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The Islander Dec 28, 1918

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THE ISLANDER established 1910.
With which is Consolidated The Cumberland News.
THE CUMBERLAND NEWS established 1891
VOL. IX., No. 41
Subscription price, $2.00 per year
Reading from left to right—Admit al Beatty, Admiral Rodman, King
George, Prince of Wales, Admiral Sims. The photo was snapped on
the deck of the battleship New York, at the surrender of hte German
High Sens Fleet. King George was the life of the party. He ls here
shown giving every evidence of having cracked a Joke, perhaps at
the expense of his cousin, the ex-Kaiser.^
RESTAURANT FOR SALE AS A Going concern. Furnished complete
with all the necessary requisites.
A bargain. For further particulars
apply to Tex Foster, Dunsmuir Ave.
D. C. Macfarlane, of Victoria, Purchasing Agent of the Canadian Collieries, arrived on today's train.
George A. Fletcher, of Nanaimo, arrived on Friday evening, and returned
FOR SALE.—Chevrolet live-passenger
touring car, in good running order,
tires nearly new, self-starter and
electric lights. Owner no further
use.   Apply B. Grieves, Cumberland.
Mr. and Mrs. John Dando, of Powell
River, arrived on Sunday to spend
the Christmas Holidays with their
parents in this city.
Miss E. I. Reynolds has sold out her
interest ln the Ilo Ilo Theatre to local
men and will leave for Nanaimo and
Vancouver on Monday.
A Grand New Year Dance will be
held in the Ilo Ilo Dance Hall on
Wednesday, January 1st. The Ilo Ilo
Orchestra will supply the music. Admission: Gents, $1.00; Ladies. Amusement Tax. The Dance will commence
at 9.30 p.m.
Mr. John Carthew, of Powell River,
arrived on Sunday for the Christmas
Miss May Walker, of Victoria, and
now of the British Columbia Telephone service of that city, arrived on
Tuesday on a visit to her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Alex. Walker.
R. L. Rideout, of the Canadian Collieries Payroll Department, left for
Victoria on Monday.
Sunday:—Service at 7 p.m.
Tuesday:—Watch Night Service  at
11.45 p.m.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Clinton will be
at home at the American Consulate
on Wednesday, New Year's Day, from
4 to 6 p.m.
Miss V. Mermoid, bookkeeper of the
Big Store, Simon Leiser & Co., Ltd.,
left for Victoria on Wednesday to
spend the Christmas Holidays with
her parents.       (
Press   Advertising   Sold
Victory   Bonds
BEFORE the war, bond buyers were "marked men." In number they
were 40,000 in March, 1917—this is shown by the number of purchasers of the Government War Loan of that date. But in the autumn of
the same year, their number increased twenty times--to 820,000! This
was the number purchasing the Victory Loan. 1917. Last month--
November, 1918--over 1,000,000 persons purchased >the Victory Loan 1918!
These wonderful results were accomplished by Press Advertising.
Before the war one-half of onn per cent, of our people bought bonds.     Now quite
twelve and one half per cent, of our people are bond buyers!
Before the stupendous amount of
$676,000,000 worth of bonds could be
sold to our Canadian people in three
weeks a most thorough an exhaustive
campaign of education was necessary,
and this campaign was carried
through by advertising In the public
press. The power of the printed word
never had a more convincing demonstration.
By means of the printed word,
through the medium of advertisements
in the press of our country, the Canadian people were made to know what
bonds are, the nature of their security, their attractiveness as an investment, and why the Government had
to sell bonds.
Every point and feature of Victory
Bonds was illustrated and described
before and   during   tbe   capaign—In
advertisements. No argument was
overlooked. No selling point was
Tbe result Is that Canadians today
are a nation of bondholders.
They know what a convenient, safe
and profitable form of Investment
bonds are . Instead of one man in
two hundred owning bonds, now one
Canadian ln eight—men, women and
children—owns a Government Security.
This complete transformation In the
national mind and habits was brought
about by advertising in the press of
the nation. Press advertising has justified Itself as the surest and speediest
method by wbich a man's reason can
be influenced and directed.
The Minister of Finance acknowledges
this.   His own words are:
"The wonderful success of the Loan was due In large measure
to their (Hie press of Canada) splendid and untiring efforts
during the whole of the campaign.''
Mr. E. R. Wood, Chairman of the Dominion Executive Committee having oversight of the campaign to raise Victory Loan 1918, said "... Tbe press publicity
campaign ... .will rank as one of the most remarkable and efficient publicity
campaigns ever undertaken in any country," and Mr. J. H. Gundy, Vice-
Chairan of the same committee said: "I hare been selling bonds for a long
tine, but I never found It so easy to sell them as at this time. ..The reason Is
the splendid work the press has done. 1 take off my bat to the press of Canada."
