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The Islander Mar 8, 1913

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 Embroideries and Laces
A bigger range than
ever shown this season, at
AcKinlHiiiiii LUiwy
B. C
Linen Costume Cloth
A new line just to hand.
They run in natural, sky,
champagne and reseda, at
VOL. III., No. 50
Subscription price, $1.50 per year
General Belief in Ladysmith that
Demand for Increase of Wage*
would have had Sympathy.
The Sun commissioner detailed
by the Vancouver Daily Sun to
enquire into the strike conditions
at Ladysmith reports in his third
article to that paper in part as
"Never yet was there a colliery
centre in which the community
at large did not possess a splendid
power of sympathy for the miner.
This is true in the old country,
from which many of the Vancouver Island miners have come; it
is true in the mining centres of
the East, and it is true in Ladysmith. Citizens of Ladysmith
well know that the calling of the
miner is arduous and under even
the best conditions subject to the
exceptional risks to life and limb.
Citizens of Ladysmith do not
grudge the miner his right to demand higher wages than even
the good wages he is generally
supposed to get under normal
conditions, if the miner can make
his claim stick with his employers
fairly and squarely by straight
strike for the raise, or by other
legitimate method.
Ladysmith is likely to prosper
when miners are making good
money and mines are running at
full capacity, and business men
of standing in Ladysmith assured
the reporter that had the present
dispute been based from the first
on a clear-cut demand for increased wages for the men there
is every reason to believe that the
sympathy of, the public would
have been freely accorded to the
strikers. Today in Ladysmith
there is not by any means an attitude of unanimous sympathy
for the strikers. Impatience with
them, irritation at the apparently
inconsistent alteration from time
to time of the bone of contention
is rather the attitude.
Business men in the smaller
way of/business, between the
devil of of having to lend support
to the strikers on the strength of
possible future business from
them later on as actively employed miners, and the deep sea
of depression caused by the strike,
are undecided and reluctant to
voice aloud th«ir feelings.
But business men in the larger
way of business, whole-heartedly
condemn the strikers, and say
without hesitation: ' This is the
most incomprehensible, most unjustifiable dispute that ever occurred on the Island. Pig-head-
edness and political machination,
that's all there is,in it.'
That there might have been a
preponderance of public support
for the strikers, even had the
strike been called from the first
and maintained throughout as a
fight for recognition of the union,
is asserted in Ladysmith, for the
union principle is not without its
staunch supporters in that community. Bu t there exists now in
Ladysmith an! indignant feeling
that this strike is not a clean-cut
struggle as fai • as its leaders are
concerned, hot vever honestly the
rank and file <j f the strikers may
maintain and stick out for the
union, .    .
Sir. HughThornley, a business
man of Lar.ysmith, said: 'If the
men had dropped the discrimina
tion idea and,put in a fair sched
ule ol wages, they would immediately have I secured the sympathy of the/community and of
the whole province. But the issue
has been so .fangled up between
one thing anjd another that the
has lost patience, and now there
is a general ■feeling that the fight
is being maintained ior political
purposes and is no longer a
straight dispute between the men
and the mine owners lor union
principles qr anything else,'
The city council held its regular meeting in the council chambers on Monday evening. There
were present Mayor Campbell,
and Aldermen Beveridge, Coe,
Richards, Miller, and Aspeci.
The minutes of the previous
meeting were read and adopted.
The city clerk read a communication from D. Pickles, Denman
Island, inquiring if the city had
a horse for sale. The city clerk
was requested to forward the
desired information in about two
or three weeks' time.
The Hon. the Provincial Secretary addressed the council by
letter informing them that Alder
men Maxwell and D. R. McDonald had been appointed Licence
Commissioners; and Aid. Coe and
John P. Watson as Police Commissioners. This was on motion
received and filed.
Thos. E. Banks, acting chief
of the Fire Department, sent the
Council a list of names of those
who would act as firemen.
Aid. Beveridge asked if there
had been a meeting called to pick
the fire brigade.
Aid. Richards thought there
had not been a meeting called.
It read like the old list of names.
Aid. Coe said there were names
down whom he knew had left the
Aid. Miller wanted to know if
it was customary to elect the fire
brigade every year.
The Mayor said a list of names
of those acting as firemen were
usually furnished the city once a
It was moved and carried that
the list be referred back to the
acting Fire Chief and request him
to call a public meeting and
select a fire brigade from those
residing inside the city limits.
John R. Gray handed in his
usual monthly report of collec
tions for the month of February
which read as follows:
Scavenger Fees. $100.00
Police Court Fines 406.00
City Hall Rent    40.00
Attempted Burglary at Fraser & Bishop's Store at  Union Bay
Results in Shocking Tragedy.—One Constable Killed, and
the Burglar, after Severe Struggle, Captured.
On motion it was received and
The Provincial Police sent in a
statement of fines collected during the month of January amounting to $65.00. The court stenographer's fees Were deducted
from this amount.
Aid. Beveridge wanted to know
what stenographer's fees were
for. He thought it was the duty
of the City Clerk to attend court
and take down the evidence.
The City Clerk said he had not
been asked to attend court as
The following accounts were
Daniel Kilpatrick $5.50
Edwark W. Bickle, as court
stenographer  7.50
Aid. Beveridge moved that
these accounts be received and
The Mayor informed the alderman that the usual course to pursue was to refer the account to
the Finance Committee. It was
no use filing an unpaid account.
The stenographer's fees seemed
to trouble two or three of the
aldermen, and Aid. Coe said the
City Clerk should be requested
to act as court stenographer.
The City Clerk aijain informed
the aldermen that he had not
been called upon.
John R.Gray, who was present,
informed the Council that the
City Police Magistrate had re.
quested him to employ E. W,
Bickle as court stenographer in
the cases of the City v. Ames
Perovich for selling liquor without a licence and Peter Miller for
Aid. Coe moved an amendment
that the accounts be referred to
Finance Committee, which was
After further business the
Council adjourned.
During the past few weeks
Chief Constable Stephenson has
received complaints from Union
Bay that certain goods were
being stolen by unknown burglars. The Chief detailed Donald
G. Ross and Harry Westaway to
watch Fraser and Bishop's store
and the post office at Union Bay,
and were supplied with keys to
the post office for that purpose.
In the early morning of Tuesday the 4th inst Constables Ross
and Westaway entered the post
office' with their key in the usual
way. When inside one of the
officers heard a slight noise, and
said to his partner "hush" in a
low tone, at the same time listening and trying to locate the point
where the noise was coming
from. Upon this Officer Ross
pushed hia flash light, for the
post office and store which adjoin
one another were in darkness, at
the same time saying "Throw up
your hands or I'll shoot." They
saw no one, but the two officers
proceeded a little further through
the door leading from the post
office to the store when Officer
Ross again pushed his flashlight,
lighting up that portion of the
store behind the counter towards
the rear end, when the constables
saw twp burglars, one in a kneeling position with a revolver in
his hand and the other standing
up and leaning over. The officer
immediately switched off their
flash light and ran towards the
burglars in the dark to arrest
them. Where the burglars were
Constable Ross saw a flash and
heard the report of a shot. Immediately afterwards Constable
Harry Westaway said to Ross
"I am shot." Ross caught hold
of the burglar and fought for
possession of the gun, ultimately
secured the revolver and struck
the burglar over the head with
it. Then the two were on the
floor together fightling for dear
life and the burglar called out,
evidently to his accomplice,
"Shoot, Dave, and shoot to kill.
Never mind me." To this there
was no response, and the burglar
again wrenched thee 44 Calibre
Colts revolver from Ross and
struck him over the eye. They
grabbed each other again and
lost the gun. Ross felt Constable
Westaway, who had been shot,
at his legs saying "I am unable
to help you, I am shot through
the lungs." The burglar then
caught Ross by the throat, and
the latter grabbed the burglar
by the throat and choked him
off, so much so that he surrendered to arrest by saying that he
would quit and give up. Ross
knocked the burglar out with his
club, slipped a hand-cuff on his
right wrist and pulled and knocked the burglar to the door at the
front of the store. When he got
there Constable Harry Westaway
was lying at the front door
evidently breathing his last in the
darkness of that awful night by
saying "Good bye Gordon, good
bye." These words were heard
by Ross in a faint whisper addressed to himself. There were
in Bishop and Fraser's store the
dying constable, officer Ross and
the burglar, handcuffed after
about twenty minutes of fierce
fighting; where the dead and the
living constables played the part
of heroes that the laws of the
land may be maintained.
Constable Ross broke the glass
of the front door and called for
help. His cries were heard by
Constable James F. McKenzie,
at that time standing on the
Canadian Collieries wharf, who
hastened to render assistance as
speedily as possible. Officer Ross
inf ormedMcKenzie of the trouble.
that Constable Westaway was
shot, that there was another
burglar somewhere in the store,
but he must get medical aid and
an ambulance.
Chief Stephenson was notified.
By this time it was about 1-30 in
the morning, and when the message arrived in Cumberland constables were hustled out of bed
and sent off by automobile to the
'scene of the tragedy.
When chief Stephenson arrived
he found Westaway lying dead
at the front of the store, where
he had evidently crawled in his
attempt to call for assistance;
the burglar, named Harry Wagner, lying on the floor apparently
unconscious, and blood around
everywhere in the disordered
store showing evidence of a fierce
struggle for life. The burglar
and the dead constable were
brought to Cumberland and a
search instituted for the burglar's
partner in the robbery.
On Friday afternoon coroner
Abrams held an enquiry as to the
cause of HarryWestaway's death,
After hearing the evidence of
Constables Ross and McKenzie,
Dr. McNaughton and Chief Constable Stephenson, the jury returned the following verdict :—
We, the undersigned jury em-
pannelled to determine the cause
of the death of Harry Westaway,
are of opinion from the evidence
produced that the deceased met
his death by shot from the gun
marked exhibit A, fired by the
prisoner, Harry Wagner, who,
with an accomplice, was discovered robbing Fraser and Bishop's
store at Union Bay on March 4th,
1913.—Alex McLeod (foreman),
John Donaldson, Frank Partridge,
Richard Summers, Wm. Haggdrt
and Alfred R. Home.
Cumberland was defeated in
basket Ball game at Comox on
Tuesday evening.
John Newton, Inspector of
Mines, is here on his usual tour
of inspection.
The new Licensing Board will
hold its regular meeting in the
council chambers next Wednesday evening, March 12th.
Thos. D. McLean was a passenger by Sunday's Cowichan on a
business visit to Vancouver and
returned Wednesday evening.
Harry Creech arrived in town
this week with a brand new
$1000 Ford car. Harry can talk
nothing but " automobile" now.
Mr. R. Glen, of Vancouver,
arrived here Wednesday on a
short visit to his mother, Mrs.
Glen, of this city. Mr. Glen left
this morning for his home in
Mrs. E. T. Searle and family,
of Tacoma, Wash., arrived by
Tuesday evening's train, and will
make their home in Cumberland,
Mr. Searle having been here for
the past month.
Mr. E. C. Emde, local agent
for the Ford Motor Co., arrived
home Wednesday night with a
new 1913 model Ford Touring
Car, which will be used as a
A large consignment of Goodyear pneumatic automobile tires
and accessories arrived this week
for Thos. E. Bate, of the Magnet
Cash Store. Mr. Bate, we under,
stand, intends keeping a full
supply of tires always in Stock.
FOR SALE—5 cows, just calved,
and 8 cows, calving within two
month; also one boar, two
sows, and 16 young pigs,
Apply L. A. Hart, on Point
Holmes Road, three miles from
Comox, B. C.
First Ocean Going Mail Steamer
to Reach Union Bay Since
the Holiday.
Cumberland and the local mines
are getting back to normal conditions much sooner than expected. The latest information received is to the effect that the
Canadian-Australian liner Zelan-
dia is due for bunker coal, and the
big steamer usually takes 2500
tons of coal. This will be the
first ocean-going mail steamer to
reach Union Bay for fuel since
the holiday commenced six
months ago. This will be pleasing news to the citizens of Cumberland, who have the interest of
our city at heart to know that the
Canadian Collieries are again
securing their original trade that
they had with the Australian
mail steamers. No. Six Mine
again on Thursday broke all previous records by hoisting 314 tons
of coal in one shift. Several
additional men arrived during the
week and have commenced work
in the mines,
The output at the local mines
for the week ending last night
reads as follows:
Saturday, March 1st,
1316 tons
Monday,      "    3rd,
1238   "
Tuesday,      "    4th,
1342   "
Wednesday, "    5th,
1327   "
Thursday,    "    6th,
1382   "
Friday.       ."    6th,
1442   "
Total for week
Rev. F. Franklin Watson, accompanied by Mrs. Watson, arrived here last night, to take
charge of Holy Trinity Parish,
Cumberland. Rev. Mr. Watson
was formerly of England, and
was lately Vicar of Greenwood,
B.C., and will take up his residence at the rectory at an early
date. He will conduct the services at Holy Trinity Church tomorrow at 11 a.m., followed by
Holy Communion; and in the
evening at 7 o'clock.
Police officers arrived by last
evening's train holding in charge
William Julian, the burglar who
was in Fraser and Pishop's store
at the time of the robbery. The
Nanaimo police arrested him on
Thursday evening at the north
end of Lasqueti Island.
Cumberland, B.C., March 8,1913
This is to certify that J. Newbury holds my power of attorney
to receive and sign all documents
and cheques.   Henry Halliday
J, Newbury, Attorney.
On Monday evening the I.O.F.
officers at Comox were installed
by Bro. Wesley Willard of this
C. R., Bro. T. Hudson
V. C. R., Bro. A. Knight
Financial Sec, Bro. A. Church
Recording Sec, Bro. G. Leighton
Treasurer, Bro. P. E. Carto
Orator, Bro. A. Grant
Court Deputy, Cros. P. Downey,
S. Woodward, C. McMillan, J.
Woodward, I. Parkin.
After the installation the lodge
held a banquet. Dr. H. P. Millard, who has held the office of
financial secretary for the last
three years, gave an address.
The success of the lodge, which
is in a flourishing condition, is
due to his untiring efforts. During the evening a number of
applications were received for
We have heard discrimination
discussed to a considerable length
during the last six months and it
had to some extent died a natural
death. But it apparently has remained for the board of works:
for this city to give the citizens
an exhibition of discrimination
with a vengeance. The board of
works had at last considered it
advisable to replace the street
crossings, and with that object
in view have employed men who
were drawing strike pay, and re
fusing to give David Hunden any
employment thereon, although,
during the past he has always
been employed when there was;
any city work to be done. Thei
present city council secured their
; majority from the members of
|the U. M. W., and they are the.
i first to give us a lesson on "dis-i
Disgusted With Results.
From our Special Correspondent.
Ladysmith, March 7.—During
the week several strikers have
broken away from the ranks of
the U.M.W. of A. and returned
to work feeling sorry they did
not make an attempt to obtain
employment at an earlier stage
of the so-called "holiday." They
seem to be fed up on idle time
and disgusted with the results of
the dispute, feeling assured that
the strike is a failure.
The strikers are now satisfied
that the amount of coal is being
produced at Extension mines as
stated, and being satisfied have
ceased to make the statement
that coal is being hauled back to
the mines.
On the 3rd inst., Frank Faring-
ton held a meeting in the U. M.
W. Hall. He requested the men
to be quiet and assured them that
they were bound to win the strike.
But their hopes of success are
altogether out of the question.
The strikers are evidently
afraid that the U. M. W. funds
are about exhausted, for on the
day that strike pay is handed out
they are there at the door as early
as six a.m.—something similar to
a run on the bank.
The employees of the Canadian
Collieries are inviting their
friends to a social and dance
which will be held in the Gem
Theatre to-morrow evening.
The output at the Extension
mines is being doubled every
week now in place of every month
as before.
FOUND—A Lady's Hat. owner
can have same by calling at
this office.
Tenders are invited for the
construction of a store building
at Courtenay, B. C, for C. H.
Tarbell of Cumberland. Plans
and specifications may be seen at
C. H. Tarbell's store in Cumberland. Tenders to be in by noon
on the 8th day of March, 191?.
The lowest or any tender not
necessarily accepted. THE   ISLANDER,   CUMBERLAND,   B. C.
The Secret
By Alfred Wilson Barrett
W»rd, Lock  A Co.. Limited
London, Melbourne A Toronto-
V gpgg^
Up is a garniIpr, I Un.nl. pnUI-n:iNr-
on after a imuueui. - but* In diUioo,-
ties?    Arc you siirn? .      .
QulteJ replied rMll.jll \ JhjvenJ
wasted ray tltne sii'u'c' 1 saw * you.
There an' certain blackmailing associations in London, which pretend to
exist for ihe protection or trade, and
for a araaj tfflj unitl yearly, wiL.ttiie
yon* inrormailon regarding anyones
financial position. One lias to use
unclean u>ois ut Uines. and ii is from
one of these associations I have obtained my knowledge. Rlvlngton haa
borrowed money recently from half
Truth's black list of usurers. He may
have been wealthy, may st.ill be, but
how long can be last in those men's
But even so, why should lie murder
Eda Brooke?
Nells firm lips closed together.
That is what I am going to find om.
be said.
The cold determination In his tone
made Kaston look at him quickly,
with a slight shudder. But if you
do. be said, if be. should indeed' be.
such a rascal, what about her? He is
her husband. We niust iemembjt
that. also.
Nell's head was bent down, resting
on his chest, and for a moment he
did not reply. Then he looked up,
and his, searching eyes met Eaton's
fixedly.      Is he? he said,    ls he?
Eaatun gave a start. There is the
certificate, he said. That could not
be a forgery.     Yon said so.'
It could not be a forgery. Yet.Major Eas'.nn, I cannot believe that my
little girl ever married that man. Explain It how you will, I somehow feel
she never did. ■    .
Easton was silent. Was it not that
what he felt himself? Had he ever
been able to explain to himself how
Violet could have allowed him to sen
her so often, to grow fond ot her as
abe must have known he had, to drift
aa they both had drifted, while all
the time she was a married woman?
