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THE ISLANDER established 1910.
With which is Consolidated The Cumberland News.
' iMiiUtion Ubrwy
THE       ^i, ,u WEWS established 189,
VOL. IX., No. 27
Subscription price, $2.00 per year
Late Dispatches
From the Front
i        —
German Resistance Stubborn
LONDON, Sept. 20th.,—British and
French troops arc making further
progress In the envelopment of St.
Quentin, The Gorman resistance continues stubborn and battles are taking
place along a front of wore than 20
miles from the soutli of St. Quentin to
the west of Cambrai
Threaten Main Defenses
In the north the British are pushing
toward Lecatelet and have advanced
a mile nearer the town on the west,
capturing an important farm position
between Epehy and Lerapire. South
of this point the Australians are east
of the post positions of the Hindenburg line and a steady progress of
Hie British threatens the main defenses of the line all the way from Leiu-
plro to St. Quentin, west of Cambrai,
where the Germans met with a serious
repulse in an attempt to check the
British operations In the South field.
British Iteuike Strong Positions
Field Marshall Haig has struck
back the enemy and retaken the
strong position of Mouevres, on tlie
Canal du Nord, which was captured by
the enemy earlier In the week. The
Germans thus hold tho only gain they
have made In the fighting sinco Monday on tlie Cambrai St. Quentin front.
British Take More Hum 111,0110 Huns
The British have added more prisoners to the total of 10,000 announced
Thursday night.
Soutli and southwest of St. Quentin
the French are working steadily towards the city after the capture of
Benay, the French Esslgny le Grande,
less than four miles directly Bouth of
the towns.
Germans   Mnke  Strong Counter At-
General Mungiu's threat to the security of the Chcmln des Dames is
compelling tlie Germans to make strong counter attacks to protect that
important ridge In the region of Al-
lciuant where the French are within
two miles of Fort Malmalson, which
dominates the ridge.
All German Attacks Broken I p
On the West the enemy Thursday
night hurled live attempts against the
French. All the attackks were broken up, with extremely heavy losses
for the Germans. Northwest of Vall-
ly, on the Aisne, the French are advancing towards the Chemln des Dames, and have wrested further valuable
ground from the enemy.
West of Rhelms a German attempt
to cross the Vesle has been defeated
by the French
Rain has been falling on the American front southwest of Metz, and operations there are virtually at a
standstill. Metz is under fire from
American guns
Serho-Greek Forces Follow Up Successes
In Macedonia the Allied success
east of Monastir has been followed by
an attack In a Lake-Dorain front by
the British and Greek armies. A foothold on the first position was gained
according to an official report, which
soys, that the lighting is' still going
Bulgarians Hurry Up Reinforcements
East of Monastir the French, Serbian and Greeks continue to forgea-
head Reports of the fighting indicate
that the Bulgarians have hurried up
reinforcements without, however, being able to stem the tide of defeat.
Anti-Gorman Uprisings in Kjmmuniu
Anti-German uprisings in Rouma-
nla are reported from Germany. It
is said that tlie Roumanian queen is
the prime mover In the disturbance.
Dr. W. S. Solf, and General Mackken-
zen, German commander in the near
East, have been hurried to Bucharest
as a result of the outbreak.
More Than 10.0110 Bulgarian Prisoners
PARIS, Sept 20th.—Ten thousand
Bulgarian prisoners were Bent to the
rear on Sept. 18th., alone, says Marcil
Hutin, in the Repo de ParlB. The pur
suit of theretreating enemy continues
with great success.
We publish this for the benefit of
all concrned:
E. W. Bickle, Esq., Fire Insurance
Agen, Cumberland, B. C. Dear Sir:
—As you are the representative for a
number of Ore insurance companies
doing business In this town und district, beg to solicit through you a
subscription from your various companies for the assistance of the Cumberland Fire Department, for the purpose of purchasing a Motor Driven
Fire Truck and other apparatus
The truck and apparatus which we
agreed to buy will cost about |3,000,
and It will greatly add to the efficiency of our department, which is now
only equipped with hand hose reelB.
This new apparatus will greatly ex-
pediato the brigade in answering lire
calls as well as bringing much more
equipment to the scene upon their arrival and as you are no doubt aware
speed is of the greatest importance
to a Are brigade You wll agree that
our move is a good one and deserving of the greatest assistance from all
' We feel that Fire Insurance Companies wll be the greatest benefactors
of this improvement in our department, as they are nearly always the
greatest losers In case of a fire. We
are therefore asking them for a more
liberal subscription to our brigade for
the above-mentioned purpose Our
brigade Is an entirely Volunteer one
and I do not think that any, not even
paid brigades, are more willing and
ready to answer a fire call at any hour
night or day than Is ours. The past
five record of Cumberland I think,
will boar out this statement.
Yours for service, C. V F. D.,
j S .BANNERMAN, Secretary.
Personal Items of
Local Interest.
On Wednesday afternoon Alessan-
dro DbmenlS, a coal miner In the cm-
ploy of the Canadian Collieries Dunsmuir, Ltd, wns arrested by the military police when returning from work,
for not being In possession of the necessary papers of Identification.
