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The Islander Nov 10, 1917

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£*gi.Uti<m Library '
THE ISLANDER established 1910.
With which is Consolidated The Cumberland News.'
THE CUMBERLAND NEWS established 1894
VOL. VIII., No. 34
Subscription price, $2.00 per year
Map showing commanding positions now occupied by the Allied Armies.
The Victory Loan drive will
commence on Monday, when the
ladies of the Red Cross Society
will meet in the Basement of the
Presbyterian Church at 3 o'clock
in the afternoon. Dr. Geo. K.
MacNaughton, John Sutherland,
and Edward W. Bickle have been
selected as a Publicity Committee to conduct the Victory Loan
Campaign in this City and vicinity and will confer with the ladies on Monday afternoon as to
the selection of canvassers' for
the various streets of Cumberland, Bevan and Minto, the main
object of the meeting being to
get together and interest those
workers who could assist in the
placing of bonds which will be issued from $50 up, redeemable in
five, ten and twenty years. In
the Victory Loan drive every inducement will be made to have
the wage earners subscribe in a
greater degree than ever before
known. Everybody from the
lowest to the highest in this city
and district will be expected to
contribute his or her mite to
raise a $100,000 to help swell the
grand total of $150,000,000 which
Finance Minister White is floating to maintain Canada's fighting forces at the front,
Edward W. Bickle has been
asked by the Hon. The Minister
of Finance to act as chairman of
the local Publicity Campaign
Monday night, at llo Ilo Theatre, Franklyn Farnum, in a five-
act comedy-drama, "The Car of
Chance." Also Episode 13 of
The Gray Ghost.
Cumberland's Exemption Tri
bunal commenced their sittings
on Thursday morning, November 8th, at 10 a. m., in the Coufr
cil Chambers, and devoted the
past three days including today
in hearing applicants who appear in person to prefer their
claims for exemption. It applies to all claiming exemption
who do not wish to appear at
the post office registration counter. Today is the last day for
the registration of men in Class
One. All bachelors or widowers
without children who were twenty years old on October 13th,
1917, and whose 34th birthday
did not occur before January 1st
1917, are required to' report for
service or claim exemption not
later than today. Applications
for exemption may be made
either by the man himself or on
his behalf by his employer or
any person associated with him
in business or a near relative.
Last Monday evening an interesting debate took place in the
Methodist School room in connection with the Epworth League.
The debate was "Resolued that a
good tempered bad housekeeper
is preferable to a bad tempered
good housekeeper. For the
affirmative, Misses Eva Bickle,
and Nettie Robertson, and Mr. S.
Boothman. For the negative,
Mrs. Banks. Messrs. J. Robertson
and W. Henderson. There were
many interesting points brought
out and all who were present enjoyed the eloquence of the speakers. The judges, Mrs. Quinn,
Mr. Jno. Bannerman and Rev. H.
Wilson, were long in arriving at
a verdict, and decided in favor of
the affirmative by one point.
Toronto, Nov. 6;—Sir Thomas
White; Minister of Finance, today announced the particulars
and terms of Canada's Victory
Loan as follows:
Subscription books will be opened on Monday, November 12,
for five, ten and twenty year
bonds, dated December 1, 1917.
Interest paid half-yearly, June 1
and December 1. Bonds will be
in denominations as low as $50.
The price of the new loan is to
be par—100 cents on the dollar—
for 5 1-2 per cent bonds, with
the privilege of spreading the
payments over a period of five
months in monthly installments.
In view of this privilege of
spreading the payments, and as
a full six months' interest will
be paid to the purchasers on June
1, 1918, the bonus of interest
thus allowed will reduce the price
so that the bonds will yield the
investor 5.61 per cent on the 20-
year bonds, 5.68 per cent on the
10-year bonds, and 5.71 per cent,
on the five year bonds. This
loan will carry conversion privileges into future issues, and will
be free of any present or future
Dominion taxes, including income tax. Holders of Dominion
of Canada debenture stock due
Oct. 1,1919, and of bonds of
of three preceding Dominion of
Canada war loan issues have the
privilege of surrendering their
bonds in part payment for subscriptions to bonds of this issue under the following conditions:
Debenture stock, due Oct. 1,
1919, at par and accrued interest.
