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The Islander Jun 16, 1917

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THE ISLANDER established 1910.
With which is Consolidated The Cumberland News.
THE CUMBERLAND NEWS established 1894
VOL.'VIII., No. 13
Subscription price, $2.00 per year
The regular meeting of the
City Council was held in the
Council Chambers on Monday evening. Present, His Worship,
Mayor Bate, Aldermen Jas.
Brown, John Brown, Bannerman,
Macdonald and Carey. The minutes of the previous meeting were
read and adopted:
A communication was received
from the Deputy Minister of Ag
riculture stating that in accord
ance with^the provisions of the
Sheep Protection Act, which has
just passed the session of the
Provincial Legislature. It is the
intention of the department to
establish a sheep protection district, taking in the south-eastern
part of Vancouver Island from
Campbell River to Victoria. In
reply to this the Mayor and Council decided that they did riot want
to lie included in any sheep district. The following communication has been received concerning the assessment of the new
School District, when the Council decided to let it stand over
for another year. The correspondence is as follows:
Victoria, May 30th.
A. McKinnon, Esq., City Clerk,
Cumberland, B. C. Dear Sir.—
I have your letter of the 26th.,
inst. As your Council have no
power to re-open the assessment
after the confirmation of the
Roll following the -.holding of a
Court of Revision, I am proceeding on the assumption that no
steps will be taken this year towards assessment of land now
included in the 'Cumberland
School District, outside the boundaries of the Municipality. I
have the honour to be, Sir, Your
obedient servant, R. BAIRD,
Inspector of Municipalities.
Victoria, B. C, June 2nd., 1917
A. McKinnon, Esq., City Clerk,
Cumberland, B. C. Dear Sir: -r
Dealing with the subject matter
of your letter of June 1st., I am
unable to say how you can add
these properties to the Assess-
. ment Roll and it seems to me
that any attempt to do so might
invalidate the whole Roll.
I would suggest at least that
if you propose to take a chance
in assessing these properties subsequent to the completion of the
Assessment Roll that you should
keep them in a special Roll by
themselves so that the danger of
invalidating your Roll would be
to that extent less. It is quite
possible then that even if your
new additions were held to be
invalid your roll might be allowed
to stand.
1 think, however, that any attempt to make, or to accept any
assessment after the Roll is confirmed, is proceeding on lather
dangerous ground. I have the
honour to be. Sir, Your obedient
servant,       R.  BAIRD,
Inspector of Municipalities.
J. H. Gregory tendered his resignation as Police officer for the
City of Cumberland. This was
referred to the Police Commissioners: The following accounts
were referred to the finance committee:
C. H. Tarbell & Son .... $12.00
A. McKinnon  24.00
Chief of Police     1.50
A. Haywood    27.00
The question of an increase of
wages for night man Conn came
up for consideration and the
Council decided toincreaseConn's
wages five dollars per month.
The mayor and fire wardenb
are authorized to have all hydrants repaired and put in proper
The Council will place an additional and independent light at
the Post Office corner.
The Board of Commissioners
under the Compensation Act,
Messrs. E. S. H. Winn, chairman, H. B. Gilmour, and Parker
Williams, arrived in this city on
Wednesday evening and held a
Public Meeting in the Ilo Ilo
Theatre at 8.30 the same evening,
to explain the mode of proceed-
ure of the Compensation Act, at
the same time soliciting information as to the rate of wages of
contract miners.
Mr. John Comb, chairman of
the Canadian Collieries Dunsmuir
Limited, Medical Fund, occupied
the chair and outlined the object
of the meeting to the large number of miners and citizens present to hear the Commissioners
explain the Compensation Act
and called upon Parker Williams,
the labor representative of the
Compensation Board. Mr. Williams in his opening remarks
dwelt upon Political Candidates,
the nominee for the office of Commissioner, to the killing of a mule
in Protection Shaft, when he the
speaker, allowed a car to run
away, and explained the difference between the new and old
Compensation Act, at the same
time soliciting questions from the
contract miners.
H. B. Gilmour, introduced by
the chairman, spoke of the compensation paid to widows, and
invited questions. The chief object seeming to be to obtain the
rate of contract pay paid to the
miners of the Comox mines and
then strike an average,
Mr. Winn answered a mass of
questions dealing with every
phase of the Compensation Act.
It was finally decided to allow
the agreement committee to take
the matter of contract wages up
with their employers and then
inform the Compensation Board
of the results. The local miners
gained considerable information
and gave the commissioners a
hearty vote of thanks.
Paris, June 12.—France has taken over control of food administration throughout Greece, according to formal announcement
today. General Jonnart arrived
at Athens and ordered the landing of French troops for duty at
the Greeck capital to keep order.
The Allies, it is announced, are
buying the Thessalonian crops to
distribute to all provinces of
Allied posts have been established to control the Corinthian
Isthmus. Troops were landed
yesterday without incident.
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reel Bluebird, a five reel Redfeather, and two Famous Player films, Pduline Frederick in
"The Slave Market," and House
Peters and Myrtle Stedman in
"The Happiness of Three Women."
