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The Islander Jan 24, 1914

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TheCouncil and School Trustees
U'Ol'O  an***——  :— A
Till    I      "    '     H  -   IVI.
     lt_  .,*juit.» ai laaaysmith.
---■.  ""; "' _. of the n M w   of A  lmatrkfb'e-   Heshotved that the It is understood other changes  cl mana.   mtthefh^veSX me
then took their seats. rosiel or cle u-M- VT- 0IA-|net debt was actually millions are in contemplation which will    The general   feeling  of the of drawing crowded houses.
The  Mayor said the present have given   statements  to the less than when the Conservatives have a tendency to go even fur- meetjnfr was that 8Uch a mov„     Reserved  seats  will  be  Tree.,
council must pay particular at- Press that they have good reason came in power, and the revenues ther in carrying out this object. ,     ,.     ,      . .   ..       . General admission 50c.    Panic*
eouni.ii must pay |muui.ui« ai .....       . ..       . w**,rp novor areater    Thn ennn   ti „ t ^..oJinT'ri.^.ie.e.1 would not assist the miners or ulars and programme ater.
tent-inn Co ecnnnmv     There is a to believe that the minister of were never greatet.   ine coun- The Ladysmith Chronical. ,     ,.,       .       ...
tenuon to economy     inere isia . try's trade has increased some   secure the  liberation of   their    The pleasure of every member
loan ana an overaran at  tne j j- three hundred millions.   He laid     An important meeting will be comrades who are in the prison, of the family during 11)11 can be
bank to be adjusted.   He also ed   miners providing   that the befoi.e the House some figures in held in the Club Hall West Cum- and would cause great prejudice ™"f'^rably increased by reading
nnintpHnnt that the council could Miners'Liberation  Deague rep- ™MrH to the borrowing of Hon    berla,ld on Sunday evening at 7 7L    " . TV?   prejuaice that greatest of all weekly paper
pointed out that the council coma *        '   regard to the Dorrowings otHon. 7 30   All male British residents to the unions which had made The Family Herald ami WVeklv
do nothing with   the  loan  on udiates statements made by Robt W.S. Fielding which made even 0f that portion of the district are agreements with their employers Star of Montreal,   it has pages
i-ement sidewalk until a snecial Gosden, of the I. W. W„ at the Sir Wilfred Laurier sit up and requested  to attend.   Business     .  .      . ..      ,   . ',.    for everyone, old and young.   It.
cement siaewaiK until     special importance will be considered. not to stl'lke dur'n* a certain is really surprising what wonder-
act was passed by the provincial mas= meeting in tne Horse Mow . ^     q{ ^ fu] va|ue ong _   ^ weefc .^
government.    The  Mayor pro- building on December 8, 1913, '      .   i e.   . .     f n   Ll* J W   L .     that paper.   One dollar is a small
misedtowork in harmony with the league again takes this op- FlH^Cial Statement OfPubhC and High C0UNCIL REPUSES PR0P0S. SJSRU^S»ff
the council for the benefit of the poi'tunity to officially repudiate.          SchOOIS, Cumberland, D.L.,  It* 10. AL OF TWO DAY STRIKE,     ing the year.   No mistake can
city. not only the statements of Kobt. RECEIPTS     f EXPENDITURE Vancouver.   J-n    ■*> —-   ,^"^11" ^-g-"?d°llar t0
CnuAcr.   u...*.-  -    rs *■.**.---•■       irs'Salaries *»«•-— Ihe Caniti.- i
were _^_^__
munications were read concerning  - !»«*;
the cement sidewalk, when it It is hardly necessary to state
was decided to hold a special that the whole resolution is
I meeting on Friday evening to meant to be a sarcastic joke
j consider the best method of against Messers Farring'on and
I dealing with the present financial Foste>*. It is not to be expected
[difficulties. either   that   President  Gosden
J   The following accounts were and his associates will pay. any
IreferredtotheFinanceCommittee heed to the fulminations of Far-
■Electric Lighting Co §39.65 rington.   Indeed at this   same
TP. E. Bate 8.50 meeting it was decided to pub-
p. Mussatto    8.00 lish a four-page six-column paper
Jt McKinnon    7.20 as the official organ of the league,
llanaimo Gaol 47.00 The press committe comprises:,
I „--- W.Foxcraft, C.V-Cook,  Kavan-|
.  .,.iS of the
;rades and labor council, where
63.15 the proposal was tabled by a vote
Jonn "°' forty-seven to thirty-three.
ly,U   8nm*** ••   -
A    tl   T.    rePalrS	
A. H. Peacey, stationary
and Books
Islander, printing """"
News, "  "*-—-—
C H. Tarbell, supDlies ""vu!snm„ t-'            ~ """•ymree. [[-"-osoywas a distinguish^!-**..*..-
and labor .    PP m u ,, fome t,me ago the B. C. Miners' ber of that heroic   .~o,m    r"
£ K. McNaughto-n 44*55 Liberation League sent a Z \ZmZ^0 did so S" fo
Sn^&fe H2-50 munication to the council JZ^^ltrf Sl" **£
«nu lauor
Di-.G. K. McNaughton
medical inspection
■Ihompson Stationary Co
J. J. Douggan, Trustees
, A Memorial Service to the late
was ■ Reverent Thomas Crosby, D. D.
pioneer missionary to the coast
Indians of British Columbia, will
be held in Grace Methodist.
Church to-morrow evening. Dr.
Crosby was a distinguished member of that  heroic   group of
1 Mayor Campbell then announc-
|i the personel of his various
mmittees as follows, the first
■med being the chairman:
•ard of Works, T. E, Banks,
0.   R.  McDonald  and  Hugh
ard of Health, C. J. Parnham,
**.R.McDonaldandT.E. Banks.
 "1    s\avuil-
ah.   This means an   indefinite
period of activity.
As for the reliaiblity of Mr
Foxcralt. in whose behalf an exception was made in the above
resolution it may be gained from
a statement contained in a re-
Port he gave of a visit to Nanai-
 ~.-„.,*,. ,m0,astwe<*'    "In Nanaimo" he
ance Committee. Alex Max- 'epo*'ted "tlle '*anks remain un
•ell. H. Mitchell and J. Miller °en in spite of the militia
he Council, by resolution, re- Special poiice' The coal bar-
mended the following to be °nS Cannot dis coal with their
->inted by the Provincial Gov- bayonets' c'«bs and guns.   They
'  "" s mUSthavem,'ne,'s'Itisimpossible
to get experienced miners. Mr
Foxcraft wants to take another
trip and look atthe ferry crossing
*    -—  „„=, le., the ba'' fl'»ra Protection
nted city clerk, Jas Ahrams INanaimo Herald.
23      that to show the sentimenf of ?imne0" °f, ^f^SZtl
25.90 un'on labor in this city a forf-v \hla buTth°^ ',n British Colum-
-.-uuggan, trustees eteht.hom.h-iM     . ty" nf r*l^t,thr?u,»hout theDominion
-*.3ffl";:L™j «U««,br tSeTZZ ffi"^- "■ - "*
p"nc«»nN*!»School    14500 ..    """not lit th. K»,r .,Lift"" "III   begin ,j ,„,„
|i.iKrtrs ,11 S::,t*:;'?r;'- ■**    	
BBWKl.*s "gh— -l -Si A "fA,"'reMS'
Heyman&McRae.toweils     lf| U"10ns'  ^0 would take it un aim *       "*   °f    t!le    Bevan
G. Downes, books:;.;;;     fg C°U M "Wkeor not as they desir-
HoSMilirS"1'8 4 ?krtedt '^rati°n '^ ^
High School'Pupfi' six 6,56KJed a w,desPread propaganda
Ho"° ' ■' 't0 thls e,1d, and with a view of
«oid schc HoU;;;nTUne ;
Dl'ont,.™        If _
*-hing"'"-     Sl-tendinga^-i'^ 3^;;  Thos. Pa,kins
hour strike well over S?.!'".'I '^ the to«'"'   » was decided to
evening, Mr. T. A. Spruston in
the chair. Mr. H. .Murphy was
elected secretary in tho place of
Mr.  Thos, Parkinson,  who has
 j    ....   a lUlllllllll  UOV-
|ient: Licence Commissioners
I'rman McDonald and John P.
nion ; Police Commissions s
•man Parnham and J. W.
|e,    Alex McKinnon was re-
ochool Keys,...
Washing Towells S'SXIl " ~ '"—^"" 'orty-ejirht I un n.   .
Special Grant Expenditure-6'60 h°UrStrike WeJI ov<» the\Tt \lI     ^   h '
I   Clark&StewartCOaLtd er" Part of the Dominion   Z    \        ™d f?raf,e a sil" '"'• rew«.
^Urni^e^a  **
%& Tank.     XHer consideration already a J f„     nth«NewHall on pay night
A.McKi,ino„;furnit're ioo'SlS "m'0nS had teke" the««.C i ST 3 u i",'",n' "'i,, be
|tptiP ^nk       m 00 , nder consideration already and L       "theNewHall on pay night
Repairs to Old School    ffig, had decided against it '° ra'Se funds ^ clearing etc
Labor Putting [n New     4o'°0    Speaking against the resolution U'JZ?' Ch°ni!o( Bevan ''^nat-
»">■■ -     'Mr. P. P.Pettipieeenf ,h„ »„„!   ed $20 tow'arfls the   '    '
he clearing pro-
Labor Putting in New ,u   n     -   —•• -. c0U,U[l0n, „H -9n .
T . . „    .  1      Desks     100.00 Mr* p- P-Pettipieceof the typo      *   tt""'uo l"" Cl
^al Receipts....!!^ TotalExpenditurel0l3 $12;^ (>.;aphica'''"- -id that ZrHlT)   „ ,
High School Fees due       $54 00 *  "^L°u      WWe "0t disposc^ to treat LZ. .T     S0°i;il   held   la8t
Board of School Trustees Resp-tful]y submitted, ' Pr0,rsit''0n Beri0UsI*   What- The bZat!? 7^' Bue*«
Cumberland, BC' TH0MAS H. CAREY eVer   "disability   there might ll     f       °"'deverk""»" at
 J        Jan. 3, 1914. ___ Secretary.  Ilave been some time ago   did wT  «   '"'CSem'   MrB'Geo'
xztrr^bri::.- ^prK-**^E*!Ki*ai
?idto :	
ized to issue cheques on
yal Bank of Canada.
1 regular meetir.g of the
  ajtiiauituiia  aiea  peacefully in his sleep.   He had been
olice magistrate, and Thos. DEATfTlFl^KiTlfpATH
LCity scavenger. rrVM       &1KATH
ommittee was appointed to     London, Jan 21^'
■ew the City Police Magis- cona  and Mount   Royal    High
concernintr unato 11 a._ . I "ujai,    nign,
J. STEWART, Auditor.
1        " .      ..  "" "« iiui De-!*""-"""*-----'--    said   «/ou    ,-,,,,-,,
  f0re the ^thering, the ayes noes 'hoU{rht * would stay  a/ n*
'practically nr*;^ steS'Iu'ln RE™™ T^-HvpTjn IwaTn    "**' ^^  and  kKSKi?!1 "^ ««&
o'clock yesterday af ernoon ^ernment Grant..        «» m T«.,l,« ^XpENDITURE wa8 necessary to take the vote bv l*v    ?h'eh'  aftPr Breat com-
he" will take '^^i^^h'''^^ ^\    ^^ ■■"^^.•^•iWtb^
,r.M-«i,    1, ..      at to prostration from a severe Bt Light - ^''?°ln the motion loosinD* h« *u-.        There wil be the usiml ,1^1
nc.1 chamber on Monday tack of catarrh.   He hTbeen1 __     C-hon hand Dec. 31,1913   % three to forty's"""   " *Hftf?^^£wyto
—   ir,^^aci,j ,*^^o^jim£&2s^. *
I »   ^.^ 1        ** . I n ni 1 t*o *r\f *!*...     *
faockard, general manager,
'anadian Collieries (Duns-!
I Ltd.,   returned by   auto "■■j""' ""'"" unurcn, are givin
ictoriaon Friday evening.'p£K,4 lato?'1 °f F"bra^'\ '^oVe.
J- STEWART, Auditor.
_ Thos. H. Carey,
Secretary School Board.
—  jutttiift 11    the smni
exciting; w.e wonder how AIber,
enjoyed the drive. THE ISLANDER. CUMBERLAND, B.C
Don't Persecute
your Bowels
Cut nut cathartic*, attj ptirgatiTM.   Uiey ere
Vuul-h;arsh-tm**i.**s>ar>*. Try
Pi'rciy •.•er.-labic. Act
■tfttly on tlie lite
Su* Headache etui Mrestim. et eallisni 1st*.
Small Pill, SiLitll Dom, Small Pi ien.
Genuine must Uu Signature
W. CLARIS M'l'i., MoalrciL
Full   flavored   and
perfectly cooked
make   delicious
Mak. Winslow's Soothing Svbvp has been
beu ier over SIXTY iTBARSoy MILLIONS ol
is the oe?t remedy ior IHAKKHQ.A, lt is ub«
lolutelv bftrmless. De sure nnd n**u tor "Mrs.
Winslow's Soothing Syrup," and take do ott*;i
kind.  Twenty-live cents it bottle.
Something  -setter  than   linen  nm-  1Mb
li mdry bills.    Wash it wltn   soap   nnd
water.    All stores cr direct.   State style
ar.fl etzo.   Dor U6c. we wlll mail you.
52  Fraser  Avenue, Toronto,  Ontario
|U9rU. (Ma KIO^BY, ■LADLE--, hrkvol-i DI SI A 5*1,
vilu fjr toy FFIEff b-ok.   thi most INITRUCTivi
MtoiCAt ioor ever wmrirw.iT tells UbatatntN
• H'ttbtfeoiadf for your own iIIbmI. Dnl
AbMlattlrPRIB. NoTt-llownfetre-jisre. OR „_
i The Heart of a Piano is the
i       Action.   Insist on the
Piano Action
Book Tree.    A simp!.
Rome   (realm.■! removed
ravp trom this lady'sbreitt
Old lore., ulcers  ond
drowlho cured.    Describe
■Ml trouble • wo will lead book and testimonials.
congenial netcd vorlt at home; milk'
from titroo to live dolUrs per tj.iy decor
ntlns cushion lc*r*:». Armour Aft Ct.
Dent.  u.. Brettalbano tiloclt, Winnipeg
His Dev.tio-
Toung Mrs. Flitter tolls mo that
her husband is suing to touch her how
to Bltato this winter, snys Mra. Qoopi,
Ir. the touc .-. woman emrloys when
Ehe conceals a reproof in a morsel of
conversation. Isn't it nlca to see a
man so devoted lo his wife?
Devoted—ahuclts I grumbles Qooph,
from behind his magazine, He's bo
blamed Jealous of her, he won't take
n chance at having any other man neat
She *1 cried all dny yesterday.
Neighbor—Wh t for'.'
She—Il was our wedding anniversary nnd Henry suid: It seems to me
that something awful occurred ton
years uso today, but I can't remember
I don't believe 1 enn ever learn those
/.atln conjugations, said the young
That'll be nil rlftl't, replied tlie cram-
mer. 1 am at work on a new system.
I am going tn sit 'em to ragtime music and let you sing 'cm as the choruses f'l popular songs.
