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With which is Consolidated The Cumberland News.
Subscription Price, $2.00 per year
To Solve Canada's Employment Problem
U* VERYONE in Canada should understand just what
■*-*' the Government is doing to solve the unemployment
problems that may arise through the demobilization of
our fighting forces.
(1) Employment Offices.
So that evervi ne—male or
female, soldier or civilian—can
get quickly such jobs as are
available the Government is cooperating with t'te Pr iviuees in
establishing n e! ■ :i of Public
Employment Ofiiccs. Employers are being urged to make use
of these offices to secure any
help they need r rm for
example, who need hired men
should apply to the nearest
office. There will be a Public
Employment Cilice in every
town of 10,000 people—and
wherever the ne< df r one e..'. is.
There will be 00 different offices
in-all—one-half are already in
(#) Employment Opportttmttes.
The war held up much work
that will now be carried on at
once. Public works, shipbuilding, roadbuiklinj;, railway work
—construction of bridges, improvement of road-bed, making
of new equipment—these will
provide new opportunities for
employment. In addition, the
Government has sent a Trade
Mission overseas to secure for
Canada a share in t he business of
providing materials and products required for reconstruction work in Europe. It has also
set aside the
large sum of
$25,000,000 to be loaned through
thc Provinces to encourage the
building (if workmen's houses.
This vt ill mean much new work
in the spring.
(S) Land and Loans for Soldiers
To help soldiers become farmers the Government has developed a programme that
includes the providing of land,
the granting of loans, and the
training and supervision of
those inexperienced in farming.
At present, the soldier is granted, free, in addition to his ordinary homestead right, one
quarter-section of Dominion
lands. He also receives a loan
up to the maximum of $2,500.
These original plans are now
being broadened. If Parliament
passes the new proposals during
this session, Ihe Soldier Settlement Board will be able to buy
suitable land and re-sell it to
the soldier at cost.
Land up to the value of
$5,000 may be bought by this
plan—the money to be repaid
in 20 years. The low interest
rate of 5 per cent, will be
charged. These new proposals
will also permit the Soldier
Settlement Board to loan the
soldier-farmer up to $2,500 for
purchasing equipment, etc., in
addition to $5,000 loan on his
The Repatriation Committee
.Mrs. F. Bradley left for Nanaimo on
W, Mordy arrived on Sunday on
visit to his parents.
Mrfl. Simms regrets having disappointed her music pupils last month
owing to her brother having had an
unexpected relapse, but she hopes to
receive them tills month as usual. A
little later she will notify each pupil
us to the exact time, etc.
James Whyte,  ofllls Majesty's Canadian Naval Forces, Is here on a visit.
William Whyte returned from Vancouver on Wednesday.
The Ladies' Aid of St. George's
Presbyterian Church will hold a
"Shamrock at Home" on St. Patrick's
Day, March 17th, In the basement of
the church.
Mr. nml Mrs .D. .Michell, of Victoria,
arrived on Thursday.
Miss E. I. Reynolds returned to Na-
naio ou Monday morning.
A. Grant, who has just recently returned from overseas, arrived on
Tuesday and returned to Victoria on
Mrs, Clinton will be at the Ilo Ilo
Dance Hall Tuesday afternoon from
4 to 6 o'clock to receive all donations
(except bread and butter) promised
by the members of the Women's Hospital Auxiliary. Bread and butter donations are to be sent to Mrs. Charles
Graham's on Monday, or early on
H.  Simms returned  from  overseas
on Wednesday evening.
Mrs. Tliomns Rickson left for Ladysmith on Monday -and returned on
The regular monthly meeting of the
Women's Hospital Auxiliary wlll take
place at the home of Mrs. Bruce on
Thursday, March 6th, at 7.30 p.m.
W. J. Bnnbury, a returned soldier,
who has been on active service overseas for the past three years, has been
appointed Chief of Police for the City
of Cumberland and will commence his
duties today. Mr. Bunbury, previous
to joining up for overseas, was for
eight years lu the service of tho Royal
Northwest Mounted Police.
Thomas Graham, General Superintendent, left for Victoria on Monday.
The Saturday Evening Post for less
thnn five cents a copy, $2.60 a year.
"The Country Gentleman" for less
than four cents a copy, $1.75 a year,
including postage. Authorized agent,
A. 11. DORAIS, 632 Broadway West,
Vancouver, B.C.
At a special meeting of thc Board
of Directors of the Cumberland Gen-
oral Hospital, tenders as follows were
received for the erection of a new
Glover and Moran $625.00
A. Lyons  $590.00
Chas. Reynolds  $585.00
Reynolds was awarded the contract.
The account for the new X-ray machine wns ordered paid.
Letters of appreciation and thanks
wero sont to nil those who assisted In
the purchase of the new X-ray machine.
As a special attraction for the concert on Tuesday evening the Nanaimo
star, Miss Jean Patterson, will take
part ln the first and second shows.
This noted soloist will arlve ln Cumberland on Tuesday afternoon. Programmes will be distributed on Monday. The residents of Cumberland are
requested to attend the lirst show leav
ing the second show for visitors.
COMING—at the Ilo Ilo Theatre on
Wednesday, March 5th, Charlie Chaplin ill "Tho Count."
There will lie no Pictures on Tuesday
evening, ou uccount of the Hospital
Two Chinamen were accidentally
killed lit No. 4 mine on Monday evening. At the inquest on Thursday the
jury returned a verdict of occidental
The following is tho Auditor's Annual Report for the Municipality of
the City of Cumberland, which was
omitted lu tlie report ot the City Council held last week:
To Hla Worship tho Mayor and Aldermen, City of Cumberland, B.C.
