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 Shot Messalines and Paillettes
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Nn. 131
THK ISLANDER, CUM llHHLANIi, lie, 8A.T011DAY, 8GPT. 88 llll:
Subscription price fl.BO per year
Minister  of Mines Request Information in Regard to the
Powder Magazine.
The regular meeting of the
city council was held in the council chambers last Monday evening. There were present His
Worship the Mayor, aldermen
Beveridge, Campbell, Maxwell,
Cessford, Willard and Banks (the
full board), the aldermen realize
that, they must attend to the interest of the city by their attendance. The minutes of the last
regular and special meetings were
adopted as read.
The communication from Sir
Richard McBride, prime minister acknowledging the receipt of
the council's views regarding the
survey of the Canadian Northern
at this place, and promising that
he would give the matter his consideration, was received and
The city clerk also received a
communication from the Deputy
Attorney General, stating that
the minister of mines was in receipt of a petition from certain residents of Cumberland drawing
his attention to the fact that
there were two powder magazines
that usually have about from 20
to 30 tons of powder stowed in
them and located within a short
distance from the city, also requesting information as to how
far they are from the school
house on other buildings in the
The city clerk was instructed
to give the desired information.
Another communication was
read from the Canadian Highway Association stating that they
will hold their next annual convention at Winnipeg on October
9th. to 12th also giving resolutions to be introduced. This was
received and filed.
Union of British Columbia Municipalities wrote respectfully requesting the council to send a full
representation to the annual
meeting of the Union to be held
in the City of Revelstroke on the
22nd, and 23rd. of October. The
Mayor was appointed to attend
convention of municipalities.
To the Mayor and aldermen of
the city of Cumberland; Gentlemen, I beg to submit the following report for the month of August, 1912.
Amount Collected
Scavenger . $107.25
Night Watchman . 42.50
Hall Rent.... . - 40.00
Police Court lines      37.00
Total $220.75
John It. Gray
Chief of Police.
The city clerk presented the
following accounts.
Klcctric Light Co.   $39.25
Jack Wild....    1.12
Frank Dallos    5.00
CH. Tarbell 10
These were referred to the finance
committee, and to be paid if found
Aid. Banks brought up the
matter of better light for Dunsmuir avenue, our main through-
fare. He considered the time had
arrived and the matter should be
attended to. The result was in a
committee being appointed to get
information and report to the
Aid. Beveridge, of the board
of health, reported that the man
holes attached to the drains required cleaning,   and the   box
Kingston, Ont,, Sept. 24.—Sir
Richard Cartwright, who was
Minister of Trade and Commerce
in Sir Wilfrid Laurier's cabinet,
and who underwent an operation
in the Kingston general hospital
last Thursday morning, took a
bad turn during the night, and
died at 11.25 o'clock this morning. At ten o'clok a consultation
of doctors decided that his life
was rapidly passing, and they
proved to be right, The venerable statesman lapsed into uncon
sciousness prior to his death.
Heart failure was the immediate
cause of death.
Lady Cartwright and other
members of the family were at
the bedside during the last
J. R. Lockhart, general superintendent for the Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) Ltd., has gone
to Victoria.
Judge Abrams on Monday last
committed Hopkins the coloured
gentleman for trial at the next
assizes to be held at Nanaimo.
However others may feel about
this excitement, go slow and satisfy yourself that you are right.
Mrs. John J. Wier left last
Sunday on a visit to Victoria
and the Sound cities. She will
return in a few days accompanied by her daughter, Mrs. Forsyth
wife of the Rev. S.M. Forsyth,
B.D., who will spend a few weeks
with her parents.
We understand that when the
mines start up all employees of
the company will be called upon
to sign a two years' contract. In
that case the miners would not be
able to shut the mines down in a
day as was the case two weeks
The Italians held a meeting in
their hall at West Cumberland on
Wednesday night. Some of the
old hands invited G. W. Clinton,
who attended and presented the
Company's side of the case. The
audience gave him every attention
and seemed very interested in
what he said.
Physical health is the highest
kind of capital. Any man who
owns two eyes, two ears, two
legs and two arms, has capital.
drain in the alley at the rear of
Frank Ramsay residence required renewing with tile pipe.
These matters were left in the
hands of the hoard of works i'or
immediate attention.
The sanitary condition of the
Matheson property came up for
discussion, this question has been
before the council on previous
occasions, It has been pointed
out to the council repeatedly that
there was only one closet for
several families. It was suggested that Mr. Mathenson be asked
to construct a septic tank, on account of there being no place on
his property were he could construct additional closets, there
being so many houses and cabins
on the same property. It was
moved and carried that Mr Matheson be asked to put his premises in a sanitary condition
within thirty days, otherwise
steps will be taken to compel him
to do the same.
Aid. Willard, President of the
Comox Agricultural Society, exit nded to the Mayor and Aldermen an invitation to attend the
Exhibition at Courtenay. He
was thanked for his kind Invitation and all who possible could decided to attend.
Report of Committee Appointed
to   Interview   Mananement
Regarding Settlcmeat.
Thc United Mine Workers of
America and what were the employees of the Canadian Collieries
(Dunsmuir) Ltd. held a mass
meeting in the Cumberland Hall
lust Sunday morning. The hall
was crowded to the door. The
various officers of the union spoke
at some length, the object being
to select a committee for the purpose of interviewing the management of the company, they having intimated that they would be
willing to meet a committee of
their employees to ascertain the
possibility of milking a settlement
and ending the present trouble.
Several of the engineers spoke on
the matter, also the fire bosses.
They was some difficulty in selecting the committee. Some thought
there should be two of each, that
is, two engineers, two lire bosses,
two non-union men and two union
men. This proposition did not
seem satisfactory to some of the
men and it was finally settled to
have eight of a committee, one
engineer, one fin; boss, one nonunion man and five union men.
It was decided that this committee
should meet the management and
try to effect a settlement, and
with that object in view thej
interviewed Mr. Lockhart, tin
superintendent of the Canadian
Collieries (Dunsmuir) Ltd., at
Cumberland last Monday morning. Mr. Lockhart received them
very courteously but wanted it
clearly understood at the outset
of the interview that he was only
prepared to confer with a committee of employees, and on seeing one of the checkweighmen
present he took exception to him
as not being an employee of the
company. After some little discussion the check weighman retired. The committee stated they
were appointed at a mass meeting
of the employees and were" there
as the representatives of the employees. The business w,as to
consider the cases of discrimina-
ation. Manager Lockhart said
he knew of no cases of discrimination. The committee said in their
opinion there were. The committee asked if it was not (rue
that Mottishaw had been appoint-
by the men of Ladysmith on a
gas committee, and because he
had made a report lhat was disagreeable lo the management
they had refused him work. 'I'he
committee said he came lo Cumberland and goi work with one of
the contractors at No. 4 Mine.
When the management heard
that Mottishaw was working he
was ordered dismissed.
Manager Lockhart said he knew
nothing about Ladysmith, at all
and it was not the case as stated
by the committee. In fact he did
not know that Mottishaw came
from Ladysmith at all. He was
dismissed because he went down
the mine without first obtaining
the permission of thc manager of
No. 4 Mine. The law holds the
manager responsible for all men
in the mine, and it is but right
that he should know all such. He
also stated the position of the
company is that those men will
not be reinstated as there has
been no discrimination. After
some cross questions the position
was clearly defined, the men
believing the one thing and the
management believing the other.
The committee withdrew.
The employees held a mass
meeting lasl Monday aftenoon, to
hear lhe report of the committee
who had interviewed the management, concerning a settlement
jof the difficulties between the
men and the company, On the
platform were David Irving and
Pres Foster. John Naylor occupied the chair, and in his opening remarks he gave a detailed
statement of lhe interview that
the committee had wilh the management that morning. Thomas
Carey and Alex Walker together
with other members of the committee spoke at somo length,
their reports being almost similar.
The District Secretary said tluit
the Company held the right to
hire and discharge. After the
Italian organizer had spoken in
his own language, the report of
the committee was accepted.
John Comb gave an address on
miners unions in the North of
England and how such cases as
that before the meeting were
dealt with. His remarks were
very interesting.
David Irving then explained the
system of the U. M. W. of A.
The crowded audience seemed to
be very interested in whut he said.
He remarked if a man has a right
to live he has a right to work.
It had been suggested to take a
ballot of all tho employees. If
they demanded a ballot he believed they should have it.
It was unanimously decided to
take a ballot. One of the audience asked the chairman if the
Chinese were to vote. The chairman siid they were employees
and liad a right to vote. It was
decided to hold a ballot and gave
twenty-four hours' notice, the
same committee that interviewed
the management to act as an
election committee with power to
add to their number.
Ballot Objected to.
Last Wednesday the returning
officer appointed by the committee representing the mass meeting of employees failed te lake a
ballot as was expected. The
officials of the U. M. W. of A.
objected on the ground that the
Chinese should not vote because
they were supposed to have signed a contract to go fo work, 'lhe
returning officer appointed for the
election said he would either
carry out his original instructions
or not at all. At the mass meeting of employees held last Monday the Chinese were supposed
to vote. The returning officer
walked out and left Ihe hall and
no ballot was taken. The troubles
increase as each day passes. The
latest is the Company has given
all those residing in company
houBesin West Cumberland notice
to leave.
The Canadian Collieries (Duns-
ii)lmI*> Ltd. have taken their mules
out of the mines and placed them
nn lhe companies Kami, and reduced every thing to a minimum',
It all goes to show that the company is gelling ready for the
John P. White, International
President of the U.M.W. of A.,
has asked for a conference with
all the representatives of the
coal owners of Vancouver Island,
and the representative of the employees, The object of the conference is lo try and arrange a
working agreement between the
employer and empleyee, such
conference to take place on or
before the 1st. day of December.
The Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) Ltd. have given the inhabitants of No. seven 30 days notiee
to vacate the companies premises.
That means they must leave their
houses on or hefore the last day
of October. There is a hundred
first class houses at lhat point.
Premier McBride Fails to Find
Just  Grounds for   Holding
an Inquiry under Act.
A delegation of mine worker:
visited Premier McBride on Saturday in his capacity as Minister
of Mines, and voiced their grievances, chief of which was the
complaint that the ('auadian Collieries company had violated the
Coal Mines Regulation Aet, by
reason of their having discharged Mottishaw and Smith, the
miners claiming the two men
were discharged because of them
having reported, contrary to the
wishes of the company, gas prevalent in the mines.
After placing their grounds of
complaint in lhe form of a communication the deputation withdrew. Last Wednesday nigh!
the Premier intimated that he
failed to lind any grounds justifying an enquiry under the Coal
Mines act.
There the position remains, the
workmen insisting that Mottishaw and Smith be reinstated,
whilst (he company refuses to do
Resume of Situation.
lt may be best for the benefit
of those interested and disinterested to get down to the cause
of this trouble. First we
will give the side of the
United Mine Workers. Some
two months ago Oscar Mottishaw
and Isaac Portray were elected
as a gas committee to examine the
mines of the Canadian Collieries
(Dunsmuir) Ltd. at Extension
and report according to law.
Soon after making this report,
fhe place where Oscar Mottishaw
was working happened to get finished. Refused another
place, he finally left and came to
Cumberland, where he secured
employment with a contractor.
For some reason, at the request of the management,he was
dismissed. As Mottishaw was a
member of U.M.W. of A. the
matter was taken up h.v the Uuion
here, and ilwas decided to send a
committee to interview the management, upon their arrival at
the comyany's office, Supertend-
ant Lockhart informed them if
any individual had any grievance
let them come and he would do
the best he could to settle il.
then a mass meeting was called
to discuss the question, and il
was decided to take a holiday until the management would meel
ii committee and provide some
means fur the adjustment of the
di Ili cul l.v.
Now, for the benefit of all con-
cerued, this is as wc know the
olher side nf lhe case.  Some Iwo
or Ihree months ago Oscar Motti-
shaw and Isaac Portray served
as a gas committee to examine
the mines at Extension. The.
report of lhe examinatii ,i was
posled at the mines and a copy
of the same was forwarded to the
Department at Victoria according
to law. We are told that the
chief inspector visited the mines
on his own initiative and lhat
during his visit he failed to find
any gas in the places reported by
the committee. A few weeks
later Mottishaw finished his working place, took out his tools and
was paid oil', if he did that he
certainly severed his connection
with the company, He may have
made application for re-employment but was refused on account
of his interference with the fireman.
Comox Agricultural and Industrial Association held a very
successful fair at Courtenay on
Wednesday and Thursday. The
gale receipts Were larger than
any previous year. The exhibits
were extraordinarily good, tliere
were Billion Dollar Fodder Grass
seven feet high, pumpkins from
Hornby Island weighing ninety-
live pounds. The fruit was very
choice. The sports were above
the average. Space in this issue
will not permit of giving a detailed report of the fair. The prize
list will be published in our next
(Editor of the "Islander.")
Sir,   There appears in the last
issue of tho Cumberland News
an article as follows :—
" It has heen stated in public
meetings recently that the
widow of Mr. Logan, who
was killed in the mines some
time ago has bcen refused
compensation by the Colliery
Company.   As far as we can
learn this statement is not
correct, as the compensation
due  Mrs.  Logan is at tie
Company's  office and   has
been there  for  some time
past awaiting Mrs. Logan's
acceptance.     We have also
been informed that she has
been advised not to accept it,
for what reason we do not
As far as we can learn this
statement is not correct.   Tf the
company did not refuse her the
compensation do you think for a
minute the U.M.W. of A. would
have taken it up.   It was not
there  when Mrs.   Logan went
away.   If it had been she would
gladly have accepted the compensation. It has only been there
since the writ was issued by the
U. M. W. of A's. lawyer, and
served on the company to either
pay or appear in court in October.
They just had to the end of the
month to decide, and that is the
reason they have it in the office
for her now.    Another reason
they dont want to pay it through
the lawyer, they want some of
her relations to come and receive
it so they can say they did not
have to pay it through the U. M.
W. of A.
This is the stand that they
have taken with all the compensation cases sent in. He goes
further to say Mrs. Logan has
been advised not to accept it, for
what reason we do not know.
The editor of that paper must be
blind, as the man wdio advised
her was her legal adviser. I
uould also like to stat • lhat any
thing that has been said in this
particular case, either at public
meetings or at miners meetings,
has been correct, just as it was
given lo lhe lady herself by the
(Signed on behalf of)
U.M.W. of A.
You may not like the line of
steamers that you are travelling
on, hut you do nol jump overboard in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
A marriage was solemnized on
Wednesday evening in the Presbyterian Manse at 7.30, when
Albert Carigan and Jean Walker
were united in the bonds of wedlock. The bridegroom was supported by Mr. Alec Hollands
while Miss Marion Walker stood
for the bride. Rev. Jas. Hood
tied the knot.
The Chinese of Cumberland
have received instructions from
the Chinese Government that the
Republic of China commences to
day, Sept. 28th. All citizens of
China Town are requested to
decorate with Hags and bunting.
The Chinete are celebrating to
The Secret
By Alfred Wilson Barrett
Ward.  Lock & Co., Limited
London,  Melbourne & Toronto-
li was true. A little circle had
formed round tho two i^irls. a certain
liimli had come over the crowded
room, nnd the dark girl, taking her
bow and violin from their oaee, stood
for n moment looking up al her suiter, who smiii-ii gaily Into the faces
ol ilu- people around Iht.
