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The Islander Apr 26, 1913

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Array ***■
Navy and White One-piece
Dresses, piped with white
and have Kobspieire collar and tie, in all sizes at
V    APR 29 101!
I New Designs in Nottingham
Lace Curtains in White and
Ecru, 3 and 3 1-2 vds in length,
| ac $1.50. $2 and *2.50per pair.
VOL. IV., No. 4   «492$)»
Subscription price, SI.50 per year
This   Year's  Preparations  will
Eclipse all Previous
The citizens of Cumberland
have decided to celebrate the 24th
of May on tbe Recreation Grounds
A strong committee will get down
to work during the coming week
,and form the various committees
necessary to ensure a good day's
sport, in fact no stone will be left
unturned to make the day thi3
year the greatest in the history
of Cumberland.
Progress and prosperity has
left the so-called in the rear that
it has now become obscure, which
makes Cumberland and district
look forward and onward.
The general committee estimates that it will be responsible
to raise $750 for prizes, a sum
that will exceed the amount raised
last year. Included in the sports
the committee expect to be able
to give a grand prize for the best
decorated automobile. There are
quite a number of autos in the
city and district and the prize
should prove quite an attraction.
In addition there will be football,
baseball and lacrosse, and various
other sports.
Among the numerous arrivals
here of late to work in and around
the mines there are some good
athletes and it will take good
men to make some of them take
a back seat. Bevan, commonly
known as No. 7, say they have
one of the finest fooball teams in
the country.
Loan* for Dominions.
In the British House of Commons on Monday Mr. Norton
Griffith'- asked the Chancellor of
the Exchequer whether he could
now consider the advisability of
introducing legislat on giving preference to those dominions which
supported the imperial navy
directly or indirectly when their
loans were made in this country
and preference to all the dominions over foreign countries by the
imposition of a small tax, similar
to that existing in France, on
foreign loans raised in England.
' Mr. Lloyd George replied that
under the existing law there was
a preference as regards stamp
duty in respect to loans issued
here by colonial governments as
compared with foreign governments. He added that no further
differentiations would be advisable.
Big Liner Launched.
The largest steamship ever
built in Great Britain, the Cunard
liner Aquitania, was successfully
launched on the Clyde today.
The new vessel is double-shelled
and carries boats sufficient to
accommodate 4250 people, the
entire complement of passengers
and crew.
The Aquitania cost the Cunard
Line $10,000,000 to construct, not
to mention the cost of her luxurious equipment.
The local Basket Ball Boys
clo td the season by having a
banquet in the ill; ing rooms of
the Cumberland Hotel on L'hurs-
day evening, closing up their
affairs and spending a very'.1!:-'
joyabl.' evening. There is nothing small about the Cumberland
Basketball team, they open and
close the season with a banquet, j
Mrs. A. H. Peacey left for
Vancouver by Sunday's Cowichan
Born, on Thursday morning,
April 24th, Mrs. John C. Brown,
of a daughter.    ■   .
John Gillespie, foreman at No.
5 Mine, returned from a trip to
Vancouver on Tuesday morning.
J. H. MacMillan, manager of
No. 5 and 6 Mines, returned from
a visit to the mainland on Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Thornley
arrived from Ladysmith by Friday evening's train, and will
run the Bevan Hotel at Bevan.
Thomas Graham, chief inspec
tor, and John Newton, inspector
of mines, arrived by Sunday's
train, returning to Nanaimo by
Sunday's Cowichan.
Mrs. John Bennie and family
left by this morning's train for
Nanaimo, where she will join her
husband. Mr. Bennie secured
employment there sometime ago.
Mrs. David Stephenson, wife
of the Chief Constable, is at present recovering slowly atVictoria.
This will be good irws to Mrs.
Stephen son's numerous friends.
On Thursday Attorney General
Bowser fixed the date for the
spring sitting of the Assize Court
at Nanaimo, which will take
place on Tuesday, May 13th. On
the docket from Cumberland are
Rex v. Goodwin, Conner, Taylor
ind Hall, intimidation; Tappella,
unlawful assembly; Wagner and
Julian, murder.
To build 200,000 Ford cars this
year one will have to come into
existence on an a verage of every
forty seconds. '"i'he big production months of the factory are
still ahead. April will see an
output of 1,000 oars per day, and
from that month on every effort
will be expended by the manufacturing force to keep up with
the sales.
Thomas Mon.'an, a logger at
Headquarters, appeared before
Judge Abrams in the Provincial
Police Court on: Tuesday charged
with forgery. The accused had
received R Moran's cheque from
the time' keeper, endorsed the
name cf R, Koran on the back of
the cheque, and cashed it at the
Port Augus ki Hotel. The presiding magistrate sent him up for
A grand ball took place in the
Cumberland Hall last evening
under the auspices of the Ladies'
Auxiliary of the Union and Comox
District Eospits.l. Their efforts
were crowned with success by
the crowded appearance of the
hall, about 75 couples taking part
in tho dance with numerous spectators. Refreshments were served by the ladies at midnight.
Messrs. Parnham, Hugo and Roy
supplied the music.
Chief. Constable Stephenson is
to be commended for the action
he took on Wednesday evening
on the arrival of the passenger
train. ' For some time past the
crowd has been in the habit of
going, down to the platform the
moment they heard the whistle
announce the approach of the
trai.ii', there crowding intentionally amongst tho passengers.
Several complaints have been
made' to the police by visitors
coming to the city of the annoyance and inconvenience they had
hud been put to by the crowding
of tl e platform. The Chief told
tne crowd on Wednesday evening to take the main road, and;
they took it. We understand that
loiterers on the public highway
will be told to move on.
Two Men Killed and Three Injured while working at
No. 8 Shaft.
No.8 New Shaft was the scene
of a serious accident on Saturday
morning. Ten men were work
ing in the shaft timbering up the
sides and had completed the set
of timbers they were working on
and moved their platform up to
get ready for another set. While
making preparations the platform
gave way and precipitated five
men to the bottom of the shaft, a
distance of about forty feet. Two
men were killed. C. Contenanzo
and Elias Doving, the other three
men were severely injured but
will recover. The remaining five
of the ten. men who were working in the shaft at the time of
the accident were fortunate to
find a place of safety in the timbers around the shaft. They gave
the necessary signals and assisted in the rescue of their injured
Coroner Abrams held an inquest on Monday afternoon when
the following jury were sworn:
John N. McLeod (foreman), A.
McKinnon, John J, Weir, A. H.
Peacey, W. Merrifleld, and. T.
Several witnesses were examined by Thomas Graham, chief in
spectnr of mines, who asked that
the inquest be adjourned until
such time as the injured men
sufficiently recovered to give evidence. To this the Coroner consented.
British  Export Trade  Reaches
Highest Watermark   No
New Taxes.
Heard on the Street.
Yes Sir, we've got 'em. Won
hands down. Say, Foster and
Nayor are alright. I'll tell yer
boys there's something doin'
when the Union gets to work.
Yes sir, the Canadian Northern
tried to borrow money in England
and got turned down cold on
account of this 'ere strike at
Cumberland. They say the
shareholders were sore as the
devil, and have fired Coulson,
Lockard and Clinton. They said
as how if they wudno' recognisn
the Union they'd put men there
as would. Yes boys, Coulson,
Lockard and Clinton have got to
"git." Say, did ye ken about 4
and 7 closing down? Yep! The
Inspectors have closed 'em both
up and I guess its all off with the
Company now. Well, t'was coming to 'em, anyway.
Ye Gods! This is the kind of
dope that is being daily served up
to the idlers, to keep their drooping spirits up.
For Double Trackinc.
The calling by the C. P. R. for
tenders for clearing the first 25
miles west from Revelstoke ready
for double-tracking is the most
important news item of the week
at Revelstoke, and is lending
additional interest and energy to
recent realty movements. The
present spring is marked in fact
by a renewal of business in every
ine, and gives promise of leading
up to the mo-1 prosperous year
in the history of this centre and
London, April 22.—It will cost
the staggering sum of $978,200,-
000 to run the British Government through the ensuing fiscal
year, according to the Chancellor,
Rt. Hon. David Lloyd George,
who introduced his budget in the
House this-afternoon. This is a
big increase, the augmentation
being caused by expenditures for
the army and navy.
According to the Chancellor the
British public is going on the
"water wagon." His speech
showed that 8,700,000 gallons less
spirits were consumed in the past
four years than in the preceding
The export trade of the country
has now reached its highest
The Chancellor said he would
be prepared to raise $25,000,000
outside of known revenues.
No new taxes will be imposed
to meet expenditures. The European money stringency, said the
Chancellor, is due to France,
Austria and Germany hoarding
$300,000,000 for any emergency
which might involve war.
"There are no indications that
the trade boom has reached its-
maximum, and there are no signs
of over-production," said the
Chancellor, "and taking all facts
into consideration, I feel justified
in coming to the conclusion that
we have entered on the most
glowing year that British trade
has ever seen."
Mr. Lloyd George estimated
that the increase in the customs
and excise taxes would be $12,-
825,000, the increase in the death
duties $7,500,000, and the increase
in the income tax and supertax
The balance of the shortage
would be made up with the in
come tax and other revenue due
last year, but only paid at the
beginning of the current year,
and $5,000,000 taken from the
exchequer balance, and representing money voted for the navy
in 1911-12 but not expended.
The Chancellor estimated that
the total revenue on the existing
basis of taxation would be $979-
125,000, leaving a margin of $925, -
000 over the estimated expenditure.
" The cost of armaments, "
Chancellor Lloyd George remarked, "is the largest and most
sterile in my experience, ami I
cannot see any prospect of this
menacing development coming to
an end, unless some changes take
place in the attitude and the
policy of the nations concerned.
The expenditure on education
A dynamo is a machine for producing electric currents by mechanical means, and electricity is
used as a means of transmitting
power. The source of power
may be steam or water. Transmitting power by electricity
claims advantages over other
systems, such as considerable reduction in capital expenditure for
long distances compared with
either compressed air, endless
rope or steam, the greater the
distance the greater the economy:
small generating plant, small cost
of maintenance, high efficiency,
small loss through leakage ns
compared with compressed air.
The cables take up very little
room and can very easily and
quickly be fixed and laid around
sharp bends in much less time
than is required to put in com
pressed-air pipes or endless ropes;
and cables and motors are easily
removable from place to place.
The disadvantages of electricity
for underground use are that it
cannot very well be applied to
coal cutting in mines subject to
explosives mixtures of firedamp,
although it is claimed that this
danger has been overcome to a
certain extent by enclosing the
armature, commutattor and
swithes (which are parts of the
motor subject to sparking) in gas-
tight cases, It should not be used
in any mine or part of a mine
where there is likely to be danger
from gas or dust.
One of the best safety lamps
used for feating should be provided with each motor when working
and should the lamp at any time
show any indication of firedamp
the current should be immediately cut off and a report made .to
proper official, and the current
should not be used again until
an examination has been made
by such official and the place
found safe and a report made
and signed by him (to that extent) in a book kept at the mine
for the purpose.
Another objection is the risk of
fire from the breaking of the
cables by falls of roof or derailed
cars, for if the cable be broken
there would be sparking at the
point of sevorance.and the difference of potential existing on
either side of the break causes
the current to arc across the
space between the broken ends
of the wires, which will continue
until the space between the broken ends of the wires, which will
continue until the space resisten-
ance is too great, and will then
cease, If some other substance
of a higher conductivity than air
intervenes in the gap, theeurrent
may continue to find its way
along this, even after tho two
ends of the cable ha\''"> got too
far apart to carry the current
direct. Moist timbermaydo this,
lt is then a source of danger as a
means of letting fire to any surrounding inflammable material or
Government  Has Majoriety of
Tfiirty-Five by Straight
Party Vote.
The closure rules passed the
House at Ottawa shortly before
one o'clock on Thursday morning
by a straight party vote of 108 to
73- a Government majority of
The division was not marked
by any special incidents outside
of the noisy cheering by both
sides after the House had adjourned.
There were two divisions. The
first was on llic motion of Hon.
J. D. Hazcn that the question be
now put. This was carried by a
35 majority, and the main resolution amending the uilos waa
then put, and was carried by the
same division.
The Week's Output.
The output for the local mines
this week shows an increase of
501 tons over the previous week.
The total for the six working
days, commencing Saturday April
19th to Friday April 25th inclusive, totals 9341 tons.
The output still keeps climbing
up in spite of the few remaining
agitators who are still here trying
to dupe the ignorant. The latest
deception that the few soreheads
are trying to make the many
gulp down is to the effect that
two hundred Russians were on
their way here and that the Union
got hold of 195 and persuaded
them to go back. Anything goes
with them to keep the feeble
minded here idle on the $4.00
remittance money.
Furnished Rooms to Rent, stove
heated.—For particulars apply at
this office.
Several families arrived on
Wednesday evening's train and
proceeded to Bevan, their future
H. R. Hickling, representative
for the George A. Fletcher Music
Co., of Nanaimo, spent tho week
in Cumberland, and while here
installed at the home of E. H.
Cawley at No. 8 a beautiful
Edison Disc Phonograph of the
cabinet style and largo enongb
to supply music for a concert
Mr. D. A. Thomas, piano tuner,
will be inCumberland for business
about the 29th April. Orders for
tuning may be left at the Islander
Office. Phone No. 3-5.
hanccllor I although the cables arc to a great! commonly known as No. 7, in the
district of Comox.
Dated April 4th, 1913.
and social reform was lauded on |being in direct contact with
the other hand by the
as "reproductive work promising I extQnt carried along the mum m-
strength, happiness and efficiency' take airways where explosive gas
to the nation, even  in infinitesimal quantities
The Chancellor drew an en- may never be expected to be
couraging cheer from the House present. Consequently the chief
by the statement that English J danger from lh;s source would be
spirits consumption had actually the liability to fire any combsuti-
decreased many million gallons] bio material, such as very senai-
WANTED' -Lots or acreage for
which will trade some stock in
one of Vancouver's leading finan
rial companies that is earning 12
per cent. Property must be unencumbered. Address "B-46,''
The Islander.
that thirty days after date application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for
a Hotel Licence to sell liquors by
retail in the hotel to be known as
the Hotel Bevan. situate at Bevan
in the last four* years.
Th! Conservative Association
will hold a special meeting In the
Conservative Committee Room
on Monday evening at 7-30
prompt. Business important, all
members are requested to be on
tive coal, timber or canvas, any
of which might form a primary
cause to serious secondary cfi'ects.
continued in cur ne\t.
TO RENT Ten acres at Happy
Valley, four acres cleared, new
dwelling house. $10 per month
For further particulars apply
Hardy and Biscoe, Cournenav,
In the matter of an application
for a fresh certificate of title to
Lot 210, Comox District;
I NOTICE is heretry given of my
: intention at the expiration of one
calendar  month   from  the first
publication hereof to issue a fresh
certificate of title in lieu of the
I certificate 61'title issued to   An-
Idrow Lewis Galarno on the 9th
day of June, 1897, and numbered
•rin93C, which has been lost.
Dated at Lsr.-' Registry Office.
Victoria. '•'      tins 12th dayof
March '<"'    •* v WOOTON,
Registrar General of Titles, *********
The Secret
By Alfred Wilson Barrett
Ward, Lock A Co., Limited
London, Melbourne A Toronto.
Men and Women Cured
of the Drink Habit
Whom you wouldn't tallow, yes.
So Btys he—
Htvingtim, yes.
Ves, says he, just ke^p an eye on
those two and let me know what they
does, and wIil-ic they goes.
So yuu followed ,us, and you came
up from Watford with us today? asked  Neil.
There's no deceiving you, miitey,
said Mr. Coombes, admiringly.
No. And where are you to let
Rlvlngton  know?
Mr. Coombes hesitated fnr a second,
Why, at the Royal Hotel, Dover, he
said at last.
Eastoji looked at Neil quickly.
* felt that the man was lying; but Nell's
face was impenetrable, and he kept
Has he paid you up, asked Neil.   Oils be going to pay you from France?
Mr. Coombes looked anxious. Well,
he's paid mc a bit. he said at length.
But of course he'll send you more
when you hind your news? said Neil.
Ves,   that's   it,   said   Coombes,  per-
Neil drew a coup!" of sovereigns
from his pocket, and a card. Let mo
know his address when he/sends it,
he Balci.     Here's where to find me. 1
Tliere is nn longer any excuse for any man or woman being a slave
to the drink habit. Whether you drink in moderation or to excess, it
impairs your vitality and yonr s^lf-control until you are completely
under its Influence and eanno* stop  without medical treatment.
The Neal Three Day Treatment is a pronounced success, lt removes all alcoholic po;son from the syst un uud restores turves and
mind to normal heal hy condition,
The Nea! Treatment is a purely vegetable compound taken Internally,
Our Drug Habit Treatment i* equally as safe, sure and effective as
our Treatment for the Drink Habit.    Write for full Information.
405 Broadway 2244 Smith Street,       820 Thirteenth Ave., W.
Winnipeg Regina Calgary
w\*mm*m*\\\ mksu**sJ**mu*\%\*u*WK*,
goins In 11ml out where our friend
£ot-s to when he haves here, then 1
will either join you again, or send
word to you at once where to finil lu
Will you go back to >our rooms antl
wait? But, look out, here he comes.
Quick aa lightning, Easton spr.mr
into the doorway hy whiclt they stood
while the i-publfc-house door opened
and tiie spy came out. But he need
not have feared, for the man strode
in the opp03iic direction, without giving a glance around him, and with
a noil. N'"il and the boy and barrow,
followed him.
Kaston watched them cautiously, out
of sight, admiring afresh the skill ami
told you it would be better to speak I simplicity   of   Neil's   d.u^uise,   made
We're too late, he eontln-1 £n taie more_ natural by 'be_i.cco.n-
the truth.
ued,   speaking   to   Easton;   but   we'll
have a try for Dover just in case of
accidents.      And   he   roBe  from  his
Coombes rose too, but Neil motioned
him back. Just sit there, my .nan,
lor a quarter ot an hour. We can
move about without your help now,
thanks, and you're better there.
