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The Islander Apr 19, 1913

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Just arrived Linoleums;
Floor Oil Cloth. China
Matting in the newest
designs and colourings
Arn w wis
To hand this week tlie newest
Art Designs in Carpet
Squares and Rugs
in all sizes
VOL. IV., No. 3   <*&»»
Subscription price, $1.50 per year
Financial Situation in Abeyance
Pending Answer from
the Bank.
A meeting of the City Council
was held in the Council Chambers
on Monday evening, Mayor Camp-
bejl in the chair, supported by
Aid. Maxwell, Aid. Beveridge,
Aid. Coe, Aid. Richards, Aid.
Aspecia. Aid. Miller, andtheCity
Clerk, A. McKinnon,
The minutes of the previous
meeting were passed as read.
Letter was read from the Dominion Permanent Loan Company,
re unsanitary condition of property belonging to them situate
in tho city, slating that the matter would receive their immediate attention.
The following receipts for tho
month of March were  recorded:
Scavenger ...$84.75
Hall Rent..  __•_  '10.00
Police Court  13.50
Buckets   ltf.GO
The  following accounts were
submitted   and  referred  to  the
Finance Committee:
A. Ii. Crawford   $10.50
Vane'vet'Stencil & Seal Co.   3.75
T. E. Hale.  13.75
A. McKinnon  .   4.00
Cumberland Eldelric Light S0.85
Provincial Gaol, Nanaimo.- 72.00
The Mayor, referring to the
financial situation of the city,
said Mr. Morrison, manager of
the Royal Bank, had communicated again with their Vancouver
office. Pending a reply Iho Mayor
said the matter would remain in
abeyance, In regard to the ques-
tion of issuing debentures Mr.
Morrison could not advise such a
course, considering the conditions
prevailing in the city.
The bylaws came up for discussion, and Aid. Maxwell moved
that they be referred bad; for
revision, and that a committee be
appointed to attend to the same.
Aid. Richards seconded, and
the motion was carried.
The Mayor and Aid. Maxwell
were appointed to aetjas a committee.
The Mayor slated that reports
had been sent to Colliery Company lhat ill-feeling was shown
by the Council towards them:
also that lire protection would be
with-held from the Company's
property. As mayor of the city
lie very much regretted thai such
an impression should get. abroad,
and he asked (he Council to pass
a motion lo thai, ell'ecl.
Several of the aldermen expressed surprise and said that
was tho first Ihey had heard of
lire protection being refused to
anyone. As regards ill-feeling
they were there to transact the
business of the city, and in doing
so gave tho. Colliery Company all
due consideration.
Alderman Maxwell said whosoever required fire protection
where the city (ire brigade could
be of.service would certainly gel
As the Colliery Company had
made no complaint or charges to
the Council direct they refused
to go on record regarding any
statement on the matter.
The Council adjourned.
Mr. D. A. Thomas, piano tuner,
will be inCumberland for business
about the29th April. Orders for
tuning may be left at the Islander
Office. Phone No. 3-5.
Furnished Rooms to Rent, stove
heated. For particulars apply at
this office.
Toney Maiden was lined $111
and costs for being and disorderly
al Bevan.
Miss Nina White, of St. Paul's
Hospital, Vancouver, is enjoying
a three week's vacation in Cumberland,
In the City Police Court on
Monday Judge Abrams dismissed
the case against John Voss,
charged with using obscene language.
John Krall was charged with
supplying Toney Maiden with
liquor while under the Liquor
Act. The case was dismissed on
the ground of insullicent evidence
Fred Ray, sales representative
for Studebaker automobile, left
by auto on Tuesday for Nanaimo.
After a successful business trip
he expects to return in about two
Constable A. T. Stephenson
left for Mission City on Wednesday morning to be present at. tlie
preliminary hearing of the Chinese murder case. Mr. Stephenson arrested the murderer in a
Japanese tailor shop here a few
days ago.
One of the most at tractive
events of the season lakes place
in the Cumberland Hall on Friday
evening, the 25th inst., when "the
Ladies Auxiliary of the Union
and Comox District Hospital will
hold a grand ball for the benefit
of tho local Hospital. The ladies
arc making every preparation to
have the affair a huge success.
Several ladies arc assigned to
to look after the refreshments
which will be served at midnight.
We understand that Parnham and
ami Roy*s famous orchestra will
be secured for the occasion. The.
grand march takes place at nine
o'clock. All lovers of good music
and dancing should see that they
have a stand in with the Ladies
Auxiliary and secure an invitation
which arc being sent out. Admission will be $2.00 a couple
with additional 50c. for extra
The owners of automobiles
formed an association on Thursday evening lo be known as the
Cumberland-Cqurtcnay Auto Association. The officers for lhe
ensuing year are : Harry Creech,
president; O. II. Fechner, vice-
president; P. P. Harrison, secretary ; and P. L. Anderton, treasurer. An executive committee
was elected consisting of the
following gentlemen; Dr. II, P.
Millard, George Tarbell. Charles
Grant, F. D. Cameron, and Geo.
Roe, who were instructed to draft
out rules and regulations. At
the meeting it was decided to hold
a grand ball al Courtenay in (he
near future and all (hose desirous
of attending will be furnished
transportation hy automobile,
' The Cumberland Tennis Club
held their first meeting for the
season on Thursday evening. The
following officers were elected:
George W. Clinton, president;
\h; Geo. K. MacNaiighlon, vice-
president; Dr. 10. B. Hicks, sec:
II. W. Latere, Treasurer; executive committee, J. W. Cooke, F,
J. Dalby, George. Tarbell, Will
Clinton and George Roe. The
entrance fee for ladies is $1.00
and $2.00 for gentlemen; social
membership will be 50c. for ladies
and $1.00 for gentlemen. The
President closed the meeting by
promising to buy a first class net,
for which he received a hearty-
vote of thanks from those present.
Producing almost at much Coal
in One Shift as in Two before
the Strike.
No. 6 Mine broke all previous
records yesterday by hoisting
357 tons in 8 hours. This mine
is now almost producing as much ]
coal in eight hours as it did in;
sixteen hours before the strike,
which is now a thing of the past.
The output for tbe week has
been retarded by certain machinery at No. \ getting out of working order, causing delay and a
reduction of output to the extent
of three or four hundred tons,
also the fact of il. being pay day-
last Saturday quite a number of
employees did not get back to
work until the. middle of the week
enjoying their usual I wo or three
days oil' after receiving their
monthly pay. In the face of all
this the output for the week commencing Saturday April 12th up
to Friday April 18th both days
inclusive totaled 8780 tons. Taking the delays into consideration
and the loss of time the outpul
is considered good.
Bazaar a Great Success.
The bazaar anil supper held in
the Cumberland Hall last Tuesday hy the Ladies' Aid of Grace
Methodist Church was a success
of which the ladies may well be
proud. Owing lo the unpleasant
conditions which have prevailed
in our town for the past seven
months, some fear had been felt
that such a venture this year
might fail of the patronage
usually accorded it, but the event
proved that the general attitude
of the public remains unchanged.
It was very gratifying to those
who had worked so hard to receive
such cordial support from the
community generally indiscriminately of denominational distinctions. Much credit is also due to
the Young Ladies Guild, whose
very prettily decorated stall of
fancy work displayed a beautiful
array of goods totalling something over one hundred dollars
in value.
The Supper was well up to lhe
mark of former years, and it is
estimated lhat about three hundred people enjoyed a full meal
that day. The gross proceeds of
the effort amounted to over three
hundred and sixty dollars, leaving
a net of about three hundred and
thirty dollar:-',
The Adull Bible Class of Ibe
Grace Methodist church have
formed a girls' basket ball club.
Secretary, Miss Helen Freeman.
Holy Trinity Church, Anglican.
Service next Sunday evening al
7 o'clock. Sunday, April 27th,
Litany and Holy Communion at
11 a.m., and evening al 7. F.
Franklin-Watson, vicar,
Grace Methodist Church. Services at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Adult
Bible Class at2.30 p.m. Subject
to-morrow evening, "The Bible,
what it is. and where it comes
from." Strangers cordially welcomed.—B. C. Freeman, Pastor.
The speech made by Chief
Justice Hunter at the annual
dinner of the Canadian Club at
Victoria is considered remarkable
because a member of our judiciary, who owes his appointment
lo lhe late Liberal government,
had the honesty and frankness
to speak his mind on the naval
problem. The chief justice was
a prominent supporter of the
Liberal party before he was elevated to the bench, and as a rule
party affiilialions are considered
too strong for any man to have
anything but party opinions.
Therefore when the chief justice
deliberately slates lhat he stands
on his rights as a British subject
ami lhat even in his opinion he
may speak as he feels, he blazes
anew trail in politics which will
doubtless arouse much criticism
and resentment in those quarters
which do not approve of the
chief justice's point of view.
Under the circumstances, however, it was.almostimpossiblc for
the chief justice to avoid reference to Ihe naval question. He
had to respond lo the least of the
Empire, and at the moment the
fate of lhe Empire is inextricably
woven with (he fate of the problem of defence. The chief
justice was careful lo differentiate between what might be considered a matter of disagreement,
namely the permanent policy of
Cicada wilb regard lo the navy,
but he cqusidored that (lie present proposals were made to meet
an emergency and as such should
not have been, brought into tlie
field of party politics. "It is not
even a Canadian question," he
said. "It is an imperial question,
a world question and it effects
all mankind.", With the unerring
instinct of a good judge the chief
justice summed up tlie real issue
at stake. He tore aside tho flimsy
veil of party politics, which quibbles with the meaning of words
such as emergency, and exposed
the real problem. "It is not even
a Canadian question . . .it effects
all mankind." That is the whole
truth. Canada claims to he a
nation, claims responsihilies,
claims her place in the sun and
yet shirks anything that, to those
of narrow view, appears lo encroach on her domestic prerogatives. Chief Justice Hunter has
taken a bold step. He has dared
lo speak the truth,   Province.
Conservative meeting on Monday evening at 8 o'clock PROMPT
New Ford car arrived by yesterday's charmer for Walter S.
| McPhee, Courtenay.
Every Second Car a Ford.
The greatest record in tlie history of the automobile industry
was established in the lasi sis
months by the Ford Motor Com
pany lhe hooks of which show
thnt during lhe months of October. November, December, January, February and March this
company did a business of approximately $117,11110,01)0.00.
These months constitute the
the first half of lhe company's
fiscal year. When lhe sun went
down on March .".1st, Ihe records
showed lhat. 78,462 Fords had
been sold and delivered, approxi
matcly 3,000 more than were sold
and delivered during all of last
The conipanj 's slogan of every
third car a Ford, which caused so
much comme.nl last year, has
been altered (his year to declare,
that every second car s a Ford. I
Statements have been made by
experts in I lie automobile world
to the effect that before many1
more years have passed a much
greater percentage than this of
the motor driven vehicles will be
Model T's.
Incidently it is Illuminating to1
know that during the month of;
March just passed the company
built and sold 17,364 Fords of a
total valuation of something like
Message Sent from Vancouver to
London in a Second by
New Instrument.
Vancouver has been brought in
closer touch with the heart of the
empire by the establishment of a
cable-telegraph line. By Ihe installing of a newly invented telegraph instrument messages need
no longer be re-written at the
cable stations but Hash on to
their destination. Formerly messages had to be relayed from
Vancouver to Montreal, thence
lo Hazel Hill, Nova Scotia, across
the Atlantic to.Walervillo, England, there (o be distributed over
tho continent. The exact nature
of the instrument installed al
Hazel Hill is as yet an official
Preliminary tests were made
in the telegraph room of lhe
Canadian Pacific Railway offices
on llasting-streel, Vancouver.
Although Ihe invention has been
installed hut a short lime everything ran as smoothly as clockwork and cablegrams were received and transmitted with lhe
greatest of care. The telegraph
key is pressed in the ordinary
manner and in a fraction of a
fraction of a second the message
is in London. No re-writing, no
delay:-;   a message direct.
The first message lo lie sent
across the Atlantic Ocean thence
across the continent by the aid of
this new instrument was "London sends greetings loBamlield."
Bamlield operator reciprocated.
Bamlield, as is well known, is the
North Ameridan cable station of
the Pacific Cable Board, whose
lines go to Australia,
This message was sent at the
rate of 24 words per minute and
then the speed was increased to
32 words.
A "Wheatstone" receiving instrument was first employed in
recording the message. The
"Wheatstone" instrument sends
and receives tlie message on a
long piece of paper tape in cipher!
The results obtained were perfect. The ordinary morse telegraph instrument was then used
with the same result.
Montreal was lhe first Canadian
city to share in the test. Then
followed Toronto, Bamlield, Victoria, Vancouver and Winnipeg.
Tests have been made with lhe
same instrument on the American
lines and resulls have been most
Messages are transmitted
across lhe Atlantic by Ihe Com-
mere'al Cable Company, a member ol' whose Mall'. Mr. Cult.
invented the new recording instrument, He is consulting
electrical engineer I'm' tho company, The new instrument,
which will revolutionize the sending of combined water and land
message:., is known as dolt's
Morse Telegraph System.
This new arrangement when
more lines air connected will
mean much to lhe American continent as messages will he trans-
milInl much more quickly,
The tests ni re carried out
under the direction of Mr. .1. F,
Richardson, superintendent of
the B.C. division of the C. P. R.
telegraph lines. He expressed
himself as much pleased with the
result, saying il was one of the
greatest inventions of the age.
With the pressing of a key a
message was simultaneously recorded in London Vancouver to
the heart of the Empire.
lt might interest our readers to
know that the Post Office Department has recently extended the
convenience of the rural mail
delivery by which the patrons on
the various routes may purchase
postage stamps, postal notes, and
money orders from tbe rural mail
courier; who are supplied with
lhe necessary forms for taking
applications of money orders and
purchase of postal notes from the
distributing office on their respective rou It's.
lt will not he necessary for the
courier to make a personal visit
lo the patrons as these forms may
be left in the rural mail box and
the matter will be carefully attended lo by lhe courier.
As regards money orders anil
postal notes Ihe Department has
provided forms of application for
same in bundles of ten, and a
bundle is placed in their box so
that the patron may till it out and
I bus simplify the courier's work
who will then only have to sign
Ihe receipt for money received by
him, and on reaching lhe distributing office will purchase the
money order, and place il in the
patron's box ou Ihe next trip, or
if preferred by the patron there
will be no objection lo give the
courier (he open letter in which
Ihe money order or postal note
may he placed and forward same
lo tht addressee at once.
The pal rolls may also register
any article of mail matter, properly prepaid, by banding Same
to the coqirer, who will give the
patron a receipt.
With these improvements the
patrons living on tlie rural mail
route will have every convenience
offered them for.the purchase of
postage stamps, money orders,
postal notes and registration of
letters etc, and with these facilities available the success of the.
rural mail service as a medium
for the postal requirements of a
box holder living on the rural
mail route is obvious.
In lhe Victoria division alone
there are upwards of thirteen
routes now in operation and an
aggregate number of .'170 patrons
who have boxes erected conveniently to their residences which
practically serves the purpose of
a post office.
Since the inauguration of the
rural mail service its benefits are
so apparent that il has extensively been made use of by I he public,
and each month shows a sub-
stantial increase in ihe number
of patrons on lhe various routes.
VVANTED I.nls or acreage fur
which will trade some stock in
one of Vancouver's leading finan
cial companies that is earning 12
per cent, I'riioi.'i'l.v must be unencumbered, Address "H-lli,"
The Islander.
thai thirty days after date application will be made in the Superintendent of Provincial Police for
a Hotel Licence to sell liquors by
retail in lhe holel to be known as
lhe Hotel Bevan, situate al Bevan
commonly know u as No, 7, in the
district of Comox.
Hated April lib, 1910,
In lhe matter of an application
for a fresh certificate of lille lo
Lnl '..')(). Comox District;
NOTICE is hereby given of my
intention at (he expiration of one
calendar   month   from  the first
publication hereof to issue a fresh
certificate of title in lieu of the
certificate of title issued  to   Andrew  Lewis Galarno on the 0th
day of June. 1S97. and numbered
3693C, which has been lost.
Dated at Lar,J- Registry Office.
Victoria. W ';■-. this 12th day of
March, 1818   s X.WOOTOjV,
Registrar Geucral of Titles. THE   ISLANDER.   CUMBERLAND,   B. C.
From tlie captain of industry to the
kod carrier—from milady iu the auto ty
lhe woman with the scrubbing brush—*
lhe accomplishments of every one <>f us
depend absolutely on the accomplish*
tncnts of our stomachs, Racked by a
j;oo<l digestion, a nun can give the best
that is in him. When Jus btomucb fails,
he becomes a weakling.