The accused appeared before Joseph Shaw, Magistrate, of Royston, the
following day, and was found guilty
and lined $50 und costs, amounting to
$5,35, although the prisoner was In
po-scssioii of, and produced, a Military discharge from the Italian author
itles showing that ho took part in tho
Tripoli Campaign, that he was born In
Italy, and according to his statement
has six brothers on the firing line at
the Italian front. lie was alBO in
possession of u telegram from It. S
Lennie, Registrar, of Vancouver, addressed to Wesley Wiillard, as follows:
"The Italian miner should carry on
his person Ihe best   evidence he can
procure of his Italian nationality, Th°» Horbury returned from a visit
Certificate of Consul or passport, will t0 Nanaimo on Tuesday. During Mr.
protect liitnin.   If these aro not avail
lo United States Citizens in Canada
By the United States Military Service Convention Regulations,
approved by the Qovernor-in-Coiincil on 20th August, 1918, Mala
Citizens of the United States in Canada, within the ages for the
time being specified by the Laws of the United States prescribing
compulsory military service, except those who have diplomatic exemption, are made subject and liable to Military Service in Canada,
and become entitled to exemption or discharge therefrom, under tho
Canadian Laws and Regulations. The regulations governing this
liability are published in the Canada Gazette (Extra) of 21st Aug.,
1918; copy whereof may be obtained upon application through the
post to the Director of the Military Service Branch of the Department of Justice at Ottawa.
United States Citizens of the description aforesaid who were in
Canada on 30th July, 1918, have sixty days from that date within
which to exercise an option to enlist or enroll in the forces of the
United States, or to return to the United States; and those-who for
any reason subsequently become liable to Military Service in Canada
have thirty days from the date of the accruing of suoh liability
within which to exercise the like option. It is stipulated by the
Convention also that certificates of diplomatic exemption may be
granted within tlie optional periods aforesaid. Every citizen of the
United States to whom the regulations apply is required to report
to the Registrar under the Military Service Act, 1917, for the province or district within which he is, in the manner, by the regulations
prescribed, within ten days after the expiry of his optional period,
and will be subject to penalties if without reasonable excuse he fail
so to report. For the information of those whom it may concern,
Sections 3 and 4 defining the requirements of registration, with
which it will be necessary strictly to comply, are set out substantially as follows:
3. Every male citizen of the United States within "the ages for the time
being specified In tho laws of the United Slates prescribing compulsory
military service, not Including those who have diplomatic exemption, .within
ton days afler the expiry of the time limited by the Convention within which
the Government of the United States may iasue him a certificate of diplomatic exemption, shall truly report to the Registrar by registered post, and
In writing which Is plainly legible, his namo in full, his occupation and the
date of his birth: slating'also whether he Is single, married or a widower;
and if the latter, whether he has a child living, also If married, the date of
his marriage; and stating, moreover his place of residence and usual post-
offioe address In Canada; and, If he reside within a city or place where the
streets and dwellings are named and numbered, the" name and number of h s
street and dwelling; or if he reside in another place, the lot and concession
number, section, township, range, and meridian, or other definite description
whereby his place of residence may be located, having regard to the custom
of tbe locality in which he lives; and if without reasonable excuse he
neglect or fail to report In the manner and with the particulars aforesaid,
within the time limited as aforesaid, he shall be guilty of an offence, und
shall be liable upon summary conviction to a penalty not exceeding Five
Hundred Dollars, and to imprisonment for any term not exceeding six
months, and moreover, he shall Incur a penalty of $10.00 for each day after
Jhc time when or within which he should have Registered during which he
shall continue to be unregistered.
4. Every United States citizen who has diplomatic exemption, although
not otherwise subject to these regulations, shall within ten days after tiie
granting of tbe same truly report to the registrar, In like manner and with
the same particulars as required by the last preceding section; arid In addition be shall embody In his report a true and complete statement of the
Particulars of his certificate of diplomatic exemption. Neglect or failure
without reasonable excuse to comply with the requirements of th s section
chall constitute an offence punishable In the manner and by the penalties
piuvided in the last preceding section.
Issued by the Department of Justice, Military Service Branch.
Hussion   Hud Hern   Sent   to Okalla
Wllhoiil Any Provision For
Ills Release.
Vancouver, Sept. 17th.—The unhappy plight ot u prisoner who might
have been kept In prison Indefinitely,
owing to a faulty jail commitment,
was brought to the attention of Mr.
Justice Murphy this morning by Mr
Frauk Lyons, who secured the release
fro custody by writ of habeas corpus
of Saale Bilk, a Russian subject.
"But tor this action this man might
have lain in jail for the rest of his
life," declared Mr. Lyons
The man had been convicted by
Magistrate Joseph Shaw, of Courtenay, on September 6, on a charge of
not carrying nationality papers. He
waB sentenced to a line of $54.50 or a
mouth in prison, and was brought to
Okn.Ha to serve, his sentence.
A few days ago some of Bilk's Russian compatriots subscribed the 51.50
to get his release, but when Mr. Lyons presented himself at Okalla with
the money Bilk's release was refused,
because the warrant of commitment
did not state that he had been fined
and did not state how long he was to
he kept In prison. It said he had to
he kept In prison until released by
"due process of law."
On realizing the Imperfection of the
warrant, Mr. Lyons, with Mr Garfield
King, started habaes corpus proceedings. Mr. W. S Lane, for the crown,
offered In court (ills morning to allow
Bilk to go free on payment ot the fine,
but Mr. Lyons stood on his rights and
demanded the man's release as a matter of right.