Othe- Famous Player Films to
come soon will be, "The Wax
Model," Vivian Martin; "A Girl
Like That," Irene Fenwick;
"Betty to the Rescue," Fannie
Ward; ."HisSweetheart,"George
Beban; "Lost and Won," Marie
Doro; "The Golden Fetter," Anita King and Wallace Reid,
Mis Honor C. H. Barker held
County Court here on Wednesday.
Ottawa, June 12.—The political
situation at the capital is rapidly
clarifying. The formation of a
union government failed through
the surrender of Sir Wilfrid Laurier to provincialism, according
to the view of the situation expressed by the Conservatives.
Coalition with a wing of the
Liberal party has also apparently
failed. Strong pressure has been
brought to bear upon the Liberal
House leaders not to disrupt the
Liberal party and as a result, although the conscription wing
will support the government bill
and other war measures, it will
not identify itself with any cabinet reorganization.
This decision, which seems now
to be final, means that Sir Robert Borden will now have a free
hand in his cabinet reorganization and will organize from within the party and from the elements outside of the House who
have not hitherto supported the
conscriptive party, but who are
now backing Borden. This organization will take some time but
it is certain to come, and will
mean the formation of a great,
national, win-the-war party.
What is the future of the Liberal party? Although the conscription House leaders are refusing to join a coalition government and an effort is being made
to salvage the party, the cleavage in the ranks is so wide that
it seems almost impossible to see
how they can unite in the formation of a platform upon which
they can appeal to the country.
There are three distinct cleavages. One is radical. This
cleavage was made manifest on
the bilingual resolution when the
western Liberals refused to follow Laurier.
A prominent Conservative said
today: "With the Liberals breaking up into groups, the new reorganized Conservative party, no
matter what its name, led by
Sir Robert Borden will be Canada's one real national party with
one policy for the Dominion from
coast to coast. In view of the
situation which is developing,
the Liberal House leaders, laboring to save the wreck, have suddenly shifted their tactics. A
few weeks ago they were clam-
oritiK on every platform for an
election; now they are horror-
stricken at the idea of an election. They are prepared to grant
an extension. The idea of the
Ottawa Liberals is that they will
divide on conscription and they
will grant an extension. The
Conservatives will have the difficulty and the odium of enforcing
the act. They are hoping they
may in the meantime be able tc
get together the three divergent
groups into some sort of united
party and a year from now defeat the government.
"However, an election in view
of the attitude of Sir Wilfrid
Laurier and because of the cabinet resignations and reorganiza-
ion, seems now absolutely necessary.
T. R. Stockett, has resigned
the position of General Manager
of the Western Fuel Company,
of Nanaimo. His successor will
be George W. Bowen, an Arizona
mining expert.
Thomas A. Spruston, district
superintendent of the Canadian
Collieries at Ladysmith, arrived
on Saturday evening and left for
Ladysmith on Monday.
Henry Devlin, inspector of
mines, was here during the week.
The following is a report of
the funeral of the late John D.
Brough who was killed in No. 6
mine on Sunday, June 3rd:
Nanaimo, B.C., June 9th
The funeral of the late John
D. Brough, one of the victims of
the recent fatal accident in the
Cumberland mine, took place yesterday under the auspices of the
local lodge Brotherhood of Elks,
from the family residence, 478
Machleary St., to St. Paul's
The Rev. W. E. Cockshott con
ducted the services in the church
and at the graveside. The pallbearers were Messrs. D. Stover,
J. Hindmarsh, T. M. Mumber-
son, R. Hanna, W. Evans and J.
Rothery.    ~"
There was a profusion of floral
tributes, the following being acknowledged:
Pillow—The Family; Lady
smith Ambulance Team.
Wreaths—Officers and mem
hers, Nanaimo Lodge, B. P. of
Elks; Office Staff Canadian Collieries, Dunsmuir, Ltd.; Ambulance Class, Alex Wright, Hamilton Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Hill
and family, Mr. and Mrs. J. Dixon and family, Mr. and Mrs. T.
Lister and family, Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Jones, Cumberland; Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Fairhurst, Mr.
and Mrs. J. Boyce, Mr. and^rs.
Alex. Watson, Mr. and Mrs. R.
Kelly and family, Mr. Quan Yuen,
Mr. and Mrs. George Plummer
and family, Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
H. Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Hudson
Milburn. Mr. and Mrs. J. Dixon,
Mr. and Mrs. W. Allen, Mr. and
Mrs. R. C. Wright, Mr. and Mrs.
J. Wright, Miss Molly Dixon,
Miss I. Wright, Miss R. Wright,
Mr. and Mrs. W. Brough, Mr.
and Mrs. J. McLaughlin, Mr.
and Mrs. J. Kershaw, Victoria;
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Old.
Hearts—Mr. and Mrs. J. B.
Sprays—Mr. Sherman Stall,
Mr. and Mrs. J. Smith, Mr. and
Mrs. Geo. Morgan, Miss Norma
Graham, Mr. J. Collier, Mrs.
