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JiLultMf TTWmj
VOL. IV., No. 15
W    -^  Subscription price, $1.50 per year
Robbers Get Food at Point of
Gun—They Give Chinaman
Hush Money.
The Royal Bank of Canada has
offered a reward of $500 for the
ai rest of the robbers who held up
the bank employees on the Union
Bay Road.
After holding up the Chinese
cook at Moore and Pethick's
camp on Saturday night and getting a supply of food at the point
of the gun the two thugs threw
down between $13 and $14 on the
cook's bed with the words, "Now
take that and be quiet about this,
or we'll attend to your case later.'
Then they disappeared in the
darkness and no trace has since
been found of them.
The woods around Cumberland
and Union Bay are full of policemen and posses 'were out all
night Saturday and Sunday looking for the holdup men. It was
at first thought they had escaped
from the spit near Union Bay to
Denman Island in boats, but it
was made quiet evident later that
they were in hiding in the hills
back from Union Bay. Their bold
descent on the E. and N. grade
not far from Union Bay makes
it clear that they are determined
men says the residents of the
neighbourhood, and will stop at
little or nothing to make good
their escape.
It was about midnight when
they dropped in at Moore and
Pethick's camp and, like the proverbial black cats, they came in
a pouring rainstorm. The Chinaman was frightened almost out of
his wits, but the sight of guns in
the hands of two Swedes, as they
are thought to be, galvanised him
into action. At least, he got food
for them quickly enough. They
took away a plentiful supply after
stopping long enough to eat all
their famished maws would lake
in. Then they threw down a pile
of small change on the cook's
bed and disappeared into the rain.
The police have the money, and
it is declared that they are certain that the silver is part of the
$2500 taken from the bank clerks
near the Trent Bridge on Friday
The Chinaman at the Moore
and Pethick camp, which is but
a short distance south of Union
Bay, told the police that these
same two thugs had been at the
camp twice before last week and
had forced him to give them food.
This was before the hold up of
the bank clerks, however, and it
was not thought that they would
come back for fear of capture.
The whole of the neighbourhood has been aroused and a
determined effort is being made
to scour the district. It is realised
however, that it will be a difficult
task to catch the desperadoes if
they keep to the heavily wooded
The Nanaimo Herald of the 8th
inst. has the following:
Another glaring example of
how the local members of the U.
M. W. of A. observe their pledges
and redeem their obligations has
been brought to the knowledge
of the Herald. At the beginning
of the dispute strike pay was
promised lo all employees of the
Western Fuel Co. whether thev
belonged to the U. M. W. of A.
or not. The promise lasted just
as long as it took the local dictators to find out that they could
neither cagole nor coerce the men
opposed to them into the union.
Then they were ready to repudiate their pledge and did so.
Another pledge of theirs was
that mine property should be protected. There were no strings to
this promise. It was not made a
condition that the company should
set up the union bosses as expert
adv'sers as to what was or was
not necessary work or that the
company should recognise the
right of these bosses to issue
working permits. What has
happened the Hrraldjias taken
pains to expose. There isn't a
man in the bunch of dictators
who cares any more for the safety and protection of the mine
property than he does for his
pledged word. It is different
with the men. They expect to
work again, and they will see to
it that the mines, the means of
giving them work, are kept
intact. The others can work the
The Herald is now informed of
even a meaner repudiation of a
pledge on the part of these arbitrary bosses than the two foregoing. A man named F. Passerini
runs a store at Extension. The
U. M. W. of A. bosses issued a
few orders on Passerini for which
he supplied groceries etc. The
latter got into a little financial
trouble and this, together with
the slack business caused by the
strike, put him up against it. He
went to work in the mine. The
U. M. W. of A. bosses in retallia-
tion will not cash the orders.
It is unnecessary to comment
on the flagrant dishonesty and
dishonorable breech of faith in
this cruel procedure. It may,
however, have consequences
which the bosses in their vengeful spite overlooked. Orders of
this kind are still being discounted with goods by city tradesmen.
They will note that if, for any
reason whatever, the union bosses
issuing these orders should pi o-
test them they have no redress.
It is not suggested that there is
any possibility of any of the local
tradesmen turning strikebreakers. It is merely pointed out
thet these men regard promises
as only made to be broken and
that if they will deny and repudiate their own orders for one
cause they will do it for another.
He Sees 'em Again!
Going South to Recuperate.
July and August are the months
for camping. If you havn't got
a camping outfit get one from
Tar bells.
P. P. Harrison, our local barrister, left for Vancouver on Sunday afternoon.
Chicago is just now feeling
some warm. Better prepare for
a hotter time and get in your
screen doors now. Price $1.50 to
$2.50 at Tarbell's Hardware.
The agitators are still out in
their usual abominable manner,
attempting to get the miners to
quit work. One of their latest
stunts tork place during the present week when they thought
success would surely attend their
Two of the coal miners, who
are strangers here, returned home
from their day's work, had supper
and took their usual evening's
walk. While strolling along they
came in contact with two loafers,
who were agitators a few months
ago but now that the holiday had
been declared off had degenerated
into loafers.
Says one the loafers: "Look
here boys, are you fellows working?"
Miners: "'Sure we are working.
What do you think we are? On a
sort of a honeymoon trip."
Loafer: "We did not exactiy
think that. We thought we might
be able to get you fellows to quit
work, seeing that it is easier to
walk around than it is to work.
The Company are getting out too
much coal for our liking. We
don't mind the company getting
a little coal, but if the output increases much more we are liable
loose our four dollars a week. Its
easy money, and if you fellows
will only quit work we will see
that you are put on 'he pay roll
or give you money enough to get
out of town. Anything you want
so long as you quit work."
The two miners, after thinking
over the generous offer, said:
"We can't quit work because we
can't live on four dollars a week.
If your fellows mind to make it
twenty-four dollars a week we
might consider your offer. As for
getting out of town that's out of
the question as we need a suit of
clothes, hat, shoes, etc. In fact
it would take $50.00 each for an
outfit. Then we need a couple of
hundred dollars in our pocket.
When you travel in this country
it takes money. So you see pals
we are up against it."
The loafers gave the miners
the following advice : - " Go
to one of the stores, any of the
large general stores, and tell the
merchant that you are working
and that you want a suit of
clothes, hat, shoes, and so forth,
in fact anything that you require.
You will get all the credit you
Want.     Then come to us and we
will-see that you get $10 each to
get out of town with. You will
then be dressed up pretty easy
and you'll get the money for
nothing. All you need do is to
quit work. The merchant will
never know where you are gone
and you can depend we will
never give him any information
as to your whereabouts."
The two coal miners, who are
honest, upright, respectable men,
were so shocked with the loafers'
dishonesty, it seemed as though
they were near a smallpox patient
and in a hurry to get away. Said
the miners: " We don't want
your money, your U.M.W. of A.,
or your dishonest methods. It is
work we want and a honest way
of living.   Good bye."
For local news see page 8.
Born, July 8th, to the wife of
Fred Hi gins, Union Bay, twin
Mr. and Mrs. John V. Nordgren
returned from a two week's trip
to Portland and Seattle by Thursday evening's train.
Rev. James Hood, Pastor of the
Preshyterian Church, accompani
ed by Mrs. Hood, returned from
the east by Thursday evening's
Before Joseph Shaw, J.P., the
police charged Arthur Last with
being drunk and disorderly. The
accused pleaded guilty and was
fined *5 and costs, in default CO
William Shearer appeared before His Worship charged with
using obscene language on the
main street. Pleaded not guilty.
The evidence for the prosecution
gave the language used, which
was unfit for publication. It
appears that the accused had
questioned the Bailey Bros, and
wanted to know if they were
working. When told they were
and well satisfied Shearer offered
to see that they were put on tin?
U.M.W. of A. pay roll and given
money enough to get out of town.
This kind offer the Bailey Bros,
refused, evidently thinking they
would rather work for their liv-
ng than exist on the small U. M
W. of A. pittance of four dollars
a week. 'I'he accused said they
were dirty scabs. The presiding
magistrate informed Shearer that
such language was not allowed
and fined him $20 and costs, in
default 30 days. The line was
The residents of Denman Island
celebrated Dominion Day on Mr.
Dalziel's grounds. Among the
numerous visitors were noticed
several from Hornby Island,
Union Bay and Cumberland. To
entertain the visitors and friends
the ladies of the Island prepared a sumptuous repast
under the tall fir trees. During
the afternoon sports were held
Including baseball, tug-of-war,
jumping and races of various
kinds. All the-events were keenly contested. In the evening a
grand ball was held to close up
the day's festivities, dancing
was kept up until midnight,
when the residents returned to
their homes after spending a
very enjoyable day and evening.
Mr.and Mrs.G.Russell, of Vancouver, have arrived and will
make their home on Denman
Miss McLellan is spending a
week's vacation with friends at
The stone quarry has been shut
down for some time, but may
open up shortly.
Miss Hayes, of the Cumberland
Public School staff, is here spending her summer vacation and is
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. John
,i Scutch laddie io tlil« Island camo
N.ine weeks ugO without II name.
Ami without clothes "t* baggage is tin' way he came
Tn Dalziel'., wliore he's making it Ills name.
They have adopted iiimjusl tin- saute,
rev lie's Scotch inn! he'll grow to might and faini-.
lie's gol his mother's looks.you can see,
He's got his father's nose yon needn't Uar.
Home to Scotland) some day you'll hear.
Of this Scotch laddie on his bridal career.
lint he'll return a married lovnr
To the blooming nehls uf timothy anil clover.
An exceedingly pretty wedding
was solemnized at St. Peter's
Anglican Church, Comox, on
Monday, the7th inst., when Capt.
Charles Nordin, of the steamtug
'Joyful," and Miss Aloina Raun-
derson were united in the bonds
of Holy Matrimony. (The bride,
who was given away by the
genial postmaster, Mr. Cyril
Piercey. was most becomingly
gowned in a white lace dress,
with veil and orange blossoms,
and carried a beautiful bouquet
of pink and cream roses. The
bridesmaid was Miss Catholine
Piercey, while little Flo Piercey
actetl as flower girl. The groom
was ably supported by Mi'. John
Smith. The church was daintily
decorated with ferns and flowers,
roses of all tints being greatly in
evidence. The ceremony was
performed by the Vicar, the Rev.
F. Frahklin-Watson. A sumptuous lire; kfast was served at the
Port Augusta Hotel.
At Holy Trinity Church, Cumberland, on Friday, July 4th,
Rev P. Franklin-Watson officiating, Mr. Willy Beard and Mrs.
Pearl Colwell were united in
On Saturday, July 5th, Mr.
Reginald Edward Hanson, of
Victoria, ami Mrs. Jack Roe, of
Cumberland, were united in ma
riage at Holy Trinity Church by
Rev. F. Franklin-Watson. Mr.
and Mr. Hanson left by automobile for Union Bay.
,159 TONS
No 6 Mine Makes Another Record, 369 Tons in Eight
The residents are again beginning to establish faith in the
town of Cumberland. Real estate
is going up, several families are
seeking houses to rent but find
they are unable to get a suitable
place to live in. Houses to rent
are at a premium. Commercial
travellers who make weekly visits
to the city report business good
and on the increase. Upon tie
arrival of every train we see new
people seeking employment in
and around the local mines. The
amount of freight received at the
railway station for the local merchants is now greater than at any
time before, Business men are
looking forward to a successful
summer. The feeling is altogether different to that of six
months ago. with the satisfaction
that the foreign agitators are on
their way south. The output for
the week ending Friday. July 11,
totals 11,159, a considerable increase over th" first week in
June. No. 0 made another record
on Wednesday by hoisting 301)
tons in eight hour'.
In connection with tho timber
policy of the provincial government an arrangement has now
been made that goes a long way
towards clearing the cruised
area, not only of the heavy timber but the smaller material also.
This latter would inevitably be
left and thereby robbed of all
revenue producing quality. The
agreement simply amounts to
quoting the logger or purchaser
ligures at which this brushwood
may be had. but its effect, in
addition to giving the logger an
opportunity of cutting into the
business for himself, insures the
clearing of the land and its opening up for agricultural purposes.
Each month a number of such
sales are recorded in the Forestry
Branch of the department. A
very notable sale of this character referred to two million feet of
timber located on Denman Islam1.
By virtue of the regulation referred to the price of the timber
was increased by the sum of
-'1,500, and the purchasers were
given two years time in which lo
effect the clearance.
Another example occurred in
connection with the sale of 2(-0
acres at Fanny Bay, KamsayArm,
where lhe timber amounted to
3,01)0,0(111 feet. The sum of*4,B00
was added tn the upset price for
the removal of lhe brushwood
antl two years was stipulated for
the carrying out of this work.
At Haslam Lake near Powell
River, two and ahalf million feet
of timber brought iu extra revenue to the extent of nearly ("2,000.
A block of timber estimated at
700,001) feet, located at Jervis
Inlet, brought in over $700; and
yet another block amounting lo
!)0 acres situated at Cracroft
Island brought in extra revenue
to the extent of $1,000.
Service at Sl. George's I'rcslv •
terian Church on Sunday al li
a.m. and 7 p.m.
Lieutenant Edward Willey, of
Leeds, England, died at the Union
and Comox District Hospital on
Friday morning, after a week'n
illness, lie was in the employ
of the Canadian Collieries (Dunt.-
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
Nine* times in ten when the liver is right thi
•tomacti and bowels are right.
p;l a lazy liver to
do iii duty
Cures Con
Headache, and Distrcsi after Eating,
Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Price.
Genuine mutt bear Signature
from the X Ranch Corral a wall eyed
Pinto Broncho with a Reman no<e
and lightning hecb. We have issued
a humorous descriptive circular of
this remarkable bronco with illustrations of his antics. Sent free on
application to any reader of this paper.
This [3 the most famous circular ever
printed lu the English language.
More than half a million copies have
already been distributed to advertise
our famous Pinto Shell gloves made
from tough Bronco hides. For a free
copy send postal to
Canada's Expert Clove and Mitt Makers.
Jottings From China
China has for years been the centre
and the scene of Interesting events.
Romance and reality have gone hand
ln hand, and the whole place ls steep-
I ed ln lore and legend.
j    A sense of the   ridiculous   ls   un-
j known to your heathen Chinee. Dur-
I Ing the recent revolution a company
ot soldiers went Into action with an
umbrella   strapped   to    each   back
whether to stop tho rain of bullets ls
not certain whilst at Canton, Chinese
'Tommies' aro seen armed with all the
Implements of war, plus a gamp ln the
hand, and calmly munching pieces ot
sugar-cane, so dear to the Asiatic.
A cultured Chinaman, garbed West-
em fashion, on his return horns had
to allow his effects to be searched by
the military, and caused a scare there*
hy which has Us humorous side. The
use of bombs ls not unknown, and Invariably causes much damage. In
this ease the searchers were on the
look-out for such Implements of havoc
but seemed doomed to disappointment
when lo! they alighted on oval-shaped
pellets, which caused great consternation, especially when the would-be de-
Btroyer of human life and owner of
these bombs, exasperated by the attention he was receiving, gtaBped several of them and dashed them to the
floor. It took a considerable amount
of time to convince the soldiers that
sparklets were not so dreadful as they
Enthusiasm ln the cause of the recent revolution has been rife. At a
meeting In llonan one rich widow offered two hundred thousand dollars
towards the funds of the cause. At
another an enthusiast threatened to
kill himself as a proof of his devotion. On being restrained he cut off
I one of his fingers, and with the bleeding stump wrote characters ln blood.
The attitude adopted to foreigners
ls of long-seated duration, although
with the adoption of Western Ideas
antl education It ls dying out. The
building of a railway by the foreigners
caused some trouble.
One man who protested did so in a
singular manner. lie arrogated to
himself certain divine rights, and to
show his gifts stepped ln front ot an
onward bound train,
the villagers
Ths Wrong Box
Smiling, Pat strolled Into th* ex-
amlnatton room, where candidate* (or
the police force underwent their physical test.
Strip 1 ordered tha police-sergeant,
Phwhat's that? demanded ths uninitiated.
Get your clothes off and b* quick
about lt!
Mumbling and muttering, Pat dto-
robed, and tht doctor proceeded to
the test.
Hop over this bar, ordered the doo-
Pat did his best, which landed him
on the small of his hack.
Now Jump under this cold shower,
ordered tfie doctor
Shure, that's funny! muttered the
applicant, as he obeyed.
