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 ,   ■
Largest Circulation in the Comox District.
prQfff. -r,y"
VOL. V., No. 17
Subscription price, $2.00 per year
Appeal of  Canadian Collieries
(Dunsmuir) Limimited v.
London, July 3—The Privy
Council today allowed the appeal
of the Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) Limited vs. Dunsmuir and
dismissed the cross-appeal. These
actions were concerned with the
construction of an option to
purchase mining property on
Vancouver Island,
The action arose out of the
purchase four years ago by
Mackenzie & Mann interests of
all of the interests held by the
Dunsmuir family in the Canad
ian Collieries Limited. The
purchase price was understood to be eight million dollars.
Before final settlements were
made numerous disputes arose
between the parties. Among
these were claims made by the
purchasers of the colliery
interests to certain colliers plying
out of San Francisco, and two
huge piles of coal which were
stored on the C. P. R. wharves
at .Vancouver for use in strike
or other emergencies, containing
some thousands of tons. The
buyers also claimed the amount
of money standing in the bank
account at the time .the deal
was arranged, "but which was
paid out by the declaration of a
dividend to the former owners
immediately before possession
was given to the new owners,
Mr. Dunsmuir, on the other
hand, claimed an accounting of
all the profits during the time
that elapsed from the time the
collieries were sold until payment
was made. The two cases were
fought out at joint hearings in
all the Canadian courts before
going to the Privy Council. The
judgement of the Privy Council
establishes the right of the
purchasers of the Canadian
Collieries to the vessels and coal
piles, which Mr. Dunsmuir had
with-held on the ground that
they were his private property,
and not part of the colliey company'- assets at the time the
transfer was made. A sum of
over a million dollars was involv-
ed.in the dispute.
On monday Premier McBride
at Victoria gave an unqualified
denial to the story that there
would be an election in British
Columbia in the autumn, probably in August.
"There is absolutely no truth in
the story," declared Sir Richard.
This denial is taken to indicate
that the government will adhere
to its original proposal to take at
least one more session and quite
possibly two' It is not required
to go to the electors until after
the session at the beginning of
1916, although in certain quarters
it was suggested that there might
be an election in the autumn of
1915. At all events it is realized
that a provincial redistribution
bill will be passed before the
next Bi itish Columbia election.
Miss Rhoda Bickle returned
from a visit to Nanaimo on
John N. McLeod visited Nanai
mo by auto this week and returned Thursday.
Public Works Department at
Ottawa are calling for tenders
for a public building at Courtenay
The Cumberland Orangemen
will attend divine service at the
Presbyterian Church to-morrow
evening. Visiting brethren cordially invited.
The regular meeting of the
Conservative Association will be
held in the Oddfellows hall next
Tuesday evening.
The steel was laid into Courtenay on the E. & N. Railway last
Wednesday.Station, round house
and frieght shed*- are completed.
The exact date for the opening
Cumberland and Courtenay
Orange Lodges also Royal
Black Knights of Cumberland
will hold a basket picnic at
Royston Beach on Monday,
July 13, where speeches and
sports will held. A free train
will leave the Depot at 9-30
Alex McKinnon left
couver on Sunday  and
Dr., Mrs and Miss Reypolds
arrived by atto on Tuesday.
for Van-
on Tuesday,
Miss May Bate of Vancouver,
daughter of T. E. Bate, arrived
on Tuesday on a visit to this city,
There area number of summer
campers around Comox Lake An
additional number left for that
beauty spot this week.
Several of our citizens have
left their city residences and
taken  up summer  quarters at
! The Attorney General Explains
Way Some Miners are still
in Jajl.
Commencing on Sunday July 19
the    congregations   of   Grace
Methodist   Church     and   St,
George's   Presbyterian  Church
will worship together for   two(
months.   For the first month the \ R°yston"
services   will  be held in  the   Mr. MeNally B.A. of Kingston,
Methodist Church conducted by | Ontario, has accepted the position
the Rev.  Wm.   Elliot   during jof Principal of the Cumberland
which month the Rev. Jas. Hood\ Hi*?h Sch°o1*
will be on   vacation.   For the    Fred Jarrett having sold out
second month the services will be his interest in the Somerset hotel
held in the Presbyterian  Church! at Wellington is here on a visit
conducted by the Rev. Jas. Hood renewing old acquaintances,
during which month the Rev. I   Mrs. Andrew McKnight and
Wm. Elliot will be on vacation, daughter of Howe Sound arrived
It is earnestly hoped that these 0n Tuesday evening and are now
union services will be productive the guests   of Mr.   and   Mrs.
of much good in the community Thomas Horbury.
and bring the good folk of these
resB8ctlve-iilB»ehes4nto» much
closer bond of christian fellow-!
ship    and    services.   Hours of
service—11 a,m.   and
Everybody welcome,
7 p.m.
Robert Grant, ex M. P. P. and
his son Dr. James Grant arrived
in this city by auto on Monday.
The latter will open an office
and practice his profession in
the capital city.
Noah objects to two newspapers and too much enlightment.
It is very gratifying to us to have
Noah's admission that a second
of the railway is not yet decided j Some men seem to think if they
July 29 or 30 may be date chosen j get into a  "scrape" and the
Martha Hunden, third daugh- Editor mentions it in his paper,
ter of Mr, and Mrs David Hunden
and Daniel Bannerman were
unified in marriage at the home
of the btide's parents on Derwent Avenue on Friday week, by
the Rev. James Hood.
We are glad to find that Noah
is in favor of church union.'  We
think ourselves it   would be a
great saving in operating expenses and leave a larger surplus for: newspaper has made to° much
widening the scope of the church j enlightment.
— but we shall never agree to    Miss Minnie Horbury has re-
only one prayer, there must be; signed    her   position    on the
at least a prayer for Noah. ! teaching staff of the Cumberland
Public school and  accepted a
similar position, at Hazelton,
Thc returns from the "Glorious
that he does itoutof malice to- Fourth" indicate that the nation
Before leaving on his trip
thrqugh Northern British Columbia, Friday night of last week,
Hon. W. J. Bowser made a
statement to the Province regarding a complaint voiced by
Mr. Robert Foster of the United
Mine Workers before the Trades
and Labor Council on Thursday
evening. Mr Foster alleged that
some of the miners sentenced
after the riots in Nanaimo have
been held in jail beyond the legal
time. Mr. Foster said he had
complained to the Attorney-
General hy letter but had received no reply.
