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The Islander Aug 15, 1914

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,    -■-'
Largest Circulation in the Comox District.
VOL. V., No. 22
Subscription price, $2.00 pot-year
Informal  Dance Marks  Opening   of
Cumberland's New Hall.-Symphony
Orchestra Provides Music.
On Thursday evening the Ilo-
Ilo Dance Hall was opened. About
seventy couple and quite a large
number of spectators were in
attendance. The Cumberland
Symphony Orchestra provided
the music, and the affair was
voted a most pleasant one by all
presen*. Mr. and Mrs. Thornley,
of Bevan, led the Grand March
and as the dancers passed up and
down the splendid hall, crossing
and forming new lines and keeping perfect time to the ten piece
orchestra, it was a pleasing sight.
Dancing was kept up until 2-30,
scarcely a person leavingthe hall
until the Home Waltz was played
and God Save the King was
Arrangements will undoubtedly
be made by some of the various
lovers of dancing in Cumberland
to have regular entertainments
later on in the Ilo-Ilo Hall. There
is said to be only one other dancing hall in the province having a
maple floor made as is the one in
Ilo-Ilo Theatre Block, and dance-s
who were present last evening
were more than pleased with the
hall and its appointments.
Simon Leiser & Co., Ltd., are
making preparations for their
grand millinerv opening which
will be announced in detail later.
A dance will be held in the
West Cumberland Band Hall on
Saturday, Aug. 15th. The West
Cumberland Conservative Band
will supply the music. Gent's 60c
Ladies free. Dance to commence
at 9 p.m.
The local mines are now working every day and the Union Bay
Coaling Wharves are scenes of
great activity, no less than seven
steamers, large and small, and
several scows were seen lying in
the stream yesterday awaiting
their turn to take on coal. Among
them were the SS. J. C. Potter,
for a cargo of coke; SS. Donald
D., for a cargo of coal for the
Edmonton Construction Co.; SS.
Clayburn with scows for coal; and
SS. LaTouche for cargo and bunk
er coal. To-morrow the SS.
Thor is due for 7,500 tons, and
the Blue Funnel liner Protesilaus
for 3000 tons of bnnker coal.
There are also several scows
loading fire clay.
Two  German Cruisers Steaming Full
Speed Ahead Northward Towards
British Columbian Coast.
One swallow doesn't make a
summer, but some of our young
men should remember that too
many swallows are certain to
make a fall.
He who does not contribute towards the support of his church
and borrows his neighbor's news
paper has a very slim chance of
getting to heaven.
English lady wants work by
the day. Apply Islander office.
Harry Devlin, inspector of
mines left for Nanaimo on Tuesday.
The New Home Bakery has
purchased a Ford delivery car. It
will be used for carrying bread,
pies anil cakes to various parts
of the district.
Chas. Brown of Victoria
arrived in this city a few days
ago. He intends to open a heating and plumbing establishment
as soon as suitable quarters can
be obtained,
Grand football match will be
held on Sunday, August 16,1914
at the Recreation Grounds, West
Cumberland, between Ladysmith
and the West Cumberland United
Kick-off at 2.30.
A deputation from the Board
of Trade interviewed Mr. J. R.
Lockard, general maneger of the
Canadian Collieries, on Wednesday evening, the object being
to secure railway connection with
the C. P. R. at Royston.
Wong Sing, a Chinaman, was
caught yesterday morning by
collector of customs Bannerman
carrying away a parcel from the
freight shed shippep to him from
Victoria as clothing and valued
at $15. * Upon the Chinaman's
arrest by constable McTaggart,
it was found the parcel contained
ten tins of prepared opium. The
accused later on in the day was
fined $40 and costs or in default
60 days.
There will be an Informal
Dance on Monday. Sept. 7th, to
celebrate the opening of the
West Cumberland Band Hall.
To Employees of The Canadian
Collieries (Dunsmuir)
QWING to the grave situation, which has arisen in
Europe and the possibility that Canada may call for
the loyal support of its Militia and Naval Reserves, we
desire to notify all of our Employees that those who are
members of the Militia or of the Naval Reserve and are
called for service or those who may choose to enlist for
service, have our full and hearty approval in doing so.
Employees so called upon will please register to that
effect at the nearest office of this Company.
All who are so registered will be re-instated in their
former positions when they shall have finished their service
to their Country.
By J. R. LOCKARD, General Superintendent.
Approved, H. S. FLEMING. Chairman,
Executive Committee.
The announcement made by the Executive of the Canadian
Collieries (Dunsmuir) Ltd. to the effect that any of its employees
who desire to volunteer for active service in defence of the Empire,
wouid find their employment waiting for them upon their retiu*n,
while highly gratifying to employees is at the same time indicative
of the patriotic sentiments and sympathies by which the management are actuated. Since the manifesto was issued by the Company
many other large employers of labour have taken a similar course,
but we believe the Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) Ltd., were the
flrst to take this step and it is a source of much pride to us to find
our local company in the vanguard with a patriotic movement of
this kind. No doubt the privilege offered by the company will be
taken advantage of by a large number of employees. For every
Canadian's patriotism is stirred to the core since the first news came
indicating that the "Old Motherland" was in peril; but thank Gotl,
it is abundantly clear that the heart of the Empire beats true.
When one observes the spontaneity, the unanimity and the enthusiasm of the rally from all quarters of the globe one is irresistibly
reminded of all that the Old Flag stands for, and it is with deep
thrills of pride that we are able to claim citizenship of England's
'"Dominions Beyond the Seas."
Rome, Aug. 13. -Italy has
massed a quarter of a million men
on thc Austrian border and the
Italian nation is clamoring for
war against Austria.
Berne, Switzerland, Aug 13.
Reports from Berlin say that all
French troops have been driven
out of Germany and onc thousand
captured at Mulhausen.
San Francisco, Aug. 13.-The
commander of the Leipzig now in
this port spent the forenoon in
boasting of what he would do to
the British when he caught them.
He said he would sink the Rainbow, Algerine, Shearwater and
the two Australian cruisers now
coming to this coast.
Paris, Aug. 13.—Reported capture of French troops by  Germ-
: ans at Mulhausen officially denied,
J   Southampton,   Aug.   13.      A
, large number of wounded soldiers
arrived and were placed in hospitals here today. No information has been given as to engagements.
New York, Aug. 18.—Reports
from several points on the New
, England coast appear to confirm
the story that a naval fight occurred "esterday and a German
cruiser sunk.
