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The Cumberland Islander Jul 5, 1929

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Wallace Beery in
| "deggars Of Life'
Cumberland Islander
At the Ilo-Ilo
This Week End
Provincial Library   Mar4|17
With which Is consolidated tlie Cumberland News.
FRIDAY, JULY 5. 1929.
Dr. Gordon Has
Narrow Escape
Dr. nnd Mrs. W. Bruce Gordon met
With an unfortunate car acldent on
Monday when they were motoring to
the Courtenay golf course. While making the uphill turn at the Sandwlck
Church they were hit by n car coming
down the hill at a fast pace. Dr. Gordon's car was knocked across the road
ami tlie other vehicle, unable to stop
clashed into the fence near the me-
nioria cairn nnd. ran a good distance
Into the Held before it could be
brought to a stop. Luckily, no one was
injured In the crash although both
errs were badly damaged.
$100 Donated
By Council To
Tars to be Entertaine.
Large Amount of Correspondence Before City Fathers
At the regular meeting of the City
Council held on Tuesday night, with
the Mayor Alex. Maxwell presiding
and Aldermen Parnham, Williams,
Mumford and Bannerman present, a
large amount of correspondence was
brought before the city fathers by the
clerk, W. H. Cope.
After the minutes of the previous
meeting bad been adopted as read,
the correspondence waa laid beforu
the meeting. The llrst communication was from It. V. Wycherley, re the
Wycherley properly lu 'the soldier
settlement. Mrs. Wycherley was pr-e
sent at the meeting nnd stated that
she had it prospective buyer for the
property. The mayor untitled Mrs.
Wycherley thai all arrears on the
proprety must be pnltl and if a buyer
could he found by her it would simplify matters. In ber letjer Mrs.
Wycherley said that a sum of $1,228
had been paid on tlie property by her
husband, the registered owner and be
had Instructed her to deal with the
local council in tlie matter or to
find a buyer for the house find lot.
After receiving from tbe mayor, the
views of the council In the matter
Mrs. Wycherley withdraw.
Before proceeding further with the
correspondence, the council received
a deputation from the Water Sports
commit tee, consisting of Messrs. J.
I.. Brown, J, Dallos and J. Cameron.
Mr. Brown acted as spokesman and
asked the council for a donation of
$l(iil.im towards entertaining the sailors from H.M.C. Colombo on tbe occasion of the water sports, when it
was fully expected that n number of
the tin's would lie present on that occasion. Mr. Brown stated that ft was
the Intention of the committee to earmark any donation tlie city might
muke to them, (or the entertainment
of the sailors only and stated that it
was the .sole desire of his committee
to give tbe sailors a real good time
whilst in Cumberland on the day of
the sports. Me assured the council
the money would be spent In a Judicious manner and without waste. The
council gave favorable consideration
to the delegation, granting the sum or
$100.00 for the purpose Staled.
Correspondence was then proceeded
with, the firsl being one from the
British Columbia Klectric Bo if way.
Office of the vice-president at Victoria.
To the Mayor and Council nf the
City or Cumberland.
Bear Mr. Mayor and Council:
I have much pleasure in notifying
you tlial our company has taken over
the recently formed National Utilities
Corporation Limited, which, as you
know, now owns the majority of the
issued shares in the capital stock of
the Cumberland and Union Waterworks Company, Limited  Liability,
At a very early dale our representatives will make :i thorough Investigation lino nil milters pertaining to
the distribution of water in Cumberland and surrounding districts.
I shall hope very much to have the
ploasurg of mooting you ami the
members of your council, when any
matter ol mutual interest, can. Ill
doubt, he discussed*
I have lho honour In be Gem leinen.
Yours very truly.
A. T. OOWARDi Vice-president.
This communication w is ordered
received and filed and. the city elerk
Instructed to notify Mr. (inward that
the Mayor and council would be
pleased to meet him al Ills convenience.
A letter t'nmi Mr. II. .1. Davis, director of the Cumberland and Union
Waterworks Company, Limited Liability notifying the council that the offer
of the company re the sale of the
Company holdings was withdrawn.
This communication was ordered to
be filed.
A letter from Mr. V. W, Stewart,
vice-president for B.C. of tho Paciflc
Coast Fire Chiefs' Convention was also received. Mr. Stewart explained
that the annual convention of the Pa-
More Trophies For j
Rod And Gun Club
The secretary of the Cumberland
Hod and Gun Club reports that a
very handsome set of engraved spoons
have been donated to the club by the
Dominion Cartridge Company Limited for competition amongst the members. The suggestion is also advanced by Mr. Snel a representative of
the Company that one spoon be put
up for each practice for high score
on twenty-five targets and that when
u member wins a spoon he be handicapped two or three birds on the next
shoot, thus giving the poorer shooters
a chance to win one or the spoons.
The suggestion will undoubtedly receive the support of the executive
committee and a shoot held in the
very near future. The club Is deeply-
grateful to the Dominion Cartridge
Company for their generosity.
Golden Wedding
Honor Paid Pioneer Parson and
and Wife
William Graham, 38, was killed
Wednesday near Cobble Hill by a falling tree He was employed in fighting
a forest fire at the time ofthe accident. Heis survived bya brother living in Ladysmlth.
clflc Coast Fire Chiefs would be held
m the city of Vancouver from the 23
to the 2tiih of July and cordially invited the council to send depresen-
tativeg, with a special request that at
least, one be the chief (if the fire department. Alderman C .J. Parnham
as chief of the fire department was
Instructed to attend the convention.
A statement was also received from
the Assistant District Engineer of the
Department of Public Works giving
an outline of the suggested expenditure on secondary highways In the
dty of Cumberland, which ft was considered would suffice for the maintenance of the asphtillic surfaces and
iny old repairs until tbe end of the
Department's fiscal year. .March 31st.
The Items on the statement did not
include any expenditure ou Third St.,
the work to he done on this street
being decided upon some lime ago.
it is expected that the contractor
for the surfacing work will commence
work in this district very shortly.
Tbe council went on record as being perfectly satisfied with the suggested expenditure .approximately
$270.00 and confirmed the proposal or
the engineer.
Bills and accounts amounting tn
$501.03 were referred to the finance
committee and If found correct ordered to be paid.
The chairman of tbe Board of
Works reported that ditching on fith
street had been completed and work
in other parts of tbe city progressing
very sntistactory. The chairman of
the Health committee reported five
new enses of mumps gluce the hist
meeting and reports of tbe finance
water and light committees tinted progress.
In the matter of unfinished business
the Cumberland Klectric Lighting
Company Limited purchase bylaw received its final reading.
, A most delightful afternoon was
spent at the Vicarage grounds at
Sandwick yesterday afternoon by the
large crowd of friends who attended
I the garden party commemorating the
| golden wedding anniversary of the
Rev. J. X. nnd Mrs. Willeinar who
| were married fifty years ago on July
11st. Mr. and Mrs. Willemar were seated on a dais beneath an arch decorated with orange blossoms and canterbury bells and graciously received the
guests as they arrived. With them was
Mrs. Guillod, of Victoria, a sister of
Mrs. Willemar and who was her
bridesmaid at the wedding of fifty
years ago. There were also present
the three daughters, Mrs. Cooke, of
North Vancouver; Mrs. Thwaites, of
Parksville and Mrs. Harris, of England and one son, Austin, the other
son, Douglas, being unable to be present. Eight of the twelve grand-children were also present.
The affair was quite in the nature
of an old-timers' re-unlon and during
the afternoon a photograph was taken
of the following group: The Rev. J.
X. and Mrs. Willemar, Mrs. Guillod,
Mr. and Mrs. A. Urquhart, Mr. and
Mrs. J. B. Holmes, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil
Smith, Mrs. A, Salmond, Sr., Mrs. R.
McQuillan, Mrs. Gage, Mrs. T. Woods,
Mrs. E. H. Davis, Mrs. Dingwall, Mrs.
Rennison, Sr., Mrs. R. U. Hurford, Mrs.
Childs, Mrs. Winger, Mrs. J. Grieve,
Mr. Eric Duncan, Mr. W. Duncan, Mr.
W. T. Pidcock, Mr. H. Carwlthen, Mr.
T. Beckensell, Mr. R. M. Halliday,, Mr.
Percy Machin, Mr. W. Dingwall and
Mr. and Mrs. W. Kirby.
The following clergy were also noticed: The Ven. Archdeacon Laycock,
{Rev. G. L. Bourdillon, Rev. A. W. Cor-
j ker of Comox, Rev. E, O. Robathan of
! Cumberland, Rev. A. Bischl iger of
Duncan, Rev. C. H. Popham of Parks-
'ville; Rev. Bagshaw, of Parksville and
Rev. Bolton, of Metchosln.
| After the company got settled down,
(Continued on  Page 2)
Local Ball Tossers
Win Snappy Game
! Shipping Point  Nine  Loses on
Errors; Graham Pitched
Good Ball
j    lit   a   snappy   exhibition   baseball
i game at  Ciiiou  Bay  on   Wednesday
i evening.   "Tucker''   James'   cubs   defeated the Bay boys by a 6-0 score,
h. Dot, pitching for the Cubs struck
lout 15 of tbc oppostion and allowed
but two lifts.   "Chick" Graham pitch-
led a good game for the Bay allowing
only  three hits,  hut   live  errors  by
his team mates and timely bitting by
the Cubs, put the game on ice in the
first four innings.
