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The Islander Jan 25, 1919

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With which is Consolidated The Cumberland News.
iegi»l»tiori Library
Subscription Price, $2.00 per year
RESTAURANT FOR SALE AS A Going concern. Furnished complete
with all the necessary reauisites.
A bargain. For further particulars
apply to Tex Foster, Dunsmuir Ave.
Mrs. William Merrifield and Mrs.
Vaughn returned from a visit to Vancouver on Sunday.
A nine-piece orchestra, with P.
Monte as musical director, wlll give |
a sacred concert in the Ilo Ilo Theatre every Sunday evening, commencing at 8.15. The first concert will
take place on Sunday next. A collection will taken up at the door to
defray expenses.
Mrs. L. W. Nunns left for Vancouver
by Thursday's train.
George Warren, of Victoria, manager of Vancouver Island for the Continental Casualty Co., arrived on Sunday and returned on Wednesday.
R. MacKenzie arrived from Victoria
on Saturday's train.
N. McFadyen lett for Ladysmith on
Dance as usual In tho Ilo Ilo Dance
Hall every Saturday night from 9 p.m.
to 12 o'clock. Usual prices, 50c. for
gents; ladles, Amusement Tax only.
The local Pythian Sisters of this
city have decided to give a masquer;
ade dance in the llo llo Dance Hall
on St. Valentines' Day, Friday, Feb.
14th, A portion of the receipts will
be devoted towards renovating the
Pythian Sisters Ward ln the Cumberland General Hospital, which needs
new floor covering and additional
equipment.   Particulars later.
Miss Perclval, of the Cumberland
General Hospital, returned from Vancouver on Saturday.
Harold Woods, formerly of the local
Royal Bank staff, arrived from Vancouver on Sunday and will spend two
weeks in this city visiting friends.
Miss Wiltshire, of Vancouver, arrived on Tuesday and has accepted a
position ash nurse at the Cumberland
General Hospital.
Mrs. J. Shraeder, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. R. Coe, Jr., left for her home
at Still Francsco on Thursday.
Mrs. Charles Grant left for Nanaimo on Wednesday on a visit to friends.
W. F.   Penwell,   insurance   agent,
arrived from Vancouver Wednesdayy.
W. A. Lee, Inspector and auditor of
tlie Dominion Express, arrived on
Wednesday and left on Thursday.
Marjorie Michell left for Victoria
on Friday to attend the Sprott-Shaw
College of that city.
J .H. Cameron left for Victoria on
Wednesday morning.
Report of the Bevan Reading Room
will appear ln our next Issue.
The Cumberland Electric Lighting
Co., Ltd., have completed tiie pole
lines and wiring of the forty-three
houses of the Canadian Collieries
(Dunsmuir), Ltd., situated on tlie
townslte adjoining the city of Cumber-
The Board of Directors tff the Cumberland General Hospital held a
special niecing on Wednesday evening
to make arrangements for the housing
of the new X-ray Machine.
The House Committee were given
instructions to make altei atlona that
will cost approximately Ave hundred
The Board has also under consideration additional Improvements to the
interior of the Hospital, at ah estimated cost of $1500.00. And 111 view of
tlie fact that the residents of this city,
with the assistance of the management of the Canadian Collieries
(Dunsmuir), Lmiited, have donated
during the year 1918 the sum of $5000
for improvements, renovating and the
purchase of the latest improved equipment in the shape of a steam sterilizer and X-ray Machine, the Board of
Directors have decided to apply to the
Provincial Government for financial Is
assistance in the proposed alterations,
nnd seeing that we are willing to help
ourselves add being so far away from
the larger centres In case of serious
illness the Government no doubt will
render all assistance possible.
The new latest Improved X-ray
Machine which will cost in the neigh
£tarr*fr (Musical
J&nlcvtninmtnt :
Jn tljr 31a 31a atyratrr an fcuitiiaii Enntuig. Saunarjj
26ilr, rammpitrituj at 8.13 p.m.
Rev. James Hood in the Chair.
Chairman's Remarks.
1.- March "Dolores" NeilMoret
2. Violin Quartette Orchestra
3. Solo "TheHoly City" Mrs. L. Piket
Accompanist, Mrs. Oliver.
4. Overture "Poet and Peasant" Sappe
5. Solo r'In the Garden of your Heart"   Mr. S. Jones
Accompanist, Mrs. Oliver.
6. Selection "Iris" Jules Reynard
7. Mazark "Bellvue" Fred Luscomb
8. March "Over the Top" Jeffrey O'Hara.
A Musical Entertainment will be given every Sunday evening at 8.15.
P. MONTE, Musical Director.
Photo just received from Etirop' showing Revolutionary soldiers
keeping tlie crowd in check during a meeting of the Revolutionists in
front of the Imperial Palace. Shows German soldier just returned
from the front wearing his steel helmet.
The new City Council, including
Mayor-elect D. It. MacDonald, Aldermen J. H. Halliday, Fred D. Pickard,
T. E. Banks, C. J. Parnham. John
Thomson and Thomas Bannerman.
were all present at the Council Chambers on Monday evening and sworn
into olllce by ex-Mayor Harrison.
Mayor MacDonald, upon taking his
seat as Chief Magistrate of the city
ot Cumberland, outlined the work of
the year and asked for the co-operation and able assistance of thc Board
of Aldermen elected to serve the city
during tlie year 1919, in the desired
 ■* _ improvements   that   were   necessary
during the year.