And now, concluded the doctor, run
round the room ten times, to test
your heart and wind.
Pat hesitated then—
Ol'll tot! he blurted out. OI'll stay
Single! Inquired the doctor mystified.
Yes. single repeated the Irishman.
What's all this fussing got to do wld
a marriage license?
He had strayed into the wrong
For Stomach Pains and   Cramps,   Ne
' Remedy to Prompt aa Nerviline
This one may eeem a Utile ont ot
date, said the salesman ln the fur
department of a big store, but lt actually happened to me one day In the
past winter. A woman walked up to
the counter and said:
I'm looking tor a mutt.
Yes, madam, said 1; what fur?
And she snapped back:
Well to keep my hands warm If
It's any of your business.
Baby's battles for health are many.
The precious little lite ls ln constant
danger from the many Ills that afflict
little ones such as constipation, indigestion, colic, diarrhoea, etc., and unless the mother guards her little ones
against these troubles Berious results
ln the sight otjmay follow. Baby's Own Tablets ls
The engine happened; the best, medicine to fight baby's bat-
A Western Experience Related.
"It's ln an unsettled part of the
country like our far West that proves
how valuable Nerviline ls ln the
home," writes Sir. Patrick M. Dehan-
ey, from Fort Saskatchewan. "Chills
are frequent—a hot drink of Nerviline
sends life circulating through the body
In three minutes. Cramps or sudden
Illness at night ls one of our terrors.
No druggist or doctor Is near, but If
Nerviline ls handy you can get relief.
The worst amps Nerviline has cured
In my children In halt a minute. I
don't think any farmer's wife has anjr
right to be without the protection of
Nerviline. In our family we use lt
for a hundred Ills, and lt cures them
all. One night one of my kiddles
bad earache and another toothache.
Without Nerviline no one could have
slept—I applied it as directed, and the
children's pains disappeared. My husband uses Nerviline for lame back,
rheumatism, aching joints and all sorts
of muscular pains. It is as good inside aa outside, and ls as much a part
of my home as my kitchen stove."
You find a thousand uses for a good
family remedy like Nerviline. Qet
the BOo. family size bottle; It's more
economical than the 25c. trial size.
Sold by all storekeepers and druggists,
or The Catarrhozone Co., Buffalo, N.
to be in charge ot a European, who j ties. They ore a mild laxative that
seeing the foolhardy man In time, was will regulate the stomach and bowelB
able to pull up without injuring him. and will thut ward off sickness and
This feat of proving that the foreign- will keep baby happy, healthy and
et- hnd no power over the man greatly slrorg. The Tablets are sold by med-
impressed the onlookers. But a lcine dealers or by mall at 25 cents a
doubling Thomas turned up the next (box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
j The Heart of a Piano is the
i       Action.   Insist on the
i "OttoHigel"
i Piano Action
Something better  than   linen,   and no
laundry bills.     Wash   with   Soap   and
Water,     All stores, or direct. Stale stylo
and siz***.     For 26c.  we will mall you.
58 Fraser Avenue,   toronto, Ontario
day, and the performance had perforce
lobe repeated.    Only this time the
train  waB ln charge ot a Chinaman
! who dltl not see the utility of stopping
i bis engine, nnd ns a result there w
j ono Chinaman the less.
|    Naturally the legends   and   stories
which aro interwoven with tho people
'are manv.   In certain  parls of the
• land the cultivation ot the narcissus
;ls carried on.   The orthodox plan ls
lo place the bulbs   In   shallow   blue
I dishes,  filled  wltb   waler,  and  with
11 stones, or preferably sea or tor-
! rent pebbles, surrounding them.     A
i practical reason for the   addition   ot
[ these pebbles would seem to be the
', support afforded to the bulbs, which
' prevents their falling over when the
plants are full-grown and heavy with
- the leaf-sheaths and clustei-B of flowers.      But  legend  Is  stronger  than
use, and the real reason, so the Chln-
! ese say, Is as follows: Long, long ago,
an old man and his wife lived ln ex-
1 treme povertv, near   lo a   mountain
stream ln Southern China.    They had
the  blessing ot two  daughters,  who
1 would not   leave   their   parents   for
, homes ot their own, but dutifully and
tenderly .oared   for   them.   The   old
people died and were burled near; and
the poor girls went daily to the Bide
) of the stream lo weep.   Narrow strips
of ground,   with   poor,   sandy   soil,
! stretching along the bank formed their
I sole patrimony: but now as-tfielr tears
fell like rain, the sand and pebbles
Co., Broclivllle,  Ont.
Ins. Winslow's Soothino SYRt-r li.s been . .,	
•Btci tor over sixty yhaksIiv miixions of!..MVG(]- and the leaves, and then the
■BBflB. *-"..."'1lr...V».!.'.:U'*!:-N...W!"*.« I .Zflt flowers, ot countless narcissus
is the best remedy for DIARRHOIA. It is lib-
iolutely harmless. He Btire and ask; for "Mrs.
Winslow's Soothing Syrup," and Ultc ao other
kind.   Twenty-five cents s bottle.
LADIES WANTED—To do work at
home; decorating cushion tops; can
make from $1! to $5 per duj; pleasant
work. Armour Art Co., Dcpt. N. 43
Steele  Blk.,  Winnlptg.
No Wonder ■
Brown (to Itoblnsoti, who ls reading a telegram with a look of anguish
on his face)—What's the matter, old
fellow?    Somebod" dead?
Honluson (crushing telegram   with
both hands)—No,    somebody
sweet ...     - .
plants pushed their way through, and
their whole heritage shone with a fragrant and valuable harvest. They
sold and sold again this bountiful
gift ot the dlvlnely-sent fairy, and their
descendants (so the legend concludes)
for long generations have derived from
this source.
In the early days of a certain railway compensation was paid to the relatives of those who were accidentally
killed on the line. When lt became
known that such was the case, acts
of suicide were very frequent, some
being anxious to benefit their families
or relatives In this way. Tho practice of paying compensation soon stopped, ami suicidal tendencies ceased
In lhat part ot China.
Look for the signature of K. w. GROVE.
Curl's ii  Ciild  In  One  Day.    Cures Crip
tn Twu Days,    t'&u.
Collet-tor—Mr. Qlbbfi, I am sorry to
have to usk you to pay tills little bill,
Glbbs—Are you, my boy? Well, I
can sympathize with you from tlie bottom of my heart. I am sorry you
have to ask me.
Get the blunt man to come right to
the point.
Wilton Lackage, the player ha,s a
story ot an animal show ln the west
where the principal feature ot the programme was billed as 'The Happy
Family,' die salr. family consisting ot
a Hon, a tiger, a puma, and a lamb.
Some one in conversation with the
proprietor ot the show asked how long
these animals had lived together.
Quite confidentially the proprietor replied:
About eight mouths, I think, but
tbe lamb has to be renewed occasionally.   '
While passing an old-fashioned Inn
In Scotland Bome tourists were attracted by an aged bagpiper, who was tooting atrocious sounds through an Instrument that was both d.laptdated
and squeaky.
Great Jericho, Sandy! exclaimed one
ln desperation. Why don't you have
your bagpipes repaired?
Th- old man ceased playing and
looked up In astonishment.
Havers, mon, ye dlnna understant!
If ma bagpipes wor ln good tune the
Inn mon wadna give me twa shillings
to move on.
Ask for Mlnard's and take no other
The Chicago Record-Herald relates
that William J. Burns, congratulated
on his success In capturing the Muslca
family, said to a New York reporter:
It ls all a matter ot observation and
analysis. To the good detective every slightest action speaks volumes.
I, for example, was once looking for
a widower. But the man I had under
surveillance Btoutly declared himself
to be a bachelor. One morning however, I saw him pay a bill—and ln doing so he turned his back to everybody
In the room before taking out his poc-
Instantly I laid one hand on his
Come with me, I said. You are no
ba-rhelor. Vou are a widower or a
married man.
Making a Profit
A party ot amateur pigeon-shooters
some time ago arranged for a match
and ordered thirty pigeons from a
dealer In a neighboring town. The
shooting was ot a really wonderful
character, but tho actual performance
need not be described in detail. The
net results wlll be gathered readily
from the following note, which was
subsequently received from the dealer.   It ran—
Gentlemen,— I beg sincerely to
thank you for your order, and to Intimate that I shall bo only too happy
to supply you wltb any number of
birds on future occasions of this sort.
The whole of the thirty birds, for
which you raid me at the rate of 35c.
per head, returned home in safety,
and, moreover, brought with them a
stray pigeon. My price to your party
henceforth will be sixpence a dozen.
Not a Thurder Expert
The masterful manner ln which
some people evade an Issue was mentioned at a recent dinner when thla
ona waa recalled by Rear Admiral
Philip Andrews.
In New Orleans ona night, the admiral said, there was a man on tha
stage who offered to answer by mental
arlthmetlo any q/iestion that might
be asked by the audience.
Just so long as the Questioner remained ln the expected channel tha
Balling was easy, but Anally one man
got beyond tha bearings.
If you please sir, said the man,
rising from his seat: How tar off can
-ou l.;ar thunder?
I can't tell you, sir, was the prompt
response ot the wonder on the stage.
You can't tell me? responded the
fan.     Why, I thought—
Not about thunder, replied the stage
party, doing a quick piece ot <' idglng.
You see I am a lightning ca' ulator.
Ask for Mlnard's and taka no e'-hCf
Sensible Advice
Why, Henry, she exclaimed, what ls
the matter with you? You seem excited.
It was a minute before he could
control his voice sufficiently to speak,
I am, he snorted. I have been insulted .
How? ho did Ut And her spirit rose.
By a scoundrel who came Into my
ofilce this morning. I have nursed
my wrath all day, and now I have
come to you for advice. What would
you do If a man were to tell you to
go to Jericho and stop there?
As he strode about the room he
kicked over the table and a couple of
W- /, dear, she replied, after the
impulsive manner of women and with
the utmost sincerity, I wouldn't go.
Then he sat down and thought that
a good wife's advice was an anchor
to windward ln a husband's most
temptnous moments.
Because they aet aa gently (aa
porting ar (M)-n(' yataa j
l thorouthly
F are beat for the children aa well as 1
the grown-ups,    25o. a box at
your druf ttsfa.
Illliul Its. ss< Cstatei Ci. ll Ciuil,tWM
Is CLEAN, and
chance of
if you uso
A Londoner owning a country place
near tho capital engaged a stable boy.
During his last stay at the place the
owned did not ste the boy for several
days. Finally, however, Laving special need of the lad, lt occurred to him
that the Btable-hand was not exactly
on the job. Wbere th.i deuce do
you keep yourself? demanded the master of the place. I.don't believe 1'va
seen you since, you were engaged.
Have you been asleep all this time?
Yos, sir, was the unexpected response.
I thought that was what you wanted
sir. What I wanted! exclaimed the
employer, amazed. What are you
drlv.ng at? Well, sir, explained the
lad your advertisement Bald you wanted a boy of Bixteen to sleep on the
DODD'S '''
. WjsidnevJ8-
50c. a box or alx Uxes fer $2.50,
at all dealers, or The Dodda Medicine Company, Limited, Toronto,
W. N. U. 931
Wire Ftnce With a Hlttuf)
Everything has a history more or
less, either interesting or otherwise,
but oue is not likely to think of anything unusually Interesting being associated with an ordinary wire fence.
On a fnrni about three miles to the
north of Stratliaven there is, however,
a fence with a somewhat interesting
history. It is constructed with part
ot tlie wires which al one time con-',
necletl our country with the Continent of America. When the present j
Atlantic cable was laid down the old
cable was taken up and the wires of
which It was composed were exposed
for sale. A farmer, who at that time
occupied one of the Calrnduff farms
in the district—purchased a considerable quantity of the wire, and used it
for fencing purposes on his farm.
There Is nothing particular lu the
appearance of the fence to attract
the attention ot the casual observer,
but tliere It stands a relic of the
ocean—part of the great cable which
at one time lay at the ocean's depths,
stretching between Britain and America, and over which messages were
flashed—now serving to do duty lu.
fencing the lands of the farm.
I could have don« better than marry
Yon bring thai question up at Inopportune times, my dear. Suppose
we place a regular weekly evening on
the ealandar to be devoted to its discussion.
The ease with which corns and warts
can be removed by Hollo-way's Corn
Cure ls Its strongest recommendation,
lt seldoms falls.
Small Robert had been given oyster Btew for dinner. The oysters
were unusually large and after peering Into the bowl for some time he
finally swallowed one. Laying down
his spoon he said: Mamma, I don't
liki them big hoppy toads.
Willie, aged five, wa.; one day Bent
away from the dinner table for misbehaviour. He went into the kitchen
and the maid said:
Willie, I'd be ashamed to be Bent
away from the table, as big a boy as
you are.
Wl-11, that's what a fellow gels by
being born In a preacher's family, rejoined the ;:ule fellow.
Two youthful artists having a stud-
u In Philadelphia, wherein they not
only work but lodge as well, were
obliged to make shift, not bug ago,
during a period of financial stresB,
with such meals as they could themselves prepare In the studio.
One morning, as the younger of the
two was 'sketching In' the coffee, he
gave utterance to loud and bitter complaint. This ls a fine way for gentlemen to live! he exclaimed.
Oh, I don't know, was the airy complaint ot Ills friend. Lots of people
are far worse off. I was reading
only this morning of a redtiBe who
cooked hla own breakfast for nineteen
He must have been awfully hungry
when he finally got It done, rejoined
lhe other, savageiy.
Mantraal Man Cenquarad hla OM
Enamy by using GIN PILLS
Mr. A. Beaudryof 597 Panet Street,
Montreal, thus expresses his great
aatisfaction with GIN FILLS.
"It affords me great pleasure to inform
you that I have used GIN PILLS for
about six months, and that they have
done me a great deal of good. I have
bad Rheumatism for* couple of years
and last winter I saved myself from it
by using GIN PILLS."
5oc.ahor,6for*2.50. Sample free If
you write National Drug and Chemical
Co. of Cauada, Limited, Toronto.     'M
Th use of Miller's Worm Powders
Insures healthy children so far as the
ailments attributable to worms are
concerned. A high mortality among
children ls traceable to worms. These
sap the strength of Infants so that
they are unable to maintain the battle
for life and succumb to weakness.
This preparation gives promise ot
health and keeps lt.
The Guaranteed "ONE DYE for
All Kinds of Cloth."
1 TRY IT »n.i pro¥» ll for jourielf t
\ Send for I ree t"olor Curd.Storj Itooklct, tint Boob*
lei giving resultt ol Dyeing over oilier ctili.ru.
The Johmon-Rlchirdion Co., Untiled, •  MomtmI
We only handle property ot ■terUBf
merit, on wnlch w» are prepared te
guarantee profits.
and "DEER LODGB" propertlee are
food Investment!. We want a foei
agent to represent ue tn every towa.
For terme apply,
Sterling Bank Building. \.'lnnlpt»
"Don't waste time writlnl II rea
do nut mean business."
Jackson—Bun'.er lias got himself
Into a nice fix.
Jackson—He wrote an article on
The Ideal Wife, for a ladles' paper
last month.
Johnson—Well, what's that got to
do with his present fix?
Jackson—Somebody told his wife
about lt, and she's been reading the
thing over during the past two days,
trying to discover a single trait wherein his ideal resembles her. She haa
not found It, and Banker dlues ln the
city now.
A certain broker has been teasing
his wife about some of her housekeeping arithmetic, and yesterday she
got her revenge.
What time is .' he asked her after
lunch. She took out her purse and
held up a halt-crown without a word.
He stared, scratched his head, and
finally gave lt up.
Anybody who is up In figures, she
remarked, sweetly, would at once have
understood that I meant halt-past two.
Merchant (to detective)—Some fellow has been representing hlmselt as
a collector of ours. He's been taking
In more money than any two of the
men we have and. I want him collared
as quickly as possible.
Detective—All right. I'll have him
Ir. Jail In lrrss than a week.
Merchant—Great Scott, man, I don't
want to put him in Jail, I want to
engage him.
Customer—How Is that clerk ot
yours that got '.art when the soda
fountain exploded? Druggist— I'm
sorry to say, sir, that he's what you
might call a fizzlcal wreck!
Heavens, Not That
Father—You' havo  no  senso;   I'm
going to cut you oft with a million.