Short score: It II K.
Cumberland 01 3 Inn. inn 5 3 1
Union Bay       00 0000 0 ft O   0   2   5
11. Bates, of Cumberland, umpired
in ti very efficient manner giving satisfaction to both players and spectators.
We have been favored with tho
above cut of the sports field at Union
Bay where this years Colliery employees' picnic will be held. Tbe Union
Bay delegation tried very hard las:
year to have the sports held at the
shipping point, hut did noi meet with
much .success. The same delegation
was present at this year's meeting
and put forth their claims in favor
of Union Bay once more, with the
result that it was decided that tho
shipping place would get the picnic
this year. A lot of Cumberland people have heen carried away with the
idea that there is no shade at the
field at Union Bay. hut a perusal of
the above plan will readily show that
quite a lot of shade is available right
at the field. As will be noticed, trees
are on three sides of the Held witit
seats on two sides mid the usual
kiddles' novelties will also be erected, swings, merry-go-round .etc The
quoitfng pitch is just oiUside tho
sports field, but within easy reach
and the usual dressing rooms, will
also be easy of access. A special
parking space for ears has also been
provided, as parking oil the held will
be   absolutely   prohibited.
In view of tbe Tact that In previous
years certain persons secured benefits from the annual picnic in the
form of refreshments tor kiddles when
they most certainly were not entitled
to Ihem. the committee bus decided to
issue kldies refreshments tickets at
the various departments where pay
statements are issued.
This issue will be made on Wednesday, July 17th, and married men are
requested to make application for
tickets for their wives and children
on  that date.
For the purpose of this notice, single mon who are supporting their widowed mothers will be considered as
married men nml the issue of tickets
will be made accordingly.
Your whole-hearted assistance in
this matter Is earnestly solicited, -is
we tire desirous of giving you a full
100 per cent satisfaction.
Absolutely tin kiddles refreshment*
tickets will be issued on the picnic
grounds, and no person or persons
will he served with any refreshments
unless the said refreshment tlckolH
nre     presented     ill     tlie     I rl'rshtllelit.,
When applying or tickets in Hie
above named points please be prepared tn answer the following questions:
111 How many children have you
attending school?
12)   ow   many  children   have  you
who are  not   yel   ol' school  age?
: Holy Trinity Notes
Various committees are now al
' work in make tin. Garden Party to
, be held ia th*.' Beaufort House grounds
I on Wednesday afternoon, July ITtli
an uiuiuulllled success. Tlie only
doubtful element is the weather, hut
ii is hoped Hint nn this occasion it
will Drove kind und suitable - Amongst the ninny attractions which will
ii. found in amuse nil arc Quoits,
Archery .Aunt Sally. Cocoanut shy.
Howls, Clock Hull' . There will also
lie n llsh pond wiili a wonderful collection of articles in it. A fortune
telling booth will he in close proximity to the lawn, so that the "tea drink-
| ers" may have ai) opportunity to see
what lies nheiiil of Ihem. Tlie afternoon tea will lie run under the direction nt* Uie Women's Auxiliary whilst
lhe Men's committee will he in charge
of the amusements. The .Men's coin-
miltee i-iinsisls of Messrs, [tanks.
Eadie, Elliott. Pinch, Lewis, Mumford, McLellan, Xuiiiis, Symons, Taylor. Partridge, Stevens, Coates, Key. B.
O. Robathan,
1 Seoul meetings have been dlscon-
| tinned during the mouth of July and
I August, but wljl start again nbout
I mid-Soptembor. in the meanwhile
: preparations are helng made to go to
Cones Isl 1 for the summer camp.
! ll is expected that about tell 1)0 s will
I proceed   with   Hie   Scoutmaster   on
j August   0th.    They   will   !»■    t   al
j Campbell Itiver hy Hev. Al Ireene
j who will Iransporl them In his launch
• "The Rendezvous' m tlle camping si"'.
(.Senilis Willi have IIOI Vel given ill
j their names for the camp are aske.i
i tn .In so by .Inly loth.
! Sennit v.:n he Interested lo know
I that "Tlie Rendezvous" with Rev, Al-
i un  Hieel nl  liis   f ily  nn   hoard
I visited   Comox   Harbor   during   the
i week.   Tim launch is a si ily boat.
; and iiie boys arc assured nf a line
nip from Campbell River m Cortes
j Island in early Augiisi Mr Clroene
i will act us Camp conk during ihe ten
j days camp, which win bo under tiie
i supervision nf the Scoutmastor.
Tho   coiigrogatl il   picnic   which
| was In he held ut  Millard's Head! nn
i Juno 20th had to lie postp si until
| Wodnoirday, July Bint Transport!).
' tinn will he available for thoso who
I have Mill  gnl Cars.    Mothers, dels and
nskotl in inoi ai Un- Partial  dale ;it   1,30 p.m,
wil. oppenl m
families   :
sli   boll
Nanaimo, July :'.. ai lho Inquest mi
Felix Dumoiil, who died nf injurloi
sustained Willie working ill llle l.iui'z
ville Mines the Jury brought in n ver-
diet that Dttmotil was struck liy n
running ear lowered nn ii mistaken
A recommendation was made tn the
effort thai engineers apply their
brakes hefore leaving an engine ami
that the bell system of signalling lie
used when cars are helng lowered
Into the mine.
i    The following slot!
| all readers
\ I bailee lle-ireil
!    An  ox-Atistmllnn  parson tell, the
' follownlg slor.v:-Tho following event
took   illnee   ill   ono   nf   llle   DlOCOSe   ill
South Australia, 'lhe vicar, who wus
assisted in Iii- parish liy s curate wain iiie linbll nf inking services ami
prcuchlng every Sunday al a local
| Institution.   Afier mie Bervlca one nf
j lhe Inmates ea |i In Mill ami said
I in a sepulchral voice, "Do you like
; beef?" "Yes"  replied  'lie astonished
Vicar,    "I    'In     Vel.v    much."      "WOUld
yon like it fnr dinner today?" went nn
J lit'   Illllll.   "Ves".   s;ii,l   file   vieill"    "I'd
hike ii for dinner." " Would you like
j ll fnr leu tonight?" "Yes", answered
tli,. Vicar Bt111 more puzzled. "I'll like
' It for lea .    I lovo heel,"    "Would you
Local Athletes Do
Well At Dominion
Day Celebration
George Brown und Norman Hill
Win 100 and 220 Yards
Tho big celebration held at Courtenny on Dominion Day attracted a
large number of people from all over
the district. Tlu* weather man was
in a good u d. an ideal day resulting. .Many new and novel features
were Introduced into tlie sport programme this year. The all da) cricket game between Courtenay and N'anaimo drew ii large number of spectators. The horse-shoe pitching contest enme in for a great de.il of attention, many entries being received
Oscar Johnston, of Deep Hay was returned the winner alter a strenuous
time, in tin* track events Cumberland   athletes   were   most   successful.
George Brown captured lirst place
iti the sprint hut bad to be content
with second place in tbe >:». n nice
which Norman captured. The lat'er
ran In second place in the sprint. Tho
drawing for the tombola prizes interested the spectators very much, the
result being as follows:
O- H. Ellis, of Comox. 1st; J. R. Johnson of Campbell River, second nnd
John Sutton of Courlenay, 3rd.
A novel event at thc dance was the
barefoot tug-of-war which was hnnd-
lly won in two pulls by n team composed ot Andy Radford. Hill McKenzie.
Mack Grant, W. a Urquhart, wilbut
Watson and A. Carlson. The opposing
team was the Courtenay Fire Brigade
team composed of Walter Cliffe. Roy
ClilTe. Wm. Ardley. Rill McKee. Boh
McKee and Catternll.
The following is a list of the winners
of the vurious events:
Boys' Race, six years nnd under—
1st. k  Falrbalrn; 2nd. R. wood
CUrls' race, six nnd under—1st. M.
Kerton: 2nd. J. Tribe.
Boys' race eight and under—1st.
Tommy Osier. Und, Robbie Stevenson.
Girls" race, fight nnd under—iMt.
Peggy Palrbalrni 2nd Patricia Clow.
Boys' race, ten and under—1st, Rex
Booth;  2nd  Harry  Nordin.
Girls' race, ten and under—1st, Betty
•Smart; 2nd. Irene Slessor.
Boys' race, twelve and under—1st.
Pip]) Osier; 2nd, Alex. Stewart.
Girls' 'ace. twelve and under—1st.
Katherlne Wood; 2nd. Kathleen Fairbairn.
j    Boys' race, fourteen nnd under—lst,
Oeorge McKee; 2nd, Bob Harding.
Girls' race, fourteen nnd under—lst.
Barbara Martin; 2nd Gladys Kerton.
I Boys' race, sixteen and under—lst.
George Brown;  2nd John Tribe.
(Continued on page thnw)
like It for breakfast tomorrow?" went
on the persistent onqtliror. "Yes, I
could even do with it for breakfast
I to-morrow,"  snid   Hie   vicar.     "Would
j you   like   it   for  dinner   tomorrow?"
