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The Islander Oct 14, 1916

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iegUUtion I/-V»r*ry
THE ISLANDER established 1910.
With which is Consolidated The Cumberland News.
THE CUMBERLAND NEWS established 1894.
VOL. VII.. No. 29
Subscription price, $1.50 per year
'SOMME LION."—From the Daily Eagle, Brooklyn.
German Casualty Lists Soaring.
London, October 11.—German
casualties reported officially from
jfte beginning of the war to the
end of September were3,556,018,
according to an official British
compilation Riven out here today.
The statement says:
"A report compiled from German official casualty lists show
the total German casualties in
September as 179,684, bringing
up the totals, as reported from
the same source since the war began, to 3,556.018."   '
Tho full text of the statement
issued by the British official press
bureau follows:
"German casualties, exclusive
of congestions, reported in the
month of September in German
official casualty lists were: Dead,
32,292; prisoners nnd missing, 32,-
259; wounded, 15,343.
"These, added to those reported
in previous months, including the
con ections reported in September, total since the war: Dead,
870,182; prisoners and missing,
428,829; wounded, 2,257,007.
"The figures include all the
German nationalities, Prussians,
Bavarians, Saxons and Wurttem-
bergers. They do not include
naval casualties or casualties a-
mongthe colonial troops.
"It should be noted that the
figures do rot constitute an estimate by the British authorities.
They merely represent the casualties in   the  German   official
list. Also that the casualties are
those reported during the month
of September and not reported
as having been incurred in September."
One Method of Collecting
The dealer is frequently sorely
tempted to resort to high-handed
methods of extracting money due
him from delinquent debtors.
Without placing our stamp of approval upon the scheme, we give
the following plan that one man
says he would adopt if he were
badly troubled in this regard.
He says:—"I would pick up an
old sway-backed, flea-bitten sorrel horse, very lame in one front
foot, the most disreputable harness that could be found, for
traces and reins perhaps a lagged
rope, hook him to an old spring
waggon with about a 12-foot
reach, a canvas top, on the order
of a prairie schooner, in large
letters printed on the sides, "WE
CUSOMERS," hang a bunch of
cowbells across the horse's
wethers, secure a flock of yellow
dogs, train them to follow, and
hire a brawny Irishman to drive
the outfit, Write the slow-pay
customer asking him if he preferred to call and pay the account
or have the waggon call, and
S3nd him a picture of the waggon. If I did not get the money
1 would have the waggon call as
frequently as possible until he
came across."—The Retail Grocer and Provisioner.
At Ilo Ilo Theatre.
A drama of love and sacrifice in
five parts, adapted from the
famous novel, "My Poor
Wife," by Charlotte
One Reel Comedy,
" The Drummer's Trunk."
London. Oct. 11.—Premier Asquith, in moving today a vote of
credit £300,000,000, bringing up
the total for the current fiscal
year to £1,350,000,000. said parliament had been asked to vote
for war purposes what was equivalent to the aggregate expenditure for twenty years before the
war, although that period included the South African wajfcWhen
he moved the last vote oW:redit
in July he estimated the average
rate of expenditure of approximately £5,000,000 daily. The
forecast had proved almost exact
ly correct. At the commencement of the present week, the
Premier continued, there was
still in hand £100,500,000, which
would carry on until October 27.
He gave the aggregate expenditure on 118 days of the financial
year as: Army, navy and munitions, £379,000,000; loans to Allies
and Dominions, £157,000,000;
food supplies, railroads, etc.,
The daily average of expenditure had risen slighly, he said,
and was £5,070,000 for the last
seventy-seven days of the financial year. Expenditures for the
army had fallen off slightly, while
those of munitions had increased
somewhat. Loans to Great Britain's Allies and the Dominions
were exceeding the budget estimates at the present rate. They
would not be safe in assuming
that expenditures in the future
would be less than £5,000,000
The vote of credit is the thirteenth since the outbreak of the
war, bringing up the total to
£3,132,000,000. As the new vote
is expected to last only until the
end of the present year, another
request will be necessary before
March, but there probably will
be no fresh public borrowing in
the shape of a long-term loan at
present, as the country's needs
are being met by revenue from
taxes and by short-lived issues,
The latest 6 per cent exchequer
bonds yielded more than £20,-
000,000 last week. Holders of 4J
per cent war loan issues, which
recently have fallen to a discount,
are hoping the Prime Minister
will make some statement regarding the possibilities of conscription.
Mr. Asquith received a tremen
dous ovatiop today when he declared in the midst of a speech in
which he moved a new war credit: "This war cannot end in a
patched-up, precarious, dishonoring compromise, masquerading
under the name of peace. This
is not the moment for fainthearts
and wavering counsels. The
Allies arc not vindictive, hut they
will require from their enemies
adequate reparation for the past
and security forthe future."