Coombes pocketed the two pounds,
and sat down again resignedly. Lummy you don't think I'd try it again, do
you. I'll let you get away, matey.
Why, I'd sit here all day for a couple
of golden goblins
panying urchin, who for his part
seemed to take it all quite placidly,
and ihcn he turned homewards.
I wish I'd gone under those sacks,
all the Eame, he thought, but it wouldn't have been fair to ask Neil to push
me.     What a ripper he is!
The Jam of Absolute
Can be had from your
Packed in Gold Lined
Business Posts for Men From Sri*ishj
London, England.—A bureau or
brains, or, as it is formeraliy styled a'
'Business Appointments Bureau,' is,
now beftig farmed to conduct a cam-'
paisn in fa1, or of a more bracing antl]
wycroLs life on the part of gur educated young men.
II.  B.   Morgan, of Messrs.  \V.   II.1
Smith  &• Son, whose article on  Thej
Dignity of    Business,    was    recently
quoted in the Dally Mail, supports the
scheme in an article in the Review 9l\
Reviews,    'lhe bureau, he potius out, i
will  bring  home  io  educated  young
nun the specific place in business that
they are 11.ted to fill; it will Convince j
business men of   th?    necessity    fer
fresh brai-is as well as fresh methods;
and it will act hi co-operar'on with existing appointments, boards and sim-
lar organisations to bring qualified up*
pHcants tor business posts into touch
with suitable business houses.
Th'1 bureau, contends Mr. Morgan,
should have command of all the talent
available trom public schools and universities.
^, TORONTO. OKJgtfjy
iiHillllllilih'-i'l ^ii'Vi'lii'iHii "iiiif'Tiir 'il'lllllliiiiii
ll*t*g»Wr~w*te K
iiilii:.!,: :::;;K:,;-;r,i!!i:i;n!: j ii 111
Easton returned to his rooms anil
waited anxiously for news of Neil, but
for a long time he waited In vain. Indeed, .lie afternoon was already drawing to a close and he was beginning
to fear that  some accident had hap-       sjysjsj^ssssj^a^ssBsg^j^sjssjs^isssjsssjgsj
YoiTrTeedn't'slt there quite so long J pened to Violet's father, when his man,  	
ts that, returned Neil, beckoning to, entered, informing    htm that    a boy "       " ;
Easton.     Don't let me catch you fol-  had arrived with a note,   which    re-|     The kind-hearted old  lady handed
lowing us again, that's all; and look ! quired immediate attention. : the beggar a dime.
here, when you get that address, let!    The Major did not stay for the boy L, Sly  man how  did  you become so
me have It   and there's another two i to he  shown  in. but hurried  to  the; poor? she asked.     What brought you
pounds for'you.      That's if we miss! hall, where he quickly recognized the j to this terrible stage of poverty?
your friend at Dover. I youthful and Jewish guardian of thei    The parcel post, ma'am, replied the
You don't think he's speaking the : barrow wilb which Neil had gone off., beggar.    You see, 1 used to be presl-
truth, do you? said Easton, as they!     The bov examined the Major care-'dent ol an express company.
made their way out of the ilttle pub-1 'ully, evidently acting under instruct-
llc-house, leaving Mr. Copmbes peacefully contemplating the ceiling.
Neil drew him on round the corner
of a narrow street that ran by tlie
Bide of the building they had just left,
but which was not commanded by any
of Its windows.
Do I think it? he said.    Why, you
ions, before handing over tlie note he!
bore, nnd then he stood n.t rase, ob-i
viously   making   a   characteristically
national valuation of the objects the
hall contained, while Easton read.
Meet me at the Lynn's Tea Shop by
Portland  Road Underground  Sta'ion,
soon as you like, ilip note    nn,
couldn't make him speak the truth. It! scribbled hastily in pencil on a scrap
would kill him. But we've learnt 0< PaP°r »**" g'v0 tl,ls youngster a
something, and one thing is that Riv- shilling 1 have promised him.—N.
ington's not at Dover. We'll learn J The Major crumpled the paner up.
a bit more yet, it we have luck, though., Thank goodness. Here's something to
Let me see. ! do at last, lip thought.    I wonder What
He Btopped and looked quickly no   has happened.
and down the street.    It was a nar-|    Here you  are.  hoy.  lie continued,
row little allev, almost deserted, wltb ; producing a shilling from his pocket,'
a baker's shop on ono side, a green-! You ""'' Promised a shilling, were'nt
grocer's on the other, and the rest of: ''ou?
the   houses   apparently   given  up   to!    The boy's long Eastern eyes blinked.'
lodgings of the cheaper sort. , Etghteenpenoe, he said quickly, wiih-
Neil's eyes rested on the greengrn-! out lurning a hair.
cer's outside which stood a handcart I     T1"' MaJor looked nt him, and then
covered with empty sacks. i laughed.     You young scoundrel, I'll
Wait here, he said quieklv. If! bet you weren't, he said. However,
Coombes conies out, get into conversa-l nere ?°" °-n- Now out awa*' aml
tlon with him and keep him. Let run- Vou won't spend the money
him think I have left you, and that] nMy tha!'s certain, whatever else
you hope to get something more out! >'ou ma"' an-
of him.      Keep    him    five    minutes!     He waited till ihe youth had des-
eomehow.      And he dived   into   the  ended to the street and wheeled his
London.—There is now being sung
with success by the Palladium Minstrels, a song entitled 'Sleep,' written
hy Harry Pepper, who is only 14 years
of age. He has composed several
songs, and recently wrote three songs
with words and music within twenty-
four hours.
The: Unexpected Happened
Mrs. Mulligatawny needed a change
ol air. The doctor was emphatic, on
this point. Her husband, however,
being unable to so with her, she went
alone, retiring as usual to her favorite
holiday Haunt,
On the morning after her arrival
sh" suddenly discovered that she had
come away without ht»r watch. Thinking, therefore, that, she must have
dropped it on the thick carpet in lhe
dining-room, she forthwith wired to
the maid at home:
Let me know if you nnd anything
on the carpet in the dining-room.
In due course she received a letter
in reply: .
Dear Madam.—I was to let youj
know if I found anything on the din- j
ing-room carpet. This ls what II
found this morning—three champagne |
corks, eighteen cigar ends, five cigar-[
ette ends, thirty-six burnt matches,
But Mrs. Muliieatawny did not read
further. And when her husband returned home from the office that evening lie found his faithful spouse await-!
ing him.
Tyjy: 1   'l.-^V.y,   v
..j*    Prepare Yourself
For Winter's Worst
*•<■; •'•'<■;•'■
The  chap   who  keeps   hammering
away isn't necessarily a knocker.
A Regular Owl
I    Miss Knogg—Does    your   busband
I stay out as late as tills every night'!
!     Mrs.   Rogge—Yes, m'dear;  I might
as well be married to an astronomer.
The teacher had written on the
was drank in silence, and turned to
was drank in silence and turned to
her class to discover her mistake.
Little Bennie Sheridan waved his
hand frantically, and going to the
board, scrawled the correction: The
toast was ate iu silence.
greengrocer's shop and disappeared.
Easton nodded his obedience, and
moving to whore he could keep a
watch on the public house, set himself to wait as patiently as he could.
But the spy did not appear, nor for a
full quarter of an hour did Xeil.
barrow away, whistling blithely, and
! then he followed him and, hailing a
' cab, directed the driver to proceed lo
I the address Neil had given.
He found the latter seated in the
tea-room smoking a cigarette, a cup
of coffee in front of-him und a little
Then  a  whistle behind   liiin  made I l!lml of waitresses anxiously discuss-
Mm turn suddenly to bump his hand  lnS bis singularly sooty appearance,
ftgainsit    the   greengrocer's   barrow, i     Their discussion did not end, though
This was pushed now by, a man whose
face and hands were covered with
coal dust, and who was accompanied
by a sharp-faced youth of fourteen or
Has he heen out? asked the man,
resting the barrow, Easton- started,
and then smiled.
Why, good heavens, what a   differ- j sels
ence that/coal dust makes, he said.
I didn't know  you.      N'o, he  hasn't
come out yet.     But you haven't wasted your time that is evident.
No, have I, said Neil, looking complacently at the shabby suit he wore
and at his grimy hands. But this
suit has cost me more than any oth
their curiosity was visibly increased,
when the Major strode towards Neil]
eagerly and taking a seat at his tuiiie
entered Into close conversation with
However, the two men took little'
notice of tlie stir their presence caused among the neal. black.garbed dam-
Did you follow our friend?!
asked Eas:on quickly. 1 got your
note, of course, and came straight j
on as quickly as 1 could.        ,
Neil nodded.      You haven't taken
long he said.
It was easy enough this time, though
the old barrow had to buzz a bit once
or twice.      However,  that  .lew  boy
That Number Presented to French
Government by Private Parties
Paris, Prance.—Some months ago
a number of newspaper proprietors
and private people tiubscribed for a
present to the French nation in tlie
form of aeroplanes.
Au official loiter published by the
National Committee, which received
subscriptions and had the aeroplanes
built, was published recently,
Seventy-two aeroplanes, all fitted
witli the latest military requirements,
were the fruits of the subscription,
'i'he Journal presented three monoplanes, each of which curries two passengers: the Petit Parrslen presented
three, and most of the other newspapers in Paris presented one or more.
Without Overloading the Stomach
This gentleman's father is ot the Jew-  stuck to me nobly and we got through
lah persuasion, and I have had to pay I all right.     Our friend did not spot us,
for my change of costume.    And, as land never suspected he was being fol-
for the barrow, It might have been the
Lord  Mayor's coach  from the  price,
and our young friend here goes with it
ln addition as a hostage.    1 am afraid
we must  leave you  behind,  though.
You would hardly care to get under
the sacks, I am afraid.
Easton looked at the barrow and
smiled. Well, really I hardly think
I should mind, he said, rather than be
left out of lt. But perhaps I should
only give the thing away.
Nell nodded. I somehow don't
fancy I shall be long, he said.     I am
Because HeTeekGIN PILLS
Mr. H. A, Jukes of Winnipeg writes:
"I have been a sufferer from Lumbago
for some years past I met your Mr.
Hill aud he advised me to tak* GIN
FILLS. I have been taking them at
intervals during tbe early part of the I
present winter, and up-to-date have bad '
no return of my old trouble—in fact I
ftel better than I bave lor years, and
think that my old enemy his vanished
for good and all."
50c. a box, 6 for $2.50. Sample free if
you write National Drug and Chemical
Co. of Canada, Limited, Turonm     130
lowed. I have got him marked down
near by here, and this seemed the
best  place to meet you,
There is no danger that he has got
away while you waited for me?
None. 1 telephoned to the office
for my man—fortunately there was a
public telephone office just opposite
—and he is watching the place now.
But I shouldn't much care If he has
slipped us now, for 1 believe we have
run our fox to earth. Major Easlon.
May you be right, said Easton heartily.     Where Is he? he asked.
(To be Continued'
Striking Father
Why this hush in the house, this
elaborate tiptoeing about.
Ssh! Mother is getting ready to ask
father for a little extra money.
Teacher—Rollo, to what family does
the whale belong? j
llo'le—1  dunno;   no family  in  our
ighhorhood owns a whale.
The rolling stone gathers no moss,
i.iier does it have to make an up-
'. fight.
YV.N.U.   641
Home is what we make it, remarked the married man.
Yes, agreed the bachelor, but the
trouble is some of you married fellows
never make it till about 3 a.m.
The business man, especially, needs
food in the morning that wlll not overload the stomach but give mental
vigor  for the day.
Much depends on the start a man
gets each day, as to how he may expect to accomplish the work on hand.
Ho can't be alert, with a heavy,
fried-meat-and-potatoes breakfast requiring a lot of vital energy in digesting lt.
A Western business man tried to
find some food combination thai would
not overload the stomach in the morning, but that would produce energy.
He writes:
"For years I was unable to find a
breakfast food that had nutrition
enough to sustain a business man
without over-loading his stomach,
causing Indigestion and kindred ailments.
"Being a very busy and also a very
nervous man. I decided to give up
breakfast altogether. But luckily 1
was induced to try Grape Nuts.
"Since that morning I have been a
new man: can work without tiring, my
head Is clear and my nerves strong
and quiet.
I find four tcaspoonfuls of Crape-
Nuts with one of sugar and a small
quantity of cold milk, is delicious as
the cereal part of the morning meal,
and invigorates me for the day's business." Name given by Canadian
Postum Co., Windsor, Ont. Head
the little hook, "The Road to Well-
ville," In pkgs.
"There's a Reason."
Ever read the above letter? A
new one appears from time to time.
They are genuine, true, and full of
human Interest.
A Matter of Tact
Gloom prevailed In the domestic
circle—a gloom horrible and depressing. Mr. Brown, in fact, was in a
had temper, and as Mrs. Brown knew,
there was only one way of curing it—
to rouse him thoroughly, for when
miserable himself, lie always accused
other people of being miserable, He
did on this occasion.
Jane, he grumped at ldst. you're as
dull as an old owl! Sulking, 1 suppose
because I refused to buy you that new-
No, sighed his wife; I wasn't thinking about It. As a mutter of fact, I
have been turning out some old letters
and—oh. it's nothing of importance.
Olll" a fit of the bines.
What letters?'
Some 1 wrote to you, I suppose.
No, said his wife calmly. Some I
received before I met you. It's of no
consequence. None at all. How is
your cold?
Dan't wait til! you have
Caught one 0! these nasty colds -fortify yourself
against them by taking a course of
Ita-Dru-Co Tasteless
preparation of
Cod Liver Oil    f
This "bullder-up" ts rich in Ihe medicinal
and   nutritive   properties ol   the   best
Norwegian Cod Liver Oil—without the,
disagreeable taste,     ll also con-.ains*
Extract of Malt, Extract ol Wild Cherry
and valuable Hypophosphites, which
tone up ihe whole system and particularly strengthen the Lungs. Throat
and Bronchial Tubes.
ln 50c. and $1.00 bottles, at
your druggist's. jot
w.«fln«fW«. •:-:. ■  : -.-v. ■"...:■/■.
People to Decide Whether to Become
Belgians or Prussians
Brussels,  Germany.—Germany  has
: begun     negotiations     vitn   Belgium
I (slates La Meuse, of Liego)   with a
| view to settling the status of More-
snet-Neiitre, the small neutral state on
! the border of Belgium i.id Prussia.
! The inhabitants, who live In the vll-
I lage of Moresnet and    who   number
I about 3000, wish to come under Bel-
| gian rule.
The Inhabitants have the right to decide whether they will perform military service for Prussia or for Belgium, and whether they will accept
the jurisdiction of the Prussian or the
Belgian courts.
This slate has an area of only about
1400 acres. Monaco, . the smallest
sovereign principality of Europe, has
an area of about 5100 acres.
Forbidden Knowledge
I     Little Jacn, aged live, hail »c*»r«K
panied his mother on a trip to tbe'
! City.      They   made   the   Jounwy   W
Presently the conductor came rounc"
j to collect the fares and on approaciv
' ing little Jack, of course asked tbe usual question:
1    How old is the boy?
!    The mother informed him; then lie"
! passed on to the next passenger. But
j the lad who was the subject rf llw'
inquiry, sat quite still appnrently ptnv
dering over something, until al last,-
concluding that full infornutt.'on bast"
not been given, he called loinfJy ts?'
the conductor, now at the otber end1'
of the car:
And mother's thirty-five.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
for Croup; found nothing equal to it;
sure cure
Hawkshaw, N.B., Sept. 1st, 1905.
Irene Flew the Track
Irene is a highly valued cook in a
north side family. She is not excitable nor given to hysterics. She impresses one as being, calm and serene.
But on her way to work Bhe momentarily lost all such qualities.
Suddenly she rushed inlo the middle of tlie street screaming and
shrieking, She threw her coat from
her and continued to scream.
She  must  be  crazy!   exclaimed  a
woman who came out of her house,
to see what the trouble was.
She's having a fit, said another.
But neither was right. Tho cause
of the commotion was a mouse which
had crawled into Irene's coat pocket
for a little snooze.
Prsises this Asthma Remedy.—A
grateful user of Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
Asthma Remedy finds It the only remedy lhat will give relief, though for
thirteen years he had sought other
help. Years ot needless suffering
may be prevented by using this wonderful remedy at the first warning of
trouble. Its use is simple, its cost
Is slight and it can be purchased almost anywhere.
Son—Well, I've married her, dad,
and that's all there Is to It!
Father—You mean tha* Is the beginning of all tliere is to it!
Drover's $100,000 Fortune
London.—A drover named Rawllngs
died from excitement at. Peterborough,
after congratulating George Wilkinson
another drover, on Inheriting a fortune of $100,000. '
A sailor who had landed after »■•
long voyage, and having been paid cM,
called a cab, threw his luggage iesiito
and jumped on lop himself.
Beg pardon, sir, said the astonlsbesS!
cabman, but you should get inside and
put your boxes on top.
Steer the craft ahead. Jarrer. Pas*
sengers always go on deck tind l'W
gage in the hold, was tho reply Iroat'
the top.
Mr. Holmes—I notice tbat yon bare'
a new kitchenmald.
Mrs. Borden-Lodge—I hnve. Bnt 1
think It's perfectly wonderful bow yon'
can make such accurate dodoelfons.
Mr. Holmes—Quite simple, ma'anT
I've been comparing the tbumb-prisrts"
on the plates.
Prejudiced Source
Won't you marry  me, dear, pleaded the actor, after his fqurth divorce.
Why, I kind of like you, Billy, said
the actress, but I've heard so much
about you, I feel—
My dear, harshly interrupted the
actor, you must not believe all those
old wives' tales. '
Clergyman Found Star; Awarded
London.—The Rev. T. H. Eejsn,
of Tow Law, Durham, is to be awarded the Jacks»"m-Gwilt medal of titer
Royal Astronomical Society for ni*
discovery of a new star in Lacerta in'
1911 aud his spectroscopic work.
Relative of High Prussian Official In
Sore Trouble
Berlin, Germany. — The Berliner
Tageblatt confirms a report that a
Prussian officer, a relative of one of;
the highest officers in the Prussian |
army, has been arrested on suspicion;
ot high .reason, presumably In thei
form of espionage.