Victoria, Aug. 13, -Tho Rainbow with the Shearwater arrived
here this forenoon. They did nol
see the enemy.
• Berne, Aug. 18,—Reliable reports from the German side say
that thousands of wounded are in
the hospitals at Strashurg and
Mctz, but place of battle not
given out.
Halifax, Aug, 1.3 News of a
naval scrap last Thursday h**
tvveen the British cruiser Bristol
jandthe German Karlsruhe ha?*
been brought by the Suffolk. The
battle was foughl from evening
until midnight. The Karlsruhe
only fought for a few minutes
then ran away from the  Bristol
Which being a slower boat could
not catch her.
Shanghai, Aug. II Two warships each with four funnels,
badly   damaged   and   carrying
'many wounded, entered the har-
| bom" at   Hongkong   yesterday.
'The vessels are beleived to In*
either the British armored
cruisers Minatour and Hampshire
or the French armored cruisers
Duplex and Montcalm. They ar.*
reported to have had an engage"
ment with the German cruisers
of the same type, Scharnshorts
and Gnersenau.
Rome, 13 The foreign office
to lay summoned home the Italian
ambassadors in Paris, St. Petersburg,* London and Berlin as the
Government desires to consult
with them concerning the war
San Francisco, Aug. 11., noon,
-The Leipzig left here yesterday
and was seen last night 130 miles
north gwing 20 knots an hour
straight for the British Columbia
coast. The Nuremburg has also
gone north and was last seen 45
miles north of this port under
full speed.
Rome, Auk;. 15. Reliable reports made to the Italian government say Russia has two million
men on the German frontier and
half a million on the Turkish
fiontier, and an additional three
million men mobilized in reserve.
London, Aug. 13—A St. Peter-
burg despatch to the Post says
the Russian flc^. is scouring thc
Baltic Sea. Twenty captured
merchant vessels have been
taken to cronstadt and their
crews will be taken to the interior
as captives of war.
Melbourne, Aug. 11-Stirred
by the cabled reported of Canada's intense patriotism and her
generous gift of one million bags
of flour for thc use of lhe British
people, the Australian government has di'cided to offer horses
for the British cavalry up to any
Volunteers are coming forward
in large numbers and the women's organizations are doing
everything in their power to
help the country. A patriotic
fund has been opened and is
being liberally supported.
London. Aug, 11—That Germany has enough food on hand
to last one year, even though all
communication with the outside
world is cut off, was admitted today. It was announced that a
report to that effect, has been
made to the Kaiser by the
Commission appointed for that
The Kaiser has contributed
from his personnel fund *Sj!00,000
of which onc half goes to the
Red Cross and the.rcpjgiijdcrfoi*
the relief of the' families of
soldiers killed in action.
Charles Brown, of Victoria,has
rented the place of business recently vacated by A. G. Slaughter, on Dunsrnuir Ave., and will
!n|ien during the next few days a
pjumbing and heating establishment,    lie will also be prepared
! to give estimates on  shingling
and geneaal roof work.    If you,
want anything in that line il will
'pay you to see Brown. TWO
The Ideal Store
Children's Rompers,
Wash Blouses and Suits,
Dresses, Cashmere Coats
Ladies' Waists, Night Gowns
Underskirts, Combinations
Corset Covers, Aprons
Housedresses, etc.
Underwear in Lisle and Silk,
Fine Ribbed, Mesh, etc.
Men's Silk Shirts, Socks, Ties,
Fine Underwear, etc.
The Ideal Store
Dunsmuir Avenue.
Phone 72.
Location of Hydrants to be Altered to Suit Retirement* of
the Varioui Sections.
At a meeting of the city council
held on Monday evening in the
council chambers, His Worship.
Mayor Campbell, presided over
the following board: Aids. Parnham, MacDonald, Banks, Miller
and Mitchell.
Minutes of previous meeting
and correspondence were passed
as read.
It was decided to get a sample
of the Laco Projector Lamp, 100
: watts, and place it at the corner
! of 5th St. and Dunsmuir Ave.
The city clerk reported that
Mr. Baird, Inspector of Munici-
; palities, had asked for informa-
| tion regarding the sewers and
sewer rentals.     The clerk had I
after some discussion it was decided to accept the tender of
D. Aitken for the sum of $52.50.
The work to be done subject
to the approval of the Board of
Aid Banks said complaints
[.were made about the condition
of the fire hall. No particular
parties were blamed for the state
of affairs. The place was left
unlocked day and night for anyone to go in, and it was only
what they could expect. He considered the fire hall ought to be
for the sole use of the Fire Department. The fire brigade wa3
practising for the contest to take
place at Albernie. The building
was built by public subseripton
before the city was incorporated,
and two years ago the city council gave the fire brigade the
exclusive right to use the fire
Aid. Parnham moved, and Aid
MacDonald seconded that the
fire hall be given over to the fire
brigade for their exclusive use,
and that the band be given two
upplied the information asked'_ week*a  notice to   make   other
When visiting Cumberland slay at the
Cumberland   Hotel
Dunsmuir Avenue
First Class Hotel at Moderate Rales
Guests have every comfort.
Excellent Cuisine.
WILLIAM   MERRIFIELD,   Pi.opkii.tor.
His Worship spoke about the
loan the bank had been carrying
for the last three years, and said
the finance committee ought to
approach Mr, Morrison and have
the matter straightened out.
The city clerk gave an explanation of the cause of the loan.
Aid. Banks asked if the provincial government was not expected to assist.
The city clerk said the schools
cost from $800 to $1000 per month.
The Superintendent of Education
is expected here in September,
when a detailed statement will
be placed before him. The clerk
also stated that the city finances
were in a better shape than they
had been for some time. Aid.
Banks moved, Aid. MacDonald
seconded, and it was resolved
that His Worship the Mayor and
the and the city clerk arrange
for an overdraft at the bank to
pay the teachers' salaries.
Tenders for the painting of the
council chambers and magistrate's office were considered,
For the motion Aid. Parnham
and Aid. MacDonald, against the
motion Aid. Miller and Mitchell,
Aid. Banks did not vote.
His Worship the Mayor in giving his casting vote in favor of
the motion said the fire department was a necessity to the city
for their protection against fire
and were custodian of their
safety. It was only right that
the fire brigade should have a
proper place, properly kept for
their sole use.
