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The Cumberland Islander Mar 22, 1929

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"The Patsy"
Cumberland Islander
at the Ilo-Ilo
this week-end
Piwlnclal Library   Mar.l|JI
Stage From
Board of Trade Decide to Ask
Transportation Company to
Consider Proposition
The regular monthly meeting of Uie
Cumberland Board of Trade waa held
at Lang's Store on Tuesday night, a
good number of the members being
present. The chair was taken by Mr.
Mumford, substituting for the president, Mr. Lang, After minutes ot the
previous meeting had been read by the
secretary, a communication was read
from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce asking the board to till and return the qiiestionaire enclosed. The
Information sought by the Chamber of
Commerce was ordered by the meeting
to be supplied by the secretary. A lot
of advertising matter from other
boards of trade was ordered laid on
the table, members of the board being
granted the privilege of going through
ihe matter submitted, at their leisure;
one member ot the hoard being of thc
opinion that the time of the meeting
should not be wasted by the secretary
reading the enormous amount of matter submitted.
A general discussion followed the
subject of the traffic signals at
Intersections, It being tbe feeling of
the hoard that the silent policemen
now In use ou the main street were
not giving the satisfaction that traffic
signals, similar to the ones Installed
at Courtenay, were giving. It was
unanimously decided that the City
Council he asked to consider the advisability of erecting traffic signals
at the intersections on Dunsmuir avenue with tlie red and green lights.
In the matter of the Small Debts
Court, a committee was named to g >
into the subject with the proper authorities.
Recommend Evening Stage
The meeting was considerably enlivened when the subject of an evening stage was Introduced. All members took part in the discussion, It
being felt thnt two stages in the mornings from Cumberland south and no
more fnr the rest of the day was a
condition that should and ought to
be rectified. It'was pointed out by
one member that many more people
would come Into the town to do business If they could get out agalu the
same evening. It was also pointed
out that many of the residents would
patronize an evening stage which
would enable them to get down ln
time to catch the early morning boat
from Nanaimo for Vancouver. All the
members present were In favor of Inviting a representative of the transportation company to come to Cumberland when the proposition could
be discussed thoroughly. The secretary was instructed to write to the
company stating the views of the
Cumberland Boardof Trade and Inviting a representative to come to the
city, and in the event of a satisfactory
reply being received, a meeting will
be arranged and all members notified.
With which Is consolidated the Cumberland Menu.
Imperial Oil Drops
Believe it or not. Imperial OU took j
u drop on Monday last. Whilst we j
have not heard ot anyone losing a
fortune over It, young Dick Idiens i
was certainly lucky to get out of the \
mishap so free from injury. From ■
;he meagre accounts to hand It ap-;
pears the large Imperial Oil Truck, j
operated by Mr. Joe Idiens, was pro- j
ceeding along the highway at Fanny j
Bay, close to the Shingle Mill and In
attempting to pass a car parked on j
The Pas, Man,, March 20.—Coal Is
being sold for $80 a ton and flour
brlngs$25 a hundredweight at Foit
Churchill, according to J. C. Franklin, lineman for the Canadian National
TelegraphB, who has been working
along the Hudson Bay line now pushing north to the Bay.
the highway, tlie side banking of the
road gave way; the truck turning
completely over. The full load of
three hundred gallons of gasoline was
lost and the calj of tno truck torn off.
Dick Idiens. son of the proprietor was
dirlvlng the truck at the time and narrowly escaped serious Injury. He wns
exceedingly fortunate to get off with
a slightly sprained leg.
Large Attendance
At Funeral Of
Mrs. J. Graham
Tho funeral of Mrs. Jean Graham,
slste. of Mr. Thomas Graham and
mother of Mr. Charles Graham, took
place on Sunday last at 2:15 p.m., n
large number of friends and sympathizers attending. The cortege left
tbe undertaking parlors of Mr. T. E.
Banks, service being held in the Cumberland United Church with the pastor, the Rev. J. R. Hewitt officiating.
A very simple hut impressive service
was held and the hymns rendered
were "Nearer My God to Thee', aud
"Abide With Me". Following the
service in the Church, interment took
place in the Cumberland Cemetery, a
large number of friends of the deceased attending the service at the
graveside. The pall-bearers wero
Messrs. T. R. S. Graham, Morton Graham, Pierce Graham, Tummy Graham,
Hawthorne Graham and Roland Graham.
Dog Causes
Truck to Turn
Over on Side
W. Gordon of Cumberland Motor
Works Escapes Serious
On Thursday noon, W. Gordon, of
the Cumberland Motor Works after
repairing Wong Wy's truck went for
a run down the road to test It out.
When opposite the new houses in Uie
townsite three collie dogs rushed out
chasing the truck. By some means
not yet explained, one of the dogs became entangled with the wheels causing the truck to turn over. Very little damage was done to the truck,
some of the glass being shattered and
a small rod slightly bent. Mr. Gordon
seeing that the truck was going to
turn over, covered his faco with'his
arms and It was luckily he did. He
received a cut on the wrist and another cut on the side of the head
from the flying glass.
It ts only a short time-ago that we
drew attention in these columns to
dogs chasing automobiles on-the front
street and predicted that a'serious accident would occur, If the dogs were
not stopped. An accident has happened, fortunately not serious. The next
one might easily be a serious one and
we honestly believe that if the owners
of these dogs were approached ln the
proper spirit, they would see that thu
dogs were either destroyed or kept
chained up.
Draws To
A Finish
A record entry was received al the
Athletic Club for the last crib tournament of the season, over sixty names
being submitted. Play is proceeding
and It is expected to play the finals
' early next week.
Finals Will Be played This Evening— Some Excellent
Games Promised
The Katzenjammer
Kids At School
Mr. Hubert who plays the old
schoolmaster in the ''Katzenjammer
Kids at School" is well known for his
work with the old team of Francis
and Hubert who played for over two
years on the Capitol Circuit through
western Canada from Port Arthur in
the east to Vancouver in the west.
He was also Identified with the Maple
Leafs or Fourth Division Concert I
Party during tbe War and later on
tour through Canada with the same
company. His work In the present pro-;
duction Is very clever, his make-up
as an elderly old Scotchman would
certainly not lead one to believe that
he Is still a young man. The whole I
production is one of color and fun, i
There is dancing and singing in goodly
measure and above all real good
wholesome comedy from curtain to
curtain. Do not miss this real 'Capltnl
Entertainment.' |
The vaudeville. "The Katzenjammer Kids in School" comes to the Ilo-
Ilo on Tuesday at a special matinee
ln the afternoon and between shows
In the (-veiling, the feature picture
being Karl Dane and George K.
Arthur in "Circus Rookies". ■
Spring surely must be Just around
the corner. At the Comox Golf course
grass cutters are already at work on
the greens which are reported to be
In admirable shape. A start has also
been mode on the construction of the
new club house.
At the Cumberland Cricket field a
number of the members were noticed
on Sunday last cleaning up the field,
filling up unsightly holes, whilst a
few more of the "big" fellows were
busy laying a concrete practice pitch.
Gardeners of Cumberland also have
A Night In Jail
Proved Popular
The flrst dance of its kind and one
of the most successful in Cumberland
was held in the Ilo-Ilo dance hall or.
Friday night when the Q|fldunkei'3
staged "A night in Jail." The hall
was decorated with black and white
strips of paper giving a Jail-like appearance, and at thc lower end of
the hall a "Wanted" sign bearing tho
photo of two desperate looking characters with their thumb prints held a
prominent place. A pile of rocks and
two sledge hammers tactfully placed
In the centre of the floor finished the
effect . Excellent music supplied by
thc Canary Club orchestra, Issued
forth from a cell-like enclosure, over
which was printed "Sing-Sing". Signs
placed above the dressing room doors,
while a hangman's noose swayed ominously at one end of the hall. Several novelty dances caused much enjoyment, the hand-cuff dance being
won by Mr. McLcllan and Mrs, McRae,
and the Gedunk Special Waltz by Oral
McNeil and Mrs. A. Robinson of Courtenay. To uphold tbe reputation of
the dance It was deemed necessary to
make several arrests, John Cameron
acting In the capacity of judge aud
Earl Stevenson as warden, the following were arrested for said charges:
John Auchteiionies, charged with
making too much dough. Suspended
Herb Roj, charged with playing
false notes.    Not guilty.
Mr. McLellan charged with not
half-masting flag when city mare expired.   Pleaded guilty.
Norman Frelone, charged with Issuing counterfeit money. Case dismissed.
Jack Swanson. charged with making
his boy friends walk home. Circumstantial evidence.
Norman Hill, charged with extract- I
ing the cream  from the "Cream  of
Li 11 tea"  for  coffee.    Suspended  sentence.
Charlie Sutton, charged with vamping girle in the moonlight waltz.
Pleaded guilty.
At midnight hot dogs and coffee
were served to tiie prisoners; who
marched in prison formation to the j
strains  of  tlie "Prisoners  Song".       i
The prisoners, seeming a little rest-
less, a jail-break in the form of a :
brownie two-step Introduced the car-.
nival, when novelties of every descrlp-1
tion were distributed to tlie dancers. ;
Much credit is due to Mr. Cameron,
who acted in tiie capacity of chief of
police, for the success of tlie affair.
