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The Islander May 17, 1913

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A splendid assortment of
evening waists now on show
Newest designs, at all prices
ii ■**
See our Ifigafshipment in
P ttl^i^'friees, $15 to $30
VOL. IV.. No. 7   **«,*>
Subscription price, $1.50 per year
late Action of
United Mine Workers
Refuse to be Dictated to without being
Allowed to Vote on Question
at Issue.
The following is a statement as
to the position of the joint committee representing employees of
the Western Fuel Company,South
Wellington and Jingle Pot on the
strike situation at Nanaimo:
"In September, 1911, an agreement between the Western Fuel
Company and their employees,
representing in the neighbourhood ol' 1,500 men, was duly entered into and signed by tbe said
company on the one side and the
the said employees represented
by a committee of live on the
other. Previous to this agreement being entered into a holiday
was declared and a mass meeting
called for the purpose of appointing a committee, said committee
to be known as the agreement
committee, whose duties were
first to confer with the operators
and draft out an agreement satisfactory to all parties concerned.
This first duty they duly performed and in due time they
Submitted their report and proposed agreement to the men.
The report was accepted and the
form of agreement wa1; accordingly balloted on and carried
unanimously. Tbe committee
then had the agreement properly
drawn up and signed by the company's representatives and themselves as the representatives of
tho employees. That committee's remaing duties are to
sec that the conditions laid down
in the agreement aro carried out
to the satisfaction of all concerned.
The same conditions exist between the Pacific Coast Coal
Company and the Vancouvcr-
Nanaimo Coal Company and then-
employees with this difference,
that their agreements were drawn
up and consequently expire on
different dates.
Now, in the face of this we
have a strike declared by an Organization which on February
11th, 1913, bad only some two
hundred members in this district
who were in good standing. (This
information is from the local
secretary, A, .Ionian.)
This strike was proclaimed by
Robert. Foster, district president,
from instructions given him by
Frank Farrington, representing
the International Union, U.M.W.
of America, wbo forwards said
instructions using the authority
given him by President John I'.
White, of the U.M.W.of America,
These instructions wore forwarded from Seattle under the date of
April 30th, and the strike was
declared for the following day,
May 1st a strike planned for us
by a foreign organization and in
a foreign country and forced
upon us without say, by your
"We appealed for a voice in the
matter at their meeting on the
evening of May 1, and what did
we get? Wc were abused and
insulted from their platform by
a foreign agitator, and were
whipped into submission by the
words "scab" and "sucker" if
we dared open our mouths in our
own defence, treatment that any
man who is a man will resent. ■
"In spite of all abuse and intimidation, we still maintain that
we were bound to live up to our
-agreement and continue to work
under conditions of said agree.--
inent until the time (two years)
had expired, but rather than go
to work in an unsettled, dissatisfactory manner we resolved to
place the matter before the men
and give Ihem the opportunity
to ballot as lo whether we should
abide by our agreement and go
lo work or not. We engaged a
suitable place and procured the
necessary ballots, and what was
the result'.' We were again sub-
milted io insults and abuse, so
much so that hundreds, who
would have voted had ihey been
allowed to do so pcacably, were
so intimidated that they dare not
go near the polling station. Consequently the ballot was small,
the vote resulting 132 for Work
and 44 against.
In view of the small ballot we
agreed to refrain from work and
advised those who, voted to
govern themselves accordingly,'
and here is where wc now stand.
Wo refuse to admit that wc are
willingly on strike and while we
are ln favour of a union we obso-
llltcly refuse to become members
of an organization whose tactics
are so disgraceful. The U.M.W.
of America have forced us into a
strike, thus violating our agreement and violating the laws of
our country inasmuch as we have
violated the law-as it is laid down
in the Industrial Disputes Investigation Act, which reads thus,
"Every employee who goes on
strike contrary to the provisions
of this act is liable to a penalty
of ten dollars for each day or
part of a day that the strike
Wo do not try to defend everything that is embodied in our
agreements with the companies,
but we maintain that these agreements were entered into in good
faith and with our eyes open and
should therefore be kept sacred
and inviolate till the term of
agreement expires. And in the
meantime if the mincworkers,
not only of Nanaimo and district
but of tbe whole of Vancouver
Island, would unite themselves,
Ihey should be able to satisfactorily attend lo their own business
without the need of foreign interference of which we bave hail
plently of sad and costly experience in the past'.
(Signed)   COMMITTEE.
Miss Brown left for the south
by Sunday's boat on a vacation.
Brighten up around your home
with a little S, W. P. A full stock
at Tarbell's Hardware.
Ernest Haywood and Mr. and
Mrs. A. R. Kierstead visited
Nanaimo during the week.
Dr. Goo. K. McNaughton left on
Sunday lo attend the assizes at I No. 7  made
Nanaimo and returned by auto | Thursday by
The output at the local mines
continues to increase. For the
week ending Friday May 16th
the accurate figures were 9,946
tons, making an average of over
1,650 tons per day.
No.    ! ou  Saturday   went   up
another notch 1>,\   hoisting 722
Ions in S hours.   On Monday No.
5 went up to 460 tons for 8 hours,
another record on
hoisting 408 tons in
Most Brilliant Celebration
Ever Held in Cumberland
Prof. Nurnberger's Band of Vancouver
will Supply the Music—Large
Programme of Sports.
Wednesday. jlS
Miss Agnes Frame and young-1
evening service in the
Methodist Church tomorrow will
be conducted by Mr. l'l. T. Searle,
the Pastor being absent in attendance at district meeting and conference. Mr. Searle has supplied
this pulpit on former occasions
with much acceptability, and
many will be glad of the opportunity of hearing him again tomorrow  evening.
A meeting of the Sports Committee will be held in Conservative Hall on Tuesday evening.
Better take a look at the Standard Bicycles carried at Tarbell's.
WANTED—Lots or acreage for
which will trade some stock in
one of Vancouver's leading linan
cial companies that is earning 12
per cent. Property must be unencumbered. Address "B-4(>,"
The Islander.
est daughter of Mr. MacFayden
are al the Isolation Hospital with
scarlet fever.
(letting near tly lime. Buy
your window screen and doors at
Tarbell's Hardware.
Robert Grant si-, was a passenger by Sunday's train. He intends to visit eastern Canada
before returning.
Boys playing outside a church
during service should be prohibited. The noise at the corner of
the Curcb of England was unbearable.
It's time lo go a-lishing, A full
line of tackle at Tarbell's Hardware.
Miss Watt, of the Union and
Comox Hospital staff, has resigned and left for Vancouver Ibis
Thomas T. D. McLean left for
Nanaimo on Sunday to attend
the assizes and returned on ."ri-
day evening.
The Conservative Association
will hold their regular meeting
in the committee room on Monday
evening at 7-30 prompt. After
the meeting a smoker.
Mr. James E. Calnan, who has
been a resident in this district for
a number of years, died at his
residence in the Minto Valley on
Tuesday the 13th inst., aged 65
years. The funeral took place on
Thursday afternoon.
S There is|no doubt whatever but
that McClary's Kootenay is the
best Range on the market. Tarbell's Hardware.
The Sports Committee are
arranging to give a grand dance
in the Cumberland Hall on Friday
evening, May 23rd. Parnham's
orchestra will supply the music.
Gents will be charged $1, ladies
The Cumborland Board of
Trade honored W. E. Lawrence
with a banquet at the Cumberland
Hotel on Friday evening and presented him with an address
printed on satin as a token of
esteem on the eve of his departure. Mr. and Mrs. \V. E. Lawrence leaves tomorrow and their
numerous friends wish Ihem!
every success.
At   the   Assizes
It would be well to remember
these records were impossible
previous to the so-called holiday.
Every man that works for the
Canadian Collieries these days
does his besl, there are no loafers.
Fifty additional export coal
minors arrived during the week
and secured vork in the local
mines. They seem perfectly
satisfied with the conditions and
the wages paid, 'the men come
from the North and Midlands of
England and contend that the
work here is much better than in
the Old Country, the seam of
coal being higher and allows the
miners to work in greater comfort.
The city council held their
regular meeting on Monday evening.   Full board present.
The minutes of the two previous. meetings were- read and
adopted. 'I'he following accounts
were referred to the Finance
A. H. Peacey ...   $ 8.15
Cumberland Livery Stable 14.00
Cumberland News 20.00
The monthly collections amounted to $201.CO.
Several of the residents have
suggested that the city council
clean the streets for the 24th.
The board of works should certainly give Dunsmuir Avepue a
little attention.
TO RENT-Ten acres at Happy
Valley, four acres cleared, new
dwelling house. $10 per month
For further particulars apply
Harriv and Biscoe, Cournenay,
The committee having in
charge the 24th of May celebration are all agog with excitement
and curiosity. Liberal donations
are pouring in from all quarters
tu make the day a grand event.
The secretary of the sports committee announced at Saturday's
meeting that he had received a
communication from Prof. J. E.
Canadian Collieries   $50.00
O. H. Peehner 50.00
Thomas D. McLean     40.00
Piov. Police, Cumberland ! 30.00
Pilsener Brewing Co. 25.0(1
Canadian Explosives Co. .. 25.00
Crane and Co...         25.00
E. G. Prior and Co...
John N. McLeod
Simon Leiser and Co.
(1. W. Clinton
... 20.00
.... 15.00
.... 15.00
.... 10.01*
„T   ,,          ,                  ,.,.      Dr. Geo. If. McNaughton
Nurnberger, bandmaster ol \ an- j Macfar'ane Bm      	
couver,accepting the committee's U  ]]. Peacey
offer and agreed to come here on i Royai Bank of Canada
the 21th with eighteen hiatni-1j_ jj Lockard
ments and play selections during CanadianBank of Commerce 10.00
the day.   A special band stand Union Brewing Co.. 10.00
will be creeled to accommodate j{ Abceaiid Co... .. 10.00
the visitors,  the grounds com- Cumberland Hotel   . 10.00
mittee havethat in charge and Wesley Willard        10.00
are now cleaning up the Reciva-1 The Islander    . .... 10.00
Wood, Valance and Leggat 10.00
tion Park. ^^^^^
The program committee have
completed their labours and arranged a line lot of sports including stand and running broad
jump; foot, sack, potato, three-
legged, shoe scramble races;
events for single ladies, married
ladies, also young and old men:
baseball, live aside and eleven!
aside; football, wrestling matches
tug of war, log sawing contest,
and other sports loo numerous lo
mention. The committee informs |
us that there will be a grand display of fireworks in the evening.
Programmes will be ready on
Monday morning. Special trains
will be run from all points, see
the railway officials for timetable. Don't forget to visit Cumberland on the 24th of May or
you will miss the treat of a life
Thos. E. Bate 7.00
Ideal Store     5.00
C. II. Tarbell    5.00
Alex McKinnon   .....      .   5.00
E. C. Emde     5.00
A Citizen    5.00
Dr. Hicks.    ...    6.(10
Island Realty Co. ■■"     . :\  '5.00
King George Hotel __.,.....   5.00
Thos. E. Banks..    5.00
A Sport..    2.50
James Abrams    2.50
T. E. Johnson...    .2.00
The estimated collections in
and around the mines will make
the total for Empire Day amount
to about $1,350, making by far
the largest subscription for a
single day's sport in the history
of Cumberland. The collecting
committee who have been around
amongst the citizens state that
the total list may reach $1,500 by
the 24th.
IN THE MATTER of an application for a fresh Certificate of
Title to tlie South  1-2 of Lot 16
(except20 acres thereof) and the
North part id' fractional North!
West 1-4 of Section 30, Township1
11, Map 551   (except 8-10 acres
and   5  acres   thereof),   Nelson
of my intention at. the expiration
of one calendar month from Ihe!
first publication hereof lo issue a
fresh Certificate of Title in lieu
of the Certificate of Title issued
Nanaimo! to William Hut ton and John Rain-;
William Wagner, who shot Constable Westaway at Union Bay,
was sentenced lo he hung on
August 28th. William Julian. |
Wagner's companion, was sentenced to five years imprisonment. Rex v. Thomas Tapella,
the jury wore out but a short
lime and returned a vordicl of
guilty, lie was allowed to go on
suspended sentence.
For Sale—1 Chestnut Mare,
four years,-about 1,100 lbs: 1 bay
mare, four years, about 1,000 lbs;
1 bay mare, three years, about
l.OOOlbs; 1 bay mare, aged, about
1,000 lbs; 1 bay gelding, aged,
about 1.000 lbs. Details on application.    No reasonable offer
lay on Iho Ut.li  da\   of March.
908, and numbered   17380 ('.,
vhich has been lost.
Dated al Land Registry Office,
Victoria, P.. ('., this 28th day
of April, llll.,').
S.J. W00TT0N,
Registrar General of Til les.
Of an $8,000 brand new stock of. Dry Goods
and Men'3 Furnishings, commencing today
| Saturday until Friday the 23rd
We have decided tu clear out our
Dry Goods Stock and to accom])*
lis.j our aim everything in th*' store
will be reduced iu rock bottom
t permit
Sealed tenders will be received
by the Minister of Lands not later
than  noon on the 16th  day of
June, 1913, for  the purchase of
| Licence No.  X62, being 605,000
feet of timber on Lot No. 239,
refused.   Apply Box -130, at thisI Hoskin Inlet, Valdez Island, Say-
office. Ward District.   One year will he
wlr.t-r.A „ ui!_„i ni     ,i, •. (allowed  for the  removal of the
Wanted a.First Class Waitress. | timberi   Pai.ticulars of H.  ,.,
Apply to Restmorc Grill, Courte- MacMillan. Chief Forester, Vic-
nay, B.C. ! toria, B.C.
Just a few of the many values as space won
a whole list.
Men's Canvas Hats
airs, pel- suit 1
Icavy Merino Underwear, 25c.
.40c,    Ladies While Waists 80c.
10c.    Embroideries and
Insertions 5c.
Anderson's Besl
Ginghams 15c.
i 'heel. Gingham ; 12c
Prints 12c.
Sill;.-, per yard . . 50c.
"   Shirts . .    < $1.00
"   Fey Neckties 35c. and 50c.
Boys' Wash Suits     75c. fo $1.25
Children's White Dresses, Ladie; 	
binations etc at Great Reductions.
It is seldom such an opportunity ccmes to you at this season
of the year to buy new spring goods at such low prices.
Sale Starts to-dan fSaturdayJat 10 a.m.
White Underwear, Com-
Next Door to Tarbell's.
»—4a *V '<* 4* -> <*-■->* -s^-^^a- -^e^-^^Sf -^■^■.f4\. THE   ISLANDER,   CUMBERLAND,   B. C.
Many growing girls in school
or business are fraii—delicate—
anemic—lack energy and am*
Hti. >n and have thin blood, lt is
all unnatural and unless checked
leads to serious and chronic ills,
Nourishment, not drugs, is the
law of reason to build strength
—but when appetite is poor and
digestion weak, ordinary foods
d i no) nourish—then SCOTT'S
EMULSION is necessary,
SCO!T'S EMULSION overcomes just such conditions; its
tissue material enters
the blood without di-
gestWe effort anil makes
it rich, it tones the
whole system nnd stmts
the healthy aetiou of
cells throughout the
Imitation* are oFtein
offered   but t, go! tesult*
you mini get SCOTT'S.
Scott & Bowue, Toiuiito. Ontario
Man wlmost  Decapitated    b ■    Thick |
Rope  Slung   Across  the   Road
Berlin, Germany.—An automobile
minder of a peculiarly atrjcious character occurred near Henutnssdorf, a
vllhgo about an hour's train journey
from P, rliii. A jeweler, named Pluni
and his wife were killed, and their
eldest daughter was seriously hurt.
Plunz, hla wife and their two daughters had been driving in tho neighborhood ail day, and were returning
home to Berlin about 8 o'clock,
another motorcar following, was a
friend, Herr Jahuko, whose car was
about two miles behind.
Plunz'a ear, steered hy Pliinz him-
self, arrive:! at a part of Hie road
with trees growing on hnt!) sides.
Here some ruffian-or ruffians a short
time previously had stietched a wire
rope about half an inch thick across
the road. On« length of the rope
was about the height of the top of
the wheels of the motorcar, and in-
other was about breast-high of the passengers.
