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The Islander Dec 6, 1913

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.tl-ao I*1**1*
Largest Circulation in the eomox District.
VOL. IV., No. 36
Subscription price, $1.50 per year
General Manager of Canadian
Collieries it succeeded by
J. R. Lockard.
W. L, Coulson, who for a number of years has been general
manager of the Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) Ltd., has resigned that position in order to obtain
rest for his health.
Mr. Coulson has been seriously
ill for the past year or more. It
is only a few months ago he
journeyed to New York to consult a specialist, and he has been
desirous of being relieved of the
many duties incident to his
position. However, he was induced to remain with the company until the labour difficulties
at the Extension and Comox
mines, of which Cumberland
■'s the centre,  had been fully
(settled and the work of construc-
fion, which is on a large scale at
he collieries around Cumberland,
|.dvanced to practical completion.
As the so called holiday, which
ommenced on September 16th,
912, is now a thing of the past,
ocal mines working with a full
omplement of men and the Ex-
ension Mines rapidly approach-
rig their normal rate of produc-
Iion, this has seemed an oppor*
une time for Mr.Coulson to take
is much needed rest.
Mr. J. R. Lockard, who has
Ieen general superintendent of
ie local mines under Mr. Coul-
1m, has been appointed general
'anager of all the company's
lines and properties in Cumber*
.rid and Extension districts. Mr.
lockard will continue the firm
id '.nergetic policies so success-
,M!y followed by Mr. Coulson in
I e past.
A feeling of satisfaction per-
eated the district when it heme known that the general
perintendent had been promot-
to general  manager.     He
I joys the confidence of his
iployees and is held in the high-
t esteem and respect by the
lole community.
The output for the local mines
• the month of November totals
(522 tons, which compares
ourably with the same month
l-vious to the so-called holiday.
The strike began in Cumberland on September 16th. Five
days later a commnnication was
addressed to Premier McBride,
signed by Messrs. Foster, Pettigrew and Irvine, the second-
named being the writer. The
letter is quoted in full in the report of Commissioner Price, and
while it purports to give the facts
of the origin of the trouble, it
contains some serious misstatements. It says that upon the
posting of the report of tne gas
committee " the management of
the mines called upon the Chief
Inspector of Mines, Mr. Graham,
to come to Extension and make
an examination of the pluces in
which gas had been found. This
he did and the report of the gas
committee was verified." It has
to be remembered that the report
of this communication was addressed to the Minister of Mines
in whose department the reports
both of the gas committee and
mines inspectors are filed. As a
matter of fact, at that time, Inspector Graham was never
called in by the management of
the mines. The report of the gas
committee was only received at
the Mines Department ten days
after the examination of the
mine was made. It was not sent
by the gas committee, but the
officers of the Ladysmith local of
the United Mine Workers of
America. Chief Inspector Graham
was away in the upper country
at the time, and Inspector Morgan was sent to Exension. He
made an examination of the mine
on the 27th of June, and he did
not verify the report of the gas
committee. It was utterly impossible for him to do so, seeing
that his examination was made
twelve days after their's. His
report stated that the places referred to by the gas committee
were all 0. K. so far as danger
was concerned. Yet with all
these fac s in there own possession and knowing also they were
likewise in the possession of the
mines department, Pettigrew and
his brother officers sign their
names to such a statement as
this, addressed to the Minister of
Mines and Premier of the Province. Surely this is strange
procedure and curiously inspired
leadership.—Nanaimo Herald.
Men Charged With Assault on
Constable Taylor Acquitted
New Westminster, Dec. 2.—
Seven men charged with assaulting Provincial Constable Taylor
during the Nanaimo riots were
this evening declared not guilty
of the charge by a jury. The
men were Thomas Cowler, Richard Griffith, William Hoy, James
Baird, Tony Rinaldo, John Jackson and Tony Cierello,
When the crown counsel Taylor
closed the case several of the
accused took the stand in their
own defence. There evidence
was corroborated by several independent witnesses as in the
case of the Cumberland intimida-
ion trial. Evidence of the prosecution was flatly contradicted by
that of the defense. The main
witnesses for the Crown were
the provincial police and members of the Nanaimo City police
There was a riot charge against
all seven men but they were
allowed out on bail pending their
trial on that charge. Cowler and
Baird who had previously been
refused bail also being granted it
on this occasion.
James Hodgkinson, a merchant
of Nanaimo, who had gone to the
wharf that day to attend to some
freight shipments, corroborated
the statements of several of the
accused. |
Porn—On the 3rd inst., at
Union Bay, to Mr.and Mrs. Lome
R. Campbell, a son.
Born-On tho 3rd inst., at
Union Bay. to Mr. and Mrs. A.
Haywood, a son.
Henry Devlin, Mines Inspector,
is here inspecting the mines.
Mrs. Urquhart, mother of Rev.
Mrs. James Hood, left on Wednesday morning forPeachland.
Mrs, A. H. Peacey and family
returned on Sunday from visiting
friends in the East.
Vancouver Newspaper Replies
to Mr. Thos. Richardson's
j'he resident of that thriving
I/n known as Bevan will hold
ither grand concert and dance
|:he New Hall on Friday even-
December 12th.    Arrange-
(lts have been made and the
'.adian Collieries have kindly
sented to run a special train
the  convenience  of   those
ihing to attend the concert,
ich will leave Cumberland at
*> p.m. The committee in
rge inform us that this con-
!) will surpass all previous
,'he dance will beheld immcdi-
iy after the concert. General
nission to concert 50c, dance
'.tlemen 50c, ladies free. The
cial train will return to Cum-
i .and after the dance.
London, Dec. 2.—Long judgement was delivered today by Lord
Haldane of the Privy Council in
appeal of the Government of B.
C. in respect to fishing rights.
The Law Lords decided the fisheries question in favour of the
Dominion and declared that fishing in tidal waters is right open
to all. Exclusive power of regulation rests with the Dominion
parliament and the right to fish
in arms and estuaries of the sea
is declared to be a public right of
the same character as that enjoyed by the public in the open seas.
Wesley Willard has a gang of
men at work remodelling the
upper story of his brick block on
Dunsmuir Avenue. When completed it will bo used
tographer's studjo.
In connection with a recent
strike in Seattle, which was a
failure, owing to the fact 'hat it
was for recognition of the union
and not for betterment of the men
for they themselves proclaimed
perfect satisfaction with their
jobs, we found autocracy spread
on as a child spreads butter on
bread, says the Pacific Coast
A labor agitator, imported to
the City of Seattle from down the
Pacific Coast, the kind that has
as much interest in the laboring
man's welfare as a burglar has
for a burglar alarm,demonstrated
his ability as an oligarchist from
the time he arrived in the city
until his departure.
To cut a long story short—this
illustrious autocrat called the
workingmen out on strike, men
who were satisfied with the
money they were making, causing them to lose their positions as
well as six weeks' work, inflicting
upon them the burden of seeking
work elsewhere, while he registered and occupied an expensive
suite of rooms at one of our most
exclusive hosteleries, the Washington Hotel, and paid the bill
from dues collected as strike
funds, amounting to $7.80 per
His Honor C. H. Barker, Judge
of the County Court, arrived by
as a pho- auto on Wedneseay, and held his
| usual monthly session.
Mre. H. Parkinson and Mrs. E.
V. Ashcroft visited Vancouver
during the week and returned
Mrs. W. E. Lawrence*, who has
been visiting friends in the East
for the past six months, returned
on Wednesday evening.
J. R. Lockard, general superintendent of the Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) Ltd., left for
Victoria on Sunday and returned
last night.
George Robertson, of Union
Street, West Cumberland, left on
Wednesday for Kamloops, hoping
that the change may improve his
James Abrams, S.M., has been
re-appointed city police magistrate by His Honour the Lieut.-
Governor in Council, at a salary
of §300 per annum.
Don't forget the concert and
dance*' at Bevan on Friday the
12th, All those who are able
should make an effort to be there,
its for a good cause.
There will be a meeting of the
Cumberland Ratepayers Association in the Oddfellows Hall on
Tuesday evening at 8-30 prompt.
J. Maitland Dougall left for his
home at Duncans on Saturday
The annual meeting of the
Conservative Association will be
held in the Oddfellows Hall next
Tuesday evening. All members
are earnestly requested to attend
this meeting for the election of
officers for the ensuing year.
The Birthday Social held in the
basement of the Presbyterian
Church on Thursday evening, for
the purpose of raising funds to
install a new furnace in the
church, was a grand success and
the receipts for the evening were
very satisfactory.
At the annual election of officers of Cumberland Lodge No.
26 A. F. and A. M. the following
were elected for the ensuing
year:-W.M., J. W. Cooke; S.w.,
W. T. White; J.W., F. Jaynes;
Treasurer, J. Bairds; Secretary,
E. D. Pickard; Tyler, T.H.Carey;
Auditors, G. W. Clinton and W.
F. Ramsay.
For Sale—Ten acres more or
less situated on the Royston Road
also a four-roomed house and
stable, horse and buggy, two bed
steads, two stoves, sideboard,
dining room table, etc. etc. Part
cash balance on easy monthly
payments; a fine opportunity for
one of the newcomers with a
little cash to secure a piece of
good land and a home partly furnished cheap. For further particulars apply E. W. Bickle.
The following article from the
News Advertiser is a sufficient
reply to Mr. Thos. Richardson's
complaint of the way in which
the strikers in Nanaimo have
been treated by the. Provincial
Government. Mr. Ritchardson
promises to raise the whole
question in the British House
of Commons. Here is what the
News Advertiser has to say;
"It may be hoped that Thos.
Richardson,   M.P.,   will   make
good his promise to bring before
the British Parliament the statement he has made outside of it
about the conduct of the militia
at Nanaimo and its neighborhood.
Then there will be an opportunity
for some person with correct information to show how badly the
member   for   Whitehaven   has
been informed. His   statement
that the labour meeting was broken up by the militia is absurdly
incorrect, as it is well known that
the militia  waited calmly and
long for the meeting to finish its
business. No one has more reason
to be thankful that the soldiers
were called to Nanaimo than the
men whose lawless course was
arrested before it had gone farther. No one has  more  reason
than those who committed the
outrages of the period to regret
that the force did not arrive at
Nanaimo a day or two earlier.
That would  have saved  many
people a day and a night of terror
ard much personal loss and injury
It would have protected badly
advised and rash men who are
ordinarily law abiding, from the
commission of offences for which
they are now paying the penalty,
and from implication or casting
suspicion upon others who have
paid some penalty though they
are acquitted. We do not enter
into the question of the guilt or
innocence of particular persons,
or of the measure of any man's
offence. But we say again that
it is due to the militia that the
unfortunate affair was not worse
and that while the soldiers could
not well have been sent to the
scene of disturbance sooner than
they were it would   have  been
well for both union and non-union
men if a force strong enough to
keep peace had been there when
the trouble began."
The total number of men employed at the Cumberland mines
prior to the cessation of work
was 983, at Extension, 700 at the
Western Fuel Company's mines,
Nanaimo, 1,494' exclusive of
some300 more at their sawmill,
farm, etc.; at South Wellington,
350, and Jingle Pot 250, making
a total of 3,777 men, exclusive of
the 300 engaged at the sawmill
and upon the farm of the Western Fuel Company. The great
majority of the men have been
without employment since the
commencement of the trouble at
their respective mines.
Most of the men employed in
these mines are English speaking, largely English and Scotch,
or of English and Scotch descent
but for some branches of tho
work, especially above ground.
Oriental labour is employed, the
number of Chinese employed in
all the coast mines inl912 being
given as 622, and Japanese as
At the time of the inquiry
there were about 800 men working at Cumberland, and 200 at
Extension. Some of these are
former employees who have gone
back, quite a number are new
men tha** have been brought or
come in, and a large number are
Orientals. Out of a total of 690
under ground men employed in
this company's mines in May
1913, 432 were Orientals, and
among surface men the proportion is probably larger.
Quite a number of the former
employees of all the mines left
the island, either to work or to
take a holiday elsewhere, a few
have taken up other occupations
in the island, but the great majority are still in idleness, waiting the turn of events. An
unusually large proportion of the
men, especially at Nanaimo,
have good homes of their own,
and, as a class they are exceedingly well-to-do. Nanaimo is
beyond comparison, the finest
mining town I have ever been in.
(To be continued.)
The Alabama Stock Co. will
present College Chums, at the
Crown Theatre to-night. On
Monday night the play will be,
In Bad. Tuesday the crown will
show the Nelson Walgast fight
pictures; Wednesday, Glass coffin a special thrilling picture.
A special stock company will
be here for pay- week end.
Court of Revision to revise the
voters list for the year 1914, will
be held in the Council Chambers,
on Wednesday, December 10th,
1913 at 7.30 p. m. The Court
shall hear and determine any
application to strike out or add
any name or names which may
have been improperly inserted or
admitted from the list, of which
all persons are hereby required
to take notice.
Winston Churchill's book.
The Inside of the Cup, furnishes
the subject of the discourse in
Grace Methodist Church to-morrow evening under the heading
"The Way Out" following the
subject of last Sunday, "The
Impassof the Church." Strangers cordially welcomed.
Mr. Jack Taylor, late manager
of the Birmingham Red and
White Pierrot Kadcttcs, a theatrical company famous in the
Midlands of England, has organized what is known as the Cumberland Concert Company. It is
expected they will appear before
a Cumberland audience in the
near future.
The Sunday School of Grace
Methodist Church plans holding
their annual Christmas entertainment on Christmas night as
usual. The children are making
excellent pregie's with their
rollicking cantata, "A Jolly Christmas," and an entertainment
quite up to the usual high standard is confidently anticipated. '
Wood for sale—Ring up L8C
Thomas  Pearse Happy Valley. THE ISLANDER. CUMBERLAND, B.C.
n  -,  ..,-■-        - ■. ■■■ni in res 1 ■  * te.   DI per   cent   or
hifi r ir :■■       n  r-trtunei .eatmenta In '---al cBtato.
ii t i ■;■.:■■ ■ .: Canada  v.  I   ti&va   a   population   or
i within it.- ■ -i rtrcade :■ million.. ■■' proQia   win   be   marjo   by
nvcatora We offer i:i   Ktnlocl.   Place which fronts on Main
wi-mt,-.".   •■;■ pc   lltyeli   U»l -      Price 1175,   510 cash    and   »10   Pef
■.. . .*> ll nn nincta to you in a few years time.
Canada    Life   Building,
Winnipeg,       Man.
jenls wanted at every point
Wltlr ul .*■•*■■ obucatlon on my part.
please nd me plan am! ;.n partieu-
lara l •    rti.r iek Ptr.oa,
But Lady Marjorie Fielding la Proud |
of B.C. Alcent
Another cliapte'r ln the history of
Vancouver- Island closed recently With
Ihe return of Iho Earl or Denbigh and
party from the Ptarmigay mine property on Bear Mountain, near Clayo-
quot Sound.
Sir James Sievewrlglit, a colleague
of Cecil Rhodes ln the up building ot
South Africa, nearly met death by being suspended ln mid-air over a precipice of over two hundred feet. Lady
ilarjovlo Fielding, daughter of tlie
liar!, placed a new peak en the map
•-■ - —— I of tie Island by christening one of
\trl take it from me that l*1** mi**<"r "iealis ot tlle BrettX Interior
Lock & Co
Limited, bon
lelbourno and Toronto
Wi II,
at's the
iUoTiirggot restr-il
In.   proceeded  lo 1!
r \il looking cigar.
dn  ynu  want  to
Hlo first I'm*.* you lu
latest new.;? Mur*
jn one stick while
rrln a large black
What sort of news
lear, doctor?—i'.'s
.vc come to me for
1.4 ll  iru.   tl.:.1. Sir George Ira:
ruay already?