The success of Victory Loan, 1918,and the knowledge which Canadians now possess of bonds are a stright challenge to the man who doubts the power of the printed word, in the form of advertisements, to sell goods—and this applies not to bonds
alone, but to the goods YOU are interested in selling.
Allen Nunns, Train Despatcher, returned toady from a visit to Victoria
and Vancouver.
Harry Norris, of the Provincial Government OHicc, returned today from
a visit to Victoria.
P. S. Fagan, of Victoria, Assistant
Secretary of the Canadian Collieries
(Dunsmuir), Ltd., arrived today.
Matthew Brown returned from Victoria on Saturday last. He ls discharged from further service in* the
Canadian Expeditionary Forces, and
has resumed his duties behind the
grocery counter of the Big Store,
Simon Leiser & Co., Ltd., In this city.
John H. Cameron, who left here
some months ago to join the Royal
Flying Corps, returned, from Toronto
on Thursday and expects to receive
his discharge In the near future.
Mrs. W. Jones, of the Union Hotel,
left for Ladysmith on Monday and returned on Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Wler returned
from a visit to Victoria on Saturday
Charles Lewis loft for Alberni on
Herman Dillman, of the United
States army, and son of Mr. and Mrs.
F. X. Dillman. of Minto, nrrived on
Florence and Laura Dalby, who are
attending school at Nanaimo, returned
on Saturday to spend the Christmas
Holidays with their parents, Mr. and
Mrs. F. J. Dalby.
Mrs. F. S. Reynolds left for Nanaimo on Friday, where she will reside
in future. The furniture and household effects went forward today.
Mrs. M. Rideout, of the local millinery parlors, left for Victoria on
The President, Directors and Officers of
desire to offer to the Customers
and Friends of the Bank Best
Wishes for a Happy Christmas
and a Prosperona New Year.
Miss Evelyn Bate, daughter of Mr.
T. E. Bate, of this city, left on Friday
morning tor Vancouver, after spending the Christmas Holidays here. Miss
Bate ls leaving on January 9th for
Shanghai, .China, where she will
spend the next three years as instructor of chemistry, music and sewing in
one ot the European schools ln that
A grand New Year's Dance will he
held in the Ilo Ilo Theatre on Wednesday evening, January 1st, 1919.
This is expected to be one of tho
events of the season. A large number
have already intimated their intention
of attending this dance and enjoying
themselves on the opening if the New
Year. The Ilo Ilo Orchestra will as
usual supply the music. Dancing will
commence at 9.30 p.m., and tbe charge
for admission will be: Gents, $1.00;
ladles, amusement tax only.
W. H. S. Winn, Chairman, and Parker Williams, ot the Workmen's Compensation Board, arrived on Friday
evening and held a conference with
the medical board of the Canandlan
Collieries (Dunsmuir), Ltd., Medical
Fund the same evening and left for
Vancouver today.
Nominations for the coming municipal elections for the city of Cumberland will he held in the Council Chambers on Monday, January 13th. Should
a poll become necessary, the election
will take place on Thursday, the 16th
day of January. Nominations wlll be
open for mayor, and six aldermen, one
licence commissioner one police commissioner, and one school trustee.
The latter will be elected for a term
of two years. Wesley Willard, chairman of the school board, will be the
retiring school trustee, and Charles
Parnham Is the retiring police commissioner, who, it Is said, may seek
D. It. MacDonald, an cx-mayor of
this city, and who knows the civic
requirements of Cumberland, has been
mentioned In several quarters for the
olllce of chief magistrate, and It Is
more than probable that he will accept the nomination.
It is also understood that several
overtures have been made to Thos. E.
Bate to accept nomination for the
office of mayor, and has intimated
that, should the citizens require his
services, he would be willing to become a candidate for civic honors.
Tho following names have been
mentioned as probable candidates' for
aldermen: George Tarbell, J. H. Halliday, -Thos. E. Banks, Charles Parnham, Fred Pickard, and Thomas Bannerman.
For the vacancy on the board of
school trustees, Dr. E. R. Hicks has
been mentioned. Should he decide to
accept nomination and seek election
there Is no doubt but that he would be
very acceptable to the vast majority
of citizens and would render able assistance to the remaining members ot
thc board of school trustees.
It may be said that during the coming year Cumberland needs live men
men as the opinion is expressed hy
many that we are about to take a rapid
stride forward on tho road of progress. No doubt such is the case
when we review what has been accomplished during the {last year by
the management of the Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir), Ltd., In the matter
of housing accommodation for their
employees. Time and space will not
permit to go Into details, but there Is
one certainty that Cumberland needs
the very best citizens to take the helm
of civic affairs.