Plunzs car came with full force
against the rope, which had been fastened to trees. The ronn caughl
Plunz, and nearlv decanitated him.
and caught his wife in tho face. Il
lore out. her eyes. Roth were flung
from the ear wl'h preat violence.
Fran Plunz broke her neck In her fall
The'r younger daughter, who was sit-
tire beside her father, escaped In-
Jury .
Tbe*police are sure that robbery was
intendei, but thnt th" murderers wer*1
frustrated in Iheir purpose by *he arrival a Utile later of Herr Jahnke's
ear. The roarl is Inrsroly frequent■-**!
by Berliners visiting the pretty north
ern neighborhood of the city.
Great   Preparations for Gathering  at   Explorar Sta.ts Gathering Members OT   Views Expressed uy Him Create a 3ig
Regit- Next May j      Expedition From Men of Proved Sensation Throughout Italy
Uready seven commliteea comprised j Experience |    Rome.—It is stated Mgs. BonomelU,
London.—The council of the Royal I the octogenarian bishop ol Cremona,
Geographical society at Its torthcom-' who is known In I'aly as 'The Patriot
Ing meetings will consider a resolution | Bishop,' has just published a reruara*
voting to -/Itjhalmaf Stefansson, ;he|able pastoral on 'The Pa;..;y and It-
C-nad!an arctfc explorer, a BUbstan-[aly;   the  Church and  Politics.'
. >& i
j of the 'hustlers' of Reglna, Moos,' jaw |
and Saskatoon are busily engaged in
making all necessar, preparauous for
Lhe holding of a monster retailers o indention In the city on May 5, 6, and
7. In addition to giving the retailers
plenty of food for thought as to the
test methods of conducting their business, it is proposed to give tbem a rollicking good time while in the city.
'ihe ladies who will undoubtedly accompany their husbands will also be
taken care of. 'lhe entertainmenl
has already announced that It will
j make special arrangements for the
; entertainment ot the ladies, aud it
I has been suggested that one afternoon
might be taken up by a luncheon at the
parliament buildings, if such could be
In tiie way oi general entertainment,
ii la proposed to make arrangements
with Hi!' tleglnn Theatn management
to have a good musical comedy aa th ■
attraction on tho last night, when tho
lial grant toward the cost 0* his expedition to the north, which is being
made under the auspices of the Cai,.
adian government.
Monsieur Reucnat, tho fanu-us
French anthropologist., who a few days
ago offered bis services free to Lne
government authorities at Ottawa,
came to London tu confer with Stefansson, and was selected to accompany
the expedition. Two Englishmen
wlll also join (he expedition; Dr.
Janoess, of South nos Island fame, has
already been cho&e-i, aud the second
man will probably be Prof. Murray,
who directed tli. scientific staff on the
Shackleton exp. dltlon.
Writing of the ugly quarrel but ween
the vatiean and the kingdom ol Italy,
which hns now been protracted for
over Bixty-thrao years, the bishop says:
'I'fic strongest loves thut sway men
are those of their faith and fat.ierluii.l,
and when these tire made to elasn,
men, especially the younger r.ien. come
to feel dlvid»d against t'.iemsehos.
How many, during the period since
this deplorable foud was start', d havo
abandoned their interest in Catholicism, quitted the church, and oven com-
bated it! What it massacre of souls
has been . nd is stili being made! 1 I
should bloas Providence at my ad-,
vancetl age could 1. before descending I
to my grave, see this loug-dcsiiTd con- j
dilation effected, and the tanner of
Italy waving over lhe altars beside the
Cross ot Christ.
Mgr. BonomelU Fays there never!
was an epoch when it wa? more nee s-1
sary  for intelligent  Catholics to d
In  all  i-a(■.*-•  ot
of nil horses, broodmares, coiis, staunma,
•rn tlipji tongues ur tn the Feed put tipotm'i
l.inula Compound.   (Jive thu remedy to
all of them.      it tots on the blood and
glands,   it routeb 'lu- disen-so by txpoiu
hit* tha disease germs,    it wardd on' im
trouble  no   matter   how   they  are  "exposed.'      Absolutely.free from unyth.ng
Injurious.     A chiu can safely take il.
Sold by drugfittitu una harness dealers*
Distributors—Alt Wholesale UruggtsAs
Chemists and fcacterl-jlog.-sts. Uoshtn,
lr»u  ,   U.S.A.
For Cases of Exhaustion   and    Nerve
Weakness— How S.   Jeremy   Found
Relief When He Cured His Kidneys.
Snlatyn, AJta.,(Special).—-That the
natural remedy for   exhaustion   and
nerve weakness Is one that will give
good circulation nnd pure Mood car*
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhers-
Mostly '
A   woman    can't   throw   a   thing
straight to save her life.
Oh yes.     There's one thing she can
throw straight.
* What is It?
A cutting remark.
tlngulsh between what Is human and
corruptible and transitory in tho Ro«
man Catholic Church and what is divine, Immutable, nnd permanent.
This liberal-minded prelate further
vindicates the right of laity to full
liberty In all ■.ol'.tlcal, civic, and other
matters outside the dot-final and moral teaching of the church.
As for the clergy, Uiey may be In a
somewhat different position, since
thev form a class apart under special
rylng nutrition to all parts oi the body,' ittWa t)f discipline.     The pastoral has
gain proved in the caao of s. Jere-  caused quite a stir throughout Italy.
my, a   well-known resident   of   this i —. •
place. yo CURE A COLD  IN ONE  DAY
"For over two years I suffered from Take LAXATIVE UKOMO tjutmne Tab-
a'tacks of exhaustion and nerve weak- l°«. Druggists.refund, ni *....  j. ■- :.-■■■.
uesa."  Mr,  Jeremy states.    "I    tried * „°
many nerve foods and tonics but mustl
admit that Dodd's Kidney Pills have:      Population of Russian Prisons
benefitted me more than anything else.    Sl   petersburg.~-Remarkable stalls-
1 e,vter UBe<3,       , . , ,        ,     Mies have been laid before the Duma
am more than gratefu for what recent]y wiUl regard to the population ,
Dodds Kidney Pills have doue forU the Russian prisons. It appears
mt; , , sl that between the years 1905 and 1911
Nerve weakness and exhaustion are! the nUmber of the prisoners in Russia
tiHuviii'a .
Do not be misled—
and LOOK for the Trade-Mark.
Perrin's Gloves a -e famed for
their Style, Fit ind Finish.
Cloves that are .VOT stamped tvlth
either tha trademark or tht name
"Perrin'sMa/cs" ur* not thegenuine.
caused    by
Instigator of Movement for Retailers
Convention at Reglna -n May   5,   6,
and 7.
eat're house would be bough! for the
visitors by the special committee mi
charge of the entertainment. It was
at first thought that the vaudeville
might be more attractive from the visitors' point of view, but the majority
considered that the city should not
spare expense In getting the nest production possible.
In order to assure n large attendance
Impure   blood.
was largely among the pollt-
.the expense  of all departments con-!
to cure the kidneys. ! cerned h.ld mcreased bv 83 per cent, j
Pills have yet. to find |     Acta ,,f terrorism in Russia during
" ai!*euse they cannot; lhe |ast tevt yeara have been ot rare j
occurrence,      It  is    not    anarchism j
 .. . I which is lilling the prisons, but trade
Disappointed 'unionism and socialism.      The infer-1
,     , , Inipurekaa increased by 95,000 and that the!
blood  is  caused  by diseased  kidneys   lncrea8e was largely among the polit- h
Minis io strain the waste matter of 1oal  prisoners.      From-4903  to mil
tlie tody out of the blood.    The natural remedy
Dodd s Kldu
a case of kidney
■    Georg" lias told uie all the secrets
i of his past.
j     Mercy!    What did    you
I them'.'
i    I   was awfully disappointed.
ogaiding the prisons was laid
[ before the Duma as a result of inquir-
think    ofiies instituted  into the large number
/i of cases of suicide reported from tbe
having t
only one thing worse than
shovel coal, and that is not
Following nut that idea the publicity
committee has also liutructed the]
secretary  to circularise  the retailers
Perhaps one reason why the fool
killer is out of a job is because he soldiers on it.
'.Im transportation committee has civ! Pretty English Village Pours Best of  having any lo shovel whfn the m
tcreil Into negotiations with tlio rail- Population  Into Dominion of        | onry hits the zero mark,
wav companies with a view to ?ecur- j Canada
Ing cheap faro? to and from Rcg'.na     L En; land.-HIgh up among
during the  time of  the  conventon. L,le hiUs 0, 0s(urilsim,,, b,,wcra tho
villages of   I'omhe   and   Stouesllolil,
, there is a little place   called   by    a
, ,I freakish fancy Paradise.       In   some
throughout  tho onire  province   and „ ,/   , ,      ,   na„,e(1, The
other means are also being engaged  COUntry Is extremely   beautiful;    the
! land  fruitful.      But  the  Inhabitants
i are  leaving it—leaving Paradise  not |
[singly but In" scores out ot their scanty
1 hundreds for a golden vision in the;    Spring ailments are not Imaginary;
I west | Even the most robust tiiul the winter
a commltlee and ihe Northwest Com-     N|?xt  Am.n t   n( „oariy fifty1 months most trying '.o their health.
Association   has   alsol      p]e w)1, ,e'ave c-mbe and Stones-
t-> p*'t Into touch with ihesc merchants.
The Knights of tlio Grip will work
hard in ilie interests of the convention
from now until the time of meeting.
The United Travellers have   formed
How to Gtt New H.a'.lh and New
Strength at This ieasor.
id Men
i*[l a committee to work In con-
on with the travellers. li la
ither likely that the travellers
will take an active part in the programme of entertainment to be provided,
field for Canada, more than Fi percent I
From CharTbury,;
For Years, Restored To Health
by Lydia E.Pinkliam's Vegetable Compound.
No \sthma Remedy Like it. Dr. .T,
D. Kellopg's Asthma Remedy is distinctly dlfferenl from other' so-called
remedies. Were this not so it would
not l\tive continued its great work, of
relief until known from mean to ocean
for its wonderful value. Kellogg s
the foremost and besl of all asthma remedies, stands upon a reputation
founded in the hearts o.' thousands
who have known its benefit.
Acril a party of nearly  _
Confinement Indpors, often m overheated and nearly always badly veil*
f the population. From CharTbury,I tilated rooms—in ihe homo, the ollice,
■i rrther larger vilbt.se in the vicinity, the shop und the scnools, taxes the n-
n-iotber fifty .re going at the same tallty of even the strongest. The
*lme Whole families have emigrat- blood becomes thin and watery and id
idl'* fathers going Brfit, have sent clogged with impurities. Some peo-
hom«  for  th«ir  wives and  children; . pie have headaches and a feeling of
hrothprs   have   aenl    for   brothers
Near'v 150 people hav left 'he two
smaller   villages  out   (
pomilation of ahnut oon.
Young Combe and .'runs StonesfiMd
nhrosd   arp  doing remarltablv  well.
The tales of th°ir doin
the  ptny-a'
Canadian women nre continually writ-
iressionsof grati*
'ife of France's    Ex-President    and
State  Department  in  Amusing
Paris, France,—An amusing exam*
e of ofiicial red tape is furn ishad uy
dispute lid ween a state
nl  ex-Pn sldcnt  Fallieres
such letters as tho tw
are heartfelt e>
r i- itored health:
ford Station, Ont—"I have ta-
diaE. Pinkham's Vegetable Com-
ipound and never
luund any me licine
to compare with it,
[had ulcers and failing of  womb   uud
doctors did   tne   na
(food.    I Buffered
dreadfully for years
ft until 1 began taking i
co recommend it for
nervousness and indigestion. " - Mrs.
Henry Clark, Glanford Station. Ont
Chestervllle, Out - "I heard your
medicines highly praised, and a year ago
I began taking them for falling of womb
and ovarian trouble.
"My left side pained me nil the time
nnd just before my periods whi 'h were
Irregular und painful it would be worse,
To -fit down caused me pain and sutTer-
ing and I would be so nervous sometimes that I could not, bear to see any
one or hear any one speak. Little specks
would float before my eyes und I waa
always constipated.
" I cannot say too much for Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and
Uver Pills, for there nre no medicines
like them. I have taken thorn and I
recommend them to all women. You may
publish this testimonial."'— Mrs. STEPHEN J. MABTTN, CbtsUrville, Ontario. |
kepi   a
at li T
hich M
i sidenl
bout the
itenu  ot
nd    win n
m- on
besl poultr
of domnint
N'O'V    tl! .
resld nee, Mn'
lake ber poui
departmonl li
Fallieres took
1 S \ Ramboulllet,
"   ' Mme.    Faille)
ia: which Bhe boasted
home in Lot-et-Garon-
rn ii thirty-four of her
! the Btate department
i-d two black I loud.in
first of the Woodlelsb hoys who wen;
out ltst an ring, and In the cours-a of
:-, year hns sent hotnn nearlv $500.
Two hr-rV-rs are joining him this
snrlni and n"e mor next year. The
climate in tho we-«t seAms to work
strange transformations of character,
'no. Onp man who was no! noted
ror hard work at home set o'f n'no
months ago. and ru th" joy of his wife,
besides sending her homo si j\ week
regularly, has now forwarded $200 for
her passage and to buy warm cloth-
From ihn ,v»r\ Head Tnn at Con*'-*-*
•he whol° fnmllv is mlgratlnf, Ri\
ver.rs ago lhe i*' h t'1 p°n wa" the nion-
ror nf pmicrftlon fr m [be vll'a^e In
Pn-nnda b" h; i morried nnd has a
bonie rt his nwn, fir vhlnli be has
hpon ofored IHF0O. His father fob
low»d h'm i *>•■ sr nco,   n»d   *n    the
langour.     Others are low-spirited and
nervous.       Still  others  are   troubled
combined! with disfiguring   pimplea   and   skin
i eruptions,  while eomo get up in the
1 morning feeling just as tired na when
j they went to bed.       These   are   all
fire the blood j spring symptoms lhat the blood is out
There  Is   Mi"  of order and that a medicine is need
ed. Many people take purgative
medicines in the spring. This is a
serious mistake. Vou cannot cure
yourself with a medicine Lhat gallops
through your system und leaves you
weaker s ill. This is all that a purgative don. What you m jd to give
you health and strength In the spring
is a ton'c medicine that will enrich the
blood aud soothe tlie Jangled nerves.
And the ono always reliable tonic and
For Over 40 Years We Have Been
Making Vehicles in Canada
FORTY years ago we adopted the policy of "One grade
only and that the best," and we still maintain it. Men
who know our goods buy McLaughlin carriages
because they know they are getting the best whalebone
hickory, toughest steel, finest designs, and <;&J: finished
vehicles in Canada.
We want to get acquainted wil h the men who hnve
never owned a McLaughlin carriage or motor car. We
believe it would be in your best interests to carefully investigate our full line of goods before placing 'yflur orders.
We own and operate our own branch houses which
carry full lines of automobiles, carriages, spring wagons,
and repair parts at Winnipeg, Regina, SasValoon, Calgary
and Vancouver, and cordially invite your most critical
McLaughlin Carriage Co., Limited, Oshawa, Ontario
blnoil   blll'il
Pills.      Tli
spring w
the mon? Be:
such aa :uki
ingestion, i-hi umatlsm,
cases iiu" to bad blood
Howe, Portland, On
)r.   Williams'  Pink
b not only   banlsb
it guard you agaiiibt
oils aliments thai foilovv,
nr.n, ni rvous debility, In-
nutl other ills*
.    Miss Lilian
Kays:  "A little
Best for Wear
Insist on the
i!'0\ scnuine Eureki
y y Harness Oil in
original packages
Dealers everywhere
Harness Oil
twd'-e •"
she  has  left   tbe
in , Pall teres prop
Itry with nor.      Bui tli
Intervened       Mnn
thirty-four   fowl.-'   i
lid    the   i
i is nl llhi
fowls - no
ffleinl   ramUy,
I'ltlio  p,OVP(\  n«nr|V  $100.        11"
md ^o !"•<'■  his wire nnd nil
r'n. his sondn-law and all bin
over a year ago 1 was in a very anaemic condition, suffering from mosl uf
the Bymptoms of lhat Irouble. often
I spent sleepless nights, and fell ns
though l-did r.oi care whether 1 lived
n poor mai sman who considers
in the hanil worili two in the
i?partnn nt.
