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The Islander Dec 20, 1913

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Largest Circulation in the Comox District.
abguUUoD Libnry
VOL IV.. No. 38
Subscription price, $1.50 per year
General Manager of the Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) Limited.
New Westminster, Dec. 16-
Mr. Justice Morrison yesterday
morning administered a rebuke
to Rev. Dr. H. W. Fraser because
the latter had commented in a
sermon last evening on the riot
cases now before the special assize, some disposed of and some
not reached by the jury.
His lordship's remarks came
without previous notice when
Mr. A. D. Taylor, counsel for
the crown, made an application
to have tho jury in the South
Wellington cases, which were
started this morning, kept in
confinment during the course of
the trial. Mr. Taylor said that
there had been an attempt to
tamper with the last jury.
Mr. J. Edward Bird, council
for the defence, in the course ol
of a dignified reply, denied thai
his clients had done anything ti*
attempt to influence any juryman. He referred to a recent
speech of Gosden in .the Horse
Show Building in Vancouver, ii
which warning was given ti
cabinet ministers to be careful
that poison was not administered
to them.
"All union men deplore the
making of those statements, "said
Mr. Bird emphatically.
His lordship agreed to allow
the jury to be kept in custodj
and smilmgly assured the twelve
men that the sheriff had promised to look after them in the verj
best possible manner. The court
however, declined to order intc
custody the ten accused mil
who are out on bail.
Continuing, his lordship sairi
that he regretted that ar Vancouver morning paper had published
the report of a sensational sermon by Rev. Dr. Fraser. dealini
with the strike, the riot, etc,
The court disapproved of tht
practise of trying cases by public discourse before they had beer
heard by the courts. Several of
the cases had not yet been before
the judge and jury, and it was
not only unfair to comment upon
the matters involved, but it was
destihctly against the law to dc
so. It was unfortunate that the
spokesman of a prominent churct
had dealt with matters of the
gravest importance in this way.
J'Dr. Fraser happens to be a
pastor in my own church," Justice Horrison continued. Before
making such statements one
should get the absolute truth of
so grave a situation as that which
exists in British Columbia. I cannot conceive of a more serious act
than to start a campaign causing jurymen to neglect their
sworn duty. If Dr. Fraser's statements are correct, then a very
serious state of affairs exists
The Nanaimo Daily Herald, of
which Mr. J.S.H. Matson of
Victoria is the proprietor, has
ient the following telegram tt
The Province for publication:
"The Daily Herald of Nanaimo
ihallenges the Rev. Dr. Fraser
if Vancouver to make good the
several statements he is reported
to have made in his sermon on
Sunday evening, as reported' in
he Vancouver Sun on Monday,
Dec. 15, in reference to the strike
if coal miners in Nanaimo and
:he subsequent arrest of the
nen charged with rioting, the
same tn be debated in a
leries of articles published in
my daily newspaper of Van-
•ouver that the Rev. Dr. Fraser
nay select."
Dr. Fraser has declined the
nvitation saying he did not care
to enter into any further discussion of the strike. He had taken
the notorious Hedley pamphlet
is the source of his information.
D. A. Thomas arrived in this
city on Thursday.
Support the City Voter's League
*icket and the pay roll will he
spent in Cumberland.
The monthly pay roll of the*
Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir)
Ltd. on Saturday last amounted
tb $120,000.
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Tarbell returned on Tuesday from ;
month's visit to Mr. und Mrs. J,
W. Bryden, Victoria.
John Lewis was charged witl
being drunk and disorderly ano
fined $10 and costs, in default ten
Charles Parnham and Join
Gillespie returned on Sundaj
evening by auto from a visit tt
J. R. Lockard, general manager of the Canadian Collieries
(Dunsmuir) Limited, accompanied by Mrs. Lockard. left by autt
on Tuesday for Victoria.
The Public Schools of Cumberland closed on Friday for the
Christmas and New Year holidays, and will reopen on January
A. E. Planta, of Nanaimo, will
be a candidate for Mayor in that
city at the coming municipal
election. Nanaimo should see
to it that he is elected.
Read the handwriting on the
wall—in Mayor Campbell's announcement in the News. Ask
him who he has been catering to
during the last fifteen months,
the wage-earner or the loafer,
The services on Christmas Day
at Holy Trinity Church of England will be Holy Communion at
9 a.m., Matins and Holy Communion at 11 a.m. Special music
will be rendered by the choir including the anthem " Star of
Faith," solo "Sleep, Holy Babe,"
and Christmas Carols. The same
music will be repeated the following Sunday evening.
St. John's Catholic Church, Cumberland, There will be "Midnight
Mass" at this church on Christmas Eve at 12 p.m.
The bachelors of Grace Methodist Church will entertain all the
ladies and adherents of that
church on New Year's Eve to a
supper and concert.
R.D. Johnson of Winnipeg, is
spending a week visiting his
brother G.R. .Johnson antl relatives at no 8 townsite, on Ivs way
in Southern California,
" The Christinas Spirit and
Unrecognized Christ." will be
the sujbect of the address in
Grace Methodist Church tomorrow evening. Services 11 a.m. and
7 p.m. Strangeres cordially welcomed.
Come to hear the children in
the cantata "A Jolly Christmas"
to be given in the Methodist
Church Christmas night. Performance will begin at eight o'clock.
Everybody welcome. Admission
Mrs. Harry Murphy, of Bevan,
teacher of elocution and dramatic
art, is about to form a dramatic
class. All those desirous of
joining can get full particulars
by writing or calling.
The many friends of Provincial
Chief Constable David Stevenson
will regret to hear that he is very
ill at his home in Nanaimo. We
wish him a speedy recovery.
Latest information says ihe is on
the mend.
Remember, Alexander Camp-
•bell, who has announced himself
through the columns of theJNews
as a candidate for mayor, in the
coming municipal election, was
the nominee of the U'M.W. of A.
in the last election and as such
has simpathised with and supported that-organization the whole
year, carrying their views into
force whenever possible with
disastrous effect to our city's
financial credit.
For a brighter and greater
"umberland support the follow-
ng ticket at the coming election,
which is nominated by the City
Voters' League and represent the
working men of Cumberland who
ire the wage earners of to-day :
Thomas E. Bate, mayor; aldermen, D. R. MacDonald, Charles
J. Parnham, W. Wesley Willard,
Thomas E. Banks, Neil McFadyen, John Brown; school trustees,
Thomas H. Cary and Neil Mc
Fadyen. The men that will put
the city to the front, not agitators but of the progressive stamp.
Frank Sawford. chief electrican
of the Hydro Electric plant, left
for Victoria on Tuesday.
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.JUL           \        *               l                      !HaH
Superintendent of the Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) Limited.
Late General Manager of the Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) Limited.
Henry Stokes appeared before
Judge Abrams on Thursday evening charged with stealing a car
of coal while in transit at No. 4!
Mine. The accused was found
guilty and fined $25 and costs, in
default three months with hard
labor. This is what we call being
robbed at the point of production.
The Ladies Auxiliary of the
Union and Comox District Hospital will hold their usual monthly
meeting at the home of Mrs. E.
W. Bickle, on Thursday evening,
January 8th. and not the first
Thursday of the month on
accout of it being New Year's
Free show at Crown Theatre
Saturday and Monday for school
children at 4 p.m. j
The concert at Bevan last nlgh'f"
week surpassed all previous
efforts. A dance was held after
the concert. A large crowd was
present from Cumberland.
Before Judge Abrams Albert
Corrigan appeared in the City
Police Court on Monday charged
with using obscene language on
Dunsmuir Avenue. He was found
guilty and fined $25 and costs, in
default two months with hard
We would invite the Rev. Dr.
H. W. Fraser to spend some week
md in this city, the original point
if the trouble, and we will undertake to give him some facts concerning the taet'cs of the U. M.
w. of A., statements that he will
be able to make without fear of
contradiction.* We feel assured
the Pastor Hood, of St. George's
Presbyterian Church, will allow
him the use of his pulpit.
The city Voters League held
the first of a series of concerts
in the Cumberland Hall on Tuesday evening. A first class audience greeted those who took part
to make the evening a success,
Space will not permit special
mention, A dance was held after
the concert, which was a huge
success, the receipts for tin
evening were $25(1 which will bl
used for campeign funds in the
coming municipal election.
William Potter, the faithful and
energetic janitor of the Cumberland Public Schools, on Friday
the day Christmas vacation commenced, gave the pupils a surprise by presenting each room
with boxes of oranges. The
janitor solicited the oranges and
the following merchants kindly
donated towards making it a
success: William Potter, A. H.
Peacey. Alex McKinnon, George
Tarbell, Simon Leiser and Co.,
T.Rickson, MacfarlaneBros.Ltd.,
John Morocchi, J. Bannerman,
The Ideal Store, Comox Co-operative, and Thos, E. Bate. Some
of the pupils wish the ISLANDER
to thank Mr. Potter and the
merchants for their kind donation.
The Socialist Mayor of Cumberland is again in the field, asking for reelection. His election
card makes very pretty reading
but it fails to ring true. After
throwing a few honeyed words
to the wage-earners, very flattering to their vanity, the Mayor
proceeds to state that "thestrict-
est economy will 'continue' to
have his closest attention."
"Continue" is good. We suppose
he means hy this that illegal
taxes will "continue" to be exacted from the taxpayers, and
that the city funds will "continue" to be disbursed among the
lawyers in an endeavour to force
payment of these illegal exactions. The next clause in Mayor
Campbell's ticket is very good
and indicates an unexpected degree of magnanimity. We are
informed that local improvements
of an expensive character will be
proceeded with when the local
property owners, to be benefited
thereby, desire them and are at
Lhe same time prepared to bear
the cost," Now under these
conditions we wonder how our
enlightened Mayor is going to do
other than proceed with them.
Under the conditions named it
would manifestly be his duty to
proceetl with them, we fail to
see why he should use this opportunity to pat himself on the back
for doing what the majority of
men would as a matter of course.
I'he succeeding clause is an announcement that he will raise
money for general improvements
on the credit of the municipality.
We admire the Mayor's sanguine
temperament, but we cannot help
feeling that he and his satellites
have done their best during the
past year to shatter what little
credit the city ever possessed.
Perhaps he is unaware of this,
and yet it is very significent that
Mayor Campbell is appealing to
the electorate on almost every
either ground except his past
record. Surely his silence on this
point is not accidental?
Steve Miller was held up at
the rear of the post office on
Tuesday evening when two men
relieved him of >35 in cash. THE ISLANDER, CUMBERLAND. B.C.
?? 3E.7?1 'Q''l"liy Urease thaleMrjlnlng Intone wit*
MWort) II U a. ladicatioa Uut He KldBeya aie do I
doing Iheir work of llttriag Ibe Unpurllle.fror.1 the bind
will help m,  Ther restore the Kldoejs to their oormat
*? aW-ComrJItloB and lire you back your old tine cierrr
sad dcslie lo be op aad doing.   From all Dniealsts. sacta.
per box or i tor Jj.ja, or direct from
NaltMil Drag ul Ckca. Ce. tl Candi lUlti, Tarsals.
Vonr mosey Sacs if Gin Pills do not cure. ISO
Ward, Lock A Co., Umttad, Lou*
don, Melbourne and Toronto
nctherluglon wns painfully conscious that ho returned his wife's
greeting co;dly when they met for the
lirst time In her flat ln Knlghtsbrldge.
lie -ould hardly refrain from kissing
her, hut he touched her forehead lightly with his lips, gave her slim warm
hands a perfunctory clasp, then retreating, took 1 „fuge in a cigarette. He
naw Carmen's dark passionate eyes
Hash Ure; the expression on her face
change swiftly, almost miraculously.
It had mirrored love, happiness, ex-
C. 5ment; disappointment and something very akin to hatred took their
Thanks, I'll smoke too—if you prefer tobacco to kisses. And she gave
a curious little laugh like a dagger
lletherington held out his cigarette
case with a muttered apology; I forgot you smoked. Ho tried to speak
ensil." and naturally but his voice was
steel-like and his features were set and
rigid. Until this moment there bad
been a vagur elusive hope ln his
heart that Carmen had spoken Jestingly in tho restaurant of the Carlton Hotel and that her claim to be his wife
was merely a blind r a joke He had
hoped and prayed that she hid been
tlecei* Ing him. luster d be knew now
with horrible certainty that he had
been deceiving himself.
He was married! This was his lawful wife! Ho gazed round tie luxuriously furnished room—his home—hlB
London residence! The atmosphere
of the room was entirely feminine; nothing to suggest that a man ever used
or occupied it. Daily, hourly, Ilelh-
oringto. 's sensei were growing sharper and more acute. A stranger in a
slrange world he had to play many
parts and he had come t the conclusion that the most Important of all
was llie part of spy.
A private detective   who   shadow
And Hetherlngton the private detective asked Sir George lletherington
the suspected persoi how long he had
been running this London establishment, when and where he had met the
present Lady Hetherlngton and how
many mon Ins—or years—she had been
Iris wife.
Was he a father? Hal children been
born to him? His heart thrilled at
the idea, a warm glow pervaded his
nho'.o body, but the next Instant he
jrew coli* witb a shiver ot repulsion.
Carintn might be the mother of
-..range thoughts, aspirations, dreams
>ven, but not of little human children.
He found he could tot look a l.er long
—In one way she repelled him, perhaps
because she was Iris wife Pild yet a
stranger; and "rr would have been less
llian man and tcarcely liunra ' it her
southern bizarre beauty had not fas*
mated him.
And she belongei* to him! He put
.ha thought away with angry fear but
No other keeps the skin and scalp
bo clean and clear, so sweet and
healthy. Used with Cuticura Ointment, it soothes irrilalions which
often prevent sleep and if neglected
become chronic disfigurements.
Millions of mothers use these pure,
sweet and gentle cmolHertts for
tvery purpose of tnc toilet, bath
and nursery.
Cutletirs Boap sad Ointment ara acid ihrowtTiout
tbs world. A liberal sample of wuh. . ith rc'-paes
booklet on tho cars and treatment ot th. .llnanit
scalp, seal post-free. Addren l'otler Urui: *!L (.hem.
CKp., Dcpl. SW, Boston, U. B. A.
lt returned to mock hinr.
Carmen blew a wreath ot smoke between her lips, then threw tic cigarette away with a gesture ot disgust,
and crossing the room, chose another
trom a large silver lr x. lit therington
watched her light lt and he knew he
was well advised to be on his guard
Every action was instinct with superb
grace; the lines of her figure Venus de
Mllo might havo envied. You've
wretched taste In tobacco, ahe said
Have you oUy Just discovered that?
He iipoko without thinking. Perhaps
tie spy had promp.id tho question.
Tie heavy lidded eyes half closed;
she inhaled deeply of the tobacco. 1
forgot you alway-r smoke il Virginian
It's unfortunate we both hav i such
bad memories, Isn't lt? He was fencing Cleverly, leading up to the crlcis
which he know couldn't be avoided.