Aid Mitchell said that some
time ago the council decided to
have a hydrant put at the corner
of Mussatta's. He asked if anything had been done in the
Aid. MacDonald moved. Aid.
Mitchell seconded, and it was resolved that the location of the
hydrants be changed to suit the
requirements of the various parts
of the city.
The council afterwards adjourned.
pianoforte Taition
Late Pianist of Criterion Theatre,
Dudley, and Cowley Picture House,
Wolverhampton, England, is prepared to take Pupils for the piano.
Apply: Residence, Derwent Ave,
or P.O. Box 112,
'fli.ino Tuner
Makes regular visits to Cumberland representing the George A.'
Flectcher Music Co. of Nanaimo.
Orders left at the Islander Office
will receive prompt attention.
1.1. PllillilJS D'ti'vison
aaai-riHler, Hotirltor
.1* Nolaiy Public
Btitarii III. Hitrlth*
l£llllllltrluilil. V. It.
. (S. Eimtarite
ffcurl*rr nf JHuutr
Ijite Mtiak-ftl Director of Victoria Tltm. te,
H'iliiwk* mul Durham ; llamli'll William*.
Victim .1* mudevlllo Theotre. Perryhlll,
Diu-liam ; lata Or-*aiii*.t auil ClailrluaM.*''
of Milt PrlliilttveMutliodhtFilniClioir,
lllllllala, Ku.*al;irial.
Has Vacancies for Pupils on
Piano, American Organ &
Pipe Organ, Theory,
Harmony, etc,
Terms Moderate
P.6?Box398, Cumberland,B.C.
Fire Insurance
For absolute
protection write
a Policy in the
London & Lancashire Fire Insurance Co. of
L iverpool.
Total Assets
* 2 6,7 8 8,930.00
Wesley Willard
Call and See
Headquarters for
McKenzie's Ice Cream
Excluaive Agents
j^drd ...
Buyers to Share in Profits. Lower Prices on Ford Cars
Effective from August 1,1914, to August 1, 1915, and guaranteed against any
reduction during that time.
Touring Car $590   Runabout $540   Town Car $840
In the Dominion of Canada Only F.O.B. Ford, Ont.
FURTHER we will be able to obtain the maximum efficiency in our factory production,
and the minimum cost in our purchasing and sales departmens IF we can reach an output of 30,0(10 cars between the above dates.
AND should we reach this production we agree to pay, as the buyer's share, from $40
to $60 per car [on or about August 1, 1915] to every retail buyer who purchases a new
Ford car between August 1, 1914, and August 1, 1915.
For further particulars regarding these low prices and profit sharing plan, see
.Look! I have the Goods and I want
the Money* Now if you want to get
In Watches, Clocks &
Jewelery, also Books
and all the Latest
Magazines and Papers
all going Cheap for
Cash Only.
For the next 10 Days
Cumberland, B. C.
[f you wish to please your children and see
I hem grow strong nnd health}', buy a water-*
front lot at Hoy Beach. On asking a seven year
old son of one family located thero if he was having a good time, he quickly answered "Ubeteher
RING  UP 36.
British Columbia Investments Ltd. Courie"ay
HAREY  IDIENS,   Manager,
First Contingent   of Canadian
Militia to Leave for Val-
cartier this Week.
Ottawa, Aug. 11- Colonel Sam
: Hughes announced that the first j
' contingents   of   the   Canadian
militia force will leave for Val-
; cartier about the mitWle of the
week.    The whole division, it is |
expected,    will   be    mobilized
within two weeks.  Recruiting is
proceeding   and   Toronto,   the*
minister stated, has furnished
enough  men for the whole con-
! tingents.
Garnet Hughs, son of the min-|
ister is to go with the contingent
as is Hon. Frank Cochrane's son
j and Hon. A. E. Kemp's eon-in'
' law, so the cabinet will be well
, Sunday, per S.S. Cowichan, 9 a.m.
Tuesday,      "        "      10 a.m.
; Tuesday, per S.S. Charmer, 8 p.m.
j Wednesday,   "      "        8 p.m
'Friday, "      "        8 p.m.
I   Mail service from Bevan, Punt-
ledge, Courtenay and Rural Route
:No. 1 daily except Sundays at,
11.45 a.m.
Sunday, per S, S. Cowichan, 12noon
Tuesday, " " 6 a.m.
(Thursday, S.S.Charmer, 6 a.m.
Friday,       "       "   4,30 p.m.
Mail closes for Bevan, Punt-
ledge, Courtenay and Rural Route
No, 1 daily except Sunday at
9-30 a.m.
Persons forwarding mail matter
to Happy Valley or Minto should
see that the address reads: Rural
' Route No. 1, Cumberland. Letters
require 2 ceuts postage. As there
are other Happy Valley and Minto
post offices in British Columbia
this would prevent miss-sent
The Postmaster is informed
that instructions have been received from the Postmaster-1
General advising that money j
order business has been suspended with the United Kingdom and
through countries, as well as all
other countries in Europe until
rates of exchange are on a more
permanent basis. Further instructions will be sent by mail
from the Department. In the
meantime the Postmaster will
discontinue issuing money orders
as above. E. H. Fletcher, P. 0.
Clothes Economy
It is a simple matter to be well
dressed at small cost if you know
how. Many garments cast aside
owing to being soiled and faded,
can by our dyeing and cleaning
be made serviceable again for
months. We not only clean and
dye wearing apparel of every dis-
cription, but also household neerls
such as lace curtains, nigs, portiere etc.
Dunsmuir Avenue, Cumberland
Mail orders receive prompt
At the
Furniture Store
Novelty Glassware3 'i,,e*,s^^25c.,aci,
Tag.. PnteA new style in gold lino decorations Sb 1 CA
Toilet WareJ^&Am$3 to $8.50.1
fnne anrl ^aurorc  a very fine, china cup snd   t9|,",r
VxUpS allU »JaUtcras.ltlccl. in g0|d |inc decoration*!'-"llnz
A full line of Furniture, Stove;', Ranges, etc.,
always in stock.
Phone ia)
First CUSS in every respect. Perfect Cuisine
Headquarters for Tourists and Sportsmen
Wines Liquors and Cigars
John N. McLeod, Proprietor
win n In CutnbatlnuH make Hit- Union your li***..-lf|iiarter-i
Cumberland Electric Light Company
Electric Appliances
6 1-1 Ih Electric Irons..  $3.25
Electric Toasters    3.25
Electric Hair Dryers,... 3,00
5 Watt Tungsten Lamps      40
10 and 15 Watt Tungsten Lamps     45
25 and 40 Walt Tungsten Lamps     50
Tungsten Lamps 5 to 150 Watt. Also Hylo
and Ruby Lamps for Sale.
