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The Islander Apr 20, 1918

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THE ISLANDER established 1910.
With which is Consolidated The Cumberland News.
THE CUMBERLAND NEWS established 1891
VOL. IX., No. 5
Subscription price, $2.00 per year
During the advance towards Cambrai the British took up
many positions formerly held by the Germans, using their
dugouts and sentry boxes to good advantage. The German retreat was so hasty they had no time to destroy them.
Special, Saturday, in addition
to regular program, Alice Howell in "Balloonatics." Special
music and a Bluebird film, "John
Ermine," Francis Ford in lead.
The super-Bluebird programs will
commence next week, having
been delayed a week.
The second episode of the
"Bull's Eye" will be on Monday,
and as usual will be repeated be-
'tween shows on Tuesday. Also
on Tuesday, between 12.30 and
1.30 if those of the afternoon
shift who saw the first episode
wish to follow it up each week,
they can attend the special Matinee before time for work. The
serial is said to increase in excitement and interest and shouid be
well worth following. On Monday a late Bluebird will be shown,
and' on Tuesday Sessue Hayaka-
wain "Call of the East."
Wednesday night, Dorothy
Daltori in "Windship's Widow,"
a comedy drama, with a well-
known favorite. One night only,
at regular prices.
One of the greatest and most
celebrated stage plays of the
last twenty-five years, the Ibsen
drama, "Magda," with Clara
Kimball Young, famous emotional actress, is on the list for Thursday and Friday.
Super-Bluebird every Saturday.
Annual Meeting Hospital Board
The annual meeting of the
Board of Directors of the Cumberland General Hospital will be
held in the Council Chambers on
Saturday, April 27th, commencing at 8 p.m., when the election
of officers and directors for the
ensuing year vill take place, and
the secretary and treasurer will
present their annual report.
Campbell River Masqerade Ball
A masquerade dance was held
in the large spacious dining room
of the Willows Hotel at Campbell
River on April 6th, under the
auspices of the Bachelor Girls of
Campbell River. The dance was
given to raise funds for the pur
pose of sending smokes and candies to the boys at the front, and
the proceeds were as follows:
Collection  .._.$ 60.65
Rent of costumes and sale
of masks    44.75
Drawing for Sweater, won
by Mr. G. Elgood with
Ticket No. 23    94.50
Total... $199.90
The Bachelor Girls of Campbell
River are continuously raising
funds for the boys at the Front,
and take a special interest of
looking after the boys that have
left that section of the district
for Somewhere in France.
Wm. Henderson, Confectioner,
has purchased a Ford car.
Miss M. Richards, of the Big
Store, returned from a visit to
Seattle on Wednesday evening.
Dance, Friday May 24th., in
Ilo Ilo Hall.
The City Council held a special
meeting in the Council Chambers
on Thursday evening for the purpose of considering the estimates
and the rate of taxation for the
year 1918, His Worship, Mayor
Harrison, presiding, aldermen
Carey, Tarbell, Furbow. and Halliday present.
Previous to opening the special
meeting a deputation from the
West Cumberland Band waited
upon the Mayor and Council with
reference to the resolution recently passed by the City Council asking for the return of all
City instruments, Mr. Murdock,
speaking on behalf of the West
Cumberland Band, informed the
Council that the Band was still
in existence and it was an easy
matter to change the name,
should it only be a question of establishing a City- Band. The
Mayor said that George Barrass
seemed anxious to organize a City
band and suggested that the
members of the Band get in touch
with Barrass, Mr. Murdock
questioned the ability of Barrass
to organize a Band.
Aid. Carey thought the Council might do something in bringing the two factions together,
and if Mr. Barrass knew of 18 or
20 players, why not have a get
together proposition. Aid. Tarbell thought the two parties
should work together for the
good of the Ciiy and establish a
Band that would Le a credit to
themselves and Cumberland. Mr.
Murdock said there was always
a Band in Cumberland. In a
short time some Bands make a
noise but can't make music. The
members of the present Band lost
time and money and only received a tap on- the back for their
services, and pointed out that it
took about $500 a year to run a
Band and asked if the City was
willing to contribute.
It was finally decided to ask
the Band to appoint a committee
to meet M>-. Barrass and the
Council with a view to establishing a City Band and a settlement
of the question of Band instruments.