THE STORY a confession  from her and Helen's     It wa3 |,|s earnest desire that the
  innnocent but damning activities in Doar(i work i„ harmony for the hen-
Frank   Freest, Is the- mystery   are   explained.    Grell, 0(u 0f t)l0 c.(ty.   He thought there was
Light Committee. -Aid. Pickard,
chairman; Thomson and Halliday.
Aid. Parnham, chairman of the Finance Committee, made application to
introduce a money bylaw to borrow
$2500.00 from the Royal Hank of Canada to take care of unpaid cheques
ami other linancial requirements,
Request granted.
It was decided to hold a special
meeting on Monday next to consider
the money bylaw.
Aid. Thomson brought up the question of thoTurfew, and suggested thai
the matter be brought to the attention
of the police commissioners,
Speaking to the suggestion the aldermen were unanimous Hint the bell
should.be rung at the usual hour.
Aid. Thomson said: "Ring It tomorrow at 8 p.m."
Before closing the Mayor and aldermen decided to inspect the city in
a body on Wednesday afternoon.
Tho annual meeting of the Cumberland, Bevan and Onion Hay Patriotic
Fund will be held in the Council Cham
Tuesday, February the 14th,
:it 7 p.m.   1). It. MacDonald, chairman.
Margaret Llddell left for Victoria
on Wednesday to complete her studies at the Sprott-Shaw College.
Mrs. A. W.   Watson   left   for   San
Francisco on a six months' visit.
Charles Reynolds returned from a
business trip to Vancouver on Saturday.
The story, by
borhood of $4000.00, arlved from New actlon throughout and filled with freed, marries Eileen and Helen for- a prosperous year ahead and all that
York on Thursday and will bo in- b|6hly dramatic situations. It is dir- inty above love for her. wa9 necessary was to pull together
stalled In the Cumberland General ectea bv Paul Scardon and presented In «The Grell Mystery," a powerful for the common good of thc citizens
Hospital during the next few weeks. by a ca8t of Vitagraphh favorites, story of love, mystery and finger and t|le town |„ whloh wo live.
Manager Shortt, of the Cumberland headed by Earl Williams and Miriam prints, Earl Williams and Miriam The Mayor dealt with the outstand-
Electrlc Light Co., is now erecting a Miles and Including Dentor. Vane, Miles take the leads, supported by a t„g accounts of the Cumberland Em-
transformer  and  placing   additional Jean Dumar, Mabel Trunnelle, Frank strong cast.      ' ergency Hospital amounting to some 7""*
heavy wiring from Dunsmuir Avenue Crayne, Bernard  Slegei, and  Robert  o  $600.00, and asked that the aldermen
to the Hospital, at a cost of another Oalllard. RIDING AND SWIMMING give this matter their earnest atten-
$600.00, to enable the machine to be Robert 0re11 la to maI,r>' £,lee" MISS TRUNNELLE'S HOBBY t|0„, a„,i adopt such methods of col-
equipped with the electric power re- Meredith, but still is loved by Lola,                         ■  lcdug as may be lhoagal beat. Thc 0|Uput ()f tho Comox mineR of
quired. The purchasing price and the a <lancer and former sweetheait, now Mabel Trunnelle, who takes a TMe Mayor (ieVotcd some time to the Canadian Collieries (Duusniuir)
cost of Installation are defrayed by the wlte of Harp5r Qoldenburg, who prominent part in "The Grell Mys- the Dunsmuir Avenue cement side- Ltd., lias been climbing up ever since
the employees paying 60%, and the 8eeKS t0 blackmall him. Lola tries tery," the Greater Vitagraph Blue wan, ami t]ie am0unt due from'the u,e epidemic ol* Spanish Influenza
Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir), Ltd., to protect Grell from her husband who Ribbon Feature, which will be the various property holders of that av- uubBlded On Tuesday tlie tolal out-
donating the other 50r/r, of the total beats ller alld B°e8 t0 Gre"'s hoBe t0 attraction at the Ilo Ilo Theatre to- enue. He pointed out to the alder- put fol. the day was 2604 tons.
cost. The new X-ray Machine will collect his blackmail. Lola follows night, is one of the best known and me„ thnt it was desirous to have this
be   second   to   none   on    Vancouver and 8tab8 bim t0 death'                         most finished actresses In screens to- matter cleared up on or before June ~
Helen   Meredith,   sister of Eileen, day.    She has-divided her work be- jotb,   There was still sonic $7000.00
Anglican services on Sunday, Jan.
26th: Morning prayer and Holy Communion at 11 a.m.
Mrs. Simms hopes to resume giving
pianoforte lessons early in February.
Each pupil will have notification of
exact date.
A Dance wlll be held in the Ilo Ilo
Dance Hall on Wednesday, February
5th, Dancing will commence at 9.30
p.m. Gouts, 7oc.; ladies, Amusement
Tax only.
A united week of prayer will be observed by the Cumberland churches,
commencing Monday, Jan. 27th. Services will commence each evening at
7.30 o'clock, and will be ns follows:
Monday, Jan. 27.—Service In Holy
Trinity Church. Address by Rev. G.
Tuesday, Jan. 28.—Service In Grace
Methodist Church, Address by Rev.
J. Hood.
Wednesday, Jan. 29.—Service In St.
George's Presbyterian Church. Address by Rev. F. Comley.
Thursday, Jan. 30.—Service in Holy
Trinity Church. Address by Rev. J.
Friday, Jan. 81.—Service in Grace
Methodist Church. Address by Rev.
