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The Cumberland Islander Apr 12, 1929

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Array agMHWSWHgaHiaEBagEas
King of Kings
Cumberland Islander
At the Ilo-Ilo
Mon. Tues.Wed.
With which Is consolidated the Cumberland Nens.
FRIDAY, APRIL  12, 1939.
Provincial Library   Mar.1117    .	
Girl's Success
At Victoria
Miss Edith O'Brien Wins Bursary for Highest Marks in Examinations for Three Years.
The auditorium ot St. Anne's Academy was tilled to overowiling on Friday evening last on the occasion of
the annual graduation ceremonies of
the 1D20 class of Bt. Joseph's training school for nurses, the ceremony
being one of the most beautiful in
lhe history of tliis popular pioneer
school. Amongst the audience sat
two Cumberland residents, eager and
anxious for the exercises to start,
for was not their daughter, to be presented with the bursary for highest
marks In examinations for three
years. The Cumberland residents attending were Mr. and Mrs. Charles
( 'Brlen, their eldest daughter Edith
being ihe winner of the bursary before
Tlie graduates who in their snowy
uniforms filed Into their seats on the
flower-bedecked stage wore as follows: Marjorle A. Williams, Merrltt;
Jessie Claire Mncauley, Victoria; Muriel M. Pitta, Windermere; Elizabeth
C, Heckmer, Victoria; Helene K.
Gibbs, Victoria; Ada Louise Groves,
Vancouver; Elizabeth C. Bell, New
Westminster; Wlnnlfred Florence Abbott, Victoria; Elizabeth Newbolt,
Vancouver; Edith Ma/ Bryce, River-
hurst, Sask.; Wlnnlfred Doris Humphries, Cassidy; Mabel Joyce Scam-
mell. Victoria; Edith O'Brien. Cumberland; Mary Maude Pryor Bevan,
LIciiL-GoTeraor Speaks
His Honor tlie Lieutenant-Governor,
who was accompanied by Miss Mackenzie, spoke during the evening in
happiest vein, congratulating the
nurses on their gradual ion. and encouraging t'eni with advice as tu their
future well being and with good
Hon. S. L. Howe, Provincial Secretary, in ii brief address, commended
the training school upon its excellent
results and emphasizes the need ot
trained nurses in the outlying districts of tlie Province. He wished the
1!*2S> class every success. Mayor Ana-
comb, after complimenting the graduates, referred to the splendid new
wing of the hospital now nearlng completion which should be the pride of
the citizens of Victoria. He thanked
the governing bod., of the hospital for
their enterprise und initiative in thus
adding to the excellent hospital facilities of the city.
IU. Rev. Thomas O'Dounell, Bishop
of Victoria, who presided, made the
announcement that the erection of a
nurses residence wis about to begin,
an announcement which was received
with  spontaneous  enthusiasm.
Medals Presented
As the graduates were called from
the platform they received their medals nnd diplomas from Dr. W. T. Barrett, chairman, supplemented hy tho
many beautiful bouquets sent In by
parents and friends. The following
bursaries wore also presented; Bursary for most efficient work, first
year nursing, presented by Graduate
Nurses' Assocaltion of Victoria, equally merited by Misses PhylHh Rich,
Jean Fonlano, Alice I've, drawn by
Miss Alice I'ye; bursary for most efficient work, second year nursing,
presented by Mrs. Angus Campbell,
equally merited by Misses Margaret
Stone, Ruth Stewart, Margaret Rupe
and Jean Purves, drawn by Miss Margaret Rupe; bursary for highest
marks in examination for three years,
presented by St. Joseph's Hospital
Ladies' Auxiliary, won by Miss Edith
Miss Claire Maccauley recited the
valedictory in clear tones, nfter which
the graduates sung in unison the
school song, "Loyal and True," Dr.
Gordon Kenning, president of the
hospital stair, addressed the girls, emphasizing tiie need for conscientious
nurses, poll'
their efilcien
being of pi
dealing with I
them to "put yi
Miss Edith O'Brien lias many friends
in Cumberland, who have been sending their congratulations to her at
Victoria during the week. She was
educated at the Cumberland Public
and High Schools, leaving for the
Capital three yenrs ago to take up
training for a nurse.
"King of Kings
j)     A copy of the Kitchener-Waterloo I
Daily Record ot 104 pages has been
received at the office of the Cumber- j
The gigantic super special produc-   lan<»   Islander  antJ   we  congratulate
tion of Cecil B. De Mllle's "King ot  the   Publishers   on   such   a  splendid |
Kings" will be shown at the Ilo-Ilo! work-   The PaPer which ld a ■»**«. I
Theatre.   Cumberland,    on    Monday, j editfon contains a wealth of Informa-
Tuesday and Wednesday, April 15th, Itlon and typographically speaking Is
16th and 17th.   One show only each j a cmiit t0 the Peters.
evening;   doors  open  at  7:30,  show;         ——
commences at 8 p.m.    Children 86o,' NcW   AtTlDUlcinCC
adults 75c,    A special  matinee  will j
be held on Tuesday afternoon April j
16th at 3 o'clock, children 25c, adults
"The King of Kings" will be at the j
Gaiety Theatre on Thursday. Friday'
and Saturday, April 18th, 19th and
20th. children 85c, adults 7Gc, with j
a matinee at 2:30 Saturday afternoon,'
children 85c. adults 60c. There are;
scenes In natural colors you will never
forget; words fn il to describe it— [
"King of Kings" must be seen.
Mr. Nat Bevis was up from Nanaimo on Saturday last renewing acquaintances. He informed the Islander reporter that bis daughter Elsie, who met with the very bad in- chn3ed some time ag0 and has beGll
juries in a bob-sled accident in Na-  pIaceil on a Graham-Paige 1929 chas-
For Cumberland
General Hospital
Hospital Board Express Themselves Delighted with New
The new ambulance purchased by
the Cumberland General Hospital was
officially turned over to the board on
Monday night. Practically all members of the board were present to Inspect tlie ambulance, together with
some of the members of the medical
The body of the amhulace was pur-
Cumberland Teams
Successful In First
Aid Competitions
Record   Attendance   at   Indoor
Meet On Saturday
naimo at tlie start of tho winter la
sis.    The exterior of the amhulance
progressing very favorably and looks   pr(!Se„,s a V8ry „eat appearance being
for u 100 per cent recovery.
Fate Of Aquarian
Cult In Balance
Application  for  Dissolution
Colony   Is  Before
painted a delicate cream color with
the words "Cumberland General Hospital Ambulance Service" in gold.
The inside of the ambulance Is very
well fitted up, the cot being so constructed that It is possible to lock tt
to tbe floor, thus preventing swaying.
The cot also has a rubber tired carriage. There are two seats for attendants and a separate compartment
; One of the best, if not the beat first
aid indoor meets ever held at the
, nortli end of the Island took place on
| Saturday night last nt the Ilo-Ilo Hall
with thirty-one teams competing in
the various  events.    The success of
■ the evening wus largely due  to the
■ excellent arrangements made by Mr.
Moore, tlie secretary of the Vancouver
Island and Coast Branch of tlie Safety
First Association, ably assisted by Mr.
j W. Whyte, of Cumberland, who was
I responsible for the reception of the
J visitors and the catering to such a
j large number.
I    Competition was very keen in most
of  the  events   with  the  contest   for
women's and men's senior tests holding perhaps the most interest.    The
; competition for the beautiful cup pre-
j sented by the minister of mines, also
j drew a great deal of interest, whilst
the senior women's competition ended
i in a tie.    This was the Hrst contest
, staged and in announcing the result
a tie between Cumberland and Cassidy
the judges probably did the only thing
possible,   for  both   teams   were   very
I city's   fi
com-! win ci
Victoria, April 11— The fate of tbe
Auarlan Foundation rjear Nanaimo,
the operations of which were revealed
in legal proceedings some time ago,
will be settled by the government
shortly, it was learned at the Parliament Buildings. An application for
the dissolution of the colony is before
the government, nnd a decision will
bo reached almost immediately. In
the event of a dissolution it is stated
the property of the colony would go
to the crown, which would have no
way of distributing lt to the colonials.
This fact will weigh with the government in making a final decision.
fur doctor or nurse, and a speaking eVenly matched.    To get out of the
tube establishes connection with the
driver. Tiie lighting arrangements
are also of tlie best and many other
fittings. The conveyance presents a
smart and up to date appearance and
compares very favorably with any
city ambulance service.
difficulty it was proposed that the
teams "toss'' for choice of prize and
that the points gained he not effected,
no matter which team won the toss.
The Cumberland ladies objected to this
manner of naming the winner and
willingly offered to go through another test. It is presumed that they
figured that flipping a coin was not a
test of ability hut a mere matter of
luck. However, after a lot of argument the local ladies decided to abide
hy the "toss" of a coin, Cassidy being
successful, they therefore had choice
of prizes.
The men's senior event was also
closely contested, it being stated that
all teams were very evenly matched.
The Cumberland teaAri Captained by
M. Brown were warmly congratulated
on winning tbe Novice event and the
cup presented by the Hon. W. A. Mackenzie, minister of mines.
Prospects of Trap Shooting. I '»* -». de Cone gown draped     The   Judges    Dr. ^tagtoj
*   I rhinestoncs. was given away bv her M.L.A., B. R. Hicks, (.uniberunti a id
cries a voice,and a whirling' grand-tether Mr. J. Miller.   The bride j Hall of Nanaimo, gave universal satis-
carried  a  bouquet of  ophelia  roses  faction,
and  fern.    Miss  Margaret Clark, nfl    The full result of the competition
Success Of Trap
Shooting Assured
Many Members of Local Rod and I forming the nuptials.
Gun  Club   Enthusiastic  Over |    The bride, who looked handsome In
Ferguson - Clark
A quiet wedding of much Interest
to the residents of Cumberland was
solemnized in Nanaimo, when Miss
Ellen Clark, daughter of the late
W. P. Clark and Mra. Ellen Clark,
and grand-daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
J. Miller of this city, became the
bride of Mr. J. A. Ferguson of Sullivan, B.C., the Rev. Mr. McTurk per-
black nnd white saucer like object
gleams for a moment against turf and
sky. Then the crack of a gun and a
thrill of satisfaction at the referee's
cry of "dead.", that's trap-shooting.
A clean, invigorating, man-sport,
which is rapidly growing in popularity. It ia natural for Canadian fingers
to Itch for the feel of a trigger.   Trap-
Union Bay, and sister of the bride
acted as beat-maid and carried fragrant bouquet of tulips and sweet-
peas. The groom was supported by
Mr. H. Atchenson of Youhou, B.C. ,
The grooms gift to the bride was
a string ot pearls and to the brides-
shooting offers the answer to every I maid  a brooch,
red-blooded man's desire to shoot and j
gives him, at the same time, the satisfaction of acquiring proficiency In a i
sport In which skill Is an admired
accomplishment and what is perhaps
most Important of all, the benefits
derived from out-of-doora and the
pleasure which comes from association with wholesome fellow-sportsmen. The rapid growth of trap-shoot-1
Ing as a competitive sport is reflected
In the attendance at the traps every
Sunday of the Cumberland Rod and
dun Club. The members of the club
are very enthusiastic and prospects
for a real good summer's sport are
almost assured. The club has been
impoving the property just off the
Courtenay road and last week built
a gun rack and we are given to under-1
stand that nn attempt will be made
shortly to e'ean up the grounds aur- j
rounding the traps and proceed with
tc building of a small club house.
, was as follows:
Senior Women's Competition ended
in a draw between Cumberland and
Cassidy. The Cumberland team was
composed of Mesdames Hudson, J. D.
Davis, J. J. Potter, F. Parkinson, and
Miss Waterfleld, whilst the Cassidy ladles were Mesdames J. Hogan, M
Cameron, C. Harvey. E. Holman :indL.
Graham. Five teams competed in this
The junior girls competition was
next staged with 3 teams competing.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Millar of Cumberland I Nanaimo being awarded first prize
Mrs. Anderson of Union Bay and sis-, an(j Cumberland second. Thc Nanaimo
ter of the bride, Mr. and Mrs. Moncka'lenra being Misses B. Tompson, M.
of Deep Bay. Miss Andrews and Mr. j Guiness, D. Campbell and L. Gordon
Skilling of Victoria. whilst the Cumberland team was corn-
Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson  will spend [ posed of Misses A. Brown, K. Littler,
their honeymoon  visiting the sound | J. Frew, N. Jackson and V. Recce,
A reception was held for the young
couple by the bride's mother assisted
by her aunt, Mrs. Coe.
Among   the  wedding  guests  were
their respective associations. The
Cumberland girls were given wrist
watches as their award.
Tho  list  of tests were as follows:
Ladies'    senior   event—an    elderl>
woman la Injured by an automobile;
examination shows a cut on tho right la\yiy
cheek bleeding freely;  patient speaks j flow
with   difficulty   and   there   is   some   paper In •>.
i bleeding   from   the   mouth;   a   largo j bo reached
swelling on the right side of the chest |
ja deep cut on the right leg and  a
swelling on the loft  leg.
|   Junior girls  'evenl   a  girl  struck |
! by a car, and is unconscious,   Regains i
| consciousness;  cut on left shoulder, I
, arm does not move freely, injury to j
right   kaee   joint.     Dainty    leather'
, handbags were given for the first prlz0
] for this event, and vanity cases for
I the second.