He was arrested on February 3 at
the Instance of the Imperial department of public prosecutions at Leipzig. He was imprisoned ln Berlin,
but released on Friday on bail, Bald
to amount to seven hundred thousand
marks. During his live days of arrest the prisoner was allowed to receive his wife dally. The utmost secrecy is observed with regard to the
nature of the charge.
Complete in itself, Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator does not require
the assistance of any other medicine
to make it effective. It does not fail
to do Its work.
Bobby was saying his prayers in a
very low voice,
1 can't hear yon dear, his mother
I wasn't talking to you, replied Bobby, firmly.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
As a young woman attired in a neat
blue suit entered a street car a man
with his head burled in a newspaper,
arose and' offered his seat. With a
curt nod the young woman accepted,
and as soon as she had composed herself she became interested in the contents of her shopping bag, In spite
of his apparent abstraction, the man
with the newspaper watched her for
a moment. Then speaking hurriedly
he said:
1 nea your pardon, what is it?—
what did you say?
The young woman lifted her eyes,
and seeing that she was addressed,
answered cooliy: I said nothing, sir.
Beg pardon, beg pardon, was the absent-minded answer, I thought you
said thank you!
It's a good plan to believe only half
you hear—and forget two thirds of
Many a well-rounded phrase isn't on
the level.
A mother's greatest carp is t».
health of her baby—the prevention est
constipation, colds, worms and otber'
childhood ailments and the keeping'
of her baby happy and strong. Baby'*
Own Tablets are the mother"* best
friend in caring for the baby. Tl*?/
are absolutely the best medicine in (be
world for Utile ones. ConceniinK-
them Mrs. Jos. Poltras, Mont LOTfci,
Que., says: "I am well satisfied with-
Baby's Own Tablets having used «is*nj
for my baby with great benefit, "fney
are the best medicine In the world'-
for little ones." The Tablets xrr
sold by medicine dealerB or by mai'
at 25 cents a box from The Dr. WDV
Hams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Out,
Guarding a Treasure
We have a jewel of a cook.
That's fine.
Yes. Only we have to eat at • nf
taurant three times a week to keep'
her from complaining of overwork.
Good friend, if fate should but bestow
Upon, we'll Bay, a man like you,
The problems 1 have mentioned, oh!
What would you do? What would
you  do?
The Stomach
Is the Target'
Aim to make that strong—and digestion good—and yoa
will keep well 1 No chain is stronger than its weakest
link. Mo man is stronger than his stomach. V»iti»
stomach disordered a train of diseases follow.
Dr-"'"*'• Golden Medical Discovery
n»lcM tht itomach tiMltti-f, ths livtr actfra Mid th* blood van. Mod* from
forest roots, and extraetM wiUiout tht dm of alcohol. Son by drugffittt, ia
liiiuid form at 11.00 per bottlt for tvtr 40 yean, giving gtaeral latUfactioa.
if 7«m prefer Ubloto u ■•aifleal \»y ft. T. Pierce, M.»., theee m ft*
*^"J T—ni J-n*TnTr"TMiil"ii¥Ti| won ■■ in HpHrfTIi luliii THE   ISLANDER.   CUMBERLAND.   B. C.
Beaau-t4 thfy set so gently (no
pur{J-ing..or ^rlpinjt yet so (
thcrou^hly j: •  r
are bert tt>r therhildfeniis well as 1
the .grown-upsi J3e.: a bos au
yoMr druggist's.      .   .
Sslionali-uis^Cr.mlssI Co. ot CMC's, limit,,
1   Iffffsj
Maypole Soap
Washes sntl dyes si
ear cpeialioni giy-
inn rcn-sritsbly
dean, biijiit. fosi
colon. Dyes cctttco,
wool, ni.; ot rnit-
lure,. 24 Cliii.is,
wi'l give any shade.
Colors- l!lc. Mack
15c at your dealer's
or postp'd with l.'k-
let "r-low lo byi'
hom   f. I, BENEDICT.{. C3. (r>'r.j|
Meelsr Stranjief *V1J9 Volunteers to
.£hdw Hlrh Sights of the City,
Paris, France. — A curious t< ory
| was told to the Paris police, by a
, young Canadian, _ James .Huntiy, or
| Hen'ly, of ,V\'lmiipt>e,i .'.'-,: * .' ■". ti.
Mr.  Huntiy is a real estate ageht
I by profession, . «ltu c. ar sjiur-t stay in
j London ha'ttrrivtuf lie, Vatd, ii the
j dare St. Liizare, in IJaris, on his way,
' to Nice,     lie intended to remain only
one day here, -tie' says'that lie pi:
I his. luggage in the cloakroom at .lie
atitld*.( 'aotJ:Vjcliifjk I for» it ami went
for a stroll.
. .Opposite.t'ook's; on the Place de
i POpcra*, lie-was accosted by a guide,
! who offered to show him Paris. He,
I agreed, and,go: into a, ta\ioali wiui
i:tho man. Alter shjMuB ltit.i several
' points of interest the giiiae proposed
| to show him thir Apac'ie quarter, aud-
i drove With him to a house in u slum.;
I He does not know where it was. ,.
| .The.guide took him into a room on,
:*h:v.first.'floor;'-,htrniiu.i.'wltli a.-f»V
i chairs, a table uod'/a cupboaiU—ub-
I thing eJao.    The  $200  guide  opened,
the eupuo.iid au.1 offered Mr. Uunti.-'
u driui. '.yliicU he .accepted. ti
' As-soon as be; bind: 'ewptltd 'bjs
: glass ho'frll a-leea'atid'liliows nbthuj^,
j of what happened to n'ftu tiil lie v.oite'
I up lull) i:i tbe.aUernooii-oii a chain
iu tne .Malekrho'thiiTf-h-'.    Ilia pock]
! e'.bookJ.a-d'diiWBIIO.'iriu;. .fTli-jri' were!
hie sus-i   w. ,i,y Vin,I'-iiyu  ^ilis   n it:
I several papers uudM'n,.'cu:ook','foi' his*$
i-ankl   'I'lH* ;f.'i)n!t' ivirt rjfjgti | taken
way. from-tha cljalirogai, B.'esum.iblJ
y l.betl.fef. ■' •'   ' '•■
lldiOtllrttibJ .'-'oigatiinirfiou. .of    the
British litiigassy,.   Wnt. '"-I.''.    Httutlj
bucTt^toI'lioiKltiirMiliMie. WllMi repaj.
triarttl.;'•;.■   :',';,   "-.''•;,-; :;,;;,
I'    '■■"■: :r.-;v ■.—fynl,
- ,,. . Keeping Pace .With If' ;
I say,' can you tell the* liow'lir lt is
the. ncart's'tiowii'c'' fAf!    '[':-
\u  itisl*-.-• looked-at,,Uif; hot  and'
] foo:sofe fi'.ivoJlei','scruYr'ioiI n^s head']
I Uiouii!i:i'i.l!y, a!«t then' replied: I,
I, (Obj about.,:-tluee.   mill's.,. I, .t'hpijltl
I think. '  ' ■'■'. ' as ,';-'- I '   . '   •
And tlie.ijrar-»llrr. . continued    bis
journey,..wiili :'rt'jH>v'i*l,ti.:iu-j.>-y.
-An hoik ov so'la'tfjl'1 hV met another
rMtfel tnJiSioittihetfehiiiueft.liis'.iiiiej-;
[-iio.u, :hopiiig,t^,liciiiuiijw.. Ut'.tl, lu: ^yas
i^ir-lysjjoujijay-s iyujti,* sfitit ins" t'ldj
■ .. ' |  r>
OPARimNG WATER, cool and
*** sweet, refreshes,the farmer who
builds a
' J VIIE FARMER, above all others, appreciates good water.   He drinks
{nj],the.citv mnn.   The citv-dweller is dependent upon
more water i
ic public water-supply tor tTie purlty^of.lns'\ijafe*r,^\y^ can
have Ins
and healthful.
- -- , — j t-j  — i—-w  —P,**TTTJ*<rT[ I  ''"*"','T 1*T- 7*    .
own private source of water, and thus be'sure that it is pure
rllfllt       ? I ""v'"*"^''^'J','wi'*,*^i:—tG*aMM*v4******M\ -«r-*.*e*-*.*K«*«^.-*«*'.-v^,N.:s«.v.»».*>.,4,
'"■•'• ■"■''■fHA
MAN hasn't found a better drink than cool waters properly collectetl and 'stored.    Hnt in order to keep'
water fresh ana pure, a tank or \vell casing tlit 'will keep out every possrble impurity-must be used.
'"'     '   ' *.    h\ I •' - I   .  Ms, i    i    -   :,   , ' '    -   '     .      >   ; V
TT - in aliKoiinely water-titrl-t,   protrctinir-your w.-urr fromjsrenige nf allT      J | llERE.'jre scores( of otheruses for concrete on*yourwrrn—dn every farm. If
k k'i'i!>.   It cannot  rot ci crujiihe.   It il easily cleaiicdiiisi.lt-.    'liiaej;       * u,,i\imilii!ii,tvti>icii"vvo.tli*ni, ivi;teii,rourli,wi.i,"\\'liattlje.l;Vn\c/liai41,
and ivi.ter, in.-cad of ckusiii'g if to decay, uctualiv make it stronger. Du W'itli Coa.-rctc."   Ti.c book is ublolutely freer. :'
Address Publicityf-Maneger
Canada   Ceraent , Cp^npan^,
sf~\(j!l Fanners' Information De*
^ pariniail w.U helpyoi: todacltle
hoW >o bv.UcnyHiinjitJfroirt.tipcirJi'
btep io a Ltlo, The t.ervii:c Li /."ce—
jq:i con'l even have to promiSQ to
PtiftjL yfh^pdonbiattliVtelnefon.t*
0";ar. Dtpjrimettt,
Victor end Vanquished
Past stall after stall Went  (tie rich
'sUierclun;, followed  by a I'outi.iau  in
«*«■(,, livtv'lj     , Jt w.i.s iiu- .viiinl. vil
:sty/and :he r,rli man iiiul been
loj-ed in liiy forco of jcircums'tSnces. '
.Ui.'-."ilrj ©fjBireJdon, seJdSa re.iili'.
swdm ;aa'd oliaroiihx ladyaal one pi
the s'lailsV'afid'\vlia*t arc yd'.t i-.oinst fo
buy?    Dear old auntie and 1, tne .running this table, and we have 'honi'e-
\t calces, aprons, penwipers, and—
i^JjSl ■'»':-'■» lid 1 ll.Davjtiii.unnof,
^fflitr'iiVv'bit selKSsWifi yoiV|
stall? ,    ... -, ,
Oil, ceri:flrllj'!>'cahk> tiii* tiady JrcplJ
*?TOSfP feplM 'tlio autocrat
■upiEN vo;i go to buy c'euienl
' uc.-.arc thuf this li\l)cl lean
every bag end barret: Then '
ynnJtknQft yuu qre getttM the,
cement thut the Ijtrpfterf 6/
Canada have fuund to bo the
ieit.  '"•>'
' ^^-
~VI . That Fellovy FeelirtJ
Outslde'a'b'usy 'fl'shinonger'l sfooi
a large ice cart,'. The .driver.iWta
jllde the sliop. but ou a block of' Ice
jtel■*•; ftWtll boy;:.wltAi, cpmfort w'rft
large upon his face. s tl
,'Xve giuiutufi ! y^lli'd, lie-.inan, all
.-jStre gitfuWU-.i MlfpO. .he-man. all
Jn «a».*.prij, as he jud.dei»ly appoared
i'rthi the ^ho'p. ;'
'•■ THSn'tlie small boy lifted his face,
HOWiS^miJiitli fvith sadnes*,
wos^you over a boy? he asSea tin".
wa:ch jfoi- synintoiiis "o? 1iiip6veriitfif.il
^tdoVi'.!-;c(iis*aii mr-tym$**■&
not be  pale, languid  and consfalfitrV
fatigued.     Nature tfUonuc-ii tut
:J|«- ln'igki,,*Uftrgettc, and active,,
happintes pf a'lifMinle df^WieB .««..«,
giving the^WW tWirVnelp it needfjatffl.
And Hid you ever stop away
And when
trver ever
Then It daw
You stop just wTfJ
rtHe man, he sald^'
j With so thorough a preparation at
|Mur as Miller's Worm Powders the
Bother  who allows her children  to
nffer from the ravages of worms is
knwlse   nnd    culpably    careless.   A
(jhlld  subjected to    the   attacks    of
eorms !,s always unhealthy ana will be
Jtunted In its growth.     It is a merel-
ful act to rid It of these dpstrtletive
erasites. especially- when it can be
stone without difficulty.
?,;jF  1	
The Tempter
I ill " "*ou w'" marry me, said the anl-
li'jinit suitor, you shall have your own
; ii'*  How dare yon!  she hissed.      You
,:|'§know 1 am advocating votes for wo-
men, and Insist on walking.
Illll  Walter—Have j-ou tried our turtle
Ij'jWip, sir?
.J; i|   Diner—Yee, I have tried it aud my
*" 1 kecMon is that the, turtle proved an
\sM. , r'i '      ,.
>/   PILLS    v
1/1 lit"-. 1 *. '"
Ms. s box sr six boxes rer lis*
M sH dealer* er TheDeMs.Msdl-
sslee Usmpany, Limited, Tsrente,
Csesae. Mi     ■■''-.   fi
and good pleasure
I'll tako
please. ' >
Auiit.'romiiflti'd the fair and dainty
damsel, foVwapd, please'. Two kisses
lor this geii'liiiiian!
For,a iiiiiinetjt the man of means
aifd'tdo.i;V v.aB nonplussed but o.;l-
•d! hiffitienU. Then he turhsjd to
his pervitfir:
.Tamos, he said coolly, just take this
purchase, piettse.
■ejisuidiies^^paM^lkow, gpgjj**
" gojn^i
dt Jail?
;nd the.
w,n:u. mi   [||i|
headaches, ^^^^^^
These symptoms ot course
found In every case, but8|]
.the viotim has of *them tl
trouble ni
is the IL--.-—-..
check it. ttmfeh the?
llliams' Pink BllMi which
kthe glo wot health, ind fenf
ts——-.~jery part of the ifcwsl. The']
•ase of Miss Jeanie Fraserltfsftnilton
Ont,, offers proof of this. |8hs saysl'
"For about eighteen monsMj I was;
Mir. a very -batt state of naalilli jtnd'
thoroughly run down. I $#u?Jno fapV
petite aud suffered from rfloHtj of the
symptoms of anaemia. I 'wen* to a
local doctor'and received s^ffjatinenl;
from him for three montfis^lind- at-]
thouprh I took.hottle aftelj-ip}ttle' of
medicine I was steadily growliig worsei
and I got.so down-heartctjSyjjhd .depressed that 1 felt I wottl(| never.get
better. At this time 1 rew'tpe case
of a young lady whose symBtpqis were'
similar to my own, wlio hao-ibien cured by Tir. Williams' PinkTiHj, and I
decided to try^them. Hpijtjhe time
1 had nsed tttree boxes mji'lppnllt*'
had Improved and 1 was fielini: more
encouniged. I contlniiedsthi use ot
the Pills for a time loni*r(|nd ray
health was fully restored 1f|||l
These Pills are sold bijMl medicine dealers or may be ttjL«')>y mail
ot. 60 cents,a. box or slf.Mxes for
J2.50 from The Dr. WllltolrnJ' Med(i
cine po.,'Brockville,  Ohtjjjjl
John, do you practice wgdjorly ojl
■?»■■Sj'JJfi.v'" ;»'**..#wi.l' gat kits'.
_ _EK^:e^i-l:as7i M--r?x£c,SL., ?
*;-n«*er, "renrusd - tt*T»y.
Every day? ,
f 1*jBsKf4t|ieJ;-. ;-   -■;,;   y,-
;• Hfjw'-fenfc dld^'oiipisictice" today?
j Tllrije tSoura.-'.    '.-:, |   ,..
■', Aud-.,4ow Tohg, yesterday?
:' 'Two'atid''a-'»4h*'hours'.'-;
Well. I am glad to hear that you
go regular, ,■ ,   i"   ; .-;.     , • t'^i
Yes; father. ' L' \-
c Ahd,tUe next timet you practice lje
sure anil unlriclt the. piano. Hetv> |i
*he,';k8y...-.I .looked/vth,e'-,liie/U1imeBt
ias-t week and' I have been" carry!-"1
the key in?my' pocBflt ever; sin<x»y ]
'St.'- 'Patertibui'g.—,Tw». tl>>y jjofflns
have recently been found In the nioiS-
astfc burial' 'ground of PeterhordugB,
apd have been placed In PeierboreuS
Cathedrhl. Theji are.said to be tffi
, coffins of the twin children of Jvlnj
f'CanUte who were drowned In Whittlesey Mere as they, were -o.rossin'g to
be edutated at Pefcrbbrough Abbey'^
;'    '    ft,    > i    In ;    ,ff
M   .4 It8*i»t t*,<.rm\ 1
"■ '■Aitrvledlcar Need Supplied.—When a
medicine is-;found Ilia: not only nets
tipon'Uu1 slomach, but is so composed
dial certain ingredients of it pass un-
red "tiflVbiiih * the stomach lo and
action tn tlie'ihdWols, tbeii, there is
available .u .pttraative and a cleanser
of greBt "ottet'tiveness. Parmelee's
'T^'Wtrrnle' Pllis-are-'-of this character
'MHf'WS'.tlie-'best of all.pills, rjurlng
|tlie,:^e*rs .that- tbey ..have been In use
[they ihave established themselves as
j otter pifl'hus done. -
The case hadfeached a critical stage
and even the Judge seemed to awaken to a live interest in the proceedings, for the most important witness
about *j,o be crpss-exa-mined.
lonft lire tha lady's maid? h.
So ^toh are the lady's maid ? began
the relentless harrister,
YesV'str.   .,..'..
And where were you at 7 o'clock
on 'the.evening iu question?...
I was in my lady's room. sir.
For what purpose?
1 was dressing my lady's hair, sir.
