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The Islander Jan 11, 1919

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With which is Consolidated The Cumberland News.
iogiiUtion Wb»nr
Subscription Prico, $2.00 per year
Two Unusually Good Programmes for
Monday and Friday Nights.
" Under Handicap "    " All Woman "
Mile. Madolon, who is asserted to be barmaid heroine of the famous
French inarching song, "Madelon." She acted the part of 'Godmother"
to the Base Camp of the U.S. Army Ambulance Service, Somewhere
in France.
iug concern. Furnished complete
with all the necessary requisites.
A bargain. For further particulars
apply to Tex Foster, Dunsmuir Ave.
Anglican services, Sunday, Jan. 5:
Holy Communion at S.30 a.m. Evening
Prayer and sermon at 7 p.m.
After due consideration of the many
requests presented to hiin ex-Mayor
Bate bus decided to enter the Held as
candidate for the olllce of mayor.
Mr. and .Mrs. A. C. Lymn returned
from Victoria on Saturday.
Mrs.  R.  S. Rideout  returned  from
Vancouver on Saturday last.
Miss C. Tourigny, of the High School
staff of the Cumberland Schools, arrived from Victoria on Saturday.
Mr. C. 10. Tlsdall, ex-M.P., and one
of Vancouver's leading business men,
was here during the week paying a
New Year's call upon bis many friends
and patrons.
Dudley Michell, government inspector of Drager Stations, arrived in
Cumberland on Tuesday and relumed
on Friday.
Miss Edith Bickle returned to St.
Ann's Academy, Victoria, last Sunday,
after spending the Christmas holidays
here with her parents.
Miss Lorna and Florence Dalby returned to Nanaimo on Friday.
Miss Bessie Stewart left for Vancouver on Sunday.
Miss Agnes O'Brien left for Nanaimo on Friday.
Miss Ellen Reese returned to Lady
smith on Friday.
.Mrs. Coulter returned to Vancouver
on .Monday after a short visit with
her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Bickle left
or Victoria nnd Vancouver on Sunday, and returned today.
■ Sergt. M. M. Brown left Vancouver
on Monday for Balfour, where he will
undergo four months' treatment.
A. W. Prior has purchased the
watch repairing and jewellery business in the Ilo Ilo Block from Mr. C.
Sinnns, of Courtenay.
C. II. Mcintosh left for Vancouver
on Sunday's boat and returned on
Charles Graham, District Superintendent of the Canadian Collieries,
left for Vancouver on Wednesday and
returned on Sunday.
St. George's Presbyterian Church
will hold their annual meeting and
social on Friday evening, January 17.
Refreshments will be served and
everybody welcome.
Miss May Walker returned to Vlc-
' toria  on   Friday, after  spending  the
Christinas holidays with her parents.
Mr. and Mrs A. Thome returnod to
Vancouver on Friday, after visiting
with .Mrs. J. Potter.
Service In Holy Trinity Church tomorrow evening at 7 o'clock. The
annual vestry meeting will be held hi
tlle Vicarage on Wednesday, January
15th, at S o'clock. All church members
are Invited to attend,
II. Nelherhy, formerly of the local
branch of ihe Royal Bank of Canada,
i.i visiting here on business.
.;; ■    an n Rol ertson left for VIc-
I' :! ;;•, nnd  will lake up a
c u      I:, tho Sprott-Shaw College.
Mrs.  C.  1*1.  Mcintosh,  formerly of
'■' "   taff "f tho Cumberland
.: , ho   (o uporartly taken
i:     place ol' Miss Hilda Watson, who
has col  fully recovered from her re-
co  !  I"     IB,
Give Way to Soothing Hamlin's
Wizard OH
Hamlin's Wizard Oil is a safe and
effective treatment for headache and
neuralgia. Rubbed in where the oain
is, it acts as a tonic to the tortured
nerves and almost invariably brings
quick relief.
Its healing, antiseptic qualities can
always be relied upon to prevent infection, or othci serious results, from
sprains, bruises, cuts, burns, bites
and stings. Just as good, too, for
sore feet, stiff neck, frost bites, cold
sores and canker sores.
Get it from druggists for 30 cents.
II not satisfied return the bottle and
get your money back.
Ever constipated or have sick
headache? lust try Wizard Liver
Whips, pleasant little pink pills, 30
cents.   Guaranteed.
Dr. R. P. Christie left for Victoria
on Friday and will return on Tuesday.
C. R. Drader, Principal of the Cumberland High School, arrived from
Victoria on Saturday last, after spend
ing Ihe Christmas vacation with his
To Ihe Editor oi* The Islander:
Wc notice In Ihe report of the Iso-
latlon Hospital, published in your
paper, December 21st. that in the list
of those who gave free services for
nursing our names did not appear.
Wc would like lo point out that we
received no pay for our services, hut
as wo contracted the disease while
nursing wc received free hospital
treatmeut. Yours respectfully.
Riberland i* Union Waterworks Co.
NOTICE.—Whereas certain mls.ihlovi-
ously inclined persons have lauip-
■crod with the valve.i on the mains
of this Company, thereby allowing
a considerable amount of water to
run waste, we therefore wish to
point out that It Is a serious offence
lo tamper with such valves, anil
should the offending parties be
apprehended they will be prosecuted to the very fullest extent of
the law.
.' ii  oIght.net  Metro  Wonderjilny  of
Lure and Determination.   Presented
by forko Ellin Corporation. Directed
by 1'ied J. Ilnlshofer. Adapted from
the noTel by Jackson Gregory; plio.
i gn plied by Antonio Cmidio.