Gentlemen. - Ibeg herewith to submit for your consideration the Auditor's Annual Report for tlie year ending December 31st, 1918:
Tho conditions of trade during tbe
past year have been exceptionally
good. The demand for coal lias always been in excess of the supply, and
the local mines have been running
full time with no shortage of labor,
except during the recent epidemic of
Spanish Influenza, when the output
was reduced to 206/» of normal.
All available houses have been occupied and more are. wanted, but this
situation will be gradually relieved
with the completion of the new dwellings now located on tbe extension at
the east end of the town.
Business has been good throughout
the year, and whilst prices have been
abnormally high, It would appear that
this is mainly due to the Inflation of
prices by the wholesalers. This lias
necessitated higher wages for workmen, tending to further Increase the
already too high cost of living. So
far the cessation of hostilities lias
modified these conditions but little.
but a heavy drop In both prices and
wages must result in the near future.
which may possibly involve a certain
amount of unemployment In our city.
Such a condition might be motiiied or
even entirely prevented by providing
municipal work tor a short while, wilh
mutual benefit to workers and City.
Trades Licenses tor the year show
a falling off of $505.00, due no doubt
tb the absence of liquor licenses. This
shortage would have been greater had
the regular trades licenses not been
doubled . during the year. In 1918
seven new places of business were
opened and one closed.
Real Estate receipts show an Increase of $2340.00 over 1917, duo to the
Tax Sale of October 9th ,1918, which
spurred thc tardy taxpayer to amend
his ways. There are still heavy arrears outstanding. For 1917 the arrears with Interest amount to $2076.35,
and for 1918 on general rates there Is
outstanding $871.66; and on school
rates within the city limits there are
$591.43 outstanding; and on the
school district extension there Is the
sum of $1955.43 outstanding; making
a total of rates outstanding to December 31st, 1918, of $6494.77.
The school rates on the School District Extension Is a new rate for that
part and Iwould direct your attention
to the heavy percentage, of 93% unpaid; of this amount 877» is In the
names of four owners.
Further, I would respectfully draw
the attention of the Mayor and Aldermen to the withdrawal from the tax
sale of October 9th, 1918, of Lots 3, 4,
5, and 6, Block 10, and Lot 1 In Block
15,—property held in the name of
Clinton and Pillsbury, the condition of
such withdrawal being an application
by Mr. Clinton claiming the protection
of the Military Service Act on account
of Mr. Pillsbury being engaged In military sorvicc; and also stipulating that
he would forward a payment on account of said rates before tho end of
the year, which promise has not been
carried out.
Cement Sidewalks.
Tills account seems to have been neglected In tlie past for other more
Immediate business, with the result
that there is only the small amount of
$3043.89 In the sinking fund, with an
overdue balance of payments amounting to $7159.48 outstanding. This
amount Is owed by seventeen persons,
and In most cases there has been no
payment made on account of any of
the Instalments. The debentures from
which this money was raised fallB
due in the month of June of the present year, and it will therefore be the
first duty of the present council to
take steps to put the necessary machinery for the collection of this
money in motion, as In* almost every
case, the persons owing the amounts
are well able to meet their obligations.
The total amount to be provided for
to meet the payment of debentures
and Interest in June next is $10,335.45.
The .Scavenger nnd Sewer Rules arc
now merged In the general tax rate
and as the unpaid balances are collected these amounts will disappear.
City Hall. This building has been
transferred to thc use of the Fire Department for accommodation of new
motor fire truck, now being built to
their order In Vancouver, nnd will no
longer be a source of revenue.
Street Lighting.   The daylight sav-
Ing scheme of last summer was tho
cause of a considerable reduction in
the street lighting cost, and tlie double
cut-off time switch lately Installed
should further reduce the cost as well
a:; being a great convenience to those
going to work In tbe early morning
Thc amount spent under the heading of labor might have been charged
up to street account, as the nmoinii
were expended for tblrj purpose.
Cost of Schools. Tbe cost of tbe
Schools to the City was slightly re
duced this year, owing to tiie schooll
being closed for the greater portion
of the fall term, and also to tlie
changed system of payment of teach
ers from the old system of 12 nioiillil;.
payments to the new system of ten
monthly payments, there being no
salaries now paid during the months
of slimmer vacation, and had even i
fair percentage of tbe school rale
been paid there would have been no
del'cit, on account of unpaid cheeks,
amounting to $1200.88. on band De
cember 31st, 1918.
The recent epidemic of Spanish Influenza necessitated tlie closing down
of all public places, including the
schools, one of which was converted
into an emergency hospital, and tho
entire Public School staff volunteered
their services as assistant nurses. Tho.
emergency hospital was ably conducted by .Mrs. Comley and other
capable volunteer nurses .under the
direction of Dr. Hicks, City Health
Officer, and tlie furnaces wore attended at night by the local clergymen free
of charge, to all of whom the thanks
of tlie entire community are duo for
the work they did In preventing this
scourge from assuming greater proportions than it did .
There remains, nevertheless, n
heavy bill of expenses in connection
with the above hospital, amounting to
$1839.99, for unpaid bills. To offsel
this there arc patients' fees ot $600,011
still uncollected. Every endeavor
should be made to get assistance from
the government In connection- with
this amount, as tlie City authorities
allowed patients from all parts of the
district to enter the hospital without
question, and provided them with all
necessary attention and care, thus
savln'g the lives of many wiio were
not so situated that they could provide
themselves with the necessary care
and nursing. I would also strongly
urge the council to make every effort
to collect tho fees still unpaid.