Menzies, Mr. and Mrs. R. Collier, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Adderley,
Mr. and Mrs. Fear, Mr. and Mrs.
J. It. Fraser, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh
McCormick, Mr. and Mrs. R.
Little, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Patterson. Mr. Shaw, Cumberland,
A Friend, Mr. and Mrs. W. Cooper and firmly; Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Neave, Mr. and Mrs. Fowler,
Mrs. S. Higgins, Mrs, Hitchson
and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson,
Mr. and Mrs. P. Smith, Mr. and
Mrs. J. Polkingthorne, Mr. and
Mrs. J. Rothery, Mr. and Mrs.
Wt Polkingthorne. Mrs. S. Dixon.!
We desire to return our warm-
est thanks to the citizens of Cum-
berland for kindness and sympa-1
thy extended- to us during out-
recent bereavement in the death
of our  son.   John  D.   Brough. I
While our home now has a va-j
cant chair yet, as we reflect upon the many deeds of sympathy I
of the people of Cumberland it
gives a silver lining to the dark
cloud left by death.
Nanaimo, B. C.
WANTED-Second hand Fold
car for cash. Must be in good
condition and a snap. Apply to
H. W. Bayley, Comox.
WANTED:-A s'econd hand cooking range and couch, cheap. Apply to Cumberland Dye Works.
FOR SALE: A five room house
with hot and cold water. Apply
William Potter, Cumberland.
With the British Armies in the
Field, June 12.—In the face of
very heavy artillery fire, but
with camparatively little infantry opposition, the British today
were crossipg by patrols well to
the east of positions in the recently won battles of Messines
Since that battle the Germans
lave attempted only one heavy
counter-attack. Evidences at
hand, such as observation of
aeroplanes and testimony of new
ly taken prisoners, would seem
to indicate that the Germans
have not yet reorganized after
the staggering blow Gen. Plum
er's second British army delivered against them last Thursday,
The seven field guns reported
by Field Marshal Haig as taken
yesterday were captured by patrols. The German gunners took
fright at the first signs of the
British and fled precipitately,
evidently fearing another British massed attack.
British positions were under vigorous German shell fire today,
but the projectiles were, for the
most part, from long range guns.
Field Marshal Haig issued a
special order of the day, congratulating Gen. Plumer and the
army under him on its success,
which he said, was "An earnest
of an eventful victorj of the
Allied cause."
"The full effect of the victory
can not yet be estimated," the
British commander-in-chief declared, "but that it will be great
is certain,"
The British losses from a battle of such magnitude were grat-
ifyingly light.
"Nothing can save the enemy
from complete defeat," Sir
Douglas Haig continued. "Brave
and tenacious as the German
troops are, it is only a question
of how much longer they can
endure a repetition of such blows.'
Announcement was made today that the total number of
prisoners taken in the record day
of last week by the Canadians
was 169, including four officers.
London, June 13.—The weekly
shipping report issued by the
Admiralty today stales thai
twenty-two British merchantmen of more than 1,600 tons, ten:
merchantmen of less than 1600
tons, and six fishing vessels were
sunk. A summary of thi report j
Arrivals, 2,767; sailings, 2.822. j
British  merchant   ships overj
1(10(1 tons sunk  by mine or submarine, including one previously,
twenty-two;   undei   1,600 tons,
including one previously, ten.
British merchant ships unsuccessfully attacked, including sev,
en previously, twenty.
British fishing vessels sunk,
This week's figures show a
considerable increase in submarine activity as compared with
recent weeks. Last Wednesday's
statement reported a total of only
twenty-three vessels sunk, a
gainst the thirty-eight now announced. The aggregate is the
largest of any for a month past.
Last week only fifteen vessels of
more than 1,600 tons were sunk,
and three of less than that tonnage.
Aid. A. Milligan is still confined to his home through illness.
Mr. and Mrs'. A. S. Killam left
on Sunday by auto for Vancouver.
BORN-To Mr. and Mrs. J. V.
Nordgren, of West Cumberland,
on Tuesday, June 12th, a son.
FOR SALE -English baby buggy
in good condition. Apply, P. O.
Box 212.
Ice delivered regularly on
Thursday and Saturday mornings.
Leave orders at Mussatto and
Marchetti, phone No. 40.
BORN-To Mr. and Mrs, Thomas
Malpass, at the Cumberland General Hospital on June 9th, a
Hugh Marsden, who was kicked by a horse a few days ago, is
now on a fair way towards recovery at the Cumberland General Hospital.
D. M. Robinson of the Provincial Normal School, was here dur-.
ing the early part of the week
on a tour of inspection of the
local public schools.
W. E. Lawrence, of Bevan,
has resigned the position of manager of the Island Supply Co.,
and will leave for the east. The
illness of Mrs, Lawrence has
caused him to resign his position.
Rumors are afloat in Cumberland that Nurse is leaving
the East to marry a Doctor in the
West. The Censor prohibits any
further particulars.
The Women's Benefit Association of the Maccabees, will hold
a Sale of Work in the City Hall
on the afternoon of June 27th.
Particulars later.