The barrister leaned forward and
spoke very slowly and Impressively/
Now think,] he said. I want you to
be very careful in answering this question: Was-'or was not your mistress
in.tlie;'rooni at the time?
Look for llie Blasa-jo-!- ot P.. W. GROVR.
'" ' * ~   -     Cures  Grip
"'""1HISH'' Them
An luirtooaHMBnied the
is womcuhni^yffliljSiiH been
down fro^ft^e^'fo sun and
in some
C!ll/iiffl^^'i,>lrt^ms I
m srpar*
i n k * reinSt^it; (W* yo»n«t.i • r
ileU-'-JBOrj' U '-they' vsasnft'' so
tl-jBilegs;',     •'   .,"■<    .-
MJnsrd's Llnijnent'ior saleevsrySiirhere
ft - f ■' Wsiltinj' f«t-.*'n'' **!*">)■> '•''
^,as^eq"sr»)ji*.'nipi1t5hs fcfeo whether
.':-WJ.aSKe. ,
tH^^""^ air*-(^UjWorn. No one
\Wtcji«Hfed ts'stvflyer,-: lt Is our Im-
pl^tttt^tha^'Wi^ellllloid drove out
trte';'v»»r. ;i jWw^teirii'eiiiember the
pabor collir■ afjul. tha'.'.papor dicky.
t'ool^Bsirgess, used, to »iiiK of Hllde-
branisIIJauvTiWei' ,'-:r
!l£ptefa$fc:hofc'''WltU extreme care
And/;"cnaUy» his paper' collars.
But'^mev'-'Miiwr' collar, once worn,
was apacconipllshjd.fai-.i, something
to be 'j^ljs%ent'':WlljK tlie celluloid
like tt^'Wt^ells^Sjji^ collar of the
civil »itei''frriod:..-si!i(li;,,-be cleansed.
Tile sj^ijigllar wwi'Hic'IreBiilar intertills MrdSJif'd l-y~u»e'..;oi a tooth
brush|fiiM        W*ii
li^'di^hlaini'd'sil'ldacc in an es-
gai|li'|j olfice-.alHl'was doing ev-
"IS fMr«EBT#Cr5 YOU.
It keep*; vour "White C'hHhcs" !a-)kii**ir
Just like i*.ejvV|j i i ,. i]
*>*    ilAow-'rfQivMfir'Sti'aalliMtfothtJ!;
It l-t.tha -'.I-iTvOft.'t Kin.d^tYfr^
> ItUii'(air\rrHtf)H tr-ifiivti^ftT'iciit'..:
, fiictJoiVornipu-.y Cii-cc.ully ri61'-Ji.ui:fi
What, is Considered   Gfav.e, Situation
is Discussed by Her Statesmen
. . W :' .. •i-'In.Siejcr.ijt ,, ,
t Iirussels,' Gferdiany.—Tne   rieigumi
a sucrot' sitting vltaf queBUoEs ol''im:*
i tlotialidefens,ei-   ',..H - j
1     "".— u  -' proposed
than nny otlieo, ' MlSS
Thomsoit, E.;ii'.ioBt, M.m;
Blue Siiuin:•"', ,0 eyuev
Clues,"       Mrs.. I7rAuk J.
Moore, Conn, Out. ,
"J-R Ellin is the best
Eliwi I oveq rrjprli" Mr-n W.
Switucr, Biaiuloli, Mini,   ,
. [feAnburssI^
6 inuiCli'.
When it was'
rbers a'ntii
, ji!ai,nta4n .sspro^rly,.- (and
 nes occurreu    ,l",/..
that a Soc^
'tiftl.l,.,sev.cr,al ipp/.u-[
tli.'t' (ht'-  Weill I -no-
■'-''- Hl-otllio
^^^^^^^ il'itrdii'-We ^^^
hr^Vla-i.tile ,pi'ei!)ii'rI,..au,d jyat niiiiist.er,
i according ltd tile liiinrsle'riSI'dHouitl.e*
Patriot stated: The minister for
foreign affairs and myself are on a
lliMliiimo.,.. I(,,ypu .do; not, promise: to
■tH-fflk"", it.'cbli'nirini'kVi.ns^ceV'it
^_^_^___- rmlld'!he
j qtn-erved, were obtained and the sec-
j ret Uttiiig''-wlU' Wild.'" 9t"riii'glr«t-;pre-
Lca.utipns tvera .takiin and parilament-
: it'} ■JoHrii'iiiiBM. wii'ile'forbtdd(!n'i:a!U!'ss,■
e\ en to rooins udiacenf lu the cilam-'
}t&mv.miiv'. ifli i*bi7« i*«ii m
it .is clear that.'he premier lias been
5J S'l'ff'rifatlM inillrrt-ised'lty the i.let'in:i:i:-uiiii-i
lary measures at Htlseiioorn an,I oth'-r
p1:ipt'». qn -tlii"i >.Hflf;iu(n:-Il-ejatiet'.. ,: At
l-ilsenborti there is tiie v'ost maneuver^
itrg caBitj; cf.tjU-.' .l/DWstifi .eimy.|Corps.
l^rom Aix-la-Chajieile a  military rai.
|j,i ,-illall bo .oompelled to withoiil t
lJ|" 'Ouarant'rtr's' 'friat' secre'e'y I %-n
liijow-js  s;vciiVi!i,,c,op.v  nf a  letter
rrf.nV .1 'PMinlncnr Wlnritr-i! 'Di-iisrliUti
Tliis isbjbut typical of.lhe many wu re-
:.■:■ HAM il" ninl S \NM.K' ,Nl "WrWSP
i:KlT.L?,".ynd  the,maps/ ciiius  uase
sl|.rliiift,li-!-m'.i]rr*l bfCsAlt.   V \<ll$tfitr\
Tiit- SjiioI Manufacturing Co.,
mil J'-'Avitlnip'i-.i' .",1 I    itflUM
Darw Slt's.-rt    . i
'■   Vii-'iMrt.iiM'-'sJ'i iH»;«i'<vf<riA.i>'ttl,irntl
Lsiu,'. .i-J,IISvt,t!J,-l;ll,J:i|p.i|l,lil^, the SPPdl)
rt,,'.-'  i!f,tH"!'lnr',V; ilHntftl: ,1 *«»•
An inspiring'Model
Jl.-way of gres.t »:ratesic linportapce. rtins -
; soitttf  and  almost  parallel   with   the-,
"*V llelginn [frontier.*■-, At".jWelsuies| ,a(
] branch   line  runs  west to^Halraeay,;
tttiio'fnfi'mi1S'h*nvrri«'m^me''»irN.'f'l0Bt' to the.Bflglat) fronUec, ..AJiow.
^"^•^'Plt^lnW^JSs,   »n« cbi^ecU'my-flth th, BeV
--%[..   vian   fronller ,tojyu. ol ,Sfavelo.t  and
JJ.  the railways to Brussels" and 'Liege'.'!'
" '; At.|toe. piihllCjSittlng,of. the chamber
Hatdn 'd'e BrbinievMle said tSsWtaM'del-
sessTotl ,^^^^^_
which laid rei'.v small eggs, sudd|
hit on a plan,-, . Gpbig-the neiet m
ing to the fowl-run, Johnnie a fa
was surprised toi llnd^ajK'BStrioh
tied to one end of tne^beaitui,
above it a card, wlth'the-words
your eye on this and do yiur be
Good friend, if faie.jShot^ but bi
'.   Upon, we'll-sairi'tvlnian. like yoi
The problems I nave mentloni.-d.
What would'yon rib? •' Wnat
you do?
f^li.hale migitt be,:d|<:l8live regarding the
;41„   future  of  Bertltr.' <■■"! 'Certain   fiWilgn'
J, powers, .ho statetj, -wpuljd welcome anjJ
increa'se'' ln''tne'-'Belgliln aThty. 'I'-lflJf
though there.is ^some.opposition, it la I
virliially certain'tikt nn increase will!
t, t be voted. . ■       , ,.
jfiS]    According' to the' Derrilefe Hi
jjjlje premier said the International sit-
1 nation was   «h-eatly ' disturbed,-' ''that
•bilged   io Pin. in SANOL'S ANT1-
 ■"M'n)i,r|i1ntivl<|n.l.i'f;i|-y cus-
who now is i-i.ni|i|llrli- cured
lcri-,1   HANOI,    unit     I   was
uiir! wbcsiu-.l tivlicvc, lias s.iu a test!
riMnllll'J f ft'1 W» ilfMIrt-1 • }fi run litrri-.rua-
tiiin.-r ordered HANOI, ninl I was
• ililHf*d jt«t}togk,lW   'l.lilsi a-nlliliiiin
Vns.sp v./iFnititill'il rrinr'hriifis'sciii
l^tmtH        Ol   -   lilt*       IVi.-lldK. Up       10
MllefUrrfdl P'Jins' neveJ.ris|xisH>in tak) n
much Interest in ili.-'prrpurritl'ins. but
...whilu.. ftuarpjpor after qustonier jv.-ui,d
>c«-,ilt> In rttidi iilt.-srs 'anoutirii.-ti, HANOI, inn! done for tbem I came to tlie
ciui'iuBtiiu'.it, ,f.ouiii, he   worth   my
will].-' "rotflnj 'liMiinlh'S.toll,.' ii'itfT ii.
uomniondtne It to my customers.
I'hls'I ,>fnve, KioiKi.'ian.l I ..oiivc-,,Uturd
nothing bUt? words of praise for sa*
:OI. anafrecpmmendlng It in my cus-
lu'rtii'i*.   Tiiis' l' ii.->,,'-•- ilohrl,-* i'jiid.it
have licnitl iioiblnii but words of
fptaltel - (Sn '.bM-NIUs'.-iuuI    SANOL'S
ANTI-piABETES!   1 'niK 'f
..,   v ,ir : :  Volir? ,tri|lr.
'   Austin's 'Drug' Store,
lisiAMjusV lerl': J- Jlamiyn, Max.
o( 'ttils 'loiter     With
Tbe   orlfiiiinl
tinipy  olhcrs of,  liko nutun-,  may, be
'sct-rt'uprtn 'rirtF-rinVfi' ut UuKitlmut*'.'
/ok (isrll Stones. 'K.tdne» TrouBle. Kid-
nt/y stones. Blannsf Binrfl^.-' uravel,
LumlinH'i and nil diseases arising
n-iirt/' tlfiv Mt\S:   PHeei|i.Mjwj»,
only fMJMJa which tan.^record., of
cumplcie   tirrir'-bf   »iitb'etef.'-l»lM
!   rar .sale at sit 'IMdjwfisusrjsjuss,
Send  fin-  l-'ree  l.ltcrrllureT ■ ,rtrT"
St. Petersburg. —Fi •''Holmesjf of
Lavendon, Bucks, who ls 73 years?"old,
has sung bass In the local chapel Choir
for fifty years. -He lias Wso
worked for more than forty iTears on
one farm.  ', ,.,   --'..'.      ■',
«h-eatly fl dlsttirtjed,
large military forces were massed to i ^^^^^
the south ■ and: east of1 Belgium, ahd!*—^*^:
that it behooved thp country lo be in j
a position to see that the integrity of.]
her territory was respected.
W.INelJPpp, MAN..,.,
Cardiff.—A farm    servant/ named
Frederick.Davies was waBheil off, the
cliff by a    wave at    O'ow;er, r^DUth
Wales, and drowned.
p.ng >„rSH*l, he e«
like Home Sweet
;i;i4e Interests of
' Tpther evening
'' ring and was
isponded with
is friends were
selection, but
uded.     Step-
am glad you
'sand let me
say -that the company"""***£epTesent Is
selllltg'homos on-terms to suit everybody within 40 minutes' ride of the
city, Everybody ought to have a
home. . I" you don't want to live ln
one of th«4ie .'houses yourself, it's the
chance Ot your life'-lorian ihvestoiht!
It's Always
A Good Thing
To have a
Clear  Horizon
at both ends of the day.
A dish of
.. •
for breakfast and again at the oven-
ing meal opens and closes the day
with a dash of sunshine.
Toasties are bits of hard, white
Indian Corn, first carefully cooked,
th&i rolled thin and 'crinkly, s'^nd
toasted to a delicate, appetising
brown.    .      .   . ':
Not a band touches,(he fodljra
manufacture, t£nd 'It is., readjr to.
serve direct, from the packagd"—to
be eaten with cream or milk-^and
sugar, if desired. '
I ■■!■■ -:        .   - I
Post Toasties taste dellclrjusly
good and aro richly nourishing;1
Made by Tare Food Factor!
Canadian Postum Cereal Com
Ltd., Windsor, Ont
''■'-   &%*?%*&• it, .-.,■,'. ■   ■ '"»•;•'   v., ■..-.'",?.   ■^•:".,u-T*!'-^?''fiiM«M,''
I     We offer One Hundred Dollors Reward
for any case of Catarrli  that cannot be
cured   by   Hall's  Catarrh  Cure.
F.   j:   CHENEY' &   CO:/ Tbledo, '6.
!    We,  the undersigned,  have  known  F. i
J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe him perfectly honest in all business |
transactions and rlnanolatly able to carry
out ally  obllgallons made  by Ills  firm.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O
Hall's Catarrh Cure ls talien Ihternally.
ictlng directly upon the b'     "    ' '
surfaces of the system
(ion the ulood arid rnuc
_ .. ._._    Testimonials
free.   I'rice   75   cents    per   bottle,
bold by ait druggists.
Take Hall 9 Futility  Pills for constipation.
The Agent—Then-'' we'll consider
that settled.
The Actor—But—er—what about
the contract?
The Agent—Oh. that's all right. A
verbal contract will do.
Tho Actor—Laddie, listen. The
last time I bad a verbal contract 1
drew a verbal salary.
Woman's Fortune Depends on Choice
Between the Two    -
London,   England.—Sir     Ashburn-
ham Clements, one of the executors of
tbe will of I^ord Asbbtirnhani, stated
'at'Battle,-Sussex, that iliclnte peer's
only child, Lady Mary Catherine Ash-
burnliain,  has  not  yet come to any
decision as to whether slm will cou-
I Untie her life at the Copvent ot the
I Sarret! Heart at Koehamptpn.
If she takes the vow she Is pre-
! eluded by l^ord Ashburnham'g ..will
I from Inheriting his real and personal
i estate. The will has been provision-
ally sworn at under $1,250,000. She
| has four years in which to decide,'be-
| ing still a novice at tlie-convent. Her
I age is 23,
I On her father's death she was, by
special permission of tlie mother superior allowed to leave tH«je convent,
and she is now travelling.
Posed as Oriental Prelate at Meetings
of a Fraudulent Bank
Paris, France.—Tfal Impress the
shareholders of tho Auxilaitte Internationale] a' banking concern with headquarters In the Hue Blanche, the directors dressed up a butler in a purple
robe, gave him an imposing amethyst
ring to wear and Invested] him with
the titie of bishop of Antiocli. During
the meeting the bishop's episcopal
sla'ff: svas left lii'a''prominent plate in
the cloakroom.
As a matlrY-of fact,'the IJisbop Was
hired to wear his clothes at so much
per; meeting. For, a; time .he acted
.the part with due'.Solemnity, but at
i the close of'Ode.of the gatherings an'
innulsiuve shareholder went to the
table to consult the report which tlie
bishop had been reading during the
proceedings. He was surprised lo
And that tH*.bulky portfolloicontaloed
j a number of very Parisian comic Jour-
:nar*.;! 'Fte-maoe Inquiring and a poke Investigation followed.
The .founder: of the banjt., has, been
arrested "and bis partner  Is  nt>w In
-     - ■•!.,;.■'. -;;■.",, r. -, ,
s.»'ll   slri   /}'
Chief Constable From the Ranks
1/uidoii.—Detective Superintendent
Herbert Allen has been appointed
chief eonBtable of Leicester at a salary of $3000 a year. -Mr. Allen.served through the ranks of the local police force.
nu -s*%ftMfn/tA
77W dc&fM
Wi\W, •■• est* W»--Wtiy ytpij #*■•■•»•• k«T. (•
knew what KIND cf Clofh yo.f t.ie**jeU *u*j Md*
•!.--■*# MlitakM ar* tw*M«i>l<).    j\
StnsJ Cor PfM Color Card. «J*err BdwktM, *md
BsMklat dTt>t rarafa «f Di«4ng *rmt adiw c«l€«.
lW*OHHl(>l^RW^r\|rit»HJN COJUMM.
■   MonttMl. CiMfJt, ~
I'-iii. ''..'!*iS'. THU     ISLANDER    CTUUERLAND   B,C.
- -I".1!*!!."     ■.■■■J ■■■!■■
islied   eviiry   Saturday   al   Cumberland,   B.C
[slander Priiitiug & Publishing Company
Edward W. Bickle,Editor.
rVtlvsrtisihJ! ratei furnished on application.
SuU.«crii>tIdn wic'»t.80 per roar, nnytiUc ■*' J-!""'* ,m„,-m',I bj
Tl,« ...li,..,   lion .."I   iioW   liUn-vlf rwiiousible fui   ucv.. expu
jssii. I.* IsMin.   ii ■*■■■"■■
Ladies' Pongee
i Silk Coats
At $175°
Tin-; closure resolution which litis been introduced by
Premier Borden to preveul a continuance ol' the parliumeulary
nii'ii't'li//, wliicli ilif stubbornness of the Liberals linve broiiglit
about, Ints In i'ii drafted with remark-able care unci wisdom, ll
protects free Hpoecli and gives ample opirorltinily fur nil reason-
able ilebute niut yet pruveiits t( minority of die menihers from
tb-'gradiiig parliament and-mtiking tlie House nf Commons n
laughini/ sliK'K', ns,lias been rlono in the present case, The purpose of closure is to secure to the innjoriti/ of the people1*
representatives tbe power to carry on the business of the
country, for which thei/ are responsible lo the people themselves.
'Lhe rules irbich have been proposed are far wore moderate
nnd not nt'ni'1;/ ns drastic as those in force ill the British House,
Tbey are also not as draslric ns those which are used in tbe
American 'House of Representatives, Every representative
assembly in tbe civilized world has been compelled in tin
course of time to protect itsell by closure rules in oue form 01
another and probably noue nre ns moderate or so protect fret
speech ns the present proposals.