War loan bonds, due December
1,1925, at 97 1-2 and accrued interest.
The two foregoing will be ac^
cepted in part payment for bonds
of any of the three maturities of
this issue.
War loan bonds, due Oct. 31,
1931, at 97 1-2 and accrued interest.
War loan bonds, due March 1,
1937 at 96 and accrued interest.
These will be accepted in part
payment for bonds of 1937 only
of this issue.
London, Nov. 8.—A marked
decrease in the number of British merchant ships sunk during
the last week is noted in the ad
miralty report today. Only eight
vessels over 1600 tons^were sunk
by mine or submarine, including
two previously, eight; under
1600 tons, includingone previously, four:   Fishing vessels sunk,
British merchant vessels unsuccessfully attacked, including
five previously, six.
Hairy Lauder, the famous Scotch Comedian, is now in United States. This
photo siows him addressing a huge crowd in front of the Sub-Treasury in
Wall Street, New York, on " War Service."
Mr. and Mrs. David Macfarlane
of this city, received a telegram
recently stating that their eldest
son Edric had received a commission as Flight Lieutenant. For
some months past he has been
(raining in the Royal Flying Corps
at Toronto and received his commission on October 31st. Flight
Lieut. Macfarlane leaves Toronto
next Wednesday for Texas to
take up the duties of instructor
in aviation. Mr. and Mrs. Macfarlane have also received word
that their second son Athol has:
been promoted and is now known
as Captain Athol Macfarlane,
M.C. He is now at Hamilton,
Out., end is second in command
of 15 Squadron, Canadian Mounted
The Cumberland Basket Ball
Girls have decided to give a dance
in the West Cumberland Band
Hall on Friday, Nov, 23rd. Particulars later.
London, Nov, 7.—A retirement
by the Italian forces to a shorter
defence line is under way along
front of 160 miles. Not only
from the Carnic Alps to the Adriatic along the Tagliamento are
General Cadorna's men retreating before the Austro-Germans,
but also in the Dolomite and
Carnic Alps. The Piave River
appears to be the next stopping
place of the Italians, but there
are indications that even the
northern reaches of the river
have been abandoned to the enemy. General Cadorna probably
is retiring upon the Sugana Valley, which lies east of Trent,
and upon the lower Piave, connecting the two natural positions
by a line from the Brenta, which
flows through the Sugana Valley, to the Piave at a point south
of FeltM.
It is improbable that the Italian commander would retreat to
the line of the Brenta along its
entire length, as this would leave
Venice in the hands of the invaders. Basing his new defensive position on tne upper Brenta and the lower Piave, General
Cadorna would have a line about
100 miles shorter than that of
the Tagliamento, and upon it he
apparently will give battle to the
Austro-Germans for the possession of Venice. Behind this position the Italians would have
better lines of communication
and easier access to the great
mining cities of northern Italy.
A semi-official statement issued in Rome which tells of the
failure of the political object the
Teutons had in mind when they
launched their attack, says that
"strong confidence is felt that
the plan also will fail to accomplish its military object" and
that the Italian retreat "caused
a military crisis which gradually
is being solved by the assembling
of the troops on a previously established line and by the rushing
up of Anglo-French forces."
London, Nov. 7. - British troops
have captured the city of Gaza
in Palestine, the War Office announces.
The British made an advance
of nine miles, carrying the whole
Turkish system of defences in
that region, and captured two
towns in addition to Gaza.
A further advance also was
made north of Beersheba, a town
11 miles above that city having
been captured.   The report says:
"General Allenby reports that
our troops captuied Khuweil-
feh, 11 miles north of Beersheba,
soon after midnight Monday, and
that repeated counter-attacks
throughout the whole of yestcr
day were repulsed.
