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The Islander Jan 4, 1919

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With which is Consolidated The Cumberland News.
Legislation Ishrary
Subscription Price, $2.00 per year
Two of the beautiful rooms In the Versailles Palace. The upper is
a photo of the Salon des Glaces, the lower tho Salon des Pendules.
These salons are the most beautifully decorated and furnished In all
Ing concern. Furnished complete
with all the necessary requisites.
A bargain. For further particulars
apply to Tex Foster, Dunsmuir Ave.
Anglican services, Sunday, Jan. 5:
Holy Communion at 8.30 a.m. Evening
Prayer and sermon nt 7 p.m.
FOR SALE.—Chevrolet five-passenger
touring car, In good running order,
tires nearly new, self-starter and
electric lights. Owner no further
use.   Apply B. Grieves, Cumberland.
William McFadyen left for Vlctorln
on Wednesday. He Is discharged
from further military service, and
has accepted a position with the Royal
Bank of Canada at Victoria.
L.C., H. C. Brown, has been awarded the Military Medal for bravery at
Cambrai. This Is the fourth decoration
to he won by members of this family,
and ls probably a record for Canada:
Sergt. W. M. Brown, D.C.JI.'; Sergt.
51. M. Brown, D.C.M.; and Capt. and
Adj. J. C. Brown, Medal Militaire,
(French), who is now acting on the
Demobilization Staff In England.
Robert Robertson left for Vancouver on Monday.
.Miss V. Mermold, bookkeeper of
Simon Leiser & Co., Ltd., returned
from a visit to Vancouver on Friday.
Charlotte Jaynes   returned from a
visit to Nanaimo on Thursday.
To the Editor of Tlle Islander:
Dear Mr. Editor,—May I express
through the press the sincere thanks
of tho Church Commute" of Holy
Trinity, Cumberland, to all who so
generously contributed to the Carol
Singers during the Christmas Festival, nnd also to those members of
other churches who so kindly came
and helped us. Our tax debt has been
greatly reduced and we are most
Yours very sincerely,
F. COMLEY, Rector iu charge.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Nanaimo, were hero on
spent New Year's Day In Cumberland.
Miss   Gladys   Lewis    returned
Seattle on Friday's train.
Wilson,   of Down (Jo   i„flalt,,|  pr|c<,s  on  Suits,
a visit and     lflats> DrcsscS( sk|rts, Etc.
Wc are going- to take our loss—
hence this sale. If you pay more now
lor clothes than you did In 1914 and
1915 you are being bumped. With the
war passed into history: with the boys
coining home—where ls the woman
who will be satislied to go forth Into
this glorious now liny of prosperity
with the old war-time clothes and
war-time thoughts and war-time discouragements? Conic out into the
sunshine and smile. We are ready
with the goods nnd with prices lower
than they have been for a long time.
Wc enn serve you Instantly and your
new clothes will help you'make tlle
All thc city stores were closed on whole world bright. Your last
Wednesday and Thursday of this chance all next week. Remember the
,vcek. name — Ezay it Hiiildiid. Cumberland.
Miss Pcrclval, of tho stall of the
Cumberland General Hospital, left for
Vancouver on n three-weeks' vacation,
.Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rickson left
for Vancouver on Sunday.
ls a wronged wile justified in taking revenge. See more truth than
poetry at the Ilo Ilo Theatre next
The giant steamer Leviathan, formerly the German steamer Vaterland, returned to New York, bringing back nearly 9000 veterans This
photo shows a happy looking chap with a captured German gun
and helmet, neither of which will be needed by their former owner
Press   Advertising   Sold
Victory   Bonds
BEFORE the war, bond buyers were "marked men." In number they
were 40,000 in March, 1917—this is shown by the number of purchasers of the Government War Loan of that date. But in the autumn of
the same year, their number increased twenty times-—to 820,000! This
was the number purchasing the Victory Loan. 1917. Last month--
November, 1918--over 1,000,000 persons purchased the Victory Loan 1918!
These wonderful results were accomplished by Press Advertising.
Now quite
Before the war one-half of ori'i per cent, of our people bought bonds,
twelve and one half per cent, of our people are bond buyers!
Before the stupendous amount of
$076,000,000 worth of bonds could be
sold to our Canadian people ln three
weeks a most thorough an exhaustive
campaign of education was necessary,
and this campaign was carried
through by advertising ln the public
press. The power of the printed word
never had a more convincing demonstration.
By means of tlie printed word,
through the medium of advertisements
In the press of our country, the Canadian people were made to know what
bonds are, the nature of their security, their attractiveness as an Investment, and why the Government had
to sell bonds.
Every point and feature of Victory
Bonds was illustrated and described
before and   during   tbe   capaign—In
advertisements. No argument was
overlooked. No selling point was
The result Is that Canadians today
arc a nation of bondholders.
They know what a convenient, safe
and profitable form of Investment
bonds are . Instead of one man in
two hundred owning bonds, now one
Canadian in eight—men, women and
children—owns a Government Security.
This complete transformation in the
national mind and habits was brought
about by advertising In the press of
the nation. Press advertising has justified itself as the surest and speediest
method by which a man's reason can
be influenced and directed.
The Minister of Finance acknowledges
this.   His own words are:
"The wonderful success of thc Loan was due In large measure
to their (the press of Canada) splendid and untiring efforts
during the whole of the campaign."