"I have written to Mr. Foster
but doubtlessly, he had not
received the letter when he
addressed the Trades Council,"
said Mr. Bowser last night. "I
am .quite sure there has been no
mistake by the warden of the
provincial jail," continued the
attorney-general. "It is to our
interests to get rid of the prisoners. We want to get them away.
If an error was made it would be
the easiest thing in the world to
get them out on habeas corpus.
I have no doubt that Mr. Bird,
counsel for the miners, would
quickly see to that.
'.'But apart from the legal side
of it, I would like briefly to outline the facts. All the men sent
to the provincial jail have been
released except five. It wa
agreed between Mr. Taylor for
wards them.   In  nearly every al holiday is becoming safer and' the crown and Mr. Bird for
miners, at the time  sentences
case of this kind nothing could saner as the years roll by.
be farther from the truth than     Rebecca Clark died at Wood-
such a belief.   It is the Editors preen England on Monday at thc
business to publish local happen- age of 110.   She was reputed to
The Americans of this city and; '"**' 8<K»d or bad, and if1 a man be the   oldest British Subject,
friends celebrated the 4th of July furnishes material for a bad item Her   recipe for   longevity was
with a social dance pn the recre- he has no one to blame should it "never worry."
ation pavilion. About fifty couples appear,
were present and had a jolly time, j   Joseph Martin stated in  Lon- fifty
were passed that the terms for
four of these men should be
figured to commence on December 15th, 1913, so their year
dated from that date, with two
months good conduct time off.
The fifth man started, I think,
There are two hundred and on September 13, so he comes
thousand words in the Eng- out 800ner-   B,lt these follr havo
Dancing being kept up until mid-j don on Monday that he intends ,ish language, and most of them b**".|°*l °" M, fr°rm a 'iate
night. The West Cumberland j to sail on the Cunard Liner Ac- were used last Sunday by a lady *h°[.. ^ofa' Recently6* several
Conservative Band supplied the jquitania, which sails from Liver- who discovered after coming out men likewise sentenced to a year
If a promoter tries to sell you
stocks even if he should be a
pool today to rside permanently of Church that her newhafwas were released because they never
in Canada. He will remain a adorned with a tag on which were out on bail and were counted
member of the Commons for St. was written, "reduced to £2.75" as serving the  time  they had
Noah that will double in a year Pancras however,  until the next Advertising pays, she must have
already   spent   at Westminster
Mesher Bros, expects to
the  opera house
July 15.     If
; and promise to pay- 10 per cent: general election.
| annual dividend, be assured that |   The latest issue received
..    ,   ,       .,,. ,       ,    during the autumn months before
[visited the millinery sale at the thc ^M    Hcre the  mjsunder.
of Big Store.
j]a,,e ■ •*■■*- —»•*•-» •*■•■■■"• awvv.aa.ta   .aa ~.„  standing has arisen. Someofthe
*   ,    somebody is trying to make an The London   Illustrated   News     FOR KENT   Small furnished year men are out, why are not all
CS     ,,h!eaSy 'ivini? on your hard-earned contains a picture of Dr. J.  F. house on hill facing Comox Lake ?*\Pf" j^^, ™* "Thi
completed  will be      Ln>a.ua?irja.a-a.]„ .„.       „        ., is that a man on bail can not he
a-    .tw,. j .     su, „ «„„f ea ' '   Don tbea fool. Lead that I Grant, son of Robert Grant Ex. Terms moderate.   Apply Mrs. F. serving his term  at the same
opened on that date with a first | stock promoter fe the trmt door
ami              '                          M. P. P. atone time a resident .L Graham, Courtenay P.O. time.   If that were   so  a man
class picture show, On Monday i     ,.,,., ,.     „,...... ...   !  . ...     ..         ,        ..      .. might   serve   his   who e   year
the Wtli tbe Vinmoore Stock Co.        f'y               °UtBld° -*T             V"          P        * Miss Murray begs to intimate tcchically sentenced,  but really
.... city limits.                                 I Grant out as the hero of the dis- to the ladies ol Cumberland and enjoying freedom on bail. I have
ot twenty people  with their or-     Some peop]e mmy becauge |t                     Empress of Ireland surrounding district that she has nothing against these men.   I
chestra and band is expected • to .   „„„,.„„•„„      ...        ,            .     ,        „       :... opened a dressmaking parlor at would be willing enough to see
open  a week's engagement in      c°ntas?ious,    others   because; to whom all pay tribute. the  residence of Mrs.  Brown, them released, but we could   not
th'moitv Thi-* Stork Ho   is now they can,t work in single harness]    Only wind is needed to spread Maryport  Avenue,   and solicits allow one man to serve his term
tins city. inisstocK u>.  is now                                                            j               ,. ,, the favour of their patronage. I free  of  bail  while  his poorer
playing to crowded   houses  in But the most marry because they; rumors but for reliable news you First c,ass dreSs making at mod-1 fellow is actually under   detcn-
Nanaimo. fall in love and can't fall out      i must read The Islander, erate charges.                              tion," concluded Mr. Bowser.
■   -   ' 	 TWO
The Ideal Store
Children's Rompers,
Wash Blouses and Suits,
Dresses, Cashmere Coats
'    etc.
Ladies' Waists, Night Gowns
Underskirts, Combinations
Corset Covers, Aprons
Housedresses, etc.
Underwear in Lisle and Silk,
Fine Ribbed, Mesh, etc.
Men's Silk Shirts, Socks, Ties,
Fine Underwear, etc.
The Ideal Store
Dunsmuir Avenue.
Phone 72.
When visiting Cumberland stay at the
Cumberland   Hotel
Dunsmuir Avenue
First Class Hotel at Moderate Rates
Guests have every comfort.
Excellent Cuisine.
WILLIAM   MERRIPIELD,   Plopiiiktor.
Call and See
Headquarters for
McKenzie's Ice Cream
Exclusive Agents
The following names are not
, placed in order of merit. Parents
need not be surprised if the
names of their children attending
school do not appear. Actual
promotions from one reader to
another, only, are given; promotions from a junior class to
a senior class in the same reader are not included except in the
case of pupils promoted into
entrance class.
Promoted to entrance class:—
Katie Bardesono, Maud Creech,
Joseph Dallos, Albert Jones,
Margaret Liddell, Peter Mar,
Mary Picketti, Nellie Pirozzini,
David Stevenson, William Clifford, Janet Hayman, Edward
Palmer, Dan Stewart, Catherine
Walker, Hannah Abbot, Rachel
Cunliff e,! Robert Cessford, Margaret Cessford, Ida McFadyen,
Duncan McNiven, Laura Robertson, Jessie Stephenson, Bertram
Wilcock, Sadie Davis.
