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The Islander Apr 19, 1919

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 isgisUllon Ui
Wt'/A tuA/cA u Consolidated The Cumberland News.
Subscription Price, $2.00 per year
FOR FERTILIZER and all kinds of
Seed-Grain, see W. Douglas, Courtenay, B.C.   Prompt Delivery.
Miss Loggie and Miss Diguey, of
Vancouver, arrived on Friday evening and will be the guests of Dr. and
Mrs. Geo. K. MacNaughton Cor one
LOST—Purse containing approximately {100.00. Finder will receive
reward $25.00. Apply to Islander
W. A. Owen, construction engineer
of the Canadian Collieries (DuUBmulr)
Ltd., left by auto for Victoria on Sunday.
Whist drive and dance, under the
auspices of Harmony Rebecca Lodge,
I.O.O.F., will be held on Easter Monday, April the 21st. The whist drive
wlll be held ln the Fraternity Hall,
from 8 to 10 p.m., when refreshments
will be served. Admission, 25c. Dancing in the Ilo Ilo Dance Hall from
10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Gents, $1.00; Ladies,
25c. The net proceeds will be donated
for the benefit ot the Old Mans' Home.
Harry Norris  left  for  Victoria ou
Friday to spend Enster.
MIbs Olive Ross, of Victoria, arrived
on Thursday.
Children of Maubeuge, Belgium, hang the Kaiser in effigy, as the
vanguard of the American Army of Occupation enters the town ou
the way to Germany.
When purchasing an auto see Thos.
Hudson, of Union Bay, B.C., representing the Auto Transfer of Nanaimo,
and agent for the Comox District for
the Clircvolct, Overland, Dodge, Hudson Six, Cadillac, Chalmers and Republic Track.
E. C. Emde was ln town on Tuesday
with a new McLaughlin demonstrator.
The Ford Oarage and Machine Shop,
Courtenay, B.C., are distributors for
tlie Ford and McLaughlin cars in this
Laura Robertson arrived on Thursday for the Easter Holidays, aud will
return to the Sprott-Shaw School at
Victoria on Wednesday.
Edith W. Bickle arrived homo on
Thursday to spend the Easter Holidays, and will return to St. Ann's
Academy on Monday.
Henry S. Fleming, President of the
Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir), Ltd.,
and James M. Savage, General Manager ;of the same company, left for
Victoria on Monday.
if yp^w
^|         1
JEwl^K^,'iVA«S^K^S-*I^MnfM• :tmm\
maP'-MwSx. 3-*Mr>:fl
1                          ^B^aWS
■ '*.<",■
; B
Bi     k^T i
r^5|Rj3^nr* ^jB»**^_jjM*   "^
1 "1        <    -                               «*#
:,-■•>-!        -            ""         ■
KM*^      '       •■,        -•-"'.   *.
L    »<  •••»     *    •  '-     - '-.
|B^S«SBSJ!?'-:> "*'  -.*:*-.:,:.\l*   ■.*'■-,,¥
.v* t
Miss C. Jaynes left for Nanaimo on
a passenger on
Dr. Juhlln, who
C. R. Drader, principal of the Cumberland Public Schools, left for Victoria on Friday.
Artist Concert to be held in the Ilo Ilo Theatre when Miss Jennie
Taggart and Mr. Frederic Taggart will Appear Before the
Public of Cumberland.
The Cumberland General Hospital
begs to acknowledge the receipt of
12 shade and ornamental trees from
the Layrltz Nnrserles, Victoria, B.C.;
sweet peas from W. Norman, Vancouver, B.C.; and lawn seed from Woodward's, Vancouver, B.C.
Ernest Horwood left for Victoria on
Dr, Julius Julilin, Postmaster-General of Sweden, o
the aerial post plane from Washington to New York
is now hi tlii.! country to study ou * pdstofnee methods, was enthtislas
tie about the .possibilities of the ni rial mail routes.   The photo shows
Dr. Julilin in centre dressed  for Ihe  (light.    Ou  his  led   is  Pilot
Robert Shank and on Ills right U.S. Postmaster-General Otto Pracger.
Mr. Burroll, of Victorln. arrived on
Thursday on a visit to Mr. and Mrs.
A. C. Lymn.
Miss B. Burrell left for Victoria on
She has taken loading solo parts in
the Shafflold,..' Norwich ,and .Bristol
musical festivals, and was engaged
as leading .soprano soloist in the
world tour of tho Sheffield Choir (Dr.
Henry Coward, Conductor.)
Press reports from leading American, Canadian, Australian aud South
African papers proclaim her a great
artist. Coining nearer home the
Seattle Post-intelligencer says; "Miss
Jennie Taggart may count an army
of friends in Seattle."   *
A public meeting will be held in the
Council Chambers on Saturday, the
26th of April, at 4 p.m., for the purpose of organizing a branch of the
Y.M.C.A. All Interested are requested
to attend.      i
truWvSav    Mill A
Mrs. W. A. Owen and daughter Olga
left on Friday for Vancouver, where
they will be the guests of Miss Margaret Stockett during Easter Week.