Up-to-Date Millinery
Mrs. .John Gillespie
,      Union Street
Cumberland,)!!. C. FOUR
The Week's
War Bulletins
London,   10.—The  Admiralty i German cruisers, which are pur-
has announced that one of the! sue<* by British cruisers,
cruiser squadrons of  the main!   Ll)ndor])   10th.-Although  no
fleet was attacked yesterday by
German sub-marines. None of
the British fleet were damaged,
official news is given out it is
believed thut there are activities
Monday, August 10.
Lisbon, Portugal, Auk. 8th
Portugal's decision to   support
t reat  Britain   was   announced
today after Germany had demanded information regarding
I er intentions.
London,S The daily English
I apers appealed today to Italy to
come to the assist;? nee of England
and France against the enemy of
San Francisco, Cal. 3 The
Canadian cruiser Rainbow was
i.'ported in action oil' Salado
I,each,twenty miles south of here,
log masked the sea and nothing
was visible for half a mile from
the shore, but reports of firing
were plainly heard.
London, 8 Large numbers of
Hermans have been arrested in
England on suspicion of spying.
Ottawa 8—A German cruiser
las been reported off the Pacific
coast and the two new submarines
tecently purchased in Seattle
have left Esquimalt under sealed
orders ostensibly to attack the
hostile ship.
Tokio, Japan 8—The Japanese
fleet cleared for action has put
to sea with sealed orders-
London, 8—England is waiting
quietly for a naval battle but the
war office states that  no  engagements   have been   fought,
it is now practically certain that:
the British fleet has blockaded
the Germans somewhere off'the:
Holland coast.
Brussels 8, via London 9—
Liege still holds out but the Germans are surrounding it.
London, 9—Servia has declared
war against Germany. This step
il is explained was to be rid of
the German minister at Belgrade
In Berlin there is great rejoicing over the report that Leige
has fallen.
Rome 9—Germany and Austria
have threatened Italy with war
if Italy persists in its stand of
neutrality. Austria will invade
Venitiaand bombard Vonic.
London, 9, 4-20 a.m.—A despatch from .Milan to the Chroni-
i le says that a steamer has arri ved
reporting an engagen enl in th
Adriatic, One hnndred wound, d
have been brought toPola, the
i aval port of Austria, Other
papers have also be< n despatched
from Italy showing thai a nava'
battle was fought, no details.
Paris. 8—It is officially reported that French troops have entered Muelhausen, l(i miles south ef
Strassburg. The Minister of war
announces that the Germans
lost 30,000 and the French 15,000
in the battle of Altkirch.
Paris, 9—a*\n official report of
the capture by the French of
Altkirch in Alsace says that the
French advance guard arrived
before the place before Friday
night. The town was defended
hy a strong earth work and a
German brigade, The French in
about equal numbers carried the
breastworks in a fierce bayonet
charge. The Germans broke
abondoning the trenches. The
French Dragoons pursued the
Germans inflicting further heavy-
losses. The French army has now
penetrated the enemies country
considerably farther.
One   German   sub-marine   was of the British and German fleets
to where the fight took place.,
The sub-marine sunk was the.
Ul."> and carried a crew of twelve
advance and a hand to hand conflict followed. The Germans were
compelled to fall back.
Victoria, 11.-Tho Grand Trunk
Steamer Prince George was last
night fully equipped with hospital
sunk.     No details were (riven as in the North Sea today. All fish- supplies and a number of nurses
ing vessels have been ordered to from the city hospitals.   She is
remain in i irt. lying at Esquimalt an', will be
New   York.   Aug.   10.     The used as a hospital ship.
.aondon, Aug. 10.   The occupa-! North   German   Llo-*d   steamer:    London,   11.— No  new;; from
li n of Leige by the Germans is, Kronprince'Wilhelm, one of the the North sea where the German
[heXbuth^^ntSetiinest  vessels afloat,  has  been iand British Fleets are maneuver-
take the forts.
Paris, 9—The Governor-General of French West Africa telegraphed the office today stating
that French forces there  with
aiiaiiu uao u-.taicucu iiuh uaai    lain. ;
Wednesday, August 12
...  ...~   ,.   . a....iv.* *..,     .a^.^,.       a*j. a.   a aa.ivv.      w
ofTogoland. dav declared war against Austria     Brussels, via London, Aug. 11
Brussels, 9—It was said today
lhat the French army has driven
captured by thc British cruiser! big in close proximity   to   each
Essex and brought into Bermuda, other.
Washington, Aug.  10.—Switz-
... iii i*    ei land has declared martial  law.
the aid oi   an   English warship,
have occupied the German colony j   London, Aug. 10. -France today declared war against Austria
Ottawa. Aug. 10.   The Imper-I"-It is reported that Prince Wil-
the Germans out of the greater I ia] authorities hifve advised the! ham of Lippe and his son were
part of Luxemburg. government that all British res- killed before Leige.
Brussels, via London. 10,10 am ] -.<jm.iiuih.iil mat. an ouuui  i*-b j &
The position of the German troops ervists in Canada are required at     Many German spies arrested
has hardly changed since Satur-
honie to join the army.
i today in Belgium.   A secret wire
.lay. Their advanced detachments
are retreating under the irresist-    Paris, Aug. 10.—In the capture less apparatus was discovered in
able  pursuit of French troops of Muelhausen the French seized L German store in Brussels,
who are in force  in the country « nrc>nt hsrnnlanf* factory .a,,*,   a  i..- i       ,.
south of the river Muese.      TJ*c! P f    , -„    ![   n       J g      S °K °"
German offensive movement has     London, Aug. 10. - 1 he J) rench | Rus*-o-German frontier six  car-
been, stopped, succeeded in reaching the town
Pome     '.---Austrian   cruisers! of Leige at)d wol*k"mg behind the
bombardedAntivar in Montenegro ,, „. ,,  .
Germans, cut oil   then*   retreat.