Bhe is devoted to her Bister,
thoughi Boston, watohlng Vlolot
Brooke Angering her violin, as sho
gazed Into her sister's eyes. And
Indeed a complete change did come
over the young girl's lovely laee as
tho looks of the two Bisters mot and
they smiled at one anothor. Her
eyes lightened nnd became softer, her
lips parte,. Into a rare smile, and her
Whole manner seemed to become
more gentle,  less  eold. and  reserved.
Ami then the fair girl commenced
to sins;.
The .Major liad nol been to a theatre for some years, nor did lie know
very much abont muBlc; but it certainly seemed to him that bis host*
esH bad teen right, ami that Edtt
Brooke eould bave easily equalled
professionals on tbelr own ground, at
nil events bo far as singing and acting their songs eould go.
Quite at lier case, wltll her charming appearance and light, pretty
voice, she sang her little ballad from
one of the season's musical comedies
wllh a vivacity and tellingness that
would have been hard to resist. But
through all her prettinesB and arch*
neBs, behind all her smiles and the
pay glances 01 her sparkling eyea,
tliere still showed, to Easton at least,
that nue ir taint of wilderness and bit-
lemess that bad chilled lilm at. lirst,
which spoiled the effect of her beauty
and talent, ana made her dark sister
infinitely the more attractive to him.
I suppose It is hard luck for a pretty girl to be poor, he thought, remembering his hostess's words, but
1 shouldn't lilte to present that
young lady with my Income by marrying her. charming as she Is. Now
the other one—
His thoughts remained unfinished,
for at thai moment the Bong concluded, applause and the buzz of
conversation broke out again; and
the two sisters taking their congratulations upon tbem. passed him
on their road to the door.
Level with him, by some strange
chance, the eyes of the two girl's met
Gaston's. The fair one's embraced
in one swift glance liis strong ligure
nnd keen, bronzed face, and passed
on. The, dark one's met his fixedly for a moment which seemed mu 'h
longer as he gazed Into their dark
depths, and a little Hush rose to her
rafher pale. Impassive face. Then
ehe. too, had paused him.
The Major looked round for his
hostess. 1 must be introduced he
thought She promised I should.
Where is she?
But the goon tiatured stout lady was
nowhere to be Been, and in another
moment the two sisters hnd gone.
Gaston gazed round tbe room, and '
then took out bis watch. This is
getting very dull, be thought. 1
have really done my duty. It would
not be halt a bad idea to slip away
now.      I think I will.
And be passed down tbe steps into
the street, taking the direction ln
■which the two girls had gone, he
made bis way out.
He had no intention, of course, of
pursuing the two sisters wlio bad
made such an impression upon him!
but nevertheless he gave a little sigh
as. after getting bis coat and hat, he
gave a glance round the great hall
nnd saw lhat tbey had disappeared.
That Is the last 1 shall see of ihem,
1 suppose, he soliloquised. What
lovely eyes she bad.
And be passed down the steps into
the street.
But he was destined to aee somc-
ihing further of the girl with thc
lovely eyes, and that before very
The night was yet young, and careless of the direction he chose, he bad
turned to the right on reaching the I
street, intending to Imve a stroll toj
clear his brain after'the tieat of the
qrowded rooms.
He had not gone very far, however. I
when coming to a quiet turning lend-'
ing out of the Bquare, he passed a
taxi-cab drawn up by the kerbstone
and caught the sound of a woman's
volet- raised In anger.
The nulling where ttie cub slood J
was verv dark, but lOuston, casting
a swift glance iu tbe vehicle as be
passed, and conscious tbat the voloe
seemed 'omehou familiar to lilm,
oould have sworn lhal one of tho
occupants of lhe tab was tiie fair girl;
whom he had just heard sing, and lie (
paused  a   moment   itl surprise.
As lie (liil si, lie noticed that a man
was standing on llie further side ofl
ile tasi, Iiis head and shoulders
through tin' window. Then u girl's;
' oiee this time—there was no mistaking It-Miss Brooke's, ordered the cabman peremptorily to drive nn.
There came an exclamation from I
Hie man a' tbe window, the cabman
let in bis clutch. Kustiin sprang aside, i
and tlio cati bounded forward. i
Curse you, cried the nuiii on the|
other side, and as llie vehicle passed '
him be struck swiftly at it, his lists j
hitting the panels of the door.
That's p. nice gentlemanly sort ofj
fellow, thought the   Major,   and   the
next  instant  the   man   lie  spoke of.
striding   blindly   forward,   cannoned
into blm.
Confound you, why don't you look
where you are going! cried Gaston,
bis anger already roused by the man's
behaviour, and half raising his arm.
Look out yourself, returned liis new
acquaintance roughly, catching Huston's wrist and pushing it aside, (let
out of my way, and lie strode on.
Now. shall I punch his head or not?
thought the Major, gazing afler the
lurching figure. I really should like
to! lt was those girls he was talking to, at least it was the fair one.
Tho blackguard. Hut lt would only
mean a row and the papers full of it.
and perJiapB their names mentioned.
No. I don't think I'll bother just now.
The worst of it Is 1 don't believe I
should recognize the chap again; it is
so jolly dark hereabouts. Well, it
can't be helped.
And reluctantly he continued his
But the incident stuck in bis memory and engaged his thoughts to a
considerable extent as he strolled I
I wonder what the row was about. I
he pondered, as he reached Flocadil-I
ly and paused for an instant, unoer.
tain which direction to take. Well,
It's no affair of mine, but I'm glad
Bhe was not concerned in it, at all,
A voice at his side maiV him turn.
Hello, Gaston, what are you doing in I
Piccadilly at this hour? saiil a young |
and very smartly dressed man. clapping lilm heartily on the shoulder, and
looking at him with a cheerful smile
on his round, good-natured face.
Hello. Charles!       Only   having   a
stroll  after a hot and  crowded  "nt
home." Gaston smiled back, recognls j
ing Charles Benton, a sort of cousin, j
ja  gay  young man-about-towu. whom
| everybody liked and whose only fault;
I was a chronic scarcity of cash.
What are you doing?
' The young man laughed. Nothing. \
| he said, until I met you. Now fm|
j going to do you. You are just the-
I very man I want. You can save my
! 'ife and make my fortune at the same
time,     Lend me a tenner.
The Major smiled and felt In liis j
| pocket. You are In luck, Charles,
he said. I don't generally carry
many tenners about with me, but tonight I do happen to have one to
spare. I cashed a cheque this afternoon, nnd I have a good deal more
Ihan that on me.
(To be Continued)
. u will lind relief In ZflhtBult I
li eases the burning, stinging
pain, slops bleeding and brings
ease. Perseverance, with Zan.
Buk, means cure. Why not prove
this ?   Ml DnsgaiAla ani Storu.-
I      " MstOX.
Interesting Suggestions Made at Paris
International Art Congress
The International Art Congress re-
eently bold 'n Paris paBBed many
resolutions which it \n hoped tin* del*
gates of tlic governments represented mny tnko up und Indorse by legislation.
'ihu most Important of theso dealt
with tho claims oi' the Btate and public authorities to deal with tin1 reproduction . f uuy works ot urt they inuy
lt. wns unanimously resolved that,
as regards i. living artist, tho ri^ht
Bhould remain with him, and any authority to copy must, be signed by
him; but thai tho directors ol' picture
K&llerles may authorize single copies
lor the purpose of study, on condition
thut sue1; copy Is in no wny a reproduction !n size, of the original, thut
it shall have clearly signed upon it
it is nfter the author, and tlmt it
beni-s the stamp of the gallery with
these words: Copy, Rights of reproduction reserved.
An Eye for Business
The late John H. Arbuckle, the coffee merchant, who left an estate of
100 million dollnrs. often said that a
part of his success was due to his
knowledge of human nuture.
In selling coffee, Mr. Arbuckle once
said to a New York coffee broker,
you should exercise the same keen
discretion which the druggist showed.
A woman, you know, a woman well
on iu years, entered a druggist's and
Have vou any creams for restoring
the complexion?
Restoring, miss? You mean preserving, said the druggist heartily.
And h- then sold the woman $17
worth of complexion creams.
To HiVvi and to Hold
Once upon a time he had been an
oflicer in t. crack regiment, but he had
fallen on evil days, and in the end
was compelled by force of circumstances to resign hia commission and
to enlist in another regiment as a
humble private.
He found i' impossible, however, totally to forget his position, and ou one
occasion, being requested by a sergeant to hold his horse—a duty that
did tmt really Revolve upon him—he
Bl—you forgol—or—serpeunt, that
onco 1 held his Majesty's commission.
Tho sergeant looked at him, not
without respect by any moans, nnd
thou remarked:
Well, youngster, I'm sorry, but you
will now bave to hold one of hi:
Majesty's horses!
Relieves Asthma at Little Expense,
Thousands of dollars have boen
vainly spent upun remedies for asthma aud seldom, if over, with any relief, Dr, J. l). Kellogg's Asthma
Remedy, despite lis assurance of benefit, costs so little that ll is within
Ihe reach of all. It is the national
remedy for asthma, fur removed from
the class of doubtful and experiment'
al preparations, Your dealer can
supply it.
How She Voted
At a luncheon In New York Dr.
Lyman Abbott, sipping a glass ot Ice
raid milk, told a woman suffrage
I had heard a lot, he said, about
Uie wonderful success of woman suffrage in Australia; so, meeting an
Australian woman one day, I asked:
How 'lid you vote, madam, at the
last election?
The Australian woman answered
with a simper:
ln my mauve pannier gown, sir.
with a large mauve hat trimmed with
muuve oapreys.
A Poser for Nursle
Little Freddie's voice broke the
twilight stillness of the nursery for
the twentieth lime, aud nursle began
to get angry.
Well, what do you want now? she
1 only Banted to ask you—
I'll answer no more questions this
night, said nursie firmly, as she went
on folding up Htr charge's clothes.
Don't yoa know that curiosity killed
a eat, Freddie?
The smnll boy lay In silence stunned
by the wonder of this statement. Then
he burst out again:
Nursle, what did that cat want to
Girl Cured of
Disfiguring Pimples
By Cuticura Ointment. Broke Outon
Face when Twelve or Thirteen.
Were Most Embarrassing.
Had Tried Everything.
A Nova Srotia clrl, Mln Mnivl Mnraflh. of
Dovr West, will'*:   "Whin t wus uhoiit
twelve or thirteen years ul age, my f»''o
broki! out witli plmplei, aii'l 1 tried nvrry-
iiniti: 10 irt ri'l of them, but failed, Tho
pimples were tlm worst on my forehead and
chin, Tliey came out in groups umi developed
lalur Inlo aores. Hi-ini; on my facu they
ruimeil great il.iligurcuii.-nt, umi were most
"After trying sc many remedies without
success, 1 saw ihe Cuticura Ointment advertised, and f sent for £, hex. I then ahl'llnd
it to the pimples, and in a week I saw a
creat change in my face. I kept nuini? It,
and in a few months it rendered a complete
cure. Now yuu cannot tell I ever had
pimples, thanks to the Cuticura Ointment."
(Signed) Miss Mabel Morasb, Mar. 31, lull.
Willing to Accommodate
Mistress—I want you to understand
Anna, tli.it I wlll not have that big
policeman In my kitchen.
Anna—All right,   ma'am,   I   know
a smaller one.
Captain, ynu told me lhls boat would
reach thi dock by 9 o'clock.
Did 1, madam? Well, 1 must have
lied tn yon. We'll be there' In about
twenty minutes.
Itut the land Isn't in sight yet!
Ro I see. Madam, you have caught
me In another lie.
Baby's Face Like Raw Beef
"My liahy boy had a largo pimple como
on hla forehead. It burs' and spread all
over his face which soon looked like a piece
of raw beef, all smothered with bad pimples.
It was awful to look ot. The poor littlo
tiling used to scratch it and cry terribly.
I took Iiim to a doctor Imt he only got
worse until I was 'I'lile frightened that ho
would always he disfigured. Then I gol two
tins of Cuticura Ointment, together with
Cuticura Hoap. and in two months had <|ilitH
cured him. Now of courso I use Cuticura
Koip for all my children (Signed! Mrs.
T„ Perry, no. Waterloo ltd., Aldershot, England, May 21,1910,
Cuticura Soap and Ointment are sold
throughout the world, hnt to those, who
have suffered much, lost hope and arc without faith in anv treatment, a liberal sample
of each with a 3S-p. b.ioklct on the skin
and scalp will be mailed free, on apollcatlon.
Address Potter Drug * ('hem. Corp.. 69
Columbus Ave., Boslon, U. 3. A.     	
W.  N. U. 813
Scene    (Schoolmaster's     study)—
I Master—Why wore you lute for early
I school,  Wright?
Wright--Please,  sir,  I  must hnve,
' iiverwash"il myself.
An Intelligent Youth
|    Tluit Intelligent boy there, said thel
pedagogue to the top-hatted parent he
I was showing over the ichool premises,
i Is llrown     I am proud ot Brown.    I
j have  Inculcated   In blm  lhe  lovo of
learning to such an extent tlmt lie
! now prefofB study to play,     1 expect
' at this moment lie is   wrliing   Tim-
mill's Latin prose on lhat   she'"  nf
j paper  there, wliile all 'lhe other pu-
j pile are at play,    l win ascertain.
Ho called the lad to him.
Brown, ho salid, let me see the fe-
suit of your industry.
I    1—I'd rather not, sir, blushed llrown.
Note t!|o modesty,   whispered   the
schoolmaster.     Come, llrown, let mc,
see what yen have been writing.
Still the boy demurred. Uut the
schoolmaster insisted and forcibly up-
proprint"d llie paper. And there iu
neat Imitation nf feminine handwriting
lie read -he following:
Please excuse my son James from
school to lay.     llo Is wanted al home.
Wlll Adams, the flrst Englishman'
In Japan, one of the most delightful
books ever written, has been out of
print for thirty years or forty years.
but Its    ucinory    remains.        Those
iVriiinate enough to have rend it will
be Interested to learn thnt a memorial
j tn Adams wns unveiled by the British
ambassador on Juno 16 over the grave
i in Toklo where Ihe famous pilot lies
i beside his Japanese wife.
Will Adams, who was a navigator,
! landed In Japan In tfiO'l and was kepi
I in the country by the Rmperor on account of his knowledge of ships. He
1 was presented with an estate, was |
i not allowed to return to England,
I wliere h" had a wife nnd family, and
j died in Japan in 1620. I
What Could He Do?
Spare me a penny, Blr, please?
The clergyman stopped and looked
round. He gave a start of surprise.
Instead of an old or middle-aged
waster, lie saw a youth of nineteen
confronting him.
My lad. lie exclaimed, I'm nshamed
nf youi A strong, healthy chap like
ynu ought to be at work Insteud of
begging.     How came you Io do it?
Well. sir. replied lhe youth, It's like !
this: Twelve months ago I v/us 111,
and the doctor forbade ino to do any
work imlll he mid me. .lust alter
that he died.     Sn what ean I do?
Tre clergyman is at ill puSsllng overt
the problem.
Seizing the Onportunity
Whilst oul for a walk with her Hltle niece, auntie had the misfortune
to rip ilie laee on her skirt as she
crossed a stile.
Ethel was quite willing and eager
lhe laco now, so would you mind
stooping down and cnrefully tearing
off the piece that is hanging loose?
Ethel was quite willlnlg nnd eager
io please, and duly commenced her
task. For several minutes there was
a sound of tearing, renlly mueh mnro
tearing than was necessary to remove
a smnll length of broken lace.