' i-s no s!*^
n girl It
Unit she
afraid of a mouse
ran 1 car .. cat.
original fowl
erably.     Th
ha' In
had  multiplied en
department replied
in thai case the imported lions
taken lhe place of tile , iginal number which Mine, Fallieres found on
arrival, and that tl.ey consequently did
not belong to her. Moreover, proceeded lhe department. :f the number
has increased so greatly, the poultry
must be the descendants of the two
state cocken \>.
Mine. Fallieres replied tbat tbe
state cockerels died long airo. Gran'etl,
said the department, then the cockerels whlcb are there now lah-1 the place
of those  so generously  provided  by
There the dispute stands at present,
Some people can't worry over big
things because they are so busy doing
a similar service for the little thing*!.
t,j- not. ln this condition I b
taking Dr. Williams Pink Pills, audi
after the use of ten or twelve boxes
I was restored to (lie blessing of perfect health, I feel, therefore, that I
cannot say too much in praise of this
If you are ailing this spring you cannot afford, in your own interest, lo
overlook so valuable a medicine as Dr.
Wiirama' Pink Pills. Sold by all
medicine dealers tr hy mail at 50
cents a box or fIn boxes ior $2.60
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co ,
Brockvilte, Out.
Isle uf Wight Crumbling
London.—Further serious   falls   or
cliff at Atherfleld, Isle of Wight, have
again   rendered   the   lifeboat   useles
y.anj Dy- damaging beyond repair the lauuel
ing slipway from the top of the cliff
to tbe beach, which Is the only means
ol launching the boat, It wlll be ae,--
i ral months before another slipway
can be constructed.
Home.—The Duchess nf Union had
a narrow escape from being burned
to death. While anointing her arms
and neck with a preparation for rheumatism, she approached too closely
to n spirit lamp, and the preparation
ignited. The duchess was saved by
her maid who smothered thy Haines.
to r
Mistress—I shall want
dressed by 3 o'clock. Ellei
aiiv friends that may call.
Ellen—Oh, thank yer, mum!
you going to be in?
W,  N.  U. 944
li Is com fort Ins*; to observ** that th.
crazy people always take a view Contrary to our otvu.
It fmna-tg ■*. i* Bitatful rIow cf vlsoroui
health to. i ■■'   tr.ui leaves
it emootli n-'.i Mtt.  keen
vour  kiddles' fcw«[and
hands clean v.ithfaNAP. It
doca tlie worU*
Cai* Coapiatf Li.-t.tUd. Woilrs j|
Much nf the original sin to bo oh-
d about ns doesn't show man**
of originality.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Dandruff
When a man gels the better of u*
We are inclined to believe nil the
mean things w. ever heard about him,
The man who waits for opportunity
.to knock finds the waiting good.
ed by r
a good dinner has been spoil-
poor digestion.
The most obstinate corns aud warts
fall to resist Hdlloway's (tor^i Cure.
Try it.
A Good Word for the flat
London.—Doctor  Red path,  medical
A contrary man Is one who won't
listen to the good advice we pour out
for his benefit.
We could stand for our continued
bad luck if it were not 20 monotonous.
We constitutionally hate lv.onotony.
r of health, has reported to the I    The boas isn't round   loudly   pro-
Woodbrldge urban council that
3tU0 rata destroyed by the council s
order, one-half were examined microscopically and in no case was there
any suspicion of disease.
claiming who he
Buffaloes Change Habit
Capetown.—A   Radclyffe   Dugdale,
lecturing at ibe Camera Club on bis
experiences in British East Africa,
where be stalked game with the camera, said that a curious change had
taken pLacu in the habits of the African buffalo, which had become a nocturnal creature. It seemed possible
he added, that this was a protective
device, as the fly which carried rinderpest was diurnal.
He v.b j has not don« that which be
ought not to have doaa has missed a
lot of fun.
"Sample tree  it  you wru<* INattotuJ
Drug   nnd   CliemUal   Co.,   uf   Cunatltk
Limited. Toronto*-" THE   ISLANDER.   CUMBERLAND.   B. C.
A Siberian
And the Charge That
Came Later
By   P.   A.   MITCHEL
Edwin Borden, nftcr having graduated at a law school, suddenly found
himself by inheritance ln possession of
I fortune. He resolved to put off the
practice of Ills profession for a more
congenial occupation—traveling. So
he went to Europe and "did" ull countries, winding up with Husshi.
After doing Warsaw. Moscow and St.
Petersburg he concluded to go into the
country and see something of Itussluti
rural life.
One dny while walking on the main
street, or road, rather, running through
a Tillage, he saw what appeiirpiTtu lie
I crowd ln the distance moving townrd
him. Wben it came up he saw it wus
one of those snd processions of prisoners on  their way to Siberia.    First
eame a line of soldiers marching "route
Step." then criminals, politicals, men,
women and some wbo were scarcely
more than children: Among tbe latter
was a girl of about eighteen. Tbat
she was a political was apparent from
ber features, wblch marked refinement, intellect and character.
To see any one ln the strong arm of
the law is snd. but to see a girl on the
very threshold of life trudging along
through snow, with armed men ready
to shoot her if she attempts to get
■way, her destination the terrible mines
of Kara, on tlie Arctic ocean. Is enough
to freeze tbe blood in one's heart.
While Borden was looking nt her she
raised her eyes and met bis. and so
great was the sympathy she saw in
them that she returned It by au espres-
■ion of gratitude. Borden would have
walked on that he might continue to
look at ber, but tbe sight was too snd,
■nd he feared to be considered obtrusive, so he remained standing where
be was till tbe melancholy procession
bad passed, then gazed after them till
tbey disappeared, a dark spot on the
White snow in the distance.
Borden went buck to St. Petersburg,
.tnable to throw off a sadness induced
by the distressing sight of persons going to n doom .far worse than death,
■nd passed through the city, delaying
only long enough to pick np baggage
be had left there aud be sure that bis
passport was In proper condition. Then
be started on his way to n more congenial "climate and a land with a less
despotic government
One thing he did not forget during
the rest of his stay in Europe nor after
bis return to America—the face and figure of the convict girl on ber way to
Kara. He could not shake off the melancholy procession, especially the one
person ln It who hnd returned so pathetically his look of sympathy. He
took an office, swung out bis shingle as
an attorney and tried to work, but clients were not to be bad without an effort, and. having a fortune, there was
little Inducement for blm to make It
However, be stayed on for a couple of
years, then gave lt np and returned to
Borden wben abroad at times stopped
at pensions Instead of hotels. At the
former he made acquaintances, while
it tbe latter he usually passed his unoccupied time alone. One day on arriving at Paris he stopped at a pension at
wblch be was accustomed to pnt up
wben in tbat city. Tbat was the year
the czar of Russia visited the French
people and became their ally. Indeed,
be had just arrived ln Paris at tbis
time. Borden had gone there to witness the festivities attending tbe monarch's reception. At dinner Borden
sat opposite the entrance of the dining
room and suddenly, looking np. was
startled at seeing a woman enter whom
be recognized at once as the girl convict he had seen on her way to Siberia.
But, oh, how changed! Instead of
appearing as one Just from her teens
she looked as if she might be anywhere between thirty and fifty. And
Instead of wearing tbe patient look
of a martyr her face had become hardened.    It seemed to Borden, perhaps
because he knew something of ber
story, tbat abe was thirsting for revenge.
On meeting his gaze she gave a slight
start, but passed on without giving
any other sign of recognition. She was
alone and sut at one end of n table
where there were no otber diners. Uer
back wns to Horden. so lie could not
see her face. He left the dining room
before ber and waited lu the adjoining
room, where he hoped to get another
sight of ber. While at dinner be had
made a story to tit her case. This was
what be fancied:
She bad suffered ln the mines of
Kara. She had joined hunger strikes.
She had fallen under disease in tbe
damp prisons and living upon unwholesome food. She had found an
opportunity for escape. She had tolled
through suow or over frozen waters to
some country, Sweden probably, where
she had arrived hungry, frostbitten,
more nearly deud than alive. And now
that she was free she was consumed
by one all absorbing passion—revenge.
And here the presence in Purls of tbe
man who stood fur all this wrecking,
the emperor of ltussla, furnished ■
Site wns there to kill him.
The girl must have gone out by on-
otber door, probably to avoid blm. Disappointed, he was about to go to bis
room when a servant approached blm
nnd handed him a bit of paper. Opening It. he read:
May I ask that you wlll Join me for a
few minutes In my private parlor?
"Most assuredly," were the words
that came to hlui. but he did not speak
them. He simply followed tbe servant,
who led him to a door, knocked and
left him. The door was thrown open,
and before him stood the woman wbo
bad occupied bis thoughts for two
years. She shut tbe door behind hlui
and stood for a few moments as if
striving for composure. Then she said
in a'low. unsteady voice, as If fearing
to be overheard, "I have sent for you
to ask you not to mention to any one
having seen me on my way to Kara."
"I certainly- will not mention it,"
Borden replied. "On the contrary, Is
there anything I can do for you?"
"There Is. Engage passage for me to
America as your sister or some other
"1 wlll do so with pleasure. When
do you wish to sail and from wbat
"As to your first question, it depends.
As to yonr second, Cherbourg will probably be the best for me. Engage a
room for the next steamer. If 1 nm
not ready to leave then 1 must take tbe
next Inter."
"If I am to trust you it is but right
that you should trust me. Tell me your
She did so, and he bad been right In
his surmises as far ns they went. Her
fate had made n madman of her father. Her brother had gone to Kara
and had arranged for and effected her
escape. But he was killed by bhe
guards ln doing so. Her mother hud
died of grief Induced by the family misfortunes.
"And now." said Borden after she
hnd given n synopsis scarcely more detailed than tbis, "you are here in Paris
for revenge."
Tbat he had divined ber secret was
evident from the stare she gave him
und a nervous shudder thnt passed
over her. Almost in a whisper Borden
"You are here to assassinate the
Whether it was that the danger, the
horror of it all, was suddenly revealed
to her; whether it was that her secret
had been so readily divined, causing
her to realize that her design was impracticable, does not matter. Possibly
she did not know herself; possibly it
wns n transfer of the burdeu she bore
to one who sympathized with her. Her
frame shook convulsively; then, throwing herself back in her chair, she guve
way to passionate sobs.
Borden deemed the last of these suppositions correct nnd permitted her to
take ber time to decline froun\being
strung to the highest pitch to a normal
reluxedness. Then, reaching forward,
he took her hand in bis and said:
"For two years you have never for
a day been absent from my mind.
Heaven has sent me to befriend you.
Let me bear your burden. This meeting has brought n change for us both.
I see for you, If not n happy future, nt
lenst one of comparative comfort
: (live up tbis mad design nnd let me
help you. plan for you, that you may
gradually throw off a terrible past and
take on a more Inviting future."
!    Borden In telling the story added:
"There is an undercurrent to this ex-
I perience that no words can properly
! express.     Yet   without   lt   my   story
| would be like salt without savor.    It
would have been merely nn episode.
Had it not been for tbat of which 1
i speak this girl, suffering from a mad-
| ness to which Bhe hnd been driven by
n cruel fate, would bave shunned me
Instead of calling on me to come to
her when we met in Pur-Is.    Whether
she would have tried to curry out her
J desperate Intention   I   do   not   know.
j But one thing 1 know—owing to this
j undercurrent of which I speak, taken
I with our meeting, she was brought to
look upon wbat sbe bad had in mind
with   horror.     More   than   this,   the
i whole current of her life ns well as
mine was turned Into smoother waters.
As she herself afterward expressed it,
the change wns like riding into a safe
liarhnr, leaving behind n tempest of
angry winds and waves.
"And what was this bidden power?
It flashed between her nnd me wben
she was staggering in the snow on her
way to Kara, wben she looked up nnd
saw pity in my eyes.    Love, like the
electric spark, passed from me tn ber
i and from her to me    And like a spark
I of electricity,  little ln  itself, it has
| power to move tbe universe,"
Hints For Fighting tha H ch Cost of v,|v„   FlciBgt  ,„   tn,   N,wttt  .nd
Livin;. Smartest Shapes of tha Season.
The problem ol how to lighten the The young girls have a splendid stock
cost of high living is s vital one to. of nats to (.noi.se their Easter bouuet
d.iy.  and especially  is this question from    A, ,n|s Mr|   )||1(e most <)f ,hllse
absorbing  to  the   poor   man a   wi le brimmed, with a slight
Ier household liiotto shou     . urel    he *
to make uie best of everything,   iiu-- ........          ...       .    , ,
Kin  savs.  "Industry  without art is decided roll all aronnd, tbe under brim
brutality."   And that is justly sn of Beraifaeiug of changeable silk, the ex-
the homernaker.   Her duty is to make treiue outer ed^e being covered with
her home just as attractive as  pes- straw.   Most of these hats have *ery
ble, aiid to do thut she must, keep little trimming.   Some huts have only
oue lurge quill, which penetrate* the
lirim ou the left side. Three small
bright red velvet hows nre a Iho used to
trim the side crown ou the .eft side
Another becoming shape for dress occasions hus ti wide brim, which droops
in   mind  thut  "a  penny  saved i
penny earned" and that every piece
of food throw a out is money thrown
Here are four things that help much
iu lowering the cost of high living;
They are buy in as large quantities
as possible, thereby getting a reduction. Use things iu season, when they
are cheapest. When egg prices soar
search your cook book and household
magazines for "eggless recipes."
Make a systematic collection o! economical nutritious dishes.
When eggs ure high ill making
doughnuts boil and mash a good-sized
potato, beat it in with the sugar antl
make tlie doughnuts us usual Without
any eggs.
ln making pumpkin <*r squash pics
iu place of eggs roll crackers tine and
use as much of them in bulk as you
would ot eggs. You eould not tell
the difference if you did not know.
When you want pudding for dinner
and have no milk try adding another
egg and a few more raisins and use
warm water in place of milk.
Beef loaf is a tine dish in which the
cheaper cuts ol meat j re never recognized. To make it take one and one-
half cupfuts of stale breadcrumbs or
cracker crumbs, two pounds ot ground
beef, three teaspooufuls of salt, seasoning to taste. Mix with water or
water and milk, using as much as you
can, and have the meat hold together.
Bake about one hour in a bread tin.
Thicken the liquid left in the pan ior
Pork in batter is another good way
to employ the cheap meat. Make a
batter of one egg beaten with one-
third cupful of milk and enough flour
to make the consistency of pancake brim has n black velvet facing edged
batter. Fry some slices of salt pork with knife plaited valenclennes lace,
until they look clear and are begin- A wide piece of black velvet ribbon en-
ning to crisp, then dip in the batter circles the side crown and Is finished
until well covered. Return to hot lat at the left side back In a soft knot,
until  well   done.    Serve  with  baked   xhe end" are drawn over the edge of
Gigst-dic SwinHle That Came Near
Wrecking  ths  EnElish  Nation.
One ot the in i-t gigantic i-windHtw
schemes that was evr promulgated,
n swindle that came very near wrecking the Kng!i-*n nation, wa* the project known to history m the South
.-?■*'.  Bubble.
The c-1 rich-quick scheme was not
only backed by the English Parliament an! the House of Lords, but
.'■•-* by the jifnr financiers nl that
country and even royalty it-elf. (hie
fortunate feature <*t tlie project wa*
that it was nn such 11 larav -=cale tint
rn!y the wealthy people <f the realm
were made lo suffer, the poorer
dashes being unable to invest.
The South Sen Company was formed in 1711, i rincipnlly throne!* the
instrumentality nf Robert llarley.
the f**irl of Oxford, wbo was Lord
Treasurer nf Kngland. Hi* object
wa* to improve public credit and to
provide for tbe floating debts, which
nt that time amounted close to $50,■
iion.ooii. In return the company was
to receive hy way of reward a monopoly of all the trade with Spanish
| South America.
In those day.* little was known of
the continent of South America und
generally the public had the idea
that it possessed untold wealth. They
expected that the people of that
country would he as receptive to the
trading of gold and diamonds as were
the Indians   in   giving   of   valuable
The Woman Who's Determined to
Please Too Much.