Saturday night
Christiana. 9—The Norwegian
The Germans are said  to have
liner   Tisla struck a mine near *ost gooo killed and wounded and
Dutch coast today and sunk.       ] ,
Tokio, 10—The first and second 1 *01- captured,
squadrons of the Japanese fleet'   Amsterdam, Aug. 10.—The Bel-
ainVtendestiUtionSTs *•"* ^ and German forces
secret. (• are said to lie now engaged south
London, England, August 10.-? j of Loigei   The battle waa openec"
A  despatch   I rom   Tokio says: ■-    ,     ■ ,     ,   ,
An all-night cabinet meeting and i today by Germans alter they had
activity in the naval department! been heavily reinforced,    lt is
has  strengthened   the   popular ,   ,  ,,   ,   imnnn r<„ „
belief that; Japan is about tcfake "-ported that 100,000 Germans
an active part in the war. land 140,000 allies are engaged.
Brussels, Aug. 9. -Official reports record the fact that a junction has been effected between
British and French troops across
the line of the German advance
through Belgium.
London, Aug, 10. A message
to the Standard says; "The Minister of War authorises me to
state that Leige has not heen occupied by the Germans."
London, Aug. 9. The British
successfully landed 20,000 troops
in France. They will be under
French officers and go immedia-
London, Aug. 10.—The long
list of captures of German, merchantmen eppearing every day
are evidence of exercise of sea
pressure by Britain, for nothing
in the shape of food can enter
Germany hy sea. Her seaboard
supplies of every kind are stopped
antl the cessation of her trade
and the consequent scarcity will
soon have an effect upon her pop
telv into Belgium.
Paris, Aug, 10. Confirmation j ulation and upon the provisioning
of French victory at Altkirch has, 0f her huge military forces.
heen received by the War Office. |., , ,,     ..  ...
The  loss  is  given as   follows; News   fmm the Mediterranean
Germans.    30,000    killed    and j suggests an exciting chase of the
wounded: French. 15.000.
German battle  cruisers  Goeben
Berlin. Aug. 10.   Germany is.
mobilizing a million more men.    , and Breslau which escaped from
Nanaimo, Aug. 9. The 88th,; Messina Friday,    Thoy are pur-
6th and 72nd stationed  here tori      , ,    ,,       ,  , ,
the past year, left for Victoria by Uue(-* h>' thrc'e battle cruisers as
special! rain last night, having j powerful and swift as the Goeben,
received  orders  to mobilize at j ^ Inflexiblei Indefatiguaf)le and that of the Rainbow  bas  been
Indomitable. identified as that of  the  Shear-
Brussels, Aug. 10.   Belgium is; water.   She carried a crew of 130
Tuesday August 11. over-run with German spies. Six men.   The Rainbow was seen to-
,     I       *.._    ...     ,,*t    a. hundred have been arrested  and ,day going north.   A German cru
loads of German prisoners passed
through Vilma on their way to
the Russian intei ior.
Bulgaria is mobilizing all her
Russian funds seized in the
Berlin banks by Germans amount,
to *S2o,000,000.
The German cruisers Goeben
and Breslau are still at large in
the Mediterranean. The Germans
are reported in Belgian official
reports to have lost 2000 killed,
20,000 wounded and 9,700 prisoners before Leige, up to August
10th, and the fiercest fighting of
the war is in progress, at Leige
Great Britain is said by the
London Times to have 000,000
men under arms now.
A French cruiser was sighted
at Shanghai today with two German merchantmen captured as
The town of South Wellington
was almost completely destroyed
by fire this afternoon, and at the
present time it is feared the pit
head and upper works of the
mines will be destroyed. The (ire
was caused by forest tiros.
The wreck found on tl\e Cali-
fornian coast and believed to be
r< ports are coming over the win
hundred I
hiinio  ol
lave been shot to- iser, probably the Leipsig,  was
those captured seen lli m*leB fl'om San Franci*-C0
at noon.
m.l  lhe)   had   letters!    Brussels, Aug.   11.    Nightfall
J and telegrams with the counter- finda the Bel»ians sli" holdin8
feit  signature of the   Be"gjan the forts at Leige.   During the
minister of war. \^ the Gofmms attacked  c,m*
London, Aug. 11.-TheMonte- [tlmully, and on ono occasion sue
ceeded in getting several hundred
men under the great guns of the
fort wbere they believed  them-
*n ijoiii Belgium and prance
that a  largo  body  of German
cavalry were almost annihilated'Ui")"1"'-'
by French troops.    The  place is
not mentioned in despatches.
Brussels, 10th,— Two men, who
came through the German lines,
from   Berlin,   say there was a negrins have captured Scutari.
great anti-war demonstration in |    Quebec, Aug. 11.— The Emp-
thatcityon Saturday night, the j ress of Britain and the Victorian
mobs shouting "Down with the succeeded in arriving in Halifax
Kaiser," and "Down with the last night.
Crown Bank." !   London, Aug. 11.— The Ham-
Brussels. 10th.—All is quiet at j burg-American liner Cape Ortegal
Liege today.    It is reported that With $5,000,000 in gold was cap-
the Germans are short of food and; tured today by the British.
ammunition.    Reports that the     Paris, 10.   Thousands of French
Germans have captured the forts and Germans are reported killed
■s denied. | jn a mountain battle between two
Home, Aug. 10th.~ The entire armies ;*-, the passes of the Vos-
Austrian Meet is said to be on tho ges range Alsace Lorraine.   The
Adriatic sailing to the support of Germans tried to stop the French; were defeated by Germans on the
selves safe, but they were annihilated and left on the field in
great heaps of dead and wounded. The slaughter was terrible
and the number of dead reach
into thousands.
Belgrade, Aug. 11. The Servian army is marching steadily
into Austria, the Austrian army
falling back before tbem.
London, Aug. 11.—It is reported that a detachment of Cossacks
! frontier, today and 400 Cossacks
j captured.   J
Paris, Aug. 11.— The French
army was forced to evacuate
.Mulhausen today, the French
army falling back before overwhelming number.-; of German
troops, '
Rome, A ig, 11. I al; haa demanded that All itri l forward tin
exfllan ttion forthwith why Montenegrin ports were bombardi d.
A war against An tria would be
popular among   alia  i.
Nanaimo, .'. ig, li. The Alexandra Hotel and 65 hou les .* re
burned tod iy at *uth VV Hi
ton, and 350 peoplo an homeless.
The mine tipple was saved but
surrounding shack.:* burned.
Victoria. Aug. 11, All British
Columbia militiamen are ordered
to mobilize at the headquarters
of their regiment at mice.