50e. a box or six boxes for $2.50,
at all dealers, or The Dodds Medicine Comp-ny, Limited, Toronto,
The i-ame Trotter
When my father's got a lame trotting horse, sit, that he's trying to
shuck off iiis hands, faltered the white
linen nurse, be doecn't ever go around
mournful like, with lis heed hanging,
telling folks about bis wonderful trotter that's just the littlest, teeniest
mite lame. Oh, no. What father
docs is to call p every one he knows
within twenty miles and tell them:
Say Tom. Bill, Harry, or whatever his
r.:.uio is. what in the deuce do you
suppose I have got over hero in my
I rn? A lame licrse that wants to
trot, lamer than the douce you know.
but ean do a mile in 2.10. Faintly
tlie little smile quickened again in the
white linen nurse's eyes. And the
barn will be full of men In half an
hour, she said* Somehow nobody
wants a trotter that's lame but almost
:v,.) body Beems willing to risk a lame
horse that's plucky enough to want to
trot.—From 'Tho white Linen Nurso'
in Contury.
W, N. U, 9™
Mangled Names
I remember one London critic telling me, writes K. N. in the Dinning
ham l'ost. how lie had wired to a Glas
gov.- paper tiie news that Uie great
Tllklsch had just arrived and would
conduct tho London Symphony or
chestra on such and sucb a date. Tho
telegraph iperator, as usual, spoiled
the unfamiliar name along the line of
least resistance. Tho Glasgow subeditor, not being a musical man, bad
never beard ot Nikisch, but as tlie adjective 'great' was prefixed to the
name, he naturally assumed that he
must be a Scotchman, so the Glasgow-
public was informed Ihe next day that
the great JIcKish had arrived in London.
I remember aiso a London colleague
reduced to a state cf collapse by dls
covering that ho had been made to
say that Andrew Dlaelt had sum
Ninepin Andrew, instead of Nou pin
For Sunday School Teachers
A teacher in a mission Sunday
school in a Scottish town has come
interesting stories to tell, in the 111
sionnry Record of the United Free
church, of Iho answers which have
come from infant lips to her Bible
questions. Sometimes one gels a
perfectly natural but wholly unexpected reply. Asked what Xannian did
after washing in the Jordan before lie
returned to his native land, ono mite
gave the obvious answer: Dry bissolf.
The class was told the story of the littlo Shunamite, his sunstroke and his
restoration by the prophet, and wishing to lnculcato gratitude the teacher
asked what the mother would do when
she got him back. P'.t a bannet on
his In-id. shouted immediate:;- a practical youth.
The Price of Peace
Sho t.'pearod to be somewhat excited when ho came home that night, and
he naturally asked the cause.
The man in tho top flat has fallen
in love* with our cook, she said.
What of it. ho ashed.
He's been trying to got lie:* to run
away and marry him.
Do you 'ean tho man who practices on tho cornet every night?
Sho said she did, and ho made a
dive for his pocket.
Tell tlie cook, he exclaimed excitedly, that I am a poor man, but I will
give $o0 ii slie'il do it.
A Daring Escap-
General de Negrler was one of tho
French officers who succeeded iu escaping from German custody in 1ST0.
Ho was in Metz—anel iu hospital—at
the time of the capitulation, but in*
steatl of constituting himself a prisoner be put on his uniform, mounted
his horse and ride off as an Independent gentleman. Before long he was
stopped by a sentinel who demanded
his papers, and, as lie had no papers,
lie* handed up ..is ticket of admission
to the hcsphal. While the German
was slowly spelling it out Negrier shot
blm through Jie head aud galloped off.
crossing the Belgian frontier, anel re-
crossing it. after a rest, to take part
In the operations of Faldherbe's army
of the north. It is not surprising that
so resourceful a soldier got quick
promotion und was successively the
youngest colonel, tho youngest general of brigade and the youngest general
of division in tho French army.
Tlie little, mild, bald m;.r. hart settled down in tlio train to read, and
foaling drowsy after a trying day at
business, fell asleep. On tlu "hnt rack
above was a ferocious crab in a buck-
el ond, reaching the- edge of tlie rack.
It fell, alighting on tli" littlo mar.'s
shoulder ..nd grabbed his car to steady
All the passengers wailed expectantly for development, but all they hoard
Let go. Sarah! I leli you, I've been
at the office all evening.
Sicilian Carts
Ot all the vehicles in tlio world
thero Is none to cental the Sicilian cart
which is carved, yellow, paneled with
lurid paintings that run the gamut of
myth and history. One wc saw bad
upon its panels scene.-, that represented Columbus soiling from I'alos and
discovering America, a bloody fight
round the eiladel of Aero, the hermitage etf Santa Itasolin, antl on its tailboard a vivid picture of the massacre
of tie Vespers. The carts are never
very large, as cart.1 go. but they are
so marveiousty wrought that they
ought surely to com? under tlio provisions of the law that forbids the
Just as '.Veil OK
A. man had his next door neighbor
arrested on a chart., of wilfully damaging a chicken.
Tbe Judge looked at the charge witt
mingled amusement and surprise, and
when the plaintiff was put on the
stand he asked him what damage had
been done to tho bird.
My next door neighbor caught the
chicken in his garden, answered the
plaintiff, and wrung it3 neck.
I see, returned the judge. What
was tho chicken worth alive?
It was worth 75 cents, answered the
What was it worth dead? questioned
tlie judge.
Seventy-five cents, replied tho plaintiff.
I fail to see where any appreciable
damage was done, said the judge. The
case is dismissed.
Tlie season for colds is at hand
and unless the mother keeps a continual watch over her little ones cold will
seize them aud often more serious results follow. An occasional dose of
Baby's Own Tablets will prevent colds,
or if they do come on suddenly the
Tablets will clear the stomach ond
bowels and instantly relieve the baby
from cold. Tbo T'.blets ore sold by
medicine dealers or by mail at 25
cents a box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockvillo, Ont.
Energy and Work
What becomes of the c.ergy ot motion of a street car when suddenly
Law—mass multiplied by velocity
equals momentum. The mass ot the
car in pounds or tons multiplied by its
specific speed in fee per second gives
a product named foot pounds or foot
tons. This momentum is expended
at the instant of collision or impact
ln delivering a blow, a ia the case of
a cannon ball. It the body receiving
tbe impact is movable part of the momentum will appear in it as motion.
If immovable tbe car will be smashed
or move backwards, avnd tho molecules of the matter at point of impact
will be increased in temperature and
also be moved somewhat. That requires energy, and work has been accomplished from instant of collision
until rest obtains. Tlie answer ls the
energy of momentum is transformed
into work.
A Carelessly Treated Cold
is the source oi* most sickness because drugged
pills, syrups and alcoholic mixtures are
uncertain and unsafe.
Scott's Emulsion has been relied upon by-
physicians for forty years as the safe and sensible
remedy to suppress the cold and build up the
enfeebled forces to avert throat and lung troubles.
Don't tolerate alcoholic substitute*, but insist
on the Gtmulno Scott's EmuHlon.  One bottle usually
last* longer than tt cold.   Every druggist has it.   u ;j
Free? Oh. No.
Marvellous!   exclaimed  tie.  elderly
0 n: wallflower, your daughter shows such
thei free raoveiucrts In her graceful dune*
Sleep and Laughter
People who sleep well quickly recover from an ailment, anel for this reason, years ago. sleep was pronounced
as one of nature's cures for ail dis
a person who accustoms himself or
herself to a full and regular sleep is
not so liable to an attack of disease as
the person who fcrgoe3 bis proper
rest. More, when attacked by any ailment, a good sleeper recovers the
Laugh and live, is a time hinorad
saying, and a famous doctor once recommended one of his patients to try
a course of funny stories. The patient, who was suffering from a nervous breakdown through overwork',
obeyed the doctor's instructions, and
the effect of hearty laughter soon
brought him round. The menu re-
conimcnded was one funny story at
each meal with two extra at dinner.
Awful Asthma Attacks.—Is the
member of your family who is ir
power of this distressing trouble?   ..-,,,. . ,        ,
service vou can reader him will equal'    lr'y shouted tue (lobuttntos fatli
the bringing to his attention of Dr. J. cr* not n*****''',    l VM *W apiece for
D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy.     This\evoty one at em.
remarkable remedy rests Its   roputa- ,   „.       r~   ^"T ....
lion upon whnt it bas done for others.* '*" placi of *"e Watchdog
It lias a truly wonderful record, cov* I    They manage somehow tu get along
ering vears aiid years of success in al-,™ shipboard without a watchdog, but
most every part'of this continent, and''hoy have two deu; watches.
even beyond lhe seas.
|    Spiders, like worms   nnd   snakes,| uer
nu *.. st*. iei.«j uim i *V<,''C' formerly used as charms lo cure
Old as She Asked Him [disease.   The spider was worn in a
A teacher in a tenement district ,,„. wuicn w-as suspended around tlie
hurried from tbo school to find the „cck. when the spider died the ills-
mother of a pupil who had been taken ease, it was affirmed, died with it, ac-
ill* , .   •■ ■     cordinc to the claims made.
Can you show me where Mrs. An*; ■
A Child fi rket
Tlie children of the poor arc yearly
sold at auction to.lhe highest bidder
at Ravensburg, in the Tyrol, iu tlio
chiiil market held tbero, ihe boys and
girls bringing only a few shillings in
most eases. Those children nre** taken away by those who lr.. them to
do hard work', the buys being used for
agricultural purposes and the girls
for domestic work, if, as sometimes
happens, a bnyei cannot decide between two boys, be make: the two
light ond gives his money for the win*
gelo Scandale lives? she Inquired of.    Many a
Experiments go to provo tbat a ehrub transplanted from tlie .-ninny
man gets credit for bein
Eh, said Sandy to the minister, con
I was a powerful deesoourBe en 'Thrift'
J ye preached the Sabbethl
Ali'm glad yo were able lo profit,
' said tlie minister.
I    rrofil! Why. mon, I would have pit
} ma saxpent'o into the plate v.i-out
south to a dark', sunless alley.
Yes, teacher. I show you. and a willing, sticky hand dragged her on with __
such speed as to make her stumble]	
over an Italian dame seated on the I
threshold. After the teacher's breath* j
less (light towards the clouds the lit-;
tie hand slopped tugging.
There where Meos Scandale-live, indicated tlio horizontal arm and finger,
but. she downstair sitting on the step,
finished the smiling lips.
well informed just because people bap.! thought If it ur.u not been for your
tipn tn oik Uiui question.; lhat he cau I pfovidectial words! Tbey wed mo
answer. | fourpenco there and then!
None of Them Horrid
We believe MiXAitD'3 LINIMENT
is tbe best:
Mati.las Foley, Oil City. Ont.
Miss Prim—Allow r. horrid man "to josaph. Snow," Norway, M'
kiss me—never! Charles Whooten, Mulgrave, N.S.
Miss Peach—Neither would I:  but. Rcv  r,  0 Armstrong. Mulgrave. X.8.
thank goodness, there isn't oue among pjer',,c Lanuers,   senr.,   Pokemouche,
ill my male acquaintances.
.Tacky had lieen imparting to a
schoolfellow the impotlant t-nd cheerful Information that his father had
got a new set of fa". *o teeth.
Indeed, .lack?', replied the schoolfellow, and what will he do with tlie
oil set?
Oh. I s'pose, answered .Tacky, they
will cut 'em dowu und make me wear
Fo. Frost Bites and "Chilblains.—
Chilblains come from undue exposure
to slush aud cold anel frost-bite from
the ley winds of winter. In the treatment of either there is no better preparation than Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc
Oil. as it counteracts the Inflammation
and relieves tlie pain. Tbe action of
tiie oil is instantaneous nnd Us application is extt jmely simjle.
Thomas Wesson, Sheffield, NU.
She was an excellent tennis player
nnd could paddle a canoe most grac*
fully* but this was her flrct attendance
at a horse show.
Are you a good juelge ef horseflesh?
inquired one of her friends.
Oh, I should say not. I never tasted any, sho soil'..
Genesis of tin Phonograph
As long ago ns   IS.'.'   Sir   W.   II.
Preece   then director ci the  British
fftho^X*^^ ™of ffiraifisy-s
a starfish sees with these eyes or eye
Eyes of the Starfish
At ilic end of each arm in the common starfish there is a little.red eye.
lt is sheltered at the base of the terminal tube foot which lias become altogether sensory. The eye or eye cushion shows little cups each closed by
a lens lined by red. rodlike sensory
cells, clothed externally by supporting
cells ond containing a transparent watery substance. llellmuth Plessner
made a number of experiments a'. Hel-
A C/in/idi/in Knight
Distinguished Service Order
Compji-nion of'the Range
A P/ISTE   I THE FFD/fLLEY © l«.| No Dust
■HLTON       CANADA    iNoRllST
Daily Market Letter and Sample Grain Dagj"
Bend us your name and addrcsa and we will
put you on our mailing list—it's free.   Let us
keep you posted on market prices for grain.
Personal attention given to selling and grading of all
cars. Our Car Tracing and Claim Departments work tn our
clients' interests. We havo overy facility for prompt service and
we get best results for ahlppers.
Send to-day for a eupply of •"timp'.e bags and deal wllh a
firm whose business lias boon built nn by satisfied customers.
Paid-up Capital, $150,000
References,    any    Bank    o
Commercial Agency,
Mull when tlie submarine cable was
broken down. Sir William was also
present at the birth qf the phonograph
and in 1877 lie spent Independence
day with Edison at his house in New
York, and lu discussing tlie telephone
he remarked lo the great American inventor: Then if what you say is true
it will be possible lo reproduce the
human voice. Edison shut his eyes
and said nothing, and the conversation
changed. On the voyage homo Sir
William worked out a phonograph in
theory, but, not being a mechanic he
left it as nn idea. In less than a
month Edison sort Sir William
Proeco a phonograph, tlio first that
came to Kngland.
Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Diphtheria.
spots. The answer is. not very much
It does not form an image nor does it
perceive a moving object. But it lias
considerable sensitiveness in distinguishing different degrees of light and
shade. Even the skin ot the starfish
is responsive* to differences of illumination in the immediate vicinity, but by
means of its eyes the starfish becomes
aware of distant Illumination that differs, either positively or negatively,
from that of tiie immediately surrounding i.veit.
London's First Stcn: Bridge
London only gained ils true position
and Importance when the first bridge
replaced the ferry across the Thames,
The lirst stone bridge there seems to
have been beg.iu in 1176: there had
previously lieen a wooden structure*.
It Is said that Kir.g John, pleased
with the bridges that he sow in
Prance, brought over a skilled French
workman, and he decided to raise tlie
necessary revenue from the rone cf
houses built upon the bridge Its arches were narrow, sometimes causing ac*
cidents to boats passing) ber.ontb and
occasionally whole blocks of houses
falling Into disrepair, would topple
over into the stream. There were
twenty arches, one forming a drawbridge. Many reasons made a drawbridge desirable—not fcinly tho passing
ot masted vessels, but the power of
raising it against an enemy.
When Senator Kern was running for
governor of Indiana, lie stopped one
noon at a little hotel In Brown county for some food.
Hurry up, now, Kern st.ld   to   the
portation of any works of art. Wheels  proprietor.     '. have only fifteen min*
and shafts, oxtes. the edgc3 of sides "    '	
and posts and tailboards or all worked into neat geometrical designs, aud
on the axle is a carving built up clear
to the bottom of the cart, a mass of
Intricalo scrollwork ond gingerbread,
in the middle of which Eits tlie patrou
saint of the fortunate owner.