Acting as patronesses were Mesdames
MacNaughton, Horbury, Harrison,
Parnham, Emily, Gear, Baird, Brown,
Banks, Herd, Carey.
been busy during the past week and
In this regard, notice is sent out from
the city clerk's office that under no
consideration whatever will garden j
refuse be moved away from the garbage bins, (see advt.j.
St. George Society
Plans Celebration
Members of the Royal Society of St.
Gcorjjc met here on Thursday to make
preliminary arrangements for the celebration of England's patron saint's
day. April 23rd, which is also the anniversary of the great English poet,
William Shakespear and the epic of
of Zeebrugge. The celebration will
take the form of a dinner at the Elk
Hotel, Comox, with a musical programme. Committees were struck as
follows: Programme, Mr, G. W. Stubbs,
Mrs. Harvey, Mr. B. Hughes, Major
Hilton, and Mr. Herbert Glover; dinner
committee, Messrs. R. U. Hurford, A.
B. Ball and B. Harvey.
No Immediate
Is Expected
E. & N. Railway Lines Recently
Before Parliament Anticipating Development
Passage of the Esqulmalt & Nanaimo Railway Bill In the House of Commons Is not'expected to Indicate early
construction, it was stated here yesterday.
The two routes approved, Port Alberni to Comox Lake and Sproat Lake
to Long Beach, both pass through fine
standing timber, but until development
takes place lt is improbable that construction will begin. The company's
line from Solly Junction, on the Al-
Inrni line, to Great Central was constructed for the purpose of taking
care of the output of the Great Central mill, and since that time two
smaller mills have been erected near
to it, It is from this branch line, operating solely for forest products, that
the new branches will extend west and
north. Opening of operations In the
Ash Itiver Valley may tempt a start
on the northern route practically
along thc same water grade as the
much desired road from Beaver Creek
to Comox Lake, The only difficult
construction on this section Is along
Comox Lake, which will require heavy
This lake is now the Bubject of important developments by the Comox
Logging Company, a subsidiary of
the Canadian Western Lumber Company at Fraser Mills. Large rafts, to
accommodate loggers who will operate
In the timber at the western end of
the lake, containing all the equipment
of a logging camp, have been bull',
and will reach tidewater at Royston
by way of the Wellington Colliery
Railway, operated by the Canadian
Collieries (Dunsmuir), Ltd.
Possible mineral developments on
the north shore ot Barkley Sound
may speed the construction of the
Long Beach line, which will pass
through magnificent scenery when
The Comox District badminton tournament is in its final stage In all
events save tho ladies' singles of
which Mrs. T. Graham and Mrs. Shenstone must ploy a semi-final game;
the winner meeting Mlsa MacKinnon
in the final.
The only real setback in the tournament to date is the defeat of Ash and
I Shenstone. last year's doubles cham-
i plons by Stewart and Ledingham, after
I a hard three-set match ln which there
were several long  rallys. Shenstone
j and Ash made on of thc longest runs
seen in the Pavilion for many moons
ina  close match  when  they chalked
up nine in a row during Shenstones
Wednesday evening's play did not
provide a great deal of spectacular
I badminton, ttie principle event being
j the defeat ol Ledingham by .Max Blunt
i of Nanaimo, a former singles cham-
! pfon, by the score of 15-4, 1C-6, On
I Thursday evening, however, real tour-
J tianient games were the order as tbe
! weakest of tho players had received
j the "axe" in tlie first round.
j In the men's singles, J. Idiens up-
1 set the "dope" by dominating Lock-
fhfct, 15-12, 5-15, 15-13; the general
'.opinion'being that Idiens would not
J'he able to stand the gr{ud. Idiens is
| a foxy player and uses his head in
; place of his body, which waa shown
! by the way he played his opponent
with the least effort In the second
I gamc In order that he might come
i back strongly in the third; and ho
I did..
The feature game of the evening
was the singles between Max Blunt
and T. R. S..Graham, wh... li ti;e latter
won 815, 11-7, IS-S. biuw; siarted
off in a splendid form; his net play
aud smashes being a treat to the
j spectator, a problem lo Graham, and
he took the first game quite handily.
15-8. In the second and third games
Graham settled down and his fast
drives and splendid game at net
coupled with thc tiring of Blunt turned the match In his favor but at no
stage was the play at all one sided.
The mixed doubles game between
Stewart and Miss Falrbalrn and Mr.
and Mrs. Graham was very closely
contested and good badminton played
throughout. Mr. and Mrs. Graham won
15-9, 15-9 and as Burnett would say
In his ad. "They were just that much
The flnais will be played tonight
starting at 7:30 when the best games
of the tournaments will be witnessed
as the finalists are very evenly matched. As the entrance fee charged for
the tournament is inadequate to meet
the costs of shuttles, trophies, etc., a
collection will he taken tonight during the finals. Anyone who is interested in badminton at all should make
a special effort to see the finals as
the writer feels quite certain that they
will he the best local exhibition of
badminton ever seen iu this district.
The following aro the finals to be
played tonight:
Ladies' Singles—the winner of Mrs.
Graham and Mrs. Shenstone will meet
.Miss  MacKinnon.
Ladies' Doubles—.Miss Carey and Miss
G. Fairbairn versus Mrs. Falrbalrn
and .Mrs. T. Graham.
Mixed Doubles—Mr. and Mrs. T. R.
S. Graham versus Ash and Miss MacKinnon.
Men's Singles—T. R. S. Graham versus Wright.
Men's Doubles—Stewart and Ledingham versus Wright and  Idiens.
The results of the tounrament to
date are ns follows:
Firemen Hold
Annual Dance
Local Fire Fighters Have Celebrated St. Patrick's Day
for Number of Years
The Cumberland Volunteer Fire
Department always look upon St.
Patrick's Day as their day. They
have celebrated it for the past twenty-
five years with a dance of some sort
or another, usually a huge masquerade affair. Last year, it was decided
to hold a carnival dance in place of
a masquerade, the same being decided this .ear. Great preparations wen1
made tor a big time but for some
reason or other It was not tlie success
it should have been. The firemen do
a lot of work during the year and l!
requires a lot of money to replace
fire hose and burnt clothing, pay for
insurance and one thing and another.
One of tlie reasons for holding the
celebration on St. Patrick's Day is to
try and raise a little money to help
pay for these necessities, And it <3
to be regretted that this year's affair
was not so well patronized as in
former years.
The affair, however, was most successful, everyone present having a
great time, entering into tiie carnival
spirit with a vim. Dancing was commenced about 10 p.m. and continued
until early the next morning witn
tlie music being supplied by tlie Maple
Leaf orchestra.
RuggersToMeet Members
It is a little late in the season to
start rugby going, but a few of the
old time rugby players of the district
are going down to Courtenay on Saturday afternoon and takL. on a team
from ttie farming centre. Messrs. McMonnies. Paul and Osier were in Cumberland on Saturday night last trying
to round up enough to make a fifteen
to play the ranchers. Harry Jackson, Alan Nunns and George Keeling
signified i heir Intention of trying to
get fifteen together and the latest re-
pors from the Cumberland camp Is
to the effect that the other twelve to
make the team will all lie good players.
Courtenay will be represented by
Messrs. Harvey, Grler. Moody, Stephens, Osier, Paul. Hail, Laver, Williams
Wallis. Small, Capes. Bourdillon and
Ladles' Doubles
Mrs. Falrbalrn and Mrs. T. R. R.
Graham defeated Mrs. Shenstone and
Miss MacKinnon. 15 2, 15-7; Miss 0.
Faribairn and Miss Carey defeated
.Miss V, Aspesy and Miss N. Parnham,
1C-2, 15-14.
Ladies' Singles
1st Round—Mrs. T, Graham defeated Miss G. Fairbairn. 11-4,10-11., 11-4;
Mrs. Shenstone defeated Miss Carey,
11-0, 10-11, ll-G; Miss MacKinnon defeated Mrs. Fairbairn, 11-7, 11-5; Mrs.
Tucker received a bye.
Semi-final—Miss MacKInnln moved
into the final on default of Mrs. Tucker. The winner of Mrs. T. Graham and
•Mrs. Shenstone meets Miss MacKinnon in the final.
Mixed  Doubles
1st Round-It. Ash and Miss Water-
field defeated Dundo and MIbs B.
Dando. 15-14, 16-9; Mr. and Mrs.
Tucker   defeated   Williams   and   tody,
15-6,15-4; all other players having
2nd round—Mr. and Mrs. Tucker
defeated 11. Ash and Miss Waterfleld,
15-7, 7-15, 15-12; G. A*h and Miss MacKinnon defeated U. Brown and Miss
.Moore. l'i-'A, 15-7; Mounce and Miss
Aspesy defeated C, Graham and Miss
Graham. 15-13. 16-11; Mr. and Mrs.
Ledingham defeated Mr. and -Mrs
Shenstone, 7-15, 15-6, 15-ti; Mr. and
Mrs, T, R. S. Graham defeated Auchterlonle and Miss N. Parnham, 15-0,
15-6; Wilson and Mrs. Fairbairn defeated J. Idiens and Miss Carey, 15-12,
15-6; Wright and Mrs. Ash defeated
W. Brown aud Miss P. undeu, 15-10,
15-14; Stewart and Miss Fairbairn
won by default.