You ought -.o 'mow as yci wero dining here n night or rrva ago; he has I
nor run far this tiino and he's coming
Murra; grunted ml shifted the po*
sltlor- nl' his pipe between his teeth.
Wlrri'. do you think of liim? ho is
hardly tho sort of ma.r ' expected to
McTurggot drew closer and leant
over' the side of tlie gate; he was trill
and angular with high check bones
aud Sandy coiorcd hair, slow of acUon,
Blow of speech hnt quick to think.
For ones he was in a communicative
wood. lie had lately experienced a
great surprise and thero was no duo
in whom ho could contlt".-*
O.r, : think he'll do. he replied after
a prolonged silence; lie is not quite
lilra any of us expected, I'm thinking;
but we shall see what wo shall soo
when lir- comes back from London. It
looks a.-* though there might bo work
i.    -*11 cf us.
Murray raised hla eyebrows Inter-
What are you driving at. McTurggot?
Tiie bailiff rolled his cigar between
his lips. The Hall has heen neglected for many years; I have seen to the
outside—but tho inside Is dull and
.".Din*, not tlio sort of place where a
gentleman could entertain, or n worn*
iti make her homo Aye, it looks as
though there might 1)3 builders and
furnishers comlr.e up from London
and what tbey call them landscape
gardeners. Alreu.r he has picked
ou: a score jf cottages oa tho oslale
to bo rebu'H. He grinned and winked, li. won't be long before there's n
job for the parson too, and Inter nn
you may come in bendy, doctor*;
Tiro bailiff's humor did not appeal| occasional jsatne of brjdg*
ro Murray who commenced to smoke
vigorously.     Vou have heard the rumor that lie is married?
A score of limes, McTurggot chuckled—yes, and I was afraid Ir: might
bring hack rune foreign o.catnr- io
rule at Cranby Hell. Dl* 1 ain't
' afraid now. 1 am an o'.d man, doctor, but 1 can read signs. Again he
laughed, 1 user! K think that you'd
left your hcavi at. the collage on the
hill. Woll, only pray that I shall
live long enough to luke '.re. firstborn
in my arms—and that it's a boy.
II. turned away on his two sticks
: ml hammered un tho fro.-r door of
lhe lodge.
i'ou si* i * ;o le* lulling a good deal
I ii inn, li for granted, Murray said
savagely. Take my advice, rind tell
Ibr  gosslpr  n    bcl     their   meddling
Formed Watery Pimples, Itchy and
Had Horrible Burning Sensation,
Lost Some of Finger Nails. Could
Not Open Hands, Cured by Cuticura Soap anil Ointment,
-;*,.', S, l.ls'inr Bt., Toronto, Ontario. -
" For sovou yeara I have been troubled wllh
h..lt-il,i:illi.    ll.ciim i( on toy liirir,!*- and
(      . rorjncdkladofvratoryplmplca
; *; ■ rill Over lllflll Which bei'uuro
;. i " *' ,' Itclij aad It bad a horrible
jo burning inniHatlon which
W caused nro a Goud deal of
O pain. Ir caroa out on my
/ 'handiln r ho fall ami romalncd
\/// thrro till after uprlnfr. I
ratght ni'ruilon thai 1 lust, lonro of my
flnirirr nulls by tho ili..r:i<e. 'Purlin? llils
length of linn, I vas uil'Tly usoll -i.;:* I
could ii"! oprn ni.v hands. I tried several
oilier patent raodlclnM ,wllbouu a hit, of
rilli*r, ,-**iiiio of m> friends advised nre ro
to'Cutlcura Remedies bo I .'*<**it for samples
and by uing llii'in lli**ie iru a great Iro-
jirovement. Tben I Meat to llio ilrngirlst
anil bought on,* eal e *,f i lullcura Boop aud
iv.i,i„,.*.* sof I luilcurai ilntraent; nfrvr usiuit
ih- in I run irl.ul io Bay I am complir-lely
coral. I hr.il given up <ni lifipo or belag
cured. 1 ,*sn Eay lo all those who iHYfl
{puferou n.i 1 have, nut to lose courage but
lo Rico Oulleura Remodlaa a fair trial."
(Signed) MlsaLillian Irwin, Oct. irr. 1011.
For more than a generation i '.;'.*■ .: Soap
and CiltlCtlra Ointment have afforded tho
most ocouomlcal trcatuieat for attoi tioos of
the akin and Bcalp Unit loriirr... Itcb, burn,
scale, and destroy sleep. Sold evorywher?.
Sample of each mallod rreo, wltb HrJ-p. Hkln
Book. Address post card Potior Drug*
. Corp., Dcpt. JOO. Boston, V. :>. A.
Miss Mehon has no more idea of marrying Sir (ieorgo at present than I
have. If lie is not married, already,
bo's not likely '.< End a wife in this
part of lire worid either.
lie walked quickly down the road
through the vii.age. The forgo was
still open anil the blacksmith came
cut to wish him good-evening, hoping
for a ciiat. but wltb a curt nod, Murray passed on. On all sides hi was
received with kiadjy looks and greetings, and as a rule, bo had a tew
v..-its for -very one, but tills evening
it wss obvious he was anxious to escape
Something wrong: tbe blacksmith
confided to hit mate. Ami ho shook
iris head; he gUtSSeu the doctor's see-
ret, lie's vaited too long, ho said,
rrs the sparks flew from tiie glowing
fire. He swung Ills heavy hammer
and brought it down on a heavy bar
of iron. lr. don't do—-to keep women
■—or -on, wait's,' when once the
name? hero touched 'em—strlkj while
you're hot and strong—ant? you can
bend 'em to ye will. If yer wait,
tbey grows cold. And you'll ilnd
somo other felloi blowin' up the
flames uf tho forge.
Similar thoughts rushed through
Murray's head as be strolled towards
tho bridge spanning llio river. Perhaps
he had waited too long? But ha
had been so sure of himself and of
Peggy, lie ' ad no: waited without a
He stood on the bridge and leant
over, watching the waters as they
Eang and tumbled on tiler way through
tho moorland to the ecu. He had
hoped to find her fishing, but the
banks on eitl er side wire deserted.
The sun was se.'.ing. the countryside was very quiet, birds piped in
tlio hedgerow; a llltle brcez.i now and
titer stirred the leaves. Hut presently the sotiud of horse's hoofs smote
his car. Turning round he saw the
woniau who filled his thoughts.
Peggy was mounted on a smart bay
cob which Murray recognized with a
throb of jealous fear—for it came
from the stables of Cranby Hr.il!
I have had such a ripping ride,
sho said, leaning towards him. her
face aglow, her eyes shining. I hav,
been towards Bordlelgh, though t perhaps I might meet you.
I was driving to-day- iu tire opposite direction.
A year or* two ago, when he had
first hluled of his love for* Peggy they
had ridden togethe:; he had a couple
of horses then and had heen able to
mount her. It was when he reali/.ed
what a real and vital lliii.g his love
had become, that he had suddenly altered bis mod., of life; given up every
luxury, even some necessities. Kept
a single sturdy horse and old fashion-
knocked off hunting, even an
aud tvork-
-l like a Trojan to ineera*. y his practice, to save overp penny until be could
afford to '.eave jranby and buy a decent living In a decent town. And
then—make Peggy Mehon his wife and
glvo her some of tho .rood things in
iifo for* which he knew she yearned.
Dreams!—beautiful and possible.
But while ho worked and dreamed it
had never entered his head that Peggy might tin of waiting. Man-like,
he look the woman lor granted; lie
had no rival, for no one had told him
that u young girl's thoughts are often
a lover's bitterest foe.
Are you ,-,-ing to exercise Sir
George's horses for him wr.ilo he is
away? Murray asked abruptly.
Peggy look*-. surprised, lie simply insisted that I should rido Joe
whenever I liked, and you know how
I love a gallop. Tel] nre. what do you
think of him, not a bit like wc expected, is he"
Are you speaking nf iii. horse or of
Sir George lletherington? the doctor
Then Pegay realized that something
was wrong. She slipped from ber
■raddle an*   stood by h.rr side.
What's Iho matter. Jim—you sound
cross: or are you only tired? I am
always telling you tiiat you worked
too haid. I suppose you havo been
slaving away at tlrat wretched book
yon aro writing on anatomy. Arc
you aware how horribly you have ne-
glectoil me fo, the past year?
'le started at tbat and his face
hushed. Don't you know why I have
neglected you? he Urirtcd out. And
then he forgot everything excepting;
his love for this girl, which 'rail been!
lying in his hea.'t like a seed in tlio
earth, nailing to spring forth and bud
and blossom line busk ir. the •warm 'l
of tho sunshine whilst it gave forth j
its fragrance. 1 have neglected you,
—because—I love you. If I havo uotl
I told yon to, it is because I thought
you knew it, remembered it. 1 told
you ouce that I loved you—
! 'fir.it was threo years ago, Jim. she
! i lerTuprcrl him, but jealousy had en
udilen set fame to his passion.   He
•dome by the name of Mrrrjorio's Lode..
Ijady Mar-jorie enjoys the glory oi"
being the tlrst woman to -climb lhe
great interior mountain, and it is not
likely that her feat will be duplicated
iu a hurry, as all of the members of
tlio party declare that, while the view
from tho top was incomparable, tire
travail of getting thero was of too
great effort to pay for it.
Street Car Gallantry
Hero's a street ear conversation that
may or may not have a moral, it al
least fnnilshei food fer reflection. A
friend of ours overheu-d it on a Euclid car.
Isn't It awful, eairl one fair scrap
hanger, to have to stand up all tlie
way home after shopping till your feet
are sore?
Yes, said tho other pretty, fair strap
hanger.   And r.o chance for a seat.
Weil, I don't blame the men sometimes. They say that ;i woman never
says thank you, if they do give up
their seats.
I always do. Wouldn't you say
thank you if one of these gentlemen
should givo you his seat?
No; 1 don't thin'   I would.
Why not?
I wouldn't be able to. I'd fainl away.
It was at (he dinner- table, and the
lrastess addressed her husband's brother.
Do bare another piece of pie. William.
Wily, really. I've already bad two;
but it's so good, I believe I will have
Ha, ha! mother's a winner, said
llttlo Frank, excitedly. She said
she'd bet you'd make a pig of yourself.
Winnipeg Montreal
Kidney    Trouble.   Cured
Mr. Daniel Ir'. Fraser, of Brldgevllle,
M.S., says ahou; (Ills' PILLS. "For
twentv years, I have been troubled
with Kidney and Bladder Disease, and
have been treated by many doctors
but found little relief. 1 bad given
up all hopes of getting cured when
1 tried GIN PILLS. Now, I can say
with a happy heart, that t am cured
after using only four boxes of GIN
GOc. a box, 6 for $2.50. Sample freo if
you write National Drug r.nd Chemical
Co. of Canadi  Limited. Toronto. 21V
Dragon CIuj Leads Simple Life
The Dragon Club in London, with
dinner for sixpence, has srirreil many
inquiries, lt was a woman journalist who, at her last sixpence, offered
to organize that C'helsia restaurant
on cheap line and run it us a club,
lt was the superfluities thai were cut
off. The laundry hill—why should
no1* you cat from a hare labln that
can be easily cleaned? The crockery
business was run in careful lines,
■"•hero is too much, crockery for rhe
slmplo life*
Wo eat off bare tabks, writes the
fi nder of tho '"-neon Crib, and tiie
food ls .'.ishoil la French fireproof
bowls wilh lids to them, se-iing the
double purpose, wben necessary, oi
saucepan and plate. Our Epoons are
of horn and hone, to save labor lu
polishing silver, end our mugs are
Doulton to suvo labor, and we wait
on ourselves, also to save inhoiv The
meal Is substantial, and the hungry
person cau get l. by Joining the club
and putting up his sixpences
Ancient City Port Unearthed
Tlie most important discovery at
Pompeii for centuries is announced* It
came throt ;h tho efforts of Lorenzo
Co/.za, the sculptor of Itome, wbo has
been carrying on tho work began hy
his father. He has just unearthed the
first lemaitiB of tho ancient city port
situated 1,250 meters from the old
city seashore now, and 700 meters
from the old cily gate. It. was known
as P.rta Marina. The city of Pompeii itself is half a mile further inland than at the time of its destruction, tlio const having* been advanced.
Mr. Cor-rza worked on the theory ot
tiris displacement oi! the coast line
and for yenrs ho lias beer, experimenting -on a prn!ouga.t.li.. of the street
loading eastward from Porta Marina.
Recently ho came upon solid blocks of
granite at a depth, of 23 feot under
successive layers cf ashes, lava and
sand. lrixc. various proved that he
struck the original cmay, whoso stones
s.ill bear Indentations caused hy the
action of the waves. Much new light
will be thrown on the shipping customs of aniient Bonn. Further important discoveries arc awaited.
A gen'rotis lad's my broth
Said Llttlo Johnny Lovi.'
He takes tiie middle of tho bed
And leaves me both sides ot it.
Place of Desolation
The abominatlou of desolation ia
this lake, declares a traveler who
has visited tho island of Trinidad,
whenco comes most of our asphalt.
In spots, a palm killed by tho ash-
piialt droops disconsolately. A few
tufts of grass have secured a footing in places. But for the rest it
is a solid mass of black, dull, evil-
smelling pirch, with pools of water
here and there in which swim little
parboiled fishes. Against any of the
hot spots in tho worid, bar none, this
can be backed.
A wicked looking black snake* six
feet long glides into the bushes near
the margin of ihe lake. It. has been
sunning itself on tho asphalt. No
wonder the serpents tire supposed to
be creatures of the devil. As for
otirself, 15 minutes stay lakes away
every bit of vitality wo can summon-
Not enough interest 's left in life to
inquire what the negroes hewing with
mattocks at the asphalt receive In
wages. They earn the pay, whatever
it Is.
There is no mechanical way yet discovered by which the stuff can bo dug.
Hour after hoirv thes neg.'oes hack
the frittlo pitch, which flakes nway In
pieces a- foot square. They lift tho
burden to their heads and dump It into steel buckets, wblch start their
slow way to tin ship. Tho holes fill
up in a few days with new pitch.
Tlio lake is 1)0 to 100 acres iu extent now, hut it Is gradually shrinking with tho removal ot such large
quantities. A good percentage of tho
asphalt pavemer.t ill the w-orld comes
trom this ono lako and Its geological
compliin nt in Venezuela.
Salt Cellar Hoodoo
In some parts of tlio world, particularly in Germany, it ls still believed
that tho upsetting of the salt cellar
is the direct act of Satan—the peace
disturber. And tho habit of trying
to avert any catastrophe which may
happen hy tossing a little ot the salt
over the shoulder Is due to tho belief
that by so doing one lilts tho invisible
Satan In the ej'e, which temporarily
at Ieasl, prevents him doing further
Baltimore. Ud., Nov. 11
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Sirs,—I came across a bottle of your
MINARD'S LINIMENT in the hands
of one of the studihts at the TJnlver
sity of Maryland, and ho being so kiud
as to let me use t tor a very had
sprain, which 1 obtained in training
for foot. 'aces, and to sr.y that it
helped me would bo jutting it very
mildly, nnd I therefore ask if you
would let me know of one of your
agents lhat is closest to Baltimore sa
that I may obtain some of it. Thank
lug you in advance I remain.
Yours truly.
W. 0. MtrCuean
14 SI. Paul street.
tare Oliver Typewriter Co.
P.S.- Kindly answer at once.