An cngry mother hal her little
by the hand and held a menacing cane. [
I'll teach you to tic a kettle to the
cat's tail, said t e  Bother.
It wasn't out cat, said   .e boy.
No, It wasn't, but it was our 'kettle,
sold the mother.
tites before my train comes.
No hurry, governor, the hotel-keeper replied. Yot. can rat all there is
Ui tlie hotel ii. five minutes.
Got His Lessons
Brown—Yon seem moro satisfied
wiih your wife's cooking than formerly.    Has she learned with time?
Smith—No, 1 have.
How Shj Knew
I do think* exclaimed Ill's. Tolker
indlguantly, thai Mrs. Gadabout is the
most aagravatingly Ineiuisitive woman.
if 1 must say so, I ever knew, Why, 1
never pass her on the street but what
site Invariably turns her bond and
stares back at me ♦ see what I've got
on anel how it sHs from behind.
How—er—that is, I was wondering,
my dear, how you found out that the
mean thing looked '.nek. Some one*
tell you? inmiired Mr. Tolker Inno*
And Mrs, Tolker straightaway 'turned the stream of her indignation,
seething hot, from Mrs. fladubout to
her 'Insinuating wretch of a husband,
os she fondly termed him. and after
the first pyrotechnic outburst refused
to speak to tlie fortunate man for the
rest of the evening.
The tairl'Who looks straight out ot
a carriage window Is otteu looking at
the man opposite at the same time,
and the man is apt to forget that he
ls reflected through the window pane.
In my time, declared grandma, girls
were more modes'.
I know, said the liitipt.nt girl. It
was a -ad or.ee. We may get back
to it.
Your Oven Gains
by Our Oven Test
.,    mt
Vour   oven   becomes   a
tei'tain   producer   of   more
bread and better bread.
Hi |£**k|«Mj    We can promise that.
KUKIT**W     For fr°m each shipment
| of wheat delivered at our mills
| we take a ten pound sample.
| We grind it into flour.   We
j bake tlie flour into bread.
| If this bread is high in
I quality and large in quantity,
■s. we use the shipment. - Other
wise we sell it.
There is no guess-work
about our promise of more
bread and better bread from
flour bearing this name.
,*read and Better Bread" and
" 1,23
\/   "Better Pastry Too
Can always make sure cf getting the highest prices for WHEAT. OATS,
BARLEY and FLAX, by shipping their car lots to FORT WILLIAM AND
t'ORT ARTHUR and having them sold on commission b-
A woman prefers a man who has
sown his wild oals In a ten-acre Held
to one who has sown them in a flower
Try Murine Eye Remedy
If you have Red, Weak, Watery Eyes
or Granulated Eyelids. Doesn't Smart
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Murine Eye Remedy, Liquid, 25c, SOc,
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Murine Ej* Rimedr Co.. Cblcal*
Wear them — Give ihem
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See that tlie well known trademarks
as shown in cuts are on every glove
you buy anel you will tlien be sure
of perfect
Style, Fit and Finish.
Best dealers tvervwhtr* ttll tht genuine PE8.R1M'S CLOVES. THE 1SLAXDT.TL CUMBERLAND, B.C.
A Marked Bullet
How ■ Country Boy dot * i
Away From the Farm    : ;■
, i
—— 11
'A murder ln a quiet tannine com-;
■unity relatively excites as much
Hmmotion as the shooting down of a
bob In a city. I was tben eighteen
Itars old and bad never known any-
king so exciting as tbe killing of a mas
thorn I bad known all my life. I ran
Mt of tbe bouse and down tbe road
Is tha scene of tbe murder. Ou my
•nival I saw several ot tbe neighbors
Handing on tho porch discussing wbo
ke murderer could be.
Pushing by tbem, I weut into the
Mom where the crime bad been com*
kitted and saw tbo body stretched
In a lounge, where it had been lifted
Irom tbe floor. I noticed tbat the shirt
front, besides being covered with
Mood, had been blackened. Mr. Aek-
ars had probably been shot by one so
tear bim ns to produce this blacken*
Ltog by burnt powder. Turning my
eyes from llio body, I saw a Utile
sound thing on the floor about tbo size
kf n small marble. 1 picked It up and
found lt to be a bullet. It was sticky
frith blood.
| It occurred to mc that It was the
kullot wllh which the shooting had
keen done. I bad never beard of detectives, for 1 had always lived on a
•arm, nud this was before the day
(arliea llie country newspapers were
■Hod wilh stories about the wonderful
tracings of this class of persons.
(Therefore lt did not occur to uie that
tte bullet might bo of uso in furnishing a clow to tlio murderer, It did
■ot occur to mc that it would be a One
thing to possess a bullet that bad kill-
ad a man, and 1 thrust it luto uiy
trousers pocket, '
I I bad no sooner done so than Dr.
l>odd came in wilh several others and,
•ftcr examining the body, said:
I "Ho   bas   been   shot   through   aud
| Somo one, noticing me, told me to
r*ot out. I did so reluctantly, for since
Ms was tbe o ly exciting event that
tad come Into my life I tbonght It a
hardship not to bo permitted to remain
to tee and bear al1 thero was to ba
inn and heard. I olned the loiterers
outside nnd learned thut the police had
been notified aud were expected soon.
A big man with a badge on bis breast
tamo before I left and went Into tbe
boose with an nir of authority. I en-
Vied blm, thinking him to bo n very
Important personage, for everybody
Bade tray for him.
I knew nothing, at least for some
time, ot what was golug on with refer-
ttaet to tho matter. The body was
duly barled, tbe funeral being a very
largo one. I attended myself, moved
by a desire to see all tbat I wns permitted to see connected with the event
•f tbs murder, and when It was all
tret and 1 was obliged to settle back
Into my farm duties, unrelieved by any
•xrttemont whatever. I felt like a boy
tb* day after tbe circus bad como and
(t wss then that I look the ballet
from ray pocket nnd looked at tt ns
the only memorial I possessed of the
•nl? exciting event that bad entered
Into my uneventful life. I owned a
squirrel gun and wns more or less In-
terMted In arms and ammunition. I
dropped tho bullet Into water to wash
tho blond off It nnd wiped It on my
trousers. I owned a Utile magnifying
ksndelass which I hnd bought for 10
Cent*. Without any especial object la
Blind I brought It to birar on my prist.
Two scratches on the lend wore ro-
VMiad by the glass, and 1 noticed that
Ihey wero parallel.
Now, If I hud not been of nn Inquiring mind my story would here come
t» an end. or, rather, lt would never
bavo heen be n. 1 certainly did not
eonnwt these scratches wllh thp dls-
1 tovory of the murderer. I simply
Couldn't understand whnt caused them,
fenr I was not long In suspecting thnt
th*? had been produced It? th* tiny
Ctuberancei.  probably  rust,  tn the
ml of th* sreiuion from whlcb ths
bullet had been fired.  That theory at>
counted for tbelr parallelism.
Bnt I vas not sore, tnd ln order to
prove tho matter I got down my squirrel gun, tnd, looking down into tbe barrel, by focusing tho sun's rays with my
magnifier I saw a minute speck which
might cause a scratch on a bullet fired
past It Loading tbe gun with a new
bullet, I fired the ball Into a tree, cut
tt out and examined It Bnt If the
scratches had been mads they had
been so added to that I could not detect them. I fired another bullet Into
t bank with the same negative result
Looking about for some softer sub- ;
stance to pnt it Into, I noticed the barrel
used to catch rainwater from the roof
of the house, and It occurred to mc to
catch tbe bullet ln water. I made my i
experiment again, this time in the wa-
ter barrel, and, examining the ball
witb my microscope, saw a scratch
corresponding with tbe rust speck'ln j
tbe barrel of my gun. i
Then tbe fact came Into my brain i
that the barrel of tbo pistol whlcb had
been used to kill Mr. Ackers undoubt- j
edly contained two little protuberances
against which tho bullet had rubbed '
on being fired, nnd the distance between these protuberances would bo
exactly   tbe   same   as   between   ths
scratches.   I do not mean that this occurred to mo as a possible means of
discovering tho murderer.    I merely
looked upon It as an Interesting fact.    j
Meanwhile the police wero Investigating. Tho period of the detective
was coming on, and two or threo men
were working on The case. But they
worked secretly, and 1 knew nothing
nbout wbat tbey were doing, nor did
I receive any information upon this
till a man of tbo name of Coyne was
arrested for llio murder nnd held for
trljl. Tbero was n lot of circumstantial evidence against bim. Mr. .\ek-
crs had owed him somo money, which
Coyne bad vainly tried to get. Coyne
hud been beard to use violent language
to Ackers. Indeed, a threatening letter from tbe former was found among
tlie iattcr's papers. Immediately after
tho murder Coyue bad disappeared
aud was arrested In a distant cily. lie
owned a pistol, whicli was captured
by tlie police, nnd one chamber was
found empty. The evidence consisted
lu theso two features—tbe matter ot
scouring payment of the debt nnd the
revolver, ono chamber of which had
been discharged.
I wns in court during tbe trial and
heard the prosecuting attorney make
a strong point against llio prisoner by
producing tho accused's revolver.
When tbe court adjourned I went to
Coyne's counsel, and 1 confessed that
I bud the bullet which killed Ackers
and which had not been found by tho
police. I also told him of my experiments and tbat 1 believed tbo pistol
with wblch tho murder had been com*
milted could be idcutilicd by the
scratches on the bullet.
Tho lawyer—Trucsdalo—stared at me
while 1 spoko with eyes as large as
butter plates, then asked mo a lot of
questions. The trial had euded for the
day, nnd ho immediately adopted
means to bo ready with llio new evidence on tbo morrow. Uo told me to
bring the bullet to him at once ln cot-
tou, fearing tbat It might rccolvo other
scratches. I did as ho bid inc. and the
next day when tho court convened I
went tbere. as requested.
The moment I entered tbe courtroom
Coyne looked at mc Willi terrible anxiety on his face, havlug been apprised
nf what bad passed between mo and
his counVl. As for me, I was wondering wbetber 1 would prove blm a
guilty on an innocent man. A barrel
of water stood ln tlie courtroom beneath the Judge's bench. Trnesdals
Instructed me to load my squirrel gun :
with a new bullet and tire It Into the
water. 1 did so, nnd bo showed the
bullet and the Interior of tho gun barrel lo the jury, using the same means
is I bad used in my experiment, except thnt bis microscope was moro
powerful and his light was electric.
The scratch on the lend was apparent
Tho bullet that had killed Ackers
was then produced and the scratches
shown (ho Jury. It was of tbe sums
caliber as Coyne's revolver. A new
bullet was then put in Coyne's pistol
and fired Into tho water.
I was watching llio prisoner, and as
toon as the experiment with tbo squirrel gun bad terminated I saw bis fscs
light up with hope. When tbe bullet
was taken out of the water ho showed
great agitation. Ills counsel flrst examined tbe bullet, then looked at blm
with au expression of Joy. The ball
was examined hy Iho Jury and found
to be without a scratch.
Tlio demonstration thnt Ackers had
not been killed from tho prisoner's revolver was conclusive, nnd since this
was tlie keystone of tho evidence
against him the stole's case fell to tho
ground. He was acquitted, and, though
many still believed hlui guilty, most'
persons were conviuced of his Innocence.
The moment he was made free he
came to me nnd embraced rae. "Come
with me," he said. 1 went home with
him, and ho asked, "What can I do for
"Help me get awny from the farm."
"The best way to do that Is to edit-
cato you. Would you like to go to college?"
I replied that I would, and be sent
me to a preparatory school and after
that to college and gave mc also t profession.
Thp real murderer of Ackers was
mlwquonlly arrested. I took enough
Interest lu the case to bunt down the
pistol wllh which Iho murder wr.s
done nnd tested It for tho scratches.
It had heroine somewhat rusted nnd
ihnwcd other marks besides thoss on
Ihe bullet In my possession, but ther*
were two thnt gnvo the snm* distant-*
measurement. Thp evidence was not
necessary, far tbt murderer confessed.
Lord Chief Justice Wbo SerTed Before tbt Mast.
Sir Rufus Isaacs' career bas been , A hobble underwear apparel is th*
let merely remarkable, but roman- ; latest fad in tho lingerie world, exam-
tic.    At tbo  Bar   he   was   making ■ ,cs of [hase lm,    , „.,nlH,,,ts |,!1Vii,3
J100.000 a year, ana ho reached thia ,,,,..miu,j ,. Seyl Vo..,; Bl s ,*,
point without having to go through i Been cxnimiea in .mv. iork -Mr, u
the usual drudgery.    "Isaacs is the ; cently.   'ihe new lingerie Is made of
only man I know," Larson Walton, , tha thiuuest fabrics to bo fouud, the
his former master In tho law, said j materials "most in use being silk crape,
N.w Under Apparel of Craps or Silk    ■*?•  **»&-*;   Philosopher    Pearly
That Is Very Smart. Loved a Joke.
once, "who had not to go through ; ohitToii cloth	
tho grind of   quarter  sessions   and > ,,ino lhKU_ wUk.h tamet\y
' "Labby" was never taken seriously as a politician, but the world enjoyed him as a jester, and lhat the
world was right In Its estimate of
him is proved by "The Life of Henry
Laboucliore," by his nephew, Mr. Al-
gar I.abouchere Thorold, which bave
i just  hen  published.    He  suffered
,    .    , ...    j two    great  disappointments   in   the
and finely  woven stilt. I .„„„/„,  „is   political career-Mr.
county courts like tho rest of us.1
He was at school at Brussels, and report  says   something  of   a   pickle.
Report says further that he made at
least one voyage as a member of the
lower   deck.     Born   ln   London  In
1SC0, the son of a Jewish merchant,,
he attains to a great office at tho ago
of 03.   He began life in his father's
office.    But of that he soon  grew
weary.    Then he   tried   the   Stock
Exchango for a few years, but with
111 success, and it was not until 1SS4
lhat ho found bia true vocation, and
entered as a student at the Middle
Temple.    But at this date, after all
his varied experiences,   ho   was   no
older than many other entrants from
the universities, for he was only 24,
and was but 27 when he was called;
to ths Bar and joined the Northern;
Circuit.   His flrst big case was as t
junior    in    tbe    Chetwynd-Durham
suit, which was heard in 1S91. Then
lie   acquired   a    reputation   among
I counsel as one who knew tbe City
and finance.   He became a specialist
la commercial cases.     But   his   advocacy was found equally convincing
in almost any class of trial, and by
tho close   of   tho   'nineties   he   was
universally spoken of ss the coming
man at tho Bar, and there wero tho
usual guesses at the fabulous income
which   rumor   declared  him  to ho
making.    Liko so many olher eminent barristers, Sir Rufus bad un infinite capacily for work.    He never
spared    himself,   yet    was    always
eager, alert, active, and alive.    He
took  silk   in   1898,   and   when   Mr.
Justice Bigbam was raised to   the
Bench   it  was   to Mr. Rufus Isaacs
that the reversion of his magnificent
commercial practice fell.   Two years
' later Sir Kdward Carson became Solicitor-General, which    meant    that
another series ot   eminently   lucrative briefs   wero   brought   his way.
His advocacy was of a high order.
Its secret   was   its   persuasiveness.
Tho voico was suave, but the argu-
I ment also was very sound and good.