Gladys   Parks   returned   from  Victoria on Thursday.
T. W. Scott, who was formerly of
the engineering staff of the Canadian
GnlJ^trles. returned, from overseas on
Prima Donna Soprano.
Arrangemetns are now complete for
the concert to be given at the Ilo llo
Theatre ou Tuesday night, April the
Mil, at 8 p.in., by Miss Jennie Tag-
gait noil Mr. Frederic Taggart, who
arc touring the Sound nnd Vancouver
[Bland, giving concerts nt various
II represents a grout stride In a
musical direction thut Cumborland
should be included lu the tour, but
tliere cannot ho any doubt that If
Cumberland amid district, containing
as It docs a largo percentage of niuslc-
loving people, is sufficiently made
known of the advent of this concert,
Its success will he assured, and should
the lir ). concert he well attended
^others ol* a similar nature will follow
.ext winter.
The two artistes hail from Scotland
and arc of very great repute here,
as they are also generally in Great
Britain, li'ss Taggart has appeared
in Covent Garden nnd The Thomas
Beecham Opera, besides having sung
in numerous concerts at thc Royal
Albert Hall and Queen's Hall, Loudon.
The merchants of the city have arranged to close their places of business -on Monday, the 21st Inst, hut will
be open all day Wednesday the 23rd.
Air. and Mrs. W. T .Wain and family
of Minto, wish to express their sincere
thanks for the great kindness and
sympathy shown them during their
sad bereavement, and also for tho
many beautiful floral tributes sent.
Ex-Cadet Wm. de Macedo, R.F.C.
and R.A.F., has been appointed recently as representative for Nanaimo
and district of the Air Service Association of B.C. This Association, of
which Lieut.-Col. Colllshaw Is Hon.
President, and Lleut.-Oovernor Sir
F. S. Barnard, the visitor, is composed
exclusively of members or ex-members of the air forces of the Empire,
nnd Is open to all airmen, cadets and
officers, with the object of looking
after their interests and to boost (lying in the future. Anyone desirous
of obtaining further information as to
membership, etc.. please write PO.
Box 461, Nanaimo, B.C., when full
particulars will be gladly forwarded.
Famous Scotch Baritone.
Her brother, Mr. Frederic Taggart.
Is a versatile artist, equally ut homo
In grand opera, oratorios or ballad
concerts. To have been solo bass ill
that magnificent cathedral, Glasgow,
the second largest city In the British
Empire, is an honor indeed. Press
commentB and personal knowledge of
thc singing of Frederic Taggart leads
us to anticipate his performance here
as that of a great singer, and the
opportunity that is afforded the town
Of Cumberland and district must not
be missed by any.
Mr. Andrew Dunsmore, organist of
the Presbyerian Church, Nanaimo,
travels .with them as their accompanist.
Dance will be held after the concert
in tho Ilo llo Dance. Gents, $1.00.
Ladies, Amusement Tax.
April 21st, Easter Sunday, are: 11 a.m.
Cumberland. 3.30 p.m., Union Bay.
7 p.m., Cumberland.
Charles Bennett, representing the
Auto Transfer Co., of Nanaimo, was
here during the week.
Miss O'Neil and Miss Mabel Michell
left for Mission on Friday to spend
the Easter Holidays.
Miss Tourlgny left for Victoria on
Friday morning. .
Thomas Graham, General Superintendent of the Canadian Collieries
(Dunsmuir), Ltd., accompanied by
Mrs. Graham, left for Victoria on
A really startling way out of the
most serious sort of a problem is
that shown in tho newest Word Picture which bears the appropriate title
of "The Way Out," and in which
Carlyle Blackwell and June. Elvidge
are starred. Patrons of tho Ilo Ilo
Theatre will Bee what this way out
was when they see this picture at this
theatre on Monday, April 21st.
Evory film fan in the city is urged
to seo-'Tho Way Out," as It is an absorbingly entertaining dim.
The story starts with thc efforts of
Mrs. Thornton, an ambitious society
woman, to break off the engagement
between her daughter, Alice, and Robert Barr, a successful newspaper correspondent. She ls eager to have
Alice marry a title, but ls too shrewd
toopenly oppose the engagement between the young couple.
Mrs Thornton uses an altogether
Innocent occurence to turn Alice
against Robert and the mother is
successful lu doing this. She then
takes Alice abroad to Paris, where
Alice meets the Count de Jouivllle
nnd eventually marries him. But secretly she is Btill In love wilh Robert.
The scene shifts to a battlefield 111
Franco, and there Robert proves that
he ls all man and ho assures Alice's
happiness by his deed there.
Vou will enjoy this very fast-moving, very unusual film, from start to
finish.   See II.
NELSON. April in.—On the ground
that anyone holding "unpatriotic
views is unfit lo mold public opinion,"
Slocan District Board of Trade at
Stlyerton passed a resolution that J.
Nuylof, member of the Central Committee of the One Big Union, shall not
hold meetings in Utat district and
shall leave it at once, according to a
dispatch received by the Daily News.
