3.50
Phone 3-8
a e
Merchant Tailors
The Latest in Ladies' and Gents' Tailon^
Dyeing, Pressing and Repairing executed to your entire satisfaction.
Phone 5-5 Opposite Postoffice, Cumberland, B.C.
P. O. Box 350


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