Haven't you finished yet? nsked
auntie eventually.
Yes. replied the littlo girl, rising
wearily. 1 was taking II all off. 1
wanted enough for my dolly's skirt
while I was about II. and the little
bit you tore wasn't enough.
A   Nature   Cure
No   Hypodermic   Injections
No Bad Afier   Effects
Tlio craving for Drink ts duo to A'oohollo Poison in llie body
cells.      Fnlil that poison is removed uo Drinking Mnn ean   conquer his appetite,     The Neal Wny wlll eindtente all traces of that
Poison and eltecl a sureoure In THREE DAYS.
Write for flintier Informallr,n to
tho Broadway, Winnipeg
8244 Smith St., Ileglna 820 Thirteenth Ave., \V„ Calgary
Mlnard's   Liniment   Cures   Garget   in
Darling Came
The Biimmer day was nearly over,
and the last of the crowd liad gone.
The pier ani' sands were deserted
save for a young lady and man on
the latter, and a small group on the
former. Along the road parallel
with the promenade came a red-faeed
man, corpulent withal. •
He gave a hasty look over the sands
and then bellowed:
Tiie folk on the pier gave a Bhort
laugh, while the lady looked un fro i
her book, but budged not an inch.
Darling! roared the man in an even
louder voice. But there was no
movement on the sands. The pier
people could scarcely contain them,
selvoa for amusement-.
The stout man lost all patience, and
picking uo a stone threw il, to the
accompaniment of protest from the
pierites, in the direction of tile lady.
Tiie stone struck the man, who looked round to see whnt was the matter.
Tom Darling, yelled the mah, for
(he last time, nre you coming?
Darling got to his feet, and the jokers on Ihe pier then melted away to
think of other tilings.
Why the Long Silence
The 10-year eld daughter of a well-
knosn actress, who lives iu Harlem,
went lo ittay all night with another
little girl a block away. The visitor left home at 5 p.m. and was to
return a,t noon next day. lt was her
Irst night away from home. The
next morning, about it o'clock, she
called her mother on the telephone.
Are you all right, mamma? Bhe
Yes. dear, replied the mother.
Sure you're not sick?
Yos, dear.
Well, why haven't you written me
then? asked the child.
N'o man ean aerve two masters,
said the priest to one of his parishioners,
I know that, yer Riverence. Me
brother tried it. and now he's doing
time for bigamy.
Mistress—Well, I'm sorry you want
to leave me, Mary. Hut what's your
i Mary keeps silent).
Mistress—Something private?
Mary (suddenlyI—No, mum; please
mum, lie's a corporal.
Algy-Anything unusual happen
while I wnt out, James?
Valet —Ye:, sir, none ot your creditors culled.
I,idle loe—Mamma, I waB awfully
afraid when you shut me In the durk
Mamma—Why, Joe, what were you
ar-n'il ol": |
Little Joe—I was afraid I couldn't
linil the eake.
An amateur horticulturist In California has succeeded In breeding a
seedless tomato of large size.
I.iillo I.oln's mother was so lionise
mio morning that she could hardly
Mamma, snld Lola, I'm Borry you'vo
sot such a sore voice..
e Whose   Blood Supply   it
Scanty are in Danger of
a Breakdown
Thin or Impure blood la nn Invitation to sickness. The blood Is at
work day and night to maintain the
health and any lack of strength or
purity in lhe blood Ib a weakness In
the defence ngainst disease. Anaemia Is the doctor's name for lack of
olooil. lis surest symptom Is pnl-
nr. Anaemia does nnt confine It-
selt to uge or Bex. though II Is particularly common to young girls between Uu' agea of 14 and 17. when
nature nukes peculiar demand upon
the blood supply. The same lack of
blood, however, prevents full recovery after la grippe, fevers, malaria,
and openlions. and Is present In old
ago, nnd in persons who have been
under unusual mental or physical
strain. In all enses of bloodlessness
Dr. Williams' Pink PIIIb are the best
medicine known to medical science.
They aotually make new pure blood,
which brings with It a healthy appetite and new strength nnd vitality.
Mrs. Oeorge Roy, Clair, Sask., says:
"I have tested the value of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills time and again
when a poor condition of Ihe blood
might hnve led to more serious trouble. 1 am a woman of forty and as
occasion required I have used the
Pills off and on since girlhood. I
have proved Ihelr value in the all-
ments that afflict my sex. and I have
never known them to fall. I also
gave them to my son for nerve trouble which we thought would result
In St. Vitus dance, but the uae of the
Pills prevented thiB and mnde him
well and strong. I do not know
any better Investment Ihan to keep
haif a dozen hoxeB of Dr. Williams'
Pink PIHs In the house, ns they will
save more expensive doclor'a bills."
'You cnn get Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills through any medicine dealer or
bv mall at BO cents a box or nix
boxes for $2.50 from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvllle, Ont,
More About
The Loading Platform
The present goner «,tloh of Western farmers will never know the
difficulties and v-xall. ns experienced by their predecessors In tho
earlier years when uo one could get a carload of grain shipped In
bulk except ly io tiling lt through an elevator. The system forced
the majorl'y of farmers to sell their grain to the elevator owneta
at arbitrary lricts. and oft limea to submit to heavy dockage and
other annoyance.!, causing continual dissatisfaction, Now however
Ihe distribution o! -ars aB fixed by the drain Act, and the use of the
loading platform, provide facilities whlc1-, enable tho farmer to Becure
satisfactory 'roatcint in the disposul of his grain, and the highest
market prices at time of Bale. Every farmer therefore. Bhould more
and more e'ideavor to use the loading pliif-irm ln shipping hiB grain
to the terminal elevators. It is the safeguard ot the farmers' freedom In disposing of his grain to the best advantage for himself. If
farmers refrain Iro.n using the loading platform freely, if might result In Its helng dine away with, hec.ti.ee railway companies and
elevator owners nre strongly opposed lo I:. it Ib eiiBy to understand why elevator people desire Ihe leading platform abolished.
The railway eople on their part sny I: delays the loading of cars
and helps to cause ear shortage. Th'a we know to be nonsense,
because frequently after cars are loaded whether with grain, coal
lumber or other merchandise, they are sldetracke.'. for days and even
weeks instead of being promptly moved forward to destination. It
is engine s'.io-tage and shortage of competent trait, men that mostly
causes grain 1 loc.kadeo on railways and not lack of cars. Let every
farmer therefore, ti. all he can to use t e loading platform and become nn Independent shipper. In subsequent advertisements we
will Btate in detail the savings and other advantages of direct loading into ears compared with loading through elevators.
We handle the fanners grain strictly on commission, mnke liberal
advances on ~ar bills of lading, supervls" the grading at time cars
are inspected, seuire the highest pricej at time of Bale and make
prompt returns when sold. Wrlto us for shipping Instructions and
market information.
Thompson Sons & Company
The Meanest
A welko-do Chicago real eBtate
owner went Into a hardware store In
liiat city anil asked the proprietor
for a pound of nails. The Binall
package was made up and the price,
a nickel, handed to the merchant,
when the customer asked if the purchase could be sent to ilia house,
which was in a distant part of llie
city. Tho merchant assented, and
calling an errand bny, handed him the
parcel, wilh the nickel be hud JuBt
received for ;t, and said: —
Here. Johnny, tuke the car and take
this parcel out to Mr. Blank's house.
Whal! said the customer, are you
going to give tho boy the nickel to
take Ihe parcel out?
Why certainly, said the mel chant.
1 wouldn't think of asking him to
wnlk  so far.
Well said thc meanest man In Chicago, If von would JUBt as Boon give
mo the live cenls I wlll tuke lt out
In Memoriam
Two Jews stopped on the street to
talk to each other, one wearing a
large diamond pin.
Solomon, Bald one, that is a fine
diamond jou have. Where did you
get it?
Well, said Solomon, my brother Ike-
died and left $1150 for a stoue. This
is the stone.
Corns cannot exist when Hollo-
way's Corn Cure Is applle'd to them,
because It goeB to the root and klllB
the growth.
Some of ub never get so grown up
that we outlive the old chlldlah deBlru
lo play with lire.
He Needed It
Chollie—I'm doing my best to get
ahead, you kuow.
Dollie—Well, everybody knows you
need one.
He—(nervously)— Er—er—Margaret—er—er there's something has been
trembling ou my lips for the last two
months. .    ,,
She—Yes, so I see. Why dont
you shave it off?
The other night we heard a father
speak tliusly: William, your mother
tells me that you must have a dose
of castor oil before retiring to-night.
It is your bedtime now. Take your
medicine and go to bed at once.
But papa, I don't want to take no
You must take it. And immediately.
Aw, papa, I downnter.
William, It you don't take that
medicine I'll put you right to bed
this minute, without giving you a
drop of lt.
William was bo scared that he took
It. That's the way to enforce discipline.
Up Against  It
Mrs. .Tunings—It's raining, John,
and Mrs Smtthkins wants to go
home, I have no umbrella to lend
her except my new $10 one. Can't
l let her have yours?
.Ionlngs-I should say not! Why
the only umbrella I've got has her
husband's nam.' on tho handle.
Going West
The course nf civilization Is westward, mused the philosopher.
Yes, thero appears to be llttlo left
In New York, assented the cynic.
But Auntie, you're not going In.
bathing  'HI  your specs on?
My dear, III not tako off another
thing.      it's positively Indecent.
At Wife's Tea
Wife—John, which wlll you have?'
Iced tea, bouillon, cold coffee, grape-
juice or 'emonade?
Husband—Neither. Haven't you
got some'hlng to drink?—Judge.
Domestic  Economy
Mr. Piffle—What's your Idea of the-
Iniatlve and referendum?
Mr. Pewee—it's the rule of our
household. Everything that's done
must originate with my wife, and
everything that occurs to me must be
referred to her for disapproval.—Chicago News.
Dr. Morse's
Indian Root Pills
exactly meet the need which io often
arises in every family for a medicine
to open up and regulate the bowels.
Kot only are( they effective in all
. cases of Constipation, but they help
greatly in breaking up a Cold or La
Grippe by cleaning out the system
and purifying the blood. In the same
way they relieve of cure Biliousness,
Indigestion, Sick Headaches, Rheum-
, atism and other common ailments,
ln the fullest sense of the words Dr.
Morse's Indian Root Pills are       tt
A Household  Kentdr THE   ISLANDER,   CUMBERLAND,   B. C.
The flies that are now in your
kitchen and dining-room were probably feasting on some Indescribable
nastiness less than an hour ago, and
as u single fly often carries many
thousands of disease germs attached
to its hairy body, it is the duty of
every housekeeper to assist in exterminating this worst enemy of the
human race.
kill flies in such immense quantities
as cannot be approached by any other
fly killer.
HE SAID—"Pew of us realise how much snlt
Xvc cut, Tiie fact Hint we Tint salt on nil
inmts ond vegetables—in bread, cake and
i pastry—soupa ami sauces—butter and cheese
— short) the importance of using an
absolutely pure salt."
SHE SAID-"Well we are using WINDSOR
tiALT and UO one could make we believe
tliere was any better salt iu the wliole world
thau my old standby 5 j
A few doors eouth of C.P.R. Depot
Ratee II.SO to $2.00 per day
Culiine unexcelled
Hot and cold water in every room
Hotel   practically   Fireproof
All Outalde  Rooms
Are the bes' ever made and are guaranteed to glvo yon satisfaction. At
all dealers, or send us 25 cents statins stylo and size required.
The Arlington Co,, of Canada) Ltd,,
68 Fraser Ave., Toronto, Ont.
Connubial Bliss
Mrs. Qui,ckoi,boss — Am yo'
daughtah happily mar'd, Slstah Sugg?
Mrs. 9agg—She sho' Is! Bless
goodness, she's done Rot a husband
dat's skeered to doath of hor!
Mlnard'a Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
An Amorlcan tourist. In pricing tea
In a Chinese store in Shanghai, was
surprised to find that he eould purchase live pounds of a certain kind
of tea I'or $2, but that It he bought
ten ppunds'the prico would be $5. The
American argued with tho Chinaman
;hat such nn arrangement wns ridiculous, but the proprietor of tb" store
Insisted that login was on his side.
More buy, more rich. Moro rich,
more can pay. ho explained,
Nut a Satisfying Diet
l.ady   :il the  House— You say you
have not had anything to eal today?
Tramp—Lady, if you  bollovo me,
the only thing I've swallowed to-day
is Insults.
Ynu mlghl ro to tho butcher's and
Ret sunn* liunb to-day, BUggBBtod blra
All right, responded Mr. Ftousekeep
And shall I nlso stop at tlio mint and
get some snuoe to ro with II?
Breaking It Gently
Two very great friends—a Renteh-
man and an Englishman—mot In tbo
smoking rootn of n hotel, and the Eng-
llsliinan at onco proceeded to monopolize tho conversation, as he usually
The Scotchman horo It for a lonR
time, then bo broke In quietly:
I say, old chap, I'll back you and
me to toll moro nnd biRRor lies In
half an hour than any other six mon
1 know!
He paused, and then went on Rently.
And I wouldn't speak a single word
the whole time.
First Summer noarder—They nre
putting Paris green on the cabbages.
Second Summoj- Boarder—Yes, It's
hard to get anything that Isn't artificially colored.
How did you manage, asked lhe
landlord's friend, to get all Ihn guests
away from that other summer hotel?
They set a good table over there,
and they cortninly have you beaten
as far at location Is concerned.
You Bee, we serve four meals a day
here, anl thiiB give the ladles a
chance to change their clothes more
often thun they had to at the other
W. N. U. »13
Elm  Le.-iris In Canadian Cooperage
Although the elm still leads among
tho woods used for slack cooperage,
spruce Is rapidly supplanting It. Iu
the total ttitput of barrels ln the Dominion last year, there were used, ao
cording to figures compiled by tho
Forestry branch of Iho Depnrtment of
tho Interior, 80.010,000 pieces of elm,
lr. staves headings and lumps, ud
i.gnlnst 3. ,704,000 pieces of spruce
Tliere were, however, over 11,000,000
more spruce staves nnd 0,000,000 fewer elm stavos reported for 1911 than
for 1010 In timo. elm will probably
be used only for hoops, as it is tho
best woo I for the purpose, tho supply
Is fast diminishing, nnd other species
inn be used to advantage I'or staves
and headings, Tho ultimate substitute for olm will probably be birch
wliich Is comparatively plentiful.
Slack cooperage Is of vastly greater
Importance than tight cooperage In
Cnnnda. This Is because tho majority of Canadian products aro of a
rough und dry nature, such as Hine,
potatoes, apples, dry Ilsh, flour, cereals, et.'.., and because Canadian
woods aro best suited to slack ciiop-
crn ee .
Wliile ,irk. the only wood whieh
cun bo used for containers of alcoholic liquids, has been prnctlcally exhausted III Canadian woodlands. In
1011 only 2./II8.000 oak staves were
out, while 7,203,000 were Imported.
A rough estimate on the part of the
Forestry Branch places the minimum
amount of material used in tbe manufacture of all classes of cooperage
as 62,868.190 bonrd feet, made np ns
follows: fttavos, 20.267.714 feet, bonding, 24 466,666 feet, and hoops, 62,-
:',5:i,1!l0 feet.