I There was no torrent of eloquence,
but a flow of shrewd, keen obsefva-
: tion, in which tbe points were driven
i home   wilh   quiet   insistence.     Sir
I Rufus Isaacs, as an advocate,   was
always sure   of   his facts,   and   his
thrusts wero neat and clean.   When
I it came to a duel with a man in tho
dock  of   tho  calibre  of  Whitaker
i Wright tho contest was exciting and
i dramatic, and tho advocate bad tha
better of   the   encounter.     With   a
I good case to work on, the new Lord
! Chief was also a brilliant and dex-
j terous counsel.   With a poor one, ho
could  be relied upon  to make  the
best of   It, nnd turn   to profit   any
favorable opening that arose during
the hearing.   He was always master
of himself, and exhibited a perfect
control.     He   entered   the   British
i House of Commons in 1904,* and became Solicitor-General in 1910, and
I Att rney-General In the same year,
1 with a scat ln the Cabinet, where his I
sidcrcd the daintiest nf all for under-
t'lolliing. is seen no uiore.
The new  hobble style is essential
with  tho  fashionable  dresses,  which
l.ladstone failed to include him In
lhe 1S9L. Ministry, aud Lord Rose-
' bcry refused to make him ambassador at Washington. We cannot wonder at either decision;  but we can
lit the figure so close nt the hips, knees : itlmire the philosophic vein in which
end ankles that a petticoat, however
sheer, shows its outlines through the
Ono of (he oddest of the fashiouable
combination suits was of thiu  pink
Labby" accepted defeat. "It should
never be forgotten," says his biographer, "tbat Henry Labouchera
was, in fact, a Frenchman. French
by birth, he remained, to tlie day of
his death, Trench in bis method of
Napoleon Bourassa Is Typical of tbo
French Race In Canada at Its
linest—Ho Is a rainier, Architect and Decorator and Also t
! Koielist — Married rapiueau'f
Youngest Daughter.
1 Thousands know Henri Bourassa,
the picturesque schoolmaster of the
Nationalists; tens of thousands have
read his articles and heard him speak.
Very few know much or anything
sbout his father. Napoleon Bourassa.
But to tbe select little world of art
and literature in'the Province of Quebec, the patriarchal old man ot letters, upon whose face Is written nobleness of character and loftiness of
thought, holds a larger ahare of respect and affection tban ls even clalm-
crepe de chine, made to be worn with   rorma,ion' of opinion, in his outlook
a bust supporter and no corset unless   on ij<0i |n thc peculiar quality of his
possibly a webbing hip reducer.   The   w|t,    Jt was   thia that  enabled,   or -             hrUllsnt offsnrlne from th»
upper part of ths bobble garment was   ra,hcr obliged    him   to   lake  that ^^o'e^d'oUiiffon^e™
lace edged, and it was fashioned all in   curiously detached  view  of English vaDO|eon Bouiassa epltomiies ths
one piece, the skirt part reaching just   Ideals which was at times so discon- .       »           rf ^ cultured French-
below the knees, where it was drawn   rerting even to those who thougnt Canad*an 0, lho old school.    At the
Into an clastic baud about nu inch and   that they understood bim. of ctglj(y.nV(, De can i00k back
a half in width.   This band was just j     V".0 is **'s Jarcer_ln iSai? ****on a life of noblt endeavor to cul-
long enough to dispose of tbe slight I    t';snited0W?hefr0princi"pabir,dggamh..n,
fullness  in  the combination  and  to
places of Europe.
hold It close to tho body.   It also pre- , ■  wandered   for  fix   months   with
vented tho wearer from taking steps   Kod ind|ans in the Wild West.
too long for her dress. I     wore pink tights in a circus, b*s-
  Ing in love with a lady performer.
FOR THE WINTER TABLE.       Spent tcn }Car8 iu the dipiomatio
1 — < -"rvlce.
Try Casserole Cookery and You Will j     Founded "Truth."
Add Variety to tho Menu.      .      I     Entered   Parliament   and   became
Tho housekeeper who has tested the   chief Radical wirepuller.
convenience aud the delicious results       Writing  to a friend  with   regard
gained from cooking en casserole wlll   «o his appointment as. secratify ol
bo delighted to add to ber list of reel-   1-J.t on t._tbe gftj^<&*«;
pes mutton en easscroio.  For this dish   }»»■ ur      bl|o .  ,  . B0 *, remained
take two pounds nock of mutton, two   comtortably ln rtaiy and drew   ray
turnips, carrots, two onions, ono heap-   sa]ary ijke a bishop."    After twelve
Ing tablespoonful of Hour, oue heap- j raontba   urgent    messages    reached
ing tablespoonful of butter, twelve pro- ; him asking why bo   bad   not   pro-
served cherries, juice of half a lemon, I ceeded to his post.    He replied;   "I
one tablespoonful of mushroom ketch/ j have spent twelve  months  ln  dlll-
up. four tomatoes, two cupfuls of stock, ' gent inquiries respecting tho where-
salt and pepper.   Wipe the meat; then   abouts of tho Republic of Panama,
cut it Into neat, small pieces.   Melt ths   hitherto  without success     If your
butter and then fry the meat brown on    ordshlp will Inform mc vihasjta
bolh sides.   Remove tho ment. sprlrkls   | ««•*   hardly say   I will   hasten
In tho flour and brown it carefully, say..     H); dro]Iert4a wer8 innumerable; ..,„„..,....,	
Good Housekeeping.    Add tue stocs. , he wg9 rarr,ly in a eerious       >d for I not ln vain, and old Quebec bas mnny
aud stir until It bolls.   Tut the meat j jong     At bia bouse |0 oiu  l'alacs   lasting   monuments   to   his   genius.
into tho casserole, add tho sliced on- , yard be kept a playbill of an Amerl- * when a very young man he courted
ious and tomatoes, somo neatly cut j can circus in which ho figured (wben   and won lho hand of the youngest
he was attache at Washington) as Rnd most talented daughter of that
"Bounding Buck of Babylon," a famous French-Canadian reformer,
jumper. There was a lady in the raplncau. She died In 1889, after
troupe, of course. "I woro pink twclvo years of a happily married
tights," "Labby" related, "with a life, and Bourassa, still a young man,
fillet round my head. My adorablo I threw himself heart and soul Into
one said I looked a dear." As au painting. Ho studied for some tlmt
attache at Stockholm he wont to under the late Thcophillo Hamel, at
convey Queen Victoria's congi alula-1 Quebec and Toronto, and was later
tlvate a taste for   art   and letters
among his people.   In this ho labored
mutton nt cAssr.i.or.r. and scalloped
opinion was   highly   valued   by the ' pieces of carrot and turnip, the stock
;l'rime Minister. ' and a little salt.   Tut ou tho lid and
simmer for about two hours until the
meat is quite tender. Meanwhile,
wllh a round vegetable cutter, cut out
balls of carrot nnd turnip, using the
reddest part of the former. Cook these
In boiling salted water until tender;
then drain nnd keep tbem hot Season the.stew wllh salt and pepper and
stir In The lemon nnd ketchup. Arrange
tbe vegetable balls and cherries un the
top and serve ns hot ns possible.
Scalloped tomatoes In shells are delicious as an entree. Drain Iho Julct
from one can of tomatoes. Butler a
baking dish aud cover tho bottom
wilh the tomatoes. Hot Willi butter,
dredgo wllh pepper and salt and sprinkle generously with line breadcrumbs.
Arrange another layer of tomatoes and
crumbs and so proceed until the shells
are Dlled. Pour over all enough of
the juico of the tomatoes to moisten
well and then finish tlio dish with a
coverlug of crumbs. Bake for twenty
mindtes In a moderate oven. Garnish
with parsley and servo.
They Like Lloyd-George.
David Lloyd George, Chancellor of
the Exchequer, Is the most popular
man In Italy, according to Welshmen
returning from the continent.
The common people of Italy, In
discussing the British statesman, .say
that his well-known measures, such
as pension for old people, lnsur- I
ance, etc., are greatly needed ln |
Italy. Whenever Lloyd George speaks,
In or out of Parliament, every word
he says ls printed ln the Italian pa- j
pera. l-iuch more spaco Is given to
his speeches than to the utterances
of the Trime Minister of Italy. His
remarks are read avidly by workmen
who can read to their friends who
cannot. Britain's questions are
Italy's questions. There are movements in each country in the rame
direction, and tbe Italian working-
man believes that the British leader
ls the prophet o" the new era.
Antiquity of Football.
At Derby a game of football was
I played as early as the third century,
in commemoration of a victory over
the Roman legion at Chester.    The
1 flrst   football   used   in  tho  annual
j game, still played   each   Easter,   ls
said to   have  been  tho  head  ot  a
Danish Invader.   In tho isle of Pur-
beck, too, says Tho London Chron-
I Iclo, the freo quarrymen from   time
| Immemorial havo perpetrated   their
Worth Knowing.
Orange fritters arc ns delicious nn
accompaniment to broiled or fried ham
ns apple sauce to sp.arc.ril).
To eggs baked in individual casseroles add a slice of touiato and a
sprinkling of cheese, *
When serving afternoon tea try using
etatoloTgranYor^ 'J'b,is'
a football across lt. In tho 14th j with green tea especially, ;;lvos It a de-
century the game was so popular as j Hcloua flavor.
to call forth on edict forbidding it, |    If rice is cooked In wnter It wlll ab-
on tho ground that it interfered wilh , sorb nbout lliree times Ils measure. If
the practlco of moro martial cxer- | >» 13 cooked lu milk nt least half as
else.     In   later   times   Shakespeare | mucu raor0 liquid will ho necessary.
referred contemptuously lo the
game, but perbaP3 few would he able
to turn up readily the passaga In
King Lear describing "a base football player."
Knew His .Van.
If seams aro pressed over a broomstick or any rounded edge, wllh care
j In keeping them straight, there will bo
j no shining streak to mark their length.
I To brown dishes tbat cannot bo
] placed In Ihe oven heat a salamander
, I or round Iron plnte with a bundle at*
James MaeNelll Whistler and ..Hear        b d      „ rw] fc , ond ovpr ,h
Wilde did not love each other over- I
tions and Inquiries on the birth of
a royal baby. The solemn gentleman who received him r plied that
"His Royal Highness is uffering a
llltle Internally, and lt s thought
that this Is due to the 1 .Ilk of the
wet nurse having been slightly sour
yesterday evening." Labouchera
telegraphed this to tho Foreign Office*.
How young "Labby" concealed a
piece of truantry by denying bis
identity to his ian father In l!bn-
don and slipping back to Cambridge
In time to a ticipato parental suspicions Is vol' known. Thc boy wbo
tricked his parent was the man In
afte.' years wbo could play the wit
upon his father's memory. The
identities of bis father and uncle,
Lord Taunton, were confused one
day by a gentleman to whom Henry
was Introduced for the first time.
"The stranger opened the conversation by remarking, 'I have just
heard your father make a remarkable speech In the House ot Lords.'
'The House of Lords!' replied Mr.
Labouchcre, assuming an air of Intense Interest, 'well, I always havo
wondered where my father went to
when he died.'"
He Was No Scot,
on one occasion Sir Henry Campbell-, annerman and Taylor, the golf
champion, wero at Biarritz together.
A Scotch relative of Sir Henry's earnestly contended that Taylor was of
Scotch birth, a claim whicli Sir Henry
was Inclined to support. Ono of the
guests then intervened: "Well, all I
know about Taylor is that he Is a
very nice man; my golf club engaged
him lo play an exhibition match at a
fixed fee. Taylor duly came, but tbo   Ker3 over his chubby faco carefully
weather was so wet that no golf could
for three years at Florence and
Rome. During this time he was much
with Overlook, tho German religious
painter, and followed his methoda
closely. In 1880 he was choBon by
tho Marquis of Lome as a member of
the newly-established Royal Academy
of Arts, and served as Its vice-president.
The church of Notre Dame -*
Lourdcs, Montreal, Is an example of
his powers as architect, painter and
decorator, and even in recent years
he has designed many Une churches
ln Canada and the United States.
Mr. Bourassa Is not unknown to
French-Canadian literature, and Is
the author of "Jaques ct Marie," an
historical romance relating to the departure of the unhappy Acadlans la
1755, as well ne several volumes of
lectures: At the ago of clghty-liT* ht
is still halo and hcaity.
Couldn't Fool Her.
This story of Gibbon, the famout
historian, was told by a contempof
"Gibbon had a small face, almost
lost between a high forehead and a
big double chin and a caricature of a
nose which was crushed between the
encroaching slopes of a pair of baggy
cheeks. One day ho was Introduced
by M. tie Lauzen' to Mme. du Def-
fand, a blind lady, who was in 'he
habit of passing her hands over the
features of her renowned contemporaries when Introduced lo her In order
to get un idea of their appearance.
Gibbons received Iheso marks of attention, offering his fact to tho exploration of the blind lady's lingers
with a delightful frankness.
Mme. du Deffnnd passed ber fin-
bo played, and when wo offered hlra
payment lie refused firmly, only taking his baro traveling expenses."
Whereupon Sir Henry turned to a
com patriot and said, "I'm afraid such
a fact ls qulto fatal to our contention!"
Champagne Scarce.
A shortage of champagne, which
seems probable iu view of poor results shown by tbe 1913 vintage, will
b.) felt moro In England now than
it would have been fifty years back.
Sir Algernon West relates that in his
She did her utmost to discover some
other outstanding trait than Ihe pair
of abnormally developed cheeks, bul
all to no purpose. Durlug lho examination expressions of doubt and bewilderment chased ca^h other over
the face of the blind woman until
at last, In an outburst of anger, sho
let her hands fall by her side and
•"-led out, 'Bah; thii is a bud joke!' "
much.   Constantly they met ln Lon-
don drawing-rooms where each enjoy-
ed a reputation as a wit, and It was |
not unnatural   that   jealousy some- j
times fanned tho fuel of their bate.
On one  occasion Whistler made a j
particularly apt   remark   that   won 1
applause   even   from   Wilde.     "Ily
Jove,   Whistler,"   he  eielaimod,   "I
with  I   had   eald    that!"    "Never
mind," said Whistler, nonchalantly,
"you wlll."
top of the dish, being careful not to
Recipe For Pumpkin Pie.
Stew pumpkin, cut Inlo small pieces
in half pint of water and when sofl
mash wilh a potato mnslior very fine
Let thc water dry nwny, wntchinj
closely to prevent burning or scorch*
Ing. For each pie tako one well beaten
egg, half cupful sugar, two tablespoon*
Ship tailed Iron Duke.
Britain's next great battle ship lt
to bo culled :he Iron Duke, afler th*
Duke of Wellington, although lhat
soldier camo by the nickname In t
early days "two hollies of champagne I roundabout way. Ho wns never ro
was the allowance for a dinner parly, j ,.a|iod until long after Waterloo. An
These wero handed round a-fter the ! iron sleamshlp, a novelty at the time,
second course, and drunk in homeo- j was built in the Mersey, and named
pathlc doses out of small tubes ot [ae Duke of Wellington, and so the
plass, which contained little hut j vessel came to be known as tlie Iron
froth. Lord Alvanlcy was tbo first puke—tho transition being easy and
who had the courage to protest 1 obvious. It was tbe duko' union of
against this nicagro allowance, ex- ! reso!ut!on and physical energy which
claiming one evening: "Vou might as I mado iho popular usmo for the Mi.r-
well expect us to drink out of ther- tcy bulit steamship to lit him llko t
mometcrs.' " | perfect cap.