Sooner or later he would have to tell
her that his mind was a blank, that
he bad no memory of tie past, no
knowledge of her and—most bitter
confession to make to a woman and a
wife—no love for her. It would have
been easier had she been more ordinary, had she been of geMle English
birth. But beneath the grace and
languor and soft femininity of this
woman there lnrked the tigress.
If she loved him, he kite Carmen
would fight for his love tooth and nail,
would fight for all tie rights law and
lite and nature gave her, and if she
knew sho had a rival in his heart—
Hethcrington dared not pursin his
train of thoughts. Peggy Mehon was
lost to him! Lot the brief dream
of happiness ln a new life, of a .ome
among tie moorlands, of children who
would beat his name and in the future
perhaps bring lt fame and honor. He
would see Peggy once again; right or
wrong he would have to do that. And
he would tell her tie whole truth; tho
story ot his miserable home-coming
trom the moment he had awakened to
consciousness on tho moo. land road
above Cranby Hall; tlie visit of the
man Bister that same evening, the accusation of murder and his tacit acknowledgement of the crime by succumbing to blackmail. She might not
believe that his conscience was clean
of crime; he begat to despise himself for aavinE held his tongue and
played tie jart of coward—even criminal. Well, Peggy should know and
she—the woman he loved better than
lite — Bhould Judge hiin, and if she
•fhose to speak and he were tried and
condemned for a crime of which he
had no knowledge of committing, he
would pay the penalty. He laughed
at the thought. He would not much
care now. Death would he easier
than lift; it would need all his pluck
to cll'ig to the ltttei and none at all
to fling himself once again into tho
unknown. Perhaps t'eath alone held
tie key to the horrid mystery which
surrounded him.' Death—and perhaps this woman his wife.
She had curled herself .p on the
chesterfield beside his chair—a mass
ot purple cushions— disclosing and
hiding her snakelike supple body. He
became conscious rhat her eyes were
fixed on him as though trying to read
his thoughts; ho fancied he saw many
emotions surging up from their dep' s
and among them expectation and curiosity; on her scark lips a little smile
of amused contempt.
You are uot verj entertaining,
( orge. And you ure not very affectionate. We are not going to quarrel
all over again, are wc? I thought, I
hoped that all that sort uf thing was
past and over now that Oscar Soral
is out of the way.
She had come to the point with
startling suddenness. It seemed indeed as though Carmen had read his
lletheiinglon was unprepared; he
had no reply ready. Who told you
that Oscar Soral was out of the way?
Carmen waited a moment before replying. She saw that Hetherlngton
was embarrassed and she seemed to
be enjoying lhe situation. He told
nn so himself.
Hetherlngton Jumped lo his feet, but
with an effort recovered his composure
quickly, Carmen was as Ignorant as
lie as to what had transpired on the
fritnl night of his return to Cranby
Hi'iherinulpn's self confidence returned. She knew rvhat had happened
before his journey to the moorlands;
he knew what had happened after his
his arrival there, lint neither ot
them really knew what had passed between him and Oscar Soral during the
short unknown space of time which
linked the past and present together,
lt Is probable that If Hetherlngton
had been free and this woman had
hern anything In tils world to hlra but
his wife, he would have been unable
to restrain his impatience, but flinging
himself upon her mercy, would have
I rusted her and told her then and there
of the ghastly dilir.ima in which he
found himself* He realized the bitter
irony of the fact that Carmen was
his wife and he could not trust her!
Yet she had sent for him, welcomed
him wilh open arms, resented his cold
greeting. And he could not trust her
uatU Ue knew the part "Mob. Oscar
SoTal iiSu imije*. in their joint lives.
tTo he Continued)
Six Stories Without   Foundation
" Unique Departure In Building
In New York one of the most unique
departures in building construction ever attempted   ia   Is   progress.     The
twelve story building of tie Consolidated Gas Company now being erected
at Fifteenth street and Irving place
has six stories that are practically
soaring In midair without foundation.
The Engineering News explains the
phenomenon as follows;
As the old building ls not strong
enough to bear this additional weight
lt was decided to suspend six of the
aeven additional stories from heavy
girders, the girders tiemselves being supported on steel columns 250
feet high, reaching to tie ground,
alongside the old building. Tic seventh additional story rests on tie
The largest girders are slxty-thre;
feet long, eight fees, deep, and weigh
forty tons each. They are nt an cle-
vatioE of 250 feet above Fifteenth
street. The eight girders, having a
total weight of 300 tons were conveyed
to the foot of East Fiftee.-.th street on
one lighter. Th.*/ wero carried singly from tiere to tie job on trucks of
special constructloi each drawn by
tilrty-four horses. The truck wheels
were of steel and had eighteen-inch
treads. The girder were unloaded
from tie trucks and placed upon the
street by means of a large jteel stiff-
leg derrick with a seventy-foot boom,
Installed on '.he nlneteen'.'i floor of
the new building. The girders were
lifted one at a time, by this same
derrick and placed in their -espective
positions. The actual hoisting and
placing of the girders required twelve
Lours, distributed ever Aug. 1 to 3;
the last girder, weighing forty tons,
being lifted and placed in twelve minutes.
The uplift at tie outer end*, of the
derrick sills was taket by steel
beams and ono and one-fourlh-incli
Bteel cables, tie latter carried down
five stories- and there attached to the
columns at their intersection with tie
floor girders. In addition, nine adjacent panels ot the building structure were diagonally braced ln both
directions with steel cablet, to resist
all tendency toward racking bhe building horizontally. No vibration was
detected when tie girders were set
in place.
To Develop Zinc Mines
After listening to statements hy
members of tie Board of Trade and
mining men of the district, in which
the necessity for tie continuation by
tho Dominior Goveriment ot experiments in tie treatment ot complex
zinc ores and for the appointment of
a royal commission to make a thorough investigation into tbe requirements of the mining Industry was urged, Hon. Louis Coderre, Secretary of
State and Minister of Mines, has despatched Dr. Eugene Haanel, director
of tie Federal Department of Mines,
instructions to authorize E. Dldolph to
proceed at once with tic work at the
zinc plant in Falrvlew. Expenses of
the work will be covered by .,30.000,
which remains of the grant of $50,000
originally made for the purpose of experiments in methods of treating zinc
Making His Point
The correspondence was brief but
to the point. The letter she received was as follows:
Dear Malam—We ttke pleasure in
chipping to your address thi fine Persian rug, for which we shall be glad
to receive your clock. If you do
not deslro tho rug, please return it.
Very truly yours, etc.
I never heard of sue". Impertinence!
cried tie lady. Tho idea! And she
replied as tollows:
Dear Sirs—I have ordered no rug
from your store, an* 1 see no reason
why I should go to the expense of returning a thing 1 don't want and
which was sent to me unsolicited.
Respectfully yours, rto„
In due tlmo she receivrd this communication:
Dear Madam—I am sending for that
unsolicited rug. Will you »oturn tie
favor and send for the unsolicited
charity entertainment tickets? Twenty-tour lie on my desk.
W« unlieuUtincIy
recommend Magic Baking
rmttltr a* being the best, purest
•nd most healthful baking pow
der that it is possible to produce.
Cannington Manor, Saslc.,
Writes:—"My brother suffered severely from eczema.
The sores were very extensive, and burned like coals
into his flesh. Zam-Buk took
out all the fire, and quickly
gave him ease. Within three
weeks of commencing with
Zam-Buk treatment, every
sore had been cured."
This is but one ol the many
letters we are constantly receiving
from people wbo have proved the
healing powers of Zam-Buk. For
eczema, piles, sores, burns, cuts
and all skin troubles there  is
 nothing like this wonderful balm,
"No skin disease should be considered incurable until Zam-Buk
I has been tried.
AS Dm/fists, 50c. pit Bex.
Refuse Substitutes.
Vi. H. U. 973
A Hard Luck Story
Ted-So Tim told you tie champion ha;,', flick story?
We'd—Yes.   Ke  gut a Clack Hand
' h»:t.*r aud was en his way to deposit
tlio   money  domam-cd when he
' held up by bandits In a taxi
Warts arc unslgh ly blemishes, and
corns are painful growths. Hollo-
way's Corn Curo will remove them.
Explained at Last
O'Keefe—"fls sthrange how slow an
arthic explorer thravels whi- he's goln'
towards the pole and how fasbt lie
covert tie ground comln' frum it.
O'Shea—Naw+hln othrange about it,
bedad! Shure. don', th' law Iv gravitation tache us tbat it's harder to go
up thin to come down?
Possible Mourner
■and tbere was not a soul to mourn
bis death*
Oh, well, there may be some time,
How can ihere be?
His widow may marry again.
I.arry was a crjwboy bold
Who went out on a bat.
He whirled his lasso once or twice
And where was lariat?
The boss Isn't   round   loudly   proclaiming who he ts.
Stomacti, Nerves r.nd    Thinker    Restored by Grape-Nuts Food
The number ot persons whose all-
.aentr were suci that no other food
could be retained at all, is 'argc and
reports aro on the increase.
"For 12 yenrs I suffered from dyspepsia, fl-ilns no food that did not
distress me," writes a WIb. lady. "I
was reduced from 145 to 90 lbs.,
gradually growing weaker until I
could lea my bed only a short
while at a time, and became unable
to Bpeak aloud.
"Three yearB ago I was atlracted
by an articlo on Grape-Nuts and decider, to try it.
"My stomach was so weak I could
not take cream, but ' used Grape-
Nuts with mill, and limi water. It
helped me from tie flrst, building
up my system In a niaraer most astonishing to the friends ffho had
thought my lecovei.   Impossible.
"Soon I was abl- to take Grape-
Nuts and cream tor breakfast nnd
lunch at night, with *n egg and
Grape-Nuts for di* .er.
"I arn now able to eat fruit, meat
a early all vegetables for dinner,
but fondly conttnu Grape-Nuts for
breakfast and supper.
"At the time of begi. ulfg Grape-
Nuts I could scarcely speak a sentence without changing words around
or 'talkie, crooked' in same way
but I have b"Come so st rngthened
that I no longer have that trouble."
Name given by Can. lian Postum
Cereal Co.. Ltd., Windsor* Ont.
"There's a reason," and it is explained In the little book, "The Road
Uj Wellville," ta pkgs.
Ever read th*. above lettt.' A new
one appears from time to time. They
are renuine, true, ; nd full I human
Bake It In Clay into a Solid Mass and
Carve It With an Axe
When a Maine Indian has the choice
of a hedgehog, a s'/ur.k, a woodehrick
and a muskrat for dinner he will se-
lt-c: the first named Invariably and
take the skunk as second choice, .eav-
lng the woodc'nuek, whlc. is the only
one of the lot a Maine white man will
taste, to the last. Unlike the skunk
and tht woodebuck, which are lean
■ t for a few months
In the fall, or the muskrat, which Ib
ne-er fa* and wh'' has a strong flavor in spite oi rarboiling, tie hedgehog Is alwayj ln edible condition and
has meat that Is as tender and white
as that of a Bpring chicken.
The method cf cooking a hedgehog
Is so simple that a novice can learn In
one short lesson. When the cpici
ls permitted to mak< a tmoice he
should shun the large old males,
which at times weigh thirty or forty
po'inds. The preparation consists ln
removing the ,'isceta, washing out the
interior and filling tie cavity with
slices of f* 1 pork, peeled raw potatoes,
sprigs ot sptarmint and wild celery
from tie   rook.
Then, without removing tha quills or
skinning, the body ls plastered thickly
with wet clay from the nearest bank.
Tbt* muddy, bulky mass is thrust into
live coals and covered witj blazing
fagots to be roaster" for two hours.
On removal from tie coals, the clay
Is found to have been baked Into a
hard solid mass, which must be
broken open with an ax or a beavy
stone, whereupon the skin and quills
of the animal cling to the ..lay wrapping and fall away, leaviny the clean
white meat ready to be eaten.
A Statesman
At a meeting of a woman suffrage
organization in Kansas City. Kan., it
was suggested that tbe members talk
to their servants and other women
workers with a viev to forming an
estimate as to tie strength of suffrage sentiment ln that particular locality. One member, wbo bas employed the same washe-woman for the
last six years, reported that she put
the question to this worthy lady.
Aro you ln favor of votej for women? the suffrage womat  asked.
I don't pay attention to politics, the
washerwoman replied, I leave all
that to my husband
Well, bow does your husband stand
on woman suffrage'
He don't utand at all. Ho believes
ln women staying at home and ttind-
Ing their own business.
How many families do you wash
And what does your husband do.
He ain't doing anything right now—
unless he found something this morning.
Men Are so Uncertain
Why   did   you Jilt that man
wanted to many you?
Because, replied the prima donna, I
couldn't decide whether he was in love
with me or merely wanted to hear me
Blng for nothing.
Fcrce of Habit
He was an old'merchant who had
built up a big business by advertising.
John, said hi? wife, what do you
want on your tombstone?
Oh. ! e answered, it isn'; very im-
iiortaM what the text is so long as lt
gels good space and ib well displayed.
Testing Butter Moisture
A number of Inspectors employed
by tie dairy and cold storage branch
of the Dominion Department of Agriculture, are now on a tour of the
country taking samples of butter ln
order to ascertain If the provisions
of tie Dairy Act are being complied
with as regards moisture content.
Nearly one hundred samples have
been taken ln eastern Ontario already, and ouly three were improper.
A Fine Voice
Smith—Your wife hns a r.no voice.
Jones—Yes, one of the best in the
world; otherwise lt would have been
worn out several years ago.
"What ls more tragic than to forget
on 'tie morning after' that convincing
excuse you gave the night before?
Follows Instructions
throne'"16'' "' *" *"**•■'■ •"mlly M[s "8
whin ?"' ln?'ru=t^ our little boy
Mh.   i'e   .1* imitei out "» >■»*<*" the
other day that when he asked to havo
?J!,eCOnd v"-""ng of «»• "« shoiiia
lan   ?•„    Y0>U J"*1'5' 8ay:   No'  '  'I"*"!-
you, I have had enough, said she. And
don t you forget It.
He didn't When asked •: he'd
have some more cake he said: No I
thank you, I've had enough, and don'l
you forget it
Miller's Worm Powders work so effectively that no traces of worms can
be found.. The pests are macerated
ln tie stomach and pass away ln the
stools without being perceptible. They
make an entire and clean sweep of
tho Intestines, and nothing ln the
Ehapo of a worm can And lodgement
there when thesr. powders are ln operation. Nothing could be more thorough or deBlrable than their action.
An Old New York Grave
The oldest grave In Trinity churchyard, New York city, so far as can be
determined, ls that of r.lchard Church-
er. The Bt»n<*r on tho grave Indicates
tiat tie boy died at the age of five and
a half yearB, April 5, 1681
How's This ?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any case of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
F.  J.  CHRNBT ft CO.. Tola-Jo, O.
We. ths underslpied. bavn Known P.