The Son—It you do I'll disgrace tha
family by riding around In a second
hand auto.
The Black Hand society wrote a
man a letter demur ding thr.t he put
$1,000 In a barrel on the corner of
X and Z streets at 9 o'clock on Friday
night or they would blow up the beautiful home of bis wife's mother.
Instead of the money the man put
a note ln the barrel: Nothing dolnj
ln the money line, but the propoit
tion you suggest Interests me.
When little Bob bumped his heal,
Uncltt Jim gathered the youngBter la
his arms and said:
There! I'll kiss lt, and the pain will
all be gont.
Cheerfully smiling, the youngster
Come down into the kitchen, grant-
pa, the cook has the toothache.
ia an enemy within the camp. It will
undermine the strongest constitution
and ruin the most vigorous health.
It leads to indigestion, biliousness
Impure blood, bad complexion, tick
headaches, and is one of the most
frequent causes of appendicitis. Ta
neglect it is slow suicide. Dr.MorseS
Indian Root Pills positively euro
Constipation. They are entirely
vegetable in composition and do not
sicken, weaken or (ripe. Preserve
your health by taking
Dp. Morae's   "
Indian Root «*«n«
How Concrete
Work Was Made
Easy For You
California now ranks first among all
tin states west of the Mississippi
river in the V lue or mineral production.
This Label is your assurance */
satisfactory concrete work .
mysterious material, that could be used successfully only by
experts.   They knew lhat upon the quality of the cement
depended much of the success of concrete work.    They had no
means of testing cement, such as big contractors employ, and so could
not be sure of its quality.
Yet the farmer needed concrete.
He was kept from using this best and most economical of materials by
1. Lack of knowledge of how to mix and place concrete.
2. Lack of a brand of cement upon the quality of which he
could absolutely rely.
Canada Cement
has supplied both these requirements.
We employed men to make a thorough investigation of the farmer's
requirements; to find out where and how he could use concrete with
profit to himself; to discover all problems he might come across and to
solve them. This investigation was expensive. But when it wat
completed we had the material for our campaign to show the farmer
how and where to tue concrete,;and we printed a book, "What ths
Fanner Can do With Concrete," for free distribution. That book
makes every farmer who reads it a concrete expert, as far as his needs
are concerned. He finds that there is nothing mysterious about concrete—that a few simple rules supply an the knowledge required.
.At the same time we met the farmers' second objection—inability ta
test tho quality of cement—by producing cement of a quality that '
does not need lo be tested.
The Canada Cement that you buy by the bag it the tame Canada
Cement that is sold by the train-load for great elevators, buildings and
Ttas Is . C...4. CssHit DssUr i. t.w Nslfkto.4.4
If you have not already done to, writs for the boob
11 What the Farmer can de with Concrete."   It is Free,
Canada Cement Company Limited
Home Course In
Fruits and Berries
One of Nine Articles by Government and
State Horticulturists and Pomolojists
By L
C CORBETT, Horticultural, Bureau of Plant Industry,
United Slate* Department of Agriculture.
TBK possibilities ln fruit culture
upon restricted areas bare
been very generally overlook-
ed. with the result that mnny
aersuiiH who own n city lot, a suburban
koine or even a farm now look upon
trull us a luxury. Tbis can all be
changed, but It must be remembered
tbat a fruit plantation must claim the
attention or Its owner from early
q>rlug to lute autumn. Its products,
too, must be so planned as to cover
the greatest possible portion of tha
Masons between frosts.
The soil ut tbe disposal ot tbe grower
will iroquently be ill suited to the
purposes of n borne fruit garden, but
If tbe boII Is heavy It can be lightened
with sinid If lt ls not desirable to Increase tbe proportion of humus wblch
It contains. If lt ls lacking ln organic
Batter the addition of leaf mold aud
wall rotted manure or the turning under of some leguminous crop will accomplish the desired result If tbe
■oil ts loose and sandy, losing Its store
af plant food rendily, this fault can bo
remedied by the addition of retentive
aiaterinl, sucb us clay. If, on tbe otber band, the class of plants to be generally grown is suited to a loose,
sandy soil and it seems desirable to
add to tbe collection a plant, such aa
plum, which naturally requires a
fceavy, retentive soil, It would undoubted! v   be  better  to  change  tbe
Photograph by Long Island agricultural
experiment station.
"tub on.u'rrs auk nil's."
Character of the plant by grafting lt
»pon a stock adapted to aandy soil
conditions than to attempt to modify
the soil to suit the plant, Changes ln
plants nre not always easily accomplished, and wltb many plants there
la no alternative but to use them on
tbelr own roots. In this letter caso
tbe soli Itself must be made to conform to tbe demands of tbe plants.
Tbe soli, ln addition to being heavy
and retentive, may also be cold and
wet. In such rase tbo addition of
■and will not entirely overcome tbe
difficulty. Sand will lighten and facilitate natural drainage, but if tbe
■oil be unduly moist the only remedy
Jles In ihoi'otigh undcrdrnlnnge.
Work at Planting Time.
At planting time all broken or decayed roots should be cut away, leaving only smooth cut surfaces and
kenlthy wood to come In contact with
the soil. If a large part of the root
■ren of Ilic plant has been lost ln transplanting the top should be cut back
In proportion to tho roots remaining.
■ The holes In which trees, vines or
Ihrubs nre to be set should bo ample,
■o that lhe roots of the plant may
fcave full untural spread. The earth
It lhe hoi lorn of the holes should be
loosened a spade depth below the line
Cf excavnllon. The boII placed immediately in contact with the roots of
the newly set plant should be rich top
■oil free from soil or pnrtlnlly decayed
»rgnnlc mutter. Firm the soil over the
loots hy trampling. Movement of soil
water Is thus set up and the food supply
•f the soil brought Immediately to the
tne of lhe plant. When the operation
•f transplanting Is complete tbe plant
■hould stand one or two inches deeper
than It stood In tbe nursery.
The matter of pruning should receive
Careful nnd detailed attention. For example, In tbe case of the apple and tbe
fear the fruits are borne upon "spurs"
ef the previous year's growth only,
these spurs appearing on wood one
fur or more of age. Heading ln or
■horlciilng each shoot ot the season'!
growth must be done with care In or-
der not to reduce the bearing wood beyond a prolitable limit Tbe bearing
(hoots are usually more obscurely totaled upon the side ot the branches.
With the peach, however. It la the
wood of tbe last season's growth opon
whlcb the fruits ore directly borne, and
with tbem heading In may be successfully employed to limit the quantity of
fruit borne by Ibe tree.
The grape bean Its fruit on shoota
of the season, whlcb In turn usually
arise from canes of tbe prevloua year.
Tbe Interest of a fruit garden may
he greatly enbanced by growing therein plants not adapted naturally to the
climatic region Is wbicb tbe garden
Is located. This may be accomplished
by learning and practicing the proper
methods of protection.
Besides these protective devices,
sheltered places, wbere growth ls retarded ln spring, may be taken advantage of In order to hold back early
blooming plants.
The fact tbat trees can be grown as
dwarfs aa well aa standards will enable one to utilize a apace which had
previously been considered nnsulted
for tbe development ot a tree. It ls
well known that In proportion to size
dwarf trees are more fruitful than
standards and that tbey come Into bear.
Ing sooner.
Dwarfing la accomplished by budding or grafting robust growers on
alow growing stocks, and most tree
fruits lend themselves to this treatment Standards may be grown as
"bushes" or as "pyramlda," thus making It possible to grow them much
closer together. Pruning and training
used ln combination have shown tha
possibilities of restricting plants to tha
"espalier," "cordon" and other styles
of training against walls.
Advantages of Grafting,
Besides tbo advantage of dwarfing,
grafting may be turned to good account to enable the owner of few trees
to Increase bis sorts beyond tbe limits
of the trees be possesses. By grafting;
the list of varieties can be increased
at wlll. There are apple trees known
wblch bear as many aa ISO varieties.
Planta of various habits ot growth
may be combined to the advantage of
tbo grower and witb little or no disadvantage to tbe plants. To Illustrate
this, currants may be combined with
grapes, apples wltb currants or rasp
berries and grapes wltb strawberries.
Certain well known systems of pruning and training allow additional liberties to the aklllful planter—as, for Instance, the grapevine, whlcb readily
lends Itself to arbor training, may be
utilized for screening tender or shade
loving plants. Strawberries adapt
themselves readily to such situations
If the shade la not allowed to become
too dense. Among Dowering plants
none will thrive better under auch
conditions than pnnsles and violets,
and among garden vegetables lettuce
and radishes may be successfully
grown under socBr^e canopy, as tbey
will be ont ef tbe way before a dense
■hade ls formed by the grapes. As-,
paragus can be successfully grown under a shade of this character.
The following lists of varieties, while
made for northern Ohio, are presented
more as a guide to the proportionate
allotment of plants of various species
In a home fruit garden tban as a guide
to varieties suited to such a garden:
Apples, 58 trees, summer, t Early Harvest. 2 Red Astraclian, 1 Golden Sweet, 1
Pumpkin Bweet, 1 Maiden Blush; winter,
t Grimes Golden, t Baldwin, 2 Rhode Island Greening, 2 Belmont (White Pippin),
1 Fallawater, 1 Fameuee (Snow Apple), 1
Toltnan Sweet, 1 Roxbury Russet', crab,
I Hy'alop, I Transcendent, 1 Yellow Siberian;   peaches,   25   trees,   early.   Yellow
Rareripe. Early Crawford, Elberta, 4 each;
Alexander, Canada Early, 2 «aoh; 1 Lew-
la;   late,   4  Late  Crawford,   2  Stephens
Rareripe, 2 Golden Drop; pears, 10 trees,
4 Bartlett, 2 Koonce, 2 Ducheas, 1 Kleffer,
1   Bcckel;   cherries,   10  trees,  .  Allen,  2
Black    Tartarian,    i   Early    Richmond;
plums, 10 treea, greengage, French dam-
eon,   Lombard,   Mary,   Willard,   2  each;
quinces, 15 Champion; apricots, 5 Monte-
lumet; nectarines, 5 Boston; grapes, 100
vines, Concord, Campbell's Early, Niagara,   Brighton,  25 each;  raspberries,   150
bushes, 60 Gregg, 26 Marlboro, 50 Cuth-
berr,  25 Golden Queen;  blackberries,  100
bushes, 60 Agawam, 60 Taylor; currants.
100 bushes, 50 Victoria, 26 While Grape, 25
Black Champion; gooseberries, 76 bushes,
25   Downing,   25   Industry,   25  Columbus,
etrawberrles, 400 plante, Brandywlne, aim
Mary, Warlleld, Candy, 100 each.
Applet,  10 treea, i Baldwin, 2 Gilmer
Golden,. 1  Fallawater, 2 Red Astraclian.
1 Bonum, 1 Bough Sweet; crab, 1 Transcendent: pttchts, 10 trees, 1 Alexander,
1 2 Rareripe (Yellow), > Early Crawford. 4
Late Crawford, 1 Stephens Rareripe; clier-
! ties, 6 trees, 2 Early Richmond, 2 Blacfc
' Tartarian, 1 Allen; plums, 6 treea, 2 green
: gage,   2   Lombard,   1   Willard;   pears,   5
I trees, t Bartlett, 1 Duchess, 1 Kleffer, 1
', Beckel;  quinces, i Champion; apricots, 2
! Montezuniet; nectarines, 2 Boston; grains,
! 50 vines, 25 Concord, 10 Niagara, 16 Brlgh-
i ton;  raspberrlea, 70 bushes, 26 Gregg, 10
i Marlboro, 25 Cuthbert, 10 Golden Queen;
■ blackberries,  60  bushes,   25  Agawam,   26
Taylor; currants, 46 buehea, 26 Wilder, 10
White Grape, 10 Black Champion; gooseberries, 80 bushes, 10 Downing, 10 Industry, 10 Columbutl strawberries, 200 planta,
100 Brandywine, 100 Candy.
Apples, 4 trees,  Red Astraclian,  Golden  Bweet,  Baldwin,  Fallawater, 1 each;
peaches, 4 trees, 1 Early Canada, 1 Yellow
Rareripe, 1 Early Crawford, 1 Lata Crawford; pears, 2 trees, 1 Bartlett, 1 Ducheaa
(Dwarf); plums, 2 trees, 1 Wilder. 1 Lombard; quinces, I Champion: apricots,   I
Ifontezumet; grapes, 10 vines, 6 Concord,
Niagara; raspberrlee, 20 bullies, 10 Gregg,
to tlulbbert;   blackberries,   20  buehea,   10
Taylor, 10 Agawam; currants, 10 bushes.
Victoria, I White Grape; gooseberries, 5
tewnlna; ttrawberr'aa, H Braadywlaa.
HI ** Just mot* thaa Clad when It set-
warmer, BO
I eaa give tha two anger alia to all the
gang and go
Aoroas the meadows with 'em for a aood
eld fashioned awlm;
Qua throw my clothes oft* on the bank or
bang them on a limb
Aa' then go dlvln' wltb a lop from tba
old dlvin' log.
Aa happy an' bar* naked as a big old
daddy frog.
1 don't mind takln' soap along aa' bavin
a good acrub
Whan I can do lt tn tha crick, but 1 despise a tubl
.Wall, anyhow, soap ain't ao good aa soms
old fashioned mud
That kids can waller ln.   It .entire to get
Into their blood
An' make 'em glad, an' then tbey diva an'
then coma up aa wblte
Aa anything!   I'll bet I won't coma home
till It le night
Tha first day wben I get a chance to dive
an' awlm an' float
It's lust the water la a tub that gets a
teller's goat.
Ha doesn't do a thing but grab rt*y balr
an' rub an' rub
Aa' get the soap into tny eyee-I Co despise a tub!
X Wish t was baldheaded. like my taiher!
Bet I know
Why all his hair come off his bead.   Hla
mother long ago
Would get her fingers Into It when te was
In the tub
Aa' nil bla eyes an' eara with soap, an'
then she'd acrub an' scrubl
Why, every little kid I know, his malbor
acta that way!
Tbat'a why ao many kids lust  hate te
tblnk of Saturday.
■ay, I'll be glad when It glta warm an'
sunburn's on my nose,
An' 1 can diva an' wade an' feel the n->ifl
between my toes I
Herman Governor's Method of Handling
Refractory Prisoner.
Captain Amundsen In a lecture at
Madison. Wis., told of the hardships,
especially tlie hardships of hunger, at*
teudnait ou arctic expeditious.
"And it ls an unfortunate fact." snld
the discoverer of the south pole, "tbal
hunger Is always accompanied by a
vivid remembrance of the most detectable food oue hus ever eaten. While
compelled to live for six months on
one mouth's provisions, helped out per*
haps by a little seal meat uud seal
blubber, you are tormented by visions
of former banquets. Christmas dinners
at borne, certain favorite dishes. Yes.
If you are hungry tlie thought of line
food is exquisite torture.
"And In this conuectiou." the captain
continued. "1 am reminded of a story
about tbe governor of u certain German prison.
"One morning this governor said lo
the chief wurder:
•"1 say, Fritz. No. 70 Is behaving
worse than ever. Put hlui on bread
and water.'
•"But he Is already doing two fust
dnys, bIi*.'
" 'Then.' ordered the merciless governor, 'give him a cookbook mid see
that he reads it' "—Los Angeles Times.
Unequal ta It.
The Terrible Child.
Here Is oue tbut was told by the
public printer at Washington wbeu
those around him stinted to lutud In
kid stories:
The teacher fn a public school was
endeavoring to instruct a class ot
youngsters In natural history. Selecting tbe cat as tbe first subject, sbe he*
gun to ask questions.
"Can any little boy or girl." she queried, "tell me what kind of clothes a
pussy wears':'1
There was no response. The youngsters merely glanced at each other and
at the floor, whereat the teacber made
another attempt.
"1 am surprised." snld she, "that no
one can tell me what a pussy wears.
Docs a pussy wear clothes like a human being? Docs a pussy wear feathers like a bird?   Does a pussy wear"—
"Sny, Miss Mary," finally broke In
little Jimmy Smith as a pitying expression floated over bis features, "hain't
you never secu a cat?"—Philadelphia
"Never mind, old man. It'll all come
out right In the long run."
"In the long run, yes, but I'm only
trained for a sprlnf-Chlcago News.
Tha Feelings of Uncle Jos.