■    Junior boys' event— a hoy at. a pic- !
. nic party falls from a tree a distance ;
: of 20 feet.    When the first aid team I
arrives, the boy Is unconscious.    In'
the middle of the right arm there Is !
some swelling and unatural mobility
He  regains  consciousness  nnd
plains of pain ou the outer side c
the right hip, and examination shows
a cut in that area.   At the centre of.
the left lower leg there is a bruised ,
area and when you run your hand over !
the bone you detect some Irregularity
Give first aid and load on stretcher,    j
Senior men's event—after a slight
explosion in a mine a man Is found
In the following condition: he is covered with rock, bis breathing is labored and difficult and he is unconscious. He has a large scalp wound
o nthe top of his head which la bleeding freely, The hair is singed and
there are 1st and 2nd degree bums
on the hands and face. The right
band has been crushed almost completely off at the wrist Joint. On the
inner side of the lower right leg there
is a large flesh wound exposing the
hone to view. While being treated
he regain^ consciousness, vomits some
ami complains of pain in the abdomen. On his way up the slope he becomes unconscious and you notice
that tlie pulse Is slow. Give first aid
treatment, carry up slope on stretcher
and he ready to give your views as to
what possible injuries the man may
Senior three-man event—a fireman
is trapped In a burning building. In
a half dazed condition he jumps from
a second story window to the ground.
When jou arrive you find that he is
unconscious, the face Is purple and he
is gasping for breath. Upon further
examlnailon you find that the right
forearm just above the wrist Joint Is
swollen and sligtly bent. The right
foot Is very freely moveable at the
ankle Joint and la greatly swollen.
The left leg Is shorter than the right
and tiie patient complains of pain In
the region of the left blp Joint. Give
first aid ami load on atretchcr,
Immediately following the competitions, Mr. T. R. Jack on. district inspector of mines called for order nml
In a few well chosen words said they
had now come to the interesting part
(In Vancouver Daily Province)
Ottawa, April H A. W*. Neill. M.P.
for Alberni, B.C., is returning to the'
quest for information about, and an 1
enquiry into, the affairs of the Manu-1
I facturers' Finance Corporation ,the'
j organization headed by a member of
I the Senate which Buffered a disastrous
j collapse last fall Mr. Neill had a mu-
I tloi on the Order paper for an enquiry b. the banking committee. He
| dropped it and made the matter the
>f his speech on the budget,
has replaced it on the ordt*r
evident hope that it may-
ad acted on this session.
Trades Licence
By-Law Passes
Third Reading
City Fathers in Regular Session;
Donation Made to Board of
Trade for Advertising
Mourns Death!
The regular monthly meeting of the
Cumberland City Council was attended by all the aldermen wilh the Mayor In the chair.   Minutes of the previous meetings were read by city clerk
Cope and on motion adopted as read
UN Is   and   accounts   amounting   to
$80.1)5   were   presented   and   If  found
correct ordered to be paid.
|    The reports or the various commit-
I tees were received, all chairmen reporting progress.    For the fire warden,   alderman   Ledingham   reported
that   the   department   had   answered
fjl- fl   C lintnn out or tlle Lity llmfLs'" ciimai°wu-
"  !    For the board of works, alderman
n, ,.    .,      "."    ... ...   | Henderson   reported  that  a  new  dtv
Pioneer Resident Led Busy Life Lumping ground had been chosen, be-
in   District  for  Past | tween the first and second tracks on
Forty Years the Royston road and that all business
  men in the city will be notified im-
It la with great regret that we re-  mediately of the new location of the
cord tlie passing away of one of the j dump.
^ citizens. Mr George The city clerk reported he had, as
who died In u nursing Instructed at the last meeting of tho
Institution on the mainland on Sunday! council, obtained quotations on traffic
Last Tho deceased gentleman had j signals similar to the ones In use at
been in failing health for some time I Courtenay. After duo consideration
aud only last ..ear made a trip to' ft was decided to purchase stop alg-
Australla In the hope of improving his • nals to be ereoled at tbe intersections
condition. On bis return and for a ; of the streets running into Dunsmuir
short   time   afterwards.   Mr.   Clinton  evenue.
appeared to b,. much Improved, bull Under the heading of new business
: had eventually to seek relief In the | Alderman Mumford reported that he
j Cumberland General Hospital. He was had Interviewed Mr. Filberg of the
removed to the mainland In the hope Comox Logging and Railway Company
that by special treatment an Impove-1 wlth the result that sufficient ground
ment in bis condition could be attain- a, u nominal price will be secured
ed, and it was quite a shock to Ms for the city at Comox Lake. The al-
many acquaintances in Cumberland dermen will journey out to Jock's
to hear of his death. | Po|nt some  evening and choose the
The late Mr. Clinton was horn in
IVisylvannia US years ago and was
a direct descendant of George Clinton a former Vieo-l'rc-ddent uf U.S.A.
Deceased in the early part of his
business career waa connected wilh
ibe Peusylvnnnia railroad. He spent
several years in India as a clerk with
a shipping lirm aud on bis return
from India came to British Columbia
[ exact location and specify the amount
I of ground required.
j Aldermen Mumford also brought to
i the attention of tbe council, on be-
| half of the Board or Trade, the mat-
! ter of a donation towards the cost ot
| advertising Cumberland nnd the lake
1 In a special publication about to be
I Issued and which would be broadcast
over the entire continent. The Board
talcing a Potion "Ml, the Esquimau „, Trade wa, w|||lng ,o ^^ (he
tt ater W orks Co. | aum of |15„0 lf the c|t;. would donate
About forty-ono years ago, when the the other $16.00 required. All the
Dunsmuir interests took over the aldermen being In favor, the board ol
Union   mines.   .Mr.   Clinton   came   In ! trade   will   receive   the   donation
To novice «vent, for the minister of tho evening's programme, the pre-
School Sports
tig oul thai technical
s only one phase of
. lho sympathy and tact
imount importance in
slclt. He advised
elf iu the patient's
ement Of
Former Local
Boy Announced]!
John Albert Peacey to Wed at
End of April
Of interest to many friends In the
province Is the engagement of Mollie
Prances, elder daughter of the Hon.
aad Mrs. Reginald Flower of east Kelowna, grand-parent of the late Viscount Ashbrooke, of Castle Durrow,
Queen's Country
, of mines cup attracted live teams,
• Cumberland being placed first ami Nn-
! naimo second. The winners were
I represented by M. Brown, T. Eccleston
| J. Brown, J. Buchannua and W. Ben-
! nle nnd Messrs. D, Galloway. B. Mars,
W. Phillip. N. Jackson nnd M. Cork
Cumberland   Chosen   For  This represented Nanaimo.
Year's Celebration |   Te -unlor bQ>'s' ovent only llrovv two
  ! teams  together. Cumberlad  and Na-
On Thursday evening the Cumber- j naimo, Cumberland being placed first.
land Board of School Trustees held j The local team was composed of Mcs-
I their monthly meeting In the school, isrs. S. Hunt. W. Johnston, C, Davis,
I with   trustees  MacKinnon,   Partridge   B.  Nicholas  and  O.  Robertson J   Na-
j and   Baird   present.   Mrs.   Partridge ' naimo team being Messrs. R. Dlckln-
' acted as chairman In the absence of'son, R. Harrison. IV Rnthey. B. Em-
| Mrs, MacNaughton.    The Public and  erfck aud It. Dunn.
High School reports were received! The senior men's event drew eight of tho minister of mines and I
"join Principals Apps and Shenstone.' tennis Into competition and the grout-
Mr. Murray presented a report on the est Interest was displayed by lho spec-
night school staling that at first or- j tutors in this event. The Judges bad
ganlzatlon amongst the pupils had a real bard time determining the win-
been  rather difficult   but  things arcners,   eventually   awarding   the   de-
sent ing of the prizes. Before, proceeding with that Interesting' part. Mr.
Jackson said be would like to read a
telegram bo had received from the
minister of mines, Who said, that "owing to pressure of business regret very
very much I urn not able to be with
you In Cumberland today, Sincerely
trust the meeting is most successful
nnd I hope at some future date to be
able to pay a visit to Cumberland."
After reading the telegram. Mr. Jackson called on Mr. J. Dickson, chief inspector of mines to present tbe prizes.
The chief inspector was very brief
bo said be bad been asked to prosetlt
Lho prizes in the unavoidable absence
going to do that right away. The
prizes Wore then presented to all
tho successful competitors ami on
completion Mr. Jackson took the floor
to say  n   few   words,  but   ho  had   to
charge of construction On the completion of the railway. Mr. Clinton
ioinod the clerical staff at the Dunsmuir collieries in Cumberland, eventually becoming paymasted, then superlntendant
Ho assisted greatly in thi
Izatlon of tho Cumberland Water
Works ami in 11)17 retired from tbe
Canadian Collieries nnd became managing director of the Cumberland Electric Lighting Company, a company
which Mr. Clinton had been successful in organizing, lie was actively
interested in the Comox Creamery
Association, icting as dijeutor for
five years and also took a prominent
part lu the promoting of th(. Courten-
u.. Electric Lighting Company
He was also a prominent member
of the masonic order, holding many
import a m offices. He was a past
master of Cumberland Lodge No. 25.
A.F A; A.M., a past principal of the
Cyrus Chapter, Royal Arch, past district superintendent of the Urand
Chapter of Canada, past deputy grand
master, past potentate of (iezeb Temple and a member of the Knights
Templar ami was a charter member
of Hiram Lodge No Ifl A.F & A.M.,
For many years Mr. Clinton took a ]
prom In en i pari In the activities of t
the Cumberland Board of Trade ns I
$15.00 for advertising purposes.
The Trades Licence by-law no. 79
and Pool Room by-law no. 80 passed
the first, second and third readings,
and permission whs granted to bring
1 In the general rate by-law at the next
organ- { regular meeting of the council.
Alderman Ledingham brought to the
attention of the council the matter of
tho 24th of May celebration stating
that he had been informed some of
the Fraternal Societies In Cumberland
Intended getting behind tbe movement
this year and assist in making the
celebration one of the best on record.
A meeting for organization purposes
will be held in the council chambers
on Saturday night at 7 o'clock when
a general invitation is extended to
all Interested to be present.
aldeul and mi many occasions dele-
looking better now and Mr. Murray elsion to the
predicts a successful term for the second place
next year. Mr. Jackson also forwarded a repot on the night school.
Bills wore received hy  the  Board
and referred to the finance committee
Cumberland  team and  give up on account of tho younger
to  Cassidy.   Tho   Cum-   element calling for the dance to start.
gale   to   it
clntetl Boc
a row
his   only   |
accident and i
rowing wife li
loss one daugli
Portland. Ore .
ter.   Miss   And
The funeral
ouvontloti of the Ahso- !
of Vancouver Island,
s ago, Mr. Clinton lost |
through an automobile
In addition to his sor- ;
ie leaves to mourn his i
■r. Mrs. <). Russell, of j
ml an adoptee) daugh-
y   Phillips.
vas held on Tuesday.
Vice-Regal Party
Back From Trip
Qualicum Beach. April 11.--Their
Excellencies Lord and Lady Willingdon With Miss Egorton, His Honour
Lieut.-Govenor Bruce. Miss Mackenzie, Capt. Streatfleld. Col, Willis O'Connor, Capt. Molson ami Major und
Mrs. Seldon Humphries, have arrived
here on completion or their tour of
the west coast. After lunch at th-
Qualicum Beach Hotel today they left
Tor Victoria, calling at Nanooso to
se,. the site of the proposed Country
Club on their way
Ireland, and  niece   ror their approval.
of the present peer, to Mr. John Al-1    Mr. Apps suggested that the Public
hert Peacey, only son of Mr. and Mrs.  school teachers be allowed to visit
berland   team   was  captained   by  J. Amongst those present at the con-  last from Holy Trinity Church, New,
Williams, the other members being J tests were many prominent St. John ' Westminster,  Intormonl   taking  place
Quinn, J. Brown, J, D. Davis aud H. Ambulance  and   First  Aid  men   nnd i in the Ocean View Cemetery. Burnaby.
-Waterlield.    Cassidy was  represented mining  officials,  those  noticed  helng   Mr ■Rupert Shaw and Mrs. Ma< Naugh-
The nmy friends in Cumberland
and district of Mrs. Shearer, Sr., will
be sorry to hear that she Is very ill
following a serious operation which
she underwent whilst visiting her
daughters in Seattle and Cle EHm.
Messrs. W. and George Shearer, sons,
and Mrs. Johnston, Hunden and Cess-
fodr, daughters, left on Monday to be
with her.
A. H. Peacey, of Victoria. Miss Flower is" a graduate of St. Joseph's Hospital, Victoria, of the 1924 class, and
fs well known In nursing circles both
on the Island and mainland-
Mr. John Albert Peacey is a native
son of Cumberland and attended the
Cumberland Schools, moving to Victoria with his parents a few years
tho other schools of the district. Tho
by G. Hoggan (capt.), A. Galloway, J.