John Manzik was sentenced on
Tuesday to three months imprisonment for failing to support his
wife and family. Constable
Macdonald took the prisoner to
the Provincial Jail at Victoria on
John Baird, collsctor of votes,
will hold a Court of Revision on
the Comox Electoral District voters list at the Provincial Court
House on Monday, June 18th, at
10 a. m.
J. Shortt, manager of the Cumberland Electric Light Co., left
by motorcycle for Victoria on
Saturday and returned on Tuesday evening's train accompanied
by Mrs. Shortt, Mr. Shortt sold
his motorcycle while in Victoria.
Thomas Graham, general superintendent of the Canadian
^Collieries (Dunsmuir), Ltd., left
for Ladysmith by auto on Tuesday.
James M. Savage, general
manager of the Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir), Ltd., accompanied by Mrs. Savage and Mrs.
Douglas McKay, left for Victoria
on Tuesday.
The local Red Cross Society
acknowledges the receipt of
$11.60 from tho Cumberland Public .Schools. This has been forwarder! to Victoria to he applied
to the Prisoners of War Fund.
A further contribution of ,$5.00
has been received by the Society
for the May collection.
The doll for which tickets are
beina- sold for the local Red
Cross Society, is to be drawn for
in Mr. Peacey's store on Saturday evening, June 16th, at nine
The regular meeting of the
lied Cross Society will be held
on Tuesday, June 19th, in the
basement of the Piesbyterian
Church. TWO
©It? 3alani.fr
Published every Saturday by the Islander
Publishing Company at Cumberland,!
B.C., Canada.   Telephone 3-5.
Subscription: One year in advance, $2.00; I
Single copies, 5c. Foreign subscriptions
to countries in Postal Union, $2.00
whirlwind.    Yet the situation is
I by no means devoid of hope. De-
| spite the  false-teachings of un-
I British  leaders and unprincipled
demagogues the   great  bulk  of
j the people of Quebec  have re-
mained sound in their adherence
j to British institutions.    Dont let
i us make the mistake of supposing that a collection of young
' rowdies   inspired   by  scheming
; Liberal politicians represent the
: real feelings of the French-Canadians,   When the British cause
lis presented to them in an honest way, when they realize  that
universal military  service asks
'nothingof them that it does not
require of other provinces, their
response will be all that can be
SATURDAY, JUNE 16,  1917
If Sir Wilfrid Laurier refuses
to support compulsory military
service, what will he support?
Since the war broke out he has
SOME THINGS MOVIES HAVE made practically no effort to ob-
DONE. tain  recruits;   his   promise  to
They have given tho residence "stump  Quebec," if  ever  the
section of the cities social centres Em.P,re   were   in Pe,'H'   remains
that   have    promoted    oldtimeiuntulfilled-
neighborliness and actually made     when  he was   asked to join
for better civic ideas. j 'he National Service in an appeal
They  have given the common ■ fot' recruits he declined,
people a taste for good music. In I    Tt is no injustice to Sir Wilfrid
fact they  have been the  means ito Bav that he has not been an
of furnishing the only musical
entertainment worth while that
hundreds of thousands have ever
They are the only means the
poor can ever have to enjoy the
sightseeing delights of travel.
They bring the ends of the earth
to a man's home and teach him
of the world'1-' wonders.
They aid science, art, industry
education, labor, and they have
added largely to the well-being
of the masses and to the joy of
They have created an absolutely new industrial art, employing
inclusive of the distributing and
exhibiting branches, hundreds of
thousands of people, calling into
being new vocations, new artistry, new professions.
They are creating slowly but
surely a new literature in pic-
iu es and Lbey are calling back
from the past the life, manners
and customs of nations long since
lorgotten of all men.
They have sown I, ss of iniquity
enthusiastic supporter of the
volunteer system. And if he
failed to support voluntaryism,
and fails to support compulsion,
what will he support?
The real issue before the Canadian people in respect to compulsory military seivieeis whether or not we have a limited liability in this war. Those who
decline to accept the principle ol
universal military service are, in
the very order of things, taking
the position that we have done
all that we are called upon to do
in this struggle. Can such an attitude be justified in the liirht of
our claim to be an integral part
of the British Empire? Can it
be justified in view of our professions to he fighting the battles
of freedom and civilization as
against despotism and barbarity?
Six months ago Hon. George
P. Graham took advantage of
and more of virtue than any oih- Sir Wilfrid Laurier's absence
er form of amusement and their j from Ottawa to cable David
appeal has been worldwide. A Lloyd George that—
Patagonian savage can under-! "Canadian Liberalism stands
stand a picture story while he! by you until the war is won."
cannot begin to comprehend a Compulsory military service
painting or a group of statuary, has been one of the cardinal war
They have rejoiced the heart policies of the Lloyd George reg-
of I he prisoner and brought to
his cell the wonders of the world
and pictured the lessons of a religious life.
