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The Cumberland Islander Apr 5, 1929

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Array gggsaasBaasaaggq.
King of Kings
Cumberland Islander
Is coming soon
to the Ilo-Ilo
With which Is consolidated the Cumberland N«n».
Ship to Mane |
Special Trip
Lord and Lady Willingdon Will
Visit West Coast
—— I
On her mulilen trip to iho Wostj
Louul u. ,a couver lulind, the now
c.i It. con i eun . Pilaccas Norah
wll, sail Ironi /ictorla next Sunday:
vvitj a spec.al guest party aboard, Including rheli Isxcalieaclea Lord and
Lady Wlllingdon, vim will he on tho
coast in connection with the National
Council Di Liuucatioa Conieroncea
tu Victoria and Vancouver, His liouo;-
It. Randolpa Bruce, Lieuiena.it-Uov-
euor ot Bntiail Columbia, ami Miss
Helen Mackenzie, ana members ot !he
staffs of the guhernatorial parlies.
Mr. Matt. Armstrong, secretary ot
the Nanaimo Cricket Club, has written und Invited the Cumberlad Cricket club to open the season at Nanaimo
,m Sunday. .May the 5th. As the date
..as suitable to the local club, the sec-
o.olary was Instructed to accept tlie
date. Other games with Nanaimo
.... e not .u. yet been sot but will he
i.ed in as early as possible.
Garage Proprietors1
There Is activity amongst the garage
proprietors ln Cumberland these daya,
A gang ol men are busy clearing the
two uomer lots facing tho Islander
office, where It is rumoured Harllng
and Ledingham intend to locate,
Funerals Of
Two Old Time
No Woru Xeceived
From Stage Co.
Secretary of Cumberland Board
of Trade Disappointed
Mr. J. C. Brown, secretary of the
Cumberland Board of Trade Is a very
disappointed man. Some time ago ho
wrote the Vancouver Island Transportation Company asking that conBlder-
atioa be given to an evening stago
from Cumberland, south. Up to the
time of writing, Mr. Brown has not
received a reply and as the stage com-'
pany are revising some of the sched-1
uie and putting on new busses at dlf- j
erent points of the Island, the sec-1
etary of the Cumberland Board of |
Trade is wondering if this end of the
Island has been overlooked.
Cumberland, April 3.-The death
occurred at the Cumberland Hospital
TYe Cumberland Motor Works op-1 on Monday, of Jane Walker, beloved
erand by Geidt and Gordon also con-' ^{e 0f David Walker. The deceased
template extensive Improvements io wrlo was in her seventy-seventh year,
their present premises, having bought was born In Scotland and was a plon-
the house and lot adjoining the re- eer 0f Cumberland, having resided
pair shop. Workmen are busy tearing i,ere for the last thirty-nine years.
down tiie house next to the Post Of- She was well known and highly re-
llce and when the groand Is thorough- spected ln the town and district. Al-
,     ,       ,       ,, „ ,,.      , „      though she had been ill tor a long
ly cleaned up, Messrs. Geidt and Qor- j™™ ,t WM with glM som)w that
don intend to build their lining sta- her many friends heard of her pass-
tlons. back from the main street.   A j Ing.
dilvewa. will be built alongside the     The funeral was held on Wednes-
„«. ,,      , „.    .    i day  (to-day)  at 4:30 p.m. from the
Post Office   making  It  possible  for | "^ "°sj[iemei   WMt" Cumberland.
patrons to get access to the pumps j A sr,0rt service was held nt the house,
one way and going out by another the Rev. J. R. Hewitt officiating, the
driveway by the front ot the garage, i hymn rendered being "Nearer My God
to  Thee."    The  Pythian  Sisters,  of
His Exccloiicy Lord Willingdon
(from a pencil sketch)
The Norah will be absent four days
and will lake i.i all pointB of interest]
on the West Coast uf the Island as far j
North as Port Alice. Capt. Cyril D. j
Nerou.sos, coast manager of the C.P.R,
will probably lake the trip, and ar- ]
rangements are now under way to
invite several prominent residents of
Victoria a,:d West Coast poi.us on(
Liis special trip,
Atlrnc.sfve Trip
The rugged scenery for which the
West Coast Is noted will probably hold
great appeal for Their Excellencies, I
aud it Is expected that this trip will j
be one of their most delightful cxper-1
lences in British Columbia. The West
Coast trip has become exceedingly!
popular with tourists from nil parts
of tbe world In the last two or three
years, and with the luxurious comfort
of the new Princess Norah Is bound to
prove enjoyable. When oa tho coast
two years ago, Their Excellencies
wore char uert with nn Indian reception given tiem at the Gorge, and
Lady Willingdon In particular will nn
doubt be captivate:! with tbe native
Indiana of West Coast points and their
unique customs.
The Princess Norah, which arrived!
In January from Scotland, where she
was built, has been 1.. ing nt the
wharves in tho Inner harbor, Victoria, j
being cleaned aad painted In preparation to taking up the Spring schedule j
to the West Coast. She was drydock- \
ed this week preparatory to taking the '
vlce-rekal and Lieut-Govern or'e part-1
tes on her llrst trip next week. She :
will enter regular service on April |
21, and will contlnuo on the run until
th« late Summer,
Tournaments At
Athletic Club
Very Successful
Members of Club Demand One
More Tournament
The final of the checkers tournament at the Athletic Club was played
on Sunday last when J. Hannay triumphed, being credited with 124
points, with H. Waterlield and R.
Freeburn tleing for second place, with
llti points each. Mr. T. H. Williams,
however, came to the rescue and very
kindly donated a special prize, making
It possible for Freeburn and Water-
field to gain a prize each. This Is
stated to be the last checkers tournament this season, but It Is totally different story with the crib players. The
final of which was to have been the
last crib tournament this Beason will
be played on Sunday evening. J. Horbury and J. Wilkinson are in the final
but their opponents will not be kuowu
until the semi-final has been played
early onSunday evening. So insistent have the members of the cluo
been during the past ten da.s that the
executive of the club decided to stage
another crib tournament which will
be run in the form of a league, there
being no knockouts as In previous
tournaments. The pair of players
wining the best 2 out of 3 games
will be given ou.i point, and on completion of the league Lhe pair of players with most point.i will be declared
winners. All players aro requested
to be present at tho club at 7 p.m. on
This enterprising firm of young men
are now very optimistic regarding the
future of Cumberland and are sparing
no expense in making their garage a
most attractive one. Just what building Is going to be erected in addition
to the gasoline pumps could not be
Mr. Jack Ledingham, who was indisposed when tbe Islander reporter
called at the garage, could not be
reached, consequently nothing authentic could be learned as to the nature
of the building planned by the firm of
Harllng & Ledingham. Of course the
man on the street knows all about lt
and we are informed that it is intended to build a garage on one corner
and a show room on the other.
It is also rumoured that a Seattle
nn have been negotiating with Mr.
George Richardson for the purchase of
his property at the corner of Duns-
aiulr and Fourth street.
Mr. T. Graham
To Locate In
which the deceased was a member,
led the funeral and conducted the service at the graveside. The pall-bearers
were Messrs. F. Dalby, R. England, J.
Horbury, T. Bennett, J. McLeod and
D. R. MacDonald. A large crowd of
friends and acquaintances attended to
nay their last respects to a dear old-
The following floral tributes are
gratefully acknowledged:
Gates Ajar—The Family.
Cross—Mr. and Mrs. H. Wilson, Nanaimo; Mr. and Mrs. A. Walker; Mr.
and Mrs. J. Carthew, Headquarters.
Heart—Mr. and Mrs. T. Bennett
and Willie.
Wreaths—Officers and members of
Cumberland Lodge No. 26, A. F. & A.
M.; Mr. and Mrs. James Walker and
Family; Mr. C. ElUs and Miss E. Ellis,
Vancouver; Mr. and Mrs. A. G.
Slaughter, Nanaimo; Mr. and Mrs. G.
Slaughter and Bobby, Nanaimo; Mr.
and Mrs. J. H. Stevens and Aunt
Katie, Nanaimo; Mr. and Mrs. A. Derbyshire and Norma, Nanaimo; Mr. and
Mrs. B. Abrams; Mr. and Mrs. F. Dalby; Mr. and Mrs. R. Struthers and
Rita; Railroad Boys; Mrs. Thos.
Coombs; Matt and Bob Brown; Benevolence No. 9, Pythian Sisters; Mr.
and Mrs. James and Family, Victoria;
Officers and Members Court Cumberland No. 9831; Mr. and Mrs. J. Miller,
Bevan; Officers and members Harmony
Rebekah Lodge No. 22.
Sprays—Mr. and Mrs. W. Graham:
Mr. J. Gillespie; Mr. and Mrs. James
White, Powell River;  Mr. and  Mrs.
Stanley  Lawrence   and. Family;   Mr.
*and Mrs. R.  Freeburn and Family;
Mr.   Thomas   Graham   Opening Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas and Family;
Consulting Office at Capital    jMr. and Mrs. Aspesy; Mr. and Mrs
  I James   Murray   and   Verna;   Ladles'
„    ,   ,   a a,„.ii i   Th» announce-' Auxiliary of Eagles: Mrs. Dallos and
Cumberland, Am 1 9.-The announce .    ^,   \,       d M;. n ollis0    Bev.
:ent,'S ,'"?,f JS, cumbe.Sndand ™: Mr and Mrs. Mossey and Family;
lam la (gout'to leave °^™n« 8™ Mr and Mrs. Saunders; Mr. and Mrs.
.lake   his   headquarters   at   Victoria,      T„h„„„. Mr  „nH M_  ,,  Th„m.
vhere he will open a consulting en.
_'tC. Tobacco; Mr. and Mrs. J. Thorn-
Teachers Explained
Provincial   Educators'   Annual
Vancouver, April !.—An explanation
of the offeel ot the Pensions Act for
teachers, approved nt the recent session of tlie Legislature, was given at
this afternoon's meeting of the British
Columbia Teachers' Federation by
Harry Cliniicswortli, general secretary
Mr. Charlesivorth told ot Ilio llnanclal
provisions of the Act, which will double the contributions of teachers who
have served lor thirty consecutive
years. He snid the basis of the Act
he thought, would he changed within ti
few years from the ngc at retirement
to a length uf .service In scaools.