Wright. R. Holman and D. Wright,
The  last  event of Die evening, lhe
senior three men event also attracted
four upper grade teachers might visit 'eight teams and was very keenly cou-
whllo their classes wero having do- tested. The Cumberlad team captaln-
mestlc science and manual training, ed by S. Hunt was returned the win-
and It could be arranged by the staff' iters with Nanaimo captained by D,
as to the convenience of tho other Simpson, second,
teachers   to   visit.    This   suggestion I represented by S.
Mr. Dallaln, uf Victoria, secretary of, ton    both    of
the St. John Amhulance Association of, the funeral  whl
British Columbia; Mr. Stevens, tree-  nature
surer of the same body ami Mr. Ed-       The   pall-bearers
wardson, a prominent member of the   ,\,   Mounce,   W,   E,
executive, also of Victoria. First  aid   jer
and mine rescue officials present were   u-v
Messrs.  J   Thompson  of Cumberland   pe)
Tho   locals   were   and Stewart  of Nanaimo and Messrs.
Hunt,  W.  Whyte.  Jemsen nnd Strang mine Inspectors; i
Cumberland   attended
h   was   of   a   private
were   Messrs.
Lawrence,   J.
Delinquent Tax
Payers Made
Known to World
Man)   People Said to Have Paid \o
Income 'l'«\ for Vcoraj Resident*
of Vancouver In Mnjorll)
Victoria.    B.C.- British    Columbia's
j flrst "'black list" of those who have
1, | failed to pay their Income tax Is un-
H [ der preparation here and will he ready
nd Rupert Shaw,
conducted  by the
of ('(Hiultlam.
The Horv-
Rev.   Mr.
met with the approval of the board,    j and  T.  Mossey and  Nanaimo by  D.   Mr. Thomas Graham and Mr. A. Auch-
The  Upper   Island   School   Sports ' Simpson. W. Thorpe and T. Chapman.  Invole of the Canadian Collieries (D.)
ago when Mr. Ralph Frost took over  are to  be bold  In  Cumberland  this!    Two  'Mots"  teams  of  small   girls,   Limited  and  Western  Fuel  Corporate drug business of A. H. Peacey.      year and a short discussion was held  one from Nanaimo and ono from Cum-  tlon. The Victoria visitors, members
The wedding will take place In Vic-: aa to a suitable date, hut nothing do- j berland. gave  an  Interesting cxhlbl-   of the St. John Amhulance Association
mittee for t
and   for   thi
made (or th
The dance
10 success of the evening
excellent   arrangements
i visitors,
which followed waa very
torla the latter part of April.
finite was decided.
tlon, both teams receiving prizes from i warmly congratulated the local com-
largely   attended   and  terminated  exactly at  midnight.
for publication shortly In the British
Columbia Gazette,
The largest number of names are
; said to be those of residents or Van*
| couver. It was emphasized that no
one'i name would be published unless
he had been given every opportunity
to make returns and pay taxes. The
date or the publication has not beou
set definitely yet, but will be arranged
j within a few days, PAGE TWO
FRIDAY, APRIL  12.  1929
The Cumberland Islander
00M your town! If you don't, who will?
Maybe all the newcomers and prospective
residents think it is going to be the metropolis of this part of the Island, and it soon wll be.
Get in live and energetic men and the town cannot help but prosper, go forward and grow. You
never saw a town amount to anything in telling
t how dead it was—-lifeless and that all the powers
J that be could not start it moving, building up and
I endowing it with new life.   This is enough to kill
BOYS ar.d girls forced against their
through a lung course of study distasteful
and abhorrent to them, are always failures,
only mere parrots and chatterers through their
lives. We love the rough honesty and homely
humour and comic good sense, even though some
of the higher rules of rhetoric may be violated.
We love a man whose native boyishness is not all
lost by the us.- of a hair brush and shoe blacking;
whose nature is not all combed out and brushed
away. \\ e don'l care if his coat is a little out 01
fashion, and his speech a little too much empha-
sized—we say 'that man is natural, he does as
he teels,and he means what he says." On the
other Hand, we hate with a true haired, the sham
who weighs mf) meal he eats lor fear he shall
take more than a law of physiology allows; who
marks with the most exact precision every word
he uttera; values the cut ot a coat, and is mosl
scrupulously nice about contact with this nasty
world; who hates good honest dirt, uses eye
glasses young; bows well at a party and ia an
excellent judge of perfumery.
From all such, good Lord deliver us! We like
boys who give evidence of a determination to hew
their own way in the world. They are natural
kings of society, and if left to develop the natural
untarnished impulses of their souls, will make
their mark in the world and be of some use to
their fellow creatures.
These remarks are inspired after reading a
speech delivered by Professor Eden Quainton in
Vancouver last week when he said "the High
School should be the stopping place of a good
many of the youth of today. " We sincerely believe the Professor is right.
• i.lany town, while the statements are not tru
Make the best of everything. Take the progressive side of every reasonable question. Advertise
your town and business in every possible way
and your brightest hopes in regard to it will be
fully realized.
The Cumberland Board of Trade laid a request
before  the City  Council on  Monday night,  the  ;»;
granting of $15.00 towards the cost of advertis-  jjl:
ing Cumberland  in  the publication called "The  In:
Call of the Coast".   The total cost of the adver-  *'•'
tising amounts to $30.00 and for that sum this
city will be advertised throughout the length and
breadth of the continent through the publishing
of 26,000 of the books; 10,000 books on Sport in
British Columbia and 5,000 road maps showing
Cumberland and district.   Tho city fathers granted the request without any opposition to it at
all.  $80,00 is a small sum to advertise a town, and
we can bet our last year's salary that more than
the $;I0.00 expended will return to the city inside
of three months.   We look to the Board of Trade
to keep up tlle good work.
The best way
to get rich.
to find your missing kinsfolk is
■ always d few people in every village or
I city who complain dial ;i certain set of men wanl
'o "run ihe town."
Uut those who kick most tire usually those who do
notliinr, to hssIhi In the civic work of their communities.
Many who never attend a public meeting, nor even take
the trouble lo vote, will stand on street corners and criticize their more active and patriotic neighbors who try
to set necessary iIiIuks done.
Running the town is noi such a delightful pastime as
some Imagine, and the leaders In every community arc
men who sacrifice their time and contribute their money
to assist movements tor the public welfare.
Those who are dissatisfied with their leadership shoul.1
get busy and give a hand, instead of criticizing from lhe
side linos. -The  Municipal  World
Personal Mention
The Missis Audrey Gear and Hur-
riet Horbury returned on Sunday aft-
-r spending the Blister vacation with
Mr. and  Mrs. Nellson of N'anaimo.
Mr. .1 11. Cameron paid a visit to
Nanaimo on Saturday last bringing
back a new Whippet six for Mr. Gnl-
Horn to Mr. ami Mrs. Harry
; In the Cumberland Hospital on
day. April  12th. a son.
Mrs. A .tlcldt. mother of Mr. Lloyd
Geidt, propletor of tiie Cumberland
Motor Works has returned to the district after spending a few months vacation In England. Mrs. Geidt has
taken up residence nt tlie home farm.
A former vicar of Holy Trlnl'..
Anglican Church, tho Rev. A. Blschlager, accompanied by Mrs. Blschlager Is spending a  vacation  in the I
district. ,    Tho firemen's dance held at the Im
                           , perlal Pavilion on Saturday night las:
Some 16 badminton players met al i w" » "r>' »«<«emfnl one. being till
the Anglican Hall, on Wednesday
night and enjoyed excellent games
until close to midnight. Amongst the
party were one or two players who
were amongst the pioneers of badminton in the district.
dor the Joint tire brigades of Cumber- j *i\'.
lind and Courtonay.   During tbe evi>- j iji;
nlng  Mr.  John   Cameron,  captain   of   ;flj
ihe CumbberUnd Fire Fighters thank- j ;fj!
nl ihe nairon.s or the dance on behalf   ;ti|
of the two departments. j l\\l
Music for tlie dance was supplied  3f3e3£$=$g$
,   , by the Canary Club orchestra and was
Mr. \enables  who  used  to operate |        .       ,       ...  _
,  , | continued until 2 a.m,
a bakery in Courtenay is we are led 1
to believe going to settle In Cumber
land and will take charge of Maroe
chl'a Bakery.
Our Saturday Specials
Have been such a success that we will continue them.
Now that the weather is breaking we can look for hot
days, and for your health's sake you had better let
us bake for you.
'Ibe Home of High Class Cakes and Pastries
Telephone 18 and book your orders now.
Dr. MacNaughton
Strongly In Favor
Of New Road
! Extra seating accommodation had
I to be brought Into the City Hall on
I Tuesday night to accommodate the
I number of members of the Courtenay-
j Comox Board of Trade when the mat-
j ter of the Menzles Bay Road was ful-
s ly discussed.
J Mr. P. L. Anderton, the president,
I In opening the question said that
j this wns the most important meeting
I the Board had yet had and he believ-
I ed thc Menzles Bay Road was the most
important question they had ever
; dealt witli. There was more business
I going to Vancouver, said Mr. Ander-
j ton, from that district than from any ey from?
piece of work that had been done In J
the past ten years. A very conservative estimate of the pay roll of thnt
of the road being put through as early as possible. The assistant district
engineer  also  seemed  favorably  im-
. Dressed.   He thought they had a very
road were opened up.|stronR case to put up t0 the depan.
district was a million and a half dollars a year and that million and a
half would be right at the door of
Courtenay i
Mr. McCartney, of Campbellton. was ment and any support he could give
then called on nnd he spoke of the
great possibilities of whnt the Courtenny district would get if the road
were built. He had worked with the
logging companies for n number of
years and he knew no effort had bcen
made by the business men of Courtenay to get that trade until this
spring. Esgs, hay. ar.d every bit of
the supplies that had hcon going Into
these camps had been coming from
Vancouver but il this district organised so that they could supply the
camps they would get the business.
They had been missing hundreds of
thousands of dollars. Tiie road wns!
going to be built some day; why not]
build It now when there was some- i
l thing there they could draw the mon-
towards getting thc road put through
he would be only too pleased to do so.
The president personally conveyed
the thanks of the board to Messrs McCartney, Vanstone and Brunt on for
coming down from Campbellton to be
present at the meeting and to Dr.
MacNaughton for the Interest he took
In the matter.
Automobile Side   Curtains  Repaired
Also Harness Repairs
Comox Creamery Association
Courtenay, B. C,
Hay. Grain. Flour and Feed, Poultry Supplies
Builders' Supplies — Gypi'OC Wall Hoard
Lime, Bricks, Cement, Commercial Fertilizers,
Gound Limestone
Comox Jersey Ice Cream
at your favorite fountain.
On rising tn speak, Dr. G. K. MacNaughton,   M.L.A.,  said  thnt   if  the
president of the board was thc judge
and this were the case for the plaintiff, the defence would withdraw fromj
the case;  there would really be np-j
parently only one side to the question.
After taking the trip in, with Its mo- j
tor ride, hike, nnd boat ride back, not!
forgetting  the   wonderful  supper,  all]
who went up were absolutely convinc-
ed that there was very little lo be said'
in opposition to putting the road up;
to Menzles  Bay.    Personally  he  was
convinced uf  the  value of  the road
from both the humanitarian and so-1
cial side.   If the road went ln he un-1
derstood Uie families would be brought
in, schools and community halls provided.   From tho economic standpoint
they were Informed that the companies
would  Usue  ; Ucir  cheques on  Courtenay banks and a lot of the business
would   be  done   In   Courtenay  and
Campbell River.
Trom tliis end there seemed every
desirability for putting thc road
through and affording n market for
tlie produce of the Comox district.
Prom the government's viewpoint it
was apparently a matter o[ dollars
and cents, lie had taken every opportunity In Victoria or presenting the
claims for this road and the question
seemed to be whether it would form
part of the Island Highway to Say-
wind. There wns a road being built
from Sayward down this way and the
minister wanted to be assured that
this would tie a part of tho highway
north. He, the minister, though', the
I logging companies should, contribute
j something in thc way of material towards the road; they should be in- '
, tcrestcd enough to assist.
Provision had already been made towards doing the preliminary work and
he thought steps should be taken as
promptly and energetically as possible
to have the matter brought to the attention of the department and the
work put through at as early a date as
possible Personally, snid the Doctor,
he W08 one hundred per cent in lavor
and the Forty Thieves
A Musical Comedy in Two Acts
Concert items by Pupils of the
Cumberland Schools
Ilo-Ilo Theatre
April the 25th at 8 p.m.
Admission 75c. and 50c. FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 1829.
ALEX MAXWELL, Proprietor.
Autos for Hire.   Coal and Wood Hauling given very
prompt attention.   Furniture and Piano
Storage if desired.
Phones 4 and 61
Cumberland, B.C.
I i I
7 DOZEN for	
3 dozen Eggs, "firsts"   81.00
Fancy Shoulder Hams, skinned and boned,     QQ/»
average 6 lbs., per It) OOC
Fancy Picnic Hams, 5 to 7 lbs. each, per lb	
Jel-Jel Jelly Powders, assorted flavors, 4 pkgs.