An order protecting the magistrate
from prosecution for damages was
made by the judge, who said the warrant had been drawn up iu Ignorance
by the magistrate
The Irony of the case was discovered by the discovery, after his release,
that Bilk khad all the time been carrying a Russian passport, which being in the Russian language had not
been understood by the officers who
caused Bilk's arrest.
Mrs. Caleb Dando loft for Powell
River ou Thursday, on a visit to her,
Mrs. William Jones, of tho Union
Hotel, left for Powell River on Thursday ou a visit to her daughter.
Harry  Devlin,  Inspector of  Mines,
It 13 greatly to be regretted that
while the Canadian Collieries Dunsmuir Limited are endeavoring to move
houses into Cumberland with all dispatch at their command, certain people In the community consider It
within their rights to run off with
porch posts and other portions of verandah constductlon, thereby putting
the company to a great deal of trouble and expense in having to reorder
material which should be there. Besides, it constitutes a theft. Residents of both Cumberland and Bevan,
particularly (lie latter, will kindly see
that their children discontinue the
practise of taking material away for
klndlmg'wood. or other purpose. Unfortunately it has not been juveniles
only who were the gullly parlies, and
should the practice continue after this
warning the Company will be obliged
lo adopt sterner measures.
Miss Minnie Horbury left for Vancouver ou Wednesday morning.
Hugh Stewart, M. L A., will address
the Cumberland   Liberal Association
on Monday   evening, Sept 23rd.   The
Mark Bate jr.,   of Nanaimo, Chief members   of the   Ladies! Association
Accountant of the Canadian Western «w lnvited t0 be present.
Fuel Company, arrived on Thursday 	
A public meeting   will be held   In
the Council  Chambers  on   Thursday,
October   3rd., at 7.31)   o'clock, for the
purpose of discussing ihe advlsablll-
ls here on his usual monthly tour of ly of endeavoring in establish a pub-
Inspection of the local mines.
evening on a visit to his brother,
Mayor Bate, of this City.
LOST—On Saturday night, near Ilo
Ilo Hall, a bunch of keys If found
kindly return to W E. Boden.
Courtenay, B. C.
Ilorhury's   visit at Nanaimo   he was
Harold Woods left for Vancouver ou
Monday, enroute for Toronto, to enter the Canadian Aviation force
Mrs. R. Rideout, of the local Millinery Parlors, relumed on Saturday
from a business trip to Vancouver anil
During   the month   of August one
lie or open Forum In this City.
P. P. Harrison, Mayor.
Mrs. T Anderson, of Union Bay,, left
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jay- on Wednesday   for   United States to merchant vessel or transport left the
lies. enjoy a well earned rest.   She ex- shores of the United    States for Eu-
  peets to spend the winter with rela- rope every forty minutes.
The    Public     School   Children, of tives In   Colorado,   lllnols   and other                            	
Cumberland, will give a concert dur- Eastern    8tates.   The    oonfectloiiary H. M Clements, M P for Comox-AI-
Ing the month of November, under the business In her absence Will be Very berni, has returned t oVancouvcr, af-
-           .              direction of   their   teachers, to raise ably conducted by her daughter, Mrs. ter spending three weeks at Ottawa
II is very commendable on tho part funds for the purpose   of renovating Johnson. In connection with    matter effecting
able he should have statutory declaration,"
This evidence apparently was not
satisfactory to Magistrate Shaw, and
he fined the accused $50 and $5.35 In
riiliiberliind,   Berai (I   Union
Patriotic I I.
Balance July 31st  110,849.88
Amount   Collected       1,866.80
Interest   paid  hy Royal Hank
for three months        1(17.06
Total    $12,323.74
Total amount paid to families    $ 1,113.00
Stamps            2.60
Balance August 3lst    11,208.14
of Mayor   Harrison to   call a Public the interior of the school               ,
Meeting for the purpose of discussing  ■
the advisability of establishing a pub- The   regular meeting  of   the   Rod     Heifer,   age    2 years   and   three
lie Forum, whore the citizens may get Cross Society wlll be held in the Choir months.   Freshened Christmas. Apply
FOR SALE—A good    dark
together and discuss matters of vital room of the Presbyterian Church on
Importance to the City and Distrlct.or Thursday, Sept 26th.
deliver an oration on any given BUb- 	
ject effecting the welfare of the Pro- Harvest Thanksgiving Service will
vincc or Dominion, Il Is to bo hop- be held In Holy Trinity Church on
ed our leading citizens wlll luke an Sunday, Sept., 29th. Gifts of fruits
active part and attend the public meet and vegetables will be donated to the
lug. ' Cumberland General Hospital.
Thomas Graham, General Superintendent of the Canadian Collieries
Dunsmuir, Ltd., accompanied hy Mrs.
Graham and Mrs. Devlin, left for victoria on Thursday by auto.
the Interests nf his constituency. He
Jersey slates that while the Ship building
question In relation to British Coltini
bla Is not In a very satisfactory con-
illllnn just now, there Is every pros-
B C. I'ect of a plan being worked out by
the Government that wll be acceptable to all connected wilh the Industry in this Province
Total    $12,323.74
F. A. McCarthy, Secretary.
What   we do on   Impulse we have
prepared ourselves to do by thought,
Rev. II. B, S. Taylor arrived on
Thursday and gave a very Interesting
lecture in Grace Methodist Church
Ihe same evening, on ills seven years
experience In Western China. Mr.