And why should Mvlnglon have kept
away from her? ,
Oh, I feel the same, he said. It is
There Is more than my own instinct
makes me doubt, continued Neil. Lis;
ten. Yesterday, I did something else
I made Inquiries at the office—It was
a Registry Office—where that man
was married. II wus a year ago and
people's memories are bad; both-gifts
were there;. there was a llkenpss between them, a likeness of coloring
and feature/as yon must have noticed.
hut Eda wig,taller than Violet audit was the tall one who was married.
''"-d heavens! Uusjon extlainwd.
Neil leant forward and looked Into
the Major's eyes. Now do yon see
where that leads us.?.be said: ^
Easton nodded, a strange new hope
Invading his breast. Ah! if it. were
only so! If lt had hecn Eda Brooke
Indeed, and not Violet. Can it have
been Eda? he gasped.
I believe'so.' But I shall find out
for certain. Major Easton, I shall find
out, said Neil  sternly.
How? asked the .Major eagerly.
There ls one person who can throw
(th! on to alt this mystery—Violet!
And that, perhaps, is why she disappeared. He has taken her away, that
. man, but lie cannot keep ber from me.
And thai  i< where you ''iB-JtSl'' me'
If this is true, one ef us must see ,
her. the very first moment she is well
enough to bear the strai.n     If It is
true, she nimtt=b" tern. -,r*Jty*#r,'tincerv.
from 'hat man's liou=e.     But she does
ftol know of m". or my existence, and i
lo K'.l Iter now. weak and ill as she
is. niitrht be fatal.      You she knows!
arid likes.      At any.'eesf-»».. ttrnM--bo •
near ber, and find out when It is safe..
rftiri you must gel from her the truth.
Tbe doctor wc saw. there, who is In
'every way reliable, spoke, ot. twnn.tysJ
four hours.      To-Atei-row Ma* wllf go
dowji.tiv.^ston.   ajjnjj., , ^Peaven:
grant site  may be better,  sa d  Neil.
fervently. .
Easton rose and   walked , up   an}, II ddn't keep"
dou'fi tbe" rrirfnt    'TrMi'oVroV''seems a quartette!
Ions, to  wait i alter,  what  yoi.1   have,*,  Blinks—Th
Just lold inc. be sa'd. ,       can't hook it
We should net gel near'b>Y';'.'l>Ko
j Thla Piece of Gold Has An Interesting
Albert Alinon.  the well-known col-1
1 let tor of l.ouisburg relics and other ;
,aftlltses ofH5ia»\teariau wit.rest, show-
ed  The  Montreal  Gazette a   French
; sold coin of 1780, worth probably between $10 aud 51." for the gold iu it.
1<l,^h:..)'-'.'to -u.. —Jatotiujwl    interest. |
; wbrcTi formed part of the treasure in j
| a ship whicih was lost shortly after I
I that date at Point Mlcheau, Itichmond
I County.     The coin is practically as j
\i'i'-i aa new aud un nuc-aidti-beari- an \
  [effigy of the French King, Louis.XV.. i.
"Sample fro* if you writs Nations ! wltlt, a Ismail Umi rampart below! wiUi-i"
rtr.uo. and Jlrtftracal Cp-, ot..Carud*l.,.''10jD«ftIPI-lon: laid. XV. D.G. Fr. I
Limited, Toronto. ;et Nav. Rex.      On ihe reverse there
111 I   '      j-are tha fleur de lis and shield, arms :
 sWPC   >of Prance1 and Navaree, sirmounted j
Safeguarded   »*»»•*»    fbj  a-erowncKind surrounded by the;
I drlii t keep titur
., „ ,.   Lnsorintlgn:  Clirs.   Uegn.
°? °TO 'ftWi1* 4r.-TWlWthe date 1730.
tufy and .it ain t worth
tit's   why   I   carry
[T bflltowTthe heraldic device wo
dichtr 'tliiit  ihe coin   was  iii.ir
"inc.  Imp-
The initial
uld in-
nted  at
i Temlorr: ••■**
T)ieth]s,j.oty ,pf thin
cresting one.
oin  is an In-
About Ihe year of the
has rr('oyej'.eiI reiurti.ea..\e.il/. (QairJ Thr. temperance reformer was ijusMflrst.!.seise of,.,I;ou.ebi»rgr.,n, I'>nv.h
position M ti ilffleult one, for (in'ie |r proud'-Of having con.erlert the big- i B„„ hoat left Franco with ,7,500,110011
face- nf in mvlrwtnni Is woE Jwlft Bluest drunkard in.a little Scotch lown, of md nnW to- pnythe "tToop: and
Ins rights. But  we need not ,he iru.0 OTr) induced liim-he was    the   local  „„ ot!ler expenses which were stand-
to-day.      Tell me. could yhiY get me  gravedlgger—to get on  the  platform
Into that poot-(*Ud's.'flat,.doiyqu;tIunki and.spout- his experiences-.    ■   ■
by any means? i    My triends,    he    said.       I   never
Into; h'er natSir.Why, yes-. ■'!■' bWnlt'l thoojfl to sstand unon this ' platform
so..; Lavas. th«rg..as you,,kBi)|W, »ij»-jnoJth the provost on one side of me
terday.' Her.maid kuqws me as a „>id the ,00n clpr.k on ,„' |ther side
f' equeni visitor; taprieil-'Eaiton qultSi-' -o( me; i niver thocht to tell ye
Vy ....-,      .... .ithat for a whole    month    I    havent.
ThenV-co'me with me now. Make touched a drap of anything. I've save*
some excuse, t<j.-^l;]n|e.,lt(i,\eja- look fenough to buv me a braw oak coffin
round alone. I want a few minutes l_j. Dra?, handles hnd- brass- nails'—
in the- ron'm- 'Vhere that poor' felrr- and lf ym a teetotaler for anithar
died, saidjjypHtsgeftJng np,.:1 ( ., , '.ui'*jontVl will be wantin' it!
. In the room where Eda died? assed | .. .     -__ ,!« I    • ' —
the Major.        ■ ■■ ■     """']    Perhaps one  reason -why  the  fool
*":,   Urwill, probably tell me no-;     , . .  , ,
thing/ hut' 'the1 room   rutty  not 'have'!    ,.,v. -     '
been touched,,••,»>    people mdUcei; 8,rmlcrs °
things which someUmes .escape -gener-1
ai ohservatlo;rl!l'S;nd, thanks to y'onr
having kept .lack that letter-, tu train-.
ed eye has heen on that affair as yet.J
Easton flushed'.' Yon are right, he'
said. Heaven knows what I may. not
have done, hut I did it for her sake.     '
NelliInodiled.  :• No "dire .Is always-
wise.rhe said. .,,... ...
have done' the'siame
It was not dtfllcult for E*iildfVntrfi|
gain an entrance tn Violet's,flat, The.^
little mard'hotl beard'no further' news
Of mistress,-and, anxisus as she-was.^
she seemeil only too glad to see East; I
on again.     She was always eager lh
,,In your plnce.^pigh;
JnmQ-   ' shall we 'go?
talk ory.|olfforjrow. miwe^ than »yet,-JI|
arid'Boston easllv contrived to kee.r. I
her ilh ebh'versfitibn '-WnHe ''trihlnoeAlv-
ring, so thai Nell should.; ;!)<"■«< (»
chance to slip away unobserved,,
a chance-he- speedily availed himself1'
of. .. . -. '    ..•>     ...   M .
Violet's father bad remained absent
some time, and Easton was-beginri!mr
to be rather embarrassed, how^yer.
when'IhV former entered tne rottm nn-'
obtrnslRBlyritH!. mr«h? a'.slgn tr/iWistoti
beliind the maid's back Whlc,h snW
tlrat he was now anxious to tskrhl*
depapiure. and soon ..the. .two .men
found themselves outside in' the street
again'.'   ' ."
,.!..    (To.be Continued) ......     •
Baby's Own Tablets ar„ the
one"safe medicine' to make
baby well and keep liljn well.
They are guaranteed by a gov-
: emm'ent ■ analyst to be fr'ee from"
i all injurious drugs and are absolutely safe to give even to
the'newborn babe.' Concerning
tht-m Mrs. Oscar Bedard. Man--
Sean. Que., writes:—"I have
' iiseff Baby's' Own Tablets "and
have-to thank them- that-thy little one 1j living tr>day. I know
.'. of "n6th!hg' to' equal tliem as a
.ohildren's.roedlclne,"'-- ■T-heTab'
' lets are sold by medicine dealers .
or by mail at 2o cents a box
from-The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.. Brockville. Ont. .
I Germany for French'A>"ny
Paris. France.—Five French subjects hai;e been arrested at Metz, Lorraine, oh a "'charge' of clandestinely
recruiting Germans for the foreign'
legion of the French army. One of
the .men Is alleged to have offered a
German conscript-160 to follow him
/irross the frontier to , the first recruiting station.
' Motlvi
Exhausted Nerves
Sleepless Nights
Continually Crew Worse Until Or. |
Chase's Nerve food Restored   i
Vigor and Strength.
.,,, ,   ;.  pESE,Cft*.TED
Vandals \rVitli; no''Apparent
'  ,'PHy. Hawojfiitl.NioJht. ','■',
Paris France.—A hundred aud njja.
teen 'firaves in tne1 cemetery of lley'
district of Paris, were found. deBetiat-
ed recentlv.
. ,:Burlug the night tombstones and
monuments Had been' tbrpw.h Ajw).
and water taps turtred on ao as Hood
tlnej vaults and tear up the earth anil
pathways. At least five or six men
had! been at worK. and "tbey had dune
their task with eHSeiue ?l»lpW.M,. N     N„....rv
Ing rones:Jo, overturn the large motiu- . rsot necesiary
tnenihi' ilrnfclurU, often .'mlninturel Do you carry .burglar Insurance,
chapels beautifully decorated inside. I on >'°ur home. Blldad? asked Wig-
inashed,    Iron  B'™
Entertain Themselves
What entertainment have you pro1
vlded when the thimble club meets
at your house next week?
, Oh, Mrs. Gray-lias taken her baby
and gone home to her mother. .Kitty
Clark lias eloped with the Creek who
keeps the fruit store, and- Tom Slade
has defaulted and skipped for Brazil.
■   Yes?
I haven't invited any of the relatives
o, these people, so I,think the club
v.ill quite' easily entertain itself.
lug for some time in Lou'.sburg. On
hearing the Cape Breton coast a'fierce
storm arose and drove t,he little ship
off her cpurse towards Point Mich-
can "(which harii'e is a corruption of
Poin- Mlehean.-after this ship, which
was named St. Michael). The ship
stranded on a1 reef at Point Miclieau
known as Gros-Bos (big'rock 1'. All
the cr^w were lost. The.gojd was in
oak kegs bound with copp. ' or brass
hoops. .' f
., That .the story of the loss of this
treasure ship was true was shown in
the year 1900, When a big storm swept
over this shore and a piece.of oak
keel 40 feet long, with copper bolts.,
came ashore. Further proof was
given by the finding of many gold
coins on the western beach, one man
finding six coins. This created'much
interest in the Point Mlcheau gbld. so
that, hundreds went there. . ..The
beach was plowed and dragged,'but no
more gold was got-at the time	
The piece.owned..by Mr. Almpn was
found last June ' and and ' owned by
Mr. Taylor. It was obtained through
Wm._ M. Murphy, of, Pojnt Mlcheau..
The coins were nil of gold, dated 1725
t«-lT80>-~Mr.- Almon- states-that in
his French hMorJes rpeptlon hfts been,
mtide of ships leaving Prance with
gold for fxjulsbiint.' and ;ho' thHrks'l
that through further study. Ihe.storv^
of this ship cpuld be secured In full
WHEREAS five years ago tie word" Zam-3ufc
wasuoknowii in Canada, and Zam-Buk is to-day
admitted to be ihe finest cure for skin injuries,
and diseases:
,; AND WHEREAS ii has been, represents <ai
its that there are still some- good Canadians, and
even .some mothers and heads of fa^iJ^es \^ho
have not yet tried, this great balm, we hereby
offer a REWARD of one free trial box of
Zam-Buk to every person who has not. yet tried
this wonderful balm j
PROVIDED 'they send by mail to us this
proclamation together with one-cent stamp to
pay return postage of such boxt . ...
address such application to our offices at
Toronia  ,;    ■
Given under our hand this day.
detail  In some 'of- the"Btetwlt
from .the French navy records.
Oeafner* rtannot bu Cured
by. local ..tpllcllims. >s - »h»y • - cannot
reach the atseased portion ot the ear.
There Ii onlr ;one War Hr, cur* deafness,
snd that Is t> constitutions! remedies.
Rearnese is rvuserl 'bvr an- Inltsmed ertn*
rtltlon of tbe rruenua lining of the Kuc-
tscblan Tut', -When this tub. -Is In-
(lamed you bave a r-umbllna sound or
smpfrfrnt h-», infl and when It,-la entire--
1, ok sea. r>p-.fnesa Is the result, and unless the'lnfla'rimatlon caabe, taken.out
a'in this lube restored to Its normal condition, hearlmr will b« destroyed for ever;
condition  of the mucnua surfarea.
We will fit'e .One .Hundred Tlotlars for.
anv case of Deai'nesa (caused hv ratarrhl
lhat cannot be cured .hy .HaU's Qstarrh
Cure.      Send  tor circulars, free.
F.    . CHENEY * CO... Toledo. O.
SV.'d bv DruinrlHta. 7Bc.
Take Haifa Family Pllla tongoniflps). j
The. only   sure  and  aatlsfactoi
lean aecure the ■"'
i highest
and Miiatactenr way  tn wnieti na Weatara Fans
..est posslMe marKet vajue for hla wheat, oata, barter a
8W 'A bj »bippln« U by the carload to Fort WlBiam or Port >Jrth»r. «r
Dulutb If cars cannot be «ot for the other terminals	
direct mm ,„. cr o'fer ibVioii'lnf pialf»"rm"io"a."ii lii>J*J*»'aior IMSSse
and dockaie) and eniplo, lat a etricfly commlwlon tirmisi handle and eV
Doas- fjf It. .   ,    .    ,       ,i , * ■   ..  r it
,_We continue to act aa tne farmers' Aaenta aolely on a eommlaalon tmste. ,
We. are not trackbu-era and we never buy the FafHien? arSIn on onrnsw
. eeeohnt. but look after and dlapoae ef tba train entrnalea ts na aa tke
aganta of those who -mplnr a*.,and It II our Be.lre and *n«eavof To art*
everyone the very be.t aeprlce poaalhle. We make liberal..urane-a aratnet
'ILtySPT*tW"«. ,«nd will alao.eanr.tha araiaTot a time inder advance, ot
a moderate commercial rate of tnterear. If conaldered advlaauie. We tnrlt* -
all Farmara lo write to us for ahfpplna Insunettoni and market'MfrrnirM'M
.,^,n     -.     ...
Thompson Sons & Company
10»—7U Y. DRAIN  (XCHmSTOB    '   ! WINNIPaO, CANAO*
The nlri^fasMonofl^vpmnn will Jinvel
none of the vnouum clpaners -th'rt ob*
vialo ■ the necessity -'of house 'cimtn-
Ine. ,,\Jjhst wrtulil life mean to :her, if,
her semwinnual debauch of house-
cleaning:-were denied her?   "    '■
to cime a colp in one o*v
Take LAX ATI VK   BROMO   Quint x>
TnblRts., DniKnlsto refup*!,money ,If ;il
falls to cure."R. W. QnOVE'S .algnv
turo is on each'bar,   2B<r;
Marble i.-russea were
(inoirs torn from their liinses. and col-
rjmtis thrown down. In some paa'es
thelstone i-ovi'rlnjts'had'bei'd re'inovetl'
so hs to ex'pos'ir,-tfiiw .^off Ins'.,-I'.'.v-press
tree;s arid shrubs had been pulled
up and rust on the wreckage.
No motive has. been auggestedftfor
the] outrage, except; that of sabotage,
by BriHrchlsts.' ' Niilie of tbe vuluable
objects which might tuioi- beerl stolen
wns taken pwSyC FinSKr prints.on
wrea'hes' will J»e used for, purposes ut
Jetection. - '■-■■' •   ; . ••!'
1 Used to, but slpce .the twips came
I'.ve; given it uprsata Blldad, No-
'body slenps at our house after darlt.
so-What's the use?
:'   The late Patrick-.'Collins nf Boston
was elected p'tosiilerjl; of    the . W"i
League anil visited Ireland soon after-
A barber in Dubltfl was ahavtag h'm.
I    Vou're  fir. Collins, ^,1'in  Uilpklna.
said llie Sarhe'r rospec'lfiilly.'
■   I am. [UserrtetJ Mr. Collins ihroriph
the soup.'  rf.tl .'J WI1    *■■-        ■
-.   -Well,  then,  eKclnlmed. the 'bnrberj
IS Long Years
It's onlv the defeated candidate?
that don't recnghlze-'vou' nW'."''Thir
succesjgfjtl ones .will Keep an. eye .on
their fences.
Thar* art a* vejetiblea just lister yeet*
ewa jrowial    Provide fer a |eed t.We,
■at vefelablaa, aad Ibraw away saaaiciaM.
Wa aal oaly aipply yoa wilb the FiaaatTaaleal
Sends tor Ihia toantry, bat wa also alow yew
ToH ia ear booklela, 1S3 pafas (copyriiltael).
Tha first of tba kiad prialad Ja Canada.    Tbsjr
contain  tha   boat  Wealern aaptrianca  of ••perl
Market Gardaaara.   Sonad, practical aid seaaiWo—
jast what yoa waal lo haow ia preparing Ihe stwet
bad, raaaarlat, alarliaf tba aeed, traasplaalial, forciat,
ripaa!a|, aloriat, rja.troyinf laaecta, ale.     The prica
ia 10 caate per booklet ($1.00 for Ike fall aal.aril,
iacladinU vejelable pad apecial flaid craps), bat FREE to
parcbaaera of oar aoads. . '  Sao bar catalojue, Bit* 2.