In conclusion. I would like to render my sincere thanks to the City
Clerk for his unfailing courtesy and
ready help In supplying all necessary
books and Information required In
connection with audit and report, and
I trust that you will find the suggestions offered helpful to you In tho
work of the coming year.
I am, Gentlemen,
Your obedient servant,
T.  MORDY,  Auditor.
At midnight on Monday, near the
Cumberland Public Schools, Mike
Jurovlch, an employee of tbe Canadian
Collieries (Dunsmuir), Ltd., was hold
up and robbed of $7.00 or $8.00 al the
point of a revolver. When Jurovlch
was told to hold up Ills hands he bad
the presence of mind to drop $70.00
down the sleeve of Ills coal. Charles
Evans, provincial constable, was on
the scene within a short tlmo after
the holdup, and lu the early hours of
Tuesday morning arrested Richard
llryee, who Is now held on n charge of
highway robbery. He has been given
u preliminary bearing and remanded
for eight days.
NOTICE.—A number of Cumberland
Waterworks Shures for sale. Apply
Box 162, Cumberland, B.C.
Annual Masquerade Hull of the
t'timheiland I'iro Department
Will Take Place March 17.
Ilesi Drossod Lady $16.00
"   Dressed Gent  $10.00
"   Group representing the Allies
II characters)   $ln.(in
"   Comic Group of three i'.i.oo
"   National Character  $7.50
"   Clown    $5.00
*'   Hobo   $5.00
"   Topsy  $5.00
"   Lady representing the Fire
Department  $5.00
"   Comic  Lady   $5.00 ■
"   Comic Gent  $5.00
"   Red Cross Nurse    $5.00
Prize Waltz  $8.00
Prize SI'wo-tep  $S.OO
February  Collections:
Mr. T. Graham $ 5.00
Raffle for cactus and work-
bosket  $10.40
Derwent and Allen  $11.95
Dunsmuir  Ave. $21.75
Penrith Ave $11.00
Maryport Ave ....$18.30
Windermere Ave $10.00
Japanese Town No. 5 $ 5.10
Chinatown and No. 1 Japanese
Town  $2S SO
Bevan not received
Dues Mrs. and Miss Tarbell, .Mrs.
Hicks   i (i.oo
SOS!  net proceeds of picture
show  $ 4.50
Tolal  $154 45
The Dominion Government Ollicial
Exhibition of War Trophies will ho
seen in Victoria for I wo weeks beginning March 19th, Half tlie gross receipts will be donated to the Rod
Cross Society, so it is hoped it will
be well patronized.
NANAIMO, U.C, Feb. 27.-The death
occurred yesterday morning at tho
family residence, 522 Hoeale St., this
city, of Mrs. Hannah Hale, wife qf
ex-Mayor Bale. Tlle deceased lady
who bad tor some time been In poor
health, was of u kind hearted, generous and bright disposition, beloved by
all who knew ber, and hy whom her
loss will be most deeply lamented.
She was in her O.'lrd year, and a native
of Manchester, England. Besides her
husband, she Is survived by her son,
Mr. Harvey Harrison, of Victoria, and
her daughter, Mrs. Fiiniion. of Manchester, England. The funeral will
lake place on Sunday afternoon from
Hie family residence.
.Mr. Thos. K. Bale, of Ibis city, received tlie sad news of the dealii of his
stepmother on Thursday last, and expects lo leave lor Nanaimo Du Sunday morning.
Any lady who has spoons to de into
lo Hie HoBpltal Auxiliary will plnase
send ibeni to Mrs. Clinton or Mrs,
Charles Graham. These spoons ure
to be kept and used only for functions
glvotl by Hie Auxiliary.
Editor Islander,—I noticed in the
hist issue of Tbe Islander, under (lie
Union Bay Notes, an Item of Information to the effect that Iliad leased
the Ilarwood ranch, etc. Now, .Mr.
editor, tills report is news to me;
therefore your correspondent at Onion
Hay was not only Incorrect, but altogether too previous, in sending you
such an Interesting Item for publication, Wc have one or two hot air
peddlers, camouflage artists, iu ihla
little burg, ami doubtless you got
what you supposed was reliable new.;
from one of them, and, in consequence
have led your readers somewhat
astray in this instance. I would suff-
Sesf, for tbo future, Unit you gel n
more reliable and trustworthy enrron-
poudeiu for this locality. To correct
any misapprehension I would like vou
to publls * tills 1- Iter.
I remain, yours truly,
Union Hay, U.CM February 11th, 1910.
r,               SSmi
W1b\           a
t '■^SuH'
Un  K<
fjHBy '"W9i
vBrjm.' 1
t.&cin   '.(H
'tl M
Hp .yjgfl
Photo of recently elected President
Ebert, who will draw a salary of
$240,000 a year. Circle Insert shows
Phillip Scheldmann who will he tho
Hirt Prime "Minister of Germany,
under President Ebert. TWO
®lf? Jfilante
Published every Saturday at Cumber- j,atest of Britain's Fonr-Stackers Car.
land, B.C. ricd  about  120,000  Men  During
  War Period.
