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The Islander Dec 13, 1913

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Array £«gi.l«Uoo Library
Largest Circulation in the Comox District.
VOL. IV., No. 37 <»^pt>
Subscription price, $1.50 per year
Proposed Hotel and Yacht Club
at Royston—Application
For License.
The contract for the wharf at
Roy's Beach is let to Mr. R. H.
Woods, of Port Alberni, who is
coming up here in a few days to
arrange for the work being started. The approach to this wharf
will be 1,284 feet in length, 16
feet wide, and the wharf end
100 feet by 40 feet, with a freight
shed 14 by 20 feet. The top
floor of the wharf and the
approach will be 5 feet above
high water mark—this is on the
modern principle of the wharves
at Victoria and on the mainland,
allowing vessels to get alongside
at any state of the tide. Undoubtedly this wharf, which was
urged seventeen yeara ago but
was not possible of accomplishment under the late Dominion
Liberal government, will prove
of immense benefit to Cumberland and surrounding district,
and thanks are due to our respected member Mr. H. S. Clements. His motto, we have
proved, is the greatest good to
the greatest number, but not so
with the late government in
regard to B. C. We only want
equity which, under the present
Government with Mr. Clements
as our member, we are getting.
Mr. Harry Idiens, Courtenay,
is applying for a liquor licence
for an hotel to be built al Roy's
Beach, on the beautiful residen-
tal site formerly occupied by Mr.
Roy, overlooking Comox harbour:
With it* snowclad mountains in the
background, seawaad,
Greenfields in the foreground, it makes a
picture worth painting.
Such hotel to be named " The
Pier Hotel," and built somewhat
on the Swiss Chalet style, to be
run as a first-class residental
hotel and yacht club combined,
with motor boat and launches let
out on hire. It is conceded that
such will be needed at Royston,
and should the application be
granted the nex*, nearest hotel
will be four miles distant and
would not injure any other liquor
license holders, on the contrary
it would be a good thing for them
and the district as a whole by
drawing a good class of settlers
and those of independent means
on pleasure bent for yachting.
shooting and fishing. It would
be of value to a great many
citizens of Cumberland who, in
summer desire to enjoy a stay at
the sea shore.
The applicant, Harry Idiens, is
a native of Kent. England, and
before leaving the Old Country
nine years ago to take up fruit
farming in Ontario, received his
final education, or we should say
business training, in order to earn
his living, not being born with a
silver spoon, at the University of
London Agricultural College, Wye,
Kent, under Professor Dunstan.
During the time he was at college
his conduct and dilligence were
satisfactory in every respect, and
he gained the college diploma.
He was always regarded as a
painstaking, straightforward and
conscientious student. We endorse this as the character he
bears amongst his numerous acquaintances in the Comox peninsular today. We wish him success
in his application to the provincial
police for a hotel liquor license nt
Sunday, Dec. 7th at Chinatown
to Mr. and Mrs. Tai On, a son,
Monday, Dec. 8th at hospital
to Mr. and Mrs. Wesely S odkad,
a son.
Tuesday, Dec. 9th, to Mr. and
Mrs. E. R. MacFarlane, a
Wednesday, Dec. 10th, at hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. W. Marshall
of Union Bay, a daughter.
Thursday, Dec. 11th at hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Hugh
McKenzie of Courtenay, a daughter.
Friday, Dec. 12th to Mr. and
Mrs. J.H. McMillan a son.
Friday, Dec. 12th, to Mr. and
Mrs. Stewart a daughter.
There will be no coal famine Mr W.W. Foster Conservative
in British Columbia this winter, j was elected by a majority of 202
says a recent issue of The Victoria in the By-Election held on Sat-
Times. urday for the constituency, The
When the strikes at the east total vote polled was as follows;
coast mines were in progress a Foster, Conservative 457
George W. Clinton for a num
ber of years paymaster for the
Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir)
Ltd. has been promoted to the
position of superintendent with
headquarters a'- Cumberland.
Jack Taylor has recently composed a song entitled, Bread and
Cheese and Onions, which he
expects to get on the market in
the near future. In this we wish
him every success. He is also at
presant working on a dramatic
sketch entitled, A False Charge,
the themeis the arrest, charge,
trial and sentence of an innocent
man for murder. Jack Taylor
will be at the City Voters League
concert on Tuesday. It is there
you will hear him a^ his best.
K. Abe & Co. carrying on
business as General Merchants
in this city, No 1 and No 5, has
assigned to Edward W. Bickle
for the benefit of his creditors.
He will pay 100 cents on the
Seabrook Young, of Victaria,
arrived last night on his last trip
this season, he brings to the
Union Hotel, Cumberland on
Dec. 12, 13, 15, and 16, dry goods
values beyond compare in suggestions for Xmas shopping.
Something novel and nice in
neckbands, lace jabots, lace
collars (hand and machine made)
lace yokes and sleeves, collars
and cuffs sets, etc.; piece laces
by the yard, laces from 5c. to
#1,00, fancy ties, bows, ruffles,
ribbons, delane and silk blouses,
infants frocks, dresses, pinafores
white and embroidered aprons,
also over all aprons: heavy
winter coats, childrens and
women's sizes, these are a new
and late shipment and will be
sold at a small cost to clesr;
dainty silk dresses for little tots,
most lovely goods and will please
the most delicate taste: black
and colored fur sets.
Several drunks from Bevan
were fined -*rl0 each and costs
this morning.
few months ago and the disastrous reports were received here
telling of the flooding of the pits
by the men who had dropped
their tools, it was at once surmised by the people in Victoria,
Vancouver and other coast ports
that there would be a great
shortage of coal during the cold
months of the year. But, now
comes the encouraging report
that the mines, although they
have not reached the daily output made before the strike was in-
augerated, are putting out large
quantities of hidden mineral so
essential to the warmth and comfort of every home.
Once again the tramp steamships, regular liners engaging in
the trade from British Columbia
to foreign ports, and the coastwise steamers are able to get
their bunkers filled with the
famous Vancouver Island coal,
This means that the coal supply
owners at Seattle and Tacoma
will lose a great deal of money.
During the progress of the strike
the steamships had to go to the
Sound ports to get their supply
of fuel. But now the local mines
are turning out sufficiently large
quantities of coal to bunker the
big fleet of ships coming to tne
Sound, the Seattle and Tacoma
black diamond merchants are
being forsaken. The quality of
coal sold on the Sound is very
inferior to that mined on this
Island and no one knows better
the vast difference than the men
who man the ships which have to
use it.
The C. P. R. is able to secure
all the coal it requires for its
fleet of ships at Union Bay. The
mines there are working almost
to their full capacities and the
output and the autput is very
high at present. A big fleet of
steamships now pass up from
Victoria to the mines inside for
bunkers. Ladysmith is coming
along nicely and almost all the
other mines are gradually working up to their normal outputs.
The announcement that the
coal situation has greatly changed
during the past few weeks will
be welcomed by shipping men
and the community at large.
San Francisco, which is a large
purchaser of Vancouver Island
coal, will also be glad to hear
that the mines are turning out
large quantities of coal. Within a
short period it is anticipated that
that the regular fleet of colliers
running between the mines and
the Golden Gate, will again be in
Several heavy cargoes of Australian coal, which arrived during
the coal stringency, had a good
effect on the market and kept
prices from soaring skyward.
Hamilton, Liberal.. 265
Maude, Indipendant.  ..24
The Colinist on- the significance of the verdict says;
"The Islands constituency has
unquestionably declared once
again its allegiance to all of these
proposals. On the whole, it aught
to be admitted, even by our
keenest critics, that the verdict
to-day leaves no room in the
miud of any person to doubt the
Government's strong support
throughout the entire Province.
The election could have been had
in a much shorter time than that
fixed by the proclamation, but it
was felt by the Cabinet that, on
account of the almost superhuman efforts put forth from the
first by the Liberal leaders to
bring about a contest, it would
be well to extend the campaigne
over a considerable perioa. This
permitted of a great many meetings and almost enbless debate.
The fight was noted too, for the
large and representative attendances which graced the different meenings. At most of the
public gatherings tie prominent
men of both Liberal and Conservative sides were present.
"It is scaroely in place for me
io point out to my political
enemies what seems to be so
obvious at this time, namely,
that the time has come when
there must be among themselves
some new order of things if any
appreciable advance is expected.
Would it not be well for our
principal Liberal cri :ics to carefully consider the advisability of
indulging in fairer criticsm, and
would it not be equally in order
for the Liberal press to more
scrupulously handle their portion
of their party's work?
"In the return of Mr, Foster,
a worthy successor has been
found to fill the seat so lately
vacated by Mr. Justice McPhillips
The new member is well and
favorably known throughout the
country. He possesses a striking
personality and an affability that
easily brings him close to his
constituents. In his work in the
House he will be enabled to bring
to bear on the affairs of his constituency the valuable experience
that he had gained in connection
with the Public Works Department, and which already has
given him a familiarity with
every part of his riding -an
advantage that will be of priceless value in connection with
general Provincial matters as
well. It was pleasing to all of Mr.
Foster's friends to note throughout the campaign, not only his
fairness and readyness in debate
but his ability to as a finished
platform speaker.
"The Government is deeply
appreciative of the confidence
shown by lhe Islands constit-
Charles parnham and John uercy, ami can certainly take
Gillespie left by auto on Fricay it that another command has
for Victoria to attend the annual gone up from the electorate to
gathering of'he Shriners and are continue in the pursuit of ita
expected to return on Sunday policies with more energy than
evening. ever,
"The Legislature will assemble
in a few weeks, and there is in
course of preparation a most
businesslike and progressive
programme. We are at a time in
our history when it is necessary
that we should press forward the
business of the country with
firm determination."
The City Voters' League will
give a concert and dance in the
Cumberland Hall on Tuesday
evening December 16th. Preparations are being made for a treat
of high class vocal and instrumental music. All those who
stand for good municipal government are members of the City
Voters' League, this in itself
assures a crowded house. A
dance will immediately follow the
concert, and the ladies are respectfully requested by the com-
mittee in charge to see that the
usual refreshments are supplied.
For the convenience of those residing at Bevan a special train
will be placed at their disposal.
Reserved seats are on sale at
Peacey's Drug Store at 75c,
general admission 50c, dance
including lady and gent $1, and
the music will be of the best.
Don't forget, but see that you
are one of the crowd. The
following have kindly consented
to take part:-
J. H. McMillan, solo violinist.
Miss M. Bate, soprano.
Miss L. Bickle,
Miss M. McKenzie,   "
Mr. A. Odgers, tenor.
Mr. S. Jones,
Miss E. Spruston, contralto.
Mr. and Mr. Murphy, dramatists
Glee Male Quartette
Jack Taylor, humorist.
The annual meeting of the
Cumberland Conservative Association was held on Tuesday
evening in the Oddfellows Hall.
There was a good attendance
every seat in the hall being occupied, and the utmost enthusiam
prevailed. The chief business was
election of the working of
officers for the current year.
The   result  being as  follows;
President W.Wesly Willard.
Vice President J.H. McMillan
Secratary Hugh Sloan.
Treasurer Thomas Bickle.
Executive committee; Edward
W. Bickle, Thos. D. McLean,
Richard Kirkham, Sr., Robt,
Henderson and Thos. E. Bate.
John N. McLeod whe has occupied the presidency of the association for many years was
again offered the po'ition but
declined on the ground that the
office should go around, accordingly W. Wesley Willard was
unanimously elected.
The meeting closed with three
rousing cheers for the Dominion
and Provincial Governments,
coupled with the names of Premier Borden and Premier McCride
also H.S. Clements, M. P. and
M. Manson, M.P.P.
Banquet Given in Honor of Mr.
J. R. Lockard and Mr. G.W.
A banquet was given on Monday evening at the Union Hotel,
under the auspices of the Cumberland Board of Trade, in honor
of the promotion of Mr, J. R.
Lockard to general manager of
Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir)
Limited, and the promotion of
Mr. G. W. Clinton to the position
of general superintendent. There
were over one hundred present,
representing the mercantile, professional, church and industrial
life of the district. After the
supper Mr. John Baird, government agent, acted as chairman
and made an excellent toast
Mr. J. R. Lockard, in responding to the toast in his honor, said
he was glad to be with them that
evening and to see the spirit of
harmony that prevailed. He
assured his hearers that the
policy of the Canadian Collieries
was to do all they possibly could
to help Cumberland and to make
it the prosperous city it ought to
be. It depended on the residents
themselves whether their city
went ahead or not. He thanked
them for the honor they given
to him that evening, and he
hoped they would all continue to
work together for the common
good. During his speech Mr.
Lockard paid a fitting tribute to
Mr. Coulson and said he was a
man who had filled a most responsible position in a very able
Mr. G. W. Clinton, in respond-
ng, said it was with both pleasure and regret that he spoke on
the subject that was the occasion
of that gathering. It was with
regret he thought of the retirement of Mr. Coulson. During
the years he had worked with
the late general manager the
speaker had found him a man of
great and exceptional powers.
Referring to the promotion of
Mr. Lockard he said if the directors had searched the whole of
thcAmerican continent they could
not have found a man more able
to fill, the position of general
manager. He believed the city
of Cumberland was on the eve of
grat prosperity. It was up to
the citizens of Cumberland to
pull together for the gootl of the
town, to bury their differences
and work for the common good.
He thanked them for the honor
th*>y had shown him that evening
and wished the City of Cumberland a prosperous future.
The toast was a long one and
many excellent speeches were
given during the evening.
John McMillan paid $10 and
costs this morning for striking
«To*".l O. Sherry on Dunsmuir
"The Young Man of Today,"
will he the subject of the address
at the evening service in Grace
Methodist Church tomorrow.
Young men are particularly invited to attend the service
tomorrow evening. Hours of
service 11 a. m. and 7 p. m.
Strangers cordially welcomed. TTTF. TSLAXTYF.R. CTTMBERLAKD, B.C.
Don't Persecute
your Bowels
Ctrt out c»t:.art;-r« a-J puma*., vet.   Tan %
Bfulai-h^r-,>i-unrn.vrsiary. Try
Purely veprtable. Act
eliminmaSilf.ai *
Car* Con ■
met*,        **• *w*e**A —'' — - *****
Hick Itrztiathe und htSgettit)tt, at ni7/i*» knew*
Small Pill, Small Doie, Snail Prict.
Genuine must bear Signature
Park i
ItTWIff. ClUTOP«0ina,"RUHDOW.-.,0f'GOTTH»iLUEr
writs (or hit FREC booh, tils unsr itiSTRUcnvi
■BOICAt looi ivsii VtUTTKH.IT TEl.i.s ali, about ttillt
THERAPION fr/oltsft
•irtlkirw—J-*--—■--■-—« -■—	
irtBrMLe'lFlnrYDUaowmilmtni, Don't u^ « ml
klutilrfflEE, No'follnwBp'elK'iUr,, DiLlCUM
'.CO.U*VIK..T0Ct j D.HAMl'SU.iJ.Lg.-iCO.S.laft
The Heart of a Piano is the
Action.   Insist on the
Piano .Action
sbniftlilnj?  bettor  ihun   linen   ond  no
laundry bills.      Wash ft witli Bonp and
Water.     All stores or direct. State stylo
ind size,      For 25c.  wo will mull you.
53  Fraser Avenue. Toronto, Ontario
Ship vour Furs and Hides to
281-283 Alexander Ave., Winnipeg
Write tor Price List am'. Shipping
congcnlul needlework at home; malte
from threo to five dollars per day decor-
•ting cushion tops. Armour Art Co.,
Dcpt.  B.,  Rrednlbnno Bloc!:. Winnipeg.
No Skill Required
MllgaiU—Your fee is outrageous.
Why, it's more than three-fourths of
what I aeoovered.
Lawyer—I furnished tire skill ar.d
tho legal learning; for yonr case.
Litigant—But 1 furnished the case.
Lawyer—Oil, anybody car: full down
ri coal hole.
Playing Even
C.'an'r you get your husband to give
up smoking?
I dou't want to.
Do you Hue smoke?
I am not particularly enamored, of
It, but there are too many things I
might have to give up In return.
Don't bo so lazy. There's plenly of
room at the top. and you'ro clever
enough to get there.
But, replied the lazy genius, think
how clever It ia of me lo find a place
at the bottom where there Isn't so
much room.