A Mild Pill for Delicate Women —
The most delicate woman can undergo a enure i of Parmelee's Vegetable
PUIS without tear of unpleasant consequences. Their action, while wholly effective is mild and agreeable. No
violent pains or purgings follow their
use, as thousands nf women who have
used them can testify. They are,
iherefore. strnngly recommended to
women, wbo are more prone to disorders of the dlgostivo organs than
It wns (u gratify your extravagant
tastes, cried the desperate man, that
. commuted the foregry. Thc
crime Is upon your head.
Tho woman started and gazed at
him won.lerlngly.
Is my crime on straight? she asked.
Mrs. Tinkle—They say that Mrs.
Neanrich is becoming more proper
every day.
Mrs. Dimple—Yes, indeed, you
should have seen how mortified she
was a while ago when she learned
(hat her bin baud owned common stock
In a railroad.
How Could He?
Mr. William Slkes had found what,
ln bis opinion, was a snug crib. It
,vns a country mansion, and thc mod"
of access was easy. He waited llll
midnight, and then approached the
house. Grasping hie Ivy he slowly and car'efutly climbed un the side
•>f 'iio house ti!' ho reached the io.-'l
it tin: iirst-flji   window;
Holding on to the sill wllh both
bands, be stopped to picture the
wealth that was nbout to become liis.
llis mind dwelt on tho jewellery and
plate that was so nearly within Ills
grasp. Then his dream was abruptly broken by the opening of the window.     A female head appeared.
Hands up, or I fire!
Woman wits ever unreasonable
Plants will grow morn quickly If
a few drops of ammonia' be added
onco a week to the wuter with which
thoy are watered. The water should
be lukewarm, not colder than the atmosphere of the room, nnd the leaves
oi* tbe plants should lie kept free from
dust by being sponged or syringed.
Yes, mv son.
When n niai, talks a great deal
what ls he called?
An orator, luy boy.
And wben a woman talks a good
deal, what Is she called?
A nuisance.—Yonliers Statesman.
Change of Food Brought Success and
An ambitious but delicate girl, after
failing i:. go through school on acoount of nervousness nnd hysteria,
found In ilrnpo-N'uls the only thing
Hint seemed In build ber up and furnish ber the peace of health,
"From Infancy," she snys, "I hnvo
nnt been strong. Being ambitious
In learn al any cost I finally got lo
tho High Bchool, but soon bad In
abandon my studies on account of
nervous prostration and hysteria.
"My fooi. did not agree wllli me.
I grew thin and despondent. I
could not enjoy the simplest social
affair for T suffered constantly from
nci-vousnof.s lu spite of all sorts of
"Tills wretched condition continued
until I waa twenty-five, wben I becamo Interested In tho letters of
those who had casos like mine aud
whe wero getting well by eating
C! rape-Nuts.
"I had little faith but procured a
box and alter the first dish I experienced a peculiar satisieil feeling tbat
I had never gained from any ordinary
food. I slept and rested better that
night and In a few dayB began to
grow stronger.
"I liad a new feeling of peace nnd
restfiilness. In a few weeks, to my
great joy. the hondachees and nervousness left me and life becamo
bright nnd hopeful. I. resumed my
rtudies and later taught ten months
with case—of course using Grape-
Nuts every day. It Is now four
years since I began to UBe Grape-
Nuts, I am the mistress of a happy
heme, and the old weakness hns
nover rjturned." Name given by
Canadian Postum Co., Windsor, Ont.
"There's a reason." Head tho little book. "Tho Road to Wellvllle," ln
Ever read the above letter? A
new one eppears from time to time.
They are genuine, true, and full of
human Interest
Wss Completely Cured by Less Than
Three  Boxes  of
Women are very often deceived
and mistaken In regard to kidney
disease. The pains lu the buck ure
attributed to olher derangements, and
kidney diseaso Is allowed to run on
and on until boyond the reach of medical science.
There U needless suffering, and
life itself Is risked, hecuuso backache
Is not recognized us the most marked symptom of kidney disease,
There Is no treatment which so
quiokly relieves nnd cures kidney
pains In the buck, as Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver I'llls. As proof of
this read  Mrs.   Patterson's  letter: —
Mrs. itlchard Patterson. Iluldl-
niund, Gaspe Co.. Que., writes: "I
will gladly s.ij that I was cured of
kidney trouble by using Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills. When I began
using this medicine I was crippled
with soro back and did not know
What wns the trouble. In looking
over Dr. Chnse's Almanac I saw
Dr. Chase'B Kidney-Liver Pills advertised nnd decided to try them.
"1 liad not used, two boxes before
my back was nil right, nud before I
had completed the third box was entirely cured. Tbere hns been no
return of the old kidney trouble, und
I tb.oref.ire believe tho cure to be
One pill a dose, 25c. n box, at all
dealers or Fdmanson. Dulos & Co.,
Liuilled.  Toronto.
Extract from tt young lady's lelter
from Venice: Last uight 1 luy in a
gondola iu the Grand Canal, drinking
It all in, and life never seemed so
full befoio.— Llpplllbott's,
Regarded as one of tiie most potent compounds ever Introduced Mth
which to combat all summer complaints and Inflammation of .the
bowels, Dr. .1,. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial has won for Itself a reputation Hat no other cordial for the
purpose can aspire lo. For young
or old suffering frmn these complaints
It Is the best medicine that can bc
It. Is hard to stop, said the clergyman, when once you nre started on
the down grado.
Oh. I never have any trouble, said
tbo other man, I can back-pedal better thun uny other mun in our club.
Remember, my son tbnt beauty is
only  skin deep,  warned  the sage.
That's deep enough for me. replied
the young man.     I'm no cannibal.
First Doa' Mute—lie wasn't so
very angry wns ho?
Second Deal Mute—He was so wild
that the words ho used nlinost blistered his fingers.
| Where Master   Mariners   Foregather
and Chat
The National    maritime   Club,   in
| Fenchurel: Street, is the meeting-place
j of   slilp-uiusters   in   Loudon.       The
i members upend most of thetr lives on
j the ocean, nnd you may see in the
club-roomo men who a few weeks ngo.
I Perhaps, wore weathering out a terrl
lie hurricane 111  the Uulf of Mexico,
or were crawling down the dangerous
Formosa Channel, or steaming as hard
us they could go across the open Pacific or Atlantic.
The club was formed a couple of
years ago liy a few ship-masters, but
it bus now over six hundred men of
the sea on Its hooks. In no club
in London could you meet so muny
men who havo had so mtiuy strange
nnd thrilling experiences.
From one snip.master a newspaper
representative gleuned the fact that
he bad ouce been sllx days nt sen
with a Are In the hold of his ship, but
he hnd managed to keep the lire under, and reached Philadelphia safely. Another mariner mentioned In
u casual manner, that the only Utile
experiences ho could call to mind was
the picking up In the Pncilic of a
small boat with two men In It. Ono
of tbo ni"ii was dend, the other barely alive; Ills tongue fearfully swollen
was sticking out of his mouth, and
his eyes luul gone bo far back In tholr
sockels that they were scarcely visible. He was the sole survivor from
an American ship that had foundered
in mld-P.tclllc during a hurricane.
Captain Widgery. the secretary, nnd
one of the orlglnul founders of tbe
club, luiB had forty-five years' experience of tiie sea, and is now retired.
Captain Widgery, like his dub mutes,
is not much disposed to tulk of his experiences, but lie guve the representative, after much pressing, nn nccount
of a hurricane he had once beeu in
tbe Gulf of Mexico.
The wind was so bnd that the ship
could make no headway at all against
it and Captain Widgery ordered, the
engines to be stopped. Tbere was
nothing to be done, snid Captain Widgery, hut. simply to weather the hurricane out ns host we could. The
ship wus blown over hy tbe force of
the wind until her decks wero almost
perpendicular, nnd we lay like that
for twenty-four hours.
The water whipped up by the wind
completely enveloped the ship in a
driving cloud of spray, through which
we could not soe a yard ahead. The
sea Itself, you must understand, wns
not heavy, for ln these violent hurricanes so much water Is blown off the
surface o: the sea, that the waves are
compnrutively small.
Well, as I said, we Iny for twenty-
t2££ ^"r^JR-Oie^Hian half blown over,
anil the " roubie"was \ve did not know
where we were going, for during the
hurricane, an we suw neither Bun nor
stars, it was quite Impossible to take
a reckoning. We might havo been
blown on to ilie const and wrecked;
but as it was wo weatlwred the hurricane out In safety, though'we were
blown mi!es and miles out of our
course. Every particle of pnint on
tho ship cn the weather side wus peeled off In- tlic wind nnd water.
Whon the representative wns at the
club, the telephone bell rang frequently. At each ring the steward would
come in'o the smoking-room with a
message to sny that Captain So-and-So
wus required at tho telephone. One
of these calls was a summons that
warned tin* master mariner who answered it that be would lie wanted to
sail that evening, for Hong-Kong.
$100 Reward, $iuu.
Tli. rfsilcr* ol tlu, pimt-r ivlll lit- pleuod to lentil
ttiiu there i« »i leul nni- itrosued maense unit Hlenefl
i!u. been nine to cure In mi ne Mm.-,-*, nntl ihet u
Caiurm.  naii'e Cnterrli mrr it ti„. only itmiuve
CUN- now kinjivn In lit,- mi'ilirul fraternity      i nUrtli
•i'Iiik  a  ronatllimunal  tlieeaao,   requires a  i-nrn>llti|.
tlnnal tr .itmrul.    It'ill'H Catarrh  Cure In tnki-li In-
UTiially. IH-t'ait directly upon Ihn bloml ami inu.QUe
mrlm-t*   ol   lhe   Hv.lrm.   thereby   dcitrnylnit   the
nllhilntlni  ot  lhe ulerfiie,  r id  elvltnl  thi'  palleht
tr.ii. tli I,/ hniiilhs n;t Ihe eonstltnthm ami a*H*t-
nu DAturo In ilnhitf Ita work.   The proprietors have
hi ninth faith It Ua CUKtlVO powera that Ihey nder
One  lliiinlfeil  Dollars mr any- ,-,,-,■  tluit  It lalls U>
.lire,   senil for list nl testimonials
AiKriM ,'. J. CHUNKY -k i O   Toledo, O.
Si...I hv all lirnuulritj. 7..-.
Take lull's Family 1*11* fnr rOnstlnnUoa,
Miss Vocolo—I'm never happy unless I'm breaking into song.
Bright Vomit; Mail"Why don't ynu
gel Hie key and you won't have to
break in.
Father, our daughter Is being courted by n poet.
Is Hint so. mollier. I'll kick blm
Not so fast. Investigate first nnd
find out whether lie works fnr a mag-
ozlne or lur a breakfast-food factory.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Distemper
Heroism of a Boy
Tbe striking heroism of little .lack
Thayer, muu of Ibe Titnnlc survivors,
was rei I by Dr. Arthur .1. Smith
ns an Inspiration tn tbe young people nl' :ne churches to tin valiant
du'ds during tbe summer in open nlr
and lent work.
Liltle .lack, be said, when ills
mothor was put Iii oiyt of ibo lire
bouts, refused to go with ber. lie
told, thom lie would stay wltll his
father nnd let Ihe women be saved.
Ko persuasion could Induce blm lo
go In the boat, Clasping bis faiber's
band bo was seon awaiting the sinking of tiio ship.
lie was found unconscious in the
water liy one of the lifeboats nnd
awoke in his mother's arms. Tho
first thing he saitl as be opened iiis
eyes, looked nt his mother, and then
at the others ubout, was this:
I stayed until the lust, mamma: I
tided to be a man.—New York Evening Mail.
The young man, leading a dog hy
a string, lounged up to the ticket
ofilco of a railway station and enquired:
Must I—aw—tako a ticket for a
No, you can travel as an ordinary
passenger, was tho reply.
1 hear you've got a Government Job
now, one mnn said to another.
The other answered gayly:
That's what.
The first man gave an envious sigh
and asked:
Ib It hurd work?
Not atter you get It, was the reply.
The chump who wanted to see If
the cigar cutter was sharp is not half
on the level with tlio fool that attempted to buy fence rutls ut the
post office.
Aliout one-third nf tbo world's product of nig iron is necounted for In
the United Kingdom, United States
and Germany.
Village Constable (to villager, who
has been knocked down by passing
motor cyclist)—You didn't see tho
number, but could you swear to the
Villager—I did, but I don't think
'e 'erd me.
Why does n cat chase lier tall?
I supp.ise It. Is hecuuso a cat. being
strictly a domestic animal, wants to
make li st li   ends   meet.— Ilultlmoro
Dry  Philosophy
Men nn' wlinmin Is different, but
purty much all boys nm erllko,
it's u uilglitv hard matter for us
to see the bud points In a ililef wbo
Is willing to lend uu money, or the
good points In nn honest mnu who
Ims refused In do us a favor. Diiinan
nature Is a   weak  rascal, anyhow.
It Isn't whut a man is tluit makes
nlm happy; H's what be thinks ho is.
As wo prepare our women tn understand tbe functions of homemaklng
and our men to manage farms. Jusl
lu that degree will our nation be
able to compete with other nations.—
Mrs.  Nellie McClung, Winnipeg.
Hadn't Fallen—Yet
Muz, diid you hear Iho   Btepladder
when II. tumbled over?
No, darling.     I hopo papa didn't
Not  yet;   he's  still hanging on to
the plctuio molding.
Big Enterprise
Why don't you take a part ln poll-
I never take a part in anything replied Mr. Dnstlii Stnx. My rulp is
all or nothing.—Washington Star.
lohnny on the Spot
Johnny, said tho teacher, write a
Fentenco using the words, horBe sense.
Johnny wrote—One night pa forgot
to lock 'be slablo nnd he hasn't seen
his horso sense.—Kansas City Star.
I think I must havo been born unlucky.
What makes you say that?
Woll, for Instance, I went to a cricket match onco. There ware twenty-
two play.'rs on tho field, two umpires
and ton thousand persons looking on,
asd—the ball hit mel
The Northern Trusts Company
Tbls compnnv  acts In tbe eapaeltr n«
auu we snail be glad to lurwarU copy ot   our    uouaiei      Soineuiaj
ibout Trusts, Trustees and Trust Companies." on request
When You Buy Matches,
      Ask for     <
They have a true safety base
head,   with silent   tip.    Wil)
never explode if Stepped  oa.
Eddy's Hatches have satisfied Caa.
■disss sine* 1151—accept ne ether*
The E. B. Eddy Company, Hull, Canada
Washboards,   Wood Pails and  Tubs,
Fibre Pails and Tubs.
Good Aim
I met your father last evening and
spoke to him about our being mar.
Did he strike you favorably?
Well, not exactly favorably, but
rather accurately.—Judge.
What Is the difference between the
hark of a tree nnd tho hark of a dog?
One ls tho hark of a bough and the
other Ib the bark of a bow-wow.
Cccd Amendment
Two little girls, snys tho Boston
Olobe, wero hurrying to school in Par-
ton, Kas., fearful lest they would not
iirrive thero until arter tho last hell
und rung for the morning session.
One snld. "Let's kneel right down aud
pray tha: we won't bo tardy."
Oh, no. said thc other, let's hike on
lo sphool and- pray whllo we're blk-
Miss Playno—He once said I was a
poem, and now (sob) ho's going with
another girl.
Mr. Click—Aw, cheer up! Poems
are always being rejected.