J. Chenev for the last IB yesrs. ana believe Hm'perfectly honest In till business
transactions antl financially able to carry
out ar * ofolle-otlons rende bv nls firm.
Toledo. O.
a-Tnll's Catarrh Cure ts taken Internally,
ectlnn directly unon tbe Wood and mucous surfaces ot the system. Testimonials
sent tree. Priee 75 cents per bottle.
Bold by all drumrlsts.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
That Settles It
Bill—They say a ton of newly stacked hay will occupy about BOO cubic
feet. Three months later lt will have
settled to four fifths of that bulk.
Jill—Well the poor tramps have got
to sleep some place, you know.
Mlnard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Dear SlrB.—I can recommend your
MIN RD'S LINIMENT for Rheumatism and Sprains, as I have used It
for both wit    excellent results.
Yours truly,
St. John.
k Signature Experts
A number of the larger banking Institutions employ from one to half a
dozen mon whoee sole dut} ls to examine every check that comes in
through the clearing house and vouch
for the genuineness of the signatures.
Not so Bad
Poor man, sbe said, etonping over
the victim who had just been dragged
out from under her automobile. Have
you a wife? '
No, he groaned. Tils Is tie worst
thing that over happened to me.
The Fixed Charge
How do you go about ordering r. dinner? lnqulied the man from a rural
Well, I sec how much money I have,
tako out the waiter's tip and then
pend tbe change on myself.
To be Healthy You Most Keep the
Blood Rich, Red and Pure
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills nro useful
m.rJ'Ti'1*8,6*''" J0*"8611 b** thin <""**"-
pure blood, and the list of Buch dls-
J"8" „'« Mtonlshldgly larg. Anaemia literal y means a condition in
which the blood ls thin and natery
Chlorosis Is r. torn, of anaemia most
common to growing girls. In rheu-
matism the bloo. becomes thin more
rapidly than in any other disease. After an attack ot la grlpp- 0r acute
fevers the blood ls always thin and
impure, and Dr. Wlll-aras' Pink Pills
are the tonic to use during convalescence. When the- blood Is poor and
thin the stomach su.Teis. The food
ferments, ga- und certain acids form
and the trouble is pronour. ed indigestion or dyspersla. The nerveB receive from the bled all of their
nourishment to keep up their energy
and repair waste or dann^e. Some
forms of paralysis are caused by thin
blood. The progreFa of locomotor ataxia is stopped it many cases when
tie blood ls made pure, rlc'i and red.
This Is only. partial list of the troubles having their origii In impure,
watery blood, and all can be cured
by supplying the blood with its missing oonstlti.il ta.
Tbis Is exactly what Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills do. Theii chief mission is
to make rich, ret', blood, and this good
blood reaches ever: organ and every
nerve In tie human body, thus driving out diseas. and brlnginv. renewed
health and streng"i t thousands ot
weak, d*.*>pondeut people.
Ask your neighbor's. There Is not
an inhabited come, ln Canada where
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have not restored some sufferer, and all over
this country thei aro grateful people who do not hesitate to Bay they
owe health—In some cases life itself
—to thlB great medicine. If you are
ailing begin to curt yourself to-day
by usim Dr. .Villiams' Pink Pills.
Sol*, by all dealers In medicine or
by mall at B0 cents a box or six
boxes for J2.B0, from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.  Broekvlllo, Ont
A Stace Episode
A breeze blew down the valley.
They set it up again
Stage scene:* you know,
Are apt to grow
Topheavy now and then.
Only X per cent, of the cablegrams
sent over.ieas. are concerned with
family or private matters. The rest
are commercial, journalistic or official,
If the harem skirts are to contribute
to the emancipation of woman much
will depend whether they have pockets cr not.
Mistress (to newly arrived Norwegian girl)—Can you cook?
MistreBB—Can y >t do washing?
MlslresB—Can you wait, on table?
MlstresB—Well, what can you do!
Glii—Ah can milk reindeer*-,.
An Even Break
The roads toda., are overrun by automobiles.
Well, the roads haven't got anything on the pedestrians.
No man is
Than his
The MtfUeal Advistroy
fslo, N. Y. answers hostt
tf ieliette *uestiene
•tout vihieh every man
err woman, tingle or mar-
rM ought to know. Sent
fret on receipt efSOone-
eent tUvmps to pay for
vnpoini and e**Um*.
LET the greatest athlete hare dyspepsia and his
strength will soon fall. One's stamina-force-
fullness and strength of mind or muscle
depend upon ths blood, and tie blood In turn,
requires ■ healthy stomach, for the stomach is ths
laboratory where the food is digested and such elements ara taken ap—or assimilated-which mate
In consequence all the organs of the body,
such as heart, lunge, liver and kidneys, as well as
the nervous system, feel the bad effect if the stomach is deranged.
Dr. Pierces Golden
Medical Discovery
helps the stomach tcdif est food properly, starts ths
liver into sit activity, removing the poisons from the
Hood, and tha various organs jet rich, red blood, instead of beiag illy nourished. The refraahing influence
•f this extract of native medicinal plants haa been
favorably knows for ever 40 yeara.    Everywhere
some neighbor can tell yoa of the food it ape dose.
MdeV>l..aM«lelM*eutlenlvH«au£«rui**fet(<    "*
•r mbs) SS oaM-eent atoms ts Dr. rjeree.J.si*—
■•Ul. ■oaTale, aad a trial kert wffi he tttv, Tt.T,AXT.F,-R. CTTMBERLA3JD. B.C.
Vhy doesn't she taka
NA-DRU-CO Headache .Wafers
They stop a headache promptly, yet da aat cantata nr sl
the djnecrousdrupwmmoom headache tablets. Ash rem
Druggist about them.   2Sc. a box. ^^
Nanuu una* sa* OMaHui c.. *, eaaasa. usriu IfJ
life is Uncertain
wooden  tab
—the  life  of
or  pail.      B^^^^^^
Save time—temper—dollars—by using
utensils that seem to never wear oat
Made of
ab J
Eddy's Fibreware
Ask Your Dealer ^^ gg
Dally Market Letter and Sample Grain Bags.
Bend us your name and address and we wlll
put you on our mailing list—It's free.   Let us
keep you posted on market prices for grain.
Personal attention given to selling and grading of all
cars.    Our Car Tracing and Claim Departments work in our
clients' Interests. We have every facility for prompt service and
we get best results for shippers.
Send to-day for a supply of sample bags and deal with a
firm whose business) haa boon built uo by satisfied customers.
^^ Psld-up Capital, $160,000
References,    any    Bank    or
Commercial Agency.
KINLOCK PLACE Lota arc soiling fast.   Why?   Because !t la admittedly
the best value offered In Winnipeg. KINLOCK PLACE fronts on Main Steel,
1..0 feet wide, electric ear lino passes tho property. In spits of present money
conditions Winnipeg continues Ha phenomenal growth, tho building permits to
date for present year amount to $17,000,000. Winnipeg hns a wonderful future
antl millions of profit will bo made by present day Investors. This Is your opportunity. Think of what you may do now, and not later on. Think of
what you might hove done. Get. our look on profits In Real Estate,
KINLOCK PLACE Lots $200 each. $19 cash and $10 per month. Torrens Title.
22   Canada    Life   Building,
Winnipeg,   -  Man.
Agents  wanted.
Advise us what you havo In land
or Real Estate for sale or exchange.
With no obligation on my part,
please send me plan and all particulars of Klnlock Place.
Name  •  ',
Address  ,	
Vines Guaranteed "ONE DYI for'
f        All Kind* of Cloth. ,
. ClMn, SlRipla, No Ch.nc. of Ml.taaM. TRY
A   IT I Send lor ere. Color Crd and Boofcl.l.      *
Soup problems solved.
Clark does the worry*
log and the work—
aud assures satisfaction.
Order an assortment.
•muiii       t
Ship your Furs and Hides to
281-283 Alexander Ave., Winnipeg
Writ* for Price List anu Shipping
Flsh In the Sea of Galilee
Bible students may ho interested to
know that there Is still good fishing in
the sea of Galilee- Dr, Ernest W.
Gurney ilasterman, who liar practiced
medicine in Galileo, made a special
study ot fishes found there and ln a
recent book says that ho found forty-
three varieties, twice as many as can
be found ln the British Isles. The
fishermen are taxed a fifth of the .value of the fish caught, the revenue
going partly to the sultan and partly
to a pasha in Damascus.
Mlnard's Liniments Cures Burns, Etc.
Deserves no Credit
Wtren a .nan can do a thing that
yon can't observed tho philosophical
boarder, you generally cxplabi it on
lhe theory that it's no-thin* Tor him
to be proud of—he's merely gifted in
that direction. Can I have another
cup of coffee, Mrs. Irons7
What They Do "-Mth Wood In Germany
In Germany, sayt, the Scientific
American, wood Is * > expensive to be
burned, nnd lt Is made into artificial
silk worth %2 a pound and bristles
worth M a pound, into paper, yarn,
twine, carpet canvas and cloth. From
sawdust parquetry flooring is mado.
The materials for this may be bought
by the pound and then mixed so that
the householder can lay his own hardwood floors according to his, individual
taste and Ingenuity.
Mlnard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
Why George Exploded
I never knew that George had such
a frightful temper
How did yon discover that he has
He look mo to a baseball game, and
when I asked him why they didn't
make the bats square nnd the diamond
round tlio language he used was terrible.
IWUNa^fiafT3& lYSlttRl
\**m re* mm.   mnm*.'    M.3ta.
Wrecked by Locusts
A Spanish aviator nearly lost his
life by colliding with a swarm of locusts. He was flying at a height of
sixty feet when he ran into the swarm
which so blinded him that he lost control of the machine and fell to the
ground. It was regarded as remarkable that he escaped without injuries.
*       Bread In German)
The Germans comparatively do not
eat much bread*   On     any tables of
well to do persons t Is never paten at
tlie principal meal of the rli
A Bourget Tale
The following story Is told by the
Matin, says the Observer.—A lunatic
was being questioned by a doctor.
Tell me, my friend, asked the medical man, did they treat you well in
the State infirmary?
Thanks, doctor, not badly. How
did they treat you'.'
And what interested you chiefly
down thero?
Oh, certainly the frequent visits of
an old chap who came and sat down
In my cell, put on his eyeglass, and
asked me the most idiotic questions.
Ever .riling I replli he wrote down
In a little notebook Of course the
poor fellow was mad.
The visits*,  was M. Paul Bourget.
Increase of Militia
The militia is becomlni more popular in Canada. Figures compiled in
the Department of Militia and Defence
show that the cstab.'sknient of the
active militia to-day stands at approximately 73,900 officers aud men, an
increase of 8,000 in a year.
Da Vinci's Prayer and Triumph st Art
While still a Pupil
tt U told ot Leonardo da Vlnd that
wttk still a pupil, before hit genius
burst Into brilliancy, he received a
special Inspiration ln tbis way:
Hla old and famous master because
st bis growing Infirmities ot age felt
obliged to glvo np bis own work and
one day bade E. Vinci finish for blm
a picture which be bad b?gun. The
young man bad such reverence for bis
master's skill C at he shrank trom
(be task. Tbe old artist, however,
would not accept any excuse, but persisted ln bis command, saying simply:
Do your best.
Da Vlncl at laat tremblingly seized
tbe brush and, kneeling before tbe
easel, said tbe following pr yer: It
for the sake of my beloved master that
I Implore skrB-and power tor this undertaking. As he -proceeded bis band
grew steady, hit eye awoke with
slumbering genius. He forgot himself and was filled wltb enthuslarm
for his work.
Wben tbe painting n..s finished tbe
oM master was carried Into the studio
to pass Judgment on the result. His
eyes rested on a triumph of art
Throwing his arms around the -young
artist, he exclaimed: My son, I paint
no more.
Public are Warned   Against   Strong
Smelling. Oily Liniments Containing Harmful Acids and Amonla
Many people have clung to the old-
fashioned idea that a thick, greasy
liniment is the best kind. DoctorB
say not—and they know.
Recently a number of theso white,
oily liniments ero analyzed and they
were found to contain an enormously
high percentage of harmful acids, and
such iriitat.uo chemicals as amonla,
etc. For the moment they may cause
a warm sensation when firs; applied,
bnt their continued use never cures
rheumatism, and only deteriorates the
skin, sets up inflanv atlon, and
causes endless trouble.
When the doctor warns you to quit
using a white, oily liniment—do so.
He knows that a thick liniment can't
penetrate, can't sink through the
pores and reach the seat ot the pain.
When asked his opinion a few days
ago, an important physician stated
that he considered a strong, penetrating pain-subduing liniment, such as
"iVervillne," to be superior to any of
the white ammor.Ii. liniment.. In his
twenty-five years *-f practice he had
witnessed cases of rheumatism, sciatica, and lumbago that simply would
not respond to ordinary treatment—
but Nerviline cured them. The Bame
physician ulso spoke of tho great advantages of keeping a prep.- atlon like
Nerviline in the house, because of
cramps, diarrl.oea, stomach disorders,
earache, toothache, headache, and
such minor ailments. Nerviline Is a
first-class euro. There is scarcely
an ache or a pain, internal or external, that Nerviline won't cure. In
thousands of homes no other paln-rc-
Ileylng medicine is used. Fifty years'
continued success nd the endorsement of the profession are proof thnt
Nervilinr is tho liuimint for the
Mrs. Goodwin ef the New York Police
a Real Sherlock Holme:
In the Woman's Homo Companion
appears the following account of Mrs.
Isabella Goodwin, tbe famous detective ln New Tork city ln connection
wltb the police department:
Here ls a real Sb flock Holmes who
has been instrumental In the capture
of hundreds ot lawbreakers without
smoking a single pipeful o. tobacco.
She ia Mrs. Isabella Goodwin, police
matron, recently promoted to detecUve
of the first gradV on the New York
city force wltb a salary of 12,250 a
year ln recognition of her services ln
procuring the capture ot tbe taxlcab
bandits, whose reckless exploit! bad
startled tbe city. Mrs. Godwin la a
widow, forty-serin years old, tbe mother of three children, and her home
life Is u peacefully busy as tbat ot
any village housekeeper. Since tho
death ot ber hushani, a roundsman on
the police force, fifteen years ago, until ber recent .iromotion Mrs. Goodwin
served as a police matron incidentally
exercising her gifts aa a detective ln
quietly gathering ovidennr against
hundreds ot dangerous frauds and
Her elder son Is a detective of tbe
flrst grade, her sister is a department
store detective, and her daughter also
has already manifested ability ln detective work. When tbe taxlcab bandits after robbing .wo bank messengers of $25,000, had seemingly baffled
the police Mrs. Goodwin w_s enlisted
ln the caso. By impersonating the
sister* oi the landlady ot a boarding
houso frequented by friends ot the
robbers she was enabled gradually to
pick up information that was invaluable to the authorities in running
down the criminals. It was this case
that won her promotion and official
standing as a detective, y through
her fifteen years of service she had already done an enormor..., amount ot
even more valuable though less sensational work in obtaining evidence
against over 500 dang.rous swindlers
—astrologers, palmists, fortune tellers
and crystal gazers, psychics, trance
mediums, Hindu magicians, quack doctors and surgeons and others that In
the largo cities prey upon foolish people, almost unmolested because of the
difficulty of proving that they actually
violate the law.
