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The Cumberland Islander May 3, 1929

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Array Cumberland Islander
jj   At the Ilo-Ilo
S This Week End
With which is consolidated Ihe Cumberland News.
"""""<*" *h
Former Local
Pastor Officiates
At Wedding
Evening Wedding Of Miss Irma
Knowlton And Mr. George
Henderson Pretty Affair
The Metropolitan Church, Victoria
was the scene of n very pretty Spring
wedding at s o'clock on Wednesday of
last woelf, when the Rev. James Hood
former pastor of Cumberland United
Church, united In marriage Irma I..
elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. B.
Knowlton of l!sr>n. Cedar Hill Road,
und George Laing Henderson, son of
Mr. nnd Mrs. William Henderson, of
Cumberland. The Bride was popular
g'aduate or the lil27 clnss of the Jubilee Hospital (raining school, and the
bridegroom js proprietor of the Henderson Motors of this city.
Apple blossoms, daffodils andivy
were used in profusion in the decoration of the church with charming effect by girl friends of the bride, the
ceremony bring performed under a
wedding hell of white blossoms suspended from an arch of flowers. Given
In marriage by her father, the bride
made a winsome picture In her wedding gown of white satin, trimmed
with pearls nnd diamante, with a deep
flounce of lace forming tbe fashionable uneven hem line. Her filmy veil
■of net fell from a coronet of orange
blosoms, and she carried a bouquet of
■Ophelia roses, swoet peas and fern.
Miss Ila Knowlton, sister of the
bride in a pretty gown of Nile green
flowered ninon, with the uneven hemline, and Miss Babs Campbell in a
similar frock of palest pink floral ninon, were the bridesmaids. Both wore
bandeaux of French (lowers in their
hair aud carried bouquets of carnations nnd fern. Mr. Stanley Mounce
of Princeton, B.C., was groomsman.
Mr. Edward Parsons presided at the
organ and  played  tbe bridal  music.
After the ceremony a reception was
held at the home of the bride's parents. The reception rooms were attractively decorated in a color scheme
of pink and white, the bride and bride
groom receiving their guests under an
nrch of apple blossoms, from which
hung a weding hell of pink rose petals
Mrs. Knowlton, mother of the bride,
handsomely gowned In blue figured
Canton crepe, nnd Mrs. L. Plket, of
Courtenay. sister of the groow. In a
smart gown of black crepe de chene,
assisted in receiving the many guests.
The two-tiered wedding cake on Its
silver stand occupeld the centre of the
table, flanked with tall pink tapers.
The many lovely gifts received by the
young couple wore on display. During
the reception Miss Mildred Garner
sang "I Love You Truly" aud "When
Song Is Sweet."
Mr. and Mrs. Henderson left later
by motor for a honeymoon In the
South, the bride travelling in a green
georgette dress, over which she wore
a smart fawn coat with moleskin collar and cuffs, and becoming hat to
match. On their return they will
make their home on Maryport Ave.,
Flowers For Nothing
Flowes for nothing! Impossible.
one would be ant to say. but such is
the fact. Mr. Edward W. .Bickle
whose residence is on Dunsmuir avenue, states that it is uot necessary
to take a spade and dig up the owora
by the roots from in front of his residence aB was the ease one night this
week. If the person digging them up
would Just go up to the house and
ask for a few roots they would he
gladly given. In an effort to improve
j the front of his property. Mr. Bickle
, had a number of roots planted in
j front of the hawthorn hedge, and next
to the side walk. The work and material cost money, but if someone else
Un the town Is too Idle or cannot af
! ford to have the work done, is no reason why he should steal from someone else who can afford to have tho
work done. All he has to do is to
walk boldly up to the front door and
ask. There are no strings attached
to the offer, but It is intended to convey to the culprit or culprits that It
la no necssary to dig the flowers up
by the roots.
School Report For   Game Board
Month Of April ■>•
r Disappears
Vill, tirades III ami IV—Teach-I  .
Morrison - Deconlnk
Cumberland, April 30.—A quiet wedding was solemnized at the manse of
St. George's United Church, Courtenay,
at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday when the
Rev. W. A. Alexander united In marriage Mrs. Mary Deconlnk and Mr.
Wm. Morrison.
The bride looked very pretty ln a
cream lace dress with a black picture
hat and (awn coat. Miss Peggy
Thompson, sister of the bride, attended her and was gowned ln a green
and white crepe-de-chine dress and a
mauve picture hat. Mr. William Hutton supported the groom.
After the ceremony a wedding supper was served at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. H, Thompson, the bride's parents, in Cumberland. After the supper, Mr. and Mrs. Morrison left for
Victoria on their honeymoon and on
their return they will reside in Minto.
Port Alberni
Police Dismissed
Port Alberni.--The Board of Police
Commissioners of this city held Its
monthly meeting last evoning and
enme to the conclusion that the police
department was not carrying out Its
duties in a proper manner, with the
result thai both policemen were given a months notice of their discharge
U was decided that the notice of dismissal would date af from Mn>' 1' Dut
that ln the meantime applicants for
the position of chief of police nnd one
coustihle would immediately be advertised for and, just as soon as suitable men were accepted, the present
police would be retired.
The ladies* aid of St. George's United Church met on Tuesday night
at the home of Mrs. Donald McLean.
Very little business transpired. It wag
decided to end the year's activities
with a strawberry festival which will
take place on June 26th.
Whippet Feather
Pushers Wind Up
Badminton Season
Popular Club Held Final Rally
on Monday Night.   Cups
Monday night was a great night ai
the Band hall, when thc Whippet Bad
mlnton club wound up their activities
for the season. A number of players
in the district had heen invited to tbe
hall for a few friendly games and
during the course of the evening. Mr.
C. J. Parnham, president of the club
xplained the reason for the meeting,
taking the opportunity of thanking
che board of management of thc Cumberland iLterary and Athletic Association for their donation of two cups
to the club, one for ladles' doubles
and one for men's doubles nnd fnr
the miniature cups to go with the
main trophies. Tlie president also
.ntlmated that through the generosity
of the officers of the Athletic club
badminton had taken n decided hold
on a good many people and predicted
hat next year another court, or possibly two courts would be necessary
.0 accommodate the membership.
Mr. A. J. Taylor, president of thc
Cumberland Literary and Athletic As-
oclation was then called upon, who
iu a few well chosen words, complimented the winners of the Athletic
jlub trophies and expressed the hope
.bat these cups, which are challenge
cups and can not be won outright,
■vould create that enthusiasm for the
.jreat winter indoor game as the donors fondly hoped they would. He
.hen presented the ladies' double' trophy to the Misses Blanche Dando and
Norma Parnham and the men's doubles' trophy to Messrs. C. Dando and
C. J. Parnham. The winners of the
club tournament for mixed doubles,
Miss Aspesy and C. Mounce were also
presented with the club cup.
Several of the members of the board
of management of the Athletic club
were present and all expressed themselves as highly delighted with the
progress made by the Whippets.
Following the serving of refreshments, an exhibition game was staged
between H. T. Hrown and Fraser Watson playing against w. McMillan and
F. J. Dalby. The gnme proved to be
a regular comedy, Dalby being tho
only one able to play the game, all
.he others being absolutely greenhorns, it being the first time they had
handled a racket. Some of the antics
of "Bobby" Brown In his eagerness lo
get a swat at the shuttle kept the
crowd in roars of laughter. The game
was eventually won by Hrown and
er. H. T. Watson; no. on roll. 34;
perfect attendances, 22; percentage
of attendance, !t2.H; no. of lates, 5.
Honor Roll—Sr, III: Jenny Cheung.
Kakuchiro Suyama. Annie Fong. Jr,
IV: Taken Itaifl. Beatrice Brnce, Irene O'Brien and Denis Shields equal.
Dlv IX. tirade Sr, III.-Teacher,
t'. Carey; no. on roll, 86; perfect at-
iondancea, Iti; percentage of attendance H1.7; lates. 11,
Honor Boll.-tirade 111. Sr., Lily
Saunders, George High. Tommy Hobbs
\'nlerifi Gatz. Chrissie Robertson;
Improvement, Alfred Buttress and
Bobby   Brown.
Dlv. X.-Teacher, B. Horbury; no.
on roll, 30; perfect attendances, 113;
percentage attendance, 95.fi; lates, 3.
Honor Roll—Shlnya Tateyama. Chl-
zuru Okudo, Maimle Chow, Owen
Rutherford,   Dorothy   Stockand.