Mr. E. R. Wood, Chairman of the Dominion Executive Committee having oversight of the campaign to raise Victory Loan 1918, said "... The press publicity
campaign ... .will rank us one of the most remarkable and efficient publicity
ciiiupalgns ever undertaken In any country," aud Mr. J. H. Gundy, Vfce-
Chalran ot the same committee said: "1 have been selling bonds for a long
time, but I never found It so easy to sell them as at this time. ..The reason ls
the splendid work the press has done. I take 00 my hat to the press of Canada."
The success of Victory Loan, 1918,and the knowledge which Canadians now possess of bonds are a stright challenge to the man who. doubts the power of the printed word, in the form of advertisements, to sell goods—and this applies not to bonds
alone, but to the goods YOU are interested in selling.
A O-Acl Metro W'tindi rplnj of Line
and Vengeance; Presented by Metro
Pictures Corporation! Written by
Mine Palrovn; directed by lliirlun I,
hlugt Sciiiiirlo hy Eluiiiii II.(lil'liili;
Photographed by Hurry II. Harris.
Blake Wendell and
Ashton Blair  Milium- Hamilton
Daniel Maltland  Charles .Martin
Florence Grant  Violet Heed
Robert Oram .. Harry Burkhnrdt
Grace Danby  Mary Sands
Allen Danby  William B. Davidson
Louis Barreutos  Anthony Merlo
considered the best policy until the To thc Man
Board of Health and Medical Health 	
Officer could assure the Council that A man has n right to worship
In the church that be may choose
mi.- ni... cn,„,„n h«i,i their regular there was no further danger of any  „ '" '"", enuren mat
The City Council held their regular „„,.„,, „, ,„„„„„.,„     „ ,„  Has a right to spend his money
further outbreak of Influenza.    It Is
Elaine Esmond, tho novelist, is
dictating her new story to her stenographer.
Vera .Malt land, daughter of a "Steel
King." gives u dinner at her home.
Ashton Blair, a guest. Is attentive to
the hostess, much to tile displeasure
of her father. Barreutos, another
gtiost, ls attentive to Grace Dcnby.
arousing the jealousy of her husband,
Allen Danby. Blair remains after the
others have gone. He asks Vera to
be his wife and she consents. The
next morning, she Informs her father
of her engagement, and he Is displeased, as he knows Blair to be an
Idler. He gives Vera a check for ten
thousand dollars for a wedding gift,
saying It wlll support them until
Blair has a chance to show his worth.
After their marriage, Blair reads
law, but no clients come his way.
Danby has become suspicious of his
wife and Barreutos. One night, Grace
Dimby eoines to Vera, greatly agitated, saying that her husband has returned unexpectedly, and finding Barreutos with her, has "shot him dead.
She says Danby has no money with
which to flght for liberty. Vera promises that Blair will defend him.
She aids Blair In planning his line
of defense. His ambition is aroused
when sbe tells blm that an acqultal
based on the unwritten law will make
him famous. He secures the acqultal.
Now Blair has many clients, and his
head Is turned by success. The gossip about her husband's attentions to
another woman, Florence Grant,
reaches Vera's ears and she asks him
if It is true. She knows from his
manner that It Is and Blair leaves
home In a rage. Vera goes to a seaside resort to seek diversion from
Who Don't Understand her troubles, leaving Blair a note
saying that she still loves him. By
an odd coincidence her husband and
Florence go to the smile hotel. Sho
confronts them, and tells Florence,
at the point of n revolver, to go nt
once. In the ensuing quarrel between Blair mid Vera, Blair tells her
meeting In the Council Chambers on  ™"ner ouioreaa oi mnuenzu.    u is por fooI|l)h th|nga 0]. Hho(,8
n.      ,       -„-„i„„     v.,,.,.,,    UnrHann   the intention of the Council to dispose
Tuesday    evening,    Mayoi    Harrison
presiding.   Present: Aldermen Braes, of  these  articles, and as a  certain ^
Banks, and Tarbell.   The minutes of •amount    of   the   dishes   have   been Betol(, by trouWe maker8
the  previous  meeting  and  Court  of broken and»chlpped the balance would When and where to work, and how.  that ho Is tired of her nnd she kills
Bev.s.on were disposed of as usual.       Wj* about « *»r cent, of the amount ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^                him.
The following   communication   wub  oi "ie <""■ when our forefathers tolled together      u'ra ls brought to trial.    Her luw-
recclved from Dr. H. Young, Provin-      Ue Nakanishia account.   The range D|(1 tiwy |,avc Ht,.|kes and troubles       vor l,eBH mercy for her.    Vera sud-
clal Officer of Health''                          used  was loaned by Alderman Tar- then?                                              denly rises and says, "1 do not ask
A. McKinnon, Esq., Cumberland, B.C. be" and wl» bo returned.   This bill You can bet your life, they never.    tor lm,n,v, , Bsk f,„. ,„,„„,_ , |(iMl,(,
SIR—I am In receipt of your letter  la r°*' the water boiler and necessary Th(,y fol|P(, lhlJ troea ami c|earej ti1(, my husband bocnuso be betrayed my
of the 18th nist   wherewith you for- Plumbing and divides Itself into two land,                                               trust.   Is there one law for tho woman
". ,          ., .   ,,,„ „„   parts as follows: Thoy roughed II thro bad weather,
ward a statement In regard to the ex- P"t»       »■»«• The). 'uneaBth9 „,,„, wl(holll (1||„u,:|
penses Incurred   for   the   emergency Boiler and fittings fjb.it, Uul iney al,vaVK pullftl together.