Taylor, himself, nnd three others,
were dressed In Oriental Costume, one
Chinese dress alone costing $400.
There wns a large allendnnce and about fifty of the local Chinese attended lo a body. TWO
vices, of opening schools, reading
rooms, tlie arranging of grounds for
sports, gymnastics and open air
games, the organizing of work-shops
and libraries. To this end you are
authorized to be a hearer at the divine services held In the camps, at
the instruction in school and at theatrical representations. You are also
authorized to send and distribute gifts
to the prisoners, to transmit moneys
and to advance money. Local officials are requested to give you the
necessary protection and assistance."
®1tp Matter
Published every Saturday by the Islander
Publishing Company at Cumberland,
B.C., Canada.   Telephone 3-5.
Subscription: One year in advance, $2.00;
Single copies, 5c. Foreign subscriptions
to countries in Postal Union, $2.00
A touching example of a French
priest's attenlton to the duties of his
office in related by Mine. Clair de
Pratz in her book on the war. In a
Paris railway station one hundred and
fifty wounded men were stretched on
beds of straw While dressing the
wounds of one of them, the nurse, seeing he wore a religious medal around
his neck, said:
'Have confidence in God and offer
your sufferings to France."
"Ah," sighed the soldier, regretfully, "Le Bon Dieu! At one time 1 used
to go regularly to church, but for the
last three years I have not found the
time. How 1 wish I could speak with
a priest now!'"
The nurse enquired whether there
wero a priest in the place, hut was
told there was none. As she was turn
ing away to attend to some other
wounded, she felt her dress pulled,
and looking down, saw it was held hy.
a dying man, who had raised himself
slightly and was gazing anxiously into her face.
".Madame," he said, "I am a priest
and can give absolution. Place me
near that man." And he pointed to
the dying soldier who had expressed
a wisli for confession.
For a moment the nurse hesitated.
The priest's ribs were broken, and
the least movement caused him terrl-
he exclaimed.
"Surely you who have faith should
ble suffering. Seeing her hesitation,
know tho value of a human soul!
What does a quarter of an hour, more
or less of my life matter?"
In his zeal the dying priest tried to
stand up and go alone to his sick
comrade's side, but his strength failed
him. and he had to be lifted on a
stretcher. His body was bent from
pain, the sweat poured down his
worn face, and he bit his lips to keep
himself from moaning outright.
The confession was necessarily
brief, for the priest's strength was
going East, and the soldier, too, was
in great pain. When the moment
came the priest asked the nurse to
hold up ids arm, as he had not the
strength to do il unaided, and, thus;
assisted, he signed the cross over the
bowed head of the soldier. A few moment;; later the priest died, after asking for the prayers of those near him.
Keeping school at Rheims, under
the lire of the German guns, is naturally alteuded by peculiarly hazardous
conditions. Some of the schools are
in huge wine vaults, far underground.
Others are in buildings that have cellars into which children and pupils
flee for safety when danger impends.
An article in the Atlantic monthly describes the morning experience of a
teacher whose schoolroom was not of
the subterranean kind.
Tlie sessions begin as usual at half
past eight, writes the teacher. I am
giving a lesson In oral arithmetic,
when, all of a sudden, my assistants,
who have remained above, come rushing down the stairway crying:
"The bombardment is close by."
"Bring your children down instantly," is my hreply
Suddenly a terrific noise deafens
us. Two sheila have fallen on a
.house close by. The little ones begin
to tremble and cry Aided by my
teachers I quickly form them in groups—encouraging them the while—to
take them down into the cellar.
We have hardly begun to go down
when we hear above our heads a tremendous crash, mingled with the
noise of shattered glass. Another
shell has fallen on the building, penetrating the first two concrete layers
and smashing all the wndows The
children, who are a little way behind,
are terrified and begin to shriek. Some
soldiers who have takken refuge with
us, take them in their arms and quickly carry them down The older ones,
whom I am leading,' remain perfectly
calm, and go down quietly. Below,
we gather them about us and comfort
the most timid, my assistants meanwhile comforting others
Our stay in the cellar lasts two
hours It seems to us extraordinarily
long. So far as most of the children
are concerned it is a surprise, and it
ends by amusing them At last, about
twenty minutes past two, hearing
nothing more, I go up to make sure
that the bombardment is over. The
pupils come up, two by two, each of
the older ones leading a little one. I
form them in line and each of us takes charge of a group Then I dismiss
them for the afternoon.
As a member of Y, M. C, A service
for Internment men in Allied countries, including Canada, a marked
change is beginning to be seen in the
attitude of the German military authorities towards entente prisoners
of war in that Empire.
In his report, -Mr. Putil Ami, Swiss
Secretary, working for French and
British in Germany , says:
"The first permit granted me only
gave me a right to the distribution of
gifts among the war prisoners. My
activity among the camps was thereby very limited. Then I received reports from our Secretaries working
in Russian War Prisoners' camps in
Siberia, and pictures from War Prisoner Camps in England, and presented thorn to the War Ministry for inspection. At New Year 1 was able to
receive as guest the Chief of a section
el' the War Ministry. We bar a long
conversation in which I gave him a
description of a manifold activity among prisoners of all nations. All this
gradually created at the War Ministry
an atmosphere of confidence and kind
disposition towards us, and this
Spring at a special session of the War
.Ministry a new permit was granted
me for my camp visits and a special
messenger was dispatched to meet
me, to let me know the good result of
the transaction This new permit
roads us follows:
"You are authorized not only to
look after the welfare of tho War
prisoners, and to speak to them, to
lake note of their desires for gifts
and have photos taken of them, but
also to have the following privileges;
lllo installing of halla fur divine 80r-
At the Zensui Temple in Iwane village, a very ancient wooden idol of
Yaisravana was opened about four
years ago, and some rice that had reposed therein for fully ten centuries
was removed and planted. The seeds
according to the East and West Bureau, germinated, and the rice grown
therefrom appears to be similar in all
respects to that of the present day.