Dlv, XI, Grades II Sr. and Jr. A
and B.—Teacher, Janet E, Robertson;
no. on roll. 3X; percentage ot attendance, 01.33; perfect attendances, 2-1;
lates, 2.
Honor Roll- Sr. II. Yukio Aida, Su-
ayoshi Ogakl; Jr. II A. Andrew Har-
,rey, Dorothy Hassell, Jack O'Brien;
Jr. II B, Tom Bates (improvement),
Dlv. XII. Grade I.-Teacher. C. R.
Richnrdsan; no. on roll, 34; percentage attendance, !>s.:t; perfect attendances, 2S; hues. 1,
Honor Roll -Umeko Tateyama. Shi-
geld Sora, Masaaki Tsuruoka, Jackh-
Vee Tol, Klmcko Saito. Helen  Wong,
Div. XIII, Grade [.--Teacher, i>.
Hunden; no. on roll, 10; perfect attendances, 21; percentage nf attendance. 02.72; lates, •!.
Honor Roll.—Grade I Sr., Rosie
Gallafilo. Doris Brown ,Henry Ken-
mare, Gwen .Marshall; Grade 1 Jv,
Chrissie Strachan, Frank Martinelli.
Peter  Mitchell.
Boy Scouts Plan
Summer Camp
Boy Scouts of tbe First Cumberland
Troop are already looking abend to
the summer months, for Bometimc;
either in July or August, they intend
to go camping. Metcalfe Hay, Denman Island will probably ho chosen
as the site fnr the camp as it is ideally
situated, and with all facilities to
hand. But the troop are anxious to
raise funds for this purpose, for camp
ing is not an inexpensive item. Supplies have tn be purchased, tents hired, transportation arranged and so on
and this costs money. The scouts
have therefore hit. upon the idea of
holding a Jumble sale, aud they aro
asking ihe people of Cumberland to
help (hem dn this. At this time nf the
year a general spring cleaning will be
taking place i" the homes, and It is
certain that there will be all kinds of
things which could be handed over to
ihe scouts for their Jumble Sale, such
as old hoots, clothes, hats, etc. The
Jumble Sale will he held in tho Anglican Hall and the date lias been provisionally fixed Saturday afternoon,
May llth. Will all those who can assist In any way by donation of articles
suitable for this sale please phone
the scoutmaster at No, 103, aud a
scout will bp on hand to fetch the
' A   Few   New   Officers   lo   Be
i The new order of things in separating the administration of the game
| laws of the province from the direct
! control of the Provincial Police took
effect recently. Mr. Arthur Bryan
'Williams assumes lhe office of game
; commissioner , and will proceed to
organise his department.
j There will lie with his denimment
j the recommendation nf such organ-
j ization as he deems necessary for the
bringing into effect of an effective
| system of administration. The At-
■ tnmey-General of the Province, Hon.
R. H. Pooley, who is himself an ard-
jent sportsman and who will ghe ev-
' cry assistance to the new game commissioner to see that the lawn are
rendered effective, and that the game
| Is properly protected for the benefit
of the province. Mr. Bryan Williams
j will make his headquarters in the city
of Vancouver.
Small Stan' Uuinge
Speaking of the taking over' of the
Department nf Game by the new of-!
ficlal,   Mr.   Pooley   snid   that   there |
would not follow any radical change |
with respect tn the officials employ-
ed.   Those charged with work as now
administered hy the Provincial Police!
will pass from that force to positions
under Mr. Bryan Williams, who will j
organize the whole province for the
enforcement   will   pass   automatically!
j under Mr. Bryan Williams.
| At the same time it is understood '
that the Provincial Police officers
throughout the country shall bo au-j
tomatlcally officers under the Game,
| Act and will lend their assistance In !
seeing that the laws respecting game'
are lived up to.
Game Hoard  Disappears
The coming into effect of the new ,
order curries with it the passing o-r '
of existence of the Game Board
which lias heen functioning for some
years. Mr. Bryan Williams is a man
of long experience in the matter of
game laws and the enforcement of
the same. He is exceedingly well
informed on matters relating to game.
Before the system of adminlstra-1
tion under the Game Board came into
effect, he served as chief game warden with a Staff operating under him
in seeing that the laws of the Province were respected. In that position,
he made a splendid reputation, and !
when the decision was reached by the \
present Attorney-General to return to
a system founded on the former plun,
the services of Mr, Bryan Williams
were sought. He accepted the P"Ht
and accordingly enters upon thc work.
Rain Spoils Cricket  Our Telephone Service
Game Wednesday
There should have been a cricket
game, or rather us the secretary 3f
the Courtonay club put lt, a practice
gome, on the "Y" on Wednesday, Tho
arrangements made with Mr. McMonnies waa tor the Cumberland ulinpa
to but llrst, the game to start al 3.30
which would give half tho team nil opportunity to get to tbe ground at I
o'clock. At halt pnst twelve on Wednesday noon It commenced to rain
nnd by 3..1U had turned Into a regular
downpour. Several ot tlle Cumberland players phoned ln lo the sccre-
lo ace It the game was on or off,
and gave It as their opinion Ihat ll
would be sheer madness to attemp!
to play. Ilowcvor, .Messrs. Robathan,
Coates. Goodall anil Mlllbum of the
Cumberland team showed up und
elovcn players from Courtenay. A
start was made but as thc remained
of ihe Cumberlanders did not show
up. the game had to be called off.
The secretary ot the Cumberland
club has been called over the coals
for such a poor turnout of the local
team. As the weather wus all against
cricket and receiving word that Courtenay cdaaps were rather glad it wa«
raining, ns they had a poor team and
the game would be called oil. ho
thought uo more aboul it.
The game should never have heen
sinned underthe conditions and It is
Inconceivable why tho president of
the club allowed the game to go on.
In tlie lirst place, tr-repnlrable derange could easily have been done to
the pitch, all the equipment become
soaked ami llle players stood a chance
to receive a broken leg playing on
such slippery ground.
Fourteen Thousand
Miners Find Work
Tber„ bus been a
tion lu Cumberlund
matter of telepbo
charges  in  th.  tow
,1 dlasatlsfac-
lltly over lie.
service   and
Many   ,,<  the
Special Meeting Of
Board Of Trade
Discuss Roads
Local Member In Provincial
House Asks B. of T. To
Have .More Patience
A .special meeting ot the Cumberland
Board of Trad,- held in ibe city Mull
Oil Tuesday  nlglll  was fairly well at-
tendod win, presideni it. c. Lang In
tho chair. Several matters of Importance in ibe town nas discussed, roads
'"'''I'1 ■  sorvlco, stage service and
Puntledge Lake as a possible base
lor aircraft.
After considerable discussion re the
•estrlcted telephone area of Cumberland, ihe secretary was Instructed to
write io ihe commercial superintendent of Ibe III- Telephone Company,
drawing lib, attention in ibe area ns
exists a! present ami asking for eon-
be or distinct advantage to Cumber- r'lT^ °! ■".'""" """" Vl°W8 "'tbe
land ami we feel confldenl Hon ir ,!„. ' """rli'"" "oa.,1 of Trade. Some
oi ihe members rreolj expressed them
selves ,.n Hi,, mailer, advocating that
""''''' '"' oi emral offlce for thc dl-
merchents ami other business men
»'ho have i ■Mumble |il Ing to do
 mplaln that ihe service here is loo
restricted,    li is claimed thai a per-
i son phoning from Courtonsj in Union
liny   does   noi   have   l„   paj   long dis-
tance charges, whllsi anyone pnon-
i ing trom Cumbei land in ibe liny is
; faced witli long distance lolls, and
yei mosl ol Hie Union Hay residents
llnd ii necessary to use in,, phone in
Cumberland owing to their being pari
and panel „i ihe town through their
associations with ihe local Colliery
Company. The Courtenay district also stretches as tar norm », OyBter
Itiver.  also   In   Hevi nil  ComOX  and
loeal merchants expressed themselves
ai ihe meeting of the board of trndo
on Tuesday nlghl as favoring a central office for Uie whole of lhe district .Certainly a central office would
land ami we feel confldem Hint if th
II.   C.   Telephone   C pany   was   ap
pronched in the rlglil -pirn, an am
(cable arrangement would be made.
gramme Is
Arranged For
Fmnir*>   Dair l"r<iI:l<"' '"' "''' "'""'Pany hud re
Many Coal Pits Are He-Opened have slgnllled the]
in the Old Country
P I Mr Peter McNiven asked If any pro-
TrOgramme   IS gross had been made with the Island
Transportation Company for an evening stage  iriiiii  Cumberland,  south.