3rd Round—Ash and Miss MacKinnon defeated Mr. and Mrs. Tucker,
15-14, 15-10; Mr. and Mrs. Ledingham
defeated Mounce and .Miss Aspesy,
15-13, 15-6; Stewart and Miss Fairbairn defeated Wright and Mrs. Ash,
15-8, 15-6; Mr. and Mrs. Graham defeated Wilson and Mrs. Fairbairn.
15-10, 15-10.
Semi-final -Mr. and Mrs. Graham
defeated Stewart and Miss Fairbairn
15-9. 15-9; Ash and Miss MacKinnon
defeated Mr. and [\|rs. Ledingham,
15-14, 15-10.
Men's Singh*
1st Round —G. Brown defeated J,
Richardson, 15-7, 15-11; T. Graham
defeated R. ABh, 15-2. 15-7; Auchterlonle defeated Conway, 15-10, 15-10;
Blunt defeated Ledingham, L6-8;16-4;
C. Graham defeated Tucker. 16-8,
15-7; Wright defeated W. Brown. 15-0,
15-4; Lockhart defeated Bickle, 8-15,
15-4, 15-5; J. Idiens won by default
from II. Idiens.
2nd Round—T. Graham defeated G.
Brown, 15-2. 15-5; Blunt defeated
Auchterlonle, 16-1, 154; Wright defeated C. Graham, 15-2, 15-0; J. Idiens
defeated   Lockhart.   16-12,  5-16,  15-3.
Semifinal- -T. Graham defeated M
Blunt, 8-15. 15-7, 15-3; Wright defeated J. Idiens, 15-4, 15-1.
Men'-- Double*
lBt Round—G. Ash and Shenstone
defeated W, Brown anil Auchterlonle,
15-2, 15-10; Nash and Mann defeated
Fairbairn and Bills; 15-11. 15-7; Graham and Waterfleld defeated McNeil
and Rogers. 15-3, 15-4; Stewart and
Ledingham defeated Blunt and Conway, 5-15, 15-12. 15-11; Graham and
Blckle defeated Lockhart and G.
Brown, 15-4, 15-5; Idiens and Wright
defeated Richardson and U. Ash. 15-14
15-5; Wilson and Idiens defeated Williams and Dando, 15-9, 15-1; Mounce
and Bennie bye.
2nd Round -Stewart and Ledingham
defeated C. Graham and Waterfleld.
15-0, 15-7; J. Idiens and Wright defeated Orahnm and Bickle. 15-12.
15-11; Wilson and Idiens defeated
Mounce and Bennie, 16-3, 14-16, 1511,
Ash and Shenstone defeated Nash and
Mann, 15-1, 15-0.
Semi-final Idiens and Wright defeated R. Idlons and Wilson, 15-13,
15-7; Stewart and Ledingham defeated G. Ab1i and Shcnsttrfic, 10-15, 15-12.
B.C. Lumber And
Shipping Service
To Australia
A. W. Neill Asks Questions in
Federal House
Mr. A, W. Neill. federal member
for Comox-Alberni asked for information with regard to B. C. Lumber and
Shipping service to Australia, and
was given the desired information by
Mr.  Malcolm.
Mr. Nelll's first question was: Have
representations been made to tha
government on behalf of the lumber
Interests of British Columbia, urging
the necessity of inaugurating or encouraging a steamship service to Australia of boats suitable for carrying
lumber, to endeavor to secure a better
share of the Australian lumber market
than we now posses?
The second question was: What
action Is contemplated by the government?
Mr, Malcolm replied "Yes" to the.
first question and to the second, "the
matter Is now receiving the consideration of the government."
MAY 11 TO AUG. 7
H. M, S. Colombo, of the American
and West Indies Squadron will visit
the Pacific Coast this summer according to newspaper despatches.
The Colombo will cruise in British
Columbia waters from May 14th to
August the 7th. No definite date concerning her arrival at Comox or the
duration of her stay has yet been received.
Cumberland,   B.  C,
March  21st.  1929.
The Editor.
Cumberland   Islander.
Dear Sir: -
1 am asking you to kindly give me
space in your newspaper so that there
may be passed on to the general public an Incident which was related by
Archdeacon Laycock during tlie course
of his sermon at Holy Trinity Church
last Sunday evening. Archdeacon
Laycock happened to be in London
when the King was seriously ill. One
day he chanced to meet a friend of
his who Is one of the Chaplains to
the Royal Household, and be asked
him the question which was on everybody's lips "llow is the King?". For
a tew moments his friend made no
reply and then said "Tlie king Is at
death's door". They walked cm in
silence and then his friend told him
that only once during the whole day
had the King regained consciousness
for a few moments, but In those few
moments lie bad managed to whisper
outfl question, It was not a question
about matters of slate, nor wan It n
question nbOtlt himself and his family
The question was simply this - "ARE
I feel, sir, that whatever views may
be held concerning Royalty (und some
of thora are most extreme) even the
most biassed will feel stirred by the
incident related above. It would seem
that in those dark unconscious hours
when the King's life was hanging in
the balance, liis mind was thinking
of one thing only; was anything being
done for those of his subjects who, at
the lime, were suffering such terrible
hardships in the coal mining areas nf
Great Britain? Ii speaks <>f an intense and wonderful thought and loyalty on the part of the Sovereign towards his subjects, and 11 brings on!
In all Its nalily the answer to the
prayer in the Holy Communion Office
''We humbly beseech thee. Almighty
God, so to dispose and govern thc
heart of George thy servant, our King
and Governor, that in all his thoughts
words and works, he may ever seek
thy honour and glory, and study to
preserve thy people Committed to hit
charge, in wealth, peace and godliness,"
In closing I Btalfl thai this incident
Is based, not on the fallacy of fiction
(as so many stories concerning  the
Clash On
Last Day
Customary Ceremonies and Brief
Speech Ends First
Victoria, .March 2d.- The Legislature
of British Columbia wound up a long
and strenuous .session this morning
in a final clash between the Govern
ment and the Opposition. After this
Lleut.-Uovenior It. Randolph Bruce
prorogued the Assembly precisely at
noon with the customary ceremonies
and a brief speech. The lieutenant-
Governor's speech was as follows:
''Mr. Speaker and Members of the
Legislative assembly—
"In closing the first session of a new
Parliament it Is fitting that I should
express my appreciation of the earnest attention you have given to the
many important matters submitted for
your consideration.
"1 trust that the various laws and
amendments you have enacted will advance the interests of the Province
and further the welfare of our people.
"I thank you for the supplies so
generously granted for the public
"In relieving you from your labors,
I trust that the blessing of Providence
will accompany you to your respective
Trouble Develops
The morning essslon, which had
been intended to take only a few minutes ran into trouble at its very start
and for a moment almost collapsed.
The first storm broke over a Government resolution asking the Federal
G.O'fernment to continue grants to
technical education. The opposition
objected strongly to this on the ground
that it was "Political propoganda"
designed to embarass the Liberal Government al Ottawa, T. D. Pattullo,
Opposition Leader, urged that lt be
left unpassed, hut Premier Tolmle felt
that this Province should register its
desire for aid in extending technical
A. M. Manson. Liberal for Omlneca,
vigorously denounced wbtjU he called
lhe party politics implied by the resolution    as    moved    hy    Hon.    Joshua
Hlnchllffe, Minister of Education, and
proposed as a compromise that the
House ask tbe Government to continue negotiations for Federal aid to
technical education, which, he said,
the opposition .strongly supported.
The discussion grew ncriminous as
Ian Mackenzie. Liberal of North Vancouver, declared he was not surprised
at the resolution, considering Its
source, for Mr. Hinchliffe had distinguished himself by his partisan bitterness against the Opposition.
Courtenay May
Buy the Minto
Light System
American   Syndicate   Seeks
Franchises in District
Tlie Courtenay City Council sat ln
committec-of-t he-whole at the close
of the regular session on Monday night
to discuss a proposition submitted by
the Minto Electric Light Company for
the taking over Of their plant and system.
It seems that, during the past two
or three weeks the representatives of
an American syndicate has been going
through the countryside .securing options on electric light planus. Tlie
Royston Lighting Company, we understand, has already given this concern
an option When tlie Minto company
was approached, thc shareholders, feeling that their interests were closely
linked with Courtenay. decided to first
give the city the opportunity of taking
over their plant before dealing with
the •foreigner" Which action certainly
-speaks well for lhe community spirit
of our Minto friends, and we understand they have given the city ninety
days within which to exercise rights
of purchase. The Electric Light committee is looking carefully into the
matter in order to be in a position to
put their case before the ratepayers,
for. of course, the matter would have
to be submitted to the ratepayers by
way uf n money by-law before being
finally dealt with.
It Is understood the American syndicate's representative, a Mr. Paulson,
Is negotiating for the Cumberland Electric Light plant, subject, of course,
to that city's sixty day option ,and ts
also flirting around with his eye on
Courtenay's pet revenue producer and
Royal family are), hut on the foundation of fact, nnd as such il gives a
keen insight Into the mind of our
King during that period of anxiety
vvh.-n his subjects noi only prayed for
him, hut )i0 for them.