The yield was large and the crop for
the present year from this seed is expected to be excellent
Vaivsravana is the God of Treasure.
When the statue was repaired the
workmen exhumed a bag of coarse
fiaxen textile, which proved to contain
the rice seeds, with a piece of paper
hearing the following inscription iu
"This image has been engraved for
the peace of the world. If any one of
the later generations opens it he
should put in new seeds.
The Tokyo Academy of Fine Arts
pronounces the image and its contents of great antiquity—at least one
thousand years old.
( ongkkgatim; in solitude.
Here, says the Argonaut, is an extract from a hotel prospectus in Switzerland :
"Weissbach is known as the favorite place of resort for those who are
fond of Holltude. Persons In search
of solitude are, in fact, constantly
flocking here from the four quarters
of the globe."
A colored girl long in the service of
an Alabama family recently gave "notice" of two weeks, and explained that
she desired to get married. The Mistress, says the Family Herald, managed to finil a successor, but was dismayed to find that the new servant
could not report for duty until a
week after the time fixed for the wedding of her predecessor. So the mistress asked the bride-to-be if she would not agree to. postpone the happy
event for a week. That she declined
to do, but shesaid she did not In the
least mind getting married and continuing the household duties until her
successor put in   an appearance. The
Plain and Striped Silks in all shades.
Voile, Silk and Striped Crepe-de-Chene Waists.
Black and Colored Silk and Moreen Underskirts.
A complete range of Ladies' Whitewear.
Ladies' black and colored Silk Hose in all shades.
Blankets, Comforters and Marcell's  Spreads
Dong Fong & Co.
Merchant Tailors
Gents' Furnishings, Dry Goods, Soaps and Toilet
Articles, Hosiery and Chinese Shoes.
Dunsmuir Avenue CUMBERLAND, B.C.
husband  elect offered  no objections, AMERICAN "ACE" BAGS TWELFTH
and everyone   agreed to the arrange
ment. An hour after the marriage
ceremony the domestic was performing her duties as usual.
"I presume your husband haa returned to his work, as you have
done," the mistress casually remarked.
"No'm," said the girl in a matter-of
fact tone. "Joe, he done gone on his
Special Program for
Payday, Monday
Harold Lockwood and May
. _, ,      _ Lieut. Frank Bayliss, of Now Bed-
Also Lomedy. Program to be toru, Mass. i8 fast becoming one ot
the most noted flying "aces" lighting
for America.
Shown Monday Only.
There's Magic in a Smile
EVERYBODY responds to courtesy, face to face, or
"telephone to telephone." No one will reply with
bruskness if the smile in our voice reaches him or her.
And don't think you can't put a smile into your voice—
you are doing it every day.
A genial telephone voice marks that true cordiality
which is the basis of successful business and real
British Columbia Telephone Co., Ltd.
of the DRINKS
Buy the products of the
Ask for the Brands that are the Best
Alexandra Stout is sure to satisfy.
U.B.C. Beer   The Beer of Quality.
Silver Top Soda Water ^!i&„of p-e
CaSCade Beer   The Beer Without a Peer.
Battery   Owners,
We are installing a complete Storage Battery charging plant, and from now on will be in a position to
charge yo-ir batteries on short notice.
We also carry Electrolyte and Repair parts.
A Storage Battery should receive periodical attention
in order that the results of sulphating, etc., be removed,
thereby materially lengthening its life.
Cumberland Electric Lighting
Co., Ltd.
Phone 75
P. O. 314
I  )
"The Phonograph with a Soul."
Interest in the New Edison Diamond Disc
Phonograh grows stronger daily. No one
hearing the rich true tones of this perfect instrument could do other than long for one in
his own home. With this instrument there
are no needles to change. The diamond point
is permanent and never wears out.
The Records used are double-disc, and are indestructible—lasting a life time.
It  comesjin a"variety^of finishes and woods to match any
setting.   -
Mr. Edison's remarkable genius and his years of strenuous
work have resulted in this instrument,  which is as nearly
perfect, as human ingenuity can make it.
G. A. Fletcher Music Co.
Nanaimo, B.C. umberland, B.C.
ALEX. MAXWELL, Proprietor
Autos for Hire.     Coal and Wood Hauling given very
prompt attention.    Furniture and Piano
Storage if desired.
Phones 4 and 61 Cumberland, B.C.
D. Campbell's
Meat Market
Young Steer Beef,
tender and juicy.
Veal, Pork and Mutton.
Cambridge Pork Sausage
Homemade Sausage
Polish Sausage
Veal Loaf
Boiled Ham
Ham Bologna
Have you tried our Pickled Pork
and Corned Beef ?    It is delicious.
Each Thursday morning from now
on a full line of Fresh Fish will be
on hand.
Watchmaker and Jeweller
Agent for the  HARMONOLA
All the latest Books,  Magazines
and Periodicals.
