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The Cumberland Islander Jan 25, 1929

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 See the
Haunted House
Cumberland Isla
at the Ilo-Ilo
this week-end
With which Is consolidated the lumberlnnd Mews.
te     -====-
Dr. F. Bennet   Whippets
to Give Address! Suffer Defeat
at Royston
Feather Pushers In Interesting
Inter-Club Games
on Horticulture
Special Meeting of the Horticultural Branch of Agricultural
Society to Be Held
Tbe Horticultural Branch of the
Agricultural Society are holding a
special meeting on Saturday, January 26th, at 8 p.m. iu the Native
Sons' Hall, Courtenay. All flower lovers are Invited to attend, and hear Dr.:
Frank E, Bennett of St. Thomas, On-1
tarlo, fiivt. an illustrated address. The'
press reporl below will give you some j
idea of what is in store for us.
Refreshments will be served at tha
close of the meeting and a silver col-
leotton taken up to help pay expenses
of holding iliis meeting. Members are
'requested to bring cakes, biscuits, or
Membership fees for 192!) are dua
and new members will be welcomed.
Membership fee, 50 cents and anyone
wishing to get "The Flower Grower"
may get it through the Association
for $1.25 per year.
Robertson - Mori
A wedding of much Interest to resl.
dents of Cumberland took place at
Canipbelltou on Monday when Ivy,
eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J,
Mort, of Camphellton, at one time
residents of Cumberland, became the
bride of David Robertson, secoud son
of Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Robertson, of
Cumberland. The Community Hall
at Campbellton had been beautifully
decorated for the occasion and the
bride looked very charming as she
entered the hall on the arm of her
father; her dress was of shell pink
crepe de chene and pointed lace with
a wreath or orange blossoms and veil.
Her flowers were white carnations
and ophelia roses.   She was attended
On Friday evening last, a team from
the Cumberland Whippet Badminton
Club composed of sixteen members,
made a visit to the Royston Imperial
Club and engaged a B team of the
latter   iu  an   lnter-club   tournament.
The Whippet team did not represent the full strength of the club, as
die team -was chosen by drawing
names from a hut. Ou the whole the
games were fairly even and well contested, the Imperials coming out ou
the long end of 11 games to 6 and
283 points to 244.
In order that the tournament should
not he too long, it was decided to
play games of 21 points instead of
'he usual 2 out of 3, 15-point games.
1'lie 21-polnl game proved very satisfactory as It allowed members who
were not ou the teams to enjoy a few
games after the tournament.
Directly after the tournament, tea
was served by .Miss Christine MacKinnon and Mrs. Harry Idiens which
was greatly enjoyed  by  the  players.
The following are the scores; the
names of the Whippet Club players
appearing first In each intsance:
Ladles' Doubles
Miss J. Graham and Miss B. Dando
won from Mrs. Hughes and Miss G.
Fail bairn, 21-12; .Miss V. Aspesy and
Miss Sehl won from Miss F. Moore
and Miss Blatchford, 21-14; Miss L
Dallos and Mrs. Dallos won from Miss
D. Waterfleld aud Miss K. Beasley,
21-9; Miss J. Boffey and Miss Burroughs lost to Mrs. Finch and Miss
Cannon, 20-21.
Dr. G. MacNaughton
Makes  Favorable
Establishes a Reputation As a Forceful  and   Ready  Speaker
—Asks Aid For Merville Settlers.
(By   our   Special   Correspondent)
Comox's new representative In
the British Columbia legislature
made a distinctly favorable Impression on both the House and
galleries wheu he addressed the
assembly as seconder of the reply
of the King's speech Wednesday.
The mover of the resolution In
this regard, Mr. Kennedy of North
Okanagan, already had established
his reputation as a forceful and
ready speaker, and it is very high
ly to Dr. MacNaughton's credit that
his contribution to the initial debate of the now parliament by,
no means suffered In comparison
with Mr, Kennedy's address. The
Doctor spoke easily, without notes,
and yet with no break in the fluent
and forceful continuity of his half-
hour comment upon tht; provincial
situation generally and certain out
standing interests of his constituency in particular.
Comox Gofng Strong
Due recognition waa given of the
honor accorded Comox District In the I
selection of its representative for the
pleasant duty of proposing the first;
resolution of the Session. Notwithstanding the apparent ignorance of a |
certain morning newspaper and  the ,,
forecast extinction of the non-fuctlon- Deputy Worthy President Urges
Mr. Bigeiow
Local Eagles
Ing Comox judicial district, he assured the House that the electoral
district of Comox, both agriculturally
and industrially, was still going strong
Look to Britain for l'o«operation
After graceful reference to the re-
Mixed  Doublet*
Miss V. Aspesy and C. .Mounce lost
to Miss G. Fairbairn and G. Wilson,
5-21; Miss Blanche Dando and J. Wll-
by Miss S. Smith, who looked very ^ Hams Iost Io Miss F. Moore and G. i-ceut serious illness of His Majesty the
dainty in a dress of mauve satin with j Hrown, 15-21; Miss Janet Graham and! King, and the national anxiety at its
Cabe Dando won from Miss McBryde
and Bafley, 21-2; Miss Sehl and Ban-1
norman los tto Miss K. Beasely and ■
D .Lockart, 14-21; Mrs. Dallos and:
Mr. Dallos lost to Miss Blatchford j
and E. Bickle, 15-21; Miss Dallos and
H. Bates lost to Miss Cannon and J.
Richardson, 13-21; Miss Burroughs
and Mumford lost to Miss D. Water-
The Annual Meeting of the
subscribers to the Cumberland
General Hospital will be held
In the City Hall on Saturday,
.January 20th at 7:30 p.m. Business: to receive Auditor's report and election of officers.
Teachers Are
District    Member    Approached
Who Promises to Interview
Minster of Education
A meeting of the Comox District
Teachers' Institute wns held ai Courtenay on Wednesday, January 10th,
to draw up several petitions to be submitted to Dr. MacNaughton. ML.A.
for Comox District.
The following items were brought
forward and discussed at length:
There was a dispute over the in-
deflnlteness of "sick pay" for teachers,
The question of superannuation of
teachers arose, aud the C.D.T.I, ex-
presed its approval  of the scheme.
Tbe University of British Columbia
was criticized in several ways. The
Institute thought the fee of $52.00 for
a summer session at the University
was too much, as many of the teachers
in B.C. could not afford It. because
they have board, books and travelling
expenses to pay also.
The advantage of the city teacher
over the country teacher was also
brought before the meeting. The city
teacher enjoys the privilege of attending night schools and Saturday classes at Varsity, an opportunity deprived
the rural teacher.
In many of the Universities throughout Canada, correspondence courses
may be taken. This Is not so in B.C.
and teachers desirous of obtaining
first   c'iaas   certificates   must   attend
Gaiety Reigned
at Annual Fete
of Local Club
Board of Management of Literary and Athletic Association at Annual Banquet
The Union Hotel was the scene of
much gaiety on Saturday, tlie occasion being the annual banquet of
tbe Board of Management of tbe Cumberland Literary and Athletic Association. Mr, A. J. Taylor waa present in tbe chair and before the board
aud their invited guests took their
seats round the beautifully decoratad
table, asked all tu (ill their glasses and
st   to   "His   Majesty   thc-
Cricket Club
In Favorable
deep pointed lace, and carrying a
bouquet of white chrysanthemums.
Mrs. Mort, mother ot the bride, was
very becomingly attired ln a dress ol
brown crepe de chene trimmed with
brown satin.
Mr. R. Goodall, ot Cumberland presided at the piano, playing very effectively, the "Wedding  March',, and
during the signing of the register sang fleltl a»d R- Ash, 8-21; Miss J. Boffey
I and Jack Stewart won from Mrs.
'Finch and W. Brown, 21-15.
"For Thee Alone."
Following a reception at the Campbellton Community Hall at which 200
guests were present, the happy couple
left for Victoria where the honeymoon
will be spent. On their return, Mr.
and Mrs. Robertson will reside at
crisis which showed how deeply the
roots of loyalty to the throne are
planted In the people's hearts, and
with feeling reference to the. passing;
of former Governor Nichol, Dr. MacNaughton commented
upon the evidenced increase of interest in this province and its people
by the Imperial government and residents ot the British Isles. He predicted that the recent visit of the
British Empire Association aud the
opportunities afforded its members of
seeing British Columbia for themselves
and mingling with Its people would
have reactions in a broader knowledge
of us and our affairs on the other
side of the water and closer cooperation and more sympathetic understanding making for a greater province, a greater Dominion and an even
greater British Empire. With tho
growing discrimination as against
Canada in the tariffs of the United
States, this Dominion would necessarily have to look more to Britain
and the British people for co-operation in the development of its resources and Institutions and the realization of Its destinies.