Mlnard's Liniment Curea Colds,. Eto,,'
Tell' th" trulh'; '/hut b'e carefuf to
wbem-you tell it.-;'—-: -.'-..".   .. —-o ,-. I
There's a heap of fun'in this,world,
and Jim Brown says he doesn't Intend to m!s« nny-of It-even if he has
to knock oil work occasionally,  ,   ,
There   Is   no  Vise   In   fretting,   but
"Flor .over "fifteen yenrs," writes a,
putletit, "hopeful little ' Ills, woman, I
"whiile n- coffee drinker, Isfiffcred from i some folks dolt hist for amusement.
Splnnl Irritation'and Nervous trouble, i Be happy while .y.oji,may.., 9,oon.
1 was ireated'by good physicians, but! yonr wife will present you with a box
did not get-much roller. ' I of Christmas cirilrs Just like the kind
"1 never suspected, tjiat coffee mlglH'i her brother smokes..   ,-.    .   ..   ,
be aggravating my condition.. (Tea Is |    A woman can make the    ordinary
jpst as injurious,'because it con'alns
caffeine, the same drug found In: coffee): I was down-hearted and dls-
honraged, but prayed" daily that I
might, find something to help me.
j "Several years ago. while nt a
l.friend's house, I drank a cup hf Post-
i;:h and thought I had never lasted any-
titan into a pretty respectable otttieri,
but.by the time.she finishes tlie Job.
he Is about ready to die
Mrs. Campbell.
What misery to lie awake nights!
and think of all sorts of things with-1
out being able to get the rest und
ateep'which Is neqessary io restore1
the nervous energy wasted In ihe,
tasks ot the day.
This symptom of sleeplessness ts
one of the surest indications of an ex- j
hauated. nervous system. 'You must!
bave sleep or a breakdown is certain..
Dr. Chase's' Nerve Food feeds the j
feeble, wasted nerves back toihealtb.,
east strength. In a few days you obtain the natural.-restful sleep which '.
helps at>. materially In restoring-vital. I
lty to the.nerves and strength ,t'o the,
whole briery.
Mrs, Sarah Campbell, 108 Alma
afreet. St. Thomas. Ont.. writes ; "JTor
months T was so bothered with nerv.
outness that I could not sleep ntgbts.
There were other symptoms of exhausted nerves, but none caused so
much misery, and T found myself
continually getting worse.
"I began using Dr. Chase's Verve
Food, and It was not long liefore I
noticed great Improvement in. ..my
health. » built up the nervous system wonderfully, strengthened the
nerves  and   enabled   me  to  rest   and
pleeo Well."
Dr. Chnse's Nerve Food, Bdr a box,
e fnr $2.1r,(i. all dealers, nr Bdmanson,
Wfitea A Co.. Limited. Toronto.
W.  N.  U. 936
.  I   '
.■:.:    ■■   .    .■:.'.     H
nourishing;It'-s nuor. I-.wapi to tell ye i ,,,(£1 lnore arl|nlolls
'thai vye'vn t,wlnty thousand brave sou..      -urrbm that time on I used Postum
of old Ireland ready ro Vise at a rtjrJ- L.,Jad of coffec 01„,  ,„„„ h„gan to
meni's cull and throw off the cursed!1
• Unless worms be-expelled from the
system, no child can be hcuithy.
Mother Graves' V/orm Exterminator
Is the best medicine extant to destroy
worms. ...    j
yoke of England
, Collins preserved.!! discreet silence
until |ie was shaved. ...\s he wu,s,piit-
tine oh his collar'he Ssk'ed:
Why dont you rise?
Ah. replied the barber, th' cursed
constabulary won',t,lPj us.,,,.i ,,.,  fnW
We'.' rTpu,!*' '.'stsjiriil r-foarMoiW Vbntlllfifld
had luck if it wer.1 not so, monotous.
>Ve constitutionally bate monotony.
Defined Again , ,
Love Is- whiit makos a man iipe''id
M( op a" diamond r,ing,for a girlivhll,! | ,sp
liy.es."   l Name given
he tries to^^ keep warm, In .jas;
mer's"low-r-uf shoes."
with hpr. ?f'iw her folks say 'hey
'xpect to itse Hostuni the rest of their
i.v,es." Name given nnon reonest. I
It-ad the little book. "The Hosd to
',-   rfrfi-fl.Itir.     yn»i-<-  ). ■ l'^\•e■|lv!He•.', Hit'pksb.    ' '"THere's    a
.The-Beginning.,       , ,i    SitreSson,"
Ma,ry-T»Il,ie Just (oundiout iwlint-wus.; iPhs'iim now com"s In concentrated |
the origjn ,of t^e.harp. ,-. - ,.-,nofffiiler. form, called Instant. Postum,
There's only one thing worse than
improve In healtb,.,so that now I cauIhaving to shovel coal.and that ls.not
walk half a dozen blocks or more with j having any to shovel when the mer-
case, and do many th'ngs that 1 never | cury hits the zero mark.   ■ ■   • '
i bought I would be able to. do again In | - ,      . . ■ . i   : ,    	
ibis world. Collecting Antiquities
"My'appetite Is good. I rleep well j    siop'ay   received  avca'rd  oh'wlilch
nil flmlJIfe Is .worth livtng. indeed. , was engraved:--Professor Brace, - An-
lady of my neoualntapce Said /he| tlguarian. ,    ,     -,
did not like Postum.'it was so weak i    He knew ho'stich person, so tils'cur-
and tns.telr-.ss...,. 1 gntfl " " ' ■' lloslty led him to receive him ,
"1 explained to her.   the   difference;    What  is  your business, professor?
.when it Is mnde right—'boiled ac'coW, lie asked, politely. '' '  '     "" '    '' "'
in: to directions.      She was-elad to      i am in dpllpctQr of arjtiqMtties, ani
l-notv this becttse coffee r"d not agree  swered the old man.
So'1  Imagined.      And how can I
serve you?
"By paying a deposit'on thll nitle
bill you. Imye. owed for mere than three
My dear nephew, wrote a wealthy
old uncle, allow.-riite tn congratulate
you on your,  apprpachlng   marriage,.
 ; and please accept from me the accom-
-live »"«'the apple nudiioen-ts,,^,- tn t.„fte. and enough cream to  panylng'weddlng ■gift.-   \'pu will And
,flye.ala thqianpje-'and'mne;: w^trvg '>,,. color to golden brown
 _,J,of th - 	
JoHn'Mrihliing rjp Troni his nc.wsp^-;,lt. Is prepared hy stirring a level tea-
per)—^Yes. !:;' • " ' ' .     .       ' '.spoonful "in a'-cup'of hot water, adding
Harness Oil
Bfest for. Wear   .
Insist on the
^genuine Eureka
'   Harness Oil in  .
original packages
Oaalera everywhere
, Siclt headaches—neuralgic headaches—splitting,
| blinding headaches—all vanish When you take
; Na-Dru-Co Headache Wafers
! They  dp- not oonlain  phenaoelln,  aoetanllld,
>l   morphine, opium or any other dangerous drug.
25c. a.box at your Druggist's.   . 123
A   woman   can't   throw   a   thing
straight to save her life.
,Oh.  yee.      There's one thing
can throw straight.
What' Is it?
1 A qutflng remark.. 1 (
We do. some things because we
waflt to, dp t.hem,' other things be- .use
other people try to persuade us not
to do 'them .''-■'•- '
Not Sufficient Preparation ,. ,
My daughter Is to be married sooa. ,
Yet.     k&il am so'glad iu*i..ene*
gave ber a course in domestic science^
for I feel tbat she Is now prepares1'
tor the duties: of bpmemaklog,, 11:.
To whom Is she to be marri.xi*
To the-young.Mr,, Spender. •   L'tt'itl
Ah! Don't you think you ought also.
have; prepared, jfor her the d|»tlt» of.
money making too?
lt takefP a good man 'to be 1. cow-    •   '      b,ii.«'.. M«U*.'r».ri«   '" ; '    '
boy now, said One Eyed>jfik<t cutting < rr!c1fr*. rtnx* c,rl1 ill -
off a chunk, of plug tobacco as large k''A well-known    l^ondoner   recenliy
as a paving, brick and ramming It fiu-i-iook: a spite, at a Monte Carlo bote*- •
to one cdrnerhf fits mouth. reservlng'w|thout asking the price of anytblnf
the other corner for conversation
Have to kin* all'about how try ride
phistlcated newcomer. y;ho wisheti.to
leave the Impression that he knew all
about lt.
Ride a'»oa>>,;n6thlng.     He doesn't
—aid in'the restaurants of stiob Htv
tels It is a common thing to find
I   sunposenaald the   unso-(prices even on the menus.   WnentBi*
man came to pay Ms bill, says London
Opinion', it  was enormous.   Bat **'
paid lt.;i; Then he said:. Hare row.
any twenty'ftve centime.stsmpsT Tew., -
have b«ep, .harping ahoat it ever since,
''■'■''[    'Cihyinclnp",
Crawford—In r'egnfrl to
trot. v>hat haS'convinced
Is vuHtari* " 'i        " Ir ' ;l'
,no ,'iiik"v
oil that it
Instant    Postum    is     'eonVenleht	
i-herie's no waste; nnd the-flavor i? nl-.' With much Expectation ihe prDBpbet-
ways Pti'forni. Sold, by grocers— , Ive bridegroom opened, the pancel and
4S !(,n Sd-ciip tin Sflvts , 90 to 100-cup, found in. Ide a    large   book , marked
It extremely,.appropriate..In the ,cit-.| he .can'V.flx anything--about],an ai|tp-.
have to know how to Curry one.: If iimooaieur, said the clerk.    How. man*
do you wish? The giiest smile*
mobTle" with his' bare"hands he..might | blandly. . Tell me'first, please, tie'
as well look for another Job.       . .   I jajd, what you charge for them tmt.
A 5-cup trial t'n mailed for grocer's
■ Crah/haw— 1. find \tft always part of name Tind"?-crmr stump for'PoBtage.
tlie Mrftrmsjiqe,.where -they, gite re, Canadian PoSfeirn Cereal Co., Ltd.
fined vaudeville    ..'"v     '.      ''.   iWindsor, Ont.
: 1
'' First Crow—That- sounds like a gun.
Second Crow—Ydu'mustn't believe 1
every report you bear, - "     I
Why Not Save the
Middleman's Profit
and Ship Your
to where tbey 'brtnaf
moat ? No market Uu*
N'ew Y,xU:     Send for"
price hpi mid ship ir»
M.  F.l Pf seller A Co'
ii i-:. 12th si. .,r>esii ifc
New York City (
Ruby Rose Cold Cream
A toilet delight, with the exquisite I
1 fragrance of fresh roses. Makes
I chapped hands smooth and soft anil I
I keeps ihem so. Preserves tha mobt I
I deKsata complexion a;;ain^t exposure I
I to the severest weather. Try it— j
I you'll certainly appreciate it.        ,
ln2Co. c pal jars, at your dm prist's.
Medicinal Stride
I remember you cured me of the
*-*mo trouble* a dozen years ago. Why
don't you use the saute treatment
A dczon ye^rs ago? pohocd he doctor- My Hear sir. the me'ieal pro-
•fecelon has made woiuinful Btr'des
.fine* then, and 1 couldn't think of
■uch a thing.
Beautifying Fredericton
Fredet-U'ton, N.B., U the possessor
cf an association formed under a X.w
Brunswick act which provides that
ten or more persons may he incorporated for tne purpose cf improving
and ornamenting tho streets and public squares of a city or town by planting and oultlvafing ornamental trees-
This act also provides that any city
or town may hand over to siu-h an
association ihe care of iUe p.'.rks and
the ornamentation of Its streets and
may make the association a grant that
can be levied and collected ns part of
the regular acsesBmen'. A fine up
to $20 Is the penalty fixed fnr anyone
injuring or interfering with the work
of such an association by driving animals or vehicles across iu property,
playing hall thereon, and so forth, tue
tine being payable to the association.
The results have already justified the
-''Ti,   ■ Tfsiir-fli   -~:^
Crtrar, E. J, Fream. John Kennedy, William Moffat.
A.   Crerar   John  Kennedy,   Win.   Moffat.   R
Mahai-R.  F.  \V.  Green, J.   Morrison
S' GRAIN CO., LID. «.l.^
I.amrl-v.  J -    ~-   - -	
If you consign your sraliuto u. It will be locked alter In the beat ooasibl. manner.
To hei**r i*. condition of th. lorrner and cut out tha epread betw.sn the producer asM
McK-enila.    Saskatchewan—Ooo.
Alberta—K.   J.  Fream.
THE JOjiN INGLtS CO.. Uinitei
Engineers and Boilermaker*
Boilers  ■).'    o'l    kl.-is— Enaln»»
Pumps and Heavy Plate Work
Write us fnr Prices
14 S-raehan Ave.. Toronto. Canala
Book Tree.    A s.mpla
Borne   •feamipnt removed
lump (ran thislady's breast
Old sores, ulcers and
tfrowths cured.     Describa
p*vm ejsYtWm i we will iced book aud teslimoaiiie.
The One
Ideal Gift
for all the family
tor all the year
around is 1 fradamart.
Columbia Grafonah
Ask your   nearest   Columbia
dealer to play you the special
Xmas Columbia Records.   iFit
any machine.)
Columbia Phonajrai'i Compii;
•AeKinnon  a^HSing. Toronto, O'l.
Territory Open to Daalera
j\Q<mi£> JU?(£i,
■fab. my&iioU'^t
' me. - Jfci Mm/if-
ni cm buy-Why you don't evan have to
what KIND of Cloth yourCeoda era mad*
SlUtifca. are tmpoaa.kls.
i for Free Color Card, Story Booklet, aed
giving reaulte of Dy-tlnf over athar colore.
Montraal. Canada.
Strikes at the Root of Diiease and,
Gives New Health.
It you look In your dictionary you j
' will find the word "tonic" d"ttned as I
i'ii medieine that Increases the strength I
; and vii*,oi- of the system."     That tells
I why Dr.  Williams' Pink Pills ar? a
: real tonic.    Thousands of   men   and!
j women are ailing to-clay, not sick In!
;bed, bill  without Btrength and ambl-j
' tlon.  utterly  tired  ont after a day's !
; work.     No one organ Beeins to be at,
fault, yet tbe whole system Is lack- j
Ins  in  health.      They do not  sleep
v/ell ant! are always tired and nervous. |
many have headaches, backaches and
stomach trouble.      All these neonle I
need the tonic help of Dr. Williams']
Pink Pills.     The beneficial influence]
nf this  medicine  reaches the  whole j
system.      Dr.   Williams'  Pink  Pills;
do more than relieve the symptoms.;
they actually remove the cause of the
trouble,      The case of Mrs.  J.  H  ;
Stlurpe, London, Out.. Is one In proof;
of the    above    statements.        Mrs  (
SUarpe  says:—"I  was  so  run dowa
and weak that life was a burden. The ;
least  exertion  would exhausl  me so '
'greatly that l could hardly urcntlie. ,
! If going up stairs, l  would have tu'
I rest several minutes when l reached
the top,      My heart would palpilalc!
i until I felt as If It would choke me. |
j I  was  extremely  nervous, in fact  a |
complete wreck, and would some'ime* i
have to remain in bed for n couple or i
'. days or more at a t.im<\     I found nu
help from medicine until I began using Dr. Williams' Pink Pills r.nd my i
I experience with thorn was that they I
made a complete cure.     I gained 111
I weight and my friends toll tne I look |
younger than I did ten years ago—I
know I certainly feel younger.    I feel
sure that what Dr.    Williams'   Pink'
Pills have done for me they will do I
to other women If given a fair chance." j
I    K vou are at all unwell do not fall
to tr'v Dr.  Williams' Pink Pills, and!
you will find new health and strength, j
Sold by medicine dealers or by mail
at 50 cents,  a box or six boxes for I
$2.50 from The Dr.  Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvllle, Ont.
Kidney Stones and Gravel ar* qul*K-
ly  excelled iron,  tba ayitem by %N
\a»t>    ui
whlen naa been a altnal oaoeoso
thr.-UBhout Canada aa a comMeto
rure of Kidney Trouble and all Url«
Acid Dlseaaea. W. wlll aend leltera
telling of many curea to all who will
write ua. .    io
Price ll 50 Per Bottle at aU Laodlal
Father Time—'■Black Knisrht assures a bright Nest Year to all users".
It's a paste-
easily applied—and
gives a brilliant,
black polish that is
not affected by tlie
Hack Knight
Ask your dealer for
"Black Knight"
and see for yourself bow easy it is
for stoves, grates
and ironwork. 45
W* will sell for a short while a few
lots left fn Southwood Park (to cloae
out a syndicate) at prices below what
adjoining lots are sellln* at today.
Asphalt pavement, treed lots, cloat
to car, between Winnipeg and new
agricultural college and Lniveralty
site, absolutely safe and a good promt aBuured,
Write us at once.
303  Keewayden   Bldg.,
Portage Ave., Eail
Parisian French at - Discount
Fred. McKenzfe, tho editor of The
London Times -weekly edition, a Canadian by birth, and one who knows
this country as do few English newspapermen, was in Canada for a London paper a few years since. He
spent a week-end with a friend in a
district where the Trench tongue Ih
spoken almost entirely. McKenzie
speaks French—as lie alleges—with a
Parisian accent. Having been Introduced to the oldest man in the district—a habitant of over ninety years
of age—the English journalist nude
several remarks till in French—his
French—and waited for tr reply.
The old man looked at him steadily
for a few seconds and then, shaking
his head, slowly said: No spak Hen-
glish, me!
IPs Best
To Have
ready to use a: first sign of trouble
Ihe best corrective for any disorder
of the organs of digestion. The
earlier you seek relief tlie easier
it will be to get it—and the more
certain it will be that the trouble
will not lead to something worse.
It  is  universally   admitted  that
IU* Central Business College, Toronto, with four City branch schools,
Tho Central Tt-lesraph and Railroad
(school and The Shaw Correspondence
achooi. are now commonly known tn
"Bhaw's Cchoola." In these schools
» arrest work Is belne done In training
young people tor business pursuits
and for famine good salaries. The
Annual curriculum Is interesting and
|a mailed free on sending request to
W. H   Shaw President. Toronto. Ont.
1100,000  STATUE   FOR  $6,000
Pealers Race In Motorcars for Plowman's Find
Borne.—While plowing recently In
e, field near Dassano dl Sutrl, some
forty miles from Rome, a peasant un-
twrthed a magnificent bronze statue representing the youthful Apollo.
