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The Islander Jan 5, 1918

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isfislstiou Library
Wffi ISLANDER established 1910.
With which is Consolidated The Cumberland News.
VOL. VIII.. No. 42
\S ^ Si
m 2 g 	
Yfr/   / 	
THE CUMBERLAND NEWS established 1891
Subscription price, $2.00 per year
Photo shows crew of British field gun speeding up their work in securing a
new position during the advance on Cambrai. The advance was so fast it
was hard work for the artillery to keep up.
Alderman James Brown left
for Vancouver on Wednesday.
James Whyte, Chief Petty Officer of H. M. S. Rainbow, arrived on Saturday, Bpent the
New Year Holidays and left for
Victoria on Wednesday,
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bickle
and daughter have been visiting
in Victoria and are expected to
return home today.
Mrs. {). It. Macfarlane and
daughter left for Victoria on
Wednesday, where they will re-
aide in future.
Mrs. Roy Rideout, local milliner,
returned from a business trip to
Vancouver on Wednesday.
C. D. Hobbs, purchasing agent
of the Canadian Collieries, was
here on an official visit during
the week end.
J, H. MacMillan, of Prince
Rupert, inspector of mines, arrived on Wednesday evening accompanied by Mrs. MacMillan
and left on Friday morning.
We understand that N. McFad-
yen.one of the retiring school
trustees, will not seek re-election.
1*. P. Harrison, local barrister,
and Thos. E. Bate, will run for
the office of mayor. Several
names have been mentioned for
aldermen including James Brown
and Alex. Maxwell. The name
of Mrs. Thos. E. Banks has been
mentioned for school trustee and
Charles J, Parnham for police
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Crossan
left for Nanaimo on Wednesday
after spending the Holidays with
their daughter, Mrs. Andrew
H. S. Clements, the successful
candidate in the recent election,
was here on a visit on Friday
and left for Vancouver this
morning, •
Miss R. Dunn returned to Vic-
tiria on Wednesday to resume
her studies.
Margaret Liddell has been appointed stenographer at the office of the Chemainus Lumber
Co. at Chemainus, and left for
the scene of her new duties on
Miss. E. Lowdon entertained
the Cumberland Follies and
their friends to a Social evening
in the llo llo Hall on Tuesday
Several young ladies proceeded
to the residence of Mr. and Mrs,
G. C. Baker on Friday evening
and gave Miss Alberta Hurst a
surprise party. Miss Hurst leaves
for Victoria on Monday after a
two months visit to her sisters
Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Hideout,
Thomsons boarding house on
Dunsmuir Avenue has been reopened under the management
Mrs. Duncan Thomson. Board
can be obtained by the day,
week or month. Every facility
for coal miners, For further
information as to rates apply to
Mrs. Duncan Thomson, on the
i ■ "■ ■
<■ y ''■'■*'■ ■•    -
„„   „,.-.„.„
(■)-'*      '.";".
i "   A
! ' • v
!t     /-
il      >
u  JRttjfifl
'    'v      ^   7
jiP*  Y
; v..   ■,«-A:b
UV:              ■  ■*'
'>*'•» VA
Members of the famous Alpine Chasseurs, " The Blue Devils," admiring the
admiring the mounts of two of United States cavalrymen over there. Sammies and the French Poilus find they have much in common.
To:—TheJJElectors and others,
citizens of |the City of Cumberland.
I have the honor to inform yon
that I will offer myself as a candidate for the office of Mayor at
the forthcoming local civic elections. My decision in the premises is resultant upon the persistent verbal and written requests
of the major part of our electorate, who have thereby pressed
me, with the strongest arguments, to offer myself as a can
didate for such office.
1 have acceded to such requests
only after the most careful con
aideration thereof and of the fact
that; if elected, I will be bound
to devote considerable time and
energy touching the adjustment
or amelioration of the various fi
nancialand other questions which
have in tbe past so vexed our
City. In conclusion, I have tht
honor and pleasure of giving you
my absolute and unqualified promise and assurance that I, subject to your adequate support at
the Polls, will exercise the office
of Mayor with an-energy and in
a manner which will fully justify
and reward your confidence in
me. Your Obedient Servant,
We wish to inform the public
that there is not a grain of truth
in the idle gossip now current
that the Editor of this paper was
influenced by Mr! P. P. Harrison to circulate a Petition requesting him to run for Mayor.