The meeting further resolved that
"the matter of all suGh undesirable
citizens iiem^ allow:-! entire 1'reiMc-iii
uf movement be at once taken up wilh
tiie Dominion 'authorities.
Naylor was told to get out of Cran-
brook a tow nights gao and at Trail
was told thai lie was not wdiifeil.
Hossland also received him coolly,
and although he came to Nelson and
It was understood thai ho was to
speak lie has not done so, and it is
believed that he lias left tlle city.
—, o —:
At the last meeting of the Cumberland Volunteer Fire Department Chief
Banks was appointed colic,'for to collect all promised donations towards
the new motor truck: The Firemen
aro anxious It) clear off* their indebtedness. The local Firemen complain
that when tlie fire boll rings and tho
new motor urtek is out and ready to
proceed to the lire a number of citizens jump into tlie truck to the disadvantage of the regular firemen. The
motor truck ^.lor the firemen ouly,
especially in isltKi of a lire.
20, A
death of David B- Stevenson
place on Tuesday, April 15th,
an illness of a few weeks. The
.i'il WaB in his sixtieth year, and
; a widow anil one dnughtor to
i   liis   loss.     Tlie   funeral   took
on Thursday froiri tin' family
■nee. Derwenl Ave., tn the Ciiiii-
uil Cemetery,  Hev.   Goo.   Knox
Llllg.      I ilinlirt land    I   .1;   .   Vo.
I*. & A.M . had charge of tne inn
ii'ringi'iiii nts.
'Joseph Naylor, who Is reported to      "The   Better  'Ole"   will   appear  at
have received  such a cold reception  the "° "° Theatre on Tuesday, April
Alfred A. Brown, formerly of Cumberland, and who has been overseas
for the past four years, returned on
Wednesday and left for Alberni on
.Miss  Winnie  Wllcock  returned  to
in thc interior on his Big Union deal,
returned lo Cumberland on Thursday.
Joe apparently has been able to live
without work for a long time—evident
ly he wants to keep it up. '
22nd.     Special   music   and   special Victoria  on  Monday to  resume her
prices.    Children   25c.    Adults,   50c. il""08 »' St. Joseph's Hospital.
Box seats, 75c. .	
■  Mr. and Mrs. William Merrifield and
Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Rickson loft for son, Leslie, left for Victoria on Mon-
Vancouver on Monday.
day morning.
The following Is an extract from n
daily newspaper of Yarmouth, England, giving a report of tlie marriage
of Corporal Eraser Watson, of Cumberland, and Alice Lillian Buckle. It
reads as follows:
At St. Nicholas Church was solemnized, on Thursday, Ctli March, tiie
marriage or Corporal A. F. Watson,
(British Columbia), of the Canadian
Forces, ami Alice Lilian, third daughter ot the late Mr. Ernest Buckle
and M''s. Buckle,' of i'lilgnivo Road,
Great Yarmouth, and granddaughter
of Mr. John Buckle. Tho bride, who
was given away by her grandfather,
Mr, J. Harris, wore a dress of ivory
georgette and satin, also veil and
orange blossoms, and carried a bouquet of lilies and narcissi. Miss Iris
M. Buckle, sister of the brdle, who
acted as chief bridesmaid, was attired
in a pretty dress of light blue georg-
otte nnd silk. She wore u hat of
black and gold silk and carried a
bouquet Private S. \Vat40u, of thc
Canadian Forces, brother of the bride
groom, acted ns best man. The officiating clergyman was the Rev. II. H.
Thorns, rector of Rockland All SalntB,
near Attleborough. There were many
useful wedding presents. Mr. aud
Mrs. Watson will shortly be leaving
for Canada.
A representative gathering attended the Council Chambers on Friday
evening, at the request of the Mayor
to make arrangements for the celebration of Hie 24th of May. Tlie Mayor presided, ami the following were
electod to lake charge of tlie Day's
Bports: lion. Pres., James M. Savage;
lion. Vice-Pres., Thomas Graham;
Pres., 11. R. MacDonald; Vlce-!'re»„
Dr. Geo. K. MacNtfugbtou; rjecretary,
Thomas Mordy; Treas., W. Willard.
The various committees, Dports (Programme, grounds, were appointed, and
wlll nieel again In t'ie Council Chambers oa Monday e ening at 7..'in (in:.
REAL  l.VrKK'niYMKYr  l\
BAiKHHr'.VrilBK'B   I'l.W
"Tho It e of 1'Id  Bill.* as re-
luted in the film ol "TI 1 Better 'Ole."
I, a Btlrrfllg.story ct ..mining a strong
vein 01 humor : 'I a message lo all
who see II. I ,| Bill Is played by
Charles Rock, ,i*i whose experienced
bawls Bairnst* ther's character Is admirably prose: 1 d. Thc striking charm
about those ma. ter slinlies Is that they
are i<o flioroli: 'ily unstudied. The
characters reek   that is a sound word
use about iin-
see Old   Bill.
trenches; All
dies iu kbakhi
form.    Khal*
trenches—of truth,
that philosopher of
and Bert, those life
the comedy of the
-ad cachlnalions is
,e Better 'Ole." It
play. Only a pcr-
•i' seen thc legi-
; riven version
ne in Which wc
Isle singing the
bc tlie "Three
:ns, "one for three
These dissolve
"f   warriors-
is hotter than a
contage o( people
llmate   version,     "i h
it ejus with a pr ii.),
vision   Rougel  ili'   ■
"MarsollioiBO,"  v.