The best men usually stay In the
background. They must be persuaded
or compelled to answer the call of
civic duty and come forward m candidates for public office and govern
the municipal affairs of our city during the year 1919,
Oct, 1st, Balance on hand :...$   3.13
Collection and dues for Dec  281.95
Total r. .'. $235.96
Oct. 31st., Wool $ 17.50
Dec. 19th., Printing      8.75
Freight       1.15
Cheque to Victoria   206.00
Balance on hand       1.98
Total, $235.38
Meetings in the Council Chambers
will commence on Wednesday. January 8lh, al 2 p.m. All who have Itetl
Cross garments or socks are requested
to bring them ln on that date so that
the box may be packed and forwarded
to Victoria as soon as possible.
AMY B. CLINTON, Secretary.
Thomas Spruston, of Ladysmith.
District Superintendent ot tho Canadian Collieries, Wellington Mines, arrived today.
Margaret Richards, of the Big Store
staff, left for Victoria on Wednesday.
William Mordy. arrived on Sunday
to spend Christmas with his parents.
LONDON. Dec. 27.—The environment of President Wilson's second day
In England was quieter than that of
the lirst day. The only ceremonial
event was a state banquet at Buckingham Palace tonight, which was
notable not only as a spectacle such
as probably no other court 111 Europe
can provide tlie setting for, now that
the thrones of Russia. Germany and
AiiHtrla have dlssappeared, but from
the representative character of the
men summoned to meet the head of
the American Government.
Besides the members of the royal
family, the official world waB represented by the foreign embassadors to
the court of St. James, the heads of
the Government, present and past
chiefs of the army and navy, colonial
ministers, Including Sir Robert Borden, and members of thc royal household. There also were present dignitaries of the Church of England,
representatives of the universities and
men high In the world of art, literature, art and journalism.
Today, however, was chiefly a work-
lug day with the President. Five
hours were taken up with two conferences with Mr. David Lloyd George
the British Prime Minister, and Mr.
Arthur J. Balfour, Foreign Secretary,
on peace problems. This was the full-
flllment of the main purpose ot the
President's pilgrimage to London.
For three hours In the morning
President Wilson sat with Mr. David
Lloyd George I and the Foreign Minister before the open fireplace in the
President's apartments at Buckingham Palace. The second meeting was
in the cabinet room of the Premier's
residence In Downing Street. The
two sessions were broken by a luncheon, at which Mr. David Lloyd
George gathered a dozen leading Brl
tlsh statesmen of the Conservative,
Liberal and Labor parties.
TORONTO. Dec. 27.—Lieut.-Col. C.
It. Colllshaw D.S.O. with bar, D.S.C.,
D.F.C., Croixe de Coroune (Belgium),
Mons Medal and Croix de Guerre
(with two palms), with 00 machines
to his credit, and ranking second only
lo Col. Bishop as premier aviator,
arrived here this morning on his way
to his home in Nanaimo, B.C.
Colonel Colllshaw is here to make
un appeal on behalf of the Canadian
Air Force, which, unless it Is supported, is likely to collapse, as it
receives but little support on tlie
other side.
Colonel Colllshaw states that early
In April ho will fly across the Atlantic, leaving from Newfoundland. The
machine lie will use will be a five-
engine Handley-Pagc, of about 2,000
horBe power, and wlll carry, besides
himself, two pilots nnd a wireless
He expects to muke tills trip of
1,800 miles in twenty-four hours,
Miss Jessie Miirllonald left for Victoria on Friday.
It. McCullook left for Vancouver ou
Sunday to spend Christmas?
James M. Savage. Grnernl Manager
of the Canadian Collieries tDunsniiilr)
Ltd., accompanied by Mrs. Savage,
arrived on Thursday ami will spend
thc week-end at Beaufort House, the
official residence of the Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir), Ltd.
 -o —
LONDON, Dec. 28.—All indications
at 6 o'clock this afternoon were that
Premier Lloyd George and his government would have an overwhelming
majority lu the new House of Commons. At that hour (he result stood
as follows:
Coalitionists  462
Non-Cnalitionlnts     206
It Is probable, therefore, that tho
Laborltes will be the second strongest
party In the House, as the Sinn Peltiers will refrain from attending at New
Westminster. The Laborltes, however,
have lost two of their most prominent
leaders ln tho defeat of Arthur Henderson and Phillip Snow len. TWO
ttiH' 13LANDSK, CUMMKLAKJ), *. tj.
of many people. Shame upon the man
or woman who would dull the bright
ambitions and desires for the better
of any unman being! But there is
little time to giv* to habitual mourners and augurs of evil. The New
Year will be what we make it, so far
as our individual lives are concerned,
and the man or woman who resolves to
be happy in a healthful, unselfish way
is taking the first road towards happiness.
Published every Saturday by the Islander
Publishing Company at Cumberland,
B.C., Canada.   Telephone 35.
SATURDAY,  DECEMBER  28th,  1918.