F. Comley.
enters  the  library and  believes  the tween   Pacific   and   Atlantic   "coast due and payable, although be did nol
dead man is Grell.   She picks up the studios, and her chief recreations are W|„|, (0 make any hardship upon the
dagger, leaving on it her finger prints, riding and swimming, In which she ratepayers, lie asked the aldermen to
At this moment, Grell reaches homo excels. i^p the matter in view.
and looks through the door.   He be-                    o  ,„ dean„g wl,h „,„ pil(. Department
lieves Helen the murderer of Golden- JEAN DUMAR STARS i,e  pointed  out  that  a  lire   fighting
burg and to protect her flees with his AS A PASTRV COOK Inotor truck was due to arrive in I lie
Vi,'et'                                                                               near future, and assistance should be
Through  a  close  personal  resem- Miss Jean Dumar, who Is seen in g)ven t„ the volunteer lire department
lance the dead man  is accepted as the ingenue role in "Thc Grell Mys- an(j arrangement made to pay for the
Grell by Heldon Foyle, criminologist tery,"   the   Greater   Vitagraph  Blue truck upon arrival,
and detective chief, who is in  fove Ribbon Feature, which will bo shown Tna .Mayor included In hla remarks
with Helen Meredith.   In the develop- at the Ilo Ilo Theatre tonight, Is as the new Canadian Collieries Towni ito
ment of tlie mystery suspicion turns good a pastry cook as she is screen |0 the east of the city and the taking
from one to another, but not to Lola, nctrcBs.   The other <lay when tho com 0» ,|u,  properly into tlie city  limits,
who wore gloveB  when she  weilded pany In which she Is working repaired Should the Aldermen give (ho matter
the dagger.   And thd mystery Is In- to a restaurant for lunch, sho wurnod
tcnsilled when Grell finally Is found Ihcin not to order dessert, us she hud
alive. a surprise for them.   And when the
Helen trying to raise money to aid time arrived she produced a big choc-
Grell In his escape forges a cheque, «iate layer cake made and baked by
and this is intercepted by Foyle who herself.    Directors Scardon and Ter-
notes her finger prints are the same rlss fumed and fretted, but In vain,
as those on the dagger.   Torn between and realizing there would bo no more
love and duty, he determnles to bring work  until the last crumb hail (11k-
the girl to Justice, but Lola's past is appeared, they joined the cake party
accidentally learned and a motive for and   subsequently  voted   that
the  crime established.    Foyle forces Dumar was "some" cook.
The Bonrd of Directors of the Cumberland General Hospital at their
special meeting on Wednesday decided to give a  concert and  Hospital 	
Ball In the Ilo Ilo Thoatre on Wed- The  Board  of Examiners  for  the
nesday, March 5th, to aid In financing Comox mines of the Canadian Collier-
the proposed improvements. ies (Dunsmuir), Ltd., under the Coal
 o  Mines Regulations Act for the year
RED CROSS SOCIETY. 1919 are as follows:
their direful consideration they would
lind Hie present management of the
Canadian Collieries (Dunamulr), Ltd.,
fair and reasonable, and they would
always be willing to help and advance
the city as far as possible. That seems
to be their motto, taking into consideration their actions during tiie past
and the Improvements Inaugurated
and completed lu the vicinity of Cuiu-
Mlss berland.
The Mayor. In closing Ills remark's,
'  called upon each and every alderman
WANTED—House   cleaning,   washing present to express their views upon
clothes, windows, and all kinds of any matters affecting tlie welfare or
paint work, and house work in gen- Cumberland, and each responded with
eal.   Per hour, 40c; one day of 8 an appropriate address, nnd promised
NOTICE is hereby given, in accordance Willi Mie Statutes, Hint all assessed hives assessed nnd levied under
the "Taxation Act." Including Rural
school taxes, under Ihe Public Schools
Ail, are new due and payable for the
year mi!'.
All taxos collectible tor tbe Comox
.\ ii osamonl Dlatrli t are due nnd payable ni my cilice situate in Ihe Govern-
mom Buildings, Cumberland, uv.
This notice, in leiins of law, is cqul-
valenl to a personal demand by me
upon all persona liable tor taxos.
Dated m Cumberland, B.C., this 24th
day of January, 1910,
As, oBBor and Collector,
Comox Assessineui  District
Gcldrvyn Picturrt
The raffle for the centre piece and Adamson; alternates, William Walker
cushion   cover   will   be drawn  this and Charles Parnham.
evening, January 25th, at 8.30 o'clock Appointed  by the Lleutenant-Gov-
in the Big Store.    A business eeting ernor-in-Council: John G. BIgge.
will he held on Wednesday next In Elected by tlie miners: Daniel Stew-
Appointed  by  the owners:   Robert   WAITED—A position by a Jnpanet:
the Council Chabers at 3.30 p.m.
NOTICE.—A number of Cumberland
Waterworks Shares for sale. Apply
Box 162, Cumberland, B.C.
In the County Court of Nd
em at Cumberland, \l^'.
'lake  Notice  thai   by .*
hours, for $3.00.   Apply to Lou Get, to give Cumberland and Hie citizens JIls Honor Judge Barkkc
phone 74, Cumberland, B.C. their best In the 1919 move forward.
The Mayor (ben named the following committees:
Finance.—Aid. Parnham, chairman;
Thomson and Halliday.
Board   of   Works.—Aid.   Thomson,
  Chairman; Hanks and Pickard.
CARD OF THANKS Board    of    Health,   Aid.    Holiday,
The undersigned desires to thank chairman;  Parnham nnd Bannerman
the property holders and electors of     Fire  Wardens,- Aid.  Hanks,  chair-
All persons Interested may obtain   the city of Cumberland for their sup- man; Bannerman and Pickard.
full  Information by applying to tha   pDrt in the recent municipal election.     Water Committee—Aid. Ilannornian
secretary of the Board, John O. Biggs, rj. R. MacDONALD,  ohalrmai     Pickard and Thomson.