Your Case Isn't Likely to be Worse,
and Can be Cured Quickly by
Beginning with the flrst of WH, Ice
l.nders and tourists alike will have
to quench their thirst with other than
alcoholic drinks. Under tho Antl-
Ssirit law, consumption of the present
stock of liquors in Iceland, which will
to a certainty be exhausted by Jan
uary 1, was permitted.
Since Iceland began to deal wltb
the liquor question In a drastic manner, her trade and industries havo tremendously increased, ln tho past 20
years a great dairying trade has been
built up and shoop raising and fishing
have grown to enormous proportions.
Not Very Nourishing
Doctor-For dlnnir you should take
forty minutes.
Timid Patient—"Would il be dangerous to add a bit ot meat and some
Little Bobby was told to sweep the
sidewalk, and when he was doing so
a friend crime along.
lldlo, Bobby, said Iho lady. Is
vour mother in.
S'iro, she's in. answered Bobby. 1k>
you think I'd be sweeping Iho sidewalk :f she wasn't In?
H-.-.llh,  Eatlno,
rape Nuts.
u r
had hidden love away like a sacred
emblem in the dim cathedral of his
soul. But now he saw and felt It-
warm flesh   and    blood   within   his
grasp,     lie had worked and watted,*- t=-m6"f|k0 ;,.     i never feel 1,...
but lhe time had conic to make veal | ;*■'? , ;,
the ideal,
"I had been sick for io years with
I dyspepsia and a lot of complications,"
! wrote a Western woman,
i     *.\n operation was advised, change
lot climr.te was suggested, but no one
seemed lo know just what, was the
I matter. I win in bed three days In
(the v.ck nnd got sorbin 1 weighed
only 8!1 lbs.     No ?ood seemed to agree
I wilh me.
"I told my husband I was going to
try some kind if predlgeated food to
' see if 1 could keep fron, this feeling
j or continued hunger,
"Grape-Nuts nrd cream was the food
II *»ot and nothing has seemed to sat
"Afier being an enthusiastic user of
Nerviline for years, 1 feel it my duty
to tell you personally what your wonderful preparation has done for me.
"1 .fferei torture fron. rheumatism
and heart trouble, tried scores of so-
called remedies, consulted for weeks
and months with Toronto's most eminent physicians, but derired only
slight benefit,
"A friiiul Insisted on my„using Nerviline. and to my surprise a vigorous
rubbing of* this powerful liniment
eased tho pains and reduced ihe strff-
ness in „iy joints. 1 continued to use
Nervlllue and waa pern auently cured. 1 am low perfectly well, and
for- three years havo had no rheumatism at all. I kvow many families
when* no otter medicine hut Nerviline
Is kept-it is so useful in minor ailments like earache, toothache, neuralgia, coughs, cold*, lumbago, and scla*
tl.-a. I call Nervlllno my 'Life
Guard,' a . I urge all to try lis merit.
Dec. 17th, 113 Pi.lmcrston Avenuo,
It Is almost criminal to keep on
suffering when Neivllinc con be bad
In any drug store. BOe. buys a largo
bottle, 2Cc. foi the trial size. Prepared
• Tho Catarrl-ozone Co, Buffalo,
'.TV., nnd Kingston, Onl.
(To  Le Continued)
*.*!r you,
a wonder
tluii I'
but havo .* natural appetite. Have
had no ir-.ons spells since I began
this food, and have taken no medl-
] have gainer, so much strength
.hat 1 now do al' rr.y housework and
wonderful| jeei wr*|i and strong. My v/i ight hns
i: creased '.'• lbs. lu P weeks and 1 Bhall
always eat Grape-Nuts as it. is far
pleasanter than taking medicines."
Name given by Canadian Postum
VV. N.
1 Father
boy of mine will h
Friend  (wearily)
tiling has he done now?
Proud Father—Why, lire oilier day
ho ate nil tho preserves in iho pantry,
1 overheard Irim say, as he smeared	
Iii,* i.n's face with llie staff: I'm Bor- Windsor, Out.   Head  "Th
ry Tom. in i'o this, but 1 can't hare] vVellvllle," In pl'!'s    "Ther
Ihe old folks suspcci me. i Eon."
  I    Ever read ti e. above ,-iter?   Anew
lialr pins, lire points of which lock  one appea's from time to lime. They
so th >  will nol  slip ort, have, been   Bre genuhe* true, and full of human
Into ett
Ito.id to
s a rea*
The Mu«led Wolves
'.he vruhos wore upon us, he related
to the girl h was trying lo impress.
Their* howlin_ penetrated to our very
marrow. Wo tied for our lives. But
ench second wo knew that the ravenous pack was galnll.g on us. Closer
and Sloser—at last they wero so close
lhat wo could feel their muzzles
against our legs so that—
Ah. sighed tho lady, greatly .relieved. Sow glad vou must lnvo been
that th" ' had thoit* muzzles on!
it Will Cure a Cold-Cold3 are
eomi.wT est ailments of mankind and
If neglected may lead to serious condition:.-. Dr. Thomas' Bclectrlo Oil will
rel.evo tho bronchial passage j of in-
imnration .rpo.-lily and thoroughly
,i v*!ll s*n*>'>ctiier, the'v against sub
sequent attack. And as it eases the
inflammation It will stop the cough
because it allays al! irritation ln the
throat.    Try It and prove it.
He was a young man—a candidate
for an agricultural constituency—and
he was sketching in glowing colors to
the audience of rural voter,! the happy life (ho laborers would lead under
an administrate ror tlie propagation
of sweetno.s and light. Wo havo not
yet three acres and a cow, but it. will
cemt* Old rge pensions a:o still of
the future, but they will como. Similarly every item of his comprehensive
programme wns Indorsed by tlto same
parrot, cry. Thon he went on to talk
i. prison reforms. I have not. yet
personally, l.n said, been inside
criminal lunatic asylum. Then there
was r. voice from the back of tho hall
But it w 11 -oni r*.
The Wretchedness!
of Constipation    *
Can quickly be overcome by
Purely vegetable
—act surely unci
oeully on lhe
liver. Cue
iw, ni lacligerti<x>-   They do (heir duty.
Small Pill, Small Dm*. Small Me*.
Ccnuine nun beu Signature
is a
\The Guaranteed "ONE DYE for*
All Kinds of Cloth.
\ CiMr., Strap!*. Ko Chance nfMliiakf*. TRY
1 IT I Mnd ior l"re» Color C»rd and U«->klct.
■The Johuoa-fUUwfiJriuuCu. Iirajiea,'.MoDtr*»l <
Mrs.Wikslow's SooTmNo Svaup lias bet
800THKS the Clur.U, SOFTENS tlie ClUMfc
is tlie best remedy for mak RHUCA. Jt is al
BOlulelv harm less. Re sure and. ask tor "Mri
WinsloiT's Soothing Svrup," und take SO oil*,
kind. Twemy-nvc cents a bottle.
(infl  light h-'wIhk nt  home,
or sport} time, K0(Jd Pa>"> woi'l*. sent n
disfoncu, charges P'Ud; is-thI sihmp .
pat-flculare. National Manufnoiurl
Co., Montreal,
WANTED at om
Persona la srui-k for
li* anaro tun* «t noma. Mo cxnerlei
faquir- ' wllh our NEW ART COLO
ING PROCHSS Kurry and fasclnat
Wort:. Goo.1 pay. No canvassing. Wi
far Instructions* ifrie).
115 Colletia Street. Toronto, Cam:
Tne Soul of a  Piano  is th
Action.   Insist on the
Piano Action
wnirt: roe resits.    *""""' '     A*. 371
On the '.rain out "iledford vray, Subbubs got into conversation with a
stranger, wlio remarked: I seo j-on
are putting ur* a jood many new buildings.
Yes. answered Subbubs; new bulld-
ings aro llie ouly lrlml \te put up.
Does your liusbrnd object to the
slit skirt?
Only on me.
Fair Warning
Sny you will be mine!! if you do
nol l''11* llir.ru niyfi.lf Into tlio Seine.
Thank yon tor warning nro 1 must
g*-t a Alter.
What aslted tli- Sunday-school
teacher, is meant by bearing Jalsa
• iino:*.*; against one's nelghDor.
1 k,.nw, said n llttlo girl, hoMins her
hand high in the air. It's when
nobody did anything and somebody
wont and told about It,
in tir
'•in J 1,' in.
Nut .r Bad Case
- )d;ii avuncular rela.Ion.
A Proper Question
Harry, dear, do my skirls show!
itelow or through?
Owl Plays Piano
Healing tho notes   of   his   l>
struck',   first  up  tbe  keys  and   :
down, Mr.   Ernest   I.enimy,   of
Paul's  road,  Peterborough,  Engl
peeped through Uie open dot   nni'.
covered that ilio player was bis
owl.   Tbo owl would step on a
and then Iritcu as if pleased with
sound,     lt tried another nnd nnrn
anil seemed highly pleased with
noise it was making.
If 'one lie troubled with corns
warts, uo will find in Holloway's i
Cure an application that will ent
relieve suffering*
A suffrasette saj'B that a few
ln prison does her good. A kij
arrest cur*, iu fact.
"J am an old man—and many of my troubles
never happened."-HLBERT HUBBARD
THE white hair and wrinkled faces of our busy men and women te
of doubt, fear and anxiety—more tban disease or age. Worry play
havoc with the nervous sysUm-so tliatdigestien Is ruined and slee
banished.   What oil is to the friction of the delicate parts of an engme-
Golden Medical piscoverj
It to the delicata orgasi of tha body. Ifa a totvie aad body buiWer-Jeejnse
etimnlates the liver lo tIioioti autioo, esaiata the stomach to assimilate food-th
enri.<hb» the Mood, and th. nerval and heart ta turn are fed on pure rich bloc
Neur»leia"Ia tha cry of starved cervea for food." For forty years "Goldi
Medical Discovery" In liquid fern, has given pest satisfaction aa a tonic ar
blood maker.
Not* it eon ie attained In toilet torm-trem tlealere in medietn*
»T*en450ont.iit*t*tamp*t*rtrtalbox. WriteR.Y.Plerce,BuiTal*.
But uv new doctor wel
SSiev* eaaaiUpatlM, reaalata tho liver,
>nd fcosvolu. Ttag to Uka em e»»«<r-
r.     LlWUlssVH ************
Smoking Habit Increasing
Between 1P03 nni J912 the number
ef cigarettes consumed yearly has
leaped from 3 billion to 12 Ir.riion.
baring the .ame ten years tlie increase in lhe tisi of little cigars has
beer, from li-it) millrcn to a little more
than 1 billion a year, or about c; per
cent. Cigars themselves bave pa=sc-d
tho seven billion mark. But whereas, ten year's ago. half as many cigarettes were smoked as cigars, now half
as many cigars are smoked as cigarettes.
N'.lnard'- Liniment Relieves Nsuraljli
A Good Advice
Vz. such a poor conversationalist,
•he srrhl. What would you adust- mo
to do.
Cultivate lhe habit, madam, cultivate the habit! he replied quickly.
Ghatty Waller (glancing our of window i— The raln'll'be here in a minute
o.* two now, sir.
Customer Well, I didn't order lt;
I'm waiting for a chop.
Sir Sanford A Pathfinder
Tho London Times contlnuei a series ot articles on representative Canadians and d votes a column to Sir
Sanford Fleming, whose mind, tt says
is still vigorous and unclouded.
When he went to Canada at eighteen years ot age, .he sailed on a sailing ship which took forty days for
the voyage. On landing at Quebec
he had but twp or three pieces of
gold. lie lias since been a counsellor
to tho country's various governments,
a pathfinder for the Government and
devoted himself to problems ot the
Umpire, but has seldom been Involved
in party conflicts. To his mind there
is servitude in party allegiance.
Details of the work of settling the
Maine boundary dispute were undertaken by him, as also were surveys
for the C.P.R. construction in 1880
and 13S3.
The writer says that Sir Sanford
never evaded the obligations of citizenship and was not content with the
perfunctory performance of duty. He
ls also referred to as having n gracious mauner, hue courtesy and adequate dignity.
WHEN you buy a "Sask-Alta" Steel
Range you make a permanent
investment. The "Sask-Alta" is an efficient and economical cooker and baker as
well as a very durable range.
Have yonr dealer explain it fully before buying.
». •„,, LMaegSW. „
Sask-alta Range1
Montreal   Winnipeg    Vancouver   St. John    Hamilton   Calgary   Saskatoon   Edoootonl
In Wntermah's Ideals it is a notable
fact that gold pens can be had to suit every hand
and cliaracter of writing, The more particular the
writer tlie greater the satisfaction in suiting him.   Back of
Ihe wonderful range of points in Waterman's Ideals, however, are other essential features which hare made for
fountain pen success: the famous ipoou feed, the ink-tight
chamber, friction cap, Ideal Clip, practical shapes, pure
Para rubber, the sues, types, etc*   Avoid substitutes.
BakUi en Raj-Jeil
Sold by the Vest Local Dealers
t,. E* Waterman Company, Limited, Montreal
Grain Commission Merchants Winnipeg, Manitoba
Make Bills Lading read: Port Arthur or Fort William. Notify peter Janiea
Co,, Winnipeg.
Liberal Advances                       Prompt Heturne Best Grades
Something  bettor  thnn  linen  ami  no
laundry bills,     wash It with soap anil
tV'atei*.     All stores or direct. State etyle
and size.     l*'or 25o, wo will rmal- you.
68 Fraser Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
Mrs. Nowlywed—I wonder why we
live growing tired ot each other'.'
Newlywetl—1  haven't any idea.
Mm. N.—Yea, maybe that is tlie
Clinriiablo ninn (to former blind
beggar)—What! have yuu recovered
your Blglrj
Beggar—Well, yon see. Kb this way.
I've lost my dog nnd ns I can no longer lie blind, 1 have become a deaf
ruute ,
Change or Heart
Ten. my friend, I was about i * marry
the countess when ' suddenly learned
that sire spnnt more tha.". SlJ.nOO a
year (in hor dressmaker.
Then what did you do?
Married lie dressmaker.
from (L-*
Here's a chance
for you to buy
your range (rom
the factory and
save 30%— to
buy it on easy
terms and to gel
lhe very range
you would choose, even if you
had ta pay the retail price.
Our free book shows you
exactly wliat tlie ranje is like. It de.
icribel each point deaily, and wa
guarantee our rang* lo bs just
aa represented.
You mialr! ei well save the retail
profit.   Mail the coupon lo-dsy.
Dominion Pride
■ Polished
■ steel body—
■ unbreakable
■doon and
^■caionp —
"•■•■. beautifully
Culls'.   "%V
Malleable I   ^K
lltel Mais Mf|. ^
Ci., limit:!', Osaimi.
Please send Beoar.
r,W   " Cub or Credit
^«W    Wo Pay
~^   Freight
BenJ. Franklin's House May Go
The quaint little house ln Craven
Street. London, where Benjamin
Franklin lived iu his moro prosperous
days, and from which he issued his
slellghttul series ot papers called
'Craven Stree. tiazette,' forms part cf
a Mock ot property whloh have been
purchased for the .onstrnction ot a
largo hotel, aud unless immediate
steps are taken to save it, this historical building will be torn down. An
appeal has been mado to Americans
lo save the house and a proposal will
be made to the hotel builders to include Frankliu's roomt, within tlie new
birjiuing. T
Asthma Overcome. The triumph
over asthma lias assuredly come. Dr.
J. 1>. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy has
proved the most positive blessing the
victim of asthmatic attacks has ever
known. Letters received from thousands who have t.-iotl it form a testimonial which leaves no room for
doul't that here is a real remedy, (let
it to-day from your dealer.