[reek  Conlston Harold  Lorkwuinl
John Crawford W. H. Balnbridge
gyl Crawford Anna Little
Brayley, ranch foreman..Lester Cuneo
,....,. i T. H. Gibson-Gowland
Loqer Uapgood  William Clifford
Louesome Pete  James Youngdeer
Greek Connlston, son of William
Conniston, a Wall Street broker, is
ordered by his father to stop spending
money foolishly and join him in California. He starts westwards, taking
with him Roger Uapgood, who Is
practically living on his bounty.
Just for a lark, Conniston and Hap-
good get off the train at the desert
town of Indian Creek, a western girl
of unusual beauty and charm being
the attraction. In a gambling game
with a couple of cowboys, they win
the cowboys' outfits.
With their newly acquired outfits,
they ride to the Half Moon Ranch,
where thc girl, Argyl Crawford, lives.
Conniston telegraphs his fathehr for
more moneaf. Word comes that henceforth he must shift for himself, and he
accepts the offer of John Crawford,
the owner of the ranch, to take a job
as cowboy.
Uapgood proposes to Argyl and is
repulsed. He then sells his services
ns lawyer to Crawford's rivals, who
are trying to ruin his reclamation
Conniston breaks a broncho and
"licks" the ranch bully, thus winning
the respect of the boys and Argyl. Ho
goes to work under Truxton, the
superintendent, on the reclamation
project, which must he completed at
a specified date. In case of failute,
Crawford will lose everything he has.
Incited by a rival concern, the workmen one night engage in a drunken
riot. Truxton, dead drunk in his
tent, cannot stop them. Conniston
takes command of the situation and
orders the men back to work. He Is
placed In Truxton's position.
Word comes from William Conniston that he has a million dollars invested in the attempt to ruin Crawford's project, but young Connlsion
answers that his honor is at stake
and be will not give up the work.
Uapgood and the rival owner dynamite the dam, to make the completion
of the work an impossibility. In the
explosion Hapgood, who set off (lie
fuse, meets his death. William Connlsion. displeased at the unscrupulous
methods used, says he Is willing to
spend a million to right the wrong
done. Young Conniston, in the live
remaining days before the expiration
of the contract, rushes the work and
repairs Ihe damage. Then he claims
his reward—tbo love of Argyl.
Harold Loe'swood, who Is starred
In tho .Metro wondorplay, "Under
Handicap," Is one of the Idols of the
motion pictarc world. Ills rise to
fame reads like a page from romance.
The popular Metro star started in
life In a field quite remote from thul
of the silent drama. His early youth
wns spent in Newark, N.J., whore Lis
lather was a breeder of high grade
horses. He wns expected to follow
iu tlie. business, where the nest bad
been well feathered for the young
Bui the coming star was not content to accept a ready made future.
It was only natural that a youngster
of bis grit and determination did not
Hindi from casting his lot In Ihe
metropolis of the country, New York.
Mr. A. K, Ezzy, manager of Powell
River and Cumberland drygoods
stoles, will close up tbe Cumberland
store ou Saturday night, and will
leave for Powell River next Wednesday. From Powell River Mr. Ezzy
will journey back to the East, where
he wll! select an up-to-date stock of
spring drygoods, merchandise, etc..
and Intends to open up the local store
about April 8th.
"The gladdest nnd the saddest faco
on the screen," which the Inimitable
Mae Marsh is said lo possess, conies to
delight tbe admirers of Ihe Goldwyn
star In "All Woman," by E. Lloyd
Sheldon, at the llo Ilo next Friday.
In a role replete with great dramatic opportunities, in which the winsome charm of tlie slim star Is afforded" wide scope, Mae Marsh promises
to give the screen world a sensation.
The originality of the play, Its gripping '.man quality and Us steady,
certai.i- development up to the moment
of the powerful climax leave nothing
to be desired. "All Woman" Is not
just a pbotodramn, but a compelling
example of what Goldwyn ls doing to
dignify and strengthen Ihe literature
of the silent draa.
As the working girl who inherits
neither money nor vast estates, but a
mountain hotel, Mae Marsh is said to
exhibit the most appealing phase of
her undisputed talents. When she
discovers that it is not a luxurious
hostelry of which she has become
owner, hut a resort of evil reputation.
Miss Marsh portrays all the pangs of
girlish disillusionment. From that
moment until the last scene in the
play the story of "All Woman" gains
In steady, cumulative power until the
chance Is given the girl from the city
to reach a moment of glorious self-
sacrifice for the man she loves.
The role of Susan Sweeney rfius the
gamut of the emotions, hanging all
the way from timid bewilderment,
when the girl learns of her inheritance, until she throws away reputation, honor and the respect of the
man sho loves for the sake of this
very man. It is confidently expected
by Goldwyn that Mao Marsh in "All
Woman" will score tho most substantial success of her remarkable career.
Photo shows a fragment of Hie worn and beaten Qarraun army
struggling through a border Fronch village on their way home.
'Ihe photo shows the rugged con liiion of the men and the careless
way they carry their guns.
Admiral .Mayo, of tlie United Stales
Navy, who recently arrived in Bug-
land, ii was officially announced.
v.ji.c.a. itiii Tin: hoys
A meeting was held in tho Presbyterian Church on Sunday evening lot
the purpose of considering the organization of u Y.M.C.A. for the hoys.
Mr. C. II. Thornton, divisional superintendent of ihe town and country
work of the Y.M.C.A., explained ihe
workings of the movement II w;i;
derided lo canvass the city to see if
such u movement would have the
necessary Bupporl of ihe people of
The breaking mil of influenza just
as the night school wns Btaiilng las!
October resulted in ho tlnss being
formed for miners. Tbe class for
foreign-born citizens was in session
the hist two weeks before Christmas
nnd is proving a decided success.
All those wdio iu any way contemplate taking a course In mining are
urged to meet in the new building of
the Public School at 7 o'clock ou
Tuesday evening next, (.Ian. 14th),
when Mr. Drader will explain Ihe object of forming such a class for miners, nnd the benefits "lo lie derived
from it. Any who cannot attend this
meeting but who would join the class
i- ,'r;nv.od, sli-iuld scud in their names
for i," there is not a large enough
attendance on this night Ibis part of
the night school will lie dropped for
Ihe Benson.