Not so Clever
A man isn't ns smnrt as he thinks
he Is.     Any time lie manages to fool
a girl It ls because she wants to be
I have written a short story, Bald
tho amateu:' literary person.
What is tho first step to take ln
selling tt?
liny jll) worth of stamps, advised
tlio old hand at the business.
Young Gayley—I say Mr. Pills, can
you—aw—givo ine something to—aw
—brighten mo up, donoher know?
llr. Pills—You're in the wrong
place, sir.—This Is a chemist's shop,
not a night school.
Beforo you were married he said hs
would go through tiro and wator foi
you, didn't he?
I thought he did, but I think now
he must have meant firewater.—"
Houston Post.
Ikey—Fader,   what's   superfluous?
Father—Wearing    a    necktie    vea
you've git a beard, Ikey.
,    Tobacco
A highgrade chew for
those who want something better than usual.
"Empire Navy Plug" is
an exceptionally choice
chewing tobacco — rich,
tasty and lasting.
You are sure to like
"Empire Navy Plug".
Published   every   Saturday   at   Cumberland,   B.C.,   by
[slander Printing & Publishing Company.
\V. ll, Id \\ & Company, Proprietors.
W. R. Dunn, Manager.
Advertising rales published elsewhere in the paper.
Subscripti ii price $1,60 per yoar, payable in advance.
Tbe editor duos not bold   himself responsible for views expressed by
What the Editor has to say.
" If you want to realise your importance," says Robert
Burdett, "just put your finger in it bowl of water, take it out,
and look at the hole." It is said tliere is very little difference
between one man and another, but that httle is very important.
A man is said to stand on a little pedestal of his own who
makes the most of what is given him. A man who stands on
a pedestal is looked up to—is a leader, A leader is one to
whom someone looks for guidance.
When the guidance is wrong so??te one suffers; when the
guidance is right, some one is made happier—hence a leader's
responsibility. The weight of a leader's responsibility is not
determined by the prominence of his leadership. It is of little
concern to him whether he be a guide block ro receive ropes or
a driving wheel to a great engine. The important thing is
this, is lie in his own place, doing his own work, filling his own
sphere, find holding his owu post in the battle of life? It is
oae of life's certainties—the absolute dependence one upon
another. Wlmt would he the force or value of a great locomotive but for the fire thret burns unnoticed underneath the
boiler ', Whnt would he the speed of the great ocean liner but
for fche'stokers who keep up the steam pressure? The full
realisation nf dependence tind the keen consciousness of the
power of example -ere elements that are always present when
anything important is achieved.
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LI..D., D.C.I.., President
General Manager Assistant General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
Accounts may be opened at every branch of The Canadian
Bank of Commerce to be operated by mail, and will receive the
same careful attention as is given to all other departments of the
Bank's business. Money may be deposited or withdrawn in this
way as satisfactorily as by a personal visit to the Bank.       M
Agent fur Uii;
Alex Hi'iiiU" mdii. Proprietor
Estimate!, nml Designs fimilelietl
im Application
Fnr a license to tn ko and use wator
NOTICE i» herehy «iven that The
Vancouver Island Electric Railways (In.
Ltd. Victoria B C. will apply for »
license to take and use 3,000 cubic feet
per second of water out, of Campbell river
whioh flows inaReneral easterly direoti n
through utisurveyed land and empties into the sea, near Campbell River settle
ment. The water will be diverted a-
1-2 mile up stream from 1st. fall ami
will be used (or Railway and Powor
purposes on the land described as unsurveyed land about G 1-2 miles up
stream from mouth of River.
This noliee was posted nn the qrmnul
nn the 22nd. day Sept. 1912. The ap-
plication wiil be filed in the otlice of the
Wnter Recorder at Victoria.
Objection may be filed with the sai >
Water Recorder or with the Cmnptrnllor
nf Water Ri .hts, Parliament Buildings.
Victoria, B.C.
The Vancouver Island Electric Rnllways
Co. Ltd.   (Applicant)
By E. Bottom'ey (Agent)
Dency Smith
Courtenay, B.C.
Opposite Opotu lloimo
Fall Hats
Auto Bonnets
Children's Hats
Ice!   Iee!   Ice!
The Pilsener Brewing Co. ape prepared
to supply the Public with ICE.
Orders to be delivered the same day
must be in NOT LATER THAN 10 A.M.
Pilsenep Brewing Co..    Cumberland. B.C.
For a licence to take and use water.
NOTICE is hereby given that The
Vancouver Island Electric Railywaya Oo,
Ltd., Victoria B.C., will npply for a
licence to take and use 3,000 cubic feet
per second of water out of Campbell
River, which flows in a easterly direction
through unsurveyed land and empiea into the sea, near Campbell River settlement. The water will be diverted at the
head of the falls and will be uaed for
llailyway and Power purposes on the
land described as unsurveyed land about
(I mileB up river from mouth.
This iiotiie was posted on the ground
mi tho 22nd. day of Sept 1912. The application will be filed in the oflice of tin-
Water Recorder at Viotoria.
Objections may be tiled with tho said
Water Recordor or with tho Comptroller
of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings
Victoria, B.C.
The Vancouver Island Electric Railways
Cn. Ltd.    (Applicant)
By E. Bottomloy     (Agent)
Heaters! Heaters!
Our First Shipment Ims just arrived, and now on sale.   Prices
ranging from 3 fO $10
Bltinkets from $2 75 a pair up
Comforters from §1.75 each up
A   full  stock of Furniture, Beds, Springs, Mattresses, and
Linoleums always on hand.
"The Furniture Store*
McPhee Block A.  McKINNON      Cumbsrland. B.O
Real Estate Agents
TKe labour agitation going on in this town at the present
time neetls a leader with n. grent deal of perceptibility to bring
about a settlement of some kind or another, otherwise there
will be suffering that few men think of. There are men iu this
eity who huve families and have figured out their monthly
income to meet their monthly expenditure. They may have
purchased a lot in Vancouver and promised to pay $10 per
month and in say about two years expect to complete the purchase price. With ;i strike on hand they will be unable to
keep np tbeir payments and meet their current expenditure
I'or the simple reason their monthly income bus been going out
as they received it in the upkeep of their household. Another
reason why the serious situation needs a leader of far-reaching
foresight is because wo are told there are about eighty per cent,
of the men of Cumberland who are ready and would like to
return to work if there wnr only some means of settling the
unfortuuate affair that Ifascome upon us. At a time when we
were in u prosperous condition, buildings going up in all
directions, merchants reporting business good, the question is
lijw long will it last.
Strikes, whether right or wrong, always injure miners
more thun eoal owners whether they have been discharged for
good or bad reasons.       >
^axby axxb ]2$i$coe
l£oui'tciun, $. <l.
FOR SALE   Farms, Bush Lands, Lots and Bungalows.
Auction Sales of Real Property, Farm Stock, Furniture etc.
conducted on the shortest notice at reasonable terms.
SJiubfi anb iOiscoc, ltlt.il (Estate Igcnts (Drortenan, jj). l£.
Phone 10.
Centre of Town I
Prices: $200
and up.
The Island Realty Co.
i Pire. Life, Live Stock F. L. ANDERTON.
I .. Accident. Phone 22.     Courtenay, B. C.
Good Meals Comfortable Rooms
Fragrant Cigars    Choice Liquors
Courteous Treat meat.
Dunsmuir Ave. Cumberland
Offices: Comox & Courtenay.
FOR SALE      v
Agents for E. & N. Lands,
Comox Distriot.
Beadnell & Callin
11. S. Robertson, Prop.
Situated.in the Centre of the  Town, ami  First-class
in every Respect.   Meals, Rooms,  Liquors,
Cigars and Treatment always the l«wt.
Victoria, H.C.
Plume OC. 1
THOMAS' CROSSING, Oumlierlaml, H.C,
Sidney, 13 C, Plume F 36. Pliono 33
S.NAKHN© St eo.,
Head Owicb: 518, Fisguard Street,
CEALED TENDERS addieaed to the
undersigned, and endorsed "Tender fur
Wharf at Maiaett, B 0.," vill be received until 4 pm., on Tuesday, October 15,
1912, for the cnnat'uotion of a Pile
Wburf at Maiaett, (White Settlement),
Quon Charlotte Inland, Cuinox Atlin
Diatrict, B.O.
Plan, specification! and form of contract can be seen and forma obtained at
thia Department and at the i.llices of G.
B, Hull, E q., Diitrict Engineer, Prince
ltllpert, li I) , U. C. W„r»fuld, E-q. Di>-
irict E gmeer, Haw Weitminiiter, B.C.,
aid on anplicati n to the l'mtiiiuiter at
Maaaett, It C.
IVnon tendering are notified Ita' tend-
era will nut be coniidered utileaa un.de
on the printed turma aupplied, and allied with their actual aignaturea, Htntin«
fieir occupationi and piitcea of re,iilonc>.
In the caae of lirmi, the actual lignature,
ilie nut uro nf the occupation and place of
reaitlente of eitch member of the linn
muat bu given,
Ench tender mu'f bo aconmpHnod by
nn accepted chi que on a chartered bank,
payable to the ■ iiler of the Honourable
the Miiiiatnr of Public World, equal tu
ten per cent (IU p.c.) of the amount oi
the tender, which will be forfeited if the
peraoh tendering de,'linea tn enter into
HContract when called upun to dn ao, oi
fuil tn complete the work contracted for
If the tender bc not accepted the cinque
will be returned.
The Department duel nnt bind itself to
nccept the lowest ur auy tender.
Bv oni r,
Department nf Publio Worka,
O'Uwa, Septembor Ki, 1912.
Newspapers a ill nut be paid fnr thia
advertisement if they insert it witlmut
authurity frum the department.—27324'
School, Powkll Rivir
VOTICE ia hereby given thtt the
time fnr receiving tenders fnr
"Sclinol-liouae, Powell Kiver," ia extended up t<i 12 o'clock noon of Monday, 3Uth HepUtiutier, 1912.
Public Worka Engineer
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B.C., ltth September, 1912
Better known tt "Peg"
Successor 1? A. McKinnell.
Ice Cream,
Cigars and
McKinnell's Old Stand,
Dunsmuir Ave., CUMBERLAND
Wood and Coal Hauled
Barrister,   Solicitor   and
Notary Public.
................        -- - ■ ri nn mn. ijjj
Grocers & Bakers
Dealers in all kinds of Oood
Wet Ooods
Best Bread and Beer in Town
Agents for Pilsener Beer
■ .«■>..■....■...... .. ..^^ nrmi ji„, si
Decorator, Paperhanger
AU Work Promptly
... Attended to,..
Residence, Penrith Avenue
Cumberland,   B. C.
Change advertisements for
Saturday mornings issue must
be in this oHice uot later'than
10 a. m. on Thursday.
Ice Cream Sodas
Milk Shakes
Candies of all descriptions—The
Very BEST.
Fruits of all kinds—Best quality
Tobaccos of all strengths.
Cigars—The best variety of the
choicest flavors.
Cumberland k Union Waterworks Co.
Sprinkling will be allowed only two
nights* week, viz., TUESDAY and
FRIDAY, from 7 till 9 o'clock in the
Leaky taps must be attended to at
Any changes or additions to existing
piping must lie sanctioned liy the company. By Order,
L. W. Nunns, Sec
Cumberland, B.C., June 29th, 1912.
Mrs. Simma will give lessons nu the
piano at her house in Jerusalem, formerly
owned by Mr. James Stewart, at any
time by appointment, except  Tuesdays
^•■K For absolute protec-
^H tion write a Policy in
jff the LONDON AND
Liverpool, England.
TOTAL ASSETS, 826.786.93
Local Agent
For a licence to itore or pon back water
NOTICE ia hereby given that The
Vancouver Island Eleotrio Railways Cu.
Ltd, of Victoria B.C., will apply for»
licence to a'ore nr pen hack 10(1,0(10 ncre
feet acre feet of water frum Campliel
lliver, a stream flowing in a easterly di'
ectiun and emptying liito the aea, near
Campbell Riv. r settlement The wutir
will beatoied in a reiervior uf KM'OOacre
cap city, built or to be built at the I ea '
of the aecnnd falls and will he used fill
Riilway and Pinter purposed as awhnrii.
ed under a notice of application tor n
license to take and nae waiei, posted
herewith, on the land deacnbed as al1
that valley botw, en the fall and Campbell Lake, including the Campbell Lake.
This notice waa posted on the grounds
on the 22ud day of Sept. 11)12. Tlio ap
plication Will be liled in the otlice uf tbe
Wator Recorder at  Victoria.
Objectimis may bo filed with the aaid
Wver Recurder or with the Comptroller
nf Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,
Victnria, B.O.
The Vancouver Island Electric R.ilways
Oo. Ltd.   (Applicant)
By E. Boltomlc)    (Agent)
FOR SALE—Two-story house, coin
taining 9 rooms, on full sized Iut,
Cleared, fenced, and planted with fruit
trees. A bargain, Part cash ami
terms lo suit purchaser. Apply E. W,
FOH SALE—58 acres south \ nl seo-
tion 82, Nelson District, adjoining the
Minto School house. Also a Cement
Block-making machine, witli brick in
tiiclinient. The chance of a lifetime
for anyone desirous of going into the
cement bluck nml brick-iiiuking business, See BICKLE, the Real Estate
Plastering  Contractor.
Cement   Work:
Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations
COALminiiii! tiiilits of th« Dominion
in Manitoba, Sa6k«tche*an hi><1 Albertn,
tbe Kukon Territory thoN«.rili»wt Terri
birtafUndin4 portion <*f tht. Province "f
British Oi ilu m bin, nm)' bo leased font tei in
nf twin.iy-i.in- yvnn at nnftiiiiiml rental id
$1 aimum. Not inumllMii 2,600acre*
will be luaiwl to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be made by
the applicant in person lo the Agent or aub
Agent uf the district in which the rights
applied fur are situated.
Ju surveyed territory the land mint be
described by sections, or legal subdivisions
uf sections, and in unsutveyed territory
the tract applied for ahall be staked out by
tlieappliciiut hiinr,clf.
E'ichapplication must be auenmpanh'd
by a fee uf $6 which will be refund d if the
rights spplied form e not available, but not
otherwise. A royalty ahull be paid on the
merchantable mil put of the mine at the
rale of live cents per ton.
The peraon operating the mine shull
furnish the Agent with sworn returns accounting for the full quantity of meruit*
auiable coal mined and pay the royalty
'hereon. If the ooal miuiag rights are
ii' it beiug operated! such returns shall be
furnished at least unce a year.
The lease will include the coal ininiiik.
rights only, but ibe I s«eu may be permitted to purchase whatever available sur
face riglits may be considered necessary
ft r the working of the mine at the rate of
$10.00 amide.
For full information application shoulil
be made to  tho Secretary uf the Depigment uf the Intetior, Ottnwa,   or to   any
Ageut ur Sub AgtntYfD< minion LandB
l)> puij Minister of ihe Interior,
N.B- Unauthorifs d publication uf this
i.dvi'rtUFmeut wiil uoi bti paid for.
■   B.C.
Capital $6,200,000
Reserve 87,000,000
Drafts IniMd In any ourraney, payable all over tha world
highest ourrent rates allowed on depoelta of tl and upwards
CUMBERLAND, B.C., Branch-   -   -    OPEN DAI«"
D. M. Morrison,  Manager
Wm.H.Hoff,  Manager.