The   part   played   by the Cunard
SUNDAY OBSERVANCE MM™ n„er Aqultanla tn the great war is an
NATIONAL CHARACTER intcresting story.   A Dr|et outline of
  what   the   latest  of   Britain's four-
Thc genial editor of The Islander funncl liner3 hag accompilBhed has
has asked me to write a short article .ust bofln relcased by the Cunard Line
on tlie Sunday question and the work whkh h&8 kept a close recorcl of th6
ot the Lord's Day Alliance. This 1 mov6ments of aR thciA liners during
am glad to do;  lirst. because it is a ll0sUml6!i
matter ol* lirst importance, and, Th(s magnlflcent nner, the pride of
second, because it happens to be part Llverpooli and indeed of the British
of my job. merchant  marine,  made  her  maiden
We cannot think clearly upon this voyaga a9 a passenger ship from Liv-
iiuestlon until we have decided Hie arpooi lQ N(JW Y(Jrk on Majr 3n, 1914i
purpose of Sunday ia Industrial and jU|U tw0 monti,s before the outbreak
national life. I should say that to o, waf During those two months
preserve an develop vital energies is ut pea(,a she made threo roun(1 voy.
the function a Sabbath has to per- uges when war wa8 declared, the
form—to preserve physical and to Aquitania was |n the port of Liverpool
develop spiritual  energies. belng prepared for her next trip to
This Is so whether you look at it  Neft. Yor)(
from  the standpoint of the ancient     Tne   admiralty,  however,   immedl-
Scriptures,  or that of modern  com- ately   took   aeT   over   as an armed
mercial and industrial economics. cruiser, and the dismantling   of her
In earliest times the Sabbath was a handaomely decorated rooms—a work
heathen feast associated with the of I10 3maii magnitude—was proceeded
phases of the moon, which marks our with bj. the cunard Company's staff,
month with its division into four and wituil, an incredibly short space
weeks. But tlie Hebrew prophets saw of „me she wafl converted from
in it more than this, and so they grad- I)eael,fui passenger ship into an in-
ually dissociated it from the heathen 3trument 0f war.
cycle of ideas and made it stand for Having been mounted with the ne-
und contribute to human welfare. The oessal.y complement ot guns, she
writer of the Book of Deuteronomy sailed [rom Li¥erp00i 0„ Aug. 8th, or
knows nothing about Jehovah resting four aay3 a{ter the declaration of war.
at the end of creation, aud in enunci- Later, when the necessity for her
ating the fourth commandment in the uge a3 an arraed cruiser had disap-
flfth cliapter, he gives primary em- peared, Bhe' was commissioned and
phasis to its democratic and human- ntted out as a transport. In this role
itarian provisions; "that thy man- she made 3evcrai voyages to the Dar-
servant am! thy maid-servant may daneiles, carrying some 30,000 troops,
rest as well as thou." This was the Uoi.lg tne )a3t word |n naval archi-
Idoa of Jesus about tlie Sabbath when te(.lu,.ei her ventilation and other ar-
Hc said it was "made for man." rangements were all of the most up-
So the essential idea of the Sabbath t0.diltc kind, and with her enormous
is not that of a day set apart as B,ze Bne appealed t0 the transport
holier than other days-one pelce of authorities as making an admirable
time cannot lie called holier than an- ilospitai 8],|P| and Bhe was therefore
oilier piece of time, save for the use oonverted t0 this use, and for well
to which it is put   but of thc generic njgh Uv0 ve.ir3 perf0rnied Red Cross
human need of one day's rest in seven,
and age-long experience has proved
the truth of tills institution.
Her   spacious   public   rooms   and
lounges were admirably adapted to the
There has been profoundly illuslra-  pla,ms „, „ hmniM 3hlP| and during
led during tho past four years a'. Industrial effort in England; for it was
found, in the production of munition;!
this  commission  carried  over   25,000
When the need for tonnage to carry
of war, that not only could a larger ls lroop() 1)ecanU! urgl5nt tno A(,ui.
output be obtained in a six-day than t.mia dUl(.ar(.e(. her Red cross attire
in a sevou-day week of work, but a|ld was put op tho New york run
also that only thus could the health 5hc made nl]le run8 acros8 the AUan.
of the munition worker he preserved t|(. aud carrled ,„ a„ 60000 AHo.
and his efficiency lie maintained. g0.ner durlng her career as an admlr-
We have been witnessing recently aUy shlp the „umber of tr00ps whl(.n
the most formidable explosion of nave pag8ed ovcr her gangway8 was
human energy that has ever occurred about 120 000.
on tills planet; and with the recon-  0	
struction  of  the days  to come  this MARY ANDERSON PLAYED
tension    cannot    be   expected   to be                FIRST IN BUNNY PICTURE
Wrote Lord Sydenham in the Lon- Mary Anderson, one of the youngest
don Times some time ago; "In the 0f Vltagraph's stars, recalls always
more difficult time which will follow Wuh pleasure the tact that she made
the war the need for Increase of her lirst appearance lu photoplay In a
economic production, and at the same comedy with John Bunny. She made
of jealously guarding the public g0od and her advance to leads in Vita-
health, will lie forced upon the nation graph features was rapid. Her charm
with Inexorable necessity. Tlle great a„d talents were, perhaps, never bet-
principle of compulsory rest which ter displayed than in "When Men are
Moses taught to mankind calls for Tempted," the Greater Vitagraph Blue
scientific application to lives far more Ribbon Feature, which will be shown
strenuous and more complex than at the Ilo Ilo Theatre tonight,
those of the Israelites."  0	
These words are particularly appli- Any lady who has spoons to donate
cable to us in Canada, not only be- to the Hospital Auxiliary will p.nase
cause of the stimulating climatic con- send them to Mrs. Clinton or .Mrs.
dition in which we live, but because Charles Graham. These spoons ure
of the stupendous industrial and ngri- to lie kept and used only for functions
cultural  tasks  which  will be forced  given by the Auxiliary.
upon  us In' the days to come when 	
un  exhausted  world  will  look  to  us  FOR SALE—Loose Hay, Clover, and
Clover and Timothy.    Apply to A.