All Is Wei:
Tour letter came. Glad yoi .bought
a team of horses. Hilda is sick. She
has dlptherla, and i.he will die, I
think. Clara died this eve. She had
It too. We are quarantined. Five
cf Fi.her's faml y have got it. My
wife is sick. She hain't got it. If
this thing gets worse we may have
to get a doctor. Them treej aro budding good.     Everything O.K
A Safe "redlction
Well, what is yeur opinion of the
political outlook now?
My opinion of it is Uiat there.is going to be a lot ot useless talk before
anybody is elected and tha' tbe man
who is chosen will not succeed In
satisfying everybody who votes for
Mrs. Adelare Ouillelte, St. Bruno,
Que., says: "My little boy cried night
and day from stomach trouble and
nothing seemed to help him Ull I got
a box of Baby's Own Tablets. They
soon mado him well and hn;,py again.
I have also found them valuablo at
teething time." Thousand* of other
mothers have the same pr.lso to offer not only for stomach trouble and
teething troubles but for all the mln-
o ills of little ones. The Tablets
aro sold by medicine dealers or by
mall at 25 cents a box fror- The Dr.
Williams' Medleino Co., Brockvllle,
Who Lett the Auto
Among the articles lett by forgetful
passengers on "'.e South Eastern &
Chatham Hallway nre a* j.otor car,
forty bicycle, 3,000 umbrellas, four
sewing-machines, carved stone idols,
and theatrical scenery.
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator
will drive worms from the system
without injury to the child, because
its actions, while fully effective, is
Much of the original lo be observed
about us doesn't show many signs ot
A lion is a versatile creature. After
her lay she chants her lay.
Fisherman-Hero comes another
dead fish Pa'- The river's full of
them.   Whiat's the meaniug of It?
Pat—Shure, I cannot tell at all, at
all, sori-. onlc-ss It's thU terrlblo fut
and mouth disease.
Try Murine Eye Remedy
If you have Red, Weak, Watery Eyes
or Granulated Eyelids. Doesn't Smart
—Soothes Eye Pain. Druggists Sell
Murine Eye Remedy, Liquid, 25c, SOc.
Murine Eye Salve in Aseptic Tubes,
25c,  50c.    Eye Books Free by Mail.
** By. Tsnlc Os-ad far All Byas that ehe** Car.
Murine Ere  Remedy  Co.,  Chlcaio
W. N. U. 973
Gives a Quick,
Brilliant Polish
That Lasts
No Turpentine
Easier to Uso
Better for
the Slices
Patriotism Is Remembered
It was the breaking ot a teapot in
tho American Invasion of one hundred years ago that gave Ellerheck
avenue, Toronto, Its name.
John Flayter, grandfathe.- of John
h. and Albert Flayter of North River
dale, lived at tbe time of tbe American occupation ot York, on the east
bank of the River Don. After the
evacuation of Yjrk by tlie British
troops thj American commander
learned that John Flayter had the
custody of some valuable documents
and a largo quantity of silver money.
Plrryter buied the treasure lett ln
hiB charge.
An officer and some rmen were detailed by the commuidor to go to the
Flayter homo and take charge of
these valuables. They found Mrs.
Playter engaged in preparing the supper. The men demanded to know the
hiding-place of the treasures. Mrs.
Flayter remained client and persistently refused to divulge -Jie spot
where they wero buried.
In a moment of rage tLe officer
whippet, out his sword and flourished
it, knocking over a tea-pot. *>
He left wh-'n ht saw that the woman was unmoved
When a street was cut close to the
ccttnge a couple of years ago the little iucklent of the tea-pot was remembered and the road was named
Ellerbeck, after the maiden name of
the woman whose firmness had defeated a detail ot soldiers one hundred years before.
Uillcacy Did the Trick
Allert J. Beveridge, America's best
dressed politician, sold in Chicago of
a corrupt boss:
He's very virtuouv— oh, very virtuous.
A millionaire ence went to him and
I want to get ln tho srrnate. Will
you sell mo your support?
No, sir! the toss answered, striking himself upon ths chest. No,
sir! I am a freeborn American citizen, and I will sell my support to
no one.
But, snld the millionaire blandly as
he drew out his check book and
fouttUiln pen—but if you won't sell
me your Bupport, peril* ys yon wlll
rent it to m for the term of this
Now you are talking, said tho boss,
In a mollified tone.
The Oil for the Athlete.—In nibbing down, the thlcte can find nothing finer than Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc
Oil. It renders tho muscles nnd sin-
cwb pliable, takes the soreness out
of them and strengthens them for
strains that may be put upon them.
It stands pre-eminent for this purpose, and athletes who for yearB
have been using it cau testify to its
value as a lubricant.
Canada Atlantic Grain Co., Limited
Grain   Exchange
Winnipeg,   Man.
stabllshed   1910
Of a Vastly Better Flavour'
Can always maks sure of getting the highest prices for WHEAT, OATS,
BARLEY and FLAX, by shipping their ear lots to PORT WILLIAM AND
PORT ARTHUR and having them sold on commission by
When You Cross the Atlantic
the pioneer Une of Atlantic Steam Shipping. Recently two palatial new
steamers havo been added to the Cunard Canadian Service, tho "Andanla"
and "Alaunia," carrying one class cabin (II) and third class. These
splendid ships afford every luxury and comfort for the accommodation
of passengers. They aro fitted with Marconi Wireless Telegraphy, Submarine Signalling, etc.. in fact, every modern device for tlie safety of
Lounge, Gymnasium, Drawing-room, Smoking-room.      Open and Covered
promenades,   Spacious  Staterooms,  Orchestra.
Liverpool. New (1913) s.S. "Alaunia" carrying one class cabin (II) and
third class only.    Early application for reservation Is recommended.
For particulars of sailings and sen-ices ;'rom Montreal, Portland, Boston
and New York apply to Local Agents, or
THE CUNARD  STEAMSHIP CO.,  LTD., 304 Main Street, Winnipeg
Grain Commission Merchants
Make Bills Lading read: Tort Arthur or Fort William.
Co., Winnipeg.
Liberal Advances Prompt Returns
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Notify Peter Janscn
Best Grades
Southern Hospitality
I had been driving nil day in a remote part of southern Georgia and at
nightfall slopped at a cabin occupied
by one man. Ho was very rdlal and
asked me to spend the night with him.
When wo sat down to supper I was
somewhat disturbo*- to observe that
tho meal consisted of a single large
dish of potatoes. Without apology the
man, with a wave of his hand toward
the dish, said in a loud, hearty voice:
Stranger, tako one.
Ho paused a moment and continued
in a still louder tone:
Stranger, tako two! "-
Another pause, and then even louder
and more earnestly:
Stranger, take mighty near all ot
Largest Tree   Trunk
Said to be the largest treo trunk in
tire wor'd is that of a tulc tree nt
Ilitla, Mexico, which   measures    145
foot in girth.
r   'iiiih.t.,*^
Let its send j,u **r
hoi "Tee evolution,
efthe Cooktlovs"—
en istirrstint
history ofcootin/.
It also lives a clear,
simple description
efthe Domini,*
Pride Ranle-com-
plots in every detail.
Reading this tool is
Me examining th,
rs*{* itself.
Send for a copy.
Save 30%
on your New Range
That's about $20.00 isn't it? And you can
save it by otdeiing direct from the factory (the
biggest malleable range plant in Canada.)
Dominion Pride Range is the range you would
choc*** al any price—a beautiful steel range with
iinbrctAable doon, castings and lids of malleable
iron—a range thai saves coal—a range so solidly
built thai with care it will last a lifetime.
And you can secure a Dominion Pride Range by
malting a small payment with your order—the balance on terms to suit your convenience.
Dominion Pride
Thousands upon thousands *
of Canadians have sent lo as
direct for their ranges,
and we have yet to hear
a complaint. Our unconditional guarantee
goes with every range.
Canada Malleable & Steel
Range Manufacturing Co,
Send a fret copy of yonr book
"The Evolution of the Cookstere."
Hla Design
Why did you Insist on having your
wife join the  Suffmgetto   -lub?
Because, replied Mr. Meekton,grimly, I wan.: to seo that Suffragette
club get ail tlio trouble t!rat's coming to it.
No "iuch Luck
Book Agrat. — Don't go into that
house! Thero is scarlet fever there.
Ills Coworker—I couldn't catch it If
I wanted  to.      I   -" • *'r  Insur
Calendars wltl white figures on a
dark background are more easily read
in an insufficiently lighted room than
those with black figures mon white
A simplified X ray by whlcb a bill
collector cirri!,| see how much money
a man hail in his Docket would fill a
long felt wan!.
tor indi- •***>
inf. lSLAAUHK,  I UlVltJBntiAHt),  B.''
Published every Saturday at Cumberland, Vancouver Island. B.C., by
Edward W. Bickle, Editor.
fcjtnKription: $1.50, payable in advance.   Advertising Rates furnished on application
To Correspondents : The Editor does not hold himself responsible for views
expressed by correspondents. N'o letters will be published in the Islander
except over the writer's signature. The Editor reserves the right to
refuse publication of any letter.
A Merry Christmas to the Readers of The Islander.
T-HE names chosen at the meeting of the Cumberland City-
Voters' League for nomination as mayor and aldermen, respectively, are a strong aggregation and should make a most
useful and effective Council. With the exception of Mr.
John Brown all the men selected have served in the Council
Chamber in former years, two of them being ex-mayor. The
affairs of our town-thanks to the present incompetent administration-are in sad shape and the need of experienced
heads is painfully apparent.
Messrs. Thos. E, Bate, D. R. McDonald, W. Wesley
Willard, Thos. E. Banks, N. McFadyen, Charles J. Parnham
and John Brown are to be commended for their public spirit
and unselfishness in permitting themselves to be nominated,
and we sincerely trust the electorate will realize the city's
present need and confide its destinies to these tried men,
whose names stand for all that is progressive and sound in
its past history.
I have the honor to present myself as a candidate for
Mayor at the forthcoming election.
For seven years I devoted my time and energy serving
your interests as an Alderman, and assure you, that should
I be your choice as Mayor, I will devote my time and energy
in a conscientious manner for the advancement and welfare
of the Municipality.
Yours Sincerely,
THE season of especial goodwill and fellowship towards
our neighbours is close upon us, but it is not yet too late to
ask for consideration towards tne long suffering shop assistant and the hardworking delivery man. Christmas shopping
is an annual event looked forward to by most of us, but we
are afraid that we have often been selfish in that we have
thoughtlessly delayed making our purchases until Christmas
Eve. In the cities a movement is always initiated to get {'..*_•
public to do their shopping as early as possible, and the idea
is both businesslike and humane. It works to the advantage
both of the public and the shop assistant. It ensures
greater attention to one's orders and a greater probability of
being able to purchase what is desired, as supplies frequently become exhausted before the demand. And above
all it gives the shop assistant a chance of enjoying his or her
Christmas Day. Store hours are always prolonged during
Christmas week and if the shop assistants are worked to
death on Christmas Eve, the day of Peace and Goodwill
towards Men is apt to be spent in recuperating exhausted
energies rather than in the solid enjoyment, happiness and
merry times we are wont to associate with Christmas Day.
Let everyone in Cumberland do their shopping early and give
the shop assistants a chance.   They deserve it.
THE Court of Revision has now held its sessions for revising the municipal voters' list and it will perhaps be concluded
that the inclusion of of one's name in the revised list confers
the right to vote. Ordinarily this might be so, although not
necessiarily. In the present instant, however, we are far
from satisfied with some of the decisions given by the Court
of Revision, which in our opinion were often unjustifiable.
We can see no ambiguity in the words " continuous residence " neither is it difficult to determine what constitutes
" British Citizenship." We .are persuaded that many names
are included on the list that have no legal right to be there,
and it is our fixed intention lo challenge each and every
party attempting to exercise the franchise, of whose right to
vote we have our doubts. In such cases we shall ask for the
oath to be administered and, if perjury is committed, we shall
in the public interest invoke the ait! of the law to its utmost
This is plain talk but some of the transactions at the
Court of Revision were so rank that silence ceases to be a |
Macfarlane Bros.
•$> " The Square Dealing House " 1
Only Three Clear Business
Days left to Christmas
\17E have everything that Santa
Clause requires, for example:
in our Dry Goods Department
Fancy Ties, Jabots, Handkerchiefs,
Tea Aprons, Dressing Jackets, etc.
House Shoes that are real  cosy.
Dollls that can sleep and wake up,
Teddy Bears, Stuffed Animals, Engines, and Toys of Every Descriptiou
Xmas 5'ockings at 5c., 10c., 20c.,
25c. and 50c.
Faney Boxes of Braces at $1.00 and
$1.50, Combination Sets of Braces,
Arm Bands and Ties; Tubular Ties,
Silk Handkerchiefs with Initial, Hats,
Shirts, etc.
The above articles are useful to clothe you.     In our Grocery
Department will be found just what you want to complete
that Christmas dinner,   Also Cigars in Fancy Boxes at ^.OO
and ^2.50 a box, eack box contains 25 cigars.
iMerrtj GUjrtetma* to All.
Macfarlane Bros. Ltd.
"The Comer Store," Cumberland, B.C.
I'lione 10
I'. O. Box 100
The Ideal Store
Only nine more days left to purchase yonr
If you dn not want to spend too mwh money and
are undecided just what to huy, come in and look
over our stock.
Fane// Neckties, Ann Bands, Suspenders, Arm
Bands and Suspender combination in fancy boxes,
Slippers, Silk Socks, Knit Silk Scarfs, Silk Handkerchiefs, etc.
Opera Hoods, Scarfs, Silk Shawls, Fancy Collars,
Collars and Cuff Sets, Handkerchiefs, Silks, Kid
Gloves, Slippers, etc.
Mittens, Cloves, Toques, Mulls, Matinee Jackets,
Bootees, Silk and Muslin Di'rjsses, etc.
The Ideal Store
Next door to Tarbells.
The following lines are now on show-
Royal Winner China.
Very Suitable for Gifts
Dinner Sets from 510 lo S20.    A beautiful line of Buffets
and China Cabi'iets, ranging from *30 to $50 each.
Our stock of Beds and Bedding, Furniture,
Stoves, Ranges, etc. is most complete.
Phone 14
I am receiving consignments daily of Xmas
and New Year stock in all'lines which
cannot be beaten either in price or quality
Cumberland, B. C.