BERLIN, .bin. 0.- War on Berlin to
restore order is threatened by Bavaria, according lo a speech made today iii tlie Bavarian Chamber of Deputies iu .Munich hy Alter, tbe Minister
of the Interior. Bavaria, he said, proposed to intervene with arms If conditions In Berlin should continue unsettled.
German Government messages that
were picked up by wireless in London
say Hint purls of Berlin are scenes of
bloody lighting. The government, it
Is added, is taking the necessary
measures to destroy the "reign of
'Hie messages say Hint sum,, parts
of Berlin already are without light
and water. Provision depots have
been stormed by the SpartacuiiB and
lite feeding of soldiers and civilians
lias been Interrupted.
NOTICE. A number "i Cumberland
Waterworks Shares Tor sale. Apply
Box 102, Cumberland, B.C.
For the first time In her long screen
career, Mae .Marsh is seen In the garb
of a waitress in "All Woman," her
newest Goldwyn production, Bho
don: ihe cap and apron In her capacity of proprietor of mi Adtrondacks
hotel, of which she bus become hull'
owner by Inheritance. Those who
have seen advance showings of the
productions are unanimous in ugrie-
ing that the bewitching star makes a
Charming waitress.
When Mae Marsh watches the first
showing of a production In which she
appears, her comments amuse those
present. She regards herself nol as
Mae Marsh, but as a different person.
"What's she doing there?" she asks
no one in particular. "Oh, she did
that well," and "Isn't she bad right
there," were some of the remarks
heard by Director llobart Henley
when he and the slim star witnessed
tbe first run of "All Woman," Miss
Marsh's present success.
Photo liuiv.s two French uonie,: mending tho clothes of two Yanks
who had aided in chasing 'he Germans out of tbe homes of these two
women.   Nothing was too good for the boys in all Ihe French towns TWO
®l|i> JaUmtor
SATURDAY. JANUARY lltll, 11)111
Not until the generation stands ready
for  citizenship  can  it  be  seen   that
damage has been done.   Only then is
Published every Saturday at Cumber-  one   aware   of  the   existence  of  the
laud, B.C. harmful   Influence.     Human   careers
 .  — are too precious to be submitted to
this exploitation and the most serious
duty confronting patriots today is the
provision of influences that wlll pro-
  . duce   high   standards   of  living  for
Sir John WUltson, In an address at generations to come.
Gait, Ontario, said: Had   this   truth    been   recognized
"The war as nothing else In human from any other than a largely thcor-
hlstory has broken down tho wall of etical standpoint by the men and
parltlon between clasess. Never before women of the preceding and the pres-
bas the world had such a revelation cut generation It would not have been
of he divinity of human nature. Those possible for the vicious theories pro-
who do the world's common drudgery ulgated by Frederick the Great
and those who have worn fine linen i wrongly so called) to be working
anil fared sumptuously every day have themselves out today In Prussian
fought, suffered and died together In atrocities. There can not bo too vlg-
the trenches. All have responded to orous pushing of baby welfare move-
a common appeal and all have shared meats or the establishment and maln-
in common sacrifice and common tenniice of supervised playgrounds,
glory. Unless there is a mortal and By Scout movements, national health
Ineradicable detect in our civilization boards, carefully considered housing
there will be fruits of sympathy and schemes, city planning and every
understanding from all this bloody other movement that centres In tho
sowing. In Great Britain those who cleanest, finest living. An examination
were regarded as Labor agitators have into the things in which all were most
become sober and responsible Imper- keenly concerned a decade ago will
ial statesmen as probably they always not result in a list of these things as
were if we had understood. No one in national Interests. Every one ot them
the United States lias revealed more must be absorbing Interests if Prus-
of the spirit and stature of a states- slanism Is to be stamped out forever.
man  than  Samuel   Gompers.     Those 	
who reviled Mr. Lloyd George are his DOING IT RIGHT
colleagues 111 the Government;  those 	
whom he reviled are his friends and There is danger of missing much of
comrades. It is not clear that those the zest of tlle brilliant achievements
Labor and Radical leaders in Great 'bat have characterized this war
Britain and the United States have through not understanding the mar-
bocome more conservative; It is vellous skill upon which the success
certain that many of those who con «f those undertakings depended. In
tended against-them have become less the Zeebrugge glory, for Instance,
conservative. No a few wild theories ">°Bl P°ople think only of the valor
anil fantastic panaceas have been needed by those who manned the ships
tested in ltusssia with consequences —" valor requiring them to face a
of ruin and horror beyond lniagina- vigorous and fairly disastrous bom-
tion. Yet there are disciples of the bardment. The sailors, according to
Bolshevik! in tlie United States nnd the uiiual ldea ot he victory, did the
even In Canada. At a meeting iu New "at"0 "''"G which our soldiers have
York not long ago the Soviet Republic llollc ever-v tlme ">«)' went "over the
was described as "the guardian and ton" and cleaned out dugouts.
the hope of the loftiest idealsl of the The fault is »ot t0 he laid at the
toiling masses." On ho very day on Amv of tlle P"b''C however, for they
which this declaration was sanctioned would cheer a11 the more lustily if
Mr. Gompers at the annual meeting "'<-'>' kllew more ot the cost of the
of the American Federation of Labor victories in the way of preparation,
at St. Paul said: "1 am not going to the 8kiUul 'WlnB o( Phuis beforehand,
give up voluntarily the labor move- and* above everything else, the years
ment with its achievements of today, of technical training which were
to look for the chimerical tomorrow, necessary before Zeebrugge or the
1 think the greatest, the most radical, bottling up of the Konigsburg or any
the most Idealistic, and the most fan- °'h<!r *5r(;at victory was possible.