2-tb. Jars Orange Marmalade, each	
2-lb. Jars Raspberry Jam, each 	
2-tb. Jars Black Currant Jam, each 	
4-tb. Tins Royal City Peach Jam, each	
4-tb. tins Royal City Apricot Jam, each 	
4-tb. tins Royal City Strawberry Jam, each	
4-tb. tins, Malkin's Best Marmalade 	
Phone 38
Service and Quality
Price $14.50
sold by
Cumberland Electric
Lighting Co., Ltd.
Red Top Relief Valves, $7 each
To Keep "Closed" Plumbing "Open"
This is a Vis-tu. valve tor use on domestic hot water supply
systems [or relief uf damaging pressures caused by ranges
and tank heaters.
Both Red Top Relief Valves are approved hy Underwriters'
Laboratories. Inc., and by Stale and Municipal Bureaus of
Water and Boiler Inspection,
0. W. CLINTON, .Managing Director.
"Four Sons" Has
Brilliant Cast1
Margaret Mann, tho little mother,'
"Muttercnen," of the four noble sons1
in the title role of "Pour Sons," now j
showing at ihe Gaiety Theatre. Courtenay. gives one of the finest charaot-;
erizations ever shown on the screen.    |
At the ripe old age of sixty, Margaret Mann reaches the pinnacle of film
fame by her simple and unaffected
portrayal of the grief stricken mother
who is left behind, all alone, when her
four sons march off to war. Woven
into this major theme is the brotherly
love of the four sons and their devotion to their mother.
Aside from the many touching
scenes of mother love, the film i
abounds in youthful romance, the!
sweethearts of two of the sons helng
played with great charm by June Coll-
yer and Ruth Mix, daughter of Tom
Mix, internationally famous screen
star. The boys are superbly played
by James Hall. Charles Morton, Geo.
Meeker, and Francis X. Bushman, Jr.
The entire cast was carefully chosen
by John Ford, who directed the picture with all the skill and genius that
he put into his other great successes,
"Mother Macree" aud "Tlie Iron
Report For
Comox District
Issued Perlodlcullj from Ihe Offlco of
(he Secretary, Department of
Home (unking sale Saturday
Tho Anglican Talent Club will bold
a   Home  Cooking  Sale  on   Saturday.
April 13th, commencing ai 10 a.m. In
ihe store ik'.vi to the Royal Rank.   It;
Children's fancy Dross Ball trill bJ
held In the llo-llo Hall on Friday,
May ilo. 3tst, under auspices of the i
Women's Benefll Association of Cum-1
berhnd.   Full particulars will be an-
Trials of Jesus in  (Board Of Trade
"King Of Kings" I |To Hold Klondyke
Finelv Picturized
Historical   Accuracy  Sole
of Cecil tt. De Millo,
the  Producer
il of over two
s iii the first
March was
good weather,
■ Interspersed
ul frosts were
the   moisture
; one
Grantham Whist Drive
The fortnightly whist drive was held
ln the Grantham Community Hall on
Wednesday evening, 23 tables being
played. The prize winners were as
follows: Ladies, first, Mrs. Murphy;
second, draw between Mrs. McCabe
and Mrs. Duncan, the latter winning;
consolation, Miss Mather. Gentlemen,
flrst, Mr. Crisp; second, draw between i
Mr. Parkin and Mr. Woodhus, the latter being successful; consolation, Mr.
Orders lefl al Henderson's Candy Store will receive
ryy     PROMPT ATTENTION     ^
David Hunden, Jr.
COAL     —     GENERAL HAULING     —     WOOD
of all descriptions
The Delicousness of
Golden brown waffles—ta3ty, crisp and wholesome. . .
so simple to make with a Waffle Iron such as this
beautiful heavily nickeled, full guaranteed Manning-
: I        Tn Plymotitli'Hnvre.Lomlon
I   Ascania May 3. 31. July 5, Auk. 2
!   Alaunia May 1(1. June 11. J'ly 12, Aug. 8
1  Auranla May 17. J'ne 21. J'ly 19. Aug. 16
I Ausonla May 24, J'ne 28, J'ly 20, Aug. 23
' To I'l.inaulli.llavri'-I.niiildn
;   Ausonla  April 20,     t'aronij April '»(]
I To Quctinstown & Liverpool
| , Scythia April 20. Samaria April 27
;. To Cliorbourg .£ Sontlianipton
' Berengaria April 24, May 15, June 5
I Maurelania May 1, 22, June 12, July 211
; AqulUtnlaMay, 8, 20, June 10, July s
, j To Oiieenstowu £ Liverpool
!   Scythia April 21,     ■  Laconia May 5
J i Tn Londonderry & Glasgow
!   Cnledonia April 2". California April 27
; To  Bel fast .IJver»(ioMJliispoiv
; Athenia May 3. 31. June 28. July 2fi
! Andania May 10, June 7, July 5, Aug. 2
; I.etltla May 17. June 14. J'ly 12, Aug. 9
; Antonla May 21, J ne 21. J'ly 19. Aug lfi
I Money Orders, Drafts and Travellers' I
! Cheques at lowest rates. Full in-
! formation from Local Agents or Com-1
| pany'a Offices. G22 Hastings St. W-.
I > Vancpuver. B. C.
experienced with n p iri
weeks with severe fros1
part of February nnd
snow in various district
a mouth of relatively i
with fine, bright days
wiih some rainy ones, L
prevalent at night.
Generally   speaking,
situation i;- a somew hi I
unless copious rains fall
tew weeks.
Comox District
There h only a limited acreage of
fall grain sown here, although considerable of the cultivated areas would
produce much heavier crops ol fall
aown grains than Bpring sown. The
fall sown grains iu this district have
come through in good shape, so far
as can he determined at tliis time.
Several of lust year's fields that
were seeded down have very poor
stands of clover and grasses. This i-
tlue in :i great extern lo the lack of
lime In the soils.
The severe weather of January and
February did some winter-killing of
fruii trees, shrubs, etc. The cold
wintry weather of February iias alsn
greatly delayed spring field work,
which is only becoming general now.
but Held work should proceed rapidly
now, as the ground is in good shape
to work on account of light rainfall
this winter, and Ideal weather now.
The cold weather aiso grei
tailed egg produt tlon and
ply of hatching egg i i
hatching was delayi d co
month in some Instanci
number of chickens to be
year w 111 he i oi dderabl
Live stock appear to be rather thin,
except on farms where they had plenty
of rough feed, and a great many farmers are selling off dair
count of being short
costs too much to buy
quired, and pastures
Last year's potato crop appears to
be about ele tied up, and indications
are thai a   average crop will be plant-
Mr.   Jas.   Goard,   of   Goard   Bros.
■Inter   was   Piano  tuners  of Vancouver,  will   be!
in the dislrict on or about May 1st.      '
Tunings or repairs will be promptly  nm
■ i^.J.V.i.i  Mended to by phoning 247 Courtenay,   ,-,.,■
le  Mrs.   Percy  Sadler 16-1"
Dance Wednesday
All Members of Board of Trade
Asked to Lend Help
itly cur-
cut off sup-
i isequently,
ilderably, a
so that the
liatched this
■ below  the
jattle on ac-
teed, as it
the feed re-
i quite bare
home of   Mr.  and  Mrs. ('.  H.
■ was the scene of an enjoyable
party o i
field on Thun daj
Wins'  wa    p'l;.
the evi nlng     i1:1
lad&s'   first,   Miss
consolation,   Mlse
gent's first, .Al
Robert Ash. eon
the evening was
Those present
K. Fornih,
Waterfield. B. Russi
Daw. P. Walker and
Do laid, C. Laver. R.
iril 4th.
part of
md Mr.
rest of
ne- and
David Walker and family desire
tins of doing so. all those friends:
o very kindly loaned their cars on,
occasion of the funeral of the late |
8. .Kan Walker. '
In the New Test- !
King of Kings"  ;
ie  Sanhedrln  and
I Jesus, with a re- j
thai has not been i
n connection with \v
ril B. De Mill
it  epic of "Tl
. reproduces   both   i
the Roman Trials i
| gjrii for accuracy
I manifested before
1 a   Biblical   drurnn   or  pic
thank most sincerely and take this
,-,   ,        . ;        i are some Interesting data
Pontius   i'il ite,   Roman   procurati
f Judea, used the Palace of erod du
Ing   hi-   slay   in   the   Holy   City
i there hold his Court of Justice, It
j was Just in ikie the Joppa Gate, on tho
j western marge of Jerusalem
Hull of th.
Mr David Walker and family lender heartfelt thanks to the doctors und
nursing staff of the Cumberland Gen-
val Hospital for their very kind at
entlon to Mrs. Jean Walker daring
ler Illness. Special thanks are also
tendered to those friends who by their
eady help and sympathy did so much
o alleviate lhe pain caused by tho
leath of i loving wife aud mother.
Thanks are also tendered for the
nany beautiful floral tributes received.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed, Williams, of Trent
Road, like this opportunity of thanking Dr. Micks, matron and staff of the
Cumberland Hospital for kindness
and attention to their daughter Edna
during her recent illness.
The family of the late Norlo Herose
tender heartfelt thanks to the doctors
and nursing staff of thfi Cumberland
General Hospital for kind and sympathetic attention to a loving son and
Jrother during his illness and whilst
a patient  In the hospital.
To man.,- friends and public in general whose services and sympathy
were so kindly tendered in our time
of bereavement, we desire to extend
mr   sincere   thanks.
The family of the late Norio Herose.
lit loving memory nf our dear son!
and brother. Harry Taylor, who was
tilled April llth, 1928.
)ne precious to our hearts has gone; j
Hie voice we loved Is still.
flie place lays vacant in our hearts,;
Can  never  more  be  filled.
Inserted by his loving father, moth-'
ir, sisters, brothers and Pegg>.
St. George's Day and Shakespeare's birthday will bo celebrated at the Elk Hotel, Comox,
on Tuesday, April 23rd, Dinner
will li" served at 7:110 promptly.
Tickets can lie had from 12, Felix
Thomas, Courtenay, the San Drug
Co., and Cooke's Drug Store. As
accommodation is very limited. I
applications for tickets should be *
mode  immediately. it    I b
Arraigned  Iii
hidden)  ol  i
meg li:
enl of
dawn. I!-' was
the House Calui
Priest angrily ci
stalrcisi ■ taken
to  thi'   Hall   of  t
dlctment   and   <
across the City
od  where Pilnti
Hon. ratified tlie
"The King o
to ih,- Uo-llo
Tuesday and \
16lh.   and   17th
the magniflcon
exterior ol the
In from nl il a
conh h  oppostl
An appeal was made at the special
meeting of the Courtenay-Comox
Board of Trade on Tuesday night, for
every member to get behind the Klondyke Dance to be held next Wednesday and help to put lt over with a
Mr. Win. Douglas, who has full
charge of this annual function of the
board, said that it was a huge thing
and they were under very heavy ex-
and l)<fnses and he asked every member to
be present on the evening of the 17th
and report to either himself or to Mr.
A. B. Ball, chairman of the entertainment committee, and they would find
lots of work for them to do. Each
member would be notified by mail as
to what committee he would be required to work on.
The president. Mr. P. L. Anderton,
said that thc Klondyke Dance was the
only dance the board held during the
year and as their only source of rev-
lonlal 'enue waa Membership dues, they wished to put it over as successfully as
they could. They could only do this
with the full co-operation of the members and he asked that they mention
the dance to everybody they met.
Mr. A. B. Ball asked for the volunteered services of a sign-writer and
Mr. Wm. Rickson agreed to look after
the writing of the signs if furnished
the wording.
Mr. Charles Bool suggested that
stickers be printed and put on car
wind-shields, which suggestion was
them-.' A further object of this special meet-
if Her-1 lnK tt'as l0 talk over the project ol
hestta* tne Menzles Bay Road. Messrs. Mc-
Carthey, Brunton and Vanstone were
, present from Campbellton and while
awaiting the arrival of Dr. G. K. Mac-
comes ' NauBnton, M.L.A., other board of
heatre on Monday, | mntters were bought up.
Inesday, April 15th,; The name of Mr. Wm. Ricltson was
• ■produces not only I proposed as a new member by Mr. W.
Sunned rin
| Calaphas, High Prlesl and ruler of
Jewry, held Courl In the Hall of the
Sanhedrln, which wns in the Temple
A passagewaj frotn it opened Into the
House of Caiaphas, which adjoined
one of the Temple structures,
In tho courtyard of the High Priest's
home took place Peter's ihri
' of his Lord, when thai disciple feared
I his own arrest In consequence of tlie
[questions of the guard and tiie serving women.
he hour of the ar-
s as shortly before
rought up through
i- where the High
'routed Him on the
rough the vestibule
Sanhedrln for in-j
. In  Hob
igs," whir
ml olasf
might j
IBUT   ll
in the
Courl   of   Cnlupha
grand views  of th
of the  Hlerarch
Judgment   Hall   and
Palace, but the street
ii the stories and bal-
Thousaiuis   of   ail
es of society are shown
mob,   The state nf the
Is   shown   on   a  scale
with   the   majesty   of
Noi   less
jA. W. Hames, seconded by Mr. Wm.
| Douglas and accepted unanimously,
j and upon being called upon for a
| speech Mr Rickson in a few words
' expressed how pleased he was at be-
(coining associated with the organiza-
[ tion and that it was only by organized
j co-operation they could hope to make
j Courtenay a better place tn which to
llnd   His  Trimlil
the High
victor,    I
j P. P, Harrison j
■ Barrister, Solicitor, ■
i Notary Public :
J Main Office jj
! Courtenay           Phone  35S I
i Local Office :
j Cumberland Hotel in Evenings ;
* Telephone 115R or 24 ■
t :
Dyers ami Dry Cleaners
Specinl    family   laundry   rate.