San Francisco, /  g. 11   Quantities of x. reckage bi li ved to be
from  a   Iriti h   ■■ ar hip   w< re '
found on the coast south of here
last night.
London, Aug. 11. The most
terrific assault on the forts of
Liege is taking place today, and
over 800 dead (,, rmans were
counted in a space of le ia than it
half mile, The G* rmans are
making the most heroic efforts to
capture the forts and the number
of killed is awful. The forts are
still holding out and mowing
down the invaders at every assault.
London Aug. 11. - No news of
the fleet has'been given out by
the War Office.
Boston. U.S., Aug. 11th.—A
battle at sea between a British
and a German cruiser was fought
yesterday 250 miles north of San
Salvator. The report was brought
by the Norwegian S.S. Lovland.
The German was beaten and fled,
pursued by the British cruiser.
London, 12. — Nine hundred
thousand German and Austrian
troops are faced to clay by an
equal number of French along
the Alsace Lorraine frontier.
London, 11,—The war office
confirms the report that Russia is
invading Austria.
Athens, Greece, 11.— Two German cruisers rounded Morea,
Greece, at full speed, headed for
shelter in the Dardenelles,
Seattle, 11.---The Rainbow with
two submarines were seen off
Cape Flattery tonight.
Esquimalt, 1 l.---The wreckage
found on the shore near San
Francisco was part of the wood
work of the Rainbow, which was
thrown overboard last Sunday
when she cleared for action,
believing she had a light on her
hands. This information haa
been received here by the war
department from the Rainbow.
■ Brussels, 12, at 2.3o this morning Liege was holding out against
odds of ten to one. The Germans
captured one fort, but they had to
give it up later.
London, 11.— The Lusitania has
decked in the Mersey.
Ottawa, lllh.—Col. Hughes
ntports having received enough
offers from Americans to compose
four regiments.
Detroit; 11th, — Twenty - five
hundred Servian veterans have
asked the Canadian Government
to be allowed to form two regiments and light with the Canadian contingent. The offer is
now being considered at Ottawa.
(Continued on Sixth Pag*.*.)
Everybody admits that now. Our town is passing through a crisis. Owing to a combination of circumstances, some of which are beyond our control, and some of which are
universal. Our main industry, the mining and production of coal, is almost paralized and
our usually large payroll has shrunk in proportion.
May we venture to suggest at this point, in our mutual experience, that the main slogan
At least do not send money away to the big departmental stores in other cities until you
have paid us a visit and compared values. Then consider that we do not ask you to send
cash with order unless your name is new to us. Consider also that your home merchant
helps to circulate money in your own town; whereas ever dollar sent away in gone from
the district for good. Do not overbuy, but let us have your requirements. Keep your
money at home.   Stand by one another and hope for the best.
" The darkest time is just before the dawn."
<# Cumberland, B.C.
Phone 10  P.O. Box 100
St. George's Presbyterian
Services, 11 a.m. and 7,p.m.
Bible Class, 1.30 p.m.
Sunday School, 2.30 p.m.
Prayer    Meeting,     Wednesday
evening 7.30.
Choir Practice, Wednesday evening 8.30.
Pastor, Rev. Jas. Hood.
Methodist Church.
From July 2Gth to August 9th.
Bible Study (Sunday School),
10.30 a.m.
Services, 11,15 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Young People's Society, Monday
8 p.m.
Choir Practice, Friday 7.30 p.m.
Ladies' Aid Society, First Tuesday of each month at 7.30 p.m.
R.-v, Wm. Elliott, B. A., Pastor.
J. I
,    Photographer
Penrith Avenue
Photos taken to order.
All kinds of printing and developing done for amateurs.
Prices reasonable.
Believe in Your Town.
If you live in a town you should
beleive in it. If you don't beleive
in your town, yoh should move
out of it. Like other places it has
advantages that other places
have not, and your modesty
should not prevent you from
making it known whenever the
opportunity presents itself At
home or abroad, whether pursuing pleasure or engaged in business, do not neglect to give
those with whom you come in
contact to understand that you
live in a live town, populated by
enterpriseng go-ahead; progressive people and one that is advancing instead of retrograding.
If you can truthfully speak in
commendation of the ability of
your professional men, the squae*
dealing methods of your merchants, the excellence of your
mechanics, the superiority of
your churches, schools and public
institutions, and the industry,
energy and sobriety of your
citizens generally, let nothing
prevent you from exercissng
that privelege. You should learn
to beleive, if you bo not already,
that we have all these ahd in addition the best located town, the
finest country surrounding it,
with the most fertile farms tilled
by the most in telligent class of
farmers to be found in the Province.
If there are any drawbacks it
will not be necessary to mention
them. The people and newspapers
of the competing towns will re-
leive you of that task by attending to that part of it themselves.
Strangers seeking a location
are always greatly influenced in
favor of any place whose citzens
enthusiatic in its praise No city
or town can expect to attain
prominence over its rivals unless
its inhabitants appreciate the
excellende and virtues of each
other and will collectively spread
abroad there faith in the present
prosperity and future greatness
in their own locality. Talk is a
cheap commodity, but when
rightly utilized it can be made
effactive in many directions and
this is one of them,
Sealed tenders will be received
by the undersigned up to 4 p.m.
of August 21st 1014, for kalsom-
ining and varnishing tbe wood
work of the private wards of the
Comox and Union District hospital. The Lowest or any tender
not necessarily accepted. Foi'
furthur information apply to
Ernest D. Pickard
Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Comox    and   Union
Owing to the present serious international complications in
Europe, it is purposed that one
or two malitia companies he
raised in Cumberland. There has
already been one company formed in Duncans and two companies
in Nanaimo. Don't let Cumberland stand out, anyone wishing
to join the movement can give
their names to the Chief of Police
Cumberland, who will submit the
list to Col. A. RovD. O.C.Victoria
Cost of Living
ADVERTISING turns over stocks rapidly,
rtinl therefore multiplies profits. This means
that prices in a shop which advertises can be
short rather I ban long.
Of this you may be sure: Prices In a shop which
advertises are not MORE than In a shop which
docs not advertise. Tin* chances are that they
arc oftentimes lower,
This, also, isgenerallj true; Yuu will Bnd better
goods,'better values and better service in those
shops which turn over iheir stocks rapidly.
This ni'ans as a general thing shops which
Advertising costs you nothing it is paid for by
the profits on increased sales.
Advertising is easy it, is simply saying in writing
what you say to customers in your shop.