tastical declaration which any body The "Placing of the ship the way he
of men has made has been by the wlshetl it to lie" was considered epi-
Bolshevikl of Russia. And they have taPh enough by his commander when
lost, not only the meat from the bone, speaking of the gallant captain of the
but the bone itself, and have not even Vindictive. It was Indeed the placing
tlie shadow. We here prefer to go on o£ the shlP that was the real achieve-
in this normal way of trying to make ment Landsmen have no way of
the conditions of life better today k»owlng that unless a ship sinks on
than they were yesterday.' a" eve" keel one end will stick up in
"Speaking in England, Mr. Hughes, the air' Tho 8nlD wl" flnaIly se«le
the Labor Premier of Australia, said: in lllli llne of the channel-and will
'Bolshevism is no new thing to us. not obstruct navigation. German sub-
There is nothing new In its shihbo- m"-rl"es and other vessels would still
leths, which were to set up a new have 1,c'en soing in and out of Zee-
heaven and a new earth, In which all brusge "1U" the enii ol the war had
things would come to men who did "le ctptBln of tlle Vindictive not
not deserve them. These shibboleths k"ow" how t0 do this masterly thing
were being adopted by an increasing of slnklBB "'is ship to lie across the
section of the country from which 1 channel instead of lying parallel. Two
come, but the country is now being oth<!r caI'tai"s knew the same thing,
swept by the fierce winds of war and a"d thcrc thc three vessels lie today
men see that they have lo look to a
world as it Is.' All over the world
the Socialists and tbe demogagues are
busy. We have hud In Russia as I
have said an instructive illustration
of the results ol* evangelical idealism.
Wo have had, too, very deplorable
evidences ot the elfects of tlie craft
and cunning, tlie cupidity and malignancy, of unprincipled destructionlsts.
There Is reason to fear that many of
these irresponsible apostles of revolution are the subsidized agents of Germany seeking to destroy by Internal
dissension  iu  the  Ally countries  th
are saving by sacrifice and valor we
may not destroy by Incendiary agitation or rash and empirical legislation.
There is safety only lu sympathetic
co-operatton between employers and
employees, and frank recognition of
the actual Identity of Interest between
capital and labor."
the crew stepped Into the boat that
was waiting, llred the fuse that would
blow out some of the bottom plates,
and then left her to do what she was
meant to do.
It gives  one a  pleased  feeling  to
  know thul in the war both the Ger-
Has it ever occurred to the majority mana and thc Turks have attempted
that those prlceles things- Ideals of t0 block the harbor lu which British
liberty nnd justice and right living-  shl"a were »>ing. and that both have
can be neither bought nor sold? They  talle'1 completely and clumsily.
are not heirlooms and no parent can
baud them down ticketed and tied like
government   bonds   or enclosed,   like
jewels, in a strong box.   They may be
"recommended"    and   even   insisted
upon but are adopted voluntarily or
not at all.
These  facts  offer  food  for serious
thought on tlie part of those who are
responsible for Canada's future. What
ever Ideals It Is desirable tor the citizens of tomorrow t opossess must be
instilled into the consciousness of the
children of today.   Tbe process is the
tedious one of "line upon  line,  pre-
with mathematical precision, as was
known from a photograph taken from
a German officer in a low-flying aero-
plain.'. How the photograph came Into
British  bands  is another story.
This was not the first time that
German vessels had been bottled up
during tlie war by British ships that
blocked the harbor completely because their captains knew how to sink
a ship the way it should lie. An old
collier, the Newbridge, was given that
honorable work to do when the German cruiser Konigsburg was penned
up in   IBM In the Rullgi river.   The
, ., ,  "'"  Newbridge had to be anchored head
political aul honty and the free lnstl-       ,   , , .. ...
1 „ and stern, and there was a heavy lire
tut one  which  German   arms   cannot .
,     .   . from the shore.   The rest of the story
But  Hie Canada that  we        ,,,,.. .    . ,
reads like the account of a crews
picnic ashore. After she was anchored
into position the crew pulled the Inlet
valve, and while the ship was settling
License No. 8-10224
a little"—a process at times inspiring
but more often than not discouraging,
it is a process little realized in the
main because its workings are unseen,
Interested ln a better position. Qualify tor ft through our easy home
study courses, like others you know
have done. We teach Commercial
Subjects and Advertising, Drafting,
Ship, .Mechanical and Art, Steam,
Electrical, Mechanical and Mining
Engineering and other branches.
Write for free catalogues and particulars to II. J. MILSOM, Nanaimo
Box 1121, Nanaimo, B.C.
touring car, In good running order, riCClUCllL   lIlSUrallLC
tires   nearly   now,  self-starter   and
olectrlc  lights.    Owner no further THOS. H.  CAREY
use.   Apply B. Grieves, Cumberland. Cumberland, B.C.
When cloud-banks blot the sky dull grey., or
whistling winds make outdoors disagreeable, how
c'.icery and exhilarating are bright lights and
sparkling fires j
And in these soul-trying days, how welcome
is the cheery brightness—the soothing caress—the
soul-satisfying message—of the music you  love.
So this Christmas you_need music more than
ever—good music, that brings the spirit of Christmas
to everyone, young and old.    Such is the music of
"The Phonograph with a Soul"
This wonderful instrument brings the beautiful
v.orld of music into your home—RE-CREATIONS
of the art of the world's greatest artists. The New
Edison does not merely imitate—it actually RE-
C i: EATES with such utter fidelity that the human
nr cannot distinguish between the living artist and
The New Edison.
The true spirit of Christmas lies in the soul of
rhe New Edison. Let it sing its message of hope
arid faith and love in your home this year.