KERTON, Lake Trail, Courtenay.
for recuperation,
It is because of considerations such
as these that tlie Lord's Day Alliance
is seeking constantly to oppose every
effort to rob the worker of his God-
given democratic privlllcge of one
day's rest in seven—"a day when
every man can be his own boss."
That Sunday is needed by the spirit
as well as by the body. I need not
take time nor spaee to argue, save to
quote a writer whom no one can call
prejudiced in fnvor of organized religion. Says Leckey, in "Democracy
and Liberty";
"No one who knows England will
doubt that the existence of an enforced holiday, primarily devoted to
religious worship, has contributed
enormously to strengthen tho niornl
life of the nation, to give depth, seriousness and sobriety to the national
character, to save it from being wholly
sunk in selfish pursuits and material
Secretary Lord's Day Alliance.
To Whom It may Concern;
Take*.uptice that the partnership
firm of Ch'uw Lee, Sons & Company
has been 'dissolved and that Chow
Keen hs HO longer a member ot said
firm.   ■ ,
And further take notice   that   the Mme.      Catherine      Breshkovakaya,
said Chow Neen has no buslnoBB con-     known the world ovcr as the Grand-
noctfons with me whatsoever. mother of the Russian Revolution,
Hated this 21st day of February, 1019.      arriving In  New York after a trip
CHOW  LEE. from the Puclllc coast.
First Showing of Ladies' and Misses'
Spring Suits and Coats,
In Tweeds and Serges, sizes 32 to 44.
A Large Assortment of Newest
Styles to Choose from.
Ladies' and Misses' Spiring Millinery
Your Inspection Invited.       SATURDAY, Feb. 23rd
License No. 8-19224
Music Lovers Amazed by
Edison's Daring Test
All told, 2,000,000 music lovers in Canada and
the United States, on more than 1500 different
occasions, have gone to one of their local theatres
filled with curiosity regarding a startlingly novel
musical recital to which they had been invited.
In each case they
have come away amazed at the almost unbelievable demonstration
which had taken place
before their very eyes,
and ears—the most
daring test of a phonograph or talking
machine ever made.
They saw a noted Edison artist stand beside
"The Phonograph with a Soul"
They heard the instrument sing in the artist's voice—in other
words, re-create her voice. Presently the artist herself began to
sing note lor note with the instrument. Musically trained ears
strove in vain to distinrnish the faintest shade of difference between
the actual voice and the Re-Creation. Then, suddenly and without warning, the ariist ceased singing, leaving the instrument to
continue the air alone. Only by watching thc artist's lips did the
audience know that she had ceased singing and that they heard the
instrument alone.    This is the famous Edison Tone Test.
Only Edison mates this test. Only Edison can make this ten,
because only the New Edison actually re-creates the human voice
an.l the music of human-played instruments with every tone quality
ami every shade of expression. Ordinary phonographs, and talking
machines, merely reproduce.
If tou have not keen fortunate enough, to witness an Edison
Tone Test, fou may at least hear Edison's wonderful new phe-     lt>8
nograph at our store.   Make the time to suit your convenience,      ^j
G. A. Fletcher Music Co.,    Cumberland, B.C.
It is often a temptation to call telephone numbers
from memory.
In a surprisingly great percentage of cases this
results in serious losses of time, the referring of calls
to special operators, and unexpiainable annoyances to
those called in error.
There is no better insurance on effective service
than the two following practices:
FIRST—Invariably to consult the directory and
call by number, slowly, one numeral at a
SECOND—To evidence the same consideration
and politeness that is shown by the operator when difficulties arise, regardless of
their origin.
British Columbia Telephone Co., Ltd.
Gallstones removed, Appendicitis corrected in 24 hours without pain.—Mrs. G. ALMAS, 524
Fourth St., Saskatoon, sole manufacturer. Not sold by druggists
Phone 116
Offlce:   KING BLOCK,
Cumberland, B.C.
of the DRINKS
Buy the products of the
Ask for the Brands that are the Best
Alexandra Stout is sure to satisfy.
U.B.C. Beer   The Beer of Quality.
Silver Top Soda Water
Cascade Beer
Pull line of Pure
Fruit Flavors.
The Beer Without a Peer.
Tungstens, 15 to 40 watt, 40c, were 45c.
60 watt, 45c, were 50c.
Further reductions if not less than one dozen are
purchased at a time.
Cumberland Electric Lighting
Phone 75         Co., Ltd.           p. 0. 314
ALEX. MAXWELL, Proprietor
Autos for Hire.     Coal and W«od Hauling given very
prompt attention.    Furniture and Piano
Storage if desired.
Phones 4 and 61 Cumberland, B.C.
Marocchi Bros.
Grocers and
Cumberland and Courtenay, B.C.
License No. 8-25489
Royston Lumber Co.
Slab Wood (double load) ...$4.00
First Class Accommodation.     Heated
throughout by Electricity.
Cumberland, B. C.
License No. 10-1608
D. Campbell's
Meat Market
Young Steer Beef,
tender and juicy.