He was Informed Ihai .Mr. Matsoll. a
mil  replied
... I;iml very Bhortly, when ne would be
I arade;    Sports During       ti,0 11 ,, ,„ Tr,l(l„. ,.,„„ „■ al „„
Remainder ol  Day Bible, would meet ihe wishes of the
1 board.
The sports committee of the Umpire i  ....
Day celobruti .Mav 24th) me, i„ the I     "',' l""""sl1"'1 Bt»'« "' "'* new road
city   hall   on   w, esday   night  and i",'"'" l»kl""»" ™'""'n for dlsous-
drew   u„   Muir   program,,,,,  for   the     "I"1 *• McNaughton was phoned
days activities.   The celebration will j""", "lvl,"',i '" '"  '" ""■' "'<'olln1-
follow nine ong tho lines of form- ! ' Url"l! ""' '""" "f mMa* tm "" °"°°
or yours bul  ii  is expected thai the :       '" '"'"'''' " Kt'""ral lllsl«»slon tol-
parade will  be aboul  tho lies,  ever ' °" tho very "I"""11" """thy to
s.ei, i„ Cumberland    Several lodges' "'l' ""'* '"' ""' '"s"'1''1 '" "10 "'""«
of en
London. May 1st.—Fifty-three pits
employing 14,880 coal miners have
been re-opened In South Wules and
Monmouth since thG beginning of the
year. "Why were the pits closed?"
asked Ernest Thurlle, Labor, when
the Information was given In the
Commons yesterday. "I suppose." replied Commodore II. I). King. Under
Secretary for Minos. "It was because
they were not paying. In the meantime they have beon made io pay.
partly, I hope, owing to rale reductions," This brought loud government cheering. "Not the muln reason." pressed Mr. Thurlle, "ihe tool
thai the price of coal has gone up by
between two shillings and two shillings six pence per ton." The Commodore replied it was because of Increased prosperity thai the pits have
been re-opened.
of roads. One member suggested that
lenng'doais.\,,,7b,,smes7'!!o,,ses"in;;'" lmll«"",i"" """!'l»« be held In an
the lown win be behind the parade    ,       '" '"'"""' ""' """,orllles '" tne
is    car    snamccr     i-.r   SO'Ut0   "™<   '"   "'"  ""Is g  of  the
idea   ihls   yea,   Btrunger  than   ever
Ciiveli line weather tin
■ is evet
new rond al Hie lake ami ihe finishing
believe ti,»i the 1020 eolebra-!'" the ""'"" """'■   "" «"> ""^ "'
lion   will   surpass   anything   ever  at- M'Sa"Khu'"'    'ranter  wus  at
tempted before. '""'■ '"" "  ' •   "° »aid bo had
been camping on iiie nails of the pow
ors thai be ami lie Ice, been informed
Hint ihe department was held up for
lack  of machinery,     Another  thing
Crouning of Queen of May
Following  the  parade,  which   will
be  Recreation ground,
lhe lime honoured custom ol crown-      "   lli"1  'i"'M'1  lll'l"-v  TOS  »'e fuct
Ing lhe m n of ihe May wil  per-; """ Ml'  Be»v«»,  tllstrlcl engineer
formed. '""' '"'''" ""'"' ""' somo time, as lie
Immediately  alter  ihls  Interesting waa "'""" "' '"' KlV1'" cl",r*8 »' ""'
ceremony  the sports  will  start and
will  colli Inn, ■  all   ia rough   iho   day.
""   i,
However a new man has been appoint-
srKfi.il. jiuktini; TUESDAY
A special meeting of all commutes of the 21th of May celebration will be held In the Council chambers on Tuesday night
at 7.30. It is most earnestly desired that all be present as the
programme drawn up by the
sports committee will come up
for confirmation in addtion to
several more important items.
The office staff of tlie Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) Limited, Comox
district, which includes in addition
to the Cumberland office, Union Bay,
journeyed to Che residence of Mr.
Thomas Graham, on Thursday nighi,
some nineteen strong, and presented
to Mr. Graham, who is about to leave
the district, a small token of their esteem, the presentation taking the form
of a magnificent ship's clock, which
had been made over into u desk clock
with solid oak frame, and designed by I
Mr. W. Owen. A Jolly evening followed, refreshments being served by j
Mr. and Mrs. Graham. I
Celebrate 110th
On Friday night lhe I.O.O.F. lodgo I
celebrated  the  110th  nnnivermiry of |
tho order,  which  Is  the oldest  lodgo :
on the American continent iming in
Ht I illicit  ou  the 2Cth  of April  in  the
year 1810.   The meeting uf members
In lho lodge,  room  waa followed hy
n whlst drive and dance given in the'
O.W.V.A. hull  where nineteen tables
of cards wore '" piny the prize winners  being  Mrs.  Bobba,  ladles'  llrsi j
and .Mrs. King ladies' second; gentle
men's first prliSO was  won  by .Mr,  1). \
Mnggiri of Union Hay and the second j
was n tie between  Mrs.  Frelone and
.Mr. Calnan and Mr,  Parkinson, Mr.
Calnan  winning  on  the draw..    Ito-1
frcshmoats were nerved and Mr,  11.
McMillan, noble grand uf tho I.O.O.F. I
.ind Mi. J. ('. Hrown, grand warden
of Grand Lodge I.O.O.F. both delivered short addresses on the work and j
advancement of the order since Its
inauguration   tn    181!).     The   Maple
Leaf orchestra supplied the music for
tbfl dance which ended at midnight.
On Sunday evening the officers and
members or the lodge attended service I
at   the  Holy Trinity Church. '
Tlie Harmony orchestra will hold i
a special dance in the Ilo-Iio this
Saturday, commencing at suu. A j
wonderful time la asmired all who at- j
tend, the music will he of thc best.
Gents. 50c, Indies 25c. i
3 Act Comedy
Well Received
Young People's Society to Re-j
peat "Path Across
the Hill"
One of the most successful and out-1
standing concerts to be held lu Cum-1
berland for some time took place on
Wednesday, when the Young People's
Society of St. George's United Church
put on it three not comedy drama en- I
titled "The Path Across the lltll." Ii
would be difficult to point out any j
outstanding figure, as all the player^ ;
portrayed tbeir ports admirably. The1
tense situation of the plol held the!
audience in rapl attention from the i
opening scene, which waH relieved ai [
intervals by llle wiiticisin* of tho col-j
oured maid. During Intervals the Mc-1
Lood orchestra rendered several well)
known, enteralntng BelectlonB, The'
ovonlng'K ontortainmenl was an asset i
to the club ami tho people of Cum- [
berland will bo looking forward to |
nunc Inats of llii.-i kind.
The cast for the drama was as foi- '■
lows: Samuel Crawford (Grandpa), |
.Mr. l). MacLean; Ruth Conrad (Hob-
bio. Miss Allison Mann; Waller Conrad (Ruth's brother) .Mr. .1. Auchterlonle; Flo Gray (Ruth's cousin), Miss
Pearl Hunden; Mrs, Davis, dlrand-
ma), .Mrs. ii, h. Conrad; Dr. Jlmralo
iteid nvit ambition), Mr. cliff Horwood; I.utie (neighbor), -Miss Beth
Horbury; Robt. Posi, (visitor), Mr. I
George Hrown; Xuzu (cook). Miss BI* I
lea Hunden; Salamander Alexander
John Henry Jones (Zuzu's choice).!
Mr. A. Henderson.
Upon numerous requests ihe Young
People's Society of Cumberland Uno,1-
ed Church have decided to reproduce
the 3-act comedy drama, "The Path
Across the Hill", on Tuesday. May
the 7th at S p.m. in tin* United Church
Hall. Tickets sold and not used for
the llrst performance will be accepted
for admission on Wednesday evening.
Work Advances
On Island Lines
Freight  Utisiness on  E. &  N.
Line Said to Be Particularly (iod
Steady progress Is belliR maintained on tiie betterment programme
of the EJqulm&It and Nnnalmo Railway as nailed for under tliia year's
appropriations, it was muted today
liy .1. M. Cameron, goneral superintendent of the Island system.
Ballasting operations are being
completed on iiie Port Alberni ex-
tension, and tlle truck ballasting work
will next week lie transferred to tlie
Cameron Lake and Chemainus see-
lions of Hi,, line.
Tiie work of bridjte roplacomem i,
going on satisfactorily, and uill bo
mnlntnlned lo schedule throughoui
llle  year.
Willi regard to ihe hying ol Itoayj
Hlool, Air   Cl 'ion sluled thai  ll  wa.