In his annual report, T. W. Wood-
head, president, said the passage o'
the Pensions' Dill was the chief accomplishment of the year. .He commented upon the looseness with which
several geographical divisions of the
Federation was held together. The
task ot bringing about a closer union
and raising the stalls of Isolated
counuv teachers would be taken up
,by the Incoming-executive, the president said.
Mr. James F. Hough, a former employee of tho Cumberland Islander
now of the mechanical staff ot the
Victoria Colonist was a visitor to
.Cumberland for Easter.
Locals Win The
Gedunkers' Cup
Last Saturday evening the Cumberland High School Girls' basketball
leuni met the Nanaimo High School
team In play for the Upper Island
championship and the Oeilunlters' cup.
Nanaimo started with a fast game and
quarter time found the score 4-2 In
favor of Nanaimo. Tbe Cumberland
girls did some heavy checking, and
the Nanaimo team were able to score
only one penalty shot and Cumberland
two shots and a penalty, thus making
the score at half-tlmo 7-5 In favor of
the local team. Some excellent combination and quick passing took piano
during thc next quarter, the Cumberland girls cliulklug up two more baskets, making the score 11-6. During
the last quarter Nanaimo put up a
hard game but came oul on the short
end ol a 17-9 score. The win over Nanaimo gives Cumberland girls tho Upper Islnml championship and the Gedunkers cup which will be presented
at a luter date.
Nanaimo players were: Dagg. Bln-
dun, Iladow, Slillwell, Thompson, Te-
slal, Gibson.
Cumberland: Plcketti, Conrod, Partridge, C. Brown and Cavellero.
The same night the Cumberland
High Scjol boys played the Nanaimo
High boys for the championship. The
Nanaimo boys displayed some excellent combination, while the tendenov
of ihe home team was to do too much
individual playing. At half tlmo the
score was 15-13 in favor of the visiting team. During the last half Cumberland and Nanaimo both scored six
points, making the final total 21-19
for Nanaimo; the Nanaimo boys scoring the winning basket just before
the whistle blew. Mr. Kelly roferced
both games.
Nanaimo players wero: Brown, Wal-
ford, Kelly, Green, Miles, Beck,
Cumberland: Conrod, Hill, J. Davis
G. Brown, A. Brown.
■     „• „  ..,.,i„. ,„ ,„. minim son; Mrs. D. Stevenson; Mrs. Robert-
a wssr: mk &a r^r" Mra-Ed-wl-
o being consulting engineer for the | uamson antt^anuiy^	
-anadian Collieries  iDunsmuir)  Llm-i
..ed and the Western Fuel Corpora- Cumberland, April 2—The funeral
ion of Canada. of the  late  Mr.  Frank  Dallos  took
,f enXee? &UJtU& «*- » ™* "fa," 'Tr'T
ompanles, Mr. Graham believes that | from the residence of Mrs. D. Gordon,
.itli the great development taking lit proceeded to the Catholic church
dace throughout the province tn min- j [or tne service, Father Beaton offtcl-
.13 a consulting engineer's office in al, The j,^, Lodge, of which
%S*cZ7"m. Or J *e deceased was a member, attended
lam's association with the coal min-1 In mass and conducted the services at
ig Industry of British Columbia and the graveside. The pall bearers, all
t the northern portion ot Vancouver 0M.time friends of Mr. Dallos, were
sland   in   Particular,   he:  has  made Kilpatrlck,   Courtenay;
'.any friends who will be sorry to hear "l      _ .....     ,        „   .    « .
hat he Is going to make his head- Con. Relfel,  Nanaimo;  H. L.  Bates,
tuarters In Victoria. Joe Tobacco, Jim Tobacco, Joe As-
In 1904 Mr. Graham was appointed pesy, Cumberland.   A large crowd of
mperlntendent of  the Western Fuel ri.lelulll Rttende<1 t0 poy their last re-
Company,  a  position  he  held  until        . foilowlne floral tributes
January  1st.  1912, when he became 3PecM'   T"6 MWWMg norai tributes
hiel inspector of mines for the pro- «e gratefully acknowledged:
Ince  .acting ln  that capacity until    Pillow—The Family.
\pril 1st. 1917.   He relinquished the     Crone—Mra. Cavellero.
.'hlet   Inspector's   position  to  become      wra»th«_Amv   and   Billy    Reelna'
■eneral superintendent of the Canad-1  ,       "tIT*   *      ', »iu.   Tt,
Ian  Collieries   (Dunsmuir),  Limited, Florence 8ehl; Dad and Mother Sehl
holding that position until this jiearlH*    Marguerite,    Victoria;    Comox
when he wns made consulting ongln-; Aerie 1953, F. O. Eagles; Henry Rellcl
'er of the Canadian Collieries and the! and Family, Vancouver; Mr. and Mrs.
Western Fuel Company.                    | a Relfel  N„na|mo; Mr. and Mrs. F.
During his residence in Cumberland Wilcook| Mr. and Mrs. J. Damonte;
Mr.    Graham    made   hundreds   of i , _h„_„.„_ „„„„,_„.
friends-nay,   thousands   of   friends,,Mr- ""O Mr»- *• Thompson. Nanaimo,
>ne might say, as all employees of the:Mr- and Mra. J. Raga and Family.
•rent   colliery   company   had   at   all;   Sprays—Tom Simms; Mr. and Mra.
Imes a cheery word for Mr. Tom Gra-: 3, Brown, Victoria; R. Lang; Mr. and
Sffi^nT^t.'SSSXWiS MirT; T T M?Mv,ctrf
tap. organizations ln the district, andi^'oie and Family; Mr. and Mrs. D.
vas ever ready to help with advice vValker; Mrs. Francesclnl and son;
md In a good many Instances helped josle and John Burghlner; Mr. and
financially. jMrs   j   Aspesy;   Mrs.  R.  Marocchi;
In his younger days he was an ar-;,,     „      *  '•      ,, ,,       '
dent soccer player, which in turn gave' *•"• K- Marocchi; Mr. and Mrs. J.
way to tennis. Tennis gave way to golf, Bardasonl; Mr. and Mrs. Perozzinl
and It was In the latter game that he; and Family; Mr. and Mrs. W. Mcrri
probably got more enjoyment than „„,„. Mr and Mrs. L Frclon Mr5
tn any of the  many gnmes he had „.      „     . j  „    „ .,.,
played Only Inst week, on the Co-;Wm' Horris<m "nd Famllvi Mr' M'
.nox Golf Course. Mr. Graham, play- •Stone, Nanaimo; Hamilton Bates; 1
ing with his son Morton, periormed Harry Norrls; G. W. MacFarland;
the hole-ln-one trick, thus becoming: Ladies' Auxiliary of Eagles; Mr. and
a member of the famous Dodo club.   I ,„,„   „   _„_„ „   . „.„,,„,  ,, J
"Tom" Graham was and Is undoubt- Mrs''P' Bono and Fnmlly; Mr' an(1l
:dly loved by the employees, as dur- Mrs- p- P. Harrison; Mr. and Mrs. A.l
ing the length of his association with Merletti and Family; Mr. and Mrs.
the Canadian Collieries, the most cor- a. A. Davis, Nanaimo: Mr. and Mrs.'
dial relationship existed between em-   ,„ j  t-    „      ,,        .,   ..       . I
ployees and Lho company. That he is J°S° and Family; m M Mrs* J'
removing  from Cumberland to Vic- -Marriott.
torta Will undoubtedly be a great Ipsa1 	
.0 tlie district and his many friends JAPANESE BOY
in Cumberland will wish him long We, lft B
health aud happiness in his new home.
Three Companies Will Present
Applications for Franchise
Before End of Month—Slight
Difference Develops in Character of Applicant's Desire.
Tho futuro ol Campbell River water
powers, one of the most discussed issues  liefore the last session of the
I-VKislature,    Involving    incidentally
the future uf Strathcona Park, will bo {
considered  by  the  provincial   water
board at the hearing this month, it'.
was   announced   at   the   Parliament \
Buildings.   The board has not fixed
the date nf this highly important hear-
ing definitely, but plans to bold lt be- j
fore the beginning of May.
Three Firms Id Field
The most strenuous battle waged
In recent years for a water power
ln Western Canada will be conducted
before tbe board when It takes up
the Campbell River question. Three
concerns, it was announced, will hav#
equal priority In applying for licenses
which would allow the harnessing of
the stream and the damning of Buttles
Lake in Strathcona Park. They are
the Vancouver Island Power Company, the Campbell River Power Company, and the Crown-Wllllamette
Company. The two latter concerns
are anxious to use the river to supply
power fnr a paper mill while the Vancouver Island Power Company, subsidiary of the B. C. Power Corporation
would use it to generate electricity
for general commercial use in tbe
avaiable areas.
Difference In Application
Each of these three applications will
be on the name basis of priority it
wns  explained,  but the proceedings
covering the Vancouver Island Power
Company   and   the   Campbell   River
Power Company applications are different   from   those  relating  to   the
claims  ot the Canadian Crown-Wil-
liamette Company.   The former are i
applying for a Class G license, which 1
would enable them to Bell power and,'
powers to the best advantage of tbe
public. Incidentally, tbe effect of
each scheme on Buttles Lake In
Strathcona Park will be given the
most searching scrutiny bj tbe Cabinet before any water license is granted,
according to the law. their plans will
bo considered by the water comptroller, Major J. C. Macdonald, a member
of the hoard, before a oertlfloate approving any of the undertakings Is
However, it must be approved by ,
the Minister of Lands. Thus the mutter becomes a case of Government
policy and it will be for the Government finally to decide which concern
can    develop    the    Campbell    River '
The recent repairs and alterations
at Comox Spit were Inspected last
week end by Mr. Finmore of the Naval
Yard, Esquimau, From recent press
despatches it is learned that H.M.S.
Colombo will <rul.se in British Columbia waters shortly and it Is presumed the buildings on the Spit have
heen put Into repair to accomodate
tho visiting tars. It lB also rumoured
that the spit will be used by some of
the military units this summer on the
occasion uf the annual camp.