It is doubtful if rules have been introduced iutiny country
untlei'iiiDie commanding and ptovocativo circumstances than
those which have dictated the steps now proposed hy the
(jlovevnment, It is in tbe highesldej/ree creditable t" Ut, lion,
I!. L. Borden ninl his colleagues that under the circumstance','
they hnve brought down measures so eminently fair and even
generous to the opposition, nnd hnve shown so strung a desire
to preserve inlticl to tbe utmost possible extent the liberties ol
the representative* of the people of till shades of party opinion.
The-first change in lhe rule provides that motions of a
more nr less formal character shall not he debatable and there
fore cannot he used lor the purpose of obstruction.
The second amendment provides merely that after, the]
debate upon the question under consideration hns been1
adiourliod in the House a Minister of the Crown may give
notice that such motion or proceeding/ shall not he adjourned
beyond the next sitting, It the House decided favorably ou
the motion then the debate can las', for the remainder of that
day nnd uulil two o'clock the following morning, or until the
close of the speech of lhe member who may he spenking at two
ii clock,
/ We may give advice but we cannot give conduct,
ll is the firsl rule of good speaking that the mind ol the
speaker should know the truth of what he is j/oing to say.
i in,- ol the consequences of good breeding is a disinclination, positively n distaste, to pry into tin private nll'tirs ol
In extriputing agitators, the greatest comfort and satis I
faction is, uol that wc get rid of the agitators themselves, but I
that we make place for contented employees,
Sneering is the infallible sign of innate vulanrily of spirit,
and of 11 mean and base dispi sil-ion, that waits only the opportunity to do thai which will render il despicable as well.
Lathes' Panama Coats        .$15.00
I.oilies'Linen Coats         7.75
Children's Pongee Silk Dress      from $2.75
Children's Pongee Silk Cents      from 8.25
Ladies' Fancy Collars, Collarettes ami Jabots
ill the latest styles.
Dress Gootls of all Description,
Macfarlane Bros.
"The Cornci' Store," Cumberland, B. C.
Unless it concerns yon,
Comox Co-operative Society
Purveyors of Meat, Fish and Farm Produce.
Successor '„> A. McKinnell.
Ice Cream,
Cigars and
McKinnell's Old Stand,
Dunsmuir Ave., CUMBERLAND
For Fruit,Farm ami Wild
Lands, Acreage and Rc-
sidental Property of all
kinds on Vancouver Island are continually
reaching us. We specialize in Vancouver Island
properties antl shall be
glad to enter into correspondence with owners
who have properties for
sale and persons desirous
of investing.
Builders and Contractors
Investment. Brokers
411 Jones Building.Victoria, B.C.
Home Cured Wwnw (unsmoked)   .
Best Smoked Bacon.
Genuine Wiltshire Bacon .   .
Very Best Desert Apples Obtainable  .
Hams, besl (Fresh every week)
Home Made Mincemeat	
Fresh Cabbage
20c. per II).
.   28c.
$1.(15 per box
23c. per lb.
. per li lbs.
Best Onioiv . ri, ,    	
Potatoes Al.Quality.         $1.00 ■per sack
Carrol*      ... '.:       1.50
English While Turnips. 1.50      '
Halibut and Salmon, besl fresh, lowest market prices.
Local Fresh Eggs, e*io. per doz., 3 doz. for $1.00.
Orders by phone promptly attended to.      Phone 25.
                      ■   i    i
SANDWlCjt 8C110UI.
UK.IU7' Tl"XI)I'/ft-, RtipiiKcribtiil
~ " Ti'iiilor for si.imlwii-k School,"
"Ml lie I'Oi'oivod liy tho Hon, tlio Min-
'sli'f of Public Works up to n„on uf
ll'cilne.Hiliiy, the 21st day of Mily, 1018,
for tho erection mitl completion of a
largo out! room school-house at Sund-
wiclt, in thu Comox Electoral District
IMiitc-', specifications, contract, anil
forms of tender may ho soon on and
iiflur tho 23rd cf A\n\\, IDW, at thu
office ul  Mr  "I.   Baird, Government
Agent, C Icihuiil, ILC, Mr. It. I,.
t'lilli-, Sucrotniy nf tho .School Board,
hS'audwioli l'.O., S;iiiil\vii.-k, It. t'.; ami
| tho   Department  of   I'ublio  Works,
Victoria, B.G,
rtitciiditig tcuderors run, hy applying tu thu undorsigued, obtaiti a copy
of Ilia plans and spwcificalions for tho
sum of ton dollars ($10), which will ho
refunded uq their return in guod order.
Knrh proposal uniftt In- aoconipauied
hy an accepted bunk chctpie ur cortili-
i'.'ttc of ih'pusilon a chartered l-ank uf
Canada, make payable lu tho Hon. tho
Mihislor ol' Public Works, for a stun
i'i|iml in 10 jut coot, of tender, which
slmll he forfeited if the party tendering
decline tu enter tutu contract when
..illed upon lo tlo'so, or if ho fail In
complete tlu work contracted for. Tho
clietpies or cortiDcatoU of ilopositu of
unsuccessful tenderers will beroturnotl
to theiii upuu tho oxeclttioii of the cpu-
Tenders will not bo considered unless madoout on forms supplied, signed
with the actual signature of the loud
ei er,  and  enclosed in the envoi >pes
The lowest or any tender no! necessarily accepted.
I'titilic  Works Ktcjixicer.
Department of Public )Yurks,
Victoria,]!. C, Apriliist, 101.1.
tprrfalnotiet, frtlhoutcb*ir««, lata*
Scientific American.*
nilitTon *>f wit ■clonllflo Itmrnnl. Terms ir>r
DaoMt, ftvn n jw* portage prepaid, sold i-j
•11 Mw idtilcrt.
Brunch Office, fab T St- WapblUHlor*. p. C.
The Stoic of
The Store of
The Big Si
Grocers & Bakers •
Doalors in all kinds of Good
Wot Goods
Boat Bread and Beer in Town
Agents for Pilsener Boor
Barrister,   Solicitor   and
Notary Public.
^■"■"■■K For absolute protocol tion write a Policy in
Liverpool, England.
TOTAL ASSETS, S26.78b.93
Local Agent
The very latest
in Men's
Wo have just put in stock
Ibis week our first spring
shipment of tho mosl up-
to-date CLOTH! NG in
SERGES   in   BIiUE  and
BLACK, Those nre all
exoeptionnlly well tailored,
nnd in nothing I"11 ""-'
Newest in Sjring and
Summer Styles.
Our motto is Qualijty and
Finish   First  then   Pnee,
Really it is dis-gmcetnl thnt  men are so ill-taught »nd
uui^purecl .io, 'social Iii they are, often turning the,.' faort
-;£$*■ tWr :apquisitiousliB.ici:tlieir special advantages uito
„lW,rsofk.i...yancHt.. iln.se with whom they live,
X man of honour c«" never attain his kleal standard, since
:ti8 the nature of tho immortal = spirit to raise that 8t«ndard
higber and higher as a man grosses. An he grows Irom
stL«th to strength, OU-vards and upwards, his ideal.become
Sand .ore distant.    Be  it is, that the wisest and
neatest men are always the \mt satisfied W,th themselves.
Prices range
$16 to $28
We invite inspection
Phone 38
GOLDEN OAK DINERS, leather padded, six-piece '
sols, ranging .from       -       -    S22.00 to i?35,00
Golden Oak and Mahogany Rockers,  S5 to $10
Parlor Tables        -      -      -      -      #3.50 to $1
Curtains, 20; Discount for cash during March
Lace, Tapestry, Muslin, etc.
Wc carry a full line oi Furniture and House-furnishings,
Ranges, etc., etc.
"The Furniture Store
McPhee Block A.  McKINNQN      Cumberlan   8,0 snis ISLANDER, -JUJlbEttl.AN L>,    rs..
25 H.R, fully eqipped, $1175.00
35 H.P., [fcJZs^^
45 H.P., six cylinder, $1950.00
Howard King, Manager
Fred Ray, Sales Representative
For further particulars Phone R9 Wilson Hotel, Union Ray
Capital Paid Up $11,560,000
Reserve Fund $13,000,000
OF eftNftDft
Drafts Issued In nny currency, payable all ovei- the world
l.'g-hest ourront rates allowed on deposits of $1 and upwards
CUMBERLAND, B.C., Brunch-   -   -     OPEN DAK"
D. M. Morrison, Manager
R. H. Hardwieke, Manage™
The Depot
Barber Shop
Opposite tlie Hotel Union nnd
adjoining tho Railway Station
1 S N 0 W
The finest Cigars and the best ol
Tobaccos always on hand.
T. B. Johnson
Synopsis nt Coal Mining Uctfulminus
COAL mining rights of tho Dqmmion
in Manitoba, Siiikstcltowaii ami AUn*rU,
tlio Yukon Territory, tho Noli .Invest Turri
'tories and in a portion of tho 1'ruvmoe of
liii tisli Culumbia, may be leiiBod for it torn,
of twenty-one yonr* at m annual rental of
Sinn note. Not more thuu 2,500 acrea
will be leaned to one applicant.
Application fur a lease must bo made by
tho applicant in person to tho Agent or sub
Agent of tho district iu which the rights
applied for are Bituutod.    ,
lu surveyed territory tho Und must bo
described liy sections, or \o»i\\ subdivisions
of sections, and in un surveyed territory
tho tract applied for shall be staked out by
theapplioaut himself.
V,\c\\application must bo acoompanied
by a f eo of $5 which will l>e refunded if the
rights applied for aro not; available, but not
otherwise. A royalty shall be paid ou the
merchantable output of the mine nt the
rate of live cents per ton.
The person operating tho mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns accounting fur tho full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay the royalty
thereon. If the eoal miniag rights are
not being operated, such roturns shall bo
furnished at least once a year.
Tlie lease will include tbe coal mining
rights only* but the lessee may bo permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may bo considered necessary
for the working uf the mine at tho rate of
$10 00auacre.
For full information application should
be made to the Secretary of tho Department of the Interior, Ottawa,  or to   any
A^ont or Sub-Agent ofDonunion Lands,
\V. W. COUY.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.B—Unauthorized publication of this
advertisement will not be paid for.
■SEALED TKNDKUS, superscribed
Mrs. Simms will give  lessons on tho
piano at hurhmifu- in -icruBaleu), formerly
owned by Mr. .lames -Stewart, at any
time by appointment, except   TucBdnyB
Cumberland, B.C., March 8.1913
This is to certify that,!. Newbury holds my power of attorney
to receive and sijrn all documents
and cheques'.   Henry Hau.iimy
J, Newbury, Attorney.
i »»♦»»»♦♦< **** m * • ******* n »-o-t~»
....!> TKNDK!..-,     ,,   i	
'Teuder for Puvksvilla School,11
will bu received by tatt Honourable tha
Minister uf Public Works up tu noon
of Friday, tin* lOtb day of May,
1P13, for iho orootion and completion
of a one-room schuol-houso at Parks-
villo, in tho Alberni Electoral District.
Plans, specifications, cuntracb, nnd
fbvius of tender nmy be  scon on and
after tin- aisttky ul April 1013, al
tho office of Mr, G. W. Poiufurd, Sec
lUryo! School DoHVd.PttrlaiviHb.U.C.
oorge Thomson, Oovernmonl Agent,
Nimuimo; Mr, .'. Kirk up, Govern nt
Agent, .lllrnii, \\. {'.* ami al tho Department of Works, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. l\
tn loud ing tenderers by applying Lo
tlir undersigned can obtain n copy <*f
(fioptuusand specifications for the sum
ui ten dollars ($10), wwiub "ill bt
refunded on their return in guod order j
Each proposnt must bo accompanied
by nu accepted bank cheque ur certilt-
cuto of deposit uu a chartered bank of
Ctinedn, made payable tu llio /Amour-
able the Minister uf VuUic Works, fur
a sum equal to 10 per cent, ut? tbe
tender, which shull 1 e forfeited if tbe
parly teudormg doclino to enter into
contract when called upon to do so, or
ii he fnil to complolo tha work contracted for. The cheques or cortlllcates
of depbsils of unsuccessful tenderers
will he returned iu tbeyi upon the
execution of thu contract.
Tenders will not be considered un
loss made out on the forms supplied,
signed with tho actual signaturo of
tho tenderer, »\\(\ enclosed iu tho
on vol 0 pes furnished.
Tbe lowest or any tender not
necessarily accepted,
Public Works Efiit/incer,
Department of Public ]Vorh%
Victoria. fi.C. April Wh, 1913.
Mariy &Bi»eoe
Auctioneers.      Fire and Liic Insurance.
Farms, Bush Lands, Desirable Lots and
Bungalows }n Courtenay, B.C., V.I.
Auction Sales ot Real Property, Farm Stock, Furniture,
etc., conducted on the shortest notice at
reasonable terms..
Phono in Courtenay, B.C.
We have all kinds of Silk; 5 imported direct
from Japan ; Cream, Blue, White, Pink and
Grey. Price 65c. io $1.25 per yard.
Pongee Silk, 55c. to $1 ^O per yard.
Ounamuir TVvcmic
Cumberland, B. 6.
Would you like to have
a few acres close to
NO. 8 Ml
Acreage cleared or uninproved.
Write us or Phone22Courtenay.
Fire and Life
0. -JE, **U—J3sTS2a".i.>'. I'll
All Out of Town
Kull nt hope ami energy, the young
reporter  wus  sent-to  tlie  sitrliurbs
t" »rito an account of a, Arc that wua  is tho most delicate fabric . In .'tlie
alleged to he rasing ihere. > world.     You tuny cauie'it lieTuunfc'ui
As a natter of fact ihe fire was so harm by using poisohoufc mineral "otai-
small that it had been put out in three.-ruents for the little rashes.and* oriip-
au.l a quarter minutes, and the flrej tions that every haby suffers front
brigade had gone home long ago. occasionally. Don't     take * any;
still, the reporter was as persever-|chances;    Use Zam-Buk,   the
RING  PUAY .:..*,
.    , l, ■. : '■ .' ,
Its Author Embraced by Men and Women of an Emotional Audience
Paris, Franc*.— There was a, &*$&
scene after the first periormulicevoiS
the new play 'Servir,' by M. 0001*1.
btvypdan, at-the 'l'htatfe Sarah ilem-1
cannm properlv.masticate polid
foods and digestion is often
u)>>et'--tliey do not receive Uie
nci'eJk-riiHii'iishtnent to make
strereth ar.i! preserve health, but
il agfd ,eol-Se everywhere could
only Ycifci" the etrength-sus.
tatniag nonr-:.hment in Srtttt's
Emulsion they would take it after
even meal.
It possesses the nourishing ele-
menn of cod liver oil, the vit.il
powers '-f  the liypotihosphites of
liruw ;>.:i<l soda ami the curative
qiuujtiesqfglycerine.all so perfectly
coniiinetj thai lhitiir.- iium.-iii.iu K-
a[.proT>--iate> tln-ui to create
rtr.»;;ilt   ' nourish tile oxgalls and
bail*the fcno*y, H relieve/ rheuma-
tfarqlaud uiln'uiii-i idiii- laUocUntng
, yea*.    It adds to the -ran ul life.
s^Aic.- subst;lutci- f'-.r SCOTT'S.
ScdlftBowne. Toronto. Ontario    1>|
as inexperienced, so he up-
pi-ca.hi-ij the house cheerily aa.l
knocked upon the floor.
Mr. Yalghts In? h" asked hopefully
of iho b iiidmuiaen who answered his
No, lame the reply; lie's out.
Mis. Yalghts?
No, she'.- uut also
besi balm.
ZamlBuk s made from fine herbal
extracts, and is free from any harmful poisonous coloring matter. Like
ihe grasses and the (lowers,.nature has
colored it green. It is nature's own
; healer!
!     Mo.-,: ointments and salves have, as
'■their foundation,  various animal oils
baby's j ha'i-dt, ji.  Uultr,.,  the'famous ACKWj
snapped up the play, while the Coated-
Well, said ihe cub reperler. we were   and fats.    Zam-Buk does not contain
informed tlint you have a tire here, and | one atom of animal substance.  Most
- I've come to report— | ointments and salves are too coarse
Oh.  that's OUI   loo!    snapped    the] to be absorbed by the tender delicate
Lmnlden, as she gently closed the door,i.skin of a baby, and remain nn tin-
 :  skin an irritating mass,    .lust put a
M.nard's Lln'nnent Relieves Neuralgia. I littl. Zum-lluk on baby's skin, aud see
  how soon it is absorbed, showing eon-
la the sixth grade at Irving school clusivuly that the pores of tbe skin
the teacher was oucsi'mcng a hoy I are greedy for it.
nbou'l Napoleon's disastrous Invasion l'se nothing but Zuni-llnk fir baby's
ot Russia and the subsequent retreat! skin troubles and wash with Zttni-
from Moscow.                                       I Bilk Soup.
What did tin- French do then? she'    Zum'Bitk  should  also be  used  for
asked.- j cuts, hums, senilis, eczema, idles, ul-
They ran away, sad the boy. leers,  etc.    All  drui'aists  and  stores
Yes,'I ha' is-whit ihey did, said the; sell at 50c. box. or post free from
teacher, but ran awui is hardly. Hip Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, Tor price, lie-
"correct pnrtts* to use. What should ! fuse harmful substitutes and linlta-
yuu have raid.. • I tions.
They beat It'! he exclaimed, proud
Tom—Did -Miss Koxlry entertain
your proposal?