The special meeting then commenced and the Mayor pointed
out tn his opening remarks that
it was a question of a general
rate of taxation.
Aid. Tarbell introduced the
Cumberland General Rate by-law,
which was read a first, second
and third time and will be reconsidered on the 23rd., April. The
by-law calls for 15 mills on the
dollar on all real estate and 15
mills on the dollar on fifty per
cent of theassessed improvement
with a one-sixth rebate if paid
on or before the 15th., July.
The by-law to establish a school
rate was laid over until next
meeting. Also the question of
trade licences.
It is estimated that the rate of
taxation for the City of Cumberland will be 25 mills on the dollar.
Right: M. VENIZELOS, Premier of Greece.
Left: DAVID R. FRANCIS, U.S. Ambassador to Russia.
The Ladies Aid of Grace Methodist Church will hold a sale of
Plain Sewing and Fancy Articles,
in the Corner Store on Thursday,
April 25th. The ladies will serve
afternoon tea at 15c, Ice cream
and Candy stalls will be in charge
of the young ladies of the Church,
and chicken supper from 5 to 7
p. m. at 50c. This Sale of Work
and Supper is held by the ladies
in an effort to raise funds for the
renovating of the Church and
certain repairs that are needed to
the Parsonage. We solicit your
assistance in helping along the
work of the church.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bickle
shipped their furniture and effects to Victoria on Saturday and
left for that city on Monday,
their future home.
A grand dance will be held in
Ilo Ilo Hall on Friday, May 241 h.
See Posters next week for particulars.
Mrs. G. C. Baker and son left
for Victoria on Wednesday to
join her husband. Their furniture and effects went forward on
Friday morning.
A. J. Burnside, manager of
the Canadian Bank of Commerce
accompanied by Mrs. Burnside,
left for Vancouver on Thursday
on a three week's vacation.
F. L. Leslie, of Vancouver, arrived on Tuesday as relieving
manager at the local branch of
the Canadian Bank of Commerce,
during the absence of Mr. Burnside.
John Dallos, a relative of Jas.
H. Halliday, of the Home Bakery, won the Victoria Cross recently while in firing line around
Don't miss the Methodist Sale
of Work at the Corner Store next
Thursday, April 25th, at 2 o'clock
p.m. Plain and fancy articles
will be sold at a reasonable price.
Afternoon Tea will be served for
fifteen cents.
Mrs. Henry Hurst returned to
Victoria on Wednesday, after
spending two months visiting
friends in this city.
George C. Miller, Grand Chancellor of the Knights of Pythias
of British Columbia, arrived on
Tuesday and visited the local
Lodge, leaving for Nanaimo on
Wednesday morning.
Charles Nash was taken ill on
Monday and removed to the Cumberland General Hospital on Wednesday evening, when he underwent an opeiation for appendicitis. He is now progressing favorably.
Dr, Arthur Piercey, the Vancouver eyesight specialist, will
be at McLean's Jewellery Store,
Cumberland, on Saturday, April
27th. All persons suffering from
eyestrain, .headache, defective
vision and nervous trouble, should
take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to have their eyes
properly attended to. Make your
appointments in advance and
avoid waiting.
The Candy Stall at the Methodist Bazaar will be under the able
management of Miss Robertson
and the Misses Bickle. Those
desiring to contribute candy will
kindly send to the above young
Mrs. A. Milligan has sold her
furniture and effects and will
leave on Monday for Coquitlam,
and will reside with her daughter, Mrs. Alex. Walker.
James Whyte, of H. M. 6. S.
Rainbow, arrived on Thursday
on a visit to Cumberland.
All lovers of sport will be welcome at the Fish Pond in the
Corner Store next Thursday afternoon. Come and try your luck.
Fishing rod and bait for hire at
the small sum of 10c. Miss Hazel
Mounce and Miss Beatrice Bickle
will be pleased to drop a few hints
in regard to " likely spots for a
good catch."
Thomas Graham, General Superintendent of the Canadian
Collieries, returned from an official visit to Victoria on Saturday.
Mrs. McKelvie, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Jones, of the
Union Hotel, is here on a visit
to her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Macintosh
returned from a visit to Victoria
and Vancouver on Saturday.