Burns And
The Vancouver Island and Coast i
Branch of the Safety First Association i
will hold a first aid indoor meet lu thy j
Uo-llu Hall on Saturday evening wheu j
the Hon. W, A. MacKenzie minister of
mines will be present and present
prizes to successful competitors. A ;
tree dance will follow the competl-
The death occurred In the Cumber-
Corporation of tlie City of Cumberland laud General Hospital on Tuesday,1
All owners of dogs, who have not April 2nd, of Norlo Herose, aged 15
ye. taken out VJ2U licence must do so years. Norlo was a pupil of good
immediately. On and after April 15th standing In tbe llrst year high school
prosecution will follow owners of and wus much thought of by his fellow
dogs falling to obtain licence. j students.   The funeral took plac0 on
14-15 W, H. COPE, j Thursday from the Community Hall
Chief of Police,  at No. 5 Juplown, with tho Rev. Mr.
  i Robathan officiating.   Atnong.it many
Mrs. R, Abrams and Gwen, Mrs. M. other lloral tributes were a wreath
Stewart aud Malcolm motored to Na- from his classmates and a cross from
nalmo on Tuesday, returning Wed- the pupils and teachers ot the Cum-
neuduy. I berland High School.
Rat Pit Contest
For Nanaimo
Rat Catchers to Be Paid a Five-
Cent Bonus
One ot Nanaimo's most hectic Council meetings was held last evening and
many decisions were arrived at.
Amongst others was that Nanaimo Is
to be tbe legal recipient of a rat-pit
competition, Mr. Wm. Wlllgress, and
Mr. C. Harper addressed the Council
Mr. Harper said that, bh a member of
the Nanaimo Kennel Club, he wished
to inform the Council that the Club
was desirous of establishing a rat pit
here. He pointed out that it would
encourage the breeding of rat terriers,
that tbe club would pay five ceut« per
rat. He assured the Council that there
would be no cruelty attached. He
also said that after the battle the rats'
remains would be cremated, and tbe
best dog would be credited with tbe
Aid. Kenny moved that permission
be granted to establish the rat pit. It
was nothing but fair, tie said, that the
rats should he warred against. The
motion passed.
The rut question is also becoming
serious In Cumberland and some
moans will have to be taken very
shortly to put an end to the ever-Increasing numbers. The City or Courtenay is also faced with the same difficulty and the city fathers we are given to understand are investigating the
building of an incinerator for the
burning of all reruse. Thc City of
Cumberland would do well to build
an Incinerator without delay. Tho
present dumping grounds are nothing
but a feeding ground for rats and thc
sooner an incinerator Is built the better (or all concerned. Places of bust-1
ness and private homes are being I
bothered with rats nesting In and!
urouud their buildings and If the pre- ]
sent conditions aro allowed to continue, Cumberland will be over-run with
Nanaimo's idea of holding a rat-pit
competition is a good one. How about
following tbe Idea here?
Illustrated Lecture and Concert
Proved Entertaining and
The illustrated lecture, concert and
the dance which followed the serv-
of refreshments at the Anglican Hall
on Wednesday evening, under auspices ]
of the Cumberland Cronies' Burns'
club proved to be both entertaining
und interesting and It is to be regretted (bat there was such sparse attendance. The lecture itself was
worth the price of admission asked.
Mr. Strachan took the audience over
many of tbe places made famous by
the poet, Robert Burns. The slides
Bhowed numerous phases of the poet's
life, from hia birth place In Alloway
to the Mausoleum In Dumfries, also
monuments to his memory at Alloway, Edinburgh and Kilmarnock. The
second portion of pictures shown included a number of old scottlah his-
trolcal places, making a very Interesting lecture for young and old. Mr.
Strachan as each picture wag flashed
on the screen delivered a short address applicable to the place shown.
Wonderful scenes of Edinburgh, Stirling, Inverness, West highlands, the
Forth Bridge, Cullodtn Field, and
Wallace and Bruce monuments were
depleted, the audience being taken
over a tour of a wonderful country.
Songs and instrumental selections
were rendered during the evening, the
following well known local artists
contributing to a well balanced programme: "Scottish Airs,'' by Byng
Bo..s' orchestra; song by Messrs Robert Goodall aud J. Stalker and Miss
E. Henderson and suxaphoue solos by
"Spud" Thomson.
A merry dance followed and whilst
not very largely attended was most
enjoyable. The executive of the Cronies' club are very grateful to thc artists for their generous help and ulso
deeply appreciate the assistance rendered by the Rev. E. O. Robathan who
operated the picture machine. On account of the first aid indoor meet
which will he held this Saturday the
Burns' club will not hold thenr usuul
whlst drive and  dance.
It was rather disappointing to tbe
executive of the Bums' club to see
a poor turn out at the lecture as it
*as felt that the subject would have
heen of great Interest to tho many
Scotch people living lu tho district.
Twenty Witnesses Heard
The coroner's Jury, after dellberat- ''
ing twenty minutes, brought In a ver- I
diet uf accidental death without Hume
attached lo anyone, after au all- afternoon hCHson inquiring into thu circumstances leading up to the death of
Kdwurd Humming, victim of a sleighing accident) in which u former Cumberland girl, Klsle Bevis, was badly '
Foresees Big
At Ladysmith
Total Coal Output to Be Maintained* Despite Extension
Closing. Says Haggen
Ladysmith may become tho "Metallurgical Mecca" of the Pacific Coast If
plans of the Lautysmtth .'Tidewater
Smelters Ltd., and the British Metals
Corporation for tlie re-opening of tho
Ladysmlth Smelter are carried out
according to E. A. Haggen, mining editor of the Vancouver Province. Reopening of the smelter, he declares In
a recent article, would more than
compensate the Ladysmlth district and
Vancouver Island for the recent closing of the Extension mines.
The plans of these two companies
Mr. Haggen writes, "include not only
smelting but the establishment ot
a custom concentrating mill where
ores can be treated without the necessity of constructing mills for smaller
mining operations tributary to the
coast; while it is also proposed to
establish an electrolytic refinery.
"With such a plant Ladysmlth may
become tlie metallurgical Mecca of tho
Pacific Coast where ores from Alaska
to South America may find a market
which may even attract shipments
from other parts of the pacific rim,
New .Mines
"While the closing of thc Extension
Mines is a bad blow to Ladysmlth at
present it may prove only a temporary
set-back. As to the coal Industry on
Vancouver Island, new mines will bo
opened, and shipments probably maintained for many years to come.
TciiijMimr) Setback
"If pulverlod coal conies into general use as fuel for steamships and
replaces oil. us seems probable, the
location of thin field has great advantages.
"The coal industry on the coast
seems therefore to have a long Ufa
Still ahead ot it. and such setbacks
ns the shutting down of tho Extension
Mines are therefore likely to have
only a temporary effect.
injured, on January 80th last, when
the bob-sled, steered by deceased collided with a Chevrolet louring cur
owned and driven by Douglas Proctor
at the Intersection of Wallace, Bastion
and   FltZWllllan    Streets.     Altogether
twenty witnesses were heard,
I)o:iaid MacKinnon, one of the injured is still a patient in the Nanaimo hospital.
All the members of the Cumberland
Board of School Trustees Journeyed
to the school grounds this morning
and Inspected the work being done at
tbe new cement tennis courts, which,
we are led to believe are going to cost
more to construct than the School
Boarrd figured on. A meeting of the
board will bo held on Thursday next
when iu all probability tho matter
will he thoroughly  dtscusBed.
Easter Sevices
Well Attended
Candlesticks Presented Anglican
Church in Memory of
Holy Trinity Anglican Church wus
very nicely decorated for the Easter
services at which large congregations
were present. During the course of
his address nn Easter Sunday, tho
Vicar, the Rev, K. (). Ilohalhan drew
the attention of th- congregation to
two beautiful brass candlesticks on
the altar. The candlesticks have heen
given to Holy Trinity Church by tho
family of the late Rev, Ernest Nuuuh,
who died jn Cumberland a short time
At tlie Cumberland United Church
special Castor music was rendered by
the choir, Including in addition to tho
Easter hymns, the Blaster anthemns.
"TIs Midnight." "Worthy U the
Lamb" and "He Lives Again." By
spexlal roquost tiie special Easier music will be repealed thi'< Sunday.
The ladles' auxiliary nf the C"™-
bi rland Qeneral Hospital will hold
their annual hospital bull In the Hollo Dame Hall on Friday, April tho
lltlh when it Is expected a record number cf patrons will be In attendance.
Admission lias been placed at 11.00,
Indies and gentlemen both having a
like sum. Refreshments will be served.
The ladies of Hie auxiliary need a
lot uf money during tbe year to carry
on the good work ami confidently look
to tho general public to patronize their
annual ball on the 19th. A good time
Is assured and you will have the added
satisfaction of helping a worthy cause.
The many beautiful prizes to be
competed for nt the firsl aid indoor
meet In the Ilo-Ilo Hall tomorrow
night are on view In Campbell Bros,
windows. There are u great many
prizes, all  useful  and  beautiful. PAGE TWO
FRIDAY,   APRIL   6,   1929
The Cumberland Islander
THE EDITOR of the Courtenay Free Pres3
takes us tu task for writing disparingly of
the Forbidden Plateau. It was not our intention to knock Courtenay's playground, but a
desire on our part to boost what we have got at
Comox Lake and the country adjacent to it, The
writer has never been to the Forbidden Plateau
but based his remarks last week on the word of
some who have travelled over both and our friend
on the Free Press can rest assured that the climb
would have no terrors for anyone who' has travelled the country around Comox Lake. For Comox
Lake country is strenuous country. That fact
cannot be denied, and, moreover, for the less
strenuous and those who enjoy the placid, the
beautiful shores of Comox Lake cannot be surpassed.
And that is why we say, Comox Lake, Cumberland has more to oiler than the Forbidden Plateau.
What we really want to bring to the attention
of our public bodies is the fact that Courtenay is
boosting their playground far and wide which is
bound to have results in the not too far distant
future, ln the meantime, we, here in Cumberland
are idle, doing absolutely nothing to build up a
clientage for Comox Lake. Let us all get busy
and follow the lead of our neighbors at Courtenay.
Let us paint glowing, but true pictures in all the
papers of the province and let the outsider know
what we have got. The road to success is paved
with good advertisements and we certainly have
some thing good to advertise.