Build a Bigrger and Better B.C.
^^ That British Columbia had enjoyed
iVIftVO!"   FlAIirl^   CJllt    fiK exceptional prosperity during tbe year
*     ,/ "*        AlfclalVlO   X/Ul   a. A10 jast pag^ was everywhere acknowledg
ed. He would not say that credit for
this should be given the previous or
the present government or solely to
a beneficlent providence. The people
of British Columbia were fortunate
Jn 00CUpyjng tj,e highest position in
Mayor Alex Maxwell and Aldermen   the council very warmly in his report j thc Domlllion a9 to per capIta wealth|
Ledingham, Williams and Henderson  for  their  kind  consideration   during      t there was 8tm to0 much Uliem.
were duly sworn In hy Magistrate E.; the past year.   A communication from; .)luymcnl throughout  British Colum-
W. Bickle, a few minutes before the, the secretary of the Cumberland Gen-1 ma and gt0J18 woul(] have lo be tak(J.,
by all concerned In its interests to
remedy this adverse condition. Too
great a- proportion of our valuable
raw materials was going out of tho
country, In their manufacture to help!
maintenance workers of other lands i
and the employers of those workers, j
While the largest power of control in
matters rested In thc Dominion
Fifth Annual Re-Union
The  fifth  annual   re-union   of  the
Cumberland pioneers will be held in
the llo-llo on Friday, February 1st,
commencing at 8:30 p.m.    All  residents of forty years standing or over
will be admitted to the dance and supper tree.    Old  time  music and  old j ers
time dances.   Modern dances for the minton In general,
younger   folk.    Everybody   welcome,  more of such inter-club matches will
Come one, come all. I be played.
Men's Doubles
C. Dando and J. Williams lost to
D. Lockhart and G. Brown, 7-21; Jack
Stewart and D. Bannerman lost to
G. Wilson and E. Bickle, 15-21; Mumford and H. Bates lost to G. Richardson and R. Ash, 2-21; Toots Mounce
and J. Dallos lost to Bailey and W.
Brown, 14-21.
The team of the Whippet Club and
the players who made the journey with
them enjoyed the change from their
own courts very much and it certainly benefited the game ot all the play-
and increased interest In bad-
It Is hoped that
ror Hands Out His
Congratulations to City Fathers
The Fraternal Order of Eagles met
on Tuesday evening. After the regular meeting. Mr. Bigeiow, Deputy
Worthy President of the Grand Aerie,
a well known and active worker In
the lodge, delivered a very interesting
address. Mr. Bigeiow urged the co- j university or summer school,
operation between the women's and ( Therefore the following report waa
men's lodges, and spoke of the ex- j drawn up and submitted to Dr. Mac-
tenelve work the F.O.E. is carrying Naughton on Friday, January the 18th
on throughout the U.S.A. nHq also' and read as follows:
pointed out the various efforts made! "That Dr. MacNaughton, M.L.A. be
in'terestinglv! Dy tht-' order t0 DrlnS aoout tne old , requested to interview the Hon. Min-
' age pensions in every state in the Ister of Education and urge tbe dele-
Union and every province in the Do- tlon of the word 'may' in the discretion
minion. The speaker sketched for of the board, and the insertion in the
the audience the life history of Con-: place thereof of tho word 'shall',"iu
rod H. .Mann, managing organizer of reference to sick pay, and that copies
the F.O.E., who has done so much for of this resolution be sent to tbe seethe order. ; retary of B.C.T.F. and to the Minister
In appreciation of the lecture, Mr.  of Education.
Tappin, secretary, presented Mr. Bigeiow with a very appropriate gift, an
ash tray made from an eagles' claw,
designed and made by Mr. De Couer.
A social evening followed and
dainty refreshments were served.
Any one desiring to join a good frn-
<h ink
The banquet proved  to be one of
the best i.i the blBlory Ot the Association, the bost and hostess, Mr. aud
.Mrs. Robert Yates /excelling themselves on this occasion. After the
tables had been cleared a toast list
was entered into, inierpersed with
vocal and Instrumental selections. The
Byng Hoys' orchestra was present and
rendered, during the evening, some
excellent music, The chairman said
that the lirst un the programme was
liis own remarks but would not take
up an., of their time by making any
lengthy speech but sttaed lie could
not let the opportunity go by to thank
the management of the Canadian Collieries for their very valuable and
sympathetic co-operation during tho
time he had been president. For that
co-operation he was extremely thankful, Calling on the guests to charge
their glasses again he proposed a toast
to tiie "Invited guests." Mr. J. Vernon-Jones, of tlie staff of the Cumberland Islander responded, thanking
the board for their very kind invitation and wished them all success during 1!>2,i i.i the affairs of the Athletic
club. He took the opportunity of ex-
tending his personal thanks to the
secretary Mr, T. Robertson fur his
couries.. during the past year In supplying news items and doings at the
club for the local paper.
A  toast to "Cumberland and District,'
Concrete Pitch to Be Laid As
Early as Possible
The annual meeting of the Cumberland Cricket Club held at the Anglican Hall on Wednesday night attracted a large number of members and the
utmost of enthusiasm prevailed all
through the meeting. The president,
Rev. E. O. Robathan was in the chair
and called on the secretary to read
the financial statement. The secretary reported that after all accounts
has bcen. paid the club had a balance
of $7.17 due. principally to the drawing held recently and for which merchants of Cumberland contributed.
The thanks of tho meeting were tendered to the following for their assistance In the matter of the drawing:
.Messrs. the Cumberland Electric
Lighting Co. (per Mr. Clinton); Compbell Bros.; Cumberland Motor Works;
T. H. Mumford; Tarbell & Son; T. H.
Mumford; W. P. Symons (City Meat
Market); J. Sutherland; R. C. Lang
and Malt Brown's Grocery. The following local gentlemen were also tendered the thanks of the meeting for financial assistance during the
past few weeks: Dr. G. Kerr MacNaughton ($5.00); Dr. E. R.HIcks,
t$2.ifu; Mr. B, W. Bickle ($5.00); Mr.
J. Idiens  ($5.0H).
Following the report of the secretary in connection with the Christinas drawing, the president declared
all offices vacant and called for nominations. Lt.-Col. C. W. Vllllers was
the unanimous choice of Hon. President with Mr. Thomas Graham and
Dr. O. K. MacNaughton, Hon Vice-
Presidents. Mr. J. Coates wus elected
presideni with Mr. G. Apps as Vice-
president. Mr. J. Vernon Jones still
remains as secretary an dthe executive committee will be A. J. Taylor
(chairman). T. II. Mumford, J. Vaughan, L. 11. Finch and S. Ouugh.
Mr. H. Brown was appointed official
scorer and Mr. J. Coates umpire.
Selection  committee  wus   left  fn  the
council meeting held on Thursday, ernl Hospital asking for the use of the
The Mayor on taking his Beat at tho City Hall on Saturday, January 20th
table congratulated the members of for the purpose ot holding their an-
the council on helng returned once nual meeting was received and the re-
more, which showed, said the mayor, quest granted. A communication from
that the rate-payers had the greatest the Englewood Farmers' Institute re
confidence In the 1928 council. He purchase of city scales was received
hoped the same co-operation would be aud the city clerk Instructed to wrlio
shown in the coming year, as in the tho secretary stating conditions under t|iesp
past year and urged all to work har-, which the scales could be purchased,
moniously together to solve the many A communication from Mr. H. R, Mas-
problems that would confront them sell asking for permission to keep his
in the very near. All tbe aldermen store oi^m evenings, holidays and
present signified their great pleasuro Sundays for the sale of milk, cream,
at being members of lhe 102fl council candles and delectessen was received
and promised to work faithfully and and after a very Interesting discus-
well for the welfare of Cumberland. | slon the city clerk was instructed to
The minutes of the last meeting were write Mr. Hassell stating that the city
read by the city clerk and on being by-law must be complied with,
adopted as read, communications were Bills aud accounts amounting to
read from Mr. P. P. Harrison, re being $807.30 were referred to tbe finance
retained as city solicitor for 1929, committee and if tound correct, or-
from the Canadian Collieries thank- ] dered to be paid.