Cumberland, B.C.       ■
lady as cook and general housework
First class references. Apply I,
Knmhara, phone 21.
art; alternates, Richard Coe, Jr., and
Robert Brown.
nimo liold-
■ order of
made tiie
15th day of January, L01D, I wns appointed administrator ni the estate of
Noosuke Mlyomoto, deceased, nnd all
parties having claims against the said
esintc aie required tu furnfBh same,
properly verified, on nr before the 11th
ilny of March, A.D. 1019, nnd nil
parlies Indebted tu ihe said esintc are
required to pay tho amount of their
indebtedness lu me forthwith.
Official Administrator,
Cumberland, B.C, TWO
iSlje Salanh^r
Lord, as he was pleased to designate
himself   when   at  the  height  of  his
power, has abdicated as Emperor of
Published every Saturday at Cumber- Germany and has renounced his rights
land, B.C. t0   tbe   Prussian   crown.     Emperor
  Charles of Austria, a far more  respectable  figure, has   also   abdicated,
together with a long series of kings,
grand dukes, and ruling princes of the
federated   German   states.     Dynastic
overthrow was never more complete
SATURDAY,  JANUARY ,25th,  1919
and history presents no parallel for
the confusion prevailing In the Teu-
flnnnelal.  Inni(* Empire.
and   industrial  world  is      While, happily, the condition  both
-for that in Germany and Austria falls short of
the regime of the Bolshevlki and the
"Committee.of the Reds," as disclosed
in all its hideousness in Russia, it is
far  from  tranquil  and   leaves  very
much   to be desired.    The  autocrats
and kings have been overthrown and
unsettlement  turned out; old nations have dlsap-
illy John Gram Hater, in Harper's.)
While it would be entirely too much
to say thai ihe political,
commercial ^^^^^^_
in n state ui' flux at present
would be putting the case too strongly il is. nevertheless true and well
within the comprehension even of a
casual observer that the problems of
peace, which have antlelpaed peace
Itself lo some extent ,linve created an
unusual situation
touching upon nearly every at
life everywhere. Scarcely n people
or a nation, be they belligerent or
neutral bul has fell or is feeling the
,.,,ccis of the tremendous changes The frontiers of Central Europe ap-
which are passing over the world, and P«' to be shifting from day to day
If anv have escaped thus far it is and new jealousies are taking the
reasonable to assume that they will be Pi"™ <" old ones,
brought within the sphere of influence
later on, so far-reacling is its application. And it is diilicult to see how
this could be otherwise, for the civili- talk of tbe separation of he Rhine-
zed world has been passing through "and "0m the German Empire and the
a cataclysm for more than four years,
It lias suffered cruelly; it lias narrowly escaped' a disaster ot appalling tell the half of what has been going
magnitude and it has not as yet been °n<
able to reestablish the old bearings
though making manful efforts in that situation due to the dynastic ambition
of one man and the arrogance of the
' The "truth is that we are living Prussian military caste, is to be
through one of the great epochs of straightened out is the great problem
history; a period comparable in its beforeth,e ,polUi™1.w°Hd..'^L^!!
far-reaching effects upon the future
probably, with such notable occurrences as the Birth of Christ, the Fall reincarnation of Germany, a country
of the Roman Empire, thc Discovery """""ted by sober and Industrious
of America, or the French Revolution.   People, purged of the evil Influences
,i , „,.„„„• m„ much  of militarism and alive  to  the  true
We are too near tbe scene, loo mucn 	
appreciation    of     what     civilization
ctivity of peared in uame or form of government, and In some instances in territorial meets and bounds, and new
natioiialtics have come into existence.
Bavaria has broken
off relations w»th Berlin and set up
as a republic; Berlin has its Soldiers'
and Workmen's Council, and there ls
setting up of an  independent  state.
And this hasty generalization does not
How the demoralizing situation,
ever prejudices have been engendered
against  the  people  by  the  war,  the
a part of the actual occurrences, ,,      u     ....
yet, .u sec with the proper perspective oilers, would be of inestimable bene-
or appraise at the true value the tre-  Qt, not only to Germany itself but to
 ndous consequences of the titanic  the world In general.   Upon the other
struggle Fifty or a hundred years ba'»'. a Germany given over to annum now, or it niav bo live hundred areb>' and violence, rent by internal
years from now. when the effects upon dissensions and torn by the excesses
ihe social, political, and economic life °( demagogues; the prey or the play-
of the world of such things as the thing of Soviets of the extreme type
overthrow of autocracy and militar- ™>»<1 bc « me"ace to the whole world
ism, dynastic changes, revolutions, and a '""aster »8 great almost as, the
new nationalities, paternalism, socialism, Bolshevism, the League of Nations and he like can he determined;
when the influence of these occurrences and tendencies can bo measured,
then some later-day Gibbon, Macaulay "^rnal   difficulties   of   the defeated
or Lecky will write tlie proper appre
elation of this era.   It cannot be done
now, for the consequences of the war most important in the world's history
in  their  broadest  and  true  historic <"><!   ca"  be  compared  only  to  the
situation   created   by   the   war   from
which we are emerging.
To what extent the peace conference which has assembled at Versailles   will   concern  itself  with   the
e_  nations is a question which time alone
can determine.   The conference is the
matters which must Congress of Vienna In 1814 and the
Congress of Berlin in 1878. The
former dealt with the problems grow-
be left wholly to the future.