ime. Is Canadian Liberalism
ready to fulfill its pledge to
Lloyd George by supporting a
policy which will throw  the full
They have taught botany, sur- strength of the Dominion into
gery, horticulture, dairying, bee the war? Was Mr. Graham mere-
culture, biology, history median- ly indulging in a bit of insincere
ics, chemistry, psychology audi party clap-trap? Does Canadian
scons of other scientific subjects■ Liberalism merely stand behind
better than books or lectures.      the slackers and   anti-conscrip-
They have furnished  the mas- j tionists in Quebec?
ses with the first form of amuse- _ .
mi nt ever devised combining
chenpnt ss, excellence ami universal appeal
"Send  us more men,"  is the
request of Marshal Joffre, made
to the people of Canada, on behalf of France. "We need a half
Anti-conscription meetings in I n million more men before July,"
Quebec are not surprising in the is th(J request of General Robert-
lijjrhl of Quebec's political history, SOn, made on  behalf of the Em-
Ever since the days of Honore p|re
Mercier it has bee" the policy of j   Can Canadians, in the light of
certain  French-Canadian   politi-
OUI' protestations about  the  uir
cianstostir up the prejudices of rjerlying causes of this war, re
main indifferent to these requests?
Can we see our British kinsmen
slaughtered and heroic France
bled white,   while thousands of
their con,patriots against thing?
British. Sir Wilfrid Laurier's
whole political career has been
one loi g record ol unceasing effort to create a spirit of separate I om, young men remain at home
nationality  among French-Cana- jn security and ease?
dians, evidenced by his defence — 	
of Louis Kiel,  his stand during     A STRATEGIC POSITION.
the Boer war.  his anti-imperial     A Quebec Liberal paper sneers
altitude  at   successive   Empire|at the young   men  of   Ontario
conferences, his  doctrine of Colonial neutrality,   his  separatist,
a id, last but not least, his failure
sine the war began to make any
reasonable appeal  to Quebec to
do its share in the struggle.    Sir
Wilfrid Laurier sowed the wind,
and today Canada is reaping the
who "want to be conscripted but
who won't volunteer." Well,
we prefer the young men of Ontario who "want to be conscripted but who won't "' olunteer"
to the young men of Quebec,
who won't volunteer and are
afraid of being conscripted.
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The Possibilities
of the Telephone
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of how a suburban merchant built up business by
telephone. Two morals adorn the tale. One, that
such a possibility is open to every shopkeeper;
two, that with the telephone in the house one
never needs to travel, even as far as the corner
store. And the telephone is just as effective in
reaching outside points. No matter where you
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British Columbia Telephone Co., Ltd.
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O.. I.I..D. D.C.L., Preildenl
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Small accounts are welcomed.
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-   AT   THE   -
Week of June 11th.
" The Crippled Hand." - Ella Hall.
A Bluebird Photoplay.
" Great Expectations." - Jack Pickford.
Five-Reel Famous Players.
These Films are From the Best Circuit
Opposite the Railway Station
This Hotel has been renovated throughout and is now a  trictly first-class Hotel
in every respect.     The best and finest
supply of Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
See The
"Girl From Frisco"
Every Thursday
At Ilo Ilo Theatre
When in need of a car ring up
S6L.    Nanaimo and return the
same day.    Terms   reasonable.
Fire wood for sale.     Apply to
Phone 86 L, Happy Valley
Pure bred   White Wyandotte
eggs for hatching, $2.00 setting.
Slab Wood for Sale at $3.C0 per
Load.   Cash or. Delivery.   Phone
95 L.
RoystonSawmill Co.
This is to urge you
that you get your Suits Cleaned, Repaired and Pressed for
on'i month. Then form your
own conclusion. If it leads to
better spirits, better health,
continue it. If it does away
with dirt, improves your aj>
pearance, continue it. Remember a well-dressed man always
wants the best.
Also you must get your shoes
cleaned; and don't throw votvr
tan shoes away because thf-y
are old—have them dyed.
Ask for the Monthly Rates.
Local agents for
The Victoria Hat Works,
Victoria, B.C.
fVERY time I hear ot some feller
sensible enough to know better bnyln' shares In a (old
MI think of the preacher who went
Out to feed a new-weaned calf In his
frock coat; he knows better than do
the same thing the same way ag*ln.
Somebody has said that there's a
looker born every minute but I'm
obliged to say, arter beln' more er
less ot a student of human natur' for
over seventy years, that this Is a con
servative estimate. Two suckers
every minute Is nearder the scratch
and I reckon three wouldn't strain tho
time-unit any outer plum. But aB old
Cy Humble uster say If a feller didn't
nibble and feel the hook onct in a
while he wouldn't half appreciate deep-
water feedln'. Arter a time a feller
gets to know thet a brown snail is
iweeter to the taste than a Bpangled
fly with a sting. Personally I'm Btrong
on bottom-teedln', myself.
» BOUT tbe two crookedest things
f\ I know Is a corkscrew and
the law. Of these two I
perhaps know the corkscrew best
and on sundry occasions have
been able to use It to advantage
which Is more than I kin say of the
law. Law Is like marriage—you kin
higgle with It but there's no tellin'
what It will do to you. Jest to show
you: "Tother day Silas Carr had old
Caleb Jones up In court for smashin'
him over the head with a handspike.