Promoted from intermediate to
senior grade: -Valentine Dalby,'
Katie Scavarda, Stanley Mounce,
Mary Bono, Victoria Bono, Alfred
McNiven, Mary Tabacco, Gladys
Parks, William Marsh, Maisie
Piercy, Janet Potter, George
: Robertson; Lois Peacey, Margary
Mordy, Jean Potter, Finlay
Mckinnon, Eileen Baird, Joseph;
Damonte, Myrtle McLellan.
Promoted from junior to inter- j
: mediate grade (second reader to!
third  reader):—Genevieve   Mc|
Fadyen, Edith Francioli,   Edith
Whyte, Donald Watson, Matthew
Brown, Loveday Odgers,   Agnes
(Baird, John Biggs,  Joe Picketti
Edward Searle,   Andrew Mah,
Edith Lockard,   Vivan   Aspesy,
Edith Barera, Eilee Segraves.
Promoted from First Reader to
Second Reader: Perry Davis,
■James Wilcock, Kenchi Doi,
Noboru Abe, Jessie 'Faggans,
Jessie Macfarlane, Joseph Bar-
Promoted from Primary to
Junior Grade (second primer to
first reader) :-Etta Hood, Edith
Hood, Kameo Magri, Katie Bono
Margaret Chapman, Caroline
Pollard, Harold Jones, Christina
McKinnon, Mary Liddle, Wong
Luck, Ritta Rossetta, Edith
Palmer, Howard Cary, Beatrice
Mitchell, Nita Faggans, Cecil
Fraser, Ernie McDonald, Douglas Sutherland.
Promoted from first primer to
second primer: - Lily Macfarlane
Emma Mussatto, Colina Damonte
Wong Hee, John Francioli,
Stanley Peacock, Emma Ducca,
Rosie Knignt, John Neilson,
John Brown, John McNeil,
Delina Freloni.
Promoted from DIV. Vlll to
DIV. VII (some of these pupils
will be graded into second primer
on opening of school):-—Ukitoo
Abe, Lena Allara, Katie Bartaldi
Edward Bickle, Walter Davis,
Mary Francioli, Herbert Gibson,
Elizabeth Horbury, Wilbert
Hudson, Janet Knight, Dorothy
Liddell, Alfred Maxwell, Clifton
Mounce, Arnold MacDonald,
Nellie Potter, Pearl Potter, Cyril
Ramsay, Howard Russell, James
Rushford, WoiigShing, Hawey
Sui, Andrew Thompson, Toshiko
Tomoto, Effie Young, Mah Yue.
H. H. M. Beadnell!
Real Estate, Financial and Insurance
Local agent for the E. & N. Railway Lands, Comox District.
Courtenay, B. C.
A   SNAP   ■*■*•■ acres of Alder Bottom' 6 !-2 acres cleared,
**" **lk**rkA    cree]c through property (runs all the year), '
Good Five-Roomed House, on good road near Comox.   Price
$2,100 all cash, or $2,700 on terms.
Sealed tenders will be received
by the Minister of Lands not later
than noon on the 24 day of July,
1914, for the purchase of Licence
X55, to cut 794,000 feet of timber
on an area lying north of Lot
3628, on the shore of Homfrey
Channel, Range One, Coast District.
Two years will be allowed for
the removal of the timber.
Further particulars of the Chief
Forester, Victoria, B. C.
Sealed tenders will be received
by the Minister of Lands not later
than noon on the 24th day of July,
1914, for the purchase of licence
X192, to cut 1,115,000 feet of
timber situated on three islands
lying north of Lot 1174, Drury
Inlet, Range One, Coast District.
Two years will be allowed for
the removal of the timber.
Further particulars of the Chief
Forester, Victoria, B.C.
Sealed tenders will be received
by the Minister of Lands not
later than noon on the 10th day
of August, 1914, for the purchase
of Licence X204, to cut 4,842,000
feet of timber, situate on Lots
1063 and 1064, Cardero Channel,
Range 1, Coast District.
Two years will be allowed for
the removal of the timber.
Further particulars of the
Chief Forester, Victoria, B. C.
Notice is hereby given that the
reserve of foreshore and the coal
under the sea fronting on Nelson
and Newcastle Districts, notice
of which appeared in the B. C.
Gazette on the 6th day of January,
1910. is cancelled.
Deputy Minister of Lands
Lands Department,
Victoria, B.C.,
23rd June, 1914.
Tenders will be received by the
undersigned not later than 4 p. m.
on the 4th day of August, 1914,
for the purchase of South East
Quarter of the South West Quarter of Section Thirty-Five (35),
Township Six (6), Sayward District, Vancouver Island, containing forty acres more or less.
Cabin situated on the property
and several acres cleared. The
property is on the banks of the
river and known as the Kavan
Highest or  any   tender   not
necessarily accepted.
Official Administrator,
Cumberland, B.' C.
Pianoforte -Tuition
Late Pianist ot Criterion Theatre,
Dudley, and Coseley Picture House,
Wolverhampton, England, is prepared to take Pupils for the piano.
Apply: Residence, Derwent Ave,
or P. O. Box 112,
Piano Tuner
Makes regular visits to Cumberland representing the George A.
Flectcher Music Co. of Nanaimo.
Orders left at the Islander Office
will receive prompt attention,
p. flliilliijs. lnvraon
ltuTi-.it***, Solicitor
li Notary Pulilic
BumrJi W. Ulirklr
"Ciiutairrluiiii, V. IC.
Irarln-r ot ttuelc
l-Hit* MosintI Director of Victoria Theatre,
Wlngate ami Ditrliiuii; Ramlelt 'Villlaiii-*
Picture A* vaudeville Theatre. Ferrvliill,
Durham ; late OrgaulHt iuitl Cnotriiuuter
liuihaoi, Kn*-l-tml.
Has Vacancies for Pupils on
Piano, American Organ &
Pipe Organ, Theory,
Harmony, etc.
Terms Moderate
P.O.Box398, Cumberland,B.C.
Fire Insurance
For absolute
protection write.
a Policy in the
London & Lancashire Fire Insurance Co. of
L iverpool.