Uncle Joe Cannon, one time speaker
ef tbe bouse of representatives, returned to Washington last fall soon
after he had been defeated for re-election to tbe house. One night be was
approached at bis home by a newspaper reporter who bad been instructed to get from bim an Interview on the
general subject of "tbe real meaning
and benefits of defeat."
"I wish you would tell me," said tbe
reporter, "what your feelings were
when you knew tbut you had been defeated."
"Young man," snld Cannon, "political defeat Is too big a subject to discuss ln an Interview which Is now
drawing to its close with lightning-
like rapldity."-Popular Magazine-.
' Street Car Gallantry.
Here's a street car conversation thnt
may or may not bave u moral. It at
least furnishes food for reflection. A
friend of ours overheard it ou a Euclid
"Isn't It awful," snld one fair strnp
hanger, "to have to stand up all the
way borne after shopping till your feet
are sore?"
"Yes," Bald tbe other pretty, fair
strnp banger. "And no chance for a
"Well, I don't blame the men sometimes. They say that a woman never
says 'Thank you' If they do give up
tlnlr seats."
"I always do. Wouldn't yon say
'Thank you' if one of these gentlemen
sbotild give you his scat?"
"No; I don't think I would."'
"Why not?"
"I wouldn't be able to. I'd faint
awsy."—Cleveland Plain Dealer.
The Acme.
Brlggs— Here's a fellow who writes
about the acme of selfishness without
having tbe slightest Iden wbat it Is.
Grlggs-Well, wbat la lt?
Brlggs—Having your wife, a cold ah-
lend. Insist upon leaving both windows ln the room open and then rolling
herself up in all the bed elotblng.-
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Driven to Begging.
"Has your order been hikeu, sir?"
Inquired the head waiter.
"Yes," replied the patient diner, "fifteen minutes ago. If It Isn't too late,
though, I'd like to change It."
"To change your order, sir?"
"Yes. if you don't mind I'll cbnnge
to an entreaty."—Boston Transcript,
A Demoralizing Change.
"I have to watch those players who
were on the stage all winter." remarked the manager.'
"Why so?"
"It's bnrd to get 'em to go nine Innings after they have got used to a
drama that only lasted four acts."—
Pittsburgh Post.
Up to the Doctor.
"Well, here 1 am," announced the
fashionable physician In his breezy
way, "And now what do you think ls
the matter with you?"
"Doctor, I hardly know." inuruiured
the fashionable pntlent "What Is
new?"—l'eursou's Weekly.
"Come right on In, Bnmbo," the fnrtn-
er colled out. "Ho won't hurt you.
You know n harking dog never bites."
"Sure, boss, Ah knows tint." replied
the cautious colored mnn. "but Ah
don't know how soon he's going to stop
Apparent Nonsense.l
"He tnlks miserably, und yet he talks
"How can he do both?"
"Because he's drumming up business
for an artesian company."—Baltimore
Nature's Rival,
Sbe—Did you hear lhe thunderstorm
last night?
He—No. There wns n suffragette
meeting In the next house to mine.—
Penny Illustrated Paper.
Da Vinci's Prayer and Triumph of Art
While Still a Pupil.
It Is told ur Leouardo da Vinci that
Willie still a pupil, before hU genius
burst luto brilliancy, ho received a special Inspiration lu th* wav;
His old and famous Bluster because
or bis" growing Indrmitee ur age felt
obliged to give up bis own work aud
oue day bade Da Vluel Unish for him
ii picture which he had begun. The
young man had sucb reverence for hl-i
master's skill that he Bbrttuk from the
task. Tbe old artist, however, would
uot accept nny excuse, but persisted in
bis command, saying simply. "Do your
Da Vinci at last tremblingly seized
tbe brush and. kneeling before the
easel, said tbe following prayer: "It Is
fur the sake of my beloved master thai
1 Implore skill and power fur this undertaking." As he proceeded his hand
grew steady, his eye awoke with slumbering genius, (le furgot himself und
was filled with enthusiasm for his
When the painting was finished the
old master was carried Into Ibe studio
to pass judgment on tbe result. His
eyes rested on u triumph of art.
Throwing his arms around the young
artist, be exclaimed, "My son, 1 pnlui
no more."
White and Furry, They Are Monstara
In Size and Weight.
The biggest bears lu tbe world are to
be found on Kiullnk Island, In the gulf
of Alaska, south of the (treat shoulder
of territory tbat stretches out into the
Pacific. The Kndluk hours are of the
polar breed, perfectly white, with long,
heavy fur, nnd nt full growth nre twice
as large as the black hear of tlie Rocky
mouutuins. They weigh 2,400 to 3,000
pounds, stand as high as nn ordinary
cow and are tbe biggest carnivorous
animals living. The tracks they leave
iu the snow have often measured fifteen inches lu length and ten inches lu
width. They ure savage nnd fight desperately when attacked.
Dear traps tire usually baited with
honey, bnt the Ktidink trappers use a
pig. Bears are tincommoiily fond of
pork, and n pig when Imprisoned in a
trap makes n demonstration whlcb attracts the attention of tho bears nt a
longer distance than the odor of honey.
Kutlink Is wooded and mountainous,
hut It bas good nntural bnrhors. There
is a population of some 1,500, mostly
Eskimos, living on the const and engaged ln the salmon ashing Industry,
—Chicago Tribune.
Photographed Before the Event.
IWIth apologies tu our pprlchtly contemporaries who occaslon.*.'ly startle ua wltb
this kind of thine.]
Savage Angel Fish.
Many fishes, like Ihe knights of old,
tight among themselves for Ihe love uf
lighting or because they hare nothing
better to do. nccortling to a bulletin
of tbo New York Zoological society.
There are others, however, which fight
to protect themselves or their young.
Speaking of the fights among fishes in
the aquarium, the bulletin snys: "The
angel Qshcs. beautiful us they aro In
appearance, hnve perhaps the most
devilish disposition of all. A tank of
angel fishes reminds one of the notorious, eveu tempered family who were
all mad all the time." The watchfulness of attendants usually prevents the
fatal terminations of these misunderstandings, but occasionally » fatal Injury la inflicted. "Such a case," the
bulletin adds, "happened when two
large green mornys engaged in a vicious encounter, during which one of
the combatants was disemboweled ami
bnd to be killed. These eel-like fishes
are extremely powerful nnd active and
coll and strike like snakes.—New York
Art Tamed the Tiger,.
A privileged few may hnve seen lhe
Interesting sight of n sculptor making
his studies and models from life for
the statues of the two tigers which
guard the entrance to Nassau hnll nt
Princeton. The studies were nindo for
the most part In tho animal houses
near the Arsenal In "**trul park. At
first considerable prodding* by Ihe
keepers wns necessary to Induce the
zoological samples to come forward
when Iho sculptor wanted them. After
a time, however—this Is upon the sculptor's solemn word—tho beasts got so
that when they saw him set up his
stand they came forward of their own
accord and lay crouched, as ho wished.
The tigers had learned to pose.—New
York Post
Piece For Little Brother.
The family had heen composed of
Just Raymond, his mother nnd his fn-
ther. One evening when Raymond
came homo from school ho was tnken
Into the room where a little mile of
humanity lay nnd wns told thnt it wns
bis baby brother.
Raymond stood silent for a moment
nnd then said. "Well, pop, we'll hove
to cut the pie In more than three pieces
now, won't wo?"— Indlnunpolls News.
Josh Blobb.1, the miner, who has lust
won $1,000 In a lottory.-Punch
Soaking Sapleigb.
Snplelgh-Clcvcr? Oh, very! Why,
ibe has brains enough for two.
Miss Keene—Then she's Just tbe girl
fou ought to mnrry.—New York Sun.
Distance and'the View.
"You must bo spending it neap of
money, baron. You're always driving
about with your wife nowadays."
"On tbe contrary I sav«t. When we
walk my wife Is ever so much nearer
tbe show windows."- 1'liegende Blatter.
"I don't object to n man tellln' all he
"mows." snys Cnr'lo Ellen, "If he sure
loough tin' honestly knows all be telle.*-
-.Washington Star.
> Noticeable.
Village Orntor (seconding a proposition for the repair of Ihe rending room
roofi-1 think you'll nil agree that lha
roof does leiik' very badly. Especially
Is I his noticeable lu wel neetbat-
For the Children
Mils Janaje Bowman, a
Little   Dutch   Heroine.
A few weeks ago u little Dutcn girl
wbo lives lu the town of Dordrecht,
Holland, or the Netherlands, as It ia
now called, was made Joyously happy
by receiving the medal of the Carnegie
hero fund and n gold bracelet. The
girl's name Is .lansje Bowman, and she
ls only eleven years old. The lucident
which brought recognition from the
hero fund occurred last summer.
While playing on a dock in the Dordrecht harbor n small boy of six years
fell Into the water and was being carried away by the tide when Jansje
sprang luto the harbor fully dressed,
and, after a severe struggle, pulled the
drowning youngster ashore. And so,
that Is why Jansje now wears a medal
nnd golden bracelet awarded her for
risking her Ufa to save another.
A Good Trick
Put u tumbler In tbe center of the
table. Take a small piece of paper
measuring, say, about an Inch or an
inch nnd u half each way. Mold Into a
hollow form over top of thumb one)
place It upon the table, hollow downward. Now explain to tbe company
thut It Is impossible to blow the paper
off the table because tbe glass bas the
effect of dividing or so disturbing the
currout of air on the surfaco of the
table as to defy their utmost endeavors
to blow It off.
To succeed ln this a single long balr
from n lady's bead must bave been
previously secured to the bottom of the
glass hy means of a minitlc particle of
shoemaker's wax. Another particle of
wax is placed In the center of the piece
of pnper hy which tbe other end.of the
bnlr ls fastened to lt while molding tt
over the thumb. In order to avoid all
possibility of detection tbe table cover
and the hair should be dnrk colored and
printed pnper used, such as n bit of
newspaper. This prevents the wax
from showing, which might be tbe ense
If the pnper were clean and white. The
hair should be long enough to allow
the paper to reach ubout eighteen
Inches or two feet from the glass.
There is a very amusing little game
called "ripples," which will be nice ta
try ut a surprise party some time. Al
such affairs everybody is ulwnyB want,
ing everybody else to suggest "something different"
Lot nil those present sit In a circle,
and then tbe one wbo knows the game
best will start It by giving out the title
of a verse. Nearly all children hove
memorized Mother Goose, so this
would be n good one to start with. He
nays tho first word of the first line, tbe
next player on his left says tho word
after that, and so on until the entire
circle has recited several times and the
verse Is finished.
Each plnyer who fails to remember
the word ho or she should recite drop
out of tho circle, anil the one remaining in the longest wins the game
She Knew It,
One day n teacher was having n first
grade class In physiology. She asked
them If they knew thnt (here wns n
burning fire lu the body nil of the
time. One little girl spoke up nnd
"Ycs'm. When It Is a cold dny I can
see the smoke."—Nation-1 Monthly.
An Instance.
"How enn you cite n case where two
opposite* agree?"
"Take the case where « girl gives a
positive nnawer In n decided negative."
- Mnltlinore American.
The only knowledge thnt a man has
I. the know!rdg» he em, iise.-alacaa-
Walnut Shell  Boats
.Materials Required.—A walnut shell,
a small piece uf cardboard, a match, »
piece of while paper ami some sealing
Scoop out nnv remaining frngmenbl
ot tint and skin from lhe Interior of
the shell and cover the opening with
cardboard, whlcb must he. (list of sll,
cut the exact size. Thrust a match
through (he middle of the cardboard
and fasten It securely tn the bottom
of the boat with scaling wax. The
cardboard can also bo fastened on to
the shell In the same way. A sail can
then ho cut from while pnper snd fastened lo the match by means of two
Geographical Letters.
The players all seat themselves round
b table which must have n howl filled
with letters In tho center. From ibis
bowl (he lender lakes oue letler and
throws It face upward on the table.
The plnyer who first calls out tbe name
of a town beginning wlili ths letter on
the table appropriates It for herself.
When the bowl Is empty tbe players
count their letters, and the one whe
has tbe most wins tbe game.
Haw Dick Goer.
When mother wants an errand flout
Ar.d calls on Dick you would suppose
Ills power of motion falllnf from '
Tha way ht lots.
Rut alien Ihe band plays sown ths street
Then hss olive from bsad to teas,
You'd think ht ran by ettam pewar frets
Tht way te fee*.
-TeiUh't ( THE     ULAgDIR    flMHEriI.AN-11   It C.
Published  every   Saturday   at  Cumberland,  B.C.,  by
Islander Printing & Publishim; Company,
Edward \V. Bickle, Editor.
Advertising rates furnished on application.
Subscription price $1.50 per your, payable in advance
The editor does   not hold   himself  responsible for  views expressed bv
During tlie next couyile of weeks the agreements under
the Aid to Agriculture Bill which was passed lust session will
be signed between the Provinces and the Dominion. Tlie
agreements for Ontario and Prince Edward Island bave
nlready been signed antl negotiations in regard toothers are
now in progress.
Under the act which Hon. Martin Burrell, Minister of
Agriculture, had passed Inst session—and which by the way
the Liberals opposed—no less than ten million dollars are appropriated for the encouragement of agriculture, the aniout to
be spread over ten years. The sum of #700,000 is alloted this
year and this amount will be increased by $] 00,000 annually
until 1917, from which year until 1923 #1,000,000 will be
provided yearly. The gradual expansion aud growing? equipment of the provincial organizations it is felt will be met in
this way more helpfully than by starting at the million mark,
The following table shows the amounts each province will
get and the yearly increase :
1913   Yearly increase     1917-23
The money is being spent largely to strengthen all lines
of instructional and educational work. The purpose of the
Minister cannot be better set forth than quoting from his
speech delivered in the House when the meaoure was introduced :
"Help given in an educational direction will not only
mean better farming, but better farmers and happier men and
women. The particular form such assistance may take may-
vary with the special needs and conditions in eacli province
It will embrace the increasing of the efficiency antl equipment
of pur agricultural colleges; the establishment of agricultural
schools, of dairy and horticultural schools, of short coiir>es in
agriculture; tlie initiation of agricultural teaching in the
public schupls and work by travelling or locating qualified
instructors. It might well include the valuable educational
work carried on by means of demonstration trains, training of
teachers iu nature study ami tlie invaluable work of domestic
science concerned with tlie women and girls of our communities,
whose influence will always constitute one of the most potent
fo.ices iu solving the problems we are considering,"
Prince Edward Island..
Nnv/ Brunswick	
British Columbia
Nova Scotia       	
Quebec       ...
Ontario •••    	
81 733 32
330,319 98
Had it not Jieen for Laurier and his senatorial band
of wreckers, the provinces of Canada by the end of this year
would have benefitted by new first-class highways costing a
million and a half.
Precaution Adopted Along the
Route of Kettle River Valley
A measure of precaution against
forst fires that it is hoped by the
Government will he adopten by
all railroad contractors in the
province have just been put into
practice along the route of the
Kettle River Valley railroad. A
report to the Forestry branch
says that since June 1 a force of
174 men engaged on sub contracts
have been engaged in clearing up
the slash along the tote roads.
Wherever timber has been cut
by men engaged on railroad at
the back of Kelovvna and Nara
mata the slash has been piled up
in stacks at intervals of ten feet.
This method greatly reduces the
dangers of fires spreading.
Wherever railroad construction
is undertaken large camps become
necessary and these are occupied
by men who under ordinary circumstances are unused to taking
ordinary specific precautions to
prevent outbreaks, which in
many instances have meant large
conflagrations. Possib'y the
greatest danger arising from railroad construction is that in building the tote roads a long line of
slash is left on either side cf
these. These lines of inflamable
material are in the nature of
fuses through the country, which
may prove the means of causing
immeasurable damage, located as
they are in the immediate vicinity
of camps where fires are often
left unextinguished. The forest
branch of the Government now
proposes to do all in its power to
induce contractors, either to dis-
troy this slash, or failing that to
pile it at such intervals that if
one pile catches fire there is no
danger of the outbreak spreading
to the next, and so on to the
adjacent forests.
In the instance quoted the preventative measures taken by the
contractors woi king on the Kettle
River Valley are especially interesting and necessary, as in the
first place they should prove an
example to be emulated by all
railway buildings in forest areas,
and as well in the country lying
back of Kelowna there are valuable jack pine forests of a highly
inflamable character.
Famous British Coal Operator
Says there is simply a lack of
both Capital and Labor
New York, July 4.-D. A.