Everybody sympathised with Si and no
body liked old man Jones, bo we all
The   Retort Unexpected
It was a case of assault, and the j
counsel was unmercifully bullying the
witness he was cross-examining.
"You say the defendant threw a
■tone at the plaintiff," he said. "How
big was the stone?"
"Oh, It was a goodlsh-sized stone," .
IU the vague reply.
"Was It as big as my list?"
"Was It as big as both my fists?"
"Was it as big as my head?"
The witness looked doubtful.
"It was as big," he said slowly, at
last, "but it wasn't so thick!"
hoped fer the best. Well, it happened
to be one of Judge Simeon's change
able dayB and as he was feelln' mid-
dlln' fair, havin' et a good dinner,
he up and let old Jones off Scott free
although it wsb proved that he did
drive poor Carr plumb through the
hedge with that handaplke. But jest
as we all got up to leave the courthouse, a fit of Indlgostlon hit the
ledge plumb In the pit of the stomach
and I'm dinged If he didn't turn round
ind fine Jones two dollars and costs
fer drivin' a car without a license,
His Reason
The village grocer advertised for an
trrand boy, aged fourteen.
Willie Green applied for the post,
and got It. But when he had been
there a week, he approached his
"boss," and said anxiously:
"I hope you'll give me a good character, sir, for my ^ext Job."'
"Certainly," answered the grocer.
"But surely you're not leaving me al
"Yes, sir; I must."
"But why, boy?"
"Well, sir, you only want a boy o
fourteen, and I shall be fifteen to
There Is keen rivalry between Dlb
tile and Drill, two seedsmen in a cei
tain country town, and each does
everything he can think of to "cut'
the other.
The other day, Dibble put a big
notice up In bis shop window:
"With every plant we give a packet
of seeds."
Drill was not to be outdone. Within a few minutes he had placarded
bis shop front with a glaring announcement, saying:
'■With every plant we give the earth."
The Common Cause
Rhode's Hens
Mr. Cecil Rhodes always took
ane or two hens with him on
his many long voyages between England and the Cape. Another well
known South African who had fre-
juently made the trip in the same
vessel as Mr. Rhodes, was asked why
he, too, did not take some hens with
him, "It Isn't necessary," he said.
"You see, I always tip the man who
looks after Rhodes' hens, and I get
the eggs."
Plnoha Da Nut
Synopsis uf Coal Mining Regulation*
COAL IlilllillU ilkl.l- 01    lilt    l> ml. i
'.Mi.iiiiot.it, .v>.k-.iclit,«t,ii Hi>    Aibui.
im YiikouX-riito y. theft it-huii* Ivn
.'■nt.- Hllll ill H  Jlul f II..' Pmv ui-»
Bntihh C'.lun In**, in.iy bttletii-od 101 -1, i
if twti.ry-'lit 3'"i, «     ii H'.lHi'il'■ i.l...
*U, »crc.     Hu!  in •!• ili-o a.BOUHt
•vi.i beleasi-d in irni-Hp|>liui,<
Applioaiiuii lor.. i.*m urn.- Ii,- in-ill' t
li«Hpi'licnu1 in pui*8uii lulli Agei.i • rhu
*gent of tht- district in wntli tin rly
ipplied fur .tie mutmed
Insurvnyed terut, ry the Land mus' '-
desotibed b\ seatinim, i-r li'ignl *>ubdi n-■
if.seolliiiiH, ..ml in   uiiaui yi-yiiil erm
■hetmei "j.niifii N.| i-'i I, I,, .,i k. ii'.u   ,
hesputioHtii iiiiii'-t'ii.
Ktcliapplication must hi   nee tuppi >
by «fee utffb wlii'li will be refund)u i/i-«
lulu.- sppUod tiirale lint SV lilnll .-. Iim Iml
'tlierwiso. A n-yiilu ninth be pHMl on n
ilierol 'llU'de "in |nil ut  Ihe  Inii.e hi   I ll<
rate of five cents per ton.
Thu perai'ii i pui-Htiug ihe  iniie  i-l h>
luriiish tl:e Akoiii witti tt-*i>iii teturn- hc
oumtni! I'r Ihu full quantity nfuitit-li
tutHbli uo.il inintll hiiiI   p,y   ihe ruy* i .
Iiere.uii.       If   tin- o, si inn H'» right,- Mi
iiitbeitiK "juiHitil situ) i-uturnastml b.
furnished at less' mice a year.
rim !«h-> nib tiiiMidt- t-e unsl tnii ti
iuhtsouiy, Iml:hi-1 sab* limy be porti.it.
ed to [lUtollSfO   alooevi-r   .tVaintblo Mil
face rights uiay be ooiiatdered neceesarj
rnr the wirktoe ui tint luilioal tlie rate "I
llO.OOaimu a.
For full information application '-It "I.
bemadeto the Socie'aty   fine Dbp>, '
ueul i.l ttie Itnt-ii.-i. 0 law.,  or to    'j
Agent or "Sub Ak. n   ■iD-uiiiiiinn Lian.,8
Deputy Mli-ibturni holnterioi.