Dunsmuir Ava Cumberland, B.C,
WM.    MEKRIFiELD,   Proprietor.
Dunsmuir Ave..      Cumberland, B.C
Canada Food Board License No. 10-4986
Marocchi Bros.
Grocers and
Cumberland and Courtenay, B.C.
Brilisli Capture 8000 Prisoners
LONDON, Sept. 19.—British troops*
in desperate fighting are plunging
further Into the Hindenburg line
north of St. Quentin, while west of
Cambrai they have withstood vicious
counter attacks. The enemy is making
every effort to retain his position on
tlie 30-mlle front and so check the
new Allied movement which threatens both St. Quentin and Cambrai.
The British alone captured 8000
prisoners in yesterday's drive, while
the French captured several hundred.
Serious Menace to Hindenburg Line
How serious was the menace to the
security of the Hindenburg line by
the Brllsh threat north of St. Quentin
is shown by tb strong counter attacks
the Qermans have thrown against the
British line from Gouzeacourt to the
Arrass-Cambrai road, thus extending
the battle line nearly 12 miles northward on the front attacked Wednesday, The Brtlsh are pushing ahead
against bitter resistance towards the
St Quentin-Cambrai high road, railway and canal.
Three important enemy defense
lines from Lempire to Pontruet, which
the British now hold, and the Germans have been hurled from the forward lines of the Hndenburg positions.
Four Miles from Lecatclet
The British at Lempire ar 4 miles
from Lecatalet and within one mile
from the high road and the canal on
the short front west of St. Quentin.
The French are working steadily towards the town and on the outskirts
of Dalllon, two miles from St Quentin.
German counter attacks at Fres-
cault and Moseuvres, southwest and
west of Cambrai, were preceded by
intense artiller bombardment, which
severed the British communication
line at both points.
Germans Flung Back with Heavy
Losses ~:   -~———~—
The Germans were hurled back
with heavy losses.   The enemy enter-
Ladies'   Suits,   Children's   Coats,   Latest i
Styles in Millinery. i
Ladles' and Misses' Brush Wool
Sweater Coats, with Sash, or Belt, all
around and large collar. Colors
green, old rose, maize, purple, pink
and Saxe
*1.7.-> tn #8.00
For those seeking the ^exclusive in
we are showing a lovely assortont of
new Fall HatB, each model possessing
that style attribute so important to
the charm of personal appearance,
with rich colorings.
Come and look them over while the
selection is at its best.
Our Price, $1M to *7.50.
Pa chatlng fashions in Tnihlvm
nnve'ly anil Sport Styles The Spurt
Tweeds and Serge are especttally no-
ticea 'le for their originality and cor-
rectnoss of linn in addition to their being unusually practical Costs have
the now front and hack, with pleats',
and .ire lined with soft silk satins.
Skkl Is ade in fine styles with pockets on tlie sides.
Priced al U20.50 to $12.00
Especially suitable for School Wear
Blanket Cloth, Serge. Curl Cloth, and
Boar Coats. Also the serviceable
TwecdB In the larger sizes at moderate prices. Two to Fourteen years.
Prices to $21.00
:jm  the y%
tyv   FAIR DEAL STORE      ^
SEALED TENDERS, addressed to
the Postmaster General, wlll be received at Ottawa until noon, on Friday, the 18th October, 1918, for the
conveyance of His Majesty's Mails, on
a proposed Contract for four years,
six times per week, over the
Cumberland Rural Route No.   1.
from the Postmaster General's pleasure.
Printed notices containing further
information as to conditions of proposed Contract may be seen and blank
forms of Tender may be obtained at
the Post Offices of Cumberland and
Courtenay, and at the office of the undersigned
P.O. Inspector.
Post Office Inspector's Office, Victoria,
B.C., September 6th, 1918.
ed the British trenches atsome points
but was immediately overwhelmed.
Bulgarians Beaten to a Standstill
LONDON, Sept. 19.—The Bulgarians, completely beaten in the new
Franco-Serbian offensive, are being
pursued night and day by the victorious Allied troops, the Serbian War
Office declared in a statement received here today. Seven additional
towns hare been cpatured and the
Allied advance has now reached a
total depth of 12 % miles. Bulgarian
rinforcements, brought up from the
neighboring sectors to stm the Franco
Serbian drive, have also been beaten
and are retiring. The enemy is burning villages and supplies, but the Allied advance is so rapid that it has
been Impossible so far to etslmate the
quantities of material and the number
of prisoners captured.
The Bulgarians fought well when
the Allied attack was launched, but
their resistance has become less for
midable as the Allies have moved to
the northward.
Bulgaria Asks (or German Support
AMSTERDAM, Sept. 19.—Bulgaria
has asked Germany and Austria to
send reinforcements into Macedonia
aid in repulsing the precsnt Allied offensive, a dispatch from Cologne said
today. Th Central Powrs replied that
thy would be unable to comply at present. They informed Bulgaria, however, that negotatons were going on
for the dispatch of several Turkish
army corps into Macedonia.
American Shells Falling Into Metz
METZ FRONT, Sept. 19.—American
aviators today reported that shells
from our heavy artillery ar dropping
into the centre of Metz. A big factory
has been struck, and direct hits have
been scored on the fortress.