News reached Rome, and several
dealers In antiquities started hurried-
ly In motor cars for the little town.
Put they were forestadlled by a r-ov-
«rnment official, who hnd secured the
statue fnr $6,000. Its 'alue is believed by connoisseurs to be $100,-
The man who can always tell you
■/hat is going to happen can also tell
you afterwards why It didn't.
\^.  KIDNEYS'-,-/
.';,iiir.T-i'. '     <m /
We. a box or alx boxea tor J2.50,
at ill eJaaleni, or Tho D«dde Modi-
tlaa Company, Limit**!. Toronto,
,The cheerful ageut stepped lu'.o the
business man's private office and set
his grip on the floor.
I have here, said he, a patent glass
I cutter for 25 cents.     It Is known as
! cutter for 25 cents.
j    Don't need any glass cutter, snap, i
I ped the business mun. |
Ah, vou don't need a glass cutter, j
Well, then, 1   have here   a   vacuum
cleaner that sells for $«>•.     It Is now j
In use In thousands of homes.    H Is—
I don't need a vacuum cleaner.
Well, perhaps not, but then I have j
something else that will certainly interest you. It Is a phonograph that
retails tor the small sum of 111.
There Isn't another phonograph In the
world that—
I wouldn't buy a phonograph on a
bet, growled the business man, getting
red In the face. ■   i
Well, 1 am surprised. But then I i
have here a camera which sells lor;
$2".     lt will take the widest scope— !
No camera today, yelled the bus!-1
ness man.
Well, then. I have a $423 automobile
which combines all the necessary
points of the higher priced machine
For the love of Mike, screamed tlw
business man. I'll take a glass cutter.
Here's your quarter.    Now get out. .
Thank you, said the agent. That's
I all I had to sell In the first place.
j Yes, sir, I've been a soidler, and
] ouce came mighty near being mixed In
a battle, nnd If It hadn't been for
' obeying the orders of our old colonel
' who was a regular brick, 1 might be
1 sleeping with my martial cloak around
me now.
Why, how was that? asked a listener.
Well, the enemy were In sight, and
| we were getting ready to go for 'em.
! I wasn't feeling tho lear-t bit co: "ort-
nble, when all of a sudden up Jumps
the old colonel on a stump and shouts:
"Now, then, boys, up and at em!
Strike for home and country!
Some of them—a good many, In fact
—struck for their country, but I
struck for home, and precious glad I
am I did it!
Kings as Composers
Brussels.— A very curious entertainment will be given for the poor
of Brussels on January 27. It will
consist of the performance of poems,
plays and music composed by monarchy. The program will include the
Merlaison ballet, by Louis X11I: a play
by Frederick the preat. aud compositions by Napoleon, Charles IX, and
Henry IV, of France.
A telegram has been received at,
Grand Trunk Pacific head-quarters In
Montreal from Head of Steel. British
Columbia, which reads as follows:
"Oraqd Trunk track-laying gangs com-
menoed laying Bteel here today. Twen-1
ty eight more miles of grade are now
ready and the steel will be placed on
it during January. Following this
bridge gangs will throw temporary
structures across Btreums and further
track-laying will then be possible.
The head of steel us now at mile 54,
1098 miles west of Winnipeg. One
mile of track per day will be laid.
A gentleman was strolling across a
large estate, wheu he came upon a
man fishing.
What sort of fish do you catch here?
he asked.
Mostly trout, replied the man.
How many have you caught?
About ten or twelve, sir.
What ts about the heaviest you have
caught, continued the gentleman.
Well. 1 don't know the weight, but
t he water sunk two or three feet when
1 pulled it out
are the safest preventive as well
as the most reliable corrective of
stomach, bowel, or liver troubles.
They bring about regular, natural,
healthful action. All through the
body—in every organ, every nerve
—in actions, vigor and spirits— you
will feel the benefit of Beecham's
Pills — and quickly, too. You
will save yourself suffering if you
have this matchless aid to health
Ready On Hand
Sold ennrwhets,     ■ la komea, 2So
[ There's a dead horse on Kosciusko
I street, announced a Brooklyn patrol-
j man, coming into the station after his
day on duty.
Well, make out a report, ordered the
Why, you make out the report, don't
you, sergeant?
I don't. Make out your own report. You've passed your civil service examinations.
Mike equipped himself with a pen
and began scratching laboriously.
Presently the scratching stopped. Sergeant, he asked, how d'you spell Kosciusko?
O'wan.     You're writing that report.
An interval of silence. Then: Sergeant, bow do you spell Kosciusko
Stop bothering me, the sergeant ordered.      I'm no information bureau.
Pretty soon the patrolman got up,
clapped on his helmet and started for
the door.
Where you going? demanded the
I'm a-goin', said the policeman, to
drag that dead horse around Into
Myrtle avenue.
Mas. wimblow's BoonriHo syrup haa beta
wed for over SIXTY YEARS by MILLIONS at
la the best remedy for DIARRHOiA. It ia absolutely harmless. He sure and ask (of "Mio.
Winslow's Soothiof Sv-rnp," and take 00 oue*
kiad.  Tw.oty-fi.ve cents a bottle.
If you tee! .tut ol aorta '—"run doers*
or "got the uluea," autter from kidney,
bladder, nervous diseases, chronic weokv
nesMes. ulcera, skin eruptions, pilea, *0.,
write for my FREE book. It to Iho
moot Instructive medical book ever written, lt tells ^ all about these dlaeaaeo
and the remarkable cures effected of
the new French Remedy "THERAPION*
No. 1. No. 2, No, ». and you can decloo
for yourself If it Is the remedy for your
sllment. D-tn't send a cent. It's absolutely FREE. No "follow-up" ctreva.
lars. Dr. LHIIcro Med. Co, Haven
rror-k Rrl.. Harrmstoad. London. Eng.
'   You used to waut to hold my hand
before we were married,   she   complained.
I'd like to, now, said he easily, but
lt would keep you from your housework, my dear.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Dlphthorla
Marion—Did her husband leave her
Jessie—Quite often—before he quit |
for good.
Makes Breathing Easy.—The constriction ot the air passages and the
struggle for breath, too familiar evidence ot asthmatic trouble, cannot
daunt Dr. J. D. Kjllogg'j Asthma
Remedy. This Is the famous remedy
which Is known far and wide for Its
complete effectiveness even under
very severe conditions. It Is no untried, experimental preparation, but
one with many years of strong service
behind it. Buy It from your nearest |
Couldn't Stand It
Did you hear why Mrs. Mason recalled the Invitations to her party?
Because her husband's second
cousin died.
That's the reason she gave, but
don't you believe it.
Because the last Indian Swaml that
Mrs. Wilson secured for her party
made Mrs. Mason's poor little Japanese Juggler look like the half of
80 cents.
Agriculture In Nova Scotia
The development of agriculture in
Nova Scotia Is receiving more attention than ever before and the vurious
agencies p* work should produce com-
btned res #.-, of great benefit.
The Agricultural College Is extending Its work In all directions. The
new Experimental Horticultural Farm
In tho heart of the fruit-growing district is In full operation. The Commission of Conservation has selected
lour experimental farms which ure receiving enthusiastic support. Cooperation among farmers Is rapidly
Mamie has a friend from out ot
town visiting her.
I know. Shall you give a lunch
eon in her honor?
1 haven't made up my mind yet.
Why not?
I shall wait until I see her clothes.
The Nova Scotia "Lumber King"
the BEST liniment In use.
I got my foot badly Jammed lately.
I bathed it well with MINARD'S LIN!
MENT and It was as well aa ever next
Yours very truly,
t. o. Mcmullen.
How would you like to be our Selling-
Agents and make BIO MONEY In
your Spare Hours ?
We have the Goods I
Send Post Card to-day
for particulars, and "Get into Business."
M. O. Dcpt. P. O. Box 1236, Moot-
real, Can,
Block broking buslneaa? I want a UVw
ambltloua repreaentatlva In every ottr
and town to handle stocks, bonds saw
mortgages; applicant must furnlah references and have from 1100 to ISM peroral-
al capital.   Write or. call M.  R.  r	
It Co,. M Victoria Street, Toronto.
Wanted—Agents for Hall and Windstorm Insurance.     Apply The Canada
Weather Insurance Company, (DomlaV
Ion License), Winnipeg, Man.
Is he a successful physician?
1 should say so. Why, he can take
any ordinary case of overeating and
get more advertising for curing a dangerous case of peritonitis than any
doctor you ever saw.
W. N. U. 938
Some men are cowards through and j
Unworthy of the name.
But when we sec the Btyles we know j
That milliners are game.
He who has not done that which he
ought not to have done has missed a
lot of fun.
When a man gets the better ot us
we aro inclined to believe   all    the
A contrary man is one who won't
listen to the good advice we pour out
for his benefit.
Because a girl is afraid of a mouse
is no sign that sho can bear a cat.
Did you ever know a man who was
stubborn as a mule to be credited with
horse sense?
The Friend of All Sufferers.—Like
to "tho shadow of a rock in a weary
land" is Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil to
all those who suiter pain. It holds
out hope to everyone and realizes it
by stilling suffering everywhere. It
Is a liniment that has the blessings ot
halt a continent. It is on salo everywhere and can he found wherever enquired for.
Many a good dinner has been spoiled by a poor digestion.
He—A penny for your thoughts.
She—They will cost you more than
that. I was thinking that 1 need a
new fur coat very badly.
Cbfpprtf .lands    a#?ffC9
Won't Bother
if  instead of
soap you use
SNAP, the
original hand
SNAP con-      ^==r
tains no lye or
acids, but glycerine and
oils which keep the skin
and in splendid condition.
Try SNAP lor a week au
d notice
the difference.
C M   A
0 IN A
OtUm from »exir dialer Vo-Jijr.    S*V«
con pong.
Mr. F. J. Chainherlln, president nl
the Grand Trunk Railway system. Is
In receipt of the following congratulatory telegram from -Mr. G. T. Som-
ers, president of the Toronto Board
of Trade. The congratulations of
the Toronto Board of Trade are heart
liy extended to you on the movement
of your first train of wheat and its
product from Western Canada to tlie
Atlantic sea-hoard. It is especially
noteworthy that such a train should
proceed entirely through Canadian
terrltority, and that it consists of a
food product destined to a country
(South Africa) within the British
In the Cycle
He Is so far behind the times that
he will never catch up.
There ls some advantage to that.
What is It?
His Jokes are so old that they sound
like new.
Free Library for Blind
A glance at the following brief summary ot work done by the Canadian
Free Library for the Blind, wffl convince any reader that a real and n»
cessary task is being fulfilled.
The library was incorporated under
the Ontario Public Libraries Act toward the close of 1906, on Nov. 9, of
which year 81 volumes were In Ita
possession. On Nov. 1 of the pro-
sent year the number of volumes owned had increased to 2,858. while, in addition, 959 pieces of music bave been
purchased. For the year 1907 tho
circulation was 996 volumes, while for
tho first three-quarters of 1912 tho
circulation was 4,643 books and
pieces of music.
107 Years Old
London.—A very old Irishman i
named Kelly, who has Just died at j
Cowran, at the age of 107, could, it |
Is said distinctly remember a law
ra30 which ended In his favor when j
he was 14.
Why   did   none  of  the   candidates
think  of working  the endless chain
1 system to get votes?
A horse lo the field Is worth two
Id the bam.   You can't pravant
' Spavin, Ringbone,  .Splint, or i^irb from
putting your horse in the barn but you
I can prevent Uteae troubles from keeping 1
| horses in the ba.ru very long.   You can get
and cor* all inch ailments. For 35 yeara,
KeniLiU'i Spavin Cure has beta the horse-
nuui standby.
Aci/tsviu.K, Ojtt. March J,th, 1911.
"I have used Kendall's Spavin Cure for
over 14 Tears curititf two Jtog spavins, one
Curb, one Bone S|nvin and a Ringbone—All
bad cases. Your inedkanc is the best in tht
world," JOS1AH KEDICK.
Pi if* Ji per bottle—6 bottles |t Aak
dmggist for free book "Treatiie oa the
liurse" or write direct to as 75
Dr. B. J. KewUII
^Jifl inr,   isui'iai     t-iiirtnui,  r..<,.
Published   every   Saturday   at   Cumberland,   B.C.,  by
Islander Printing & Publishing Company
W. R. Dunn, Manager.
Edward W. Bickle, Editor.
Advertising rates published elsewhere in thp pnj>or.
Subscription price- (l.fiU per year, pnynble in advance
Ui r rloes Dot  hold   himself responsible for *i«wn expressed by
ii ruHuoudenta,
What the Editor has to say.
The special oommiBsioner detailed by the Vancouver Sun
to enquire into the strike situation at Ladysmith reports as
"Under what conditions would the striking miners ar
Ladysmith return to work? The a-iswer to that question,
which is risked in some form or another by almost everyone
interested in the situation, was given by the men to the Sun
commissioner in these words: 'It is all up to the company. If
flu company would recognize the union and sign up a contract
for two years, tlie contract would be fulfilled on the men's
putt Tlie men would start to-morrow if the company would
reciit/nize the union.' Abuse of power by the men who stand
in authority over the mine and the miners below the surface
seems to be a genuine grievance to the miners, and yet witli
reference to the present dispute this fact i.iust he emphasized
distinctly. The strikers readily admitted that under the present management of Extension mines 'thief-bosses' had all been
fired, and the management was taking steps to look into matters much more strictly, «o that the power of the 'bosses' com
plained of was being greatly reduced just about the time the
strike developed.
"The originnl 'holiday' was called on account of alleged
discrimination used againstltwo employees who had reported
g i , ,s tne strikers say, too zealously for the company's inter-
e-tt, hut the 'holiday did not become an actual strike until the
whole group of the coal mining companies ou Vancouver Island
luid refused to take any notice of the wage scale submitted to
tie' hy the United Mine Workers convention at Nanaimo—
in other words, had refused to recognise the union. In regard
to this, Mr. Cunninj/ham believes that a misapprehension has
crept into the minds of the public through a statement freely
circulated in press and on platform, that 'the company has
persistently refused to meet committees of its employees.' 'This
company,' said Mr. Cunningham emphatically, 'has never refused to meet any committte representative of its employees.
But this company and the other companies on the island do not
recognize the United Mine Workers of America, and consequently will not recognize any official communication from tbe
union, nor receive any committee representative of only that
"One striker told luni that the only difference the dispute
had made for him was that he could how get drunk twice a
week instead of only .nice. Quite a little chorus of voice joined
iu the assurance that some miners with large families are even
better off ulitler their strike allowance than they ever were
while working."
In the view of the mine manager, Mr, Cunningham, the
system of support for the strikers from headquarters of the U
M.VV at Indianapolis is the demoralizing feature of the dispute. M" Cunningham put it quite frankly to the Sun commissioner, ' The leaders of the strike,' he said, ' are Well
aware that the cause is lost, and it number of them knowing
that they call never again secure employment with this company are willing to sacrifice the main body of the men in order
to continue receiving contributions for a little longer from Indianapolis.' Further, Mr. Cunningham pointed out, the after
effect of the present drain on the resources of the U. M. W.
upon the ini"ers should the strike end with recognition of the
union. ' .-111 this money which is being poured • out here to
maintain the dispute must he repaid,' he said. ' In the state of
Washington ft present, where only U. M. W. miners are employed, an assessment of nsmuch as $12 per month is deducted
:' H the men's wages to support strikes in the various districts
ami further, these^men have no option in the matter The
levy is deducted from their wages at the company's office and
handed over to the head offices of the U.M.W,' "
"That the strike was called on a vote by only 215 or so
out of n payroll of over 800, is stated hy Mr. Cunningham,who
maintains that the whole dispute was engineered hy the
\yE are now showing some of the
very latest colorings, etc., in dress
goods comprising the following:
Whipcords and White Serge in medium
and heavy weight.
White and Blue Striped Serge.
Black and White Checks.
Also shades of Navy, Greys,   Greens,
Reds, Browns, etc,
PONGEE SILKS in shades of White, Light Blue, Dark Blue
and Brown, etc.
LADIES' NECKWEAR in the very latest Styles.
LADIES' HOSIERY in Cotton, Silk Lisle and pure Silk,   in
shades of Black, Brown and Tan.
Macfarlane Bros.
"The Corner Store," Cumberland, B. C.
Unless it concerns you.
Comox Co-operative Society
Purveyor* of Meat, Fish and Farm Produce.
ox beef BEST QUALITY ONLY dairy fed pork
Home Cured Bacon (unsmoked)     20c. per lb.
Best Smoked Bacon     25c.      "
Very Best Rolled Bacon    30c.
Very Best Desert Apples Obtainable _    $2 per box
Hams, best (Fresh every week)     25c. per lb.
Home Made Mincemeat       25c.      "
FreshCabbage       5c.      "
Best Onion '   per 6 lbs.   25c.
Potatoes Al Quality     $1.20 per sack
Carrots        1.70
English White Turnips _      1.79
Halibut and Salmon, best fresh, lowest market prices.
Local Fresh Eggs, 40c. per doz., 5 doz. for $1.90.
Orders by phone promptly attended to.      Phone 25.
The Store of
The Store of
The Big Store
NewGoods arriving
by every boat
We are showing some exceptional values in many
staple lines.   See our showings of
Towellings, Towels-special
Shaker's Flannels and
Flannellette Blankets
We have the best values ever shown in this vicinity,
all were bought at clearing prices, and we
are offering them to you
at Bargain Prices
We want your Grocery Order, and guarantee satisfaction,
as our Grocery Department is stocked with nothing
but the cleanest of fresh groceries.
Phone 38
k Co, I
Successor .'.j A. McKinnell.