Turn over stocks quickly, if you would make
more money.
Shop Where You are Invited SlaK
Magnet Cash Store
Paints, Oils,
Tin and
Edison & Columbia
Novelties, Toys, Etc.
P. O. Box 279
Phone 31
Buy yourself a Home near
No. 8 MINE
^^____^__   r ______
Blocks, from one acre to eight acres,
$200 per acre and upwards
Finest Homesites in Comox District
"The one incomparable musical instrument."
The most versatile and indispensable entertainer."
" '■■^jT'HI'a recent advance in the science of the reprr
%c-jL of sound  waves has been so revolutionary t
that you
cannot possibly realize the true musical finality of
these late models of the Columbia until you have heard one
of them.
There is a Columbia that conforms to every requirement of
cost or surrounding. Between if25 and $(!;i(). the price you
wish to pay, is matched by an instrument that gives you the
money's worth, even if measured by ils intrinsic value.
Measured by its musical quality, and its capacity for bringing
you "all the music of all the world" the money value is
multiplied beyond any computation.
Thursday, August 13th.
London, Aug. 12.—The steamship services from Denmark to
London and from Newcastle to
Norway are being resumed, while
the steamship service between
the Hook of Holland and Harwich is also running. These facts
imply that the German Heet is
being safely held in check. The
German cruisers Goeben and
Breslau reached the Dardanelles
and will be interned.
New York, Aug. 12. A wireless message picked up last night
said the Kaiser had been shot in
the right thigh at Aix-la-Chapelle.
Brussels, Aug. 12. The German army has moved around Liege
in tho direction of Tongret, about
8 miles from Liege, Heavy cannonading has been heard there
and it is believed to be outpost
lighting between the Germans
and French and Belgians.
San Francisco. Aug. 12. The
British sloop-of-war Algerine was
off Cape Mendocino, Cal., at 5
p.m. yesterday. Her decks were
cleared for action and she spoke
the II. S. cruiser Beaver. The
Rainbow is along the west coast
of Vancouver Island,
New Vork. Aug. 12. The British consul gives out a statement
. that the Atlantic ocean is now
safe as far south as Trinidad.
Five British warships are now in
the West Atlantic and no Germans are known to be on this side
London, Aug. 12. No news
from the French frontier where
two million men now face each
■ other.
London, Aug. 12. -The unusual
I meagrenesa of despatches from
; war centres today indicates that
censorship has become stricter j
than ever. Neither from England nor France is any hint al-
lowed to pass regarding progress |
. or movement of large armies,
Isle of Shoals, N.H., Aug. 12-
Heavy firing at sea directly east
; of here was distinctly heard late
; this afternoon.
London, Aug. 12.--The Daily
Mail says Turkey has assured the j
! British government that the Ger-
man cruisers Goeben and Breslau
, now in the Dardanelles will be
disarmed and interned.
Paris, Aug. 12, II p.m. The
Austrlans suffered a check on the
Dneister river.
London, Aug.
Berlin despatch
admit very heavy
Russian frontier.
Brussels. Aug. 13.
! battle In open country is re|*orted
in an ofllcial communication of an
engagement which took place in
'which 10,000 British took part.
The allies were successful and
i beat back a large force of cavalry.
San Francisco, Aug. 12. The
cruiser Leipzig is steaming into
this port for coal.
Brussels, Aug. 12.— The German army has moved north of
Liege and is advancing- into the
heart of Belgium.
London. Aug. 13.- Great Britain has declared war against
S Austria-Hungary. This declaration went into effect at midnight
j August 12th, and will result in
| the French and British fleets on
the Mediterranean acting together to destroy the Austrian's
fleet now in the Adriatic.
Charles G. Callin
Accountant & Auditor
Land Registry Office Work a
PHONES 42 & 48
J. E. Boffey
(Next to Magnet Cash Store)
Orders Promptly Attended To
SIR -EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O..LL.D., D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager JOHN AIRD, Asij't General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000    RESERVE FOND, $13,500,000
Interest at the current rate is allowed on all deposits of $1 and
upwards. Careful attention is given to every account. Small accounts
•re welcomed.    Accounts may be opened and operated by mail.
Accounts may be opened in the names of two or more persons, withdrawals to be made by any one of them or by the survivor. S21
Capital Paid Up $11,560,000
Reserve Fund #13,560,000
of eflNaoa
Drafts issued in any currency, payable all over the world
SPECIAL ATTENTION paid to SAVINGS ACCOUNTS and Interest at highest current rates allowed on deposits of $1 and upwards.
13, 3 a.m. A
says ..Germans
losses on   the
The first
Cumberland, B.C. Branch  D. M. Morrison, Manager
Courtenay, B.C.      "       R. H. Hardwicke,   "
Union Bay, B.C.       "         F. Bosworth,
Dry Goods, Dress Goods, White Wear
Hosiery, Silk Goods, Boots and Shoes
C. Sing Chong
CHINATOWN,   West   Cumberland 0
Marocchi Bros
Agents for Pilsener Beer
Mrs. B. G Crawford
Warehouse, Courtenay
Phone Y91 and R99
IMPORTANT TO CUSTOMERS -No Orientals, Agents, or Solicitors
i employed.
Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir)  practical boot and
New England Hotel
JOSEPH WALKER  Proprietor.
Lunnmuir Avenue
HEAD OFFICE: 627 Pandora Street, Victoria, B.C,
BRANCH OFFICE, P.O. Box, 434, Cumberland. B.C.
Contracting, etc., Land Clearing, Sawmill Labor Supplied, Logging Camp,
Railway and General Contractor.
Until further notice the passenger
trains will leave for Union Bay, connecting with passenger boats, as follows:
Tuesday, 7    a.m., SS. Cowichan, In and Out
Wednesday,      5.30 p.m., SS. Charmer, Inbound
Thursday,        7   a.m., SS. Charmer, Outbound
Friday, 5.30 p.m., SS. Charmer, In and Out
Sunday, 1    p.m,, SS. Gowichan, Outbound
Passengers leaving Friday will take the 5..30 train.
For further particulars apply to
General Superintendent.
Cumberland, B.C., August 11th, 1914,
Orders Receive Prompt Atlention
Repairing a Specialty
West Cumberland
Sealed tenders will be received
liy the Minister of Lands not
later than noon on the 28th day
of August, 1014, forthe purchase
of Licence X 211, to cut 2,000,00(1
feet of timberon n area adjoining
Lot 17*1, Little Valdes Island,
Sayward District,
One year will he allowed for
the removal of the timber.