Paris, Oct. 10. In fighting
south of the river Somme today
the French troops captured the
village of Bovent, the north and
west outskirts of Ablaincourt,
and the greater part of the
Chaulnes wood. Prisoners to
the number of 1,200 were taken,
according to the official communication issued tonight. The text
"North of the Somme there
was great artillery activity on
both sides. A surprise attack-
south of Sailly-Saillisel brought
in 89 prisoners, two of whom
were officers.
"South of the Somme we attacked on a front of five kilometres between Berny-en-San-
terre and Chaulnes. Our infantry
vigorusly carried the enemy position which was their objective,
and went beyond it an appreciable
distance at certain points. The
hamlet of Bovent, the northern
and western outskirts of Ablaincourt and the greater part of
Chaulnes wood were  captured.
"The enemy suffered considerable losses, notably around Ablaincourt, where 1,200 prisoners
were taken.
"On the remainder of the
front there is nothing to report."
Increased activity on the battle
front south of the Somme was
reported by the War Office this
afternoon, Spirited artillery
fighting occured last night in
;!i.. Oeniecourt-Lihons sector.
London, Oct. 10.—"At dawn
this morning," says the statement issued by the British War
Office today, "the enemy infantry
in the open in the neighborhood
of Grandcourt were caught under
our artillery fire.
"A successful raid was made
by us last night westol'Givenchy.
The enemy's trenches were entered, although they were held
with considerable strength. Two
dugouts were bombed. Casualties were inflicted on the enemy."
The following official communication was issued tonight:
"The work of improving our
new positions south of the Ancre
continued today without special
interest. In addition to those
reported, a further 263 German
prisoners were brought in, including five officers,
"An enemy aeroplane was
brought down north of Neuville-
St. Vaast. Yesterday our aircraft were again very active.
One of our machines is missing."
Nanaimo Assizes
Ottawa, Oct. 11. A statement
was given out by the Imperial
Munitions Board today to the
effect that orders for munitions
had been placed in Canada since
the beginning of the war to the
amount of $550,000,009.
Since January last up to the
present lime, orders to the a-
mount of $186,000,000 have been
received. During the present
week lhe board has been instructed to place additional contracts
for munitions to the value of sixty million dollars.
During July and August agood
deal of difficulty was experienced
in keeping up the production, due
to shortage of steel and forgings.
The board is pleased to state,
however, that due lo the elt'orts
put forth by manufacturers the
production on most contracts is
now increasing in volume each
week. The quantity of shrapnel
shells now produced complete,
with cartridge cases, fuses, ■ primers and propellant charges, has
reached almost 250,000 a week,
and the hoard has been authorized within the last week to place
additional orders for this size of
shells in 1917.
Large orders were placed during last Spring and Summer on
the larger sizes of shells, espici-
ally the numbers8 and 9.2. This
involved complete new installations of machinery and equipment. Deliveries of this equipment are slow, but many of these
plants Have now commenced operating, and the output of larger
sized shells is increasing each
week and will continue to increase until about January 1,
when the maximum output of
these plants should be reached.
The position of Canada in regard to supply of steel, the basis
of all munitions work, is now
such that no interuptions in output will likely take place, as the
immense tonnage required for all
classes of shejls has been arranged.
The fuse plant built by the
board at Montreal has now reached a capacity of ten thousand a
day, and by January 1 will reach
25,009 a day.
The policy of the board in placing new business will be to keep
all plants producing munitions
fully employed, and when increased production is required on
any particular class of work, to
extend the operation of plants
which are already equipped and
producing munitions.
Union Bay Notes.
Union Bay shipping during the
past week at the Canadian Collieries loading wharves:—Tug Etta
White and scows; Dola, Stanley
B., Flyer and scows, Naiad, B.C.
Boy, Faultless, Czar, Dauntless,
Peerless, Chieftain Glenboro,
Jessie Mac. Erin, Qualicum, Clay-
burn, Eva, Chemainus, Dreadful,
Earl, McCullock. Coasting S.S.
Camosun, Birdswell, Amur, Henrietta, and Princess Ena for cargo of coal for Alaska. .Coal barges Melanope, C.P.R. "lOO, Big
Bonanza, (American), for Alaska.
Off-shore vessels, SS. Chinese
Prince for bunkers. Coke barges
expected today are the Baroda,
Granby No. 1, and the J.C.Potter.
Nanaimo. B. C, Oct.12.-At
the assizes held yesterday the
Grand Jury brought in a true
bill on each of the four indictments charging Geo. Hannay
with theft while employed as a
provincial constable in this district some years ago.
His Lordship in dismissing the
jury subject to the call of the
court, thanked them for the
prompt and careful attention they
had given the matters submitted
to them. It was within their
ipiovinceto visit public institu-
| tions receiving aid from the government and to report thereon.
If they did make such an inspection and wished to present a report they could give it to the
registrar and he would take it up.