Very much of what has been men
tloned In briefin the'foregoing Is thr '"J*, out of the overthrow of Napoleon
development of a few short weeks, or
since the signing of thc armistice terminating the war on November 11. As
was anticipated tlie end, when it came,
came with bewildering rapidity and
one portentous event after another
lias been hurrying forward ever since
with such breathless speed that it lias
been very difficult indeed, if not impossible, tu keep puce with all tlle
recent developments. Of tbe armistice t0 «° abl'oal1 ut tt time that Congress
Itself il may be said that the condi- is !n sci!sio" an<1 a" Immense amount
tions laid down were the most drastic  '"'  bnslnes8  bl!ari»B  "P™   industrial
and the latter with tbe difficulties
arising out of the Russo-Turkish
War. Entirely aside from laying
down the principles and shaping the
ultimate treaty of peace, the Versailles Conference is rendered notable
among all others by the presence of a
delegation from the United States,
headed by the President himself. The
determination of the Chief Executive
Hint have ever figured ill a convention
preliminary to peace.   It required the
German   evacuation  ui  Belgium,  Alsace-Lorraine,    Luxemburg,   and   all
countries   west   of   the   Rhine,   to   n
point  beyond a neutral zone east of
Hie river; tlie occupation by the Allies
ol* the principal  crossings al  Mainz,
Coblenz, nnd Cologne, and the immediate   withdrawal   uf  German   troops
from Austria,  Rumania, and Turkey.
It   wem   further  iu  demunding  Hie
Mil-render iff 6000 heavy guns, 26,000
machine  guns,   und  tip) submarines,
and ii required tlie internment of 74
German warships iu the ports of the
Aii.es nml the disarmament of others.
To nullify any temporary advantage
ihm Germany hail gained during the
war,  the  instrument  culled  for  the
renunciation uf tllo treaties of Hrest-
Litovsk and Bucharest, the restitution
of Hie Russian  and  Rumanian gold
received  under  the conventions  with
those   countries,   and   It specifically
stilted   Hint   reparation   would  be  demanded for outrages perpetrated elsewhere.    Harsh   and   humiliating as
were these conditions, il was speedily
made apparent, that the Allies could
have   forced   stipulations   still   more
severe upon Hie defeated foe iu consequence ot tlie desperate conditions of
social, economic, and political affairs
■ within the German Empire.
Tills was disclosed by an uprising
of the Anarchist party at Kiel, Hamburg, and elsewhere, and the subsequent taking over of the control of
Germany by the Socialist party. Fol-
lowtng hard upon this came the Ignominious flight of the Gorman Kaiser
and the Crown Prince Into Holland;
the very anti-clinitix of Imperialism,
the most contemptible exhibition on
Hie part of a king since Junios II.,
disguised 'as n fisherman, slunk out
of England.    Now the chosen of the
readjustments is before tlie country,
has provoked a bitter controversy, but
Mr. Wilson believes that thc questions
are of such vital importance that his
personal attendance is imperative,
And there can be no doubt, of
course, that questions of the gravest
import, questions upon which the
whole peace of the world in tlie future
may hang, will come up for discussion
nt Versailles. The status of Alsace-
Lorraine assuredly will be changed.
Austria lias disintegrated, fallen apart
and certain new nationalities which
have been carved out. of her territory
will he formally recognized. The
frontier between Italy and Austria
wll) have to he redrawn, the status of
Turkey iu Europe and of the Balkan
.States will have to bo defined. An
Independent Poland is to be created,
presumably out of the old territory,
which for nearly one hundred and
fifty years has been incorporated in
Prussia, Austria and Russia. What
policy tho Conference will pursue in
the case of Russia, tlie Baltic provinces, Finland, the Ukraine, and the like
is ipossihle to Bay, nor is It clear that
Russia will he represented in consequence of tlie anarchy and chaos
prevailing in that unfortunate country.
For THREE DAYS only, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
i .
The Balance of our Stock of
Ladies' and Misses'  Tweed
and Velour Coats.
Ladies' Navy Serge  and Tweed   Suits.
Early Spring Goods Shown this Week: Cotton Crepes
in Plain and Striped Prints, Ginghams and Voiles.
License No. 8-19224
Cumberland & Union Waterworks Co.
Without Music You Cannot
Live a Full Life
Music is now recognized as a necessity in the
home. Music feeds the soul, as food feeds the body
and literature feeds the brain. Next to religion, it is
humanity's greatest  comforter.
The New Edison opens the doors to the world
of music. It brings the supreme art of the greatest
singers, instrumentalists and musical organizations
to vou with such unerring fidelity that the artists
themselves could give you no more.
"The Phonograph with a Soul"
does not merely imitate; it actually re-creates.
Before audiences totalling morethantwomillions,
thirty great artists have conducted tone tests which
proved that no shade of difference
could be detected between the artist
and the instrument. They have sung
in direct comparison with the New Edison, then
suddenly ceased, permitting the instrument to
continue alone. The only way the listeners
could tell when the artist stopped was by
watching liis lips. And with the lights lowered,
they were uiulile to say when it was the living
voice they heard and when thc New Edison,
Could a more convincing test than this be
devised! Doesn't it prove thetruth of our assertion
that ownership of this instrument il equivalent to
having all the great artists of the world literally
at one's command ?