Total   Assets
12 6,7 8 8,930.00
Wesley Willard
Look! I have the Goods and I want
the Money. Now if you want to get
In Watches, Clocks &
Jewelery, also Books
and all the Latest
Magazines and Papers
all going Cheap for
Cash Only.
For the next 10 Days
Cumberland, B. C.
"They Will Not.be Happy Till They Get There"
i i
Tf you wish to please your children and see
them grow strong and healthy, buy ,a waterfront lot at Roy Beach. On asking a seven year
old son of one family located there if be was having a good time, he quickly answered "Ubetcher
RING   UP  36.
British Columbia Investments Ltd. ^ru**?
HAEEY   IDIENS,   Manager.
—       I
Infernal,   Death-dealing   Bomb
Pick* out Inventor for
New    York,  July 6—In   the
ruins of the tenement wrecked
j Saturday by the explosion  of a
j bomb, which, it is beleived,  was
intended for use again-t John D. *
:Rockefellow    or    his son,   the.
authorities found evidence today
that   Arthur Caron,   who was
I killed  with three others,   had
used his apartment as a centre
for the distribution of inflam*
matory literature and that it was
filled with   death-dealing explosives.
A small printing press, revolutionary pamphlets and circulars
an electric dynamo, two electric
batteries, cartridges and bits of
steel were among the articles
uncovered, which tend, in the
opinion of the police, to show an
anarchistic plot. The demonstration, halted by the bungling
of some one who was preparing
an infernal machine for its
mission, was planned against the
Rockefellow family in Tarry town
is the theory * upon which the
authorities are working.
Two of those killed in the*
wrecked apartment were prom-
Inent agitators who were to be
placed on trail at Tarrytowni
tomorrow on charges of disorder-
ly conduct in connection with the
demonstration inaugurated
against John D. Rockefellow jr. j
as a protest against his attitude
in the Colorado coal mine strike.
The body of the fourth victim
of the expolsion was found today
It was that of Charles Berg,
known in I. W. W. circles as thc j
"Big Swede," an 'associate of
Caron. The other victims were
Charles Hanson and Mary Oaves
The woman lived in an apartment
next to the one occupied by Caron
and his associates.
A gruesome, but suggestive
proof of evidence uncovered was
a severed hand which clutched
two small pieces of wire and
ready for connection. - The
authorities believe thai the owner
of this hand was in the act of
making an electric connection
for 'one of the bombs, anil a
battery when the explosion slew
At the
Furniture Store
Novelty GlasswareafineTurrtcleicet25c.each
Tags. Pots'^ new sty'e 'n g0'^ "ne decorations £ 1 CA
Toilet WarencI?ecte.1?o»$3 to $8.50'
Puns Bi-ifl  ^anrarc   a very fine china cup and   fcO l?er
\sUpS CUlll UaUCeTBgaucer in gold line decorations'**-l"**
A full line of Furniture, Stoves, Ranges, etc.,
always in stock.
Phone i.|
First Class in every respeot. Perfect Cuisine
Headquarters for Tourists and Sportsmen
Wines Liquors and Cigars
John N. McLeod, Proprietor
Wben in('iiii>-ii'il»n«l mitke the t'titrm ymirh«dquart-«rs
Kansas City, July 2- Members
of the international executive
board of the United Mine Workers of America met here today
at the call of John V. White,
It was expected the conference
would spend most of the time
discussing the problem arising
■out of the Vancouver Island
miner's strike. A number of
: routine appeals from the various
districts are to be considered and
disposed of.
Cumberland Electric Light Company
Electric Appliances
fi 1-4 Ih Electric Irons :.. $3.25
Electric Toasters    3.25
Electric Hair Dryers 3,00
5 Watt Tungsten Lamps.....     40
10 and 15 Watt Tungsten Lamps ....    45
25 ami 40 Watt Tungsten Lamps     50
Tungsten Lamps 5 to 150 Watt. Also Hylo
and Ruby Lamps for Sale.
Up-to-Date Millinery
Mrs. John Gillespie
Union Street
Cumberland.tB. C.
^l)e $$lanbex
Governors, all the Ministers of Education and
tiearly all the Premiers in Canada. Among those
prominent in this Province, who have identified
Till* ISLANDER l'l
Published every 'Saturday at Cumberland, Vancouver Island, B.C., by a.i„_ ~i ta.-ui.Li a.       lj      a.*       j
printing and publishing company     themselves with this movement may be mentioned
His Honour Thomas W. Paterson, Lieutenant
Governor; The Hon. Sir Richard McBride, Hon.
on application. Sir Charles H. Tupper, K.C.M.G., etc., etc
Editor does not hold himself responsible ior       The President of the Canadian Peace Centen-
Subscription I *S.0O, payable In advance.    Advertising Rales furnished
New York real estate and Dunsmuir's reckless
boring for coal." Noah should know by this time
that there's only one Rockefeller, Vanderbilt and
Dunsmuir. He knows these names are great exceptions and he ought to know also that when we
seek to prove the truth of a general hypothesis we
do not look to the exceptions to demonstrate it.
To Correspondents: ihe Editor does noi hold himself responsible lor       The President of the Canadian Peace Centen- We infer from our biblical knowledge that Noah
views expressed by correspondents. No letters will be published in the a        •  .* o*  r>j ,.., ,, »•■»<        .      .      <,      , , ... '
islander except over the writer's signature. The Editor reserves the a-7 Association is bir Edmund Walker, of .Toronto,, in olden days, devoted his energies to pastoral and
and the Honorary Secretary, Major C.F.Hamilton! agricultural pursuits—probably hoeing "spuds"
****■ of Ottawa. j and such like.    It is a nice occupation and singu
larly appropriate, and the knowledge always comes
in useful, but on a hot July day with the sun beating down on one's aged shoulders it is not surprising if even Noah's mind should wander off to the
flesh pots of Egypt and dream visions of suddenly
acquired wealth, when "spuds" will only be
known with their jackets off and served in
recherche style as pomme de tern:    But a bird in
.,.,...„       ,,   , ,      . Itl , ..-     •   ..,      • j    , the hand is worth two in the bush, so stay with
issued bv the Canadian Peace Centenary Associa-       It has always been a question in the minds of ,.„,,,, »T   u    wr  c     ..i      -a.     e ,.
,, ,      ,   ,    ,       ;  spuds   Noah.   We fear the winter of your dis-
righl to refuse publicalionof any letter.
SATURDAY, JULY 11, 1914.