Veal, Pork and Mutton.
Cambridge Pork Sausage
Home-made Sausage
Polish Sausage
Veal Loaf
Boiled Ham
Ham Bologna
Have you tried our Pickled Pork
and Corned Beef ?    It is delicious.
Each Thursday morning from now
on a full line of Fresh Fish will be
on hand.
License No. 9-3H02
Watchmaker and Jeweller
Agent for the  HARMONOLA
All the latest Books,  Magazines
and Periodicals.
Dunsmuir Ave. Cumberland, B.C.
. WM.    MERRIFIELD,   Proprietor.
Dunaniuir Ave..      Cumberland, B.C.
Canada Food Board License No. 104986
Charlie Sing Chong
Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots and
Shoes, Crockeryware and
General Merchandise.
HONG CHONO & CO., Bevan.
NOTICE.—Whereas certain mlschiovi-
ously Inclined persons have tampered with the vulves on the mains
ot tills Company, thereby ullowlng
a considerable amount of water to
run waste, we therefore wish to
point out that It ls a serious offence
to tamper with such valves, and
should the offending parties be
apprehended they will be prosecuted to the very fullest extent ot
the law.
Make The Returning Soldier Welcome
HpHIS is an important hour for Canada. The
*■ nation is entering on a new era. It is passing
from war to peace. Let us start this new era right.
There are thousands of soldiers returning from overseas. The Government is doing all in its power to
get these men back to civil life.
It is giving a JVar Service Gratuity—more than
any other nation—to keep the soldier going till he
gets a job.
It gives him a pension—where his usefulness is
impaired by his service.
It teaches a man a new trade when his service
unfits him for his former trade.
It gives him free medical treatment when illness recurs, and supplies free artificial limbs and
surgical appliances.
It is bringing back to Canada at the public
expense the soldiers' dependents now overseas.
You will see by Mr. May's adv. ln
another column that he ls prepared
to execute all orders for violin work,
repairing of all descriptions, bows re-
haired with the best hair procurable.
Work guaranteed and at moderate
WANTED.—Young woman for upstairs work and assist in dining
room. Room and board and 125.00
per* month. Apply Beaufort Hotel,
Port Alberni, B*.
WANTED—House cleaning, washing
clothes, windows, and all kinds of
paint work, and house work In gen-
eal. Per hour, 40c.; one day of 8
hours, for $3.00. Apply to Lou Get,
phone 74, Cumberland, B.C.
Fire, Life and
Accident Insurance
Cumberland, B.C.
New Home Bakery
Fresh Bread, Cakes,
Pies, etc.
Wedding Cake* a Specialty
Dunsmuir Ave.,      Cumberland.
License No. 6-1172 -
Cumberland Si Union Waterworks Co.
In the County Court of Nanaimo hold-
en at Cumberland, B.C.
Take Notice that by an order of
His Honor Judge Barkker made the
15th day of January, 1919, I was appointed administrator of the estate of
Noosuke Miyomoto, deceased, and all
parties having claims against the said
estate are required to furnlBh same,
properly verified, oil or before the 15th
day of March, A.D. 1919, and all
pnrtles Indebted to the said estate are
required to pay the amount of their
indebtedness to mo forthwith.
Official Administrator,
Cumberland, B.C.
But tho Government, however willing, cannot provide
thc personal touch needed in
this work of repatriation.
That must be given by the
people themselves.
Thc men who went from
these parts to fight in Flanders deserve a real welcome
home —the best we can give.
In most towns committees
of citizens have already been
organized to meet the soldiers
and their dependents at the
station, to provide hct meals,
supply nutomcl ilcs, afford
temporary accommodation
when necessary,
In addition, many oilier
towns are organizing social
gatherings to give public welcome to returned men after
they have been home a
few   days.
After he has rested, the
soldier must bo provided with
an opportunity for employment. In towns of 10,000
population, Public Employment Offices have been established to help soldiers, as well
as war-workers, secure good
jobs quickly. Where these
exist, citizens should co-opcr-
ate. Where they do not exist,
the citizens t hemselyes should
help put the soldier in touch
with employment.
The fighting job is done. It
has cost many a heart-burning. But it has been well
done. Thc least we can do
is to show our appreciation
in no 'uncertain manner.
Don't let the welcome die
away with the cheers.
The Repatriation Committee
Hamlin'. Wizard Oil a Reliable,,
Antiseptic Preventive
During influenza epidemics spray
the nose and throat several times a
day with one part Wizard Oil and
two parts water, using an atomizer.
If you haven't an atomizer, gargle
the throat and snuff the mixture up
the nose. This treatment sets up an
antiseptic wall of defense against
"Flu" germs.
Chest colds and sore throat lead
to grip. Stop them at once with
Wizard Oil before they can develop
into dangerous influenza.
Get it from druggists for 30c. If
not satisfied, return the bottle and
get your money back.
Ever constipated or have sick headache? Just try Wizard Liver Whips,
pleasant little pink pills, 30c at druggists.   Guaranteed.
Slit- wns GItoii One (Inline to Miike
Good  with  Kill her ns her Sole
Opportunity, it Is sold, cornea but
buce to each mortal, when it is up to
him or her to grasp it. or not amount
to much for over more. Mary Anderson saw Opportunity coining and that
is; why she is today one of Vftagraph's
most charming and talented stars.