To this loss of power no one need
submit. Right habits of eating,
drinking, sleeping and exercise, aided
by Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia TableUi will
restore and maintain the full efficiency
of the human mind and body,
Na-DrnC j Dyspepsia Tablets contain
the active principles needed lor the
digestion nf every kind of food. They
jpo to the assistance of the weakened
Moniach, aud enable the sufferer, right
from the start, to assimilate aud pet the
benefit of the food eaten. With this
ks.sisur.ee, tha digestive organs regain
their tone, and soon the use of the tablets
is no longer necessary.
If your stomach is not,working properly, try Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets,
$oc. at your druggist's, National Drug
and Chemical Co. ol Canada,, Limited,
jit-is- ';>f»
^V,;,< -:^4'- *'-•«'
No Stone Unturned
A countryman who visited London
lost his sold watch. He trotiet on'
to Scotland Yard and told them about
his trouble. With th ir usual politeness they informed him that tlir-y
would leave no stone unturned, li
their endeavor 10 find his watch.
A few days later he went through
some of the leading thoroughfares and
saw street after street turned up and
was told thai a few miles were in
the same condition.
He ran off to Scotland Yard and
said: 1 didn't think I was giving you
all that trouble. If you don't find the
watch by Saturday you nerd not pull
up any more of the road.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns. Etc.
The literary young man had just
taken possession of a buiart young
i..dy at the party and was at a loss
for a topic of conversation, Afier
much mental struggle ho at length lu*
uulr U:
Oh,  Miss .1 •, I suppose you are
familiar with Crabbe'a tales?
Young lady (scornfully)—1 was not
aware that crabs had tails, sir!
Young man (confusedly)—1 beg pardon. I should have said "read
Crabbe's tales,
Young lady (still more scornfully)
—And 1 was not aware that red crabs
had tails, either.
Farmer John—This is the New York
Stock fixchange my dear. All those
ami running about on the floor are
Mrs. John—My! I should think they
would Wi tired. Don't they ever
sit. down?
Parmer Jnhn—1 guess not. Seats
here cost nhout $7i\Ui)0 apiece.
Requires That Her Blood Supply
be Kept Rich, Red and Pure.
Thought it was Cocos
During a meeting of councillors In
one of  the    Lancashire    towns    the
question of recreation fnr the hospital
nurses was being discussed,
Several games were suggested,
amongst which was the game' of croquet .
A burly Lancashire councillor, win-
was noted for his eagerness to keep
down expenditure, happened to come
in at the moment, but failed to catch
-_—^      nMM_ r accurately the name of the subject
1f*LJ CD A oTa ^''''''''"''ji'i'""'!! I under discussion.      However, lie Im*
C nr,r4Wr5y_N V/LU^S 'mediately  got upon  his  feel, and ob-
 ""'""'' ' jected  to the  Increased expenditure,
saying at the samo time that tay and
coffee hud been good enough for him
all his life, and he thought the nurses
could do very well without kokl.
Jfi-':ENE'vv r^^rinfc '[':.y'tdv t-\ ti^.tt *
Every   mother  who   calls  to  mind
.ier own girlhood knows how urgently her daughter is likely to need help
and   Strength   during   the   years   between  school days and  womanhood.
It   Is  then  that  growing  girls droop
and become   fragile,   bIuodle»a   and,
nervous.     Nature is calling for more
nourishment than the blood can sup-!
ply and signs of distress are plainly
evident  in  dull  eyes,  pallid  cheeks.
aching  backs, a languid  step,  fits of
depression, headaches and a dislike j
for food.   These signs mean   anae*|
mla—that is bloodlessneBg.
The watchful mother takes prompt
steps to five her girl the new, rich1
blood her system  is thirsting for by
Living   Dr.     Williams'    Pink    Tills,1
.vh'ch make new blond and transforms
unhappy  anaemic  girls  Into  robust,
happy,   bright-eyed   young    women,
N'o other medicine has ever succeeded
like Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, because
nn other medicine can make that now,
rich,  red   blood   which   brings  health
and   vitality   to   weak,   bloodless  sys-
I terns.     Miss Mamie   Krouse,   Cope-
j town, Ont., says: "Dr. Williams' Pink
Pips have been a blessing to me.    1
had  been  a sufferer for almost  two
years from anaemia, and seemed, no
matter  what   1   tried,  to he  growing
worse.      1 was very pale and seemed
bloodless,    suffered    from    frequent
headaches,  the least  exertion would,
leave me completely tired out, and it
wjis very much discouraged and fret-[
ful.      At last  I was advised  to try;
Dr.   Williams' Pink Pills, and got a
half  dozen   boxes,  and  by  the  time'
'hey were used 1  was feeling much j
better,      A Tew more boxes fully restored   mv  health  and  1  have  since
been well and strong and able oncei
more to enjoy life."
These pills are sold by all medicine
dealers or will be sent by mail at 50
cents a box or six boxes for $11.50
by addressing Th" Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Women Slept With Corpse and Nightly Expected Its Reanimation |
Loudon,   Eugland. — a   discovery]
of a skeleton of a woman who died
apparently two or three years ugOi
and whose remains have been Kept in
a bedroom by another aned woman,
so that they could both be buried to-
get her, has been made by the police
at Wimbourue, Dorset.
An inquest was held, and as
strange a story was told us has pio-
bably ever becu heard 'u a coroner's
Sarah Mary Kearley, spinster, aged
04, sa:d Ute remains which were found
In   bed   were   those  of   Ellen   Griffin
who was nearly TU years of age, and
who hud lived with witness over Jlu
years  after   leaving  service  together
-u London.
Miss Griffin wag not so well, and she
I la'r'ed   und   die*   before  1   went   to
■ v.ork.      I Bifcpt In the tame bed 1 -vo
uiglns  with  tbe   body,  thinking  that
sue vvouid come to life again,
Witness said she did not tell any
' one  of  the  deatu  as  she  intended
keeping  the  remains as long as  slid
lived, so tbat they could both be burled together.
They had no quarrel, witness -"-
Glared, and added she worked for ltd
11 pt Miss (.''iilin, who could only <lo
H little sewing.
The town surveyor, who said he
had known Miss Kearley for man.
j ears, said lhat both women were eccentric.
A doctor said    the    skeleton    was
Can be handled    very    t-ua.iy.
The sick are    cured,    and    all
others in mi tnc stable, no mat*
""    ter  how   "exposed."   kepi   from
k[i   having the   disease,    by    using
CURB),    Give on the tongue or
In feed.    Acts on the b ood and
.   expels   genua  of  all   forma   of
I   distemper.      Best remedy    ever
h Known f<>r raarea In ft>al. Drug.
gists and harness dealers.    Cut
shows how to poultice throats.
Our free booklet    gives   every-
thing,   largest    selling    hora*
cmefly   in existence—15 years.    Distributors—ALL WHOLESALE DRUGGIST*.
SPOHN  MEDICAL CO.. Chemtpts and  RiiotPHnlogiats,  Goshen,  Ind.,  U.S.A.
A  49ER
The late James R. Keene, himself
almost a '40er, used to tell many a
story about the characters of  49.
It was difficult In those days, he
one" said, to be n temperance man.
for to refuse a drink wtii a '40er was
a worse offence than to kiss the fellow's wife. , „
A '40er, twirling his long and drooping moustache, said to a tenderfoot
in a barroom:
Have tome red eye with me
It's So  Easy
III      il      U.II-IUUIH,
Have tome red eye with me. *    •fed*"*!}    |
Thank you—no. said the tenderfoot,: -.      1     3^*^-t. U?C2f
a total abstainer, firmly.                       ■ H         _f\_ JLj^^n^Sv^
Th«ro  was a  tense  silence  in  the jM       d^"*'--.;v^i   '    .;; \_ tJ™
crowded bar.     TVn the '49er reach- -M   J S"    ; ,i> |    ''■   f^Hwi
ed  back   to  his   hip-pocket  aud  said Tfplffl7    711     .',    !•'    jit>pl
with a weary sigh: W.krA t "' ■' ' \   1 ■'    1,   aLBC^'I
Heitho,  rtn't  1 even take a drink $T?M OtT\7 vi 1     >J IJ^flllVB
without killing a man
.-„,„. Hv-'-i will refund monev if iwzo
a uoeior sum    mc    bK,«» - OINTMENT falls to cure any ease of Itch-
found iu a natural reclining position,   j^ g'SfiSS^BOeW Prot,'uaing Pllea
There was not a vestige of llesh re-'
malning,   and   from   an   examination
his opinion was lhat death was due
to natural causes.
An open verdict was returned.
Expert    Advocates  the    Storage    of
Enormous Deposits In the Country
The Dangerous Stove
A French physician tailed on one of
his patients, a lady, who was complaining of headache and general prostration. I'll tell you what's the mutter with you, madam, he said promptly; It's that stove you have over
there. Those conl-burnlng stoves
re reservoirs of poison—the deadliest
London, England.
*,%■';* :''t*-'v rites! :;»vuor/iii>v.'<-. ■ '-"; 1 h:i.kkc
6in*.CO.HAVBK$rOCKrtU,iiAMioiii/.U, LUKUU.t,bKUi
si ,i'. il
Booii  Free.      A  tiinijlc
Home   treaimeid removed
lump from Ihlslsdy's breast
Old  aorrn,  ulcers  *nd
■'      i.—i.  tfrowlhs 'it, d.    Describe
>«r lioi-Ii;.' ; wi will sioel 3n-.li Slid fc Kini.in.ii >■
Tlie riding master of a crack cavalry regiment has a very sarcastic way
of dressing down his recruits when
putting them through their facings.
One horse In t>he riding school had
plny< d cub-and-bnll with bis would-
be rider, nnd deposited him on tne
mat for ihe twentieth time.
The Instructor waited for the poor
fellow to regain his feet aud said:
That's a very good hor&e, and excellently trained, but surely jou don't expect him to catch yuu every time, you
come down..
Makes the Clothes as
White as Snow
Try It I
Manufactured hy
I'll.- Jolinkoii Huturtl'iMi C,o
Limited, Montreal, Can.
Why it Reminded Him
Young Scraper (amateur violinist)
—Did vou notice that old man crying
■While I was playing my sonata?
Friend—Yea, and I spoke to blm.
Mo said your playing reminded him or
Uie old days when he was happy.
Was he a violinist?
iKobe used to ring pigs.
X woman went Into a small grocer's
iihop and the assistant. (0 neighbor's
dftttghb ;| came forward to servn her.
What can 1 get for you, please? she
I want a cake, she replied snappish*
ti-, *,rd added, hut I don't want you 1
\xb SeTve me.      Whore's your master?;
The assistant went to him and said: |
TV* la.lv wants a cake, but does not;
tout me tn serve her.
TV- gTocer camn forward and said:
Vtottda, madam?
Knot, her: I should think 1 did!
Jtnd 1 don't want everybody in the
Vtreet to know what I am having for
%M od Sunday.
wn nlTer One Hundred Dollars Reward
.....,cape ot Catnrrh thnt cannot bo
Iit-Pd  by Hall's Catan-h  Cure.
CHENBV & CO., Toledo. O.
. undersigned, have known F.
■ for the laal IS yeam. and be-
nerfeetly lioncst in all bualness
ns and flnanclally abh- to carry
 ,. nblitrations made by his arm.
u"\v\I.DINO   KINNAN   &   >}f\-\'sw
Wholowilc Dl'UBBlats, Tolrdo. 0.
H„n's Calnirti Cure is Inken Inlcraally,
■ »tin« olrectly uiion Iho bloocl ond muo-
,, Biii-facea o! the Byslem. Testimonials
sent free.   Price  "»  cents' per bottle.
SO|dokbcyHallB™4mto'Pills for constlpa-
tlon.   .
Why She Left Them
Have you any references? asked the
lady of the house?
Yos. ma'am, a lot of em.
Then why didn't you bring them
with vou?
They're just like my photographs,
ma'am. None ot 'em does me justice.
A Little Assistance
I gave Coppers, the millionaire, bis
first start in life.
With a bent pin at school.
A Bit of 'Hcle' Riqht
A well-known Lancashire farmer
possessed of a considerable sense of]
humor, had for a Ions time been petitioning the local urban council to)
fill up a deep mud-hole on the common;
before his house, but without result. 1
Ono very wet night, however, as he!
was seated comfortably before his!
(Ire, a tremendous cry for help was
beard from the outside. The farmer,
seizing a lantern, opened the door and
peered out Into the darkness, to find
three of the council men. on their return" homo from a meeting, had missed their way across the common, and
were now struggling in the mud-hole.
Well, gentlemen, said the old Lancashire son of the soil, as he surveyed
them grimly, i am glad to see you
stirring in this matter at lasj;.
Mrs. Smith—1 hear Mrs, Weeds is
farmer and li
going to marry
the country.
Mrs.    Junes—Well,   Bhe
make a good farmer's wile.
Mrs. Smith—I don't see why. She
has always lived in town.
Mrs. Jones—True, but as this Is her
sixth matrimonial venture she evidently knows all about husbandry.
Oh, John!     The cook has left.
Well, we'll have to get another one,
I  suppose.
1 am afraid we can't John. 1
think we've hud them all.
maud for oil exceeding the rate of
production everywhere, a serious
shortage will soon occur unless active
steps ure taken to safeguard our future supply, ta'.d Prof. Vivian B.
LeWls, in a lecture at the Royal Society of Arts,
As to the case of war, Professor
Lewis declared that nothing short of
creating enormous storing facilities
in the country and gradually accumulating a supply of fuel oil sufllcient to
lost a long period would safeguard
1 the country. The oilfields of the eni-i
j pire—India, Ihe East Indies, Canada I
| and other colonics thai showed prom-
' ise or oil—should be subsidized aud
■ encouraged in every way to develop
i their resources.
There  was no guarantee that new
fields would show the same production
as the old ones, nor did Indications
j justify them in supposing that raauj
i such sources of supply existed. Doctor
i Engler had put the period over which
! oil would be available for the purposes
' for which It was now used at 100 years
but ii si emed very doubtful if in fifty
years' lime it would be obtainable in
sufficient quantity, and at a price that
would enable them to use it commercially.
The consumption of mot6r spirit in
Engtaud had doubled during ihe past
four years, while with the increase In
consumption the price had risen and
the duality deteriorated. There need
be no fear, however, as to the future
of the motor spirit supply, as alcohol
must eventually become the main power factor, and with government restrictions relaxed, the Introduction of
home-made fuel would provide not
only a more pleasant and sifer form
of motor spirit, hut would contribute
to the agricultural prosperity of the
With the de-| things in the world.
But that stove cost me one hundred francs!   protested the lady.
Never mind that; better lose any
amount of money than your life. I'll
tell you what. Ill do: I'll give you
twenty-five francs for it, nnd find some
way of getting rid of the pernicious
The lady consented, and the doctor
removed the stove.
A few days later the patient who,
thought of changing her residence.,
went to Inspect a suite ot rooms, and
the first thing that met nor gaze was:
tbe stove., Who lives here? she J
asked of the servant who was showing,
her over the rooms.
Madame A., madame, said the servant respectfully—Doctor B.'s moth-j
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with theN
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Pills for Nervous Troubles.—The]
stomach is the centre of the nervous
system, and when the stomach suspends healthy action the result ls|
manifest in disturbances of the nerves.;
If allowed to persist, nervous debility,
a dangerous ailment, may ensue. The
first consideration is to restore the
stomach to proper action, and there
is no readier remedy for this than
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills. Thousands can attest the virtue of these
pills  in  curing  nervous  disorders.
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Wrong Diagnosis
The Amateur Sherlock—I am sorry
to observe that you are in a precarious
s,iate of health. As you entered the
ballroom I saw you clutch at your
heart, while a look of agony crossed
your face.
Mr. Snuffles—Heart, nothing! 1
have a cold and Just discovered that
1 hadn't brought a handkerchief with
Advice for the  Minister
In preaching the minister had been'
rather long*wlnded,  when tho young
wife  remembered   that  she  had  lefl
thr* dinner in the yas range without
regulating the llame.       she   hastily
^^^^^^^^ wrote a note and slipped it to her hus-
only a more pleasant anl sifer lormibund, who waa an usher.    He think-
of motor spirit, bin would contribute  Ing tt was Intended for the minister.