Ing the council for their appreciation I The mayor set his commfttees ex-
ot the co-operation of the colliery actly as last year, stating that all
company during the past year. The committees had given great satisfac-
report of the fire chief, Mr. C. J. Parn- tion:
ham Bhowed that during the year tho Finance Committee—C. J. Parnham
department answered seven callB, six (chairman), T. H. Mumford and J.
outside the city limits and only one, Ledingham.
Inside the city limits.   The loss am-      Board   of   Works—W.   Henderson,
ounted to $489, and $479 of this am-, (chairman),   J.   S.   Williams   and   J.
ount was outside the city and only: Ledingham.
}10 inside.    The firs chief thanked j (Continued on Page Four)
"That a delegation from the C.D.T.i.
waft upon Dr. MacNaughton, M.L.A.
and assure him of our approval of the
pension scheme, aud that Dr. MacNaughton be urged to secure the passage of the bill.
"That on behalf of the Comox Dls-
very ably responded to by j hands of the committee and a man appointed to take charge of equipment.
In tbe case of the latter, Mr. C. Dando,
Junior, wus thc unanimous choice for
the position aud the grounds committee will be s. Gough (chairman), with
Messrs. J. L. Brown, J. Vaughan, H.
Waterlield, J. Vernon-Jones, and L.
II.  Finch.
Mr. Gough tendered a report as to
Improvements made at the ground
and what it was intended lo do in the
near future. Mr. Idiens brought up
the suggestion of a concrete pract.ee
pitch and offered to haul ull ncessary
gravel and assist in the marking out
and   laying  the  concrete.    After dis-
Dr. MacNaughton, M.L.A., for the dis-
trict Thanking them all for lhe
hearty manner in which the toast hud
been received, he said it bud been bis
pleasure und privilege to travel over
the whole of the Comox Electoral district jnsi prior to the lust election.
He painted a glowlug account of the!
scenic beauties ol the district, un-!
rivalled anywhere In tho world. As
for the Industrial outlook, prospects
looked much brighter than bus been
the case for a number of years. He
(Continued ou   Page  Two)
The  Installation of officers of the
Harmony Rebekah Lodge No. 22 was! mission it was unanimously resolved
held on Monday evening In the Lodg3 ; lo lay a concrete practice pitch 2i
root i.   Offii era tor 192!) wer0 install-  feet by 8 feet and Mr. Idiens and Mr.
ternal society for the small sum of
five dollars get In touch with Mr. Armstrong at the Eagles' Home.
trlct Teachers' Institute, Dr. MacNaughton M.L.A., he asked to acquaint
the Minister of Education with our
view on the University Summer Session fee, and that the .Minister of Education be asked to have these fees
"That the C.D.T.I. unanimously declare in favour of extra mural work
; being given by U.B.C. for UntVorsIl ■
Special Meeting Held On Friday credit; and that Dr. MacNaughton,
Last | M.L.A,, be requested to take this ma'
! ter up with the Minister of Education
Trustees Take
Oath of Office
Mrs. M. J. L. Brown thanked for their offeia
N. Mc- i of assistance. The lutter gentleman
Mrs. J. offered to get enough help to lay the
Mrs. M. concrete without charge to the club.
Frelone; Treasurer. Mrs. Bobba; The dues for 1929 will be Increused
Warden, Mrs, Davis, Mrs. Shearer; $1.00, making it $3.00 for membership
Outer Guard, Mrs, Beveridge; Inner fees nnd $1.01) initiation fee for new
Guard. Mrs. E. Graham; Right Sup-, members. A drive will bo made for
'■ -    i   of   Noble   Grand.   Mrs.   Grace-   new members immediately.
as follows; Noble Gran,
chel; Vice Grand, Mrs
;n; Recording Secretary
yte; Financial Secretary
'lone; Tr< asurer, Mrs.
rden,  Mrs,   Davis,   Mrs.
Magistrate E. W. Blckle administered the oath ot office to four school I
trustees on Friday last at a Bpecial i
meeting, two of last year's members
and two new ones, elected by acclama-
tlon this month.   The two new mem-
and endeavor to have extra mural
work given by the authorities of
"That the Department of Education
be asked to extend the High School
correspondence course lo cover fourth
i McNeil; Lefl Supporter of Noble
iGrnnd, Mrs Balagno; Right Supporter of Vice Grand, Mrs. Boffey; Left
i Supporter of Vice Grand, Mrs. Mc-
! Lol Inn; Chaplain. Mrs. Francescini;
Pu ■ Noble, Grand, Mrs. Covert; Marian, Mis'. McNeil.
bers of the board are Mr. Flora Baird I yoar hJgh scll0[)1 work and tmU hlgll
and Mrs. Frank Partridge. Mrs. G.' school work ue aval|abiQ to teacbora
Kerr MacNaughton was elected as desiring the eame, and that Dr. Mac
chairman for the year, taking the Naughton, M.L.A., be asked to assist
place of Mrs. Banks, who resigned j by urglng our deainj umm „M: „,,.,_
after ninny >enr8 of service. Mr. Alex, j Hinehclin\ Minister of Education.
MacKinnon wns re-elected secretary] pM8ed by the Comox District Teach-
a position be has held for a great I er&. InstitUto .Courtenay. January 16th
many years.   An esltmulc of tho mon- ■ jgog
ey needed for 1929 was made, after |    "" ,.0oorfffl ,.:  Appgi prwWent<
all trustees had joined in a general, <.j!   j,3   MUrray   Secretary."
ln the mutter of iixtures for next
season, it was left entirely fn tho
bunds of the secretary. The meeting
also went on record as favoring tho
compulsory wearing of cream or
white fn ull regular mutch games with
cups of blue und white to match.
British Columbia Government
Off To a Good Start
lion and Steel Industries t» he  Given  Government  Assistance
Dr.  MacNaughton  gave his  hearty
[ approval of the bill ami promised toj
authorities, Dr. MacNaughton voiced I
tbe hope and the assurance that tho
provincial government would do all,
that lay In its power to retain the
manufacture of our own raw material I
within our own borders, keeping our
sons and daughters nt home and
building up a bigger and better Brit- j
ish Columbia. Tbe stigma of giving:
over the heritage of our own people
for the enrichment of another should |
not longer endure, nor should government in Canada embark on the j
unwise policy of forcing Immigration
until   maintaining   employment   was'
The concrete tennis courts were
once more the topic of a lively discussion, butnoihing definite in this
respect will ho attempted until the j
next meeting which will be held oni
Wednesday, January Iho 30th, at 71
Before the meeting adjourned, the
chairman announced the committees:
for tho ensuing year as follows:
Finance Committee—Mrs. Partridge'
Messrs. MacKinnon and Henderson.    [
Buildings—Mrs. Baird, Mrs. Par-;
trldge and Mr, MacKinnon.
Library—Mrs, Baird, Mrs. Partrldgo I Orchestra, led by Jimmy Walker have
Supply—Mr.   Henderson,  Mrs.  Par-1 .been prevailed upon to hold a dance
trldge and Mrs. Baird. I this Saturday at the popular Ilo-Ilo
Grounds—Mr. Henderson. Mrs. Baird Dancing commences at 9 nnd continues until midnight. Popular prices;
; gents,, 50c, and  ladies, 25c,    A  real
use his
influence  to
Beeuro ii
-  pas-
A copy of the above petition
Is he
ing sent
to all rural
lm, tl-
lutloii oi" (be Pacific Great Eastern Is
being advanced by tbe com (nonsense
procedure ot simultaneous)) carrying
forward negotiations with prospective
b purchase r^ and compilation of com-
irllament   Just   inaug- j plete data as to the extent and valuo
same time U has given j of tbe provincial assets lu the rait-
|    The Cumberland Senior Badminton  snappy time assured
! club held a bridge drive on Wednes-
available  for  all   Canadians.
He commented upon the satisfactory  and Mrs- Partridge,
progress that had been made since the
present government attained power in
the matter of tbe return to British,
Columbia  of  the  Hallway   Belt  and' (lay   evening   In   tbe  Anglican   Hall.;      Linger LongOT Dance, Feb.
Peace River lands.   The marked sue- Tne  Drlze
cess that had attended the conferences ' w*re
at Ottawa in this behalf between tbe
(Continued on Page 2)
I Mrs.