Orders   left   at   the   lliu  Cafe,
'phone 15D, Cumberland will re
celve prompt attention,   A trill
order will convince you.
Telephones! Courtenay, 22a
Cumberland   150
The annual general meeting of the
tho Misses!Cumberland Tennis Club will be held
"on Friday, April 19th, in the Council
Chambers, commencing at 7:30 p.m.
All tennis players are asked to be
present and take part in the election
of officers for 19-!'- Badminton players are aiso Invited to attend the meet
e, M. Dunn. E
. E, Hilton, P
Messrs. E. Mao-
Ash, C. Wilson
.V ;I,1-Serii,gin
FR WC. . . . ._. .
; : i.mi M. ■ . ,
' 'Ml /.1 hi \m>. .
:-\ .4 *& ■-■' ?e
v g» is, *,.■ 1
:. ,  .;•! S'Sl.s
.   .,
Vancouver-Courtenay Transportation
,'    - tho K, [i-
of Co
.    1     '.
VI     pol    ,   I
!„c,t   tr..-
.-,..' to i>e '
[idlest   ej u
Telephone 144
Mill St., Courtenay
Agent in Courtenay: Mr. A. B. Ball
Service and promptness still our motto.
Powell River, Alert Bay and all Way Points every Tuesday.
Courtenay, Comux and Way Points every Wednesday,
Tugs and Scows for hire.   Boats for charter.
Warehouses and Docks at Vancouver, fo>t of Bidwell Street, and
Courtenay, B.C.
TaW-A     7W
Write Thc Bordut tu., Limited, LW.
JULY 5th
UN I iii-. s.s.
rA't'l  ROOMS
,r Paj-i of
■ ;;...-.   .
,  laOl   ■ Ml  il
'  1   CALL   VOU.
I ■::    V :. :;   tl-l!:'
in exile he died by tliiw
from a cliff m ar Vienna
■'The   King   nt   Kings"
000 to produce; has ii	
Intereatlng   is   the
*,   with   Us   many | *
•■ ahod nl sway ,    The secretary reported that Mr. A.
! W. Neill. M.P.. had been taking up the
j question  oi  stocking  the  lakes  with
H 'trout and had been assured that they
nrator. I wouW bc stocked with Kamloops trout
[jsij during the coming season,
always      With  reference to the dredging of
,. ,.(,„. I the river, Mr. Neill wrote to the effect
that while the vote had been made for
the  dredging,  it  might  be  necessary
to spread the work over two years.
Ing himself j    Tlie secretary reported that the re-
j suit of thc referendum on the keeping
ost  $2,500,-1 °ljen of tnc lJ0St Office lobby on Sun-
in tho east jda-Vfi was 128 for and 56 against, which
lie was oft in
Priest, and not
is  military  force con-
- few thousand legion-
• recalled at the death
a i  tradition  says that
15-10 j '''
A DANCE in aid of the Cement Ten-
nis Courts will be held in the Ilo-
Ilo Dance Hall on Friday. May the
3rd. Watch for further announcements, it
AX I I1ABA and the Forty Thieves.
A musical comedy in two acts by
pupils of the Cumberland Sell iols,
llo-llo Theatre. Thursday, April the
25th   at  8.   p.m. it
WANTED—Large Quantity C e d a r
Poles, all sizes and lengths. Quote
best prices f.u.h. cars shipping point,
Advise quantitles can supply and
when can ship.    Spot cash,    Neider-
meyer-Martln Lumber Co., Spalding
Bldg.,  Portland,  Oregon. 15-17
with IS stni
eln (equal
in nal
are ov
li   Is
Information had been sent on to Mr.
i- il  er
s c h o I d
For full particulars apply H. Treen,
P. O. Box 331, Cumberland.     14-10
FOR SALE Bids are invited for a
Blx-roomed house al 100 Derwent
avenue. Sitting room with open
li replace, mahoghany overman tie
anil tiled hearth, beautiful elnnda-
ller; dining room Willi open fireplace; large kitchen; pantry and
bathroom (each i>' x 9') with porcelain washbasin and bat)), three bedrooms upstairs; all modern eh ctric
fixtures; Hush toilet with up-to-date
modern plumbing, new concrete
septic tank and tiled sewer, large
garden with fruit trees, grapo, vine
etc., all in bearing. Large millions,,
etc. Tenders to be addressed to
T. Mordy, ^T^'i Yew Street, Vancouver,   B.C It
LOST   ('user   for   boiler  of   Blectrlr
Washing Mac
Cumberlund b
please return
Ine on road between
id Courtonay. Finder
to  Islander Office. *
lllposed of IS
12 ot ordinary film)
irs, Admission prices I The matter of an air port for Cour-
lulta 75c, children 35qj tenay was discussed and on motion
iy afternoon at 3:30, by Mr. J, Sutton, seconded by Mr. C.
Ildreu   2fic, jBool.  a  committee was appointed to
j look into the matter, moke the neces-
DetUtlttll Island 'sar> arrftnBements and send in the ap-
. plication   for  license.    The  president
Rainfall for  March appointed   the   following   committee:
1 Messrs. John Inglis. J. Sutton and O.
The rainfall un Denman Island for I A. Kirk,
the month oi March was 3.74 inches, I    a further letter from Mr. Neill in-
being slightly above the average for tlmated that the taking of aerial pho-
the past eighteen years oi 3.08 inches. I tographs   of   the   Forbidden   Plateau
would be proceeded with this year. '
A letter was read from the Nanaimo
: Board of Trade enclosing a copy of a
petition protesting against the rumor-
, ed removal of the resident mining en-
1 ginecr's office from Nanaimo to Vancouver and asking for the collaboration of the Courtenay Board in their
endeavor  to  prevent such removal
In moving that the petition be endorsed. Mr. Theed Pearse said they
should not only do so from the standpoint of helping Nanaimo. but also
With the view to helping themselves.
It was very important to the whole
mental lot Vancouver Island that the office be
[left at Nanaimo Mr J. N. McLeod
.seconded  the  motion  which  was car-
SEALED tenders addressed to the
Purchasing Agent, Department of
Public Works, Ottawa, will be received at his office until I- o'clock mum
niaiiii-iii wirlmc), Wednesday, Mm I
Mhiil, for He supply ol eoal for the
Ion Buildings and Exper
ami  StatloiiH, through
I'roviii' .■. ol Manltobu, Saskatchewan,
Alberta und BrltiKh Columbia
Form- of lender with specifications rted unanimously,
and  condition*  attached  can  be oh-
talned   from   U    W    Dawson,   chief \
Purchnsli .     Vgi i        i lepartmeut    of |
Public   Works,  Ottuws;   II    E   Matthews.   District    Kesidenl   Architect, I
Winnipeg,  M tn .   *'•   .1   Stephenson,
District   ItcHltlenl   Architect,  Itcglna,
Sask ;   Chn     Si Ih n ■    Dlstrlcl   Resl-
rleni   An hltei t,   Calgai).   Alta.;   aud '
,1. t:   Brown, Dlsl   el  It. 'Idem Archl- !of I|H' Witrm weather is already having
Warm Days Bring
Out Tennis Players
Cumberland   April  io—The advent
led, Victoria, U i
Tenders will no
let 8   m ide   nn   Hi
The rtfi
i  i
:onsldered un-
ahovo  mentioned
Call at
umborland, D.C.
Telephone 35
P. A„ Victoria,
B. C.
Corporation of the Cllj of Citmborlninl
All owners of dogs, who have not.
yet taken oul l!'-'i licence mast do so
Immediately. On and after April 16th
prosecution will follow owners of i
dogs falling io obtain licence,
14-15 W   II. COPE,
Chief   or   Police
Union Bay
Mr. and Mrs S Abrams and Miss
Laura Brown motored to Alberni on
Mr. and Mrs. J. Pollock spent the
week-end In Ntnaima
(< mam! from the su
i   'i   deposit,   mu   e
ol   ! <■ amount
its effect upon Cumberland tennis fans.
As early as the beginning of March
a few very ardent players were having a work-out on the courts of the
Cumberland Tennis Club whenever
the weather would permit, but now as
^^IXo^Ua^irSvrtl^^-^,^,,,,,.  -m-rmor,
Hy  order,
S   E.  O'BRIEN,
Of    Public     Wn
April 5. 1929.
players are turning out almost daily
and the courts become busier.
The officials of the club are expect-
l,;  mu 192!) to bo a banner year in point
_ i of members enrolled.    The great activity  in badminton in  the past winter is bound to stimulate interest in
the  summer  ixutlmc.  owing  to the
, close  relationship of  the  two games.
| The officials plan to hold thc annual
, meeting very shortly and will recommend that a concerted drive be made
t    to enroll new members, concentrating
especially on badminton players.
FRIDAY,  APRIL   U.   192!*.
Nanoose Club
Developments Are
Making Progress
Special'Attention Is to Ik (liven
to Polo and Steeplechases, and
Riding Academy Will Be Among Features of Tine Stabling
New members are applying for nd-
mission to tho Nanoose Club, to which
the appellation "millionaires' club'"
has been given, and considerable progress is being made by the organizers,
Mr, il. S. Drummond-Hay, secretary
ot 710 Seymour Stn el. Vancouver,
stated recently. This club will have
sporting attractions that probably no j
other club on this continent can offer.
New (eatui added to the club's
attractions ore u lwo*an-ouo-half-mlle
Bteeplei lis c mrao and a polo Held,
Other fe tures include yachting, motor-boating, llshlng, hunting, tennis,
goll, swimming and numerous other
sporting  i.h llltles.
PI ins for the main building ol the
club have been completed by Mr. a.
Arthur Cox, I'UI.B.A., of Vancouver,
and Illustrated in the Colonist already.
The iii [gn pi ovides tor a mosl palatial i lubhouse a lout; modern lines,
in the Tudor style of architecture.
The architect is now working on plana
tor the Becond unit of the club, namely tlie riling academy anil .stables.
The academy will have ;i glass roof.
Thc stable.- and academy will he in
keeping with tlie design of the main
clubhouBe building, and will have
plenty ol accommodation for the thoroughbreds to be uBed for steeplechag-
ilig and polo. The stables will be located near the polo Held and yet conveniently close io the clubhouse.
Precaution against fire is being
taken in every particular In connection with tht' stables. These buildings
will be of concrete with tile trimming,
concrete floor and tiled roof. They
are being designed along English domestic lines.
In the central tower ot the academy
will he concealed a water tank to
give added lire protection as well ad
plentiful water supply for the horses.
in order to provide plenty of Illumination in the vicinity "f ihe stables a
powerful search light will be installed
on the top of this lower .
The club has secured the services
of men thoroughly conversant with
the Grand National anil other famous
steeplechase courses to lay out tht;
course. Hopes an: entertained that
the construction of this course will
lead to the establishment of a classic
race In British Columbia,
For yachting purposes the club will
posses excellent deep-water wharves,
while its proximity to the many
islands  thai  dot   die Gulf of Georgia
out, at
be  laid
Steoplech using
temenl and .
Supreme in  Theme—
Gigantic in Execution—
Most  reverent and strikingly beautiful panorama of the tragedy of all
ages-—the world's greatest screen epic   Twenty marvelous sets picturirg fcr
the first time the principal scenes and events of the Divine Mini
Son of Man	
A production acclaimed by world-famed scholars, divines of every creed,
press and public in this country and abroad, as the most ambitious
tion of the final years of the life of Jesus ever pictured on the screen.
Magnificent, dazzling, awesome, uplifting, inspiring,  massive,  beautifu
reverential, amazing, dramatic, spectacular—an epochal motion picture that
will live live forever in the hearts of mankind.
H. B. Warner
Ernest Torrence
Rudolph Schidraul
Joseph Schildraut
Victor Varconi
Montagu Love
George Siegmann
William Boyd
Jacqueline Logan
Theodore KoslolT
Robert Edeson
Alan Brooks
Josephine Norman
Dorothy Cumming
Julia Faye
Bryant Washburn
Kenneth Thompson
May Robson
aaoora-OTCsawaaaaaasaaiaoaaacT'/ie  cast   incomparable   in   the  Picture of Pictures! :M«H«s=was=«5aras^^
Mary Of Maodau Tempteo By Fime
Scenes You Will Never Forget!
The excitement and enthusiasm ii.
spired throughout the world b> the
recent Grand National proves beyond
doubt thai the love of horses and tht'
admiration of horsemanship is Just
as keen now aa in the good old days
when knowledge of horsehlood,, courage in tbe saddle and the ability to
take a five fool hedge or fall in the
ditch with the equal uonchalence wars
the hallmark ot ;i good sportsman.