Visit our store for a demonstration cf the marvelous New Edison
or have one sent to your home.    No obligation, of course.    197 r~V
G. A. Fletcher Music Co.,    Cumberland. B.C.
Do you ever doubt the operator when you
011 your call?
;l'1 this report
Her, test of the line called is it very simple matter, Remember tlihat it is easier and quicker for her to complete a
cull than to report hack to the person calling.
Each operator senses her unusual responsibility and is
appreciative of every evidence of consideration accorded her
earnest effort.
British Columbia Telephone Co., Ltd.
Fire, Life and
Hit.   11.   P.  C1IKISTI
Phone 116
Offlce:   KING BLOCK,
Cumberland, B.C.
of the DRINKS
Buy the products of Hip
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Alexandra Stout is sure to satisfy.
U.B.C. Beef. The Beer of Quality.
Silver Top Soda Water I
Cascade Beer   The Beer Without a Peer.
Full line of Pure
'"ruit Flavors.
Tungstens, 15 to 40 watt, 40c, were 45c.
60 watt, 45c, were 50c
Further reductions if not less than one dozen are
purchased at a time.
» Corporation of the City of Cumberland
Voters' List for the Year 1919
Names uf Property Owners entitled to vote at all Municipal Elections
in the City of Cumberland for the year 1919:
Cumberland Electric Lighting
Phone 75 Co., Ltd. p. O. 314
22 Hicks, Elsie J.
23 Hood, James
24 Hood, Ida
25 Horbury, Thomas
ALEX. MAXWELL, Proprietor
Autos for Hire.     Coal and Wood Hauling given very
prompt attention'.    Furniture and Piano
Storage if desired.
Phones 4 and 61 Cumberland, B.C.
Marocchi Bros.New Home Bakery
Grocers and
Cumberland and Courtenay, B.C.
License No. 8-25489
Royston Lumber Co.
Slab Wood (double load).-$4.00
First Class Accommodation.     Heated
throughout by Electricity.
Cumberland, D. C.
License No. 10-1606
Fresh Bread, Cakes,
Pies, etc.
Wedding Cakes a Specialty
Dunsmuir Ave.,       Cumberland.
License No. 5-1172
A   .liisiiitfi'uri'talinii
D. Campbell's
Meat Market
Young Steer Beef,
tender and juicy.
Veal, Pork and Mutton.
Cambridge Pork Sausage
Home-made Sausage
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Veal Loaf
Boiled Ham
Hain Bologna
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Each Thursday morning from now
on a full line of Fresh Fish will be
on hand.
License No. 9-3902
Not every man who finds himself In
court lares as wel as the Italian organ
grinder who, according to ihe Weekly
Telegraph, recently escaped a fine by
a mistake at once fortunate and inopportune.
He had been playing" before the
house of an irascible old gentleman,
who furiously and with wild gesticulations ordered him to move on. The
Italian stolidly stood his ground and
played on, and at last was arrested
for causing a disturbance.
At the court the agist rate asked him
why he did not leave when he was
requested to do so.
"Ale no understan' mooch Ingleese,"
was the reply.
"Well, but you must have known by
hla motions he wanted you to go."
"No, no!" said the organ grinder
with perfect seriousness. "I tink he
come to dance."
Watchmaker and Jeweller
Agent for the  HARMONOLA
All the latest Books,  Magazines
and Periodicals.
Dunsmuir Ave. Cumberland, B.C.
WM.   MEBRIPIELD,   Proprietor.
Uurmnuir Ave..
CuiiiIk'I'IriiiI, it.C.
Adamson, Robert
Allsopp, William
Anderson, Peter
Armstrong, Alexander
Armstrong, Harrjr
Ashcroft, Edwin, V.
Asncci, Joseph
Baird, Flora Isabel
flalrd, James
Untugno, Josephine
Banks, Thomas E.
Banks, Eliza F.
Bannerman, Thomas
Bale, Thomas E.
Bardlsona, Joseph
Bonnie, John
Beveridge, William
B.C. Telephone Co.
Bickle, Thomas
Bickle, Jane Ann
Bickle, Edward W.
Bickle, S. A.
Bishop ot Vancouver Island
Biggs, John
Bono, Peter
Bonora, Victor
Bonora, Azzo
Braes, William
Brown, James
Brown, Annie B.
Brown, John C.
Brown, Sara
Bartholdl, George
Bogo, Andrew
Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir), Ltd.
Calhoun, Annie
Calverly, Joseph
Calverly, Doris
Campbell, Alexander
Campbell, William
Cameron, Alexander
Canadian Bank ot Commerce
Canadian Mortgage & Investment Co.
per E. W. Bickle, Agent.
Carey, Thomas H.
Carey, Mrs. T. H.
Cessford, Robert
Clark, Andrew
Coe, Richard, Sr.
Coe, Richard, Jr.
Cooke, John W.
Comb, John
Conn, Thomas
Crockett, John
Creech, Harry
Cumberland Electric Lighting Co.,
per John Shortt, Agent.
Cumberland & Union Waterworks Co.
per F. D. Pickard, Agent.
Dallos, Frank
Davis Samuel
DeCour, Priscllla
Dominion Permanent Loan Co.
Doney, William
Ducca, John
Edwards, Thomas
Emde, E. C.
Enrico, John
Foster, John
Frame, John
Franscoll, S.
Franceschlni, Louis
Franceschinl, Paul
Fraser, Mary Stewart
Furbow, John
Galeazzl, Antonio
Gibson, John
Gordon, William
Grant, Robert
Grieve, Robert
Halcrow, Robert
Halliday, James
Harrison, P. P.
Harrison, W. O.
Haywood, Elizabeth
Haywood, A.
Horbury, Harriet
Horbury, John
Horbury, Joseph
llornal, Robert
Horwood, Sidney
Horwood, Mrs. Sidney
Hicks, E. II.