Musketeers," of Du:
and three tor om  '
into our modern  t
(Mil mil. Air a' ■ *   ,,.
.  Will l;e       .   .11 tho llo llo Theatre
on TtieV ;.*. '.nil 22nd. TWO
Published every Saturday at Cumberland, B.C.
the proofs of my admission to the bar,
I would move the court that I be
permitted to drink from the official
pitcher," and he calmly drained the
glass of water he had left on the table.
SATURDAY.  APRIL  10th,  1919
People who don't mind their own
business firing more misery into families, soeieties and churches than
everything else. They turn thc pleasant peaceful stream of good will into
ground where angels would even fear
to -tread. Now. minding one's own
business is tho very best remedy for
the itching ears that are never satis-
tied with hearing and the busy tongue
that hurries to speak cruel words.
Minding your own business will turn
your attention to self, and you will
forget to watch so closely the shortcomings of others; it will make peaceful homes, happy neighbors, and quiet
consciences; anil you will be able to
realize and more fully comprehend
the truth spoken In holy writ: "Blessed are the Peacemakers."
Urxundcr, Prince Regent of Serbia,
Supposed to be the New Uuler
Young man! there is one thing you
cannot do. You cannot make a success In life unless you work. Older
men than you have tried it and failed.
You cannot loaf around the street
comer, smoke, tell stories and sponge
on someone else without making a
failure of life. You must learn a
trade or get into some honest business.
If you don't, you will become a chronic loafer, and there is no place in the
world for loafers. The ripe fruit is
at the top of tlie tree and you must
Climb if you get it or some smart man
will pluck it from you. Do something
no matter how small or bow low the
wages, it will be a starter. There is
no royal road to* success; will, grit
and endurance are the qualities that
lead lo il.
Entitled  hi tt  llrlnk
A young man had sauntered carelessly nito the court room of one of
New York's superior courts, eyed the
judge through his glasses, and then
taken a survey of all the attorneys.
Then lie walked up to the bar and
poured out a glass of water.
The judge, who was nervous and
testy, bad observed the young man,
and was not pleased with his appearance. The youth was just raising the
glass to his lips when the judge
"That water, sir, is for attorneys
anil other officers of the court!"
Tlie glass dropped from the young
man's hand; he started violently,
turned red, then placed the glass on
the tabic, and walked out of the court.
The judge chuckled.
Half an hour later the young man
entered the court room again with a
mil of parchment in his hand. The
judge glared at him savagely, but the
young man never flinched. Filially,
there was a lull in the proceedings,
and he addressed the court:
"Your honor!"
"What is it" sir?"
"I wish to submit to the court my
certificate of admission to practise in
the supreme court and all other courts
of this state," and he passed the
parchment to the clerk.
"Well, what of that?" growled the
"Now. your honor, having presented
At last a "modus Vivendi" has boen
found whereby the heroic people ot
Montenegro will be united with Jugoslavia. This news is good and pleasing. Very little, however, has been
said during this war about the race
that fought the Crescent for centuries
and has been guarding the shores of
the Adriatic for decades, from Mount
Lvocen, now again in possession of
thc brave  Montenegrins.
The great Gladstone said long ago,
that the people of Montenegro had
proved their right to existence by
their heroic exploits and lights for
civilization. In order to appreciate
the heroism of * Montenegrins, It Is
necessary to know the country, because there are no roads to speak of,
and yet at any time the "melting pot"
was hi danger tho heroic soldiers of
.Montenegro fought the foe, any foe,
that had the intention to Invade thc
little country and thus endanger the
Balkan peninsular as a whole.
Soon after Serbia'B emancipation,
Montenegro also became a princpial-
lty, as a matter of fact, under the rule
of her native Prince-Bishops of the
sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
This nymnlainous country had preserved a certain amount of independence, even during the era of the Ottoman domination, while maintaining a
constant warfare against the Turks
iu the eighteenth century. But the
true emancipation began In the nineteenth century, when the worthy contemporary of Kara-Gorge, Bishop
Peter I. Petrovitch (died 1830), stoutly
resisted all Turkish attacks upon Mon
tenegrin independence. The last Bishop, Prince Peter II., (died 1851), also
of the house of Petrovitch, was the
first Montenegrin ruler who succeeded by diplomacy in obtaining recognition for Montenegro as an independent state, and also in organizing the
internal affairs of the country, which
was at that time plunged into a state
of anarchy by the mutual dissensions
of unruly tribes. His successor, Danilo,
proclaimed himself Prince in 1851.
The present King Nicolas Njegos
ascended the throne in 1860. During
his reign this little principality has
increased greatly in prestige. In 1876
and 1878 Montenegro, in company
with Serbia, fought Turkey. The outcome of It was that Montenegro's
territory was enlarged aud she obtained access to the sea.