hospital at  Cumberland  and  asking Labor  $13.76 .,                    ,             ....
that the Government pay for the same.      Tho  holler and  lltllngs   when   re- N°W -fgEfig^i^aMVljT™
1 would hc-g leave to point out that moved  will  be  worth  about 60  per Bui the words, "Pull Together,"
there arc one or two Items in the bill cent, of their cost. Was n vory familiar phrase,
which should he turned to a credit      Re telephone account.   This amount Al|(| tlio'ro'a one thing Hint's cortaln
account.     I   refer  to  A.   McKlnnon's covers   the   cost   of   Installation   and t\m\ the war proves that It's true,
account for beds, bedding, dishes, etc.. removal of Instrument   and   wiring, If we nil pull togethehr,
♦ 207.25.    What   hns   become   of   this  olid thus disposes of this account. It's nun Ii better than just a few.
niatcrlnl?   Also the bill of Nakanishi      Re   eloctrls   light   account.    Thla Mpw conies the day of reconstruction
for the range and  plumbing, $00.00. material Is intact lu the school build- Willi u million things to do:
What has become ot the range?   Also inB and the Items are as follows:  Hi We_ca.li make this the greatest nation,
tho   Items,   telephone   and   electric lamps, $19.60;  wiring for 111 lamp?,
light.   The Installation for these two  (contract), $117.20; collecting building
amounts to the sum of $129.00.   What to pole lino, material, $27.30;  labor,	
has become of the material?                $8.00.   The electrician estimates that '|'|R, Matron of tho Cumberland Gen
Kindly let me have a reply and I  If tho material used, both inside and eral   HoBpltal  desires  to  convey  tbe  In tlle Council Chambers to do
will take the matter of payment up outsido,  were  removed, it  would  be thanks and appreciation of the pall
with the Department.
Yours truly,
if we can only depend on you.
and another for tbo man?"
Elaine Esmond, the novelist, forgetful of everything hut her story, Is
standing with arms outstretched, appealing, Suddenly there la a knock
nnd lllei'" Wendell, her flanceo, on-
tors, surprised to find her still working ou the novel. Dismissing tbo
stenographer, Bho lurna to Blake and
says, "I wish all love Blorles could
end aa ours wlll." Blake asks ber to
explain further and she answers -
"Thoy lived happily forever nflcr."
Next Wednesday, January sth. nt 2
p.m., the Red Cross Society will meet
nnd  knitting.    Those who still have
worth approximately $45.00. ellt„  ail(|  Btaff 0( tlle  ioca]  hospital  garment*   are   requested    to    return
This covers the points on which you  tol.   tne   following   donations   during them finished that afternoon   so thai
desired Information and I think la a  Ule Christinas season: the box muy bo packed for Victoria
Provincial Officer of Health, fair estimate of the value of the goods     clty   Meat  Market,  one  turkey;   A   Dues may be paid to the Secretary or
to the city at the present time. Friend, two turkeys; T. Mumford, one lo a member of the conimltice at any
Yours truly, box of apples; S. Leiser & Co.,'fruit, time.     Members,   $2.00   per   milium;
A. McKINNON, City Clerk.  i,0,lev  ami  m,ts;   Charlie  Mah   Juno Associates, $1.00 pur annum.
A communication from the Univer- alld  sing  Kee Jan, Union  Bay, two AMY B. CLINTON, Secretary
H.  E.  Young,   Provincial   Officer   of slty of British Columbia dealing with  nachkr.    of   vegetables,    tea.   coffee.  -o	
Health, Victoria, B.C.: lectures on various toplcB, was laid cheese, hum, and candy. Hoarns—Browne.     Mr.   and    Mrs.
DEAR SIR,—In reply to your re- over for the consideration of the 1919  Frank  P.  Ilearns, 621  Seventh Ave..
quest for further information re items Council. ne residence of Robert Adamson,  Vancouver,  B.C.,  announce the  mnr-
of expenditures in connection with the     Accounts as follows were referred on the corner of Derwent Ave, n'id f'RB« of their daughter, Edna May, to
emergency hospital at Cumberland. I to tho Finance Committee for payment Fourth Strcen, was slightly damaged Martin L. Brown, of Sagua La Grande,
beg lo reply as follows; Comox Co-operative Soc $ 3.90 i,y n,.e on Friday. Cuba, and formerly of Victoria, B.C.,
Re A. McKinnon account, the beds. City Office expenses   34.70    "   son of Mrs. S. Brown, of Cumberland!
bedding, dishes, etc.', are all stored in       Thc   Cumberland    Public   Schools B.C,    The  marriage  was  solemnized
the basement of the school.   This was Total  $38.60 wlll re-open on Monday next. on Thursday, Dec. 26th, 1918.
The Council instructed the City
Clerk to supply the necessary information, which is as follows: TWO
SIlj? Mlmihv
Published every Saturday at Cumberland, B.C.