Ills phase of Hie heller
would  lire d  very  tar
"■■"<• me  ol in,,  island  Highway,
li   Hi. McNaughton Hald
Children's races will be lirsi „,. ii." ! ""'l( Precedence over any i.tlior roads
lis; an,I an adjournment will l„- , ,.,.
nbout mid-day lor lunch.   .Sports for ecl ''"' ""' dlsiriet and had promised
olde,   po e »iii |„. sinned iiuiuedi-  '" B" ""'''  road this week,-when a
nlely nfter lho lunch hour and at a.301 doo'8l°"   w""1'1   undoubtedly   be   ar-
    .mi. nickel   game   between rlvei1 "'• "Poolally with regard to tha
Cumberland and Courtonay will com-'''"'"' !" ""' l''k"    "'' "sk'!l1 ,l"' ""'m-
lllene,. ai   llle    V"  mound. borS   "''   ''"'   ""iinl   "'   Tl'acl''   '"   '"''"'
Sever, w  n s IlllVO been ad,     "''"'   "l"   ileiairlincni   a   little   longer,
io iiie programme, chlel o! which is  ''''"' °  "'"''  """''' ""'fence and  lie
.1   lour   mil, li   lure     Oilier   open   "'""H1"   ''   «™»ld   noi   be    g   before
rnces Include:   I"" yards. 221, yards""' ''"",1 W""M ' '"''' "ore proceed
 le and  llhsluclc  race. ''''   WlUx-
  ,    The mailer 01 provincial police pro-
1 '''•  ' ''"'   '■'»'   ""' ' """I" lection for ,1 s.ric, adjaeen, lo tile
Tie   parade prize list lias also been ''">' Was also discus,si. as Hie present
Increased   i,,r   ibis      year  ami   ibe method o( n provincial policeman pat-
Cuinbcrlanil  Rod ami Oun Club has rolling Hie dlslrlcl for a few minutes
donated a prize of $10,011 for the bosl ''''"' Proved to be mosl unsatisfactory
roprosenmlloii   ,,1   sports    (group " was pointed out that a resident pro
of tin .aad 10 be conllned 10 !'',■ Public ami High Scl Is ol Hi,, dlslrlcl)
Tim  cumuli   added  nnothor  $.",<"
to   Ibis   ii,. 1 ikiim   a   lir-l   ami   SO
mil prize   Tlie prlzo lis:  lor tho p
hi, ial policeman should lie appointed and mil handled from the city of
Courtenay.    Tho   mlier fnr tile dls-
trlcl   was a-llcl   j|   |H.  would   lake   up
Mie inaii.r win, n„. proper authorities
doubtful 11
ment   work
ihls season, 1 ause nf lhe difficulty
being oxpi rloucod In securing ship
moms of slool owing to tiie hoavy
construction programme on lite prairies.
As soon as the delivery ol Bteel wa,
secured, however, tho heavier sto-i
laying programme un the Island linen
would be pushed ahead.
Questioned regarding ibe proposed
new depol ai iiie Store streol terminal, Mr, Cnmoron said that passenger
traffic ai this time did noi warrant
any large expenditure on terminal
Freight business on tin, E. ,v N.
line,  he snid,  was  particularly   good
Pages Chosen For
Queen Of May
Two jinRCH wore Bolected thla week
from the receiving class al tho Cumberland Public School to act us pages
to her majesty the Queen of May. Tho
boys chosen were Richard James and
John Conn.
> iiiiii   |ti n-.i       1 nr   |i: i/,r   uni    1 in    mc   Jlil -  '    " " "   ' '"    I" "j" '   •■muni 11 it'i
rade will now bu beat decorated floal ; *""1 °» signifying his willingness to
$30.00; best advortialng float, $25.00; 'I" *"• the matter waa lefl in his hand
bcsi   decorated   automobile,   115.00; 	
best comic group, »7.60; bos, decor- Cabinet Minister
ateil   bicycle,   15.00;   best   character
,''■|"^■,,, "  "  Visit*; DUi-rir*
a general u ling ol all commit T ,B1"-o i-'lairii-l
too    will  bo  held  mi Tuesday  ulglil
il Iho ,n,  hall  when it Ik ex nod      Tl"' Honorable Mr   rVm   McKeMlo,
th.il film I in  .      :  nt* »ili be im,.| '"''" "" ■'  Mini     nd acting minister
ami Hi,, prom a,   :     slim mil b) "'   l'1"111''   Works,   ill  v. pan)   with
lho ipon ilitec be t   epiod ""' """ 'il1'1'   "'   "  "rubn, presl-
Tho  pommlttec   al  nmended 'lonl of tit" sluing council slopped 0(1
Hun a. In [ormci ".,i    n ii,,. dance "" :tl"i'  "'°>  &a* ■ '""" Prince Ku
beheld  o   be I lo-1 nd orchestral I""  ■"  Campl liver, where they
Interviewed a delegation from Cour
doslrou   ol    upplylng music for the
ton iv ami tho  ml,,.i. for the Co-
occasion   are  asked  to i ommunlcal - '
wiiii Uie chairman oi the dnnnco com-!1
mltlco, giving prices ""' Campbell River Logging Co., ro-
  Mainline  tho Campbell  Rlvor-Monzles
rf,          •     /"<          . Ray road ami other matters pertain-
lenillS LOUrtS Ing to the district    They later visited
> Courtonnj   ind   relumed  lo  Victoria
Near Completion "" -"'"■ "'•'■"""■■■Si" >■
Musical Service
Tho   regular   i ithly   meeting   of
the Cumberland Hoard ol School
Trustees »a< held lasl nlghi wilh
Irustces MacKinnon, MacNaughtoi
Baird mid Partridge present.   ItiBpec
tor   QoWor'S    reports    were   lead    ami
on the whole lho school was found to
be In a very satisfactory condition.
The   Public  School   monthly   roporis
were also r Ived  from   Mr   Apps   A
larne mirror lias been purchused h)
the Hoard lor use in the domestic sel
em-,, room    Hills were received ond      Don,, ,,„.,,,., ,,,,, Jo|n( rl„Iw.u glven
roforrod to approval of th finance  i,y n„. Ungor-Longor and Jolly Iiuch-
contmlttoe. olors' dubs In iii,, Royston Pavilion
One li i« courl is now llnlshed and   „n   May   Sib.    The  Novelty   Five   orchestra will supply snappy music.
Cumberland United Church, Sunday
evening, .May lith at ' p.m. by ihe
following member* of tho choir of
First United Church, Nanaimo: Mrs.
Drysdalo (soprano); Miss Moris Llth-
e,,w (contralto gold medalist t; Messrs. T. Lewis, li Husbnnd, .1. Clements ami McColl, icon! winners al
tho Nanaimo Muslacl Festival. Every-
ordlnlly Invited
tl tb,
Bring completion PAGE TWO
FRIDAY, MAY 5, lbifl
The Cumberland Islander
THERE are many hunting dogs owned in Cum-J
berland and real good ones too, but it is little
short of criminal for owners of these dogs
to allow them to be at large, especially at this J
time of the year.    Day after day, some of these
dogs can be seen hunting through the bush surrounding Cumberland, disturbing the birds whilst
nesting.   How much damage these dogs do to the
game birds in the district is hard to estimate, and ,
we honestly believe that there is a real good work j
ahead of the Cumberland Rodand Gun Club in
assisting all they can to put a stop to dogs hunting.    We would suggest that the club advise all t
their members who have hunting dogs to see that
they are kepi under proper control. I
Game wardens have power to destroy dogs
which are found hunting game between April 15
and August 15. This is a wise protection for the
selling birds or the young and all good sportsmen are expeeted to see that their dogs do not go
hunting, li the game warden in this district
could just see some of the dogs going through
the bush surrounding Cumberland there would be
wholesale slaughter done.
It might be hard on ihe dog to keep him chained i
up, bul surely, you who have dogs could spare
an hour a day to give your favorite hunter a good
run in the evening.
outside world. It must take the leadership in all
community projects if they are to be successful.
1 It is the infallible line of communication between
local government and citizens. It is to the newspaper that all organziations turn for assistance
in public welfare movements and without that
■ assistance they face failure.
The newspaper reaps the reward of its initia-
I tive by sharing in the general improvement of
| business and community affairs it has been instru-
| mental in bringing about. The good newspaper
deems it a pleasure to serve its community and
I its readers and is fully aware that it is only
I through giving a full measure of service that it
1 can progress and prosper.
+      *      *      *
Most of the work is done by people who are too
1 nervous tc loaf.
A WRITER In a current magazine observes :"If |
the newspaper is just a little better than its
town, the latter is the gainer hereby." Towns
and their newspapers usually lag or lead together.