THERE is no "sure sign" of spring, but spring
should be a "sure sign" of the arrival ot that
time for the community to clean up. There
is no superstition or prophesying about this cleanup sign.
When warm weather has come to stay (until
cold weather returns in the autumn) every owner
of property and tenant should instinctively feel
it his duty to remove the evidences of winter's
ravages and to aid and augment nature in her
work of re-beautification.
Every spring clean-up programme should include disposal of winter's accumulation of litter
and decayed vegetation, repairing and repainting
of buildings, and landscape gardening. Landscape
gardening is no longer associated with large
estates alone.
Cleanliness about the person or the home costs
nothing. A community clean-up need involve no
expense, except of a moderate amount of labor
on the part of the householders. If there ever
were excuses for the uncleanliness they were removed long ago.
What is the compensation of a community-wide
clean-up campaign? It improves the general
health of the community by removing deposits
that are breeding places of disease germs and
disease carrying insects. A clean town is a better
place in which to live than one that is unsanitary
and unsightly. And the best community advertising is the appearance of being "cleaned-up, paint-
ed-up and planted-up."
T WAS only a few years ago that the retail
j stores in towns and the smaller cities did the
bulk of their week's business on Saturday.
While theother live business days might have paid
expenses the merchant depended upon the Saturday sales for the major portion of his week's
profit. Needless to say the average merchant
would have been exempt from excess profits taxes
in those days.
The newspaper is given credit for discovering
the posibility of scatterng the Saturday peak load
over the six business days of the week and it was
newspaper advertising which has achieved the
present more equitable distribution of the week's
uusiness. Saturday is still the merchant's busy
day, but now he is only a little less busy on the
preceding five days.
This is only one of the many services performed
for business by newspaper advertising. It is irrefutable that a great part of the increase in
business experienced by the retail stores generally in recent years has been created by newspaper
advertising. Newspaper advertising has been
the "Alladin's Lamp" of the retail merchant.
There are still isolated towns where one may see
for himself what "might have been" the nation
over if newspaper advertising had never been.
If women had any sense there would be more
Courtenay Locals
Mr. and Mrs. Max Blunt and children and Miss Violet Symmonds, of
Nanaimo, were guests Easter Sunday
of Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Van Hemert.
Misses Ethel and Isadore Sutton, of
Vancouver, spent the Easter holidays
at the home of their parents, Mr. and
Mrs. John Sutton.
Mrs. Len Roberts and children went
to Vancouver on Saturday for a visit
with relatives and friends.
Mr. D. M. Morrison returned home
on Monday after spending several
days in Vancouver.
Cliff Laver. Howard Sutton and
Norman Tribe left on Sunday for Buttles Lake for a few days' outing.
Mr. Fred Anderson left for Sweden
this morning. Mrs. J. Tukham accompanied him to Vancouver.
Mr. James Hough, of Victoria, was
a visitor to Courtenay over the weekend, the guest of his brother, Mr. Jack
Hough of the B. c. Telephone staff.
Miss Marguerite McKee is spending
the Easter vacation at the home of her
Mr. and Mrs. A. Parfltt. of Victoria,
spent a few days in Courtenay during
Easter week.
Mrs. George Relfel and daughter
Audrey, of Vancouver, spent the Easter vacation, thc guest of her sister,
Mrs. W. Booth, the Orchard.
Mr. R. W. Booth, piano tuner, of
Nanaimo, was in Courtenay this week.
Mrs. R. Bridges, of Westlawn, Sandwlck, has had as her guests over the
holidays, Mr. R. T. Creech and daughter Muriel, of Victoria; Mrs. R. K.
Cairns and son James, of Duncan, also Mr. and Mrs. Edward Creech and
young son, of Victoria. They returned home on Monday.
Constable O. R. Lennox left on Monday to take up a course at Okalla.
Mr. Nell Pollock, who is in the nursery business ln Victoria and who formerly resided in Courtenay, was a visitor ln town during the week renewing old acquaintances.
Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Searle spent
Easter at Ladysmlth, returning home
on Wednesday. Mr. Searle asisted in
Jle Easter services with liis old choir
at Ladysmlth.
Miss E. M. E. Johnson and Mrs.
Johnson spent Easter with relatives In
Duncan, returning on Wednesday.
Mrs. R. M. Stewart, formerly ot Comox and now residing at Chilliwack,
,vas a visitor in town during the week.
Messrs. Ian and James Inglis spent
Easter with their parents, returning
to the Mainland via the motorcycle
route on Monday,
Mr. A. H. Nash is back in town and
says he is ready to take on any Job!
,11 the painting line.
Mrs. A. McLennan, with Misses j
Bessie and Pheinie, are spending the;
Easter holidays with friends in Alberni.
Mr. J. B. Holmes left for Vancouver on Friday's train.
Misses A. Hildebrand and L. Car-'
roll, of the Courtenay Public School
staff, aTe spending the holidays in
Vancouver and attending the teachers'
convention there.
Mrs. Stubbs is visiting with friends
ln Victoria, while Mr. O. W. Stubbs
Is attending the convention in Vancouver.
Mrs. Thomas Gwilt and her mother,
Mrs. J. Webster, visited Vancouver
during the week.
Messrs. William Sutllff and Len
Roberts have returned from a visit ln
Miss Mildred McQuillan is spending the holidays with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. R. R. McQuillan.
Mrs. L. S. Cokely and daughters
came over from Vancouver on Thurs-,
day to spend the Easter holidays with'
Mr. Cokely who is doing surveying in]
Uie district. They are staying at the
Elk Hotel, Comox. j
Mrs. Camroux has arrived from Eng-j
land and is the guest of her sister,
Mrs. Heber Cooke. I
Mr. Fred Bates, of North Vancouver.'
Is holidaying in the district.
Mr. Alf. Pitt, of Dryden, Ontario,
.'.'.liked in rather unexpectedly on his
nrothcr-in-law, Mr. W. A. W. Hames,1
un Wednesday. He Is accompanied j
by his friend, Mr. Groll, of Winnipeg.
Mrs. E. Kane and Miss Marion
Blackhall of Vancouver were guests
o\er the week-end of Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Blackhall.
Miss Winnie Ball and Miss Margaret
Sutherland motored to Nanaimo at the
wt'ck-tnd and on the return trip call-
o dat Qualicum Beach to see their
friends Miss I. Hawkins and Miss Ruth
a large shipment of the newest novelties in
Frilled Curtains with values from (P ,| (?|A
$2.25 to per pair   «P^«0"
Newest designs and colorings in Cretonnes Terry
Cloths, Art Satins ar.d Silk Nets and Art Silk
Draperies suitable for side curtains, sun-proof
and wash-proof casement cloths.
Special Values in Plain and Fancy Patterns also
Colored Striped Curtain Nets (PI   AA
at 3 yds. for   tpI.UU
Men's Department
"Fashion-Craft" made-to-measure clothing.
Leave your order now for your Spring Suit.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Just received a complete Spring Stock of Youths'
and Young Men's Worsted and Tweed Suits in
the Newest Styles. Also complete stock of Men's
and Young Men's Spring and Summer Outing
Men's Spring Stock now in of Men's
B ''
In every sorts of building materials.
Royston Lumber Co.
PHONES I xiB'" c""": 1'I4X (-ou,',ell»>'
[ nmie:  159 Cumberland
Mr. Arnold Rennlson, of Vancouver, spent the week-end with his parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Nairn, of Vanderhoof,
have taken over the farm lately occupied by Mr. O'Connor.
Mr. and Mrs. K. Rees returned from
a visit to Nanaimo ou Monday.
Miss Zuba Pickering spent thc weekend with her sister at Cotrox.
Miss MacAfee. of Vancouver was the
feuest of Mrs. W. Rennlson for Easter.
A surprise party of the Sandwlck
younger set called upon Miss Chrissie
Mitchell on Monday evening in honor
ot her birthday.
Vim, Vigor and
—forget the rest
Ask your grocer for Comox Whole Wheat Flour.
Manufactured at our plant from the best grade, hard
wheat imported by us for this purpose.
Ask for and see that you get
Comox Creamery Butter 55<> per lb.
Comox Creamery Association
School Report For
Month Of March
Dlv. 1—Teacher, H. E. Murray. No.
on roll, 34; percentage attendance,
97.4; perfect attendance, 24; lates, 0.
Honor Roll—Thora Keeler, Bessie
Nicholas, Bennie Nicholas, Sidney
Hunt. Geo. Salto, David Hunden.
Dlv. II—Teacher, T. Galllvan. No.
enrolled, 27; no. of lates, 1; percentage of attendance, 93.5; perfect attendances, 13.
Honor roll, Grade VIII—Brysov
Parnham, Alec Somervllle, Robert
Brown. Grade VII—Madge Bryant.
Audrey Philips .Gertie Davis.
Dlv. Ill—Teacher, G. E. Apps.   No,
I enrolled, 28; no. of lates. 2; perfect
atymdances,   16;   percentage  of  at-
! tendance, 95.
Honor Roll—Senior VII—Norman
Ellis, Peter Bono. Junior VII—Margaret Beverldge, Kiso Sora, Takashi
Ogakl, Alex Mossey.
Dlv. IV—Teacher, I. McFadyen. No
enrolled, 37; perfect attendances, 24;
percentage of attendance, 97.5.
Honor Roll—Haruo Nakano, Yasa-
j baru Kadoguchl, Isabel Vincent, Mary
I Baird, Ina Robertson, Akera Herosl.
i Div. V.—Teacher, C. MacKinnon. No.
j of lates, 5; percentage of attendance,
95.S; perfect attendances, 25.
Honor Roll, Junior VI—Fred Martin
Heroshi Ogakl. Senior V—Harage Na-
kaucbl, Masakl Iwasa, Betty O'Brien,
Albert Hicks.
Div. VI—Teacher, V. J. Aspesy. No
on roll, 33; perfect attendances, 18:
percentage of attendance, 92.7; lates, 1
Honor Roll, Junior V—Alma Ellis-
Masako Haro, Jack Boag. Senior t\
—Ronald Spooner, TetBuo Aoki, Keen
Dlv. VII—Teacher, 0. McFndyen
No. on roll, 34; percentage of attend
ance, 96.3; no. of lates, 3; perfect at-
leti lances, 20.