,--...._.., ..„■„„!,„ „f tho I calmly walked up and laid it on the
The minister paused ln the midst ot
his sermon and took the note with
a smile which changed Into a terrific
frown as he read: ,
Please hurry home and shut off the
Manager—I can't do a thing with
toUt"X new clerk. IT. had Sto
ia three departments, and he dozes
**n day long.
Proprietor-rut him at the pyJama
Wnter, and fasten thla card on him. i
'Oct night-clothes are of such superior
guilty that even the clerk who sells]
t)x,m cannot keep awake.
A Family Failing
The star pupil arose at the school
entertainment to declaim lti;t piece.
Lend me your cars, he bawled.
Ha! sneered lhe mother of the opposition, tint defeated pupil, that's
Surah Jane Doran's hoy, right enough,
lie wouldn't be ttis mother':- son if he
didn't want lo borrow aoineihlUt;
A Real Asthma Relief. —Dr. .!.  D
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy has never
been advertised by extravagant statements.      Its claims are conservative
[nd 1.   when   judged   i»y   the   cures
1 which it perforins, Isxpoct real relief and permanent hem lit when you
buy til's remedy and you will not
] have cause for disappointment, It
' gives permanent relief in many cases
where oilier so called remedies have
utterly failed.
Mrs Getrox—So your woman's club
wasn't a success.
Mrs. Swift—No; it had all the dis-
coinlor'.s of home.
Head Bookkeeper Must be Reliable
Pressed Upon Her
Mrs. Cawker (severely!—:Mane,
did you accept a kiss from Mr.'Smith
last n\ght?
Marie Cawker (hesitatingly)— Yes,
mamma, hut it was pressed upon me.
Something Wrong
ng Husband—My dear Mabel, I
say tbat the pudding does not
very nice.
ng Wife—It must.be your Imagination, dear. It says in the cookery book '.hat it ULStoa excellent.
LktUWir el* box.i r.r 12.S*
msM Aaelert, er Ths Dodds Medl-
I £f ^SJZ.  UnilW.    Toronto
N.  U.
Home Made
see,  said  the  grouchy  customer
-.s he was paying ills restaurant hill,
.hat you advertise that you make your
,\u pies.
Yes. sir, replied the manager of the
restaurant, anticipating   a   Nattering
Well,  I   would  like to offer you  a
Certainly, sir, pleased to hear it.
Well, then, let some one else make
It costs tl,000,000 a year to maintain Ihe national pure food bureau in
| Washington.
The chief bookkeeper in a large
business house in one of our great
Western cities speaks of the naim,
coffee did for him, (Tea is Just as
injurious because it contains caffeine,
the same drug found In coffee).
•My wife and 1 drank our llrst cup
„f Postum a little over two years ago
"ad we have used il ever since to the
entire exclusion ot tea and coffee. It
hannened In this way:
■Tbout three and „ half years ago I
i had an attaok ot pneumonia, which
L|l i memento in the shape of dyspepsia, or rather, lo speak more cor-
reitly neuralgia of the Stomach. M}
■cup of cheer' had always been coffee
or tea, hut I became convinced after
I n,,,,,. that they aggravated my
stomach trouble. 1 happened to
mention Iho matter to my grocer one
Sll   suggested   that   I   give
Po.?St ■day'"''! came, but the cookj
made the mistake of  not  boiling  it
,u   iently,   and   we  did  no,   like  it
mien Th's was' now|ivor' s0""
remedied, and now we like it so much,
hiu we will never change back.
Postum, being a food beverage in-,
8S or a drug, has been the means
of banishing my stomach trouble I,
verily believe, for I am a wel man
today and have used no medicine ,
■Mv work as chief bookkeeper in■
our Co.'S branch house here is ot a
v.fy contlnlng nature. During my
inrYee-drinking 'lays 1 was 8 bject to
nervousness aud "the blues rheso
hive left me since I began using Postum and I can conscientiously recommend it to these whose work confines
ttiem to long hours of severe mental
exertion " Nn'»s given by Canadian
Postum Co., Windsor Ont
•'There's a reason," and It Is explained in Ihe little book. "The Road
to Wellvllle," in pkgs.
Ever read the above letter? A new
one appears from time to time They
are genuine, true, and full of human
Also  Head    of    Hippopotamus    That
Roamed  in  England  Unknown
Ages Ago
London, Kngland.— Interesting particulars of a discovery of relics of
prehistoric Britain are given in the
report of the London county council
asylums committee to be presented
to the London county council nt its
next meeting.
The appearance ot a molehill on a
part of the estate of the Cane Hill
Asylum at Couldson, Surrey, attracted the attention of Sir James Moody,
the medical superintendent, and excavations were undertaken with the
result that some bonea were discovered.
After consultation with Henry Dew.
ey. of the geological survey, and the
authorities at the British museum, it
was ascertained that the relics were
remains of the bead of a hippopotamus and two pieces of an ivory tusk,
probably that of a mammoth.
There    are    several    considerable
fragments ol the head of the hippopotamus.   Including   portions   of   the
jnw with teeth ln position, the articulation of the   Jawbones,   two   of
the larger teeth and one of tlie verte-
j brne, and tliere are also a number o!
\ small  parts of bone which  so far it
: has not been possible to Identify
Not Only Washes
But Rinses and Bluet
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Money-Back Guarantee
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Man., ami you will receive ono 1.x.L,
All charges prepaid anywhere in
Canadu on condition tlial your money
Is to be refunded If the Washer does
nol do all that is claimed.
Pathetic Sequel to Fatal Accident to
Noted French Aviator
Paris, France. — Why did not
Charles come back yesterday? demanded querulously Colonel Nleuport,
the 82-year-old lathe-.- of the airman
killed near Etampee, Sein-et-I^ilre.
His elder brother, M. Edward Nleur-
port, was killed in the military man-
oeuvers of 1911. ,
lt seems that the news of the second son's death has been hidden from
the father, says the Paris Journal,
and his relatives could only reply:
Charles has gone for a great flight.
Ah, well! And why, then, has not
Edward come to hid me good night?
They could not make him remember
that Edward was long dead. With
tears In their eyes his grandchildren
brought him letters and flowers to
distract him.
What has happened then? asked tho
old colonel.
Why, nothing, nothing, grandfather.
Tho   old   man's   memory   returned,
and  he  was  heard   mutlering:   lt is
Protecting Her
You ate all your own cake and Mabel's too, Tommy, said the mother.
Yes'm, replied Tommy.
You'll be sick, child.
Well, mother, you see, if anybody
was going to be sick 1 didn't want It
to be Mabel,
Counsel, after severely cross-exam,
inlng witness—How far exactly Is tt
between these two town3?
Witness—About four miles as th«
flow cries.
Ah, remarked counsel, you mean u
the crle floWB.
No, no, said the Judge, suavely. It
ls as the file crows.
Then they looked at one another
and tound there was something
Woman, said the dejected young
man la a disappointment and a fraud.
Indeed! replied oue listener.
Yes. I saved up all my tobacco
money and lived on bananas two
weeks to treat Miss TrueloVe to the
opera and a supper. Then I asked
her to marry mc, and she said she
was afraid 1 was too extravagant to
make a good husband.
tee is advising that  the remnins be
placed in the Hornlman Museum,
A sixteenth century fresco and line
architectural details of the same period hive been discovered during the
demolition of old nionnstery buildings   near   Wolseys Gate.'Ipswich.
They bave been hidden for many
years by the work of later builders.
The Tresco is believed to have been
painted hy Italians who settled in
i'iti'iluid during the Tudor period.
Staircases designed by Wren, Corinthian  porticos and    marble    mantel,
pieces have been found in buildings
near the Tower, which were formerly
used  as  offices,  and  are  now   being
demolished in connection    with    the
j erection    of    the    new premises    of
the  port of London authorlly.
One early eighteenth century mant-
' elpiece has realized $1B2B, and a port-
' ico has been sold for $7115.
I Vicar's Referendum
London.—'i'he vicar ol St. Andrew's, West Kensington, the Hev.
tl. Douglas Castledcu, is taking the
views of his congregation on the subject uf the services held on Sunday
mornings, It having been slated that
they are too long and fatiguing. Referendum papers have been Issued to
the communicants and members of
i the congregation.
thing can have happened to him? Oh,
no      The same house could not twice
suiter a blow like that.     Smiling, he!
thought  of the    honors    which    his
younger son was gaining.
Suddenly lhe sound of military music came up from the street. It drew
nearer, and as the heating drums passed the old soldier's window he got up
with difficulty, leaned out of the window and saluted the passing regiment.
.\„,vspapcr boys followed the crowd,
shouting: News of the accident. Gentle hands dragged the old man back.
Go In, grandpa! You are getting
TheOld Reliable
Horse Remedy
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
Don't you ever find it hard to be
a freak asked the stoutlsh, tightly- j
laced woman who had stopped to con-i
verse with tbe fat lady.
No, not a bit, was the reply. I
often feel sorry for some of yon people who seem to find It so hard not to
be freaks. '
These Millers are dreadful people—
hardly fit to be associated with.
Yes; if they didn't give such excel-
lfiit dinners they would be altogether
ot farmers
and horsemen
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; IsrSpsvins, Curb, Rinfbone, Splint, Bony
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Grctafa. LtAtortt 9t*m Users
Lahoiah, B.UK., Dbc. 13th, 1911.
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user of Kendall's Spavin Cure.   I must say
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Its use, nnd cut recommended it to say
horse owaer." JOSEPH PFUNO.
Piomk I>h, Man. Dbc. 34th, 1911.
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Ave years. I find it a sure cure for spavins."
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»ni«ri Falh. Vorsaeat. U. 3. A. THE   ISLANDER.   CUMBERLAND.   B. C.
I Heroes All
An Episode of
Ranch Life
He'd  Spider  |io>*titli*-e  sizzled   lu   tilt*
b"t huh. As the tlirtM? rid*rs rriitn Twin
Slur rnlK'tl rattled up tu 1 li." -Hirell ol
tli*. iHilldluu a uirl (ipeiu'il the dour
and runie out Witt) U purkll£t> ol letter*
in her hand.
Without u iilance at the three riders
•he stepped to the edne ol the pon-h.
mounted a buckskin pony und new oil
In a eloud ol dust
"dee!" exclaimed Jink Prole admiringly.   "How's that tor slick rldlun?"
"Heats any lied Spider iihi I ever
aee," reuitirked Tony llou*. "See. shea
turnltiK up the Star trail. You can
gel uiy mall. Jink. I've not tn tuope
along home" With the words he
turned his burse and was away after
the tlyiuit form of the buckskin pony
"Me. too." panted Jink Prole, close
behind hlui, uud so Mason Pepper was
left to fetch the mull uud perhaps learu
who the Interesting str-Hllger wus.
When he enme out uf the office his
•yes were twinkling with mirth. He
•tuffi-d the mull Into his pockets and
was soon pounding along In the rear
of tits companions.
Out of the town, with the Stnr trull
blazed straight ahead, they slackened
■peed to allow Muson Pepper to come
up with tbeui. Not one of them lost
flight of the slender young hgure riding
Ihead so fearlessly. Trim and erect
•he sat in her saddle, ber snowy shirt
waist and tiding skirt showing white
agalust the pale brown of her pony
"Did you ask Dan Cox who she
was?" demanded Jink Prole curiously.
Pepper nodded his head    "I did."
"Well, what did he say? She can't
t» a new -whoolmarm, for It ain't dine
tor H'boolmurms yet"
"She ain't exactly a schoolniarm."
hesitated Pepper.   "Boys, what do you
thinks of a girl thut don't scarcely
know one end of a horse from t'other
getting on und riding that buckskin
devil of BurnhaniB?"
•'What'/" thundered the two In Mil-
••She ain't never rode a horse before
and haa got to Ited Spider ami no fur
back aliveV" added Tony UofT liK-red'i-
"Nervy, ain't it?" Inquired Mr. Pepper calmly.
"Crazy, you mean. Fellows, I guess
I'll biteb up a little close. That gin
may need help before she get* tmck
You know tbut pony of Burnbum's lays
down aud rolln whenever he taken a
notion." With ■ wave of tbe bund be
dashed ahead nnd waa anon clattering
■t the heels of the buckskin pony.
Just aa Ton; Guff's mount tiad nosed
np to tbe pony's flank tbe buckskin
began to live up to bta evil reputation.
With an angry squeal he shot forward
and, leaving the trail, fairly flew over
the parched grass of the plain. There
was nothing hut tlie dead level of the
plain ahead—no watercourse*, no dan- ,
gerous precipices. The greatest danger i
was threatened by tbe horse himself., |
whose favorite trick was to throw his
rider off and. fulling in that, to He
down and crush the life out of htm.
Safety depended upon the agility of
tba rider, and not many of R-irubama
■an cared to take the risk.
Once out In the middle of the plain ,
tbe buckskin pony stopped suddenly,
settled back on his haunches and
swung around as If on a pivot until
borae and rider faced the three pur-
•tiers. The girl's face was quite pale,
and she looked at the men with a direct, fearless gaxe that bronght tlwin
to a standstill, with apologetic grins
MIa It a game, or what la It?" she
asked sharply.
**Is what a gamer fenced Tony I
Ooff. the red creeping through the .
|pmn*« of hla cheek.
"four chasing ma thla way.   I don't |
like tt even If It Is a custom of tha
*".Ve were only looking after yon
light and proper, miss." assured Tony
venenieutly. "Maybe you don't know
that hoss you're on is a man killer.
Old Burnhatu hadn't ought to let yon
ride htm."
"Yon are mistaken. 1 didn't ask Mr,
Humhaui If I could ride tbe pony,'
she returned pleasantly.
"You mean you just walked np to
hint and threw a saddle on aud rid
Tony was gaping now.
The girl nodded. "Pm not a hit
afraid of him." she Raid, contldently
pulling the buckskin's nnme playfully.
This playfulness was rewarded by
a vicious lunge und u Hash of the pony's agile heels. Tbe girl clung to tho
pummel of the saddle, with suddenly
frightened eyes.
"You don't really belleve-that-he'll
do- uny-hnrmV"
The words were Jerked out of her
lips by the frenzied dilUclug of the
pony us he snapped tlrst at one horse
and then another of the three which
hud pursued hint.
"Ynu belter change with me. miss."
suggested Tony eagerly. "This heiHt
I've got is a regular old rocking chair
uud just the thing for a lady tbat
don't know much about bosses."
"Who told-yoil-tlmt?" asked tbe
girl, still jerkily.
"Dan Cox at the postofflce he told
Mason Pepper here I fcrgot to inter*
dure tuy friends This ta Mr. .link
Prole, and this Is Mr. Pepper, all from
tbe Twin Star much"
"And wbo ate you?" asked tbe girt
with a smile as she acknowledged the
greetings uf Tony s compumous.
"Pm Tony UnnY* said thut gentle-
man suavely, "and I wish you'd ehuuge
bosses with tne."
"Oh. I shall get buck to Rurnhnm'a
a II right." sa id t he girl ca relessly.
"See, he's quiet now. I shall be gtad
of you gentlemen's company If you
care to escort me borne."
She started back toward the trail,
and the three came luto line behind
ber. There was unxiety visibly written on the faces of tbe men.
"What did the postmaster tell you
about me, Mr. Pepper*;" asked tbe girt.
Hashing a glance nt Mason.
Mason Pepper hesitated, but Tony
Goff replied for him. "He told Mason
that you was not accustomed to nooses." be explained gently.
"Oh!" suid tbe girl softly.
There was silence for awhile after
tbat, with no sound save the swish of
hoofs through the grass. Then, all at
once, without warning, the devil In the
buckskin pony seemed to break loose.
With a repetition of that shrill squeal
be dashed once more luto the plain
aud proceeded to try to remove the
girl from his back by every trine
known to his clever brain.
1**1 rst he was pawing the air with the
girl clinging to bis neck with slender,
tense arms; again, be arched himself,
and Hung bis head between his legs.
The three galloped frantically around
the pony, endeavoring fo dash tn and
rescue the girl from her precarious position, but somehow tbe buckskin punv
seemed to be aware of their purpose to
cbeat him of his victim, uud he managed to elude them every time.
Now the buckskin attempted bta tn*
vorlle. tie fell to his knees aud
attempted to roll over, and only the
girl's sharp .cry "Don't shoot!" held
back the threatened discharge of three
The buckskin rolled over and In some
Inexplicable manner left the saddle tin
the ground, but tbe girl wua still on
bis dusty back wheu he arose.
Then began a performance thnt ma da
tbe brains of tbe three onlookers reel
with shocked surprise. Suddenly the
girl sprang to her reet on the bare
back of the buckskin pony, aud tbey
saw t,hat she wore little soft moccasins Instead of slioes. She cried slirlny
to the ponv. and he dashed away, while
she stood swaying gracefully from iitr
position on bis back.