(From the Y'ouths' Companion)
The year   began   with   the   sorry
farce-which,  at  the   time,   had   so
ninny  aspects  ot  tragedy—that  was
played at Brest-LItovsk.   The Bolshe-
 vik government of Russia, conscious
Beware the Bolshevik. Look about of the military impotence to which it
you. Comprehend what is taking had reduced the country, and eager
place. Winnipeg Bremen and police for a peace behind which it could
went on strike nnd placed the city in consolidate Its own power and begin
grave peril. Montreal firemen and agitation for a world-wide proletarian
policemen quit work, demanding the revolution, put itself unreservedly into
heads of their departments. Amidst the hands of the Germans. The dele-
the burning of buildings, the wreck- gates who came from Berlin wore
im; ol' stores and Ihe pillaging of the quite prepared ruthlessly to exploit
people these men claimed the right to ihe weakness of Russia. They de-
appolnl their own officers. In Toronto manded that Poland, Livonia, Esth-
pplico officora demand the right to be onla, Courland and Finland he nur-
ufliUated with a labor union, and rendered nnd given cither nominal
under their breaths, as yet, they also freedom or annexed to Germany as
circumstances should determine; they
Insisted upon a very largo Indemnity
in money and upon economic concessions that would put Russia fur an
Indefinite period at the mercy of Germany.   The terms were so hard that
Is   public   speech, Trotsky nt first declined to sign them;
who   demand   that he hoped apparently that the German
demand tho choslng of their own
superior officers. Yet others ol_ Hol-
Bhevlk siripe attempt to capture the
Trades and Labor Council. So far
without avail, But wait, On every
occasion where laboring men gather
and where there
there  are   those
capital shall he wiped out, thai only
laboring men. that Is to say. those
who labor wilh their hands—the Bolshevik takes no account of u man
who labors with his brain—shall govern to the exclusion of all other
classes. II Is not pari of the Bolshevik or Soviet doctrine that the
majority shnll rule. Not a bit of It.
However, do not  lake my  word  tor
socialists would make an organized
protest against so imperialistic a
peace. But the protest did not come;
the Germap delegates turned to thc
representatives of southeastern Russia—the Ukraine—and made with
them a separate peace, which acknowledged the Independence of that region; and thc German army was put
In motion to invade tlie remnant of
this statement, take that of Max East-  the empire that Lenlne and Trotzky
man. formerly editor of "The Masses," governed.
That brought tlie Bolshevik government quickly to terms, and on March
2nd   the   Brest-Litovsk   treaty   was
and  now  editor of "The  Liberator,'
the mouthpiece of the Bolshevik element in the United States.    Here is
Whal lie says:    "This shall be a gov- signed.    Russia lay prostrate at the
ernment of the proletariat, hy the pro- Kaiser's feet, and the most grandiose
letariat for the proletariat projects of world   dominion   became
If you do not renounce your capital- epidemic in Berlin. First of all, the
lstlc privilege (meaning the owner- Ukraine was overrun. German troops
ship of private property), we will re- occupied Kiev, and overthrew the ex-
lleve you of it. Wo intend to have a Isting government and installed one
republic of workers and we intend subservient to Berlin under General
this so really and truly that nothing Skoropadskl. Roumania, helpless and
can stop us, not even 'justice,' nor cut off from all Allied assistance, had
'principles of democracy,' nor the to sign a humiliating peace at Buchar-
'rule of the majority.' nor any of those est; and form its new vantage points
slogans of ancient morality." on the Black Sea Germany looked for-
There you have It. The Bolshevik ward to the easy conquest of southern
philosophy ns printed in Eastman's Siberia, Turkestan and the road to
own  paper.    But let us  turn  to an-  India.
other authority, tills time a resident Tho vanity of those hopes soon be-
of Canada. Here is what he is preach came apparent; even before defeat in
ing: the west had weakened the grasp of
"We advocate the dictatorship of the Grmany on its eastern conquests, It
people or proletariat. Under this was clear that the Brest-Litovsk set-
creed society must be turned upside tlement was no settlement whatever,
down, the will of the workers being Germany could get little or nothing
imposed on the 'bourgeolso,' or ruling from the Ukraine or from Roumania;
class. The State as It exists today the people were stubbornly hostile
must be destroyed, and with it must and when aroused by the harshness of
go overboard law and all the political ihe German comratmnders grew mur-
tnatltutions of the country for we derous. Gen. von Eichhorn, the dic-
mnintafn that these exist only to op- lator at Kiev, was killed; so was
press the poor and protect the ruling fount von Mirbach, the German am-
CliiBS, In place of the State the Bol- bussador at Moscow. Dr. Helfferich,
shevist places the revolutionary or- who succeeded Mirbach, fled to Berlin,
ganlzation of the workers. The first in fear, of assassination. Everything
duty of that body is to dispossess the in Russia was in flux; the Germans
capitalists,   take   control of all  key could  confine or  control  almost  no
industries, hind, mines, railways,
means of postal and telegraph communication, the newspapers and running them for the benefit of the workers, nnd the extension of the Bolshevist system.   The land la to he par-
lakeii over without compensation to
owners or shareholders, to be run hy
shop committees. All profits from
whatever source ure to be administered by a Central Revolutionary Committee until such time as they ure
handed over to the workers. Tho
Bolshevists do not argue, we lay
down a dogma that the workers at
all costs are supreme and to attain
this end all means are justifiable,"
That thla danger Is very real there
is uo denying. In proportion to our
population wo have probably as many
Bolahevists as the United States, perhaps morn. If these men but talk
their crazy prattle, all well and good,
lun wo have unquestioned evidence
of late thai It Is not all talk. Force
of this sort must ho met by force;
there is no other way out, When
gangs of hoodlums loot stores, set
fires and damage the machinery by
which fires are extinguished, they
should be shot One bullet from n
soldier's rifle would be worth u dozen
Ii is only by the exposure of the
methods of Bolshevism that It can he
killed. There is no use sticking our
tongue In our checks with the coin-
fortlng thought that they have not got
around to us yet. Perhaps not, but
they may by next week. The workmen of this continent are as a class
sensible men. The greater proportion of our population has n stake in
the country, and, by the way,
What to give a friend for Christmas
is a question that Is giving many
people a great deal of thought. Opinions on this subject have changed considerably, for thc war has made Imperative the quality of usefulness In
gifts. Today the effort Is to get a present that combines good will and genuine value.