Honor Roll—Grado ,v Sr.—Eliuh;
Yoshlbuml, William Frizzle, Kiyomi
Ampi. Grade IV, Jr.—Margaret Armstrong, Margaret James, Dorothy Prim
Dlv. VIII—Teacher, II. T. Watson.
No. on roll, 33; perfect attendance,
21; percentage or attendance, 93.7; no.
or lates, 4.
Honor Roll, Sr. Ill—Kakuchiro Suyama, Jenny Cheung, Yosblno, Klmoto. Jr. IV—Takeo Itanl, Beatrice
Brace, Irene O'Brien. Progress: Phyllis  Robertson.
Dlv. IX—Teacher, Charlotte Carey,
No. on roll, 35; lates, 7; percentage
attendance, 98.
Honor Roll—Tommy Habbs, Laureen Frelone, Mavis Sutherland, Lilly
Saunders, Chrissie Robertson. Progress: Wyntour Vaughan, Dot Smith.
Dlv. X—Teacher, B. Horbury. No.
on roll, 36; percentage of attendance,
95.7; lates, 0; perfect attendances, 28.
Honor Roll, Jr. Ill—Malmmle Chow,
Ethel Shilllto, Reno Bono. II Sr.—
Reginald Watson, Dorothy Stockand,
Betty Shortt.
Dlv. XI—Teacher, J. E. Robertson.
No. on roll, 38; percentage of attend
ance, 97.70; lates, 0; perfect attendances, 28.
Honor Roll, Sr. II— Kenie Venotni,
Michiko Ampi. Jr. II—Linda Cavallero and II. Eadie and Dot Brown
equal. Improvement: Leroy Richardson, Sr. I.
Div. XII—Teacher, C. Richardson.
No. on roll, 34 J percentage of attendance, 99.4; laies, 1; perfect attendances, 32. Miss Richardson's clasu
won the attendance shield for March.
Honor Roll—Isami Yano, Ziro Kiyonaga, Jackie Yee Tol, Masaaki Tsuruoka, Waklko Suyama, Yoshl Ma'.ti-
Div. XIII—Teacher, P. Hunden. No.
enrolled, 40; percentage of attendance
90.3; perfect attendances, IS; lates,
Honor Roll. Grade I Sr.—Rosie Gal-
lafrlo, Doris Brown, Henry Kanmarp,
Grade I Jr.—Chrissie Strachan, Gil-
fred Bruce, Fred Hates, Bernard McLcllan (Improvement).
Automobile Side  Curtains Repaired
Also Harness Repairs
Jack McQuinn Hurt
While engaged in taking down some
rigging at Camp 3 on Tuesday, Mr.
Jack McQuinn, comp foreman, had a
very narrow escape from death. A
.able caught him, throwing him violently amongst some logs, rendering
him unconscious. Upon being rushed
to thc hospital it was found his
shoulder was broken.
The Beetle is a tramcar In progress
along Rochdale Road Manchester, and
one of the passengers tenders, In payment of a penny fare, two farthings
nnd u half-penny stamp. After some
argument which is followed with obvious Interest by the other passengers,
he disgusted conductor is pushed and
persuadod into accepting this unusu-1
al form of currency. But as he turns
to his next customer he Inquires with
some bitterness, "An' what the 'ell
ave you brought?   Jam jars?"
Dental Surgeon
Office Cor. of Dunsmuir Ave.
Opposite Ilo-Ilo Theatre
•Hotel H
Itcinins  Steam   United
IV. MEIMtimMt, Prop.
J Headquarter*
Charlie Dalton
Meets Boat at Union Bay Ever)'
Sunday  Morning
Royston Club M
Beats Whippets ||
Cumberland. April 4.—The long ^|
.waited return match between the *M
.Vhippet Badminton Club and the Im- r>^
jerlal Club, of Royston, was played ~M
m the Whippet Courts last night and M
esulted in a win for the Royston club, jgg
Vs ln the previous match, the Impor- £|
als were much too strong for their W.
ess experienced opponents and won by "^
I matches to 3, tlte point score being
45 against 122 for the Whippets. It
.ill be seen from this that the matches
.ere very closely contested but al-1
hough the Whippets were "out for'
jlood" they could not hold the Roy-j
.ton players. After the scheduled
Hatches were played, tea was served
jy the lady members of the Whippets
md then tlie courts were again oc-
itipted, tliis time to play a number of
riendly matches which were greatly
njoyed by all. Following is a list ofl^j&i
he games played and tlie scores, tiie i>";
rvTilppeta being mentioned lirst:
ra-  3S
Mixed Doubles
B. Dando and W. Whyte lost to
iam nnd J. Graham lost to G. Wilson T£|
nd Gwen Fairbairn, 12-15; E. Hunden
md J. Williams lost to R. Ash and
Qwen Fairbairn, 7-15; N. Parnham
md J. Williams beat R. Ash and L>.
•Vntcrflcld, 15-8; Mr. and Mrs. Ban-
lernuin lost to D, Lockart and F.
foore, G-15; N. Frelone and Miss
Jell) lost to G. Brown and F. Moore,
Men's Doubles
C. Graham and N. Frelone lost to
X Wilson and D. Lockart, 8-15; W.
Whyte and J. Williams lost to R. Ash
md G. Brown, 8-15; D. Bannerman
aid H. Waterlield lost to G. Wilson
vnd D. Lockart, 9-15.
Ladies' Doubles I ?M
Norma Parnham and F, Sehl won Itf}
.torn D, Waterlield and F. Moore, 15-.
14;  J. Graham and E. Hunden won
rom F. Moore and G. Falrbalrn, 16-8.\M
Mr.   George   Tarbell   relumed   on \}l
Wednesday from Seattle after spend- ~M
ing Easter there.   Ho was accompun- *i£J
led from Nanaimo by Mrs, C. H. Tar- 4|§
Sale Continues
Until Wednesday, April 17th
Wo appreciate the extra patronage extended during
this Sale and have decided to continue our Sale Prices
until Wednesday, April 17th. If you have not already
examined our goods and prices it will pay you to do
so at once, before lines are broken.
—«>—J—<s>—j *>	
Misses' Black and Tan Oxford3, Leather or d»Q QQ
Punco Soles, all at the low price ot per pair tj)& • t/O
Ludies' bhppers and Oxfords, now on bale fl»»J  QQ
at if„.stf, spccal tor baturuay  <pO»Ot/
Now on bale at $4.89, bpecial for Saturday .... !p l.oU
Wen's Fancy Hose— (g "|   AA
Six Pairs lor   «P1»UU
Youths' and Boys' Shoes, broken lines, but tf»0 QQ
all sizes, prices ranging up from  fptwlmVO
lien's Tweed Pants, good quality, at per d»Q QQ
pair $2.89 and  «J)O.Ot/
Buy for Cash and save Money.
Buy at Home and See what you Buy.
Bring in your miles not later than Wednesday morning.
A. McKinnon
Cumberland, B. C.
Closed Friday and Monday. FRIDAY,  APRIL  S,   1929
ALEX MAXWELL, Proprietor.
Autos for Hire.   Coal and Wood Hauling given very
prompt attention.  Furniture and Piano
Storage if desired.
Phones 4 and 61
Cumberland, B.C.
Phone 38
Service and Quality
nf nil descriptions
—     WOOD
The Delicousness of
Golden brown waffles—tasty, crisp and wholesome. . .
so simple to make with a Waffle Iron such as this
beautiful heavily nickeled, full guaranteed Manning-
Price $14.50
sold by
Cumberland Electric
Lighting Co., Ltd.
Vancouver-Courtenay Transportation
Telephone 1-14
Mill St., courtenay
Agent in Courtenay: Mr. A. B. Bull
Service and promptness still our motto.
Powell River, Alert Bay and all Way Points every Tuesday.
Courtenay, Comox and Way Points every Wednesday.
Tugs and Scows (or hire.   BoaU for charter.
Warehouses and Docks at Vancouver, to it ot Bid well Street, and
Courtenay, B.C
"The King Of Kings"
Hy Jamie Macpherson
*j£k Specials
'rii      TTT
7 DOZEN for  «pl*UU
3 dozen Eggs, "firsts"  91.00
Fancy Shoulder Hams, skinned and boned,     QQ«
average 6 lbs., per lb 00i»
Fancy Picnic Haira, 5 to 7 lbs. each, per lb  25p
Jel-Jel Jelly Powders, assorted flavors, 4 pkgs.   30<?
2-lb. Jars Orange Marmalade, each 45<>
2-lb. Jars Raspberry Jam, each  55«?
2-lb. Jars Black Currant Jam, each   55«?
4-lb. Tins Royal City Peach Jam, each 65<t
4-lb. tins Royal City Apricot Jam, each   65£
4-lb. tins Royal City Strawberry Jam, each 65£
4-lb. tins, Malkin's Best Marmalade  65<*
"lie Is IUsonl"
Jesus wns burietl in a rock tomb ln
a garden adjoining Qolgotna. The
body was wrapped In a fine linen
cloth. Mary Magdalene and Martha
aid Mar., of Bethany brought piccloua
ointments for lhe last s-id. loving
rites; then Joseph, and certain of
Jesus's followers rolled the great
stone across tho opening. The Temple
authorities sealed the slone door with
ropes firmly tied and sealing wax. A
watch of legionaires was set that none
should violate it.
In the end of the Sabbath—before
the dawn, as tlie soldiers slept—great
waves of opalescent light from above
Masquerade Party
For Junior W.B.A
Cumberland, April 3.—A masquerade
"Sir, tell me where thou hast laid j \^
Him, and I will take Him away."
That thrltllng call evoked Ills Image. She smiled a timid, half-uncertain    smile   of   recognition,   barely
breathed: "  Master!"   She would
have touched the hem of Ilia garment
and brought lt to her lips. Uut he
gently stopped her.
"Touch Me not," said Jesus., "he-
cause I am not yet ascended to My
B. A., wns held at the home of
Mrs. Katie Marocchi on Monday evening. ■ Tli.? guests arrived, each attired
In her own distinctive costume. The
evening was spent In playing games
and ■contests and singing songs. In
the cpuntihg contest Mrs. J. Davis
won fi?-?* prize and Mrs. S. Davis second, while the prizes for the game.