Mr. Harrison was not consulted
in any way regarding the Peti-
ion. The same was circulated
at the express request of a number of those who signed" it. As
far as we know Mr. Harrison was
entirely ignorant of the Petition
until he was shown the same on
the 2nd., Inst. These idle rumors are, of course, spread with
malicious intent for the purpose
of minimising the compliment
paid to Mr. Harrison, but we
think that the names of those
who signed the Petition is a sufficient answer to such petty malice.
To P. P. Harrison, Esq., Cumberland, B. C, -We the undersigned ratepayers of the Municipality of the Corporation of the
City of Cumberland,  do hereby
request you to be a Candidate
for the Mayor's Chair for the
year 1918. and we hereby pledge
you our hearty support and will
endeavor by all proper means to
secure your election.
C. H. Tarbell.
A. H. Peacey,
It, Henderson.
1'. I). McLean.
10. King.
John Sutherland.
Gluts. J. Parnham.
1). R. MacDonald.
N. McFadyen.
A. R. Nunns.
E. D. Pickard.
J. Dolby.
J. A. Fraser. .
Chas. McDonald.
A. Campbell.
W. Gordon,
W. Campbell.
W. Merrifield
F. Pickard.
Wesley Willard.
Alex. Cameron.
J. W. Cooke.
John H. Robertson.
John Marocchi.
R. McNeill.
A. Haywood.
John Furbow.
London, Jan. 2.—Eighteer
British merchantmen of 1,600
tons or over have been sunk by
mine or submarine during the
last week, according to the Admiralty statement tonight. Three
.nerchantmen under 1.G00 tons
were also sunk. This is a material increase over the previous
week, when the sinkings numbered twelve, of which eleven were
norethan 1,600 tons.
The summary: Arrivals, 2,111;
■sailings, 2,074. British merchantmen, 1,600 tons or over, sunk,
18, including two previously; unlet' 1,600 tons, three; fishing
vessels, none. Vessels unsuccessfully attacked, eight.
Paris, Jan. 2.—Nine French
nerchant ships of more than
1,600 tons were sunk by submarine or mines during the week
mding December 29. There
were no loss of vessels under
1,600 tons or of fishing ships.
Two attacks on steamers failed.
Londos^iiHi-2.— Although the
sinJsMrgloF ships of large tonnage in the past week have been
rather heavy, the total for December is characterized as satisfactory, being only slightly larger than for November, which established a low record. The tonnage sunk during December was
well below that of any month
previous since the war began.
Naval men declare that more
submarines were sunk in December than the German shipyards
were able to launch; so the German submarine navy may now
be said to have begun actually to
shrink—a process, which the Allies hope to accelerate rapidly
with the increasing effectives of
naval methods.
The total entrances and clearances, while low for the past
week, owing to weather conditions, were larger in December
than in November.
■■**£s!    ...
fS'M'S:?Y*-#f " ~'aM *
Petrograd, Jan. 2,—(Associated Press.)—The Russian peace
delegation returned to Petrograd
yesterday and reported to a joint
session of the Central Executive
Committee of Soldiers' and Workmens' Delegates and the Petro-
grad Council of Soldiers' and
Workmens' Deputies the progress
of the negotiations with the Austro-Germans at Brest Litvosk.
M. Kameneff, a member of the
Russian delegation, read the
German terms, which he characterized as showing the positive
annexation plans of the Central
Powers, and he declared they
were unacceptable in their present form. He stated that the
terms had not been discussed.
"If after the resumption of negotiations," the delegates said,
'the Germans insist upon these
terms, Russia will conclude peace
not with the German Imperialists but with the representatives
of the people, the Socialists of
Service will be held in Holy
Trinity Church on Sunday evening at 7 o'clock.
Wm. Henderson.
E. R. Hicks.
Chas. Wheeler.
V. Bonora.
T. E. Banks.
J. H. Halliday.
Duncan Thomson,
S. Horwood.
John Thomson.
and a number of others.
Map showing tremendous gains by the British between the Scarpe and the
Arras. The insert map shows [l] the British drive at Cambrai, [2] scene
of a pretentious French attack at Craonne, and [3] the Verdun sector where
lively fighting also is reported.