Progressive journalism is the unfailing tonic of
the lethargic community, but it is equally true
that lifeless newspaper can seriously retard the
developmenl of its community.
There is  no  better community  asset than  a
newspaper equal to Ihe needs of the community. I
While a poor newspaper is better than none to j
the individual reader, that does not hold true for |
the town.
What can a good newspaper do for its community V   It can serve as the town's messenger to the
THE scratch of a lion's claw is almost as deadly
as its bite, for he never cleanses his nails.
and he always carries under them rotten
meat thai is rank with deadly germs. Flies and
bugs do the same thing on a smaller scale. "Don't
forget," the United States' health service says,
"that they never wipe their feet."
Many warnings have been issued by health officials and physicians against the menace of flies
during the last few years, andthe results of recent
investigations confirm them in the wisdom of the
campaign that is being made against the pests
that carry the germs of disease and communicate,
them to human beings by contact with food.
Well-organized plans for fighting flies may be
made successful over a considerable territory, but
it can only be done by eliminating the places that
must be used for hatching. This means that more
than ordinary effort must be made to insure
cleanliness of stables and surroundings and other
places that promote the multiplication of flies.
Every home should be effectively screened
against flies. It is a distinct handicap in the welfare against the fly pest that boards of health do
not have authority to require the use of screens
to exclude (lies from homes. Personal safety of
the family should urge care on the part of all
persons to guard against flies.
—The Review, North Vancouver.
When picking your friends be careful not to pick
them too much.
* *     *     *
A soft answer doesn't turn away as much wrath
as a hard look.
* *       *       a,
Lots of people think the world owes them five
or six livings.
of the
Canadian Medical Association
disease stiiti other diseases of middle
llle  arc due  to  neglect  of diseased ;
teeth,   tonsils  nnd  other  such   part1; j
where there is Infection; that Ih. living germs. j
The early proper treatment of de-
feds ia our chief hope of decreasing |
those diseases which now take a heavy
toll at middle age.
Questions concerning Health, addressed lo the Canadian Medical
Association, 184 College St., Toronto, will be answered personally
by correspondence.
Ready for School?
li ma. appear aa if 'bis article had
been given, by mistake, a May date
for publication instead of one In September. Jusl now. must people are
likely thinking of the close of school
or promotions and summer vacations
it is, however, time tor thought, particularly coucerning the children who
will be starling io attend Bchol for
tlie  Ural   time  tliis  autumn.
Whenever and wherever a group ot
children are examined upon entering
school. t[ulte a high percentage of
them arc found to require medical
care. They ere noi ill. but they have
what are generally called defects.
These defects may b,. diseased teeth
or tonsils, adenoids or some similar
condition, Such defects do not make
tiie child ill iii the ordinary sense of
the word. They are. however, a serious handicap to lho child; they constitute and additional burden which
drains the child's reserve. No parent
would deliberately do anything to ln=
I terfere with liis child's phsyicnl or
mental development, yel the parent
who does uot have his child's defects
treated is not allowing the child a
fair chance,
Now is the time to have the child
who has uot as yet attended school
examined, and, if he l« found to have
defects, to have (hem treated. By
having this done now, the child will
have the summer In which to build
up his health, so ihat he may start
to school this fall properly prepared
to secure lhe greatest henelli from
bis school attendance.
Wc have stated that defects do not
cause thc child to lie ill. This does
not mean that delects are not a serious menace; they are. Tlie damage
done by defects is not. as a rule,
seen until adult life. A large percentage  of heart  diseases,  of kidney
Golf Club Honors
Mr. Tom Graham
A large number of Lhe members ol",
the Courtenay Golf Club attended a
very enjoyable function at the Native j
Sons' Hall  when  Mr.   Tom   Graham,!
j who is shortly leaving the district, was
' the guest of honor.   After an hour or
1 so playing cards in the parlor, those
I present  repaired to the dining room
■ where lunch was served.    The President, Mr. P. McPherson, then called
on the captain of the club, Mr. J. H.!
Eakln, who   presented   Mr.   Graham
with a beautiful leather golf bag with
tlie best wishes of the club. Mr. Gra-
1 ham  gracefully accepted the gift in
tlie spirit in which it was given.
The rest of the evening was taken
up with short speeches and stories by
most of those present, interspersed with
songs by Messrs. H. S. Baker, W. A. W.
Hames. P. H. Moore and A. Aitken.
Curtains and
Curtain muslins
Special values in Frilled Curtains in plain and checked
Musllnes from   $2.25 to $4.50 a pair
Voile  and  Marquisette   Curtain  Muslins  plain  and
striped check patterns, special value at li yds. for $1.00
Madras Curtain Muslin with hemmed and scalloped
edges in the newest floral patterns 40c, 50c, GOc por yd.
Special values in the newest designs in Wilton and
Axminster Hearth Rugs.
Congoleum Oval Rugs, 27 x 54, special at each 90c
Congolettm Door Mats, 18 x 27, special at each .... 50c
Only choice leaves grown at high altitudes
go into the blending of Blue Ribbon Tea.
That is why its flavour is so uniformly excellent. Insist upon getting it From your gro.
cer—refuse substitutes of inferior quality.
Men's Dept.-
"Fashion   Craft"  made-to-measure
Clothing—Style and Tit
Young   hums   nml   lioys'   OutiiiR
I'auts In flannel anil khaki drills.
Jus* received it new mock of boys'
DresH anil iiiiilng Shirts.
Cups nnd Tics
A  complete  stork   of  inen'B  and
hoys' TiMinls Slinos ami Sneakcr».
>jtm Specials
'Wm    iii
7 DOZEN for  Jpl.UU
3 dozen Eggs, "firsts"   $1.00
Fancy Shoulder Hams, skinned and boned,     QQrt
average 6 lbs., per lb OoC
Fancy Picnic Hams, 5 to 7 tbs. each, per lo  25p
Jel-Jel Jelly Powders, assorted flavors, 4 pkgs.   30c
2-lb. Jars Orange Marmalade, each  45<»
2-tb. Jars Raspberry Jam, each   55(*
2-tb. Jars Black Currant Jam, each   55£
4-lb. Tins Royal City Peach Jam, each   65«?
4-tb. tins Royal City Apricot Jam, each   65<>
4-lb. tins Royal City Strawberry Jam, each  65<>
4-tb. tins. Malkin's Best Marmalade   65<J
In every sorts of building materials.
Royston Lumber Co.
PHONFS I Nient ca"B: 134X c'°urlc"">'
" OUtoi  169 Cumberland
Automobile Side  Curtains Repaired
Also Harness Repairs
ALEX MAXWELL, Proprietor.
Autos for Hire.   Coal and Wood Hauling given very
prompt attention.   Furniture and Piano
Storage if desired.
Phones I and 61
Cumberland, B.C.
Phone 38 Service and Quality
Union Bay
Dental Surgeon
Office Cor. ot Dunsmuir Ave.
Opposite llo-llo Theatre
I   (^iiiil)crhuj(l
lass. Hotel
'. liiMiins Steam Heated
':      tr. iii;iiiiitii:u>, prop.
Served by all
Relished by all
Endorsed by all
Comox Jersey Ice Cream
Is the Best because it is the Purest, Richest and Tastiest
On Sale at your favorite Vendors
Manufactured by
Comox Creamery Association
Courtenay, B. C.
Capt. M. Hill, of the S. S. Niagara,
was ii visitor in town over the weekend, tin; guest of Mr, Jack Fraser,
Mr, and Mrs, Harry Clover, Jr., arrived home on Saturday after spending the past two weeks with relatives
in tiie Sound Cities.
Mr.s. A. R. Horne has as her guest.
Miss P. Hacker, ol Nanaimo.
Mrs. G. H. Harwood is visiting
friends in Vancouver.
Mr. Ray Glover, of Vancouver, spent
the week-end in town, the guest of
his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert
The following ships bunkered here
during tiie past week: S. S. Waikawa
for Australia, via San Francisco; S.S.
King Robert, for United Kingdom;
S.S. Canadian Miller, for Panama.
Miss Mary Little returned from
Vancouver on Monday.
The Rev. J, H. Hobbins is spending
a few days in Parksville.
Mrs. May Pinyard, sister of Mr. T, !
B. Bunks and Mrs. William J. Hamll-
ton, of Port Angeles, Washington are
unending a week or ten days' vacation ]
in Cumberland.   Mr. Banks motored
to Victoria  on Sunday last to meet j
them,   travelling   up   the   Island   on
Monday, '
15th        MAY        16th
Famous Soloists
Men and Boys
Recording Artists
Direct from
400 Successful Concerts
in the
Dominion of Canada
English, Scotch, Irish and
Welsh Songs; Glees, Madrigals, Sailor Shanteys and
Humorous Quartettes.