Farther south our troops, ad
vancing in a northwesterly direction from the neighborhood
of Beersheba, carried the whole
Turkish defences south of the
line of Tel-Abu-Harere-Tell-Esch-
Sherian, capturing both these
last-named places. This is an
advance of nine miles from the
position of departure.
Winnipeg, Nov. 6. -If any
cities or towns in Canada fall
down in meeting their allottment
of the Victory Loan, it will not
be in Western Canada, said Major C. W. Gordon, when interviewed this morning on his arrival from a tour of the West on
special business of the British
and Canadian governments. In
the thirteen days since he left
Winnipeg the Major has covered
3,500 miles, delivered twenty-two
addresses and visited all the larger centres of the West.
"In every place," he stated,
the "utmost enthusiasm for the
prosecution of the war and a
stern resolve that Canada shall
continue to do her whole duty
prevails. Political differences
have no effect on the loyalty of
this country."
Asked concerning the sentiment on Union Government, he
"I expected to find strong opposition to it in British Columbia, but I was surprised to discover an almost unanimous sentiment in favor of Union Government, not that Liberals or
Conservatives are abandoning
their principles, but they are
layingaside questions upon which
they might differ in order to unite upon the immediate and present duty of Canada to meet the
grave crisis which the Empire
is facing."
London, Nov, 7.—The Press
Association says that four electrically controlled boats similar
to the one which was destroyed
Saturday by a British warship,
as announced by the Admiralty
have been destroyed. The Press
Association adds that Ihe naval
authorities have known of these
boats for some time and regarded them as freak craft. It is reported that the first of them
came to grief stme time ago by
running into a pier.
Dont forget the Patriotic Concert in the Presbyterian Church
on Thursday, Nov. 15th. Tickets 50 cents each.
The ladies of St. George's Presbyterian Church will hold an
Apron Sale and Afternoon Tea
on Wednesday afternoon, November 28, from 3 to 6. Tickets
for the Afternoon Tea 15 cents.
Wesley Willard left on Sunday
for Victoria and returned on
Tuesday. His brother, A. Willard,  arrived the same evening
The current of the local Electric Lighting system will be shut
off on Sunday between the hours
of 7.30 a. m. and 3 p. m.
H. S. Clements, the Win the
War Candidate, arrived at Union
Bay on Monday evening and
spent three days in this city and
vicinity, leaving by auto on Friday morning for Fanny Bay and
points south, and expects to arrive in Vancouver on Sunday.
William N. Carty, of Vancouver, has been appointed Return-
inp; Officer for the Comox-Albei-
ni District and will be at the
Court House, Cumberland, between the hours of 12 noon and 2
p. m. on November 19th., to receive nominations for the coming
Dorriinion Election. The present
candidates in the field are: H. S.
Clements, the Win the War candidate, supporting the Union
Government, and W. W. tt, Mclnnes, the Liberal candidate.
The Board of Works of the City
Council has torn up the worn out
board sidewalk in front of the
City Buildings and relaid it with
ashes from No. 6 Mine. The
ratepayers on Dunsmuir avenue
five years ago built a concrete
sidewalk in front of their premises. The City Council prefers
ashes. Shortage of money, is said
to be the cause. Then economise in other directions and give
the ratepayers streets and sidewalks.
Mrs. Simms, teacher of pianoforte, prepares pupils for examinations, elementary and advanced. Phone 37. P. O. Box
353, Cumberland.
The Women's Auxiliary to the
Missionary Society of the Church
of England, (Holy Trinity
Branch,) held a meeting Wednesday afternoon at the home of
Mis. Stewart, Penrith Ave. Plans
were discussed regarding some
active work during the coming
winter that would be in the best
interests of the church. The
meeting was formerly opened by
Rev. H. M. Bolton in a few well
chosen remarks. The large attendance much enjoyed the hos-
talities of tht tea hour.