Monday night the second epi
sode of The Red Ace will be
shown. This serial made a good
impression in the opening episode and gives good promise of
being what the producers claim
for it, the best yet. This serial
will be shown at both shows Monday, as well as the usual five-
part Bluebird and a reel of comedy, a Nestor.
Tuesday's Special, will be a
Paramount-Artcraft film showing Norma Talmage in "The Secret of the Storm Country. This
film will also be shown Wednesday night. Red Ace will be
shown once only on Tuesday, between shows. Paramount-Art-
crafts are worth while. See this
Thursday night only The Ne'er
Do Well, Selig's big 10 reel production will be shown. General
admission 30c, gallery 40c, box
seats 50c.
David Hunter, formerly teller
of the local branch of the Canadian Bank of Commerce and now
of the Canadian Army Medical I
Corp, arrived on Sunday and left
for Victoria on Thursday.
MEN WANTED everywhere to
show samples or mail circu-,
lars for Large Mail Order
House. Permanent position
will pay $20 weekly. The
Consumers Association,
Windsor, Ontario.
T, H. Mumford expects to open his cash grocery  store   on
Tuesday next in the premises re-1
cently vacated by Rickson. i
Mrs. A. C. Lymn left for Victoria on Friday.
W. A. Owens, construction
engineer of the Canadian Collieries, left for Nanaimo on Friday.
H. Browning, assistant secretary of the Canadian Collieries,
returned to Victoria on Sunday.
Bessie Stewart and William
Rickson returned to Vancouver
this morning to complete their
studies in the High School of
that city.
Geo. A. Fletcher, dealer in
pianos and musical instruments,
arrived on Thursday on a business trip and left for Nanaimo
this morning.
The spring session of the Cumberland Night School will open
on Tuesday evening under the
direction of Mr. Thomas Mordy.
Young men are urged and there
are a number of them in this
city and vicinity, to take a course
rn arithmatic and mining and improve their conditions and qualify themselves for greater service to their employers,
Miss 11. Harrison and Miss
Agnes Potter have been appointed by the Board of .School Trustees to take the positions vacated
the Misses Frame and Whyte.
C. R. Urader has been appointed principal of the Cumberland
High School and is due to arrive
this evening.
The Cumberland Public and
High Schools will reopen again
on Monday.
Photo dhows tbe remains of one -f tin me Zeppelins recently brought down
by tbe French aviators. In the foreground lying on -i Btrcti Ik i is the dead
commander of the Zeppelin. Insert: Lieut. Lefevre, who directed the
squadron which brought down the Zepps,
'■> TWO
ghtful, face behind the desk.
"I've tried the best-1 know how
to fit in, but somehow the place
v asn't made for me, or I wasn't
made- for the place. I surmised
it from the first, and the management has found il out. Mr.
Stiles broke the news' to me yes-
teidtt'y morning. I'm where 1
was a year ago, only well, the
courage and all that sort of thing
has run pretty low."
Mr. Winslow took oil' his glasses and, holding them at arm's
length, narrowed his eyes reflectively. "1 like the way you
opened the subject, William. Perhaps that may give us the key to
the whole situation. Yon said
the Lord   knew  what you  were
Published every Saturday by the Islander «"'"«' to do'  UnU the,'e   [m>t a,,V
Publishing Company at   Cumberland,  question at all  but that He does.
That's the one encouraging thing
®1tp Matter
B.C., Canada.   Telephone 3-5.
Subscription: One year in advance, $2.00;
Single copies. 5c.   Foreign subscriptions
to countries in Postal Union. $2.00
about it."
"Suppose we start with your
own statement that God knows
what you're going to do now.