Chafing Dish Sot In Crash Toweling la
Just the Gift For Hostess Who la
Fond of Entertaining Informally at
Supper or Luncheon.
pear Elsa-I have just come back to
New Vork from u week end spi-ni wltb
Margaret W.. mid 1 never leave ber
charming country borne without the
uncomfortable feeling that I have been
extremely rude. Margaret la one of the
few remaining specimens of pollteueaa
left lo lis iii Ibis rude, busy age. Indeed, she Is so anxious to be nice and
to have her guests enjoy themselves
tbat she defeats her own good object
by being too solicitous of tbelr well being. In otber words, she is one of those
-pressing" people who make lhe average woman feel like "saying things"
at times.
Here Is an example of what I mean:
"Won't you have one of these enkea,
dear?" she cried one afternoon at tea,
skins snd lurs lor small quantities ol   Ber bright eyes falling on my empty
bends   nnd   ether   articles   of   Utile   _|n(e
ng   ol
iail (jua
"Thank  yon  very  much,  but  I've
slightly.   The crown nnd upper brim
are made of white yeddu.   The under
value when the first settlers came *o
Canada.   For this reason Ihe English       ,    .. . .   ,
people generally  supposed   that   by   <*ul,<* fin-abed.
buying stock in this  company   they      "Oh, but you must try one of these.
would quickly reap untold profits.       They're homemade."
The shares of this company  were !    "I'm   sure   they   are  delicious,   but
sold first at $500, but speculation ran   really"—
such riot that they soon udvanced to      "Just one, now; just to please me."
$2,500.    Everyone who   could   scrape '    go i WB8 obliged to meekly dispose
sufficient money together plunged if     . the cakCi and ns „„„„ as . had t.om,
™S asS' m^W3*5 » ,«* Ust ™" mt*"« ^
to shoulder the wbole national debt ; »*£ain
of England, amounting   to   $155,000.- I
.000, on a five'per cent, basis.   As a !
the brim and tied again ten inches
from the ends. One targe red rose is
secured to tbe right side front of the
brim.   A chic little but with crown of
Lamb a la Creole.—Thia is an attractive way to serve up cold lamb
and is tasty and economical. Mince a
green pepper after the seeds are re-
moved and half a small onion and rainproof ma lines and brim of black
cook them together in two table- velvet'is this model by Ora Cue. the
spoonfuls of butter for live minutes, man milliner. Tbe malines is shirred
Stir In four tablespoonfuls of flour, over cable cords, which jjives the ef-
When it is well blended add a feet of plaiting, and an afgret of tbe
cupful of stewed and strained toma-   malines la tbe only trimming.
toes  and a  cupful  of the liquor in | 	
which the lamb was cooked, or, if it |
happens to be cold roast lamb,  use
water or good gravy thinned a little,
Cook till the mixture is smooth and
thick, season to taste with salt aud
pepper and turn in two cupfuls of
cold lamb cut into small pieces. Stir
and cook for six minutes. Make a
hollow in a mound of hot boiled rice
and turn the ragout Into and over it,
Beef   Liver  Lyonnaise,
Importance   of   Thia   Health   Factor
Often Overlooked by Parents.
The mother wbo wishes to preserve
the henlth of the school child must attend carefully to the question of diet
Tbe child at school is giving out en-
Procure   ergy all the time, nnd food ls requisite
about a pound and a half ot beef liver, to provide energy for the work,
slice it thin and lay it in a wide frying The child requires a good deal of fat.
pan. sprinkle with salt and pepper because fat provides energy, keeps the
and two tablespoonfuls of olive oil. | body warm and is necessary (luring the
When^ ready to cook, put the panoiij time of growth. Butter, cream and
'" '       rich milk provide fat In easily digested
wit said of the craze: "Every fool j
aspired to be a knave." People clamored for the chance to get rid of their !
money. The crowds were so great at;
the offices of the company that tables I
with clerks were set in the street.      !
War with  Spain,  which  was  then I
supreme in the western hemisphere. I
quickly changed the rosiness of the
outlook.    Karly  in  September.   1710.
the South Sea stock began to decline
and it looked as if the bubble was i
going to burst.   Sir .lohn Blune and i
other big men of the company sold j
their   shares.   Then   everyone   began !
to follow suit and with their pockets !
empty lhe public turned with horror j
from  speculation.    But the mischief
was done.
With the collapse of the South S"a j
Company mighty   fortunes   all over J
Engla: 1 went to pieces.   The country
was   ruined.   The   law,   which   hud I
longed    winked   at   tlie   transaction,
now suddenly awoke, and the   members of Parliament who  were director-* were expelled from that august
body and '.heir property was confiscated  in  proportion  to   their   guilt
Now I'm sure you will have another,
won't you?"
"No, thank you. really. Margaret"
"Ob. do; I have not nearly finished
yet.   Do keep mc company.   Or perhaps you did not like my cake?"
"It was splendid!" I managed to reply, quite honestly, for Margaret Is a
fine cook.  "But. truly"—
Well, lt was all off. Margaret smiled
a sad, wistful smile, which said as
plain as words. "I'm so sorry you
didn't care for it. for If you had you
would have taken another one."
She doesn't seem to realize lhat, bow-
ever nice a cake may be. there exists
to the vulgar mind such n thing as-
well, repletion is the prettiest term I
ean call It. though very small people
i have expressed the same meaning by
I announcing that they are "full now."
|    Then one day Margaret begnu talk-
' log of new spring frocks, and I was
j foolish enough to soy that I was thinking of changing my dressmaker.
"The very chance for yon to try the
little woman who made my green
gown.   She's so smart and so cheap.
Others were severely punished, some j She lives at—   There. I've forgotten
escaped lhe country and many died ! but |'|| look It up In my address book
of ihe   shock   or  killed   themselves, j al)(, |etyou tnow...
rhu. ended  the 'famous  South  Sea      N „ matter of fact. 1 don't ad-
Buhble, one of the greatest swind es      .      ' ,.             „ M„   ...   ..
in all   history,   and   the   only regret   mlre  Margarets green  gown  In   the
a brisk fire and brown the liver nicely on both sides. Take (he liver out
and put ou a dish to keep hot. Add
to pan two onions cut into thin shreds, j
Toss them over the fire till tender, J
then add a tablespoonful ol flour and
a tablespoonful uf chopped parsley.
Stir and mix well anl add a cuplul
form. Tbe schoolboy's craving for suet
dumplings is physiological in the sense
that suet provides animal fat In a particularly suitable form for tbe schoolroom menu. Porridge and cream, white
lish, soft boiled or scrambled egg, vn-
ihflt must have been felt by those who
J lost f.j heavily whs the fact that they
i couid not get nt the promoters of the
j scheme, for they were loo big in British politics for such a procedure to be
| considered.
of hot water. When these, are smooth ried with fat bacon, and u cup of cocoa
and boiling return the liver to the: „r mj||; provide a variety of choice for
frying pan and make it very hot. Ar- j breakfast The breakfast meal should
range it on a hot platter and  pour, be Tnrled „, much as possible.   A little
least, and Dick said It was a "shriek
of fashion."
Tnying to he tactful, I appreciatively
looked nt Margaret and replied: "Don't
bother, dear. I think perhaps after all
I'll give Mme. Blank another chance."
"Yes, but you may as well have tho
address, mayn't you? And /I'm going
to her this week, and If she says sho
cnunot take any more orders just now
the sauce over it and send to the table
with a dish of baked potatoes.
White  Africans.
The Berbers, who, although African,
arc as white as Europeans', are the
oldest white race on record, says au
| explorer.   They are supposed to have
come from the south of Europe in an-
I cient   days.    Tbe  Dundee Advertiser
says, and. although their language
I and customs are entirely different
j from ours and their religion Moham-
■ mednii, they are probably closely j
| akin by descent. Blue eyes and fair
I hair are not at all uncommon among
i the Berbers, and many ol them have
rosy cheeks and features so like Eng-
! lisbmen that were they dressed in
j British fashion tbey would easily pass
as natives uf the British Isles.
"For two years alter I was married
I was ashamed to meet the preacher
who united my wife and me in the
holy bonds. You see, in my excited
condition 1 made a blunder and gava
hints a live-dollar bill instead ol V20
which 1 intended to hand him. I
suppose he thought I was .a cheap
skate, but I couldn't very well explain it without making myself ridiculous or causing him to suspect that
I was lying about it."
"You say you felt that way for two
"Yes. Alter that I began to be sorry
I had given him anything!"
The Tides.
i The tides are nothing but very long
waves, and the manner in which they
run around the earth without the water being obliged to move very lar
may be illustrated by laying a piec.
of rope on the floor and making wav
run along it from end to end.
fruit muy be served In season Instead
of porridge. Brown bread may occasionally be given instead of while.
Rolls or scones or oatmeal cake, with
fresh preserves, are excellent for break-
Tor dinner finely cut chicken, beef,
lamb or mutton, with such vegetables
us potato, cauliflower, spinach, vegetable,marrow, followed by milk pudding,
light pastry, chocolate shape or egg
custard us a sweet, may be given,
fresh fruits in their season should be
given two or three times a week at
least for dinner, nnd baked apple with
cream is an easily digested sweet for
The school child has generally only
three meals a day. so that ten should
be a more ample meal than that allowed for grownups. Plenty of bread
nnd butter, with honey or homemade
jelly, n little slewed fruit If It has not
been served nt dinner or breakfast and
occasionally u scrambled egK or cheese
custard, provide a nourishing ten when
children have the appetite to digest It
It must uot be forgotten, however, that
to compel u child who is not hungry to
take a large meal will only overtax the
digestion and may be the cause of
school dyspepsia. A tumblerful of milk
at bedtime is the best "supper" for the
younger school children ut least After
eleven or twelve years of age most
school boys aud girls wlll want bread
and butter In addition for supper.
Against Clerical Voice.
j     Four bishops expressed their view.-
recently in the Upper House of Con
vocation of Canterbury on the present I j.'j, mention "that you are a friend of
style ol intonation by the   clergy in , „   ,       u|a „„ M.
many parishes, and a resolution was ' "        '      ...  „  „
adopted to the effect that evidence ot ' l" ,or *™u "* cn"l<* wlt' "J**'
- training in the production ol the na- ! Margaret Is always full of plans, nnd.
tural voice in public reading and knowing thnt to raise ber hopes to let
public speaking should be regarded as   tbem fall again will hurt her feelings,
I a necessary preliminary requirement 1 temporized by saying, "I'll think it
lor admission to lhe dlaconate, over."
The Bishop of Chichester condemn- I    Aml s0 wc went on evPrv minute of
' ed "the church voice."   Many a time. | „|e „lnD , Epont „.,„, llPr, i filing the
he said, one came across a clergyman
who spoke very nicely outside the
chur?h, but directly he got on his
legs or on his knees in the church
he Ijst his natural voice. His lordship suggested a remedy for the
clerical throat which, he said, was
cultivated by bowing the head when
reading. "I wish," he continued,
"thnt every young clergyman would
have a pin with its point upward just
under the chin.    It is a simple, but ■ .
saio, cure lor those ol the clergy wlu I 'lo '"""■'' "f tl,oso tnln'f8' exc0?t Uml '
lower their heads during the reading | don't particularly want to,
most ungracious creature on the earth,
for Margaret never can see that she
bus said enough. Yet she Is a dear
and does mean so well.
Why don't I go lo FornclllTe next summer? Why don't I take her remedy
for sore throat? Why don't I lake a
ticket for the current event talks'; Why
don't I go to her dentist?
And Indeed I don'l know why I don't
of tbe lessons, which," he added,
the most melancholy   thing   in
church  to-day."
waves go all the way, but the rope
lies in the same place all the time.
Like Darning.
If you wish to embroider silk stockings try the following plan Instead of
using au embroidery hoop: Place your
darning ball  inside  lhe stocking and
Hie j bold It as though you were going to
A   Witty  Cadi.
"The callows will be my end; I'm
very passionate," said a young woman who applied to Mr. Heddcrwick \ r
at the North London Police Court ior   Mary, the housemaid, wus rather
a summons aguinst a man lor assault-'
ing her.
The Magistrate: "I'm very sorry to
hear that. You must endeavor to control your passion."
Applicant: "But I'm Irish and
Spanish  mixed."
The Magistrate: "That ought to he
a splendid mixture—the Spanish people are brave and the Irish people are
The woman said the man was a
mean worm to assault her.
The Magistrate: "Yes, there are lots
of worms; they will have all of us
some day."
Odor of a Deau Stymie.
George (win is putting at the lust
hole with the score "all square")—
Great Scott, a dead stymie!
Aunt Jane (an interested spectatoi
of the game)—There now! I thought
1 noticed an unpleasant smell.—London Bystander.
aurii. save tbut you should he very
careful not to stretch the stocking.
Simply hold It smooth over the darner
where you ure to do Ihe embroidery.
Preparing Cocoanut.
When desiring to use fresh coeonnuts
for a cake or dessert of uny kind. Instead or grating It In the old way. use
the meat chopper. This may be done
more quickly, and the cocoanut Is light
and Unify.   This Is wel! worth trying.
South Africa's Papers.
The   247   newspapers   published   in
South Africa give employment to 4,000   especially If you are pressed for time.
KuroDcans end 650 colored Detmle. /       Fingers nre often bruised through us-
j Ina- tbe crater.
Sir  Sydney   Olivier.
The appointment of Sir Sydney Oliv.
ier as secretary to tho Board of Agriculture occasioned some discussion
in England owing to the fact that he
is a Socialist, but there can be nu
question as to his fitness for the post
Sir Sydney Olivier is fifty-four years
of age. and is the son ol itev. H. A.
Olivier,  ol   Wiucbficld,  Hants,  Eng.
He was educated at Tonbridge School
and Oxford, and in  18«i he entered ! »wner '" ,'r*"ss stitch, carried out lu
tho Colonial Office.   In his early days   |WI" shades of bine.   On a polished ma
be was an ardent Socialist, and help. I hognny table the set Is •.tunnies:,
ed to tound the Fabian Society. |   Time's up, so auf wtcdersehen,
Dick and I never look forward to
our visits to Margaret, simply because
we find It so hard to get awny. We
plead that we have engagements ln
town.   "Won t Ihey hold over?"
Do you remember Sam Welter's re-
ply to his father when that dour old
gentleman suggested lhat his teller to
Not a bit of lt." said Sam. "She'll
vish there vos more, und that's the
greut art o' letter wrilln'."
Somehow those words always come
Into my head us 1 travel homo from
1 wonder. Flsn, how you will like the
dollies and centerpiece I am making
for a friend who docs a lot of Informal
entertaining—chafing dish parties and
the like. The set Is of blue and white
barred tea toweling. A yard and live-
eighths of eighteen inch wide toweling
makes the twelve dollies, which are
nine Inches square. A square of the
toweling w-ns too narrow to make a
good looking centerpiece, so [ compromised on an oblong table runner.
The edges of both dollies and center-
piece are finished with heavily padded
buttonholing done with mercerised cotton the shade of the blue bar In tbe
crash. Across the center of each dolly
nnd at both ends of Ihe runner centerpiece wlll be placed the Initials of the
in a
id ■p
"' "■ .1.   ■■    .   i
Published  every   Saturday   nt   Cumberland,   B.C.,   by
Islander Priutiug k PuUisbiii'i Company,
•d W.
le, Editor.