If they did not make a report
then they were excused from
further attendance unless summoned by the Court.
Three Chinamen charged with
assault at Cumberland were then
put in the box and arrainged.
Through an interpreter, it was
explained that their lawyer, Mr.
Grant, of Vancouver, had not
turned up and His Lordship ordered their plea to stand over to
give their council an opportunity
of appearing.
A number of lhe young people
of Cumberland will appear in a
vaudeville concert to be given in
the Ilo Ilo Theatre on Tuesday,
Nov. 7ih.   Particulars later.
E, ('. Emde, the man who sells
autos, was here on Friday with a
new .1917 Overland, demonstrating the qualities of the new car
to a few prospective buyers.
Mr, anil Airs. Sloan and T. J.
Brown Jr., motored to Nanaimo
on Tuesday en route to Vancouver
on a vacation.
Chas. Nash, Ethel Furbow,
Miss Louden. M, Brown and I).
Hunter motored to Nanaimo on
Sunday and spent Thanksgiving
Day there.
Mrs. McNally and family, left
forthe State of Washington on
When in need of a car ring up
86 L.    Nanaimo and  return the
same   day.   Terms   reasonable.
Fire  wood  for   sale.    Apply to
Phone 86 L, Happy Valley
Joseph Hunter, of Victoria,
chief engineer of the Canadian
Collieries, was here on a visit on
Miss Ethel Spruston spent
Thanksgiving Day  in Nanaimo.
J. R. Lockard, General Superintendent of the Canadian Collieries, left for Victoria on Sunday -
and returned ou Wednesday.
Mrs. Nordgren is soliciting
tubscriptions and renewals for
the Ladies Home Journal and
Saturday Evening Post.
Born. To the wife of Pte.
Henry Thomson of the 102nd.
Battalion, at the Cumberland
General Hospital on Sunday, Oct.
8th., a daughter. Mother and
child are doing well.
Mrs. Roy Hideout, of Victoria,
arrived on Saturday on a visit to
her husband, and returned on
Mrs. A. R. Home, of Union
B.ty, has left on a six months'
vacation to Montreal, New York
and other Eastern cities.
The West Cumberland Conservative Band will hold their annual
Masquerade Ball on the first Friday after the November pay day.
Don't forget the dance in the
Band Hall on Tuesday, Oct. 17th.
Gents. 75 cents.   Ledies free.
A Red Cross Dance will be held
in the West Cumberland Band
Hall on Halloween night, Tuesday October, 31st.
Seven large mail sacks of Ea-
tons catalogues arrived in this
city on Sunday. If at all possible it is wise to spend your money with the local merchants and
build up the town in which you
T. A. Spruston, manager of
No. 7 Mine of the Canadien Collieries, lefl for Ladysmith on
Thursday, to relieve J. II. Cunningham, Superintendent of the
Wellington Mines, who is leaving
for the Easton a three-weeks vacation.
Commencing Saturday, October
21st, we beg to notify our customers that our last delivery on
Saturdays will leave the store at
5.30 o'clock p.m.—Simon Leiser
& Co., Ltd.
On Tuesday afternoon, October
18th, the Ladies' Aid of Grace
Methodist Church will serve tea
and hold a sale of work in the
schoolroom from 3 o'clock. The
ladies ask for youi patronage
and co-operation,
Word was received on Tuesday
by Mr. and Mrs. David R. Macfarlane, of this city, that their
son Lieut. Alhol H. Macfarlane
was olliicially reported wounded
on Oct, 2nd. Further particulars
will he forwarded from Ottawa as
soon as received.
A general meeting of the lied
Cross Society will be held on Friday, Oct. 20th,, at th.' home of
Mrs. Hood. A full attendance is
In the notice published last
wick regarding the adknowledg-
ment hy lhe Women's Patriotic
Society of the receipt of $51.0(1
from Denman Island, it should
have read $61.00.
The members of the Cumberland Choral Society are requested
to meet in the Presbyterian
Church on Sunday evening after
church service for practice.
Last Thursday afternoon Mrs.
Geo. Brown, Maryport Avenue,
received intimation from Ottawa,
lhat her son Harry Coates Brown,
C. M. R., had received "gun
shot wounds multiple" and being
treated at No. 6 General Hospital,
Rouen, France. TWO
Sk Matter
Pabltshed every Saturday by the Islander
Publishing Company at Cumberland,
,C., Canada.  Telephone 3-5.
Subscription: One year in advance. $1.50;
Single copies, 5c, Foreign subscriptions
to countries in Postal Union, $2.00
A good conscience is to the soul
what health is to the body; it
preserves a constant ease and serenity within us, and more than
countervails all the calamities and
afflictions which can possibly befall us. I know nothing so hard
for a generous mind to get over
as calumny and reproach.and cannot find any method of quieting
the soul under them, besides
this single one, of our being conscious to ourselves that we do
not deserve them.