That's a comfort to tie to while
you're seeking to find out yourself.   God  hasn't blocked your
  way for nothing.    Either that
It is houbtful if the people of wasn't the road He intended you
Canada would have tolerated the to travel, and He is waiting for
patronage system as long as they an opportunity to show you where
have, had they fully appreciated the new road branches off; or
the tremendous loss in dollars and else He saw that you wern't
cents which it was inflicting on "geared up" to make the top of
the country. No one not in close the hill, and He's brought you
touch with the public service can down to the bottom to try it all
realize how great the loss has over again. You'll have to study
been. , that ou^ for yourself, and you'll
Recently, a Canadian  weekly, get light and  suidanee  from a-
in referring editorially to the mil- hove   if von ask for it."
lions of dollar--' worlh of timber
di strnyod hy fi rest (ires, asked ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
why government official? In man repeated slowly, and ihe
charge of fire-protection services petulance had gone out of His
throughout Canada were not (lis- tone. "That's a good deal when
missed because of ineffciency in one stops to take it in. I'm all
coping with the forest lire prnh- at sea myself, but there's cer-
len>, pointing out that a private I tainty somewhere, and it wonld-
cnrpnralion would soon 'lire' the n't he God's way to- to hide a
head of a department who could thing one needed so much to
not produce results.   This jnnrn- know."
nl, however, overlooked the fact "No, it wouldn't be God's'
that most heads of fire-protection way," said the older man. "God:
services in Canada have had to not only knows but He cares,!
fight the patronage evil as well and He's anxious to help. Hej
as forest fires. Hardly a year knows'what your going to doi
passes in which instances have do now, and He's watching for
not come to the notice of the the chance to let you know and
Commission of , Conservation | help you make good. What bet-
where valuable forest property ter   encouragement   could   any
if you ask for it.'
"The  Lord   knows what  I'm
going  to   do now!"   the  yomg
(Srwttng to |mt!
THAT the. New Year may be
bright with happiness, and
that all prosperity may be yours
is our sincere wish.
has been destroyed because a
ranger or some other official had
received his appointment because
he was a politican and not because he was a competent forester.    Is it just that the public
man ask for than that?"
Little incidents sometimes ,«tart
successful men "on their way to
".'"',", ,,,"•, . ~ ; , i the top rungs of the ladder, but
Bhould hold a fisheries official re-Len(!rall it fa character h
sponsible for the depletion of,
certain fisheries when the assistants they give him are more interested in catching votes than
lawbreakers? The secret of
efficiency in public administration as well rs in private hnsi-
hess lies In securing the hest-
(|lialified. highest-salaried heads
of departments obtainable, trv-
ing them a free hand and holding them strictly accountable for
results. So long, hov ever, as
incompetent help is foisted upon
I hem. good results cannot be ex-
The patronage evil is one of
the most insidious enemies ag-
irnst which the conservation
mnvpmei t has had to contend,
and  the  announcement  hv the
new   Union   Government   llinl it
intends   to  abolish   the last vpr-
ti'ie nf il fn m II i Dominion purr
|'(,  service   is   Iherefere of  the
Ivchrsi importnnc ■ 'o conservationists.    The  United States lias
found Ihe  m r't   ystem  a  good
<• v, "-•»■■ ent.     British   Columbia
has adopted il and it is gradual-
'y rt al<''■'.' "■   ■ ppearance  in the
forest services of some of the
other provinces. The time should |    ,,7^
soon he at hand when the people
of Couula c    , wit    justice, expect,   and  should,   with   public
Spirit - round.   »  I gher degree
of efficiency   from government
departm nt•.- • V. I.
When Buffalo Bill exhibited in
Italy, writes Mr. R. B. Town-
shend in Chamber's Journal, his
Wild West performances were
extremely popular there. But
one of the Roman dukes who
went to see the show sneered at
the way in which the cowboys
rode their bucking bronchos round
the arena.
"Circus horses," he said "that's
all they are. Trained to jump
about and look wild! It's mere
child's play. Now the wild horses that I keep on the Campag-
na really are wild.   No man on
makes the incident possible, as
in this anecdote of Charles M.