' "Hailg  It  all."  replied  the   vicar,  "I'd
like ;i Change sometime!"    "So would
we." came the reply. "Semi us along
the   curate!"
Defeats Local
Only Seventeen Runs Difference
On Two Innings
The  Cumberland   cricketers  'after
being idle for thre weekB entertained the strong Nanaimo eleven on the
"Y" ground on Sunday last  when u
most Interesting game resulted in a
I win for N'anaimo. by the narrow margin of seventeen runs on the two innings  played.    N'anaimo  fielded  one
of the Htrongesl teams of the season
whilst the locals team underwent ono
| or two changes.    Vernon-Jones was
, out of town,  Goodall  Is  still   on   the
| sick  list   and   C.   Vernon   Dando,  Jr.,
was unable to piny owing to work.
I The   substitutes   brought   in   however
did exceptionally well.   Harry Taylor,
playing his first game for Cumberland   took  G   vvH-kt'ts   lor  ;!;■   runs,  a
really good  performance considering
llle   opposition.     Nanaimo's    bowlers
also did well. Eccles had  I  wickets
for   IS  runs   whilst   Heaton   took   G
wickets for S runs.
The visitors were entertained to
dinner at the Union Hotel, where
they stayed overnight journeying to
Courtenay on Monday where they
played the Courtenay eleven in :i
game Hint was totally different to the
Cumberland game, as a glance at the
scores will show. Hums the former
Cumberland player did well with the
bnt In this game carrying his bat for
68 runs.
Following  nre   the   scores   of  both
Cumberland nnd Courtenay games:
Cumberland 1st Innings
Idiens, b. Heaton   7
Hall. Ibw. b. Heaton  3
H. Taylor, b, Eccles  0
Hassell.  b.  Eccles    0
Carney, b. Eccles   1
Gough.  b,  Eccles   0
A. J. Taylor, not out  2
Guy, c. Hines, b. Heaton  5
Vaughan.  b.   Heaton    0
Millburn. c. Scurr. b, Eccles  3
Brown, c. Brooks, h. Heaton  5
Extras       9
Bowling: Eccles 4 for 18; Heaton G
for 8.
Nanaimo  1st  Innings
Unsworth, r. Vaughan, b. H. Taylor 2
Burns, b. H. Taylor  0
Hines. run out .... 13
Scurr. b. H. Taylor  10
Henton. c. A. j. Taylor, b, ll. Taylor fl
Emslie. c, and b. Millburn        2
Hann, c. nnd  b. H. Taylor    24
Eccles  run  out   4
Watson,   b.   Gough    2
Newberry,   not   out  4
Extras   4
Bowling:  H. Taylor 5  for 32;  A. J.
Taylor 0 for 3;  Idiens 0 for 10; Mill-
burn 2 lor 22; Gough 1 for 2.
Cumherland '.'nd Innings
Idiens. b. Heaton      0
Hall. c. Unsworth, b. Henton 5
A. J. Taylor, b. Eccles  0
Brown, b. Heaton 4
Hassell.   b.   Heaton 14
H. Toylor, b. Hines 30
Gough.   b.   Hines 9
Vaughan.  b.  Hlnes . 0
Guy. b. Watson 10
Carney, b.  Watson  0
Millburn. not out  2
Extras     7
Bowling:  Heaton 4 for 24;  Eccles 1
for 3; Newberry 0 tor 9; Burns 0 for
ti; Watson 2 for 18; Hines 3 for 14.
Nanaimo 'nd Innings
Hlnes, c. and b. Hall
Vcwborry, Ij. Hall
Burns, c. Ouy, b. Hall
Scurr. c. Guy, b. H. Taylor
Brooks. Ij. II. Taylor
Hann. c. Gough, b, Hall 	
Eccles. I), H. Taylor
Emslie. li 11 Taylor
Watson, c. H. Taylor, b. Hall
... 0
Jnsworth, c Gough. b. Hull 	
Heaton.   not   out
Bowling; II. Taylor, 4 tor 2«: Hall ii
I Olirtallll)   **.  Nunninii,
i ourtenay:
Idiens, Ibw, b Burns
Hall.  I.  Mines
Mills run out
aollowaj  li. Burns
Andrews , Newberry, b Eccles
McLouchllll,  I'   Keclcs
IllBlls.   ll    Eci l0(
Honlter, li Eccles
McMonnlos, b Eccles
Selfe, li   Watson
Qrter, not  out
lis: Ere
es, ,', w
Tor   14   it
is:  I
Inos,  I
Tor  II
ns, 2
lor s
u 1
for 2 runs.
.   ii
li.   A
.   li
Mi l.<
. 1)
li   ,\1.
....   1
n. c
. b. Mel
..   1
...    !l
i; wl
1 12
Mr .and Mrs. \;,i Rovla and daughter, Elwle, wor,. visitors tu Cutnber-
biiul during the week, renewing acquaintances, The parly is on a motor tour o flbe Island and camping
In tin- vicinity of Campbell Itiver. PAGE TWO
The Cumberland Islander
FROM all parts of Canada there are satisfactory reports concerning the high level of
business activity, although there are a few
lines, such as automobiles, where the mid-summer
recession Is beginning to be felt. Building contracts for the firsl five months of thi year exceeded tho highl records made in 1H28: iron and steel
production is al a maximum, and flour mills are
turning out a larger volume than in recent years.
Tho mining statistics for tho first quarter of the
year show a substantial gain over the record attained in 1928, and forecasts for initil production
lor tho year are optimistic. Although the recent
fall in ilo price of wheat has made dealers in
semi-luxury products somewhat cautious, the
actual volume ot' distribution in lho early pari of
thr your has o xceptionally satisfactory.
As yel ii i- lo early i" forecasl agricultural
prospects for 'lit' '■ml <>i the year, The return of
the farmer depends upon quantity ami (.'nolo as
well as tho price.. The outcome oi' crops in other
pans of the v irld, a contributing factor of major
importance, is too much a matter of circumstance
to warranet undin pessimism concerning Canada's
prospects for nexl year. In case the West should
have an unprofitable year for wheat, there are
circumstances which will tend to mitigate tho
effect of sucha misfortune upon ihe value of
trade. In lhe lirst place, I lie past four years have
placed the farmer in a relatively more satisfac-
ments throughout th.. worlil may he brought about.
Althougl the Government is not in a position to command a majorit: over ;'li. there appears in be no disposition on the ii.iii oi either opposition party to score unless some very vital matter he Involved.   It is recognized
| tory position to s.and tho strain of a period of adversity; in the second place, farming is of less
relative importance i;i Canadian economy as a
whole than before the war. With the growth in
importance of mining, and the extension of the
pulp and paper industry which is now in a much
more satisfactory position than last year, together with diversification in general manufacturing
Canadian industry is much more stable than in
the past. Early crop reports indicate that Canadian crops are making good progress and crop
conditions may lie considered normal for this time
I of year.
n'rniMi  yartleutarlj   suriirlsing i-   contained in  the
Speech from ilm Throne which areat Britain's Lord
I A ^ rhnncellot  reatl in Parliament yesterday. As wa* tn
ilif expected, there \> ;i  reference in tlie coal mining i'1-
dnstry, bul it doea rut un beyond staying that tin* Govern-
men!   lias under  cunalderutlon  the question  of reorganization, Including hours and lhe ownership of minerals
Then also i' in In- an Investigation Into legislation relnt-
; lug to the sale and mipply of Intoxicating liquor.
i     li may lie nsMimed tliut tlie Government will go slowly
! with n- nationalization policy.   Although Mr. Baldwin hai
promised that lii> party will not ohstruci the Admlnlsra-
tion M  indulging in factious criticism, ii  i* known that
tin- Conservatives mid a number of Liberals In the House
would oppose am  scheme to displace private ownership
; j   i ne control in ut y form    Until he si-«'s Borne prospect
of securing the requisite amount nf voting support, there-
fore   i' i- prohtible thai Mr, MnrDonald more nr 1i*hs win
mark time.
li Is apparent thai the country's foreign policy and peace
will engage Un- groatesl amount of the Government's
attention in the earlj d iys of its enreer. The Speech from
the Throne mentions Ihe conversations which the Prime
Minister already lias had wtlh United States Ambassadors,
and the hope is expressed that, in co-operation witit the
Governments of the Dominions and India and the Governments nf foreign powers, a nearly reduction In arma-
that tin* electorate had made up Us min.) that ii had had
euought nt' tin- late Administration, and that to defeat i's
successors nn any save ar. issue nt' first-class importance
would lie merely to insure its return after another cm-
test, with sufficient representation tn enable it to do as
it might please. —Daily Times.
Golden Wedding
(Continued from Page One)
the Rev. G. L. Bourdillon called the
gathering to order and conveyed congratulatory messages trom the Victoria
Deanery and from the Bishop of Columbia who regretted his inability to
attend the function owing to being in
hospital undergoing an operation. Mr.
Willemar .said he had also received a
congratulatory message from the Lieutenant-Governor.