Brl i   , Columbia's new Government
decidedly has got off on the right toot
In giving ample evidence ot Intenl to
n lei m • it ctlon promlsoB by leglsla-
\ tion during tin opening Session of tt
■ •-< ventcenth
.tnm-ri     At til   ^	
inn   • of Intention ion  to follow in   way itself and the territories It may
tbe critic si I coai ia of tho previous  be developed t.o serve.   Stimulation of
Lil  til administrations In inning to land settlement Is Indicated in the ap-
have Important public business ready,   polntmoni   of  a   provincial   commis-
no that lime of the members may be sinner ot immigration and colonization
■   orved.     The   Speech   from   the especially fitted by experience to place
Throne, although  framed  with  Scot-   upon available lands of the province
I tlsh   eannlness  to  promise   no  more  tin' classes ot Bottlers most likely to
|    So   successful   have   the   Saturday  than can be fulfilled, forecasts leg:s-  achieve success     in accordance with
I night dances at the Ilo-Ilo proved tho nation   thai   will  amply   redeem   all  'his commissioner's recommendations,
I last few weeks that  the Maple Leaf | campaign   promises  on   the  material  a large part of the reclaimed lands nt
Issues on which Premier Tolmie nnd Sumas already have been placed on
his Government obtained endorsement, the market, and within a few weeks
To .Insist Iron and steel Industry
Restoration to the province of its
lands In the Peace Itiver Block and
the Railway Belt already approaches
consumation as a result of conferences with tho Ottawa authorities by
the Provincial Premier and his Minis
ter "f Works, principles having been
agreed upon, and only details remaining to be worked out by competent
officials of the two governments, So
winners   of   the   evening .     The   Linger-Longer  club   will   hold
Mrs.   Cope,   ladies'   first  and   another   of  their   popular   invitation
Bryan consolation;  men's first, | dances on Wednesday, February Gib
Mr. Cavin and Mr. Dalby men's second, j in the Ilo-Ilo Hall. Cumberland.
n quarter of the offering disposed of
on terms encouraging further settlement nnd tending to stimulnte agricultural production nnd minimize the
necessity of importing foodstuffs, Recognizing the necessity of more scientific marketing facilities if success for
that industry Is to be firmly established. B marketing branch Is being developed under tha Department of
(Continued on page three) PAGE TWO
The Cumberland Islander
and hydrogenation, coal is made into gasoline, lubricating'
oil,   kereosene,   paraffin,   alcohol,   fat   and   nearly   every
other hydrocarbon that the market may desire.   Dr. Frod-
eiich   Burgius.  the  Heidelberg chemist   whose  hydrogenation process is now used and controlled by the German
dye trust, announced tlie conversion of tbe cellulose and
lignin of wood into artificial coal, the process used by **
.Nature millions of years ago In tbe production of coal. 1
Dr. Fritz Hoffman .veteran German chemist, affirmed, but   |j
did not explain the production of real rubber from coal.
From   France   and   other   laboratories   in   Europe   there
came papers telling of intensive research work upon the
vital problem of making from coal, which Europe has,
the gasoline, lubricants and other products which as yet 188
must be imported.
Since  large amounts of raw  coal  Will  still  be burned ll
despite the new treatments an dtransmutations that are I Mt
possible,   new  combustion   methods   are  being  developed.
Pulverized coal has propelled  its first  sea-going vessel,
Ss. Mercer.    In Britain an internal combustion engine of
^HE elemental independence of modern ■»"*«"
T treedom from the accidental limitations of Natures
I    distribution of natural resources, under, on and above
the surface ot the earth was demonstrated at the second
EJ2L Confers on Bituminous «£««*   ^ _ _ .._.
the guidance  of  tne  Carnegie  Instuuii Bdiblo the diesel type lias been built to feed on powdered coal
Oil from eoal and eoal from oil. coal       ■ ■ : „„,,   locomoUves  Bred  by  coal  dust already draw  trains
fats from coal, rubber from coal, were .1   e 0 1        I,, groa, powcr p|antB aro ueh,B built hero and abroad
unities, many ol them practical commercial rea       . ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^^ ^ q[ cmL   m lh0 momon,
the coal conference reports added to tne in   8 I the ol<1 ,,aml ,„ „t,|„g r0cked with ilisiress at ihe plight
chemical processes ol modern Industry.    1    n 1 1, h(,r coal mlncl.s    A1: „.m hope and pray that these
now derive pertumes more Iragraal than now  ■, ^^  ^ ^ ^ H,mplonls ot
more varied tha nthe rainbow, c  more usei . , |nau,try  „„,, ,i,at she will emerge triumphant over
eoal gas more calorific than natural gas, and a multlt
reve?yday utilities from coal, wood, oil, air and water
Cm Europe tothle lasl  year  ... conference cm
t„ 1 most ingenious and promising method, ol conver ing
coal into otner uiiub«.    •-•■■ ■
trust chemist, told bow through the magic nf catalysis1
. new orientation of tbe
\ coal industry, and that sho will _       ^^^^
I her present difficulties to lend the world i nthe utilization
' 0 flier coal deposits, thc possibilities of which as producers
! of enormous wealth and abounding employment have even
I ns yet been hardly conceived.
—Victoria  Colonist.
Gaiety Reigned
At Annual Fete
Of Local Club
(Continued from page 1.
looked forward to a bright future for
tho northern portion of Vancouver
The  toast to  the  president  of  the
Cumberland Literary und Athletic Association was well received by the assembly singing "For He's a Jolly Good
Fellow."   Mr. Taylor said bo thanked
them very much for their hearty reception of the toast and stated that he
hud  been  very  proud  lo  have  been
connected with the board of management of the association ever since Its
Inception, the past six years ns president.    At times  the  board  has  been
called upon to put a few of the younger members of the club, "on the carpet," and only just recently one boy
had  been  suspended  for u  period  of
six months.   Whilst this might appear
to be a drastic step to a boy und liis
parents, it was In reality only kindness und he sincerely hoped the boy
and others so inclined  would benefit
by the measure taken by the board of
management.    In closing be paid a
great tribute to Mr. Thomas Graham
for   his   very   kindly   help,   without
whose   sympathy   and   co-operation,
thy Literary and Athletic Association,l
never could have been accomplished.
Mr. Thomas Graham, in responding
to the toast to the "Canadian Collieries  (D.), Ltd., thanked them for the
privilege of being present on the occasion  of their  annual   banquet,  an 1
before going any further he would like
to correct a statement made  by  the
chairman, Mr. Taylor, who had placed
all tiie credit for the starting of the
Athletic Association to him.    Had it
not been for one who had passed away
the idea ot a Literary and Athletic
Association for Cumberland would not
have become an actuality.   He referred to the late Mr. James Savage
that   time   general   manager   of   tho
colliery company,  but he  (Mr.  Graham) had been very proud and happy
to work with Mr. Savage in the initial
step of tlie founding of the club. The
club during Its few short years had
undoubtedly been an asset to Lhe town
and  district,   ami   especially   so  tbe
library branch, as evidenced by tho
number of books circulated each year.
He hupi-d tbe association would continue to prosper and cited the fact
e Ibe hopes of the Cumberland
iple had been somewhat elevated
tho prospects of a steel mill being
erected at Comox. Again their hopes
hud vanished, us from latest Information it would appear that no steei
mill would he erected in this district
for some tlmo. With all the talk o.
ihe last few weeks with reference
to the immense water power avail
able at Campbell River, It Is evident
-aid Mr. Graham that someone has
jot some sort of scheme outlined, bu.
whatever it was, he was uot in a
position to say. Whether It waa i
pulp and paper plant or steel mill, 01
any other scheme, It would undoubtedly benefit the whole of thc northern
portion of the Island. He cited how
lie coal industry all over the world
ind been in a chaotic condition foi
some considerable time, but thought
Cumberland, taking all things Into
consideration had witnessed a fair
amount of prosperity and he sincerely
hoped the coming year would he still
more  prosperous.
Other speakers included Mayor Maxwell, responding to the, toast "the City
nf Cumberland," general remarks by
Mr. Frank Dalby and Mr. W. McMillan (vice-president of the Athletic
SlUb). |j;||
Mr. W Henderson, treasurer of the
club wns the recipient of a small token of appreciation from the board of
management In recognition of his untiring efforts during tbe past, two
Tlie proceedings were enlivened by
u number of old time community
aongs nnd the following local artists
contributed to the programme: Messrs It. Goodall. II. L, Bates, G. Shearer, T Carney, \V. McMillan, T Robertson, II. Waterlield, Fraser Watson.
R, Yates and Mayor Alex. Maxwell.
A very successful evening ended
with the singing of "Auld Lang Sync."