Come in and hear the New Edison here, or allow us to send
one to your home, where you can hear it at your leisure. 174
The making of oven the most ordinary telephone call involves a partnership of at least three persdW
The effectiveness of the service depends on the degree of
team play existing betwen these "three partners—the person
calling, who co-operates by consulting the directory and calling
hy number always; the operator, by making the connection
quickly, courteously and with the maximum degree of human
accuracy; and the person called, by answering promptly.
The greatest satisfaction of service is attained when the
second partner, the operator ,is accorded the same consideration {UU' courtesy which she is always anxious to show tho
other two members of the partnership.
British Columbia Telephone Co., Ltd.
NOTICE.—Whereas certain misohiovi-
ously inclined persons have tampered with the valves on the mains
of this Company, thereby allowing
a considerable amount of water to
run waste, wc therefore wish to T?I«»^ T \fa Qff/4
point out that it is a serious offence " U C. LelLC CtHU.
to  tamper  with  such  valves,  and
should    the   offending   parties   be 	
apprehended   they   wlll  be prosecuted to the very fullest extent of THOS, H.  CAREY
the law.        _. ... Cumberland,B.C.
fj. G. A.^Fletcher Music Co., , Cumberland, B.C.   j\
UK.   It,
Accident Insurance
Phone 116
Office:   KINO BLOCK,
Cumberland', B.C.
of the DRINKS
Buy the products of the
Ask for th„e Brands that are the Best
Alexandra Stout
U.B.C. Beer
is Sure to Satisfy.
The Beer of Quality.
Silver Top Soda Water £1&? Pure
Cascade Beer
The Beer Without a Peer.
T %
T  *
Tungstens, 15 to 40 watt, 40c, were 45c.
60 watt, 45c, were 50c.
Further reductions if not less than one dozen are
purchased at a time.
Cumberland Electric Lighting
Phone 75 Co., Ltd. p. o. 314
Corporation of the City of Cumberland, B.C.
Statement of .Receipts for'the City of
Cumberland, B.C., for the year ending December 31st, 1918:
Trades   Licenses $1152.50
Real estate, general rates  4708.63
Real estate, school rates  1854.41
Scavenger rates, arrears    496.45
Sewer rates, arrears       77.66
Scavenger buckets       20.85
Sundries      60.10
City Hall rent      37.50
Dog taxes       80.00
Police Court fines     340.50
City scales  >        5.70
Pound fees       23.25
City Road Tax     372.00
TOTAL  $9210.45
Statement of Expenditures   for   the
year ending December 31st, 1918:
Scavenger buckets  $     10.00
Stable account       1120.63
Police uniform  $ 46.00
Sign boards     24.10
Prisoners' meals     23.25
Feos U.B.C.M    10.00
Sundries     120.95
TOTAL ASSET  511,279.66 -
Unpaid Checks on hand Dec.
31st, 1918  $1250.88
Unpaid Bills Emergency Hos... 1839.99
Total   $3090.87
I hereby certify that I have examined the books and accounts of the
City of Cumberland for the year ending December 31st, 1918, and And
them correct and as set forth above.
T. MORDY, Auditor.
Nlulfint'iil of lliii'lpls und Expend!.
lures for Ihe year enillnir December
81st, Mils:
aoveriinii'iit Grunts, (quarterly)
 .$  7532.40
Government Grants, (Outslde-
City of Cumberland     3222.49
ALEX. MAXWELL, Proprietor
Autos for Hire.     Coal and Wood Hauling given very
prompt attention.    Furniture and Piano
Storage if desired.
Phones 4 and 61 Cumberland, B.C.
Total     223.20
City Buildings         27.70
Repairs to Gleason Property....     17.62
Street light, current....$459.80
Clock and Repairs... 114.60
Marocchi Bros.New Home Bakery
Grocers and
Cumberland and Courtenay, B.C.
License No. 8-25489
Royston Lumber Co.
Slab Wood (double load) ...$4.00
First Class Accommodation.     Heated
throughout by Electricity.
Cumberland, B. C.
License No. 10-1606
Young Steer Beef,
tender and juicy.
Veal, Pork and Mutton.
Cambridge Pork Sausage
Home-made Sausage
Polish Sausage
Veal Loaf
Boiled Ham
Ham Bologna
Have you tried our Pickled Pork
and Corned Beef ?    It is delicious.
Each Thursday morning from now
on a full line of Fresh Fish will be
on hand.
License No. 9-3902
Fresh Bread, Cakes,
Pies, etc.
Wedding Cakei a Specialty
Dunsmuir Ave.,      Cumberland.
License No. 5-1172
Thousands of dollars' worth of
Oriental goods were used in furnishing the apartment for the mystic
clairvoyant scenes In the forthcoming Metro wonderplay "Outwitted,"
starring Emily Stevens, which will be
seen at the Ilo Ilo Theatre on Monday,
January 27th. The luxurious outer
room contains a cosy divan, teak wood
and Ivory inlaid furniture, draperies
and rugs from the far East, band-
carved taborets, vases and jardinieres
of beaten and spun brass, and Innumerable Oriental antiques, all of
which blend ln giving the effect ot
Tlie crystal room or Nan (Emily
Stevens) contains a mystic throne
which faces the entrance. A flood of
light illuminates this throne and tall
containers with burning Incense stand
at either side . In the back wall on
both sides of the throne, are what appear to bo golden linages of Buddha,
iu reality tlie secret look-out posts of
the clairvoyant's accomplices. Dominating the entire scene ls the star her-
selt on the tall throne.
OIHce Account
Auditor $15.00
Stamps   32.07
Land Registry Ofllce.. 27.50
Sundries   76.55
Election Account	
Telephone Account  :....