A-lvoitUin-; ratM furni-Ittsiu un application,
Subscription pvico ft 1.50 |"T year, payalile in ndvauuo
The wlitor doe*  uot  hold   biuuulf rwjwuHiblu (or
>H'\\-    i-xpie-Mi
Special Sale of Men's Suits
1 ■
W. Blakeroore, M.I.M.K, iu tbe Week uf the lOtli inst.,
li'tn the followine* article :—
Tut: condition of affairs in connection ii'itli ihecoid mining
industry nf Vancouver Island is calculated I" arouse tho mots!
serious npprebeusion on the pari of all lovers of /veace mid all
those who desire to see our greatest industry continue Lo develop. The Week bos repeatedly pointed out that tho industry,'!
is beset with difficulties; it has refrained from saying that L ,
/'-issibly Hie greatest of these is Lhe autocratic altitude assumed at times by a section at am/ rale of organized Minor. I lie
Week tried to be fair iu discussiiiiy the Cumberland strike; antl
was the only paper to point out thnt tho strike was no! engineered bv the U.M.W.A., although thai oi'gani/.atioii ruceived
abuse from owe end ol' the country In tlie other on tlie supposi-
thai it had intervened and forced a strike': Asa matter of
fact, the strike was started by tlie Vancouver Island miners
then-solves and fathered aud financed by the T.M.W..!. after
it was started. Bnt at Nanaimo and district conditions ure
entirely different. Here wo have the U.M.W,.!,, which is an
.-iinericaivorguni/.atinn with a very weak local branch repre-
seutinty numerically only a very small pcrcenlugoof otii'iiiiuci's,
eiitUavouriug to forco a strike on the community, That is a
position which no fair-minded man can endorse. Striking is
not illegal, and it is the privilege of every man to strike. There
is no law which can compel a man to work : all the law can do
is to compel, him to discontinue work in n proper 1 regular
manner. But when a large body of workmen ure satisfied
with their conditio*, and are desirous of continuing work, and
an alien organization steps in, and by every means at its disposal seeks lo force n strike, it is time for people to consider the
situation, not merely in the interest of the miners who wish to
work, but of the investors whose money has lieen spent to build
u/.i a valuable industry, and pe.ihaps more than all in the interests of the aeneral public to wnom coal is n necessity.
No sane man who understands the great labour question
would wish to deprive organized labour of any of its legitimate
■Weapons; nor put any obstacle in the way of securing by fait
weans whatever concession-" in the direction of better wages,
short hours or more favourable .surroundings the industry will
stand. But it is doubtful if the action of the U.M.W.A. docs
not violate principles which cannot be violated without ddnger
to the whole community, and it may ivell ho thai the present j
situation is one which the Government wou/d be justified in
investigating in the public interest,
The history of the O.ll'.A. is not suggestive rlf ultcnis-
tic principles, Tbe organization did its lies! for nearly two
years to ruin the con] trade of Nova Scotia. In doing this il
lUltnoouized a local Canadiau organization which ultimately
won out because is was in the rigid nnd public seutiiuenl
supported it every.step of the way If the. I'..\l. II'..I. bus
made un its mind to cattle mice and for all whether il is going
to dominate lhe coal industry of Vancouver Island, the public
ennuot too quickly understand it, It is n motler in which they
are vitallv concerned, antl whatever thev
Regular $8G,00 values for $81.00
85,00 " "  80,00
38,00 " "   28.00
82,00 " "   27.(10
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"The Corner Store," Cumberland, 1). C.
Successor (o A. McKinnell.
Ice Cream,
Cigars and
McKinnell's Old Stand,
Dunsmuir Ave, CUMBERLAND
CEALED TENDERS will be re-
•*-' ceived by the Minister of
Lands Hot later than noon on tlie
26th day of May. 1918, for the
purchase of Licence X'i;*, to cut
2,560,000 feet ol'timber on a parcel of land at tho south end of
Ilasl.-im Lake, adjoining Lot018,
Group I, New Westmininstor
District. Two years will be
allowed tor the removal of this
Particulars of the Chief Forester, Victoria, B.C.
Unless it concerns you.
Comox Co-operative Society
Purveyors of Meat, Fish and Form Produce.
ox ukv.v BUST QUALITY ONLY        DAirtV i*ed t'ortK
Home Cured Bacon (unsmokcel)     20c, per lb.
Best Smoked Bacon _-    25c.
Genuine Wiltshire Bacon  .   2Sc.
Very Best Desert Annies Obtainable _   $1.65 per box
Hams, best (Fresh every week) • 23c. per lb.
Home Made Mincemeat .... 25c,
Fresh Cabbage        ..   . 5c,      "
Best Onion  .           per'" lbs.   25c.
Potatoes Al Quality____ ,     .     $1.00 per sack
Carrots          ,         1.50      ''
English White Turnips        1.50
Halibut and Salmon, best, fresh, lowest market, prices.
Local Fresh Eggs, 35c. per doz., 3 doz. for $1.00.
Orders by phone promptly attended to.       Phone 25.
The Store of
The Store of
The Big Store
The very latest
in Men's
Clothing      \
Wo have jus! pul in stock
I his week our fll'Bl spring
shipment of the mortl up-
to-date, ('LOTH I NG in
[ILACK. These nre all
exceptionally well tailored,
%    in   noining  hut   the
tiling about tbeU, Newest    in   Sprin.tr   and
general conditions of miniiuj, Ihej  uiul hesitate to support 1 Summer (Styles.
their own fellow-countrymen aud workers rtgaiiisl the arrogant 1 Our motto is Quality and
• l   ,-             t-            "   •    ,-         i- i   i     e       ,   i ,   ' ii   I finish   First  then  Price,
interference ol  an organization  wnicli has lumenled trouble V
The I ..M.W.A.  has been  but a littlul
wherever it 1ms gone.
less mischievous than tho I.W.W.. and thai
banned even in the country of its birth.
retrntioii is
T'uLMIKI* Boi<DE"S long withheld his bond, but judging by i
th*- frenzied yelps of the Toronto Globe, and other Liberal-'
organs,' when he did bit ht hit hard.
J? tbe Senate throws mil the Navy Bill, it will uot be
because it is "busty nnd ill-considered" ky/islutinn. Tho obstructionists in the House of Commons have roboed them of
that excuse by talking ou tbe subject for four mouths.
Prices range
$16 to $28
We invite inspection
Iu the mailer of an application
for a fresh certificate of title to
Lot 210. Comox District;
NOTICE is hereby given of my
intention at the expiration of one
[calendar  month   from the first
publication hereof to issue a fresh
■ certificate of title in lieu of the
certificate of title issued to  Andrew  Lewis Galarno on tho 9th
day of June, 1807, and numbered
3693C, which has been lost.
Dated at Lnni Registry Office,
Victoria. B v . this 12th day of
March, J8JS*    H X-WOOTON.
Registrar General of Titles.
Furnished Rooms to Kent, stove
heated. For particulars apply at
(his ollice.
Grocers &'Bakers
Dealers in all kinds of Good
Wot Goods
Bost Broad and Beer in Town
Agents for Pilsener Beer
CK.HEP TK<\7-|-'.A'K, nupiii'scii'joil
" " Tender for Sandwich Soliool,"
"'II litaiwciveil by Iho Hon, tlio Mill-
'still' of   I'llhlii; Works   ll|> to  ntinll i'f
llodiioailtty, tliii 21st day of May, 1910,
fol- tlio ereetion ninl uoiupletion of it
large uim room gohooMiousu at Kami-
wiclt, in iIm Comox t'llecturid Diati-iot
Pliin«, HnouiAcnLioiiH, contract, nnd
Eol'tus of tender tiiuv Iiu seen oil Mill
after tlio ■-'•ti,I of 4pri|, P.H.'I, at llo,
ullloe of Mr .1. baird, (JoVQiameiil
Agent, Ciimbei'luild, U.C., ftlr.W, I,.
Cli'Vo, Becieliiry of the .School Board,
iSandwifli P.O., Sinnlwiili, |1. ('.; nn,I
the Dopnrlnieiit of I'olilv Worlw,
Victoria, B.C,
Intending tenderers can, hy apply-
in;: ni thu uiidorsigncd, obtain a copy
uf ib.. plaits ami Kpeciflcationit for tne
sum ol' ti'ii dollars ($10), which will lio
refunded on their return in good order.
Gacli proposal untatbo acooinpatiicd
by iiii accepted binilt vliei{ue or cerlifl.
nun of deposit OU ii ihiirlercd bank of
Canada, inakii pnyable lo tlio linn, tliu
Minister nl' I'nblio Works, for it sum
o'|iiiil io le per roiit. of tender, which
slnill be forfeited if tliopiirty tendering
decline in enlor into  contract   ivlion
Clllloil 11)101) In do so, nr if bo fii.il In
coinplclo ths work contracted for. The
chetpies or cortillcated nf deposits of
iin-uccessful tondcreia will boroturnod
lo ihem upon tbo oxeeulion of tlio con-
Tenders n ill not bo ccnmlderod unless inaduoub on forms supplied, signed
wilb the actual signature of Ibe toud
orer, nnd enolosell in Iho euvchpes
The lowest ov any lender nol necessarily iicceplod,
,/. /•;. OJilFFWi,
i'nUia Works Enyiuecr,
Department »t' Public Works,
Victoria,]!. C, ApriliUi, 11)111.
Barrister,   Solicitor   arid'
Notary Public
For absolute protection writo a Policy in
Liverpool, England.
TOTAL ASSETS, S26.78b.93
Looal Agent
Spring Cleaning
We  hare  Smoky City lo clean lite trails,
Wulljntpcrs  "Renew,''   Linoleums for  the
Floors, Polish fir lhe Furniture,  Blinds
ami Curtains for the Windows,
A fill line of Furniture, Beds, Mattress,
and Paut/es always mi hand.
"The Furniture Store
McPlico Block
Cumberlan    B.C
If it's right why change it'. A
multiplicity of models is evidence
tbat tlie maker is still experhnont-
ing, Thore is but one Ford model.
And for five years our rapidly
growing I'uctorius haven't'been able
to make all we could sell—because
it is right.
There are more than 220,000 Fords on
the world's highways- the bestpossi
hie testimony to their unexcelled worth
Prices runabout $675—touring car
$750 delivery car $776—townS car
$1000 with all euuipment, f.o.b.
Walkerville, Ont. Get particulars from
E. O. Emde, Cumberland, B.C.,.Exclusive Agent for Comox District.
i f
inr. ilkLAflDkh, UUaiKJSRjuAiti),    n.v
Is not the best car in the world but is positively
Iho BEST VALUE for the money. All competitor.* admit it by saying it is too much for the
mjiiey. We have not found many peoplo who
object to lull value for their money in automobiles
aud you get it iu the Studebaker.
25 H.P., fully eqipped,
With Presto Self Starter, «t 11 7C Aft
delivered to you for       «p 11 IO.XJKf
35 H.P., ^aSft^R!" $1650.00
At the Cumberland Hotel for a ttw
more days. Inquire lor Mr. King or Mr.
Rae for demonstration, or
Capital Paid Up $11,560,000
Reserve Fund $13,000,000
©F eANM>fl
Droits Issued In any currency, payable all over the world
highest current rates allowed on deposits of 31 and upwards
CUMBERLAND, B.C., Branch-   —   -     OPEN DAI*'
D. M. Morrison,  Manager
R. H. Hardwicke, Manager.
The Depot
Barber Shop
Hair Cut or Trimmed
Beard Trimmed
Shave -       -    '   -
Plain Shampoo
Lemon and Egg Shampoo
All Tonics
The finest Cigars and the best ol'
Tobaccos always on hand.
T. E. Johnson
Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations
COAL mining rights of tho Dominion
in Multiloba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,
thu Yukon Territory, the Northwest Torn
tories and hi ft portion c»f tho Province of
British Uiihnntua, may bo leased for a term
■>t" twenty-one years at an annual rental of
$>! an acre. Not more than 2,600 acres
will ImltMSt'd tn (*no applicant.
Application n»r a lease niustbomadu t*y
the applicant in person tu tho Ageut or sub
Agent of the district in which the rights
applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must be
described hy sectiouv'i'l^l subdivisions
nf sections, and in unsurveyed territory
the tract applied for shall be staked out by
thoapplioftut himself.
13-iCh appltcivtion must be accompanied
by a fee uf $5 which will be refunded if tbe
rij-hts applied forare not available, but. not
otherwise, A royalty shall be paid on tho
merchantable output of tho mine at the
raro of live cants per ton.
The person operating tho mine shall
furnish tho Agent with sworn returns ac
rouuting for the full quantity nf merchantable coal mined aud pay the royalty
thereon. If the coal miniag rights arc
nut being operated, such returns shall ho
furnished at least once a year.
The lease will include- the coal minim;
rights only, but the lessee may be permit-
ted to purchase whatever available sur
face rights may be considered necoEsary
fur the working of the mine at the rate of
Fur full information application almuld
be made to tho Secretary of tho Depart*
meutof the Interior, Ottawa,  or to  any
Airent nr Sub Aer-nt ofBnmiuion Lands
Deputy Minister nf the Interior.
N.B- Unauthorized publication of this
advert in tiiont will not be paid for.
Parksville School
OEALED TKND1SUS, superscribed
° "Tender t'»v Purltaville School,"
will bo rocoivod by the Honourable tlio
Minister of lVnlu- Works up to noun
of Friday, tho 10th day of May,
1913, for the election and completion
of a one-ronm sohooMiouso at Parks-
ville, in tin* *4lberni Electoral District,
Flans, specifications, contract, and
forms of tender may be seen on and
after the 2Utday of -4pril. 1913, at
tho office of Mr. G. W, Ponsfortl, Sec
i.uy of School Board, Park8villo,B.C.
George Thomson, tiovernroeht Agpnt,
Nmiaiino; Mr. ', Kirkup, GovornraoMt
Agent, .lliorni, li. C.j and at tho De-
[mi'tinont of Work**, Pavllanietit Build-
ing*, Victoria, B.C,
luteuding tonderors by applying to
lhe itiulei'siglted can obtain a copy of
tho plana and specifications for the sum
uf ten dollars ($10), wwich will be
refunded ou their return in good order.
Each propositi musb.be accompanied
liy an accepted bank cheque or certifl-
cnto of deposit on a chartered bank of
Caundn, made pftyablo to tlio /Amour-
able the Minister of Publio Works, for
a sum equal to 10 per cent, of the
tender; which shall I o forfeited if tho
party tendering decline to en tor into
contract when called upon to do .so, or
if ho fnil to complete tho work contracted for. The cheques or certificates
of deposits of unsuccessful tenderers
will bo ro'tumed to tuom upon the
execution of the contract.
Tender*) will not be considered un
less made out on the forms supplied,
signed with tho actual signature of
Lhe tenderer, and enclosed in the
envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not
necessarily nccepteu1.
Public Works Entjineev.
Department of Public Work*,
Victoria, Ii. C, April ISM, 1913.
Mia. Sim ma will give lussous en tho
piano nt her h use in .lunuwdcm, formerly
owned by Mr. .i imes Stewart, at. any
time by appointment, except   Tuesdays
Cumberland. B.C., March 8,1913
This is lo certify lhat J. Newbury holds my power of attorney
to receive and sign all documents
and cheques.   Henry Halliday
J. Newbury, Attorney.
Hardly & fiiseoe
Auctioneers.     Eire ana Life Insurance.
[np  01IC   Farms, Bush Lands, Desirable Lots and
rUll  CALL Bungalows in Courtenay, B.C., V.I.
Auction Sales of Heal Property, Farm Stock, Furniviure,
etc., conducted on the shortest notice at
. reasonable terms.
Phono 10 Coiirtmiay, B.C.
Wc have all kinds of Silks imported direct
from Japan ; Cream, Blue, White, Pink and
Grey. Price 65c. to $1.25 per yard.
Pongee Silk, 55c. to $1.50 per yard.
K. ABE  &   e0MPRNY
Dunsmuir Avenue
Cumberland, 8. (2.
Would you like to have
a few acres close to
Acreage cleared or uninproved.
Write us or Phone22Courtenay.
Fire and Life
y \
The Secret
By Alfred Wilson Barrett
Ward, Lock o\ Co., Limited
London, Melbourne A Toronto-
Violet Interrupted her gently,   Oh,
nurse, please, thia gentleman   is   a
friend—.Major Kaston. Nurse Dyne*—1
must see liiin for a little while—I
really must. I won't got excited. 1
will be very kooU. Hut I must gee
The nurse trl'ul to frown and look
severe; hut she was a woman, and the
frown would not stay on in spite oi
her endeavors.
For a minute, then, the said hastily,
but only a minute, Really, really,
It might he very bad for ber, she continued, turning appeallngly to the Major. Mrs. Ftivington has had a very
bad time, and she is still very ill.
Mrs, Rlvlngton! The words came
Involuntarily from Kaston's lips, and
the eyi s of tlio young couple met.
Vlolot's were frank and clear, and in
them was a look that made Easton's
heart beat fast. Then gently Violet
shook her head, as If to tell him to
take no notice.
Quickly the Major bent over her.
Then It isn't true, he whispered. Oh,
J knew it was not.    I was suro.
He heard the 'No,' he felt her fingers
press his, then with a little hush, she
turned her head away and he drew
himself up again, ready to face tbe
Thank heaven! he murmured, and
now for the future.