Dr. MacNaughton
Makes Favorable
(Continued from page one)
authorities there and Premier Tolmle
and his Minister of Works was the
more to be appreciated Inasmuch as
it had been predicted before tbe election that If the Conservatives were re-
tnured. they could not or would not
receive satisfactory consideration at
the national capital. Happily those 1
self-seeking seers had been proven I
false prophets by later events, the
provincial representatives having been
received with every courtesy and consideration and results attained that j
must he recognized as eminently satisfactory by all British Columbians regardless of their political predilections.
Dr.  MacNaughton  did  not  propose,
he said to discuss Pacific Great East-
em mutters at any length or with any
particularity.    The P.G.E. had in late
■ears become known as British Columbia's white elephant, perhaps because of the quantity of financial fod-
ler required to maintain it, or perhaps because it was a single trunk
line.   The situation as to this railway
hud  been described by a farmer lu
his district as much the same as that
of the razor-backed hog: Policy urged
tbe owner to fatten the animal aud
sell it if be could; if a sale could not
he got for It, it would be better for
home consumption in good condition.
It was gratifying for the people oi
British   Columbia   to   know   that   a
thorough survey was being made of
tho resources and assets  of the line
and tributary territory so that the full
argument ot these might be used advantageously    in    negotiations    with
prospective purchasers.   With the endowment of lands provided, this fair
quadruped   night,   like   Portia,   gain
more suliors.
Now On
Big Reductions in ail
. _<*_♦_♦_
. 1
Edison Mazda
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■               25 Watt "B" Lamps, each 	
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•               60 Watt "Milltype" Lamps, each	
406          :
'■               60 Watt Inside Fr. Lamps, each	
456           -
■              75 Watt "C" Clear 	
556            i
i             100 Watt "C" Clear, each 	
656           ■
i             150 Watt "C" Clear, each 	
... 856          :
i            200 Watt "C" Clear, each 	
$1.15            :
j                      sold by
Cumberland Electric
Lighting Co., Ltd
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Grocery Specials for
3 Days Only
Red Top Relief Valves, $7 each
To Keep "Closed" Plumbing "Open"
This is a %-lu. valve for use on domestic bot water supply
systems for relief of damaging pressures caused by ranges
and tank heaters.
Both Red Top Relief Valves are approved hy Underwriters'
Laboratories, Inc., nnd by State and Municipal Bureaus of
Water and Boiler Inspection.
G. W. CLINTON, Managing Director.
„^Pa» ___,-fl^^„__r,aaiP^..«»^BRw..jl!^a^n..«^^«fr ...-■ tkwk*! — "lBaBat»i.^JHlaB, .. ■ .^a^_.
A road at present extended to Camp-  position,  departing   from
Orders left at Henderson's Candy Store will receive
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Mosl uf Them Ho
Can  ii girl d" anything about
unattractive knoe?
Nothing but grin and baro It.
"Rustus, Is my bawth warm?"
"YesBah, tbe wahmest Ah was evah lo"
Mutual Life of Canada
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of polity in Mutual Life
Gross Cash Paid
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Mutual  Lite
Net Cash Paid
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Amount Received
for Each $100 Invested
for   102S—$3,400,000
Regular   Dividend   Allotment
Iu addition lo this n special Cash Dividend of $700,000 Is now
being distributed to policy holders
Phone 83Ij Agent Cumberland.
Vancouver-Courtenay Transportation
Telephone 144 /' . Mill St., Courtenay
Agent In Courtenay: Mr A. B. Ball
Service and promptness still our motto.
Powell River, Alert Bay and all Way Points every Tuesday.
Courtenay, Comox and Way Points every Wednesday.
Tugs and Scows for hire.   Boats lor charier.
Warehouses and Docks at Vancouver, foot of Bldwell Street, and
Courtenay, B.C.
ALEX. MAXWELL, Proprietor
Coal and Wood Ila
tcntion.    Furniture
Storage if desired.
Autos for Hire.     Coal and Wood Hauling given very
prompt attention,    Furniture and Piano
Phones J and 61
Cumberland, B. G.
Ask Aid for Merville Settler*
The unfortunate condition of many
of tho returned soldiers who had
made great sacrifices for their country
was in Dr. MacNaughton'a opinion
working of particular attention by
the government at the present time.
Me referred particularly to the conditions obtaining in the Merville settlement, where, while .some of the men
had licet, getting along reasonably
well, others on unimproved lands
were far from satisfied and apparently not unreasonably. He called upon
the government to carefully investigate, In n spirit of sympathy, so that
all reasonable cause of complaint on
Lhe part o (the veterans of the war
might be removed With the least possible delay II was not reasonable to
expect thai tho same cold, hard-boiled
methods should he adopted in dealing
with these returned men as might
ordinarily be applied in strictly business transactions, These men had
made great sacrifices In tho Country';
cause. They bad in many Instances
abandoned opportunities for their
own material advancement—they had
Buffered In health and otherwise aril
by every standard of civilization, they
were entitled thereby to exceptional
A Plea fnr More Koiuls
Itoas, more roads, and belter roads
were demanded In British Columbia,
and nowhere were good roads more
necessary than on Vancouver Island.
He had no complaint to make against
the late government In connection
with its maintenance of the Island
Klghwaj but much still remained to
bo done before Ihe road facilities of
the Island were fully adequate. With
all due regard for the importance and
thc financial benefits derived from
tourist traffic, thero were other features of roid requirements iu which
the Comox District was equally If
not more concerned, He Instanced
the case of a large logging company
opera ting at Menzles Hay and now
giving employment tn over 1.000 men,
for whom and their families a Hchool
nnd other facilities of progress were
provided. These as yet had no facilities of land communication with tho
Island centres of population, having
largely to depend upon tho uso of
hunches, for which weather conditions wore not at all times favorable.
bell River, but this progressive community waa situated several miles
farther on. The operators in this la-
stance were making commendable ef-
.ort to secure men of better than average type whom they hoped to have
,-emalu ay permanent and useful clti-
;ens, settling on the logged-off lands
ind contributing materially to the fu-
urc expansion and prosperity of the
province, The member from Comox
.11 this connection Impressed upon the
Public Works Department the sound
policy and urgent necessity of prodding road facilities for theao people and also, where such facilities
were required, to enable the farmers
ot the Comox District to reach profitable markets.
Sounds Appeal for Coal Trade
Attention was directed to the unfortunate condition of the Island coal
industry, in large part attributable to
the growing use of fuel oil. While this
form of fuel might possess advantages j
in convenience and economy, it was
but natural for the miners to become I
despondent and look to the govern-1
ment for relief measures when they
aw the Industry decline ln which thqy
had been brought up, their town de-
■sorted, windows boarded up on the
houses, and streets abandoned. He
heartily commended the attempts that
are helng made by tbe Minister ot
Mines, as well as the efforts in the
same direction of his Immediate predecessors, to find new markets and devise now uses for Old King Coal. The
department was no doubt watching
ivith keen Interest all possible avenues
that the export in coal might lake, as
well as carefully following all phases
of scientific research wlih a view to
utilizing to the fullest extent, by-products and otherwise, the coal asset
nl ibe province.
rotectlon for Farmer
In closing, the member for Comox
referred to the proposed amendment
or tho Game Act of which Intimation
had been given In tho King's speech,
pointing out that while It waa right
and reasonable to give every consideration to thc Hportsmeu and their
interests. It should in no case be with
disregard for the more essential interests of the farmer. Tillers of Un
soil i nhls own district had In a single
night Buttered losses through the depredations of wild animals and birds
that serlosly handicapped the succe-s
of their operations. He trusted with
confidence that In its proposals for
tlie conservation of the game asset,
the government and House would most
effectually protect tho farmers 'rights
in this connection.
On thc conclusion ot Dr .MacNaughton'a remarks, the leader of the Op-
custom in British Columbia practice,
himself adjourned the debate.
David Hunden, Jr.
The only time a horse gets scared
nowadays is when It meets another
COAL     —     GENERAL HAULING     —
of all descriptions
.   Uln
To be held at the Gaiety Theatre on
Tuesday, January 29th at 8 p.m.
Free Dance after the Demonstration FRIDAY, JANUARY 25, 1928
In every sorts of building materials,
Royston Lumber Co.
PHONFSJ NlBllt ca"'<:  '34X Cnurte"ay
| Offlnr  169 Cumberland
' It Is Not a War Story Despite Most
Thrilling Acrcoulane Fight ETer
Filmed—Colleen Moore Prore»
Herself a Great Dramatic
■    Against the thundering background
ot war torn France, with flying ac©3
j zooming in the air overhead and the
backwash of the world's most terrible
j conflict bringing panic to the peas-
! antry, a little slip of a girl In aim-
I pie frocks takes you to great emo-
! tlonal  heights,  brings  a heart-throb
here and a tear there, aB you follow
! her through one of the greatest romances ever told.
j    That, in a sentence, Is "Lilac Time"
First  National's  great   new   special
i picture   starring  Colleen   Moofrt;  at
the Ilo-Ilo Theatre, Thursday, Friday
and Saturday, February 14, 15 and 16.