Lucky Wins, went to Mrs. Freeburn,
Mrs. J. Monks, Mrs. R. Brown, Mrs.
K. Brown. Mrs. Hudson and Mrs.
Jackson. Dainty refreshments were
served by Mrs. Katie Marocchi, Miss
Mary Bardesonl and Mrs. Wm. Herd.
of the
Canadian Medical Association
Father. But go to all My Brethren j Anions; those present were: Mesdames
ind say unto then), ascend u:ilo MvlJ. Stant. S. Davis, S. Miller, T. Bates,
Pother and your Father--and to My ?• Freeburn, T. Armstrong, Wm.Herd,
„  .      .      '      .,„ Matt Brown. H. Jackson. Jim Smith,
God and your God!" I_   .. -t ..   .
Matt Brown. H. Jackson.
.Parkinson. Katie Marocchi, C. Tobac-
Wllh  this  beautiful  assurance  of, Co. D. Coe. Watson. J. Monks. J. Davis,
the Life everlasting. He left ber. Tbe! R. Brown. K. Brown. J. Potter. Hud-
tears of the Magdalene were tears ot s°n' Colvert. D. Saunders and Balagno
struck fairly the door. . . . The Stone thanksglvtag now ,„„ she nurrled „„„ I »>>? Mia M^y Bardesonl.
the Blessed Mother to the .solemn and
yet Joyous task.
Thomas, keeping the door, andthe
boy, John Mark, were the first to receive the news.   Upon the heavy oaken
"!*!«« Ih"-"i! «t?tiiT!f*I8!!door of the Upper Roora ,ne limge of
° 'n"" *""* a Face and Figure began to form.-The
outline of the door's traverse planking seemed to dissolve.
ln lhe shaft of light began to move
and roll.   It broke the seals and tore
the ropes The men of the watch
sudenly awoke.   It was now blinding
—the risen Jesus In His glory stepped
forth into the garden. . . .It was the
two Marys, the Blessed Mother and
Mary Magdalene, who first saw the
place where the Lord lay.
The Magdalene was weeping bitterly. "Woman, why weepest thou?"
asked Jesus gently.   But she, think-
Ladies' First Aid
Holds Whist Drive
an Apparatlon—or Reality?
Something of the starry Presence
was coming through that bared door'
The face was of an exquisite beauty,
the figure tall and clothed In white,
ing It was the gardener addressing her I ,he hands outfltretchea- in all-embrac-
anBWered: ] ing Ba]utation, while the well-remem-
.r— -r -.-.——— ■--■. ■■■■=    .. -•■   —  hered well-beloved voice of the Lost
! Leader came clear and distinct to thc
'ears of the startled Disciples:
I    "Peace be unto you!"
Cumberland, April 2.—A well-attended whlst drive and dance was
held last Saturday evening in the O.
Wi V. A. Hall under the auspices of
In Its place,ithe Ladies' First Aid. Twenty tables
of whlst were ln play and eight prizes
were given, the winners being aa follows: Ladies, first, Mrs. Morgan; second, Mrs. Hendley; travelling, Mrs. T.
Eccleston; consolation, Mrs. Clark;
Gentlemen, first, Mr. Monico; second,
Mrs. Jackson (sub.); travelling, Mrs.
Bell (sub.); consolation, Mrs. Bond
(sub.) After the cards refreshments
were served and then a large crowd
gathered  for  the  dance,   the  peppy
To Queenstown & Liverpool
Antonla April 15
To Plymouth-Havre-London
Surprise Party for
Mary McMillan
0 tleis left nl  Henderson's Candy Store will receive
David Hunden, Jr.
.." 'Ascania May 3, 31, July 5, Aug. 2
 Alaunia May 10, June 11, J'ly 12, Aug. 9
" ' I Auranla May 17, J'ne 21, J'ly 19, Aug. 18
"' I Ausonla May 24. J ne 28. J'ly 20, Aug. 23
; I To I'l mcilltll.llavre-london
;   Auranla April 13,     Ausonla April 20
;;        To Queonstown & Liverpool
;   Antonla April 13,        Sc.thla, April 20
; i      To Clicroniirg & Sontliamplon
I   Aqultanla April 17. May S, 29.
;   Berengnrla April 24, May 115. Jun© 5
I   Mauretanla May 1, 22, June 12.
; To QlH'tuistmvn & Liverpool
! I Scythia April 21,        Laconia May 5
To Londonderry \ (•liiMirow
, music being supplied by the Harmony
It Is Jesus!" said the men In awed 'payers
j whispers.    Peter fell sobbing at hU . _.___^_
i Master's feet. John knelt on the other
J side; and near them were James, Bar-
. tholomew, tbe zealot Simon, the less-
| er James, Andrew the brother of Peter ——
j the Venerable Thaddeus. the Greek- Cumberland, April 2.—A number of
i named Phillip and Mathew. The. boys, and girls held a surprise party
j Saviour Included all In His gracious Lon Mary McMillan on Friday last. The
i benediction, with a kindly hand on! evening was spent largely by playing
Peter's bead and a clasp of the be-1 games. Olga Bonora and Cyril Davis
loved John within the folds of His, won the prizes for guessing the num-
j robe.   Thomas entered the room. . ber of beans In a bottle, their guesses
"Thomas," cried Jeaus softly, ''reach ; being 200 and 211. Refreshments
hither thy finger, and behold My [ were served and everyone enjoyed the
hands; and reach hither thy hand, and J evening to the utmost. Among those
thrust it Into My side—and be not I present were: Misses Dilys Williams,
faithless, but believing!" JMary McMillan, Barbara Martin, Al-
The doubter did so. As he sensed lison Ccekie. Alice Brown, Olga Bon-
the physical fact he bowed his head °ra, Enls Bonora, Kitty Stevenson,
and sobbed out: "My Lord—and mylBernlce Stant, Bessie Nicholas, Mar-
God!" Igaret Smith, May Graham, Myrtle
"Thomas," replied Jesus slowly, "be-!McMillan, and Alma Ellis; and Mas-
cause thou hast seen Mc, thou hast j to David Hunden, Bill Johnson, Nor-
belleved.    But blessed are they that man Ellis. Joe Whyley, Archie McMU-
Questlons concerning Health, addressed to the Canadian Medical
Association, IS! College St., Toronto, will lie answered personally
by correspondence.
The Healthy Home
Very frequently we have mentioned
that the health of each of us depends,
in large measure, upon ourselves. We
must make use ol tlie information
given us concerning the prevention or
disease and maintenance of health If
it Is to be of any practical value. In
the same way, it is true that whether
or not the home is a healthy one depends upon the people who live fn it.
But that being true, it is also true
that some homes are so built that it
la very difficult, if not Impossible, to
make of any one of them a healthy
When a house It to be built or rented, the question as to whether or not
It is so constructed and so situated
that can  be made a  healthy  home.
should   receive   attention.    Some   of all these.
the points which are of the greatest
Importance are brought to the attention of our readers.
Every room in the house should have
a good-sized window which opens and
and looks out upon a street, a yard
or a large court. This allows for the
free entrance of air into the room.
Air Is un absolute necessity and, there
fore, rooms without windows opening
Into the outer air are unlit to live lu
Alcove rooms without a window are
practically as bad as wlndowless
rooms, aa they are Impossible to ventilate.
Every home should have reasonable
facilities for cleanliness, There should
he ii kitchen sink, wash-basin, and
bath, witli hot-water connections.
Body cleanliness and particularly
clean bands are Important. If the
bands are to lie washed regularly before meals, if teeth are to be cleansed
twice a day, if a hot bath Is to be
taken at least once a week, It is ne-
ary that facilities be provided for
At the
Ilo-Ilo Theatre
FRIDAY and SATURDAY, APRIL 5th and 6th
Transylvania Ap'l 20, California Ap'l 27  have NOT seen— and yet have believ-1 Ian, Tom McMillan, Floyd McMillan,
To Bcluist-L.YorpiioMilnsgow
Athenia May 3, 31, June 28. July 2fi
Andania May 10, June 7, July 5, Aug. 2
Letitia May 17, June 14, J'ly 13, Aug. 9
Antonla May 24, J ne 21, J'ly li», Aug.16
Money Orders, Draft3 and Travellers'
Cheques at lowest rates. Full Information from Local Agents or Company's Offices. 622 Hastings St. W.,
Vancouver, B. C.
He commanded
; Harvey
"Feed  My Bruce,
Herd,   Cyril   Davis,   Preston
Wllbert   Auchterlonle,   Archie
P. P. Harrison
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public
Main Office
Courtenay           Phone 25S
Local Office
Cumberland Hotel In Evenings
Telephone 115R or 24
sheep!" and lovingly Peter promised
For the last time the saintly glowing
Figure—apparently earthly, and yet
unearthly — w a I ked about amongst
them. Before His bodily Presence vanished He stood at last where tbe
sweep of Ills arms symbolically embraced them all.
"Go ye therefore and teach all nations, and preach the gospel to every
creature. For, behold, I send the
promise of the Father upon you!"
By the Holy Spirit He would indeed
be with them always!
Welsh and Freddie Martin.
Red Top Relief Valves, $7 each
To Keep "Closed" Plumbing "Open"
This Is a ii-ln, valve for use on domestic hot water supply
systems for relief of damaging pressures caused by ranges
and tank heaters.
Both Red Top Relief Valves are approved by Underwriters'
Laboratories, Inc., and by State and Municipal Bureaus of
Water and Boiler Inspection,
O. W. CLINTON, Managing Director.
Dyers and Dry Cleaners
Special family laundry rate.
Orders left nt the Ritz Cafe,
'phone 150, Cumberland will receive prompt attention. A trial
order will convince you.
Telephones: Courtenay, 226
Cumberland 150
That is one reason
for buying it—another is that its
double richness improves every dish in
which it is used.
May wo send you,
free, our illustrated
recipe book? Write
Mr. A. Smith, headmaster, has gone
to Vancouver for the Easter recess.
Mrs. H. G. Mearns and baby arrived at her old home, Crowton Farm,
on Sunday, to spend a few days with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. Williamson.
Miss Calnan is spending her holidays with friends in Nanaimo and district,
Mrs. Sam Shaw, from New Westminster, and Mrs. Harold Shaw and
baby were visitors in the Valley on
Monday. j
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley White have re-,
turned to the Valley from Bremerton,
Wash., where they moved to some time I
ago. Wesley feels the Island Is good;
enough for him.