German Governor's Method of Hand-
Una Refractory Prisoner
Captain Amundsen in a Isotur*. at
-Madison, Wis., told ot the hardships,
especially the hardships ot hunger, attendant on arctlo expedition*.
And lt is an unfortunate fart, aald
the discoverer of the south pole, that
hunger is i.lways accompanied by *
vivid remembrance of the most delectable food that one has ever eaten.
While comjrrllel to live for sll
months on one month's provision,
helped out perhaps by a little salt
meat nnd seal blubber, you are tormented by visions of former banquet*
Christmas dinners at home, certain
favorite dishes. Yes, lt you are hungry lhe thought of flue fooa ir exquisite torture.
And in this connection, the captain
continued, I am reminded ot a story
about the governor of a certain German prison.
One morning this governor said to
the chief warder:
I say. Frit.*!, No. 76 is behaving
worse than ever. Put hint on bread
su   water.
But he ... already doing two fast
days, sir.
Then, ordered 'the merciless governor, give him a cookbook aud see that
he reads it.
Worms, by the irritation that thes
cause ln the stomtreh and Intestines
deprive infarrts of the nourishment
that they Bhould derive from food, and
mat-nutrition is the result. Miller's |
Worm Powders destroy worms and I
correct the morbid conditions in the
stomach and bowels that aro favorable
The Terrible Child
Her* 1* one that was told by the
public printer at Washington when
those around him started lo hand la
.rid stories:
Th* teacher la a public school was
endeavoring to instruct a class ot
youngsters In natural history. Selecting the cat as ths first subject sh* began to ask questions.
Can any little boy or girl, .he queried, tell me what kind of clothes a
pussy wears"
Them waa no response. The youngsters merely glancec". at each other
and at tho floor, whereat ibe teacher
made another attempt.
I am surprised, said she, that no
one can tell me what a pussy wear*.
Does a pussy wear clothes lilt* a human being? Does a piiissy wear-
Say, Hiss Mary, Anally broke ln little Jimmy Smith as a pitying expression floated over his features, hain't
you never seen    cat?
Mlrvrd's Liniment Curea Burns, Etc.
Quite a Question
Gits—The idea of his rrrt;* ing I had
more money than brains: Quit: ridiculous 1
Jack—That's so?
Otis—Ot course. Why, I haven'-, a
Air of Attention
lieorge is going to take me to my
first baseball game this afternoon.
What would you advise me to wear?
An air of silence.
Getting Used to It
Wiry do you fltrh every morning in
to worms, so that the full nutriment | tlie bathtub, old man?   Is lt a betT
Ob, no; I just want lo get used to
not catching anything. I am goiug ou
a vacation soon.
of the child Is assured and develop- ■
men*, in every way encouraged.
Attacked ty a Cheetah
A Dublin cusu- n irouso officer named Graves, hail an alarming experience
receur.ly. Ho was set upon In Rrrth-
miues. one of tho Bitburbs, by the
cheetah, an animal of tho leopard
type found in India anil Africa, which
had evidently escaped from its captors. Ho had ills dog and a thick
slick with him. nnd he succeeded iu
killing the animal. Ir. was while
walking near Grosvenor square about
midnight that tho strange-looking animal, somewhat larger than the Irish
terrier, suddenly sprang at him out
of a hedge neat* some gardens. With
a hoarse bark it gripped ills trousor
leg near the I.nee, tearing tlio cloth.
He shook tlto animal off, and a fierce
struggle then took place between it
and his dog. Seizing the dog's throat
the cheetah dragged hlui towards the
hedgo but Graves caught rlie cheetah
a heavy blow L eh I ml tho ear with his
stick, and killed it. The surmise is
that tlio ar.imal waa brought from
abroad by somo resident with the object of making it a pet*
The farmer had bought a pair ot
shoes in tho city shop. Now, can't I
soil you a pair of shoe trees? suggested tho clerk.
Don't git freeh with me, sonny, replied the farmer, bristling up. 1
don't believe shoes kin be raised on
trees any mor'fl I believe rubbers
grow on rubber trees or oysters on
oyster plants by gosh!
.-  .•■*■.■..••■. _ Jjg
Whether your arm is a Remington or any
other standard make, whatever its calibre and
the load you need, you want Remington-UMC
metallics—not because they are necessarily
stamped with the same name as your firearm,
but because they give more accurate results.
This company hns been making ammunition for fifty
b1 yeara. Wo produce metallics for every standard make of
;>   arm—and every Remington'UMC cartridge is tested iu
*   the arm for which it is made.
, ['■"lite!-* ^
"/Mil! fit***
\\    ' In "Ttti *^*tT .wea<:ndyoil a booklet «plunin( timptj many of t!n*
I I li ["! 'i<ljj,iI<'i' technical point! of ammunition manufacture.   Vour name and
.,]/ .IUIijk-* «dd«M oho port card will Lri&g U by (etum mail.
Remington  Arms-Union Metallic  Cartridge  Co.,   Windsor,   Ontario
Slack Knight
Makes Home Brighter
and Labor lighter
A Paste ItheF.F.DalleyOmJ No Dust
No Waste I Hamilton. Canada I No Rust
Whr-   yon   Cross     the*    Atlantic
Choosn    tha     OLD      RELIABLE
the pioneer line of Atlantic] Steam shipping. .tecently, two palatial new
steamers havo been added to the Cunard Canadian Service, tiro "Anunuiu"
and "Alaunlft," carrying one elasn cabin (It) and third class. These
splendid Bllipa afford every luxury and comfort fo.' lire accommodation
of passerisrers. They aro lilted with Marconi Wireless Telegraphy. Submarine Signalling, etc., in fact, every modern device for   the   safety   of
Lounge, u> tnnaslum, Drawing-room, Smoking-room, Open nnd Covered
Promenades, Spacious Staterooms. Orchestra.
Liverpool. New (1913) S.S. ''Alaunia" carrying one class cabin (II) and
third class only.    Early application for reservation Is recommended.
For particulars of sailings and services from Montreal, Portland, iroston
and New  i'orlt. apply to Local Agents, or
THE  CUNARD STEAMSHIP CO.,  LTD., 304  Main  Street,  Winnipeg.
Plillosslfor—A fountain lien may
contain u sonnet, n pencil, a best seller.
Common Mortal—Have yon ever
thought of the.hidden mysteries of a
mliico pie?
Cute Tommy
Mrs, Jordan* lin.il ideas ou the way
children should bo reared. Her
.voting hopeful*, Tommy, caused hev a
lltllo anxiety In Ihls leaped. Now
i and again, there (.ire, a serious politeness lecture was* administered.
Now, Tommy, dear, she started, supposing you accidentally stepped upon
a gentleman',, foot, what would you
I would say: Beg your pardon.
That's my own llttlo son! smiled the
pleased mother. Anil It the gentleman gave you a penny tor your politeness what would you do?
The Innocent look passed trom Tommy's eyes as ho quickly answered:
Why, I would stand ou the oliier
toot and sny: Hog pardon agaiu, ot
course 1
W. N. u. 971
Hash Promise
■Wife (complalnlngly)— Vou promised before wo were married that I
should have all the money I wanted.
Huh—I must have thought their;
was much more of it in circulation.
His Idea
Mo.nber n[ Iuvesflng Committee—-
For what purpose Is a coroner's jury
called to sit on a caso?
Applicant for Job—To ascertain
what reason, It any, (lie deceased
had to,* I'yinr.
An Inducement
Dealer (to new parson)—Quiet! Ot
course he's quiet! He's just the little 'crse to suit yer. Why (In a
burst ot confidence) yon can leave
that 'orse standlu' outside the pub all
day and he won't shift a leg.
Old-fashioned Individual—Well, little man, building a castle?
Fln-de-Slieele Infant—Nope; this Is
a hotel; there's no money in castles.
: is Happy Home
You look forlorn, old fellow.Where's
your wife all thr.se months?
Veiling ho-,7 lo malte Ironic happy
on the lecture platform.
Often Laid Up for Days ar a Time—
A Wonderful Tribute to Dr. Chase's I
Few people were ever more enflius-!
lastic in praising Dr. (.'haso's Ointment than t!.o writer ot this letter*.
When you read lhe description of his
ease yon will not wonder why.
Mr. John Johnson, Coleman, Alta..
writes: "Three years ag? I was cured
of blind, itching file's ct 27 years'
standing by using Dr. (.'burro's Ointment* I used to think that death
would be the only relief 1 would ever
get from the terrible misery* of piles.
Often I was laid up for three days at
a 'time, and at. ctircr times worked
when I should havo heen in bed.
"Dr. Chase's Oiutmetit is worth sixty dollars a box Instead of sixty cents.
I am a different man since using it.
[ am farming all the time, and never
•niss a dav. Words fall to express
my gratitude for tbe cure this ointment nr.de for me. I cannot tell half
as much a' mt it as it deserves. Anyone r! nibting this • an write direct to
Dr. Chase's Ointment, CO cents ri
box, all dealers, or Edmansou, Hates
& Co., Limited, Toronto.
You don't have to when you CAN SHIP TO
Grain Exchange, Winnipeg, Man.
Licensed Bo.rded Established 1910
Life is Uncertain
—the   life   of  a   wooden   tub
or   pail.
Save time--tempsr—dollars -bj using
utensils (hat seem to never wsir oat.
Made of
ub J
Eddy's Fibreware
Ask Your Dealer *&JU,S{
M Eddy's
Just as good at
Customer—I must say, waiter*, litis
is tlie first tliii* I've evsr had a really
tender steak here.
Waiter (aghast)—Qood gracious, I
must have given ycu tho proprietor's
Well Met-
A Good
A dainty, nourishing dish
for breakfast, lunch or supper
—ready to serve direct from
tlie package with cream and
"Toasties" are thin bits of
choice Indian Corn skilfully
cooked and toasted to an
appetizing golden brown.
Easy to Serve
Sold by Grocers everywhere
r-anailran Postum Cereal Company,
Ltd., Windsor, Ont.
Exit the Postage Stamp
Is the postage stamp doomed?
i    It Is if a postal innovation hailing
j from Now Zealand, wbere It has been
tried wilh great success, is generally
adopted by tho postal authorities ot
the world,     la the future, Instead of
| buying postago stamps, liclrlng or otli-
j envise moistening tbo gum on their
, backs and applying sufficient pressure
I to eauso adherence all we may need
j to do will be to put our lotrers under
• a machine and I urn a crank.
Tho machine, which In   Xow   Xea*
' land is rented (rom tlie postal author*
j Ities.  records  the  amount  stamped,
I just like a gas meter, and payment Is
I made to a collector, wbo calls at Intervals.     It gives impressions of halt
penny, one, three and six pence and
one shilling, aud as each impression
is made its value is automatically recorded on a set of dials at tho top ot
the machine.
As a precaution against fraud, lhe
machines aro turned out from tbe
workshops with only ono means ot
opening them ..nd that it Is by patent
loclr, the key o£ which is handed to
the postul authorities after tbe machine has been exhaustively tested.
Tliere are no screws that will give
admission to the Interior and therefore tbo mechanism cannot be tampered Willi. Tho greatest safeguard,
however, lies In tlie fact that lhe
labor of committing a fraud would be
Why Fish Yaw.,
A scientist bns discovered tbat flsh
Well, I wouldn't be tit all surprised
if some ot the big ones that got away
would, could they bear the exaggerated talcs tbe fishermen tell.
Can always make aura of getting tha highest prices for WHEAT, OATS.
BARLEY and FLAX, hy shipping their r.ar lota to FORT WILLIAM AND
PORT ARTHUR and having them sold on commission by
Dally Market Letter and Sample Grain Battv
Bend ua your name and address and we wlll
put you on our mailing list—lt'a free.   Let us
keep you posted on market (prices (or grain.
Personal attention given to selling and grading of all
ears. Our Car Tracing and Claim Departments work In our
client*' Interests. Wo have every facility for prompt service and'
we get best results tor shippers.
Send to-day for a supply of sample bags and deal with a
firm whose business has been built up by eatlsfled customers.
Psld-up Capital, 11110,000
References,    any    Bank   •:
Conuneralal Agency.
Driven to Begging
Has you!* order been taken, sir?
Yes, replied the patient diner, ftf-
Icon minutes ago. If it Isn't too late
ibou&h, I'd lilte to change it.
To change your order, sir?
Yes. If you don't mind I'll bange
to an entreaty.
; Tbe oldest national flag In *he world
I is that of lie.intark. which dates from
Just So
Dentist—The teeth ln this case were
all taken from prominent literary
Visitor—Extract from popular authors, so to speak,
Now They Don't Speak
Maud—So Jack compared me with
something sweet, did he? The deal
fellow! Whai was lt?
Marle-I don't think I should tell
Maud—Ob,  do.   1  Insist.
Marie—Well, ho .cferre:! tr you aa
the liuma. marshmallow. You certainly had laid the powder on thick,
Did thot fedow insult yo* by offer
Infr you a drink? Yes. be did. Dut
did you swalb'. lb** "intnir inrs laiiAlMIKtf,  UU.ilhKKI.AJIO,   *».»'
Published every Saturday at Cumberland, Vancouver Island, B.C., by
Edward \V. Bickle. Editor.
Subscription: $1.50,.payable in advance.   Advertising Rates furnished on application
To Correspondents : The Editor does nol hold himself responsible for news
expressed by correspondents. No letters will be published in the Islander
except over the writer's signature. The Editor reserves the right to
refuse publication of ony letter.
The announcement made in our columns a fortnight ago to the
effect that a subsidiary company to the Cumberland and Union
Waterworks Co. Ltd would shortly proceed to install a water system
at Courtenay has apparently created a sensation in that hustling
little burg and thrown our neighbour "The Review," into a state
bordering on panic. Our contemporary, in a vigorous article,
urges immediate incorporation of the village as the only effective
manner in which its public utilities can be conserved to the town
We agree with " The Review " to this extent, as we have always
maintained that municipal ownership, insofar as water and light
are concerned, is the only proper and logical system. The service
rendered to the public and the rates charged to the consumer are
under the direct control of the tax-payers and the profits derived
are applied in lessening the taxes.
But granting all this, we see no reason why the "Review," in
its impatience for incorporation, should go out of its way to trans*
Kress the rules of courtesy to a neighbouring town and throw an
undeserved reproach at an old and respectable company.
The "Review" says in parti-
There is no question but that a waterworks system would
be a good thing for Courtenay but we do not need it badly
enough to let the Cumberland Waterworks Company step in
and gobble it up when we can just as well own it ourselves,
There is no use denying the fact any longer, we must incorporate and we must do it at once or we will find ourselves in the
same predicament as Cumberland is today, in the grasp of the
same companies and bled to death What will our
citizens who have been opposing incorporation think of themselves if they let this octopus get its tentacles fastened upon us.
This is in poor taste. Cumberland has no quarrel with the
waterworks company and entertains no grudge towards it. On the
contrary its stock is well distributed amongst our citizens and i; a
pupular investment. We have always had an excellent scivice
and have never been "soaked" by excessive and exorbitant rat:s.
It is true that the company has latterly paid a fair dividend, but
this can hardly be deemed a crime and it must not be forgotten
that it was several years before they were able to pay any dividend
at all.
We hold no brief for the waterworks company; in fact we have
already stated that our sympathies are with Courtenay in her efforts
to secure municipal ownership for her public utilities. But no good
can be done by creating false impressions and misleading the
public. The inference that Cumberland is struggling in the hands
of a grasping and extortionate monopoly is an injustice to a company-who have always shown a desire to deal fairly and uprightly
by its patrons and is, at the same time, a misrepresentation of
Cumberland's position which its citizens will resent.