O IM' 0 SIT E   1! A I L W A Y  S T A 'I' IO N
First Class in every respect. Perfect Cuisine
Headquarters for Tourists and Sportsmen
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
John N. McLeod, Proprietor
wiit-n InCuiiiliflrltuul make tlio 1'iii.ni yiuir hemlqiiarters
Ladies' mid Gi'iillemi'n'rr L*V'i 'onuMi; T'.ilui's
Suirs Mndu-'u Order fr. m $:*,"> to $35
Style nnd Fit Guaranteed.
wmtm&        ?«K?r: THE ISUKTIKR,  CCJIBERUITB,  B, 0.
Silver Spring
You will find this refreshing
beverage, either on draft
or in bottles, at
j.l. IJhilliijs 'ijiirrison
Barrister Sulicltnr
A Noiui) I'ulilic
New England Hotel
JOSEPH  WALKER  Proprietor.
Lunsmuir Avenue
Thanks the many customer** of
Cumberland and distrust for
their patronage of dry goods
during bis stay at tho Union
Motel, Cumberland.
We now solicit your trying our
Mail Order Department
whenever in need of
.Blocks, from one acre to eight acres, $200 per acre
and upwards
Finest Homesites in Comox District
COURTENAY,   -  -   B.C.
or other goods and you will
receive best values and
good service.
From Jan 1st you will
have the January Sa e
Prices which are an
additional advantage
to you.
Note our only address
Seabrook Young,
323, Johnson St.,
Victoria, B. C.
Trade Mark*
Copyrights Ac
Af-yono lending n -sketcfi and rtfi.icrlniioii mny
Oil I ('lily (u-nertaln our ('pin ian froo wlmtlior nu
liivciillon Is proonulf pnleiitnhle. ■Ciiniinuiilr'n-
■iliit-f-t-trlcilyci-iiilil-ji-lltLl. HANDBOOK oiit'ntcnti
flOJIt tn*o. OWt-sL nuon-'y for lhcciinuk'putnutii.
I'ntontfl lit'ton llimnuli Miiuii & Co. tecolTe
tftcial notice, wltlioutchnrBo, in tba
Scientific American.
A hfindBomely iUnntmtert ircrkly, IJirgiUt rlr-
filiation of uny Ml-mi'I-" jDiirnul. ic-ttua for
('aiui'lu, gJt.7.' a yir.ii', iK>Bti*>t!<J 1'K'i'uld. (Sold hj
all fif'wsili.'iilfi-s.
MUNN & Co.3"8""1*"*- New York
Bruucu Offlee. 625 F 8U Wulilutf ton, D, C.
Get your Cleaning,
Pressing, Repairing
and  Shoe  Shining
done by the
Next door to the Hank of Commerce1.
For absolute
protection write
a Policy in the
London & Lancashire Fire Insurance Co. of
L iverpool.
Total Assets
? 2 6,7 8 8,930.00       ]
Wesley Willard I
Marocchi Bros
Agents for Pilsener Beer
Fall Millinery
Mrs. John Gillespie
Union Street
Cumberland,!!}. C.
Capital Paid Up 811,560,000
RoBerve Fund $13,000,000
Drafts issued in any currency, payable all over the world
rarest at highest ourrent rates allowed on deposits of (1 and upwards.
D. M. MOBBISON, Manager.
E. H. HARDWICKE, Manager.
The Wise Real Estate Specialist looks
to the centre where transportation
facilities abound.
5 to 20 Acre Blocks, adjoining
the townsite
$100 an Acre
Easy Terms.
No better proof that whnt we offer is all right than is the fact
that all the buyers so lar are men who have lived .-it Union
Bay for years, who intend making their home with a good
living in Fruit, Vegetables and Poultry.
King up
British Columbia Investments Ltd.
Get one. too, Three hundred and
forty-five thousand and more Ford
owners are getting maximum service
at minimum cost. No matter for
what purpose you want a car, you
won't go wrong if you buy a Ford.
Get one, too,
Six hundred dollars is the new price of the Ford
runabout; the touring car is six fifty; I he town car
nine hundred—all f,o.b. Ford, Ontario (formerly
Walkerville post office),coniplete with equipment.
Get catalog and particulars from K. C. Emde,
sole agent for Comox District, Cumberland, B.C.
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Relitf— Permanent Can
tail.   Purely veaet.
able—act luiely
bulgrtitly on
the liver.
Stop artci
cureindi-1 _  _
aessiua — Iraprote tlie complexion—brighten,
Ibe eye*. Small t*% Smell I**,, Smell Price.
Genuine mwtbcni Signature
made by the modern masters — t'urotnli, (i I » s s ,
Heberlln, I'lrmhvick and
Iaowendall — nro among
tli« musical treasures to bo
found described and beautifully illustrated In our big
Musical Encyclopedia, and
Hated at prices far below
tbelr real values.
Violin Outfits from S3.3S
to $115.00; Mandolin Ontflta
from $4.40 to $150*00; tiui-
tar Outfits from $4.95 to
$65.00; Banjo Outfits from
$4.50 to $20.00; Comets and
otber Band Instruments
from $7.25 to $200.00, are
but a tew of the Itcma you
will find described In this
big Musical Encyclopedia,
that every musician and
every person thinking of
buying a musical instrument
ahould hnve.
Write na on a postal card
to BQnd yon "Claxton'a Musical Treasures," and we'll send
It FREE by return mall.
Write Dept, W to-day.
Something better than linen and no
laundry bills. Wash It with soap and
Water. All stores or direct. State style
and size. For ?5c. we will mall you.
68 Fraser Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
Old Room at C.P.R. offices In Men-
treat to be Reconstructed
Tte old room at tbe Canadian Pacific, offices it. Montreal, in which Sir
William Van Ilorno as, successively,
manager and prtskleLt, tat and pored
over the map of Canada and drew hi*
plans, and thought rut great undertakings, is being knocked out of all re*
mcmberable shape of its former self to
correspond with the grea'. scheme of
In this room Sir William used to
receive his visitors, varied as to importance nnd dittin .ion.
Tho great ones of the earth have
foregathered in th, old room which
has almost an historic significance.
Mon like Sir Henry Irving, MnT.hew
Arnold, Ixrrd Alverslono (a Sir Richard Webst*.!-1*, Lord Iveagh, Prince
Arthur, His Royal ' Iglrness tbe Duke
of Connaught and many others belonging to lhe old world aristocracies and
Uluniinuti, bave r.haltcd In the old
room where Sir William, getting down
the maps before him, used to evolve
his policies of ox'ennlon and consolidation—when ha had time to think of
mora general things than the paying
rrf the wages—in the eat'.y days.
Some of the older officials, who re-
motulrer the room so well, and the
many timos Lhey have appeared before
tbo president to discuss large things
with him, as well ift to enjoy the president's epigrams (when he had a moment to sparp for thcml, feel a little
sentimental regret tbat Its glory haa*
Gentle Reminder
It was midnight Tho man had entered tho house as quietly as possible.
His shoes mado some noise. He had
just reached tho door of the bedroom
when ho *"card some one moving in
U-r, bed as Jf ahoui to got up, and ho
paused. The sound of a woman's
voico floated to his ?ars.
If you don't '-Jte your bool3 off when
you come into this house, lt said,
there's going (. bo trouble, and a whole
lot of lt. Here it's been raining for
three hours, and you dare to tramp
over my carpets with your muddy
hoots on! Go downstairs and take
them off this minute!
He went downstairs without a word,
but he didn't take off his boots. Instead ho went straight out into the
night again, and tho pal who was waiting for him saw a tear glisten in his
I can't rob that house, he said. It
reminds me of home.
WHEN yoa buy a "Sask-Alta" Steel
Range yon make a permanent
investment The "Sask-Alta'' is an efficient and economical cooker and baker as
well as a very durable range.
Hate yonr dealer explain it folly before buying
London   Toronto    Montreal   Winnipeg    Vancouver   St. John
A Forgotten Burns Poem
Dr. Samuel Johnson's letter ts the
Earl of Chesterfield, one of the cla»
sics of English literature, now haa •
companion piece ln a recently disotra***
ercd poem by Robert Burns, hitherto
Unpublished, says the New York
World. The Poem waa found ln the
possession ot Mrs. John Moffatt ot St.
Andrews, Scotland, and, as told ln the
preface by tho poet, lt was composed
and presented o the nobleman addressed "upon being called up from
the servants' hall, whero he bad been
sent to dine along with them, to add
to the entertainment of his company.
The poet adds: On presenting which
he put on his hat, turned on his heel
and retired.
There are thirty-one lines ln the
poem, the closing part of which is as
Among our lordship's hopeful guests
There must be here somo sad mistake
I would not play for such a stake
Be a buffoon for drink and meat.
At a poor earl's tax paid seat!
Ko, die my heart, ere such a shame
Descends on Robert Bums' name!
WANTED at once
Persons to work for us
In spare time at home. No experience
required with our NEW ART COLORING PROCESS Easy and fascinating
work. Good pay. No canvassing. Write
for instructions (freo).
315 College Street. Toronto, Canada.
When buying your Piano insist on having an
Piano Action
Domtstic Change Only
ApropoB ot the new bilingual English-French postcards, it was explained at tho Postofnco Department that
the card is an innovation only so far
as it affects domestk circulation in
Canada. There has always been n
two-cent postcard to send abroad and
this has been in French as well as
In English.
It is one ot the rulon of the postal
nnion that all sucb card' must bo <i
French as well as In the language of
•alio country from which tbey are sent.
A Bridge of Ants
A species or. ants which spin sillt ts
eommon in hot countries. The ants
nest in trees, bindlnt the leaves together' to make their netrts. Tho sill;
used for this purpose is not secreted
by the adult ants, hut by the larvae.
In order to attach tho silken threads
•nd draw the leaver together tho ants
must carry tho larvae about from one
leaf to another. When two distant
leaves aro to be drawn together a remarkable method is employed. Five
or six r.nts form a chain bridging tho
gap between tho leaves In its mandibles. A numbor of such chains will
co-operato in bringing two leaves together.
Algy writes to seven girls.
It's a wonder he doesn't g*'. his love
affairs mixed.
Ho keeps a card Inrlerr.
Why the Burglar laughed
One of the most interesting collections of burglars' tools is that possessed by Canon Horslcy, rector of
St, Peter's, Walworth, England, who
years ago was chaplain at Clerken-
well and Pentonville. A short time
ago he took to a bazaar a big assortment of skeleton keys, jemmies, crowbars, and a photograph of Charles
Peace, once a member of his congregation. The canon is an authority on
burglaries, and tells a good story of
a brrrglar who uneu to carry pieces of
doctored liver for silencing dogs. One
night ho entered a house, saw a (log's
staring eyes in tho hall, and at once
produced tho liver. The animal did
not move and on close inspection the
burglar discovered lhat the dog was
stuffed. Hero is a joke! he thought and
laughod so uproariously tbat the members of tho household awoke and he
was caught.
New York's Speedway
Drivers of fast horses iu New Tork
city havo the costliest speedway in
tho world. It cost $3,000,000 and is
reserved by the city for the special
use of drivers of fast horses. It begins at One Hundred and Fifty-fifth
street ;.nd extends north tj Dyckman
street, a dlstauco of four and one-
(,uarter miles.
It is distressing to think that r
number ol innocent bahes ot tuday wll
develop into United States senators.
DODD'S ''/,
y   PILLS /
''H-.ur- A*r#A.y   ,
"'■HI   5   O.SrV    *
Cl l rt ., ~ -r r **T    P»
60c. a box or alx boxes for $2.50,
at all dealers, or The Dodds Medicine Company, Limited, Toronto,
County Fairs
I romembir, I remember,
Tbe fairs that used to it-
No, aviators circled
Above each pole and tros
Nobody ever rubbered
Toward the orb of day
Save when some young balloonist
Let his toy one get arvay.
I  remember,  I  remember
The race track at the fair,
N'o racing devil wagons
Raised ony dust cloud there.
No motor cycles, whizzing,
Led racers to their fate
Old Dobbin did his half mile
In just three forty-eight.
I remember, 1 renumber
How simple were Iho shows-
No moving picture experts,
No dancers shy ot clothes,
Ono clown, ono bag ot popcorn
One lemonade and there
You have the Joys In toto
or lhat dear county fair.
Education is ultimately tesled by its
power to develop efficiency, knowledge, wisdom and enthusiasm. It
is Important to distingulth between
miscellaneous information and well
organised knowledge. Not how much
but what kind of knowledge does a
man possess is the vital point. Facts
and experience aro valu hie only
when they aro properly related and
raised into general principles. Education today must deal with actual
life, must give the student insight
into natin*'*, man and society. Studios
must be kept In fruitful relation to
the world of experience. Knowledge
is not power until it Is put to solving
problems. Solving these is tho true
test of efflciency
Waa Ordered by Hla Doctor, But
Complete  Cure   Waa   Effected  by
Dr, Chase's Kldney-Llver Pllla.
Almost anyone who ban suffered
from appendicitis will assure yon
that this trouble developed only after
months or years of derangementa of
the liver and bowels.
Appendicitis can almost Invariably
be prevented, and very frequently
cured, by tbe uso of Dr. Chase's Kldney-Llver Pills. In the case described ln this letter the doctors had or
dered an operation, but a thorough
cure was brought about by this great
Mrs. J. A. Ballantynt. Sturgeon
Falls, Ont, writes: "My husband
was treated for appendicitis, and the
doctors ordered an operation. But
he would not consent to an operation
and began tiro uso of Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills. Since doing so
lie has had no need of an operation,
or evn of a doctor, aa tho trouble
has completely left him. I cannot
find words to speak our gratitude for
his cure."
Dr. Chase'rrr Kidney-Liver Pills, one
pill a dose, 25 cents a bo*, all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Limited, Toronto.
A Suggestion
At the dinner table on board an
ocean liner ono man was much annoyed b; the vulgar manner in which his
next neighbor ate.
He tried to take no notice ot the
man, but after watching him pick a
bono in an extremely primitive fash*
ion he could net control h's feelings
any longer, aud turning to the offender he said:
Jon't you really think you would
be more eomfortab'i if you took that
bone out on the mat?
*u w
The only building material that has not increased
in price is
CANADAPortiand cement
Il makes concrete thai yon can depend open for utufactoty remits, whether you OM it ior a da
ac i lanlen walk.
High qoaEtjr aad low price are aaade possible by efficient ofgamzalioa and  manufacturinf
economies due to a large and crowing demand.
Sea that every bag of cement yon buy bean th* "Canada" label -it is you- guarantee
n( inliafai list
Canada Cement Company Limited, Montreal
Write fir e feu cefy efthe hteh " What the Farmer Co* De With Concrete."
No More Asthma. Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy rounds the
death knell of this trying trouble. It
stops the awful choking and painful
breathing. It guards against night
attacks aud gives renewed ability to
sleep and rest tho whole night long.
.Much is claimed for tbis remedy, but
nothing but what can bo demonstrated by a trial. If you suffer from
asthma try it and convinc j } rrurself
ot Its great value.