No More Tips
Guest -Are lips expected here?
Waller -N'o. sah. We don't'accept
!to vulgah tips, s..h. Wo Is tree bolrn
American citizens wo is, and wo wish
to preserve orrah self respect, sah.
I'm glad to hear lhat.
Yi*9. Boll. All we rcquliih Is a retaining fee, samo aa lawyers, sah.
The follow who doesn't collide with
Home one's opinion every li tt lo while is
jo busy Judging lliat he Isn't of much
/fl PI LIS ^
50c. a oox or six boxes for $250,
at all dealers, or The Dodds Medicine Company, Limited, Toronto,
Red Hat Mon Meaning and Grater
Effect Than /.ny Other Hoe
Red has a greater effect upon
man aad tlie lower animals thu any
other color. It Is, in faot, tho king
of colors, according to Professor W.
Peabody Bartlett
Perhaps, says Professor Bartlett, It
our blood vera green Instead of red
we would hold green as the king of
colors, because blood is life. Tile
sirr/ht of it stirs both man and the lower animals, and for that reason tie color of It is the most effective of an
. colors.
j    Every one knows the antipathy a
I bull has to red, how he will bellow and
I become blindly enraged at the sight of
lit, but the bull Is by no means the
only animal drat ls affected by thla
color.     Put a dog ln a kennel and
cover the end that opens to daylight
with a white cloth or a black cloth,
and the dog will pay little attention
to it, but cover the opening wits a
bright red cloth so that tne -daylight
I comes through to the dog lr. a red
I glow, and the dog wlll at once begin
jto hark furiously.
( Put a rooster in a dark bag or a
! green or yellow bag and be will Ter
! main quiet, but put him in a bag of
thin red cloth, so that the light may
shine through and show the color, and
the rooster will crow lustily. This Is
not because bo .might thin:: the red
Indicated sunrise, because roosters
wlll crow long before the first faint
tinge of color appears in the east
A Wis  Child
Tire little daughter of a prominent
divine, whom it would be cruel to
name, was recently taken to her fatli-
er's church for tbo first time. She
•was, of course, intens-ely interested in
all that went on.
A true little Yankee, lrer lirst remark on coming out was:
Do all llioso little boys in nighties
ret paid for singing?
Yes; 1 suppose so, replied her mother.
And docs father get paid too**
Well, l shouldn't think Hrey'd have
to pay him much, for he does nothing
nit talk, und ho just loves to do that
if THE name "McClary's"guarantees ''*£'
the "Sask-Alta" to be a perfect cooker $l&
and baker as well as one of the most S
durable ranees made. IU?
ranges made.
See the "Sask-Alta* before buying:.
Sold by good dealers everywhere.
wmmz ~~   - \*z*m*w^k
. , London   Toronto    Montreal   Winnipeg   Vancouver   SL John
„.*:.•.•.?*».-...... ..•"""-*•■...••.• ■
Proved His Case
livery one know Jonathan Skinflint
as a millionaire, with the exception, so
it appeared, of ski-'.flint himself. He
invariably wore the shabbiest of
clothes and It reported to have dined
one day on a couple of peas and a
grape skin.
One day an old friend endeavored
to persuade the miser to dress better.
3 am surprised, ho said, that yon should
let yourself  become so shabby.
But I am uot shabby, expostulated
Oil. yes you are. replici the friend.
Uemeiuhcr your father. He was always neatly, even elegantly dressed.
His clothes' wero very handsome.
Skinflint gave utterance to a hearty
laugh. Why, '.re shouted triumphantly
these clothes I've got ou now were
Out of the Course
Owing to fog a steamer stopped at
the mouth of a river. Au old lady Inquired of the captain the cause of the
Han't seo up the river, replied the
But, captain, 1 can see the stare
overhead, she argued.
Yes, said the captain gruffly, but
until tho boiler busts we ain't going
that way.
W. Ni U   9"
Serious   Loss
On the third day of his Aunt Jane's
visit to the city Motorton took her for
a ride in the high power runabout
They had proceeded only a mile or so
when 'Hung the luck!' exclaimed Mo-
lloodness: What's wrong? said
Aunt .Tane.
Engine's missing, tersely replied
Dear mc! eald Aunt Jane. I do
hopo it's been found by an honest person. Where do you suppose we dropped It?
House Numbers
Before the advent ot tho house number, only business signs, coats ot
arms, and bouse names marked the
different buildings. The. . In London,
tor Instance, one had to look for Mr.
Jones, should he desire to call upon
that man, in Bay, Whilccbapel, not
far Trom the Blue Boar.
It Is thought Berlin, ln 705, was
tlie rust city to employ the numbering
system The Demon innovators did
not put odd numbers on one sldo
and even numbers on the other, they
merely started rrom the Brandenburg
Onto and numbered straight ahead,
taking no rrcwiun' of change of strcot.
As Uiey proceeded, therefore, the
numbers grew higher, the height to
which they attained liplng limited
only by the supply of houses. Tho
lirst house they numbered was number one, the last lhe number that bo-
tokened the total number of houses
in tho city.
Keep Your Temper
The unwritten laws both of socloty
and good manners are innumerable,
bnt tbere Is one that wo cannot pass
over in silence, and that is—never
lose your temper. This applies especially when -playing games. To lose
one's temper in private is bad enough,
but to do so in public lr unpardonable
and it is a crime which no hostess
can forgive, for it makes all the other
guests feel uncomfortable and disturbs that outward calm which is the
essence of all good society*
Help for the Dense
That was a One joke .voir had In the
lllnd yon liked It.
Hut wasn't there something missing?
What was it?
Don't you throw In a diagram?
A lie will travel fas'er Uran lhe
truth, but it wlll not be the lirst to
arrive at the destination, because it
must double on its tracks so ofteu.
Uses an Antidote
I shouldn't think you could
lt to associate wltn Jose* so much. He
Is wrong In the head on the subject at
chickens, rind yoa must know tt He
talks about them In his sleep, thlnta
about them during the sermon and Interrupts an Intelligent baseball conversation to give us the score his hens
made last week. II* would put m* to
the bad In a week.
Y'ou don't know how to utilize hla.
I would bo tempted to utilize blm
as a punching hag.
Yon are too Impetuous. Now
And Jonea a valuable all/. Wben
Blinks comes along and starts talking
about his baby I wait until he has to
draw a breath and tfren mention chickens. That sets Jones going, and 1
slip out and let them enjoy themselves*.
I turn over all the bores to him oa
the theory that like cures like.
Puzzled Jurymen
At a recent session a prisoner wns
indicted for pockotpicklng, and to most
people in court the clearest possible
case was made out by the prosecution.
Have you anything you would llko
to tell the Jury before they retire!
said the judge.
Well, all I wanter eay Is, I hopes as
how they'll give me the ber.eflt of tho
doubt, replied the prisoner despondently.
The jury considered their verdict
They were no little time over lt.
Can I assist yon in any way, gentlemen? said the judge, at last becoming
We aro almost agreed, rue lud, said
the foreman, but we can't quite understand what tho doubt 13 the prisoner
wishes us to give him the benefit bt
PILLS Give   Prompt  Relief
Curing the Kidneys
Mr. Samuel Longmore, of Montreal
says "Just a word of praise for (JIN
PILLS. 'About fifteen months ago I
could not walk across my room, suffering severely with Rheumatism. I
took GIN PILLS and became quite
well. Two months ago, I had Rheumatic Pains with. Neuralgia. I resorted to GIN PILLS again for one
week and became quite well."
GOc. a box. G for $2.50. Sample free If
you write National Drug and Chemical
Co. of Canada Limited, Toronto. 218
Apparent Nonsense
He talks miserably, and yet he talks
How can he do both!
Because he's drumming up business
for an artesian company.
Whenever the weather man does
turn out an article guaranteed to suit
some storm or other comes along and
spoils it*
Every mother ls anxious for the *r*t-
fare of her little ones—above all she
wants them to have good health. Thousands of mothers have learned the secret of keeping their little ones healthy
—they have learned that by keeping
Baby's Own Tablets ln the house and
giving an occasional dose to the little
ones that they wtll escapo constipation, vomiting, colic, colds, worms,
etc. The Tablets never fal! to be of
service in keepirg the baby healthy
and happy. Sold by medicine dealers
or by mail at ,15 cents a box from The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
Come right on In, Sambo, the farmer called out. He won't hurt you.
You know a barking dog never bites.
Sure, boss, Ah knows dat, replied
the cautious colored man, but Ah don't
know how soon he's going to stop
The Last Asthma Attack may really
be Uie last ono If prompt measures are
taken. Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma
Remedy will safeguard you. It will
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passage and brlr.i, about r. healthy condition. It always relieves and Its continued use often effects a permanent
cure. Why not get this long-famous
remedy to-day and commence Its use!
Inhaled as smoke or vapor it 13 equally effective.
What are you waiting for!
Fourth of July, replied Mr* SmarUe.
Wh/  not kill two birds  with one
sione and wait for Christmas at the
same time?
Of course you like the big, Juicy,
red aud white streaked strips of bacon. But you may not know that
this kind of bacon Is produced by feeding ground bailey mixed with skim
milk. Soaked barley alone is an excellent hog feed. Barley also Is good
for sheep and aa a feed for horses and
cattle is nearly equal to corn.
A Continuous Performance
Wifey—Henry, I will hr.ve to havo
some now clothes this spring.
Hubby—Good heavens, how long Is
this thing to go   on?       That's   just
what you said last full.
An Instance
Mow can you otto a case whore two
o, ,'iosites agree?
Tako the case where a F.H1 gives a
positive suswer in a decided negative.
Well, doctor, said Mr. YearwerJ **
tit* medical men finally came torOL
how has my cost of living lncreaeedf
Twofold! laughed tbe doctor,   sky
ping tbe happy tf)
i on tbe ha
Nervous Prostration of Three Yeare*
Standing Cured ■ Yea,- age by Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food.
Anyone who knows tbe dlscourMJa*
ment and despair whleb accompanies
the helplessness of nervous prostTaV
tlon will appreciate the gratitude left
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Mrs. H. C. Jones, Scotch Lake, C.B,
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tration for nearly three years. I hid
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treatment It ls nearly a year since I
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opportunity of recommending Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food."
At least some benefit ts bound to le*
derived from each dose of this great
food cure, as day by day lt forms new
blood, and builds up the system. SO
cents a box, 6 for $2.50, all dealers, or
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An inquisitive member of the houee
of commons was struck one day by the
presence ot a policeman in one of tbe
lobbies. He wondered why this particular lobby should always have a
guardian strolling up aud down and
made Inquiries. The records of the
house were searched, and It waa
found that fifty years previously, when
the lobby was being decorated, a policeman had been stationed there to
keep members from soiling thalr
clothes. The order novor having beeo
countermanded, ths constable bad
kept his beat for half a century.
Youth la full of confidence, salth the
cynic, until it finds that life is a confidence game...
Bear Island, Aug. 26, 1901
Minard's Liniment Co, Limited.
Dear Sirs,—Your traveller is here
to-day and we are getting a large
quantity of your MINARD'S LINIMENT. We find It the test Liniment
on the market makini no exception.
We have been in business 13 years and
have handled all kinds, but have dropped them all but yours; that sells Itself; the othera have to be pushed to
get rid ot
Proper Treatment
A big flsh has been playing around
here for some tlon but it is a bad
Give it the hook.   ■
A Successful Man
A successful man earns more than
his wife can spend.
My husband does that
Why. your husband doesn't earn
mdeh, Mrs. Titewaddo.
1 know it, but he hangs ou to all of
t.   .
Make Him Prove It
Do I look an Idiot?
I refuse to commit myself.
But a fellow Just called mo on*
Chance of a lifetime.    Sue blm tat
libel and see what the Jm, says.
To Restore
Good Health
The first thing to do is to correct the minor ailments caused
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How To Get Hid Of The Drink Habit
The lrrlslstlble cr.ivl.ng which drives all drinking men on and ultimately
wrecks them physically, mentally and financially can be removed by tha
Treatment in three days. The Neal Treatment la a safe, sure vegetable
remedy taken Internally which eliminates all craving or desire for drink nnd
removes all tracea of alcoholism from the system, No hypodermic* Injections are employed and no ill after effects are experienced.
The drink habit ia discouraging both lo the drinker and to the drinker's
family. Drinking men promise themselves tlrat they will avep and often conscientiously try to do ao but tiro craving Is stronger than the will power
to resist, and Invariably after ono or two attempts to atop ihey begin to drink
harder than e\«r.
The only hope for these men Is In the Neal Treatment.
If yon are a drinking man you can visit one of the Neal Institutes nnd In
three daya be freed from the drink habit and return to : our homo freo from
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Ton can take tho treatment at ono of the Neal Inatitutcs nnd return home
In a few daya and your friends will scarcely have time to note your nbBence.
Only three daya and you are forever free from the curse of the drink hubtt.
Write for full Information to the nearest Neal Institute.
Broadway,   WINNIPEG. 820  Thirteenth   Ave.,  W.,   CALGARY.
3124 Victoria Ave., W., REOIMA
The Responsible Party
I am looking for the man higher up,
said the stern officer of the law, stepping stealthily into the mahogany furnished offlrso of'Pr-rcy Plgsfcot, the
originator and head perpetrator of the
odorous cigar clipper trust.
Percy tossed the better two-thirds of
a, forty cent cigar Into the cut glass
cuspidor and trembled violently. Well
ho knew on whose trail tho relentless
sleuths of the law wero camping, but
he determined to bear the Wows with
The man higher up? ho inquired
Yes! hissed the detective, biting a
chunk out ot the lack of a chair in
unison to show that ho meant business.
Oh, very well, said Percy, touching
a button and turning to a messenger
as he sold: Call the office boy. Some
men aro here after him.
Unfailing Sign
They say ho ls a millionaire
He may be a wealthy man, hut I
am quite certain ho is not worth a
Why so positive?
He pays more tban $10 for* a suit
Too Easy for Him
Can I sell you u, vacuum cleaner,
ma'am? said, the agent at the door.
You cannot, replied the lady.     If
I didn't make my husband beat rugs
every now and then he might forget
that he is married.
A Demoralizing Change
l have to watch those players who
were one the  stage  all winter,  remarked tha manager.
Why so?
It's hard to get 'em to go nlno innings after they have got used to a
drama that only lasted four acts.
Congratulations, old man. How
much does your new baby weigh?
A tou.
Quit your kidding.
Honestly. I am a cool dealer, and
I weighed the boy on my own scales.
Teacher—Mahe'., in making yonr fs
you have omitted something. Whal
ls It?
Little Mabel—Oh, I forgot to pit
eyebrows ever tbem.
Pity thj Poor!
Eoy yon cught to know belter
to beg from u poet
Please, sir, father is an essayist
It Rubs Away Pain.—There Is no liniment 60 cITlcacIoirri iu overcoming
pain ns Dr. Thomas' Ecleetrle Oil* Th*»
hand that rubs it in rubs the pain
away and on this account there* is no
preparation, that stands so high In public esteem. There is no surer painkiller procurable, as thousands cau at.
lest who havo used It successfully la
treating many ailments.
Crace, you know always said she'd
irever marry a man until she felt he
would ho willing to go thronjh fir*
water, wreck, aud disaster for her.
She finally found him, I suppose, b»
cause 1 lie. -.* she Is engaged.
Yes. His name Is Jack something.
Comes to see her three times a week
over the New York, New Haves, *
What Makes a Good Cow?
Professor W. J. Kennedy of the loin,
slation recommends the following la
reference to the selection ot breeding
stock far the dairy.
In selecting dairy cattle the real teat
must be tho scales and the Babcock
tester. Tho cow ls a machine to convert food into milk Thus she must
have a large middle and a strong constitution to Insure the   best   result*
Suffragettes haven't thought of hot»
rifying the men by appearing In the*
last year's hats.
Advice to children not accompanied
by example mlgh*. as well be thrown
at the birds.
_• /
And Its Wonderful
The three young men gloated over
gjkt beautiful, silky carpet trom Tabriz.