If you are worried and tired or
have symptoms of spring fever,
a dishof icecream is most refreshing and invigorating. Come in
and have a dish at the Corner
Store next Thursday afternoon.
Only 15c. a dish. Nourishing as
well as appetising,
J. Dick and W. A. Owen left
for Nanaimo on Saturday and
returned on Sunday evening.
J. R. Lockard returned from a
visit to Victoria on Saturday.
James Walker is now among
the owners of a Ford.
T. Pearse, resident agent of
the Metropolitan Life Assurance
Society, returned from a visit to
Victoria on Saturday.
Henry Devlin, Inspector of
Mines, is here on his usual monthly tour of inspection.
The Methodist Sale of Work on
Thursday next promises to be a
great success, and is under the
able management of Mrs. John
Inspector May. of the Provincial Education Department, arrived on Tuesday and inspected
the Cumberland Public Schools.
James M. Savage, General
Manager of the Canadian Collieries, Dunsmuir, Limited, arrived
on Tuesday and returned to Victoria on Friday.
A delicious supper will be
served at the Corner Store on
Thursday next. Cold meats,
chicken and salads, jelly and
cream, pies and cakes, tea and
coffee—all for the small sum of
50c. Come and partake of a
bountiful supper before a further
advance in the high cost of living.
At a meeting of the Red Triangle Fund held in the Council
Chambers a week ago the following were appointed to take charge
of the campaign in this city and
vicinity on May 7, 8 and 9th, '18:
Mayor Harrison, chairman; A. J.
Burnside, treasurer; John Sutherland, publicity; Rev. Henry Wilson; Rev. James Hood; Edward
W. Bickle, Dr. Geo. K. MacNaughton, Dr. E. R. Hicks. It
will be the duty of the committee
to decide how the money is to be
raised—by a canvass or otherwise. J. Sutherland will undertake the distribution of circulars
and posters announcing the campaign.
Fight with Food
A Call fo the Whole Dominion for the Utmost
Effort to Produce Food for our
Soldiers and Allies
OUR ALLIES are desperately short of
food. In the midst of plenty ourselves we
must face the stem reality of England on
shorter rations than she has been for over a
hundred years, and France with only three days'
food reserve. Even from their present small
supplies they are saving Italy from collapse
through hunger.
Since shipping must be concentrated on the shortest
routes, Canada and the United States must continue to
be practically the only source of supply.
Canada must provide wheat and meat in increasing
quantities to meet a situation that imperils the issues of
the war.
Men who can be spared for work-on the farms must
serve in this way. Those who are obliged to remain in
the city or town can at least raise vegetables in their
gardens or on vacant lots.
Every effort will be made to see that labor is forthcoming to harvest the maximum crops that farmers can
An increased spring acreage in wheat an'd other grain
is vitally needed.
Stock raisers are asked to-provide the greatest possible
production of meat, especially pork.
Starvation   is   threatening   our   Allies.   Everyone   in
Canada must fight by doing his or her utmost to pro
duce and to conserve food.
Director of
Agricultural Labor
Director of
Chairman and Director
of Conservation TWO
Sltr Mattiter
Published every Saturday by the Islander
Publishing Company at Cumberland,
B.C., Canada.   Telephone 3-5.
Subscription: One year in advance, $2,00;
Single copies, 5c. Foreign subscriptions
to countries in Postal Union, $2.00
SATURDAY, APRIL 20th, 1918
(From the Youths' Companion.)
When it was rumored that Jim
Reagan was  "drinking again,"
the elders, who had been uneasy
at receiving him into the church
some weeks before, nodded their
heads sagely. They were conservative men, kindly disposed
and tolerant in the main, but
officially vigilant for the good
name of the religious organization
under their charge. They had
thought, and still believed, that
emotion played too large a part
in Reagan's conversion to insure lasting results. He had that
bad habit, too, and bad habits
. were hard to break.
"The man meant well," Elder
Stevens said to the pastor a few
days later, "but he lacked the
resolution to hang out. Now the
unfortunate affair is the talk of
the town, and it will be one thing
more for persons outside to throw
at the church."