Even Britons Admit It
Captain   (to  umpire,  who  has rc-
* ceived a severe blow)—Jove, it's a
nasty smack!   But cheer up; It's all
part of the game,
i    Heroic Umpire—Yes, sir, and the
Icriekot was getting a bit slow, wasn't
Mlnard's   Liniment   Cures   Dandruff
W. N. 0. 97
A very remarkable decision was
given in a cricket match in Western
Canada in the old cowboy days. The
batsman's bat-handle had become unwound, and he hail several times stopped to gather up the slack. But In
making a big hit his bat flew out of
his hands leaving only an end of the
twins round his fingers, the stretched string catching the hails and dragging tbem oft. Hit wicket, was exclaimed, but the umpire preferred tho
formula: Lassoed wicket, and gave
him out at tlrat anrld gr-nt mirth.
Not His Job
A seedy-looking man applied to the
Into Mr. d'Oyley Carte, in tho days of
his management at tbe Savoy, for a
job. Mr. Carlo was just then trying somo candldato tor the chorus,
anil as tho man was very persistent
he turned to the pianist and asked
him to ploy an accompaniment for
him. With somo hesitation the
stranger raised his voice.
What do you mean by this tomfoolery? shouted Mr. d'Oyley Carte.
You have tho impudence to aBk mc
for a job?
I ain't no ..inger, replied tho man.
I don't want to sing. I'm a stage carpenter and ouly sang to please you!
Pictures to Teach Farmers
Tho Department of Agriculture for
Ontario Is nothing if not wide awake.
Thanks to its activities, the quality
of agriculture in tho province during
tbe last decade bas substantially improved, as offlrrii.1 figures ohew. Learning that the moving picture muchino
was being utilized elsewhere tor agricultural demonstration work, the
officials of the Department have been
studying the possibilities of the cinematograph for the extensicn of their
own work. It is believed that moving pictures work, bo particularly
valuable at the lectures which for
somo time have been an attractive
feature of the farmers' institutes.
A woman with a charge account often forgets that the first of the month
has a way of coming round.
uu st im Villages! ib sucrtmoHiinBiaa.
Na 100.
Our Last*, wart awanlid ColJ Medal if
IM FaHWil tf Input. w4 I
Bahlblllu, Crytul Ultc*. I
.   Haokita.
Tkt. Vrtntt,
MM, Y«l>tl
Fivt o'clock
Ac.. ib4
_     Uwicanbt
 a* laict. Vara] Laet
BtoUM tntltlH
Uttttadal HtM Ii	
feat-mi drrntow
Mrs. Una
Olney, Bucks
Uied In Preach
Hospital, witt
reat tncceii, cures chrowc weakness, lost vroot
congenial needlework at home; mako
from threo to live dot.ara per day decorating cushion tops. Armour Art Co.,
Dopt. B., Brcdalbane Block, Winnipeg.
A Legend of Lacs
According tt Molchtor d» Vogue, the
legend of laco is as folluwc: A Venetian sailor gavo bis ladylove a frond ot
spreading seaweed to keep him ln
men.ory while at sea. But the girl
found tbat the seaweed was rapidly
drying up and disappearing. So she
caught tho fine branches and leaves of
tho plant with thread against a piece
of linen and, working on, with her
thoughts following her lover, Invented
Animal Ages
A horse Uvea twenty seven yeara
but both Hon and camel attain tne
age of forty.
Nell—Dot't you think Miss Antique
keeps her ag. remarkably well? Belle
—Suic.    She never gives it away.
Or. Morse's
Indian Root Pill*
exactly meet the need which io often
arises in every family (or a medicine
to open up and regulate the bowels.
Not only are they effective in all
cases of Constipation, but they help
greatly in breaking up a Cold or La
Grippe by cleaning out the system
and purifying the blood. In the same
way they relieve or cure Biliousness,
Indigestion, Sick Headaches, Rheumatism and other common ailments.
In the fullest sense ol the words Dr.
Morse's Indian Root Pills arc       tf
A Household   Remetly
Any Man
A well-known university professor,
says The Youth's Companion (Boston)
who haa been taking mufti Interest
In the woman's suffrage movement,
waa persuaded to carry a banner ln
a parade that waa held In New York
some months ago. His wlf observed
him marching with a dejected air and
carrying his banner so that It hung
limply on Its atandad, and later she
reproved him lor not making a better
Why didn't yon march like somebody, and let people see your banner? she tald.
My dear, meekly replied the professor, did yon see what was on tbe
banner? It read: Any man can vote,
why can't If
These Pllla Cure Rheumatism.—To
the many who stiff er from rheumatism*
a trial of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills
is recommended. They have pronounced action upon the liver and
kidneys and by regulating the action
ot these organs act aa an alternative
In preventing tho admixture of uric
add and blood that causes thla painful disorder. They must be taken according to directions and used steadily and they will speedily give evidence of their beneficial effects.
Extraordinary Kindness
Mrs. Blinks   ls an   awfully   kind
hearted woman.   There is Lurdly another like her ln this town.
What charities is she most Interested in?
1 don't think she is interested In any
charity, but ahe had a dressmaker in
ber house the otber day, and when I
asked her to glv me the woman's address she did It without trying for a
moment to convince me that It would
be useless to try to engage ber.
A Severe Blow
Is the edltor-ln-chlct In? asked the
visitor as ha strolled Into the magazine office at eight o'clock ln the
No, air, answered the charwoman,
politely. Be doesn't get here so
early. Ia there anything I can do for
Perhaps yon can. I suppose you
aro not connected with tho poetical department of the magazine?
Ah, yea air, was the qnlck reply.
Yon area)    And what do yon do?
I empty the wastepaper baskets,
sir. _____
Mlnard'a Liniment for aala everywhere
A Soft Answer
There Isn't one man in a million
who would he so mean tt his wife
and children as you are, remarked the
wife bitterly.
Now, that's wha; I admire in you
dear, ventured the husband slowly,
you have such a head for figures.
His Task
Dorothea—What were you doing after the accident?
^Herbert—Scraping up an acquaintance.
Pfctent Your Ideas—No delay, ant
we wlll sell it for you it the idea has
merit. Send sketch for free report. Information on paten.'.!* and list of Inventions wanted mailed free—J. A,
MACMURTRY A CO., Patent Attorneys,   154  Bay  Street,  Toronto,  Can.
Mis. WlNBLOw'a SooTnir-ro STiicr has
JIOTHKR9 for   tbelr  CHILDREN   Wir"
to the best remedy for Dl ARRIiai.V It Is nk>
Bolntclv harmless. Be trace and uk tor "Use,
Winslow's Soothing Syrup," and take So our*
kind. Twcaty-fiveceu.ua bottle.
Tranalantlc Record
Mr. J. W. Alexander, chief engineer
in the Whlto Star Co.'s service, who
has Just retired, crossed tbe Atlantio
912 times. Dt-lng tho thirty-eight
and a halt years he has never missed
a voyage. The whole of his seafaring
career has been spent in association
wltb the White Star fleet. It is computed tbat be has traveled 3,000,000
miles at sea. Mr. Alexander commenced and ended bis seafaring career
In vessels named Oceanic.
Slaaa Windows
Glass windows wero first used tor
Tight in 1180.
That which comes aftet ever conforms to that which has gone before.
Never mind, old m."u. It'll all come
out right In the long run.
In tho long run, yes, but I'm only
trained for a sprint.
It Is comforting to observe tbat tbe
crazy people always take a view con-
t try to our own.
and cream
There's a delicious smack
in these crisp, appetizing bits
of toasted corn that brings
brightness and good cheer to
many and many a breakfast
Toasties are untouched by
hand in making; and come
in tightly sealed packages-
clean and sweet—ready to
eat with cream and sugar.
Easy to Serve
Sold by Grocers everywhere
Canadian Postum Cereal Company,
Ltd., Windsor, Ont.
LMngstone's Fearful Ordeal and
His Narrow Escape.
lThe Wounded and Maddened Monitor,
In a Paroxysm of Dying Rage,
Caught tha Explorer In Hla Jawt and
•hook Him aa a Terrier Weuld a Rat
David Livingstone, the famous African explorer aud missionary, once bad
• singular encounter with a wounded
Ion Hint almost put an end to the explorer's remarkable career before lt
had fairly begun. But tbo atory must
*ta unfamiliar to mnny persons wbo
kave never rend Ur. Llvlngstone'a
books. Tho adventure occurred while
he wns living among the Bakntlas, not
tor from the present town of Ma felting This account la from his own
Tbe people of Mabotaa were trou-
Ecd by lions, which leaped Into tbe
ttlo pens by nlgbt and destroyed
elr milk and draft animals. Tbey
men attacked tbe herds boldly by day-
;Bght. and although several expeditions
{•gainst the wild beasts wero planned
I Vie pcoplo bad not tbo courage to early them through successfully.
It Is well known tbat If one ln a
troop of lions is killed tbe others leave
ithnt part of tho country. I therefore
Iwent out wltb tlio people to help them
Itestroy ono ot the marauders. Wa
jfound Iho animals on a small bill covered with trees. The men formed
-found It in a circle and gradually
iClosed up.   Being below on tbo plain
Kb a native schoolmaster named Ms-
tnlwe. I saw oue of tbe lions sitting
•n a piece of rock. Mabalwe fired at
tlm. and the ball bit the rock.   The
ion bit at tbe spot as a dog docs at a
•tick or stone thrown at bim. nnd tben,
jlni|ilug away, broke tbrougb Ibe clr-
jele and escaped. Tbe Bnkutlas ought
to have speared hlui In his attempt to
'ft out. but they were afraid.
When the circle was reformed we
•aw two other lions tn It, but dared
not lire lest we should aboot some ot
the people. The beasts burst through
the line, and as It was evident tbo men
eould not face their foes we turned
tack toward the village.
i In going round the end of tbe hilt
I saw n Hon sitting on a piece of rock,
■bout thirty yards off, wltb n little
tnsb In front of him. A took good aim
■t him through Ibe bush and Bred botb
The men called out. "He Is shot, he
h shot!" Others cried, "Let us go to
tlm I"       »
I saw (bo lion's tail erect tn anger
•nd snld, "Stop n little till I load
•gain!" 1 was In the act ot ramming
•Town tbo bullets wben 1 beard •
•bout, and, looking half round, 1 saw
the lion lu tbe act of springing at me.
Ho caught me by tbe shoulder, and
We both csme to the ground together.
Growling horribly, he shook me as a
terrier dog docs a rat The shock produced a stupor llko that felt by •
mouse In tbe grip of tbe cab It caused
• sort of dreaminess, In which there
trail no sense of pain or feeling of ter-
lor, although 1 was qulto conscious ot
•rhnt wns happening. This placidity
h probably produced In all animals
tilled by tbe carnlrora, and, If ao, It la
■ merciful provision of tbe Creator for
lessening the pain of death.
As be had one paw on the back ot
Bry bead, i turned round to relieve my-
•elf . f tbe weight and taw bis eyes
glroetf to Mabalwe. who was aiming
•t blm from n distance of ten or tit-
teen yards. The gun missed lire In
both barrels. Tbe animal Immediately
left me to attack him and bit bis
thigh. Another man, whose life I bad
tared after be had been tossed by a
buffalo, tried to spear tbe Hon, upon
wblch be turned from Mabalwe, and
Seized this fresh foe by tbe shoulder.
At that moment tbe bullets tbe beast
tad received took effect, and he fell
town dead. Tbe whole was tbe work
•f a few moments and must bave
teen his paroxysm of dying rage. In
order to take out tbe charm from him
the llaballot on tbe following day
|vadc n huge bonfire over the carcust,
which wns declared to he tbe largest
ever teen.
Besides crunching the bone Into
•pllntcrt, eleven of bis teeth bad pen-
ttrnred the tipper part of my arm. The
bit*? of a linn resembles a gunshot
around. It Is generally followed by a
great deal of sloughing and discharge,
•nd ever afterward paint are felt periodically In tbe part. I bad on a tartan jacket, which I believe wiped off
the virus from tbo teeth tbat pierced
the doth, for my two compnnlont In
the affray bave both suffered from tbt
•mini pnlns, while I bare escaped with
•niy tho Inconvenience of a false Joint
in my limb.
Old China.
The beauty of old cbltia la often de-
ktroyed by brown spots whlcb appear
•n the aurface. An effective way to
remove these la to bury tbe dlab ln tbo
earth, covering It completely. Tbo
alarkcr apota require mora time to re-
Dove them tban the lighter onet. Thlt
Method wtll not barm tbe most delicate cblna.-Naw York Telegram.   -
"Tbere la ont thought which comet
tally to aTury man."
■)    "What"! tbat?"
"That nothing tt too good for him."-
Chicago Racord-Hertld.
Hither I will find a way or 1 wfll'
■take onc-llr Philip Sidney,
Tht Way It Carried Him From Aapern.
Ettling ta Wagrtm.
Professor 1. Holland Itose In "Th*
Personality of Napoleon" wrttea of Napoleon's courage. He aaya that hla
personality "never stood forth ao
grandly aa after a defeat" Tbe moat
serious blow In tbe middle part of hla
career waa tbat dealt him by the Archduke Cbarles at Aapero-Kssllng, north-
east of Vienna. The Austrlans were
nearly double blm In strength. The
bridges over tho Danube had been
broken down tn bis rear. His great
marshal, Lannes, bad been killed, and,
lu fact, be had suffered a terrible reverse. All hla generals were for retreat, but he withstood tbem, and Professor Itose ranks the next alx weeks
"among tba most glorious of his military career." He secured new troops,
deceived his enemy by false movements and finally defeated blm at
But a decline came to sucb a prodigious man. Ho himself aald nt SL
Helena that he bad been spoiled by
auccess. It was natural tbat tbe victor In fifty pitched battles and innumerable entailer engagements should
come to believe himself omniscient
and,Invincible. It wns this hardening
of the mind that betrayed blm Into tbe
Russian campaign, tbat caused blm to
refuse all compromise in 1813 and 1814
and that led him to defeat by bis Inferiors, Wellington ami Blucbcr, at
Waterloo, Just aa Hannibal was finally beaten by bis Inferior, Sclplo, at
Putting Traaa to Btd.
An Interesting method of protecting
peach trees from frost during tbo winter bas been practiced for several
years at tbe agricultural experiment
station at Canyon, Colo. Early tn November tbe earth Is removed from a
circle about four feet In diameter
round each tree, and water la turned In
to saturate the soil. Wben the ground
haa become toft tbe tree la worked
back and forth to loosen the roots and
It then pushed over on ltl tide. Tho
branches ire brought togetber and
fastened wltb a cord, and burlap covered wltb earth Is put over tbem.
Thus the treea lie snug until spring,
when the covering tt gradually lout-
encd and finally removed, and they are
raised and propped up.-Kocky Mountain Newt.
But She Hadn't..
"What'a tba matter, old chap? Yon
look at If you hadn't bod a wink ot
Bleep all nlgbt."
"I buvon't You aee, my wife threatened never to speak to me again If I
didn't come borne last nlgbt before 10
o'clock, and I dldu't."