At that moment the door In the
passage which the Major had closed
behind him was flung wide. A hasty
step crossed the landing and a man
entered the room swiftly. The nurse
shrieked, and even Ea»!on gave a
hasty exclamation. It was Neil, and
Nell in desperate straits apparently,
for his (ace was bloodstained and
Swollen, his eyes blackened, and his
Ups cut and bleeding.
For a moment, every one remained
motionless. Then Neil's glance turned to the bed and the pale, sweet,
young flRiire it contained. •Ills eyes
and Violet's met. Violet, he said.
My God!
For a moment it seemed to Easton
as If he was going to leap forward
and take the young girl In his arms.
Then with a mighty effort, the slim,
dark man conquered himself. His
black eyes, flashing even through their
bruises, took in the room, the nurse,
the patient, in one swift glance, and
he turned.
Come, he said to Easton. Quick,
there Is not a minute to waste!
And he caught him hy the arm.
But she, Violet? asked the Major,
Neil tlnslieil round at the nurse, fixing her with his keen, stern eyes.
Watch her, if you value your life!
a good girl, and seemed fond of Violet.
1 think she is, said Easton, remembering the nurses looks.
Could she help being so? Major
Easton, what a lovely creature she is!
Poor child. But so pale! That man
Rlvlngton has something to answer
for to both of us. But his timu is
drawing near.
Violets head, and waB bending over
her; NeiTs iron lingers were dragging
at his arm and voices came even now
from the far parts of the building.
Come, rried Neil again. Come! We
will return, I'tell you, we will return!
And reluctantly the Major yielded.
It was not a moment too soon. For
as they made their way as swiftly and
silently as they could down the nearest s-'aircasp, they could hear men
swearing angrily, and snirryintr footsteps came from tbe further side.
Even then they might have been
overtaken by their pursuers, for a
wrong turning in the rabbit warren led
them to a kitchen which in its turn
gave on to a backyard with walls far
too high to scale.      But, tbey recover-
A Live Agent Wanted
In every town ami vtll.'gp tn Westrrn Canada, A gc_d live man enn make
Jii.OuO per year working in conjunction with us, tn Belling the choice Ilwil testate
Investments we have to offer. In listing farm land for sale, working exchanges
of farm land for city property, automobiles, etc. This is a chance ol a life
time  for u  hustler.    Write  for list of propositions.      Address—
Scott,   Hill   &   Co.,
22 Canada Life -Juildlng, Winnipeg, Man.
Burst and Formed Ugly Scabs.
Burning, then Itching, Had to
Go Without Shaving for Weeks,
Used Cuticura Soap and Ointment.  Skin Perfectly Clear,
IRl ClOlO St., Toronto, Ont.— "1 WM
troubled fflth facial eczema for nearly ton
years. Tho first signs wore pimplea breaking out and thon bunting and forming nasty
ujrty scabs around my chin. Very often tho
icnHiitt*m wus thut of burning) Ibon Itching
■o that 1 scratched tho sore. 1 had to go
•without shaving for weeks at a time. I
tried many patent remedies but did not find
« permanent cure. Every spring and fall
the disease appeared at its worst. I sometimes got rid of it for a few months, thon it
returned as bad as ever.
"About six months ago I received a sample of Cutlcura Soap and Ointment and
found great relief after a few applications.
X purchased two boxes or Cuticura Olntmont
and some Cuticura Soap and usod them aa
directed and now my nkin Is perfectly clear.
I can shave with pleasure."   (Signed) Wm,
MacDoan, May 27, 1912.
Not only are Outloura Boap and Ointment
most valuable in the treatment of ecasemoa
end other distressing eruptions of skin ami
■calp. but no oilier emollients do so much
for pimples', black heads, red, rough skins,
Itching, scaly scalps, dandruff, dry, thin and
falling hair, chapped hands and shapeless
nails, nor do it so economically. A single
cako of Cutlcura Soap (26c.) and box of
Cutlcura Ointment (60c.) arooft.cn sulHetent
when all else has failed. Hold by druggists,
and dealers throughout tho world. Liberal
sample of each mailed free, with 82-p. Skin
Book. Address post card Totter Drug Ac
Cbom. Corp., Dcpt. 43D, Boston, U, S. A,
W. N. U. 944
j ed themselves quickly,    crossed   the 1
I gymnasium and the hall, and in a second were flying    rapidly    down    the
street,  followed   by   Neils  man,   who
staring at them for a space in amaze-
i meat, turned and joined their flight.
I    Neil,  who always seemed to know;
1 what he wanted to do. and to be pre-
fee11y clear In bis Intentions, had been
leading the retreat,     But, giving a
glance behind  him after a time, he
pulled up at last rutiud a convenient,
: corner.
1     It's no good going any further, ho,-
said.     There's no one ufter us.    Let
ub go in here.      This looks a quht
| place enough.
j The building he pointed to was a
little public house, standing In an unfrequented street, and judging that
tbey were likely to attract as little!
attention there as anywhere, the three!
companions, breathless now, turned'.
into the bar, which fortunately
chanced    to be empty.
What happened? asked the Major, as
soon as the barman had taken his |
Neil passed his hand over his features, as if that was the first time his
dilapidated condition had occurred o
I feel as if I hardly know, he said.
Everything went well to start with.
1 watched you Into tlie place, and as
you did not appear again, I concluded
it was all right. I rang the bell and
saw the Professor. He told me he
was booked for a lesson with a gentleman, but I stuffed him up I wanted
the hang of one or two stops and
counters, for .i fight I'd got coming
off down Whltechapel way. I got
him interested and he offered to show
me, as I hoped he would, while he
was waiting for you to come down.
You were a long time coming, though,
and thinking perhaps you wanted
something hat he hadn't supplied you
with, he suggested that he would run
up and see. I knew lhat wouldn't
do so I stepped in and gave him one
on the jaw. I meant just to geft
him interested, but the blow was a
bit harder than I intended. I think
he imagined I was a bruise" sent by
some rival firm to knock him out, or
else he lost his temper. At any rate
In another second we were at it hammer and tongs. He is a very useful
man, and I got ns much as I wanted,
as you see. So much so, indeed,
that I very nearly passed out, as tho
Yankees say. However, something
had to be done, for 1 felt from your
being so long that you had made some
discovery. I dodged round as well
as I could, but it was hopeless, and
pretending to lose my temper at last,
I picked up an Indian club that 1 fell
against and bit him an awful crack
over the head with it.
Stem measures!   said  th.   Major.
They had to be. I was not having
a happy time and you cannot hurt
those men for long. I knew that,
and when he went down for a time,
I tied his hands with the rope of the
punching-ball, put half, or more than
half, of a boxing-glove in his mouth
and stowed him into a cupboard.
Good heavens! «ald Easton, gazing
Nell smiled. Oh, he's out, you
heard him looking for me just now,
he said. I am glad we got away
without him seeing m> together.
But he will connect us in his mind!
said  Easton.
Neil shook his head. I doubt it,
he said. He would, perhaps, if you
had burgled the house while 1 was
getting knocked about. But he won't
miss anything, and it is certain he will
believe that I was paid to knock him
about. Your'disappearance lie will
put down to disgust at returning ti
tho gymnasium, and finding him gone.
And very naturally, loo. Why
should ho connect you with a sooty
individual like myself? In any case,
you weren't recognized, that is the
great thing. Neither was I. We
have not given them cause to suspect,
I hope, that it was Violet we came to j
search for, and it is certain that ehe
will never tr-ll tbem; nor dj 1 think!
the nurse will cither. She looked'
Remember! And understand, yon ans-,
wer to me! She must be left, Major,
there is no help for it, for lhe time, I
only for the lime. Come, now, come
quick, any moment it may be too late.
Come, we must run for It! ho said,    j
Easton gave a despairing glance at
the young girl, who had sunk back
overcome by this scene, and al Ml |
hesitated.     But the nurse had caught1
But we have left her there and—    !
She is sate for a little time, nnd u
little time she must stay there, for
she Is too ill to be moved. But
we will keep guard over her, we will
stav near at hand, and we will have!
a little talk to Mr. Odo Rlvlngton before he goes back to that house again,
said Neil sternly. |
Yes, yes, we can at least keep him
from going back there. But do you
think she is safe, even as it is? asked Easton.
Yes, with the nurse to wafch her. I
The Proiessor would not harm her, I!
am sure. lie has pro'.ably been told ;
some yarn to account for her being
brought there and kept there secretly by Odo Rlvlngton, but 1 don't think
he is in the least the kind of man to
countenance the games that scoundrel
is playing.
t hope you am right, said the Ma-1
jor, and I think you are. Violet ia
called Mrs. Kivlngton there. The
nurse called her so. And probably
the Professor believe, she is Indeed
The nurse called her Mrs. Rlvlngton
and she allowed her to! exclaimed
I can hardly say really, if she allowed her or not; but she Is not, for
told me so, said Easton.
She did? Thank heaven for that!
But I knew it.     1 never thought she
Next time you are buying
You will be surprised at
its goodness.
Can be had from your
was married to that man. Did she
say anything else? Did she explain
(To be Continued)
A Woman Says Inebriate, are Usual
ly Fine Fellows—Should be Given
Milk to D.ink
London.—In an address on the curing of drunkards, Dr. Mary Murdoch,
at a conference    of    the    Yorkshire
County union of the British Women's
Temperance   association   which   was
held at Hull,  said    that    drunkards
| as a rule were the very nicest of j>eo-
. pie, with   wonderfully   tine   natures
! which made it difficult for them to resist temptation.     Women whoso Ins-
p.n.ds gave way to drink should give
tiifin a varied diet of milk, eggs, veg-
iUn.es, poultry ar.d fruit, and sh.tuid
avoid tho grosser forms of butchers
meat,     Cayenne pepper and sweets
■vuuld temporarily put off the craving
frr alcohol.
badly cooked .ood, she sa'-J won
often to blame for dimikennes-i. nnd
if the girls of the country leatnetl to
become good books tliere would be
fewer drunkards. Smoking sometimes prevented the craving. The
curing of alcoholism was more a mat-
ier of faith healing than anything else.
and secret remedies advertised when
tried were almost Invariably followed
by lapses. There was nothing like
I sensible hard work to prevent tlie recurrence of the craving when drunkards  tried  to  cure  themselves,
Mlnard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
Naturalization Fee Reduced
London.—There is great satisfaction
in the Jewish community at the an-
ncuncenieut that the naturalization
fee lias been reduced from $23 to $15.
Tlie agitation for a lower fee has been
guiiig on s'nee lt>86,_ when Samuel
.Montagu urged upon'the Liberal government the reduction of the fee to
$6. As soon as the Tory government
returned to power, however, it raised
Ihe feo, but there has been a continuous agitation for the lower rate ever
Not a Cannibal
And how "Would you like Io have
your sieal; cooked, sir? said tho ever
polite waiter.
Fine! replied the diner. I never
did care for raw meat.
Did you ('ve.' know a man who was
stulihorn as a it.ul? to be credited with
horse sense?
Wrecked  by  Bullet He  Would  Have
Chosen Grave Before Wretched
Constantinople, Turkey.—It is a
sad experience to go iu une o. th
military hospitals l.i L'onstaulinopl-
and watch the soldiers who were
brought In there three mouths ago
shattered willi shrapnel or Mannlicher
builds from Lule Burgas or Tchutal-
Ja, leaving the place us cured.
They ure druwn up In the entrance
hall for a last Inspection by the medical officer in charge of the 'hospital,
Some have been lilted out with new
peasant clothes, usually by a foreign
charitable fund; others wear Iheir
rough khaki uniform.
Here Is a man whose left arm ends
In a slump at the wrist. lie is crv-
ing quietly; tears have an oil.', look
on that tough, wrinkled face, with us
shaggy fringe ot beard. He came in
with six wounds from shrapnel bullets
and the doctors say that lie has made
a marvellous recovery.
Clean living, sober, strong, with the
peasant's lack of any nerves to suffer
from the pain and shock, he has lived
through what would have killed a European soldier twice over. With the
smashed leg from which he will hobble all the remainder of his days, he
crawled thirty miles from where he
was hit at Lule Burgas to the field
hospital at t'horlu. But now he is
crying, because as he says, he would
rather they had let him die.
The doctor pats tlie grizzled fellow
on the shoulder like a cilia, but the
tears still stand lu Mehnied's eyes.
Where is ho to go, he asks. How
ts he to live? He holds out his stump
of au arm. He can never hold a
spade  or guide a plough again.
You must go to your friends; they
will look after you. says the doctor,
encouragingly. He has no friends
and no family now, he answers. His
little farm was by Klrk-Kilisse. He
left it with his wife, his mother and
three children. Where are they now.
They must have filled the bullock cart
with what they could and fled, leaving
the remainder to the Bulgarians, like
all the others. What has become of
them since then he will never know.
Did they die of want and exposure
on the way? Did Ihey meet a worse
fate at the hands of the Bulgarian peasants, rejoicing in opportunities of revenge on defenseless Turks? Did
the cholera take them in that foul-
sour-smelling concentration camp
among the graves and the cypresses
outside the walls of Stamboul? Or
have they passed over, line thousands
more, into Asia Minor, to live on the
charity of others almost ns poor as
the iiselves among the snow?
Mehmed will never know. His wife
and children are lost in the wilderness
and he, a helpless cripple, is turned
out into the jostling alleys of Stamboul
to find a living as best he may.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
that Contain Mercury,
aa mercury will surely deatro? tho eenac ot .m«!
and completely drriuwe tin- whole ayatctu wher
i-uti" lin: it thrcuah the roucoua aurtacca. Huer
ar'.lcm abouhl npver he iiaed cxi-.pt tin preatrlp-
tlona mm reputable pliyslclnna, na the damaiie they
wlll do la ten fold to the En-nl yuu can |ius.Hlbly de-
nvl from them. Hall's Catarrh core, inaiintactnn-d
hy F. J. Cheney A Co., Toledo, 0., contain, no mer-
!ury, and la taken internally, actlnc directly upon
the hlood and tnucotia aurhicrB ot the ryaunn. In
huytne. Hall's Catarrh cure be sure you Ret the
ttenolnc. It la taken Internally and made In Toledo
Ohio, by F. J. Cheney et Co.  Teatlmonlaln tree.
Sold bv nnica'-ta.   Price, Ise. per bottlo.
Take Hall'a Family I'llla for coueunauoa.,
Bareheac'jd  and  Starving, They  Follow Leader, Whom They Personify
as Christ
Moscow. Russia. —The Monk In-
nocentius, whose exploits have just
reached a climax, has received shorter shrif; than his , ,-edecrssor, Iliod-
or. He has been arrested by the
Archangel government after escaping
from the monastery to which he had
heen exiled from Bessarabia, owing to
his fanatical and immoral propaganda,
lt is reported that he has been .slightly
wounded liy a bayonet thrust."
He has evidently an extraordinary
personality, as 800 adherents, many of
1 them  women   and  children,  followed
! him to Archangel.     They   regarded
. him as Ihe personification of Christ,
Ignorant])- mistaking the Onega, near
to which river Innoceniius wns banished, for 'Omega.' in the passage, 'I am
Alpha and Omega, in the Revelation
of St. John.
lnnoeeiitlus was joined by Ills followers after his escape fror the monastery, and they started across ihe
snow lo seek the New Zion, all bare-
headed and chanting hymns. A few
of them were .n carls and ulhers on
Their condition soon became deplorable. Tlie temperature was below
zero, and Ihey were ill frostbitten and
starving. Some of them died during
tlie pilgrimage. A detachment of rural guards was dispatched to aid them,
and a Red Cross party from St. Petersburg arrived on the scene soon
In the Cycle
He Is so much behind t'-.o times that
he will never catch up.
There is some advantage to that.
What is lt?
His jokes are so old that they sound
like new.
A Pill That Lightens Life.—To the
man who is a victim of indigestion
the transaction of business becomes an
added misery. He cannot cincen-
tra-te his mind up... his tasks and
loss and vexation attend him. To
such a man Parmclee's Vegetable Pills
offer rell'f. A course of treatment,
according to directions, will convince
him of their great excellence. They
ore confidently reeominendel because
they will i" all that Is claimed for
Vhe Effect of Tea ind Coffee on Hign.