"But is the reputation of the
church the chief consideration in
a case like this?" asked the minister. "If it were a show place
where fine types of Christian
character were kept on exhibition
we should have to get rid of Jim
Reagan, and, indeed, I'm not
sure the Lord would have much
use for the rest of us, either. But
it isn't. It's more like a school,
where little children learn the A
B C of right living at the feet of
Jesus; or, if you like, it's a hospital, where God uses us doctors
and nurses to bring sick souls
back to health.
"When little Stella McKane
was taken to Mercy Hospital last
winter, the surgeons on the staff
agreed that she hadn't one
chance in ten, but the hospital
didn't shut its doors against he'1
on that account, although, of
course, every unsuccessful operation counts against it. If little
Stella had a chance for life—even
the slenderest chance—the hospital was there to make the most
of it. If Jim Reagan has a fighting chance for a better life here
and a bigger life up above -"
"We have got to make the most
of it," Elder Stevens said eager-!
ly; but the minister stopped him j
with a slight uplift of the hand.
"Wait! Jim came to me lust i
night and told me the whole story. |
He met an old acquaintance and
drank with him, and that was the
beginning. The next morning he
came to himself in a pool of muddy water by the roadside. What
do you suppose he said to himself
when he raised up on his elbow
and realised the situation? 'Ye
son of God, what for are yedoin'
in the gutter?' The hopeful thing
is that Jim didn't forget who he
was, when there wasn't so much
as a hint of it in his wretched
surroundings. The gutter wasn't
the level of life on which he
meant to live, and he's been trying ever since to climb back. It's
our business to keep him from
gettingin again."
"Yes, it's our business," the
others echoed seriously.
The new "fisherman knight," j
Sir Thomeis Robinson, tells an1
amusing story, according to an
English weekly, about an inci-
j nent that happened during one
of his many journeys across the
A short time after leaving port
the ship on which he was travelling ran into so dense a fog that
it was impossible for anyone to
see more than a few yards ahead.
The captain remained on the
bridge and took charge of sounding the foghorn himself.
After he had sounded the first
signal he heard a foghorn in reply directly ahead.
To avoid a collision he turned
the ship a point and then sounded again. Once more the reply
came, "B-o-o-o!" directly ahead,
as before.
"It was very strange; I could
not make it out, "said Sir Thomas
in telling the tale. "Neither
could the captain. He tried
again; still the same "B-o-o-o!"
right ahead. The captain was
flabbergasted; and, as forme, I
was giving myself a mental
shake to pull myself together,
when the lookout man forward
called out:
"It's only the old cow, sir!"
"And so, in truth, it was-the
milch cow kept on the forecastle
for the use of the ship.
A lady advertised for a man to
work in her garden, and two
men applied for the job. While
she was interviewing them on
the lawn, says the Boston Transcript, she noticed that her mother, on the piazza, was making
siirns to her to choose the shorter
of the two men, which she finally
did. When the ladies were alone
the daughter asked, "Why did
you signal me to choose the
shorter man, mother? The other
had a much better face."
"Face!" cried the old lady.
"When you pick a man to work
in your garden you want to go by
his overalls. If they're patched
on the knees, you want him; if
they're patched on the seat, you
Pat and Mike were discussing
the war. "Well, now, said Pat,
whose comments appear in "Farm
and Home, "I'll set you a question. Do you know that there'll
be no horticulture or agriculture
if the German nation is beaten?"
"Why  is that?"  asked  Mike.
"Arrah, begorra," said Pat,
"don't you see? Because there'll
be no gerimn-a-tion!",
The Philadelphia Telegraph
notes the fact that General Foch
will Command the largest single
army underone man in all history.
The French have under arms
nearly 4,000,000 men. The British armj is nearly as strong, and
th= United States will shortly
have 1,1X10,000 men on the firing
line. There will be 7,000,000
soldiers under General Foch on
one front and moving in the same
direction. Wellington's largest
army was under 100,000; Grant
had 1,050,000 under his command
in the Civil War, and Napoleon's
largest army was 600,000.
Dance as usual in  Ilo Ilo Hall
to-night 9 to 12.
London, April 10. —Ten German trawlers were sunk by British warships in the Cattegat yesterday, the British admiralty announced today.
"The Cattegat was swept Monday," the statement said. "Ten
Geiman trawlers were sunk by
gunfire. Theircrews were saved
by British ships. There were no
British casualties."