Montenegro became Independent
"de jure" in 1875, and in 1910 waa
finally raised to the rank of a kingdom.
When, in 1912, the sound of the war
bugle from the Balkans reached this
city and province, many of these brave
Montenegrins paid their fare from
here to Montenegro to save their beloved country. Thousands of them
passed through the city of Vancouver
in 1912, and very few could be seen in
measure less than six feet. They all
went, as they said, "to save Gospodara
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Newest Shapes and Shades in Walthausen Hats.
Easter Novelties in Men's All-Silk Neckwear, from
75c. to $3.00 each.
Invictus Shoes—"The Best Good Shoe for Men."
License No. 8-19224
Soap and Witer
wilt not fiarnv
WHEN you decorate your
home, you must consider
sanitation as much ar beauty.
And when you can '.eta finish
that combines both these qualities, by all iiic-ms use i ■
For a delicate v-lvety wall
surface that can be washed and
kept clean, here is nothing so
pleasing as
Made in beautiful tints, as well as white, Fresconette
gives the ideal decorative effect for any room in the
house. It flows easily from the brush, and, once on, it
i3 permanent. Fresconette does not rub off, even with
soap and water. It is a flat oil paint, with all the
lasting qualities of our famous B-H "English" Paint,
but without the gloss which makes an exterior paint
undesirable for walls and ceilings.
Do not use gaudy paper to decorate your rooms, when Fresconette
will give you a dependable fin ish that
will prove restful to the eyes, and
offer the best kind of background
for your framed pictures.
Ask us to show you the Fresconette Color Card.
Agent — Cumberland, B.C.
For lnterlo.- Flnlthln.
"China  I.ac". the per'
feci vamlih alain
Staining tba Roof
llll   Shinnl   Slain. In
I? difleren*. -olora
B-H   nrch Floor   aint
For   orch  floor,, ceil-  1/
Inaa and .iBUa eiaoeed
111* e weather
11 ,atar Co UnOkWam
B-H  "Fretronette,    a
flat tone oil paint
Flnlthl.fl a Floor,,
B-H  'Floorluatre." el-
cellentlor Interior floor.
For Brrne ft Ourbld'le
Imperial Bar* Paint
Mnraiak aauraa a, .oaw roaanra winmipoo
MIDIClNf HAT CftkOaJre bomOm.om vaMCfrUVtO
Crne-gore," (to save the Master of remark made by the old King Nicolas
Montenegro.) A great many of these a few years ago. One day while he
fighters paid their own fare as far as was awaiting the arrival of a steamer
from Alaska. Montenegro played a which was to take him home from a
heroic part in those two wars, and trip abroad. As on such journeys he
made substantial territorial acquis!- was accompanied only by his private
tions which gave her a frontier in secretary, and usually travelled in-
common with Serbia. cognito,  it  was  nothing  unusual  to
A great many rumors have been be introduced to him. On such occa-
circulated about the "Gospodar" or sions the conversation was usually on
Master of Montenegro, during the general topics. As the King was very
recent struggle. Yet not many have anxious to start an import and export
proved to be correct, in any case none trade for his country, the person talk-
to the detriment of the Montenegrin ing to him on this occasion asked him
people. Whatever the accusations what, if anything, he exported from
might have been, the unquestionable his country, Montenegro? "Daughters"
fact remains, that the old Klng-Gos- was the reply of the old King,
podar, when declaring war against He was perfectly right, for a few
Austria-Hungary, said In his procla- days afterwards he gave the' Queen
mation, and as in part, his answer to of Beauty of the Balkans, the Princess
the cooks of the Vienna kitchen: Helena,  ln  marriage  to the heir of
"Je tire l'epee pour la deliverance Italy,
et l'unlon de tous les Jougoslaves." I wonder If Helena, now Queen of
Despite of   this,   some   differences Italy, would not have become a target
have been  in existence between the also for   such   accusations   as   were
subjects of Montenegro and the mem- made  against  her  sisters  the  other
bers of the Serbian Government. This, day?    It seems to me that she* was
however, was used very much by the. saved from being thus insulted, as her
press of the Central Powers in order sisters were, just because she is the
to divide more and more those two Queen of Italy,
identical peoples. The  Montenegrin Government   ami
Very much has been said recently the King are In Neuilly-sur-Selne,
about the sons of the old king, espcel- where they are lighting their case
ally Danilo. I personally think that from "over there." It is possible that
Danilo deserves criticism, because as the old King contemplnted another
a pure Slav, he married a German coup d'etat, and that accounts for his
Princess. Vet he is not the only one being at the present time In great dls-
who committed such a political mis- favor with the overwhelming majority
take It has also been said that dur- of his people. Yet all this has been
Ing the Russo-Japanese war he drank settled the oilier day, when the old
to the success of the Jpaanese. This King submitted to the resolutions
ls correct, because the Japanese were passed between the Jugo-Slav Nation-
successful, and it was not only Danilo al Council on the one side, and the
who expressed his admiration in this Prime Minister Pasich on tlie other,
way. The   Montenegrins   are   Serbs  and,
As far as the other two sons of like the Serbs of the Kingdom of Ser-
Klng Nicolas are concerned, while bla, of Bosnia and Herzegovina, close
there .might be some truth in such kinsmen of the Croats and Slovenes,
allegations, It seems very strange that or the Adriatic provinces now called
the "Grand Cordon" of the Montene- Jugo-Slavia. All these peoples wanted
grin Order is given to someone and the union of all their citizens into a
accepted, as It has been stated the complete Jugo-Slav kingdom, or re-
other day, . and that the recipient public, as the case may be, stretching
should divulge matters concerning the from the Italian frontier to Macedonia.