.lack—Ou the, conirary, my proposal
sernied to entertain her. ,
isued (ii
London's Fire  Lcsses
+V.ff-crdiiin to il return Is-
9MffftiyJ,ff{|l?flll>yrRiV Are j CO-D'S   KIDNEY   PILLS   PROVING
brigialVc'irnmilUe    ui    thi    l.,i:id,u:
t-ountiw^bntniikl.-.^tite. au.uij--;4iy . lot
causoJ by fires in the conn y ot London, during 19U amounted to no less
than 12,110,000.
j        -^U-Cfr—	
I 6guBlyr Punished
Palis.— .iBiirfJiprhfci', an employe of
Uie (jhe,-;,priri'.ar'se^al. who juuipc-.i
IromJa ti'tynear .la-'inotiou to s.tmre
n'.s eip ;. ml* bfoke^his ire, was lined
?'^.",ij tor evirtrra'venin^ ;iie- law in.
tdigiiling from a public vehicle before
'i. slipped.
fcVGR EVERY DAY Reduced in Flesh
Sleepless Nights
They Helped
Nephew    of
Kifharl Butler ulsenzer, NeS York,
tessaflBt and critic,;sa;d- a.: tlie, I'lavv]
-' plub; ."* '
try Is delightful.:--rtufr'pprt* are]
ry poorly paid.    1 know u n>H-
who has a heatitlml, golde'n
1  stenographer.   The  girl  said
; ■ employer the other day:
n going to get mai-.'iedf*ir,-And
going lo marry a poet.     (
r me, said Uie millionaire. Then
■ -iii h,ajf-..;o. ieav
to he
I a
I an
kfr- Wijlied', I th 11 not leave
ir*, sfiall tn   '
need more pay.
W*jfiH»4-—Agaiils tor ll,\il uric'. Wind-
«[orn: Insurance,     Apply the Canada
*'Veaeher'**tt»*rr-ft-tee Coiu|ia:iy, i Dominion License). Winnipee. Mall*.
prenpfi? profits
wi onh- handlf! property of st- rtinc
m<m. on w-ftH'u, wu.aii;. pivtiui'-ji] to
Eu-wnruic rn-otlts.
"Siir W'qoni.AWN." ST. VITA!,;
•Mrtpi-'nKF.a 1,00(113" pnip'rtl.'M urn
nwitt. Inveflttpeitts. We wanl a r<"»1
ae«#t t" rwrenent us iij tm-iy town.
Fofjteini.s iipply,        . -r"■■ . '.
Ad slip. UD.
Stirling  Bank  Building,  V.'inniqeg
tjSon't wnsii' tlmp wfjtiiij; if yoil
do'iiot mean bupinci-s." "'
Quebec M.^in TellG How
Him and Cured Hii
Kidney  DIot3S2.
South 11am, Wolfe Co.. Que. (Spec-)
Sail.—There Is trcsh proof every day!
that,as a l'.ttufly medlette Dodd's Kid-;
in- I'i.i s are i'"o".till? la fivoi- w-;.:ij
the people ot Quebec-., Just to quote ,
an I'vample, Auialle Tinard of tilts
place says, in an interview:
"Dodi's Kidney Pills helped my
ilieiitiiiiLsni, backacije, . iiravvi-i, r-mi
ifetrrc dniiti'ae, 'ffnittViiich; P sriter'd
imi- tiveuiy j-etirs.. !t)Jt ■:    Ij-'frjl
"They-ha-e-uot yet cured, me coju-
pltely, but.'t!lt'V'',d:d c'liiiple'el;; cure
tuy nephe.-'i, vyiitt'sutterejl. from kidney]
Dodd's   Kidney   Pills   always   cure
kidmy disease.    They will complete
Aieabl'e Pllnftrft'ctfrt.'because all the
diseases mentioned nre the results oil
.kidney     disease.    They    cured    the
i/yo'in"  mail's  kid'jey.■disease, quickly,
because it 'w;:s  t-ilr-n , to,   Itfe    early.)
! stages.  "'Amnble Pinnrd-'s'trotihies aro-'
I of iwunty years' standing and take a I
] longer treatment.
e- The moral is, tliatjf you cure youri
ki-.lnav 'disease ■t'a'rlfi.vi/itl! Dodd's Kid-1
| ney Pills, ynu will never lie 'troubled
:-\vi!i riiiaicat s::u. fciia-.e1 a-id "^ltr.
diseases that are caused by sick Vd-
I neys failing to do their worlt.       ..     j
K:t'r,?j Discaco antl Crave! Caused
Keenest Suffering—Cured by
Or. Chasa's KidRcy-Livsr
H-an^a'St* wus duUDting v.iK*tiuT it
could produce it. 'iiu! blacii-iieud-
ed author of the play was emBraeeJ
Ly men and wumen alike at'ier.iho
performance and tears were nmniiiL;
down mimy cheeks. ..  ,
"S^r\ir' gives violent expression to
thu p,e>V; spirit of patriotic fervor thai
has tipep RrbWilig in France-for-se.-.
oral years, especially in the younger
generainm, and which ravtnknl itseji'
tlrumaticiily at the time of the Ag.id-
j ir Inc.dent.      li   shows  In'the form
of a  parable tlie  overcojning.(,of lhe.
I Hniimllitai'ltin    which   Was    rife   lu.
| France Q few  years' ago by :love pj
la patrie.
'lhe two chief characters—or rather
types, for they are.    mervjy    mou-h*
I pieces of opposTng :-',:]Ilmoii:~-ai,o:ar.
old colon* i, played bv M, lOilUry, ani
his son.    The colonel, on'Tit* forceil
retirement  under the ug«. .l.imit.  fel;
that he must »*lll servo his country.
He was so devoted tbat he evun songat
an unpleasant way ot-giiowiriiv; ii and
became a *-py..;.ln tUut'capiictty heT,
; dlscoyera that a'vel'y powerMT e\'rW'
I I've has heir invented 'by. Ins sou. _   jjj
t     'Thi*  sun   ls a. pacifist.    He' iui'.ri  -
' war aud tells his men tha*' they Wigh; '■
i not to tight unlrsy their ■eonsc'(tM^ i
', approves tlie cause.     He-uiies' all the!
| humanitarian argunuMUs [thW'uBefl ftn
1 i)e" iKard in France, rrid i'sS i?o euvi-ietU
atvay .by  his Enthusiasm  that  he add
dvturiulneil lo make no use.of his ia-.t
vemioji.      lie  haa  proved'its toreei
by lilnwlnu'tip an :»lani otf. tlio cuast
of Hriltauy. - .. ].
Ileri' '.he piece conies iua»" to b'.r.iigj
•ridicHlou--.      Any power   which    p'.->..,
I^esseq Uie secrei e.^plo&ive coiiW wipvj
'another.powtr off the map, hut he u-.ll/
not -g-U'e. e\cn' his  own   Country"  tlio1
rhanC*\   . He will dr.troy ihr l'irmnla:
trod Uirow tne evplr.slv :,'tto rh*,--si'.i. '
In'tlils, lu*, h* checkmiVed by hU f-:ihil •
efj U$otvl^lgf'.^-**The - V>M-   colhnok I
gives theV-vr^f ^o Hip war 0tTi'i*e.''aii*i''
on thiit vpry dny war 'is declared-     j
Thene is a soene of an-^ty-. rexrin*!i);t|
d,Uon t>*»iAV."*:i fivth r i»:vl t-u\\.    . Thc-i.
mother Intervenes and turns. Uio scale..1,.
Sire h.tfr ue'-ii...i)u. uif  uo.»!s &^\ Ul-i '
tW.-f itu'wt*- iliai- jinqLlkr' sou has been \
killed .a-Moroccn fill's.fier wi;li'.a'wi'.; \
yearning for r-"vun-j,i.*..'T!n* pi.;c"c pn:\iY
iitnid- freir/ietl .ahl)!au**e  with  rhp 'fa&r
ciilst rn,--h.!i';-orr''to f\*:\t.    '
I -    ■   * -M        ;    I   .   .*...;-> T..|i-
r,uTI4ia M^rveJIocs'Tiii^'^—\\Vh f[t8f
wires (ft'-'t'ted liy.'l'r. 'rhnnui'' Rlrclrie; •
OU- are  <vlis'.>lqroril.   :he   -~pe;dy•'■ iM '
'periiKDiio-i!   refill1,-ti Jti'fiw hroiight ■-tu
\\,w  ^i.iTi^ii^'wiiR-pvcr Mt ihti^fitJDat
.g#ej, if leimtbr res:a>iled" ak- a>.mar«
tgfiwis thing lhat  so potent a inoili-
Hiio•k-li'MiU reflull tlom-ihe-biN iugjjqd-'
ieuts  which ' eiitnr: iato  its Vjoiyp >snl:
ic»rt.     A trial wil) ciiiv'fnf the ^uoyt«
sfwf(cal of-its -I'Pal.r*;; virtues.,..
Influenza, pfnk eye. epizootic dtslemper, and nil nnpe and
throat diseases cured, and all others, no matter how "exposed," kept sfrofTi .having any of these .diseases with
SPOON'S LlQXlp DISTEMPER Ct'RH. Throe to nix
doses often cure S case." One" bottle guaranteed to do so.
Best tliiny for brood mares. Acts on the blood. 50c. and
f H »■ bottle'*, S.itf ami Ufa dozen bottU-s. Orusglsts and
MwnAs simps.1 TMatributork—AI-L WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS.
SPOHN MEDICAL CO.. Chemists, Goshen. Indiana, U.S.A.
-ft   ,       SJB --U, ....   jl    i-gswaWL
Eddy's  Indurated Tub, allow the water to retnin heat longer
' and, never rust.    Being - ade in one seamless piece cannot splinter
and so the danger of snagged fingers and torn clothes Is eliminated.
Used   In  conjunction with
s" Washboards
Washday ^Lcses  Half Its Terrors
Tne Soul of a  Piano  is the
H Action.   Insist on the
Piano Action
DHsM.Wi.i-auJw's Soothing SVrup lias brra
SafBKKS for their CHILDREN wiIlt,K
■OOT1IHS tbe CHILD, aOttTBNS tlie Ol'MS.
Im tbe.besl remedy for IHARRiKKA. Il is al>-
PBhilrlv liarmless,   Be sure and ask for "Mrs.
    "bir'*. SoutbiiiK Svrup," and lake no other
~Tventy-fi«cetttsa bottle.
Numbered  Its Hundreds   of    Vlctirrs
Throughout Many Countries of
Madrid,   Spain.—Fifteen   members
oi a wealthy Kyiicicate ot swindlers,
having their at.idquarters in Madrid,
have  been  arro.,;i(i.  and   aths.'j  a»e
nuw being sea ciifd for.
This syndicate hns victinii^.-l litin-
dredir of persorisi in other countries
ib various ways.     It perpetrtt 4 tli'i
Bpanlsb prisoner' boax with grgj.r *■;■'.-■
cess, and also the 'treasure, -awintlln
whereby creduloua individuals ware in-
! duced to invest umiey in an ai!o,a» •!
; secret enterprise fo,   reeoverTn;  h'ii
I led gold and vai'iaile plt\tf!.
I    According to the police the loader
j of the syndicate was a man who pos-
! sesse* three splendid houses in  Ma-
1 drid, and is constructing   a   fourth.
These houses have many secret doors
and  corridors, and underground  outlets, so that the occupants elude the
Tbe syndicate operated for eight
years and received hundreds of telegrams from victims announcing that
they were coming to Madrid. These
telegrams were all sent to false addresses,, and when the victims arrived
ihey found that nothing was known
of the treasure scheme at tho address
given them.
Branches of the syndicate operated
at Bilbao, Saragossa, Seville and other
Spanish towns.
■ ..Mr. \y. Smith.
Tbat diseases of the kid ney a cause
the greatest suffering Is well ftnown,
and when* stone or gravel is .formed
in the bladder the torture ia almost
beyond human endurance.
The diseaso should never be allowed to reach this dangerous stage.
Pains in' the small of tlie back, pain
or smartim; when passing water, frequent urination, loss of llesh and
weight tell of the need of Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills to regulate and Invigorate the kidneys and restore these
organs to health. '
'Mr. W. Smith, Port Dalhousie. Ont.,
writes :—"For some years I was afflicted with kidney disease and gravel
In its most severe form, having often
a stoppage of water, accompanied by
the most dreadful agony. As the disease wore on me I became reduced in
flesh and passed sleepless nights. No
doctor was able to do muck for me,
and I used many medicines without
obtaining more Hi an temporary.reUef..
My attention was directed to Dr.
Chase's Kldney-Llver Pills, and by
using this treatment the disease way
eradicated from mv system in less
than six months. I have gained in
weight, sleep well, and feel better
than I have for twenty years."
Dr. Chase's Kldney-Llver Pills, one
rill a dose, 26c a bo*, all dealerfl. ot
Edmanaon. Bates & Co., Limited, T0i
•Thcr.fi are co vegetables jtint Hae your
own growm-^    fruvtd* for a good labia*;
t.al ve^j.'iibi'ab, aud tbrov. away medicine.-,
if* a«M only ftflfaflty yba with Ita.Tine**denied
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ffffl' in oar booklets, 153 plies' fcopvr*iH<ed).
The firs'! of the kind printed in Canada,     They
contain  thq   best  Western er-perionce  (ft; esoerl
larkel Gardeners.   Soui-o, practical Hid -j.tumble—
;t what yoa want, to know lu pro-aaving Ibe need
manuring, starting the seed,I transplanting farcin,*,
ing,  storing,  rirstrovin^" insecls,  elc.      The prio»;
cents p«r buoklet (Si 00 for tl*c full set  cf 11,
ludini vegetable and special field cropsX fcut FRtE te
basers pf our sect's.       See our catalo^iic, page 2.
OUft fREE CATAIOG0E.   A^DIF.^'VG \$\% *>0.j |
trrim  l..r   r.if  fK€€  book.   ll[l    M<>
W«lHi:*l. t'-uKi VERWItniF*l.lI 11-1
OI=.«4!-r4 Jti-I IM*   reUM-KMI- r, Ml.
*1w*k-    FRtt
The  average   free  show  is  worth
Just about that much.   .   .; .
Only fools are certain, Tommy
men hesitate.
Are you sure, uncle?
Yes, certain of it! .        J
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Burnt, Etc.''
it pYN aliment.
N>. foil swm.V.ir  , I.u
licmiij.ii'Hj   ,r„
>**f'T waste your time lij;iiriup
out why i. blnck lien  l.-ys
white egg.   <s<'t buny and .lump
tote  your   LEATHER   LAB lit
O'Vfe'B.HAULS and got I lie ogg.
THIi UliM. THE liUG.
Leather Label
,, j MiMFACTfiirns or
Hlph  Grade- American Over-Hauls,
• r this out end mall It to ua with
■rrt-iKivio and address and we wl'l send
on* of our celebrated   CORN COB
No Means of Escape
j    Tbey were on parade when lhe Irish I
, drllbsengeant stopped dead in from ofi
the newest  recruit    and    eyed   him
steadily  from  top  to  too  before  hej
burst out:
A mill'.  ji n'  here's a  nice state of i
; affairs.     How dure ye come here and
1 stand before a dace-nt man lolke me*
ii j self  covered  in  Quel   from  head   to j
foot?   Answer me when 1 spake to yo. | ,|
With knocking knees, the now thoroughly wretched recruit endeavored
io squeeze in a few wolbchosen words
of explanation, but bis atiempts were
rudely overborne by a further torrent of words from the sergea.nt, who
fairly  bellowed:
Ye would answer me, wrjfild! ye?
Spake at yez peril! New 1 ell me, yo j
spalpeen, what have ye l>een doin' to i
yez nice new un-form?
Again the bewildered reeruit opened a capacious mouth as u preliminary'
to speech, but (he viobnt voice of the
superior broke in ourp again.
! Take care, be shouted, Oi can hear
j ye. If ye answer me when 1 snaked
to ye, Tli have y> nrresied for Inao-j
lene.e. An' if ye don't answer when T,
spakes to ye, I'll send ye to the guard
room  for disobedience,.
Stockings Costing 5240 a P.iir.Purchas-j
cd by Paris Women'  '
: ^P'aris,- France.—luxury in-vyouiau^.
dress has reached such a! pifclV In "Paris that society women nere are proposing lo organize v. simplicity cam-
pa«a;i -.    .■      ix& ■... rr^jSkvij
It is not so much the prices paid
for the dresses themselves as the
money 'asked and paid for accessories,
which aro exceeding the powers of all
but the deepest purses. Tbe extravagance in stockings has grown in inverse ratio to tho thickness of lhe
A shop near the Opera sells stockings at i- a pair at the cheapest. Au
inquiry for tlie most expensive pro-
duced some at $200 and #240 a pair,
made of Chantilly lace, Mecbline lace
or tissue of gold.
In the Rue de hi Palx a fashionable
purveyor- ot,whtteJ,uJjd^r,\year> stated
that he had no trousseaux under %1W,
and that $10 and $20 were the prices
for cheap nightdresses. Another
shop of the same kind making a specialty of corsets has quite cheap ones
it $15 and a little better quality at
$20; but of course, said the shopkeeper, wheu a lady wants a really fashionable corset she has to*pay for it.
Ynu*' dniRtrlsl will refund money If PA30
OINTMENT falls to cure any ens'1 of Itoh-
Ing,   Blind,  Blendiriff or Protruding Plle»-
in 6 tu 14 daya., Boo,.
Sheer Force of Habit
Teased Into it, Boole bad accompanied his wife ou an excursion to the
realms of bargains, and In the enormous building, with its many departments, had become separated from his
hotter half.
For an hour at least, he remained
lounging impatiently ut the Junction of
many ways, where Hits, stairs, aud i
passages mew and then, Ured , and
i angry he approached an irreproach-!
able shopwalker.
Sir, he said to the frock-coated audi
I suave attendant in tones of righteous j
indignation, I've lost my wife.
Hack came Lhe reply, with stunning I
force: j        j
Third floor and over the bridge for1
the mourning department.   ■
But Tioole waited on.
The Best
m Lubricants
A heavy, skprf-cu<L oil fox farm machinery
"   - Clings to thebearing* "and insure* the least .,..-
possible friction and wear.   Moisture and'
, changes of temperature do not affect it.
'*"'"iS" J!r§6^rao^evHRe^stluceessi^lfai^el^'^ ..
Gas Engine Oil
Used and recommended by the leading engine builders all over die country.
Keeps its body at high temperatures.   :
Equally good for external bearing*.
El Dorado Castor Machine'Oil     Silver Star Engine Kerosene
Capitol Cylinder Oil Imperial Motor Gasoline
Thresher Hard Oil Mica Axle Grease
Stock carried at 300 tank and warehouse
stations in Western Canada. For addresses,
price lists, etc., write any agency.