Organized People
"I have been a coffee user for years, I
and about two years ago got Into a |
eery serious condition of dyspepsia
and Indigestion. It seemr*. to me II
would liy to pieces I was so nur-;
vc s that ..." tlie least noise I was dis- j
tressed and, many limes could noli
straighten myself up because ot the'
To, is Just as Injurious, because ii
contains caffeine, the same drug found
in coffee.
"My physician told m. 1 must not
cat any heavy or strong foo.l and ordered a diet, givii g me jome medicine.
I followed directions carefully, but
Kept on using -*ffee and did not get
any better.
"Last winter my husband, who wns
away on business, hud Postum served
to him in Uie family where he boarded,    lie liked it so well that when lie i
came home uj   roiislit some with him, j
We began using it and I found it most I
"While I drank it my stomach never
bothered me ifTTlie least, antl I got [
over my nervous roubles. When the i
Postum was gone wc returned to cof- \
fee, then my Eioma .. began to hurt j
me as before nnd the nervous conditions came on again. j
"That showed me exactly what was i
t r cause cf the whal trouble, so I quit
drinking coffer altogether and kept on
using Postum, Th" old troubles left
again nnd havp never relurned.'
"There's a reason," and it is explained In the lit ie book, "The Rood
lo Wellville,' in pkes.   •
Ever reau he above letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
nre genuine, true, nnd full of human
Interest. 1
Ring Found After Twenty Years
Paris.—While walking along the
beach at Trouvllle, a girl found a wedding ring on which was engraved T
de Beaumont and Charlotte Laboulaye,
24th March, 1802.' The ring belonged to the Marquise de Beaumont, \wio
lost it at Trouvllle over twenty years
ago while bathing.
Will Explore South
London.—Just before his departure
for New York on his steamer Maure-
tanla, Sir Ernest Shackleton announced that he Intended to head a
scientific expedition to tlie Antarctic.
The Mauretania sailed from Southampton. Sir Ernest snld lie would vlsi
severnl points in the United Stale,
and go to Ottawa.
1 was cured of Acute Bronchitis by
Bay of Islands. .1. M. CAMPBELL,
1 was cured of Facial Neuralgia by
Springhill,  N.S.    WM.  DANIELS.
1 wus cured of Chronic Rheumatism
Albert Co., N.B. GEO, TINGLEY.
Mrs. Jtpes, I think I have heard
you say you have a cousin in the regular army, lie is an ollicer, 1 presume?
Yes, he holds some responsible position, but 1 don't exactly kno.v Uie
nature of It. Wheu he wrote to me
last ho said he was in the guardhouse
—whatever that Is.
Capetown.— The Cape department
of Justice Is to adopt measures for
the preservation of the prehistoric muni' paintings attributed to Bushmen
In'the caves of Polela, South Africa.
Ru:Ja Goui.scls Montenegro
Berlin.—The officials of the German
foreign ollice state that Austria will
semi one further note to -Montenegro,
so as to exhaust the possibilities of
diplomacy liefore the character of activity of tlie warships change from
a demonstration lulu offensive action.
It is understood here thut Russia has
counselled the Montenegrins to yield.
There's a heap of fun ln this world,
and Jim Brown says he doesn't Intend to miss any of It even if he has
to knock off work occasionally.
What appear to he Idle tears are
often the busiest ones.
Tell  the   truth,  but  be  careful  to
whom you tell it.
Do you believe that women should'
have anything to do with politics?
I certainly do.
You do?
She certainly should have both volcf
and vote.
Well, maybe Ihe vote's all right,
but I hope you don't want her to hav*
any more voice than she haB now, do'
It's only tho defeated candidates
that don't recognize you now. Th.'.'
successful ones will keep an eye o»
their fenceB.
A woman can make the ordinary
man into a pretty respectable citizen,
but by the time she finishes the job he
Is about ready to die.
LADIES WANTED—To do work at
home; decorating cushion tops; can
make from (3 to 15 per day; pleasant
wor.. Armour Art Co., Dept N, 13
Steele Blk., Winnipeg.
Vein- rlnicirlm will refund money If PA20 -
OINTMENT fails to cure any case of Itch,
ing, Blind, Hk-iidmg or Protruding Piles
ni tl tu 14 days.    &UC.
The old fashlnoned woman wlll have
none of the vacuum cleaners that obviate the necessity of, house cleaning.
What would life mean io rir if her
semi-annual debauch of housecleanlng
were denied her?
Miller's Worm Powders tto not need
the after-help of castor oil or any purgative to complete their thoroughness)
because they are thorough in themselves. One dose of them,-and they
will he found palatable by all children,
wlll end tho worm (rouble by making
the stomach and bowels untenable to
the parasites. And not only this, hut
t'..e powder's will be certain to exert
most beneficial influences in the digestive organs.
Dysentery Cure by Injection
Paris.—A new cure for dys-'uiery
consisting of Injections of a preparation of an alkaloid kuown as emetine
was described at the Academy of .Medicine by Professor Chauffard, says Excelsior. Professor Chauffard snld lie
made six Injections in four tlay.i in a
desperate ease, and after some weeks
a complete cure was effected.
High Prices for China
London,—A line old Vienna porcelain group ot Ferdinand IV, und ills
wife, realized 200 guineas at Messrs.
Pulticlt and Simpson's rooms recently;
a group of a peasant and wife, 130
guineas; a group of u gardener und
wiie, 106 guineas, und nn old Dresden
group of King Frederick und his jester, 241) guineas.
Berlin.—The Berliner, Tageblatt, announces lhat Herr Lionel Curo, who
founded the Anglo-German Union
some years ago, and has acted as sec-
ri-Inry-goneral of tho organization
ever since, died suddenly of heart failure While speaking ut the telephone
Sheriff Felled by Litigant
Cardiff.—Sheriff McLeod wub felled
with a stick at Linlithgow, by u laborer against whom he had decided n
compensation case. He was rendered unconscious, and was taken -u a
motorcar to Edinburgh tor medical
It keeps your "White Clothes" looklnt?
Just like New.
It does not Spot or Streak tho clothei
ns there ls no settllnK.
It is the "Handiest Kind" tn use.
It ts Gunrnntocd to fflve Perfect Satli-
factlon or money Cheerfully Refunded.
L I S TEN!    TRV ,T*
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"J-R Blue Is much better lor You radii.
than any other."       Miss a io cent pack.
Thomson, Belmont, Man. age lasts about
"J-R Blue is an Excellent 6 months, as it
Blue,   Superior   to otber blues t$ Good
Bines."       Mrs. Frank J. Size Washings
Moore, Conn, Ont. Mwnur.ctt.rcil by
"J-R Blue   Is the  best The Johimon.
Blue I ever Used." Mrs. W. ft chjnJson Co.
Switzer, Brandon, Man. Mo! r.ul  C»n
Maypole Soap
With Maypole
Soap there il DO
double *ad no tnuu
io home dyeing.
Dyej cotton, wool,
ii.lt or niixtutei. 24
colon-will give any
•hide. Colon IO-:,
Black I5c-at youi
dealct's or poitpnid
with booklet "How
to Dye" from
y^F, I. Hr-f-tflCTJJO^M-ntreiil _^/
The Patient's Retort
Doctor—Well, I hope   you   profited
by my advl:-?
Patient—Yea, doctor,    but   it-it   off
much as you did.
While travel broadens a man, lt Is
not necessarily fattening.
There is no use   in   fretting,    but
some folks do 1'. Just for amusement.
he Cheerful Life
It ii the right of everyone to lire and enjoy the cheerful life. We owe
It to ourselves and tfaoee who live with ua to live the cheerful life, W%
cannot do «• if ill health takes hold of us.
The wife, Mother and daughter Buffering from hot flashes, nervousness,
headache, backache, df-aetfnr-down * eeUnii, or any other weakness due to dlnorderf
or irreirularitita of the delicate female organs—is not only a burden to hwscLf,
but to her loved ones.
There i§ a rwneJj*.    Forty years experience has proven unmistakably that
Favorite prescription
will restore health to weakened womankind.   For 40 year* a has survival
Brejnclice, envy and malice. Sold by dealnrs in medicine in liquid or tablet form.
v. Pierce's Favorite Prescription Tablets can be had of drug-gist or mailed orr
rec Ipt of one-cent stamps—for $1.00 or 60c tits*. Address It. V. Pitrcu. U Uu
Buffalo, N. Y. W
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regulate and Invigorate
*A     stomach, liver and bowels. 6of ar-ooated, any granules* THE   ISLANDER,   CUMBERLAND,   B. C.
The Army of
!• Growing Smaller Every Day.
.-responsible—they not
only give relief —
cute Const'i
Hon.    Mil.
lions u *e
4heot» for
$tss, Ltdigesiion, Sick Headache, Sallcw Skin*
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Genuine must bear Signature
Unrest in India Causing Alarm
Calcutta, Indi ..—The ferment caused amongst Indian Moslems by the
events 1" the near eu.,. ...r jui abating, every «y.becomes more marked,
and responsible Anglo-Indian journals
all over the country are drawing attention to the s°rious na.ure of the
Tbe Indian lirror, a moderate Bengali newspaper, uajs that the situation Is becoming most serious, as the
Hindu extremeiji are taking advantage of the Moslem unrest to push their
own revolutionary   propaganda,   and
Lad Is Forced to Wed Under Threat
of Instant Death
St. Petersburg, Russia. — The
forcible abduction and compulsory
marriage ot a Causician youth are reported from Kutals.
A pretty girl of 16 named Rogova,
who lives ln lhe village o' Kuiis-Karl,
fell In love with a handsome boy of
ihe same uge, named Sari, who lived
in a neighboring hamlet. Either
from shyness or from disinclination
Sari did not respond to tlie love-sick
urges upon thp government the advls- maiden's advances, and she therefore
ability of prohibiting all meetings on, cnlls(ed the m of a bani,    , y
the subject of   h, war.     II'this is  tribesmen.'who made a rai.l at night
?„„ ,w '.i   e,„    T0!' :M\'!e °P "'I on the dwelling of Sari's parents and
•on that the ferment   v.-iii follow the
Our 1913 list of the above is
now ready. Uniforms all made
to measure and satisfaction
(jnaranlced. Write for samples
of materials.
The Kingston 5mi'!i Aran Co. Ltd.
Dept. T       Winnipeg
lines ot the recent Hindu unrest. The
attempt made some lime ago by Agu
Khan to calm the popular feeling has
only resulted In, if anything more
meetings being held, a which he is
denounced r.s not a true Moslem.
Reviewing lhe sit union in a recent
leading : tide, the Times of India
rays that It Is time that the wise
heads ninong the -Moslem community
Interfered ij give ihe community n
lead, for iho extravagant language
whloh is now being employed, and its
carried tlie youth off to a hill fastness
where Rogova was waiting for him.
At first Sari rejected the proffered
hand of Rogova,   ir.t   his   abductors, _
threatened to lull him On the spot un-1 Mr. J. E. ArMnault, ft Justice of
Icrs he made Rogova his bride. Under'the Peace, and station master' at
compulsion Sari consented. The next' Wellineton, on the Prince Edward
day the abductors made another ""■>'-.-^Railway, layiI
another raid
in « different direction and bore to tlie
rendezvous a clergyman,  who unwillingly solemnized the marriage of Ro-; station and fell on a freight truck,
gova nnd Sari. . , sustaining a bad cut on tbe front of
In the meantime an armed party or-' """J* 'pS-    i thought this would heal,
,.,.  „„ ,,     ,,.  ..    , .   iganlsed by the boy's parents, who were  but Instead of doing so It developed
rfZv17h   . i"""'•"''''  ; ?r,e eo,ml9' I well-to-do people, had found the trail' into a bad ulcer, and later Into a form
■ IllevotIS lhat if a corrective Is not np-| of lho fugitives, hut they arrived too. of eczema which spread very rapidly
'""3,'late In prevent tin1    arrlage.     After-and also started on   the   other   leg.
a stormy eceno tlie opposing parties I Both legs became so swollen aud.sore
plied  ihe eot.senui'iice must b.
prejudicial to   the    Indian    Moslems
her now  smiling  . rltlegroon  in  tri
iimpii to her home In Kulls-Kal'l.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns. Etc.
Tells  People  of Bremen  That Devo-
iton to the Fatherland is a Duty
Bremen.    Germany.—The   German
emperor, who in the last lew days has
been visiting   the    fortifications   of
Heligoland, has passed through here
on  his  way  1 uck.  and  answering a
speech of the Burgomaster at a lunch
given in his honor here. Ills majesty
alluding io tlie events of a hundred
years ago,  made the    following    remarks:
When I   survey   the   developmejf
since those days 1 can, as the result
i of a  comparison  between  that  time
and now, only recall what my grandfather wrote    to   my   grandmother
after the victory uf September ii, 1870
—what a turn of affairs by God's or-'
dainment?     What I wish for the city-
of Bremen  is  lhat it  should at this
festival   remember  lhe  divine  providence which lias brought us this turn
of affairs in these 100 years and Hi it
full of gratitude, It may remember the
.....    ..     great  development of the nation  In
Four years ago I slipped ln the, which Bremen too has participated
j lo a great extent hy ihe flourishing
' of Trade and shipping.
May the present generation show it-
| self worthy of its forefathers and em-
j ulate them. May too, the youth of
| Die present day lake Ihe youth of that
, day as Its model In devotion io the I
fatherland, lis duty lies, not In the
were reconciled, nnd Rogova bore off that I could only go about my work | endeavor to enjoy Itself to   the
Booh Tree.     A Sioiple
Rome   trratni-nl removed
luo<u from (his U Hy'abrenst
Old  loi-fll,  ulcers   mid
,, .     irowlh-i cured.    Doncrihe
per trouble; we will lend book at.*, tesliaiouiala,
Uu. WiNsr.ow'a Soutiiino SVBrp hfli beep.
■•e-Uirr over SIXTY YKAKSbv MILLIONS ol
)■ the beat remedy for DIARRHOEA, It is ab-
oolutely harm less. He sure nnd ask for "Mrs,
Wit-clow'* Hrmthin-T Svrup," and tuke ao oilier
pod.   Xwaity-fivc ceiila a buttle.
Baby's Own Tablets nre pood for
all little ones—pood for .'..j new-born
liabe or the growing child. They are
absolutely safe and are yuanin;eed by
a government analyst to be free from
opiates and other injurious drugs.
Concerning them Mrs. Wm. Kernag*
ban, Cartwrlght, Man., says: "I have
always used Baby's Own Tablets and
find them pood tor Utile ones." The
Table'.s are sold by medicine dealers i volver
or by mail at 26 cents a box from The Detectives chased the man fron
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brock-1 room to room in a house where hi
ville, Out. | had taken refuge, firing gas bombs a:
they went.      The fugitive was final
Asphyxiation as Method of Arrest
Taris.—A weapon tor the firing ot
asphyxiating tombs, devised alter the
recent seigo of automobile bandits in
their strongholds, was used for tlie
r.rst time, in the capture of a negro
who Itad become suddenly mud and
ran amuck in the Auteuil quarter,
threatening everyone with a loaded rs-
by having tbem bandaged. My doctor I most, but in learning for the father-
said I must stop work and lay up. i land nnd working far the fatnerlanu.
"Aftor six months of tlit3 trouble - As then, our country no\. has before
I consulted another doctor, but with it the task of strengthening its do*
no better result. I tried all the salves,' Tenses and building up its military
liniments and lotions I heard of, but | power and of equaling its ancestors of,
Use the Proper Remedy and Colds insf
Sore Throat Disappear
"When 1 came home last evening;*
writes Mr. Thorn; s K. Jarvis, "I wss*
all used up -,/ith cold aud a racking
cough. 1 felt sick all over. Uf
w*ife rubhed my iliroa: iind chest every
hour, and made me gurgle with N'err..
line and water. I was soon warmed
up and made comfortable with the
Nerviline. and uie chilly sensation
passed away. At 11 o'clock, after
five hours' treatment, 1 was practically well. 1 therefore wrlti you at
once in jrder Unit it may be publicly
known that Nerviline will knock oat
a bad cold over night."
lt Is a fact that Nerviline wlll eaae
up n tight chest, will relieve lhat sore,
wheezy feeling, will knock out a colli
In lust a few hours. lt penetrates)
deeply, draws out the congestion,
cures promptly, Get „ larnc family
size bottle, 60c; snail size, 25c. al
all storekeepers and tlriicgists or Tha
Catarrhozone Co., Buffalo, i'.Y.