Mr. Bourdillon then called upon
Mayor Pear.--'', ol Courtenay, who said
it was not often a mayor had the opportunity oi taking part in a golden
wedding celebration during his year of
ofhee. He said it was a very great
pleasure to he there on behalf of the
city of Courtenay and district to convey congratulations and yood wishes to
Mr. and Mrs. Willemar and thanks for
(the part they had taken in developing
: and bringing thc dislrict to what It
1 was to-day. They all appreciated, said
Mr. Pearse, what they owed to the old
: pioti'- irs of tlie district and they recognized the fact that the present state
they had reached was due to the early
tiers the majority ot whom came to
: take up land and tarn their living as
[ farmers, There was great credit and
I honor due them but there was greater
j honor due to one who came as a pioneer parson, who had not come to carve
! a farm out of the hush but came to
1 help others.
They knew by repute, said the May
or. that Mr. and Mrs. Willemar were
always doing what they could for their
neighbors and the district ever since
they came here. They rejoiced with
them   that   they   were  in  such  good
Bayview Dairy
wishes to annuonce that Miss .Mary Marriott will
arrive on Saturday to take charge. Miss .Marriott has
been in charge of a big certified dairy in England with
] a line record and she is a graduate of Moulton Institute
jl Huy your milk from an all-Jersey t.b. tested herd.
8 Ring Cumberland 25. or Courtenay G9Y for orders, or
1 sin]i tin* wagon for a trial bottle of Milk.
I health and spirits and he hoped that
i £ nr many years they would continue
the same good health,
'■ Archdeacon Laycock was then called
upon and said that when he was ask-
cl by the committee to come up and
! speak at tlie celebration he felt he had
, heen given a great honor. It had been
his privilege to follow Mr. Willemar in
the parish. Mr. Willemar had been in
1 charge for forty-one years while he
.had been sent to another charge after
only three and one half years and he
thought it was harder to stay a long
| lime in one parish than a short time.
i Mr. Willemar. said the Archdeacon,
j could he called a builder of churches.
He had first built tlie 'little white
j church on the lull" at Sandwick. then
the church at Comox and the one at
Cumberland.. He reminded those present that at the close of Mr. Willemar s
long ministry it had been felt that
some memorial of his incumbency
should be made so they had put a
carved oaken chair in the church and
lie asked that whenever they looked
upon this chair they should remember
in whose honor it was there.
In liis interesting way. the Archdeacon then told of the good work of
Mr. Willemar in the district and the
energy with which he undertook the
work, one of his experiences being a
trip through to Alberni to spread the
gospel ai a lime there was neither
trail nor road. On behalf of the committee he then presented Mr. and Mrs.
Willemar with r. purse ot gold and he
| also presented a token of appreciation
om thi1 clergy ui the diocese.
Mr. T. Beckensell was then called
I upon to present the address. Mr.
Beckensell said it was a great privilege to him to have that honor. He
Iliad known Mr. Willemar for the past
fifty-seven years, in fact he was one
I oi the six men now living who had
come to the district prior to his own
arrival in lHTii.   These six men were
Beach, who came in 1866; Mr. A. Ur-
I quhart and Mr. Willemar. who came
!in 1871 and Mr. Jos. McPhee. who came
'a little later.   Mrs. Dingwall had arrived in 1870 and Mrs. Beach in 1872.
!    Mr. Beckensell then went on to tell
jof what they had to contend with in
! those early days, particularly in  the
j matter of road building and how difficult it was, as compared to the pre-
| sent time, to gel about the parish. But
Mr. Willemar was not  only a faithful
minister but he was a  hard worker.
Besides his parish work he kepi his
cows and chickens and always had a
good garden.    Mr. Beckensell. on behalf of the committee, then presented
the  following  address,  beautifully  illuminated:
"The Rev. Jules  Xavicr  Willemar
and   Mrs.   Willemar
July 1st 1H7H - July 1st 1929
"On the occasion nf the fiftieth
anniversary   of   your   wedding   we
wish   to  express   our   esteem   and
afTertlun for you aud extend congratulations.
"During your long ministry in
the Comox District from 1871 to
1913, you were always ready with
a kind word and helping hand to
all pioneers from the day you designed and built St. Andrew's
church until you retired to take
your well-earned  rest.
"It Is the sincere hope of all of
us that you will long remain in
our midst."
Mr. Bourdillon paid tribute to the
kindly sympathy extended to him by
Mr. Willemar in the two years he had
been in the parish. There was never
any criticism and he considered it a
high honor to carry on the work so
well and truly laid.
A beautiful wedding bouquet was
presented to Mrs. Willemar by little
Miss Cooke.
Mr. Willemar was visibly affected
when he rose to respond. He said
they were all there because they were
his friends. He had always tried to
make friends and keep them and the
day was one of the happiest days of
his life seeing so many friends around
him. A golden wedding, he said, was
a great thing in a man's life. They
had all come of their own free will and
were doing everything to make the day
a successful and happy event because
they were his friends. He thanked the
mayor and the archdeacon for what
they had said about him but he didn't
know he had done all the things they
said he had done. In all his life he
had never seen a crowd of people looking so happy and so bright to his eyes.
It was the best sight he had ever seen
and this was because they felt they
were doing a good work in making an
old couple happy but they had done
nothing to deserve it; they had always
lived a simple life amongst them trying to put more enjoyment into the
lives of the people amongst whom they
lived. His hobby had been to meet
the people as friends, not as parishioners, sharing their joys and sorrows.
There was a saying. "Cast thy bread
upon the waters and it will return to
you after many days," 'and that bread
was now returning in kind words and
kind deeds.
He accepted the presents as tokens
of their friendship. He humorously
related that when he said he had been
married tor fifty years he had bcen
told he deserved a medal, but if he
Mr. Joe Fitzgerald and Mr. Charles
Hooper, who came  in  18G4:  Mr. Win,
X i
Ma gives
thc children
Comox Jersey Ice Cream
"Because it is so rich in pure Cream." Bul the children
are more interested in the cold, smooth, tastiness of
Jersey Ice Cream and so will you be once you sit down
\a enjoy this wonderful treat.
Comox Creamery Association
Courtenay, B. C.
deserved a gold medal his wife deserved a golden crown of glory.
Besides the purses, cheques were received   from   Mr.   and   Mrs.   Walter
Powell, cf California; Mrs. McB. Smith,
of Vancouver. Mrs. Edwin Johnson, of
Victoria;   Mrs.   Guillod   and   family.'
Personal gifts were received from Miss j
Milly Carr. of Victoria; Miss Harvey,].
of Victoria; Mr., Mrs. and Miss Mc-   ,
Leod. of New Westminster; Mrs. Beard, i "j
Mrs. and Miss Hardy. Mrs. Ringrose, I *
Mrs.   B.  Harvey.  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Hughji
Stewart and Miss Kitty Harris, of Vic- ] •
toria.     Bouquets   were   presented   to .;
Mrs. Willemar by Mrs. Gage. Mrs. R.   .
McQuillan. Mrs. W. Pidcock and Mrs.   ,
Cecil Smith.
A delightful afternoon tea was serv-l '
ed on the lawn.
9 for	
Willow Grouse
Are Declining
Drastic Restrictions on Shooting
of Species Said to Be Needed lor Rehabilitation
Game regulations tor 1030, now uu- ,
dor preparation by Came Commls- j
sioner Bryan Williams, tor submission to the government, will contain j
drasll ■ restrictions on shooting grouso .
it Is understood al the Parliament [
Buildings. Observations during the
last year have convinced game au- ,
thorltles thai only guch measures can
save grouse from depletion In Borne
dlstitelH, it Is said.
Por years grouse particularly the
: pedes known vai lously as willow
grouse, red grouse or ruffled grouso,
have in en declining in numbers at :
an alarming rate, which Is said to be
due to disease rs well as tb shooting,
liy giving the birds a chance to multiply, the name authorities hope to |
| rehabilitate them. It le believed that
[sportsmen will welcome this plan 14
it interferes to some extern for tho
present with their customary Autumn
Final decision on the new regula-
tions will be mnde when Mr. Williams
and his staff have completed their ob-
serrations •» ••■* districts on the mini-
of young birds raised this season.
Meanwhile the game administration is
conducting a vigorous campaign,
ugalnsl cats which roam the woods in '
,jarge numbers In some districts.
Nanaimo Expects
I Big Crowd On 12th
I Nnnalnro, Juty 3. Two thousand j
Onmgeuion ami women membera of.
thi- order aro expected to arrive Uerel
Pure Strawerry Jam, 4s per tin 	
Pure Raspberry, Peach, Apricot Jam, tin 	
Canned Tomatoes, 2 tb. tins ,lFe, 7 for	
Jell-Jell Jelly Powders, assorted, 4 for   	
Fancy Mixed Biscuits, 35c per tt).. 3 tbs for . .
Crisp Lemon Snaps, 30c tb., 2 tbs. for	
Family size packet Sodas, each   	
Clothes Baskets, 3 sizes, extra sp1. cial at, small
Medium Size 	
Large Size 	
Full Stock of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
For Quality   1
:, m?.?Mra^ ssosaBsrasMOT w ss ss v- ss ss ss-skdotskhhsbb j
July 1-.1
tiie anniversary
..1 tho Bottle of the Boyue, A gigantic parade «'ill lie staged ami permission has been granted to hold a tan
day for the New Westminster Orphanage. Mayor Busby will preside. A
1 programme ot sports is par ot the entertainment.