I have the honor to present myself as a candidate for
Mayor at the forthcoming election.
For seven years I devoted my time and energy serving
your interests as an Alderman, and assure you, that should
1 be your choice as Mayor, I will devote my time and energy
in a conscientious manner for the advancement and welfare
of the Municipality.
Yours Sincerely,
Macfarlane Bros.
The Square Dealing House " 1
Sir Wilfrid Laurier is now protesting himself. This is the
latest of the latest of his political vagaries. As a piece of political
trickery it may please him, but it does him little credit. In the
meantime a Quebec riding is deprived of the parliamentary repre-
isntation it is entitled to. The leader of the opposition and his
lieutenants have of late been doing a lot of protesting in regard to
bye-elections. But in doing so the Liberal chieftian has very conveniently forgotten his own case. For two years Sir Wilfrid Laurier
by a technicality which the Liberals themselves created has been
holding two seats and has been depriving a riding of its right of
representation in parliament.
Sir Wilfrid in 1911 ran for two seats. One was Quebec East,
which he has represented for a generation, and the Soulanges. He
was elected for both. It was well known that he never intended
to represent Soulanges; his candidature there was a mere stop-gap
in view of party dissensions. By a peculiarity in the election law a
member elected for a constituency cannot resign his seat while
there is a protest against his return. The Liberals were afraid to
open Soulanges and a formal protest was lodged by their own party.
This protest has never been pressed, and was never intended to be
pressed. But as the Liberals wove afraid to open the riding for
fear of defeat, it has given them an opportunity to hang on to the
seat. For two years Sir Wilfrid himself has been scandalously
holding on to the two seats. . Before the Liberal chieftian talks any
more of elections and election protests, he had better take the beam
out of his own eye.
The result inChateauguay is not surprising.
THE above name we have rightly and justly
earned, and it is our aim to give n square deal to
everyone. We invite you to come in and share in tlie
benefits already enjoyed by a large number of satisfied
We respectfully place before you the following list* of
from our Grocery Department, and we ask you to compare same with the prices usually charged for goods of
tiie same grade and quality.    We  wish the public  to
uuderstand clearly these  are our  regular
prices for the various commodities specified, NOT
SPECIALS.     The following  is  our price list:—
Blue Ribbon Tea 51bs for$1.90,   per lb 40c
Lipton'sTea per lb 50c
Lipton's Tea per lb 60c
Bulk Tea 35c per lb or 3 lbs for $1.00
Bulk Tea—Extra Special per lb 50c
Coffee- Fresh Ground per lb 40c and 50c
Nabob Coffee per lb 45c
Other Brands .._ per lb 35c to 50c
Van Houtin's Cocoa Jib package SOc, Jib 60c
Fry's Breakfast Cocoa }lb 15c, jib 25c
"   Lead Package     .10c
"We stock your Flour
"Royal Household," "Five Roses,"
"Purity," and "Robinhood," $1,90
Royal Standard   81.85
Wild Rose Pastry 10 lbs 45c
Perfection Pastry  10 lbs 40c
Wild Rose Pastry  _. 49 lbs 81,75
Snow Flake  49 lbs $1.75
<* Knox's and Cox's Gelatine  2 for 25c
I Krinkle Corn Flakes  10c
II Wheat Flakes  _ 3for.*1.00
v Mince Meat in bulk—best  per lb 15c
V Mince Meat, Wethey's 2 packets for 25c
ik Mince Meat_  3 lb glass for $1.00
Jelly Powders per packet 10c
Sugar 20 lb sack $1.40, 50 lb sack $3.25
Lipton's Jelly Tablets per packet 10c
The Latest and Best in Jellies.
New Season's Vegetables have arrived, Canned
Peas. Corn, Beans and Tomates; all at 2 for 25c
Macfarlane Bros. Ltd.
"The Corner Store," Cumberland, B. C.
Phone 10
P. O, Box 100
The following lines are now on show—
Royal Winner China
Very Suitable for Gifts
Dinner Sets from $10 to -^O.    A beautiful line of Buffets
and China Cabinets, ranging from SoO to $50 each.
Our stock of Beds and Bedding, Furniture,
Stoves, Ranges, etc. is most complete.
I'll une 14
m. —mm
I am receiving consignments daily of Xmas
and New Year stock in all lines which
cannot be beaten either in price or quality
Cumberland, B. C.
First Class iw every respect. Perfect Cuisine
Headquarters for Tourists and Sportsmen
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
John N. McLeod, Proprietor
When i» Cnmborlnnt) mako tbo Union your headquarters
Capital Paid Up $11,560,000
Roserve Fund*13,000,000
Drafts issued in any currency, payable all over the world
SPECIAL ATTENTION paid to SAVINGS ACCOUNTS and Interest at highest current rates allowed on deposits of *1 and upwai ds,
CUMBERLAND, B. C, Branch     - . .     OPEN DAILY
D. M. MORRISON, Manager.
E. H. HARDWICKE, Manager.
Ladies' nnd Gentlemen's Fanlronalrlli Tuilur
Soils Mntle-'o Order fi"in *?2S to rr-vlj
Style ninl Fit Guaranteed.
Blocks, from one acre to eight acres, $200 per acre and upwards
Finest Homesites in Comox District
ISLAND REALTY Co., Courtenay
Leave your order with Teamster
Feed Store   -   -  Courtenay, B. C.
Household Requisites
'Washing Machine, Water Moto-; Baths, $50 reduced to $32.50
Rocking Chairs, Dining Room Chairs, Washstands
at Reduced Prices.
Dunsmuir Avenue. Cumberland, B, C.
The Ideal Store
Next door to Tarbells.
J). fHiilligs $»rc|aoit
Bnrrlst,*r. Holliiltnr
* Notary Public
ATiw-tlflsanding asketoh and floscrlnllnn may
rmlrtcly usrorlnln nnr oiilnlmi froe wlictli^r un
luvalltlon Is tirnljnbly iistenlnitln. Communion*
tlnnsslrlcllyirnirllilenllnl. HANDBOOK mi I'atouU
,,*ni Ireo, (llilfst uutmey fur BooanllRUUtoinrij.
l'liloiits tnlren tnrnUBh Mtinn ft Lu. lucclvs
treclal notice, withoutcnnrno, lutlio
Scientific Mitiim*
A tinninnmely llltwlratod weekly. Largert Hr-
nilatlon or any Bqeiitltl") journal. 'Jcriim r-ir
(-riimda, S3.T6 a yeur, iio&lagu piei-atd. Sold l.y
nil n-jWBdt-alen.
MUNN &Co.3C,B™j« New York
Branch Office, G36 F Bt. Waahluittan, I). C.
Edward W. Bickle
Cumberland, B. C.
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., Ptuldenl
General Manner Assistant General Manager
Get your Cleaning,
Pressing, Repairing
and  Shoe  Shining
Marocchi Bros
Agents for Pilsener Beer
done by Ihe
CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
Tliis Bank offers unsurpassed facilities to those doing business
with foreign countries.* It is specially equipped for the purchase and
sale of Sterling and other Foreign exchange, drafts and Cable Transfers, nnd for the financing of imports and exports of merchandise.
Commercial credits, Foreign drafts, Money Orders, Travellers'
Cheques and Letters of Credit issued and available in all parts of the
Collections effected promptly at reasonable rates.
Next door to the Bank of Commerce.
New England Hotel
JOSEPH  WALKER   Proprietor.
LuriBmuir Avenue
For a b s ol u t e
protection write
a Policy in the
London & Lancashire Fire Insurance Co. of
L    v ta j i > o o 1.
Total   Assets
* 2 6,7 8 8,930.00
Wesley Willard
Eastern Suits
Merchant Tailor, Cumberland, B.C.
Fall Millinery
Mrs. John Gillespie
Union Street
REMEMBER t   The ointment
you rut on your chilJ'i skin Bi.-t3
into the system Just as surely as
l'ooil tire child eats. Don't let
impure fats ami mineral coloring
matter (such as many of tire
cheap Ointments contain) get
irrto your child's Wood I Zairr-
Buk is purely herbal, No poisonous coloring. Ise it always,
50c. Box ot All Dntgltitl end Stores.
M \*ji li nm VlIatAQlBI IN Bl'tttHQHAUSlllRK.
. No. 100.
  ivcis awsr.t*.J Gord S    .
Ills  r**u.j! ol Erapiis a*,l  Itk,;,i
lr\h,bi[isu. Crystal I'ara.**. 1911.
STncrt COLLAP. !U csnts OislM
' ... S
.'If :!;*n
-j coiism.
. Frcmrs
bets. Vasts,
Jsbsts. «   ,
rr-'jva g'.r^i
.   . *halca,*b*
ml!. ii- ' s;s. VarJ Lire
snd l*,)a.:,i > (ruin   ,10.
.50, .IS ,„ to SJ.rfti
per ii.
Haaklsl sntltlcd   Aa
lsNrM,:*t| Ham. Ind...
nr," Iriiutratittfi  ovsr
mo *issre*,s oi r**:!*o\**
I.ice, past t **• ta sny
part of
Is-i   _
srad oi   any
nalters   sr.
Jirei! ii.'.i.pm,
FII.I.OW   LACK     .Sl*
a,art as, • *.'.»..
Mrs.  Una
Oltiev.  Bucks
 M i i' i i   a
.<s,t Behind
Tho other morn'.n^ a tral. ran luto
a jrmirilon rather behind Its time, and
tire iiassenrtr-ra who had to Chang*
anil catch the corresponding train
tumbled out ot the carriage! and
trade, a dash ."or the opposite side of
lire platform.
An old gentlenut ln a seoondclaM
carriage, who had rrrtflcd the feelings
ot his fellow-travellers hy Insisting on
keeping hla window shut, jumped up
as tho train I ntered the station, pushed by tho others, and tooi: his stand
at tire door so as to bo out at the
moment tlie rrrtln slackened suHlclent-
lv to enablo him to alight with sate*
ly. Uo had got threo parts across
the platform wh**ri one o( the passengers' called out loudly to hlmr
1 say, mister I Hero! You've lett
something behind,     Quick'.
The old fellow cams rushing back ln
a state ot wild anxiety. Uo was anxious not to leave anything In the
one train and he was afraid of losing
the oilier*.
What- what Is It? he gasped, peer-
in., into tbo carriage.
A very bad inipresslun. said the
facetious passengei, wllh the utmost
And at that moment both the trains
moved off, and Iho old gentleman was
left dancing about on the platform.
Bad Blood ■
Is the direct and inimluble remit et
irregular or constipated bowel. a*4
c'.ogged-up kidneys and akin. Tha
undigested food aad other waste maa>
ter which Is allowed X* accumulate
poisons the blood and the "hot
system. Dr. Morse's Indian Root PUk
act directly on the bowels, regulating
them—on the kidnap, giving the*
ease and strength to properly filter thi
blood—and on tha sldn, opening uf
the pores. For pari blood and goM
health take
Dr. Morse's   *
Indian Roni Pills
Mlnard's Llnlmer.i Cures Uai.druft.
Choicest fruits elo,,—perfectly
balanced—ready to use.
Saves endless labour.
treat mccesi, CL'REScilf.oMf. •v.'.*.'**!.,***, i.cr.i' vice*
ft VIU, K!D*1E'.\ *LAOL>RI% DI3'.;Aif.ii. BL0(Jl> '.'0:.,r*l,
FlLR-). FjriiRit no. LRi'-JGisrsor mau. II. post I ctI
fOU0BflACo.lt, ■■«KUA(H{j.NSWYORUorr.Yf.J.\:*aR*fit
lliVKi'-, J,>?.*\n2SlIASTBr.KSS)FOIl«0f   EASY 10 TAXI
Sis irtAT TKADF. MAttttED v.or.D   TIIKIIAP10II ' IS OS
Bin. oovi.staup APrrrrrrD to sll ga.iuu;* pac»its»
congenial needlework iit home; im,K*r
from 11 tee to five dollars per (la;.* decorating Cushion tops. Armour Art Co..
Dept. Ir., Bredalbano Bloc!:, Winnipeg.
Try Murine Eye Remedy
If you have Red, Weak, Watery Eyes
or Granulated Eyelid*.;. Doesn't Smart
—Soothes Eye Pain. Druggists- Sell
Murine* Eye Remedy, Liquid, 25c, .10c.
Murine Eye Salve in Asepiic Tubes,
25c,  SOc.    Eye Boo!;*; Free by Mail.
Art Ey. T.nlo asari f.r All Byas that Naad Car.
purine  Ere  Remedy  Co.,  Chicago
Suspicious Character
I.no!; out   for   the   bachelor   who
flooBti't  tell  yon  how you ought  to
trail, your*   Uy.     He   probably   has
s mc ulterior* motive.
A gentleman gavo a lar-ere dinner
party lu Dublin outre, and Invited Mr,
O'Connor, one of tho will lest mon In
tin.* Emerald Isle to amuse antl dlverl
his guests. Mr. O'Connor accepted
the Invitation with pleasure. Hut
from the beginning to the end of the
dinner lit* preserved a solemn and serious fite. Tho hiiBt thought this
very strange, i,nd just before rising
from tlie table remarked to him jest-
Inglyi Why, O'Connor, old fellow, I
don't believe the biggest fool In Ireland could inalte you luush tmuRht.
Whereupon his sues!, answered In a
solemn tone, speaking hill lirst word
that evening:   'rv.
'/  PILLS i=
-D| A BETES  PV-illl   *,.|.'
50c. a Ion or six iioxes for $2.50,
at all -dealers, or Tht; Dodds Medicine Company, l.lir.lted, Toronto,
He Knew
Dr. J. M. Buckley, tho well known
editor and divine, addros.ing a New
i'orlt City Sunday school, related an
Incident tlrat greatly interested the
children. He told of meeting a ragged, hungry looking little girl ln the
strett on a wltf.cr day, and wheu he
qtiestion.-d her sho recited a pitiful
talo of a tick mother and younger
brothers and sisters without food.
After git ing her a silver dollar the
good doctor followed at a safe distance to see what sho would do wllh
tho .noucy.
Now, children, what do you suppose was the i.vst thing sho bought
wilh that dollar? aald Dr. Buckley.
Hands up.
Up weir, the hr.ndsvnnd one child
after another ventured* a guess, but
none proved c rent. Finally a little boy whose upraised hand alone remained was nsked tor hir answer to
tlio question,
A basket,  Ire  sung out.
Correct, raw" the doctor. There's
a boy who Ihlnks. Now-, son, come
up liei-o on the platform nnd tell us
wh;.' you think lt was a basket.
After considerable coaxing the boy
reached lhe platform, but seamed
unwilling ro talk. Go on, urged the
doctor, I want theso boys aud girls
lo learn to think, too.
Tiro boy hesitated, and Dr. Buckley iok from his pocket a silver
quarter, I'll Rive you this, ho said,
if you'll tell us wh-.ir makes you
think the little girl bought a basl ;
Because, stammered the youugstcr,
at. last moved by tile sight of the
money, I was over In [foboken last
Sunday am", lic-ril you tell Ihe story
Both Ways
A white man during renins! i utlon
times was arraigned before a olored
justice of the peace for killing a
man* anil stealing his mule. It was
ln Arkansas, near the Texas border,
aril thero wr.s tome rivalry between
the states, bu*. the colored justice
tried always tn preserve au impartial frame of .ninil.
Wc. got two kinds oil law lu dls
yore eo't, he said, Texas law and
Arkansas law.     Whloh will you hub?
Tire prisoner though!; it minute and
then guest 1 that lie would like the
Arkansas l-.W.