Mil Fleming had spread lt on the
aWer ot his studio, and his two friends
gat cross legged ln the middle ot Its
■aeb expanse while John pointed out
** remarkable pattern.
"It's exactly as Hilly translated trom
.to old Persian manuscript," said John
gtrcltcdly. "Here Is the body of the
Msquo. All these little squares are
ft* prayer rugs of the worshipers. Here
t* tbo niche facing the eaat Is the altar.
Ibis mixture of peacock tints repre*
gents the altar Itself, and beneath the
•ttar, so the manuscript says, lie burled
aatese famous emeralds of the great
"Who has been dust these 200 years,"
sWleiniily added Billy Blake.
"Peace to his ashes," piously con-
fjbded Tom Pike.   "By the way. John,
tux rnvoEns ar.rmrr* his thuoat asb
.   cuosku uiai into silence,
what Is your idea about discovering
these emeralds? You've claimed tbat
tbe purchase of this rug was only the
Irst step toward making the three of
■ rich We've put all our available
coin into it.   What next?"
"Welt, the manuscript says thnt this
famous rug Isr a replica of tho floor of
the rose mosque In Tubrlz. Unfortunately, there Is much discussion as
to which of the modern mosques was
built upon the old foundation and flooring of the ancient rose mosque. Now
that wc have the floor plan It ls my
suggestion that wo take the rug to
Tabriz with us. and when we find the
aiosque floor plan that matches up wilb
It, why, we wlll find some way to
burrow down ond get those Jewels.
We'll bnve to pay something to the
government, I suppose."
"Suppose we full We will Ire out
•ur money and the trip wc planned."
"He a sport," said Tom disgustedly.
"if we win we enn take holidays und
bolldays John. I'm with yoa When
do we sail?"
"Tho ..'IM—Prince Joachim," snld John
"Engage uiy passage, too," grouued
"Done," said John Fleming, rolling
sp tire rug. "Now, you chaps, clear out
I've got u lot to do In the next three
Fourteen dnys later tire three friends
snd the Tabriz carpet landed tn tho
Persian city and put np nt a very indifferent hotel. John Fleming had
gained for himself the reputation of
being eccentric, for he traveled nowhere without a rolled and strapped
iterrmer rug In Iris hand. He even appeared at the captain's table wllh it
Jutlng llio passage, nnd hla plon that
"le needed It for a foot rest wns not
Millrely acceptttblo to his table companions.
Tbey did not. know that carefully
icwed between two stormier rugs was
the carpet from Tabriz.
The morning lifter their arrival In
Ibe city tbey set forth on their search
tor tlie rose mosque, whose Identity
bad boon lost In many a pillaging nnd
larking of tbo city by Infidels. Somewhere iu tbe street of Sweet Incense
waa a- rebuilt mosque whoso lloor
wouiil correspond with the pattern of
tbo Tabriz carpet.
It wns not until the second day thnt
they stood In n small mosque wedged
In between dark gray buildings. John
Fleming did not unroll his rug It was
not necessary, for even to the unstudied eyes of Billy Blake aud Tom Pike
tho floor of the edifice wns sltwltar In
arrangement to that of the silky rug.
As they stood there gazing, John Flem*
Ing pointing bore and there through
the gloom, there became visibly
thrnngh the wear of ceuturlcs and tin
pressure of countless feet, traces ot
Ihe beautiful marble Door The nltaf.
which might once hove been thnt fa-
nous gem of peacock coloring, ha**1
benn In a Inter day of restoration ov*f>
tld wltb noli! leaf, but It was there.
...,_ that, tkr ***M*T*t SB*}
*****, dm wis* a long bnatb.
"I tblnk at," aald Joan pioaily.
•Wkafs j**r pka **mr grewle*
"Sea two iBda out, wMle I remain
Mind. I can conceal ■raalf la au
tf tha uterosms until dusk. Then
you two return wltb tools, tad III 1st
po la. We can remove tha altar la a
(Mfy and bare tba treasure aat aad
sway ln no time."
"How about tbe guard! faa't than
■ome kind at' a wttchmaa 'aa doty
barer *-       *,   " > c7r    •
"Hardly. The priests bave trou bis
■lough In rounding np tbe sinners ln
the daytime. No danger et the rascals haunting the mosque at Bight
Most of them are drinking tweet est-
fee In some cafe until morning."
"Very well, John. Pick ont yonr hid-
'ng place. Tom tnd I win go now.
There* behind that carved screen la
the corner.   Bo long, old chap."
When John Fleming had dodged behind his sereea and the footsteps of
bis friends had died away tn tbe stone
loar be saw a shaft of golden light
pierce the gloom of the mosque and
then vanish. He knew that the door
had opened and closed behind tha
forms of his friends.
Hours passed. People cane and
went, and tt the hour of sunset tha
place was crowded. A priest went np
Into tbe tower, tnd far below ln bit
plica of concealment Fleming beard
the whining musical chant ef tht
muezzin call to prayer.
After that all was quae's He was
' intlrely alone. ' .    | ■ ■ J 1
When It was dark, the thick, velvety
blackness of an Asiatic night, be stepped softly to the outerdoor tnd, opening lt gently, whistled softly.
A dark Hgure glided toward him.
Lean fingers gripped bis throat and
■hoked him into silence. Ho struggled
ind tried to cry out, but he was powerless In the grip of a giant.
He was borne back into the mosque,
tnd far away from tbo entrance ln a
iny niche he was set down, and his
.-aplor produced t vile smelling oil lantern.
Then It was that Fleming saw his
captor was a till, fanatical looking Individual, with a wisp of dirty green
lilt wound around his disordered bead.
"Come to the altnrl" hissed the man
n French, "ton will show So' and I
Will dig for tbe emeralds of tbe great
ihah." He pressed the blade of a
knife suggestively against Fleming's
'hroat, nnd tbcre was nothing to do
ave to obey.
With III grace John Fleming consented and, going to the altar, directed Its
removal as well ss the displacement
tf the great block of stone upon which
It stood.
Together they worked ln silence, using tho rough tools tbe man had
brought with blm. When the altar
bad been removed from Its bed of
cenyrnt they pried up tbe stone slab
beneath It nnd found 'nothing but I
solid bed of cement.
Tben It was that the fanatical priest
flew madly nt John Fleming tnd
would havo killed him hnd he not been
the swifter of the two and managed
to outrun bis enemy ln the dark corners of the mosque. Happily at this
momeut Billy Blake and Tom Pike
appeared, and while John Fleming.
■notched up his precious roll of rugs
they covered bis escape to the street
tnd followed him to the hotel.
"Dished!" said Billy Blake, disgustedly thumping the bundle of rugs.
"Say anything you like; I'll take It
all!" groaned John, sitting on the edge
of his lumpy bed In grim despair.
Tom Pike, who said little, but in his
tlow and cautions way did much
thinking, removed bis plpo from his
Ups and dragged out bis suit caso.
"I've got lusldo Information that the
emeralds of the great shah will be ln
America when we get there," he said
mysteriously. "If you want to be In at
the finish come with tne and catch the
next steamer for home."
It wns significant of the subdued
mood of the two younger enthusiastic
treasure seekers that they merely followed his suggestion.
During the homeward voyage John
Fleming did not display the same solicitous care concerning the Tabriz car-
pet.   For him It had lost its value.
When they landed In New York Tom
Pike showed signs of excitement
"Fellows," be said cautiously, "soon
ss we're through the customs got t
taxi and heat It to John's studio."
Two hours later three excited young
men flung themselves from a toxlcnb
aud dashed up the stairs to Fleming's
itudlo. Once there, they locker! the door
end opened wide the closed windows.
"Well, Tom, what ls It?" demanded
Fleming tnd Blake la the same
"Unroll your precious mg," said the
silent ono.
Tbey obeyed, spreading tho silky
oblong on the dusty floor.
"Find tho peacock altar," went on
"Here It Is," snld John, his finger on
tho rich mass of color.
"Take your knlfo and dig there,
John, nnd I reckon you'll find tbe emeralds! That's my interpretation of
the manuscript"
Ten minutes later three awed young
mon sat back on tbelr heels nnd gazed
at a handful of large uncut emeralds
which they had released from the carefully tied knots of tho peacock threads
of the rug.
It wns quite true. Beneath the skillfully woven pattern of the altar of the
rose mosque tbe great shah had hidden bis Jewels. It had remained for
Tom Pike to discover them.
John Fleming arose and, lifting t
bronze laurel wreath trom Its hook on
the wall, carefully placed lt on Tom'i
tow colored hair,
"What next?" he tsked giyly.
"I want to make plans for t hunt*
lot tfin." uld Tom Pike mildly.
- ***  .-    , '
i Kaew Ha *a* Hnt Beeaaa* He
Swallowed the VetA.   "
Lard Kitchener, aa* *t tbe meat
tlttlagutshed af the Knights at tbe
Bath who recently were Installed at
Hoary TII.'s Chapel la Westminster
Abbey, once had at narrow an escape
ef hit lite at ever befell a soldier.
It was In the tours* of the prolonged
aad fiercely-fought campaign la the
Soudan In the 'eighties, ln the first
yaar ot that decade, tn fact.   ....
Thero was a lively skirmish going
aa at a place named Handoub, Juat
antslde Buakln, when Kitchener, who
waa then a rising young officer of
Engineera, wat shot at by one Of the
btahdl't negro soldiers. Tbe bullet
found Its mark la the side at Kitchener's face at the btck ot the eheok.
It was a Remington bullet, and Inflated a really dreadful wound,
breaking the bone at the base ot the
laitr "It took a lonTrtlm* *t^ get-the
•pllntera ot hone ont, and the doc-
tart were unable to operate, at the
ballet and fragments of bone were too
dose to tbe jugular vein. Tht ball
could not be located, and the '.acton
pronounced bit ease as hopeless. They
said the patient eould act llvt tnd
hit titter, accordingly, wu tent for
tram England.
The future tavlor of th* Boudan,
however, differed from the turgeons,
and steadily refused to believe ln
their gloomy prognosis of hit case,
and, though be had to endure a Journey down th* Kile t* the hospital at
Cairo, confined ln a small cabin ln
twelterlng heat, his thin, muscular
physique and Iron will-power kept
the dreaded fever at bay. The hospital doctorsalso tailed to find the bullet, and came to the conclusion tbat
tt had worked Its way out during the
voyage down ths Kile. Kitchener
himself was ot the opinion that the
bullet had, by some means, come out,
unnoticed by tbe surgeons or hlm-
telf, and gradually the terrible wound
healed, and Kitchener returned to
A year or so after the skirmish at
Handoub, Kitchener one day sat down
to dine off a beet tteak which had
been terved up by Sergt. Bllton, ot
the hospital staff. Suddenly Kitchener clapped his hand to his jaw.
"Bllton," he said, "was there a
bona ln that steak?"
"No, sir," replied the sergeant.
"Then that bullet was ln my jaw
after all," said Kitchener, "and I've
swallowed lt, for I felt lt go down!"
That proved to be the ease, and the
great soldier preserves the flattened
piece of lead on his key-chain.
Machines For Milking.
One of the most tirospcrous Industries ln Australia ls that of dairying,
and with the extension of operations
th* latest labor-saving machinery ls
being adopted. For milking the machines ln use aro tho latest. At one
dairy, where about 100 cows are In
milk, there are seven machines installed, providing for the milking of
41 cows at the one time. The machines are working effectively, and
appear to find favor in tho eyes of the
practical men. They combine efficiency with simplicity, and present **o
difficulty in handling. The releaser
eonveys the milk from the cow to the
separator quickly and cleanly, owing
to the automatic adjustment of Its
Inflow and outflow. The approximate
cost of installing a plant of this kind
ls (1,750, and lt ls capable ot milking
a hundred cows ln about two hours.
Light From Below.
One 6f the first bores put down In
Western Quecusland lo tap the great
artesian storage known to exist In
the interior of Australia, was at.
Thargouiindah, and the water from
lt ls now being put lo a novel use.
The pressure Is 270 pounds to the
square Inch—one of the strongest
pressure bores In Queensland, though
the flow ls not very strong — about
670,000 gallons per day. The boro Is
J,B60 feet deep, and the temperature
of the water ls 166 degrees, lt
drives a waterwheel at 1,200 reyo'u-
tlona per minute to provide power for
an eleclric light syBtem for Thargomindah. The charge for light Is 26
cents per week per light. It ls controlled by the Queensland Government
St. Hilda Linked trp.
The Inhabitants of the little island
of St. Kllda, off-*lho northwest coast
of Scotland, whose homeland Is ln
such an Isolated position that Ihey
only received news of tire death of
the late King Edward nearly a year
after tbo event, are congratulating
themselves upon tbe installation of
wireless communication between their
island and the mainland which has
just been effected. The Islanders signalized the completion ot tbe station
by sending a wireless wessago to
iilng George. The King replied with
a gracious message, lu which he car-
pressed tho wish that tho Improved
communication would be the means
of lmpovlng tho happiness of bis subjects In St. Kllda.
Tailing and Feathering.
People who suppose "tarring tnd
feathering" la an Invention of Judge
Lynch "out west" may be surprised
to learn that it was invented, or at
least was first used, by Richard .Coeur
de Lion. In tho regulations entered
Into between him and Philip Augustus, the Crusader commanders decreed, amongst other punishments
provided, that whoever ln either of
their two armies should commit theft,
was to havo warm pitch poured over
his head, which sbould then be powdered with feathers, and the ot'ender
siould afterwards be abandoned on
tho first shore.
fcjw Well Knows Table Delicacy Is
Prepared1 For Market.
H*w many of those who eat trickled mackerel «ver think st tbe toil
tnd weary heart of waiting that ire
■pent by the men wbo make a living
hy catching them lu lelne nett. The
look-out man. or "huer," as he ls called In Cornwall, Eng., sits on the edge
af tht cliff eagerly watching' for the
all tresms tre rapid.   A tutor felt
aaleep   aa   a   aclmlar   wit   re itlug, |
dreamed a little playlet aafawoke to
hear th* end of the boyT sentence, j
elapsed time not more thon fifteen sec- I
onda.    Touch, sight snd hearing are
prominent In dreams, but taste and i
smell exceptionally rare.   Dreams can |
be made to order by outsiders, but not
by the dreamer.    Yell "Fire!'' ln the
ear of a tound sleeper or allow a sud
black patch on the tea that Proclalmt    fl     f  ft    .     ,A ".   .     , tUfl
ths mackerel tehool '-playing M'TI™. ,„ , J ,.,,71..".„„, ,»
The ttentorlan thout he gives Is bird j b",fk •* n;8„ ncc'k.ond he wl» **■?». °
by th* fisbsrmen, resting *n taelr •r<!w- b**' »<* c«** * **<* t0 Bl<*r" wlth b*
oars, probably bait tileep, ln th* mlud made up to dream of any certain
boats far beneath him. In a moment ■ tblng tnd then actually dream of If.
all la excitement. The boats haul their j In tpltc of this fact books nre sold ln
tncSbn and race In the direction Indl-.i Europe which tell wbut one must do
sited by the "huer." j in order to dream tbe lucky number In
It It a base of "first come,  Irst I tht> lottery.   Furthermore, "there arc no
thoot."   The great aelue boat leads
with the heavy mass of brown net
heaped ln lis item) then comes the
■"tawler-'"-'!! It It etlled—probably
a corruption of "follower1' — whose
business it ll to tee that the flsh,
when once enclosed by the seine, do
not ltap over the row of float lug
oorki, and this lt dono by either
ipltthlng with a great stone tied to a
cord, or else by throwing tmtller
stones Into tho circle, a large supply
ot these having been put In tbe boat
before lt left the beach. Prosently
tbe crew of tho "vowlcr"wlU help to
haul the seine, pulling ln tne end
whilst the crew la the larger boat
pulls ln the other.
Lastly comes the "larker," generally manned by boys. This little boat Is
a tender to the others, taking out the
anchors, for lt It necessary that the
bigger boats should be firmly anchored so that there may be something to
pull against when hauling the seine,
and the boys also shake loose any
part of the great net that may get
fouled. It ls very hard work, too, bo-
cause all tbe toll tnd time may have
been expended ln vain, and the mackerel school may have escaped for
some more fortunate boat to secure.
But If all ls well the harvest of the
lea ls reaped, and the mass of silver,
purple, and blue ls poured from the
net to the boats. Then wet, bot, and
exhausted, the men prepare for the
next "shoot." The seine ls arranged
afresh, and once more tho weary
fishermen await the "huer's" cry
from the cllffB above.
ethics In dreamland. One sees or com.
mlt* himself tbe most ntroclous crime
with no feeling of pily or guilt—Cbl-
cago Tribune.