"I aee. You're finding out the tone-
aomeness of solitude because she kept
her word, cb?"
"Not by a Jugful. I wish ahe had."
•hut Htr Off.
First Deaf Muto (making slgnsi-
Dld your wife complain because you
ttnyed out til) after midnight? Second
Deaf Mute (ohuckllngl-DId the? Vou
should bave seen ber! But when II
began to get monotonous I Just turned
•Ut tbe light.
Ha Thought That Waa What Mad* AD
tha Ptepla (tar*.
"You bave read ln novel* bow a
great emotion will tranaform a man'a
countenance, bow a poet'* tact ln tha
hoar of Inspiration acta tb* eparrowa
Bulging on tha housetop*, liy own
features are of the commonplace typ*
—nobody tbinkt ot regarding them
twice—yet I, too, hare bad my experiences, declare* a contributor ta Punch.
"They occurred on tbe morning when
I received a letter trom Phyllis, whlcb
•aid briefly, 'Yea, I tblnk to.' Not
mucb ln that, you may any, bot whan
I tell you lt wu tbe delayed answer to
• proposal of marriage yon will nnder-
aland. Shortly after reading It I (topped out Into tb* atreet to walk to tb*
"Wbat • walk tbat wu! ne light
In my eyea teemed to brighten th* very
aun; the song tn my heart wu echoed
from a hundred motorboaea. Never
bave tbe winda of May wooed ao win-
singly a February morning.
"Every man I met turned hla bead
aa If loath to take hla aye* tram my
Irradiated countenance. Every girl
aeemed to take tbe keenest pleasure ln
my happiness and tmlled it me prettily u lt Infected by ita contagion
"TIb well,' I thought (In blank vera*),
that Phyllis now It pledged to me or,
by my troth, these flattering glance*
(hot from beauty's eyes might make
my heart unfaithful.'
"It waa only wben I reached tbe office and looked ln the glasa tbat 1 die-
covered the large black amudge on tb*
and of my nose."
nnm millinery.
I* ww Fall Hats Women WDl Uok
In tne majority of fall modela women wlll look older. This It because the
■Manet, mushroom and bell abape*
bate given way to the bat wltb an upturned brim, and to be strictly ln atyle
tb* brim moat tan at the back .
It you ar* young and fair to look on,
*j *H mean* wear a chin band on your
WW fall bat This can be *f velvet
ribbon, taffeta V moire or ef tulle and
■aline*. It can have a fastening by
mama ot a hook pad eye, or tbe stream-
era can be tied at one aide, eoqucttish-
ty, under one ear or Just In front. Tha
chin band will be noticeable on bat*
for afternoon and evening thla aeason.
One "cap" la of velvet witb a puffed
crown and a visor which comes down
In front At one aide la a panache
mounting to great height and giving a
duhlng effect that would look well
with a military suit On a black velvet bat for evening there la used chan-
tilly lace for the brim and tor the wired
bow at thp back that holds the turned
up brim. Tbe Illustration ahowa an
exceedingly stylish pleco of millinery—
a Jaunty sailor of black velvet, wltb
fancy quills. The upstanding medlcl
ruche worn with tbis chapeau will add
ultra cbleness to any costume.
Heme Fare Often Better Than Dining
Car Meals.
To pack lunch for a traveler requires much more finesse and care
thnn If you were preparing for a day'a
picnic. Traveling Is apt to bo tiro-
tome, for long hours of riding, even In
a comfortable twentieth century train,
bare many drawbacks, and If a lunch
is to be enjoyed on the road tho same
must be the acme of daintiness. Many
travelers prefer to carry several meals
Instead of patronizing the dining car
service when going ou a long Journey,
and If each meal ls packed separately
and offers enough variety there ls no
reason why tbo last sbould not be aa
enjoyable as tbe first Hare white,
clean pasteboard boxes, wrap each ln
a white paper and mark neatly. TJae
the best grade of white paper napkins, dlsbcs and waxed paper. A
amall fruit knife or butter spreader,
aluminium fork and spoon and a collapsible cup can be carried ln one'a
Wben using these recipes remember
all measurements are level. Use a
graded half pint measuring cup and
sift flour before measuring,
Pimento Cheese Sandwiches.
Ono soft cream cheese, one teaspoonful of cream, one canned red pimento, one teaspoonful of pimento oil;
mash tbe cheese wltb tbo cream to a
smooth paste, cut pimento Into small
bits, add that and the oil which will be
found lu tbe can, mix well and tben
tprcud on unsweetened crackers.
Beaton Sandwiches.
One cupful of baked beans, two tbln
slices of bacon, one teaspoonful of
ketchup, ono teaspoonful of mustard
tarice. steamed brown bread. Hun the
beans through a fruit press, cut the
bacon Into tiny cubes and fry to a
golden crlspness: drain off the fnt and
add the cubes to the benns; add other
Ingredients and run to n smooth paste;
tprcud between thin buttered slices of
brown bread.
Marshmallew Fingers.
Split lady fingers nnd spread wltb
marshmallow Icing, put a little sprinkling of ground nlmouds between,
press together ami ice on botb sides,
placing a half blanched almond on
each center.
Fox Hunting,
In communities wbere fox bunting
ls considered a sport catching oue It
tbe cardinal offense. The rule In fox j
hunting la tbat you may chase tht
quarry, but you mutl not overtake It-
Philadelphia Ledger.
Mother's Tongue.
"Don't you realize tho power of tht
motber tongue?" nsked tbe young man
wbo profetsed Interest In literature.
"Yet, and to duet father," replied
tht young womau.—Buffalo En press.
Mtatly All Talk. ,
"I don't feel qulto well, doctor.    l"i
yon think I could go to a coffee party
tbit afternoon?"
"Certainly, mitt.   Tnnr tongue It til
right"-rilegenae Blatter.
Deviled Macaroni.
Bull, blanch, drain nnd chop four
ounces of macaroni rather One. Itub
two tnblcspoonfuls of butter and two
table-spoonfuls of Dour togetber, add
one-half pint of milk and stir lt till
boiling. Press three bard boiled eggs
through a sieve or chop tbem very
One, nud add them to lhe thick sauce.
Add one tablespoonful of chopped
parsley, onc-bnlf teaspoonful of salt, a
few grains of cayenne pepper, a grating of nutmeg nnd one tablespoonful
of onion juice Now mix In the macaroni and n small quantity of cayenne.
Put lu Individual shells, cover the top
with breadcrumbs moistened with
melteil butler ninl run Ihem into a
(|i!lc!( iiM-ri lo brown. When done
tnnke nn linleiillllliin with ihe back of
lire «|Mmn In tin. *•"nter of each, put in
rr   t>- I..**,,,,***,   ketchup  of
tni!' *•.' ut uu re.
to the Old Daya When Children Ware
Sent to War.
I   Among other Improvements ln  the
' art of war as attained by the world In
these later dnys is tbe abolition of the
practice of sending children to aeu, na
! wu the case wben the midshipmen of
, tha'old "oak walla" of England ofteu
I ware boys of less tban fourteen years.
The Marquis of Dufferin and Ava in
| telling about tbe siege of Homrrrsiirnl,
In tbe Crimean war, which bo witnessed from the frigate Penelupe, related
tbl* story of one of these little fellows.
"What pleased me most during th*
whole business,"  he says, "wus tho
gallant bebavior of a little midshipman, a mere child, thirteen or fourteen
yeara of age. About tbe time wben tho
lr* became pretty bot I happened to
cam* across blm, and, aa be seemed to
be u much ont of a Job as myself, I
touched my cap and took tbe liberty ot
•baervlng that lt waa a fine day, to
which he politely repUed that It was.
"Encouraged by bia urbanity, I ventured to ask blm how long be bad been
•t lea, to which he answered, 'I havo
•niy left my mamma six weeks, but 1
ain't going to cry on ber majesty's
•narterdeck,' a remark wblch I think
u worth recording aa many a one mado
by more Illustrious heroes. Soon after
tbl*, however, a man was killed close
to him, and tbe Uttle fellow fainted
ind waa taken below."
They Hava Patted Away Bacautt They
Wtra Economically Unfit.
la a typical species of American
fauna the buffalo had his place ln our
■lately, but take blm by and large he
waa a rather useless beast, with no
adaptability for civilization. He served
bia purpose on tbe plains when men
led a nomadic life there and exlated on
hla rifle. But aa Boon aa the range
land, over wblch the buffalo "roamed
In countless thousands," became lit for
aettlemcnt th* buffalo was decidedly
de trap.
Very little of him was fit to eat He
waa worth a bullet wben there waa no
other meat to be bad, but a people accustomed to modern steaks and roasts
would find htm not overappetlzlng
once the novelty wore off. In a word,
the buffalo was economically unfit and
he went tho way of tbe unfit
Had be been conserved be might now
be affording opportunity for big game
hunters to enjoy tbemsclvca ln moderation. They are really tbe only per-
aona who have (offered by bia disappearance. To preserve tb* buffalo aa
■ specimen ln our coos la proper. He
la a curiosity and has a historical
value. But entirely too many tears
hive been abed* over hla destruction.
One steer wns and atlll la worth a
doxen blson.-Scattte Post-Intelligencer.
Japanete "Movies."
Even the remotest towns In Japan
have tbelr moving picture ahowa, and
ln largo elites tbey aeem to be nearly
aa plentiful oa on this side of the Pacific. In Yokohama there ls a whole
atreet of tbem, and, aa tbe program of
each Is endless and each picture It announced In huge aymbols on a separate
variegated banner flying from a tall
bamboo pole, tbe aspect of Theater
atreet la atartllngly unique. The pictures Illustrating tbo sensational points
of tbe programs aboro tb* entrances
and at tbelr sides bave a certain
qnatntness about them, wblcb la accentuated by the fact tbat tbey aro all
originals, not mere stereotyped advertisements printed In raw colors. Tbe
"getas" or wooden sandals of the spectators arc deposited on a rack before
the entrance to a moving picture show,
for where other people take off tbelr
hats tbo Japanese leave their shoes.—
Popular Mechanics.       V
Basketball waa tbe Invention of one
man and was completed at a single
sitting. In 1891, tn the course of a lecture at tbe Young Men't Christian as-
lodation ln Plalnfield, Mass., tbo lecturer spoke of the mental processes of
Invention and used a game, with its
limitations and necessities, as an Illustration. Jamea Nalsmlth. who waa a
member of tho class, worked out basketball tbat tame night os an Ideal
game to meet the case. It waa presented the uext dny tn the lecture room
and put in practice wltb the aid of
tbe members of tbe gymnasium. From
tbero It tpread to otber branches of Hit
Young Men's Christian association and
aubseqiiinilly to athletic clubs and tbt
general public—New York Prcat.
An Optlmltt'a Epitaph.
The Carlsbad Invalid baa ordinarily
a surprisingly robust appearance. Ht
lookt ttrong. Scoffer." any be has to
be to live through tba rlgort of tbt
cure. Tbero ll in apocryphal legend
of an epitaph In a Carlsbad church-
I wat well.
1 hoped to be batter.
■"■vi 1 ami
Important to Him.
ai om lady waa telling ber grand*
children about aonie trouble ln Scotland In tbe course of wblch the chief
of ber clan waa beheaded. "It wat
nae great tblng of a bead, to be anre."
uld the good old lady, "but It was a
tad lots to blm."
Spanith Paatantt.
In Spnln tbe peasant workt til day
and dances half tbe nlgbt. yet rarely
It hll food-varied from black bread,
onion and watermelon.
It la Usually Caused by Nervous or
Digestive Troubles.
Palpltatlou ls rarely If ever due to
any disease .or weakness of the heart.
lt Is almost Invariably the result uf
nervous or digestive trouble. The bent
cf the heart arises within Itself. There
are nerves In tbo muscles of the heart,
and they regulate Its beating, although
the speed or rate of tho boating Is not
of their choosing. If tbey wore nut
held ln cheek they would set a rate
about double tbat which Is actually
Tbe heart Is aupplled from the brain
with two palra of regulating nerves.
One pair, the cardlo motor nerves, net
only to spur up the heart to quicker
action. They nre usually Inactive,
waiting tho occasion for applying tbo
apur. Tbe other pair, the cnrdlo Inhibitory nerves, aro always In action.
It bna been said that the heart runs In
a pair of tightly held reins, und tho
almllo la true, for these nerves check
the speed.
Fear, worry, disorder of the stomach
or nervous system causes these canllo
Inhibitory nerves to relax; then the
*ie.irt begins to race. There Is nol It*
Ing tbe matter with the heart itself,
and no one need be alnrnrcrl about that
organ Just because It bents too rapidly.
Ita palpltatlou la due to a psychological or a physical cause, something
that haa caused the relaxation of tho
reins and allowed tbo cardlo motor
nerves to apply the spur.—New York
Matt Talkative, It la Said, of All ths
British Islanders.
Ia the Welshman the most garrulous
man In the British Isles? The result
of an Impartial test by a London newspaper baa abown tbat for actual talkativeness tbe typical Welshman heads
the list; next in order come Irishmen,
then Scott, and last ot ull tbe Englishman.
Unobtrusively made In a number or
well known London restaurants, club*
and public places, the tests Invariably
gar* the aame results. By means of
a teat watch the following table waa
Welthmen—Very talkative, animated
In manner and speaking at an average
rate of 200 worda a minute.
Irishmen—Also very talkative, but
leu animated ln manner; average rate
•f apeecb. 100 worda.
Scotchmen-Far lesa talkative and
deliberate ln manner; apoke at au average rat* of 120 worda.
Englishmen—Almost silent, rarely
th* first to apeak; dogmatic and deliberate ln manner, speaking 100 to 1110
worda * minute.
The comparative alienee of tbo men.
tn striking contrast to tbe vivacious
chatter of tbe women folk, was an
naual noticeable. A curious detail waa
tbat dark men were always tbe bigger
.abadiata af Holland.
There Is a eect In Holland known ns
tba Labadlsts, among whose members
tbe ua* at mirrors Is strictly prohibited. Their founder, Jean de Lebadle,
a aeventeenth century Calrinlst inliy
later, attracted many followers, but after hla death tbey dwindled down, and
now tbey are found only tn a few
remote villages of l'riealand. Traveling ln Holland In 1S93. Lecky lit upon
* colony of Labadlsts, "Intermarrying mainly among themselves," ho
writes, "they hare quite a distinct type
—a alngularly beautiful one, wltb their
delicate Upa and a curious air of refinement Tbey are flthcrmen-vcry
prosperous—and tbelr bouses, with
their cblna and allver ornaments and
prints of tbe bouse of Orange and
great Bibles with allver clasps ami
perfectly preternatural neatness, are
very Interesting to tee." — London
Tale of a Lost Will.