"Lilac Time"  is truly  great,  and
Coleen Moore Is brilliant in a role
i that rises to emotional heights.   This
: clever little comedienne, 'Who sprang
; to fame In the flapper pictures of a
few years ago, Is justly entitled to a
' niche among  tile best dramatic ac-
; tresses of all time as the result of
! this great role ln the plcturizatlon ot
' the stage play by Jane Cowl and Jane
, Murfln,
As Jeannine, the little French girl
British Columbia
Government Off
To A Good Start
(Continued from Pa^c Onej
Agriculture, with a view to perfecting
insofar as possible the facilities of
trade In all products of the aoll. In
order to inaugurate constructive policies a clear understanding of British
Columbia s financial ability to carry
them forward become imperative and
an independent audit of the provincial
fiscal position fs being made and a
preliminary report of results will be
available for presentation with the
Budget. Tho urgency of providing
better machinery for the protection
of public rights and the checking of
monopolistic tendencies on the part
of public utilities corporations are
recognized and admitted in the assurance of some measures of more scientific control; while campaign pledges
destined for realization are Indicated
In tho announced survey of all taxation Incidence, preliminary to reductions, and forecust extensloa ot exemptions under the Succession Duties
Act. At the saniy time the government moves forward in announced
Intention to assist the establishment
of Iron and steel industries, to Improve the .Mineral Survey and Devel-
who lives within hearing of the rum-1 opment Act In the Interests of the
hie of the great guns, who hides her| mining Industry, to simplify the school
tears behind a Btnlle as her sweetheart, system, to protect the rights ot la-
goes away to almost certain death, | bur under the Minimum Wage Act,
Miss Moore demonstrates supreme ail(' tn thoroughly reorganize legln-
artlstry that establishes her as a con- lation and administration affecting
sumate actress ot dramatic strength  tlie Same asset of British Columbia,
l^T*   Special Family Laundry Rate   '"^£1
also expert
A Trial Order Will Convince You.
Orders left at the Ritz Cafe, Telephone 150
Cumberland, will receive prompt attention
and power. Gary Cooper, who acts
the role of her British war ace sweetheart, is an ideal leading man. Aside
from good looks and a likeable per-
On ilrst business day of any Session of a British Columbia legislature
has witnessed the presentation of
more important or interesting govern
but superlatively efficient, game protection system of the uatives of the
The bill for amendment of the Constitution Act gives effect to the contention advanced by the Conservatives
while in opposition that the practice
of compelling members to bo re-elct-
ed on accepting Cabinet office is
wasteful and unnecessary. This is
in accord with the latest English practice and undoubtedly will meet with
public approval.
The variations of the Constitution
Act now provided for take notice of
and correct certain technicalities in
the prevlosuly existing law which, had
they been taken advantage of, would
have rendered previous speakers and
members liable to heavy penalties for
technical offences committed In all
Innocence and with full cogniznmc uf
the government and both sides of the
.Mary Is "Nri.r
Mary has a little skirt,
So neat, so bright, so airy;
It never shows a speck of dirt,
But It surely does show  Mary.
Husband   (In   car):— "Great   Heav-
ns!   The engine is terribly overheat-
Wife   (calmly:—"Then   why
I yuu turn off the radiator?"
Mr. Frank Parks, postmaster at [
Cumberland about fifteen years ago,
met with an untimely end on Saturday last lu Nanaimo when he fell
down the steps at tho Occidental Hotel, the unfortunate man being found
lying at the foot of the steps on Sun- i
day morning at 8:30. The coroner's
jury returned a verdict of accidental j
death caused by concussion and ex-1
posure following a tall from tbe rear
steps of the hotel.
Dr. Lane In his evidence, stated that |
he found no evidence of aclohol on
the deceased, other witnesses called
giving similar evidence.
Courtenay 226
Cumberland, 150
"Lilac Time" Is not a war story
Jeannine  would have no  part  In i
Rather, "Lilac Time*' Is a heart story"
! —a Tomance supreme, a gripping,
poignant, compelling human narra-
| tlve that has the background of the
'. World War—a conflict that swirls and
eddies behind this frail lass of Sun-
, .ny France.
i    The  successful   motion   picturo   is
the one that takes you bodily trom
your   theatre seat and carries you to
the locale of the story.   "Lilac Time'
does just this.   You find yourself living those hectic days over again with
: little Jeannine, thrilling to her joys
and sympathizing In her sorrows. And
! Miss Moore's clever portrayal of the
j little French girl Is responsible for
i this.
Ilo-Ilo Theatre, January 14-15- 16
Millions Have Paid $2 Per Seat to See It!
No Advance in Prices at the Ilo-Ilo
See It for Its
A piquant, carefree Maid of France, and a Flying
Ace from overseas. SHE had been a Stranger
to Love, 'til she fell ln love with this handsome
young Stranger .... HE had courted Death,
'til he found this greater love! And now in the
springtime of their rapturous romance Death
returns, seeking her lost sweetheart.
SCORES of airplanes ln fighting action. Attacks
and counter-attack in mass formation . . . Bombing a town in France Darting, driving,
plunging to earth ln flames! Every kown aviation stunt crowded ln a five-ring flying circus.
ALLthe delightful comedy that you enjoy in
every Colleen Moore picture Is In "LILAC TIME",
in adltton to the vast air spectacle and tense
romance. As a saucy, vivacious French peasant
girl . . . "mothering" a troop of flying daredevils
"bossing" the Major and ordering Colonels about
as though they were privates, Colleen Is at her
amusing best.
Banality, he Is an excellent actor and nient measures than Wedensday last
gives a brilliant performance. Premier Tolmie unhappily was debar-
Not a War Picture ! red by 1Une8fl frora assuming the di-
I rection of the House and his import-
I ant duty naturally devolved upon his
story", at least no major parti'"","1"   "l""™"1'   Au°™>-Qe"e™'
      ~       .   .     ..! Pooley.   The measures whioh he and,
in one Instance Hon. .Mr. Lougheed,
Introduced by message, came as sur-
prises to the assembled parliamentarians. The first bill of the Session
it Is true contains but half a dozen
lines, but these are pregnant with
meaning. Thls Is the bill amending
the Counties Definition Act, the pu:
pose and intent of which is contained
tbe material sentence:
"The Counties Definition Amend
ment Act, 192S, befpg Chapter 9, of
tho Statutes of 1028, Is repealed."
The Statute referred to created thc
judicial district of Comox, as was
well understood at the time for the
particular purpose "of providing a
judgeship for the then sitting member
for that district.
The bill to amend the same act while
lt does not come as a complete surprise may fairly be described as constructive popular legislation of a high
qrder. Preliminarily it clears the
ground for action by a cancellation
of former machinery and administrative offices. In place of the Provincial Game Board, the province fs to be
divided into a number of districts and
all game interests be placed under
the supreme control of a game commissioner with an inspector chosen
for his familiarity with game con-
dtiions and problems in each district.
Tho radical departure is provided
of permitting the establishment by
license of game farms, whereby any
resident In rural or suburban territory
may breed and raise and sell at any
time game birds or animals, subject
to necessary regulations tn that behalf, a highly profitable new Industry
thus being established, with the secondary advantage of making the
farmer a staunch ally in public policy
for the protection and development of
the game asset.
Another essentially important provision of this measure deals with
trap-lines, the privileges in this connection by past legislation being substantially confirmed and extended by
granting the licensed trapper a five
years' tenure instead of merely year-
by-year rights In thc territory In which
he establishes himself. This, it Is
reasonably expected, will operate to
Induce the trapper and hunter for fur
to take more active interest In tho
preservation of such game and at the
same time will give more substantially to bis vocation.
It Is also provided  that should a
licensed  trapper  die,  his   widow, or!
other   personal   representative   may;
nominate his ownership of the trap-1
line rights, a  vested Interest in the
business thus being established which
cannot) but make for  Its useful  development and at the samo lime for
better game conservation,
The whole principle of the »ew legislation in connection with the game
of British Columbia would seem to
be a working hack to the primitive
At the ILO-ILO
Friday and Saturday, Jan. •-•"> ■ -'(!
with Thelma Todd
Strange Figures - Strange Sounds
Strange Doings
Monday and Tuesday, Jan. i8 ■ 2!)
with Doris Dawson - Lucien Littlefleld
One Big Prolonged Whoopee  with
Charlie Murray
Wed. and Tlmrs„ Jan. ill) - 111
with Edna  Murray
with Mae Busch and Doris Hill
and Ward Crane
They went shopping for Beauties and
found them.