Passing of tho Grey Bowler.
The days of tbe grey bowler hat are
numbered. A leading Bond street
hatter declares that during tbe present season ho lias never sold so few
grey bowlers for the past twenty
years. "Society men used frequently
to wear grey bowlert when going racing," he said, "but now they Invariably favor hats of a darker shade."
In a few years' time he predicts that
tho grey bowler will bs as treat t
r rrltv as the horse 'but.
Teaching Record.
-nore than a hundred years' service
as teachers is the joint record ot Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Shaw, of New Barnet,
Eng., who celebrated their golden
wedding recently. "We both began
teaching in 1862," said Mr. Shaw.
"There .have been great .changes
Blue* I first taught, the.greatest-being ln 1860, when Ur. i'.obt. Lowe,
afterwards Lord Sherbrooke, Introduced tbe system of grants or payment by resulta. Then we' all began to
cram the boys ln arithmetic, reading,
and spelling so that we could get the
grant. If a boy was a slacker ln the
"three It's" wo helped him aiding with
a cane. Now there Is less routine.
The boy ls helped to develop his powers of observation and his; Intelligence. Tho teacher has more freedom, and as a result the modern olo-
mentary schoolboy gets a better training and becomes a more valuable citizen." * ■
Duties of the Mnrslialsea Court.
Windsor Castle and the other royal
residences outside London are under
the authority of tbe Court of Mar-
shalsea. lt has the same officials aud
powers as the Green Cloth,, apd was
established hy Henry VIII. In particular It is charged to. administer
Justice between tbe K.ng's servants
so that they are not drawn Intorthe
service of foreign sovereigns. Ampng
cases decided ln recent years was
tbat ot tbe second master cook, who,
ln thn absence of tho master cook,
seated himself In tho chair at dinner
and thus violated precedence. Again,
when K'ng Edward took intr> his service the Arab chef whose real Turkish coffee bad won royal approval at
a -.ienbad, lt fell to the Courts ot
Marshalsea and Green Cloth to decide
his exact rank In the culinary hierarchy.
Power of Suggestion.
What be (rails an "effective suggestion.test".is.given.by Professor Hugo
Munstcrborg In an article on "How
Con We Know Ourselves" ln tho
Youth's Companion. "Draw several
pairs of circles," writes the psychologist, "and let your friend decide which
circle ln each pair ls the larger. In
some cases mrike one circle slightly
larger thnn the other; usually, however, make tlie circles of each pair the
same size. In each circle write n figure of two digits. Althqugh the circles
ore alike, you will find Hint If In one
you have written a small number, such
ts twenty-one. sud ln tire other a
larger number, such as seventy-nine,
the boy or girl who is open to suggestion will tell you that (he clrelo that
contains tho higher number Is tbe larger. Tbe 6lze of the number suggests
t wrong Idea shout the size of tbo circles."        	
Savad by April Fool Time.
When Frauds, duke of Lorraine, nud
his wife were awaiting death ln the
prison of Nantes they cbose ns the
day for an nltouipt to escape the 1st
of April.
Disguised as peasants, snys a chronicler, the one bearing t bod on his
thonlder, the other carrying a basket
of rubbish on ber back, they bolb ot
in early hour of tlio day passed through
the gates of the city. A woman having
a knowledge of their persons ran to
the guard to glvo notice to tho sentry.
"April fool!" cried the soldier, and
his comrades to a man shouted out,
"April fool I"
The governor, to whom the Incident
Was related as. a great jest, became
auspicious, and ordered an Invcstlgn*
tlon. but It wns loo late, for In the
meantime the duke snd bis wife were
well on tbelr way. The 1st of April
had saved tbem.
Captain Cook's Shilling.
Young James Cook, destined Infer to
become England's greatest navigator,
wns at seventeen placed on probation
In the shop of t small tradesman nt
Etalthes, near Whitby. Seeing n new
shilling In the till, the Ind took It out.
replacing it by one of bis own. The
master, missing the bright shilling,
searched Cook's box snd found It there,
tent for s constable and for Cook's father and charged tbe boy wllh theft.
The boy declared his Innocence and ex*
plained. The master expressed his regret, and, although Conk's father snd
the master Irolh pressed bim to ftny,
bis reply was: "No, father. 1 cnu't.
Once t thief, always' a' thief. 1 • mils!
go." Apd be then went to Whitby and
was there apprentice**" to tbe sen.—
•Captain Jamas Cook." *    .
Ho Shook Hands.
There were one or two unrehearsed
Incidents at the opening of tbe new
King's College Hospital, Denmark
Hill, by King George and Queen Jlary,
which caused considerable amusement to Their Majesties. A number
of purses were handed ln by children
from three years old and upwards.
One small boy, despite the nudging
of his teachers, Insisted upon shaking hands with His Majesly. Another
mite, a shy Utile girl, walked backwards until she would have fallen
off the platform had she not been
caught In the arms of tlio Archbishop
of Canterbury, who wasjstandlng Just |
beneath lt.
The First Candlestick.
The first candlestick wnB a boy.
He sit In tho corner of a Scottish
kitchen holding t piece ot fir candle
ln his hands, from tlmo to time cutting and trimming It to make It burn
brightly. The Or candle was a length
of wood cut from a kind of fir tree
which ls found embedded In the peat.
This kind of candle Is still used In
■ome parts of Scotland. It usually
fell to the lot of tbo 'herd laddies" to
act the part af candlestick; but
should a beggar ask for a night's
lodging ho was expected to relievo the
"herd laddie" of his duty. A candlestick ls still called ln Aberdeenshire
a "pulr man," or "poor man."
"Chouse" Seymour.
There wns nn Irish netor named Seymour, who hnd the nlclrnnmo "Chouse,"
which enme from bis unlucky slip lu
tho pnsr-rnge ln "Olhello," "When I lovo
thee not chnos Is come again." It was
In Cork that lie mndo the break, nnd
Cork did not forget. When he returned a year Inter the city wns placarded
by an "irUst In chnllt, "Chouse has
come ngnln." He played Olhello, and
the gnllery observed, "Deuced good.
Chouse!" The dying Moor snt up,
shook Ir's flat In the dlreetlo' of lhe
observer and Invited him, If be were n
man, to pi tr.o down aud have his trend
A Modern Aetop.
As t Venerable Bon Constrictor wns
tbout to Xnrrnlo Some Reminiscences
of bis Youth, n pert young CIllmrtlinzOQ
remarked thnt "Snake Stories were nn
twfn Boa," whereupon tho Serpent
did him In his Trril F.niolrl. laying Ibrrt
even Monkeys hnd their Pluco lu tho
Economy of .Vnture.
Moral.-Yon should never an's a Per-
ton wbo has Ihe Age on yon.-Huston
Animal Which bu heen Snbjecteu hy
the Eskimo as a Beast of Burden is
Only Half Tan-.ed and ls Almost u
Ferocious as His Wild Brother —
"Only Cuusluul Severity Will Control
Ten little mounds of r-now woro huddle*', closo by a but on tire western coast
of Hudson'! l.*ny when tk*, sin. rose over
tlio gyrroupding wilderuesB, Bays-Xoalie
(,. shannon in a recent articloT »"a*r orrt
from tire ilioro lite bny was frozen solid
anil over tire,ice andtlro land lhe gain
whirled tiro feathery -mow in great
cloud?. If tlrero bad boon n spirit thermometer nt tiro" hut it wouhiimve recorded a temperature of at leatt :;0 degrees
below zero.
With tiro first appearance of the sun,
tiro swarthy men, wrappod'to their eyes
in fur, emerged from tlio hut on boow-
shoes anu - areW iron! out tae aujoiuiug
lo-.n-to a long, low dodge on whieli t\:*s
lashed a grcHt lrenji of shirrs*. Tboy wore
trappers about, to start for thn trading
post sonro 40 miles up the coast I*'rom
tho front of tlio sledg*—they fall it a
liomatlk—mrlemlcd for IfBoTft "eight* foot
a slorrt rcalskin btraini irnorvu in-tlro-u
regions ns a bridle. Clearly* I if* waa
meant lhat draft animals, of some, t-riml
-should lo'nrtscliel thereto.'' Buli/w'ierfl
woro tlroyl T! - tiappers knen. • Looking at the ioi'ltk"'inorni'ls x*f!'ilonr. ons
o llreni called elraiply, "He, ho hp, lio,
ho!''' '    >•---•''!•'•
The e&Vt was parlous. The lOilittlo
mounds inovcil, nnd then -\Vr*.*o''t: rns-
formed into, as many , dogs,,,wli'irll uncurled themselves, MOW Trad 'shook the
ano- fron; their rlmgjry coats*; Another
sharp call and fhey 'raiiie"M'*'untling to
tlio koiuatili. Kicking.and cutting liioiu,
the trappers got tbeni iirtd liar'noss. Tu
tlio loop at tha,free.-end of.^1*1*0.l/ridlti
they buttoned the roalskiu fr'aces, one of
which extended ovpl' each.. dog.'a * back,
there to divide into two loops',' which,
of' hia front legs wore Ihiii't;through
tbem, joined over his brcait. Now thcra
wns a great hullabaloo, *tljc; dofcH, draping
excitedly about, tugging at their traces
».*' howling wjth Rjl'tt*fir-.rn)i*j)nlnjr the
trappers took seats in tho kornatik. Tho
nri>n in front had:**whip,$f yTalrtifir bids
frlly 28 feet long. Out. it flew wilh a
resonant crack. " Wbitl'iwjitl " about-
erl Iho driver. Willi a final rhorus of
howls tha dugs bent forward',' strtln' •
bird to get their heavy load under way.
nnd then in a mail riish'iapy ajtUSt off,
the varying lengths or' tbolr traces permitting theiO' to'ttii\e1'Vo*cllfcr':liko a
park of wolves. ,
Gradually tlleir* pafro' 'larkencil until
it became a, gentle trot.   Hut on. nnd on
nil  day they  wont,  following tho ('oast
lino across frozen  bays audithe little
n. 'lr of lands that1 lay' boewfran, their
driver keeping them tnjlieir i\uty with
his cry of "Whil! Whit"' and an been-
muni crack of tbo whip.  .Spinctiiucs lie
tr-ipper's ran beside the Iroihn'tik on their
anowshoos to got their blood, in circulation, nnd once in a while they wouul 1-nvo
I to help tiro dogs liairl the l.ojnatiknp a
Flo      slope.     Darlrnefr   was   falling   as
[ tlroy approached .the ninl  of their -10-
nrilo journey.    The dogs woro tired and
I lagged moro aud  inoro.*     Tbo    dfivor,
j chiiiol through and hungry, became mv-
| ago i-r his use of Iho riupr   Uutiguddun*
I ly on  their own accord tiro dogs brolro
| into a run, tilid ii»lrin flh-,1 jhe'rvir -svith
their howls.   Tho wh'toivaabod buildings
of tho post hnd conte ill rright,: ■ iV tor
and faster flew Iho do*™, and, swinging
tlio kornatik i.irrily lirouriil irpolnt of
land they gave a rerlca of groat leaps
[.and bonni'.s.ito di*fl\r,--ii!:*l.'**u"" post with
a ground flourtah llmt     ,nld have dun.
irrcd'.t W afnshiouablo eo£*)luttigr'ia.r..
A Near Tragedy.      ...
.*'.  hari' worker of extraordinary endurance an niiidisptT.sriblo^ruirlial, ui the
do96*'ato regiona of" tho north, where snow
| and   ice  ro'.gn . througiioiit! ^ufrft.of, tho
year, tho liskimo or "hn*l;y" dog yet,
i receives a bad naurn from the men for
whom  Iru ilares wil'i  in other rowrni
than ono Blonde   nicn! a *l:iy and a bullet in the bead when hi., live winters ul
! rcrvic*. hnvr worn him ont.    i'strumo* for*
j only, cannibalism, treachery and coward-
! ico rii'r 11.e oliurpis hio.ip.ht ngaiiif.t liilll.
!    "Kick    every    dog   you    pass,"  is
durnnt'o niVd indiap'i risible* v.iilml, in tiro
a     rule     that     rii"     l .,;,;..s *     (|,;. .
iters,      whether      Irlskifitd       or      of
European     origin,     srl.!*.*:-,      violate;
ami if a dog i*- every i* idcrl enough
j to growl nt a mnn, 1;"   ■  unmercifully
• beaten  nt  onro.    irthoi Id  .';  manger  re-
nionslrate Buch .: . tha focego*
i ing are cited lo prove tbal the uttOfl liavo
, to bo ricatcd !:■*•' ly i" bo t-ci>t ir. sub*
J joction. 'iho *•■'■. j rulcc M' rt.o lnrslry is
I notorious, inso f(ir as, I.- fear, of mun
I is concerned. IVheri Iricked n't! or
ten, thr."  Hint   awny  uliinin
American Literature.
American lilernture Is on the whole
Ideal!.'lc. swept, delicate, nicely finished. •• • Tho notable exceptions nre
enr most stalwart men of genius. Tbor-
enu, Whitman and Mark Twain.-John
Albert Many ln "The Spirit of American Literature."
Not Like l.s.
A memorable tablet la to he fixed
an Cardinal Manning's old house ln .
Wettmlnster, which, as will be re-;
membcred, was originally tho Guards' |
Institute, and was bought for a «mall
sum.   The cardinal's establishment la
laid to have been ruled by hia buller,
Newman, who guarded his master like
a dragon, and ttw to lt that he was
not troubled with callers at out-of-
the-way  hours.   He would  warn  a
lite visitor that the time for bed had
arrived with the apology. "You see,
■lr, the cardinal doesn't Jump straight
Into bed like you or me.    He bu a
little reidinr tt ia."
Value of Humor.
Tiie mnn w-ho becomes a humorist ls
tbe mnn wbo contrives to retain n certain childlike scat and freshness of
Blind sll* by tide wllh a Inrge snd
lender to! - lUce.-Cornhill Magazine.
A      rd Worker.
"It Do' bs a hard working man?"
"1 guess you can call blm tbal.   Any
kind of work seemi hard to blm."-
Blrmlngham Age Herald.
Joining ths Majority.
Remember when yon get the worst
«r It thnt you bnve ntnln awlichM
over on the ttiVs of tha majority -Al-
hsnr Journal
rung. , .*...
oliror nntTiiril is s*ifo c.l*.i.* tl.'v nucrund,
nud  for •}■'.   reason   rli'.v nro rigi'ly
bnrrod from rertn n  ti  -i.iryr out  un*
less, emboldened I.  (isrvatloo thejf ivill
never nirnrk n  'ti'*ir*!*ii  1>i.i**t who'has
tire nerve lo mule, p sniv,* <■!' realstsnco,
Buch is !h* trtw-Wjr of ihe dogVlbnt
lijj't'i.i are. alv.ny: Warned not to nt*
! tempt to pet them, liven .f lire dfl(f you
j ero stroking doci not take adysataga
.of  the occasion   to  help  iiirrsrif   lo  a
mouthful    of    your ■ flesh,   tie   others
aro likely to imagine llinl r* Irnrtquit is
| ia progress nrrd pm*,o,'inBte tp pnrti*:-
paie.      A d-iver   thnt   tllprf 'a'nd   ''nils
among the iloys Tfhilo arranging tborr
Imrnoss is l:i-ly if tin frr.f-S of Ml ut
tl em  are  not   buried   in   him   in. thi
twinkling of nn eye.
'i'brso farts may grieve the dog lover,
but he niny Jir.i comfort in the reflection that tire Sruron pui'o hn.-ky la,really not a dog at cr 11: t w'ol' Ire ia in dls*
j position,   voice   and   npper .'anee, Jhat
: centuries cf caalavemrnt by the Eb!;:-
\ nnos     and     northern     artrlcra     have
; brought to a state only of sullen  Birlr-
' mission.   Of doggish traits, aucl, as attachment to win   ami   fiiilhfulncss to
his master, he ia entirely innoc.o|.   Instead of barking when he gets (netted,
j lie howls,   l'ir.ce a grsv lursky with on*
| of the big grny wolVM of lire northers
j woods anil  even   tba   men   who   L.it*.