Den I discharge you fr,' sloaliu' de
iniilt* and hang yuu fo' killln' de
Ho ; o.i n, minute, judge, said the
nriso * T, Better make that Texas
law. |
All right. Dei. f Un' you for kill-
in' de man an' hang yon for stealing
do mule.
How Monarehs Sleep
One might lmaglna that Shakaa-
peare's wcrda: TJneaay Ilea the head
that weara a crown," could be taken
literally after noting the manner In
which soma of our most important
sovereigns taka their rest.
The Czar ot ItusBla has a small
n'.aln bedroom, and reclines upon a
bed of soldierly hardness.
Japan's ruler, Uie Mikado, evldent-
ly considers that what sumclei for Ids
subjects Is good enough for their Emperor, and sleops on a rug with bamboo sticks for a pillow.
A camp-bed with the plainest accessories Is the Kaiser's choice, and the
Sovereigns of Italy and Austria sleep
upon small Iron bed-t.
It might be supposed that King
George's nara*. career would have given him a predilection for the hard,
plain mattress. But not so, both he
and Queen Mary prefer to sleep ln
such quarters as one usually associates with Royalty. King Alfonso
also follows ln their wake.
IWs This ?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any case of Catarrh that
eannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
Dure. „ , ,    „
F.  T.   CtlKNET A CO..  Teletle,  O.
t\'o, tli. undersigned, have Known F.
,T. Cheney tor lire last lb years, and be-
lleve hltn perfectly honest In nil business
transactions and financially n,J,|e "t cnlT>'
out tin:- obllsatlona mmle by his* firm.
Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is lalren Internally,
acting directly irnon the bleed and mucous surfaces ot the system. Testimonials
sent free, fried 73 cents per bottle.
Sold by all arorrgts's, ,,
Tal.-o Hull's Family Fills tor constipation.
Specimen of Rare Bird
The zoological division ot the museum ot tho geological survey at Ottawa, has recently secured a specimen
of an extremely rare bird.
This bird is called Corey's Leas'.
Bittern, an'. according tc S. A. For~-
crer, who Is in charge ot the division
only .".bout SS specimens have been
captured, 'the one now at the museum was taken near Folnt Polee, Essex County, Ontario.
•Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere
A Fearful Revenge
The butcher v.as being continually
robbed ot meat by a largo torn cat belonging to a next door neighbor. Finally his temper got the bettor ot hltn
and he poisoned the animal.
Next morning the owuer ot the cat
found lt lying stiff and stark before
his door. lie know nt once who had
committed tho dark deed, brrt without
a word ho took tho dead cat indoors.
That night the shop wa*. thronged
with sausage buyers. Suddenly when
the crowd was thickest, the outraged
neighbor elbowe* his way through the
peopio and threw upon the chopping
block the dead body ot the huge black
There you are, sir, he said. That
makes thirty-lire, I'll bring iho fifteen
others wheu you're not so busy
Hay and   Corn
Aren't you going away for your
hav fever this yeai?
Have you outgrown  it?
Not at all. I got in wrong on
Sad Truths
A word to the wise Is Impossible.
Ths wis* taJk all tha time.
Whom you do—do wall.
One toaoh ot graft makes the whole
world skin.
Gossip oomes, but scandal lingers.
Avoid tha appearance of evil. It
ls harder to live down than evil.
Merely Logical
Boos, complained tha famous twlr-
ler, I'm all run downl
I don't wonder, sharply answered
the manager of thu team. You've
been trying to sart yonr arm by pitching without wlndlnf ay.
Better Name
Ylotlm of Street Car Accident
(glancing »t caller's card)—I guess
you're aa ambulance ohater, aren't
Lawyer, (blandly)—That's rather
a cruel name, old man. Why not
call me a -nttiement worker.
Protect the child trom tho ravages
ot worms hy usln*} Mother Graves'
Worm Brtermlnatct. It ls a standard remedy, and years t * use hava
enhanced Its reputation.
How long do you suppose a man can
go without air?
Hard to tell. The longest sleeplLg-
car trip I ever took occupied seven
The consumption of coffee lu France
ha,s just about doubled ln the last BO
You cannot alferd brata-bafotxlaf headaches.
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
stop them is quick time and clear year head. Thsy
do not contain either phsnaceHs, aoetanilld, morphine,
opium er any ether dangeroua drug. 2So. a lax at
yeur Druggist's. . ill
NaTtoaui. Balis an. CHlllsal OS. *t Causa, UMTta.
A Puzzler
Ob, deer, sighed her husband's wife,
I can't find a pin anywhere! I wonder where they go to.
That's a dlfflcnlt question to answer,
replied his wife', husband, because
they are alway. .olntcd ln one direction and headed in auother,
A Tightwad
Fred—Brown ls an awful tightwad.
Maud—Is he?
Fred—I should say as much. He
won't even tell a story at hla own espouse.
So Thoughtful
Wife—What, time did you get "rom»
last light?
Husband—Eleven thirty!
Wife—I sat np until 12.
Husband—Tea. I sat on the .ri.nt
steps until you retl.-cd, so as not to
disturb you.
Cab Humor
Old T.ady—Does your horse eve.' shy
at MotorsT
Cabby—Lor bless yer, no, lady: '•
didn't even ahy at the first railway
Makes Better Tea
and More of It
Economy is not going without the
tiling We need when tvo l.ava tho
money to buy if. Economy is not
keeping » good thing on the ton uhelC
antl using u poor ono because It will
do. Economy is making tho most of
whnt *,vo have, and getting things that
will >.olp i.i to do belter aa fast as
* 'e earn tlie    ouey to buy them.
Pills That Have Benefit,:. Thousands.—Known far aud near aa a sure
remotly in tlie treatment of indigestion and all derangements of the
stomach, liver and kidneys, Parmelee's
Vegetable Villa have brought relief to
thousands when other specifics have
fulled. Innumerable testtmon..il3 can
be v.:-.l;:jtd to establish tin truth of
tiiit* assertion. Ouco tried they will
be found superior to all other pills In
tho tjreatnpiit ef the ailrae.iU for
Whlcn they aro prescribed.
A tn
Books and  Bacon
uer, who was proud ot hla boy'j
attainments at school, one evening
picked up a home-lesson book and
read from It a quotation which ran
Iiko Ihls; Somo books should be tasted
i-tid some swallowed, aud some chewed and digested, - - Bacon. Turning
to bis boy, ho said,
What's this, sonuie?   Thou doesn't.
eat  books  at   school,  does  Uia?      I
know you arc very clever but'you can-
I not do these nany-gbat tricks.     I'm
I sure.     I'll warrant that'll he one of
j those printer's errors, sonnie.
Oh, no, father, said the hoy. Metaphorically speaking, we flit books.
Now, you cannot diddle mo liko that
said (be father. I didn't go to school
very long, but T ken that's ono of
these printer's errors. Why. sonnie,
can thou not see? He's put tho word
Bacon In the wrong place, it should
be: Some bacon should ho tasted,
some swallowed, and some chewed
and digested. - Hooks.
VV. N. U. 9/1
Apropos of vanity Senator TT.rof: told
at Yale abou* a politic: .u who, the
day before he was to make a certain
speech, sent a forty-one page report,
of it to all the papors. On page 20
appeared this paragraph: Ittr the hour
grows laic, and I must close. (No, uo!
Go on!      Go oul.
The Athletic Buttei
The bread i.s heavy.
Well, when you get it buttered turn
it over, as tho butter is strong enough
to hold It up.
a safeToIT
Who Do Not Recover TheirStrength
at They Shniild
Every mollicr v,*ho falls lo regain
her health at.d st.eijgth .itir.i* confinement neo'ls n ionic. Tbo years ot|
weakness and suffering which so often follow aru unnecessary ;.mi easily
avoided. Tlio fact that her strength
does not rHiin Is a certain Indication
that her blood supply has 'ecu overtaxed ami is impoverished. This condition is ofteit made worse when the
moilier takes up her household duties while she ls still weak, wben a
coiiipleto breakdown results. The
strength a .reak mother needs can
be quickly foun* ln tho to: !j treatment with lie- Williams' Pink Pills.
These Pills Increase* and enrich the
blood supply, and thus bring health
and strength to the exhausted system.
Mrs. Hubt. Uttle s,.ys: "1 have nursed
for upwards of twenty-five year.-*, and
I .ould relate many cases, relieved
and cured, tliro'rrgh the isr. ot Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. In maternity
cases which I nurse 1 always use
tbem and i know of no other medicine
that so spesdlly builds u;* ;bo mother
at this critical time. I liuvo also
found tbem of great value in the case
nf young girl., and I cau add that as
for myself tin y have saved me many
a doctor'.; bill. 1 feel safe in saying
they are the best tonic medicine I
'   mv or."
Nursing in.,ll.er;; will r'.nj Dr. Williams' Pink Pills will gire her Just
tho strength she needs, and they will
at I lio same lime aid in keeping her
child healthy. If you rl« not (Ind
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Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.. Brock-
ville. Ont
It means cement of lhe highest possible quality.
It means cement tested by experts whose author*!}/ a final at al out milk.
It means cement acknowledged by engineers, architects ud hundreds of thousands
of (aimers to fulfil every requirement ef scientifically made Portland cement.
It meant a cement that is absolutely reliable, whether used for • great bridge or
for a concrete watering trough.   You can uie
Canada Cement
-with complttt* confidence that your concnta {work will ba thoroughly wtiifactor-f.
You ought to hava thia confidence in tha cement you ute, because you hare uot tha)
facilities {or tearing ita qualities, such at ara at tha disposal of the engineera in charge ol
big contracting jobs.
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Cement mills, it will pass all their testa.
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on your farm, ovary ona of thorn ValaaUe
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Address: Farmers* In/trmatien Bureau
Canada Cement Company Limited, Montreal
ROYALITE is the registered traae name for The
Imperial Oil Company's pure refined kerosene.
Royalite is absolutely uniform, gives no smoke
or soot, and is backed by The Imperial Oil Company's unqualified guarantee.
Due to its extensive manufacturing resources and
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Toronto      Montreal      Winnipeg     Vancouver
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Alts iiitrituting slelisms in nil l.u.li throughout tlie Donitiitn THE ISLANDER. CUMBERLAND, Ti.C.
It Told a Story WMhoot
»>*K"i•**♦♦*♦ **i***rA**/*>**++*
Mrs. Tan Tromp of New Tork was a
Italic trotter. Elic waa a widow with
erne daughter, Madeline, who was obliged to trot with ber mother, bat would
►ther bare remained at home, (or Miss
Madeline was a sensible girl and, al-
•oiish not averse lo seeing foreign
kadi, waa not minded to spend her
are In circling tbo world.
In llieir wanderings tb* Tan Troiups
stand themselves iu Bombay, India,
laving dono tbat country ao far as
•omen tourists could, Mrs. Van Tromp
•aa much Impressed wltb the display
*t wealth of tlio rulers aad especially
t%e Jewels wltb wblch they decorated
•ouisolvcs, for onmnont* are dear te
•e feminine heart. It Is quite likely
tkat if a rajah, covered from hla waist
tp with gems, bail nsked for tbe hand
of her- daughter 6bo would havo given
her consent Instable!'.
But a globe trotter cannot romaln In
•ao plnco or the term would be a mls-
■omor. 'I'he Van Tromps left the city
tt Bombay to fail across the Arabian
tea nnd pass through the Red nnd
Mediterranean teas to London. Such
ft journey In a single vessel requires a
ajre.it ileal of time, run! those cooped up
ttgcllrcr hi her are apt before Ibe cnrl
la become pretty well acquainted.
Mrs. Van Tromp was silting one day
•vi ilo-.k in n steamer chair rending an
•roll,.' novel when tho wind blow ber
Tell off lrer bend nud sent lt sailing
Morn. It was picked up by a gcntle-
assn with a tawny, drooping mustache,
who liun,dod 11 lo her wilb n profound
"tew. lio was so distinguished looking
tkat Instead of giving him tbo convon-
tsonrri (hanks thut .she would have ac*
forded an ordinary person she bestowal thorn Willi her most charming smile.
Tho gentleman assured ber Hint she
wns welcome nnd further remarked
thru since Vie day was a trifle wiudy
perhaps Ire bad bolter ilud a more protected spot for her. fhe accepted tbo
*tln; and tho gentleman removed ber
ch.ilr nnd rugs to Iho leo side of tho
wireless telegraph oIHce, where she
wns mure comfortable.
Now. Mrs. Van Tronrp was a woman
*t llrly, while tho gentleman could not
k* tbocoht rr oni> that* mak sroolo
na cakkiim. ri.owEiis.
lave been much over thirty. There
Was therefore no impropriety lu her
■altering Into conversation with him
(bout tbl weal her, Iho ounul occasion-
ail .by so long a confinement within
nth narrow limits, nnd other small
talk incidental lo shipboard. The gentleman spoke wllh an English accent
inch as Mrs. Van Tromp had beard
•mon*- certain swell acquaintances sbe
kail made In London. While tbey were
(balling Miss Madeline came up
Ireastiug tbe wind and Joined ber
"My daughter, Mr. —," aald Mrs.
Tan Tromp by way of Introduction,
Mopping for ber new found friend to
•apply tbe deficiency of hia name.
"Mr. Mackrldge bas been kind enough
It keep my yell from going overboard
•nd to more my chair out of the wind."
Tire gentleman bowed, nnd Miss Van
Tromp Inclined her head In recognition. Ha provided ber with a chair
Vial stood near and revived an Invitation from bar mother to occupy one
•imieU ln tbelr company.
Thia wai .the beginning of one of
fbose tourist acquaintance! thnt, in*
fcnnnlly made, often ripen Into strong
friendship). Mr. Mackrhlge was especially attentive to Mrs. Van Tromp,
♦no waa especially gratified at being
In objuct of consideration from one
la much younger tban herself, and sho
hgarded It l proof that be bad been
troiigbt np by tome aristocratic family
Who bad not broken away from tha
tradition af respect for ag*. Thla view
trts conflrmad by Mr, Mackrldge blm-
•»lf, who whan tcentsd of lt con*
abasad It, stating that ha wea tb* next
tntifar brother of tli* Marqula of
', aa* tt the olttat _ _
It Inland. B* ftiihanatsa tat tt S*
***** tkat Aa aurqnla waa a baekV
•tar and ta a kaalth.
■Ma waa **U* *****% to taint*
Mn. Tan Traarp to lay ***** tor a akin botwwk Mr. Hactrtdf* aad aat
daughter. Th* mother cut ot her regret tkat ik* couldn't marry Madeline
to a rajah aad became Interested la
tk* more practicable scheme of mar-
tying ber to a man wko waa Ukely to
become a marquis. T*» Irat ti***
after having tecelved tela Informs Uoa
tkat Mr. Mackrtdge Joined bar aad hot
daughter on deck ahe mad* an jxenaa
to go below ia order to leave"theni together.
Miss Tan Tromp had become neb a
traveler tkat ike waa not averse to
picking np acquaintances darlag a voy-
age, bnt ah* seldom became familiar
with them. Mr. Mackrldg* *Tlnced a
dealre for k*r cempanloaahlp, bot
found aa tk* Journey proceeded tbnt
k* waa not permuted to cam* to tormt
of Intimacy. Mr*. Tan Tromp watched hla attentions to ker dang Iter and
could not understand wky Madeline
(are no more cordial response.
"My dear," aald the politic moths*,
"if you would be mer* civil to Mr.
Mackrldge lt might be of great benefit
to us. He tells me that hla brother
haa a bona* ln London and ta usually
there during th* season. W« may b*
invited there and meet many persona
of rank."
"I thought hla brother wai a bachelor. Bachelors don't usually entertain."