Further particulars of the Chief
Forrester. Victoria B.C.
Long Distance
Telephone Rates
Courtenay to Union        20c. for Two Mi utes
Cumberland to Fanny Bay 20c.	
"     " Union 10c. "   "
Fanny Bay "Cumberland 20c. "   "
"     " Taylors        15c. "   "
"     " Union 10c."   "
Union        " Courtenay    20c. "    "       "
" Cumberland 10c.	
"Fanny Bav    10c.	
'Also special night rates between 7 p.m. and 8 a.m, to all(
points in British Columbia. Three times the regular
day period for the regular day rate.
Make appointments any time during the day.
B. C. Telephone Company $
Notice is Hkrkby Given that
the Reserve, a notice of which
appeared in the British Columbia
Gazette on the 27th day of December, 11)07, is cancelled in so
far as it relates to lands covered
by Expired Timber Licence No.
42936 and known as Lot No. ,374,
Sayward District; and that tho
said lands will be opened for
staking for pre-emption as unsurveyed iands in compliance with
the previsions of the "Land Act"
at 0 o'clock in thc forenoon on
Tuesday, AiiriisI 11, 1014. For
further information apply to the
Government Ajrent, Vancouver,
through whose office all applications must be made.
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Lands Department,
Victoria, B. C,
June, 10, 1914.
Notice is hereby given that the
reserve of foreshore and the coal
under the sea fronting on Nelson
and Newcastle Districts, notice
of which appeared in the B. C.
; Gazette on the 6th day of January,
1910. is cancelled.
Deputy Minister of Lands
Lands Department,
Victoria, B.C.,
23rd June, 1914.
EX-MEMBERS Royal Northwest
Mounted Police to re-engage for
one year. Age not exceeding
forty-five years pass medical
examination. Men re-engagement
will be given rank held on discharge. Apply room 1, 523 Pender
street west, Vancouver, B. C.
A. E- Snider, Major, aifrecruiting
ACHiit for th.'
Ales Wenrieiflon, Proprietor
K»iJfnifltea/UHl Design.** fiirntsned
mt AppHaiHHi!
Thomas Pearce
Happy Valley
PHOr JE L8-6
Synnpftls nf t'mil Mlnlnff Regulations
COAL mining rights of thu Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,
tlm Yukon Territory, the Northwoat Terri
toriesand in a portion of the Province of
pinii<.h Columbia, may bo leased for a term
nf twenty on*.) years a* an annual rental of
llanAore. Not more thnn 2,fi00acres
will l»' l**-"!*i**l to ono applicant  '
Application for a lease must ho made hy
Lhe applicant in person to the Agent or sub
Agent of the district in which the right*
applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land muat he
described by set.liuua.or legal subdiviaions
■■f sectt»ns, and in iniBuneyed territory
thetracr applied fnr ahall beat»ked nut by
tin-applicant himself.
Kich application must he accompanied
by a fee of $6 which will I.-* refunded if the
rights applied forafe not available, but not
otherwise. A royalty shall ho paid on the
merchantable output of the mine Ht the
rale of live cents per ton.
Tin! person oporating the mine ahall
furnish the Agent with sworn roturnaac-
counting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay tho royalty
thereon. If the coal mtniag rights are
not being operated, such returns shall be
furnished ni toast once a your.
The lease will include the cnal mining
rights only, but the lessee may be permit*
ted to purchase whatever available aur-
face rights may be considered necessary
for tho working of the mine at die rate of
For full information application ahould
be made to tlio Socretary of tho Depart*
ment of the Interior, Ottawa, or to  any
Agent or Hob Autnt ofDominion Lands.
\V. W. CORY,
Deputy Minister of tho Interior.
N.B- (Tnauthorize4w^olication of this
advertisement will nol/ps paid for. EIGHT
Final Clearing
Summer Dresses for
Hot Weather
We are prepared to couvince you thnt ice
have an  excellent assortment of  Dresses
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and tjualitir-s,
Our Best Models to be   d[1 QC
cleared, each «P * • W
All Hats value    QC^    -—,-JL
to $3.50 "5c. eacn
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Wh are giving very special attention to this department) and we are increasing; cur stuck of the celebrated
Penman s lines.      Penman's Hose   we guarantee will
give  ynu  satisfaction  and  yon   can  depend  on  the
wearing qualities of this brand.
Ladies' Full Fashioned Hose
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Make a speciality of this line and arc prepared C/\0
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Infants' Outfits
This department has not received   the justice   in   the
past it, was entitled to.     We. intend to carry a line of
all kinds  of Infants' Goods so  that il   will not   be
necessary to send away for these goods.
Infants' Dainty hong Dresses
" All ll'ool Ruben Vests
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" Wool Booties
" Ha now (luats
" Long Skirts
" Wool Jackets
" Watei*prorf /'ants
La Diva Corsets
Ladies' Waists
Ladies Beautifully Embroidered Muslin
Waists in a very large assortment of
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Neck and High Neck. Regular prices were
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Aluminum Kettles
Just to hand,   A special assortment at reasonable prices
Screen Doors
Only 2 left.    Full size and well make.     Price $4.50
Veranda Blinds
In all the needed sizes at !'5c, $1.25, $1.50 and #1.95
Ironing Boards
Full size with stand complete.    Ruch $2.25
Simon Leiser & Co.
The Big Store"
I'hone 38
The Brands of Suits carried by us represent the best
on the market.    We are agents for Coppley, Noyes
and Randall, whose name is a guarantee for the best.
We also carry the "Progress Line," which means
we are able to give you Tailor-Made Clothes at very
moderate prices.
Suits made to measure from  d>1Q   ■       d» ,fl f\
We guarantee fit. style and   *p 1 O  IO  *piT\J
Ready to Wear Suits from $7.50
Penman Socks  25c, 50c, and 65c per pair
Ballbriggan Underwear, fine even mesh, **"1 per suit
G. & R. Shirts, in many new designs, from *1.25
Silk Pongee Shirts, a good heavy quality of silk,
detached collar,   Price $3.5
Men's White Negligee
Shirts, all sizes, a very
smart, good wearing
line. Price only 75c each
A leader in Men's Pants
Blue & Black t*1 QC
Your size V******
Men's Silk pyjamas
Men's Braces.


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