Celebration of a Hundred Years
of Peace.
A Delusion.
From The Pacific Coast Mechanic.
We are all human; and, being human, we are
The,movement for celebrating the Hundred all foolish.    The general run of labourers are no
Years of Peace between the British Emoire and exception to this rule.   It seems to us that labour
tlie United States is, judging by a circular just has fallen a victim to a few delusions.
tion, taking rapid hold in Canada, Great Britain many, what the object could be of the large
and Unitied States. number of labour journals continually calling the i
The general proposals contain four main attention of their readers to the faults, real and
features, (1) Monuments and other memorials, imagined.of the employers and filling their columns
(2) Thanksgiving Services in the Churches, (3) Ed- with suggested reforms. It is the employers who are
ucational Propaganda, (4) Festivities. the oppressors of labour, it is they who are respon-
The Circular enumerates various suggestions sible for everything wrong on this earth. These
regarding the erection of monuments, and states statements are repeated so often and talked about
that the matter has been referred to an Internation- so much that after a time these papers really have
content is not yet ended.
Our Town.
In all probability this district will become
thickly populated. We believe we are peculiarly
well situated to be caught up in the tide and ride
al Committee.
February 14,   1915,  has been selected   for that they are right.
Thanksgiving Services in all the churches of the       The same js true 0f the labour agitators and
British Empire and Unitied States:   This date is orators; with loud talk and vehement language
the nearest Sunday to February 17, 1915, the they hurl curses upon aU who employ
centenary of the ratification of the Treaty of Ghent.        NqW) the question ^ why dQ ±ey do ^  h
■  The educational propaganda includes several *s most,y because they ^ tQ ^ ^ ^m ^
large number of labourers deluded into believing jproudly forward on the toPmost wave of Prosperity.
important features, among which may be men-
playing upon the passions of their hearers, but
tioned the preparation of a series of pamphlets there is a deeper motive than this They know
dealing with the various treaties which have made ^ ^ *ong ag they are ^  to sidetrack ^
the long peace possible, which it is intended to mass of labourerSi t0 turn their attention to some
send to all the schools in Canada. Tableaux and Qther ^ and make them mm m &,. ^
masques are in course of preparation which will ^^ rf ^ earth ^ ^ traced tQ ^ mp,oy.
also be sent to the schools for production upon a
date [to be hereafter arranged. A somewhat
unique proposal is that schools in Canada and the
Unitied States in places bearing the same name
should be invited to exchange Shields. It is intended to arrange for the writing of competitive
Essays on Anglo-American relations, and provision
is being made for Provincial and Dominion prizes.
About 100 centres have been   chosen for
ers, there is little danger of them paying attention
to their own officials.
It is an amusing sight, when the working
men keep raging helplessly at those who employ
them and disregard those loud talking officials
who are oppressing them much more than any
employer ever dared to or even dreamed of doing.
While they are intently watching the foes without
.,,,,*      *,-,      ja        i    i the enemies within the ranks carry on their little
special celebrations in Canada and strong local       ,       , .     . t /   _,.   .      .
work unobserved and unsuspected.   This is one
committees have been arranged for in a majority
'   .    ,     .           ...                      ,   attention of the members focused on employers so
The circular also reports the progress made .    _,     . ,.,..__ ,._ , ...    !/_..  _,
of the reasons why so much is done to keep the
in Great Britain and United States and contains
replies received last Christmas from World Rulers
to a message sent in connection witn the celebration by the American Committee.
that they have not time to investigate the acts of
their own officials.
Let labour first direct its attention within its
own ranks; there it will find plenty of oppression,
The Dominion Government has arranged for and a 2rouP of men who are "sponsible for many
an appropriation to meet the preliminary organiz- of the hardships imposed upon labour.
ation expenses. In announcing this the Rt, Hon, It is a significant fact that those great labour I steps to be taken we will cite a few. Talk it up,
R. L. Borden said: "The cause which the Canadian leaders who are worthy of respect and are pointing its interests, its facilities and various adaptibilities
Peace Centenary Association and the correspond* the way to real progress, are those most tolerant;to different branches of industry. Write about it,
ing bodies in the United Kingdom and the United in their language when speaking of those with j beautify its streets, invest your money in it,
Slates have set before them is one with which we whom they disagree.    It is only these small men, patronize  its  merchants and  every  enterprize
We should have strong faith in its possibilities and
pull together with even and steady stroke. An
important feature is to advertise the city, speak
good concerning it and show forth its excellencies,
save your money and when you spend it, spend it
at home. Some of it will be sure to come back to
you. When able to build, build at home and encourage your friends to do the same. Encourage
everyone to come and live with us. During the
past few months many strangers have settled with
us through the encourgement of friends here.
They are good citizens; they will build or buy
substantial homes, and take an active interest in
the general welfare of the town. Keep your
business to the front, and every interest of the
town on the observatory, to be seen by the world.
We presume that every citizen of our town is,
or ought to be, desirous to see it advance in all
the interests that pertain to a town of thrift and
enterprize. Again we assume that if you, who
live in Cumberland, make no effort in this direction,
who, if there are any benefits accruing therefrom
would be the recipients thereof, we do not believe
that our neighbours, who have no particular
interest in our welfare, would be so very mindful
of us as to give us a boost by investing a few
thousand dollars for our good, or start any enterprize that would be for the upbuilding of our town.
If a town is*, ever built up and placed in a growing
condition it will be directly or indirectly due to
those who live in it, and if you wish to know the
warmly sympathetic.   It  is  a  triumph of working in the dark, that resort to vituperation.
Old Noah is still with us, and despite his
humanity that during a century of rapid development, despite the existence of serious international
differences and problems, the British Empire and
the United States have found wiser and more
humane methods of adjusting differences than the
arbitrament of war. We welcome the achievement hoary age, which should indicate theaccummulated
of a century of peace, and hope that it will prove wisdom of years, it is more than ever apparent
to be but the first century of peace, the forerunner that there's truth in the adage "there's no fool
of a long series stretching into the future as far as like an old fool." In a maundering communication
human anticipation can trust itself. which he has contributed to the "News" this
The list of members is a most representative week he seeks to justify speculation by pointing to
one and contains the names of all the Lieutenant " Rockefeller dabbling in oil shares, Vanderbilt in There is nothing like confidence to make a success.
started as far as it is at all consistent, elect good
men to office, advertise in its newspapers, be
courteous to those whe come among you and
never let an opportunity to speak a good word
about it pass. Remember that every dollar
you invest in a permanent improvement is that
much money at interest and is that much towards
building up your town.