She waved her band to the three cowboys, who followed ber course witu
protruding eyes, aud ns the pony turn*
ed and circled toward tbem they iet
out a whoop (bat brought the warm
color to ber checks. As she passed
tbem she swooped and lifted tbe lurau
gray hat or .link Prole from his bead
aud dropped It on her own. Then, wuu
a shrill whistle to the pony, horse and
rider came to a graceful standstill ■■*•
'ore them. For an Instant she pulsed,
kissed ber band to them and dropped
gently tn the ground.
The buckskin pony meekly nibbled
tbe grass.
"It's on us. I guess," said Tony Ooff
sheepishly. "Rut we was plumb scared for awhile after Pepper here told us
what he d-d about your riding."
"What did 1 say?" demanded Mr,
Pepper, with a hurst of virtuous indignation
The girl's eyes Inst their mischievous
light and she smiled sweetly, seriously
up Into their fares as she lifted Her
gloved blind to meet their clnsp, "All
jesting aside, gentlemen. I must always remember bow solicitous von
have been for my safety. Now let uie
explain. This Is not Mr. Hnruhams
roan killing pony. It's my own Brown-
lo. who shares lu my world famous act
.11 the Wild West show. I am t"a
Prairie Hose, at yonr service!" She
bowed low aud blushed at their surprised ejaculations.
They escorted her to the very doors
of the Rnri'bani ranch, and Tony Oof!
had won a promise to ride with nun
the next day.
As the three rode slowly home to thn
Twin Star with the belated mall in
their pockets Tony Ooff suddenly burst
Into ecstatic speech.
"Ray, Pepper, that wss the best joke
you over played nn me!"
Wherenrmn .link Prole and Mason
Pepper winked solemnly at each other.
Morotnet Is Only One and a Quarter
Square Miles In Extent
Tho smallest state in Europe, tha
autonomous republic of Mores net. Is on
the boundary between Germany and
Moresnet has an area of barely ona
and a quarter square miles aud a population of Xoou. It owes its existence
to a boundary controversy for the con- ,
trol of a once Important sine mine. A
boundary commission settling tbe frontiers of Holland aud Prussia after tbe
full of Napoleon in ism was unable to
agree upuu tbe ownership of this tiny
piece of hind, with its valuable mining
rights, aud finally left the question fur
future settlement. Neither power was
to occupy ll. aud It was administered
jointly by the two states.
in practice the joint administration
soon resulted lu an administration by
neither state, and the community he-
came autonomous under the protection*!
and tutelage of Prussia and Holland
und later of Prussia and Itelgtum. lu
1H41 the two guaranteeing countries
regularized this und formally gave the
district Its own independent administration It has no courts, but litigants
can choose between the Belgium and
Prussian tribunals In beginning litigation, which Is subject to the laws neither of Germany nor of Belgium, but
of the ancient Code NupuleOU.—Cbl<
cugo Inter Ocean.
For the Children
A   Little   Valentin.   Girl
With a Great dig Heart.
| (Vj/.\\eavV^j
t for Vbo |
De Musiet Had a Mania For Destroying Women's Clothes.
•'I was once ul the Comedlw Fran-
eaise, but us a spectator, not as an actress. I had on a white bat. whlcb I bad
been told suited me quite well. Prom
the box lu which I sat I noticed Alfred
de Musset aud be caught sight of me,
too. so be came to see me lieiween tbe
I acts,
"He planted himself In front of me
and said rudely: 'You've got a hideous
hut ou. mademoiselle, I can't imagine
bow pretty women can dress bad!v.
It's sheer stupidity for any one wbo
has a white skin like yours to gu and
spoil the effect of her complexion by
\ wearing a white hat.'   As be spoke lie
gave me a   bang on  the   dead  whi-h
■ quite crushed my hat. turned on bis
' heel and took himself off.
1 "When I told my friend, linger de
i Beau voir, who knew Lie Musset wen,
j of the Incident he said: 'He Is rather
. addicted to such pleasantries. The other day he was at Tnrtoula with l.a Mn-
1 gador. wbo was wearing a light green
; dress, when suddenly, without tbe
! slightest warning, he seized a bottle of
raspberry sirup and poured Us con-
' tents over bis companion's clothes,
i completely ruining ber toilet.  He seems
■ to he a ill ic ted with u mania for spoiling
| women's clothes.'"-"My Aulubiugru-
] pby," by Mme. Judith.
Desert People Still Have tho Cuitoma
of Abraham's Tim*.
In the wild deserts Arab life Is as
primitive as lu Abraham's time. Sheep
are still slain to seal a vow. The salt
or bread covenuut Is observed, and
when a man dies his teut ia torn dowu
and destroyed.
Old names sucb as Joseph. Moses
aud Alexander are still lu common use
among Arabs, though pronounced
"Yusuf," "Mnsn" aud "Skandar"
To divorce bis wife a man may repeat tbe formula Knt telek three times.
Usually suying It once makes tbe woman behave, aud tta repetition is not
The "evil eye" superstition Is common, and the first Injunction given a j
visiting foreigner by experienced Ara* '
biau travelers is that he must not poiut
at animals ur persons In Arab settlements.
Arabs say a man gifted with this
malign power can look at a bird Hying
lu the air and that It will drop dead;
that If he chooses to cast bis wicked
spell on a camel It may go lame or a
child so selected wlll he struck blind.
None of the lower class can read nr
write, but tbe Arab Is noted for his
ready wit and his habit of speaking lu
allegory,—Christian Herald.
Ths Human Brain.
In estimating the size of the human
brain In comparison with the brain of
other minimis we must figure on nut
only tbe positive size, but the relative.
Were this not the case man would
stand below the elephant aud whale,
as the brains uf those creatures far exceed man's in positive size, while as
regards relative size they stand so far
below him that, while the brain of tbe
elephant amounts tu about the five*
hundredth and that of the whale to
three-thousandth part or the Imdlly
weight of these animals respectively,
tbe brain nf man varies from oue-thir-
ty-tifth to one-thirty seventh uf bis entire weight This shows die Immense
superiority of the human brain as compared witn the brains of tlie lower animals.—New  . otu American,
Photo by American Preaa Association.
The young lady In the picture surely
bus gone to a great deal ot trouble
with her valentine. Just think what
an amount of work and imtieuce were;
required to fashion such a targe aud
beautiful heart! She Is evidently
ple.-.scd with her handiwork. The expression on her face shows that. Of
course she must have made It all by
herself! She wouldn't look so happy
otherwise. Wonder who she Intends It
for? Perhaps for papa or perhaps for
mamma. More likely it Is tor mother,
although it Is hard to tell. Anyway,
whoever gets It will be over toyed, tor
wbo could help being happy when such
a charming little girl remembers tbeui
so lovingly un Valeiinue uiuruiug'r       ,
Lincoln and the Boy.
Here is u story of Lincoln and tlie
Wben the president wns in Spring-
Held, III., he met ti little boy who wan
introduced tn him and allowed to
shake tbe great man's baud. Of course
tbe boy boasted of this honor among
bis schoolmates, who wouldn't believe
him. making his life miserable by their
unkind speeches. Young America,
however hurt he felt, was not going
to be put dowu by a little thing like
that. Nu. indeed! He sat down and
wrote a letter to Lincoln telling hlui
Of bis trouble. After awhile he received a letter which ls still preserved,
lt read: ,
Executive Mansion, March 19. 1861,
Tn Whom It May Concern:
I did see and talk with Master (ipnrga
Evans Potter last May at ttpringflehi, ml
Respectfully. A. Lincoln.
From tbat time young (ieorge. instead of being laughed at, been tlie the
envy of tbe otber boys. The part of,
the story thut most Interests us. However, Is that Lincoln at this anxious
time, amid the thousand things demanding bis attention, should have
found time to heed the unimportant request of n schoolboy. It shows us that
Lincoln bated till injustice, however
humble the object of it might be.
And He Furnished a Good Test For a
Good Sermon.
"1 had a little lesson severnl weeks
ago," remarked the man with the gray
mustache, "and It culled me in good
"Co ahead." said the stout man.
"I was la the garage where 1 keep
my car and) hapjiened to overhear a
conversation among the hoys. A certain man bad been Injured while traveling abroad-very badly Injured, It
was reported—and oue ot the boys* was
telling the others about tt 'The story
ln the pa|mm- says he can't get well,'
the youngster went on. 'Did you know
him, r*eteV Aud the boy addressed
promptly replied, 'Sure, 1 knew th' old
"Say. that hit me pretty hard. Here
wus a leading citizen dying, and all the
boy could remember about him was
tbat he was a grouch. Yea. sir. It made
me sit up and think hard. And I got in
my mind that wheu I passed out I'd
like tu be remembered for something
He paused.
"Tout's worth considering." said Hie
other man.
"Hood text." said the first man.
"Hood sermon," suid the other.—
Cleveland 1'laiii Dealer.
Dogs That Hunt Crabs.
A collector for the  Loudon zoo has
succeeded   in   capturing  several  crab
hunting and crab eating dogs In Brazil I
Tbe dogs are half fox. but they do not ]
seem to care very much for poultry, i
Tbey have been known to turn up their I
noses at nice, fat pullets and go nshluij
for crabs  Instead.    Tbe dogs bunt  in
packs along the banks of the rivers in
the Amazon  valley, ami the crawfish
aud laud crabs of that region are tbelr
especial prey.   The crabs often put up
a  vigorous debt, but  (he dogs' have a
way of turning tbem over and biting
tbem In a  vital spot Jilsl as ihe thot-
ougubreil  terrier polishes off a raL-
New York Herald.
Unfair Advantage.
A school inspector, examining n class
In Klbie history, asked. "Can a liy buy
tell me wliat bird Noah let out of the
ark?" There was h long silence, and
then tbe smallest boy in ih,y class [tut
up his hand and answered, "I'lease,
sir, u dove!" 'i'he Inspector expressed
his surprise that only the smallest boy
In tlte class knew tlie answer to the
question. "Hut. please, sir." replied one
of the hoys, evidently touched by this
reproach, "his lather keeps a bird
shop!"—Loudon Telegraph.
A Lesion In Pronunciation.
"How do you pronounce that word
'divorcee.' professor?" asked Mr Slab-
sides,    "Is tt 'dlvorsuy' or dlvurseeV*"
"That all depends, my young friend,",
smiled the professor. "When Mrs.
Jone.s-Sm.vthe Wiggles got tier llrst
divorce I should have called it 'Divorce
A,' but now that she has come throntih
with a third I should say that 'Divorce.
C la a justifiable form."-Harper's,
Lincoln, the Kind Hearted.
When Lincoln visited Fortress Monroe In ISi'hi his attention was called to
a narrow door, bound.with Iron, tho
use of which he was anxious to learn,
"What Is ItV" be nsked.
"Ob. that Is tbe sweat box." was the
reply. "It ts used for refractory sailors, A malt lu there Is treated to a
blgjlose of steam heat and bus very
little ventilation, It brings biui
around pretty quickly."
Lincoln, ever merciful, demanded
tbat he be allowed to try the treatment to which thousands of Ainertcnu
sailors were subjected yearly.
Taking off bis bat—for he was several Inches over six feet lit height -be
entered the hielosure. which be found
to be llltle more than three feet lu
length or width. At a signal from
him the door was to be opened It
was then closed and the steam turned
on. He bad been inside hardly three
minutes before the signal was given.
I'resident Lincoln had experienced
something lie Inn) never known had
existed before. Turning to Secretary
Welles of the navy department, be ordered that no such luclosiire Rs tho
sweat box should ever lie allowed uu
any vessel (lying the American Hag.
A Regular Old Sherlock.
"Poor girl!" said the general manager
ns the young woman who bad just applied for a position as stenographer
walked out of his office.
* "What's her trouble?*' asked his secretary.
"It's too bad that a girl who Is so
pretty—one who might be Urine, In luxury—Is compelled to go out looking for
work because she refused to listen to
ber parents You heard her say she
wus married, didn't you?"
"Yes, but 1 didn't hear her mention
ber parents."
"Evidently you have not developed
much ability In the way of making deductions. Why would a girl with such
eyes, sucb hair, such a complexion,
such tcetb, such a beautiful face and
such a figure us hers have to go ont
looking for work if she hadn't married
against ber parents' wishes?"—Chicago
Record-Bern Id.
Population In United States.
The United Stales at present Is In no
danger nf overpopulation. The Japanese empire has about fiU,OUO,000 people, and the Japanese empire Is of the
same area as the single state of California. The Herman empire has IH,-
OuU.OOl), and the Herman empire Is till,-
Om.i square miles less than the state uf
Texas. The United States of America
cnuid furnish room aud support for at
least a billion human beluga. It will
be a long time before the datiger line is
reached lu this nation and ihe popula-
tlou begin to encroach upon the means
of subsistence. There Is no cause lur
immediate worry.—tf.scbnnge,
Why are bakers the most self deny*
Ing people? Because they sell what
they knead ineedi themselves.
What relation Is (hat child to Its own
father who is uot Its own father's owu
son?   His daughter,
When does a pig become landed prop.
arty? Wheu Lt Is inrucd luto a meadow.
At to tht Dog.
"My dog UDdorauods every word I
"Do you doubt Itf*
"No: 1 do not doubt the brute's Intelligence. The scant attention lie he-
stows upon your conversation would
Indicate tbat be understands It perfectly."—Kansas City Journal.
Had Poor Taste.
•That's s valuable dug of yours'*
"Yes, but he doesn't know he's s
valuable dog. Look at him, will you,
scratching yonder In that cheap dirt
when be might ns well be up tbe boulevard smttchlng In ground worth ST**)
a   front  foot7"—Washington   Herald.
Good Buaineii.
"That la a une uusme*s man." said
one waller
"He must ne." replied tbe other
"He's the only man who comes inhere wbo can get a dollar's worm 'if
politeness for a twenty -five cent Up."—
Washington Star.
Kancy mpilres much.  n*-eeealtj  Dm
Utile.   Uvruiua rruvera.
Making Valentines.
AU tlie year We saw up ironfc*
Cm from papers, hearts hiki nnsa,
I .ft 1 In boys culled Cupids, tun,
Ami all sorts ut (lowers will dn.
Then We lake Ktmr paper While,
And we scallop u |hh| right,
Amt semes itie top we write
Some nice line that rends like this:
■"In my sweelheart, -Aim a kih"
Now  we're ready in begin,
And we |nil-in ii Cupid In
And perhaps a wreath and dove,
Willi a scroll which tktyi, "l rue tovo.**
We pick out from nil the rest
Cine fur mother Mini  is iie>t
And we write, "our he«n» siu Iruo,
Deari'M Vsientlne. io >uu '
-Alice T. Curtis lu Ywulh s Cumii-iHlua-
Difficult Tongue to Matter.
!    A cynic wbo Rays lie speaks from ex-
: patience declares that a  linguist  may ,
be   able   to   master   all   the   modern
tongues    tui-ept    hla    wife s.-London ;
When It Comoa.
i   "Does yonr wife raise a rumpus nb?o i
' rou stay away from Home ut itlgbt?"
j    "No. nut she does when 1 get home."  ■
' -Houston fost
Soldiers Who Foresaw Their Fatt
on the Eve of Battle.
It Was Not Mere Fancy, but Grim Pn
monition, That Moved   ."bcoe Mon to
Read Their Own Death Warrants—A
Case of Red Tape and a Bullet,
Premonitions got little attention,ami
those who httVO them little sympathy
Iu these days. During the war, how-
ever, a premonition came to be looked,
upon as a most uu welcome guest, la
the company 1 went out with there
were two Unrfield brothers. The yuung'
er, u quiet, modest fellow who s|»eu|
bis leisure lime willing tetters and
reading, never Joiucd In camp amusements, told a few of his mure lutlmuta
friends while tbe regiment waa In
camp opposite l-'rederl-Usburg. Vu., In
]Nti'J, that he wuuld be wounded in
the first battle be went luto uud dis>
from the effects of It. Tbe buys toughed at him uud tried tu cheer him up,
but is waa of no Une, be UOVer changed
bis mind. Aug. 2H, IMU. was the tlrsl
battle uf the regime.it. Young liar-
Held wus aa brave »<■ tbe bravest at
"Tills is uiy first and last fight, boys,
cud 1 shall do my duty." Is what bo
eald wheu the regiment plunged into
that battle, lu which the Iron brigade)
of four regiments und two regiment*
of Dutihleduy's brigade, the lifly sixth
Pennsylvania aud the Seventy-sixth
Mew York, met "Stouewall" Jackson's
sixteen regiments aud held them in
check for four hours, our brigade alou*
losing 81)0 of Us 2.500 wen.