Kinq George Hotel
Dunsmuir    Avenue,    Cumberland,    B.C. ,
Now nml Modern, First Class in every renpool,
Fifty Hi , Il"t antl Cold Water, United
Throughout with Hut Air.
Splendid Trout Fishing ut Comox Utke two
mill's distant,    l'lniiiti'iil Scenery.
VICTOR  BONORA, -   -   -   - Proprietor ;
Sale of Lands for Unpaid Delinquent Taxes in the Comox
Assessment District, Province of British Columbia.
I  HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that on &iturdiiy, the 12th day of October, 1912, at the hour
of 11 o'clock in the forenoon, at the Court House, Cumberland, B.C., I shall sell by
Public Auction the lands hereinafter set out, of the persons in the said list hereinafter set out,
for the delinquent taxes unpaid by said persons on the 31st day ol December, 1911, and for
interest, costs, and expenses, including the cost of advertising said sale, if the total amouut
tlue is not sooner paid,  .
McPhee, Joseph, owner,..
Giant, Albert, tenant. ...
Bates, Qeoige R	
Rees, James, estate	
Miiiiiglian, II	
Lot 3 and I of Section 1 Map 275
Smith, Emily Maud	
Begg, Alexander, estate..
Begg, Alexander,' estate.
Curtis, Jnmes M	
Curtis, George aud McGregor J. 11. ...
Smith, Alexander	
Kyan D, and P W	
Bites, George R	
Mileson, Paul E. ami Widdicombe, 0
Vaughan, //J	
Stewart, F. lt	
Wilson, J. B.
Wilson, J. B..
Cumin, Fred ....
Wilson, Walter.
Sherman, R. S..
She! mull, lt. S.
Elliott, R.T	
Bull, Hosea A..:	
Holmes, Henry Knowles .
McClinton, 11 H	
Barrett, W. L	
Burraclough, Beatrice	
nn?. 18
Third St & Penrith Avenue
All kinds of hauling done
First-claes Rigs for Hire
Livery and team work promptly
attended to
Cement Blocks, Concrete
Chimney Blocks a Specialty. Samples can been
at McKean & Biscoe store,
For Estimates  and  particulars
J. Lawrence,
"Leading Tobacco King."
Better known as
Dealer ln Fruits, Candy, Cigars
, and Tobacco.
t__ Billiard Room in connection
Frasor, William J..
Cunningham, J. S..
Fraser, William J..
Miller, Hugh	
Fraser, William J..
Fraser, William J. .
Burns, Gavin H j	
Burns, Gavin II.; Cruasilile, H.;V
Spinks, J. M.) Tatlow, R, G. /
Burn-, uaviu JI	
Section 31 160 acres 	
Section 40 und 60	
hot 11 Block 4 of Sharps Addition to
Counteniiy Townsite Section 61  Map 17
20 acres of Section 70	
L"ts DO and Bl of Suhdivision of Lot 110
Map 802	
Lots 86 and 87 of Suhdivision of Lot 110
Map 392	
Lot 128 	
Ut 11 of Suhdivision of Lot 140 Map 403
Lot 289 and N. part of 229	
Nortli part of S.E J Sec 28 Tp 6 181 acres
N. part of N.E. J of Sec 22 Tp 6	
N.W. fr J of See 10 Tp 9 149 acres	
N. J ,tS.\V. \„t N.E. J of Se 31 Tp 9
S. E. J of Section 81 Tp 9	
Lot 10 except right of way of IS. & N. Ily
N.E. part of N.W. \ k S.W. part of N. E.
J of Suttiou 27 Tp 2, except 28:75 acres
Undivided J of E, J of N.W. 1 Sec 5
Undivided 1 of S. I of S.W. 4 Sec 11
Lot 1372 Savary Island	
Lot 1373 Savary Island	
Lot 26 ;	
N.E.J iot 216	
S. W. J of Section 27 Tp 7	
N.E. J of Section 2 Cortes Island	
S.E. \ of Section 40 Cortes Island	
Part 1700 sq. yards of N.E. J of Section 21
Cortes   Island   as  registered   in  Land
Registery Ollico Vol,  26, 280, 20197 c
Map 1068, being subdivision uf
part of Section 66
/.ots 11 and 19 Block B	
Lot 18 Block B :...
Lots 11, 15, 17 and 18 Block C	
Loti Block O	
bits 8 und I Block D	
Lots 1 to 10 Block E	
N. J of Section 11 Tp 2 332 acres	
6 00
15 00
1 15
7 50
9 00
26 20
36 40
29 80
56 00
100 00
32 00
2 00
4 00
3 77
89 28
85 00
32 00
3 00
5 00
3 83
8 25
9 64
2 27
. eo
2 oo
1 00
1 00
2 oo
-   "oo
1 30   " oo
2 90   "oo
1 60  " oo
2 80
1 68
6 83
21 2.1
5 40
10 80
1 .'9
1 86
11 4.
6 12
2 9.,
12 12
20 1)0
41 UO
83 bU
6C 8J
109 07
36 06
8 10
4 10
Cookson, C. M.
Cookson, C, M.
McVittie, Alexander W  	
Tunniclitlc, Rachel Mrs	
Junsou, Win and Meyers, Mrs. II.
McVittie, Alexander W..
Augrin, Cliarles W	
Begg, Alexander, estitto.,
•lensiiu, Wm, and Meyer,
Smith, M. It, and Co...,.
//uni, Eli	
Cookson, 0, M	
Waller, T	
Murray, J. S	
Murray,.I. S 	
Stevens, William A	
Scott, John lt	
Neil, /Hun W	
Mrs. H. M-
Vinceut, W. W..
Ellis, William....
Hilton, Petor.	
Dominion Trust Co..
Tynjala, John	
Dominion Trust Co.,
Elwooil, John	
Anderson, lohn	
Michuelson, John ...
S.E. j and S, ptof N.E. J Sec 19 Tp 2	
S. _ .Section '.'8 Tp 2 103 acres	
Subdivision of S W. J of Section Su Tp 6
Luis 4 and li Hlock 21	
Lot 2 Hindi 27	
Map 7' 0, Being pnrt of Sec 8n & 81 Tp 6
Lots 3, 6, X, 10, 12, 14 and 16 Block 5..
"    13, 14, lu ami 16, B'ock «	
"    1 and 8 Block 7	
"    1 and 8 Blocks 	
"    5, 7, 9, II, 18, 18, 16, Blnck 8	
"    1 to 10 Blook 14 	
"    II to 10, Block II	
"   13 anl l.i, Block 16	
"    16, Block 18	
"    2, Block 21	
"    4 ami 0, Block 21	
"   1, 2, il nnd 6, Block 28	
W, part of S li. | of section 20 tp II	
W. fl', 11 if N. E. J l if seetii ui Jll I p II	
li. kof N.W. J of .V.W.J iif section 21 tp 11
N.W. | of N.W. J ni .V.W.J of sec 21 tpll
S.W. I of N.W. J ol S.W. 1 of sec 21 tp 11
Lot 114	
South part of Lot. In8	
Suiiitnla Townsite, Map 816
li. half of Block 2U	
S.W, quarter of blook 28	
N.E. quarter of block 68  	
S.W. quart.ir of block 78	
Block ltlflaand 109b	
W. quarter of hlock 121	
Block 181 	
2 00
2 50
68 12
80 00
10 00
1 75
1 25
2 00
22 40
13 00
6 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
2 20
1 00
2 50
3 40
20   " oo   6 20
18   " oa    6 m
4 46
4 42
' 00
" 00
' 00
2 oo
1 oo
'   00
" 00
" 00
" oo
" 00
'• oo
" oo
" 00
" o,
" m
2 oo
" 00
" OO
" 00
" 00
" 00
1 00
" 00
91 74
94 Hit
31 oo
i 11
7 -ii
8 18
2 05
I 6J
8 l'l
1 *»
2 ifl
8 63
67 77
33 5
12 60
I 1)7
I ^3
2 8.1
3 I •
1 28
I 28
3 83
3 31
1 79
1 28
1 65
1 27
1 58
3 IO
26 62
16 OA
8 30
6 20
6 20
6 20
4 30
I 3!
1 38
2 tft
I 32
1 09
2 0.'.
i r,a
8 62
Dated at Cumberland, B.C., 8rd September, 1912. _.  .
John Baird,
Deputy Assessor, Cbmox Assessment District, Cumberland, B.C. THE   ISLANDER,   CUMBERLAND,   B. C.
Sweet Lavender
••.vender Is as old aa tbe bills. It
yas called by the Humans lavandula.
Mil ths lignteenth century laveuder
water was the   favorite   perfume   of
fashionaiile  a<li<'s; but tlirMi H niodn ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
changed      Chemically-prepared scent] a  largo degree,  Lhe heavy frosts ot
Henry Serensen, of Alberta, Advocates
Strawburning Plan
The value of   »:raw   to   Canadian
'anners nn i\ moans of preventing, to
imported irom the Continent becatn
the crazj, ami the s\viset lavender*
water la-led almost into oblivion, being manufactured only in country cottages.
Soon alter Queen Victoria came to
the thronp a lady who still cultivated
Ue plant and mado thp ne*fum»,
wrolo to her Majesty, ashing If sho
would use her powerful iniiuOlluQ io
restore this olo Knglish scent to popularity, und the Queen acquiesced.
Oil of lavender is obtained by distill*
Ing tbi1 Mowers with water, aud laven-
iler-wtiter U a solutjon of oil of lavender lu spirit nlong with otto of roses,
bonuunot, cloves, rosemary, ami oilier
Ingreiltents, which, after standing for
BOIUQ time, 's strained and mixed with
the spring, hus not. yet beeu fully
realized, uud lu this respect the views
of Henry Sorenseti. of the executive
board of ihe United Farmers' of Alberta association, are very Interesting, lu an Interview with a Telegram representative, he gave it as
his opinion that the burning of straw
which at. present Is generally regarded as so much waste, would do much
tj lessen if not altogether stop, severe frosts. He has personally seen
the expH'imeni tried, he stated, and
the resuh was thoroughly satisfactory.
He pointed out, however, that in this
undertaking as in so many others,
co-operation is necessary, The methods adopted nre by burning straw,
and thereby causing a pall of smoke
ft certain proporL1 ll of distilled water. | tattling ovor the soil to prevent, frost.
But a gnat quantity of the Inferior  setting in.      It  is well known that
kinds ot  lavender-water contains not   frost  enn  only  take  place  when  the' nnd was tired
vhe slightest suspicion of lavender, Its  atmosphere is vienr, and where mols- -—
placo being supplied by   a   chemical   ture In .".ry shape or form is In the
compound chiefly made from coal tar.   nlr,  the soli  la absolutely  safe  from
 — lfH elfeclb,      It must not, however, he
Making dull pupils bright bv means j supposed that the burning of straw lu
tf electricity may be tried In the«New scattered localities wilt have th* dc-
York schools this Pall. The plan is j hjreri effec!. It has beep proven con-
eald to have worked satisfactorily at cluslvely that only where farmers co-
Btockholm. But will not parents be operate, . ud hy this means having a
justified if they resent any such OX- rule area under smoke can any ben-
|>eri mental on with their children?! rt)l accrue, Where this Is done.
Btill, as a host of mechanical opera- tanners need only flre a portion of
lions are now. done by electricity, od-j thoir straw, and  thus have  iu  hand
Quarter and the Sack
Now, said the decorator to his
brand-new apprentice, you have finished your work for the week. But
if you'll aa;" and mind the shop for
a minute, whilst I go out, I'll give you
un extra quarter. Mind you don't
forget any messages or orders antl be
sure you clearly understand them.
The apprentice declared that he
clearly understood his master.
Twenty minutes later tho master
came hack, and demanded if anybody
had come in.
Ves, assented the apprentice. Nobody's been in except somebody as
wanted somebody to go somewhere
sometime to do something. But 1
told lilm in no time as on Saturday
afternoons there warn't not nobody
nowhere to do nothing nohow. He
said in that case he refused your acceptance of the job, he's not giving
you, 'oause he makes nothing of anyone who does anything anyhow, and
never gets nothing done when never
The  apprentice  got  the  quarter-:
ucatlon Is properly enough In line for, fnr future use a plentiful supply
electrification, Experiments on similar lines were
m—■  ■ —-   carried out In Canada some vears ago,
REST AID HEALTH TO HOTHWAND Mill,    j J'"1 "tey proved highly satisfactory.
 ' It   now only  remains  for farmers  to
co-opera tt in this matter, and- not
only woil'.d they, by doing so, rentier
themselves a groat service, but the
Dominion will receive a great benellt
in that *housands of dollars worth of
wheat will have been saved from
Uim.Wuil,. W,   SOOTHING SVKUP lit*   btfV
U the Unit r-:.,t'\v for DIARKIKHA, It ll hH-
ItoUitely hinutc-!!'. lie wnrt irjil «ik for "Mr*,
wtfttlow't iMetlilng Syrup," and uki ma MM
kind.   Twvaty-tive centa a boUlt.
Voung men placed in positions as
^Telegraphers, Freight and Ticket
Clerks just as fast as we can prepare
them. Railway Ofllcials endorse our
JWystem because our instruction is
iFpecialiy prepared. Day aud Mail
'Courses. Write for Free Book 10,
.Dominion School Railroading, Toronto.
Yes, I onco travelled all over the
Country with a troupe of trained dogs.
Didn't you Ilnd them ditlicult to
I used to think thoy wore hard to
Snanage, but I've changed my mind
Fince I'va been managing a troupe of
operatic stars.
What  has   become  of  the  good  old
In which the vlllian exclaims, Hist!
And tries    to smugglo   the   choe-ihi,
And the  hero comes in and  slaps
his wrist?
Post.—Why did you dismiss your
Elorinus took?
Parker—It.   wns the   only   way   to
get our guests to go home.—Lippin-
11 Murphy Agreed
For threo solid  hours   the captain
fcad   been   lecturing  his  men  <;..
duties  of a soldier,  and  he thought
It was time to see how much they had
Understood of hi3 discourse.
Casting his eyes round the room,
he fixed on Private -Murphy as his
first victim.
Why -hould a man fight for his
Private Murphy scratched his hoad
Cor a moment, and then a smile of
euiightiiH'iit crossed his face.
Sure, captain, ho said pleasantly,
you're quite right.     Why should he?
Adv; :n fco Expectant Mothers
Department of Agriculture Advise
Farmers to Increase Their Stock
Saskatchewan will have a heavy
crop of coarse grains and roughage
this fall. Fays a press bulletin issued
by Iho Department, of Agriculture at
Regina. Sask. What are we going to
do with it? The greatest authorities in the livestock world today agree
that the beef shortage Is serious.
This shortage Is Increasing, not only
In Cnnada, but throughout the whole
continent of North America. The
average nrice of beef cattle ut Winnipeg for the year ending August 1st,
has been over 5 1-4 cents per pound.
What belter indication have we of a
steady fin ure demand. No elaborate
stabling is needed for the work. Cattle
will thrive in straw covered sheds,
will clean up tho stubble, will utilize
wughag" and convert It into a profitable product. Stock cattle are
scarce and will be scarcer after November 1st. Koop your calves and
young stock, especially females, for
you cannot replace them. Buy a
few feeders for this winter. Where
possible select big, smooth growthy
animals with large heart girth and
heavy hind quarters, and do It now.