The close of thc year ls always a
time for serious thought and reflection
The past crowds upon us at such a
time with far more than usual intensity and especially forces upon our
attention our faults, failures and mistakes. Let us look them squarely In
the face and profit by them. The wise
'-man always does this, but the fool
never. The latter goes on committing
the same follies and making the same
mistakes, never profiting by his experience, to say nothing of the experience of others. Every man makes
mistakes, it may not be his fault
the first time, but it is if lie makes
the same mistake the second time.
We believe that the secret of success
with those who succeed, and the
cause of failure with those who fail,
will lie round largely in tlie ability
and disposition to study tlie causes of
both success ami failure, not only in
one's own experience, but in thai of
others. The farer now has leisure to
review the operations of the year, and
ho should do it candidly and critically.
Make a complete analysis of every important operation. Kind the weak
places in it nnd trace them to their
origin, Nothing will prepare one so
thoroughly lor the operations of the
year to conic as this kind of searching
And while we are about this husl-
nes wc should look just, as carefully
into our record of moral responsibility. We should be far more anxious
to improve character, mind and morals than to improve our farms. Serious study of our weak pollute and of
means to .strengthen them is a very
profitable business at any time, and
if pursued assiduously will strengthen and develop all that is good and
admirable in our natures, and make
us better, stronger, nobler men and
women as the years go by. And the
time will come' in the life of every
one when such a record of honest,
earnest persistent effort to improve
will afford far greater satisfaction
than anything else in his account with
this world. We can wish no better
thing for all our readers tlinn that
thoy begin tlie New Year animated
by a firm resolve to turn all its cx-
perlenc'o into profit for themselves,
mentally, morally, socially, and materially, and then to carry out the
If you lind It so difficult to keep
your Now Year's resolutions, perhups
it would be a good idea to make a
few bad ones this time, for a change.
For instance, you might resolve to be
cross to your wife, (if you have one),
every day dining the year, and then
give her gentle words and loving
kisses Instead, You can thus he consistent with your past record, and
possibly be a better inun when another year rolls around.
In theory, the exchange of New
Year calls and Christmas gifts is a
beautiful custom. Tlie holidays is a
time when kindly feelings anil universal good will prompt a general
manifestation ut* regard in the exchange of calls and presents. It is
the friendship expressed ill the fact
that il is valued. The cause and not
the effect occasion the pleasure. All
look forward to the happy holiday
times when each is gladdened, and,
in turn, makes others glad by tokens
oi honost regard and" friendly feeling.
The world fairly beams with good
Begin the New Year by buying a
new umbrella and a diary; then just
make n note of the one you keep the
Turn over the leaf. You. may regret
to place such a page on the records
of past years, but to mourn over It
will not change it. It is a page of
your past life now, and must count for
or against. Just one thing left, forget
the past and press on. A clean page
is before you. ready for the record of
another year. The great thing is to
start It right—and tho greater thing
ls to keep It right. Keep the end In
view and as you start with a Happy
New Year it ay be yours to be happy
all the year.
 o —
Happy New Year. Let not your
heart be troubled, neither let It be
afraid. Seek peace and pursue it. Be
true to every honest conviction, and
live to make the world better for
passing through it.
 o- —
New Year greetings are greetings
of good will . How they soften hard
hearts, purify base desires, sweeten
bitter thoughts, and make every deed
purer and tenderer. Let hearts expand, sympathies enlarge, and good
will reign. Let benedictions drop from
lips, and substantial gifts fall from
overflowing hands. Make cheerless
homes radiant, and hopeless hearts to
thrill with unspeakable gladness.
Forgive your enemies. Bury the past.
Rise above the mean and petty resentments which you may have harbored
against those who have not used you
well.   Be generous.
The recent epidemic of influenza
stands out as one of tlie most severe
that has ever swept over America. On
no previous invasion of this disease
did tlie mortality resulting from the
affections of the respiratory organs,
brain and digestive system reach that
of tlle recent scourge. Unfortunately,
although Influenza is by no means a
modem disease, comparatively little
was known of its epidemic form until
after thc ravages It made In 1889-90,
and the nature of the infection Is even
yet, not clearly understood. Studies
of the epidemic of 1890, however, are
proving of great value in the present
instance. For example, it is well
known that the epidemic of 1890 was
followed by many local epidemics as
reflexes of the same-scourge. In the
city of New York, the local epidemic
of 1891 did almost as much damage
as the general one of the year before.
Further, If the present experience is to
be analogous to that of 1890, It may
also be expected that the number of
eases of tuberculosis and pneumonia
will be above normal for some time.
All of which Indicates the need for
more than ordinary precaution against
the disease and Its consequent affections or sequelae, for many months
to come. It ls devoutly to be hoped
that the recent epidemic has enabled
students of medical scienncc to arrive
at more accurate conclusions with respect to the causes and tlle remedies
for influenza, so that, If the recurrence
of pandemics, or even of epidemics,
cannot he entirely prevented, their
disastrous effects may be greatly
You cannot find out from tlie sound
of the church hell whut kind of sermon the minister wlll preach.