Kneniy Preparing to Evacuate the
Town of lluuinont
The Americans are steadily pushing
their line forward following up patrols, and their advance positions ari;
now directly in front of tli new Hindenburg line which tiie Germans established iu this region last February.
Patrol encounters are frequent, and
the bombardment of tho front Hues
and rear areas Is heavy.
The enemy Is reporec! to bo mining
Haumont, and preparing to evacuate
the terrain 111 that vicinity In a great
retrograde movement to Mars La
Tour and Champllly.
Fire, Life and
Accident Insurance
Cumberland, B.C.
Fresh Bread, Cakes,
Pies, etc.
Wedding Cakes a Specialty
Dunsmuir Ave.,      Cumberland.
Royston Lumber Co.
Slab Wood (double load)...$4.00
Commencing Monday,   Oct.
Pearl White,
In Her Most Successful Serial
The House of Hate
Comox District—Highway Bridge over
the Oyster River, about 18 miles
North of Courtenay, B.C.
SEALED TENDERS, endorsed "Tender for Oyster River Bridge," willTje
received at the Department of Provincial Public Works, Victoria, B.C., up
to noon of September 30th next, for
the erection and completion ot a
bridge over the Oyster River.
Drawings, specifications, and form
of contract may be seen at Room No.
7, East Wing, Parliament Buildings, '
Victoria, B.C., and at the office of the
District Engineer, Court House, Vancouver, B.C., and the Government
Agent's Ofllce, Courtenay, B. C, on
and after the 16th., Instant.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted bank cheque or certl-
tlcate of deposit, made payable to the
Provincial Public Works Engineer,
for a sum equal to twenty (20) per
cent of the tender, as security for the
due fulfilment of the contract, which
shall be forfeited if the party tendering declines to enter Into contract
when called upon to do so, or if he
fails to complete the work contracted
The cheques of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them upon
the execution of the contract.
Tenders wlll not be considered unless made out on the forms supplied,
and signed with the actual signature
of the tenderers.
Public Works Engineer.
Department fo Public Works, Victoria, B.C., September 9th, 1918.
Every house well painted is a
house protected.
THE paint-protected  house is a weather-proof house.
The paint-neglected building cannot escape deterioration and i ecay.
With building materials coating what they do to-day,
you simply cannot afford to leave your house without tho
weather protection which only a good paint ensures.
What Is good paint?
We can answer that question—knowing as we do that
there is one paint which fully meets every requirement.
Cur advice is to use only
_ LJ E-NULI5H (B,.naw, Gtumw B.B)
the kind guaranteed byits makers to possess as its
important basis the above strictly corrcctformula.
That formula, stamped on every can. results in
a paint that trulyexcclsin covering capacity
—ami that stands  the severe "climate
test' of Canada in a way that; p-ll.«
true economy for all who ure it POUR
Saturday, September 7th
Showing a full range of Trimmed Hats in the
Latest and most becoming Styles.
Dunsmuir Ave.
Complete House Furnishers
For values in Furniture. Beds, Spring Mattresses,
Linoleums, Carpets. Wallpapers,
Crockery and Enamelware
Tested Range
When you buy a
range why not have
the Kootenay?—
tested four ways for:
Easy Management
Economy of fuel
Best results.
For Sale by C. H. Tarbell & Son
London Toronto Montreal Winnipeg Vancouver
St. John, N.B.     Calgary Hamilton        Edmonton      Saskatoon
Hun ivdrbs from sun to Bun,
i'.uf n woman's word wns never ilonc.
Till "CRYSTAL WHITE" came In her kon,
Ami now nIic's ilniii' before Hie men.
Are you looking for a good reliable Family Soap ?
If so, try
The Perfect Soap.
Will not injure the most delicate fabric or irritate
a sensitive skin.
Licence No. S-172C8.
ruder tlie   Direction   of the Cumber-
lund   Hoard of   School
Students may enroll with Mr. McKinnon, at the Furniture Store, or Mr
Drador at the School. Enrolling takes place at the School Board Offices,
City Hall, between 9.00 A. M and 5.00
P m. Any Day up to October 1st.
Clnsses commence Tuesday, October 1st, 1918, n the Public School, und
continue until March 31st., 1919.
Mr, ('. 11. Drader, Director of Night
Classes, will be ut the School every
afternoon from 4 to 5 p. m., on School
Days, and 10 to 12 a m on Saturdays,
to see those desiring information about the classes.
These classes are specially established to enable young men and women o continue their education beyond what they have received in the
Day School, and to further train their
intelligence for the successful prosecution of the trade or occupation in
which they may be engaged.
All classes begin promptly at 7.30
p. m., and are open to any person over 14 years of age who is not attending Public School.
Students must bear in mind that
regular attendance, assiduous study,
and rigid observance of the School
Regulations are essential conditions
to their names being retained on the
school registers.
They must arrive punctually at the
appointed hour, and have their attendance registered  every evening.
They must take their places in the
class room and must not talk or move
Smoking or loitering about the
School premises is strictly forbidden.
Students should conduct themselves
outside and Inside the class Rooms,
with order and quietness. They will
be held responsible for any damage
to school property
Any student fulling to observe these
regulations ..will he ..liable to he dismissed The School sessiion is from
October 1st., to March .'list.
N'o class wlll he   formed until war.
runted by tlie registrations.
....Any class failing: to keep up an average attendance of III will automatically close.
If II sufficient number of students
enroll for any subject not on the Syllabus, tlie Hoard will engage an Instructor If practicable.