Hunden, David
Hudson, Walter
Henderson, William
Independent Order of Oddfellows
Jeffrey, Alfred
Kilpatrick, Daniel
Kierstead, A. R.
Kierstead. Matilda
King, Esther
Leiser, Simon & Co.
pSr J. Sutherland, Agent.
Llddell, John
Logan, John Reid
Logan, Mrs. J. It.
Murunllla, Mary
Maranilla, Reginald
Marocchi, John
Marocchi, Sylvia
Marlett", Angelo
Maxwell, Alexander
Maxwell, Janle
Meachln. Arthur
Mellado, Bruno
Merrifield, William
Miller, John
Milligan. Mrs. A.
Mitchell, Mrs. D.
Mitchell. Hugh
Monaco, Mary
Mounce, L. W.
Mounce, H. E.      -
Mussato, Charles
MacDonald, D. R.
MacKinnon, Alex.
MacNaughon, G. K.
McLean, T. D.
McLellan, William
McLellan, Agnes
McFayden, Nell
McFayden, Margery
Mclntyre, D.
McNeill, Robert
McPhee, Joseph
Matheson, William
Nash, Mary
Nash, Charles
Naylor, Joseph
Nunns, Margret
ParkinB, Edward
Parkinson, H.
Parnham, Charles J.
Peacey, A. H.
Peacock, George
Peretto, T.
Periozzini, Louis
Picketti, Vincent
Pickard, Fred
Pickard, E. D.
Potter, W. R. •
Potter, Helen
Potter, Annie R.
Pilaener Brewing Co.
per F. X. Dillman
Reynolds, Ethel I.
Reynolds, Loretta
Richards, Thomas H.
Rickson, Thomas
Robertson, Robert S.
Robertson, Mrs. J., Estato
Robertson, Mary
Roy, Isabella
Salmon, Joseph
Scavarda, Frank
Simms, Mary A. E.
Spicer, John Ernest
Staples, C. A.
Stewart, James
Stewart, Daniel
Stevenson, David B.
Stevenson, John
St. George's Presbyterian Church,
per E. R. HJr.ks.
Shearer, Peter
Tarbell, C. H.
Tarbell, Geo. A.
Thomson, John
Thomson, Duncan
Tomassl, Antonio
Tomassi, Edwlna
Trustees Holy Trinity Church
per Fred Comley.
Trustees Grace Methodist Church.
por W. R. Dunn.
Tobacco, Vincent
Watson, Thomas
Watson, Margret J.
Walker, Mrs. W. B.
Webster, Mrs. James
Webster, James
Whyte, Charles
Wler, John J.
Willard, W. W.
Williamson, Mary
Williams, Samuel
Zanonl, Jack
I hereby certify the foregoing to be a correct list of the names of
persons qualified as propery-owners to vote at Municipal Elections In
the City of Cumberland for he year 1919.      P. P. HARRISON, Mayor.
Canada Food Board License No. 10-4986*
Charlie Sing Chong
Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots and
k.| Shoes, Crockeryware and
Su3 General Merchandise.
HONG CHONG & CO.. Bevan.
Roy A. Woagant, chief engineer of the
Mnrcoiii Wireless plants, He lsthc
Inventor of a wireless that eliminates the Interference of messages
through the nlr. His device will do
away with the necessity of erecting
high towers from which to radiate
and catch wireless waves. It was
used by the United States and Allied
navies throughout the world war.
for the Municipal Elections for
Cumberland for tbe year 1919:
1 Aston, Leslie J.
2 Bannerman, John S.
3 Bannerman, Lena
1 Hates, H. L.
5 Baird, John
G Beveridge, W., Jr.
7 Bevis, N.
8 Bevis, Elsie
9 Bickle, Eva O.
10 Brown, Ethel
11 Brown, Mary C.
12 Brown, James T., Jr.
have registered as qualified voters
the Corporation  of the  City  of
13 Bryan, Fanny
14 Bryan, H.
-\ J&
15 Cooke, Adelaide
16 Culton, Samuel
17 Dunn, Wilson R.
18 Frame, Mary J.
19 Furbow, Elizabeth
20 Haywood, Annie
21 Henderson, William, Jr.
26 Lockhart, A. C.
27 Lymn, A. C.
28 Lymn, Katherine P.
29 Michell, Thomas
30 Mounce, Lydla B.
31 Mumford, T. II.
32 Mumford, Margaret A.
33 MacKenzie. John
34 Macintosh. C. H.
35 MacDonald, Christie
36 MacNaughton, Mary D.
37 MacDonald, Janet
3S McLeod. Samuel I).
39 Norris, W. II. L.
til Nunns, Alan
II Parnham, Bortbn
•12 Pearce, Richard
43 Pickard, Lillian
44 Held, George
45 Held, James
46 Rideout, R. L.
47 Robertson, John II.
48 Scavarda, John
■III Shaw, Rupert
50 Shortt, John
51 Spicer, Elsie
52 Stanford, A.
.",:! Stevenson, Jeanhle
54 Sutherland, John
55 Sutherland, Lizzie
50 Urqullnrt, Margaret
.",7 Urquhnrt, \v. M.
58 Watson, Un	
69 Watson, Hilda
60 Wnlson, Roborl .
lil Whyte, Jennie M.
Licence Holders:
1   Rideout, M.
I hereby certify tbe foregoing to he a correal list of ilouseboldoi'S
and Licence Holders qualified to vote at .Municipal Elections in (he
City of Cumberland for the year 1019. P. P. HARRI80N, Mayor,
Hie  Wrong I'"t.r
PUBLIC NOTICE in hereby given
to the electors of the Municipality of
the Corporation of the city of Cumberland that I require tho presence of
the said electors at the City Council
Chambers, on Monday, the 13th day
of January, 1919, at 12 o'clock noon.
for the purpose of electing a Mayor,
six Aldermen, one School Trustee, one
Licence Commissioner, and one Police
Commlsioner, to represent them on
the various boards for the ensuing
The Mayor and Aldermen shall be
elected for a term of one year. The
School Trustee and License and
Police Commissioners shall be elected
for a term of two years.