Miss Anderson bad no dramatic experience when she did extra work at
tho Vitagraph ntudio in Brooklyn, In
fact she bad not been graduated from
Erasmus High School. She attracted
the attention of Vitagraph officials and
tho way opened for a permanent en-
gagonment, Her father demurred, but
dually agreed she -should have one
chance and only one. If she made
good, she might continue in photoplay; if not. she was to forget .she ever
Stepped before a camera. And thu
father was to be the sole judge.
It was a pretty severe tost for a
school girl, but it was her opportunity.
She appoarctl in support cf John
Bunny, aud Mr. Anderson admitted his
daughter had made good. She has
been doing that very thing over since,
in stellar roles in big Vitagraph features. She is charming as Jessie in
"When Men are Tempted," the Greater Vitagraph Blue Ribbon Feature,
which will be shown at the Ilo Ilo
Theatre tonight.
She is the loyal sweetheart who
when the man she loves is forced to
go West branded as a criminal, follows, clears his name and helps him
win a fortune. Alfred Whitman is the
hero and others in the strong cast are
Otto Ledercr, It. Bradbury and S. B.
 o ■
Miss Ethel Clayton will soon bo
seen in a new World-Picture Brady-
Made bearing (ho title of "A L;oul
Without Windows."
In the Estate of Albert Goodwin, De*
All  persons  having claims  against
tho   above-named    deceased   are   re-
qulrd to send particulars thereof, duly
verlliotl, to tbe undersigned, on or before the 1st day of April, 1910; after
which dale the executors will proceed
to  distribute  tho  annuls  of deceased
among   the   persons   entitled   thereto,
having regard only to the claims of
which they shall then have had notice.
Hated  this  19th  day  of February,
A.D. 1910.
Ollicial Administrator.
Cumberland, B.C.
Fine Repairing and Retoning
Bows Re-haired and Repaired
Headquarter.:    THOS. E. BATE,   Cumberland, B.C.
Make Old Clothes Look Like New
LADIES' SUITS Cleaned and Pressed  $1.75
SKIRTS Cleaned and Pressed  $1.00
WAISTS Cleaned and Pressed  $1.00
GENTS' SUITS Cleaned and Pressed $1.50 and $2.0(1
OVERCOATS Cleaned and Pressed  $1.50 and $1.75
SUITS Sponged and Pressed  75c.
DRESSES Dyed and Pressed  $8.50 and up
SKIRTS Dyed and Pressed  $1.50
WAISTS Dyed and Pressed  $1.50
GENTS' SUITS Dyed and Pressed  $8.00
OVERCOATS Dyed and Pressed  $2.50 lo $3.00
Phone 104 P.O. Box 191
imna-jar^.* ■'•^■v-!'!'ii|»l?Tatls.v~y «r
Read %|
the Figures U  A^fJ^
Notice how the cost—and (lie  ! OidtSt Ul~
cash value—o{ the stamp ad-
varies each month until, on the
j ,t day of January, 1924, the
DorrAiion ci Canada is pledged
to-ay £3.00 for each W-S.S.
.   .   .u-v.-a.: -j....
:4«i4'V:;---.'.i FOUR
Comedy and 14th Episode of " The Fighting Trail."
A Show of Eight Reels
and 14th Episode of     "HOUSE OF HATE"
Usual  Prices
Adults 25c Children 10c      Box Seats 30c
Usual Saturday Night Dance.
Every person who in 1918 resided or ordinarily resided in Canada or
was employed in Canada or carried on business in Canada, including
corporations and joint stock companies.
1. Every  unmarried  peraon  or widow or widower, without dependent
children under twenty-one years of age, who during calendar year
1918 received or eurned $1,000 or more.
i   All othei individuals who during calendar year 1918 received or earned
$2,000 or more.
i, Every  corporation  and joint stock company whose profits exceeded
$3,000, during the fiscal year ended in 1918.
FORM TI. By individuals, other than farmers and ranchers.
FORM T1A. By farmers and ranchers.
FORM T-.   By corporations and joint stock companies.
FORM T3, By trustees, executors, administrators of estates and auignees.
FORM T4. By employers to make return of thc names of all directors,
officials, agents or other employees to whom was paid $1,000
or more in salaries, bonuses, commission or other remuneration during the calendar year 1918.
FORM T5. By  corporations, joint  stock  companies, association* and
syndicates to make return of all dividends and bonuses paid
to shareholders and members during 1918.
Individuals comprising partnerships must file returns in their
individual capacity.
All returns must be filed IN DUPLICATE.
Forms may be obtained from the Inspectors and Assistant Inspectors
of T:*x.ition and from the Postmasters at all leading centres.
Returns should be filed immediately.
Postage must be prepaid on letters and other documents forwarded
by mail to Inspectors of Taxation.
Addresses of Inspectors of Taxation for this District:
Inspector of Taxation,
Molsona Bank Bldg.,
Assistant Inspector of Taxation.
Assistant Inspector of Taxation,
Special Sale for 4 Days
It will l>i' tci your i.ilviiuhige lo see our
I'rlCO List. If )0U Iiiivc nut received
unc nloitso cull nt , lie Sture und nitre
K.   ABE   &   CO.
New Colors and Designs
1619 Stock Now on Sale
Our Stock of Furniture, Ranges, Beds and Bedding
is well Assorted and Complete in all Lines.
A Concert and dance will be given
ln tbe Ilo Ilo Tbeatre under tbe auspices of the Board of Directors of the
Cumberland General Hospital, assisted by the Ladies' Auxiliary of the
same institution, on March 4th.