Ice Cream,
Cigars and
McKinnell's Old Stand,
Dunsmuir Ave., CUMBERLAND
*- \Aii\>, 8tx norcs cleared, 'IVw
ucies i»  Market Garden containing
Ka-pl«i'ries, Strawk'n-ies, etc.
Edward W. Bickle
Ice Cream Sodas
Milk Shakes
Candies of all descriptions—The
Very BEST.
Fruits of all kinds—Best quality
Tobaccos of all strengths.
Cigars—The best variety of the
choicest flavors.
Mails for Dispatch:—Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo, etc.:
Tuesday, 7.15 p.m.; Thursday,
and Saturday, 6 a.m.
Comox and District:—Tuesday,
12.15 p.m.; Wednesday and Friday, 4.30 p.m.
Per SS. Cowichan, Sunday, at
2 p.m., and Tuesday 6 a.m.
Mails arriving:—Vancouver,
Victoria, Nanaimo. etc.: Tuesday
afternoon; Wednesday and Friday nights.
Comox District:—Wednesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
Per SS. Cowichan, Tuesday
noon and Sunday morning.
Change advertisements for
Saturday mornings issue must
he in this office not later than
10 a. in. on Thursday.
Barrister,   Solicitor   and I
9 Notary Pullic.
Grocers & Bakers
Dealers In all kinds of Good
Wet Goods
Best Bread and Beer In Town
Agents for Pilsener Beer
TCOTICEis heiehy given that the
■*■ reserve existing liy reason of
the notice published in the British Co-
liunliia Gazette of December 27th,
1907, is cancelled in so fur as the bnnie
relatjs to the following described lands
so as topirmitol' ihe sale of the timber
standing thereon:—
Commencing at the northeast c rner
of of Lot No 28-19, Bedoiida Island,
New Westminster /district; thence east
18 chains; thence north 4 chains; thence
east 19 chains; thence south '25 chains;
thence west. 32 chains, more or less, to
the enst boundary "f Lot No. 2849;
thence northerly along the enst boundary nf said lot to the point of coin
mencsment; containing by admeasure
ment 7-> acres more or less.
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Department of Lands,
Victoria, B.C., December 11th, 1912
Dec 21 8m!
.jpFIRH!! FIRE!!
'r^vK For absolute proUc-
Jfl tion write a Policy in
Liverpool, England.
Local Agent
Mrs* Sinim* will give leiioui on th*
piano «t hi'rh uso in Jerusalem, formerly
ow t d hy Mr. James Stewart, at any
tin   by 'ipi.M.hiinent, except Tuesdays
qtilokti tticertnln our opinion „„ ...	
Invention is probntiljr patentoblit Xommnnlea-
t lone si rlPl If cnnUi.ei.tfftl. HANDBOOK on Patattg
t em i'i en. oldest fluent)? for Mounnst patent!,
I'ntanti taken through Munn A Co. «o*l?a
uncial notice, without ebareo, In tba
Scientific American.
A handBomely Uluiitnited weekly. IatkhI dp.
dilation ot an* ei'ientlllc Journal. Terms lor
cmiiKiit, ja.76 a. year, portage prepaid. Bold by
all newsdealer*.
Branch OKU., C» g St. Wuhlrjutorj,
^OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the List of Voters for the
Comox Electorial District has been cancelled and that application to be placed on the Voters' List will be received at my office
at Cumberland where printed forms of affidavit to be used in
support of an application to vote will be supplied. The list of
persons claiming to vote will be suspended from and after the 7th
day of April, 1913, and a Court of Revision will be held on the 19th
day of May, and notice of objections to the insertion of any names:
on the Register of Voters must be given to me by thirty clear days;
before the holding of the Court of Revision.
Dated this 3rd day of March, 1913.
Registrar of Voters,, ..-•
Comox Electoral District..
mere in vf-'ti
"The Magnet Cash Store"
Phone 31
Cumberland, B.C
Full Stock of Wheat, Corn, Barley, Oil Cake
Meal, Oats and Crushed Oats, kept on hand
all the time at the Lowest Market Prices.
Made from No. 1 Hard Wheat, First Quality Family
Flour $1.65 per sack
~t*,-xa -ex**-*!:-;- -
Leave your orders at
A. B. Crawford
Corner Dunsmuir and First Street
Ladies' Slippers, Men's Boots
and Shoes,  Boys Lecky Shoes
Mondays and Fridays
K. ftBE   &  eOMPftNY
Dunmmiir Avenue
Cumberland, B. &.	
The Depot
Barber Shop
Opposite tli« Hotel Union and
au joining tlie Hallway Station
IS     NOW
The finest Cigars and the beat of
Tobaccos always on hand.
T. E. Johnson
UEALED TENDERS addressed to
^ Hv. Wilson, local manage'', B.C.
Telephone Company, Cumberland,B.C.,
will be received up to noon of Saturday,
i lie 8th day of March, 1913, for the
furnishing and erection, with cross arm
uttaclied, of a 31) foot pole line from
Courtenay to Royston Ranch
Plans and specification can be seen
at the local telephone office.
Fanny Bay School
UEALB1) TENDERS, superscribed
"Tender for Funny Bay School,"
will be received hy the Honourable tlie
Minister of Public Works up to noon
uf Friday, the 28th day of February,
1913, for the election and completion
of a one-ro.,iu school building at Funny
Bay, in the Comox Electoral District.
Plans, specifications, contract, and
forms of tender may be seen on and
after the 7th day of February. 1913,
nt the office of John Baird, Esq., Gov-
ciiiij.cot Agent, Cumberland, B.C.;
George Thomson, uovernment Agent,
Nanaimo; Mr. Fred iarson, Secretary
of School Board, Union Bay, B.C.; and
ni tho Department of Works, Parlia-
mii-iii Building-, Victoria, B. C,
Copies of plans and specifications
may be obtained on depositing acerti
Bed cheque for $10, to be refunded on
ri turn of plans nnd specifications by
dnte tenders are receivnble.
Each propositi must he accompanied
by nn accepted hank cheque or certili-
c;ile of deposit on a chartered bank 0
Canada, made payable to ihe /Vonour
able ibe Milllsti ( of Public Works, for
a sum equal to 10 per cent, of the
tender, which slmll l.e forfeited if the
party tendering decline lo enter into
contract when called upon to do so, or
if he fnil to complete the work con
traded for. The cheques or certiHcate-s
ol oeposi's of unsuccessful tenderers
will he returned to them upun the
execution of the contract.
Tenders will no' Iiu considered m -
less made out on the forms supplied,
signed with the actual signature of
the tenderer, and enclosed in the
envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not
necessarily accepted.
Public Works Engineer.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, H. C, February bth, 1913.
Synopsis ot Coal Mining Regulations
OOA1. milling lights of the Dominie
in Manitoba, Surkitcliuwnn an Allien-.,
ihe Yukon Turritoty. theN- rth»est Terrl
torles and In a portion nf the Province nf
British C. lumbia, may be leased for a term
of twenty-nut, years at i.n annual rental of
$1 an sore, Not more thau 2,500 acres
will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be made b>
ihe npplicaut in person to the Agent or sub
Agent of the district in which the rights
applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must.be
described by sections, or legal subdivisions
uf seolious, and iu unsuiveyed territory
i he tract, applied for shall be staked uut by
theapplicaiit himself.
K .eh application must be accompanied
by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if the
rluhts sppbed for are not available, but not
otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on th,
merchantable uutput of the mine at, thi
rate of live cents per t n.
Tlie person operating the mine shall
furnish the Ageur wiih sworn returns»c
ouiillnu for the full quantity "f unroll.
»i, abb-coal mined and p»y the royalty
thereon. If the o al mining rights are
ootDeinii operated, sue, returns shall be
furnished at least once a year.
The lease will include the coal minim*
rights only, but the) sseemay he permitted to purchase whatever available sur
face rights may be considered uecessary
f, rthe workiuguf the mineat the rate of
For full Information application should
be made to the Secretary of the Department of the Interior, Ottawa,  or to  any
A-'cnt ■ r Sub An. nt • (Dominion Lands
W   W. CORY,
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
Nil- Unauthorized publication nf this
adv.."'iseiueti' *illii"tb    aid for
Victoria Land District
District of Sayward
Take notice that Morgan O'Brien, of
Nanaimo, B.C., occupation hotel propria-
tor,  intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted at the
N. W. Corner nf P.K. 3795, thence north
40 chains, east 40 chains, south 40 chaina,
* est 40 chaina to point of commencement,
oontainiug 160 acres more or less.
Morgan O'Brien, Applicant.
M. J. M. Keown,   Agent.
Dated December 20th, 1012. 22 3
Sayward Laud District.
District of Sayward
Take notice that James Affleck, of
Nanaimo, B.C.. occupation agent, intends
to apply for permisssion to purchase
the following described lands:— Commen-
ing at a post planted at the southeast
corner of Pr. 3795, thence north 40
chains, thence east 40 chains, thence
south 40 chains, thence west 40 chains to
point of oummouceinent, and containing
160 acres more ur less. Jambs Afflkck.
M. J. M Keuwu, agent
Dated December 20th, 1912,
sayward land district.
District of Sayward.
Take notice that Fred Booth, of Nanaimo, ocoupation bookkeeper, inteods to
apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:—Commencing at
a post planted at the northwest corner of
T. A. Toombs* application to purchase
(of 640 acres), thence north 80 chains;
thence east 80 chains; thence south 80
ohains; thence west 80 ohaitis tu point nf
commencement, and containing 640 acres
mure or less. Fain Booth,
M.J,MKeown, agsnt.
Dated Deeember 20th, 1912.
lake notice that T. A. Toombs, of Nanaimo, B.C., occupation bruker, intends
to spply for permission tu purchase the
following described lands:—C >iiinieucing
at a post planted at the nurtheast oorner
of TL 37483, thence west 80 chains,thence
north 80 chains, thence east 80 ohains,
i hence south 80 chains to point of com-
mm cement, containing 040 aores more or
legs, '.. A. TouMBS,
M. |, McKeown, agent.
Da'ed December 20th, 1913.
Take notice that Hilton Etton,
of Nanaimo, occupation a broker,
intends to apply for pertnissiou to pur*
chase the following described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted at tbe
northwest crner of TL 4621, thence
ninth 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
thence south 80 ohains, thence west 80
ohaitis to point of commencement, and
containing 640 acres more or less.
Hilton Eaton.
M. J. MKeown, agent.
Dated December 20i.li, 1912
- Take notice that A. E. Toombs, of Nanaimo, occupation broker, intends to apply for permission ro purchase the follow
owing described la' dst— Commencing at
a post planted at the northeast curner of
TL 37183, thence north 80 chains, thence
east HO chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains to point of commencement and containing; 640 aores mure
or less. A. E. Tooiibs.
M..I. McKeown, agent.
Dated December 20th. 1912.
Take notice that Charles Reddy, nf
Quebtc, P Q-, occupation clerk, intends
tu apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:—Commencing
at a post planted at the northwest corner
of Hilton Eaton's application to purchase,
thence north 80 chains, theuoe east 80
chains, thence south 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains to point of commencement
and containing 040 acres more or less.
Charles Ruddy,
M. j. MKeown, agent.
Dated December 30th, 1912.
GOLDEN OAK DINERS, leather padded, six-piece
sets, ranging from - - $22 00 to $35.00
Golden Oak and Mahogany Rockers, $5 to $10
Parlor Tables .... $3.50 to $7
Curtains, 207, Discount for cash during March
Lace, Tapestry, Muslin, etc.
We carry a full line r>t Furniture and House-furnishings,
Ranges, etc., etc.
The Furniture Store"
MoPhee Block A.   McKINNON      Curaberlan   B.O
Victoria, B.C. THOMAS' CROSSING, Cumberland, B.C
Phone 964 Sidney, B C, Phone F 36. Phone 88
S. NAKftNO St Co..
Head Qbfice: 518, Fisguard Street,
Builders'Supply Co.
Kiln Dried Flooring, V. Joint, Finish and Mouldings
Window and Door Frames made to Order; Windows and
Doors; Paints, Oils and Varnishes; Lime, Bricks, Cement,
Lath and Plaster; Builders' Hardwares Plumbing Supplies
As good as the best and better than the rest
Capital Paid Up $11,500,000
Reserve Fund, 812,600.000
Agent for tlie
Alex Hemloinon. Proprietor
Estimate* nnd Designs furnished
OF eANftDft
Drafts, lasued In any currency, payable all ovap tha world
highest currant rates allowed on deposits or $1 and upwards
CUMBERLAND, B.C., Branch-   —   -     OPEN DAN--
D. M. Morrison,  Manager
Wm. H.. Hoff,   Manager.
Ileal Estate and Insurance
Licenced Auctioneers and
Valuers,    Notary   Public
We have a large number of, enquiries for Acreage in
Comox Valley. If you hare anything ti> sell list with us.
We nre Auctioneers, see us if you want, a sale and we
will arrange one at the. shortest possible notice and get.
the best prices. THE   ISLANDER,   CUMBERLAND,   B. C.
S>K :-Ji
Susceptibility to colds, sore j
throats, tonsllitis and such, indicate Impoverished vitality—hick I
of reserve strength to weather 1
changing seasons.
A spoonful of SCOTTS EMVL-
SION after each meal starts |
healthy body-action like a small
matcli kindles a great aire—and |
more:   ii make* rich, healthy,
actio* blooit   fortifies the tissue* j
and stimulates the appetite—It \
make* tound body.tlrenath.
purest cod liver oil, made cream-
like and palatable without alcohol or drug—the quintessence I
of purity.
Reject imitation* they are impostor* for profit.
Scott K- Rosme. Toronto, Ontario   12-58 '|
Leading    Criminal     Barr.titer  Shows
How he Would Have Defended
Her on Trial
Paris, France.—M. Henri Hubert,
Ihe leading French criminal barrister,
held enthralled a distinguished gathering at the Unlversltle den Annates,
as he showed how he would have defended Lady Macbeth.
In his impassioned tlefense ot tho
tragic queen, M. Uobcr! said she was
not. the shrew she was sometimes
jialnted. Her husband." whom she
loved dearly, was always absent on
warlike expeditions. When he relumed for a brief spell he spent Ihls
days hunting and his nights in the
great hail of the castle in drunken
revelry, until he and his friends fell
asleep in tbelr armor. Was it not
oatural tbat she yearned for something
she Ktiew uot. what, tbat would put an
end lo her life of loneliness, monotony and weariness?
Another point-, said M. Robert,
which 1 would argue In defense of my
client--a point on which Shakespeare
la silent—Is the long und deadly fend
between Lady Macbeth and the family of the old King Duncan. Her llrst
husband, her father-in-law. nor brother and lur grandfather bad all been
killed hy Duncan's grandfather, and
she only saved her own life by fleeing to Koss, where she met Qeneral
Macbeth, whom she afterward married. A vendetta existed between
her family and that of Duncan.
That, said M. Robert, is the defense I put forward for Lady Macbeth.
Would    Abolish    Vexatious    Custom
Htuse System Along Their Front*    |
Ier Lines
Geneva. —- A very Important
movement for tree trade between the i
frontier departments of France and.
the Swiss-French cantons is not only
on 'not. but the next new French president- and his cabinet will be called
upon to decide tite question.
The French deputy, M. F-mile Fa.'-1
re. who is at the head of an Important I
group of free traders in  llante-Sa -
oie, whlcb Include the most lnfluentltl
and perhaps the most  wealthy men,
has issued a petition to the French I
government  to denounce the  ir->aty
of June 14, 1881, with Switzerland, and
permit frrc trade between the French,
frontier tetrltorles called the zone, and
the Swiss cantons touching them.
There is much indignation In Haute-
Savole against lite existing tariff wltb
Its neighbors, the Swiss, who are will-
in': io see Ihe custom house on tho
frontier abolished, hut on equal terms.
Switzerland Is ready to meet France
half way In this Important matter,
which wlll rid both countries from
the keeping up at every important
railway station and rout a staff of
custom house officials, while lt is certain that the tr.ide. even local, on
the frontier will he greatly Increased
and certainly facilitated.
Your liver
is Clogged up
That's Why You're Tired—Out ol
Sorts—[lev* eo Appetite.
will put you right
i let
Oiliossaus, MilMil's*, **i Sub Hetskck*.
Small Pi'.!, Small Dote, Small Price.
Genuine nun lest Signature
She Didn't Care
Our club fir entertaining literary
linns Is finally ready. Now what
literary lionVhnll wc entertain tlrst.?
The president was all tired out from
I selecting a fall hat. I don't care,
she said wearily. Anybody who
doesn't eat with bis knife.
sll llrtc Acid Diseases, mcluuinu KM.
nev Trouble, lilailder .stones lis 1
Stones. Gravel snd l.umliago are tut.
Idly relieved and permanently our-d
by sanoi.. A remedy that has an
enviable refutation throughout Can.
ndn. We will send letters from
scores of neeple, who have been cured
of one ur mire of tru-ae vbin|»l.!ius.
Write for e-alt Information.
Price $1.50 Per Boltla ar all Leading
ill URRlStl.
Your druggist wlll refund money .!
PA.ZO OINTMENT falls to cure »t/
case cf Itching. Blind. Bleeding o-
Protruding Piles tn 0 to 14 days. S0«.
Good Evidence
Dn ynu really think thai your sister
Is making such a match with the baron? , I
Judging bv Ihe great number of
anonymous letters addressed to her, I'
shoulii say so.
Mlnard's  Liniment  Cures  Oarost    »
!    Father—Soo, does this young lady I
you are going to marry know how to
bake, mend and clean?
!    Son—Certainly not.     I'm proud of
Mildred, she only knows how to run,
I a seven passenger Wgnlx. put on a
. spare tire, tix a carburetor -nd read a
Wben a mother detects from the
wrlthlngs and fretting of a child bat
worms are troubl'ng It, she can procure no better remedy than Miller's
Worm Powders, which are guaranteed
Ut totally expel worms from the system. They may cause vomiting, but
this need cause no anxiety, because it
Sa but manifestation of their thorough
-work. No worms can long exist
•here these Powders are used.