We can wish no better thing for all
our readers than that they begin the
New Year animated by a firm resolve
to turn all its experiences into profit
for themselves, mentally, morally, socially and materially, and then to
faithfully carry out the resolution.
Ah another year is about closing we
take the opportunity of extending to
everyone the wish that the coming
year may be one of Health, Happiness
and Prosperity.
License No. 8-19224
When cloud-banks blot the sky dull grey, or
whistling winds make outdoors disagreeable, how
cheery and exhilarating are bright lights and
sparkling fires ;
And in these soul-trying days, how welcome
is the cheery brightness—the soothing caress—the
soul-satisfying message—of the music you love.
So this Christmas you need music more than
ever—good music, that brings the spirit of Christmas
to everyone, young and old.   Such is the music of
"The Phonograph with a Soul"
This wonderful instrument brings the beautiful
world ofmusicintoyour home—RE-CREATIONS
of the art of the world's greatest artists. The New
Edison does not merely imitate—it actually RECREATES With such utter fidelity that the human
ear cannot distinguish between the living artist and
The New Edison.
The true spirit of Christmas lies in the soul of
The New Edison. Let it sing its message of hope
and faith and love in your home this year.
Visit our store for a demonstration of the marvelous New Edison
or have one sent to your home.    No obligation, of eourse.    197 rfj
Or A. Fletcher Music-Co.,   Cumberland, B.C.
Do you ever doubt the operator when you get this report,
on your call?
• Her test of the line called is a very simple matter. Remember thhat it is easier and quicker for her to complete a
call than to report back to the person calling.
Each operator senses her unusual responsibility and Is
appreciative of every evidence of consideration accorded her
earnest effort.
British Columbia Telephone Co., Ltd.
Fire, Life and
I Accident Insurance
Phone 116
The pessimist delights ill derision of
tlie good resolutions which mark the
celebration of Nl*w Year in tlie minds
Stephon Pichon, French Foreign Minister, who welcomed President Wilson on his arrival at Brest, France.
Cumberland, B.C.
Office:   KINO BLOCK,
Cumberland, B.C.
of the DRINKS
Buy the products of the
Ask for the Brands that are the Best
Alexandra Stout is sure to satisfy.
U.B.C. Beer   The Beer of Quality.
Silver Top Soda Water fig fcf Pure
Cascade Beer   The Beer Without a Peer.
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Columbia Grafonola
HERE is a Columbia Grafonola for your home, at any
price you may desire to pay. Her.e is a Columbia
dealer at your servicewhose pleasure it will be to show
you the models which you may desire to see, and hear.
Type A.   This Columbia Grafonola, with your
choice of 6 records (12 selections).   Price $35.40.
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complete in every detail. It will brighten every home
with its companionship and good cheer.   Price $70
Type D.   Simple and dignified in outline and the
toue quality is exceptional.    Equipped with a three-
spring motor.   Price $85.
Nothing Finer could be thought of as a Christmas Gift
Come in and we will gladly demonstrate them, and tell
you about our system of easy payments.    Store open
evenings until Christmas.
To all our Patrons and Friends We
Extend the Compliments of the
Season, and wish you all a
Merry Christmas
and a
Happy New Year!
Cumberland Electric Lighting
Co., Ltd.
Phone 75
P. O. 314
Royston Lumber Co.
Slab Wood (double load) ...$4.00
First Class Accommodation.     Heated
throughout by Electricity.
Cumberland, B. C.
License No. 10-1606
ALEX. MAXWELL, Proprietor
Autos for Hire.     Coal and Wood Hauling given very
prompt attention.    Furniture and Piano
Storage if desired.
Phones 4 and 61 Cumberland, B.C.
D. Campbell's
Meat Market
Young Steer Beef,
tender and juicy.
Veal, Pork and Mutton.
Cambridge Pork Sausage
Home-made Sausage
Polish Sausage
Veal Loaf
Boiled Ham
Ham Bologna
Have you tried our Pickled Pork
and Corned Beef ?    It is delicious.
Each Thursday morning from now
on a full line of Fresh Fish will he
on hand.
License No. 0-3902
Marocchi Bros.New Home Baker>f
PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given
to the electors of the Municipality of
the Corporation of the city of Cumberland that 1 require the presence of
the said electors at the City Council
Chambers, on Monday, the 13th day
of January, 1919, at 12 o'clock noon,
for the purpose of electing a Mayor,
six Aldermen, one School Trustee, one
Licence Commissioner, and one Police
Commisioner, to represent them on
the various boards for the ensuing
The Mayor and Aldermen shall he
elected for a terra of one year. The
School Trustee and License and
Police Commissioners shall be elected
for a term of two years.