private life of the old King and his The Old Man of Montenegro and the
sons. After all, whatever the mis- venerable King of Serbia have reached
takes of his sons might have been, an agreement whereby the Prince Re-
they valiantly fought our common gent Alexander ot Serbia becomes the
foes, the Germans, in 1912 and 1913, new ruler of Jugo-Slavia, since this
and even in 1914. young man unites in his person the
Furthermore,  it  seems  to  me  an two   dynasties,   his  mother being a
inBult to the family of the old King princess of Montenegro.   This was at
Nicolas, Inasmuch as thle Order of the first opposed by the old King on ac-
Grand Cordon was not refused by the count of his sons, but all those dlffl-
reclplent on account of the conduct of culties are now removed to the satls-
the King's sons. faction of all concerned.
Thla reminds me of a very clever MICHAEL  BULATOVICH.
>.. &     t ',       .    .
Work the Hook Slowly to Recall
the Telephone Operator.
A small signal lamp flashes in front of the telephone operator when you work your receiver hook
slowly up and down to attract her attention. A quick
rattling of the hook does not operate the lamp.
The filament of an incandescent light will glow for
a fraction of a second after you turn the switch. Give
the switch two turns, rapidly, and the light seems to
burn without an interruption.'
So with he switchboard signal lamp. It operates
when—and only when—the receiver hook is worked
British Columbia Telephone Co., Ltd.
of the DRINKS
Buy the products of the
Ask for the Brands that are the Best
Alexandra Stout is sure to satisfy.
U.B.C. Beer  The Beer of Quality.       »
Silver Top Soda Water p™fc? Pure
CaSCade Beer   The Beer Without a Peer.
1      f
~ Tungstens, 15 to 40 watt, 40c, were 45c.
60 watt, 45c, were 50c.
Further reductions if not less than one dozen are
purchased at a time.
Cumberland Electric Lighting
Phone 75          Co., Ltd.           p. 0. 314
ALEX. MAXWELL, Proprietor
Autos for Hire.     Coal and Wood Hauling given very
prompt attention.    Furniture and Piano
Storage if desired.
Phones 4 and 61
Cumberland, B.C.
Marocchi Bros. Fire Life and       p
Accident Insurance ■
Grocers and
Cumberland and Courtenay, B.C.
"     License No. 8-25489
Royston Lumber Co.
Slab Wood (double load)...$4.00
First Class Accommodation.     Heated
throughout by Electricity.
Cumberland, B. C.
License No. 10-1606
Cumberland, B.C.
New Home Bakery j
Fresh Bread, Cakes, §|
Pies, etc. g
Wedding Cakei a Specialty     ||
Dunsmuir Ave.,      Cumberland.
License No. 5-1172
Cuinberliinil & Union Waterworks Co. =
D. Campbell's
Meat Market
Young Steer Beef,
tender and juicy.
Veal, Pork and Mutton.
Cambridge Pork Sausage
Home-made Sausage
Polish Sausage
Veal Loaf
Boiled Ham
Ham Bologna
Have you tried our  Pickled  Pork
and Corned Beef ?    It is delicious.
Each Thursday morning from now
on a full line of Fresh Fish will be
on hand.
License No. 9-3902
NOTICE.—Whereas certain mischtovl- **g|
ously inclined persons have tamp- =j
ered with the valves on the mains s
of this Company, thereby allowing |||
a considerable amount of water to fsz
run waste, we therefore wish to 3~
point out that it ls a serious offence =
to tamper with such valves, and =j=
should the offending parties be =
apprehended they will be prose- =
cuted to the very fullest extent of ==
the law. =
The regular annual meeting of the ****=
Board of Directors of the Cumberland =2
General Hospital will be held In the =
Council  Chambers on  Friday,  April |=
25th, commencing at 8 p.m. |||
E D. PICKAtlD, Secretary, |s
Cumberland General Hospital. §
WANTED—House   cleaning,  washing ==
clothes, windows, aud all kinds of ***=
paint work, and house work in gen- §j|j
eal.   Per hour, 40c.; one day of 8 B
hours, for $3.00.   Apply to Lou Get, =
phone 74, Cumberland, B.C. jgs
t. d. McLean
Watchmaker and Jeweller
Agent for the  HARMONOLA
All the .latest Books,  Magazines
Dunsmuir Ave. Cumberland, B.C.
WM.    Ml-'HHIFIELD,    Proprietor.
Dunsmuir Ave..       Cumberland, B.C.