Sleeplechuslng started, like most
things, from a single mind, nnd grew
despiti the ■ if!Ini and criticism of
the unimaginative majority into a fine
and noble competition, perhaps Becond
to nothing In thi i life.
Ono could, perhaps, hardly recognize the model n steeplechase in its
original form a ■■ Introduced in the
middle of tlie eighteenth century. An
Idea inspired b> Mie sight uf wild
geese flying in the concert led tu spurt
of point to poiul racing called a wild
goose chase, in which two horses wore
matched. The leader alter passing
a twelvescore mark had tin- privilege
of   making   Iii:!   own   eoiiise.and   won
tanclng his opponent. This arrange
ment, usuallj tin' outcome nt a substantial  win;.';,  invariably would  lead
to a horse ridden to death, with the
consequence that definite rules and
net courai    w on  arranged,
The foundation itone, however, of.
organlzi d lei ph i basing was noi laid
until mo, h .. :. i'., In -t Life Guards
arranged ,> mat h ill Die Choquoi -
Inn, Si. \lbat under 'he arrange- i
ment.,  ol   Tomn     Coleman   a  noted;
horseman   ami     portsmau      The   coil-
dltlons   read:   "Kor   twi nty-flve  bov- '
orelgns, to currj twelve atone nr over,
not less than four miles of fast hunting country."
A few  yeai     lati r,  in   1831, a  sell-1
ing Hteeplei ha ii   wa i run at Atntroe, |
nnd the bui ce     attending this meet-1
ing led to the establishing the following year of the Grand National, a raee
which is still unique   calling for the ___
finest horseflesh .mil the bravest and1
most skilful rldera of the day. clenl game.   The earliest records are
■ '.ill-mile course1 to be found as far back as GOO B.C.,
the Nanoose Club j in Persia, after which the game wns
» in- introduced In Introduced farther east, and 1,400
and although the! years ago, during the Tiang Dynasty.
fully considered tn J was played to wome extent In China,
ue horses concern- : several emperors being recorded aa
e - -'ing and Bport- exponents of the game,
rill provide Bplend- The first British players were ;t
| number of planters In the tea dis-
., . i tricts of Cache! In 18G4-5, after which
lit was adopted by the army in India
polo grounds .it  the Na- : as  its principal sport,
will tend to further pop-!    The nrmy later Introduced r '    in-
he Pacific Coast  this an
The remarkably beautiful sceno of
the festivities at the home of Mary of
Magdala, the sumptuousuess of appointments, the banquet and the departure of Mary ln search of Jesus
after wagering she will return with
her friend whom Jesus has made one
of his disciples.
The meeting of Mary nnd Jesus aad
the purging of the Seven Sins by
which the Magdalene, forsaking her
friends, becomes a follower of the
The appeal of the blind girl to the
Madonna on the restoration of her
.sight hy Jesus.
of the
He he
The   healing
ministering to the sick and
thereby rousing the hostility
tuthorltiea who give orders that
watched and restrained It ne-
of Mark amid  popular
The meeting of the conspirators and
the acceptance by Judas of thirty
pieces nf silver to betray Jesus.
The raising of Lazarus from the dead.
The miracle of finding a Roman coin
In the fish's mouth.
The saving from a clamoring mob of
tlie woman caught in adultery and
Ills command, "Let him who is without sin cast the lirst stone."
The tempting of Jesus by Satan and
his refusal of the offer made to Mm
The Last Supper when Jesus tells his
disciples, among tl.ini Judas, that
"One of you shall heiray me. " Judas
slinks  guiltily away.
The betrayal of Jesus lty Judas in the
garden of Geihseinene on Olivet and
the arrest of the Master by the Unman
Peter's denial of Jesus and the consequence thereof.
His condemnation by tlie Sanhedrlu
and apearance in the hall of Pilate
the Roman Governor, who saying, "I
can iind no fault in this man," would
have released Him had not the minions of lhe Roman conspirators raised
the cry. "Crucify Him!"
Tho Via Dolorosa and crucifixion at
Golgotha. The frightful storm and
earthquake, and the flight of the terrified populace.
The Resurrection aad the appearance
of the Risen Christ before His disciples and His final vanishment—"Lo!
I shall be with you always!"
What English Clergymen
My message Is "Go and see 11"
The general effect is reverential and helpful.
I think the production worthy
of the subject.
There fs nothing lo which
anyone could object. I came
away powerfully moved.
BOYCOTT—As an interpretation
of the Gospel may it bo the
forerunner of many more—It
makes one worship.
The film hns treated tho Gospel story wilh remarkable reverence.
Words Fall to Describe ll "King of Kings" Must Be Seen
APRIL 15th. 16th, and 17th
ONE SHOW ONLY at 8:00 p.m.
MATINEE TUESDAY at 3:00 p.m.
Adults 75c, Children, 35c
Adults 50c, Children 25c
ILO-ILO "THEATRE, Cumberland
APRIL 18th, 19th and 20th
Thursday and Friday at 8:15 p.m.; Saturday at 0:30 and 9 p.m.
ADULTS 75c —Come Early and avoid rush— Children 35c
MATINEE SATUKDAY at 2:30 p.m. Adults 50c, Children 25c
-.'.u, 'lee*i*R.vr*'i-'v-: ,^m
•O-      -.»-      O- '..
The    two a:,.! n
to  he  laid   nut   ul
will   be   I lie   flrst
Western Amerii a
Jumps will be eat
meet the ability ol
ed, It will be an in
ing coarse, which
Id sport.
The line
noose Club
ularlze on
in tSTl on Ilounslow Heath between
the Ninth Lancers and the Tenth Hussars. The popularity of this wonderful game has now spread over the
world, but nowhere to the extent It
has been adopted on the American
continent where there are at present
over 10,000 registered players, using
40.000 trained ponies.
The general conditions of the game
are very much the same as in ancient
days, hut the fades have undergone
considerable change1? due tn tho Introduction hy United States playera
Lnfclaiid. and a match waa played j nf  thn   largor.   «peedior   ponton,   snd
keen compe:ltion of these players has
brought modern play to a very high
-Victoria Dally Colonist.
Golden Rule Sunday has been described 'is a by-product of Near East
Relief Work. Like those of industry
thin by-produd promises to vie In importance with tho parent activity.
What Is Golden Rule Sunday? Here
is the answer given by a little Japan-1
Editorial Department of the Relief Organization. "Once in Armenia and
Syria nearly a millian orphans, hav-
1 :g no home and food were wandering.
They were hungry, they could not cry
and died every d ty by hunger and
epltlemlc. Their fate was the crudest of those who survived the Great
War of the world. Much land was
laid waste by the war and by the
plundering of bandits. Over mountain
and rivers wandered the orphans who
were expelled."
"What was the cause of thin dis-
eso girl in Koynto. as quoted by tho  aster?    What did  their parenU  do?
They  insisted on
iheir religion. The enemy government planned to sevor all their lives.
Though they were shot dead Lhey died
bravely, gratified at tho fate given
then hy God. They bequeathed to
their childen the Bible In which was
the Golden Rule. Goh'.en Rule Sun-
da was established according to its
phrases. Indoed, I must remember
tliis day. Wc at school made hearty
contributions. May God bless every
poor orphan."
How aro we to observe Golden Rule
Sunday?  On this day in an Increasing
liberty of faith of number of families the principal meal
Is a simple repast such aa would ho
partaken of hy the orphan children ot
the devested lauds surrounding Asia
Minor, who have been cared for by
kindly people of man., nations including our own. When partaking of this
simple fare, tho hearts of all go out
to the homeless and suffering, and a
worthy contribution Is made to their
support and help. A3 the movement
grows and fires the heart of mankind
tho day 1b brought measurably nearer
when thero shall be no more hunger,
loneliness or distress. .... FRIDAY,  APRIL 12,  1929.
for Pay Day
|£j •''*)%% Mrs Mccormick is leaving to-mor-
go, row 'Friday) for her home in Mlnnea-
g? polis after spending several months
p,T at the home of her daughter. Mrs. C.
Wfr Mclver, of Headquarters.
Hi ...
i j   Mrs. Roy Cliffe, of Sandwick. left
this week for a short holiday with her
mother In Vancouver.
1 Can Strawberries ....
1 Can Peaches 	
1 Can Blue Plums ....
1 Can Bartlett Pears
Our new Booklet
nn Color Harmony
copy from your
dealer or wrllo di-
reel la ihe com*
pany at Montreal.
"That's a perfect
Combination, John.
I'm so glad you got
that B-H book."
" It was your idea, dear, I was the
doubting one, but I'm certainly
convinced now—and I'm a bit
proud of my painting ability,
" Don't take too much credit,
John, remember what the paint
man said about B-H " English "
being easy to use and covering
so well."
Classic Cleanser, 4 tins for 30jJ
Wine, Gingsr or Port, per bottle  10«?
1 Can Peas 	
1 Bottle Tomato Catsup
1 Can Corn 	
1 Can Pork and Beans ....
1 Can Tomatoes 	
The Dairy
Phone 98
Guaranteed to contain Brandram'i
Genuine B.ii. White Lead and Putt
White Zinc, combined In the ideal
proportions of 70 to 30, forming tht
strongest covering pigment known
to acience.
| Courtenay-Comox Board of Trade
j Members Travel Over Menzies Bay Rd.
No Obstacles to Road Which Would Give Outlet to More Than
Two Thousand Men •
W i Mr. A. H. Venables. who has Just
Wb returned from Tacoma, has severed all
p?! connection with the Venables Bakery
"ijji! and has taken a position with Mr.
Marocchi, Cumberland.
•   •   •
Mr. R. B. Dixon went down to Na-
j naimo on Sunday to attend the meet-
Ms- I ing of the Island Baseball League.
Messrs. W.   A.   W.   Hames.   W.  R
8$ j Dunn and Chas. Forrest, of Courtenay
land Mr. J. Vernon-Jones, of Cumbers' ; land, motored to Nanaimo on Sunday
' .to attend a meeting of the Typjgra-
i phical Union.  They were accompanied
jby Mrs. Dunn.
Mr. Frank Marsh, manager of the
Royal Bank of Canada, Craiibrook. is
holidaying in the district.
Mr. Heber Cooke is a buslenss visitor in Vancouver this week.
Mr. James Walker has made a good
starts towards his new garage being
built on Alice street by Mr. G. Edwards. This will be known as the
Royal Oarage.
of the
Canadian Medical Association
Alex. Mc Kinnon
Wm. H. McLellan, Jr.
(Painter & Decorator Recommends aod Uses B.-H. Products).
Thirteen members of the Courtenay-
Comox Board of Trade, accompanied
by Dr. O. EC. MacNaughton, M.L.A.,
motored up to Campbellton on Friday
afternoon and walked the seven miles
in to Menzies Bay over the proposed
route of the Menzles Bay extension of
the Island Highway. At Campbellton
they were met by Mr. W. P. Beavan,
Assistant District Engineer, and Mr.
Questions concerning Health, addressed to the Canadian Medical
Association. 184 College St., Toronto, will be answered personally
by correspondence.
tli.it la very i
i. it has but I
as describing
i self-treatment, buying and using
some remedy which  promises  relief.
I This is a serious mistake The other
choice Is to consult a physician.    It
! is plain that the only proper way to
itreat a person complaining of indigos-
U6n is to find the cause of the condl-
I tlon and remove it. Treatment of the
Stomach itself may give relief from
tlie symptoms, but unless tho cause
of the trouble is removed, the condition will persist and likely become
little meaning in so fi
what   la   really   the  trouble  or
plaint.    It  Is  very much  like stating
that   one   boa   pain.     Just   as   then: j
arc   many   conditions   of   tho   body, , m
... ,.,.., prevent than tu attempt to cure,    To
which cause pain, similarly, there are r , .,,.,.,,
, ,   , ., ,        pt-vent indigestion, the right kinds of
a large group of abnormal conditions *   , ,,   , ,    ,
. . . , ,   , , foods   should    be   eaten    slowly   In
which give  rise to that condition  or
" j     In  all  cases,  It  is  much  better  lo
ailed   indigestion
Successful Concert
at Union Bay
Union Bay, April 10—A very successful concert was held in the old school
road, when completed, will be 22 miles, |ha11 on Wednesday last under the aus-
the whole grade helng now practically I »lces of the Ladies' uter^ Socle^
ready for steel. From what could be the foItowin* bein* the Programme:
seen nothing is being spared to makej Instrumental, piano and mandolin-
it a first class logging road of easy | Mesdames Haggart and McDonald.
mptoiu whirl
It may he that after some years of
er-eatlng. irregular eating, failure
eat the right kinds of foods, or be-
miUSe of worry or over-work, or on
account of some condition such aa decayed teeth, the body begins to falter
in performing its regular, normal
functions, (hie of tho flrst evidences
this failure is an upset or disturbance
of the digestive system. Usually
there is some headacln
lassitude, constipation,
constat)! pain in the abdomen and
frenuetly. pain in the back under the
right shoulder.
proper   amounts,   meals   should
i served on clean plates, In an attractive way. under pleasant conditions.