Mr. Tom Home, a native of the Co-
| mos District born at the old Hudson's
I Bay post and baptised 54 years ago by
, tlie Rev. J. X. Willemar. whose golden
Iwedidng was celebrated yesterday, is
[working in the district with the B. C.
Telephone construction gang.
J   Monday and Tuesday p
i! July 8th and 9th |
Do you buy     O
the Cheapest    •
Don't be misled by an inferior article which
is a few cents cheaper.   There is only
one quality
Start the SUMMER right with a
sold by the
Cumberland Electric
Lighting Co., Ltd.
I'aj^jQirilil alrf*; ril :iu si iii |S ac a*i iQi'SSSrii ■
Cumberland and Union
Waterworks Co., Ltd.
Phone 75
A. B. CLINTON, .Manager.
ALEX MAXWELL, Proprietor. i
Autos for Hire.   Coal and Wood Hauling given very j
prompt attention.   Furniture and Piano :
Storage if desired. j
Phones 4 and 61
Cumberland, B.C.
Dinah Shurey's story deals wilh Ihe lives of two boys
born in vastly different stations of life. One is the son
of tin admiral, the other the son of a fisherman. A
friendship grows up between Ihem and they become
inseparable. It is the story of good clean, wholesome
youths welding together that inseparable friendship.
There are no hectic love scenes, no bitter quarrels.
The bo yslove and marry, each in their own sphere.
They go their various ways, one to his fishing, the
other to the senior service as an officer.
Then war clouds gather and both rejoice that they may
serve their country, together perhaps in the same ship.
Bu something happens. The fisherman, to save the
honour of his friend, sacrifices his own good name,
the esteem of his friends, and then life itself. This he
does just as many Britishers have.
Automobile Side  Curtains Repaired
Also Harness Repairs
Orders left at Henderson's Candy Store will receive
David Hunden, Jr.
of all descriptions
—     WOOD FRIDAY, Jl'I.Y 5, 1980.
Charlie Dalton
Meets Boat at Union Bay Every
Sunday Morning
Union Bay
Dr. and Mrs. Allan Fraser, and Mr.
and Mrs. R. Castle of Victoria were
the guests of Mr. Jack Fraser over
the week end.
•    *    •
Miss Mary Little left for Vancouver
j on Monday where she will spend the
next two weeks visiting relatives.
ver were visitors in town on Friday.
i    Mis. Morgan was given a  real sur-
__.     _      .     „ prise last Tuesday when a jolly crowd
.MiSS..DOr0th5:.RenWiCk..retUrned.to!'ro„, Cumberland and district invaded
Opposite Ilo-Ilo Theatre
Cumberland, B. C.
Practical Barber & Hairdresser.
Children's hair cut any style 35c
Ladles' hair cut any style 50c
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Leach, Mrs. R.
Smart tnd Miss .1. John motored up
from Nanaimo on Monday.   On their
I return   trip   they   were   accompanied j tl*ie
jby Mrs. D. Renwick.
Vancouver on Monday after spending
the past two weeks visiting her mother Mrs. D. Renwick.
* • •
Miss Jessie Marshall who has been
attending school in Nanaimo arrived
home on Saturday to spend the summer vacation with her parents Mr. and
Mrs. Wm, Marshall,
Mrs.  Fred  Horwood  of  Victoria  is
spending two weeks' vacation in town
guest of Mr. and Mrs. G. Horwood.
her home and put over In good style
a real birthday party.
• •    •
Mr. Edgar Carter has bcen visiting
friends in Victoria and Vancouver over
the holidays.
• •    *
The annual school meeting fs called
j for July 13th when a good crowd is
1 requested.
i Mr. Lawrence McLeod, and Mr. R.
Glover of Vancouver were visitors in
town on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Campbell have
(as their guests the latter's sister, Mrs.
Ferguson of Ladysmith.
j ; "    *    * |    Mr. S. Seeley of Alberni is the guest
• j    After spending a few days in town; 0f Mr. and Mrs. S. Abrams for a few
!'Mr. and Mrs. A. Jack left for their .days.
J < home in Victoria Monday. •   ♦   •
The closing day of the school was
spent at Millard's Beach, when under
the guidance of Mr. Smith and Mrs.
Calnan the children had a jolly time.
Mr. W. C. Whyte left on Wednesday
morning to go into Camp at the widening of the Campbell River road.
Local Athletes Do
Well at Dominion
Day Celebration
(Continued from page 1
Canadian Medical Association
I Mrs. D. Haggart returned home on
, Friday after spending a few days in
: Nanaimo.
I *    •    '
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Currle of Vancou-
I    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Playfair. from
1 Point Holmes were visitors in the Val-
nd Mrs. L. Home ot Nanaimo ,ey on the lst spendlng the dav wWl
were visitors in tow,, on Saturday the[Mr  nl)d Mnj   ,   w   Slll|k0,.
guest  of  the  formers sister Mrs.  F.I *    ..
Nowadays is bitterly hostile to
any form of foolishness which
endangers life and property.
The Reckless Driver, the Man
Who Rocks the Boat, the Man
Who Didn't Know it was Loaded
are gradually disappearing under
pressure of public opinion. The
Man Who is Careless with Fire
is the greatest menace of them
all. Let public opinion
focus upon him.
•   t   •
Mr, and Mrs J, D. Jack mee Miss
Kathleen Muir of Union Bay' are receiving congratulations upon the arrival of a baby boy on July lst at
'victoria, B.C.
Minto Notes
I    Mr, and Mr.s. Sharpies have as their
| guest for a  few days. Mr.s. Robinson
! from Nanaimo.
The engineer of the B.C.E.R. from
Victoria was around the Valley during
the week sizing up the electric power
-1st,   George
N,  Hill;
Mr. William Piercy was
sister's wedding.
home for his
Mrs. Rachacl King and two children
are spending the summer months with
her parents Mr. and Mrs. Pearse.
I Mr. A. Smith, principal of the school'
j left for Vancouver on Saturday last, j
, to spend his vacation.
Good Service
Reasonable Charges
In every sorts of building materials.
Royston Lumber Co.
PHONFS ' N'D»nt culla: 13<x Courtenay
0(rlee,   1M Cumi,eI,|atld
I"SS&i (Sgk ssssM
! Commercial
Itucims Steam Honied
W. MERItltiELI), Prop.
Hjers and Dry Cleaners
Special family laundry rate.
Orders left at the Ritz Cafe,
'phone 150, Cumberland will receive prompt attention. A trial
order will convince you.
Telephones: Courtenay, 226
Cumberland ISO
THE splendid appointments
afford luxurious relaxation.
Serving all the principal cities
on the prairies, this last word in
modern rail expressfulfillsevery
desire for speed and comfort
Through Ihe
Frater Canyon
in daylight.
AI.LSTEEI equipment,
**- radio ,nd ihr world,
famoua CNR Personal
"Continental Limited*
•m.u.il  Dally a! *:SDp.in.
Panadian Rational
T     "  ■Illll '     1      I I HI inn    —i
further illforilliilliin  iriim  K.  Vi. Hlckle, telrpl c IIS, CunilMTlllllil.  IM , nr
write ('. F. Earle, Ulstrlct liissenger Agent,  Victoria, 11.1',
Yr,",0 T1"' B°rJcn Co-' "-tatted, Dept,
0,1, mem l,r B,h, Bool,.
Heavy rainfall
put 200
telephones out
of order
Heavy rainfall of Saturday
night, June 15, put 200 telephones in Greater Vancouver
out of order. The Seymour
out of commission was tlie
area, with close to 1410 telephones out of commission was
the hardest hit. Service on all
The cause of the trouble in
each rase was the same water
had penetrated the cable
sheath and soaked thr insulat-
tion around the wires. Moisture is one of the worst enemies of telephone circuits, and
it pentrated 11 different cables during the storm.
Girls' race, sixteen and under
Kay Brown; 2nd Bernlce Slant.
Boys' relay, sixteen and under—lst,
iCourtenay i H. Kerton, John Tribe,
Sam Carter and Bob Harding,
Girls' relay race—Barbara Martin,
Bernlce Stant and K. Brown.
Boys' High Jump—lst, A. Searle, 5 ft.
1 inch; 2nd, Sam Carter, 4 ft 10 inches.
Girls' Skipping  Race,  50 yards,  12
and   under.   1st.   K.   Fairbairn;   2nd.
Betty Smart.
Girls' Skipping race. 16 and under —
1st. Barbara Martin; 2nd. Winnie
Men's  100 yard   dash
Brown: 2nd. N. Hill.
Men's  220  yard  dash—lst
2nd, G, Brown.
Single Ladies' race—1st. K. Brown;
2nd, B. Stant.
Old Men's race, 50 years or over—It,
Mr. Bardoe; 2nd. H. Martin.
Old Men's Race. 60 years or over—
lst, Mr. Bardoe; 2nd, A. Chappel.
Men's 440 yard race—lst. H. Conrad;
2nd, S. Carter.
Married Ladies' Race—lst, Mrs.
King; 2nd, Mrs. Grant.