Thanking you for your courtesy,
I am yours very truly,
The Cumberland Islander
increased activity in the coal trade,
May it con-
stseatsea-K^wwcKasssaeasscssie -sssssaeseiwessaestiessatasrtBSB
THERE are many things which December and
April do not have in common, weather being
the first point on which they differ, but there
is one bit of good advice which can be accepted
without question either in December or April. This
message of pure wsdom is: "Do your shopipng
The buying public has learned from sad experience that Cumberland stores do not emulate the
traditional "general store" in buying stocks in the
lump for the next live years. Parodying that bromide, "The early bird catches the worm," it can be
said with truthfulness that "The early shopper
catches the pride of tlie shops." If you don't buy
early you take what other shoppers have refused.
Spring and summer buying is limited chiefly to
wearing apparal, household needs and the implements of out-of-doors life. At this time of the year
the mind of every man, woman and child turns to
the thought of liglu and colorful raiment, to furn-
THERE Eeature about the Canadian
i; . not been appreciated as yet
in ,i . and that is the reputation
these mi ges have with the most experienced imbers in the world. It will
surprisi arn that many parts of the
Rocky i       • xceedingly well known in
Europe a   I ted States, and that men, who
naVe for     ai |   nl their holidays in the Alps
are ,..,,, , i   anada year after year.
\n„ that i rtion of the road round Comox
SS s"rTt attainment, to the home and to the multitude of accessories to
"       ■ :,, the Cumberland Board of summer play    Our merchants recognize  his sea-
Trade  . charms of the lake and the sonal demand and provide amply for It, but it is
,'         ' .      These tourisls coming manifest that the wide choice ot he new stocks can
00111111 >. •" :     ,.      ij _ Knckies are not be maintained to the end ot the season.
jXWti .X^"^*"     Many people defer their spring buying until the
K :., ,-. and it is quite within the passng of winter.   Others advance their seasonal;
b0»,      o hai if Ihere is nothing fresh! buying a few weeks and give themselves the pm- :|I.
t" ofl,... . , will be noticeable amongst' lege ot leisurely shopping and wide choice,   lhe; :r.
the toSta*      , ber Iron, across the line.   Let; late shopper save no money and loses that enviable
idvertise Puntledge Lake, < satisfaction given only to the early shopper.
„« all gel I usy and   -
Cumberland as     ■■ latest discovery in the west
for the tourist.
What greati . thrill can a man get than climbing the Gla travelling via the Cruickshank
River. Local mi n who have gone over the ground
main, mai ay that OUR lake has more to
oiler than I; mi h vaunted "Forbidden Plateau.
Let us g it I ii ■ and cash in on our great asset
We pass thi '- to our Board of Trade with
the sincen tat immediate action will be
taken.   Lei know what we have got.
THE variety of Canada's mineral deposits, the
large si... i which operations are conducted
and Hi Mil of mining lands, make
it evident thai tlie Dominion is a country of great
mineral po ib ! ties, that it is undergoing rapid
developmi nt and that it offers an attractive field
for exploration and development companies.
Weinthii di trict are more concerned, of course
with the coal mining industry, situated as we are,
amidst the fine i coal area on the Pacific coast,
and we not   with a great deal of satisfaction the
Spring stocks are fresh on the counters. The
very first choices arc already being made. He and
she who hesitate will lose. Shop early for spring j
as well as for Christmas.
ALTHOUGH nearly seven million dollars linve been
expended in the lust ten years to eliminate level
eroHslngs in Canada, the problem is still very acute.
SubwayH and bridges have overcome quite a number of
these danger spots but with tho extension of railways in
the west the number has actually increased. Motor
vehicles, it is stated are twenty per cent, greater in number
each year and visiting cars from the United States outnumber those registered in the Dominion.
The situation is such that the Canadian Good Roads
Association is asking the Government through Hon.
Charles Dunning, Minister of Railways, to contine to make
the annual appropriations. A toll of 144 killed aud 344
injured in one year gives a special weigiit to this appeal
for better protection. An assurance of safety ou the highway is one of tlle means of attracting tourists who come
from the United Slates every year, a traffic which is now
listed as one of the leading sources of Income.
—Family  Herald  and  Weekly  Star.
ISLAM) IW IR ' OMPANV LIMITED, whoso n I Is "ll,; Langley
Street, Victoria, Hi li Columbia,
will appl) foi 0 lie • for the storage
ot 4011.01111 acre feel of wafer out of
Buttle  Lake,   tribul try  to Campbell
River,  also  tt vu   as   Uuiile  Lake,
which Bow i a no thcrly direction
am! drai is In ■ Disco , :y Passage
about oni m i north ol Campbell
Itiver Po Olfii Si ywnrd District.
The storage dun .vill be located at
the natural outlet of Buttle Lake.
The capi - reservoir to be
created   . luO.OOO acre feet,
and   ii   will   Hi  mt  1800  acres
ot laud.      Hii ■ 111 be diverted
trmn  the ti   point  about
17,500 ti el '.: orth From the 125
mile post E, S N. I.aml Gram Bound-
airy and will be used tor power purpose upon thi . de icribod as lots
61 and B9, S IJ ID! trict, Vancouver Islai' upon tlie coni-
pletioa of Una (and among
other    tho e . In Co x Dislrict,
tOsuuitnalt nuimo Land Grant
In   Strathcona area,   lying   in
Noolki and CI luot DI trlcts.) The
license api i to supplement a
right to take an 1 use water as per
appllcatl .   i to,   This notice
was po lund on the six-
teonth cay of V- iry, 1920, A copy
of tliis noi i application pur
suant ii ' the "Water Act"
will be (lied In ■ ol tho Water
Record! r at thi N'an tlmo, Brit
ish  Columbli petition  for the
approval of I : ikl ig will In.
heard in tin i u of the Board ot
Investigation I u   ' Water Act'
at a date I Ixeu.   Objections lo
the opp ill Willi the
said Wnti r II : ' or wilh the
Comptroller i r Rights, Parlia
ment Build ii a, British Co-
luniiiii. v '  'lavs after tlie
first  oppi notice  in  u
local 1i ■  ■ rrltory with
in which  ■ mil   will exercise
Its powi io undertak
ing   will   I"'   i dioul   Vancouver
Island.   Tho I     first publica
tion of th! i noi r   lay, March 1st.
I o [.nil ii:d
By  'I HIPP,  Director
r tppllcnnt.
I ED. whose address Is 1010 Langley
I Street, Victoria, Uritlah Columbia,
1 will apply tor license for the storage
! of 2:)8.<W0 acre feet of water out oi
(Upper Campbell Lake, Campbell River (Comox District), also known as
i Upper Campbell Lake which Ilows In
j a northerly direction and drains Into
■ Discovery Passage, about one mile
north of Campbell River Post Office.
Sayward District. The Storage dam
will he located at the natural outlet
of Upper Campbell Lake. The capacity of the reservoir lo be created ia
about 238,000 acre feet and ll will
Hood about 2700 acres of land. The
water will be diverted trom the stream
at a point about 1000 feet south ot
tlie south boundary of block 129 and
north boundary of block 120. Comox
District, and will be used for power
purpose upon the land described aa
lots 51 and 89, Sayward District, Vancouver Island, contingent upon th.'
completion of linai surveys. The License applied for Is to supplement a
right to take and use wnter as per
application of even date. This notice
was posted on the ground on the flf-
teenth day of February, 1929. A copy
of tills notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the "Water Act"
will be tiled in the office of thc Water
llecorder at the City of Nanaimo. British Columbia. The petition for the
approval nt Ihe undertaking will he
heard tn the office of the Board ot Investigation under the "Water Act" at
a date to be fixed. Objections to tbe
application may lie filed with the said
Water llecorder or with the Comptroller of Water Rights. Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B. C, within thirty days after the flrst appearance of
this notice in a local newspaper. The
territory within which the applicant
will exercise its powers tli respect cf
tiie undertaking will he throughout
Vancouver Island. The date of the
first publication of Ihls notice is Friday. March tll« 1st.
By G. M. TRIPP, Director
Agent for Applicant.
Dental Surgeon
Office Cor  of Dunsmuir Ave.
Opposite Ilo-Ilo Theatre
Charlie Dalton
Moc-ts Bo 11      .;i Day Every
Dyers anil l>ry Cleaners
Special family laundry rat.-.
Orders left at the lilt/. Cafe,
'phone 150. Cumberland will receive prompt attention. A trial
order will convince you.
Telephones: Courtenay, 228
Cumberland 150
(l*se and Storage)
ISLAND POWER COMPANY LIMITED, whose address islulti Langley
btreet, Victoria, British Columbia,
i. ill apply for n license to take and
Ure 25XU c, f. s., and to store 251,1)00
acre feet of water out of Campbell
Lake - Campbell River, also known
a i Lower Campbell Lake, which flows
i a northerly direction nnd drains
i to Discovery Passage, about one mile
i mh of Campbell River Post Office.
:■ iyw:ird Dislrict . The storage dam
v ill be located at Lodore Falls, Camp-
: ill Itiver, Cumox District. The ca-
p icily of the reservoir to be created
i- about 25I.0U0 acre feet, and It will
flood about 3.500 acres of land. The
v ater will be diverted from the stream
a. a point about 4.000 feet north of
Forbes Landing Hotel at Lodore Falls
a id will be used for power purpose
upon the* land described as lots 61
and 89, Sayward DlBtrict, Vancouver
[stand, contingent upon the comple-
iou ot final surveys. This notice was
posted on the ground on the fourteenth day of February, 1929. A copy
of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the "Water Act"
.till be filed in the office of the Water
Recorder at lhe City of Nanaimo, British Columbia. The petition for tbe
ipprovol of the undertaking will be
acard In the office of the Board of
Investigation under the "Water Act"
it a dale lo he fixed. Objections to
he application may be filed with the
■aid Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parlia-
uont Buildings. Victoria, B. C. within
liirtv diys after the lirst appearance
il this notice in a local newspaper.