Fees are payable to the Instructor
on the opening night.
Uuder the direction of the Cumberland School Board, will be held in the
Public School Building form Oct. 1st,
1918, to March 31st., 1919. The following courses will be taught if sufficient students register.
—FEE $5.00.
Tuesdays and Thursdays, C. R.Dra.-
der, Instructor. This course is thoroughly practical and is intended to
prepare boys and young men to take
up the advanced course the following
year. As much of tlie work as practicable outlined In each subject will
be studied during the session:
ARITHMETIC—Vulgar and decimal
fractions square root, proportion, etc.
MENSURATION:—Measurement of
lines scales properties of rectangle,
triangle and circle measurement of
angles _ subdivision of angles and
straight lines.
DRAWING.—Meaning of plan, elevation, sectoni the makng of freehand
sketches and diagrams.
ENGLISH SPELLING— letter writing, simple description relating to
mines and mine operation.
MINE GASES—Special care will be
taken to give a clear and thorough
knowledge of the properties of the
air and mine gases, their action In
burning and in exploclons.
etc. The story of the Information of
coal in simplest form.
Any subject not here mentioned will
be taught if so desired by the students,
FEE $6.00.
Monday and Wednesday.—This course Is intended for those who have
studied momst of tlie work outlined in
the Preliminary Course, and provides instruction to fit students for Fire-
boss, Shiftboss or Shotlighters' Cer-
tificites.-'Tthird* Class) or for higher
certificates. Class to be taught by a
practical lner. The course is to be
thoroughly practical and to embrace
the  following  subjects: —
•Mensuration, Mechanics, Coal Mining l'ractlce, ..(mining ..terms, etc.) .
Milling Arithmetic, (iases, Theory of
Mining, with more or less work In
Algebra, Geometry, Geology, and Electricity. ENGLISH CLASSE FOR
FOREIGNERS.   Fee  $1.50.
" Eclipse" Brand Shoes
IN FOUR YEARS we have handled exclusively this Brand of Shoes
for Children, and we know that they have given good wear—and
kept their appearance while wearing.
Girls' and Misses' Patent, Button, Black
Cloth Top, Patent Tip, guaranteed to
wear well.
Children's and Misses' Patent Strap
Slippers, good quality patent leather,
broad lasts. The most comfortable shoe
for children.
and with them the demand for good reliable shoes. We invite you to try out
the "always reliable" Leckie Shoe. We have all sizes in stock for boys and
girls.   No better shoe at the price in Canada.
A nice assortment of good useful styles at very
Hats in the most wanted colorings at the very
for Ladies and Children,
reasonable prices.    Rain
lowest price.
Our Fall Raincoats have arrived and are sure to meet your approval.
We can show you many good styles, with a splendid show of colorings.
Girls' Waterproof Capes in fawn only, Theyjare made of a heavy paramatta rubber coating, which we feel sure will stand the test demanded.
A shipment has just come to hand of a splendid quality silk, in shades
of old gold, paddy purple, grey and bright yellow.   Price $1.95 per pair.
A shipment of a heavy white silk, made in tailored style. One of the
best quality silks and smartly made.
Crepe de Chene waists, in shades of pink, apricot, flesh and white. A
lovely quality and beautifully made.
We carry the Coppley Noyes & Randall brand of high class clothing for
boys, Our assortment is especially good. The making is all that could be
desired, while our prices are reasonable. We stand behind every suit we
sell, and guarantee satisfaction. Prices are reasonable considering the
present day values.
Phone 3-8
If a sufficients number of student
enroll for any subject not here mentioned the Board will engage an Instructor if practicable.
Fees are payable to the Instructor
on the opening night Classes start
promptly at 7 p. m., and continue for
two hours.
England has just launched a steel
merchant vessel of several thousand
tons that has not a rivet in Its hull.
The plates Instead ot being riveted
and caulked were welded hy electric-
ity. The experiment has been watched ~™"' w|th ^ watcr 8ygtem  WouU
with   keen   Interest on both sides of ^ separately or ag   a w)lo!e,   0„0
block kfrom the Post-Office and C. P.
R. Wharf.  .
Apply, P. O. Box 73, Nanaimo, B, C.
First Class Accommodation,     Heated
throughout by Electricity.
Cumberland, B. C.
The Globe Hotel, Front Street, Nanaimo, B. 0„ the best situated Hotel
In the City, suitable for a rooming
House, hot and cold water in rooms,
We specialize on Short Orders.
Charlie Sing Chong
Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots and
Shoes, Crockeryware and
General Merchandise.
HONG CHONG & CO., Bevan.
the Atlantic, for Its success means a
great saving In timmc and material.
Corner Fourth & Maryport
Repairs Executed Efficiently
and Promptly.
FOR sale—A Bargain—Almost new,
A Hollllzman Player Piano, with its
seat, cabinet, and 101) first class music rolls, all in good condition. For
further particulars apply,
The  Islander Office.
Of the Finest Quality.    Every
  pair  guaranteed.     For further
Oils Grease Gasoline information phone 81 R, or apply
bu v,M0,me to MRS. HAZEL BERTRAM,
Phone  8 Maryport Ave.,       Cumberland.
WANTED—A Saleslady, One with experience preferred. Good wages.
Apply Ezzy & Hnddad., Corner
Tonight nt the Ho llo
Trull," n serial.
'The fighting


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