Henry S. Fleming, of New
York, Vice-President of the Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir),
Limited, arrived on Sunday
evening in company with James
M. Savage, general manager and
spent the week in Cumberland
and vicinity visiting the various
mines of the company. Vice-
President Fleming, General Manager Savage and General Superintendent Thos. Graham left for
Victoria by auto on Friday.
Thomas Conn will commence
the General Teamine business today. Orders given prompt attention. When you require any
binding done ring up Phone 79,
T. G. Montgomery, of Simon
Leiser & Co., leave tomorrow for
Vancouver on a one week's vacation. Mrs. Montgomery, who
has been visiting friends at Butte,
Montana for the past two months,
expects to arrive at Vancouver
on Monday.
Left! Prince Von Buelow. It is rumored thai he will be the next German
Chancellor, Right; Father of the British Tanki. Col. E. D. Swinton, aspro'
miller ni the Tanks he has won renown. TWO
Irritating Teeth Scientifically Removed
by our Safe Methods.
No Gas.    No Danger.     No sickly after-effects.
Examinations Free.    Strictly High-class Dentistry
with specialization of Plate, Crown
and Bridge work.
Il becomes a national duty to preserve the health, and to save money.
The body must not be over-fed nor over-clothed, but comfort and efficiency is desirable. Luxuries are taboo. But a fine wholesome mouth,
with sound, useful teeth—this is one of the prime NECESSITIES, not a
luxury.   Good teeth mean good health.
Dunsmuir Avenue
(5fje Matter
Published every Saturday by the Islander
Publishing Companv  at   Cumberland,
,   B.C., Canada.   Telephone 3-5.
Subscription: One year in advance, $2.00;
Single copies, 5c. Foreign subscriptions
to countries in Postal Union, $2.00
"Good as the wheat," is an
old motto, about as much the
last word in meaning as "Safe as
the Bank of England." A bag
of No. 1 Northern, clean, as a
whistle of cockle and foxtail, was
a symbol of sure value long before gold was known in the
world. Wheat has been found
in the Pyramids. The Egyptians
just about worshipped wheat.
The Bible calls it corn; so do the
English, But when we say,
"good as the wheat" we refer
to the bushel of brov n, hard kernels worth by Government fixture this year, $2.20. In the
memory of living man when did
"good as the wheat mean more
than it does now? Never. A
bag of wheat weighing two bushels and a peck tots up in 1917 to
just about the value of a five-
dollar gold-piece. But of course
no man wants gold for his wheat.
All he gets is a cheque made out
in his favor on some bank and
sinned by the manager or some
elevator company or milling concern. The cheque is converted
into bills or goes on deposit.
Good wheat, good paper, Nobody
asks any questions. Because
the company is O. K. and the
bank is sound. If any wheat-
seller had any doubt of either he
would at once demand something
"1 sold good wheat." he would
hay, "I want something as good
iii exchange."
What made the wheat good?
The good farmer behind it. A
poor farmer can make good seed
into poor wheat.
What makes the paper money
good? The security of the corporation whose name it bears.
•The sounder the corporation, the
nearer the paper comes to being
as good as wheat. But even a
big company may go "broke."
Back of the corporation is a concern whose guarantee on a piece I
of paper is better than either.
The pledge of the Dominion of j
Canada to pay any man money
for value received is as good as
the wheat and as safe as the
Bank of England.
The best pledge of the Domin-'
ion of Canada to pay any man
money for value received is as
good as the wheat and as safe as
the Bank of England.
The best pledge of the Domin
ion of Canada to pay any man
for value received is as good as
the wheat and as safe as the
Bank of England.