The territory within which the applicant will exercise its powers In
■espect of the undertaking will be
throughout Vancouver Island. The
late of the fust publication of this
notice is Friday, March lhe 1st.
liy U. M. TRIPP. Director
Agent for Applicant.
Men's Department
"Fashion-Craft" made-to-measure Suits.
Leave Your measure NOW.
New Spring Stock of Men's and Young lien's
Ready-to-Wear Suits
Nowest Easter Novelties in Men's Sweaters and
Sweater Coats.
Hats, Caps, Neckwear, Scarves, Fancy Socks and
F.elts, Shirts, Silk and Lisle Spring and
Summer Underwear
Newest Lasts in Men's Black and Tan Calf Oxfords
ia«i=i!^asiO«^—=&JssMaos=ic a»c««aj=o^^a«c«!=«Cis;
A preliminary announcement Is
made of the visit of Dean Quainton
who will be in Cumberland on April
HOLY   TRINITY   liimiCH  NEWS.Ito Calvary" in which the climax will
  be readied on Good Friday, the day
On Saturday the Bishop ot the Dio- on wjttoh the Crucifixion ot Our Lord
cese will hold a confirmation service L.jjj iJe remembered.
at St. Saviour's Church, Denman Island, and he will also hold a similar
service al Holy Trinity Church ou
Palm Sunday evening, March 24th at
', p.in.   Those who will he presented
o the Bishop for Confirmation are,
.Irs. Howard Kelsey (Denman Island!
dadge Bryan, Ettie Buchanan, Shiela
Jonway, Thora Keeler, Muriel Short*.,
Vudrcy Phillips, Willie Merrillcld,
Dudley Keeler, Robert Thoburn, Joyce
Edwards, Nora Forde, Evelyn Hilton,
Elsey Waterlield, Kenneth Forde .Dick
Forde, David Idiens, Jack Hilton,
Tom Hilton, Robert Ash. The First
Cumberland (Holy Trinity) Troop of
Boy Scouts will attend the service
aud patrols are asked to ascmhle al
the Parish Hall in uniform at 6:30
Sunday evening.
The last of the Lenten Home Meet-1
ings was held at the residence of Mrs. 1
H. Keeler on Thursday evening Willi!
21 present. The meditation was based
upon the story of "Tbe Good Shepherd" who guards us against aim-
lessness iu life, exposure to the world,
and against sin.
Every evening during Holy Week,
commencing Monday, March 25th. at
7:30 p.m. a short Mission service Will
be held in the church to which all
are invited to attend. There will be
a course of meditations on "Footsteps
Packed in vacuu
preserve aroma ar
Get a tin and
In every sorts of building materials,
Royston Lumber Co.
PHONES J ^,Bnt CR,tH:  l34Jt Courtenay
( Office: 15J Cumberland.
the. Parish hall on "The manners and the humorous farce "Between tht
customs of the young people of today Soup and tho Snvoury" will also be
compared to the manners and customs' staged. Dean Quainton will also lec-
of their grandparents." The lecture ture to the High School students on
will he given under the auspices of "The Use and Mis-use of the English
15th when he will give a lecture In the Amateur Theatrical Society when I Language."
(inversion and I'se)
ED whose address  is Victoria, B. C, ,,,,L.u\i, „,„,  |7l>
.nil appl. for a license to lake and (Diversion nnd I'se)
ISO twenty second feet ot water out' TAKE NOTICE that VANCOUVER
ll Tsablo itiver, also known as Baynes | ISLAND POWER COMPANY LIM1T-
Itiver which Ilows easterly and drains ED. whose address Is 1016 Langley
010 Boynca Sound about live miles Street, Victoria, British Columbia,
.c uth of Union Hay. The water will will appl, for a license to take and
10 diverted from lhe river nt a point use 2,F,sn, c. t. a. nf water out ol
about one point six miles approxlm
Automobile Side  Curtains Repaired
I Iso Harness Repairs
ii» bearing H ~'l 12' W from the north
.v.tHt corner of Lot 20, Nelson District
and will ho used lor domestic and In-
histrlal purposes upon the lnnd do-
jcrlued as Block S3 or 34 or Lot 2A
or B, & N. lty. land adjutant, to Block
Nelson District ;md Lot 28, Nelson
UjHtrict. Union Bay. This notice wns
posted on the ground on the 2fiih day
of Kohruary, 1929. A copy of this
notice and an application pursuant
thereto and lo the "Water Act" will be
il.ed in lhe office of the Water Recorder at Nanaimo. Objections to the application may he tiled with the said
Water Recorder nr with tlie Comptroller of water riphts, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, 11. C. within thirty days
after the appearance of tliis notice
in a locnl newspaper. The date ol
the first publication of this notice id
Friday. March the 1st, 1920.
by W. A. Owen, Agent.
1 Cnmmcrclfil
Hatt*     ;
Hi-iUnnahk [
ltooniH Steam   Heated
Vi. MEUJUHHLD, 1'rop.
ampbell River (Sayward District),
llBO known as Campbell River, which
Mown in a northerly direction and
drains into Discovery Passage about
one mile north of Campbell River Post
Office. Sayward District. Thc water
will he diverted from the stream at
1 point known as Bulldog Canyon Immediately north of Irene Pool on said
river, and will he used for power purpose upon the land described ng Lots
"il nnd Sit. Sayward District. Vancouver Island, contingent upon the completion of final surveys. This notice
wns postal on the ground on tbe fourteenth (by of February, ifi2fl. A cony
of this nutlcp and an application pursuant Ihcreto and to tlie "Water Act"
will be tiled iu tho office of the Water
Recorder at tbe City of Nanaimo, Brit-
Ish Columbia. The petition for the np^
proval of the undertaking will be heard
in the office nf tbe Hoard of Investigation under the "Water Act" at a dnto
fo be fixed. Objection^ to tlie application may be filed with the said Water Recorder of Comptroller of Wator
Rights., Parliament Buildings, Victoria
B.C, within thirty days after the first
appearance of this notice In a local
newspaper. The territory within
which the applicant will exerciso Up
powers in respect of the undertaking
will he throughout Vancouver Island.
The date of the flrst publication of
this notice Is Friday, March the 1st.
By O. M. TRIPP, Director   |
Agent for Applicant
DURING tho morii-.icval period two neighboring towns in
thc Old Country had long engaged in a rivalry as to
which brewed the best beer. During a dispute one day in
early spring, between two brew-masters, one from each of
tlie towns in question, it was claimed by one that the Beer
brewed by tiie other lacked strength. To settle the dispute,
the following test \v:ts proposed: Each brew-master was to
consume a gigantic tankard of the beer brewed by his
opponent, nf ter which bo was to stand on one leg and thread
a needle. Thc loser chimed that a goat that had butted in
through the circle of men surrounding the opponents was
responsible for his downfall. Tbe winner laughingly replied: ''It was the Bock
(German word for goat) m thc beer." From that time it became customary to brew a
special dark beer called " 30CK BEER" and place it on sale in the Spring of each year.
may lie obtained on Saturday, March 80th, 1929, and thereafter, until the limited
supply is gone, from the Government Liquor Stores in bottles or on draught in
any licensed place ul the same price as regular beer. Hock Beer is the Brctosrs'
Treat, nn exceptional brew of high grade Beer und aged (lagereil) for on unusually
long period, lt is a very wholesome and nutritious beverage, the highest achieve*
ment of the skilled Brew-master. Order early to make sure of a supply.
Bock Beer, brewed by the Vancouver Breweries Limited, Westminster Brewery Limited, Silver Spring Breweries Limited, and
Victoria-Phoenix [brewing Co. Limited is guaranteed to he absolutely pure brer. Have a ease (lel'vcrcd to your home for Easter.
1.clivcrics Free to any part of city.
Thi. idvertisement is not published or displayed by the L;-uor Control Board or by thi
Covernmcat of Uriti&U CoiumbU.  . FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 1926.
ALEX MAXWELL, Proprietor.
Autos for Hire.   Coal and Wood Hauling given very
prompt attention.  Furniture and Piano
Storage if desired.
Phones 4 and 61
Cumberland, B.C.
I     Canned Fish
| Horseshoe Salmon, '/2 lb. tin, 2 for 45<?
j King Oscar Sardines, 20c. per tin, 5 for 95?
• Pink Salmon, Vi% 5 tins for 55<*
• Kippered Snacks, 3 tins for  25<-k
■ Kippered Herring In Tomato Sauce, large, 3 tins 50?
| N. B. Sardines, 3 tins for  25?
• Canned Finnan Haddie, 2 tins for 55?
: AIRY-FAIRY CAKE FLOUR, 35c per      «£-|   AA
: packet, 3 for -  *P±UUU
i 2-lb BOX OF DUTCH COCOA, 35c per box    rjw _
| 5 lb. Box         1 Ot
j Full Stock of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
: Always on Hand.