Thomas, the premier British coal
operator, who has just returned
to New York from a trip to Brit'
ish Columbia and West Virginia
coal fields, said:
"I noted with satisfaction the
statement made by Mr. Morgan
summing up the present worldwide financial condition, as merely impairment of cash accumulation, and not impairment of credit
in any sense of the word. Fun
damentally, there is nothing whatever unsound in conditions here
or abroad. Rapid development of
new countries and further ex
ploitation of the older countries
has gone on so rapidly in the
past few years that at present
there is a simply a drought, not
only of capital, but also of labor.
' 'Notwithstanding the enormous
progress of labor-saving machinery in the past ten years, more
rapid development than the world
has ever before seen, we are
facing at the present time a
world-wide labor scarcity. Just
as with capital, the legitimate
demands for labor can not be met.
I found it so in British Columbia,
in West Virginia, and it is so in
South Wales."
New Time Table.
Train Service.
Train leaves Cumberland
Tuesday  ..5 p.m.
Wednesday 7 a.m.
Thursday  5 p.m
Friday   7 a.m.
Saturday  5 p.m.
Boat Service
L. Nanaimo   Ar. U. Bay
Tuesday..1-15 p.m 6-30 p.m.
Thursday.1-15 p.m. 6-30 p.m.
Saturday.1-15 p.m 6-30 p.m.
Are they worth looking after, if so our
Mr. Stevens, with fifteen years experience in optical work, is at your service.
Special . made lenses will stop that
headache or that tired feeling. Our
prices are the same as Vancouver prices
Jeweler Optician .ind Newsdealer.
• t
We are sole agents for the f.imous
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Men's Black and Brown Calf Boots, 'K' make  $7.00
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Best Canadian Boots fi om S5.50 to S6.50
Men's Panama Hats $10.50
Macfarlane Bros.
Phone lo Box loo
"The Corner Store," Cumberland, B. C.
A full line of Furniture, Beds, Mattress,
and Ranges always on hand.
The Furniture Store
McPhee Block A.   McKINNON      Cumberlan    B.t
Leave Orders with
Teamster for
Hay, Grain
and Flour
Courtenay, B.C.
Grocers & Bakers
Dealers in all kinds of Good
Wet Goods
Best Bread and Beer in Town
Agents for Pilsener Beer
The official figures of exports for the United States shows
that last year there was exported$143,000,000 «'orth of wheat
and flour. The United States is Canada's greatest competitor
in the foreign market, and yet the Liberals talk of a southern
market for the Canadian farmer,
The construction of three additional Dreadnoughts by the
British Admiralty to lie ultimately taken over by Canada,
answers the Laurier nonsense that their is no emergency. The
Admiralty <7ets its information from the greatest diplomatic
organization in the world. Laurier guts his from the Nationalists- of Quebec.
Very satisfactory result" are
expected from the increased efficiency of the motor patrol boat
service of the forestry department of the Provincial Government. Four of the vessels for
the service arc now almost ready
for the work of protection on the
mainland coasts anil the shores
of Vancouver Island. Three, of
the boats are 35 feet in length
and the other 55 feet. As soon
as placed in service they will he
manned by rangers who in the
past have had to hire vessels to
carry out their duties. They will
be used to inspect the logging
camps, see that the government
regulations are observed in regard to marking, insure that the
greatest possible safety devices
are employed in lumber camps to
guard against the outbreak of
fire and also to seize any timber
that is being pirated.
Young Pigs for sale the kind
that grows. Price $5.00 each.—
T. A. L. Smith, Hornby Island.
^■■'■R     For absolute protec-
^M tion write a Policy in
^*f the   LONDON   AND
Liverpool, England.
TOTAL ASSETS. ¥26.788.93
Local Agent
Ice Cream,
Cigars and
Dunsmuir Ave., CUMBERLAND
Trade Mark*
Anyone .purling a sketch and description may
quickly ascertain our opinion tree whether 3
Invention Is probably patentable._OommattHr>
([..neatrlrtlyrniiilileiitriil.HANOBOO-r onPssemS
soul treo. (Hilest aitoncy fur securingjmlents,
I'fitL'iits taken through Mnnn '
sjifclul notice, without chargo, lut
Scientific American.
A tnndaniiiplv illm-tr-itM -wi-viv,    LnrwRt eli*
rliliilii.il tit liny h n'NIIi'ri! jmiliuvl, ielilia (or
rmi.'Lil.i, fr*i.7.-. it year, iMjutunc piv-.'ild. Sold b»
nil ntrws.U-Ut'l*.
MUNN&Co.38'""""'*' New York
Branch omco. IBS F 8t- Washington, D. C.
Edward W. Bickle
Cumberland, B. C.
Barrister,   Solicitor   and !
Notary Public.
Mrs. J. M. QUICK
Scenes and Family Groups a
Specialty,   also developing and
Finishing Kodak Work.
Leave your unlets at 1'eacey'n llrng Store.
fur ftirlhertnfm-tnftlintl apply resilience
opposite Union Hotel,
Direct from the Heney Manufacturing C.\ of Montreal
a car load of
Buggies, Democrats, and
Express Wagons
Also a quantity of
Extra Wheels, Shafts & Buggy Poles
AU Rigs Guaranteed and Sold at the Lowest
Possible Price.
George Leighton
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Carriage Builder
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Is not tlio best car in tlie world but is positively
the BEST VALUE for tbe mouey. All competitors admit it by saying it is too much Cur the
money. We have not found many people who
object to full value for their money iu automobiles
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With Presto Self-Starter, fc1 1 *7C f\f\
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At the Cumberland Hotel for a tew
more days.  Inquire tor Mr. King or Mr.
Rue for demonstration, or
Capital Paid Up $11,560,000
Reserve Fund $13,000,000
Drafts Issued In any currency, pnyable all over the world
highest current rates allowed on deposits or $1 and upwards
CUMBERLAND, B.C., Branch-   -   -   -   -     OPEN DA'1"
D. M. Morrison,  Manager
R. H. Hardwicke, Manager.
Retirement of  Mr. Bate, Provincial Assessor for Nanaimo
District Since 1885.
Mr. Mark Bate, of Nanaimo,
father of Mr. T. E. Bate of this
city, provincial assessor for the
district of Nanaimo, has been retired on a pension of $100 per
month, after a continuous service
since 1885.
Mr. Bate, who has played a
most important part in the upbuilding of the Coal City, is the
youngest son of Mr. Thomas Bate
a partner in the well-known firm
of iron merchants, Messrs. Bram-
vale, Cochrane and Company, of
Woodside, England. Born in
Birmingham in 1837, he left England in 1856 on the Princess Royal
for Vancouver Island, round the
Horn, and arrived in Victoria in
January, 1857. He has since
resided continuously in Nanaimo.
On arriving there he entered the
service of the Hudson Bay Co.,
being later appointed accountant
and cashier. In 1869, when the
Nanaimo coal mines were purchased by the Vancouver Coal
Mining and Land Company, he
was offered and accepted the
position of manager. This position
he occupied until 1884, when he
resigned and shortly afterwards
was appointed the provincial
assessor for Nanaimo district.
Cn the incorporation of the
city in 1874 he was elected mayor
for five years in succession, was
elected by acclamation, but he
declined nomination in 1880. In
I8S1 he again accepted nomination, was elected and continued
in that office until 1890, receiving
repeated testimonials trom r're
citizens of his services to the
Mr. Bate was the first justice
of the peace to be appointed in
Nanaimo, as well as the first
chairman of the school board.
For many years he was president
of the library board, and at present is the Provincial Government nominee on the hospital
board. He is a member of the
A. F. & A. M. of which he is a
past deputy grand master. Ik-
is also a past district chief of the
Ancient Order of Foresters, and
a past noble grand of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.
Portland, July 4. — Industrial
Workers of the World workmen
in a telephone line crew at Sandy,
a small village thirty-five miles
from Portsmouth, in the Cascade
Moun ains, on Tuesday hoisted
the I.W.W. flag on a staff in the
grove where the township people
planned to hold lhe Fourth of
July celebration. The citizens,
enraged at the act, headed by a
band and carrying aloft the Stars
and Stripes, proceeded to the
grove, shot down the I. W. W.
flag and, parading through the
main street, dragged the objectionable in the mud.
Coroner Abrams held an inquest at Campbell River this week
concerning the death of Peter
Peterson, who fell off the wharf.
The jury returned a verdict of
accidental death.
More than 275,000 Fords now in service
convincivg evidence of their wtmif r-
ful merit. Prices - runabout !?ii7.r>
touring car $760—delivery car .$'i'75
town car $1000 with all equipment,
f.o.b.Walkerville, Ont. Get particulars
from E. C. Emde, Cumberland. P.C.,
Exclusive Agent for Comox District.
Heriy &
Auctioneers.      Fire ana L le Insurance.
Farms, Bush Lands, Desirable Lots and
Bungalows in Courtenay, B.C., V.l.
Auction Sales of Real Property, Farm Stock. Furniture,
etc., conducted on the shortest notice at
reasonable terms.
Phone 10, (Jotirt.enay, B.C.
Would you like to have
a  few acres close to
Acreage cleared or uninproved.
Write us or Phone 22 Courtenay.
Fire and Life
1 wmrwmm
The Secret
By Alfred Wilson Barrett
Ward, Lock A Co., Limited
London, Melbourne A Toronto-
Hnve yon got lots and lots of patience?
No, none. !l.it It won't be so very
long,  wlll It,  Violet'.'
Asking questions like that ls nol
being good a- all. Von are hope-
Quito, Give up trying to reclaim
me, and let me ask vou some more,
Tell un' answer me something—
something lhat lias been worrying i. e
since last I saw you. Why did sou
so stiildt niy vanish yesterday, and who
was thai strange little man with tli
bruised race and (lashing eyes who
burst into tlio room and looked al
me so strangely? she 'asked, thoughtfully,
Easton hesitated, hut he felt that It
was for .\'ril to tell his secret and not
him. He Is a friend of mine, he
said F.I last. A good, true, invaluable friend, i. friend who helped to
find you.
And lie got wounded, as you have
to-day, In doing so''
Vis. said tho Major.
By thai unscrupulous man? asked
A'iolet. shuddering.
By friends of his.
Why did lie call me Vloietl
Kaston felt himself growing red beneath the scrutiny ot Violet's dark
* ves.'
Did ho? he stammered at length,
are you sure. It was in the excitement I suppose. Tilings wer-r rather
close, you see. We had to run for
But ths i.eople who own this house
lire kind.    -
They r.re now tha* they know the
truth. They would not have been so
kind to us yesterday. Indeed, they
were not last night.
11 was ihey who hurt you? Oh,
let us get away from here quickly.
Oh. they are all right, now. There
Is nothing lo fear But, yes, you
shall go, you are going now. It ls
selfish of nie io keep you t-iking, you
must hale the place.
Violet's eyes had a dreamy look In
them. So Hint little man got hurt for
me? she said thoughtfully; how good
i f him. And lie looked so eager antl
eh sorry "or me.
lie is splendid chap, said the Major, quickly. Had it not been for
him ant! his cleverness I might, should
never hate foun 1 you. lt was he
that Hied, nlono against so many men,
;n sine .you that night, on tho embankment.
Ah, yes, that awful night! So it
was lie, thin? Was thai how I seemed
to know his face, I wonder?
Easton was slier . lost ln speculation, and in a moment lite nurse rose.
lt is time to go now, dear, she said.
If Mr. Easton will kindly g. and see
if the carriage has come, I will get
roil ready for your journey, which
will no: he a long one.
Easton taught tho little hand once
more, pressed It to his lips, when the
nurse's head was turned obligingly
away, and made his way downstairs
slower and with a lighter heart than
on the previous ay. Yes, what
don't I owe -Veil? he thought gratefully. And she, she owes him much
too—more than Ehe knows. That
scoundrel, Rlvlngton! And yet how
slraii.ge io think that, had he not
'veil a vllllar,, had he not murdered
Eda Brooke, 1 might never have me:
As llio Major made ills wr.y hack
to the Professor's, after seeing Violet
sufely disposed of at tho Nursing
IIoiu.1. lie became aware of footGteps
which rhpldlj pursuod him, and turn-
Very Bad Case, Little Blisters
Broke and Formed Scabs, Thought
Would Be Disfigured for Life.
Used Cuticura Soap and Ointment a Month, Completely Cured.
Cold Brook, St, John, \. B.—"Outlcura
Soap anil OIntraont certainly cured myltttlo
ylrl af u very bful cmo <.f eczema.  Sho hud
 ^s. _    eczema cm her faco for al*
|tnost two years, First littla
'■;'white blisters covered her
face, then t bese would break
and form scabs, and they
wero very Itchy and burning. I ii^ed to havo groat
trouble in getting her to
Bleep nt night. 9ba scratched
SO I had to du all I could In
prevent her, fop Bomotlraes kIio would scratch
the scabs off and then it would bo very sore
nod burning, shr* was certainly agreatcaro,
I treated ber for It and also used different
kinds of blood medicine, and ointment but
got no cure. I thought sho would bo disfigured for life.
"It hnd lasted about two years when ono
day I wiw an advertisement for Cutlcura
Boap and Cutlcura Ointment In tlio paper
ko decided fo give them a trial. I had not
Used lh''.m for lucre limn a month when ;hfl
was completely cured. I rannot praise
CuUcura Soap and Oulleura Ointment
eaOUgb. Of course I continue to use 0>XX*
cura Soap as 1 find It tbo ^;;*[, soap on the
market for cWWrfin," (Signed) Mrs. John
^r^inan, Dec. 30, 1911.
Cutlcura Soap and Cuticura Ointment are
leld by dnigKlsts and dealers everywhere.
Tor a liberal frro sample of earh, with 32-p.
tKtflk. tend post rani to Potter Drug &. Chain,
Corp., Dept. 30D, Boston, t*. S. A.
W.   N.  U.  951
Outing Shoes
Ing, f.mrd Nell coming up breathless
and e.iclted.
They will do no pond down at Scotland Yard. Violet's lathee said, pulling
up und mopping Lis forehead He
lias got a clean start, and they are on
the wrong track, I air certain. I've
got Idens of niy own on Ilic subject,
and I'm going to try them; but 1 remembered my promlsi to you, and so
came after you first.
Many thanks, replied the Major. I
would nev r ha"e forgiven you had
you gone alone. I have seen your
laughter safe i 1 Devonshire Street,
1 am sure she will be happy tliere for
the short time It wlll take her to get
convalescent. She ts well and cheerful, and now, having nothing to do,
am with you in Uniting down that
blackguard, but for whom, she would
never have gone through all this.
Neil nodded. His eyes were Bpark-
Hng with the excitement ot the coming chase, and he put his hand on
Easton's arm. Oh, we will hunt him
down fast enough, he said, or I am
very much mistaken. So they would
at tbe Yard, 1 ut they'd be a week behind us if my idea is correct. It ls
true. Rlvlngton has got clear away, and
that he isn't wanting In brains, and
has plenty of ready money; but he has
never been hunted for his life before
and he A-ould be sure to make some
slip and get dropped on ln the end if
ho worked on his own, and that is the
line they are going to take.
And you?
I think lie will take the advice of
some one cleverer than he at the game
and ten times more used to having
the police after him.
Who Is that?
Our red-haired friend, Coombes.
That gentleman has been tried for his
life once already, though he got off,
and twice has carved sentences for
forgery. I know all about him, because, as you are aware, lie was a
prison male of mine. He was always known to the police as a slippery customer, and Rlvlngton ls, t;
we can see, well In with him. Coombes
won't desert our friend Odo while he
Is free and has money to throw away
and he will help him to keep free
as long as he can.
Coombes, ah, yes. of course!
Yes. Scotland Yard ls expecting
Rlvlngton to make use of some of his
swell friends and his motor-cars to get
clear, and tliey are following up that
trail. Let them, I am going to And
Mr. Coombes.
By George! I believe you are right
too. said the Major. At any rate, I
will back you. But Coombes cleared
out pretty quickly after helping to
hammer us; how do you propose to
find him?
I don't know yet; but the Professor
may be able to assist us '.hero. We
will see. I think if lie can he will,
for he ls rather wrr-rled at the turn
things have taken.     Let us find out.'