The mode of nomination of candidates shall be as follows: —
The candidates shall be nominated
in writing; the writing shall be subscribed by two voters of the Municipality as proposer and seconder, and
shall be delivered to the Returning
Officer at any time between the date
of the notice and 2 p.m. of the day of
nomination; the said writing may be
in the form numbered 5 in the schedule of this Act; and shall state the
names, residences and occupations or
descriptions of each person proposed,
ln such manner as sufficiently to
identify such candidate; and in the
ovent of a poll being necessary such
poll will be opened on Thursday, the
16th day of January, 1919, at the
Council Chambers, Dunsmuir Avenue,
Cumberland, B.C., of which every person Is required to take notice and
govern himself accordingly.
No person shall be nominated or be
eligible as a candidate for Mayor,
Alderman, School Trustee, Licence
or Police Commissioner, unless he be
possessed of the qualifications by law
required of those officers, and unless
the candidate shall, on or before the
hour of 2 p.m. of the day of nomination, furnish the Returning officer
with a statement In writing, specifying the land or real property upon
which he qualities, his nomination
shall be Invalid and shall not be acted
upon by the Returning Officer.
The qualifications as candidate for
Mayor are as follows:
He must be a British subject of the
full age of twenty-one years and not
disqualified under any law, and have
been for the six months next preceding the day of nomination the registered owner in the Laud Registry
Ofllce of land or real properly in the
city of thc assessed value on the last
municipal assessment roll of ji.noo.iin
over and above any registered encumbrance or charge and who Is otherwise qualified as a municipal voter.
The qualifications ns candidate for
Alderman, School Trustee, Licence
and Police Comlssioner, are ns follows:
They must be a British subject of
the full age of twenty-one years and
not disqualified under any law, und
hnve been for six months next preceding the day of nomination thc registered owner in the Land Registry
Office of land or renl property in the
city of the assessed value on the last
municipal assessment roll of $500.00
or more over and above any registered
encumbrance or charge, and who is
otherwise qualified as a municipal
Given under my hand at the City of
Cumberland this 27th day of December, 1918.
Returning Officer.
The whimsicalities of country polities are mirrored In "Al Woman," Mao
Marsh's newest Goldwyn photoplay,
which will be shown at tlie Ilo Ilo
next Friday, In the course of which
nil the amusing incidents of n bnrk-
WOods campaign are made use of.
A coast fisherman soon becomes an
expert in thc mailer of finding bis
way about under the difficulties of
fog or darkness. So many subtle
little hints und clues enter into his
calculations that to the- uninitiated
landsman lie often seems to possess
an uncanny intuition, A well known
naturalist tells an amusing story In
Ibis connection.
I was doing some deep-water collecting one Bummer off the coast of
.Maine, he says. To facilitate matters
I arranged with a local fisherman for
the use of his motor dory for a few
hours each day. I soon learned that
triy skipper had an almost unbelievable instinct for directions and distances. Many times when we wero
caught some distance offshore iu a
fog he would unerringly bring the
bont up to his home wharf.
But one day the fisherman was completely fooled. We had been travelling
homeward for about twenty minutes
when he took out bis watch and shut
off the motor. A dog barked faintly
intlie distance far off to the left. The
fisherman immediately cranked tho
motor, turned the wheel abruptly to
port and headed off iu -that direction.
Again ho stopped after some minutes'
running. Another dog barked faintly
—hut this time far to the right. The
fisherman looked puzzled. Then
through the fog came the long-drawn
note of his wife's Jish horn. She had
evidently heard him pass by the wharf
and was calling him back. A dawning light broke over the fisherman's
weather-beaten face, and with a
sheepish grin he turned la me.
"Well," lie said emphatically, "I'll
be darned if I imint been a-chasiu'
the wrong dog!"
Through Mud (u Shanghai
When the British flagship, Euralus,
was at Woosung, "Chinese" Gordon
was at Shanghai drilling tlie Chinese
government troops to meet the advancing Tfllplng rebels, who were then
marching on Shanghai. The town of
Woosung lies at the point where the
Woosung River leaves the Yangtze
River nnd flows twenty miles to
Shanghai and beyond. The rebels bad
already taken Kaliding. a fortified
place outside Shanghai, on a branch
of the Woosung River.
It come to a critical point al hist.
Gordon sent down by boa! !'► the
flagship a message, in so many words.
"If yon don't come up, Shanghai and
I are gone."
A bar, strangely enough, lay up and
down Hie river, and not across it. as
usual, says Capt. Albert It. Wonbam,
iu "Spun Varus of a Naval Officer,"
and there was not enough water on
the bar hy some four or five teel to
float our fifty-gun frigate Inlortu-
natcly, we were un the wrong side.
uud there Beemed no way o( getting
across, There was no time to lose,
however, as the Tai pings were "looking through the gates of Shanghai."
With a rush at about ten knots, off
we b toa mod up 'lie river; then we put
tbe helm hard as tar board until the
frigate headed Cor tho bar.    Nol on
All   was   done   by
alt bands, officers
order  was  beard,
'•Everyone aft!"
ami all.
"Everyone forward!"
"Everyone port side!"
"Everyone starboard
"Everyone Jump up!"
Wc repeated the manoeuvres
about half nn hour. Tho ship was
rolling say thirty-live fo forty degrees
head up or down stern up or down,
according to the rush of men. She
never   Slopped,     If   she   had   slopped,
we should have been done. The engines were Bmqthored with mud.
forced in through the condensers.
She came oil with a rush .and Wo
were soon up at Shanghai with the
city under our gtllis.   JUSl in Lime!