Hays, the builder of one of the
Canadian transcontinental railways. A contributor to Opportunity tells this story:
In the  beginning of big busi- 	
ness in railway  history a man|eartn couid get on their backs;
named   Talmage   becamo vice- ■ „,._ jf they did' he wou|d not stav
president and general  manager there a ginK|e moment."
of the Gould  lines,   with head-     The cowboys were  highly  In-
quarters at St.  Lotus.   Mr. Tal- dignant when this came to their
mage wanted a confidential  sec- \ ears     ..B|,ing on ym)r wi)d gye.
retary, and proceeded to choose talian  maireater8>»   was   lneir
him in his own way.   He went answer.   "You   just put them
to the passenger department to in the am)a ,,nd u„.n them ,0()Se
look over  the clerks and  found: an(j you.||  see the g|Rnt of ymll.
al! of them  except one   either ||fe »'
chatting or watching the clock. |   T'he duke confidently accepted
This    one   he   approached   and th(, challenge, and his herdsman
asked   the time.    I here was   no „„ a ,|ay agree.l  upon  drove in
answer.   Resting   his   hand on f0Ul.0f .|„, wj|d |mi8UB und tu(n.
the desk. Mr.   lalniage  repealed e(j lhem   |00S(.  jn (h
his   question,    The clerk  came
out of  his   pteoccupation   and ueor>lt!
up  with   his   pen  in the      Witliin five short minutes those
lour wild monarchs of the Canr
niddle of
s show hel'iire all the
"I beg your  pardon,   he said.
Ilitl you speak to me?"
"I merely  asked' what lime it
is, that  was all,"  said Mr   Till-
"The Lord knows what I'm
going to do now!" the young
man exclaimed, drop i :n despondently i"to the big office
chair, with a glance at the thou-
he young man looked round
three sides of the room and finally fcuml the clock on the fourth.
"Eleven-fifty," said he, and
went on with his work.
"Thank you," said Mr. Talmage, and went away. The
next morning Charles M. Hays,
the clerk who had to search for a
clock, was in a new place at the
big man's elbov.
Dance as usual in Ilo llo Hall
umighl !) to 12.
pagna were lassoed and thrown;
the American cowboy saddles
were cinched on them; the lassos were taken off. and each
horse, as he scrambled to his feet
found a western cowboy on his
hack, and, greatly to his astonish met: t, found that t.o bucks or
kicks or plunges could dislodge
him. An hour later they trolled
out of the arena very different
horses. They had found their
masters. Buffalo Kill's men had
civilized them.
WANTED at once, a Waitress,
Apply Mrs. Duncan Thomson, Thomson's Boarding
House, Dunsmuir Avenue.
When the very young offer
suggestions to the aged they
must be prepared to have thefr
offerings received without much
enthusiasm. • Gen. H. C. Low-
ther, in his recent book, From
Pillar to Post, tells the following
story, which is to the point;
One day Li-Hung-Chang, the
Chinese statesman, was discussing with a distinguished American a question of local self-government,
"I wonder," said the American, "why you have not adopted
in China some system of decentralization and of delegation of
power to municipal and local authorities—such as we have in the
United States."
"We did try an analogous system," replied Li Hung-Chang,
"It was let me see about seventeen hundred years before the
Christian era. It did not prove!
to he entirely successful, and we'
huve not since reverted thereto."
After her third day at school,
says Everybody's Magazine, Pauline was retailing stories of her
clnssmutes' naughtiness.
"That's had," commented her
mother. Didn't the teacher have
to correct you?"
"No," Pauline assured her,
"She had tospeak to all Ihe class
except me this afternoon."
"That's queer" remarked her
father, Somewhat suspiciously.
"What did she say?"
"She said," replied Pauline,
"Now, children, "we will all
wait until Pauline is in order."
The United States Bureau of
Fisheries has announced I hat Ihe
meat of whales and porpoises is
suitable for human consumption.
In texture and appearance it re-
semi les beef, though a darker
red, and is devoid of all fishy
No Isolation When You
Have The Telephone.
Winter weather does not mean that you have
no intercourse with friends. The telephone is
right at hand to enable you to talk with them at
any time.
Whether they live near or far distance does
not count. It is as easy to telephone 100 miles
as it is 1 mile. Telephoning is simply talking—
you know how easy that is!
Whenever you think of your friends, telephone.
British Columbia Telephone Co., Ltd.
(ieiicr.il Allenby of the British Army whose troops have swept through Palestine.
New Sultan of Egypt was the late Sultan's second son. THE ISLANDER,CUMBERLAND, B.C.
Warm That
Chilly Corner
of your house with one of the famous HEDLITE
HEATERS. They warm as the sun warms, with
direct concentrated heat waves and a cheerful
glow. For their size they are the best and most
economical heater ever placed on the market.