Friday and Saturday, Fell. I - :
Eastern Canada
or the
United States
this Winter
by the
Leaving Vancouver 0:50 p.m. Daily
Carries Through Standard Sleepers
Itadiu-cuuippcd Observation Car
E. W. BICKLE, agent, Cum licrland, II.C, Telephone M
Or write
C. F. Earle. District Pas;cne>'r Agent, Victoria, B.C.
Service    —    Courtesy
f ;anadian National
GLASS ROLLING PIN FREE with a purchase ne
of 1% lbs. Royal Purple Baking Powder at .... I DC
15 Watt "B" Lamps, each 35<*
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Sunkist Lemons, 35c dozen, 3 doz. for  956
Corn Flakes, 2 pkgs. for 25c, 9 for  $1.00
Shredded Wheat, 15c per pkg., 7 for  $1.00
Fry's Cocoa, per tin   30»*
Dried Prunes, 2 lbs. for   25p
Cooking Figs, 2 lbs. for   256
Christie's Mixed Biscuits, 35c, 3 for  $1.00
Crisp Lemon Snaps, 30c per tb., 3 lbs. for  $1.00
Palm Olive Soap, 3 for  256
Royal Crown White Naptha, large bars 10 for .... 60t?
Jap Oranges, $1.00 per box, 2 for  $1.95
Full Stock of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
Phone 38 Service & Quality Phone 38
Automobile Side  Curtains Repaired
Also Harness Repairs
ESTATE OF S2,500,000
Income From Holdings Will Be
Divided Between Members
of the Family
i    Victoria,   Jan.   24—Application   for
■ probate will  b^ made next week of
■ the will of tlie late Hon. \V. C. Nichol,
| dated December 31, 11*23. The estate will probably be valued at approximately 12,500,000, consisting of
real estate and securities. Tho Income of the estate is divided equally
between members of tho family and
the residue passes to heirs of tho
children. The executors aro the
Royal Trust Company, Victoria.
Don't wi
We carr
it untilthe chicks arrive before getting feed.
• a full line oi chick and developing feeds,
now before the price of feeds advance.
Our Prices Are as Low as Any in Town and We Invite
Your Custom.
Comox Creamery Butter
Comox Creamery Association PAGE FOUR
and Corselettes
Our Stock comprises the well known D. & A. line of
Corsets, every pair will give satisfaction; the make
and quality are in the goods and the style is right.
Misses' Corsettes in sizes 30, 32 and 34, made of a good
quality coutil; will give real satisfaction. Price $1.25
per pair.
Corselettes made of a nice soft silk striped material,
and shaped to suit the figure, in sizes 32 to 38, price
Corselettes for larger figures, in a splendid quality,
that will be a real support, in sizes -10 to 44. Prices
$3.95 and $4.50.
Gossard Corsets—the Gossard line of Ladies Corsets
knon as thc one outstanding line of Front Laced
Corsets, we carry several lines of this outstanding
make, and will be glad to show you our range.
Corsets for extra large figures, we have two lines, in
sizes 30 to 35 and feel sure that either of these lines
would give real satisfaction to the lady requiring a
large size corset, we will be pleased to show you both
of these makes.
Cumberland Personals
Our many customers and friends certainly appreciated
our efforts last week end in putting on a sale at special
prices. Business was good and our courteous, friendly
service even in the busiest period earned for us many
new admirers.
"If You Get It at Mumford's—It's Good"
Mumford's Grocery
If You Get It at Munmford's—It's Good"
""«aja.   ' X3HS   '   **aV       ••»►■       "aJP-       •*<>-      S**S '   -a*K " '«»J»^* ^fc*^-
The 170 th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns
will be celebrated by the Cumberland Cronies' Club
wilh a
Memorial Hall, Cumberland
commencing at 8 p.m.
Admission by ticket which must be purchased by January 22nd. Can be had from any member of the
Cronies' Club.
Mrs. Shortt entertained at tour tables of bridge on Thursday evening,
tbe prize winners being Mrs. W. H,
Cope and Mra. J. Conway. Those present were: Mrs. Robathan. Mrs. Parnham, .Mrs. E. R. Hicks, Mra. MacNaughton, Mra. Eaide, Mrs. Cope, Mrs.
Bryan, Mrs. Dick, Mrs. T. H. Williams.
Mrs. T. Graham, Mrs. Cameron, Mrs.
Robinson. .Mra. Mumford, Mrs. Conway and Miss Burroughs .
On account of the recent snow
and frost there have been a few minor
accidents in the district. On Thursday
morning Mr. Ollle Harrison, on turning the corner by the Post Office
skidded into the telephone pole by
Whyi'lierley's Grocery store, damaging
tlie radiator on his car.
The many friends or Mr. Frank Dallos will be sorry to hear that he Is
.seriously ill in the Cumberland General Hospital.
Mesdames Nash, Parnham, Ledingham, Dick and Hicka were joint host-
essea at a sliver tea on Wedneaday
afternoon in aid of St. George'a United
Church. The table waa centered with
a bowl of flowers on each side of
which silver candles glowed In Bllver
Presiding at the urna were Mrs.
Lang and  Mrs. Mitchell.
Dr. G. Kerr MacNaughton has been
appointed chairman of the Forestry
Committee of tho Province of B.C.,
tbe remainder of the committee comprising, M. .Manson, Spencer, Lister,
Fltzlmmons, Pattullo, Buckham, Han-
11 a.
Mining—Borden, Schofield, Lister,
Carson, Kingston, Fitzimmons, Kor-
gin, Wrinch, Pearson, Uphill.
The Doctor has also been appointed
to the Committee on Agriculture.
• • •
The Talent Club held their first
official meeting of the new year on
Wednesday last at the Vicarage. The
election of officers was postponed
until next meeting owing to a scarcity
of members. Hewing was distributed
amongst the members aud dainty refreshments were served. Those present wore: Mesilaiues C. Dando, Hyslop, Murray and the Miaaes C. Richardson, Hutton, G. Emily, D. Cannon.
*   *   •
The Welsh Society held a whist
drive and dance on Saturday night
in the G.W.V.A. Hall. Twenty-five
tables of whist wore in play, the prize
winners being Mrs. Gear, ladies' first;
Mrs. Marshall, ladies' second; Mrs.
Hutchinson, gent's first and Mrs. Conti, gent's second. Travelling prizes
Mrs. J. D. Davis and Mr. Monaco. Refreshments were served, and a dance
waa held upstairs, Mra. Hudson's orchestra supplying the music.
The W.M.S. of tbe United Church
met on Tuesday evening at the manse
for the purpose of re-organizing for
the coming year. The officers were
elected as follows: Mrs. Hunden, president; Mrs. G. McLean, vice-preal;
dent; Mrs. D. MacLean, aecretary;
Mrs. Hewitt, treasurer; MrB. Mitchell,
secretary of the Home Helpers; Mrs.
Watson, secretary for the Missionary
Monthly; Mrs. J. C. Brown was elected as delegate to the Presbyterial
of W.M.S.. which meets at Victoria
on January 30th and 31st and February 1st.
Marconi Battery or
Batteryless Radio ahSd
The New 192!)
Marconi Six-Tube A.-C,
Batteryless Console.
(As Illustrated)
Operates from the electric light socket. No
batteries, no eliminators,
absolute simplicity ot operation. Kitted with air-
chrome speaker, in a
handsome McLagan-built
cabinet. Complete for
home reception—nationally priced,
Demonstrations Gladly Given
G. A.
Co., Ltd.
Phone R- A.  Robertson. 47M Cumberland, for  Demonstration.
Laat night, tlie High School girls'
basketball team played the P.D.Q's.
girls were out to win and they showgirls were out to win an dthey showed the P.D. Q's. how it was done
when they finished with a score of
40-4. The High School girls are
acheduled to play in the B.C. play-
offa, and it looks aa if opposition will
have to put up a hard fight.
Thc three intermediate boys' teams
in the Cumberland Basketball League
slainl as follows for the second half:
Five Aces. 4; Ex-High 0; High School
0. Ex- High won the first half of the
Charlie Dalton
Meets Boat at Union Bay Every
Sunday   Morning
P. P, Harrison
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public
Main 0111m
Couripnay Phone  tit
Local   Olfica
Cumberland Hotel In Evenings.