Kaiser to Visit Venice
Turin. Italy.—It Is stated in tha
Venetian press that the German Emperor wlll pay a visit to Venice short-
ly, and that the visit will be the occasion of a meeting hetwoe.-. the Kaiser and the Uing of Italy. Prom
Italy the emperor will proceed on tha
Ilohenzollern to Corfu.
cornered on the roof of tho house in a
state of semi-asphyxiation, quite powerless, and was transferred to a ho*
Thafl Are Guaranteed
Why tak- chancer, in buying a pair
tf gloves when you can gat apoiitive
guarantee bached by Canada's
largest glove factory in tho
0.B.K.PintoSfae!l Gloves
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proof, steam and heat proof.   Send
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know what KIND of Cloth y»urGooJ» are nude
•I...So M|MaLc„ ,., Impn##|hlaj.
Brnd lot Frea Color Cinl, Story Boo hi at, and
■oaklet riving i-caulM of Dyeing over other rolora.
Montreal. Canada.'
Could Not
j   Digest His Food
Kldney-Llver Pills.
Declare Action Justified.
Berlin.—Tim Nord Deutsche Allgom-
elne /..'Hung, referring to Moments-
fru's Interference willi the Austrian
lieamer Skotlrn and tho treatmeut'of
CAtiiOllo Albanians, says:
If Austra-Hungcirj una resolved tJ J directed as ,n
(till Montenegro io account for biic'i  agalnsl rrit.iln
The Spectator Gives   a    Hemarkab'e
Analysis of the1 European Situation
London, Kngland.—There   can    he
no doubt Unit thert Is at the prcsen.
moment a good (leal    of    ..neasluajs
anions   thinking men  iu  England  'n
regai d to the European situmion, declared Lhe Spectator in a remarkable 	
The reawakening of   France  ami i Suffered For Years from Indiges
the evidence of its power and alert-     tinn Until Rurod hu nr  r.hocoio
ness have given immense, nay,  .mi-     «<>n Until CUreO Dy Dr. ChaSeiS
versui satisfaction to this country, eut
lhat satisfaction 13 tempered in manv
tases by an anxious thought. Tlie
French, it is argued, nre at this moment very sure of themselves, very
full of patrio ■ m and martial ardor,
and very certain thn; their army is
in magnificent condition, not only In
regard to its men but alio -3 regard
material, and especially as regards
that greatest of u'.l the mechanic
powers of wcr, artillery. At the
same time, France, with all its natural quickness, recognizes that for the
moment Germany is at a disadvantage.
Austria-Hungary has its legs cautr'il
In the wire entanglement of the Balkans and, If the great war came now,
would rtuuire help from Germany rather than be able to give aid. But If
the fight comes witli Austria-Hungary
thus entangled, can any one believe
that Italy will run the appalling risks
Involved by adhesion to the triple alliance? Germany, indeed may be
said to have publicly admitted its condition of dls-advantage, for is it not
tit this moment asking its taxpayers
to make an unheard of sacrifice In order that It may remedy that condition
and out of its own population create a
new army which will make up for the
aid that Austria-Hungary would have
given It before the teoth of the dead
Turkish dragon had grown its crop
of armed men in tlie Balkans? ,
To sum up, ,.ier» is a feeling here
lhat France may fin I th ! temptation
'Now or never' too great for ber, and
may feel that her national Interests
demand tha! bhe European struggle
shall be fought this year.
To resist tb's feeling the Spectator
points out that thei Is. a large both
of v:ise, prudent ami Influential mnii
in France, who understand that any
attempt to carry nu' the 'now or never
policy, would forielt the support prob-1
ably of Russia, and certainly of Britain." Anil If Britain were not with
France. French communications wltb !
Tunis. Algiers and Morocco ml'-'ht be
severed by the (Jenn'ili-AiistriiJtall in
Heel and the French flank turned by
11 German Invasion nf French tcrrl-
lory. German sin power Is in reality
iiucli  uguiiu-   France as
j instead of getting better I got worse.
"This was my condition whet} I got
I my first box of Zam-Buk.   Greatly to
j my delight that first box gave me relief.    I continued to apply it to the
sores, and day by day tbey got better.
1 could see that at last I had got hold
of something which  would cure mc,
and In the end it did.
" It is now over a year since Zam-
Buk worked a cure ln my case, and
there ha3 been no return of the
Such Is the nature of the great cures
which Zam-Buk Is dally effecting.
Purely herbal ln composition, this
great balm ls a sure cure for all ekln
diseases, cold sores, chapped hands,
frost bite, ulcers, blood-poisoning, varicose sores, piles, scalp sores, ringworm, inflated patches, cuts, burns and
bruises. All druggists and stores sell
at 50c. box, or post free from Zam-Buk
Co.. upon receipt of price.
100 years ago in  patriotic self-sacri-1     Peking.—The   young   and     pretty
(ice and abnegation. daughter of the vice governor of Kianf.
 ! ise  province, China,  has offered her
All mothers can put away anxiety re-: hand and a dowry of $r.000 as flrtt
garding their suffering children when
they have Mother Graves' Worm Ex-
terminator to give relief. Its effects
are sure and lasting.
aid of the
lottery organized by her la
famine sufferers.
Rates and Ratcatchlng
London.—In five weeks the Colchester borougL ratcatcher has killed 500
rats ut an average cost to tho rates
of 3 ponce per rat. 1
Tne Soul of a   Piano  is the
Action.   Insist on the
Piano Action
Italy Denies any Action in Albania
Koine.—All reports regarding Italian preparations lor military action in
Albania or at otaei points--oil tbe
opposite shore of the Adriatic are unfounded. Co far as the Italian government knows, the question of Albania is practically solved as it lias
been confirmed that Austria has
agreed that Jakova shall go to Serrla,
which will satisfy the wishes of llus-; **
sla, anil Russia lias agreed tbr.' Scut-j —
nrl shall remain pari of Albania. Thus
Russia, Austria and Italy are acting
11 accord, supported by the other
International Stock Food
ii Equally Good for Cows-Horses—Pigs
Thli(rreit'"ntf: ]■ for all live t'nrk—io make mm
pv* more milk--t<i keep tin, >r..rkiiv l«»ram in imce
epiwUHOfi-tO fatten piijt ami knap Ihf'mriUir j,|^a
■tranff wto Tleottmi.
Wa uuurnited tNul It will make ynnr eoltl, cnlv-n,
Elirij !■*]<«'■ amt liitnh* urn* Ml-iilly, ai.d k.eiiluuu
eitlilir ntii|.rir'vf!.<{alllliL<t|f-ir.
THI us tbn numlM-r '<r lin>t «.f .fork roii own rt»l we
•nil lend j'uu » uujjy ufour J3,UuO Hlo.* Houk--1**!**
International Stock Food, Poultry Food, and Vojerti
everywhere.    If you ennnot obtain our yoods in your town write
nrrrat" » na.ki
liav.ntt lfirt-e),i
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ry preparation* are for ••)« by dealer*
''-"' * ■■*"■■"• "-* direct. m
e-rerjr tn,. umiUji for my Hock-
.■arnfiil toata *'..,* that my tnllkltif run
"""       -    "'   -lel-iur.
Paris.—A new French Arctic eftpsdl-j
tlon i.* now being orgnnized under M. [
de Payer, an olliccr of reserve and a
member of the Geograpnlca' Society, j
The expedition will take two aviators|
in the hope of realizing the dream of
reaching the north pole by air. '
Why did none    of
Bordeaux.—The Scala Theatre her;
was seized for non-payment of Lhe
rent just as the curtain wus about to
rise. The actors refused tp appear,
though offered half the receipts, which
were not refunded lo the audience,
The latter accordingly made a noisy
protest, invading the stage and cutting
all sorts of capers there.
pgffressions, »he is acting tor th
ffrtion nf her endangered rights a.i i
[QUrosts, whloh corresponds lo the
protOOtloQ afforded by international
Id*  11111)   the   principles  of  Kuropean
For these reasons Franco is not \t\
the least likely to provoke war Ihlfl
yenr. as she is not going to knooh
her head against a brick wall. Nor,
concludes the Spectator, is German;
Tf you suffer from chronic indigestion, forget about the stomach    and j tltM.k of working  tbe
pay attention to the condition of the' system to get votes?
liver and bowels.      Ten   to one that
Is where the real trouble lies.
The liver gets sluggish and fails to
filter the Ijile from thr blood, the
bowels become constipated and the
whole digestive system is upset.
As to cure, you cannot do better]
than to read of Mr. Barrett's,
experience with Dr. Chase's Kidney-!
Liver Pills. There is nn treatment I
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Mr. J. D, S. Barrett. Nelson, B. C, j
■and   formerly   oi   Twllllngate,  (Nfld,,
writes:—"For several years I was   a   r»
great sufferer from Indigestion.     Tho, f
least bit of food cnused me consider- j -
able trouble and often I couhl scar- i
cely enl a meal a day.     The   many
remedies I tried proved futi e until In
tooi;  1 began the use of Ur. Chase's
Kldney-Llver Pills,    and    after using   [
a limit  eight  boxes  I  wns completely
cured-      Since thnt time T have    not
been  troubled with indirr<*stlon, which
I consider a great blesslnir."
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the   candidate
endless  chain
North, South, East, West
men and women are subject to the numerous ailments caused
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elimination. Headaches, lazy feelings, depression of spirits
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trouble is not removed. But thousands have discovered that
*eediam'<f 9W/<f
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are the most relhbb corrective, anil the best preventive of thosecom-
mon ailments. Cotter digestion, more restful sleep, greater strength,
brighterspirits, cloarercomplcxions are given to those who use occasionally this time-tested home remedy. Beecham's Pills will no doubt help
you—it is to your interest to try them—for all over tho world they
Are Pronounced Best
rrcnarcd only by Thomaa lleecham, Si. Helena. Unca.hire, Fmel.nd
Sold everywhere in Canada and U. S. America.   In hoaea, 25 r.nta.
jlvllljatlon,     Wo abate nollimg from 'llkoly deliberately to provnke a eon
our announcement of nn understand-1 "let.
tnc between A isiri:, and ituiBiii with J 	
fitpeot to the Albanian question, and     st0P   ,hl"   Cough. — Couthing
on the other hand ure convinced lhat | caused by Irritation Injhe respiratory
Firs:   Uaclielor Maid—Miss  bin/slo'
I ton Is playing wltb lire again.
I   Second Bachelor Maid—How is that?
First Bachelor Maid—Qolng with an
old flume of hers.
K final
on the
agreement has been assured
last point,    nilberto    contro-
Dr. a box er six boxnt tor t2.Se,
>t til .iMleni, er The Dodda M.*|.
thi* Cemawny, Uwlud, Terenle,
passi'ges and ll the effort lo dislodv
obstructions Hint come from Inflamma*
tlon of the mucous membrane. Trea'-
ment with Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil
will allay lhe Inflammation and In consequence the cough will cease. Try
It, and you will use no other preparation for a cold.
When the bullet hns pierced th°
Bcreen a licht frnm behind becomes
visible through the bole, which disappears as soon as the picture Is being
set in motio'i again.
The new device Is being tested b;.
war office officials.
W. N    U. 944
Rush From Church to Picture Palace
London.—Uespile vigorous protests
by several ministers, the .Middlebro.igii
county magistrates granted ;. seven-
day license for a new picture palace.
One minister said there was a rush
from churches to picture halls after
evening service, which was unseemly
Be happy while you may. Soon
your wife will present yo.. with a hov
of Chrls'mas cigars juit l"..e the kind
her brother smokes,
Now ls the merry season when the
family has to retrench because the
head thereof picked the loser twice.
.worthtwo   V
lI prevent \
->r Curb frrvn
liorse i.i t!'.e barn but you
iVsr Lrotihicn from keeping
n lmni very lotig.   Vou ran get
nn«i r"re  all 8UC!i  (lillticntl.    l*or 35 wunt,
Kl'ii'I.,,1 ■* Si«.v.:i Cure lias been tlie horse.
mini's stftiitloy, ■
AvLTavit.i.8, Ont. Mahcti nth, 191a.
"Itinve used Kenriol!'*, Spavin Cure for
o«r m vears curing two IJog SpavitiB, one
Curb, one liime Sji.ivin and n Kiir*>-tic—all
badcaset. Your nictlifiiic is l!ie U-st in the
world," JO-ilAII KKDICK.
t'Hce Jt per Ixjttle—6 Ijotttes $$. Auk
driiw-rjist for f:(.*e book " Trent ise on the
Hunw"or write direct tun* 75
Dr. D. J. Kendall Company
Ewoabfiri Falti, Vomeat, U. S. A.
1    JL"|WTj' ''   ',''
H \"S j
Ir* t|
ABROAD itatement—Yet literally true. The aim of man from the
beginning has been to make his building material) as nearly like natural stone as possible. lhe great labor required to quarry stone icd
him lo seek various manufactured substitutes. The only reason he ever
used wood was that it was easiest to get and most convenient to use.
Wood is no longer easy to get. Like most building material, its cosl is increasing at an alarming rate.
Thj cost of concrete is decreasing. . So, from the standpoint of either service or economy, Concrete is the besl building material.
Canada's farmers are using more concrete, in proportion lo their numbers,
ihsn the farmers of any other country.    Why ?
Because they ate being supplied with
Cement —
Without thia label it it
uot "Canada" Cement.
a cement of the highest possible quality,
aiir:a the aur.ceea ol their concrete wolk.
The secret of concrete', popularity in Canada lies in
the fact that while we have been edvertiaing the uie
of concrete, we bave also been producing, by scientific methods, n cement ao uniformly high in quality
that the concrete made with it givea the complete
aatiafaction our ndverti.ementft prumiaed.
Concrete wuuld not bave been in such uniyeraal uae
today, hid an inferior grade of c-rnent been aupphed.
Insist upon getting Canada Cement. It i. your best
aasurance oL thoroughly rttiafactory results from
your concrete work. There ia a Canada Cement
dealer in your neighborhood.
Write for our Free t'>o.fiar:r hook "What The Farmer Can Do  With Ccncrett"
—iXu t'irmer can af/jrd fo be wit/tout a copy.
Cuiiac'a Cement Compacv Lirr'tcJ
e I
urq IHP.  IM..\.\ Hr.it, iimiiiimh^.mi
People are Learning to Fly
To the Builders' Supply Co. lor their building materials.        Our boast that we have
Everything lor the Builder
and Everythinq of the best
Is amply justified by our rapidly increasing business and our satisfied customers. It* you meet
a person who has used Kiln Dried in his house, you can be sure he is one ol' the satisfied ones.
If you contemplate building, pay us a call and let us show you our stock and quote you prices.
We have a large stock of Hot-bed Sash on hand lor Delivery.   Door Frames and Window Frames
made to vour order.
Kiln Dried Lumber, Mouldings, Sash and Doors, Lath, Plaster, Lime, Cement, Paint and Oils,
Plumbiiftg Supplies, Builders' Hardware, Building Paper, Roofing etc.
"Not Better than the Best - but Better than the Rest."
I   Bo:
m5* M
Box 220 COURTENAY, B. C. 66
Km'tns uurl
V. I., B e
I'M listings together with tlie ;l,000 acres wc have
nutiitiUy boirirlil iu the Coirwx District consisting
of cleared and uncleared lavniis, sen .'Uid river hviitngc,
enables us to give snlending buyers n good cho	
Q. A. Fletcher
Music Co.
iOios, Player Pianos,
Col n mbi ;i Grnj-hn-
iihVires and lleeoids,
Kili'soii liecords .-iiiil
Miiehiiies--. **)tm-*xrJ' -
(il' IM is IT K   IIA J LW A V   STATION
i .;V',-. 5
First CUss in every respect. Perfect Cuisine
Headquarters for Tourists and Sportsmen
Wines, Liquors unci Cigars
John N. McLeod, Proprietor
11 The Magnet Cash Store"
The M'cKitili y K«l.t"n»ii or Ten Cent .Music
i- Specialti/.
Nanaimo,   B.C.
Realty Co.
2,     Coiu-terniy, B, C.
Phone 31
Cumberland, B.C.


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