War Savings Slumps do this to an
unusual extent Not 'only arc they
always worth thc price paid for them,
but a great deal more, Interest being
paid on them at the rate of over i%
per cent compounded half-yearly.
.Most other gifts decrease In value as
time goes on.
A War Savings Stamp costs $1.00,
which Is pretty well within the reuch
of all. Still, If there are any who
want to start a friend in tho way of
profitable saving, but feel that they
cannot afford this amount, they may
i hey may buy Thrift Stamps and give
them. These cost 25 cents each, and
when sixteen of them have been
bought they may be exchanged for
a War Savings Stamp.
War Savings Stamps are a good Investment, drawing 4% per cent com-
if there pounded half-yearly, and no one will
was  more  "stakes" there   would   he  regret having given one or more of
loss  Bolshevism.    There  Is no gain- I hem as a present.
saying the fact that there have been   -
part of the restless mass. Had they
had a free hand in Russia, they could
have accomplished much—perhaps all
that they planned to accomplish; but
a free hand the Allies would not let
them have; every suggestion of peace
celled out and given to the peasants  In the west that implied the Allies'
recognizing the Brest-Litovsk treaty
was quickly negatived In London and
Paris and Washington.
License No. 8-19224
When cloud-bajtks blot the sky dull grey, or
whistling winds make outdoors disagreeable, how
cheery and exhilarating are bright lights and
sparkling fires j
And in these soul-trying days, how welcome
is the cheery brightness—the soothing caress—the
soul-satisfying  message—of the  music  you   love.
So tliis Christmas you need music more than
ever—good music, that brings the spirit of Christmas
to everyone, young and old.   Such is the music of
"The Phonograph with a Soul"
This wonderful instrument brings the beautiful
world ofmusicintoyour home—RE-CREATIONS
of the art of the world's greatest artists. The New
Edison does not merely imitate—it actually RECREATES with such utter fidelity that the human
ear cannot distinguish between the living artist and
The New Edison.
The true spirit of Christmas lies in the soul of
The New Edison. Let it sing its message of hope
and faith and love in your home this year.
Visit our store for a demonstration of the marvelous New Edison
or have one sent to your home.    No obligation, of eourse.   197 *~Jj
G. A. Fletcher Music Co.,    Cumberland. B.C.
Do you ever
on your call?
doubt the operator when you get this report
Her test of the line called ls a very simple matter. Remember thhat it Is easier and quicker for her to complete a
call than to report back to the person calling.
Each operator senses her unusual responsibility and is
appreciative of every evidence of consideration accorded her
earnest effort.
British Columbia Telephone Co., Ltd.
altogether too many fat fortunes
rolled up within the past few years,
but the workmen may he comforted In
this respect to ut least some degree
by the thought that the Government
is going lo take a good deal of this
wealth away, and as the Government
becomes more export In separating
the millionaire from his lucre he will
part with even more of it than is now
the case.—Toronto Saturday Night,
Wc think It well to   remind   sub- ———-—-•
scrlbers to the 1918 Victory Loan that
Ihe third Instalment falls due on the FOR
Mh day of January, 1919, by which _, _ . . -
date all instalments should be paid plfC    Life 2MQ
to the bank through which the sub- '
scription was made.
Buy War Savings Stamps and Thrift
Accident Insurance
Cumberland, B.C.
Phone 116
Offlce:   KINO BLOCK,
Cumberland, B.C.
of the DRINKS
• ^^mmmmmmmm^mmmmmmmmm
Buy the products of the
Ask for the Brands that are the Best
Alexandra Stout is sure to satisfy.
U.B.C. Beef   The Beer of Quality.
Silver Top Soda Water
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Fruit Flavors.
Columbia Grafonola
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price you may desire to pay. Here is a Columbia
dealer at your service whose pleasure it will be to show
you the models which you may desire to see, and hear.
Type A.   This Columbia Grafonola, with  your
choice of 6 records (12 selections).   Price $35.40.