The best pledge of the Dominion of Canada to pay is a Canadian Victory Bond; better than
checks or bills—AS GOOD AS
WHEAT! Suppose you change
that twenty bags of wheat on
your wagon, not into a cheque or
notes or even gold; but into Canadian Victory Bonds of $50 each,
bearing interest at five and one-
half per cent, per annum and as
negotiable on the market as the
best check or the best load of
wheat you ever saw? It's worth
In Canada no future date in the
calendar looms more important to
thousands of people, than " November 10th" today. This is the
last day for reporting for service
or sending in claims for exemption under the Military Service
Act. Severe penalties are provided for failure to report for
service or send in a claim for exemption by November 10th. Besides a term in jail, the offender
loses his chance to appeal for exemption and is automatically
drafted into the service after
paying his penalty. Since every
thing possible has been done to
acquaint the first class called with
the facts, that they must report
for service or claim exemption by
November 10th or else suffer severe penalties, very few if any
laggards are expected to remain
for rounding up after the "magic
The United States has profited
by its experience in the Civil War.
In 1863, after that war had been
raging for two years, Lincoln and
his government recognized that
the only fair means of raising
troops to prosecute the war successfully was compulsion.
The usual objections were made
on fhe grounds of constitutional
liberty, but all determined opposition was put down. It was
necessaiy to shoot a few here and
there, but stiong repressive measures by both civil and military
authorities were applied and the
measure was successfully enforced. Today the United States
Government recognizes the selective draft as the only fair and
democratic method of recruiting
and, by acting promptly, is securing its aim.
The launching of the Military
Service Act in Canada augurs
well, and while repressive measures are provided, opposition is
not expected.
And he gave it for his opinion
that whoever could make two ears
of corn or two blades of wheat to
grow upon a spot of ground where
only one grew before, would deserve better of mankind, and do
more essential service to his
country, than the whole race of
politicians put together.—Swift.
All  Wool  White  Blankets,  large size,  at
$8.50 per pair.
Grey Wool Blankets, large size, at $6.50 pair.
Eiderdown Comforters, full sized, fancy sateen
covered, at $11.00 each.
Fancy sateen covered Comforters, cotton batting filled, at $4.00 and $5.00 each.
Feather Pillows, at $1.25 each."
Special Value in Marcell's White Bedspreads,
from $3.00 to #8.50.
Newest styles in Ladies Fall Coats in Tweeds Chinchillas, Beaver and English Whitney
Ladies' Stoles and Sets in American Fur .Sable at popular prices.    Also Fur Sets of Mink,
Marmot and White Russian Fox.    Children's Fur Sets in White Hare and White Thibet.
Sole agents for Invictus Shoes—"The Best Good Shoe for Men and Women."
Also C/C a La Grace Corsets, a model to suit any figure always in stock.
A shipment of Men's Sweater Coats, and Cloth and Tweed Overcoats to hand.
Linoleums, Oilcloths, Mattings and Rugs.
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President.
SIR JOHN AIRD, General Manager      H.V.F. JONES, Ass't Oen. Manager
CAPITAL, 15,000,000.       RESERVE FUND, 13,500,000.
Interest at the current rate is allowed on all deposits of $1 and
upwards. Careful attention is given to every account. Small accounts are welcomed. Accounts may be opened and operated by mail.
Accounts may be opened in the names of two or more persons,
withdrawals to be made by any one of them or by the survivor.
SAVINGS   BANK:—This Bank pays interest at 3% per
annum on all deposits of $1 and upwards in this department.
. Small accounts are welcomed.
Butterfly Film, featuring Mary   MacLaren and Eddie Polo.
Coming Monday.
"The Car of Chance"
You Can Improve Your
Own Telephone Service!
Leading telephone engineers have made the
following statements:
"When speaking into a telephone the best
results are obtained with the lips very close tothe
transmitter—just so they do not touch it. Removing the lips from the transmitter has the same
effect as lengthening the line in use as follows:
One inch lengthens the line 57 miles.
Two inches lengthens the line 128 miles.
Three inches lengthens the line 179 miles.
Four inches lengthens the line 218.miles."