' driven doj*a r.U their lives would flr.d it
■ extremely   difficult   to  tei,   which   wu
I which. inB ISMjAAIJEK,  I U.tlbrirtLAKli,  J5.0
Published every Saturday at Cumberland, Vancouver Island, B.C., by
the islander printing anu publishing company
Edward w. Bicklb, Ewtor.
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THE BANQUET tendered on Monday evening to Mr. J
R. Lockard, the new General Manager of the Canadian
Collieries (Dunsmuir) Ltd., and to Mr. G. W. Clinton, General
Superintendent was an unqualified success. Never in the
history of Cumberland has so large and representative
gathering met around the festive board. While Messrs.
Lockard and Clinton are personally popular, it was apparent
on all sides that their respective promotions have been re
ceived with genuine enthusiasm, not only by their own
employees but by the merchants and citizens generally; and
while listening to the various speeches of the evening one
could not but feel that the directorate of the local collieries
had, by these appointments, come into closer touch with the
town than ever heretofore.
The keynote to the speeches was undoubtedly the
necessity for closer co-operation and sympathy with the aims
and objects of the colliery company. This idea was dwelt
upon over and over again, and it was evident that our
merchants are fully alive to the prudence and necessity of
cultivating amicable relations with the company. This is
surely a point that should need no emphasizing; a little
reflection will convince anyone that Cumberland's present
and future is in the hands of the Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) Ltd. With this company behind us we can accomplish
much, and of their good will we are assured. Under these
circumstances it should not be very difficult to cultivate
friendly relations, especially when Mr. Lockard, ignoring the
power for coersion attached to all large and corporations,
met the citizens the other night and frankly asked for their
assistance and sympathy with the company in its vark *.;,
efforts to develop the resources of the community.
We believe the banquet on Monday evening laid ihe
foundation of a better understanding and closer relationship
between the town and the company, and that, co-incident
with this better feeling, an era of greater prosperity has
diwned for Cumberland.
I have the honor to present myself as a candidate for
Mayor at the forthcoming election.
For seven years I devoted my time and energy serving
your interests as an Alderman, and assure you, that should
I be your choice as Mayor, I will devote my time and energy
in a conscientious manner for the advancement and welfare
of the Municipality.
Yours Sincerely,
Macfarlane Bros.
■"*»■» ■»»»<■»♦ »»*»
The Square Dealing House " %
rih-i   above
name   we   nave  n
litis- nnd justly
it is pur aim to give n square deal to
everyone. We invite you to come in mid share in the
benefits already enjoyed by n large number of satisfied
We respectfully place before ynu the following list- of
THE PROVINCE, on the Islands election, says:
Mr. W. W. Foster, the Conservative candidate in the Islands
constituency, has been returned by a majority of 202 over
his Liberal rival. Out of a total poll of 756 a majority of
202 may be considered adequate and satisfactory. ■ The
Liberals may be well content that they did their best and
fought a losing battle gamely. They found 265 people to
back their candidate against the government. Mr. Foster
was a strong candidate with a good record for work and will
probably prove an excellent member. He succeeds one of
the most popular members in the local Legislature and has
a high standard to live up to. The Islands have no doubt
drawn comparison between their late member and Mr.
Foster, and it says much for the impression made by the
latter, that the constituency endorsed him so emphatically.
There is nothing so hard to succeed as success. As has
been said, the Liberals put up a strong fight but did not
succeed in sending a representative to Victoria. Mr. Hamilton, their candidate, need not despair, however. The fact
that he put up such a good fight against big odds should
recommend him to his party. That he was willing to enter
the list at all says much for his determination. Perhaps
another time he will have better luck.
Each individual can choose to live in the world as if it
were a jungle or else as if were a neighbourhood. He can
say there is a kind of success in a jungle way for tooth and
claw for greed and injustice and brute selfishness. He can
be one of the jungle folk or be a neighbour, keen on being
human rather than bestial.
from our Grocery Department, and we ask you to compare same with the prices usually charged for goods of
the same grade and quality.    We  wish the public to
understand clearly these are our  regular
prices for the various commodities specified, NOT
SPECIALS.      The following is  our price list :—
Blue Ribbon Tea 51bs for$1.90,   per lb 40c
Lipton's Tea   .per lb 50c
Lipton's Tea    per lb 60c
Bulk Tea 35c per lb or 3 lbs for $1.00
Bulk Tea—Extra Special  per lb 50c
Coffee- Fresh Ground per lb 40c and 50c
Nabob Coffee ._   _per lb 45c
Other Brands  per lb 35c to 50c
Van Houtin's Cocoa lib package 30c, Jib 60c
Fry's Breakfast Cocoa lib 15c, Alb 25c
"   Lead Package   10c
The Ideal Store
Only nine more dnys.left tn purchase your
Ifyoudonot want to spend too much money ami
are undecided just what tc buy, come in and look
over mil' stock.
Fauci/ Neckties, Ann Bands, Suspenders, Arm
Bands nnd Suspender combination in fancy boxes,
Slippers, Silk Socks, Knit Silk Scarfs, Silk Handkerchiefs, etc.
Opera Hoodo, Semi's, Silk Shawls, Fancy Collars,
Collars ami Cull' Sets, Handkerchiefs, .Silks, Kid
Cloves. Slippers, etc.
Mittens,  Gloves, Toques, Mull's, Matinee Jackets,
Bootees, .Silk and Muslin Drosses, etc.
The Ideal Store
Next door to Tarbells.
The following lines are now on show-
Royal Winner China
Very Suitable for Gifts
Dinner Sets from $10 to -520.    A beautiful line of Buffets
and China Cabinets, ranging from $30 to $50 each.
Our stock of Beds antl Bedding, Furniture,
Stoves, Ranges, etc. is most complete.
Phone 14
We stock your Flour
"Royal Household," "Five Roses,"
"Purity," and "Robinhood," $1.90
Royal Standard _.. 81.85
Wild Rose Pastry  10 lbs 45c
Perfection Pastry.. 10 lbs 40c
Wild Rose Pastry ..49 lbs 81.75
Snow Flake .49 lbs $1.75
9 Knox's antl Cox's Gelatine.  2 for 25c
i' Ki'inkle Corn Flakes  10c
<•- Wheat Flakes  3for**1.00
| Mince Meat in bulk -best  per lb 15c
<> Mince Meat, Wcthey's 2 packets for 25c
■} Mince Meat  3 lb glass for $1.00
Jelly Powders _. per packet 10c
Sugar 20 lb sack $1.40, 50 lb sack $3.25
Lipton's Jelly Tablets  per packet 10c
The Latest and Best in Jellies.
New Season's Vegetables have arrived, Canned
Peas, Corn, Beans and Tomates; all at 2 for 25c
Macfarlane Bros. Ltd.
"The Corner Store," Cumberland, B.C.
Phone 10 J'* O, Box 100
♦ »>»»»>♦♦♦■*>» ■*>"> ♦ + a » -»■> »■»»»»,
il cm receiving consignments daily ofXmas
!and New Year stock in all lines which
cannot be beaten either in price or quality
Cumberland, B. C.
First Class in every respect, Perfect Cuisine
Headquarters for Tourista nnd Sportsmen
Winus, Liquors and Oigars
John N. McLeod, Proprietor
When Iii CiimborlftiiO mako tlio Union raiir Jieail
Ladies' nml Gontlemon'a FnslrOnalilu Tuilors
.Suits Made-'o-Order from 825 to 835
Stylo rind Fit Guaranteed.
ift/Kiirr, ri»iDi*iiijiHr, b. c.
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Blocks, from one acre to eight acres, $200 per acre and upwards
Finest Homesites in Comox District
ISLAND REALTY Co,, Coiirteeay
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Feed Store   -   -  Courtenay, B. C.
Household Requisites
Washing Machine, Water Motor; Baths, $50 reduced to $32.50
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Six hundred dollars is the new price of the Ford
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sole agent for Comox District, Cumberland, B.C.
£. piiillijja li'irrisoii
Barr'ntor, Solicitor
k Notary Public
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac
Airrnnfl ncnillti-f ft cketrh and deaerlptInn mer
ulckly imcortiilii OXit opinion, frcaJCnOlIior nn
nulORlr nt-cortii
invent Inn 18 pr
' ~ it
 JOflt flirt"....,  ...
r.'itoNt-f la!-en tliruuRli 5rnnii & Co. ttnn.lv*
s pruhnlily patentable. C<
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ei'iit free. OlflOHt nunnry for uncurl nil patenta
I'litotiu tatton tiirouKii Muiiti s% r~ - '
special notice, without cliarco, lu tba
Scientific American.
A handwrnely lllimfratp-l werkly. I.art-'p«t dr*.
I'liliitiun of uny Pi'l'-inn-i- ltuirii-\l. k-i'ii.N It
riiniida, p..,:, t* year, punta-jo prepaid, hold liy
all neivKleal.Ti.
Sraiicu OHIco, lira F St., Wublnmon, I). 0.
The Wise Real Estate Specialist looks C UM BE RLAN D
Get your Cleaning,
Pressing, Repairing
and  Shoe  Shining
done Ijy the
to the centre where transportation
facilities abound.
5 to 20 Acre Blocks, adjoining
the townsite
Easy Terms.
Edward W. Bickle
( OXVI,Y.I   CRff,
nil SEAL    -TATE
Cumberland- & C.
No better proof that wjiat we oiler is nil right than is the fact
thnt '(11 tliu buyer.'-, so Inr lire men wbo bnve  lived nt Union
Bay for years, who intend making their home with <i good
living in Fruit, Vegetables and Poultry.
Ring up
Next door tn llie Bank of Commerce.
For a b s ol u te
protection write
a Policy in the
London & Lan-
c r -dure Fire Insurance Co. of
L i-v ai-pool.
British Columbia Investment
Total   Assets
9 2 6,7 8 8*930.00
HARKY IDIffiNi, Manager
(Wesley wisiai*'
Agents for Pilsener Beer
i 1 V fT
\**rmA H A if a1
JOSEPH  WALKER   Proprietor.
Lnnsminir Avonuo
H. O.
Fall Millinery
Mrs. John Gillespie
Union Street
Cumberland, B. C.
Capital Paid Up S.i,"30,000
Roserve Fund $13,000,000
Drafts Issued in any ourrency, payable all over tlto world
SPECIAL  ATTENTION mid to SAVING:*; ACCOUNTS and Interest at highest current rates allowed on deposits of *1 and upwards.
CUMBERLAND, B.C., Branch      - - -     OPEN DAILY
D. M. MORRISON, Manager.
Ward, Lock & Co., L!m!l»d, Lou*
Job, Melbourne and Toronto
v2 !■
Thi ugh I hav, Lrer. silent so Ions,
you musl have known tin.' I loved you
that with each passing year my love
i *'"* an i Increased, How could I ask'
you to become the wile ol a halt
starved country doctor? 1 had noil* ing In rhc world to sivo you -ex
cepi lovr l
That's rrll a woman ever askr-', sire
whlsper-ed. lint lie didn't hear hor*.
If I havo trot taken you riding or
bun :.-. It 1 bat*.* seemed seltlr'.i and
morose, it Is boo- use I have boon
putting aside nrtecn shillings out A
even pound 1 have earned; It is tre-
cause 1 have been grinding away at
this book which is going to do me
a bit of good and make it nut a name
at any rato rm    -
.linr—li'i.-h, plcar:*!
He laughed, 1 can tell you now
and I'm uot ashamed because 1 am
abl.i and ready to make you my wile
Peggy. Although during the last
seven years 1 have saved well over
live hundred pounds. That, with ihe
little legacy lott n.e last year malu*
np a thousacu. 1 don't owe r. man
a penny, my book's finished und will
be published this autumn; I'm young.
I'm strong—and I'm yours, body and
soul, 11' you'll havo me, Teggy. I've
kept you waiting I BU..pose—the lime
hasn't seemed long to me; all the
while I've been.working for you, living for you and now we will start
life together, won't we?
Tho bridle slipped from her hand-
she stood  motionless  before him,
lie misinterpreted her silence and
taking rrer in Ills arms, he kis.rcl
' Their sire gave a sudden frightened
cry, pushing him away fror-cely. It
is too late, sire cried with unconscious
cruelty, 1 didn't understand—and
I dldu't really -know until this moment—when you kissed nre, that it
was ton late Jim. I don't love you.
I've never really loved you—for—I
have never known r*liat love is until—
He) was about to take her in nls'
arm? again and silence her wllh kisses
but the sudden Irren.. in licr voice and I
her words stopped him. ]
You have never known what love|
was until—? lie repeated her words
savagely, waiting for her to linlrrh the
sentence. Hut Peggy was afraid,
l-'ear was a stranger to lrer and es-
peclally fear of a ian whom sh.* had
looked upon as one of her besl friends
and now he was a friend no longer
but a lover—nnd nndoslred.
Murray war. trembling with emotion. His worst thoughts and fears
were realized and for tho moment he
was speechless.
Well? -I'm waiting to hear who It
ls who has tr right you what love is,
he cried bitterly.
Of course ho knew. There was no
doubt in iris heart trow but there was
a surprise and a growing sense of injustice which v hipped him to fury.
Peggy Mehon belonged to him; he
hail lived so .ong in the little village
without n soilous rival of any kind
that he hail grown to take her affect-
Ion for him for granted; he had tak-
en It for granted that she knew he
was working ani. waiting for the day
they could be married; ho bad taken
It tor grained that she had never
thought of any other man but him as
i, possible husband,
Arrd now at one blr.v. all that he had
Jreamed and planned—his castle in the
air came crashing down about his
ears, Sin was throwing him;over~
and tor whom?
Dignity ami decency were forgotten;
ho hurled Sir George Hetherlngton's
ii' mo at. her, ' It was cowardly of
blm and the n.s't moment be repented
it for he knew she had unintentionally
betrayed hor heart.
Head so itchy Could Hardly Stand
It, Dandruff Showed on Coat Collar, Cuticura Soap and Ointment
Curnd in One Month.
?23 Kli/it bull Pt.Montmnl. Quo.— "Out!-
rnrr>- Sotip rtnd Ointment curr<i inn poroia-
nontly from dandruff and grmlp iu-ii lhat I
waa Buffering with pinco over a year. I hurt
an li'tlaimiiation of the lungs und a very
strong rover. When I recovered, my licr.il
■w*ns covered with scales and dandruff, and
It --rosso-Itchy I could hardly stand lt. The
dandruff showed on my coat collar. 1 invl
used varlbui nif;dtrlues without relief. I
heard of Cutlcura Soap and Ointment and
decided to try them, and I am very glad or
H, because I am perfectly cured. I used
two boxes of CuUcura Ointment "with tho
Cuticura goap, H took one month to euro
mc. I toko pleasure In recommending Cutlcura Boap and Ointment to anyone who la
EUiTf.rtng wllh cealp or skin diseases,'.
(Sl-nicd) Hector Terras. Dec. yt), 1011.
Prevent falling lirrir, remove cntstfl slid
ecale-3, and allay Itching ond Irritation of
tho sitatp, frequent shampoos with Cutinira
Boap, assisted hy occasional dressings wllh
Cutlcura Ointment, afford lire Bpeodlost and
most economical treatment. They assist ln
promoting tho growth and beauty of tho
hair by removing thorn conditions which
tend to make it dry, thla, and lifeless, ofton
IcadinR tn premature frrayncss and loss d
hair. Cutlcura Soap and Oullcara Ointment
are wld by drURBlrt? aad dealers Urronuhnut
tho world. Uberal fiainplo of each mailed
free, with rrrrj-p. Skin Book. Address post
frard Potter Drag A Cliem. Corp., Dept.
16D, Boston, U. 8. A.
I cone.ratnlr.ta yet) on being able fo
I swiftly to transfer 5 our affections
i trom one man to another. Von might
I have warned mo—hut uf course there
1 has hardly been time lo do that.
Sir George is a lucky man as well
as a wealthy one. I suppose I may con*
gratulate him too when he returns
from London.
Peggy drew herself i:irr tear lett her
eyes—It was not shame at having disclosed tire secret., of her heart but
pride which moved her now. The
color left hei pale face nm". cold, not
Without a trace of contempt. One
can't always he responsible for one's
feelings, Dr. Murray, only for otto's
words and actions. With both you
have hurt and misjudged me. It is
true I have only just 1 arnt what love
means but you seem fo .'orget that 1
never told you 1 loved you. never promised to become your' vi.e.