Delightfully Unusual
Your Last Opportunity
To Hear
These Famous Singers.
P.B.O.Elks—Lodge No. 60
take pleasure in
Change of Programme
Some Press Comments:
:   SIR  1IARKY l.Al'OER:
i     (Scotch comedian)
"Be sure to hour The West-
I  minster Olcc Singers.   They are
I so good. I myself paid to hear
$1.50 & S1.00 (plus taxi
2 Nights—58.00
Seat Sale
Wdnesday—8th May
"If Monday's Concert seemed
too long lo anyone, it Is the
tault of the audience which kept
continually asking tor more."
"If you were a millionaire, you
would have them sing for a
whole week."
"It is not exaggerating to say
| that the boys sang like Angels
j —or as one would imagine Angels could sing." PAGE THREE
"My dear, where did you get the
sporty little car?"
11   "Same old bus dressed up in a new
coat of Permalak."
It's very easy to make a car look new
again.    Permalak it.   A few hours
work and it's ready for the road.
There are twelve popular colors in
Permalak for motor cars.   Ask your
dealer for the special
auto color card.
Thia new folder on color illustrates the poa-
libilities of Permalak in the home. Free
from your dealer or write direct to the company at Montreal.
Alex. McKinnon
Wm. H. McLellan, Jr.
(Painter & Decorator Recommends aud Uses B.-H. Products).
of all descriptions
—     WOOD
Golden brown waffles—tasty, crisp and wholesome. . .
so simple to make with a Waffle Iron such as this
beautiful heavily nickeled, full guaranteed Manning-
Price $14.50
sold by
Cumberland Electric
Lighting Co., Ltd*
We are sorry to see the departure
of Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Smith from
the Valley, they having left the Millard Ranch to re-side in Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Chard returned to
the Valley for a short time Saturday,
leaving on Wednesday for Jervis Inlet.
Mr. and Mrs. G. Smith and baby
were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Davis for
the week-end, leaving Wednesday
morning for Jervis Inlet.
Mrs. McComb, of Trail, is visiting
in the Valley, coming with Mrs. Cross
who returned from Trail on Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. William Bennett, of
Nanaimo. were visitors to Mrs. James
Monks over the week-end.
Orders left at Henderson's Candy Store will receive
David Hunden, Jr.
To Appear in Special Farewell
Visit at Courtenay
The visit last year of the world-
famous Westminster (Met! singers is
no doubt fresli In the memories of
the majority of people, who will hail
with delight lhe news that these excellent performers are again to pay
a visit to Courtenay and .district
Since their departure last June, they
have been from Coast to Coast, ami
also made a brief tour of Newfoundland hi the early Fall. Everywlien
they have met with phenomenal sue
ceaa, in many cases capacity bouses
being assured before they arrived in
the town. The reason for this popularity is not Tar to seek. The purity
of tone of the Boy Sopranos, together
with the artistic llniush of the adult
artists, make an appeal which is altogether irresistible, especially when
combined with Ihe old folk-songs.
glees, madrigals, sailors' chanteys
aud humorous quartettes, rendineil
amid delightfully  unusual settings.
For tliis special farewell visit tha
Westminster filee Singers have arranged a complete new set of programmes, in Which appear a largo
number of Items never before heard
on the Island, and no doubt many will
be glad to avail themselves of this
further opportunity of hearing these
unique singers. They will appear ut
the Gaiety Theatre Courtenay, under
the auspices of tlie B.P.O.B. Elks,
lodge Xo. 60, on ihe 15th and 16th of
The Delicousness of
To l'lvninufli-HiiTrc-Loiiilmi
Alaunia May 10, J'ne 14, J'ly Ik, Aug. 9
Auranla May 17. J'ne 21, J'ly 19, Aug. 16
Ausonla May 24. J'ne 28, J'ly 2C, Aug. 23
Ascania May 31, July 5, Auk. 2
To Flvmoutli-lluvre.London
Carmanla .May 11.     Tuscanta May 13
To Quooilstowil & Liverpool
Scvllilu  .Mav  IS.  (Gahvay). Samaria,
May 25
To Cherlinnrg & Southampton
Aqultanla May 8. 29. June 19, July 7
Berengarlu May If,. June 5, 26.
Mauretania May 22. June 12. July 21
To Queenstown & Liverpool
Scythia May 19,      Franconla June 2
To Londonderry & Glasgow
Cameron la May ll.
Transylvania  May  18.
To Belfast-Llrcrpool-Glasgow
Andania May 10. June 7, July 5, Aug. 2
Letitia May 17. Juno 14, J'ly 12, Aug. 9
Antonin May 24, J'ne 21. J'ly 19, Aug.16
Athenia May 31. June 28, July 26
Money Orders. Drafts and Travellers'
Cheques at lowest rates. Full Information from Local Agents or Company's Offices, 622 Hastings St. W.,
Vnncouvor, B. C.
Courtenay Musicians
Take Many Prizes
At Nanaimo!
Many First and Several Seconds
Awarded Them at Nanaimo
The efforts of Mrs. Tribe. Mrs.!
Carey and others who were coaching
entrants in the Nanalm0 Music Festl-i
vnl, were very well rewarded in the
splendid showing of the contestants
who went down from Courtenay and
will no doubt encourage more to compete in this annual musical event another year. Thc following were local
Girls' Choir, competition for challenge shield—Courtenay High School.
Ladies, Duet, open, silver medals-
Misses Frances and Kay Moore.
Contralto, under 19, silver medal-
Miss Frances Moore.
Elocution, men, open, gold medal-
Mr. Sid Williams.
Cornet, under 19, silver medal—Jack
Gregson (coached by Mr. Lcs Moody.)
Violin Solo, under 15. silver medal-
Douglas Inglis.
The following secured second places
in the classes in which they entered:
Miss Yarrow, Mezzo Soprano, open.
Miss Kay Moore, soprano under 19.
Frank Hurford, Violin Solo, under 15.
Miss Jessie McPherson also did very
well in the soprano class as did Mrs.
Fred Williams in the ladles' elocution
As all gold medalists had to compete
for the grand challenge. Mr. Sid Williams was also a contestant in that
event which was won by a violinist.
Mention was made by Mrs. Huntley
Greene, the adjudicator at the festical,
with reference to the bowing of the
violin pupils of Mrs. Carey, of Royston. which the lady said was particularly good.
Good Service
Reasonable Charges
Red Top Relief Valves, $7 each
To Keep "Closed" Plumbing "Open"
This is a to-Ill. valve for uso on domestic hot water supply
systems for relief of damaging pressures caused by ranges
and tank houters.
Uotli Ited Top Relief Valves are approved by Underwriters'
Laboratories, Inc., and by Stnle and Municipal Bureaus of
Water and Holler Inspection.
G. W. CLINTON, Managing Director.
Vancouver-Courtenay Transportation
Telephone 144 Qq Mill St., Courtenay
Agent ln Courtenay: Mr. A. B. Ball
Service and promptness still our motto.
Powell River, Aleri Bay and all Way Points every Tuesday.
Courtenay, Comox and Way Points every Wednesday.
Tugs and Scows for hire.   Boats for charter.
Warehouses and Docks at Vancouver, foot of Bidwell Street, and
Courtenay, B.C.
Charlie Dalton
Meets Html at Union Hay tivory
Sunday  Morning
Dyers nml Dry Cleaners
Special    family    laundry   rate.
Orders  loft   al   the   Ritz  Cafe,
'phone 150, Cumberland will receive prompt attention.   A trial
order will convince you.
Telephones: Courtenay, 22G
Cumberland 150
Visit tu Property Slums Umt  Promoters Hine linen l.enennisly
Knvorea*l)j Nature In Selection <ii siit-
Ureal  interest has been aroused In
the plans ot' the Nanoose club to develop the peninsula  overlooking Nanoose Bay ami the Gulf of Georgia as
a country club of the highest type.
Pictures   which   have   appeared   In
Thc Colonial depicting tho architect's
designs for the clubhouse and for the
stables have given a good idea of the
project.     Suggestions   for   a   country
[club on the site have heen before tho
'public al various  times  with  a  view
I utilization   of   the   property   lor   club
I purposes.   Ijui   on   no   previous  occasion has any scheme reached the stage
Li' the present undertaking, of which
.Mr.  H. R.  Drum mon d-Hay, 710 Seymour street. Vancouver, is the secretary.
j A number or visitors have recently
'inspected 'he property, and have been
greatly Impressed with its suitability
for development. Dominating the Bit-
nation is the fact that it has previously been used for purposes which called for great concentration ot community effort, and while some equipment used hy the power company has
been disposed of, there remains
enough to make a desirable residue
for commencing tin* essential service
of a community, such as Is proposed.