"I'm hit: goodby. hoys," said Gar*
field, ua he fell out aud went to tba
"Yours Is a flesh wound In the call
of the leg uud In a few days will ba
all right," said the surgeon to UtirHelcL
"Tell uiy parents I did not shirk my
duty," pleaded the poor boy.
And he lay there without a word of
complaint and died.
Meat* him was "Kicker" finch of the
same company with a shattered kuec
a much worse wound than (iarfieldV
Finch demanded uttentiou lie forced
tbe nurses to keep bis wound buthedlu
cold water, and If tbey were at all neglectful he swore at ihem. Kluch lived
to kick about poor hardtack aud salt
junk cut from dead horses, but tiartleld
Is sleeping in tbe Bull Hun cemetery.
Frank King wus a rollicking young
fellow tn tlie same compuuy. generous*
brave and popular, a singer wbo always
drew au audience. Like a hero ho
fought at Uuluesvllle, Second Bull
Run, South Mountain. Auttetam. Fredericksburg aud Fitzblgh Crossing.
"I.line, this finishes my tlghiiug.'* waa)
•wlniI Frank King said to I.line White,
u comrade, just us the Sixth Wisconsin
swuug into line tor u charge the tirst
day at Gettysburg,
"Killed tn buttle" Is what the orderly
entered after Frank's mime that night,
"Dave all lhe fun with me you desire, gentlemen: it Is your last Chui.ee,'*
was what Major 1'bil I'lummer or tho
Sixth Wisconsin suid to u company of
officers who were chuffing him about
being so very sober the tiny liefore
Uruut moved Into the Wilderness la
18U4. Forty-eight hours later they rolled bis blanket about him nm\ buried
blm where he fell. Nuthlug could con-
Vlnco him tbut tie would uot be killed
In that battle, though be bad escaped
In a dozen other great battles.
Captulu Uolliu H. Converse, who hnd
won his way from tbe ranks aud gone.
through a score of great battles, went
Into the tirst day's tight of the Wilderness, May 5, ISfH, coiilldent that he
would do Ids lust fighting that day. II"
never fought more bravely They Iclt
bhii on the held with a thigh crueliv
torn aud death looking him si|uurely hi
tiie eye
A Confederate surgeon told Converse
tlint bis leg would have to come off.
"Thill would not save Ul) life, so let
It nl une." was his quiet reply But tlio
Kllrgeou began to arrange fui un uiupu*
"Let thai leg alone." said Converse.
The surgeon pan) no attention io tho
wounded captain until Converse tnul
taken out bis revolvel and planted It Ht
blm There wuh no amputation, aud
Ibe next day tbe,> burled Converse with
bulb legs
l.leiiieuant ,tobn Tlinmons nf Com-
punv C was entitled to muster out July
)ll, ISCii. ills three years Having ended,
but red tape intervened uud delayed
the order Ihiys uud weeks passed
without the word whlcb would take
blm out ol the service Ou the night ut
Aub Hi, ISiH, an order came for tlio
regimen I to march. A march then, tn
front of Petersburg, meant a battle.
"This is tough." said Tlinmons. "(
Ollght to have been mustered out and
gone home a month ago. In a day or
two we shall have a fight, and I shall
go to my long home—be killed."
The tlrst or the Weldoti railroad battles. AUg IK John Timmoiis was killed
—died "f red tape und a bullet,—Chi-
tago Kecord Herald.
He that weil and rightly rnn-ddereih
his own works will find little cause to
indue hardly ot a uut ber.- Xboiuaa a
His Conscience
"Olt. yes. lies a ver>  line alderman.*
•'Why. I'm (old he can tie mined."
••or course     But be Has bume cun*
■rletiee abool It"
"Mow is Init'ty
"Why, you can buy him to support •
measure, but be won't stay bought-"—
Cleveland I'laln Uealer.
To do lust one thing at a time has \n*
many a Harassed soul lulu quietuse*
aud order aud real Tim     ISLANDER    IT SI HF.RLAKII  lt. f"
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Islander Printing & Publishing Company
Edward W. Bickle, Editor.
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SATURDAY, AI'ltlL 10, 1011
TitE Behaviour of the ngilntors in the City ol'Cumberland
is -,\ striking proof of the old iiilc/gc ; talk is cheap.
No wonder the ai/itulors have sore he«ds. Ever// atteiupl
to impede the progress of the Canadian Collieries or the working of tin' mines bus proved n boo me run g.
Tin: Idlers secured ngitators and sent them to gel employment at the local mines; adopting this method us a dying
chance 1" create additional trouble. Finding this latest huI>-
stitute for Sabotage futile the local idlers, Agitators or remittance men are dead, without n resurrection cr requiem,
" Brought down to the final 'analysis you should do oni
thing or the other : Either do what is absolutely necessary l<
make your ports defensible against any power : or if you are
going to help the British navy, and save the British Empire,
put i/our force where tho British Admiralty wants it, They
are the judges, tliey are the men whose views should guide
us."—Hon, George E, Foster,
Tun idlers who are so loudly proclaiming their righl for
recognition have lour/ since killed any claim they niighl
possibly have for consideration at the hands of the Canadian
Collieries, Their drear;/ repetition of threadbare arguments,
(he waste of time in ventilating alleged troubles, which burst
into nothingness when pricked by the true state of ull'uirs
existing iu Cumberland.
Skvehal of the rate/>ayers are anxious to know how long
the Mai/or and Council intend t> allow the pile of building
material to remain in front of the Royal Bank of Canada,
The lumber has been unloaded apparently for the pwpose of
replacing tlie old crossing-between the Bank and the Post
Office, It has been suggested thai the city should use it or
remove it, and not allow il to remain an eyesore on the main
thoroughfare and as roosting place for agitators in front of a
financial institution.
Thi' government has given notice of lire introduction W
another progressive measure. Early in the session Hon. li. I',
Pelletior, Boslinaster-Geiterul, announced that he was stud//ing
tlie question ol parcels post, He has already concluded that il
can be successfully introduced into Canada and has lost no
time in giving notice ofn bill. The legislation "ill be outlined
later, but the'general plan decided upon is that of the zone
system as adopted iu the United States, The details aro being
worked out a I tbe present time and the system will be placed
on a business basis. Tho fourteen thousand postmasters in
Canada will become agents of the system and Lhe benefits of
parcels /lost will be particularly extended to districts which
are now leached by the express companies,
Pettigrew, Foster ei ul, of U.M.W. of.I. fame, addressed
n public meeting ii) the Naiiuimo Opera House on Sunday
evening attended by a small number of persons, A resolution
was passed in favour of taking a holiday on the 1st of May and
journeying to Ladysmith.
That such a small attendance should lake action effecting
two thousand men was commented upon by several speakers
during the evening, Taking the above report into consideration the standing ol' Iho U.M.W. of A. must be fur from strong
in Nanaimo, ll nppeais to lie the same then- as it is here: the
few Imin/ to control the man)-, The Nanaimo miners ure
evidently wise to Pettigrew and Foster's tactics and are treat-
hiy their public meetings with disdain, knowing that their sole'!
purpose is to create trouble.
The existence of the organization which they represent it
of short duration on Vancouver Island. In Cumberland they
have matured and died end are now looking for a resting place
in Nanaimo,
New arrivals in Suits, Shirts, Ties etc.
Men's Suits in Similes of Browns, Grays, Navys, Blacks ami
Mixtures. Prices ranges from $17.50 to $25.00
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in Shados of Blue, Tan, Grey, and Black and
White Stripes, prices ranging from $1.25 to $2
Men's Extra Fine Quality Shirts with Double Soft Cuffs,
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"The Corner Store," Cumberland, B. C.
Unless il concerns you,
Comox Co-operative Society
Purveyors of Meal, Fish and Farm Produce,
OX BEEP BEST QUALITY ONLY        dairy fed i>ouk
Home Cured Bacon (unsmoked). ..       20c. per lb.
Best Smoked Bacon..     25c,
Genuine Wiltshire Bacon ..._... .  ..   28c.
Very Best Desert Apples Obtainable  .      ..   $1,65 per box
Hams, best (Fresh every week) _   ...... _  23c. per lb.
Home Made Mincemeat       25e.
Fresh Cabbage    . 5c.      "
BestOnion*!    per 6 lbs.   25c.
Potatoes Al Quality      $1.00 per sack
Carrots....      1.50
English White Turnips.      1.50
Halibut and Salmon, best, fresh, lowest market prices,
Local Fresh Eggs, 35c. per doz., il doz. for $1.00.
Orders by phono promptly attended to.      Phone 25.
Successor '„■> A. McKinnell.
Ice Cream,
Cigars and
McKinnell's Old Stand,
Dunsmuir Ave., CUMBERLAND
1 LAND, Six iici-i'M ultmroil, Throe
acres  i"  ,Miwitt|t QhiiIoii continuing
liii'iil'i'iTuv-, Sii'iovlii'rrii'-, etc,
Edward W. Bickle
•2E.-II.iS/) TKATIK/M will Ira roceiv
ctl not luter thati noon ou tlio
2£lli Uny of diiril, 1918, for tho purchase of Licence X30 to cut, 7S0,UU0
foetof IiiuIht on Lot 1131; ./fringe 1,
Const District (Citduro ('linuuul)."
One yenr will be allowed for tho removal cf the Umber.
Particulars of Chief Forester, Victoria, I'..('. MhSDBia
FOR SALE Four Sows, one
year old, each expected lo have
litter of pigs in one or two months
Will sell for $20.00 each. Apply
lo Arthur Durrmresq,. Denman Isl.
The Store of
The Store of
The Big Store
The very latest
in Men's
We have just pel in stuck
this week our first spring
shipniciil of I lie mosl un-
to-dato CLOTH I NO In
BLACK, These ure all
exceptionally well tailored;
and in nothing but the
11 Newesl in Spring and
Summer Styles,
Our motto is Quality and
Finish   First  then  Price.
Prices range
$16 to $28
We invite inspection
For Fruit, Farm and Wild
Lands, Acreage and Rc-
sidental Property of all
kinds on Vancouver Island are continually
■reaching us. We specialize In Vancouver Island
properties and shall he
triad to enter into correspondence with owners
who have properties for
sale and persons desirous
of investing.
Builders and Contractors
Investment Brokers
411 Jones Building, Victoria, B.C.
ea years1
Thadc Murks
Oorvrioht* Ae.
Anrrtneisndln. a..«t«h.ndjlHerlptlr}nniiiT
nnlrhlf .ir.rl.ln nur opinion It., whether nn
lilfflnllnn liprob.hl.p.tMit.blft rommnnlrn-
I Ion. .trlel Ir r-^i.ndaul Ut. rl.NOBOOK onl'.leni.
..nt fr... lIMfldt ..nnrr Inr Bonirln. patent..
rment. t.ken tfimu.h Mnnn * Co. r.c.lv«
tprrtal netttt, without CB.ns, lu lot
Scientific Hmcricatt* I
a tumttmntir klltutrtmi wwWt-   TjTg«t. rir-
nilM.on of nnf aclentJflq JoumftL term* fnr
('nnni.il, |ft.7l> li rear, pert ait* prepaid Bolit try
kU MWMMleri^
ftoB. fob F 8U WMhlDtTtOO, D. C,
Change advurtisements for
Saturday mornings issue must
hv iu this oflice not later than
10 a. in. un Thursday.
Barrister,   Solicitor   antl 5
Notary Public. 2
Grocers & Bakers
Dealers in all kinds of Good
Wet Goods
Best Broad and Beer in Town
Agonts for Piloenor Beer
For absolute protection write a Policy in
Liverpool, England.
TOTAL ASSETS, S26.786.93
Looal Agent
Mm. Simula will give lotions un tlio
piHHo at her limine in turusalein, formerly
uwnod by Mr. .mini's Stewart, nt any
time by appointment, except  Tueadnys
'hone 38.
I SJSJaSJ«mV»JV*V"M«Bjjffl»P
■     JULUI
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"The Furniture Store"
McPheo Block A.  McKINNON      Cumberlan   B.O 0
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25 H.P., fully eqipped, $1175.00
35 H.P., tote^
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Howard King, Manager
Fred Ray, Sales Representative
For further particulars Phone K!) Wilson Hotel, Union Pay
The Depot
Barber Shop
Opposite tin- Hotel Union and
adjoining the Railway Station
The finest Cigars and the best ol
Tobaccos always on hand.
T. B. Johnson
Capital Paid Up $11,660,000
Reserve Fund $13,000,000
Drafts leisued ln any curi'cnoy, payable nil over tho world
hlfrhoat uurront rntes allowed on deposits of $1 and upwards
CUMBERLAND, B.C., Branch-    -   -     OPEN DAIL*
D. M. Morrison,  Manager
R. H. Hardwicke, Manage?.
Synopsis of Coal Mining KctiuliUiuns
co A I. mining lights uf thu Dominion
i in Manitoba, iSnakatelmwaii and AH'orta,
thu Yukon Territory, the Northwest IVarri
Uriosmidina portion uf tho I-rtivlnco nf
ISritish Columbia, may bo loused fur a term
of twenty-one yenrs ar an annual rontal uf
Slanacro. Nut more than L',-"1'"-1 acres
will be loosed ttt one applicant,
Aliplicatiunforaluado niusLlnMii.uk' hy
tlio applicant in parson to the Agent or sub
Agent of tho district in which tho righto
applied for aro situated.
In surveyed territory tho laud must lie
described liy sections,nr leyal subdivisions
of.'! I'tiuns, and in unsuneyed territory
tho tract applied for shall be staked out by
theapplicaut himself.
litch application must bo accompanied
by a foo of $0 which will bo refunded if tho
rights applied foruro uul available, but. not
otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on tho
merchantable output uf tho mine at tho
rate uf live coins per ton.
The person operating tho mine shall
furnish tho Agent with sworn returns accounting fur tho full quantity of merchantable coal mined aud pay the royalty
thereon. If the coal minia** rights aro
uot being operated, such returns shall be
furnished at least once a year.
The lease will include tho coal miniii:;
rights only, but the leasee may be permitted tn purchase whatever available surface rights may lie considered necessary
for tho workiiiu of the mine at tin: rate uf
$10.00 an aero.
For full information application shuuld
be made tu the Secrotary uf tho Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to  any
Agent or SubAuent nfDomiuion Lands,
lteputy Minister uf tho Interior,
N.B—Unauthorized publication of this
advertisement will nut be paid fur.
VOTU'l', is boreby given that meetings of the Provincial Agricultttr-
ul Commission   will lie held  at tho
following places:—
Nwiaimo—April Xltli, 10 n,m. and
2.80 p.m., Cily Hall.
Parksvillo- April I2tli, lu a. m.,
Alberni—April loth, 10 a.m. and
3 '40p.m.; April Kith, 10 a.m., Court
Courteuay—April I7ih and I-Stli
lOii.m, and 3.80 p.m, of both da'y?,
Agricultural Hall.
Dunonn—April -1st nnd 2i.ttd, JO
a in and 3.8G p.m, or* both da\>,
Tho Commission will hear ovidenco
on nil matters ailecting agricultural
conditions iu tho Province. All parsons
interested are invited lo be present.
W. //. /MYWAHP, M.L.A.,
SEALED TKNIfctiRS addrosed to the
undersigned, and endorsed "Public
DuHding, (Tu tun Bay, UU," will bo received at Ibis ollieu until '•• p.m. Tuesday, the 22nd April, IMS, fur the erection
ami completion of a Public building at
Union Bay, B.O.
Plans and sprcilicaliun.i can be seen at
tho Post Oil ice, Union Hay, and at this
office. Tenders will not he considered
unless made upon, and in accordance with
Lhe conditions contained in forms furnished by this office. Forms of tender can
be secured upon application to the undersigned.
Kadi tender must ho accompaned by
an accepted cheque on a chartered hank,
payable to tho order uf the Honourable
tho Minister of Public Works of Canada
fur a sum eipvalont tu ten per cent of thu
amount nf tho tender.
ii'sidont Architect.
Depfc. Public Works of Canada,
Resident Architect's Office,
Victoria. B   0.
Cumberland, B.C., March 8,1913
This is to certify that J. Newbury holds my power of attorney
to receive and sigh all documents
and cheques.    HfiNBY HAIXIDAY
J, Newbury, Attorney.
Hardy &Biscoe
Auctioneers.      Fire unci Life Insurance.