Part of tbo Dressing. Utile cream will Improve ltl, a llltle
"Hey, waiter," said the fat man;    wit    Stir well together and  seas.,.
"there's a button In this soup!" I **'ith cinnamon or nutmeg. Bake wljh
"A button!" exclaimed tho waiter. I n good  under rr::rt In a  hot oven
"Oh, yes, slrl   We alway* make our ! Some steam tht pumpkin Instead tt
•suds out of dressed beef. iLr.,: i ettwlns it
Prince Loses Beqncst.
Prince Arthur 0.' Connaught sacrifices 1123,000 by bis marriage to tho
Duchess of Fife, for tbe late Ktnr
Edward directed In bis wlll that
f 135,000 sbould be paid out of his
eslalo to I'rinco Arthur If he married
fuls pumpkin, half pint rich milk (s j a girl with less than ISiiO,000 dowrj*.
1 As tho Iltichess of Fife has an Im-
I mediate  forltlno of  J1,2.",0.000.   tho
jlain King's boquert   will   revert to
Princess   Mary   on   her   twenly-first
birthday.   Morn Arthur actually inherited *■'*•:>.010 from Klnc Edwud.
Different Coinage.
Colnnge Is always a mystery to tbt
wayfarer. In Johannesburg th«y talk
In silver. In Holland they talk la
florins; across tho frontier thej talk
In francs. But (here arc pltccs wher*
they talk on a lower scale. And I
greet the boy who brought me change
for Ss. 9d. out of » sovereign with
two farthings In H. But what is a
man to '!" wlln two fanhlnga in England? I suppose an omnibus "*nc)ue-
tor would lb row ree "1 tl" vnhlcls at
I arnlriri d hl*n     .*■•  larlblnra. inn miaAMiKK, Uum.fcSiUtAf'lJJ, ft.*'
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Sometimes a man who operates tlie
.ilms, after he has shown a series of
pictures) reverses them. For example
a thief is coining along a street; ht
snatches a lady's watch; there ia a
line and cry; he ruus away; people
give chase. You know tiie usual
thine; eventually he is caught. Well,
when that picture is reversed, thc effect is raihei ridiculous hut Interesting, Everything goes backward; in-
sti'u-1 of the thlel1 being caught, we
see him released; the crowd decreasing Instead of Increasing; instead nf
leaving its owner, the watch returns
to iter. 1 want you to imitate llie
trick of tlto operator in a cinematograph theatre, hut 1 don't want you
to Btart tn date and ko back, sending
rae literary pictures of each and every
lletherington glanced at his watch.
Time was nearly up; Carmen would
ho waiting for him.
1 have grasped your meaning all
right, the American drawled. It is
playing a game of chess backwards—
that's all. 1 would like to know what
pieces were on thc board.
1 can tell you nothing except that 1
think the man whose past . want pictured for me, is married has travelled on the Continent and has lived
most of his lilt* big game shooting,
probably i i South America.
That may mean some travelling?
the American said.
Very poBSfbl, That's why 1 want
you to wofk backwards. And 1 suppose you are clever enough lo be able
to tell mc exactly what this Hetherlngton number one did from (September
1 to September tV*' It is possible thai
that may lie sufficient. I want you to
Ko by easy singes anil .(port anything
you discover, however unimportant it
may seem, immediately.
There Is only ore difficulty, Ihe
American said. Apparently tliere are
two Sir George lietheiingtonst -Supposing I get ou tlio track of the wrong
Take it froui me, you can't. Confine
yourself io the past, and you need
have no fears on that score.
They arranged terms and then
strolled hack to the lounge. Carmen
had just arrived. Without
scions of what she was
lletherington realized that
magnificently gowned and she was
wearing superb diamonds.
Saluzo wished him goDd-night nnd
turned away. Hut, acting on a sudden Impulse lletherington slopped
liim. Let ne Introduce you to my
wife*-as you haven't dined, you had
better join us.
He had two reasons for Uviling Uie
American, the least of which was he
dreaded a .ote-a-teto with his own
wife Though Carmen's manner was
perfectly charming lie wns-quick lo
nee that she resented the presence ot
a third party. AndsHelr.erlngtou fell
to wondering now he would have felt,
liow lie would have behaved tupposlnr.
lie had never met Peggy Mehon.
Could he then have resisted the fascinations of his own wife? He bad
no reason to be ashamed of her. Perhaps her dress wan a little startling,
perhaps sho wore too many jewels, but
she possessed wit as well as beauty;
her conversation was brilliant, her
manners juturally foreign but perfect.
Silas Saluzo was evidently impressed
and lie Jld his best to make himself
After the men! they returned to the
lounge, and all three smoked over
their coffee. When tlto clock struc:
ten o'clock, Carmen rose, asking her
husband lo take her home.   I hope we
shall me-' agala, Mr, Saluzo, she said
giving him h-.* hand. We must all go
to a theatre together. I'll get my
husband to arrange a u.ty with you tomorrow.
Evldontly she did no; uuspect ths
American's profession, lletherington
was relieved. He felt terribly guilty
where Carmen was conoernow.
An electric* motor-brougham was
waiting outsit and together they entered II and drove hack to Albert Hall
Well, what did you arrange with
your lawyers? Carmen asked,
lletherington told her. He almost
expected a passionate outburst, but to
his surprise she remained finite calm
anil-n little cold.
That means ilea that we're really-
going to part for ever, aud you will
live the rest of your life abroad'.'
1 think so.
And after all you don't love me?
He looked at her. Only a strong
man could have sail 'No' io such a
woman nt such a moment. If Peggy
.Mehon had novcv entered his life, the
odds were that he would have been
incapable of saying 'No.' lt was difficult enough. Hut here at last was
a chance of speaking the absolute
(null, even though it wore brutal.
No, Carmen, I don't love you—not
as a husband sliouid love his wife
ever. We're husband and wife, don't
forget that. Now what are you going
to do?
(To be Continued)
'strictly   fresh eggs"
Would Limit Time of Keeping Eggs in
Cold Storage
Washington.—Production of eggs in
the United States   has   steadily   increased during the past 1* years. The
price of eggs has also moved steadily
upwards.   Depattment of agriculture
officials declare that cold storage, is
responsible for the high prices.   Fig-
j ures issued recently by the census bu-
t reau show that In 1SD9 American hens
' laid  1,;»3,662,000 dozen  eggs,  which
was seventeen dozen for every man,
woman and child !.. the country.
In 1I>09 they produced 17.3 dozens
per capita, while this year it is estimated that they will produce IT.8 doz*
pes per capita.
As to prices the statistics show that
!:. ISM average best frcih eggs sold
wholesale in New York, highest price
at 3G cents, in 300-1 at 47 cents, in
190S at 56 cents, in' November, 3 P12,;
at 60 cents. Last month they,',verc
611 cents.
Department otlici.ls expressed ihe
opinion lhat there should be a nation-
, al law limiting the time which eggs
! may bo kept in cold sto."age, six
months probably being the limit. This
they said, would put eggs on the
market more uniform', and prevent
them from being held .'or exorbitant
prices, Further, it was declared that
shipments of eggs from o.i state lo
another, except, to retail dealers,
should be prohibited in order to prevent evasion of tlie proposed storage
limit law.
Not Coker-Nuts
A show man at oionoostcr. En gland,
was recently (Inert For obtaining money
from ilic public by false pretences.
He had set up :i cokar-uut shy, but lhe
ec!:or-nuts he had set up wero mado
of solid iron, and ihey would not fall
■A little sig* BUook her body, Tben I?" fcbo $*?&* wi,h liie *'00dcu bnlIs
it's 1-est tbat wc ahould part, but it!Ilc sni>1',ud
must be  final aud decisive,     Some
thero inns
returning.     1 *
i ing oon-
she  was
I nor sorvanr
(-tantalus int
she dismiss
I    We'd  belt
Very Itchy, When Brushed, Dandruff All Over. Hair Came Out in
Great Bunches. Cuticura Soap
and Cuticura Ointment Cured
Head in Three Weeks.
16 Haliam St., Toronto, Out.--"About
too year* ago the dandruff bogan, My heml
sot vtotw and Boaba formed oa it which
made it bald In places, It \\n%
very ik'liy ami gave mo a
tondoncy to scratch it whicli
mado It worse, 1 aliraya had
to wear my bat whether in die
imuseat work or out. Whenever l brushed my hair it f*rnt
tho dandruff all over. Tho
haircamo out Ui great bunches
until I was nearly b-ild und
when tt waa at its worst it came out roolfl
and all.
"I tried « btcli mado it worse than before. I tried several things after tbat but
the*/were no good. After nine moot lis liko
tui31 had hardly any hair left when one day
I happened tu eco the advertisement "of
Cuticura Soap and Ointment En the paper.
1 straightway sent fur a sample After flrat
washiag With tho Cuticura Soap I applied
•ome Cutlcura Ointment and I could foci
a great relief. After finishing tho flaniplo t
went and got a cake of Cutlcura Soap and a
trai of Cuticura Ointment. In threo weeks
they had cured my bead." (Signed) 1J.
Horn. May 16,1913.
Cuticura Soap aud Ointment do so muen
for poor complexions, red, rough hands, and
dry, thin and failing hair, and con so Utile,
Chat it is almost criminal not to uso them.
A single set is often sufficient. Sold everywhere. For liberal freo sample of each, wit li
32-p. book, send post-card to Potter Drug
* Chora. Corp., Dept. V, Boston, U. S. A,
sort of
up.     I
m on        ^	
erous, '-jut if you oner
be no chanCo of   your
must Know Via f*. or.
To marry again'.'
Sim Liiook her bond. A very subtle
smile nailed the scarlet lips and a
strange look tame into hoi' heavy eyes.
No—freedom to live? my own life, without ..ny dangei or tbnt life being interrupted by a sudden commend to return to .vou. It's ouly fair, isn't it?
If we part, ii must be for ever.
The motor-brougham stopped ct'tbo
mansion and Hetherlngton helped ber
to alight.     You'll come in for a little
while, < veu  though you won't stay?]
she ■ sked, and her voire, like her ojes
were compelling,     We'd better settle
everything once and for all to-night,.
Tie sooner it'.- settled tbe better,
but I think we eould talk business bet-1
ter in the morning,
li must be tonight, -sbe replied.
And he followed her.     Qarnjpn told
er servant to bring the glasses and
ito tho drawing-room, then
issed hev.
..Jd  better &m:*ke( she   .milcd to
Hetherlngton;  we're not so likely to
quarrel under the soothing influence
of tobacco.
Oh, I don't think wo'ro likely to
Carmen showed her teeth. Watching ber, Hetherlngton womf-red what
her tbougUa were, and wished he
eould read her hear*:.
She curled herself up on the (.•iicst-
erfleld and stretched lazily; the
shaded lamps cast a rosy glow on her
olive : kin, emph^sizinr the rounded
outlines of her figure. She knew she
looked divinely tantalizing; she knew
tbat nt man eould see her as ahe lay
there stretched ^n lazy abnndo without fooling if nol love, at least admiration and lure.
llffvlns made np your mind you'do
not love me. George, has It ever oc-
e .rred to you to ask yourself whether perhaps I don't love you'.'
He bit Ids .ip at.d turned his head
away. Thut thought bad never
struck him.     He made no reply.
When do you propose going back to
the wilds?
Almost at once.   T   shall   stop   in
town for a few mor   days In order to
settle up everything lo your satisfaction,  then 1 shall tun up to Cranby
Hall and sta: thero for a little while.
Is that wtye? she whispered,
llethoringtcu turned    quickly;    ho (
wondered whfcther she suspected him.
He be-jan to walk restlessly up and
down the room.     It was curious how
persistently he clung to hope, or how
hope refused to leave him.
Supposing Silas Saluzo was able to
enlighten him as to his past and then
link up lhat pact with his present, and
The incident
heard recently.
.minds one of a story
\   Mr.   Donaldson,
Too Hard
The incident in tho Glasgow Court
when n. Suffragette threw apples at
iho judge recalls a little-known story
connected with MaOume Sarah Bern*
In her dressing room one evening
alio s'.mmoned ono of her attendants,
and ordered her to bring some pencil
cs from the nearest shop Either the
maid misunderstood the cider or she
thought, as the saying goes, that any
old fruit would o, for sll- came back
a few minutes later with half a-dozen
plump, juicy pears in a basket.
At the moment, Bernhardt was declaiming to a .'.'lend about the dearth
I of good now plays, aud anybody would
i have thought she was too absorbed
in her lamentations to notice thc
maid's mistake. She took a pear from
the basket slowly and apparently unconsciously, and tho maid turned to
leave the room.
In an unlucky moment the girl
paused at the door and looked round.
Then, witli astonishing swiftness and
accuracy of aim, Bernhardt raised
her*hand and the pear flew through
itself to a juicy pulp
Test for a Firldglass
Inquiry has :'t tba; tlio absolute and
infallible test oi a glass by the purchaser ij to see whnt si.-.e letters can
be  r-.Hl  across the street from  thc
tieian's shop.
It isn't.   The real test 13 a climb up
a long and brushy bill until thc breath
comes a hundred to tho minute, then
a snatch for the glass, reposing in a
shirt pocket, to set- whether the hue!:
is iho one you war.* beforo you lire.
If it won't go in your shii. pocket it
is not the glass you want; others are
mado that will.     If it t'aakoa in your
ajitaied hands it is not tho glass ycu
want;   you  can uot  see enough  morel
with a high power glass to pay for j
the times when it i„ unusable because j
you cannot hold it steady.
A Cinch
Howard—la there any
having your Lest girl hi
to get be]
.■'.vantage in '
ihily educat-l
Sure Cling1.   No one tries
away from you.
B REMEMBER I The ointment
§5| yon putcnyourchild'ssk-ngets
into the system just as surely as
food the child eats. Don't let
impure fats and Mineral coloring
matter (such as many cf the
cheap ointments contain) get
into your child's blood I Zam-
Kuk is purely-herbal. No poisonous coloring. Uce it always.
50c. Box al All Dwtgi:<: an J Stem,
A Pill for all Seasons.—Winter and
Bummer, ia any latitude, whether iu
torrid none or Arctic temperature.
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills can be depended upon to do their worlt, The
dyspeptic will (Ind them a friend always and should carry them with him
everywhere. They aro made to withstand any elimnte and are warranted
to Keep their freshness an., strength.
They do not prow stale, a quality not
possessed in many pills now on tho
'nr,"'o'm.Ar".l,,i     »>**"*.-> ,i™iI*""J recently,     a   .ut*.   tjjttaiusou,'  ,,aco* smashing
:m  not   -limiting   nbout   the  ,    . Inelnnd one year and     Tnan1' Heaven!  was all  sho said;
-youlve >ra ';,0,'° ,""" ««" i bough!!^S? his bus? Uionl. Heaven, my ,1,1, that you did'n,
ness.     lie look the machine to pieces! urms "Wies.
and took it home in parts, carefully
packed, intending to put them togetli .
I er on the spot.
An Australian custom-house official
gave hint a lot of trouble on his arrival, examining ev ry part, and arg-
' uing about the amount to bo paid.    At
■ last they came to an agreement about
j all but one box. which contained tlie
! metal nuts used in bolting the parts
I of the machinery together. About
j what vits to be charged for these the
* official had no doubt at all.
Now as to these, he said, the duly
■ will be four cents a pound. Mr. Donaldson protested that tbis was too
high. N'ot a bit of it, was the con-
Meat reply; the schedule rays distinctly that ull nuts except colter-
nuts, are to pay four cents n pound.