Regular toilet  habits should  be out"
' tlvated.
| If any abnormal condition is present, such &(, diseased teeth, it should
; be attended to. If this Is done, it will
save pain, worry and expense. The
person who neglects to take care of
him Bell may get along for years without   trouble,   but   trouble   will   come
... suffer for his negligence.
x feeling of
Irregular  or,
At this
To Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Bayly, of
Minto,  at  St.  Joseph's   Hospital   on
an attempt  at April 10th, a son.
mie of two things may
The Ladies Auxiliary of Cumberland
General Hospital will hold their
Hospital Ball
in the
ILO ILO Dance Hall
Friday, April 19th
First Class Music and a Real Good Time
General Admission $1.00
Refreshments Served
McCarthey,    who    accompanied   the
Anderton, John Sutton, A. B. Ball, P.I
Booth, W. A. W. Hames, F. H. Moore,1
grade. This must be completed before
a single log can be taken out and already, so we were told, some three
quarters of a million dollars have been
At the present time some one hun-
Solo—Mr. Geo. Harwood.
Reading—Miss O. E. Searle.
Instrumental,   piano   and   violin-
Misses Anderson and Schulson.
Solo—Mrs. Tribe.
      Vocal Duet—Miss E.  Baldwin  and
party in. piloted by young Mr. Perkins I ivti men are working on railway con-JMr H<*biM,
of Campbellton.   The Courtenay con-jstruction. but as soon as the line Is'   Coralc s™6s—Mr. Sid Williams,
tlngent was composed of Messrs. P. L. completed the camps of the Campbell    Du(,t-Mei»rs-   Hobbins   and   Har-
Blver Trading Company will employ w
some seven hundred men.   About the! interval
P. W. Galloway, E. Felix Thomas, J. same number of men Is employed at j   play in °ne Act' "Sewing for thc
N. McLeod. A. T. Searle, J. Inglis and t|K, Bloedel camps and several hun-1 Heathen," In which the following took
his small son Douglas. Ben Hughes and dred „t tns Lamb camps across the part;
H. E. Wallis. Bay. which will make a total of con-     Mrs- Judd- ,he Hostess-Mrs. Muir.
From Campbellton the party follow- slderably over two thousand men ini   Servant, "Meeley,"—Mrs.   King,
ed a couple of miles along the Govern- 'he three outfits.   In addition to this I   ^sident of Aid Society. Mrs. Cles-
ment telegraph line, which  while not ma»>' more mc» viil lre employed In [y  *™       ~iL   ...    v, m
following the   actual   survey of the «« pole camps   which   will operate    Grandma 0»te-Mrs   Reid.
proposed road,   gave   an Idea of the "head of the loggers. "»  m \e,   m     a„h      ,
I country through which thc road would     Upon asking   what    kind  of men    ^M«ker-Mrs   Anderson.
Ibe built.   From thence to Menzles Bay!™'1" be employed we were told that j Mai St.'°"B-Mrs Call nes.
they followed an abandoned grade of," «»d ^lUtles were put in so that!   «"• «• ^""-f1"- "° , m'
the Bloedel Company.   It was the gen- «» men could bring In their families!   * °m " ' °' ,t"Z' '  r .
eral opinion that the construction of M enjoy the privileges a road could]   »■ l*W *«»   " *• "^   °',!
the proposed road did not offer Bny give them, they Womd fie largely, if notice   which   kept   the   audience   In
obstacles, portlcularly where the rail-i»»• Canadians; If no road were put inj™'° ™   *„*"'„„ Hl„  ,„„ „,„,„„„
wav grade could be followed   In fact Ithe only men who would stay In there    Mu"v thl"*s »rc due  thc vbltu>e
way grade couio do ™"™ea   ln IacSwouM Z. ,.Bohunks " and the man who artistes, Mrs. Tribe and Mr. 8. WtU-
as one of the party said, "Take away "oura DC  Bomrous   ana me man wno  „„„„,,„, „v,„„„,„ „„i„„
.    ... \     ~   ., ,^UniH thnt  "<;niH n mmithfnii" I lams, who supplied extremely enjoy-
the fallen snags and a Ford car couldisam tnat'   iaw n moutntuii _„mu-».    m,„ t „.,,.„„, «„„i„,„
„„ in now" I    As an illustration of what road fac-'aWo  nu"lberb-    The Literary  Society
8 ' ilities would do for such a community1™"111 nls0 MPress lts appreciation to
At Menzles Bay the party was met „„ „,„„, ,„,H „r , „„„,„,„ „„„„„„ „., all who contributed to thc success of
by Mr. Hank Phalen, the foreman of
the Campbell River Timber Company,
Mr. Richardson,
we were told of a certain operation on
the American side of thc line.
the concert.  $50.00 was realized, which
Klondyke Dance
and Frolic
under auspices of tbe
Native Son's Hall
Wednesday, April 17th
 * * *	
Five Invitation to all old-time Klondykes,
Popular Prices —:— Good Music
A camp
, ,    J   4 , started preparations and at the same amount WM handed over to the UnIted
the superintendent, ..      ..        , . ,    A   . . church
.  .     . .,     .      . .   ,. time the    state    government started,        WL
being temporarily absent in Vancouver, ...        .        ... . .  -     ...
j    ». u \      i t 1 their road construction and before the =
and after a short rest were escorted .   . , ,  . ..  . .,
,.    .. „ .    .   .        „ camp had completed their construction'
to the camp "chuck house," where a       .; „„.       '      .   ,    .   7j        '
,..,., .      ...        . .. I work and was ready to do logging a,
table fairly groaned under the weight'      .  ^ . , .  -    JSL, i
* *u    -ii .u * i tJ      *. #   ' B°°d  highway  was  completed.    This
of the dinner that was laid out for T ..  . . ..     *
....       . ..       , ,,  .  i has resulted In a community of ap-
them.   Needless to say, they fell to        .    , .      .      .. .   J   .    . *\
. e.. .   ■ proximately nine  thousand  contented
with a gusto and there was none who        , .   , ..
,..,,,, ...     ..    ;people composed of the employees and
complained of a lack of appetite after fl  :,   ,    ... .   .   , ..  ,
..  . „    ...       f ...   their families, most of whom own thelrl
their seven mile hike.   As one dish. _ ... .  .   , ,
...        ..      .   .   ,.   _.      ; own automobiles, and forty per cent'
was emptied, another took Its place,!  , .. „     J.        ,    ,
..   . .    ..    „        „ .   .     .       ,.of these are Canadians who have gone
so that by the time all had eaten of;        .. ....    .. , .        e    .
..   .    „„   ..        ,. ..   .  ,, i over there within the past four years
their fill, it would appear that there i   „ .,.-.,,<.   iU
L <   j   i.,..      .^   .. ui    A   Upon returning from the trip to the
was as much food still on the table at      .*     .,      .   ,   ,. .   \     . ,
end of the steel, the  partv boarded
From whatever viewpoint it. is to
be judged, the Great West Canadian Festival recently brought to
a conclusion at Regina, was a success. In attendance it eclipsed its
forerunner at Winnipeg last year.
Its handicraft exhibit covered a
wider rant:", a more comprehensive
representation of I'm peoples of the
West had been a^ui'-rl "ar and,
in tho words of J. M. Gibhi n, sponsor i-f tho festival, "Saskatchewan
has proved that within it^ borders
;- the foundation of an art upon
*hieh will lie built a structure of
1Tnnfai7 »ho>« native dinrm dfllehud thonunds la
nttendance al lhe Itcirlni Pwtlvsl
' national culture finer thon that of
any other nation on earth." Over a
hundred folk-dancers interpreted
the dances of many racial groups.
Folk-singers numbered over one-
hundred and sixty. Handicrafts
struck response from thousands
and it is .«afe to say that next
years festival, which is already be-
in;: planned, will receive still greater support and present a folk-
pagennt to be unequalled on the
continent Tha festivals have been
arranged under tho auspices of
the Canadian Pacific Railway.
the finish as when the meal started,
and, believe It or not, that hungry
Frank Gagne's  boat and  were con-
bunch surely stowed away""a" plentiful | ve^d ,0 Cam^11IR1,vcrlwhere' *> *>»
case of the I e graces of Jack Brunton, their
: cars were awaiting them, thence home,
feeling that they had demonstrated to
themselvs not only the feasibility of
putting ln the Menzles Bay road, but
the wonderful benefit it would be, not
only to the logging interests and employees at Menzies Bay, but to the
rapidly growing community at Campbellton and to Courtenay and Vancouver Island in general.
supply.   It was verily
loaves and fishes.
After dinner, an Invitation was extended to the party, most of whom
availed themselves of it, to go up some
five miles on the speeder to the end
of the steel.   The total length of this
Dental Surgeon
Office Cor. of Dunsmuir Ave.
Opposite Ilo-Ilo Theatre
Good Service
Reasonable Charges
This man never
had cause
to complain
of service
**1 think yon are must
fortunate III the choice of
your personnel," a subscriber at Kidney, D.C. recently
wrote In praise of the tele-
phone staff that had been
serving Mm.
"Hail I any coniplalnl to
make 1 would not have hesitated In acquainting you of
If," he said, adding that,
"since iho telephone lias
been installed, far from
having any thing to complain of, I have on the other
hand met wilh unfailing
clvllit.v, caro und attention."
Courtenay Locals
Miss Mary Sutton left on Saturday
for a month's holiday, Sho will visit
in Nanaimo, Victoria, Seattle and Vancouver.
Mr. Wm, Smillie went to Nanaimo
on Saturday night for the week-end.
Ho was accompanied home on Sunday
by Mrs. Smillie, who spent the past
week at the Andrew Bmlllle homo.
|   (;<ui|bci'I<ii)(l   |
; Comniorclnl    I I ,, | , , ]       Halt,
; Headquarter,  | j*'lvl    ReaiotMble ;
Itooms Steam llcatod !
IV. lllllllll ll.l.l), Prop.
Charlie Dalton
Meets Boat at Union Bay Every
Sunday Morning
o**ign«k«I hy tili<» industry's
jroroiiiosl wS>l.vE<» k^;»<H'i.-ilisis
The masterful dcslsu, Uie beaut) of line und color
«f Ihe ncw-styla * illys-Knight "TOH" ili-tin^uii-h
tliis attractive car us thooutatnndliig creation of the
country*fl leading Btj l« BpcciallBts.
Only uiiiimi^ the coatllcst <>Ur>tf>ni-liuill car» can vmi
find udequoto coropaHion with the artistry oflinish
pnd perroction of appointment whirh i'liaracteriz«
thin new und Inexpensive Wilh -Knight Six.
**Flnger*tlp Control"—tbe greatcsladvancc in driving
convcniriH-i! since tho srlt-Hlnrfi'r, is an outstanding
fcuturc of this new "TOIt.M
Then' nre thousands who have always drsirrd a
Knight*tuotor<id cur but until now have hern re-
Btruini'd  by   tin*   necessarily   hi^brr   rust ol'   tin*
puti'iited double Blecvc*valvo engine>
My them, this dlslinctiva new Six will be welcomed
as ttie Industry's finest example of costly*car styh- nt
averagc«ear prices,
Wlltyi'Knlghl 70-B Sedan Sir>tr,t Coach $1420, Coupe $1420,
ina 91 US, ll (Uyt-Knlgh S(>-A Coach $1220,
u /■'. O. II. Factory,, Toronto, faxa extra.
Courtenay, B.C. PAGE SIX
FRIDAY.   APRIL   5.   1929
Cumberland Personals
"Checks" arc popular
now. The Prince o! Wales
is wearing them.
Forsyth Shirts with collars to match are now featured in the new favored
check patterns, in a wide
variety of shades.
Fully guaranteed, of
course, under the Forsyth
Insurance Policy.
Your choice of length of sleeves, 33in., 34in., 35ln.
Mrs.   J.   Patterson   and   daughter,■    Mr. Spooner returned from Victoria
i Marian, of  Powell  River arrived on ' on Monday and will resume hla bar-
Wednesday to visit Mr.s. Mortimer.    Soaring at the "Eclipse" Banner Simp
*    *    • | shortly.
Mr, Joe Whyley returned from Van- »    *    ♦
couver on Friday. |    Mr.  Bill  Woods, while working aa
«    «    « _ engineer un No. H at Xo. 4 mine on
Mrs. Crawford and Mra. W. Whyte j Thursday nun: wis accidentally lu-
who have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. jured whllo unloading pipe when one
C. MacDonald returned to Campell-1 ot the men accidentally let one end
ton on Saturday, ,o£ a pipe tell, causing the other endi
am* to Injure Mr. Wood's baric.    He was
tflss Helen Parnham and Miss Jean t brought   in   on  lhe  engine and  Mr
McKee   returned
to   Vancouver   on , A. Nunns
In  resting
home,  where  ho
y to mee
went to Nanaimo on
Mrs. Symons who has
In   Vancouver
on Sundaj was accompanied to Nanaimo by Mrs, MacNaughton en route
to Vancouver.
,-    a    % ' iiildl'en'B games
MacNaughton   who   re-   lorgetting Iho <
ardlng school In Victoria  ning   the  donki
' won by AUei  J.
son. Cissy ,^'uf■!