The mode of nomination of candidates shall be as follows:—
The candidates shall be nominated
In writing; the writing shall be subscribed by two voters of the Municipality as proposer and seconder, and
shall be delivered to the Returning
-Officer at any time between the date
of the notice and 2 p.m. ot the day of
nomination; the said writing may be
ln the form numbered 5 in the schedule of this Act; and shall state the
names, residences and occupations or
descriptions of each person proposed,
In such manner as sufficiently to
identify such candidate; and In the
event of a poll being necessary such
poll wlll bo opened on Thursday, the
16th day of January, 1919, at the
Council Chambers, Dunsmuir Avenue,
Cumberland, B.C., of which every person ls required to take notice and
govern himself accordingly.
No person shall be nominated or be
eligible as a candidate for Mayor,
Alderman, School Trustee, Licence
or Police Commissioner, unless he be
possessed of the qualifications by law
required of those officers, and unless
the candidate shall, on or before the
hour of 2 p.m. of the day of nomination, furnish the Returning Officer
with a statement In writing, specifying the land or real property upon
which he qualifies, his nomination
shall be invalid and shall not be acted
upon by the Returning Officer.
The qualifications as candidate for
Mayor are as follows:
He must be a British subject of the
full age of twenty-one years and not
disqualified under any law, and have
been for the six months next preceding the day of nomination the registered owner In the Land Registry
Offlce of land or real property in the
city of the assessed value on the last
municipal assessment roll of 11,000.00
over and above any registered encumbrance or charge and who is otherwise qualified as a municipal voter.
The qualifications as candidate for
Alderman, School Trustee, Licence
and Police Comissioner, are as follows:
They must be a British subject of
the full age of twenty-one years and
not disqualified under any law, and
have been for six months next preceding the day of nomination the registered owner in   the   Land   Registry
Office of land or real property lu the
city of the assessed value on the lust
municipal assessment roll of {600.00
or more over and above any registered
encumbrance or charge, anil who is
otherwise qualified as a municipal
Given under my hand at the City of
Cumberland this 27th day of December, 1918.
Returning Officer.
A crook 'representing himself an
"Henry Anderson," traveller for a
firm which he calls tlle "Golden Gate
Silk Mills," San Francisco. Cnl., car-
lies a line of very lino silk hose, anil
Is putting over on Ihe unsuspecting
retail dealers a story to the effect that
hla firm; has a shipment ot hosiery on
hand at Keuora (or perhaps some
other pqlht) C.O.D. $360.00 which hat:
been refused by the original consignee. This shipment he endeavor I
to sell on the understanding that he
will haye the shipment reforwardeil
to the new purchaser C.O.D. for the
amount, but before leaving he usually
prevalh) upon the purchaser to advance blm $20.00 or more—giving a i
his reason that his expense money Ij
running low—on the understanding
that the amount advanced is to be
deducted from the purchase price of
the goqds. But there ure no goodo,
and the dealer Is out his money. This
fraud has been perpetrated on four
different people during the past tew
A drunken man Is the best temperance sermon the Devil ever allowed lo
Few men have as good an opportunity to study human nature as a
judge in a civil court, in the long
precession of cases that come before
liiin there ure many sad, many humorous incidents that reveal the stuff
that man is made of. Judge E. A.
Parry, of England, has come to the
conclusion as the result of his experiences that women are better at pleading their own cases than men arc, and
In his "Judgments In Vacation" he
tells of a case to illustrate the point:
A woman plaintiff with a shawl over
her head comes into the box, anil an
elderly collier, the defendant, is opposite to her. The action is brought for
nine shillings. I ask her to state her
"I lent yon inon's iuIhsus my mini's
Sunday trousers to pay 'Is rent, nnd
I wnnt 'em hack."
That seems to me, as a mailer of
pleading, as crisp and sound as can
he. My sympathies arc wilh Ihe lady,
and, won by the buslncsslllko slatc-
nient ot the case, I turn to the defendant ami usk him why the trousers arc
not returned and what his defense
may be. •
He smiles ami shakes his head. He
is a rough, stupid fellow, and something amuses him. 1 ask him to stop
chuckling and tell me his defense.
"There's nowt In it at all," is his
I point out that his reply is vague
and unsatisfactory, and docs not embody any defense.
He is not at all disturbed. The lady
gazes, at hlin triumphantly. He ls a
slow- man. and casually mentions,
"The 'ole street knows about them
I press blm to toll the the story, but
he "can scarcely believe that I do not
know all about It. At last he satlsllcs
my curiosity.
"Why, yon woman and my missus
drank them trousers."