The operations in the Cattegat,
the statement {says, were undertaken by the commander-in-chief
of the grand fleet,
We carry a large stock of tkese Corsets
in all sizes and we invite you to come
and see them.
We are also snowing some very*
chic Readj)-to-Wear Suits,
Waists and Dresses.
Cumberland   Restaurant
TEX. FOSTER, Proprietor
Open Day and Night
In the premises known
as the "Star Cafe."
Special   Dinner   Every    Saturday
■'■■• ;v ■■
*.•'■?.:-'■-'  ! 'St A    ( S_       /->
'-< s '<''  :A v    ■--'   - ■ -^-^'^frX AA?"^"^
$sy..nr:; Al y^ffom^^St^js^
n ',vfo' ^j."    - ' - ^^iift-^■£$*&*■
,, Va A tf#Mm
Get Behind the Wheel
of a Ford and Drive
TRY it just oner! Aslt your friend to lot you "pilot" hla
enron an open stretch. You'll like it, and will be surprised how easily the Ford is handled and driven.
if you have never felt the thrill of driving your own car,
there is something good in store for you. It is vastly
different from just riding—being a passenger. And especially so if you drive a Ford.
Young boys, girla, women and even grandfathers—thousands of thorn—are driving Ford cars and enjoying it. A
Ford stops and starts in traffic with exceptional ease and
smoothness, while on country roads and hills its strength and
power show to advantage.
Buy a Ford and you will want to be behind "the wheel"
Runabout • $575
a     Touring  - • $595
'     Coupe     • - $770
Sedan  - - ■ $970
Chassis   • • $535
THE UNIVERSAL CAR      One-tonTruck $750
F. O. B, t ORD, ONT. _
E. C. EMDE, Dealer, Courtenay
The Telephone Serves
Ordinarily we do not consider the telephone.
It is there on the wall, and if we want to talk to
some one we use it. When we are doing something else, we forget about it. Tlie telephone is
just like a member of one's family—we know it is
always there when wanted, and that it never fails
Just Hke a member of one's family, the telephone would be missed mightily, if it were not in
its place. Day in, day out, through the night, at
all times, the telephone is always ready to serve.
British Columbia Telephone Co., Ltd.
Many so-called Apple Ciders are  manufactured
.from apple extract, little or none of the real juice
of the apple being used.
SILVER-TOP is shipped Direct to us
from the Celebrated Oi\anagan Orchards
Save Beef! Save Money!
Save Coal!
The following statistics should be interesting to all who
are interested in the conservation of either Beef, Coal
or money:
Weight of Joint Weight to be ordered from Butcher
when cooked when cooking is done by
Electricity Coal or-Wood
4 pounds 4 pounds 8 oz. 5 pounds 11 oz.
6 pounds 6 pounds 13 oz. 8 pounds 9 oz.
8 pounds 9 pounds 2 oz. 11 pounds 7 oz.
10 pounds 11 pounds 6 oz. 14 pounds 5 oz.
12 pounds 13 pounds 10 oz. 17 pounds 2 oz.
The above figures are given in the Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers and are the results of
actual experiments.
With beef at 30c. a pound you will pay $1.72 for a
51b lloz. roast, or $1.35 for a 41b 8oz, roast.
Thus if you cook the meat in an electric oven you
will save for yourself 37 cents, and for your country lib
3oz. of beef. Think of it! 20% of our meat supply
wasted in coal stoves. This means that you will get
equal to a
Discount of 20% on your meat bill
if you cook by electricity, and you will be saving beef
money and coal for the boys at the front.
Think it Over!
Cumberland Electric Lighting
Phone 75 Co., Ltd.
P. O. 314
Headquarters for Choice Nursery Stock—all home grown.
Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Small Fruits, Roses, etc.,
and in fact all hardy trees and plants for the Garden.
Largest and best assorted -stock in the country. Price list
on application.
Will be open again in the Old
Stand with a full supply of
Fresh Bread, Cakes,
Pies, etc.
Wedding Cakes a Specialty
Dunsmuir Ave.,      Cumberland.
"The Phonograph with a Soul."
Interest in the New Edison Diamond Disc
Phonograh grows stronger daily. No one
hearing the rich true tones of this perfect instrument could do other than long for one in
his own home. With this instrument there
are no needles to change. The diamond point
is permanent and never wears out.