There is no quicker way to take the life,
growth, and energy out of a town than for its
citizens to be constantly holding up the dark
side of the picture to the gaze of the inquirer. II
♦ * —<§>
All the Leading Brands.   Our aim is to stock the one you prefer,
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Everything in Shoes
We would direct special attention to a very nice line of Dancing Pumps for Men
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Phone 10  P.O. Box 100
Cumberland, B.C.
The Price of Success
Big business is not an accident—it is a result.
It is the fruit of purpose, energy, persistency
You know the story of Rip Van Winkle—the
man who went to sleep for 20 years and who,
when he awoke, expected to find the world the
same as it was \when he entered slumberland.
There are men today very much like Rip Van
Winkle- their point of view and their practices
are those of a generation past. They do not
believe in advertising.
To succeed in these modern days one must be in
accord with the spirit of today. For a merchant
this means that he must advertise, if he would
Where are you served best and moat pleasing P
The answer is almost sure to be—" Where we are
invited and made welcome. At those shops which
prize our custom enough to seek it, and who ask
for it every week through the medium ot advertisements in the ISLANDS R.
Shop Where You are Invited to Shop
Proposal to Extend  Hour* for
Voting on Election
It is not improbable that when
the next general election is held
the polls will not close at 5 o'
clock, but will remain open until
7 or 8 o'clock in the evening, The
committee of the House which
last session considered amendments to the Electoral Act tcok
up this question as well as the
proposal that election day should
be a holiday.
There are some objections to
the latter proposal because it is
feared that it would lead towards
disturbances. The possibilities
are that the prosposal to make
election day a holiday will not be
adopted, but that the hours for
voting will be extended. This will
give an opportunity to employees
of factories and offices to vote
after working hours if they are
not given an opportunity to do so
earli'irin the day.
Every attention given maternity cases by Mrs. Edward Baldwin
West Cumberland.
TO LET-8 room furnished
house in town of Cumberland,
garden and tennis court. Apply
Mrs. Montgomery, Leixlip House
Magnet Cash Store
Paints, Oils,
Tin and
, Crockery
Edison & Columbia
Novelties, Toys, Etc.
P. O. Box 279
Phone 31
Ten million miles of advertising. A half-million Fords,
averaging twenty miles a day,
circle the world four hundred
times every twenty-four
hours. If the car wasn't right
this tremendous publicity
would put theCompany out of
business. The Ford is its own
best salesman. A demonstration is a revelation-take yours
to/-]av    Runabout $600.    Touring Car $650.    Town
"UCiy .  Car $900-f.o,b, Ford, Ontario. Complete
Get particulars from E. C. Emde, local agent.
Courtenay, B. C.
Buy yourself a Home near
No. 8 MINE
Blocks, from one acre to eight acres,
$200 per acre and upwards
Finest Homesites in Comox District
Victoria  Decision of Court of
Appeal it Unanimous in
Dismissing Appeal.
Victoria, July 6-The Court of
Appeal this morning unanimously
dismissed the Hindu appeal and
upheld the validity of the steps
the immigration officials took in
preventing the landing of the
Komagata Maru passengers.
The test case which the Court
of Appeal gave a decision on this
: morning was that of Munshi
Singh. The court has upheld
.the validity of the orders-in-
council followed by the immigra.
tion authorities in attempting
. the deportation of Munshi Singh
ion the following grounds [1],
That the Hindu is a native of
India, an immigrant of Asiatic
race, and does not posses, in his
own right, $200*. [2] That he is
an immigrant who has come to
Canada otherwise than by continuous journey from his native
country; [3] That heisan'un-
skilled laborer.
The court further ruled that
except in the case of persons
who are Canadian citizens or
have a Canadian domicile, there
is no power in any court to
reveiw or quash any order made
: by a board of enquiry, as set out
1 in section 23 of the immigration
| Act.
Un all these points the five
! members of the court—Chief
Justice MacDonald, Hon. Justices
Irving, Martin, Galliher. and
McPhillips—were unanimous,
Dr. D. E, Kerr, dentist, will
be in Cumberland July 15th to
25th. Appointments may be'
made before arrival at Peacey's i
, Drug Store.
! LOST   A gold  broach at new j
• hall or recreation grounds, Bevan
| on Saturday last.   Please return [
to H, Murphy at Bevan.
Charles G. Callin
Accountant & Auditor
Land Registry Office Work a
PHONES 42 & 48
J. L Boffey
(Next to Magnet Cash Store)
Orders Promptly Attended To
-UHAMDER LAIRD, General Manager JOHN AIRD, Au't General
CAPITAL, $15,000,000    RESERVE FUND, $13,500,000
Interest at the current rate is allowed on all deposits of $1 and
upwards. Careful attention is given to every account. Small accounts
are welcomed.   Accounts may be opened and operated by mail.
Accounts may be opened in the names of two or more persons, withdrawals to be made by any one of them or by the survivor. 821
Capital Paid Up $11,560,000
Reserve Fund 313,500,00 O
OF eftNftDA
The one incomparable musical instrument."
The most versatile and indispensable entertainer."
•y rfl-lF, recent advance in the science of the reproduction
13L of sound waves has been so revolutionary that you
sSf cannot possibly realize the true musical quality of
these late models of the Columbia until you have heard one
of them.
There is a Columbia that conforms to every requirement of
cost or surrounding, Between $25 and $(iii0, the price you
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money's worth, even if measured by its intrinsic value.
Measured by its musical quality, and its capacity for bringing
you "all the music of all the world" the money value is
multiplied beyond any computation.
22, ('(iMMKitri.u. Street        -      -      Nanaimo, B.C.
Penrith Avenue
Photos taken to order.
All kinds of printing and developing done for amateurs.
Prices reasonable.
Drafts issued in any currency, payable all over the world
terest at highest current rates allowed on deposits of $1 and upwards.
Cumberland, B.C. Branch J). M. Morrison, Manager
! Courtenay, B.C.       "      R. H. Hardwicke,   "
! Union Bay, B.C.       "         F. Bosworth,
Dry Goods, Dress Goods, White Wear
timber sale xm      Hosiery, Silk Goods, Boots and Shoes
Sealed tenders will be received
by  the Minister  of Lands  not! ,
later than noonon the 7th. day of
August, 1914, for the purchase
of Licence X125, to cut 875,000
feet of timber located at Deep-
water Bay, Valdes Island, Say-,
ward District.