Men's Nail Driving contest—1st, W.
Hagarty; 2nd. A. Kerton.
Ladies' Nail Driving contest—lst,
Mrs. Davis; 2nd. Mrs. Murtscll.
Log Bucking Con test—lst, Bob
Grant. Camp 3, 2 min. 37 sec.
Eye Splice—J. Downey, Camp ii, 3
minutes and 45 seconds.
Long Splice—J. Downey and J. McQuinn, Camp 3, 5 min 17 sec.
Rolling Cedar  Pole   up  incline—lt,
L. Peterson. 13.2 sec; 2nd. A. Radford,
14.6 sec.
Men's    Relay
Questions concerning Health, Addressed to tbe Canadian Medical
Association, 184 College St. Toronto, will be answered personally
by correspondence.
The baby should be fed at regular
from iiie standpoint of hie digestion,
but  it  in  Important aa  the start  of
; intervals,    no! only ia this desirable
■ proper habits iu the child,    if be la
! ask-ep at nursing time, be should be
i awakened, and ho should be allowed
I to fall asleep al the breast,   The feed
ist-fed, [ ing takes  from  ten  to  Qfteen  rain-
utes.   After reeding, the baby should
nurse their babies if they try to dojbe held over the shouldei
,antl there are few mothers who allow him to
Uld liol make the effort if they iin-
Baby's Food
I'll ere
'   baby   Bhould
ire tew mothei
be  bre
■ who can not !
it Is that the
latural food,
ir no prepared as breast
aire,   cleaner |
ler In order to
t rid of H I which
tie has Bwallowod.
During the hot weather particularly, the facl thai bablea become thirsty
should not be forgotten, and the baby
Bhould b(. offered cooled water, previously boiled If there Is any question
I than any 0f purity, between feedings,
. no prepar- Under ordinary condition a .the baby is nursed fur eight or aim* months
n their ba- longer periods are not good for tbe
bles because they think tbey liave noi child, The baby should noi be wean-
enough milk, or thai the quality of ed excepting upon the advice of the
their milk Is mu good. This is * serl- doctor who will advise as to what.
>fforl should be [diet he Is to receive, As a rule, ba-
qunntlty avail- hies are noi weaned during tbe hot
better for the summer months,
ime breast milk | Breast-feeding makes for sir
healthier babies, ond
from   tbe   dangers  n
derstood how importnni
baby  should  have  his
Then* i* no oilier milk.
ntlon which is just as g
milk.     Breast   milk   is
and  more easily digest
other food, ami it roquln
Mothers sometimes wi
"ns mistake.   Every
made to keep up ti:
able, und H  Is much  hi
baby thai be receive soon
than none at all.   If ther
flclenl breasi milk, the m
piementnry   amount   of
Is   given   after  t)
to  ibe  feeding f
e  ii ill'si
< mm la
cessary .sup
g according
iven   by   th.
al feedli
it protects them
[era of disease. Artl-
ven of the highest qual-
)est, an attempt to im-
al feeding.
father, who with his family, is camping at Kye Bay witli the Cokely family
that Betty had "gone." Mr
I and Mrs. Cokely went back , ._..
race—(Cumberland), road with Bunny to where thc little
George Brown. H. Conrad. N. Hill and girls had been playing and after digging around in various spots discover-
up  the
-A. Searle, 5' 6"
Dick Id-
D. Baird.
Men's High Junij
2nd, Cliff Laver.
Mens One Mile, open—lst
iens; 2nd, W. Brown.
Tug-of- War—W. McKenzie tend),
\V. Urquhart, A. Radford, J. McKenzie,
Bob Martin.
Barefoot Tug-of-War—A. Radford,
Bill McKenzie, M. Grant, W. A, Urquhart, W. Watson and A. Carlson.
Horseshoe Throwing Contest-O. P.
Loses  Life  When  Sand
Caves In
ed the lifeless body of the unfortunate
child. Dr. Briggs was sent for and
went out immediately but all efforts
to bring back the spark of life failed.
Mrs. Cokely and her family just arrived at Kye Bay of Saturday from
Vancouver to spend a few weeks' vacation. Mr. Cokely is engaged in survey work in the Peace River Block
and all efforts are being made to get
in touch with him.
After making all necessary inquiries, the coroner. Dr. J. McKee. deemed an inquest unnecessary.
The body is being taken to Vancouver today for interment.
wain - Piercy
■  I    One of the prettiest weddings ever
A most distressing accident occurred j held in the Valley was celebrated on
on Monday morning at Kye Bay when .Saturday evening. 29th of June, when
little Betty, eight-year-old daughter of!at  the home of Mr. and Mrs. Matt.
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy S. Cokely, lost her j Piercy      Agnes   Ivy.   their   youngest.
iife while playing in the sand by the daughter was united in holy wedlock!the horn
side of thc road down the hill.
The sand iu this particular lull is: Mrs. Aleck Wain
particularly fine  for  plastering  pur-]   The affection
poses and along  the  road  there ar
Hewitt of Cumberland performed the marriage ceremony. The
bride was dressed in white georgette,
veil and orange blossoms, her train
bearers being little Gloria Pearse and
Margaret Thompson,, and was accompanied to the altar by her sister, Mrs.
S. Gough, ami given away by her father; the groom being supported by Mr.
William Piercy. brother ol the bride.
After the ceremony the large party
partook of a splendid supper, served
in splendid style by Mrs. M. Piercy
and Mrs. A. Wain helped out by a
bevy of willing hands.
Many useful preesnts were added to
those already showered upon them, included iu which were cheques from
Mr. and .Mrs. Matt. Piercy, Mr. and
Mrs. Aleck Wain, Mr. William and
Johnny Piercy. A chest or silver,
blankets, silver caserole and silver butter dish were given by sisters and
brothers of thc happy pair.
After spending a lew days around
tlie haunts of younger days, the newly-
weds left on Tuesday afternoon for
Tacoma their future home, visiting the
sound cities on route.
Winlerburu - Calmess
A quiet house wedding took place at
of the brides  mother Mrs.
ito Henry Wain, eldest son of Mr. and|E.  McKay.   Union  Bay,  last  Monday
for  thc  two partici
e J pants and the respect m which tlie two
,   fn,..ilinP       r,.:.       I
two  or  three small  excavations  from j families  are  held  was  shown   by   the
QEALED tenders, addressed to the
** undersigned and endorsed "Tender
for dredging, Courtenay River. B.C.",
will be received until 12 o'eloek noon
(daylight saving), Tuesday, July 23,
Tenders will not be considered unless
made on the forms supplied by the
Department and in accordance with
the conditions set forth therein.
Combined specifications and form of
tender can be obtained on application
to the undersigned, also at the offlce
of the Dislrict Engineer, Post Offlce
Building, Victoria, B.C.
Tenders must include the towing ofj
the plant to and from the work.
Tlie dredges ond other plant which
are Intended lo be used on the work
shall have been duly registered in Canada at thc time of the filing of the
tender with the Department, or shall
have been built in Canada after the
filing of the tender.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank, payable to ihe order of the Minister of Public Works, for 5 per cent
of the contract price, but no cheque to
be for less than $500,00, Bonds of the
Dominion of Canada or bonds of the |
Canadian National Railway Company!
will be accepted as security, or bonds
and a cheque it required to make up!
an odd amount.
By order,
8.  K. O'BRIEN
Department og Public Works,
Ottawa, June 24, 1029.
to dig In the sand,
little girl went  in
which sand had been taken.   It would I large  turn out on such short  notice
appear that little Betty, In company; and  the  good  wishes showered  upon
with   her   playmate,   Bunny   Ceceri,! the young couple,
while playing around wandered up the     Under the wedding bell and amidst
road and finding one of these ex cava- a galaxy of roses and carnations the
tions thought it would be a nice place young   pair  looked  well  indeed; 	
"   " Apparently the bride the picture of youthful beauty'sent.   After the wedding breakfast the
nd was digging and grace, the groom a splendid type! happy couple leit for California. They
when sand above her gave way, com-'of young manhood and thc valley peo- Will return to Union Bay for the suin-
pletcly burying her. The other little pie were very proud indeed of the mer, eventually making their home in
girl ran down the hill crying to her homo product. )Victoria.
morning when Mrs. .Mary Cairness became the bride ot Mr. Fred Winter-
burn. She was becomingly attired in
an ensemble of coral pink embroidered in contrasting shades with a hat
to match. While Mrs. Al. Stasek attended her as matron of honor, Mr.
Al. Stasek supported the groom, The
ceremony was performed by Rev. J.
the | H. Hobbins . Only relatives were pre-
P. P. Harrison
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public
Main Office
Courtenay           1'lione  253
Local Office
Cumberland Hotel In Evenings
Telephone 116B or 24
Dental Surgeon
Office Cor. ot Dunsmuir Ave.
Opposite  Ilo-Ilo Theatre
wms\w BROOKS
IHE GO? Outcast,
Wanting to hide.
turn   liul   to  the
Homeless, Hunted.
To whom could she
"Beggars of Life," wandering waifs of
fate? Among the comfortless she
sought succor. America's literary
genius, JIM TULLY, factory boy, holm, down-and-outor, student, philospher, brilliant author, tells the story as he saw it. William Wellman, director "Wings" "l e-
glon of tho Condemned," Ladies of tho Mob," directed.