! Service and Quality Reigns
: Phone 38 We Deliver
Orders left at Henderson's Candy Store will receive
David Hunden, Jr.
of all descriptions
Ward off the Flu and
other Winter Ills
with an
Electric Hot Pad or Headlight Heater
Few things offer so much warmth and comfort, so
much protection from ills that come with cold Winter
nights and damp Spring days, as Electric Hotpads and
Electric Heaters.
priced at _  tJJl/.UU
Cumberland Electric
Lighting Co., Ltd.
Red Top Relief Valves, $7 each
To Keep "Closed" Plumbing "Open"
This Is a %-ln. valve tor use on domestic hot water supply
systems for relief ot damaging pressures caused by ranges
and tank heaters.
Both Red Top Relief Valves are approved by Underwriters'
Laboratories, Inc., and by Stale and Municipal Bureaus of
Water and Boiler Inspection.
O. W. CLINTON, Managing Director.
Vancouver-Courtenay Transportation
Telephone 144
Mill St., Courtenay
Agent in Courtenay: Mr. A. B. Ball
Service and promptness still our motto.
Powell River, Alert Bay and all Way Points every Tuesday.
Courtenay, Comox and Way Polnta every Wednesday.
Tugs and Scows (or hire.   Boats for charter.
Warehouses and Dock* at Vancouver, foot of Bidwell Street, and
Courtanay, B.O.
"The King Of Kings"
By Jennie Macpherson
Son of David In the Temple
The  story  thus  far:   Jesus of
Nazareth   casta   out   the   seven
devils from Mary Magdalene, and
heals   on   Sabbath   Eve   a  little
blind child.   A plot of the Hie-
archy to take Him up for nonpayment  of poll  tax  Is   foiled.
The children of the Olive Grove
are   welcomed  in   the  Kingdom
by the Saviour.   He restores the
dead Lazarus to life.
Calaphas, the High Priest, had commercialized the Temple.   Out of the
sale of animals offered on the altar of
Jehovah, had grown up a huge business.   To it were added the exactions
of the money-brokers, men who changed the goldand silver pieces of devotees from many countries into the
Temple   medium  of  exchange.    The
eyes of Jesus blazed with indignation
as  He saw the t raff iters and  short
changers at work.
He rode down the steps of the
Temple Court, upset the nearest money-changing tables, and released from
their cages doves that were being
vended for sacrifice. The mart was
cleared at His stern command: "Take
these things hence, ye workers of Iniquity!" In the precincts of the
Temple scenes of wild clamor and
confusion ensued as the retreating
dealers fought over the descending
cascade of golden coins, the goats and
sheep escaped from pens, and the red
Temple cattle stampeded across the
Gentiles' Court.
The Pharisees hastily summoned
Calaphas who confronted the disturb-
"By whose authority doest thou
these tilings?" roared thc High Priest,
"and who gave thee this authority?"
"It is written, My house shall be
called the house of prayer," replied
Jesus, "but ye have made it a den of
The answer so appositely laid finger
on the High Priest's degradation of
his gacred office that he felt It like a
blow. He could ouly turn the attack
by the sneering order to the Captain
of his soldiery:
j    "This man blasphemed Jehovah hy
telling us that he is tho Sou of God.
Arrest ye him, therefore!"
'    But Calaphas made no arrest that
\ day.
i It was because thc populace had
heard that the Son of David, the real
Messiah of their hopes aud prophecies
; was purging tbe Temple. From all
I quarters they came, palm branches In
( their hands, Joy in their hearts. Be-
j fore the resistless tramp, tramp,
j tramp, of that multitude, the Priest
] and his men were obliged to retreat.
Judas, the worldly disciple, caught
up the multitude's feeling. He snatch.
! ed a Roman chaplet from a bystander
j and shouted to the throngs:
j "Jesus is our Messiah and Deliverer
—let us crown Him King of Kings!"
I Resounding to Juila's welcome proposal came back thc Joyful unanimous
cry from thousands of lips:
"Hossanna in the highest—all hall
Strangely the heir of David pushed
hack the crown that Judas offered.
When the crowd looked again, Jesus
had vanished. Vainly they sought
Him, all save Judas, who was a broken  man!
The worldly disciple's hopes of the
temporal kingdom died with the refusal of the proffer. Calaphas, on hl3
way back to the High Priest's house,
espied Judas still holding the chaplet.
"Hearken, thou King Maker!" hissed the aged High Priest. "Thy Master
of Galilee shall pay in full for this,
and thou and thy fellow knaves likewise!"
Judas hurriedly dropped the crown.
•       •       •      *
Shortly after the visit to the Temple
the Chief Priests met and Caiapha3
1 ordered a proclamation to be posted
in the Central Court:
"I, Caiaphas, command if any among
you know where is the man, Jesus ot!
Nazareth, he shall show lt, that wo
■ may seize him."
j The man who answered that call
was the broken Judas, cowed aud trai-!
j mrous servant of a gentle Master.
j "Who wants to die with thin Jesus?" j
| he had shudderingly asked tbe Mag-!
dalene. Come, let us go to Caiaphas
—for there la still time to win back '
all we have lost!"
He Lroke away from her agonized
protest, and went to the house of the
High Priest.
i    Caiapjhas counted out thirty piece,■!
! of silver as the price of the betrayal.
| Judas watched the count with u kind
, of fascinated horror.
j    "Oa  thine  oath  before  God,"   demanded Calaphas, "dost thou swear
that thou wilt betray Jesus to mo?"
!    T;.i' menacing tones, the threaten-
'< ing implication that the servant must
; compile his  treachery or suffer  the
| same punishment aa his Master, prov.
j ed to Judas that he was In a net from
i which there  was  no escape.    Pilled
I with fear aud remorse, he bowed In
j    On   the  evening   before   Passover,
■ Judas  went  to  the  Last  Supper  of
I Jesus and His followers.   That night
Judas had promised to pilot Simeon,
of the
Canadian Medical Association
has been the Kt.y-
note of Canadian
National Methods.
This policy has
been carried forward to its highest,
fullest expression
in this year's lour
of Europe—miting
the old world, the
cradle of civiliza-
tion-ofseeing world
renown ed ciHesnnd
beauty spots, historic sites and
JULY 5th
tfntl net
Outdoor Day, ot
PLANS        m W VV   •
CaH at
Cumberland, B. 0.
Telephone 35
Or write C. P. Earlo
D. P. A., Victoria,
P. P. Harrison
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public
Main Office
Courtenay Phone 25S
Local Office
Cumberland Hotel In Evenings
Telephone 115R or 24
Opposite Ilo-Ilo Theatre
Cumberland, B. C.
Practical Barber & HalrdreSBer.
Children's hair cut any style 35c
Ladles' hair cut any style 50c
Service restored
in time
for the day's
CnlUil out Iu thc middle
of the nigh, to repair long.
distance telephone lines
broken hy n fulling tree, a
trio of New Westminster
telephone men hail all the
lines working ia time for the
commence ment of lhe regular business day.
The trouble developed late
on the night of February SJ.
A tree nbout 18 Inches In diameter, fell across the telephone wires at n point where
It passes through the Green
Timber on the Pacific Highway, lt broke all lines on
thnt route, nnd also caused a
pole to break. The telephone
men mode temporary repairs
by stringing wires aronnd the
scene of the mishap.
Malohus und lhe Levities to the night I
; ly refuge uf the Galilean band. .
i As tho Master seated Himself at the
. cunt re of the table, John and Judas
; touktho right and left hand places
i und first received the bread and wine
i from Ills hands. He told them thnt
! the bread was the sacrifice of His
I body, the wine was his blood of thu
] new Testament—about to be shed for
i many unto the remission of sins.
,    « One of Vou Shall Betray Me"
"Verily, verily, 1 say unto you," said
I the man of Nazareth, "that one of you
Bhall betray Me!"
All the disciples started at the
charge one of them was a traitor.
Gravely Jesus said to Peter; "Before1
the cock crow, thou shalt deny Mo
thrice!" Violently Peter disclaimed
the imputation. On the other aide
Judas was protesting with equally apparent fervor. The Master gave him
but a long stern look und His dtsnivo-
sal:  "That thou doest~do quickly!"
 Judas stole out.
According to their custom, Jesus
| and His disciples sought the secluded
| dell ot Gethsemane on Olivet for converse, prayer and sleep. There they
were found by the Levite party led by
Judas who Implanted a traitor kiss
on the Master's cheek, thereby Indicating the Person sought.
A prisoner, He went unresistingly
with his captors to the halt of Calaphas.
Next Week: Before the Suukedrlu and
Questions concerning health, addressed to the Canadian Medical
Association. 184 College Street.
Toronto, will be answered by letter. Questions as to diagnosis
and treatment will not bu answered.
Docs Public Health Pay?
From time to time, the expenditures
of public health departments are
questioned on the grounds thnt the
health conditions, which nre admitted
are not the result of the work of the
Health Department, but are due to
Other factors. Very often, this questioning is put In such a way to make
it appear that public health authorities hud denied the influence of other
factors upon health conditions .which
is by no means true.
As a matter of convenience and for
practical purposes, the work of a
health department has certain limits,
as has that of any other department in
the government. However, as the
health of an Individual is indirectly
influenced by many conditions which
do not come under the Health Department, it naturally follows that the
health officer and other health workers have an Interest in many thing*
for which they are not directly responsible. It is fairly obvious to anyone that poverty and sickness go hand
In hand, and no one will deny that the
improvement or economic conditions,
provision for the core of Indigents,
indeed, that the whole field of social
welfare does not influence health conditions. Similarly, Town Planning,
provision  for  playgrounds and   other
facilities which make possible healthy
homes In healthy surroundings, are
important from a health standpoint.