Hurray w.s silert a moment; he
was struggling with his better nature.
But yon knew I loved yoa; : ou were
content to let t go on loving you
while there was no one else. But directly Sir George returned—hut perhaps yorr always intended to marry
She turned and taking her horse's
bridle In her hand, commenced to walk
It's true then—you are engaged to
him?   Murray cried.
It's not true, she replied quietly. I
do not know how you dare make such
an insinuation. ' He has uot asked nre
to Become hlo wife.
Leading her horse to lhe side of I* r*
yoad she mounted the bank and vaulted
into tho saddle.
Stop! Murray cr'led. Peggy, listen
to me—forgive me.
But lightly touching the horse with
her whip, Peggy trotted up the hill
out. of sight.
Murray rested his shoulders on the
stone parapet of the. bridge and buried
his faco ii his hands. Tho river
laughed and chuckl.-d beneath him as
it raced over the granite boulders and
through the tumbled reeds on its way
to Join the sea. His paroxysm of In-
sano jealousy had Bone—but regret
and bitterness • ere left. Peggy was
still free! There was sonic consolation In that thought: but Instead of
love, she would only feel hatred for
him now—still worse perhaps—contempt! Fool to have let his feelings
run away with him! He had been too
sure of "himself; he had jogged along
through life so quietly, so certain af
reaching the goal ho desired. He had
given all his time and energy to his
work for the making of money; he
had locked his work up in his heart
as only a man can, forgetting it was
Impossible to lock up a woman's heart
—until she has surrenders.! tho key.
Darkness was falling as ho slowly
wended his way home. Ho was glad
daylight was gone, for the darkness
was comforting ant*, suited his mood.
After he had eaten his lonely dinner
he put on tt pipo Mid sat In front of
the fife, wondering whnt he should do
to win hack the confidence and trust
she had onee reposed in him. If sho
had given him nothing else, sho had
given bim friendship— and sho was
still freo! Now that his heart was
calm and his mind sane again, he carefully examined both*
If he really loved Peggy, nothing
mattered bur. her happiness—that was
the vital thing. If he loved her well
enough he .vould sacrifice himself and
give her up cheerfully to lhe man who
had won her heart.
Not an easy task. He sat up far
into the night smoking pipe after pipe
until the lire died out- until the early
hours of tho new day commenced their
swift flight. And his thoughts revolved ever around Sir Goorgo Hetherlngton. Every ono In tho county
knew his reputation but every one
would forgive him, because ho was
rich. Yet was It only because he was
his rival, that Murray fear* 1 and distrusted him? Us remembered his
home-coming—he had brought death
with blm. At the tlmo a vaguo suspicion lrarrnle.' his mind hut he dismissed It ns being unjust, telling himself even then that he was prejudiced.
It returned now redoubled,
First, Hethei'ington's hint about his
temporary loss of memory; hlo obvious
anxiety about tlio Inquest on the chauffeur; tlie curious question as to whether lost memory could he. restored by
an operation. Hetherlngton had heen
a surprise to tho good people of Cranby, he was not tho type of man they
Had the tragic accident at his homecoming changed him?—or—was tliere
somo mystery" wrapped round him
which he was afraid to divulge?
Murray was himself again before he
turned ln. Love was the only thing
which mattered. Whether he lost or
won Peggy, he eould still be her friend
—he could still protect hor.
And at the same time he made up
his mird that he would fight to win
(To be Continued)
Algy writes to seven girls.
It's a wonder he doesn't gei his love
affairs mixed.
He keeps a card index.
W. N. U. 972
Celebrated Academy Pictures Work
of Unknown Artists
As a journalist you are doubtless
a .are that &pooks are as common
in the literary world as blackberries,
so to speak; but-It will probr.bly surprise you and"your readers to learn
that artistic spooks have grown rap-
Idly in numbers during the last year
or two, said a well-known artist to
the writer in the course of a recent
conversation. No matter what picture gallery you may stroll into, one
or two of the works tlrat attract your
attention can be termed frauds.—that
Is. they arc uot painted by the people whose names appear ou them,
hut by paid ghosts.
It dooB tfbt..follow that because":a
canvas bears; the name of a. man or
woman, known or unknown, that it is
the actual work of the person who
signed It. A capital picture exhibited iu a prominent gallery the other
day hor.- the iramo of a lady. The
picture- was a slill-lifo study, and it
was palate*' hy a black-and-white
artist w'ho draws cartoons for. certain newspapers. He received a big
sum for his servleos.
There are many clever artists who
are too poor to refuse a good price
tn 'paint a picture for exhibition under another's name, and '. i my early
days, wben I knew what poverty
niearrr. I painted a picture for a
wealthy gentleman who was considered a talented amateur, but whose
r.ctual work was too crude for exhl-.
tiliou. The picture I turned out re-
r -eented a shipwreck and was put
on show in t gallery in a northern
town. The man whose name appeared on the canvas sold it some
time later for $1,000. He paid me
$400 to paint it, "and at the 'tlmo, I
should have been glad to paint it tor
a tenth of that figure, such an urgent need I had of money.
Scores of pictures exhibited every
y^ar at the principal art galleries;are
not the productions of sing'.-- artists.
Artists collaborate to an enormous
extent; and even It.A.'s have before
now called in a ghost to touch up a
picture for exhibition. An artist may
he weak in the matter of sky, for instance. If he painted in the sky
himself his picture might be rejected
when submitted to an exhibition. To
prevent this he calls In a sky expert, a mat. who Is noted for his sky
ond cloud effects This man puts in
tlie sky, receives payment for doing
so, and would never think of mentioning his vork to a living sou].
This kind of collaboration can
hardly be termed unscrupulous. Collaboration in commercial art is very
cinrmon. Tako our poster artists
t ! the designers of newspaper advertisements. Many of these men
employ assistants—clever young fellows—to' complete designs and place
in any wording required, after they
have drawn the principal and most
striking parts of Jie poster or ad-
vertis'intent, as the caso may be.
The Feelings of Uncle Joo
Uncle Joe Cannon, ono time speaker of the house cf representatives, returned to Washington last, fall soon
after he had boon defeated for re-election to the housv. One night he was
approached at his home by a news-paper reporter who had heen instructed
to got from him an interview on the
general subject of th real meaning
and benellts of defeat.
I wish you would tc'.l me, said the
reporter, what ^our feelings were
when you know that you had been defeated.
Young man. said Cannon, political
defeat Is.too big a subject to dlsenijl
In au interview which is now drawing
to its close with lightning-like rapidity.
Chinese on British Ships
During the las', year the number of
Chinese seamen engaged at Poplar.
Ijondon, for British diipr, was 1204 of
whom 150 wero engaged on board
Soaking Saplelgh
Sapleigh—Clever? Oh, very! Why
sho has brains enough for two.
Miss Keene—Then she's just the
girl you ought to marry.
Na-Drn-Co Laxatives
are different in that they
do not gripe, purge nor
cause nausea,  nor  does
continued use lessen their
Ieottve«ssT   You caii
i always  depend on litem.
»5C a bo-si at your
Druggist's.    i7«
i National Drag and Clic*ntfal Co.
al Canada, limit.'J.
Asoolhing, coollnglotton—lhe
very *c:;*" *t'n"I i'0'1 """" us'!
lor the chafed r.lrin, olrappcd
hands arrd cracked lips which
raw cold weather brings. £0.3
25c a bottler, at yov.r Druggist's.
Safe   Bet
The colonel remonsrrate- with his
subaltern Mm., after tim., but all in
vain. The latter was a born, incurable gambler. One day, however,
just about the time when he was
transferrer!, his old colonel met the
new one aud gave tlie Ir.tter a word
of warning. Only two daya after he
had Joined Lis nc\ regiment the
.youuf^aflicer accused his new colon I
"of fluttering from corns.
r Mydear young fellow, I've never
had a corn ln my life.
I'll-Set you live dollars you've so'*.
one on each foot n w.
Done, said the colonel, and he took
off his boots. No corns could be
found,' and the ■ olonel got hi.-, money.
Hence when Iho two colonels met
th».youii6,ina().'s old .commander was
told of olftha't had happened.
Good heavens! oriedtho old warrior.' And he bet me ten pounds he
would have your feet bare beforo he
had been in your regiment a week.
A really good graft Is, afler all, a
hard thing to find and when found is
generally working.
Rome people can't worry over big
things because they are so busy doing
a similar service for tiro little things.
-   Which Bring:. Daily Enjoyment
A lady roctor writes:
"Thorsh busy hourly with my own
affairs, I will not deny myself the pleasure of taking a few minutes to tell of
my enjoyment dally obtained from my
morning cup of POEvUm, It Is a food
beverage, not an Irritant like coffee.
"I b"gau to use Postum 8 years ago,
not because I wanted to. but because
coffee, which . dearly loved, made my
nlghtf long, weary periods to he dreaded, arid unfitting mo for business during the day." Tea .s just as Injurious
us coffee, because tlie drug, caffeine,
ls found in both tea and coffee.
"On advice of a friend, I first tried
Postum, making it carefully as suggested on the package. A3 I had always used "cream and no sugar," I
mixed my ostura so. It looked good,
waa clear and fragrant, and it was a
pleasure to see the cream color it as
my Kentucky friend wanted her coffer;
to look—'like . new saddle.'
"Then 1 tasted it critically, for I had
tried many "substitutes" for coffee. I
was pleased, yes, satisfied with my
Postum in taste and "fleet, and am yet,
being a constant user of it all these
years. I continually assure my
friends and acquaintances that they
will '.ike lt In ph co of coffee, and receive benefit from Its use. I have
gained weight, can sleep and am not
Name given by Canadian Postum
Co., Windsor, Ont. Write for the little hook, "Th**. Road to Wellville,"
Postum comes in two forms:
Regular Postum—must be well boil
Instant Postum ls a solahle powder.
A teaspoonful dissolves quickly in a
cup of hot water and, with cream and
sugar, makes a delicious beverage Instantly.    Grocers eell both kinds.
There's a reason" for Postum.
Matrimony Declining lr> Scotland
Marriages registered ln Scotland
during 1910 numbered S0.SC6; 744
more than were registered during the
previous year-, hut 1,016 fewer than
the average number registered durjng
the preceding live years, and 1,111
tejuei- than the average number during
the preceding 10 years. The marriage rate of tho year la G.26; It is
■09 above thtrt ol the previous year,
but ls .42 less than the mean of marriage rates of. the preceding live years
and .62 less tha.. 'the mean of the
rates of tho preceding ten years.
Don't i'*nd fault. You probably
couldn't do half as well as the people
you criticise.
The pie trust would retire from the
Held vanqijishefl and binding up the
wounds to its pocketbooic were the
women .to fight with the kind of pios
that mother i-sed to make.
Why suffer from earns when they
can be painlessly rooted out by using
Holloway's Com Cure.
Obeyed Orders
I thought I told you not to cut your
corns witli my razor! thundered the
exasperated husband who was trying
to lose a few of his whiskers.
An I haven'tsince you told me you
wore so particular with your old butcher knife, replied the wife sweetly.
Well, it feels that way.
I did open a can of tomatoes with
It. Would that hurt It any? You
dldu't say 1 wasn't to do that.
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
With the Tide
It had heen raining for twenty-four
hours, a-.il tire ground was more like
a lake .ian a football field; but the
referee could net aee his way to postpone the match.
Surely you aren't going to make us
play in -bis? risked the visitin-; captain.
Of course you must play, declared
tho man wilh tbo whistle. Now,
don't hang about. You've won the
toss.     Which end aro you taking?
Ob, well, cam.* tho reply, with a
sigh of resignation, 1 reckon we'd better kick with the tide.
How's This, ?
(Ve offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any caso of Catarrh, that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarfh
F. .1.  CHENEY * CO.. Toledo, O.
Vfe, the undersigned, bave known F.
,T. Cheney tor Ibe last IB years, and believe blm perfectly bonest tn all business
transactions nnd financially able to carry
out ar./ Obligations made by bis firm.
Toledo. O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
acting directly upon tbe blood and muo-
ous surfaces of the system. Testimonials
sent free. Price 75 cents per bottle.
Sold by all druggists.
Tako Halls Family Pills for constipation.
Hor hat obscured his view at the
theatre and it. kindly tones he leaned
forward and asked if it would te
possible for her to remrrvo it.
A stlffeulng cl tho head was her
ouly answer. After a tow moments
he repeated his request. Then she
turned on him.
Thero is no demand for my doing
Bt, sho said.
No demand? ho echoed.
Then ho rollol his overcoat and
placed it on his seat, sat on it and
gcttin:. his hat from under the seat,
placed lt  in his hea..'.
In a moment thero was a cry: Take
It off!     Take that hat off!
And with a swift movement the lady
unfasteneC her batplnrr and removed
her hat.     So did tha man.
Nearly all children are subject to
worms, "nnd many are born witli them.
Spare them su.Yering by using "t'other
Graces'- Worm Exterminator, the best
remedy of the kind that can bo had.
1V.F,...J     IO     WUlk    (Ot     UB
It- apare time at home*. No experience
require • with our NEW ART COLORING PROCESS Baity and facinatlna
work. Gon.1 pav. No eanvaaatnt Wrlta
far Inxtmctlr-ns ttrtt).
115 College Street. Toronto, Canarto.
A Scottish minister was called in to
see a man who was extremely ill
Afler finishing his visit, as he wns
leaving the house, ho said to the man's
.wife: My good"woman, do you not go
to. any church at al'.?
Oh, yes, sir; we gang to the Barony
Then why in the world did you send
for me? Why didn't you send tor
Dr. MacLeod?
Na, na, sir, 'deed, no: we wadna
risk him. Do ye no ken It's a contagious caso of typhus?
There novel was such baby; there
never was, never had heen and never
could bo under any conceivablo circumstances on earth.
Molly, my love, cried daddy, bouncing in upon his seven-year-old, Uncle
George has just arrived, and he's enraptured, lie said: There never was
such a baby, and he offered t j buy her
for a sovereign an ounce.
You are not going to sell her, are
you? asked Molly, with wide open
No, my precious, cried the delighted
father, embracing hei» affectionately
over this show of proper sentiment. ,
nocause, resumed Molly, she'll be'
heavier when she's older, and'll fetch
Knew What war. Needed
MTS.-'rJustwed—H«nry, dear, according to this cookbook celery should be
well bleached.
IH,r. Juslwcd—Tea, darling.
Mrs Justwed—Well, you'd better stop
at the drug store and get a bottle of
I can't marry you, she said. Tou
arc old cnougll to be my father.
Don't hesitate on that account. Ten
vears from now nobody will snspect.
Piece for Little Brolher*-
The family had been composed of
just Raymond, his brother and his father. One evening when Raymond
came home from school he was taken
into the room whero a little mito of
humanity lay and was told that It was
his baby brother.
I'ajmond stood silent for a moment
and then said: Well, pop, we'll have
lo tut the pie In more than three
places ntjw," won't we?
Minard's Liniments Cures Burns, Etc.
Westy Hogan's Draws Crowd of Shooter: to Seaside Resort
.Two hundred and eight trap shooters
went to Atlantic City, NX, this year
to compete In"'tho always popular
Westy Hogaji's Tournament. For the
first tlmo rjwesty Hogan's Handicap
event'was" tqhednled—this tb be the
premier ntijtiber on tho week's program. Ti. W. Colquitt went river from
East Orange, X.J., and mado lhe nia.d-
en winning with 93 out of a possible
100 in the handicap and 17 out ot a
possible 20 in the shootoff, v,-hich ho
contested with Harry Byre, a Penn-
sylvanlan, who dropped one bird more
tl'jn Mr* Colquit in the deciding
string. Charles ■' Newcomb, the noted
Philadelphia amateur, won high amateur average for tho meet, breaking
483 out of a possible 500, shooting
Reminglon-UJIC shells as did the
handicap contenders mentioned. In attendance, tha 'Westy's' exceeded Ihe
record of some of tho minor Interstate
Handicap*"-, this year, and set a hich
standard for next year's meet.
Second Choice
I hear that tho Browns ar: going
lead the slmplo life this summer.