Farms, Bush Lands, Desirable Lots and
Bungalows in Courtenay, B.C., V.I.
Auction Saies of Real Property, Farm Stock. Furniture,
etc., conducted on lhe shortest notice at
reasonable terms.
Pliouu Mi Courtunay, B.O.
We have all kinds of Sfilks imported direct
from Japan ; Cream, Bhte, White, Pink and
Grey. Price 65c. to $1.25 per yard.
Pongee Silk, 55c. !jo $1.50 per yard.
1) ii ii Hiu ii ir avert ne "*•
Cumberland, 6.@.
1                                                                                                                             .
Would you like to have
a  few acres close to
Acreage cleared or uninproved.
•  Write us or Phone22Courtenay.
Fire and Life                                              COURTENAY, B. C,
•                   *
•            1
The Secret
By Alfred Wilson Barrett
Ward. Lock A Co., Limited
Landon,  Melbourne 4 Toronto-
Swift Current, Saskatchewan
FORTUNES are being made In Swift Current, the fastest growing town In
tlie Canadian Weft.
THE BUILDING PERMITS for the tlrst month of 191:1 TOTAL t341,814, being
larger than any other City west of Toronto except Winnipeg.
MOUNT ROYAL the choicest property directly eolith of the business section
of the city. Every lot nicely situated on a gradual slop* towards the city.
BUY a standard slz,-d lot i-o X 115) today.
On terms 110 cash anu Itu per month, il will he the stepping stone to a fortune.
Write fnr booklet  on Swift Current.
To rent a number of choice improved farms In all sizes, close to school and
Amnts wanted at every point.
22 Canada Life Building, Winnipeg. Man.
Then he beckoned lo Kaston, with
his eyes sparkling.
l,ook down there, he said. Do you
Fee a man peering into that shop window over the way?
A red-haired nn? asked Kas'.on, follow ng his gesture.
Kaston nodded. A seedy-looking
Individual, In rather a weird motoring
costume was Hazing into a ploture
shop opposiie. lie hail vivid nil inir.
beard ami moustache, ami Kaston noticed thai as lie examined the prints
on view in tiie window, his gaze wandered uneasily around Wm, on every
Bide, and that he appeared strangely
alert. .
Yes, T see the man you mean,  ne i
Nell drew him away from the window We passed tbat fellow on
three ilirterent occasions ibis morning
he said. He was In a small, blue
,-ar |lt. was apparently most unfortunate, for on each occasion he,
had a punctured tyre, He has apparently given the motor up as a bad
job now and taken to his teet.
Ynu mean he Is following us? asked Easton, ,   ,
So far. said Nell coolly, he has been.
l>efs come out again. If he follows
us now, we shall know what bis game
Sell's frown disappeared. Si) it's-
you, Coontbes, is it? he said. we
had heiter get in somewhere out of
the street, though, where we tan have!
a talk more at ease than here.
There's a public near here where
1 have a pint no wand again, though
it ain't much ol D place (or yoa and
vour friend, said lhe red-haired man-
Take us there, said N'eil quickly.
Anywhere quiet will do. Uut don't
irv to slip off!
Try to slip off?  Not art!  returned
Coombes, I know you, mate. I'm not
doing no slipping.
And he led the way.
London, England.—The Marchioness
Townshend has joined the ranks uf
C'euia ]. ol writers.
She is tbe tlrst peeress to write
cinema plays, and her works, three ol
which are about to be produced by
the Clarendon Film Company, deal
largely with the doings of society.
A Strong Man's Love, is the-name of
Ihe principal 81m, which was shown
before Lady Townshend at the company's premises, and met with her
entire approval. During tbe action
of the film, which Is nf a stirring and
dramatic nature. Lady Townshend described her methods of plot-writing.
quite    evident    that
The red-haired man gave no sign
that he saw the two companions leave
the house and walk down the street
and after taking one or two turnings:
rather rapidly and twisting back upon their route. Ihey came upon him
again face to face. And now It was
quite evident from his looks that he
had seen them, and that he was indeed following them step by step.
Easton was Inclined to glare furiously at the man, but Nell drew him
rapidly on. We will alter this in a
minute, he said and taking Easton's
arm, he dived down a side street.
They followed this a little way, then
turned sharply to the left, then to
the left again, and they found them-;
selves In a narrow, blind alley, with
warehouses on  each side.
They could hear the man's footsteps
coming after them, and as he turn-|
ed the corner Nell stepped out and
met him. Surprised and startled,
fie fellow cast a hasty glance bo.ore.
him, realised the cul-de-sac, and the
impossibility of disguise, drew back
before Neil's stern attitude, and losing his presence of mind, turned and
literally ran.
His rout had been so sudden and
complete, that, fur a moment Kaston
and Nell looked at one another and
•rolled; then they quickly gave chase.
But the man they followed now
Showed himself much more a master
of retreat than of attack. ln and
out of the truffle he dodged, and up
streets and round corners. A dozen
times he nearly escaped his pursuers,
and at last they began to fear that
even the fact that there were two
of them would help them little against
such elitsiveness, and that their quar-;
ry would defeat them iu the end, in
spite of their exertions.
He might have done so, indeed but
for an accident, which ended the
chase in their favor. They had arrived at rather u crowded crossing
and the red-haired man had hurled
himself with the recklessness of despair, Into the midst of it. Easton
and Neil, dodging motor-buses and!
bicycles, were close on bis tracks
when a ear skidded suddenly and'
caught a four-wheeler broadside on;
the four-wheeler horse took n leap to;
one side, and the rod-haired man
jumped for his life. Unfortunately
for him, his foot slipped on some
grease and down he came.
There was a shout, some narrow
shaves, a great pulling up of vehicles, and safe and sound, the man
scrambled up again, with Neil assisting him to his feet. At least, it
might have seemed that he was assisting him; in reality the little man
held the fallen one's wrist In a grip
of Iron. in another moment Kaston
had joined Neil, and together they
hurried their captive away from the
Once collared, he became limp and
passive, and allowed himself to be
led to a..quiet spot, where, placed
against a wall, he eyed Neil meditatively for a moment or two.
Well, matey, he said at last. I was
taking on a nice soft job, I don't
think; but how was I to know it was
Nell started and looked at him.
Hullo!  he said.      Who are ynu?
Coombos, "027 Pentonville Prison,
said the man. You'd know me as
well as I know you, i[ 1 could take
off these face fittings, whiskers, whatever you call them.
Th* Man Who Drive* An
Automobile Find*
The Only cleaner that will
effectually remove grease,
oil or paint Mains and leave
the hands smooth and soft.
100% belter than soap,
tour IKlltr Sells Snip.
Siistie Cotpons.
lilt CMMH UaiUi, Msitriil
W. N. U. 940
it waL .,
Coombes, ""27 Pentonville, had spok
en the truth when he said that he had
resigned all intention ol giving Kaston and Nell the slip, tor he led the
way quite passively to the little place
he'had mentioned, and without the]
slightest attempt at another run.
His goal turned out to be a small,
rather shabby, public-house, stowed
away in a side street, and he made
his 'way into it, followed by bis two
companions, with the air of an habitue.
He nodded to the shirt-sleeved proprietor, as he passed through lhe liar
and beckoned Neil on.
There's a little room In here, where
we can talk quite private, he said; if
this gentleman will excuse the accommodation, and he ushered Ins late
captors Into a shabby little hack
room, which looked on to a mews at
the rear of the building, and certam-
ly seemed too private for the owners
to have troubled to clean lately.
When Neil had ordered some liquors, and the proprietor had brought|
them anil disappeared again the little man closed the door carefully and
walking np to Coombes, coolly gave
a tug at the spy's red hair and whiskers. These came away in his hand
but their owner bore their loss quite
calmly, merely smiling up placidly
in Neil's face, while the latter looked
at him closely.
D'ver remember me? he asked.
Neil nodded. Yes, you are(
Coombes, he said. Now, what's the,
game? I
Coombes gazed at him Innocently,'
though the loss of his false hair had
not improved the sinister cast of his
Came? he as-ked.
Yes,  what's your game? '
Coombes' eyes, always close togeth-:
er, quite met with an effort he made
to appear untroubled. Game. There
ain't no game, matey, he said.
Neil frowned. You know me,
Coombes. he said. Nn nonsense, you
understand. You were watching
tills gentleman's house just now and
you were fool enough to follow tne. j
Well, you're well paid, I suppose.!
You're at liberty lo earn your money
that way if you care to risk it; but
don't try to humbug me, or it will be
the worse for you. Who's paying
Coombes took a drink, wiped his
lips, and drew a long breath.
Well, matey, he began, you see it's
like this—
Neil stopped him. No lies, he
said. It's rtlvington. I know. Now.
come on.     Out with the truth.
Mr. Coombes' eyes, small again,,
met above his sharp nose, and he;
waved his hand deprecatiugly.
Lor', you're right, he said, with an'
admiring grin. You've got it first
pop. There's no taking you in. Youj
always were a sharp one. Yes, it's;
him 'that's finding the stuff.
To follow this gentleman and me?!
pursued Nell.
This gent, yes.     Not you. though
Lor!  you don't    think   I'd   interfere
with you In any ways, do you?
I think you'd do most things fur
money, Coombes. But we'll say it'
is this gentleman. What are you following him for?
Well, just begging the gentleman's
lardon, just to keep an eye on him.
And to inform Rlvlngton? Wheie
n Rlvlngton?
Mr. Coombes' eyes wandered roano!
the room and met again above h,«
At Oakston, near Watford, he said
at last.
No he isn't. He left there yesterday. Where Is he now? said Neil
l,eft there, has he? Then he's at
Yes. On his way to France, said
Mr. Coombes.
Kaston started nnd Nell looked fixedly at the man. And the young
lady? he asked at last.
Coombes took another drink and
cast a glance at the door, a glance
which afforded hint small consolation
however, for both Nell and Easton
were between it and him.
Tbe young lady? What young
lady? he said.
Nell frowned again. The young
lady you took off in the ear the other
day, he said. You were on the Kiii-
bankment .that night. I remember
you now.
Mr. Coombos jumped and stared
frankly now. Lor', was that you?
he said. Don't tell me that was you
I gave a wipe to. Lummy! to see
you pop over that wall.
Yes. that was me, returned Neil.
So you see you are In rather a tight
place, and honesty's the only thing
that'll get you out. Trv some ol
Mr. Coomhes wiped his lips. I'll
tell you, he said. What Is It you
wants to know? We was paid to put
the young lady In the car, and we did
It; but you gave us a bit of trouble,
and then tbey ran Into something on
the   road.
Well, go on.
Then it seems this here cent found
out where alto was, and followed her
down there, and they couldn't get her
away at onee because she had got
hurt, and when they did think of
moving ber there was this gent again
and there was you.
(To be Continued)
Women and Children Trampled In
Wild Stampede tor the Exits
Paris, Prince.—A lioness which
was released from it cage In the Popular Theatre in the Rue de Belleville
Inst night, owing lo an attendant's
blunder, caused a panic, which resulted in seven people being trampled aud
seriously  injured.
Tbe lioness was one of the performers in a dramatic sketch. In this
sketch a painter dreams that bis wife
and daughter are attacked and killed
by lions, which are the property of a
woman with whom the painter has fallen in love.
The little drama. In which the tarn-
er, March, has played for many years.
is very popular in France, and the
theatre was crowded for last nikht's
By some mistake, tbe cage containing the lioness was placed on the
stage with the wrong end towards the
audience, so that the astonished lioness who should have been behind tho
barB, found herself between the cage
and the orchestra.
There was a moment of dramatic
tension. The conductor of the orchestra sat motionless with terror,
staring at the.lioness, which waved
its tall slowly and snarled at the conductor.
A woman shrieked. The lioness
with a roar of rage, crouched, sprang
over the footlights and across the orchestra, knocking the player of the
double bass and his instrument over,
and landing In the front row of the
stalls, from which the occupants bad
tied. She then leaped into one of the
boxes. The door of the box was
open. and.the lioness passed into the
manager's offlce behind.
March, the lion tamer, sprang after
the lioness and shut himself in the
room. He stunned the animal with
an iron bar, and then dragged her
through a side door leading to the
stage. Before the lioness recovered
she was safely caged.
Meanwhile the audience struggled
toward the exits and 7 women and
children were knocked down and hurt.
Several women fainted.
I Ridiculously Simple
| A traveller, recently returned from
Mexico, relates how he was shown
through some ancient buildings, convents and gaols that were erected by
the Spaniards centuries ago.
In the wall of one of the ancient
edifices he saw a small opening, so
be naturally Inquired of his Mexican
guide what purpose it served.
He told him that It was one of those
buildings in which criminals were
formerly walled up alive.
But what was the use ot the hole
in the wall? he asked.
Well, sir, replied the guide, as long
as the prisoner lived his food was
given to blm on a plate, and he passed hack the empty plate through the
hole; but when the prisoner handed
It back with the food on it untouched
the gaoler knew that he was dead already, and didn't give him any more
To Allay Suspicion
Diner—Why don't you take thnt cat
off the table?
Walter—Well, you see. sir. It's like!
this. It Is stewed rabbit today and;
tlie guv'nor says the customers like to I
have the cat in   evideuce   on   those
Teacher was telling her class little
stories in natural history, and she asked If anyone could tell her what a!
ground hog was.
I'p went a little hand, waving frantically .
Well, Carl, you may tell us what a
ground hog ls.
Please ma'am, It's a sausage.
should have rich, red Mood
and sturdy, healthy bodies to
withstand cold rains, changing
seasons and winter storms.
If your child is weary when
rising—lacks energy and anv
bition—has no appetite or
possibly sallow skin or a pinched
face—it is for want of vital body-
notirishment; this growing
period demands special, concentrated, easily digested food
for body-development—mental
strain—physical changes.
Scott'* Emulsion is the
greatest body-builder known—it
is nature's wholesome strength-
maker—without alcohol or
stimulant—mallei roty cheeks,
active blood, sturdy frames and
tound bodies.
But yoa must have SCOTTS.
Scott Sl Bowtte, Toronto, Ontario 17-62
1 hnve always been a very keen observer of human nature, and the dramas in everyday life I see going on
continually hnve often made me wish
lo write plots for the cinematograph
she said.
The development, of the cinema
movement has been very interesting to
me from its earliest days, and I think
it is a splendid medium through which
one class of tbe community can observe other classes with which, ordinarily, they seldom come into contact.
This Is entirely beneficial, and the oh-
jec* of all my works is to put Borne
Instructive truth before the audience.
It is fascinating work, and 1 am
deeply Interested In it. I am thinking of turning one of my cinema plots
into a Berial story, but this is only
an Idea at present.
To become a successful cinema plot
writer one should he a close observer
of personalities and a student of character. 'TheBe are the qualities which
give reality to the action of the play.
Mothers, don't scold your little'
ones for being cross. A baby's na-!
tare ls to be happy and If he ls cross
It Is not his fault—crossness shows j
that he is unwell and needs a good
medicine to bring him back to thej
healthy, happy state again. Baby'si
Own Tablets are the best medicine I
a mother can give her little ones to|
keep them happy and well. There]
ls a smile in every dose. They!
cure constipation. Indigestion, expel
wormB, break up colds and make
teething easy. The Tablets are sold
by medicine dealers or by mail at 25
cents a box from The Dr, Williams'
Medicine   Co,,   Brockvllle,   Ont.
A Revenue Measure
There haven't been any automobiles
violating the speed limits for more
than a week, said the constable.
What'll wc do?
Arrange to lower the speed limit,
replied the sheriff.
Millard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,—Theodore Dorals, a
customer of mine, was completely
cured of rheumatism after five years
of suffering, by the judicious use of
The above facts can be verified by
writing to him, to the Parish Priest
or any of his neighbors.
A. COTE, Merchant.
St. Isidore, Que., 12 May, '98.
In a Hurry for Profits
Capetown.—Tlie story is told, says
tbe Cape Times, that a company in
London, which controls a large block
uf farms in the Cape province, dissatisfied with the excuse given that,
owing to the lambing season, shearing could not be proceeded with, cabled to the Cape manager to stop lambing and start shearing.
Woman Kicked to Death
Glasgow.—A middle-aged woman
named Mary Ferris was found dead
in ber house at Glasgow. She was
badly bruised on tlie head and limbs
and the doctor's report states lhat
she was kicked to death.
Battleship at a Target
London.—The admiralty have decided to sacrifice the battleship Renown, in which the king and queen
then prince and princess* of Wales,
made their memorable visit to India,
as a target for the 12-lnch guns ot
the Home fleet.