N.Ii- UiiauihonstdpubiiQation of th p
ttlveitiM uieni wilt not he i alii for.
The Spirella
MaJe-to-order Corset, of
the finest quality. Every
pair guaranteed.
For further information"apply to
West Cumberland.
King George Hotel
First Class in Every
Respect    :    :   :   :
Terms moderate.
Dunsmuir Ave. Cumberland, B.C.
Grocers and Bakers
Agelits fin- Pii.sknui! Beer
Cumberland    Courtenay
An Italian who kept a fruit stand
was much annoyed by possible customers who made a practice of handling the fruit and pinching It, thereby
leaving It softened and often spoiled.
Exasperated beyond endurance, he
Anally put up a sign which read:
"If you must pincha da fruit, plncha
da cocoanut."
"Say, friend, can't you spare me a
! dime?   I haven't a cent in the world!"
"Neither have  I, old man!    What.
make of car did you buy?"
What Punled  Him
Dauber, strolling through the village In search of possible subjects for
his brush, discovered an extremely
picturesque laborer.
"I say, man," he said, "would you
like to be painted? I'll give you half-
a-crown If you'll let me paint you."
The man looked up at him doubtfully.
"It sounds a nice easy way of getting money," he remarked; "but I'm
wontflerlng how I should get the paint
off ugaln."
Making Amends
Mrs. Housewife stalked indignantly
Into the baker's.
"Those currant buns you sent me
yesterday afternoon—" she began
"Nothing wrong, I hope, madam?"
ventured the baker.
"Yes, there Is. One of them had
a dead fly In It In place of a currant."
"I'm most awfully sorry!" anBwered
the baker earnestly. "I can't lot a
serious thing like this pass without
doing something by way of reparation, If yon will return me the fly,
madam, I'll Rive you a currant In exchange!"
Her Warning
Hot "If I should tell you, dear, that
my love for you had grown cold, that
I had ceased to care for you, and that
the happy time when I shall claim
you as my own will never be, would
It really be a trial to you, darling?"
She: "Yes, Perclval, It would be
• breach ot promise Wall"
Phone 67
Agent fur ihe
Altx HentiQiiorii r'rojirietor
Estltoatea nnd Deslgna funiUieri
nil A|t]iliiiilii li
Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Repairing a Specialty
West Cumberland
I used the last of 1915 crop on
the 5th., Sept., 1916. These are
the greatest yielders and the
longest keepers I have grown in
17 years. 3 l-2c, lb., or 3c. by
the sack.   Phone 86 L.
First Class Hotel at Moderate Rates
The Footlights.
A Lost Opportunity
The laziest man on eartlt was reclining against a wall. An acquaintance, passing by, called out:
"I say, Jim, thorp's half-a-crown lying close to your hoot!"
The laiy one did not bother to look,
but answered Inngulrtly:
"Is there, now? What a pity I've
got me hands In me pocket»;"
for high prices. Don't eat out of a can. Plant
AND PLANTS in lirge variety. WRITE FOR
CATAOLOG, or Mr. A. H. Peacey, Cumberland,
will give your order careful attention.
Dominion Nursery Company
Vancouver, B.C.
Cumberland General Hospital.
Statement of Receipts and Expenditures I'm- the year ending
March :'.lst, 1917.
Balance on hand April 1, 1916. .$ 272,30 Salaries	
Provincial Gov. per capita grant. 5768,00 Molntennnce ..
I-Vrs paid by patients  3470.401 Light
Tot n
Hauling Coal	
Doctors' percentage from Royston
Sawmill, Fanny Hay Shingle
Mill, Urquharl's Sawmill....
Balance on hand Match .'11, I'll?.
Monthly expenditure
April  $74805
Hay  897.24
june  594.81
July  732.06
August   695.40
September  687.02
October  792.34
N vember  72fV 7
i) -cember *..-.,*.*.
[anuarv  824.20
February  714.10
March  775.63
ITS. 10
'o the Board oi Directors of the Cumberland General Hospital, I
fiebj submit Receipts and Expenditurt-s for the fiscal year ending
ln'ch 31st, 1917, E. t), P1CKARU, Secretary.
Hfled correct: F. A, MCCARTHY,
I). R. HUNTER, Audltois. FOUR
The Ladies' Aid of Grace
Methodist Church will hold a
special meeting in the Parsonage
on Tuesday evening, June lflth.
LOST Between the Big Store
anil Ihe corner of Penrith Avenue
and Fourth St., a Canadian Bank
of Commerce hank book. Finder
will confer a favor by leaving it
at the local branch of the Canadian Bank of Commerce,
A   Hunb!e  Joker
The husba; d ol u srcai lad! nutli
hiti!■> f a ' oni ntlty, euli n ii his »'i
Btudj while she was out, and giant
Dvor 'it' mauuscrlpl up >:i her wrltuj
He tad tlie sentence, "She Bwrpt
tho room with a brlEht. f.e h glance,"
and, taking up a ppncll, he wrote on
the margin of the page, "if she would
only sweep the room with a bright,
fresh broom!"