I have always been mightily
pleased with that passage in
"Don Quixote," where the fantastical knight is represented as
loading a gentleman of good
sense with praises and eulogiums.
Upon which the gentleman makes
this reflection to himself: How
grateful is praise to human nature! I cannot forbear being se-
cretely pleased with the commendations I receive, though I am
sensible it is a madman who bestows it on me. In the same
manner, though we are often
sure the censures which are passed upon ns are uttered by those
who  know  nothing of us,  and
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Invictus Shoes
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Hats, Caps, Suspenders, Belts, also fine dress kid gloves, and
working gloves.
of you." In these and many oth'
er instances I could produce, the
bitterness of the answer suffr
ciently testifies the uneasiness of
mind of the person who made it.
I would rather advise my reader,
that if he has not in his case the
consolation  that he deserves no
have neither means nor abilities;such reproaches as are cast upon
to form a right judgment of us,' him to follow the advice of Epic-
we cannot forbear being grieved jtetus;  "If anyone speak ill of
at what they say.
In order to heal this infirmity,
which is so natural to the best
and wisest of men, I have taken
a particular pleasure in observing
the conduct of the old philosophers how they bear themselves
up against the malice and detraction of their enemies. The
way to silence calumny, says Bias,
is to be always exercised in such
things as are praiseworthy. Socrates, after receiving sentence,
told his friends that he had always accustomed himself lo regard truth rather than censure,
and that he was not troubled at
hi-; condemnation, because he
knew himself free from guilt.
It was in lhe same spirit that he
heard the accusations of
great adversaries, who had uttered against him the most virulent reproaches. Anytus and
Melitus, said he, may procure
sentence against mc, but they
cannol hurt me. This divine
philosopher was so well fortified
in his own innocence that he neglected all the impotence of evil
tongues which were directed against him, and cleared him to
himself, Othnrs of the philosophers rather chose to retort the
injury bv asmart reply than thus
to disarm it with respect to themselves. They show that it stung
them, though at the same time
they had the address to make the
aggressors suffer with them. Of
this kind was Aristotle's reply to
one who pursued him with long
and hitter invectives. "You,"
says he, "who are used to suffer
reproaches, utter them with delight: 1, who have not been used
to utter them, take no delight in
hearing them." Diogenes was
still more severe on one who
spoke ill of him. "Nobody will
believe you when you speak ill of
me, any more than they would
believe me if I were to speak well l
thee, consider whether he has
the truth on his side, and if so,
reform thyself, that his censures
may not effect thee." When An-
aximander was told that the boys
laughed at his singing, "Aye,"
says he, "then I must learn to
sing better." But of all the sayings of philosophers which I have
gathered together for my own
use on this occasion, there are
none which carry in them more
candour aid good sense than the
following two of Plato. Being
told that he had many enemies
who spike ill of him: "It is no
matter," said he, "I will live so
that none will believe them."
Hearing at another time that an
intimate friend of his spoke de-
said: "I am
sure he would not doit." This
is the surest as well as the noblest way of drawing the sling
out of a reproach, and a true
method of preparing a man for
that great and only relief against
tho pains of calumny—A good
ns two tractingly of him,
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Descriptive Nursery and Bulb Catalogue on request.
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Great Railroad Serial
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Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations
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toi-iei and in a portion of the Province of
British Columbia, may be leased for a term
of twenty-one years at an annual rental of
$1 an acre. Not more than 2,600 acres
will be leased to one applicant.
Applicatiun for a lease must be made by
the applicant in person to the Agent or sub
Agent of the district in which the rights
applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must be
described by sections, or legal subdivisions
of sections, and in unsurveyed territory
the tract applied for shall be staked out by
theapplloaiit himself.
Ktrliapplication must be aconrnpanled
by a fee of |5 which will be refunded if the
* iuhts applied for are not available, but not
otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the
merchantable output of the mine at the
rate of the cents per ton.
The pers-iii .parating the mine pIihH
Furnish the Agent with ■'•* -rn returns hu
uuntiiig for lie full quantity of meroh
Antablecoal mined and pay ihe royalty
thereou. If the ooal mining tights are
io>t being operated, biicIi returns shall He
furnished at least once a vear.
The leane will include lhe coal mining
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fiicu rights may be considered necessary
fi»r the working if the mine at the mte <>f
Fnr full information application should
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even if it means an undignified, but
care-free snicker, you are sure of a
thusand and one laughs on the exceptionally comedy monologue
Cohen at the Telephone ••• that's just
onc and it's a long way from Grand
Opera — yes, but there's a laugh in
every word and every word is pure
unadulterated fun. This is just one of
hundreds of "laugh producers" to be
found in Columbia Records.