These aren't 'colter-nuts, so four cents
a pound you'll have to pay.
Piestuent wilso-.'s sangfroid in unfailing, said . diplomat- as unfailing
as bis fund of anecdote.
Apropos of the shipping rebate. I
complimented the president on his
sangfroid Uie other day. He replied
with liis dry smile, that be tried to
imitate th-j gravedlgger.
A gravedlgger, ho explained, had the
habit of visiting Ms cemetery every
night nt about midnight to see that all
was going v.cil.
tioitte bov.s decided U play a tick
on bim. They dug :. trench in a davl
spot which t e gravedlgger always
passed over, and on.'* of their nuniVti
clothed iu a white sheet, hid behind
a tree,
The grarcdiggt r at midnight duly
appeared, and sure enough, he stumbled and fell into lite grave.
Tben the boy iu ihe sheet stepped
forth and said In hollow tones;
What are you'dolnc in my grave?
What nre yon doing out of it? the
grave-digger calmly replied
Care of the Sickroom
In taking care of nn invalid it is a I
good idea to change the furniture
around a littlo at one becomes so tir-1
ed of tli. samo furnishings in the*
same places. De sure to coax all tho
sunshine in the. room and allow fresh;
air to pass through often. Keep a pa-
tient's room tidy. Change your cos-:
tume often just to make a llttlo variety. Do not let bottles, halt filled,
.'.lasses, spoons, stand around, theyi
may seem trifles to you who can get
about, but are sonietime3 enormities
to one who is nervous. Not of small \
importance is the trny. Always
have a clean cover—paper napkins
are nice for the purpose. Use your
best china. Servo hot things hot and j
eold things cold, not warm.
Ancients Unions and Trusts
About the year 190 B.C., Thyatira
oame under the power cf Rome, aud
though in the days of the republic it
suffered much from oppression and extortion, great commercial prosperity
cam: to it with the Inauguration of
the empire. Ab.iut the timo that St.
John wrote tlie Revelation it was at
the height of its wealth and prosper-1
lty as a business city. It is known
that ihere wore more trad? guilds In
Thyatira than in any other city of
Asia, for luscripttoi s tell us that there
were guilds ef linen workers, wool
workers, dyers, .r.-enze smiths, potters,
bakers, tanners and slave* dealers. The
selling .it ready made garments was
an important business of Thyatira. but
wbetber tliere were tho accompaniments of sweatshops, long hours and
scanty pay w,. ar: not told.
Congenial Occupation
s that friend of yours with tbe
t    tendt'.ic'es    doing     these
Minard's Liniment Cures   Garget   In
English Hand Made Lace
Beautiful lace, posseLsing wonderful
wearing qualities and daintiness of
design is made by hundreds of workers in tiie rural villages of Bucks.
Beds., and N'orthants, Kngland. There
are three varieties of laco made; 'Torchon.' adapted for underwear; 'Maltese,' made of 'aee thread, silk, cotton,
etc., nut'. 'Point Ground,' the finest pillow lac made. They also design
coat collars and "Ten Magyar blouses
in lace, ns well ns stock colIat'R and
cuffs to match, blouse yokes, D'Oylies
and tablecloths. Mrs. Armstrong, of
Olney, Bucks, England, will on receipt of a postcard, id a booklet entitled 'An Interesting Home Industry,'
free. lt contains 128 pages, ls copiously illustrated and tells tho romance of Kngllsh lacii-aataklng ln a
fascinating manner.
Repeating Shotguns
Over four hundred and fifty
thousand sportsmen use and
endorse Winchester Repeating Shotguns. The U.
S. Ordnance Board after subjecting oneoftheseguns to the
severest of tests reported officially that the gun could not
be improved upon. For field,
fowl or trap shooting they
are equally good. Then
why  not a Winchester?
FREE~Send yoar address tor catalogue ot Winchester —the Red IV
11 rand —buns  and Ammunition.
anarchi ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
days? - I    Worms,  however    generated,    are
He has a job in an automobile t-c- foun(1 ,„ U)e („gcg, ve t,.actS] wUe-8
they set up disturbances detrimental
Gee! 1' ; bet ho loves his job.
H.' surely doc        All Le bas to do
is to Mow up tlie tires.
Laundries in United Uatej
There : re 6.J87 steam laundries in
the  United States employing 109,184
Pretty Tcugh
ihe smarter, tile dog
Tho   th.g   is   the
Which  :
tlie horse?
No comparison
wise one.
Ho.v do you make tint out?
You know hew llie horse works.
Did you ever sec a dog working for
a living.
Tlie fool aud his money keep many
stevcr people from starving.
Fat Man—Do you serve lobster
Waitress -Certainly, sit down.
Cr.-ipe-Nuts a Perfectly Balanced food
remove the  horrid dread, whicli his I 	
consclenco still strenuously refused] No chemist's analysis of Grape-Nuls
lo admit is a certainty lhat ho had enn begin to show the real value of
been guilt) of murder? ' Supposlns his tho food—ibe practical value as shown
bauds wera clean of crime and his bj personal sxperience.
life was not so black ns It had been . is a food that is pincctly bal-
painted, that be bad control of bis auced, supplies the needed elements
future; would Carmen, he wondered, for both brain and body in all stages
divorce blm und give him freedom? '"" '"""' ''"' lm'1"11   "rrouirh t
*".0   REWARD,  S100
T\:e ten'iel'fl it is   patter   will    ho
pleased let It-nrn that there is at least
rmc dreaded tli ease that sr*ieue has
ltr*,*ti able to cute tn all its slafft-s. and
that is Calnrrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is
the only positive eyre now known 'o
r t.,*-tiienl fraternity. Catarrh beintr a,
fo istiliilii'iital disease; requlr a eonstl-j
t''intuit treat) e*" '-fall's Catarrh Cure
Is toltfit Internally, aet'nK directly upon
tin* blood and niuc.ius surfaces of the
system, lhr-.-i.v .wit-nyinc tlie foundation of tit,, dlflenee, and giving tlie patient
slrenRllt tw building up the constitution
"od assisting nature In doing Ils work.
Tbe p'vt.rictn**'" have ?-> much fiiMli In its
■ 'ttrativo 'overs tiutt they offor Ono
|T,*..-tt*r.,i DoUsm foi* nnv rase that It fails
to nil**?.    S**iid for lf"t of lest'mvinlals.
A.l*' P,   J.   CHV.NRV  &  CQ„  To-
ledo. 0.   Sold l.v all l'tn-fftrists. 71*0. Tako
; -.lr. Family Tills for constipation,
It Was Doubtful
After a third addition lo tlie family
It became necessary to secure tlio se;-
vices of a permanent nurse.
Now. my husband ia very partieulir
whom he engages as nurse, said tlie
mistress to a girl who hud applied for
tho position. Are you faithful, and
lisve you a kind, loving disposition?
w ill you	
Excuse me. madam, am f to take
cure of the baby or your husband?
to tlie health of the child. There can
be no comfort for the little ones until
tho hurtful intruders have been cx-
. pelled. No better preparation for
I litis purpose can bo had than Miller's
Worm l'owdcrs. They will immediately destroy the worms ul '. correct
tlie coiitlitlous that were favorable to
theii   existence.
Correctly Classified
A Washington man who was being
shown through one of the ancestral
home: in the Shenandoah valley by
au aged colored servitor stopped before a portrait.
What a lino painting! ho exclaimed.
Why* tbat must be nn old master!
Excuse me, boss, said tl.e retainer,
but you're mlstaketh* Dat's de picture of oie Missus Taylor.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Then There was "trouble
Young Wife—Today is Uie anniversary of our wot'ding,     I shall havo
one of tlio chickens killed in honor
of the occasion.
Her Husband—Oh, leave ''; alone. It
wasn't tlie chickens fault.
The chicken wasn't killed and the
dinner was a failure.
Proof of Value
of the flme-tested, world-trieel, home
remedy—proof of its power to relievo
quickly, safely, surely, the headaches, the sour taste, the poor
spirits and the fatigue of biliousness
—will be found in every dose of
SoU •Tttiwtun.  te hoses, 29 cat*
Ratj'.lme Oratory
Why do you refer to tbat speech at
mino as ragtime oratory? asked th*
Because, replied tbe musician, It ls
written strictly with a View to plea*
Ing the popular taste.
W. N. ". 978
.    A  mad idea—perhaps a vain hope,
|.ltut love set lire to if.   lio stood by
his  wife's sitto and leant over her.
Givo me a week iu which lo make up
my mind, he said hoarsely
She looked at him anxiously. Fer
the first time ho saw some .Ing like
tear In her eyes. Thc-glit your mind
was made up. Hood heavens, are you
Soiug to cba'tige it again 1,1 ' yet again,
sbe cried fiercely.
I only ask ii week'.   He war pleading
now.     I know I'm not treating you
well, Carmen, but be patient—one day
perhaps  you  will  understand  everything, and you'll pity me,   Xo matter
■ what decision 1 com-* to, yo.i shall lie
j free if you wish It—whether I live in
I England or go back to tbo wiids.
}    She roso from the sofa and stood
'fating him.     She laid her hands oa
his shoulders nnd opening her eyes
widely looked straight into his.   You
have got to decide now, George.    I'm
your wife and I demand   ay rights,
fillers you promise now to go back to
South America and never return again
I shan't lot you go at, alt.   You muet
stay hero wltb mc from to-night, for
I Of life from iho infant, through the
I strenuous times of active n.iddle life,
1 and is a comfort und uupport iu old
"For twe years 1 have used .-.*.*-
Nuts with milk and a llf'C cream for
! breakfast.     I  un comfortably hungry
I for my dinner at nocii.
I    I use llltle meat, plei ly of voget-
' ables and fruit, in stason, for the noon
lneal, ft .1 if ..red at tea. lime, lake
Grape*Nuts alone  and feel  perfectly
I nourished.
"Nerve ami brain power and memory are much improve! since using
Grap Nuts. I am over sixty and
weigh 155 lie. My son and husband
seeing how I bad improved are now
using Qr.tpe-Nuls.
"Ily son, who is a travelling man,
eats uottiing fc. breakics. i ut Grapo-
nuts and a glass of milk. An aunt
over TO, seems fully nourished on
Grape-N'uts and crear." "There's a|
Name givor. by Canadian Postum
Co., Windsor, Oi t. Ileal "The Road
to Wellville," in pkgs.
Ever read tl.e above letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are genuine, true, and full of hur-.an*
Japan's Dun i.iy Editors
. There is a peculiar person on the
staff nf Httiuc of t'.ic Japanese newspapers, known as I e 'dummy editor.'
whose sole duty it is to go to jail in
the interests or tl • journal. Whenever
a paper publishes something unfriendly to the government it Is suppressed
and the dummy ediloi sent to prison
while lhe real editor simply changes
thc name if the paper and continues
to publish it ns beforo.
Brief Decisions
They sny matrimony is n lolterr. A
lottery has many moro blanks than
Some self-made men are anxious io
file vlans antl specifications for tbe
n: .kiug of others.
llenevolcnce is often too local in ils
Admiral Dewey onco described
quaintly In Washington a inau wbo
was a borrower and a sponger.
lio is one nf those chaps that one
occasionally meets, tho admiral said
Worked Like a Charm
Why don't you buy something at
my table? demanded the girl at the
charity fair.
Because I only buy from the homely girls, said lho nan. They have
a harder lime making sales. The
girl was not offended and be worked
this right dow   tuo line.
Harold (on a visit)—Do your specs
magnify, grandma?
Gi..nt"na—Ycb,  Tommy!
Harold—Do you mind tailing them
oft while you ;ut nr   cake?
Show mo a well bred horse and "•
poorly fed one and I will show you a
poor horse.     Show mo a poorly bred
one and a well fed one and   I   will
occasionally meets, tho admiral said, i show you a fair horse.     Show me a
who use all their friends as coaling (well bred one and a well fed ono and
stations. 11 will show you a market topper.
Blink That You Hear Every Day
Our boy never gives us a   bit   of
Plenty ot room u,, ahead.   Step forward in the aiak, pierce.
The trains on our rooj arc always
on time.
Eggs strictly fresh.
Our dog knows everything you say
fo him.
We'll ': one. two, three   m    the
league next'scasor*.
Here, sir. 1   a machine that is ab-
solutc-ly noiseless.
A revolver that is perfectly safe.
Weather Indications for this week
It's so slmplo a child can operate
The best show on tbo rom".
The liut'3 busy.
Pure whiskey.
Uollable clalr     ant.
All a woman wants Is to be wanted
and beauty—to prevent wrinkles and' 'crow's       S
feet" and deep black circles under the eyes—        I
- nothing is as good as I
Give it a fair trial for banishing those distressing pains of
drains on one's vitality. This prescription of Dr. Pierce's regulates all th*
womanly functions.' It eradicates and destroys "Female Complaints" and
weaknesses that make women miserable and old before their time. Every girl
needs it before womanhood. Every mother needs it. It is an invigorating tonie
for the female system. All medicine dealers have sold it wilh satisfaction, to
customers for the past 40 years. It is now obtainable In liquid or tablet form
at dr.igitorvB-ci lend BO one-cent stamps for trial box, to K. V. Pierce, Cuffa'tV
rcgaUte aad Invigorate stomach, liver cui'J b < *-•"..
Sugar coated, Uay granules, easy ta Uk« *>.
For Weak Backs and Headaches
Miss Ethel Balccmbe, ct fort Dut-
ferin, N.S., writes: "1 was troubled
with Kidney Diseas, for several years.
1 .' back was weal;. 1 bed terrible
headaches and was so restless that I
could not sleep nt night. At last a
friend told me. about OlN P1I.LS. I
at once got a box and after taking
them, I felt better—after taking three
boxes, 1 was cured."
EOc. a box, C for -*.r*0. Sample tree it
you write National Drug and Chemical
Co. of Canada Limited, Toronto.   215
Hemmandhaw When Beanbrough
got married, oue* ot his friends threw
an old shoe through the carriage at
hlni and hit him on the bead.
Shimmcrpate- -Couldn't he tlnd out
who owned tlie shoe";
Hemmandhaw—Ko; it belonged to
H horse.
Primitive Fishhooks
What sort of hooks did our ancestors, our really remote ancestors, use,
whet wild in wood"^he noble savage
ran? I am inclined to agree with
tho American view that tho earliest
I typo of hook, it hook it can be called,
was a straight bit of dint burled ln
the bait. When tht flsh bad swallowed the bit of meat, or whatever it was
the tightening of the lino pulled the
Hint icross its throat, and, as lt stuck
there, the fish coal*? ho hauled ashore
I without more ado. Perhaps some
I bright innovator of that misty past
one day trioti a bit ot flint which had
a double curve like a pair of buffalo
horns and found it effective, and perhaps out of that developed tbe genuine double book, which seems to have
been a very early form. And perhaps the single hook came Into being
because it was realized that one bend
was ns efficient as '.wo for most purposes.
Restored to Health by Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Own Story.
London, Ont. --"I am a farmer's wife
and a very busy woman. Last summer
. I was taken with
severe pains in my
back so bad that I
could not get up or
scarcely move without pain, and my
periods were painful. My husband
called in a good doc-
*4 tor and I was under
his cave for somo
time, but he did me
little or no good.