During the evening there will be
two concerts, the first one commencing at 6.30 p.m.. and the second show
at 8.15 p.m. There will be separate
tickets and a different program for
each performance. Concert tickets
are: General admission, 50c; Reserved, 75c; Box seats, $1.00. The
dance commences at 10 p.m. Refreshments will be free. Admission: dents,
$1.00; Ladles, 50c; Spectators, 50c
Special trains from Union Bay and
Bevan. By bolng ln possession of a
Hospital concert or Danco ticket, your
transportation will be free on Tuesday afternoon, March 4th.
The management of the Canadian
Collieries with their usual generosity
towards the Hospital, have donated
free trains in and out of Cumberland.
The committee In charge are aiming at raising $1,000, which the Hospital needs to defray Its expenses.
FOR SALE—Loose Hay, Clover, and
Clover and Timothy. Apply to A.
KERTON, Lake Trail, Courtenay.
No. 408A
No. of Application 21440F
Notice under Section 36.
TAKE NOTICE that an application
has been made to register the Corporation of the City of Cumberland, as
the owner in fee simple, under a Tax
Sale Deed from the Collector of the
said Corporation, to the said Corporation, bearing date the 31st day of
October, 1918, ln pusuance of a Tax
Sale held by said Collector on or
about the 10th day of October, 1917,
of all and singular those certain
parcels or tracts of land and premises Bituate, lying, and being In the
City of Cumberland, In the province
of British Columbia, more particularly
known and described as:—
Lots 2 and 3, Block 15, Map 522A.
You and those claiming through or
under you, and all persons claiming
any Interest in the said land by virtue
of any unregistered Instrument, and
all persons claiming any Interest In
the said land by descent whose title
is not registered under the provisions
of the "Land Registry Act" (R.S.B.C.
1911), are required to contest the
claim of the tax purchaser within
thirty days of the service of this
notice upon you, and ln default of a
caveat or certificate of lis pendens
being filed before the registration, as
owner, of the person entitled under
such tax sale you and each of you
will be for ever estopped and debarred from setting up any claim to
or ln respect of the said land, and I
shall register the said Corporation as
owner of the said land so sold for
Your attention is called to section
36 of the said Act   (R.S.B.C.1911, c.
127) and amendments.
Dated at the Land Registry Office, at
the City of   Victoria,   Province   of
British Columbia, this 24th day of
December, A.D. 1918.
Registrar General of TltleB.
To R. 8. WatkiiiH, Assessed Owner of
Lot 2, and
F.  W.  Robins, Assessed  Owner  of
Lot 3.
I 'direct service of this Notice to be
made by publication thereof ln four
Issues, one In each consecutive week
of a newspaper circulating ln Cumberland. F. J. STADPOLE,
Registrar General of Titles.
December 30th, 1918.
Am enclosing you as a souvenir of my visit to England at
this time of rejoicing at the assured prospect of peace, a copy
of the King's special New Years' card, which I was fortnate
in securing from the designers. You may be interested in
knowing, as I have just finished the round of the manufacturing centres, what the prospects of a fall in prices are, and I
regret to say that any hope I had of buying goods or placing
orders on a more favorable basis has been entirel shattered;
not only are goods very scarce, but no orders can be booked
except at considerably advanced prices as compared with those
prevailing when I left Vancouver in October. I can safely
say that any British goods in Vancouver today are much
cheaper than the same lines can be repeated for now or
during the coming six months, and almost certainly for a
It is expected that when the fall does come, as come it
. must, it will be exceedingly gradual, and we must get accustomed to the absolute certainty that prices generally under
average favorable conditions will never again fall as low as
pre-war levels; improved labor conditions will prevent it; for
instance, prints and fine cottons at 10c. are memories of a past
condition of labor and competition which will not come back.
Cotton spinners are on strike for another 40 por cent,
increase in wages, which has in some cases been conceded,
and this will, of course, increase present prices.
In linen goods, manufacturers have mutually agreed on
a higher fixed scale of prices to maintain till July, 1919, and
so high that I don't feel like buying a yard. And so, even
should things ease off in six months, owing to great demand,
it will be a year before we feel any result in Vancouver.
The same conditions exist in carpets, and other things,
and to a similar degree in silks. These things are only natural
with all manufacturers crying out for raw materials, which
the Government will only give out in spoonsful, and three-
quarters of the world crying for deliveries of goods.
So rest assured that 1919 will not see cheaper goods in
Vancouver, but rather an advance.
Yours truly,
Gault Brothers, Ltd.
Phone 3-8
FOR SALE.—Chevrolet five-passenger
touring car, In good running order,
tires nearly new, self-starter and
electric lights. Owner no further
use.   Apply B. Grieves, Cumberland.
interested ln a better position. Qualify for it through our easy homo
study courses, like others you know
have done. We tench Commercial
Subjects und Advertising, Drafting,
Ship, Mechanical and Art, Steam,
Electrical, Mechanical und Mining
Engineering and other brandies.
Wrlto for free catalogues and particulars to H. J. MILSOM, Nanaimo
Box 1121, Nanaimo, B.C.
WANTED    TO    ilBNT     4    tvn»»rl.„r T0  WH0M   IT  MAY CONCERN:
WANTED   TO   RENT-A   typewriter The  underslgnea  wm  not be  resin   good   condition;   will   be   well ponsibie for any debts contracted by
taken care of.   Apply P.O. Box 192, Mali Jack, who has left my employ.
I Cater to the Good Tea Trade
Obtainable Onbj at
Licence No. 8-17268.
Phone 71


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