"Nanaimo's Music House"
11 Commercial St., NANAIMO, B.C.
|   Grocers and Bakers
Agents for Pi i.,sk.n ion Beer
Cumberland    Courtenay
First Class Hotel at Moderate Rates
Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Repairing a Specialty
West Cumberland
Houses of Parnell, French and Pa ken*
ham Lose Heads—Explorer, Adventurer  and   Landlord   Gone
Lord CoogletOU, of the Grenadier
fluards, Is une of the many members
yt the derided British House of Lords
who died foi his country in the war.
He was head of the house of Tar-
Hell, to which the late Charles Stew-
art Parnell, tlie celebruted Irish Nationalist ipRier, belonged. Lord Con-
gleton had made all his arrangements
to accompany yir Ernest Sliacklcton
on his expedition to tiie bcuth "polo,
Uut on the out bri all ol th*1 war he
cancelled his plans and joined his
regiment for service agatnsl the German* in France. He tool) his title
Trom the town of Congleton in Cheshire, whence the Parnellfl hail and
whence Tobias Parnell, once an Aider
man of the place, migrated to Ireland
snd purchased an estate Ihere In the
refgn of Charles IT. Lord Congleton,
who was fifth of his line, wus succeed
ed fn his honori and estates by his
younger brother, a young lieutenant nf
:he Royal Navy, si ring on boar:) the
Ragahip of Admiral Sir David Bealty.
Sent Abroad
Another peer to give l.is life for bis
country was Lord l'e PVeyne, a cap
lain of the South Wales Hordes'
Regiment, He hLd a most romantic
career. Having given grave offence
to hie father by marrying the daughter of a Scotch innkeeper in the little
Banffshire town of Rothes, tlie paternal allowance was stopped and the
Hon. Reginald French, as be was
then, was obliged to resign his commission as a lieutenant of the Royal
Fusiliers. Eventually he wen', to
America, leaving his* wife behind him.
He endeavored In New York to And
some means of livelihood, hut. having
heen educated only for the army, hi
could not easily obtain civilian em
ployment of a remunerative character
He enlisted in 1905 in Now York In
the United States infantry, and wa.
assigned to duty with his regiment In
the Philippines, where he rose to tht
rank of sergeant. In course of time
be left the American army, hy means
of an honorable discharge, and was
living on the Island of Mindanao, tin
largest of the Philippine archipelago,
keeping a store, when he was notified
that he had succeeded to his father'!..
honors. Dying without issue, the late
Lord De Freyne was succeeded in the
family honors by his half brother.
Bore  Charmed   Life
General Lord Longford, fifth Earl
of, his line, was killed at the head of
Ms brigade ln operations against the
Turks. He was one of the great
ground landlords of Dublin, in which
pity he owned some 400 acres, pro
ducing a rental of aome $850,000 a
year. He was the head of the house
pf Pakenhara, which has been settled
It Ireland since the days of Chomwell.
An ancestor, Sir Edward Pakenham.
commanded the British forces ln thc
battle of New Orleans, whero he wue
killed. Lord Longford, who leaves a
13-year-old boy to inherit his honors
was the younger of twins, and ha''
been regarded as hearing a charmed
life, having had the most miraculous
escapes ou several occasions.
Excesses   Among   Youth   and    Wild
Stock Speculation Are Ominous
German papers say that the behavior of the youths of Germany who
aro not yet old enough to servo with
tho colors has been most extraordinry
since the bediming of the war.
"While wo want to render every
honor to the young men of Germany
who have not hesitated voluntarily to
offer their lives to their country." the
"Badische Sohulzeitung," a prominent
educational periodical, writes, "we re
gret to say that there are others
whom we cannot condemn severely
enough. On all sides we hear complaints of our young peo.de oi both
sexes. Their fathers are in the
trenches and their departure evidently gave the signal to a revolt in lhe
homos. All discipline has disappear
ed. During recent years H has often
been maintained that the authority in
In the homes should rest with the
mothers and that these were the only
real educators of the younf*,. This
theory has now been complexly up
"It Is greatly to be feared chat thi
future German race will not ba worthy
of its fathers. The police havo very
promptly put certain restrictions Into
effect in cafes and beer-gardens but
might they not bo equally Justified
in occupying themselves with the
night life of our young people?" fn
thla connection it Is Interesting to
note that In many German towns
where war prisoners' camps are located many girls in tho ago from 14 to
17 bavo been punished for writing
love letters to French prisoners of
war, whose acquaintance they have
made when  visiting the camps.
"The reckless speculation on the
Berlin Exchange Is a source of an
glety to tho German press. The
"Frankfurter Zeltung" says: "The
number of the speculators Increases
and their operations are gambling
pure and simple. The authorities
certainly ought to put an end lo this
It ia disgusting to think that there are
people who do not think of anything
during these days, when we are lighting for our very existence, but to
make quick and easy profits at the
expense of others."