The Records used are double-disc, and are indestructible—lasting a life time.
It comes in a variety of finishes and.woods to match any
Mr. Edison's remarkable genius and his years of strenuous
work have resulted in this instrument,  which is as nearly
perfect as human ingenuity can make it.
G. A. Fletcher Music Co.
Nanaimo, B.C. umberland, B.C.
Marocchi Bros.
Grocers and
Cumberland and Courtenay, B.C.
Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes
Hardware, Croceryware and
General Merchandise
New York, April 16.- With the
slogan "Don't walk to Berlin-
ride in the tanks," a new "drive
for 2,000 United States tank corps"
recruits was started here today.
Recruiting officers say tank,
corps men have an opportunity
to give service in France more
quickly than those in any other
branch. Recruits of last January
are already at the front in France.
Men from 18 to 45 years of age
are accepted, and draft registrants skilled in motor driving,
and certain technical grades may
obtain' permission to enter the
Quebec, April 16.—Major Theo
Paquette called today on the students of Laval University for
volunteers to form a tank unit.
The proposal will be given consideration, although no one in the
ranks of the students stepped up
immediately to enlist. AH universities in Canada will be asked
to do likewise,
Seattle, April 16.—Germany
has yet to feel the mightiest blow
of the British tanks, as the monster war caterpillars are still in
their infancy, and are not yet
fully developed, asserted Major
General E. D. Swinton, of the
British army here today. General
Swinton is credited with having
conceived and built the first of
the British tanks. He said he
was confident the British and
French would be able to hold the
German attack on the western
froryjt until America is able to put
her full strength into the fight
.Watchmaker and Jeweller
Agent for the HARMONOLA
All the latest Books,  Magazines
and Periodicals.
Dunsmuir Ave. Cumberland, B.C.
WM. MERRIFIELD, Proprietor.
Dunsmuir Ave..       Cumberland, B.C.
D. Campbell's
Meat Market
Young Steer Beef,
tender and juicy.
Veal, Pork and Mutton.
Washington, April 16.—The
heavy price the Germans are
paying for their advance on the
western front was told in despatches to the state department
today saying that twenty-five
trains loaded with wounded are
passing through Aix-la-Chape'lle
every night.
The 8.80O ton steel steamship
Westmountwas launched at Seattle last Tuesdsy t'oi the United'
States Shipping Board.
Cambridge Pork Sausage
Homemade Sausage
Polish Sausage
Veal Loaf
Boiled Ham
Ham Bologna
Have you tried our Pickled Pork
and Corned Beef ?    It is delicious.
Each Thursday morning from now
on a full line of Fresh Fish will be
on hand.
West Cumberland. B.C.
Bevan, B.C.
This is to urge you
that you get your Suits Cleaned, Repaired and Pressed for
on<> month. Then form your
own conclusion. If it leads to
better spirits, better health,
continue it. If it does away
with dirt, improves your appearance, continue it. Remember a well-dressed man always
wants the best.
Also you must get your shoes
cleaned; and don't throw vour
tan shoes away because they
are old—have them dyed.
Atk for the Monthly Rates.
Local agents for
The Victoria Hat Works,
Victoria, B.C.
Notice is hereby given that all
rubbish, ashes etc., must he gathered and cleaned away on or' he-
fore the 1st of May 1018. By
order of the Board of Health.
A. McKinnon,
City Clerk.
Notary Public and General
insurance agent
Royal Exchange Assurance,
London, England.
National Fire of Hartford.
Queen Insurance Company.
Fidelity-Phcenix Fire Insurance
Company of New York.
Providence, Washington, Insurance Company.
British Empire Underwriters'
Maryland Casualty Company
of Baltimore.
Of FICE 35       RESIDENCE 78
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
Tt has a pleasing
Tt is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
ALEX. MAXWELL, Proprietor
Autos for Hire.     Coal and Wood Hauling given very
prompt attention.    Furniture and Piano
Storage if desired.
Phones 4 and 61
Cumberland, B.C.
See Funny Alice Howell, Tonight, in
A Two Reel Howl.