It Bids Pain Begone.—When neuralgia racks the nerves or lumbago
cripples the back is the time to lest
the virtues of Dr. Thomas' F.lectric
Oil. Well rubbed In It will still the
p;iin and produce a sensation of ease
and rest. There Is nothing like it
as a liniment for its curative properties are great. A trial of it will establish faith In It.
German General Who Organized Turkish Army Disclaims Responsibility for Defeat
Berlin, Germany.—It Is no fault ot
mine, is the keynote of an article appearing In February's Issue of the
Deutsche Rundschau, over the signature of Marshal von der Goltz, who
organized the Turkish army.
.Marshal von der Goltz states lhat
many years ago he had carefully prepared a plan of maneuvers representing a Turco-Bulgarian war. Tho
Turkish army wes commanded by Na-
/.im Pasha, and the battle was to be
fought around Adrianople, in some,
what similar conditions to the present
Several days before the maneuvers,
however, wholesale arrests of commanders of both armies took place In
Constantinople. What had happened I
was that the ex-Sullan's spies bad re-1
ported the coming war to their maa- j
ter, who feared a conspiracy, and
Marshal von der Goltz, who was already In the field, hurried back to I
Yildiz Kiosk, to convince the sultan i
tbat the maneuvers were quite harm-1
less, and to obtain tbe release ot the
arrested officers. The release was
granted, but there was never a ques-
tion of maneuvers again. '
The marshal repudiates as irresponsible statements the attacks on him I
regarding tbe Turkish rout. He left
the Turkish service seventeen years
ago, and was offered the post again in
luOii, hut refused. The article appears to have been written at tbe suggestion of the German army staff, as
the bitter attacks made on the marshal have made a bad Impression here.
Wedded to the Game
Yorkshire was the scene, and the
event in progress waB a wedding. The
speaking parts in the ceremony had
all been played, and nor/ bride and
bridegroom and their friends were In
the vestry putting the matter into
But tlie clergyman was not youthful nor was he swift. Time passed
and tbe bridegroom became more and
more (ldgetty.
You seem in a great hurry, remarked the officiating cleric at last. Have
you a train to catch?    -
The happy man stood stock still and
scratched his head ln perplexity.
Well, sir, he replied good naturedly,
It ain't a train, sir; but 1 don't want
to be late for t' football match!
Tommy Was There Toe.
It was evident tbat something of
more importance than usual was?
weighing on the small boy's mind.
Three times he passed the door of
the house, and peered through tbey
window, before he dared to enter.
Then he made his appearance with'
an air that dozens of broken window*'
and bushels of stolen apples could oof-
have given him, and remarked. Mrs.
Jones, little Tommy's new football's'
And how did that happen dear?
Well, Tommy and me was playing
with !! when the steam-roller weW
over him.
Seizing the Opportunity
He had obtained a place In an ef
tate agent's ofttce and was dolus1
everything he could for the Interests'
ot his employers. The other evenlnr
he was at a social gathering and wn»
asked to sing. He responded witl;'
'Home, sweet home.' His friends'
were a little surprised at the selection,
but he was heartily applauded.
Stepping forward he said: 1 •IB1
glad you like the song. There is
nothing like 'Home. Bweet home.' allot
let me say that the company 1 represent la selling homes on terms to unit'
everybody, within forty minutes rMer
of the city. Everybody ought to'
have a home. If you don't want let
live ln one of these houses yourself
It's the chance of your lite for an Investment.
A pleasant medicine for children IF
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator,-
and Ihere Is nothing better for driving worms from the system.
It brevity be the soul ot wit, Sir
Harry Johnston muBt be accounted ]
one of the wittiest men that everi
wrote a dispatch to the home Govern-!
meut. Advanced against Tmose; de-|
tented, captured, and hanged him. — '
Johnston. So ran one of hla repurts!
to the late Lord Salisbury.
The actual proceedings were char-i
acterlzed by corresponding brevity. He
first warned ills enemy that upon cap-'
ture he would be hanged. Tmose
persisted in fighting, and was beaten.
TmoBe, yon were foolish to light,!
said Sir Harry after the battle. You;
shall have a good dinner and the best)
bottle of champagne I have, and at
seven o'clock tomorrow uiornitig you I
shall be hanged. |
The fainoiiB dlapatch shows how
thoroughly the plan was carried out
Italian Prima Donno Lights Her Owre
Funeral Pyre
Vienna—Last weel; Slgnorlna Ida
Avrighi, an Italian prima donna, committed suicide at Agram because of
the death of her pet dog.
She attempted to burn herself willr
the dog's body on a funeral pyrev
whlch she constructed in her bedroom'
at a local hotel by heaping wood,
coal and articles of clothing arouod>
her bed. After arranging them »ti»
saturated them with petrol.
Slgnorlna Avrighi then swallowed'
some poison which she had purchased"'
at a chemist's a few hours before,
ignited the pyre and lay down o» the
bed beside the dog's body.
When the Are was discovered, the;
woman was terribly burned anil dletf
shortly afterward.
Geraldlne—You haven't been to see
me since you asked my father for my
Gerald—No, this Is the tlrst time
I've been able to get about.
South  Africa  Visited  by    Series
Severe Storms
Johannesburg, S. Africa.—Between!
October 26 and January 12 at least i
forty-five persons were killed by!
lightning in South Africa and forty
seriously Injured, while many sad!
deaths In lonely districts are recorded. A list of tbe lightning accidental
In Ipsb than three weeks nils more
than a column in a local newspaper.!
At Germlston. near Johannesburg, J
on December 1 about thirty mourners]
at a funeral were struck hy lightning In the cemetery and one man
was killed. This is the worst of
the unusually large number of such
Rich v.  Poor
Two girls at Norwich disputing for,
precedence, one of them, wbo was|
the daughter of a wealthy brewer,
said to the other, whose father was a j
poor man: You are to consider, miss, i
tiiat my father keeps a carriage.
Very true, returned tbe poor man's
daughter, und you are to consider thai
he also keeps a dray. '
Bill to be Reintroduced in House of
Commons In May
London.—It is the intention of the"
government to reintroduce the home'
rule bill into tlie house of common?
in the early part of next session,
probably in May next. It will be'
passed through all its stages rapidly
without amendment by the mechanical party majority and again sent to*
the house of lords. The same pro"
cess will be gone through again in-
the spring of 1914.
It Is open to the house of lords Itr
suggest amendments at the second or
third time of asking, but if Ibe house'
of commons reject these the passage"
of the bill Into law Is not Imperiled.
Girl Murders Her Mother
Geneva.—A girl n..mod Lucie Alia-
Igre, aged 20, wub sentenced at An-
neeey to 20 years penal servitude for
murdering her mother. Mile. Allai-
gre desired to become a nun. and be-
lause her mother objected she attacked her with a knife, Inflicting
fatal injuries.
A good way to prevent oilcloth from j
cracking when used as covers for ta-1
bles Is as follows: A few thicknesses
of paper are placed on the table and
moistened thoroughly with machine |
oil. This will cause the oilcloth to
last much longer, remain soft, and prevent cracking of the glased surface.
It should be stretched tightly over the j
oiled paper. I
Good One There
Frost—Where do you get your hats
old man?
Snow—At cafes usually. But once
or twice I've been lucky enough to
exchange at church.
Old Lady (starting bank account)—
An' are ye sure I have it out when I
want it?
Cashier—Sure, an' ye can have It
out tomorrow if ye give me a wake's
Burning Woman Saved by a Mayor
London.—A young woman who ran
Into the street enveloped In flames,
was seen by tha mayor of Hornsey
as he was driving to a meeting. The
carriage rug was thrown over her
and after the flames had been extinguished she was conveyed to a hospital in a critical condition.
In Wages or Profit
health, sooner or later, shows its value. No man can expect to go
very far or very fast toward success—no woman either—who
suffers from the headaches, tlie sour stomach and poor digestions
the unpleasant breath and the good-for-nothing feelings which
result from constipation and biliousness. But just learn far
vourself what a difference  will  he made  by a few doses of
TeBted through three generations—favorably known the world over
this perfect vegetable and always efficient family remedy is universally accepted as the best preventive or corrective of disorders of the
organsofdigestion. Beecham's Pills regulate the bowels, stirtheliver
to natural activity—enable you to get all tbe nourishment and blood-
iiuikiiigquali ties from yourfood. As sure as you try them you willkncw
that—in your looks and in your increased vigor—Beecham's Pilla
Pay Big
Tha dinctloM with men bos an van vahiaUa—«apacian,r lo w«
SeM «r«Twb«r»j,   In bos**, 25c. THE   ISLANDER.   CUMBERLAND,   B. C.
■£**& nt7&Moi<>f6i,
rrm dc£yM
K *r#fyU&*£
"    dh&Same Jute
DYE, on* .-.tn buy—Wliy you don't *v«n hav* lo
know wit j| K'NDuf Cluth your Goods ara tnada
ol.-.So MIM»!;at are titifo'-l'tr.
Send I >r Free t: >tor Onl. Smry  Bitohlcl, and
■ooklai iIvjng ratulu <>f Dyeing ovtr oltitir eolom,
Tha JOHNSON UK:!! Mtiv (IN CO., Umiiad,
M >ntn-al   Cjna-la.
You ought to Wear
■aTTrtTtTssWr-WfT.t H
reliable merchants have them
in stock
When buying your Piano in-
a:st on having an
Piano Action
MRS.WlNI.LeW3 B0OTH1N0 SYHl-l* has 'wen
•Kd ta over SIXTY YliAksl.y Millions or
WOTllKS tile CHILI). SIIIT1-NS tlie (U'llS
Ail.AYSillll'AIN; CURKS W1N1I COLIC, and
is tlie best rniieily for DIARRHU-.A. It is absolutely harmless. Be sure and nslt for " Mrs.
AViuslow's ^nothing Syrup," and tate ao other
iiiijii.   i'westy-tive eciiis a boiUe.
Wanted—Ayenis fur Hall un.'. Wind
jtoriii Insurance.     Apply The Cauada
Veutlior insurance Company, tDoium
Ion l.lc-ensel. Winnipeg, Man.
Oil, papa!  Algernon lias asked me
•to marry blm.
Tbe nervy pup! What has he evei
.done to deserve you'.'
Well, Algernon is a writer of some
Is thai so?   Can you convince me
.of thatv
Certainly, here is the note.
The young lover or old Egypt was
In despair.
And to think, lie walled, that 1
,ehoulil lose everything 1 had trying
'■io corner the fig market. Now I do
uot Know when we can be married
Why I haven't even a house.
The beautiful daughter of the Nile
,»mllCKl reassuringly.
Cheer up. my dear, she whispered.
.1011 can build the hoime yourself.
But where is the material?
In our date garden. You know,
.facb of your love letters was written
pn a brick; 1 have saved them all.
Now get your overalls and go to
Thrifty, Indeed, wore the daughters
Bt old Egypt.
Two Utah men have patented a
jlmple implement which cores and
quarters an apple ln tbe same operation.
Healthy Mothers and Chil«
dren Maltre Happy Homes
Motherhood is woman's highest sphere
jn lite. It is the fruition of her dearest
hopes and greatest desires; yet thousands of noble women through some derangement have been denied this blessing.
In many homes once childless there are
jsow children because of tlie fact that
Ijydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
makes women normal,healthyandstrong.
This Is evidenced by the following letters
which are genuine and truthful:
London, Ont—"I wish to thank you
for the benefit I received by taking your
■ famous medicine,
] Lydia E. Pinkham's
{Vegetable Com-
• pound. Before my
j baby was born I was
jso ill I could not
stand long or walk
To Form Feature of Society Ball for
Charity at the  Savoy
London, England.—Alluding to the
craze for ragtime in New York, Jack
Mason, who taught the danre to America's 400, and diilled the women in
Hullo Ragtime' at tbe Hippodrome,
remarked on his arrival in this country: lt won't be long before English
society takes to it quite as furiously.
Mr.' Mason had good reason for his
prophecy, [or his fame as u ragtime
instructor had preceded htm, ami applications for his services from society
as well as professional women awaited his arrival at the. Savuy Hotel,
where by the way, Max Pemberton
and Albert P. de Courvllle hatched
their Hippodrome revue.
Of course, the tremendous success
of 'Hullo Ragtime' did much to nuur-
ish the ratio for this form ol dancing
In England, but we were to have lt In
the ballrooms all the same, and. so to
speak, to have it hailly. George
droasmlth had already mode it popular ut semltheairic.il balls at the
Oration Galleries and elsewhere.
And now, so powerful is the influence of l.uuis H.rsh's measure, there
is to be u tagtlma ball at ihe Sivoy,
which is already, although It does not
take place until April 3, being talked
of as on- of the events ol the seisou.
This means, naturally thai Eaglish society is to be prominently concerned
iu the affair. Lady Tr.e, always
to tlie fore in secieiy functions nnd
movements of nil kin,is, has given her
1 anie to the ball committee and la already exercising her valuable in.lu-
1 ace on behalf of the scheme. SI;
lli.rh-.'ii Tree is also on Ihe commit-
'■fc. and so are Sir George aud La:.v
Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Bourchler, Mr. and -Mrs. Cyril Maude,
Miss Jul'a Nfellson and Mr. and .Mrs.
Granville Barker.
A prize of -5 guineas ts to he given
to the English woman who, ln the
opinion of the committee, proves her
self the best ragtime dancer of her
srx aud nationality In the room, and
there will he available consolation
pr'zes for the women who. In their
own opinion, ought to have had the 2-"
(ju'neas, Tbe tickets for the hall
which Is In aid of the United Thoairi
ral CharltU-s are $11 each.
! Bound Hand and Foot. Lashed to Machine and Carried  Sixty  Miles       j
I    Vienna,    Austria.—Thespy      fever,)
' which is again epidemic on both sides |
of the Austro-Russian frontier, is re-
I sponsible   for   several   extraordinary
! incidents.
The mayor of a small town near
1 Flock,  in   Russian  Poland,  declare)*
j that he was kidnapped by   an   Austrian air scout several days ago. Ac-
■ cording to  bis  story,  he heard  th?
Straight and Simple Statement Tells
of Another Grand Cure by the Old
Canadian Kidney Remedy.
Sprlnghaven, Yarmouth Co., N.S..
(Speolal)-Simple and straight to the] goundVauTero^
iiAini   '.-    ,lsn   .<i11if.Mi.1111    si-F   M<*a       iris-van 1 , r ™
and when it descended in a field m*ai
Whenever you feel s headache coming on take
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
They stop headaches promptly and surely. Do not contain
opium, morphine, phenacetin, scetanilid or other dangerous
drugs.   25c. a box al your Druggist's. 121
point is lhe statement of Mrs. Erven
C, Trefry, of this place, but it tells
of another grand euro by Dodd's
Kidney Pills!
"My fifteen-year-old son Angus."
Mrs. Trefry states, "suffered from
pain in his back, headache, and a
pain over tbe eyes.
"Ho was so bad he could not walk
across the floor. My friends advised
me to give him Dodd's Kidney Pills.
"They cured him
Best for Wear
Insist on the
genuine Eureka
Harness Oil in
original package)
Dealers everywhere
Harness Oil
the town he went to capture the occupants, armed only wltb the insignia [
of his office. I
He alleges tbat the two airmer 1
turned the tables by binding him
hand and foot and lashing him to the;
body ot the aeroplane.    They enter-!  '     ~~
ed their seats, warned their prisoner Her Reason
not   to   struggle   and   resumed   their|     ,|avf, vou ,u.<...idi-d which   of   your
ul*ht' ,. , .    ..  \ suil.-.rs you'll accept?
That vouna Trefrv's   kid-nova   were I , lho, t('rrine'1   ™a>'or    *a«    Anally 1     Well, at first 1 thought It would be
mat voung ireiry s   Kiunejs   were  brought  to  earth  near  the  town
by   the   cure
only   cure   dl*
Drink  Chloroform  and   Then   Plunge
From  Porthole of Their State
Singapore. — A very myster
lout disappearance of three sister.-
In the nisht from the cabin which
ihey shared and Ihe discovery of a
tetter and a bottle watch had eonain
el chloroform Were reported by tfe
captain of the Dutch Bteamshlp Van
Noort on his arrival h<-re. The s'.B-
ters were Hermans named Dlederich
and they had been touring In Java.