Collie Tramped   Fifty  Miles to Guide
His Mongrel Chum
Every now and then someone with
a eaiiino pet comes out with a story
about its Intelligence, and out of the
lot a few are worth retailing. One
Mich incident Is told by a Uermaa-
town man,
llis family possesses a fine Scotch
collie, which has all the Intelligence
whieh mirks iho good ones of his
kind. The family also has undertaken since spring to harbor a stray
dog thai belongs to no particular
breed, and is "just dog." Of course,
thoy are not very proud of lhis uninvited gueiit and have never paid much
attention to hiin.
When the family wont away for the
summer they took the collie to their
country home, which is about fifty
miles from tho city, and left the mongrel behind, after arran
after th
they were worried and also surprised
tc realize lhat the collie was missing.
Ha imd spent the other summers at
1,1(1 I
way aboul  as  well as  ihe children,
the' folks thought
Education"! Triumph
Eddlcatlon, remarked Weary Willie
to his brother tramp, as they lay by
tbe sido of a dusty hedge—eddication
is rot. And he emphasized his remarks by uprooting an inoffensive
I—I ain't so sure, replied the other.
I 'ave a hidea tbat we couldn't get
hon without it.
Bah: was the the terse reply. T
never got nothing hout of goin' to
Dare say you didn't, answered W,
W. No. 2. But perhaps you didn't
go about  It bin tlV» right  Bpirit?
Well, what did you get hout of it?
What did I get? Two coats, four
hats, a stick, and eight umbrellas.
Indication no good?     Rot!
An Oil That is Famous.—Though
Canada was not the birthplace of
Dr. Thomas* Electric Oil it is the
home of the famous compound.
From here its good name was spread
fo Central anti South America, the
West Indies, Australia and New Zealand. That, is far afield enough to
test its excellence, for iu all these
countiies 1* is on sale and in demand.
Cause and Effect
Travelling in the wild and wolly-
West, a gentleman entered a small
township In order that he might make
the purchase of a watch and chain.
The shopkeeper was very pleased
to oblige, hut as he wrapped up tho
articles purchased he included with
them a fearsome-looking revolver of
very respectable dfmenslons.
I say, observed the astonished traveller, what are you doing? I didn't
offer to buy a revolver.
The watchmaker, puzzled in turn,
and thinking his customer must have
lost, his sense and reason, replied:
But you have bought, a gold watch.
If you are going to keep It in these
parts, you'll want the gun, too!
I bought a horse with a supposedly
incurable   ringbone   for   $30.    Cured jjj
him with $1.00 worth of MINARD'S
MNIMENT and sold him for $85.00.
Profit on Liniment, $54.00.
Hotel Keeper, St. Philllppe, Que.
Too Frail to Latt
So you've broken off your engagement  with  Miss Smarte?  asked  the
inquisitive friend,
iiis victim shook his head.
No, he replied; I didn't break it off.
Oh, then she broke it off?
No, answered the young man,   enjoying  his  friend's  growing  wonder.
But It is broken off, isn't It? persisted the curious one.
Oh, yes!  explained the young man
, gently     She told me what her dress-
tig  witb  aj tnaker's''Voarly bill was, and I told her
to teed  him,      Some days t what my income was.     Then our en-
had nettled'in the country j gagement gently dissolved.
No child should bo allowed to nnt-
,„,, „l(OUI   llMJ ,,,,,,.,   B „„-,„ |11#   fer an hour from worms when prompt
ilaee and should have known"his ! rplI*,f cau 1,tJ'sot   *n   a   simple   but
strong     remedy—Mother
Worm   Exterminator.
The   ffiustoratiion   shows   one
many styles of body that we build for
our Light OeMveiry Car.
221* H. P.
4 Cylinder
4 Cycle
; Cooled
, Motor
Price of Car with above body lettered as you  requite $1300.00
f. o. b. Clinton.    Get Catalogue and information from
Public Baths
Motherly Hostess—Our modest establishment has ouly ono bathroom,
so we all havo to arrange when to
tnko our turn. What timo would you
liko to havo your hath?
Nervous Youth (who means well)—
Oh, your tinrj is mine, Mrs.  Brown.
A careful Boareh about lhe country
diil   not disclose  the collie,  so afterI Omniscience
about a week the family guve ii|i all Four-yirr-old Harry was spending
ideu 'if finding him, II wus at this llm day wllli Ills aunt. Dinner was
dramatic time thai be mado his re- late and the child began to grow reBt-
ippenrnncp, and with blm   wuh   the loss
The i tperienceof Motherhood is a try-
Ingom to most women and marks distinctly :i epoch in tlieir lives. Not. one
v.i.ijj: : i a hundred is prepared or un
•iernU.    ' h. I V) properly care lor her , 	
tieif.    .. f courM nearly every woman mongrel lhal bad been lift behin. asl    Aunty,  he  said   dually,  does  God
nowadays  hu  medical treatment at lacking class for the resort whore hln   knew everything?      ^^^^^^
•iucIi  i . ies,  but many  approach thej owners stay.     Roth docs were fairly |     Ves. d«ir. answered his aunt.
experience with an organism unfitted   ' '
for the trisl of strength, and when it
Ks ever hcr*. ystem ban received a shock
from which it ifl hard to recover. Following right upon this comes Uio ner-
voti* strain of cju-ing fer thfl child, and
miistinct change in the mother roeults.
There is nothing more charming than
ft happy and healthy mother of children,
ond indeed child-birth under tiie right
conditions n*ei be no hazard to health or
beauty. The unexalainable thing is that,
with all th» e-ridenee of shattered nerves
and broken health resulting from an un-
jsrepared condition, and with ample timo
in which to prepare, women will persist
in going blindly to thc trial.
Every woman at this time should rely
upon Lydia E.Pinkham'fl Vegetable Compound, a most valuable tonic and invig-
orator ef the female organism.
lm many homes
onoo childless there
are new children because of the fact
Bat Lydia E. Pink-
turn's Vegetable
Cumpaund rnakea
■■*!■>man normal,
j.jjthy aad Strang.
If yom want special advice write to
Lydia fi. Hnkham Medicine Co. (confl-
tiaini*)) Iijran, lass. Tour letter wlll
lb* opeae4, read aid answered liy a
mnuaaa and held ia strict coulldeuce.
... mil from privation and disreputable I    Kvery Httle thing? he persisted.
looking •!"in   their   days   spent   as      Yes, every llttlo thlni;, was tho ro-
tmnip^. bul the collie showed such uu-] ply.
mlstaknble    satisfaction    at    having!     Well,  ihen, he  snld   In  a  tone  of
leiehed I,Is playfellow, iiiiiI thus rlghl
eil an oversight, that bolh iIoks ware
given the same careful RionminK and
fi edlng 'o Improve their condition,
i on
vjction. Qod knows I'm hungry,
Ryes of black, of brown, of blue,
Ob. I've suffered long for you;
r.yes of blue, or brown, of blaek.
Eves—with hooks adown the back!
Lawyer fto witness)—TMd you say
that an Incompetent man could keep
a hotel .fust as well ns anybody?
Witness—No, T said an Inn-experienced man could.—The Hotel Guide.
t.ndy of the House—What caused
you to become a trump?
Ragged Rogers—The family physician, mum. Ho advised mo to tako
lone walks afler my meals, an' I've
been walking after 'em ever sinco.
I thought your fallier looked very
handsome with his gray hair.
Ves, dear old chap, 1 gave him
Woman—I'vo lost a llttlo boy, policeman.
Hobby-What's he like?
Woman (displaying a patch)—Well
he's a patch on his trousers liko this.
Well Stated
You don't avoid hot weather by going away from home.
No, replied Miss Cayenne, but It's
better to ho among strangers, where
the formalities prevent giving way to
the Irritations of climate.
Prosecuting Attorney—Your honor,
tho bull pup has gone nml chawed up
thn court lilble.
Judge—Well, mako tho witness kiss
the bull pup, then. Wo can't adjourn court for a week just to hunt
up a new  lilble.
Minard's  Liniment Cures  Diphtheria,
  She Is very liberal In her charities,
,.,.      ..    ,,    , a       , ,, ,     1 said one woman.
When the linoleum or Aooroloth has |     Yes, answered the   other,   liberal,
be.n washed and   thoroughly   dried,, b„t    't    , practical.      For  In-
iniiko a little starch liiaplnt^bmiln | 6,anco  g,i() w'ant",  t0    60n(,    u|arm
clocks to Africa to aid sufferers from
with boiling wnter and rub lightly
ovor with a clean clolh. It, will dry
very brUhtly, without any further
rubbing or polishing, anil has tlm advantage of being glossy without bell g slippery.
Claire—.Tack lold me he wanted to
see vou ln the worst possible way.
Ethyl—And what, did you say?
Claire—I told him to como to
breakfast some morning.
** ...
W. N. U. 813
Canned   Peaches or  Pears
Cut the fruit in halves and romovo
the ston-s or enro,      For each quart
jar allow two cups of sugar and one
, cup of water.      lf the fruit is ripe
I and swe.it. less sugar may be used.
I One cup of sugar for each quart can
i (f fruit Is used when the fruit Is not
very acid.
Peaches are successfully peeled hy
dipping them In boiling hot wnter for
a few immitos. The skin wlll slip
off as easily as from a tomato, when,
treated n a similar manner.—Woman's World.
lt ls a good plan to sprinkle saw-
, mist evenly on lhe Iloor hefore lay-
In glvlug medicine in liquid form to, ing down   oilcloth.       The    sawdust
a baby, place the point of the spoon  makes a soft foundation for the oll-
contalnlng lhe medicine  ngainst the   ,.],„],  to llo on. and  it prolongs  Its
roof  of  tho  mouth.      Administered | wear.     For a damp floor it is spec
In this way It will be impossible for
tho child to choke or eject the medicine.
It ls not generally knlwn that oil-
marks or marks where people have
rested their heads can be taken from
the paper on walls by mixing pipeclay
with water to a consistency ot cream,
laying It on the spot, and letting It
remain till the following day, when It
may bo easily remfved with a penknife or brush.
A Wise Precaution
The day before sho was to bo married, the old negro servant came to
her mist/ess and entrusted her savings In hcr keeping. Why should
1 keep It; I thought you were going
to he married, Baid her mistress.
Ho 1 ls, MIssub, but do you sposo
I'd keep all dls money In tho houso
wid that ttrange Bigger..
iii lly recommended.
'"<tuilti.a *U"S,,-;.!
tho    sleaplng    BickueBS.
Doctor—I see what tho matter ls.
It's dyspepsia. All you havo to do
Is to laugh heartily beforo and after
each meal.
Mrs. Blnk—Impossible. 1 cook
them myself and wash the dishes.
He Had no Choice
Qne must learn to sympathize with
domestic frailties. I was rebuking
r. man the other day for backing up
his wife in what was not only an absurd story, but one ln which I could
Bee he had no belief.
You sbouid really be more careful,
I snld, and I tell you candidly I .don't
believo a word of your wife's Btory.
You may do ns you like, he said,
mournfully, but I've got to.
Ah, Yes, Too Truo
I can't understand   why  you wish
to lavish your affoctlon on a dog. Why
don't you adopt a child?
Oh, I should bo afraid to become
fond of a child. If lt should die one
couldn't havo lt stuffed and put la
1 comer of the library, you know.
Vicar— Tho most wonderful organ
I ever saw was tlio property of-a private gentleman, It hud nearly i
hundred htopB.
Sexton—Um! The most remark,
able organ I ever heard la my old
woman's tongue. lt aiu't got na
stops at all.
Dad! ■   'W   '
What Is a buttress?
A buttroBB Is—ei—why,—a nanny-
goat, of course, Don't aBk bo mauy
Dentist—Wrltcley, the novelist, was
In this mornlug and had a tooth
Friend—Ah! An extract from a popular author, as lt were.
Ho—It'a quite true that there ara
microbes tn kisses.
She—Oh, the sweet little darlings I
A floating dry-dock with a lifting
capacity of 30,000 tonB has been built
for tho BritlBh Admiralty.
Chance for Heroism
Adorer (anxiously)—What did your
father say?
Sweet Olrl—Oh, he got so angry
I was afraid to stay and listen.    He's
In a perfectly terrible rage.,    Oo in
J and appease hla..
15o a Tin.
Doi'» Mttaa fool joa wllh . shut l.ltalloa
I1UP tl tk. OBIOnUL ul BIST HUD.
ara most at eaaa when (owned In moderately clinging skirts. But tn connection with skirts the latest sensational model In tailor mades la the
"Jupe pantalon," or pantaloon skirt
This recent Parisian caprice has little
ln common with the erstwhile harem
close gatherings at the waist line, confined by small buckles similar to those
used on a man's trousers. Al each side
of the skirt Is a pocket, and to complete the resemblance tb masculine attire braces fastened by buttons back
and front hold up the skirt
This costume, needless to say, wtll
be adopted only by girls who go In for
extremes In dress. And the wearer of
the "Jupe pantalon." when sitting
around at her club, smoking cigarettes.
look at flrst sight Uke e man tn
shirt sleeves.
THERE are two styles predicted
for fall, a revival of the dlrectolre types snd ths pannier
modes — not, however, the
pannier of olden times, bul the new
pannier of 1912, which Is a strain^;
rendering of the original Idea, in many
Instances It looks only Uke an over-
eklrt that Is turned over and fastened
down around the hem—an Inverted
bag, as It hus been called.
Women huve been so devoted to the
long, slim line that, as a rule, they do
not welcome with any  degree of en
thusiasm the Idea of being, made to
look like bolsters with strings around
the middle which undoubtedly Is the
silhouette presented by the ultra pannier skirt of today
"Give us long, straight lines for our
tailor mades and we'll submit to drapery and hip effects for our less formal
costumes," suld a woman recently
when Interview tnu her dressmuker
about the ordering of "a few fall
_ Thla opinion will be echoed by the
majority of women, who look best and
skirt of fame except that the harem l With this garment ts worn a shirt of
had the bottom of the skirt, while the' white percale, perfectly flat and plain,
"Jup4 pantalon" gives us the top of j with long sleeves, wristlets and a high,
the same garment. This latest devel-| stitT collar—tn tact a man's shirt In all
opment Is a skirt with a series of little' Its unadorned severity.
There ts, however. ■ mannish shirt
that is going to figure this fall conspicuously in the wardrobe of every
well dressed woman. This shirt is
mostly made of white satin and, as I
said. Is extremely mannish In cut, after the masculine dlrectolre standard.
]t shows the long shoulder line, long
sleeves and a deeply opening Robespierre collar finished with plaited
frills In many cases quantities of
buttons are used to outline trimming
edges on this new model.
A delightful shirt of this character Is
built of psle gray satin with scarlet
pipings   around   the   cuffs,   dowo   Uie
front and about tht slanting armholss.
Tiny scarlet satin buttons set close to-t
gether follow the line of pipings.!
White ssttn shirts have small crystal1
buttons, and s fascinating trick played;
by this new shirt is the opening for*
three or four buttons below the Robe*
splerre collar, a shirred tucker of flesh
colored chiffon being worn In the open-
' ing This gives the waist sn unusual
uppearance until one discovers lhat
the effect is "faked."