Also Special Music and a Five-reel
ipplied with a
THE great national duty to-day is to "conserve." It's a duty you owe
youiself as well as your country. A duty just in applicable to n
house, or building, Is it is to the things you cut and wear. Buildings, in fact, show so tremendous nn Increase in cost, that the importance
of keeping them protected is apparert to all who know how steel, wood,
brick and cement have jumped in price. And the cheapest protection you can give a building is the kind you apply
with a brush—PAINT. For true protection, scorn the ineffectual, cheap paints* Use only
wFuri i«u '*  7*>%PweWilte lead
MA* UWan        (Bnndrunl Gmuliu B. B)
tlM HMTM Pure White Zinc
• IT>&.fiF« 1 100% Pure Point
The kind wc guarantee to possess as iis important base, the above correct formula.
This formula, printed on every can, and guaranteed over our President's signature, commits us to this standard. High
in cost as white lead has become, we must use it in the same properties as heretofore. To use less of it, would necessitate the removal of the guarantee from our cans—and to do that would injure the reputation that these paints
have acquired by reason of their superior Ingredients. It is by using pure white lead and pure white zinc in such
liberal quantities that we have been able to produce fl paint that truly excels in covering capacity—and that stands
the severe "climate test" of Canada in a way that spells true economy.for all who use it.
Other B-H Products of Sterling Worth ^
We carry and recommend the following B-H product-,
For Interior Finishing
"China-Lac" -»- the perfect Varnish
Staining the Roof
"Anchor Brand Shingle Stains" in
19 different colours.
B-II Porch Floor Paint
Tor Porch Floors, Ceilings and parts
exposed to weather.
Plaster Ceilings and Walls
"Frcsconettc"—a flat tone oil paint.
Varnishing a Floor
"Floorlustre" excellent for interior
For Barn and Outbuildings
Imperial Barn Paint.
Colour Cards and /Vices from our local agents.
T.   E.   BATE,   Cumberland,   B.C.
■V ^——MMMf:JlMlM»T»       ■    ■ MMIHMWaHIMHBaaa u MITED
Wednesday, Apr. 23rd.,
THE YUKON" will be seen in
"Wild Windship's Widow"
Patriotic War Fund.
Statement for the month of February, 1918:
Balance on hand Feb. 28th, '18.. $8982.81 Mrs. C. Thompson.
Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir),
Limited, Employees  1055.50
City Collections      16.50
Refund Florrie Davis      9D.90
 $   40.00
H. Thompson  38.40
D. T. Cameron  36.00
H. B. Conrad  30.60
M.'Ellison  28.20
"   E.Davis  28.20
"   J. Scougall  27.60
"   J. C. Brown  26.40
"   F. P. Davidson  25.20
"   R. Herd  23.40
"   K. Peters  25.20
"   W.J. Eraser  23.40
"   E. Pearson  21.00
"   H. M. Wallace  21.00
"   G. Brown  21.00
"   M. Cope  21.00
"   I.. Piket  21.00
"   Al. Walker     18.00
"   F. Slaughter  18.0(1
"   C. Jewitt  18.00
"   M. Brown  19.20
"   V,. F. White  18.00
"   A. Ponder  18.00
"   E. Haywood,   15.00
"   M. Watsoi  15.00
"   A. Barber  15.00
"   M.E.Scott  15.00
"   J.E.White  15.00
"   E Simms  15.00
"   J. Elliott  15.00
"   G. H. Darby  15.00
"   F. Brentnall  15.00
"   C. Macintosh  22.20
"   S. Cameron  35.40
"   J.Ward  22.20
"   D. T. Cameron  10.00
Postage and War Tax  1.60
Balance on hand  9361.51
Total $10,154.71
. $10,151.71
At the last meeting of the Board of Trustees of the above-mentioned' Fund,  it
was decided to increase the allowance made to the children, and all future payments
will be made on the scale as follows:
Married lady, $15.00.
Child under 5 years, $5.00.
Child over 5 and under 10 years, $7.00.
Child over 10 and under 16 years, $10.00.
Maximum payment. $50.00 per month.
This scale is the highest paid in Canada.