That ls news to me.
That they are to Hv   that way?
No; "that B.-own ls so  deeply
True Business Instinct
Topliam's was the smartest emporium for miles around. You had to be
the last word ln go before a situation
was obtained ln that establishment
Keen business mon filled every post.
Ono afternoon when trade was In
full swing an unfortunate customer
fell down the first floor stairs.
Help! he groaned In agony.     I do
believe I've broken my leg!
"A shopwalker immediately Jew 'to
his side.
Broken your leg, sir? he : .quired
sympathetically. And then, In sharp
clear toncBt Cork logs! Third counter
to tho right, sir! Forward, Miss
Old man Aesop had just promised
his wlfo he would be homo early.
You don't seem to put much dependence la his promise? remarked
the friend.
No, laughed Aesop's wife; I though',
perhaps lt might be another of his
The Limit
I suppose the office furnishes the
typewriter's supplies?
Everything but chewing gum, explained the cashier.
An Ever Present Danger
I believe in giving tie davll his
Yes, but you g nevally orei'do it.
Was. Winslow's SoonriNr, Syrup lias been
WttUorover SIXTY VHAHSbv MIT,r.io,NS of
800THK-S tlie CHIU>. SU1-T1-NS lhe GUMS,
is xhe best remedy for ]ilARKHti-.A. it. is ab*
iolntt.lv harmies.-*-. Be sure and ask tor "Mrs.
>Vin-low".4 Soothinc Svrup," and Uike no oli-ef
kind*   I'tvex-ly-metx**;... .1 IjoUIc.
mure nm rgto. *• '     Af,j7<3.
Book Free.    A ****at
Bom*   treatment renoved
(wu horn this Uiy* broil
Old lorp.i, ulcers and
fow trouble \ wo wtll seed boob and tettlaenialo.
thnt cowb giro more milk tfter Qm
bornlnf Ti*«n before. 'I'he Department L of Agriculture itys tbt
Iftatrutrect to perform tbe open*
tlon—4oea tbo job quicker, better,
mere hnnnrr'y. Bend for booklet G •
H. H. K'KZSNA, £19 .Robert St..
Toronto. Ou
Excelsior Life
ASSET8 A*. Absolut*
A Representative wanted In every Town
to sell the New Excelsior Policies.
Apply to our Offlc- at Winnipeg, Ed*
monton, Saskatoon or Vancouver.
is a
,      that
".The GrmrantMd "ONE DYE for *
All Kind* al Cloth.
I Clean, Slmplo, KoOl*.iu» of Ml.tat... TRY '
1   IT!  Send lot l*'r« Color r.r.l anil llooUcl.
RTb«JC-huaon.Rlch.lK»*jn Co. Limit.'d.'Moiutcal ,
No More  Than Nat-rnl
That girl may bo a popular favorltil
btrt she Is entirely too prominent, no|
to say spectacular'. **
Thaf'a all right. Isn't It right nn*L
propor for a belle to have rr stril.in.'jl
record ? ■*■
The Acme !
IrlggS—Here's a fellow who write j
about the -cmo or selfishness wilhor'.j
having tire slightest iilca what It *
Qrlggs—Well, what is If!
Brlggs—Having your  wlte, a  eoi
nir fiend, insist   upon   leaving   hot]
iviutlows in tire room open ami ihr
rolling Herself up Ir the bed ulolhlnj
Many There Who Could Do It
It is saltl il.nt the devil never tali
a vacation..
Well, If he doesn't It Is:-." hecari
he can't find anybody to run the phi.
in his absence.
The man 'who waits for opportuir
to ltnocl; Amis tho waiting good.
This Wayl
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaal      ****************
Ho Yon Feel \i rfc*"**n H«-i»-*e
1 Nerroni—Drtiw—
I^Teadermn Low Dovn.
tt is because of some derangement ot disease
distinctly feminine.   Write Dr. R. V. Pierce'i
Faculty at Invalids* Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y.
Consultation is free and advice il strictly W
tuiv confidence.
Dr. Pterc^s Favorite Prescription
restores tbe health and spirits and removes those
painful eymptomi mentioned above. It has been
sold hy druggist* for over 4° v,ear8*' jn J?uld }?""■
»t ji.* wp pot«».Lgiving **»««" ?*,l|1sfvctr-*n;, Vt?
twrU had in tablet form, •** modified by K. V. Tierce, M.D.
ky mall on feoolpl ot 000 to ataKimH THE ISLANDER. CUMBERLAND, B.C.
Solid, Breech. Hammerlcss-Safe
NF   HJF,X >        'THOUSANDS of sportsmen have firet
f  t| S        *• cno3=n a Remington for its looks—
&    -fciiL-^ **' balance—its speed suggestion—and
1*V*    nave been delighted to find that they
had an arm that was a little faster—a
*•-■■;■'   little more accurate than any rifle they
Wiftv+ai evef owned.
f 5 :     ,22RepeatingRifles-easy talce-dowi-
■ «•    straight line  feed.   .25. JO. 32 Rem-
'   \ ington high power rifles.
An interesting booUrt limply «xplwnintf many of tlie more) technical points of modern rifle c..,-
struction u yours for the asking. 1 our name and address on a postcard brings it by return mail,   4
Remington Arms«Union Metallic Cartridge Co., Windsor, Ontario
Can always make aur. of getting th. highest prices for WHEAT, OATS,
BARLEY ind FLAX, by shipping their car lots to FORT WILLIAM AND
PORT ARTHUR and having them sold on commission by
Irldle Platinum and It. Qualities of
Accuracy and Durability
There are undoubtedly no product,
of human skill on which a greater degree of care 1. expended tban the
standard ot weight and measure In use
among the civilized nations. Two
things in particular must be considered—accuracy and durability. Nature
does not, it is contended, furnish any
single metal or mineral whlcb exactly
answers the requirements for a standard of measure or weight tbat shall be
■f.s nearly as possible unalterable.
It Is held that the best substance
yet produced for this purpose Ib an alloy of 90 per cent platinum with 10
per cent of iridium. This Is called
iridio-platlnuin, and it is the substance
of Which the metric standards prepared by the international commission of
weights and measures aro composed.
It ls hard, it ic less affected by heat
than any pure metal. It Is practically nonoxlilizable, or not subject to
rust, and it can be finely engraved.
Iu fact, the lines on the standard meters are hardly visible to the naked eye
yet they ure smooth, even, sharp and
It ls said that If our civilization
should ever b. lost and relics of it
should be discovered In some brighter
age in the remote future there is nothing which would bear higher testimony to Its character thnn these
standard measures of Iridio platinum.
Up to the Doctor
Well, here I am, announced lhe
fashionable physician ln his breezy
way. And now what do you think is
the matter with you?
•Doctor, I hardly know, murmured
the  fashionable  patient      What la
rieasant for Papa
riow much the baby look3 like Its
father! said tho visitoi who meant to
be agreeable.
It's only tho bad weather, replied
Mrs. itnsper. Tho child ls usually
right cheerful and handsome.
To safegunrd the child from damage
that worms cause, use Miller's Worm
Powders, the medicine par excellence
for children. These powders will clear
the system entirely of worms, will regulate and stimulate the organs injuriously affected by the worms, and will
encourage henltbful operation of tho
digestive processes. As a vermifuge
It cannot Ire surpassed In effectiveness.
More So
■rfloker**— Thero is nothing that
makes a woman sc happy as to get
a four dollar hat for three eighty-
Snicker—Oh, yea  .i.tj ic!
Snicker—To got r.n eigVc Collar hat
for seven eighty-nine.
Caught Dead to Right.
Mrs. Gadder—Amandy Brown told
Sue Perkins that I was a sneak and
allers prying into other people's affairs.
Mrs. Blabber—How do you know?
Mrs. Gadder—Heard 'em over the
telephone. I always listen when therm
tivo cats ic talking together-.
Distance and the View
Yen must bo spending a heap of
money, baron.    You're always driving
about with your wife nowadays.
On the contrary I save.     When we
. walk my wife is ever so much nearer
tho show windows.
Market Language
How aro the chickens today?
I ain't heard a one of 'cm complain*
ling, sir.
Tombs of Sand
Secrets of the sands of Cape Cod are
constantly being disclosed by the sea.
In the many storm tides that flood
the desolate beaches the hulks of
stanch ships lost along the coast on
the halt hundred miles of beaches between Mohc moy at Chatham and Wood
End at Provincetown are frequently
exhumed from tombs of sand.
Sometimes a wreck appears that has
been buried a century or more, as in
the case a few years ago qf the bones
o' the British frigate Somerset, whose
timbers of oak wert disclosed
to view back of Provincetown, near
the life saving station in Dead Men's
Hollow. Tho Somerset was lost on
Peaked Hill bars Nov. 2 or 3, 1778.
Once a vessel is gripped by the
sands tlie process of entombing her
goes on with great rapidity, the craft
appearing to sink steadily in the
yielding beach. All around the doomed vessel the sand piles up in great
drifts, like snow. Every crevice of the
hull is quickly filled. The sand rises
la a solid barrier outside it and flows
about lt as the tides flood the shelv
ing beaches. Finally it sweeps over
the wreck and the process of entombing goes on • ntil the entombed craft
is covered mj.uy feet deep.
Milliard'.   Liniment   Cure.   Dandruff
Mrt.Doucette Tells of her Dig.
treitC.ig Symptom* During
Change of Life and How
She Found Relief.
Belleville, Nova Scotia,Can.—"Tlire.
I years ago 1 waa suffering badly with
-what the doctors
| called Change of
Life. I was so bad
that I had to stay in
bed. Some friend,
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and
it helped me from
the first It is the
only medicine I
took that did help
mo and I recommend
[ it. You don't know how thankful and
j grateful I am. I give you permission
| to publish what your good medicine has
[done for me. "-Mrs. Simon Doucette,
{Belleville, Yarmouth Co., Nova Scotia,
1 Canada. .
Such warning symptoms as .ense of
I «uffocation,hot flashes.headaches, back-
faches.dread of impending evil, timidity,
founds in the ears, palpitation of tlie
Kheart, .parks before the eyes, irregu-
\ larities, constipation, variable appetite,
(weakness and inquietude, and dizziness,
fare promptly heeded by intelligent wo-
i men who are approaching the period in
1 life when woman's great-change may
'(be expected.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com-
f pound invigorates and strengthens the
emale organism and builds up the weak-
1-ned nervous system.   It ban carried
"many women safely through this crisis.
If yon want special advice write lo
I Lydia li. Plukliam Medicine Co. (roiifl-
drntlal) Lynn, Mass. Yonr letter will
! be opened, read and answered by .
Ttonian, and held in strict confidence.
Economical Wife
Henry, dear, the children are needing shoes.
Needing shoes again. Do you think
I am made of money? Where are the
ones I bought for them just a few
days ago? I suppose you have given
them to some beggars under the impression that their father's amusement
was lo buy new one?.
No, my dear, I have not given them
away. I have put them through the
meat chopper and wlil serve them tomorrow as hash. Be home early for
dinner, dear.
Nothing But
Do year writings bring you anr returns?
Alas yes!
Wa. Too Sore and   Lame   lo   Work
Quickly Cured by Nerviline
"I have had a long experience In
treating horses, and I can rafely say
that I know of nc liniment for strains,
sprains, and swelling that is so useful
around the stable as Nerviline." Thus
writes Mr. J. E. Murchisoi, from his
home, Crofts Hill P.O. "I had a fine
young mare that wrenched her right
foreleg, and from the shoulder down
sh3 waB stiff, sore, and swollen,
applied Nerviline, and it worked like a
charm; in fact, tbat mare was in shape
to work a day after I used Nerviline,
"We have used Nerviline on our
farm for twenty-five years, and never
found it wanting. For man or beast
it is a wonderful liniment."
Five thousand letters recommend
Nerviline as a general household liniment, as an all-round cure for aches
and paius.     Try It yourself.
Large siro bottle. 50c, or sample size
25c, sold by all dealers, or .The f'a-
tarrhozone Co., Kingston, Ont.
Where  Not On. but Two or Three
Oxen Might b. Roasted
The kitcher. of olden times seem to
have been of extraordinary s'.ie. Judging from the investigations maid* by
an English histor.cal society. At
HuT8traoncv-anx for example, there
was a kitcher twenty-eight feet high,
with- thr-ea Luge fireplaces and a bakehouse with an over:, fourteen feet In
There is an old Welsh kitchen near
Llandudno, dating from the fifteenth
century, which ha* many primitive
culinary contrivances, now obsolete or
superseded by modern -avtCM. Among
these curious old devices may be mentioned a meatjack with a flywheel, a
steel toasting stand and a fan bellows.
At Battle abbey there is a curious
old kitchen containing much of Interest to the antiquary, and a kitchen
at St. Mary's hall, Coventry, ls remarkable for the famous 'knaves' post
tc which, it appears, refractory scullions wero temporarily attached by
way of punishment.
There is a medieval kitchen at
Westminster abbey, although little remains by which to identify it aside
from tho rubble flooring, the buttery
hatch and an adjoining cellar. Hampton Court palace shown its great
kitchen with vaulted roof and sets of
antlers on its walls.
Englishmen of other day- fully recognized tie advantages of s large
kitchen. There la extant an order,
dated April 19, 1206, wherein Hugh
de Nevlll is commanded to have the
king's kitchen at Clarendon roofed
with shingles and to cause two new
kitchens to be erected, one at Marlborough and the other at Ludgershall,
to which 'to uress" tho royal dinners.
In this order it Is stated that It Is
particularly directed that each kitchen
Bhall be provided with a furnace sufficiently large to roast two or three
Railway Triumphs
Starting as a clerk in a goods depot,
Sir Charles Scotter, who died recently, applied himself so assiduously to
acquiring knowledge that in seven
years he reached the post of passenger
superintendent. His knighthood was
conferred on him ln 1895 for eminent
services rendered to the crown
through the development of the great
Bngl'sh southern military and naval
iai!\v.'.y system. Amongst Sir Charles
■Scroller', achievements as genr-'al
manager of tho Soulh vestern acting
through the traffic superintendency,
may be recorded the feat on Boatrace
Day, 1S87, of passing out of Waterloo
fifteen specials, carrying close on
12,000 passengers, In fifty-six minutes.
An Original Floor Decoration
Lulgl Ricci (one of Bergor's early
masters) was not without his eccentricities. He painted the floors of
his rooms in oils to represent sheets of
music paper thrown down at hazard,
and on these were extracts from his
operas. These uncarpeted, floors were
given over to the peregrinations of
many pigeons, which Hied fed with
ants' eggs!
An Acrobatic Feat
Are sailors acrobats, mother? nsked
a little boy who was reading a story
of (he sea.
Why do yon ask? said the mother.
Because, explained the boy, this old
sailor in the book sat down on his
What a sracotul chinccr your daughter is, breathed tiro insinuating
Sir, replied the alert mother, I want
yon to understand that my daughter
dunces only the latest dances. She
learned several years after gracefull-
ness went out ot style.
* i>
Tho door-bell rings. Thj mistress
of the house tnswers it. A small
child, the chifd of a near neighbor, ls
discovered on the doorstep.
The MUress—What is it, Cissy?
The Child—Please ma'am, mother
wants to know if you'll bo so kind as
to lend her your recipe for making
bombs. The last one she made only
smelleil bad and wouldn't burst.
W. N. V. 972
A lady of grea' beauty snd attractiveness who was an anient admirer of
Ireland oncj crowned her praise of it
at a party by saying:
I think I was meant fur an Irish wo
Madam, rejoined a witty con of Erin
who happened to bo present, thou
sands would back me ln saying that
you wore meant for an Irisbmar
Trlal I. Inexpen.lve. To those who
suffer from dyspepsia, indigestion,
rheumatism or any. ailment arising
from derangement of the digestive
system, a trial of Parmelee's Vegetabio
Pills is recommended, should the sufferer be unacquainted with them. The
trial will be inexpensive and tho result
will bo another customer for thhs excellent medicine. So effective is
their action that many cures can certainly be traced to their use whero
other pills have proved ineffective.
Some Barnacle.
After lying ln the Mcdway for seven
years, the cruiser Champion, a train*
I .; ship for stokers, was dry-docked,
and forty tons of musse'-. have been
take;  off.