Robertson, Allrl
i dren were i real
Daphne Lobly returned to Nanaimo, llcloua    goodtea
atier spending the holiday  with  Mr. ; Those present  \
and Mrs. Gear. ' James  Jackson,
•   •   • . Robertson.   Ed!
Mrs.   Prank   Sehl   and   Mrs.   John1 Younger, Beatrii
Hart nf Victoria are visiting Mrs. Dal-1 Nell.    Dot    Smi
loa at the Waverley Hotel.
At the
Ilo-Ilo   Theatre j
April 12ih and 13th i •
John Gilbert in  j
"Man, Woman j
and Sin"
Miss Sadie Brown and Miss Edna
Gear motored from Nanaimo on Sunday evening atter spending the boll-
' days  in  Woodfibre aud Vancouver.
iter Rouald Hatfield was a hap-
tile  hosl  during the week,  the
ion   helm;   i:,:  birthday.    Many
were Indulged in, not
citing  one  of  "pin-
'»   tail,"   which   was
kaon, Jessie Robert-
ml, Davio Bell, Bill
Graham.   The chil-
i lo all sorts of deli     &Jrs.   Hatfield. [
■re Alice, Kitty and ,
Violet   and  William1
. Audrey and  Jack i
Herd, Barbara Mc-1
Jessie   Robinson, j
Follows, Charlotto
ii   Sammy   Stockand.
AHek   Graham,  Margarot,  John  and
George   Harvey,  Eihel   Bena, George
and  Sammy  Shelllto.  Albert   Moncks,
Harold Waterfleld. Sammy and Tom-]
screen's   foremost   lover
his   finest    romance   to
A youth's first love—a woman with ■
a past—a man" who bars bis way to i
her heart—here are the elements of •
first-rate drama!     SEEITI
. I i
16th, Kith
-   WED.
md  17th
in Prizes for
anyone can take
Spring Time is Kodak Time
G3t busy with your camera and enter for thc Rig
Prizes to be Given Away to Amateur Photographers.
can be obtained at
King Of Kings' | Lang's Drug Store
l Danny
April   lstli
At l.ust (lie Worlil-Fiiiiiiiiis Spec
"It Pays to Deal at Lang's"
my Hobbs, David.
 1 Allck Bell
The Talent Club met at the home
of Mrs. C. Dando Jr. on Tuesday evening. The girls took along their sawing and plans for a homo cooking
stall to lie held next Saturday were
discussed. Dainty refreshments wars | Normal s--1-
served by Mrs. Dando. Those present
wore Mrs. Dando, Mrs. Robathan,
Miss G. Emily, Miss C. Richardson.
Miss  D. Cannon, Miss Mitchell.
Sunday ror
continue her
Here  is a story of Napoleon  that
Derbyshire. Davie ' tcn8 you more ttmn the pages of his-
i tory, a story of Napoleon the Man of i
*    *    * Destiny and of tbe loves and passions |
Margaret   Robinson   left   on   tlial  |n81)ired  hhn  to the deeds  tor
for Victoria, where she will   whjc,, the worI(1 remembers him.
al tbe Provincial
Opposite   llo-llo  Theatre
Cumberland, R C.
Practical Barber & Hairdresser.
Children's hair cut any style 35c
Ladies' hair cut any style 50c
(Not by Walt. Mason)
Yes. our garden beds we rake and I     \[IB. Devlin and Eunice returned o
all  manner pains  we take, to have Sunday after spending the Bastor va-1
Thirteen ial
play at the wh
evening in the
auspices of tin
them slick and nice and neat, in fact
cation in Vancouver and Nanaimo.
they simply can't be beat:    We turn
our hacks and walk away and view
them on the coming day—Horrors!
those   beds   so  span   and   spick   are
clawed   and   wollered—-we   raise   a' of her daughter, Mrs. Monks' blrth-
klck;   our  neighbor's  chickens  run-1 day.   Ver.» exciting games were play-
nlng loose, and garden making's but ed  Including the ever popular game
little   use.  and  those  old  hens   our'of charades.   Mr. Jackson entertained
garden   looting,   may   tempt   ub   yet J 111   his   inimitable   style,   putting  on
following:   Mrs,  C
| Mrs.   Carney,   ladle
During the early part of the week  consolation, Mrs. F
a   surprise   party  was  held   at  the j travelling prize. Mi
home of Mrs. J. D. Davis In honour  flrst. Mrs* M*"er;
. .Mortimer;   coa min
3nd travelling. Mrs
lhe cords, delicious
served by the ladi
to do some shooting, and to alleviate
our wrath, we'll make our diuner on
■ chicken   broth.
Build Your Meal Around
A Meat Dish
Gratify your craving for tempting chops and roasts.
We pride ourselves on the quality of our meats and
the excellence of our service has gained for us a great
name as
"The Family Butchers"
Meat l» satisfy any and every member of the family.
Buy your meat where you buy it best.
Wilcock & Co. Ltd
Phone 66
Deliveries Daily
several new amusing stunts. Solos
were rendered by Mr. S. Williams, Brand Mr. S. Williams, Jr. On behalf
of those present Mr. S. Williams. Sr..
presented Mrs. Monks wit a beautiful
china tea set. The ladies served
dainty refreshments wbich brought
an end to a very delightful evening.
of Mrs. J.
•tiling was
,   tiie   prize
priate won
were the.i .
Lewis, Reel
Those prese
.!. Glbb, I).
J. Lewis, il
Gordon, L.
Williams. ■
*    «    * Bond, R. Br
Fred  Dallos left on  Tuesday   H. Jackson.
j Mr, J. Beverldge and son Jackie
I left here Thursday last for Port Al-
! berni after spending the Easter vacation with Mr. and Mrs. Win. Beverldge Sr.
*    *    »
Miss Nellie Clarke left for Duncan
on Sunday.
for Portland.
A meeting of the Cumberland Welsh
Society was held    recently, and arrangements were made for the monthly whist drives and dances.
♦   »   »
Born to Mr. and Mrs. H. Cass in the
Cumberland General  Hospital, a son.
•    •    •
Mr. Prod Dallas, who bas been
visiting In town for .some time returned to Portland on Tuesday.
scene of a
Monday nip!
Bond. A
spent in pi
being won by Mrs, Weir. Mrs. Bond
waa the delighted recipient of a
handsome Ivory clock, which was presented by Mrs. Glhb In a few appro-
Dai ity refreshments
rved hy Mesdames Hill.
. Stevenson and Herd.
were Mesdames J. Hill.
Stevenson, R, Longland.
Herd. H. Reese, Jr., w.
relone, W. .Marshall, E.
Moncks, P.
M. Brown, P. Covert,
McMillan, D. Coo, EC,
A, Ghntz, IL Reese,
April 10th and 20th
The Star of "Ramona"
Del Rio    |
Gypsy Life and Love!
Wild  hearts,  flaming  feuds,   fierce
lay party on j hatreds, the backgrund of a sweeping
les nf whist were in
st drive on Wednesday
Eagles' Hall under the
Catholic Church Altar
re won by the
il, ladies' first;
second; ladies'
ncescini; ladies'
L. Bogo; gent's
cond Mrs. A. N,
ni, Mrs. McRae.
l\ Brown. After
freshmonts were
of the society.
Spring and Summer Meals
We do not pretend to be experts or food faddists, but
following are just a few suggestions for spring and
summer luncheons:
Sliccil Corn llecf, Pickled Beet llcllsh, Potato (Jliips.
Molded Hum and Kggs, Apply Jell/, String BeallB,
Hread and Butter Sandwiches
Halted Hnm sliced, Cabbage Salad, Apples.
We will give you a few more suggestions next we;k.
Supplies for all the above can be obtained at
Mumford's Grocery
Phone 71 Courteous Service
glamorous tale of the gypsy blood.
The tempestuous romance of deadly
e lemles, one of the wild unconquerable queen oft he hear tamers; the
oilier a fiery bandit ehiefiain. Humorous, human, vivid!
oDlores Del Rio fn a role more
compelling than "Resurrection" more
alluring than "Ramona."
also  CUAiaiE  CIIAI'LIN   in
"The Pawn Simp*'
Mr. Robert Grant Sr„ of Victoria,
was a visitor in town during the week
and he and Mrs. Grant are taking up
their residence at Ro..ston.
Enffttgcntont AuuiuuhmmI
Mr.   J.   Thompson,   of   Courtenay
Weir.  S.  Do
Sr. and Miss
Mrs. McAi
Is a visitor
the Waverle
Mr. and
ney Vaiico1
visiting In
of Cadomin, Alberta,
ivn and is a guest at
Mr. ami Mrs. E li. Knowlton, 285D
Cedar Mill Road, announce tbe engagement of their eldest daughter,
Irma Irene, to Mr. George L. Henderson, son of Mr. and Mrs. William
commenced work on the new building Henderson, Sr.. of Cumberland. B.C.
ror Mr. Llojd Geidt. of the Cumber- r. e wedding will take place in the
land Motor .Works on Thursday morn- .Metropolitan Church. April 24, at
ing.   The new addition lo the present   §   p m t
garage will improve the present prop- Victoria, B.C., April 11th.
erly of the Cumberland Motor Works *    *    *
considerably and  will be of distinct      Miss Donna MacRae returned from
advantage to patrons. Denman Island on Saturday.
Mrs.   T.   McAdom,   of Syd
ver Island, who have been j
town for ;i few days left!
nornlng for their home.    '■
! The Misses Lillian and Jessie
| Grant who have been spending the for
I Easter vacation with their grand-
i parents Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Gray mu-
! tored to Victoria on Sunday with
their parents.
Mr. Alex Denliolnio, who has been
staying i.i  Cumberland  for the nast
few weeks left on Thursday morning
Pesp and Power:
5 Gallons of ETHYL Please
Swift, certain acceleration, with a world of speed and
power purring beneath the hood-—that is the way
must people want their car to perform, and that is
why there are so many satisfied Ethyl Gasoline users
—-ii is the quality fuel that brings new pep and
vitality to any engine. We sell only the best of oil,
bests for your car and best for your purse-IMPERIAL
Your car Oiled and Greased for $1.25.
Cumberland Motor Works
We Stock Dominion Tires
Service Repairs
■    Miss  Chrissie  Sutherland  returned
from   Vancouver   on   Saturday.
»    *    *
Miss   Both   Horbury  returned  from
Vancouver on Saturday.
Miss K. Hobbs left on Monday for
Powell River where she will visit her
Miss Lucille Donnenworth returned
to Powell River on Sunday,
* •    •
Mr. Frank Potter returned to Kamloops on Saturday.
• •    *
MIbb Lillian Hanks and Irvln Banks
returned from Vancouver on Saturday
night after visiting with Dr. and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs, R. Bonnet from Nanaimo came over thc road to the Valley
on Sunday to visit Mr. and Mrs, Wain,
and Mrs. Barber. Mrs. Wain's mother,
accompanied thme and is spending
some time with her daughter here.
Mrs. H. O. Mcarns, who spent last
week at Crowton Farm, left for her,
home in Alberni on Saturday.
Mr.s. B. Wolf started on her way
home to Penticton last Thursday. Her,
sister. Mr.s. J. Thomson of Union Bay,
took her over the road to Nanaimo.
Mr. William Davies left on Tuesday
for Princeton, B.C.. lo Join Mr. Chord
there on business.
Mrs. Davie
on Saturday
returned from Vancouver
Mrs.   FR.   Hicks  will  not  be  ai      Ml,s. cross leaves this week lor Trail,
home on   I uesday, April the 16th, nor   ,        ,. , ...
again this season. her old home' on B V1SIL
The Central
'Barber Shop
Ncxt to Shorty's Pool Room A. QATZ, Prop,     gj
For Ladies and Gents.
Moderate I'riceti Cumberland. 11.C.
April 17th
Just four days in which to participate in these
Special Prices
Specicils for the Closing Days
m^^fW^iW^^^Mm^^^y- yVl-t^tek   La
Hbn's White Mine Hoots, heavy cleated
soles, about twenty pairs in
stock, very special at only
Men's Work Shirts, dark grey and QQ«
khaki colors, only   1/t/v
Men's Kelt Hats all sizes, d>9 QQ
priced at each, $2.95 and   tj)0.«7«/
Men's Ties, a very good selection QQ«
at only, each  Ol/V
Ladies' Fancy Evening Dresses, all spatially priced for this week end. It will
pay you to see these.
Spring Dresses arriving right along, in all
the newest materials and designs and
colorings, sit popular prices.
Spring Coats. Hero is your opportunity
lo buy at a very consider- d*-! ty [? A
able saving prices from   «P LeLd «t)U
Cups and Sauceis, clover lsaf de- II.
sign, only   ilv
Fancy Decorated China Cups and "I i»«
bauceis, each    Lt/V
Fancy China Tea Sets,
22 pieces, per set 	
Our whole Stock of Ladies', Misses', Children's and Boys' Shoes are marked at
prices that should quickly clear thein
Boys' Strong School Shoes (j»0 A Q
only per pair  $^.4t7
Misses' Oxfords, black and tan (J»Q QQ
good quality   tp&eX/O
Ladies' Slippers and Oxfords, black and
tan pricad at only $3.59      &A  f?Q


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