We give special rates for current with these heaters whereby they only cost 2\ cents per hour to
operate. One of these heaters placed in a bathroom on a frosty night will often save its cost in
burst water pipes with all their attendant incon-
vience and discomfort. See us about one now and
be ready for the next cold snap.
Cumberland Electric Lighting
Co., Ltd.
Phone 75
P. 0. 314
"The Phonograph with a Soul."
Interest in the New Edison Diamond Disc
Phonograh grows stronger daily. No one
hearing the rich true tones of this perfect instrument could do other than long for one in
his own home. With this instrument there
are no needles to change. The diamond point
is permanent and never wears out.
The Records used are double-disc, and are indestructible—lasting a life time.
It  comes in a variety of finishes and woods to match any
Mr. Edison's remarkable genius and his years of strenuous
woi k have resulted in this instrument,  which is as nearly
perfect as human ingenuity can make it.
G. A. Fletcher Music Co.
Nanaimo, B.C. Cumberland, B.C.
Headquarters for Choice Nursery Stock—all home grown.
Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Small Fruits, Roses, etc.,
and in fact all hardy trees and plants for the Garden.
Largest and best assorted stock in the country. Price list
on application.
[established 24 years.]
Will   be open  again  in the 01
Stand with a full supply of
Fresh Bread, Cakes,
Pies, etc.
Wedding Cakes a Specially
Grocers and
J. hallway Cumberland and Courtenay, B.C.
Dunsmuir Ave.,      Cumberland,
Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes
Hardware, Croceryware and
General Merchandise
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
It has a pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
, Take Notice that I, the under
signed, am now and have always
been the sole and only owner 01
that'certain business situate a!
Bevan, B. C„ and which I have
heretofore and do now carry on
under the name of "SANG
YICK," dealing in General Merchandise.
That LEE WING and no other
person or persons is or are interested in said business nor has he
or any other person any chare,
interest or right in said business
by way of being a partner oi
otherwise howsoever.
Dated this 24th., day of December, 1917. LEE JONE.
Coming To - -
Ilo Ho Theatre
Thursday, January 10th.
Selig's Stupendous Ten-Act Film,
Rex Beach's Marvellous Story of Love, Romance and
Adventure in Panama, featuring, v
Two Programs a Week of Paramount-Artcraft Films,
have been Booked For a Year.   These Productions
Feature the Headlinersin the Film World, including,
all the Productions for a year of
Mary Pickford, Julian Eltinge, Wm. S. Hart, Marguerite Clarke, Madame Pretrova, Lina Cavaliera,
Elsie Ferguson, Jack Pickford, and many
Others.   Watch for Dates of Your Favorites.
Shown Twice Every Monday, at Tuesday Matinee, and
Between First and Second Shows on Tuesday,
A Fifteen  Episode Serial Produced by the Universal
Film Company, Featuring
Also a Five Reel Bluebird Drama aid a Comedy Reel.
West Cumberland. B.C.
Bevan, B.C.
Saturday, January 5th.,
Jack Mulhall in a Five Reel Comedy Drama,
" High Speed "
given to the electors of the municipality of the corporation of the
city of Cumberland that I require
the presence of the said electors
at the City Council Chambers, on
Monday, the 14th day of January,
1918, at 12 o'clock noon, for the
purpise of electing a Mayor, six
Aldermen, two School Trustees,
two Licence Commissioners, and
two Police Commissioners to represent them on the various
Boards for the ensuing terms.
The Mayor and Aldermen shall
be elected for a term of one
year. The School Trustees shall
be elected for a term of two
The Licence Commissioner and
police Commissioner receiving
the highest r.umber of votes shall
be elected for a term of two
years; the Licence Commissioner
and Police Commissioner receiving the next highest number of
votes shall be elected fer a term
of one year, or until their successor in ofllce shall have been
The mode of nomination of
candidates shall be as follows:—
The candidates shall be nominated in writing; the writing shall
be subscribed by two voters of
the Municipality as proposer and
seconder, and shall be delivered
to the Returning Officer at any
time between the date of the notice and 2 p. m. of the day of
nomination; the said writing may
be in the form numbered 5 in the
schedule of this Act; and shall
state the names, residences and
occupations or description of each
person proposed, in such manner
as sufficiently to identify such
candidate; and in the event of a
poll being necessary such poll will
be opened on Thursday, the 17th
day of January, 1918, at the
Council Chambers, Dunsmuir
Avenue, Cumberland, B. C, of
which every person is required
to take notice and govern himself accordingly.