We landed our men. advanced anil
retook Kali ding, and. although we
lost a good many men, the job was
done. Shanghai and Gordon had been
saved by tbe Bame trick, on a vastly
larger BC'ale, that a boy uses in poling
a punt through shallow water. FOUR
"I Will Repay"
Comedy and 7th Episode of " The Fighting Trail."
Usual Saturday Night Dance.
CHRISTMAS  GIFTS that will be appreciated
ROCKERS, In [iimcd koIcIcii oak and mahogany, from $5 to $16.00
Musk: ami China Cabinets, Parlor Suites nml fongoleum Rugs,
'Ladies' Dressers, nnd Chiffoniers,
We have just opened up several cases ot beautiful China, suitable
f->r Christmas Gifts.
For the Children wo have Dolls, In all sizes, Mechanical Toys,
Teddy Hears, Kindergarten Seis. (lames, llnrns.   Everything to
make the Children Happy.
Christmas Sale of
We are  havl
Ig   a   Special   Sale
tor Chi
Istmas of Chocolates,
Candied Peel,
Seeded or Seedless
Currants, nice Okan-
agan Apples,
Japanese Orangen,
anil  all
klnds of Nuts,
will be surpr
sed when you Bee
how all
our prices are
Hum you can pure
lase elsi
Come -Burly nnd Sine from 5 to
ii per oi
tit, ou your total
No. 408A      No. of Application 21440F
Notice under Section 36.
ii If* ^fH
^^^jk # .  .        A  ^JkWmmMMWWW
jaug^*      *f x 3
HMk-f ■'■■' W *^mm\\   www
H ml   BSfl^Hn>tHI           HHIEj
Captain A. B. V. CARPENTER, V.C.,
of the British Navy, who bottled up
the German  U-boats  and  the  sub
marine base at Zeebrugge, arrived
in the U.S. last week on a visit.
TAKE NOTICE that an application
has been made to register the Corporation of the City of Cumberland, us
the owner ln fee simple, under a Tax
Sale Deed from the Collector of the
said Corporation, to the said Corporation, bearing date the 31st day of
October, 1018, In pusuance of a Tax
Kale hold by said Collector on or
about the 10th day of October, 1917,
of all and singular those certain
parcels or tracts of land and premises situate, lying, and being In the
City of Cumberland, In the province
of British Columbia, more particularly
known and described as: —
Lots 2 and 3, Block 15, Map 522A.
You and those claiming through or
under you. and all persons claiming
any interest in the said land by virtue
ot any unregistered instrument, and
all persons claiming any interest in
the said land by descent whose title
is not registered under the provisions
of the "Land Registry Act" (R.S.B.C.
1011), are required . to contest the
claim of the tax purchaser within
thirty days of the service of this
notice upon you, and in default of a
caveat or certificate of lis pendens
being filed before the registration, as
owner, of the person entitled under
such tax sale you and each of you
will be for ever estopped and debarred from setting up any claim to
or ln respect of thc said land, and I
shall register the said Corporation as
owner of the said land so sold for
Your attention is called to section
36 of the said  Act   (R.S.B.C.1911,  c.
127) and amendments.
Dated at thc Land Registry Office, at
the City of   Victoria,   Province   of
British Columbia, this 24th day of
December, A.D. 1918.
Registrar General of Titles.
To R. S. Watkins, Assessed Owner of
Lot 2, and
F.  W.  Robins,  Assessed Owner  of
Lot 3.
I direct service of this Notice to be
made by publication thereof ini tour
Issues, one ln each consecutive lyeek;
of a newspaper circulating in Cumr
berland. F. J. STADPOLE,        ,c
Registrar General of Titles.
FOR SALE.—Chevrolet live-passenger
touring car, in good running order,
tires nearly new, self-starter and
electric lights. Owner no further
use.   Apply B. Grieves, Cumberland.
WANTED TO RENT—A typewriter
ln good condition; will be well
taken care of. Apply P.O. Box 192,
Cumberland, B.C.
(Use and Storage
TAKE NOTICE that the Canadian
Collieries (Dunsmuir), Limited, whose
address is Victoria, B.C., will apply
for a licence to take and use 20 cubic
feet of water per second out of Tsa-
Abl River, also known as Baynes
Sound River, which flows in an easterly direction and drains Into Baynes
Sound, about 5 miles south of Union
Bay. The water will be diverted from
the stream at a point 1% miles more
or less, approximate bearing S. 60 degrees, 48 minutes W. (ant.) from N.W.
corner of Lot 2 A, Nelson District;
and will be UBed for mining purposes
upon tho mine and washery located at
Block B 34 Nelson District, and Lot
28, Union Boy. This notice was posted
on the ground on the 17th day of I)o-
cobor, 1918. A copy of this notice and
an application pursuant thereto and
to the "Water Act, 1914," will he filed
in the offlce of the Water Recorder at
Nanaimo. Objections to the application may lie tlled with the said Water
Recorder or with the Comptroller of
Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,
Victoria, B.C., within thirty days after
thc first appearance of this notice In
a local newspaper. The date, of the
ilrst publication of this notice is December 21st, 1918.
The Sale of the
Will Take Place at the Big Store,
See Bills for Particulars
and Save Money.
Phone 3-8
interested in a better position. Qualify for it through our easy homo
Btudy courses, like others you know
• have done. Wo teach Commercial
Subjects and Advertising, Drafting,
Ship, Mechanical and Art, Steam,
Electrical, Mechanical and Mining
Engineering and other branches.
Write for free catalogues and particulars to H. J. MILSOM, Nanaimo
Box 1121, Nanaimo, B.C.
The  undersigned   will  not be  responsible for any debts contracted by
Mali Jack, who has left my employ.
I Cater to the Good Tea Trade
We. t
Obtainable On/y at
Licence No. 8-17268.
Phone 71


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