Co-operation by subscribers is earnestly requested in everything which will give to them
better and more efficient Telephone Service.
British Columbia Telephone Co., Ltd. ■■
Do you realize the Comfort, the Convenience, the Cleanliness, and the Real Economy -of
Electricallv heated household appliances?
And do you know that you can have them
as willing servants to do your bidding, ironing,
cooking, and heating.
Look over the following list of Electrically
heated appliances.
Here are a few of the comfort makers:-
ELECTRIC BOILER, for handy or quick hot
drinks in the evening.
ELECTRIC PERCOLATOR, you never tasted
such good coffee.
ELECTRIC TOASTER, which saves running back
and forth to the kitchen for breakfast toast.
ELECTRIC CHAFING DISH, which makes it so
easy to entertain evening parties.
But anyhow have the "MISSUS" enjoy one
which save so much DRUDGERY.
We will be pleased to give you easy payments
on any of the above appliances. See us about it
Cumberland Electric Lighting
Co., Ltd.      p. o. 314
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Headquarters for Choice Nursery Stock—all home grown.
Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Small Fruits, Roses, etc.,
and in fact all hardy trees and plants for the Garden.
Largest and best assorted stock in the country. Price list
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to all other so-called "talking machines,"
and absolutely devoid of all scratching,
jarring, discordant sounds, so irritating to
the listener.
Diamond - Disc Phonograph
easily takes the premier place in the art of sound production.
It is, without a doubt, one of the greatest triumphs of the
age, It is the only instrument that reproduces all overtones,
upon which music is dependent for its sweetness. Thus there
is opened to everybody for the first time the whole range of
the World's music.   We Want You to Hear this Instrument.
G. A. Fletcher Music Co.
Nanaimo, B.C Cumberland, B.C.
Will be open again in the Old
Stand with a full supply of
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Look over your long list and see
how few things on it are certain
to be as eagerly treasured during every one of the fifty-.wo
weeks of 1918. Acquaintance
with it soon ripens into lasting
friendship, for it has that rare
and priceless quality among periodicals.-character-and the character of the Youth's Companion
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round the world.
Sample copies of the paper
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year's features will be sent free
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Men show their character in
nothing more clearly than by what
they think laughable.—Goethe.
What Will Canada's
Answer Be?
OVER in the sodden trenches amid the bursting
shells and the roar of artillery where Canada's
boys are fighting and dying.
—they are waiting for Canada's answer when the
sale of Victory Bonds begins.
/CANADA'S soldiers expect that
V' we at homewitl put up the millions they need to keep on fighting,
—the millions they must have
to win Victory fori freedom, home
and Canada.
What answer will Canada make?
What answer will you make?
Shall it be said that Canada
spares not her sons from the sacrifice of battle, yet withholds her
dollars to give them victory?
Rather will it be said that Canada once more, for the fourth
time in three years, cheerfully
puts up her millions upon millions
for the cause of freedom, righteousness and justice.
Canada's answer must be,
—that the Canadiu.. .iand to
the plow of Victory holds steadfast and firm.
—that Canada is in deadly earnest
when she says the "last man and
the last dollar."   .
That is the answer Canada will
give to our boys in the trenches,
our kinsmen in Britian, and our
Allies everywhere.
That is the answer we will give
to the Huns who thought and said
that Canada would desert the
Empire before she would fight or
Every bond you buy is an
answer. Let the millions of answers from Canada's loyal men
and women make a chorus of
Victory to ring around the world.
Canada's Victory Loan Campaign
opens on Monday, November 12
"Canada's Victory Loan
All About It"
is the title of a pamphlet
that should be in the
hands of every man and
woman in the country.
Mail this coupon at
once and get your copy
Chairman, Provincial Committee,
Canada's Victory Loan,
Kindly send mc a copy of pamphlet entitled:-
"Canada's Victory Loan, All About It."