They quickly reached the School
of Arms and the scene of their adventures, but It was not so easy to
obtain an entrance there. It eoon
became evident, thnt recent events had
made tlie Professor a trifle shy, and
for a long time their knocking remained unnoticed.
Well, 1 am going to gel ln somehow,
even if 1 have io break the door down.
After all, I don't in the least mind attracting the intention of the police,
said Neil at last.
His words were apparenly heard by-
some one wbo might have been listening all the time, on t"he other side ot
the door, for almost os iie had spoken
the sound of a bolt being unfastened
came from within, and the Professor
himself appeared.
Now then, what the-- Oh, hullo, it
ls you, is It, and you, too, sir? Sure
I beg your pardon. What can I do
fur you? Won't you step inside? he
said a linle confused.
Yes, we will, said Nell, suiting tlie
action with the word. You can do
something for us, he continued, ns
Ihey made their way Into lhe little office, followed by 'ho Professor, but-we
have not come for any nice boxing
Mr. Wicks smiled a trifle uneasily.
Well, well, 1 think yon needn't be too
hard on me over the business as a
whole, he Bald, I didn't know what
I waH doing over that young lady, and
1 was badly taken In, but when lt
comes io boxing lessons, you must recollect thai vou did your host to
knock mc about nnd then oulcd me
with an Indian club, so fair's fair, and
take it all round, I think you and I
oughi to cry quits.
Nell laughed, Yon wouldn't think
so, if you had my head, nnd generally
ftlt as stiff and uncomfortable as 1
do, he said. However, I shall be
happy io cry quits and bear no malice
as you suggest, If >ou"l give me a bit
of informal ion first.
Certainly, anything I can do, and
anything ror ihe gentleman here, too.
This is the first time In all my boxing
career I've been near gelling Into
trouble, and 1 don't waul to get across
with lhe police now. I've got a living to make, and I can't make that If
Ihey get down on me. What Is it
you want to know?
We waii' to know Mr. Coombes' ail-
dress.     Tl-a-'s all.
(To be Continued)
l.'.iiiiil anything new at school,
Yes, grandpa. Teacher told us that
shoes are made from all kinds of
What about banana skins?
Oh, they often make slippers.
Largttt Commercial Switchboard In
Canada Installed at Montreal
Tba Bell Telephone Company bat
iuBt completed th* Installation of a
new switchboard at the C.P.R. Windsor street station at Montreal, which
ls tbe largest commercial switchboard
ln Canada with a capacity ot twelve
hundred lines. The telephone room
ls situated ln the old tower and ls
well lighted and ventilated, and of
such a size that If lt ls necessary at
any future time to extend the switchboard, ample room for Buoh extension
ls provided. In arranging this important department the company has
had the comfort of tie operators ln
mind and a special rest room has been
prepared Immediately above the operating room. Tl.ia ls furnished with
easy chairs, sofas and reading and
writing materials and everything haa
been done to make their quarters comfortable and homo like. The new
switchboard Is what ls known as the
No. 4 Lamp Signal Multiple board, and
has a groat many Improvements which
wero lacking ln the old ono, such as
lamp signals, audible busy tests ar 1
lamp disconnect signals. At the present time It takes eight operators to
handle the business and has an ultimate capacity for ten positions. The
hoard has been divided into two sections the first four handling tho originating business and the other four
the Incoming business. Each position consists of two panels making
sixteen for the whole board. At the
moment the board ls wired for five
hundred local lines and one hundred
trunk lines, the limit capacity as stated being twelve hundred lines and one
hundred and sixty trunk lines. There
are two hundred and twenty local lines
ln use and fifty trunk lines which will
shortly be Increased by fifty and forty
respectively. During one day a total ot 7,180 calls wore handled, an average of 900 calls per operator pel-
day. The other da;,- a single hour record of calls showed the handling of
1,028. This tremendous number of
calls necessitates nn exceedingly fine
class of operators, and those at the
C.P.R. under the Jurisdiction of the
Telephone Company have heen specially and thoroughly trained ln every
nhase of the business. The majority
havo had years of experience witii the
C.P.R. and Its officials and employes.
In order to properly maintain the
working hours of the week a staff of
twelve operators and one supervisor
are needed all the time.
Gorst—What ls Simpson doing now?
Fish—Oh, he's travelling with a menagerie.
Gorst—Pretty hard work, isn't lt?
Flsh—Hard work?'No; he's nothing to do except stick his head Into
a lion's mouth twice a day.
What has Vecome of the big man
who used to beat the bass drum? asked tie private of the drum-major.
He left us about threo monthB ago.
Was he any good?
Yes, very good; but he got so fat
that when he marched lie couldn't hit
the drum ln the middle.
Your friend will think lt c. shame
If you make a lot of money by following the advice he gave you, but which
ho was afraid to follow himself.
I thought you had planned to spend
all day working In the garden?
1 did. But 1 started to dig, and
the worms were so plentiful that I
changed my mind and decide.', to go
Antiseptic Bud Cleaner
'Softens and whitens the hand.- removes
tlit most obstinate stains—oil, grease,
paint, etc.
The Woman's Pledge
I wlll not sew a b!-d upon my hat;
Around my neck I wlll not wind a
Upon my back no pony, coon or bear,
No fox nor beaver wlll I wear!
I will not kill the pig within the pen
To make my food, nor will I eat a hen,
I'll rob no Bnake nor lizard of Its skin
To make a bag to keep my money iu.
I'll live and let live all my . '.ily
The bird and fowl shall go their peaceful ways.
I'll fill my stomach with potatoes,
And wear—What will I wear upon my
Mlnard's Liniment Co., Limited,
Yarmouth, N.S.
Gentlemen,—In January last, Francis Leclare, one of the men employed
by me, working In the lumber woods,
had a tree fall on him, crushing him
fearfully. He was, when found,
placed on a sled and taken home,
where grave fears were entertained
for his recovery, his hips being badly
bruised and his body turned black
from his ribs to his feet. We i .red
MINARD'S LINIMENT on him freely
to deaden the pain and with the use
of three bottles he was completely
cured and able to return to his work.
Elgin Road. L'Islet Co., Que.
Ella (spitefully)—Their marriage
was nothing hut a trade union.
Sophie—A trade union?
Ella'—Yes; she traded her -lonev for
his title.
State of Ohio.  City of Toledo,       V
Lucas County .      "
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that, he Is
Frnlor partner nf the firm of F. .f.
Cheney A Co.. dolns; business In the city
of Toledo, County nnd State aforesaid,
and thnt snld firm will pny Ihe sum of
every case of Catarrh thnt cannot be
cured bv llie use nf Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before mn nnd subscribed In
i..- presence, i...s 6th day or December,
AD. 18S6.
'Seal.) A. W. GLEASON,
Nolnry Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
r ud arts directly on tho blood and
mucus surfaces of the system. Send
for test   -nnlnlfl free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by nil  druggists.  75c.
Tnlre Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
President Cleveland, while talking
to a friend about one of his many
angling expeditions, told the following
I had with me on that particular
trip two countrymen, who evidently
were familiar with my reputation as
an angler. Before starting one of
them made the suggestion that the
first to catch a flsh muBt treat the
crowd. I assented to this, and he
started. Now, don't you know, those
two fellows both had a bite and were
too mean to pull them up.
I suppose you lot , then? remarked
the friend.
Oh, no! replied the President. I
didn't have any bait on my hook.
Mr. Oldbatch—Yon say your wife
Is a suffragette.     What's your fad?
Mr. Llttleshrimp—Me? Oh, I'm just
her purine: "tt"
A Woman Thus Speaks of Postum
We usually consider our best friends
those who treat us beet.
Some persons think tea and coffee
are real friends, but watch them carefully awhile and observe that they
are two of the meanest of all enemies
for they Btab ono while professlug
Tea and coffee contain a poisonous
drug- caffeine—which injures tho delicate nervous system and frequently
sets up disease ln one or more organs
ol tho body, If its use is persisted in.
"I had heart palpitation and ner-1
vousness for ;nur years and the doc-1
tor told me the trouble was caused by j
coffee. Ho ndvlsed me to leavo it off,
but I thought I could not," writes a!
Western lady.
"On the advice of a frl !,rd 1 tried '
Postum and lt so satisfied mo I did!
not care for coffeo after a few days
trial of Postum.
"As weeks went by and I conl limed
to use Postum my weight Increased
from 98 to 118 pounds, and Iho heart
trouble left me. I have used it a
year now and am stronger than I ever
was. I can hustle up stairs without
any heart palpitation, and I am free
from nervousness.
".My children are very fond of Postum and lt. agrees with them. My1,
sister liked It when she drank It at my I
house; now she has Postum at home
and has become very fond of lt. You
may use my name if you wish as I
am not ashamed of praising my best
friend—Postum. Name given by
Canadian Postum Co., Windsor, Out.
Postum now comes In new concentrated form colled Instant Postum. It
Is regular Postum, so processed at the
factory that only the soluble portions
arc retain-d.
A spoonful of Inslant Postum with
hot water, and sugar and cream to
taste, produce instantly a delicious
Write for the little book, "The Rond
to Wellville."
"There's a Reason" for PoBtum.
Coaling at Nagasaki
Coaling at Nagasaki, Japan, is done
entirely by girls. Big coal barges
bear down upon the ship as lt approaches the Bhore, and as soon as it
comes to anchor a rough ladder ls
placed between the liner and the foremost barge.
On each rung ot It a girl lakes her
place. Men In the barge quickly
shovel the coal into shallow baskets
holding half a bushel each, to the
sound of a monotonous chant, and
these baskets then pass from hand
to hand up tlie living ladder witli marvellous celerity.
Each girl seizes one and swings lt.
straight up ln front of her above her
head, when lt ls caught by the next
girl. Down a second ladder, likewise
packed with girls, the empty baskets
pass ln similar manner back into the
barge to be refilled.
Barge after barge ls emptied in this
way. Tho monotonous chanting never ceases; the living elevator goes on
hour after hour with its never-ending
stream of baskets, until the last bunker ls full, when the ladders disappear
as if by magic nnd the ship Is ready
to proceed on hor voyage.
A Pacific mail steamer wlll bunker
2,300 tons of coal In six and a half
hours, an average of 053 tons per hour
or near Blx tons per minute—an almost incredible record.
A Powerful Shot
An Irishman who wasn't, much of
a hunter went out to hunt one day,
and the first thing ho saw to shoot at
was a bird sitting saucily on tlie top
of n fence. He blazed away and then
walked over to pick up Ihe victim.
What ho happened to find Iherr- was
a dead frog, which he raised carefully
al. arm's length, looking at It with a
puzzled oir.    Finally he remarked:
Well, but yo was a deuce of a folne
looking burd befur Ol blow Ihe fithers
off o' ye!
I have such an ir.dulgent husband,
Bald little Mrs. Doll.
Yes. so George say.:, responded Mrs.
Spiteful. Sometimes he indulges in
a llltle too much, doesn't he?
Revenge In Art
That, sold the futurist, pointing
proudly to the canvas with which he
has Just finished, is my attempt to
interpret the infinite.
What did the Infinite ever do to
you? asked the innocent bystander
A Slice of III Luck
The Patient—'Ere, nurse.    I doi.'t
like my broad buttered on both sides.
The Nurse—But it Isn't buttered on
both sides.
The Patient—Then which    Bide   Is
Studying Eastern Slope Forests
The Fore try Branch of the Department of the Interior is, this summer,
continuing th study of the forest conditions ot the eastein slope ot the
Rocky Mountains, which was begun
a couple of seasons ago by Mr. T. W.
Dwlght, M.F.
The result of Mr. Dwlght's Investigation has lately been published In
pamphlet form by the Branch as their
bulletin No. S3, entitled "Forest Conditions in the Rocky Mountains Forest Reserve." The forest reserve
mentioned, It wlll be remembered,
comprises the entire eastern slope of
the Rocky Mountains, from the International bouniary to a point farther
north than the latitude of Edmonton.
The study takes ln only tbe southern
part of the reserve
In tlie bulletin referred to, Mr.
Dwight describes the trees of the region and discussc the effect on them
of altitude, aspect and other conditions. He also -,oe- Into the elfect of
fires, lumbering nn other factors on
the forest nnd Its growth. Methods
of lumbering are also discussed, with
the idea always In mind oi renewing
the forest and getting a second crop
of timber. Methods followed on the
United States 'National Forests' in
Montana are described in this connection, an! tlie bulletin concludes with a
number of tableB of a technical nature, showing, among other details,
the yield to be expected from forests
of the various types. A number of
half tono cuts are used to illustrate
the bulletin.
Copies may be ol talned grails from
tlie Director of Forestry, Ottawa.
I had to kill my dog this morning.
Was he mad?
Well, he didn't seem any too well
form spring
Don't Use Harsh Purgatives—-A
Tonic is All You Need.
Not exactly sick—but not feeling
quite well. That ls the way most
people feel In the spring, "aslly tired, appolito Sckle, sometimes head
aches, and a feeling of depression.
Pimples or eruptions ma appear on
the skin, or there may be twinges of
rheumatism o.1 neuralgia. Any of
these Indicate thet the blood Is out of
order—that the indoor life of winter
has left its mark upon you and may
easily develop Into more serious
Do not dose yourself with purgatives, as so many people do, ln the
hope that you can put your blood
right. Purgatives gallop through
the system and weaken instead of giving strength. Any doctor will tell
you this is true. What yen need '.n
spring is a tonic that wlll make new
blood nnd build up the nerves. Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills Is the only medicine that can do this speedily, safely and surely. Every dose of this
medicine makes new blood which
clears tlie skin, strengthens the appetite and makes tired, depressed men,
women and children bright, active and
strong. Mrs. Maude Bagg, I.cinberg,
Sask.. says: "I can unhesitatingly recommend Dr. Williams' Pink Pills as
a blond builder and tonic. I was veiy
much run down when I began using
the Pills, and a few boxes tally restored my health."
Sold bv all medicine dealers or by
mail at BO cents a box or six boxen
for $2.50 from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Br. rkvlll , Out.
Home-Grown Tablecloth
The Bishop of Richmond, England,
used to tell this story about his father:
He was a farmer, and a nice old
gentleman, too. One year he took 1-
Into his head to grow flax, bo h; sowed the seed, and having a good crop,
sent lt away to be made Into a tablecloth.
Some time later, when seated at dinner, he remarked to a lady near hln
Do you know, I grew this tablecloth
Did you really? she answered, with
Hit greatest surprise. How ever did
you manage It?
Well, most mysteri.usly, if you'll
r':r..lse not to tell anyon", I'll tell
you.    I planted a napkin.
Small but Potent.—Parmelee's Vegetable Pills aro small, but they are effective in action. Their fine qualities
as a corrector of stomach troubles are
known to thousands and they are In
constant demand everywhere by those
who know what a safe and simple remedy they are. They need no Introduction to those ocqualnted with
ihem, hut to thoBe who may not know
Ihem ihey are presented as the best
preparation on the market for disorders of the ttomach.
A funny mistake occurred lately In
printing labels for a meat-presesving
company. The printer had been ln
the habit of labelling tins of beef or
mutton as the case might he, with the
words 'without bone' prominently displayed. The company having
added kidney soup i.'i lis list, the nerr
article wair duly ticketed ns Kidney
soup—without bone.'
Some Utile girls were boasting of
their respective fa nllies. They had
passed from clothes to personal ap-1
pearance, and finally came to paren- i
tal dignity. The minister's llltle girl I
Every package lhat cones for my
papa is marked D.D.
And every package that comes for
my daddy is marked M.D., retorted
the daughter of tlie physician.
Tlie.i followed a look of contempt
from the youngest o! the party. Huh!
she exclaimed, that's nothing; every
package that conies to our house has
three'letters on lt—C.O.*^
Clergyman (Indignantly)—Yon say
you haven't anything to be thankful
for? Why, look at your neighbor
Hayes; he has Just lost his wife by
Burke—But that don't do me ar.y
good;  I ain't   -layes.
Made from pure fruit and pure
apple jelly is most delicious
and economical.
Ask Your Grocer.
For years Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator has ranked as thj most effective preparallon manufactured, and
it always maintains its reputation.
Pa, was Job a doctor? Not that I
know of. Then why do people have
so much to say about the patients
ot Job?
Small Eda notlc-.d that her mother's hands were chapped, and exclaimed r
Oil, mamma, Just look! You are
all wearing out!
When Professor Rokilanski, of Vlen-j
na, wus asked if ho had any sons, he j
iin.wered:   Four.