Mrs. Louis Wain and baby have
come to live in the Valley, Louis hav.
ing gone to the I. T. Camp to work.
Mrs. T. Hadden, of Arden, In vis<
iting ln the Valley for a few days, the
guest of Mrs. E. Carter.
has been the Kru-
note of Canadian
Nationnl Methods,
This policy ha*
been carried fur-
ward to its highest,
fullest expression
in tfii.1 year's tour
the old world, the
iwik of civilim-
i cnowncdciticsnnd
i>c«niy spots, historic sites and
JULY 5th
you get
Outdoor Days, al
PLANS       J-NVJVV  •
Call at
K. W. IlirKtE
Cumberland, B.C.
Telephone 35
Or write C. F. Earlo
D. P. A., Victoria,
Union Bay
Mr. Rny Glover, of Vancouver, spent
the week-end in town, the guest of
his parents. Mr. and Mrs. H. Glover.
After spending a few days in town,
Mr. E. Searle. accompanied by his
mother, Mrs. E. T. Searle, returned to
Vancouver on Monday.
Mrs. D. Walker, Jr., has as her guest
her mother, Mrs. E. Forrest, of Victoria.
Miss Jessie Marshall, who ts attending school In Nanaimo, Is spending
thc holidays with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs.  W. Marshall.
Mrs. R. J. Smith of Victoria ia visiting in town, the guest of the Rev.
and Mrs, J. H. Hobbins.
Shower for Miss Bowden
On Saturday evening last, Miss
Mary Little gave a kitchen shower at
the home of her mother. Mrs. L. Little, In honor of Miss Winnie Bowden.
whose wedding takes place this
month. The many useful gifts were
presented to the bride-to-be by Miss
B. Magnone. During the evening,
cards were played, thc prizes being
won by Mrs. E. Hirst, first, and Miss
L. Bowden, consolation. Others present were Misses Cassie McKay, Elle.
Magnone, Annie Mann, Laura Brow
Greta Kay, Eva Baldwin, Margaret
Mclntyre, Mary Reld, Mable Abrams,
j and Mrs. Edith Hicks, Mrs. S. Abrotnf,
! Mrs. L. Little and Mrs. Cecil Stubbs.
n, 1
Good Service
Reasonable Cuargcn
GRETA GARBO has played many fascinating
roles on the screen, but never one with the allure
of this beautiful Russian spy, snarer of men, who
is caught in thc web of love.
Flaming love scenes you can't forget!   Thrilling
revelations of the insidious espionage system!
Directed bytlie genius who made "Ben-Hur!"
Also No. 3 of "THE COLLEGIANS"
MONDAY and TUESDAY, April 8th and 9th
Tim McCoy in
Have You Had Your Thrill?
The Solitaire Kid, terror of the range, paid a visit in
his usual informal manner.
But when he presented his double-barreled visiting
card, what a thrill! You'll never guess it till the end!
Tim McCoy is here now in a wow of a Western. Brother against brother, in love and battle! A new exciting
WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, April tOth and 11th
Chicago's  hours  of  revelry—in   roaring,  melodramatic    moments!     Love — penetrating    the
gloom of a gat-smoked underworld I
FRIDAY and SATURDAY, APRIL 12th and 13th
Even better than
Tlesh and the Devil'/
woman ^
IS in
What Hatred!
What Intrigue!
What Love!
Monday, Tuesday  and Wednesday, April 16, It! and 17
Kingof Kings
Supreme in theme—gigantic in execution—a reverent
and strikingly beautiful panorama of the tragedy of
the ages,—history's greatest drama—the most ambitious pictorial presentation of the closing months of
the life of Jesus ever attempted.
FRIDAY. APRIL «.  1929
Cumberland Personals
"Checks" are popular
now. The Prince of Wales
is wearing them.
Forsyth Shirts with col*
lars to match are now featured in the new favored
check patterns, in a wide
variety of shades.
Fully guaranteed, of
course, under the Forsyth
Insurance Policy.
Your choice of length of sleeves, 33inM 34in., 35in.
I Mr. and Mrs. Cavin and daughter,
Shirley, and Archie Freeburn, motor*
ed to Cedar District oa Sunday and
returned on Monday.
j ...
j    Mr. and MrB. A. Gray aud Mr. W.
■ Gray were visitors to town over thc
; week end.
* •    •
Mr. and Mrs. It. Robertson and Miss
] Nina Shields motored to Nanaimo on
\ Sunday   returning   Monday.
* •    •
Mrs. N. A. Mortimer and son Ian,
or Howell River, are visiting Mrs.
K;ora Baird.
* *    .
Mr.  Archie Dick arrived home on
Thursday and returned to Vancouver
! or. Monday.
* 4      *
'    Miss Christie Sutherland spent tbe
week end in town and left on Sunday
. for Vi ncouver.
Mr.   Roy   McNeikel, of  Vancouver,
spent the week end ln town.
.    .    .
Miss Annie Mann arrived home on
; Thursday to spend the Easter vaca-
tion   and   re'urcd   to   Vancouver  on
: Monday.
i    Miss Winona Baird and Miss Lucille
Donenworth   of   Powell   River   are
spending the Easter vacation In town.
will be held in the
Friday, April 19th
Miss  Beth  Horbury
couver on Saturday.
left for Van-
Mrs. Leithead returned to Nanaimo
on Saturday.
Mr. T. Jackson of Nanaimo was
visitor in town during the week.
Miss Donna MacRae left on Sunday
to  spend   the   Easter  vacation   with
relatives on Denman Island.
• •    •
Miss Helen Parnham and Miss Jean
McKee arlrved on Thursday to spend
the holidays with Mr. and Mrs. Parnham.
Miss FraneiH Janes of Nanaimo arrived   on  Friday  to  visit  with  ber
aunt. Miss H. Horbury.
.    .    *
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Symons and
family motored to Nanaimo on Sunday
crossing to Vancouver to spend Easier with relatives. Mrs. Symons expects to return this week end.
• «    *
Messrs. John Richardson and Geo.
Tait left on Sunday en route to the
Mr. John Shortt, of Penticton, arrived in town on Friday. He left
again on Thursday accompanied by
Mrs. Shortt and son Jackie, who will
go as far as Vancouver.
Mr. Joseph Stant, of Nanaimo, is
visiting his son, Mr. John Stant, of
West Cumberland.
Mr. P. Perozzoni left on Tuesday
for Vancouver.
 •■!    Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wilson ot No-
;   funeral of the late Mrs. Walker.
■ ! naimo  were  in  town to  attend  tbe
**"" "*" * "" j    Mr. and Mrs. Derbyshire and Mra.
Messrs. J. L. Browne and J. Mac- j \y. B. Walker of Nanaimo were lu
Parian? were visitors to Vancouver I town to attend the funeral of the late
for Easter holidays. I Mrs. Walker. j
... | .   .   •
Miss M. Pickettl, accompanied by | Mr. and Mrs. O'Brien left on Tues-
L. Pickettl and M. Westfleld visited j flay to attend tbe graduating exercises
Vancouver at the week end. nt   St.   Joseph's   Hospital,   Victoria,
* •    * 'where Miss Edith 0 Brien will be a
Mr. S. Mann and Miss Auchterlonle  graduate.
spent Easter vacation in Vancouver, j • • •
* •    • I    Mr. and Mrs. Dando, Jr., were visit-
Mr. Hector Treen motored to Na-;ora to Nanaimo over the week end.    j
naimo on Thursday evening last returning the same day.
* .    *
Miss Alice Watson spent tbe Easter
vacation in Vancouver.
* .    .
Mr. J. Vernon-Jones  spent  Easte:
holidays with relatives In Vancouver.
* .    *
Mr. Harry Norris was a visitor to
Victoria tor Easter.
Miss Lottie Dallos returned to Cumberland on Monday night after spending a few days in Vancouver.
Mr. John Cochrane journeyed to
Nanaimo with Mr. and Mrs. Kay of
Union Bay. on aSturday and returned
Sunday afternoon.
* *    .
Mr. Harry Ellis, Sr., Bpent the week
ond at his home in Nanaimo.
»    •    •
Mr. Harry Raffles spent the Easter
holidays with his parents ln Nanaimo.
* .    *
Mr. William Devoy, Jr.. spent the
week end ln Nanaimo.
Mrs. Millar entertained on Friday
afternoon In honor ot Mrs. L. Baker
of Vancouver. Deputy Field Director
for W.B.A. No. 17. Mrs. Baker came
here for the purpose of drilling tbe
guard team for display work in Victoria early in May. Mrs. F. Covert
was appointed display Captain for
the local order. Mrs. Baker returned
to Vancouver on Saturday.
Miss Nellie
Vancouver on
week's holiday
Clarke arrived from
Friday to spend a
with her parents.
Miss F. Jaynes returned to Nanaimo
on Wednesday.
Miss Sadie  Brown  left for Woodfibre ou Thursday to spend the Easter vacation as the guest of Mr. and'
Mrs. C.   Hitchens. !
Miss Edna Gear left for Vancouver
on Friday, while '» Vancouver she
will attend the Annual Normal School
He-Union  Dance.
The man who goes fishing and sits :
In a cramp-Inviting posture on a nar-
row log from early morn till dewy
eve and calls it fun, isthe same chap
that never goes to church because the
pews aren't comfortable.
Mrs. Herd and Mrs. Rees were tho
reason of a jolly surprise party held
at the home of MrB. Herd on Wednes- i
day evening, A delightful time was
had playing games, singing and danc-
Ing, Two amusing contests were held,
the prize winners being Mrs. Coe and
Mrs. Marshall. Dainty refreshments
were served by Mrs, Bond and Mrs, j
Hill. Those present were Mesdames
H. Reese, J. Bond, J. Hill, J. Lewis. F.
Bond, A. Brown, J. Brown, M, Brown. I
B. Gordon. D. Marshall, Gibb, Coe, I
Armstrong and F. Davis.
Mr. and Mrs. Shenstone returned
from Victoria on Thursday.
Mrs. Nunns, Sandwick. is the guest i
of Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Richardson for
a few days.