The question of the future of Po
land continues to occupy the German
press. With remarkable franKness
"Der Tag" points out that It Is a
great mistake to suppose that the
population of Russian Poland look upon the Germans as liberators, as some
papers have tried to make it appear
"It Is too early to discuss Poland's
ultimate fate, but we should realize
tbat if the Russian wave flows hack
Into those parts thc entire population
will declare themselves Russians"
No beer Is allotted to be sold In
Munich before 5 p.m., when there ;:r<
always long queues waiting outside
tlio cafes.
There is a speed limit of twenty-five
miles an hour for motor cars at the
trout in France,
Aged Pott Indlctt Germans t* Incur*
•bly Asiatic—Continued  Atrocities
In hia old age Emlle Verhaeren, one
of Belgium's great poets, has passed
through the supreme experiences ot
war. His humble home ln Flanders
Ilea desolated by German arms, nnd
he ls a refugee ln England. His latest
poems and prose writings breathe a
passionate Indignation. M. Verhaeren recalls that within two hours
of a cruel ultimatum Gernu.ny was
breathing furth thp purity of Iter Intentions toward Holgium. He continues: "She could have dared to offer
open battle, bul she preferred a
treacherous ambuscade. And by this
deed she hns created against herself
tn the hearts ol Belgians a hatred mi
passionate   and   so   universal   that   It
will go down irom this feneration to a
depth that no man can fortell. . The
Germans have waged no real war
against us, they have beeu rnvugers,
thieves, pillagers, assassins.
"They have not heen satisfied with
Ihe devastation caused by their
armies; they have deliberately created
Q famine It; Southern Belgium. Now,
In the full twentieth century and In
Europe, there are cries ol a people
dying or hunger. Help pcir. In from
all sides. Uut how far will these gifts
go to satisfy the hunger of whole
provinces? It ls an unvarying rule
that conquered territories must lie provisioned by their conquerors. Uut the
Germans recognize no duties ln warfare. They are glad that those whom
they have not been able to slaughter
should die a death even more horrible."
As an instance of wholesale pillage,
M, Verhaeren tells how the station at
Malines was blocked with 700 pianos
taken from the homes In that town.
He recites acts of savagery infli.'ted
tin men and women. He tells of a
merchant who decided to stay In his
country house near Antwerp with his
two daughters. 17 and 20 yeara old.
Five German officers took up their
quarters In the house and were treated as hospitably as possible. An
abundant dinner was prepared for
tlietn, but before sitting down to it
the oldest of the officers ordered the
father to be confined ln his own cellar. When he was released the next
morning his daughters had been given
over to the common soldiers, and one
of them was Insane. The facts are
Vouched for by the French Minister
of War.
It ls the author's profound conviction that Germany Is unelvfllaable,
that she ls Asiatic at heart, and has
ln her ao Inexhaustible store of savagery. To indicate the spirit of the
nation he quotes this extract from a
German publication entitled "Gross-
deutsohland und Mltteleuropa um das
Jahr I860": "After a short term of
years we shall see some such sight
as this: The German flag wlll wave
over 81,000,000 Germans, and they will
fovern a dominion peopled by 130,000,-
00 Europeans. In this great empire
only the Germans will have political
rights, only the Germans will be owners of property. They will be a nation of masters, permitting, by condescension, that the peoples under
their rule should perform menial labor." M. Verhaeren adds that the
modern spirit of liberty and Justice
alone faces the future and promises
salvation for tlie world. He Is proud
that Belgium sacrificed herself for
that Ideal.
Cut   Peasant's  Tongue,   Although   Ho
Knew   Nothing   Useful
How German spies cut a man's tongue Is related in a series of affidavits
oollected by the procurator of tbo
Kharkoff Assize Court. A Russian
named Mat vet Posnaknff was stopped
by two strangers In civilian clothes,
who asked blm questions In broken
Russian about the Czar's troops. Pob-
nakoff refused to give Information,
and one of the men drew a revolver
and threatened him with Instant
The unfortunate man eventually admitted, that, so far as he knew, tho
militia worn not fighting. "We have
plenty of troops," ho said, "but I
don't where they are." Again tbe
men threatened to kill him If he persisted lu withholding the Information.
They asked him whether he was married, und to tills he replied In the
affirmative, saying lie had a wife and
cour children.
"Then we will only cut out your
tongue," said ono of the Germans.
The wretched man was seized by thn
throat by ono of the men whilst tho
other cut his tongue. He lost consciousness and when he recovered
his Houses bo found himself hound
to a tree, from whicli after a lime
he succeeded In loosening himself He
Was too weak to walk, bul after a
fast he managed to make his way tn
ihe RUsslan lines, where by means of
Writing and gestures he related liU
horrible story.