Street or R.R	
Issued by Canada's Victory Loan Committee
in co-operation with the Minister of Finance
of the Dominion of Canada.
pOAL mining rights of the Dominion,
'-' Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and in a portion of the
Province of British Columbia, may be
leased for a term of twenty-one years renewable for a further term of 21 years at
an annual rental of $1 an acre. Not more
than 2,500 acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be made by
the applicant in person to the Agent or
Sub-Agent of the district in which the
rights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must be
described by sections, or legal sub-divisions of sections, and in unsurveyed territory the tract applied for shall be staked
out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied
by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if
the rights applied for are not available,
but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid
on the merchantable output of the mine
at the rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay the royalty
thereon. If the coal mining rights are not
being operated, such returns should be
furnished at least once a year.
The lease will include the coal mining
rights only.
For full information application should
be made to the Secretary of the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.
W. W. Cory,
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorized publication of this
advertisement will not be paid for.
I am forced to wink a good deal
for fear of seeing too much; for
a neighborly man must let himself be cheated a little.—George
Liked the Chorus
They were leaving a theatre, where
a musical comedy Is now playing.
"That show Is like a course In
astronomy," declared the young doctor.
"What do you mean?"
"Well, there are two or three stars
and a whole group of heavenly bodies."
Hla Italian Boil
Father X, a well known member ot
the Roman Catholic Church, Is famous
for his wit, but a laborer on the railroad got the better of him one day.
The laborer, one of the good father's
parishioners, was laying asphalt paving under the superintendence of an
Italian foreman, and the priest smiled
and said: "Well, Pat, and how do
you like having an Italian Inss?"
Pat smiled back as he quickly an*
swered: "An' faith, father, an' how
do you like havln' one yourself?"
Jimmy's Excuse
James: "Please, sir, can I get oil
this afternoon  about half-past two "
Head of Office: "Whose funeral la
It to be this time, James?"
James: "Well, to be honest, sir,
the way the morning paperB have It
worked nut it looks as If It's going
to be the home team's aealn."
Uncle Eph. Remarks:
when every well-regulated family had
a china cuspidor In th' parlor an' a
codfish box filled with ashes In th'
kitchen—an' accurate spitting was a
, art."
>      -      J ^
For the Attention ot Class One Men
The location of The Exemption Tribunals in
this district is as follows: -
Tribunal B.C. No. 8 - Cumberland.
B.C. No. 3--Hartley Bay.
B.C. No. 6~Alert Bay.
B.C. No. 10-Quatsino.
These Tribunals will commence to deal with claims for
exemption on November 8th. ,
All claims for exemption must be made not later than .
November 10th.
Those who make or have made their claim for exemption in writing through the Post Office will receive
notice by registered letter of date on which their claim
will be dealt with.
Those who neglect to make use of the Post Office must
present themselves in person at a Tribunal on November
8th, 9th or 10th, and they will then be informed as to
when their claims will be dealt with.
Reports for service must be made on or before November
10th through the Post Office.
Severe penalties are provided by law for failure to report
for service or claim exemption as above.
Issued b\)
307 The Military Service Council.
FOR SALE.-20 acres of land
near Cumberland, with 5 acres
cleared and two-storey dwelling house. For further particulars apply Edward W. Bickle,
Insurance, etc.
Leave your orders for coal hauling with the Star Livery Stable,
Alex. Maxwell, Prop.
Hugh Macdonald, an employee
of the Dominion Government Pile
Driver at Union Bay, was struck
by a cable on Saturday morning.
He was Immediately removed to
the Cumberland General Hospital.
Tho unfortunate man did not regain consciousness and died on
Monday morning at 4 p. m. The
remains were removed to Bank's
Undertaking Parlors and allowed
to lie there for over 48 hours a-
waiting the arrival of a coroner.
Tin- jury was sworn in by Wesley
Willard, J. P-, on Wednesday
morning at 11 a. m., and interment took place the same afternoon in the Cumberland Cemetery.