And wlia professions have they
Two howl and two heal, was Iho laconic reply.
A couple ui his sons were public
singers and tho other two were doctors.
Was  "road Enough
Why has your wife decided to gtvs-
up the European trip she was contemplating?
She happened to hear somebody say
that travel broadened one.
When some vears ago the new Viscountess Woiseley introduced gardening as a profession and a pastime for
younr women she coulr* scarcely have
realized tlie far-reaching effects of her
enterprise. Gar J nl.ig ls now being adopted almost broadens! ns a
pastime among the children of th: noblest In the land. The young daughters of the Duke and Duchess of Tock
are greatly Interested in it. ns well
as their cousin, Prlnciss Mary the
King and Quec.'.-, daughter
Willing to be One
The quickest way to make an enemy
of a man Is lo lend him five dollars,
said a philosopher, sententlously; and
then witli a half-concealed show of
eagerness, he enquired: Isn't tliere
tliere somebody nround hero who
would like to make an enemy of me?
School.listless—Master lEaac, what
"Ton; old the brothers ot Joseph commit when they sold their brother?
Isaac—They sold him too cheap.
Men frequently see visions—of the
I blende or brunette type.
Without good red blood a man has a weak hurt and poor nerve*. Thinnest of
the blood, or anaemia. U common in young folks as well as old. Especially ts It
the case with those who work Id Uiy ventilated factorlcs-or those who are shut
up Indoors In winter time with a coal stove burping up the oxygen or emitting
carbonic (oxide) gas. This blood, or blood which lacks the red blood corpuscles,
in anaemic people may have been caused by lack ol good fresh air breathed into
lungs, or by poor digestion or dyspepsia. Sometimes people suffer Intense
pain over the heart which is not heart disease at all, but caused by Indigestion.
Whatever the cause, there's fust one remedy that you can turn to-knowing
that it has given satisfaction for over 40 years.        „y "*■   -
Is a blood cleanser and alterative that starts the liver and stomach Into vigorous
action. It thus assists the body to manufacture rich red blood which feeds the
heart- nerves—brain and organs of the body. The organs work smoothly like
machinery running in oil. You feel clean, strong and strenuous Instead of tired,
weak and faint. Nowadays you can obtain Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery Tablets, as well as lhe liculd form from all medicine dealers, or tablets
by mall, prepaid In 11 or 50c ifre. Adree* R. V. Pierce, M. D., Buffalo, N. V.
DR. NUCrS OKBAT 1008 FAQB IU-CSTRaYBD common ssnsb medical
Contradictory Terms
Au American visitor to Cambridge
souglu explanation of some unfamiliar
terms, which a genial Don was do*
lighted to elucidate. Pull term, ht
explained, is three-quarters of a terra,
and llie May week is tlie first fortnight
in June. A day of general admission
is the day on which men leave the
University, or ordinary degree ls one
conferred by a special exam, and an
Inspector of art is one who has been
an art student for at least six years.
The Yankee passed a hand acrosB
his weary brow. And will they, he
queried, put me In the London train
If 1 ask for a ticket to Cambridge?
four dl'Ufforlst will refund money If PAZO
D1NT.MUNT falls to cure any case of Itch-
ms. in.nd. Bleeding or Protruding Piles
in s u. 11 days.    DOc.
George was famous for being late
«t his appointments. He was engaged lo be married to a young lady
in a neighboring city, and when the
day oi the ceremony arrived George,
as usual, did not put in an appearance.
Tlie bride was on tho verge of nervous prostration when the following
telegram was received from thu missing bridegroom:   J
Dear Helen—Missed the early train.
Will ariive on the 4...11. Don't get
married until I get there.    George.
It Will Prevent Ulcerated .'hroat.—
At the tlrst symptoms of sore throat,
which presages ulceration and lnflama-
tloit, take a spoonful of Dr. Thomas'
Eclrctric Oil. Add a little sugar to It
to make It palatable. It wlll allay
the irritation and prevent the ulceration and swelling that are so painful.
Those who were periodically subject
to quinsy havo thus made themselves
Immune to attack.
Two women, one of whom carried a
baby, entered a well-known furnisher's
one day last summer aud signified
a desire to look at some carpets. It
was warm, bu. the salesman cheerfully showed roll alter roll until tlio perspiration streamed from his face. Finally one of tho women asked the
other if she did not think It was time
to go. Xot quite, was the answer of
her companion; and then In an undertone she added: Baby likes to see him
roll them out and we've plenty ot time
lo catch the train.
Linlmei.t       Lumberman's
.School Teacher — Now, Master
Thompson, tell me the denominations
/Ho which the money of the United
Kingdom is divided.
Master Thompson—Don't know.
School Teacher—Don't you know-
how the money your father brings
home every Saturday night is divided?
Master Thompson—'Taint divided;
mother takes it i.ll.
Two old friends met In the street
the other day and the following con-
versallon took place. How ls your
brother getting on? Which one do
you mean? Oh, I mean the one with
the wooden leg. He's down iu Kent
now and doing very well. What is
he doing?     Hopping!
A particular old gentleman, pulling
something out of his soup that should
not have been Included among the
other Ingredients, thus addressed his
Josephine, I am much obliged for
your thoughtfulness, but next time
kindly give it to me In a locket.
from tlk'
Here's* chance
for you to buy
yom range from
the factory and
save 30%—to
buy it on easy
terms and to get
the very range
you would choose, even if you
had to pay the retail price.
Our free book shows you
exactly what the tanse is like. Il de-
scribe, each point dearly, MO we
guarantee our rang* to ba juit
aa represented.
You might u well est* the '««'
profit.   Mail the coupon to-d»y.
steel body—
doon and
. beaurilully
HsileiUt*  %^
Itetl Raata Hl|. ^
',W      Cash er Credit
Ci., Umitti. Isliws. ^
Pleas* scad Beak.
"%     We Pay
^.V   Freight
— %**?
Muat Renumber Him
A well-known goalkeeper while tailing a stroll ln a certain North Country
town, waa greatly surprised ont day
when a stranger rushed up to him,
seized him by tht hand, and shook lt
There must he some mistake, stammered the football player.     I ■
Mistake)! Oh, dear, nol broke In
the stranger. That ls to say, you
are , aren't you?
Yes; but what has that got to do
with lt?
Oh, don't you remember when 8—
shot at goal yesterday you tipped tie
ball over the net Into the crowd.
Again came tbe reply ln the affirmative.
Then, hang it all, exclaimed tht
stranger, triumphantly, you must remember mo, I was the chap who
threw the ball back again.
Madame Perreault Telia How She
Cured Her Kldneya With Dodd't
Kidney Pills, and Found Health and
Vomer, Ont. (Special)—"I am very
content. Dodd's Kidney Plllt have
made me well." Those are the words
of Madame Eugene Perreault, a highly-respected lady of this place, and
mother ot a large family. For twenty years she was a sufferer. But let
her toll her own story.
"I was always tired and nervous,"
Bhe states. "I felt heavy and sleepy
after meals. My limbs were heavy
and I had a dragging sensation across
my loins. My skin Itched and burned
at night. I had a bitter taste In my
mouth especially ln the morning. In
twenty years I hardly knew what it
was to have a well moment. Then I
commenced to use Dodd's Kldnty
Pills.     Six boxes cured me".
Madame Perreault's symptoms were
those of kidney disease. They are
the symptoms of nlno out of ten of
the nervous, rundown, pain-racked women of Canada. Madame Perreault
found a speedy and complete cure ln
Dodd's Kidney Pllli. They simply
cured her kidneys.
W. N, U. 851 '
Jutt Llkt Merr
Dolly was not quite six when her
mother bought a flock of nine Plymouth Rock hens and a rooster, and
diligently explainer.1, to Dolly that tht
rooster was the papa hen and the rest
were all mamma hens. After two <
three days ot confinement, to accustom them to their coop, they were let
out to wander about tbe yard, and
Dolly was set to watch them. The
hens stayed together nicely, hut the
rooster showed a tendency to wander
Into the next-door neighbor's chicken
yard. Dolly chased him back time
and again, until she was tired and
out of patience. She turned her back
for a minute, and when she looked
round there were the hens by the
coop, while tht rooster was sedately
pacing acroBS the garden towards tht
next yard.
Dolly stamped her foot on the sidewalk and screamed: Come back here I
Come back to your own family. The
rooster proceeded with perfect equanimity. Dolly watched him for a moment with a look of utter disgust.
Then her mother heard her Bay, very
That's Just like you men, anyway.
I^ord Dulferln delivered an address
before tha Greek class of the M'GIH
University about which a reporter
His Lordship spoke to the class ln
the purest ancient Greek, without mispronouncing a word or making the
slightest grammatical solecism.
Good heavens! remarked Sir Hector Langevln to tbe late Sir John A.
Macdonald, how did the reporter
know that?
I told him, was the Co. servatlve
statemnn's answer.
But you don't know Greek.
True; but I know a little about
Where have you been, Frank?
In Manchester.
What were you doing there?
I ran a photograph gallery.
Did you get anything to do?
Well, I should say I did. I put out
a sign: Babies taken here, and next
morning there were four of them left
: on the doorstep.
A benevolent person watched a
I workman laboriously wlndlasstng rock
from a shaft while a broiling sun was
' beating down on his bared head.
i My dear man, observed the onlooker, are you not afraid that your
brain will be affected In the hot sun?
! The laborer contemplated him for
| a moment and then replied:
Do you think a. man with any brains
would be working at this kind of a
Mrs. Homestopper-Did you over
see a Hindoo idol, Mr. Trotter? Mr.
G. Trotter—I never saw 'em any other
way.   They're always Idle       ,
Thought It wu Poetry
A celebrated Journalist oboe concluded an Important artlcV. wltb a
carefully compoaed ud eloquent per
oration. Te alt dismay, however, a
printer*! Idiosyncrasy caused this
peroration to appear to the world cut
up Into separate llnea, and posing aa
a poetical Quotation,
The Irate Journalist, conscious that
some of hit best work had been spoiled, rushed wildly Into the editor's
sanctum and pointing to the printed
muddle, excitedly exclaimed—
Look here at thlt. Set what that
fiendish printer hat done. Ht hat
ruined—utterly ruined—my work.
Tlie editor, with that serene composure and affability which it to characteristic of hit race, listened Quietly
to a recital of the printer's crimes,
and then gravely arose.
I will set Justice done, my good fellow, ht murmured; tnd then, armed
with a copy of the paper, strode Into
tht composing-room.
Jenkins, did you set up thlt?
A compositor of tht good old school
camt forward.
Yes, sir, that lt some of my work.
And very tint work lt ls, too, exclaimed tht   editor.   Do   you   know
that thlt ls some ot Mr. S 's finest
prose, and you havt been thick-headed enough to set lt up for poetry?
Prose, ls lt, tlrT muttered tht com-
poBltor. Well, I lojked at that passage, and I read lt for'ards, and I
read lt back'ards, and I read lt likewise upside down, but I couldn't make
head nor tall nor common sense out
of It. so I thought lt must br> poetry
and printed lt as such.
Mlnard'a Liniment used by Physicians
What Ha Wanted
With the air of one who has no moment to spare, Bhe bustled into the
I want a book for my husband,
please, she begad. It's his birthday,
and I want It for a present. He'll be
forty-four. Show me what you have
—and be quick, please! Nothing too
expensive, and I don't want anything
cheap, eith.-r. He's a mild-mannered man, and not fond ot sports, so
don't show me anything In that line;
and for goodness sake don't offer me
any ot those trashy novels; and no
matter how you trj to persuade me,
I won't take anything ln tht line of
history or biography. Come now, I'm
ln a dreadful hurry, and you have
already wasted too much of my time
here! Of course you don't know my
husband, but from all I've said can't
you suggest something appropriate?
The assistant lifted down a small
volume from one of the shelves.
Yes, ma'am, he answered. I think
I have the very thing. Hero ls a
little book entitled: How to Manage
a Talking Machine.
Nothing as Good for Asthma Asthma remedies come and go but every
year the sales of the original Dr. J.
D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy grow
greater and greater. No further evidence could be asked of Its remarkable
merit. It relieves. It Is always ot
the same unvarying quality which the
sufferer from asthma learns to know.
Do not suffer another attack, but get
this splendid remedy today.
It's no use talking, remarked Banks
dejectedly. It's Impossible to make
a woman understand even tha first
principles ot finance.
What's the matter now? Inquired
Matter! ejaculated the disgusted
Banks. Why, when I was away yesterday the baby swallowed a threepenny-piece . And what does my wife
do hut call ln a doctor and pay him
half a guinea for getting that coin
One day as W. Mugrldge, the lawyer, and Judge Mlnot wero walking
along the street ln Concord, N.H., together, Mr. Mugrldge, ln his sepulchral voice, said: Judge, let's go Into
partnership. You furnish th) capital and I'll furnish the brains. The
Judge quickly pulled a 2-cent piece
from his pocket and holding It ln his
palm said to Mugrldge: Very well,
cover that, John! Cover that!
Musical Repartee
Violent—The professor has no heart
he has taken my beau.
Banjo—Yes, and he's always picking
on mt too.
Sweet Bits
of Corn
Skilfully cooked—
—At Your Service.
Ready to eat direct from
tightly sealed sanitary package.
From our ovens to your
table Post Toasties are not
touched by human hand.
Delicious with cream and
sugar or fruits.
For sale by grocers everywhere.
Post Toasties have
Distinctive Flavor
Canadian Postum Cereal Company,
Ltd., Windsor. Ont.
Turtlt Mountain Forttt    Raaervt
Summer Retort
A forttt reserve, ln   spite   ef   ltt
name, It not an area intended to he
reserved altogether from publio utt.
On tht contrary, the idea ln tatting
lt asldt lt not to keep lt from the uu
ot the publio, but rather so to manage
the area that, while the present utere
are afforded tht trtttt possible utt of
the 'tract, tht natural resourcei contained ln lt may ht continued unimpaired for tht ut9 of further genera,
Following out thlt general policy
and striving to maka the areas now reserved of use to tht people, whott
property they art, tht Forettry
Branch of tha Department of tht Interior It endeavoring to make known
to tht publio of tht neighboring country the advantages ot tht Turtlt
Mountain Forest Reserve as a summer
resort, ln which people may spend a
period of vacation during the summer
The reserve Is located immediately
north ot the International boundary,
and approximately fifty mil. j east of
the boundary between Manitoba and
Saskatchewan. It can easily bt
reached, by motor or by horst vehicle,
from Bolssevaln or Whitewater, two
points which art easily accessible by
either C.P.R. or O.N.R. By motor Uie Journey ls accomplished ln
about an hour, by horses ln about two
and a half hours.
Lakes well stocked with fish are
numerous throughout the reserve
wild fruits abound ln their season, and
mosquitoes are much loss troublesomt
than on the prairies. On Lake Max
the largest of the lakes of the reserve
are three Islands, on the largest ot
which (Arbor Island) villa lots have
been laid out by   ths   government
Several motor boats and skiffs are
now on the inks, and bathing facilities are first-class, especially for the
children. Tbe island ls well Btocked
with trees and the grateful shade and
tho constant breeze during tbe heat of
summer go to make a vacation spent
hero very attractive.
Gordon l?.Ue and Lakes William and
Oscar also oflrr many attractions.
Good maps ot rhe reserve wlll shortly be available, and these, as well as
other Information concerning the resort, may be ob'.a.ri ed from the Director of Forestry, Ottawa, or the Supervisor of th? Turtle Mountain Forest
Reserve, Whitewater, Man.
Thomas W. Lawson, at a dance ln
Boston, said of a far-famed financier:
He ls all right at heart, but his outside Is prickly, and you muat handle
him with great caution—as they handled the Tin Can gambler.
A gambler of Tin Can borrowed a
Bum of money from a money lender,
and whe.i the note fell due ht said
he could not settle.
You must settle! shouted tht money lender.   It you don't settle, I'll—
But the gambler, taking r. revolver
from his boot, pointed it at the money
lender and said:
Eat that note or I'll let daylight Into
And the money lender, after a moment's silent thought, crumpled the
note Into a ball, put in ln his mouth
and chewed vigorously, and then with
a gulp swallowed the pulpy morsel.
.That dose saved your life, said the
gambler, In a mollified tone, and the
next day he had a streak of luck and
paid the money lender ln full.