No person shall be nominated
or be eligible as a candidate for
Mayor, Alderman, School Trustee, Licence or Police Commissioner, unless he be possessed of
the qualifications by law re |uired
of those officers, and unless the
candidate shall, on or before the
hour of 2 p. m. of the day of
nomination, furnish the Returning Officer with a statement in
writing, specifying the land or
real property upon which he
qualifies, his nomination shall be
invalid and shall not be acted
upon by the Returning Officer.
The qualifications as candidate
for mayor ate as follows;
He must be a British subject
of the full age of twenty-one
years and not disqualified under
any law, and have been for the
six months next preceding the
day of nomination the registered
owner in Ihe Land Registry Office of land or real propertj in the
city of the assessed value on the
last municipal assessment roll of
$1,000.00 over and above any
r 'gistered encurhbranee or charge
and aIio i.. otherwise qualified as
a municipal voter.
The qualifications as candidate
for Alderman, School Trustee,
Licence ami Police Commissioner, -ire HF follows:
They must be a British subject
ol   ihe  lull  age of   twenty-one
years and not disqualified under
(any law, anil have been   fer six
months iiexl preceding the day of
nomination the registered owner
in the Land  Registry Office of
hud ir real property in the city
|.il the assessed value on the last
municipal   assessment   roll   of
'. $' 0 1.00 or more over and  above
.ty registered encumbrance or
luil'ge,   and   who   is   otherwise
qualified as a municipal voter,
(liven under my  hand  al  the
City of Cumberland  this 29th
day of December, 1917,
Alex. Macki.nnon,
Returning Officer. FOUR
Final Appeal Judge
Gives Ruling on
Exemption of Farmers
Mr. Justice Duff (the Final Court of Appeal) Declares it is Essential that there shall be No
Diminution in Agricultural Production.
(Published by authority of Director of Public Information,
Hon. Mr. Justice Duff gave judgment on December
Gib, in the first test case brought before him, as Central
Appeal Judge (the final court of appeal), for the exemption of a farmer. The appeal was made by W. H. Rown-
tree in respect of his son, W. J. Rowntree, from the
decision of Local Tribunal, Ontario, No. 421, which
refused a claim for exemption. The son was stated to
be an experienced farm hand, who had been working
on the farm continuously for the past seven years, and
ever since leaving school. He lives and works with his
father, who owns a farm of 150 acres near Weston,
Ontario. With the exception of a younger brother, he
is the only male help of the father on the farm. The
father is a man of advanced years.
In granting the man exemption "until he ceases to
be employed in agricultural labor," Mr. Justice Duff
"The Military Service Act does not deal with the
subject of the exemption of persons engaged in the agricultural industry; and the question which it is my duty
to decide is whether the applicant being and having
been, as above mentioned, habitually and effectively engaged in agriculture and in labor essential to the carrying on of agricultural production, ought to be exempted
under the provisions of the Military Service Act.
"These two propositions are indisputable:
"(1) In order that the military power of the allies
may be adequately sustained, it is essential that in this
country and under the present conditions, there
should be no diminution in agricultural production.
"(2) Ihe supp'ly of competent labor available for
the purpose of agricultural production is not abundant,
but actually is deficient.
"The proper conclusion appears to be that the applicant, a competent person, who had been habitually
and effectively engaged in labor essential to such production, ought not to be withdrawn from it.
"it is perhaps unnecessary to say that such exemptions are not granted as concessions on account of personal hardship, still less as a favor to a class. The sole
ground of them is that the national interest is the better
served by keeping these men at home. The supreme
necessity (upon the existence of which, as its preamble
shows, this policy of the Military Service Act is founded) that leads the State to take men by compulsion and
put them in the fighting line requires that men shall be
kept at home who are engaged in work essential to enable the State to maintain the full efficiency of the combatant forces, and whose places cannot be taken by
others not within the class called out."
Ottawa, Dec. 8.1917.