"Oh, Madeline, yon don't grasp
things as you should. Ton will never
tako tho position yon should because
you hare no push. The fact that Mr.
Mackrldge'a brother* la a bachelor
should lend you all the mer* to cultivate bin*.."
"I hare thought, mother, dear, tbat
you preferred I sbould cultivate Mr.
MacUridgo himself."
Mrs. Van Tromp made a grimace,
bnt accorded no reply to inch atupldi-
ty, for sbe certainly considered any
girl stupid who would encourage a
younger brother of a marquis, even
though tbo marquis himself waa In bad
During tbe passage of the Red sea
Mr. Mackrldge continued hla attentions, and Mrs. Van Tromp waa pleased Hint Madeline seemed more disposed to accept tbem. This acceptance
could not be construed to mean encouragement, but Mrs. Van Tromp felt
moro hopeful, and Mr. Mackrldge took
advantage of It to be more attentive.
ne gained a point with Mrs. Van
Tromp by letting out the fact thnt ha
was a captain In n British regiment
stationed in India, all the officer's of
which were noblemen. He had pro*
cured a leave of absence to go home,
having been Informed that bis brother,
Iho marquis, wns failing rapidly.
After receiving this additional Information Mrs. Van Tromp conceived the
idea of going ashoro lir Captain Mack-
rldsn's company on the ship's arrival
at Gibraltar. lie, being a British officer, would doublless be band lu glove
wilb the officers of tho garrison and
would be able to secure for tbe Van
Tromps special privileges. She hinted
to Mackrldgo tbnt she would be pleased to have him witb her and her
daughter when tbey visited Gibraltar, nnd he accepted tbo Invitation
wltb alacrity. But when tbey reached
tbo pert the captain wns confined to
bis stateroom wilh a severe Indisposition and wns unable to Icare the ship.
All went well wilh the trio who
were performing ihls little comedy
during tho latter part of tbo voyage.
Just before leaving the steamer Captain Mackrldge managed to obtain a
large bouquet of flowers. Whether he
bought them from a bumboat or tbey
bad been - iltlvated aboard tbe ship
does not matter. Tho Important feature is that he nresented them to Miss
Van Trump Tbe gift waa made while
the motber and daughter, accompanied
by tbo cnplaiu. were ..about to nass
down the gangway. The young lady
Inhaled tbelr nerfunio and started
down for the dock with them lu her
left hand, carrying a piece of hand
baggngo in her right. On reaching tbe
dock sbe suddenly remembered leaving
some article In her stateroom.
"Please .Ake these," she said to
Mackrldge, handing bl-ri the band baggage and hor bouquet, "and keep tbem
till I return. I'll be back In a few minutes."
Mackrldge took the nrtlclea. a certain
whiteness appearing about his mouth
and an anxiety tn bis eyes aa be did
so. Miss Van Tromp ran np tbe gangway, passing wllh difficulty thoso coming down, and disappeared within the
ship. A customs Inspector, wbo was
watching for smugglers, noticed a gen*
tleman standing wllh a large liour.net
ln his band and pondered. Had n lady
been currying lt his attention might
not have been attracted. Suspicious as
all custom house officials are, be
thought It odd that a man should be
carrying flowers, and possibly lt might
be used ns a means of concealing dutiable goods.
"I'll look Into tbat, sir, If you please,"
be said to Mackrldge.
The whiteness about tbe latter'a
mouth turned to a sickly pallor aa the
Inspector took the bouquet from his
hands, rulling It apart, several articles wrapped In white tissue paper fell
on tho dock. The Inspector picked
tbem up,' unwrapped one and a large
diamond glistened tn tho sunlight.
When Madeline Von Tromp rejoined her mother abe found ber alone.
"Where'a Captain Mackrldge?" ahe
"Gone under arrest for smuggling."
And she recounted the discovery of tbe
"And all ho wanted ef mc," said
Madeline, "waa to carry tho bouquet
ashore for htm. I suspected something of th* kind and turned It back
Into bis hands en purpose."
Makat VaWftoas aad Borne Carious
Boetsloas l**y Bar* Mai*.
An ampin la a «rlck*t match haa
■at unusutlly a r*ry exciting time.
Bat ther* hare bsen occasirat when
things bar* happened ev«n ta this
tssaaaslve and phlegmatic laaivldual.
On tne ocoaaton an umpire Ibtred
tha tommon fate *f the ttunps, tnd
was bowled tlaan off hit pint by a
ball which teok him la tht small ot
tk* back, tt was a leg hit at terrific
tent, tnd th* amplre, seeing it coming, turned raaad, thinking a smack
la tht back pnftrtble te oa* ln an-
•ttwr pise*.
Bnt aot only aid the bill knock tht
gnat man dowa but lt rebounded Into
tha wloketketptr't hand, and when
tha umpire had regained hit breath
aad legs be promptly gavt tk* offend-
la« batsman "Cut."
The Und *t tk* Midnight Bun
•afnt to b* an ideal venue for cricket
matches teeing that the day ti twenty-four boun long, tnd teeing there
ll ■• ntl necessity, txcept dttth from
mr exertion *t the fielding side, to
drav stumps at all. There Is a atory
told •( a match in Lapland which
•salted th* aattvtt to much tbat they
Wfanlscd a raturu match to itart at
aa* o'clock—tht first hour after midnight. Th* gentleman visitor, who
tout the story, officiated at umpire,
clad in hit alghtahirt tnd atandlng at
at* bedroom window I
Probably the most remarkable decision on record waa in thla wise. The
batsman had had a box of matches—
evidently not cricket matches—In hit
pocket tnd tht ball Ignited the whole
contrtptlon. A* the match quickly
retched "th* quick," the battman began to tear at hla clotbea and pads
like a maniac, and, of course, got out
of hia ground.
The I all bad gone lo short-slip who
shied the wicket down tnd claimed r>
"run out" before he reallied the per.:-
out sttte of tha batsman. However,
th* umpire, teeing smoke Issuing
from the batsman's lower extremities
luekily put short-slip "wise." "Carn't
glr* 'In. howt, air. The gent'a afire'."
wtre his words.
Borne young players In one of the
parks, being hard-up for an umpire,
roped ln a epectator wbo happened to
b* a Hibernian. In the firet over leg-
before ipeal wta made to the Celt.
"How's that!" aald tho bowler.
"How's that yerallf," said the umpire.
"Just plane yerallf, mo bhoy, how lt
It; ye know a fine dale moor about
lt than I do."
Probably the most amazing decl-
alon ever glren by an umpire, who
was really supposed to know something of the game occurred ln a village match tome timo ago. After a
alngle run had been scored by .he
players, who then mado no attempt to
ru i again, ths umpire loudly shouted,
"Short run!"
The verdict was hailed wllh a perfect tornado of laughter. But tho umpire did not seem to realize that only
a aecond or subsequent run could be
In an up-country match tn Australia, a ball hit the bails aud smashed
them, so a piece of wattle, undivided
in the middle, was laid across the lop
of the stumps. With his next ball lhe
bowler sent the middlo stump flying
and tumbling twenty yards*.
But the wattle, reclining peacefully on Ibe leg and off stumps, was undisturbed. The umpire gavo the batsman "Not outl"
Thor's Hammer Still 1,'scil.
The fishermen of Whitby (Er.g.r
would never dream ot venturing out
of port without a little hammer-shaped hone, from the head of a sheep,
k-'own as "Thor's hammer," as this
little object Is a very special cbarm
against drowning. Tbe mole's foot
la also a "sure" euro for toothache or
cramp- according to locality. Amputated limbs aro In somo cases preserved so that the cripplo may not be deficient in this respect In tho nest
At Scarborough an old peasant has
como to be regarded as almost a wizard, tor tbe country folks from round
about come to him for relief from
rheumatism. Ills "cure" consists of
» :opper bangle and ring, and on either end of the 'angle two small-bore
brass cartridge caseB are wedged.
These charms are sold lo the patient.
In Suffolk a girl always keeps ber
first tooth; then when sho marries
tnd has a child the tooth le suspeu '.-
•d about the Infant's neck durl: g
teething, as it Is said to bring Instant
These superstitions mostly exist In
the counties whlcb are washed by the
North Sea. Doubtless they are survivals of tbe days of tbe bold Vikin.;
n -raudcrs.—Ireland's Own.
Smoking In Commons.
Smoking during Parliamentary
proceedings ls the latest precedent set
up ln the House ot Commons. Tbe
•ther day, In the Scottish Grand Committee, whlcb was considering an Important bill, a member was seen
lounging at his ease, a pipe between
hla lips. A colleague drew attention
to the "offence" on a point of order;
but the chairman, Mr. Arthur Henderson, promptly replied that tbe objection was not sustained. Thereupon a doaen members or more produced tbelr pipes and lit up. This la
tb- flrst time smoking bas been permitted during Parliamentary proceedings.
Car Ferries on Irish Set.
Oar ferriea are amlllar modes of
freight transportation across water
barriers ln thla country, but have not
been much exploited ln Europe. The
most notable example, perhaps, bas
been that whlcb connect Germany and
P eden. Tbo latest development of
the Idea Is an Important scheme, recently begun, for ferries from Ireland
to Scotland and Kngland, one to convey railroad freight cars from Larne,
Antrim, to Strauvaer; tbe other, connecting Dublin ond Holyhead, Wii'i.
The latter wlll be about the. same distance as tbe German-Sweden line but
wlll be through rougher waters.
All Get Something.
At a novel "pet party" at Marlow
prizes w:re given by vote for the prettiest, ugliest, largest, smallest, fattest, oddent, and mont gentl* "pat"
Why Britain Left the Interior of
Somtllland, the scene of this severe
nrtrte, ls tn arid waste divided up
between Great Britain, Italy. France,
and Abyssinia. The present Somali
teoples are possessed of no general
type and their physical characteristics
rary considerably, abowlng signs of
Interbreeding with Arabs, AbysBlnlaus
tad aegroea. They are a race ot-jnag-
nlficent physique, Ull, active, and robust. Negro blood ls shown ln their
frequently bltck complexions and
wooly hair. The Somali are a fight-
tag race. Ail go armed with spear,
shield, and thort tword. ts well as a
gun, when lt is obtainable. During the
rains incessant Intertribal lootings of
ca'tle take place. Among certain
tribes those wbo have killed a nun
have the right to wear an ostrich feather la their hair. Somaliland was
•ne *f the last tracts of Africa to be
txplered hy Europeans. Tbe occupation of Aden by the British ln 1S09
proved the starting point In the op, n-
ing up of the country, Aden being tire
chief port wltb which the .Somali of
the opposite coast traded. The Bj it-
tab Somaliland rtotectorate extends
along the Gulf of .' Ien for about 400
miles, and stretches inland to a
breadth varying trom SO to 200 miles.
About 50,000 people are settled ln the
toast tjwns; the rest are nomads, who
are almost constantly giving trouble.
Tbe British connection with tha Somali toast datea from the early yeara
ef tbe last century, but British authority was not dofinltely established,
and In 1854 Richard Burton's expedition was attaeked at Berbers. In
1174 the ambition *f Ismail Pasha,
Khedive ot Egypt, ltd him to occupy
the posts of Tajura, Berbera and Bulbar, as well as Harrar tn the hinterland, Ten years later, ln consequence
•f tbe revolt et tbe Mahdl ln tht
Egyptian Soudan the Kbedivlal garrisons were withdrawn. Thereupon,
Great Britain, partly to secure the
route to the East via the Sues Oanal,
occupied Zalla, Berbera and Bulbar,
officials being aent from Aden to govern the posts. Treaties guaranteeing
British protection were concluded
with various Somali tribes, and the
houndarlea of the protectorate were
defined by agreements with France,
Italy, and Abyssinia. In 1899 Mohammed bin Abdullah, popularly
known an the Mad Mullah, flrst came
upon the scene. He had mad* several pilgrimages to Mecca, where he
had attached himself to a sect wblch
enjoined strict observance of the tenets ot Islam, and placed an interdict on the use of the leaves of tbe
kat plant, much Bought after hy, the
coast Arabs and Somali for their stimulating and intoxicating properties.
At first the Mullah's Influence was
exerted for good, and be kept the
tribes over whom be had control at
peace. Accredited with the possession
of supernatural powers, he gathered
around him a strong following. In
tho next few years Britain suffered
several disastrous reverses and during
thi first months of 1910 tbe advanced
poets were withdrawn nnd the British administration confined to the
coast towns, ln aupport of thla decision lt was urged that lt was no good
pursuing people whom It was Impossible to catch, that the Isolated posta
In the Interior had not been able to
protect the friendly tribes, and that
the semi-desert natnro of the country
did not justify any attempt at economic developme it. Before the withdrawal arrangements were made for
arming and organizing the tribes In
the Protectorate ln their own defence.
Free Emigration For Widows.
By October twenty widows with one
child each are required to Ball for New
South Wales to take up domestic
work, the money for tho journoy being advanced by a practical Imperialist who desires to remain anonymous.
The step Is regarded as an experiment In assisting a new typo of emigrant. Applicants for free passages
must not be more than thl-ty-five
years of age. muet produco their husbands' death certificates, and muet,
of course, be healthy and of exemplary character.
The result of this otter will be that
a brighter future will present Itself to
many widows who havo hitherto
struggl-d against adversity, and lt ls
s. eclally Intended to help those who
have thereby become brave and more
self-reliant. Tbe successful applicants
will be rcquiroa to give a guarantee
to take up domestic work, probably
tn the Bush, wbere tt Is easier to find
accommodation for a child.
Queen Victoria In Movies.
Tbo life of the late Queen Victoria
in moving pictures ls now In preparation by one of the leading firms in
the cinematograph business. After
live inonllin of preliminary work lu
studying historical authorities, producers are now ready to photograph
ceeneB from the 64 years reign i,f
Qrreen Victoria at n cost of 125,000.
Three actresses will appear ** the
Queen at different stages ot her life.
The Incidents depicted wlll Include
the flrst council of lrer Ministers a
(tw hours after her accession, her
coronation, her reception of tho ert-
piorer, Dm Id Livingstone, and tbe
marriage of the Prince of Wales, afterward King Edward VII. Then come
pictures representing her audiences
wltb the Duko of Wellington, Lord
Melbourne, Gladstone, Disraeli and
John Bright. Other eireues rhow her
opening Parliament and quietly driving In the Highlands and elsewhere.
A Tiny Printer.
Believed to be the smallest compositor ln the world, Mr. Lewis
Spooner ls engaged at printing works
it Tlptree, Essex, L'ng. Ho Is thlrly-
alno years old, elands three feet nine
Inches, and weighs 58 pounds. He
Hands on a stool to icach the typo
■England's  Inferior Education Is Alleged as a Reason.
Harold Spender, In a recent t.on-
idon News says:
The vivid pen picture of English
(private schools given to the House of
j Commons by ihe Minister of Education have come as a shock. Doiho-
'boy Hall, it seems, ot III flourishes in
!our midst, and tho work of Dickens
Inquires to be done over again.
j Matthew Arnold pointed this out
jwlth all his power a generation ago.
I and the siory has been since repeated
1 by many brilliant writers and critics.
But the English people aro deaf, and
ln hundreds of rases parents prefer to
ser.d their children to ihese schools
even wben there are tbe very best fr^o
publio ecliocltr round lire corner. Had
educaliwi seems somehow always to
consort with "gentility."
But now certain remarkable signs
are appearing. Tlie boys from the
council schools, profiting by a thorough training ut ilie most Impressionable years, are Invading our ser*on-
dury schools aud universities, and
compelling the middle classes to look
tho facts in tire fact. Tho oilier day
ten council school boys appeared as
wranglers at Cambridge.! am Informed that In many of the secondary
schools of the L.O.O. winners of achol-
arablpa often rapidly take the lead
af the middle-class children.