Telephone   115R   or   84
(^nijberlapd j
Reasonable ;
joimnercial    jLI ()*(,>]
.eiidamirtcn.   P| ^Hvl
auo.umodation the hest
ItooniH Steam Healed
Mrs. J. Balagno announces the en
gagement of her daughter, Josephine,
to Angus Beaton, son of Mrs. A. Beaton, Courtenay, B.C., the wedding to
take place February 12th.
• »   •
Mrs. Leithead, who has been visiting at the Waverley Hotel, returned
to Nanaimo on Sunday.
• *   «
Dr.  MacNaughton, M.P.P.,  left for
Victoria on Monday, where he will attend the Provincial Legislature.
• • •
Dr. A. McCordlck of Vancouver,
arrived on Sunday to fill Dr. Mac-
Naughton's place during his absence,
• •   •
Miss Verna Murray returned to
town after a three weeks' vacation
in Nanaimo.
Mayor Hands Out
.continued from Pane Onei
Health Committee—J. S. Williams,
(chairman), W. Henderson and D.
Water—D. Bannerman {chairman),
C. J. Parnham, T. H. Mumford.
Light—T. H. Mumford (chairman),
J. S. Williams and W. Henderson.
Fire—J. Ledingham (chairman), C.
J. Parnham and D. Bannerman.
The reports of the .various committees were received, all chairmen reporting progress.
In the matter of unfinished business
the communication from Mr. P. P.
Harrison waa again referred to when
it was unanimously passed that the
retaining fee paid Mr. Harrison as
city aolicitior bo not renewed.
All last year's city appointments
with the exception noted were ratified
by the new council for the year 19-19.
Alderman T. H. Mumford was appointed the city representative on the boar,d
of the Cumberland General Hospital
and the city clerk instructed to write
the Cumberland Electric Lighting Co.
and the Cumberland and Union Waterworks Company, asking for a price
to be aet on their assets. The last
price submitted by these companies
held good for six months only. The
city clerk waa also instructed to write
to two electrical engineers and obtain their charges for a survey of lhe
Cumberland Electric Lighting Company's aasets.
The next meeting of the council
will be held on Monday. January 2S
and every alternate Monday thereafter.
iKingGeorge Hotel;
Igood  service,  reasonable  charges.,;
1 Centrally Located j
Dental Surgeon
Office Cor. of Dunsmuir Am.
Opposite Ilo-Ilo Theatr*
CW/Children Like It—\Wj
Hf      So Will You     VfJ
•SNI       At  the  first  ilcn   of  ■ m^
.   ^»4 Cold, bur "BiicltleyV. Tht ^
. the first linn of i
 , buy "BucHeyV. Tht j
Ant doit does two thin.
relievea tht cough Instantly tnd
dellghti tht tutc. Different front
- til other remedlet for Coughs,
i\ Coldi, Bronchitis. Prevents "Pm",
lit Pneumonit ind til Throat and
H Lung troubles. Sold everywhere
MM under money-refunded guarantee.
BV W. K. Buckley, Llralte*.
K     142 Mutuil  Bt, Toronto 1
III   Aeu like a jl«M—
j      a iligli tip pt«v«t ll
75C and 40c
Mls8 D. Waterfleld left for Vancouver on Wednesday where she will
spend a few weeks' holidays.
a    a    •
Mrs. D. Bruce of Union Bay was
visiting ln town this week at the
Cumberland Hotel.
Norman Hill was surprised last
night by many of his friends, tho
occasion being his nineteenth birthday. A real good t'me was had by
all present and the evening was made
perfect when R. C. Lang kindly loaned one of the visitors an up-to-dat*
orthophonic with the latest dance
records. The party broke up at 2:30
this morning, after a right royal time.
To-night   !
The members of the Cumber-1
land Cronies will celebra'e the]
anniversary  of  Robert  liurns.j
The people of Cumberland celebrate every week end when they j
buy their  j
Saturday   Spec'als i
"The  Home  ot  Hith-Claas
Cakes and Pastries".
We had such a run on
Lang's "Cream of Lilies"
a few days ago, that before we realized it we were
sold out. Several customers came in and absolutely
refused to take any substitutes. To remedy the situation we worked all night, and we are very pleased to
announce that a full stock of Lang's Cream of Lillies
is now available and on sale at 50c per bottle. (Best
on earth for chapped hands).
Speedy Service
on call
by telephone to
On January 4, a Ynncon-
Ter business man put ln a
lonj-ldstanni telephone rail
to a party In Minneapolis,
Minn. He got the desired
connection within four ruinate*. Twenty minutes Inter
he was called by telephone
from Minneapolis-two calls
completed I nless than half
an hour.
"I wns greatly Impress,
oil," he said, "at the speed
wilh which my call was put
through nnd at the surprls-
Ingly low cost. I expect to
use the long-distance telephone more Jn my business
In future, knowlnk that I
can get such good serrlce
at such a reasonable rate."
glasses, between Cumberland and
Courtenay. Finder please return to
Islander office. 3t
Opposite Ilo-Ilo Theatre
Cumberland, B. C
Practical Barber & Hairdresser
Children's hair cut any style 3So
Ladles' hair cut any style 60c
Safety First - -
Use Chains
We have a full stock of	
and now that the snow has come you can drive with
safety if you equip your car with a set of our chains.
Our Service Is a Wow!
Swiftest In The City
Washing Greasing Valve Grinding
Cumberland Motor Works
L. GEIDT    —    W. GORDON
Satisfaction Guaranteed Phone 77
Ex-High Defeat
Five Aces 28-23.
On Saturday evening last, after a
preliminary game between Public
School Juniors and Athletic Club Juniors, the Ex-High took the floor
against the Five Aces, two teams
wbich are very evenly matched. Tho
Ex-High were smarting under a 28-
1(5 defeat at the hands of the Five
Aces on the previous Saturday and
were out to regain their laurels.
The game started at a fast clip
with each basket being visited in
turn, but as a result of poor shooting
and roughness of play the score was
kept low and basket for basket being
registered up until about five minutes
before half time when the Ex-High
stepped In front and had a lead of
In the second half the play was
again close with Ex-High having the
edge and the lead they maintained
was too great for the Five Aces to
overcome in a rally in the dying minutes of the game. Ex-High came out
winners by a score of 28-23. Mr.
Alex. Clark refereed the game impartially hut allowed many fouls to
pass which would have improved the
game had they been called.
Following the main event a match
was played between Courtenay Juniors and Cumberland High School
Juniors which was a very good ex-
Horn, to Mr. and Mrs, James Dollar
ot Deep Bay, in the Cumberland Hospital, a son.
Mr. C. Graham returned to Vancouver on Sunday.
The Ladies Aid and the Sewing club
paid a surprise visit to Mrs. Hewitt
on Thursday evening, the occasion
being her birthday. During the evening an auctioneering contest was
held und Mrs. J. C. Drown won the
prize, Mra. MacNaughton being the
able auctioneer. After the contest
Mrs. Hewitt was presented with many
beautiful cups and saucers, and after
recovering from her great surprise,
thanked the ladles. The latter part
of tbe evening was spent in playing
games and delicious refreshments
were served. The singing of "For
she's a Jolly Good Fellow" brought
a delightful evening to a close. Those
present were: Mesdames Hicks, Parnham, MacNaughton, McUae, Baird,
Watson, Dick, Nash, McKintosh, Con-
rod, Henderson, Mitchel, McKinnon,
F, Horwood, "Richardson, Hunden,
Abrams. Daekef, Hunden, Flett and
Miss  A.   Haywood.
hlbltion of the indoor sport although
the result wns one-sided, being High
School 18, Courtenay 4.
The Cumberland and District Centre
First Aid Classes
at 5:45 p.m.
in the
The lectures will be «iven by
A. J. Taylor, D.M., D.O., O.S.J.B.R., F.R.I.
All persons, male or female, wishing to take up this
study please communicate with .the secretary. W. W.
Whyte, Phone 9, Cumberland or address P. O. Box 356.
Text boolM will be supplied »t coat price to students.
\/J$> fye'l
Ilo-Ilo Dance Hall
Music by Jimmy Walker and his
Maple Leaf Orchestra
Dancing from 9 to 12 ■
Gentlemen, Fifty Cents        Ladies Twenty-five Cents     j
■ ■■■•••■.■■■■•■<■••■■■
• ■MMIIMM"******"***'""1'**"


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