Three [3] years will be allowed
for the removal of the timber.
Po^fe?vfSraB°fcheChief CHINATOWN,   West   Cumberland
Marocchi Bros
Agents for Pilsener Beer
[To the Editor of the Islander]
[Continued from last week]
Mrs. B.G Crawford
Warehouse, Courtenay
Phone Y91 and R99
IMPORTANT TO CUSTOMERS-No Orientals, Agents, or Solicitors
New England Hotel
JOSEPH  WALKER   Proprietor.
launsmuir Avenue
HEAD OFFICE: 627 Pandora Street, Victoria, B.C.
BRANCH OFFICE, P.O. Box, 434, Cumberland, B.C.
Contracting, etc., Land Clearing, Sawmill Labor Supplied", Logging Camp,
Railway and General Contractor.
Of course Bevan was supposed
to play the Cumberland team,
: but judging from the following
i team we think that Bevan versus
! Vancouver Island would be nearer
the mark, seeing that their team
was as follows:—
Cumberland Team
P.Darie(cap,)full back.Courten'y
T, Sutherland, o. 1., Courtenay
R. Brown, c. f,, Qnalicum Beach
G. Green, o. r., Nanaimo
T, Hurd, f. b., Bevan
G. Bowen, i. r., Cumberland
J. Walker, goal,
S. Jones, c. h„
F. Slaughter, 1. h.,   "
E. King, i. 1.,
Out of the above eleven players
five of them are not even residents of Cumberland, so we fail
to see how it could be a Cumberland team.
The following is the list of the
Bevan team:-
Bevan Team.
W. Parsons, goal, Bevan
T. Dewsbury, 1. b.,    "
W, Booth, r. h.,
J. Eiliott (cap), c.h., "
S. Sullivan, 1. h„       "
J. Olliver, o. r.,  •
J. Forrester, i. 1.,      "
J. Robinson, c. f„      "
R. Strachan, i. h.,     "
C. Minton, o. 1.,
C. Jewitt, r. b.,
H. Tappin, V. Rogers, reserves.
We would like to draw your
attention to the above team and
you will notice that they are all
residents of Bevan and all but
one Employees of the C. C. We
have written for the ruling on
this dispute from the highest
football authority in British Columbia which when answered we
would ask you to allow it to
appear in your columns,. Should
you see fit to publish the above,
we feel confident that the public
will agree that we took the oni y
course open under the circumstances.
Thanking you in anticipation,
we are sir.
Yours sincerely,
H. Murphy,
Secretary, Athletic Association,
Bevan. July 2nd 1914
(Copy of correspondence between
Bevan Team and the Mainland
Amateur Football Association.)
Bevan, B.C., July 2nd, 1914.
David Leith, Esq., President,
MainlandAmateurFootball Ass.
Vancouver, B.C.
Dear Sir,—
Knowing you to be an expert
judge in football matters, I am,
taking the liberty of an old
friendship to ask your decision
on a dispute -which occured
yesterday at the Union Bay
There were four teams entering
the football competition, namely
Union Bay, Bevan, Extension,
and Cumberland. Union Bay and:
Bevan played the first match,
Bevan scoring three goals to nil, i
with one man, James Forrester,
injured in this game. Extension
and Cumberland played next,
Cumberland scoring four goals to
nil. This left Cumberland and
Bevan to play in the final.
The time set for the said final
was5p,m. The writer on getting the team together, found
that James Forrester, the man
injured whilst playing against
the Union Bay team, was unable
to appear on the field to play the
final with Bevan (his own team)
against Cumberland, and one
of the reserves (Harry Tappin)
was put on the field to take his
place. The Cumberland team
immediately refused to play,
claiming that Bevan had no right
to put a reserve man to take the
place of Forrester.   The writer
and the captain of  the Bevan
team,  invited the   referee and
sports committee to examine the
injured man, but this they re-'
fused to do.   Bevan refused to
start with less than eleven men,
or was willing to play ten men
on each  side,  but Cumberland
refused this, ____^___^^______
I may state that there were no< .i.a*/.!* * „ . * *-,
specifications laid down, outside: WOOL* for SALE
the ordinary football rules, to be
guided by.
Now the point is:   Is Bevan's
contention correct? ,
Thanking you in anticipation1
for a detailed and open report
on this, which will* be greatly
appreciated by, }
Yours truly,
(Signed) Hugh Thornley
Manager Bevan Football Team.
Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Repairing a Specialty
West Cumberland
Thomas Pearce
Happy Valley
Vancouver, B.C., July 4, 1914
Hugh Thornley. Esq.,
Bevan, B.C.
Dear Sir,  -
Replying to yours of July 2nd,
re dispute Union Bay Sports.
In the absence of any particu-
lar rules to govern the eligibility
of players, and unless it wast
specifically stated that only those j
playing in the qualifying rounds |
would be permitted to play in'
the final, the ordinary Football
Cup Rules would govern, and the
Bevan F. C, should have been I
allowed to play the reserve man.
Of course, the objection made
by Cumberland was probably on
account of the    fact that the
reserve man was in better con-|
dition through not having taken j
part in any previous game that i
day, and such objection would in
a manner be justffied.
However, as previously stated, |
in the absence of any   specific
rules to govern such a competition, the ordinary Football Cup
Rules should hold good,
Yours truly,
(Signed) David Leith.
Notice is Hereby Given that
the Reserve, a notice of which
appeared in the British Columbia
Gazette on the 27th day of December, 1907, is cancelled in so
far as it relates to lands covered
by Expired Timber Licence No.
42936 and known as Lot No. 374,
Sayward District; and that the
said lands will be opened for
staking for pre-emption asunsur-
veyed lands in compliance with
the provisions of the "Land Act"
at 9 o'clock in the forenoon on
Tuesday. August 11, 1914. For
further information apply to the
Government Agent, Vancouver,
through whose office ail applications must be made.
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Lands Department,
Victoria, B. C,
June, 10, 1914.
Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations
CO A L mining rights of the Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,
tho Yukon Territory. theNorthwest Terri
tnrioBandina portion of the Province of
British Columbia, may be leased for a term
nf twutily-uiiu years at an annual rental of
Sl an aure. Not more than 2,000 acres
will bu ItMBi'il tn one applicant.