A lost will fouud In a celling nt
Chatswortb reminds us of the curious
case of Lord Hallos' will. He was a
Scotch Judge, and when he died ln
1*02, aa no testamentary paper could bo
discovered, tbo heir-at-law was about
to take possession of tbo estates to tbo
exclusion of hit daughter and only
child. Sbo tent some of ber terrains
to lock np tbe family mansion, which
tbo bad to giro up, and from some
window shutters tbcre dropped out
upon tbe floor from behind a panel the
mtttlng will, which secured ber all lhe
family estates and property. Why do
people take Ihe trouble to make, algn
wllla properly attested and tben conceal them? Can tbey enjoy a postbu-
moua Joke?—London Spectator.
Tidy tt tha Last.
In "Cllmpsct of tbe Pust" Miss ■Elizabeth Wordsworth tells this slory:
On* stormy day a fishing smack waa
wrecked and fait sinking. Wben tbe
skipper came on deck be found tb*
mat* busy swabbing.
"Wbat's tba uso of thnt. Jack? Don't
yon aee ahe's sinking?"
"Tea, master, 1 know It; but for all
tbat, I'd llko tbe old gal to *»o down
clean and tidy."
The Manifestation.
"Papa," aald the young girl eweetly,
"I feel It In my bones thnt you are
going to buy ma a new hnt."
"Ab. do yon?" chuckled papa. "In
which bone do ynu feel ll?"
"Well. I'm not sure, but I think lt'a
In my wishbone."
Thlnr.". thnt never conld have made I
mnn happy develop a power •"» majt*
blii! ttrong.-Phillips Brooks.
In t Way.
"Are joii acquainted wilb Mrt. Hifly,
your fatbfnnnblo neighbor?"
"Only In n riiundiiboiil way. fler cat
bmrria nt my house."- Kaneaa City
Mrs. John Campbell la Nieci of
Gunner's f.'ate on Board Famous
Flagship al Trafalgar and Can
Well Remember His Stories ol th*
Great Sea Fight—Rose High la
His Profession.
She was just a gentle, kindly faced
olri woman who lay and smiled in tho
s.rnshine. "Here's a gentleman to
t-0 you," said her daughter, and a
slim hand came groping out from
beneath tire bedspread, till it met the
fingers ef the stranger and enclosed
them in a grasp, the strength o!
Which was a surprise.
The younger woman stooped b-aaide
the Led. "He wants to speak to you
nb.-'Ut your uncle, w'no was at the
battle of Trafalgar." she explained,
ar' a flush oi pride and pleasure
enine to the wriirkled cheeks ol the
old lady.
, She is Mr?. John Campbell, ar-eil
eighty-two years, and lives with a
married daughter at 15 Bishop street,
Toronto, says a writer in Tbe Torouto
Her utHle, John McMurcliy, of
Mirlreese, in tire Isle of Kilincny. oft
the coast of Argyllshire, waa a gunner's mnte al onrd the Victory nt the
battle or Trafi.l"ar, where an English
fleet of t'.veiity-seven ships defeated
the combined fleets of Trance nnd
.Spain, numbering thirty-three ships
in all. Mrs. Campbell lias been in
this country tor thirty-three years.
She is a widow, who lias been blind
for nearly ball a century. Witli increasing age slight deafness hns coma
upon ber, but her mind is still clear
as to the manner of man ber uncle
"A tall man and strong." she said
when questioned regarding him.
"Last time I saw bim bis face waa
clear and bright as a young man's
should be. He fought the French
for twenty-four years. Aye, twenty-
four years," she mused. "Was 'pressed' when he was nineteen, taken prisoner at bis first tight, and hold in
France for a year; but be made them
pay for that—he made them pay for
"A great and a brave man be was.
Gentlemen came from all o'er tho
country to speak tae him of Nelson
an' the fights wi' the French." She
was losing the preciscness of speech
which marked tier first words. "I
couldna tell ye all tbat was said fol
mrs. job* cAiirsm,
tome ot the men only spoke Englitn,
an' t'was kin' o' hard on me thot*
days, wts English, for I first learned
the Gaelic—an' I haa it yet," ahs
said proudly.
"But I was tellin' ye about my
Uncle McMurcliy, the grann' man
that he was. '{cared me like * very
daughter, he did, for he had neither
chick nor child ot bis ain. Oft I
hae heard him tell o' that bluidy
battle n' Trafalgar. He waa gunner's
male on the Victory, an' it was hia
crew helped fire the first broadside.
An' I've heard bim tell o' the shot
which felled Nelson, an' how the admiral raised hiniael' up on hit elbow
an' continued gien' orders whiles the
life's blu i ebbed away.
An' 1 mind 1 ,'.j tellin* the gentlemen who came to see him, tbat Nel-
«on truly said, 'Thank God, I ha'
done my duty,' liefore Ire died, to say
naethin' o' words to the effect that
the enemv were beaten.
"He helped carry Nelson below, an'
then went back to the fight, where
the bluid was boilin' in (be men that
served the guns that day, to that
some men were crying, and the wicked among them were swearing terrible things against tbe enemy—an'
they fought, an1 fought, till thev won
the battle. For so my L-.--.le told m«
an' others beside.
"Some brave thing my uncle 'lid
about the tin i of the battle of Trafalgar—I diuna ken just what t'was
now, for he was not the man to talk
o'er much of what things he had done
—led the captain of the chip to say,
'McMurcliy, yo can hae whatever yon
like; name it, an' it will lie given tae
ye,' " she smiled. "An* what do you
suppose he asked for? Why. notlii'C
more or less than tlrst half of hit
pension should be paid to bis wife
after his death. Bhe was much
younger than him, and she lived to
get about thirty pounda a year from
the Government, to say nothing' c'
prize money, an' the like, which had
made my uncle quit* a well-to-do
Her voice began to falter » li'.tie,
but after a moment's pause she weot
on. "Oh, ay, I eome o" gnid stock.
My nncle was as high rank as he
could be when he left the service, an'
all the officert bad a guid word for
him, ior he was a praun fighter an' a
great an' willing worker.". She paused again, then, "Why wouldn't ha
lie?" she said. "All his fowk wero
born beside the tes, or made their
living on it, captains an' sailors, an'
fishermen,, an' a'. But I'll be. bid*
ding yon 'good-bye,' " sire paid suddenly.' "I'm tired wl' talltln', though
it's dorre me a deal n' gootl to speak
to aomeone concerning ray uncle who
fought at Trafalgar, an' inary other
places in tht wars with the Freucb
an' the Spanish." . 1 H II"IWjAINUKH," trUMhKrvljAl-l 1»
o 5
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| we will be open evenings on *
Q Monday, Tuesday and Wed- 8
s        nesday. j
! Wishing you the Compliments of 5
the Season. f
Simon Leiaer and Co., Ltd.     jj
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In 'til the newest desit/ns, put  nyi in srpemte  hoses, a
nios acceptable gift.      Prices from 35c. to •>'! /'noli,
Ladies Hair Ornaments
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Ladies Gloves
Petxins friake in all the hirst shades and the host quality
every pair r/uarauteed nt ■>' I .f>0 a pair.
Ladies Silk Waists
A lu.rgeT'and select  assortment ol'    1 rnulHi u'lp.f at
moderate /n ICcS.
Ladies Quilted Silk Dressing
In crimson, daintily embroidere; price $7.50 each.
Linen Table Centres
Circulrtar heavily embroidered; (15c. each
Children's Hats and Bonnets
In claitit;/ designs for the bnhy,  prices 50c.  to $1.25
.vlur o/e assortment of photo fi'ajvies at  greatl?/ reduced
If you hnve any difllculty fn make n choice let us hely
you in suggesting suitnM-fr-miil ap/'ropriate gifts.
Simon Leiser & Co.
"The Big Store"
Phone .I*
Before the Board of Investigation.
In the Matter of Bush Creek,
Black Creek, Buttle Lake, Boot
Lake, Campbell River and Lakes,
Comox Lake, English Creekl
French Creek, Gosling Lake,
Home Lake, Indian Lake, Marble
Creek, Milstone River, Nile
Creek, Nanaimo Lake and River,
Poutledge River, Quinson River
and Lake, Oyster River, Wolf
River, and all other streams in
the Nanaimo Water District as
defined on page 647G of the
British Columbia Gazette of the
31st July 1913.
TAKE NOTICE that each and
every person, partnership, company, or municipality who, on
the 12th day of March 1909. had
water rights on any above mentioned streams, and has not
already filed a statement of claim,
is directed to forward on or he-
fore 31st day of December 1913.
to the Controller of Water Rights
at the Parliament Buildings at
Victoria a statement of claim
in writing as required by section
28 of the "Water Act" as amended. Printed forms for such
statement (From No 50 for irrigation or Form No 51 for other
purposes) can be obtained from
any of the Water Recorders in
the Province.
The board of Investigation will
tabulate such claims and will
receive objections thereto if
filed, and will give due notice of
the time and place set for the
hearing of the claims and objections.
Dated at Victoria B.C.  the 17
day of November 1913.
For the Board  of Investigation,
Notice is hereby given that the time
for reception of tenders for the construction of wharfs at Victoria Harbour, B. C,
h extended to Thursday, January 8, 191*1.
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa. December 9, 1913.
SEALED TENDERS addressed to the
undersigned, and endorsed "Tender
for Public Building, Port Alberni, B. C,"
will be received at this office until 4 p.m.
on Wednesday, 31st December, 1913, for
the~construction of a public building at
Port Alberni, B. C.
Plans, specifications and form of contract can be seen and forms of tender
obtained at the office of the undersigned,
Postmasters at Port Alberni and Nanaimo,
and Mr. A. J. Chisholm, caretaker, Public
Building, Vancouver, B. C.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied, and
signed with their actual signatures, stating their occupations and places of resid
ence. In the case of firms, the actual
signature, the nature of the occupation
and the place of residence of each member
of the firm must be given.
Each lender must be accompanied by
an accepted cheque o r a chartered bank,
payable to the order of the Honourable
the Minister of Public Works, equal to
ten per cent. (10 p,c.) of the amount of
the tender, which will be forfeited if the
person tendering decline to enter into a
contract when called upon to do so, or fail
to complete the work contracted for. If
the tender be not accepted the cheque
will be returned.
The Department docs not bind itself to
accept the lowest or any tender.
By order,
Resident Architect.
Department of Public Works Office,
Victoria, M.C., December 9th, 1913,
Newspapers will not be paid for this
advertisement if they insert it without
authority from the Department,
Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations
COAL uiiiiiiii! rights of the Dominion
in Manitoba, Snaknichewau nnd Alberta,
the Yukiiii Terriiory. the Northwest Terri
tnries and in a portion of the Province of
British Oluuibia, may be leased for a term
• if twonly-one years at an annual rental uf
*1 an acre. Nol more than 2,500 acres
will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be made by
ihe applicant ill person to the Agent i.rauh
Agent "f the district in which the right.,
applied for are situated.
Ill surveyed territory the land moat be
described bv sect Inns, "r legal subdivision*
..f Motions, and in uusurveyed erritory
tlie truer applied for shall be staked uut bj
tliPA|iplioailt himself.
Kuhapplication must he acenmpaiiied
byafec uf$5 which will lie refunded if tlie
i iithts applied fnrare uut available, but not
otherwise, A royalty shall be paid on tile
tnerohahtab'e output of tile mine at On*
rale i*f live cents per t* ll.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish tbe Agent with sworn return*ac
Hunting for the full quantity of illi-rcli*
antabiecoal mini A and p<y tbo royaltj
thereon. ,lf the c* al iiiiulag rights arc
nut lining operated, auoll retui-tiB shall lie
furnished at leastonee a year.
The loam* will include the coal iiiinin.
lightsolily, hut the I sseoiiiny It" permit
led lo piirehane whatever available mir
face rig1 ta may be considered necessarv
for the working of the ininuat the rate of
$10 OOanaoie.
Fur full information application should
he mado to the Secretary nftlie Depart*
nii'ut of the Interior. Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Sub Aginl * fDouitiiion Lauds.
VV W. cony,
Deputy Minister.*! >he Interior.
N 1*1- Unauthorized publication of thii*
idvi rti-r-uietit will uot b. fail! for.
Deed of Assignment dated the 11th
day of Decembe , iy 13, the above named
Kinii Abe who resides at Cumberland, B.
C, and carries on business as a dealer
general merchandise at Cumberland, B.C.,
and at Number 1 and Number 5 Japtowns,
Nelson District, B.C., duly assigned under
the above mentioned Act all his personal
property, real estate, credits and effects
which may be seized and be sold under
of the said town of Cumberland, Publish
meeting of all the creditors of the said
Kiml Abe the said Assignor, will be held
on Tuesday the 30th day of December,
1913, at the hour of 2 o'clock in the
afternoon, at the law office of Mr. P. P,
Harrison, Banister, &c, in said City of
ALL PERSONS claiming to be creditors
of the said Kinii Abe. must without delay,
furnish the undersigned with proper
particulars of their claims duly verified
by statutory declaration.
Assignee ol the Estate of Kimi Abe.
*%, i
Xmas Goods
Silk & Fancy Goods
Suitable for Presents
C. Sing Chong
CHINATOWN,   West   Cumberland
Branch Store at Bevan
Court of Revision and Appeal under the
provisions of the " Assessment Act" and
" Public Schools Act" in respect of the
assessment rolls for the year 1914, will be
held at the Court House, Cumberland, on
Wednesday, January 7th, 1914, at 10
o'clock in the forenoon.
Dated at Cumberland, B. C,
18th December, 1913.
Deputy Assessor.
Sealed tenders will be received
by the Minister of Lands not later
than noon on lhe 2(ith day of
December, 1918, for the purchase
of Timher Licence X102, adjoining Timber Licence SSfifti, in
the vicinity of Goliath Bay, Jervis
Two years will be allowed for
the removal of the timber.
Particulars of Chief Forester,
Victoria, B.C.
The Islander & Family Herald $1.50
Leave your order with Teamster
Feed Store   -   -  Courtenay, B. C.
TThe Next and Nearest Property to the Mines,
Sawmills,   and   Absolutely   Inside   Property.
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feet deep, $150 to $225 per Lot
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It's the White Man's City.     We do not sell to Asiatics.
Lots are selling fasl, apply lo A. Priilllnope, "The Store," Berwick, or
Harry Idiens
British Columbia Investments Ltd. Cour£!>«y
" The Magnet Cash Store "
Phone 31
Cumberland, B.C.
We have just receiver, another car Innd of the celebrated
Gerhard lieintzman Pianos, We ean sell you a Piano
on easy monthly/ payments, lie hnve Several eH'trrt
got,'' second hand pimms, that were taken i" exchange
for new ones, nl prices ranging froin jj> 100 ninl upwards
GA.Fletcher MusicCo
B. C.
Ladies (0 Gentlemen's Fashionable Tailors-
Suits Mntlir to Measure from $28 In s"*40
Household Requisites
Washing Machine, Water Moto", Baths, $50 reduced to $32.50
Rocking Chairs, Dining Room Chairs, Washstands
at Reduced Prices.
Dunfcttiiulr 71 ventie. Cumberland, f», e.


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