The woman vociferates, hut bit hy
hit the story is got at. Two ladles
pawn the husband's trousers and
quench an afternoon's thirst wilh tho
proceeds. The owner of the Sunday
trousers Is told by his wife a story of
destitution nnd want of rent, and the
generous loan of garments. Everyone
ln the street except the husband cn-
joj-B the joke. The indignant husband,
believing In hla wife, sues for the
trousers and Bends his wife to court.
The Btrect comes down to see the fun.
A knowledge of the ways and customs
of the " 'ole street" in thlB case ls
worth much legal knowledge.
• British  Columbia derives one-third
of   her   annual    revenue   from   her
Noted English statesman who has
been appointed President of the
local Government Board. He will
remain head of the Mlnlsry of National Service. He Is strong for trying the cx-Kalscr and for having
him hanged.
Interested In a better position. Qualify for It through our easy home
study courses, like others you know
have done. We teach Commercial
Subjects and Advertising, Drafting,
Ship, Mechanical and Art, Steam,
Electrical, Mechanical and Mining
Engineering   and   other   branches.
_Wrlte for free catalogues and particulars to H. J. MILSOM, Nanaimo
Box 1121, Nanaimo, B.C.
Grocers and
Fresh Bread, Cakes,
Pies, etc.
Wedding Caket a Specialty
Cumberland and Courtenay, B.C. Dunsmuir Ave-      Cumberland.
License No. 8-25489 License No. 5-1172
T. D. McLE/kN
Watchmaker and Jeweller
Agent for the HARMONOLA
All the latest Books,  Magazines <
and Periodicals.
Dunsmuir Ave. Cumberland, B.C.
WM.   MERRIFIELD,   Proprietor.
Dunsmuir Ave..      Cumberland, B.C.
Canada Food Board License No. 104986
Charlie Sing Chong
Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots and
Shoes, Crockeryware and
General Merchandise.
HONG CHONG & CO., Bevan.
Solving the Big Question of j
"What to Giver !
We carry a full line of Xmas Gifts at prices
that are really the lowest we can mark them
to. Why not come in and select your Xmas
Gifts of Silk Camisoles, Hug-me-tights, and
Silk and Cotton Crepe Kimonos, ladies' and
?irls' Bedroom Slippers, Fancy Bags, Centre
able Covers, etc.
/ft THE. %
<<f   FAIR DEAL STORE      ^
>#<S><S>## KOUK
•**■-    "'-*-'    -in-
War-Savings Stamps
On Sale at all '
BUY War-Savings Stamps for $4.00 each, place
them 0:1 the Certificate, which will be given to
you; have your Stamps registered against loss,
free of charge at any Moncy-Ofcer Post O.Tice; and on the first
day of 192-1, Canada will l-"".y you $5.00 each for your stamps.
As an aid *n the purchase of V.-S. S. you can buy THRIFT
Star.-.ps for 25 cents each. Sixteen of these Thrift Stamps on a
Thrift Card will be exchanged for a W.-S. S. Thrift Stamps do
net bear interest. Thrir virtue is that they enable you to
apply every 25 cents yru can save towards the purchase of a
Government, interest-bearing security.
"If hirjh rates of interest must be paid on Government bortow-
ingr it is but rijht that every man, woman, and child should
have tlie opportunity to earn this interest."—Sir Thomas White.
%SB for $4.™
Count Karolyl, is now leader of the
party now in power in Hungary,
and ls forming a new Government
tor his people.
iTnaasai:' ^tezmk&zimsx.»-•
Our 1918 Display
Now Complete
Don't fail to see our big assortment
of   Dolls,   Toys,    (inmes.    Bucking
Horses,   Sleighs,    Dolls'    Carriages,
Velocipedes, etc.
Buyers will find It very much o their
udvantage to reserve heir orders until
they see our lines.
We have pleasure in advising our
customers and friends in Cumberland
and district that we have appointed
Mr. Earl Fletcher to be our manager
at Cumberland, and he v/ill conduct
the business at the premises formerly
used by Mr. T. E. Bate.
Our stock Is very complete ami up-
to-date, and Includes such famous Instruments as the Gerhard Helntznian,
Nordhelmer, Cecllian and Mendelssohn pianos and the Kam organ; also
a full line of Edison Disc Phonographs, Edison Cylinder Phonographs
Columbia GrafonolaB, together with a
complete list of records and supplies.
We are operating this store on the
"One Price System," which means that
all goods will be sold at the same
prices as those prevailing at our
stores in Nanaimo, Vancouver and
It will be our aim, as in the past, to
give courteous treatment combined
with thoroughly efficient service, and
we confidently look forward to a continuation of your esteemed patronage.
Yours  very  faithfully,
T. E Bate
Christmas Sale of Specials:
We arc having a Special Salt* for Christmas of Chocolates,
Candled Peel, Seeded or SeedleiiH ltalRlns, Currants, nice Okan-
agan Apples, Japanese Oranges, and all kinds of Nuts. You
will be surprised when you see how all our prices are lower
than you can purchase elsewhere.