Admitting ull this, the fact remains
thnt the activities can-led on directly
under health departments do result
In the saving uf lives and an Increase
in the health of the community. Tho
best results are obtained when economic and other conditions are improved us a result of public health
work, even when there Is no change
In economic conditions. Maternal
deaths, infant deaths, preventable
sickness and deaths anil luck of health
arc by no means rare in the homos of
the well-to-do. Organized health protection, supervision aud education are
needed both by rich and poor . The
expenditure of a dollar of two dollars
per capita is very cheap community
health Insurance which no community
can afford to neglect. It is the well-
to-do who curry individual sickness
insurance; the public- health expenditures represent a measure of insurance covering all classes in the community.
Prize Lists Are Now Ready
The Full Fair Prize Lists are now
off the press and copies may be had
at the oftlce of Mr. E. Felix Thomas.
This Is the largest prize list ever published In the district, being of 100 pages
and contains lists for horticultural
shows throughout the year.
Nearly ten million fish eggs and fry
transported over the Canadian National lines In 1928 for the stocking
of lakes.
Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher and two little
girls have taken up residence in the
house owned by Mr. Alexander Gray.
Miss Harrlgan Is substituting for a
few days in the primary room of the
Minto school ln place of Miss Calnan,
who is indisposed-
Mr. William Davies is home lor a
few days before leaving for the Okanagan district, where he expects to get
work for a few years In the bush.
Mr. and Mrs. Newman, of Cumberland, were visitors to the Valley on
Sunday, guests of Mr. and Mrs. Calnan.
Mr. D. L. Stewart has a few hundred
chicks in his new brooder house this
week and looking forward to another
large batch soon.
are Here!
Good Friday means our Hot Cross Buns. Last year
we were completely sold out in the morning. To make
sure you will get enough for your family, leave your
order with us. The finest Hot Cross Buns you ever
ate, obtainable at	
The Home of High Class Cakes and Pastries
Telephone 18 and book your orders now.
The Central
'Barber Shop
Next to Shorty's Pool Room
A. GATZ, Prop.
For Ladies and Gents.
Modorate Prices
Cumberland, B.C.
Good Service
Reasonable Charges
Write Thc Borden Co., Limited, Dept.
041, Homer Arctiiit U!ui;., Vuncouvcr,
for two Buby Welfare IJooki.
. wdfc
To IHymoutu-Hnvre-London
Ascania. April 1
To Qnoenstown & Liverpool
Antonla April IB
To Pljmoitth-IIavre.London
Ascania Mar. 80        Alaunia April 6
To Queenstown & Liverpool
Andania Mar, 80,        Athenia April 5
To Londonderry & Glasgow
California Mar, 30, Cameronia, April 6
To Cherbourg & Son li tampion
Berengarla March 2!). April 24, Mny 15
Mauretonla, Ap1! 10, May 1, 22, June 12
Aqultnnia April  17, May 8
To Queenstown & Liverpool
Athenia April C. Scythia April 21
Money Orders, Drafts and Travellers'
Cheques at lowest rates. Full Information trom Loral Agents or Company's
Oftlces, 622 Hastings St. W., Vancouver. B.C.
Vim, Vigor and
— forget the rest
Ask your grocer for Comox Whole Wheat Flour.
Manufactured at our plant from the best grade, hard
wheat imported by us for this purpose.
Ask for and see that you get
Comox Creamery Butter 55<* per lb.
_♦_$__♦_ j «*•_
Comox Creamery Association PAGE FOUR
New Rayon
Silk Underwear
A spring shipment ot the new lines in Hayon Silk Underwear
has Just arrived and will be on show in our window. Rayon
Silk Underwear can now be bought practically aa cheap as
many of the old lines of cotten underwear, and the beautiful
colorings in which these lovely garments are now made, bo
that most colors wanted can be had, to match the color of your
Rayon Vests in a new assortment ot colors daintily made, and
smartly trimme<l with lace, price $1-25. Rayon Bloomers to
match above vests and made In bohbettc style price $1.25 pair.
Ladles' Chemise trimmed with ecru lace made to match the
Bloomers and Vests mentioned above, a really Hraart garment
price $2.25.
Lock-Knit Garments in the new colorings, every garment guaranteed t<> give satisfaction, many of our customers know tho
real value of this line and will have none other, Vesta $2.25
and Bloomers $2.75 per garment.
Announcing the new arrival of an Express delivery today of
French Combinations. Pyjamas, and Sets, ask to aee these lovely
Rayon Princess Slips—we have a good assortment of slips in
most of the desired colors, made of Rayon Silk, In a good
quality at $2.50 each.
Rayon   Kimonos—several   natty   styles   with   hand   painted
designs are on view at reasonable prices.
Call at
/. Sufherlands
At the Ilo-Ilo Theatre
Marion Davies in
"The Patsy"
The Leap Year Picture!
Karl Dane and George K. Arthur
Tuesday Only
on the stage
The Katzenjammer
Kids In School
See Hans and Fritz in Person!
featuring the Currie Sisters and Hubert and Bechcl
Matinee Tuesday at 3.15 p.m.
Richard Dix and Mary Brian in
"Knockout Reilly"
and from gong to gong—not a let-up in action!
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Janet Gaynor and George O'Brien
He stood on the brink of hell torn between the love
of wife and home—and the tempting lure of a siren
from the city.
Cumberland Personals
The Men s Bridge club met at tho
home of Mr. C. H. Tarbell on Tuesday night, three tables being iu play.
On Tuesday next the members will
aieet at the home of Mr. W. P. Symonn
when It is expected the season will
wind up. The club has been most
successful during the past winter and
It is hoped tho club will ro-organtze
igain next fall.
f   •   *
Mr. Charles Graham and son Hawthorne left on Monday morning for
Mr. Roland Qraham returned to
Canmore, Alta., on Monday last.
Mr. Tommy Graham left on Tuesday morning for Vancouver.
• • •
Mr. and Mrs. J. Marsden and daughter, Jean, of Camp 3, were visitors to
Cumberland over the week end.
• •   •
Dean Quainton, ot Victoria, will
lecture in Cumberland on Monday.
April the 15th, under auspices of the
Anglican Church Dramatic Society In
the Church hall, commencing at I
o'clock. The Dramatic Society will
put on the famous comedy skit, the
same night, entitled, ''Between tho
Soup and  tho Savoury." It
Mr. BUI Sykes, tho stage driver, who
lias been relieving Mr. Colins during
[he past week, returned to Nanaimo1
on Monday.
*     ♦     *
!    Mr. "BUI" Walker returned to Vancouver on Monday.
• •   •
Twenty-three tables of whlst were
| In play at the Veterans' Hall on Saturday evening under the auspices of
, the Welsh Society. Prize winners were
Mrs. Schmidt, ladies' first and Mrs.
Conti, ladles' second; men's first. W.
Hutchinson and men's second, J. Lewis. Refreshments were served and,
McLeod's orchestra supplied the mus-;
Ic for a snappy and well attended i
A successful whist drive was held '
in the Ragles' Hall on Tuesday eve-
ning when sixteen tables were ln play.;
Tho prize winners were flTsts, Mrs.
Balagno and Mrs. Murray (sub.),;
seconds, Mrs. Devoy and Mrs. Saund- j
era (sub.). Travelling prizes were'
Mrs. T. McMillan and Mrs. McRae, I
(sub.). The lovely box of candy kind- j
ly donated by Mrs. Anderson of Union j
Bay was raffled and won by Mr. Fraser j
er Watson. Refreshments and coffee j
were served at ten-thirty.
Through a reportial error in the list >
■l floral tributes received on the oc-
caalon of the funeral of Mrs. Tairi
published last week, a wreath from the j
Cumberland Welsh society was omit-
ted and also the name of Mr. Sam;
Williams, sr., one of the pall-bearers. I
According to tradition, the devil
was once manager of heaven. He
made one move too many, and landed
where he Is.
Corporation of the City of Cumberland
Householders   are   hereby   warned,
ihat under no consideration whatever,
will  gardeu   refuse  be  carted  away
from Garbage Bins by the city team.
By order of the Council.
W. H. COPE, C.M.C.
Mr. J. McKofght, an employee at
No. 5 mine met with a painful accident
to his arm and side ou Friday afternoon last whilst following his occupation. The injured man was quickly
removed to the Cumberland General
Hospital where he Is progressing as
well as can be expected.
t   •   •
Hector Treen returned to the city
on Sunday after spending a few days
in  Vancouver.
* *   •
Frank Kuli. a taller with the Thomson and Clark Timber Company of
Deep Hay was taken to the Nanaimo
Hospital on Saturday last suffering
from a compound fracture ot tho left
* *   *
Bill Hutchinson, truck driver for
Canadian Collieries had a narrow escape from serious injury o:i Sunday
last when he was struck by a large
piece of wood which fell from the
top of the tipple at No. 5 Mine, during
repairs. After receiving attention at
the General Hospital, Mr. Hutchinson
was able to return to his home.
* *   •
Mr. and Mrs. J. Sutherland made a
business trip to Vancouver on Tuesday and returned Wednesday.