One day a friend of mine told me to
try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound as she bad been greatly
helfed by it. I hr*gan taking it and
booh got well, and my periods became
nntural again. Since' then I have had
perfect health. In fact I have never felt
so well in my life. Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound is a medicine
many women need. If you think this
letter will help other women please publish it. "--Mrs. K, C. Young, Tambllng'i
Corner, London, Ontario, Canada.
Women v.'liosulTer from those distressing ills peculiar to their sex should not
doubt the ability of Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound to restore their
If you liarr (lie slightest tlutilit
thnt Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound <Hl\\ help you.write
i.. I.ydia Ll.t'lnklin m McdicluoCo.
iconlldentiul) Ia.vnn.Maas.,(oradvice. Your let ter will be opened,
rend and answered by it woman,
and held in strict confidence.
Bad Company
A negro with : bad cut in his head
fttnio to a doelor. The doctor fixed
blm up anil ns the man was about to
depart the physician said;
Thai's a pretty bad cut in your head
Henry. Why don't you profit by tills
lesson nnd keep oi.t of Ud company
ln the* future?
Well. I'd llko to, doctor, replied
Henry, sadly, but 1 aii't got no money tc get er devolve you see.
Some girls cat no more learu'linw
lo llirl than ll.-li tan lenrn how to
An Old Ruse
Tlie inliitcnco of women in Louis
X.V.'s day was nil powerful. Tiie men.
la consequence, feared them. It became the fashion for women to dash
about Paris in cabriolets, driving often somewhat rashly, mul increased accidents were put dowu to this cause.
Gabriel tie Snrtlhes, minister of yo-
lice, dared not forbid any woman to
drive in Paris, sn ke caused on edict
to be issued prohibiting their doing
so until they were forty years old. After this declaraticn, notes Mrs. Bearne
In 'A Curt Painter and His Circle.'
there was nol n cabriolet to be seen
driven by a woman.
The Class In English
The editor at the Wisconsin K.vnor*
Iment station, desiring a complete reference library of the resources of tho
state, sent a circular letter to tho horticultural dairying and other agricultural organizations of Wisconsin, asking for e'opies of their last reports.
Most nf them came all right, but
one organisation wrote: Our last report wo hope is not yet published,
but we tako pleasuro in sending under separate cover a copy of our latest report.
That large bump running across thc
had: of your head, said the phrenologist, means that you aro inclined to be
curious, even to the point of recklessness.
I know it, sa'd (be man who was
consulting him. I got that bump by
sticking my head into tlie dumb wait
er shaft to see if the waller wus going
up. and it was coining down.
Say. old man, began Bllinson, lend
me your ear for a while, will you?
My friend, replied Jones, shrewdly
suspecting a touch. I'd"glnSly loud
you both of them, then I wouldn't
be able to hear you ask mo to leud
you anything!
Thousands Stii. Suffering That Can be
Quickly Cured by "Nerviline.'"
"Three years ago I discverc;. that
a man subject tt lumbago might just
as well be dead aa alive." These words
open the sincere, straightforward letter of H. P. Btishby, a well-known
man in the plumbing and tinsmithing
"Ono attack came afler another, and
lumbago got to be a ctronb thing
with me. I could scarcely get in a
day's work before tbat knifing, cruel
pain would attack my back. 1 used
a gallon of liniments; not one of tbem
seemed penetrating enough to get at
the coro of the pain. I read in the
Montreal Witness about Nerviline, and
got dvo bottles. It Is a wonderful
medicine—I could feel ltl soothing,
pniu-relievlug action every time lt was
applied. When I got the disease under control with Nerviline, I built up
my strength and fortified my blood
by taking 'errozono at meals. This
treatment cured me permanently, and
I urge everyone to give up the thick,
white, oily liniments they tiro using,
and try an up-to-date, penetrating,
pain-destroyer like Nerviline.
"Please public my letter the world
over.     1  .vant all to hear of'Nervi-
Don't be cajoled Into receiv! - anything from your tlcaler but "Nerviline." Large family size bottles 60a,
trial size :5c, all dealers, or Tlie Cat-
arrbozone Co., Buffalo. NY., and
Kingston, Canada..
Historic London Street
Friday street is one of the most interesting and ancient of tie thoroughfares ef London. As long ago as
130," a reference to it appears In the
city records, and even then it was probably old. Close by it stood the
Nag's Head tavern, which is famous
in history az the ire-ended scene of
the consecration of Matthew Parker.
archbishop of Canterbury, In the reign
of Queen Elizabeth
Morr.li cf hrlstabel
Parage attacks have been made ht
some of tiie llritis-'.i papers and i i
Boine American papers on the articles
which Chrlstabel Pankhurst has been
running in The Suffragette on the dangers of marriage. They have been accused of Immorality and Indecency.
Certainly they arc neither Immoral or
indecent. They are perfectly straightforward, and *lso in substance they
are entirely true  constituting a need-
The name of Friday street is derlv- ed and valuable warning, and lucreas
ed from tho fact th.it in medieval j ,l11' pressure of in*, t to improve In
time!, many fishmongers resided there sj-ntpathy wltb women and in re>
and held their Friday market in the Straiut The criticism to which they
vL'luity. By a strange contrariety I aro I'*-'*"*.'' °l"n '■* 'hat Uiey resemble
of nomenclature the Wednesday club lI'c articles on drink which the early
mot at a hostelry In the street, and I prohibitionist used to have printed.
there in 1095. under the direction of I '1"1'<'y are shrill oi d they exaggerate.
William Patersoh, discussed at great'    v. ■	
length the proposals which eventual, •No one need endure the agony of
ed in the astabllshment of tbe Bank of \eom* "fith Holloway'tl c r .cure nt
England. I nftud to remove ihem.
Origin of the Drama
Thc  drama,  in  the oniy  sense  In
which it is worth talking .about, hsd
Its origin In Greece Immediately following ths detest of Darius and Xerxes, about B.C. Ud.     lis birthplace
J was Alliens, and its fathers wero Aes-
. chylus  nnd Aristophanes—Aeschylus
■ of tragedy and Aristophanes of com-
jedy.   When tho   Oreelt   nud   Roman
I civilisation   went   into   eclipse  mule.*
I the black cloud of northern barbarian-
j ism the theatre, as with ne.i.iy everything else, became extinct, '.ut during
[ the middle ages aeling was In a measure resumed in tho form of tiie Moralities, or moral plays of the ecclesiastics, and it was from such  plays
that  tho  mod r.i  drama  was  slowly
Children Often Seem Pining Away
and Ordinary Medicine Does
Not Help Them
The health of children between the
ages of twelve and eighteen years, particularly in the caso of girls, is a
.lource of serious worry to nearly
every mother. The growth and development takes so much of their
strength that In ninny cases Ihey actually seem lo be going Into a decline,
'.'ho appc-tlte is tickle, brightness gives
way to depression; there are often
serious headaches, fits of dizziness, or
occasional fainting and a complaint
of weariness the slightest exertion.
Ordinary medicines will not bring re-
lief. The blood has beccnie thin and
watery, and the child must have stunc-
tl.lng that will bring tho blood back
to it.*, normal condition. At this stage
no oilier medicine can equal l*r. Williams' Pink Pills. Their whole mission is to make new blood, which
reaches every part of the body, bringing back health, strength and energy.
Mrs. .lames Harris, Port ftownn, Ont.,
says: "At the age of thirteen my
daughter begun to look very pale, and
seemed llstleas end always tired. I5he
tlitl not take interest in her seiicol
work or in those amusements of girlhood. In fact she just seemed lo
drag herself about, complaining of alwnys being tired; did not eat well,
ami diti not sleep well at night. 1 took
her to our doctor who said she was
anaemic, anil advised me to give her
in*. Williams' Pink Pills. She took
the Pills for nearly two months, when
she wus as well and lively as any girl
could be. gained nicely iu weight, and
has since enjoyed perfect health, I
am quite sure that what the Pills did
for niy daughter they will do for other
pale, weak girls. I.have also used
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills myself with
the rest results and can only speak of
them In term*, of greatest praise."
Suid by all medicine dealers or by
mail at 50 cent:-, a box or six boxes for
s'2.5ii from Tin Dr, Williams' Medicine
Co., Urockt llio, Out.
The archbishop had preached a line
sermon on '.Married Life and its Dut'
ies.' Two old Irish wome.i were heard
coming out of church commenting on
1 tile address.
It's a fine* sermon his reverence
would be afte.' giving us, said one to
tbe oilier. ,
It is indeed, war. the quick reply,
and ! wish I knew as little about the
matter as ho does.
I'll have to arrest you, said' the policeman.
The man who was having trouble
with his wife threw both arms around
the officer and exclaimed:
This isn't any arrest. This is a
In the outsklrtt
, sunny r'ranee,
tlerful I'OSri gardens
Distinctly1.] Dres   in England
At Coutts' bank the clerical assistants  must all  wear  frocks,  and  no
one iu the employment of tha bank is
allowed tt go about wllh his trousi re
turned-HP'    A' lloarc's bank it is tlio
custom of all those employed t" wear
will' • ib s.    Members of tho legal pro
tesslon observe the etiquette of their
calling by abstaining from the wearing
of light or fancy Colored clothes and
always wear silk hats.   The beadles
of seuie Presbyterian churches in England wear dress mils Instead of tlie j
Anglican   tassock,    Suuie   brewers'
workmen ami draymen wear scarlet j
knitted wool nlghtc.ps.   In fact, near-i
ly every trade and profession has its
own conventions ami unwritten laws'
concerning tlie dress of ils members.
Rose  Gardens
.tf the cily of Lyons
ire the most won-j
in    tho    world.
There n groat flat slretch of land is
t set out in countless rows of tbe queen
j of fto'.vors, nil a-blooni, variegated in
■ color and perfume.    Tlicse rows, in a
tsmn-l.-k     ■rritvlan       n
What a change   has   taken    place
within lho last quarter of a century in
lhe method of life ot the daughters in
single  garden; nro ctlcu a hundred; the family!   Kiom lhe quiet and ce-
feet in length, with not more than 15! eluded home the girls have gone cut
As a vermifuge there is nothing so
potent as Mother Knives' Worm Exterminator, and it can bo given to the
most delica:> child without fear of injury to the constitution.
Little Tommy had tpeut his first
day at school. What did you learn
he was asked on his return home.
Didn't learn nothing.
Well, what did you tin?
Didn't do nothln'l A woman wanted
to know how to spell cat, and 1 told
inches ef space between rows aud
each plant iu a row is not more than
a foot from its neighbor.
There iu this floral paradise, the
gardeners strive to propogate new
kinds of roses by the process of grafting ono species upon another, Only
the other year one gardener produced
a new rose ot a rare coral lint nnd
luxurious perfume One cannot gaze
upon this wondrous scene, without
breathing a forwent thanksgiving that
there aro iu the world sueh beautiful
things as roses.
Minard's Liniment Cures Cc'ds, &c.
Wiiy Is it that you are so strongly
opposed to extending to women the
right to vote?
My wife has become a Suffragette.
Well, what of it.' Ho you (ind that
she neglects the children or thnt sho
isn't paying enough attention to thc
business of running the house.
No, it's not that. She's becoming
so well informed on public matters
that I havo to keep busy reading all
the time In order to prevent hor finding out my ignorance concerning such
No More Llckln's
Father was silting by the living-
room table rending the evening paper
and now and then, rending an item or
so aloud so that mother, who sat sew-
ir • across from hini, might also hear
tlie news of tlie day.
Well, well, M. ! he sa'd presently*
t soo that iho fishermen .long the
Maine const have gene out of the
whaling business entirely.
Oee! put in llltle Johnny
sitting at one end of the lit1,
a pret'tne of studying 'ah
Gee. Pop, but 1 wish you w;
who was
!o making
s a Usher*
Here's a chance
(or you to buy
your range(rom
the factory and
save 30°,— to
buy il on easy
terms and to get
the rery range
you would choose, even il you
had lo pay lhe retail price.
Our (ree book shows you
eittcily what lhe iinge ii like, ll de-
Ktiltes each point clearly, and we
guarantee our range to be juil
at represented.
Yon might u welt lave lhe retail
profit.   Mail the coupon to-d.y.
Dominion Pride
■ steel body—
B unbreakable
Bdoort and
^H. beautifully
^(W nit-kelloe*
tllllll    %,W
Malleable 1   ^k.
■ltd Kanae Ufa. ^^
Cl., luniMi. tibiwa. ^
Plana Mad Book.
Official Bread
This Is tho way to make official
bread, given out by the chief cook tf
the department of agriculture.
For three pound loaves—mako ferment of one ounce cake compressed
yeast, one ounce granulated sugar.
hall ounce salt and twenty ounces water. Place I* even temperature for
au hour. Weigh four ninl one-half
pounds Hour and let lt warm, lllx
Hour and ferment together. Cover mixture and warm for twenty minutes.
If dough Is too Miff add lukewarm water. After twenty minutes more take*
up dough Willi hands slightly greased
and fold over over and over fourteen
tinios. Cover, set aside for twenty minutes; then fold nine times. After
twenty minutes moro mould into
loaves and hake forty minutes ln a
steady oven 1U0 to 110 degrees F. A
cup of water In the oven will malte a
tenderer crust.
We don't print any such stuff as
that! said the editor loftily, as he
handed back the manuscript.
Well, you needn't bo sc haughty
about It! retortod tlie irregular contributor. You are not tho only one
who won't print It.
One of the family
Mrs. Duff    (to   new    maid)—But,
Mary, there are only two in tho family. Mr. Duff ami myself, Why havo
you set plates for three';
The Now Maid—Burn, ma'am 11 was
tho cook that told me you had'a piano
player in the house.
France's Foreign Lejion
The French 'err legion, which
Is always tin taiiso of so much bad
blood iii Germany, is the only regiment of Its kind in existence, lt dates
from 1S;U. when France' undertook tlie
conquest of Algeria. It consists of
two regiments, each four battalions
strong, drawn from all the adventurers of Europe. It is popular not only
because no questions are nsked, but
because promotion Is open to all, within limits, and a certain number of the*
Officers have risen from lite ranl.s.
All classes are to be tumid among lis
members and all natlonaltles, but the
many Germans do not describe themselves as such—they are nil Alsatians. The reason for its continued
existence is that Franco .'annot spare
ils men nor send enough who would
leave the comforts or civilav.atiou for
the wastes of Africa or C swamps
of Tonkin.
to office, store or factory, lo mingle
with the great crowd of workers, and
whether by brain or muscle to f:el the j
strain anil fatigue of lhe breadwinner.
This revolutionary change In the
method of life has nut proved beneficial to health and vigor, and in 111 i
surging crowd you find many a pah**
anaemia face, and many an emaciated
Tiie blood gets lliiu -.tu'. watery, tho ,
digestive system becomes   deranged,
thei appetite fails,   and   Hie   starved,
nerves toll of Iheir condition by neuralgic pains .   i bodily   aches.       Dr,
Chase's Nerve Food Is needed, and no-'
thing can  so quickly restore  health,
nud vigor to the hotly and bring back
the Inalthful glow to the wau cheek.  '
Englkh Harvest Feasts
The feasts that now take place   tt
the close of tho harvest season in England are small i flairs compared with
the old fashioned harvest suppers held
formerly,     lu some of tho northern
counties the farmers would givo churns
ot cream, and it was Bervvod nut iu
enps lo tho   laborers.     Nowadays   a
glass of ale or cider is Hie BUbstitttto
for lhe old time feast.   In some pails
of Ihe north of Ireland the ancient custom still lingers as tlio churn supper.