To people accustomed to the heavily
wooded precipitous character of the
Island scenery, and particularly to
lhe commanding heights to which the
property rises, the intimation .Ihat
there is much suitable land already for conversion to polo and racing grounds, to a. golf course, and
to courts for tennis, badminton and
squash, will come as some surprise
bul it can be readily explained by
the statement that much of ttie laud
in the lower levels above the company's piers, 1H farm land which has
been cultivated as such for many
years. In fact, tiie ruins of the original homestead may be seen yet near
(lie site suggested for tho palatial
Not the least of the numerous assets of the company fs the "ne deep
lalu- oil the estate, tho capacity of
which could be greatly Increased by
damming one end thereof,
There are few planes on tin; Island
where thenatlvo fauna and (lore has
been better preserved, due chiefly Lo
■the fact thai it has been a sanctuary
for game during the days <>f lis use
successively ror industrial purposes
- -boiii brick and power manufacture
•—and thellora lias been preserved
from ruthless hands liy its security
in a private, secluded estate, close
to, but oil Hi-' travelled routes ot
Island traffic. Victoria Colon Is I
A good crowd attended thc dance nt
the Royston Pavilion on Saturday,
Pllmlott'B orchestra was In attendance
ond supplied real peppy music.
P. P. Harrison
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public
Main Office
Courtenay     - -      Phone  25S
Local Office
Cumberland Motel in Evenings
Telephone ugh or 24
Follow the Crowd to
Big 24th
Of May
Over $1,000 in Prizes
Best Decorated Float
Best Advertising Float   -
Best Decorated Automobile    -
Best Comic Group  -
Best Decorated Bicycle   -
Best Character Representation
Best Advertising Character   -
Best Comic Individual    -
Best  Group, 3 or more representing Sportsmen,
confined to Public and High Schools of the District,
1st prize $10.00 2nd prize $5.00
Crowning of the May
Queen immediately
after the Parade
*****#*****«***■:•; :<■:■'-;•: *-x-y.v:->;..:v*******#.»:; :•:■:< * ;<■■:•:■ .»#««*4
Tiwr.np.r'.^-'-r-.r-.'rv—t'—r-.*-r"——■ •-"—' w'—.T-.'-.'r-'-.'-
% 5 ■-/.■ -y. * -x-*- -x •** *# #
Sports for Young and Old
Valuable Prizes for Men's 100 yards, 220 yards and
1 mile, open events, also Men's High Jump,
open; Special 4 Mile Race, open;
and Hurdle and Obstacle
Race, open PAGE FOUR
FRIDAY, MAY r,. loin
New Dresses
We have just received another shipment of Ladies'
Dresses from the Eastern markets, and have a nice
selection of smart, stylish frocks, the sizes are 16 to
44. These dresses are made from Georgette and Crepe-
de-Chene with all the new frills and ruffles that my
lady demands for the present styles, they will give
every satisfaction and the prices are very reasonable.
Priced from $11.50 to $21.50.
We are carrying many new lines in Corselettes, tashion
in that line changing like the many other lines my
Lady demands and in the Dominion Corset Co.'s lines
« feel sure you will not be disappointed, they have
always been io the lore with the requisite garment, we
have D goodly assortment of Corselettes and Corsets,
ranging from $1.00 to $5.95. We carry a special line
for tin w iman who requires a large size.
Cumberland Personals
Men! Get a
New Hat--but
let it be a
0¥THC*fosb/#  /
.Uvotitd, //''W
Sutherland's Dry Goods Store
"It was time that
I woke up"
"Get wise to yourself," Dick used to say when he'd
come home and iintl me ii wreck after baking. "Send
down to .Mann's Bakery aud save yourself work."
"Now 1 don't clo any baking at all, Mann's do it all for
me, and believe me I'm glad I woke up in time."
(Conversation between two Cumberland ladleH),
Saturday Specials
Mr. Robert Watt returnee" to Cum-
.-,£, berland .Monday evenhiB. after S(>end-
ffife ins tlie week end in Ijndysniith and
jpg i Vancouver.
$& j Messrs. William Muir and Harry
pi Taylor returned to Cumberland Sun-
|& iii... niter spending the week end
(?£ , with friends in  Ladysmith.
Mr. Jimmy Cochrane journeyed to
Nanaimo Saturday evening, spending
tlie week end at home and returning
.Vomlay morning.
• «    *
Mr. und Mrs. Simpson and their
I,' and-daughter, Miss Nellie Morton,
who have been residents in Cumberland for a number of years loft on
Wednesday for Victoria where they
will reside tn future
Mr. U'roj Cooper and Mr. Tom Mc-
Arthur of Port Alberni were visitors
in Cumberland over the week end.
• *    *
Misses Sadie Hrown spen Ithe week
ciil in town with ber parents Mr. and
Mrs. J. U Hrown.
• •   •
Mrs. Jumes Murray entertained at
her home on Maryport evenue on
Wednesday last in honor of Mrs. A.
Wilnress. of Nanaimo. The evening
was spent playing ranis, winners being Mrs, Gear, first; Mrs. Miller, second; Mrs. Elsie Marocchi third. During the evening Mrs. Murray served
Utility refreshments. Those present
Included Mesdames K. K, Walker, J.
Gear, J. Quinn, J. Marocchi, T. Conti.
K. Covert. S. Milter, H. Jackson, A.
Wilgress, and Miss Verna Murray.
a * *
Mrs. H. Parkinson entertained at
three tables of bridge at her home on
Tuesday evening, when the prlzo winners were Mrs. Quinn, first; Mrs.
K Hrown, second and Mrs. A. Clarke
consolation. Those present were
Mesdames  Hudson,  Gear.  Quinn.   K.
j Brown, Prior. J. Devlin. Whyte, Hosh.
I Hundley.
Mrs. MacNaughton accompanied Dr.
M icN'aughton to Campbell River on
I Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. Thompson and
grand-daughter, Muriel Thompson motored io Nanaimo on Friday.
Mr. Archie Dick who has been attending classes at U.B.C. returned
,iome on Friday.
Mr. Douglas Fartirdge has returned from college for the holidays.
* •     •
Tatasumi Iwasa who has been attending the University of British Columbia returned home during the
The annual rally of reviews of the
W.H.Ah. from all over BrltlBh Columbia will be held the first week in May
it Victoria and Vancouver, where the
women will put on ritualistic work
md display drills. The local W.B.A.
will journey to Victoria to take part
lu this event by putting on a "Chinese
* *    •
A very successful whist drive and
dunee was held on Saturday night
in the Veterans' hall under the auspices of the W.B.A., twenty-o ne tables of cards being in play. Those
obtaining prizes were: first, Mrs.
Schmidt and Mrs. Conti {sub.); seconds, .Mrs. Bobba and Mrs. Mortlm-
(siib.l; consolation prizeB, Mrs.
Woods and Mrs. R. Brown (sub.).
Refreshments were served at the usual hour and a snappy dance held
sway until midnight with the Maple
Leaf orchestra  supplying  the  music.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Wesloy Whyte   •
In the Cumberland General Hospital j I
nn May 1st, a son. j ;
•   •   * 1 ■
Mrs. W. A. WUgress of Nanaimo is ' ;
visiting Mra. J. Murray, Maryport av- j j
enue. !
*   *  * i:
Mrs. C. J. Parnham left on Wed- ;
neBday morning for Vancouver. , ■
•      •     4
The Honorable Mr.- William Shelly, j
minister ot finance, and Mr. A. John • :
stone, deputy minister of finance were ;
visitors at the government office on j ■
Monday. i ;
Mother's Day
Sunday, May 12, is Mother's Day
See our special stock of Mother's Day cards,
Artstyle Chocolates in Mother's Day boxes.
50c tube Milk of Magnesia Tooth Paste and
a SOc Tooth Brush, both for 	
Owing to a portion of the stiff of
the Ulander meeting with an accident
on Thursday evening and it being
too late to get any assistance, several
Items ot interest have had lo be omitted.
Miss Jemima
ot Miss Lizzie
week end.
Mitchell was the guest
Henderson  over the
Delay Urged On
Campbell River
Power Sites
Island Trade Boards Want Stay; I
Fear Speculators May        j
(Jet Control
A kite put
circuits out
of order
On Uie afternoon of April
9, trouble developed on three
long-distance telephone dr,
cultn between Vancouver ami
Seattle, tlle lines becoming
Intermittently mils').