Come Karl) und Sine from .*> to 111 per cent, on your total pur.
K.   ABE   &   CO.
(Use nnd Storage
TAKE NOTICE that the Canadian
Collieries (Dunsmuir), Limited, whose
address Is Victoria, B.C., will apply
for a licence to take and use 20 cubic
feet of water per second out of Tsa-
Abl River, also known as Baynes
Sound River, which flows In an easterly directiou and drains into Baynes
Sound, about 5 miles south of Union
Bay. The water wlll be diverted from
the stream at a point 1^4 miles more
or less, approximate bearing S. 60 degrees, 48 minutes W. (ast.) from N.W.
corner of Lot 2 A, Nelson District;
and will be used for mining purposes
upon the mine and washcry located at
Block B S4 Nelson District, and Lot
28, Union Bay. This notice was posted
on the ground on the 17th day of De-
ceber, 1918. A copy of this notice and
an application pursuant thereto and
to the "Water Act, 1914," will be filed
ln the office of the Water Recorder at
Nanaimo. Objections to the application may he filed with the said Water
Recorder or with the Comptroller of
Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,
Victoria, B.C., within thirty days after
the first appearance of this notice in
a local newspaper. The date of the
first publication of this notice is December 21st, 1918.
CHRISTMAS  GIFTS that will be appreciated:
KOI hi:IIS, In fumed golden oak and mahogany, from$5 to $16.00
.Music and China Cabinets, Parlor Suites and Congoleum RugB,
Ladies' Dressers, and Chiffoniers.
Wc have just opened up several cases of beautiful China, suitable
for Christmas Gifts.
For the Children we have Dolli, in all sizes, Mechanical Toys,
Teddy Bears. Kindergarten Sets, (lames, Horns.    Everything to
make the Children Happy.
Corner Fourth & Maryport
Repairs Executed Eff ciently
and Promptly.
Oils Grease Gasoline
Phone 8
Ilo Ilo Building
Watch and Jeweller)* Itepalring. ALL
Work (luiirnnteed 12 Months
The Compliments of the Season Is Extended to All our Friends nnd Customers!
The Christmas Store
invite you to take us into your confidence, and we feel assured that, in most
cases, we will he able to gel you just what you would desire to give
One of our Blouses will be appreciated
We have built up a splendid business in our Blouse Department) and for
this Xmas our pride in this Department is more than Justified, Exclusive
Waists, and as good an assortment as you will find in many large city stores,
will greet you on your visit. The prices are such as will meet tho approval
of those looking for a smart Blouse.
PERRINS'Famed Gloves
If in doubt buy a pair of "Perrins' Renowned Gloves." Shinies of Ian, grey,
black and white, in both kid and BUede. If you don't know the she we will
be delighted to make the exchange.
Gift Handkerchiefs
Put up in Fancy Calendars, with point Venice lace edge, and ready for mailing.
Season's Greeting Folders, with one or tw.o dainty handkerchiefs. Our choice
of handkerchiefs ls complete, and should afford easy choice of a nigpt suitable
and appreciative gift.
Ladies' Silk and Lace Camisoles
A beautiful assortment of these goods are ou view; excellent designs,
smartly made and with that touch which makes them desirable gifts.
For Boys and Youths
One of our "Coppley, Noyes & Randall" Suits has that about it which most
boys admire. Give him a new suit for Xmas. Boys' Jfow Cups arrived by
express a few days ago and are desirable gifts.
BOYS' JERSEYS, something every boy can appreciate and most mothers
welcome, is a nice cosy sweater.
BOYS' LEl'KIE SHOES, always to the front when considerations of usefulness are before you.
For Men
A smart Umbrella is useful as well as ornamental, and desirable.
(JESTS' MEW NOVELTY TIES, direct from Toronto, look pretty good, and
combine smartness with good taste.
(JEXTS' CALABASH PIPES. We are In the best position we have ever been
In to show you a swell assortment of good Pipes. Make a trip to see these,
and we. feel assured you will be able to make a good choice from our very
large showing.   Prices from $10.00 to 5(lc.
TOBACCO POUCHES make a suitable gift for the smoker.
('LOVES are something most men welcome.   You will lind our showing good.
For Girls
We must not forget the "little tots," and in fact they won't allow us to forget
them, as Santa Claus is very real to them. See our comprehensive showing
of DOLLS, something most little girls desire. ..llinidkerclilofs, Gloves, Hose
and many other gifts suitable for them.
Headquarters for Xmas Gifts
This Store will lie Closed next Wcdne .day und Thursday      License No. 8-1S324
Phone 3-8
3D E
Commanding the American Hoys on
the Italian front. He helped to
cause the surrender of Austrlnns.
That the New Year may be a
Bright and Happy One for all
is the Wish of
Licence No. 8-17268.
Phone 71


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