Canada Food Board License No. 10-4986
Charlie Sing Chong
int.   11.  P.  f II It I STI E
Phone 116
Offlce:   KING BLOCK,
Cumberland, B.C.
Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots and
Shoes, Crockeryvvare and
General Merchandise.
HONG CHONG & CO., Bevan.
The Saturday Evening Post for less ******=
than five cents a copy, $2.50 a year. **s=
"The   Country   Gentleman"   for   less *****=
than four cents a copy, $1.76 a year, **•=
Including postage.   Authorized agent, *"=
A. R. DORAIS, 632 Broadway West, g
Vancouver, B.C. ===
The Women's Auxiliary of Holy §£
Trinity Church, Cumberland, B.C., an- ^S
nounce a sale to take place on April §
30th, at 2.30 p.m., In the Fraternity £
Hall', Dunsmuir Ave. Proceeds In aid H_,
of building fund for new church hnll. §|j[
Tuesday, April 22
The London Cinema Sensation
This is not an ordinary motion picture—it is the
greatest Cinema of the Day, carrying a message from
the Brave Boys who spent four long and weary years
in the trenches, at times under terrific bombardment,
but always fighting with grim determination that final
victory might be assured for the Allies.
"The Better 'Ole," is a different story of the great
War—thre are no thrilling battle scenes, no hand-to-
hand fightng, no artillery firing—you see the daily
routine life of the lads who fought so gallantly for
Old Bill, Bert and Alf, the three famous cartoon
characters of Captain Bruce Bairnsfather, are famous
the world over in "The Better 'Ole," and they are
brought to life in the most wonderful motion picture of
the war.
The secret of the story's wonderful fascination is
its close and true analysis of the spirit which animates
the men in the trenches, that spirit which keeps them
cheerful under conditions almost indescribable. The
army is fujl of Old Bills, Berts and Alfs, with their
sorrows and pleasures—pleasures that make the very
word seem a mockery—but true reflections of what the
daily life of the boys has been "Over There." "The
Better 'Ole" will do more than raise a laugh, and dim
the eyes with tears at the pathos so piquantly drawn.
It will make the people at home understand as never
before why the Great War was fought to a bitter finish,
and how much is due to the Berts and Alfs and Old
Bills who stood as a living wall of protection for the
people at home.
A SERGEANT:   A ilnni good picture.   Tlle best I ever suw.
A CORPORAL:   The most realistic version of/life al tbe frou
that I have ever seen.
A GUNNER:   Qreatl   The lael word In war plays, and I Uavi
seen nearly (ill war pictures producod,
A PRIVATE:   Seen II iwlcc. wnin to boo il again.   This is Un
picture for anyone Hint has u relative al tlie front
AN OPICBH:   Never though! it mum possible to reproduce 01
the screen life as you sec ii al tlle front   "The Better 'Ole'
has accomplished this.
A NURSING SISTERj   Wondorfutl    Ii will give tho public ai
inside view of the life of our wonderful n.   Advl o i veryoni
to see il.
Acclaimed by everyone who has seen this Production to
be the Greatest Heart Interest Story ever filmed.
ADMISSION:     Children, 25c.       General, 55c.       Box Seats, 75c.   1
TWO PERFORMANCES:   First Show Starts 6.30; Second at 8.30 p.m.   I POUR
Cumberland Motor Works
Auto Repairs,
General Blacksmithing,
Acetylene Welding
Accessories,  Gasoline and Oils
Sole Agents for
The Powerlight Manifold Heater
Gas Saver for Ford Cars
Thomson & Cameron
First-Class Mechanics
Phone 77
P.O. Box 595
FORD and
We have AMBU, the Electric Trouble Shooter. It coat
us a lot ot" money, but we can save you a lot of money,
because it honestly, quickly and surely locates the
trouble in your Electric and Lighting systems.
Battery charging and repairing. Auto light and battery
service station. Our Garage Equipment and stock of
accessories are second to none in the Province.
Our Equipment and Mechanical Skill is a guarantee for
Good Work at a Fair Price.
and Machine Shop
Phone 16
Courtenay, B.C.
New Colors and Designs
1919 Stock Now on Sale
Our Stock of Furniture, Ranges, Beds and Bedding
is well Assorted and Complete in all Lines.
The above-named aerial la the one
which the management of the Ilo Ilo
Theatre have arranged with the Film
Exchange to follow the "House of
"Hands Up" Is a WeBtern Feature—
the first put on by the Pathe Company—with such an atmosphere, full
of thrilling deedB, teats of horsemanship and hairbreadth escapeB. Tho
Bcenery Is wild and rugged, as the
play ia staged in the mountains of
Mexico and California. *
Kuth Roland, one of the most famous and popular ot all motion picture
stars, after a year's vacation, is again
taking one of the leading parts In this
play. Other well known actors, Bueh
at Bastor Walters and Oeorge Olb-
bardt, are Included ln this, so the
cast Is a large and expensive one.
Tats Is a Humdinger! It will keep
you on the edge of your seat.
The first episode of "Hands Up"
will be shown in the Ilo Ilo Theatre ou
Wednesday   .April   23rd.