Type C. Substantial, beautiful in tone and lines,
complete in every detail. It will brighten every home
with its companionship and good cheer.   Price $70
Returning Officer
UI1VIPIDIIITV PITV offlce ot ,ami or real proPer,yln tlie carts on "ie stage seeks t0 glve tlie
Inllillllll Al I I I    III I I   -oi'y of tbe assessed value on the last  impression   that   she   is   a    leading
IllllallUll lllill 1    Ull 1   munlclpai assessment roll of 1500.00  woman.   And so on.    It Is all bluff;
RE   PlllIDaCDI AlUfl  or more over and above any registered  and it Is not always without serious
III     lllllYlnr III Ailll   e,"-'umbraiice or charge, and who Is  consequences.     Every   double   life i<
IllailMU  oti,erw|5e   qualified   as   a   municipal  shown up sooner or later.   One reads
—  voter. every day that Some one is not what
Given under my hand at the City of the world has thought, and only too
PUBLIC   NOTICE   is hereby given Cumberland this 27th day of Decern- often there is a catastrophe when the
truth is known. There is no element
of tragedy In Sylvia's masquerade and
unmasking—thanks to the skill of the
author of "Tiie Pair Pretender." It
all turns out charmingly for tlie little
The play Is doubly interesting to
those who know Madge Kennedy he-
cause uf the fact that she Is noted
for her candor and entire lack of prc-
That she Is able lo portray
the sort of girl who travels on her
nerve and gets by on the strength of
her ability to put over a bluff Is proof
positive thai she Is, first of all. an
uncommonly capable little actress.
to the electors of the Municipality of bcr 1918
the Corporation of the city of Cumberland that I require the presence of
the said electors at the City Council
Chambers, on Monday, the 13th day
of January, 1919, at 12 o'clock noon,
for the purpose of electing a Mayor,
six Aldermen, one School Trustee, one
Licence Commissioner, end one Police
Commisioncr, to represent thorn on
the various boards for the ensuing
The Mayor and Aldermen shall he
elected for-a term of one ycur. The
School Trustee and License and
Police Commissioners shall bo elected
tor a term of two years.
The mode of nomination ot candidates shall be as follows:—
Everbody'x Ruing II, Snjs Madge Ken.
eily, the Star  in  a   lliiiniinre  of tense.
Type D. Simple and dignified in outline and the
toue quality is exceptional. Equipped with a three-
spring motor.   Price $85.
Nothing Finer could be thought of as a Christmas Gift
Come in and we will gladly demonstrate them, and tell
you about our system of easy payments.    Store open
evenings until Christmas.
Life Is nit   pretense,   says   Madge
Kcnnucdy.    And she ought to know.
for   she   lives   in   New   York,   where
everyone is pretending to lie what he
or she isn't.   Besides, MIbs Kennedy's
latest Goldwyn picture Is called "The
The candidates shall he nominated rair Pretender." It will he shown
in writing; the writing shall be sub- at the llo llo Theatre tonight,
scribed by two voters of the Munlcl- AmUs|„g as the photoplay Is, the
pallty as proposer and seconder, and vivacious star Buys that the preton-
shall be delivered to tlie Returning siom< HOl.|ai „ml otherwise, of the
Officer at any time between the date characters must he taken seriously,
of the notice and 2 p.m. of the day ot f01.  $e business of being what one liberty   Loan   posters   urging ueopt
nomination; the Bald writing may be |9nit la mMe wUeu lt ,„ not traB,c,   ■       '■'-■ •    • • "
in the form numbered 5 iu the ached- Tilc play, written exprosBly for
ule of this Act; and shall state tho Madge Kennedy by Florence C. Boiler.,
names, residences and occupations or reveals the ends to which a girl may
descriptions of each person proposed, ciect t0 g0 t0 nttaln hcl. „mWtloni.
ln such manner ns sufficiently to i„ t|le calie ot Svivia Muynnrd, tho
identify such candidate; and ln the ambitious are histrionic, and she
event of a poll being necessary such dioosen society as the bypath which
poll will he opened on Thursday, the w|ll lead her to fame and riches. She
lGth day of January, 1919, at tho j8 a little stenographer In the office
Council Chambers, Dunsmuir Avenue, 0f a play producer and, seeking to
Cumberland, B.C., of which every por- 1)rove the ability she knows she pos-
son is required to take notice and Besaes, the girl acts an Imagluerv
govern himself accordingly. Iove Bcem witll her empioyer.    Hid
No person shall be nominated or be wife enters. It Is hardly necessary to
eligible us a candidate for Mayor, say that Sylvia Is discharged to keep
Alderman, School Trustee, Licence peaee ln the family,
or Police Commissioner, unless he be Masquerading ns the widow of a
possessed of the qualifications by law man whoBe name she chooses at ran-
required of those officers, and unless dom, Sylvia is taken up by smart sub-
the candidate shall, on or before the urban Bociety. Then she meets and
hour ot 2 p.m. of the day of nomina- fails i„ love with the right man, and
Madge Kennedy Is happy in the
knowledge that despite her constant
work m the Odldwyn Studios she is
able to help the Government by tlie
strongest forces at her command—her
eyes mid her smile. A Special liliu
has been prepared showing the little
star standing before a background of
to subscribe to the third Issue of Liberty Bonds. Tho lilin Is Interspersed
with appropriate captions. When this
motion picture was shown in Detroit
recenly at the .Madison Theatre more
than $211.11110 wns subscribed In a short
In Madge Kennedy's latest Goldwyn production^ "The Fair Pretender,"
she Is bound and gagged and thrust
Into a idoset by a mysterious foreigner, played hy Paul Doucot. Never
having been subjected to those Indignities even upon the screen, .Miss Kennedy meekly resigned herself to Mr.