Advertising Account	
Telegrams *	
Travelling Expenses 	
City Jail 	
Dog Tags 	
Workmen's Compensation Ass
James Baird $1170.00
R. Pearce   1090.00
A. MacKinnon     480.00
Jos. Shaw      60.00
Total  $12,614.01
Teachers' Salaries  $ 9750.00
Janitor's Salary   1270.00
Secretary's Salary  60.00
Fuel   190.00
Sundries     217.99
Furniture  (desks)    213.22
Supplies, (maps, books, etc... 221.43
Repairs   388.90
Insurance   202.60
Medical inspection   100.00
Total Expenditure $12,614.04
T. MORDY, Auditor.
Secretary School Board.
Total $    2790.00
Police Court Expenses       2.50
Tool Account       10.36
Isolation Hospital      11.00
Interest on Loan    119.35
Health Account  213.75
City Road Tax Refund      30.00
Magistrate's Salary       12.00
Total Expenditure $5519.25
Balance unpaid checks carried from   1917 $ 1719.59
Expenditures for 1918  5519.26
Costs of school for 1918  3222.49
Total Expenditure for 1918....$10,461.33
Total Receipts for 1918 $ 9,210.45
Unpaid Checks on hand Dec.
31st, 1918 $ 1,250.88
Cement Sidewalk Account
Sale of Debentures $$ 8,100.00
" "               693.37
Receipts   from    Instalments
'   paid *. ".    7,309.03
Interest from Bank         70.74
Total  $16,073.14
Costs    $10,324.65
Interest on debentures    2,794.60
Total Payments $13,029.25
Watchmaker and Jeweller
Agent for the  HARMONOLA
Al! the latest Books,  Magazines
and Periodicals.
Dunsmuir Ave. Cumberland, B.C.
WM,   MERRIFIELD,   Proprietor
Dun.iniuir Ave..       Cumberland, B.C..
Canada Food Board License No. 10-4986
Charlie Sing Chong
Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots and
Shoes, Crockeryware and
IGeneral Merchandise.
HONG CHONG & CO., Bevan.
Balance cash on hand....? 3,043.89
Amount Owing).
Debentures  $ 9,659.30
Interest due June 1919      676.15
Total  $10,335.45
Cash on hand $ 3,043.89
Instalments unpaid       7,159.48
Total  $10,203.37
Statement of Assets and Liabilities as
at Docember 31st, 1918:
Real Estate:-
Rates   outstanding   to   Dec.
31, 1918  $1919.82
Interest on same    166.63
General Rates, 1918    871.56
School Rates, (City), 1918    591.43
School Rates (School District
Extension    1965.43
John W. Davis, of West Virginia, the
new Ambassador to England selected by President Wilson to succeed Hon. Walter Hines Page.
Scenes surrounding beautiful Lake
George are shown in "Outwitted," tlie ||
forthcoming Metro  wonderplay star- 1
ring Emily Stevens, to be seen at the I
Ilo llo Theatre on Monday, January
27th.   There the love scenes between
Nan   (Miss Stevens)   and Billy Bond
(Earl Fox) were taken, and this picturesque locality akes just the right
sort of background for the budding
romance ln "Outwitted."
In one of the magnificent rooms in
the house of Larson (played by Frank
Currier) a celebrated painting, "Portrait of a Lady," by William Chase, is
seen, set into he wall above the great
II replace.
The use of a dictaphone Is cleverly
brought Into the story of "Outwitted."
Tlle audience sees the conspirators
place the instrument where the victim^ own words wlll betray him. Ily
means of clever signalling and tola-
phone communication his secret
thoughts nro told by Nan (Emily
Slovens) posing as tho "veiled prophetess."
"Gently, Gently, MM!"
Total Rates Outstanding $6494.77
Sewer   Rentals $ 121.37
Scavenger Arears     626.80
Scavenger Buckets       30.00
Emergency Hospital Fees paid   152.00
Emerg. Hos. Fees unpaid    606.00
Famous Cossack Leader commanding
the Czecho-Slovaks against the
Bolshevik) on the Siberian front,
from a recent photograph.
Total   $1536.17
Team Horses  $    350.00
Wagons, Sleighs, etc      300.00
City Buildings     2,000.00
Safe         100.00
Fire Hall Apparatus     1,000.00
Isolation Hospital        400.00
Repairs Gleason Prop        17.62
Sewer Pipes         60.00
Feed at Stable        30.00
Total   $4,247.62
There was an outbreak of smallpox
near .Mbale, ,in British East Africa.
About two thousand people came to
the missionaries asking to be vaccinated. They had heard that vaccination would keep them from catching
tiie disease; yet many of them were
very nervous about getting it done.
One day an African woman arrived
with an infant tied to her back, a
larger child In her arms, and one or
two others hanging on to her "dress,"
all the children loudly screaming.
"Gently, gently, Bib)," (lady), the
mother said, almost going Into hysterics and catching hold of the missionary's baud. "They are only smnl], so
make just a very little scratch." Yet,
If the baby had a pain, that mother
would have thought nothing of cutting her little child's body all over
with great deep gashes In order to let
the evil spirit out.
Monday and Tuesday:
A 5-Act METRO Wonderplay of
- Irresistible Appeal
Starring Wonderful
Emily Stevens
Wednesday and Thurday
The Brass Check9
A 5-Act METRO Screen Drama
of Romance and Mystery
Francis X. Bushman
Beverly Bayne
Ninth Episode of
"The House of Hate,"
Friday ,
The Venus Model'
The Romance of a Perfect Fit
GOLDWYN Presents
Mabel Normand
Your Money
is Safe in
War-Savings Stamps
Buy now for $4.00
Sell 1st day of 1924
for $5.00
Government Security
Your W-S.S. can he registered to secure you against
loss by theft, fire nr otherwise.