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere
She Knew it
Ooo day a tene'rer was having a
first grade class in physiology. Sho
asked them if they knew that there
was a burning flro In tho body all of
the lime. One little girl spoke up and
Yes m. When It is a cold day I can
seo tho smoke.
Guarded by a Network of Device, to
Insur. Their Safety
From the moment a depositor lines
up before the receiving teller", window of a bank and lays hi. bills an
the counter until he again receives
back his money from the paying teller his deposit has been surrounded
by a network of devices to insure its
safe keeping. It has been subjected
to the rigid banking laws of the state
or nation, to a guardianship by a host
of public officials, by steel and by timo
locks, by the vljla ce of the bank officials and the surveillance of bonding
And yet In spit© of this constant effort, though the depositor rarely loses
himself, sometimes his money mysteriously disappears, and until the guilty
person is detected the shadow of a
doubt hangs over the personnel ol
that bank, from the ofllce boy to the
president. Such, however, ls the
system of vigilance by wlriclf the publio through its agents ot the law
guards funds on deposit that it ls only
rarely that the money so taken Is
not  recovered.
The marvel Is not that men dally,
hourly, tempted with opportunities to
purloin the wealth which passes their
fingers sometimes yield to this temp
tatlon, but that the percentage of loss
from theft which the banks of tht
country sustain ls not greater than it
is. Indeed, so .uusual Is the occurrence of a theft by a member of the
bank's personnel that when such It
the case the bank's nervous organization ia thrown out of equilibrium.
Tho bank as a bank never rests until
the theft is uncovered and the guilty
man is made to reimburse the cast
Grain Commission Merchants
Make Bills r.aarnx rnd: Part Arthur or Fort W
Co., Winnipeg.
Liberal Advances Prompt Return.
Wlnnlpao, Manila..
iSolafjr i'arer Jiaif.
When   you   Cross    the    Atlantlo niTATA iPD       / IMP
Choos.    th.      OLD      RELIABLE ■WWV-/UII/       Llii*,Ir'
the pioneer line of Atlantic Sleam shlpplne. Recent.}-, two palatial new
steamer, have been added to the Cunard Canadian Service, the "Andanl.
and "Alaunia," carrying one claa. cabin (It) and third class. These
(splendid fihlpa afford every luxury and comfort frrr the acconrnroi'.utl.rrl
of passengers. Thar are fitted with Marconi Wireless Telegraphy, Submarine Signalling, etc In fact, every modem device for tho safety of
I.oun^o.  Gymnasium.    Drawing-room.    Smoking-room,    Open and Covered
Promenades, Spacious Staterooms. Orchestra.
Liverpool. New (1913) S.S. ''Alaunia" carrying one class cabin (II) and
third class only.   Early application for reservation Is recommended.
For particulars of sailings and services from Montreal, Portland, Iloston
find New York, apply to Local Affcnts, or
THE CUNARD STEAMSHIP CO., LTD., 304  Main  Street,  Winnipeg,
WHAT we can do I. to SHIP US
Grain Exchange        •      • Winnipeg. Man.
Licensed—Bonded Established   1910
Dally Market Letter and Sample Grain Baft"
Sand ua your name and address and we will
put yon on our matlinK list—It's free.   Let u.
keep you posted on market prices for grain.
Personal attention given lo selling and grading of a!.
era Our Car Tracing and Claim Departments work In our
cBenhf Interest* We have every facility for prompt service and
w. get beat results for shippers.
Send to-day for a supply of trample bags and deal with a
Arm whose business haa been built up by aatlslled customers.
Paid-up Capital, $150,000
References*,    any    Bank
Commercial Agency.
NoWdSTE |      Hamilton.Ont. I No Rust
Cigar ir Cocoanut.
The occupants ot the railway carriage were listening with joyful interest to the tales of the young man
in the corner. E> had been all over
the world several times, apparently
and his adventures had been marvelous.
CoolnesB and courage is the thing,
ho was saying. Tako tills case. We
wero in Central Africa, traveling
among cannibal tribes. One evening
when we camped. I had strolled off
while my men prepared supper, when
suddenly above a rock in front of mo
I Baw the heads of threo natives who
wero watching me. What waa I to
do? My gun was at the camn. To turn
back meant having spear, through
me. In a moment I decided. Close
by were some stones. Pretending I
didn't see the niggers, I bent down
as If to examine the stones, then,
quick as lightning, I picked up threo
of them and flung them with all my
force at their heads. Every one
found its mark, and tho three natives
dropped like sheep. I always talis a
good aim, and It served mo well then.
Then the rod-faced man opposite,
Who had been listening carefully,
chimed in: And what did yoa gat?
A cigar or a cocoanut?
A Hot Tims
Wlint is tho reason they can't get
along together?
A matter of temperament.
Matter of temperature, I should
Didn't See the Vice Versa
Let me soo some of your black kid
gloves, said a lady to a shop assistant.
These aro not the latest style, are
they? she asked when the gloves woro
Yes, madam, replied the shopman.
We have had them in slock only two
I didn't think they were, because
the fashion ji per says black kids have
tun stitches, and vice versa. I see
the tan rtllihes, but not the vice versa.
The shopman explained that vice
versa was French for seven buttons,
etj s-lio bought throe pairs.
Buyers report thnt aeroplanes come
hlali* hut whs.! could Uiey expect'.'
Try Murine  Eye Remedy
If you have Red, Weak, Watery Eyes
or Granulated Eyelids. Doesn't Smart
—Soothes Eye Fain. Druggists Sell
Murine Eye Remedy, Liquid, 25c, 50c,
Murine Eye Salve iu Aseptic Tubes,
25c,  50c.    Eye Books Free by Mail.
An Cya Tonic Qead far All £,.. that Na*. Car*
.Mucin. Er. K.med. Co., Chic...
Art Tamed the Tiger.
A privileged few may havo seen the
interesting sight of a sculptor making
his studies and models from life for
ths statues of the two tigers which
guard the entrance to Nassau hall at
Princeton. The studies wore mado for
the most part in tho animal houses
near tbo Arsenal In Central park. At
first considerable prodding by tbe
keepers was necessary to induce tho
zoological samples to come forward
when tha sculptor wanted them. After a timo, however—this is upon the
sculptor's solemn word—tho beasts
got so that when they saw him sot up
his stand they came forward of their
own accord and lay crouched, as be
wished. The tigers had teamed to
f IL''■"' *?■**""*-"-
*«v    $>'©'
At the
Buying at the facloty will land
this range at your station freight
prepaid (ot $20.00 less titan
lhe Dfttt %*M stove on the market. You pocket lhe
dealer's profit—about 30 per ceiif.—get .beautiful ileel
and malleable iron range built lo last a lifetime. And what's
mote you sm money every monlh on your fuel bill.
Every Rang, is unconditionally guaranteed.
f-\ • • T*»      •    *. Soldo*
Dominion rnde yns
Nature's Rival
She—Did you hear the thunderstorm
last night?
lie—No. There was a suffragette
meeting in the next house to mine.
It'i .3 good as seeing
the range to read th.
complete and clear description ia our book.
The book also contains .
history of cooking worth
reading. Let us send
you a copy.
Canada Malleable & Steel Range
Mfg. Co., Limited, Osbawa, o.t
Hal'Mile I
Steel Baret; Ml*.
Ce, United, Oahaw.
Please S:a*i Boek.
Father, what is an empty title?
Well, an empty title Is your mother's way of calling mc the head of the
Moliior (lo park policeman)— My
little boy wants to soo the monkeys.
Can you direct us tc* the apiary.
English Geography
A professor from Iowa went to England last summer and was introduced
to a professor from one ot the Eng*
lish universities. He welcomed the
American and said:
* I met cue of your colleagues last
summer. We hnd another professor
troiu Ohio lo lisit us.
But I am from Iciv.it.
Iowa, Indeed! How very interesting.
i am srrre the other gentleman called
lt Ohio.
It is easier to be fooli-rii than rlisnl-
fred and sometime:; it pays just as
Made lhe Most of K
Tho American love of tire superlative has an amusing illustration in
Samuel M. Crothers' book 'Unmanly
Speaking.' Pr. C'rothTs had been
traveling. Ho finally reached a
seemingly Bleep}' little place where he
thought to fin i only contented medio-
crity. Uut when he sat down to
write a letter on the lrolel ft lonery
he was confronted with the statement
"Tnlc Is the biggest little hi te] In th.
Men know net how great r; revenue
frugality Is.
********** IHE ISlaAJS DEK,  {.VXlbEtibAPIV
Ladies Collars
In all the newest desu/ns, put  up in separate  boxes, a
mog  acceptable gift.      Prices from 35c. to £l <*ach.
Ladies Hair Ornaments
A wry choice selection and nt very  reasonable prices.
Asli to see them.   From 35o to $3.i>0.
Ladies Fancy Hat Pins
to 75c. each
Ladies Gloves
Pen-ins make in all the best shades and the bes   quality
every pair guaranteed at $1.50 a pair.
Ladies Silk Waists
A large and select  assortment of beautifu   designs at
moderate prices.
Ladies Quilted Silk Dressing
In crimson, daintily embroidere; price -£7.50 each.
Linen Table Centres
Circulaar heavily embroidered; G5c. each
Chiffon Table Centres
Embaoidered in a lovely assortment  of patterns,  only
50c. each.
Battenberg Table Centres
A special lot to clear at 25c. each.
Children's Hats and Bonnets
In dainty designs for  the baby, prices 50c. to $1.25
Sweater Coats
In nearly all the wanted designs for ladies and  mem
A lar<7e assortment of photo frames at greatly reduced
If }•( u have any difficulty to make a choice let us hely
you in suggesting suitable and appropriate gifts.
Simon Leiser & Co.
"The Big Store"
Phone 3S
Consisting of Ready- to-Wear
Clothing, Dress Goods, Ladies'
Silk Waists, Hosiery, Boots and
C. Sing Cliong
CHINATOWN,   West   Cumberland
Branch Store at Bevan
Before the Board of In vestijjation.
In the Matter of Bush Creek.
Black Creek, Buttle Lake, Boot
Lake, Campbell River and Lakes,
Comox Lake, English Creek*)
French Creek, Gosling Lake,
Home Lake, Indian Lake, Marble
Creek, Milstone River, Nile
Creek, Nanaimo Lake and River,
Poutledge River, Quinson River
and Lake, Oyster River, Wolf
River, and all other streams in
the Nanaimo Water District as
defined on page 6476 of the
British Columbia Gazette of the
31st July 1913.
TAKE NOTICE that each and
every person, partnership, company, or municipality who, on
the 12th day of March 1909, had
water rights on any above mentioned streams, and has not
already filed a statement of claim,
is directed to forward on or before 31st day of December 1913.
to the Controller of Water Rights
at the Parliament Buildings at
Victoria a statement of claim
in writing as required by section
28 of the "Water Act" as amended. Printed forms for such
statement (From No 50 for irrigation or Form No 51 for other
purposes) can be obtained from
any of the Water Recorders in
the Province.
The board of Investigation will
tabulate such claims and will
receive objections thereto if
filed, and will give due notice of
the time and place set for the
hearing of the claims and objections.
Dated at Victoria B.C.  the 17
day of November 1913.
For the Board  of Investigation,
Synopsis ol Coal Mining Regulations
COAL mining right, of tho Dominion
in Manitoba, Sa»k»tohowiin nnd Alberta,
the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Torri
toriea and in a portion of the Province of
BritiBlr Columbia, may be leased for a term
uf twenty-one yean at an annual rental of
Sl ao acre. Not more than 2,000 aores
will be leased to one applicant.
Application for alease must be made by
the applicant in person to the Agent or sub
Agent of the district in which the rights
applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must be
described by sections.or lc<al subdivisions
of sections, and in uusurveyed erritory
the tract applied for shall be staked out by
theapplicaiit himself.
K ich application must be aceompanied
by a fee of (5 which will be refunded if the
riulits applied forare not available, but not
otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the
merchantable output of the mine at the
rate of live cents per ton.
The person operating the mine eha.ll
furnish the Agent with sworn returns ac-
I counting tut the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay the royalty
j thereon. If the onttl uiiniag rights are
not being operated, sricli rot urns shall bo
j furnished at leastoho'e a year.
Tlie lease will include the coal minim*
! rights only, hut thei* ssoo may bo permit-
tod to purchase whatever available sur
f.icoliglrtBmay be considered necessary
fnr the workiint of the mine at the rate of
$10 01) maa e.
For full information application Bhould
be made to the Secretary of the Dep irt-
inentof the Intel lor, Ottawa,  or to  any
Agent or Sub Asnnt ofPominion Lauds.
W.  W. CORY,
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N B- Unauthorized publication of this
idvertl-ement will not bsnaidfor.
Mf I"-"'-"*? 1
Sealed tenders will be received
by the Minister of Lands not later than the 9th day of December,
1913, for the purchase of Licence
X 80, to cut 15,400,000 feet B.M.
and 3,315 cords of shingle bolts
from Lot 44, Cardero Channel,
Range i. Coast District. Three
years will be allowed for the removal of the timber.
Particulars of the Chief Forest-
er, Victoria, g.C,	
Sealed tenders will be received
by the Minister of Lands not later
than noon on the 26th day of
December, 1913, for the purchase
of Timber Licence X102, adjoining Timber Licence 33667, in
the vicinity of Ccliath Bay, Jervis
Two years wili be allowed for
the removal of the timber.
Particulars of Chief Forester,
Victoria, B.C.
CEALED TENDERS addressed to the
° undersigned, and endorsed "Tender
for Immigration Detention Hospital Building, Vancouver, B.C.," will be received at
this office until 4 p.in. on Monday, December 29,1913, for the election of tlie above
named building.
Flans, specifications and form of contract can be seen and forms of tender
obtained on application al this Department,
at the ollice of Wnr. Henderson, resident
architect, Victoria,B.C.; on application to
tire Mr. A. J. Chisholm, caretaker, Public
Building, Vancouver, B. C.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
mack- on the printed forms supplied, and
signed with their actual signatures, stating their occupations and places of resid
ence. In the case of lirms, the actual
signature, the nature of the occupation
and the place of residence of each member
of the firm must be given.
Each tender must be accompanied by
an accptcd cheque on a chartered bank,
payable to the order of the Honourable
the Minister of Public Works, equal to
ten per cent. (10 p.c.) of the amount of
the tender, which will be forfeited if the
person tendering decline lo enter into a
contract when called upon to do so, or fail
to complete the work contracted for. If
the tender be not accepted the cheque
will be retnmed.
The Department docs not bind itself to
accept the lowest or any tender.
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, November 19, 1913.
Newspapers will not be paid for this
advertisement if they insert it without
authority from the Departmeut.—19327
For up-to-date millinery see
Dency Smith, Courtenay,    -
Dr, D. E. Kerr, dentist, will
be in Cumberland Nov. 19th and
following days.
SHlroit Ion
Thanks the many customers of
Cumberland and district for
their patronage of dry goods
during his stay at the Union
Hotel, Cumberland.
We now solicit your trying our
whenever in need of
or oilier goods nnd you will
receive best values and
good service.
Note our only address
Seabrook Young,
623, Johnson St.,
Victoria, B. C.
1-4 to 1-2 Acre Lots 60 by 80, by 120 feet deep, $150 to $225, on Easy Terms.
You 11 be on Easy Street in buying these.   It's the White Man's Abode.
The wise real estate speculator looks to the
Centres where transportation facilities abound.
We are now offering 5 to 20 acres blocks adjoining the Townsite [Lot 33]. It is logged off, soil a rich, rod loam two to three
feet deep, adjoining the Union Bay Townsite. Price $100 an acre. Easy terms
British Columbia Investments Ltd. Co«rt«wy
The Magnet Cash Store"
Phone 3-1
Cumberland, B.C.
We havejust received another car loud of tlie celebrated
Gerhard Heintzman L'i.-uii>s. We can sell you a Piano
on easy monthly payments, He have several extra
goon second hand pianos, that were taken in exchange
for new ones, at prices ranging from $100 and upwards
GJLFIetclier MusicCo
B. C.
DGN6 PUN & 6o.
Ladies it Gentlemen's Fashionable Tailors
Suits Made to Measure from §28 to §40
Cleaning,      Pressing       and      Repairing
a.—t   . i/riiiai


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