WHY      DODD'S      KIDNEY      PILLS
London.—At one or its meetings re-
«ntly, Faddlngton borough council
will be advised hy its Rcneral pur-
jpoc.es committee to refuse to administer the shop house act, us proposed
hy the home secretary.
How Mrs. Reed of Peoria, 111.,
Escaped The Surgeon's Knife.
She Had Diabetes. Sciatica, Backache
ant* Headache but   Found   Speedy
Relief in the Great Canadian Kidney
|    St. Boniface. (Special).—After suffering for three years from a compllca-
I tlon of diseases, Madame Oct. Dufault,
J of 84 Victoria-street, this city, is once
more  In   perfect   health  and   Dodd's
Kldm y Pills are credited with another
splendid cure.     Speaking ot her cure,
Madame Dufault says:
'Yes, I ant again a well woman, and
I thank Dodd's Kidney Pills for lt. 1
suffered for three years and I may say
I bad pains all over my body. I had
sciatica, neuralgia and diabetes. My
back ached, and I bad pains in my
head. 1 w'as nervous and tired ail
the time; there were dark circles
around my eyes which were al30 puffed and swollen, and heart fluttering
added to my troubles.
"But when 1 started to use Dodd's
Kidney Pills I soon began to get better. I took thirteen boxes In all, and
I think they are a grand medicine."
Every one of Madame Dufault's ailments is a direct result ot diseased
kidneys. That's why Dodd's Kidney
Pills so quickly cured them all.
"Host do 1 know that Windsor T.blo Salt
Isp'-re?   rtlrhowyou.   ....
"t,ook atltte stilt itself—see now clear una
transparent and perfect tlie crystals ut -
sparkling like little diamonds.
"Now taste tbem—UOtice that tbey dissolve
M.i'iiin—it's tne onlv sslt we recommend
for tabic use ami for cuuLiut;",
Banks and Individuals Hoard Yellow
Metal Since War in Balkans
Paris.   —  Pome    A m?rirn ns    who
have visited Paris recently have hnpn
surprised at the scurcity of gold. Gold
lis   virtually   imnfcta'nal.le.   hut   silver
fivo-franc   pieces   (about  $1)   are   almost too abundant.
A  porter from  a  Purls  warehouse
told a importer for a rnon.in.c paper
:hat he had set out tn the morning
! with $60, ail in silver.      Ordinarily,
I that sum would have been represenr-
j ed by  fifteen loins In his waistcoat
poeket,   but  now  his  pockets  buls-M
I with    sixty    cumbersome      ';e-fia»c
i pieces, weighing three pounds.
The Bank of Trance has a l:\rcer
reserve than any other haul, in the
world, und at the present moment thj
gold in its ce'lnrs amounts to more
Than $G;V,.00o,00O. Yet ut the bank
or the shop if yon rhiinee a UiO-frane
note you will get little gold in return.
Even at the RnnU nf Krance !l fa the
same, Thut institution hns the right
to pay ita notes in gold or silver, and
five-frunc pieces are legal tender for
any amount. Financial housos who
draw on the national hank for their
supplies have to be ^intent With $1M»')
in gold to every $2000 In notes and
Thin gold stringency first became noticeable on the on'break of hostilities
in the Balkans and since then the
Bunk of France has shown itself very
reluctant to part with gold. Private
citizens and peasants in the provinces
ure ulso hoarding gold. In this connection, one of the. newspapers mentions the case of one man In Paris,
a floor poltsher. earning about $P> a
week, who has scraped together nearly
$1450 in gold, against the evil day.
Mltrurd'i Liniment Curea Dittempar
Just Gladness
Oh, gladness Is a splend'd thing
For bards to write about
When they are very sorely pressed
And subjects hnve run out!
Their souls may not he soaked in joy
To match the gentle strain.
And they may have a grouch so large
That it would block a train.
But still they write of cheerfulness
As though it were a part
Of their existence and it gushed
In torrents from their heart.
They put aside their aching tooth.
The bill they cannot pay,
The  rent  that's always  overdue,
And then they work away.
(.".rent gohs of gladness is their theme,
The first  that eom^s to bund.
They tell the people they should use
This one and only brand.
But do they use a hit themselves—
I me-Mn outside ihnlr rime—
With which to make a brighter world?
I tear they haven't lime.
O Elailsome gladness, von're the goods
For use in dully life,
Far better than the grim old proud.
Which leads to care and strife!
And if the poet does not feel
The immilse of his song
You'll find that the advice is good
Enough to lake along.
You ought to wear
reliable merchants have them
in stock
Peorh, 111.—"1 wish to let everyone.
Cornpuund haa done
forme. Fortwoyears
1 suffered. The doc
tor said I had a tumor
and the only remedy
was the Burgeon's;
knife. My mother
bought mo Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and
today I am a well and
healthy woman. For
months I Buffered
from inflammation, and your Sanative
Wash relieved mc. I am glad to tell
anyone what your medicine.1; have done
for me. You can use my testimonial in
*ny way you wish, and 1 will be glad
(o answer letters."—Mrs. Christina
BSED, 105 Mound St, Peoria, 111.
Mrs. Lynch Also Avoided
Jessup, Pa.-"After the birth of my
fourth child, I had severe organic inflammation. I would have such terrible paina
that it did not seem as though 1 could
«tand it This kept up for throe long
months, until two doctors decided that
*a operation was needed.
"Then one of my friends recommended
Vtin E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com-
poand and after taking it for two months
I'-raiawell woman."-Mrs. Josuru A.
ILsMCB, Jessup, Pa.
Wrameri who suffer from female ills
,t3bou!iS try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegeta-
'sto Compound, one of the most success-
£n) remedies the world has ever known,
imtece submitting to a surgical opera-
The witness nn the stand was being
: subjected  to  cross-examination,    In
: answering  the  question  he   nodded. I
Whereupon  the  court . tenographerI
j who could not see the   witness,   do-
mantlet!: Answer that question.
Tin' witness replied:
I did answer It; I nodded my head. |
Well. I heard It rattle, but cnuld
not tell whether It was up and down;
• or  from  side to  side, answered  the J
I They Cleanse While They Cure,—
1 The vegetable compounds of which
1 Partnelee's Vegetable IMlls are com-
i posed, mainly dandelion and man-
j drake, clear the stomach and Intest-j
' inns of deleterious matter and restore
; the deranged organs to healthful act-
llon. Hence they are tho best rem-
1 etly for Indigestion available to-day.
! A trial of them will establish the
I truth of this assertion anil do more lo
convince the ailing than anything tbat
.an he written of these pills.
So you found your last prospective
customer a hard ono to deal with".'
Yes, he insisted that our company
was over-capitalized, explained tbe
mining-slock salesman.
What did sou do'f
1 mado him take water.
Ilo you believe that women sliotild
have anything to do with politics'.'
1 certainly do.
You do?
She certainly should have both voice
anil vote.
Well, maybe Ihe vote's all rltiht.
but I hope you don't want her to have
any more voice than she lias now, do
The Turkish consulate In this illy is
indignant, Whether il is because the
Turkish people have been called the
"most nervous people iu the world."
or because the statement has been
made that they are "also the greatest
coffee drinkers In the world," is not
clear, because the Turkish consul will
say nothing further than the Turkish
people have been libelled, or nearly
The whole trouble came ahottt he-
cause of an advertisement, of the
Postum people in which the statements already mentioned were printed,
and it was added:
"See tbe point?" "We are not. unite
sure we could help Ihem. but Instant
Postum helps lots of people. "There's
a reason."
The Turkish consul's office called
several newspaper other's on the
'phone, and sold the advertisement
was "Silly." ridiculous, and threatened to brint; suit in the courts
At the office of tbe consul. 65 Liberty street, a man connected with the
office, and who acted for the consul,
"We did telephone about the ad. nnd
have '.he matter under consideration,
hut no action has been decided upon
as yet. A statement may be issued
in a few days."
"Will there bo any court action?"
be was asked?
"There nrtv be. We haven't unite
decided. We can give you no further
Information Just now."—New York
lllohe anil Commercial Advertiser.
W. N. U. 926
$80,000 For John B.
Stories by the hundred are told of
ihe kindness of the late J.  H.  Carlisle of Toronto, the former insurance
magnate    who    died    recently,    his
pluck and endurance, and his humor,
both in the days of his good and evil
fortune.     While lie was yet a nower
iu the land, it was he who carried $80,-
000 of cflnpaien funds from Toronto
lo Ottawa in a satchel.      With this
he wakened the groat Sir John in the
night hours, and when that great man
had come downstairs In his nightie,'
J. B. opened up the satchel and show-1
o:i  the funds with  which the party |
wtts to wage war with the Grits, wbo j
sotifhl ou that occasion to unseat the
Government with the heavy siege guns
of a temperance campaign, which was
some artillery, even in those ancient
times.     J. it. used to delight to tell j
how Lady Maedonald came lo the head I
of tbe stairs to reprove the Premier j
for venturing downstairs clad only in i
,hla garments of the night. |
Cramming down lll-choscn
food, and runliiiig back to
work, leads straight to dyspepsia, with all it means In
Proper habits ot eating.
with a Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet after each
meal, restore good digestion, health and happiness.
A. box o: Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia 7 inlets costs but
50c. at your Druggist's.
National Drug ind Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited,
The Test Clays
Tho Geological Survey of thn Dominion have HprMired accommodation in
the laboratorips of ihe mining build-
inn ut the University of Toronto, foi
Ihe purpose of currying on oxperi-
! mental worta on claya and shales.
.Joseph Keene, geologist ii. charge
of thp clay investigation of Canada,
i will do this work. He brings with
him about two tons of samples collected during In Bt summer in the Province of CJue'oec, Now Brunswick and
Mr. Keele has been working exclusively on clay and shale deposits dur*
ing the last four years, his published
reports constitute practically the only
information available on these materials In this country.
; The faculty of applied scienee have
j long been aware ot the growing im-
, portance d' tho day working industry
t. Canada, and the need for wider t:ch-
nlcal knowledge of the raw materials
and processes involved in it.
] Making a Bank Check Talk
Making checks or b.ink notes that
aro capable of Bpeaklng is one of the
latest precautions against forgery
that has been invented. The note is
given the power of utterance by applying to Us edge a pictorial record
of perforations representing some prearranged phrase.     When tho prepar-
I ed note is placed in a phonograph the
phraso is reproduced in the presence
jof the person who has questioned thn
1 genuineness of f>e   iota.
I. X. L.
Price $3.50
For the Following Reasons
l--lt is comnrossod air that does the work.
2—You can wash a tub of clothes tn THREE minutes.
3—COM PRESSED AIR anil SUCTION are the latest known science for
perfect cleaning.
4—There is t:o wear or tear on the clothes.
6—It eliminates all the hard work of washing.
(i—Yon can rinse or blue a tub of clothes in 30 SECONDS.
7—Ono hour's work will do any ordinary family washing.
8—It. will last for years.
!)—Anything thut can be cleaned by soap or water or gasoline can b»
cleansed perfectly without breaking a thread.
10—THREE minutes In tlie suds, TWO minutes In the boiler (If you
boil your clothes), 30 SECONDS-In the rinse water and 30 SECONDS In the blueing water, will wash a tub of white clothes.
11—Lace Curtains, Bed Comforts, Fancy Shirt Waists, Wollen Blankets. Overalls nnd even Horse Blankets can be washed perfectly
without any wear or tear on the goods.
12—It forces tlie water through the fabric.
13—The finest fabrics can be washed In the same tub with ordinary
white clothes with no possible injury.
14_The work that takes from 40 minutes to one hour to do on a rubbing board can be done In THREE minutes without any hard
15_You can use the machine In the holler, thereby forcing the steam
through tht clothes, which bleaches and whitens them.
16—lt only costs $3.50 and will save at least J50.00 ber year in your
home by i     wearing out your clothes.
j7_The Washing Machine only weighs IV. pounds.
18_You can do all your DRY CLEANING with this machine. You
simply use gasoline in place of water.
19_BecauBe th. I.X.L. Vacuum Washer ls sold under a money hack
guarantee to wash quicker and better than any washing machln*
made, irrespective of price and construction.
20—Because if you use tie coupon below, you can get one of these
wonderful washers for $1.00.
To wash a tub of clothes perfectly in 3 minutes
Not only washes, but rinses and blues
No rubbing or batting.   Absolutely no Friction.
No  Severe  Exertion Required
A child can do an ordinary washing and have lt ready tor the Una
in one hour.
Send For One, You Run No Risk
Present or mull this Coupon and 11.DO to Dominion Utilities Mfg. Co.,
Ltd '482',- Main Street, Winnipeg, Man., and you will receive one
All charges prepaid anywhere tn Canada on condition that your money
Is to be refunded If tho Washer does not do all that ls claimed.
Fatal Llfesavlng
Paris, France.—A tenant of a Paris
flat was killed, and five other Injured
by an explosion, following the caretaker of the buildings forcing his way
with a lighted candle Into a room, the
occupant ot which had tried to commit suicide by closing the crevices
and opening the gas pipe. The sul-
die effort failed.
Customer—Ten years ago I would
only have to pay a dime for those
Grocer—Not these prunes; these
are only seven years old.
Thieves Steal Poison
Geneva.—Some of the authorities
at Zurich are greatly exercised over &
raid made by burglars on a chemist's
shop In the heart of the town. Th*
burglars took nothing save Jars containing powerful poisons, Including
arsenic, strychnine and morphia, and
ignored the till, which contained a
sum of money.
Henry is such a ladylike young man.
Indeed ha Is. Why, he actually
wanted to kiss me when he met me ae
Yonse street yesterday. THE   ISLANDER.   CUMBERLAND.   B. C.
stut at the End of That Time Hii
Straight Life Palis Upon Him, and
the Other Member ef the Firm Loses
Out  Via Knockout Drop Route.
By m. QUAD.
.Copyright. 1S1J,  oy   Associated Literary
WAS on the circus grounds In a
town lu onlo. mill while I wan
wntt'blui! a sharper throw the
three curds ntiout ninl deceive tin1
guileless ns to which wus the tiiieen
■ mini beside tne whispered;.. ...,.,.,
"Ahum! I hud thought Ihe world
Honest nnd full nf brotherly love." .
"And it gives you a pain to discover I
yonr error'/" I replied. .   I
•'Believe me. It does."
He was a large mull of middle age
■nd a serene t-onntemince.    You saw j
■t a glume that he hnd no wickedness !
In Jilt soul,   lie was a man that would '
"For the sal* of water lots by the
foot nr acre."
  ^a*»'MPtf'S->•«•"'I    «      /;■   :\   '
'    "So much down snd tbe balance In ;
He Goes Into the Real Estate ^££, nav. ,lireljr ^ ,„,„,!
Can yuu write » glnwlug and eonvluc- :
I ing advertisement';" > ...j
"1 have tuiide the Uncle Rubra buy
shares In u mere hole tu the ground."
"We    need    a    thousand    plunks, i
I Jeeins."
"I have my five hundred here."
"Aud aliuut our honesty  wltb each
other?   Sluill It he fur the sixty dttysj
Shall It lie a gentleman's agreement 7"
|    "It shall."
That wns all.    We opened nn othee
three days liner.    I  wrote the advertisements for tlie newsirapera.
They glowed.
They were gold plated.
They appealed.
They  oonvliiod  the  men  who  hnd
never yet beet evinced that real estate ;wus,.iuiorei.py>d,mble  tbau   bunk
' stock.
The Getaway.
I spoke of the views over the lake.  I
I warranted, the fertility of Ibe soil.    1
1 wVl'lllg llV'llie cool 'hreeibs.    I spuke of
the dellghlK of tislibig from your own
I buck door.    I  suid Hint tbe property
i Intel never been In market before nnd
thut the price should sell every foot of
Il wlihln thirty days.   Tliere was a lot
more, of course, and when Just .lonea
had read It over he sighed uud snld:
, . "deems. I wits not uiistakcn In yon.
Yoii nre an honest .Voting mnn.    I am
almost Inclined to buy two of these
lots myself."
,Tbe. public, fell.. It always falls if
'the advertising Is rlgitt. Tliere were
nibbles n nd then' • bites. I We had' it
map and we had the town or New
Venice laid out anil nil the lots mini
heretl. We hnd B.0OO acres divided
torn thirty acre tracts fur orchards, i
flneyiirds nnd true); farms AH were
comfortably1 sunk' under thirty feet of
water, but the map didn't show that.
• nd we volunteered no Information.
The successful  real estate mnn nl-
ways leaves something to the imagination rif the. buyer,  ...
No questions were asked that an
untruthful man couldn't readily answer, nnd tbe police didn't bother.
. Nn liii.wr went out to view, tills lots or
seres. Our advice was to remain
unlet and hold for a raise. It was
accepted. It Is always accepted. We.
of course, meant Hll tbe bottom nf>
the lake should rise up. hut we didn't
say so tn so many words.
There is n time for the real estiile
matt to talk and a time for him to
keep mum.
\\'hen\the sixty days w.ere up we
hail no more real estate. In ptiu'e of
It we hnd $?.nnn in tlie bank.
"Alt tint!" sighed Just Jones as we
mat 'together. •'•v    • ■ -'  ■
"It's lieen n great strain." snys 1.
"It sore has. hut thank heaven it's
ever with."
It was now for ns to do each other
If we could.    He saw It In my eves.
• nil I'saw it In his. If came to tne
■3imt he'ivtfk go'fugito give me IIway to
•he police as  a  suspicious  chnrnrtei
nd mnlie oh" with the scads, nnd at
|fu"neh1 gave fitiie"tkiinokont drops Bnd
Antrv bin) wifely, to his room.'  Then 1
drew the money and winged mv wny.
He wjs a cued mnn, put, the gentle-
pihln's agreement Itndi been for sixty
*Hn*fs.  ill* df-hiiil iiltunst ruined Ijui
health tn keep It. :",
-   "Ah tint!"— — - Y:
■—r? Pl„ >    *.
-' " -Frortn Pipes;
A negro. Willi an old gray trfnlf
hitched to a rmnshnckle wngnii. stood
on the Incline iy", Capitol hll|..]u WiWtt-
. Ington. during une ot U* 'worst sleet
storms In .limitary.