To come hack to skirts once more,'
there ts every reason to believe that',
plaits wtll be introduced in the'
straight, narrow tailor mude models.;
Some of the plait;* appear In a panel
arrangement st the side and others as
a hack finish, but ln every instance
they are pressed or stitched very flati
and the skirt does not measure more
than two and a half yards about the
bottom. For dressier costumes the accordion plaited Jupe Is seen evon now'
on Imported frocks and ln Uw new
guise Is scant umi altnglng. Then there
Is tho plaited underskirt, almost a ruffle effect at the bottom of a skirt, auy
about two feet deep, with a pannter or
tunic drapery at the top, that is a very
favorite style Just now and is a par-
tlculnrly good model for silk and thin1
One of the newest fashions for late1
summer and early fall combines three'
or more materials In a gown and al-'
ways two or more colors. The lingerie'
frock seen In the Illustration, with its
dark taffeta cont, is an exnmple of contrasts in fabrics, while the blue serge
Illustrated Is a study ln color effects.
Very simple In line Is this coat of
green and gold taffeta worn above a
frock of cream net The coat ls almost
a straight tunic, wtth Magyar sleeves
cut In one with the garment hut the
exaggerated collar and cuffs ln rich
cluny lace lend It much distinction.;
Rows of tiny green glass buttons are
set on the lace as an extra trimming!
touch, This ls a French creation andj
accompanies a lovely lingerie frock of'
net and lace. The skirt only appear!
ln the cut
The colonfnl colors, navy blue ani
buff, are represented in the dainty little autumn traveling suit of navy blus
serge designed for a September bride..
The coat is gracefully cut and the
walking skirt Is short enough to reveal
buttoned boots of dull calf.
Among the Illustrations is to ba
found a type of the dlrectolre costumes
that are promised for fall. As you see,
lt Is the masculine rather than the
feminine dress of the dlrectolre period
that has Inspired autumn fashions.;
This suit Is of white broadcloth, and-
the dlrectolre coat is worn with a belt,
of empire green leather. Embroidered;
white silk gloves meet the slashed'
IpHERR are girls who always appear
to get more Invitations than they
can accept and who are asked to the
same houses over and over again, while
other fair ones. Just as charming and
'delightful to all outward view, never
by any chance receive second Invitations.
The popular visitor Is a tactful In
dividual who has the knack of so merging her Individuality fti that of the
family of which she la a temporary
member that she scarcely seems a visitor, yet she never mukes the terrible
mistake of usurping family privileges
She is not late for breakfast or any
other meul. She does not give orders
to servants or in any way attempt to
change the household routine
When she is asked where she would
like to go or whnt she would like to do
she answers frankly There is nothing
more irritating thun the "Oh. 1 don'l
care In the least!" or "Whatever you
like" reply The desirable visitor exercises her tact, however, in this as in
all other tilings and takes care not to
suggest fatiguing excursions to a hostess less youthfully active than herself
or force a host perhiipB nol too well
dowered with this world's goods into
needless expense If you desire to tie
a pleasing visitor don't he too ener*
getlcally hent on "helping." If you keep
your eyes open tt will soon become evident if there are small services you can
render any member of the household
Rut the girl who insists on cooking
some particular dish or "doing Die
flowers"—>ln both cases requiring half
ah hour's nltendnnce getting her properties together— is un unmitigated nuisance.
Don'l monopolize your host's special
chair or use hln writing table wlthoul
his direct suggestion Don't litter the
living rooms with your possessions nr
leave your own room untidy Don't.
Just bemuse you are visiting, sit down
and expect to tie entertained all dnv
Ions Arrange to ao walking or "write
letters" In your bedroom for un hour
or two a day
Remembefng these things, you als<
wlll be of the visitors whose visits, un
like those of angels, are not tew ami
fur between.
 >•!••• ••••#tt«t«
'PUE new scarf arrangements are
really so elaborate thut they he-
come part ot the bodice trimming.
This Idea Is carried out on the gown
seen In the Illustration The long drapery of black  silk  netting is studded
' Worth Remembering
fFO cultivate laughter A good laugh
Is better thun medicine, as a rule
To always keep your troubles to your-
self Most people are tod busy to tie
bothered with or interested in your
If possible, to learn how to tell a good
itory and in this way amuse and entertain others
To always trv to look on the bright
llde of life See the good in people
■nd things and overlook the bad We
can always And something that is
good, even If st first everything seems
utterly bad
tf you sre suffering, to try to hldj>
four aches and pains under a hright
nnd cheerful countenance, and. If possible, a sunny smile and a hearty laugh.
|t wlll help you as much aa those
tround you.
That a good humored man or woman
tt always welcome, but * doleful one If
■•vsr wanted, 	
wtth gold heads, and the length or tis
sue is wrapped flrst about tiie bodice
in zouave fashion and then brought
from the buck and t w ist ed over Uie
arms, where the lung ends hang gracefully Such "a scarf is adapted to a
treat mauy different treatments, all as
effective aa the one pi (.'lured
New Christening Gift
rjIFTS for babies ure ao often silver
cups and silver rattles that a nice
gift and st the saute time a useful one.
Is a relief to find However, it really
Is to be had in « hox which holds six
little pairs of baby shoes and two little
pairs of silk socks, wtth one pair of
knitted bootees These nre arranged
in » box which opens with s drawer
The little shoes are pink, blue and
white, and two pairs ure shoes, two
pairs are soft ktd moccasins and two
pairs are little slippers, so thut the
baby Is provided fur llierally at "everv
step of the way" Three little satin
sachets are also ln the boa, aad the
sntirs get may be had for SIX
TP vegetables not quite fresh are
brought Into the kitchen there is
no hope of ever restoring them to first
class condition. Even good vegetables
wtll not be at their very best it not
properly cared for after they have been
Most housewives think that washing
vegetables with water ts the last word
In carefulness So It Is If the water Ib
above suspicion, but when water is not
considered safe for drinking It should
be boiled as well for washing vegetables as tt should ba for family consumption.
As to the best way of washing vegetables, a few cautions will not come
amiss. Some people never eat espara'
gus st table unless It has been prepared by some one who ts careful, as
they do not enjoy biting on sand The
cleaning of this vegetable requires
conscience as well as time
The bunch should be placed, heads
down. In water for some hours and
should be shaken buck and forth to
dislodge the particles of earth.
Spinach Is another vegetable which'
requires the very best attention in the
cleaning line to free it from grit After the roots have been cut off It should
he washed In s number of waters aud
lifted out of the pun each time In loose
handfiiis before ths wuter has been
drained off.
Celery and lettuce nnd other snind
plants, eaten raw, must be washed
With especial care They should he
searched wiiii particular care, leaf by
leaf, for Insects, washed in several wa*
ters and then wiped dry with a clean
cloth and put In a culd plnce to become
crisp Otherwise theae vegetables are
not wortii eating.
Butterfly Effects
TMI ERE Is at present a craze for but-
A terfly effects The design flutters
on parasol tops, on smart veilings and
ls worked In wonderful iridescent effects on the new trimmings
The winged favorite is used also aa
shoe buckles, brooches, coiffure ornaments, snd beautiful designs are seen;
In enamels snd email diamonds Black*
satin and velvet butterfly bows edged'
with brilliants or colored stones ara1
lovely The material Is slipped Into a'
frame, snd thus any color can be added;
to tbe diamond's rimmed bow.
M       IN   THE   CULINARY   WORLD       m
Grapefruit Cocktail,
QUT a chilled grapefruit in halves.
With s sharp, thtn knife remove
the seeds and cut out ench section of
fruit Serve the pulp with the lutce tn
dainty glasses Two tablespoonfuls of
sugar and one tablespoonful of sherry
may be added to each glass or either
or both may be omitted Another
method Is to tak- irrapefrult Juice or
lemon and orange iii equal proportions.
It ls then sweetened to taste, flavored
with maraschino and diluted Just before serving with charged water and
put in tall glasses with some of the
grapefruit pulp and e maraschino
Refreshing Beverages.
Any fresh fruit makes a delicious
drink at this time of the yenr when the
juice squeezed from It Is strained,
sweetened and filled with cold soda or
aerated water. Or e sirup ran be made
to be kept on hand by boiling the Juice
wtth sugar To make the drinks use
a few spoonfuls of this sirup and fill
the glass with wuter, plum or carbonated The most delicious lemonade
or limeade can be hsd at a moment's
notice if the Juice of the fruit be kept
on hand snd mixed with sugar to taste.
It Is simplicity itself to pour water over
this, and the drink Is ready.
Spiced Red Cabbage.
Shave e medium sized head of red
cabbage and soak for half an hour tn
cold water, then drain ss dry as possible In a saucepan melt one heaping
tablespoonful of butter and one tablespoonful of sugar, one teaspoonful of
salt, one-quarter teaspoonful of pepper,
six whole cloves and one-half cupful of
good vinegar Add the drained cabbage, eover und cook slowly, then simmer gently tor fully an hour and a
Light Corn Bread.
In the ewning put in a mixing bowl
one pint of tine cornmeul, s scant teaspoonful   of   salt,   s   tahlespoonfiil   of
sugar and, a large tablespoonful off
shortening, either lard or lard snd butter mixed. Pour over Just enough boiling wster from the kettle to moisten,
thoroughly and no mora Covet closely end leave for the night Next morning add two or three wel) beaten eggs
(according to the season), s half cupful of milk, one pint ot sifted flour an4).
as much more milk tt Is necessary tor.
make a thin drop batter. Pour Into ai
well greased shallow pan and bake
twenty-five minutes tn a hot oven.
Boston Baked Chicken,
A chicken Is out up as for fricassee.'
and to euch pound of the meat allow
two tablespoonfuls of flour, one scant;
half teaspoonful of salt and s dust of,
pepper Mix thoroughly and roll each'
piece of the chicken in the mixture.;
Pack c'osely In a large bean pot andj
cover with boiling water Baks for
three hours and s half Cover after ten
or fifteen minutes, hut not before It
bolls Serve In the dish lu wblcb It Is
Sure Cure For Dandruff
1 >OUR over one heaping tablespoon
fill of sulphur one quart boiling
water Keep in an air tight vessel for
twenty-four hours, then drain off the
clear portion, Rub Into the scalp every night until the dandruff disappears.
While treating the scalp for dandruff
It Is advisable that one be very careful
about the shampoo The following
liquid Is excellent for this purpose.
leaving the scalp beautifully clean nnd
the hair us fluffy as one could wish:
Real the yolk of one egg Into one pint
hot rainwater and add one ounce rosemary spirits Beat the mixture well
und use it warm, rubbing It well Into
the scalp and over tho hair Rinse in
several waters and sit In the sun uutll
the hair Is dry.
A  Dainty Collar
rpo wear with colored linen dresses s
sailor collar of sheerest mull le
most effective
It requires a half ynrd of material
After cutting the collar out finish the
edge with an Inch wide frill of finely
plaited net
Cuffs to match may be made with
rounded or square corners und edged
with plaited net
If s touch of color Is desired a row
of featherstltching where the net Is
joined ts ths collar supplies It
HMlE very latest st the seashore ts the i
ocean tea party The very original
Idea of entertaining friends In this j
unique fashion whs conceived by Miss,
Charlotte Van Courtland Nlcoll, a New
York society girl, niece of De Lancey
Nlcoll, the famous lawyer i
Miss Nlcoll, who is spending the!
summer nt Long Reach. N Y., Is sn
accomplished swimmer Finding that
this fascinating sport increased her
appetite to Mich sn extent white ln the
water that sin waa ebllgsd to satisfy!
the "inner woman" before returning to
ths hotel, thfl Ides presented Itself or
having dtiernoon tea served in the
or en n
Miss N'icoll outlined her Idea t0 the
hotel carpenter, who hunt a seaworthy
craft with t, high poop deck to hold the
ten cups <tnd com mod mus decK spin's
forward nnd midships for platen of
■Sndwlchei and caKea
Bvery thing being shipshape, notes
were sent to several of Miss Nlcoll's
friends inviting Uiem to hsr first ocean
tea pnrty. After swimming shout for
half an hour Miss Nlcoll and her
frlenda joined a young matron who was
pouring tea behind ths ocean going
This pnrty proved tuch a success
thai the fair hostess issued Invitations
for sn "ocean tea" every Friday during
August nt 4 p. m
Tiie imikmif of such an ocean going
craft is quite within the province ot
the amateur carpentet v.nh « turn tor
Mimical construction. I IHK  1SI.ANDKU, C'UMIiKUI.AND
____fE___a .
nt d J *
Ja v<v ia-«.«.<?
f,    IT WV  T ^*
IJ/^ 1 TV
L&L    M
Latest Artistic Shades
fi    0
.VOi'-ii i£iiiiaiiai3Ei£affiSSSBBK5C'Ii.'£
'im*'• j&un -ctotsSJM- v.isiiiii^,.*aaj-oiis«iA*ii5aif.a»iSi»tata.k*s»M«it««»4i*3«iaMa>iiw«ui^te*M«».
Pure Linseed Oil Paint
Is manufactured in a bright clean factory,
and every ingredient usee) is carefully
tested by an expert chemist '
When buying White Swan Soap you know you are
getting a soap that is easy on the ha.nds and
does not waste away in the water
You can now get
ars for 25c.
Ask your Grocer, and don't forget that White Swan
Washing Powder cleanses and sterilizes
Manufactured by
Paint Co.
E. W. Bickle, Real Estate.Cumberiand
. axfj-
it- n\0 Miw
& Ladles'
We have just put into stooli n  splendid
variety of the very latesl   in styles nnd
shades,     Make   youi'  choice before  our
stock is broken.
Underwear for all
In every weight nnd at almosl every priee
Fall   Dress Goods
In Lhe correct materials and shades
Slater Shoes in ths new fall
class.   The name tells
you ail,
in ter I ft I
i.~,.ii..,^rm_ Miiitt^Mitttimmmmmt
For Auto" and
Gas Engine Supplies'
District Agent for the
Rusael, Ford Chalmers
and McLaug-hlin-Buiek automobiles
Fairbanks-Morse  Stationary  and   Marine   Engines,
Oli rer Typewriters, Moore's Lights, and Cleveland,
Brantford, Massey-Harris and P, rfect bicycles
\ ..-...■■' 0*a^«»«ffi'-.'"O^^.~.^CAi.^^^
ij NIGHT and DAY
|   Ph»nel8 CUMBIRLAKD,B.C.
S@ffl £_ ■)'■
Wq   .fiO?
i'.'.V ;■■■ '&' ill^t ;
:y/,:.'f ■>.:,■■  Nka^ni^'i ;,'■'■':.'• '-'■ '•.'.^ ' 1 "■•/,.-•
■ aj>: \i i. J. .V. Ii -i. &$ 'ZA.S-Q li>:W: bVSRptS  Vt i SI &, i_ A- I'Si ...-, '£.1^
And a
Complete House*
hei J Furnishing
!   T. E. BATE, CutTn'd   P
Ladies'  Waists,   Sweater   Coats,    Eain
Coats, Wrappers, Nightgowns, etc.
Men's and Children's Boots and  Shoes,
Sweater Coats, Hosiery and Underwear,
You should see our range in these two lines before
buying yonr winter supply, and compare our values.
We have tin; best line pf Blankets on the market for
tbe priee.
—.-*-* •> ^i'*k*. r *
Dunsmuir Ave.
N»iG2 ty<\ <§*&
m t-
rih-:■'■'■ ■   rt'\:\'X\'S\.
a ^(£.:v3
An Open Letter!
Cumberland, B.C , Sept. 12, '12
We beg to announce to the residents
of this District that we have taken over the
business of the Cumberland Departmental
Stores and trust to receive a share of your
kind patronage.
Assuring you of our very best services
in any business you may favor us with.
We are,
Yours faithfully,
McFarlane Bros.


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