German prisoners behind the lines are put to many tasks that indirectly
contribute to the defeat of their own forces. They are here shown carry-
in,: empty shell cases,
COAL mining rights of the Dominion,
Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and in a portion of the
Province of British Columbia, may be
leased for a term of twenty-one years renewable for a further term of 21 years at
an annual rental of $1 an acre. Not more
than 2,500 acres will Be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be made by
the applicant in person to the Agent or
Sub-Agent of the district in which the
rights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must be
described by sections, or legal sub-divisions of sections, and in uhsurveyed territory the tract applied for shall be staked
out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied
hy a fee of $5 which will be refunded it
the rights applied for are not available,
but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid
on the merchantable output of the mine
at the rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay the royalty
thereon. If the coal mining rights are not
being operated, such returns should he
furnished at least once a year.
The lease will include the coal mining
rights only.
For full information application should
be made to the Secretary of the  Depart
ment of the Interior, Ottawa,  or to any
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.
W. W. Cory,
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorized publication of this
advertisement will not be paid fur.
Leave your orders for coal hauling with the Star Livery Stable,
Alex. Maxwell, Prop.
Notary pubuc and General
Insurance Agent
Royal Exchange Assurance,
London, England.
National Fire nf Hartford.
Queen Insurance Company.
Fidelity-Phcenix Fire Insurance
Company of New York.
Providence, Washington. Insurance Company.
British Empire Underwriters'
Maryland Casualty Company
of Haltiinore.
This is to urge you
that you get your Suits Cleaned, Repaired and Pressed for
one month. Then form your
own conclusion. If it leads to
better spirits, better health,
continue it. If it does away
with dirt, improves your appearance, continue it. Remember a well-dressed man always
wants the best.
Also you must get your shoes
cleaned; and don't throw vour
tan shoes away because they
are old -have them dyed.
Ask for the Monthly Rates.
Local agents for
Th* Victoria Hat Works,
Victoria, H.C.
New Waists
Crepe-de-Chene Waists
Georgette Crepe Waists
IN thinking of Waists, and all the newest models, from time to
time, we want you to link the idea with the Big Store. This
year has been our banner year for smart up-to-date Waists,
and the number sold exceeded our best expectations. We have
received many compliments about our new lines, and intend to
stock those lines only which will meet the approval of the ladies
of Cumberland and district.
Last week we received a consignment of very new and smart
lines, and for Xmas we will have on view the largest showing of
high class Waists ever shown in this city.
Silk Crepe de Chene Waists
Very stylish and attractive Waist, made of a lovely quality Silk
Crepe-de-Chene, inlaid with panels of very pretty lace, smart
collar, and three large .pearl buttons; colors rose pink.
Price $6.25
Silk Georgette Crepe Waists
Fashionable new model of Waist, made of a rich quality Georgette
Crepe, in colors blue, pink, maize and white, with long sleeves.
Price $6.95
Extra Heavy Japanese Silk Waists
This is indeed a very exclusive quality of Silk, rich, heavy and
lustrous, made in the new smart models, with a very pretty collar.
The long set-in sleeves have neat turned-back buttoned cuffs. In
white only.
Price $5.50
Smart Striped Japanese Silk Waists
Come in a number of very pretty colors, smartly made, medium
collar, long sleeves, elastic waistband.   All sizes.
Price $3.50
Phone 3-8
London, Dec. 31.—In a New
Year greeting to the Viceroy of
India, conveying a message of
good will from the British cabinet to the Indian people, Premier Lloyd George says:
"Despite many setbacks and
many disappointments, we are
far on the path of victory. I
have gcod hope that before this
new year is past the purpose to
which we have set our hands
will have been completely
Geneva, Jan. 2.—Swiss troops
yesterday on duty on the shores
of Lake Constance fired upon
the newly launched German Kaiser Wilhelm, which entered
Swiss territorial waters.
The vessel was pierced in many
places by rifle fire and withdrew
rapidly.   No lives were lost.
The incident is regarded as
marking Switzerland's ' determination to protect her neutrality.
Cumberland Tailor
Repairing, Pressing and  Cleaning
Ladies' Tailoring a Specialty.
Phone 1
Gents Tailors
Prices Moderate
See Norma Talmage in "Secret of the
Storm Country/' Tuesday, at Ilo Ilo.


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