A pplication for a lease must be made by
thu applicant in person to the Agent or sub
Agent of the district in which tho right*
applied for are nituated,
I u surveyed territory the land muat be
described by sections, or letjal subdivisions
of BectioiiB, and in unsuiveyed territory
the tract applied for shall be staked out by
theappllcaiit himself.
Ku-li application must be aconmpanied
by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if the
rights applied foraro not available, but not
otherwise. A royalty shall he paid on the
merchantable output of the mine at tin
rate of live centa per tpn.
The person operating the mine ahall
furnish the Agent with sworn returna accounting for tlio full quantity of merchantable co;*,! mined anil pay the royalty
thereon. If the coal miuiat* lights are
not being operated, audi returnsshall bu
furnished al least once a year.
The lease will include the roal minin-*
lightaoiily, but tho lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available sur
faco rights may bo considered necessary
for the working of the mine at thu rate of
Per full information application sll -old
beinadeto the Secretary of the Depart*
ineht of the Interior, Ottawa,  or tn   any
A"out or Suh aaetll olllominion Lands.
W. W.  COKY,
Depuiy Minister nf the Interior.
N.B- Unauthorized publication of this
adveriim moot will not lu paid for.
SEALED TENDER8 addressed to the
undersigned, and endorsed "Tender
fur New Public Building, at Courtenay,
B. O. " .will be received at this office
until 4 p.m., on Wednesday, August 5,
11814, for the work mentioned.
\ Plana, specification* and form nf con*
i tract can bo seen and forms of tender
i obtained at ths office of Mr. Wm. Henderson, resident architect, Victoria, B.C.,
at the Post OHice, Courtenay, B. 0.,
, and at this Department.
Persons tendering are notified that
! tenders will not be considered unless
: made out on the p-inted forma supplied,
and signed with their actual signal ures,
. stating their occupations and place of
residence. In thec.se of firms, the au*
! tual signatures, the nature of the oo-
, cupation, and place of residence of each
member of the firm must he given.
| Etch tender must be accompaned hy
an accepted cheque on a chartered bank,
payable to the order of the Honourable
the Minister of Public Works, equal to
> tenner (10 p.o. ) of the sin. uot of the
tender, which will be forfeited if the
person tendering decline to enter into
a contract when called upon to do ao, or
i fall to complete the work contracted for.
If tl e tender be not accepted the cheque
will be returned.
The   Department does not bind i'self
to accept the lowest or any tender.
By order,
Depaitmelit of Public Works.
Ottawa, Inly 3, 11)14.
Newspapers will not be paid for this
advertisement if they insert it without
authority from Ihe Department. —63892
Alt-til f**i Uu*
Alex lletirieiwtii Proprietor
lifclttimtea awl Dealgns furniahed
mi Application
Scaled tenders will be received
by thc Minister of Lands not
later than noon on the 23rd day
of July, 19141 for the purchase of
License X199, to cut 885,000 fect
of timber situated on an area adjoining Lot 561, Cardero Channel,
Range one, Coast District.
Three years will be allowed for
the removal of the timber.
Further particulars of thc Chief
Forester, Victoria, B.C.
Wanted* To rent or buy-A
good second hand sowing machine
Apply at this office.
FOR SALE One Hack (Gladstone Carriage), One Two-Ton
Dray. Two three-seatedCarriages,
Onc Wheel Scraper, Express
Wagons, etc., which will be sold
very cheap.   Apply to
E, A. H0SK1N.
I.X.L. Livery Stables.
Nanaimo, B.C.
***** EIGHT
Summer Dresses for
Hot Weather
We are prepared to convince you that we
liiivea'i excellent assortment of Dresses
suitable for street wear in niauy new styles
ninl qualities.
Three Leaders will be on view in our
Windows for Saturday.
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Made ol' very tine Botany yarn, Penman make.     He
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Infants' Outfits
This department has not received  the justice in the
past it was entitled .to.     We intend to carry a line of
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necessary to send away for these goods.
Infants' Dainty Long Dresses
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La Diva Corsets
Ladies' Waists
Ladies Beautifully Embroidered, Muslin
Waists in a very large assortment of
desiyn.s including Tailored Waists, Low
Neck and High Neck, Regular prices were
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Grocery and Hardware
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food.     Our selection is veiy choice, and you can depend
on the very best service and attention.
A Special Line in Berry Bowls
8 inches, a splendid imitation of cut glass, only 40C
Our Leader in Tea Sets
A very fine set, in four dainty patterns,   .Something any
housewife might be proud of. 40 pieces,   /'rice $7.50
Our Leader in House
A splendid quality of Heavy Gingham, goods that will give yon
satisfaction in style, appearance and
quality.   ' Special price $1,25
and D. & A. Corset
Are guaranteed to be absolutely non-rustable. They
ead the styles, and are essential to a well dressed lady.
Special leader, the latest style, long hip low     m7t*tg%
s bust,   per pair   ' *******
Our Special Corset at 95c.
Is certainly something we are justly proud of. Why
send away for anything in the corset line? We can
prove to you that we can give you equal value right at
your door.
Our better lines in Corsets are up-to-date in style and
built on very fine lines.   We have them up to $6.50
Aluminum Kettles
Just to hand,    A special assortment at reasonable prices
Screen Doors
Only 2 left.    Full size and well make.     Price $4.50
Veranda Blinds
In all the needed sizes at 95c, §1.25, §1.50 and #1796
Ironing Boards
Full size with stand complete.    Each ,$2.20
For Stout Ladies
Try the noted' .Marinolu Belt Corset at
Simon Leiser & Co.
"The Big Store" !
The Brands of Suits carried by us represent the best
on the market.    We are agents for Coppley, Noyes
and Randall, whose name is a guarantee for the best.
We also carry the "Progress Line," which means
we are able to give you Tailor-Made Clothes at very
moderate prices.
Suits made to measure from <t»*#Q  iA  it\Af\
Wc guarantee fit, style and   «p 10  lO  •Jp'rl/
Ready to Wear Suits from $7.50
Penman Socks  25c, 50c, and 65c per pair
Ballbriggan Underwear, fine even mesh, 81 per suit
G. & R. Shirts, in many new designs, from *1.25
Silk Pongee Shirts, a good heavy quality of silk,
detached collar,   Price $3.5q
.Men's White Negligee
Shirts, all sizes, a very
smart, good wearing
line. Price only 75c each
Phone 38
A leader in Men's Pants
Blue & Black £1 QC
Your size V*'YY
Men's Silk pyjamas
Men's Braces.


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