Mr. E. J. Singlemau of Portland arrived in town on Monday and left
Wednesday accompanied by his wife,
Mrs. Singleman.
f     *     *
Mr. John Conway motored to Nanaimo on Thursday morning and returned Thursday evening .
*     *     *
Miss Sehl and tho nursing staff of
the Cumberland Hospital held a farewell party in compliment of Dr. Min-
organ in the nurses' home on Tuesday
March 19th. A happy evening waa
spent In games, singing and dancing.
Delicious refreshments were served by
the nurses.
Miss Sadie Brown and Miss Margaret Macintosh were visitors iu town
over the week end.
Dr. Mlnorgan left on Thursday
morning for Nanaimo whore he will
relieve Dr. Lane for sometime.
Dr, MacNaughton arrived on Thursday to resume his practise in Cumberland.
The "Sewing Club" met at the home
of Mrs. J. C. Brown on Thursday evening.
Mrs. Hicks entertained at the tea
hour on Tuesday.
The district badminton tournament
completed at Royston tonight has been
Bomewhat disappointing this year in
tlie matter of numbers entering. The
standard of play, however, appeared
to be much higher; the spectators enjoying the keen play.
Mr. E. T. Ellison, who, up to three
months ago was In business ln Courtonay and who left to reside in the
Old Country sailed for Canada again
on the 9th of March and intends to
take up liis residence in Vancouver.
Mr. Alf. Pilling who has been a patient lu the Cmberland General Hospital for some time left last week
end for Vancouver where he will he a
patient in the Shauginiessy Military
On Wednesday afternoon the ladles'
aid of St. George's United Church
held a St. Patrick's tea in the church
hall. A dish of good old Irish "mur-
pbeys" stuck with parsley centred
the table with tall green tapers burning In silver sconcos, while vases of
yellow daffodils lent a charming touch.
Pinned to the white table cover wer^
green streamers and shamrocks. Presiding at the urns were Mrs. Williams
and Mrs. Richardson for the first
hour and Mrs. Conrod and Mrs. Duns-
more for the second hour. Assisting
with the serving and home cooking
and fancy work were the ladies of
the aid.
A week ago Wednesday the Cumberland High School girls' basketball
team motored to Nanaimo to play In
tho semi-final of the Intermediate B
Vancouver Island Basketball League.
During the first half of the game, owing to a slight nervousness on tho
part of the Cumberland girls, the score
was 10-6 lu favour of Nanaimo. However, during the second half the girls
gained more confidence, and played
a hard clean game making the score
lO-li In favor of Cumberland; and the
final total 1G all. Three minutes overtime were played, the Nanaimo girls
winning by one basket, scored just
before time. Referee Kelly kept the
game going according to rules.
The Nanaimo girls palyed Victoria
!alcr, but lost hy a very few baskets.
On Thursday, March 28th at 8:30'
in the Royston Pavilion tho Nanaimo I
gttrla will play the Cumberland girls
Cor the Thompson Cup and the win-;
tiers will play Victoria. Mr. Kelly
Evtll referee the game. This promises
:o be one of the best basketball games
ever staged at Royston and now that
Cumberland has a basketball team ot
which to be proud. It is to be hope!
'.hat a good crowd will attend the
game In appreciation of the enthusiasm shown by the girls and their
coach. Miss Partridge,
■■#■■■■■••• ■■■■■• iii
Novelties !
Mr. Tom. Scott arrived In Cumber
land on Thursday night. Whilst here
lie will be the guest of Mr. and Mrs
Allan Nunns.
A Jolly surprise party was held at
the home of Miss Alice Brown o-:
Friday. Games were the chief amusement of the evening until the ro
freshmen ts were served by Mre
Those present Included Margaret
Westfleld, Lily Plcketti, Dylls Williams, Gertie Davis, Barbara Martin
Margaret Drummond, Alison Geekie
Myrtle McMillan, Mary McMillan.
Jean Quinn, Edith Cavallero. Margaret
Smith, Alice Brown, Preston Bruce
Wilhert Auchterlonle. John Banner
man, Lelland Bannerman. Dave Han
den, Joe Wylle, Tom Conrod, W. Cloutier. Sidney Hunt, Floyd McMillan
Cyril Davis.
Ottawa, March 19.—The Esq ul ma It
and Nanaimo Railway Company bill
>vas approved by the Railway Committee of the Commons this morning.
The chief feature of the measure is
to grant extension of time for com
inencement of construction within the
next two years of lines of railway flrst
from a point near Port Alberni to Co-
mox Lake, B.C., and second from c
point near Spront Lake to Long Beach
on the west coast of Vancouver Island.
The construction must be completed
within five years.
Government of the Province of
British Columbia
MARCH 31st
is the last day for filing returns of Income earned * urine; the calendar
year  1!)28.
Returns are required to In; filed with the 1 rovincial Assessor,
Cumberland, from whom the necessary forms and full information may
be obtained.
Those required to make returns are as follows:-
1. Every corporation or joint stock company (Use
Form a 7).
2. Every partnership, and every person engaged in
business of any kind, or practicing any profession,
(use Form # 7B).
3. Every other person on receipt of income from
salary, wages, commission, fees, bonus, perquisites,
interest, dividends, rent, or other income from any
source whatsoever, in excess of
(a) In the case of a married person  $1800
(b) In the case of a single person  $1200
(Use Form # 7A)
Individuals whose total income from all sources is
less than the amout specified need not file a return
unless requested by the Assessor to do so.
In the case of Provincial returns the amount of the tax is not
payable until 60 days after the date upon which the Assessor mails a
notice of assessment.
The public are earnestly requested to obtain the necessary forms
and file returns promptly in order to avoid penalties. Assistance in the
making up of returns will be gladly rendered where necessary by the
staff of the Assessor's olfice.
Department of Finance.
Province of British Columbia.
C. 13. Peterson,
Commissioner of Income Tax.
Leave Your Orders for Eggs Now! !
Easter Cards
We have a wonderful assortment of Easter Cards •
beautifully designed and at prices within •
the reach of all. i
"IT PAYS TO DEAL AT LANG'S-                       • •
Bride-Elect h
Guest of Honor
Cumberland, March 19.—Mrs. Derbyshire, Mrs. Slaughter, Mrs. T. James,
Mrs, J. Williams, Miss Jean Smith, and
Miss M. Oibson were Joint hostesses at
a miscellaneous shower given in the
G.w.V.A. Hall on Friday evening in
honor of Miss Hazel Gibson, whose
marriage to Mr. Wm. Walker takes
place on Saturday. During the early
part of the evening nineteen tables of
whist were played, Mrs. Stant winning
the flrst prize and Mrs. W. Hutchinson
^he second. Prizes were also given for
the best toast to the bride-to-be, and
for the best story, Mrs. Lockhart winning the flrst prize and Mrs. S. Davis
winning the second for the former contest, and Mrs. V. Freloni winning the
latter. The remainder of the evening
was spent in singing and playing
sanies. Mrs. Vincent and Mrs. Boag
rendered solos during the sing-song.
Dainty refreshments were then serv-!
■d, after which the little Misses Valda
Freloni, Gwen Williams, Davidina!
Derbyshire and Cleo Gibson presented
to the coming bride some very beauti-1
ful and useful gifts heaped high in a'
prettily decorated basket of pink and
Birthday Party
for Dorothy Hill
Cumberland, March 21.—On Tuesday, a party was held at the home of
Dorothy Hill in honor of her sixth
birthday. The children arrived at fpur
ind played games and sang until six
o'clock. Then the twenty-two young
guests sat down to supper. The table
vas very prettily decorated with pink
ind mauve streamers all leading to the
beautiful birthday cake, on which had
been placed six small candles. After
•upper ice cream was served to the
children and then, after singing "For
She's a Jolly Good Fellow," they left
for home.
Among those present were: Ray and
Ronald Spooner; Frank, Bob and Ed-
die Wier; Leslie and Audrey Lewis;
Dorothy Prior; Valda Frelone; Gloria
Aspesy; Valorie Gatz; Violet and
Charlie Scavarda; Hazel Gordon;
Noreen Reese; Reggie and Carol
Lewis; Gwen and Jean Marshall;
Cleo and Kenneth Gibson and Dot
Later in the evening Mrs. Hill served
tea to those ladies who had assisted
her, namely, Mesdames Bond, Jr., Marshall, Lewis, Gibb, Lewis, Wier, Reese
and Herd and Miss Horbury.
Not to Be Outdone
An Englishman was boasting to an
American friend that he came from
a long line of noblemen.
"My great-great-grandfather," said
he, ''was touched on the head by the
king and made an earl."
"That a nothing," replied hlB American friend. "My great-great-grandfather was touched on the head by an
Indian and made an angel."
The Best Groceries
At Lowest Prices j
—♦_j_«_t_«>_ j
We honestly believe you can obtain better Groceries, ■
Vegetables and Fruit here for a lower average price ■
than elsewhere.   At least such is the comment of our •
customers every day. •
 * j » j *  :
Mumford's Grocery j
Phone 71 Courteous Service :
Put 'er in Tune with
That car of yours no doubt went
through a pretty tough winter,
developed some rattles, perhaps
some motor imperfections—and
needs and over-hauling. Let's
show you what expert workmanship means.
Give her a good Grease Job
Cumberland Motor Works
Aeroplane Oil — Ethyl Gas
—Agents for Whippets and Willys-Knights—


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