They were last seen going lo t'neii
eahin at 10 p.m. the day before the
vessel reached port after bavin? spent
the evening reading and chatting on
In Ihe morning the serving hoy.
hearing no answer to ills knocks al
the cabin door, told Ihe steward who
entered and found the women missing
On the table was a note addressed ti'
lhe captain. This he opened. The
letter, written in German in pencil
was briefly to the effect that all their
baggage was bequeathed to thn eat)
tain, and was signed simply: Sisters
On a desk In the cabin was a bottle containing a few remaining drops
of chloroform. A chair stood' near
the porthole, and it ia conjectured
that the sisters each took chloroform
and then climbed through the porthole. The cabin was sealed by the
captain and a full Inquiry will be
made at Datavla.
any distance. I had
to lie down nearly
all the time. After
I took your medicine
I felt like a new woman. I could work
from morning till night and was happy
and well. I certainly think it relieves
pain at childbirth and recommend it to
•very woman who is pregnant. You may
use this testimonial if you like. It may
help some other woman. " — Mrs. Prank
Corrin, 132 Adelaide St, London, Ont
Brooklyn, N.Y.—"I waa ailing all tha
time and did not know what the matter
waa. I wanted a baby but my health
would not permit it I was nervous, my
side ached and I waa all run down. I
heard lhat Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound waa good and took the medicine. I have now a beautiful baby and
?our Compound has helped me in every
way. "-Mrs. J. J. Stkwart, 290 Hum-
holrltSt.. BmoHirn N.Y
Council of Medical Men Believe That
Sojourn There May Effect a Cure
Berlin, Germany.—A St. Petersburg dispatch to the Tageblatt states
that a medical council, assembled at
Tsarskoe Selo has recommended that
the Czar's sou should undergo a cure
at Helouan, near Cairo. The council
is of the opinion that a prolonged
sojourn In Egypt would afford the
boy considerable relief and perhaps
lead to a complete cure.
It Is, however, added that It cannot
be decided whether the Czar, will act
nn the doctor's advice, because the
Czarina Is prevented by certain symp
toms of her own condition from accompanying   her  son.
Early this week the Germnn press
announced that Professor Enilerlen.
an eminent surgeon of the University
of Wurzburg, with his assistant, Doctor llotz. had gone to St. Petersburg,
at thu request of tlie Czar and Czarina, to attend their 8-year-old son,
whose illness In the autumn, was surrounded  with  so  much  mystery.
Later In the week, St. Petersburg
dispatches to the Berlin newspapers
contained a curious account of a remarkable successful operation by
Professor Enderlen on a Russian act-
ross, whose life he Baveil hy effecting a transfusion of bloml from the
veins of her hushairl. The actress'
name is given as the opera singer,
Mme. Anastasia Virlzeva, whose
husband is Colonel Bisluipski.
Attendants Disconsolate Over Order
Issued by the Pope
Rome.—Pius X has forbidden smoking in the Vatican, and the guards,
chamberlains and attendants are disconsolate. Not even in the privacy
of their own chambers are they allowed to puff their cigarettes or
The Pope. In consequence of a severe cold, has himself abaudoned
smoking, and like Leo XIII, contents
himself  with  snuff.
American tobacco factories former-
'y sent the Pope annual presents of
ohacco. He has now requested
hem to stop sending cigars and pipe
tobacco, but to send snuff Instead.
W. N. U. 940
Say, Willie, said the Btnall adventur-
er to his chum, let's go out west and
hold up trains!
Aw, naw, said Willie in disgust, let's
Btay here in New York and drive a
wrong   is evidenced
Dodd's Kidney l'illi
eased kidneys).    They never fail to do
The reason they cure rheumatism,
backache, gravel, dropsy, ".right's dls-
ease, diabetes, and kindred diseases,
is that these all spring from disordered kidneys.
If ynu have any of these diseases
vou haven't tried Dodd's Kidney Pills,
Ask ynur n-ilghbors, They'll tell
you Doda's Kidney Pills always cure
An Economist
We don't need all that orchestra,
satU Ih.e public speaker.
But inisic always helps to enliven
an occasion.
I know, but there's no use of getting
your audience interested In the tunes
when all you really require to keep 'em
awake is tlie bass drum and cymbals.
Ernest   because  he  is  so  frank,   but
liar, sixty miles away, and before he! m,w l huvi, dl,;.iae(i ou Krank because
could give the alarm his'aerial fcld-; nc js so earnest,
nappers vanished
Frontier guards continually report
the passage of Russian aeroplanes at ■
night. An Austrian aeroplane whlcn
had to descend in Russia two days
ago was confiscated and tbe airman [
William, who was erecting an edifice out of building blocks, showed
Mich unusually bungling workmanship
that his father, who ls a carpenter,
look liim to ta3k.
What kind ot a shack do you call
that? he asked the boy.
Oh, that's all right, papa, replied
William. I'm building it to rent.
A Member ot Parliament has   been
Mlnard's Lin'ment Rellevss Neuralgia.
Forcibly Fed in a Liner
Liverpool.—When the Pacific liner! showing round a letter that he has
Oronsa arrived at Liverpool, lt was' just received from oue of his consti-
Sta-ted that a Spanish woman passen- tuents. The writer is evidently wor-
ger had been forcibly fed for fourteen rled about the provisions of the De-
days. She was not a suffragist. Ow-, ceased Wife's Sister act, and in the
ing to the detlh nf her sister shs de-i course ot the letter he asks if it Is
veloped melancholia and was ordered  compulsory.
a sea voyage. She was carried on! By this 1 mean, he goes on to ex-
board the liner and fed by a tube plain: If my present wife dies, am I
throughout the voyage. , compelled to marry her sister?
f.et p3:i 5>Mt\r|i, k-icjbev.Trouhlr.
l-.K'd'ffcy ' JiSt'" B.laaHer Stones.
■C,'d«er'.i.uniltugo'.^'Vrlc Acid -
, BrK-y.J Si. V-; 'Mofc'-. .-Lt-an.uiK
^.Tmigp'ists.: .-rLftJQ^mirtV/Prce.
"•''TirrE-SANOL MPO.,C6'. Ltd
,:.-.,,,'Winnipeg, Man,
Not to be Caught
A distant relative had taken up hla
quarters with a newly-married couple)
who had received him with every
mark of consideration. But wben,
after a week's stay in their house tile
guest began to make himself more
and more at home the couple deliberated on the best means of getting rid
of the hanger-on and intruder without offending him.
I tell you what, said the husband,
to-morrow at dinner 1 will grumble
about the soup, saying It is over-salted; you will then Bare up, and when
tne dispute Is at Its height we will appeal to the decision of our relative,
lt he takes your part 1 will turn blm
out of doors, and if he sides with me
yuu will do the same.
The plan was acted upon, and ln
the midst of the quarrel the husband
and wife called upon their guest to
declare which of them was in tha
right.     But the latter coolly replied:
You see, my dears, during tho
couple of mnn'hs I Intend staying wlta
you 1 have matte up my mind not to
Interfere In your domestic broils.
Take 1AXATTVE  RROMO Quinine Tub-
lets.   PruggiBta refund money if It falls
in cure.      E,  W.  GROVE'S slirnalure Is
on  each   box.       25c.
Seizure of a Frontier Post
Calcutta.—A party of Uurmu mill.
tary police has occupied the village
of Plenum, on the 13urmo-Clilncse
frontier. The ownership of Pienma
has been for two years past a point
of dispute between tile Chinese and
Indian governments, Burma being a
province of British India.
Tragedy of Influenza
London.—A man who was arrested
at Crook, County Durham, on a
charge of murdering his wife by
strangling her, is said to have been
suffering from Influenza, and to have
committed the crime In a fit of in-
Tbe latest link In the chain of Hotels owned and operated by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company, is now
In course of construction at Calgary. This Hotel, In size and architectural design, as well as the sumptuotutness
of the furnishings and general appointments, will rival anything of its kind In Western Canada. The cost of
the Hotel ia said to be approximately $1,200,000, and It Is expected that it will be opened for patronage some
time during the coming summer, or in any event before the end of 1913.
There are in London more Scotsmen
than In Aberdeen, more Irish than is
Dublin, more Jews than in Palestine)
and more Roman Catholics than l>
His Firm Mouth
You have such a Arm mouth.
Yes, 1 acquired that by keeping my
lips compressed.
But why do you keep your lips compressed.
To keep my wife from smelling my
The Sanitary Burglar
London.—A burglar who entered a
Eath chemist's shop, snaveu anu
washed himself, cleaned h's teeth, and
bandaged a wound caused by broken
glass. He left behind him an old
razor aud numerous finger prints.
Not Musical
Au active but rather illiterate member of a certain club was informed
at the last committee meeting that the
members had decided to give him au
honorarium for his assistance.
Thank you, gentlemen, for your
kindness, said he, but it's ol no use
to me       I really couldn't play ltl
A Fellow Feeling
Rector—I hoiw you didn't find my
lecture dry last nlghl?
Old George—Well, zur. I wouldn't
go so far to say that, zur, hut when
you steps In lhe middle to 'live a swig,
though It was only water, 1 ses to
tneself. 'Ear, 'ear.
Black and White Canary
London.—A black and white canary, said to be the first of the kind
ever bred, will be on view at the
Ijondon and Provincial Ornithological Society's fifty-fourth annual shnvv
of cage birds, which opens at the
Crystal   Palace.
The clergyman who had just accepted the post of chaplain In the state
penitentiary aroBe to preach his farewell sermon before the congregation
which owed him several months back
salary. Slowly and distinctly he an
nounced his text:
I go, he said, to prepare a place for
you, so that where I am, there ye may
be also.
The worms that Infest children
from their birth are of two kinds,
those thut find lodgement ln the stomach and those that are found in the
intestines. The latter are the most
destructive, ns they cling to the walls
of the intestines and if not interfered
with work havoc tliere. Miller1
Worm Powders dislodge both kinds
and while expelling them from the
system serve to repair the damage
tiley have caused.
War Medal fer a Woman
London.—Colonel Seely, secretary
uf stnte fnr war. has conferred the
Smith African war medal on Miss
.Mary Murray, datighier of General
Sir John Murray, for her services to
the soldiers during the war.
China's Mllltriry Aeroplanes
Peklu.— The Chinese republican
government lias decided lo place orders In Europe for 270 military aero-
planes, ttie purchases to be effected
before  the end of the year.
The Diplomatic Salesman
An elderly lad entered a shop and
asked to he shown some tablecloths.
The salesman brought a pile and
showed them to her. but she said she
had seen three before—nothing suited
Haven't you something new? she
The man then brought another pile
and showed them to her. These are
Ihe newest pattern, he said. You
will notice the edge runs round tho
border and the centre is in the middle.
Dear me, yes! 1 will take half a
dozen of those, said the lady.
Berlin.—The jealousy of a Berlin
milliner who denounced her lover, a
member of the gang, to the police,
led to the capture of twenty-five burglars whose operations extended over
three  years.
The gny and festive life they say
May bring remorseful sorrow
The man who paints the town today
Needs whitewashing tomorrow.
"Sample tree tl
\ uu   w
Hi'   .Nation
Drug and  Cliemlc
1!   Co.,
uf   L'uniitJ
LiinlH'tl.  Tururuy.
Strange Case of Credulity and
Witchcraft in Little German Village
Berlin, Germany.—The efficacy of
white witchcraft as a means of detecting evildoers was raised in the second Berlin penal court, when an elderly woman named Adelheid Oeb-
hardt, who lives in the village uf
Bohnsdorf. was charged with slandering a neighbor, the wife of the village
Madame Gebhiirdt has an old leather bound Bible, which, she declares,
is enchanted. Wben a crime is committed in the village »he takes the
Bible in one band and puts a huge
ancient key between the leaves, holding the ring end of tbe key in the
other hand. She repeats an appropriate text and then asks: Dear
Bible, say who is the guilty persou,
meanwhile herself reciting ihe names
of possible offenders. When the
right name is uttered tbe Bible
springs out of her baud and falls
to the floor.
This method of detecting crime naturally caused considerable unpleasantness In the village. Recently
Madame Qebhardl missed some mon-
ey, The Bible d dared that the
barber's wife was the thief. Mad-
ani" Gebhardt promptly denounce*!
her, but in tho nbsenoe of evidence
the charge fell through. Madame
Gebhardt was then prosecuted tor
She showed the court how she established the guilt of th" barber's
wife with the Bible, which actually
again fell to the floor wben the accuser pronounced the woman's name
'I'he court however, decided that one
reason for the falling of tbe Bible
was that Madame tiebhard's septuagenarian fingers could not hold It,
while she was reciting twenty names,
also that, unconscious reflex action
of the nerves at the mention of a
particular name had something to do
with it. But, In view of her obvious
sincerity, Madame Gebhardt was let
off with a flue of ?^.;*>U.
Eczema Cured
Three Years Ago
Best City Dootors Failed, But Curt
Waa Effected by Use of
Br. Chase's Ointment.
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere.
Husband—Ynud take my last collar to buy a bat with.
Wifey—Absurd, Where can I get
a hat for less than $40?
They Get Together
Why do they couple fuss and feathers?
They go together. When a woman
spends a week's salary for feathers,
naturally her husband makes a fuss,
Mrs. A. T. Smith.
You apply Dr. Chase's Ointment for
ecietna nnd feel the benefit as if by
magic. It may take some days to get
the seres cleaned out and the heal.nf
process fully established, but from
day to day you can see the old*trouble
gradually disappearing and know that
you aro getting rid of it.
Mrs. A. T. Smith. 1 Ml- Charles St,
Montreal, Que., writes:—" I had eczema on my leg for four years, and
tried many remedies and doctors Id
Montreal and Boston, without any
henetit. I used three boxes of Dr.
Chase's Ointment and was cured complete^. This whs three years ago.
Since then I used Dr. Chase's Ointment for Irritations and eruptions of
the skin, and easily got rid of them
with two or three applications. Dr.
Chase's Ointment Is a wonderful preparation."
Dr. Chase'8 Ointment, CO centa m
hox. all dealers or Edmanaon, Bate*
4 Co.. Limited, Toronto. inn lAJUAJNUKtt, ruMlir.ru,a.m>
E*iraCiJK<BiraSW»'W!^^ I
9 Do yon know anything about Beaver Board 9
Beaver Board, with ils pebbled mat finish, gives an excellent surface for Knlsoniiiiiiig.
The ease Willi which it is applied make il an ideal substitute for lath and plaster.
When you wish to converl au attic, into a sleeping apartment,
eaver Board is just the thine
(Jive ns a call and we can show vou some of lhe many uses it can be put to.
We have on hand a large stock for immediate delivery.
Remember   Spring time is building time.
Dealers in Kiln Dried Lumber, Mouldings, Sash and Doors, Lath, Plaster, Lime, Cement, Paint and Oils, Plumbing
Supplies, Builders' Hardware, Building Paper, Roofing etc.    Window and Door Frames always on hand.
Box 230 COURTENAY, B. C. ' Phone 66
" Not Better than the Best - but Better than the Rest."
I -lull
.Farms ninl
A emit!"
\ Illll-IMIVI-I
eourtenay , ,,„,,„„„„
V. 1., B   e      I  «'
-.   I'D   MstillgS   lOgulllOl' Willi lll.ll   1,000 IIBVIJB wuIkivl'
yj nclually bmiyltl iu tlie Comox D'mUiul cmisislipg
ol1 clciimd ninl utiwWull riinus, sen mill rivor ironlngi',
eimbks us to give inleudiug buyers u good oboice.
■ ijiUMWSIII   illl      '  "'
Full Stock of Wheal, Corn, Barley, Oil Cake
Meal, Oats and Crushed Oats, kept on hand
all  the  L;,:ie al  the Lowest Market Prices.
Made from No, I Hard Wheal, First Quality Family
Flour $1.65 per sack
Leave your orders at
A. B. Crawford
Comer Dunsmuir and First Street
First Olcisa in every respect. Perfect Cuisine
Headqttartera for Tourists and Sportsmen
Wines, Liquors' and Cigars
John N. McLeod, Proprietor
When inCdmljciltutil iiiulic lliv I'iiUi Yuiii lnM-'liiiiarlt?.*
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LI..U-, D.C.L., President
Gcncrnl MannRcr
.ioiin Ainn
AftMatanl General Manaiior
CAPITAL, $ I.5,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
This Bank offers unsurpassed facilities to those doing business
with foreign countries, It is specially equipped for lhe purchase and
sale of Sierlinp and other Foreign cxrbange, drafts and Cable Transfers, and for tne financing of imports and exports of merchandise.
Commercial credits. Foreign drafts, Money Orders, Travellers'
Cheques and Letters ol Credit issued and available in all parts of Ihe
Collections effected promptly at reasonable rales. stg
"The Magnet Cash Store"
Phone 31
Cumberland, B.C.


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