They light for what they can't steal.     Rough,   uncouth,   ruthless   men   who
answer the urge to go.   Where they go, Why they go,    What they think and feel.
Two Sh(
Friday and Saturday, July 5th and (ith
7 and '.I p.m.
Matinee Saturday at 2:30 p.m. PAGE FOUR
FRIDAY, Jt'l.Y B, 1920.
Cumberland Personals
Mr. P. S. Fagan. assistant secretary
of Canadian Collieries iD.». Limited,
was In town over the week end.
a     a     a
Mr. and Mrs.  R. P. Knott and two
daughter Margaret  and  Kathleen, of
j Victoria, visited Mrs. S. Horwood during the week end.
and  Mrs.  F. Smith spent  the
end in Nanaimo.
Outing Shirts
with collars attached or
with soft collars to match
are now featured for
summer and vacation
wear. They provide real
summer-time comfort for
work or play.
Attractive new stripes,
checks and popular plain
The Forsyth Insurance
Policy assures you of com*
plete shirt satisfaction.
Hatchways no-Button Underwear the garment every man
should use for the warm days.
Sizes 34 to 11. per suit      S1.50
s   Silk
Stripe trunks for the hoy who
want something smart and up-
to-date.   Prices, $1.00 and SI.2.-)
Miss Helen Parnham of Vancouver
. visited her parents over the week end.
* *    •
Miss Nellie Clarke of Duncan arrived
home to spend a two months vacation
with re parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Clark.
* •    •
Misses K. Bartoldl and E. Cowie and
Mr, R, Cowie motored to Nanaimo en
route for Vancouver where they spent
the week end.
Mrs. Frank Dallos and Miss Dorothy
Gordon left tor Vancouver on Friday.
* 4 *
Mlsa Grace McDonald of Vancouver
spent the week end as the guest of
Miss G, McFadyen.
* *    *
Dr. Turnbull spent the week end
, with his family in Vancouver, his
daughter returning with him on Monday to spend a short holiday here.
'    Mrs. H. Conrod spent the week end
i in Port Alberni.
* *    *
! Miss Lorna MacCourt of Nanaimo is
spending a tew weeks in Cumberland
the guest of Misses Isobel Brown and
Kathleen Emily at Lake Cumberland.
* *    »
Mr. and Mrs. John Bannerman and
family of Anacortes arrived in town
j on Sunday to spend a short holiday
ihere with Mr. Bannerman's sister, Mrs.
! W. Herd and his cousin Mr. Dan Banns rman.
* *    *
Miss V.Aspesy motored to Nanaimo
during the week end.
game ug
Th   secretory   o(
cricket club expects
rangements today 01
ing ror Uie llrst crlcl
the  sailors or H.M.S
T. I'. Goode, il"' spori
boot   sent   wind   sum"   lliii"
Sunday. July the Till would 1
able dote tor i ie first game nml tli
as soon as tin- boat arrived, further
arrangements   eouhl    in'    made   Eor
transportation ot ti  fra    i:
ston wharf to the crlckei Held and tli
time   "f starting  the  game  <1"titledI
upon,    n  Is also expected  thai  arrangements will 1"' made for u game
each   Sunday  during   ihe   mouth   ol
July ns tb.. local club   lave lefl every week md open for thai expre3:
purpose.   Tim actual learn i„ do duty
for Cumberland 1ms mu been chosen,
owing ni the illltlctilt}  in finding oul
untilthenlghl before tho gam    i  i
er any of the '".nn Is working or oil
oul ot town.   The lenm will be picked from thc following thirteen pi n
its:  J. I..  Drown   Icapl I, -I.  Idiens.
P. V. Hull. S, rjoug    -I   Vernon Jones
C. Vernon Dando Jr.,  II. Taylor, O.
1.   Guy.   II.   Hassell,   T.   C y,   S.
Boothman. W, Why'". A. .1. Taylor.
On Saturday thc Golden Key Girls
Club under the direction ol Miss Pearl
Hunden and the Junior C.G.I.T. held
;i very jolly picnic al Royston Beach.
Th" children had o great day romping
about, playing games and swimming,
liny returned home in thc evening
very tired but happy.
'I'h" Junior C.G.I.T. girls in wit"
in charge ni Mrs. Hewitt.
Mr. C. Mounce was in Nanaimo durum the week end.
•  •  •
Mr. nml .Mis. John Holly and Fred
Jones, commonly known as "Doc' aud
Mis. Jones arrived ou  -Monday  evening by motor, from rfau Francisco.
They   will   remain   here   for   three
weeks visiiing friends.   It will lie re-1 Jackson, Violo Reese. Hilda Littler, Ivy
membered thai  Mr. nnd Mrs.  Boffey Frew,   Muriel   Harrison   and   Annie
nil   Cumberland  nearly  three  years Brown,
Mr. A. Gray was in Port Alberni
over the week end.
Miss Ellen Hunden spent Sunday in
The W.B.A. held another of their
popular whist drives on Saturday evening in the G.W.V.A. hall. Fourteen
tables of whist were in play the prizes
were won by ladies' first, Mrs. Wm.
Hutchinson; second, Mrs. Quinn: consolation. Mrs. Balagno; gent's first, Mr.
Younger; second. Mr. Brown; consolation, Mr. Chas Walker. After cards
refreshments were served by the ladies.
• •    •
Miss Helen Saunders and Mrs. Mary
Brown of Kamloops arrived in town
during the week end to spend a three
weeks' visit witli their parents, Mr. and
Mrs. E. L. Saunders.
Miss Lottie Dallos left on Saturday
tor a two weeks' visit in Portland.
• •    «
Miss Chrissie Sutherland arrived
home on Friday to spend the summer
t • •
Mr. L. R. Stevens left for Vancouver
on Sunday for a week on business.
• •    •
Mr. and Mrs. T. Williams left for
Vancouver on Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Calhoun of
Coronada. California, arrived on Saturday by motor to visit in the district.
Mrs. C. Whyte entertained at three
tables of bridge at her home on Tuesday evening. Refreshments were sedv-
ed by the hostess and the prize-winners were announced, Mrs. Lyob winning first prize. Mrs. A. Clark second,
and Mrs. Quinn consolation. Those
present were Mesdames Gear., Quinn,
K. Brown, Abrams, Lockner, Prior, J.
Watson, A. Clark, J. Devlin, Hudson,
and Parkinson.
The Junior and Senior teams of the
Ladies' First Aid held a very enjoyable
picnic at Qualicum Beach on Sunday.
Mrs. J. Monks accompanied the teams
down. Those present were: Mes
domes J. J. Potter, Hudson. J. Davis
and Parkinson and Miss Barbara
Westfleld; Junior Team. Misses Nellie
Mrs. Allan Nunns returned to Cumberland on Wednesday utter spending
a holiday ou Fender Island with relatives.
Mr. "Saeki" Conti, the well known
soccer star and nt one time a prominent member ot the Cumberland United Football team is spending a vacation witli relatives in town.
Mrs. James Murray motored tu Nanaimo on Saturday to nieel her mother, Mrs. Patterson, who 1ms been
spending tlle past nine months in New
York, visiting with her daughter Mrs
Chester (nee .lean Patterson). Mi's.
Murray accompanied by her mother
uriveii iii Cumberland on Wednesday
Mrs. I.. It. Nunns uf Sandwick, was
tlie guesl nr Mr. nnd Mrs. G. .1. Richardson un Thursday.
.Miss Nettie Robertson nnd Miss
rnrrie Richardson left this morning
fur Victoria where they will attend
the Summer School.
•   •   *
Tlie Deserted Village
Cumberland presented a very deserted appearance on Monday last,
ninny ol the citizens taking advantage of the llni' woother, Urge numbers Weill to the head ot Lake Cttm-
liiinl. and smile took In the Dominion
Ii.iy celebrations ni Courtonay whilst
others  took  advantage  nr  the   lung
week :mi nnd visited Vancouver and ; -^'T.>;*Kfj
Dental Cream
Klenzo protects the teeth in the natural way
—by keeping enamel clean, white and polished. It corrects mouth acidity, retards
bacterial growth, hardens the gum tissue,
and tends to promote a normal, healthy condition of the mouth.   Two sizes—
35c and 60c
Lang's Drug Store
"It Pays to Deal at Lang's"
George   llogn
and   liiinily  of
' Mr. W. S, Prior, who is at present located in Vancouver, arrived  in town
Ladyumitli  spent  Friday in Cumber-lon Friday to visit his wife and family
land,  eu   route  in  Oyster  River  for' and returned to the city on Tuesday,
ek  end
j Miss Sadie Brown r
I berland on Friday la;
; Island where she ha
iturned to Cum-
;. from Denman
been teaching
Mr, and Mrs. Ah x Flonakl and two
daughters,  Thelma   and   Mrs,   Byron
MacDonald, of San Pram I co motored
Trom tlie southern city  and  *.< ere iii
town   on  Thursday.     Mr.   and   Mr*.