Doucet's trussing. But when Tom
Moore rescued her In the course of
the action, it was seen that had he
waited any longer the star would have
been reolly  strangled.     Douect   had
Miss Kennedy around.
nearly choked her Into Insensibility,
tlon", 7urateh~thV"Hetu'ralng"Officer irVVthV^dsTof Ws 7ropo"sai  J*,f?tj^. llL^"  '° MaS
with a statement In writing, specify- when  who should  turn  up  but tho
ing the land or real property upon man whose widow poor little Sylvia
which   he   qualifies,  his  nomination pretends to be?
shall be Invalid and shall not be acted
upon by the Returning Officer.
The many dresses, coats nnd hats
used by Madge Kennedy In the course
She resorts to a typically feminine of ,lc,. Gol(lwyll productions she llnds
impulse.   She runa away and hides. B00(1 U8C for a(tcr thc,r ,lfc 011 lno
The qualifications as candidate for what happens after the glrl'a mas- Ht.rccn  is  ended.    Her accumulation
l-Mayor are as follows: querade ls discovered causes her to ot 8|1009 8he gave l0 lho Halifax suf-
He must be a British subject of the  he forgiven, and not only that, but to  f01cr8   \ml   wtntor.     She   gives her
full age of twenty-one years and not  be hailed as a heroine.    It does not (||.esges to less prosperous sister act-
dlsquallfled under any law, and have  always happen thus,   MIsb   Kennedy
rcsses who   often   need   a   beautiful
Tungstens, 15 to 40 watt, 40c, were 45c.
60 watt, 45c, were 50c
Further reductions if not less than one dozen are
purchased at a time.
Cumberland Electric Lighting
Phone 75          Co., Ltd.           p. O. 314
Royston Lumber Co.
Slab Wood (double load)...$4.00
First Class Accommodation,     Heated
throughout by Electricity.
Cumberland, B. C.
License No. 10-1606
been for the six months next preced- laughinly  declared   when  questioned ;;",„"",,",„    T"   "   """""""
ing the day of nomination the reglst- during the production of "The Fair Z 7      g    "" e"ea^m<!M-
ered owner   ln   the   Land   Registry Pretender" C0,"w "'"' WOi*r" '" prlvate llfl!
Office of land or real property In tho      "Too often the offending pretender Z-loT™ C°8"'m0 ** I"mk"",r'5'
city of the assessed value on the laat Is not thought lair' but decidedly un-
municipal assessment roll ot R000.00 scrupulous when she deceives every- YOUNG MEN ANDVimFN   You
over and above any registered encum- body ns I do In this play.   Things do
brance or charge and who is other- not come out so beautifully in  real
wise qualified as a municipal voter. life.    That Is, not  In  the end.    But
The qualifications as candidate for realy, In New York, or In fact all the
Alderman,   School   Trustee,   Licence big cities, life Is so complicated thill
and  Police Comissionor, are as foi- one ls almost forced to make someone
lows: believe   that   one   nniotints to more
They must be a British subject of than one does.   Or so 1 judge from
tbe full age of twenty-one years and what I see."
not disqualified under any law, and The stenographer tells her friends
have been for six months next preced- thai she Is a secretary.   The upstairs
ing the day of nomination the regis- girl represents herself to outsiders as
tered owner ln   the   Land   Registry a lady's maid.   Tho player of minor
Interested In a belter position. Qualify for It through our easy home
study courses, like others you know
have done. We teach Commercial
Subjects and Advertising. Drafting,
Ship, Mechanical and Art, Steam,
Electrical, Mechanical and .Mining
Engineering and other branches.
Write for free catalogues and particulars to II. J. MILHOM, Nanaimo
Box 1121, Nanaimo, B.C.
ALEX. MAXWELL, Proprietor
Autos for Hire.     Coal and Wood "Hauling given very
prompt attention.    Furniture and Piano
Storage if desired.
Phones 4 and 61 Cumberland, B.C.
D. Campbell's
Meat Market
Young Steer Beef,
tender and juicy.
Veal, Pork and Mutton.
Cambridge Pork Sausage
Home-made Sausage
Polish Sausage
Veal Loaf
Boiled Ham
Ham Bologna
Have you tried our Pickled Pork
and Corned Beef ?    It is delicious.
Each Thursday morning from now
on a full line of Fresh Fish will be
on hand.
License No. 9-3902
Marocchi Bros.New Home Bakery
_    ,     laaalsmlssa Fresh Bread, Cakes,
Pies, etc.
GrOCerS and Wedding Cake* a Specialty
„ ..'  .    ,     ■ „ .  . Dn   Dunsmuir Ave.,      Cumberland.
Cumberland and Courtenay, B.C. '
License No. 8-25489 License No. 5-1172
Watchmaker and Jeweller   X
Agent for the HARMONOLA |>
All the latest Books,  Magazines <^>
and Periodicals. «>
Dunsmuir Ave. Cumberland, B.C. W
WM.    MKRUIFJELD,   Proprietor.  A>
Dunsmuir Ave..       Cumberland, B.C,  ]x
Canada' Food Board License No. 104986 Y
Charlie Sing Chong $
Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots and W
Shoes, Crockeryware and      <»>
General Merchandise, <■*>
CHARLIE SING CHONG, Cumberland  <§>
HONG CHONG & CO., Bevan. jfo®
| Solving the Big Question of |
I 'What to Give?"