Tuesday will be debating
night at the Cumberland Night
School when Mr. Charles Gra
ham, district superintendent of
the Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir), Limited, will read a paper
on mine gases, This shouid be
a very interesting debate for a
coal mining centre especially as
Mr, Graham has had a wide experience and is fully capable of
dealing with such matters. All
are welcome to attend the Cumberland Public School at 7 p.m.,
on Tuesday, Nov. 13th.
Mrs. Thomas Bickle left for
Vancouver on Wednesday.
Notary Public and General
insurance agent
Royal Exchange Assurance,
London, England.
National Fire of Hartford.
Queen Insurance Company.
Fidelity-Phcenix Fire Insurance
Company of New York.
Providence, Washington, Insurance Company.
British Empire Underwriters'
Maryland Casualty Company
of Baltimore.
This is to urge you
that you get your Suits Cleaned, Repaired and Pressed for
on'i month. Then form your
own conclusion. If it leads to
better spirits, better health,
continue it. If it does away
with dirt, improves your appearance, continue it. Remember a well-dressed man always
wants the best.
Also you must get your shoes
cleaned; and don't throw vour
tan shoes away because they
are old -have them dyed.
Ask for the Monthly Rates.
Local agents for
The Victoria Hat Work«,   .
Victoria, B.C.
The Military
Service Act, 1917
•pHE MILITARY SERVICE ACT is passed; the Procla-
*■ mation issued October 13th. It is now the bounden duty
of every man in Class One to report for service or claim
exemption. This includes all bachelors and widowers without
- children (not otherwise excepted) who were 20 years old on
the 13th October, 1917, and whose 34th birthday did not
occur before January 1st, 1917.
What To Do
Go to your Post Office and ask for the form for reporting for service or
for claiming exemption. The form contains clear instructions for filling
in.   Do this not later than NOVEMBER 10th.
Beware of the Last Minute Rush
With so many thousands of reports and claims to be dealt with, the rush
of Class One Men will grow heavier day by day. You will waste less of
your time and serve your own best interests if you avoid the inevitable
rush on the last days.
The law is being enforced with the Government and the People firmly
behind it.   Obey the law.   Do it today.
Issued by
The Military Service Council
Yes. Styles are changing, but don't
begin wrong end first. Get a corset
now before you buy your dress material and pattern. We have received
a complete range of the D. & A. and
La Diva models and will be glad to
show you them.
The Prices are Right.
One of our new models is an elastic girdle, hygienically
and scientifically constructed, made of woven elastic,
and very comfortable.   Price $2.95.
Self-reducing Corset, for medium stout figures, low
bust, special light-weight boning, a thoroughly dependable corset at a fair price.   Price $3.95.
La Diva Corset. This corset has all the necessary fittings and lines, which give elegance and grace' to the
figure and make it most comfortable to wear.     $2.95.
La Diva Super-Bone Corsets
The most satisfactory, strong and supple woven:wire boning ever invented,
is used in these models only, and they are absolutely guaranteed in every
respect.   Prices $5.50 and $4.95.
The D. & A. Brasseries which we have in stock in all sizes assure comfortable support and an improved and stylish figure.    See tnem today in our
Corset Department.    For all figures at prices from 95c. to $6.50.
La Diva and D. & A. Corsets are'our leading line in
popular priced corsets. You will see them advertised in most of the papers, and compare our prices
when you will find them no more and in some cases
less than the catalogue prices. For front laced corsets the Gossard still leads the way and is the best.
Men's New Suits for Fall
A large consignment of men's suits
have just arrived from Coppley Noyes
& Randall, makers of the high class
clothes. Every suit has that cut and
style to it that at once makes it an
attractive and desirable garment to
Phone 3-8
aca r
Merchant Tailors
The Latest in Ladies' and Gents' Tailoring
Dyeing, Pressing and Repairing executed to your entire satisfaction.
Phone 5-5
Opposite Postoffice, Cumberland, B.C.
P. O. Box 350


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