Up to Date
Of course you'know the story of the
Irishman who was painting a fence
and who worked fpr all he was worth
in order that lie niifiht net his Job finished before the paint gave out.
It was one of those Jokea our grandmothers laughed at before our grandfathers  bought  razors.
The hero again, is -an Irishman, but
this time not a painter. Oh, :no,;
a chauffeur driving his master hpuie,
from the country late o0e evening, j .. . .
The nearer the car approached the' J S^     ^S, '"l Z-
town the faster il   went   until,  when i h "* .   Un        '  nr,,,v '    ,,   '
about ten mil- ou,   it was travelling| ^sed b?tt^homelytory ol life
at something like fifty mlloB an hour. , vaBner.wo'man.
Steady, rhmi. steady! cried., tho|
master to his servant.  ' If you go on
Main Office t
Regina, Moose Jaw, Saskatoon,
Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge,
i- «e»aa<rf
Well Put
Mrs. Stuyvesaut Fish at one ot her
beautiful dinners In New York, Bald
of a woman whose daughters had all
married well:
like this we shall get held up by the
Uut the Irishman set his lips ilrm-
ly, made Uie car go faster still, ttien
We're still nine miles from homo,
air, and I've only enough petrol  Tor
three.     If we hurry we may jiist do
A washerwoman whose five girla
had married well was left all alone
with her old husband, but she said
philosophically about the girls' loss:
'I miss-ell >m and1 wants 'em: but
Sfolly, I misses 'em more'n t wants
Nature Doctor's Fortune
London.—fluatav Probst, locksmith
and nature doctor, has died at Snloth-
bum, Switzerland, leaving a fortune
of |140,000, uimu-Hefl from 35 cent fees
for his medicine, which consisted of
ciiaes of pounded rheubarb and beat-
Warts will render the prettiest
hands unsightly. Clear the excrescences away by using HpUoway's Corn
Cure, which acts thoroughly and pain-
lea sly.
Iiondonj—A chimney shaft a hundred feet high has been erected in
rarUho.UjKe-street, Camberwell, bv a
lauiV^TfcompkB*Shffid .when only one
hrick'rehi'ameaJto1)e'placeilin'th«i to|«y
:,iiss Murdock. daughter of th i manng-
Not True to Life
The son of a. man who had been a
great philanthropist welcomed a via*,.-     ..   y.      -1!mU  , ,,„ t,,„ .    ,,     ,
itor to his ofllcc.    The talk turned oh 19? ^M-fe^ffl^   P de °*
the career of the lather of the young] »» 8,,aft and fliea it.^
man, '	
I  . it. was. a..great blovv toeverybodv,'
Pauper Boy Wins a Scholarship
London.—A hoy at the Mile End
workhouse named Smith, aged 11 years
■has won a scholarship tenable for
three yearB at the school of the Coopers' Company.
No matter bow soiled they arc.
Grease, Ink and all other stains
come off with Snap. Leaves lhe
hands soft and white.   Antiseptic.
SNAP COMPANY, LIMITED,     •     Montreal.
my   faLherV" "dealHi " 'lamented
youth.     By the way, here's the
portrait painted of him.
lli^ led  the visitor to where bun,
on the  wall a  large  portrait of thej
dead philanthropist depicting hun as*
standing erect with his right hand
Ma pocket.
A line piece of work, said the via
itor grimly, but it's not true to life
Nobody ever saw your father with hi:
hand in bis own pocket.
Schoolmasters as Censors
tfieT "BwHn*.*^-0«'tog"Wto tile-oharacter of
last' many cinematograph showa in Berlin
London, Mngland.—Sudbury, (SuN
folk) town council has approved of *
site on Market hill for a memorial to
Thomas Gainsborough, the i'ainoua
artist, a native of tbe town. The memorial haa been subscribed for chiefly
by London artists..
Private Trading on Warships
London.—A naval order, issued at
Portsmouth, '*, forbids bootmakers and
barbers to go in warships, and Instructs commanding officers to prevent
contractors from carrying on private
trading aboard vessels.
I and inadequate police supervision, the
j schoolmasters have decided to form
! a committee of censorship.
Do you think it right to roh Peter
to pay Paul.
If 1 uunpep to.&fS&lM*^ -LM
Then He Tells You
hen one meets   a friend    these
days one does not say: How do you
do? But, How Is your cold?—and as
a rule, one gotls away with lt.
Money Talks.
Isn't it time yours had something
I!"  'ArjSitki. .:*.d. .:.:^~ ...   .      . ....    :  ,
Dr. Morse's
Indian Root Pills
are made according to a formula In'
use nearly a century aro among the;
Indians, and learned from them by'
Dr. Morse. Thought repeated at-;
tempts have been made, by physicians and chemists, it has been found;
impossible to improve tbt formula or,
the pills. Dr. Morse's Indian Root
Pills area household remedy through-;
out the world for Constipation and'
all Kidney and Liver troubles. The*; .
act promptly and effectively, and
Cleanie tht Syatei
'J-Vi'/.' \$SA*A -.  > r ' .'■; THE   ISLANDER.   CUMBERLAND,   B. C.
He Refused
And ihe Consequences    5
Were Peculiar j
t      By   T.   A.  MITCHEL      !
* +
Tlu-i'e are as uuiuy NIK'tuttis uf court,
flup and iiuii-riage us tliere are peoples. In l.ti|itiiuil a suitor must run a
rare with the girl he wish,-.-, to niiirry.
II he wins the rm-e he wins tin- girl.
II he loses (tie one he loses the oilier.
III Spain courting Is (lone li.v the gtt-i
elitiug mi ii balcony, the suitor talking
lo her from Hit- street. In Tuiiglfr tlie
jinnies are i-onlrm-ieil for hy their pur-
flits without seeing eiii-ii other, anil
the bride Is leil to her hiislmtul In a
bos nu u mule ny nil old nurse
Many tuarrlnges among tin- (leimese
are brought iiIhiiii by brouers Mitch
broker iiccumulntcs a number of
Dames of iiiarrhigenlile girls, Willi
their dowries, their eiliiritfltlh, aeeoiu-
plishnieiits and other attractive ten-
tines A young man u-Milug a wile
applies tu hint, and he arruiiges a marriage with the parents of some une ur
the girls nn his list, after which the
couple are Introduced. Hither party
piay decline tu curry uut the arrangement, but if the mini dues so he must
pay the brokerage and expenses
Kignor liliniidolii. a citizen of Genoa, hud a daughter of a marriageable
age and une day received a visit fruiu
I marriage hruker wltb a proposition
for ber band fur une of bin clients,
Lulgl Hnltrnul. The father took the
young man's name aud address, made
Inquiries wltb a view to cuutlrudng
tue broker's .statements find, finding
them In tbe main correct, arranged for
* meeting between tbe two young per-
Lltn (ilrnndola after a brief Interview with young Haltrnni wns very
much pleased with him. He was refilled, courteous, good looking, lor
these reasons-she left the monetary
features tu ber father-she decided to
•crept  him.    All seemed  going  well
UllOI" UIH kYKS. '
for the match when Kignor Bnltranl
nutlHnl his nroker that lie would not
fulfill bis part of the contract. With
this uotitlcutloti came a check for tlie
coiuiuissloii anil expenses.
Rnltruni was young nnd not expert-'
•need In woman's ways. Ills broker
Imd Inforuied him or the preliiuiuarles
lu the mutter, and since uccordiug to
tbe contract neither parjy waa to he'
bound until the contract was completed be felt at perfect liberty to withdrew up to thai time, nud it did not
occur to him that If Slgnorlna I'trnji-
dole should claim the same privilege
lie would have any cause for' complaint    Why should he!   Wan niit the
ship. Put when be assured bar that
be understood those motives iwrfwtly
ber reserve waa thrown off at onee.
and it seemed to the visitor that be
was ou tbe threshold of one of tbe
must delightful friendships of bis life.
Though he wns not conscious of it.
he hnd really entered on a love affair.
He half snilled. half shuddered, when
he thought of the business arrangement by which he hnd made the ne-
ipinilittince of - Slgliorltin (Ilrnndola.
What a wretched business that hud
heen. to he sure! And now for the first
time, tlie stains between hltn and Si-
gtiorlna i.ltu having changed from strangers io warin friends, the fact that he
hnd declined to murry her. she being
willing, seemed, changed too Then he
regarded It a uniiter ot business: now
he begun to wonder how she could
hnve received his refusal without shu.w*
lui! some ph|iie The filet thnt she h.-nl
not shown plipte Impressed film Unit
she might he Indifferent In him. This
troubled him.
The besl way to discover her feelings
would .lie to iissiiMie something of tile
lover, dropping nn eipuil amount ,,r the
frlelnl, The next ibne he was with her
he tiled lo do so. but wns surprised to
hnd It ililliiult. The flirt Hull he 111,,1
declined to inurr.v her rose us a barrier
Is'tweeli litem. He snld something lov-
er-IIUe. and it cuuie buck to him like a
liibcklh'g echo
She might hnve helped hltn. but she
did not. Nor did she discourage or encourage him. She remained netitrnl.
This led hint tn iiinke another trial,
'i'he result was the same, though lie
wns conscious thai the fault wus his.
So long ns he was friendly he wus in
his element: lhe moment he undertook
to play Hie lover thut refusal to tutirry
her cuuie up uguiu between them, nud
every time it did su It seemed more lu-
surmoiiiiiuble. li was no longer a
hedge, n fence, but a shine wall reach-
lug to the skies
He was like a ship at sea. now
rolling far down un one side, then uii
the other. Slgnorlna I.ltu was kind.
friendly, appreciative, but white he was
racing madly on in love she remained
tbe same. Vet ihere came a time when
she seemed to change. Occasionally
when she met his gaze she would drop
her eyes. This encouraged him, hut no
sooner did he beglu to act the part of
a lover thuu she drew hack within
herself anil left hlui lu uct his role
But why try to follow the mud course
of a mail in love who bus uot yet won
the nice'/ At times IiuItmni would
wonder why he hnd cbuuged his views
concerning Slgunrina l.lla from the
time lie hud declined to murry her.
Then he would doutit If he hud changed
them. This craving for her wus all
nonsense    He wuuld hntiisb It
l-'or bow long? Sometimes for a few
hours, sometimes a tew minutes. Souie-
times he would full from his indifference Into the depths or Oespolldeucy.
A man in this coudltloti is apt tu ap-
peitr to he lis'ililng fur the'most roollsti
thing he can do and finding one foolish
beyond bis fondest hopes. Hit I trim I.
when he discovered thnt he could uot
propose us a lover, concluded' to beglu over again ns a matter of business.
He urgiied. Ibut be should;place the
young lady in a position jvbere she
' would have an opportunity to treat him
ns he hnd treated her He went to his
broker and Instructed blm to go to the
' young ta"dy**H father and imtke another
proposition fnr her hand    I
The broker retrained from comment
on such a course.-r He Welti tu Signer
' Iiirundola  and  djfile the irofiosltiou.
. The gentleman wtpcsurprlsefl, lf|it made
' no comment rawj,R}tn rehinrk. since
the parties ..huo; met,-*tberf) would  lie
■ no need of jijr\ Introduction  'He would
,. confer witlY.jils vtl/fr'uifd'trtiirn uu un-
i (iwit ufter hii"ing done so.    He snld
nothing about bis daughter, for It wns
supposed thnt.iuuiurfinge for her wus
In'the bawls of her parents     Nevertheless be li'iew'fnll well thnt Slgnorlna l.itn would decide the mutter.
I.uigi expected ah answer within nt
least a ,few days,! A week passed, and
he received none. Kvery day he culled
on his broker nnd nsked hint ir he had
liny word rot- blm livery dny the broker shrugged his shoulders find replied.
"No. signor " At Inst l.ulgl could stand
the suspense no longer, or thought lie
"i'ouldn't. nnd begged Ihe hruker. to gn
/to'Slguor lllriindolu und ask for s reply..   The broker did its desired and re-
affslr up to a certain point a fiuatuess     t|lrl,e\|   with  lhe answer that  Signor
transaction? '"      ,lfe.- ' '   Bajtrirjlll's proposition wns'still under
Tbe young man was, b/>we«|t; .wi-.-YoTwhl^ratloii
far aware of the greater aensltivbuess
•f woman to lie soMewlttt'surprised
•nd greatly pleased at a note be received from Slgnorlns Olrandola assuring blm that the brief visit he had
Blade ber had greatly Impressed ber
In hla favor and she would lie pleased
tn retain him as • friend. During
their Interview be bad shown an In-
•Ight to certain subjects In whlcb she
was Interested and hoped that she
Bilgbt have further benefit nf his
views upon tbem. Tbe matrimonial
matters having been disposed of. there
would be greater freedom between
them without danger of misinterpretation. She therefore hoped thnt Sl-
froor Raltranl would come occasionally
to see ber.
"Thar Is tbe most sensible letter."
.*# remarked, "that I ever received
, from a woman. And what perceptive
faculties! I might have talked to a
down girls about those subjects of
which I bave made s study without
making tbe slightest Impression upon
•ny of them. This girl has evidently
appreciated every word i said to ber.
1 shall certainly avail myself of her
Invitation. And who knows hut that
I may change my mind and tbe match
fn through after all."
Signor Bnltranl answered the note
In person. He .was further pleased
thst the young lady received blm cordially, though she seemed a trifle em-
harrowed lest he attribute her Invitation to different motives than friend-
The lover now begun tu suspect thnt
be was on the gridiron and was being
broiled for the delectation of the ladv
he loved. Indeed, be had feared from
the first that he would meet with a re
fusil I, but when one hnd nut been re
turned In due time he hud hoped Mow
all hope was gone, and he knew lhe
worst-no: tbe worst was not yet come
Every day the fever within him burn
ed fiercer. Every day he suffered more
Intensely. The only reller Unit might
come to him was thnt he would re
celve a refusnl from the girl he hnd re
fused. It would he preferable to this
Intolerable contempt
tine dny he new Slgnorlna ilirniidnin
approaching as lie walked on the street
She came on ns though she did not
see him and shortly liefore meeting
him turned down n cross street without
noticing hltn She did not look dis
pleased with him or revengeful or eon
leinptiious. She simply acted as though
she hnd never seen him liefore. was
not Interested In him and wns think
Ing slioiit.somethlng else   ;
From that day tu this the proposer
has not received nn answer to his proposition. He is growing old nnd hns
never married. It seVms n severe pun
Ishment.for nn offense which, coming
rrom a woman to a Innn. would only
ennse him io hive her the more. Rut
men cannot look nt things through woman's eyes. She Is, hns nlwavs been
and will aver be to uttti au eu.tuiu.
Mr*. Sulzer SM-snt  Partner
of   New   York's   Governor.
(S) PU by Amerlcun Press Association.
When jiMketl just liefore slip went to
A i im ny tn preside at Hit* gulierialorial
Ili.iUMotl Wltttt she Wll* going to do as
tlrst .inly of ihe state of Ne-,7 York
Airs, t-tuixer Instantly replied: ".lust
What I inn doing now-trying lo Milken
g I home lor Will.    We will live the
Simple life Ui our new position just tin
we hnve in tlie past, antl if friends
collie hi when we tnive pork uod bciiiia
tor dinner tliey must enjoy the pork
und beans or go elsewhere. There will
be no s.'i.tmu dinners Riven in our borne
iu Albany, our linine will be a real
lioine. There wlll be no frills about IL
Mr Siil/er aud I bave m> suciul aspira-
There Is a pretty romance connected
Titili llie Sulzer marriage. Mr. Sulzer
fcrst met ihe lady of bin choice in
\\ nshlughm at a dinner in HUM. Tbat
lie wns peciidarly Impressed fur a continued imcheinr was remarked at the
tune. Then be went west und did nut
see tbe then Miss Kodelhelm for tour
years. When be came back and met
bei he calmly said:
"Don't you think it la time we were
geitiug married'.' You know we bave
been eugilgt'd lor four years."
She Uld out kuow it. lint what woman could let ii chance like that go by
the boiti'dV Tor tbe Milliter method of
iv iu ni uy a girl was as convincing aa
Lis met bod uf getting a vote.
lu appearance Mrs. Sulzer ts rattier
Above medium height, graceful and
Villi an urbanity that detracts nothing
from the Impression of force one gels
li'om conversation with ber. Her vuice
Is well modulated aud her diction remarkably clear. Mrs, Sulzer before
ber marriage wns a trained nurse.
whlcb probably accouuts for tlie soft.
luw voice- that most excellent thiug
lu one of the nursing profession.
Mrs,  Sulzer Is the type of  woman
best lilted for the helpmeet of a man
ut   strong   ambitions   like   the   Demo- .
eratk* governor.    She Is difficult to In- '
tervtew. tor she insists upon keeping ;
licrown personality in tbe background. I
When her husband's inline Is mention- !
eii ber fact* at once lights up with Interest ami pride, but try to get her tn
r-peak of herself and she becomes at \
once as mum as tbe proverbial eliuu.
Improving Comic Supplement.
The distinction of having tlr-d laken
tip the work tor the Improvement or
the comic supplement is claimed by the
League of American I'en Women, of
which .Mrs. .Install ijuliicy Kern of
Washington is president. She is also
rhairmaii of the comic supplement
committee for the Kedernted i.inbs of
the I'1st lift of Columbia it ml Is a member of the board ot education of Washington, she wrote aud circulated thou-
Hatids of copies or the resolutions adopted hy the League of American Ten
Women and hundreds of oilier clubs
nud societies which declare "tbat lhe
bo culled colored supplement is a menace to the culture and morals of children, begetting lu tbeui an admiration
for deceit aud cunning, misrepresentation and vulgarity, disrespect for tbe
aged and intlrin. a lack of reverence for
nacred things aud of itympalhy for the
unfortunate, encoiiracing bud manners.
disregard for authority. Incorrect language, low Ideals of literature, distorted notions ot art, tbe perpelinitloo of
practical Jokes, unpatriotic sentiments
and general demoralization of character."