The money lender was much pleased with this honesty and when the
gambler, a few wee_i later, called and
asked for a new loan, he was readily
The gambler, having pocketed the
new loan sat down, dipped a pen ln the
Ink,' and selected a sheet ot paper
whereon to write the usual acknowledgement. But the money lender
hastily Interposed.
Walt a minute, my friend. Would
you mind wrltlci: it on this coda
Turning the Tablet
A well-dressed, dapper-looking
young man stepped blithely into the
post-office and purchased twopenny
worth of stamps.
The stamp clerk, as he was handing
them out, asked:
Havo a money-order this morning?
No, thanks.
Or some postal cards? A new supply Just came ln this morning.
None to-day.
Stamped, envelopes? We have all
No, no.
Want to rent a post-office box or
register a package?
Not at all.
And the customer left.
Tht postmaster approached tn a
rage and shouted:
Who Is that fellow, and what do you
mean by Insulting him?
Oh, he's a barber, replied the clerk,
nonchalantly, and whenever I go in
for a shave he Insists upon giving me
a face massage, hair cut, singe, shampoo, or some other fool thing that I
don't want, and I thought I'd see how
ho would enjoy lt If I turned the tables
on him.
Miss Jane Addams once said at a
luncheon of the Chicago Civil Club:
Wa women have still much to fight
for. Our battle wlll be long and
difficult. Well, let us frankly admit
it. There Is nothing to be gained
by such rose colored phrases as William White employed.
William White's brother had killed
a man ln cold blood.
Well, William, how about your brother? a visitor to the town asked
him one day after the trial.
Well, Bald William, they've put him
in jail for a month.
That's rather a light sentence for
a cold blooded murder, said the gentleman.
Yes, sir, William admitted, but after
tho month is up they're going to hang
Murllla—Who la that gentleman yon
Introduced me to a little time ago? I
didn't catch his name.      •
Mlllicent—That is the distinguished
poet, Mr. Sciawler.
Murllla. Indeed! Now I under
stand why he se.med hurt when he
asked me who was my favorite poet,
and  I replied,. Shakespeare.
Tlie EASY polish
Makes Shoes
Last Longest^
tWlsKH.T.      Bmm-     '
WINNIPEG   | Till.     TI/II   I   1 A MC     *  SONS CO..ITONONTO
Rich in all the
elements that £o to
make Oood flour.
A71b:trial sack,
will make you a
More Bread and Better Bread
-The new "Ses-qui"
The only matchet of the kind
In Canada.
Tha "tlpa" are positively
harmless. You or your children can bite or awallow them
without danger.
Sold In two alien—regular
tnd pocket. Protect yourself
by ualng . one but Eddy'a
new "Ses-qui."
r submit to a headache la la waste energy, time and comfort.
To stop It at once limply take
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
Your Druggist will confirm our statement that they do not contain
anything that can harm heart or nervous system.    25c. a box.
Talked In Vain
This, madam, said the house agent,
Is tht larder. You wlll observe that
lt has a brick floor and slate shelves,
which keeps the meat delightfully
cool. The marble slab Is designed to
hold a week's supply of flsh. That
patent ventilator causes a constant
current of fresh air to circulate round
the game, so that your pheasants will
never be too high to ret..:h; and here
we have hooks for Joints not required
for immediate use.. The fact of its
facing south is a great advantage as
new-laid eggs placed near the window
In the morning will often turn Int6
spring chickens during the afternoon.
You may spare me further details,
remarked tho lady acidly. We are
strict vegetal ians.
Woman la very unreasonable, said
a venerable New Hampshire Justice
of the peace. I remember that my
wife and I were talking over our affairs one day, and we agreed that it
had come to tho point where we must
both economize.
Yo., my dear, I said to my wife,
we must both economize, both I
Very well, Henry, Bhe said, with an
air of submission, you shave yourself
aid I'll cut your hair.
Some watchmakers say you should
always hang your watch up when you
are not wearing lt. Humph! Mine
Is hung up half the time.
A married woman thinks she ls being neglected unless her husband lets
her buy his socks and ties.
rami!/ Jar '
A man and rvlfe l.ere hav.ng a little
family discussion—you know the kind.
I didn't get much of a man when I
married you, snarled the wife.
Well, you wouldn't expect a high-
class man to pick you out, would you?
was the gontlemau's comeback.
And tho'i tho fun ttsrted
"Feed it to the Kiddies"
Have You Tried It?
: -rly Rising
Olbbs—So you've bought a farm, eh?
What art you going to raise first?
Dlbbs—Tlu money to work lt.
Fellow passenger—Pardon mo; your
necktie haj been Btlcklng out for some
time. I refrained from telling you
sooner because those youn^ Indies
seemed so much a' used.
Farmer—Thnnkee; an' the oil from
that lamp has been dropp! on that
light overcoat o' journ for the last
ten minutes, but everyone seohied so
tickled tbat I hated to spoil the fun.
I suppose you' e going lo Dr. Mason's funeral, grandpa?
Oh, snarled tlie Infirm old man, dn
not tatlt to mc nbout other people's
funerals. It's as much as I shall lie
able to do to get to my own.
Health Necessary
for Good Work
Whether working for oneself or for
others, no man or woman can do efficient work unless the healtli ls 1:
good condition.
Competition is keen these days, and
success goes to those who are strong,
energetic and ambitious.
From a purely flr.anclal standpoint
you cannot afford to neglect the warnings given by headache, neuralgia,
sleeplessness, Indigestion, kss of energy, mental vigor and physical
Most workers, whether their work
Is maniral or mental, And themselves
handicapped at times by a run-dovn
condition of the system.
For all such we have a message
that will bring Joy and gladness Into
their lives. We want you to know
about Dr. Chase's Nervu Food, the
great restoratlvo, which forms new
blood and restores feeble, wasted
nerve cells.
By using this food cure you can Instil new energy and strength Into
every organ of the .iiinian body. Pains,
aches and physical weakness soon disappear, and health la brought up to
high-water mark by
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
.60 cents a box, t for $2.50, at all dealers, or Edmanson, Ba'.e3 A C ., Lin*
lted, Toronto. i nr, iSl.Js.tt iii'.lt,"-. UaUSKtKiieMHil
« J
Th* Seal op Certainty"
y Goody-ear. Weit -Sewn jy
Buying Shoes on
When nn nrtiole 1ms consistently " made good" with the
public tor over 40 veins, it must he a stile article to buy.
No inferior product can stand the acid test of time.
Literally MILLION'S uf Canadians have bought and re-
bought the genuine Slater Shoe during its 40 odd years
or* .»
on the market. From Halifax toVmicouver it has been
put to tbe trial tests of hard wear and often rorgh usage
year after year.
The sales of the Slater .Shoe are greater to-day than ever
in its history More people are wearing it. More people
are satisfied by actual trial and bearsojt/ that the .Sign of
the Slate on a shoe stands for extra COMFORT, more
The genuine .Sinter .Shoe is a SAFE .Shoe to buy. It has
a reputation to maintain, which the makers have spent
over 4o years mid thousands of dollars to build up.
Beware of imitations. Look for the Slate Mark on the
Simon Leiser & Co,
"The Big Store"
Plrone 38
That we have Everything for the Builder and Everything of
the Best, is no idle one.    The fact of our rapidly  increasing
business proves that we possess that most valuable of business
The Satisfied Customer
We have just received a scow load of bricks aud a full cargo
of builders' materials anil so can supply your wants at the
shortest notice.     If vou are going to build drop us a card and
our representative will call and quote your prices.
We have on hand at all times Door Frames and Window Frames,
also kiln-Dried Lumber, Mouldings, Sash and Doors, Lath, Plaster,
Lime, Cement, Paints and Oils, Plumbing Supplies, Builders' Hardware, Building Paper, Roofing etc.
Builders Supply Co. Ltd.
BOX 230
" Not Better than the Best  but Better than the Rest."
On Wednesday, July 9th, at
West Cumberland, to the wife of
Frank J. Dalby, a daughter.
The main shaft at No. 8 Mine
struck coal a few days ago. The
seam is about six feet thick and
of the best quality.
Mrs. Thomas Bickle,, aecom
panied by Miss Louisa and Rhoda
Bickle, arrived from Victoria by
Tuesday evening's train.
Did anyone ever suggest to you
how much a few gallons of S. w.
P. would beautify your home?
Try it.   You'll feel proud.
Just arrived, choice lot of English oak goods salad bowls, biscuit jars, etc., at T. D. McLean,
jeweler and optician.
Dr. F. S. Reynolds, accompanied by Miss Reynolds, arrived in
his car on Sunday morning and
returned to Nanaimo the same
Mr. McRae, one of the proprie
tors of the Ideal Store, was quietly
married a few days ago at Vic
ttoria to Miss Murdock"
Although these summer days
are sometimes mighty warm don't
forget you w 11 probably need a
McClary's Sunshine Furnace just
about next winter.
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Thorn]]'
son, who have recently returned
from Scotland, are now conduct
ing the Mount View Hotel, just
outside Nanaimo city.
H. W. Lafere*, late principal of
the Cumberlund High School, has
secured a position on the teaching
sta9 of one of Vancouver high
Those Standard bicycles are
selling well. Tarbell tells us they
are giving the best service. If
you can spare ?35.00 why walk?
Western Float, by R. T. Low-
ery, says: This spring C.H.Bickle,
of Trail, rode from Ashcroft to
Hazelton, 580 miles, on a bicycle
in sixteen days. There must be
other Bickles besides those residing on Vancouver Island.
L.L. Stevenson, Ph.B.,Oph.D„
graduate optician, will be at
Peacey's Drug Store, Thursday,
Friday and Saturday, July 17th,
18th and 19th. Eyes scientifically
tested'and glasses litted.
Coroner Abrams p-oceeded to
Read Island on Tuesday morning
to enquire into the death of John
Symthe, a logger, who had been
out bathing and, unable to swim,
went beyond his depth and was
drowned. The jury returned ai
verdict of accidental death.
or 7 rooms, unfurnished, bath
preferred.   Apply Box 430.
The Provincial High School examinations commenced here on
Monday under the direction of
Mr. E. W. Clarke, at one time
principal of the Cumberland High
School. The examinations have
continued daily during the week
and will end today.
Mr. George Willis, also Mr. and
Mrs. Pickup, husband and parents of the late Mrs. Willis,
wishes to thank their many
friends for the sincere sympathy
shown in their recent bereavement. The following is a list of
those who sent flowers : Mr. and
Mrs. W. Merrilield, wreath; Mrs.
Watt, wreath; Mrs. Dallos, flower; Mr. and Mrs. Simms, cross;
Mr.and Mrs. D. Marsh, cross, Mr.
and Mrs. H.Reese, Mr.W. Potter,
Mr. and Mrs. Liddle and family,
and Mrs. Wardle, flowers.
Sealed tenders will be received
by the Minister of Lands not later
than noon on the 30th day of July,
1913, for the purchase of Licence
X22, being 4,045,000 feet of timber on land northerly of and adjoining Lot 141, Sayward District,
Cahnish Bay, Discovery Passage,
Valdes Island.
Two years will be allowed for
the removal of the timber.
Particulars of H. R. MacMillan,
Chief Forester, Victoria, B.C.
Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations
COALminingnglitjiof iho Diinmiiuu
in Mxiiitnlia, 8i.BkHtchov.nn hii.i Alberta,
tli*. Yuki<n Territory, th.. N riiiwt'm Twin
t ■rierHiicl in a portion i.f tho Province ol
British C liuiiiim, may heleanod for a toim
of bWtiliiy.one yenrs ar "ll annual ivni.,1 of
Sl ao acre. Not umro than 2,600»cub
Alii In-loaeid to ono applicant.
Application for a lease in list be load,- In
ho applicant ill purson to the Ayent or Bill
Ag -ot of the district in which tho right.
applied for aie situated
lo Biitvcyed t.initoiy the land most be
described hv seotious,nr legal subdivisions
of sections, and in hpBUiveyed erritiu-i
he tract, applied for shall he staked out bj
heapp icillt loni-t'li.
K ill application must bo  accompanied
by * fee of 8& which will bo reminded if tin
i. h's i pplieil forare no! available, bio not
.t   h,
.• Alien »' I -• u leluro h'
I I' hi fo I quail it.,) f in teli
i.l mil ed »od p ly the royalty
If the c al 111101110 rights aie
■ pel' ted   s c    ret urn. bIoi'I bt
ly, l„
I-    'fnlli
de       e   i    .1 o
■ may b   p.
level   avaiabh
..l.i.d   .. ci
ti ..h"iihi
l.ep    t.
,„ j
■   L a
i ,. ,   , Mil   v.  i.    •!) in
Deputy Minister ol the Interior.
N II- IJnatnllorized publication of this
dvei-ti-ement will not be paid fur.
±KAIa£D TKXDEh'H. sup-Tscrilu-c
Tender for CouitettA)' Look-up,
will Im rocoivciJ by the Hon. the Min
isti'.r of Public Works up to noon nf
Monday, tlie 28th day of July, 191»,
fur the erection und completion nf
Constable's Quarters and Lockup at
HnurteiiAy, iu the Comox Electoral
Flan", specificntions, contract, and
forms of tender may be seen on ami
after the 10th of July, 1913, at the
"Ilic of   Mr   J.   Baird,   Goveramem
Agent, Ci erl.n<i, B.C.,    the   Pm
viuoiid Constable, Courtenay, and
the Depnrtint'nt of Public Work*.
Vt.-toiia. B.C.
liit- tiding tenderers can, by applying to the undersi-.fiied, obtain a copy
of th.- plans and specifications for tlie
sum of ten ilulUrs ($10), which will he
refunded on their return ingoud order.
Each proposal muat be accompanied
Ity an accepted hunk elieque Of Oi'l'lift
cate of deposit on a chartered l-atitt nf
Canada, make pnuible to tho Hon. die
.Minister nf Public Works, for nmun
equal io 10 phi rent, of tender, which
sliiill he forfeited if the party tendering
decline to en'er into contract when
called upon to do so, hr if be fail It
complete th ' work contracted for Tht
cheques or oertilioamd of deposits ot
unsuccessful tenderers will hereturuoi
to them upon t'le execution of the con
Tenders will uot he e nsideied un
Irs-* ni.-nirout oil forniH supplied, signei
with the actual si^nnture of lhe tend
erer, mul enclosed in the euvt-Hpet
Tbt' lowest or uny tender not nece.s
surily aecep ed
./ K, GllIFFITir,
Public  Works Em
Department of /'u/t/ic  Works*
Victoria, It. (J,, July Ilk, 1918.
British Columbia Investments
Farms and
Courtenay, V.I.,B.C.
-''anna aloi
It you me looking for five or tell acres uf goofi land
near Cumberland suitable for truck gardening or poultry
at the liyli'  price on long terms nf payment see Mr.
British Columbia Investments Limited.
First CUps in every reppent. Perfect Cuisine
Headquarters for Tourists and Sportsmen
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
John N. McLeod, Proprietor
When In t'uii.lii'il nnl mako lie- Union yonr liBiutnnartora
Steamship Passenger Agent, Cumberland, B. C
" The Magnet Cash Store "
ALSO GOODYEAR NON-SKID jj      *      if
1   Mi   -,
DWBCsW i-w-ssjurr-;- vt -^^.--iT^v--tri*^TIsj-9*L*t*WlcS:
Cumberland, B.C.
received by the Minister of Lands
not later than noon on the 28th
day of July, 1913, for the purchase of Licence No. X74 to cut
3,039,540 feet of timber on Lot
505, Valdes Island, situated south
of Hole in the Wall.
Two years will be allowed for
the removal of this timber.
Particulars of H. R. MacMillan,
Chief Forester, Victoria, B.C.
Dated at Victoria, B. C, June
21st, 1913.
G.A.FIetcher MusicCo
Pianos, Plnyer Pinlios,
Otiluni.bin Gniplm-
tihtines ttiifl 1"i-■ ■ • • i <I>;
Etlisutl Records ninl
Machines' e^™-**.-* ■
The McKinley Edition of'Teii Cent Music )
a Specialty, j
NANAIMO,       -."■:■       B. C.
We have all kinds of,Silks imported direct
from Japan ; Cream, Blue, White, Pink and
Grey. Price 65c. to $1.25 per yard.
Pongee Silk, 55c. to $1.50 per yard.
K. ABE  &  eeMPHNY
Dtinsniuir Avenue. Cumberland, 11, &.


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