Thrift Stamps cost 25 cents each.
Sixteen on a Thrift Card are
exchangeable for one War-Savings
Stamp.. -H.H
Greater   Vitagraph Blue Ribbon
with   •
"The Grell Mystery"
Comedy and 9th Episode of " The Fighting Trail."
A Show of Eight Reels
Adults 25c
Usual Prices
Children 10c
Usual Saturday Night Dance.
Photo of Loon Trotsky, Russian
rater, who has declared himself as
Dictator, according to Petrograd advices. A difference of opinion regarding Bolshevist reforms is saiil to have
led to declaring himself Dictator.
Special Sale for 4 Days
It will lie lii j"in nilrniiliigo In see utir
I'rlco I,i«l. If yon have iml ret'elveil
uni' please mil nl lite Store nml save
K.   ABE   &   CO.
CHRISTMAS  GIFTS that will be appreciated
ROCKERS) in fumed golden oak ami mahogany, from $5 to #18.00
Music and China Cabinets, Parlor Suites and Congoleum Rugs,
Lmlii's' DreBsers, and Chiffoniers.
We liai-n just opened up Several cases of beautiful China, suitable
for Christmas Gifts.
For the Children we have Dolls, In all sizes, Mechanical Toys,
Teddy Dears. Kindergarten Sets, flames, Horns.   Everything to
muke the Children Happy.
No. 408A      No. of Application 21440F
Notlee under Section 36.
TAKE NOTICE that an application
has been made to register the Corporation of the City of Cumberland, as
the owner in fee simple, under a Tax
Sale Deed from the Collector of the
said Corporation, to the said Corporation, bearing date the 31st day of
October, 1918, in pusuauce of a Tax
Salo held by said Collector on or
about the 10th day of October, 1917,
of all and singular those certain
pnrccls or trncts of land and premises situate, lying, and being in the
City of Cumberland, In the province
of British Columbia, more particularly
known and described as: —
Lots 2 and 3, Block 15, Map 522A.
You and those claiming through or
under you, and all persona claiming
any interest in the said land by virtue
of any unregistered instrument, and
all persons claiming any interest in
the said land by descent whose title
is not registered under the provisions
of the "Land Registry Act" (R.S.B.C.
1911), are required to contest the
claim of the tax purchaser within
thirty days of the service of this
notice upon you, and in default of a
caveat or certificate of lis pendens
being filed before the registration, as
owner, of the person entitled under
such tax sale you and each of you
will be for ever estopped and debarred from setting up any claim to
or in respect of tlie said land, and I
shall register the said Corporation as
owner of the said land so sold for
Your attention is called to section
36 of the said Act   (R.S.B.C.1911,  c.
127) and amendments.
Dated at the Land Registry Olllce, at
the City of   Victoria,   Province   of
British Columbia, this 24th day of
December, A.D. 1918.
Registrar General of Titles.
To R. S. Watkins, Assessed Owner of
Lot 2, and
F. W.  Robins, Assessed Owner of
Lot 3.
I direct service of this Notice to be
made by publication thereof In four
Issues, one in each consecutive week
of a newspaper circulating In Cumberland. F. J. STADPOLE,
Registrar General of Titles.
FOR SALE.—Chevrolet five-passenger
touring car, in good running order,
tires nearly new, self-starter and
electric lights. Owner no further
use.   Apply Ii. Grieves, Cumberland,
WANTED TO RENT—A typewriter
in good condition; will be well
taken care of. Apply P.O. Box 192,
Cumberland, B.C.
(Use nnd Storage
TAKE NOTICE that the Canadian
Collieries (Dunsmuir), Limited, whose
address is Victoria, B.C., will apply
for a licence to take and use 20 cubic
feet of water per second out of Tsa-
Abl River, also known as Baynes
Sound River, which flows In an easterly direction and drains Into Baynes
Sound, about 5 miles south of Union
Bay. The water will be diverted from
the stream at a point 1% miles more
or less, approximate bearing S. 60 degrees, 48 minutes W. (ast.) from N.W.
corner of Lot 2 A, Nelson District;
and will he used for mining purposes
upon the mine and wnshery located at
Block B 34 Nelson District, and Lot
28, Union Buy. This notice was posted
on the ground on thc 17th day of De-
cobor, 1918. A copy of this notice and
an application pursuant thereto and
to the "Water Act, 1914," will be filed
ln the oflico of the Water Recorder at
Nanaimo. Objections to the application may be filed with the said Water
Recorder or with tlle Comptroller of
Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,
Victoria, B.C., within thirty days after
the first appearance of this notice In
a local newspaper. The date of the
first publication of this notice is December 21st, 1918.
As our Business Year ends on the
last day of January and our books are
closed for the year, we would greatly
appreciate a settlement in full of current account due January.
Thanking you in anticipation,
Phone 3-8
Interested In a better position. Qualify for It through our easy homo
study courses, like others you know
havo done. We teach Commercial
Subjects and Advertising, Drafting,
Ship, Mechanical and Art, Steam,
Electrical, Mechanical and Mining
Engineering and other branches.
Wrlto for free catalogues and particulars to H. J. MILSOM, Nanaimo
Box 1121, Nanaimo, B.C.
>The undersigned  will not be responsible for any debts contracted by
Mali Jack, who has left my employ.
I Cater to the Good Tea Trade
Obtainable Only al
Licence No. 8-172GS.
Phone 71


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