The old niaii huddled In his rabbit
skin cap. shivering; lite mule was
.trembling with the-cold, According
to ICreryhody's Magazine, two con-
gresstnen. waiting for n lieltited( ear
were attracted hy the strange outfit
null wondered, ns time went tin nnd
r,t.|iev .negro made, uo, effort to depart,
what lifted the old fellow
One nf the congressmen walked over
and said. "Why don't you  move on.
From the.Pint Crude Instrument to Its    TJ» Way Disraeli "Put One Over" on Odd Comobment That Was Paid to an
Present Perfection.'         u'    ,                   Publisher Colburn. Engltsn Artitt.
In tbe tieginiilng tbe piano wss a      Wben the lion  Mr. Ward wrote his Richard   Wilson,   tlie   tingllsh  lh«d-
harp shaped piece uf wood, having two   novel  "Tremuiue"  Be was fearful of snipe painter, was not ot a pliant dl*
ur three strings,    r'rom time tu Jitue .acknowledging himself the author on- position.   Conscious of tils owu merits,
more  strings   were  wlded   yittll   tbe   til Jts  fate should  nave fheeu  nscer- he jrHsebiiiied   <°   bumble  lllltlsell   tu
<dfbara~wa*-lnveuted.   Tbts whs ini W-* tMneff.   Tie iucordtif8r?: tlie fretTerTo those who measure men by rank and
strnuient In the shape of a capital F.   preserve his incognito, sent the lunnu- value them by |H,iiiids.    Hot  Wilsons
with ten strings stretched across the   script copy hy tbe wife uf his attorney friends   liked   tutu   no   less   tor   his
open space.   Muny centuries.afterward   to. My. L'olhuru.    The wurk. although brusque ufuliner,
uiusiohinsj    eutiiulvefi ; th* ieldest,-col ,aj<;tjtl>ted. was not considered likely to (JoldsmltU.  Sterne.   Wilson  and   Or.
stretching strings across un open box.   pay extremely  well, unit consequently Johnson were assembled at  tiarrlck's
About the year UMU this wua dune, tbe   a trifling kiiiii was given fur it.   Con- house with a purty ot ladies tor stip-
dulclmer made Its appearance, and the   trary,  however,  to  Mr. Colburu's el- lier.
strings were struck wltb hammers.          pectatiotts. It ran tu three edition*,
(for  another  huudred  years  t.r  ao      The   Ingenious   author   uf   'Vivian
Grey." then twenty-twu years ottl. having heard of tlie circumstances, determined ti
A Litlfc Drama Enacted In Uncle
Yarn's Assay Offices.
these liaminei-s were held in The hands,
nud then some genius Invented a key*
board, which. hetnK struck hy the tin.
cers. canseil tbe hammers tu smite the
strlnjrs.    This  wns  called  n  c.uvtcj
use It to advantage, ami ae*
-rnrdiimly, nttvinj*' itrnniml his work
tor   (MibllcatiiMi.   he  proeet'CitMi  tu  Hud
therluni. or  keyed  el t ham, and  fV5ftP$'W «heShtoiWifo!e'''peitneiMitn's   fair
We were very lively at -yonr ei-
pense indeed, gentlemen." said Mis.
tiarnck. rallying ihem tur luivtuc ar*
rb'ed late. *"i'«- piniisn you tor lint
olieyn.L; our summon-* Ibe indies ilketieU
ynu all to pluutu and Iruits and How
time tu time it waa uiotlitied aud lm*
proyed.  v _,   , _.    j   \
iMiriii!* Queen Elizabeth's time It
was called a virutnnl and then a spinet;
lieniuse tlie hammers were cuverwl
with tbe spines of quills, whlcb,struck
hnd ciiutrht the string rthd produced
the sound
ray   let   us   hear."   snld   Wilson.
't>ouht!i>ss  1 come lu  tor a ppnii ut
messenger.    This he ipilckl.V  effectid   „|
""iJ'rrH'R'ITy^^ Jtt.KWtna her C2U   Jft^,"*.'
indncrti  tier to  he the la-a.er of his    TL; ^ w|)d ^ pretty  ,.^[y lndy.
uoneljin 4W^*atfie1im'lHlst.ei\ " -'
Tbe woiuau was iustanily recotrulzed
by Mr. Coihuru as the same persnii
Who 'iiVoh'sitA him ■'"freAialue." aud,
ret ullj»(ijji« the. i-'fetit sa|evr Mint nov
DurinK the period between 1700 nnd el- ,lt* '""M '»* llie "Wt-tiwrlpt presented to him with the utmost enper-
ness    it was^nickly read and a baud-
ij£ all
n .-;   .1
never trade Jackknives with a hoy and
fire Ibo little fellow a raw deal. 1
trusted him at once.
"Kver op agaiust greeu goods?" I
ventured tu ask.
"You refer to the verdure of the
pasture, I take it," he replied, "aud I
will reply that 1 have dealt In hayseed"
"Most men have a motto to guide
"Tea. and I hnve one.    It Is. 'Bon
tsty Is the best policy.'    Ahum!"
'    "And  mine  Is.  'There Is a sucket
born every minute.'"
He sighed  und  rolled  up tils eyes.
and during tlie,inln,iite's„sllence.thpl
followed the mnn uf the sells caught
;   tincle Italic fnr a Ave duller het. Then
'   the good man snld:
[ "Bon. 1 cannot, believe you ha'jf.eeyer
\ t)ealt In consumption cures."
J..J "Nay. nay. Take another look st
>' tbe hack of my neck and obsetfe the
\ tears and callouses of a son of^totf. a
, hue with tlie lark and hie me to tny
i-labors." _
[y""-l "It wamw my heart to hear this
-..TToii hit<e a name'/" J, j\
j "Yes.   I'bought one awfille ago fnt
<onvenlen(r|. sake.    It Is deems—Just
'^-Jeeras.   And yours?"
i •Mones—Just .lonesA'
IStio It was much Improved and en
larged- and was given- the name of
harpsichord. It was lo 17111 tbat
Hartbolomeo ciiristofoll! an Italian, Invented tt keyboard similar to the one
we have now. which causes |hi' hammers tu strike the wires from above,
uud thus devolntled Hie plritiu.'" '* ''
liiirlng Ihe Inst century tbe Inventive
genius of uiiisicinns.the world over.tiaa
revlsetl and Improved it until It has —_ .        (
■reached tbe preselit'day perteetlub.-   One of iHe>'Be»s»iis'wiiy'' the Priied
Eicbnuge. | Fur Is So Costly.
sums sum given for the copyright. A
Tdwrt time, however, enabled Mr. Colburn lo And out hie error, hut too l"'e
to remedy ninisell. The work was not
Bilci'essfMl.'and a con'slderuble sum was
lust by ItsiiuuiUutiun in'i
"This  stole of  imperial   ermine Is   to
"you are wioug."
f'Kor rue. perchance." said he.
-"No. sir; guess again."
'"Why. I am duiioed bitter enough.
perhaps  u  crab,"  said  he,  "for  that
man." pointing to Uarrick. "has duu-
lied me Sour Dick."
"(luess again," said Mrs. tinrrlck,
laughing. "Will you give It up?"
'Yes. madam."
'Why, then. sir. you are likened to
ol ves. Now. wlll yon dare to impure
'Let me see." said Wilson, with all
eyes upon blm. "Well, theu, my dear,
otr with It!   I dare."
Then know, sir." snld she. rising
ard coiirtesytng most gravely. "Mr.
Wilson is rough to tbe taste at hrst.
wurih HI.IHW" sald.the dealer.   "Hear?
  NIx.    iiist'JWivirf^r Ulw tte autiualB
u.« . «..rf nio.n^l m Ails May Take ' WlWWtbVit were ruujjht!'. i..:
R«r(n Am.*c. "," ""' """ ',""''' «V» "m mnKM I
In a winter nt eilreute cold, for It is
only tu such a winter ibat the weasel.'
or eruiiue. turns from lawny to snow i
erable by a  little lunger acquaint-
Weeds migrate as well as men.   According to tlie best authorities, there
are already tint) varieties at least ...   whl(H    |n ,        ^        frmim ,
weeds In New Knglnud that were pot   m|    ftfilfig, gr^^lWdlWi like this I
to be found there when  the country   H1||( „rHMllllh wi,u..giU|M iuu;,,, s»4J»  P«l«ter,   wus  accustomed  ettcb
waa  first  settled.     Within, less  than      ,.,„"    v a  ^ ^"30^   ,., A „, have a ,en.l private *bow ot
-- —-.-- -- ..#...- .^. a  uu |,|(.tures liefore sending tbem lo tue
ipjaj.a...i.L..:i^.;  .-. » i  "slier Color society's eiltlbitioii.    on
twenty-live years after tbe landing of w(lf(, ,.HI,m. u        fur w|1     ,„„   afk. i till
the, n|!grlU|»   one,, observer  ^.tinted „mm thelrle«»t«iitie*«KrsVand stiff.    W"er Color "'" M" " •*»•<""""•
more than forty new weeds tbe kiuro-
lieans hnd brought them
.slntblH»'JW.to|e.and.tu^!oblJbem| •«'* occasions his Iriet.ds tre„ue.,ny
_    .~.. *.yjh-.<_'"-'}-.J*g!.r. -.''■".    .  I bo ight pictures, which, ot course, uu-
1 young tne tongue trap must he used. I
Nature employs all sorts or methods   A||V utller tri)u wou|d te„. ,„„ delk.Hte
for spreadbtg life about tbe planet and   nir
T' "They wlll both serve. In our wan
dcrtngs around -the world we may nc
cldentally -d«- wuuethlng thijt wc
•liotild he'nsliiinied to hnve oiirmfrfh
Jtrs know.    See?"
"Tlioiiglilful and consldernle young
man! Hut I Judged you to he such
Ahum! In suwltiir mv hiick[wheat a
fewl weeks agfi 'f'Strhlneil' thy hhek
and] am now laying off to give It a
"And In splitting rails lust month ,1
uy rlhs and must take a vm-atlou
t them tighten up ngiiin."
ml meanwhile?" <iuerl»|l •(ojijejl.,
itiould a  business opening presiuji
Itsejf I shall take adviifita'iie"Of It'."'
gave my hand a cordial siineew
led me away, to one of the clivus
ins. ami ns we found seals on the
tongue he said:
"Jeeins. we all hnve our limits—nil
fttipt Wall street."
"I believe ynu."
"Ih-utn! Alas, thnt I should he
•hllgeil to ennfesx it—my limit on hnn
f"tf Is a slity day one. At tlie end
•f that time I am overcome with a
desire to do the other feller. I tuny
(o sa far aa tn say thnt after restrain,
tug j myself for the period named I
wotjld even rob a church. Flow Is It
wHi you?   (live tneyour rnnndeiioe.1'
"sly limit has never lieemdMii .thlrtyi
4sy». and It has igiveii (me. a .wet*.,
kestt to go that lotig.'hur Jf there was.
a lisg thing on hand ! might struggle
♦itbj thirty days longer. If I died un-
ier Jit my wealth could lie used In
tracking the Chinese to chew hlng th'
hscoo Instead of steeping It with their
tea. Have ynu a thought that has
beep' working overtime In the buck of
yoyrbendK— - •-* »~-M —" ■
Tbey Go Into Partnership.
"Ah-nni!, .leenis. there Is tbe r**l estate huslnerw.'*      * ***
"It heatsigreen-goiidalfiproperlyedb-'
"There la t.ake Rrle."    ...      ".-.',
"And there Is much reaVestste an'
fee It." . ' ;
"Ah-um! .leetns. 1 nhsefve'thnt y»'n'
eetch on tn Ideas with grest.a,taer,lty■','
"The syndicate we are to form Is "il'
does hut seem fo cure whether tbe life
ls tbat or a weed nr of a plant tit for
human imp,.', I»,def<l. It.lises such un-
romantic material as old ruhlrer overshoes rot- seed carriers, as many new
weeds have appeared In-a valley In
Connecticut since a factory was estate
"The tongue trap Is a knife, an ordinary hunting knife, smeared with
grease, that the hunter lays In the
snow. The llltle ermine sees tbe blade,
which tt mistakes for Ice. Ice It loves
to lick, and so It licks the knife blade
snd Is caught fast. Its tongue, lu that
Itshed there that found use for such   t(iri, wwitner, trosen tu Ibe steel.
arne   und   delightful    at   last."-ail-
c bulge.
Di  Winl's Clever Ruse That fold One
,  ol His Paintings.
I'eter  De   Unit,  the   Kugllsh   mud-
distaff things.
"Yes. sir, when you see a stole like
The overshoes come from a|l parts of j this don't begrudge a good price for it.
'tile world. The cloth lining Is' lorn out | for every ermine In it was tongue
liefore tlie rubber Is used, and from tlie   trapped In subzero weather—a mighty
seeds that tin re found lodgment lu
such nu apparently unpromising place
plants hnve grown on the dmniMien",
und Thelr"s?e3s''i'iiive''fiiuud fertile soil.
multiplied and flourished. What a ro-
'liltllice there Is In the life of such a
seed-ripened, perhaps, in Asia, trod
den In the mini and carried on hoard
shlp'on the feet or a passenger, t ce \ t'n'e .-liiut ot clnll/jitiou  Who idle.
taken to Ktirope. where it was picked | ,,„,„„,,. romfnriuhly uitner seven I
up by the lauit of nn American, wns j ers ,|f dmv„ „„„ „,„„,  ,,,,. „„t,vt
finally dislodged  In the overshoe uud : |t „„ n ,„ „, (|| j^., „ ^ '
round  Its  geruii«j}Jlii|i-plaifti.ln  Cotfci    Wheff un\.iurrSr  I tiffin  wn
uectV-iit.-Chicago  Itecortl Herald. | „|„„kH „, |lln,ts ,„, „ .lemajagu
slow and piiintul hand process."-uNew
Yurk Tyihiioe. Ml
The Blanket Tree.
Blankets groNv on trees in  KcSadot,
siul.   while  the  Idetl  of  an  all   wisil
fresh   trom   the   forest   hed   coyennl
j might give Insomnia and a Pucka
he th
ctfcut—Chicago Itis-or
I        Horn of tin* Uni
'l Hon flf the
Thr hnrti)|if th».'.iitiicoiu,was repiitedavThls is du
Instantly to rcveiil poison iu u dish by j fleslldllty ol the sheet Is iniicu In
[sweating Id I. ami great wns the ri-
valrj ns to Uie iiussessloii nj tbt^JInest
spei.-l Ulcli wfille tilts'heller still Hour
Jshei , t;iiurles the ,lluld. nriiudlyT|ia-
Iradtr six. two df them efiht feet-lifng.
two  lis feet, two live feet.   According
and cuts from it s Ave or£sli tistr set|
I thi
ie uVnlitfly soAthick
issTrfelti-ilfllld lierrren ijic
ed.    The rotigii gray exterior Is
 I. ninl great wns the ri- I ed.    The rough gray e
the possession pf tlie^|ilicstX|ieele#»'olf. u\M tli*» she
.Tille Hits" heller still flour-"tin.    The  ivsmt  Is  a
sheetHRned I i tin
light jindWubly wdnu. of jHi ttttr
rreain-color,   -If uiuy  lieTtllled i
ithipitct iiniidle wi'tlioui hurt une
to Ktnvelliito Celiint, "the linesf evernTtrdlunry   ilsutie  wlll   inst   for sejvei-u
•seeiii which luiil i-ost IT.ikhi ducats of ; years -11 arper's.
the Cuiuel'it,"  was the one for wlilch f. i 	
[at tile pope's enmiiiiitid lie made ll de- | Butterflies That Live on Fish
sign, "tlie Attest thing Imaginable, modeled [lititf mi ii horse and half mi a
stag,] with a very line inane and other
[twined the rivets jtfj^iM&-M..£iXt**»\^c. pointed a tretnbllng
finger   al   his   "team"   and   replied.
"'.Cause pis vere miiie won't gi, 'less I
'ufrHjKfle! n  hint,  and   It's  su cold   I
Up to the  Family.
If at  lirst you  don't  succeed.
some of your relations  will tell
fluent other why you never wlll
.tidoi'iituculs." Cury.it spcaUs of the
one it si. Iieuls ns about three yards
long,] anil Windsor had two of four
'ells j The real "unicorn" in many
cases seems to have been the narwhal.
- London Chronicle.
The butterfly was blue and trill
pnt. As through tune glass its
ftenrt cnuld lie seen henttlig nisi
tsslv. unit tlie professor read «
paper article through its lovely
wings.    "This." he said. "Is un
upnda, a  Medlterraheali buttertij     It
-ats hsh.    On  lis Inline are ntrs of
pujllteil   tlimks.     They   snrv»*   :in  lectli.'
This iiwintlfiii creiititre wmild tin n n|jj
loioroto Cfiftiwomen. j Km unit1 at il'uanlcJi ot ruses and   ille
ThoiiL'U ibelr tin.ia are |V\v mid crude,   nut tt would feast ecstatic:. 11,t il| i!
the ik'nrnte.'* nre clever wuikmeii   Some   pntrtij eel.    Xiiw aud ilien a pier
nf 11 jell' a.\ps. Hpenrx muj shields siiu\y , jH ruunif'«n tl'A* Kttirlriil UP the Ol l'"»i**[.
l>ei red at tbe public esbiblttoii marued
•'» >|d."
k uiong the painter's mends was ft
weijttli.r man who wanted to apiteai a
patron ot art nnd at Ihe same nine!
kw p his money. He niammed- this \v$ \
louily udtulring the piniitin^s already'
soldi He wus always a nit too lute to
buy the pictures that pleased htm |
most, and having seen tbem. as he was
wont to declare, he could never content!
biuisHf with less heantifiu works.
i»e Wlnt nt last tiiis|*ected the man*
sincerity, and when the next snow day I
came round he concluded to test turn,!
.After plenty of time had been allowed1
.-Tor l)e Wtnt'R triendit'to irmke ttieirr
purcnases the rtcn  man amved.    As
lintini. his eye soon tell on two ''per* |
jfei't irems" marUed "Sold "    l'uriiinj,' to
ithe artist  he suid:  "j-nw, -De. WlOt, |
Btliose are exactly the tlnhiis i slioind
illUe to posset**,.    Winit-a f*ty tbey -are
Lot to he had."