We carry a full line of Xmas Gifts at prices
that are really the lowest we can mark them
to. Why not come in and select your Xmas
Gifts of Silk Camisoles, Hug-me-tights, and
Silk and Cotton Crepe Kimonos, ladies' and
girls' Bedroom Slippers, Fancy Bags, Centre
Table Covers, etc.
A? THE. <U
V     FAIR DEAL STORE      ^
The Story of  a Wife's Revenge
"More Truth than Poetry"
A 5-Act METRO Wonderplay of
Starring Superb
"The Fair Pretender."
Comedy and 6th Episode of " The Fighting Trail."
Usual Saturday Night Dance.
i,ki.ivki.in<. Tin: poods
(Author Unknown.)
There's a man In the world who is never turned down
Wherever he chances to stay;
He gets the glad hand in tlie populous town
Or out where the farmers make hay.
He's greeted with pleasure on deserts of sand,
And deep in the aisles of the woods;
Wherever he goes there's a welcoming hand-
He's the man who delivers the goods.
The failures of life sit around and complain
The gods haven't treated them white;
They've lost their umbrellas whenever there's rain,
And they haven't, their lanterns at night.
Men tire of failures who fill with their sighs
Thc air of their own neighborhoods;
There's a man who is greeted with love-lighted eyes-
He':; the man who delivers the goods,
One fellow la lazy and watches the clodk
Ami waits for tlie whistle to blow;
And one iias a hammer with which he will knock,
And one tells a story of woe;
And one if requested to travel a mile
Will measure the feet and the rods
But one does his stunt with a whistle and smile—
He's the man who delivers the goods.
One man is afraid that he'll labor too hard,
The world isn't yearning for such;
And one man is ever alert—on his guard—
Lest he put in a minute too much.
One has a grouch nr a temper that's had,
And one i.i a croaturo of moods;
i'.o it's time for the joyous and rollicking lad—
Km' the man who delivers the goods.
Christmas Sale of Specials:
We are having a  Special  Sale for Christmas  of Chocolates,
Candied Peel, Seeded or Seedless Raisins, Currants, nice Okan-
agan Apples, Japanese Oranges, and all kinds of Nuts.    You
will 1-e surprised when you ceo how all our prices are lower
than you can put chase elsewhere.
Came Kail} and Nave from 5 la to por cent, on your total pur*
K.   ABE   &   CO.
CHRISTMAS  GIFTS (hat will be appreciated;
lilM KI'I'.S, in fumed golden oak and mahogany, fromtii to $16.00
Music mill China Cabinets, Parlor Suites and Congoleum RugB,
Ladles' Dressers, and ChllTonlers.
We have just opened up several cases ot beautiful China, suitable
for Christmas Olfts.
For the Children we have Dolls, In all sizes, Mechanical Toys,
Teddy Dears. Kindergarten Sets. Games, Horns.    Everything to
ninke the Children llnppy.
Congressman Uiiiss, oi Virginia, Is to
lie the new Secretary of Treasury,
to succeed William G. McAdoo. Mr.
Glass has been chairman of the com
mltteo on banking and currency,
anil a brilliant record Is predicted
for him hy McAdoo,
NOTICE.—A number of Cumberland
Waterworks Shares for Bale. Apply
Box 162, Cumberland, B.C.
(I'se nnd Storage
TAKE NOTICE that the Canadian
Collieries (Dunsmuir), Limited, whose
address is Victoria, B.C., will apply
for a licence to take and use 20 cubic
feet of water per second out of Tsa-
Abl River, also known as Baynes
Sound River, which flows in an easterly direction and drains into Baynes
Sound, about ii miles soutli of Union
Bay. The water will be diverted from
the stream at a point 1% miles more
or less, approximate bearing S. ao degrees, 4S minutes W., (ast.) from N.W.
corner of Lot 2 A. Nelson District;
and will be used for mining purposes
upon the mine and washery located at
Block Ii 34 Nelson District, and Lot
2S, Union Bay. This notice wns posted
on the ground on the 17th day of De-
ceher, 1918, A copy of this notice and
an application pursuant thereto and
to the "Water Act, lull," will he tiled
in Ihe olflce ot the Waler Recorder at
Nanaimo. Objections lo ihe application may be Hied with tho said Water
Recorder or with tbe Comptroller of
Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,
Victoria, B.C., within thirty days after
the first appearance of this notice in
a local newspaper. The date of the
first publication of this notice is December 21st. 1918.
MU1RI.   LIMITED,   Applicant.
The Sale of
Will Take Place at the Big Store,
FRIDAY, Jan.  9th
See Bills for Particulars
and Save Money.
Phone 3-8
Ilo Ilo Building
Watch nnd Jeweller)' Konalrlnit. AM,
Work (liiiirantwd  12 Months
I Cater to the Good Tjea Trade
Major-General   Burnet   arrived  home
on   the   transport    Leviathan   last TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:
week and insists his boys are the The  undersigned  will  not  be  res-
 ,     ,            ,    „ ponslblo for any debts contracted by
boat of all.    lie is justly proud of Mnh Ja(,k| who ha„ lett my enl,)loVi
his men, as their deeds will always CHARLIE SING CHONG.
be remembered.
Obtainable On/y at
Licence No. 8-17268.
Phone 71


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