Is Also Most Unhappy, Most Dissatisfied and the Most Deceived.
The most luxurious pig in all tbe
world is. as it painfully happens, tbe
most unhappy, tin- most dissatisfied,
Lhe most deceived,
Her disappointing lot in life is to
hunt for the delicious truthV, only to
be hauled away at the very brink ui
Her full name is La Truie, and slie
irlmhits the pleasant sunny land
round jferigueux and Somes, in
France. That district supplies the
whole world willi trutllc?. They are
liner there than anywhere else.
Sometimes as much as J.VK) is paid
fer n truffles pig. tbe animal's special
value, ni'iiig that tnruuah long and
careful Inoreedtng it is, born with an
Instinct for truffles,
Not merely nu instinctive love, but
a marvelous instinct, which leads it
Infallibly tn discover where they are
hidden away in the earth. So pijs
"f this breed hnve a price above
From youth upward the truffles pig
is fed on tbe daintiest morsels, Nothing is L'ivcn that might BpoiMie> Hue
taste. I.a Truic is horn with this line
taste, which belongs hi her breed and
which has heen carefully fostered for
When she has -.Town up a little she
is led fortli one line morning at the
end of a slack rope on a great truffle-
hunting expedition. The man who
loads iier has nn more exact knowledge as tn where tin* truffles are actually hidden in tlie earth than a pur-
,*>lind owl.
Hut ha Truic can scent one. so line
is her inptinct, if it he bidden nearly
two feet under ^lie surface.
Down goes ber head with its peculiarly long, well-bred snout, aud she is
rooting ot the brown earth with all
the energy  she possesses.
As'has been suid, this instinct is infallible. A dozen inches or mure down
tlie pig finds tbe truffle she has nos- I
ed. Forth shoots her snout, her mouth
is just opening to receive its just reward, when—she is hauled hack with
a sudden painful and not-to-he-denied
jerk, and a sbarp-ponted stick prods
her away from the delicious morsel.
Truffle hunting is a line art at
"oriirueux. A- much as 1,000 pounds
have heen collect.';! from one estate
in a single day. These sell in London
and elsewhere ut from $;j.75 to $5 a
After they are gathered women
peasants with long experience scrub
them delicately with hot waler and
nail brushes, and others peel tbem
just as carefully and gently—much in
the manner iu which potatoes are
scraped. For, as they come from the
earth, they look like black fungi, and
run about the size of potatoes.
Like mushrooms, they need a period of warmth and rain in order to
ensure a good season, which extends
through October. November, December rod January.
In Knjr!and the truffle is chiefly used
as a garnish, but it is also served as
a hors d'oeuvre and a vegetable.
"Go away from me." said tbe lai'a
lonubly dressed woman to the tramp.
•*| wouldn't bave you touch me for a
"I was only go'u" to touch you for a
illuie, lady."—Yoiikers Statesman.
Mister, when 1 make, complaint
or my poverty you say
I've got bleasln'a that you ain't—
Wealth and simiytli ami youth,   1 may
Have all of tbem. and p'r'apa you mlglil
Swap your riches for my heuu.s
But with my blamed upi*elU«
■ You'd Uttd fitofe'tl yu;ir pres-Mit wt»n!tH'
—LhJvuKU News.
Willie-Paw. what doe* putting on a
bold front uiean'.'
Paw-Wearing one or the shirts von
j;et tor Christinas, ui.v sou- ClnriliUiiU
"He tmod," says the proverb, "and happj
yuu ii be, '
Uut fun, un tlie otber hand, Hallsilea m»,
Giving Your Child a Boats.
"What  kind ul  a   book Kufll  falter
bring >ouV" a small gill was ■juestfoo-
ed the otber day.
Publisher—-) can't see anything in
Hull tnamisi-ript «>f yours,
snuggling Author I presume nut;
but. you know, some ul your render*
i-rty be inoiv lutelllgeut-HlriiY Sli>
tics. |
grow up wltb and which ui'l-jneet th
.leeds of bis developing and ejjpmdin
Tliere once was a aplnnter named Knit*
Who uuirrlaKt* affected i" halt,
IJut aloiiB en mo u nee,
Who remarked, "Many me?"
Ami tomorrow aba lixed ut tin* date
-liiLtMinyiiain Aiev-Heralii.
Monument Man-Wbnt shall I pill on
your hush-mil's tombstone, madam?
Distracted Widow-Ob, say Unit he
was my husband uud tbat be Is happy
If you'd get to th*? top
You must work with it will.
Ymi Have tio time to -stop
If you'd Ret tu the lu-j
If life's prizes you'd cop
Vou must  battle uphill.
If you'd net to the tup
You must work With a wlll.
—Detroit Vrm I'rest.
First Motorist- How far did yon
drive last night?
Second Motorist—I did .seventeen road
bouses.—St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
Let not bard Iuck in any case
Your countenance distort.
For when a man has a lout; face
W* know tbat he Is abort.
—Cincinnati ICnquirer.
Kind Lady—Yon look tired:
Railroad    Conductor-Yes.    madam
I'm troubled wilb insoinuia.
KUd Lady-Poor fellow!   Why don't
they put you on a aleeplng car?-!Mau-
ford Chaparral.
How Norway Deals With Divorce.
It is easier to obtain a divorce in
Norway than in any other European
cnuntrv. If n married couple want to
fart, Norwegian law grants a divorce
ivitlmut inquiring into tbe reason, but
as security that the step lias been
well thought over it provides Hhat a
year of separation must intervene between the application and the- granting of divorce. The husband and wife
have first to apply to a magistrate,
tie Bends them to the conciliation
inard. and if this body cannot reconcile them they are grafted a separation order. At the end of a year the
ministry of justice is compelled to
make the divorce final if asked to do
so by either party.
A dolly Jatl.
.The Central Prison at CYtinjo is
probably the most easy-^oirig in the
worb], No wallg surround it, and the
ii mUe-i, who furnish their own cells
just ns they please, seem ui slnv
there only hecausn they find their
quarters comfortable. Tlie diet is
libera!, with win? un occasions and
always cigarettes, There is no work
tc do, no distinctive garb is worn,
and comparatively free intercourse i-j
allowed with thp outride world. On
certain feast days, indeed, the prison-
■ r are even allowed to entertain
The "only girl he ever lovw,"
Hazed deep Into hla eyes.
And. though he was not then reproved.
Bhe fathomed all hla lies.
He swore hla love would ne'er grow cold
Despite misfortune's frowns.
She wondered if this aultor uoid(
could buy Iter liata and Rowns,
— ilurtloid  I'lmea.
"I am very, very foud of you." be
whispered In her ear.
"Then we shall «et along splendidly.
I am very foud of myself." she au-
Bwered.—Browning's Magazine.
The winter girl is happy now.
That's she who gentry purrs.
The winter winds have hruphed the smell
Of camphor from her fina.
| —Vonker's Statesman.    ',
"Ts it expensive to send a boy
college?'   * / j     ■" -*"
•  "No."  repltpd  the father, wt)  hnd
Just   received    another   request   for
funds,   "but   I   Hnd   It's  exjieusive   to
keep him there."*I>etroi't Kree Press.
When, nt fourteen, she went to srhnnl
The boys. a. lot of chattpring parrots
And not too courteous, ns u rule.
Al) called her -'Carrots."
A few brief years passed o'er her head.
Love prbvetl himself a trim inagiclan*
Tho boys found -*ut that tlery red
Is "brightest Titian "
Pntliet—I can't understand why yon
want to be a prlstPtighter!
Son—Busy! Hecnuae it's all prizo
and no light.—Judge.
The M'-1 berry Tree.
SHk Is the great industry of north- ;
em rtnly, and the plain* o! the quad-1
r;lat-*ral are dark with mulberry
tr .'. The mulberry tree Is the hard-
<rt worked piece of limber in the
world, First ifs leaves are skinned
n ' hr th? worms hi feet! on, then the
litt'e branches are clipped for the
worms to nest in. then the Jarjffl limbs
are cropped for charcoal, and thi
trunk hen not only to produce a new
crop of leaves and limbn for next
year, but must uct as trellis for a
j     Songs aro sung to the bravq and fair
Over tha foaming beer aud wine.
|    So why not a toast to Lhat hardy pair—
Tbe Andiron boys on the tiring line'.'
Jlmson—I do spring cleaning ot all
seasons nf tbe year.
Jackson-How's that?
Jiiusou-I'm a watchmaker.—New1
York American.
Tht Medici Collar.
Medici cpliars are the last cry tn
neckwear. Von may make them of
mil sort of luce provided Mint the
mesh is heavy enough to support a
llpllllier'a wire under Its outer edge, or
you may evolve ilietn from chiffon,
liille or utilize ribbon provided that tbe
material Is closely plaited or Muted ami
made to staial far mil from the Ihrmit
ut back and sides, lu front ihe mediel
In I-trs into rather sharp points that
join several Inches iielow the lb rout or
thai run io either side of a V'd or
mpiiir-'d neck tt Isn't a street collar
for winter, hat It la n ptcturesipie iic-
reswor.v ft - an aftertimtn house frock
■ nd at'-ii-hed to a plastron uf malhies
•r rare lends chic to tbe plaiueat ur
A Curiosity About Eclipse*.
The average number of total and
partial eclipses in any one year is
four, the maximum seven and t.he
minimum two./ Thwe is nothing really peculiar ill this except the faH
that where only two occur they are
always both of the sun. There are
more solar than lunar eclipses, hut
lhe sun, being so much larger than
Uie earth or moon, the shadow terminates at a point and is visible only
along a narrow track, wbii.1 th« lunar
obscuration is frequently visible over
h'aif a continent.
Literally  True.
Lawyer—My retaining fee Will he
Alleged Murderer—Gee, it costs a
lot to live nowadays.
"May 1 —may  1 Kiss yoa, dearT"
Said lie.
"First I want one thing made clear,"
said she.
"Have you e'er kissed maid before
Or tried?"
"No," he nnswered-sht was aura
He lied.
Then with willing lips she whispered*
Tea, you may, since you don't kiss
And tell.'
-Pittsburgh Press.
"The   case    had    to   be   postponed,
"Weren't the lawyers ready?"
"Yea. but tbe dressmakers demanded more time."—Hartford Post.
"Oh. any book." came the rejpty with
a happy nonchalant e. "as iuugjs it can
^h* uiy very own aud stay up in my
She voiced the craving of e«ry child,
«ays t'arulyu Sberuin ll;i ,\ \M I he- iMr-
liuealor. Vour child needs lil«ery ow»
foot" bookshelf whhbyie may
uplUU and eljpindinK
Imugimillou. But each bookjhhat Ws)
put ou ibis nitraerf boul>xlie« should
be aelectwl having In mind what it la
going to do for the child.       *
Will it frighten him"; Will* It hurt
bis appreciation of beauty by its rude)
colors und poor art'/ Will it give him
warped, twisted ideas of bis world';
lEaiher, will the book that you put
into your child's bauds make blm happy V will its illustrations W-:p him
lo love good plclurwV Wlllj)t teach
turn something'.'
If n child euii have only fobr hooka
It will be [Missible to give blra.betweeu
the covers of these four all "that he
needs in child literature during hla
earlier years. j
One book should be very beautiful
plctorially. livery baby luv*» color,
and a good colored picHire of one of bis
Mother lioose friends, his pet animals,
his toys, will be a least fur hla soul almost. He should be taught care la
bundling It. and turning its beautiful
paxes will be bis happy privilege.
One I wul; will answer the < pier lea ot
our dear little "question mark." It
should furnish material to be read to
the child to help him understand hll
environment. Every child is iwunder-
fully, buoyantly luterested lu.aniinala
and stars and trees aud wu terns and th*
laud of little creatures down npder hla
feet. Too often we let his .tue»tluus in
regard lo nature phenomena pass un
heeded. Let ns give him a Uyok tba*
will answer lhem.r*
Our third book will be a big; maglca
collection orchild jwoiies—tln># atorle^
that take a.child tint of hlniaelf and
into the places of fancy, stories that
make children brave-, happy, tmseltish,
One more hook, a doing ono.; lt wlll
be iK'thaps mure a mother's bfajok thuu
the child's, for ft will give hints and
helps for keeping small hands active*
child eyes wider open, child brains
,busy. It will be n book of tfames. of
suKiteHtlnus for child band work, a
book of child btisy-nesB.
With these four books' or many books
of each of these four classes ji child
will begin bis home education lj. an ef-
tcieut. lesult milking way.       i
Rules  For  Rearing  Babiaa.
Rules for rearing babies, act'orapa*
nieiMiy the stutemeiit that children ara
not to be regdrded as luxuries my the
poor, were1 given out recently by Mrs.
Oeorgo Derrick of Boston, who four
niohUis ago become fcbe motlieMif a boy
declared by ,\ .tititiiu^r of eil&ulc nu-
tborltles to be the finest physljal sped-
men that has come wltldu their experience. Mrs. Herrlck'a directions ar«
ss follows:
"Tbree.essetttlal* ore freshjitr. n^ht
clothing and plenty uf go-id nourishment
"Society women should forego society's obligations aud uufse their own
"Kvery mother should nurse her own
"Kissing and fondling of bnhy should
not be permitted for one in Hi uie.
"Don't losp iniby up In the air like i
bouncing ball.
"One great i-tecrel of household econ
oiny is inn king your own and your children's clothing.
"Knee suicide Is the greatest evil of
Ihe day.
"The fill her contributes as much to
(he health or HI health uf it. child m
the mother "
The Toys of 1913.
Modern toys for chlldivu are marvel*
.if Ingenuity, The latest Is a model
yacht about three feet long which
runs by electricity with a motor und
Storage baitery with u speed of IKS feet
per nibntle. The motor is reversible,
and It Is steered from the wheel on
tbe bridge. There are searchlights nud
running lights, which are operated by
■ switch. Naturally there are no nails
and only one deck. There are two little lifeboats, and on the deck a small
velvet seat with three miniature chairs
and lb re** weu cushions lend a suggestion uf realism. A moving picture ma*
chine for home use, sold with an arrangement with the store to exchange
(he Hints, is another scoune of unlimited delight tu the active child.
The oyster in the stewpan stirred
Attended Strictly to his biz
And never sutd a single word-
And yet see what his tlnlsh Is!
— Washington Star.
Hostess—Oh, professor, haven't you
brought your wife?
Professor—There I I knew I*d forgotten something.
"It seems she did something rather
odd-wedded her tirst love ur sum*
such silly thing.*'
"No. It was far more remarkable—
loved her tlrst wedded."-Hmart Set
Idiot  Bratnt.
An idiot's brain contains less phosphorus than that, of an Avemir^ ner-
lpn, '
There wss s young fellow nmned Muss,
Who adopted a   "cold cynic"   p<»se.
Hut one chill winter's day
.luck  r'rosl  eutight  htm that »nv
And lu froze in the pow that he ciiosa.
Comfort For Baby.
Klderdown flannel bootees for the
baby are excellent for very enjd weather. They **re silk lined wish pink or
blue and ornamented with a small design in ribbon worn. They are hand
nmde ii ml are wn-hnhle. Rooteps for
the baby muy also lie had now made of
corduiiiy, but either of these kinds
should be exchanged for something uf
a lighter weight III a warm room or on
mild days A hot water bottle lor the
bnhy to hold and play with, so that Ita
bands may be kept warm. Is dtv«sed aa
a rabbit doll called "Peter Uu libit " it
holds one pint of hot water aud is
priced at $1.
■     , . *     . ■-■...■„•-■,..  m
,: • •i nn ISL.AAIJKK, i u.,u;tiu..\:w,
" Not Better than the Best - but Better than the Rest."
When building a House—build the Best
Then we will have the best building in
the best district on Vancouver Island
YOU oau linilil .1 gone] house liy using only good materials,
ninl materials "better than tlio rest" oau be secured
WHAT IS A COME BACK?   A "come-back" is a
person who has bought his building supplies front
.it tlie only exclusive builders' supply house in this section of
the country. Ask the man who has dealt with us what kind
of treatment has been meted out to him, and you will gel the
only possible answer. He will tell you he-likes to do business
with us because we make no claims for our goods that we cannot substantiate.
DEMEMBER—we absolutely guarantee our stoek to be as
represented, therefore it is almost impossible for a patron
of this house to bn "stung'' by the receipt of poor goods.
us and came buck to the best house in the district when he
wanted more. We have innumberable patrons of this sort,
whicn shows that the good goods is /miking man// friends for
us, who are unwilling to take a chance on materials not
backed by the personal guarantee of the vendors.
Kiln Dried Lumber, Mouldings, Sash and Doors, Lath, Plaster, Lime, Cement, Paint and Oils, Plumbing
Supplies, Builders' Hardware, Building Paper, Roofing etc.      Window and Door Frames made to order.
Box 230 COURTENAY, B. C. Phone 66
FarnM and
Y. li. b e
Farms and
/xUR 1-stings together with the 4,000 acres we have
(J actually bought in the Comox District consisting
of cleared and uncleared farms, sea and river frontage,
enables us to give intending buyers a good choice.
Full Stock of Wheat, Corn, Barley, Oil Cake
Meal, Oats and Crushed Oats, kept on hand
all the tV.ie at the Lowest Market Prices.
Made from No. 1 Hard Wheat, First Quality Family
Rour $1.65 per sack
vour orders at
1      ',"■''> V?
Corner Duiisir.uir and First Street
First OUss in every ro>spcot. Perfect Cuisine
Headquarter!! for Tourists and. Spoitsm n
Winer,, Liquors and Cigars
John N. McLeod, Proprietor
Wlion In Cuiiiuoilaml make lliu I'nloii yonr limili|tinrton
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
General Manager
Asslutant General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000        REST, $12,500,000
This Bank offers unsurpassed facilities to those doing business
with foreign countries. It is specially equipped for the purchase and
sale of Sterling and other Foreign exchange, drafts and Cable Transfers, and for the financing of imports and exports of merchandise.
Commercial credits, Foreign drafts, Money Orders, Travellers'
Cheques and Letters of Credit issued and available in all parts of the
Collections effected promptly at reasonable rates. .      a,*
Phone 31
Cumberland, B.C.


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