Reading on, he came to, "She
touched a button and a footman appeared." His marginal note to this
was: "Alas! She will never touch
a button!"
And now he came upon the sentence, "She decided to mend her ways."
And again he wrote, "Hopeless! She'll
never mend anything."
"My wife is always making a fuss
over me."
,   "Yes;   some  women   always  make
an awful fuss over nothing."
Mrs. F. Oliver
R.A.M., London, England, and
Conservatoire of Music.Dresden
Teacher of Pianoforte,
Theory, etc.
No. 43, Camp.
The Spirella Corset is made to
your measure and fitted by an
expert corsetiere. Gives modish-
ness. style, refinement to dress;
perfect comfort and freedom of
movement; retains its original
form permanently, The Spirella Service provides a trained corsetiere to serve you in your home.
She v. ill suhniil styles, fabrics
and trimmings for your selection;
show you the exclusive Spirella
boning and advise with you without obligation on your part.
Appointment al your convenience al
Mrs,  Roy Hideout's
Millinery Parlors,
I i'ii   r Ave, Cumberland,B.C,
On The
Tonight, At Ilo Ilo
For Children:
Infants' Frocks, in fine lawn, with very pretty embroidery lace, neck and
sleeves, with a bow of ribbon.   Price $1.75.
Infants' Voile Frock, beautifully embroidered, ages 1 and 2 years. Price $2.75
Voile Embroidered Frock, an exquisite design made with a pretty yoke of
tine Val. lace and tine embroidery.   Price $3.95.
Children's White Cotton Wash Hats, 5(ty each.
Infants' and Children's Bonnets and Hats in a variety of stvles from 75<< to
Small Boys' Wash Hats, Just-rite for summer, good washers.   35f-! each.
Boys' Summer Overall Suits, from 3 to 6 years* blouse and pants. Price $1.00
Leader in children's black openwork Stockings, regular prices 30c. to 50c. a
pair, special price to clear, 15fi a pair, or 7 pairs for $1.00.
Special lot of Girls' good Washing Dresses, last season's styles, were $1.25.
To clear for 75^ each.
Girls' Jack Tar Middy in white, with assorted colors on collar.   95^ up.
For Ladies:
Ladies' Embroidered Waists, eight different styles, in nearly all sizes,
with good quality muslin, and dainty embroidery,    All one Price
About 3 doz. Colored openwork Hose to clear at 25^ a pair.
Ladies' -Smart Outing Hats, just arrived.  Prices $1.25 and $1.50 each.
New Paisley Pattern Waists with smart collar.   Price #2.50.
New Norfolk style Middy, white with colored band, really very smart. $2.25.   \
Phone 3-8
Principal repayable 1st, October, 1919.
Interest iKtyublo half-yearly, 1st. April nnd 1st October by
nheque (free of exchange at -any chartered Bank in Canada) at
tbe rate of five per ceni pi*r annum from the dale ot pun hofic.
Holders of this stock will have the privilege of surrendering
nt par and accrued interest, us the equivalent of ciwh, in pay-
tnenl of any allotment made under any future war loan Usm in
Canada other than an issue of Treasury Bills »>r other like Bhort
date seuurlty.
I'm. reds of litis stuck arc for war purposes only,
A commission of one-quarter of one per cenl will be allowed
to recognized bond and stock brokers on allot mm is made in
respect of applications for this stock which bear imar stamp.
1'or application forms apply to the Deputy Minuter of
Finance, Ottawa.
OCTOBER 7ih, 1416.
Merchant Tailors
The Latest in Ladies' and Gents' Tailoring
Dyeing, Pressing and Repairing executed to your entire satisfaction.
Phone 5-5
Opposite Postoffice, Cumberland, B.C.
P. O. Box 350
We have a limited number of the
Electric Irons
Which we are selling at
While they last.
Buy one and use up your minimum this hot weather!
Cumberland Electric Lighting
Phone 75 Co., Ltd. P. 0.314
Stoves & Ranges
Furniture, Crockery, Enamelware
Paints, Oils, Edison & Columbia
Novelties, Toys, Etc.
Magnet Cash Store
P. O. Bex 279
Phone 31
I      FIRE   INSURANCE     i
| Queen Insurance Company,
(Fire and Automobile J and'
National Fire of Hartford, j
Which Really Sings
There arc many kinds of talking machines and sound
reproducing machines, but there is only one instrument that REALLY SINdS; the rest of them give an
imitation of singing, just as you or I might give an
imitation of a dog barking.
actually sings. It has stood beside Marie Rappold,
Anna Case, Arthur Middleton, Thomas Chalmers, and
a score of other great artists, and has sung duets with
them and then sung in comparison with them. Don't
be deceived. There is but one instrument which actually Recreates music. Wherever and whenever you
buy look for Edison's name in the cabinet.. Insist on
the Diamond Disc.
G. A. Fletcher Music Co.
1 Nanaimo's Music House,"
22 Commercial St.,
'Nanaimo, B.C.


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