At the universities tho public
schools atill keep an iron hand over
thn sports, but la matters of education they are often beaten by boys
from tb* grammar schools and the
council schools. It Ib clear that a
great crisis in education Is approaching. The middle-class parent will
have to wake up lt he and his offspring are to avoid defeat In the
ttruggle. A national comparison * -
reals tha same facts. In secondary
education England Ib far behind both
Scotland and Wales. The higher education of Scotland, stimulated by the
great boon of thn Carnegie Trust, is
moving steadily forward both In the
schools and ln the universities.
The result Is seen by iho fact that
tht urhappy English boy, thoiit'i
born of a stock certainly not less gifted. It too often beaten by tbe Scots
boy ln the competition for all th.'
higher offices and posts, loth of learning and business. The attitude of tbe
middle class In England ls, Indeed,
on* that exceeds onder. They pay
the education rate, but In nine eases
out of ten they refuse to avail themselves of lt. Tbey actually pay iu
order that their children should receive a far worse education than Ibe
working classes receive without paying another penny.
Exhausted with tbo expense of paying for bad schooling they often find
themselves, at the critical moment,
unable to start their, children ln life.
Thus they lose the one great financial
handicap that they have over their
working-class competitors. Meanwhile, these parents are too often unnecessarily obsessed with the middle-
class habit of Bending their children
away from home—a habit produced
by tht lack of gcod secondary schools
renly distributed throughout tho
country. By sent ng their children
away they lose control over their lives
and they sacrlflco all influence over
their characters.
And then they are surprised to find
that at the age when life ls opening
to tbelr children tbey havo lost all
parental control, and havo not even
obtained any superior educational
Celebrated British Scientist After
Applying tho Most liigid Tests to
Spiritistic Phenomena For Many
Vcnrs lias Arrived at tho Conclusion That Their Really Is Ilryond
It will be remembered that W. T.
' Stead, heroic victim of tiro Titanic dlB-
j aster, welcome iicqualntauco of *\lnga
! and Emperors and others tn the seats
j 'if tlie mighty, and probably the most
1 Holed journalist lu the world, was a
I timi believer In psychic communication Willi the world of lhe hereafter.
When preparing to face death, he reiterated that belief and t-pol, e of joln-
iug his previously deceased son, from
whom he hnd stated, verbally and lo
carefully prepared  printed volumes,
lio bad received numerous messages
from the   spirit   world   through 'he
Compulsory Massage Licensee.
Steps are to be taken at once ' -
th* London County Council to formulate proposals for Inclusion in the'r
General Powers Bill next year to license massage establishments and
maternity homes. Powers of r* 's-
tr.tlon, with the right of Inspection,
may be included In tbe bill, wblch
will be designed to sttmp out so-called massage, manicure, and electric
light treatment houses.
"sked to explain the position, the
chairman of the public control committee of tho council, taiilr "There is
no tr" ubt tbat th- evil Is growing, and
the police bave no power lo enter the
houses. It ls also almost Impossible
t obtain warrants for tho arrest of
those who conduct them, because Informant, will not como forward.
"We shall submit proposals for Inclusion ln next year's General Powers
BUI. The police are giving us every
facility ln our inquiries, and I hope
we ahall obtain power to register such
establishments, which will Involve Ihe j
right of Inspection by council otll-
cers. If tbey aro not Eaiishcd the :
places will be struck off the register. J
"There are many places which conduct a perfectly loglllmalo business,
and these will welcome registration."
sir oi.tvr.B r.oDor.
medli.m of an Inhabitant of that region whom he knew as "Julln."
Science has now lalreu a decided
hand In this problem, debated and dc-
bateable from the beginning of sentient existence. In a recent statement
of tbe famous Englishman, Sir Oliver
Lodge, admittedly the best all-round
scientist In the world at tbe present
time. He is president of the British
Association, the most authoritative
scientific body on earth, and he has
announced that tn his presidential address on September 10, tie will offer
complete evidence to show "an ulll-
iate continuity of existence before
and after death as essential to science," which, if accepted, will he a
distinct alignment of tbe most advanced scientific thought on the side
of Immortality. Sir Oliver already
has asserted that "tho boundary between the two slates—tho known and
tbe unknown, llfo and death — Ib
wearing thin In places, and excavators
are engaged ln boring a tunnel from
opposite ends. We aro beginning to
hear now and then strokes from the
pickaxes of our comrades on the other side."
Sir Oliver I.odgo has been a close
and skeptical student ot psychical
phenomena for many years, and after
long and patient observance of the
famous Italian psychic, Eusapla Pal-
ladlno, vas forced to admit that "any
person without Invincible prejudice,
who bad the same experiences, would
come to tbe same broad conclusion,
namely, that things heretofore held
impossible do actually occur. . . The
result of my experience is lo convince me that certain phenomena considered supernatural do belong lo
tbo order of nature."
It ls evident that the world Is soon
to witness the promulgation of another accession to tho natural laws which
govern Its place In the universe, and
one likely to arouso spirited religious
and Bcientiflo discussion.
Paper From Seaweed.
Seaweed paper bu been lnvontcd
by an English chemist. A Liverpool
wwspaper clipping forwarded by Con-
lul Washington states lhat It Is fireproof, waterproof and odorless, and Is
txptcted to "hare considerable effect
on the present system of wrapping
perishable goods for transport."
Condemned Modem Danees.
Canon Newbolt, preaching In St.
Paul'a Cathedral, London, recently,
strongly condemned the modern
dances and those novels of Iho present day which, ln tire iiauseoiiH un-
reserve of tho society novel, dealt
With sex problems.
Such dances and aueh books, Hie
preacher said, flnurished because society persuaded Itscif Ural immodesty
ls artistic, and that anything la per-
mlsslble which romovea monotony.
Ho asked, "Would an indecent dance,
suggestive of ev 11 and destructive of
modost., disgrace our civilization for
a moment If professed Christians
were to say, 'I wtll not allow my
daughter lo turn Into a Salome, even
although Herod were to give mc half
his kingdom?' "
Britain Still Leads.
The number ot vessels launched
throughout the world during 111 tr
was 8,tilO. distributed as follows:
United Kingdom, ],tl7.'>; dominion.!,
208; foreign, 2,0*19. The Clyde still
maintains ils place a.*; tho leading
shipbuilding mitre of the world v,ill!
a record of 1)89 vessels, a total tonnage of 040,520, and indicated bone-
power of 878,326.
The Meanest Will.
Probably tbe monu*-st will on record was that of an Englishman who
left to his wife the sum of hair a ce: ,
or ono farthing, with llio direction
that it should lio sent to her by post
tn au unstamped envelope.
To Make Coal Mining Safe.
Oue of the simplest of the many
suggested tests for fire-damp In mines
[a that described by Henry Briggs *o
the Scottish Society of Arts. It Is nil
attachment tbat may lie applied to
any dl or spirit safely lamp, and cons
sislfl of a loop of i-opper wire sttpport-
cd on a brass rod passing through thn
oil vessel. To make a lest tho loop
Is moved linn tho flame. Tbb I e-
r'omes Instantly non-luminous, but
If hre-dnmp is present In tho nir lire
gas-cap Is clearly seen. Tho test can
be made lu a moment at any Lime.
without turning down or putting out
Ihe light.
ll Is claimed lhat the percentage of
fire-damp this method will detect is
exceedingly small, and tlie results cf
1 inls ou both laboratory and mliib go
to show that tl,ls Is one of lhe most
lensltlvs, accurate, and oxpodltloufl
means of revealing the presence of
Inflammable gas In mlno or other air.
-   llollon Journal.
Lodgers Went by Numbers.
In   tho   course   of  an   Inquest   et
Southwark, Eng.. recently the deputy
of a common lodging-house iu  Der-
moudsey said ho provided accommodation for 503 lodgers, most of whom
were kuoun by numbers,    Many ef
Ihem had fancy names. A juryman ex-
j rilalned   that   habitues   of   common
,cdglng-hou8Cs eould "job along" very
* well on a few shillings *• week.      \
'can  could   get a  mutton   chop  for*
2 l-2d., 2 ibs. of potatoes for Id., and
i pennyworth of potherbs, which
would make a ' ne slew. (Laughter.)
Trying in Dodge » ;'rn<i|..
In lire Bodleian Library nt Oxford,
lays Prof. Thayer, an old manuscript
-oniains this warning: "'i'iiis book be-
! 'oiisj-h to St. Mary of liobects Brll-jtfJ
whosoever shall steirl it, or rroii it, or
1 ,n nuy way aii'-nate If from tlut
pouse, let him be anafhuroaniaran-
tiim.   Amen."     Under-neat,    rl'ls   a
,'iiter owner lias wrillcn; "1. John,
Bishop of Exeter, know not where tha
iforcaa .1 house il, nor did I s*.*-.*.i this
30*ii.,    but   h**'|rr':*.l    i'    i'l    I,    lac.ful
sar. ine, iSLAMfKH, L'UMbKhLAJMJ
Our Stock is very large and it will
be easy for you to make a selection.
For friends abroad now is the time
to make your choice. We have a
beautiful assortment of FANCY
LINENS and some rare values.
Chiffon Table Centres
Silk  Embroidered, Very Pretty Designs.
50c. each, Larger ones at 75c.
Real Irish Linen Table
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Dressing Gowns, etc
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Clothing, Dress Goods, Ladies'
Silk Waists, Hosiery, Boots and
C. Sing Chong
CHINATOWN,   West   Cumberland
Branch Store at Bevan
Before theBoardof Investigation
In the Matter of Bush Creek
Black Creek, Buttle Lake, Boot
Lake, Campbell River and La*^
Comox Lake, English Creek")
French Creek, Gosling Lake,
Home Lake, Indian Lake, Marble
Creek, Milstone River, Nile
Creek, Nanaimo Lake and River,
Poutledge River, Quinson River
and Lake, Oyster River, Wolf
River, and all other streams in
the Nanaimo Water District as
defined on page 647G of the
British Columbia Gazette of the
31st July 1913.
TAKE NOTICE that each and
every person, partnership, com
pany, or municipality who, on
the 12th day ot* March 1909. had
water rights on any above mentioned streams, and has not
already filed a statement of claim,
is directed to forward on or before 31st day of December 1913.
to the Controllerof Water Rights
at the Parliament Buildings at
Victoria a statement of claim
in writing as required by section
28 of the "Water Act" as amended. Printed forms for such
statement (From No 50 for irri
gation or Form No 51 for other
purposes) can be obtained from
any of the Water Recorders in
the Province.
The board of Investigation will
tabulate such claims and will
receive objections thereto if
filed, and will give due notice of
the time and place set for the
hearing of the claims and object*
Dated at Victoria B.C.  the 17
day of November 1913.
For the Board  of Investigation,
Sealed tenders will be received
by the Minister of Lands not later than the 9th day of December,
1913, for the purchase of Licence
X 80, to cut 15,400,000 feet B.M
and 3,315 cords of shingle bolts
from Lot 44, Cardero Channel,
Range 1, Coast District. Three
years will be allowed for the removal of the timber.
Particulars of the Chief Forest-
er, Victoria, B.C.	
Sealed tenders will be received
by the Minister of Lands not later
than noon on the 26th day of
December, 1913, for the purchase
of Timber Licence X102, adjoining Timher Licence 33667, in
the vicinity of Coliath Bay, Jervis
Two years will be allowed for
the removal of the timber.
Particulars of Chief Forester,
Victoria, B.C.
CEALED TENDERS addressed to the
^ undersigned, and endorsed "Tender
for Immigration Detention Hospital Building, Vancouver, B.C.," will be received at
this office until 4 p.m. on Monday, December 29,1913, (or tlie erection ol the above
named building.
Plans, specifications and form of contract can be seen and forms of tender
obtained on application at this Department,
at the office of Win. Henderson, resident
architect, Victoria, B, C.J on application to
the Mr. A. J. Chisholm, caretaker, Public
Building, Vancouver, B. C.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not be considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied, and
signed wilh their actual signatures, stating their occupations and places of resid
ence. In the case of linns, the actual
signature, the nature of the occupation
and the place of residence of each member
of the firm must he given.
Each tender must be accompanied by
an accpted cheque on a chartered bank,
payable to the order of the Honourable
the Minister of Public Works, equal to
ten per cent. (10 p.c.) of the amount of
the tender, which will be forfeited if the
person tendering decline to enter into a
contract when called upon to do so, or fail
to complete the work contracted for. If
the tender be not accepted the cheque
will be retnrned.
The Department does not bind itself to
accept the lowest or any tender.
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, November 19, 1913.   ,
Newspapers will not be paid for this
advertisement if they insert it without
authority from the Department.-"49327
Synopsis ef Coal "lining Regulations
COAL mining lights of the Dominion
in Multiloba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,
th* Yukon Territory, the Northwest Tsrrl
toriea and in a portion of the Province of
British Columbia, may be leased for a term
i,f twenty-one years at an annual rental uf
SI an acre. Nut more lliau 2,600 acres
will be leased tu une applicant.
Application for a lease must be made by
the applicant in persun tu the Agent nr sub
Agent nf the district in which the rights
applied fur are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must be
described by aeetiuns.ur legal subdivisions
of sections, aud iu uusurveyed lerritury
the tract applied for shall be staked uut by
theapp'icaiit himself.
E tch application must be accompanied
by a fee of $d which will be refunded if the
rights spplied forare not available, but not
utlrei wi-e A royalty shall be paid un the
merchantable output uf the mine at lhe
rale of live cents ppr ton.
The persun operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns ac*
rouoting for the frill quantity of merchantable coal mined and p*y the royalty
thereon. If the ooal miniag rights are
nut being operated, sncl, returns shall be
furnished at least.once a year.
The lease will include tlie coal minim*
tights only, but lhe 1* Bsee may bo permii*
led to puichase whatever available sin
face rigiits may bo considered necessary
f**r llie workiugnf lhe mineat the rate of
810 OOanaore.
For full information application Bhnuld
be made to the Secretary of the Department nf the Intel iur, Ottawa,  ur tu   any
Agent or Suh As/* lit ofDnminion Lands.
W,  W. CORY,
Depuly Minister of ihe Intel ior.
N.B- Unauihorized publication uf this
*idverli iineut will nut Iih i aid for.
For up-to-date millinery see
Dency Smith, Courtenay.
Dr. D. E. Kerr, dentist, will
be in Cumberland Nov. 19th and
following days.
1-4 to 1-2 Acre Lots 60 by 80. by 120 feet deep, $150 to S225, on Easy Terms.
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The wise real estate speculator looks to the
Centres where transportation facilities abound.
We are now offering 5 to 20 acres blocks adjoining the Townsite [Lot 33], It is logged off, soil a rich, red loam two to three     ii
feet deep, adjoining the Union Bay Townsite. Price $100 an acre. Easy terms
British Columbia Investments Ltd. courtenay
Thanks the many customers of
Cumberland antl district for
their patronage of dry goods
during his stay at the Union
Hotel, Cumberland.
We now solicit your trying our
whenever in need of
or other goods and you will
receive best values and
good service.
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We have just received another ear load of the celebrated
Gerhard Heintzman Pianos. We ean sell you a Piano
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ginrl second liniiil pianos, that were taken in exchange
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Ladies & Gentlemen's Fashionable Tailors
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Cleaning,      Pressing      and      Repairing
**aa*sm*******v***s*i*ws*B] -■■^■*^-™%™'.-^-^-**Trf*mirem


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