Another extraordinary picture will
appear at tbe Ilo llo Theatre on April
22nd, known as "The Better 'Ole," an
all-British wonder film from the famous stage success, "The Romance of
Old Bill," now making a tremendous
hit at New York, Toronto and Montreal. This is the first motion picture
to depict the indefatigable carry-on
spirit of the great British army, bringing to life those three famous musketeers : "Old Bill, Bert and Alt," in the
greatest cinema of the day. This Is
not an ordinary motion picture—it ls
a message from the boys who spent
long years in the trenches, under terrific bombardment, but always fighting with the grim determination that
final victory might be assured for the
Allies. Admission: General, 60c. box
Beats, 75c.
The Cumberland Public Schools
closed on Thursday for the Easter
Holidays, and will re-open again on
Monday, April 28th.
Tonight's programme at the Ilo Ilo
Theatre will be: Bryant Washburn
In "Skinner's Dress Suit," the sixth
episode of "Vengeance—and the Woman," and "A Stenographer's Trouble"
a merry comedy of •shorthand and
flirtation, with an all-star cast, including Anita Stewart, Clara Kimball
Young, Norma Talmadge, Lillian Walker, Dorothy Kelly, Flora Finch, Florence Turner, John Bunny, James Morrison, Oeorge Cooper, and Dick Leslie.
A Big Show. Usual Prices.
On Monday evening the Cumberland
Tennis Club appointed the following
officers for the season: President, Dr.
Geo. K. MacNaughton; Vice-President
J. W. Cooke; Secretary and Treasurer
W. 0. Hassell. The Club will have
the use of ex-Mayor Parnham's court
for the season.
Spring ls here, and it ls most necessary that all rubbish accumulated in
back-yards and lanes should be cleaned up Immediately, as now is the time
when germ-carrying insects breed.
This is especially necessary in view
of the present epidemic in our neighborhood.. This town Is healthy; let us
keep it so. Considerate and law-abiding citizens will nedd no other Intimation.
Chief of Police.
Cumberland, B.C., March 29th, 1919.
Owing to the confusion In mall
orders of this medicine, we are
advancing the price from {5.20
to $5.50, and paying all charges.
This will give our many customers quicker service.
MRS.   GEO.   S.   ALMAS
624 4th Ave* North, Saskatoon.
New Styles in "LA DIVA" Corsets are being shown this week
Our buyers have coaxed from the busy factory an advance lot of the new spring La Diva models. They
show some new departures, including the latest pinched
waist lines, and also some front-laced models. The
prices are so low compared with the value that we
are almost ashamed to mention them, only that the
make is so well known their quality is well assured.
New gowns will require the new model corsets. Now
is the time to make yor choice. No trouble is too gerat
fr our corsetieres if the result is a satisfied customer.
May we suggest a morning call.
We have an exceptionally large range of the deservedly
popular Corsets—theD. & A. and the La Diva.
At the prices we offer them they are genuine bargains,
in fact many ladies who wore them found it hard to
believe in their quality until wearing had tested them.
Price $3.75.
Style 540
Plenty New Style Corsets are Gathered Here
There are models for all figures, slim full,
tall and short, all the favorite D. & A. and
La Diva makes. The manufacturers despite
the increase of many raw materials have
been able to maintain their prices at their
usual wonderfully low levels while their designs have hit off exactly the best Paris and
New York models.
Phone 3-8
A vaudeville show of seven performers has been hooked to appear at the
llo Ilo- Theatre on Friday evening,
April 25th. Thc company which Is
coming consists of live female and two
male artists. Particulars and posters
will appear ln tho early part of the
coming week. •
Harmony Relickah Lodge wlll hold
a whist drive and dance in the Ilo Ilo
Hall on Easter Monday, April 21st.
Special Sale for 4 Days
It will he to your advantage to Bee our
Price List.   If you have not received
one please cull lit the Store and save
%.* i. _. i J..    X
&   CO.
Make Old Clothes Look Like New
LADIES' SUITS Cleaned and Pressed 91.16
SKIRTS Cleaned and Pressed  *«•••
WAISTS Cleaned and Pressed  W-9*
GENTS' SUITS Cleaned and Pressed $1.50. nnd $2.00
OVERCOATB Cleaned and Pressed $U>0 and $1.75
SUITS Sponged and Pressed  1«e.
DRESSES Dyed and Pressed  $2.50 and up
" 8W!lW»Dyed and Pressed '• MjM
WAISTS Dyed and Pressed  Sl-6»
GENTS' SUITS Dyed and Pressed $8.50-*
OVERCOATS Dyed and Pressed  $2.50 to $3.00
Phone 104 po- Box 191
Crystal   White
Laundiy Soap   ,
Commencing on Saturday, April 5th,
For a Short Time Only at this Store.
•Six '/2!b Cakes of Crystal White Soap,  PA-.,
One  15c.  Cake of "CREME OIL" Toilet Soap
FREE with every 50c. Purchase of CrystaUWhite
Obtainable Only at
Licence No. 8-17268.
Phone 71


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