Electrical meusnrouients
revealed that the source uf
the trouble was nt n point In
New Westminister, anil a
further investigation revealed
thc actual cause. A kite hull
become tangled 'round the
iv Ires.
A New Westminster tele,
phone man was speedily on
ttie scene and l>y removing
tlie kite lie prevented a repetition nf the trouble.
Three Flower Special
rt'.tb each dollar box of Three Flowers Face Powde.
a (H'ty cent bottle ol' Three Flowers Perfume, FREE
Lang's Cream of Lilies, for chapped hands, face and
lips.   Renders the skin soft and whtie.
Lang's Drug Store
"It Pays to Deal at Lang's"
. The Gciiunltors met on Thursday
evening nt the home of Miss Isalielle '
Herd.     A   delightful   social   evening
: wns  spent  and   dainty   refreshments
! were served hy Miss Herd. Those
present were the Misses B- Horhury,
I).   Baird,  C.  Harrison,  E.  Gear,  L.
, Banks ami G. Emily.
Mr. Calles, who was the harlior at
Union Bay for some time, dropped
dead on Sunday morning from heart
failure. Tlie deceased was burled/on
Wednesday afternoon from Mr. T.
Banks'   undertaking   parlors.
The ladles' auxiliary to the Cumberland General Hospital held their
regular monthly meeting on Thursday afternoon in the nurses' home,
witli twelve members present. Very
favorable reports from tlie dance committees were read and after all expenses wero paid a sum of $118 was
realized. A requisition from tlie matron for hospital supplies were bought
and placed in (lie hospital.
The ladies auxiliary will uuder-
E. lake to furnish the new ambulance
witli  blankets ami  pillows.
Opposite   llo-llo  Theatre
Cumberland, II. C.
Practical Barber & Hairdresser.
Children's hair cut any stylo 35c
Ladles' hair cut any style 60c
Tiie stall' oftho Public School wish
to tiiaiik through tlie press those who
helped to make a success of last Fri-
1 day's school concert. Tiie efforts and
llnii' are appreciated.
We especially desire to thank Mrs.
L. H, Pinch, .Mr. \V. Jackson and the
members of the orchestra for their
musical contribution; Messrs. Uo-
hathun, Pinch and Treen for assistance with stage and effects; Mr. and
Mrs. Aoki for their help with vocal
selections and J. il. Robertson. cash-
Miss Marjorle Brown returned on
Tuesday after attending last year's
classes at   I'niversity.
Victoria. May 2. -Petition to the
government to suspend action on tit'
disposal of Campbell river power Bites
for three months so ihat the wishes
ol boards of trade of Vancouver Island
and other public bodies may be ascertained, will be presented by a com-
mittee of tho Associated Boards of
who  had  thc  Tnide of Vancouver Island.
Pears that the falls will get Into the
hands of some company for specula
tlve purposes were voiced at a meeting at Duncan at which most of the
Vancouver Island boards of trad<
were represented.
The first consideration In the de
velopmeiit of Campbell river power
should be to lease the power sites on
assurance of a supply of cheap power
which would attract new industries
to Vancouver island.
A suggestion was offered that before tbe government hand over power
resources a commission should be ap-
*    *    • pointed to investigate and report on
Messrs. II. C. Lang and A. MacKin- experiences of Ontario, Quebec and
mm were chosen as delegates from other provinces in controlling hydro
the Cumberland Board of Trade at electric projects,
the special meeting held on Monday, The Campbell river sites are of
to attend the meeting of the AsBociat-, such imporiance they should not be
ed Boards which took place In Duncan 'alienated without a full Investigation.
last  night. It was stated.
Mr.   and    Mrs.   George   Henderson
who were married last week In Vie-,
trivia are  spending their honeymoon
in  Seattle.
• «    •
Mr.   Herbert  Gibson
misfortune to be kicked by a mule
wiiile following his occupation at No.!
1 mine last Friday is In the Cumber-
land General Hospital where he speedily   recovering.
♦ *    ♦
Mr. H, C. Lang after attending the
meeting ol' ttie Associated Boards of
Trade of Vancouver Island held at |
Duncan, journeyed to Victoria, return-1
Ing to thc city on Friday.
* •    •
Mrs. Mitchell and Allan Mitchell
motored to Victoria and spent the
week end with Mr. and MrB. Hemm-
Our thanks are also tendered to
lose who gave of time and money
i costuming the various characters
id to Mr. E, W. Bickle for publicity.
3B'>;j*Kmni..i-;; SMMMtMii
usiness as
United Church Hall
During i lir building and repairs
will lie carried ot
if our garage, business
'In.-. Mil ;iinl Accessories can !"• obtained without any
inconvenience to our patrons.
Repair Shop will also be carrying on during alterations
Your car Oiled and Greased for $1.25.
Cumberland Motor Works
We Stock Dominion Tires
The 3-Act Comedy Drama
The Path Across the Hill
under the auspices of the
Young People's Society of I'nited Church
Repeated by popular request
samfei. CRAWFORD (Orandpa)
WALTER CONRAD (Ruth'8 brother)
FLO DRAY (Itiith'a cousin)
MRS. DAVIS (Grandma)
DR. JIMM1K RBID (wlih nmbltlon)
I.CTIIC (neighbor)
ROBT. COST (visitor)	
y.v/.v (cook)
choice)   ........
Mr. li. MncLemi
Miss Allison Mnnn
Mr, .1 Auchtorlonlo
mihh Ponrl Hunilen
Mrs. (I. O, Conrad
Mr. chit Horwood
Miss Beth Horbury
Mr. George Brown
Miss Ellen Hunden
..  ...    Mr. A. Henderson
Time—the present
ACT 1.—Living room, Ruth Conrad's home In an eastern village
ACT 2—Tho same scenes—two weeks later than Act 1.
ACT 3.—The same scenes-one week later than Act 2.
Doors Open at 7.30 Commences at 8.00
Adults 50c —Admission— Children 26c
Heavy Breed
Day Old
18 for $ 3.00
100 for $15.00
25c Each
Should be Good Layers
Wedeene  Poultry  Farm
WANTED—Representative for Cumberland to handle oil Industry and
promotion stock on commission.
Give bank reference when making
application. Wilfred McKinnon.
106 P. Burns Bldg.. Calgary, Alberta
LOST—A sum of money, somewhere
between the Soldier Settlement
Houses and the City Hall, ou Saturday last. Kinder please return to
Islander Office. *
iUi ii'jaiiXii^iix^^Jiii
FOB SALE—Light Sussex Hatcliiug
Eggs, Canada's Finest Table Fowl.
$1.60 per setting of 15 eggs, Apply
Gordon Thomas, Royston, 'phono
Courtenay   134 Q. 18-20
young roosters, 5 weeks old at inc.
each.   Apply J. W. stalker, Minto,
FOR SALE—Leghorn Cockerels, $1.00
dozen;  $7.00 a hundred, delivered,
RosBlter, Nob Hill Orchard. 21
FOR SALE—Cut Flowers and Sprays.
Apply Mrs. M E. Monks, Minto,
R.R. No. 1. tf
Children's Fancy Dress Ball will l\.
held In the Ilo-Ilo Hall on Friday.
May the 31st. under uusplces of the
Women's Benefit Association of Cumberland. Full particulars will lie announced later. t.f.
There's not the slighest doubt about  it—we stock
only the highest grade of groceries and tit prices that
you Will say are as cheap as any in town.   Our deliveries are prompt and our service is friendly
and courteous.
If you are not already a patron of ours—just try us
once—that's all we ask.
If you get it at Mumford's—It's good."
Comox   Electoral  District
I shall, on MONDAY the 20th day of j
I May, 1929, at thc hour of ten o'clock
I in tlie forenoon, nt the Courthouse in
the City of Cumberland, hold u sitting
of the Court of Revision for the pur-
I pose of revising the list of voters for
I the said electoral district, and of bearing and determining any and all objections to the retention of any name
on the Bald list, or to the registration
as a voter of any applicant for regis- ! ip
tration; and for the other purposes;^
I Bet forth in the "Provincial Elections !
! Act".
j    Dated at Cumberland, B.C. this 18th
i day of April, 1929.
' Registrar of Voters,    ! i
I 16-19 Comox Electoral District.
The Central
'Barber Shop
Next to Shorty's Pool Room
A. GATZ, Prop.
For Ladies and Gents.
Moderate Prices
Cumberland, B.C,


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