A very old custom Is the baking of a
large cake by the farm r's wife'  This
is cut up and served out to every one.
including children, accompanying tho
I hotkey cart, Into tlu farmyard,     The
I borkey cart was the cart  on which
j the last load of the season was drawn.
Felled Daughter—Tbey asked me 1
play nt M.s. Ulghup's last evening
and* 1 did; but	
Fond Mother (proudly)—Were ne
they entranced'.'
Petted Daughter—Hum I     When
played 'O Life* on the Ocean Wave
with variations, half of them left tit
Fund mother (ecstatically)—That i
wonderful!   They must have felt slcl
A man who kept a small shop '.'as
walling ou a single customer early one
morning. His little boy and he were
alone al. lhe time, and the shopkeeper
was obliged to go upstairs for some
change. Deforo doing so ho whispered to the little chap to watch the customer, to see that be didn't steal anything.
Very soon the proprietor returned
with lhe necessary change aud the boy
sa.ii;*. out; He didn't steal anything,
Pa.     1 watched him.
W, N, a 978
Say, calls Ihe bright youth to tho
honest agriculturist who is working
In his gurdciwwhy don't you set a
lien on your egg plants?
Ma set one on 'em last year, answers the agriculturist, barely looking
lid she? Hatch anything?
Yep.   Hatched   out    lhat   bed
cocks-combs ' y the fence.
What are
Thin, wafery bib of choice
Indian Corn-perfectly cooked;
delicately flavoured; then
toasted to an appetizing golden
brown, and packed in tightly
sealed packages without being
touched by hand.
"Toasties" are for breakfast
or any other meal-served direct from package with cream
or milk, and a sprinkling of
Post Toasties are convenient,
save a lot of time and please
the palate immensely!
But after all, a trial is the
best answer.
Grocers everywhere sell
Rost Toasties
Canadian Postum Cereal Company,
Ltd., Windsor, Ont.
A well known poet nnd benedict Is
accredited with n bou mot. A Ir.dy the
other day said to bim;
(Hi, Mrs- •, 1 have jiist so n your
wife for th- first line sluc.i your
marriage. Utt 1 bad supposed Cat
she was a taller woman. She Bccrrs
shorter than whin I last saw her
Certainly, replied the poet, solemnly. She has married ui"l settled
down you know.
Poverty No Help
Thc reason a girl's mother la
for her to marry a poor but
young man is because ho is
and "Ot because he* Is poor.
The self made in
tho job finished.
in never t'tnli* go
mire ran resits. '     rt.3713.
Business and Poetry
Not everyone can successfully combine banking and  literature,  as  tllil
I Lord  Avebiiry.     William Sharp  (Fiona MacLeod) attempted   it when   a
I clerk iu the London olfice of the Unuk
jot Melbourne, wllh the result Unit tiie
| manager quickly gave him choice of
nccepilug an agency in nu out of Hie
i way place In Australia or quitting the
service,    sharp took French leave tue
In  day  In order In think llio matter
I over and went in'., lhe country to hear
! the cuckoo.    Next day day the manager demanded angrily why l.o had
I been absent from his post.     Sharp ex-
| plained.   We can't do with ono who
puts the call of a cuckoo before bis
business,' said the  chief, coldly, and
Sharp left thc bank.
A popular doctor was not long ago
much pleased with a certain aerated
water, and by his assiduous recommendations procured tor ll a celebrity
it justly deserved. The doctor acted
solely in the interests ot humanity
I generally, and expected no return. To
his surprise there r-.me one morning
an effusive letter trom tin. company,
saying that his recommendations had
done them so much good that they
ventured to send bim a hundred——'
Here the page cam lo an end. This
will never do, suid tlie doctor; it is
very kind, but I could not think of accepting anything. Hcrj bo tinned
the page and found the sentence ran:
of our circulars for distribution.
Handy Heat
for Cold Nights
On cold, zero nights
you will find the
■A^.        »MOKEteO»        +*\
Jack—Jlmson must have lad a sub-
Btantlal raise.
Jack—lie's bought a new car.
Jim—No, he hasn't had a raise; simply killed a rich relative wilh the old
the best protection for your stock.
It is ready and handy for immediate
use.    Burns all night on single gallon
of oil, and is absolutely safe.   Smokeless—odorless—doesn't leak.
In the home it gives just'
the extra heat needed in
bedroom or sitting roonV
Sl. Jilts
Ellataatoa '
For best results use
For nursing mothers
Na-Dru-Co Laxatives
offer the important advantage that they Jo not disturb
the rest of ths system or
affect thc child.
25c. a box at your
National Driis end Chtmicat Co.
cf Canada, Limited.    173
Bllst;ful Ignorince
A man w< nt t a judge and asked
whether he could bring suit tor slander against a until who hat', called him
a rlitaoceroa.
Why, certainly. Eald the judge.
When did .ie call yen that;
About three years tgo.
Throo years ago! And you fitly
.-1.it suit today?
Bur, your honor, yesterday 1 saw a
rhinoceros for tlie* lirst time.
A wtmau who owns a m >!"r-car
greatly enjoys taking Inr poor Mends
mil at first, inn anally bocomes tn'sht-
llj tired of It.
Women give to men tht ri ry ;old
of their lives, nnd they Invariably get
it lai'k in very small change.
Patent Your Idoas—No delay and w»
will bhU il lor sou it lh" Idea has merit. Send eitotcli ior freo leport. Information un patents 1111,1 ■; of Intentions
wonted   mailed    free,  . j.    a.     mac-
MUflTRY   aa.  CO..   Patent  Attorneys,   154
Bay   Street.   Toronto,   C.ittad.i.
Assets   $3.300,000.00
Insurance   518.500,000.00
ABSOLUTE       Security
M~''-i-^<rZim, Policy   .Holders
Excelsior     Toltcy   Forms     Ainjicvec.     by
Dominion    Insur.ince   Department
Fit AffeuJcii apply to Provincial Oitloea
-nt    Winnipeg,    Ehlmonton.     Buslisitoon,
Vancouver, or Head OHicr. Toronto.
^Pdij Highest Value*
-^Write for Price Lista
and Shipping-Tag*>
g- * .-.^ ■■■ .- '■-■ • * - .
***** 1BBt"iftUlM)rK, t'*U.'»ia'!.KJaA«l»
To 0
•. r
r:*i"i*Jf "SS
WHEN the high prices
prevailing on the necessities of life are considered
it will be welcome news to
many to note tlie generous
reductions which have been
made at the Big Store.
The most essential requirements of : 11 homes are
flour, butter, lard and sugar
and we have reduced these
to reck bot Urn prices. In
order to give just and equitable treatment to our ever
increasing list of customers
we will discontinue all discounts on future bills. By
so doing we realize that we
can give you the very lowest prices on your esteemed
orders. We have taken this
step also because we can
compete on a more even
basis with outside compe-
tion and so ensure better
prices for our customers
and a larger share of your
business. Dry Goods, Boots
and Shoes and Groceries
will from now on be sold at
nett prices. Kindly present
your discount checks at any
of the departments and redeem them as early as
0 fl'^-af A**
•The Big Store"
!                                                      I'll line 38
jraasT^B*."T—"*. "    ■ "■■"%'"■•■■■ r-.;t
iik &
Synopsis of Coal .Mini nil Regulations
t'OALitiiitii'i; lights ol thu Dominant, j
in Mtnitiiha, *Snak**tc!it*t*''tii Hi"l Alhertit.
.. ,, , .     the Vukett Territory, the N"rtht'tBt Terri :
I Notice is Hereby Given, in torfasandiua port! .f the Prey-aim •''
accordance With the Statutes. BritishOi.lumbiR, may be leimed for»term
j that all assessed taxes and income, uf ttmi.ty-emt yean »t an anuual rental. 1
tax assessed and levied under the *'»n»ore.   Not mora than 2,ooo«ore«
"Taxation Act", and all school:""1 be,!"!fs *«">'»M'pi"™-'- 1
a,..,        1 .\npne»u-*ti turn k-aRe must he made hv
I taxes assessed and levied underLesm-licant in person totbeAgent orsub
I the Puhlic Schools Act, are due \ ^.^hl „f the district in which the righto;
; and payable on the 2nd day of Jan-1 applied for ate situated.
Uary, 1914.    All taxes collectable*    In surveyed territotj ihe land must bu
: for the Comox Assessment Disc- •>"">i""i byaeotioiis.j.rlcualsubdivisions
rict are elue anel   imvihlp   it   mv "fseotioits, and in  uiisurveyed territory
net are aue ana payaoie at mj | ^ trace applied for shall be staked untbj
office situated  at the  Govern- ,ii,.»,,Miio«iit himself,
ment Office,  Cumberland,   B, C. j   Bwh applioation must be aoenmpanied
This, notice, in terms of law,   is | hy»fre t.f JS'irhichwill be refunded if the
equivalent to a personal demand 'ivh»si-ppliedforarenoUvailable,bu,ti.,ot
by me upon all persons liable for '^.^m.,!^
. - ' ' meroltantaoleoutput nf the unite at the
rr    ?:      _ ,   -r,   r,     t*    rate if live cents per tttn,
Dated at Cumberland   B.C.   ihlSI    T:n* t,m anting tha  mine   shall f j
24th day of January, 1914. j furnish the Agent with swim returoaao-l
JOHN BAIRD I ouming f..r the full quantity t.fmt-roh. II
Deputy Assessor and Collector, !,,'''"bl'";0"1,'"".','' '""', *'''',"'.'■' r"-v"">'
The Next and Nearest Property to tho Mines,
Sawmills,   and   Absolutely   Inside   Property.
1-4 to 1=2 acre Lots, 60x80 by 120
feet deep, $150 to $225 per Lot
Easy terms.    You'll Lip on Easy Street in buying these.
It's the White Man's City.     We do ilot sell to Asiatics.
Comox Assessment District. | Ite. „^i ^Z^Z'*
fori ialied nt lent I iiiioe ft year,
Tha lea»e will tin: ude t'*e onal minin
{libs only, but the] saeomay U-. permitted in ■■iircl-Hf-u wli-Hinver available but
frtce 1 ig' itf in ly hit considered   iifoessary
f r rtit- wuikniL't.f 1 hd mineai tlu- rate ■ f 11
$10 OOnnaoie.
For full information application f!i t
hmiiideto  (lie Seeiv-uy of thn Dep
p.* in n| i|tf Inteiioi, ()'"ih ,  nr tn
Ajjent . r Sub As* n-   tO mil t 11 L.<
W   W, CORY,
D, ouiv Mi i-rti   f h. I ti"im.
N II   ITi-xti'li • k*if |n I- •■ m       I rl
r!v • i   1       I,
Lots are selling fast, apply to A. Pallthrope, "The Store," Berwick, or
Many Idiens
British Columbia Investments Ltd, courtenay
For Candy, Cigars jL
Hot Tomales
Mroof Tomi
['hanks tlie many customers of
|| Cumberland  nnd   district  for
their patronage of tliv goods
liming bis stay at the Union
Hotel, Cumberland.
We now .solicit your trying our
Mail Ordi r Department
whenever in need of
or other g< ods and yon will
receive best values and
good service.
From Jan 1st yoi. will
have the January Sale
Prices   which   are   an
additional    advantage
to you.
Note our only addr< ss
Seabrook Young,
623, Johnson St.,
Victoria. B. C.
f    " The Magnet Cash Store'
Sr-'-r}   „>.*'
'*•**■>*•<•,■  .*rf.'*^4iV/-.
L'.ALED TENDERS addteued tt. the
tor hdditiuti hid nlteiAtiuu tn the Fublu
Building,Victoria,!! (J ," will "*■ received
Mt tliib (live until-1pm. M iiU..y. Feb-
ruaiy 16, 1H14, f..r the o- nsiruoiitin of
the wfi renHiU additi. u aud h!tent)inn
rintw, opt-eiButitiniia . nd form uf cun-
r ci chi) be st'un »,iid t-'inis i-( tendi-r.
uttrtiiied mi ihe (flloes of ur, Wm. Mend
ei8i>n, R-sidentrAichitect, Victorin,B 0 ;
ti np-jltCMth n ••■ lie P. blinitnter «t V.n
o uver, B 0 , « tl «i this Di psr-tni nt
P. i-H-ii tt-i del I gare i.untied ti.-Mttend
era whl m>t be considered unites ui.de
on iht- pin trd tonus eupplied, and i-iitu-
id wi'h their hctiml siaortturi •», suiting
their utcuj atious snd places uf residence
In the ctse - f (inns, the actual siuiiHtuie,
the imiuie i.f lhe c coupiiti' n uud place of
ipsidetice of each member of the lirm
mum hi- Riven.
Kach tender inu-f be accompaned by
an accepted cinque ona chartered bn I,,
pHjhblu tutltei iderof tl.e Honourable
he MmUer of Publio Wcuhf «-f Canada
i-quai tuteu pei c ut(lOp.o.)oftheBiiiouni
nt thet.nder mInch hill be f tfeitedifthe
person tendering dedinei to enter into
a cut met when ealltd upon to do so, or
fail to complete ihe work contracted fo-.
if ihe U'tider be not accepted ihe cinque
will be letuuicd
The Department tinea not bind itat-lf to
accqii ihe J-'-Aest ot any tender.
Bj ordir.
Sec eta ry.
Department of Public Winks,
O tawa, Jai uiu\ l(i  1914
Ni wi-p-pera vill  not  be  paid f i thin
aiivenUeinetit  if they inst-rt it* withuo
>ulln rity fn m 'he dt part ment.— 52933
I       For a b s ol n te
protection write
a Policy in the
.London & Lan
cashiie Fire Insurance Co. of
L iverpool.
'    rT.fl
h-t   *^>* *h*h
n all
£*   r*r\
Total    Assets
8 2 6,788.930 00
Wesley Willard
V. L. Tway C. H. McMillan
Tway & McMillan
Contractors & Builders
Framing of all kinds. Mill Wrighting,
Installation of Mill Machinery.
Apply    '
Cumberland, B.C.      Courtenay, B.C.
Tendeis will be received by the
undersigned nol hirer than 4*p.m.
on the 16th day of February.
11114,  for  the  purchase of GS
•i-5th acres, Salmon RiverValley,
more especially described as follows: Fractional south half of the
N.E. quarter'of Sec. 33, Township (5, Sayward District. Several
acres cleared, also dwelling house
and barn on the land.    Part cash
balance ou time to suit purchaser.
Highest   or any   tender  not
necesssarilv accepted.
Official Administrator.
Cumberland, B.C.
We havejust received another car load of the celebrated
Gerhard Heintzman Pianos, We can sell vmi a Piano
on easy nmiilli!// payments lie have several ea'ti'a
good second hand pianos, that were taken in exchange
for new ones, at prices ranging from ,S'I no and upwards
B. C.
The Islander & Family Herald $1.50
\ Sing Chong
HNATOWN,   West   Cumberland
Branch Store at Bevan
Leave your order with Teamster
Feed Store   -   -  Courtenay, B. C.
Ladies tl Gentlemen's Fasliinm
Suits Minlu t" Ajcasuro  finin
STYLK   AND    MT    CL.',
ill'    l.t I It US
•'-: in [0
Household Requisites
Washing Machine, Water Moto •;; Baths, $50 reduced to $32.50
Rocking Chairs, Dining Room Chairs, Washstands
at Reduced Trices.
k. n&E
I'tiit-mtilr Ttvcnite,   'umbaTla


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