I "My dear sir." snld ihe painter, slap*
IptnK him on tbe*lAiclJ M iSietf' yitii
i would like tbem, sij^l put the ticket
Ion to keep them Tor yon."
The  awkwardness  of  the  situation
was only relieved when the f/ithiistas*
1  :1c admirer became the somewtiat un-
rVllllim purcbaser ot the two^uems."—
Kouth'a Companion.
i pun
Resistance to the Sun.
Animals wbuse cllputity ror thermal
■ecQiaflon is' liuTiiefl. such as rabbits
mtf uioiikeys. rapidly snecumh to eti-
losjire  to  the  tropical   sun.    lu   the,
' iainV ctrcuuistances[the slctii of a man
■ises some '<i or 4 decrees U, above Hie
lorlnal. Theuretii'iiliy ihe black skin
tt Ileum races should ahsortl more heat
Han that of the white people. How*
ver. colored races ate better illlle tllittl
he white to retfiiliite their temperntiire
inder the influence of the iropical arm
lerhaps because perspiratiou is more
iHinilaut. Tlie ape. aitlioutilt ti native
tt the tropics, is less capunie or resist-
nu the sun  than  other annuals  and
• 'Veil the white man. This is un ilonht
ttrtluitabie to the fact that its natural
|mine Is in the forests, l-'nr certain
it keys two houcs of exposure to Uiu
ropiiHi sun la latul.
Pretty Slick.
"Thnt  fellow  Is  tisi  slli-k   tnf  me.
Sold me a lot that was two feet under
water.    I,.went around to demand tu,
iiiniie.v liaelc.''
"C.et ItV" i
"(let tiVifhlng! Then he snld tne s
set'onll baud gasoline Iniineb snd »
eiipy nf 'Venetian.Ufe.' hv W 11 iHow-
ells"— Louisville Courier Journal.
wild  art all  their own     The pipe,.;! tiht 1st.   It is only aiiundiitil. tn^ugU^
■tinkers, ton. turn out pipes of peinliiir; u, tnv Mediterranean."
sod gt'iu'efnl design   tbteday I wnti-lied
I the Women working In elity and turning | Ancient end Medern.
; out klti'hi'ii., iHru.siis,. Two gjrls l'»t:.L*.Jjir.(etinllte!"lift wM VtfitWn Atnerl||
; rled flay rmui il dlstani pit, while old , ,,„„ .unloiimtlKr. wss being shown ovelf
; er wnuieii In the village worked It up j ,  vm   1)M   KaK\\.a   ,,nrlsh   ihlireh-'
I Shapely  urns mil wis are molded 1 ■■nitstlnf* out nu oak screen, the reelurj
i from the plust lay and set In the hot | Mltrmu> IIU Vtlllthrfflrlt II Wlil»'li'eil'r|
; sun to dry.    I did not see them hake, (mhv   M..   „A||d   „„„  ,„ ,„,,  „„
, any pottery.   They railed these vessels ' ^ j^raijn-ittsrtdit; rjnwt*. nitteh
j fiing.iiis.^Chrtsfhltt Hersill/   ' ] InlereslHl.    "lib."  replied  the  reetor. ;
| ..,||<t jK lfttiiv modern!   It wits put op '
' only forty years liefore tlie dlsinvery o.t '
nn   4"ierlc«, jrott know!"—Lnlulori Ulnbe..-
A Unique Lsboratory,
Outside the huitBir of Stax. Tutii«ls,
i (tie shallow water ot the enter
ledlterriiiieaii. Is situated a Itloliigb'Hl
iborstory for tlie study of s|s,oges.
! Is one or tbe must oiihpie to the
orltl and affords nrinoTtiihilV for on-
•rvlag the developttient ot the sponge
roin tiny larva, so soiuii thut it etui
uiy be studied under it uiteriMeti|H\
mil live years later it has developed
ito s perfcet sponge.
A Girl's Pity.
"It wss King Midas, wasn't It.
turned everything lie tomhe'd to goldV"
"I tielleve so" *«»»»' •• i-'
Button, Barred.
Two Side,.
"There are two sines, you know, to
rery argnnieiit." sauJ the ready uiade
A High Hat.
, "Jtenlly. .lane, dear." snld Mr.  Bob-1
beter to hts wife as they sat down in '
the   thenter.   "your  but   Is   loo   ttiglt.
Take It off and put It In your lap",    j
,;'VVLeH. J, Jke, |.ljut!"...Wii|iPMl   »lrs j
ilohheter.   "111 put that hat In my iiip '
how am I gulng to see over lt'r"'-8pu-
(piiiij S|Hj.kes.niiin-HevJew, ,
——r———T~*-   .
Her Little Joke.
WJfe-^loljn. I ;wjsh you'd drop Into
the hardware store on your wuy home
snd get a water erseker.
<inilx-fc'water ernlker-ln'a  hard-!
"Poor old fellow" J   -••ij)lrer,|ie,.ti,li, tiKlay.jjyjndear hreth- lS»ves,"   replletl   tlie  giootuv   tierson,
"Why ^ln .y link He wn* a pone-  ren:"iwid file retlor.;-fs tor the .loth- , ..hnt „ ,„tk„ „ differeitre whnn side
».♦   l ' foil el
l«»t.   it fly
rfld fellowy 11 ||1|(. rtiriilT   At the snnie time. 111:1
"He never coulil eat it  plekle  with , f„ri,estiy    Impress    u|sili    yon
his i1ngers."-Chlnigo Keeord Hersld.    jh(illg|) ihe-iuiieilioji Is lor the cloth
.   .    rTJ j ing  rttiid. it is nut iieeessury  tu cou
Twee Sneeiy Thine to Do. 'I'lbitle buttons'/".
"At   whom   are   .voir looking':*" de- *  Ll—
niauded tbe young lady ot the young  -  •• -•  jhe wero
mail who oiHtrii.ted herjyitli I    K|p>t' critic-lowierstrind-Jihirssw'
"Ah'lltHi!"  replied  the  liny  fever  vie.; «-,..„„,,.» . „ew ~rolii.1t»    Htst'   ntglK.'
tlto and niirnwl a way.-Houston I'ost. ] lV|||1 j||(|vw| lhH „„„,,   seeottd Crltli'-
nil.'l "l sim through the whole thing.-
lltsise.   'There two sides lo a ple^e
puiier,**— Washington star.
An Exception.
Money, sfter sll, means nothing hut
Will, It Is the onlv kind ot trouble
' rhleb it is bard to borrow."
wsre store?
he syndicate we are to rorm is "it j      ■■ .,^-vr...........    ....
i Erie Heal Estate ayndlcsto."i.   4il>ld!=Boston Transcript.
An Ice pick, slip
As It Should Be.
Shopiier-i want hi miy a nerktle
suliatiie for my huaimttd. Hsiesman—
Sorry, inndsin. hnt we are not iiepmtt-
tetl to sell neckties to women wbo are
unaccompanied by men - Puck.
I'tilliidelpfnii  Iteisiru.
. Neither-wall", theaters, porches nor
.etiseless  e,|ni|iiige   itiake  states, .tint 1
oii-ii who are nine (o rely upon them |
i Wives'  Artat'ld't*. |
■   -   Ht
She—Wns he tnnoos. dear, when vou
tld  him  that  we  had  lieen  sorrel iy
tiitrrled'/   He—Not reull.» furious, otnt
None I*'In he deemed free who bat
■kit perfect sell commantL-.lt/liacoris>-
High!row Professor, Filled Ua the
Caat end. With Acid, aod Previous
Mett-'c at Stage Propertiee, They
Scorcd'a Brilliant Succees
Kven 'lie Dulled States governlnenl
has become possessed of the present
day fever io eliltiimtle any uavto and
stop lento* iu tbe tuethuds of oping
tilings 'i'he results, parti ularll tn
the ittlota uud assay offices, nave fwes.
For Instance, the old method of es-
trncling gold from baser metals when
It came from Ute mini consisted merely
of treating tbe smelter bars of gold
wltb nitric mid. which dissolved uut
file Isiser metals, leaving tbe gold with
it stiuiil percentage of impurities tbat
could he removed by fusing witb niter.
tiermany went tbe United States one
belter In this. The professors over
ttmru. men whose genius for sclcntinc
detall Is unsurpassed "by tbnse ot any
oilier nation, perfected a process: for
refining by electricity. Simply stated.
It Is mulling mure nor less than electric
plating. Tbe smelter bars ure placed
in Ibe plating bath, and tbe gold Is deposited lu sn absolutely pure slate,
leaving tbe base metals behlud In solution.
It was this residue tbat Interested
tbe high brow professors. The fact
tbat platinum ts frequently found w"h
gold has been recognised ever stnctt
tbe science of metallurgy was In swaddling clothes: also tbe fact tbat goal
and platinum bave one quality In com.
mon—I. e„ tbat no single arid known
wlll dissolve tbem. It takes a combi-
nntlon or nitric and muriatic acids to
get either of these two metals In solution. Sliver, on tbe otber hand. Is
readily soluble In nitric acid. No ope
ever thought of testing a nitric acid
solution nf sliver for tlie pesence of
platinum because of tbe tbeore, touted
as religion, tbut platinum could not be
dissolved bv nitric acid. Therefore,!!!
waa argued, ir there wasn't enough
allver lu tbe solution to make It worth
while to eitract It, then, nf course,
there could not be any platinum, so
Into tbe sewer It went
'I'he professors began to experiment
At tbe tlrst step they uncovered tbe
dusky gentleman tn tbe wood pile.
Tbey discovered a eurloua fact—namely, thnt, while platinum alone waa set
soluble In nitric acid, some uf Ita alloys with silver were soluble. I*ot
Instance, a composition of Ii per cent
p'ntlniim in »I.Uer Is readily soluble,
lilgbt there was the clew leading to tbt)
discovery that for years out of memory untold quantities nf tlie precioujl
metal, essential above all others la
elei'trlcal ufa'nitfucturcs. bad lieen running Into tbe sjmcr. All solutions werei
carefully tested. Suits of Iron wera
added, precipitates supposedly of allver
were nun^zed. and since then platinum ntiilip rate of $5,000 a month lint
been offered for sHfe by Dncle San
It Is Interesting to trace the source]
of this gold In that tbe facts suggest
that sooner or later deposits of platj
nutrt In-large quantities are going
lie found. Little of tbe gold cominH
from tlie western United states and .
Alaska contains platinum, lt Is fount!
almost entirely In tbe gold mined til
Mexico nud Smith Anutrtcu.-.iiold from
these districts Is! coining III Inrgee
quantities sear after year. It is foynd,
tor Instance, lu I what Is impiilarljr
boowii as I'ulneu, guld. I'uitiea told
has a peculiar luster ail Its own it Is
highly prized in the Jewelry trade for
this su me peculiar color.
Tliere nre vast readies of wtlderbesl
lu South America that, tilled wltl|
inlnstulc swamps and lurid savages
armed wilb poisoned arrows, hnve srj
far resisted the advance of the white;
man. It seems not too much In expert
that sooner or later, when these diaj
tricts are exploited, pliillnutii in large)
■inutilities will lie lllsj'tivercti. SotllfJ
Itri-t llurte Is probably aborning im*
to sing the romance of I'latlniim guii-u.
'The rntiiaiiie or gold is founded tin tha
nuilerhil ruttsld.Tallou of Jf'Jfltl" an)
ounce, which the governments of tha
earth have decretal must he Its eirlra
now anil fnr evermore. They Will
have to build a second story extern:
sloti on Ihe romance of Ihe metal thaw
Is wnrtli twice us much ss gold.
Now lhat Uncle Sam Is finding thla
mine of <datlnum It the supposedly urn;'
alloyed hum thnt the big rrtlnlng coin.
pilules nre sending In from their smelt.1
ers. tne interesting question ts srtstng.
Wbo owns the platinum. Uncle Sam of
the refineries? Uncie Sam bought their
gold, refloed it .or them st cost ami
paid Ihem dollar for dollar out of bis
|sH-ket. Actually be was out on tba
triiiisjH-ilnii .Now t lull tie has stop|ietl
the leak m Ids drainpipe, be Is a little
Naturally. If one can play at a game
two can play at the smne game. Some
nt Ihe nigger smelter companies, whose
output Is'sVthVlet'it.' have undertaken
the task or recovering this platinum
themselves It Citric Sam eilll help out
his payroll with platinum residues
there Is no reason why a privately <*on-
dii':t,.ii 'smelter cannot1 du the same
thing.-Sn ilfte-etei'trlpa' method of re-
tluiiig Is coining more nod more Into
use. and Ihe highbrow professors In
the mints Who have been searching for
platinum have discovered thai Ibe
smeller Kara sent In for coinage are al*
most Hit) per eenl line, without ao mocb
SB a smell of platinum lu them -I",
mtng Abdersvo Is New York Trtbuaa.
Phone 3243.
The Mercantile General Agency, Limited
P. 0. Box 1412
Selling Agent* for
Canadian Loan and Mercantile Company, Limited.
Vancouver Offices:
432 Homer St.
' Shares in the
Canadian Loan & Mercantile Co.,
Offer a snfe and sound investment
Profits nre derived from
Real Estate Department
Insurance Department
Home Building Department
Loan and Mortgage Department
Discounting Department
Remunerative Investment in
Invest where your money works
for you
Remember Everv Dollar you put
into the Canadian Loan and
Mercantile Co. goes into
the Treasury.
There are no promotion shares.
There are no options on shares
They all work for the good
of the Company.
Shares are now selling at $1.00
The Company with its own
selling agency
Why not investigate P
It will interest you
Call or write for
28T, 808, 209 Union Bank Building,
Cor. Government and View Sts.
Mr. Investor,
Vancouver Island:
VICTORIA, B. C, 7th February. 1913.
Re the Canadian Loan and Mercantile Company's Stock. Have you investigated this proposition? If
not, you are not keeping abreast of the times, for even if only for a matter of business and the sake of
gaining information, you should obtain a prospectus of the Company and study it. It will undoubtedly
interest you, for this Company is formed on a more solid basis and broader principles than any other
Company that professes to be following similar lines.
You know that there is no better investment than shares in a good company, especially when you get
in at the commencement. How many companies are there in our midst (Railroad, Banking, Trust and other
companies) that would have made you independent today had you subscribed to a few hundred shares when
they started? Their name is legion, yet no company's business ever had the prospects in British Columbia
that a Loan and Home Building Company has today.
Today shares of many companies are probably out of your reach, but a few years ago those same shares
were well within your reach; that was when the first issues were offering to the public.
Today the shares of the Canadian Loan and Mercantile Co., Ltd., are within the reach of all (especially
as they can be purchased on the easy instalment plan), and we claim that no company that ever started
business in British Columbia had a better outlook than the Canadian Loan and Mercantile Co. has.
If you are looking for an investment of unquestionable reliability, coupled with a sure and remunerative
return by way of dividends and future enhanced values, there is no better channel open to you than an
investment in the shares under review, and you can invest any amount of money from $10 to$100,000 with
perfect safety.
If you will not be convinced on this point the loss is yours, but a close investigation will prove to you
that what we state is correct.
Let us hear from you by return and allow us to send you a Prospectus of the Canadian Loan and
Mercantile Co., Ltd.
Awaiting your favors, we are,
Yours very truly,
The Mercantile General Agency, Ltd.
Selling Agenls for
The Canadian Loan & Mercantile Co., Ltd.
Farms and
Y. I., B e
Farms and
OUR listings together with the 4,000 aces we have
actually bought in the Comox District consisting
C •■lenrer'nhd uncleared farms, sea and river frontage,
tumbles us to give intending buyers a good choice.
Oourtenay lots on the main Union Road and abutting
fit-jlit ou the new station when built, also Royston subdivision acreages and lots are just now good buys.
Come in and see us before pnces advance
Telephone 36
i    a™ds, Silkwear, All kinds of
F incy Crockery (Xmas Goods)
Japanese Goods
Terms Cash
IIU 1 fcL    I SubdiTition
UNION    I The Island Realty Co.
Uill  V^f   11 1 , Fir., Life. LW. Stock        ^ „_    |j t£»m»
First CUss In every respect. Perfect Cuisine
Headquarters for Tourists and Sportsmen
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
John N. McLeod, Proprietor
When in Cumberland make tho Union your headquarter*
Terminal    <*<« „f ta„ i
l Prices: $200
and up.
s. s. "eowieHAN"
Will sail as under
Vancouver—Nanaimo—Denman Island
Union Bay—Comox Route
Leave Vancouver, Monday, at 8p.m.   Arr.ve Nanaimo at 11-30 p.m.
Arrive Union Bay, Tuesday, at 6 a.m.  Arrive Comox at 8 a.m.
Leave Comox, Tuesday, at 11 a.m.
Leave Nanaimo, Tuesday, at 6 p.m
Leave Vancouver. Saturday, at 8 p.m,
Arrive Union Bay, Sunday, at 6 a.m.
Leave Comox, Sunday, at 4 p.m. Leave Union B    at b p.m.
Subject to change without notice.
Leave Union Bay at noon.
Arrive Vancouver at 9-30 p m.
Arrive Nanaimo at 11-30 p.m.
Arrive Comox at 8 a.m.
Phone 22.
Courtenay, B. C.
Misplaced pride rides a money-
eatin/j; monster. Is your position
sufficiently secure to warrant tbe
spending of twenty cents a mile for
automobile travel—wben you may
drive a ■ Ford in comfort, security
mid rect ird time for less tbait a tenth
that sunn ?  x
Every third ca t a Ford. Nearly 180,000
have been sol<i and delivered. New
prices—runabo ut $675—touring car
$750-delivery ;car $775-town car
$100 0—with all equipment, f.o.b.
Walkerville, On-v. Get particulars from
E. C. Emde, C mnberland, B.C., Exclusive Agent fo r Comox District
Beadnell & Callin
Offices: Comox & Courtenay.
Agents for     -&N. 1 ,ands, Comox Distr-..


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