Ronald and family re Ide I In Cumhi i
land  for a  numhei   ol   years  before
moving lo San Francl ■'■< and whl! I
In town an  visiiing old frii i il      '•
company   with   Mr,   and   Mr     Bi
they Intend ramping ■■
at Campbell Rivi
On Wednesday afternoon thc Ladies'
Auxiliary of the Cumberland Hospital
heidn    very   charming   tea   on   the
grounds of the residence of Mr. and, f{jr (ll
:h    Thomas Qraham.   The day was
Id   . tor .i garden party being neither!    jhss Lorn
o   warm nor loo cold.   During the af- spending a :
ternoon  the  ladies served afternoon whilst here
tea,  strawberries  and cream and  ice] the  Misses
cream,  while  Mrs.  Newton  was busy ieen Emily ;
raffling     a   very  beautiful  basket  of' »    *    *
choice roses for which she raised a, Mr. J, Vernon-Jones returned to the|
goodly sum. Mrs. F. Wilcock was the'city on Monday night after spending j
winner of these lovely flowers.   Bou-jthe week end in Vancouver.
ol roses and mixed flowers were
also tor sale. It is estimated thai dur-
ln j the afternoon the ladies cleared
forty dollars for the hospital .
Mrs, Harry Devlin and family lefl
on Saturday for Qualicum Beach
where they will camp for two months,
it Nanaimo, is
,* weeks in Cumberland
v will be tin* guest of
ibel Brown and Kath-
Lake Cumberland.
ol CI
for   V
■inelli lefl during the ]
uver   where  he   will
llliers returned I
lo Cumberland on Tuesday afternoon, j
Miss T. .V anllivan and MisB HHde-1
brand arc spending the summer vaca- j
lion is the state of Washington,
Lake Cumberland
(formerly Comox Lake)
One and a half miles from lhe city
Boats for Hire
Row noats. Ijtl.110 per day
Outboard Motors $4,00 per day
Veteran Hunter
Kills 30 Cougar
Mr. and Mrs. CHve Hanks. Miss Lil-
| lian Hanks nnd Mrs. J. J. Potter spent
| the early part of the week in Nanai-
n, V.I.. .1
C arlh
ly 3.  -C, 10. Coldwel!
y   the   sobriquet   ol
has killed his thlr-
dogs still
"Billy* 'Burns, a forn
the Cumherland Cricke
town for the holiday.
r member ot
Club was in
enewlng  ac-
Mr. ami Mrs. John McWhirter and
family of Cnrbaniulo, Washington, are
renewing acquaintances iu town.
n    n   :
ll   ■    '
cites I" h'tigih from
ISS SSgi tit li   ti *«■
Try Home of our  Hoi  Weather Specials—appetizing
cold meats, just off lhe ice, in delicious variety or—
a choice nil of local Spring l.amb, tender Steer Beef
or Pork.
—   •        *     .  •   —
Wilcock & Co. Ltd
"The Family Butchers"
Mr. Joe llobertsoit,
visited liis grand-pat
Mra. W. Robertson, Wi
ni  Hi,, week 1'inl.
ol' l.ailysmitli
ins Mr. and
d Cumberland
Mrs.   Iliisliini    I   Miss   Margaret
i spending a vacation with her inint.
'rltlay tiiii'i spending a weok's lioll-
ay witli ilii'ir parents. Mr. nnd Mrs.
Mr. William Mo
'ori Alberni on E
i ih.. city Monday,
■   -im
'in Inn w
noil   t
tot' aunt,
A.   II.  t'llllln
llr nml Mrs, MacNaughton Qcconi'
panted by their nephew W. MncNnugh-
ton. motored lo \annlmo, where th,
doclor attended n meeting or the medical   fraternity.    They   were   accom-
MacXaiighton who
ii holiday al Mapl
Miss   Wilson,
Mrs. T. lint,.
couver. who is
.Mrs. Dunn, ni I
• no
hy Miss Jean
ii'i'ii spending
thC  BIH'SI  lit
111' l'l
rey, Viin-
the guest ot Mr. and
iin'li'iiny was in town
fk  renewing
Good Fishing
Mountain Climbing
A paradise for the camera man
Store at the Lake
JOE REES, Proprietor
Summer Train Service
''Confederation" leaves Vancouver
10.3(1 a.m. dally fnr Kamloops, Jasper,
Edmonton, Saskatoon, Rflgltia, Brandon Winnipeg, and Toronto making
close connections for all Ontario and
Southern points.
"Continental Limited" leaves Vancouver D.60 p.m. Dally for Kamloops.
Jasper, Edmonton. Saskatoon. Winnipeg, Ottawa. Montreal, making close
connection for Maritime and United
States points. This train carries
through standard sleeper to Chicago
via Duhtth and also through Btnndard
steeper to Kelowna via Armatroilg and
Summer Steamship Service from
Alaska sailings every Monday 8.00
p.m. via Prince Rupert.
Prince Rupert, Anyox ami Stewart
sailings every Wednesday nnd Satin- '
day at 8,00 p.m.
Weekly sailings to Queen Charlotte
Amongst Cumberlnndera camping nt
Royston Bench are Mr. and Mrs.
Sutherland, Mr. and Mrs. MacKinnon
and family. Rev. B. 0. and Mrs. Robathan  and family.
Mrs. A, King spent the holiday In
the terminal city.
Mr, P. Perozzini returned from Van-,
couver on Wednesday.
•    •    *
Mr. and Mrs. John Thompson spent
the week end in Nanaimo.
Mr. W. W. Wall of Vancouver spent
the week end as the guest of Mr, Wm.
Mrs. W. Stacey and his daughter
Marjorle, and Miss Billlnkhurst, of'
Vancouver visited Mr. and Mrs. A. R.
Stacey on the week end. Miss Mar-
jorie Stacey remained in town and will
spend a short vacation here.
Mr. A. T, Goward, vice-president of
the B,C. Electric Railway Co.. was in
town on Wednesday.
Dr. and Mrs. Hicks and son. Albert,
returned trom Vancouver on Monday.
Miss Helen Shearer entertained a
number of her little friends at a de-'
Ughtful party at her home on Tuesday. The children spent the afternoon
in playing games and singing. Miss
Bella Baird assisted Mrs. George
Shearer with the serving of light refreshments. Those present were: Jessie Robertson. Dot Smith) of Vancouver), Bessie Carney. Lizzie Baird. Rita
Baird. Barbara McNeil, Dot Thompson
Sister Wycherley. Ruth Jackson and
Helen Shearer.
Extra Big
Specials for
5 lbs. of Onions
3 tbs. of Green Peas
3 lbs. of Green String Beans
1 lbs. of New Potatoes
Magic Cleaner
will remove spots from
♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   m
Telephone 98
for Young
With several nourishing slices of Mann's Bread, wilh
butter and jam, Sonny is good for a home run with
the bases full. Mann's is a delicious loaf of health
food,, for every meal and everyone.
Custard Pies Baked to order
LEMON PIES    —   —   —   —   —LEMON TARTS
Mann's Bakery
The Home of High-Class Cakes and Pastries
Place your Orders |
NOW! 1
Strawberries will soon be over—but other fruits are =3
beginning to arrive. Our connect kins enable us to fl
obtain the finest and  freshest  fruits of the season.    =
Place your order early—phone 71—we guarantee to    =
give you satisfaction. §|
Mumford's Grocery |
Phone 71
Deliveries Daily    ==
(Don't forget the Garden Party at Beaufort House    ^
Grounds on Wednesday, July 17th). jg
The Central
*Barber Shop
Next to Shorty's Pool Room A. GATZ, Prop.
3=| For Ladies and Gents.
Moderate Prices Cumberland, B.C.
1 doz. Sunkist Oranges
I doz. Bananas
1 lb. of Tomatoes
1 head of New Lettuce
25c Per ib. 25c
Phone G6
We Deliver
British a
ind ^ Brills
s Him thai
ilium   while
British warship*
■y make "furry Oil"
arouse your patr!-
omplotely  enthralls
Personally Conducted Triangle Tonr
The fourth annual personally con-1
i ducted triangle tour ol British Colum-1
bla will leave Vancouver 9:00 a.m. July [
22nd. All expenses included, total cost j
This is an ideul holiday as entire
Journey from Vancouver to Jasper
Park and Jasper Park to Prince Rupert will be covered In daylight. Party
will return trom Prince Rupert to Vancouver by the popular SS. "Prince
George." Varied entertainment at all'
1 stopover points. t-r. j We Deliver
Buy a lb. of Braid's
and get a cup and saucer.
The Dairy
***************** a**********************************
& -*•     •♦•     ♦     ♦     ♦♦♦•♦.■♦•♦♦
* *
* *
* *
* .*
* *
* *
* *
* *
iii   *
Delightful Summer
* *
* *
* *
* *
food is jusl right. lip-
Are more delightful still when the In
Sandwiches, of course, are the mainstay of Ihe picnic
basket—and sandwiches are  never so tempting as jjlfi
when they are made of delicious cooked meats
* *
* *
* *
IS   Hi
* *
* .*
City Meat Market I
"The Store That Appreciates Your Patronage"       $• j
Phone 111 WE DELIVER |a|
(Don't forget the Garden Party at Beaufort House jr.*
Grounds on Wednesday, July 17th). jf*


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