Interesting  Facts About Former Russian Army Chief
Grand Duke .Michael, v. ho has been
a resident of England for many years,
lays of Grand Duke Nicholas, the late
'ommander-lu-chlef of tlie Russlau
.rmles, whose masterful retreat from
lallcla aroused the admiration even
if hla German adversaries, Uiat In
tussla he ls described by those who
mow him well as "a man of pity and
ron." He still lives Iho life of a
dmple soldier, whllo his men worship
tlm. In times of peace Nicholas waa
Intensely Interested ln the breeding
of horses for hunting aad possesses
khe finest stable of liunters In the
world. His particular hobby la bear
hunting and in his palace near Petro-
grad he has a wonderful collection of
hoars he has killed with hia owu
hand. While hunting boars he has
repeatodly found himself In danger of
IiIb llfo and only his coolness and
presence of mind have saved him.
His wife, one of the most beautiful
women of the Kussinn court, ia a
daughter of King Nicholas of Monte-
negro and thus a sister to Qtteeu
(Helen of Italy. POUR
Great Game, Truly
"Great game, eh, Mabel? Did you
see the way Simmons ran around tlie
end for a touchdown?"
"Yes! Wasn't it wonderful? nut
what were all the other fellows running after him for?"
"They say corporations have no
"All the more reason why they
(should be punished when they break
the laws. They have nothing to fear
In the hereafter."
The  Reward  of  Honesty
Reformer: "Now, ladies and gentlemen, tell me, where will you find
the upright citizen of thia big city?
\Ve find him ,"
Voice: "Standing up in line—waiting for a night's lodging!"
Landlady (sympathetically): "Why,
how did you fall downstairs, Mr.
Boarder (with dignity): "Unexpectedly, ma'am!"
Edith: "The man 1 marry must be
told and fearless."
Ethel: "Yes, dear, he must!"
A Long Journey
"Don't you talk to me like that.
Itemember I came front one of the
|>est families in Europe."
"Well, you've come some distance."
Can't be Done
"Tlie young men of to-day have no
Ileitis." ■
"I don't know nbout that. They
(teem to try their level best to look
•ike llie chaps ln the clothing ads."
A   Losing   Proposition
Popular Priced Corsets.
Medium figure, high bust; a model of ease and
style; controls the figure and produces the most
stylish effects. It is rare that such results can be
obtained at a medium price. Made of English
Coutil, with six hose supporters.   Price $1.95.
A splendid 75c. Corset, made of Coutil, medium
low bust and long close-fitting skirt \ has four ho.;e
supporters.    Just the thing for those who like a
light-weight corset.
A beautiful model that .will give great wear and service; has medium high
bust, neatly trimmed and strengthened in front, which keeps the corset from
stretching out of shape.   Price $1.50.
The Incomparable Reducer, with double straps, by the aid of scientifically
laid pieces, will give the ideal front effect, and reduce abdomen, hips and
back.     Hook at bottom of front.     Satisfaction guaranteed in this special
Corset.   Price $2.50.
Our Special has all the characteristics of a high grade corset, while the price
will meet the price of all.   Special Price $1.25.
Come in and make your choice of a winter overcoat or suit.
Phone 3-8
NOTICE is hereby given that at the
next meeting of the Board of License Commissioners of the City of Cumberland, I
intend to apply for a renewal of the hotel
license held by me for the Wavetly Hotel,
situated on lot 2, block 3, Currberland
Daled this 9th day of Oct., 1916
NOTICE is hereby given that at the
next meeting of lite Board of License Commissioners of the City of Cumberland, 1
intend to apply for a renewal of the hotel
license held by me for the "King George"
Hotel, situated on lot 9, block 7, Cumberland Townsite.
Dated this 9th day of Oct., 1916
NOTICE is hereby given that at the
next meeting of the Board of License Commissioners of the City of Cumberland. I
intend to apply for a renewal of the wholesale liquor license held by mc, situated on
lot l'l, block fi, Cumberland Townsite.
Dated Ihis 9th day of Oct., 1916
Sububs: "You don't smoke any more
! notice, Pat?"
Pat: "Shure an' there ain't much
pleasure in smoking. If yer smokln'
yer own tobacco, you're thinking of
the explnc-t, and if it's somebody
else's yer pipe is rammed so tight It
font draw." . 	
NOTICE is hereby given thai at the next
eeting of tlie Board of License Commiss-
: [oners of the City of Cumberland, I intend
to apply for a renewal of the hotel license
held by me lor thc Cumberland Hotel,
situated on lot 1, block 0, Cumberland
Dated this 9th day of Oct., 1916.
NOTICE is hereby given that at the
next meeting of tlie Board of License Commissioners of the City of Cumberland,  1
j intend to apply for a renewal of the hotel
license held by me for the Vendome Hotel,
i situated on lot. 5,  block 3, Cumberland
i Townsite.
'. Dated this 9th of Oct.. 1916.