Miss Nettle Robertson spent Easter j
with friends at Headquarters.
April Records
"How About Me", No. 721,850 Organ
"If I Had You", No. 21,867 Fox Trot
"One kiss", No. 21,775   Waltz
"When Summer Is Gone", No. 21,876 Organ
"Weary River", No. 21,868 Fox Trot
"Weary River", No. 21,856  Austin
"Button Up Your Overcoat", No. 21,863.... Helen Crane
"My Lucky Star", No. 21,861 Fox Trot
Lang's Drug Store
"It Pays to Deal at Lang's"
an i Forty Thieves
will be at the
Tharsclay, April 25th
The reeular monthly meeting of the Sayward. March 30.—Mrs. T. Hern,
Hospital Auxiliary was held on Thurs- on looking out of her pantry window, I companled by Master Raymond Swan
day   afternoon.     Arrangements   and Saturday  last,  was startled  by the I sPel" the week-end with her parents,
plans tor the Hospital Ball to be held sight of two cougars playfully gambol-
on April 19th, were completed.   Miss ing on thc green quite near the house. >    Tll(, MlaHes Harriett Horbury and
8ehl. matron, served dainty refresh- Tom did not waste any time grabbing! Aujrev ucar iert on Saturday for Na-
Mlss Ethel  Hunt, of Duncan, ac
ments to the ladles.
The Altar Society of tho Catholic
Church will hold a whist drive In tho
Eagles' Hall on Wednesday, March
10th. Excellent pries will be given
and good eats.
The groom who used to wait for | was tholr first experience of civilization,
tunnels tor a chance to kiss his bride | the Hem's place being at Uie far end
now uses them to sneak a drink.        ' of the west-bank road.
his rifle and getting outside, where he „a|mo wh<jre lhe)r wl„ be lh, gMttt
found the pair had taken possession of of Mr  and Mr8  Neilaon.
his canoe, which lay tied up on thc!	
bank of the Salmon River.   One he:    The key to success Isn't a night key
killed in the canoe, the other being; says our blonde friend.
wounded was close upon him before;  —
being dispatched.    They   wer e both: Easter Music Repeated
fair sized animals, and evidently this'.    The choir ot the Cumberland United
If Your Car
Could Talk -
And you asked it why you were
not getting better service, it's
reply would be, "A fountain pen
can't write well with watery
ink and I can't perform well on
low quality gas.
Keep your engine
well   lubricated
Aeroplane Oil
Men who know their auto and who want more speed
and power use ETHYL or IMPERIAL 3-STAR GASOLINE. It burns clearly and ads energy to your car's
Cumberland Motor Works
Church will repeat the Easter music
on Sunday evening, April tbe 7th, at
7 p.m..   Everyone cordially invited.
(Not by Walt. Mason.)
When the trees begin to blonom,
and thc violets to bloom; -when tht
bull-frog In tbe meadow warbles
boom-ah-booni-ah-boora; when ducks
arc 'lying northward and bright but-
erflies are out. and when robins go
house keeping In the broken waterspouts; when grasshoppers are hopping, anil black bats come out at night
aud venture in your bed-room attracted by thc light, when birds fly down
the uliimney, and hens walk In the
door, hectics hold conventions In the
centre Ot the floor; when the mud ia
o'er .vour shoe tops as you cross th*
new-ploughed land—-you may count
on it certain, sweet spring is near at
The officers and members ot Benevolence Temple No. y Pythian Slaters
take this opportunity of thaklng all
their fiicndti who so kindly loaned
them cars on the occasion of the tu-
neral of their late sister, Mrs, Jean
Miss Be mice Crawford of Campbell
River came on Tuesday to spend a
week's holiday with her cousin Miss
Margaret   MacDonald.
Mrs. Whyte of Campbell River is
visiting Mr. and Mrs. C. MacDonald.
* •    «
Mrs. Tait and two sons, Bruce and
Alfred, are visiting Mr.and Mrs. J.
«    •    •
Mrs. Vincent and daughter IsabeUe
and Mrs. Boag and two sons, Jack and
Tommy, left on Tuesday to make their
residence at Coalmont.
* *    *
Mr. Joe Whyley left for Vancouver
on Tuesday.
Chief ot Police Cope has been advised that a partj of thieves will be
'n Cumberland. All residents are advised to he on the look out tor them
ind on Thursday. April 25th be present at the Ilo-Ilo Hall when the
ihieves will be on trial.
* •     a
Mr. and Mrs. Wj Bruce Gordon and
Mrs. R. Robertson left on Saturday
for Seattle. They returned on Thursday.
* *    »
Mr. W. A. Owen left on Friday for
Victoria and returned on Sunday.
* a     a
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Graham and
Mrs. C. C. Graham motored to Victoria on Friday and returned on Wednesday.
* •    •
Mr. L. F. Hanlon, of Alert Bay, arrived in town on Wednesday week and
left on Friday.
* *    *
Miss Dolena  Wilson,  of Nanaimo,
spent the Easter week-end in Cumberland.
* •    •
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Parfltt, of Victoria, spent  the  week-end in Cumberland.
* *    *
Miss Nolton, formerly of the Cumberland Hospital staff, returned to Victoria on Thursday last.
Under the supervision of Mrs. K. ■
Marocchi an Easter tea party was
held on Tuesday evening for the Jun-1
ior Rose Court children of review no. I
17. A jolly time was spent playing J
games; Miss Chrissie Robertson and
Miss Valda Frelone winning the prize3 j
for the guessing contest Delicious
refreshments were served to the children.
Dean   Quainton   always   draws   a
crowd and makes them laugh.   Hear
him in his lecture "The manners and
customs  of  young  people  today  as
compared with the manners and customs   of  their  grandparents".    The
Holy Trinity Amateur Theatrical Society will stage a humorous sketch j j
"Between the Soup and the Savory" j \
tlie   same  evening,    Monday,   April; ;
15th, S p.m., admission 50c, Anglican   !
Hall. j !
A Made-to-Measure Suit With
an Extra Pair of Trousers
for $27.50
The same service accorded a personal visit to this
store will be given your 'phon order.
You will find at all times, courteous and friendly
service at
Mumford's Grocery
Phone 71 Courteous Service
Now Is your chance to get a perfect
fit in a good suit of clothes cheap.
On Thursday, April 11th an expert I eron
from the "Royal Tailors" will be at
Cavin's S.ioe Store, he will on that
date put on u Special: (a made-to-
j measure suit with an Extra pair of
trousers for $27.50).
Fit, Materials and Workmanship,
all,  absolutely  guaranteed.
Remember the date—one day only —
Cavin's Shoe Store, Cumberland. B.C..
sole agents for the Royal Tailors of
Toronto. Gentlemen, take advantage
of this special offer as It happens only
once a year. Advt.
Mr. and Mrs. Kit Brown motored
to Nanaimo on Thursday, being accompanied on their return by Mr. and
Mrs. McNames, of Kerrisdale.
Mrs. Ross, mother of Mrs. J. Cam-
returned on Thursday from
Victoria, after spending a month with
relatives in the capital.
Mrs. G. W. Clinton left tor Vancouver on Wednesday, where she will
I visit for a few days.
I Mr. William Piper returned to Na-
| naimo on Thursday after having
; spent a short vacation with his sister,
Mrs. E. W. Bickle.
Opposite Ilo-Ilo Theatre        !
Cumberland, B. C.        j
Practical Barber ft Hairdresser. :
Children's hair cut any style 35c j
Ladles' hair cut any atyle 60c  '.
Miss Eleanor Parfltt, who had been
spending the week-end as the guest.
j[ Misses O. and I. MacFadyen, re-1
turned to Victoria on Sunday. Miss
.da MacFadyen accompanied her and
.vill spend the Easter vacation ln that'
Miss u. MacFadyen left on Sunday
for Vancouver to spend the Easter'
Miss Jean MacNaughton, who Is attending St. Margaret's College, Victor-:
la, Is spending the Easter vacation
with her parents.
The family of the late Mr. Frank
Dallos take this uportunity of tendering heartfelt thanks to all the friends
whose sympathy and services were so
kindly tendered In their recent ber- [he Easter holiday,
cavemen. Special thanks are also
extended for the many beautiful floral
tributes received and for loan of cars
on the occasion of (he funeral.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Dando left on Saturday for Vancouver, returning on
Miss Margaret Robinson Is home tor
For full particulars apply H. Treen,
P. O. Boi 331, Cumberland.    14-1$
Miss Kathleen O'Brien, of Wellington, arrived In town on Saturday to
spend the week with her sister, Mrs.
A. Pilling.
.   Mr. and Mrs. F. R. 8hcnstone left
Ion Friday for Victoria to spend the
FOR   SALE-DOUBLE   ROW   BOAT! EMter vacaUon.
with   oars,   suitable   for  outboard i .   ■   •
motor, cheap for cash, apply P. O. j
Box 413, Cumberland, B.C. H I
Centle and sound, apply Bayvlew
Ranch. Royaton, phone Courteniy,
69V •
Misses o. and I. MacFadyen entertained at two tables of bridge on
Thursday last.
Mrs. H. Hassell, of West Cumberland, has as her guest her niece, Miss
IE. Bell, of Nanaimo. I
Thi service wa:
while they m< ved
the exchange
"Business ns usual" wns
Ihe motto of telephone t»'k
during the recent moving of
the present telephone build-
Ing nt Chtllhvnck. H.C., preparatory to tlie erection of a
new building. Tlie existing
structure ltd to bo moved to
nn nd.'olnlng loi a distance of
75 feet, mid during the moving telephone service hud to
go on.
Telephone men knew just
what to do to provide for the
situation. Adilillotinl sections
were "spliced Into" the cables
to allow sufficient slack ln
connected to the exchange,
thc lines for the move, IS
took four days to get tihe
to'epl.one building to Its new
site on the neighboring lot,
and during flhc time the
operators confined at their
regular positions and service
was carried on as usual.
Now that Easter
is over!
and the holidays a thing of the past, we can settle
down to our usual routine.
lhe Home of High Class Cakes and Pastries
Telephone 18 and book your orders now.
The Central
^Barber Shop
Next to Shorty's Pool Room
A. OATZ, Prop.
For Ladies and Cents.
Moderate Pries
Cumberland, B.C.


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