W. WILLARD, Pres.       J. SUTHERLAND, Sec.        F. A. MCCARTHY, Treas.
London,    April    16.—In  the
House of   Commons last night
Sir Auckland Geddes, 'minister
of national service,  stated that
the government was determined
to enforce the principle that no
man over the present military
age should be taken for service
if the situation could be met by
the calling up of men of military
age now in   the country.   The!
age of 25 had been selected for a:
clean-cut service, because above 1
25 there wore men  really  indis- j
pensahle from the  viewpoint of [
war effort.   This did  not mean
that civil servants over 25 were j
j not being released as  rapidly as
! possible.    Certain    government
! officers were considering the advisability of releasing all men lit
for general service up to the age
of 43.
The third reading of the Manpower Bill today is regarded as I
assured.   There  have been rumors that a Labor revolt might1
endanger the measure, but if, as
stated,   Lloyd George  has   been
able to meet the views of the la- i
bor ministers in the direction of
allowing Home Rule to precede,
the application of conscription in
Ireland that danger is averted.
The committee stage of the
bill was completed in the House
of Commons last night without
further incident.
Tea!    Tea!    Tea!
Why buy paper when you want tea?
The price of paper is practically double what it was in normal
times, therefore it is very plain that in buying Teas put Up in
artistic packages, YOU pay for the package.
I Specialize in   Bulk Teas
Try my "Supreme" Blend at 6CV per Tb.
4oz. sample, 15^.
"Old Drury" Blend at 5(y per ft. Try a |ft.
These Teas are specially adapted to the waters of this District, and are blends of the choicest teas of India and Ceylon.
Fine "Ceylon Tea" at 4(V per lb.    This tea is already
a great favorite in this city.
Buy in Bulk and get full value in Tea!
Harmony Retekah Lodge and
Union Lodge, No. 11,  I.O.O.F.,
will call brate the 99th anniversary of Oddfellowship by a dance
in the llo llo Hall on Wednesday,
April 24th.    The Hollo Orchestra
will provide the music.   Admission per couple, $1.60, extra lady,
150c.     The proceeds will be de-
Lvoted to the benefit of returned
|soldier Oddfellows.
To all our friends whose sympathy and services were so kindly tendered in our recent bereavement we desire lo extend our
! thanks.   Mits. John A. Fraser.
George Barrass
Late 102nd Battalion, CE.F.
Violin Instruction
Terms Moderate
P.O. Box 360 Cumberland
Children's Dresses
Sizes 2 to 6 years. The niftiest assortment of little girls' dresses
we have ever shown. It will save you many hours of labor and
energy to purchase one or two of these cute dresses, and you
will find the prices very reasonable.   Ask specially to see them.
Ladies' Spring Coats
Our first selection arrived a few weeks ago and display good
taste, combined wilh serviceable quality. Tweeds are largely
used, with belted effects. Gabardines also are very fashionable
in the new style.
New Waists
" Waists," and " The Big Store," are inseparably linked. When
you think of waists we want you to think of the Store which
shecializes on these. We are proud of our stock of high class
waists, and the great sale we've had for them warrants us.
Spring House Furnishings
New shipments of window drapings in Madras Muslin, in figured Muslin and in the new Nets. Cretonnes in subdued two-
tone effects are very new and we are displaying some very
pretty colorings. Tapestry by the yard for draping, covering
lounges, etc., are still to be had at reasonable prices.
Our stock for spring has arrived and we will be pleased to fill
Our new. range of Linoleums are in stock and some beautiful
designs are shown, suitable for kitchen, dining rocm or bedroom.
We have about 20 pieces of last year's Ginghams in pretty colorings at the old price of 20c. a yard. We couldn't buy them
todav at the price.
Special in our Grocery Department
Service is our motto as always in this department, and we have
just received a new " Electric Coffee Mill," so that you can have
fresh ground coffee at all times.   People who are fond of Coffee will
appreciate and realize the great difference between "tin" coffee and
fresh ground coffee.
Phone 3-8
Any  Make  of Car Overhauled and Repaired
Gasoline,  Oil,  Grease  and
Ford parts in stock.
FORD Repairs a Specialty.   Practically and Promptly Executed.
Cumberland Tailor
Repairing, Pressing end   Cleaning
Ladies' Tailoring a Specialty.
Phone 1
Gents Tailors
Pjici.s Moderate
Next Week at Ilo Ilo Theatre Second
Episode of the "Bull's Eye," Eddie Polo.


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