! NOTICE is hereby given that nn thc
first day of November 1916 application
will be made  to  the Superintendent of
' Provincial Police, for a renewal of the
wholesale liquor license upon the prem*
[ses known as Lot 24, Subsection 1, Nelson District.
Filsonek Brewing Company
Dated October 1st, 1916.
Assurance Company
has for nine successive years written
The Largest Canadian Business
of all companies operating in Canada.
Investigate foi yourself before insuring elsewhere.
J. Burtt Morgan, Manager.
109 Union Bank Building, Victoria, B. C.
THOMAS MORDY, Agent, Cnmberland, B.C.
St. George's Presbyterian
Services, 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Bible Class, 1.30 p.m.
Sunday School. 2.30 p.m.
Prayer    Meeting,     Wednesday
evening 7.30,
Choir Practice, Thursday evening 7.30.
Pastor, Rev. Jas. Hood.
Methodist Church.
Services: Morning at 11 o'clock.
Evening at 7 o'clock.
Bible Study:  Adult Bible Class
at 1.30 p.m.
Sunday School, 2.30 p.m.
Choir Practice, Friday, 7,30 p.m.
Ladies' Aid Society, First Tuesday of each month at7.30 p.m.
Rev, Henry Wilson, Pastor
Holy Trinity Church.
Services for 17th Sunday after
7 p.m., Evensong and Sermon.
Bricks, $17. per thousand Cumberland;   $18 per thousand F.O.
B. cars Courtenay.   Apply
Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir),
Ltd.   Cumberland, B. C.
Orme Piano, in good condition,
Can be seen any time. A Bargain. Also 10 shares of Cumberland and Union Water Works
shares. Apply P. 0. Drawer
226.   Cumberland, B, C.
Mrs. Simms wishes to receive
pupils at her house in Jerusalem
for pianoforte instruction any
time by appointment. Apply for
terms at the house, or P. O. Box
353, Cumberland.
Cook by Wire!
Electricity provides the Cleanest,
the most Sanitary, and the
most Hygienic method
of Cooking.
The Electric Range ciosely parallels the wood or gas
range but excels either in flexibility of operation. With
the Electric Range you cook under ideal conditions
Each cooking unit can be switched to high,
medium or simmering heat and kept there as long
as needed.
It is the acme of cleanliness.
Practically no heat escapes into the room.
The air is not vitiated.
There is no contamination of food.
You save food values through the rete ntion
of the essential salts and meat juices; on a six
pound roast the saving is nearly a pound.
All the latest standards of range construction are used, including high oven, thermometer,
or glass door, porcelain splashers.
The fire risk is lessened because tliere are
no open flames.
We will gladly give you information on rates and
Electric Ranges.
Cumberland Electric Lighting
Co., Ltd.
Phone 75
P. O. 314
Stoves & Ranges
Furniture, Crockery, Enamelware
Paints, Oils, Edison & Columbia
Novelties, Toys, Etc.
Magnet Cash Store
P. O. Box 279
Phone 31
j Queen Insurance Company,
(Fire and Automobile,) and
National Fire of Hartford. |
g,o»iO<«»io<K»-e»fio<«»i«3>io»<oi-o>o*>K»*3!«»a-»,HD:io. -:■?. o
NOTICE is hereby given that, on the
lirst day of December next, application
will be made to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel
licence lo sell liquor by retail in the hotel
known as the Malaspina Hotel situate at
Lund, B.C., in the Province of British Columbia. Dated this 11th. day of Sept.
1916. FRED THUL1N, Applicant.
The Partnership heretofore existing
between Geo. F. Rofe. James T, McLean,
and W. E. Finley doing business as the
Lund Logging Co., has been dissolved by
mutual consent. Accounts owing or due
to be presented to Geo. F. Rofe, Lund,
for settlement.
NOTICE is hereby given that, on the
first day of December next, application
will be made to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel
license to sell liquor by retail in the hotel
known as the Bevan Hotel, situate at
Bevan, in the province of BritishColumbia.
Dated this 11th day of September, 1916.
NOTICE is hereby given that, on the
first day of December next, application
will be made to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for renewal of the hole!
license to sell liquor by retail in the hotel
known as the Union Hotel, situate at
Union, in the province of BritishColumbia.
Dated this lllh day of September, 1916.
NOTICE is hereby given that, on the
first day of December next, application
will be made to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for Ihe renewal of the
hotel license lo sell liquor by retail in the
hotel known as thc Witson Hotel, situate
at Union Bay, in the Province of British
Dated this 28th day of September, 1916.
ALFRED R. HORNE, Applicant.
NOTICE is hereby given ,hat, on the
first day of December next, application
will be made to the Superintendent o'i'
Frovincial Police for renewal of the hotel
license to sell liquor by retail in the hotel
known as the Nelson Hotel, situate at
Union Bay, in the Province of British
Dated this 28th day of September, 1916.
JOHN A. FRASER, Applicant.


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